Newspaper of True American, December 27, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 27, 1838 Page 4
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9VW, VALUABLI,: AND 1PdiNDA.UD! VAL`ABLuE tlto elARFl. WM. ri6'1"1 .Jr D Poogn a:n, vleh n - .-'. r ' .(itut with p rl" olored {.dit unlbUb. o.d .into e nt S p Ai. o L., wr'n.RK tluutes on FPever-- iPr;hiseri nd ' il -.ity " jm |a "mn-e irerenI I n |tonnnn i |ry, ll~vzl'ry 1114sern'relrrore ponerllr iledicinn lM tri. e .9 .3 I .heni tr.y eeInletRe:Ier, AND :AttiLE'it Are'lr n'<t Il rll' lleanlloervfin I..Ill a h'4 el enn rcint Iirtritonrvv, Lra4Loo 'a AI'aernnc ftil4839 W. Wditena Nalrgatiut. r nr1' cT'tnr rn AND ni re' t. I l i nlrv ne Arehltenle"'e, l.onde 2 v. a d Arehlitture; 3 vclrlnr, Ileod"l r Tn. reliteetre- I reeilld'r Ca inlrtc L olln..eere vIerhnic'r neivnl.pedia, Lud iv lt e11 .lal nrrerheiatindl Ta.bole Sarks Y' Arlrien iRi ngi N L rrep, t o L rlaei.el hinl oabrrllnnin, f.nmn t'r. he t Cunil, I.fnyrovai.d it. Consrirtanlo 1 a s eoninuac W'orla r f vole, 1 nodoa sninennd and Dt.n In, by I'rescott, 3 v.l BBakOspThre, splendid cd'itili, 7 velat, Rl . ntdi eneral ulenrtmD.ct of, Medical FSigi'ifii,..liw:ellaneous IloGh, Nov I.tfionnriei, ranrMs r s Engliysh and ites,, Lacti n and Greek. s & e Hr v " h tear. Ch.nrl. lie enn( ln n st-I For tr'erateenl nd ile eof inee Frr a nl e.e. STwill e readrily dias,:rrr.e Ihe rerint le r 'ic': lir lhire isnolperin;, hile Ini r ilrneya:rle o treting tlhe et'r namd Aen . I th le., he n a Veee b'e Fxtuacir. fro C lrl ,'ilyi dleterinm can prinson ae-min medientl, it in hlie tllkn with th Ie nntiosl enf" tyoevet h lhe Itner ifanet or acrd inwaid. It pre menle relepee f thy diseanecn O cIn, nly the coneiltl lieu noon e nnins'n llr'ntd loi Inn nce ', n inv. Ii. |I eh ishes u senlll.l ld pernllnlllnen n p1eiti by i.,,.orain th.e t.laeh,rannd gine a relisnl to th!leeni vlte bf rfr-t. renire lecinee iu hae inr 'eert aliv-e lIon lity, it remains nute in' tIhnni to increase I hin ,irsnrer -I r to eciRtne gnua of di.-estlbn, nod tlllos Ibr flit, I,. ys)-.em wilh whatever mlher nfitile, n , it inmy lIe ..pes-rd. lnnividlrlRn, nker thi Ie ,. r f'in Tn i"c lril , I:lve beern exre~d tr, ell the "rral ernin'es of ire dse i. and hnve.lrcrn pred n l rR.llolllcnr ofret,!irr wheeeIIs bv. the isenof"r ecm .rr n rinr ,lie, threC i, i-oI'n eia led ,n irni r ',,r ed i.,i'i i t r r . Thn "' H n er nf liPqe ren aiin n elInriE n f ilhe . gre, i very '. , id, tit for hi . Pt ileni will i,nl'tbe re in mmii prostinlo Io ne abtle to re itie wih Irerilhiln'i .all · ru mi ily all n viC Lim to -'Ii i',,eresan nlriuir, e h'lne 'ln']in. lni\tir" ii elfflored at ni h n rerlnnnrrhe prier, ts io plnt it n.irhinI the resceh nfi verne nre'.-eio thal in- nynre ni destitutie re henreby if'rnished wirtilnns.iner , wntho l solihitinr g the eal'amitrnnee rl inennn n nir s r f nrtlyll- l rnied to tlhem. or r . ryepy reih,,rtei tlyV hnPr.e vnre. " ,ln , 'h lliri e ree rrn tlnrrieririn. llll I illlllt tl l c 1, lfor Tiie. * lii prepnderlrnlhy ly Dr n ,bot h . rRrI,:nlnd, at hii L a hioravrnin , -l 'ir kelert ler, ,l'hi ln "I ' a T irhe slseirlcr s le Iill- wrrh,,rhinrr eCnrlr fir Ih. .e.iih e.stenr ,,nto,inrti wnl sell 'y n ih. rnn' '.t tre PllilnlnrIi in iprice:. 'l',:; In r I at ulroerlt Anpatfthe iAothecari y i th ciipry. l1.ti sIt h. I N rII i.s, llard ro· CrInI,,'nii k- 'l'cn, ilon,ll,, r*,rlll ." nlli ,N rTA L1S. MIARY Ii[I I.AN'I) reespentf;lly nn. .. t-ounces to her frie nds and t ho public gcner. ,ally ol.l is preIareld to aeIotmodal therI at iaertions to n',lnr visitors elte rinC I rleeive I enOlltinllln allae 'frier fl' nri Sinnlo ' fels colnir . dynt thrt pir-on vsiting Covi.lin' durning tire innmer monthl, can'r, find bit- r i icc n unodlious then nile can n;lfford t,,, l liral . lIer house is p[,lasn!!y si.'atrd, aI ii well nplicird wrln etry ernnlvenirnc-; tohanir i cur ie ii,.ed wilh Ttn moat choeice lieunrs, &c. 1'oct,,e e r roitiein ''rt netlhing l slnll b.. wn.tin. Onl,,r,, rt , oivei tire saisfaeition to all nlu. lin3.,;y' trnlei the .lineinsippi and Isriinrn mnlli. ,-3I L sludicd undir Drre. S} inidt fl' C'ihae:;sln Rerlh Carrlina, and lii r ieomie years his ansietah. in 'the practeice oi meictlno ar d surgere, n htin lhe hon,' In offer his prnlesoional ervlees ill this city.' He etenrpe the ladles aind grnlllenei| thanlthp mo.t prompt attentrin wi illI, pain d In fil nlls which ,rey be mnate; and also rmlirs his nera'iees to Ihie holders ofir:lnces, henir well arltlanilted mli itl tihe dilun;lse e rn c nllllll o Ilthemll, ihnying aittolldl tillen in Ihe ..gar inhouse in Crsi'nrlst. The I'nm umts anti Inilioue pills a Iter the ernrlpornlien nl Perofissrn SmulleCLtei. rn il dirienen, n. er inn In-id ofthe rnidcrsignedrl. 'I'le lll'et wi h thiliy liavI' renllnlere in thlis in llm i ,her v(i ti.., Ilas bi een atlellrudl' with te h renn cre le ce n. eto \nvhih cIte I.snt o'f renro cePs clii Inn giesll. Apply ati N, ]iG Manna.' nine ter JNO. l'l, RlING. H LLur A.ALt..t t , )ul.t CEll'WS, SAD) IRONS, &e. T "e HOWELL WO)RKS (COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Bekmanl street, New Yortk, have received tile pa~t ea.coll. nd aIrle oti.ol.s ly receiving large and exenlivoe additions to tIse ,ni ock of the above goods, which now cnisils of the ollowing assortlllnt, suittbnl for the nutahrln and western markets. lollow warn of superiur quality, consisting of about 1510f tens, viz, Pots oe2.i diff'rent sizos. fromd , 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettle,, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 31) gallons, Kettles, 15 sites, from 3:8 to 18 ;allons, Btlkepans or Ovoels, 7 dclMrnt sizes, Tea Kottles, Ii do Skillets, .do Flat Spiders . I Covered Spider., 2 do Oriddles, . - 4 do Fire Dogs, . i do Wagon boxes from 11 4 to . 3 4 inches. C,rt lo. 5 to 7 inhes. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :f inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 21 of a superior quility and finish, and loss than Jamie's imported ,'ices. Sad Irons. aesortud, in cnks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and halttr's Irnte, assorted. Sash woiglts, 100 tonll, aveoated lifron 1 4.4 to 2Olbe. Ibllsafor Pl lntatioes, stnamboats, chourellls, &c. made to order, Also stoambnats tand other mIachinery lmade to order. The ealove asvnrtenlll of goods it psrticolarly rerommended t to le attenltionl of Soultlern td WVestern Inrctnlts,. and are offered ftr salen at low prices, and upon, the most liberal teros ; it is be. be tile larg,'st tdll best assortmevnt ever olffred for sale by any one estabiielistnnt in the United States. Merchants, by tnrwardinlg a request by mail, can have a printed circulTr, with destcripttnl of eoLi, I prices and terms, fool which no doevatlion is ever made, furnished by return of nail. All orders will rceeivo inunsdiate attentiot. N0tw York, 1838. y,3 NO ME OUR NOrOE CP el 1 m7 ,'ew t)rttl io ' v. Hit I1 7. ABIL' sir tonith. ago I ioi! the tui.lbrtluor to Oet g h a e-cret diseas,, for whllich I Ihuve aplplied to seve rnldctores tir at cure, till the did int ut e e11, sonw on the above date l put nysell uider thei .ire of Ibetl Hueo,tnol I exort hit to cure oe. Since that tiille the disee,lloa , wiorse, io as tI hronk out in lar, c ero l to lth numbelr of six or eight on ea I. et , i ntoi nll over my face, and sure tlront, and not able to wotrk Itt Its premilt tinro ot aeoulntt of the dioaen; large lrcer on rthe rilght ride of tthe throat. I ne ion pntting tmyell ontfi.llntly milertiihe re oC f l r. Ilut, f Iof ri.i, to be perCttly cured iit.ilI l.AN11i to II ly SDO CERTI F' tlhlat thie menol;led d~ieawe is Sguite well cured ln toy owi n atinhictIIo, nlo whihr I lsnk Ir. HUot; nitd moretover I .osre o hvte ill ...di sei I have ttken itnkes tioe fat, andii did not iniure myi aealth at all; therefore I advise my f Itlow rfullerers i Inrase o time und apply to I)r .\. Ilot1, ]I Canel FIr-et,h et~ ell Jallllltn. D uphin" and l lrh o sir+,eis, litI. flues isu tt Itone front It o'lo ck, l . \i, uoril ( 1' 1. Thlty will fd t Itrue llototr for tlo i com n lniult JOfN DE IN. 1.o l;rnvier -trees. I anlly one wants to sne tot, call t Nt,. lirauvi, JOHtN ILn.N. New Orleans. Feb 1, 1833. fei I ly IJtiE Genuine Iltndia RInlant of liverw wtvndl Htioe 1 olnd, iU put aul in 1t tie Ilt plriet olf .I) cents each, onta.iig t Ille stlrenth of tllrett ollllute of Livetwort, Ihs;e fle the irtlts of tII I other t oit l and herb knownll aorplthe ludianls aellfieltiones ill crinllg pnlmotry cotpllintts. Theu a riirltlelunteis wnlirlh I ntrrlded the ise of this ittetlolablea Ikdloannl wherever it hias lee itlro duest. hJas sht.iolld the colidt ce aud rIcorum ,nda tiss onfretperl.tblle phsitilone, for ie itllvt otf 'lUittSt, -eldta.aio i tle side, ant ot,,f rest, sfitting ov blood, liver-omplinint, c. To holl it lvmay onern. Thi's is to earliyv that wP haledn or eprsliti c frev iuetly pie-rlihed .lre tiord. mer's Indian I dimt of I.iterwori a .d IInarhound, ith a decided good ellfctl: t e can tl.heretire, ftr,,l thll klino. ,eda of the materials it is made frio, and , belUrtlonn and+ c plerlenre, mrorulnlllt it a, n Stlprr, ir. pr'mrtimll thtos aflletinclt of tie Illlt ;,tr whil,' ii i+ - mnmende•. . A ",l'l V .It , .IS, St. It. CAI.VIN ELlIS .I. if, Macrurse of the Bostonu Medical .as ci:tion. Boston, October 25. sale by JIRVItS & ANIIRI'ES, Iltli j1 Cot tnno alI I,'taltaettl+n rsti "it ARW*' V-getable lialr (il, ab Ihe restoratio -p W"and gwclh o Hiir, ie ingit Ialllt at d bhesUlbat!,ai re1 eetilt baltl,tao. S lefCe hichs Hlir til wa o feredl it th, publlic, it had e.te isI in hlesldl, dl' f r clu of bel ldvoes tlhiltnen, utit ihI .pf f'e heir, nei iuevary ih.tlen, ils talutarv gfwe hatelaen relenod. It lneer eerfeled to prolo'T a ieweod haeseiful o'r,,wtl of bail nn hends lreadlv S.In cars where it rlo'o,,.e d, v en.l ,'eases to ro, i. )ji wll very mea r,.ledl it he`nlllt,and iproduce haw l Irlltlf l gre It hair, al :ltllt tllre tlet - i 3Vy to 5l-w hemed. 'l It' il tegev.aoovrrello ferH girae geme is pe'.'rblel m no ni other II ir tI tl Itr bIr nao,,g.uoring' and gltolinte the hair. The h ir Sbew rf d) etser; ""t i t' lFor ale at . Ar, 10.0 rct .t. lT.rS & n':; A' rr. .m UhAR IIAR & CO(70, ae r reetivilglromt boln hoard ship Orleans. Rhiole, lhitlllolcte, I'kor Iolry Aoldrew Flseoc oaid GCrl,tlan inv inr!a fi*ckh ratoon Pllowrls Ca l-ner,t - and tadi 2-1 inerh Inil nild htlls; 8,) !O nold h iele, libaide t oa I(lvn : Lrarher anhd ilhnr traetllin p ltreraigfrr Ca.c; Beltn Packet. Hle, onn'o, nod Iluollinl Piotala;lllllhae ont sinletlrtinreIhlfd Golo: Gamce Bao .; ,rhot Ilehaa : ;Oltwt and Pistol Plaokso i)r lil allftlis laid Ilhinlalh (I'P; Pore r*inin Caps. and Cop iolt roilr. G+iati, fblie,'~ii elid N rinlesai Oreie hrd tithnTerm 'fnlh 8n1 ath I'olh PncldrorTo~lte od Shlolhag S:ol!lap iacctPtiO., miets; loln fllir Rollrs, Ii.nole.n iNlrl FIizrlear: Ieart snd Tiltr PnAl.h Cnrv lC.Ao; Irernowi rcvllong Patenr 1ile.illr nartrle. n liil .E lElrlle lPIIiniarih awd.ler Piio andll Grnxen- (it tl ealnd 1,ineerel EIar-drop.; \nia Bietaklso: Reorrits: Ilerld Ne-kfli-et mnd Vhain..r Gilt nsal siioerlv nllorin; Indlin wealrs. hells nalll Pluooe;p u Shell Tlirt: Side nod lronst in alnlen.s; sdrlitinn a ,lteiefa rnrmr ttick on I0l01, anka hearllil sOrlIIlest neeY eiiiiplnr0 siin ill lsesoldUh o ard on liorol twern, i. tile airil of the Gnolden loallh. im5-if w 70 Ch*a.rtee r stiort. rplcE imllacltle h gretrar tlie he ratenive inolne of Sw I. & i . I lnehr, er Shelfiell, Enlnod, lavier si ieerei n vr elttie si t of netn lrt.s, tcaiietinai of 1'atle sald Ireret . iKloesi of e ..' dnerililnom, Pn, Pocket2 lirk naod Sear poleatl ole sel ilaur., Seis oses Edne 'I'ol, Ac Ae. An. ae.whiehlthey are prepnred o cxhinls to he trod. loronilers. Ternosod condltiosa dill ise ander known a the timrne. m16 J. It. lINI & A .COI E'N .0 Coinm,-in at. N..n ctv GO(Hs. 'IrMMO\Q. TIIARTT & CO.--Are now irlnivlng S "per unlp rtlillne, Ra.rl, Mrerr Aillew, lhitell safer, ernhll, slrril t l-nlno Nihle '.m alllvin Earnls,: ler, lit at lM ken pistaols; Hini rihelie aill atnlit elssinn ropt: eall Iinrldessreins irs, l:lon t li, Iea. see (silloltn sommrrcir ald ite selerl ler llst d ice. rsa Violil snringsi shell, ivot- nod Ilori r~n!nlr.; wafirrs k, hearollsl leihll~l' tttselrthair hilhls, fntlit atl sl Iillea It--io 17inli Grmn waild Prittilhcl eollie litter Rowhr ad mnklrceasI oil. imilmill nli antih e UOI Ilmtrs oil; linl, leerksl rand "llRelIr lilen dsllot . blglkisnct; tlnirnns lotel alnliecn tnlsllse ntinl tliti oal €Ill gI:;ls lllldI vlews: lldil :n hI*nil%~ lellr nllr llllltneql; ellsoime; wiln n willt tntil stilt - ilailll somoapsn toilet onllir, n tloltttie Woish hull., aeti tie-l atin elsiitnsa snat, kihl1 Ws.arr cliiolenh hati- toril totanl ililni hiollt; poanelt hooks htand wallet (rmen.n hones1 ranzcr sRlt; fiie slletlrl con ll ln snise tleniltec. gotlcas lo; BUlls ltoifoc mltohtres sil-t roer lercila; Ur.leyois, son, don. The hsntveitladin, In nh f tu-ormer altck otr fancy otielres mtakesotr asamlmelt iirta- nnt vlpeull . aIn s:le lolsale o rtilna; i nie si:i ocile (.ilileI Canml, 711. S mlrltnr, est ert. s ti . NIrl'I(IEi--flk paiineatlltip ai Keller Il, oinoll &Co - of New irl earlon ; Iol,, lo fIlrrri &Ci.. ifr a:lie; i1 Harrils, Kelle &Co., of rlladv warns dilenive o, bLIe I.t 3ofn hati, Ilv tk e dciidll f snlluoel A Mauaun, )i( of lihe potrhlere el "ile firucn. Tllte uindt-roinil, .tlrovioig portl-trn, will be ellfrreed ailih tit nettlion aad leoaln.e anaiil lislteines ore fuillwaest Ine i I Hnerri will attend titie sretlir, ofa tlle linion.s of Iitolll Ihlrriok C,1.. ila Naliee; anild Ilerli, lEel el L (Io. il I:.dhler ° Olll Ilrniv Kelleyn wuill rltinhl ro he aertlnl ifl ih I,a,'ninoan ofKelle,', lt.inll & oll., nt Nt-ia Orlaeitis. lilt- lllila ti ·lie sereall rnits it illbe TIhn..e hide,tll.,l io"L I'i Rm .............. l r..que~ntl neol~e ibrwrnrd .lldl tIlk ce:lr~lv ..ottlril~lrl·: rllle till/.ie [)·'IEI1 lC lt~*ill~llll ., ?· iii liuKsFd iI,oi Y. wlorh-ic nitis, Jnlce o7,t137. : " ae i.. i -are i -c.t -eitt r C-ni mite wnii,, deltr. 1 ~ i\ I.1(P:FhlZ1 - Cl.On 11111k, 1 n~rl'l''i ~ ll KEll. ttlP sal Ie Iho .lll nl botll.. ,A l~o Aom~trh'tu, a d I"..elleh t,.~ih't II ,wIIkrr., l~lOg.l F .. ilit ollllH Inlxr.a .ll~ilhlCII"I IllilC h)llel~ .¢lpI.Ollrlellil, .II~lh I e,I, Gitk,, r liter, 117 1837.ei ~hlct lie lra.l 2lI1 k, k hl h 1 \\:ilrltl aapiitlec hllla nil, Ilolteu llli I 're.. +.:,'s.nh.~ Malr-eillr; Ilerl'lll.,'r\' ill t rll~lll.,, rve~il; oee1 ,.sirtai tiflal'l, tilanaallellll nlerl - r wi ain thlinhtI c tlt1 I -nl (i-i, f hit nll o~ lr h l i(ilbonhu nia[ ji'\\~l, -lirsae la, isi)ii-a whiolepaile or ritlail acl nka. "i i-iuieii-OiC,i IrIAITT tat,,(; '., iTik, (I()ie 1, --to illlllllelltIelili,- & el a re II l at-deIpi I-rllll on I. nioirtiai liti c Vzore , naiitiu loay -ii a-r, "i ria I lll i i itidi tiPIIl Plnalitoi t line'L , 'i v yili'i th'l n .IIMItw l!h N SIIAIIIr . lthi teh IIi, l . 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'l'h i sn b riahtr' ha.Iaa ta . eivselld, in.:I ditionl to thir r i.] r illon. h Is'k oi ithntl,a til and compllete as sortment et articles in their lin; vie.. ohmsh, lrrtmlleryv, .lwellrv, brn s.+ lck.ingi glasses, quilled hI -t;k, long round I , dr , sil. pull' curl andt net k, Irazilinl coolsa of re 'rv descriptio n olnlgst which "re inlll M 'exi nl patters, Ivory clolls ot eve.ry da eliptioll, hollllrn, d llressin l . ll a lck t, tngthller with a general as--ortieitl ofFreni tril Amlerittnts. I'ERFI E1RY-Cologte, Latehdtr, Florida , hoey, 't t, r ast, atild r llwe fntel tno werwal'r of, everyat ie aa lllt ( d: -t, lraneislong o alp llhlli'odI s(hIvtI i lleht'ke tad:l.tltlllOt, creattl t g do, a\V rd's .ega ttble hair nil, tirs ant a titledo. 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( alld.uw lr t 'rndo.-50 , u lpoxet,(hig uli t, l b n b eted l reh nl touae t e t i ich of art itn l e ofr ahd illlr will bt e rI c ivh l at JI l pr cl. e t dtisltc.rnt Altr psoldP or Tri n p el t hII-f d le,,ths i m itly oit -. Tle haig ut.ed 11 tu1all itt. |For ase ille an Iapt mbT 1" eI Lov1es. IuI8 ili ..i Lucre. T toe - t', r t by thi ( bweontnt of tio ", .. eN tt.ille . Prebhytonritno, hioot, oul 'l'rotu eriptIa. well as the edltoor of the Memphit Enuquirer, thIt the "4 ht l tetimnt"t i' n untol the Ioetoro 't'is i i i to..ell his kin lo rne,t knwin that hig l ime iititei Iut tlel ue, n ;, thtrat t tl inderon]ent XAmtni'at peotle i ,tre able to jtlelo itlr themelvuet whalt are itllst atlt ; imjt"iitilmu. "'lSt weotthv editors who nte e)uer., thle tproqtrietors,, 'ilitors ot sub-editors of the abovet nIamledl jurnl, el everv letter fron peoloons have it reoutrol to siott in thoh .bnvo l'tceo, potl" I. T'Ihe fot is, tlllt I nver hdl ueh great stlcces jr witlin sio limitd a iertiod us to n or twelve dolays. One wlltl:t ,Ho o 1,,ttt ten verer who Iad otl seen thenh lihht fn|lllis birth, hetfot, to roe to fttllow hin totoster to my hotel, iutanstead of tlrine obliged to he led hby him.. 'fTwoong tladies, who hal eachloht the riglht of one e, one fur tn vears., adll the other for nenrlv two reaer hoving both of them the other eve very oenk; , vet each of those vonne ladiea beann toseer wtitlh ,oth eyes, which heneli I peleage mvself stlill contintu. ex ee'pting then' are tndor tite inlfluenee or dooilnti of tile Me(]ieol.Doaetore. Antother is thle dughter of a repeeanble metrchante, whosoe name I am boutlnd nevero to toention, lao ho poidome my fees), who said ehe hod Ibet the eight of one eve. front the gre of I monoths, buill that the now heginls to read large letters with the nther eve eempletel3 ohut. This the duetor edtors krew,oo the geltlemltan ttlld le hIimselfl he h;d on due ed his dnuhter to thle office of the nedieal elitort. that they might he inf'rme]d of tile foct The lastl i shrll0 Inion is ant ellderlv gentleman hb the noae of t V'opule nearly seveoty 'euru of eago, wlhdlenel d pullb lilv hiv letter tohit i took to oall the differ t olteeo I ill Nnotoitle thu t h , etl Iind nself etini toe itad iln oil fBre he hlrtinn wtveto r toe ey dleentded, whnl Cutch ar ne.irl thlt letter that Ie lh IIot.alv devertlu oif til. tte iilttfo oye ntoot f ho hter tie birth t wahict Ilia mothIPr at, d i n h.... toerisiae( Ihv tlhe mhanle or tremll tloxn tler non ot eotl enot ontlo heo tite lint t f tite till, hilr tile lrot timc tllmt lit reotlfeets, brtt the otoro lettut no] wan htigioitg to (iutliretlnh maonyohtietto;ottllltlitlhefttreI eftthtttttoeto,o.i,,'entta ny trf ts hyat ho eolnhl ree to wk bolt tile o terete hit d the other eyve tlplrte lteolreed. He ouitl e httdt hetn u a nlemllr i do tile retlshtlitl E piseopal C relh Io tneerv rv oer o n I tkhaont lio ro alo never loibt- I el thorlltnth the whl n'on o tnro · tflt Ni life. o. l rupet tt-r.t ' nod tenorrr greltttotoueee trhon ot Noohovile , aetd tint n'e. inolienltil olerien a dootors had novtrhefoo, t o weh re.nots to he onroetd. 'the Illo ttilltgnten if ti.e Ilr. ltoricnl Ire SNolit, pIroVey woheti, .nteodto n t hee . nThilt ri oveoi h loEi I oth entterte tfroe hein;u n l Ipetf't illdtit,' te believe inl It ltrtin e ofte tBible, tht ho tInt htot e andel a'Ilin' error-tinthlIet t anst hInw ntllllt touo th tief t elr ettlu fei rs tto oltre, lie ht.nultolt lte ·'ltrt'led fnolu Iio itfidelitov as tile opirit of tilhe trtt Iti~titer of theI peoaeeti ltid Itettign dootritst of thie t'hritian religin on tlos Iotllhe otsli the letrtl'o nri, ote lltlh, orl I Illsth, d Ih e len Ipr S., hla medical frieds, nctions tile ftttoelt or tlitpteouetion ttolittutftortttlooooittotle;i lain hedial GalVit. kne th e nso Irth11:,1 .o(1(], lindi ill- u oddtoowltt,, behowlthdginutoel oo nlce, e jlbre to Ilmav yne. All iler inlitanl e urits the w l ofNh lke of Ithe re'tt t.tte. , I ltitlo''-ott tile lte]iall it,.tetrse . Mtotoftlhe, ,t to ltttt o elten ifttroetl tttl r 'utltt of tile ter r etfvtlttntlo t, ied l hiottllv blitl 3i. 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I ol7r an u medIea edftor of Ihe c,:lem fllis Ivull nliret e am snell n ril prentii t, thv eito. sc. wi a ten dlelivi ltr0l n ti e thn e rie otit , hat o'eltittlo tt IItt of lie t ] e mlt orte -orentDe S., less I th t I 1 shah b'ri .utIlld Ih a i t b 4+n ltl~ll OFI' l;, illrlt· I1; .0rltil\ shTlnl(hlr orehnIII m lnOLOfI-j I,,telo ofto my sr t it' er itotlti ai w ell ;t t t aoe i ti i N othut .anuh ler the Clear d medic al (cliah. oflhnk. I I no hvillnd rna t.el'b plile, theerie uitd tlhir h ln .v Il~nlo tlie t\'~ra~ , tll'~i |it te ,r,, ..I;I tII I. nsesol'ttIif il nle me icl\ <.. 1II1I, \ l:la . of he ntou rl t tu .ell aa tht' - · 1 uil lllt Il,* Itolht' gnlmlsto~e! TheI aPI]ieted thcre-P1 "I 'e I it llaX' el.l'f(latl li mll n me IYII nt 11Ili~l(" tilel fi-'ol ,,. { [ne xlt, ,',';it' ·\· (· ,, York, %xh('erll e 11eIlel'T lll ist mid ll]CIIII . I I~ tfltbr'r wi\ll ;~~llie mlll'e * Io (IL( ree l e Illlie. 1lIll l !i tl,ia5ll 'J' . hf lr ll c lr, t~l: , I. thut the, Ifl; soel'eilPI) hsi.L' t\l . Rev' <.] 'rh'Idh" cl ll~er~it,.¢lll. (L I Ie'tel ld*I w. s II trotitto Io h itn t telqWlleni n n ip tnq+eilrler ttI inLralrllell fiile tile :,llev ) nil~lowr~l ll, whml~ il· rend* ith lit to I to t' It el l i "sil h ut I tldnililt intt.l y 'i ,tt . r i o Ir .rtunv,ttrni,l oeill ,, he it' eI'hieedlten hti, fl I~lihc~i. 103' "IIIJ W ll l ilt Ih II1 Itlq IIP"1'] I 110.110r' i II[, I.''. eio t':th'C lli'oo'tl .e' to ernhit bribedo Lt't ec+ o lee lw h o'e , The - ,rn of h1 t"o ' ., l z'lha 1111111~( t, rl(·,iI·(· (til l.hh · T who. i ll lri(PI inv. o rile io lrliatho o his ivine 3to t ,, orilttit ly , lt hito thr loat numbd, r ,of pi.ees of silver M|y a~ttaye'.r i+., that it ; oas olnver i hlelle! ," oh IIi eli, ltr ,lllll iti,< Ioll-i l *d so hb nllY ont , l S il wl111. a t ' (1111 i 11 e ln it 'nto te in ,irt olu'tl flth rem inr pri]H-h ',. the.,h l o $1 r s+ i:,re. Con illl' i e Bo o l tollle lIteet 'I.d1 tlof hl 'i'ely il tPo hllllhleri. tati , 'll-ert l, lte, l r n'I ted tl1.'t 1 io i)llr tit'.o tl e il'resh terism, t'n iol : M nI,1 ,',hm journaols, h .d I u ledr i nll h I,) brihe hinl, I honh hallve o l]rl fee lll h i t h'..t $hod hio rel. htr 1e,1 , in tecl of lii , w. ih, ito olt Ptolthilji, i- ,toll ho',ote '.hlaly ttvlet t,,d hit lt e,li mu1111 ) 1 rl u n ,ribe. Ontlhe,++ rn110trir, if i[i n in Ii le o , .hljrinn ,t br hr, I shool d tertninln have dohne It l 1i ' iti.rive n.u.e I Il 1 ',lll h r eeptn Lhre o . r t. lht he Ietv. Do.l tr leeol l rei ctf onvertot tot thel. dh, fod th, , crine o + the v , fi Jr I oSl" nO t hI't1. l r , n ,, t you .0+11?: 1,1: n 1tt llh t h im tIll S" th rlat it'( t t'ooti on.·wl te d) lt o ) u 10 h hl n'yI lhinl he ~, ~rin ; t o b e ge it tlhe A, ler t ,o tituotih, ow e ajl nttl. It II W u on e fil Nalll tiltitalowtitih, iIe olloolt Iht to'I {o" to i t.lllll t ettl iio"tt tot'1jitt'I ' eiltr . ,lllll te n ut. f this o u'(hill onul tllllder ti -e H l ~oolr eoooottlaihtuly ~ltle llr I~finlvlu ~~~l· · Ittitteoiti, s t'! lt'i e tl'ii eefo t' o tiil whena hv Inelneell '1' ilge ili hl ilr itl an iti lil' l "c'r tdh ht. e ,_.ztooeol~, t.'oC. ,o,*.,..i,+v iga;n, ti no r -, ai if h wo lll d l a,+ ve + ), it, lleU K i te 0hi 1s l lt h ies I li hlt t ot' le 44 ill to ~ l" n m il l o i0r1l il tr ll fli t. Sll n t hw I n. te10 hr, ll t h (1 l4.110 w ole ur. o r. 'l ye lt l,' r th Ie uIhllt a n ll! ( llll , i nsll re a t ,rtinl otgne llitle t llloe.t tln llloe'icll , i l a i el intanc 1 - ftteo lhte lotlnle of ihu o ti lot editlir uf t nt ut-1h h" hn It nl ' a r om ,'l tion for ri en nllw p Ihenpll atrope thI l ', nhich I otlr nsi l themlv ; J t'n a ol l,)I lwa+{ls alwvn lo le l ie lltoti ll lll, I. liv I eti I r t r with t Ir ,t leto le. o lbh t ,ny+.-r hc Mn l tphie "o ld foll lllTtll" nn r o lr-re to te l. Golit s o tol. l iet I lthe, i ii til t h le oot t ee ohi ilf r tt ye l rll rtto ts i re I ll itllree weeks, hh i nsertel d then.F?.11.~" illl l il Ph olll toltilll t I , thes l le i itor O t -II LI iiior~;e inliut,l. I~ltl rl~lt~' Illrlhr hl~llla III Ilrvlli In~llrrrltO oil' riltt*'r'' lb'l wh too i+ t lih.lir lth ih d itioelll, I oIli I Ir Io r tt ol. SI il. I l l 'hel i111''l (1t chi 111r.ltl rtwl or1 I t A l hl ,,t t*OI ll~lll ( i[lll4 it OtittiC til e it' Irinl. ill l'ri 10: le I tttt ltoitt 4 llul'otvilIt tti."lt%-, loololieeltiiofito'__-te n : Fl~lnBN I rr, lllt WC'( ; w i~ ( € l oll{' III L-! ''ltfll.ll [ iiiid tiltuieltir itt o, Il ol t1 Ito ll to. I tei e itu letl Oc.lisottit Catlll wil lrom t b t. C11 . Adoae of the y l rt I'e" i 17 q).iiciy e it. lllit~ul . S " t litco, tiJtle, A c w (3 IIEcKS 10.0ear Ias llam in tieiplo.iaf'n oler 1 11 3' I nEJn I NE e III. \l ro, Il .II a 'I'E NI{'$ 4la ' tiE .oalldti lh,&ec. &l r.I in te , 1. Ilr J 1eyl o.n" e rth i'T h e a t fi8 i tll ii,,itf l~lll i, fl{ev. lll· t i lowt*[ r, of UIO Nnq lv i. .th. t1 ' lll irctthe al tie lt I ii too o e am w tlieou hipin t .. d oclllott t' , ltlltlt l llnttit le il t eit I ntce og oteloieoimto uiottientieo. n h i' IL s prfesonIha Pet tetch rte d'Atire fe K, e i' lelet the Frneooltohgl hin oll-tit'i l'l. ve ·l'thtet t l.e)1 . i~lll IoItIIIhIo)1llltl .lohintoi , di.' "ires e d ho t'r. : tilli It hel 1y rtei Ihce n ll-r-.r l o el.t* llt tI ti . tu r r'itlfnt iitlto t te I I.. I' e' ,e lo:n Ir ivt l lo h ee , o trtie, i, chit Vii ,, ciou he oni. ot f i tt 1,, 1h.i t to el cons , et oil b ni £ I ave 4131 3ay'lheLare u Nialll v'lle, 4 i c i~iiillP ll o.1her Holll'ent vl cL, . hi . 8hi.+ 1io wahting r hlbe. a , h ne hit. Tr.te. ll il hnin pait.OnIIIII1!''%h I c tlhed turiehw , dn lle say he ih idletunri firstt (llrti . i hlAi 'l ire ta the I rei ll ert il ie" couh "1 - | in hi rg'l n, • d "t ays1 v. el .. hu n a fr l elth o M distd .orin [+e+T {" i'll h'.S i II ,K e lul +..1 ) L, lrill.ll of Iuik}l ,b Al~ll [1h0 .elI~tIVnlt . h i'+II~ ltltI 4 it hs, AIIr1 ian1+.h s i L aro ofu rtll Il~ stTUPEl Su l yres Ull-wn ,11u.t OllP.e c ynsv bel rchltP ople fo td.t u th i- p b i Ihe 1b "1". 1].atu It)hW l.l.I, iU . r , Hin,'es w mili of h, e la,,, d+,. ,f D \ list ,.,€sea lbrat anime a to now,&hl h . pt h e rcm riveldc't hnt+o ,'amled .. ll U i slt rseum, r l t e ulcers and ofthe bones, ulcerated thmomt ar: nos rt in . eery description, fever sores, :nl internal lasesses, flatulas, piles, semid heaur, sourvy,,chr- I lie sore eyes, t'rysiielis,hiotht 5, cndl Otetry v:u'ietv or`it inetrls c tatfctiito, rio'otic Cltarth, hled th|eP IIo"oee'l ing from any arrid humor, pail in the stomnach nilld s psioa proceedlino fromo voriatio,, tffeetim.n of the lictc i, n.itottse inttaotrotton of the kidie.s, ani geenol ihiili ty eased by n torpid action of thevessels of the skin. It issin;t dloy hdietscious i nrnoati ngthose eonstittutions toliohltaoehbeeIt biroktett iownti In'oy iieitnlts isotottmtot, juvenile ii'rregltarities. Irgeneonal terms, it is revon mended min all thIosetliteses wlhich allrise frem impurities t of the blood, or initiationt of the humors, of witaterer name or kind1. Some of the shove complaints may require some tri- I Ringisiisant appliscations, which thecircumstanees of the t case will diseta'.; but for it genertll remedy or Purificator r to remove the cause, thie INI)UAN'S PANACEA will generally be found snfticient. TO) THIE 0PUBIC. Itow trte it is, that modern Physicians, to their am hition to excel in their profession; explore the vast fields ofl'sience by he aid o'chemistry, and seek out new re. medial agents; in short, to alrive at perfection in the ractice by mneans of art lole,--entirely overlook and neglect, as beneathltbelnr tlne, ttherich ant bounteous stores ofnletlicine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out of the egrth in every clime! And how mur.h more true isit that while the the American Physieinn looks to fioreign countries for mani of his most common and tiieesti:'y articles, perpetually changing as they are at thie dlictates ol'fishion or folly, lhe is surruttndedn in his own country with an entless profusion of medical piants, sumcieint to answertany Tutdieation il disease or to cure any cunahble disordelr; and yet he is ignonrnt of their vlr tes, andl they tare suffered to 'wusteilthir healing on the desert air.' The effects of vegetable medicines upon the system are tenl orary-those of minerals lasting. The Iormier ex ert sheir effectsant mas off-the latter, mereuty ill Ir ticul.r, ant chemicly n ion the solids, decomposing tile bones and undermlinng the onlstitution bh a slow altd sore destrlution. e'leoigentgriallity, elfcieney mul SAFE'I'Y ofveetoa hle remedies over mineral, me" lie estimated by contrast ingtheanocient piaotice withitheimoderl; or, toibring it more immediatelvan:leor our own observation, th" Inlli ano prtatice with ithat of the whites. Who, in America, us not knownoorbleard of repeated Instances wherein some declrepid, unpretenlding female Indlian, by meansof Iler simplleiedietlawote, ilnits affectedi the most irapild and astonnishing cures, f'tir the 7lotrit'a olediea of the 'emmiil lractice. dlirocted in the most skilful manner, Ihas ftile, .iAd who ia lol oitBern snlrprise( at the ronl ipatiavetse and toieiliy with wllich thle Indian fiees hi sellf 'im any disease, and :tt the tlmost tloa abstilence ofehronicdiseatseamong themr Who has taer heard ol an tidaln i ithna costitution brokon and rained by illnreanmellnt A:.ld can a doubt exist than this ex em tion of the savage fromn most of lthe ills which tile flesh o'f man is heir to, is chiefly owing to more genia and safe remedles which he eiploys? r'ldis astonish ing ii f'erence in success, is a fair exemplification of the infinlte supenriority of tie simple and safe niCans of cure whicth God has created for the elnefit of his chilren, over those which the pride and the art of man ha e in From a long residence among a portion ofthe aborigin alinhbilnantsof thiseountry, andian iltimate aequaoill tuoes writh ltle methtds of crle of some of their most successltl prilntitionerls, the proprietor ot l'he Inlialt's l.alnace:,'neniired at know ledge of some of thile sost IpoweofilandlO fiorite remedies. Froln tese heselected such as were most efftientous and approplriates, anld after various exiperti 'ntsll to test their principles atnd strength, lie Illsconbined them in the form here presented, as the most pert'f et and i,eneficial lor the tpurpose lor which it is recommended. The protprietor olersthlis preparation to the public, with tle consciolsnss that he is placing withintiheir seat a remedy capable of relieving many of his anflicted fel Ilow beings, who tare suffering undler the various chronic Salnd obstlinte complaints to which it is applieable. To esuch it will prove of inllaleolablle vale, as the mealns, and inll many ases, tile only teanssof relieving theirlsu ferings all restoring them once more to health and lhap piness. Thiis nois tollred as a common remedy, that Smay p' er chace be ellully good with many others now I t use, butllI s one which isoop1able of sat ing life inlmeny extl'rle csenis u Mich l tilee unusuitl tenediiesfall. Thills it inls dote repieatedly; alnd this is the repltation ithasob Staineord twlherlver it as beenll introduced. It is onlvalbot thiree yearssincethisprepalation was tI npreseted o tolhe publi: buti te nat short space of time, ; some ihumnt eis of pelrsons might be lod, H(ho would solemnl) decllare that llthe be leved that their lives ncre saved by i a ii, n ini osto nsaentler lthey had tried many iand perhts tll he connon remedies in vain. Whet'r Sever it is knou it istapnllyeomiag into use, and this i. ntllIs i tle most substantnal and onvinetig poof uof' it me'llS:.I The valte ,f tlhe Panacea i most conspicuousinl those lng slulllding and svlphlitiic ill scrlflllus o atections which Il\e fid :del Iohler rei.nedlis, lnd particul:aly ill IhIose clnies w lhr e lantrTcll'y I :hs been sol Ilavilly used as tIi c.alse di stressillg l:aills ill the onells, oties, In 1trei Iial ulcelrs, del ,l.e lnelllnt ol'lthe dilgestive orlgans, cl e. Tl'hl'e it coilolly rmI:III es, and l l all e:lss it i etire I ellllicentell Ihle dIi seaseJs . lli is o liof mercury, reO vothstese esnestittioln, sod lenwe'the pmtient ,oun! and well. la r outis.n amInt in ulcerel d soIe teot tlll ntsl ha1p ill Iclse ue oll(rl . ppari ntll(i giving:( ul)al' s ill.ine I krll in llio" I e. ll,.llth li h' , ailll owea o llle l .sa p i a:lieraieno d detergent; l I)ti apllO tic, lll il o, la i ki, an twlo-sitloolic iiuiil hnthe oli- in Hnubiutma..l diseases nuI t here specied, an: d it Ihas beenil lused ill l lvil ii-less as a S toong amt a 1iill i-. - . ilIeri, .Iy those w II Sut ittc'oll lll lo inlti of thle chttllt anll whoseconstituuionsrueuire new vigor.I Soll 11" sons will llo I we ~lli to te t illl or three bi llesl o v . ih Ilo el'. heete\r a d(it wink is conIlsiltred nec esslar.y, this , Ia'ces taken in h sa ll m lltdose; will answru Iall its purposes, it. much less time, a1 less expeoae, and in a lhe fuIll( ing cerlitiiates, out of lihundreds simil,.ll a hich might ble proIeC , all re giv. to shr wholl . t l affect of the indllt n'lls la llnace, il lllthlvr illts C. m pllailltS t e"" l nc sucationed;amI Iaso to xhibit in the most satisfhe ory CASES 1 tlIIilIA'I'ISMI. CH(ot.iTusron, Nov. 15, 1831. Dllr1)uS.S iihelllh I"nter. ilsd pingl was aflllli.teIld wi IIth Ia Iiiy ;evert a lnistesllini il iI umatism, ocentl ionedit :I xpls.'ll tilh budl.C weath, le nin talke greae lheasr ll slllatlig that si| holes of tll' ll' ll, nacIa:lla, lest·ll'lel ll llerileet health, aglll I confidently rheIommnd lll it to I " Similarly afflicted. JOHN FIERGCUSON, Kiig st. Col I 1.xsTow, Marcv '7, 1832. I wal seized ltllut ihltrecvarsince, with ailistressingig I rhetnm"1nti, callseld s takingllC severe oll, whoile under li ll~itlll' i llleof, .m whic.ll IIhas lvsablE d r hai be is i patient it the 1torine Hospital, in this toil lllupwardsio i moths, and nlearly lhe solme lenllgthl time in thel Itltihnore Ioitlllll l trid allllmost eIer remedy, withr little oitcl. On tlhe 61 of cbrouaro it, iat that time sieioily italeto move about upon citci-i es, I colu lllnced fllllse u l' I lin'sll Pali ceao . lo.ti nIl harly to cstae lll h OI losi rtl yself1 i-citly owell. This mtay certhl- thlat ill the ai l hof 18h5, I a ns serze with al shl.llingillh .y ilneck and fa, l)ul.ich eiliul loitcated and cami lh ia illg glutlly olees, in my t oil. to lhiladelpHll, nd lllallce.t mi llll'l uhle unhe a:lln vt-i. Physte and lench, wiheit itlir reited viiv tPitt I o llei,-loiat, I wai lilIosltO'l, i iii ;'llr .lllIolit Altr waremlds wItolhk ttn lh ale 'Snmlh. 's vt em l ah of d eln'iglr boles of Pl.tighlit lraholitcon, t ohio noto htord beiiilv tiot, I Ir olllllilto ll Ih 1l0l0 hill SNi' lork, i 182I , Iii gae myself upto a lingering death. i en-int of lh gueat ,.ces olif It lle" lllialh'sI l'eanceo, hoeteitr, in cas similrl, to Illy owntv, Has persuaio.iedl to t it, as a It II. sort. To mIi Yeat siiiWprise, as well as satilaktion, ,, sonld ni)lf.lrapiilv recovelrig, .lland uponI takiol seven bottles, the ulclrsohealevtil adI beeouiie perfecti) well i tihe course ofltwo motths, lid l.he res iinel so lietthebenefit of thoswe w lmare su!i:ll rinr luder similar sc~ialojs om sylphilitic alctioins, tlhat fley' mlvay know hlht lel ct ed one w.Iho Il:ls l reau elnrll y thing haIt delol, iii who considers his life iaoed by thoeaboti o - V 1M. III IIA' CUi tit.tsrvo'o .l1, 1t, iti31. I was atllictri, fool) . nr withi w v. l ler il tite leg, nle i ir: ls c nllilnio witllly '9 d ith crll.sipelatons inflalt..illo. and oexcvssive ain i hoile lelg v snii .lo joint. Sev0.rl Semint phylsicians elxerted their skill upon if, .rut with oit lpei.laentlblll fit. Il . hIi cw0as like bottle Iiliati's 'a ficeo made i pet ce.l MAIIlGAthtI' A W8E.i, 121 Market I' orsal ho IHENRY IIONN AIEll., Idruggist, aHon to- tiiproprietolirs,t'I'cllio itlmll l i NEW Oli&hEANS . NASHVILLE RAIL 16UAt) 5'I o IP.\ ioh o Stilllted hut lby a uitillll of thil ioardof tldivi, r: n pIsledl on t 1illlt io llIt hse cll made on lllltll h i the I: 1th February : .nl, lill the lpa mIo ofllt ie dillslo Sshare,was re cinded, and the siid soockholdero ore lorthrherntlified that WII..IE tAS, hi a r'holotioo of lllhi oard paseilld in the 11Ith iest ., i all has eeno -lide on ilit stockhuloler of the Niew Orletans anotd Ntr.ville ail Ro-Id Cm' . y Sir the folloivig payooiiie re t fihestock t hel respc. titlel by tbinu, vis:-twn einitren per share, pat le on thle flirs day oIf September nexlt; two dollars per lshlre piuble oni the first latv h I cllmber lnext; Iand tolo toitllarsper share paio rlle oni te silhl ida li oi, litrch oxl.. Nowtheretiire ie it riesolved, tit the ec1re-tar olf this colllla;lly shallll notify the s re hI. ers thllrin with te ilt aseio of the charterI, Ilwvure pernituld to postponell ally paI entI IIonled iIn o., the stock of lid icmuipooy for the ro111io sixty dayis, fre ai after thile Idy on hi ll it is madrle paablell with te explres n said prlorn h.tIion of sixty al from anld laftr tile dai oti wvich it should havle It ltpai tl"hat ithenl tihe st(ok remlln - ritel d lt tlfe compnyt , Ille clharter o. ihalllt point ioein itoperative. oi ciltiriiity therefore, to said ohiii+k nrolir to.i pn-itlof tn ilte p ltoitl atvh-ior clork tlo , ltlhe lliof tioe hlititenl siokl iidr tin I thicotca, rti allows thmo,iare notifiedthlt the payment of two hit lah per share ilted fpirand due on the ii t o e iof )l,-,teli:ilh Plti .lls d of Otoill er lil ext, that Ithe opymenti itwo., dollars per share callted i r, fl' -lle li tlto first dl ,t f I.l ll r llitiO tw ot, lflr ,o h phl't iplu lleld un 11i"the l l lltk r da I" Jauecervnll tr lle lcd 11le ,I t meat of twdeolllars per Snht,' ehldld fir ulan ·I at 1 it the ,firstlhay of oMarch text, oma bte postpone.d ottil thle isn. oday o April next. thrnets of wle minutes of l I', l e rar jui r iiut l . It i lhoh tItt, Soc.i.. nlti n t STATE OF LOUISIANA.-Parith Court for the Jf Parish and City of New Orleans. j=IlE STATE OF LOUISIANA. To all wthomt -. tl I'Presents shall come, (r.ietlin:-\ l rets,i. itpr Il-aue tht'iiltg pturchlni d t ot stale made bv hhluheritl'ii the pariah o tiht letcr tite pre iiy rcriuiler Iscribled, ,. uppplie! Io Ithe clerk of tis 1, I whosell! olhel, tIe dced f tOlel was recorded on iae l dnv ot f April A i. 1,i:31t, fr n monition or ailver P.maent in conformit Ito an act of thie leilatl.ure iof the t I of t louiianal, eti:.IdAn ant lir the forther ntes clle o+ titlel to tnrclertI tjtnltudicial aleOd"'j ulprov.d the Ithtll dtit of Marclr, 11134. N.(/W, liefre,.keknow ve, and all persons interested herein, are hlerebyv eited alsI ndlmonished ill the Inme of t tile State of Lttnisinnt , and of the Pnrish t'alrtt who enn set up nny right, title or claim in and to tihe pro"lrty hereinafter descrilwd, in eoosequnele ol any infirmalitoy in the order,deCree or itdl.etlt of the court under whichl tihe sale wer nmade, r anylv irregularity or illegality in the apprnisements and loderntieutmntn, ill tie., or manner of sale, or for ny otlher tefeet whlats ever, to lshow cause, within thlrty odays iom the day this monition is filrslt iuserte in the tlnidie paete, Ithy' tile te ttuo Itlade a otlnid not be conlirnetd and Ilotl lognted. Tihle lad prperty w t sold iby the Sheriff of the par inh nforesnid on the 14tlh day of ApriI, A. U. 1838, by virtule ofa decree of thi Court, rendered on the 5th day ofPhebnarv, A. D). 11130, in a sit entitled Alexander Caldwoll so. James Ilan , No 10,,3Fi of tie docket of this Court, at wieh sale the said Jamesl Hlanna heonme the purchaser for the ptice of twenty one thousand ,ollarr. DIescription of Property as given in the Judicial Con veyance, via: A certain lot lol cllld italed in the suburb An nuncition <lits Lacouroe of this city, in square No 5, and Int lhaving French measttte, 60 1'eet ifrot onl Teho pitoulas street, :61l feet flir' on Oralgers street, and 130 rfet on I f ffr atde dt Mtroe' d t.t)itcoo n e llech a manner tha id ot i tofcrolml is 6011 feet wide froilnl oe side of the sqiare It tile other, together witll a dwelling hotse frontlig on Tlchoupitoulan stlreet, the koitchens ol Id, pendencira, also the distillery esuabli.i m tilts eletlted thereon and othller buildings nold'illprolveoentls, the machinery, utlenils, inplements and lixtlnure belonging to said distillery, its dependencies anlld applrtenaniceu, and the rights, ctions, ant privileges thereto belonging or it nay wisue tnpprttlaillttit . Cl.rns Offtice, New Orieans, May 7, 1838. mtlti,24&jj3 J. 01.1. ,I I)epotty Clerk. E.T'A'i i)E LA L.JUIOlANl -Ctlr de oPailelnse poir'ln pIaroisse elt ill lide In No.velle Orleans. ''ETAT i)E LA I.OUISIANIEI.-A toalus ctux qtue Sces ipr'senter concetnent, Snllo : Atteind que James t Htolse at yaontachet& A ntlte vente l'aite Iplr leS .heif dela ll trcisse d'Orleans oi propritith ci.allpr)b decrite, s'cst all'rets a anl GreflU de ette Clore oitl at iite vente tit eltregiotlte Itr 2enlmojour' le Ma dle P'tlllie 1838, alor n Iavits enlforomenet ll an oitl de la Lkgisalllltt lt e i Etatl de la Louaisiane, intilult. ' Acte ltlor nttllfirter leI tilcr ties at'qllreltltn atl vetlent jtrlteinirlte;" anllpptoat Ic Io Marsl 1834. Qtt'il soiteonl, et latlllteos perannes illtti.lsee sotllt par ces pIreentes somlnltcet. a nom dle 1' Etiti tie Ia Loulsiane t t dle In Clotr cde PaI'lisse, qnti tpour'lienlt avoil' dlroiit Ala rol ite vi-stirAs det'crte, ell conselquece d'un ldetitl de Iorle idas I'tdlre, lc decret ou .le jtugenltlit le tla ioll, enl vertn duquel la velnte a ete faite, on de toute irtguTlrtite on illigl dlit an I'estimtionl'avis ou le temps et le mode lie ln elte, o"l paour tla anltre cane qlleltonllttei ci theire voae, tims reateuljoars d.,lter dela publicatlon dIe eeote at is, pollttarlui la ente ainsli tite tie selait paI confirmee et homologuae, la piropri61i flit vendue par le sherif sudit, le qna torxianlet our d'avril de 'anlnf e 1838, en vertu d'un dlciet die cette conr le 5 de fhvrier de I'atlne 11t38, daoo I'alifire d'Aiexander Caldwell, contre James ltanse, No 10,347 du diocket de cette Cour, A laquelle vnt le I dit James lanse s'est rendu acqubreur pour le prix die $211,100. Description dela Proprieti6d'aprds letransferJudiciare, Savoire UIn ertatin I t ie terre situa an fanhbnrg de i'Annon ialion atlina I.aonturse, de cette ville, dlta I'ilet No 5, le dit lot de tltre ayntIt [inesure fr IItaid',] toixntlte di lace A It rtte tIut . rant!er, et sotixnttc ikids de face Aditf e de tin ril do r lolrci,teuo sortt qclu le lit lit lie tlerre a soilnte pi eds de argeur d'ulltll hu t de l'ilet A I'altre: ensemble otie llaison io sant fate A il Iruoe cltoapitoul ' a, eoaisine et se dih pendances.nliasi itque la distillerie cnnstruite sur le dit lot, et oIlures bii tisse* et ae l .liorationsi ler machineslil , unmneniles, inl<ntl. ations, &c. a ,p renantl A laditel dietilltrio.,en dpendil oces, aplpartetnanees et lea droits, actiont et priviltges y app it llnot. nrean do9 gr,- ier,Noovelle,.le ' 7 Mai,1836. ..,l4;31 &j3 J. O)LLihl 1)epute Cwreiler Royal College of P-hysicrans, Loudoa-. . 1- llE original Vegetable llygeian Universal Meli cine, prepared by W V iskin, E'sq. Mlemer oof I.e Royal Coll-ga of Sulrgeons, Licentiate of Apothe rary's(opaoty, Fellow of holt Court Society, Surgeon to the IRoy:al Union Pension Asoci:tion, lalnecak:r I'lae, Watoerloo Bridge, ald Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. T'lottas' lltosplitals, Ionmlon. f This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' expler lele ald unlaralleltd suocess il thil extensive and hitghly respetable lpractice of the iproprirty, patro nised by the Iacuvly and nobility, amd is now introducedt to the olicte of the Amoerican ilo blic, at the earnest so licit:tio o *f a number ofgentleteno of longanld high sta: tditg io the profession. It is hlopet, as a preliamri nary step, to check the evils aod fatal conleqoetcCes arising lifrom le use of the numerous anti deleterisous nostrums foisted ontl the phlict bt the aid ol'laabrietatd Iproos" t minwarlloi l sl clres, ned itler frlhall, by a set of tlerceon.y, unprihciple( pretlelers so tatoally aigiota of tin dicdl sciece, that it impossible the motlstrUius dalusiFtit e: anay longer go down w ith tie itoalligenth t:o l ie ol'ftisco ntry. 'hle' e t pills, iotl tat. agrelaable at alh.i.:oia .,-. .Itotld t kb l vek ie t i vry Iallil, i case, of lllltell s, fuI , by Iheir prlolll atllltlillS,, ttI ll, clelohra, ml-.m s, sl,asnlts, fevelr, s lll ioth(er :I:ll~llillg lyc enlrtl ll prevwcntd. In lhat, Ill thollse w;ho value golo health, should rnever Ie without them. They are soW io packets at 5, cents, $,1 and $tL each, It every respec tlalc (ruggist, lho,,kseller, adl vendorlof edicine is ti, . tlitell States ot I t , be Ca.adas, with co.tls Idectillls, togetl,tr with esutnmonils of protfessional abilil t f.ala flte I'ollo inge minent gelttlemen: Sir Astlev Coottper, J Ataertothy,aoaoes Ilhtdell, Mi. D., \V. Bock, Mi. I)., .1. Aston Key, A. I'almotnlato, M. D., and numerous otllas. The originals may be seenl II possessio of the (;Coeral Agent, by whonl the omadticine is inlported ilto eItis touttry, and to whom all applications forageocies must he made. 1 JNO. IlHO.lE1IN, 19 W.acely Place, N. York, Sole (Gelnetal Agent for the United States, se. For 'ale ht alppointment of th of e riinal prolrietor. by SwAIN & It, Druggiats, No II street, (erellr, Agenotsfor Statthee of'Lollislao. jolIv8 SEISIIIY It LEE U co, No N Magat.ue street; are inow receiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, I(ekntuchy, Eagle, aln other late arrivals tIratm :t tltetrl cities, large nail new selected assortment liai.s, Boooq Shoes and blrogans, onllsilttigl of glntlltelllln'sn calf and IMorocao boots ado td quality; do butdl, astdl stoot was pegged boots n vatiouslls lalllities; nlel's filn calfl' se a ll .lorocc hw-l' IllInps aml bltogtas, buckskin shoes, blrogalas ant cl11pplels: metn'sl i calll andl kipped lleggell Iltoeaoltd I rogans; do boots; do stout kip and wax tpegged shlloe a al brogans; gentlemen's best quality all'sewed slloes, tOcogans. ald Jack Ilowoiogs; dlo calf and Morocco i ckle shoes alt brogaos; to calf, seal and Marmoe.. I aliao shoes saodt slipl.t-s, do calf, bullf otlt seaa wlngs, a ew article; do line coll, se;.l andlt morocco qullatel totsl; Ioys', misses'alll children's egagedl antl sMwed bltogans, antl stoesof everyquslity alt kind. Also a general assortlllent otf mleal's stout wanr and rut Ilroians ,tItd shoes, together witt a 1,00(1 lailr! ,.lgn hll st Iquality, rutssets bltrogI.tns, l ile1 i I I ks, madeh expressly for pialaatin use; a getl :ts imllen of men's ttite ond stout kip russets rt)gals,o w artticb, i a arge ttuataity af o t itlferiottquality r .set c: d wax blrog:nls. ladies' tle I, c lt, s llt, molrOlco anll gti welts, and p ,pi so.le shoes; do lial FrenehlS Mtroccualln kid ram n a slippllllers; o rola, shoes, willtl :tal witlhout hteels Icuff, seat and stort leather boots:s; do PIrinella shoe I tall kint s :tt d qualities; oh lastiag lbrogats; at gatl.r. a .to robed bootees. Misses' lastittgsltrinlg solleai:tla ua gaos. h.bihhlea's colored Mottoco andt lastiog bro a.. toI ta l boots, te. ;itltetmen'sliutetc 'shliaotal black silk hdat; to black Iai thai: healver do it a superiaor quality; to imitation ,taul t r lo; at naiod mid narrow brim mtan's flue drab at d .tl. ok Rtsila short napped it ats, a nIew artilet. Ynootlhs l.a e size hats of dtittertt qualities; do clhihireuL. it in lll by iC's ack anld Itrab wool asll of alriou silues, with general Oassortment of boys' atil men s :f caprs. 'l lus asseellilo t will bie rpleilshd lby the arrival of ru hapckelhrom bthe .cte oamed citites, stl of whichl M I)ONTA(UE'ST:' I.2L.11 FO!R THE TEETIH. I llt: esotolitoll, rep rlat ion sotl cottotatttltIncrea inoa • onuud l o i thi. t l fls ellle. n:ll rlli olf p n'1 ,od plilll r IrI seraaive tit th' teeth, has induced t tle oottcribro ollfr it to the Amlntrihul public. Aorraogt oments aoo allul taullr u. n iitl ltettttld Slta',. ,o as tao lll e, it iit teil recllh o tlloe tutt'ritllg and tike ly t. suttLr this oaoll Iil.ra.iog of all tel s, 'I'at- talete. \VhIln la ippliet atncording to diretiotns giv en on, boile, it has never tilee to lliarld ineaediate arodt llllllnt relif. It also arrets thIe doul'v I, defi:etiv, anlld rlieves lthat oer lltieclt o frlequlleltl aetlleprsa i ttrong tooth ltlaesoeo The aplllicatiu alnd relIudy are siltllt e, itllllltoent. anl lot ualla..isnt; andll the llre Ilnumber of teraons in dlilf.Pent ieetiols of tit iarlllll\, that ilet nile atly expeieined uchll delieahlif ad .ululm eltct* f'oi!l Lthe use ofthll Balm., are ready Itt her tor llte iublice gloll) thile iestitnoany t its Itit rh Idlnlle e si dlL. It is rut Inian (lh reIelly, ohhlhine.l :tlh'h"ly taan unexpretedly, cad ata he regarlc. Iby thie ci i;izlo world as llte moatl valuable discouvel t Ireihlllln ilf" thle swodst. I'ice iat ,er botlhl. So.l by J.llt.IS & ANDREWVS, mr 5 Car CoOaoe anot 'lchanitotal -ta. E\\W BOO:.--Nival Sketel, llBook, t allte Soervio. 1 Allout alad lsore. With characterislic reminiscen cr, fingnellts awl opinions. Ily the author of', 'si o oia Tcr, &c. second series, in ' vols. iatllltlolll ltecolleetions of the Iloulse .l Collammons, fialt llte year Il;1il to thle closeol 1835. ino:ludilg perso lnal itlce oo f the leaeting Inembers-- y one of no par ty, lstt e'el sll fr sale y NClKEAN, L.ATEK PUBLICATIONS.-. (1 II()MWEI.I., nt Ilitorioal Novel, b, the author ot l ) "The lrotlhers," &c. in o vols. I'opllur Medicine, or Family Adviasr, onastictilg of Outlines of A latllly, Ihysiology, andl Ilygiene, wilh ntI hints a oa the praltiee of Phycsi, Sorgerv, n.lI the lisals,.tes of women anld chillre, as may prove usefil in families when rogular phlyicians caono he procurod: billng a companion unI guide fare ittalligont )preiiatls it' lanilateories, plantationls, and boarding school, Ieadi of f unilies, ilasters of vessels, missofaries, or Iravelers; unil ~i uleftl akctsch fo r vouttg itelllnnteel, - ate It stuy otl lvntedioihn'.t I ev aieycll . uoao, l l. It. 1' toer P.vlae 's Universal iliatory on the bhitas tof i .aoraapay, flr the ae of families, illustratled It maps edat avol. Jtiustreei \ a d llfl f lor ol1ly W cKE l\N, I aaebaltr :anllll aal Coollnnlln i.s I l talIt iCtE.-Ttheotwncraof aeverat pakageo taerchatn I I te inrked Mladame V. Arltitueltiave. icr llip btraclta;, lioa Nol\,r aollak, is hreohv oratelirl. Illtat the ie I, 1nlu stred by STETt'ON, AVEBY &CO. :131 Coai5ltrea "Oruotonll JUSTPUBLISHEDFROM oTEREo rk'E PLJTES, The F'Ah Editionf c 1 RO I.ETT'S TABLES tOF IN'tiER F.T: rfO which is new adclred an Averge Time altln- - U. tor. or easy methods i ft intnlle tile n'verage timet on storage', lotes 'o halle or bills f gnnls, hen pu Ilr- 1 by chased at diflerent dates, en diferenct credits, andl tfr various anlollnt,; I.ideslaus ill and coplhle Ioeanking e l'ime TO le, the best IIa cal he contlriver'. tIr that 1i gnlres:lne it due within the smel e ' condecesend cenmnpasos, An vertiisement in the hook is in nearly the fallow- T ing wmnols: Thie high distinction this work has reeited through the ten legislative acts prefixed to the title lage, is a re conmnm datin ill itself, so ncmmon,, and so conrhl sive, th I nothing is necessarv more way of ad vertisement, to givena coendtrsed view of smen of its pe- y enliarities:ns ferinstanee, tile Ilterest lhas been eompos ed limtn,oi etllmnreed with, what is equivalent to feor" A teen sets e'eAhlleetlatione, examined in the prefis thirt- ie five tintmes, and printed lrom tereotype plates tested tlhirtyty-one tiles, fiom all whlich it mnt Iee evident V even to the skeptic (e.e.reiallt on thle pe.sonl oethe de- p tail of proofin the prefaee) thet tie woek mntst te arith- I ietioellv infullible, and in confirmation ofithti belief a F premiotin f two hunlred and fifty dollars, is now offer- V edl eefor the detection of an error ofa cent in the present or fifth edition, a. expressed in tee preface, making five F It ree' minnts alfered for tohe sanme error sincethe fith t phltieatinnt in tile year tI02. One of the most eonstpionons features of the te tables is inthe arrangement of the Time and Amotnts, which for expeditions, referenee null perspienity, with the help ofthe side and index, cannot be excelled; and the sally ty andl ese with which the ienernes can be found, tothe extent of general business, withont doublling of mlm is hesides a convenience se essential, that in thel estiman tion of some oi the most competent and prlnet cal busi nsas men and peollci offi erm who have enade gnreat ue of tthe work, it as been distinguitshed Iy) Iho honlabe appellation edufa '"master piece". And considering the inlillihility of the method originally adopted in eomneosain the work, and the extraorlilnary ulnumer and variety of the examinations, anl tests of every edition it haspassedln In lhepress entwitheatlndig the whole is int ttereoltpe, considertng. in si6. t, lie positive aectllley f leeed hy the unprreedented means emploe od, the vn lumehas been heldup and emphatieally styled "the most wondellllelfl book in tie wonlk;" most certainly no manean nmnea figure work ofthe same extent, which since the beginnligo ecreation, has had the same nutm her anti variety of lests in the same number of editors; no, nor onte ;ll'tfthe number, as is clearly shown in tile prefaee. Beides, as test and standard, it kas been tried andI enreed in nearly all the bank and puhlic eflices in the Uniten Santr, stllt bv tile public gonerally, llrilg the long period of tlirt-five re.ers, yvet no error of the ret enlalions fhas ever Ieen fomntin trlint,althctngh Eontinu ally challenged by tile offer of very Iarge prrtminlts. f'The in fact expressly adopted by all tle sourts oflaw cl seerdal ofthe Slnaes as the " nte oft e.iculatlon for"stnlute ilterl'et," as also hy law for baInk interest, accordinglits tile Iook is used, and as nay le seen ill part, by ..o names of the subsariiters,and at few of the subsequent purchasers, intlhe list attheend on the book, isin Iossession efevery eloss of citizens in every quar te of the United States. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly eheck, it has so often detected large errors, long after they were made, even by the most carelul and mont competent arithmeticians, tat its usefidness, and the absolute ne cessity for its usn, have been extensiyely insisted upon, so evulden, ineed, hiave been its advantages, andl its savings, that, severrl yearsago, whilst the first edition was searce, anid ult of print, a great h.umber of second hand copies were sought for, some to a gre t distance. Sand purerasd at variots prices, as they could cenasion ally ho picked op at from $10 to l$5 per copy, nnd some persons have receon..v deelared, and instances could be quotet tihat they wouldl pay $5tt, $10tt, and $500 for a copy, f not to he had for less, and an ilndividual in the lnuer instance partievlarly, having at tile same iitee rxhibited tatisfactory proaf, to nevetrl petsonspre sent that to him it was really wortlh that oney alend more tlcough the saving ofhis very valuable time, he beineg very rich mannld inl nblic olfice. It is likewise worthy) of not ce, nnd indeedt proper to implre t, that stnh is the natute of figue work generally and aspecianll when of the extent sand imporlanee ol these ie loes, that lnd this book or its like btoeen piepa ed in the usual manner vlone, hb the most competent enleculatol in the world, and afterwards prititd most eantlioult undelr his own correctionof proof sheets, it woutld, adllmost to a eertainly, have been ilnste fe tr re lelrenleand dear t ay aey prer, as the e ir etee driicll lat'p etplains. t Ilut so perl" and vaieahle have the sterenype petes of tllis wma klen l atc, thaelt to secre tllem., witllhheir numercs lland extrlar(dinll exan)illn tinns, against fi'e, for the general benefit, thery are (by Sdvertisement) eonstantly keptt in a plice of special st.tfet, except lehilre seein pltriecing. Aenptlei,'teetidst to find l th hanlk s and sltllate inter est wit usetful notes, follow tIhe pI'ice, which, in this fith as ill the two preeeding editions, conetail n meh inl ferlnatien concerning the two lawful modes tof conlct iug inter trs, tee tday a f gn ace, te. It rnetes oey to reen.u kt that, notwitlhstanling this inclnuelllonvl costly work, whllic. was pnblihedet Iecli.,re interest talfesr wer,: hltlodc.dt in dollars and cents be i yend anhalmtnne, hal beenItr SO exeCtensively and so liberally patronised, it h tas int ye so much as paid with interest. stee lea,,) less of .narl hlllsr thous)nd dollars, iesidel iax y ears Of time nlri 17199to In1915, sustained nnn the airst editine of 71ct ) anlopies,r nising chlllily front its pblica-: tion uttlun time, at an utnder price,) to sat n ,thing I" c. tenetetihn o profit for alnost a li'-ltine "of can, toil, ci ld saoerilce. 11 rerefore t e mauten ir stitll relies on tle di iFellt ' rl*d relllrlnsity of lhl e pullic fetr is conetill: anle o"f i'.it1l eCnc.c /h tertarge. le, tr sale by the ISritri] al lioksell , in the Viid S.ltars. t.1 IlII.'s NE\W \VWORtK;lr.--'reh .efE ..-._.. i Ehliald, by the anllhord ":1 'ear in SpamI," in Nobkl 1)erds'nf \\omen, in c ? olV. h'e Yo. 11 ti.' Ilok,il a nuialU1 e mral reli u: s erIIrI dlnli tioe hn Wt tts. sJust recewied andl lorsle by \V.A1. DI'K.Aý, " - V Y & , tCIIAFFER'S Compounii , Fild Ex tract .f S;rsaparilla, for tile cre o'foostinate ptions of thle ski; pimples or pustule.s of the r; biles wihi arise fromn an impure state of tle oil; seoly eru,uollns; pios ill the bones; chronic heumatloln; tot, r; scrofula, or king's evil; wlhite sw, lling; syphilhtic diseases, a.d all disorders arising Irom all impure stalte of tile blood, b)y a long residoec in a heo climate, or the injudicious use of mercury. Also.-Cave & Schaff r's Worm Syr p, or In. sant Preservative: the best preparation IooTexltat. Among which are the following:-Indian Dye, for col reng tite hair; Bear's Oil; Rnssian Bear's Grease; PotnatuoL; ichaw's Freeilo Wash: su. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roses; Vegoetable Rouge; Otto of Rost; Lip Salve; Kre. osieit Tooth Waslh; Carbonic Dentrtfice; Orange Flower Water} Powder Puffs and Boox ; Amtrr. can Chlrcoal, neatly put up in four .nce vials; Preston Salts; Cologne; Kreosote l'ooth.ache Drops; Hair Brushes; Englisit Dre ng Co be.b Ilusan lair Oil;--with a variety of ithor Perfu meries, &o. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C TRIN( ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets 011 I.E k MAY, Holte, Sign, sld O()Ir.mviai P'aiilters, No 3 Carnodele street, two doors lrom Conal stree'. imitations of the inslolmvig woods and mirubles,es uted ile a mIster!. untleer, Mahogany, E.ypitinl Ilock stl gold, Slok, G aliao aiil Antito, Pollard lIo, Oriet O al or verd autique, inorse Woo, Jasperi Grey, As, Whie OMak, IoEn. h t.e CIttlod Elto, Biperoidses to be seen at tilt sl.op Pitils, oils glairss W (ol a, |o. o vd lr slhu'lel, YewN,'rt'l& HIEVY ilOl)S-llt, htuaoe onilse Woodn, Amrll a Greyd. urllleld lio , Iool, scroll altl rod iroe, ,ail rods ,atd plough Cast, Germ:n, shear, blistered, spring, sheet alnd Crowles steel Hollow .wIIe, cut and witrotuglt utails asnl spikes Zi7c, bllok tit, mill mita grind stotes, salt kettles C(lliil ables, oalehos, hoes Ox, ht n ' l e *:c It h:ios, corn mills \Ins, I itces, I.tmme st all hollows \\'ire, sheelp ig and bar lead; shot C',a, alnd colking stioes Ames, Into iSlal's nil othert spadles and shovels Hook and pIlte hinges, door onit window kooks (Cellins, Ilutts, ShNut1s, ell othelr axes Irsl''td all otMtli0o ldgeoe , litesl adl twite Holt lid shcting cOlllper; Nasal stores Plirtus, linseedtl aCl spterm oil A (lil ailSSorment1 olt hardlware Snlld ship ehandhil{, alwa)ysoll hand, and wlicih are nllE.,d ft "r si le t whlle. sale or retail, ct the mtiost livorulle teilns, by In- I.AY'tON to Co. 53 Old Levee. HARROWGATE. SPRINGS Ittl ',,lertor ctouloy, Alattl llll. TIIREE D.1 'S JOURNE, Y FROM NEWV ORLESAI . r THE propriet or of this eetablishmelrt has the plea. Ssure olattluncitlg tt his litriedoa int ttoe public in geteal, tltt h ill ill u i readilue.s by the sirst day of Mayi to receive viiters. lie will also sUate lr ItheIi elit of thollse l t lititace, thit tllere Ihalve been large improvements unae, and others tinow iig oil nti in rapid lrresf litr cotpletion, whicht will eiable the subsetr her tto n tinullllllllte a mach lallrger nnumber than hlereltirle, anllll lt the itoii. tilCe muchliu bettr. laltil call he alcltnimidallltlild ' ith good roonms or those whto ,rioer ian have large eUbinlls elnaclled from Ite main buihling. it is ileelell lllllRCessnry nto sav nuylllilg ill ; rletio - Snr of lhe chlirtvlletlr ol hblise wtuerst fiir it is getrltoItly belirevd lhalt the are inti illferior Ito an in the Soull-h. ern States. All the amusemelent thlat are generally oilnlld at \Vliterinlg I'laces, will le foiund at this. The best mllaic that this prtl of th countrrv afiinis, hls br e.engaled, and will be in constlnt attendtlee at the Spritso during Ithe whole mraou. ' li he subselibel will avail hitilm elfof rtillhis tnrtuliitv ill returiine his tIteigned thanks fir the very lilueril elnport gliven hi lant seaso.n, and hopeits hv thle e.rr tio al Ihllat ll ve Itbeen tillle in illlllrittllg anI Plexe dita the ntcrotUtotodatiuts. Ito merit a libernl itronalt Ili presenllt ueisoi, JISO CIttiLM. Slil, alE. .... 'I ll t IN' 'ii S I'll ' l'l tII , Siremosit g vii. p Ilerfl.lrOl bair froln thile fae, neck snd lnells,.Wih ual ae:tlny alld certaintyv, leavii g the skill finer nll wlhitire than heire tihe appli'cation. A fresh supply jult reeoeite' at 1lIOIN'., N, I Fxrlhtnllge Ihtel, colesirIii It t',srlss and Conlltmrn ise to. 4lp 6 MAIL ARIRAN(GIMENT Northern il, I e Evrv Iv at 1 M. orthernMail, Cloos .er nv at 1I94 .A.4 ... ( l 'lle eve it 3 llN n nlty, W drtnlr duyt V Western Mail Frid y hv, , . \1. "by ty q/ ", the Cio ',,'t vr l ml v, Wdne-a. 1 (.borst, t` a mld ,nturvln ' by i, P. I1, t i8 e ,e4,, latw, rh:'le, hlv ,!ev, P The lake Mail /int urdu, tt/ . ud. 3". va Closes every 'loudai, Wedne.dlay EXI'RES IIIAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, I)EPA"'I.IItF DI)STANCE &c. of he. Expir . Mail, heltw-a Maoile aol New Yok--leovine Mobile dail" at 3 P. I. Nortlhtwar New York duily at 5 P'. 31 5uthward. Arrives Arrive Northl arl. Diotanee. Tlime. It'Fur'g MolEatimery,Ala. 2p1m.. I19 n's 2r Il 1 ,. Cohtilhbu, G(a. 114 2i1 !14" 31 a. a 1Milledgeille. Gao. 2 1;3 11 24 p. i:oiuali, S.C. 7l to, 113 174 i. i Raleighil, N C. 21 22 12 Warrectlon, Va. 12 m. 52 Al Pter rg.burg Va. 1ll to. 83 11 9n. or. Richmood, Vn. I m. 21 3 614 Fredericksburn, f83 7 11 p m. Washington cite , 24pm. 61 i4 5 Baltiao, i14 h 38 41 01 Plhilldelphia, 64 am. 100 11 2 New York 2 pt. 90 11 1305 143 ... :n 5,1&23 Northward. Comino oollthwrdl,the time i eix heuas less; brinr5 daysv anad 17lours. 'IEN IOI.LAIS ILEWARD. R ANAWAY frim 169 Caronlelet corner of Ielvit streets,on tll night of 30th of August, and was tseen tha net morning in 'Pnvdroa slareet, a rgro oy named CIIAIt.ES, tboat 17 yeors of age, end S lee' or thIbereahouts in hei;ht, very Iack, and ot s an impel iment in his speech, ane of his lags is sure, ocensionel by a recent hurt; le had on when he went away n whilt cotton or linen shirl and while co,tton pnlallons. Masters of vessels anld eelln balta wire elltioptl a gainst receiving or harboring snid negro, as well as alt other persons, as the utmost ritnur of tile law will et, enforced ngniust thlem'uh . nTlhe e reword will he 1unie ferdelivering hini it:l ney of tlr jails or eilehr tl tht, municipalities, or nt 1 6ll(Cnurelet, corner of llevi. teeel. _a;.t NIO'I'ICE--lThe c. iat..'er.hwl, lhretoltiore axltiug I0ller tll, linr of h)aIbtoH & Gaerretson, u1oittI iO dissolvedT. ' at sub.riber will liquidate Ithe nlhireo the concern irtllis city, find1 requires all pi:"s.s in !ei - ed to Ilalke l tillnel t It hllilt ll y, ull(d all thoseoHltvin elaias, tqtresmt Itheul, fa'eettleaw,,utl. ,atie -71 tf I IlcIIC'I'SON, --W. W. SWAIN. No. l1.Cnt:al S.reet Artr .Orlaun1, H AS aiwa ds onill con tantly k. rlcei in I)r lives, ChemliealalaUd I'lum:.e,ut!lln, l.., llo lItUC. I'ELS, antimnty, crule, Arglsr, lo regttlll, Atnnill, Spa. Arsenic, rtele, Alum, do iowdered, Ihrazillette woro, Ralam colpavia, CoelhineaI, Borax, crude, Coll llus, Americlan, dio refllot, Cptlsber, Brimstone, crude, Futi, Tampico, do roll, do Cuba, do flower, do Malne, Rirmllht, Frenlr h berhirs, Castloroil, Indigo, lengal, Cream tartar, do Mlanlilla, Cantharides, dIo (I'rnelacs, ( Aml aloes, do lat..ialanli, do .Atolbi. L "wlod, Calnlalwaiy do nnafsatlida doI, St 1),lnlti:;a dao anottiac, do Jamtnica, ) o beazein, C(amwood, do copal, iough, Mahler, onhbio, lu do seaped, Niweuraguo, Ilon:ire, do do S Ateriee, , do Cor, I do campllhllor, cru lll, ' ldo Mlr':nib do do relil dio toehe. ldo ginleum, CIII.AIICAI.S. do kino, Atid, nitrous, do mnastlic, do nlmuriatic, dIo shellaco, lua vitriol, It o teegal, lalontnl, p p do Ishnec, n Wlrrosive asulitndio t do tl.gacathll, hlorlide of little, (;m boage, %pas~nl sails, .Juniper erries, Aterilcan,Lunalli caulstic to do FP -'cigu, lied prtecili,.acie Sl gnesia, itgleih, Rk dblle sl e, die Americaln iced .lhrimat. ointsial y ,IiManna flake, Sup crll Slwae oI I olsI, Stilp poi a, LhCtwteice ball, Stiaogr lelho O il cllves, Stil e, -il da rltcasgit tlll IInte Ihd brgamnlt, Tart'- emeltic, dh ,i I'AI.'I'Si IllaeL. do peppeininhit, Illue, alied gentiall, Cbriownlie w ello, e ilpece, st i do Hall ,ig,, I.ahrlgek .mnghsh, *: do aeweogool. ab, lamonk , do ltw, Snitoh,, atIt , s cr v i tg, h I.i. hlt l e . l 'l ! ,I do f.". iltr ine:tr , el Ai llll l n , ,('d .1 'l'a.t % Iris ahhe lqhh, o i ro ia i shr, l s 11] b ite ll i d, y I"u, e . hi e do car lo An'in d1o 11 me dh euicmler, SAn Ih n latlllelk ..,h" k Iia e. lhoe . In ,, " . ,, i ýln" gt'. 12.1 ll.O . ai ll. itd I".l-h h 1,I ,, I O finll e l t'l l tll , do Al i l" i. 'rtl, clrnllt,. Vlt ldlt...n" ( . " Selln hleaven, Alex, hlgr illd ii ,. lt do India, do) al re-bm.led t olie Castile, n. gfi'.ollilll (.Qulcksilver, Ant nu' ai'ntelt Ini e. Rattlin the Reefer, by 1th author lto I)lite .Sipllle, nv Ctrmmin's, or a 'iter at Schl hss llli"fiel in Vl 4, by Cptlin liBasil Hall, lRoyal Navy, F. L .,; io t:yl. Lord Roldi,n, a rlonane. by Allan Cunninghllm, I ft Sheppard Lee. written htn himself, in 2 Yvl,. A Compendious !/iltor of lnal#y, Itraulnted fromn th yerigilnl Italtn, hty lnhaniel Greene, in 1 vol. fr uing No. 79 of Hlrper's Eamily Library. Vols. :I & 4 of the new c ntlete and Ilnifi;rn edition of Washinto nt. irvin,'s Wtte'rks. Roager'ts Frtceh and Englinh I)lionary. in I vol, 3ro iA'ugenlca Frevuh and English Dirtieonry/ Al.J --A flew more coulliesof Cnlllr'a Phrenology "tienni:i."l.rte Survevlr'y (' uly llloy riy r qua it,, with chains, Millia;l d It a llt ol'tl1-.I alt 2 -2 .ljtte. Gdilltt's improved metaliCe 'ens,japnuled pipere, weishlt &n. &c. &e. Just received, a.ld for sale by t,31 TIENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISIrTED. &c. &a. PAIN REVISI'IEIl, &c, by tihe author o A y.Car - in `pai,' ill 2 vols. T'rait of Indet. eharatrry , a yernllrelie ppli"uhlbe to the Atorigilies of NoIrt Americy, by (II TIIrnr, Re , v o ls . The Political Grammar, of thi I'nhitd States, or a complete view Of th the tIeTrv aI I.rn.ti'e "Ie , ra and stllate olerlnmenltsl, with tilhe relalih Iosel etwel thPemi died tt d ind rnt llttdl te l to fit t . sII sITI tln ,liellase)t yttas, tS ty 'N 1).11,'4t e i I " AKimrod's lhuntiic Tours intilerspirs.d with r arater ietic anec-dotes, sayhlg atnd tenil,,s y li a, i with analytical onlent.l, sll ga.eral index of names,^. FOR THEg CURE o Sert.nll a or King's Evil, Chr(,ie Ilheumaltin, Chronic Cutaneous t)is- Pains ia the Ilones, by free eases, Ihle oalf'\I e rv the lood being in vitiated state. This very cotnentrated Syrttlp in prepared with the greatest iharoacetllltitcll nre aln eurllecy,at d contain tiye ative principle of Sarsaparilla in tihe mst 4len trated degree, tcolllbilled nithothervye.tale tullbStllc f kllnWon eflicacy. The great leet ideratum with pllvsieinns in being nbl Sexhibitit a large uatitof S ans a illa in a sen dose, has ieeo titained in' tiliR pre Draditotl , It, abein fillby cainvtled l its tierit, conitlv adtlitiser tIe creen heir y ar i t e n P'riye $1 511 tar tbyttle. Sttd onlty at SWAIN BltO't'tIEtt'S dry' ntore, Nit. I I Ijytnl ttreet, wile' tma be hd, fresh and geninte, diree tfrll i the prtl rih tore, Swntil' rsPncea aind Vrniftilge, Potter's Cl.tltl con, Carpelter's Prean rathins, and large od gneralA assorttllent of freset drugs, tiln PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. P INNOCK'S IMPROVEDI EDITION OF IDR G(ioltntlh'as AbrledgiS nlt it tlhe Hintov t' Ro) to which is preixetld at Illtrdlttiuo to tle tl ll motlit Htis tor, tntd ai great ariety ofvauluatle inifur altilo added 'tlerntttotlt tllt ne rk, on tih Manllers Iltltitntins anl Anttqnilies of tile l.tlmans; witih i ltlerue biographictl adt historicul Notes; nstl qtnet tioltn finr lttnttnattion at tie elld I enicl sectim. II slntrltedwsitlh etirtv' etrniong on wnod, hy Atl, ryt l IPi.naocy's Ihoprovetd Edtitn of n r l;eidtyittt's tistery TlE lgillll, l'rTlllte I ntlatsill of Jtlius Caner It tila dearyth i George 21d, vitl a centititln, to the yeap 11132. With quesliolta for exattnoatioo at tite eld it eallt seection. residets a variety of vnlutbhlen inllf'lnlr tilt added tltrghtnltllle the tnn. Cosirtig llIf tillhe of conteullttttK'y Snvereigtlr tlnd emltitalt preat0son Copioua elaplanatlry iotLes. IRenmlahks it til roli tif s, tllntl 'r ttald of tihe tiue. Al Olpllle e tlhe Coutitiltiol, &ci. J&e. tlllsteatd Ily itntiy ctg'n itigs. Guln' EI.EimEre or An rnihltao)t, ald an Anridgnen ofiKeiths New Treatise ,otihe Use oyf Globes.. Now American nditina, with ahlitions aill imeprovement and anr exllhtio uol he astrolololllical part or f thle Atl cleat, Alienanc. Just received alld for saleliy e IM M'KEAN nov 24 ycurter ilerCtallp t tl Cnltt td oIty t i IIAI'-EICS CIA."ASSC., IIBItIAItY. 1 OIACE,tralmnhtttli by Phlillil lecia, I) 1), It ith II al appendix, cnllllltinhti Itriatilahltt t o i tiour odlcs, &c. Iy iten Jtllstln, L.ctnley, Ailtat, I)rvdtt, P'lpe Addisoa, Swilt Chntertun, 1 2ha'elield, lIthnl Bryan, &c. atld :almc of the mtreneiiteolltyj .lto of itt day-and 'HtCEIRDLUS, witl tite appetdix ,'a :,lliis transll ted by Cheis ter . ttttrm, in tt v2 ,Is, I'lr itdl ytle h,, 1. alnd 19 o1f"Hlarper's Claevieal Lib'arv 'lht Xlpleditilltn of ttltt 'iII,':V CI.I"NKF', b v Stidllalt .1 1), wit it a tttotir ialtt i.' Vtim, ty ¢T'itml it Rlosycle Eslq., Ilew editiol., witii illustrltions, by Gil Crtikalhlak '''HE jlP..Y; a "tPle, hme thie Ii tt! lir f "Rirhelija Mary ttlt e'ttttdy, tt , taw tgt,2ll ' e. lllla, .t ,wmp. PAUl. I.IFI'()ttll, y tthe 'ilmtlllr te "Patlh. Thie I)i~t t &l","l, itt1 , : lulte I! oil t niew w'1 tof 'L - a·r:l I.soIlhP)* C Ior! e . JV,' :! -:. ivY-c.! V.lei \ ,K Aft IACON SIUtI;--3m ctkke timnioauuti na PIO-PKRT+ IItAw r

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