Newspaper of True American, January 8, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 8, 1839 Page 2
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. I i rMý.daý t". r a u a d m o ed o btf. Yd e ki ' m H.O 'ater wk ! ,, Potdmoreut, J A Minedrt , d tendr to h h i ti t Wrire. r nrrte , qoDead Mao' heray, Mto e r Mste q end to d foitrom Newbry . nMort to rad oBsto , o Onet kodf on mor IIT ithkllr nOtroh Dicsur.. eddo atsthe, it bat iot. en ýt Oiu 0*i . 1 IeW ui, Pehn h Mut, 1r I _ . ,e i O` IVAl ... . . er . - eo tij 4t. M t ..oc 4 , bo, Pa.e ,. k er.,o rt ed hp. aer rk e tedya t n H s`r d k. n e-lto ht.R Ib rh 6tbh L ot 4 . report eeothlt t 0ight k t d teiet nalr.0o n the ivcrd. . . e oL.trU s eom miveroltg btowd to p~a.r.o o the t itrtwite bkL h eatt. snd Sk .rult ir on t th th lto , nt pm; HOM ASTOt annP , L y proeded IlIkkI.tor e toI city witht Aip y Ms, to . rlnrMerld.o pokrh from. fII umbtleo. BUr on, Riog. Ideye f rto ue Hto i tnoe mtoIha J - Rr- wnk, , e 1 day om neon, t bur 7 o A AVANlE.. unk erle, 4oel o fro ku.tom ed dao n pIs days Trom Philadelphia, to MoaSthr pot .y ,M.ndo, ol , from aiberpool, bodto NT O ..P Penrtai p dtan m h na.. n ottoIdd B ifoer r iR r.EIa .Il Oa d M Ob la. to Re fm ile, to totor. MhJa orto,. P eo gy, 36 da fron Ble Hillt, eo to I I3 "I Pa, 18 days from Newbiry Port, to rateer. Ahr .ald oA Boston, from bAdno, in baolle, to lt mr IRuckhr Heil, bPor lla.i, r lldo Vi,burg.. be.ed todow to, feom Nbtcht, --- o 8an.. Gate, from Vicb~berz. uor Ellen llugla, Riley, from Natchtz. fY..P er h ip o Pa nt r.. 87 .. hi otton, 61 sord garLA Iplrlo tre d, e61 hrl e pork, 15 hhdlel t blco. Ih I brl ,edre, bho and uI tr, f lot lhinl ,a2dees der dkin. IN i ' ...a P aohr Oimronklh 00 J hl engpt, and 1h0 loge "!'RANK Par achr David CoIes.. cak crockme ry, , 89 lR P HO.IL . PP r t h rk htlh0lli..110 htse cotton.b 1 O ..Pa r br ill V eydor...00 hhds, and 50 balma toe " MBItDO..Per beh tLontA.. hiltlo r mne, o 300,000 D MAN'DD,.Pr h ere ahkr Mount Moriek..00 ahemy corn his hey, 6 brla eo0'eoo. do .70ir. l bo ttondl.a 5o hAbs porks. nd 10 brie ingeer. ..... C... L... ..Pe er chr Diadem.. 1 00alo t, o lana barte. ban stel, sa ri o 2 sek~t trllee. t.ITR O..Potship Hobt..4l codsels k cklhhd earhen , w are erglas lwadr e o n o ds shard ,arse Park I.ucrreti..150 halcl oatr, 109 Iront , 2d1 boas ntie. l ill. t 10M1 packagesr. od OAATOA..Per brsi hl Tgronn..OO, brig poaletoes, ind s5 MOBILE..Perachr sh olu..n2hia.s colton and 500d s.akslat, to d.PrkT, AllOn, Asher 4- coJ WhPeler.. RECETIPTS OF PRODUCE. Vioksburg-..Peaate.mer Rianker Hill..245 hs co.tton.,o.ok e W*tt& ao. 70do Goele, lgeal. I04 doBlucke.r, Stanton & to, 10 do J M Hall .1 a,3 I.. Rirhmol Bo1ck, 30 do S WrighL. 6do Lyoals, IHarrls 4o.. calld2 l.,ldild, 4o.., 32 do H oon 4 G.ooch,6 dlo W Mbo00y. 6do John Dunao n, 208 do Bennetct, Ferriday & ca, 14 do Nsunllt, Turpiin 4 Watt, 83 do W Bogert, No do, 4110 seeks oats, and I0 blox 10obao, Coludola..Par steam.r Eanpror...50 h, 0011010, WV Sl Rea.Od do Worthingtlon., 1111o plarks.. Wltt 4 oa. 30 do A LsedoaO ro. 27do F..yth & Limericlk, 62 do W Bozart. I 2ode.JG Ro' inaon, 13 do Brondeo, MlKenna & 'Wright.l 4 Id ya, amrrie ¢ eo, 44dolBloooou Ferriday 4 o, 45 do ?iao. Ga:rdnfr ¢ eO. 10 do Lno, F.oolne .f ca 14 do OaeiII,'Deorino ca. 24do N iJDik & co.,47 do George Uqnamo,:2 do A If Walla.c . 0 do LuO,,blh &Thompsonl, 10 do, Hih, 12 do JI White 4 co, L25 do Order1. 30 d. No uoa, Turpin 4 Watt, 013 do, Order. CONSIGNEES. hin Oioo..J A Li.dner .& oo. Madam ek baune, V Dnail, R IO oiog & Co, J II als.rte. oin, chbidt 4 Wors,, C HII Schrod,.rI, Do riadiloK, Kohn,. aomn a& o,H .l.pL..o, Qucrtio r o &Albrechl. C A WV Zeller, H VOsten, J RobertsO f0, H a.odorn & Cramr. J A Alertl ao. T BOiloraCW Voight sn, D F Smltlah, Kein.l& K.oant many.8 GUeorgoo&r &o, Fbioy &oa, T Beckmann; T C Mason, C Remmers and order, Livaolrpol:.Per s.hp Huhtll..H.nderona o&G.ine, Coil so. H M Saaop...,l cOteltson o Avey. R O Priclhard, T F Vlea&aco. II& W Ifopkloa. Loeko 4 ca. A Lnbofar. A & iDeaonitoaa& ao, Whltinog &Slnrk, al deLizordi & co, Mirkohodsa& to, KennedyI eoa, O.loallpa,& Doris, J 8418, Raynaold., Byron &ro. Loolldlru· c0, C Donaldson & Car J H Lveribh i co A 1. 4 JL Addison & o, Ilarnaun to. CWilt., and order. Phlladelphia.. P.r bkark Taoli,..P S1hoannon & Bro, tlairen 4a c0, WoodoA Simmons. 8 lIHyde llo, W K IHaooy, Ogden & Southgal., Slalon. & Avery, . P Colaon, Be00ett, F lrrlday & co. J1I A'hly.'l'.ylor, Do.oay 4" o. HoaOo.. I'.,ahipColhoobiaos..JA errol d&o.ELoo.1ard, SLallood. J SI laullad. Ado.m,. 4 Whiloll, A Brier. JlC as aa. P& J Frrzurau, Haoao haoA IRogrs, II Boonabol, E Bpoga, 100Wrld&..o JLa~ll I..& Oa A~ioo,.l & rOaV SLayld.1' .MP ol, Y olYmao , *oo 2 W Day . C~orms i Mcaahoa, BLuckne. Stntonoa & a, Stulkoy 4 WiVitlnglama Wood & Simaono, Slater. Jarvis 4 Andrews, Shall & Urown. EStow & co. J Jewall, P Wheeler, R L Ray, B Whele.r, WIII·amo. 4 Grant; Taylor & Gludlier. E Johns x aa. T Whlileay, alaoad & Siaeraon. R G Davin potl. Hall & Beia, CDoan., Stetson & Avary. Godlroay Lowrie 4SoSmll, Ogden 4 0outhgal.. R Doulin, Winaton 0 Shall. 2 Thlayer S ca,G W MDe&r &a J. J Pall'or, Iaa,14 .oS, Al Viningl 000, Dav Oi*f Hobhar. BailyD, Dlbe1 r & o. 8 Cl,0,. G A WIOle40, W Haolmes. E M l'raI.,f R .l .lb., Cap lBarker,. 2 Davt,, BHroah., A lGo,,s. EHoahthow. JC Hrris,. S G SI.,, .h0d, GW Whitny. IIAllen. 8liodd..rd 4 o. J 0rid110 ,o. JS Cart.O , H Loyn, Caldwall & Trafhnl. W Clopp, 2 PBod. LJOmllh. Barrier A- co, Cerrier·. Daron & ca, Hander Ion & .eina. Dan & Hawthorn,,WII Fuller, Frust a 0o. PASSENGERS. nr..Pr.hin Orion..Mi.. A l1 Heloioh. A Kopia'h, SW Wagner.2HSSochick,2 C..amr, TC herringj, od 10 lath. Messr.a. Colombia..Pl steamoler Emperor...Joaal.., Ricker, wVa do, .ad lady. Doroy, Pattoln, Lamaos, Giray, Vahan .nd -"buly. W B Sent0. Viloabura.. Par olumomr R50nke Hill..2 II Ahle.y, W Vilia. DI .1th, Saughter, Caertr .04 awl, II Hol,,aa, L Potl., T LapM Ne lrl. Liserpool..Per ship Ilnhart..Mr Matadn. NOTICE. The ehlp Constnntine. Captain Wieanr. from Roston. Is die eharsing opposite tile Orleans Cottoll Press: Consignees are equeated to alttend to Ihe receipt oftheir .mods. J T 8 and J PWIIITNEY,73 Ctmp at FOR I.IVERPOIOL. The fine ship DENMAIKK. Lovelt, man I ter, will have immediate despatch. For Sjan L II GAI.E, 93 ommon at FOR NFW YORK Holmes' ine..Regular packet for the 15th January. The fast siling packet ship ORLEANS. snnr. mute is naowloading, and having a lare part of heraereneald.ed, will sail asabovet. For freight erpaeage, apply on board opposite the vereta'e market, or ]ý to HOA3IES,48Camp t CELEBRATION OF THE 8th JAN., 1815. WASHINGTON BALL ROOMi 1 T IlIS EVENING, January Eth, 1839, will be cele r hrated by a Dress & Masquerade Ball, Admnittance. Gentleman, $2 011. Dopra of cn at 71 o',cl:ck. ja it,0001Capital Prize, Tickets only $3 00, GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Drawing of the Grand State Lottery Clase 75. 17, 13, 63, 59, 65. 58, 28, 18, 61 12, 3 20. LASS No. 76. Authorised by the Legislature of C. the State. To be drawn on this day, Jan. 8, 1831 , at o'clock, P. M. at Bitiehop's Fltel. 5 DAVIS &uCO, Managers. 75 Drawn natmter--l12 Drawn Ballota. Splendid Srheme. WI 814 Prizes, amounting to $141 628 Ticketa $3 00-11alves I 0--Quarters 0 75 Paekages of 25 Tickets for $75, warranted to draw at .leat 3. Pnckagen of25 lalfTieketl $:7 50 war. ranted draw atet local $16 50 Packages of '25 Quarter Tickets $18 75 warraeted to damwat least $8 25. For packa ofatgle tiketlplv at ie MANAG ' OFFICE. j Jan8 16 Chartres at SBF ER..O kegsa Gebthrnlttaer .lnndmend fr esae by I lieg DeLks, variom sia nd I pelterndee, fr sale by DAVID FELTaEd co. l e New Ynork Sit Itoner' l l 1. 4 Charitre at S prla"hip Parntka, for Nnw York. will Iaeee the Lea es oppso the lower rod of the Veget.ble Ma8nrkt, to maur toraw, (Wedntllar) ereaine. atI o'luchk..Patenagets will tn a artL at h. that hoarn jR WLANiACi FOI'R S1, tr sale whnalesale and Rtasil ly .n.DAVID FEI.T.antd co, j8 N'Yotk Stationers' Hall. 24 Camp st 'LOtIR..76 brlsltadlag team Flat Beat. for asle by F J8 . G DOIISEY, 44 New Levee tTO-. WiOb ni prime arder. for sale by . G O DOjEY., 44 New Lance i ICE-, c~esupereor new crop CarolinatRice, for tale WWITRIDGEad tad . a t - in ,ta . n ,and ral . by a )eB WAIACBRIDGE & Ceo, 134 Msasiac at a eas Io i ha or p lhadirng la snip a oaPW b I IS TNAA Y.I5C mp-tO, t BIDGE dto, 134 Magazine st .1-AWr5L..-aaliIqg, ten babhn angla fleMarle, ftr s bI " ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Mlagnazie st fI8 IRU'IJIP AMRRIOM4. q nau'ral Bs aoo*5 eaMn.O. die I raZYRnsfl. AnD moD.e UIMSDAY, JANUARY 8. 1S39. We hasten to liy the Message~f- the Covernor siejo;ercur reade.e. It will he found a concise and to enseiloe document, recommending to the attention t of the Legisllaiue, the most important husiness te which will claim its notice and on which legi|la. ci 'ion will be necessary. on GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE. Frllow-ciitzens of the Senate th tee and House of Representatives,- f d ,,'he marked difference between the actual situ. w ation of the country and,.at in which it was i1 i placed at the time ofl our lst meeting, is a source n of sincere grelulation. We were then in the midst H of financial difliculties, the effects of which were felt with almnost equal force in every part of the a. Union. In other departments of human affairs, Ih tht disorder may exist for a time, unheeded by the h mass of mankind; but any serious disturbance, a in the currency of a state, can scarcely fail to ' produce a shoack throughout the whole body politic. In the height of exel'ament here, the opinion pre. i d iled to sa.e extent, that the disease called for he application of extraordinary remedies. It is extremely gratifying, however, to perceive that the prosperity of the state has been upheld, with. , out a recurrence to any of those measure of coer A cion,in regard to which the public mind was much divided, and the uoility of wilich, to say the least, I was very prnblematical. ar It seems to be inerhent in our institutinns that, to in great emergencies, the beat results are to be looked for, not in Ite hith exercise of power, hut A are to hIe wr, utht out by the free untrammelled energies of the people themselves. Experience eeemsnto have demonstrated that the best security t for the publie, at that juneture, resided in the sound discretion of those entrusted with the man. to agement of the banks. Though not paying in specie, those institutions have preserved a seound o circulatian. Somne changes have taken place in twa the policy under wiich the genoral 'suspension occurred, nor banks, in cormeon with those of ens. of the other states, have recently resaumed their payments in gold and silver. It is nt tdoubted that they will soon be in a situation to afford every ,ds facility wh'ah it is proper to expect from such to- corporations; while, itn the rem'mhranee of the n'c past, they will find admronition sufficient to guard ret them, as far as m y depertd nr their own conduct, from the dangers through which they have now triumphantly passed. In this favorabhie aspect of their nffaire, it is an to- inquiry well deseeving the consideration of the people's representatives, whether the true interests of the state do not require the passage of some ern act to relieve our hanka from any suapicion nfhav tot iug forfeited :heir charters by the act of suspen dis sion, an alternative ehilch, as is now generally . ucnlerstnrd, it was not optional with them to nveid; satd, although it is competent alone to the judi ciery to say whether, under the circumstances ii hen- which they were placed, any forfeirur- cou'd rtally attach, yet. inasmult as a doubt on the subject toe cannot but operate injuritiusly on the credit of , the hbanks, wihwhich the errdir and tihe pecuniary O5 interests of tIhe stae are inseparably cnnrtect.d, justice ns well na po!ioy would seem to reconumend tni the passage ofs:rmo Iill to renmove any uncertainty 1, that many exist in that respect. I have received from the exeet'ive of Georgia stat, the report -f a jo:nt comrtitte of thte lcisla ure of that stale, with the resolutions based tliereon, r, relative to the refusli of the governor If the state fsh, of Maine to comply with the demand of thle gov P rrnor of Georgia I.r tire deliverv of certain fuii e ties trom jstlre, cituared with the felonious r hduction of a slave. Tihese proceedlings were and trnnemitted tn min, will the request to have them communicated to you at the present session. They are herewith trant smitted, mrrked " A." In accordance with the wishes therein expressed, irk I subhmit the reporta nd rosrlinrins of tile state of in Connecticut, marked "D3," relative to the national cn executive patrounnag. nas By a joint resolution of Congress in 1836, the t, a secretary of the treasury was directaed to cause a aco, cortnlete set ,lthe standard weigbht and mclsures , a1 to be delivered to the governor of each state in do A the Union, t the end that a nnifrm s:andard may aeart. he estahlishod thr. ugh the Uni n. t46 The Secretary of the Trrei u y, hv his letter of 1do July last, informed rir that the e" s of weigh'€ iin urge tended for rlie siatr of L. riaianA werel prepalred, ot, sand ready for delivery to nt.i'lfor such person as No shucld he nppirlnted to receive Ithm. It till be set byl the annexed reportl oihr o .-I perinarndeent marked 'C,' that it- weights re 1. quire to be kept itt a snfe and dry place, free frort ohr, all disiurbanre or danger of damge; and that the lier, utmost caution ii to be obrerved ill their use. To s & I:x the standard of weigihts and imesuri s is one "itoh- of the at ributt es of congrea. T e careful preser C otin of the sanndarils, whoa fit ad, is of great aite inporancer. I have de,,ired it dvirriable nv t to . T p, ly for the drlivory of arl weig.he des ined to , this state, until the legislature should have deter mined on the pIropriety of dtlegatinir to sorme one on a special authoriry to take chargre of theml. eO I transmit a memtril marker '),'of themer 0 chants, shipownrl re, uard the chamber of coutnt rote srry, relativheto the r l i..ers antd pilots ofi tie Iprt of New inatt, Orleans. lit'e great and consannely 'cr wing rdt, d"fthe city is euflicieot to givo iainreet to Ihie uiijec . matter of thememonnrial -the sourcce Iroln which it elmanal es, eititles its se dli, lla i to to he nlost rerpctl'ul cocei teraciol.m The city council lhaving Ileisnated a lot of ground for atl rirnry,s cconemplated tby Ihe act of Ihte Stth 't hr, 1836, the work c,,olId not he cmlnicnct d, in colllrqllelence f hie to Iec a ructura of tlie seecini on whtich it deI onded. 'The a.ation requires, as a prulitsninry sae ,, a plai and esti nate, to be made by tlie civd en. ieoor; whilst in reality there is no such funalesstir kr own to our laws. It apprtopriatestwr nty 'It usanll doll. rn to the building, but authtlrizes no one to draw ftr the amonlOtll; so thall Ilhl mo'ne ro Id not Le reach ed undtier the act. am at present frIlee I. A repoiitiov for the public arine -anli ee .lcially for the field pieces and ordnance stores,--ia of the mnnst precsine urgenlcy; and I reecill e.d a revi a ot of the 6th iecion of Ih acte, so as to per mit its intnr ilin it he ca ried into effect with as i ifle delay am potiible. fly y act of Fet runary 1, 1837, the governor was nosttirized to purchase a twelve-piound fie'd-prtece of brass, for each briog de in tlhi satIe,--o be mounted on tile new model. Anxios tno carry oua any dicposimion fit thl betoiler armi'gol tthe i ilitic, I directed the adjutlant general, dur, in thie east season, to obtain Ihe best fl' lrlnation possible as the foundrye and arsenals of the North, as to tie means of prnellrng the pieces eontemnplate I by thae t of 1837, sad their clst. The reslh of his inquirters may be seen in his report, hearincg date 26 h otf Decemlber, tnd marked 'E.' Th nact of 1837, is imperativee to the moral and c libre of the pieces to ie, pnr'chas d. It is apparent, how ,ver, that there are several poinls l l rI tion to the material and conotrucimon of arilltry, w'.ich still remain undecided at the war departernsr, and until these are determlined, it misll he Inwotae in the state coincor the expenoe f? urtchasiloe gone which might not come within tho class and des criprion necerrtined by tte ordnandcedeprtlmeni , at the clnrclusion of the expericnencs which it is now makning, to be the most ellfctent. The adju tant a neral's report rcontins observation and rec fiectio . on several particulars coonrcted with ilthe iervice to which I would invite the attention of tn Logislature. A copy . f major C. ope's co it. pilation of Inatrnctions and Regtlnsttons ftr tile Militia and Volunteers of the United Starte is transmitted, in order that the style of its exe.:u lion may he seen. It would no dohut he ve'y useful to place this mauual ill tle haond of the o`icersof the deff rent ctri s. I consider that I shoualiomit a duty, were I not to call the attention of the lecislature to an inci dent which has received throughout this commu ig ty, one universal feeling of reprobation. Since your last session. an individual was sentenced in Ihe criminal court of NeW Oil, oa n, to imprisor. it nt for a given ternm, in the pelntitetiary at Baton RoIge. On r aehing tile shoere of that pincer and hefore he could be delivered to the wardens ato te house of correction, the runfortunate prioner w.n set upon by a misguiided mob whoe, wresting him from tie agents of the law, proceedod t. ilnii on iimt a punshmrent as unusual as it was cruel, and which is revolting to the dtctates of humanity. It is shocking to Ihink that a human being, .) the c stidy of tile law, and consequently deprived at the meansi of self.defence, sh,,ouh thus hc seized itupo, and muilaiied by persons who had ni cogni Zontce whatever of Ith matter! It is diflicuht to coniceiveecase more oultrageous itn i an' ure, or more subveraive of every principle of order and Islerty. Ninfonrmation is possessed of any of the per petrctorshavirg been as yet hruogtht to c,,ndlgn pnishlment. In faci, the whole affoiir is clcu.aerd to reflset discredit on ourine iruticone. Iferime is to find immunity in the multiplicity of its acconm plices, then isour government unequll to the end for which government in formed. The power to arrest a man, implies the duty of prolecting him psnding the duress: andti if, while it ties up the hands of ipersonl, it sufflers them to become the ob-. fecat of lawless violence, the stile is itself the first author of the wrong, and must be regarded as ac casecry to the fact. I earnestly reeeamnend the adoption of such precns tilnarv measura ae mary prevent the nrpetition of im ilar enormities. Wlhen personna am to e conveyed to tsle penitentinry, they should he placed under nuch an oscort as no put them beyond the pals of mnob-lcw. It is no extenuation of the outrage to say that the ten Ity imposed by the court uu the ptirioer, was not ptprnpirnced to the gravity of hitid ctI.Ce. Ticse mob migt no well erect itself at once intl a general court of rrole and appeals. If they can Ie allowed to inter t fre with the course of jutice, on the pretence of too great leniency in the law oftltejudge, niery tny with rs sorh reason nulliify ie decees oe Ihi leel IO n I nals whenever they deem tllea too cevere. Such dcc. 555tlutare an plainly iaconipailbl*i wth tb herly exist. ar imce ofsaoietythat it require. no argument to show do. their indaetltsibility. If it should he found, on nexamination, that the exipe- d disnt of an adlequate guard fur the safe coodoct of prig oerm be impracticable. then I would recommeud the la removal of the proniteotiary-houseto some placewhnre sot the frce of numbers, sustained hy the force of public We senitoot, may secure the state in future from the stain whi-lb suoh transotlook must neeosurily. learve upn d its character abroad. do I have now sublmitted the few nbservaetions I found it incumbehnt on me nto make to thre general aoembly:y. They are retrospective in their chaloracter, referring to l-ubjet. of past action, is whicl it has devolved on me to bear a aprt. As t the general future policy of the pa statel I have hrazarnded n recommendatmon. Any views a of that kind will come much meor appropriately front Ii the gentlemnt who in sooat to assume the execotive chntr, and to whom it will appertain to co-operate in any proposed scheme lot tis geeroel welfare. 8 As to myself, I an about to retire from the post to PI which I was called by the veice of the people. On en- P tsring on thIe duties of the tution, it seemed to me that the best requital I eould make for the distinction so d freely beetowedby the partiality of my fellow-citizens, j would rbe, to look with an excltreive eye to the cods of Ithe public enrviere; that is, to cnnslt Ithe greater good of the greater numrher. TtIat I huce been enabled illy every instance to effect wRat it was my object to achireve is what I have not the presumption to suppose. The d tert of my oervire has heen e period ofunusoal ferment and agitrtuol. Many qtuestiona f momentous interest vace been presented for decisiot. On these topics it has beet mry lot, not unfrequenly, to differ from per sons to wlhose opinion I was naturally inclined to defer. That I omay have often erred, there can be no doubt: t whalst extent, can much better be determined somene time hence, when the events can be viewed thronugh It r some other nmedioum than the strife oa eroflieting inter- I eats, and the heat of citemoporaneous passion. Iut, whlatever may he the ultimnate award on the do ings of our day, I holl retire frot office with the roia eing hope, trst no imnportant public interest has erofer ed onte ial injury;--confidertly trusting, that the wio h dom of our frture public counils mox sopply past de I, ficiencoe,and ensure, throughout all lrle to cornme, the I prospcrity of the state, and the happiness of tie t'eople. E. D. WHITb. Nrew Orleans,Jan. 7, 1839. CoclOiio.aus Dt .lsAT,6 El. de la Clucmbre des Repri.sentans, Po La difference marqu6e .ni existe entre la situations q sotuelle d pave, ct cells ou il se trousit A I'poque tice do votre derniore riunion, ast tn suejt deo rilabls sa- s's tiaslactin, Non ua6tions alors ast milieu do difficultlA l finuncibres dont lea effets a'6tnient Iitt euntir avee one ji foreo presquc e ale dens tos leao parties de l'Union. Hors de In splthre des ofu'res pheunlicire, Ic dcoor drl peot exitler pour uo temps, sons que la nasse des eo hnoocoun s'ea sppergcivent ; nls pource qui cionerns Ineroc lution loll6"airo d'n Etat, toule perturbati on grve o laisse pnqiquo do Irodlire line eouirseo qui ju ebranl looit l corpcspoliliqlqi. Au plus fort de 'lx- pc cilation qti sent ualitfeuolt ici, rouelqoe ins 6aierst lo d'aiqolo lo real exigeait I'lemploi dle ren.Ades extraor diairces. Cependobil, on a lieu de se Ifliciter d cd e 0qu la prosplritl6 de 1f1etao so i e iit maintenue sans qn'oo nit eu recours ii tllcune de ees ieso r coercilives, au stIjot desll uIlles il y vailt r egraldo divergence d'o- p pinion, ct doet I'ntililt: b.ait, pout Il loins, fort dou- d tease. so 11 eenilde que ce suit one colndition inhreonte A nos institutions u e, deuo ns ls grandees oecurrences, los nesileurc rulnrt r doivetnt dccouler, non pax dio hunt exercise do ponvor ,. noi de 'i6uergie et des efforso spon tin.ti d llpelp'e llouitonse. L'exleriooce eacble avonir i ,lbounori tile lI aicillear garoltite qu'avnit le I npublic done estte uoonjlneoure, rasidoil does loliudenc, et la a logesse do ca s iqul Atit ltharges don l'ndonioistratio dos Bauque.s Quoiqcnien ilnsutlcionrs i'toeot pitoinl iuy on eopdces, er circetulatiou n'en a pouiant pus plaotu v Ie dodtlr68iatin seursillte Quelqles hitangoioeno s'il.ot efintitusl d oinntla p.,lihiquei qui avnsi mrne In acsern-in g6rotolero nos Illoqio, unei que celles de it lresqit Itone le altrex Elpats, l, l pi e peni repria ol lore iptivoleio e0 till onstaire . il iae snuraoi di lt0er loolleh lie ioliseouit hientt aecorder tolltoric 1 fiilitlil s que l'oi n dllt atincolre dt corporates do crtle el ieteo, etq'let ien tloiunlll llstl dlon sIoullvenir do panir( ucoleoon qli stlml'a pour lea prIscver ell itat qto cola oilirO Iiii ddc'ellrs, des dingers dint elhl vice- it tenti de trinplrr ti l n siUiilet tte .ur coilitres iMtnt tells, i reorient liox l,1iprlicnlols dui pop lr de o'lr illl''rir I'll loot tus e I'inltiltl d. l'Eoat II dlpo irenre qulonques tno rl A Itfti l'iclcarter tout esuOnl ;oi qoo Ins Bantles nient fitrfit l it er chiArtis ir le fiiiite In ituspensin - pi irnativt ql 'il n'otiti Iat ci lusar p dovoir d'itilcr, aioai qll'oI le compreod nasrz g(2lulralemant Iaainte tll : et, eire ql'iltl apprti, e u inleullnent au pluitvor f jtiiacire de Idecider it, ell traitii dee enilolntllasII I pnrliculidOrcs dnons lsquellslP ellen sc truvaiontl pli onc, elleo olnt forfeit A loters clhater ; iuanitionsi , I cimlun tttle intcertude A co sujet pie polrrnii qui nitre . ls lur credit, qui eat itsn(parable de telui de s I'Etlt t do sos ilutln1ols puniaires; il set,blerait qou In juistice, noil nloilcs qllI'iit plliliine ilion eotleltdle exnguflt I',luoptriont de quelqoe loi ui fit dipalraitre H l out dalt A ce sujet. J'ali retie du gocverineir io la Geoorgic le rtpport P d 'lln comith |'lloi do In L.giclatuore de 0E1 Elnt, ac compagel dei risolluions relatives an refis fait par le iouverneur de 'iEtat du Maine, do se conformer it la demandi du gouverneur de l. Georgi de lui livrercer tllls indllividlls tClntsi d'svoir erimillellaenont enleol i ii escllve, o( qui s'6lieionl usitraite A tn justice. Cea Ildocullltn t l'ont 6tu transsmis polr quo Je vous lee com munilltiqle Al sessioa cnetulleo lt aunt ci-annexes, et a a marques A. C"ftooruluulenl alln d+ir lii 1ty tronve ex1prmi , je oi vis o0Ull'l' le iinppi t elei Ilaesil liios, de 'El'at dol Cuunnecticut (mnqle I13) n sljet du patronage dtn h poeewir exleatif unt[,[ul. Llr nile .ilo litUn de dettx Chlnbles duo Con cgr en I:l(i, it fuit eljthiilnlto t6eoetaire de li l Tr6so i reie le faire fabrlltcr inI oasorliment e1mplet nesi nit (iltivero n.rii de chtitoliuP lE lt, lin d t clhilir uillu eta ion utini<ii 'iiol Inia lonult Il+.tlioit . ltr Io tl tIo jtic - r qn I'an o ai lr nl tie tl poids daatills 1 A t I'Etal do In Ltoui stinel t H 1 tdip)tltilnl oil n cello do t cll per-tt it l qoe ie n rOlertis .lpoltnr lea retreviir Viiiis errr,'z perto Ite nort tilt Suritenllll tetl ei mcll" IoitX elt iaril t:. qe ta ii pids ditlrlitV lelt Iooier ch dsn unliitr , eal n r l'brti ide fltiliti, et uI re I a I'no doll emlloler le tiai gral iliers Ilccnuli otlll:tes w Ie loin l q n' vealt ll erviran 0i lix itionl die I.6n llrlt de pioidls et a I0lmnre d rao t timle 1C ' tla ulrillblitlllo x dt C( on(i8 .R. II eot tres imporlnoll tll qllr n .tr Pitein , oin- . loii li , solt aoiglesO. olnell coi- I erv\ . I'i iI.iulie dvoir poinit dluinlter nu nteerAluir hIe ll tlit'ucti. n dii lnset Etnl, jctinq'A e0 aloe ia at L~c.nltlreiltoi drcid si'il nectviedravilt ptos d'utlo riter ici'cbiale itell lteilqct'Un A' iO tretlte clltlrte. of Jtvtuna sil lllelt o 1it 1ti 1 lire inarc1 ll I 0, des titar hl Oanlelt desi purietniren de Invils, at de In (vll hmllr ta dle C tito, relo i nuli ofliciers et ax upi otes dil p1urt de lit eN o rlle- nn.licl ti.I l,: coutllllele it lelldu et ttrtjon. croisnnt die notle Svillu, tai.e pelt a'exier l luo vii' irn 6lP. sor cu qlui fait ljet do u timncniroe; e lan siorce dilli il talnalt et rpDetLt qul'no sllrer son i!xinos. patitll rnln ttl c uili. 0 e I, n'lulet id Ve iti:lr bvait eonl. 1. oit elraituit oil 0 itn rocilil, tiivcll l e vttlu doe 1 iele du 25 6 t rer IL36. i, ai A itpissible d'en cuimmnene Ione travanlr, en tri smon dl ht tldtiouri vcietlse de lt e0ttion quli rultorlait cotlc enltrerio' Coellc tectionl exiae, avallt IoIlt, qu'un oIdlan et p3vi 7 snit f.urni p r qt'lo niorI u ('ivil, Iorl tl dlys Is fait nos Iixc iyEit Ilri i .sO UClnllt iilal oaire l doe lllllllilltiiti lo i . t le te achtl l e Villit nuill piatlre l lour ill eoln. trlltliOll de I'didifio c, intl[ r-l rlle llllltOli. i e r-oiuiA lier sUo Ilo Tiltuor potur i s oml;l0e ; de te qu'ilt .tlll ioleldiblo d ottiooher ,l. foods ont veroti d le I oi lel lei qulle eslt onotie. II et in llc iplugrandoe rionent d'avoir uti lioa de Sdeptl pIor Ies rt os, et itlus purticlhoitre l noet pour Ies e pietec de ocplilagio et lee multitiols de guerre; Je vous rectot tllllnderti done d'ticn er It lie. sectioll iu e l'Acte. dle ianiliihe iacce quo e hltut ' iop rlopose itlieisO Btl a. tloilldeit da l Ist i court dehll i tiocSillle 1t lar I'.elo dli lft'lierl 11137, le git0llu olsr fIutoulo a riopA uothl,ter tie piOl. liode douze an bronze. nlttie to olt Is nlainle tiod loenr ohoque Briegade de I'do.. IV lSiiomlxl de netiol i0 eibelltion tllte disollotimiiOll tci is dmot iA ut orlrncnoit lla t colp!otlc ds milieeotj'orlnill Snoil derliArmtoent l Iaodjdlainlt g6neril, de preldles lea of iillteuri rotilecigonenlen pelsmiblet ldees Ion o rios fet ls i arslonitx dI Nird sur le e inles do a oroen of rr ele pieces exiges pee I'mct dlot 137', cet do I inlor - r ioe lidr tprix. le O ltIt Ideo sea reteCherliot se to trouvn o nse son rapport els date du 2o d~eeliLre, l l narqul6 E. id L'ole do 1837 at inopnratif quant au mtal et in ai colibrc des pieces qui doivont e(re acholnts. II as rai l, coondant, quo plusioure points senl encore s- en disnsaion au lreonau doe n guetrrte an anjt de SIpI'epbon dtie ltal eat dou onre do colntruttion it a. is dopier pour I'arti!leriol tn tont quo eos points reste u- rent ilndecis, i nto sroilt pout Aire paijudinilux de ' Ita pairt do l'Etat do faire I'achat do pieoca qli pour. It raieut no pas se trouver conformes Accllis qu'au. of rait adopteon lt bureau de li guerre, aprts avuir it. Lermlntui n I oaxprieces dont it s'olupe muinlo. Ie uant. Lo rlapport doe Ilj.aII ont gdudiral co1tipent is dosn obsrvations Our dif6crens sujets ayant trait eu - servio. oa tr Ilr equtollai j'appellrai 'attoentioin do Sla Igislalture. Jo vo11 envois on exemplaire do aII comipilaliou des instruclions et r6glemen c I'u engo ios omilices at dos Ivolonltirce dos Elats lsnis, 1t par loe manor Copnr, flten quto ouen pniesiez jug I - del'exdeution de l'outvrage. II sorait anns dcute itroes utile do mettre c manusl enire lee mains des Eofficior des diflfrens corps. in Jo considhrh quo ne troilt omtllre do rmplir un n deovoir, uo do no point oppelor l'attention de ia LA. l gitlaOure, sur tn fail qui n'l pu qu'cxcilor genera. d lament nsla I'Etat nit sentimeut do r6probation et ime d'liorrour. Depuis votre ajnurnement, un isdividu Sa 61t cunodamu6 par In Cour Crijinells do la Nelle. itn Oruans, bun ompriuonnmelntl. d temps, dlns Is Oi P6itsentiair at Ba.on-Rouge. En meoltnt pied a 'trin, e arl tani t qu'il pt Alrc renls sux gordisnn do It n maison do crrocion, le malhlureux prisonnier ir fut nssailli par uno troupn de furieu, qui, Petrra. a o shant ties mins des oliciers do jurtie, lui infti. le es mantat cl.hlitent non moinasn'tiilt qua cruel,st qni revolle Plhumanitol. II eoLt lliguantl do ponsor orquiun indiuidu ainse plaYe sous Ia garde des lois, et urd qi par consequdnt ltait prie de tous icoyans de ddfose, nit pi Al.ore aisi, do coate mani0rc, et 1tre r- imntil6; el cola par dos gene qui no pouvsiont nul go lement eonnaitre do I'affdire. II sat diffitils do d concevoir un acte qui outrage pls In natuore at quli s oit pliet ubcrnif do tout princiel sourdrne etdi libortl. td On n'sea enCore sppris qu'ununilodneus qui in Oct pri. part sit dtd Iraduil devint log trlbuuaun ut ipn en ceiacile i m Is curioil. Trtcu bieo eoneidir6, he o'ol tino afttire qui ne iout quo jutar de In ddftycur ib. ur nosicsliollutnn. Si In cricce devail rcsler im. cec punion raison de ix muelliplicilt den cnmplicea, ii c- s'ensuivrait alous quo notre formo de gouvernecnont n'aluaindrait pas In hut pour ]equsl Its gouvcrno. ten. ttassut chahlis. Le poueoir d'arroo er un homime iii comprond uooeesairemots I'obligation de tn pro l to goc pondant in dltention at iI, tobt en lianL lea om tins a 0eu1 qna lajustiuo a frappda, I'Etat psr ntt metl quoa Ces iusorotuds fnssent sn buttl A l'su ntrl at s Ia vilounce, il doriondrcait 10 mnms an oquelquo erie; I'auleur du tort, et dercait lto re. ntc grdd6 coeeme oompioe. Je coul renomnands ins tr. culotcmentl d'adopltr dee niesurts de prodautiiun qui 100 puisnrct prevonir le relour do stishlobles mFsaitc. il 1.orcqt'ii i.ugit d'cnvoylr do. prisonnliore au Plai. tu lttaiccrc, ii oucnvindrcit de lea lda1000 800 U5a an. cotrl qui pt les mettle Pabri dels tentatltive. deo. foreotids On no saurait auidguer comme a attduta ion din fait, quo la poine iofligdea nu prig nnibor par t oCour, n'dtait pas proportionnde. Ia gravit de son orime. Antant vaudrnit it qu la fo ole ameu tIe e'drige&t Une bonne foison cour Lndrole d'ap patL S'il pout lt tore pormis de troubler to corrt de la justice, soun prdtexte do trop do douceur dans les d6oiiotns des jitgeO, on pourratt oven autant de raison lui donnor to droit d'annol. ler leura ddarets & eause do leur trap de odvdri1d. De pareilles doctrines sent si drideounont inaom patibles aven I'existence memo do ht soci6td, qu'il Or 0 'sest beosin d'aucun artgment poor fairo vnir com. Sioen alles sont inadmissib)les.. Si 'on troavait que le mayen d'une gardo saff Ssante pour l'eacorte des prisonniors noe fat point a praticable, alore je recommanderals do tranesfror to . P6nitentiaire on qoelque autre lieu, oh la force at numdrique de la population, sinti qua Ia puisance so do I'opin:on publique, pussont a I'uvenir preserver t , Pl'Etatde do a toche quo de semblables attentats doit Or t ndcessairement imprinter & sa reputation, aun t yoeux des dtrangr .I o Jo tormine ici le pen d'oieervatione quoej'ai era he doevoir faire I'assemblde gdenrale. Ellea no me at rapportent qu'a des affaires pan.sfe, auxquelles it - tt m's fallu fllua proendre part. Q ant la a marche gdndrte quo P'Etal dolt saivre 'aveonir je noas me r suis permis de fairo auounes recommendations. E les Emaneront beaocoup plus convenablement du o eitoyeon qui doit bient6t ooeuper Is fautenit odeun- S gh tif, et auquel it appartiendra de aoopd or k toutee or- lea mesure proposdes pour le bien gd6.drsl. Quaont . moi,je ania our le point do me retirer do o- paste auquel je fua appolD pr a voi du pauple.En a commenoant I remplir los devoir de Ia place, it i- mesembla quo Is meilleure manibre de reconnoitre e. la marque flatteuse de consfance quo meoo con the fiance qune meoo oncitoyens m'avaient si litirale e. ment aceeordde, eoaersitd'ktre guidE nexlusivement par des vues d'utilit6 ?publique; c'est a dire, :e rs chercher la grande sommo do bion pour tole pla In grand nombre.Jo n'ai pas la prdsomption do sup poser qua j'aio pu dans toua lee cas, atteindro le but I ton que jo me proponais. J'ai an a romptlr me fonto. tne tions dune 0poque ot lea eopritu formentalent et a- s'agitaient d'uno manibre inaecootum6e. It m's t6o follu ddcider beoaucoup do questions d'un intdret me not jour. Dans ces occurrences, it mest souvent or n. riv6 d'6tre oblige do diffdrer d'opinion aren des per drs sonnes pour lejugement desqtolls j'dt it naturel nt lement disposd ..voire de la dbfdrence:quo j'aie pit on souvent errer, o'eat ce dont jo no puis douter; maen qui jusqu' quelpoint? Cet lb on qtestion que l'on. x- pourra beaucoup mieux r6soudro un peu plun tard, Itt lorsqte los 6vdnemeon pourront Stro examindseous - on autre aspect qu colt qua leur dOusnentle con. flit des intIr~ts, et la chaleora des parsions. nu Main qusl quoe oit le juoement que I'on pourra la- porter our lea faits do notre dpaolte, an nme ret rant ou. do la place quo j'occupe; j'emporteral aove moi la consolanto paenae qu'anotun does grnds intcr6 pu. os blics, n'a souffart de graves atteintes: jo no tlatserai ut pas non plus qne d'emporter Ia conviction qua Ia . gesse des mandataires do pesp'O remdtliers sux r vices qua t'on aura pu reoonnaitre dans leo admi blic nistrations pass6ee et qs.ll nassurer, pour to tempe t I a venir lo prosptrit6 de I'Etat ot It honhaur dt toas. dne E D. WIIITIE. 0yl Nouvelle Orltan.s le 7 janvior 1839. S LEGISLATURE or LOUtIStNA.-- The Lpgislature of do this State assembled yesetrdayv, fury-fiv. members of the House, and of the Senators being pre. it-a sent. A quorum being declared, the two Ho.use i proceeded to businese. cola In the Senate, the electiton of President roesnted iC- in the choice of Hon Felix G'arcia withoutt lopposn lnt lion. rcst Horatio Davie was chosen Secretary, and C Le e mat mniler Sergeant-at-Arms, and oftr the usual it- preliminary business, the Senate adjourned. r, In the House, the contest for speaker reaulted no etir follows: Wm Debuys t4; Thos LLewis 20; Blank I 1. Mr Debuys was co-ducted to the chair and in, immediately entered upon his duier.. qne Alexander Cuvillier was chosen Clerk-lIlurd. eSergeant-at-Arms-antd gonaeio, Doorkeelper. e In conformity to a joint restlution of both titre Houses, a Commnittee was apponted to make pr tort pafrtion for the celebrationl of the 8th of January, o- according to custom. Sla A resolution passed the llo.te to o into the ,er- election of State Pritter, on Wednesday tihI 9i It which will probably be eonctrredr in b, the Senate. am- The Message of Governor White was then read, et and the HIouse adjourned. STlHE h OF JArNUARY. Ext.nsivet pr.epar.itn. du have been tmade for the roelhrnthin ol this any - The military will turn out '.n ntnn.e'. and if thl ott- weather prcvo fine, will make a sprlend I dtpliny. teo A portian of the troops amnc,_ which oany he e named the Governor': Guard will visit the St. jiit- Charles Theatre in the evcniin, in full luiftmc i- Othereincluding the Drtgnans will ti-it tle Camp pel We expect to see both T'hentr 4 crowded. A new movs...The tlee yesterday out with the krand pennon o"tef ery Clay' flying at its mlnt hbad..the fnormer proprietor iMr J. Bayon having disposed of thestahllshment to itolars. Bullitt, ltullon and tl nge. Of cnu,re the indus trious insect has mtado a wheel, in its fight, to the right about. The doctrines whi cll have been so nngeand so sedilously in culcated throuI b that mediumt. a ill, as the new editors prom• ite, beas steadfastly opposed. We tanelt but tfel plas.ure that any change of prinaiples for the bettr should take place among our contemporarics. tlut as Mr. Chas. nlyon propanes another democratic paper,..enlitled the Louinnilian. to he started in a very short period, the row Per can only hbe onsid ered another "Richmond int the field." The pu.chae , f the Demomati^ Press at thllis time..on the eve of no election for State Printer, and its sudden t onvarsion to Whip principles has been considered by smea. mnnmelvre to prevent the choice dilling upon the editor of the True Amerirca. The factof the advertisement oft e hrother of the late proprietor ofthe Bee, propoailg a new paper trade.t so closely on the beels of the trantfer of that .t bilislntent, dovs not i.veli data such an inferelace. Ifit Ih a Ian.Jllre, time can prove its sucess or its failure ; and if it be bona fJde.its uatl ity will be demlontrated by the nine test. The charater of the proposed paper is to he the same m.tinttintd by the lieeheretofore, and the same pens which t.lnve eontrihbt.d to the edumns ofthe Bee nrsto he elpaced for the Louisianian. We propose the usual courtesies of honerable competition toour .ew catemnporarie; and wlien tliey shalll hve pasmed thetame probtionuary course we have lundereone, we all have no objection to their enljoying at least an equlal share of patronage. W\. learn from Vicksburg that Mr. tenieh., .ho wa.woun. ded in the duel with Mr. McCungie, aid of wlteu reucvery hope was entertained, has sinet died of his wound. The NarshvilleBannerf the 2d says that he weather has been exeetsiveiy cold in that region and the river completely frozen over. Both however were getting teat ity." BoorH was still playing at Niuhtille an the Ed intt. n conn. selnene of the extremecold, he had been greeted with I t thin houAes. LYCEUM, St. Chanrles Arcade rl 1 HIS1 Establishment has bieen lualefully arranged as a Petit Theatre, adapted to tht: purposeI of Lit erary and Antruinoical Lecturee, exlh;bitit n . ntd ttniqtitenterlanlmente, postee.iig all the teresettrv fa cti ittes for thetccomtnmodxtiat uf lecturer, ithe exibit, r and the public. The Lyceum will open on Wedneaday next, Jan 9th, with Ithe astouihing tperorntances of tun, Adriee, the ecrolnattncer, the univearally a iknowledyed wontder iof bth hemisphelres, and the itientditI oitical illuei,.ts lately importeJ i from Lttndon: Optician, Mr. Tollet Painters, Mlessrs. hild, Siitmpson ant d Heynolds. [IDl)oors olpen at 7 o'clock, a ad the ent.rt tinment to comlmnce at I.4 past 7. Admitlance $1, rlilllrtn ;3i cena. 'laces mnav he Freured at the Exchange Office, Artradi . jal CAMP STREET THEATRE. A CARl). ¶ R. MAlRBLE respectinllv enno.tnres oi the it. | izene of New Orleale, thaIit a;. benefit at the Camp street 'heatre, will take place no lThur dayi venting next, January If0th, o which occasion he will have the honorof presentihtg a vri.i ly of enttertinht tinet, weincl .e trustt ly prore attractie and hi part p'eaure. lie will appear at team! in I'erfetrrion, Willian.!!l ! Itlak eyed Susan. Damaont!!!! Damlon & Pythiar, Sotmann 8S a, !!'t!!h Jatltthbn il Etghlttd, S Jonathlta Ploughboy!!!!!!!! Forest lin n. r Mr. Marble hopes that the variety he offere, may in duce those who feel disposed it lend huc n t h ir ,ile to he treiset at his benefitr, ad he assi re, them that he will always remember with gratitude those who lar t.toutenance himll on that oerasioln. BANK NOTE ENGRAViNG. RAWDON WRIGHT, HATCH & EDSON, LAV I opeled anl oftice i Nw tllleatn. pttme.inl equ al nadvatagea with their thouse in New Yolk t fIr the Itcrpuse 1fengravinLg a p.ilitlttingHltk Nate, Bonds, Bills of Exchange, Cerlifilt.'ea ol Ih'pobir, Checks and other important papers, requgring seenrltv against Forgeriea; and have made atplee ptnvisiont or the safe keeping of all plates and imlpresstns entrust at to their care; their specilllens embruce he Inotes of . over .fre hundred bhanking institutions, and all orders will be exectited with prtnnpitllintt ann rIt the tusal terms. Office, corner f Royal & Canal stre.t. jai-tf S [lsClt.onigees per ship North America. frot A..t weep are requested to take nut their Iermitt and st tendto the recipt of their godsl now landing opposite poest 23, in 'd municiiplity. L H GALE, ja7 93 Colmmn at TINDOW iV PICTURE GIt. \.s Src- 130(1 aUtd as of window gInss, of arituu sizes. brend oft American, French, and Rnglilsi. lb11 hu of pictture pleat; 40 barrels of t.'hitite.t ali a lerre scrtmin of pa.ilte.hrushe, 4r. jcst eerive.d .txidt" sale by d'-2 i CIAN iNX( , 17 ('a flea Gal PROGRAMME OF 'liHE CELIBRATION AbG FeR TIlE Anadeers ary oj the 8th Jasnuary, 1815. A Order of the Prooaesion t be formed at i1 o'clock, at Ri the State Houe in Canal str'et. I Depaty Marnhal. 2 Military Ecu. t, 3 Marlshtl of the Day, 4 GOVERNOR AND eUITa, 5 Ex-tlovernor Be h6 Serltry of State and Treasury, Cl 7 Veteran eorpa and member of tihe Orleans bat tallan, 8 l Those whn were engaged in the actions of the 8' RtrdoIl Decm!ther, 1814, and on the 8it of January, 1815. " 9 Civil ng'inteer and Surveyor ieneral, eis Itt The Clergy, of It Oreat rt of'he D ,of 12 Judlges of tie Supreme Court and Offlcer of tlhe tame, 13 Attorney Gemeral and Deputy, t 14 Judge of the Circuit Coart of the United Staten, ) S 15 Distr'a Attorney and Marshal of the United 16t Major Generals and sanl, it . 17 Committee ef Arrangelatetst, 18 Membereutf the SenBlate aid Officere, 19 Mllembers of the Houuae of Representatives aind Olfficers. 1 20 Foreign Consult, a 21 Ofticers of the United States Army, 2- Invited Strangers, C 23 Mayao, Roeordelr, Alderman, lc. e 44 iecrotaay, Treasurer, Coamptroller, and City 25uPresident and Members of the Police Jury, ftr it Slthe purih afOrle la, h6 Judges tofthe District Court, (let distriet,) and it Clerk, "27 Judges of tile oth'r D:ttrieta, anal Clerks, t 28 Jlude of the Crilainal('ort, anl Clerks, 29 Jan'te of the Pariah CoCat, and Clerks, 30 Pariahl 'ITreaurer, a31 Judles ofthe C'ity Courts,nnd O(liters, 33 :ollector, lotma,nter, Naval Officer, and Sur- a neyor of tae (Cnalnom, - 34 Hetgitearad leceiver of the United States land t tt office, 3i 35 lMeabtrs of lthe Bar, 36 Re inater ol Wihs, IReginter If Mortgnaeen, Re.ii ter of Conveyanes, and iRegister of Miaths and Death.,. s 37 President and Admlinistrators of tihe Charily a- Iloapital. 38 Notary Publice, ra 39 Presidents, Directors, officers and Profleaora of tt Publie Schools and Colleges, S 40 Officers of the Cnetoms, 41 P'e.idanlt, I)ireetarsanal Officers of Ilanks, 414 President,, Diiectors, and Officers of Inutnancee a comPpies. a 4o3 Preidente. Directors and Secretary of the Car. a rollton Ralil Ilonad t laaeny, l- 41 Preelaat, )ireeatorr and Secretary of the Pon eb hartraoialRaul Rio[td coalmaay, 45 Pre: ident. Directors anl Secretary of tile a foarehe and Hnraturia Coaslal compani) y, 46 Presidentl, Directors and Secretary of the Or. leana Nvigatiun ronmpavny, 47 Presidlet, Dirctola and Secretary of the Amtile of Navigatiaon company. 48 Preeidaat, I)irectors and Secretary of the Archi Steet and lleding comalaaties, ie. 49 Pre.idents, Direetorte and Secretaries of the Cot en ton Plens companies, and other companies lately illcor porated. 5:1 Members of the Medlial Societies, ed 51 New Orleans Typ lgralphical Association, 52 Mechanic Society, '- 53 tlihernian Daciety, 51 Commercial I ilerary Sociera, 5:5 Rtevolaaianary Ia)ttern .al soldiers, l" 56 Military and Naval Otticern, tat 57 Officersol the Mlilitin ofthe state, 51 Harbor asuter and P*art Wardean., 59 Caltainls ofVenael and Straataloat, an 60 Strangers and citizens generall', tlk 1it Fire eoamanies, with engiaetl and horses, l2 Miltaorv scnrl, nd lLTle Ianocnsniona, undler the direction of Ma rSer C. F. lHonev lher;fnl.nd ahaE.E. Marlly, daepntv alher if, will be fnrmetdl at the State Inouea. t II o'lek. A . . lM.a nd pronedt to he enthedral, taking the North hbn quet to Chartres streat; ftron whence te procession wlh will ga tlaouagh Clartl'ea to St. Peter, iand from tlllace proceed to tce ballnquetq a tnarln ale )llit a rle, Ip a.a tlae t evee, onl will lnlss ithrough lhe qo uallt on le waty to the church.l hr ad, th RIIIOGRAMME ). I.A 1 EI.'ElllRATION a, UR a I.A 'ANNIVEIthAIItE lU he IIUIT JANVIER 1839! OrIre e r la Ptosr.uesion iqui d'ira er /;trmlter a 11 licures, a la nmison d'Ettl, rue ,la Canal. I Li pule SUnrliiall, 3 Facirae milht ire, • 3 .taraholl de Inau, SGonuvrneur et .a uite, 5 Ez.(;,muvlerlears, I, Set'rr liilrr d,|,;Int at "I'.e+olier. 7 C(oris de. VOl+rnTllf at I relllrea de Ilalcie.n Dln taillion d'Oirlenii. 8 Len eiermln ur qtli nlt prix ilrl aul aclionls du 23 Ibicemhtre 1814, el diu Ja.vior. 1815. 9 Ingeliieur, 'ivll I Ar ienteur gibeiral, I1 ........ I, . l .. 12 J de I Cour Supr ime lC t iee CGrfliera, 1:1 Aveocat-gll.lel et Iuuu6i1pu'1, 14 Jttg dedistrict diP Elsie-U is, et ron reffior, 15 Avocet ol MarIhall de In Ctur ties Etata-Unir, If6 Majars-gdneraux et suite, 17 ('atetC d'urrans inment, r18 Meinbrne d.u `llt el Ofltciers, 19 Mimbres de Ia Cl.mlbre deae epri"sentnlm et Ofi aier p cs are , .3 Cil ,sul trangergr 21 Otlic er. de I'dre ldeee E rate-Unii , 22 Ltrngers invite., r 23 Mlirc, Ilecorder cat Allermen. 24 Sreerctaire, ('onlrleur, Votcer de In villt. 25 Pre.sid.lit eDl ec tiret du Juri de Police d In par SOiln diOrla .s, ol26 Jtiie d ot l eiu t e ierit t et irt fe., 2_ Juge dlls In Cnllr ties nlltre. dislrir. t Grl..lma rt% Sd Jnllgr e ien Ctlr Crimc e lle u t Greiier, 2Id 9 7 Jine dia iI Cour do P rinl aie et Gcl t mmr. 3 3'0 Treuoriuuui ic patltioun. 31 Jtes de. Conurt des ailtrP..ntlr .ed at Oaniele. 32 Jt.i de Ii (`olt r dln Cie er r tlicicrt , 3d 3 Cnlletur, Diire tour de l I'ote, Olflaer navalt I orp ic t! rd. In I Itouane, 4ll. tcoveuf t Ilhgiiter uIu uhlrueu ds teurrit de Etait. 35 i0le, dere idt llFl.tirt i Rgitettr des Teurnultllu, Attnollteur des hvpithilires ntht urnlloeur des alienation at IRegister des it.l.letllce et 3 3" Prelidentet DirdetIurs de I'lHapitl de Chlriep, 38 Nutasie. pu.liec. 39 Presideits, Dirnrlecrs. Prof.s.ur ct O l.lterl dies 1. iCollelpe et E.ele pFulliqea,. 4A Ott iNre dio Iac D tunre, 41 t',eeldewi., Direnturs at Omriern dr. e.nqtlol. 42 PresidnAts, Iiel, uels t OtLierl des Cuiltpaignie in'l' buurfudm 43 Presidentc, Dirietullet Secretalre de I Comparenls dlt C:herini suiCOllhes de Carroluttn, 44 Praeident Dlrectur et eCarcetire a Isla Complgtuin t flu . enlin a co.lllitie da Poitchartralin. 45 IPresident, Ditenrloe s rt iecretcire de I Cumpanuie du id Cana de iiar'Oeris et l.:,1urr',e, 46 l'reoident, Dirclou.i Et I li.etirc oI Is (ouimlpagnie de Niieinitto di'OrleAls. S47 'reosi·elll, Directolur a lSecrahire de Isa Corap, tnie li N)i -itlon de I'Amuile, , 48 Preeldeul, Directeura el ciSritsires del Compagniet , d'Archile ttt., ,49 Prr.ieIs lltt, Direetruri et Seerrtsircc des Compauniel des Presses i ctttai et uutrla inmpgpnigt nouvetlnient Ii. eoruoree+. 5i1 miebree des ,,rielea de ileduiine, 51 Ai-ociatill dei Typographes do It Nolls. Orluant. I 52 Sicucte doe Arninrle, 53 Siciai Ililtelitliete 51 S n ise de I Ilihlintlheugr C lamerriale, 55 Ofieui rit e oldlsie do Ite Hrulutioll, 5 ,6 Oiitc-s Actherr, t dlitter. 57 Otttfiere de I. ililice do I'Klat, SCupitllutau cti G;trdidli. du port. 5t1 Caeuittes do utvirueei ti dIe Itlctux a rpnur. fi) Etri.ieru at Cittlyi ci glncIrel. 61 Tott sles coulpasleis d'illcndiin nsu leurt pompelr at.teliletlu Id i dapr 'rdre dt ur. umerou. 62 Eamrle milinire. La proc.esion .e formara mon lIa dire' lion d. .1|1. C. F. Ifo ey ZOY sheriff, lat W.E Stn.,phy, d flltn. sherif, a1 I heure du i altin, a In mlison d'F.llt, et ii reidr a lit Cathedrals, ell , suivntu Ii ,.quellatc scptllrttiotlale juqu'n ti rue do Ci.r ' tee; ile .rers II rile de (.'hrtrt i Jcsquc a Ia rueSt. Pierre, ei de ii; *tivnt in tlnquette ,e In Pines ill.lila'a Trus do I. Levee, ell trIivrsers ls place por se renidre a I. Cthidrile. FOR NEWV YORK. .Meet fork F ..,' Orlatns Line. SA LINE of packetc has bel n l etahli- hcd In run be tween Now c )riPans lid Necw Yurk, to ieOalu l u f it ive firtt rlletlhipi , vii.: o hi i t9. Mlhurv, R liV FuoeCr, naler, " Rcpuhlicnn, J f; Ru"ell " SAuleur, I P 'L)lrefey, " now, I buidmng, vThe ihip- wolrn Iuittl in New Iork expree alc fur tehiu trade; ar' of a light drought If water, and will not ho. cruthijet tindeteniiiii att tie ar 'ITheir at.liolillnldtlilite ki for pa-c.togrr co-' prise all tlhait it liv be repaired for mern o rt slid oI'uVcCIe ce.ut Illld their cloilllnutderls re r* mn of xp 1re. Lntlll fl ships no~w iuildil" are ,uc-ipleatedi, to first UlaUss -hipee Il iieppiy h.eir Tf 'tie recte't pinct.ilitiy cill he obuerid in the Sliae of sailtn;, andl every raatuonbl a oeuimmoidtiont Siextended to pscuenrc. Forr fiitec pasrliculnri apply Io 5I-Ferc. Jhnuson and S.Ntidei, No. 86 Wall streelt, New ork, or tOi jab PITEIR I. LAII)LW, A Iu Camp at I.- rHE siiherihb r htujuit recrei.rd IIt fi)r s.Ul ti Thr Life if Chii-t, with en aeingi Ev+nitge ct Ililto , by I)r Aikin, std MIru Bar: t bultit, with eltgrlvlnes . j Vinelecu i Irccedv in 5 etuts,ly Etcn Saregelt ].nlrd tl'uttuh ttl.'d' i \ e orl:,., veI 8 vI Mltnual of (i)cllII ii.gv. bt iihoni i, WVyatt, I vro 8 Iio with tllestrintloi i oflnnre thn 10 ahll, II EI Jt)IINSt , t'n, J$ cuuer t (hlustI "t, acd Cca .in i It St. Charles Theatre. THIS EVENING, JAN. 9, Will be perfirncd the beunltifal 'lay of TIHE BATI'LE OF BUNKER HILL. ean. WVarren, MAr. Harrieon Gen. Gage, Burke, Abercromblie, Debar. Elaira, lirs. Fnrren. After which A prize National Addrees, will be spo' en eby Alire. F.rrertl, SoLu, The Strired Pig, Mr. Fill, Sir Natlioal Airs,iby Otlchestlra. C. To conclude w:th rile new Piece of Call ROIBERT MACAIRE. Robelt Macaire, Mr. Bnrown, For Bertrand, Cowell, Charles, DIher, S ST. MARY'S MARKET STEAM FERRY CO. Jea ) ", OTICE is hereh given, that in errsuatce of rn Or Jar lL dinance, passel by the Councri of the l2nd AlMuni- Inl epality, on \Vednrsday ti. e 2n J etrnav, 18039-Books nfrllll0nri1,tirtitlt trenpiatl strck of$lOl in shares of $1t10each in said culnpanc", will be ropened at the bee he Commereial Intrrto o Oifflce, No. 46 Magazine street, on Moandv the I ,th inst., and will be kepr open for fle daysfr.,t 111 A. M. uatil 2 P.. nM. o rl each a. r D lDollar per Ihareto be paid ineasll on saolnrribitg. iS ltGIt, C (.omir.issiuoele S HtIt', Cotnrriaciotert M ROBITAILLE - jnn8--1839. td TO MERCIIANTS. ] lEIItECHANTS can have a IlAUTIVrLt. C Ulcc. Ln struclk offafour hours Norac,hye allsugl at I Cuopting IlRoom of TRUE AMERICAN 'ntln'rtna; Oitrrir, St.Chnrles Exchange, adjoining the RIEA* l aIo Roo atl Corner of Gravier streelorat the Print or ing Olire, earnerof Poydras and St. Charles streets. ad FRED WILKINSON. till DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Ur LOUISIANA, an FFERIIS Iis services to tie jrlllnlic it Ie dlit rl-n th mrnote or Sirvening and Civil Enginering, both I in town aettd luntry. Frlr ollnsiderble expriellee in hib'lrofrtaion nd by perumpnea s ind u idelite in tIe It executioln orf entrusted to lito, he Illlc Into r r Iert ond ieceive a tshora of puolic ptrronage. lie il' h oleo nile lo rn ied cI.lnlr ltli tile ,rlllltelltrof w llsI neill I' dd exlavatliuol. O(lice No I (lltrrncstlreerlt,lsecoldiry hrsak. j,,' sd THUE AE li91 OReAN O F ICIt. In conneactionl withis OIfice is a of SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE roe TIIE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Chocks rce Catalognes Bills of Lading tr. Labels, Dray Roceipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, on- Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars Or.a And every drseription ofJob {Work hInlt dile uaty be reqIlred. hi- l -The proprietor reslectfully calls ile attention i f 11 the public tol the above Card, anld o.lres theml Ihat ot- all work intrusted to his care shall be dote don tle t short- at eor- et notice, in a style unsurpassed ill this city, and at the lonest ratie. 50 00 30011.111 d.5 "\i'"L"t ",i .erlo ' il itulll FilI ttirinerd d 10 1o1 IRelined 'Vhnlu Oil 150 Ihlst 'nnrer'sn Oili For enlet by a W III'TRItGE & CO, di 76 Mlagazine at d'Nitr 6hoofll 1 111'o :1' 0' u iictt Iot'lderlr . ,r ulte tvi d25 ArIAd IS & Vt'ltITALI,,67 Grcviart r OTATit-l-461 brtin ini xcellent order, landing jlfrom brig Limna, andri (IITr by r " j3 ; tO ltVI", "14 Nrew trae sio IES M.LAtIA ItAISIN-4 I0 wllt andt in jun3 : iI l i - ltH, 1'-l.K i tih ba rrel s r-i- or tahe Ly - A d3:1 Gi. It)Itti', iIi New I.eve.. I OIIisVIII, I3,ANK CHIECK(.-- check oil IAi"f J Biu k oi f I. lisville fir fr 15l ftr iru.r iv 1111 il t I'I.'I ON & AVIii, , itll ravl r At P i , it lil.- .- 1i c0 g aill . W in' r , ttnt i1 N, ron itl, lni. .all Ii 1 itl E. Ilt candles-IIloobe New iIedfri, trt r, eive I n Id or sale by IAIt . & ti ll t 'A N, t 131 O tn ll , t i lle ; t ý lilt,', t ci,hwiri hi fior i, .o , -t, rt h tillt tii o Let, - fi 0r In. y' Q ! : t" n II l 1, It \ .1 a 11i t, N 't I t hr, It IA u. ;l'aic Whi r li rre f t ;nii i qul t Ill Cpe.. tle, oll ctr frIr 1tll' to I i e u t i & .1r I' t V1 lt -I7rl " u ,t 1 'i n, P t vl r a111.4 a)th1 ' P I.y o: t ,lr , o ."I m n d i Sl ,lI'htl ll il.o l' Illcs , Ii t ,' ltenidT' ls, i ngl .t At. l o d o-rmol l l nlrJrldl'r m olfc' , ItI it, , ti onlll l, cl iitl , l , ,. . ,. 1i, arlr s ý. .ll d\l 1 h nl I. " o Linllr o ti I n ri'ly l N w . hl uric f or hle e llia lt F In , :l .t a rrt , tl uglri r'se blui , TI pr s ba Su" I \ Ai:, ilta "e re , Inl lltrata 491u a tt cur ' ds I MENT - al hor, Ilohakltie erltiiiIn liu I 2 f3 n( . Too i ,ane ttrq ,l, tl dil I d c in 's lutri i I TNI'c . 71 tn,'i i p '1.i l1,1i p1 riAN' ir,L.,,--300 bii xri i N,""t ,i ,oi d t tdu Bi ie nlou l o Lr os, Ja it .so in's br , lI 11 hior ,s t i'e h ., e it der, .50 ,his refined l\ h.n n I i CoI perin f heetsl , i frl 1 h2 to tlll l nla t tBlck Lea l'otsAr anssorited sNtze, or sale y ed r j3 IP I,' |.lt) \,: , Iit, ylltll "t Au tleor oy f legianda trl dle Fie 'er'r Guilleiv ol'l l Irth rn do do Prtrso tihlrl l il rlirt of ( Mifnit , Natiel. Ga nllerv. '2vole, ,tnltn StLAToE IS-'lercI ilrli, whtid b2 cr lnies an, tups. Gil Iunf, 2 vcols, itll, illletrel ved by 10 culae t lit'rtItlHn tir i.nldscl:' e mill I'o1 r 11111(1o;ller e d b, Mr0. \1'Vlke0'a Itlete &ienlet, o i.nprvenr deru*·, c.,'., t'll P r lmsd vilorar li· ,0 Phlh l,0p re, I eel, lvl , illii..tri led bI y 40F l'rll nro Ilallth' it. l l ...i . af Shak. are,. Ih tes Rvydell'e do Ir1 I!10 S IIl.I. & Ii IO\V, !J6 Migiizxine si e K boxesRaltat '. xtahaNo 1 Saap, jsttaracei dCtA SIIAI I & hUO9'""" 'a"' 'lb a 'ttal' d1?1 SHIALL . SI;IIOW\N, 96arnFZIne lJR1Ts at 3 dinve ari elit ait LaaaisvllR. Io Rule by IIEIiICtCiCNIN BURiWN &co, 119 Cant )AC(ON S11)ES-50 thisla t'iaciawat i cutred, IttCOnr L ides, for Pairly eTI, I' ON AVERY jnt ___R 9 raiar. 'VI IItSt~t':-5j Ibil ra~t tabd lbh~ev Iaatrut, Y ,rana eh r i R Ill I/t \ itRO, j¢ 3:1 t'olllnlc lnn A IF.It ICAN 13l{lllt).-29 Itila 5th prnoofAmeri catn Itrtat a', far sale 1ay 1Ja I bC B131{t(IE; & Ct), tan 26 ['24 1larazim at B .6-AIbOAf00(1 aaauy Itags, ad f perlr tpn'ity, B lattlittA tran slhipA armrratd t ale '"h j a5 tA11 hi I' Sr ItRWN. AC. Atagarisr at I 1aV.hNAStJUAR-84 boxes ina store, ono tr silo 1-t by jitS A lRAlAtI 'IR.IERb, 34 Grtiar st 01ý.L-3a0 st aas aaer ntaa idI)iI, ftr rIley riJ u.5 L 1I GAIE, 9t UmIla n a I[KRS.lA-40 baltea Krrtayr, fitr rnlt Ir Sja5 L IIt 1AI.F, 9:3 Conmon ri 11 EW I.ON I)ONA ANUd, ableda Pnbhljanliur.. Sleath'a picturesque Annual f r 1139 Jutnnting's Landcaper Attaual tar 1819 Tire Knepsake; tlriraatl Atnntal, atad othlear a advertirrtl hefore, all vrry spletrdrd Tite Hcir of relinat bl.a thn arthar-n.,tt of t( era and I)attughte.. 'ht, City ot the Czar, ain vole EllenG.ltanville, hy a lady at rank Stenley, or Itenlleclirneri o n tanaof ther Wnedr Alraaadun I nyage in, ithe Interior rf A(rin'a, 9 vnal 2 ina I.nndon'aPoetirel Wa'nrk-: Nicklehv No. . I·; J' ilIN & I'o., ,122-2w P~ Clee S (hrie, & Cattntao sa, J US reneivrru ad tha r bla-lerinca Iarge Cuanntlnrn, of [{hile Slonic (aina, Cal glthn ni iih a ent vuri etrt Cat and Plain Fia -le I', auirtnnla for Biarsnuatl Holaarl,anaich will I,, soldta~ Ino ayrhe aaa a oIt b'attbtt u r,, dtl-Sn 17 Canar, ~ntal 8I Cattatt1 C tat ana i StI. Theatre. 24thl Anniversary of hie 8ih January, 1815! Yankee .;Marble's Last Night! The 'Louliaiaa lii:lleitcc' ad 'Il.,,itin litragoons' hare been invited, old will IihIter the 'T'hieatre withl their praeenice this eve'lni . This lvceninge, Jlanuary 8, Will he llerfitrmed the cel.lbrated Play of lIE WOULD BE A SOLDIER. Sir Olijer Oldetock, M r. Johason, Col. Talbrt, Frederick., Caleob, Browne, Charrlotte, Aire (reene. Fancy Dance,hby Miss Wrny. After which, by desire, the favorite Piece of the SIllE WOULD BE A SOLDIER. Jsiper, sir. Greene, Jerry Meallewer, M IARlel, Indian' "ei, hiFrndere eks, Christila, Mer. 0 ,eone. 1,i'The grand lBllet of LA SYLPIIIDE, having been perfect ecl uesmti, it will bI repenated on Wed neoday, beilug M adne Leoapte'a','t nielht tit one. On Thursday, ]'ankee Marble's Benefit, when he will appear inll ine diflmRrect charactt rs. [TAVANA C(IFFEI,--7 bags prine quanlity, i- atotre, endi tiir edle by ja8 AlItlAIIAAM TIt IER, 34 Gr(rier st tL 'Iwei datlys morle aned poailiwely net oiloer. T1iE SPLENDID lEXIIIRI'It( N OF THE MAJ ESTIC. Thie 4ijra1ib, or Camaelopardl !! ,III4I, will lllloe on tilc e t-hl inr·l., andril l. S tinhen riotlile, per tetaln.tlt G(iret'. 'lhlsenml wilt)ho ve tiloIi tllll ilit e titel I.tItlh itfller the nithn, I khld(ll ,hoetlI cill aet St Carltoicit I r*e en w iid ie ieAfItttrlclvteio n!t its illichted thtc.tade, tnd deeprly inteiitcd the culrioa ad r - I, I hr adjeililg PliNAiitI, Etn. S. ·. Gr. Ntrtil.a, t t.r halln,.t andex, will cIn h II not ehi itensiie n-, l ra -. Ocelot. r f|llI. [,.iteoivt. MENAtll1,lII ci lIiscrs. WVaeing a tad ihtvtmttI, will .pen to Solitte, Jan. tith, i 189,aiiid wit tt' titn itpe fatle" a uti c. cl''ttn~i wh t trn dIl f iaurnl Ilieltei will do well t- specimens of NaLterIt III Ililtory evl olltretd, as they can rettaiei but , tien day..i LLT'tipel rtt Illtill 5, and t early ca.ndle light. Admitti.nce :,, tea.--'hilbhu and nerve ,ts, hbll price. NEW 1O ILEANS IJOCKIEY CLUB RACES!! I,, (PRING M1El : 1'TI' I,I I'.3 ,wI. seill mi ron. . llC d I ttl'nr hr iiii I VIIIV , t i ii liProprietor. - ( )VLElNI ',S H lltl: (I l'ARDS!! AT tIN I lh!' rr I It II I EE li l.1 to , i tliarede r l i No.1 , ol.t are IAB howhv n ei tome-tit lo: parade and Ktrevw, r" Iaren Street. it erfer f a !p ()hi (foe. -I _ ,an3 " Jll tl llll.)IN Ill . P._ -cssr.s. I'. ring & Co's Circus. oRAN) Eqoens1tri n Exr e[ ea pve v nicht, tornem comnlplnv of 1quesntrir s. |'vlariu· 1u|tntger, " i|3or. M 8:nn'ch, 'Thwn, mlnithB.o n 8ence at 7. AdmolVue, lVoxes OVte dollar. Children TO iIE DRAAWN II-i SIIVII.i\V, Jl. 8th. The foilbwii. .. I it,. drl.wu numbers of the Louis-* tan I olott1 ry,1I. s I ]Jr 3 l '.r 2, 24., (1, 7', :,d, 3, s , ':, ;1, 9 , ;3, 31. 95. II T r IIltder ,l ti .· ll co linll II n L 2 4 I 64, e ti icd t- thw irim, o" _ . 1 lol I r, is r e , to call it ite tiq. a l 1 II. . I ... l- S . nnl ' a A TJI t . 10,iti0l0 ' I t1'1 I A 1I R1 % I I:. , OUI'IRANA L OTTERY. 7 N bAuthorized I .ur, ,l" l '.e1 :, ul,. Irll ier .l. , 1 p.r .1 I ll t1111. i ls III 1 ) I don 11 l 111 2 0'cl 1 do A Iin) 1)15010 I 1 . I 31111 1o Y.4T 75 Ni ll it:r+-13 11[,r 'o1 I 1h . I dIn I ll1o I140 I do I3'll I2 540 Il I, 50... 1 500 In I 1111 I 1500 II1 do 1011 1 110 o I I111 1Il40 In do I. i tI 100 101 do 7'i II 410 13 do 35 2 205 63 do 5 13 575 121 1 o I1 1 2110 3191 d3o I; 21 436 23 136 do 3 70 3110 93 81 I Proiz's i , tlntilI fl ,1.d5 854 'I'i'kirg.l *3Wu-- !IhetI l'il--Qularltri 1 75 P: oka;e of" ti'cke, I;hr $14'. PI ckages of 25 hall tieker< $22. Iatckees of '5 Quiart r 'I ickits for $1'. 1For IaIl)rkness or hinl)l : ''ilktits, apply at ot I.1 S I;llI.GOIIY & (', the lilanagers, .ijln7 35, ('altl street, next to (amp lat 5IASt'4UIK;RAD F7 il, L. I. Phillpt' reet,I hbwetlen Itivul & H,rlullrbon. lll , 1. h11 ui.i. l-r ilo lltab nmd BlIII Ilnltm.graoe Ielled blestoltwed l n him lrl severl season. rP peItfnily ilfo~rmsa lthem that the a-tablihnIent has Il"rieeu olnlget for the tmlllulone of visitors. and un lergolle ilnlllle,ta· ropnirs. '1 Ile blar will|le surpass, d hly nsmq in qualiy o liqulrs. lnd tIllr Ieoslllrl l, ill be kop't by ile nablest Ilettlllr.io1r in Iic United t1tiosl. TIIhnroll will re open oil Sillrday .e"leug. 3rd of :ll \IND DRESS & M3ASQIIUEIRA 1E BALL, and otill Inkel placea.l usual every lMonday, WeahIos .Ins ,nll Snlir h, ntvelii ig, iariu- the seltOn, which willi, .l ilii 11e 1 o" Mi0 11,, 139.h N. It, The eretrast oai.inionll till he Ipaid to keep ile Iperlec oirlier throuehoul the es-'ali-hnlllnt, as wva d onat lest ,easoe. I - i -- 3 5 y 1 . . (p i bI h , I l . " ) 1 11 s la l e a I 1 NE w Leo j1, II Nciw Lreoe

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