Newspaper of True American, December 14, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 14, 1838 Page 1
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Piicit 12;~ CErNTS. NEfCW OILLEANS F'RI)AY MORNING, DECEMIIER 14 1838. 'Terns nf t! Neurrtspnptrr P"rnrt I' .Veoo f(,rhrnns the l'rtlrlieton'% , ,{it the I lh of\( l larch, hq'.?. Stuso t rrllcovt'i.- I'w+er Il Ir i llt d v en ftl dollloar for the tri-'wkId ..",. try pat".l', p y t':e oo. year itn tlvlulnor, wlb :rl Io I ,'irv r.lll eorec i eivell. No ostaled. In cate of di illllltl llueel, 1on week's Iloti in tritlt In l tnt illnv:rt:tby giv e, previotl to th opi rtion of seubhorijtihu. ADVtIoPtSt1NO -.+) I do all' per tr iltore ftr ie f.ent i noortion, and luf tltot lril.e flIr euth llo0.1OOllFt niole: an) material alterliil rl the ori li nl a verl- nl will be charged as a new one. YEARLY Atvor''S.--s'lrrn:l ts nol Tr e.rS, arty dollars fin El iisht alone, nnd sioty for t both lhf - ,to tsti Bankst Insuran, e Oflens, and other strata, ,ighty for both languagrs; Shi) and Soadloot oic t i, or Cointllsinnl ellnchnllts sixly Idollars in Engll ih ne, ald eiglty for both Iunllll)ýI e. MonRR..r.s, Ootlr R le Nlor lrs, and nrtidlcMar l ellg thle attentinl of thIl, p hlieI (o nlnl l property, itrds If plnoelngovr, lll olit ,l &el. i:. will bI rlrn l lie ore dollar per sllare for tiln hel ill ultiln ill each Il gu age. Coot.a trlol mrso , oir .hdvertiroln l, of any )erRnI at nature, whlollen dlio.ihhn oIn) c nrjed dolnl),), nd in ladvance. A deducttion of twlent -five pereret.l t will he iimode to Autiolneere, Sh !ret', l)bnivri ,, \'i!li ntil,l Marshaloll n, sales oif real lstulte, (r llhlli4e(.I ill 1ftth lall.teOA s, te .al50 per cellt. ill Eillglish alone : Il1 por cent.2bn sole;s o.t othper property. AIVelRTISoyoe nTS ,Ilt onf ie direct line of buinls of the advertiser, Jlcll h s Ino lll, illoin, id ,o lln l t on w lel, rknnnmny slave, stray aniillll , & . &i. will le elloarged fIr eeln.nlo,tt lIu 111 at tI , olrlillarv Ila s. ADVRtt'rL oeMIe' not slopeifiell it t Iolne, will bne pIu'iahed ole Illnthl, natilt Lrged od i ncgrd lly No advert sem lt ii of banlkrltlltio e will Lie i hlished in any ease, IIIlleee aid ti r prevhous to illsertiOln or ,vmenit lgoeltIenrned I I re m lilu e person in towl. i lneatres and other planer I' of l slll tilllalerlisi doily or the senwa.l, t, Ihn chargedl )at lir I nglisl a lonle, and $t1511 ill I lnahhnf+ttaes. will be ontlharged llldo" tfIho price li ol)r dvertia,: Oting td tle in... .e. ..o.o...t.iord by. ......e.. 1pr llor1 Itlrll tI.e hlov e I ill tilh nill(00 s, owdI IIIII II,' on 0ie Iia, p lt wo e ll"r who e acou s 11L riot oen pi nIot leao I l]lei l oI i 'iOe, II lfllltI l irowth Ih yo)lI i wip t hll i e.i i on eb bnlh elr'et ll'nllttiull|o , etail be iitd g.ltin. thenllllve inIot L alv rti-l or Ir o fll" etlh d ?liootltl.ltelaIles itoooIIit n. nIdf netrno" pJinyiiiiolll teigoed) Jd.C. 1It 'r. a1I'u) S J. IIAYION, I'. P. IFEA, J. C. IE'NI.\ 1)EI1.\ST, .I)IIN S I ll) l) E , W enkly Press.-lY , Ihne li, ,,e to ~hi by tilhe a eol c eitn littll l' t hi, ,ire .,* i,*l lii , Iti weneklv pnyers. Sjionetd It ,1. oY\))l l l,:, Iettle r Il l ' l ' paid.atii tl NOTICE TO 'illt:' PUll)IC,-- nid, rl tlors o the iltu .id hOvriln ,soId iat lN GAdol.- 1 nI) nI: ,'I' R', Trlving bren moot omdustriou.n!y e, ciII d by vel'. inottestd parties, tho. rllr eg t s " Afiends geierdi ly, tI d the puo lio at I ;, t1 r.. t ntroot tonrry, 00 la n l b rl,' .1,,1 01 et tl er o1 lnrlllt , to I b d il l'urln t with a i hli l ci" elen'i~l: ll u l l" lt t ' ,ile ' rd l::·· l if t, I jI H ii ,port itlll ll i res,:tll .i .i I ) . S ntet n tl' l y t 1: ill t n .f p I Si n',,',',.o "'r I , r,. 'Oeivod aimlO amuC plO c hP y tu 1 i io l eli f I V. ; . hlurg, Kentu kJ) i ll' d t ill ll liil . il passage. , dlret;l, :r( ut:.. 11'',t V,rk. !>,3 t ·11,.+-. jiatltpt g , Ind noiher ]in lkrt, .i 1: 1 ,11, . p L i i oTn, sonionl ,cr t ~6, Iitt :,ti,' 't" 'at hnreo, that h1 , .' [...l.n, It, .i o, 0:1,. o C ulntllry Dn)ihrs ntd , r ,1 III I 4 il ohllo oul dwlllcl w ti ,, L l(J .,11, 111oJ. I - I ii, io l lt;a.o nl t i.'i, : i, Ie1 ll k ''lc I " ii . . Oilwlxv to ,df' tII it N o)a:, I,:, e d `tore, i'. I '-r , Ne i ) ,,tI . .. t. , !;:,, t , A lIt" ' - t ' I ,, " . " 11 I I, . f) Ali te, i, :111 .t- iIl'l 1 i . u:.. ,e~al .I ' 1 I tl wi'll, I " , 1 , 1, " , ~ 0,ih i i.11, 1 ip iiii \,,h lh il ::' , . I .: , ' , I, 1 t' - Joinlsl' lio1 in 3 1' III O f It, ioi . AILEIiNT In 's I11 si'I'I ' I Iit. lof opinion that Iil -Itll oih l1 h ,u' 1-'S I-l t "l'+" nlll kinlld 1l'ii .llh. l l . ll- Lo il .h r 1 1l s.,d tit lain with Illr t . I uoPIlrth, ,,r IU~ ",,',' in Ins l rvnta (.; d )Luhliepl11 11)51(" Ll.l t-11 1 1 11' Id of '11,11Y i s, I, r p l.ot opel poill I,, c Ls a tait i o'igll'llill III , I l lllljl )- ILII' tO ) cases wlt re |l igd nl l ul' ;I , 1'- vt ' l - alll' to of quuck inostrui no i ti: f t11 l h II ,:t, l U i, 1e . o I: Eulrop.e ever il'tll'd lld l U hU, I, an 1 I ', l ill' lll'o ll 'le II wa rs purc ase I ( ilr on ',f Ir a v,'1\ ' u..,- um. is aE trernion l th ,, t- I, to to, rend I tow I,,, t io attengin 1i t il, - tii, ,'0)1. ,- arl'llml, 1 1" t : I future period. N .ct \1;le ui h. 1 . l Sn.-I-Ili U eol'i(r f lilS It n (.h'l nl'V iil' , I have been troullled, In Irte I Ii, h I ,: tleeiillsU lllp llpto ble. I h"1-' 1 i,'I d I ri l'l-,I lllvi,:i'll-, ablre it. I m tulb l oli of oiri ' oI tl'lll a ,il y , id ' l111 relief, Iand re slu I i l-lf I, o 111 tl il,,,',- hoplli - fii I walt persutded by 111 I i'd I .l' IlysI lilIl I".lxl l to noa11 Illhl iI ih,' fl iih111 - SIwondertil virtlue I.nd Ill ll, lllllca t it I illll ii .ll I my thanks fir ile lehho sins y,, r , rl re alorittg ie. to plllec lIaltl. ,1 ell I t 0J 01. Thenaelthiroe iii hi, psarii,, r\'... i .t- !lll lr 1 d lec J l slO 'llsl, 1I ll tvill h silr t. rll.. PROISPECTUS,. TIlE subscriber p-opi,-'s to publish, in tin ble. ginning of the enlsumg winter, a (ondlensrtlln I the twenty volumes oft the Old alld N,'\% Sriio ef' i Martin's Louisiana RepIorts, to be coumiritUd :11 lr volulnes, 81t., accornillg to thIt nodiiel of Peter' Condencsd R-ports. Tilhis work is no' I; preparattion by J. tllrtnl Hfarrison, Esqt, of thllis city, ieiste! by Willi:a F. Brand, Esq. ''ile Editor is also pIerlited b!> a distinguisthed retired Jil'ge of the lI'ltprUme C..,at and by one of the sitting Judges, to, 'Xllt fr,lll their personall supe.evisioli all th"e idv'Ul'.? 'hich msay naturally be rieapd tii-otir Ial it':',,o. Such a work is beomiirllg evlry dlvy mlie i essnary, as tIe original is vollllllllls, expt sive,O and scaree. An incrasnoin conurlily too is Imal feot, in the other States of the, l iol, to r rn:'lIce to tile peculiarjurisprudunl e oI LoaL'i-ina; anid li, e circumstance of thle Imeoro-t prIr''l'US hcr, d, cided in the adjustllnt of n o:lllllllt of aI, make the knowledge of f Oir adllJuOl d r IS'. Itof 1llr : ll lity to thojrisrtof tihe wllole Union. 11oUro0vU, the rising republic of Texas hias adop.ltL' o.r coih.s, and thus there is a great demulad For the i.o,iiaiena decisions from a frsh qllualrtr. Convenient inotes, indicaling the p;araill cases decided in Louisinna, and oclclcionally those 111 tll intor authoritative forums of the otlher Staes, will be added to e.lrh c,e. The work will ftormil foulr volumle, royll orltavol and will be doliverel, bri, to suhser.blrs at $6( per vol.; in cise it shoall I t folllld pir;cticaile to comlpress it into tlir,, volures, thll p ice to su! scribn;r will be $7 per evol. Subscriptions received by W Ir p anM· - N. je5 nor i"t'.p n] iloooloo t,. Stream and Patlent iscuit r Il;rery- aters and No. lt l, r llllea (0IIt. Illltt t t, I ltrrin Itail Itnnid.) Ptlht and N.avy IIrtalu , :';la ari l W\int llscult, S g1' r, IlButtr, .Mldilbrd and Water Cratckei rT. All hit alb vt articles tire wairral tltt to be of Ihe firs rltltity, antid o keep il any climate, bting completely kitl dried, Al,-Kiln tdri ai corn meal. Ordelrs left it G. W. Pra chard atnd 'Tig t., Ir. corntr Mtagazino al PI'ydras streats, rwill recuive promnpt attloation. Small kgl a put up expreasly tar fatrily use. 15nov -FRANKLIN INFIRMiARY S lltionllll ij d 0.l it 1I; a t i improvet a d p11.r I, r nit int art t irlv and lll st ilt t it, be sit ialli n ill ! it iblllt r I'rlnklid l, upon t Ie eirll; i li, ue Itt. Irri rm tha itit sis I'lae thilurl i largo a~ 1imo~r t rtmnI diPn- t Iv ividr d n ll ra a I Fr k a t yr a ru li itri ta ispar r Tl lt in l llllatir l s ppli I wl iki lla-mot s kiltl and n tlb ilv( miate Iud fvmal=! nuisea, and speaking the va 'lcrmn in the or inarv wml ds.twn hdlrlar per (I y. .lave, al.." twlo r oilarn. Shill iaox in the ,rdis.'v J r,,I, rivea dalars. pl aiat - i r lh l tal rll In t e a 1 . or to 1)r ( . LIu.r bIr'l No ) 17 Hla part s're',"t. nplP Iv S I.T'S IiATItI-T II h FIl .-a trd c i l'dC It' IIJ Pitnt SI hot I'trt l for t lacll'rIorni v and nl o HiU.5H & ALLEN, (Etxchnngr HoTtel,) ]rD totnIr ,i t thnrrt & tP t LOUISIANA INS'T''I'U rIl. it' it 5 Intt.ta llt--tlt I taeitr fh a h i l t oal t lth iw "Ia h ' S fi( , t'w'll L. hlIt o trll. n ttillnll n Ii ll irl ,F(rl,, Ilrl, in the hn' oln m tiV .tof i.I,- J[li lt nilr t 1( ' nii' ti , rmh, ur I J ;tllll' lli t anW l Potlrntos, Ion lr e11 1 dire tit n1 aft a0 mrap t 'lit a r- of.stulie to bh par. d in tis r i trv i I. t i t ttII i I.tltlll td a tii t trlll t -tlh alVu til ,l hr ]. ill ' ,ll n r I , l tl, doI imtl'I nt esllllll ol l I·: lli. l t * e I. L. 'i ,I l't trriio r- I .. 'I'Jll, (.laonrl<ii i o1 nn l| i d . mIt t ttt r . ,it l t t t i '.II llll r1lg ( ihv1·ritq dk ] tl = lL' I' t. 'I '" e mlltth t ilia r1 it , I philo ophi al dirpnrt'n.lll ;p1., e en, t ditel nl , .e \ ] l ,1 ' i ', i(e y, etl n t | lfr illllll= olir- wa: wll ril' It , li. ill a Ilppli'ntl o l l II vesIII , l~itl-rl'lltt I.IIII- ),I1v, \. c. .\lluial 'lu) '. t ,ily n'Id | 'l l f.,h. , ' ' ill , - I odI rn I.IC.l ',t's tl. ut 'rill l h m111 d I., nrll'. "11. t t 1 0111 ri l I't . ) ;I. 'I t ia \I ) It'a A.t , .1 31. I FI-ION II r ' \ \, ZS ', o 1 "-M • "I"'.--I t , 11. , ,t, h , , ,, - . , 1-,, t, ..!l il , tL... t . I,-- itI ,t 1i l. . 1 _11', . i" 1., .. 11 I' S ,I ' r i 1. i ' , .1 111t 1 t1 1.i . ," ". " 7 ,! , i X . . ... . : ,. I ..l 1` W . ... . . .. ý n ,,t t t : .11, . i 1 1 . .. ' i ', ,, 1 ,- 11 a I , . , . " 11 I,. 1.. I .. '1,-- 111 , , I .,, t - , 11 " 1. : . 1 . , 1 ~I 1.' I , 1:ll o--11 ,,.011 , _1 , 1 . , h - 1 1.1i ~ 1itl 111- ,i 1. 1 h · !, i. ii. ,'l . 1'1 .. . t" I .- ,' r / /'. ,/" /.,/! r.ý .1.%.1- 1 .I .1 1 1111 111 ,-(~ 1 it 1b I'.. t 11. I ý ' .y r It . '1 1:n Ii I I! .' : 0, 1terý ,. I N : ý·, a "~i I , I r.I I`ll-I. :" 1, .11,II 1 1 II IF I, i ;11,1 Ih 1'e.1.1% \ 1 u-I I 1,1'11.111 eel Y i.. - ,II l )I 0:,, .n u j,"n ,',11n 1 1111 ýý 1 n,ý ., ý"1 1h " :11 ý - "iI ~ ,ý iný1 I. n . u .' "1ex ;e 1,n 111", I1I, ,11 i 1:1 .II. IIn 11n. I 111 I 1,l I I I -- Ile ll~n ti offi,- '.- I'1,1 . :I . I F: I ilil i1n v n ilrro 'lly-inlr): l-· ii 11.1110 111 in.. -: 1c.lit*. i . lli' 471",:F-: 1111. , 1 , 1 \ '1.1 .1' III: I, 1 1.1 t1 I II 1 \ :- ll y ,11 Ill., 11 n'e' I ./l·:l~li II .1 r lit' :1 0, .III nI' II' II 1\'-1'.l,0n n". , 11":, n ii r . 0f 1,'~ 1 ' :!.?( ·11'r 1 ,t' 110 ' It F F'l . .F.. I. i. t, t ,. Ii I'mlf 10 n. 1- ·11 r.Il ltl' do n.: nllleI1 I ("I ('1 1 1.111 n·Ir, ý., nt.. .l i. '_ 1 1111 ,.1 t llts , it 111 l lll(· :it . n fill ;11111 ~iP 110 n11 11 i 111r, .'ll IF.1 I11';.10, Ill'FI ll ii FI .IIF ·11"ll" 11a'L. I'uil .. Il((lllli .IIII.:il pa,- I. v · lcl III., I i. n..,"0l~; I.""r I( . .n.. I1,:e11e t I Fi.l FI..: N lll IF. %uti l e11 n"".·i. 1'.1'11 cll A, ltI lll I··*III.· ' lll I i IlIII ,op~1i.0nu"1 ;0. c101,u,"10n nll~'11,,,!:111} cede , )S , 1 - re.; {' ( L · EiRII 1- , t \ý',l~l .!! Ilr ln. II·lrwllelll ``1 '11' L : l l1\11·(11' L II'l · 1\.1. -11· l l.t I lli- ·ll ilIllI. Si'·, 1 -11 n1,'·it ·i-1 '~ 11, It' i\l· V II nn.-! 're. ', I~llr ho"I. .1' 1'i~" , ..i.... uti:1 I1~ l1: tl~l I II Ow It lili leer·2111 1`I1lII,', 8l 111~ II 1I 1!1.1111' I., the 11 . ( ;it .;1 III II)l' II,,11 .nl l , 181.11 n, ,I InO, in h0 1111',"1 t ., 1 1 I'01 1 ý,_, III(I)· lll u"1;u1ý' I (':li,", Inrl 1. 11.i" 1111.. 11111.4 n ·1 1 ., ,IY d 1 11 11 :,11 .11 .11.,~ ,11IIe e 0 11111 t < 11,1 . l " :, :.,1,t, 111 l .., 11:"" 0n", 1 11.00 111 it 1e..1ý, 1 ,,, :111 .1))~ . 1 11111III. nI I11, jn.,lll lltL o .:II' .I il(... tll! I(1, I1 I·ILII li' f i ~ l il: I : n· C l I .I L r ll( 1 0l . I· + 1 . 1 1 1 ) 1 , " .' . , I , 1 1 · )(r1 a l ,[ 111,?11 1147 u Illlllllit· II·1 (I r, :1$ ilm 11"" .,I :.I, 0n 11 t,1 ". iI 1111. I'll I i 1 rd 11! I-n+IIl 0S I11.. IlI'.i(·ll iIi rll Illll, ~ i ;:I LI(:: i .111' 1111111 1IT I ' 1 '1' 1,./)·I ('147 11.' I II.'lIrI LII, 1)47, II 1:11 . 11' . 1.:1111!1. 1ý 1.\ !' . 1 cL:lr 1, · 111 I .III- 1\ 11 , t,"I I:·\(I\ (1. 1110,,I hi 114!14111 1 I'i' Ifi' 1i. III M e."'110,1 1.!llI'li1 ."nt i Ifni 1111,!". ( I ,,I' 1111,4 )n, illlll~ i -I , 4ll~l j l le 1I IRr., -\n. ,I 11:1- \0+, nn; 1 I, 1 1 11+·11 1,,'. ,-.I 11 .":,n 01, r,.l. e1 lt ~~l i1 . clean I ' I,' 1111. 1: Bold \. t'.1, lot l-lil-.i it 1!,", ;11.1, IN 1.\1 111.11 111: 1 to c-t n0" I OW lniii 11 10 11, ,"Il 1;471.01,"'= Ii0 " ; 1 t',";n1) 114 el II:- "1."..1.1'1 '.111 h ll n·lI r 1, t I !111,,11 !I II 1111(·\ IIIiI· l,"Il Lt li t :.uv \u · )1: i 1.,';;, 151-- 11,111 Ic tr., ,W ,: I do () iCL ,,11ul Jle, rl 11:1111111:111 il'lL_. 110111..111 . ,' 11111," It 1101 =, n nc" 0r I,"=1n011. c nll i' \01v .1·11 ii1 11,111. - IIII IY -I; (·II x'11 1',r nrJ I ~ e d," ;u ~11 n' -I'I1· 1( 1 "I ,ill (.18: .1)11, let.1 1 t 1 11",: (11:'+ 1. -1'~ · ;i ,.-11\\ 1 1. i)'1 II',^,"'Ili.',' I l :+ $'1'.11'1,illll!I1II 11· 1·11' 1,1Ii' 1 .1 ot I I\ \, .1;' 1('1r m tl"I.IIl ),,0 %0' ., r BA I,DNF, R. , IEA\U'I'II'I.F L head rfhub is the grandest orna mrnl helrol irg to thl e h gllllll tame. Ilow strange Iv the loss of it chane o t clllll' onlivee, and prornl. finrply 'Irh"* s hln flthn Rpprnrlnr~rr ( I io f l '; S,'hish re t PvPI to tshlooi't' t I:i ty t volil l .t d tl sners of their u ln lllllu : (hte Ih'ellllililnP T olf tlleir :ves loe ton srrinP ntl. nI . I oto r.ti t', , tt Ili Shot- t not evitO 0 he Ic, s. ,f opt' rlvp " iill.; the elr(llttlt. II .ll](ltt Yoolth with , ohint r'eot tifiknt ttt lot n .to d.t . Ito o .-t f Itii hair. tr' ov. rt llI tIl(tto i o'lttIIIt (.ifit'tto totott:l'o t()ldoit d.n ' lint n of (tthfltf h tfttott;sll) , thf hto itoo fttrotl Ilie (lo1T(l ttt1t fl rt app litcatiot n nl o .U affw hortllri restores it -tniol. It liIkP(iIe pronll{es, evehrow. anld whiskPers; prevents the irt hoit tllrnine crat, nmakes it ourl n ntifllyv , alnd tir it from ttorf. Noinerols oerlifint't nof the frst "oeso ''tthiito i oopport to th e, oilun.. of Otldridgeo [o Read the fillowing:- ohoert 11iharton, I t . 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Inwhiltons lwhbrrof I hae hervontlo set mvy tn'! is ll : I; +\ I: t i h t +qirh, I h hi t i' \li l t'fll I llll ' ll lln hlot Slhl d . '1 t 1111 tlol p wr i n wr. oil w .hir I is rcpionT)ro e, thi. r, ll d\i ,i a) r, .\r {. i.1t. n 'l \ i, I'hh-h1,u, t lt I. 'll lilnc o t It h it \ -I (' ; : .)iki+ . w dll I ) r " ().%OM (1ti.\ 1) &: ('I'> , I a N u rley I ,i +. Packet :a p.-ll ,TIs n lhne of ships rts, ld ''. t, t i tl tl ti ll drlto L of ll e : P:llcilln i -bttin' 1ie s floj TII I IITI· , nlLenod every elliJrt vvt ; :1 Ihto IL" to ; vl%* l' ,'t r,!,P L s .. , ntrim olt 1n, T he ('Ih ' l': , ; 4·, I:.t 5 ii Poo; ( t;' Ill.. It II~ r I, ti 1 I(:tiull, , i tl t,, t 3I7 I O ttI) ' l I -"llt l "llol t t1, , t" . l O 1t t irolk tr t omi ,2.1rli +..?++ i v d ,t .I Hi rw,,: I'oehl" " . (nit inf 1) m n spllirivyh ' hio t. ;: r" T lAt, am tll t nr ', f it. ir l -,p' p, r! ',l l.' il· i 0 f tlll o d r'ii ' 1' dl, olh !i ' ',, toln t e '. l r l o, .t, t h, d ' n! i, h -. ' ll l . 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For Dite icit A c.cis aipply to. j.5 T .i \'. ; \I I'T 1, 48r I t anli i rt. hi : i 1eg If c11tir Rl ic)S. f' I AY'S INI ENTI.-No lction.--This ex. ltraordiatlllt y chei ic col mplt ilie n, tile r acult of fci.ce, and the l"ctnletion o, a cIlebrat ed.ill Ud e muIlllln the intrd(lnlllc II fv:hich to tLhe inb lB was init iedi twitet Ii solonittcy oftt a deathbed hcquest, has ,irc u-a t it reputation unparrlleled, fully u. Saianing l eIl corructnl+ss of thle lnllamntd )tr trlUdlcy's last cOllellss n, that " fie dlred l nt die without givine to pcIt rity tho beatlit of h!t kItowledge onl this sol.ect," and he therefore i"lucath'd to Iiet -lind iandi attendaint, olomon lltys, the secret of his discovery. It its new ed in tihe principal hospitals, and the private practic in our country, Bitt and most cert'ully i'r the c tin of the P rlts, tand so exct evlv and I 01''lhlly is th b.idtle credulhly, u.,' ,s tir, its eltitils l witi nessed Exler ly it::e f'lwm- .; co pla,nt.,: For Drop.y-Creating extraordinary absorption at (ncoc. Ait Stellings-Reducing thcmi in at fMw lOiUts Rhuniatinhl-Acute or Chrome, giving quick Sore Throat-fly Cancrs, Ulcers or CoI.. Croup and Whooping Cougis--xtertally, tnd ovel the Cbhst. All Bruit't, Sprains, and Burns-Curingi in a Sores and UIle rs-Whethfr fresh or long s.l-ta flg, and ilevr surts Its operaltiantcs upion adutlts tand children in reduc ing rcIlu wt lina, g.I , itll oosleO.1nug coughs to1d ti,;htnels of the chest ny elvaxaltion of the parts, ]..+ l:tll strlprisnpg beyond coocedC tion. The ,"Nit''n i rlla, o1rh h %] have lad it in the trito., it , " t a,ls; h a l itrm." Til' PIL E--The price, .l is ret'unded to any lcrin who will use tie of Bay's Linum' ;r Ithe lheh, and rtulrn the empty bottle+ wito not !eing cured. Then are the petlive orders of ithe Iro ilallr lo the Agent.; anld onut of many thou. sands .ild, Iot one has h, ell unsuccessful. \Y, might in1ert certtifi|{atea to ilny leln th, hut prrt, ri" that lthe \ttho s,.ll the articme, should ei hlqlt the originr to p etrolrc t .rs, ('.\UTOltN--None call be genuine without a .pleldd engraved wrapper, on which Is miy name, ,ad also that of the Agents. 6t)LO)t.N I1AYS, Sold whnlotalo and retail, by ('tOSlTOCK1 & Cu, Neow York, and by one Druggist in every to)"< in the I.Oor "or ,.0ot I,,, Wholesale Agents, corner of ('t o im n doll 'T', t); tuulas street, and [I, the Apotheceraes .!eerally. J_ e3u ('OOPER'S L.\ST. Y f l .; I' i 11 +)--hy (_'oupel sequel to 'llH me '1 he ', i Ii,. : .n,' no el. in 2 vote, n lq ,l.", 1c,,_.lh la, "t the Evenntls at Camurc! eres, \1 ol)lII t6 ýh, Ioul d her th e l iev. II \W !in ?,w. Pi nstri:nl+ .\lu, aul, hev Robert .\hier; trnd olh+r II,.V 2Cor r st ( narle ." (C'o to n .t E, JOHlINS & COr , T.ATIONEIL'i IIAi.d.. cornr ofot. 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PO\Vv.hR_. i NEW BOOKS. l '.'I e \ iln Ilullr ill vols. The St, ser, in Chint ill I Ivel tiisl- iiitsoll . lh' r -llllsr a (i i ages I Hllll i ll llin h 'II I Is,, i wi th lllolllti , i gsrisi vi bili rpt .,i; g t' . ' of hlo d, am t correct li iesss o 1 i Xp sil, ill " t lluom, ' li i lii \i,'lula..\ ,,\ kl,by part first, r ·m plot'. K ll,, i o f ill I itso " .' S ,ad ' NsomJ,"o S J is( I',:t'v ad sis'r , eiill byi i s I 1 .1 £ m Is \,, l"1 I, i,. .. o , a l I h i ' '. I5nl i-itn.t .11wso-~; N', 'II:: CI'` : ,I t rI (? :l ill ca ]li: ii ·i il'r;, , ltsh to sal l ut;, u'-.d ('.oetl t le -A ...... piem , u T it itei .lllc lil· 7, roo-er ibI, N! ( .11 \ l111 .1 1. K 31) -:3 73 u ls 'iinp r I ,\ 1 1.1t "II , I 1,9 . \"(, : '\ > )'v If (ii ( 21!h I-. 'h i2 llo s The' W I'.TNES,1't.N ' .4 , i .CK-.Al I' ,r' llser te a u I . . t e, f1 ; l 1l & \l "!)3 ( o1' ,n It _73 Ca21 p t I IM .' K\l \ 1 %IT:1 rt T-3000 cock. Liverpool all, d nat in lots o p1uls I , iirc i iser, ; apply to L lllll I 1 . - S.ll I iil u nr d Bll ue Iby lr n S ISAAC BIlIDGE & CO, l no l _ I:11 Magzir ' e t \i .11i :l\ \V IN--h ,n1. r vhks, a- - -u1li-n 17. 1.dryu ndswtel. l 1ir ale IIv tE ,\l) \ "I %li' '22 ! 1 V , i , r 7. , Ih ho tiJlt E...1 1 i. it - il a. grtan. S.lever: IY rlllllld :lill rlrol siloves, n cIheaup hI! ll thei fire, r,r sleok, ,b r s Tile by encevi'! F, t'-O, it Le.l l-I t N t I o r ah t .te i ' IIS--,tlv l pilpes malle t order all pl ip il SS. I, Lov a tci it tL fr sl p 2N iii ii7 !hiil k ,il lilii 1n4 .I) i . n. . u Nl tI.i it- tt RIji.i t)w i t I per 1 ht -iA2N. e l -fr Ledg r le h i h rJo h l , t- i,,. < i ooks, . it s le ht lt Nol al I , elil.l, it. 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I 'nI I t:Is ill' 'mIII'il io o :f mrli~nll'o msesosi v tlt ull se fut'll :,+udctivioe i lt'k o the onle now h uilit d ti: te pll t.blic, Insr Illrr llllic torha: s I'm t o r 0"", to (!,r nnIIIII1')1'1 ucom-li fei ul ty it h I nop., brlw I, gll tlirt it x1ll be duly alppreiawtd wleh i. Ill, nl il.t 1ar11 lre full, kmn)o In. I ,t It i (I s un I;(ol hl l so C n . Ib, l e tins il*, tsit ds , h s lost Iill(uh or its crel' it Iron, tihl dishk n , hwh i'lllq" ) L'xpl ·ss 1 l1l,'lhllm its tl i inhllrer ldde t:,st(-I ll it', Ibi lll. e ll'++,!'f 4,r I mi thie hIm.+ lS told a n t ll ll, o lllad., :I ~ Iti ,.lirtllo ri ih i.I+ e.i l w, i sAl in the i nutm yl,.+ stag'. it "h lroipric,i r h:is Hudf l" an ll sllyl sis of ith, Inl'iile , conceliv i1+." i llrll\ it r • HI" Il t i i..n~ll( lid illt'r,+b hi- lII 'll i g that the n iul ar i much ll I ' ,ll i l'( ll ' ll hli +llhl tI 'lll lli moil rancentrata f aind mor a iii n ~ ~ l(elto it the l reseti saete. Thlt " libo 1 tjlld :! o l.iw Ill" tI grlhl s whi i. n hi h igh st I, btlll IIII"lou it' I, morst scienltiL aul llearid iL, the protSiO . Fs.t.h IIl'llll lll i t - .ill II,. l. . 1... (io lllnof I isprell, l t i In t'S m i - t ",j . ':t x ljl"o lfli -. ',I "1- prodlu:ing l ano olpera nl tu , l a910 Itlishl+, :,ud s1 u'r( Ii'- g the st:ui lmn e e el:,rjti ls; I)<+lll .il()(· ;11t1·11t ' till" 111 ++li~ Ii l ·lt.te :.dltll t'+11' tIi t+il Iltilltl . 1r Is- ing at I lth a ,i tib it, sme M Ii a lAtg , of its being ill ret sage i lmI timll l wIllib l ill, e mslislue- ll , Ilt If S jll . IIll+1 I c ltl ,i li s ll'li . ;( ii. l. i t l, i tu'llt lm i tlll pl siriI· i i Ian dl I !*t". I". .iqd sti~l l liltillltI1II*!I I+~ %ll' t ltt l (i I ili, h :'f 1IIII- i , lc hll'll e \ lil I,. llray .lpr llr lel air i ei ill i" u" n iiroI uhusbnpuil.., wiisiti ncus in the ll'lll ,Iti t i ++ tl,"mI Is ·ltl iI i +llisl .l i ll : 1·1lb t l tli11 ailis . Ii t i l, st ill cIWllris .1rl " 1 I extensil t+e. It was 1 . l n Il:l i' ,l~l ii~m i l} iiItl ' cl , h'a l, l ' D A lm , C 1 ll h ~ '.I fiJ l th wll t'd lllil l+. Ih\l + o. I.l : I-t l lltin ll') , I' i IsXll' l mio tht'i .'ir l \ l lip l f 'ilfs ,xir:, ' ( l 'i y rtl·'it· t l- ih u. -, cinn r ,lil'tli Ih il" :II lr,'.t, b, alolm1 i t l. .i i l Ii h,+th in th 'u" puhll lic an ' hil :,tf 1r I,. tie. '" T h-ir i llb x ' si <1. ill , insir df h, ' t her. I', ."lrpar ' I!.) .1 II 'l'Th , C eillI she it s l.(. nll ,. Pricel't . l i" p 1 ll- e t, " 1'I';."1' I ON I.\ 1 .S.i lFrL , A . II Si.hnnln, F11I, 1 IIt S, ie r on to lit i St '!o n.i. I. l r, 1t:d, l 1l L l' ' il.l.i llll ils. IT i p a n L ThetI tran whih I hayv, unl nt , o mt l'1- ur pr l: p inon in a avIfi, t, or)l ~esi.. ,l I llut, mn l, xm ti- Ides', ili I Hit e b'. alt o e \(I~lllted 5 11. Ii+ll h~ I~ ill. Ilie\. lhll I, dilln .. . . . ll l lr 1roed bso l lah imarabol,, that I d .rt.. .ll, l':". -ilt it o l IIIIble tjl i ; t ,i lu " nillm! I Il ilurillns Ie'm 'l lis 1-1t.r tli'ed to 'l , he t 1 , p b l l·Ul htl il .hi,, c ', I 1'L - hl ,r , y t ' ' - x II , I ,ltsl ,it ~ll , I th sane m te impl,'lsant eifll kcts na+ll.i, (x. pet it~t, Jd~ flrlll eol:,1ib . Fr m I I I l l, ,1 1. , ih) sician to the i! I .. ; ri' c.ti t . I ,sn i]} n t aSiy" to the su <,.s u so~ x i+. t r~ : plc i. .. o,l, ,,lt' :,r+1..-l l.r :.h,: lr pretratitntw atinlloult. pitit .e ph'n \\ S ie coop-r, F it s, Snr son to '1113 'a 11"s "i he hnirnm roe, sx w ich b.s arleu dd Il, alui,,,i - t<,I( . ° i, \ i . i , ,i| ..,' o, +.. ,,, i ".i\ . I,qtl . t 1,f'itot,d x~ i' th et, li' . diB r 1 o ope-e. , P ' ,.l l.. ,i e b, t h l. s' to lie ki ll su ti kt I :11;,- v. o( .. b\e nt h t ii<.ell to you so \ .Il 'l.,"-r' (, amlid JAN i a .! l.+!l r. !'"." .' n~u I"i +sur ýhmhlt, ,,1tlcr , tio e. From -i 1 lai ' I D Pb I' 1 a S, \t G <.+ IIFl- , - he n il t tI to ti' y n ')!l:x rt I"l "at' l t':lsi+ or" .iut"l('l (o;oll<ir , xlor l .'~i had, bnlI,,lh, b~t])t. t'\erl' 1op,+t+r ilulo. ...hlm hot,,,it'l 1~ i++,, ht sin Itull li u m )ll'p i i - I . ,t++I m'llt ml'l++.t I't,+ o~ , ill : Ii.'1 I, .. I ;eel In,: st II ,, t dill) I~ lto 4t .,11. bl,+ 1 nlotl in l m ,.love I v, barth , h , t ri rietol bl h r Iil h1qn o; let.r, F~romI:i t ' . l.," l ,ld , \.1I), I'I',sic'ial to Ib+)', Ito 'T he s,f'r, trv' l uwsth I 1+',\1 71/i+'i ~+I,1-1 Xll"dlic l' am (ng In|. lro llt , .Ih.1 it, ili l I ,l,!. . l t nt , 1.i ' l . iil~ l lit, iln lo ~t'rv inl iIs 1."" .lle~ 1 "!orl i u~ i a aht of Imteti~ tn,,I, ,!, 1 :I% lil',.1' i eb e l s I.'i,,iI, I'T 'Jh .nl,.1"m ,, N i !) 1' t . 1i''l ti'li + iIl < vr,, tlb lm h ,L' t tr ,,fll l,l., 11r sin: of -,.ii', l']\tl I ,'" th v unto of l't h 1 ll t.t . \ ,. I I' rl gr:.1, fl'l ihim l,ct h~a~t :,t I:,.i is ,. , mi' ,.~l:him in Ill. ' R : 1 111l llI ),%.,l,.i hil;l~~ <li..~,.lli. In'm, l.:t r t ~ lm ~ al.c1'A t..:"n l~r h nb , ; h,,,it tl rm s:lr,ba iftsc ,+~, r, ;,, v t.++u ,I tol t, ' .l`til ex 1. .'.,< i:, 1 ..Ii~ll it Ires her',,1 11-1, .1'~t ,, , ill I,ro. rits h i st s .' c ml nti,nrlh i,oln this 1,Itr p:r:+li ",.o,..J~ s ;.b,'.( li,,ile it +liiol, it ll~In t, he I k('i blt l hoi,t ,":.s, no ' ,t:-t t-+it, t ntm t occ ll.ll L'O \ ith , 1-,i , ,'i. ,h l; tli*+i t( i. l' - , ,& ilti f it i trou b m it~,-lq .;l i " 1'I ,. ,. iil lt . ,:to b ,, nn ;,, h !u i t+ . a t ' m't'~ t i mt, c l,,!,i:+. , in b ."i : sv h h I j , A.t:iu inl'i l,-in; il, I .l'ts' ¢.'ir,,"s is :I o nl,+l il!ol +"l +,l,-1 tv. ofthe ,bli"~l s:." s , I! .1:1,I dt i h."i t .n ~' ", . h,I. ' xI,, i,ý , r.... ,l i ý !'u:' ...1i,:( o! ¢ o '( m s or sa , 1. I":Il';S ('It i ilt, iý.; , x+\ ,;111 i,i 1'•+t,o'" .ti,','r[. l'ri nl .l oiIt' tat I, it:arht, 'l I. , r. 11:' .1t "l."'J I 1i t ,I", a '.' of, ',c1 01h.1 ,' ! Ir . \. ,,.li ! I). "U l sl, u l/u)llu I':, e lst" :, t0 ItL, .I\ + I.,i.t t OII I . Ill* )!, l. t A. ' i ,,"a, b e ' n1', . ' . , T:h, I smoo h11, 1, rl In ] l 7 . f, ( 1u ,.,url ho:l , 11h : ;l. 111. h.i ' 'tt'', h, AttttTti. A Ia., " ,aatrat d.iuhls .,u :tI .". I)\ IIt.F is bu nuot, ennrc ol, an ned l l, oe c, I Illl ll iltll , 'te a1:1 . I. 11r I 't I'It RN r t It I,'t ltrt a: ri·l:d tal .\ alalt.a ill I = , li: IbIte (-n 'I' II r I w lv . il. rot n ' tto aboi ocr , ath, ia a o ,al' , ' Ira t Ia ta. I \1: is a1 :11'. t m 11. . l '. l TLaSil, T I , 11. t .1it ' a ,.6 L1t i.-11l. ti,,.. t"I'a.,', (,:::-r.' at a s:t ! Il',a ', ta.r. II, la s r'p:s Cda ahst sco.a h u, a r, tat 'Ir. Anh , thi 0 1 iter ro n tll , ,1illde l illil usllol Ile ; 1111: u On li otnhI . .ililh.n :ll,:lld Illc Ir ' ith l' I 1. ,p , "d, i . (:lr ll"" :11.I, IDll !ol'-1, an d . l/(:le l tilt4 I 'cr:tih,' I 'lll.ll :Laa Is Itla t't ~ aa h ihS h I.'a owIa coachc. \TO h.K! PI .r11. n co A.: . "1"11,1a II Ya'tl'l'r'atal \, " a i it l e l a il a ' ( aor :ud 'a':!I s. ., S :, k , I ., ia.,. w rc a n t tot1ta. a' hiost w: Ill~ s, l I.sI (.l., t.,.. Ilclhls 1 h I'l. Ib~ I, o1, .l;r (i.t mll.) \1I le d il eae 'I . n t111 1 \III II I' , "3 Ial:1 llh e. h'h lso. "'(I K l !:!t , Na v'', ,., '. I I- t bl a' \l al.. t o Iho.a r I the... h .h i .1ulil~lqi'+ . " t h , R I li ,l, (:h i ls I tltd NtS l l l .l.l I 'l- I i "l'ilne, 'l', ~ lrlr l, t0 oL, b",,, .4 .1 1 h llv. rMo bile to 0 ueT ill uli I I t te y l ll i t:lh a |lle thrli ilt ( nh a ndsliulon to Th- e " brik, the. I1'., l:t. il ]('. Ilel'lrlobsp daI. it Illlll7 s 1 Il r ho Iii], inl. tat Iv all a. tat tatal ' aaia r . a a a al; a.1 . 1li1ttr tar h .t Nt Y a'.r, ta d tai ihe., c -r a lc o h. . 1h g ien l l i.sol ,ll h t n t t:la, 1 lntl h la ' , ad , i... at t he t i 'p, t r., ii, i n. I aha,111 l : l Ai a'ol.' illtara t i r. lr lll ;l r:,l .Al , ' t ieat InI rIts. :Io S sra, al. 'ii tlnes nwldt s l n and iotI s 111it rarlte' I'o e111 i'lTnm, t . .., l i io lndlry Mhl', it i As 1h 1., lie y laI tho hvre I:, a it tr ih a S So - C i 'l.1111 \[ : 'ltllll ; "lll flrl /l ' 1I EI N 11, 1 :,I , atl'h a II.- h l,, lh rt ar, ilw t art ' Illl. a' 'it , tht e itr . h atd a t ar t 'alt a.ortll ttlt , ' ,til . .ta tt11 I'.t, r fi,.l lor wvirkoll .ls l, and ol f a hp !.r .' palt r l.l SIt. alt.t il,' d e. A M,' .t .' il a lL.t e Ni. ''oaln . alt d l Iira i iet ratl lls a d ltte ,rble. 3'' l a ataaa ta altiad (,a 't oudra' tlo ne Iah the r 'of1'0,1.1 r ol. I l, 0,1 & lh dra:lu:- ( 'nlaI :.lld 1'la.tara Ir. Kt IIr, tounth ir , i th u i t;,he! did J ie.r lltno ln of 1.. lit. I nl pearttli 1 11 la t,' ta:.l IaN , 'al i anaIro o1.a t tIt'ate t..d pr0aldui s, apprved ha ters., ],a rIt'gat Iloit. o ltry ht' 0 t,11'.. 11ta 1 l athdr. A h1. sIrhe> v t ,er T he;, art T ,.v r i t.. r.'ah'\rklet . to aut thoi atr tal ' te a t'k. .llT o'i bNr'. I : T I : lo, Iif h Tour lflc r.d the ItlCn , a \,ntld tr 'all . s, aidtr Lata tIll'. il itt, t L, aa 11 l" l, p rlit 'd r ii ti a rv".i' 'tt :a , 'aii ( ttdr 3; e ltanledi" ,. d oserlpitol i" tir v eo,..lp. y. , Iuoa,, cilate a nd ut e Iat.'u. uc .t, Iolla taaaaataie 1e, Mannerl ilieu , itnili> .[ lh. teativ'.al Ut.h a B l.. p '1 e iver alnd o lU, .srt; or ttatt oltt oitlns ".,f a h r..teat a nd a l,.a a ' r laate.; biy M.t ar T i I :y, v t,i T ;i i a.ta; ii .- " t1 a '1'l n , a -" tAt. an e i. n a treensl ` pr Iu i, [',,o bebrI !,.. l ar o t.I.... . ain att, . i tli a,,, a r n Nor ton, J, lrr e' , 'tall, tTir.G re, , a,. ir dw ,:ld th r.; iato 2t, ,Ple. Mt1` ;1,1 Iru Pape., '.r. t7 S". rortr ao Baltimore Packets I JAC('El( 'S FOR NEW YOlK.-New Linet -'1'o sa pi o Utully ev.ry second Monday during the ' a-o,, fitl or ant fiull. hip Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alaheroi, 174 do C. C. Berry: Ship Arlkasa, i'27 do ES Dennisl hip S r wtoR, 54:2 do W Halthaway. Shll Napshillo, 510 do ]D Jacksonl Ship Keltucky, 6D9 do J Buuker. The alovre rllsp are of tlhe first elns, copperedi and copp;r rastenlr d, d dbhaving been built in New York ex,,ressly fir this trade, they are of light of water airl anoot invariably cross the bari wllo;t rlany derentlo . The onnlmanders are mene of great exportenoce, and the 0slipl will aloayebo to no ld up and down the Miesisoippi by steamboats. 'Iheyr hlave hnds)le lorsheld aconmmodationsa .id s.lt1 ea of the lest decrip:lon will always be furitlsed. The colon prasago is $90 without. wine or olqror, and there is no liquor furnished to Ithe oIltere or crew. For freight .r passIge apply on board, or to II C AMES, 48 Camp st. The' ships are not necountabhle for breakage of g lia, hollow woare, larltu or gralite, cooperage of in, or. rt f 'iron or nteol, nor responsible for any p.ckage or t:ce! , ulehs a regular bill of lading is exerut'd itlerclor at tlhe n flio of the cnts. 00".27 NEWVO RLEANS ion IALTIMiORE LINE O# PA('KETS. This line will cnoisst .o the flllowing vesselas rhlol havo beenl built or pluiehased expressly tif the trade, viz: S0hlp eoman, Capt. Miner, Bt.k MI.ry, i Nickersoni " lad F erry, now ,, Stevens, ol!,n:,o: altuo, " Latham, Brig Architect, ( Gray. These verstels are of the first class, have harnd o: !farnhished . ecornoedationo, oand are of a light draft of "\ ator, s toa to llhit of their receiving and 'ischarg!ing thr'ir carg ,'r illn I- tiln er, at the city: . Frei:lht will ie oao fotr ports on the Chesapeake , or .lomes' Riverr, ad o tr'!arded by the agentse 1e: ,t,.. t(LARKE ,I& ElLI.IG, at Baltimore; ,x tew sn guo ;ods ,hpored will be advao'ed whert r, rur!d. T-,e prile ofP assage is fixed at $8(01 nple stiores o tthe b st quolit.y . ill be prcvided. o.- cop anod do..u the Misilis :pi wait be t.aked on all ,,~ 1-T: ilu , + Foir fiogtli orel poUaoge, reply to CEO. BEDFORD, nov:7 22 aienvile sit lil NOI'W f IRK. I ,nltsi:na anod New Ytrk loine of Packets ] i I1l. 011hi!s c-miposintg tu.o line wall soil fromt New (Irbhans and Ne York ,ir every other Mon on i tiSing- on the 2!th November-and to 1l t 1,"' tlui.'timility in 111 tii.e ofl' a!ng, the hot w llo , reaol'r ( .u .i l, d lioe ships, v nz: Stiip. Yri.nn, (ap ro!':il ' isk, e to leave on the a0th Novem'ir. Sh!ip ,Loun.v;ill, Captain Palmer, to leave on the -lo f I 0e.ll0lcr. Slhitp I.1si-silppl, (",tlptain Davis, to leave on the 5111h ,f Janulllary. The 'ahve are all I,'w, of the first class, copper. oi and coppelr l .:rene, od l upwards of 50i0 tons ahcu: t: Sri hli li dritrlt iof water, being built in New York l .I)pr. ly ior ihe trade. The price of tpa100a0U is fixotd at II) di]ulitr,: tIhir cabins are itl Upr iu Ii iimolt ticproved arnd convenient Iniltw fini-hliSd in a neat and eleganit style Ample tlores of the lirst qalihty will be providedi 01,lt every rrd ,a1 tio to tile comllort and entire usalls)ctin1 o pf l':l-ltsnger, who "ill please take no l,. th,t no b,erlih cal hc secured untd paid for at th ,,fe of tie conosi'tnees. TI sew vessel aru o n cmnoioodd by captains well ×lrr ,raced 1I1 the trade. , who twil give every at. eit ti t antid ,xterr themsnelves to acoimmdate. They ' tri elal rtelll.s le towIed 1p and down the Missiso hil rtL by seamiboats, ind tile strictest punctuahty oo''r'ite int the ie of sailing. 'L'lu owners of tlesC shi s will not be responsi. hle !or any letter, piarrl or packatle, sent by or pot 1,it,, oth1 [''th,, ountes a regular bill of lading : .1. ,d toltreor, at the runtsling Iouse of the a;, it or owner:s. For mithrh-r prlticulars apply to J IEINr & A COHEN, no,+7 90 Common st FillR NEW Y)lRK. ([I i i-ia1n,,. < ý,w' ,l-i, i" ,"tf C, oi, artke . 1 ,tI "llllll iil.1111 . ,,.. ·?i: )l lI< ..II l ?+ . il)illre -ew t ,'..t I . tltalhiy i r the r i~'' ,' ,I snilir , the lite. I cll .i c t I~" t', ;t 10 , o i v : ab t tlp t :-., i ',qlain 'T'ra<k to leave on the 1ioth nov. 1hip1 l 'antri!.', t a'uitan Paulrr to leave ou the 4th 5111p l,,ntrit,',c. Ca(ptlrir Ehirgll'er to leave on the _h.1. 1it'."i rr , CaprInin \ioii d hl.i',e, to leave on thd ship ./i..s.rsatpi, ('cptatl Davis, to lrove on the I1tli [IL The nbve shiI s atre all new. of the fir'st ltra, o:pp,.red anrd opy,'r olastetl, antd upwards off50) Ions b or tIhe 11)trt' f Iol" t I-htdraug t tof wailr, beling built ill 1h itI!k 5ti,. ti-h hr hli' i e ',' T1"he priiCe o paRi '-'i io hiuel ill Ot ', i,crtlr t, cul l, l'c. Their cabis tare tildll 11 onllll the Ii.1 ilpl )ovl,(d aid (onvlenlie t ll p Ilan,and ti is Iid i n ia ,I t 51111 c allt pIst lle A. mple tores of thc tirt qlty cll Ia' tir.vlld, 'itll 'every regard had to the c111ilhlr[ : hd ile sslllall lini ol passengers, who ,ill ' hllr'p-, trlo il tt i hir'i canil eu be secured tin t wl 10 h1 at i l,, itlS<+, e at thle e, tn-m, ,es. 11',.er I 1,1, !- hit en unII <^, J 11y tal l, well ex plt, lill, I l · ill tie I "nrl rho ll " 'h1 o e very aute I ou uind t'ea, rt 11lheuosolves to necau Tlllldlte. 'If)er w il fi t alltit les ha u't-ed up ltnd .!-'n the Missi-sippi by _ i skIa ' , na l t h e at 'es a l l ictu e !ty o b s e r v e d i i Th,.en no ltahee hips will not be responsible for aFo' tt' er, irefel "r a'o n';o sir a!i by- or piiiiilt iru'd or at the corinillnos. of' I e agents- or lers. Fee I IE1NS & A COHIEN; St 90 'non st. K1'I"h ti_" Jr tilVSION HOUSE ? C ('ITY, Pi'XN C'tiL.A. rl IE slbsI, Ilier I atIlh'4 purhbaseed tihe lease and fur lii , I "t' his w l kn111ow "I a establilishment, fiolo M1t ' Tb, tlt," iute nittl ,llr, will be ready to receive vir ilt:: I, rilt Ist .,i A lpll nlext. llll It, nlu aIaII '-l e nlI enllli !s will be founid it the lln.tisl of Athe 'Mliloll Ill iOsL. ew ulld Iloeitl (l'Ollli(l illl blhlllli Ih, tlsc wvill be built, andllt ilro) In Ill l \ ICbe IruCwI)led atl I 1 ors. A sCtable ,ill be - tit ed to the h wilt. I, vlth l lio acotullR n da ,, t etni I-o i ll' (:l' arr'gesl , IiAt raute horses andl t: ltl ' \ ll t w ' k, h "t , I u lif 'it hlooerate l-eI-ts; la, I t, ttt ,ow B sata, to ll, ,pe.-na1 toI ltllan e thelll r ar It V l-il'. i o l ir'L I nd othe Ir l eernt "il h.Iln. d !t ira, t ig .,ls es ill! at++, elc urnished, d ,I ll :g 'rll r r:tt ?. oti Ito iRllerioe wllh the comll fort lid ; 01eto the botit ukr-. T'1'h asliles and hquors will ," o tabiltl ( ' tll,, d to eu '.re ud i a lll l-e of , tntl loos dwiuli% beau ordered, whirt will arise allwlt litn Il-t ei e Ill f." ,llh I'lre. hri<ik\ l i llr. illl It, tti'rlleiyv khe.itololl populat ilctel it 11 asIl liti lte i t .. Ie t ', l .d ' c l itli hei el bo e rlle iri eri~t~-· or, , th w lint i aid onfidently afsures if Il ,ai a of inl I e,,r, undl hi.t s Altiu d genetal ly that t,.e" wiltl re, ie Jeer, polssi in>eh ttentuol; and thereeby -p! ,tl,' to ixt'e tl un. : rttlt.nltit l. Thel l-al atdvntut.a-es of ti at hos te are too Wyll kln to need It Ilt. endi dereinptic hbere. Tie lit e tt 'resenil is thel lats, eenavel statimi of the tl(olo hlu;; the gIneral redevotu ore tihe Gulf iquad til; tlt+ s:l 'i~t+ el ins tlillotct refrt.. ed .onstautiv ill-. ll,- rile s lll~ll' tc lltl ib the c oles t I roe est froni S1i the tithta I of the ualsitd the neighbouring dlrid f tll s; the aundanll e and delicacy of the ib .h u ,ll n l "h th ues, at' ~bomlr unll: andl ist proximity , Ih," I -et ruthel, unlarkets, gIve Pensaeola the pre re ' otr sit othe'r p itt i ln lh e latitudes, as a L3 Gentlemen wling to enrP age rooms for their fI ih'. di ntd, r na tinre irolriaielar, i'n Penisacola, or ar St well T l lli',r the foet er pro!Itlte, at Nl ew Or R, fereofes. TP Sanford, Req. 1i r C1, ('llim, 1 Mc Allpin, Esq. Lt: Kih in lob.le; 1' Tinalor, ' P Rea, Ee't, ie Net. P '-A letteu han, to receive. eetoemu'-itions foe C n-soin tt tlie hnove htel, is placed at Gen Whitiono'd, 31 St Chalrle Exchange. I'LORIDA Roli T'E; FOR NEW YORK. IET 'T'ravellers desirous of taling the Florla route, Sia Pennucola, to the North, are informed that dirst rat. boats will constantly run freom Mobile to Peanceols, leaving lMobile and Penseacolaervy other day sAer the lit of AlMa. Good stiage will always be provided ov the unei'ere to be in raedinees to take pae.egrefrr.ln Mtobile, n 'rate of the feilure of lthe bt.ts, N B AtadOit D. The e*eaieiost Chtampion laoves MolWtl Inr Peoal oela erle a weill t':b ly

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