Newspaper of True American, December 29, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 29, 1838 Page 2
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COMUMER cIAL. 2rlartn. De .... ' ....419 WP lhington. ...15 'i Clie No is.... . .....3 S' ork, do ....... .....: I5 Cicini. o...... .. 17 l s nph ....... 11 r I ..I.ville, d...... .r.R & o I p do t d .... I...d....... Il .Ierouis, .,..... . ....ia 35n4rk o i, rt . ..o for M .iver ol e 3 tow... .3. . 35 . 0 l.. . No...... . Sti ti, Nt. ..... 26 .Ilvr do ......... .A... it :cvl' Wc NEW OIIhrNºN. CLARIVAiNCS. * 5mbnr 29. 'Ba iBtt.n I1i.t,.. form .i E P as, Po t aells Br M ar loa, Wrihtinig. £; Riethmdtd, J A Mnrrsht B o~rig So dt, Lew.d for St arkl., M.d ter Bri st, Fthe kli, Smihth, or Slt, prs.. a hip 3larrthe Botl, fy rs23 . fs Ddemrara, in ba•l 7 hr Rio, iryfr Mile Master. hTop bm Lon, Robinsonddle, days from e.; to n, to 8 i Ma P nd brl Atne¥. a rt to the itypb t hip .3 h Pass 0 the 27t instat, 1 4p m. rPportW3yulhiu. SSht off N ,Mthamptsa, r in, 2 daysr m in t r iver. e p HasBa rkDleut, yr, day5ys from , il rapl. , is M bltn. S kigEth, W rNJo.rnh, 5 d 2pys from Charlelton, t C, t E AP Whitney. Bip Northa..ton, i Main, dy fro aarom Eaidstport, Mbd t Brk Dol, Burtlon, 50 daysr from Tiv.rpoa. to Malter. Ng LimII.I, 5ar, L:ighnay 2o 3 dNpl fnlm N.w Maor.ko Brih, Nouronb, 15 days. from Chare.ton, S C, toJ A ri .h tr s.l anheo. Ia dai, from Tlordl, l. to Deorge iet t i .hMOn. in,. H7 dthe from TaPhilnsg, i bort to MARKS .sod Virlldo burr--anrao. db sd mdxa b MaTOrJWhitny. ars Tchr Ani, ourna, V1 dJayo fom Charleston, 8 C, to r A TOr Mo, Arnoms. PSwir, from oApr ahiole.. i to Mlter. CBhr OallEn. N enr, rs m o r, 5o , th Dmp b. is SbIlas1, to Martsr. eamer Vel oripdh. DHshma, frolll Tlamn, in. b lto I. E SAr Oswega. 2 al from - p tCillCn , ei. SBteb lor C Slwainh. f McQuown, nbro t l.oui.riti + CC Bleauwr Brilliant, ilarl front Bayou San. EXIORLTS. AV.R..PAr srhip cgrSan ge..1455 bales ation. VR HPOOL..Per ship raOsetitutons.. 10(10 balls eotton. ............ Per bark .Rdinburg..llfi hi. cotton, 60 do .alrnparille. and 2M hhd. tobacco. [C3M30D.Per bri. g Ill.I..229 hhd. wsar. 143 t3 and MARIS... Pr bliL'..3 brl..llondri t, I br3 our, nord 3 hhdls baMon AItIORE..,. Per hri o Isaa m Frauklin.. s hhrdl uBralcnd j 6 hbi. c eitn. OBILE..Pr r sh. dlti. winl., t ldie., vinegar. rrie, cordial, pork. flonrt, coffee, nd t ugar. TON..Per ship WVin s Johu..6UO coksl lime, to A J P Whitney. STI'OT, Me.. Par ship North33,plon... 0 m fet limbhr. ll00)(0 casks lima, 20 tole paving stunes, to bluster. CVARLESTON., Per ,hr Eact..00 t1 a r3e, ansld 375 brlI ee naval storm, to J A DorsBa i&, o. i............. Per hrig E.tlher..59 to.e alltd hnif do rice, I , mdro, t.o J Thayher 4 co, L.aye.t &dr Anlslugl. E lollobard. L -rloz-r. TIIOMASTON. Per brig Mlentor..00 ¢alkl lime,, to Grots. SBedford. EW 3 3OR K..Per biig 11. I hy, 5200 brl potatoI., 250 do einennt, to Matler. .J............ Per bri (i.,s .500 hrl. emen,. lt. cordage, and as.,'t Illnlto, to F Stanton, A P j: t;rey . co. Tnllkill, . 4 o, A Grant & so, J A S Mlerritt, and Order. 42IVEItI'OOI.-P.rI bark 4ale..5 6 flag ltonel, 21100 lskh h .it. and izna. IATA4GOIRDA..Per .chr Sll bales cotton, to Orders APALAC3IICUI.A..P'er ncnr Moutgonsmry..53 bael, cottos. CUR 3C)A..P'er brig .2ornlko. .45(1 ],h,ht .ait, to Maler. NE BVWUItP7.JRT..Per .c.r Al2i..3l0 I.r. fishI. 150 do psltnos, lots of 'eap, nmde, to Order. Il33ECII'T O3F PRODUCE. sy.,l! Sr,.. .Per.lsts r hi. cotton M Whiti.. & co; 9 do Fr st.ll & I., 225 do A I..sdsu ., co, 0 It Birk. W~tt & c. 1I0 do 11 I.nndnnlny Of no. 16 do prlslcllt. Jonll. d co, 23 do, 2d hld. lU.glr, and 8 Arls Iiotalllal, l"nll',in, Belloeq A Depl.., 22 1,1. rottsn, 2. Idlds no.. r. snd 10 rlt mola.llal WV E Flopn.or; 14 Ixs n.d ngs. to sund. y . lt,.ons I.ouisIle. .ier .te ,1118 Cutnsncho.,24. brl0 pork, 19254k.3 nlard, A 3I 'alIace; I 1 II ot mUsn, Clnor & Gritll):y; 4.5 do AllIs. A.llser & so; 5 do, I.akn t 5,1. Lnck art, Fern s co. 3 do l M.,Idox 4 Po.llard. 6 do Mirlin Ple3asntl t - os, 14 do Tet~rs I-IoI il, 4 do Ptckotr4 Basnk., 6 do M ,hite, 16 d2 I.awratncs & Cl.almer. , 20 do Thso Brret, 10HI 'sacks corn, 1'oYtinn d co. 418 ruckw corn, Lawrenlle & Choi. lr., :tI1) heald ile -p, .li ,10 dosn chlicksells., P A IllIan. Alexnsdria.. 'or sttsmlner Velociipede.. 326 bhi cston. Burke. Watt a. co 50 do A RisVdeI, I34 do Tholas Barret, 101 do I.,amlItb & Thloms., 64o Ito Kiklll, Abern;,tth 4 l.nll3, 3: do Alldrew. Iowle,.° 23I3 Follain, Bllo.q d& I33rlo. 13 do A LeltlX & io, I dJo J B Plauche & c,, 113 bSeef hide., Ownler on hoard. Cincinllati.. 'rr ,lcamsr P0 we.3 o..58h kel. lard. Sitton & Avery; 37 e,rta bh-17 7 Illtdh h1+11. slid Sholldnra II I.nrine; 24 hnlf iila IsIf, BuI.rt H llawthorn; 4 kel Inr. l, G( Dorns); 3brlis crackur.. I bIs prcsrvel, ind I trnllk. M 3 Ka3un.. nlPescng.'rs all 1et at the trnue ai. ·truck steasel Gia%,ow. PASSEI.NGEIS. Aalnxlldri1..Pr ilteilsner Velo.ipsd.. .314kman, Jacob;. lenier,. Csld ,.bll, ffergu1.n, Bltsck, 3. i lmnier, 3ild 25 on deck. I.ivrpnn,.. Per hsrk d)ale..Mrs Gris le ld,. 51i. lowrd, 1, Brdli;. 0d Mr Dlntrll. P" stiru4ln Itllliat, from IBayol .ra.. .. Andons, Idy fsnd 4 .it. Ade Tueran4 d anl BV.t, PAde Vilartson ad tit;l h Mc3nli, and W Fift, 3 , Pradoe., J tiowdy. Dr Colllmbt, )[.if, Geln (1'om, Knox, Tholnpson, J S D;vid, Conl-lert, J Etrong pld .vt, Vil . t l.,3 . PrlN. lpr!l. .1 So lice, Blher. Dt f,r bi 2 4hersit] 4.e. Wa3y. Wtltl.s ac, and I'er .eamlner Cuhanr.'h, fhom I.nuilville..J II Fri.k, W V3 Favor and fl lii. II A Neton. E Ilydt , Cnoser. Co'3ins sld fanilty. Ltc, :o--k. MAlrsa Blu.h and avt, P A lluffln,, I ugh, J WpV 2ly. yJ, l 2il3lnl1, Ja0 Harrilol, T(rringto, Corr. CA ParhI , n. 3, g3 Mrs C 3letcul. Eulport. Ade..P'ar ship Northalnpteu..Mellrg Balcom, Moray, amd Alnrtry. Charirt~ol., S L..Pcr big Elther.. E Philbrook, E M |.ivilgmton, midl 5 steorage. Chvrlortnll. S (..Per shr Esert..MnMsrl D l~ey, Gso Simlmonl, JW lloyi%, J A (nttonet. M Mcelah. & R Flnlay. Apallcllie ola P.r .chr Mlntlmoma-y. Mrs D-Iany & child. Meal. D -M hite, J Giblb, J O'Connell, F Dew i, tnd C M Mubrle..Put Buhr Gay Arnold..Capt Burr, sld Mr Knlght CONSIGNEES. I,ivcrpnd..Per hark Da1e..8 Hleath 8 cn, Maddlox At P.o lord, II: ttlCClamIck t to, J A Mlerle 4 co, R 4 J Curr.ll, Culnm.lack &, Raln. MllbO , ADA. Steaner Vehcipede report. Red Rover lo. and felling fast Stnmter O.we5o and steamer GlalgOW rail foIr of each .foter; thn for nerc it e away about 7 feet of har bow. Spohw ,o c, 2Ut liDc, ilt 26 36 ion, 85 02, h olton PInt. f or M , +bll . I~lh, no Iha B adh ama Bank.. Icllr M aria, from Now I'edfor1, flr New Orleanl. FOR LIVERPOOI,, of Ti lfe i new Al Itarque BYRON, (np d Ba rson, will have iommediate dpatt.h For freigit of')0 bholes cotton, or passaoge havi g o good occonnodatious, applyv to dl9 i. Ii (;AIR:, 93 Conlmon st S Full HOSTItN. P' heAll A I, cppeted and coppe tns 'odfa, fit sling ship FOlU 11, Capt Caldtvll. Ilhavi2ng i the gr titer part of hrc argo engaoed. will hlare diepoa th fr tht' olnae po t I Tuesay, tle tesJanutry. ler of freigt or iassage, plply on I aid. Optoite po.t No 4, 3d tlu,icipelit.',r to SlEl.TON & AVRI', de,.g9 I Giravier street rn OR FNE.RIW YORK. th PA cket of Stordav, the 29th. h1 he A 1 ship AUBURN, Copt. Durfey. will ail as R.bnve. For freight of 150r ba'esa t eototol.,or patsage, Itavitng eeanft folrtihelad Passengers by this will ploace he on board It cis ofternnnt t t5 o'clock, at which hour a steam boat will be alongsidle to tow her to set. The letter bag wll hbe tnktn feon tIhe omfee of the 3 coanignee, No. ofb Caomt street, at halfpaot loter. dt'9 a FOR FREICIfTI OR CHARTER,. A vessel carrying I110 Iltda--u lt or down tho coatt, as :nay be wanted. AI1,t to SHALL & IBtROWN, 0 deg 916 9_lsiotis at NOTI'rlCE. Ui 'll' bheUsq ua Cilizan, Capt T W' Tlhore;, feot Ile vie, i ow discharging. CUonsigees Will plrcete to take out their permltsand attend to the rec.ipit of theirt goods. Ž L H G(ALE, 93 Common st lA. l t ltttBLLt-'Fo Mo rteyw. The fie ltow pressure steamer G11 - R.AFFE. Caoptain Swiler, will departt ar above from the aket end of tsie lt Rd, lttodatel after tile arrival of tthe twelvae o'clock aora. d29 To I et-A .Counting oottl ont the f6rlet a floor of 49 Campt at, enquire at the rtireiesst of A TOJWAR. FALl,& WINTER CnLO'tHIN y. J P. FREEMAN & CQ., No. 3, Maegazine street, are reeitling their oupplies of Fal nd Wioter Clothing, and will eottitto to receive eliptcnta regu larlty t minglhoot the season. Their assortment heing hlrge will enattle thet to ouply nterchtnto ftrm hie Country, at tde shortcst notice; for sale wholesale retail, Ott accmtntooting termts. A NNUALS FOR 1239. The Rtok of Roatlty, 12 %plates richly colored, apetrb morocco hitdiug. Fioldea's l'Tablekhox of the affections, 12 plates, toe roco Ituds and Blotsom, 10 plates rich watted silk Ilotv'. LCostutome, by Inenth, 12 plats waltered ilk Fjilhet's Drawing Ioom Scrap lBook, by L E 1. 16 plates The Oriental Anneonal,18 plates, morecce Frieudhbip'a Offering and Winters Wreath, 10 plates morocco 'ITl'Forget tm Not, by aboenrl, II tlates, morocco The Waterty Keepsak, or oeatt and acottland, il lustrated with ciaty plates, 4 to Arabesqte Italy, France and saitz.:rland, 43 platen, y Pronte and H.tding Aranheqte. Fisher's Juvenoile crap Book,16 plates Bylron's Gallera 36 plates, morocco The Kepsake, large 8 vo, crimson siltk Jeaningo Land.-eape Annual Carrianture Annual; The Violet The Gift; i variouls bitalindgn lThe Token aod Atlantic souvenir Tic Jveale Foeretl me Not For tale at 49 tap strleet by di ALEX TOW R £ OlIN 102ecks lauding front steaowr Niagnara.for di5 G DORSEY, 44 New lev e. al5 GI, Ai.t. 4 boata t'hc-nto -n7'r I eo.lsy tHRI.L dp BROWN, 96 .lt geit s st di6 TRUE AMERWO u I S14t In connection with this Otice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR TlHE PRItIN'TI OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills airculars And every descriptlllm eJsb Work that may bereqnired. O[-The proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, alnd asnres them that all sork intrusted to his care shall be done at the short est notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest ratos. ý wr 'IllE TRUE AMIEIRICAN. EDITED DBy J1*0a~r tlenlN. FAITRFUL AND BOLD. NEIV OR LE ANS: SATUDAY, DECEMIBER 29. 183S. illtRtroRY.-It is contemplated by the sub scriber, provided sufficient encouragement is given by the public, to puhlifah, an addends, to his Di rectory end Guide of the City of New Orleans comprising the new residents, and the changes that have taken place during the past seeson. Persona desirous of having their names inserted in the addenda, will please leave them with their professions and residences at the Counting Room of the subscriber, Exchange Aotel. Cards tastefully inserted at a moderate price. The Addenda will be sold bound with the Di rctory at four dollars, or by itself at one dollar. JOHN GIBSON. Out neighbor oi the Courier appears rather anx, ionus to kick up a fuse between this g,,vernment and that of Texts. Tha late crossing of the boun dary line on our aouth western frontier, by Gen Rusk has given him great offence: and he takes occasion in his paper of yesterday to quote a para= graph front the last report of the Secretary rf War in which Mir, Poinsett, says that the Indians with. in the territory of the United States hare bees warned that they will not lie permitted to tsak part in any contest between Mlexico and Texas or to pass into the territory of the latter with hostile intent, ce. During tt.e S miinole campsin of 1817, those Indians were hotly pursued by Gen. Jackson, and they dd before hint into Pnsracula, from whence the Spanish authorities were unobse to drive them. Gen. Jackesn, that tod like man, tunder pretext, thalt the Spanish government was unable to pro lect its own territory inviolate and neutnvl,styp ped over the border and gave the Indiana drubbl ing and the Dntt's a lesson. Mr. Van Buren, not withstandinor his infallibility lies left the frontier between Texas and the United States exposed; there is no adequate force there to cause the In. dians to behave themselves like decent fellows. and Gen. Rusk like Gen. Jackson has thought it better to tflloir the incarnate devils the Cu manches and Caddis over the line to give themn a fl going, than ti alhiw his fellow citizeans tn be mnaasacrerd and their plantations destroyed. Gen. Rurk only imitated the greatest & best, and surely it is hard usage to revile him for that very practice which so greatly endears Martin Van Buren to lhe heart of the Courier. Like the little Dutchman he did but 'follow in the footsteps. Round Stoon Pnremet.-The attention of the Sur veyor is called to tile pavement in Union Street fromu St. Challes. After lying for some maonths to contoli date the Street war opened yesterday, trd tile fir.t dray load of Cotto cut two ruts through the ipvemenlt, no tlhat repairing is necessary the flat day the pavement is uted. Birds of Ptassere.-This is tile seasrn when tile Northern hire, having no honey left in it, sends forth its thousands of greedy adventurers, to gather tile aweents of our land. They are met with in all shapes and fortms as nostrum mongers, tin pedlars, venders of notions and books bound with hall the compliment of leaves. They may be known, ao living in by places, carrying bread and cltee.e in one pocket, and their northern printed puffs and hand Iills in tihe other. They corte Ihre to get al they call, and carry away all they get; and the residint who purchenen of them ought to be sentenced to pass the months of January and Felbuary on Cape Cod, with no other clothing than an India lurlilu nortlitng gowno. m rI.I..r LI f'uruatr the I'relach utIIul at New York, has published a notices to the paper mannufae turers of the United States, making known that the Minister of Finance, with tihe view to the pre vention of the fraudulent bleaching of stamped p . per, and the falsifiention of pubhcand private wti tings, has offered a reward of thirty-six thousand francs to the person who shall deliver, within a fixed time, 5110 rems of paper, of such a qualiht y as shall be judged fl, & proper best tofulfil the test of giving to paper the property of completely hin dering or stppiug tile general or partial alteration of writing. The auey Rhlert. Throughout his report Mr. i, P:u.dina boasts aternately of the present great ef. -, ficiency of our Navy, and of the extreme scoon my n that pervade his department, whereas to the mind a of any intelligent man hi exhibit piolutmls a de fective force, and a mistaken parsimouny. In ever ry part of the world to which we can direct on c thoughts we find the elements of future trouble fermenting daily, yet the boasted efficiency of our navy,-- le fitteet bulwark for our national honor amounts on the five or six enumlerated foreign sta lions comprehending the Mediterranean, the Pa. cific, the Caribean, and Indian Seas with all their ports ani points of commerce to t ships, frigates, 3echooners,9 eloIps, I razer, 1 brig, and I small nothing. Yet this is paraded by the Secretary as a highly tffiient force, and extolled by the looe foco as a matterof course. To any other than those whose vocation it is to echo every word of praise bawled out at Washington, this must appear at very beggarly account. It is no proof of the Se - ctutary's good meanagernent that our flag has been treated with becoming respect: we are indebted foorthat tothe high spirit and good discipline of our officers and sailors. We owe it to these very men, so recently ettgmstinzd as unfitted' for their st titn, in all the vulgar epithets of a slanderous tongue. The charge of thus abusing that arm of our national defence of which every true Ameri can is justly proud has with great industry been shifted from the shoulders of the department, hut i is plain that the responeibiltty not only rests, but is known by the denying loco focus, upon the Secrs. t, tary. Even the Bee indtrectly admits the truth of this, for in hiarecapitulation-,-ith ntarginel notes gof praise- fall the points touched on in the Re. e port, makes titi allusion to the fact : S"TheSecretary recommnends that a sufficient number ofsltips be kept in commission to afford sea servime to the offictrs of the navy. Expe rience (says he) has demonstrated that it is only t by frequency ofactive service at sea, that the un avoidable conseque,,ces of a long peace can is any degree be arrested. All other expedients will be found either entirely useless or only partially ope. rative.' There is some imeaning in tllese remsarts. a It appears to us that the secretary had in his mind, on when he penned them, the compleisla of careless i*- esu and hltlargy, wehi- . abe been intimated on at esme rtetd occasies angainst eertain branches of the service. ImportedSlock. No less than ntneteen imported racers of all ages, and both sexes:-with stallions, and brood tares in profusion-the great "Belshea. set" being at the head-- ere landed Thursday from that noble ship 'The Sea.' Tuey will- be at the Metairie Course to-.uorrow for the sake of tas king the starch out of their joints, prior to their for departure for Tenneesee. Ttey are principally, if not wholly owned by Mr Polk of that state. .Ir Fer Taylne has purthas<d one of thmin, a sp!endid t yearling filly, at a high hgure. :fyedtrday' r race,.f w, re firs eanneounre, Pollard was fre ly bocked at 4 two'toone against the field. In the ornrint P Pactluasrse in the nmaket slightly, yett but emall rdds were required that Pollard would take the v plrse in twoneraight hetrs. On the courseit was a c,,mmttn bitt h,rt Bet ewing would ibe lastin the race, which seemed the only way in which the mare w s mirngled in the betting. On drawing or plans Pollard was irsidlr, and Brewing inr the middle. At the tap the mare cut in ahead of PoI lard, and took the lead, and thne they run the firat mile, at no great pace since the time was 2m. 2s. On entering thednd mile Pnctolas went up to the filly, and con inurd to dash at herall roun:d, and thereby put her utp, it was thought, to all she knew, but she made the turn hard in hand in 1. 564. It was elrr now that if the horse was to have any chance for the heat he must go to work, and Pack did his bet tol break her down, but a Leviathan filly of Beeswing's fine foro, out of the far famed damn of Birmingham, had game as well as foot, as she eame round again in I. 57. with n handanme spare. Cons ernation was complete: it was in vain to think of hedging-the thing was eo hollow that betters were compelled to .tand "asthey were." The more was quite as hrtle distreesedas any of them: and though as the boys were rubbing Pac tolus tthe right hind fetlock looked swelled, all three nags cooled off well and came uni fresh and gay frlr anolherstart, In the first two miles of the second heet, Pae. tolus pushed at the mare from the very jump, was constantly at her haunches, from e hich close proximity she would stare away with all the imna. r ginable rase, the first mile being done in I. 56 the second in 1. 57. On entering third mile Pctolur exhibited considerable distress, And Pollard began to close up, and passed Pactolus half a mile fromr home, the Pacific colt having evidently civen away -somewhere. Pol'ard having now to take up the running made a handsome brush, and the mare had to start away as they came straigllt horme, bul he had not the condition necessary to overtake her , and Beeswing, in I. 56, camne out winner undera - strong pull. Pactolus eavd his distance, but he was no sooner pulled up than it was evident 1 that his left fore, anti right hind leg had both broke down, and Mr. Taylte his spirited owner has thus r lost one f his most valuable nags, and the only race for which he huas run from tihe opening of the t campaien. a Fourth Day...Jockey Club Purse ( the let iorne $t).00, to the asecond $300. Three mile heats. I Col Watlsonll ch. f. Bc.aeSo'. : y. o. by Leviathanl, out of Itlack Sophis, (dam of Birmingham,) by Slockholder: 83 lbs. 1. 1 SJase. S. Garrisonl' b. . . POILAuo, 4 y.0. by Wild Bill: d dam by Pacolet: 10to he. 3. e H. A. Tayloe'n ch PAcroLs,r 4 y. o. by Pacinc, out of Mary Vartals, by Pacolet: 100 1' . 2. ri tbroke tlown. Time, 5.53..5 49. An exaellent race, and in fine time THEc RacE. For the rtemaining thre days thlre th is abundance of sport in prospect. For 'the Plate[ thl to-day-2 mile heats-Glorvina and Stroh laden w run. For the beat 3 in 5 to morrow there are quantities of nage to go: while on Monday we are to have not only the great four mile race, but '" to regular rushe' for 600 yards between two qualrer er nags of high reputation, and a trotting match be. tn tween Pompeii, and Lady Washington, which will gr be most intereetin. g. Ms. . G. JoETooT. h'is beautitul and highly i/ uifted artiste has her benefit this evening, at the 0 Cmp. Douring the senson no one actrees, hash P' st peered oftener, nor in a greater variety of charac. ry ters than Mrs. Barrett, nor is there one who has t. given so much and general satisfaction. re The selactions for the evening are, the last ne'w i play of SherrJan Knowles, the "Maid of Maritn- pi dorpt," in which Mrs. B. performs the part of t Merts; and the still popular play of Bulwor 'The l Lady ol Lyons.' The Maid of Mariendorpt is founded upotn a r story in the Protestant warin Germany; it is said ti to be full of intereat. en We hope to see the house crowded with the rc beauty and Ithe gallautry of NewOileans. We understand that the Louisiana Riflemen will attend tite Theatre in full uniformt, and as all the Uniform Companies of the 4.i Regiment ora to parade today we expect to see a tmost brilliant A friend of our who wisahed to purchane sundry dolls for divers children, enquired of a tmarried wag where such nursery toys mlight be pr cured, and he pointed hinm et tan advertsement exactly suited te his purpose, the heading of which announced no less a stock than 13,010 DOLS,-hut oil. taking out his pencil to trinscribe the address he found it a Lottery advertisement setting forth the amount of the Capital prizes. At Quebec tire thtermoneter teas twentty degrees be low Zero. Rather too cold that for comfortable fight- 4 ing. Stlonm Boot Iwa.--The erroneous principles on which Mr. Grund?'s new steam boat law in ftoundd, will be seen practically illustrated in a very able letter which we have inserted in ourcolumns to-day. It is a coal and diapas.ionate review of its operation, in the ca.e ofthe George Washington; and its good tone and plain reasoning, entitle it to consideration. Since the last session of Congress the world has had too tmany fearful proofs of it iinefciency, to doubt the inmmediate necessity for suitanle enactments. Will Congress lose sightof this most vital asubject We sincerely hope it will not, as without some diret, sliad practical law to regulatwour internal steam navigation, the livesof of our citizens will cot.tinue to be sacrifi:ed as in those fearfll anstances of the Augusta, tihe Oronok, the General Brown, and the Moselle. Wellington and Viltoria.-Tbhough folks iave very properly laughed at Madame Rumours' coupling of tlis ill-assorted pair, yet they who have seen their atnmr akbres on board tlhe fine 800 ton ship, "the Sea," arrived , from Liverpool on Tuesday, will deem the union of I hem no such laughing matter. Capt. Fisher, who c commands the ship has imported in the Sea, a couple of Durham cattle, with pedigrees as Ilon as their tails. The Bull in identified with thie title of "Welling on," while the Cow rejoices in the name of "Victoria." They Sareh both young, and perhaps the finest specinmens of the iDurham breed ever seten in the South. To the Editor of Ite True .~meriean. d The safety of the travelihng pullic, has for many years, and especially of lats, pointed out tire ne. oeasity of devising some porsihle means of pre y venting the disasters incidental to stearm boat tona ir vigation. The fatl explosions, (which have mutI s tiplied with the great increase of the number of boats employed) awakened the minds to states if men as well as thosa more imlomediately interested to a sense of the danger of that mode of transpor Sation; and the necesaity of obviating thenr by some suitable remedy. All the improvements which have been invented, and adopted, in the is construction of engines,-all the suggestions, which s. front ittle to timte to time have been made, ex. of penance has proved to be unavailing. In the ple cnitude of their wisdom, and with a due conside s ratiron for the welfare of the community, after an invearigation ,of the eulject, in its various bear. irgs, Congress enacted a law which has gone into operation, the provisions of which are most oner. rat ora to those engaged in bhating, but which as cy rd been fIund to eai trt prodc.iag tihe desired effec. a. Recent unfortunate occurrences have proved that ythe law in question has not prevented boiltr. r which had poassd inspection, from bursting, or n rentdered hulls which had bean examined and pro. oy nrunced staunch and in good eondition, impervious be to the dangers, which are ofron unavoidable. It is doubtless imnp-ortant that the btlersr and hulls of steamboats should be examined by competent a. persona appointed for the purpose, but it is be. d, lieved that the present mode of inspecting the ormer, is trot conducive to the safety of p esen gers, or just and equitable so far as steamboat on owners are concerned. To prove the corr ctnese he of thti position, let public attention be directed to a few facts susceptible of proof, which shall be expl'ined in their proper place. ed 'he inspectors appointed under a provision of this law, are paidby the boats, which are subjected a to a lee for each eeratiatiun,-whish ex rsoina lr. tion must take place previous to their leaving port, y every trip. I the tiis,ectein such astoex. at hibit the eafety of an engine, or to show its un. worthiness, no complaint would be urged. But Is' euch is not aea fact. There is no test put upon air the boilers to Try their drasbility, or to prove their if want ol strangth. A cursory glance is 1li thut is riven-ai certlficate, cut and dried is made out, and the oflicer puckets hiea g. A feeling of cotfi lid dance tsuwakul.p d roum the exhilbinttn of thiscer theatnr, sn, tol et 'f :,n tI. a lull reiltnce may wtich are really hsta opi nctor, calling %rl J~a. of examlnjling the tolilers and lln gile . L.rtia, were to lork at he hO i er herds and probihly'1N one or two ol the botlier. sid tlurish a certiefieereporting the boat to bh in Ihe condition required by the 4th section of the .dtt of Congroes, what enaranty would Ilil tnspec.ilo, II, lhat hrh was in sale condition! And yet esucll bs bIee thi case. Did the law contemplate that the exams nation of boilers should lie a c...p .I'm l' oI the inspector? Then, are its proyisiuos not --til useless, but the boats are paying an onerrus llln for the purpose of conniving at an impolsili r on the credulity of the public; and oulrporting g-v ernmenl ofricers who hold in fact, but toinhcures'. If accidents happen, after an inrpection, t. law holds such as primoa facie' evidence ol unegl genes on the part of the officers of the huol. I this fair? Are not steam bolt owners tncutrrira a heavy penalty--bearing an onerous turhlen, mler ly for the sake of having their engines inspected, when it is of no utility? Suppose the E gin ters were to rely upon the certificate of the inspectior? He. is in the post of most immediate danger. It behoves him to be on the alert. te tmay, alter such inspection feel a degree of securry, and a more remiss in his own examinatioh of the boilers, and so be made the first victim to his own crrdu lity. and the inefficiency of the law. The following isa copy of acertificate required and which was given after an inspection of not much longer duration, than it would require to write it. " Nw OL.EANs, 19th Dec.1838. No. 70 I do hereby certilf that I have duly examninad the Steram Boat leo. W.shington,built at Pittsaburglh. in the year 1836, and running apart ofeverv season. I have found the Boilers and Machinery ol csid hoat to be in the condition required hy tile 4th section of the Act of Congress. Approved 7th July, 1838. i. MAHE." Now, no ill feelings exist towards the inspector, doubtless he performs what lie thinks and v ay be his duty,bnt his examination was any thing hut sat its factory, aon dd not inspire the officers of the boat t ithl any degree of rconfidene in the utility of that utortion of the law os carried out by its agents. 'The Engineaer had taken occasion not only not to have the boilers &.c put in eomplete trim, bht had them otcntionally left in a negligentcondition. tte waa convinced from the salight ntd general snse I ter in which thley were examtined that the I et eatora eauld have very little knowledge of their aetual sittlt tios. Threy were not in runntng order, whatever tile law might require. Ifits reqislttitna were all cm plied witi, le felt assured that the object wats not fill filed, and dtit tie fee to the Inspector was a useless burden, and the tnoney thrown away. Thre exttrnal appeanante ofhboilera and engines, is no criteriton nf their actualcondition. In nothing, can sl,peranre be rendered mnore deceitful,andtnothttg needs mtor ctre faul investigation. T There is another grieanee of which tile bSoats Illnt tave cott to tls cita y httrtig the present season have cause to complain. Altluion is mtattde to t thlt ciit of the law wliech prescribes the usr of li/lr chains in stad of r per, as firmerly uted. The utiitt of Ithe °chain, and its sruperiority to tl grttoss cord, is iot les Stioned. Bt tlore bints lanve bctu subtlatcd to t Ihea vy penltyt,,ald a very great eer which had beendetainel hv tile low stage ol' wato c ill positions e lwre tillerchtens could not he p'uttlrd. Tills wase the cne of the ieo. Wtshitngt ,i. Coming frot a point where it was itpossitle to snake tle exchalne,reqtire d bythe, law, andobeig uablae to rpl:'eshero;e wit atitable hinsa. bSetween that ptiut wnd tlis ity, ile was htaid Iound in the IpetallY at.d lnil rcqtir;d, al though the im p ossibilily nf Iprc n rinlg chl in ,c i as ,,t it He ted by the oticcrs. It is not kllowll tlhat Si"t Sp str under tile law, exceeded theinr d ntv, bltt it was felt to be solewhnt otnerons, if lte odiotttt i' its ntrem. T 't'ihs co n ic tton hli- nti, bee u origisnt."d by irri tability * r il feling. its intent is infrely to show~ flint it those tngaged in srteam boting art i osed i Iy equal itt atltneTetlual toaws. If tohe lt,. \\t. ashtlttt lad left a ptrt wlter tiller chui' s could huce boCa pruilitd n tt failet to slplVy hSolset"if ith ftile sIaiII, tshe wonul btet jastir roiject tile Itft:li: tlttft the pttalty. As the :ircitttlstantcs exitittl,it is tinuhL that t was unjust ,tlhtts eihuld ie. cotttcld to i

dergo the same pu m en t, (6 n s Lmuceu:,) tl:t wetod pat, been awardedao attte g'rt,tti 1'Ih.t pudici sHTf·c y dots Ilenlnanl tae ethica~.l itispec tion of Ioats, is true. lThe toilers sht r t I e .i5 .u(! o sum " severe teat. It is beli.vetd that it it piape:t, to U ttettn ttto lh a trtat . Tlhttftt trrr trih' by allty ntaandard, which mRay indicnte their true olnditiltit is nor belieyed. 'iThe aetr form of triai th-a undergo not only (loss not coulrtti. le to tile seoley of passen Sgerta, tl it induceesoc neanfidence whitl is anll tttttl, t ud av frtqttently crowd tnworttt Loatts wtith pasetn ers, to the imminent risk of ltuman tile. Afer all teh great secret of asecurity S:es in tie olmlptenlc and un letphitg vigiloane tftll otfficers of ttie btt ts. wlo are t tnecassity sultjeted to tht . greatest htrstatl Cxol. ure , from the very na tl r a of their lcc nlplai orn. If i:i stead o'a passing glan ce at the "bailers and tahne lce ryt tto skll and wantelhfulntss of tie Slterrs od he a:eeretttioStl tile strtnahtit Ihl boilerst Htetrely tI's ted, tie great Ibjaet of the law might ti ce t itrltbt reached, atill m t safety of tte pul.c e iltr ecre. This eonttlltutaititOlt is made by tlie 1aselr Bd I3n a giteer atte Gtt. Washingtot, tor the lbelfit of Ite - public. tad t lShow sone of the illtnv ic wll fwhich ant, ollProlscd portiotn oftlhe COllIUtllly l bar tenerd. '.IT" 11Al ýc'\'·)e S\ %((,:.M;" cL ( c g ' to Ith,' b trl t'; thly: htirk st[-ll I i c ,Iu tg he 1 ,1tuio wrek (wle (m I.huetl t ll'iti.) .t 'eu. ceg of lbread f ,li ,la t [ut. er nd o t th -, ,Ine lt ie rc li red to weigh '25 pe: cent. llH'I. " ·: III owt++ I. tieI te9 ,. fb p 11 ,l N, )Is', la BACIN G. NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! OVERI TIIE LOUISI.M.Y. COURSE. i1 IE F ALlr MULE IINgI, 178.-Fifth Day I) lcehber 29thB-N. O. P'lar, vahlu $,000, 4 yrs old and uopwanrs, 100 lb.. two niles, tine between h.eas 30 m1 nes, diet tCer 120 vards. 1. Jas S Garrison el In ilrvina, byl Illdustry, i'amn Bay Richlmond, 6 yrs old, 101t Ibe, dreess ted nod red. 2. John F Miller IA I. Iingaimno'r) ell f ,arahl ltodelrn,by Icvritlln,danl by Morgeoia, 4 3r eold, 97 Ib, dresn Block, Red and IlIf. IIENRY A TAY ' OE, J C IIRANCII, MIANDEII.L.E 311AR1IGN', W H1isKE1Y-l0o barrels lauding fiom strmer ic. goar, br sale by d"9 yG. DIOReYI",o , 44 New I.even LOUR-500 bils superfne, and 20i do. le, , Sstore, for sale by d29 G. 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InI all 27,814 Prizes nmoutiug to $2219 .,90--\11 ole Tickets $4 00; HaIves $2 511; Quarltrs I 25. Packageso of 25 tickets for $1 25. warranted to draw a ,t Lst $311. Packages of 25 llalf Tickets for $32 6f0; lacka,es of 25 Q.rter Ticketsl for $11 25. iL 'l'he notes of the First and 'Third Mun i:e li;ies. excrpting the old issue, tuko,' at per at this offi-e. For P'acksges or Single 'ickets, apply at THJE 9IANA.GEII' OFFICFE d19 16, (Ch'lretrl trer't. EEV GOODS-Bush & Allen hu've jut recrived ah splendid assortlnem t of ine Falcy C;oor d, ufa. hil for Paroars, comlprising lodis,,' wrting del's, dressing clRes, worlk boxes, uusieal btx's, lorlflios, Sneedle books of pearl, shellland ivrv, curld cases an Omaouveirs inlaid with pearl and guld; rloket ookor ,lll ean, olira glases. , gold and milvr IerllCils. pTe f ry ol al akind, rctllerv, . e, at TIIE IIAZiA. 1 d29 cor St Charles n& Cnon.on str., Exehnllge iLIANO PeOR'I'ES--J rnut received and for sanole t tie r booktle,,' of Ale.' I'ower, 49 oaln;, street, a Sassorteont ,f Boston madoe Piano F,,rs ,. lected bv n professor of music, slid warranted ll stlead the a oulltlro Scil1mat. T're above instlruments are of supelior lon r and finilh. S Also a variety oftusic and mlhic seats. 'Pile pub . lie are respectfully invlted to ca aln I eamine t0esul. d129 of aR11/1S '1O)TH PAS'IT'E-A, elrent rnld l.hlelr Sapproved deroifrier; tle hem, prp rinjo u ever p' t i. up for the teeth,just received at lher Iur.l S 129 11U- 'II & AIllEN, d29 ear St Clarles & Conleeon etc., Exchgl,eg at ONtD)N Pe1R'I'';R--50 tronh, her.t ,inle abod ar 'L double brown Stoutl, for sale by e d14 HOII'IES & ,11I.1.,, lla .INE--. & PO K BO'lTLE'1-:3l go.s wine. W odand 100 gross polrter bottles. ltar sale by or dl. II0L.MI:.& 111,L.'4. Boanok Place. 'd LIOlSTING WItIEL'1, &e.-- seta Iloist'ng a. \bheels, improved ce.tructioee, fur sale hby ldl--6 " JOTl'.' Tivoli Plsate. k-- 'I'ASr.S 1.IE 1536. n. N OTICE is hlerrebhv given tlht hr. ('lsrles Lemai Ire is rppshtteld to collect thle trxos on Real Es n alr and sl,.ves, for SeColnd cluoeeiipahltv, for 1838. lie it will cono ence in Jaunao', 1139. J DO.\NE, is 415- 1trr 'renore0 'd r1 AX' 1it se li:138. Avis ,'l t'i-; "vllnt ,Inoue tlle Mr~·. ". Char;es Leulnoitre Pso mnoaue , lleleleur des taxes ,-tiP propd roes s " (ellela,'s puI.r l, ,,r,,d d \I uiei. a. li f 'e I .",.o r1 . II ',e ... r r r i r, -1 31. ] t'1 1. I' 'A.- I. rtI .0eer,, 6 Y IC~sr 5.g lam ri, n W C o's C i oru s of Con,&s and Ilospita I strcets, by an emlinent UingMlorer, ul 7~le.a . Ad litn oe, o Oue frlInr. Childreii at p~rice. Pit~, Fift y rl.. rlpS TilE SPLENDID EXHIBITION OFP r n1 MAJESTIC. The Giraffi, or Camelopard ! ! .. ttl Iwe kept open from TEN o'clock A. IA. to V NINE o'clock P. MI. every don, tir 14 daos ton r on the cornler of S. Charles allll Perdido streets. And to girrnll an o pportunity to see and exnmine the goreatn. curioiloy of t re nnionlto killed on ever exhibited oi the. 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G \ttINTI tingntia is to coieno! i)l t Iarrol ton on A the 7th .hnln , op1n to nil four otrl club holes, rowed Lai anlll;ta.r oftment fo~r If pniz ofe l silver IPlo I -nr ll ond sler. hfotlnllwng nooin loon otOaudy beeoln The Ariel Boat Club, of New Orleans, enter their four o(r0 d hunt Ariel. The ~t EA IT I3OAT CI.v., of Mobile onter their filelr .,red Ibut FAIRY. All eltlr eIs tr tll nace munnt be madeont or ltefior the .hlday of .ltounnt,. d'8-7 £-G UNNY 1A A( r -A-100, 2,lo and 3 onshel (tinny i tonos. foo sale by 1.3 ISAAC tItRIG(oE l&C, I:34 t lngazine st Sli8 S T\A( BID :;to & CO, 134 Mganzine l r ý 1 ,:1...8 l 3.!:)15 V W -17'I'.,': a7 Gooler l CITY BA 1i: New Car.,¶i D0lte1 . 183'. - UI I l" Board of itectrr, rs o.f this Iaatrrirn have rhis C sla d fned a )ivi I nd of 7Tre/re per cent. or theI_u al 1the1rlOl. pal nblc, to hil St,,r hlJer.,, or Ilh r Ii._,r. rr-r. errtilr s,nla r I f vr I hrrr l l .2r' siar J: met ' I. '). 11R)I I''... I':,( U F ." S)Itl li, ii .I l.ii fI ,I,' i t:..' ,l rtrr',rrr h 1 ,< u!, Bl 1i,"!.khd cl r s, t .iII rT.ul+, a'irn l Ib,_ I':'r r ir "i , d, ,rrrr t flior Ih ,d' , ll , Itit h t,, . II: ',t h lk .V B I, .I.. I O.I h I ,l , b G. & NI lltd ,r cs AI r .,I n I l rt I, l ns, if,. 1 Y,+y ti 1,,t iP'l<t' lt i'Io m I ,ra , f nrrr .r' y d.3 /.c' V I' ani' II n1It & c J &)' T G.' T. ATi.: \V : ri rrr. 7' . i ..-.V a-- ... .... L i I'r,+ rultt% IFerdh nlll,1 snul IHnl ,lhl, 3 sol,, Iil l rl ' t's 1rlOC l' rlr.nle thn ted trl llllr.i a il h l t"..ri r pi r i 7 ' n 'r I c r r er royVal 8i r lrinanudi ] , aI ndvery I r d t e Air;., ii l vC - nde s ain raliag, rlirm.'s , lurke, .hoirr, super rovnl iroe, Far1e '1yler w ith ,:ud n lh -pe nte, 'i alrick pllr+m, , c iitpbcesN . il. I r 1tor e vl r, A li1s 8Iblll s Cll r S\lrk , COllll e fr I mll le volh l..d" Illes-il,_,ton'+ works, do do I)'lsraa li'r t'nriA tiaa a oilrlaltlr 13 & e, do Io doa l verld a. u r air crl rlrd rd a do )fER''n11cin il, o e'. )enoraey ill A nlra il.r,n Sil r IrS.i l i e r ill d -T .'e ite g'd-41, ' I'tlA o, "2 vol .,b it irerr i Guy Brivers, or.l Ahot to o1k Vetgeorable Daml T 'rLr vhN nl's, ticl t n hoy. Inw ed., r Parlor Mgc c, AIi(1 r an Almanac fiSr 1839. &cae . Ir i.l, Alr r odr iser rt rlt. of claslih r. il amed o riool i iboro. fr rathe at the anew oih ki C nore, 4 Ca- np atre ., byo u d rb18 ALEX 'I'OW A IC. til andi 4I rian AmC r u a , s ill r o trt had e. atI, Th Bo Fkore of AL- rieX ' t I'WAR . - er a tire lalNortnlen t of l tle B ok& rstlitable itbr he ,a on > bead. d2P--4 SROGAia.-i-- Id"a, rie cRr.pat i,, I ey . prll le ip Ij hrIgalt5 l eavy kip C bitI , larl ig h reln. .hip t I'a.n i l,rl, C tr.. hy I. &3I' 2.NEA .1.7 __ck 730naoffar tIl II)GALEO. lec23, 131 M nz.ale we t J s rir ov llh sh lce y tle o W OlNl I9 I5. .d .I.], but 3 or 41 re.r l. of ae; ir i'pposed itr b i,r ld 3t Si orha d oll Girodad nd :.Yllrlltlse trete. ..n lin. 1ao I:u i rd wll wil rbe paid f r 1 [let d+.hver) au.` it \o. I 1 . ir cr 'atree a. No p Aarticular inris rcollected, butr C ie isvery lir .denltt a rwei a aI( t a kellnto. ri t d1"27--.3t. Pcc1,r..',tta.5k, blths. Cd.. ltadifAlct slnosh, nand a |L Kl~ltltlNG--51)t brt rnrrirttrir . 1rti.agr Ad7 73 la ,amp rttrI'cl arr. Ib, -u ALEX.aT,. J P\' ' . i I B ile s K +rseyr I,-75 Irs per i or article, i .1 ,re rnd AJ t t Trsale by .AIIT II 34ALEI, I re24 .93 O taw r r. catsks s nmr stran ined Oil ist. tn , fara ale by d4i i Ir I GALE. 9Ct3.' t ommna rtr rai.'triaaharrli5 rrgirairr .lrt. taaas alan Lt n ' . i) dam lind A enl canl AIanl, fhr 18+9. i l,:,glinh Editions of retoue valuable Works, with Sr ,lendc I enrarr Cnr a ts Shi Eding Ir trti, Sibarnray dihi., with other Pdvor Books, Bibe, c. different ' iez, 3 and in NIA g^IlF asort R SALE-Crt ofuveniea Book c. for tai V sat hBo til e t.r49 Cp slrel. r ANNERt O1'.-sa -75 bhla bro an oil, fur r sle by r IA & BRLiWN,, 7 c24 96 Magazine ftreete 13l AVA.,\ CUraF,rIa-air bah prime qr lit, ti ll) from brig Audha n, a.d t i,r ae by i i5 I R .-Stwar' I). r Dl")adl ,ly S I I lister Ii,' 1839, for te rti n me . Of business lawyer,, physicians &c. &5. contahiu;n, a blank fir tsetul lo I bhankli ag I u-i . For ale at iTE. JOIhNS & COI. 4:; barrel++ tout augar. VS. Charles Theatre. Tills EVIENIN;, lDEC. "J, %\ ill he p.rfbrmd the bautiful Trl'ragdy of ANNEI BOLEYN, I my viii. Mr. Harrison, Intl Wev . roltt air I' i,' le I, (1 ilbert, Anne lMl: Iitt, Alias J Clifltln. r e:,,ullliI ,,t r. Plutur. nl Overture by the (rchestru t;rau.I Pae treal, by Mlad'lc Ituvenot. To colelulde the Plly o TiHl MAID OF CROISSY. iergeant ullUtlrlltz, IMr. llrole, Walter, towell, Fr ne, Debar, nleriettr, Mre. Ilarritn, Theren, haltren. INFORMATION WANTED. O F PATRICK McCANN, who Iift New York for this city, bhohltho middle of October Inst, and Ias not since beent heIrd from. Any in. forailtion left at thin office concernling hinm will be thankfully received by his wife, (who is now in this city.) Should this nmet his eye Ihe is earnestly requested to make known to her his place of rei-. dence n ddcl7 Dress & Masquerade Ball, SWASHINGTON BALL ROOM St. I'biliptetrert, betwee Reyi . R lltttorbon. r1THEI5liager i iue ullte named Blll llottlgrlte . tful to I e lriend alit the lpultlic frl the tillart - Iolled pltrllonge besutowed cen Ii ortevertt l .tasolln re tpere ftlly illtlrln tts te thl llt il eslahli.hlllettl tito ben enhllged for thle tielement of visitolr, and un lergone iltlllle.le reairee. 'TIte bir will be surlorerr.l by lloun ill quatlitv t'o ttorodth l etlctltlltruitt ill It ket byl tlhe alle.l iettttumlatrurt iln tie Ultited titites. The rouom ill rc tpen oil Satuirday even:ng, 3rd of Novrberr ilust, by n N(iRtND) ItbItES & MASQII'ER.lE BA4I.,, and will take rpaceas usual evert Mohnday, VWedihe dav lntl Stttllrllt ovelilg, t ttrii. the ecua.S , owhich will and one the let ofl may, 1831. N. It. The cretelt ntttltiton iill he pid to keep Sin efrect ordtler throcngltuut ite raolli.tttelr t, as wnn diolt.* aet set..oat, , ucr04t -COT-'1'O CIflCULARS O.TI PRINITD 3)wit33h the Greatels E'*31.11d3i3 ,a3d 31y iln a s3le uwl333rp33ll3d 30l Now (O3LEANS31,or else 30 Iwhite.. ORTrlrs to ft at 3'omrriro R'. in 13. Charles Ex change, (Clornr ~f lGraier 3S ) or at T I tE U AMt ERICAN P'RINTI NG 331l1'3ICE, IE colrner of Pcvvllr l and Et1 Cba~rles Eire, t., wpill be III anl pr3133pt l y a31dcd In . wi j 9,UCCK-5i) pie.'-o I. Proi'igo3 - -D 5334 xU i :,0 do Light3 Ro..ns c For Rule bo o & J .1 NV11l'NIY, t ,3E, 33,,,ad''nnl3W3 3333-35 3ioRilt 3131l lii3311 1'1'uieiu,9 bIor (i oRi y J1 33(83 & .II I;\t dig ealr Cammmt L 'I',-It apituulai " Is11 9(1 A A333)-.-13 k.'gs and II 11313 33r.o3 ril ati3ef I sale by U. II. 13,cJ i 31tV1.113 AI-3A30- 1U 313113n ItAll n.irn 33 33s3 F3 mile.-t eitIl,., city, fin, 8831i '3 of !)i RIc+ Irtgn.~ 'ntr~' low the ferry. and for sole by WIV Illank ClCeky. Hills Of l..il3d333 AIuclioN 1 Bill-, Pam13phlets, slio3l bills, C'ute- 5 lu3(33, &C1. &C. U12R1)313313f133 the A.38e, oata emvey other 3er-1 criptianlof l3''iN 3lI'IN3.1 received aL Col33333ing1 Rooso of' TR'UE A813:IC311.N," inST. 01313,313 1.1:. C33N3E, 3d doe from 13 3313303 333,1or at the PIrinlting 3)3331, corner ,,f Ployd33' 313113 333. Charles33 streets. 3 E.eteaiz3 a bea3l tifadl M301, 3311 .3133o Fou083. from the best Foul1dries in 33 e U3nitld : 3le3, have just c been added to the already w-ell-slcked Esa3blishment; -and UnnlEns mill be executed aso I.o.,', as Clleupll!, Ex3pe3diious 333' I33313833333, as 13313n333other Ol33ce in ther ('fly. Nor. 1 33131l1K33-5'l 11,11, 331331,33, 3,3~-k5' 33333 C I..1 W33.8331 fo si31:'13 ' 3331333,tol b dl2 ~ ~ :3 !'F 1:33 .Ixr 7113 1'1) \) 333se o.1 prr311111 ', goo 131313111d3711 3 br- nnl. l Al·nn ldy (ll fit-' runnrr elnp n 1iiet (1313· 3113313in 3hio 1333/ of,,!·I'1,c "433 33 33331' IqoIll-.flllile(l ( I1JIUr 0 1IS.'1'" 1.'1~ hrether tils rok r#;in ny or wore Colored Ink,, o, !'lei a, orCooedPper, frithl desp.,tch, ,d on fr~e,'abl Tepaa, by eriuir thei 1 3l 31 lz. 33 Il 133; f3 31 tc 3 .l 101A33'13' IC 1 l'o e Povd ra Hl and .11 . llChnr (LIs 1Hrllil. -, 331311 1 333.3. N 1 3.1 3132,1313 1 133l13:E, ow 3313rn 3316 s I ee, NewYork and Plilndel p in 3330 b111313! .3 s, 38 andl13 I 33l3,,,, m33'. fl , , ul ing ll31 t 3133 I1 3,,333 3y 3333, 4331133 Ball-33L11l33313e333,311133. 24 3,3333el1 88hiting1, 7103 d38 super0i13r3Ilee, Pblj. .3331'13, 13433 us Yell33 331)13133, 10 31333 33133e1313 V3331333, C23p33l, 3131per183 33n1 N, 1,3 3133031333 57 81333333 n3113333 331p301io3 813331133, 412 d4z a~orte33r3 33.31333333133,130 3333to33; I 31 33od wh' wub113331,13b.3133 33111381:333(3 o 5 ae 3 ~ t 33'31333331 31nd1 Yello3,31 dryN 3f3Itsle 338enl id eal 533 31333333131 6SFA-tlnll too'II. ooli~.tot bltootd1 OIC l~o Tbi It (3 hound for sale nt No. Front Lever. ANTAS-53 hales 4.1 brown beeringt.tIllyr Nallby aNLd-3 ISAAC BRIIIIDE b' ct. CARDS T2' P'RINT3Ell t Ith slhorteet Notice, in (the otoet Irgoost m ntner, in Mlleloker Colordtll tnooon Etnttoel le~d, White k laker, or Plain l rll blood C~aos, and a Priceseery rrnjoroto!e nl oTiUe AMtI.l(3CAN OF. FlICE, cornetr oflq/ 1'die ando St. Clhrles sta. Sotootl Notw antd lrnuttift Fountt of t' lPE Lare just been atled to her stlablis'hnt'. Orders received at ComptiII Room, St.P1 Charlesl Exeitrgt,:3rl ttdor fot t O 1·it Io.,or ant the Pritting O rttt', cornr of tydr~oo& St. Cltttttrnttrertt. Wool-tf FRED WILKINSON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Cr LOUISIANA, (5 FILES Itt e rrotori Ito thePul.ic isthe eal \notrnn tp ti jog l ntdl Citvti Enginterit'g,otht b hisx profession. anld by proulsplteev andI fidetlitt in theI exectiofn I 0M s.itore ntru'ttd to hlm, he hIte to IIttteotntId etioe n alllltroof .public .pat1Oprt e. Ile nil' also measualre and calc~ulate the ellllmntts of wanlls andl Cextitotutla'. Offioe No S (Ch.rltrn streeI,teeutdtttory bactk. je7 TO tERCIIANTS. lIj]IF.ILCIIANTS hatn hae a Botvrjnoi. Cinor LOH tlt'oktofftltfllr honro N~olcY,b o~llintro (lie Cootpling Roo olf 'IRIUE AMEIRICAN P'RIlTIN; OFFICE, St Clhttolo Enoltntl(3, dnjoinintg the hoot.. tau Roost at Corner of 0ra ier street ,or atl he 'lint itng Oltlic, evroer o'f Pottlran tnd St. Chnrles Ireets. 5I0t0 Oit.I.0 . Wttier rpro'red spett'n ii o30110 ltu Fnll tained do 10 (000 IRefinod Siholo Oil 1511 bbls'l'llnner's Oil For nalo by VIIITRII)D3E & CO, dl8 7t Mogazine Lt C1 II(1.501'I'E- U 3)00100 tweet Ckttotulttt, Iltlditl C fiom rhitt ale by tI5,A ISAC Ilitllt)E 4 (3), 131 Magnazitne t SU-\ IjtS'O.R-50kgo superiorho Otttn Ptowdor VI.Nijtro 110l1 Milto;' alo0 ego sltotling Powder, tfr sile by d23 AO.t.)S & WIII''ALLC,7 1rari-rlt USFS IHANK, 3 Noew Orlen3t, 22d Decemttter, 1833 1'11S Beak will lut..elonuwd ea I'aearl y the ,5t ainrt. sd I n atl 8th ofl Jantnrv etnl. ,Noteo nod1 uills filing date on ,Itrce tla t'tt't be paid oil the .ltnys prrelot'.. Slit I'or di.couot ,but l Ito tnmtde on lile t' undayo ptreious. 123 ROIIUT. J. PAIFRIEY, Coohier. CITY BANK, New Orleoooo, 333 11.e. 1838. T Ill Rook till lo, tttled ton ITulny Ilts 25h iot', anndl tttnld81t ht'fJanuannytext. Notes and lull. tnlling tlte ton tiho dayo, nos I he 'oil ott the doovlpprviprvo, Oil rn tirtdilj-oono hltultd b mtde on the Mondlys Ittviotut. 301331. J P1'I.FEI".Y, d24 Cashiter NEW O1(LEA1S & NASHVII.LE RAIl. RO.AD, I lloorttbrn 2d1,1838. S NOTICE-To Con,·teiort-Oden.Id looltoilt' trill he re.:eivool ,nttil the l2nd of Jmttttary, 1833, itr making Ithe oitrsottnlttnt', otffog nti fietoton ttiles no 11011d; o mmelnttog at liostttnttolt'han d exltoding to wonrtl-tbi t' ily. spcii~cationis man be icon, and ttondlitnttn made known, on applicltonIttt1 ihis noice. 1) IIIA1111D, d2:-Itt' Ch. Etg'r. and Grn'l. Snlor'dt. OFFICE N. ORLEANS & NASIIVII..IE I. R. Co. Not'ooisn 22, 1838. 5 [)RAFTSt on N Yobk ror nic, itt ut'Ott, antd at D iates to o.t purchosers. no0 3101 lt J il. CAI.OWEI.l., PIe-itttrt I v. atotetlnd ktt(on1 't fltrhrtl rle., honltrt gioltte asilts.itt', i . t All or ", t:r!r r.-fl teral inng!' e I t~ru +I j r -"a ý ,I. . ' T " ,,1t t Campi St. Theatre. OUR T1lE IIINEFIT O F MRI. G IARIRE1L '0 Tlis Evening, Decelbr 2"9, Vill be lerLfrnlcmd the cleobrtcd Play of the LADY OF IYONS. C(Inudle Mleloolte, IMr. Frcderickr, (ol. I)ulllnr , Ilarretl, leallonnel, rihldig, Polulio, Oh1 r. Ilarrelt. Widow lclllltte, Gtelle. Oertulre, by tihe Orchlllra. Afltr which thie thrilling llrnnla of TIHE MAID OF r7Iatricedorpt. Ion. Kleiner, Mr, Johnllon, Olulildeau Frederick%, Haos, Brown. M~EETA, Mrus. BARRETT. EstherM Ureerle, PERM OIlr-0001 gaol. Wileltr Slmlvl Jpllorm Oil,for cole b3 OIIALL & III.tOWN. d21 .. . 9 lugaz.ine l .. . .... .......IIANiO OF ORLLtlel, iecr. 20hh 1181 . mr HE nnral election of l)iloctlri of AlhltlulOn, L will he held ot Ihi Uillikillog IOll)lelilllo tonldlorthlel i7th day ofJalnlar lloxlt, heleer oll Ilhour of Eleven and l'rwn o'chc:k. n2l--o itJm J PNISIIET'. Caohlcr. BANQUE D'ORLEANI, I'ecemllNre 20, 1838. T 'EL.ECT'ION innuelle dts irectlre lie cllseili 1i 01 o..eOn iit au Bieroodo ii Ihlorp,, I.loodi le 7 die J Inri,.r Irorlhin, ,.ntre los hcureir do iullzs et do diu. p. n,. P.r ordro dio oolitL ill ____ j. P'. yio~ii ir, (oicoirr. OIlY hANK, New Orleans, i6 l)e., 18128. r OTF, of thle llcil iiiolity No. 2, of Now I()relen, otl tie deornlilloni ct c)llr, Tw,, nltl 'l'hr.e )ollllr., ill le Itirod in loVllitri Illl in dcpohii by this loolnok. nld oilild iter tln.I til AlOlliy illJOonl rynext, will be Irtdeeld in tt .. e LFRi. Y, IwhBll. J. PA LFREY, d; Coashier Al-T- 000 u11helol urk'l Icland, teing bilallr'. ioft cargo of tie l aIlolo lin, oil ice siue y d I. A (GALE, 9IComolonl Dress and Masquerade Balls. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. NT EW EI.VEti '.,TIiiTy'I'T, Inuedilely in ftioel of the .etni) bnt |ludin k. The bhave est-It lith 183:1, brche t rioetc . Bu lll tity. Peundhve, 'I'ucttdly, atd 'Iatinr tdvv. Said t,'to it hr~lttebttil wili bie Iccfllichrd' will the cshoitmtl cluore, nltd it good rltetaural will be atached to it. "l'ho iln.llnacers iof -iill estzlblishme-lt have encae€ uftlieiul o'ulice a, "ttra to keeLp good ordtclr tlronghou tile establlishlente; therle will ibe a pines to de.posit clotlks. rones, &c. No person shall be audlitted in the Bull ItRao wtith weapolls of ay kind. I':telrson's Seho ,I Books, received and fir toe b7 AI.'.X. TI )''AR, 19 Caluanp.treel, vie;:--'Thet N ew Na t Olla l Spelling Ih(ok aind w 'lOl')tiunlilP Titutor, u'1 nIw improtvedpat cionai tf ie Furth, I.'. tlheader, ler nti yogolet olela; flie Third du. for the fPathers, sad vanlle led , el.niCe dI I . for tie in ddle cla..ea ; the Fi'ret d't. a , , . it, rentdtling, fromnt titlldnt A elr ican, ol i Ilrtiscll nout,tr , br the use of thile Tig W rclar usn; tle u . orlh illlllrti t Arithllti o; irtl p lr r 'lllilal, hl llle l . - ent tiN orlt, y lla ta, t l I.nter-n' c ol i tol t Itir h, letdp td itt ite at.hio Pe l Ti t of I'hih tide , l th it.. iBritoit find aoi iy; he tcf t t rljlleh t upd l,' rt i to i New- I o)lk', tctP elv . lia o a,h , a Cluuk, nll, hlt lll tl irrfla W of ge'nerally. NI;W IV I U.1. li A li'I(,NS. INE Strangelr in Chi pa, ly lo' Inainng; S The Br riti Se r lliate, i lt 2 v ' t Romn te of Vie'i na, ,v by r, l'retlope, 2 olAte; ieratl hi lst of het; h, i 2 l; a n . r 14i g r ie ,n h v r . B ir d,A . v rul. m'ieriuha !rota the Frea ch ,u l .inlne; ].I.i sharks &. Se tt.t , t Iy ttt plain Ala n ThIe tJ...ttite Forgedlot.i; cock, I et N., itle vol for sale by I: 10()IIS & (TO, S nrwv .. . r Stit ' "ar h. ( '"oalllbn se F LIT N ri'U { m! J . lI E!, " AN.I l U.'i"c3 c rl t re CI.l mi..tnt 1 t'ur nst e as home a In l'.e ,""i f In lBaeta :N,. i ork out Ito, oi. lersll ill til lll ;no of lllieslll -nittald m o a,~ to call, anod ttlc h,'ir olnc h ular i nc o Pd hp l t orlbIt , adtl lNo. 11k Now eit: eityr e- e e1at otanaly otNE, 1t]nd a of y itiln ll a of y ppt ping to that lite ;, lii, , of wich I afaciued o e boat m-e.i ittlN li.N '.-- . il ,I . t - ti canBod etored-liet a neet mad oy Crtdage, ait, t, aa atore, &I., i 0; ('coil rred rol, aeoted 2 iiem, 1O coiie meorted wcll huito i. r. of acciNv mll si ga.g rggi::g a-'o t order, in. lrod I i eiil, ve digriea, tla ktg ,d tatitere, b lalk pttit, it g putty . ll tfirim tto; p'tine, Copl ani Jlaon v(crtmi, oaktt, haoks. &e., wick L o it, gi. . oi Iey, .a, . I; . a arine, I'o , to.: doclantt o .t.Orlr, al gart molsee, ctlflebotterll el, poritlt hite, Ni'; r, tictolotc, deic ruod, od-. I, islt n o'ttse, lel ig , l tltche ilose, teall.icett d elitera , ttlutncst cd gintgyr permnll t , ll o ,,' t,prk d ef, are .orae, (clollln cl, Anilt.orltt t Eayl n t rEboma taboet.o,t oroker d e tl sgm wel., te: attd ,ha wholeea!et ad retail ftmiya andshipa ioree ptoup attihe 'l'oraktetd llotlie ondl llioteti h deVi t;. '. LEVY, 110 Now Leei.; 'l't JueniHARTY HOPITAL--Ntew O.lean, Oct.SD Jut reeiEllv- Tlie pud:nlie ar inored tt t ad. dec3 coir l ,r !,Co alls and coaflllton 'ti 1 er anild ctaor of lilips and c rteamloatl, that ; he has oponcd a hi flI chahdlcry and alsip tlores, at No. 1apart forw Lt e, where e of pcsate patiy on hand a gune ellural sort llmt olf, ve.ry thing appertain. ing to that line, all of hich is mtianufactu red ne large, airy roome, witic wol derlied nturoe crse cd t ailui aIIct materiilae. ia awy it attdaoe. tePieate wrd, tr,, alsio peepared foe totgical cosea .Ale,, goi d o every detedcription sol rgeon cobe. mllsion arid atored-liberal advancements made on Cordage, paints, oils, naval toreot. , &c., 00 oil tarred rtieop, aeorted iote., l00 coil atiorted white Srope, 500 coil Moilla rope, packig yarn and:eve linpre d to tall e ick , gangngig mado tod iord ter, lin seed, .perm and whale o ls, wlhle lead, dry and' grountd i oil, verdigris, in kegs and y.canniter, ack plitl, lwhiting, putty, &c. pirit turpentined b this part of he ltouas can teclioy thei 000on ptyc Copal nand. n vrih, oakum, hank. c., with general .o nlo t poe dopaito old tlii a e uand ro. y t Al.- OCARII. 1Champagne brandy, cognc do oeris i repolecfly irun, gia t whiky, ieM.deira cwine, a art geoiraily at No, cla, etir fae, l p epp,. u , as olec fet fate, butter atrd, ptaco'e wilpl fukenis tihco ate, dried foita oda, risth of P lerring..hy, htely rticei al e. Aontng Swicive wll pic ftnd pepper, Clte in round ginttle perm ca teior tll r. it, pairk and beef, maereto ebecco, crockery and gtile of a were, teqaliy, and wholef and retyaill tomly and ship toa lectio up I t the shttes-F otic u Ie lowest prictoria. I deoc27 M. I'. LEVY, 110 Now Levee. (:RARITY HO-PITAL--2-Nnvw Orleans, Oct. 20'" OTIC F r-eTh putlir t-l aro in toe l hat the ad. 1I niNtOTICE of tho L harity Ihopital, haeo i t apart for Ilia exllulsvl e use of private patiente. o a te we bter wing, f thisl inatituti.n, scere an dine. large, airy Prooms, with werdlt a iead will be fkillfudl a hyilandd arie aty o in attund gactle. pokriv book, arote a ord. repared for aread cases. with every toequi, aite ottende, &a.- urgeon be. toing alokways on the pli, and fay wi and Retired from th or le, lsir o oroll~ ,f theulur called-. du. pdnd froon atllaps wnoi, with le compingand ofa geat vay comfort which etickne req er, advatagoely fo atre prcentll. toyk A. L Vctkanorc uucrpan sd in thin. country. Paientas c laiming th e advantage praoentetd by or of otlrote ltBoard. Sctoty. REFS, SEglcy. at d A CtARit. or \R-NCY STORE.- Ihe m uh eribere respectfully inform their friends and cu1stomers generally, that they are now and will be receiving from the latter plaiite will furnih thLLem with a splethd ,. Stwhich will t t found Prii Cologne in round bottle ý° procure every article of a superior quality, and their orders invaribly urge improvemnets both in kind end patte.rn. Porfumery--Will consist of choice aIlections frrm the manufactory of N. S. Prentiss-from i;lt Paris. London and L, hfine, n reaches-Free l the he-t u anufaetorios--leo Stooth brushes, an artlclo ileretufof scarce and difi. found a splendid variety of ladies' and gnntlemen'e pork, t books, note, t std. fiuedle and thread cases. Fancy Stolee, :apend..rra. Nc.--Of the latest illpttorn and of euparr quality, consisting of plain tin and figured .alti, bo ned, velvet and cloth `ftocks, linen bosauls, plain, and ftnny with and without ruffe, s, ahirt collars, .uyl-'dera called ofeof tern wn adtoexry. l A'or tlh qJ dm(;BS+t:I ilD

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