Newspaper of True American, December 27, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 27, 1838 Page 2
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ý' .ýtIESSRS 11UIINi &ro'S GRAND Equestriarn Exercises ee cry night, Cor. nerofConde & Hospital strets, ). ano eoinento Com pany of Equestrians. Equestrian Manager. Mir. MINNICH, Ring Master, t'WORD, Clown, " SMIETHSON, Doors open at 1-2 past G u'clocfi. Perform anCe to commence it 7. Admittance- Boxes, One Dollar: Children, half price. Pit, Fifty Cents. THE SPLENDID EXIIIIII ON OF THLE MAJESTIC. The GiraFfl, or Caxuelopard ! W II.L he kept openl fro,, TE' o'clock A. M to NINE 'o" olck I'. .I. r.,oem tiny, fo 14 0lx0.-Ioe n ger ion he cs.eer oflSt. OIorit sad e lnd ledido so-ets. and to wive O so all olllltuolty tpsos ii nd ,o .a l tho ;reuaeos cooisdos'l i of,,otloaoolo k oo,"d'oo ever ex aIloh U~a oooi oles's , th -oe p is"eof,r tn,,,o i,n,oao'llloo, m laced aS'S (00,0s. ('lllosu and oeroonae,,lf Pie. In siheo rsdjotiasl Pohasil, b Mo. :. II. i. I born withoutsiooms, osll ontios lhis astonisooinog oaer sntor. Adloi'taoae 95 roasis, dtat. L] AVANA (N PFFEEK-so( boosr ruineosreesn larn , Coffee, lanllding front hootiL Sate, f~or sale by 0 1 2 ~1 2 i G i lm e r s tHI' I F ; 3~ ha) tN o or soloOp jjtlI-sl A NtDIlAV-, & lou 1 K Reo-'ioler I, for Iho. u.0 n+ 0re of Il a iilr , Iye-se., polsiciusos, ,. h . cS- iootoiin ablso~iuc. every d, oLr, now, andooo- ndn, 11ull io riivoi', !i) stles sod oozes, renntnillill al 000 n u ('lilllll I it' )!:3!1 andta tattle loo,o,eo too- oossooobe ' tof Cou~s, ,, oy in on sile tnuoth, to the >uv dnV iu anoIlhi\·, r ,utlr II F I:I? useFul for hlo rking itfaooooki . aa r - le at dlI--2~~F rl~ E.. Ull,:lr & ('c),1101 ( n din o Glothbrig S'nllStlsl d fr rule to it 4 Anti IA i ITliEl, 31 Ginioe~ f I1rtl'd bo'ý otiotaysa"lt," niqlo u0, toufvslle- Io JJsoley Il-l0SIO 1":\: BSos, U , I-as'o, 0119 9(`nnti tI dl vl ri l ollr ··t'sl llll~jillls 1 I1 s ilo-, ;Its- rl~ltl [Lo asI'0, , Iu lioi ii 0,0,0 1Ils-Os; .Nolsab 'osI S l ,oooooo' so oolp oiai--b Ih seniooo sod too' lielooao Itornallvbll -'l1; ' I Ie W hlii. o n' I' fthe I',"(0(00 5v ·l11II no coooe o nd+ll oi' ve.hllo' l os ,ssss jo--lot' ilor-eea me, OsV . h rid'sn II lt ri nd,' Itoo' A t,.o' 0-too',, Xs',e;(oaot NCoos; fiikle wil) its II Io ·ll; (oon',~I chon,, tOY, iS Soup it, 0ne i~ hIa o sd't t ( thel s tor hio,;F. lf-, to.0- l -so t lar mdi~n stos taot0, ,119 1 1 E . d]lE, 'tOt Csoqoo'i C UPIl'L.StI (Y-.l00 i..500ake sod t So-so's 00w.'ll" Joo In soa'sg hl e Itt 0,a t~nfc Sos1,s 9.losooiolo. Is-til. oh l'lsoioo'isAa } .1 '10 11'tai 'I" S NA [,,6-: l nod I jinsh *siz- Iir Is re'reived and (so stole by Il the sull.rri[)U I+, n ,'pleas did aa'oto,' at of beautifullir~l London antUII1 Ame~riVYoI O Duals, con'ig t o i,,fllows: Fisher'.l' I) a~lre1i,, o to' lOtis T'1'h P, ,ooO lll .otAiaoo th l e ttury, TFhe (allay,. of he(:Itore, Th 5 o'K',p lk; lt'heo rienml 'o\o',ii sl ii S loosiiit',sl lot, ,, ` st Iotl and thle 'osasrll'So vrlo , I 'I toto' , D iui; F trmlon 'i i la I' ooiio g I loo t,', 0 - t 1o b M1_ iForlt )l No t "fie Coir '%!.01 A-eirnn lnamrli'Fh. l ~hilll Bocoj, iieloo,'i Atto,, T, h I 'ol, i:Otl tio K,0550 e, and N""to \ nem'a l0lr(1 ts. r.?r to',,'ls ooo, I'eo ,,ntli,,'oo stnodrd Il. A so I I ! ,raeote t of 0000,0-1 sp 111 di Enpl lr l blank ----Head (5 ,'Ees, 181 lirriymde, 1.. .11. Nouw Orleans, ~-111th Dc. l8 18 ) I~ineOrde'r, Nn. It. C r \ 3uulihrmiy wa h thi e Iaws far 1h1 10 rgi .rixaao ot comii " 0a1 ain Ist liagnatle L.. 11. waill ra. I .el,,l a IIIin teclta n and retae',IfullyI armed and ,.,z,,,cdi, t tied days thracdayl design.1( a en the~: I'l~lcoll rl'anas oil Puharny thle uJll o Janulary next, nl :I ti ,eli, 1'..31. 1i'e ndtl Ragimnent, ( i. W. r1. Phn...Fln. will ann ,t.lPIh n Wat-llllagon 'q inrr n 83.3rl.. n. the :30t!. Janara ne at, nat 31,tle,,, I. .1). Laftnvetrr lt t9 ml 8 hurl.ja flee 31st t98uar) next, at3 ' itk,1. II. Bly 1tl... of ..Bigndier Getai ll J it. JU8'CAMTO7~.r II P1(8.31 NCI:. Aid de Co.3.. .384-it fiead Qlanricer, 1st Brignde 1.11. eR w Olrlean; 9L11(P 1, 18. Si. P tHlE Volunteere ('oll~pnies olf fly,, IsI lnrica.',· IF. it1., will n:n~lt r oll'l'oreid? · 111, R It nlJ nun en nt.xt, ien LnaC.,a 'Ie .qurc. iThe It,.., wil be foant edlor rte ,.j" pecisaelyatl18 t',inek, A. 11. Th lrtaInooinaeir teti"aleis perr'adedilos no enenitn willhbe wfnfing ftitle . Otrt o! Ile' cllici, s and men, wehen it iel.rt, I.,l el ti,.. to ans·ert at, celebirte the ,.wit , iersuryi or ft (ilo io.s SaIi CfJln uary, 1815. A tatin.tnul -alln will Ie cei nit 1 nfr tt Trll-are, by the Wastingtna Artirllery, atatunrise, it,.,, andil at sun set. The .liicer.ennainiot Itn thegi ,,,.'te tntltmieh Voluateer co.apaaie. are ntrnclad, will t~nnneni these ttdere it the Cmaamnbalale onaeid compa. itrs. ca'10 rnp..aet iIsrill reii.ort I' aivett utttic Grmnutl to a Brigllgde et.3Odircr. By oriar of lttg. GenO . J 1V J.ltnttlon. , II Ft.0LU AINE, d24 Atid de-Camp Ct LUCK L C C1., Sn. 4 PAtnt l.rn.,era r.e,, wi t . late arrivnai ft,.m Pna.npt, large .. adman to shlner stuck o11ol ntWatt whichitla nkit ,, heire .ari meelet very exteuIIji\; all of n hih I they offer l((0 for~ ceth, or tily pallr. d1:4 tTOV,°! Srajr!! 1Ti3A CK1':4.('a. ,A,8[ta,,t º Leveae, n ra" ee ing pr lship John It ll,h .n tidli tia,.nl siulyaf Snovae(; thoiu aneortmnent now of Spoor'. Phtent Coolt Stovne, .1 fit sint."; t'hiladeh phia Radiator Cotal Stot.e ;onical Cankii,.; rotz Guauuln's ahip aul Ercnll bout Cook': 6 t Ives; alsao rtttFI pipe p..t ap to order. 1161 7 Ii)--1473 kegs P'rimtte I.nld, I.t..,g alnd fir sale by S'ISErdS% 8 A V PR3, 38 i68 CrRooan I~rHIJK1l'jl n l~els Inlldilg from steanI;;.\\i;. Sgurn, for sale Iby d24 G. 1)ORSI-I\', 4-i N.'. 1 perierorder, f.. sale by I. If GAIE d24 '13 ItCmt....t.t `0 B flee Krreeys, a superior article, in *llrp and Stail foatale by LEI.3 1GIt f: detn84 93 Conltamnttat f(tANNEAI't (813,. :A.11 tarl~a -toe ltt.. (al, atI 311 ~P 1 soaks elnlllr r strained O)il is st re, Iilr eel, by~ d'4 1. Ii (A-8LP.9f 83 amnn sF !'ISTl/IA eaaoI c Cetera GrGfts. Tlhe Lou Cadnnand Americen Aanutl, far 1838. Euglish Editiolns ofT various valuable W orks, with eplendi.l engravings The REgli-l Petst, libtary Editio n, i It oth sttedarda watks, at Turkey morocco binding, gilt edged. Prayer Iooka, Bibles, A. dilfereet seczs, and in varioue spteauid bindings A g-c4 assort ent oflurenile Boonks, dc. frr sale at the .k Stytre, 49 Camp strctt. d24 ALEX. TOWAR. III NERS OIL-75 hillert'wte ttnnerr jif, for L sal by SHALL. & BRtOVWN, decdd 96 Magaene street LOG FOUND. A IRG E esteel BUL . DOG, eamr Ia the Itetee ofM-. STEPIre.N W TURNER, 161 Old-Le. .se. a Friday last; which the Owner can obtain byy proving prepertv, and paying ehar6es.; Heis a Inge whirr, dulg, npparenrlv a~oott a year old. d 24-21 COMMERCIAL, † l†† Lu t I† It. I - P. W .h . Phi,l, ,cl pti , do,........... IB , Ii . ..he , d lo........... .l lla ul l o do ...... ........ 1 t. Mours, Dahi ... o.. ... h .... i .lve... ool, I N . ......k: Ilooualo (l . F,) nec..... v3 I a 6r Olt ........... ashM il,, Nrv. ............ J Ill ore do .... r C C EA KA, December o7. Shr hool, S & J P\ Whitery Ship Norman, W'ood.. ft r m -i.ork, 48 eu hu Coles S 'ar rlulxakil Rotu AIIILIVAI.S. . RTeehe, from S W Pae; having towerd to ea Tuobat N ti, Palthuo ,, Arng ,, nod RoulaU relur.ed to shlip. Clbtl .hip. 31i..slippi. ah d HIlv,o; .ud br g Rowse. thectyD25th, ,t 4 p Ii report shllips S.NrtluN thir,. anld LOR L 4 · Jo., ihnide the iV Liar; I brig and several ehr 1Vh . River, l',uAboNt Ilartk, Thomas. froll thi, Pnalse; having towed to La brig ArIthRllu Rela:nol to the city with ship hodes tlSipnd.snd Hriu A pduheap ind fehrs T.,olisiat, oand Dlphiut. Left on R4to int; rei,, It i u.ip 2dop. barik offS Nu Pas, and i2 I. g . , tm tiid, no: N g new in ,he river.I Towboatl Pil.t, Clark, fr.m the i'ases;. hovine towed to sea ,hips I.iverpol. pad Ocoynee. Returned to the city with ships.'Tohlmsh, wild Ferix. left on 2l1h. at 6 p mo reporlt I blig ad 2 schrs ohff thll Pals, ad 1 bark ud I brigs inside; and .eve'lt aurnt[l nail ib the lver. Ship leriey, Webb, 24 D.c.mber, froi. Philade!ph/I , toJ I)Dengre. Ship Fer u, HealeIy, h1 days fri m Thomhton,F o l.nster. -shlp Toellnah, Barstow, 51 days from Havre. . ip Rhode Island, Rulgor. 23 dmays fr... New .ork,to ihiip i, ip Beeb from New York, 16 days, to J B Ship Havre, MeKnuhl, 43 ,loe from Plymnulh, to iater. Ii, Ilo ig,, (P'n, film Havaha, 16to, i, to M aster. Bri I:h6ct, o yioilS:, rlo..l the Cookt. Nrlg Auuuhu., t' I.abote, ti days frolm Havana, to R (ironing & co. Brig Corinthia. Iteynes, from Now York, 4th December. 10 oaoter. Wrhr Entterprise, Dtvie, l1 deye t~On Portland, to stoler, Srhr Co.ket, Kllg, 22 it.. dayom GtIOUenslr. lllaenchnsette. ebr D,,Ipl onl Kemp, 4 days from Galveston in ballsat to D .(iollliitit. chnE Louisiana , Auld, 4I days from Laaci. River, to m,: team packet Colu.lnbia, Wood, 48 hours from Glveston, in Lellast, t l J Reel & c S. Sta;imer Vlrtbiur, Pea.e. fromnl V i' iuklurh. Steamer Echo, Ei w e.rt. from Bay ou Sare., owed down from th2r Chot Fr2m Ihark Annue li..U..arg.o, red ot.k L ardo, Ibmulld to H.vre. See;lP er 2rluliu.t, Hnrt from Bayou .12n. BSteaer Mlaril i6r, No iyl, fr4ol Pliqueunuii. Steamer Romeo llc Kinney. flom lRatil Roglls. Slemller AD ill're)nrh, R tid, fiI ,d Poduc 2th. Stealmer Etell, Douglia,, Riley, Na.,hez. Stea-nor Rrlnll Bnrulnlr e, Sweeny, froml ,Atllexandria. Steamer BUIrIIhIOtl, 51itr)c)lullf, 0o 1 1uut of Arknlllns River+ Stoa.mer Banyou .are, frlutes, frolm VirkhburF, Steamner Livinlgsto, , I ldw rd ll, fron h Alel'alldrii. LIER iP00l ..Per .lihp Normain..7oit hi. colo3n. ..............Per ablp M. hawk i ,..13 1 . I loiolh NEW . lllp Ocmulge..1 h..i ells hi ll. a bn£krl lt. brl2io 2 l lrr', allpi 1 0 2 P tInraCilE, 24 b. cndv, drum. l,,, 511 es chi rt.. 4£9 h i2lt dt, 511"h -: wine, slid o+0 do cmiull2,, i t oil, 4 16o nlsuodrie a lnd o ke., but er. TI'A311'A 11.(T..Psr Whip flolnrlia..tU(ill hbugs cord, 10U 8 I etdio, es d Imh glin. IMPOIRTS. Pl'.YIOUTll..Per~hip llavre..wo.,c blondy, lilqore, 2hee2 e a int a , dr a ,,ols, lnd .. nd s'd i t Ire. IIA3''N.\-Per till, Iltowae---,, ,lhoIh o,ifo,, iWd bx, ,ulni, it) hales tohnco, $l14o.ld h ipclts, nl,2II hoIt utlery t 'e olll, ,,t cigar 27 o .r ll0. NI".V Nttlt K--I 'r shilpl sliolripd dslll..clrgo: .siortl,+t In o. NEW YullK. W It IA llr i,',ll,'1,1 1. 5'1U lri pt, tIIUe. 900 2.11 haill iron 24 hilla e and nl-'d adite. i t I , ) , ,l,,, ,2, Newcombl.l Ii ,,i,, l co i N D ('h ,u,12. ruin, S a J 1i Whdooy, J blo,,,hUo . .............. l' oI,'liot Ihode . lIfla.. cih'b toit esiand i l.'d SI'llIA DEI.H IA..IOPr ship t,rIonh..ias'd 0hll, . to lldry , io , I .io 6 ' , 2. I IlAVti ..Po , slil I 'hllllouh.. W£olr e. .ll ndhP. sI owe t llmtn. , OIh 'I ..\I.N .. I'r l I2cllr ' lElol,o 1.. 7 tos oaliuooP13fi o.£i sd 2110 tu ylrllnp m le>o, brie, t,,J I' Frothll ugton uid b..d th It ,,6, n,.1)1. h IIAVANA..1 Per brig AdUhl'n..h p0 hll ., rO(Ii, o ]tl rigIr, s et ilnt-t, ol ifruit, to K Droning .Q , A I'o iceteTo, E'o.ti, Pi'kelt t4 |lank. A Kioo. nPtAy,J tlloerlA S Ptndrew. an& o2der. 3 i or, 13 hideo , to Dollpoo ith . h ;Ibl.ol'Co E,T.ot..o.r Iolooet..'lo) bdris Poltotot. 00 do i Bl.erel, "ld It.s rf Ilel 1'1112 to 8Isoter IECET:11"1'S OF PRODUCE. N,,tz.. Pe hodl 44er h.olleno, Dola.. o92 iod .l~to R, RhAk: .ill.ollr, Ih io Ileh lIt, LFerriday 4 co; 7 do \V I:1(;r0, I.oll oi n"r, alltl a hlhd ,o ld ll~lilll( 1 lilil11.-o t FPrrlday & n, -19 do AIn dlorrett, Jrmllllloogx ,.* CII Ill o Kel, 4 Ilanrls, ]3 do |luoh .nO ol l ( lll 1"2 dII11 L yh , 4 ella r rll · (: R +. t\Ix lnt i ntrll .. er 1 , lllll Il- l~i+ lill t oI es cr ti n .. I , l+pry V11ait & t,,, 4 do Ilalir 4:gatt-lfrf;d G do LalllmebLh ,1 Thonup 'll rI e :41 bl- --o+.1 I is 0111h, _ do F' henry, It do J SIrlal lndrll. l 'e r >letnlilr l, iaun Inlo lllinr ..F bales cottou, .&+ \ +,olr he., 1l do .\ lo.,cux ., r1, 51hdo Andrew l(wlowe, ý9 d oWh\'m't & co, 71 do3 J 1 |.e':'ellc i . 1 toplldflR.. i4r"i -uti,ýn 'lr llll, r , J31 K ...... \V,'l".' :t';; . h, G W Cl,', , ll• i de., 12 1 'o ,hiys ,:Y .1.+ ktlh urter, I0 dhnz broomsl, b4 a Illl-u, anrl I bnox, II \ arnl, lll. :E btrls door. 3'J bthds :I "co-il, :Ii cask, ti!Bullh rn, F'ls1ytl & rlolllOrlckI John Bolldw Ie, IInerIP , S I. ,*1del. .ll. Iles o. l & It,>gelo.; 27 do R L+Itdum;y, 10 I0 bls do and 6l blt rlll rll e. +' - O nIlt·r. il I 1;.1l-ttI \Vlnto & c., )il hli 011· Pollou , iSo:ltehq " UCeglol, 13 do (: 1 oldallou . 13 , Iourkok \VW tllt 4. . I i't mil e I, t,0urtlin, loll, ir, to J B rmill|. I I shlep A 11,10.1,, l J ore , lieu \ n !n)eli Sir.-r.Per stenmlrr E' hn.. 14 is .cotton, A Lndl]oll. , Io, 25 tdo I.o.yl Cooe & cn, II boe helldeanti lot de0r, kin. A NI Cl,ir 4" l. Viek.imrc.. Per telamer Vicksburg..l 15 his co'lou, W N Benn; ((6dJ do J doruu, 12 Sa \V ()+key & .II ;to 31 0St nn & 1, 10h .!ll1d Reynlr l hls, |lyrlr rcO. " 7 hdo, '1', hr. (;ardle r . co, 6i do l.illla , Pilnt:llll : & ro, 2.5 do WV Blogart, <4 do Jnn (iomdlrl 2J do tll'lllrlnkhur h IICde. nlll : d Ii yrouIs Ardent l ,., 71 do Ntlyes t, Ttlrpoll .1. \v'atl, 129 do Illlrke "a ;it 4- o,,, 5.3 do alnualst, Fe rrd., a • 51co ,11 kris four: Beck. PA3S EN(, F 3S.0 I33lv333ln3.. r .Il33. packet C.331, ',i3..Dr rIII,,lr' F4,3, .ly 2 , 0.,., I I v .3,3J., 13'u.,Ey 1111 3 ly Ill" 333jr, , A lyoon J \\ 1'1, , , J \\-II.I. E '. I111UI 1. I,1,,,4 33,, 30 C4,rk, A1 33' 3'.,,",,, 33..3:I 0., , E C 33ti,,,A 133321 ,I, Y '~x , 13,3,0 EII,- ~,Je 331,,.13 Dr W '3 ly, 11 Fms lilho,, Ak33,ouex II....u, nl..P * Ite .3,333r 3D.litant..gllr 31S nrrhll, IlIto~ , ,d nr6,I J IIAllill .16,1,1 al '4 .11m N O Tr ~arylld 1 33333333 ll F 1i,,3.,.31), J33,3,3.33, U333,., I.3 1uurd3er, \'n hrblho.. 333...,am"" Vllk ,33 33,3 Mr 0 '.o 33lll 33,0 Indy A It \'1. hmw 111 [1a1111?, Ell l as 1, Hll, Or nlen( B. MallardsV William I. V J i G .."t III:II,,,,,.. re, 4-i: AIuhnn..4 \ 1Al11·IOI. J Dnnlingni, A S33 33nrn J 33lnriu . 33 .,&,.,;33rl.nln Si'l k13I.333 N lhr 1,y, If DehdllnrN, A Div l J Brllrlll,. Anlloa, II Galrtoar. 1333. Ar4ir. 1311 73,. 3, I .3er .13. 13 , V,,3, 3k. 33Par h,, 331,3, 1 33 0.1 . 3( . 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Geu S 3r, 33,nIA e 333d 3 4l rn~llm.o 1.33 &r, r .33333,3, and 33h, 3333'ho3333,3713,3o, K, k,-.,ll AIICIII.lh)? andl II.III., 1 Irl~ls~ld· m e and co, 1 I1 D Onke and ,1 R ·II:1I1, 1)1 Dcpasi.. A Go,. and o. J If L13a33l, , 33333333,, 43' .3vcp~ 13,L, k,,,., 333.113343n3331ne pun,· Illnlil·11 Fellii;l y ro.2 I· m , h, HubbarlhUId and co, Baru1 und IEurn.,ll/ , n L,... c,, 1' 3,,,3,3.,33 I· \I, ', IS V rrilchnr3 3 1 and Tu;,', 1. J I.;nll~llr1.43ndo, J 33rr33.3 J 73.3,y J A Ilur &333chA33,3334,Ala3,rk, J 1,313,33333 c1, 33d33Jand co; WI 3 sad S,4, 3, Fai3333. 3 13313333C F 1333 1,3 10 an.d3so6, A Tn3.,,y. N 3a'd33J3D33k a13.3 33, Godley.37." L 3333,ind ,, 4 3036,e.1) .3 17313 T333ma.3 .3 33,,3, n lf. Al D33 .i33rd3 30333, GyII..3 S3 y r13, I. 3r &3fin, I IJnvJF.,31, Dj3J3'3J13H 1333d &I,3 3I3.doipp. .1.3, 333 (im . N 30.13,du0, '10hU013 333. 13,133 U 3.3. 3l.3 4- ul0d &34 .,,,,. '[633ld3333 CI0,,,1, 1111 ordelr. 1311,, ,o..3-.3r 3.p l3 rr-33 . 3 1,334326632, 1.31h lie,. frinr. 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Andorwn and r,1,l c, J IV StilIaell and o, Ly~ons. 1Iarr~ and I1C, E'Rerlkmar,, J Unes ler ry R I . 33 A 1mour,13333.1113 d W13 lk3, , A 3 ,tarn nn33 .31333. 33 A ait,03V Da.vid, CAI Cu3331, 33333313 \uil, 11433 .33, .3W Weld and co. (iooddna i ..1,,I Levy. H Mlrrl and co, No,'1 and Spnyer, J Vatrfn Ill d co, 1V Kenpon and c6, N D Com, Laul inn' a and fit 1 , Loot, A C r , nt and , o, Y J he nn , co. IV M Rostl, Burke, Wait 21,1 fin, J A H"Idene, C M,16, Frh nit and We~ , Bra~ ler.Alclrnlm .' t 1 Wrllht, D ECotton, Brush It IWaldr,"n, )I E Hawl, B Levy, W IV Lyn., ;.:d co, r( 8P0)"· i NMe 11II. Lnbadie ansld Jaqelin, W \\ sll,.l T pria~pic, Normal. SPrl and c1, Hrilc.. Herlllonu 1111 r6, 1 I) Faaa'lnn l·,r Illd I..... n. J· I·UllliP nod r. D, ' J.. I'el 16.4 H"llllw jrT Ir~l. J \larrell en, P11','If.. rP pearl sad co. (ilu,'r nr l Ilrrll ham. Pe( Id I. rt sadd Korth, W Vaurep. M nlnllll-r and Tay tor. l lGr (i~ddllr V T Pr. It connteetion with this OMlice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE t FrtR TIHE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every description of Job Work shit any be rrlequired, a-rrThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assunres them that all work intrusted to his care shall be dune atthe short eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this sity, and at tie lowest rates. 'TIlE TRUE AMERICAN. EDITEU D SY JOlal GIEUMON. eAITIRFUL AND BOLD. NIEW ORLEANS: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1838. DIRtt:TOnRY.-lt is contemplated by the sub scriber, provided sufficient encouragement is given by the public, to publifhlt, an addenda, to his Di rectory and Guide of the City of New Orleans comprising the new residents, and the changes that have taken place during the past season. Per.sons desirous of havint their names inserted i in the addenda, will please leave thetm with their professions and residences at the Counting Roomn otf the subscriber, Exchange Aotel. Cards tastefully inserted at a moderate price. The Addenda will be sold hound with the Di ertory at four dollars, or by itself at one dollar. JOHN GIBSON. The resumptoll of Ipeale payments was effected onl Mlndnv last, and ar grant waspublisconfi ,Jence in the stability of our banks, that the opera tion afltlh day enused a diminution in the amont iofapece in the vanlts o all the ianks of only four hundred dollars. The stea.eWr Ctlutinltte, Cnpr. Wade, arrived on 'I'lltinay in 48 hours trotm Galveston. The mlenti ol Jolhn A. Wharton, one of the most proi:i tent men of Texas, is announeed in the o Texts papers. At the last elections Mr Wharton was elected to the Senate. Dr. Robert. has been appointed Collector of the Port of Glesatotn, and Memucan Hunt, Secretary of the Navy. Gen. Ruos han been elected elected Chief Jus tice, It E. lie appointed Secretary of State, and S S Jolhhlnot ol War Richard G(. Dunlap, is Se. , retny of the 'I'reasury, and Charles Watrost, SAIornt ey Gtneral. I We learn from the Houston Telegnrph that the neihborhhood of Bextr enjoy perfect tranquillity, 'he Cumanches not having been seen near there since the 20th alt. The Mexican traders from Rto Grande announce that all the citizens hereakount are in fatvor of fetderalism, and mnnifest the most friendly feteliigs towards the Texians. Ietiier hId horn received frotlll the Staleenn nounctng that all the viel;els nrthorized to be pro tltred by the noact o, congretss are now on the stocks and will be rndy ifor sea en tile 1st ofl May neit. Caro. The skt l, & power of .l1de. Lecompre are themnle of univer·atl eul,,t and we would a'eronly reconmend ail to take every opporttunity of seeing her sperdily at the Camp, for by the tenor of her etgag.t ment she cannot dance at any other theatre In the city! We have this on autlhrity, and repeat that persons may--mit ltd deceived by stories now Irtent thcat she is to nppioar at the French theatre Mallltats Lteompte pessessert grace and exeeution perhaps upetitlr it any ildansute who has visited this country, nor is herc dutnb'shltotw Ia. excellent would challenge eminence with any that thes age has produ'led. Site lih as pe, feet a foot as ever ar.ated a 'light fanntios tire,' and to a prson of perfclc s tltteltry adds att expressive anld agreeable fane. The pretty Julia Turnbull is a sylph like, lovely creature: grace is indeed in all her steps, and if tteav n be not in her ete, it beams with as bright and pore a blue as heaven showus us on a summer's day. Without pretence, she yet dances with per Icet elegance and ese, anti as she is no young in year-, as well as her vocation, the day will gome when she will dance second to none. TunE.nTICAtr.. We have been permitted the pe rusal of the new ilstorical play called 'Ann Bu. leyn' which is In he briught out at theSt Charles this evenin',. ''lhs play is styled historical, l. though it is ntot strictly aen, he author having made use of as much ilction, as was necessary to%*he drmnatising of thie etory of the heantiful but ill lated second Qu een f en i ry the VIII. The'e piece potea.seas colnsldurable merit, and several itnesi tutliontle and we dolht not it will prove very ef. leclive in the performance. The principal parts are to he slusainred by Miss Cltfonand a irJ. R., b stides whom the whole Sica of the com. pasny is put in rtqtliitifn. 'The part nl Anne Boleyn is well suited to the drvelopemenlst of the great powees of MissClf on, wh, se trent forte we take to be in the stronger passion', alihoueth in snone parts of the tender seras we have not seeon her rsrps.sed. The atc.. m ship Liverpool, Ihearing . uh-treaeturer Price to sanfety and Swartouttwas seen by the ship Huron, tn tlle 8ih inst., in int. 40. g5, long. 67. i3, thenout two la.s, and under good head way. C(aps. Its.ttrdman nakeis tn mention of the "Rsven. us Cutter," so wisely sent out to overtake the steamer. S'taritcoult' case. As tar as ascortained yet, and stated so the speclal rieport, the defalcations ofthis Iort.n:ive sub aleasurer amounted to l1,374,1 ; which commenced in 1830, and continued to 1837. Defaultersin private life are "following in the foolttolas" cs lheir carn peers in public places. Try on, a clerk to D. F. DDtavan ofNew York, Iha ah scoandle with S$C0 dodll;ra of his employers money, Wae supposae ths, too, is only appropriating public funds to prlva.# uaes. IFort SOUTH AMtERICA. By the brig Ann Smith Capt (Gat. Crauwf rd, we have Rio de Janeirno papers a. the tl'd of Oetoher. The .,ernal de Cnmmtercin of the latest dlate, enyay.--l'he French corvette Dordogne, which at. rived here yrsterday from Brest, has on board M lnhlsat de,ChargeootAt ffares and Cnsul Gs(;, near the Repubile of Buenos Ayres, and who hasi alreLady been at luenols Ayres, and who has bnen sent at the request of Geln. Roans, tG,'svernsr, ,I Bltsnes Avres) is esecially conmms linsed to arranue the French qnreaton. 'The Doi doene sads tit.smorrot' for Monte Video.' TheJoornl of the 1tih eontai.s a deapatch from Gesn. PAz. of the Buenns Ayrean army of opera tions against lBoivtns and Peru, which It ap. pears he was tll otlv defeated by Genera l Brtan and O'("Cnnor, shout she last of June. All hisin lantry and part of hit eavnlrt, were either cut to pieces or peased over tl)the enemy.-..V '. . Gas. LoweR CAnPot 'lhe thPerllnmer at Queboec. on the morning of the 101h intr. was down to be. twen s18 and 20 desrees helow zorn. Th"' Mosntreal Courier statet that Judges Panes and Baderd, of Quebee, have been suspended from filice Ior their parrizan proceedings to regard t, I the writ of llah.ns Corpus, and that they wIll imt. ttscsdiately proceed to England to support their de. In the rose of C.irdinal and others, tried by ' Court Martial in Mont ea, a morntion was to have teen made iby A. P. Hart, on the 13'h, nn behall ofI he prlvnera for a nr. it of prohibition, to arresi and psay the tulrther proceesdngs of the Court re nardinQ thess. The ls.,n,,nl lIerl si of the 13th saes, it iscon. i ii ntlyh stlated on )o h .w , that ow lg to re hl Ln seriner ssoters t r . e se , osa f tier Majesty's Law tM .' s the-urd'atso asliotne issg thle C."ssa Mar SI1 l be die. in bhe. for ici Guarda , a ct th S trit invasion had reached Mon l rtI as Tuesday the 11th; at Toronto on the On receipt ofthe intelligence at Toronto, the right as wing of the 73d regiment was deala.te.e to Brantford, and the left wing marched Iraln Kinesten on the 9 Ith for the se ame leastiunation. The.e moveaments are sail to cI have been caused by a rumor that two thousaud Ken- a e tckiana were marclhing to the frontier, for the invasion et of Upper Canada. The execution of Van Scheul'z, in Canadt,. should carry with it a solemn and admonitory les. t *on. For his death, no blame is chargeable to any I hut those who deceived him. Had a Canadian tt headed a band and visited thestates with tite same aets and objects, the laws would have hanged him speedily. Von Schoultz, who diedlit is pre sumable, as a fearless spirit, bred to soldiership and peril, should acknowledged the justiee of his fate and wished that it mighlt be regarded as the me'rr. ited fruits ofe mad and most deceptions enter. prese. 'My last wish to the Amerieco s,' be wrote, 'is,that they may not think of reveng ne my death. Let no farther blood he sited; and bearve me from what I nhae seen, that all the stories thal were told about the sufferings of the Canadian people, were UNTRUc' 'l'oese were alntost his dying w rCtt. 'h'us perished on the glacis of Fort Henry, a man who was made the dupe of p .ltroons and speeulutors. What denunciations are too deep or heav for the villainous plhte, which end in scenes like these? D.trephs. Abhbey, of Palmella, and Dan'l George of Lyme, N. Y.. were hung in Kington on the day appointed; and it was reported that four others were to be hung on Saturday Inst. The wife of Mr. George was in Kingston at the time of her husband's execution, and, it is reported, was de nied permission to see him before the executiot, and ratfued his body after death. The majority of the Malden invaders are said to have been refugee Canadians. Some of the De. troit "papers state that trials of the prisoners and executions have taken place already. Kitgston Trioal.-Seve more prlisoners pleaded guilty at Kingston, on the 5th--nnmely: Dennis Swtre, aged 19; Joel Peeler, 20; Elan Fellows, Charles Wood ruff, 19; Orrin B otget, 23; Ahbter Townsend, 17; SyI vanus Swete, 21 and Wm. O'Neill, 28; all of tihe State of New York. P'our othere, Oliver Tucker, William L)enio. ltth aged l8; George T. Brown, 12, and i, reat tLoopp. 2i; all ol'New York, 'Ileaded not guilty. Ot tlh 7th came on ilte trials of Riley Whitney and Lawrence Riley, frm Vermlnnt, Pries Senter, of Ohio, aged 18, and ofJohn Tltontas, Asa H. Richard, Edward A. Wil son, Rouse Bennett, 17, Sylvester A. Lawten, Andrew imlh, Iohert G. Collins, and Thomas Stockton, all of New York. Raees.-l.ouisiana Course. let Day. The sports commenced on this track on Tuesday last-lfhristmas day, by way of emphasis. The attendante was good, and the running ao.frded good sport. In the firt, or aweepstake race, Col. Bittganman received forfeit front all the other entries: bnt as it was known that the race would not come off the proprietor'safforded a substitute in the shape of another purse to be run for in mile heats. The official report we give for tile guidance of distant turfites. LUetairNA Coonst.-l-at Day. Sweepstake, $500 entrance, mile heats, for 3 y. o. colts and fillies; $200 forleit: 4 suhscribers,3 paid; Purse $1100. Col. A. I.. Bingaman's b. f. Martlha talone, by imp. Leviathan, out of Tachehana, by Bertrand: received forfeit from--.. John F. Miller's--.(entry not named) W.J. Minor's imp. b. c. by Rowton, out of Nell Gwynn, by Tramp. After the sweepstake was thus disposed of, the Creole race came off for which three were entered and came tothe post. The conditions of this race require that the eontentling nage shall have been dropt in Louiria na. Lord of the Isle, Southerner, and Dandy, were the competitors, and of these the last was "quite the dan. dy." Southerner, too, was in much request being by the same sire as the favorite, while the gray headed "lord" was not on tile books as he was known to be dead amiss. The lady Southerner led off the dance, with the Dan dy conqlteting as usual closely at her side: hutaftter he had got the laty in the humor to come home with himt, he brutally left her in the awkward strait ttd cattle ,out first. The lordling, imitating the mannerof lthe "Dlan dy," agreeably to cutom, also psedl tlhe lady by. leae ving the gentle Southener to tell her tail alone. For the serond hear, all thr a came up as fresh as spring, and after the mart the same coquetting was car ried on, a per last, with the exeeption that the good breeding of the "l.,rd" cried place oar drmes, and would not pass by the recond Race ---Creole PI'as., $310,...mi!e heati: f.a Creole nags: free foir all ltnags. nrrying weight for t ge, Fergus Du),lantier's clt. e. Dandy; I y. . y Can. didate ottt of Sally Harvey: 00 Ills. i. 1. H. A. ''avlce's (Mr. Arnett'.) ch. t,. Southern er, 5y. o. by Cnndilate, dlan Imy - : 1. tIbse. 3. 2. J. F. Miller's gr. c. LI rd t f the lele, 3 y. o. by .. . ... .. Time I. St--1. a . After this decision of the race though second purse, i.leber, Maid of t)rlrans, and lick liaile, .ale to the post, to contest for the mile heat purse. Of these Kleber was the favorire at odds against tle field, for though the mare shaowed in gool order, Dick appeared "nowhere" on the betting. At the start the Maid took the lead "down the middle and up again," while fot the first three quarters Diek and Klebhr kept side hyside behinld. like beaux at a hall. watching the maidle'stfeet. But 'ere she fimshed the first round both rivals started for the honor of lead ing her out, in tile atrugln. for which, as is not unn. sual, the fair one was left behind. Dick challenged Ktle ber, and he accepted it, ofcoursa. the only thiing unusual being that insteadof a"dead shot," it was proclaimed a heat. Thin result set the melee so much on the qun eits that Kleler took the lead on the second heat, and made aueh hard running that Dick found it diificult to fnllow in his footsteps, yet so earnest was one to overtake the other that the fair "Maid of Orleans" was left behind the flag. Much disappointment was evinced at this slet,lore Duplantier's success in the ist race, and in the last on the Metairie haid inspired great confidence in his en try. As the he ime approached for the third heat, tihe owner of Dick fadinng he had little (hanet againet the victo riousfrncheman, drew hirmtrntt the contest, and the purse was without further etuggle awarded to Kleber. Therecord stands th.-l; Third Race. Proprietor's purse $100, mile henats. J. S. Garrison's b. e. . leber, I . o. by Bertrand, dam by Oenar, 100 lha. 0. 1 H. A. Tayloe's (Mr. Boylc'e) ch. c. Dick Haile, 4 y. o. by Sir Charles, dam by Tonsoa: 100 Ibt. 0. 2. F. Duplantier's cll. (. Maid of Orleans, 3 y. o. by Littte Red, dam by Timolun: 83 lbs. 3. dw. Time 1. 54--1. 54 PrtCONa DAY. Tile weather was extremely bad yesterday, and tile attendance, consequently, very elen der. The sport, too, was limited, only two nags being entered for the race. These were the Woodpecker il ly, Willina Herndet., and the I)andy victor of the pre vious tinay. Dandy, was decidedly the favorite, and he evinced his right to the position by taking tile purse with ease, after two straight ieatIs. Second Day.---Proprirtor'a .Ptrse, $.50---mile heats. T. .upltan ier's ch. c. Dandy, 4 v. a. by Candidate, &e as above. 1. 1 II. A. Tayloe's ch. f Wl.lina Heraden, 3 y. o. by Woodpecker, dam by Whipaster: 83 ibs. 2. Time, 2 m.- .2 m.---5 see. FROM HARRISBURG. The report of the senate's committee on the snetject of the contested eltction of the senatorial district, was adopted rn Saturday by the senate, by a vrte of 22 tn l0 'The Whig aont.rts alett, li.enere. James 1I. Bell, and Robert P. ilcClay, were then sworn itt and took their sents. In the senate on Saturdny, a r-port was made by lthe eotmnllltmr e which had been appointed to inquire inmto the business of the ortanization rof the House of Rep. resenttltives. After the readling of the rep.rt and ac companaying depositions, thechairlmn oftct comnittel cflared a resm lution that the sea.nat do lrgranize atla body preside I over by Mr. r unti.ghtml, to be the H.use rf Representatives. Thi, ret.oiuntillr.rccta*ioned adebate, in whilh Mloanats. Penroer, Freailny, Bell and Chelster, and others look part. After whlch a t.aotion it reoollnlit prevailed. 'liem repoirt, it i estated, had createld a fresh excite. nmet in Harriabrcr. We learn from tile Harrieburg KevItoa n, dated ves terdavy t one, P. M that a body I 'of itroops from berland county, arrived there ont Srlnrlay, who took possession of the arsenal which the Philelelphia troops had evacuated thren hnr llherrrie. leveral companies were alsreper- tedy eaerdav f't rtI drlto CdoUnty. 'The Philadeliphia tr-,ops have all rerl,,.ed h:lrr,. l'treek of a French m ian-of- Il'far.--By the British brig Vtctoria,i'apt. Yountg. rtived la.rt evenini" fromte Bermuda, we have received parers from tliat place to the 8tb inrn., frtmn witeh we tlena tlhat the frigate Her mionre,f60f unal 'rm Baz"-che, with t crew of 55.) men, from Havana, bound a to itrest ran n tie rock. off the aeat end of this islncd on Mond.,y evening, 3d IDee and soon sunk. The officars and craw Ilaned at Ply'a harbor, on the same evening. Some of them were providIedI with aceommodations tn ihrord the Royal Oak, lying at tihe deck yarln. N.Yt . (iz. DLec. 10. Setatistic of Arkansas.-She I e -51.000 whitza and t1500t slaves. A horse to enrvay three persons, vin: I.13,00. and a earriaee for every two. via: 27,1011. Only I 12,000 persona art tazcd. Th'Ies rx'lolte incihtdes nearly every .lomlty. i· Drerfual Bulcide.--We learn from the IufFltdl (N. Y.) Comtnerial Advertiser, that a Ioat meitcholy un iide was comanlited at that place, on tile :lth init, by a or P. A. Bristol, itsietant teller it t he Bcnk of - ifl .la. His hodl. after thle h arl acl, ireeetted a most appalling sigllt, thle whole of the forehead being literal ly biown arwav bI tle dlscitat al' the pi-tit chi whiclh Itehnd ohiake Ilis life. and tile floor, will aod ceil ih." were revered willt Ilood lnd brains. No cLuse is asaignerd ofu the dreadful tired. The River. Thile eather is ,ow eatlltesly etd nod the river freezing. There in very little water in ile hannel; nt. enuunogh fr tile very "iohotest I'nar; ,itd a Iew dys eold weatiler will be autmtieut to ehrse the iv er ot'irely. Louisville, Dei. t1. PxssN.LVANtA Bell anrd t'C sy, Whii'g Sena. totfrom thie 8tit District, have atten their Pens. eTroed from Colnberiund anti Adacnl ounllties haer taken place of those from Philadelphiir. The amendments to the Constitution hnvtig been adopted, Gen. Porter will ble inaugurated on tile 3d Tuesday of January next. I MonTtANT LEbAL DEcISION. The Supreme C urlt of Ohio (in bank) decited, about a week since, tIht no tberk has a right to demand and receive more than ess per ceni, intereer, or will a bank he allowed tt blink ttr avoid the quesiitn,. yh ehargin" a part as interest, and a part as exchange, where the agare'ate amounts to more than six per cenl. per innum PRESENT CONDITION OF THE M\tonotNr. A me morial ihas been pres.llted tol the Legisllture of Mislouri, askilng pecuniOry aid for the Mormon women and children of Caldwell countr , in ihot State. Many houses beitlonlitngi tt rhe Mortnons in Caildwell, have been burned, about sixty men imprisone.l, forty killed, and one hundred have been compelled to fly from their honmle, to esrape the veneeance of the citizetn, leaving binut two hundred womlen, most of tllem with small lchildren destitute and unprotected from tihe rigor of the winter. FOR OUACHITA RIVER, Ecora Pabra, Bayou Blrtholnmew. a . Monroe, Sicily lstland, Harrisonburg, and all intermedliate landingt . T'he regular packet steam boat A'Ii.HENIAN, Farrow, nmasa d ter, will leave to-morrow, 28th intl. at 12o'oloek. For , Ireight or p assage, having superior accommodation, all I- sate rmtllllt, apl)ly to i do8 JOHN Ii GRAHAM. For uhretepnrt, dtlhtlnrhis .r.dlruardri. . lR Tile liatt idraoet steamo B at tl * NIAt]AIEA,Tllos. P. Fennel, Capt. will leave ithr the above and itterule. da tse ra ung on THIS DAY, the '7th inst., at 4 o'clock. r freight or passage, all plv to c _d27 '_I.E &_ CO. B Ntew Levee H " FOR htOBliLE-TO-D \y 17th. S The finr low pressure stramer t.- . GIRAFFE, Cattnien oeiler, will Sleave the Lake ed of tlhe Rail Road, 0 tis day, immediately after thhearrival of tie 12o'clock d, Care. d7. IfTl'lle sripa Telumah, Omapt. George laratuw, tra. n IHavre, is discharting noer tire Rail litdl. Cneiotlurs m will plea-e takeou tohfr permoits and attend to the ie a eiptof their gonla, LEVI H GALE, S decl7 83 Cotmmon a A CARl) at W E ath er undsigned, pasengers on board tile srip MiV.iriisipi, from New York to New Orleans, eantot take leave of Capt. lerebe, without expressin.t 0 rtur thanks for his kind attention to anus, awl tile able 0 seammaaship displayed during the voyage, and we hope thlat whe we go to sea agati it may be uder hris chara-ge iloweei I. 1i ili..t.., Chas It Greel, Robt B lheparnnd, BA Parker, Francis Mnalrh ST Colt, J C Boyd. dII d 7, t838-t1 . RACING. NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! OfERO THE I S.OUISLq.VIA. COURSE. rlHE F. M.L E INI' , I:32.-Third Day S Dctcmlhr 27th-J.C. PIurs, $1.2 0, fIrl all Sages,t o mile leat,, .:0 :in:tes, dii.once 1'M ds. Jno F Millerrrern (\ L Ilingaian'o) oh. f. Sorah Slllrdn, by I.eriathsu, dam ,iorciarm. 41 . rn old, 97 Ibl. Walked over. J C IIIRANICH, S 51AN IDFVIL.I.S MARIOiNY, no 7. . .. . I r prir trs II A'ANA Cttl,'Fl'VlE--81 logn., lll5l. ln €U It lading from lrir A:lldlhloo. cllt lI caI by" d27 A 2III.IIS A ) 1 :I' , 4 ; rIIi: , 2t lIv D.OLLAR,; I1: lwl- ) d ar, i ,,Ioylh- .:o 'n.i Ill, 0.g, o woman ~n.a, , I:SAL;l, "Ibonll Jl5 or 40 ?rnira "Lay, .;,.£ adiq hv l sfi'l-.: "'he hlit lately be aPP w e, iln lo S'rII PI ale 83,II . it IlO I tlIo ore e5 r willh Al , ..r ll tlnab ers.+ 'ihe inhs ,'ry iudnt all II si, ill. d27--.3t. S LUcUIL--o0 .bike sup.rfineor, ad 0Ol dno. in,, in I ' store, or sa l t by i 127 (; 6ORSEY, 44 New Lever st GRAND STATE LOT'TE RY. Higbeot Prize $d,0011- I ickeoi oilly $2 .1. k Class no. 2 extra Tobe drawn on This any, Dee. 27th 1838, at 5 o'clock, Ia Bishop's litel. Connnmon st. S. DAVIS &, CGt. o tloAnTers. 75 Numobers--1' Drawn Ballots. In all 77,814 Piizes amooutig to $;I8 a88-Wholh Tikets $1.' 50; Htair,; $1 25; Quartles 6.. PIckages of :5 tickets for $o2 50.wnanatcd to draw at I rat $.0. PackagOs .of 5 Half Tickets for $31 25; Packafen of 25 Quart:r T'ieketr for $15 63. Ior Packages or Silglr l'icketY, apply ot THE MAN.,GEt'S OIFFICE d27 16, C(hlrtrhs c steet. The following ale the drawn numbers of the Louis. ilna Lottery, tlons 31. for 18.3t: 12, 2'2. 74, 511, 15, 19, 47, 51, 48, 38. I. 25. WILL BE DIRAWN N FRIIDAY. $12i10) C. PI1' AL. PRIZE. LOUI SIANA LOTTERY. Authlorized by Act of Legislnture. Chapter XL.II, pasted Match 21. 1828. and No. 32 for 1838. to be drawn on FriDay, Dec. 28th 1838, at 5 o'clock, P. l. at the Exchabler Hotel, St. Charles at. D. S. GREGORY & Co. Sucess.ors to YATES MclNTYRE .I Co. 75 Nlioobrn--l12 DIran Itallotl. GlUANIt SCIltIM . 1 prie of $12 0 l is $12 0 I do 3 000 0 1110 1 do 2 501 2 501) I ,o I 50 1 5,0 I do 1 3u6 12r6 10 do 1 000t1 Ic 00ol 10 do 400 4 0111) 28 do 200 4 010 211 do 158 3000 155 do 100 15 bo10 Other Prizes nmountino to 27,814 Tickets $4 00- IHnlIe $2 II0--- uarters 100 Packager of ickets fi) $1110 warranted to drow $48, and moy draw r tI l four firt eapitnla- Prekiagre of 2 hall tickets $5.i 0t, warranlted to dr aI least $24. Pocka.ra ,Cf25 Quarter 'I ickets 0$ 00. wnarrnted to draw t leastl $12. For Packages or singlu Tickets, apply at 1. ,mS tl0EUORY &. Co, the 1Manager oftfice, d27 35, Calal at, next cor. Camp street H EI -ING -.- - boe-s Non. 1.2 & 3 Smokr. lIer ring, landilg and for sale by rl27 S & ' W&III TNEY, 73 ('ainit (18t)PI80-50.1, bonra ,ud- z0lnot dm; coat chip SSt. Leon, Iir sale by S &J l P WHIT'I'NEIY, d2T1 73 t'"llml st `"ALT-2- 5 bags Cadiz Salt, ltldig Ireo Mio -.h . SLroun, for sale by a & J p H I ,ITNio d17 73Caorp st ,ALT-100 buso.-ls T-uk'a Island solt oa o, for dl7 S & I P WHIITNEY, 73 Ca:np st. NA'I'IVE AIEIICAN ASSoCIA'rI)7N. A MEETING ofthin Society will be hehld tlis ev A nig, at 7 o'clock, in italir room in tIe third story of Ih ,llerchaats' :llCanoge--Ecllange I'l ice, fOlt:. All native born eilisanu favorable to iha cause are re s.ectfully invited to attend. d427--I L OGIER, aec'ry. IIRIITTMAS and New Year'n Pre.ets, fir 1.39. J Findlan'a Tableaus of ithe Aff'tionn, 1t2 plates, do IDomes of Ilyro, mor'lco exroit do Illuatralion of Ilyrlt, 2 vcols, ivo, do (Gallery of thp Gracer, do Illttrotica of IlByro, 2l1ila, els ' ol, Oriebal An.dnuala. Ilrath'a Peot'a bOIU2IIIIots. dto Sihokltreore, Galhrcy, Ill0 V'averly Norelt, Biod nod Ie::,,::t BoI, 'I'.e .\px s f l 'e I tl '..h l tyv , 'IIl, I:tk of IRor;lty, 1I ,lolst. riS hll col,rlad, I"'ioher'a Jaurnile mcrap book, Slnnlliehl (Colast Seefner J eT il i'm La nd sc ap e ,\ o li: ra l, ll llO ttriaild tiPe'o I iJnc al Anttual. Ackroan's l'oroet \tn Not, T'he Iiientsb,p1 i Ifff rive, 'It'II Chriaiiaol Keepsnke, The t lift, 'The T'n en, TIhi. Violet, "'Iha Porlrait Gller, olf Scllland, The It.ltinanoe it .Natlre, The IMotral tlF'lnc rsn '1 he Spirit oftheP Voonds, for rsale I d24 WI 1 Ml'KIE 1N, 'or Colin, :.or n no .t so [UIe interlreaved c,,pie Of tit- C'thi (Clid of l.oi k nita.. I.Jthi tt'a & olitltlil hl'n been reT.'in ed, nd are readly fr ellooverv Io ubkciht-ro. {;€ lfetnon of the Bar wilshing It.r lhe noUt. nrc . re qllrated t, canl, as onli a linsitoe aouihner oa I em I i ; . . . . lIN.S C: . . rlti.'lr, Ilsll , - _-i- _i-.--- _- . r------ ·-- ---- ·- Ls St. Charles Theatrc. Sixth night ofthe engogement ol Ire. "I MN. It S'vnthl night of the engagemeet of ) I: (-1 11' I" N. 'Tirth night nliti engagemeint of )Ir J It 0SI'l' i'. Till' l2lV," l\l;i, DE-C. ', W ill be perfe rm I i e h utli '"'rt., N, ANNE I- '+FVN, Ilry viii. Mr. I ar -ei n, t'nrdin l ',ool-ey. I, I.IItJ Eatl Peryv. Sir 'Thollas a olel n, (illbert, Anne 1oley i, Mnis J Cliftonl. Sbsln 511She. PIuier. An Overture by the (irbheetria i' Grand Pa. tiel, by l1ad'le Raveenot. MONSIEUR JACQUES. Mons. Jacquer, 5l. Finn, Vivid, I)Dllir, Sequence, .Villiamle, Nina, Mrs. Debar. INFORMATI'ION WANTEI). O F PATRICK MlcCANN, who, Illt New York r for this city, about the midllI of October last, and has not since boee heard ero.l . Any in formation left at this Iffice concernig crll wIill i be thaebtkfully received by Ils willt, (irhll is nlow in this city.) Should this mi et his cyel lie in eareicstly requested to make known to her ieis place of rest. dance. d·e27 Dress & Masquerade Ball, ,WASHINGTON BALL ROOM, St. Phiilpstreet,between 1eaynl & Iteourlbu. 1 IlIE Maneiger of tile above nter2ed hillo Ileioolt, .grnee J fuil to Ill frieieles anld tie illelie fe thile nIeetrl- . lulled patronage bestoeed on eim lorseverrl seialnis, respeclfully infiormns them that Ihe eltablillshlelt has I been ellllged flitr tie amulllselln of vhoisiesl and elI iI dergone intllee,isi re ai rs. 'hle lbar will le sllrlasi e dl by noine in qieliee'eeliquiors,nad thei itestlnrtii t, ill le kept by the allest hestaurtleur in theii Uitei Sill tes. The room will re-open on Satelrdyl svenellg, 3rdl of Novnemlrnenxt, byla GRANI) DRESS & MASQ.UERAitE 1\1.1I., ar nd will take place as unoln everiy londtlley, We.lnes-. I da and Satnllrnda oven ilv, tlinri.y the seo-ison, whellch will and on the Ift ofI' Miaye, 111, N. I. The erranteet naienltin will be paid to krep ing perfect onrder throughout tile essablislltmit, na done last season. it noct24 COTTON CIIICULAIlS it ej PRINTED swith the Greatlest i' rludetioa, and in a style unsurpassed in NEw t )lt.;I.:0si, or else where. SOEans left at CoesMPricr, r"ri ial i, S,. ('ihlrle, :i' I chanee, (Corner of (;raiier Si. ) ur al T I1 1 E b AMERICAN I'RIN'ING( OLFFICIE, corner of Poydras and St Charles Streetc, will be promptly atllendd to. Des. --tl. D UCK-5S pieces L lRriigsn 50 do Light Ravnmle For oale l & J I' WIiIT'NEY, dil 7,! U ;a dt , UIPENTINE and TuLnner', ()il-I-5 bils .sirits STurpjentihn, 90 bble Tanner's Oil for rele by It J \lIVIS & \.11)HlllW , dl8 cor Commn1 & 'ehlhnioe ls <ts AlAI)--12 kegs and 11 brle lie rstrte ai..cll. IIIo ,I o tA .,. n' -- 0,0-11 tlo llo oIl loot, to t; , ,ii·II', 11; l1 munles helot the city, hier solc by dll9 A)AAl & Will I A I., 7 (r, I)t)TA'POES--'l° barrels, first ( unlit,, H I 'n toes, i 1 fine order, landieg from brig Il rnre, 7n~ l toI, - low iite ferry, iud ier sale by W\1 lI'lllIl{. llank Cheeks, Hills of Lading, .a ntetiO. Bills, PIamphletRi, Show bills, ('ilta logues, &c. &c. Erltil)lRDERSfor the' Above, and every othes r des-l criptionof 2ie '',lIN l I'IN rJ] reeiried at (ICi e tle g Room of"TIUL AI11. U ;Al.\ N," is St. 'tll a I.\1 clIlAsE, ede door from tcirvi, r srl. ao nrlle' I'o t tlýnlc e Otlice, corner of I'ltdra- adi. (Ihaill s stredts. Extensire andI beeteifel IoiKt aecd ,lon ltn Is. fron the best Found) ie .n tohe Unaited Mtates, hvr, ISt : been added to the already we/'d Es/ablish!l.wl: -andG IRDTRSwill b e.recluted as . o, , s, (',.rullhl, Ixlpeditiously and llcautilull), as atl a Lmy ohl r )lil i in the C(lt. ill i ;e .-i- ._ -: . . ' (llst, 9 -:,11 Isbis 1rti ,[ WIT Ih i l ll the stnlwl t ,r nrn [ol , t;ar nl LA\VIUNIIE & I.l. "I2.1l41. IV \N I .;I) tI l lirm'nr puIrehn-r e un,l 'l,.,. ' o n .I \ ',-h, ... n .\ I nl1 at th1 cnr1ur hOq' and . O, a11 1TI 1 11' \\ ý Rlr \ ; . I' , r ( ' I' \ I\.r o/ I'tr, I, I 4r',- , Il+ ' l..'. ' I I l or ,Wore C",lulr nl Ink, I'oni 1, n (',, ,r,",i ,ll'ai~r, r 1 rt d1. Idcl rh, I ,d onl.n torrb le 7",r 5) h I ,lr, nr " Ih,,er On0r1EI' at T I, l 'I'. .\\.II'; I(' \ , I ll ·I"I"' L, ,u m i,,r ,I ]'o ,lr a nl l : n l r, . S, P.hl ' netr . n U..I I.\NDI7 hW per ruip I,'hav, C-. l,, .'. i lh", 2 Ira I ,"w fork nnt 1'hi, nl,,, ,hin" 4110h hn,, I. ;h , r 'rleen nI .Id llleltno re ,,in o' h, PRINTyI ao tlle lh a lle t Noc in 1 t 11,r ,io P on relnro, pio tllllhl of ' ll l oN IIf, . ,401 0 ;L s , 1in-c 111,er I t11, l 1u' , Pr 0 e io v perior h T1 it",Phila. I Atn 'd, 11411E, Ior er of ' e , . Ch I 10ebl . lNe pr, l IIn, iII F POns l, ' Nl,'ti 'r ha' Sallju , s Iln lid d to th E lloli,hr \,n. i, '0 Exo . ni , rd n ,ored fir l in r nr d t ,r,' tl l< l I I FIe, cor kr .I P ding' ; ,i, Irnl. on-ll+l - tre h. 5 DEPUT o Y SURVEYOR GEn sEP ell r LOU, fhAA, w h jh,..lf jnl re iail, Iy' , ( III ,I I II .I.I1. , 1 l , " lip 1, d olll -'or .l le n \ I, Fru ot I "v . t ..11.i.'+ I'A. --5 1 pu - ll l 4-Iba l -n. shetl llll- I)- ll r P ' I ', e IDIROHRM04( RUul. en. 113 PRINTED at the slmrmst Notice, in f/ e notl eleoant manner , io Ilnck or AMColored xr, oan int h he f e e,W t. a or Plain c urfited (CAn j in and a 'Pricei ery reasonable at" rl)l(sR roR,,. AII'.11IC:\N (IFt FIL) c, corner of l'oydrns and St. C hlr les sle. Slereal New and (0) ifnl Founs0 s l f 'lrYj : h'rt e )JRIop(og FRED WILIVINSON. 5n (FFe0d0 0.IO ro t rt: eh.tlm.t Ii m ex"'Itrsn ore hueiv ed a t Clllpllrle. to hill, , hr nlrie tn lrlt, morndrive a TIlrovr Cuulc lret I ne also Itoure ofn cinalo) t th e )IOR llx'0 R R I IIIII n n oek. 7l , 0TO E1, bo RCIIAn r makin g e uRoo ntry.f Frto .m riCe t p t en "N II OFFTICE, t Cale L'bnar ra~n.a !IiAe C III;,l O t in ; O mice, corn,' Pof I unch ca s and St. ('had- .lrst nt. he is rfe1 Iat.ins , %%m " e r e. e an em d sprm , ii , S 31W' 0 )O)FOil ,mitn)hed d, it 1 0. 0 I(rplien a harl,.h l I O 150 hI lr Tnn r's u til ,ll F I a lo b o o 'h Ir1,' o , C,,, P ODlii [rot Ril C I' I R Nlt' . l dec35 131e lul lazir- , 't C Lr hlip C our auri TCE. En- ,rle b 1. 125ot.p tn I t.\Ao 'Blt;E A(o,, 1I :A I l, .ire R, 5 t ....1 o' R- l.....' II + in,. II IItt oI l a I ir tJaoid neo d . :\te ; 0o M .ItUlo Ol'nidond .' e [ l d 1 rBillsnl fling e iln ttll h a kai, o, 11 ,l Il l Iti Il lh1 tlh, r ho ro'iood t pr lor)t(0 ,11lal' . J l l, 1, lEWOtLtbo)I)AAg IIIRig PooR . Ii (.R (ihe rel ,..s Il-e ' Io-l O-e,to, e' i Tof'J 1)c 3 , h , l aki flolg the ,- ' OllM l, llli' m li5 e R I t II It It I f R 1.:) com ln cmg at 1iosl ('lltilc '(, ll' 3httzF iln ward. ,\ i r c ity. Sp , i 1 iegs sll riIiff m pO, h r r, anld ,l0 hv itnns I k 1751.\1i. V Irir 1i i l w - (11 C'h. %:. ' - hod I g u'1. ýoP u",'d.. ,,mR 1, > n n \.. . . 1 ' , k I r .. !," ,n , ._ it-, c ,,"h:,I l I, Caano r S. o Thaire. \W iii h r pi o...! :I 1, I ," .I .l.iii .I t)per.a of 1,, f ,Y k II. l i. II s';'1 ; nv r, 1 'h . lhi ix'_. iIh I ,tl, ,,r. ..... i . .. DItqlll·: )lh(i I'Wl '11-' t1:' t;, r1' ' on t, J o hn s n, ii'n. ,tlllott , 20, 138. ' Il:I, 1)11 - '_ 11111 ;:ally. 1\io .' ;l nn ir, S-t ,t " ) '1 ; ,~I t+. I 11. 11 ih , Il itWN, Nl ' 11 Or iltl" t i -ll t Ittyki Jtl), 1 llui llF IIun Lt - Nis it C shier. (hnr liii% 11cu , I E I."O(N nu n 11 llth dit - l ll i d iettt i it. 1 de J (ni -' - 51.;rp u i ni 0t1'r Ic+ hrnrch :- w do ouzo orde t l : r 1m.ox ' r, :t l l ,l., Io.c II.1' .121 - 1. 1'.one"l1 IT, Cain i2r. NI q un; of thr i;h l No. r , hoset (te rlehoppe, d<Io I l I.-" \\) I 1IO I A inenoineby 1. ; . J.tilt PAL REi Y Dross 1 n0 s1u'1 ()Krade BalN s N V'S i(\ II .1.,,1 E HOTEL. r nl. oII E li' llil~ulor+ " ilog nnt liond Sll ".'l"1 ill h .h l' I l iti, a lhom sr,,l y In ryon ofe th1 ithe ' mlllllln I linettrdi )I+ Th ab .vI e estal ish iii i ll bo i l lh},'1 T o Ci rle. n d"'' tet- l / + I .( nI' . 1 i \(:--1"`, in... . I .... e11 p t !' ·thiug I an 'EI ,I'.(YII N \i ('iil lh, ,1s (h ' nllr nz li e e e [i t11, a'--..' a·- id-il :u ' l' .11 .' + ;ntoo l in . h L ullC 1)II d 'il i . i'. i i li. i i n 1 i -,'. A in, 11,Io I} -, . I N- I.:,II I!t Wsor. , 11'.1\ 111:11- 1.1 'l l ()rtI'. l"'...n. I il~ l lllC In •'II ^11 wl t e-tp, I.n ",,l, 1 ,iN ,+.o .0,\., 'L'w i, r.d Three Il 1lnr 1 i li', 13h," - ',.i',. t I :II l, i,,lio t . lil. h1 i nnde os tay il v . ll i " , .'ll nlild. T '11 . ýtl rll'_ I+ · ,, ,ll, " ,,r, i oi l ,I/ , ',- ,' ,r .... \ ,I', fI Nl,, l.. - , i xi ý, , , , v 1 i , , ' ' 11111 F I . , i, 9, , 'N XIS , i ,,+ 'F FF , ,, , , O,,,r, it \ lii ,1 N IT II:II ( 11 H I I S , .... r. 1/1 ,r nr 1r, ", l r, ,t. r , 1 , 1 eh 1 , 99,. i .. .. , F + ,, ' ' a , I n I , , 1 l l, o r uPrnt "' I , , i* , , , tjl. . 11 1 1( 1-. 1 ' Ilfl t; I ,JI , F It. ,l 11 ' \I ,.. I, , I r 1e t. < 1 . .1. 1..1 - 1 1· 1, Ire .1 x 1. A lt .in e. "I IIF \ r' r Le ma Iu-t i r,. , . ,. 1,, IF r e 1 1 , xll i nrl Hl l o l sl X I 1'1 \ i ; I .;x ,I . _. I.'.:... I ; )1 - r I ilry o t e :I r all III', JliLr, 1;-1 1, II, 1+, -.1 .1, 1l \1 v II vr..I ii.\ 111\1 I ý (·il.. I i- l l rl'· +1f I1( I t llll si - I '2'' "" \ \ 1 l\I '1)11 I, .'1, '(111' l++.d. u' 11t y I ,' 1r1 . ~ - , 1 .. ,; .,-i it o i eu .. 211 11o"II , 19'. ·,+ , II . l, . l teirl -11' . I8-''I ) ,x\ 1 ,>1 it I I1 ,I1 i: i( l ,+lk, l I, l+ P. J, qsi , (' 9 9 9f 1 I 1 · 11" 1 ol , =ilk mIl', IIr T I ''9>,,' ,-9n1'1 I . , 1 ,',i 1 e111 U utland il T l -ll i. 111 ,111" "\,xi,,.;l - I ,. \ Irr t r1 1 1 1nor1 1 I1,A ,X 1 W . hI I- 111 1 ... .. \ 1', r.,i 1.: 1 111 ( i b f. rs t : ".111 _( I · i, i ' , r . t... . . . . . .. . . + - i' 1+ , ,I 1 1 11 l lulF In i, , r I ,I·, .,.. .-.. , ;I b eing J ,l\\h l . I . . 1 .x - ,, , 11: Il-,1, h" 1.Cy " 1 , 1 1 ', 1 ', I I 1 1. 1 ;-, t <,i ( u s a S k il -1'11 1 L- 1 ,, ... . . " 1i, ",+ N EW'+',

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