Newspaper of True American, December 17, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 17, 1838 Page 4
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i I I II IBE i! .!!_, - EW, VitLUABLE AND STPANDlAIM U .:"wn VALAOLI AIND SCARCE. t|.tWf. uEtI r'P. yanao..s2 avolo 8 Iun I ora'e Ge s, ,vith aa ertl c:,o, elt ptl. l c Hhubbhah La Piil Aosup', i to Nalur.). L L.~ (s :in lean P eris It')I r ,cur'e Escrlopuedie dau l, s at E ah',, Lo l Nleas' MEDICAL wes i on FInr--P Irhlis Ar, itin l 1 1 ' .Udieal Juris nrndelur e on Lnsnlo1 . l rer Pr It-eha I oo [q.'ilty Gibson', ,uroert--l.i.t,'s ur,,.rv Ndwitfery Illutirruh:d-'onl,,. pOp"u~r i\,'y , Ul'm Diter mNary of r1ministry Rou'tAualytie.i t'he,ni rev * ola CnClAII, AND NAUTICDI. e n... a a tAld and ieplolstore v y, 13 3 a kC h ' , ere t, r ein l ) i ttio n a r7 v L o l, on l Aloanlc 2nr C. S t ew,ilt'n' Natvilt't Do Mleasurer A ron ne n ITi T ANar % Al I lLl. I llVI t reanh a o ieti nov r o re Archit'hvt e, l.hoanh '2. v. do Arllitrelllnr ert : vi,le Loduntd lhaw's a irhiiteetr,'e. I retd.1,dA, Ca pelnr' Erngiuee,'s ",'0 F',h',,cDJi, , Luod a Uits'os Maltheuoftti TI'ablesa L~tafrk Aamerie B Igrl"eg a o d vol.i I. asI jbophi t r I tiit.Oell.niefron tile ConinTle If l-r y anhd It. Cs· nOtlrt I Bnrd Bson,' Wo, a, "o vle, Iaodlu | e e iel', tw'rio~ities ofl.vitraturo e Lon' in 'Rli . tiAal Eonot y byY say do Vet Niyke L. kharl'r Iki@ of W'a ter S'cot-, t2vo : 'eoli und and il, Lrin, ehv Preshcott. 3 vu s nly thak t s hnre isplrnd;d tlo acco . nld, u .tic ' hAnd an tsb e ,h-ent Ien t a uli S fr 'n 'a Clasical, iiren v i r la c mnfrtl o Io: : : rehoi lIovn c)iontinunare, Go cormer favors. iIeu `pl cnl (intthtaaiati teassad t Io'i t u I vR e:or t.nnth,.sltl d (wicom,lml t. i For treeoa, aodl c,'e t n ie. /ie u ',',r rand . Ipe'e. T will e r i dit.o ,vc e .I ,ar in lhe T,,nic , iv- i ure i uPc eric l n to he o Tlrdinar y'te,,e or trlh i " lhe o'or ntid A, n'. In the first ic'er.,,' na r a t eo ,- i toe Extract, and fi't e frnlt aner dcleterion Ulld a i,,, - , Itas inarediein it imnv e taken witt h thi e utn l aI t tv ueve hb t tl nder i. Fil, t 0I oA al int ulio . It lt e-I eblts relaphe of Ihe di.nea,,,~ n aselr,,n ha' e IIltIt. tlaine soon r(fitlins it ¢,o te~ l Ir~ul' anld n3vile. It ra:,h . lit hes a o.ll I anti pr llf Uleent smr ;tlr , bi in is ctlt i 1hv stosrnchal d giv es I r e ll htot!1 t ertl I i n of t - e . Beill petetltinr- ill l ,ha y pi ira lftl. r l litv it r tnal tnot in the io'ovel u I, . hc l lae ,i.: isrdcr, or to Creae otter dirseaNsero, but thor)ouflv, .l (,tIPlCll Iie sevtrnll I o gyns of digrstiol, otnnd thnsh I hveseris the aotR'l wio h d ersorl avese Ol, n~i w.lio-,l it eln v I r, nprthed. lAdiviJuO s, ft'er liA, ne Afthe ''aitO %i lixt re, hlte been e . mtl to t h, he ther :l, enn. . s otf Ihe I ,I and aCove t Iintled ant ! Ayr lllll o" tnl, i. It a i he uo IIelle a olllo iin I rv:mlltdic +otlc s ~l n- l1'e1 tell +,n incr1sa nit hli'r IL' to errmtlrhee m 7I'hl t allp l of freqoesot a l letoe fiith i, i ver .to , I fo obe aldlde to react .ilt an .I bndil, 1irll w - rim In 'Itch i'crs.;Alll iltlt en.e TheI T ie '' liA 11,atA' is offered at stltl a re : IT' Erit,, av A D +I:I o i lit , All the ra hri o Lf Dt' 1't' tII' "--,ti l fit-, p Aoor ta n ,til' teA t are .I23v farll . n t tok astrn(,, wilhlu di.hil i h lte rivd'id I lte1i aIOIIihr 'tJli t Ir'tlquenly I de'nidc toa ' shelln or el-a , ver% rlaD, iCnlltltv b sowr ited. ~he 'tol:llrrr0.prv " ~lilnt I ll0' til l s Ite le rOtS i tatal tO U, it ir, t le t h,, t e t , iutvtiered Ih ist p re pn~ e~ l t - D r. .h i R . o. ' :m !, a t hl s I LM.Ot uof r'. Iad re z f. rm s ., 98 f h g,.l;.hla. 'hrile et s,o lilers o tileo ~ lllto , n,'l" ts lo r ile I S etleh l'As irlls.- ll il, u:i ill .,"l'li ' I ll " , , ri , ,i tlee I'hiladel i,lhi+, en, Ie nI ai rt it t,loAul ' loi , I ln , i .Nit lsalSpilitot Lo It otIta D iotel t `vS. RAIRY IIItIdI.LNI) respectl'lly an. S I olUnc es to llher friend and tie plublil te nr lly that CI, iDs propard to aeommoltte thII at ho rbov USt.'l lIiCroA, oall d Iop', bralu hrPI Icertions, to render visitors comfirtl te, l , o reeiio : I coOtinuancueo of itrlndr ftvlr. She fe,'ls norti. dint that perstons viol!ing Covitgtou durin"g tIe ummer months, e.ioied, tind IrlttDr accnllllld it ios than silo can afltOrd tlllln, att IIIore! lerl ters. Hler housue t plaAanlly situated, and will suppliei with every conveniencet ; the ar is furoished with tha mo.t lhoino l quors, e. in short,s he prUmises atl nothing sall b ' wanlting oll her p:lot to give 't (tire ra!islltion tL all wh l omay p10atr1 0lhz rite !sAisissitpipi andr Lnrisioa lel.te jrt3 T 0 TIIE PUBLIC._ .,2-T uii,.rsi,,.4'o' -l,¾ astuded under IDr. : til st ot'f ( 11hl u,. Souoth Carolina, nld ftr itom years his csis.' ll the practice of mtediat; ld l pierl), haA s O le h,,"rt to offer his prlier) l' Cio al CI : crAs inll thi ilC . HCl assuree the ladrles and aelvtllle '' tilit IvthelorsI prompt arlmtion will l a e vi's iti, ia sts which maoy heo mate; alli, :lsi) on, ai,, t I, crvit s i, c holders of rlavens , heinge wa ll dcelu i utn ll with th , diseases cal-lnl, a i to t lhe , ' iu t tvilcntdl(,itd till IIU bhe sugar hiuso in Ciharlostl". The fanlols anti iiiioui pilles ,(er lDlthra l mltl l of Professor SiilAhitt, D. , ith dlr tla , A :l n he had oftlho undersigtned. TIhe el: . t which, they have rlirodt ued in th1isad ' l ,t r Iril,, has. b,. atle dt'A wilh thie l :el h't A(re'u to ,,hieh the tl t of rdfcrencrs iec LA g;vAI. A.lliv 'It ,). Ilhi \IAga. uzitno tr,'el. INt. t'.t IIINGl 'OLLUt--'i'A'iU' Lt-i: 'vIRI, AWOO SAD 11ONN, &,. 9'2 F Vter, 230W r II Dl.laA etr,",t, N,,a' 8011, havu r,:etdvc, th'ole l.t .t,"o'In, Asl ll A taDnrAb llt.t' reciving laIrgo and lxvtenive t ditdliOl l i he Sc',,[ DllowillAg AnssoItln t ll, oiisitalso for Ithe Oiuthil' n ltt d lhttlnl ware o'f spellcri Cr ital;.)', vonsi.illg oi abaut 15111 t'ons, ',z, l .Pots of I. i] folf'relt e:z,., friA. '.8 tI t) g4l1lons, bettles, 15 ai'ze., diem. 3.13 to 311 ..alhui*., Kettles, 15 asizes, t' , Io IA 'ration, r Bakepans o'r Ovnu:, 7 fhl;: rc'ut ,qzeF, Tea oeiltt!es, , dol tie, t-, . . 5 do Flat Spiidrs t do Covered pid.ri , a - do , Fire Doo , I I Ito Ioh, C.rt d,o. 5 to, 7 ,,r s. 1Voud Screw%, 211! Mlllld ross, iron and brass, frroln :R i Nae, NS. 3 ., :3:0 ilc, N, :2t 1 a1' a i ulperor p,'ioes. Sad Iroos, asorlsive, olioohul".I;,oot 500 lbhfr fsv Tailor's ono ilallol'. iruot, astoritt 'I. Sasho etglogts, 10l touis, aso:tcld fiul' 1 41 4 to B ieo, l.hat.C, s,sltoaolbato, churchells, &e. maduo In cror, Also o.ic ii. a.'l .t ,I:(A a lte l u:,in!oilla ,leiadr to "C'd,.r. Th'hel ov ' oor , '',,r,tw t o g'o 1' 1, n ,:,rli'ul,'it t rr ollvllllel l'd " to L ll I tvlv tlv tI O tv ljlD tr nil WVcstertt ,ll:, litiio , v a id ,r" ll''.trev d for ill,, at low, lld I1lIil thp I Dl: o t li er.i terms ; a t'L it be eit.rerl otr Clt!e by .,'y o.,u ..b'lli.:l lutllt ill the a erc.ant, o e v orwy e .LarodiL a r-quest by moil, t', n L,,.'o a lrin'o d ", 'cl. . r, vh h . h e'+ piII ,.,d- , .· d-. Nvw York. lo3d. 1.3 ' NO i.eYtRJt.H iill .r LA,.,VA Srald'ei inareibe a aist i .1 ii h *1t1 1u HFlet, al d I exxp...t l i.:i t rllle an.o l hP I't trpP the dise.,a' git'wi r.e, i, lf t, , hreak ui l in l:,.v ultro l to the nlmher l of ix ol r Ileiht ol ' a I I , i llld ll ovver ,y Inclae;l, rnere thront, and l..t ab+ to work alt i ' prese- r itl, ill t.'4.lit of thifiin" . I' r ,er i the rlght nil. 'I l " , til 'I l . 1i ii t..n I ) t l . usll l coeiduIt Uiidi, ti cin ni of i. lII t, " P IN , to be erl iilfyi it cJt I)( . E N. le. 1-I ly I h yD O Ci i i T I F Y t t h allt ,. .!ifrh i thank Inr. |lt:;,.11,L ilwreo\ ne o I :tt; s r hurt l tl, 111- . I ,ll ui t ello I J a U hll'l npl+ivd to lUrI+ . ]|I t, I I ('t it eli-e.ello l).t l+;1)_,IIIII 1 t" n i. .rr, ;+ )r* l ' If a!ny one watts, to sue .w,. c.ll it .\ I. lU j 6 a, L JtilIN lI.ii+. New Orlrain. f'b I, 1i38. toll I I Iv 1rlit: inin.'e if.Ii ofIiwrw"1tno;loI, 1 h ot l 'i, in jllt 1,, ihl II I e 111. " ill, .A price "f Jn) Liveawort. het r . ' , Illr i llI' + h r rl., .l] herbs khoiian m . lhe Ilhtlus |s ilintii fi pI u +'alled ..act s which !)a tlt. , the Ie III thil iaesttlll lll, . Il l ' at +I r Jt Ihf P h,'t '+ ilt l(-,: dared. has ft,iiinlid t iht i clll+lv .,i aol n -llllI o- tio o ls ealf toldlrIv flbrir I- ie of flun.i, cold, pain in ith, ,ide. wont uI re-t, ý,trmn+ of blood+ liner coioila1ill, & i 'o whi ii i c n. i ,-ie v Iit l. hNv ita Ou" prItiil . ii , o l ,I i ,,ItIr . 'i-1,1, ,d Ii J. bunt aer'e dlllin l Iula*. it t' I.irIer,+'llrI a' lll llllll l i Hlf l. Itlt a deeided goad erlt r.111 f h, rh l ile illlr n -ri ledge of th Inateral i if il fI.: 1 ,III, I:td i htc A i atflan and, lad 1+"ie t'r ' <lll l l('llclllla i 14:til l a IlIr .4 ,1" ti llo 1 ill tit antthi ,ooanded. A :I.IIII ' Y,1 i.l.l .\.,II. D. 1 ifo L linnal 3IdcnB l Aoaiiiaion. Bot.nt. lt oiui'i r i ". saleh I v J RVIh & ANDI)R'WS, l-A A RlD'S h e'netD) e Ir lIr i)il, Itr Ihe re storatin and nrowtl, I Hair lgiviallr Iulilt onl hrelota,anai * resentinct haldtiPe. llefore thia HIir Oil was offired., t the Ipublic, it hal aen tried in hundreds fcasea oi haldnrae, thinir n,id lalline oflolthe hair, and ii every icptanea iln salmar See to have been realised. It hasneter failed to prodiua,, anewacd heautiful growth of hair o, hbends olrera.l bald. In cases where it becomes dry and enases t agrn. this Oil will verv noon render it healthy, ano producle ra-id and hetlutifll growth of hair, wIrt'utt the leas i injury to the head. 'Thei Oil givre as agree.hle fIra grace and is prerermhle to ary other ii ir I i ftr per nmhcg,o urli n a rrcl aline rile hair. The I.rit tot Lbha o "e" t.l',-r e ;'r i' For sale at " .. . : t 'r/. Fl1rv Ar r ',.w Fi',t Bnch I ~ :! rrentn p riealr.: Rlekac Il hiJ t an1 1 ," '"It 111a, 1 Dinch ii 'l B ,Ii Ixv n d., l",r- l ., o, Th ',r i l'h '.,r ,,' . "-'i' .,i,1 : 3-.: 'hl.Fi' t C i Be"olh . ini P l s: r l Iol "' l,,l, e Ia dl b- l s inh. e. - ICnet h; 'lirh,in ndllition t hi c for. l r slintrk t l l h1',l iPeres th'i, : ne ,m i et ierv 'l e tr" i :,. ni i,l I-. ' oi oid ..t N: ,; i h.'< I;'',: ,j, B 1,ln 5'!nri ue 'I' -al. ' milL 1l0 .' ' eNe; [tiv.. lol i's iN . ;_I r el s!: de i strn shel, i v y (me ter. combs: Elast ic r ý so f; Pkeer h tl and ra lCil pn.i; ,ir. e Rn.ori., SS'ea rin t F.' -droiin ; lni", roi ' nkl . lir , Iit's.e l sle l Ir e dk c .n oxill i il and . le v in R. t't inl Mend s. maker hir nssr Fment very cr.n let, ni wi ll e old ow,! nl l o llheral terms, Dl tohe ,Ir llo II. , Golden Cioinb. _ i r aiiL 'Ii n (L i -', i( - zti, hotler; of lay t, :1; tlth forill-ext ensiv vi ofm' i, W . & S. R tr llhl i Se l 111r. le nl , hen e s iil re ived n 'ery e lli.nm set of Il ,, t.o ,o . i wili- of ve ll noIdtilt e ert ii' lt nit e os l . . .. ,L'wrri;ltin, Pent Pokltg DIIm¢ n e, I lltill mill h nt : Rntiat o tIr'r eia Niorea , 1i,. ln l' , Il 1: ,' ev i a "'' ir red oIl tex i ll' 'he trade Ior i rdl Is, e"rm- and ioudil'ion In ll t e lml' Ilal heiia ' l ln'i t I a rli tl li . "IR EIN& tii N iic t 'ni it . NEW : (0)S, - SI M)N. I.IA RTT CO.--Are now r - i n h i tepe l t~, t ill ' o , u11.l t,'h r ill itw |a|i-ti, lerhell i(] porke pistols; dni. rl nd spi € / "rolls cap rap I h dI es; IIlls rs, l{.,z '', tel' , yes:1 (; fllll f Orrn c Ii | all ( n'Il b r .r(," ti:C I 1. I o a k, Fr. n hl tanr n e nde;.ll h r hrir., l '; fot will Nck lio>,Is; n,,i, iufs; ( ' erm.m n.! Frt fel col,,os waier, :on l mi s i nt'i ,si\.r ,iti. lcli I at no nit.i 1ItuL:,ek Il .lI1lil, i Ii 'ii''i'ts ll I.In(11I ,. opi smil "I:sses anl view -4 h,1i r, It'nl , bel. d pu, ,. ior.I'hl d. .-',w r oihl t, ll- ht l I l n 1, ' h',lt nil'k il :st hillir'' ),ro , i' llr. i ll' , )oI ks «," w',d -'tls; riertal, Il nrtml ,'-.:, m1o11., ; finei t ;11 I.1 e g: , 1n il - ns 1' I,.rg . ivtuch' r I ll' i'tr Ile a ING ( lelSStrn II ' 1i' it I a 't n ',i''ttt ' e it [vet pell~ mf ils; Cr m,wl .,. &c. The 1 h1 r in ailll i to I ' " ,k o' ll i lley Ch:irh" r" n h t'. to',4, o '11 : w' ' . i till,.' ll rri &tl ',,. oll .% ·rl.l'ez" h, 11i t ,, r o .uv Ins', by te l 1.1 rlh 19 · nit ý l .llltsn, )ic ol'fthe It rr of the r,. TI onde- ir ,I: I., nn ivin ;1 r tlnfrll~ r:., ill lo. rl/): h I.,i +ti :,'1(' ; Ih . fr s o lls : lib'r I I i Idioll I". "e i-, llhi;i .lot>. 1e~x. 11, rt+. '' ,. e-" i ' naves of hr l~h . : , ,,,I [a w l,'e1 u 1s' 1 1 ill li 611 i'ilonl,. " I'hn.. ill bird to'-li!lfirm, arI rarn<.tl, pifti-h'd tncot111 ,tt'rlr d Ot ii t ,Je arlv r vI' ' inv lt, l<,+,t, havil lg t'hiilll s lllill iI .ll' l h l \V t m itlmut Belay. i"V ' ,1111111 ti ll II i.It N" II, 1111 'lll. , t', 1,,37. ' :.ii.' \ .tit it ,I: .' lt il .' . I' > ' .1111 I.: w1ri:I1 e r 'iled',tllr, « It ll l ill'lll l i.t l I l'o l It' ill, l. - Ail'.lno Ai r i 'I! "1.,"I b ' ltlm t,,ih' p ,i w.h· r , ,,I , ,,rll r oi ls n :1!1 ; (1 +. , n "Ii ll ] tolli t,,i( ', 11', 'oi, +,.1 + ,. . , In,\1. mi iilk ot r'.". ~( l tl- ' l i il 'ltll ( 'ir- ,l I 1ltl l rl II iF I t.~ 1 11 h u \ lll , :l'lNl I i , i h'iini' b lit I'' 1 -"ilt ',ti i ge. ." rte !:cl,,..lh.!, tI,~ l-,I-"llr!ll- ( illld I,.IwleI 'Ill i tilt IhllC dl, iIW" i+ ll'' i i tci wtel"[, l It.hi ir h ,",,,h 'I, ill "I,,ll i''t!) -ht- t. l'lhh 1 1.r w1it, ill '' ll'h I 'l oil :!, ho,, l and Flid' ' 'II ibs lan l 1. .1l I .le or rtail 'y " i l .\S, ''tl N v E .1 1 ' 1 1i n1t l i& t . v ` , r r' 1' l iib I tll h ii a m II -Ii'; 1 zn , 1 11 S,:1 tli+·. 10 « .,, l iit, il l III,.. i,:i t i r,, " d, - ,' i v , .. - n I n'. l1l"l·itlAR'S "iý"rýý .,1 i'ri·m; '·'liiý rr.· "i: ý··'· ·in~ foir ý.. 1"..i tlll 'r I.- I lllul ll.'.,l \1 ,i1I1· "",(· ."i No. U i I, l·· 't:·.".. . ,.", t, V.- 11, ~ ll hP· L It lk - t t -l :11. ,c-1_x, 1 1.1r 1".. r ",ri,,.. ; Hb.tol(j- 1M 'I.ýv t io 1l I I N NEW'. 1 yi 1I,.. I 'I * ''1: "- II a. o~ij', t 1', r-, o+ ii·· at : iu- I- lo l i l· ./ il" u; 1 1'.1 1 TI · .1:1 i an, 1.1 1.-1. 1 111 n,. tl. h I Iai)\o I' l ir:ý. " . IIt Ini III). kI~, ·,I ,,I,,, ..ý0I.. ý,:i 1 .1.,. l . lr ,. :1 ,.o1iI 11 ":11 , 1! i I Iti i v I1·!·.II· - ." . .t it 1. 1 1 S(lb· Ur)T' I·II ''- 1 - (!( III·I) il~ I,~I *II 1..I pil U(...CI.IIlll I -W 11 1. , . ..1.!". t1 I. I1ý ..1 toi 11(·11 I, 1 kriI - 1II · h:,,r ·I u ll n i lt' o- ·1 1111 1. r1t1 11) '. 111 11 Ii il ·' il l gIlr l lry For tel-ll r . -?i 5 1- "1 I) jC111p. 11111 '" " " ·: 8 111/ . 2 JaC-- !1,..t 1 (1..11 MR. WILI .IMS, OC(W .IT T, NOW AdT THE JEFFEnsow HovioF. JErF,:HYI)N STREET,~ LOUISVILLE.l. Tr the fgT4-/ rorphe lootlsi!'r .1.lir..(i It: Sofw k~s 22vO5Jl I'rcI'vII'iU'tI'III 0',, 'I'r Ft er"i1l: . I' v. TIII sI o ifeIII I . 1.1 1'' I i :i I'' ITI ..I' l re1 t: h I ""11;,1 'I t 't I.'' t'' i ''n I s I I no iii'l.I'I : lIhI' IIliT' t " I lI,r It, II lrt 11 '.11 rI'I 'i.I" I. l..i.'I U · I I'' u h l"" 'IIIIIIlC ITI TIITIIII, l·i l 111111v I'.U'T1III' 'I l~Ol 118 ;cn o',i " l0 1,01" :lia r iof!, ·11. 1 I , I I s ''I : tll lul .it 'll Tli he "'tIlilnlt.IIIt1 ,'a. 'Iel, fi 'Ill! IIlI"I lIIII''Tltl I F I i Tll 1111 II'~il IT II ' l( II1 Ii I the11 I'll! ' r', wlrlT,olrsl-l tllt l liTlll ' rtl' abov named11.111! (l! t Icoed '''II TI! ftole o nll'ItklT',hIve rr." ret. to slcht to Ill: 0Ii'tie1,1iTi It, t ld _ lt ee O I.'t lln so Ii 1··(.l a '' in na ten o-I'lll' -l' ,:ITIII TI I' ..ho wi snel''l'tl ' aI .er Ilu -' old.. I' Ic tIh lio t ro Il ia birth; hrs.,m ins to t'i'll..,.Il~r . '.C i+ nutt11i11 I 'f blri'I'' to1111 h'e1 ].,i 1 toy Ili 'e T0 inn,, Iril~nl iun, O ho hnllll each' I " =t ti', sillt ~ f lh lll I'v Il·t'IT·.~Fl(hI',ITI'I'iri't~l' II'''l Itil el I~ll~llr etr no ' e ·f L ieoh rfrha;.1111 tw I tll'I-lolI oth I ollI' IT II "h 1-l the ..he1 ' vI ryl l we I t. If tI "I "l l thoe ,'i'nsiadies h l sS to nee w ith hell eke', which hell 1*;IIItl I ..ilghtle nt lelf tll e'mulou's. ex 1II1 the .11x ,1 cal m,1 1 It l'l'l'JIIItll I sll III' Ti l Jr o I lll lI1·) I(1 I T 111111 T1.I I'I $ TIlIiltli lnl'(1111· 11 1111111III el lI ll'e 1111r Iia name I On, ver to ,o, it ion. (n v IT Illd ale TollY f lolris), l I'II-she ha last te eie TI olLfIt y I'I f Ir1111 I -eIeT 1111 mon s, hat that stir now lI wgin.~s to road mere hares lli i lfe 11I I'r tle l' Icrm l li 'l lls lIlliut. 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Ilow true it is, that m h'ysitciats, in their :uni hition to excel in their proflssion; explore the vastt fields olf science Iv the aid of chemistry, anl steek ollt nlew re tllcliltl tagflots; i shorlt, to .arrive at erfection in tile lotortice by meanls of a.t talone,-eo-ntitlrely oellook neglett, as beneaththelt Itlc, tthelrichl al bounteous stores ofl'nedlicine, hich the A\nlightly has colltso to spt'itg out of lte orl, iv evtry cliniu! A I how tooleh more true isit that while the Amerioen o1hsil l In olks to lfilcign onlll'tries for tllay of Illas most commonon ond lot -'s ll"11oy tlcil-'s, oet'ultllttlly. cohanging as thoey are at the diuottet ooflfshitoom o11lh, he ist suo' rtot .lt it n hit ownl 0;1o 11t with llll e lcs'proltsilnl of l'ledicll oiost stoiiot to :tslo eroouv indication in dist ase or to cure any coltl'tt istTrder; .l et. he is ig ,rult it their tir lls, 1111 y tile) o lte auofered to 'wnst ttlhir htealinlg o t hlle T'lhe lf.clt of vegetable ntedicines upon the temlporaru -those of minerds lastinlg. 'T'he rnter ex V1"t otil' YI .+etlect l dpass Ili'-the latter, 0101t0)'e inu par ticlll-o't, act cthtmll tly upon thet solid, dectmt posilt g the lle mot il t lernlillig the cntstitutit t . by a slow mlllod .lll,(, IlrS!1· li 10.l . tThe co .ttiitallity, ettriieny mto SA.\iETY ,'t'of tetI ble 'Ir lllies over minrlll :d't, t :t,. e estimated ot v oit1tt ai ingtheanocient practice with the modern: or, to tring il mo1. imme dia tloy d 'nl.leelr ou t own ob rl''l'tmtiol , 11uii. an practice with thatt of the whites. Who, in Amnicta, ss t k o h o heard of re..' tatt d intto ls 11t, her' in sonte det replid, o nlllltenldin, ft le Ildioi , t11 ml ansof hert si ll e 1'rell itil h, n11e, hast t ,tttud the m- ost rt L pi, l io 111stnishii g cure, t .tltr the ilot eio ot'l lica of tilhe -'i no l tir tice. directed in the nlost skillid manll llll0ee i.++ lls ihted' µ tlll halsl i lot httll .l'll 41 1 1ll lliSi,. ll ilt"o el - torta''t iyti t'ttoh0 ti o i sell 11.0 any disease, tol \ alt the hlmost liota abstinlnce ofhrollnli ise:tlllb am ng i hellllnl. W ho h11: Ia l bie:ll'd ol an I tllian wilhl Itonstioution brok. ioo tl d loilt by ille10t mulenlt A:ul can a doub1txist that Ihis rl pp· y ex

tlml ti'lln of thLe .ur, ;e Ifr 1 mosll t o1 Iit ills which tlhe ilh,-It 1't l t't: it tt lott i:t t6 it titttl t tottcin toe t I 't m or:-, i h lot' t. t' 'to ht , ,i 'o'"el lll l I. (jI'o Io'tiit t i g Iiference 11 socce-4, it il 3 !1}lt ttto oit1, tg hIt h 1 o I hasrtI t:0 1t1111 fr the beno fig t to ' his chihld m r th-ose w Minhl:h h pridie a:1 th1 alt ol lau 1110ae in ill otm a liaong re, leonc .mo. t a ttt 1,tt tiot of tt'hth ii' to l1igi Ilinh:dilllta ,h'(f thiC . coIty, c.dllll al 1 inllti llmate leI ainll h.t oitth tI 'tn tll 's 'i of i o le of some of their most sc11c94fl t11 prt:ctitionll es, the propr'ietor of 'The's lIlcet,'a(qlilr'd Ii kitnowledge of some (If the most Ipoi.0'0fi a dfll falorite r, edites. From (th.1000 h selected Mu'h ISQ 0 wer II Ob clneiL ious 1and l 0plorIlilels, ( ad al lly ,111 ion;,: 1..x Ir111 leht U tenl t their p ill n ll es Roll d oo otr he has 0o llhi~etlel t | lll ii n bolre"i-i111 l ', lu l tcd, ais 11te 0100 t ,tl' 0t i be)eticial lor the rpl 1se 1 0 lux which it 'I I propritor oti lerstht s prelarllio to 'lh, plll c, wilh il I th c nsciosllsnss lthat he is placing II ithinth ir 001,; Srl .dv capable obfre licing man1y (i, his altlicual . h1 low bl'l1g. l 1 : ur's, w o ne ' ri 11 1." the \ riu s chronic andh oislin e counphits to which it it s appllicable. 'T ho it will prove of int alenlhle va!,t as the 'tt, :111 y n 110e es,,1, 1, "h only lan lls usofte0ll1 ingt\h.el i' I 0lII s 11 1 ('"01 1011r"ili1 on . con1e to he'alth ;oII hll p i t i ttlll l 'lis o t o" tli 11d 11t t11 0 i 000 ), 111v 1 hi t 1 ll:l c' !h ell c . be~n ,'t lo ,Ioh good with no . h.y ' -ot s now in bu"I" hill :is ot ' hh ir h isl lilbblo l' 1 1)5 it, I1' . I 1x0'"l0l't · I C lsl0 /w b'.hiroha :ll ( r IIh tt tllolli'll llitl' . i' lll t as d1 rep ,edl d tchi is h . ' ii ih :l.,1 - ; t1 1 '11111'0'V0 I' il lis 0, l'l0 intro l elt ,, 11 I ll t tt t itI i si 11 I li ic 1 , I.$ pil' htvit "o 11lh: 1 /l.ll .oi l r0i hllot itn 1 ,1t tiol t sIt . 1 I, ~ r 'h is k1, 0w nl it i t1r 1' 01 n , ii I t t, i to tt11, : i rto. it I' ' T ahi, Pahll, ft` I '.o,+II tl i 1tY L l 0000ll011, '~ . lll nl 1 1lI ,t. "1ý, .01,,!1 ) l .ll i ll'. ! :1 0, 1. ili. N, d 111 l' 1,, l ;-ll- I: \(.111101 ,i 1 (·I" l tb . \ L11.1ll o itherii 1" I ,ll1i lll0' , anbl pL , x'"1,0 ) li . b it . 0ii . . "lnll ,0 .. l : llll Ii1i 11.11 s 1onh I' II 1 l ll1"I1 It"ri ·l ll i'ti l", .11( p::$ li , HI t hcI 11..0:1 s. ; 1 .'0," wL .l l" I[ ! I I:·"0 , 101 ,h :,, ,0 rcNlt,·1; l 0: ill l ,, i" a ..... ,l4:, , i,'. I r111 I1' .11111 1 ill l '\F1 1 1 , n - illt " .1" niherh'i [ Olltx iF at it.ellt, u ho~ l , . .l I , .. IllbN ,t t, I O to l tot ittl toinl r Ot te i I, i I l t t. 1 t i i es cl· , 110 111 " ,iWd11 10,:I I : : , 0 1 i 1 . lil ri O I. 0'"tl It ttn too.oI l nll S1 1 1'o too ' , 1 " '.1t to tt 1tt S, oi n;,' I l i 11, , .li: .1 ..i.- hl ,c l -: i ll ,il ll:, l l'.htI 'I .tt TU tt1 yAt li·lll- I1·I1"a::11 iI. tiiiI..Ll, I ll.0 .1 1 i', i' _ ,,::11.1 1itll, .1 tt, I 51, t i , :. . t . .- ..t: ,0. lt l. , ..i. iltl ,A o =t 10 ,, ""l 1 0, t. l, 1 :"1, l. ' l ( ,; , ,,. .t. l 0 0 .'' . otm i1 . I . 'l t ' 1 1 t1, . , .,ti' h. 111, l .i "ti ' .I 1 iot :1 . 'w IL ' t i1 -i01 r !' I , 1, I o r in s ( h .1.: ",, 't o ,I Ili, ! % 1 it 0 o 11 ot.,e ototo i ,y ottotoeoiit thoetai' 'tot , n ce.,, ma, t :,h1 ,t1 , hic , i. 0 . 0. ", , A it .+ lishc ' 0, .. ! 1 l : lh Ll;]av w i1 ,l i u 1. , I ' tlo0 . 1s 1 t ittl ito oh tio , ' I, ,',1,t t lot ' t lt 01,t b .hu h: 11.0l 01n ~ i h il h il. al ly . , !l0" i ii 0 ( c l. II~i \''"'1 Iii 11.III I Ai~l UUP.(·Ii IilI. 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I. 11838, by vhue dleore o' t ihr f' tnlnh' l e toro 1ell fh 5th ond y in't ut o n T¶he to rl a18 i;'r r e t totiud, il tho' o a oiot ll ellne n i1,. the iaso , o 11, th e d m utl r ocfed llt a Coul, i e 1 ri1 en ellls Tile the l sa id PI IJanels 11 II.lll Tphe l p oreru c folr Ithe 11 i lit o f twt nty InlltIot ottt ihe t)ecrto hiptiol ofeI'ntlmpif tls ientr d in Itol Jtldei ytlhCoi vey l er , vie: Aol era in ot 11 Glo.rllol -till I i the " fll Ofll b An-t. 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