Newspaper of True American, January 11, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated January 11, 1839 Page 3
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CITY BANK,' New Orleans, 6 Dec. 1838. 9BIHE Board of Directors of this Insattion have this L day declared a Divi jnd of Toeltee per cent. On theCapital tiheaef. payable to sha Sto. holders, or their legal repreaentttives,on or after Moldav,'tbe 21st January 1839. RIBT. J. PALIItAY, du8 Cashier D UCK- pieces L Bruiegen 50 do Light Ravens For sale by S & J P WHITNEY, di 73 Camp t riURPENTrI.E and anner'E Oil-15r Il-5 spirits n Turp oAti.,w 90 bhle' anner's (il fr rale by R JAVIS & ANI)Rl.EWA, di8 eor Common & T'haopitaulae ear SAR)--12 kegs and br firest rate an cl, Ior S bsale by O. H. BLISS, dl poyvlras OLA5IL.S-liO,0U0 tnilluonO pi italltut , 18 miles below the city, for sale by d19 ADAMS & WIntr'ALL, 67 Gravier st NEW ORLEANS d& NAISHVILLE RAIl. ROAD, DOE-ITeember 22d,"1838. "OTIC--To nB tractor--eierod proposals w ill N he received until the 22nd of Jatnuary, 1839, for 3aLing the supertrsctre, os frotm five to tea miles of Roads commencing ci rusmanchac and entaudiog to ward, thi city. " pl. entions mar be se.en and condit.ont made kw, oan pplcaKtion at this offier. D HtOARD, Sdc--Ial Ch. Eng'r. and ien'l. Super'dt. TIVOLI 8TEAM WORKS--Fresl Ground acorn meal anld buckheat_ douar, horse feed,ehoptemd oarn, rant and bran, &e Turning, sawing andn grind .ag done ac unkal. All ordets in the earpenter and joining lil.e,punctu ally attended to, ly J OTT, Tivoli Cirole. d25-f-t OO L'rSLanAding from shiti Arno, I cases of fine calf ew'l B ootla, for sale by j I , RID)GE , l'e, 131 Macaine st S PLENDID MANTEL OGRATES, t 6 Mlagazine ot 50 Ruesia Mantel tlrates, ricl, 20 Ground cast iron Mantel do., 43 Counting house Grates, common, 100 Chamber Uraltes, I7 Brass Mounted Grates, 350 COOKING STOVIES, consisting oft 50 . t'sley Botary, 30 Premium, cook, 20 Union do. 25 James do. 25 Ihap. IRotary, with ovens. Together wit an sraortment of coal Stoves. Fire iariere. Aria Pail, steel pokers. ash panset, blowers snd stC.e Isipos, atolrsale tna retail, by WPARRVY CO, GO Magazine at $ ' BIanks Arcade PllINCIPE CIGARS- 35 II Principa Cigars, an peeler Eanora, and for tale by -s I lltll)tG {' CO il Magnaine at VItNE-6 plpos, tfentsoe low, to, cloe a eeonigci V atse,tby SIIALL& R.R1IWN, jar. 96 Magazine at R lICE 4 er-41. Can Tr fli by }aS AiR1llHAM TRlER, 44 Grnvier at "1U I'TF.--Il( kega Goehen Bilter, best gnulity l Lading frtol ship Elrope, lOr sale b.1lw ia I a WVIl'N.lY,, .a5&oop et SOLOltArllPRSIUceseI-io'.b'5 Ueirceteal, I large nvolen.; Milte lan's de., in 6 volunaert; lbia' witl Atean; W.$odridtlgn & Willnrd'ea, wiln Atlne; Onlaey'n, Wondiralge', Slmith's, Ilunlincgtn.'a, anlte l,ron's Abridn.tlnrets. Parley & Baeeclea's do. far begrnners. Alsle, lleelt's Geographly tf tie lleanwas, wita the AlIla. A liberal dicetent allowed steaseera .wadUsta. pnr,:haina by tule qcnaniav. to 5 e r o ALI'XT OWAR, 49 Cemp e IANVA9.W HAlMS--lht bleld vere line, for ie, iJ by rja6 S El 'I'fON & A1VWK ,lll,l0f ctvi.e a WITIIOCU I' RKSSI.RIVE VA.[.TJA ,LE 3EAL ESTATE, TO BEDl SOLD AT AUCTION, a 'r. OaSm & GIAbtlOl.. tN SATUIt)'Y, JIseuary .dh, 113n ,i tlieCicy Eaclnet, St,. I.uic.saitl, eat l2 o'clck. Fer ,eligibly situated Ieto tigetrend n (troed stree.t,lrar t e corer f"llranueatre e, on ilIe mggbt hani sa il rom, alh river. The impraovementse aetit of a large hick ni tke e,ar lefoneth f the Iota, and a framee dwelling here sn the front all eltolfe the. lol w:th two story iitche.s. 'ria whole of which mle now rent.d for welve tlmdredl dollren a year. Lot No. I meaureen15 feet, inlhes and 7, ront lby l. feet 9 ience,,indetlh m.lre' or less. heot No. menearnres solne et lot No. . Lot Nl. . ,eansure16t feet, li itlcen and .7 lines, front by 1l27 'et 9 inchlele in deptle ace the ore lie, end 159 feet itehlen, aad Shaltes on the ntler line, more ur less. L.ot No. 4 esnaesrea 2I flet I inches an. `,.lies, ftront by 151) latel 8 oe:hlaa nod:l lines in delth, meore or len,. Lot N..5, eam te a, No. 4. ALSO--Five vluahle lots ofgretled oen dlagainee & I reliedl lw,,ela. ,lat ie. i .enl Malegaile astreet, nheacuree 5 feet fron by 1illt feet in delth. Ple 19 the melliee ni.e. No. i3 dineoe. l.ot Na. t6i ll Felicity alre't joeies te inbtenthree t ilato thl lenrIlr elleelntns t etfOllt 5 fe.ale, atell in he ir a'I feat by 146 is depth aenr. line, anel 106 ent en the otlertine. l.t Na. 37 an lIlieite strert aeonure in feria,67'feet 3 inches hv 106 eel net death, 't oee lee Ie, ceew 15.I reet elite'Waelhr line,'tas will tppetr none, ,ie.r, ldlau whi, will be eahibite I t on the 'tly cl nl.e. TEIt iS. (eeeeo1llla anh-ebnlalee Ite '2, 1i, a,., l0 aclled 3ceaceehc eredit-rt-bant ia1tneaL, far nnelc satis factorily e rj-yee d satl bearing tllontg ge unhll lnal Iay" talent. If thte notee, re iold paid atl atutellIty theey ,doall i ae r inteat a c rs eecf tle e}ar oel& Dert et .na , drm l tie limeV te leacoie d e till e.i Alte--'I'eatl.e.ry alalel andi deniralde residecee ers l' yd e as street, neieninr the lrelltdiotl C:hlerclhth, lot l.l l.ares YS nl 7 ilehes frlntl Ia v 111 felel in ,10,el olnre r Ina.% tile koICe is a ;lewe t ro To Iali. Iill ing withll tice, andtwl acnStry kiole 'ea, the ianrle are filicelI with mearle mualelel, put ger l neltc. l'lc.g doers, &c. "elee rmprovemets lnare be." latelv anintel and reted aIp and are nw ill firs rale,ý"'_r, nder lease to a goulll renAet for one year from tlle brl of oeber IIIat, t the ace of al.00.i per pear, aylde moenthlly. There is in the vara a h!rlllealtaaIenla of water. TERtiC-lIce fienrt caahd, tanlne oneta and ltta years, wielat is eree or notes al.ti.Fctarily endorsed and bearing inllnltle till tenlt palnment. Shoueld the notes not be paid at Inllulllrty they shall ber ilnteret ia the rle of 1at f1el r tse amaaoluea Im said tinle 41l paid. Acts ofeale tc be palsed . ore II. Bi. t-ennl, Eeq. Nularv Publl. at tht extpeene lfthe purehaCern. N. I. Ichne tarmsofaall nre notioenrelnl:d with in Ih days frvm tie diy) of oale, they will be re.sold at Ihe ribk and cost oI the punee.adlne n jan3 -EPr .-21 bags plpper, in store and Ior sale lfy J nl J 'ArlAI'EK fr CO, NEW BOOKS. The Only Dalghter, a domesti stary, by the anthor ofthe "Subalternl," c. in l2vol MIary ay) nenld,and ether Tales by Mrs Gore ardalnr-/ esal e'Maloter sled taug'ltert," S'. in a vol.a The Heir oflSelwoodl by the authoreass of "Yothbers andl Ilaalhtere" .c. in'2 vole. Allba Vrnon, er lthe Eambraidered landketclienf, in which is added Hlenrietta Iarrisoan, r the IIIne Cotfltte Um'lrella, bv Mlin Leslie, author of Peneil Sketr.l c" e. none vnl.a Oliver T"rt, ecomplete in 9 ront. by Boa, cneap cdi ion. Jlaat reeseived and for sale byM. 'KEAN, janl can Caepl aad Caanmlnl ats E1XCIAN;I ON ISO lTON at t I.I days niglt for -le r by aSb'E''T'SON& VEIt. , fis5 ~l Grlanter ot -il.-.u'lEalce Meething ofethb abuciea bers to the Fe. I male Orphan Soeietv, will be heohl at the Ioy dras Asylunt, ni Wedlnesday the elil inest., between the hour of tn and 2 a'lehlok ur the puraoa, of elect. idg managera to serve tlhe eeauieg year. jaS--lt ISUREAcU D'AIISURANICl Ve. LA tII~hlAe GNIE DES POMPIERS DE LA N.OrLEAN8 ES aetionuairtas sostr p e resent notifies qua lt Lie niaienle versalent eat tlld, et devrn etre paye lt Fanier proehaia, au Burnau de Ia Caonlengei, mi .Ii ruie dal Camlp. I Cin - I. TRACY, !.c'. J lFICo ej the Firenee'O Ieearatne c·(enrptOy of - O Nlew orleeal- rle stockholders are Iereby eO tifld, tntiltl e .IoTn I TALYeIrT Iteomee due, end i payable on the tih Pehbruary net. ot thr otice. of the ,nt.any, "l Camp street. E l. TIAC e'y ja 4 - _ _ --- -- - -OltACC(O--40 toaes Virgiuiea T"hl:o, n.o.rted, J landing from h hip I.oaiville,for sale by jal All lAIAM TitlEK,34 G navier t i'IL-39 casks sunaetr straiacl esprm oil, warranted J pone, landing from ship Carolin, and for sale by jel Ii BlIIDGE & co, 131 M nll znine ol inANNER1 O L-75 bbler trn Tanner's oil, for .sale o by LEVI I1 GALE, "ALT-2013 bushels Turk's Island. being balance of the cargo of the barqute Bohemia, and tir sale by ja4 L A GALE, 93 Common st " . EL9-200 Empt3 Mlolans-es Barrels, in prime B order, ioral lby LEVI H GAl.E, j4 .93 Common at -OKK-3less & Prime, at the inspection, for sale by j4G IORSEY. New Leveo -rOUBLOONSh -424 Patrirot Dnouloons, for sale by .TS-.-4O 0 bushels (.al on board schlr La.Us op spotits 10 L till 2nd Ml nicipali:r. tor aleo by i.J W'IIITItItGE & C;, 76 Magazine st iMPTYCASKS-- at of tsriurqnuality, ocd::g J n loudlo nlerby tTET h ON & AVER Y., jal 88 OGrnivr gV WLO 7ON ANmNUAS, and oew Publicaions. H Heath'n Pie.lrq tue Anonl ftr 1839 Jenning'e Landscape Annualt fr l319 The Keepsaknst )rieaGal Annual, .d othoerst as 0jrenmdt before, all very splendid ioe lleir of elwool, by the authresas of Motlb Sre aul n ;,uChtere. r i city of a la Czar, in 2 vole S Ellnn Gl ailI, by n lady of rank Stanley, or IReeollectioe, or man of the Woods Alnannder Voyage in the Interior of Africa, 2 vole atjs Landoita' Ponetical Worls; Nicklbahy No. 7 E JI t'IN4. Co., d222w eotnMr StI Charles & Common ste J of Vkiie Btee China, together uith a great vari. tyof Cod and Plain Fleht T"omhlsrso, sgitanle for re andl Hl,ltels, whlich ill be sold low by Ihe pack. *geo,,loaa. n. BROWER &c, dlt9-:' 17 Camp, and 1B Coommon0 ireto 1- 8-Rehka sumuetr etrainrd Oil, for nalo by ins L II GALF, 93 Conmmon at "-ftVLi8--O 0 bales Ksrunys, for ale byr j L H GALE, 93 Common rt OJOT IE--Tb e2opartfership ihemlrtre uxisatin uMweate te sundanicned for a Job Printing Office; is thlis day elnted by limitation. William McKenan or his agent, is alone lcharged with collecltion of debts de tSan idofhile. WB A MK\N iN January lt 1839--j3 GEORGE L SHoORT' NOTICE Tots ubacrilber having errelorsed thie in e etrst ofMr Go urge I, . hnrtt r in iti Jihl Priting Office of Win MeKen &co, will hront this day c o:tia i tthe husin ess of Joh Printing in his own name snat for in own aceount. Winm Mer,KANi January let, 1838--j3--or of Cnmp and onoaliton ate - ly. 18311, pavahle ix moltls afte r dalte. and Io I own order.and by him endorsed, folr seven huntdin dullar, with inteorest it ll o tate if ell per otel pe o n-o toen. Payment of said nmte ,caing bee.t stopvedl all persons are r foraned frtom trandig gfi r lhe o aa. Janr A. McCA TY. , CITY BANK, New Orteons, 23 Dec, 1838. .HlIS Bank will he clo-rd on Tuesday the 25!5 S inlst, and tst and8th of Jannry neat. Neose and lillae aling tue on those days, m t he paold on the dio previous. Offers forediscount sllnold he made on the Mondaya previnou. ROB1'. J PALFREY, d'74 CAshior NOTICE--Mr. Harloe Hooker retired from and 1 ceased to be a partner of the firm of 'J i'hay er & Co.,' on the-first +day of October last, b mtuan Sroaleant. I J Thae)r & TC Twitchell have continued, ndstill will tlill coutlanetho busineeh an uasal, mndor the rnn of J Thayer & Co,' and an authorized to close all the busiress of the late firm. New Orleans, January 41h,1839. The Private Journal of Aaron Blurt, in 2 vle, Bvo by Matthew L Davis, author of lemoirs of Aaron Burr, neatly hound. The Far West; or, A Tour beyond the Mountain lomeward Bound, and I latest tovels of Coop IHomee m eon l, 5 er. it M'Cnlloch's Cotmresial dieliinnry, I vol, a very valuable work for the eouomercial world. E JOIINS &CO, jo colrner St Cherln & Conmmon st MAY RALTY OF NEW ORLEANS. Ill Eprie et irsh floor to-day is $875 perlarresl, naccording to the tariff; the bakers shull give du ring the enating week (fris Monday 7th luet.) 34 ouIt . cen of bread fora holt. Bread of the second quality io required to weigh lf per celnt. mlorer. vi: 43 ounces. jan7 C. GENOiS, Ma) or. SCHOtIILA'lIE--- ce-ases sweet Chocolate, landing - from ship Couslanlir.e,for solo hby j7 I-IAA(: BRIIIitE Ai CO, 4":14 Magaineste It IlILtsGANS--I eases, containing ten's priane kip kerogans ann heavy kip boots, for sNle lby ISAAC BUll lE & CO. jon7 134 Magazrine It A LAW NOTICE. rJsAME S . MAYFIELD, Connellor and itorney at i aw, of Ten an, line nde all gns emoent ilh t Joseph M. tVWile Esq., late Itlehgate in Ceniress. from Florida andt ounsnllor at of thle Supreane (aCourt o the United EStltei, to give ain advice, legal opiricneend inostructoS ien A MMeSo in which he in reilina-d in 'lennsl. . Whide will in all caeses gine written inatructrnrs, owl in enese imfgreat iemortanre, t aill tllol in person the Suprame tanrat f'tesnos, Ilh ih in poasrnsiot of all thie Slanish nil Mnlxice ()rdili , neen annd hias t New Orleans, othe largest civil low Slibrary in America. Land Tites, In all caes in which Jamles H. Alnyfield is retained as an alttrley and Agent in Te'l a, ale will receive iy d.i-.toan.e, and adjice as a cohunsellor., ja7 JAa1 AI Will iTRO. t lb:IIl (l N,:4N I.Es-;16 bloxo, mn e'l t.aliles, la-itloa lia acshiela lion tie for pale, by ja7 IS AC bIR(liE& ,o, 11 :loIgazneeeit S j. ivrIE (te . Len -- Lioatnry, fairal lg ticr LI Cale by s ll'l'OS &" I VERY, j r7 S iianvier e --R:W . o .iKi-Tll Praecle Jornanl 'f ArJani S f r lNEdtAiinit is reoideoe efcly loeirea ito pe io ta, whch selle aitis froni Ilia crr alseandince. Edaled 7'e Par I'estr; or, a Tour beyond tile mn untains, eolhrn-ing u ulelles of Veoterl life and oaensrn; skeclh l, of the praiw s, rivers, nncient nlllnnd., earti settle slaeol if I e Frencla &-c. i 2 vole, illsl reneived lby jan7 '1M II'K I:A N, cer t:niop an COnllllon si CllCK Lfiea 5 la boles floe Ia-atabck, receivdl cod for dole by SAl''l. tIh N & AVEIIY, ja7 t : Grnvier et V ANTID1 -Aecoloned-t tfeanlre o..anont, oi1 the aworlk Ic' small lnilany; nplly at No nuB ttllnries aLrcie. ja4--:lt SI \'l ifd UI L--Cltperoa miad li eand , in store i .nid Ior sle lhy i' 1))IJISBY, lA si0'relln'i - oed ldOll.di frll hilr- illalitaial,,lh ( ra lC lillad-tIlila, har sacl laow ilalkcnu ,rml lhe I a i- lb by lJIL:lIS &. 1llIlA.,, .ael Bank l'lnat I {) -l"SUi;A.IA-Lt1 Itt lc atil;iran gouullitions in lnur., ic llnd fa enel, y intlll.L &l.,ttIn'N. eiOacti i.'i) tnre Sugahr Iltainerv, S6 jt 9 ag.lallriol n 1 Ilousu street, opposite the i'ostOCJln .----'li lubpcriihbern aronlw receivvlg Irlni Ithelr factories i-n New aork, r.d n-ill ckeepeastaltlty on ,iandit a B geraer iI naseoronnlt of Inarble Mcletle Piocoa ftr - perteor orltoinlnlahip, and of tlhe iln to patlorns nndo iof the host Egyptiial, ILalia, o.rlala, nad do Smastic flUlmble. Alai. Maoncarnte, Toilin anod Graee Sinnee, nanlsalded a-ld photol lub ned lintcln, mao bi lltciagu, ,o hoarth, plilitolr oi trior Raian llnsid lhydraurlic ee. mIllrit lnd plstlaring hair, tEagllher willa i plendlid nesortloen of barnsd mounted andplain Grateos ad 'e IRuasia iron Gortes of the n.nwesi onld mist pi'ov. g edl -d Lottering done in the neaatelst manner and at the lshortes notice. They hlavel first rate workmeu to at not tihe habova work. is dec27 JAMES KAIN & SiTROUD. onv ate erir l va ( l tn 'nr a large aldditioe li SItheLr stock fIIlard \Vare, whiell leakes illlhrir tenlrt. ntmeale vcry extlelnsive; all of a dol they oflfr low for i cash, orSityal Stei. a 'i aa I " Lve., aeo receiving ier ahili Jelan Ihdi, all aldi linel nataly earttofvoc theil aoaai-nclent :ansinis lown 10of Spoorw , n|eat Cool' Stoern, of els oMttn; ilhilnodel le piilhRadiatolr Coal Slnvel Comocal Cuokilg Slov ac tibian hpndnai nteai Wnl seC cdk' ad.tCvei; als alooes piPe p at ap to order. d2P4 Aa 1)--1473 kegs Prinoe Leaof I.ald, landing and L fiuitleb y S'TEISON & AVERIT1I L 88i Gravieor orlrlNE--An iailvicn of Sicily Madeirn, in i lpes, 25 haifplileS, IUOqllUletercnkbs, ilaila aL lnllcses entitled so drleteanre, brtla Itdsl Ilbarrna,Colli & Zizzac ennlehllv Jan ISAAC IIlIalti & CO. CO II4E'I'IN(I, Nlti CLU'Litt, &c.-knr cale by "' thio aunherberme n icases heavv WarwiLeh andl Washington Jeonn, a S uoUerior a-tittiefofr anro nrclomhing t- ibules heaty Iyowell lilsl~ys 5 h iads(lordova kerneys, a new article for Negro b cllainc, ianlufclrtured eiicily nf wool llblt ole 7-8 and 4-4 Lowell eoti.ns 1711 hlotle beat) 3-4 and 4-4 brown shcirtiEgs nod s leieltibgs Wi Ik-tlee Isavy Hampshire mwn drilliog. . nGa; ailtincalI fian sd iiln oalaa U llliaittiln no 201 confe. Alterinol pricao, veltias nanlilieo :t enreealwmrline Fentch tcitns, mtnifcld wcnlcrs 41 li-alot Ic' eusia heetinog 'Y- dll ISAAC IIII)OGE & Cf(5. for alu by LAWRENCEII & I, (i"NI)RIK, . jan' .. anni t9lNEW I.tre. SUGAR ad Molastes on plnnenltian th ile city (cr talehty r:uIi.AL A B rl'IOW, jan:l 7 Bank Place. OPPI":kL--lt er-'-Coapper, icaM etW each fifty 10a Slb aheets copper, landing from slubp Cotattlltiae ald furea!r by J COUKAYNF, jS 25 st ALUAiI.E ENtiIISH W(ORKS andd for 'ale at tile Booek Stor1i 49 amp rtreet, via. The Ilhk of Grace, .rola,splrendid enravinga,, Gems of nBttuv, royal quarto, do Authors oflEnglad, do (IQ Fit en's Gallery of tihe Grurat, do do Porls and larbors of 0 Britaih, Natiollaal Gllery. 2 volse, qolrto ROger's Poems, illustrated by Stolthrt, 9 vc, Gil Blast 2I vcol, 8ro, illustrated by 600 cuts Ch.arn's Landsce anl Portrait Guller, d by I - hmr. Walker's Female Iaecety, as improve J J drcri,&e., rcolred inreviglaSe, ('eapbel 's la Pms, illeestnrad bir Sntolart. oSblapeare, I vol, A cu, illustrated by 40 splceldid cngravings, Ileth ' ilustrationars of S liakp ire, liocydell's cth do Heath's iallery ol British engraving. Loeudon' Encyclopaedia a Gacrdening, new edi. tion, LondoTn'a s do of Plarts, do Finden's illustrations of Byron, 2 vole, Debreltl's complete Peerage and Baronatage oa England, c vole, Goldsmithls Animated Nalure, 4 vole, colored Itlidlt2 Pronu dile Leos, with Martin's illuatra tiona, splendid, Gray's Elegy and t ardN beau ifudly illustr Aetsol Ferale bieauety, Finder's Bible illustratlone, 3 vole i Gal'a Pompeanea. 2 ala, Ivu, with many algr a. Spirit if the Wood, with hbeautiful ecclcred *n gravllge, Itomenceof Nature, do do Il,- trationa oathet Waverly Novels, 3 ruaie Togeth. with a large ateortncttt of American F.ldi. tioneas ee. :atalogue. to be had at tIle store of d22 ALEX. TOWAR. PLATES--Screw Plates, witl. 2 eltt diet and taps, et manufucturerr' price., fir lll*t by d20 SHALL & BRlOl WN, 6 Oarnzille s 200 l a.hae Rolbin'a ExtraNo.1 Sap, jute rei velacad for alrlebv dll SIIALI. &'BROWN, i6 Magazine at DKAFTS at 3 darvaftenrsight on Louisville.ior sale by HEKMOGENE BROWN & co, 19 9 Conti e Y tX LARNDSIPFOB5AllO lAE aleceeri L bers offer for salo twenty Floets oflit hundred and forty acres of land, each. By tite at af tle Legia latore this acript can he held slid locatted Iby foreigners, and I traclnerthilc by nasiglncmet. nct29i Tl )S B L:E & CO. ANII.LA :ORDAGE--11 er,il assartcd siajr Slanding from ship St Mary. and tr sale by j3 r iAIDLAWI 66 Camp rt GCITY BANK New Orleans, 6 Dc., 188. .UOftE.9 of the Municipality No. ,2of Ne Orleans, Of the denomination of lne, Two, and lhree I)nllnrn, will hbe received in payment anol in deposit by this oank. and on and otfer thi first Monday in Junua ry reOty will be redeemed in specie. LROTe . J. .PALFlEY, ,it Cuhlier , f50 IRENT.-A lotin Julia streel, near the new tIn .0 sin, slitable for a wooden lumber yard. Apply ti 9 Bank Place. jn:l r iL andl CANDIlES. I. csks blenched winter - ot.uint+l epeim til-; onks ttcnlloertied Ino do d, 331 boes first q.uality a.erln Candles, assorted dizes, rec.eived direct from Neon; Bedford, nt noe.v looding rinto sloop Btcdfoelr atl Ins sole by da3 J UOCKAO YNE, 25 Gr(aer at MIfuS, ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Cstlomltotose St. TO NEXT' DUOU ToST. CIIAI LES THEATRE, CO tNER oF POYvRao &d ST. CtARLnES SnRtE'T. an¢g9--1838. 'It RtEN''. A LARGE and conmnodiousl Room over Levy's auction store, 53 MagaGine street. Aipp. to W SGREENE, Lithoyrlphars on she piresnites. N B-The above would nake a good drill room, nov3 l /HITE L SAD & LINSERI n.,lL. 900 kegs pute No. i. Philadelphia White Lead, of Lewis' mtannlhcture, receiving per ship Wal ter and trig Chetnard. Also, 2t1 kegs Noew York White Lead, mneolt.ntre.hby the Unico Wlite Lead company. Also, 16 hogsheads Englisd anod Dutch Linseed Oil in store nud for snal I.y JARVIS & ANIDRE\V, WIsoleanle tIruggists, d.21 cor Coin non 'l'hopli;anlao is JEFFER'SON ACADEMY. E)REPAKATIRILYto JeofesronColange and to oth I. ers condunted by II, (Granet, LI, t. .xachlge Alley, between ('onti otol Bienville. Tre; itucation waa the most eligible that could be iound eing entirely free Irs the role of thde trmeets aid the rattling of drays and coertianges. The Jelferino Academny is ditvided iLito two drpart llents. The Junior or eleulnsetary department for tile various hbrnehns oncnmmon educatlo, in French and in E sglish--'Thi Senior departsoent for Latin, Greek, Mathertntis, &c. I'uoclualty, order oan diacipline are ntrietly etjiosied and oblserved. Terms. Junioo )i ortmeAt,per TonthL; $10 e ot or .do 15 Spaioiss 6 Ilt. Boons,, poper, &de. ehared sepnartelp 2nd. A moho oarne begnt to he paid in ull; 3rd. No d ,ledtioo for absetme nor for olidays: 4th. Payments to he ttlad regularly every mootl. School hoerotlrolmn L-S to 3o'clock, except Thurn days. sepj7 EXI:IIANGE IREADING IROOM. T HE proprietor has re-listtd his tetading Room, in the St. Charles E.ethnor, Coorner ol Gravier and St. Charles street, In til nateost nooaner. Besidoes al the nrineipnl l'npers of the United Stales, ofeverv city and state. the Canadas 'ealTs and sMexi co and Inaolana, tioe room io regularly ond extensiveo Iv supplied witll the latest IS.tropeoan papers, Lo)d'a I.ists, alld P.ices' Prle Culrcent. Also with necrly all tlh I.ttrnry Per mlicals of the dlyv, lnd hat tile re publlicoliont of lh:. Lo.ono, Ildinl.trg, hVeotmit+tter AMetro.olitatn leviews hlnd Ilehm \oodo Magazine. The North A ltnrican Revic.a·; tit, S.rotuor litet cr. lKnik booker,The A l.etieoalJoournal of BeisRIer and Arts, Cabinet Miscellany Iotttmorutir Reviewt , t-ni .tlemr1 e 's o gsaine, Atmeicnm motltlv, tnttly'a Misctcll.tny, tire Mexico CIsir.rgictl Review, nd a variety of others. .AII litten works are regularly ohbaceried tr taed creei ved. rThe rot is ialo s tsup lied witsh a Inae v liets ofn aps anld e.tlases, Nilos Ilegister, I.avsy's Iric C('ui r.nt fro.m nior collmelLetllt, Gaatcer, anld a variety of work, of I . rrernee. Tlhe mtt.n tn tivro o ille.ient css roleotorere Pn t ploved, to give the nrliest ulritln, aold o tainsmoor t.see will be klpred to roenlorr this lteldihng Rooo Il Ite firot the Unloed States. . ubscripitilns are reeasetrfally receive 5:.0l A'A N Y. ARRANOEMENTS FOUL TIH WEEK IAYS. From Carroll on. Frm New Oslens.. ltore Car at 4 o'clok, A. M. lloeen Car at 5 o'lck, A. Locomotives " . .ueomotive 7i 1! " 1 ," P. M. After 10 o'.lock Cart cn bo olhtaiaed by paying I0 dol tars for tse Trip. 'rIE JAtCKSON AND I.ACOURSE STREET CARS InavenCt.l etroet t njcluek, A. M. lad rut hotrly. At olt lot :.'lock tllihe or will commence rallnilg every hull hoar, end cototili throutghlut thlt day ultil u'olu t P p . fl it his hold ofjillok.l r.tst. )ernoll t Vll tg lay the l.',, o must provild thnemsolvso with 't'telnol to1 "" no.1' 0,il to t,t,,.l I Ilr ti.e ctodUt.,t s. Oot,'r N."w Urle:nt. uud o ,toirulleo toRil Itnotd Ctntpusy, p'.ydro. tset. J51011N I AtII'OON, suv Ciicf l~lug. N. U 4 C R. R. t nfllE Poriodeol tofli Ihnlteli-h, Fretnth lotd Spanisht "l.r n ua Ito veI his cOtll;liil~at )l pin ls, which will Im lioited to lily. I:enken Itin oppoisttoty of nettring uoreltt tllat iotlkiog skll I.: owtltion. o whlt h l..rv eootresuroe to tlte catJ~, I aui ilip+,, 'eulJeullt of thseir sons I)IIltt''s-l.o.:ar:, e-ot.oit ot Frech, nod Ano-ri - I :so 'iars, loeltr frt.l tsiltt PhIlt artclia,r 'strttle by ' tAAC BRIDGI)E&.; . "O, dAt 134C Algatzint id i iL dr-um nrjg Almlual, Ifr s.le by WilIt 'ILID GE & CO, d18 7li Lagoazioir 0 - IXIt;E W. SMITH, cs'r.gaC Ifpeuott, fc:n Pkiladelpbio, B Ef.; to ,rtlino I sIte l sttl gnd gentle loeo ofNmew Or Il enm tihats It" has l.,tetsd Il .oollfrt -o. li6, Co:onl St.r..e, opposiollede ite Ifonae, Iwhere he will he l,"lpY tos atoud to anry proft+ssioal (A , Smothk noonoee c.v mvoioonty vilted tlht city tahes tIm liberty of ertruettil Iroo slle rilllllSet e nd.. lopy le.trc, lioot he beatir.,. t fkllw.ming testhit ill frottholer wh, hoove kvwtn himi long fcnd intiomatly. Troto the Rov. S H Tyogo.f Phtlldalpbia. '5 cc trlntnst . curna jso llyinl It t bsoae oad conioera ble acquaintance Wltb Ms. milh bhsh perusotally.t ill the baeineesfdhisprofesto,n. tn both rempect I oasi-der him oeoleolloea . wellhy ok the aon st e wc hlbe ho - cleives. .nts o Deltist have lne fea ollnd er operLrasr whom t .onsidered oulerior. aod neel .aoialsd that nkotencr oollt dncte daltl be r1.eodes i hlc by causne alen qalnted with hill wilt be well repaid Iy blhdiscarge s ofdlieis to hin. ist. Sitoh hon upersted toa cooaidercloetenat for me pelotally jnd for nobert. ot ray oanity. TEtIST EN At TYSG. nlrold Rev. J I Robertso , Mssitiary at Sya i Greece. 'I" waited in Philadelplhia to ive t)r. Smith a (air epros nity of pdottingmy tetl in order Thi, be bie doae i. a mn.terly manner, and the geatleten s, as.n sa skil wils which to e .nedon'l Ida ollcrutote are equalled only by bi pla tientpersevnranco 0i. giviogeery thing theohighlst Glok. I *bnnll ill future be saved nt only seko slforisg, hat al much voluable time. e. -c. Unfrcascl in New Orntean:.. Jaorub Wilct, Esq. I Tloes. Allen tlarke & Co., .lencb. RiehlrdcS dCoi New OeleIso. Wtlliolo Clarke Juin.Esq. CutInt ".ert ttlitt .Es. EW OREI.ANS S CARKtOLLTON RAIL SROAD CO.--NI)TICE-On and after the Iet Dec., 183i, until further notice, lift Extra right Car will leave the car Iruse, I'oydrus stret; at hlalf past 11 o'clrck, I'. M. fL.r Iafayete and inlerrmediate places. Siugle Tickets3l 1.2 cutlr, dr at $.:5 pet hiendetL JOHIN HIAMP,'tN, nol09-4 C li.i Eng. N. O &4 C. rt. t. M(URNINti NOTE PAPEIL-Jrtt received, di ret frlod !.fbidtr i. a tlrnrtity lf tlie borve, luperior article; balo, Euamelled urd ol Pral'li Cards, Erglish I.etter ad Note 'Paper, for sale by I FiL' & Cb; d14 N Y Sa'Cioarers H C 11,24 C.artres ei El N IMAliBILE .PAPI'F--Jits t received reas oftery superior qualiy of royal Mediau r AVumIte FELT & Cio N r uaione a Hell. dnov o h 24 Chertre st ,ACuN aides--4 casks tbr rale dy - t129 G. DOItSEY, 44 New Lews' IAL--=J00 burshels Turk's slantd solt afllat,'fo rd7 S & I P WIITNEV', 73 Camp st; 0 RI[El OI T I' AS' 'I'--A! i elegauo sod lhighly approved dentifrice; the ber preparltiuor se9r pur p for the teeth, just eceived at lire Blaaar. tBUS.H & ALLEN, d29 cur St Charles & Ctollllllnll i..,R ExIhe' ,I{- U:ICAL IN'I'RUIEN'T'iS FOlR AIILITlARY ý. I.AN.89P I,., -4 -J2Soed 1 f.,.c ' r 'e ares. uriber on mouderate terl, Claoriorets in C and II liat do in F sod E flat : Piolor and Olctav Flutes; Olrn cI ider ; T'riangles, Field aid Blars Ilmu; Cavalry Trumpets, ilair; lltrolonv do wilr erooks ; 'irol.l bokres, ten o ; l.lFrenh loHur ; Cresenat.; Cymnoals. E. JOHNS & co, nov ll' corner St Chailel Tend CommOn ets 4OLASSEi r llos--l first rats new lolassur IJ Baurrels, londrlg from shrip Adroau, below the rail road, and ot sale by jan3 W'M PORTER, 95 ('nmmori dt OOOIING ZI N(:--15 casks Zinc,lanrdin frmrllip S Arno, Ior sale by J COCKA Y'NE, jl 25 Gravier el FI ATH'S Book of Beaur ; (ems Beautyi also tihe 1 Diader, Syria sard Iuland; British landl scalpe 5eleOr3 Five different spledid Eaglisah Annlsf, for 1939, re ALEX TOWWR .1'! ANIFOLI) WRITERS--WjIl.uots hnprrvrd . ?I onlultd \Vritrs ill every .stl, just receit d at tile I.AZAAR, conuer of St Clarle and Crllllar oluns. BUS.I & A.I.AN, uov30 Exehanage Hotel. ACON SIDES-50 hhds Cincinaati cured, Bacon L sides, ufor sale by STE'SON AVERY jal CO GrUvier, S\ IHISKIEY--50 bbls rectifird Whiskei, ir store , for sale,by T It mII)E & I1RO, ja 3.9 Cooiur ,nt It A MIERICAN IRANDI'.-.Oblb 5th proof Ameri _ .can Brandy, for sale by or ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, nov 26 124 Mlagazile so H AVANA SUIAIR-24 .lanes in sore, ard frr oser by ja5 ABILAIIA)M 'IRIER, 34 Grier str IRE.A--An irrire of Istperisl Tra, ioulg Ilyeor, a Ot)ro.nge Peceo, sld .rturhong, iht hasIf chssts ard arty boxes, Ifr sale by SiILLI. & BRILOt N, dl5 fri Maenxine or e G UNNY BAGS---50,00, 2,.2 aod 3Iu.ll lunny S langer for sale by jal0 u & J P WHITNEY, 73 Camp st bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR IIAVANA. STfi flit s cating, coppered packet brig (2ANNICI.Ft I 'I',200 ttns, ptni Walker, will positively sail on Fridrv Ih inat. I' la l 1grr r will please callon Icaril this umorn a=, and arrbrne far thriribertlht aid plimortls. i2d tier ber low lie Ferry. orto WI pi il'lR;I, Ju 10 "9 C eoll ea n s t F1OR IVERPO iL, S The fine ship I)ENnIA RK, .ovell, nmes t..r, will have im.endiate despatch. Fur A freight of12Oil balea cottnl or palsage, apply In jil1i. III-.lEl;, .3 ;ommon at FPoR LIVERPOOL. S Tie line fast sailing ship ST. JAMES, Capt. It II.we, mLeter, will htae imnedliute deeplach. For balance of frcaiht or pansage apply tc jet S&J P WVll PNEY,73 t:amteat FOR LIVERPO(OL. Tile fie new At tBarque BYRON, Capt. BenrIon, will have immediate drapatch. I iar freight of 211i0 alea cotton, or passage havi g good accoumodalioll, aplyly In d.91 I. II (A LE,93Cnmnnaet FORI HAVRE. The A 1 and fast reiling ship GIRARI), Capt. Parker,will receive immediate tdepatch for thle a ave port. For frtight ,f 15 1 tales of co utt, if immediate application be made, apply to d235 II G AAI.E, 9:I Cotm.ont FOiR TAMPICO. . TheA I lichtdraaghlt copper fastened sahr ORAL, Davis, master, will have immedinte rlespatch l or the abehve port; has fline accummo daiie fur tIelve pIaseegrers. d24 H p e BLISS, 11i3 Poydras Pt Coastwzse.... . FOR NEW YORK. The packet ship S'I'. MARY, Capt. Fon ter, will cail punctually as advertised. For freight or pneoge, apply on Iiord, or to jal PET'EK LAID)LAW,i66i Camp rI FOR NEW YORK Holmes' Regaular packet for tle 15th Jcnaary. The fast saeiiag packet ship ORLEANS. Sentr muste', is now Ititg, and havit g a lge part of hereargn engaed., will ail asabove. Fortfreighto orjpaage, atpply on bioard oppo.itelthe veietatb'ea kept, or pi d to HOAclES,,4 Camp at FOR BOSTON. S The new fast sailiig ARAGAN Er,, Sempteot,nnstetr,wifi c a despatch fir freight of 3119 bales cottae, or passage: hali i splendid naccommodations, apply to jua S &.J P WIHIT'NEY,73 Camp at FOR BOSTION. Thie new and fast sailing hlip PrARSA LA, It. WiAdaor, hacter, will eie its mediate drespatch. For freight of 2110 bales contioter orcsage, havina spleodid accomnmodations, aply on boardl, opposite the Orleans Cotton Press, or to Sand J P WH I'NEY, FOR NEW YORK. , . The new .eter WIIIAM II\RT, Captt. Cu catsl, will have despatch. For freight at . b hhlds. on deck, napllv toi jut S , J Ps WIlHI'NEY, 73 Camp at FOE BALTI3It iR'. New Iine. The A I end faLt seiliag barque IA FAVE'I'TE, Cait. Landis, nail receive des patcl., lhaving part ol her e ra, engaged, for bclance of freiglht or passage, hving hacdsome ecnm ud.nation., apply to L H (tALIE, 93 C..n..n. t I"L BO'tt IaN. "TIs. A I, coppered and capper fa'rnd, facst el. tiii. hi FltRUl, ('apt Caldwell, haviog the er.auter n'Iet f liercargi enga.ap , wIill have diter tch fir the alve p1it oIni TIcesdav, the Isi JaOiary. For freig olr i ancsge, apply io board, oplsiloir post No ,I, 3d1 Mlu.ieipality,e r to ST '.'ISON & AVERY, ,c1,l9 801 (;rivier street FOR NIEW YORK. The Al faet sailing col,per fastened irig SP'.SIMION,Cnapt. Packardl, will lave des. r patch; or freilght r apl~sage, rp ly h lu d"am S J P. 1 VJ P W ITIt NE , .S r amp t FOR FREIGHT iOR CHARTER, A vessel carrying 110 hlld-IuIp or down tile coast, as Illy bhe wntedI. A tle ito SHALT. & IItOAVN, d.J 96 llareazie at F1R FRI"IGHT OR CIIAIITER. lThe faet sailing, first clnac. cppereld bIrig LUNA, I11) tons, Cloiaila Ilhleit, atowas 1.0 h tltdla.nt, ready to rce;ve cargo lir ally Iur.lnt'gl pirt, inr tle Wet Indies. to Vti BIRYAN, j7 !_ 5 COroIotH a - FORL NEW YORK. e\ew Yerea A . Nta Oileao ILine. At LINE faBckets Ilea heon e hlabli-hed to rn Ibe A wee New I rilat leid Nei w Itrk, ito cosist Ol fivre first rl cl i ii, viz: Ship St. lMar, R WV Fa-trr, ,la,,er, " i;,pulican, J G Rlsall.rll " SAultru, Ii P )rrfey, "

Ie,'" building, The shipa wme hnlilt in New YIork exh rs,.lyr rfrtlii trade; or: of a light drought of ,,aier, antd , itel not be subjecl tidlteriliiii eei tiRe liar Their ae.i(eoll iimditli furl e-snigree cl, prise all that iay Ie requirei d fo cindirt auld ,oivelilelcr ; and tlheir" e,lllhdiers tre Iell o tXt riencei LIttl ali i shtiula w huildiir, 4 rit captleteld, two filet clhiass ellips aiwl ulpiy tl:cir places. 'The greetet i paietua.lity will hbe hlerred in tih tiae of Slilillg, aed evray reaasonabl, aeccrlaloatillttiu extenlhd it p.eseielluer. I:l,r ttrtler iparlieulars apply to l 1srsa. Jiohnsitc and SidiSddun, No. 86 Wall street, Neu a ork, oc to jat PI'EER IAII)I..tW, hi tramp et 'or the Interior. U. S. MAIIL. . FOR BAYOU SAIRA ANI) PI.AQUIE\IINE. ' 'The spleodlid pnssc.g.r slent-c.tlo saite, rooms) commnocedO h. r ,e g 6*.tripx n ediany, he 1911 inSt at tO o'clock, A.M.,id on Suildayv,at Ile samnehourfor I'Plnquemnine, sad will continue It run regular Ilia balance ol the wseas., and leavapuncltnully at Ithe hour ulertiseld. A separate cabn, all in state roomls, fi : lord pero pie. far theight or pasage,'Iply on boaid, or to di1 AI)ANIS &V WIt'I''ALL. FO)R M Ol ll IE. Tihe rculahr pakaet low praeoure stemter GIIIAFI'E, C'npt. So tiler, will leave Ilhe Itea end of tih Rail THURSDAYS & SUNI)AYS, after thearrival of the 12 o'clock curse, and on her re tura, leave Mobile, every 'TuLesday and Fridays. For paesage apply on oard to I CAPT. SWILER. P S-Whenever a sutfflieet numbe r of passelltger offer thle (Giraffe will touchat ally of the intermediale laldiugo, upon previous natice being given to Capt .Swaler. ,nov7-tf DASTE ULACKING. IO0doz MGlinas, for no b Iy d,8 SHlAL.L. at I.Rit, VN, 96 MaI nl&tnes 31 BiI.S hlite Ilvatna Sugar c'_mise by d* 9 S ( IILANCtIIIIh I RLOUR MAGIC-A new and ilteresttug oa' SP ifor youth, just receiv't ond dor sale at the new b.ek=tarte, No. 49 i ap street, by A. '(LOWER. 03W TILLIA t ..O'' is as ociEted as a prlener ith the lirln of lWhirltidge & Co., No. 6 Itgoazinae Swter,h for tits troansaciou of general cononiainon hot. es"; dl0I--tm W H SKEY--t7 rtl nlanding from steamer. lridg. Stntier a nAd tor uale by B. IlORAEY dec5 44 New Leveae A RKANSAS MONtEY WANTlDbvn n i7 TI'HOS rI.tEF i, C0,8 ntw Leveeo O ittS ALEn A f ,t rate Negro, li'froi to .,y )years tof age, ulttl) guadaiteed by d19 I Iu GALE,fi 3Cotomdn ast BAZAAR. r Caeru of St. Charled Couarnon lstreet, E clAn ooNE ittot.. - I USII & ALlAN nwoold retpecifully call the at Stnlieo of citlizns nhid strngcrte tl Ineeir conplnte Y nasnrOtrlt ntl lieotlemen's lihan lirto, d. entric, w ith line Ironts. fashiloable linen TrolloS: linen cl earsi silk, aotton and uteri, ondoe sh,ius and drawers: nl calric and iilk rhandkerehiol's: hlack and .oley Cta vdts ill greet variety: stocks of every dcscrie, ion: gTri Selaslic altel eotton orpetllers: silk, Cottno aod tltreud tgloves igentalioski glovenF' ulbrells and cntacs gould tAlat,-Sptendid asorturent of ladies and geto weet y tindesks, dreosing cases, port folio, lrerltu.ol,,llt i- leylnd rich fuov goilds. AT the naufaectory of the h tihbserlher, ilstlntli to@ Wheels Lorud Pitte, of all sies; ashlt, Plster l Hair, &n. T'urning, Sowiog athl Grieditig llone as aue tll by . OTT. -1o IG'r. n (Ih E q wo atory dwelingn lhode, 'No. fi, Tri A lol. t ree litt, lear ti Circle, "tounding hack fom the street, h wring four rooas, well fin ti atiwoatorV ,iihoan with ftte rollet,cislernt, bell and eherv ctvenitenee to make it a onelforlsle reNi dense for'a etnall funily detilont uf lititg relired. Ad Sply to 1. OT'T. TO- RENT. Sd T W.) tou story hoineTl and kitclhens n St. th B Jon ater near the Povdrn mareket Ap it plyta ROBlh'.CLA~N ON, n NYt' -e Cnt in at on 'fO) REtNT. TV HREE QIUART''ERI of a square of I grcmud wit.4 we heolse theretron ,.or tLe. SA l new trkl on 'loydras It. Atly tI, f IaOtT, CI.A N(NN, nc21 i 1'2 (aootp at ri Two houses near Tivoli Cimle. Appvt,. il avl9 J O(l'. "DI LIs LDt) IIALLs Adt NI ll RCI.-t laer at tic snltent of Billianrl Balla of superior quality at at tIhe Bazaar, comer at. Chorles not (Comuon-st. -lullhBH ALLAN. ad no. 20 lxhltnge hot.l. SUNNY li.GS-AI0 eales ! hb-tin l hin-i inAor, "t sand fursl o e by (i )LRSEY,44 Nn,. Levee. d17 ty efore 'Eit-PLM coilt Knnttrko -l a ren, in store and for aaln by " J 1i:vl74:R & iO ~tt dll 74 rnydra, st BUSINESS CARDS. SAMUEL TOBY, .Merchandi.te Irraker 4. Coomnissmn Merchant, d13 Office, :J, Camp et.-For the present. I f I I SSt. SHIPBDIOKER & COMMItSSIUN MERCHANT, No. t6, Po)dras Street, NEW -Anr,.^.A s. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., IaolskaIe I.Ithing ist.tblt~Isament/ No.3, .1lagaolne atreet, [li AVEcon.tottly nil Iland a Inrie nplply of Cloth L in , cl, tllllllrtd or tlh cl,'lltlry rlltet. T1h1er as. sorllnllnt beig large, llerchllnllda fr the country can be supllied at tlre shortesot lotie. oct4 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 (Ihartree. M.ree HAVE a constantsulepply I f evcrv article pelrtal.lig to g.tlerameu'a dress, ofil tle latest style, at New York priers dec 20 . B. Ros SURGEON DENTIST nor a No. 33, Royal Atrert ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESl'A BLISH MN EN'T, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite flanks' Arcade. 'ILLIA.n GREENE, PROPRIETOR nrl 3 H. PARKER Commisalon attd Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. Nrw :')aena, Feb.2 . JARVIS & ANI)REWS, WIIOLESAI.E AND RE' DI)AI.ERHS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS AN..I) IVLVDOW GLASS, ornoer of Common and Trhoupitoulas streets, NEW Ol LIA NS NATHAN JARVIS. JOIHN W. ANDREWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 1837. UOYIlE & 11.l1r, l)EAI.EItS IN AMERICAN & EINGLISIH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONDooI.'r STREET. of FlR 1Ii EN'S INSURANN E COMPANY OF NEb, ORLEANS. Thin Company are now preanred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. of IC1, No.24 Mluaaon'. uilding, Canal .reet. E 1. 'ITRACY, New Olcana, May 15. 1838. Seerutary. I0OIBEIt'I CIA.NNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 C(:amp tlreet. WIholeale t)ealer in Paints, (nil, Varnlihea, Brushes, nl3(1 \Vi,,dow and Pictulllre (ilss & c.c. T.W. COLLI1IýS . TTORIVE & UtOU..I OR .AT LA. IV NOV O protieio0 itth Shtate and City Courts. Cli 1 elltsj will find himi at th Clerk's ofiie, U S Cirlcuit Court, in the C(auto Hlouse buiiling. je8 lttht 'l'tUTl Po A°'l I.--.rn elegunt and highly n prorved I!elllifive. '1ogive a pearly whitnels to the treeth, To enl:hallce the charms and bleanty of the mouth, And add a fragrant wete.lesrs t1, the breath, Is an attOlnlllnII long devofly wished, 'iThllougl Ine'er till now elfe.lively achieved. Thi' much desired result, as will its use. Vith prom l(tnea nd hirh satiosfaction prove. Tile Orris Tooth Palfe, while1 it i he,,ltifio the teelh, remlovillg and oreventing every ap;jpelrttnce of tartar, andgiviog to them a clear aod I'arly whitenlees, nim proves 1fle color ofithe lip 011,n -..Ols, u1d gives ddel di ."lnl he1nuv to 1 lthe e ble lf tilhe illouth--by its dii -eetilgiroperti.s It greatly tenlds to preserve the teelh Irth decryl),ald it aim)llil npris thae er :tuliUr and fraralt t sweetness to tile hrcatl, flOrlt1IIhl the airis Ro* is so justly and exllllar vol ecleollutd. Jlstreceivrd by 1:1lli1i & l.I.A'\'S Fancy Stole, Exc.hanre Hotel, d!1 cor'St ChIrlIs aIl:d LoItoallr tos tlINil.I \ti HtA'TCIITE':I--4 daso . I" deo.. ch.l, iu stre lro sale :,y SIIAI.L Ia BILWIN. d15 " 9e, "1ngaziueesl t'UA I.. A NT'ltH.CITI. and .r,-l f'0oal in casl a 1le', and ill lots to eni t il purehnsr. Orders lefttit ate Iri1r yard il fOanal street, between Carondelet anld al-roll.e, or at the l c:lllntitj lOe f IIOLBIES S& 2111.' S, 011v229 BIlnk Pln r. rl\snlHl subscriber, lavin; revuiovi u toemnssioa as Depoute' Srvcvnr tf Ullie, dl tao.a ll.lus, tfr thli Stetr., ofhrs his serviceso to tle lublic to survey and loca. Lands in any part olf I ouiiana. As lcretoo'ra. all t11rr.1tiln0 , oilther of Surerying or Civil Elngilering, sch n,+ alignlolnts,snarvey. plan1s, drtwllintg=1 leroil go, prItiles, , clculaotiuon of excavatlion, emlnmtnlleent, cllllletllt of aollo, \r. eithler ill rewe or coulllrv will ho prolll th, tod tilithfally attclneid to. CUht rcs resrtablel and terlls ciash. Office 55 Ma gnaioe 'tre'et, in Batiks' Arco Il. d ll-e t-aw'i1 FR'I" ED. WILKINSON. ) 10 6 pe pound, iir sOtle at Ni,. F0ronm Levee, ;i X .lt 1NGIE o [.%t1 .,ik,frisale hv FI d'8 AAl1)0M & W\VIIIIN'IG,I7 Gravier at HIL \l)FI.PIIlA ItllckI at Ol al, Yehst powders I.andi.n frot f sr i S1hi1, jller0 diet i relIl tPhllilud.:lldi., 0 lulflarrels Iuacke heat mtlani 1110 ir I:rtelr barrels llekwhvar nmeal, e5111 h ellrPine Nu. 1 Strad, 25 halfl brrels ,mlily lier0, 10 hll'oc elop ickled 'Ilongues, Sarrelsl sllllkEd Tollneuea, 1gross It)liver' 'east I'Powders, ,r 1nl0h by d28 (0 W\Vil'RIT'CIIAlI) & J()I TAGOl Itl. INEG. iR--t I l Ilepresenliel us very flue fur sal by l.Aiti.AW, j 3 66 Camp st I LOUlt-20 0trls S F Flou,, (hlakL :) for Salre h j3 I.A I).A\\",66 Camp at VEII'OOI. SA 1T'--711, sacks i1e, land 7511 sacks cnoars Iiverlool Stiln, receivedl (r ships Quleell Adelaide anlld ttauIte,, fonlll I.iverlea I, anld flir nlod by !:1 111)LM : & MILLS, Blank Ilace L UIBEIt--t10.0u0 feet clear white pine oardls, landineg from ahi North Hamplton, lpposite AMlit sai.-ppi Presas, ud foir aale by S& J P WIIITNEY. 73 Camp ta B LEACli OIl.-I titrercas bl ed Fall il I landing rrom aElip St. Mary. 322 bllxe's selerm Candles, New Bedford brands landing from cllt lr ,laria, Nlr Slll Ily janl3 Jr..Pli OL'CKAItA NE, 25 Groaper at PAPER- 8'0 rema IWruplilng Paper, assorted;2 eases Letter do., fa. S0ah0 lby jan3 SHALL .t IIItW)\N 96 Magoazine at WTINI)OW GI.AS4. 40 h11ver thIei ,nrd, for S sale by SH.\I.L l BI(OW\N, 96 luegazine st janLI D ME.:T'lC BlRlANDtY-!1 Idols ,Rarev-fet nd fourthpoof. lbnding tlro, ship t orol,e. for sole by LAW.I:NCI &F I.E(E /DRI,. jan3 23 and 29 New Levee. 'iE Subscribers ull-r at wloIleale Ihe following goods. HA'TS--IIO00 eas.s moleskin silks} as A~ ried size o ant brihns. I N0 doLs tN t d do 100 cases best No 3, nesorted sizes and brins. 20 do Heaver, a eolrior article; 50 do Fine Nutria; 50 do Extra do 200 do Black anl Willie Russia{ 50 do Extra Blurk IRt-sin; IDt do Mashkrat .& Coney lr hroad and narrow rllsn; for Leveeniad country traide; do All raok oofotilitarty & novall Chpeaso; do Uhlddrews silk noold HIta, all sizes. Caps -Far, Oier, far aSeo, -Yiuta, Muiskroi, and hae Sealo, ifa two doon coates. Sealette; Cloth tln-Pickwick, Polish Artil's hat otoltae, oi0 tol,. Fo.restflorage; Mlilitary undress, do ILooather folgtng. hildrea't ianey',lurloa, hind and Vtlvet Caps, Fre.chl patterns. Siocks--Satlm, ilk ad. and tholbzio , of the nearest I stvlrss IgUmbrella--silk and cotlon. Militarv Polneso , ailed silk. -ilk ltalolhkercies--I'otgee an-ISpitalfielj. Bandhoxes lfor haters, od eIo oes, double flr dry goods. l'h above goodts aolprise a large stock, and all o the latest paltet., a. l ill be sold t at small ad. vance witihcot andcharoes on New York ,priegs. The otollori",ers ,ill lakp ordllr for .solthr , n w -ern nll RTexas aikell, lfor the ftdooe erA IH iGosip & Co.. ,Ho Manufacturers, New York, and at ths oiortest possible nolice, Germl, ond Freneho Pluohots Ibtmhbt. GOSSIP & CO.. Noatil, Militaryi and Fashionable Hatters, Exchange Hotel, noof4 St C arlPoer t Mr. GEORGE MIk.RRICK Ihating roeigaod thre oft fle ofchief Engineer of tile New Orles an al Carroll. ton Rail Roadt Mr. John Ilamopson Ias lheen ppoint. ed in his place, to wlttti all persons hari ig bIusiness with, of wishing inlormation regarding said Rail Road will apply at the Roail Road Olice, l'oydras street By order of tle Ltt.,rd. S(Signed) JOIIN NICIIOLfON, nuvl7--- Cashier COKE. SllHE price ,ofCoke f, o ond after Ilto let dat of I. Octolor, will be lilly coatl per hbrel in the Oan Vtork's yard, and if taken iln tlantities atof Ott huat. dred lrrcl, ill be leli et od free of drayage. The oadantao e tha't t article offtlt posearseso. ver the anthocltte anol t..:. tillni coalo, igniting more readily than the ft.rmel and Iret from the unpllhaaatt Slloke of the laiter, alshould indtce every fatlily to Itake tue ofit. O)rders '.e..ived at the as ffn ice in Pallk Allev. E W WELL.,, : t frllt-,N , -A ltl;. I ( NOUNTRY MEtRCIIANT.O ale itvihd to call anil Sn examlt. the arsortlmnt t l Eartlhen hWare, laess China, &e.; Jst received aotd for sale hv Bi BROWER & CO, at dilgw 17 Camp & lt Common sol BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OP EVERY DEOCRIPTION, iPEEDILY, HANOD:4MtEI.Y AND CIIEOPLY E'EC.TED ii AT TII OFFICE OF TUII TrIae aJmerican, T1'. CIIA4iRL STR'EET, NEAR POYTIRAS. mn23 McCOLLUMIK & DOSiSY, Factors & General Commission Merchants, MIOBILE. References in New Orlesa KIrkmann, Abernathy p& Hlanna, ) Catlwell .t Hitcky, Pope, Parers Co. BAZAAR. BSvH dr& AZL-EN. NO. 1, EXCHANGE IHOTEL, Corner of St. (harles and Common sis,. NEW ORLEANS. "-MPORTERS and Dealers in French tad Engtish Perfmnerv; iressing Cnaoo aedrl Portale ltsksl Cautlerv, lloeirly, Gloves, Shirte, S.lckh, Umobrellas, Cnne.;,nd VFoiy Articles. d 5 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING, ROBI.I"SOA" A" GOOD WI.N, No. 65, Charrm ea tree, One Door below Bi'nville, RTAVE contstntly on hand every arltiel nle perttin 1 illtg t grntleneO's dre'st notle inthll ilte t un. or anllt ndoat falhionuble sBtyle, owhieh they foet tar cash, n redltred prices. deco4--l1.t LttIllSIANA FURNITURE WAREBOOMS F Nt. 5:, Bienvlle str, et. e -V II.L.AM R. CANESR, would respectfully in f rm his frie.ds and the ptblic that he is coa tantly receiving front New York and Boston a good assortlnent tl Forniltre, such an mahogtany cltrs, a aufis, I:ed.teadas maple aud painted chairs, t'nplle ond cherry bedsteads, moboganv and cherry, tales of all desrilpltions, bureau,, toilets, cerretnrvn, wriliua dusks, wrdro et. of mahoganr and cherry, woslt saantds, lolkiog glasses, feathert, Lbdding,i A. At. NU. Furniture packed for trunsplortation with great care. tny13 JOHN STEWART, .No. 5, Platt Street, N'ew York, COMIMISSION MERCIIANT, IIIMPORTER and dealer in Hatters I'lnshes and trilnmings. Amllple storage may be had on uttd erate terms, and overy atteatun paid to goods forwnrd ed to his care. tleforeuece: Maessrs. Larue & Provost, N O. Gossip o (30. no,22 li33-ly a A CARD. CHIRISTIE & SINNOTT, ihJ'toleanle Grorers and Commntisson .Merchants, No. 27 Common Street, New Orleans. [F'Particulnrnatention paid to the putting up of Stonm bot and Ship stoues. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICD No. 53 .tOezln 4 cet, oppot.le itanks' Arcaei, , STAIi.ISHEI)f fr the execution of maps,plins I and drawings, merelrlnts' circulare, nd aolddes cards of every description, fluneral circuiatr- on a deep mtuurninp paper, UlOtheICary and drtggieto'libel-l; bahk checks, dray receipts, &Ac. printtd aad exeott dt ia a ch:amp and expeditions bstle, Itv the proprietNrE \V'I.I.IAM GiiEENE NB. Balk Notes nrnat!v executied. lit4 US ,.--.toiWed tt the Louisiana fuile --it ,'o-Woe e Roomns, t tistt'ille,2it 51a Aplie nd t'herry Bedsteadsi a first rate article. Alsot, n good asllort tmeat of Maple, Watlnot, anod Pointed Chars, whichl ill bea sold Ir the lowest cuah plices. WV It t:AILNEr jy? 51 Bianville strPet A Card. ORLEANS LITHIOGRA PIIC ERTABItSDII ME T, 53 sAl G.IZI.'tE s TREET, IOPPOSITF. tANK'st nCAo..E W GREENE rtnr,tta hist sitcre thlnks tto ir trie Ids ad at I' ptublin of Now O)rlent,. fior toe patrnttute bestowed on iilt for thle last two ears. and Ibeg leave to asr'e thtna'rth.t all orders colir t,,ited toi his charge shall be panctually utteeidrd to; lie will askt I t ie } th olltre ll t OltC I ttitlt the tttn e otlnll nd hal te wa rea to strike ofrf lrrhnlt's reu lnrs, btuines.titd atddreo s cards fuoeral nltirs,m snaps, plant, and drawings, o evrrv descriptiont at the ahortest notice, and ont tite most reasonabnle tertns. Ieing assisted by artiata stuperior to any other establish melt in the itt. an nttti frotm ilt experience ill tile lithogrnphic lint, he leel conlidsot of givitg ttntire atitlaetintn. N li Apothecaries and drnggists' lanhels exe, u'rd isn as gind style as cop erplate engraving, uand at t ue thiird of tht expense. jy24 '1OMlh.S-'lbe subscrinber hiverjuo t opened secr ail case oraf Cnombs HI n Tlo P TORTOISE TUl'k, quill topTortcl.e lulek, loe dn 'iwi"t, do Ino Iong. it, d lo t, do do Side. BIRAZILIAN CnMUB In all the above variety of English, retoch; and Attlaricun tthlulrtfsurto, h oryv id itotull Cotlba, in all the variety of size and quualty. ockiet, Rack. Ilorse. coarse and lneo, ld nil outher Ctn.bsl ir sale by REE S& I)'LANGE, novl3 18 I(mp stlll • / 2l ItW Ot.ASS, LINSEED:' ) ol.-7-10 box V es of Vi .dw Ola i, 1300 gallons Otil; lit bar rela of Vurit<hes; 65 d nz of I'nlat BrLshes, received per ship St Louis and lturque Vtochet, ad litr sale by I.Oi''. CLi.. NNttN, lnov27 t1 Cnamp 'FV E'ri.tu C--taIot i a (be-1I do' nll'inu to tell y11 i hor lulnme-T'l'uau hit! learnt to love :lnothnr Sweet Aftttn WVale The Knt ghlt's Fntewell; Hle pns s hter it sorrot; litndt'sitaont; Trhey lhave given Then to Anolther; L.ovely I.udy Mineti The tirdl; The iBroken Ilter.rt; My Hleart is ni AlbtIe; UO. Ien whet silly thinsr veyu are; Oh I cout love |llll i 1ih! 1ialrick, F'lv fRial IIIe;'T'lht lothn ari hlvo ' Iv wlto'd deny; Tittink Slv Love, Oh! Think of AIr Yfnu tlillk I hIave a tIerI Heart; The Vintupe Song; iThe ship is renad; The silver Moon; N.t tare ier; grieve tte; Not bar el; tI've heen i here Iresh Flower. ore Sritnging; I dearly love Thee free; Woodman spar, Itttt 'ree; The Wildl Albalraos; Rise FItries, lisa: : Roseof Ji setl; Th Minstrel wno'd a beauteous Maid: PiThe Gillets were bithlddettn y Father Land; The lMaitd ifthiie ; ountait; Mt1 native Loe; My henart's est treu sure; My WVoodland Bride; Mine hmust I a sitll Tens; .ay chlillldhood's houls Farewedl; Thle Greenwotd Tree; Soomton Lo, n comnic song; tlle wore a wreath ot linset; Ma pretty June, Just icceived and fsr sale at B CASEY'S Plano Forte and Mlusic store, rnovl' 19 (3atnt t tUl1.".e OF U ., CUlluiI'. rtIlE Itu ce of tireCrit C nd t )idlrvt Corrt of tihe U. US .tr thil Dielrict, for Snoe .t tile ultlie of the Mershlcl ooeaid Court. App~ly to nov19 J P WAI.DEN. I' IULD) Ci.l\ tI.trS-251 b nes \eotl euuld Cor L icel cjst recelved alod for alt by JOjEPHI CJC:KYA\R, dec li 112 liroccerot. T HlE (OIice oftlhe New UtJkoanooeed Mold? il ! LLIine iN rpllinved, From oc J.,r the Exchange IlleC otel0 tc. No.i78PIuydlreo otret,r11 whichl Ipae a letter Iur wll bei kept open [nalllil I-110, 12 A :11 . ·I·I·(( LY Irttrrs~ Jre. 'I'loree k ilir Miobili eldffrtter Eact; ci bie puti i the Peet 0ff e at Ate!bile. no.1 (EO. WhITMAN, SCIC-E-O calke Rice Ioheing reuul clip ow lie.oo, from lll hrlusrull, for aal o by YII1a . R~~ ~ ~~ iie leleeo.eee9*HAY'lR&C.'. 250 Ounce FreIchI Suelphltetr (e l tineo . tee roali ý.+tilby JARVIS & ANIRKIVS, d115 oeut t.meon l&'I'cl,,,,itonl,c, ate `AI, IEInAfs-i caske len.ldr Ing , ' irm ip o.e. s rc itli foraer tby tARIIVl'. & A\i)1IbVni, d15 corCoClnle &tri'c....i eeu to CAn roit 0IT-6 trorel,, No. t, Cntor Oil, jor cok by JARVIS & AilcitiTWe, '116 cor Communlll & Tlehopiir nllnc tl T Foe Ik'rle,l,,,,icg Ironoolcii l'~cjt a,,d tie Cole by d15 JOSEI'll C:leCKAO:L\, _.5fire.err et SU.(Relt on IBnintinn ahove tih city, forals br A 51(I' lord f're,, sungl r of Dlry Celere ,.cr ret dee'ripttoo, fer Nerue pointlng; Uit endl W1. er eluoeret;il o eiruh ond ceistelooole,, a ndoa,,1 I rtoek ulleluiur ViVARNISHIES, rteo the rootiflretory of 1e It Smith &. Ie critneprieltg int Nls. I &2t2oitotrer.,Ne. I t&deeo ltrur.i h, and I & 2lurdiiuery dlloteet Itluck Je110, a11 Rerowe de. Also,, 211 h ken Creece geen., it 29 11ie. antch egroed it, tc, ndl~ ienmirorttitrreeuperior Fronlth green, oleo u,, nli. 2 ht arrtls cipriti of '1ctrpieta clord II riled oil. Arilct's Celors, &rC. (oReved e 1 tdon, I.rrlrl,) al 411 hexs French Lrke, frsoluo at tlhe l'elet Storeo he ettuecrijbe. MOVlf 1.1.1 LK.-'Orpleiete s Writing Fliel1 .to superloe block ecritiog ink; do ollorltrocler i cIgtt bue1 c elo leek tie P a` J Arnold'" oehinle copyiug ink; Terry'e tcl de do; a: lnynarrl & Noyes black writingp ink; Iernrvnt l i,,k Llr Eleel pecl; Perititnrfi lol&etra blacklo wri~ig inkl; EJ L luc2e'a red ink;tlr'.ooeta tlo on hlnd, serd fer sole iry W0 IlIC'KIAN, d(eet r corter oefCctcp&o Ctommon se PU\HE .lublelhee haejeot reeived tend fer rale 1 ThleI iieof Cheat, with engravings I:eonigos at Hoe,,, by I)r Aikin, and lif uelBr! baold, %itii engrgvine g r Vrlsc,, o I'reigediy in 5 aete,Ibo Eie krSilgeot L.ord Clesttrfteld'iWorltekl rotl vn 8 amntl of 1'h,, Tot Wyatt, I eo 8 rc ith illostrations of tteore Ilt, 2110 elitctt K silOtNel & no. ee1eur St ClIarlne and Conmeon et I'I1IM CA\NILES-300 boor. New Rerdfod 13e1,erm C,,tdlc,. ae,,rtrdl oiece., oiut cltoprrtl brolo 151i Sxeoc .orrmld eocllole, JoCe,,~a 'e lcec Hl hll lhoxy (reel, Soap 50 ~hlI re, rcd Whole Oil Chacto1.ignc Wicce of ooprcitc qetelite Imperirl, eluneauder, eottglcyeot& r& aeho ,1 CylCpper, in sheets, feeom 1t. ff1£0 !ha IBIack Load IPotli,aorord .teeaofo role hr JOSEPH OCcK. iV' a nor a0 25 Goa. let at dontyon remalmlhr like beautiful glula in tMrfrea& ii . onmene; The Wlrito Hor.e ethe P.epperu Thou aft ome and fl Love ,a ta art near mer pnrng hiileSher ri.l in rtle gratdI Iiorrrotio: Ope;r A ilne; Good Niglrgo 'l'lte I nleitgo andl pnthlng; Icaren oa for apring on f1 fickle winog, I, II Lteall; C:olmle,culon, tluau are in'mr row; A .ife oil the Oce(a, wve,, byl It Itrnasell; She watchlll for hlin,;lo nlo lhot fall aR teor, onte to im at Inrtroig; 'cr thle waCerob hou Iotrtle; l'lrel''so ot homne like not own, nrrargcdl for t Ilurhrp hov I' Lhttrre. Ituval Waeltze,, by A Flielle; U.;oeo Vict.rt'a Cuanl Qtiarrilles. Ju-t rloelvted anl 1or .onr hy d119 B (:t.'Y, 19 'amn etL o IIP tail!UA .0AI..-S--I naul ti. melt e , tor sale by d2+1 JIENIIYO. AMlES, t48 ampotrem t t'i.EFND|J D tohtlu tnt.,trol %o Foo.ter titmt+. S receivedl arld for sale hlt Il* haul.reibere, a splen dido as.wttm ntar f heauliful oi.ondotn and American An nual-, cotm.irtaug nos illlower London Annarob. 'rThe Boo of valtly. adundd nlnonom.t Finden', Tulhleax, Vi'her't I) owing oScrap ilok, lt.ath'i, Pic-ltre.qoe Antltltal, Ti,. Portrtit Attortl of the ltth eenter., Beltrtv'o Ceratr.m r, The Calulery of the Graces, The Kec +rake; The It riOntal Annual, Jenning's Laiw.ropo Annmual. lllustrutions of ertland sand the Wavedy Novels, T'lhe PonapPinna, a magnificent illun.rlaion of the exeavatiores of I'mopei and Heaulnaunm. The Im ltriir, Chiriullnen TIales, Friendship's I tliring. 'Te Carieture Annualt, Napleatn G(sillerv, Fisher' Jrvenile drapl Bontk, 7'I'h Young Geutlemer'n and Young Lady's Au. trral, Forgel fe Nor, IThe Comic Annuaonl Ameri-can Arnnuals. The Tokvn, The lif, The Vtolet, The Pilgrim's tProgrse, 'lhre I lhrititan Krepnn ., 'IThe l.ard ' Hlme.tiloe'a rnnnnl, SPlnl h-edili lound o cltionr , snitololn for CtrriimN4 alnd Nr-w Yr"urr a Gils, olll English, FL'ranech atidGerntu atlnndrlard aotore. Ilraenificenlly bhund Bibles, Protestant and Cathnolc: Prarer Books, in ErgliI and Frnchb, most approved editiolns. A rteperior assnrtment of most splendid Englishhlank ernp llooknrlk Ahlbuns. ,tof various circa. Musiuul Albuorm, by Louiau Pueer, arnd other various autho,r. E JOIHNS & CO, d21 eorft C'harlea annd Comon ste NEW BOOKS. LAND OF .ill+llK:r & SEA GULLS, ino 8vle Tihe Wife I n rater inl vols. The St anger in tcina, in 2 vot Moelrdern tllllotrages eommtitted in this ncountry embellished with numlirous enaruving, repiro.mntilng thile scenes of blood, and correct likenesses of the orirl Curineitieo of l ilerlatrm' onid literv e Charatncr ilirr rrIted byhv J llterli Eeq, i C 1., ieith edition, con plete in one votlume. Nicrlolan Niieklebly part first. coomplete. Reports of Cate., a rnedtl and adjudged on the Se prome (eourr of the rUntitrd Stntes, January term, 1838, by Richard Petersr: t o 1I Justreceive and for sale v H M M'KEAN. novrO ear Ctrnn alnd r 'mnlon l LtLe itreao u dI, It Crrtnoaglie dl'.aurance den PIlp 'era est trnnsporte ul No , rile du ('rnmp. 7d - A.' Nl,.NAIll.1E PARIS MIl.LINERY. rTI11E ouhieribeir hat the hIonor of ifirmning the otl i dlre,that le Ihts reteivaOd per ships Iaofr yettu and Mare';eo. a erpply of Ioll and winter Miill:nory, of the late-t and rithel tlmleroials in Paris. rhxlh Mire. Scarnlt expests to have opened and rnody for exam. ination on Monday and Tuesday next. D P CL'ANI.AN, nonv3 23 Clrrtrae t lt ' T HE .LADI ES--. tkittl,,'o loepillatory, fr r-r Snoving eperdlorlt hair from tlhe face, illck and rnml, wilb equal f!.tV aord (:l!rtintVcy 'lning thie akin finer and whloer thi mOtelore the rllioattiott. A fresh supply just roeived at lie 1.azuaOr. IUSHI & ALLEN, 1, Exchonce Ilotrol, car Ft Charles & ('uommon et 'Al o -Turkicsh D , liohr changing Ithe Vhiskeris ia iair, to a beaut fuo lolwn or b Hotck. ,I5 BUSII & ALIEN. J tT' r c ived at the meO t orleana Stationer's Hall, I hle .Maid o f .tariendorpt,.t play in i acts, by J. Sheridal Knhuothl, IThe Laldder of Lore, a nmuic nl d'rm in I act by T. Ilbato-I m ouoi .- I', JtlOllht rcit, I t1 car it Itlt .rles .& to iron sta -N"L touI-ltr--Bht & -Allen hldve just received a N pltnoid tasllllert ou' tiole Iancy Giuods,suita ble for Pa.rseh. rse cmoprisintg bUlie' owrting deoto., dreg-illm; onetlt work beIR. IIntu-ital bloots, portf.lios, ltredlt It taur, shell ltl id hory, crrd oses oad sen, o fltrt glou.a, tould itllotl tlrvr )ttcele. p folloery o' lil hkiords, t llay, N-vt, tot J'IIE BAZAAt, d'__9 Tr -t (l'arles & Couimouol st., Eolxchange PIUIAN(' tlUIl'l'rS--Jnot recteirvd and for sale at the b ouokstotreof Alex. l'lr nr, 4 C1.lp street, an aoortillnrj of oltsotto made IllSl t Furties. . leCted bty a professor ollf luic, anld wlrrnltd Io stand the totuthmrn ciimtntt'. 'lhe above iltusruoient cl re ul .upr iur tune and fiti-h. Alno, a rvariety of musrt and muloi seats. Tihe pubo lic are re.pectftull intitted to cal l and xamhie Illtln. d:9 IFALl. & I, L'I IN'EIt ILiltINI;. J 1' FItRE:MIAN & C., Noit. 3, Mlnglzino street, * are receiting their rupplieo of Fail and Winter Clothint, and will oeuiliniu* to receive shipments regu larly throughout the season. Their assortment being large wll trnatlla het to erpply mt rehens from Ie countryv at thte tlIortrel notice; fur sale wholsIolo rltut, o n acc.naulJlatllllg terms. F AI.. FASHIIONN, 1 itE asuolcrilers takei leave to ilnform their putront , elad the public tmnerally, That they atte now rlt. pared to exhibhr their fall t' GOSSIP '..r), 'olash;uoiable tlatleri , IL.rchlhog Il.ol, nto 1l St. Glhatll s t Altlt--I10(l kegs ('hr minolti leaf lard, of superior quality, foe sotl by SITT.UN & AVEIRY, 131 81 (rnvit.cilt II ttl t.'.ilAnsnd f\'ew Serta G-js. lThe Lui C d rutod AnPrtioullo Anoutl, or t18l9. t:lglieh Elitiorr+ of 'V elioa viduable Works, with opleetli I eneravinrs Thle Fngli It lotsl I.ibrry Editllo, witlh othe strdnlrd lrt oks, il Turkoy binding, and gilt edlge. IPlavety oll.oln, Bih'esn. '. ldilferent sieos, and in vntroi "1t 'itoid bioodongn A g c.1 asoort neamt o'Jo.rilen ie books, &c. for sat Ill trie Bokl Stlrcr 49 O Cmi strelttl. d24 ALEX. TOWAR. jA I -73 lule ian ly tliroi i t ao t i tlhip J C mit b atr LI ull, fur ato bi by dl J P WHITNEY, jal 3 CramL'ctp a [ UNtiN It:ICI.ES, SAUc'S, ica. just received LA b the sul.crrltter. 12 uxeska Lglihh Pickles, assorted, 12 " Sutces, do 10 Exite quality London Muitard, 10 Alcchcal¥a a in lans jarc, 10 " Alihoa y inla, jur 3 hl'ia. I.lnLking. Ity & Martin, 53 bbean uler. (llive in ghina ja., 5 ti~lnd Oil, 5 " Ase.trtet Frtlits. G 1V PRII CIARtD & JO TAGERT Jr, _nn- _ _ cor Ponydras & tagnain. at NOt I F. JUllING; tIle relinp1 ly absene of the sublcriet.f fu:o the city, Chalrlh.s Ih'l"gi L'.s,. will act ie hisi ,tlhori..rd agent. and tn him all' having buaioeaa tiltl4he and r.ig:.ed, Ill plr-e, aplply. n-tell 1090-ti tt'Khl',t,-LtU gros IeOpnce an-paste Blocking Ifcr ale Ibv sHALL & IIROWN, jal 09 Mngagiue at 1jAV Sho GAlA - On 0lql0 uif tiiTicant qualitla ill store and t 1r 1sle by jn3 A ll(AlA t"t.i TRItR, 31 OGrnver at LI'.OLAS!." II Il)S-101) nests new Alolas as Scask in store l t prc sle r by l jan3 I 01I Poit'-ttE. 95 Colnmon at Scotch Ale, fur gale by jan3 IOLMI.'E, and MILL.S, Bank Alley. OA L--A nletiracit Cocl in Ihtlk and in casks deli-,. coal vard, ill Ca nl sreet, or to jau3 HOI.M1ES and MILIS, Bank Place. i U it - -! - bushels t :c orll , Ihadi ng nlina atea.c lout Edward Shiptau satle bvl L.11 1:E.C'EC& I.EGIF\DRr, Icl.1 28 antid New Levae L jan AllsllJIAM TRIER, 31 G(ravier at 10(100 tAI.1S , inicer strtined i iced p it .10000 J )1.(0" dao a ,ll do do 5,100 do refinetd huale oil 2.0 BOlnnr'a T annn rr't oil 1500 nlone' No I Boston Soup 50 do Itallow cadle 100 do Inperil teln loll do (lunpowdtrr in It(1 do Young li1 a nit& Hy? n d 5n a t! Sufchunr ansd Peean do -yI t, guaNny tAg-, ,Monilln cordage. 6ct tfitr e by O II'KIt IGE & Cf . d6 Maenita at STRAYED) na. ore stc nlottm se at i Cireus o t eon the 21th alt, a Ncnlthern Brittle C., white and red in large sguellt, has attl o hr hcmtl IOredt, and ai slle le't n catI it iS pr.nable that hite nny have strayed into some stlhtc or h,tt Any thufdrmatlin other wtllie ttlhnkltllly tecirved, tandt lt hitaler It-rrally rewarded by uppltinug at the office t rf U DORSEY, j 44 New Levee i' IO'Y OF NEW ttltl.EIAN--Second Muaeipallty1 J 'Ihird Ward--lshernbedr iOth11838. The wnur dre tof ptrperl. Iti Front Leae atntreltam hereby nltic fted to etmpldI with the ordinance of Noember last, tinder thIe plnaltlies pjearribed, in sitly days from thlt date, in nctg i lithe fniitligt olderL, to wit: to have sidewalks frtinieg their railtuctive taopmetica ena ith cted aerreitblv tui s:id orditr.tae, with curh adgat. ,e"llltea anltl a threet feet payed ttltpnrt. and to have the atte paed ctI ith good qualit) lake bricka. SA 5'L KIBOUIt. Cemntilanry, 3rd Ward NLLh:.OLE.1i, ,-Jdc Mktoirict 'ttttc. jDeen t 't plunprietal, Ce des terima cifl eet mar sla nut de I -LLeve dii Frlntl cent par lea pr. vntea teeotrc'l[" voir an cibil " ra Pa di tnittnect.i da nmeemba dteais auuapeine des itamn 'en p afotceec dna ta 6joura' 'lii snivleat c-,tictie e, n e.aeutnt 'unrdr.l euivatnl tie faire t!titfeitltttr i",. hearll-ttae tiiuetfaw. I leur nprpicie reee ien en Itlllloa's eLqilna du Ila e. enn. l,:iaaentlt a latite ordon-noret, hardeea at dalecait gciitt I-t I: sllilyrUti n liet ln i otirna pjlde (curb cad atte.r stilca nd a three fret Itat d suppai. d.t cll. KIBOUittti. nmc dlatriet. " -t ',,iG)": a,,, Kst,, aid Ulilbltrr da OHITttIDQZ 6t 170, TE 91Cubtaiij