Newspaper of True American, January 1, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 1, 1839 Page 2
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ei.irr her rrJge or Ian~uajo6n ;In' r , lo8Thhi& j n'N `Chho. Wel'Yt Itit, -7~~t, 8'A110 atOh,,, Is eA)n doys fronin io86ast ' 'ekp"Sootno',.88087Ol hI ton 201 hidea 6 'hhda and 18 6111 pork; 8 bola nod 8 Kholtd ..Peo [fok Anea ongiln.. 51O bkalok oak wood, and U1.A'.f?ý?~p 00) 5loo. .7583 lotton ahonaina. 123 B1haealn ai Ions. wne, 50 lol Ialouor G7gbna We*n*. lo-, . whala oil,)),anes chnnan; M{pooo candlr., :000holket? arret oil. ho LI11n.. 1110 brow leo8ur. JiDUbAS.F r ehr Dinlionela..20 hrol 11ffaooe dl'a-dqoare.ta has onainl, and 30 how t Pao.Pdr sloo. Al,..50 hle door, IO0 b11. parkr. 601 ahoLekla tn, 10 do. a nt; 40) do oats and ltbrol IMPORTS. L .Pet O$Kla .Ft Obbda.32 punrhevhn end B`Ill) 0are,,oo'leI,211101battled hnear, 35Il0labotno, 30 1110. sot). 50 to 8iCoala1.O)Baloope poddonas . A Soule, A .t J Ica'olnna n. J '1,ret. Wlnh .h.Iival, ICInromJ II t o le, al8 o ;Lixardi 4-; coJ -A Merle &Co, sli .Pe: bri)g P;itrin 88.106 lops ooiioenoy, . x00 oar clbne0to J 2)luoOa t and ordao. ri Gin'l ,,,or..e~ll hoc. roIco, lot. super. aitd'fnd f o It Llop anod orel o r. . 080 i C o io1 11n . o,1 goo, c o ff ee, a n d Nabg2 oo s'000 m Indip Aeshs oso. .. lro nd I honado, 0100,45 )Oral hoO..old nna',lo,,loor ohpEo..Oohr nooo onion boy doooonoo-n, aoouoo.ooolfo. .i00,o 08D* COWES..Per'ahiil Elololnblh.. 111 I llloa ogdob .13 b .nkkw ,le t00oo brioe, Ul,,o 10.11 ,1,111 10,b nnpcrr 1211 casks blear ionwood, 0112 Ia tIa )lnolroqoo 1.1 )s~d onrabo oon, ,01514 tus d~oto bulk Ilh aJ.W Ycqa. 0,,4R n- I 8,lon. A Grant,1 [ B co:W ofdoo An.dora,,8, lI Ia C Roano" ( 'nr hAPA S r.., Caorr..10l ,l),dea,,nr,, 150 hlri ma. laser,, 1 blao otin, 11.110 q- Ila, M1or11,52 & o. il Lenah. RECE1I'TS OF PRODIUCE. SAlo,,4dri,..l'nr attnonmr lIoo...5 bl.) fno,ol, Kirkman, `,Abernathynl h Hbono1 7! do A Lrd,,o, .1 oo. SidoI000rOuxo "+'J rciul , en, 75_ do Lambeth 10 Thns(p·nn, fail do William r 1n 1,on,52 Ilan efts 15 do J Rl Imno o X. co. -.0241,'° art, , II do 3 Alien, , sheo 4 nba, o1, do Re no)et 1" n &O)o, 2 do abrt,0 S: co, 2 do It (.rutting & cu homesl Owner a. Irion.Po, eooosta Ibloy Crooolktt..31. b-one notlon, h ThI1ou1nol); '18 do Oolb,. Wort & coo; , do remoo ltlt, 20 do Koobon,,. Abeoornalty 4- Hanona. )llio..Pr sta)'o'0110110n, rt 1 1,0,ri.e cul,il .00, bhagg lgs P,,aat t. 30,ok4 nko, 8211 cd, traoin'. I'hnct"I . 51U boilaoopso, )dol&8 11,,,),,a :350 d 1 hanlfdo 0,ooo, c);o osiI. ,,,, 71)1er poe.µina ·'"""".Aae arr,.. la 13 al. 1; a.11 ys a1 jvnalr. 1' .; 'e Il,,ree u· "1 ken f 1':e w -r, ' : ,.:"t, ,i· t ].,l; N, I1 aoa400 -·l)4,~Ci,),ooll )- hobo,. 50~ .1,. C,,,,O,,,1, &)10 8 '14; , .ee .. ;',,,non 10,),-,,, . ni,, l, li).;g. Py.p orsif o; (Ii do Caldwerll ., Il irks'. 78 duI( Cann llnll it go t otl, 105 bales; 1 tattoo gin, To id Na King, toy. on1110 oftOhio..Per ateonilnr Bob.rt hIi,.jl B Farrar. St n) an lld Al-k'0-P er 001)1r C) ,,I-75 Iariels '1aef and Iutl'k191 kegs, 110 h1r I rdo I h1d M11aw1s Id. FeLaaic an~d Sin11, lobofil kegs lard, :it do J1uI:Cr, 4 :amto notldoaod anlod Sogers.,,l, 451 loon t1eIol Bo AtoiiLTTPlglhoo, 5ljo110s 11:dz1 J 1' Baiyd end n,, 53 boe, IlS brlo laid,'8 hllhds tcoo,,ncn, 1 box0011(11r::la J A 1 toanod co, 2F adoolz s J uloaeo,0),,boxe),rs been f Booooanol blox aonditrunks 1: and W',,dV,, cll, lob, 6 ball ton, and 2 boxes venOisonj, 00000h0ron bonod iiIJd ta bate,, Pre-s.ett, Joneo. enl or, 12 olo dod, N & ick and od , 39b ),,oleo b)ofrdol robe. A Aloo,,,,rr. Trinity-Per o ln,,mor Edl Slnip,-in-..coo2,,yo chests, ad) orunk J cllro, 2 baoleson ,dze SI IV TI,,'mlo, 1 Indite I' rlllr n anld bLrolther,. dodoC 'Iollo,,o, do Pand J Feroguon, 3 b)ale ,:orlon mit, h t1! Vor. sen, 104 Solo ooork, 200 knJ )oold £ Vuirin rind c1, 301 fepork, l' 1dobl ard, 3180i brglo 0i1f,1!14 acks corno, 1 oe poultry, cablbage-, etc o 11 100101 on board. COI)NSIGNEES. CharIn o,,r brig Aoolono.. OWlolotridgn & en, Il F Snol. ollloo U,)1oeo ao J A Uarolll , co, Iiooeye IKu ioeooy. A Canon,), `lalIaoth .t T.0Iopeon. t YAeue Want), It G, ullilol d co. Vl'olrl & Sim. one, Pfl6.oo 'e n~od~o & c1, S i. Levy. J & A Hlagn. J A *esrd paol.l)3 sIoalato ardoo. ý-,Hasd..Peo 100g ChieFoi'l,..M Do Lioordi, &'ca. 5t Loepan;Robenoon J Y Looordio. AC CIasteo, J E Lodge.. 1R 2 LCrowell F D Are,a. 'Buetn..Per ship iris. J Mendot, Ht Avery, Bonnabel. I. ,IIul nobmuoceo~aoianlubart, J,idbo, H A Du,',,n A lotlo,, oe. 8 Kimball, Hi!or 4" W01200,,n. r & 8 Ferg1uson, C 8'.nJ IW &n l toper,, , V 1i1oounlgjr. ,l'.anon v c edalM Wel & o, J A n1lodoctt, 1G A'iluE, C Clappl 10 ap St e oro-Asorted carg0 4 o to1 Fulton and 'eolJ W [).horn,1 ISMb l aod co,, J H E 61od and ct,: Hobart. Hohioou and Gooch, E W right and LBlnrsnn soolid ) I.oo'Il,,,oood co,P P 0n.UdO,'Varl 110 1' toRge and co, R R ab R G.:,, .a*~ a=` .. ricsi. ' nndcdp r1611 i id Ga~~i n i· Pr d andn~ rtrecrn, Yeomena I edL, -oan slid Ioowoou Gyifolo no, lRa, 0) oI and OnCalton J Wn Knapp, A (..rantn sd co, J L.andisl& ro,W=-lonpn L Soge, J a Doiugh, ray nolno,Richard . too01and Welnolaah, H (OAmes, IV C and \ Folgor, A P 0 lfonv, y sir nb, Iaddlon, P aad J Faogna-s, 16 H -Ane a e'$, inend Eotgelle, E 1 Fdooo, R Leovy on, lore and 9liliald, J P R j'o, and co, p yen; HJ' Il.ogioh;iJ WVStanton and co, (G ore0, aod ordor. I ' Voroonolnodon. A0'd evozo t., J A 0 h' 10,n and, Ca, Pierc "boShannon and c, 0t 0 jnwIboro, AD Goov,, Lue.,oI roo)F lb rane and I.rge'lIre, I&n)oon and 1)2,1 and Wheoler, B Wlre er,0 Joonol. $00)oooly and Rldeo, 181; Davenport, N, 'ridgepndca,J N 51,lobloa -alero & h I 1 MISumooo, (illinci anul ano oo,J 1, I Furgusann WH Hlathaway,Star a s -no and Hobol,, H A WVins.low, W 0)1 oI)omeao A,;,opo, I Ml h ~i,oeooo, (2v~r ý" ..,rio ad Andrew', 1~ Wlliltolrr., G c, o 1Flnhayornd co 'l' W Bemio, At & k1 )hileanloaal nd o.a Forltend ^o, J en .Ln~otn, EJohns 11and)01 Ico.[salu, u,, t P1 ;"f! GH IMD low. )((3od(0000),,,,n ,,, - , o..187000 A. Hridg0) Bass and Ohbbollirl.Gny os o, 1V A) Srr- °t amoIgoOoatoGans, Eb IontDns,)Daviso no o'aeatrr".o 0,,ono, J A.I3aolh asd on, 000 ,1' and 10011, J 1) Bood and 111 *,,745tldar-W illiams, Ir))o"-n, tai td, derooo JW eon.Kne, ,nd 12 I" -i n,.r V.` Croclko ..F L NImnno at .Hamsa[ 4noil ,oMNoe,.A Goon, GISnl. I hl.g1,-":,, 110 .It rfsLowry, a1) a. RoaotndI j y ", ti, _ n t lb hon1l ass, , t` and p, si n tCta. ortjde , 'Thompon, At, J,8; *-le BBerard, H A Dnltens L..,.r Selnino.A Rau-,,aalo D' VillJO D.. " ! : lonhInBlonioe E lrn)o I Denoomno trll Ana1 on..or Blot, J Carlile nd P)I p (orooaaado T-ibhIn end In,),d 1, Holbrono, Capt 8)ol0)1080,Ho o ' J P FOcDino o J RtakLocr and art, W ' Foeiao F White 10 othlpp8O- MWOeoa, AW D), dc :M Alaillnder. J Kee' s. J Blow. W -aJ4 gysL~pppnC .W1Irra J$Pbrann. 08l in WK Eoi.h Acarmr WH is i, nn,J e LiedeyJspooogO l8t harm AWn 1Mr ih t-*6.e WrCngd at0I melb~ *ol bobotheo·~nl.l~eb anenr oco oo4 ntevoo.n nho1, nnla~lanm,.1ýý Oh, oa:wnh nlleryi.lena. d iam bon ndaoohnkndIoIo, a) W. ,,enve tiem with their . ads retiideners at the Countig Roo:n bfthe'eubscrihcr, Exchange Aotil. Cards tastefully inserted at a nondrarte priea. The "Addenda will lie sold bond with the Di ectory at four dollure, or by ilselfat one dollnr. JOIlNt'll SON. i '[7T our trieros and patroes, one and all we wish a. v.ry happy new year. MISS UlI-F PON.-This beautiful and hichly gilfed native-nariste, hoe her benefit at the St. Charlen To lMorraw evening, for which ocaneion she lhas selected the new i ragedy ofAann Bleyn,and .lheridan Knowles' last play afthe Maid of Mnriendaorpr. Circumsttances haoe prevented ais frout wittnessing tihe representation of the loter piece at the Camp; we have however read the play, and with delight. It is ifll of nature, a simple story', taken from Mlies Porter's no vel of the Village of flariendorpr, full of the mstnt deep intense feeling. 'Tie hnile interest of the play is cenl. treed in the heroin', Metae. tIer fihner has been Pei. zed and oanlidemnoe. as o spy. Th'e lilowing extrctet are a specinen- lMeeta las bribed an entrance to the Governor's hotoee; she n.ka to aee his tlntghrt. 'Tis to that daughter'a hutsbantd she naow appeals. Enter irardA and a Seanvte. erevant, (Speakin. lomtoto lETA.) I'll tell her yoult ae Zert [ lGote olat. Idolistin, Yost w+jh to sie The dI; ughter ofthe Goveruor I Mfeeta. I ca.e_ T rte-o I sin pm ssrd ! sh illl ee her. She aid ite aI tin iuformed,.. lldeIdra A I al eunae sho did, She is a lady: Sl'oeo annt break hher wont. A niobo eady, lhn rwllad ot brahk hel, riwrd. A Iady, sweet And piithfu..ihe will .nt break hlie wferdi ''denttosh. Sheo will not; butl I pnray yoe. for ber sake, Absolvs her from iiantd fe o youa r suin tVlicnh rloavail you nnugt I will nut lead Tor whlt you wnat; hat is Ilira worth isn't than ATd whnreferto hnotd's. tlhou urge it Nefaie. I anaiome To a'w the Idaughtertlfthe Governor Crnlle nol lr p1,olmieo, as I iave beanl tod. Aud thon j salt aow hoat gearted Ifahe wiau. Thlt'e aKl her .ord, tbell as I olon I gci But if sir waits for tnl to give it obk, She'll waiti trill .ln alad..ond then o hi'h frees As death aohnes all aniot tou. idenstrin. Why nive her plin; And tootlussly 7 Meeto. Mh' fotltr isll prison. Atld htl ir dolllltr ndl i wnihintltanro dieis, Anrld Ii i child, itliai, t hin fo.alr of spe~ch, Cnnoet ilaquitnte to nold iuny tor l eo, Irwt. o0, 1,l l= IbC r it na nudie ller a es lnsat Inakeit ring fstniaonn forlenerc o: I im \itit ety u ho threoths hm w t,tw t attonul, l e umb ''o tllnlln n hit'nI.. .htt otr outnn tL td as lun's.. At leoot slahtld notle so. Idenoteon. t.nave mo nplead 113 ..... to lin e. I 'setrot .i.. 0wh. tot ud'.q liner I'hltr"_e it mannire, nod witr eseed'oto haik \\'hic thtlhou wtuulll'a[ iHa¥er dlel, a af..l l t ere Ilut it Glimnpse ofn lh,o 'tltlse.t and ntuint tot A it, . it 'la to her, t .n , il ifo br hi l lt' , iceives tI'lttenmouiia,ao herm . t'mti tm f iin,l.. lier tshaurban. Melreo. Yio,, are notmr fother'ts lrhiP ]g ou woulIY Uh, e I w I. pirn ell I hill go Tlilrat whitch iw td mllleaanlto pld tha tlactier, Wiolltdl mile, n 'you. O, sir, in slltrh it aeo. \Would yor retilt'it far ynour father'a lifo 4t hietod hdinIa? t hetpi M! io do I t at Anld [wi'I piy you with a life of thaun' a Attd pardtn il the+t [ rejtcnyntyur counsel iranlnllt lhe it, aie! [dorI dt.ollll I,,ot Dlt et, , ol to t d. nod1 tonro, an t'n..tblt Ofrotrirrotillnuain tln..,nato y nerulnlro. naw,,ver livht o- aninhly, ftueib.te Or unafoeilc, ratironal or wil of o.ld Alltw'd or din ti onr'i..short or stlli Would silo' mya sal--to save iy father'e life. General Klteiner. udeath, anl I elois'd here, that I Wonll!d I,e be m'e Yoe leek the power to go! !dnstct'. The lady roime. ou..apeask toh er. lno' rnl.l rtlh a t ts Eter AOnOLPHeao lad Sereant, etho goes out. Thir is the danurhte of the prioner. Mitta, (runging p to AnDe.LPHa and knceeing.) flees Iheer ddotypa. Poor girt..No! noat thy kuot.e thly arm-! Herse are mitie. Mleet.. t) nn!+ my kenol+! my knee!..el Would you lift Ily bhndy tip, li fir lifltty huart, that', tow As miieryean lay it h I llavn h father, lAnd h'smlil prhioe.slnIdI mnst not ers him. I ane hi onhn chil unsd I have travelil'd holld,eds ofomiltm..'nd when I rearh till gate Tis shut ,m me, ind hnman beings keep it! le dies in Sat, day, ansd they telil tme ru I llta net one hi. livilg face uit ain, A"d nothing has he dono why they shnuod kiltl him Nothind us, mole ihalln d n haver Anold ina fith a st,- brow., h een face, t ad ilver hair. That Woll;d not hurt ally ..slid hr Imlnst perish, And no one to u onsolt hill, and hi datuohier Within tlle wall's breudth of e hitt!-Site oat not toush him, re iu.d., orpr'pak to him t..You are enhildt ''.. Ih. re a frthnr ! hlllk oflr and miuta! S.oakn for net! t'iiOllyo I atyr thni onreaor Tot.. hinat lel mr ir ' nd are hitm! WVo a't )ow .a,r i goingl Will y,,u speak for etal Will yoa get 'Iunt my fathe*e lt--r here I' lie eat your feo foenrcver -(llote proeterat.) The tharaeter of Meets, lsa we think welal suited to lies Clil'ton'ua pwers, andi we a:tilcipate a rich treat in itneoasing hr p rftnrmanca. Thiais Mire Clitlon' lasit appearance in this city, perihaps for aome years, us ehe contemplnleu e profis tiolal trip to Europe. let her futewell he a brilliant ono ; letrlle beauty and galelantry f New Orleans rowl tiheoSt. Charle to bhi Iher adieu d The following is , short picture of soriery it New York, drtwn by Bennett of the t raid. W, i hope for the hono rtf our fair country woumn, rtha this pltolre is ovPr.drnwn. Fashionable .iaiieru--i)tling ite lnet month there hatve been Imore rumllo.r ofI elopements, critn cons, iolsnte, lovine acttpes, deuitiOations of ni kirds, ciricnlaing in the fashinriable ranks ui I s.cie"ty, than we ever remn.rnber to harve known. Probabtly tweny or thirty laffirs ol this kind. emr, asttiltg itwyersn" doctors,t leglAlattors clertymen, and merchrnts, including nmarried latites, wldotri adll young t prirs have been ithe talk of the drawing roomls t.d roveras. We pres.rme tiere is always a little of Ilthi slpecnt.t. of Ibuineaa goint on, bIut it could hardly have increaseJ to the extent represented at this I.licrllr crisis. Yet there are reasons why a revuI thon shlould pefidi.allv take place in torlls as tI does in troad. The recentl dierlonsures in patiicnil life have drawn naside the veil of secrecy and revealed every epecie-s ofl dishorllsty, crine and depravity, filling high places. When our ttpublic tmen became so abandoned, as to be re. rdlerss of all soral tree.-it tonest rest'nints, ' iole Irfre al stcetly becomes dlebaucbhed ,.kgeneral catse mnv be asrribed Ot "" ",n which tave recently taken n esome p ljY IA wmnen in lannel petti p aarea, per tp tpts i a eitej, is nigttly engaged overt Itprlp.t, ts t ,ar .;:ent.haseevents witlch ate e bispered t.r J bh arch ga5. 'm rn lady 'o laddy, anrd mn to min. , .r we done care how wkcked and W . oemee. Tne greater roguery..-tlJe'.j..o.. fInfh. Irlneso in- nman or women, thie greater -oe.agtrinhe is for phtlluwpity and relignin to work a curt. te etofioatt of handsome nomet, are nothling maof than thieoataral steps to glory and renown among the wicked, a state of things which will gradually ~ troduce the age at reform. Col. Joe0sr M. WartT. This dintiguished ci tisrn f.FlFirida, with his accomplished lady, is mhowr ~cor oity. We are pleased to learn, that pth.+ White, disgusted with 'hi prlitics of the days tted s,,lttaking New Orleans .ris future permn. ' tenatidenae, with thie view of praetising jaw. - Doei. hit last visit` to Europe Col. White par, d., Idin FIane,. Spain and England, the largeas civil law library in the Uotoa, &4,hs added toit.a r on and Tallyrand. The peotpl* o Fl or d nian Isucient n a r ottmplplying re ridr.a inte j ej e an, d "jj "Away; did Love e'er cccupy hi. heart All clides had been alike endurable; L.cvO magic breath woull equnlize the cune. Ilis s.ihl might warm the frigid and inifuse Thel lemperate in he burning.." We had intended to dilate more copioensy, hct thi mnaterial pjoint wll sfflice for the present, as we helieve the scene with Percy and his real wile is not perfeolyc understood. Silhe is a poor sarifiead ''eauiful womi n who marr:is without anl'ection, oledttieet to lier ecvercicn's and fatheriawvil-nod uwbI when han.gingr in tntara on her husbandsa neck, unltiinecherr armns and asks "Wnouldsat court an e.igy? a tatue wed? I'm blut the tmnb of a departed apirit, A monument of myself! Thrice gracions sire Accept Ily daughter, soIche that grief Yoe caused cbut ccnol cure ' Another mistake. The king also says in the last words of ihl scene. 'Away with him tn Prison.' But on Percy's removal to his ueficer and adds Breyond the barrier look he be hLru c Art.rc, Ou wnilkh the cerenty. IcoM~mruICATED't. Slaves Ball Rimn in Suzette terre.--Almeo t every SnMurlry niult thelre is a ball hi Ic by aluvr in the abve street, n oar Leveo at. lln c Ikept uo until d'y I light on Snoday mocniigp. The nlian and disturbanee is very disagrecable to the citizens olf that neigchhorho-ld, nllhough it nlcn Ie vey pro-filnhl to the proprietore. Perhaps if Ithere --ere a few bhll rloins ilf llf olhive -lescrcipinn opened witll a few of Ithe Northern eh -liiuenits ans managers they mighi be very sec celslul, ln the alave gentry might ani1 ppr. cunityv f rtealini, and carrying on their viliany on ai more exuensive scale. MORE ANON. CANAee. Monnreal, Dec. 15. The sentenen of Court Masrial having been ubnhmitted to HIls Eu rellencv the Adminicrratnroflhe Ivernment has been approved of in Griceral Ordnraiseued hlodv. By this sentence Edonlard Therien and Louis Le eagee, herwiee called Louis LesIge dcl Lavyn hIite, hnve been aequit'ed. The renianiing ton prieoners, Joseph Nareisse Cardinal, Joe mph Dc1 cquate, Jt'Jsph L'reuv'er, Jean Louin Hubl.rl, Jean Allric Hlihert, Letic Ducharrme, otherwise caltcd Leondre Ducharme, Joseph Guimond, Le Guerin dit Dosaeuli, irhorwise called Blnnc Duacnals, Antoine Coie, Francois Maurice Lapnilleur. have been sentenced to death, and founr left cxecuti n E':lght prsamete Wmeet brkctlht Rli c nIn 'c .l ln Senday last from Beauharnule, in charge of a few volutoeLrs. Goddu, one of the Bermnudd exiles, was arrest ed a lew dia sage CI Si. ilycciiche, and stinee brought intoe > nl real. l Colonel Vhn Schoeuliz has left by iis will $ ;00l can \oillln Ini whom he wast th i i narry-$411( to chl. . i-,,.t..l-i. cl n tU eaclancurl e lciiline oioi fell cit Prratiott. EL:Rtc)PlE-\N M ARKEl( TS, By Ship tlredera atl.Yew York. Lxenvs , Norv. U Btnn e sne i thi e Smcik Ei-. ch! itrce ihan :een briskl and the prices tre ndvane iln. Consols hor Mo ev u ealiser- 4 to Ie ; and for A'c.lunl aI the saami : Exehlequer killue r.r at i ireclllrll of 67 l o 69; and Iln:ia land. no 64 ,re. eientl: Bnnkr Stock han imp ovred to 202 314, and Indic Stock isa n to 271. 'The New Three and a Ilalf per Cenii are worth 102. In the FI'rei.n Market there has occurred but liatlt, eheratin: Spanish Conisl. have advanced to 17 l14 l112, andi Pirtuguese Now ands io 31 1i: but the Three per centls, renmain at 2U I 2; Brazil Stck is w rih 78 114, and C lumbian e5 114; Dutch Twu and a hlulf per Cects re a ,i3 718. LIVERPOOL. Niv. 7. CirTTOe. We have had i atendl'r lmarlet today with a lreater demnild. The sales are 4,00) bales. Srania 4 ,14 to 5 11i2d; Maranhca n6314d teo8 14, Egyptlnne 11 I 13 112 ; Bnhliat 6d to 8 114; Per nina 8314 to 9 114d; and America.I 65 718 to hd Newa Yorn, Saturday, Dec,22. A fair businesa has been donn at the Stock Exchange this day. day. Prices o Money Stocks have bur neaelly re cedrd, while balk stekes have improved. fI. S; Bank iwent up 1,9 per cent; Phenix Bank 112 per cent; Stte Bc nki I lor cent. The quantity f N. Anerican 'l'ruat and Baunlking Co. ell'riin cela lnrgecand the sales cI.sed at a decline o1"4 per ceit, Vict-kshtr reeedd 114 per cent; Pnesraon I per ccn : ilarlrtn 112 per cnlt; S.on 'ugtoI ti per UNITED STA' IES SENATOR. Agreeably ti a joint resolution of the Olhin Le eialatuee, un electin fr Ulliced States Senaler, ti aetucceed MTr MerriS, iwhose ternl xpiree nexI March, rcleurred in tlhat body on Tihursdaly l ale and reeulcd in Ihe election ol Beijajntmii Tappan on the firSt ballaot. The vone rtood as follows: Iicr Dcnjl imn Tappen, 57 TheniVl Eneccig, Reubeln WVidcd, The Senator eluct, is a radical in politics, an In. fidel in Reli ion, and an Aubliitenist. He ia Ihe brotherof the celebrated Arthur l'aipan, of aboli tioan notorelry. The Gelunbhus Journal and Register hss the fl. lowing noliee ofl itr Tappan'a claimc upon his party. "Mr Morris wa.s candidate for reelelion. Hlis defeat was demnnlded by the South,nnd Norlhnern dounLh lacesonsented to tile sacrifice. Bul will the South Ie sactifiedi Mr.'Tapptn isan s.hll. ionist equally with Ihe ostracised member. But Str'Iappn haslrher clt inec which nma, propitipate ihe nasgentes of le ueclllnai lfI i., we are in flormed, a diaricl- ,f Frcnc Viilii; auu teat priesaees of intidclity may new once moire raise her voice in the eaueus roomen of the parly.'-iucein iatl erp. lhy ia Ithl Ihtt iice f.icme 'how a displos ion to ablildon Cl. Johue.ll--Pa Inquirer, It mllut he h.crnuse, after losing his black wife, b huel married eone that'sa merely yellow. The Icofocis Ilick upon this act of the llant Co lin-l s a gradual abnandonment of the pristine perfrtilun fl his hloco flueism.-Prenlrite. Superior Court, Dec. 18.--Iefre Judge Oakley -Flracis itoughtong. vs. Titlatea D Bickford. 'Tis wae an netton brought by the pliintiff, th, Spanish cornsul, ng.inst the defendalt, to recove the b;alance e arlani lemoneys, alleged to have beet fraudulently trualnsfrred to him by one Cprtiri Sheridatn, sometirne ie the month ofJanuary, 1838 unifer tIh fllowing ceircutn a tea s. arly in tlhe present year, 689 doubloons were cotntigned by the Spanllllh colonial governor o Cuba to the plailnOff, and were shipped ot- h,oar, Sheridan's vessel, the Auro.s. rTh vessel wta wrceked. and the monley Iot delivered over,,t w.t ..gpnrted by Sleridan to have been lutr. U,,on hit ei val here asuticions were etXeited that the monne 'anLs ne'tllse, Ibu there not bein. sgutieslent pronl ~Y t rintintlly, he wae proceeded againte P bt". ci ote.dle '4ti was arrested by A M C Smith, hIe ..T Dfuji-,i, who was deputized fot In shot $JIp[t a taiied t the defendant and enothpr per aft r ibot . "'hen it became ne.aesary to put to i Iuta ýie .'r Hal'oelk wan applied tt to junstlYl , Ito.u :o un leas he was tully i dem ntY, se-. on this occasion that Sae' Li t69 doubloone to the dedindant hue ae security until theeIvil uit was di ::tted, While this money was in the defendant'. ih was applied to by Sherldao, and did upon drdert and at his request, payanwy varioUs .u. amounting in. whole to $865. In Ihe ntime roc d agonat flr f tie oh rof the t-d t c, en . .endeant ti ne peit n'o i who wilted tog his errandt, eqttainted with i ich It ec mney tiet ga a titchck e tiemcitilg in. hi le of the dctbloon. Ltin wni brought to ic.lh uitl had been paid nt(lid, by the order altd the rid .n.a. a dtdl: r of this money Ihad seonal beneit of ille defenlld amed tld recoventr this belnce, that tie defehdant mueal hanv oney was obttitted by SheriJdan that in pnyine eny part tf it out e odn rtik, atnd at his own peril. Ant contended thtt he knew nothing umstences, and Ihis wnse c be inferred ifaco that the plinticff hied proceded her than eriminally. nout charged the jury at same lenlth, ieluded by direelin, Iheta to find ifirman Sor negatlieely the fcllowing quesltion, '\VWa Ae not ihe money received by the defendant eid oat nit e on tile order of itberidnn, itt ca,-s-e re he bo ittt·I~d -ent eea*zisd byhimi oid witkht entice at-e Eirculnetatees thet ougtht Itt hen llltlce d(tl 00Cre theet Sheridan eon nat tiee owtler Lh, propeggy 11,. The jury found ailirmcively for Ithe .d nt For the plaintiR, II.h M..x.ell; I;,er ell. ant F. O'Cnne. r and Gert. i ,rgordtce. . . FOR LIVERPOOI,. .The tine teat sadincg she T. JAME t.. ket ..,. . e* Jn.,,."" L IdeepANteh.o bani a. of irelcict e ....anga sppIoup jal &,J P WVill 'Ni.Y,7:t t';,c.,p st O NE -- FORN ' , 0 c-(-6r-. ' Re Tire new sthir \VII.IuA, IIARTT Capt. CoTrsot, will ae do,tcht. Fcr recjtigt ci 0e hhlds. ott dc, aptt" tit jal J j ' WI ItINY, 73 Ccciap +t FOiR Ni\t' yOtRKI E'ilgh dtsof thel 2not lon se . IOJUIIIIANA ANt) Nhtl' YlttE.( I.1\. E ThENsllptrior nE I tilliilt N icncleo T llolt VICKPIJBUYC BltnlrJl·iilrle hIlllv~ Ir Ri~t I ilcl' tar~o engaget, will tfiil . .Ilntc.. FoIrc ftc gttc or itottattet Ill~ it lltt >tt t t * Ig tct-ot tc odt I, it - ply tto ihe Oatltin oa blntl, ct)ltttilC rtttc Vtg.coglbe Inllket, r fto J I) IorI.N & L COIIItIN, juat .lt Cc..+l l.oont t FOEI NeIa\ Y ,ieK. I',ckct c clt tie ll i lt to t. LOUIOIIANA c& Ng.Y ih I.INc. j.I.F H e lJI:rIIS Pnl fll1+l ailiil pake +'hi Spart of ller cargo ilagtle, sill eel . ,vr Fo I Iegh or llmsln.:e , hlavillg+ t~lo ;l nl nee( itall ini, n It aepplv on boAmd oppioit the \'t-lt-tle nt tote or ron I V l Ir N 4. it'lll:N, 1 t. u llu n Unied toe C de's archh ..'mo ttittct FOR NEW. YORK --101.0; ix,. LINt. Regtlor Packeh tr Sftttrdrca Joanrt arti. I JJJJJJJ... Tite ophcatlhcil tItc toacet tlti i.+ N TO TRIPOA, Wc)e. IV. .Oehltrt stcat, ci I. aerhove Fotr ttoipllttclt or"cllctngc,o ely c boert nppnslite tile vegctlhh cteci'kt, or IIt jnt tIEtNil.\" 2T AIEN, ll omp 4 t 1r.-it-e ic;yc it.~.t-iart +ort Ntu-.;.; Y;c-,i oIi ootenlencr dielacergiic tccO7Tctttrtcot iertii. It o2o Jasntry, noppmf tie IIoUi +-r (:.IltI(1 I';c'is. C tigneecwill ileusttnee l+teld Ilc IeCoI t .It thc'l1Ir 1 +,!,F. tnl ItETE+II iPlDt. \\V, ltnit p it Eig0'c dpys coro t- d poilitti et1l Ioolgec. ritE SPLENDID EXIIIIIII'ION OF TidE MAt ESTIC. The Giraffe, or Cmaelopard l! I ICId will clltae on tihe tll intti , it., l Ic lytoe htiet ttr M-obilte pber Rit rcto tiirttu,.. Thnle who have not )ee see it' ctrenttc- twtcer of tie nnimtnl kittdotam,ca]ould Cdll] itl s Utilrcc le,,tret. anecview ond judge Ibt-llr-e.i rei wio diillteil IhoitSaildr, ,rod deep~ly i.lltercldd tlll curious amll Rli:icli tocotdtctidee.lltotcc In tice acjoinitg Potilion, ito. S. Ii. ti,, bortt withhlttt tartl, will c-aclutl.e his atninlishiit er imoanicee. Atmilcanec it -rllt-t. jttt N EW .cce -i.n ti--ott.t ceitth Piitilo t-ca,,, Itnaciv lIrc-O, hatttd o(tiratIih lilt, Icy tIte Iltn. lirc 0 -lrrolty tlear Arohv, from \'t-l,-r-e t0 otttolcOt-rtlh Stie woa'e t rt-rltit I', itt , ti l liL , t, T ttttltrl (tittot., Ilrt l ie tat \licy i ll- r IICcil"ti Ito gtraid ope'a ofr Aloelii, ctlt-ilt hv ItI hki. tlunicftc- Pito IFocr, rite Vlcetotri quickastt-1. i1 J \Vtii, Gtatnd ti a!n(O fo l l t'cttc tn lt ,f til e ',>. o Thel/tlf ieln' Rai· \\'lt, hv II? lIt'dln,+k t'tited SIt taco C/ad te'. Olort it, hvc Itllloo t.orctco I~tto ittttc- ttttt-olh. h I'.itt ro- , 14 tlitltll ,i p 91., Air cxri, .thail.l ctri cticltia ric Plo• nitO I Elrtc for Rule bv " I.t t l \ ",J&, t 'T) 29,030! (elpitlll i'. iz t'l. ' , i.k s ,tIl( i4 till l. PS o. o, 117 A ,ttl ttrl-,.,l It-Ic,,. It-oi,-ltt,,-c ccO fJite St.aet it Ito he ract-,, to% OPIn -1ht,, J~tlt. ii, a838, nt 5 o'clctl, P. 01. nl Iat -iuli;'s ll~l,.I. ,'t l).\Vtdtc.'toJ, \lrlcttegct<, 75 Drawnoote11tteitt-o-1 ltcrtt-t BllbiI,to. Spleiidl ,t-itt-c. I Prize at $o5 000 $2f 0111 Odo tin 40i) 4111 t do 2610 2511h1 I do 211(1t 2 011 1 do 1 500 1 00 6 do 0(11 0 illil 5 do 5211 7 ,ii 5 do 400 21011 5 do 300 0do da2tlt p-to 189 dc 100 11o lio 63 do 20 0 t1o 63 do 40 2511 6t do :io 63 da 25 157.11 Iliicit 20 2O 2;i 3 720O do 0I 30 210 03 436 do 4 lii 741 27 814 oottonto to $1111 510 Til:kets $1 (IO--tleloto 11 00--Qolnrtern I 110 Packogettf 22't'ichkota tIr t11111, wtrruttl cc to dlrw at leitst $18. Packages of it5 tlall 'c'ikeit $20, wt. rtnetet to draw atltsett $24. Itar-knttgce (If c..'t5 QItrCt lickete $'15; warronted to t-titlc al attsl t ['1. For packnegn ofehitgla tickl-,.palitly at ite J1A N.\GI+'+lL:' ()I"F'ICE, _IjI. . ...... . I hlt r rt +t , uihe folItoing aretc dr'w nonaira if tao L[u"a ianw Lottery, Claos I), for 18:1. 12, 33, 74, 514, 15, 19, 47, 5', '0, 32, I. 25i. WILt, 16 DAWN 1 2')' Ill I 1.1 Y. $7,1100) CA PIA IAL I')t'Z.,. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Aulthorized by Act oflegilietuore, :Ihaptor XI.I .i, paoredl aaltb 21, 182d, Cla, N.. ':. f,r :83U t, he drawn on This at'y, Jot. Ist 133, at 5 o'clk, I'. AI. at the tExchanr;, St. Chu,,,l, at. D. S. GIEtIOIO & C,. Socceyrors to 4ATES MclINTYRE ." C7o. 75 Nunboers-12 )rawn ats. I prioe of $7 0 O is $7 1 do 2 2010 h2 '11 I do 1 :6,9 i06, 2 do 650 1 :laO 5 do 200 1 (,110 1o de 150 1 501 100 do, 1001 10 011) 100 do 50 5)110 126 do I:, 18 90 126 do 10 1 220 Other Prize amollnllig to 27,811 Tieltete $200- HaIlvees $1 t --(lart'es 0 5' Puckagea of tickets fi $, l, wrrnl'r d to draw $21 an mao dlraw cthe fourfitirteatl,il:o- Prckages of25 half tickets $2r 114, wnrranttod to orn. at leas i $12. Pahckages ,,15 tl.,'erro I i:nnts $1. 50. e o.)--t i . .La, , t a~k * . .., i u at gea or a ltngt Tlickete, aplv at 1D. tlt8iCOIIT & Co, Ih,: .)an',oere ,fl"e, d.27 35, Calla sract, oa xt to tlamp t GRAND STATE LOTTEIY. Highest Prize $2,001--) iekedt onlly $2 00. ClI,ac No. 7I). To be drawn ou l'his Day, Jna. Ist 1838, at 5 o'clock p. m. at Bishop's Hote,, C,,.lon st. S DO% \'s CO. Ma rnnora. Drawing of the tGrand State lI:tery Class A. 33, 50, 45, ;6, 1i7 18, 58, 2124, I, 11, 51, 6. 75 Nul'.,le:s-1I2 Ilronw DlIaotS. In all 27,814 Prizes ooolllnl ilt .5, 53---Whola Tickets $2 l10; Hayes $1 00; (.u.orrs eO c, Packages of 25 ticketos for $'J. woranted to draw at Last $ '4. Packages of.5 HalfTl'iekets for $ 5 00; Packs eeaf 25 Quartor lTicketlI fr $t2 501. Le' The omtrs of the First and 'Third tluacillitieas, excepintilgte old ,ssue, takon at pcr at tilas .fitae. For Packages or Si'gle Tlcket-, a0ply at THE SIAN.A.GLs ,'uOF'ICE jat 16, Chorttus sireet. W ItIIK"T--50 tbbla rctilie' hishkey, t A tore, afitrsale by T.P it 11JYUt' Iott, IjlP'I'YCASK--9C30 of .op.aiaor qualitylv, ndaig L cand for sale by S'IT' zIl) .8 .1 'V'icRv, jotl 8:1 Gravir ,rt SLACII.NG--10 gross .spo.lte aidpasic 1tTkiijg for alto by 011.1.E, . omitt'S, jal 32, 1lagajiuo at SUNNY BItAGS-10.000 Gunny BLhs, ol clos anl -tprim tlexture, suitable for Sall, by Jea _ HALL &1 B1OWN, 9d Magazine at ;5 OAP. &c--500 hoxeasspor Csndloetarious brands; 0 211 boxes tallow Candles; Ba" Ioaxes ectrl No. I, and imitation No. I Soap, 401it boxes lwhite and dry Codfish, fir sale by ISAAC I;l)IDIR. vt CO, j Lt I;h U r u g a r t lo i lg toM lt r arei. ha ke. )I ILI. * c1re .. ¼ Jou . .aguzioe s Itfl, ,-a) y TTE'lt). , AV' A CAR): J,79 CLIP'he'ON o.lrpt'aully atunti es Io her y rie l nt i nl l ther: inhilittlits'of lthe c t) general, ly, ahotl loot npponrar.e ("'abr evernl yearsh a', tic 1uro iyar a pro slii'tlll iral Io EuloNpe tile colilig sea+m.ii ,"j n.illtik hipacer an 3'I1IURI DA IKVFI.\INo, JAAUAtlI 3.1,, wheit,howill have lih hlon r of npllei r g I,.,,f e Ill'i, or rho :olnrth ti , el l.,oite or Anne Hol:y il Ithe nolw hislorical tragedly of te title of ANNE iFllEYN. in which R RI. . R. hon rnr. w II appear a, Lord Percy. d PI. FINt arid AIl. IlnoWNo hlve killdy tenderedl their valOable aid, anJ will atlpne r it a FAVOII''E FAIRCE, in e;lln:leiio n iith l Alsas CleI Fo . C The Box Book is niowv open. d31-4d tL' OUIf. 900 bls .orat,, I or rile by d3lt ii D1)01. Y, 41 Nrea levee. JIIIoKV-liIn barrela nectified, far atei by T 631 G. )iA)RSEV, 41 Now Levee anler by G DI)JibSE', 44 New Levee. LOYU.NV4T.L1T BANK CIIU.---- chock a the Ulank of Loisville for $51501 for male by 1131 N I'hTEON & AVERY, 10 Crvlear at ¶ANNft S AL-75 Ilirts Ierwi t sann3r1 nil, t 1 ,0le by M + lAi, & IIIrtiWVN, dec31 90 Alacozino street PERI ofLA--n000 galls. Witner Strained Sperm Oil, lor sale b) SH ALL & B ROWN, d31 96 i .agaznniie at %.GPEai C+.dlee--lOlxlohes New Baedfr rIj - ceived eod l for aey by SIIALL & II RI N, INK AND INK I i ,I .1 .--3 hae li and 8 talue S oattlesliqaid Ink, lab, hr 'e bs l-tl Sll '' o. 1,R1'1WN.9G Mnanzine at PPL+--I III ilbba. ' l .wii aii,,t. la, n g Cf, hip'Puarqlin, naid for sholir l itl H, 'H Y It (1' 74 " y'ldrn a is4 IIEN- 3 UTTI:I-I clir-1 o la.ri.. ding fra o, rhill i lissisoippi and for alelIt O -131 J -- AY--_. A ll CO, 74 Pndens rs AII;Nn -0 reO o n sat y ..nisi ,ios Loving'e Brand 1 storeJ T 'AYE'EIl& I , d3 A 7' ','lero s' RE'GA'L'I'A A'l' CAIBRO I'N)N7 A GItANI Iegnatta is to r'ira e o1 at l.rroh n a It e e711 J11. ipl io all for oared dlab I sot= rlovedhol b..ism..t.:.r oisam.. . fr a p.ize ofa t lver a f ii e i er n . cd ller. hie flti ,) nl r i t c lie a,: nlconlo.ll bh-e , m a d , ,: n 'fhe lrtiell. oat Cla, i .f Nenw O"leno , ranrr l thei feoar oar, d I ioit .lrilI Te t o naso ran lO not (L te 'if Stltilo b l 1' ta r s na e ' rleoat m fl 1 t mn t e' ýllr o r111lier ol cocaI iiii c ni G,,:,UNNY ,, . i,. :, ) 1, , ..'? .. a .Ooii 9 • /+,2 fo r't tllr I l si"e b I I O ,\, '' fil lI " d . 1 10,0- 0 5-T I1 CO sin -3-t,,,za.,. r . t '. o fall t Gier er 5,,000 do refi'rd whole. oil/ R'0 io r's 'Taonr'a' ,id 150} ) iau' ZNO I In-Ion 511 do talli. i: al 100 do Imriril ml . 1011 do elllll io lln. l at I h ts nc 51 Ia o Siiilonoa d Pa 'o dr , 11100 goa0 y bhgrioaoill o rse&C for hI.Ia byI I . ll....E & I" I dll \V' IIt l 'I ; I 7lo : ". ( lit ;, it,, ,; '9' INEi" oa Edlueation. s-a,,w she I mw,, e' my V ai ehi l , ia llr i" i t l a, . toh also a ond pted to assi t pnreollt ill the llllm lhlLgt l 1c 4 I Iolllli" Ireo oio F ll'ie-, I lic oo lr of armeo tl.c iai hall' n li"1-lsi t d 11 .1i0 ll no v th.o1a ir' .. nlllli i I ,o ,,'o l alee It,', lIn"e. to oel+.+ lll "a .Vr , , ntlir by. i i _d:1l A Tt)\VI+. ,9 t'lunp ..t SJ p nil)+( lullditg lirom ship +\lis=i-*',p i, altd l r salhe dld3 131 A li.ezie tit 1) htg~ ri c,, g ece ,,od fiona r ,3erier, ntod til IL +nod 'lANI)I+FR. 17 rakhs btenchedl ' r 't l mart sptred e il;16easks ll, e it, d dr, op1 horle tili-so O IPliI( sl+'llltoeo anilI'., lITI(rol'lrolrod'i, reotived direct r "lllll i\e .v Blellfodl, el J lo.V' JllndInl Irom oloUl) Io . dlollrie., lnod hit,, oIP v dI:_1 J CO('K I\1\E, `5 (,a:iroert I 'ofe, l dig o,,ll n loa .,, Ir . . hvoe JOJSEI'II C t( IK.\Y \I'`, Jdsr1aGUI GEler at Ld21 ANDILFW.+|i V 111 '1'llf:II ,I -. . , E..: -I r!(lr,, ' I, r hlt "l'h ,, i.. ,,,,ve hin, ,: 43_ 1 'lora \. r o J I' ?lY'II V, 7:O'8 , , I 4 IIl '' do I i. li li iol'P( ·l i ,T..- . !,l i' 0u. r 2i Iii i i i ,,. lral. llo' r h i l l, oif('lir ill ; ll l ro , ,I I ilt "o iil'U dio'o llo. lh.. l lr, i+ or, I - i i I ' : -rillo ' I o ii '. 11..:!t ,ntli , .4Illll, rl , i, y.- li' 'i li v r ,:e e ,"j, oilnl le roit Pie ' I' l . i ,I. . i ii a . "i Mal i l, lord olal ,,, I ;11 11 ' I pr, i tl i, , 'i iI li. -I's1 :i h, Iii 111tr. I l hilr i ' ol,, I.i raoro , eeai i ai gmV' itr ii., i, 1ni,l irr lz l oll lrrdc l I la i ri '"i 1 0. 11 . , 1i tin I.' lo ... 'I , , r r, s , I . 11iw N I 'i1e, W1o111 oliiiol i o'i + , is "o ioe r i lor ,tli lll' ll"I It ' 1 o) di- I'f ll-P ai t1 rl ,' il Il mai eI0 i n n riIr l'ls & il N. " . • . ltultlig llll',I.a suplied wic h lhe a t a t 'f rii lu oil very Shels ,Be orI 1 ltell ti, b io "1ooVID Flo.dh' & co d28 N Y ,ttiuero ' ltl ,4 l:harlrro st lprioirnrder, fin Il' the ' " t]A8 IS \.AC Bar IDGm: & CO, 131 cloadlzioae I dgr8 A0 I A.\I's l&'a ' en ,7 Gr ' ierro Landi,. fn i - I 1 1 : . lIr, t It . V in Philid I ,hI.a, d20. ... .. W \ _'ltirrC,..\. ,_& J1,).. ;,,t T.-. L n at. taley&rkVtaT, a,". SIl ta l's ) l.t ,llltl]. a1I Is"na lt I 3 dols, It'nI'I Ota ' hLi.I-v . . ftho Ulla ita d a lra , la aru's Ih bica 7 .c ls, supew e droyal . r I,'u] ".dh~i ., mill very large ,typ.e, ill vn, Altlloan' , waorkl', 2 v flt, sLeailer a , D an rylae wihl haanlaea% " V I'iRki icA k pan l:, N llwll },', ill t I-; i ol , fO Mlss I.n.d. ,'., w,,rh.', -v np.le t ic lan el vul, t i a.iSu'in's a ,ri a nal , ho du Id" Ie-i.atmton's w.l ks-, do & t A do Na-i, Sl n mdo do y)e "l" ' q aUhvile;', Id)alm ,rn .y , rrica Stnne', G ie ,.In Jn.,".id [.nc.[-- h' h ',i . r nfr g e Pr.luvo, : vol,,b su hoer a Guy Itia,',.i r . Al trl on: r'egoenLr I D ic , , Wa, land's lical riEeaolmy, new ed., Parlr , nwite, Anri.ano A Inalc fi r 183n., Sr. , lac. ° a .OIT t a-tr ah f r at t ao , Iaitl no l t sell, loannksair sal at tile tnew hoa eIlatore, d. Cat p ptt elu bly d1o8 ALEX T ICNV. R. ( r ol l t i'AAS a and SN'w Year'. S 9 t-.-a of llt, -/ I:n elsh alnd ,ter i tall A lltunalt , a. ll To ia hadl at hben Baok-ltme of E AI. 'U X T\WAtt , W\Vher a I.rat naCortnrent ollhe ilookt snitahlc fat the sei,-t raln be Ihlltd. dl-4 [ EI(IIN(a-:a(It baoxa \a. 1'",2 3 llok lie, ring, lun.; i.:. nod , fir -ai e bll ''1 l)Fl I.II--0 Ibaxaa Cttdlial latadata, Irta,. ..hiip -J t. I.en, .tar. anle by . J P W Nlll'l'.[Y, d27 73 ('amp el SAl.'l'-8l hlaataa Cadiaz al0-l, Taiin-frln aahfaitip S .I.,an, for sle by aS ,a, J Pa%%I I'I' ',Y 11:7 73 Camp al 3() aB lies K"r e., a..t. ri.r a.ticle, io . t.a . and t trsale by LIVI II ti.LE, dec24 93 Cmaaanmn st IIAINElL's O11 .. :a0lltt a l+at.tntaa (t)il, aI 311 casks annltaer ntraaie.l Oil in st rc, flr rale by d:4I I. If CGLE.91ll taaataaa t _]" AVAN{A 8FGARdS-- 8,0l00 of lilTareIta qualitiet Ii lattding from blrig alnaan anda a r fslel b d,4 ABIIAIIA7I 'i'lIEII, 31 Grnviet 3N'S'T'O.E & FOR SAILE-- Graeerle on the a nl Irrlne, nnd at tie talt ta w lalah, rateas. Aluba. ta anl rTennessee money taken aa heretobro. 2-t; bat. Ria. Coffe, 100 d1o Green I:ice, 21 da Htattaa, nn., cro, i barrelsa I.ouaf u.'ar. 67 sol,-ks Jnta, 137 hlaxes 'lelaaac,.,. va,aliua hrbands, i(la hlxae ILaiaitll, bI and lwhles, 275 al peran lt'nies, 25 al TallatUt. attull.e, 2. tiel es new hiep, 41111 baga coaarae atd Itfi, Salt, I s eaa 'l'anllo Sall, 611 Ixes :ceh,, 25 da Picklat, wilh a generall a .,tnn ent of alb. WVINS'rON t. Sir 11.1., dR 7 Front ; eve CARDS Io' PRINTED at tho slhnrtst Notice, in tio nmaosl elgaat m.naer, in Ilabk or a oalared Ixla, on Enamel led, Whlite llake, or Plain s'urfaced CAxta, and a -ricea rery reasanabl ant TIRUIE A3MI.IIlCAN OF FCl-c,ea.:tr of PI.ydras nad St. Charles hat. iearrrea Newaia)td. ntqliftl Flaunla of T'Vrt hbae ) been added Lo the Eai'bi-adantacl. at ContraiaJaa R .aa a t., C isap S,. iTheatre. - i,,. Mfarble will appear. 1 New Years Night. S This iveniig, January 1, Will bi perflrmed the celebre.ted Play of 811E WOULD BE A EOLDIER. .Inaplr, Mr. Gee ,l PenlJima nn, Firillint, Jrrrv Mnyflowvr, Mar lt indiin Cihiet, Irl deri .k. Christine, Mre. (;Green. Afterwihihi tIe IRISHMAN IN LONDON. Colooley, MIr. F elding, lie!aney, tireei Louiner, itt .. Greene. To aioncilh. w:h tlhii Pao'In L SAM PATCII. Sarn Patch lMr. IMarble, tanm Patelt will make IliitvondrftI leapi. [troln rhetrstl La eSylbphide cud lI.n S.rmnnmbule. i TTo-lorroww Madamin Lecoltlple and Mon.o. Martin will nppearn. S- -- ==. ,_... T-o -- MWesrs. TVo r ng & Co's Circus. ( i. 1 11 I N I ,') f? x i iii OF PATRICK( McCANN, who ll . for this oily, ab it I ih riddle of 01 lIet, iIId hs not er crlC biel, heardi from. A.lly i. formlatin ('t atie Ic oilie r icncernitrr hlim Iii ebo th;nkdllly rl ive I ld by blit wile, (who is nowv I 11this icly.) Sh',l !d Ihls m ei t I r , hl e i. 'tooritly r e ntlvd to i lalo kolwn qI ler hi. pIhu ri. drlnc .. d Iohc27 IBr'is .,; Miasnlle'eradce al:1, IVA. l!:NGTO9 BALL IlEiOlTi St. Philiperr.,e,hhtlren Royal l II.,rrhon. ri lll 'iilt \ 1 i' lr i. l t rrnvl' lllie·ll I loll .e r e S ill tc i h ltI re alIt , c cIIl ter l ,1 1 ,ll e I tI - rrpeelholv ivfa rmý cl c ', Ihat 11' e-t ali-Ic h,1 Ic brc n enlr e ,I llt r In' ilcicic it l oi ' i. i: i e.crll te I e II .eIII ,IrIrl r' ,I r. i r n ill h p r .l, ki ln .r c lin liiv f I"inirnc e -nd ' it m Iol I t ill h. kett by h i .1.-t i i '"'t I tIIh I',n .llillrtit . Ihnrll)llll i ll 1 iop1 0on .llloli V .d y 'L II : tdill oIf Novtr iere III X i. I1 i (lilt \Nil Ilcltul. & AI-tiQI'I:r Ic It %1.1., ned will taik, plr n .e nl , .ilrl v lie, r ciit I, ,Iti h - ,Iay and SillNr( 1,,) wve ith , i nic the t .ii n im |,a will inn ll r I elv h "It c1 Ii , II:, . r N. II. l'lre rl ,gln il, rl aid, o 1 . ,cc. i c t'! I i ' lIor lei :1 i rlillh the (c esr ici r o, Icc d be ., `/'" r of f l : r, c StI ) cr at 1' N 1 I A lIIn AN P II N I ING illI I ( I i, l r eI l Iit ll r le do 1I. ht Ri t \\I I 81 Oar .llo. It ~ cii l 'lc " 'l ii l clce cnI' lr iii'S -Irt C 'IA :'i e i ,er l. Ir/l f dr " ,~cic .1 . 18 1 , S i o . .. 1'.11', , -. 11 11 b . 11. LIl ll. A "Iet bl II ' I I I.,t 7 t)ir ier vi t HillsI, Patlt iphletts, Shor~ bills, Catll longue, ec. &c. IT' dll DI' Efor the lborte, anid erly other des reriptionnof F'l'lllA Id { I c i received atrl Coptncg ioom of "'Il A ll. .iilA N," in ST. (tIARLEeS I'X CitaE, 17 c deor fres i rn viecc i'c e ecei.a thc Ike intig illier, orrne of I'otdrl, - nc- StP. l clncrl s sleee;m. Extensive cnl ,e lti/il 11tic' e i fd .·e Ihon U TS froe thn besr tardbrics ic the Usniitbd lrm, hnrr jtl been ad.led to thre already creellsturcitcl c stbli ,shenrrl; - acnd ORrDF nrrill b r.certel as cn rt, a Clll. alCpi, E'xpeitiustly an.d lliutiuill, as atl iuvother rlic. e in dI- t . S ', ireor pt lrlt- o nr a .I l or o-., nn I "Waoher -wo. erlirt i .,.ply m tll ircoiii ofi'e1oi and tIe liclLte 0cc1 - olcf F,.,fD WI.ItINSON DEPUTY SUIIEYOR GENEP. .r LUUISIANA, ( it l l It h. r "n o t III it merl ild htro.,f public.pnto nr. Ilh ,,'Il also Inc:,sure and ealtit ,lem i hl, 'ti ~ri walls 1 ntl evavulations. O..ce uNo b t Ilr Ivshlleer t,sIucld ,tory j,,7 TO MIMdICA TS. 1'I\1Elt(:It \'CANTi can hare r liieriIIir. CiccU LR stIruck ofal four hours ,OITII., byi hail/lU, il the Comping Itloomi oif TL'UE .OMEItICAtN Ii'ttrm; OFFIcE, St.Cllhtr!r Exclll'aclr, ahdjUomit , the 1EAIt-, INto Ioos at Corner of,iravier stll t,oraltth/re int ing Olfli-e, evtrar. f I'o vdlas tind .I CItl.les streets. 5000 i( l.tIS. O teei..e....,l pei... it 1LI 31!II do [Full F uilned 'to 10 0 Ilellineld hYhl-c Oil For sale Iy ; llITItDGIE & CO, dill 7ti \Iligallhe El (II 0tI 'E-.t I oie- sieet li ilitei, lending Sfiom shit[ Clllil~lll ilel l I' sole hb tO-.l I AAi; f illltil; 4. ttlt, ilt aI. Cnzii e Ft ,9 U Pol' l I.-53.1Uig Phsa llriur (UIl Powder 3.) kegs >iporting Powderi, fr sle Grr ti d'-15 Alt,\hO S o \\'III'I'.tIL,,67 Gcraver st CITt I.1: K, - NewV (rilenc, 2)01 Decemiber, 13033 1 lllS itank wi.l he cl.e... Iou ' Tueday theI 23th inet. uld I I all lih i Jitiuytir next. Niites nodi llille f-,lic die c ilhubte dlil imusit ieh plid oil the Jnys irvtii.. (-1r rl for dicount -liin'd be nludl on hthe ,llliidya pircviitus . '1221 IlOtIT. J. PAILFIlEY, Cnahier. try' IIANK, e ,2 e. 133. New ctrleiiin-, i;t tIer. 100.5 rp IllS Bank will oIr- ,l ed on lTellchy the 2.5: t illct, all 1st iiandltth f Jniuary i ext . is acntd Bills lalling due on tilose days, Iu I t ic ll I. cn tihe dlll prevluiue. Oftrs ftrdiecucnl .tl hIe litiIe oI tUe ioulcday pr.Viuus. t 1Ol'.'. J P.ILFII,,Y, dd4 Ctehier NihLW UI.LEA.liS ,& AAIIVILLE tAII. l itLt t)treitber 3tt, 1l8:i. S XOTI(CE--To Coilll a clot-l al,,II lpruplse il " e leceived Iuntil lthe Yind n1 J IllU If), 183:1, i,.r nakinlg theo elerstrlctlorie,ofr it live i to l te lln u li of oldI; nlllllolllUng atI Posllllm chll ae atd ext. .dillng to. ward tIl city. Splilctitns lIcna be sern, anid condicllo lmaeO knuwll., tin 1pplication at tlis olict. I) IIO lIt), d"-hllic Ch. Oullg'r. cid iten'i. Sl rdt, OFFICE N. OILELIANc & NASIIVIIItE R. R. Cu. ) IR)AFTS on Nrw Plrk N Lo LNleo iu aute , and at Sdates o suit purcihaserc. nllnv0 I .JA:. GAIDWELL, Pre-ietite ri.,dio.1 'IT.Al tl h\ltlKS--Fresh cinoni cic I ceal and uiickhenit fliur, hIIrL frreetc'holllleid corn., la tnol bilan, &c Turning, awillng atn griind , g done as us iii "d All , rdeI in ithe carpenter and j:cillt" 1 I.c, pinelh. i l ihntel lt ,t tip. J tIt ' i ', 'litcuhl irle. I Ar lwich h hr 'B PHANIOM 8 and 'a nwI, by HB PIAN I'OMRS Vorr Vo liruclcrcel 'h Var ifell, k-nerd , fle F'lying Dulchman, E Clllie V ao n ellc c n ire, tE nnnlal election of ileectoa will be held rct the Bnktng Hllb day ot'Jrllclr 3 n ext, boratwee tim d I' n on'rl,:k. -et,' wI crj J PN I 0 . el AJLTco0ir0 cbuihecaTrkciebeao a S ANQUE D'ORLE r .LEC''ION nnuell di o dircoc tuc dulionlle lieu nu Bureau de a al Il 7i l J ciiin Ir prO crhcin, rn le r h inr cis c deIlp rrirr P car 'cdr r du c rol e dN J.LP. NEIl I New Orl+.nn+, 6 tr1J E1 . l ofl, e Mlinipality No. abof ond f ilu dv. noulinntlon ot" hmnte, Tw o -l,(rai will be r seived in psym ent nc li+ Eank. anot on I.1 after th o firrst o nexl.i will be ed e emed in n cIe. PaOnT. J. dal ALTa--2010 bmhelTurk's Iseland, I a r of the Brge of te barqne Iohem and by d" 5 L A (GALE, 3 Common e rss and Masquerade sc oNSION HOUSE I',rle in fi derY I.I;,V loo I"...'I'ItEI .I' . lln lir lv in fr i ,+,.t +ill Na ,,-,,reJ oi .".+l'tl evr nit . If t I1:3'[, (rl t khei-r l ni cl i dans. ly .i r, 'InA ,,,p.i r ri, , . .,Il ,, r t a rir rrt ra wibI I on i'lh iehi; cI liqlurs, and ia good rtsnli pa ' : " ,,f :aidl esta shment halll .r+ o kep r c ) god lorder Ir ccl, lc cK. rcr ".rill c c plo to odhton 1 L l.. Ia llk nb ,,idted I i. t fr er ed. onrr l-y ic r Irc f r a 'irrrr'r ' h c e ullcr ir', cclr i lt ti ... I ~rlroo un ce i \l+t ic r c orr, C alrb lorr, lh+ on i cr l pcrcci c an· l rd ic c i. i rin ii' 'I ' "u IIi III-'r FIJRNI'liEh oj o S n aln t ,'en cai n r ar c c~- rrr r 1 . o. r ndp a rd ion t li puhc , ofIhr rl ri cfoc rni d1 1|-ou nn lo r; i" Ther e ict, rur ml er.,r n,! ori ut i l I.Vnolc ri I n iir 1 (lin tuc +, I I i.', A, il, tt, tow i i, & l-c, ,. -h, - i. , . & 'tl C O .r 1. ' I'-,cit,. c I igr , t Ir. L ii l ci Furniture wBoo .) olaar, n In:, .rnlup file ,le ;Ne Yolrk and fn.. NI R-'nrtiroblr nttrtinn tairclr c rkii oud rhlp n 3r r(i 84r 'Ingnr y ' SI ) ) IlI -o.w .I"c t O'r INp Pcinirr n- llrl-.l · c or S "hnr' l li(-r -I I, " 1' ues ,(; lllor( t od r I utu*rera t O r- nell r Annal -'hrlr -, In r i urr- icr- ni :i-1€r--r I. eel'-r rr eil lll e ;rci, Ic hr 1inl, Joly. ilcl; l a11nd,, foIr itale Ih, Wiicn tr-ttEA N, In, 3 Corner C'ccc pr111n1.rrrrrrcocoU eta 1ý 1i't\ i iii i ll rrr , urrrhlbrc, nd rr i ri dio. ine., Ic trrri.' 'it. c 44 Nc-c tfreo c for 1,,y h ir i-.or, r r rd rla,, . ce rri,!y .F i m ri'. T rh h.,i rc rr.'rtr rcec ' ' stlh,, "k+ D n ll lrll +ll nl :i. .hsllnt l 3 al 4-1+ nlu:l. i %r 4lro; ' crllrltglll Ull d Looell ocgc E' A (01) ll h ll,'c. :ll l. ·l l 1 , ollll[. d r ,In r t Il,'re .orr illci. .,o aIId Y• I lai c ea '19 , ", flccN & AVE rcY, 88 hrvier ait n rcplr"ncrll I. ocrrr, rte of irr Fanlcycoodc, snitr I. c Por Porctc,rc, ccrrcrininc Iedie' acing d k. d "tce l rn+lcr" bu. rs., Iro cl. licci i , puI . ,ri i. . c"'r llrrrar . ie r oin, "Ic.r clll r icrI rr ary d 3-cr.tcrc aena 4-o l. cl cra clns c i, Gobl Wll u irr'c 1r cilr prrfooe Io toil l.i , ltcilc: v, ,rcc. titl . BldZAA , I rcrlrcrTIm n fe. PI'Ner, 49 CorpIl ncreet rc -" ' fI rco bornll ncr-Piarro I oca-r Fo rcrri, i" la cd y p ,hofit. our ',. I0 - rIi, and .,r e iied to mend itlle by i'rrr1-:" 'I --,, Lc h ircccArc nllen are of suprrio to rie nor P0i r. r ,e ll il rrir-rd I call o rd c cltinge i .hem. ,t , fa I n1L . ýhw id l.KA\N. rt l IE, 1els ta e h.., i 8eee; toddu is $958 purrbarral ' ,Peg she ,"-,llin week (I ndyelelel ;o lst inst.) 34 otn r C'' of 11.,'anl lie- a I,,,t. 13,,,d of the Flond d quality is Il'llirir Iu i0.Igit5 leer cent. mrII,. viz: 4n1 onces. ale e'`9 C. (iE eOIS, Mayo·r. 3'1o1 et1-A CoiCCt i8 Roo on the frst ~Y _ o,) f dJ unr c t, ninroe t ilir rromisnet 1 ofA TIJWAR. SI u IN IN 1 tll CLtIN111NG. Je I'. F RlF11!AN .b CO., No 3, MIg-oirs ore rore ni1 g ithir nenpplier of FaeW nd linihni, aId wil le otinue ti ciie ehipeicnl - larly lhln egl~olll the sensorll 't'heir asrm lur;.a will ,noba le ,in to suppiy mnnha hennlinclntirv lbte ,homne. noticel;for sale retail, on ncuniioauning terms. ap2J A NNU;AIS FOR 1689. The Rootk or R pla te;ine, de colorlned, opei. e mrioco h, I·'illlell'a'I'nbloarerpf Ilse apjleeclr._-- T Lu~il and tlojtiinm., 1(la'ea rich watnied Il ·alts''a (:ortlllue, by' heath, 12 plot,. not Fi'is'he' Drawinng lomer Senou thook, by IL. TIc Oitel ll .'nnnanl,18 pltIe., oroncce I" i tmlehipo OtTcrieg otnd Winter. 11 n-ieth, 1 Innnllcco tIn'I Forer mr Not, by ebShiterl, II plates, 'Thn "'Pnorly l{.eponh.', cc Se~ntt8 ned Stotth Inotroind with. nitty platei, 4 to Arleter1 ne Italy, Franre and Swjitzrleand, 43 plates, by tnt turoling Armhnnlei . F shenr's Juenile Scra, elook,l6 plates Ilninti 'ntnallnc, 36 8 latte, neorenlo 'l'ine K'cpnnkie'nge 8 vn, cimsnsilk Jennings'l I..lnd-ealle Annulal t'trriianturi e Annntl; 'he Violet 'thI iih; in a-n.miel.sinediige 'I'het 1oki'l need Atlantic Socuvein The Juvteile Fnorget nmt Not I Per sit e 49 Campetrenetlt' 113 ALEX TOW C )RN IOUsockIlandeag Bonaete ·I.· . iagr ,1i1 0 DOIIMY, 44 New Ie d 1 8 ly inlALL A BROWN, 9116 Negal AVANAn CUViP6E- 81 bgs perime qu 1 holt(ingt(, trihg Atithhneeld fur salelIh il-i Ah~it8A11nit TRtIERt, 34 linen' JIti- tIAi %, ter 1831n.-1St tent'. Ilii ni tie D l81itlacr ton 1831, for the. nce cf omen of hoci Inwvrrs, 'hrsicieeune .\. Ac. contnuinir, t blae Pearl' de', I'rnntet...iad ,eii,oritiia, In, tut itt eilee enud eireeo contaiiniigal.o ael Ittlnena, for andi ln, ahnbu'ing Vle onumbinr of dIays, for any in i-on inonb to tie ntne, den in enotler monttl, neneTil for baemisg buhioeoee. I-or oel, at E. Jttle\S Sr CO, -.0 eur t l'hnclee&Cnt Comoo ItfllAtled Xe,, h'ett,'o G'.fiat IThe C i d~nland Atqrinuun AtInIe), tenr 18191. b8ttglt tl nn b 'o Tint, P:itgli-$'i,, t.iiun-on Fadiohnt, el ecotoltin,' 1' 1i te, e is

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