Newspaper of True American, January 7, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 7, 1839 Page 2
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~ dPlay of t r O.mpOtP, 1 mnewill o noea~ o r alo. hlhh lhby dsirea, the favorite Fare of the DARRIACK ROOM. ~r, Mr. lbarret, Mrs.. re FoR ·HAVANA. -.: ,. ,..J l,"5_ rles ·nillna, eoppele~d packet hrii " A NIC. LRFF1, 2dn nr, ('opta'n "Walker, wl. U poaltively mallaot lrrdov, ltijhon t. A li or c.lnbhinl enaaged, and for remainler of 'f"delqh wbmch will Ie taken nt low rates, or panoage, hieng·pl didmalmdd fhn eeoreooa,.dadiono for 30 pea app ly no board, id tier bew the Ferry. o1i~mdes 'JO oterajid pono~lgeri. .. . .J ROBERTS,4 ienvile at, or to .o Wm ZIRmERR O9 Common It TL DFIlanI COR PMATE 'Thelat sailiog, first clase. copperod brig s, , LUNA, 180 tofit; aptin HaIallett, stows 31;0 hhor. oo ready to receive cargo for any p pt, y to Wm BRYAN, I ' J. o 95 Common at o a Ter* days mare and postietly not longer. H ' nHE SPLENDID EXHIBITION OF THE MAJRBSTIC. 'hlie Giraflb, or Camelopard !! hoTtHItCi will cloe on the 8th ins t., and leave . an e jpernteanloo -Geiaf W oa rws Hn ot-ye me th reo tt weond r of the n kltngdOm, ltold call nat St cinrlen trsret, z nwl view ando ju dge for themselvos, what has delighted haothonadr.m l-doaply-interstetd-the curious and acieru- K H . of Admissio, 50 cenm--Cl;idren asod oeroants ha'fprs.. l ., the adjoiuling Pavilion, Ma. . R. Ga. N.LrtS, orln withoot anupe, will continuo'hls astonishing per. ncbe orocEanne. _ _ jul. A OTICE-Mr. Harlob Hooker retired front and r caioed to e a partner of the firm of 'J Thly . on the first day of October last, by manto . tTliner & T T witchell have continued, atnI will tilleooeltrethe husineres as usual, under the finn of fbhayr & Co,' and ne authorized to close all the busminsn of the late firm. New Orleans, Januarv 4th, 1839. ,T h Private Journal oftaron Burr, in mvo, s. rvo, ;Jy Matthew Lb-aris, author of Memnoir of Aaron Burr, S ae~Patly'lotdl. The For West or, A Tour beyond the Moutltnins: 4i 2 Vols. P Also n Perr oapply of iHtomewar lBound, and I latest rovla ofCoop Htte as hrOUrd, 5 er. MHo'Clloch'a Ctum' arreil Dictionary, 1 vel, a very valoahle work for the comk.ercial wo;tl. EJOIINS & CO, J7 o ernor St Charlas & Conmon ast MA5YORALY OFh NEW ORIEANS. HfIl price o froll floor to-day is $8 75 per barrel, 3_ 8.. e fia-to the tarinf the bakers sholl give d-. . ' mig tlheocalingi week (romn Mooladny 7th iust.) 31 oun cee of bread for a hitt. Bread of the second quality in required to weigh 25 per cent. more, vea: 431 ouncem. jan7 C. GENOIS, Mauyor. , C HOI.ATE-.'. caet swaeet Chocolate, landing froml ship Conrlanitne,for sale by j,7 InSAAC BlRIDGE i CO, 131 Mlnnezine ot uHt ',(.\tAN--2 Uatesa, ,toitamo tern's prioe kipl Sbrgans and hesoy hip hoots, for sale by ISAAC BRll) E &iE 1O. JaI 7 134 largane st 16an700 Capital Prize, T ick-Cts only $4 00, GRAND STATE LOTTERY. .Draing of the Grand State Lottery Claps 74. 2, 9, 55 61, 47 62, 58, 46, a0 29, 53 07. I.ASS No, 75. Antlhorioed by h.YI,.nilatil.,ntu the State. t "1' be .ASdr,wnStia)&, Jun , 4139, at 5 o'clock, P. h1. a, Bijeopl dHnt,:, ,ee, ftcsrerihorn to $202 639 1 , ol t$4N. .ll-sl, h tkrn 2 0e-QR m rtaers I 1 1 V - acknenof STieket for $100, wrrnttdl to drnr a . t leat $18 Packages of'5 IlalfEtickeln $591 1i watr rated to draw ntlelast el 4 00 Pmrkagesn of .5 Quarter Tickets $ -5 00 warranted to dwarst lIats $12 For packar;en ofairgla ticket, opllyv at tahe IMANAGiERO'' OFFICE, JnT 1ii Chartres st TO BE DRAWN TO-hIORRIIW, Jn. Bib, S The following ate tie drawn numbers of the Louis- I ..1a.. tLrtaleryy ePia 1O, Orr 18lr.9: 2, 24, f4, 72, 50, 52, 39, 23, 22, m. 31. 25. Sli rite lnlder of ticket rombiatirin 2, 24, 64, ,euti tie tM the prizne of 20,110 dollars,, is rrqrnertrd to cull at the ofiee offt). S. (Gregory & Cr. 35 Canal at. $10,000 CAPITAiL 'RIZE. LOUI SIANA LOTTERY. Authoirized by Act of legislRtuOre. Chapt XIlrItI, panted Matoh '21. 18":, Cloas No. 36 for 18I to Ire drawn an Ttsaloy, Joan. r8th 18:9, at 5 o'carck, P. - Mt. at thie Excltrrr e Htoterl, St. Charrles t. D. S. GIREGORY & Co,. Surcceeor to y'ATES MclINTYRE A" Co. 75 Nutharn-l3 Drawn Ballotlis. GIsNI) SCIIEMIF.. I prilce of $10 o.) is $I 1 noo 1 do 2 :5.11)0 o2 5 1 dt 2010 2 1)00 I 1 do 1500 1 500r I to 1 300 1 30 S do 1201) 1 200 1 do 1 110 1 1140 19 do I non 10 0n0 , I do: 251 1500 10 do 150 500 10 do 1211 1 1100 161 do 70 11 4111 63 do 38 2205 63 do 25 1575 IN26 do 10 126:1 090- do 0 9: 41361 3 436 do. 3 70 308 23 814 Prize amoerntiu to 71-1I5 854 Tickets $3 00- tlalve $lI 50-Qrtnrtrrs O 75 Packages of 25 tickets fr $4t. Preirkages of 25 half ticketa $7"2. I'roknhee of 45 Qmrtrer ickrts ta or I$11. For Packhee or sinle Tickete, apply Pt I).S IREGOIIY & Co. the tanagers -filet, jan7 :5. Canal striet, next to Camp st LAW NOTICE. ' AMES a MAYFIELD, Co Cnspllor snd ttorneo at Laow, of'reetn, has onode an arrangeentrt with JoerphA H. Wrhie Esq., Inte Del'egste in Contre-s from Florida. and C msonellor at Lnwof the Supyreme Cotrt of the United Status, to give his deire, Ilegal oapiilorn and intrnlticnO i all curves in which ha is retained in Texas. Crl. Whlite willin all cases gite writteninatrnetione, and in cases nofgrea imptreance, will attenrd in persn tlhe Supremne Court of Texrs. IHe is in ponsraeion of all the Spanish ansi Mexican Ordin. snce, anti hnas at New Orleans, tihe largest civil law library in Aamerica. Land Tites, In all caen in whichi Jnmra S. Mntfiell is rctaind ad 'an attorney anl counllolir in Texai, he "ill receive my assrirstance, and advice as a eoteerllr. H7 JOB mt WIIITFE. SITUAiTIi.i--WANTEI -.-A first rtore EAM1 STRESS wants a rituttiot. She is crpnlhle of dling Fancy Sewiane. anld any deriplin of Dress le kin, tor hillinery. Would have no obiectio, to en into a private fartily. Can eivn unexreptiolnble ref ereneee, as to cuharater alnd albility. Eaqrre at 207, Carondelet at. in7--t B ANK NOTE E tGOAVING-Rttrdn. Tl'rihl, Hatlch & Epson, ve openr,,d anl oeirc in, New Orleans. posersiine eqrtal adrvantoges with their house in New York, ftr the purpose onfongravitg ano I piutl ing Bank Noten, BRotds, Bills of IExchantge, C(ertifiC'es oIlf)epeite., Checks and other inportat palicers reqr ring ,eritnv agenitt lorgferie. ntd Ihans ntaole ampleo ptnvlrion for tlrhe afe keepine o all plates and ialpren iaola entruted to thlrir cante; tlreir rpeteil.rns etn brace the notea of over fine hur.Ired Iotniki.e inslitution., and all orders will he execuntod willth promptilitle, and on r.easonable ternms. Ofsa,coreeerof Iloyal & Cranl Street. ja--tf `.PE RM CANI)IE-9A6 hIoxes Sperm Candles, landing from ehiptCmel nrtine, for sate by ja7 IS ' AC DRIIDGE & ('o, 134 lagazine rt N D S -'¥S- -.) ba es L otw ell Lind ,.ua, tannling for Ii salekhy STIETSON & AVERY. J 0 (ratvier et N .-. x1 -Tio Prrrolate Jotral of Anrtn j Barr doeine hia reidencte of hlor years it, :?u npa., wilh selnetions from his eurrenl.rtrdnee. Edited $H by Melaihe L fioin, asliterof mersoirs el Aora.r Burr. The P. e rcel; or. aTnrr herondl the o nnroonoas, embeoiag uatlitr.s of WeMter, life it ndl seeror.; skoeteh 51 of the pairiles, rers acieut nloutndroe.rlv seotle mesto f tre Frenah, &., ,Svoln, itlst receivrd by ja7 WM MI'KEAN, ror ('atop Cotnotn st (UIfiC S--' balro fine Itradtiek, receiverl anid fore ale by ITETt)N N AVERY. jn7 8O: Goierrst tir Ja.. 1039. 5 ORDERS. UXJAMhINGTON GUARDS.--Attend montthly YV meeting this cacnlng, the 7ltr mnt. at 7 o'cleFe hP Lsetearmorn, and full rlreu .-raeda, to'morrow, 8th 0hat.-t |.M. Byorldrof ' Csptain (] F HOZEY, P SM I CROOKE, nst osrgeant . F.ORDAGE. Ikee-.lO eoils tarred Ropae agoort- - S.Jei nfrom Ito 6 isch- spunyarn and Rastrte .tal_ stlu, IUep sea sod Ianolead liher; Rggirrg - " IrlAD & BARSTOW,? Bank Plae_ zislr esl by 44, Ileeeiee-frm. his mna,,fa U • se le ilaesoaa a Ormenelta. eltII Cigars. S of a bef qatllity--Tmrbnca, Reliseh, Comnesr. fer COMMERCIAL, c LaSWs. ,Oa .s. Cbarlto.De ...........1 WAhilgm,Dee ........ 5 Mow York'do....;.... 15 I Ciicon..ti do...... 1 Plndelphis do .t.... . t.16 Looville, do........... I. -Ir oo -do . 1 St. I.louio ........ 14 £aOVou.5I do....... . t9 t vrpeol, Nov...........3 lountoH (tu) Dee...... 13 Pris Ot ... ........ hto. do .............. go Iodoo. Nor......... shville, Nov............ 8 Havre do .............. 'FO'RT OF NEW ORLEANS. se - Ihe CLEAR+ANCES. Inery 4. Ire Ship M..ornt Porhbes. ing, for Boston, J K Lyon Ship Oa Washington, Proinl, for Bastaia, Ci rchmidt & W'ersmr Park amp., Demigoer, for Nuos, J ager Brig Audubon, Saboti. for Hoavan, K Groolog & o elhr Elisittlh, Porsytlh, for Poeatnola, Maur Bchr Motgoneory. Sawvyer,ftorl "l tps Isoy, MNtlr chr tleury, Lonl. St Jagde t Cuba, in balld, Oeo BSdford [j ARRIVALS. p !' Towoaht Potchurtroio, Etbn, from the NE Pio.; hieing 5. op .roceeded down light; returned to the city with brig Tusk r. of Let on the 5th last, at B n m; report s evernl ships and hrigl e, nL the elmnel and soveral brigl lld Icnrs in the liver bound T-uP1ow!oatl Graops. Morrison. from 8 W Posi; haviug toweord to se ship Bentor, std bork Anne Loots; returned to thle city with ero, sark Johanoa George. brig Salovdore. bhr Cor, and Sp ochr Balio. Left on the 3d int. It 0 pom, reports othing olf, seerl riigLs and schooners in the rive. Towboat PorifL Msatill; from the Pa.e•; hltrin towed to sea ships Vickhlstburg, Vallilant. ld I)iligenoe; retorned to the city with ship Saratolg, rhn Htellry Clay and Oeompke. L ef on the4th i at, t p m, reports oole Sp brig ad 2 sthr in the river bound up. ty Towhoat Tiger, Bo.b, from N E Pau; having went downo light; returned to the cily wit Ibrig Active, and schr Casoh; left on tile 4th Int, at 4 po m reports one brig in the oau and su i b'i, insido titu Bar. S Ship drsrtogo, lathawauy. 15 day from New York, to J B Haden. Hultes. BE Ori Tuosker. tant , 45 days from Rio, to Multer. Brig Active, Sltkenont.tO dlly from iBremen,to Mirter. BriS AhulstnO.tUI Gieorlch, 19 days frot Now York, in i blllast, to Mister. Brson Itrk Johanta 6eolue.tHohorst, 56 days from Bretoan to T P Ules 4 eo. O p brig..dladore, Hernaodel, S days from IHavanae. to J Pratt 4 sOn. o ehr Corn Rattiford, 8th Dec. from Mtatmorul, to J W ro, Znehario & so. ed St chr Bullo , Ooyney. 19 days from St Juot deUias, to tt Koni, Dhnn-A o, uo ballot.- Sehr Cirilb Grri.h, l3 days from Newbury Port. to Mnter. ,ts, .,h. Ilenry Cloy, P. to..t..., i. day. from Tasmpioo, to SLhr rOeompk Thompn.Too . days from St Marks. Lt, chr Iludsou, Ilymoun, 20 days from Middletoo, to Colt I er. Co. Strmertlltllttvnile, Jordan., fom BsOou Pars. te l Steamer l.ivineto.o, Sweeny, from Alls+ndria. Stoueeor Yicktiturt. Pea.o. from, Vicklhurg. t oteunlor Alhabamian. Rhoden, froom Monto. S(teamer Vlocipede. Dslmon. troto Alexandria. S Steamer Dianni Caller. fromt 4 miles Ielow RSundelph, vill Steamer Caroline, Suttonn, frot Mohile, of gtemerTeotlt', Chnuvln. from lIoqurmine. the Pntboas trnm Ciiouati--eargo, 11i2 brli dour, and 3 do wiiskey, to order. EXPOILTS. tfIeTf IO S..Per ship Margrret Polrbs.. 853 hole. cotton. Ot, BA'TAVIA.. Per ship Geno WV hintgtnn..21 hllds sand 10 half lo beer, 4 halfl itos wine. 300 eases loop. 5 ton gbx lno ware. 0 ios .,il clotlh, 5 hIs bags. 10t brle tlr.25 dlo and 50 Illfdo pork, IUO honkeos ins: empty bttttles. SNTZr-Per hark Zalnp. 1065 aloes cotton. HAVANA..Por brig Audubon..Sdt kehg ard 65 brim lard, 790 op. qrt flour. PESACOIoA.. Per sbr Elizsltall..300 brim breed. 15 casks srie, 17 i-lus otolnoeu, 60 brl flour. 8 ihid, rgy gsrt I;l'ftca.ks du rico,:i0 kegs lard, and L18 lrim pork. TAMPA DAY..Perolr P hr Mntnry., 819 macks corn, 3'2 do t oats, solid 3 tealohult t boilclr., IMPOlTS. on, TASIPICO..Per rrhr Ilenry Clay..5,NO0 ir specie aud iog w,- wood. o ST .iAKK(..Per schr O.ompke..80 lIll cotton, and wine to Od- rdr. y s BOtithoEN.oIu r 'rio Aiiive.sigloooorre mofd ,odze. .............Per hark Johoaollll Geinre..lO20 stone, 46 bh ranlde. S01t domljobnl. 1384 htimperr potsttu.e to SF Ulers . co, Sclllidt, & WeVernr,. .clhask ling & co. P Frey Jr co. oerntlso'grt oand order. NEWBUV Y PORT--Per schr Caleb.. d tolts fresh eudfith VN ansd ice, to Mastler. H- AVANA..'or rig dolrodrtr..765 bags coffee. Iotf rigarsm tilt and ftuit, to t I.opez, Albut, ACaumps, and order. MATAMOILAS..Per tltr Coro..223h1i1s oo, 2497I hideo, to eat J V Znlrliriu & co. NEW YO PK. Per rsipt Seoartoo..a.'d mdse. RIO..l'er bre g Inuskr.. .170 stcks entree, to Mlsster. SIDPDLE''ON..Per schr ludOl..5. fetcurt, s , 53 hbundll bsy, 8o emtro nt.trs'tc caII, (.oitk co. . . Ii ECE;, '1S OF`PonR cOL . . "" At io+!... fri tet ,oo r Lel ^a!t. Aýir+1o"2R1Wohr;1 by . t o.';.. urll to414h· y56) W :o. 94 do 9 huhc '.' " " +"_ "-. i t lt, Ferriduy k.J) , 24 do CToledsno, or- re md"<..I+ ,+,,++++ Itrwn. Motmro.. ,P .... mor A lbamrian..45 his cotton, Lambth & '. ho,r 0.n,.'20 do () WVhitn,,ll, 54) do J Armour 3 do Pierce ollnlon & Bro. 18 dO J tI lalbe, 4 do A St Clhir, 121 do WFloor, t do J W Stliiwell r 6o,4 do Georg Goodoll, 0 do Riohard Bck,21 do Toylor, Gardnter r o, I brl nsod I bor, 039 Wlltor & co, 157 Ilt cotton, A .Ledoux & co, 8do Burkeni Watt t. eor. t2 do A iutorer & ro. 03, do MStloury ." Poord. 2 bls deer skin., anl 7 rrfhllidt,, H lultenger.;. hlt peltry K w W Elliuott, 6 bxs tobuco, A Masynord, B bit. der skit., nr- Owuers ou bonrd. rtic Aleitndrlrn..Ptcrttnotre Vnloripredr..21 his rotton, Pry rolx. AriottIl 1 co, 14 do C Tolledtlo, II do Castock & PIoold. , 151 do J 11 l.everieh, 9 do A Rivnrde &ro. II do dtilh & Voolrhtot, 9 do A Ledool 4 to, 76 do J U Plouohie t Vi.tbr ckrg..Por stamer Vickslurg..143 hi raltnf. Bannrt. -- Prriday & co. Itl do Ithlrtke, Wrtt & to. 73 do Nugellt. Tur pin , att. Vo, dI do bI.nbethl & l'lntprn. I)0 do W Ilogarl, 1i ido lstrtin Plearoonts, do 0 Iligh. 2 ,luo Thol S Ilykers, II t.t , I . Carpenter, o'0 do g'oll.,illl, Bolto & Defooeltu. "J cesrs I;lcon., 6 btrl lordl, otiSo1 2031ctlIS.I.t Ilhtrl, O io chPrse Lowroelle & t.rgoolere, 7 Ibtxa cJtt:e, W.,Iton & Kemp, 3 has tl. odo, 'oPylor it Sodley. cull Alt.eUlsri;..l.r .temeler Vtlnriprde.. Gov Whits, A Ca m.rd. l, to Pylro, Lallarkl , JA rlolll, V Protro. E T Jolote, Klby, Jno Dlalliels, iek Irwin, JOkolltn, G T K:y. Bishop, l WVinn. W git Sper, 1 J Hearl, Sweelly, i Arthurs. M Sore,, 3 Piti,. J II loor. LofiO, Rohbnrd, Iounbar, Marks, 51Mad n.otite, Mt Cllew, A Tltor. Coalphlerl, Blrown, Fergn son, Joat.o, Sntitl, It Kny, O J llnoto, Trylor, Koyglor..5 15 oll duck. g'. iiRatllp h..Pr ter a Ditna... hls cotton, Il Vllitie & WVtio b "o; .8,lo A Mourn & co, 641 brh floor, and 73 do ES rhiskrey. Ogden t Snothgute. Plbqlorrno..Per tealoer Terbe. 51 fil cotton. Yorkn & Brn, I do J ty Stilwell . co.:Addo L Le C.rpenter. 43 do, 6 hhie rsngar. rod i' tc. molase.s, fP (,,iltrtt, 6 his otllon,. 000 10 hhd sgurt nd 4ll0 Irls molusesn, A Mluren & co, 22 his 5 oltoon, Gourdain l. lllnelto. 12 lls cotton. Folloio. Bellitr 4O Iu Dergelo.s, 51)brls oinlo.... II P Glrny, 3 his cotton. Lonoe, 6 1 b:0lrectottao, Ilenry & Lwrellos sulldry lots furniture, coops l500 fwI., Owl0r0 ot b.ard. 3 B0 Bayou Sra.. Per steamer Henltvills..144 his rotton. A 'on Leldnx - co, 100 do Pitloy& . 50 Io .1 White & co, 30do (140Burke, Watt o t co, 55 ,,o A Rivarle & c-l, 48 do Lasduony Onot co, 29 do Ht V Btxter,. 21 do 'aylor, Gurdtner " co, 2l do 5 W elwar. e39 do J A rolllolr, 21 do Goyle 4 Stewart 17 do J B500 Plnucbh & co 37 do WV Otky & eu, 20 do J A Fontells, 50i 7do Thro Durrett. 13 do C Toiedono, 14; do Owne.r on board, 00 9 do Hail Itrit. 5 do Martin Pleasllts. 5 do Cnldroel 4 iti1Ilitkoy, 14 Ido Ioeynoldt. lyryon 00.2o d LLo Carpester. 24 CON.I'GNEES. New Ylk..Prtr hlip trntnmnn..Allnlh. Clark 4 to, Kidder SHind, te.lnl:llt, & ., A P Fo.lnry. Colntnetk. ilydtr cot, Hlllry .,llinlt, Slth 3 Vnrhnees, Slidell t Stewart,. Winl. nonu I Shall, Riunln, (Wt on, tnur .a Gridley, E Kip, Paul Tulan. & cnto Nuortur, Steel co, J Cnllt.jr. rowtn&l . I co, I.nln, lepheua t4 rn, artilnlt' Ple3nallt.. Vhiting & Blahrk. SIntrull & Avery. J 1kcDantll , York . aln. Adanlt VlWhit-i. all, Kitkln-lu, Alberthllly 4 Illini, J W Stilwell, J 11a. A Grait, nWllod n Sinla,,all, N'aeut,1'a Trlin:r W t, , I lalul lell. Johns & o, Bollarq, Denalon & co, iiH Amea, W Ilolgrt, n tuckaer,ttalloa & co, J C Park., W Dine, J Fiihben, J N Rotert, .V IIW Field 4. ca,Ilob.on GOlaoch. J II tlleck. J P Frenlll, n & r. Rttbitnso' 4 leugnl. Hiblr & Waterman,, Thentore Sprlnn.l, J C 'nagner & cno R Pt.mllert Hyde 1 (iuidrit.h, "' ' Lodge, C 4 E Bernard, Scnlllidt & Wner,t b Gee 'lce, E C Mutn.rllh enron I 4 Sllilln. S W Oakey A co, J m Bye., I;urke, Watt4 c., WV TophIam, V Allitt, E Frost, J tllll wtjr, Lepng, & Bro, Dalvid Felt & .o Richllrd c Mill., tinll, Bllack & c, F. Irower & to, J Craky. ineeker & I.ewi IIl .Itt,,l IV ittatyeny, CT hlldaun. R Levy, J Fowler. E Lealnd, iticllardll& A & Wlaternau. Wood 4 himn. ,Uon. lIl ''hile is co, S A Belden, J DUta, J C Chanlberlainu,. Prenost, n re, HI Keennnn, Pope, Powcr & en, Birn i Btueaide, Dail A er, PNeel & Nulth, C J Mneeker. Dllin, D C nwain. I 11ii White, Tnylor & nB.dlny, Dwiht i4 T'low hridgye, tkith, Hu'bhard .l co, A Gra, M Q Chitledon,. (ien H MeDowell. Ili V Cauhntl. Alnltll.d & Sprine, Palml. &t SJoontone, C Do;ane, R Adtum, JuU Grilnhaw, Stroud 4 At.,. kin, Pl'ollaltd & (iGreona. PASSEINGERS. Alexandrl.. Per steamer Livinlaton..C Mulhollan and iaIt Dr Madden. W II Kitchen,, HG WViliialt, John O'Flahelty' rGay. lullahnlu, W Callicut, L B Horine; U Lnadry, O Bsr .nrd. Binno..Pnr sItalner Als tnmin..Mnlj Downel and Ilady, Wil.ou and InAdy, D N flnnest, Philipn.Col Millneny. Man. ' Jnne, Hnolland, Judllg Brye, nr OGrayton. Hn.i .Kul, I Tholrns. Lyullnn. B.nlett, Douglas. Minow, Dnaon tnd lady,. Min tlunhh. Jn,., Phillipl., Gale, Huh.ho. McKnigttl Pngatn Kirbhy, Beardl, Mthnet., BlOan, Cook, Lee, Drenu Moay nd hlhdy. ito deck. Vlah.hnrlt..'er Latclaer Vickahurl..Mr Nicholton nld d', D.lvis, laudy and slt. r3, (tade., AInr lcltniarrek and anunhttr, DL Dnehii.,l ntd laldy..lita Dnhil. felrt Newcllh, King, SBlll. Bltt$, Pund. Kilel.ata. Smith, Aluryhy, Jorden, tamponn. Cnolter. I.opezroux. Jooun . t'nwanth. t.ollinl, Ptr ,ustan, PeEr. a lr, arsI. lIPlay. J, ne., Aolliare, Visau, t rnadwell, 'ghl'. Trylnr,. DV Wi lin,,. 4 tvt. Ilromnn..Per bark Jlllnna George..(i WV Kelt, lndy and nton J WlIther, C L innyer, N aytp, J Itochlaw, Neidner nid danllllhler. A Keil, Mx D Slkt.. lld seePng.. lnatltnornt..Per i chr Corn...Mr Carroll. G Gllta, J RtR Jnwett. 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WV Sllimen. 8 Bo hertl J i Cuh and nnt, P H Bu!tard, P A t lmit.Jud t Btttltr. J C Walker, J H Hans and slt. R H Bully nnd Nst. 8 Keller and it. Johu C WVlker. Latwi W D &nSil, Io.r. G I. Rn ttnnu, J Dnpre. J Cat PCh.ndy, tHatrlson. J arrit. J Morln.Mn M WIlker and Irti. MdtH Yout entd lady. anbtr. tDunltr and fnlily, Outlle., Kennltty, Remat. Lrnlne. iltl., Larrty, eGtjoan. P Brown. Darnell, C Rliea, J Allan. WL NMay, Wrd Conrad ad It' J A elley, P intebons, B Mr 1tin. Sb Mc nutoheon. lady, daunhtr t nd 9 vtl., Llnning. IMra Groandy.Goody. A Doinion. J O Diven, ODr Main and ston. B InO C Raymund, Pool, from Pieulacol, in Itellst, to Ridder 4 Head. MEMORANDa. TIhe Misittippi I. elinely bloaked .p with It 4 miles bel.w Randolph. Oni the .t init. Et OA .'SUGAR--|t bl1 tlifferent lalilien. in loe. r li .'dforrsl|,by RIIHLL &BROWN, egents' ells oler tefintv, 3 s.5 B4t gMa ziri4.t 'TilE .'RUE AMEKIO AN. ' BDITEDRO D Y Juler OslUeN Presi tives pAIT1 TUL AND BOLD. clerk NEW OR LEANS: he - O ,MONDAY, JANUARY 7. 1S39. anus DtREcronY.-It is contemplated by tno sub ratio scriber, provided sufficient encouragement is given At by the publie, to publifsh, an addenda, to his-Di rectory and Guide of the City of New Orleans artIo comprising the new residents, and the changes gab' that have taken place during the past season. exc Persons desirous of having their names inserted the in the addenda, will please leave them with their to professions and residences at the Counting Rootm Nu of the subscriber, Exchange Hlotel. van Cards tastefully inserted at a moderate price. gee The Addenda will be sold bound with the Di- pw ectory at four dollars, or by itself at one dollar. ofI JO, HN GIBSON. Itt LETTERS FROM THE COAST. the No. 2. th In the first place not sufficient distinction is drawn ra between a high and hlow pressure Boat. The law directs on that whenever aboat stops, the Engineer shall raise tile th safety valveand let off steam, under pain of being fined af S$200. Now in a low pressure boat, this is a wise and m safe precaution; but in high pressure boats or engiles, bu unless the pumpa be set at work at the same time, while I the escape of steam by the safety valve is taking place, ro the danger in most eases, is only enhanced, instead ofhe- g lang lessened. For instance, when the boat steps, all the heat of the boilers is retained and steam continues to accumulate or increase, and when let escape, leaves e the quantity of water in the boilers greatly diminilted. et ar, Consequently the longer the engine and pumps are ca te stopped and the more steam let off, the greater the danger becomes. For the water finally gets so low that k the iron of the boiler above the line of the level be- l comes red hot, consequently, when the engine is again put in motion and fresh portions of water freely thrown p' into the boilers, it soon raises the level of the water to above the red Iot iron, when such a sudden evolution th ofsteam takes planee, that no strength of material can as withstand its force, and an explosioc, or collapse en- in do sue. Hence we alwarvshear of steamboat explosions, TI just as they are leaving wharfs, landings, or wood yards, tit and very seldom when ,uder way for any considerable Ie a length of time. The reason is, atht the pumnp is always r o necessarily in operation when the boat is moving. C en If Congress had mIde it obligatory on the engineer, never to stop the engine longer than 8 or 10 minntes I9 without putting the pumps in operation in addition to tb the letting off steam by the safery valve, it would have tdn been a wise precaution, and well calculated to prevent to l9 explosion. But to fine him for not doing a thing, h! do which without using the pump at thenete time. only of increnscs the dnger, is to punish him for not incereas- re ing the hazard of bheing blowr up i On the Mississippi, se too, owing to the adhesive quality of the fine mud, or w to to some magnetic, or adhesive quality in the metal of er the safety walve, it frequently happens, that the valve p lza will remnain firmly closed, after nearly all the weight n tak is removed, and it will then require several jerks Irem al tth the engineer betbre the valve will rise, and after it has once given way, the steam will afterwards continue to raise it, although all the weight may he replaced. This cirenmstance should he generally known among engi tO neers. because, it may happen, in some instances, that an inexperienced engineer, tay when he removes the Sweig t fron, the en sty valve conclude, that, it is not a' Sraise 'r d,cnonequtItly Ili hand.f sart,,~ is not great, and " xphsaiIV~ th aifety valve has no tl6hh ah .".aiid mptrtn~ i'dret it.r p lava nr s , the very t'jeclioon.le and defective manner of ete ot.:;r t. In the first place, the salary naid t theso entrusted with the examinatn of rthe hulls v do and of stearn boats is not sullicisnt, In secure the C o5r services of the most practical and skillful men in ti i. 2 such pursuits. Neither can the jiudresof the U. r s, Saltes courts be considered qualified hy their pro. Ii fessionr to act judiciously in appointing such offi- p rcaer.. No man can makea proper examination of a h boilers for $5-or of the hull either. The conse- ii quence has been so far that the examinations are r. of the most superficial character, and pronounced li et, favourably alike on most all boats, and the eerrifi cates freely given as soon as the five dollars are b: paid. It is stated on good authority that Mr. M the inspector of straon boat boilers was called td, upon int New Orleans to examine the boilers ofthe I steam boat WuRRTnr. The engineer had just be be, fore applied a patch ofiron to one of the boiler on b S the under side to stop a hole, made by iurning thie boiler through at that place. WlVhe the in- I do epectorcame on board to examine the boilers, tilte & engineer left hbl to find out the patch, withoout 5, telling of it. He walked round the boilers,--oak- I l ed at ,hem,-then went into the calbin, gr a e e certificate of their good condition, received his five r opa dollars and left? It isn standing joke amnong the A engineers, and ticklesthem very much. Noxt to Ido trying boilers with steam, the best and yet more do simple m thid of testing their strength, in with k' cold water, by hydraulic pressure. Does your in. aid, specter know this? Or if he did know the method, couldt he apply it for five dollars? The plan to which we allude, is this, the pumps are set to work by a strong force of manual loaborr no, forcing cold water into the boilers till they are per. fectly filled. A greater weight is then put upt.n ctthe safety valve, than it is supposed it will ever be ri necessary for it to carry under a pressure of steam the pumping'is continued till either the boilers give rt, way, or the safety valve is raised. If there be any j leak,or weak place in the boilers this method will an, not fail to detect it. So powerful is this force on a, boilers, that you will find the greatest opposition 0, It it among those mostl interested in the boat; be. erd cause even bilers entirely new, and deemed per ' fectly good could be burnt and rendered useless by a trial of this description. There arcso manny io, defects in the law, which so much embarnasses tie file, whole act, that I do not know how eongress aes rmend it, to any ndvantage. It will be much better for congress to repeal it altogether, and begin over and over again and pasrs a new lw. Let them ap t, pdint a conmirsa on the subject, to sit during " the recess of congress. if necessary, and authorize e them to summone before them every leadig prac d, ticalman in thie country: includicg promninent & ou, anperienced engineerr from the Missiosippi, and Spiletr, and esaptrnis of boats, entgine builders, ma. r onufactlurt rc, and men well versed in mechnnienl sad arta,-and swear them, and take down their an S swers toquestions proposed, in writing and report en tile whole to Congress, which information thus as, elicited,would form the bases of the most usefll and and probably one of ohe most effectual laws that ad can ever be devised it the present atate of know JR ledge. The pre.ent law of Congress was paaed laet July and riaeeitwent into operatin,, there has been moren boats and lives lost on the 3Mississippi River than has prolably ever happened, within the same period, siace their invention! In my next. I will briefly point out what appears to be the most oeummon caues of danger in producing ex plosions on the Illisieippi River, with the best appar eant means of prevertion. Yours, very reepeetrully, A There is a rumor in thlie city confirming the in telligenece of a fight between the French and thr, Mexicans under Snuta Anna, in which the latter succeeded in expelling the former from Vera Ciruz but were itmmediatly compelled to give tp theme Santa Anna was wounded in the lg which he was compelled to have amputated. We have Louisville dates ofthe31st; but they do not announce the resumption of navigation. The Cincinnati Sun says that all the water left in the river is frozen toe solid cake of ice! SutIIDE. Lieutenant Stephen T. Tibbatts, U. S. A. terminated his existence by cutting his throat with a razor, in a fit of temporary derange. ment, at Louisville Ky. on the 30th ult. He had engaged in the rectuiting service at that point for several months pert. The Montreal Herald gives a report that Col. Prilce.-has been arrested for shooting four of his prisoners in cold blood. The volunteers consider rd the arrest an insult, and had refused to obey general orders, unttil doe reparation had been mad. The) were a nice set of buys. glterser .T-he general ausaeb f Leasi a L ui tmdets, and there will probably be a quorum oi the both honuses present. The Senate has to aprlont its ten President for the year, and the lhouse of representa- wit tivers to elect its Speaker for this term of two years. A the clerk and other oflficers are also to be appointed by the house cf representatives. On being organized the Governor will trenamit hirs r0 tannual message to both-branches of the legislature. We will suaggest some topics for legilative cotnside- C ration, which seem toclaim particular attention. pr. And firet, thegreatsubject of internal imprvremenl* r presents Itself. There are few, perhaps r iC ofthe i states ofthe Union, more susceptible of improv nient by Di artificial means than Lousiana. By opening her navi e gable rivers and numerous bayous, and making artifi- ib

cial drains, canals and levees, immense quantities of excellent land willbe reclaimed, and facilities given to ed the planters to transport the ground staples of the state r to market at a eheap rate. One of the first objects of int.mal improvement is the hi a" New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road, which is ad- at vancing with fine prosprets,and from its magnitude and u general utility demands particular notice. This great in work has been commenced by private enterprise, sup- C t- ported by the city of New Orleans, and a small loan of State Bonds, the payment of which is well secured. t It has now nearly reached the Pass Manehne, which is a fair test of its practicability: and when it reaches c the Pine Woods beyond, it will open a new world to h the city, and a profiable market for the country. It w only requires legislative atteation without any actual t s oudtlay from the treasury, tecarryr this noble roid into tile the heart of the stateofMisisimppi. We understand ed a project will be submitted to the Legislature for the lm nd means of its advancement, without, in any degrees 1 Sburthening the stelate with a peeuniary debt. Other rail f ils roads are in progress which require the fostering aid of ge- government. The Banks have all come to a specie standard and re quire but little legislattve interposition. A strict ex-n Ue aminallon, with a view to eoreet any local .buses, ptch I asn faveritism, or irregular banking is the most that is a erequired. The currney is now as gorm as locathanks can make it. ae The Judiciary eslls loudly for reform: especial. e- ly the supreme Judicial tribunnl. We learn that there are upward of two hnndred causes on the So. wn preme Court docket, pending an appeal in the E.e. tier tern District at New Orleans, alone. That one of ion the terms failed in the Western District this fall, can and many important causea were continued over en- in the other at Alexandria, and remain undecided. Ins, Thus a prompt and eficient administration of jrs r td, lice is denied to the people, who have a right to tile demand it in all its purity and vioetr. The Coneti aye Itnion provides amply for an efficient Supreme Court with competent salaries to its memhers; and justice should no longer be withheld. The pres tees to ent organization ofthe Court seems to want revi. ace sion. More jud ec are authorised by the Consti. nter trution, and a full bench is imperiously demanded ng, by the present state of the punrlic husin es. Som e raly of the present incumbents are ineffieient and should os.- resign, that other and more capable men might he ppi, selected to fill their pisaces. One of the judges, or whom we esteem as an enlightensd jurist and ex of cellent man has antnounced his resignation to take tire place this mnth. Would it not be well for all ight nowin offic to surrender their commissions and ram allow a new and complete organlinlionn to take bas place. We would recommend that a law he pare. to ed,providing that the Supremoe Court shall hereaf his ter consist of a Chief Justice and foarur Associate er-t Judges; the chief justice to be appointed without the reference to thore now in commirsion, and - not t no the sh!rest jlr;hitsiiof r te tle. In, and annur nu Pricientt, and a~e Cou.t .,j *; yhd 0 ' '., .nte of the country, and J t would commntrr! the corfidence and respect sin hie phopas. r of The great and inestimable privilege of freemen. aaid the RIGHT OF SUFFRAGE wants revision. llt WVhilst it is enlarged to the extent permitted by the the Constitution, it should be made at the same time n in togive equal rights and privileges to all. The U. recent practice of v,tinc on joint ptrchases ef pub pro. lie land operates unequally. In some places it is nfli- permitted and in rther parts of the state it is not Srif authlrised, irindeed thought of. This produces nse- inequality of right and great injtlsice to many atre citizens. A law should be passed defining and tred limiting therighr t stuffrage under the Constitu rtif ion soas lto make ii uniform and equal through nre out the state. I- We have thussuggested twot or three trpies for Iled the ' pres ent, ad will pursue the matter further, the hereaeter, if expedient. ./lfairs o llarrisbturgh. A propositio . was nrlad by the members of the Pennsylvanan L.itlntetrei I who elected '. S. Cunninghlam Spieaker, to Ihe Locolocos. which the latter deolined, itht th two speakers elected by their respective parties should resign, and that the members whose seart were undisputed should proceed to elect a speaker--that a special law be passed to provide for contentingl the rights to seats in the legislature--or as an al lercative both sats from the county of philade' phia to resign and a writ for a new election to be t tssued. The proposition includJed the following t provisioos: That until the committee to be appointed to in. vestig;te the right to said contested seatse shall have reported: or until a new election shall be had, and thie returns thereof received, as the ase I may be, no bills of a party nature shall be passd; nor shall a Slate Treasurer, or a United States Se natnr be elector. In case if a resignation of the respective parties claimingi to be tetreesentaives from tile couuny of Philadelphia, both houses, if the Senate agree, snall adjourn on the 24th inst. to teet againi on the lth or 10th of Jannary, to allow time fr a no w election in said county; and ttttmelntloiy al:er the cum mitteeea n above provided fr, shall reprtt ; or the returns of said elect;ot fr peihake.r andI other olficers of the house, shall be had, to serve Ifr the remainder of the session-unlil whcI, eCII.C liun none of the standing commliticc shall be aip. poltted.' This proposition as we before remarkd w re declined. On the tweny fiftlt, the S trite, after a protracted discussion decidled by a yut if 17 to 18, to recognise the 'Flnpkins i lsr.' The Locos, of course, triumphIed in the dieraee if th ir country. The result is to be inourntld, ti the de. mocracy were determlined to carry thri.ghll their high handed measuree,and they encounleret ,lsone pliant tools whom thae bought up, in order to gain a quorumn. If ever men deserved to have black lines drawn around their namtes, these minions of eairdid selfishness deserve perpetual oplproblrinum. Mr. Wagner the Senator fur the ascnd district composed of the eunty of Philadelphia, resigned his seat. Mr. Hanna alson from Plhilalelphts county addressed a note to the chairman t of the i coftrui tee appointed to inviestigate his claims to a seant, Ideclining to offer any tIrther evidence on th e stl . ject of the subject of the contreted electini, but still alleging hia clait.i. lHe conasidered the pst taken by a portion of the committer, as prejudging his case. Mr. Casset, senator from Adams ceunty was found dead iut his hed on the morntingp of lth; 0th. LATEST FROIt MEXIC;O. By the arrival of schooners Cora and Balian, the for. mer from Metamoras, the latter fromt St. Juan d'Ullua, we have received the following itees: The Cora left on the 'hith ult. Every thing wars Ier fect!y quiet at that date. The Federals w th a force of 900 men hlad surrounded PMetamorse. The same parly had succeeded in taking Victoria. Santa Anut with 10,0110 men was stationed three miles tlisint from Vera Cruz. He had issued a proclamation, de!taing his die termination to fightt to the last in defence of his gover n menrt against the alleged unjust claims set ip by tihe French. Gen. Urrealhad full ant peaceablre lIo sessioill ofTampico. An English frigate was at St. Ju en when thIeBaliza sailed. The schooner WVatchlman was t-. king in specie and passengers at PMetamoras, and wasi soon to clear for this port. Afr. Rives, who mayjustly he considered nee of the leaders of the conservative party,han thrown himself int the front rank of those opposed to the chimerical selhe mings of the alministration. Ie is in hit determination against the fallacies proposed by iMr. Van ouran, and draws a line betweern the party who defend the seats and meauurea of the President and the people, which at once sets at reet it idea that hets could ever be wiled back to sustain such an alinfnis.. rtation. It is stated that Allan MeNah distinguished in the Caroline affair on Nisgara river, and kniehred for the same,has been shot. lie is the saeond of tihe promi .ens actors in that affair, who has fallen by tihe hands of the aassauin. Another paper statest:at the treprlt is without any morn foundation than that his carriat. was stOpped, but Sir Allan ass not there! ,. CainAl a Tzras. l-.o Saturday evenetng I the 'temple' was well filled, jhe whrle of the ex. G tensive pit being occupied by tie Firemen to. whom.. Mr. Caldwell had thr wn open the doors tihat evening. The ploy of he' Poour Gentilemrn. went off with great splirit, and Mr. Fin's hum- R orous song of 'The Firenman' was enthusiastically o cot.d. A general call was then made for Mr C.i ,l ath irnloe forward and in a very ip pr., ,',at a ' hanudslme manner expressed hlis M "raude t lire Depar ment for tlreir exer. ions ro aving the spletndid Temple of the Drums in which they were then sitting, and an. nouneed that the complthent he had offered them that evening, wee lut preliminary to al fnllter expreeslon of his grateful feeling-that a Il to cae a0ns.IT would be shortly given to the Firer g' Association, an institution whose formation he to had aided in forming, and whose advancement Is d. and perpetuity he should always continue to ud urge. He ealo stated that he should take a paert at in the performances on that occasion. Whet' Mr. R P Caldwell appeared entd when he retired,long and tn loud were the cheers which resounded through a the St.Charles. Theenthusiasm with which he , was greeted must heve been most gratifying to t him. The evening's ent(rtainments concluded It with the Adopted Child,i which J. R. Scott raI curtained the part of Michael with fine effectr. LeIcomple's BeneJft takes place at the Camp this Ire evening, when she will slpear in La Sylphide. tee The bare enuneiation of the fact is enough to all fill the house of atroineal Rote. Sonme misunderstanding oc re. curred between the eudience and the "menage e. mrent" of the National Theatre, N. Y., occasioned oh by the announcement of a b.nefit for Mr. Mitch. is el, which did not take place. The uproar was of eke the me.. . egn(fientf kindl hut thtere wee e. .s. . lenee, and the tumult wns quelled by Mr. Wal at lck promising a thumpina benefit t Mr. Mitchel. 3n. Augusta took her benefit at the Park on the 24th, s. as Lc Sylphide. Sithe ie charming creature, and of should have made her way to New Orleans, ere nI, this. ver A handsome present -A beautiful laiquet was ed. thrown to Miess Sheriff front one of the private houes, te- at the National, N. Y., on thl evening of the 23d. The to force with which it had been thrown, broke the silk sti- with which it was circled, ltd the whole fell to pieces. me It was then discovered that besides the flowers, which tnd of themselves were no small subjects of curiosity and rees admiration at this season of the year, there were vari i. ous articles of jewelry, consisting of a necklace and cross. shaded with emera'lds anrd diamonds, to the val otie o fet least $300. me a TH REuvGaTTA.-- Mobile hast sent over her elite, old who with the Ariel of this city will corntend in a the race, to comle of l opposite Coerrnllt)n tormorrrow, s, . Ifor an rler ,nnt silver pitrlher. HSom othe r boats re- nreapkrn ,f,-, poocible roprrir .rrit r fr the pr z^. tle tlost e mentt.onr d above are lr n:v entterer. Inr all print of argese tile Mlrotle itrns hve rather the nnd ndvrntaeg., but thoie who lnurl ihe N, re ()rlrons ike barge, say thr t thiey shaltl not heratr l the prize ,e. without " a puIl." 'iThe diita:ce will be three aTf- miles-or one mnile and a half up the river, arnd ite return. Tihe W,.rather poriniea to r be nvitiing, randl oout the roncourse t,o witrnes thin exn io;g nd intern. r.. g trial of se.rl. wrill ii'"' ,. tie vOrty g rat. Tnr,.r Chrlies Blrooks hho been rppoint d Irre Ifesor of Naturarl History itt the University of tie City aid el New York. We learn by a -lip fronm the Louisville Ganette af the 29th ult. that thu case otf Meners. Will insnn and M51r daugh for the killing of Rothwell nd tMeeks hnd jnntr closed before the examniinig ('ourt, Judge Jn.yen pre siding. Doctor Wilkinson wandtenlarged, Judge 2Wil kinson and dMr. Murdtnugh were held in bail, the frnmr in $50,000C, the itter in $5,0110. The bail was givent aud the prisonern left the Itonse without diturbannce. 'Tnn PorVr.ATIn or CNctnanat in esimn ted by tihe a Post at 50.0110. We know eon.ething lf that city, and a think 35,000 wo Ild he a nrfer e.tinlnmt. 5011.I001 Why the pork tite a sould begin to feel as thou;t h rile Iight in a few years, tnead on nurnheeln! WVlhen Ihne ,,' cmlne rnnnd, she lany throw in her lhon nad ll, ntlonnt gaze at New Onlennn in pnerl arelive The Cincinnali News callithn Iedllouin Ar,ls a Ina.b .,nonusrerron;a ; Itnili dtituyan-. wh .l e wr as tI , . q p Ir'. The Oiin Jltrcr--F't,,i' P n,'-en alrid W\.ini. ge nt' Piige. l[mrrrir t of thelln dLll nln., ten, t'"I1p lhe fola wilng lltie n f ithe sla e ul tling.S ul l t it . ville: "Thi, Iliver on laen Anlnday froze vler, annd illnt thit time tlhe weathltr has been coll and nt.e i,:e has entinued tothicken. Yeaterd -y mInrlnoe an nertern wind prevailed, and al.but nine .'clock it commenced snowing. I hlie prospect is of a hb'. v) fall of snow. It is quite probahle, that the snow rllay and ill rain, Tne wind cones from the east and the weather lihes already motlderted. On the other hand, if we should have rain, it may clear offeld, so that it is nmt possible to form a cncjec ture as to the openinllf navigatinn." Commandant of the Welt India Squadron -T'he Norfolk Herald states that Commodore nhuhrick, who was appointed to the command of the WVet India Squadron, arrived there on the 23n1 in thlie Steamboat olmhia, fromnt Washingtnn, and will sail for his desti nation in the Meaedonian, an soon as that ship can be got rredy. The British Queen e Ileetrmined to niagment tilhe Nn.v, with a view of re-ilfinreinc the fl-ets in thie Mediterranean, the Indias, and alacswhere. \Vbatt has little Vic inl view Ieside ? Col. Totten has nnlterrd no his duties as hief of tile U. S. Engineer I)epanrnnet.t in place of Col. (I rntiat removed. Fire at Lynahburg.a.-nA fir. lnaltnn.d io l.varnttnrg a. att the ltllh nult. aille Intai nn' " lnlfnne oa ihe tlnwll in ashes. Manyfthellt citizent were left wtihout hou see in which to shelter their fnamilies. iFrom Teat. Wen. Dryan Esq. of tllis city has bh-en appointed Consel. lir. WVilson fromnt lrriseh(e, has hernexpelled from the Senate for using profane lncnutage and resisting the officers of the chahmber. The aur deter, Cok. of Mii-'istiplli. has been nprehr.nded at Galveeslrn. A collcea haa beent recoammendl, d in the bill hbefore Cnreess, toI be inastiated n pprd t bppirtedl he anlp. ofthe npi'lie domanin. Pres ident Lamnnrlhas instead a precinua Iong n.tssage. Hie esquin'e at Alexico-segngesting that she has still i hankering after the lcnqueta of Trxas,and rath. er intinanting that the new R. pnublic may find it In her interest to earry the war into the cnenny't camp. Thomns Ilulter inawho mad red a l r Whire in a hagnin ni Cnecinneti, has been arrested near Jeff r sonvitle I , and lodged in jail Cod Fish. Fresh Clodfish will lie offered ftr sale at the tnd Munieipality anllket hLosea, this mornian,sby way of experiment. Of course there are Ilvers of this delicaey a ho will not suffur the experiment to fail. A hank has been organized at Albany, N. Y, under the general Banking law, entitled the Ex ' change Bank, with a capital of $100 000 with the privilege f increasing it to $10,000,000! D. C. Mitchel and S. T. McAlister, ofNatehez ihave purchased tihe ship Ambassador, at $35,000, with the intention of running her in the line from that place to Liverpool. Governor McNutt, of Mississippi, offers a re ward of $300 for thll apprehension of Hcram Hobbs of Pine county, of that state. He is described as "45 years old, 6 fee¶ I inch in height, square shoul deted, thin visaged, singular voice, dank comnplex inn and eyes, drun.ard, gambler, &c ." Truly he i is a rum one and i supposed to be gone to Texas. The Rail Road. Attention is being directed to this most important work, at the North. The y uncertainty of the navigation of our rivers was r never more forcibly illustrated, than during the d present season. the importance of having other n nodeoftransporetttion has been rendered singu aIrly apparent. The products of the west are shut out from the!rnatural depot, and the fertile valley of the Ohio is suffering for the productions Sof our clime, and those necessariee which are i. alone procured via New Orleans. Shall the im in pereant work, which is to obviate these dflniculties, rt be suffred to be passed by with indifference by a our Logislature We look tar smrae of the man-i ear spirits to taka itup inseatnet. CAMP STREET Tk TRE. M P. and MUME, LeCO, TE, Respectfully announce to thei ends and the inhabitants of the City ncrally, Sir Sthat their BENEFIT wi take place on . I MONDAY EVENING, JAN. 18ISg , When will be produced fo bd h. isat time the opera-bal.f LA SYLPH .E! SWith newSernery and ecaorations, ýhih Madame L L.crmp1re will peorm th S id, aeat in two I grand pam. a Moas. MARTIN, i it will anlso appear in two grandpol, asa4d by a Mii J.R. ItNBULL, E SI and a nurerous aorle detballet. Tie ..llpal sctenel tof the celebratled ballet ofLa Sylnhide itae Aeaderay r. Royal of 'arie have been introduead, ai all the oen d ginal Music of Schneitgoefler. 'lhe d i sa sadd 't Sblaux cmposed by Mradame Lecopte and buglht a out ulder lrr iarmediate diirectior. jS--2I aI Great Attractio !. IN CONILE STREET, NEAR HO PI'rAL. o Ocelot. - T | v:s s . h1 n a nd Hit a1d wll neu ·no Sud an. e amlt, el. 1trr, and wilrl.rr e ri trpn . trc few dtavs uh'. T .ew ho ire ndrofNaturrlrr lis ur,will do wcl h, tvan s aII r rlradrlt exlr tire mart erxtesive ald rare d Spl mneratis of Naturar l Ii slry ever offered, ai s tte, .Ilr e i r rmnin but a few dayra tre Ci)pn frrom I till 5, anrd at early candle light. Admittance ".3cts.-h-ildliren and serva to, halT prico. Jan r-it al, ulk ral NEW ORLEANS J°; JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! n It t I.1'Sli COURt E.r.' z ^. I'n t ic u lnt' in d i e t im , N . < ; •I V : 1 , the GOVER.NOR'S IHOil'E GUARIL)Sl I rur pre Wil lve m r FEA, l; lmV to lhig'de or, , No. 18, you ate , t i l hereb lr d tlrr II rIIoIu Jr ilm rad e tll d .Ieviar l. "" (n I I i I) A i, the !8lt ,tl1 iui rrI ', inst. at I tIl e t o'slr k , p rer rl yel , +\ . 1 .iii tu ll ,i Orrlrl. it tZrIa + Ind il lhlr -i pt 1)1' l+ n ItIslt the ,tI t larl ll,'+' llhrntre, it 11d Chares .ire Sr t. Y older f 'a i r ('r . 'ry ri " Jiri CN it's Circut,. irt f'N4ciari. rtll a Co'a CiIr(cuI. cars rsM ýrth it 1`t, IIloI 01 , by" ,., of Crude and Ii uap~ilnl atreeta, by no eelliaaell soompoly of Equoorojo Ilig Malster, Word, Cl~own, '414411400 I)Dates ooen ll parolR o1,lork. potfarouooe to r oot- ` nwnen. at 7. At it it tameVC Itaxes Ooe dalllnr. (:lhildtrn its ihalf lir l e I ', Fifty resits. 495. *' Arolmal1c ne ul"Iho s, abet.. l I,o, o 1Fi 1 " 1 I aoe 0,ro44lt 0 4 ouir,l ill hehld at1 the P Is, dram Asylumo, ool WI,. ,..4ov the I lbt ileol betweeo 1i th uiso I.. .roil 'loeeoo-rrie pi ,o po. o rlrelt s UiII Outuilr IIo ooLI.o, 4. th 4,ltn r, ear.14 j5-I rGNIF: DlES P'(1.lUPIVES lIE LA N. ORLE.( Na r ES ction. itO 4401444 aIr l resent lulifi0s41440. 1 Fe.rrier piru.l ,; , Ii Bureaou de la Com .gaiesI, 1 ue tilt l'aaga.) _____ C:. I. TR(ACY, Sre. /7 Fl-wi; a'oh l'e l'i,,oooa'a lo,,,eoeeo (.'uopoy of! f l 1 Noe Nooroan lsl.- 1,11.1 alu ol la sIo e herebyI .o liftyd,Itýor 10' ,-14a1 INTA~tr 001,10.41,0ad tCo,. aoo, -ICompoopolr.e e It I IEItACE, tII y11 _ _ 8eL'y f N SAB ANA (C4F1EE-31110 Iau 44ri4eqality, in storeo, and for sale by j.ol AIIS1 hil XI 14rl4lf:l, 31 44 1' y OIIAACC)- -4U Luxes Vl!giulIR I'ollucru, nsnm't-d-, fi jet ABRIAHAMI '1'IIIEel, 34 i:l vier at (UN9 4. B iAGS-14 boide (Dann Ilaer, of luo e f ?f uml prime te reI, suitbleho lila Snit, by ja .1 iIt1U1.I IIS Illntsn r4 t 1 I)II.-39 teals suit eor olro.iued apo*rot oil, \rearru d 4lpoe I b~i ,4 Bun sti 4'roi ,, its,I c4,0 0s by jut 1 ISRII1l)l"5 \" r,,131 Ml~gazine et r i1S'IýIt. I" lSi~lil·:- I.1,ft she rllllll· 01 L'II-\ HI.I-? I j 15UI,' lllru.Illb. to al,1 al rIet o4,o- It 1orva, aftut l aet ho I I, lt,111 . Ie 11 11 rd f-e4, ondl tIll y,,lff, ot cli.,o, aI wII,.,S I,,'lter A spt, abullt the sioo oIis d.,llaruo ye his, ItII eooo i Jreltie .1 joai Tll Dollar, 'll varl mid lit, piles ( slo un [ r .too lnll w o wrrlll rtr hsIIt(Iaie ·l td u al nonhee pr i" ail. at :I A1.ANlOIll( U,1.-o75 elerook 'ol 'aoer's i,.j.7 r jR1 'J93 C0111111 0 llee_· 4S. of the00argo of IIh. baqrqu iyohju, a lI riu sle0 by j..4 1. A GAILE, 9.1 CommoiltRSo t r otte,'o teeby LEVI 11 (.AI.4.. ja4 93 C'44000 01 111 4.4 (Ili 415 -li-I Ili aiio iorsloolrh , II 11 1); 14, 41 :`. ',Ne Level II',R 411144b 0)Us loll, 44,444,t ;.IO lr 'salt ja '\VH0 4T1I1412E & Cu, 741 .4Ieeoo.z 0 j II;1* I Ldlil Ii fI raeI7L4 moisle Y.i-t'in role I,,i j__ S& 3 I' 19 I44I11. KY, 7:31.4441445 '%iA n'I'Ellr-. 1 ..,i,,d 4yolo-le se t,.t, t,, I.. Ibo 4444l4 fa sma0ll famttiy; ,4pp~ly yl Nol4ii ClIottree8 INIf E14I UIL-LCt'pprero te a R Il:el, lo4 elul, LJ andlur sae by Ut111sLY, _ _ _ _ "1INew l eve. NTIIIIACITI- COAL l.RO 1,4 , 4.4 114th bI't 91,11. A si4 oero,-r, Cool., toling fr44m44barq::;ii,,,n.b, froom Philadelpbhia, otr allove if toa o the La ts, by IIOL9IEo & 1114.l.4, j.4 4, Ilblk Plo, REGATTA AT CAIROLUON. GIRAND It o goll i0 t444440 off at 0 orrItou on the 7th Jan., (rsen 41a all fooo, sar1d club houos, roweold by ,,,ole ooOtarsen, for a prize ofa riioor Pitlh. or ,,,,d saIver. The following ollleieo bae alreody bee,, I hoFAriel fooa Club, of Noo Ooroo, 0440r 1110their our oared boat nAriel. h'e 4 SE0RIFT 0ROAr CLUB, of Iolailo rotor I.eir four )tired bou Ilut FAIRY. SITo'41 AV0 U' .1, of lobliI,,, t ter, thoir boot Coo. :I11414444a orthi race4* be m iide - ii-or 7eOte the Jhll ll .1 n ul IIlill'v IJX( -IANI; N~ MI,., 40.4,7. II 44014 do4,~ oig~ll, 1jor roboby- crI;'"! ' N& VERY, J'S St3 Gtovier 1`l St. Charles Theatre. 'I'THs EVENING, JAN. 7, Will be pelornlmed the IlelutlilfTl Pla'y of A NEW WAY TO PAY OLD DEBTS. Sir Giles Overreach, Mr. 3 RI Scott, Wehlb rur llarrism, AlirlI, Farren, Sreedy. (well, Lady Allworth, Mrs. Cowell, Margaret, lluomer. An Overture by the Orchestra drand Pas sent, by Mad'le Ravenos. To conclude with the new Piece of NAVAL ENGAGEMENTS. Admiral Kingston, Mr. Fine, Linst. Kingston, Brnwne, o Short, Cowel. Miss Mortimer, Mrs. Plumer. JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COPPER-PLATE PRINTER, ,. No. 3, Camp St. I. 'ILL engrave na Irint to order, bank notes, bills S L ofaexcalangr-, bills of Indillng, liplooms, m'ecant it tile end nisiineg cards. natari I, cOiulan r ,rd corstlng house ssals, door plates, silver ware, ie.. always on hand, an assartsent of silver pleted eid brass dooeer P. Cards pr;nted from plates already engraved. nov20 CITY BANK, New tirlr-e, lib1 Dei. 183:1.L lll E Brl rd c if Dir ittrs rf this Illelaitrimr B. r Ihi .it dtcelnreerde Il.vell adrif 'l'cteer pe rieit on sln Ce ri thr rri. lieatlh tFr 'li Sir' h,,I.l.s, or tliir *,,gii irpIie i ruire Ii rcl i r 'r o i i.rl\tdrr, it -lisle (tP (711", 111 39. 1l. .J. '.1 . l, IF",,: A ~ "f. N NFORIIMA'TION WANTED.. . i ,' PA'I'R.CK cCANN, who loft New York fl' r tiis city, about the mnirlclo of Orrnlrer last, and has not since iheer heard from. Aay in. foremtini left at this olfle concerning hint will hr theI' l.: lly receivnd by his wife, (who is now in tloi elly.) lnouldl this m, et his sye Ihe is earnestly rnerl!Rmied ti) iilinie knownI to hlir hils place l rent. ing , Dressc & MasquleradIe all, A"" V 4IIINGTON IIALL RIO3144 SIt. PIrilip treet, IbeiwePrl IRvyal & Ilillrlhn. I i'll 1: l l l'r oflthe nb,,w" IIII1; Ihrll IRi. n, 1 ..rn . I al to ' I f,i i e, r i' e rlr'rei ' tre bairic l' l Ilien 'r rale Is. Ir eI nl lr iner ihriiled e l him forIci i rr,, l ri-n , ri. e. 4,ftllv itlfirlmus th n tb hrIIIl,, er·thbli hatrl.t h.,a r e,. -ll l .rien r ir r tI' IIIrril I O Ii' ll h i f v:ithlr ir h I In bly e ie 11, i1 ,ll iii i ,' e t r li rer. , hlil ,i.i lIill ill .i kel, l I 1v ore ahhlr-t I{, l um ~mmi1·11 ill IIr c I'uiv4 l *Iro Tir l -,; ,,e o,,ill r-lc i i oll SiI aIdILy yri Ir : Ill of Nuvenerl n-r iairsie I NIlANI II ) 1 )_1S & M'ANSII.UI'IAI1' iALL, nod will tbke prrlu,,P. l u (. vtr, ,lovldov, Wedneo inillE neli'.'r rlmP tir Ir'llrhlcli tile l.l llir l lllu lll, ireo -u Ja.LInl. I iiliel' tir IlliJ N. II. The enier ae'onirrnion will Ie nil 'i keep inig prrf'iet order thrnughulr thirr sIre alirili aenit, was 5 done I.oglltltnl ll I For mle hIy l J i' VIIITNEY, d 18 Ti tip et y NUa 'I, r --'I'I.N ,I r a ,'ru II ciii li1 15 IlIi, spirile TaR ._hlh . ( n'!! l 11 1 hh r rI'nl ' iý ll ire S IIe iby J IRVIS & . t, i1 V". .i , d11l8 r. . ( 'u.nI&'T"llipitolsuln ll ae SAItl)--I2 k,-'. mad I In ii lirs rate mriel', Iin ls orle hry ). li. ll.IS.9, 1 I Uc ." .. 111,11 1 i r . . ! ri m ,m i mII rrniiU , Ii aIles below the rIite h lire reli Ir dl AI)AtiA & Will 1A;' I., 67 iranvier At NEW OiRLEANS & NAsIIVl.LE 1I- IA I1R(AD), I b"claber sI, 1838. OTICE-- o Colntractor>---iid pllposial will I r.( cived Ilunil the rIrd ml Jlllliery, 1839, for mi king tIhe iluplrsiruct ire,rl ,IiIn li I I len irilrh of Roade; ciolllll llue ig il, liPosuiirlithie anrld extending to w iird, thi t ity. SI iritililln uln bIre cure , oild rlen lilons made knowia f Iii mihi,areturn It lthir millrit. I) 1l(OA III), il -liin ('i. .ngr. and Iltri. Snper'dt. -vIV ,.I S''ll, AII -IWiI+S--I-'Fr, grrrnwd -rn rl ni and ,u1ckhiXt Xilliur, burs- l-e"l,adppelae oril ats al d nlllll, 1 ii Ti rliillr , iawinlg: tild rind i. g done n wusul. All n I lr, inrl' eenr h arepiir edl riiglie. jeluni. nlly n l , yl .1 (ITT Tivoli Circle. •I +I"- ; --!;I - -~ +.c " "AlMlT F I Ih l IIt.b.i, (t Lelan id I . Iillin l ,14f linod Sat. A I) 1 N II(RMIt,. ulh Id li e. h.o olwner is, ( Ale u Io r fill ' iii ,lrl l'.l'elli'r ery, I' chlnrgeil 01. Sierts, lAn. II w u p1 r ial, r rll. iieed le r sle niy jl i 11I illhll' 1 11 Ii (", ' c1 1 3 cln. irg t ieitllA j lll .--I.,d -luai i i I , 4 I ns- e f fneslis j I IInI GI, ' 'r . 131 hi urn'lin r At ' I 1' ill . 'd t I I.Ii 1 ii . I , ll. i n i leI I1: (' m1+ 1I! I n_ 1 ( 11. 1, m. , rtn1 I,. lI Inll. tr Ii i h - vini . T gthrl wihlli m rtii n t of cu 1 e-. Fire t1 Nil II I Cl U lt ,6Mgnzine Aiti t1 1E i- II, il II I 'rin ipe ig re, cr )I I i 1 ý, .e i' l, " I 'i inin :.5 ale li I'Ihe:l(-Ill keg, eiiiiccc.l r beet qualitr orner liClE- rli r l ' It niorhe. ire r 'ei eailddrn r h Alee ; r1i hesa lrrrinnl r er W clilsl 'n? ivto rent . with _5. 1,1u h.; I hIne llll', dX ridgeI . l ll itll l untiIgts. ire, l F7 . r bIrl I+ An. lbrIll mensl . I urle . :Jai n s eh~wd,. I . joa5cor n odwh r 1 Iaib 'A r Cane. 1.0l Il 1i hl21, ai ll 11 r , ei. \ ilrl h ll, allowhd (1( J. I llIlhllli ' .l \'(I l;, 1 [I ln iie cc I I fr ni ' c mallti ul,- ri-i' I nR eiua i ,e ,l I "t tl il .IX I'littER, 49Iisrer at lit n X ,_.. .. . ..,l+ N++ . IiIXIXI._ 441' e _' _ ,ai 5_ 5 I g I'1. I t1.451' In Li.. .)N h.'l ltl)Ytl , Jaiu r0" l -th, I::1iintherity F :x hnge. , St. Lnis mtre;:, nt 1'2 ,'luk. Tir . ieligibly sitnuated , l- JeTroal on 1i,.l seetl , near lhen I c olNr f , aroI ne( I street. n itthe rall I halr l side Irlon lthe river. T'h," inilsrivtmlw lentyls c Is -i o it lirne brick w rehoos11ni oil t(iet rear of no11r lul the lots, ada fraLII lno d(ellhng house on ithe fllait 1of tt,,o lotf l lots with tlo ;orr kitchens. T hei. Io shich are nlow 1ented er lmlvo hu hed d l n ros 7 )el a, Lit No. I llln'urs - , lt i icheiP llnd 7 lines. fro+ntl Ib)y 127 firct 9) il,,h 1, in i,, rwe or hiDs. frollt by 1'7 f et 7 ilnc'h., ill dellth nl thi e liio line, n1d 15J IBct icfhee, and 3 linlle ll on tle otullr line, nlore or Lot No. 4 mn-eautrs L : G.-' f inlhes and 7 lines, front lv 15) feel 8 liin'hi' lun :3 lill' in . i. ti, nrell.r or lnss. F'i( i)--lt'in vnlll e lt. ioif .Iiroiunilli.' ii Alugazinne & LoF t ,o. I : 1 l L3~e1ai e a 1or-, malsurel Q.5 ftll front ht ii"o 1 tlt) i11 dellth. I oil No. 22 diltto. Lot :no. 36;o, l'e1..ity t.'I jho.l's the nihove thiree e f-ri o ithle othir line. Sit N.l 3 I7 Ill ifiily set mlll'easure in lfrinrt,f7 feet S3 inlcs L by I(;i lel in t th, on one line, anId 15 elte o l lt. e l tclrahvl llln'I sii i wih ll tn li .tritle lUL.n, per pl iai which will b. e exihile oi the. day ioii i..' i 'T'l+t:MIS-Onelirmtthan-h--hnlantte- in 12, 18, 24, 311 and 31; nIonlihb cre, t--- 'ithOul ilnterest, for notes atio I fnctorily edlllllrd Il l eain ring las. l .n inl piay. i11ent. If the iest ren. i+t pI liat n.inility they shall beorinterest at lhe rate o1 II) per cent pct anm11um, froumt i1 Pelvdrts 1relttl ,llljoinll1'-' the, 1lllllO4i+ (.'ll rrh,thl o lot Slllu +.ul.(,s 25 Ier 7 inches f,.nt I..e I, l , l h in lie h, mnre or less, the house is l glod two story frailll s illilF. 'ileg with, Ilttlies an1d1 tno story kilchlrn:, the purlor nrt. a dra, withot i nail dnti.Lr p irnidn ted 8iullo:l with nlanrbte Il i IJpn sLJ ti illi i i The iiiiprntivn'i limit.e in.'.; I'h'I pamlrtedm , mnil led! ip a nd ore nof ill firsnt rale i.'-r, fUr. 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