Newspaper of True American, December 31, 1838, Page 3

December 31, 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOUISI6NA JOCKEY CLUB RACES, nT lE FALL 1EI'I'I.t't ccomimeed 'I'hi Day di~genLh Day ..-i ,ev lech Plr.l , i $5, StiO--ll ily heals: if inmore tan two ,-art, th- second heat horse 1 ill be entild tu $ U3--ii' but tcou, the to receive - $2,t00. EightLh Day--olt Stnlke-three Imils heutt--en traaee $ 250--p,.,--free for ul -- ci si t r ac e. 1J : fItA hill, 'M.\11DIt:0VI:.. : M.tII;NY, ove ll 'r.,plietors JI;Ft t 'F.' I N .Ci I: \llY. ) IL C P AII \ 'i 1 Y Ic+.he.I .tt 1 !,l ., I l a ld to ith - Exchangte Alicy, hc('t ll aiti ll ::ii ill. Thi; ailuatiut wai t 'ttI mnoll iclicltc t ciiiut l ' dbe found being edtirely free Ir t tl. the I olco of tie ,tcels cc tid the rattling of i.rva and Cidr, illers. S Tne Jel li i :u Ac"l t u' y i.dhlivilIlo into Iwo depart thentsi. The ,luci ,r or cle attry dpat n, t fr te v .rioeu, branches oflco'e in' eL c'ltli it I'Ue ll ie tllgliIth- I'le Seilior deiprt ,ent l or t U atie, tr.k, latic ethte Act e cuemclnary, order c , t diccc'ic ln mare strictly e ljoilletl cutd o lserved. [t'ercl, Juniot d epa rtl entt, per ' llOit;' $ttt je l t ttlc 8 1anish ci ie 2nd . tO th once rct ,t i t t be h ie t I u I''I; 3 ir., Ne, dA d c tic l or athtclc ltl1 r h el dn, t: te ci P iot n ltolel bc ldti ll rt euietrlee e''vrd mt . cEWhoie r.u LIIu 1-2 to 3 o'cl cck, Lxcepl c 7T re-11) Ir * El'x IIANtr ln;I,; Re N tl ie lt ttllt. 1 ti ol iflhFc prorettor i ite rec-lite his Itctichg lro.. , iu 12: tre t uSt s nIle IClar lt c it II c lt ( ( CVi r end i s Chacrn c street, in the au tstli m'lll' t snti.ede ll the ihclien.c t eilet tlichit i w e illt c se to- aiidr I tl e ei te, t hw roon is rcguhiy and extenctve cteUppltlttied wth tit latesct I.ccl pl cte p plllcclr l, tt)d's plets, ietl .ilse Price I., crent. Al eo) cth ne l tI l" c ll teeetrec terccicetllclol th day an.,d hcutt IIr te ohnlliectilcc e t'e t iLunlte, F;bitth l c 'i lbut n.ti r toitro t liean i eviews tt t d iil e l , e. eroulteen ct iti. e t NLoreh Atericai t lteve ; tilt ! Stcll il'l I.itlcchrt Kiick. oeker,' The A aieiet t JurN l tl "'c rue cccl1 And cti Cahinet Miscclilt y lle le i e , (e: tlln ' .. gecice, A.emicalu c ulleticic, ticntc v't ilit+te l to. , tt" ilcn Clhrurgi.l l , ve w, hold nbl rie y vie l" w h . r ved. The ln it tlo s li iiil'lttllpc ilet iuasel , Niles ie ,.ct he r, c ,,vl ' , ce cc c 'it r f wokpccsttl it ofref wrekl the' The motactivc v c ince & telt i cill 'te I cc oht ar e en, p oved, to evethe earliet e rivl l ie ) i r pence will te etseue, In iteece cic'iclcct. tcctc g Rit cucr e tti c iirc the U 6ited cie, te o l - - I 1I Subecripeltion are cc cuiccc llt' reciiye ccccc A*RR \N'GR.i 1N 1 F nO l 11TlE : +li t D.1 I . VA S. c rom rrit ollt o '' ew i, I,"nlm Annle Car gat 4 o'.ek, A.·, llo,!hor att t [1i i .e" c el ikc A.c Locomotive . Ioc, e " . "Lc i ec "t . i I 11 ,iteic - li P. ,, ie cipllrl r c te ill ice c c eacel:acc l accetiCu t lcec tc jccul,,ck, A. . ac I'Udln hody. At .i fpast 7 o'rh k t lll cur , ll lo1ot eien rilll, lv,"rv himit -our, c d cot ti,.e ,tcc t' oa od the day uIt, 11 ' it.. cc from the h,. d ofJnrk-n etrec Becnccll geoing te fil [,l tl bellil l e.ill ehc'le with lickets, as cc. eclct ce. cIic l ''e ccc.ylh 1 r,, , ' ,, .rn. OItee Nc cw (trheatece eu l rc rcud lt c llt ,, i c11 tl il Celllpaily, Poyldrel.trct. J tl t ) IIAii Itt e'tt N, nov2c c (Iei-f b u'lg. N. cc 4 c It. c. tI tHE Prind.clel of tite I'ciiI-Jlih, i'l',tel-ill cc , ii hI Acadelc , Nt . tic et.ic'hcric . -cc ,,c , n,-c ,1.1,1 io hi cTrc e£' dc cc d the puit lic with sati-lh, tion, that hl incititue ctl it tee, ict. c'c'c''cu tc c 'ur t ,ee ticuct tl eei' St i. cue 1i i lt it to1111c l we Ii be limited io lisec. 'iechkestlcc h pctic te n iti of ce -t'ilf f ni xts that acOtlic it shall e w cceicce c.e ,"ci teh c e'-ocllctrbue to the O duit i rove t i heir I. A LEXANI)EIi, R I'i t\V III, h"to r I'hilccilcic..e, icc now tec e icncllg, at Net. 4 9 itull strc l, u t e, w lo t Lew, .Ptfedie'i, Tieologica o .t -Icicucc i cee ,lle',ell tceout Idoous, reerice l \eu w It ,u.- i ,' + Ih c y art hl' c dt , ctd keep co uc tlc c v oill tti e w.,rk+ oc tb I ii r 1ect coite.'le Iii, sice :k cc ic , e ll riiw cfic viv t +X l, li dell tio a ll h lh b" I, 'n ici", ". I, - , d i l'e I .LLe r m r (C hV nir h ll at Jll SIll l \.i l y FI-i:,'d tht.. t,,ty 'Le11, II n 1 - l . 1 l I I:1 I - illl II' i" i.1" 1 llll I.' Ie l 11 II . I '11 I I I t, "ifs! PL rI . I ll ir1 II.II III LILOL 'L l " LI 'e III,'i Levrya llIt1 :1( il 1"I ,l ya I i ll.ll hll !mtlll lll whi hl k l " , n llr l o s ll' Il tlol l llrR l) 1' 1.e lh,] lll rl I b 1 . r na n R o lllrl I aV nl d l rI, l I u In rm et* I u h Thi trle r et s[ull -or n an e',l of o that wh 1 o , -ve ri eIUle 4.19+ o ead ea Jl l r w lill .d reei h oll . a nd r ? t ill ll leacet an aille seq a l tll D ,It l l. 11 L r1i rLl LL LII d , .rLl 1 1 L I h in far l. prl l lýh l r 1 h . In h· lh ll . .11 1 - l l1 "lil. I" I1'or r at In h llll y rll l o I l l lll rI , III oI - N...siYLnwd - w d al tine I' h h&tre k 11all be slI I r" I lta' . f I LLOL nAn Ie ea. . oallyl a .u ITIC n ullu I aII0 LI IY N t I tLL Iu' bII'IIN I. 'I'r l I I. From lBie. J J IIohrts , h l-lns ry at it rad Itll pr:ee. i wgle5 LI i 'hlhl dtL hlu t, . I)r. 1 IntL fair oLLL.,Lu Serptiug Il y tL L ill n TLrdL r ''hlliJ h ha I id,II l i lll erliy l o r . l . ll. ott d e I - ,n r.. : s + l l-r-I, u .=ll r Cth tllr l I)(recy rak Irv 1a"- r 1,, the hr:he-l tliu.h It h.i1L IIIaIIf I a, L"..L n L - e l Iy nllth'L -ll Il but I s IL foL nch , a hire s nil t , i r. i It. 'eronlcr c Is 0, N r lh.. :.. Jaen .'ile. , 1 ].I. ta 'ho. Allen. !'l kio & I'll.. a . mlnc ll1++ It ichnlllr .C X 'o \rw . rhrau+. S Gl lim i.'rk, JtIuI,. 1:I ILL usItl UI I Itnllnt IIILIL " I ,K II .Vlll{tho 'lyll :I, S- 'i Ilr =,",.+ I'ong es, ns. .'. i sorled c ors; I r'.e l lan,+ o tt" r', l, hr :lonle hl , 8ll'IO S.R + v \ & C .11N 'oink riLeL b I LL II.y I"ILI'I & L 1)'1.. 11111, 11 7a ty b . .... .. ly. . . . etic.... o ( ,s p , n siarpelg In ItrT, o n t ollw lllr I l urIIe is. ' n'hi v strap re, a r tin sl ,l t e oil sl ,h fltid to [ I, it n .slet t, , iesde, c .L.ri m L ILItheLl .LIu, (II.I I IIIetl 1 II s ll v thte who ase bsutrcun r b+rd and Ihdoer fkit"() i n ruyw appliet li e o,'alkt lnhlly wl,- ivA- c and I rethl ) IIIteLl llt " fac sto rer ter havior, et:, ln t c e, arn len. s - url ~r qaIv ' u Iy al IrLiel n ti lrt r ll.nhe I nIg &vs, ' IcIhIA E caik "El , I. opi:n dl I 1d i , I 1Lsr " sc X Ii i" b . ItI. h t re eivw d pIc r ShI It wL , e wIlase a in brow1 ltu, bl Ib ,rds, trotits by -LOm II)A WATcre 4 --r - c a ren eired, Irhsa1 fo-n ,the fL ctO rVi f tlhe L riili I inventorl , J .a1i Inlrlt -iltO iI I7 l- of ICte -141 l+ I111 lIlL, IL' hll e .l ura hn , 'o w e atrles, tj nit b e' trp st lI eR k, .1'. tllry I.iyls lte ntul l i r ler adlnd e iplaces,. lngc, 'l'ieket7ad I s e nt', i r .t . t t er huInd 1 re. e .ru Ain l N IIA.d ot-a' . ra ' e.--rtf l ihr. Eng. N. 0ciir C. R. I. I" .i (:-N(- C 1TF 11A'1:t-Jus\ r;,tivd, dii l.l es fr lU ! oll.lun, u qUtLL itLI of the I lhllva , I AL ,llJ ....l..... IIIIote YIo tL for rl.e./ylL tIY dca "fi t - I ) l i~-I lNt , - IL 1, ,,L.ILL 'e , : "+ l L- " s of v usherp eri kr ulltirs. nif r¢'ul ]dltbln :+nm. ' aize,+, foi r sole ver, cýIatp, 1y ! Ihill, I) Yte . 41 LA 7'¶ , n[ N7 w Loco'" SLOcLOMB, RICIIARDS 1 ('.O. ARE rueiving by v.7y arrival, said hIvLL Ion ,1antlyJ1r sale, a supply of daumLtia goods, consisating, in pntrl, of the tolIltowiLng arti let, vtiz Kaitwea aitd lLrks, by the gross, and in aet. clum pnlne, rIm Lh t IhigheLt to tIhL lowett pri[ e.' , 'aro . asg, bu.llehera, sad nhoe kniavei , in every ,)rLilty; Plooke salo po:nkhi: olstn ILL [LI and thnaazrele L hhsIII.I konivesuo a .inale; Lilor'A pruninLL g, l.pla sh. dirk, and aportsaamen'l a knlivel, oa Rla.gus' alnd atlher IIlmn. 'at.= f re f]re ' lmaU ; razors, in cton. 1111d d14-e8, I of nuperior Lqality; s .eel) and tailorl sheiar; sn all and large SLiz,.ors; pl[[ e iltt1 ll chila,Ll] gouges, dcrawa lig knives, chulf do, and ieyteiLA si hkles, L+hoppiLL aid broad nIis, oI Collin ' LM.aurgan'a , 1)uulop's, At others make. Lockes. , hIsclee bolt , and fastenlnge, of" eLLry $lencriptLon; huitL , LI ina la i- woolJd stLrLws, bdl ,lcL'owsL pail and spake gimblotL b.g ' borers, plat.,la I iad onllansOn aLsLew I rs, carpI ntersp sL itLltIalltOL naLme hlannnorn, 9pring I, laakc, rivets, awl lasts. piuei r., &-. ke. Csll'+ .oamills, aousricd, C'Iglih, anl German do, with fly anLd og "oI.~,L jII pnLLLL d I t rLLa eI Slaslts, bread l Lskate ;ul .,llfU.f tr,,) l and I gLi bl oa e ls , t l 'l l l aL a s, LI ul l , -. l 1 ."' i l d .i , U mi l ,. g graters. tid lasltors 0iIL0L lllIh'ltl" dec.F7 dJ7 F. I 7 44liL' ,3 IL'',.Il,+. 1 'i l o/i i'a.I - I 1' ' r5I' - A'! elL.Lnt ed IL - Ln V ppro , l, icil' i en' aIplLiAL CalL t01 MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOFSE, i r,,r .font 17 CI o e ,t Ii, • I-- I -- , '( ) I I. N I. - .IF. and comnd.)olm t Itu n over I.evy' uc'tion tuore, 53.i\lagazi .e atreet. :~l.pv n, -- i ThTiikovr. )hr __ _I_)reln_ e,*. N I -The ub':ve wol Illr.h( it Oau dlhil rfene. , (): : two) .;for) d.,ellin, Ihn.te, No . , Tri .11) LE I'. i ,,sad, .1 twostory ti l ·itn h loulr rOlulor islterll well nod ever convnlellcllle to make It a aomf llllln l he resi dence l;r . a smalll lui y desirous of t vlg llired. Ai . ply to J. U'TT. +F I John st. Ie ar the I'oydr ,[. m arket AI - in .. ,rT. CI.)AN ,&, 11IIRE11 UAlItTZl'll ofi i q A sgqlre of Sgrollnd Wrll I wo halles.lhereon neal r lthe I°if v nw il rket ion I'oydrat st. Ap,ly to f RtliUT. ' nLAN NON, '.'1' 1'L f ogo ,,d, . ] I ,.1 -thmp nI o ir Two houuses near Tivoli Circle. Apllyt. S soihtIlltii (if IIi hlrnd 13a . ( ,f lupel!rior tlitrq nr theii Bzallz r,clor er . ;haritc and Coi l n-iLt. nov5ll .& AI.LAN. Iov 2 A0 EINxchanle O lotII ... .AN--FOlDli W It . .on's Itnlrv.led ( 6 'Hnold \V(it,,' in elcry .)ltl- jlo* receiv d it th1e L.\Z tAlrI, cl. lir of 1 ithll CIr lld (:ldCo mlnl~n slt. llov'.O Exehiliht IIlc e l. i I)ANSI) - II.l received alll for wale by Ihl! sull UNf h Ino f.1l : icwcohl a r O lvl F[luthl e ()phi c Ihhh!s; l'r, illelln Fireld an1 i tladw ran I l t • allri. Tri l, - llh i pla ; Ilarin n do with pl i arek.r. n "r i ol , lelor i ll ll Ilr l<t ; I:re.le ll y; (v rlnllgi n. I. l)llS . & co,. nnl. 'In cor er Stl r Clze allll ..r .ll n . I .l ..i .llll l l l... (;Cornerof ,iS't. Charles J," C iommon I tIeet, Ia ,l AIIA ild rt, ll y c It e t. .d l el trllo ofdil ean ind airn fgt.r Ila bt.irc i nPIIte T br ll Illf alvie l l IIl .; ii 1 1 I s 1 ice,l loe d m rie "IIIv h ,atob l el ,, lielw n d. 6lllllle Ien "r i c - r.a , arGn silk I nll. i lthefi: w ln ,k niIsll' fIIIe. eth - vats inef Engineer "'l 'i t. he.k of everlensv anidr .....i e li- l ii l.i.hi, kin glow 1 : ua1 l l pe las taiid uaines gold Al1so,-Sprndin flin rtiI rt enillldll i 'les and gR itil Wl. "rog I.EX. Idesk .,\ D, llf,, , f iair l .I:L 'i'i2 fuh lý, co.I;. noil a p ~v ,l,r i,,h 1 land, ti, ' ch. "B y f mt cti te Lregi hla lh.l h Ill nl ripI c n be th N NI I I ii Olll by f*O rL ig' s, odli= ir- Wral e . by a.i,.nlo.ll. (Tt T!lI/ 11 I1ftl1rt(i Iolf te s eal-i-her II * g1 , .. (..i ,,i) sJU N NICIItoL .ýr, r Ti1, price of fom anld ftr the Int dav of i ( hh.l1',r, will e l tivr u ndts per bolf inl Ithe :1 ,; '!.:. ,'! " 1 l1 ' hla' thi, ltl'h. oIf fllfl po)sse's,,.{)- o vlio~o . If iivt-,If v i I.I..t ttticv IDll S, ( IIII r li,, . I i t U the Ir t i ho in ll; Ik illly l -li (IL [. I . v. l., -r , m ir N, o 3, of .r i -. k e l r .. ;.II iu n;' II,, I oI kIktI ' v . i, . -l .,vk t.f,, I . Jlt . 'vvv I Sul) -I-'- die t,,f t Ž ) \ ,N, t l l hi ,a i lil t'-Icn Pickta o k, Pllv h At, a nd ila hat 1I) , a Ie l,v k ll \ h ril ll l, fi Pll ne' ld Vutll t Ctp, , dtt-k Ail l, r ilk ofnd I3tmbazine , o thll( utl;t tik d hdtre-i l ilk and Rttttnt. ils-"Y r, l e, I fr eal, uC Oild uilk, Silk II v.tIkl,.e ias- -'t get til I ,u o-th tiir tttr- , woi c ek, P ,oalle i vr I lry go .hat i-,I ' l, k l. e 11'A s, vll .l.illl t t llllr Ilgy t i t ' i, l do I, t he~r fo iug tng(. Fri,,eh plta oeru.r Sane-k-i r .tth. Silk Yind at tu ' izi te, t o t OE il leatest I u hlell,,s- cilk and l co u' e. eitilit bfhllow,, oSId silk, Nlxe i , ltr, aood c as i donble I t dry gosi fthe IllytrIl-l II'lUlrtt a d will hI molI n a on.UIIII d N N It II I t l I wv , witt .l nlrllc re of raNm l rk u icl.s . Tnn S lE(rihk rs w nil ta, imrder., Jii r I nIlltl-,r, 44 'I nU ilnn \I'x.F1, irkes, fi)r th, ll- . t I-.11v l-,t l p - t Clt o., t i call li· hl l ral wlr'. e rk, ln ld at ily sIlr, t IIt us ,aieI tI tk tin' n I.,r lt -' ti a t ire c th I'lu shel. a in it. orc I i1)SSIP c. 6'o/., S Navald 1ailie ry, an lALShi, n , ll e llerv, I . p ire. us Im P il aelprin l,'t ller N ew Hl elutel 'Wnvi' 1)1) ISt ALS HEWI IlI ttttkt rs : al.l r iK- t l ' It v tI kwrlticlt g ke i t i to i t tl' o i I rt t Sablli e rIk; dwoll eh livet, th(e h vht titd th ell lo hlr I,; ll $".I .,\l++l od'e nll l t'hi lle et +i akll ; Tl erry' " dorrv' dt t o; tl avgi w rd V.t .gi ei dt.t tk "twrtittlt iuk; t Trlw l iok hv r v teet- .Ileu; Perine (;uvut c,'s black ,itA B . i Ok; I.vJ [. ;Ll\t'ulred ink; cunut, Ely ouhnnd, lnd i 'ir l Wald-Iceter \V th, 183. dre of n r'cvrtt v Frn- t - ev e a-ec n, Cre he retv IIob ied ; c l y wi tl t rdiatr of I p 'i l NveTtlne'rlll e Ittsr, unl bidet al ftlir saltie itby u.r p tive (pa N, dttatedic etatit t "tf vldiing dra ,i tutlt stll l4vit ito savma e1avtIe witlt fld quality lake Kilric . L N:gl pri IA aies d-. thrres si hes sur i n. i e I t ' 1' Le Ic4 v o\V Irt ll r par le r-cteit ttelverti r ie 'a Aoir a Irelm li er a hiv dltnlc e dC a ve m t re e t rie lu 1 Iil d-trtl nl.'hn 'i s Yii Prinse d Ins lew 60jo lrctao nvo lei t weih vte ad reLrn excu nt I thrdre it Alle-r. IAPian e -ase.-, re Er e Wa,, . 'terw Iod. e Sltie llt p lll'te i fthe ubscri erl clltN er ll" lt ehlla i4jlilU, Iv btewt ll o ,r h t Ilt c y I tu e i ut I llrtt e old, lle ::hovt a aiddli size, Iu ne litIo t, ap d t Ort ta ld l h lle; it II I rsl, tl he i a s nt I 1tvn I 'euLso e palt , lthe t e e wold Iove r Ip d to wxhoever ,ill deliver the said h lrse io lhe dIr.iOlld, ur givo uch igivI tio it s will Ba to hi D scovery. d20 'I' llU t hl I TahDl'. 01" I'I'\'O W 1 .':\V ..rL-ANS-Secoud lilv led to eip ' with tht- ordinae , o Novemher la d ein uexeu,iug thef ling v "'ip older, kto m1 to have ale sidewalkt frotig thi ,ir riai p tive pttI - riee con vstruted reebly to +id ordinaI e, 1wil curl1 a gt. t-er toe nd 4. tree et[ vd A p or an to have ' I.4 .\ -ZE b%&lI LI", Ilu -- "I I r p r ie ta l re s d e s te r re u s itu e e s o u r l e r u e d e In SHIPPING. froih r Lilroo pc. a ,I ,,,w ud,,,ooo, apply to (I2.9"'"""" R IA, 11 GALE, 3to '('h. A I nl.d I,.i ollilng oip (GIRARlil C F11 Plrer Ill IIVII3iP deIspa, - flopr ili~,: 003110 purl. F o O -, .ot t'15 hle of crl, rI0l g0w.".intu ho pig 1ti0n he omI,,aIppll ly ap d ;':i l 1 I. 1 ( b114 1 Conln at 'Tito, A I very 1·tal~loiling i ya1AS (01tRoe , r MI llS,511rectn op Coto. t'II I er cagiol, will Ihav iiri, ll ol. (. 0n1c,1,l Fo h-~rightl or panssage, having to ap0110 pll000001 aply plyl outl~tot I0 OSIES & MILLS, d22 Innk Piece.. E'clle GREENOCK.. a ihe hell known .hip loI,oRS, rapt. Coo tke, will suit on tlhe 15lh ilnst. Canl1l'lloortp0 blv tal, llullolr· l g lov eaill lll0 1llOer10tall. III1111~o to01 Itl001Llglop1300 MIL,,do d222 Banlk Placer 11VgI',)/1 01k.1,,:I 010 ule tr.I :oiling frlst oliti o w1o111 1 3 l· Ad , tIpi. 0001.11,ekr 10113 4 1,1 looi'oloI,. F,,ou alikerT ,1210lour. Ths 1ljlivesn I to a 0 & J fioro ex. p3)11 IVPr dIIP II.Hcltro ', having 'p id II.n1Nhed ao nlodutlonnll for · ti-trv Ilessogern %ill halve inlnicrliilto denpalrhI~Ih. For f 00000lt I1r 0g, applly on oar0d 0 p ooit [li VglIuo 0 n3,10.1 or oillokp.Nt 42 30' . F P, 'ogLICIEJI, 011lroIhe '1'beR A I lot lZnilioC Rhit 0'1 IIA, R. P. (iny, 1tn Nter, harm- the wat 0 r plart i will Ilav." 4caI~ntel. Forl trrigl t ur Iuxsngp, apply to S & J I' W li 'lI't F: V d17 73 Cnoo,,o la~violr the greater part of her rrur:;o en. garrrl, thle .I I,fnsl Nrili III' Aip C, )N57'11 LU I[O\S. F~r freight(, plply to II W01 I I I\19, 501 l tol ali at., oh r AEA _12 9i3 Co-,.1o51 TIU.-i.(:nptnil, Snow. will trot with itotrdi 1t003lle l lhlOIh. Fllo pnlllogeo01ly, havin0g var handeaolllc cculntoduliudnion applly to L.EVI It. GALEE do,1001)(~,lln a di17 - III, 13.305..-- - Common rlrapntrlh f'hr Illr RI,·ve putt; ll.·i lice ucculuutlo dta 11 0 11L.SA, 0 Pfovdras zr Coastwise. -,. -F ) in p ly (.n IN. ! ,¶ tI.; A ,r !,le iN Tad icoppel f aite.d, aonl ! )? . :lilng dsipt . 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FOi Ir o fWIO SA \ D,1ie PI. k .C \e11NreL gUlnp Irips on , i l. t tlt in, i Ill clock, e sun a illie ie unituallc v at the h ilur adSleriea. d di __ll _, A 4AiIA &WIIITALL. 1"'S 1 .ANi I 'ili li. ll Ri iiii T h rilt ulr, b ly A t low prtetllar r th e m~or' allleav e t iake end of mhe pIinail "'u.I' It Ii \Y. & l SUNDhAY S, alfter hearr valll i' o lh: 2 o' tr, aan d I, n her re lITu , , i' lai t.MIo ile, iveri i For pabaP ge .;.ply r i boal to i Pb . i-iWl heii r l ilt ill t tinell rl of a luiger ir the l irall ill u at , of te teme te SldSwt cr nlv7-tle "I atu.\SlEal . tI-ii,., t110 t, lad-Iiu t a, for .n . y 'l198 i, I.\l .). \ rit*' \ eN, u96 M 6l zioi Iý ii'C a .i, .snt- itai .... S ua ,,a ori... h a I - by t .I 19 S Ei 1atig BI ANat II ult l Ia Iri.i UI. a I, --A ui.i iwn i eIIdillre, h wil k o uta u louli , in l aa ,a s iv, I fill o e l t g hea itw Ilat ltiore, n lati. t tilp ree, tT A. II OW R. {ih fhe firm oif \Vhltritilge &. Co., No. 76 Glugzinl, a Wa IIItii . E 1-,i u h int tom .... Itai- a. tier nd .l"it for fae by Ct i at)-aloa.y l 17 Dl l "I'IIOS {I 1,1.'t" '- CO,>i. I Ino Leven NEW PUBLIIt'ATlO., a it ItItiit r-hi ul'tt t luafl, conI' i rils ing Ih ptpitnciples N t! i l &l rli 'ItOl,,t lCe and i hl ukiu with \l er'aant'. Iac,.:llol, ial-tad miula i reign tIHai, par of Eng and: O tl-ailln Olatm &t.Ell . t'tt-. by B F iFoster. a, le*,,tciba it b tit iS IF, by Alxi de T IequevIlh nI v)cola, I Mai in his physical fatlUarit, nd adl. pta ions b Robert iOe "Ill Thle Flower (ani- ot ntiining dira ctionli fr ta e t ali t+,tio,, I a g deu ISwr; "will see, liis it ithe lt a lo d i l , big.tial alld perreanillf lower pii nuts, in i vbl., a.iin. o tt i ii a uitnd phlhls;, illi i-,lu dirtet. lit l on - their habitt. liv Bober) 'll de. iv at ilt lA . m n rl hlq cian. m llward iI.un-d; r a )l ur'ch A dvll dent u.liresi by i he 0l'. i), of I1alHin, th Keefe,' i`'e Old Col illtdure,' A Rl: esidence oif Eilev'en Yars in the New olland and Ihe. Cn roline: I-hnrd ,lihinl the Adrl " Ii" - of J.' Sl vei nson' Civil Engineering of North America, in G~rll 's I .leh yv}ll h srai rd I vatl, On. r,,v' Ihird.}llustraled, vo], 12nil 1 \Veblnter's I[ l lmienll ofl Phvsic-, I vui, Illl . I{nlnetle Life. oflol i#.ii de ))wi pe \l. wll,.i. lth n mIe oir ,,f it author, inI l , in t cevtle,| and fir sole b, -LI :ll 8AL!F.--A 0l .t rot.. Negro, tram l0 to is Years -- of are, fully guaruuted hy BUSINE 33- I IO r did°r rI li.r TioC - f ,. I fe·· l ;rt rkmnnk, ,11:3 , 1 i,.;;,, , , ~ , .- .F1r tie pre. . SlIIP BIAOER & Co.uVIArSIOUN ME11 ICHANT, No. GI, I'P dras street, J. P. lIRI3hAX\ 1 ) ., I'Pho.sler Cloll.hg LiEnrebfilnmeluft NN.3. 14 (Ihea:,Le atrectl (At VIt I enan ta nhll p I hanFd a i.oe, a ply 0 "1 Chl3lh _ il .n;, .'e o il' I20 r-16 the c ",mif "h3dt' .T'11. r as. sorlllllllt bill Ilarg . l N .rrc , , 1 . l ti e e3.olunt. cal ie tlpl:lid tLeS .hllrtA P lt ui 'i. PASHIt0NALE CLOTHING 'AYLRANT TAILORDEN Nro. 14 4:h rt l. i rrr I IIAVE: n clOlllns t l r llsupply , f e. rv a.tllc.ce +l.e l llill' t .eirtIllckll's dito of Intue lateat sine, tit tNehe York Ipriers; d,", 2" 0 J. D. Ross SSUrGe-ON DENTIST, s ill, 8 !os,. fl;h p' ,)otew tre e mi S AN. PES IP 3L. . 3 RSII, 1 I xGS to, iifr3 I Ithe siet Irho t bvini purl hnPe d M) fr't Moers IltI l; LE S11 ,.I+ (;S S. CO. art of thePir moc9kr ic wt ei l ll1el r t he I 3 ll3 h ill.'b o t, t Ielr old stalnllop, n lte D lllslh~ p' s Ih c:, .indhere tle h+i. . to mcrit H e th Northll t1o bei "1 pp3lied mol lily with teil e 1 lh3 Ull3 inmbo f rsh ilhalble glln lla iir 14 CLAY & CLARK, OUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, Nu. 10: l'odrans ,t3ct NNew Orlean,, MANLutrAtTt'IR F11 CF Load Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps 01,)al 13113le3 ,i'ii, 3 . WARNV, COLD, AND SIIIER BA "1'11T , Fined o o the orai anlrovrd irincilles. IL ILI.'I L .1E.I), I'11'9P:. &e CJO.,rder. execulle in any part e ,f tua S4otllll Sitate . Ir 9 .Dr. Iltebrl F. It,Ildoe. S Fr IR. I.7 . .. . t1I,A -& >7'1.1012, Plumbers and Lead Pips Manufacturers, N.. 102P I'.,vdl. 33 treR, IT °" P 'on b .... n c or.n...... "tI.,,,. of Lrsd Pip,, OU1.UANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING E1'IPA.I.IL EN1. No. 53, Magazine Street, OAR poVite l3Nk.3.' rcelea. W''I.l.annA GRIEI2,il a1 OI)12ItIETO fR to rl J H. PARSER - Comn li.iolln anld orwTVrodiuLLg Mercrhant, No 6, FIOI)NT LEAVEEl, U'P ST.UiiS. N• :-,,)I._l,, Fh 2'. l -. . JARVIS & ANI)RIWES, <'II3l.:' \1I.32 AN4 ) 3E'23(i, 318 1\.1112 1N MEDIAINES, PAINTS OILS 1)1E S7'UPF, .).))D I.VI)'L+F.9 (/..))SN,

Ctrner ul (. llll and 1Tkhl3K 3itoula3 streetr , 11NA'rII.N JAI4 3I3. J3I)13\ 14. .AN4;IE\1 S. A larg( Uapply r Gar d en Seeds. wnrrmted tile gdru ith AT MOBILE, Ala. AUCTIONEERS, /l111E underi,.n"! .,e . I4t113 ,bi-hd threm1 eloP it] lil.. to i(rnlc e their frie31 , ,illl1 t le put3 ic, Ithat thei p I,-e, 3 ()I3.I)3 IN I. JONESle[ I 13AEI 3 I. ION 3-.tI.. Refer to Walker. Knight3 & Co. New Orlen f3,. .MFI.ICAN & EN(G1,IShI CROIWN GLASS, N,. . I R1t + OI3r- vii LSUl tAtCE CEOlPAXY. i)i NI I. L I C lY New O)lr alla. n 11n 1,. 11::1'1. s L 12 Inl· v ........ .. ItaliliI l I I, XNNOiN HIOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I 'an, r t, WVholeh ale Oenler in l'ailt:, tol, Vurnishe+.1lrutthe., nt.$U Cinduw andm dI'iLure (uiieu , cue, .i 7"I'ORJ T. W. COLLINS L ./ATTOI.VElY O, . ISOr.t.UR .4T l./II: I\,CC' p, ra tiin . in tht , " S.t:i and Ci tyl Courts,. Cli Court, ill the C. xtItlllll Ilollac bhlld ,lll jell A CARD. rlliE undersigned ha"e op.ned a house ill this ci, .L for the purpose of tran-.atiug a (;IEN EAl:. Ct)I 1,1ISI.SN IUSINE.NS. OFFICE, NO. 10 ll RAIE STREET IP' JTAIRll. I1 P Lt'.Vi. Tiie lIouIe ait rand Gulf, lis.., will be conutinued il thv above nalme. IReferen.ce.. Geodd. i, Lhd. l , t & , New Orlean,. La. I It Hl ill I t C , l, utsvill, nv. uohi, ,1 Gilnmre, I icksbur;g, .\irs.,. Harper, C.nrprlntr S. C. itlli 1 re m & : lad Gulf, u Ii.s. Mil u t ln.eIod, nttchz, :111..x Nuew trleas,Juu, I ,I.; . jy.l9 _' !.( KI l '.A'. ,, i nd.,, N ,ew . ea:.' lr.e+nt, d. ,, ..;-i:J I. F dlelo's Fablluux of tIlhe Aldi,t: , 1. pl,,tUs, do I)uutle ol IIi' n r, ml, rllc, o px ii do iilu'te tluuu o f lirun , s tuts, btu, Io G;nllerv Ifv llh r Gaces, do IlluII rutint..... U I ,u l, I') ll lh . ut I1 ol, o riental Annuali. Ileath's iteaut.',..senvuL.s duI Pllakpeart.. alllery, Illustrau ol1 ..T-cnlt, Ia..d lid te a1'verly Nuvelb, Iluda and I itlllCoIts, Tie Ages l l l ll " lu le Ilenutyt, The Iookof u iP alyi. pl.ate, richlyl colored, Sp unl.Ih at llt tih I CIene. V, I vuls,I I"iis'her'l Jutltl ileu cltp buuk, '1'l IIIipeillI, Stlllie.h (Ioust I cenpr . Jc.luuiuC'uI.Cud'Cgt' tul' lit, ,n'. II ntt I C II anl A Cn The Portrait (hller, of Scot.aud, T' he It.lllllllllt'e fLt Anmr.Flr, 'lThe ;piarl of the \b onls, i:,r sale by dII4 W III'n, lonnlin s (ONI)CIN I'Il'KI.F., SiuCEs, &c. just r'ceiued I': box..s E .ngh'h V'ickhle, assnrted, li " ELira qlluufly Lodon u ultart'd, 10 Audi'Lnl t ill glll S jl, , IS tlC.. Itl.eking 1hy .l M.rtin, 5 bolen tl upr. hve. i gla- Jrar, " C lu d 1)till. I GC IV I'II I iAti) JO t) A GEIT'It JIr, tuy'J4 uur 'l',d l.,kiI'lu: itu, C I NUI I NI; the icl trti env uuit'u"e u! the ubstleribe lJ u la t ill t it h rlttu Iitf,.g , huit. will 'iicl his a uthori edll gllt, ld to him ill' hCu itg bulsness w ilhtll l underlnix iledl will ltl ea'tt llapply. I FitANCIl II..IIT.-I. JUN. nG - t I1115$ -tf i . (5RAND Triump l uachl lhtcof It Liulu Le I Allgnoliua , nrl.ouihiaqu 1qltz.. 6,l 1h i tt .u I Jicer chItllung, pll rudoublI , lddieuled to Ithe Get'r IIllll J,'egIr Joillllll, I i ht b oh r+ ; Variations ,I It li' celebra dC ail Irn ,IC ofC ,,iui A o llo t cered annle,dedicau ld It a l ir. lirutl . ull tlhe Il htl ll lllll - edl by (U P ' lilhltrr l'iaofl ,New . 1. { Ile;:l l nI ill lllilily nllI Iun ..I.I assorllll nllt ol f inew,1 !l. lllllo . iiinib |nn IIs t-l dlard uilli C, 'Vocl Inid ltiU, uiti ul Enllglil, reinc lnd Germnl. For sale by n .1 card nr . hnIns ltiCCnn 1)l) BEANS-tl bl-bb . Il .oie, hlir sale by d7 4 I New Leven iTt'A.1t \TB 11:i l iLt ` \IAE-'T'h1e splendid kenit I, tllt . \\..lI I.IA'. 1' I4...~l.E, lltlw l lllllll i t il tlhe Lake, is well ad'r, tr to t l l it rlver tr:I.|Pi lin (aIssert the in-pectioan law, atd is lln..+ullet,. ord . The|si!Flulllln hot.'.. :oUT \ AtI.AlM\x, Idul is . pOw I.ill; repuib' , , i lll will he l11 ii )l'n plet III:I·" ill L Ifew " ") II'I'\AN, 7" I' yldr1"_- t L 'r rtcei e,|atthe| l t I't atvrt 11 t llie oldn s, 5:f It .lllen. ilh. ll.p I lt,) l, i' '11, .. . hIilN Sd', ' .,, it, :1 h 1 )ONDON !I, IIIT I t H llks LnII d I 1n ., 't *lE~l~l.l. llA/ND)-4))IL:L AND ("IIEAi'LY 1 cTB AT THE OFFION OF THE TIi'ie Jiiaerican, s'r'. CIIA'(LLS S i'RiELI', NLARI I'(JXIVIRAS. MIcEOLLUYL & BOSS1Y, J'actoMrs & General CommissionJ .rrhlcrants, AtO~ll lI). llh,,r.,s, is I&W~rlv tiir/" arq~ih, ,, , C./ry bIlrrrarr, f11)1 , iy, flUSH & ALLENJ, NO. 1, IXCAll.1 C1)mrmLL orner of St. Charles and( Cama,,,l a rsr. 1 Co·nrl ER R f'll Lkrklol( in I'rrrrh s~I nli-h 1"rrfnm""rv; Ivcani:,c Co c: and 1 'E l(III. e, 1 . RODIL".VSO.a 4 GOOD I;'· I.', NYo. 6S,. Chrsrtrer :Nutt,, One jolr brlu~v 'i· Ili le. 1Vr": eonatnnmllyo ff hand1 every article l'l)rltlill ill tr e;'"ndelnrn'ls , helev, lI;I() in 'h 1 "e., r·111111 ner nod :,.,,at lir-hionlable style, which the. oiler Iul cashI, at ellll aprice..1 lI,,lll XhN4 , FURNITURE WAUEROOMS No.. 5:,., .,I llu aaa rtit, 11. JOHNM V. CA I H[ F:S, wnuLd I)soptfully in. I:irrll his liirods and -lie pnhIl'llii( that hr ,a v on'II I''Gtly rA civIc /iota It V all l adll. I' 'ItI I n (III utaorilnmn n of Ilurnit,.n·, nncll as mnllry lll el, I 1II. , a :lama' led-tendsl p maple andl I~ninlrd vhlln ll. maple andll~ chelrry Irdotr~ d,, IllsllnFII11? Hadr cheat tabnlles ,I all JOHN V. CHSILWAR ENGRAVE// :IN') I'('l':l·ll-I'I.A113l1CRINTER, 1 X.. 3, Cernp St. i o l rxc hurte. '.. Ii: &f l'a et I.In:,rns, N n 0, an tilt andl vi-i! ae C~ d:. antnn I, c 1·1)1aa~1\n. I' (.11111: 1 p'aterN? JOHN SC1'EWARD I'. I te irm s & t. tad C e'.tuant,. lr· tlhd onl I. rrSkt. I /m, nud eret. aln'anun paid to goude dtlhipa Ird Io h., ·ilare· dl;tl·. e 4rc kInrvol. - nný22 1'_1!-1 y A CARD. CIIRI9'IIE & S HI %WvrT Wholesale tracroers and Cllnliasrort ,lrrrhan1lsr Na. _7 ''am nun S011 Jct, low r c)rl··ans. Q--3'I'nrtic'd:Ir n* t llii~tl paUid to the putting up o f Sian.., bunt anLld ShliP stool. nnv°_ ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFPICE 'rAlli" illE [fII r tie executiont'' . . , ,plnsr andi drlwihg s, nmerch .its' c'cularn Ilusine, - b nIl aA, r ess cards leLtv, descripti.n, |'il leelld Ich lr- l| dlteep rIIIO p pI rl ull . l rbrh" rTl illland dl lg lPets I( i ll; biank ~he(:ks, (ny rot.,ipts. &c. prhltd at,, ,xecu t , , he ca ur d e x p dt htil, n s t1 l,,, I,, h l l t ,r )rlt Nr . NlB IHnk N oEr O at Nr r v eNxlv' tt dE I r4 CYCLIP IE)DIA-tS! DJ)TI- -ONARI'ES! }Eb.s C (,.cq edh, +4T vols., E'dintburg Lutvyclo-[ +l.'.. N.etll". 1'. " v lc, ' 1'P~lnn I 'y·chqmdia,vol 1lth. Encyclopadiu a Amler N lirt , El st.''r' "I ..r. \Vnll~er'- Iil~i:tu lv.lry , vul. ltonryt s Dll tionlary, is ol, pl sttl'*" r do I r~l. 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NU 1 Apothecaries and d]rutg'; its' labels eXeCult.(d in r goot s1E1 . ar ,.pErlt ate Idrav illgr. and t one (h~rELE "'th ' Ierxr,.e.i 'I'"¢2 .+ Ol.\l, - ',. 1 .- r ,.h a hrs h:lve just o.,'lncd never r/ 'E N ucK. f Com Er.;l 'rui lOtr l£ pU K Qulill tol, 'Terlieo "rck, IN o dl wihh as tin 81,e. IIRr I II.I'r r r .'M.R r E IlI, all e I ve v trietv of :I gli h, F' rencillN ll , .l I r II. l ellEll h .lrt r El r r '.l Er I r,,y lue lroth Coinr,, in ll ll Ithe variet'y f size lll rlunlity. Poee, R t., lfors+.. cuarse and flue, and ll t~lhtei .ErI". & I'IA A er nov13 It ('aII) XIt I+ rrIE,rlsl,E,E IlrE.I.'E,.+ h l.'I<' NI',l Ill --"{ o l+ NE. e, t, \, i d' N l.. r s r :rlE . allnE. rhiI. rirl .r. 'I .r..' lI , f..rrr .. OIi -0 o pers .ip Et E louis and E .nrque \otIlchel. anr' I k le bN I(().,,I'. L'I. \NN' .N, n \ ,ll .rr . --1or I ' or . ,e-- r' r I Ir I N n tell wl'l~l+,l'llllllc \Vt·ltrTlt. lll,.U lll'. |*'llrtIII.:l It'YI AII()I . Thi Ihri .lldl l llTh t I r . 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ILd .and . losILuL .n •FIIIII I II ' LI IL L (..i l'LL ' Ifealtl't 19i ·,llr-n le Annllll ,.i 'l '.l h 1 t ir l ,l i of the i'lith cetlur+, IlLvaLLLL L LL '1IL ', The t.uilvry of tie (races, 7'h', KLLeep.l. L.e; 'L h litntal AnnLll", Je ",,lit l L's LansUli I L Ala Ia IIIl. .llusrlliollln, Icotlanld i Land the llltllillerl;i nlLovel, L' e l\lp IInt LL, a Inl nI itLei ll'Lalll t liLn If t T he t b al t llllIU rll ll lll l el ie d ul lteumy , I'rtlldL All',I I ll "lLLLL. T iL' Cmilllg t nLI n, u \ll nl'ltip! l't.II (;ull ll y, Fr'ilr'. liltr u . ru l ictl iba onk J h le 1 lllg Uie lctInn s ani Young rd; 's Au F'orLet Me NoL., Th, 1 o1 nic AnL uaL l /nl erig u nl l n /.s. Th'e Tok , e t, V t, The Pilh rill 1pro're- e Th'ad + ,il ll A ll l.l 3t MlllJC ldl-llII I hI II I bI(IL,(L ' lIllitl iLLLP f (' n i lll i Hlli ( h a.1 gn il. n Ill ind l s, 0 Kroteb tu nld Ca lh I P lr l· r oi t, \ nl.l ·l gli b i ila d lr , ll l, mr ot ap ro e . A supe, i+r ayn.rment of most splendid Engli-hbhlt./k (rIal H Io..k-, dt .\ lib m .rn o v lrltou l si't r. ' \l at ,d A lbul n -, I by l.yu,. 1 i 0 et I' ll t , ,all tr I uri, ls a JLI·3LLrU' I- I' J() I LI [ t LI), d'' . . r 5t Charilr and o' n ~'s S NEW HlOOiKS. I AND (11F Il.\IK & SLA GLLLLS, ii Lvo:. A The W i te Ilunt',r.i v ols. The St angtr i1 l'hina, n , 2 vyol uturdi t.lll d I "IIl,2.nees comlnl Iledl· in his c(ounltr I .bell' shd A llsl I t l ll' l. iTell p -en fine it: L'en ulmiud, Ld ct Lec LLLtLLle . A >.w L t ill.'Ilm u(l riL sili. a Lft ob LLrt ILe anL d I, l ll',tI L h'ril ,clll r ili.' rll'Lted hi J l '!.l'U,.i i .l , , II IC 1., h' tII l-',LIL'i. l .+ - pl[ete ila le 1 iL(,L'L.nn.. :elc ou tO C . m ed·· and a ul l ,::r" in the S 1 Jat Itrcuc Iu 1hd i, or o, d Vh nLy L na v l' erT (i',1 l LIL S. n 1ih wr IA., 1 1mar Il\A IL' ILL ' IJ'. 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Ih -,I, 11.1 ll llll ( l ll, r l'ilt+ +ucr.'.d x lblllll, O(It (I1 i r llllt~ll+|l~ dIit ..+ "lllt *r,)h ilitl llll~ pip tam, . J )II(Ijll 111111 * d1si.-1,l,'u sal h', D. 1+'1 LT & tL. , N. ".. :'ttio'er' Hl hll, 1888 II 8 d I I JI I;]lltr o'olniaiA o"-- l ax, atlwk a}rl + tillag e pat baik i 1"500 I~nrl. ;It Y MagI~ll n I.l. ,,4 N uni l-- 3IU baln i nltll ll4 l It , he1r .Itn lo b ' X INSll & I SI \II s' II.,, , i l .1 I. l,- I 1.(1e I 4 I I}U, ll ,I i ~lnln s18I I.AlNllU I I , ll jX, n . l 8 ,. I. 1 o l, , t Li+h i ire ! t . Ii t1" 1,'t k ? Col~t . lllltt llt l r1X l ~ll.\ l'.V I(:ll'hto |l'llll le IIIIl· \ l, Tlctll l , ,1I I b • h· 1 . e af+ 111¢ I, nd l, il it: tri ol, (l1nl ul de~r [ bn rli1 ; 'l Its d Ill- ii 4ii a d. An lii 8 n-c l r atal e . n; V I I 1E 1 l & tty 71 131 \luFaziur~e r Ui I ~ll~·*l g r e ei l ~llfl ill, +n. d inldunllt W, 12 e+lt r U I.. , q 1 . I ' s ofIil I. - ,. wi ,,.,g ,.d .,~of in i n s. ize s .ah id s1 1 o~l humrer Fn e~ll nll e~n Eng1 [11 lish BI aI nses C(I. ) l'hltltS,',;~tl. .| Itdh},,~l llrl+.:;l 111111'1i' hlill I hpi' . in o lIh·. . r h.; hl). i + W hat no n da lollk.. \\¢-t 1\i+t , n I olp e.l rnhel ('hiii rtsh h l i t h',, ~ I)A%'j )(·.\ I·) S tl itlP~ll F ,·1" & <'t,1) • d15 I t '~ .:l nlh, ,,r \ I t ; I~r\. , 91 l' rlr,. l :j .1. , =--;,,-i; -, '. -++FS,Z,Pr c +Fi,,,- s11I ',,#; hv ,hc. eI II: + r\ I',Tl\ ! l ,1 17f th l : I c llre le ] ;I /B++xwt':'O.L. ' I',11,- ill U+ uluit+,l·.t~ I tlr'lt': ll \8 f t Il' 1*1 ilt dmr ¢1. 1, lili llll' nljllbll] .ii ri C19 ld ld tie ~i,'v l~lllP ")).: 1 'llar, hI 01·thi~ \(InII h+'lid I Ul'·~ HO I r~ll tlllll. I l 'tg.ilntLrbllll+ 'll-h2 .r iultl Ol'lhPI~ lltl~tl ,'lri i1 Il X'lit '. A i TIe l'.lgY ll il llpld tl Ihi l . I.,rv , +qte hvd l)~ IYl,; Ti i' ui(.o. l , .I- yl1, 1FI~ll I L~ I (-' n+ih, ". {-~.hlh|lIn h ;tj PFItall CANI~i.)LE--3u8 ht? N ipe "rme" Cundie+. amsorted nih~e , F" we r 1 ,U r aux il mo uld 't n Ilea s , J u *.srr C-,0 ibiss rtiaed t\ Ar le d lat li Champm. 'inte ala.rird (la uper I pIto jaij r o t e . Coper, In tfrom F io , I F rr A1 F '.: i :l l(l '. -t" tra tatf. li. l l + t ,, i "1 he Loh k l t i. a, a, i r. fenlai~t hut ;Tatitidha .n nerl ct(fl rl e aand, np n. osit' en'hs Aim:late, N the (, rloe t- Nrutlt s I (CP]Irv.· a 2I slp 1 A1.i Ii, (ll B I, r Los ,v . i tlu., r + n,. i., at c ," Lhart,.n'w .ulndre-pe nud allrl a . 3 "-t + Mrs. WaVsker'r I arllale I:tzvtet .; 'Findr,bell'a i ,i s illu s tritn d , . hak PeampeIna, volasMawa engrat IleArth' ithust, alirol. , oiha .a at litnathws (;nlho, v ot Jl'ili:h eto t tair. tlU ll, ' r" Slomit n 'w do of Plnirl -. ,. tinde o'. illustrationl of Ilvrll 2 ,- sE T t heett' compl ete Puer·tanr nt o . rlanaga o England, 2 volr Goldsmaith's Animated Naur, , coleade M us lI ',nadltrtie Los, with 3,;,t m iUlAtta' n nll - lln, did, :dlv.nt, ,f Nature, do ii" tr ratiut s t. th, e tVaeriy novte i. r, Tn.:eth w, ith a I.,rgre a++aorllll it of o in P liun,,a, Ie. :utulugua, to , e had at ltha + ,.J . I tt A-ft.Id.,It-t .. . i. a' d I, uth, s res't I'it, qu te tA ItPol frl ;:; at n,,i't I tlandwia ,e Au;a. For 1., . adeltircD t l+(·leI. tIt vY rv' ildeulah 'I' , Ihrt ,,lt a, t oud h, tharb uthi o .' Ars Illltd T); . lth "r".. I Tlen.h vi- lv a it. i t,. P, ol rank I .r1tu ll,, ,r ,p lui l b ( r , Ito ge t 1f , , od Alatr ll,·r,,, at, ee inf Itht d laor /f At :iter I.aldut's 1'uetteI l +\ ok,: Nickel - . --t- ie i ,, loni .n y t 'e . ... , rr l . . . A lr, . t. , t, i , ppr,T iv. 1 ,,, a ,nt Oi ' tII 1 1, 1u of t h i E t'Iz. , tlia I , t l'O l'd l o po i ablL: . l ?Jll. n ll tt'ls, lt lle_ 'i. h ,artlt., pi Is ,r oI Paris-, |{(,odIo I'll :rut . / Irtll, lug 1 ono in( 1 thle re t, Is t, ]ti~" ilorietst ItuIiI , . '' l'h y htve firn-.t set mt. Work. i mc27 JAIES KAIN , i r:·. ! yjt , rir\ s Is , h .r."e , \ " ? II ,,,t oy,,' " i',i tl t o ~ ? t: :I. }, .: t, f I. 11' i lljl ll l la ut ti :- , .. ... it"-_, -h . u nI " me I I, I t, I31 K I It. 1 iL .i . i8 . +!,cl nun I",t· hll , I noI 1 o ,I.I· d :1 \i ll P i ii - eii1+ II. n eti, r Fdr : *0 1p 'I. lie Ii nne, on Tuesday .l J, 11: r1111 next, i;i ll II ii luck,,''.t. I h 1 Kelid 1,. Finlel ' lll ( (. IV. T. TI, (l 1.; 11 a FI I'd 11 a' L L 'i ti I I ..I Nti J'le UIl rl ," ',I, it :5 1:l an k, t lrl. - il iU1 L It - I l i , 11 eglii ,( ". ."7 1- e, . .."I ,- et1 e n '!(.:<'1" iý.:lr =..t at :l, rlol. I'.t II,'c IW JI Ii 'r t et- B i e ,\'('t "', :li t Ill-. !,. 0t'1 1tRl~.1 'e t7.1!rbCL, K (71. 1 'I'.1 . lirl. a uilrr~ g ~ul (?I 1, l. c r Il lcf f II. 1-tsl' 1. 11 II I I.1 r .I... '1 u, slb 1111:., ik .1 1 n, h a ,Il li:)I Ile -y plat,'. I nol ii,,' 15 'Biei'tnt.,tl .8 t uIi ),' I 't, it- i pit..ltB it'I sie i.e. 0 ''line. rI'84 L -I e-',,,,, , pill,, , eeti i-li ( I le eon. il,- . IIIN Oo ti Yjn patio' do Oe',n 0-.-,y i~l· te eel lieeet, 4 ' l1 . r J'lei,Oei'i-ie -t- v; /MdOia ti.iei £ feu0eg~e.ha-eeet,.~e I l vet- B Iirl.- e -.',ev i ~ IIo ,t I (0 -01III' .i~i ((Oiled 0 N I~ii( I L uu-ou' ;I I F lll hil kno-I I' I -il e I" t ('I, ut'.: .1 , ý r0 ii -I lulnlll c lllr I i a , 8- I. Wi l ; .-' i Wit. 1"l f;l. i .(; r I' r -.o l B'' I 'l!) ii'i'0'N i;~· ('hire, a d (Gis, 1rux nd tel /' nfrx tirh..I ent k Ion %i. I j II I it, dille 11"ti.,y, 'Ip,+In·. ~ ' I )04 I i . , lort", :. -_er q-d- rat dle , '-ta be toil": LLc 0 ! ,I Rt'.I~n'r fi .'-_:,"., ' l.ek A I i . ,L i·: 3> LI', Ito L-1t6,'i.-e e', Mu.I It & '('1800 4 (8 Jilt " lN i· .io e Oft e 'I~nlII' B1i~ ·i ro u ad i ''Ii 11.8 v. I tl - "il' iio u. r ('o I" IN 00 4' su c at l 'Li i t , :,,e t i l k l.,ot -d l' en and. I Ir, e. ds ..op .n." tirr P·! r -) I'1Lluh. I. o pa n .t, d4r, :i ,, l e' Iie L L Y 4ud-:1nnviyei 1 'Tle''"8u, tDor ietu e I '.81'it, t I ef i (le o'iA 0( dnell t 11', 'nie tii1:: y; 00ur~dl-co' 'In fluB!iul 1'' ~ l c, '4c , ,.. den14 d (4 I ii' :tN ~ . 'I-d a~ ( i ll le a 1,t~ eu -I cc ti' t +tt'e Nnbt "'Ali : rn(, oalI, I+ i (11in'~ra,4 it.,:ebiti ~ Bo A~e'-ii el-.14.Ouf'e. iu o Ae ~ i D ct~tga. " Hi l.rn 8(4044) .., LE -t 1)"-,. 'I' 6.lo t ln ' t ail,, , ofeiie 4t"iet Stop li ned in'.. 'te. .!iieu ,e, r Irl .I8)iko . 1& 0N484U0% %¶!te; _____n_ Il. atvnet premi I o on1. o d ee r't'n ' I, 200 o-o' fieodeil In i~." Tý A'.":e l [niv ru Ius

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