Newspaper of True American, December 6, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 6, 1838 Page 4
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- aal Ippi and Louisiana Hotel, -.= v- . aarroteT. LA $* MARY KIIKLAND respectfitly an. tfiunaes to her friendsoand the public gene. ally that she is prdpjlrod to accommodate them at he above establishlment, and hopes fr an her ixertiona to render visitors comfortable, to rrecive 1 continuance of former favors. She fools confi. dent that persona visiting Covington during the ummer months, cannot find better accontmoodationse than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. liar house is pl:'asantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most ohoica liquors, &c. in short, she promises t\at nothing shall hb wanting on her part to give J itire satisfaction to all who may patronizo the .disinilippi and Lonisiana Hotel. je3 * 'O TIIE PUBLIC.-The undersigned. . having studied under Dr. ScLotnidt of Chlrlestot, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in tht practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. tie assurec the ladies and gentlemen that the mttr.t prompt attention will bh paid to tihe calls whichll may be made; and also bfflrs his serviens to the holders of slaves, being well actrqinted with the diseases.common to threm, having attonded them in tile sugar house in Charleston. Thefamous anti.bilious pills aster the composition of Professor Smollette, with directions, can be had of the undereigned. Tile etlbot which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Minge. line street. JNO. M'LORING. IIOLLOW- WA- R . U. SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. PITHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 1 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the sert'k of the above goods, which now enasists of tihe ollowing assortmlnnt, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of ahbout 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, B tkepans or Ovens, 7 difftrent sizes, Tea Knttles, 6 do Skillets, .. 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 9 do Orlddles, - . 4 do lire Dong, . 6i dt Wagon boxes from i 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, front :8 inch, No. 3 ta 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, anod loss thanl Jamo's imported paces. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retiling. Tal';ilor's sliand hator's Irone, assorted. Sash weights, 1110 tons, aseorted from 41.4 toI 201h5s. BRlls for Plhntations, steamlboats, churches, &. I manis to order, Also stealnbats and other machinery made to order. The at ova assortment of goods is partienlarly reromnmended to the attention of Southern and I Western merchants, and are offlred fr r sale at low prices, nrd upon tie most liberal terms ; it it Io. liuved to be the largest and best assortet.nt ever offired for sale by any one oetablialonent in the United States. Mertchaotsi, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prio'ed circular, with description of goods, prieesand termos, froma whichl no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will rrceive iltnnediate attention. Now York, 1838. j,3 IEM'ON SYltYItU & 'lrt(tl.tiS--Underwoed's I.d e n.ien SrTlei laid Pikrlea, nlsorred suires alsoI , io boxe+r Isol~sa & I.tklloaen lirrkle-; f.r Fil c o sir a meorriameLrAt, by JAtIVISt ANli)tliw-\VS, 1tu r rntst r ilethy S rAA t BItl)ltritr ,OERrl. I Iti lo t trrnr 01,, I Oat. et s l lTO 1.1 1'. 1 ,n0we3 -n. Tvei Circle tdl t arodult ,.l'. itm29. ApIth, o 2 O.T.T /IIf;'Il ,,IRo\VS, &,3--25 do hllPrrba s, L5 ' CII.\1 1'I.I N rll t n tir, r . lJ I.AI, nlIlll ril I ior! I. . tu i te, - 4 :f ll iu: i, l Itt. isti . r i. it I ::, s tr tlr 0:1,,li : ..., t l.. 1oLd wlit -. yot , anbd ih at ad rule lon i h mtge r, co i tIrot, ll,,nl, t t i rtilll i r . I-, tr bv ' tidl lN 1' N~la itk a t.' (1ull t in |'tlline l 1 i t tr i nrdr i rg re r tl l e r nI t I rl r ri rrl tti t T t r r . l 1 d, f t l'r do f Il i Pi it, I. ,1;. in i o , I fn di e d l. 1' I, 1 S ,"rlll , tlitlr ,0 St I, tall + exire: I:I \ ,ira. I, art . ib hy i lr , I tL Er:i: , Il ltti ll'N t.. I',tr. _ ar .. . ....... . ...... . .... 1 (se .ti sh mret, Jtt hiedr, g, tni,,+1t,:: y il hard: and Pr a ,'i.c lia.l an od tl'nhit Ile tcly e d lx lni iil , it ,rn uluentiv, 1 a ect. o ent v:r1 , la0 , poss: s o: ,iven ,-altnt, nealy ( 1 ttttV 1 II' \ h "l. tl N 1'"r .ztnintilrt Ihdl,21 i 't0 rtts -, Slerdag, f, r v-se hv mrID 17 Comlln:r-e.rr or. m an, e ael r Gn 11i. l *lla r Ir. li t3 CWt-tm SIOtP brief: kours, tti!l' 5 doors Ji rroi tie Ser,.t \ ionir~e~n it2 , Itlt, n hares Enquira it tfe-a.r ),,tlo e t. I rfi .. . .. . . i Calll , .troe t NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA rNew Ir.., ric. Nnv. 14, t8t7. A HOC.T six mIorih ago I hadc rt ihlolFne twe et .L a secrer diroas,., for Rlich I have Rappli.d to seve ral doctororor a cure, anl thle did not ewIl me,.so io% on tir slbve date I put irrr.elf nIclePr tlhe carle of )rrct uet, anId l exprrt hlli to llre IneR. 'ild e tihat time the diiense rgt wir r, st as to break out in lurina Irlrce Stil nllllmher of six or eight onl el h leg, mlul all over lly face:, anld s lre thrcnt, aldl not able to w.rk It he pTresenlt trilllr orn account of the disease; large ulcer on the right side of ll te hroat. I amr no v puttlirrng myself o.nfi lenly.imnler the{ care ul' Dr. lllcer,t f Paris, to her perfectlv cured JOHN IDEAN. fe alI ly T DO CiElITI'F 1 1eat the alir ve mrInI' ed disease is a qruit weli r 'rrd to .ni own actti.;f cli-n, fir cMhich II deiur k l)r. Illet; Muld lccvrct'er I a.sre that the m cli ineP I hIItve taken anr me II, . Hail, dlall not inju ijlll m nealthl at all; Ihretl'nr I acdvi myl f I (uw eIlll ter to lhe no time, nd apply to IIr .1. Ilnt., J]il Canal _'rret, between Dauphirill'" and IoIllrh uIi streets. l )r. Hutt is at home rairo 9 o'clhck, .1 I1, until IP '1. !'hey will lild a ture doctor for this cunqflaut. JOiiN DI".N. ill ;Grvirer street. If any lon wants to see me.cali a Ne. 4U -ltit aie street, allnd thcv till be . lsl hIed. To be published at t.r e op:i,:n , I Dr. th , t. J()llN L). ' N. GIII lenuine Indlan I cacl lhllelt-ll trl t - I hauld, is pat up in bottles at the low pace of 51 cants each, crntining the trlethi of Ithree oll cesl of cwerwort, cr .si ,si tihe irrtes at raly otlher rooItltr rd llerisl krnown a Icg tle ildian ll as Ielliuciostlll in curn cg pllllllrllllccrr rrrrc c irillcc TI It r'r illrr nceir's whir'h has ttttedled the aIre ofI this ineshmiah'c lirla:na walerhr i It Is betn in to dared. ies nhtnineI the cmlliulence uall reeo moawndla tion. of lespe. tnble llysiciats, Ir 1 {he c lare of lllounsi, Boldl, lpain i the sios.i, wa.ant at re-t, 'pitting of blood, liver complailt &e. 'To whtroml it mavy cncer'. This is to t+I liev that we er's rcirril Balsa nI rt' .irerw c- rcll a. i clh-rhmid, with a deridedd 4,od efibet: we ea thef"yr', from tilh kanw luId e oflte mlterrlIs iti madeL frlll, :+illl il eT l alateperienee .reclrrrlrlicl it Ics tlpri. rr 1 or ell thl se lr e tiorsc iolr e lrnr a fr vli, it is rI. lrrrerdecl. ArIIER r 1VtiL O . 5 i . I). it\ .VIN Ei.IS .11. ii. Memllherof rtL e Ilrost Medical ,\ssociaticn. istonrr, October r 5. salebv J.ItVI8S & ANI)REI \W , 1tf cc ,c-rnrandi ic .) I'.'itr it' , rclic iri .eerc ridrded icy I .ie Medcal Pic,,ltl v 1L;TI,ER'S g1ferrves'-ent Magnesian Arperienlt-Fl' r d lspreIsit or iiiligcsrir. , nIervrcus rltrhirl "icdii uu.rr,headilehe, aridi.v orf tim ateartrh, hahi'nal v,. t ivnessr.e u teillncnlls cisr'aer, goit rcer el, lc. allld ccc lliJ vtlaell as r gentle, coaClincc )iIrrcntive. age ofl lny earlllinent nme'mlbers of t e profl:sinll, and tiril a discerning pnllic manyc ricI e'alr le :d ln eli. citei terlirlllrlr i its efiili fero- ursrc irc li. lboe been eulicited. Wil i il l ti rleaicie g c irlitiis i f t ,lar s o rnde wcaer, it p rCresse tilhe rertrce nedicilcl properlies of tile lllpr tel Falinu purgetivre it Is pleasant io the palale, alld gratefuil t ih tic1t(ocih , IM'PORT'ANT CAUTION-The increasing rep ht. tion anil great demitland foir r utlce,'s i tlervesceuti agcner sici Aperient, bie bein icii iidt c.cie t iicr rlther. tIc ofr israi irrtatr i n ir icrr rlcr rrin i I 'i I' ,l atre are par iculrclv warnicl of this liet that Irv Iniauv Ie err iltr-nc'grrrdi ll noipriri e l lr mrpr u earticl 'lre h Illir. re ee.r.rcc.l ,clly tIter ellit. th; in i bsci , [ters are conrt.i llv i t ic lied wi i thpe ricn: l d ge - nui:le prepalati iln. Fccr cI," whn raUl Ia c lc'il. ml5 4[ Canal - i ert, N c . - Ailii's Vregritale Ilair Oil, for the reiccrction e r tnd rrc tin of lnir, givin.g healthrla1di eanty,and I I reveier f liefore this'llnir Oil wns olTeredI to the plblic, it had esll tried inll h irlUI-dr I cllaesol fbaldness, l ir less,l nl I Inllini ol'offthe hair, snd irnevery inrItanc e its salutary ffccr.hsave heen realisied. It Ila.unerlri'i tl o prodec an r.w ar I, beaerirtl growlh if hiir ole ll Irendl area iUnld. In earst c where it herolcis dry aI n. tn row this Oil will very ·oon rrndier it Ir'althy, acl lcrcpriier rorcid lad beitiful gnorwh ofl' hiir. wit'irot the nes i injusy to the lined. Tlre iil gives ne .ierrcle fi - paed and is preferable to any tlher iI ir tilir per umnl:,curling and glssinig the halir. The h ii not beo ue rri d aJte .'riicg it Four sale at I i ES D4 t 'LA. G. ~IMMONS IIARTT & CO. nro no receivm= Ironl ºJon board nitip Orleans, Engle, H~iglrlnsirr, lookerr lenay Anldrew. French andl Gd tit ploy carnlat; IBack glatnnn Board': (lII lnnanea, 8 aI . d23.8 altlnhit aal alls; 8, t,310 aad i1 inah htlnte Bow'ie Kinivns; l'a.18,t, Ilrata,' t.8W, 11,n,1311 lnlii Piatols; Ltaat l d 'irile 8181i1t? Gon;ll (1,nne 81Baa; 11111 Belta; Powde18 Itn Pidul Flask.l Drtaat Battles lull! Ikrigl0g o18p; I'rrrrinn Capll' and C, ,'181t1dre- Cloth¶, lair, T'ooth andr Nail iieonh"".s; Orris roodl Chlorine Toolth n'·,l l· 7'no11 Pol',y1r3'813 ' ' Iloe 3n 8 laIviga SoIt1t8, in zrent val rim112 JIt fir nrid 1R(gACIts t'88111ri 1118e Pear. and 1'. Toie Pode;1 ev BgT& oy ['i CII-Ar n881 2111811 S'8'a8s ar GanterattIa,,'I,, nspm lrs F:ar-881p -18'8is8lll'tBa.181 aI1,l',8let88 11s N1818;Vll'n tat Ch8lalls; lttol d18iiv8rr13 tr Iatll; In-linn l l8ls kells Ian(1 llll,.'j': Shell 'rt8,lali'tal1Sdlltlareain 81o1,whrbi addition118to18081911iatqaa alls;a~tockalagta o maskes their nasortnl'nct very complete, and will heP sold~ ow end on ,liberal 11818, a811 fle tll. of t811e 18111 comib. i`,t 70 Chartres street. t l'a18t'8tatt'tatlrliI. Aets foa the, e1a1x 181lt818; 831' '- 11. llBlltlcihr, ihrllLI al88Enlltad, hav taot] reoivrll n very ·xtr~n sive set OF an' n, ·FI (· consisting of 7'Rlllr andl~ I)cs~ert Kniroa l o f "' Iernriptricra, Pen, tPocklt. 1,k aI nld Spal.r painkl Itarak,; aIor8, 88111 lorro, rld Tools, &. Re. &c. hich hey Illit ar re prraIl In lxhia to tllhe tatle for orde8s. T1 8 n1 d conditions sill 1111 Iade know Iat;aa t pae iil, , Ini(i J. 11,laa:Ia.& A C(888a11. 11 rn,,a,,a &1 ad 2II~ra IralRTT CO.-aA, e nowa rdl.itnda 3. pr r ship 1 1 IIIIIIs188tl'Emir, Me Ala aa I llgh hande, a 'rrncallag Gltanll 1 e afanIIa 1dpin31 n, crds al8'alalell dand aakt itls ,rih8 bdad pi catr~al'll calls; coo hIlnllders; teip ,·r, Ra:zors, plen. yes; (.;illots commerc·liall'd Nh!,cr te p ;III V \. Nata;Voi Odsar, opta; shel7 1837 ndhr cms w&11 I, brad Iand leathe I33 F 18; tha ir 391' ', (iOot and And hr:ll'soil; pnrtt:hle desk= and dreealllg asses: pastt ',lsckin3; stain and to r~ilet gds!.sea; cnnrl·" morals; opl F(IIICOnh-; Mottil twine; toilet and sha vingill snapsJ; toilet Itl'11 a 8 111nwcti l'thhlls; seeed satin chi ions; t all lllaaa; 8ll iar a11 11 181 'aet b 11k1and walle Gcrmrat (tote,;It* A ms sl· ptp; fine ant? common f Ftm 81.cope~es oresIn;1MO ,11 hoifAIl 811713,sal ja p'encis; C71(Ion81 &l. 8 l' The (18111 i19 ddiion to oal,aa Hatt 811t'1ek of 11 8ev 'laol-lta.,(aallttailf1188138.nV88hog88allrepiat,a 11111117 II~ 1 l111111lil i L 1 8,1,1 1 011: ;l jl l )I )' ) Ill,,.· ("'hamtill, II ,, I,, 1.,,,,i, panto ^la, 1111,1 1111p f1i1t ,11a\· 1 i 1111 81 n 1.N ew i'lr 11 ' 8,l 8 fronts4C....tot118 ' 3 'a ht me IllllIl' lre 'nrt of thllelfira a The o ndersi~i~oed, (ttrv(iviu 1 partner wil~il hr rlhurreed w~ithl the settling andI1I closring said llsilnrfi us hollows:VP L~evi C Herrin w aill mien(d r to th srttli,,e of the Illinr··r of 11,11 all~a,ns.& Co'at Nat, Ih a,1111'a Iaa.i, ICI ev &1 311 IIt-1 ,Ma1 all lev KGlltv will totlnd to he settling31 ofah hn,,i, ofKell8,,,, a-on & Co., at toott in liritidltr o n only.. o runic f onvwmrd an1d make early settlements; aILP: )nd thoseS 11EN6' KELLEY..EY Newv Orleansl, little 27, 1837. JK-I:N 11.1RIE FARINA 'S COLOGNE WATER.\Ti~j 2 onset' mare oOf this sllplriolr Cologne R (1· ter, just arrt~ived tanl f orFnr sole by te dozen oIr single boat:,-. AlsIo -\llneriea n std French tol r~ilet it orders, powder halls llll~r, milk of rus es, II rtitrr cold ercnn, extr a WR o ' taskI kephliilln Woo?'' I· VPCet:l le hair o (il, pntnatllil, ^ ··mlrl do porn r, F?-o idol I nPIInI ar, roOEe and 4lII waters, Per" o's alt.,11,,~eilo: pm :0:r rv t tol. s tic . td1o?:, i to_,,Chlorne, ind moil oothwash ,nobs anutd jeweelrrt ,-sale. no, at wholesaler or r, t it jotyf 7 ('hootelrs 'tar't.( j civinle frontl on h, and ships YIazoo, and a Yato1Oga sodl~ hlria C'oonrdll,~ln fromn New York,. a great va~rietv of I ttl·li on htI.nd11 makeks v e r y IIII Tll~· : t pled!,I tooak and ( Ilssingb onlmlso, horn do (,fall d e:lil·riptiolV , It- flill robbe~r, sills ltd w orwrrl elnstic _liter', -oollunon & SSridllitx Irnwvdrrs, pool der IIIIIC told boxes, toilet powderP T pocket hooks sit(] Ma *illltin, flood?, hoollnln, sPJIIl, pearl, iaw r 1 ll~, to ,,, tot Qh -,n Il lo to inLc'-di' 11.UI t I. iltll rtll'. Indian bl 'ot':l, helll, lii1 jl tors;~ pistol ltd l arge pn 1)O\ hlr 1lll;,4, shont bells Iers,-, hell. pork, t and dnr iliari~ill! ist hackle, rlllit ', hair, nl :111 111 l1)1 I 1 )41P I·(·o1l(ll(· I·`·,rin i It, shoe 1~·I, pi~r, floor ;rod dn ~\·lt - b, lobe', ?'I'ltl'll·LI I'll id"rlrl, la-Il l·(r, rune :"lo hay wl~ tIlil loam-'- I rsre:::- s,, YF ortal.l Bair o llil', 'M oo ing nodllr ll~ In II'': s :1oapi (ITl. ii l vest /11aIt~ to-. pet r; rodII i~lor.\ shin d o, . *Iirt stllrldl- l goldl and )iillrl. p, :ll t toe, l cot hptllb io an d iwro.·lrl- , 1)I:I1 .1I ,nld gilt lo, ken,:, Il~imlltlll ran, s ilver, brass stet steelfI.P and r I,-,lit lt,'h~lP hlal~kinl matins and gat rlit ,i r,, ribbedI tn! plait pct, ,''~lrinn rapsP li't~li tw nnr,'cellrle d ll,h it;;+, idig w'ip; w: ll lilg rote r, I r aymo cards, lit: ,q1t1lt, 1'1ntn1 toad gilt jinrllry &r. '?'l:, than111e, to1T·l)her with : a great .: i,,tv of other orti. le' mae nirpeml at wholesrahll r n·Llll ma 1 1ccoullllndlilina N~ R Shlrll ntnb.+rr rpaiilrll N 1 lwhell mnh, repairde. aIqd Iomplete k nsortl n t s fl urlll ill their liin; Iva o comlibs, leril meryl, J twIl'y, brushes, locking gloss i ')n I -yt -roo t shl.,i ao ro h i lot a tplain n kotj iot, l eilled back, , v hlong ' -mu iloh'r lllo,- pill, curl, a ! neek, r'illinl o mlbs lf ellry delrlliplimI amol ngll which arI sol e ' l.exi0u paItt.jlo Ivurv combs of every" ,adli vlidl , hon dr.osi, and ln t, ;Ihr wit JIIVLL .lVl m oo.tren litiito od a od t eri ioan. I't1l 11' Ii .l ll l ol t ,h.n ', i al , r, lltri, lhol a n b s rvll, , aICnd urlll .l ',l , ("rlllwlllFm aOf o vi r d sin and til,-1 mriptih , ra Ilpuratod Cohelillh l e i' a t iand f llly nlot Ihny -cii s n F':!l1 yindl , .l Ini do tork t eiod lost titll o-' o. o l l -l'LOIl' l I otli . fl hllPn s ll, lai i 1 a Id t fl F o ell tlllet i .l derl pearIt l F''I II]ll Ie r 11" eII'' d boxt po-f nIlloe i p olts nd wool l lhlo l II l tooth wts oo (I nIOwlilmantlhs, w nith ta t vllt . ll i:L' tlil t I l' I I Jis,\VEllI..I FilI V- a toth, latest mid hil(ift fitghon in lcat .se.,ts i, c olsiitooish , tlre l ,'i' c"alel0 opa 0.' lrdet el rdlrs, sot cill ote, hiast pi, ofIlP e I - l tv "er nslll , waltch Irho rh·ll an d s ilvr'o 0 0es, ive1. Ihhnhle silver nIid <gl-"h pit itg and chaiirsh 13El (SIllS-lll-- uth, hair, i ultitt uI +'ill llh ,nl llllor tlint, lie.h In l lu at ,, iolluh Nail, shaving, sloo ni do, owith , osl id o rto khli l , Illil g laenot PIatole toII t .\N .lo' A In oAI I'go ' At'I'IC,.i - -Frncl. drsuand All erltvan ..tale 1b",.vt, 1 ald eh wene ,a ck s moil very' rich antiotely t1hii h l m h lie," "uric hux,[ and dIh'e:. gill ra s elis, with ant wihoi ut ni t-it, Ulll'heal boxes,,llx - borts, li, woprit'" l oittols, "otolvser, loI got nooil ter i l tes o, ncils od leon l ld..w od 1, itl ;r , s no ! irionsU tnAn tllot' l .cno tmi p- i l id-oo lnp to d 'vith id it is ,re r."( rs, shllt , uhi g tll I; he ,, priv tt loll tcar.' % Ill . iastellot-t, l rldi Ni o eio, lls. o ll'" l% kl I 113l l ille" clo% io'le phrthr it an , rIlhte ssonl at p It= ugl kinr- n r, o',tf al card case., r l vhi o c'ar. ds f Frnch, et~iruledl salld . liu hili l llrl· ttle, ll.:, ibri a l hiull , 1 i l (llexll p 11 .' f I ll 'in'] kinds, San llulersI P(I lei l., II , EAmners m's, Ilirl;llm ' w wllkl o a ', h rzr. strapsi and metallic hose., dnks, (P 'l brad n*lcckhIe do wit r-. : -lprr ntoy v I. hs, per iarl lrbto - pwvhe r I(dles ,. and delrs, ld carter-,l phi hll a d ,windll caite a .(kg m II(I bot Irls, ic; , o iLal Viell'sI." )e -hiul lllo.l Io lt. Ile, all ofwllir ht will he sldT I1 . eohl-ir ciy rells t ae . dl 70 r 0i. iro tslo II ooooot'-otoo- ScIIodboenoif n" r' o lot Io oor sole rt thll ir cnlo l tc oieuo \rihng .trI l ,l 010 .0 o lp. 1 r ( Ih ilr - l- t, N wl., l' F irit ,,,, InJ Rk,,,i . l; iI V IIrk,. ln tlllE . -1 b-ill t ,. _I is pari __1__lhti dei_.____ d _ Ir priv-- _ le I tro_ r+, ''. sch l V and I t'. ou e r-ow tto ,fll titS r i tIthe o. tis o l .ot I t.ll 0oI. bo cotlvnit' ne l l~l-+ tl atl, und to CA- S+e 'rnllcd ill "11 -i' pal IJ 01of th'e t I Pol l..oo I. "lic+. I% n h prefer it can reeoive lessons ai their wn r-f' Pe'..i.s payin for nia • . rre r; 'IF le $ I ro I ot- IFN ES . i (NEW ar utcle Ihr I tol . ho- lreo . e , o. ( rnoalled t h'1 Iur T ollll , h . , lli rjus l e civl d nie voic isdil n co10 e , to l h 10 ' o0 r 0 e Nwho liartmil er be tnlligl , ',lerl ls 'o v o ery de n SII."- I l, ll ml-,he rullv t a tile f Io th dlllll . I amte11i S errr ,s ,,nt expe-rie nced r oth th0 p Hr au , ,l,- i. 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'i'T ll.i.lRvediLt itre who ne Donrs, the prjprirtort, rditori oi subi-elditor of the Uobove nailed jorolllotv·ll t el evry fetti freo teons I have rmorad to sight in lh t nb;ve trihre, ptfl.i. I. Ihefo rint, that I ottvpr hille h etie: .rots.llt ir.,ro oitl"iioteiitr inoli eiiiuri oeIt ten utr w.teL,, n ,v~ll: ..... nZrl +,llllt ..... Sd lTarl: Whot hell II~ I,,,ly .... ile light e-iiii hie f lrth, Ir-:,: totrrt i tube' lot tIo m-t to iy hotel, instead otff being- obliore: to b I1, !Iv hl. 'T'o voune ladies, who if rIac finsot tl rict )hf one e Le, one lir ten vers, ll thile other folr tao y twLI roea'1, havtinh both th-iem the oltir eve very veerk; tori rsrh of thosle conic ladies leiro toi tech ,i bolth eyes, which ben:illt I pledge mIIsielf utill o.ntint. ex Ir itihle they nl'e tlllere lie inneit ileiice r € nlieliti , i i f Ihr .edill Doel rL . Aenothsot io tII doiplhltrt Of t Irespletaile tmerti:htatot, wtose ilnme I am Itotllll nevr t nn ( lh p i, nm my fees), who aei" he1 t had lont thle light of onllR e-e irm tile pre of 10 ImoIulltl:: bnt that she lnow heqins', to rIald ~larlxe I.tiPtrs wi h till ethr eye ieptl.l - t. : This itt dcltuie iotrrftis k.he., . thle grletlee.on telld te hihtelflthe had Ion cit'fd Ii.* dontiter it tihe ofice of tite tiedi edieor.% tHt they mihtot Ie itlf'rToeif of the fort. Fle feeFt I slhall lndlolilnl in arI chlerlv renllenlan hr tile lnme of Y'teit, nerlyi r. rv:'.v vestee ttifari'. wh;lto:fehf'r blf fil yIt~,w irli toktt : l ltt t~ tfitdi-reot o'i, e in Noeashvillef ht ine ,.nil hi:stlf Luol me he fid r id for Ihe ierertion wht'ver they dotcoort, whto dclar r. [ tl thnt h~tler (Ihllt heP ha :ohtllvI ,hI'prTVed Of elme siehtf oue ~,lvo ur! fr,.ln fi k fe i i whieh his mother:.tatrl t tl him .- orlnsionllell hv the tnlea or tt lllfce pox tblle .t hot hcl- rhll fr, n oitrtto oitt it-to hgitiw rifog tov if u oth lint of tihe BIln ,t I;hr mir t ti hav tin , a reIll-eih% ' rilt t lte mRtit nl:n, llt t nR t -'hillllioLi t birthi'til mnr ohftit ter toetit, hre I etit tile Ce;tt t verte Ir - nv e r :t fo t het lie eou hl :o l e ti r It lk t d lt". tt e tf lr,.eho ttrio ithle nir : the th r tph teie tpirsed Lii ter hehl been l andehe Unin ott ns the Melm hr;I, i. tinpa 1hreh tgr n jury I'o anyrl one~., Aln the nabit I s ord wa eler l supok e od th ; e rfen ritoree Of hiS life. I I. rep ltiell t o`d terl err eioter oe.r trecfrll :It N striille r.dr tl l t eie Inedlel nnl. lll e di:r l ctlsI hInt: neerehtefr,;ece t ttllornet llto r (llhr i.·- e rl pion.. indlpnnt'en {.;', ih · lb~v. ('lerrlnl ~r. Snitlh prove% ! whern ,'e.,, tattdtf o r thlllf r.mnlt SIX vea~ls ;st I~i~~l wa,. eoner itet ret, ttetO t ere tine rclhh, tie believe i ther r~ltl'h todlf e 00ilo thlotr heti° u. e md. tree: iue h :rroiotrdtee i'llItg l t: tott - t firet Io i enI of six veurs to COmeP JIe +hII di,tie e e+,nverted fronll hoi i o fidblirfis thie spiit .the rTlhe it of li perl m' ptrttott en 'etitrhoitr oot he-htittttei ge if ti.e t it hre lcth l, eit rtetrtin-t:thtn, rugn:-, hlllnv ee i, F rillod t. lae hit mtlifnl ef'iendo,iotot the tortl itne ,tle. Arllte inlthiinnte fushillef rh a h e g r a b c . 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"t n i ctte : r d I t e inti i\, ia h e edit t this it-t: elf, tie creitti~r :.,t to, I sh l I'it l.. it etcniii nes tlhv; :tll..,~r vi~l~l el~ltti , q~ slanl er ollrelnlnll nv, illl di- ', mplvller lly mrrivl inc e v y'rek, ai weitl .r li linaf 1hei mLiall" l.-re h en the ned i rerl f3,lorl wie or t hr I ii::: ni nvl f tr e n: ilit, etf 'ee r (to uf h efui hI t)nV iiOF lihfthri itnelt I lve heluu:eft tfhe nitoof off[l In nlt ti(mt:tllah s Of tit o lt orlt 'ls trell t s IIIih er-1t fotedoiot liestitel o thedo.hl~onc,[c h nflliet" h tfter~e-~ fill'e, nmvH 1·.:rull tle tl lllt 11 t g dlu' ti1I we.(l Of ixt ettr ie lue Y ortk et;eI letters, post neid, t e Ilo (Itht·lrs, will he sl' tor:leh nle. I, itr t titt~itil tIhe pnili thli~t thfettii' offeoolc oftitih the Ie,'. 'eleliei'' ct'eon'erttd infidel ]ffrteted wit triottn forhi:l: osll. :Io:rioileei1ore theen NLCr wkptotr etc fiiittnde : fiertie :1ev 'it: ifwel ",1h: reitit Iy prt th e,: f: irlhon- t i llnil : -si li. nll tdiLa),i-obltl' : h' I ; I:on Ihp ellllt irv, took it tn Ilis : I' ' " ;le e io l it- eI i: I : 'Ie v.'ti he dhl, whit h s il il II IJ ht WR l H in wll llrl: :s r h,t lnii n tllcf I : r' ;llie" ] t r' Ih the hi:: I ,' !1: rdllr. l ' I , lrr~lP~ lllp prv i'I ,l'lltit t 5 ,r t :t ,Io I,' ll n :ft Iii OIl. ln c, rllh··l·,l' 1, illl v iil lllO f l+F si illC t:'*rl-" T tl,,I [.'oV |)ocnlar's nn}rII ii twl'ore le t I uh l;C": 1::', I nt I 'xllnllll11" 1(l nlv Ili ill l i~l'( .%+p (\I%-i>. I jt 1[ il .'l il IrI .liltl n<1 i!1ti nltlle |'~l'lll( IIl ]1ii% 11' \1, I 1.4 :I 1 i, 1' Io i \ l.rl t if. IIIV I alhmtillf . ill e~l~ll l~liV I il~l 11llltlI1l,.l(/r1" 1 'll'ol lilnil ll| lhnn +Ill tol l " null~,lhol,, nltl.ll n ii a th1 ,~l(li( 111 id-il:t ,, ] It I ;I ]inl+, llll hldn,,ed(:l b. II ~lulul silranillS 1 (Ii l\ ill d + w u . 1, hi It: t ,- ,. I 'ill~ hii n- ttlr -: ]t',: li,,tl[u rh,. e i Ii . , hit t i llll , i eIellltltt iep~ll, 'it I +., . ! 1 I11;.r v e tll ih'l I tll, •l ,/I' v h ,tl- l'eii-S111 11 \ i i[ ( ill , i l fI.I1 fI~llll-i. Io I·IL -C )11 ( '11.1 ti l rll II(` - l\e " li~ti jl•r~ e ,1 I4 h'a~ll ultldnlelhlct nll I],rlo ofR e~·I ·t dVn (I rl-)- 3flll. ... e:I~l~~ll er ea n i, e.~ l \l redia tilel· Bibl e l~l thu,\ ',,[ h'I [,.: 1 I. IO~llI, i. f~ril." ,i feesythecf oret~l¢i hLih. 7. t1++ t~ dUll ' it o:t,:l r t i eeel lsh .itera ,h, 1.,;,r 1t. t-orit ol:-l l: :ot r'io.fle i I ii w it ii 'sl it: llili, brihe: l at it t el :1: ih lh the o IIl ii uf thht;- i:ric- f h1r tel1' tll~iBIi llllliil " )1IP I Illg il1 11 ti l ', r . `% 118 '(i i h wa n' . r I nI~tI u]o as holrll; ·rvr, ib , ll re amidl i, h. ,',m 1h'r if: I tie- i to- ti e et: ft e i fe:,, it:: ,ii I: : t::i Il a 'l:etoolfoelslteogeulo Ir''"s | r - , I:: lttu - yII i hh : , L .:t !, O fiti-t t: f-l: - 1t/ t0 lhllr ;ihalter, ws Ic, k ? 'l: Ilc Irv litn FI l t('ll i'(1 llle lllnlllf Jl, • ,, ti i tile : ,:11' ::1. l.'ill t fioent ,lf ilnf jl rI e u eV I1 (< F . eDh lh ' llll, Iohi,:,+ICI i [ l .h,,nht have 11 oflbred llll +t Ph CII~l (1111- i ii, i ' r ii~irI+ h.1l h.;,d if f %%. I)lltlllll • I.11·~ piorllallli tyII ht 11I' CIIPtlll|ha <.'h ll rp¢¢hel ns hi.,ll:t nll ilnd o ri~aldlbl, tl` li lllhl~oi -.UII:U.r i f [ 'a le 1l~i 1it i a %'11. tiR. h ll lr·J1 n~lelI ie::el he:: it irai. 8ieK~. Ihlcut aile |{r.llot+ ~llu reulolv etn er~ 1 o\i~ hIeI, : Iilo'-lf Ihe ih'irheO, ll, f hn.ll-, o t ie 'Itur nil ll irel, -nltot llli:30::- rlllt .+ li l ' hi;" l .l - ili llt\ kl.e fn+li wrii {llB I hlll' ,i,.,r;l,,,.!y ,11 d ,' ' Il~nlil ·lls lcr o the .,) itlr l "Jea lou I+) l ln ll ,Io.I 9I. I r+11lrl le l .en etllvr he r,er h iod, helr -,v nu t n," i Dn ilih h~ltl tIi T )C11'*·11€sll ;ili/s tlnev~re i 1,4e n ol - cll~ ,+I eh n~i t is wll ]{ lll? \n l" . enllllOll % ' tIre Slll lt (rlorl~iillR I iiV ii1 Snllll 1 i'ts ( ]"lll ri'.nro IJ. s llo1!it l tiL it (,I:rllt I ;lllSlt 1 )lO4 r fIHI lp O Il erl·T ciP e+: ietill~i' i i. ITII .slil:1Lv I'est·0 l·Cille ro.~ll Itiu .S ]iz li :m the . mt, llV htlhl.. a i l en ha.n lllr l: ~' ''."'' t;: Ix.ll ,.O ili·lnl o~sl e '1 I sI -ttlllnirte 4I ii. wf all -cII UheiaC ,.1 tml'l etl illdSl·.C v ihi..l·l -l. ii llh ti.l.t we ll ifth hr hlo e..,.,al JOHN EFILLI 1F) J tii , " i. . vi' ,J.IV JU . th e , ngli'h (Oculst. S inyt, ft t ( l..F .'. I'. (. . l"n, ne f the i11k rt ¢ 1 (.. t tell r t l flIr. ,ln, r w i sr t lo rw il+l'l ',(ir IltJ:4 rl illilu" Il Iko 1 lithl t n++ + I, of "r 1( i l, m nt.,lix. Ilh ' o l)lht Io'ctolb' (lh slln t( public tl tr(on rfilt+ ill \IIV Ivlll nl l.lllP d yi ; loInger |}.w " e ,, lil. " Nllat hlN ll l vi llIe, J .~\+iIu , .i . C ll I "1 iNC \ 1 i t ttnded--tti le iilt J ly.i ie'. It. Pt bitt:in ' blnv ee rq f tc b. r. I W'iIlliam-l, tihe o1, li-t, now in i s cil't, to rx'ine Iit, n llllllll di,, i, /llt, o no t'el t l t'l, lile s F , inch-P i f h ri , rtt' iltt ol. itl ie tor . h a , nli 1i(I-0p, thr l l i t )L(.l a 111ef t 1. ". r Ta en' ofI " ',. " + .." riri 10 1' ur y . l ,l Oo11. C. IIt 11',l,6 -ttI n, l dl' ld ,'rd tol I fr. W i in mll t+ ;il 'at ý the] n1 lI: tll4'+ tk. d,1' l ilt+ d oiph , L '.l thoa Ike hins o lf 1rC tIh I h.i iu v i a. I lllt I rI ' rrl th11 t1bo-r 11rg hiIc . li rcot ' s F n' o. I t, r l le t rv r frml'ro I- h oll nTt.l r kI :"ll 15 hnl e l ,f hih llll] ofttil i ll h i.m o i t , eiller ,ea. ,,, hit ,K t i al Ii I,: thui. o d t11 )I , I.P l- il-l'+;Il+ c+.' . I ,,{w 1 ,+m,, of1 thle, i f +,ve,111, to III, ii ot • in., N'III lll. " I t . I.) ( J i ii , l. '. :-;vti o IF ,1C l tt' K tit l' I l Fit) l D'.lll F DI', li t ' C , 1Lilt 'l+r R'Iif'IIf IR` IF. IN|)Ii \ hN'S 1'ANAC F.A. 1-OI1lhecnr: ol'rhelmti m.,rr lida orkingsevil,gntt cialtica or hip gout, inltint. eancers, salt them,n siphilitic alnld mnercui l diseases. prticnla'ly ulcers anl ainf'i allFections of'the hones, ulceratedl throantc.'- n-s ai ils, tlcers of every dlescription, evcr sores, antl internal alssl s, tuls, uls piles, so hi headl, scurvy, blles, chro nic s yre eyes cra siccli,tclctlth's, asl e'.lry varietvot'el t'ctla'r a itcc ,tia llc , ' cc r lccic l:cacrt'l, hedn ache imoeed inug frolmlll i l t , lrit ht e I i t, illn i the stom: cth nll dys pepsia pr,'ce* .lll . ftoro :tri:tion, c:liectionQ of the liver, chrolic iit.emnstiont ol'the kitdleYs, atn general debili ty cuatu- d y a torpid action of the vesselsa of the skin. It is sing',larly et ie cioas in renovatilng those coltstitlltions hllichl have been brokenll htlwe b ijclll|ianos t'reatmlent, juvenile ilfrr.tgulC riti,,. in p "r tral terms, it is re omtc mundetd ltil thllose dliseases whichari.. from impulllrities of hle blood, or initition of the humlors, of whatever name or kintl. Some of tihe above complaintsmay require some tri lling dsistanlt applicltians, olich theccirculnstances of the case will tietat ; hlt for a tenlleral remedy or Pllificalor to remove the eaue, thie II)IAN\'S P'ANACIEA will generally be tfund sllciet. TO) T'IIE PUl LIC. lneos tlle it is, that modern Physicin.a, tli their anm Sition to excel in their prol':ssion; explore the vast lields ofacience by Ihe aid onfl'emitry', ani seek out new re medial agents; in sholr, in amrive at perfectio in the peactice by means of art alone,--entirct overlook and neglect, as beneathl thelr nttle, the rich and bounteous stores of medieine, which the Atmighltl hace caused to spring out of the earth in every clime ! And how much more true isilthat whildthe Ameriet' P'hysiecin looks to lrcign eoultries for tallny of his most eommoln anl ,leees't'v articles, perpetually changing as they are at tte dictates of'ashion ore filly, he is sarct1ethleI in Ids owan country with an endless preofusioe of medical plants, sttficocnt to answer any indcication illn diseanse or to elltre ally ellal.c.i clisnalde.. ran vet lie is ignlcant cf thlcir v'r mes, and tlhet'a ae stdll'reto wcaste thir healieg on the deselt air.' 'I'he efliectsof vefetable medicines upon the svstem are tetp'ar'y-tlhose e of tniaerals lasting. T'he foreter ex ert their effects and p)ass off-the latter, imercurey itn p tielc.r, act chenically upon c the solids, decmposing the bones and undccleniningc the censtlitution by a slow nd slll re dlestlruc ti c . The coeniallity, efficiencey andcl SAFI.ET'Y ftvegetn ble remeldies aver minelral, mln: teestimated by conltlcast ingtlhe acient.lpractice with th'emodetr; or, lobring it molre immelneliatehlv un.ler ol owIt' observaticon, th" hli.i an practice with that of the whites. W\ho, il Anerias, nl lnot knllown oli he:ard of relpulted: hlstances herlein scne decreeid, unpretending feille Indian, by mecnsofi her simple remendies alne. I:has l':eted the toist rapid inod sttishing cures, llfter the \ltinia l11edica of the "mmolnln lpractice, direrteda in the most skilful mannerl has tlecl? Acndl who ha:ls not been s.rllised at tile eom Spartiecase ndlcl lit)' yt ithlwhcichthe Indisnl i'ees him irselfl' l'ocn anl disease, cIcccl at tle almost Iota tabstinence ol'chlronic isease atnlong tthemnt Who has eorl, heard ol nl Indian with a constitution br'oken tadl ruined by ill Ireatlentm? Anel can a dotlt exist that this l p ex emption of the savage from nost of 'the ill, which tile Ilellth ofn is heir to, is elielic owingIa to l Iioe gehlia and salth: remedlles which he enploys? alhis astos,, ilg dlifclrence in suclcess, is i f:tir e.emplilicaction of tile infinmie superiority of the simple and sate means of curre which t'ol has created fo, the benefit of his children, llose wllcll.licln tiltpride and the art lof manil have ite F'cro a long reidenc amlong a ponrtin of thclabnrigin-. al inhabilalntsolf thiscoi ntryl. , altllltal iltimlte alcqurlliln tIle with the .etlhoeds of cllure of somle of theilr most succcssl, I prncctitilners, the pro prietr ol The Inldiai's I'ac:llctn,'teuiel cca knllledge of some of tile most i poweritla tvorite rmellie. Fl'roml theseheselected such aswvre mostefftcaciousand appropriates, :utd f'let I arinusexpleriments t. test their princci rcl)tind strength, he ts comlaineld tllem in the litlm here prleslellted, a:s the im st perf ct all beticcil tlot the se or which it is llen.,. mend!d,,I. '1 I lproprietorotTers!his peparati In to Ih. pblric, with the ceLnI., IrilSmInss 1lhit he is n ilhinheir seLa, a re icdcy e cpaill:lll ,' l lic ig many o'f his ailllictcd lit llow beigs, who lae sllfering il her the various chronic "al nhslihae complainais In ttlhich it is aplplieable. To suchll it will in of ine:tlculable vahi. as tlthe meai, amt in m:' the ol' micalts icnftehi .theirsul leViigs and'ietoring them once more to heathfi and lu I pIinss. 'T'hist s noltotilrcl as c common remedy, that nmay per chance he e l go-od with many other.s now ii 1,e, bit as onae ih is capuble o1f siin~ lite in e many exritee c:lsesw\ hichll l the InsuIla I·vemellies fIIl. This it has doie repeatedly; sanl this is thle elation ithasob Iloled Nllherever i ell n intrue It is nll lllllt three r it e llS sillen e his oi io w sl slollnln!y dI eclre. I 11,:, ,n,", I,~ll \c+l Ie : t t, h et tir lives alcrte s:.,ld I,)- iif,: l l .o ml(,, ufl lTrtlh, l ad h II';t'(I mIm:I,) ,, .r I ;" rh":'!! I'1 t 'II II , llll, lii l I'<'l;,ltl s" ill \vain. \V'IItT t'\ ";"' !1 i' klin\l I - " ,i- , -spoil, v, l ito, ileio 1., , I :o d Th s f 111 C1f1'Y. .. 'II1 I~S I loo," ma"'l;ing :od ,iFl,'lilily.: sod "e (·lollllllll :Llj:-vtiOot +I.1111td Ci ll· \ 11 1 Il. I :Ali ·lll\. I, ma stics, a nd l rI ?u11 . I asII , il o w d ", m " I ial dvlr r a, 1·1.:11::1 1111 11 of tilt. liSictI\ C I m. met, CZI· arIa~g ,v. r,,,,rrdrrv., ~ ,r vs, ;, Dal, ir, tl It ell u.". 'I ,r it0,I ' l~'rrtr, s o~ "et', III,- . ,to o, UI I1:1·I. I co'1;. Ililil ii~~iP llt· I· bell. h, 1111 , ,iou il l 11:1.:.l~lillI· :1 .o ,dw"I~ov ( . ,ore tir ilt . :' 1,1 i 1.,,", t1.: I- o ilr l :·: I··i .I i I, · PI.. '.II ,oII) dolor" . i 1F,, s ."li. is ....... l. A pros.. IS " . )IIi 11 ( I . i)) ' X l I , Ni t llrg ir l.'r rt1itii,"I ttri'j r lirg II\ "t Iirtirt. I r. od I:,s i t'., .1 :lot' i · I . :tr ttt'¾ lll ·'7 .~ ' "*' ~ l :ally · II It'3 t lllr( a 1 II,. Itv,"rvl il. ill : II v, irtti111·1 1ý·ia:1 t t otlt-' ttrt. l r r:.e Errri-r1 c lr t it ; ti-. ir,tt rIrrcittrr" toIrr.Ijrr 'i'IIIi ti ui,'iot" I e :.ti ý'ýv:t l, t%0tn I, h IIIIII' a.C- IIS l io 10::0, I. . I I''rr lrrrl , *tt I" re slat' ", F I leth. - CAl ESv I. IF, "SCIIIit\i h , II C ll' (:.A"hor' ittiti, Siryt I II o. wSh in 'A ti til ''it,, to e irry hr'"h tle n o .1 i.rir iS' I rrrri Ft iri d, irrtcr :I r 4 d oit' I,,i-d 1'rl d s, s I rrlv s'no enu la, a kt' I. h assil .lest'; n lllj 111 IICC: vJI :III it\ paun poat., I,, lhl 11111l. less lime , at illc'b islll e,.,,, I.InI1 I.I Iit i-rnrIlr.-t-IrnI tittilll I owt oItIt 1rrrn I Ilrrtrr ,, wlIilll mightht.r alll the Itnlhlti 'll, nliceu, in theil ari1 sn·e vo mp,1 ai nl stlnerllle 1mrr m illlll al nr Ialsol oIt· xliiI.Y) II~ I ~ll, n Ili s (lb sllllell r IASE OFt IIIuc '11.51i-lt,,l 'I c AX-1 itilttltrl ttlittitt i I.t ll tI ~ . 15 1 l'rrrtil r [ht' lrss ir,,a inter mt t ·;r1g 1 :I l ll fv·I % ill expoturrrttr KIr lit, wr, t I n wlk ritpesr i saplingl it,;,[ \ lll f I? of data llilolli al·.tI l llmam I:I 1 u 'lItr ed arle tttprledttrp~lttrrrtl, sI uittrr taltr l)t recomen i~tutt ,Ill im l axly,,- al iIt lrrrt iN11 FII IiSll' Kii F't lI'I'I wag S ",:t'1 a 1.r il'i t ir its kil nci e, % i ] :. tlit, essiog NI Fcll:lnlill l, F11d: I 4 IIa51 a sl,(rc ra,1 hilt, the i. I'h\nle s of [t'rcuh, "I .eel n'itierh has llsalir;st re N;iI~ ll~~i t lt II 1\ INr~ tl·I1.X 7L lilll'lll. LIIII.I~\:I I Itt:l~ll 'ItC "lrl~t' t il Lill I' I~lill TX il~i I. Ll from b LIsCC·sS nFulll t.1. r .ioc I) I Jlal tog Ills lrcrio il CX Isav he 11:a ast ".l ilt liar lf \raRioo lrloctl(l'dI in~ls Ibis c it sul·1. '.No) 1· K n'tlsdoll and w;I h shea sent, length.,, XvroeiIIll II, It, tittle beach', Oo the pitta el .., ti ltt, n n hllll titv In'tr, ,t'ni N ild 1, tiP Imo re ahmt tI h r es, 1 ill lrl vr d fill- o 1C of 11,d,: iid 's i'; nnvllal 111 n 9 c:I ·I rllca. I found u~l ls slrtirc el :L-.f from il Dlb i wl l.r now happy" to state l drl u I alll:LI·(· l lficselff lirrti",(l wll.SI CASKS OF SC.I·I)FU .IIII1 1'I C InS. NIess' }o oSpit. III11S · l· 'I II14 11·1C1 Iit lllitC 1'i ''n IIr .ie .i a 1 ea s iz ti tttvlngi y rIck m facen,t ~fie rr .r tretlw I nnn.r t ,,li rI nto I'ii''' .1,llll 11 I wen, o1''inn -d elltn' I ar, lr, mlidua, i lr tn, illn, th ar n-n I fl Itt was i t I trurlin 1 itri 1.utvrly incurable. x. wards I look total bt tint l't nt rr ttim's I'alt ea m bottles of l'oave's Cl nimlieos, w itllll 1 tar Inaivvi I1' l it\ "" espniIiII;I of lI1e, n ;lir Karl; I,;ow become a slat" .1* Ilc, if me, 11-cl ;.l Ie.? lilllrl to my" Ilil\.l in New Perk, in 18,xd1), :m g, `1:1; success · i'I'he hn~lian's F (1I?1*(Mes; 11 11e1e ( in cast· silol.l. In my oat n,. I was persuaded to if-, it, as a Iss1· r t fr.111 see. I".' aml assail rapidlyllll I'eco 1e11 111· :amt Upon taki troll i.. (lie castes of two months, and have remained soi~i~l~l 1111' ;, si nce. I r 11: (It" this ,t~lt,,tttr nd ash published 11 .1. fit,,, bene fit o 1t;I\· it ii a·I. IIII)~ IIn. troller similarIII fi ll , nr` Aprrltt'tt i vrs lljlllllsa tadlay 11: ot ,I lriS11V tn II, II N II ou "II a IIIIN rit In ' 'hi; eaeB ibtl S'I'ATE OF I L(;ISiANA.-Parish CnUrt itr the Peearish cnd t·itV tf New Orliens. TwIIE SATI (1 F 'LOUIYOIANA, 'lo all wllhl --- thu l c Ires a ne Gree-tine-Were as, Jtlce Hante heIegtvtill leltnrhd nt t sll I ade by tIe 'elLriT lna tille- tai el t ft O r)lt til e i ere[her 'ty iuamer described ,uss applied to Il alerk eprol thi curte, nt l acof lell tic et ,end t .talt e t w is t e (c red i ile l dan oet April, A I. ).3 , i le tr a ititt ttr ' tlaevne n to in ehow orlnluitv in ti t actf rthe t.egilalre d f thie blare ,ff aiseaa, ariled "An act .br tlidp fnrher Hasu rance of t esr to I lnr .'h lers nl j ld C al les'O" iI p'owu~d thle 1Oth, daylr ol Marchl, lEVI4. NO\V, Ih'!refi~rre know vr sand nl prerons intrersted il , reh ar a tel dtd nedttolsbhed 1ie Iao ee f tle e fdec Iot a Ill atti t deenAred e ;"n tihe pithdt Nlay 'h terfore t he hate cyend all petwen t t in e t entead ,tetrIpteoneoeeropety el itetttentticlthe Jdictalt Cttten who eain Iat a ny riglet, tt le te ultit ned to nuni rlatio Mikerous f hsci tylcrl~cirr, in c quarll~le N(o5,y tepr lte hneintrecihime'dcerihed, iteetrone et etho'aty iei 'lu-ealit ile the tder.c,elreee tor iuatlg ellan court lelerwlthtiehttleeahle etab ttetle, tr ttiy errettrattlettr ilhr gitt in tle hrteinia.mentt and adeerticenentrtt, i ti, o'te ar.ner isncle, or nrvr Ien olhertl'etwl enleotna ver; 8 e ti t tiet tana, ti tvdays i'enlt t e day tIhi lortin is eirst inne ed iln t t lale p e'sv.' Ithe sale so lltie ahoet h no e baetollrnLaed a lhIe)if lae-:ted. 'ttallnidl .rrertvewaqee olee yt y atl e theShell ef tlthelaer inrh tlbrre ni o a tte 14it deay of AprilA. A ). 18:!8. by avirte ufi delc-ee of netlia olrln rendern d on tle 51th del oiFat earv A. 1). It83, intt a tit et cll-tld Alexander Calt dwell a..lactenr lanse, No 10,367 of thie doket of thits Caonr t a lieal nlpe tle stit ,ammes a lanl i ete t let the purchaser fnor te rttiet of twlenty otle hlcusan dollars. Diescriteioen of Poeert a given in thte Jedicial Coan ey nena, tiz: A certlat lt o tf urouneed sitnated in Ite uberb An-t atetaiteti a lttis Lneantre of tlt i cityv ie tqare Nao 5, aaed lot h:leiag Iel'elleh metalact, FiO tlhct iheatt tenal'ehota pietrlas treet jetui faett trn onl ()rnlgers ntrect, ntd i0 feal ain l avIde dtl acnrct e treetin seteltCtnainrmee ith ota Inlt t'ftlenl is n0 pfeta wide frntell tee nie id of tle srime teo the tler, toeher with1 ae dwelliru nlsa iont lea.t a tem c T ell teitlaei sIt'e tt le kitep en e ett, tc plendaics, also thle distiller~y eethlisetlannte eleated tlereon nnde tllur onirdings and ilernsrofaent tile mneehin'ltv titelaile , talltt len aita ltad lixture gl , F to said dd:tillerv its de catderritu and 1' i rlennons ttd tLie rihts tactiolr, a cat privileg.n theret t be lo ngile a IrI ill Ilay wri~ :tl~lpertahlonp . o . ETA\T l)E [-.i.~j~l'(J-t.|:oNE-tou .le earms;'..; pr la taoise et vilhn i de a Nnu, lft Ole3ns1. . F'I"TAT I1E I.A IlOUISIANmI'c.--A ftees cater lne era plrostates Colweraenllt, L.lllt: A\t(IlIldt title aepns Hanre acalttra! t ti lea . Nite ntei cie a t lean. Id p 4rise 'Ot leAUs la proprit, ttci-atpri teenit" s'ese Ihtvsri:. :- Grcctte de eette coatr Sel htt ite vent'e fntt clhrcfi str(,e lr· o e eonl"ll de Bla die I'nl~ll(,e |1.:.8, I lr Il r vi ulllln~II., reierNouv:el lie rln l~E?3FaIIC i,83). rila te l ti l taiae inlitOla LIe Acrte pte yeonfi lclerca f ih'es des Hn lllequerensaax ventes jlldiaiailer s " rpjl ". tlt re nIO Collrs 1.- of Ph'ilsoitannnl, et teLn dotes Ie"snnas. intt vl'e esont [tt a ees It esetit ntrll't ia te-td ltif e I't Eetat atiea enieIitllnle tt clt In Coalr eie tleuetisso, ITetheaee vacateh att tin Si, lhe lesut oteat'ahue qnacatturaaee'eetathan a'ot f adpole FtLgehe'a Fetrie o , :eal a osrltecaie ditl' (Ataplt r allC aO'Cle a 'lllc'ln ]c t cdert Oil le jngemlet a e lat t e teetelst st lilt I vet 1 ic e , ns e n n c i' 'l rea t lie t I illrR.lhe daau Iestinmithion.l'avis onle tpenps t le nlod ti e I e nll n pur nu antro enlc leA tnel • de fide cleir, den etreee e tts 'tee. a Ictli tte a ell I t .h ti ette ai sc, ltltertni atta e ttieg ateee n tei Puonime till ,1 elte5tl a ti e ettni Pei l aht ifs nl diit, 1 .t in I Ir f't fx o ht Sr le tisC oq ,dtclzate ler d'acila l de i'alna e 18e , e n vetl u lu.ien d la:et dle ejeet anta l tc t 5 de fvrier dt ltlete tie' 1ceet . l ll atir te d'Alx nder Cildwelle , cnttre Janmes aIht'e, No 10 n+7 du doct dectte Colere tt tectlalt venlal e l t Jnames Ilanse s'est rendu .eequ~renr llonr tesr rite il iteh tne e pelenl tra einastdi Jenre tI ieci e te eatbnse Ic tte miatiece tIns itetlet no81, I:11ti I li le1t o aoutll· aplicatlh~rionslo '\ngenci SIIacN It1t il ryle, deds ia innAc Pclet olnce lA teilict ,I til,, e:i hI e f aul, Adeh t for I t rhe Untl2ed Sot e t I, cli hlt le el,, itata lanoieanta pilds da erqtteoa •'un bent ,It. I'1ltt ti e ': itllae Peca lieae e nee nlnietrn eicai tee iti e , rille Tchollr~l ,it lallui I:I enishlo et nse +16. pandit o~~s . i ns qlle laeh~til!e rTe Ite nsele uie tie le t lit lot ef etnIr , h tinee el ;ele et lic rntio.; i leh I nela ineeee aa y leaa na it lle l : tlonllz, &v. pp trte ianc t laedite di ttilhri e e tes drpend Ite'et.eitId'lic eceeneee et te e t eroihs, neel.tin ne r1ivilage euire, t tt realtiereattepe adt Orl eeac, de 7 ;ai, 1e3ei. l,1 I LIIE Itie'uI'(;rPjleer lotnl ttollete of i btstctne dpendteta ;'!. lll';.iinal YLel..aLe ll~geianl Univers~al Medi eihll, I"`c tared by ~\V Mliskin, isll. Mlenme..f ~ hee Ieeedte Ctjlte. of Sea gcaltt, iceelalete ie F Aetat he ' ar ieieectt'e-tee Fceh at ~lea teat teal 'tS ieeyeela . eel ih & h t: " n Io P te.... A teceeeee, (icnei ,'-, I'larce, \\':aerh...ll IHcidgt., : IIod !.erpel(tnail l)(uil Of 1;u)( i etaI (e. T ie,'", e ete- p I a ttitals, II , ltdtle. £'\l~l'i l :r 't' .ll~ ll IiltpllBII TU e . SIICI· eh ill lilt' 12Xl.,lSi~tl ,illltl.rllJ\h s l 1t~iit d qlW hi( tc+ 14) i,t+ I IIir II~I't 11" 4rll. .T~'icsll {ldIll',liP at'thl.: til'llt·sIr s(I li~itatla,., . I' a1 lillltll/lt~el· t1( Rlltl~ letll .l (1(" Inn,"$ -~llI iR P1,li1,g iace in el't teh t is ecIa Ue'' 'a a 'elicd'i iI:I. I C'., I,{ t1 t~lh,..k 1)ht, I.(ih auII Ijdlll (.(IOlhe| i ,., :Il~' tlil: h tllll 1I.t II.I" (4'f LIII· III~lll(l.'(llli .tlltl t t.]t·IPtl'lllS S'1{.11ll id'bI [d'%[Ll]l li/,l{11i~ll II utliti I+. t],t+ Ihl el (I lll~i rn:( 1,.I he I I' +l" i 11.L1/l 111? 1 t·11!,t%;' :el11, ala Ie'g e f,:Lllth. e ia e :a ea ln e n t i Pe,, t t I l .,i. ut 1e lee t h.eit i.1· s leeeeth e' i ''lllls d - h ei',I h .I itati leielle3 tl... I, Itte i lett a .i 1 , il, l~r'h'l· ,,uwtI.., .ht)'IIAI /'(. l·./p inl11·· 111,,r,, 1t., ' in easy I,["Hd,]tl~ II ilhli s. !, f<.. II\ Ihtni r prII H,;1. I :Ilnllllill:lstair li ito teat.ilt i hlIoxe iea lte ,t ,Iee, .l:u ttIe, el't'el, t el he t alld teece lee hlet hu . L lttil - i' tee' pet, tI t i et - I ee\ll he will t ehet ' it tt h'' ut . |n +l l .3 ' l . :,, i II'L" < I iiid . 'c 1)· eIl e- III(·.I ,u teetle-rlteee tetla'. tic ett'tI t elleetleet eeeillle iie:.,e let'l[te , ie h, tLtl~lta l .\[tIII(~ c:qltanls(1I~1L of1 Ii~lloesi,., + ily ·lgIt. ,+ JNO). I~It',Bl~lNa, 1e29 lVeaiee1eh lace, e. t oak, Sae ieLa A et't lie 'the rte d tts Y.e Fiw .ae h~y i~poit t ee-elR of e e 3r.i Irtret . Iy wl tet-et-t I e' 't -',, l hngiete , e IL e a- i 1 t reet, (-;vnet. Atlent afar Stpltlhutlte eOlni eletan je It IVi l l' I li . cn, No M olatearil t- itreet ar I:,,w receeing froem ships Nashlv;le,1. I.ulds ie I KlnttIk, l nght, , a other late rrtivls c rtt m "abe - therln cilies a rm'ge an.d nlew seled assroltlne++t oIotsi , I oboeS s sate1 Brog-Ioss, i. tsclliltt ofgtt ltl1ctll'tlltile c:cft all Morocc boots ,to Td quatlity; do bulll', atd stout wac pegged toots a :l'i tslls cnalities; met's fill call sal and MorcOet httct oIIaIt[ :Id brogallls, buckskin shoes, brogans altt rlplleaS: mel'sfine calt tadl kipped pegged slhoes ad I dlo,)llr; l. btats; Ido sOtllt kip aodswttx ctaggetlslt es ci bt-t -tbt'taL- otlel,,'s best aculit y call'sf .++€ sl oe. )t.(g: as I: Jalck l)owings; do calf cod .MooccoO I Ickle schos alnd hlogtts; do calf, seal altal 3a.eltrc, I lltan shots :td sCitol.t'ps, do call, bullf tllll Seal oa1g; a low al'lielC; do Ijlle c:tlf, selll I10d 1o'oIco Iql'ater tots; I1, s', mistses'ot a d chihtt eli's plgeed a1t slwt tcogatan tald shoes of ecert qtuality akdtttind. Also a el-erlal assotinanLl of mert's stollt wax and .t[ 1rogans llal she-,, together wills 1lttl citIi ag otwlO qulalit-+, rulhsett hl'o..uls, flailed it I ,tksb, mtt+exprc'pstta itor titstttii tsar a glec us. I 'lmelll of l :l's tll.t ltl Stolut kipll rt sselt brlclt ogllS, a t W tSl atl tta gte tutttity of on ili..iol tallh\t Ladies' line c:alft, seal, mroneco multa grli aeltsc al pllnp sol I shoes; d iar FI',rsnctt MiIro-cc a l kitl i,, r t.,ad ,li, 1ets; do rotal saloas, with acad withl nt hs ls; 1b calf, seal :till] ston ll Ist 'tlleat lhe e bloo es; do IPennll'tllll shoelt.. I fall kinds alldl qualitiet' dh las ting brgas .n utesl ' 'a -td lo.,d bootees. Misses iats'tingS rn' shoesal, ots (.h h iihn'sd eulorcd Moa.rco ad liastil g h-o .1 ~lid lllll boots, &e. teltltemet'slinletlshionalhc s:lck silk hats; do hlactk ta il,rab leutver do at a sllrrit - t ftllhy <In Itro d Ic-lmd b ol Iac'rca lbr mincIa's line drab :nlld rl :k Russia sholttt atlple hats, an lt arlticle. 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[. il il lls l tno I o cllrotlle rih ulr l l i Io't, r; bcr.J f illa, or kiilnl' vii; whir . sw, Iling; syph)lllliei dise.ases, II a all disorders arisin g hom'An imllpuiiill. stlf the blood, by A Iilonlg roseaitd ,,' i a ho! c ltte, or tile IhjUdie loti use Of mercury. Also,--Cave & Sehafl ' i'r Worm SyrIt, or In. Ansong whSLIc iro tho f l Slowmllg:--lahan LLye f)or col ring tho hair; h l ooa' (ll;ll Rossian Bealr's perior Pearl Pwde.r; Lily White; Crealol ot" Roes; Vegtllh Ruugv; Ott of RLose.; Lip Soo"; ; Kre. Flower Warle; Powder PuT all' o a id Box,; Alult,. Corner of Canal and BIourboti street:: UlYIO.Il' k . \1. latouse, Si!'tr, atIt OrInwnita ]m P:tinlte, Nag 3Ca ar.,h sttruul, Itlao doorlt, r I o , Iiti0 s ofte f Coiaig ,, s a ul nA r bhi s,, x ecluted hi a master! I' ]allr.( W,'i ,l.', ltni Ouk a.t il a iCi I itite,, Jpecittattt ito CIe tren at I a satt. 1aints. t ils, g lulStS,1copa~l tarishliI , bke. onLIl~ knod suit skle. 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A lhl Ni~ ~'lll-' 1WPL E, Ia flid t tu e rn riml ind n uley i' .rth nh uir whim h Ire nf ck ? n.r d I': ai lu rm whal... ali or sihl i i tuii the iknI .l i er und ; i ' AI frel i . a ip MAIl, ARHAN(G.i li I iNT Deue tveryf Dav at 191M.1 Northern Mail, #Io I,:vrv iv t I Il A. i Witern iMail, 9u eIve ýttldy, iVedine-ly by t -y if d I 1 he r l . , ." A Ilt}i nfsd' Canal, ti-ove Aiiriviionra,- Wadiicedn 7he lakeMails tU Iiiiv it u ridv, 'livsday, a via Closes every lMotdavy, Wednesdny FXIKF- -Ai- ---- TI'EIS OF ARRIVAL,, I1EPA I'l'WU DlISTANCE &c. ofuthe Express tlil, bvicw'.,, AClvila nnii New YorIk--leaving Mlobile dail lit A P1'. l. Nortlirar Now iYork daily it 5 P. i.iiouitlwild. Arrives Arrive Northwnrd. I)istlnce. 'lThie. Ireturnrg Montgomery.Ala. pil. lt via's 23 h 12 m. (lolumbou, GO. 114 81 91 3A a.n Milledgeville. Ga. 13:1 144 2 p. in ICon,,i.. S.C. 7 aim. 163 171 10 I.l..igh, N C. 5 215 22 12 \Varrenton, Va. 12 m. 523 61 Peireobur, Va. 11 pt 8:1 10 Au. inm riehnrmon, a. 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