Newspaper of True American, December 19, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 19, 1838 Page 4
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N , ".ALLY ANb STANDAiD! f4 R'I. )$ , Sa vo smo -"l " hiro ophieo, s Natur. a M ll Juriprldenue on atnlaty na0 .,n FP er-Phri ! d . n, i aia i 1-.. u Su9r~efry--Litm, *ourgerV Mdtimrry Tlfu .ttatd--Coote popuar Meditie d Diehtn,ury of themistry Roe'.Au lytionl Chensit-ry i COMMAOCIALr. AD NAu'rtt. . A &'i .". 'manae and Repository, fmt 1859 1U9 0h'. cotamtrial Dictionary, London a o na .li a . t - f r 18:39 o wditen's Navigation ARCIITyCTURo AtoD MOCUANICO. N can' Direti nor of Arehitntare, I.ondo. 2v. do Arehimtuweo,3 vol, l.odon Shuw' Arehittectu. ln redgtnldao Capenotry Fngineeu,'a tleelinuia's Encyclopdia', Lend a Matine'e Matlmnaticol 'Cuble~ NIoarks' American Iingnyt, o vyn i uoisao hicrl Mioeella iee reom the t . lnU i,, JoIffrv and i. Contaol on.okrd B 2on'r We m, vols, I.aud ,o I'Isreli'. Ctrio.ities of Literotare, .on Ijlitical o eotoy. by Say, do Vethake Lat.khart',s I.i'e of h\alter .eott, 2vola Senlinnd tnd ah, lae, hv I'renot. 3 Bhnakeepeate, plendid edition, 7 vol.,, , And a etneroal saortment of Law, Me St,'o in C-.lanca, ,t ineeilaneous Ionks, Nov .. Sinfi cttoarien Grarnnoar, English and stroan, I sat, and Greek. N" JOHNS & eo p26 or. Chnrles aend Common stt. 1 Twill I.t rridiy dia,overed wherein the 'Tolnic Mi. Sttre i superior, to the ordinary node of treating the Fener od Ague. In rthe frlest ple, being a .Vega tbile Extract, and free from any deleterious and ptdion. nut ngrtediolts, it may lie taken with the utmo., safe. ty even by the tendler iufnta. or aged invalid. It pre wentnredapmaof rte disease, conseqaently the cnnsotlu tlo, sMon regains its wonted tone aldaotivilt. It eatab. lishes a sonnotj nd pertmanent apptite by indearating th stolach,and Pivee a relish to theennroymenty oftnant: Reing peculiar ving pnrgantre qulity, it nmains nuot in the ohowela to ittrenan this disorder, or to cr-aoe other diseases, but tilrangghly eleansne the eventl or goon of digestiot, ond thus benefits the evn:em tithnhteterr Olh-r aflrCtlo,,a it moy be nlptes'e.d. lndividunls, after tihe ure ofthe Totin Mixture, have htn eooposed to all tht trtItdI cflsed of tito dteaeoo, and have escaped auv yeynpttnn of retrn; wherea. by th setee ftile cloais lI rnnodie, tiere is alwnys cean. ted on inore.eed lioeb'irv to rerurreacer. The. danger of freqient iclnlpes ,)fihe Ague, is vervy evitnt, for L the sioteln will son htiolne too mcMh proottato to hP oide to rullct n ith i.eilihine, and sleedily fall a vic ti.. to -ich i cenatt violeo.i The Tonic Mixtura is 1 fforedr at s elc a reano altle price, Ns to flae it ithil the reach ,f evrv u e!--oo that th, poor and deatitute n ore hereby ritrnlohed a itt noeisttnce wilnmt elieiting the aid nandaldIIIce which ts frequenttly dentied to them, or else very reltita tl crteawed. Ii Tile podllia nreere..peCtiv cul "nPd gltlrlllt rhf Tipll lniu tilnilu a of rlia teOdicinet tht atre daily t ffted for nloe. It istprepettltet ho Dr. Johnt R. Rownd, at his Lntil,oaorv d .]rket letree, IPiladelphia. T'ile llltecrlttcrs are tle wholtealel aoe,'tt for the lonuth \Veterot e atet, a)d wil sell hy the crue, at the Philaelheia priee'. "'., hr hal at retil also, at most, fille f pothciari n il r h te city. t JAItVIS & A.)'DREW, h S'hulir ole Ilrtetiet, i ,,R.0 . . roe Co-n,,n & tehoitoulas "'n 1]RS. MARY KItIKLAND respectfully an rouncos to her friends and the public gene ally that she in prepared to accommodate them a he above establishmenet, and hopes framn hae Ixnrtions to render visitors comfortable, to receivet I eontinuance of forrmer favors. She feels confi dent that persons visiting Covit'gtoo during the ummer months, caonot find better accommnodatiorn than she can afford them, on more libeoral terms ller house is pleasantly situated, and well supplica with every convenience; the bar is furnished witl the most choice liquors, &c. in short,sele ipromises 'iat nothing shall bh' wanting on her part to give t dire satisfactinn to all who may patronize the l1issiieippi ond Lotieiana Hotel. je3 s etudied under Dr. Scl,loidt of Charleston, Mouth Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medleone and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in tills city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt atltetion will Ie praid to the calla which may be mnde; uand alao offlrs his services to the holders of slaves, being wail acquainted with the diseases cnonmon to theml, having attended them in Ihe sugar Ihouse in Cllharloeton. The tinton santi.brlrous pllsa nlter the conposltion of Professor Sr,,llctto, N Ith directions, canl be had ofthe onder.igndl. The 'ff:pct which they have produced in this and outer citeus, has been arttnded with til, greatlnt saccere. to which ther best of reftoriev ('.io l ine given. Apply at No. 166f Maga. zln air- slr,. JNO. M'LORING. IRONS, &c. T .E IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. - 38 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have r,'ceivrd the past season, and are constantly rec:eivltig large rand extensivo additions to tile stock of tile abnove goods, which now consists of tile llonwing assonrtment, suitable for tIle southern and western mnarkets. IHollow ware of msuperior quality, consisting of abnlt 151100 toll,. viz, tL,Pots oft"2 different l:zen, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 izes, frote 3:8 to 18 gallons, f' Rikepans or Ovens, 7 different aizer, T.'a Kettles, 6 do fhkillert, . . 5 do k 'Fla,t . fi do Coverred Spiders, dio Ortddles . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wa\Vtgon boxes from 1 14 to 434 4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 Irher. Wood Screw, 20 0001) gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior qu:lity and finish, and less than Jame's imported piens. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ib. for ritailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. .ash weighlts, 100 Lone, assorted from 1 4.4 to l01bs. Bells for Pl'lutatio.s, steamboats, churches, &c. male to ortder, Also sttalllmbesat anid other maehinery made to ThI a0'nve nassortmennt of goods is particularly reonllmend,-d to tile attentlon of Southern and W.atlern merchants, and are offered for sale at low pries, asid upon til mrost liberal terms; it is be. livwed to he the largest and best assortment ever etlhed for sale by any onc establishment in the Uilted States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, car. haveo a printed circulari with deecriptiole of goods, prices and trerls, iioto wiech no devlation is ever malde, fnrln'hed lry return of mail. A ll orders will receive inmmediate attention. New York, 1838. y3 NO MERCURY NOR OOPAYVA :ew O)ri:,ers, Nov. 14 1,817. PA BOT six lontths ago I had tile misfortune to get / a newret disease, filr which I Ihave applied to seve ral dloctrs fir a cure, and they did not cure me, so now oni the bhove date I paut ItiveYlf uOnterthi cae of I)octo lilnel, tad I exael:t hil to llcure aee. Since that time the di.e.len grt worse, sot an to break out in large ulcesrs to the number of six or eight on ea h leg, and all over oly face, and sore thrort, and not able to work at he pr,'ent titlte. it tcoant of tie disease; large ilicer on the ti.lht idle ,f the throat. I nt no r prtting myself eoolti rentlv under thel care o1 Dr. luet, of Paris, to he perl"etlv cured JOIN DEAN. fel 1Ii ly SI)O CEIRTIFY that llthe above menttoned disease is qt gito wrell mv own satisfcetion, for which I rtlohk Itt. illlet; and moreover I slinere that the medi -ine I have taken namkes me fat. nd lirl rot idi ure s lly oenlrll at ll; thereflre I advisoe ty f 11aw suenferers rr lose noi time auni apply to Dr A. HIter, 121 Canal, betwren Dauptbire and Bourbor streets. Dr. Iueto i at llome from 9 i'eluck, A 1, until 4 P ff. 'Theiy will find a trie dloctrr tir rci ti elatplaih. Jr)HN I)EAN.Itil Gravier street. If any one wants to see at No. 411 ellarvi JoHN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb I, 1838. felt 14 Iv VF H E Genuine Indian BIalsam f l.iverw'srt and Hure lllllrld, is plt up in bohltls at the low price of 50 :cents eech, contioinoI the strength of three ounces of t.ivewort, aeso Irehoite virltlo ol many other roots and herbs krllrvll nilnlon the Indians ans elicaious in curing pIll hooetrrr erntnlsnts. 'rThe u rivalltd success which has attended the use of this inestnnmable tilenam wherever it has been intro deced. has ohtained the confidence and recommendca tioos of respectable plhysicians, for the cure of cougins, colds, pain ill tile side, want of rest, spitting or blood, liver cotnplaint, &e. To wrlonm it ty concern. Thii tois certiy that we have tllt ,r irarti.e freueursttly prescrilr.e Me (Gard er'ls Indotn Balso m orf Liverwort lltd Itoarlrrond, wmitn a derided good effect: we can therefrrn, rom the know ledlge of the materials it in made fnre, and cheervetron nd e perirtlee. r.eonment it as elllerite" preparatelion or ill trlloso nallotitioS of the llllrrs tor writch It is re nritendedl. AI.BR'R W[I.LIAMS, M. D. CALVIN ELLIS M. D. Membes of the Boston Medieal Association. Boston, Itstobler 5. sale by J. RVIt S & NDREWS, , It to taro aoln iVeiohsitrllan ae " , :ARi'S Vegetale lailir fil, for the re.toration and growlt of Hair, givitg health and euty,and n .nrating baDbldess. efaore this Hair Oil wne offered to the public, it had .een tried itt hrndrrd f c.neseof haldneen, thinneso, nd tatlling nffof t'te hair, and irevery instance its .tliaer - ef tet borv. benen alied. It hanneverfaied toprodue n new and beautiful growth of hair on herde nlremy a bald. 'ld cave where it bomeoes dry and eeaoesto tgrow this n fill ses seas render it healthy, and proidue tr .,md and-..tgi tfl grfowth Of hair, wmthout the least " a te hee Ld. Thit Oil ginves o areeable i fn d I n to any other Il e Oil for per glo.nea the hair. The 1r a 9 smripg P For aoeat ZE It & D'L.ANGE SI1MMONS HARTT & CO, are now receiving Iroe' aon board ship Orleans. EaRle, Iliohlamloer, okrbr Ietry Andrew; French and Germnan nPlay cards; Back 101mmon Boards; Chnesomen, 21-4 and 13-8 inch Pbil ard Balls; 8,9, 10 a nd 1 inch blade Rowie Kunwivs: Leather and other travelling I)reaing Cases; Belt. Peoket, Hotrleman's, and Dualling Pistols; double and barrelled Guns; Game Bago ; Shot Belts; Powder P sl Flasks; Dem Bottles and Drinking Cops; Caps and Cap Holder.; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; all " ashes; Orris .nd Chlorine Tooth Wash, s t Powder: Toilet and Shaving Soaps, in great va. g Hair Braids, Ringlets nd F nriotts; vPearl ý ittPe Powder, Emery line; Ivory Tbnh Cushions: Nat Slldeso or Garters. Gntn E!astic Suspenders; Poder Patio and Boxes; (ilt Chains, Seals and Keys; 4re; Waist Buckles: Bracelets; Bead Necklaces Gilt and Silvered Beads: Lndian Beeds, Plumes; Shell Twist: Side and Dressinr hh,n addition to their former stock on hand, al essoment very complete, and will be sold S onlibqral terms, at the rin of the Gollen Casab. i2..5tf 70 Chartres streel. TlIFcbinariera, Agentes fur the extensive hltottn of • W. &sS. Buthebr, Sheffield, Endtland, have just ecelved a very extensive set of 1a, . l.,, consistine of Table sad Dessert Knives of e- " deceri ption, Pen, Pkaets, Dirk, and Spear pnit llnives; Razors, Scis Oasssdge Toola, &e. &'. & .e. which they anre prepared o exhihit to the trade tor orders. Terms and conditions will be matd' known at the time. m16 J.D. .BEIN &A COHEN.90 Common st. -i' GoODS. - SIMMONS. I ARTT& CO-Are now receiving nership hutlltille, Eagle, Moarr Anldenw. Iih oafd, a-rnHol a,,i Cd.,.n.. tlotoble bend, Hlaviearrlds: Ssser,helt and poket distols; pllh, rilled and split tonstea sats; cap Ilnlders; elas era, hson ors, z tnr . esa; illott's nommerienl and other steel tpens; "Vie os; Violin strintg shell, ivory nd hont rnmls; walirs; k, beal and sleather purses; hair blnils, ftont tdl ssk riunlets; negro pall; Germaon and French cologne water, ilawsands macatsec oil. iitatnio, do antiqlue attd bears oil; portable tlesk and dresling cses: pIst blscking; statiaanad toilet gltc.os; convex; o0 ll glosss stm l viewas; lndlian slads, hells and pilumesr g enedsleos; whit twin m; toilet and shaving soaps; toilet wder, semetie wasi lmlls; seened satin cushlons; laetol smlsta c screw enltsiott; ancy betad lchaiosid seekleeess hillitrl balla; packet btonks anI walletts; yGestn ls hoss srazor stilts; fine and common gum olastie snspenders, garters do; Bells hltifor matches; sil re lencils; Crayons, &o. &e. Tio shoveiln addition to our former stack of fatter Irlsees, emakesota asrrtment vorl en m,letar. FPo sale wholesale or tetail; as the sigt of Ihe (olden Comb, 70, Chartre street. ma8. t1 of New Orlens ; Mason, Harris &Co., of Notleee ad Harris, Klllr &Co., of Rodeys , was diss,llved n bhelst of lav last, by the deathl of amuel A Mason, r oneof the pariners of tlhe firms. The undersigned, terviving partners, will be charged 'itlh tilte settling anl closing said busitess as fbllows: LeviC Harris will ahttead o the settling of thle tbushas of Maslllom,farris& Co.. nt Natchez; nd loarris, Kel e Co C,at Rodneo: and oHenry Keyv will nttedl to les ettling of tle bosiness of Iellca, 3lolont Co., at t New Orleans. The names of ihe .uveranl irmn willhe used in liqaidlotion nlv. T 'hose idebtedl to oid firms are earotr;tly requested Ocome forward and nmake early settlelment; andl tlose having claita will pleast Iresct ttn m witlhout delay. I lEVI C HlARRIS, lIENRY KELLEY. Noew Orleans, Jtun, 27, 1837. 2E AN 3IARII IinAflA'S CO rRE vE W 1T'R R I cares more of this snuerinr Cologne water. jut receivedl andl fir sale In the dozen or sinigl bottl'. Also Amntican nlod F':nrh toilet p wersi, powder I ufntfsaodltnxro , llat'i,,g sl toilet snaO)p, cosmetie washt halls, ttilk of rose, cosmetic roll creamn tr, rau o musk, hlthal, Ward's veretanle halir oil, poatUtln, 'rn lede lprse, Flolidl lavenlaro re an vlly wt er, Presten's calts, Marseill.s perlimary itn trunk,. veretn. fle r Id liqtit route, Chlorine and'Orris tooth wansh, oll,,,hair, tooth, nail and tleas trotshen' together witt a adtlitohal e'tpplv of fashlionable iror and shelll combh and jewelr,fn'or sale lon at whol esale or retail by t SIMMONS, HAR'Tl' &CO, jn!vy 6 70 Chartres streot. -EW GfODS-Siununt ,,,o Hartt &c Co are w 're I. eiving from on lard slips Yaznoo, and Saratoga ndblrig Cnoncrdia, flon New ork, a great variety of l goods in tleirlinet, whical toetler with thrilr formes stok o hIt.nd, nmakes tlheir assnrt,,ent vere Idlete. Tle tollowilng compose n pnrt, viz: ell twist, n,.,r, ;;de, tack and dressintgron l., horn doI ofall dclaeriptione, In-. rlirtubber, silk and worstedl elastic narters, common & llne elastic suspenders, loco loo nnld Lt,-cfer uatcles, Seidlitz powderspuowderpnfl atnd boxes, toilet lpowderl, pocket books nanld allets, .edle looklnl s, shell pearl rore and lrorte.o calrd e nase head ornaments, plain co ral beadls, necrklace .ai negligees, bead ha.nhs,l, ad tek!laces, cut glats aod niliiu,eeed,silverand gilt beads, Indias eniads, hells nt,! bnnmre; pistol and large pow-t jale flaks, slot ehlts, honrse, balt. pocket and ddilinp Jitols; double lnd single banrrelled ouns. Bowie knives, nond dirks. stirsonl, slanrs, pocket knives, gunrd haltits, and ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, hair, to;th, unilm omb, , runbh, shoe, ]lNote, floor and S ld dan . " she'. Cologene, 'loricln, lavenllde, ros atilll boa water,ansnrtdn essences, h Sand extracts, Mlaccasarn,,, hneat antiqun, annl Wr'an ve- in ngetable Ihair nils, lhavin nodl toilet noaps onll des-. criptions, ladlie,' anld gcntleleaols ' nesk t and dressing3 cases, hair riehlts, lirizttns and lrans, plain, fanvcy ant d mulsical work boars, plaitn rnd rih, fi ntted, oont and vaes htlttns, pleanrl and ivory shirt d t, sirt Stundsold t. and silveIr pencil cases, tntailh,'ks d n t nieezers,;loatedl i and gilt lhketa, niinntnre n, h silver, brans anc steel n t 'itimtles, hooks ind -'net, hair pin, iination fruiit. blk I alnd redink,ohoe blacking, violins alnd guitus,rlthed b sld plain prlcussion e pint , linch twine,, . tC ellsi letoa,gold nd siier ino alnid frt,'ll,- latter paper, Pafne ae eng s, riding w';ip . walkinn anerna, tlain gnca-nnl finr b gold, plntod and gilt jweltll, &c. si The otnvr, tog-thler with nt greet anrttv ofn nher art -t Nlea are Sllied ant wholesale or retail oil accommodating c terms. t N B Shell eoolltm r,:] rcc . w OLF:SAIu\ 1E AN1 ftE'F'..\ It it \ Tn ! 7C r. S•RIE1'Y STORCE--at Ihe siys of tre goleon colb, lo70 Cllartres stcr'. The subscribers have re ceived, ti addition to thcirpreviohn stock on hand, a full aul comtplete nsortment of articles ill their line; vi: combs, perhinerv, Jcwellry, brushes, locking glasses, fancy artieleu, oc'. rersisting in part as follows: COiMBIS--rrtoise sherll, wnr'ughrt cid rlaii tnk,twist, qnilled hubck, long round, dressing, side puf;, curl mrd neck, Brazilian combs of every description amongst which are sitone Mexicaron patters, Ivory eomhs of every daecription, horn, dressing and packec, togetler with a general assortament ofFrennbh and American. PERFUMERY-Cologne, Lnvelder, Florido, honey, hay, rose, and orange flower wafers of every size and dles cription, cauiphorated Cologne, extrnota f Borganot, lany soaps of all kinds, shaving do in cnlea oe ad s, cream sonupdt, Wnrd's vegetable Iair oil, bears anlo an lifundo. Irestop's snmelliig eltn, plain and pertnled olet powder, Parl poawder, pol Ierpufst and boxes po tinatnini poUn and rolls,orris and cheorine touth wash and poade.o, wit a general assortment of JEWEILRY.-a me ofthe latest rind mo0t fashiona ble setts, cnsisanpg of white and red coraeli a, topea . et eardrnpse sak filogree, breast pins of a grear· te. ty of patteran, watch trimmings, gilt and iler .,ackoes, ulover thimbles, silver and goldbp eilso and guard chains BRUSHES--Clot, hair, dust. rg, ru mb,oheart,floonr, hnt, flesh, tooth, plnre, conimb, Nail, shaving, shoe and mDhltewarh branIw a. LOOKINGC GLASSES-German statia and toilet glbean, nognifying and French dareoiong gloasses, holne , with va f other Iinads int cnnratcd. eFANCY AND VARIETY ARI'ICLES--ftrnceh and A lerican portable crdesks a dressing cases, sonell very ri and Ifitely finbihed ladiesc work n boxca nldres aing cases, with inrd withourt mursi, uaical boxes, Ac rdiansua of various kinds, violins and guitars, silver and plated pencils andleadl,wood pencils for carpenters and orayons, mnntleelocas,gunsrd listrls with andrwithort eases, ercussinean cpsr. pIrrcrinoll cap chargers, ilpprle screwdrivers, shot belt, gnme Irgs, pste bilaekin. toy tea netts, nliarn eads of every kind, brell urnd piumes, fineand common iknives, razors and ei.sors tiinblos, needles, pins, silver plated, steel aml eomrair sjpecta. ales, pocket bookun and wallet. o various kilrts, vesitiig cardsand card cases, )ilaying canrdsl of Lrenrch, Giorman and Arrerican manufacture, dolls. iinitition fruit, ans boxes, prints of various kinds, Saundrs' Porerrvy'e Etmmnraon's, Hilhnranr's and Hawkir's razor strajs and mnetalic lthe,dirks, fancy bead ineckilaces, do wiith .r dreopsrtoy watches, perl brttons, powder fluskn, er. and plain seed heads, gilt and silver dir, gai elastic saspen. ders, and garters; plain aid sword anls, backgamemon hoards, dice, optical vicinies, jewsharcs, locolbco mnate as and drinking cups, with a great variety of other ari eleo, all ofwtrrh will ie bold ibr casrh oer cit, a:eeptan-. cesn on 12 innthe credit. 13 11 SIMidtdf. & co. d4 711 Cnartreoso. ._-'OLB EAR' Scienee ofnPeinmanship received, ar.d for sale at their permanent Writing Academies No. 8 Chutrea street, New Orleans, 118: ltoardway aew York, Dauphine st.,l Mobile. It is pariortarly desigred for pririte learer.s, and, ard iacalculated for erroas ol'all ao ,r. Ladies and gentlemen are invited tocall ani examine the systemn for themnaelves. Lessons are rgive at aecb honse as slray suRittilre eonenieitcefof all, ad to elasses ftrUed iu nay parp t Ladies whie prefer it can receive lessons a trheir own ref I sidences. Pero,ns paying for on : arse ofrrssoons arc dsiredr Sattend until threy writs ii ell ais tile wah. rl )D(t. .IEAIR r& .ltrFtlR. DEAFNESS. A NEW article forpcrnons troubled with iera cceI (ralled ite Ear T'ru.i...e., lhas just b..n recerene'. by the rite of vhiclhi, tIn lighiect articulatorio f tile or i tlraln voice is idricsun-ll colrre;'e to the .ar. Auv oat, io Ineas evenaet nbrhgrn i. i rconverse wilt a very desi eraon, ianustle fliy aea,irle ofi ho rli tiealtov slid em. bnar essnrteaperiencedaeii buoO y tllelrelres and the in dividual so anfrlarlralel, ntliiterd. ty tit use of tihe Ear ITrumpet. this obrjection s elrtirelv o.viated. lTIe miat steeptaieatlavo alnrin a. aidoftrdlheir doulir after havinu unaedntlITe'rumpet. For alc sat I' F GUtION'S, ancy atore,.ter of Commron and St Charles streets adir ,lha t sIt.aga iu tc l. feb 1 )t PERI. - 1500l gaoln . .re winter d pare.,Oi.t |a casks and bh s, jor sale by Wholesala Drugg iats, corner C rimnori aard Tlhaj i at treiata. elr 13 b S 411 keg.s, . io " 2011 do 2.5" English do--r 1-4 bhtl. 4(00 , - 100 Paint Brushes, various sizes; f I ea.e Vermillion; 5 bblsCopal YVarnish; 2 " Japan " I " Cach 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 1lti do Dteh lletal. WINDOW GLt13, Ameriecrn, Eelilel tnd French tIe Slt.10 hoit [, vanoteiries and Bnostnn trown do.,e5l boxes, cousione.,t, will he rlr Also, a geaeral aasttlanet of artlsti' crlotrs aid tii ioaia[feaata Iry A IV SCA'I ES, No i6 (Canal etret." C N B. labaaa noies tolet at po r and Misiaip"pi bo noteerwillb received at tlper eunt ,lioeruniii for groris, mala play.ptdfdebts. je I tII OIJg..3D0 a°,'r .c ,re lde pd ra;. 44 New Leave. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT TIE JEFFERSON HOUSE, JEFFERSON STREET, LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of the L .oisis lle Ad tiser: SIi--lIt appears b t ile observation.o of the Editors .lf Ihe Nashville Presotyterioa, Uinltn asl 'frans cript, as well as the edttors of the Memphis Enqtirer, that the "Old Gentleman" is amnong the Doetors. ']his is proved by hiskinrly rage, knowinog that his time is hbut short, and thot the iodependont AAmerican people are able to judge for theoselves whot are puffs and impositions. The worthy editors who are Doctors, then proprietors, editors or sub-edlitors of the above rnamled jlurnals, hll every letter from persons I have restored to sight in the obtve places, puffl's. I. The faet is, tot I notver hald such great success within so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One who was aced about ten years, who had only seen the light from his birth, began to see to fillow his master to soy hotel, instead of hbeing ohliged to hbe led by hi'n. d Two young iadies, who had eehlost the sight of one eve, one for t.0 veara. aod the other eir uearlI two sears, having both oit them the other eye very weak; yet each of thlose vonung ladies began to see with both eyes, which benefit I pledge smeself still eontinues, ex eeptin they are under tile influonce or dominati 'n of Sthe Medical Detores Another is the dnusghter of a 1respectable merchant, w''ose name I ams bond nlever to mention, (as he paid le msy fees), who is. sie l iad d last the sight of one eve from the age of h mlonths, Sbht that site isow begins to read large letters wist the otlher eve resepletel) shut. This the doetor etitors ki.ew, s thlle gentleman told me himself e hlOd on dnoerg his dicsllter to the office of the msedic:i editors. that they might be itlofrled of thie fact. 'le o ast I slhill mlrtion is all eoderrl gentlemtnu by tihe namer of Yount, nearly seveesy vetiys o. age, who'deelared It.b lielv by lett'rs, which i e took to all tho differert offtiie in Nnalville bht one, .nd himself told me he haol aid for 'ihe isertion whatever they demanded, who drclar e iu that letter that he Itha otallv deprived of the ioht of ocne we fron f lis afther his birth, which his mtnthersst'ad to Ih . ... occasioned by the measles or smanll sax that sto'.v i eould not osly see the light of tile sun, for the first time that ie reeollcets, -but the clots also, nnd wes bs'gilnnlg to distinguish Inany olbirects; ssd did, before I left that c:to, give mn nv plroof that the could see to walk about the strlets with the otlher ee completelyv losed. He said he had been a mnember at the Methodist Episcopal Church for ti oerlfortyt ears. oIlctltat his word wea never doubt d thrnughi the whblt conrso of hi life. 2. I reesnt ohet I 'od sever greater rceess than at Nashville, and ite.t the medical and elerical doctors had never before sl t 'lehe reason to be enraerd. The piossoisd a igtinc' th i lev. clericol i)r Smithi proves, when e stated o i t ho me tat about six erars past, he wo.' converted from beinr g a serfeil isfidels, to believe in tie d oetrin s of'he Bibte, thlst he mtst have made a trifling error-that Ir e ionst have einont to sav th t before tbhe endi of six venr to sss, llcm lie sh'luld be sconverted from Wil infidelif, a sthe sirit of the Stre tminister of the peaceful alnd seir seni triness of tle C ristian re igios dses breatle ollt dostrultiol, ragee, calumny ansd fcliehood tt iltae ia medical tf'iends, aostit t he man whol he d kllew lhs cllloe tso nrh .od, anr no in jlrr to any one. All the inhabitnts of Na shville spke of the grean '·cc s I ehd t-eet thers medical doctoers Most oflbon stalso had been itforloed by Ilir Yount of the clle porfl.nletr on his tonallr blinds eve. 3. l'lhe fit'snms (o'is h S. of'tlis town ipretrend tsat I have sobt tile Int.rels gained is the Norei, sinoce lV anrivl in the Ssuthwtere. This lrovers isoever,' I ad, and that s krsst setl till t arrived ill this sestsol. If I gained ro e in tse slrthel oulght to have a oenet tl. er i-the smuth anid allthwesatandl r still Inpe to wear them on my very nttlsuIl !ti',w on the dily I ealve, in spite of tl vitup'eraliua oif ilhe -eret Dtr et, if o may judge ftro tilhe Iins. I tue actlsody besefisted in tlls city within three days. l. The object of tile present is to inform the modi cal (lolials usd elitorot of 'he IRepsubliean ossi Trots scrip+t, n, well :Iw the ele'ieali D)r Smith of the C. Pree ioerion and of tii lrnion, of Nashville, its well as the. editor mirll stll medial editor of the Memphibs Enqurr, os well es iet Pr'ellticer, the editsr of the Louisville ' Jourllatll, and vse thle nltndifll Go ia i ediior of this c rty, the rent Dr ..that I shstll brinhr aetions against thmsn all, for vitutleration, slanler or ealumnny, isee di. oate y sIfterny errivl it New Yorkas wel as against stcir amiabhle bre hren the smedical Golinhs ofthe north. 1 eow hind lmyself hy psrooisets neverto qouit t ils tp liad of libes'y, suntil I have lbrmght thl noses of all mytcedital iiulihst of the aorh, as well ae tie south and te west', to the grindstone! Thle olllicted Ihere fore, may caoloulto ot finding me during the waolo of next year its New Yorko, here lettere, post paid, and no others, will lie sore to Seoch ae. 5. 'To iusform the Flnslic that thse Viff, so cl'ed, which the lee. cleriotl cossvsertsd infidel pretenr was writtsn fisr hin, was ws'itten n ore bhaolo week plior, oand iotended for the Rev. D. Hlowell, wohi reod it is my presence witlosnt mnulifrstilng anUy diedsstprobstioso; on Ise csontrary, took it to his stldy anri et se ilel it in the way lie dd, whlichl be ssid hie tlitoght wouil an ware my purnoce belser; lie delivered tthes both to s le, wilhout srestsling thaut I owantedl to b'ibe inisi fro .It hs Inty, as o never monld preesume to offer that egtirntsemit or any othe'r, any money fier statiog feltts li'se Ilev Doctoro's twi llttltsneot is before lthe piblic: foha lie not exalinere all illy dlip'oo'n' , &e. e'. ws'ils a ist 's.ICtitni a's intinlate frienl of Iis, its well as hie whlo of lly patlieto, it reoslss cy wisth another clergyomas, anld fslllsll themls sil Is tse 'o lltenlie, unl alil 'p tleso tes to be mosre or less belefiltei, lie scevtr ECoulI have i.lso induocers I a totall strailter tIo dIrow tp' suchl nril 'ticle as s' wrote hlin-.t.tlfiter llhlleOsions qtI llddre.oed ii to s MIr Strintsfiel, editolr ls elie % SV U' Advocate.' 6. No swoiner te car 'ic sile'd ingetl ical Goios oftt Nns'svlle tool, thie ti:1. ; lott IllteFIlre sid th ir el-i frts to soin wi th t tll s te at"ll-wseo' , otlleties phi s telo and stttrlet'tIsl Mi,.orstcs'e said so-'-ioovee.r e sclericltlis'l 0 eo red its tseo Bile thle 'n ro is s kien its lrui'r' I s' toy ste c'ylh c n erld e 7. It., elidenily w;ntnld to eslnh lisll his mllrll rh .r bribed. Iut I tse. sheth l ter te.-on o' t y picesof silver will aply to him 'ls, well asit was wiell all pe to atoitto'r tgn'el s'lt, intihlel, who, in tse day, f tha'ill earnati'on ofhis s ine S lto ter, absiolutelV sold c ill litr that nlulmble r of pistots of silver. Ily ea wst is , l' tI t s it was [lever- ill.:enhi ,I as a b. ihe, nor eolild il be, e:ll:.idetr ed so hby auv lone, ao s it was, t erven II to the s nti pert ofall the "re"llle i;rioler's fese, of $1 ec• sq ,'"e. ClllllsiltlillSy two oi, stire colnmsi os f closelv pi"tlledl mnatter. which wele tr lie repented bhree o0 lot r imeo in the Presbyterinnr. tIinln anti Monitilorjomnnl had 1 evr iultendet Io Ibriho hitln, 1 should Ihave ofcred him at learst $3ui1), his regular fie.t instead of $ 0, which, inl ol probabiliti Ise wotl haveItr gladly receives as Isis fee, andlsot tsta bribe. On Ihe ootrary, if I 1ad beeo ca Ithlte oful'rrino a bribe, I should cerornini holve done it in sti to have itlsUred Ilis a'elptance." ii. Iltid the lRev. Dioctor bees reotlv eooverled to the l"elofof thle doetrines of the .tavinsurs he would not oave promised to collme anid examine Inv piens e i,'h lll keeping Iis word, ao I have arwdsys fot.d evere misisels of tIlhe gospel zolnurs t .do. 9. I'lad he beten really colverted, he woulds not psub li Iv have spo}ssll ogaiost the Asseri'an inoslittinlosa, which, it is well known, are more numeroes,e od which re stoperior to lllny in sotllloe ports of Europle. lis onddltct so n inh rlisustd some votong literary O hsr sctere, as ts be scascely restraised frosn punisi.l:g biot i tihe s ioi,by Ioilss violent hands on Idn. Th'l Rev. -.eltlenlnn, tou, h s Ti' SeoSchnnot s i.s without xcuse, (nles.i he is cnllmuiatetd), althousi e rnito think lie Ihass t riIght to rlbus.e the Amerienn isllttltltons, becuse lie iss a cltsrleod infidel I syly he s has lot--s all ought to sleak werll of the biridges he Cueo ssls' v ovesd. I f.leirv the gllant Captlain l un shle edsev'resi otier lnsisal youtsg gellttsnlmle of iNbu:till, recollect well ie eondt'et of this pious oxpootder of the iloly Scriptu res! 10. 1 nevelr saw stllh a demon in shumn shllape so the Rie. Ih ctar was the ayiI cael ec to reason wiil him, w..he lie Ises.sso..I tily grey Ihalirs ith .n u.pliitod gigatlrt: arm, so' iit would have ILI'd ni e ti the irosund, 'r daring to draw a pios minister :awI V fron isiolu dutv, by it bribe of SO pieles of silver' I reallv 'etlnllsd isnn si thin il the 'ind (Gensletuans" had ol; ptoarod in his ow5n shape! II Ii aolellnlly dselnre besre God and nm ntot o frid to call 51itn to wsitnleo tllet I never, ill tile s who course of 42 years spraeti'e os tan oeosist, isn iirent Britain. I'lralee, Blele lllln nlld ullerien, in a wil le instanee of- I fered as a bribe atny anount to the editol of onvjinurr, but as a O tss1sPILIqll ftieslseisrO Istiseeio d ando tlts trelesesllt,'itI ss's';ess",,ts ,tt,,,; R.,d ,thl. ,lis, s...s.. s lore i ssss'si .st scsItttsos' tisler tin as 1tnlt v lone y to tle printer's bill; whih is o s tsie iest pros ftlsoatI soad 0 'o i'ltelllo u to btite. -'. L.ostev.-b'l'llesopelhits Enquirerfoortwloo ee webek8 eolltasins sii slt'oe of flarant thleshsslo , s li'hsd the sltdicl (siseinh erit orslease frosss tsesr brethirer oflbes ii. oiolitolis Ill Ir North, ' nd i s sss ll tris l t tliin withaileoi teonttsoti Itutsoil tle i|s :r time airrives- Ulsless it is truse solttss I hlaVee been in 5srted--i"Ssea boeggar, ande a will atceh a L--" ThItoeghl cIo li srl lsesth',rsst:r setl osnsfo for two or three weekst lie oliy inseril iien ouce. hou will please to ilsert this leollr is your nest pa per, and oblite yoesrs, At. JIOIiN wILl !LaMi, Ioii, c 3 the Engisht Oculist. I Cojtiedfro mO.. S. Iv. C. .drortr of the 2t"hi Jere:, 1£37. .tol theryu.etoCf Dir 1VtlliXull· we inot,' the t ,, ow ttoldut tooots l fo Do.31toroti, ofto' vil, to jtiiottile u~to l, oII, booer b'7rosn Aeqorotdty, Dr.e i itouppeul t, h oo ollin ther dilromassttttllt ohier dclen. 'ontsreviitooio, hthe int -tor 's clatis itof pbi patonh t ago In cttip,,,t eod of to h r. Waidint, ir.tW. will tr p oooot' os htIllt n wdithoys lotItr than he t't first into!otl-snv thle lit Julio. liotilr ootoiuiohot:-l-utrilt i been Irrqofted bty Dr. ttrillitln ,tothe tilit, now itt thris ilty, to ertione ri numerous Uoiron a and oter dtocumdentojio nioori o othid clai} lto to to, rotiodeo in his prooesion, I h,;lp, Sin eoaolo ' with valuedr frienrl, lolleso with pleasulre. morbthetoofun htttoletter fromAr Peoo eoyiitypre s(Crhott o the o of thie F837., at i ntohitirlgfoll, addressed to Dr. Wtilliattr t,, ving thil o utttitottti ti,,tt ito o tti t st i ro h kings o nottr OO rtvoro hot t, .teiot. i,,r wellaoithose h on. the Meditctal g ,,oie. ties of Frarlnce. lie: has numlerous. vouchers from toed81 tnon toIhe toioi;ht reputation in tthi counotr, treoivddo since his arl~rivll t thre Uoito d Stat, , detailing inst ces of great sptiicess in t ie restforation of sight toI thee mind. i ittte seetni to rlv allthis ioer patientts in ttthi titror his cure; btr o all I tove seen say thedty are ort. gaestionablly henefnvd.l foei7l'T. B. C yourEL,, i nhvile, June S2, 1itOi7 P. S. -voce r H.itt th I 'n tt eoa, ofoDr. Williams' paCtietsL hai tol to upon aItoC, itd tfoya . hadoltullt tl toirlly iost othre tgt t ftii e ve o r ptttlo rtt bit nowiteclares thot oti botter;io or loasrt tigh, a ,the' ftrt itonfotiotn holifethti Ito f ,ll r ite houldi.i tinga orel, illl oit tte, sjt e ofthre oie, tiotrtor Ot. booearothdao t~histI tr~&~,,rrrohorivedt~ alm,roterio in thisi rdgoion, anld says he ass1~ been a Mlethodtlla during forty yenta.I Yours, trii ly, A llti R. B. . Il. N~MII AP I.t~rr(.A\A, with it. cnnnla, rotdR and di, tances,·F* from plplne to jtla.e, along t he stagee and srteamlboatt routel by IS. leanernrT M1 reHELL'S' JI to Of THle UNITEDI STATE. Lhh.,wing the prinr'nal ruropikr and common randsmda on which are rites thle oiatsncrs to miles from one place to anothelr; also the, eaurni of the eqals a~ nd talil roadd Ltbnotghj out thel cnrllrlfv ,(timidll y curnpiled fromII thle best va. Ihuriti.'F-pallll'ihh l by S . AllrI(Iu(( d ilitl·JIll. Jll1OCH1ELL S 'lane-,III.ER'c GUIDE~ THROUG'H THEE UNITED Sr a-rn - n m'111 of h addsnrsoT1 bont nndc ttnll' I tert &ep ju. t re Iiv:Cda( d I. for s le 1Ulllir. BRO'I'HEItSI it6 Ctpstet THFE INDIAN'S PANAI:EA. ' Olu thecureotfrheumatism,ern fuloorkingsevil,gotl, s ciatiea or hip gout, iei*.ientcancers; stllrhTlum n, siphilitic and mercurial diseseses, pa ticularly ulcers and pninfillaTections ofithe bones, ulcerated thrnatio. nos- tat rits ileers of every descrtition, fever sores, anm internal by hssesses, fitllas, piles, senal head, scurvy, biles, hio- he't lie sore eyes, crysipelis,bloths, ans d eveyo varietowfoet- co' an ous atflection, chroonie Ctarrh, head ache proceed- Ihi ing frotrl ay ecrid humor, pain in the stolmach oad dtis pepsin proeedinbg fronmvrintion, :afeotiolnof the liner, it chroonic inlanmmation of the kidneys, anilenerddl ilill ty causd by atorpid action ofthe vessels of the skin. It is sin :larle embcaious in renovating those colsltutic s iiii which have hee broken down by linjlidicicus if' c, juvenile irregularitie.. In geoeral ttlno, it is rtv.-c-c Inenot.l to all ithose diseases whieharis l'nc- ii u e rties ti of the blood, or initiation of the humors, uT whiatever name or kind. do Some o ofthe aone complaintsmay require some Iri. ill fling asistatt applications, whiclh thetiriomstlaces of the ti case will dictat.;but for a gtneral remedy or Iulticator Co to removetecnause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally befound sufficient. A it T) THE PUBLIC. 10 How true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am hitiot to excel in their ofessilon; explore the vast fielila i ofosiesne by the aid ofchemistry, sntid seek not neow re- vil medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the of practice by means of art alole,-entirely onerlook cnd Ci negleet, as bleneath thei notice, tle rich tll bounlteous tb stores ofmedicine, which the Almightly has oaused to Ih spring out of the earth in every clime! And hnow mnh do more true isitthat while the American Phvsician looks il to foreign countries for maiyl of his most common and necessuw articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates ot'fashion or fiolly, he is surroundedl in Iis

ot countllry with au endlessprOofisio of medlical phicts, " sofficimnt to answer any indication in disease or to oure P any culabl lisorder;oo and yetl he it igostontof their vit- l tins, at they are tIlrendtOe 'coastheir healilng on the s dcsert air.' t The effects of vegetable medlicies upon the syste aore i etmlcoesr--those of minerals lasting. The Iboner er- - ert heir elfets oatid imss off-the latter, mertoroy i i r-t tichllIr, act echemlicoly upon the solids, deeomlosiong to thle hones ond ondermiiilng thie ceostitution by aIlow 00 oml store desatllctio. o The coogenoiality, efficiency and SAFEI'Y ofvegeto hleremedies ooer oietortal, ma be estimated byvconnst ingthe ancient practice with the molern; or, to hring ii slore imnoelliately ulner our owll observaltioll, tie. hlli nn praelice with thatof the whites. Whi, in America, nas ot iknownorheaord of re eted Instances wherein somne decceiidt, unpretending female Indian, by matt.-sof Vt her simple reledies alone, Irs afetetr tcie amot :lpill tic and astolishitn cures, afterthe tlateira Medits of ti -emmol pINctice. diteetnl in the most skilful manner,te, oas foiled? And who has not been surin.tvd at thbe umi- to t Ipmtivecnse iultfacility with which the Illian freishim- Et self from any disease, atl at the almost tota albstinence ti ofchronic disease among them1 Who has eve Iheard le of an Indian with a eotnstitution broken aml ie Ir y itih ilitreatment? And can s doubtexist that this hapyiv ex ema tinn of the savage from most of the ills wthicl thie flesh ofman is heirto, is chietl oowit to mole geiia sic and safe remedies which lie em cloysa 'Thls astonisth ing diiffrene isuccess, in u s, isa fair exemplifetion of the du ildlore superiority of the simple ald safe means of cure i which iGod has created for the benefit of his childe, li over those which the pride and the art of oman have it vented. Prom a long residence among a portion oftheahorigin alinhabitantsof thiseonotry, andan intimate acquain- et tance with the methods of cure of some of their ,ost successful practitioners, the proplrietor ot 'The Ind ian's Peaucea,taoolhited a knowledge of some of the most di poweriilaond favoritermedies. Fromthesetheseected Iii such as were most efimeaoious and appropriates, anl after various experilcolet tal test their p.illciples al sltrength, le lIe las con)titiei them ill tihe ioln tlre ptltotesented, cc the ti most tlrfi t and ,eileficia l or tile IurUIos for which it is recommended. . "ihe proproietor offersthis preparation to Ilht public, ic with tile colstillous lloss tlht he is plllinig wthillltir lsea, e a remeudy capahle of relieving mno ty of his alliIled t fel low beilgs, who Iarc sulffriig uudrii the taiious cihonic de cnll obiticate complaints to which it is applicade. lTo ,ti sach it will prove of incalculable valte, as the means, dit an t il nlany- eases, the onllly means otfrellevilghteirsi- dI erillgs atll restorinlg them onle mole to health lo l hap- ru phtilcss. IThisis Ili otoletrel as a cllll lltol temedy, tl gill mall ler lanllce ie eluelly good with mclly odhers non tit i hotn, hra as one which is caphle orf sao ing life in tnun- tt extlTle cases i hich ail tie unllusual ellllles fiul. LThist it tas dorle repeatedly; and this is the replutation ithlsob iai ed wlelevcr it ila beeni iltrodlu nlced. It is olllyabout tireo ymer'asillee his llalietiotn was i iptoseuted olthe public: butein ilat short stace of !eta tor aOlllt l io~lr is emli ie ttsons might bie toulll wano wocl soc citly delte halt he ey helieved I althelt lives i t e tcvot bt i, iciit ill miseaseell t he had tmiedl nticcyo srll euse st.ntll hie nlcotnO teiietleiesin in. We ri oat vell it is killow it istlitiily coinlg into oseni , sit ts to affoldsIthen aoi subsatitmalnan coulinciog proof of it ItI ioerit . all IThe aocte' flthe Puacoen i most eonslicunous in tthose long sitlldtii anil stphlitic and eeofc onelllls affcctions i hellc have iechirrsll other re.nrcdis, ad ptculhulyn o i as to ccalciie iistressail.g pilSio the bolles, t nodesond t tot ri liicalro U lers l .rtlnget oftlhe dliesfive orglllts, b lici lhese it oollletl iemlnoveslllll hlnd uall eases it ntite- Si' It eladieales Ve diseases ttllb cfficts nleroctcr-, reuo. c Flta hets ircOllStltinoll Iiiii lanethtlle i:ltiet sournpend :od i h:l1]' Plyfit.F s are liet les Sitll)artrll|t ivillvag daunt illellt:p. " cl':ell ill i~l~nciccres thleli:unt Pan:iacca c i peilate ::co n u llll vltti les, alll lti-I.p'tta lll i :1n d :hl all ) ti ei :o1 u in ll ally t xll'essriI, it iilcl'12scr sall tesecret s e "'ioil ll a exvite (I 1 it . c'tili f tiluciuco~irctlo uihe I- tl-lachr. irlt est c o ic l lo o lie gl;ll iut Itiii lIcuhy l l r, -olisIi odc i-tt c coti lvs itlollpratious nay be On I rsull.l'sll. ,_h. eteois .. ilitoe e fa t c .on hi. Mlly useful in manyc anbiguo.s dIiseases not here spreciierl, eel it ihas bsee tusedl i ith wSontldercflll success as a Sprlgillc a Fall I' l. Iiller', by those who ale snllecl to compc)I1lais o the chest, allnd wholse lllstittollareluirle new tiger. S.ich per solns ill do well to use t vo or. three bottles inl sll do ses. WVhcever a diet t lwillk is ctnsill red iecess"yi this Pa.iaceatakt-n iln a snat l dist.; will :Utswcir all its plllloses, i. muc t less tit.r, alit less !ttxpr'iv, Id i t. Inolme agt'eeahle Innlller IthIn the enmmol ttie, titlllkk The fillowing celrtiic:ltes, out of hundrels sinilar, which migllt lre procured, are gihen to show the effect of the ludtitl's tPaacta, in the various Inelltioietl;tudllsottoexhilbit ill the Itost stlistticctorL Inalner' itssu Lriritly over tie n etIO on use. CASES UOFi IIIIEU-\IA'ISMI. CHAIILhc Trot, Nov. 15, 1832. During thle last winter altd stLitgI tllie er. with aI very Severe ollll distressing i. ulnlint oillc ca[ionled y ex osuve ill hbad weatllelr. " now tnkeagr:t pleas,"ci n stillcg, thlt six bottles oflhe Itlian's Panacea, restored te t Perlfect healthl, tatd I oofidelly reetimnell it to Il silmilarly afflicted. JOHN FERGUSON, King at. CHAtaLETON, March 27, 183s2. I wa. sesred ahot threyea-rs slcee, witt aistrtrsea.g lrhemlnatism, tc used layti e tklg a severe colt, w tit.n ttnerl Ithe lhlncce of mercury, and which Ihas Isaled r lrol btusiness nearly ever since. uring thlis eriod ihave ei .rtt patient in the M .arine Hospital, in this cit' lupwa'llrds of four nlmonths, and niearly the lamle lengtlh ," lite in tie eBaltinmtre Hospital, tid! tried almost evert Iremedy, with little benetit. On the 6ith of Iettbruar las, at that tlce scarccly atle to tove altot ulo ruoetch. I eo, I conmtleltced tle use of Ilndian's I'cat.ea. In oat mo ttllnh I tllifd nyelf enltirely r ed frtotpatnl, n or now haplpy to state thal t I donslelr Ioyself, f tli 'ltl y well. W\.\i. TUCKF+R, 13 Market st. CASES OF SCItOPULOUS UICEIIS New YORo, Sept Ito, 18.0. 'This ta.y certify th:tin tthe el lll l 825 L ac seitze with a swelling n my Inekntatl thre, whlic afiehlw:'le llelraled and beiame large ghastly tlcels i n my tlt. Alcl .-atilgstot'veldldlysieialS atto al n:lllg, t wen' rt to 'lhiltllelltla. allt pltceed In)stteltf Utlltic the care I)rs. 'Physc and Ieaci, when, ilter replealted alivateone t to lo me+yc, I was rlorllOllllued uttelly ilne asble Atert r., wertdll look twentyc bo httit oSwaiot 's Pan :ea mn l teigh I tottlcs of t'ltter's Cathlelicon, t ith nle tatetitl I enewil etslilritng f lite, whic hai ntow becrme a burithen It ie, Iiet.rnd cl to ly pirenls ill ew Ye hk, il t8o I, cn BA gaveiucysltfnpt a lilngerlng decth. IletlNin of it fii' great tcccss of Tinto l Pliet'cltccr Iteherele, in. .se siilr to lite own, I was pyersualdd to hde it, ae it last t. i sOlt. To l)y greatstrltrinse, as we! tI i stisfctieiO,,l, sooeinellott miysel 'r. td tly recoverl.ln , o n iOn uttiothi seven bottles, the nh:erthealed acid i bheteme Iterfeetll, ttcll in tile coulre oftwo tolnths, oid have Irelmained no ever since. I nlake thistta tmen all a wis lt I oblished for the Ienefit of thoe who rei suffeting undcr oltilar BI so.rfilous or bIlllitia rafeetions, that thtey may know whlo hel euredone who has suffeoed every thlhe hoel ret Slucthll, ,lad ito considers hi life maved by it above. hce n, 1WM. II1NItA' CoARetTOroJile Iii, t.St. Sw.ns hoietert, ftor years with an ole t'Ir te lec O roliinttlly oeeompteied wilth eryosi.peitcltE ittlhlheti. artd ec essiv. Inti.l ill te leg tld andiel oihlt. Sevcul t n eminent physieians exerted ttletrcskitt .t tl. it, utt witht ut tlcIIer ;nt berefitet f llto tlis c e tire holte itey Indtan's Pnltcea made a iperfect eureo no MAIRGAIRET A WES'I', IS! 'luket tht ~For sle by HENRY IJONNABEL, deuggtst, ,e to: tlt proprietors, i'ehnulitonltts street he NEW ORLEANS & NASIIVILLE tt.\LL IL.-1) te COMVPANY. t. rrHE stockholde,rs of ttits company. trre errey to- rot . tited that hby a reesolutit of theli btrd of lirec- re fine passede on the 19th iste. thlecall c ltade tit thie,..l te tIe :th. Peehrtrv orst, for tihse ptmett ttIt fivte inlltrs ct o hare, was re.etinded, and tie said o.eckhuhseie ere1s. "urthertntified lhatt \VIi, REASDb a resoluotion ofhti- hocr pons.ld on ci, dle 19th ioust. at cvhl ehla beetn mdle on tthe ,lchhoh!e-sclh f the New Orloean .... e Noshville Rtil ,d ad Cllnlllo tlhe tier tle following ylllitsto on ile th e stotk h Ied tete" te |ively by thea, viz:--two doltlars per .s, ., yahie on ithe firstdtyti ,t/ Sfelltell.rlext two tee ll., per llare ) cltle ton" te irst day of l)ecemtber it"xt n-l two tttiatrctpr hctr.te tyatfle on the fi o t div otl it ta next. INowtherefotre he it resolved, hi.,n tloe, tOreti, of this t'olnPynV shall I < fv tle sh arC holdrs th Illlnlla hi( i h1 Ih " l Il tli rh: ) rn s oI f I t h e h itt c n t lt ic a , Jr lil ' e wih'het" cxotlh e-eine o" the chatrtedt tlee ao pefcirtuhe. Ct to iutlle acny pylentl called iln on (lie itttck iotid 31 vlnlpiulli r t ie renl tef sixty t Iiasfrom aid after t t le dir. fn vhihh it inedette etivttthlev it the Xtlett cott s o.irl trtoeneion of sixty p tt I ttottttactt "tt r t eit d ot in which it .louhl havei bellt pal, llh t lhen the ittt- C .n wllc:l aidp ity ntsshouhl have en tlll ee hto.te ten:odo, of tad olint itinw imnpelative. |n ellllirlllitv rhere[o o, to Q: aid Oi t !idl~ullt eh~k of llie Pio kl h i d i nil iili, o o11 'ink prof er to lut off the tioir eitk to Misr .e od .t the additional sixty dvtc, ' cicih the ctler fee itowe tll:m, tre notilied tllt Ilhel t llltV.,n o ltwo i lul- hei rs p.r itIrrt tollo te f,ttred dler ,o the irit of Sete Of ellillerliext. iltay hie lP l lpneltd tinde1r the sixth 'cctitn hi if suid charter, tntil tile Slot day of Octtlloer ilnxt t!lat i tle tlctilt+ i irt etltev o e e)eeelnheer lext1f, ite'cI;.t - Ieoni titil the tluth doe of;tt.d tite'p;e thett enit two d. ollarpei share celledfoe ae+ hi tttt attt etc stduy od Mfarch onext, moy he lutttttt.ttt cltil thle :ilt, It v of April next. Extraets of tots mitoes Iof the board. jeoe l A R McNAIR, Sec'rc. N VVOBts, for sale JOHN II GR 111AM. htae STATE OF l.OUISIANA.-Parish Court for the Parish and City of New o)rltans. T IIE S'TATE'I'F OF LOUISIANA, 'To all whom J tillo e Presents shall come, (reetidg:-Wihreas, JllieSHe IIIIne having Pl rchased nt n sale made by the Slheritofl' tihe potiob of rioleot tie property hIreinaoter described, ns Ippl iet tihe clerk iof thiB court, ill whose office tile ded of sale was recorded on the 2d day of April, A. Ii. 11138, fior a monitii or adter-I tisemrent in conobrmitv yo olo ict of tie Legijlature of tih tate of l,ni<oiana, etitiled 'lAn act for the fnrtherr oas "r"l, ol tiles to inorohtsers atjudicial saleso; approvod flu' I, ilt davof Marehl 18.14. N\\. lW are ofore,kuow eyr, nd all persos interested h, :rdl triteretii eited l.d t mtoniishd ia ip Ilthtt e of Ite >'.:ti of Lemnisilnn, and of thie Parish Iourt, 'ho ca0 set Ip tai yioilt, title or claim ill and to tIle property hereitlftro r tle.ild ind conseqtuence of ony firmality in thie .rder,decree or indilg.e of the co rt tnder rtlch thie .sale wea tleo r oao irregt laity or illegality it tile appraisetrents and aldoorti;elsoti, it timle, or mnnner of sale, or for any other t'eti.trt whasno ver,oto show cause, within tlirtiv das irtto thi uay thi monition is first inserte in tthie putict paperso ol tie snre so made shauld not be conllirmed aod homtI logited. lhe said P Irrperty was old hy tie Sherif rf the plrin ish aforesaid on the I4th d ay of, A. A f. 63.8, by virtue oTa decree Lof this Colrt, rederet oil the 5th ray of Febtir, A. I). 1838, in na snit it e l..r Aiexandeor Cadwell avs. James Ilanne, No 111,367 of the rklekt of this Court, at which sale tile said James Ilanar becaome the purchaser lrr the price of twenty oe 3thouraoud dollars. DI)esriptiono if Propert as given iin the Juldicial Con reyunce, viz: A certail lot of grott ittun lated in tile stllurb An ounecirtim olinas loanotrse of thin tiy. it sql ore No.5, and lot Ih:vtt, Ingreneo metnt s rene Ir i tleof ttnet l'ct ll-i pitlttlas otrenet, 6 fiiat Itro., it ()alourlgts treet,t an 'iti feet on I afaiaole doilnre' l o Iet.mtin suio it ttinmmter lhat said lotuofgrolud is i fieet tte fi ro o ne s de of the sqare Io tire other, toigether withl n twetling Ilose fronoto lgett 'J'oltn tiltnte t nOttt re i g c tittrul de=p poendncirs, also tilte dlistillery eolathli.l m itc erected Ihereont and other Iorilings n ,s itr-uao llneuIs tie mnachiner, ortensit, itple:lltnls an ftixaIn s In eo ginng to said d;otillery, ils dip cdtte i les d Ipt I'Irtenl o atd thel rigituc to ls ,riviletrestiheret, berlogiilg or in say w pite tpptrtitttoi. C3irt's Ofrfire, Nowv Orlens, Ml.y 7, 13 8. RET\T l LA Cll-'Le Physican lls 1:alalsne p tot In pmeoisse et t illo iie la o i ltut,lle Ol'le:nls. r 'irAlT DrE LA l.)UISIANI.-A tons eeiax uo ,lames llallnse avullol rltet6 I une ve 'infa te p"r leStilfr del Inparoiste J'l'Oleaotn apropritc fli pi-ot'i lerite, s'est tdrsso ni Girefe tie etie uirteo il Ott n l ilt vente fiot ertregish'ie Ito lemejour d de t ':do lo a e 1838, tour n i......o. fottnleteo t o ni actt io It .t I, , gilutut, re I' ELtat de It LoLlisiaie. itilitl.l. "' Acts pour tllfinllor les linleas des acqnerear8 lu ix ventes jlnliciulilres;. p 'ppronvl tle t0 rots 1834. Qo'iil Sotiteoilooo i:t iolts lel'onllttes ihlttq'rsoees sollot I' cgSl reseltie sol;ttito Oall om te I' [Iat de la Litoisaote 't doe It Cuttr di Pi' iosr, Iqi poulralent avrnir daoil t lo I ltdooo i6te ri-atioos decrite, en consellqllele IWouI11 llt dlie te derlel Bds ('al ella ,e derel'tl oil le jllgemed de Ila clnl· ll., NelvlU la uc l in Venll a lte lilite, oil de toute i•tgllhllatue lo illgltlilte dloo I'tillltationl'avis on le termpn o tle mode te a Vlllet, Ott pour tlntrit Inttt'e CUtt qitelloltqlret to file oir, daonl trelltejuols a I;dttelt tdo lo ptllication iI to Ie arit, toutroioi la ootsto aitit ifatire ne serait pts cotfi ni 6e et homtologu6e, ILa proptii1ib fot vetdue por le shetir "I di, le qoua-. orziuae olr d'avril de Ioalltiti 18118, eo verlu d'oan d6clet de cett our tole 5 do fSvrier do I'nn'lee 1838, dins I'ulhire d'Alexonddor Caodwell, contre James Ilattnse, No 10,367 du do lcket de elnO Cour, lq Inuell relotie ldit Jellies Ilotlse s'est Itenll ucqlureur pour le pix de $21,.00. DesTriptioi deo t lao opuli6til d''pr6s itr'nn sfer J oudieire, SIIVoile. tnt:ertaln 1, t ile terre sitiou all frlorg le I'Annon r.iaio alias I.acourar, de c0re ville, dlons I'det No 5, le dtlit tlo tdtrer aViillt [lllosllr fr itoiso,] soixIttIe reds e fitce I o ft iAt e uTchoupilttulasl o ois cent oli ds lie ha loe " Illri r in ees 0lirs, t i sOixnnle piods ine fa:e i hi falr(llnh de In rue dul .llnrlch i6,e sorte qolt le di it l it e oerre a sitixante pii ds de aro.rur d'uholIIott I I'ilet t I'itolllre t oelloldl e IttloInnio d nno dtoie c t I ue 'I'rs lnupiollr it cuisine et see de pe i ntl'. ,. nsi pee In a listiPerie rllllttrllte Sirt It, dit lilt, ot ,titres ltd ti0se t ftn ittolt l iot; 0 a de tIt hi Oes, Ilst0nsiles, instal ationnl, &t'.il, app 'rt'natl ia liite dilitlhtrin es d0i0a anew, anprtenall0ces lt lesdroits, actionaset privili'gos yv app tt annit. iBtlrtla tdt greflier,Nouvellei Orlolon, le7 1ai, 183Zt. ri14,84&j3 J. tiLt.It tiupto. Cr.llier Ronyll College of Physicans. iootol.t Ithe iovl Coltg of Surgteons, iicenetiate of Amftetle Scary'sIonltmu, IFellow 'of Bth Colcr Society, Surgeon ito the Iooyl UUnion iPkcioo Asociation, L.noc.lekl Place, P .ai eloo ' i li .'e, . ll Per I tual Pupil of Guy' and St. lhomt s's ilostitlots, I.otton.. to This valunale tmedcine, the result of twenty ce'Cts' Coex "p lmiere end uI mraltlel t sueer-ss t tl, te esensi v1 u bl ghly ri 's e table I waetict of i he proph •ety n "l SI sI el by*' it(! Ic lacally'" n l(o l l+ohlitl , 1llld iTs (IW i [c(lua ! Iolhe notice of lete American Ilhlic, al Ise e arnest s o i hiUsiOHuild net1" er of l il o ltg ellmen of Iohg aell hig seIliteitg il Ie' l oit o ' iu I It is h1opt i, :ab Ilt trel i a ry Astoep , to cock the etoils a ahd etl ouse tu ts J oO. H !.Tll, IV S WaIerly- PlacNo Srliein, free tG , I Ase or th e Unitn e Sn t inel , e is Iteonstlat m toi tle, d o er pu ltic rIv ls I ad rr•lt , t,:, eronl'ol'sfmi ,lva i ,u.n g 's and ews-ler fct ls, )as so I I anni) , ,, :o'',),oillt l , rt I or , i oors of nudo s e d, al it kipo a ihle tih In s:hos ,hloci o cm, g ;ill:. rr ,- ,1: I ,,, n IIls I o ,: . i 1· +)·) Speoph'oll is v rr. '"lfes,, plls mild 1 , u l 't',·ll o tll h bl e ir I I t'en l 'J b el t" k a it ,a't' l l sisi i. c , o ul l es illnes, I o n '11 i pr , o nI f t i hn srlcc, o' hole. . , ,Ehsan ;.r, ttt, . ,ts te t tl,,, ,Inth.e an ,,io omplaints whirlesh on chlYs r e s , 1101 beeg d a i. . SAmst s os b eltd al ne e wiho tot hen "'ieh y uare so, t in ek st atlb e rni t l r;: ach, ly e ' .sp.t I. I le Hi)'. fh sl r I ,f i-tcot-)' .,,,lit t . o , nit3e ' dt iaitels l llte. olgtos, N lcct ttlttectios, tagell,er wlh ad stoou l ials ote so i iltto t a -bislict e Ilei , ttt,~ tottit, 1.e s It, .i Bta'c k nI )., do I A toinil t i; do oA t, otl tIto Mot I). pr Iot:let rol s u thers. Tttt nri, tttsct nay he oeo i I . t ooel t o S "ioet iene:lls Agel t tltys I's cthol II o lt .io e io imoI to led to tl l'la o ticli, llnd o cwo I allt l ,e t s flo orlgetOr lotn eihcust i-e l eovti cett itoet t ti i pE Sole (it eneo al Ateont ft th Unite) S leas e'. I . isai all s t nt a o ii lllll, Io r len o lf ( ilh o tl e rolriltor.f b ewatli u ot lotfilleo t lllte,1i 'o No i ctlot al sItt :tIt , r enei Agnt Irm n StIh-o n ae of Loiisia, joll H tfo! i ItE &e tot, N-hn batng s ltreetttt r, Co ; w recei iog from sli p IlshIle, Iouisville I ~l sk1 E lgle, antnl~ othe tt late alr tvals rm I i l ".` lh" , ern i esle, inge and new selei'lel , sm: LItment t ;.i c toto, . hoes imuctlll t u r i~t lllo , t cIttte, &cl bottle. so Sl1ll Siiling oI goltlecel's lille calf and Moroco boors do i 2,tt, celil do buff'g , ant stout wa- peg.edo Loos n rio ll st c litites; tt Ilo fi c llll cti ell Mort i t hoale pot L.pS and bt ng:ms, Iuksktt shoes, brogit ms oil tlippe ls: me, d tltlioe tltf itt kippl- d t l p i gt s tioe a i otI eOgaits; lio booA; to s-- tat ki t-atd x" pegged, I st.i ; td bo.neI.l; Getileme: 's to est IolLth calt si wet . ito- i s G te le s)hoer I nt r li ollms; ia calfn i , seal anld by nu eoo S ra i eos i t o b sea wn slew artiele; Il fillne cel,l asl, se ll t an mm'ccoql tsl ots;. boys', nisIss'anll childelsell' l gegge t all sawed [ ytro st ni, 1r.; tl bitrot.:.s m il_ ill ti m mrlll m lllade e u.eol o f lhllllam lll a r.'; o I - C n a t I of " IIn I ' ll l" nollt sh ll i use l' ll "-,l .: no i llis' te in, icah, s tol, it - t ot o I l;l n tt , " lls phlip s ti sh eillte; I ;" itr l , l ll ,t i t kid to ll vi , Iv tald sio p e I s;d onilies, ilh, lt.t ittoi tll -.'t 'iti italtt c se a al t Sc 11c irTo e ti o h7t.s; 1o I llll:11. s 1oe. Shdl) lolll k iiiin finlalitis ,I, :llss, Jinlrou iio ;lilr.l. t ati foxed I ol et ito,, ' loot i sprig ioes f gosII1. Il ll v clred .''lo l'c,,co illrh lultingll blo S i . alH I bon t tts , &e -, i ntlcntt boet oieee- I bth tottahck ilk hol; black oto, I t oab o mc lec du cittll a it'iOl Iualitylle , ltioe ci in o leh et Izeblltlte of ilett qaliies; t cblte y, 'jiett id bll )l b ii oI bl ,k all drab wo ol ts of v i s ' ti iIII nii caps. _S Sllt os ttsitl et will bt e retltet ish, t , h I rte ival ofc e Ito p etttll t , ot I ie an e mel tcities, all of whe t)ic ht oil Iet sot ) otn ate nlo ndeticll ,titt ter t, tao t 1i - SIi 'I11 lE establishied rep utation nod cnluot .tlyii , aloerea L 1 dei c d for this elttttt ht,l) loliin y of pii i ac l t pr ' servat ie o- t I .titc, has ihull cilt IO teso ier r ol t tir it io the Aic t te pilt.llttttt . ir m ts II y biee-n miatdll iotlotop toIv ieem t i -ltlh cila .li not llto ,V ll thel lU , ld ttl qtelt , so .lo o uT. t, ithIi lh reaEh of those utf 'rin n l likely to skillet tlhis, ton it-elect le ot ll to l ch. uott-achh e cIPtII o a tplied lry iE·llltili to let nsy veni on l sotle, i tl, never I' Cectu o g ol,fl d i tno.edhan- and matte,,nren l Iti ls~ ar,ests the ,1,'," rC v tIII F u. tIiC1 teetlllha relieves that loile ss vllich'so r'reqt uen rendletrs a Ftrliug tooth s ,h,"ss "]The ap ) c it i llo t reilpd are sll elnti hll it. t in )t i ii ) P. t1 nol tle large nItlllllllil ollho Plrsol illn ril.}ll'en lt ccet1tiuls of i Ic01111r·v that haIse alr :1 ., ex llerienced such llb el i ,| tfl aIn ldae tu tll v e f l :l lY L T-ic i fro m t . e i 'II~ lh il, re re o ,| sa to bIwu" h ,or theP uhii a'. +(, ) rfit e + i llin on' to its ln rivn' lled l qlit· t s. It is in hl it i e )I,') lhi ,l -insularlv anal nIulnelr lly I.v nd e be renr h'd hy f_ 5 ...Cor C,)mm H,, and "l'+bapitOlilas ,e, etc, Ii l.O'` i sellls and ollpriotlg 1,y tie auuhor of1" Itllill R..ecol l llion, of Ilel Iioie .f (o llio ' i i ' 11MA I EI.I.. as l Rb toisto Ial .Nove, Ibll, the auhr o o fa liee s whlen regular" phy sici"n " b.t( fie tlamened i 1 being a .. . ........... gi le fur II, Ilie.l |r}¥4i Hi 1... m31 Cons.ign es "Grtunon' JUT PUBLISHED FROMSTEREOTIT' PLATES. ITe FYilh f'Klio. , of RO.It.tTT'S '',tttLIESI INil'lN:fi:I'T; i T1O which is ncw adhld .m A erage T'ime Caletlla JL tor, o ealsv methnll. fr timlin the nverage time on stora"ge, nles of had or hill. of ! is, when puir. chlased at different dlates, en difl'et' t crediits, ooil T.i' various amontst ; Iesidelot ots sills aI complete lasnking Tilume l'a' le, the best Ihal calln e cionlivtd. or that fi gires call pr luce within the illle coldescud complass ald size ol t pe. An A a vertisement in the book is in nearly the follow ing woaris: l'thehgltl distinction tlhis work Iist r"coiiel ttlesogli t lgthe ten gitsatie acts lx l ip tio e t title plge, is a :. coinlenda~ti in itself; so allenmmnlonl, and so eollchl slve, tII t m!ting i ntcetssarv me th.n by wayt of ad vertisemenlt, to given coulndell view of some of its Ipe ellheitties:ta'tii ein stblc I htoe, Int.lrest has Ileen compll, ed t romnnd compared wiith, what is cquivialetlto four teen selsefl'elclllatione, exlninell ill tle plress hirtr five titllesi, aslid il'iled l'm ,tit''tf e mll p ales iest Ihirt v-nne times, fron all which it isolt st bh evideiit evel to the skeptie (espireialo ftl tie lae sdo. o"ille lie tall t'tlronfin thile preftae) th tihe wrck oust sle wilh nietietrll infadlible, so l ien oOnfiricitil ofll his beltimP r.etniltll of tr ao hlunhedl lll itht dollars, is now of le.m fll b. id e tietcet titn l of a e iit" iio tlhat in the e(.tr - o fifth edititt, as exl.rssed ill tie pielsce, nmaking five larlst rciniol+ oIfereaIl fIii tile satllle clrIta sice thlts lirst phllti'i'on intile year 1 Otts. 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Ill s Illr I'i ,1 :std ; hesille h e o Ihr Gtel'e,;l lot-patIi es oft this w , ki l eeil c t IW t t s ' ,emrwiltrPl'ii i otuileyt Wix elaiot Ro es; ietns, gaist i io'e, f the .eii htm fi, i htev e (r y .nlrertie;tin l) nE t ;lll lilh kpl in ItIh e" t it!e al elints, tii st itwt u. e Ih i I ili l hllh. e Aniptl e oilirtolh s to fid btIth l :llk:isnd sililltot ' inl est with li.eill t oile iollow tihlc ' ptre, tw ice , Ith c l is h file as ill liae Isu pilceding ii dhitis, ci ilhlu niih in-os fL* .l'llal(i.,ln i·OlICI. lill: lithe Itw 1 F IIll f ui n Ides ol'cou )litl It t'ellt::Icii ,I's lo h k l't , t),d illlslgla li.. thlis AlsI.' Cotl o &l hlolwo' t ii s bWoesI wi:,spll he.oe lmertest Iol, s w e,: i cllllel l . lluc I ,--i gt - ili s i -llr pterotieUd, it ih. c ;,,t eel slI II l;se, ie pidl ilts h ilortest tee htsao I cuns hI" ,olr , ,is, tCnolt ad ' doe ll:uth soesh six .t ls 1el tiit fori I L. ly,11 Wi tto ir; t ) l stll Ihri ls lir.s s'ditis n 'l otlt 1 aI ol,.hi ;,12.tiiiit ci, fl tri it IllaliD a cns t"toiitti ir tly, lr Iloo : li, l ieiftts e , il c t cil't'i' ;ll, ll l', '.' o i , i' e 1 o 111 l1 . pit osit i IU , it. ,aliln Iltl astier H ti e I teohl,'l p r r ,"luc l ' I I' I gll b ", , .,,.h Is. iset .I,',e .\i":\V 1.\I I , .-flit, A&seeri:,oe sl I- bI,,; :tlli , l1iy h;t llall ,l "^. Year' ill .'.piml, " ill J Cl '1,.llilt A , Clleihe, I oi selllo tl shluuisaeel a Juiil rerI T ,"i.i ,,I l i er.hlh r bl y W 1. 11K .\ , V E & .S(IIl.\'FFl.+'ti lno-l-t", '',u,. - · i x iptic~i· o Ihrr r hii; pi hoplls or i llustulh, oi' tile I; bhi is whi it aros Irni an i1lpluro tite o'tihe oil; ..aly exrlt lim>; I a I ll ilebolleb ; hr~noll c Alto,--Cave &. Schuf r's \Vortl Syrp, or In. fant Pi'ese+rvaltive: tlleh, bile. p', r,,lpurimon ne+,w 4eat, hL. Among whicsh arc the, follhw'ilg:--lIliai (lye Greasl.; Put[!:llllll,; iro:LIw'+ Frt,, .lo WVashl : su 7eri er P:u rl P lur a c,; Lily \ Vitlr (Creanm of IR.u s; Seinhlah Rotuge; O L," o"f It"llo ', iip SI re; lre. ('sito 'Tooth WVall; arlbrhlic D)olnlifice; Ora ogo F'lawer Va'er; Powder Pufl, mo an It ,; A:nwr. con Charcoal, nully put upl) in tour , vial];-, P enton Satin; Ciblgt.; Ire(.snto o,,th.ach Drop.; Hair Hrllrlhci; Eutigitsi l)ro itg (Co, bs [iila, n (lair Oll;--wiLh ti variety of tlier Perf, ineric., &c. Flor s .l . by L WV GLENN'S [ERFU'X RIES. J C TI.IN( AtD, Corner of Corlll Lind B(JuroLu streets i s)l .l" . .1.\1-. , ll,, 1e, Xi:,,l, ; ( n:molRnl.-. . :1'In , 3 , wo d s AsIh Iro 'sie , Ilss ri is & K ecut lid i lai1, 1 l:hpci nls:lt) l Fi s s t , lit.h ih .sak .tlin . i, lstak, l ,i]is, , eo A ,hir n, lllolts s si, ",t l:,d l r )l, l lsl d :ul ylt s i us Ilair vl, li , ' I ml r ra n l delln, it, s, sli1 h el s \l hi he. oro I: uls' : rlg t slack sol'it u:g aidl sl rhs 'lass Ash \\ het Oi k, on In I ,nn h lILll l':mlol k toani Le ls t it l TIXsEs prolrii blutlsls l tsEt l e i S u isif llne sieen dts stls, t he h f , lsc llEs, cin l,ta i,'ll Ill e 'li n hul d.-lis s l tIht sa l . 11 1 llli l 111 . sl.l si,.Ti', .' +,.l'g , -ttst . jst' i Al sI h slsl sht , t h i d t Ia e i-l, tII s -l las'r IInpIrv t, lcllllo llll n il otrd hIr IIIwl roi1 a nd plumil nl l e, al d l t el el time m bt lhelrew w ware1l, a hT a lt it irnit, nll s adsell d ll sril e ll. Ih i ill lllD ll ll TIisdII 1o I i, m n lgrid nsIneR SIllEi eles ()xl Ilohgadt thll IIr l ' ] illt inu II o rt in m t lls ire, het., pi. llllll III" l li .h tIllsi -Ail' lis ii',' I slltllnd io e l lhl,'sls s l li . s ll s,,IlhO ls h ,sl k : 'II, phat hinges, dotg a ni t w r Iadfrhsoas 'ir'd lls(l.Ia i'i l , cord't s ', ll t', I l l itt e ll l I t d ll hlll d ell hi nnllli. eli i it. '; :. l [s 1.tate Ahe Ill ebtsl'Isb t Illr ItIll li- ll, nd ship ueh u vi , In r E u Irnll 1, nt.I heh -e h l',k ( red fh r ule. l whaler - i ) i n t retail, on t lhe rs t i ill Iers. te arys Iy s lse .,l ,er J CI,, l, AhtaIsn.s F 5sllt: isrnl,;ri rtl. ii,o I s i. hs h P lesl t I tin e }m - a ure It l l.I- tss his friend, ;all tl+ p bli l erulll'ltlll h IsJle will (e iI 'l the Ist day of lIeu to rteei 'e vinile Is, wild ultso sIh e li ' be Isi oI'thas e ;.is s dsta uee, lhlus s is ers A ,v hssp arelot ire. l sithi rie stIiat e time sish bett str. itie is. ,tit G I MAIL ARRANGEMENT No~rlhe~t " , "" ine RowrV I)aR at 12. l. Northern Ma il, D losa everv dcay alt 'l A. 11 Western ailc Dua every S ny, Wedaeda 0e tera zRt* Friday, Iy 5, 1L. Ml by of the Cls ry M a, Wed sda Coanst, ad Saturday, It . W, d. t1. Thel kel.ail,( Itne everd'ld Thursa, 'flrrda, a vaiea S laturdall) v 5 P. i ". Clases every Monlday, Wednesday IM PR--ESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I)EPA 'I'UIE DIIS'TANCE r It&c. oafthe Express Mailti ic, iu 's.,lil ncd New York--lea lap Mobile duil" aat I P. i. Nurlthwar / New York daily at 5 P. Southward. 1- C Arrives Arrive tNorlhward. Ditunce. lUie. Ietrurn'g Aotnutonery, Alea u 2 m. 19 m's 23 I 12 ltn. SColuibus, Ga. 11 i 941 feaet Milleodgdevile. Ga. 2 13 ll 14 2 p: t re otmia . 7 a. , i . 63 171 lt t Warrentoa, uV. 12 im. 53 mi c ; iPretarbut, \ae. i0 pot. 83 It 'J9. ee Iaichlato rV . I I nt. i1 IFrcad',ltk , 8la 67 7 t p n. Wnsmhialo eity, o2i pmi. lit 4 5 it i nlt t , i t 38 4 ()j Pttti ddelpt ia, 4 aen . 1(f1 It 2 st New York 2 pc. 90 : s1:1305 1213 t. or 5d 23h i Narthward. Cominag Sottthwtl,r lime tit is six hlours 1 _ Irso ri ag5 dayn s a ;l 17 hours. do pJIi.ARS IkEAr VAl, n (ii. -- It 7 ANAWAY fr.m, to;9 C:rondeletr cor Or of fleev' as 1Rtrtcott Itolhe ight of 30!, of Aerlut, ttd was - area .l nex marni.g in I'Wirais sttrePrt a ogrt boy named CIIA I.(S, ,shott 17 yaura of are, ant 3 fee aor theretl ota l iill herihlt, vet r a, lnt, a dacnltt tlped td ilallct in hIi s f c heol t el ate lajgi t it core, IItt,,sio.t d by a recena t hn rt; le had Illl ti ll h ler vi r at Vl a whit itn lltone In'i lla 9 rl m l llll, and ow i ll t I ttt Il IaS in olher prc ollt , s tli, utmost rig of lIe w will bt a entreetl ngninit tr ·l nlahetave rCtYw o wiltl he as. - flrd nelive:in , him int a y f hi ts u eiher of , ,uniei ltie, or at 16 tCaro ide it, cottr of Ilevi. 1 uider thi firm of I u)11oi& I ,narrettso, ha, been dissolved. TI'l . e "l. atiti er will liquidate tihe afftirs o i'd to Iarta tt 1 euot tliaaMitts II, etold all tat oehRatia atta g--7, I1 X.\ItltETSONJ e Ww. SW AIN. -- I- s. 11 l('ueiatl Nrrtl Ai. 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GaI Iog tll ttat sii, I tll th t o i11t do do loreign, tIed ,ticiit, .l cc, ý lgu ia l Fl gllll ~biI , iicri.ii At.h .c do Antei'icao,, l ihed ':hronntt illal os 1 Maiai:e kc, aiitp carp, yii t I o sors ISi llalimlmtii I,hl':m'cet' hall, ti-uii ihinn dt ceshi, 1, ipitii.. ,ii. lii, . ,intl peili O u1 Il I N -.[ u t', iSellai, da c,, .11 IIII ao 1r t ..... ... \. i l . e, l. O oinh dlo duhi .k i i 4.1t :lll i' . h.l , kAl \ :1 i 'ali e pul. I i.. ll ' :,/t/ir e f¢el+r r, v Itls autlltor of P'ale s1• ,op+, k ( ultrar+in,.s. , "r 'a \\'inter alt :". hiloss It i" 4i vl i to I .I l tt ai, l'.altta IinA il 11111, Royal AI nt., 1'.L , In., iaa I tai I i ta tcr Vols. : & m toi lf r , tl ut d nimir fi/m edition o r's r nd / li ilio, ary in I vol, 3re I its+, w ,ith rl aaiii iu nhilI lli'mi l-- a-ol PI i2 i i , . illol 13im lt edtin l er ,l' s,ja p)ua edpui plere, w.,i ghsll i ir reerived, Ita d for sle by 11. tE J. r I. EVY. P A I I" : \',i' l m i,· o r t, tn l n ab l l tAe , !s l PAINr H]i' Inor'l'lsl) wJit h Tut ra er 7'ro ,.l u/' mmmmmlmtm'o/in oi " neral Pi -t o , nleo, the .h 1iiun e o' Nm' t .n\emrira , hv (: T r ler, Esq IA ,l ll ., a''b 'o i*t' ( f.mlt ii-n, of tl e l-ai e Staltu , t yora t llee t ui n,, f the i lir t nll it Ivitiated of the ofmerr I- te t 1::,, ith eir ll tr' t} , o t g men o" t U lled field, 'I:v : OF i .- tIhr ixa . l lli ." ' li i d c t-ii . g 1 .\tmr-a'.v Illt i , (i't: 7. i , is a1 o , nd with e r e e r ,it ir ; u d t ..n) ithe a r ol ofa .porn of me , A n It I ISlt IN LI Wil' -ll II l· l' i til-ll J h lalllllled ( . lie atu - s ia , in ti e m ", by fre U- tiR' ! ' ii'lr,,. I~r'Pltl(dl llttllltl.?.· I11II 11 Clt' il f f I~l~l'tI i am Vii lm ia im lae the lliitl rit ila, i fn vmtiiat atmll.a h'1lt, l ,, ve 1119 luI S. % ,,I Itl s pe ae with .hlsll a eT· Illt Wllll lm t l euti. rare l . ", o 'l'h, u l~e PI hv;idlell ltmml ax jit plieinI s itn eAjna abl rn ,. him t 1 IIa t l_ il tyd Sa.1 aii l y I IaI na des.:, tors nI obiz -IIu Ir ll'thl sn r r 1" raiR h-- ey, e ing f 'I l lty t- . l i -r , l o i ieit : , "i. l i t i lll l I te t m v a d ol i t e -.t r 1 I, ,i i aIImIIiitit. tmmr p- Clie't..t 'iIpuli m -. I a : i i:r ,atle. . le m lmay nt ita. S in Silt'.t)'I'IIo'I S do ru .t tn,, No. I tllted nal streett whl naly I , hud, fn'.h an g.I 'lralte, direu i o n the ,r,.rrie tuIns1, Swnlim's 1'attotit:gutt d Vermiil'uae, Putter's C,.t. oli onCai e me rllh' tio're nl ttimis, nofa Large: a ld gelnera I1NNIIICK'1 ItOl.:, &e. p)INNI)Ii'+ 1"1, lUlt IIuVCit IItITt t) N OF DII J llldvwc thl's t of [h' ii1i toryl t of Rmtm s toI hI ih is preilm an i tl" tih.r t l he l l fao Iiorlm' Ilistu", mi t n mritt varii ' tf vn' Ite infor l lnm ilul a, ltler l l'tr nl ulth th+ Waill'iltll lluu tltr 1 llnerm l slh ltrnt I tr l a AuII, t ililie, of tile Kauiutl ; w Ill11n lll'l+lro lfu}.n'a~fltl and hi)r<;i 'tl Notea; and titles, lieu- I r Pxaiaionlat the Olll of nilI .ieiti-tn. I1. lu trtued ii ilh Ihirmv t-Ira' iinie ou wa' dl, l Aitherton I IINo iC.' u ilii''tvd I':thiin i'lDr a l'iilaiiil' I liSatopy o.f elmm il 'm lhe Inilmm af Jtlimas C .ar to thel a[leihof a 2't], wil'th i Ii iillltm t e eyea I:, 'i''. Wui llith }'-ailuas aIt ,x" n ua- l ion i theend tl i i added tibvniu-,h thi W'ik. (lCammlmimtin f lable if ,oitenilia,'y Svureium in atld eminhimiit persona iiuulllll a e I uutlt l mImiaes. IieIteiamiis ia tl e ro i ti t s m a n l l r ' a n d h te," o fi be t A n o u tlin e , tmim (eaistitutioni, &c. &e. by many engt.t (tea, Elsm..'. . r A. a'a........, ma. Amridgig en I It'Kehth's New Tieatise niiatie U ae of Ghllie.." New Ameriaana edition, with tdditjnsa lmid iltmirtaveliletl 'ito li exijltaitn of tii alt tiiiaaiial tart oftlhe Atm tt received and for ale by l 111 M'11KEAN ]oa : ei rl atr o m almpaa C a C o tt . oii n lp l'lt-:', t t'li- ll t i jiltolil ra vb rio 1 ode,, -&v ha liaen J2,iiiii- l (iuae'i ', ' li' h ery/ u I'upii, fhli'.ti tilt idi,tt itol, ' .Y klain' 'd iPe'ara Ii inn, &.c. u i sliime of the, r i ett iiinei i at a 'i of t[I i.:"!lth l)ilU-, wimh the a ia'i+nix x '', di" irimsl I mT h im I nfvldiixu o" I1t 1 il .':' t Il l , . v t'nlht ci, tim I I w lih a :1 -r : i, \,irh' r l ,N V l iv ,h i ta.wr t., by Gt t - \Iae \ 1m II k.i aN ! 71' f mo a -h s '+,, t, ,, c f' l 1 110tIl it & lAw r att