Newspaper of True American, January 1, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 1, 1839 Page 4
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S' 1 1 Swzd ii +rl It r ConM..m 10 . t ob ,, PA IA Itt. L of r«.., no v yue giII fWlter rfcoti, 4,nls :rs ohah tahlle. hv: Preicott. vol S~rp ,r, L t`1`r td. G e ~:::j~.~!~·lj~inor.ýC~C ~ arie, and Co cmmon et,. . r N1lfklyif MIXrURE dasc ae thr Feer ard ,sAge. -be m dy iis:,avored whereiunthe 'tonir Mix= = e"ark i. eriot to e ordlinsrv tmcdn of teteiing Ibn t ohe flrt lancd, a Vigea . • w Ectra.mE'. ErHeo rnm acly drrPtlrion l and poaison ew:6nr.lie nosit naew be akeh'ilth the ,imostt snfe. " '.t bvcd tl ruderiufint orag l inolild. It pee ;".I'.t.q.reepuethe diseaetconcquetmlv thre eonetitu. tjse nooiega its wonted ion. aid aecliry. It esiob. .._.itlti el Iwnandpemannt prn it b inAD poratly ng sy sh a, ` i° hP In llmpur at v tlity, it ra emaia o. t oa" " ltr itt. comine fthilorder, or to rerrte 'I' Ierm._entos, h not i.nO b eloe*,ers the o.erem l or ia- th of dih e ston amend thus beoeoite lie 'ryltem with leranve.r oer trerios te a i my be opprenihed. dtlidiial, aei timeurs of&thlc. Tonic ixrtihe, harive - patonp o a.t d oelithe somal ourte o thf si ai., aur: thht. ltd cioed any wdgnithe omof rentat tie eos by oiompt. h r't.e.ntin wilblepae t nitli, there i 's c i. mTidrte o ullves lei..tlo tweurted 'gllc ie d g tpher Sisvelaieti cmonille to the Aghe, is very Jimt, tfor the gr williseiin 1care tono mitb porlie. to be bihb to rnot il teions dine indt re eaily Calom n ic .in inhorb iiao elit c ol, ree Thieoro, ih blianrt is Sl 'man at stlthaaasonable price, n tio plein it n iibio ' th 5i ifevdrMolevr ae!-o tlh , le li thl an est frte hiit-estern be rtIeItAly latINowl el.. Itm p eli tl rT i gl efel lr dVgns It sp1it aies iiaiiaitimna of thia modicinli, Ilnot aro taily ofllurel l DWr. Klln OM. R ow:ind, ot Ili The boscribers e ta e teashoenlale eotst for the edsthlVein re .atnet, an will sell iton the rte, ai .- IIPhmilidelphiaprliee. 'l'. be bild i reteil ileu,at o.', , 1f the ab p.ile, ari, a in thi city. <,. . J e AItVIS&. ANsDRRIS, "- i .Wholeale liraiguiit, mar " IO eatr Cminmen 'lot'et: itoula e M ofe jippi arnii tiiuiaimi dto0tal, toomvlon rt " DIS. MARY' KIIIKLAND ro.poettlly mn. e. nounces to her friends and tite public gene. lid sheb is to accotrmodate thes at -',ke. abov o estllishment, and hopes frit her e izertionest rentder visitors comfortahl, to receive S lentinunnoo. of former f.vor.. Slio foels centi. adept that +persons visiting Covi-lglin ldurin tde .tinmere motlics, cOtontflid bettrr iccod odwi llioii - than she can affordl themn, on iter., lilbral lerilt. :1er houseo is plinsantly silnuted, antil will tpptlied >' ith"Irory coivenienc.; tihe b;er is ureibhed wi ilt the moltelcimoioe liquors, &c. in slort, ohln promisee "itattoii;uing eshall br wo1ting oi her part to give a itire saisfaction to all whii may patronize the isissalippi and Lnouisannn lertlol. jm 3 t_ Tt~ LIC:.- lIo uiidraienod. bitiog . tudied under Dr. Sot micl of Ctuarleslot, Roth Caronina, and for si.:e yotrs hiecrt cetat iin the pr0eticocof ti,:dicino ind surgery, has I e hi or ifer hin prnflisaional services in this city. .e mcilrem tte Indits and gentllmen tLimt the most =.ompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also nohera is services to the holders of laves, being well ocquainted wilth tlhe diesalee comenoi to them, mpainig otto led tithern in lthe agar house iun Charlhet on. The anleous ntibilious pilles tler llthe nlomsitioe of Profeser Smiollette. nhjdirectioie., c;,ytbL ef the undeoomevil ailfe. Gtidell neon' 'ct the have prnde. ed ite & mo,.d t .-y li"e to - i o: er cities has been attended . n t est sucnccs, to which ti.e heel ov es can be given. Apply at No. 1116 Magioe. street. JNO. lE'IORING. ' "ULLUo hbALE'', wOO ItEh8.- SAD IRONS, &c. T HE IHOWELL WORKS COMPANY, ;o. 238 Water, near Beekman street, Now York, -have received the past season, alnd are comee omutly reweiving large end exleasivo addlltions to tihe slick of the above goods, whichl nw consists of the ellowing usortmlnolt, suitable for the southern and western nmarkets. 7Hiillfow ware of asuperior quality, commistiig of ,bMtt 1500 tons, viz, P:Pt :Ptof 2" ditffbrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizoes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Ketlsoa, 15 siaies, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakeipans or Ovens, 7 diffmreitt aizer, ,T.ea Kettles, 6. do Skillelts, . . 5 do " Flat Spiders . do Covered Spiders, 2 do .Ocidmdles, . . 4 do Firs Dogs, . 6 da Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart;do. 5 to 7 inclhes. Wood screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from - .:incl; No. 3 to 3:9 ltch, No, 24 of a superior q.ality and filish, and leos thao Jme'a' imported / priece. Sad Ireno assortsd, in casks of about 500 lbs for .Taioris "mid lmattoer'Irone, assorted. ..w..i o,00 tone, easoited from 1 4.4 to ...o'ateamhesate and ether . o.hiuery made- t ...Tlflt itpre," qartment of goods in particularly ro ienommeidd to the atletlion -of outlern and Wi-attern mvrohonts, end are offered for sale at low priMce, and upon,thu lmoat liberal teortms ; it is be. liseed to be tlle largest and best assortmmemt ever elorad for sale by aty one emtabliilmtient in thie nitril Stotes. ) Mertckute, by lorwarding a requoes by mail, too have a lrin'ld circular, with doeoription of goodr, prin.llaid treis, front which no deviation is over , tade, fisrnished by return of niil. All Oirders will reetive immediate attention. - s _,+ ..1838. m 13 " 0 ME N -.. S ~ uJll ',8l.' NoI OU*.ae Nnw i'rlee ua, ,v. Ii, 1. 7. SDBOLT six months ago I hadt hlo mlifortune to gel a i"cret di.enal, for which I have alliend to slae ral dtetorri for a collre, and they did lot lare lirs, on now olnthe above date I lont myell unllder th cnate of Iluctot Ilauet, and l.ppnet tini aL cnre tie. iiee Illnl time the dlerkea got worse, eo as te hrltrek ntt in large llcers ti ''lJab mlmber Iof ix or eight oil cu h ltg, anri all over ,:ilaend saore tlrlont, and not able to work at he ti tie ni account of tile deleaose; lanrge llcer on rtiltldetof tlhe tlroat. I nm on r nptlinS onyitll ently aondoftler earo olltr. onet, o f Pari, =rly uoired Jlr m ULN.N - a.; ewrn mhinaftihen, ,or wh:ll 1 et n .Bt l; an.d teoreor inr bSer. tihat ahen intdi set1aUia t ialli thereforle I adrisa me f Ile suoeteers Io ,o. eo no litnme lud, apply to Dr A. tlltr, 124 Conal alrqeilJeoewae Ill)plem- and tlotrholl olre.ce. Iar. - o:. t sla site e froth 9ai onl , A Al 1, untlil 4 P ,l. 'ie y 'qaltfind a tro uoe l tLr tor lti n comp olajnt. • J " .II t~IOHSN IEAN. I.Ii IGrrvir otreet. if e non wants to a0 onTe, cill at Ne. 4t1 ilravitl iJO lN DEAN. aWew Orleari.. eb 1, 183S. fel, 14 ly Shotlnld, i:po.t up ia bottlo at tie low price nf o51 atla snobhls eotatlitg tloe strnengtlh of Illest ounaes la l iwurli, fell leo Iho eirlnema o mani ilater rocl.'datd kno. O amungetie Indiana aa ellcicauuioa i curing ee. success whae ai nttenllecld i! te lof a 1 f.e.ieiu t Ilalsealm wherever it Itt beoau intrlo piod le e ndidrce and recctnenda e lyaicinoalls, for fle cure of oaugil, aide, want of rot, spitiong o' blood, rn. This i to cortify that we atly iprsorilloet nfa UGard. "rt ad tl ierlheolnd , wilt j1tc- itrr,frcen tllhe kfow' teta prparatioit }le; d i $rg hod • - .pwseaaM,_.-e.,.I . daofCfuisar joallai i ?V iii itse 04 %tvLr na IOi o aca te or Tmlr I a P aleg fr hen. ale i T. D'Jr'i tint n 7knt r.e. Belt, nd, sthllolýT i tClnl , tlnlr, 'eoith; ia ' oirl. nnl +Chlo rh, te Tootht Knuh:ve ''o l e nd h 7ving Soar, ien sgeatva. in l .~N twer EmIryAA CHEall" Iory m 'Pub ndtbntn Patetl S ktla or tratanlr.; ain teat liltap oalweders se Ptl. tll xatin; ti ol Clinn, ri. s and KeCp; otdl htta~e t tt B oakl ho v ingle.t Beapd Ngeklat.e eud t itophin; Gilt n anan d il ne B eeas; hlenan od.l, land P ntes; Shell Tawist Side and Dremsing ;wtheih,in addition to their former stock ont hand makea their asortrinrt very complete, and will he saldi w and en lileal terms, at the sin of the Golden Comt. i26htf 70 (hartres tret. r Hr Statbrihre, Agtes far the evtlenrivs Iouse of SWV. &c.d. Butler hefield, Enhland, hlvE e jtlt teevild Na ery exteliivl art oCe tm t, ti, nnsistinE ofa Table'annd l.e.rt Kuivea uf t" t.ierlptiem, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear spoint lnlveal-Raaaeo. Sei. so. e.dge Toals,&e Ete. tc. lwhlihtley are prepared o ehibit to the trade tor noreln. Terms iand conditions wille uistla e knttwn at the timte. 'unl6 J.nd.lBEIN&A LCOlEN.0Conmmnnrst. -. N 8AV GOOMS . y l ...fS. BHARTT& CO.--Are now reeiving jr ship Htlttsvilhe IPFagle, Merry Amtew. liglh. -, "rendeh oralrmanon doable: hel tloia i sel.: jte, helt and plcket pistoltl idtn, cihrel end sprlt eteleln iapn: np ioldersl; sei nll t B rl, tien. rel Ilillnml's enmmercia and othler seel pens; Vi et; Violin aringit shell, ivoly mtt hor e onmht waftrsl r k, bel anl lather trhes; hair rleidtl frote etr m n ck tintletat negro pnls; Germln salt Ftrenc cologne ester. Rowlaols moennaser oil. initatin do n; antiqne ad tihenrsnil; portalte ldeor and dreaslng cases: olst. bloking tati aient. toilet glastel; eonven mirroe n op eal glasles ned views; Ilian beads, ellsandml iatlmeot eonitleon; whit- twine; toilet end ahlving osnpsi toilet Iantler, osmetie wash ballet seeitted atin enshiinnot pool stlandls; rew cushions; fattcy batlaios and neclatce; Itilliarn*l bnllt Itoket hocks anl waleettat German hLneks; raor strapi, fine and eolllimnln gt olatio l.aendero. iartem ao,; Blls lutiferi matehoe; oil ep apnelist Crreons, &e. &o. ,he bove in addititlo to or former s taek of fley hals , amnkesotnrrsmll aent very eatmplet. Po sartle whol,-jle or ttalil; as tle sig oftihe Golden Camok. 70. UClrltre ot all . om4R. of Now a lrleen ; Mason, Harris .Coh, of NaItheL; nd t arris, K.lley &Co., of Rodnev. was dirselved on heolt of dMay last, hv theldeaoh ol Sattnuel A Mason, te lof thle Ireiners of lthe fir,. The unidersigned, trvivina"tartnere, will he ehorg.el with the Nellillh snd colosing said huinse,, s Iilllows: Levi C llrris will attend to ,ie oettlihg of theh btustess of Maent, l lnrrio& Co.. at Natehes; ned Harri', Kelt er & C,.,tt lsnllter; and tanrre Kellty vnill attaed to h oe'tlint oftht h'sioneos ofKallay, flt.aon & Co., at NIew Orleans. The onoats of hle oeveral firon will 1e used itn liqaldatiinllt.t -c 'lraoe iildthtet to said lormt are enruitlv relObeoted ncot:e irwnlrd anl Inkltne lrlv eettletnent.; anl those hlaving nlaitu iall please ,retr-t thlen, wilttotldelay. I ,VI C HAROIlIS, HIENRY KELLEY. Nlew Orltern, Jlte 27, 1837. SKAN ;L1l FAITl!IA'S COL.OGNE WATER ae 52 cases nmer of this slperior Cttltgtto water. just received aitnd ito tale IoV ilt doLzen or singlea ottl*. Also Ameriean and t'etteh toilet po:wler, powder rn fl and tloxes, sltavig atndl lotilet maps, .olnetle wash lbailo, mnilk ,f roses, tolneloti cold creanm, extrac o ,uuk, kkeldmhn, Ward's vegetable oil, poniatenm, orente do pee.r, Florida. liivendar, roase still bvay wtier, I'ree t:lt's Sailts, Il 'seilles perl'mUerV itt Itllttkv. c'eta e s id lilnld rln te, (Clolrine and Orris toIlth wash, clhotl,, hsir, hloth, n!ill ald flesh hbriihes; togaether with an nlddlitioal .liryv of filthionalli liotrl, and elhell oollts and j.aeolev,f'r male low at wholeonle or mrlnil b~y SIJII:IONS, IIARTT'I' &CO, ju!v i 701 (7'ltrrtee street. NEW C-.-iO)il Sitniilona lartt & co are now 'r" eivigle from on beaIrd sellap Yazoo antl Saratogn nndl brig COcolrdia, frtm New York, a greto variety o godlds iin their line, whil:h together wilh their frntoi satek otn tltdl, makes their attrlo et very:. plete. The lalltlwni, e-llitpnoe part, vie: ell twist, ,.,r:. -;do, ttlck atnd tlre.hie clntttl,l hortn orlal deet'rilptinl, tn rdi rhbler, silk lutd worsteld elnatic Earte.r, otllliton & firne elaltic sitllentrlrr, Iocol lle an ll L.neifor tnatches, ieitllilt powdterspowdler aill nd t tidlstoilet liOWder, ptokel books anati alldlt, lenetee hook, lshell, pearl, ivory and itltorocao rerd cares,chad rnamtents, pltn etlc ral eadtl necklaces nnol neoligees, headl chians, bead leeklcoees, rit lavso anod ilnin,seed,silver ntl gilt beads, ledinll fibeads, be lla nId pIe1C" pistol and large pew ler tiakbtt hbeltt , l horse helt. plocket tnlllteilinr rilhls , nhble ud slingllel trelletd oinus, Bnowle knivb, and dirks. seistort, shenra, pteket knhiCes, glard chai.s, and rihlbhol, wtist b les, clothl, Iltair, Itoolh, nasil,conmb, erulnb, Iho,, ,iate, floor ntltl dlting- brlitshes, Cologne, Ilo'ridin, la ltender, rose all bayt water,na.orted easettreo, and exlrc*,.ll nclnet som, barelr, alllille, and- Ward'll ; vr e gelable hair oilo, saitnitgnl toile 0 lteri l , ..t. nd getlter oal. a.ndresing lnees, haie ritlett, felt it dltaitle, plaitu, fancy anl •ni plein ntd ciiifictred,aot, antl ald silver elcntil Caes, tootttltcks antd wceezero,iplated atnd filt Ihkete, nittlinttre lio, il, er, brass and stleel titintlles, thnnlt. ain" e", lhair pitii, lUttittitin fornti, hlk atd retlirhk,tltlta bhiakiug, violins and gttlltrte,riltked ntd plitn percutstion ctaps,, lit, twhiet, enlled cash lens ,uld lndllitel Slce nlld trIrtge, laitter pailer, galnac bairin w'tip at walkiiltg cllephltytgeatld, inn gtd tlad nllud giet wellrt th. hle above, ,together w iti a great variety other arti lee are onled atl wholelalae or retail ot atconalnoatlling N.Sl Illtl coltls repaired. VW ITPI.4I L.E AND R TºAILCO t AlNDT VA IIIE'rY STORE-at thi sign of the golden combh, 1o711 Chartres teept. The subscribers have re ceived, in addition to their previous stiok on hand, a full aod ceuopleote snortolent of articles in their line; via: CO ll--tortoise hell, wrought nd plain tuck,twist, h r, p eefo o~~rv J v, t Arh , e, , t hkonec, qiiiled ,bck, long round, dressoin, sidl pfof, curl and neck, BrWeili comebs of every description amongst rhich are somne inleicn n pottedr, ivoryeolmnh of every doserittion, horn, dressing lnd packet, togciher with a genertl ca.ornlet mnof Fren andnt American. PlIIlFUlMERY-Cohlgne, Lavender, Flerido, honey, hi. ,rose, a nt orange flower waters of everyize and des eription, cnoulccora ted Colgnre extreact of lirganott, lancy s aops t o'll kinds, ehoving do in cakes and potu, cream so olp do, Ward's tegetale hair oil, hears and an tiquedo. Preston's smeollin salts, plltil and perfumed toilet powder, pearl powder, pnow ier patl and PoLi: pi neatun ill pots od rolles,orls and chlorine tooth wash alnlonwiJles, with a general assortment of JoEWALI.RY-onome ofthe laterst nd most fashionl Ole elo lt, cntlsting of otit anc d red corneilte, tOpe e v, jet ardropl , not in flogree, breast pjins ofn grno' fle ty of ptit;rno, watch tritnliineI, gilt and silve neckle., silier thindidek, silver and ull pt teil and guard chains NIIUIIES--Cloth, hair, dus ig, eru.nd,,hherrth, r hat, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Naill, s arving, ihoa ant w hitew ashl ruihes. LOOKING GLASSES--Germgt n laus, maghifin ian re toilet do withIn at v tra aet nu s irtetad. VA tII'TY ARTICLES--French Nid Ai e 'le nl anl dressing eases, aotsn very rih nd tly rinat Iadid work btoes and dra iua eaes. with and withonut musice, musical, Ac .orias o vauriouns kinds, violinl aid guiters, silver dnd plated pencils anileade,wlwud pencils lor narpeontera atnd crayons, nlentlue flootguosadl pistols with anid without eases, rpercustio ceaps. percunsto cap ehargera. nipple erw drivero, sltot belt ,galtru tags, paste blacking,toy tea setos, llian beils of every kind, hells and plnumes, lineand clomnon ktives, razors and scissors, tniitbles, needles, itius, silver plated, steel and cotnmon spoeta.p clete, pocket books and wallet ulo variouh kin.s, viiling cards and curd cases, playing cards of Fretlch, tolmn alid Anerica nlanulacture, dulls, ilmitatint fruit, stu ,oxea, pris of various kintds, lalldersl Poonersy's Emntere,'tr, Hiltmnan's anIl lawkin's rzor atrals and drops,ty wuatchee, peturl btttont, powder Lo.L, t.. and tltatt seed beds, giln ntd silver tao, gut elastic auapcea lerl, and garters plainarnd sword canel, bskganluloa boards, lice, opticalvielttte, jaowlharpie, loeonfocu matchll es at d drinki euope, witls a great variety on other art cloe, all ofwwhi h will he sold for cash or city aceplano. 000n0 I ioulontha credit. B i SI1MO.N S, & on. cil 70 Cindatreeat. D OLiItAR'8 citence of Penmanotship received,anr lbr sale at tteir pernlnent Writing Acuhlemiel No. 8 (Clutreo ruet, New Urleant, lit Btoadway N'n York, I)hulltuine at., iluhile. It in ptrlirlllirly ileiigned for privnte learners, atld tcltoolalrud it clitcnlaitli tr er.lotta ',talle aes. Ltedieo eid geltlelten are invited tre call and eamlin the oltelll for l heclllo #es. Le.stll are given c t i tch hoes as nilear suit tht coiiveoietce ef'ull, aid to claies o 'oriuned illn ny purl of the city. Ioudine wo Inprefer it can receive ensons at their own rec sideatee. Pera ns paving for one : , trie ofleson are desired o tntend nuaty rll uttoy ar athey wh. mt t ILTl dEAlt i 1IO'rlll.R. DEAFNESS. A NEW aniticle for prsuots troubled with drafnloe, S(called the Eur Trumio tt,) liat jut hauen received, by the tle tit h ich, the tljghteat arteoulation of the hut. man voice is ditllllttiv coti'eed to the oar. Any altm Swhio 0l0 ece" tion eitgndIl ti ronrrse with a very Id.e t.lotlo Ilil0t Ie foluly eoii,itle of the difficulty and eln-. lharravlnatllc ottperined llh l)iby them.nlves h and the in divitiull o antitntrlutettelv atlicted. By tho use of tit Ear Trumpet this obheciuno is autirellv obviated. The most sceptiaeol Ilve aloays a oudeuml theirlouhbts lier lilaving uled tllc Trutlpei. For sale at 'I' F GUION't, Furancy store, corner of Cmatlin and St Charles streets ae c iii c. ll otiel. feb 13 jPEIt.dL OIL--1500 galiolt purt winter d 7Sjcruo oil, in casks aid bhlt, bor sale by J.IAItVI In ANDIIEIVS, Witlltla+ala Drttlgg -te, cortr e C mlnton and 'ehajt I ,o srreet. mr I: ` l7'1'L.%-- bbsa, I »ot Ibe ach; 401 kegs, 100 '.. 000 do 25 0 Eng lish de- -- 14 b hlb. 400 " s ibO-Paint Brathtr, various sto.nZ; I aee Ve.tmilliOlo 5Wble Cop.l Varnist; 1 /apes ko Gold Leaal do ilvtr do, Dutch Mettal. 91IAt. Aolahartoe, EKrlgabh lad Vreaeh - tnoaa nseJN.u n gnppliriea. - t Uo nd, UDigmat .t will he to, ot, of trtlsts' elonr and SA W SCAI ES, Ný No lta Canal.'o treet. I.e will " atiol ileippi ari trt, oods, MIL WILLIAMS, OCULIST, MOW A? Tns Jrr Sa sow noss. JrEarrIasnW sTnrET, 1 LOUIbVtLt.._ ? lhe Editor of the L.oastils .dd"ertli.e: It- lln applrs by the ervanq of the 'lom of-ait6 Nashville Presbyterin, Uni . Trins·. cript, as well as the edsttha of the Mle i. Enquire, that the "Old Gentlemafn" is among the I.ctors . 'Ihi is n plaied by his kingly rage, kmttoivl that lbi titre is t hbt short, and that the iandeenudent people i are said• to jlte flr' themselves what are puffs and I impositions. The weitthy editors who are Ihretoro, the praprietors, edlitor or sub-editore of the above t nared njourals, oll every letter from ersons I have i restortd to sight in the above pIaces, puffs. 1. The fiet tn, that I •.ver had ouch great sucers within so limited a period as ten or twelve davt. One who wits aed alout ten yean, who had wly dse•n the light from his birth, heern to see to follow his metro to my hotel, instead of beLng obliged to be led by him. Two young ladies, who had eachlot the sight nFm Seve, one or te veerrn. and the other for nearly two yeers, having both at them the otlher eye veery i.ek; ret earh of those yaung ladies began to sen with both Seyes, which bentfit Itltedge myeelfltil eontcinus. es f ccptlag they re under thle influence or dmninati n of j the Medical Doctors. Another is its daughter of a t respeetable tmerchnt, wr I re name I am bennd never to mention, (as he paid me ay fees), who said she had neost the sight of one eye from the aced Ill months, b hut that sle now hlgise to read large letters with the other eve cempletely shut. This the doctor edtors knew, as the gentle·in told me himself the h:d ron. dne ed tin daushter to the offie of the medical editors. g that they might be inrmnd of the fact. The lest I k. shall me•sion is a•nelderly gestlemss by the name of ,Ynat, nearly erey eas of age, whel deelaren pub lit; l byp letter, which le took to all the diLerent offees a. inmnalville hut one, and himself told me he had paid . flor he inortil• whatever they d.nanded, who declare el toiu that letter that he hi totally deorived of Il the nirhtf one eye from fi he sher his birth, m urwich his motherstoterd to hm oeeasioned by the c measles. or small pos thaint arw he could not onley se Sti light f the sun, for the first time that he renfllecth, hbut the staers also, end was beginning to distinguish Smanyp objectft ; ad did before I left that r;tv, give ma iany proof tha h could see to walk ahoutthe streets with the other eve completely closed. He said he had h been a member iI the Mrethdlit Episcopel Colneh for Snerly forty rse, anl tharet his wont we never doubt S tedrhmrogh th whole coure orfhio life. ". reeattinat I had never greater errcess than at Nashville, and that te medical and clericeal doctors had neverhefoets t melt reason to he enraged. The plans indigntie leIts Rev. clerical I)r Saith proves, when re:e statedto ae that Iolat sin vres port, he was 0. converted from besin a perfect inidef, to believe in the doetrin r of he Bible, that he must have made a trifling error-tbit I e m ist have meast to any, th t before the . end efia veers to crite, he shi.uld Le converted from Shis infidelity, as the pinlat of the true minister of the n, peaceful and beoin ldoctrines of the Chrisrtian religion doe, nc.t breathe wot destruetion, rage, calumny and iflseiMrd to please his mDledical fritds, againest the t man wlont he knew hind done so much good, and no in. Sjry to any ime. All the inhabitants of Nashville spoke I. of the great ioceL:n I had, v-sept the medical dtctors. to Most of them also Iiad S en iatirmed by Mr Yuuat of at the cue perfornmd on his totally blind eye. a n. 'The famaous Go'ilt S. ofttie town, ireteand that I lav losat the iaarels I gained in the Nort, siane tny ti anival in thettittlweet. This proves, hnwever,t had, e an that I kept the ot until arrived in this section. If . I gained oe in tle north, I oughtl to have gained aohth. er in the seoth and southwest, and I still Impe to wear them on my very yrlthfitl brow on the day I leave, in spite of tite eitulretion of the great Dr i.,if I nta ' judge from the man a I ave already benefittd in tills a city aithio three ddy. _4. The obiet aee y the present is tIn inform the medi Scal Golihs atnd editors of the Repaulie andm Trais l script, as well am the clerical D)r Imitlh of the C. Pms. o vfteran amnd o the Union, of Nashville, as well as tie e.ltor and osub medical editor of the Memllis Enqairer, as well ta Mr Prentiee, the editr nf the Lmattsville e Journal, and sine the medoeal Goliah editor of this e.t, thie treat Dr S. that I sall brine action. against 11i them alt, for vittperaetin, slnlner or calumny, itnmedi Satcly after my arrival in New Yik, an well an against their aitiaoble bn hren tihe medical Goliahs of the ,,rth. I ow Ihind ayselftby prlomise, nevert quit this happy tlad of litety, unttil I have Ibrought tie noses of al miy meodical (toliaelt of the nor;h. an well no the south a tilat wrest, ll the griolatone! Tihe ahlirted, there. fore, may ealeotlalte oa fintlding meI during the rtwtlo of onext year in New York, there letters, postl paid, ad t no others, wil Ie snre o reach me. 5A ' . To infnorm the poblic that the p1t, so called, e, hieclh the RIev. clericallyv convertol intiel pretend was le written for hlim, was witten ., ore tihn a week prior, L anttd intended for the Rev. D. Hlowell, whe reed it in sa, y presernce ithttt manifesting any disnpirobation; "r+ tti iherootrarv, tooek it to huis study andcondenrat it in rl, the way lie did, which le told ti thouight wouald an o wer my purpose better; hlie deltvered thian botlti tie., ad wilhout prelen ling thiiat I wantedl to bribe tilt frlot h:s la, dty, als I never coual iresume to oler that gentleints aor tay otlherr; any nltav far stating facts Il'e iev if ioettor'own atittteuett is before the pbllc: thad bidnot o, exanmined all imy diplomas, &r. ec. wish a genlemacn, lt a:t iltimlte friend of his, as well as the wlhole of aty , paticentr, in rnotpeny with another clergyman, atnd ifound them all to he iatlheitijeu .•l.-ah lospa-;en -,to t.b he nmare g.,u-4oiefhttedh he never couldl ihaeve been a- .i. by a total stranger to tdraw up such all article as ee wrote lilitelf for publication, anl addressed it to 1l Mr Stringficld, editor of the S WV C Advoa:nte. Id 6. No nonder the rlear siglted medical Gulials of ad Nashville took tienla. ; al tltereftire used theirel Id flt tojoin with them tlhe al!.powerful, athletic, pill.s ed ical atd intellectual frce of the enid to-be-coinveried at clerical infidel. We read ill the Bible thle! '. trr' is lb known by i its frits."' I dare say the converteid ilfidel d has preaclthed front that piatsne. a 7. He evidently wanted to stablish his morel tlher te aCter as a tan, by showing that ibe war above heing n Ibritied. t.ut .ier os .htrltcr tue ruin of thait pieces a silver will apply to thnt ats well as it was wel applied ti ato aher econertei ifidlel, who, in tile lavr of the in icrutation of his Divine Mlster, absolutely mitd hin for that numner of pisces of silver. My atnswer is, that it was niever intendedl as a b ite, noreoul it ie ronsider. r ed so by any one, as it was not even equatl to. the tenthl n pert of iall the regutlar pirinrr's fee, of p pu r staire. Containing two or three cootns of closelye lpritted II atter, which wlerie to e repeated three or forr tiuten at in the Prnthrterian, Union and Mnonitorjmrrnal, habld I it, ever intenled to brilbe hint, I should hlae offered hin at least $.1011, Ils rrglar fee, insteaid of It, whict, in all to protabililty, he woltld hove gladly rereived as his fee, Id ttilfnot ais a ribe. O the contrary, f I ad been ca at table ofaulT'rinr a hr;bhe, I hould certainly Iate done ry it in a way to ilave insnued his nc.reptare. a 8. Had the Rev. )Doctor been realtly rnverted to the I'lieftf the doctrines of the ,avioaur, Its wouldl not Yt have promied to come and eamines mv patients ait - mt keepin. his wordl, as I bare always fontud every t, ninilere oftthe gospel zealnit to 'Ino. a, 9. Ilad lie heen really cttvertid, ibe would net pub t- I:ly have epotks rgainst tl.e Amteri'an iruetitutinn., sd whlich, it is well known, are more nuoerous, atd wwieh - are suplrior to many in sotle parts if Eurolm. tlis, i conducat so much disigusted sinte voting literary char acters, a to he eoticely retrailnted frolll pIuanishl;ng him t I ti it slnt,by laying viodent hands on him. SThe v. centleman,tbougah a rnScotehmin, is without xcuIse, (unlees je i calumniated), althhtgh Ihe :ay . o think hehiaie a right to rbuwo hip Amarircn iastitui o because hit s a convreed itfilel ot-a. aavov a itt Fe hegossreosihyne ea.t Capaini Gr.ndy, and sevrel etlher etidable yoe -gentlemoeu of NashtYille. recollect et well the acondidct ol hi pious espounder of the IHoly te eteriptres! 10. I ever saw such a demon in human shape as th e. Rev. Dotor was the day I caled t• reason with s thim. when he menaced mty grey hair withla n uplifted sgigantic ana, a if he would have follrd me to the m- roundal for daritl to draw a piions tminister away fromt d hi dtry, hy a blirhe tf ill pieces of siler! I really id trelmbled lomre thsat if the "OUIld Gentleman" lhad asi. at peared in his ow i shape! 1 I1. solemnlydreclare before God, and m not afraid ay toenll Hilt to witness that I never, in the whole course a, of 42 years practice as an neoliat, in (Great Britain, an, Fraucs, Ileltitm and Amerieca, in a single instance ol Sfared as a bribe any aloltint to the editor of sny journ-j ig blt ans :oalpenootion fir tlre splae I eltpied and the sn troublewliirh S wuatcions d tlietn; and that Iwarn always thm printer's bill;ut wich is a suflloent proof that I hed nailtentio to brite. -I±. Lorny.--The Memphis Eqnqiarerfortwo or three ad weeks EOitans a tissue of flagrent falaehoodi, which 0. the mediesl Golli editors leenuatne froat their brethren onof thu M1. ioliahbs f the North, and I shall treat tbem IIwith eilcit conlettipt nntil the protter time arrives: Ui uClesa it in trit what I have heen inFunnmdd-usne a tbeggar, end y.u will catrh a L.--l Though I paid him for toy adv·Oretiesntr for two or three weks, he only inserted thiem once. You will pines to itisrt this lettur in yur nesat pa cd per, attd oblige yours, &n. s t haltets, I h~UllS WI'Ll IAhMiP the sthlsan ueutat. l.ouijvillre, Jly 18t7. Ce.ier jrt tl. I. W. C. .doeos of tis Uni Jing, 18n7. At the request of Dr. williams, we inser th e follow in[nCne front the hev. Ar Howell, of Nashvrille, o the editor or n:th VWetetern Christian Advnense, who, it appears, has ei ed the diploma and other docu. manot,evinrcive cthes i.ctor'sa oatim to public patron Saged In chnsequene of rl accident, Dr. ai will rh sunto in Nanhvlle a few dayse longer than he at first intended--say the let July. Rev. Mr Stringleldl:--tsvinl been 'equestad by Dr. Williamsl, tie oculiet, now in tisn city, to eaamine Iia numerous dipiotnae and other doneutoente evineivm of hit claims to plnblic eonfident., In his prolfesionl have, ina m mnyI. witll a valued friend,done ao with Idleaatrul. Am ng them I found a letter front ir Pageot, at pre nnt Charge d'Afaires of the King of the French, at Washlington, addressed to Dr. Williams, testifyving the genuiucness of the diplomat from tie Kings ofPra ce, ielgiuan, &. as wellea thoa. from tha Meodical s.cie. ties of Franeon He hasa nulnerou vouchers from icen knows to bentdhigh repnsartion in this ountry, receivedl siie Itiea arrival in the United Staste, detailing instan cea of great euees. in te restorationn of sight to the o.nd. I hbrve seen na rly all hin poor patients in this c.:n. I knew none of them previous to thei comning • Its ears; hit all I have seen say they am us. queJctiooably benfittad. ROIn'T. B. C IlOWELL, Nashville, June 21, 1837. P. v. Jinnee writing the uot, one ofDr. Williams' ai,.Onts les called upon me, anid says Ia had actually and totally lost the sight of one eye for seventy vears, but niow r 4lareo himself betten, tsat lot night, eor the irst tinea It his ifhe tiat he can recollect, he could dia. liniuilhwith th t aye,.sonteof tit promninent tars. y learn that this odd gent etan has lived many yetan in this rdgion, ad says he oat been a nelthodist during aug18 it. L B. C. H. C "- *i H &..Ui LPHI..-Fm sale hy - r5 amn eron,. TE-NI ER'S MILAP LOUIS IANA, &c. - I NIW Mar ir LootsutsA, with its Ceanal roadi t iý dldyhacs,freo place .o pleslae along ostage sud s boo.a'route., by Ii. 8. asner. lMienrg.,.L's M Ts.or To Uttgnl SeaITr rlrhnwig the nioneipal Turnpike and onomon ron.dtls.rnwll are given, the diatscs in miles from one hlaer o another, leno LQna curne, of the cntnls and rall brongn ,.n s.oe nnutrv, ea oilly emnpilad from the heat an. 'itv CuH s .a - eo.n 's GUJOR ,'.taovoa Tro Utnit . n. aflnomratl. -edWei,.t ees its u Pl. IN. lAN'S I'ANAC.A. heareof rheum"mism,scr ftllorlkngpevllgiot, a'atict. or hip put, ineipientom een,mstteltmt, I 111itle and mercurial diseases, tlrtieuoloy ulers nd ainfulaletions of the bones, ulcerated thmoat i.-, o rial, ueeof every desption, fever sores,a ad internal pattesrs, Stals; ilel s old bead, acurvy, hbile chro. nlc sr eye, eryopeliblothe,* and every vonrietynofon taLneous utacttto, chronic Catrrh, head ache proeeel lag from mayariddhumor, pa inin the stomach nol dys I peplin prneeedio from vretlon, afleetiol of the liver, hrolict inflnameati of the khinlaeyn, iml general ,ldili ty eaeda by atrpid action of the veselofthe hskin. It i ini dtllyf oeilus in rmnowattin those cmnstintlions which have heen broken down by lnjdielnus treatment, sjuvnile ii'r e In general terms, it is relom t elndd. IiII dl hosleiseues whicharise from impurities of the blnid, or inhtiation of the humors, of whatever name or khtl. Some of the ahove nomplaintsmay require atme trin Sfling uimant applications, which theceireumltaneaf the moe will dictat-; Iot fora general reomly or PnIrifiutor ti oremove the sene the INDIIAN'S PANACEA will generally be founld sfficiet. TO THE PUBLIC. IIow true It l, that modernm Physicians, n their am hition toneex l in their profession explore the vat litlds of ieme by the aid otchemistry, and seek ltout new rl. medial agents inalrt, to strive at perfection in the t pratice iy mnano of at aIae,-en-mtirely overlonk anl Snegleat, at ieno th ther notme, thierich and hmotterou stomres otmlioine, which the Almightly hens causl to . prinmgt nia le earth ito every lime! And hllow mnlh more Ite iis tabet while the American Physiciat lookI if to foreip eontriesfor moor of his mot commono and - nemeosmy ¢tiksl, perpetualy haqginag as they are at .the ditaotel offihion or folly, lIe is mu.tlonkled in hit d own country withoa endleu profuion of medical plants, n asuinoist to answerrany indietiom in disease or toa re tf my ourable dirder; ad yet be is of their vir. t, u. mit mthey are seflretlo t'watetheir hlealitg monhe ao desert air.' to Thefmect ofti ero w nlielTsrpoth-h i yte.m ire , tenu.nry-thoie otdmre lrld lasting. The honoer exa Se their elett anml ne of-the laeter, nmoy in anr - tieulsr, act clhemially Ipon the solidL, decomposlng a the olesm anl undermioing tIhe constitutien by a slow d nd smrea dettonrc n. r The s ongeniaelity, efimcany end SAFETY of vegeta t ble ronedisle er mineral, m o he estimateld b contrast iagtld aneon practice with the mlodtnl o, ton ting il nt noreimmndetl ander lr aown observation Ith- Iull oa prntire with that ofr the white. Who, in America, Senot kdowoorheard of repeated Instanoee wherein a somte decrepid, t lethe ls femet flehltoin, by meansnof a her imle remedlies alone, m al alfrtel the most rapil t me lastomiiillng cure., ePnr the Mletirea Mlire of the -emumn praietae. directecl in the most skilfl oamner, t he foilenl Atoh we hs noteen setrted nt elleron. SI withecamseifaaluny with whiehthe Imliihrr'snhia, elf fiommany disease;. anh at the almon t cotm ah inence Id fchrosicadise rlesor g therm) Who hut rled henty Oleofins hnia i wiht eonsiitulion s kull acti1 r'm.ell by . illtretment! Arad team tlmbtenist that this hupiy eo to emptin ofathne avage from most ofithe millv wtleh te flesh of an i heir to, is chiefl ow t in to mmte geniu of td a fe resmrds which ithe emloys Ttis natollish. ilg dfereoene in snaeeon, is a fair exemldiftntion of tile infinite stperiority of the simlde ond safe mneal of cure which (;l haln reoted for tle benefit of hii chlihdre, a over those wlic the price o ln the m rt of lln lamve inl If ventel. it. Fromnnlog resideene Imongnpon ofthealtrigin r lrt inhabitaontsof Ihtis cuntry. ilan it intolate lcanoit. in aece with lhe mathstal of cuor f come of their, mot ' cucestltl lpratitioners, the prolrietor ol 'The Indlin's t Icatracl'equited knoawlledge of come of tihe Inst Ilr wer alndfit vorite remedies. Frot athele herselected si tch li were nmst nelrcinots ln appromlriatel, o tal fter 0 vortooncenlerlaeteoto testntheirltittcipeloanl streogtll, lie hsnocabned ditem int the ra t here presented, ns the m rlt nlter, at sIid leitenfil ow the pULimse for which it is nreomnmentled. The Iwroi ietorolTeatlitim prellretlion to the untlic, with thie eotsceinuieas that he is placing withiottleir sea, li t a rteet cnttle ofrelieving maey of Itis atlictedl .el low heilgS, who u rao su.eling under tthe vnilons chlotic h anl oblatate complaints to which at is nllpliable. To lach it will prove of inwalcolable vale. s the omets, Sand illn mPny c ases, tie only means of ulleviirg their slt. it Irilgs oIltentori og thtem once mole to healtll hlloli:i a- tipel. Tl'I'ais nt onre1 su a conni oll t n leletly, tinl of nly pler choIle e ellotlly good with moty Otllelr inow d i use, heut one iwhich ics alable of snavig lil.e in cy, ehlrllme aSel Lhic . the ula lMetl reO lio esftl. lThis i ha, ls tiloalte rclrteolt ontoil Ittis is the rnt.talttllt ithilsob. an nimelltwlhrever itl beeno tll itolhloeeld. or, It In otlye ahnteth ciiree yc eSines this ptrepnlation was in preswtend to tle nblie: ut in that short asile of ,ll.e, i noomehlllmlrett sof ilersons might In tlllo , who woItd In cienly dteclare tHIt they elieved tinot their lives were oLaved by it, all ina mosot.aaectiCr they dIntl tried ttnity and itehilnps all the contmon renmediesrin vin. hller.

ever it it skntown it irtlsllyc ocaiusg ilno ei nlet an tll oI nlltotnthiuecmost snnstaulnttaltl olvilles llg prooef of it a tnlhrit. S rThe votu eof the Pmneen i nmot clantpion t ni n toi sK " Ione It; lwing Id rvlphilitio alnl out oflonls trfliqtiolI wirwhich hove refied o1 otrher re.nedies, lorel c .tieiull l o t1 ote c ises htanases in has enmplaish a ner h -a to cause distreing pains'iyo t a ..sireic toI leause. Srial lcelln, dernegrlnmnt fltthe diesis otltella, ctc. t The r it o mpldietely relltlvs', llll it asIll e:tol. i t elll 'e Sly elntlicoteS tite ticsvtr nrc urset of, ofereoo toit n of votestlte eotnstitiO, :tt l tiEet iteltti b sllt|Kn ] elwell. Ill rh.tllot.tlill nt s olll i lll.elritel sure t)It1., its thallly eltcts re lot* allol:tllt, tot iltt aei o inlllev - at diat trelie. i T itriken t in pro.. o., Ite tdin Pol' tanac. oIn ettt e naon apterntato vetint titilollt ; .t liIph rlic, lllrtic tlilaxatirest anr ati-sbliioadootit ad "etttlh net 1at(1 it Ir proelr easle, sn ll tIwcltie ll o llmdell; l;,e;ll. (t.enrr. n£ iIy e ll'Rilr | ii Li,u,........ý tl... .......,:,.,.., :,1n11 l ettiOs, givesIone In tlt tnOlllune, fl el nxcilt Iteetiot ian ed the latisnt ina p larlctor ittiter. Iro r theose jittitn. In ples ioltte.rinlt Imal be i winderthndII. ier hilntiedicio ln I ntoin ll ttllst tighly tlt Itnrll i8t,aly it athbitgull liselanctttt hertec a cifiedt l i tl at Ihto o useid with wondertfl tt asltlrr s trtcing a: c lail Io. Sriiter,. hy tiole t lwlarte n Dlieello o ti afthetIohl l e"ad n .wo eiotoitorc wtintr. such ed so will 1 well o r ile two (1onthsree Ibmller inrmalln il1 set. i helnever I m ie titht k is oelli|vl'adcwd lchct ullsd lthis l'aoteea, tatket itt a onallultl .daell ttsner' ul i t a tnrttosn, itl ml1ch len time, at tleoc tleltse, ull ill a ei u lotto.e oar hite iaelll.r tihnll the clllltlll Iet illtk. T 'thlle flltwitng celiictel, ot ouf Ihltolrets snimiar twhl litght he tPule nred, are giveo w ha.i etIcn ou the Indlaoitn's a IClaee illt lheviillltt eilmptlIeill.t eIlltto nentlon ml;iland alsoto exihlht in tlie oed st tienvt.l latmnllcnr its ulwriorhy over the ln)I Plin io e0lnlnol llue. It- ASES tFP HIIEUIMAIlSM. ry CaLatern, NeSov. I, 11435. )lriltg thelal einter I i nlelrstrn I ttg s nlioltsit wcilt . avery aevers e atl liolrelllsn itn um:disnl, oOcnitnell II ., esim.'e i hill weathler. Io iWtkegleul pleanmre in h tattiln, tihnatsix botlnes tillhe llitan's Ponanlen , resredl i me to i.erFet heal., andI I eaonfidently reoomn end d it In i- all similarly afllicted. InJOHN FE.ICIGUSON, Kigat. wt It d w ined nushouct three . S-reiig even cohl, while nodre. r et.r.-l.ef mncory, oAd which hdtas thhll r" SI from tbuinero nearly ever sione, i uning this plerod Sheroe ht an pltienllt the oMarine Holpitl, itll t lin it aii pwas ioo four manathl, •l neatrly tile same letight, C time in the Rlimt ot1e Iloatl?0 antI triel almoal ever ly mned, with lilt blnetc. iOl tlhe .6th of Inast, athet time carcely aIlle to nave a.tout upot l rputcll es, Iecomnotcotlthe ne of Illdian's Piallnle. In ne ,month I founom myself entirely freed fronl Ialn, atld :t. cmnow heppy to state thatm I nnloer myself perfectly well. WMI. TrUCKEIL, 13 Market ot. CAF.ES )F SCRUOFULOUS ULCEItS" T New Yont, .Sept. Il, I8I.0. Thll may certify that in thle fodl of 1825. I wa leize id with a swellngin ny teck od face, which alccrwxtr eu leerl awl became Irge ghgatly oilersc isn my neck. SAfertryiog i veol phyteiuim to no n lmtnteg,. I Ien Io Philmlelpldl, anod lacedl myslf inimler the cere, . Ura'hlyte anl. Beach, whan, after reopeted salivatllt 0 tooolfectlwaps I n.onnllo nell ttterly itslurbhle. Alier. wr wnla-itoon tweknoty bolleotisowutm'n P~tmnecotnl eigh' n Iotlen of Polneat-l choinelt, witlt o mltterinl henelil ad lenaohnialtoflile. whtict hoti now heemoe¢ La lo!trte me, !rmturtmla In toy tlmlt int New Ylrk, it ttiit, at -a gemytolf'op cO a lintoring teadh. Ilcurilt of tli e a-tent Iconno of Tie Inditnostinu'.•ee, howevro, it cao s0 imilr to any own, I wlea twral-lol lotr, it.o ul Ioon t. se tort. To ety great a-rpri.e ac well a nnistio.lion,,. ootnfound Ioynolf ratidly rcoerinr, aonod oUlo tokitl tnven hottlea the ulconheoled ottd n ihelatu lerCltls well inthecertreoftwo smntthsnod late remninel to he coonsones. i atke thi tatlemt n mo i o lti ilat Iuliahtnl forthe tencoctlo'thoen wcittie nietrinal- ouder oicilar l trfulocora lrypliltic aetlftimtn, thot thtey nony kltew wnnhot curedale who hon nulfertc every ttinog bec dseIh, aod who noanidno rItia life savccd hor tooeer .v. W.t. FIINIIA. Ccolltrar...Jttly It., tet1. I woifllicenEd, foerycurt winh nonlner loItea, he catiacatly rcOnllamnicd with crc lielttouc ilotmlncnioln no, aMctaecunleeain ttto the c t illncine joint. Scvol-t oltnh tyititnvhynoiolt elntntl tihlrtiaill tltlim itnbut wlth It- c pot nranlnot henfit. In ihil cooe live botlle cc- ltdion'o ltnsaeamite telfl¢clf al.. a-t AItGAIIKI' A lY't1", l2l Miatrket .For taeby Ii IIY B(I.NABI., dl'lLagitt ren - to:.t tlbn ttC-Otv W o tricll"rel.e ln icwInct roit tO NEW ORLEANi S r NAItHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. T 1IE stockholders of this company sre hereby no titied that by resolutlion of the hoard of direc tian passed on the 19th inst. the call mnade oi thenl on the :111h February 'ant, for the payment of five dollars ashare, was r.cinded, and the said stockholders are furthlerootifed that WIi. REAS, by a resolutiosn of thi bourd passed on the 19th ifset, a call has hets' od on the stockholders of the New Orleans slid Nsehville Rail Road Company for the followingpay.nmte on the the stock held respac lively y them, va:-two doliar per share, payable on the firat day J Septeshlber neat; tao dolLus per share a t ont the first day of I.ecember next; ad twe dollas er sllare payable o the 6f day of Aurcl iext. Nowthsraefre he it resolved, thaot the secretary of this company shall Ilotlfv tihe share holders theerei thlouh tilhe Iourlic pr nt.s ? the citv, tht in h eoal'orlity witlh tlse iath asectio of the chlrterte, they are Iperittid to pastpola Sary paynlent erall'd in m e tile stock of esid camllllatsy for the termol sizxy date, fromn sd oafer tile day os which it is mades payable, with the ealx eaes con ditio. ahowever, that if notsa regularly paid witlin the said prol.neatioe of sixty days, fr.m atsd att.r tho, day an which it should hrvs been pi ld, that then tthe st.: on whir said payoments should have hoben mde, is slid rema a: ' fited.tlo the cmpany, the charter on that jicnt eing imparalve. It coneormity thseelfoe, to sail oall,allsetrl of thesteckkholdres in saiud compasny, as think profer to pet off the payments on their stock to thentdof the eddlititial sitydays, which the clharter allowe them,are ntifiedtbat tithes of two dol. aIm per Lshare elled for.asd doe sm the first of Seo -emslernse, may he postpoled under the eixth section af said choarter, until the3lt day of Oetober nsa, that the psyasnt no two dollars per share called for, ell doe onthe irest day of December next, may be poet poasd uatil the 3Oih day of January next; salid the pay esnt of twodlollars per share elledil for end ,ite oil tte rsl day of March nexat, may be postponeod until the 31rth lay ofu'April next. oxtrscta ef ilt mineuts of the hoard. j.nel -21 A R 9eNAIR, tee'ry. tH s JOhNiw -lp STATE OF LOUIISIANA.-Parish Court for the it Parish and City of New Orleans. TIE STATE OF LOUISIANA,. 'o all whom Sthslla Presents shall come. (;re-lir --Whie.ns, latnen Holuse having lltncrlarel tit , i-nlot maded by the tnShlriffof the paoucrh of it.'nr tIce roperlt on hereinlater dnt4eribehd, .tecpplietI to the !l'rk of thlls t icourt, in wiose office tile ,I-ed of sle wn rslorded oil C thie ,' day of April, A. D. 18t8, fir n monitin o,,r dver- 'I' tirement in conformityv t, an act of the I etiolpt re of tie go Stale o,'l.ouiiann, entitled"An nact ie the flrlreroslnlt or rutan n' tiles to o n:huer. aljudicial.sals;" arprowvd the o101tlh day of Morher, 1834. id NOW, herefinre, know vye, and niall persons interested herein, are Iereby cite d and admoninhlan the neme of tin the State of Iouinidna, snd of the I'snirh Coulrt, who can set lp any right, tille or claim in and to i thehpropeltr here oiullerdelcribed in conetqueo eofno y inliiimnlity in the ,,rdor,decree or indi,ePat of the court ndier whc.h the 'ale wao noldeor snle irrecntarity oir illrgalitv ill the appraisenteoo and oiierni.t,,roato, it time, or manner of sale, or for on other 'refect what~so ever to allow cause. wiithin tierte'dnys iron the inda thin nmonistil ion first irerted in ia the udic palers', hiy tie olsa no Iaide ohould oot he e ,firmed aud hotto iII Iog.ted. Thet said property an sold I y tie Srril of the pnr ileh aforesaid on the 14th day of April, A. It. 183:8, by irse nfare decree of thin Ceort, renitered oil the 5lh daye of ebunrey, A. 1). 1838, in a seit entiti' d Alenandr de Chldwell vs. J~ales nae n , No It,:it6 of tin doketr oft i this Conrti w,a hieh ole the Sid JameI s tIlns' becamer the pirchaser for the psic of twe Ny one thourand Ueereiption of Property as given in the JAdicial Con v eyance,r vt: A certein lot of erosned itnnted in the sltnrb An nueli.sion cluin Lo intire of thin cityin nsquare No 5, and inn having 'reneh aniateon, 60 Ietl frot in Il'ehou pieulsnts treest,s fr test fren- in OrniCgeris treet, andt rio feet on dlt 'alc 6 esrit,n eiuah it marnner that sahi lof groatd is 6ii feet wide tront oile side +" Ihs eq! are te the oither, together witl dwelling eiosn u -'l ' eloe atoulas steet, the kitchen od de indl p eit neienlo he disillery eathbi.l n t ts erected thereon and other buildings ail improveients, the imahinrv, utenils, imepltemente and fiextnre hbelonging I to Sal dietillcle its epe deneoies and alnpurtennnces, and the iglhts,aetionsland privilegen thereto helouging or in any wise sppertainiog. Clerk'n Offie, New Orleana, Mlay 7. 18t . . " ol,24&j3: J. OLLIE. Fepo.y Clerk. ETAT iDE LA IOUbeIANF-t riii de itsPoosno Dpnr lne poissre ea villi- die In N'o uvlle Orl-Ins. 1 'E TAI'A T DE LA InOUSIA E.--A toir eeux qtis Lu el rhsitrl s enneorne nt ea, sllnt : Attellun l Io ieanie slancllwe nntanhet, i o ill rle aite illr le Sherif I In e laproisse ilratrnIa eslaproln .i.i.b epi.lprs In.'ite ea. totc's-as ant Grelfe die eatte Coor oi i lete retre tIis elrstieslie Is- P renijntr ad Mie dit'il'ree 1838, iellnri ol, firsanllrneome seli r I oen IrUnto te hit Lbgisu'oe l e sis1' - I E he In Lnniiane,. inttll.tli" Ael .oatn ticfirmcer ler tiltrel dI. en LlereleN ios noveotejll ieioilra;e;" oti.roitVb io leit Mals 183. Qli'it oniit O ellllaet follows I lusllltlwl Y itHf~ri1ne cnor l V par eea rea I s:IIK m Uil nn lnot e i othat de I ln I.nison ires 'it Aoi oe Citin e P.,liMsee Slui tou Tn'iet tavi'ie itl i a In il io , ie c'i-.:ia. P crte, en alietlte ice d'uae ,I.toit alie tri-e dnrsI l'on~ey,,I de ont lc stn uelt e i one, fe nvetdo sdoquel lit ine hre sldile, on lie i lllte ie Iir l ar.lI ItiI n ,~ toqar Ienec heek che ilte, last cOnsequence eillt glite dniln lnessotouiollois ioil leI tis . iet 1e ae tot roil, dthii Iriite juloi a it tei ila i uitie ncatio, oit.t- e's tt i, nc.lO i hn i lanilhearc it e is tie .ttlit pes ntintlloie at IlIolilognte, La iropritei fit vendote par leeli sierli's i, l e qoa i to, iblte alr d'avril de I''neie 1838 eti vccrtutl i'n dfelelt de seete roar Ie 5 doe fhriemr do I',iall.e 18:tW d.. Aon 'ltire d'Alexnmder Cldwell, rintre Jmesr i Il unre, N 10.,36i7 di ilocket do celo (:our, A latnqelle era'ts e dit Jame rs anse s'est rendu acqosereur pour Sle prix dte $21,t0l. LDesa-ipition tseto Protitci ttd'pr lIctri-asferJudicieitr, it eavniu-" in .ertnin In It te terre oito au faoito rg tle I'Annon Sialiun alias I.acourir, de elie viille, dnis I'flot No 5, Sledit itltie tire evnllit [lfrom fr t ..isa-.] esoixnait I- loads de face itll ue 'I'Tchonilolllns, lroise ent lied. i trt oc lo |it irut i ne ralli-ere, it slixnlllle piids rde fae ol falnde de In rue dt o taclth6neii rtoe qre lte iy lt In e terra si nte pii'd tir aitrior Itll I teel tIerilet A l'. Atre; e~lse iile n o Tlisnn r |.rs t fat r 1t la rue 'I'chalitoatus, t1. ioionr et Iirl& 1el.llor ' i'i it le ln distilo erie icontllite olur c il I n, et rll ,. t i ise I sIeto t a ilieoirn llu.'; re In llr ir'ii. iihlilici illlltn ation., &i-. app ronit l nti I'ie.,Ih iliib rie,-c.l d(UPnl SenIiec atIurtrlllneo ent ten Iac i, nonouactiiles cit ileeilge v ie ,p It , il, " lllrionit i grcellesN ctrllre flrlina-s, ir7 Mii 1.31. a ,.,12n&j3 J. O1.1.11t: Ile ci Crellier iRioyall Co ( llege of Phyliians, llI ietitli. it OFNIIE originil Vegs-inlie- IlIgeiUnt Citivcersil Medi c eitoe, Pretcared lt W \iskin, aitq. elnael, ,,i p be I ya1o C'oileg-- ilf -tSi'geinrs, Licntitiair ef AI.ilni' .tin, elst.nmpacv, Fcllowmtiat rBl" mtociey, SIIgieon aso n tih Itll onl til U i n Ite oaiti AaIeiili , tlil . all ealllr, l'h'ne, Waitrloo, nd. i'eri.-tdintit il of (up' a,i t. n"cl'h ,iaas h slilI I.oin, ht n. , 'l'bis valuahle llleI·i llt% Icine, dice Iraps.!!! rri. tl'ers': u ex elii'rml. w' eric.ll I v4i ' Sltlelr"e hi Ihe ex n1*1.rl iv uI,'tl",InI' ile tie lpIot Iiioiiitiei' the o re! ,ir-n, trio-, ieltl Olit llhe uilty eOl n ,hillt , am l st liu;: teel1....,,l it elle mla ire ofllhl e . II.Am ert i [iialn i' lli, Iat It , ' ll'llet Sl l-it llntio .f ll lll Illn iilll llle'b.llr of I ii..eiii llnIh ti n ilel,, -tiu'iiitl ll ll l' ii ,' lll.i l'ill-,lt -i.IIIN,, lot isi.glt i-rmtoll u thll e o hll f t... tlt sul.l l d;kll .t.t io is iltotum lbiniei u ,ul ,t Ile ol• .I1 I.t aIII1.1\ o-llt olt isrll. i llu l oll it r tu, -p, i , L- lllllie t .,.r l, l il.ll , o I e l r ,T• I ' m p': I ke, I ii i.ieie I, i;I ". o Y cll , In-llt, dall t llll ei l" i i tl io ii . lll lt, Ire o rL r i r 'I)I ir il . L\ rlllTl'argh t' ^-I 'r !lu ,, ,lair: formIllrll i lm. I, el"'I...loe ,,.i kir lt. h,, Ian k la Il ,,i , Ii, ·l i .. ,,,. tI ' tltill , vI i. . Nh i b It 1 l 'I i . Alsitit tier, A. t'ran1, i . ii D . , IId, m n al s litiTi,. l'i.llorigiialso t tlle tlnce, ii oleoisiull i tli lt+itielal Agoll, li b tititi tuit n' totielui i • oiu lc-tl inIt( it i nis etii , ndOs it t i a' i ll tilqiln-iuiun, a fttuigouie, im t lc .lis te' JtU. III.IIRIN, 1129 tlace, N. it-k, For vile oh s ,nloiilcetut of ie oi-;i.nt lnortrietr. py SWAIN & IhlrisnlEn, Ilelugi is, No I I CU-ton nit'-i, hI-elittru- Auetisiiia- hlii!tne ln IoLisi tolt i, i 'I lE')i l It LCE &e c, r', ) l:tpazioe curvetan g r,,w reeei;iing n, sfrhtils Noshs' ile, I.misille, enhre ko, Ioagle, al ottheer line rrlval .. "'tIet nditienr a iorge ttln '':w 1 r ios, oorge and H roganos wirtl o g."tlent.'s cllnf lt.l i tonono' p1 do 3d qutIit; dio ubof'd, ato stout wa1 pegged i o ts l various qtulties; mene's fno cnif senl oel Alortn. .here punps aId blilO:lls, Ibulckskin shoes, bhrogq .* ,I } Ilq.ue s: men's ine call' nol kilpedl pegged sliter 4al1; to i.uo ns; do sollltl kip and ll A~.x pgged sho l IoI tlb.loli gelllemen's ti stt l qllilty oI" sen elt slt. Ii ',ncgua amt Jack lI)owtlogo; lo calf olut .1uttIo. I ckloe tes ln lll, longlls; dIo eall, sC:l u.l MeUIvtAr I liiun shous anl sliplj. a, do cualf', bull tu seot wnut a tew srtiile; do fine call, seu.l n ud. uorocco j al5 tots; IPys', misses'anl childrenll tled and tcd b.ogpss, ant) slhoesof levely qualityv ýll kilid. Also a general assortuineutf tilien's stout w nth eo't I.rogoIs and shoes, togelldil warit Io,ltlu og'r last Isality, 'itlsett brobulps, ailed in 'l] it nks", made expt'essly for planta.itd "'ti t! ' ettnct of Imen's fille aull stout k.p russdl hr Sw article,l.l nd ae urge quanttity of wIn lh,..vior I r sast sei wan brogons. adies' fine eadf, seal, morocco sod gll in welts, isd tnmpol sole shoes; tido fine F'renh AlsllStruecco ao.l Ki ntl tt.ll utlipte'rs; do rmoll shoes, with and o'itihm . heels , calf, suel :nl stout lualther tInootst dIn Prunol'it Il.-. i allt kindl snd qualitius; di lalsting broguans; tt g itlter" lI and lonetl blotees. Misses' lastingsprn.g sl n.s(:I to OLns. lChildrenl'scolored Mor'nto und lo2sI.,g rI1. n hi rab ll ewer do lI oa sperior quality; ,o in. ,lio, It.; hlsttl "ttl ttrrTow trin 1etn's line tbi' a ' t. :k sssin shor't tu tpuel hIts, a new at'ticle. ,ll, It e size hts il of' lilnuIot sIo tities; it; uaie.rtI' it n''tlal I.)'s bitnk dndltu wool hats ofl' .,"inlt, slilles, itwith geonral assortmenutt l lo)s' anlt ules 'isI h as ausnteni will be repllenisl;'d In the arTi,.i ol e lltlckettslrosm the souse Iutlme citlies, all olt i4T. aIllw tit llot moltmmllodallti l.,.ut. +l Mit IN'I'NAX1 L' I.' BR.JI. FOR TIlE TEETH Vllt.eastabhlislhed repttatlio and 'uototil hInc ncinf I tslllatnd Ior tlds elntb tolll tredly ol'piai, o prse servative of the taetl, has induced thlo sll) olner it to the Amelrican pIli. AlrrtAtgenlenlo hll bettl Intde to upplnv alet in all ili Isitetinito ll alld itwnI ill the Ullit'd Sjltalis aot at lt placen it dith situ raech I t hoa suflritmg and likely to suoler tltltl'oA Itmu sitg of all acihe, 'Iutthtl-ate. ,' When atplied asleording to direcriont gitsn r n btitle, it hab never oained ,ion ufnl'd i tt.teditt 1notlll re:i.lI It oials arrnl t tht douse ton Ide rtiv tllllh, anl relieves thru ell'enes vl iehl'tt freq t.ttl ronderi a strolg toolith ntleo s Theio tplitidiehtio{it renedyneg are inae, iolnto.' n t 'us int pluool p tnil the large nu ober of ter.non in difelntnl ensiotll. "ljt eouiytirptholt Ieave alr.ady experietced -teh de ip C t" anl suillary el'rct• Ihom the use ofl'h. nllln hre r y to hetur (Iehr the public goli) t oir thtn+lilol to elt . rivaoled qthtitsi. 1t i• an IndiStt rttlnttiv, ..',htla iniguihrly anl unexpectedly, and n Ito lereq. l j i the oinilined wtrld asste otlt ot valuable diosernv '" raedmln of the wnods. I'ie lte kr bouttle. Stid by JAttIli & ANDRE\flt , Or 5 Coe Cotitoon and 'I'l,ultitoul5a -tO. E B--OO.S--NavsI Sketch Book .., tIle te l Alnout od ultore. WVitlh chanrocteisti ren' tioc t el, frgttllle atud on lltito. Iv the aunlir of "' ''tl's ol T'l'nr, &e. n .ulld enrins, i 2'o0o. o. Illtulnto Recolleciolta of thts Ihtte of Cotlloauti' ftl0 lhe veltr e 113(1 I the clotnoro 1331, lw:luddit.. oo intl kehthes of the lendintg notnbero-l-y one of u0 tan y, jstt nceined and tor sale by W tIcKIS$3 I.,A'r I' PUiI.ICATIIN. 1" B110WEI.I5 , ai otlltoriltt No'vei, b, tlllteonlltlu .J ,'rh Iirodnlters," &c. in : volt. Poptlar Meldicise, or Fmnoily Adviistr cootltt tf Outlmne of Alluatully, Plysiololly, and lHiyteo lt uich hinlto ot the prentice of Phytic, Surgerv, ostnv-' diseoeo of wo- n ond childfen, os mtv prone us.t . fatiliJa wilet rlgular g l y.icinos eotlnnt lie lio'oI being a eotipatlion tand uidt for ifoeltlitonu !i of n tlnulontorieu, IlIo tion t stla board hig onhiut head- of fIllliliio, mtatero of yos~elu, tiosio riet or iirlvellerei ;lll a I ueful sketci fur volll melanl t - sIsliu ote otudt o tubf+t oiil lto foe yutltol Coalftt.t o11ie. it:ter ml'el.' UtlIversil litieotll ttoohn .lin.ii tine hlsOr tite tlt . uonof faOrmiliet, ltlllstrlotet! V j Inot egr "IInge+' in u violo Jount rnceiven d nod for dale by I V 1IlK . ". t~,e .Inor turdCo; ('I'IC E.-'Iltn awnseofetverol ponkeeoo dioe otorked' Mnduout V. Aesiqoeartooo rotn, front Now Yurkt is hereby oMt tsnt rsnostored by flITS9 'I IRFFY - JUST PUBLISHEDFO. STEREOTrI'P P TES, The Fith Idilion, t ROWItTT'S TABLESOP IN0iILEtEST: A P11O which Is now anlrled on Averagte 'l'ime ln tL or, or easy methods l'tr finning tle anre ime ' on stinage, nltes of hald or bills of goalo , Ta Iti '- i chllased at dilleeens dates, t on tif'er0tt lc-edlits.l in-r vnli'ttto tttno ttsn ltIesitll sa ltftI ldI cotni ete ntkiltg Time lTa Ic, the Ihet Illht cn ie conlrived. I",' l ftl i- gires cnl tn r Inultoe within thles:ue conles.tend uspnas, and size olft lie. A na- verissiensnt in the book is in ne;rhl the)rllonw ing wordrs: " - Thle ighl timtintion this wmek has reeiv ier t ih the ten ltgisltire ties itt'seXl to t tite itl oge a ule tnie. 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J ( 'lTlNRI ARD, Cornet of Cunul anBillourbon atreett 1 O YL I n M .AY, Il2ne5, Sign, a:wl oi,',num .la 1 ' IPliletlr , o.3 lareHdele street, to. dolsll " lnlrol (3: :rlstree,. Wluttilns o" 'he ibllowinq wuoos rid utrLles,ex l:Jeigany, 'it pi I4Ih hak gold, Sk (;ii.lla cilla Actio(, 'olhurd dn, Orienta or ro u 'Cin'led dco, l|a1pcl' II hirdsh I'e o, I I :ib GraUite, intin %iii , Potmonre. lair ined, Dly or I.r.,cllh, 1'ir 'Tree, l, ih ul. a n , h :orlolll e or lBlack Si:ml:l end Iraciella, ose I, ,Void,, Aeri i l.ripy, Ash I hhitclak, kI. k k ' aeoled thn l~ iloWlns to le s.en all till shal,. lIainlts, Mils - ,lae l ish, h on Ihnd, nlt te. sI",. Stlo, -.'l'I:I.& III'.VY 0 l)-f1lint, I qu ollll 1l rble ir , veil ..s,.led i1st ie.nIHl, sIc:'o, blistered, O ping, shrt niii Inoliw 51re, t :iut and wIoil tl ,li nits anid spikel, block tin, hill anI grind o te le., alh kellles hmiil, ables, nl.ors, hoers )x, hog at ii tlce.t .l:iinls, corn ,-ills inl ll u t ices,s I lllitn l'mrsilld hellows aiIie. sheet,pigolld h: leadl; slhot U -d5 , ana e .,k 'g slates Ames, Hn, iownl'sul aied i padeallnxlee. i shtels 'look and pltie hinges, door and wiiltew hooks lolr'.ll anl .hoilla tcorlge, lineI ad ll ile Ioh .al tlhoehiti"g oops:r . n:l, 0t stures Paiihli. r e iinii trllde- noiils l hi lituhll lasslrtnn o(I" hanelware ao shill hr.ndhlerv, ".ai) otn ha allnd whicoth tre ollhrcd fl;r ntee at whole le or retail, AI the mitoo st.iivo flcr blo m, lrv to L YT(' to Co. 5:1i0hsl l.r'e. JIAIIROWGATU SPRINGS THIREE DA I'S JOURA" ' FROMt NE IV ORLEANS. 0IB prll0 50 ,r .,f lhin0 elllhlr'n has the pjens. igensieiu ,t.l he will he in readine..aiby lhe irst day of lisv So receivo vitero. lib will 1l0o 1lh1 1 hr the ho lit of thee if ia li-tanre, Iot thise h. e Io' ii large. llnprovelent nIIlltl a llld he lowll goin o olland in pid liereli flr conmpl otiot, wich will emile the ' 1mer her too nfmmdllllle a llIch largerl uii.Ir than atellllire:, land 'it thle 1 is ells tiiiei Ii .h hotter. ilojiliu ron hie Ioeo.iiloldo ed l -lih geil r,eino . or ,tme who r,.lor cal hoave large cabins, a:oched lroln 'It io leelmed alsnaeceeur S ny Vanything in pari. l_ liered shot litc sre sot islferior to, 0ly in she Sooth 4i5I .tlstro All ithe airtoeleots thss ore geiosolly I fied at Vnossring Ploces, will he fioond at this. 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W" T . .eLak ai l.( ose er v .i'. l ed v ,'l'hursdac, a/ TleIns Attil Saosrd,, 5 P. t. " vna C Clones every Modnly, nWedneteina EXI'lIES$ MAll.. TIMIES OF AIRRIVAL, 1) IEAILTUII DISTANCI .c. fllhe Exprese Mail, leltwir. Mnoile lad Neil Yoak-lenting Molile doilysntl PF. Ml. Nortlliwal New York daily as 5 P, 1 louthwallwrd. Arrives -- Arrlnd Norsl ward. Diatsnee. Tlite. lletrrn'g i ntcnineryv Ala. 1,al. 198 1a's 2t3 Di n a. lCaollIbu I, (n 11 8 1 1 3S a. mn' Milledgrville. o. '2 .133 141 2 p. ul Ciolln ilas ". C. 71 an. 16: 17 1o I| nleinN C. 54 15 22 12 \arrentin, Va. 1n m. 5i It ; ai o I'teresbtst, Va. a 1 len. 8i 0as in. Ilnlsel niassilVa. I ao. 21 3 134 l"rastlritrkal urp , Oi 67 7 il p mt \Vlehintea n g s city, 21 p. 61 6l 5 Itnh im kre, 6n 3o h Philedelplhie, 64 am. 100 14 2 inew York. a pitr. 90 l 130.5 18 h. or 5d 23" Northwnl sd. Colniralg Sn ntllr dtllhe I nl nm is six hiotr les_ ; hiSICll5 days Yn s 17 Il1IItS. TE'IN lOI.I.AI($ RE\VAII). fl ANAWAY fr s 169 'llnlttdrlle corner of tlevid I strets,orl tile n!hli of 3B01h of Agset, isld wn seen le nrxt mnoring in Povras stireet, a negro Isy L naled ItIAIo i ..El , a uralt 17yenrn of ge, n 1 5en or llerenbsu tl isia.l i it, very bick, ld ilts in iiped iinOst ii Isis saehll , oille of his laos is ore, oeeasioluoi by i recenl hurt; l. ltnd on wlen lie went aaily at whil reitlon no lien lshirt nidl lwhite cotton lnntalhsins. Ilanst'rs nf vesseals and rstolin bLnrat ie encauti,,d a t gans receiving or harboring said negro, s well n all o tr ersons, ts l ie t mosnlt rigour of tie lain Will ri enrredl aganinsi them. The anLbvres masd will e Insie Sfiirdell n lio le ii1into Iny of thie jsil of eliler of hli Imuicipolitiei, or ll 159 Crasniers, corner of lHevi sleret. __Sll Ot eICtu--''hr e cElinalterhl i l treillsre ex tilstg tinder ithe firm of n libob GIrctsoe1,aA lsher dissol vcd. 'l II' eitIroY ilier will lisistilale tI e ts nalisirno tile eoinkrn in o, is city, and reC otlre all ltsini e d l it sike pna n liti, o him l ill, aud all o ihrt elat v elnaimi, It llre.ul, I Il0 c forseallh plnllt . nut: 1-, IA:I\11 :11,ONI . I ot.atl .' norret y Ore)tint I A oiwe on haned tn10 tallyn lly k relri ill.n rl s ltres, Cltrhtlh'olns il PanIr ile f llrl e ll ; I .\ llll ' ', rl I,,- lred ,la ll " re, A irsi toilc, I di o Irrilels, Anilltl Slsi r uio I nAlllk steis A u , S e , Ilrllilhtse wons,, Lhim one, l 'Llls, Cl'adi.% I s_____...ampi . dI Gd) r It I i , s . hti llsiwthf sin l ,itrs, lIs issir s l l. I riiit Isn°l' i ts I [ . 9 I a(:astil, I ll i, B aln avt, I is Cr im I saIr r, sl M n iilhlia, I(a J Rulih des, r i lie nnlt, allcmllle d o li w isbc, I.s o ..o.i, Ihe al Iually II du sal il ill dis (lt Silil ' )oii go :' e do 0,11, roug l, \l li'l· , unllt io, h i. dnIII A10 slcrio', d dol. Cio, I 11 cI a l m lllll(l"., celll t, do -l\ it "'i Is i t i I lh . ,, l w . h tin sI i . lit i f o 11( I ii IL do MillIe, I I l .11 1,, I / tii ) slillll. doi Illllslll ,iit IIc1 ,'liii l, 5i I . lli et I' leO , 'ulnlls , ,II i , li t-s s'n,':.: . 1 r lo s iiin Io ti sosi tl o.'ls's tlr I lthirhti o f lime, 1- se.ll cr it '' l , . Usliit , , llsl ts' 1 i iisatl , t 1 11 In I,',,rlr . , I111,' ."'e'L' ilh e, e /.li I-e1:.llnhht ln hl lie elt, 1 Amtl h..hl.elel,,; lil·\ Io ll11h ;II I slll tr .t Sol[ili'n o j dl.t lu'! 'il n1t, I'A IN 11I:r1: 11o..1 , Ih:.t1! 1 , , ., 1,,1, t, 1 )lit . lrlh ;'le y. I en4 , ........... , 1,,1 1,11 j,, ..l ,. .i, 1l' , 55l' .... i 1" , . , Ahi., i1.r i: ,ill ll, I.1, |i r l,11k I'~",;Io i .' 11,I ,1Ill ' i ,' " 'i' 111Ii 1i,.h,., ' .1I:rj ii, , h, i 1 i ' lst ' 1 i .. I, I.ld. . .. o 0 Is ?o..ii.... . gi o 0 I s 1111, lii I . II: 1 ", 113111, ii"ij1 1 hiss., 11s11o 11 . r'r l si iLl s1 o ,Is ,1 s 'i , ' tii rE l , II l li I ~ill wIII I1 (Ills'i Ie2 , :1i . s ,I ll _F 1. 11 1l% l h.,', I 11siito"I il i' s ssIsI ,t sir, etI ' l111 ': , I i o ol l ""s , o illh s, in l Id d" 1 'jso -i,'ooshlni Islso ,n l (1oii.lls.o Binrr I I ili lls.sissi i !sis it-id ' Ise si lnl IIsileti lsl r'.. 1.:l I ,l h11 :ul 11 ,'nl h 1 .il e _I '11 -fi r s 01.P IN It l":Vl'.ll'l:',I4 i,.i. I 11IN ]ilV'l'`1.:l b : ,lly tih llintro Ayour ITraitl of l.uhr. chaoneiteor,as mrlll al, lialle to the A erinihIIes of Notilh AItrien, ly (i Tlurner, Esq SvolH, Th'e litica rll F mmar,, of the 'tiled Sit e, or a or leutl vielw of'lhe Iieury m dll I ll'i-re -fli th ' gen irc nule llrte Fgovet* 'll nts, wish I h rl lillolut li Ioti Ie n thmn d.-- &,lh d I .I.I an to rho ytur niei of the Uleitd lChrhnic Cataneoults li. - 1is.i a tI ii e, by re. Sti' ur it- ' be lg i i a tr olrld t llT wih S rr lr llticlltneis rytn Ni ila l. l -iCalrit trent in 'inl liog frt i llallhe r im 0oI rn ? rh ors tif Illhnd Wclli e leytierl erltoltet, aind a l lrlw iiiande o .etra tltio oe Inllte orK is Evil, the llirnl ilOtthattlti o.n nlhrl ici iCulllaeillf t i ntsll ,iti ol , it rl fire eai e r t t rolf rrcury" " l'is rv ll5itnltril hted yraul ic il ittp; wAithhl reI ttl rll nllt' ithr l y P hn illlt ri.t aniacv , on lti . th wilrfi l a pee ilhilttit of tir llthntri t t (ncep ntta, •Sa.mur I cnlud will th mor ent ottlubtalc e T le t ot iU . itnhtll w ith nlly :.sian s i t, lg t exit hIS.lopr iqunailt oftii.ii.I rla tn i a illan de, ha b tet'e a i iiilorc11it, il{, hv hnlly c eahn t s .e of its t.',.',oo` w tat. n >.ld yie n the i irsc atf ale.ftltc tthi r " IPricl $1 50 per bolttl. ' old only no SWAIN PROTlEC'S drug tollre, No. I ItliON.trt t wt lt lau r. 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