Newspaper of True American, January 12, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 12, 1839 Page 4
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ik ti ns anoto -Uýete a a n La e AlI-l, poNen &dicoien eualecy tr m1ltert 83Y S erA A , iocin boe, ve ht lrat aree 'tihdg:l alptslee nt 'goea cch o c' t- ed , l anu n Native - i .4til 'H. ' . l al meni l o -t . n .... Iti aud he r Mh eut att i ve hy _ Ii Ivq n ln otl'oo and (Ccv $ l t. Ti t io l cl y*i c s the Tow e s nr t i - gtFre de meet c th ac, b a rttte ty even b the' x e di l tire .cevt tO emt byyalou , ene efts f W tiae ds coat , lve t I*i tilt Oa lcgn ill onted th. . atd actvit. i3 .. t.. • eia . w neeM e e et lyo., c it m y-h e ofps t. d. no aha pcicgio v iitor ivi'jvcc n eeP . lTieeale, bitt tho eegli oetl. Tniee ln e vixtnLc + alxc avesof enadIe t ace h i l eusu eiiga the aieage. the ieelfe comnicma rc t4ie wis, fthtei nI aye cvea ied .tilen e d il t liebilt to cce.,e-oe. Thy dae sll.ieto relncpeaee, fihce Agte, tovelry ivil ntcov, . -a-oon.t ..n leeontved tee ' ma cih pcivrPete." - v a, e it n itll Ilcdiiille ee d ippeitldilt y fall aT .i tin re Ccuci iiiceicnl vioence a The 'iciji ,lixtire ti atitend at euel a rtesonalthle pric de, veo plececit wlrille the roieh ialvrviibt te.--o lhittciln i roor thil detlttveo go ,re lerelo fnilehioed w aniicchace bnete , withoat uclieiti.o t'e aid 'at o ateuilnec wlhih is frweqeetlv. denieed Co I ae ic ,ul,Ic ere.p4' te De l t oW e nI t hi tiul , sbot bhr i noiitatieo ofe this adiecneu I t are daily oi iere ''h'e elfiercti,.oemnr t t hol e tril o a let for tier South ib eslcer..;atc.% silecwillieelihv tie er .cv, at te Pilaielnr hllaa priciee. 'Thb be d. aL retil dalei;,a mestf tics Apoctheowri me i. tite,. " Jvi Iiv'ig & 'ANDRVWS, -cii e oi .lWe olvc ilhe onici geitet _he ____ COI. Cne aiiiimc& ' p liorindloesttue -- ol, 00 titii5inn '&'be ita: ulne Miscnmipri Anti Louisiana Hotel, 4IRS. MARY K rKltKLIND "repoot.jally an. r ,pncte to her friende'ind tie public gene. aely that she ipepnnretl to acconmodate them at i abovw establishment, and hopes frim hier xeorions to reoder visitors eomifrt.sblc, to receive I uontinudindof former favort. She fc.lsctonei. dent tLSt peronsa visiting Covi'tgton during tie sterner aonthsl , cannot find bettr ecoonsttiodationn titan si ie can afford them, on snoer liberal terms. toofr houseo I pleasuntly situtted, and well thpplied with everpy conveaienter; tie lbar is furni hed with the meot choice lilquors, &e. in short, he promises halt onsthinag hall be wanting otn her part to give stir satisfea tion to all hiht may atronize thein ,iseirsippi and Lotisiena Hotel. je3 o 7f-jhe PUBL.CT-i 'MTe unerseigned. havitg Sstudied under Dr. Scl.midt of Cinrleston, ronth Ceaolina,.sand for soise years his assistant in tine ptaeticr of m:die;ie and surgery, ihas the honor to offer his professional serrices in this city. He aseureo the ladies and gentlemen that the most preomp attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of laves, beig arell acquainited with the diseasee oosmmon to then, having attended them in theis auger houso in Chdrlston. The fanmos anti.bilioss pilla a fter the eompositien of Professar Snolette, i itll directions, can be had ofthe rndersigned. The ifecnt wniceh they have prodoed in thise and other cities, has been attended with tihe greatest success, to which tihe best of references aen be given. Apply at No. 166 Ma$no. zine street. JNO. MILORING. ULLUr iu(N, OOD SUO - RE-'S,-SAD IRONS, &e. T HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, Iro. 238 Water, sear Beekmtan street, New York, have receives tile port mcason, and tre conrstantly reoeiving large atid extensive additions to t]e stock of tie abovo goods, wicill nmow cnnsists of the ollowing assortment, suitable for tile souothern and western mairkets. Hollow ware of asperior quality, consisting of about 1500 tone, viz, Puts ofn2 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fronmi 3:8 to 30 gallon, Ketilcs, 15 sites, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, BepaIonse or Ovens, 7 diltfrent sizeC , Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Fiat Spiders . G do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orlddiea, . 4 do Firs Dogs, - 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 incites. Pert do. 5 to 7 inches. Wnood Scrows, 20,000 gssos, iron and braus, from : incha, No. 3 t 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quulity and feiais, and less than Jumes imported prices. I Sad Irons, assorted, in conks of about 500 nlb for restriling. d Tailor's and Ilator's Irens, assorted. PRash weights, 100 tellas, asooted from 1 4.4 to rells for Plsntatioes, steeamboats, eisrches, &te. made to order, Also steatnboats ard other amnchiiery madie to order. Tihe above dasortment of goods is particularly reaommended to thet atteston of Southern and Westernl merhbants and are offhred for sale at low prics., asid Upon fth most liberal tores ; it is be. itotiedto be thie largest and bent aseortoncnt ever effred for sale by aty Uono metablisnment in tilea United Stats . ?Merchants. by forwardlig a request by mail, eo's. habe a printed circniar, with description t of oods, pfienaend terms, from which no devtation is ever mode, farnihted by return of mnil. • All orders will receivoe intlmadiate attention. b New York, 1838. j3 -O MUd-l If N08 OPAIVA - tNew nrleo.ns, Nv. 14, 187. ~ DBOL'T sip nnntih ago I roni tis Illin'tnir tl) got a ecret diieaae, for which I Ilavs al.plid toI sar e. or dcters fIbr a cure, and tihes did ilot eure iln. so now on the above date I lnt myself under ithe cane of I)r.ntol Host.,acl Ia epnt ii to ncue amie, illce that time the dileate got worse, so as to break out in largee ilcers to the meumber of six or eight on ea h legItin ail over ion fGta, anid sme tlireat, and. mut aile to sorrk at iic fonttthanm oil account of the disease; large .leer on i g ni.gha side of tie throat. I am nn.r p.tting myself eoeeliteutly aederte nare of Dr. Iluet, r.f itri., tobs twrleeily cured JOILN DIVAN. le. I ly I 1O CERTIIPY that tinhve oimensr;kerd disicse is 1 quite well cord to my Own setiuhiction, for which i tlank Dr. linte; and moreover I ovanro ht thai nthedi rine I have taktn takese me fill, ond did Itt t iniare sly ealth at alli tberefore I advise rnmf llow oltlaiers to 4ceso a tiseand apIlly to Dr A. Ihtest, 121 Canail atret, between .auphie ne nd lioirlbonl lretn . n )r. luet isa hoses frum 9 o'eluek, A M, until 1 1' 51. 'Ilhoy W.rgd a trme doettor for tias comepl'inl. JUOHN I)bAN..40 titvier street. If allyeone wants to aee me, cal at Ni. 4i1 Glraviel JUHN DEAN. New OTls Feb I, 1838. fell 4 I ly t i-Geundian ItaheamfLlo ad hore.'e ,i mland, is put up in ibottles at-the low price if 51 eeataeheal, sinniing tie stepegth of inrte nrnonces of I4vrtweeynbi sambes tSeaof menuav ol.r runts ani h.tH .b m p asse t sii as eflciudas in curing #"Inectm eomptmtan, The u .ri l ated stnees.whl hbsanttrnded the tce of: a thl lubleBalanm whIereerr it hi been ietr ItI. _hoem .et.hterAl thI confidence said recommendso- I ull ble l~oine ons, for Ihe eore of coughs, ealdý ec mi el vlt of rest, spitting ot blood Seer4qplaint, &e m bd TYe 4m it mal qmosesern. This i to eortity that we 1astain our praecote fueeutly prescribed lr (Gard. ~uraE Indian Balomn oeTIveawort a'.d lhrhoemund, with sdoade ed efet: we can therefore, frtne he komw. lhg materials it is made frmn, anil cu.ieritco xIst s t ,eiete, reommemd it as a siperia- pn'rperatiU ,plt dt s a0seie of the lunmgs r whlieh It is re nsiasmludt. A.BER r WI.L.I A.Ali, 1. D. CALVIN ELIfin.i. D. Wuesbe,a eof ltb Boeaton Medical Asaceiation. rmtot October 2. eAlb - J.ARVI5 ItaEWOR , sA (9 • non la'l4f " itolas sts !ed' hofcHairgivinghbaoltbAdbeaut) ,and Hei'rOil was oelare to tbe Iuthlie,it bad refe a of efbaIdness, ithiiiees,andl of . ir. and insevery iostanie itm atlutiry ,. isi weia ed. it hln etnerfniied to prduce - .tifil frowih of hair pu heads Ilmadv w t bo nneetisyeed cesumesmo -row mIetWmres.dwt lihy, and prodcr."sI sawub eIhir. wittsnnr abe inner bT hi. Tii Fives n ai. eable ia. -tol auy clver II ir i for Irn wnd- fthacle ase hair. The h ir t . i a.-r t or sle atm I"S & I'I .AGoE t _ l ~1 pAjgu & co, nae new aeeletat lean n bad ship Orlean, Eagle, Highlanldr, Pokei 10 'ndrew, French and Gernan play olds; tlotk gam Roarte Chestmena, 2 2 and2 2 3. '. h 11(4 ta &dll; 0,tO and l8; elt hblottjJnowiC7Kinnivo Leather and othar te.selll Dreonlg n., Batt, Packer,';ncnaman'o, :andiniflnllag Phunlt dbabe eand linade arrnllenl Gune; Canne Doag., Shot lj Powder and PistolPla ks Dk ole Bottle and ilt pn Peernnion Capt and oap Holders; Cloth, 'ar Toth; and Nail lirahbs' Orrtn nd Chlorine Ton Wot Tnoth Powder Tnilet and Shaving Sop,j tt ra pnet; long HaiJr Bralde, Riheet nnd`jI; Pearl and Trilet Powder, Emery Bnags; Ivory Tl Cnlln . Patent Sltde s or (ee' (lim Elastic Sitpndnerao Powder Piusi and Boxes; bi- C inca, Salt and Ket 'Ear-drops; W Btein Bimhle, ntcraci l d Neckl d t and Chains; (ilt nod Sihvdred BeaSa; Indian oad,, le nod Pcnaei. Shell TraO.SineandeDrenaior C whicin addition to thel roeistok on hand, maaes(l. er aanertnnamt very cdmplele .1id will he sold qtr tid an lihtetl terms, natthas ei· iof the Golden t.otnh. 70 Chartren ielt. TIHE Sornhriero, Agents for dthe extennivo bote ofl - W. & . Buther1Shetaeld, En-land, IveoI jast' ceriteed a very axt l l t of n'. a r.e, cosistingf. Tablh anid 1tesert lEive.dof a. ' dtlsriptinn, Pen, Pocket ,Phk, rod Spar point atnive; ReIln, Seit opuo, r ols.,u &. &e .wl h ern pw.redltrl l r n jlt'thomtrade tnro. ler. terms andcoo.a.tin. W lt inda known ath te time. mi16 IJ. l),dlPtltE A COlEN.90'!otjmnn et. QMWIMONS IIARTT & CO-Are nw reeeiering l,trship dth w t ille, Eagle, Merry Amltew, High. Fmrn, Prench lnd German double heant plavinap els: iter,belt lind pocket lpistolsl; tdiin, ribbed and spilt ej.ini cape; cap hldlert; nelstcrs, Itecons, lei. vent Cilloti's eommereial and oltcer steel pens; Vin eoi toltin tlinmg, shell, ivony and ieorn en;nhl.;waftarm k. idn leather purseri hairbrnlds, frEant pad nglta negro puffis; German ild Frenchl eO1lliCe water, Iwlan maeeasner oil, imitation dt aimtique al bearnoil; Mrntable (letks and dresaing :pa:ste SIA.tlR; statiiesk toilet glanl;c e;onvex n.r'e ; op; ea'R nesaa dikewa! Indlan beals, bells and danmes; e olreoni whlt-twlue; toilet and shay ng snaps; t'.plet * owdler, ectsmetie wash halls; clentd .atll e.oshi.nia; poel stoctaa; acrnew itioia;. faicy head catin.ain d ncckhloees; billinael blls; ipcket honks and a.llteta; German bonesi razo stmptrifine and commnn gcm_ oaatic mtsnpendeo, gnarters do; Bells nluifer antches; ail " 'eP en cils; U rey on t . & ,e. & e. l' bove in addtlion to oar former astock of .fny .l o mkesonirsorimwlt very cnnldlite. Foe sale leor etd; as the sign ofihe Golden Comb, 70, c erl'e-e . t. -ae o''le, cr'imof fellev, M n o 0.New Orlean ; Mani.olurris &Co., of Natchez; nodl Inrri, Kelley &Co of Rtodne, waa dascsved on he .it of !lav nlast, by thie death of Samuel A Mason, Joe of the priners of the firms. The undersigned, eurviving pa.tnere! will he charged withthe settling and clnsing seaidl btiness s fiilows: LeviC IHarris will attend to the nettling of the bunineco of lasloni, Harric& Co.. at Natchec,and Harrie, Kel ev & Co.,nt Rolner; and IHenr Kelley will attendl to beoettlingi of tit b.inesea ofKelley, Macon & Co., at eo Orleans. e'he name ofiho sevcralireen willhe unel in liinaiadtioc only. Tune iidebtedto neid firms are eoroctlv requcsted n coie frnewid indil n.eo early setllemrnnts and those having claicia will please freernt them wlthenit delay. ]EVI C HARRIrS HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, Jlie 27,1837. re ;A ,l~tl; A'IY'dCt)lOGNE WNATER J2 eases more of this suparior Colognce wate:r. juot rcerivel nall for sele Iy the dlozen or siliile bottle. lso Amlerican nidl iench toilet p',wdler, powder ,-ll ndiil iroxi', sleving gnd toilei soaps, cosureite walh ihalls, lill-',f, oensmetie ccli iram, extr te o miek, kepknlin, bVard's vegeinlile heir oil, poenati, eremr de peroC, Floridn. loveiinir, roe nl lnav waters, irearmt'si,,lto Marseille. pelrinlrv in tr nk'i. verniti le s l liquid rntiir, Chhloricend l'Orric tooel wasl, Clotlbihir,inioc nail and flesh ihretlrir; toigltier'aiitl n additilional sulpply or fashlionable iiri and shell ambs and jewelrvy,for ale low ot wholesale rr ratail by SIMMONS, IIARTT &CO, jaly 6 711 Clhanrtreso street. NTEW ooflSiiint,-zoine laiitt & cn ern now ir eeiviny from con hrnrtclshipe Ynzon, anil Saratoga end hri" Concirdin, from New York, a great virietyeol fods in theiri line, which together with their forniel tlcrlk oi hild, illakes their nasoetoten t very! I piet. The lollowiig conipose n part, viz: t ell twiest,io.,r". cl, t.lck oil ilrtetiligecocliii horn do ofoll deosrrilioie, ii dlin riubehr, silk and worsted elastic garters, econmnmon & tine elnrtic srspenderes, locnfeo aid Lueifer milchro, eidlitz pnwders,powdlerpulls mnd boxena, toilet powder, rpocket ,books and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, vorv and imnreceo card cases, head ornaments, plinl co ral hods, necrkliO.s cil 'negligees, bead chains, hend neekshree, cut cloth aid plnin,seed,silver and gilt beads, Indian beads, bells aid plumes; pistol and large pow Jer fla.ks, shelt Ilts, horse, heli. pocket ani ditilii.g aistole; doulcle and single barrelled gins, Bowie knivei , and dirks. scissorsr, shears, pocket knives, tinird clhainise, and rih'bons, waist buckles, cloth, hair, tooth, ilcomb crumbh, e len, plate, floor and diisting bruslhes, Cologine, Florid lavenr.der, rose and hay water,asnoertrd rscenrts, and exlanct,, Maeeonsar, ieer, antiqun , nd tarl'' ve getale halir oils, shiiving and toilet soaps of all Iles. eriptions, ladlies' and gcntleienns' desks and ldroeing cases, hair rieglets, hirzettcs ind briiile, plain, Iacer' and m ole wirk boxes, plain and cilt,l fignrd, tont and rest littoenr, pearl and ivory shirt i(ii, Clirt stnldd, genll and cilcerl peo il cpens, toohleilinks ald tweezers, plated and gilt Ilckeit, k einiiatre tind, sihcr, brass ant, sutcl thinmbles, liooks and e-ea, lour iiin; llitelin fi'uit,lbl. and redink,elloe blaeckieg, violins and guitarn,riheul nd pllain percussion ncaps, line twinre, "Crlted cnsh. iens,gohl id siid r ilare land lici lge l iiter ill Reiir, gnaic ibafa,riding w'ipe, walli eiiplani gadn!i , I n gllllt l e cua d w giltj wic llr y lon . " 'he alrov, togetllher with it gret varietyl of oihrr arti Ire are ofl'cred u t wholule or rncr il oal aconm lutodiniui N terms ell rpe . Si. 81 Shreol oms repaircd. . Rh.IE'rY S'l'ORE-at tire ig of tde golder eomb,lMo70 Chertlre steeer. Theslnhorrihero ye tar ceived, in raddition to their prnvions srtak on hand, a full and complete assortnmnt of artkrle in their line; vis: comlbs, perfinnery, Jewellrn, brushes, locking glasace, rfunv nrticles, &e. conrrisiting in part as fllows: CO IIn S-tortrise shell , hn, or rt and pl.i. tuck,twist, quilled hack, long round, dreoshig, sirld pad; erl trnd seck, Brtzilian rombs of every rdescriltin atmoagst wleh atae some Mexican ir tterr, Ivory cotmr of everr dlercriptiot, homn, dressing nnd packet, tngethr with . general as.ortment ofFrmnnn and American. PERFUMERY-Cologne, Iavender, Florido, honey, hhV, oe andranowr wr orane fower afer of every size a d dbe cription, caomphorte'd Cologne, extracttof Ilovrgarot, Lnnry so a of ll kinds, shnvlng do in cikes and potl, crean soap do, Wnrd'sa vgertallr Ihair il, bears and tn tildol. Prtston's elsantio sealts, lain and perfuttoed toiletp,'derrd parl powder, prn lerpolnfsf andhexes po rntttl in pots and rolls, ores antl cldrine tooth was l otd powdlor, with t genratl assrortmelnt of JEVE.ILRY--soma nftlhe latest ttd tt aot frsliona ie los , nrt consisting of white and rod cornelianc, tops, A let ardlro, noset in lilagree, breast pins of t goee' .tl. tv ofnpat'trns, ratch triommti'tt gill and ilne aeklea, ilver thimbles, silver and gold pt Iilt and gnard altint BRUSHES-Cloth, hair, tust t,cruthhearth,tloor, lint, flesh, tooth, plate, cotl, Nail, tavintg, sltoe nad lthitetownsltlrttslh,. 1.OOKINw O GLASSES-,Gerlan statia and toilet las, magnifying nd French dressing gloasses, home a, with n vticrly ofother kinds not enumer.ated. FArNUY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-Frlnch and American portable deslks and dreossngcases, soae very rich oed frinely finislhed ladies work hbxtsrnd dres sing ases, with and withont tlusei, mnnsical boxes, Ac oerdians of varions kinds, violins oand gitars, silver rad plted pantilo and lel ,arood pIncils for rtopentttr and crayont, mantle lotltgtns tntd pistoAls with atd without en as, pwrenutin capt ,lt prerrasio c htp chargers, nipple scrw drivers, rshot bolt.n gnitt hegs, pante blacking, toy t asttls, Indianbetlads tof every kind, toells and pihtnes, titieatd common knives, and scissors, thintbles, needles, plea, silver plated, steel and rarnona pecie. cles, pocket books and wallets of vaioos kinds, vlisiting curla sd carden cases, playing cards of Frrench, Gicrma and APriaor manlufa cttre, dllsR itlitRatioln frttit,salu boxes, iriott f varrioon lrrh%, Sattrltotrs' Pomeotv's, Ettlqmersn's, Ilillmann's and Ilawkit's razotr straps ttd mtltallic hlonr,dirks, ftane bead necktaces, do with r'r drops, toy wantches, pearl lnttnns, powder flasks oil a rrd plat seed leadsnl, git andsilverr do, gurm elarti.c artpen. dert,.otd oart.rt, plainirnd sword ,t oanes, letkgattllton hoards, dlite, opticarl viettt,o jrwsharps, locotdot match eas and driking cupsr, with ltt great vari'ty ol tlt r arti elre, all ofwiau h will Ir sold litr cash or city noeptarn. eea on 12 mtonhr credit. Ii i SIMMIdONS, tt e o. d' I70 ('harlreas. DO D F.AIt'S Sobnee of Pennnshil receivet, and for sale ait their fp r tane t1, etins n.lad,ndies No. 8 hlttrtE n reeo, NoW tloanorlen I tJ tiradwoty Nato Ytrlk, I)utpltine st., .olt ile. It is parliicularl driigned tilr privant Iearnera, nd schooln, aild it CUICUlattl fir personart all acesa. Ldies and tttlontletato are invited to call iittr loxadtille the systeot Itor theselves.n . L.est,n tttre givren at nooh hn.,Rs to nart suit the convenience of alliad t gltosa, Irtnned in "ttty Itrlt of the city. I.nlies rlit prefer it caon rrecie lesons at thleir OWn ref sidencas. l'eri rrs paving fr Ior tta of ratann are nrlsired o attend unItil titey writ,t t, .elli as they wtst,. wt I I)o . a AIl & . It'II1N.f. IIEAFNESS. A NEe artirle forporaons trothhbled willt drnesns,a 1.. (called thI Er'l' Trumpret,( hall lt beo h receried, by the it.o r ' t hich, the aligltest articu ltion of ithe Itoh lran vooi idiolinctrrv c;.crd.e to the nar. Antv aca who Itts ever taIt oirilgget to conoerse witt a ver; dea Ipceolt, lualt he ftlio trtf iiidl of tie diffietlty eud s.. barraaotrenterperinuedbothlt by tatlstelves and the it dividoals no utfirtotntelv ntalictedl. BHv th e se of th, Ear T'rumpet. this trhjretinn is e lt ieirely striart. Tie : nmoat senptlrsal Irtor ttavi nttl tldtttlttttthir douedtl after o i having utrd till I'runlapetr. For tale at I' F GUION'S, Facy store, terner ofC..rmmon an d St Ckarleos tretrt der theo rart.tgo lintel. fek 13 PEIM OII.--1:00 galions tnre winter d 6[erm Oil, int carsks allt, hh,, ftr satile by JAI(VIS . ANDIVIEW., Whlolsale Dreog its, aorter C rmren and ,'hap is eestta.s, __ _ _ ntio I: i 411 kegst Iot h 201S do 33 English do--25 -1.4 bhle. 41,) t"' 100 Paint lrushet various sizesr I ea.. Vertnilli~mi; 5 hbbl Copal Vantith; SJapan 1 " Coah " 20 packs (old Leaf; 50 do Silver d; 11O0 do Dlteh Metal. WINtDOW G;LASS, American, Erolish end French --1lO011 itrs, vsannon simes and qnalllies. Baerloon rwn dn..-50 hoaea,eonaig!ne,,t, will he olti lnw. Alto.   general asidreitlet of artists' oentrn and tools, for .sale byI A W SCAi ES, No 16 Cutl stree.' N f. Alabamtna totns takers at p r. and ,iisoitilri Dotes will be received at 10 p erc.nt discountl f rlgoa", or in paylaent olf drlt. it w P LOUR--?O0 saltine I +,t elrallmo Indeipc. eIra', ale :.R.- ItORtSE , nm1,3 " 41 Now Le,.e. MR IU i t S.lAM Z. O N0W AT THE J x'ýO tls JPýIa O FgfbtSTkt~5T, 7 the Edilno of IAeo'ioitile .ldder.rler+ 1If'-Th opppeMu by tte on rvobooroitton the o d'ihrs of the Nahiville Presbyt iion Unison and Tronl Seript, t wel theasleditl.nTh the Memphh Eniqoinrer, ititibe l4(1.l4aeitilalmae id atnonl theDocie..; 'This in*aoved by lis kingly men, knowing that his time is iunhortand h the iniependent Ameriann people are ale to jludge for themselves what are pties and imppltiont, The *ltlhy editors witZare Doctors, thb. propriietor, editors br 5a0eOllitml of the above aimed jsourala, sitl every llelt from persons I have rioloerd to sight in tho places, pufes. i. The fact is, that 1 neur had such great succerss within so limited a period n. tib or twelve doay. One who.wos sped keboul ten iboas, who had only seen tik light trom his birth. lbgan to see to follow hie master so my hotel, instead of hainst oblired to be led by him. Two young tldies, who had each lost tie eight of one eve, one for trn vears, und the other for nearly two years, hbviniog th ol themn the other eye very weak; vetteneh of those vyong ltndotebeinn to see wit hboth eyes, which heneft I pledge myslfstill coalinues. ex Seepliog they are lindeir the 'influenee or domination of ithe Mgdicsl Doctors. Another in the daughter of a reepeetihlr meeshant, whose haimsl am bound never to mention, (as he paid meamy lhieskho sad she had lost the sight of one eve feourthL'ge sf10 months, but that ir lte now begins to read l_. Gletters with the other eve reempletel) shoit. Thi.:'thie doctoreihltis knew, as tlhi gitlamnan told me hlmoelf he hod ti6ns dnc'edl Ilia diuihtsr to the offlice of the medical editors; Ioht they might be intfrmed of the fact. The last I ohall ometlion isa naelderly geentlsan by the nsoe of :Iount, nearly seventy veers of age, who declared ub-h lihiiy lettter, which lie took to aill ti'different officee in lihtitville but one, tand himnelf told ie he had paid fol efle imeortiis whatever they dnnde ; who declar oldu:e-that letter that:hle h' iota ly depr;ved of the Iiceht of ene aye Irowf ksr h oter his hirth,' whinhmb t'eltijler stiltlItmis, ,.., occasioned by the messiae or emall'pos dihh* no. so could net ohly see` the light of tt. h tif,'l .ie'flrst time that breolleetc but the steilntao, nod irs o -gilning to Iistinguili many objects; mnd did, befor 1 left that e;tvy, give ma t ny proif that he could sed to walk about the streets ith ti other eye con dmletely closed. Ilt said be had ben a mermber os the lletlhodlist gpieopal Csnrht liw erly fortyearn, aind tIhathi word wit lnever donbt ied through the Wholh ooeoco ofhis life. 2. I repeat thitl 'tad never grenter Nashville, and I.. teio mndical nd clerical dictne ltademeer hntfome ro iotcb reason io be, ertae'ed. The Spitaisidlignofatlcoflis Rer. clericsl [r Smith pnrove., whet, .e sttatte so n that ahlnt six years pest, he won coenverted from b sa perfectl ianfidel, t believe in the doetrin s 'ofhe Bible, that he most have made n trifling error-that I mus hamve meant to say, th t before' the end of sin vears to ome, he shouI he convertell from hiu infidelity as the spirit of the Irean minister of tilhe peacelhl and hbeign dtwrianes of the Cdhreticn religion does not breathe ent destruction, rage, cultmnv and ºfalsehood to please his medical fricid,, egeaiet theim mn wlhotm e knew b aid done so much eood, and noi.n jiry to nv oine. All the inlnhiltants oif Nashville spoke of the crest saoccsn I hod, °cept the medical dcrtors. Montoftlhem also had beoen infelormed by Mr Yotrnt of t etI ie hm performed on Itlia totally ilind eye. S. The famonos Gio'inh S. ofttis town, preterlnd that I have ltoel the lnrels I gniedl in tihe Northu, since my anival in the Snothwest. "'Ilij provee, however, l had, and ltit I krept them niill I rrivecd in tii section. If I geincd rire in tie northI tight to hove igaicid Aioth ir ii thy motih and enteliwent, enrl I still hope to wear them on mi very yeuthftl brow on tihe day I Prave, ii spite of the m itultpralion of the gret I)r S., if i inav judgeCfrmm the mane I ave already benefitedn in this tily wititi threr dove. T . The olject of the prenent is to nlofre the mrdi coal Goliulis and editirtr of tie Roplip liein tnd l'rore eript, rt well an tilhe clerical Dr ,mitth of the C Pres hvterian eand of the Union, of Nashvillre, as well . tihe vlitor rudt rib medical editor of tho 1lnllli Il[tq. irrer, ns well en Me Prentice, the editor of the Il.otliville Jonrtnl, 'nld lse thie inedicl (ioliahl edilor of this c!ty, ile grl'et Dfr S., iit I sliall brinle itlrtion gnlinst thin all, fL.r vltublraciiu, slandeoer r cnlntny, imnledi teriy after mv nrriv:l ini New Yoik, ns well in agairvt th eir aminble htre hren the imedical (Goliaha ol'tie toirth. I now bind nmyselflh pi.ii.e, neverrto qnit Itisl titcp land of liberty., tnIil I have lirioghtt tile nnses of tl my medical Goliaes of the norih, as well oas the lltUtli and th'w'oet, to thle gridstnlle! Tie nillietedl, Vlte.. fore, mny.calculate l olndillbg ioc duribng the i- s of next yeaer in New York, a here letters, post pel t, ted tnoothiero, will be stre to reaci ni-. 5. 'IT infoem lre porilitc itha thie Tin; no . 'ed which the Rev. clerically ev Inlerterl itfidel plre'tend was written frit hit, wlts wr'iltten trer lerhni at week Ir.ior, atd inrtO ilenl f)r tile Rev. It. Nlowell, wiho reni it in my prous'eln rwilurot miuerifeting il dit' llOitrotllioll.t; on the lle trarv took it to hla stu tt s iti elrtollde ii i the why lie did, which he soid he iIhn lgllt wnnhl on ltr iny pt i brlloS bhll'e ;lite detvered lhem th t i e wiihonl pretending tllt I anillcd lto i, ic illrr frirl:s dunty s I iltever ctn' l preerrie to lltritetht grotlurnll or iny clillthr, itly imoney sttiing fartrs 'lre IRev Dorunr'tlwn ltatenmenl it before tile puIlit: led hie not tXlll iii all e1ry riploltlll., .t e. &c. vl h a gre lcniir ti, cin intimrrte frient ofhitfll el, ttiril utie lolttuf emy rpatlirt., ill I'oer i)rllny witth nniriht r i Titlergv li i fotilnd themnl lt to t nltauheniic, n o alll inv putii'lliii Ire mtire or less benelillred, lie ievt'r vitlil avoe ubeei ioduced by a lttil 1ringler to rnnw trip irucl ntu nricle ac I wrote hilhelf ii r li lillrliti,, uill ndaddre.teti i( to M1r trhllfield, editor oflhe S (:V C Aldvoate. 6. Nto wotldr tilhe cleair I sc iglhtl tmi Ca' olinit of Ni'lhrtllli took the tn. .; nid Ihlrefilre Ited ltlhir ei I fnrlt cni with teln lel-porverfll, tiletic, pr s Sicl nnoe intellctuanl litrec oe tire mid to-i.'-trtoertild ,I ici nl infidel. W\', rnd-t- ln the Bible tlhnt in trl is knowu y I s fIr'ulit." I daeC e v th c everdle iltidel I ne i e'!el,re d ll ihlln t passiie. 7. lie airoilcntly aIt iataI ee.101) iea hia inori a il r Itr as e man, hi'sl al ing iltt he wVI nbire Lrie e hribedl. .et us .ec whether I tle stIm of thity dnicres ofI silver will apply to him Ht well en it was well aplllied Io anirher nnlerred hllidel, wnil, in Ibe da otf Ihe in crnarlltion a bin Di illiale Maeter. labiollael o Itll te lilr trllat llnlnhe erofpiroes of ilaer. At i.ctoaer in, tll it was never intendedl a n bh ibel, nor rollhl ie be ilntider-l ed to bIv ony tine, ac it was i evoll ye eqn 0 1i to bef lith panrt fnll tilhe reullr •]rileer's fie, of er per Itla:re. (Unlltainig lacwo or three cenlane lf ila elmev pritelI alltilr, rlwhich were to ie repeated three or lbr tines in tie Preshrtlerinl Union and Monitolr jnrnttlas, had I eve• iri.tnlerl to brilbe hii, I shiald hlve oflered hit at leaInt :i3ll0, hlis regular tee, lnattnd of"$ I), willcr, in all probahility, he iwoulal hIvte eladllv received ns iis fee, and not ass bribe. On thre enntrolv, ir ' I I ad been cne hlla ofaolfferinr a brlhe, I should certainiy Irte dane It in a watot hinve insrlird hlin neeptenee. 8. Iled the Rev. IDoctor bhetl reallv crlVeried to the Ielrofrt the daclrile n of' Iliae iaviolt' lie woldl nlot taela promialed to coue andl examine my patients ritl sit kep)ing his word, as I have always found every miinister ilf the gospel zealons to ,ln. i. tIed lie heen really eiutarted, lie wouldl cnt piuh ivre spolken against ti.e Aineritn inlelitutione, wliclh, it ii well knorwn, are more numerour, and which are speriear to mnllv in some ic parts of Europe. His eaitdutt t sIt illrlh diWgtlted alte voating literary ehar actors, aes to ie ranreaoly retlarilled fronll larill;r gling im on thIe pot,hv laving violent handsl on hnim. 'file Itev. g'entl.+man, thlotlh a Seotehnutl, is wltholut excusea, nileas he is calunliated), ahlough lu e lt iv think hie hars it right tohabuse fle Anleritlai intillttin because le is a otarrvred inlidel I ay he Ilase not-as all oue"l to ielnli acell of the bridgec hr gooes ttle' over. I f ntrv file gallant Cap'nio Gruendy, and several othertarllmiable yoiing r Ertetleten of Nashille, recollect well thtleeontducat lhi piaUS reptueder taf the Ilety ScliIpureel 10. I ileer saw Rluh it dlemon in hIltmn cliape as the Rev. LDoietonr was the day I ael rl to reason witl him, whlen hie menaced my grey heirs wittli ii t ltli ed gigantic arti, a if lie wouald hate lillad Inc to the ground,t for daring ton Iraw i a pints minister .wny frali his duty, by a bhribe nf 311 llpieces of silver I really tremhlod minre than il the jld Gentleman" Ihad ap. Iaereul in his owl siape!rt It. [ solelnln dclare hbefore Gol, and am not ifraid it illi irr tr writness thalt I never, in the rwole course ofa 4 yalom practice as an neulist, in (Great Britlin, IFriue, lelrlllrlt end America, il a single ilstntee of- I fred aie a brihe aity anirist toIn im elitor of anyjnurn-j hut as .:raolantiaun firr the npace I occetied and the t trouble which I etaelontaed them; antd that I was a lways inlre inclined it reduce, raitlier than add crany mev to I thie printer'e Iillt wlhilli is raufficient proof that 1 ilad I nolltenlion to hrie. 12. Last'v.--'l'he Memphia Enqutiirrerfotwc ortheroe weeks contains a tissne of flagrant falselolodse , wic I the nlrdieal Goliah reitlor learmil fren their hbetlhren eftlta l. Goliahe of tihe North, and I shall treat them witlh contempt until tile proler time nrrivet- Unless it in trte what I have been infatned--" Sue a Ierrgar, and tri' will catch a I.--!" Thelgh I paid hlil for mlly idvertuaements far two or three weeksa hn only irseritd rinalt once. You will pleaseg.t inseri thli lettelr in your next pa lie', atd oblige yours, &e. In ltastle., JOIN WILIIAhIl, .no ,illJnl 1837. the English Oculist. teoriteilteJele 18137. Corrpd fru a tel S. IW. C. daeete of the 241t Jane, 1837. A t tie reqaestoe Dof . rVilliatmi, we irisert the follow. ira ilote frat the Rev. Air liowell, of tNashville, to the d it t'orof athr' S ith WVateri Chriatiile Advoate, wiho, it plpear.t hat examieed the dliplomat mand other drtec inet.or,evicive e ofthe Daocor't claimsa to public patron. ege In consequetce of nn accident, Di. W. will ro- I mhir in Nashville a few days longer than he lt firat iateledl--aay tie let July. Ret. Mlr iiaigltl:--eaitllnng been requested by IDr. Williame, the oculi't, now in tlie city, Ito examine i s iltoreroua dilpientee and other iloeenlenti eriraeivr ta lie cluiman to puhlic ronfidert tin his profeenion,l have, in comrpany with t valued frienrldone so with plenaere. Amnel them I found a letter from ilr Pageot,nt pre. se.t Charge d.Aftires ot the Kige of the French, at Tahiilligton, addlressned to I)r. Williams, testifying the I Cnuineoeaa of the diplomas fron the Kings of Franctee lelgiatlt, te. a well at tihne frot the bledical Socie ie of France. Hle lies nlunerous vouechers from Ileon niern to belof high repntntion in thiecountry received ince hlis arrival in thie Ut'itcd .tatec detailiag inten. e men of great succe.ein in .e reltoration of eight to the Ii I hlave een no trly all lii poor Ipatients in this 1i c.:v. I knew ilnoe of them previousnnt to tlheir coming his care; bht all 1 haver seen ay they are un ql eitinnably beefitted. It(OB'T. B. C HOWEII.L, Nashville, June 2i, 1837. P. S. Sincei wriieg itle aove, one of Drl . Williamsa' P patienti has talled ilo ronie,n ad says lie 1iad actallv and totally lost the sniight oft one eye tor seventy eon tr but now declare himCelf better; that tlat night, for the iret time in his life that hlie can recollect, he could die- d inigeiah,withi t teye,noue of tihe prominent tarte. f learn that thin old geei.emna hait lived many veenr in thi rdgione ,and maya hie aa been a Meltkodisi dttritng fitrty years. Youre , truly, augll I.. . . I. C IIECKIS ON I'HIL.DELPIIIA-.oirale tly t YORKe. B ROT'ICRS. Cl'it ,nes. TENNERSB MAP OF LOUIMI.NA,&c. &et A NeW MPe or Louisltna,i witts canals, mads - and diateees, from pmlace to plce, along tll stage and steambe t routes, by I. S'lTiener. d MITCHteLL. MAP or Taw UNITee NtnTr. il.,win Ig ile principal Turpike and cominon rMtnds, oi vwhich am ginen the distances in mnilt from one placr ft alother; also the coueate of the canals and rail rrlo tlhrlroh ih nt thle ceuntlry, rrefiAlly eompilrl fri, tire Liit au tboritie-pubil'ihled by S. Augultsnte ithell. MITCHtEI.I a Ta.AaI LEi't i;tre T nc llaett Tint UrtEDr rit. rel it mtn of the roidsl, dlstince.. steun banl ald Calll rout.sta.. .rc jusct received ruald fr sale W1'.1 h'KlEt.?i, S tli k theenrnt'rllumatism·lesd lorkiongstgout, - 3L. tila or hip t ti, ieci.t nt soen nts cis rtenm, ioihiltio d n an meral sdiasen, oltrtintetyt." ulneo rand painfr nl cttiol.sof the bhese, uleeoatsthralo. , ! ebs trila, liern nof ee.rydesripion, her sores, and Intaernal aliselera,15 piles, aa I h eit, `sry, Uble riesh Iua sore a ee, p ispeIl.blothes, s every variety of elt tanemias afeeitd. ehronie Catarrh, head ache preceed ing from any acrid humor, pain in the stomach trodl lys Iopsi ptreeerling ftn variatimo , affetiors of the liter, elitire inf.ammation oftle kidneys, and general debili ty anneod astorpelda eion of the asels of the akin. it in sieng'irln effcaious In renovatin thoset constnutionsi lioh havne been r oken tawn s by injodieinus tleatment, jsonile ir'egulolitei , In general teroL, it is .eeom nd all hle l al er l inens wa ih satbim from imon~iittei .of the blood, or initlstioss of the hlumo a, of whltever name or kind. Some of the aovbe omppl httsmlnay eqoire sme tri ting estannt applicatioos, whiph'thsoisetossneei of the ease will disetaul+bufnor af ntealssestly ortnrifiatoe to remove thedause, the .NDIAN'S PANACEA will generally he foand'dstfieient. s" TO THE IPUILIC, aow tie Itis, ht moderm Physiimas, n' thei h asm hbil to exanle 3ntheir psofession; explore te on fields ielet'a.see ahby i d oflehemistry, and seek oat ew re rnelm atlgensia in ahn, to rrive at perfeetion in the pra. ieeaiy means of art athoe,--eitirely overlook and neglhats as beneath tetir notrce, lhe rich and hosteous atoresofrbetdliole, which the Almightly hosn eatsed to 'iring St'of tm emanti in every lime! And how mish mnae true isit thaet while tb.AmerieanlPhynsiian looks to foreign aombtriesror ltiiy of his moat common nidl ncesotary srtilese, pfiuleetally hanging as they i .e at the dictates offashion or folly, he is stnmrildedli in ili .own soontry with a entelhjsrofMfion of medical idiet, fieilt to Ianswer ny itlimatias it disease nr to ethi. coy ourable disourder; and slyet lie is ignort of their vim asnce, anidtbsy are sufferedsi 'wrstetheir haalintg i the ndeserl sair. The esfbet o vegetable medisinesnpom the system aore Steen mrca'-thos e of miereals lahting. The f;imer ex e t e effects antd inasa off--the latter. mseruoy ih rlir. and slre destrootion. T'he eongesiallity, effleieney amd S.AFETY of reget tile retnedie ever smineral, may tie esltiateld bvtcn'asl inggtlhemnient nraetics witls tre moldein; or, in torg ii loeluithlmedtialttv nn,let' our eln observation, l,- holi an praenie with.ihst of the whites. Who, in Ametrioa, as not knowelorhenrd of retpented Instin:ces wherei some deoreiid, nopreteodihngftemale tlditn, by mennoof hier simple remedies astne, has :fllectedl the most rip!t autd astontshiig csres, oltir the .\loteirn Medlics of tihe -ammoi ianetice. ilireoted in tile must skilful imnneir, hsn foiled!! And who has lnot ben nsrpri.nd :t Ilhe rem :iprativ."ase an" sotility with 'lielh the Illliail ftunutit- o self fnetm any lisease, cil at the almost tots abstinence ofelirmtoiednsen omomgR them! WVho has rei olerl ostl Intlian .wtha cotitlit ion brok.oi ansi r,,ioil t, ill tre'tmenS! And son a doutt exist that this hartIy e* esiptin ofthe savvge ftrom most of ithe ille wmiih the flesl of man is heir t, is elielily owing to mte groi. Sand safe remedies which lie enliloys! 1'his a soinih. big stittereiii in suiccess, is it fnir exemtililcolioo ot the iofinste sitn'ririotr iof the siimtrle nod sol' mtlasn of ce which (tml hIIs cleoated fae the hcnefit of liis chittiren, over lthose which tlhe i.itle ld dth cit of lotan have ill vented. Flrom a lonlg remildemr umong a pormtion of Tlle tulrigit. a inhe:littntsof tliscollrtl.y, hlllma ietilttiiote ulotaim tannewith the methells of enreof some nof lhir lmost stenesSftl plrm.ctitioners, the prolrietor ol 'T'lhe hlnium1's i'aui.eaiaeiuiretil a knowlelge of some of the most pLerftlimendi voriteremewies. From these o eselected inelhaswrrermostefflcisaaeon d nlltpreprisItcs, id i oler viriotls ecxttr'imellta to test their tilliteiiles mll siretgii, lie mIas eoehIioed them it the form here pI'esented, as Ihe moalt ierf.t ad lenefiteitol fior tie pulpose for whicih it is Irlteutmin llelllt . • The pp'.hlrPornltfeestlis Dpreporltiotlo tit tu piblie, vit h I he eolllciolullnlsl.S thatt h. ire i lBeileg wilhillehui, at, a ri'eIii ciatptahle ofrtlievitig IltnIy of his alli ttit ei ln low u ttil;,s, ihri al sl5'elitfn c llg u tn - tihe l ri)us i' l (ll'o tlid ottstimtte conplaits i o n which it is altoiliri te. 'lo auIl it will prove of inc:llelllaltle odlntr, as tlhe 11 IIs, asid ii maony eases, the onily reoansuleletetiogthniiiut. dittleeil. ''iiesin tiltti 001 f llunl.uIleC eln, otihy, hint pilne. Thlistisotollletd sa 'tmmllo 'emedh, trit Si t on, otse l: s n t' i w lich itian, Ihl oIf .n . ing lilii i IMtin) rxll'elll caos yr hclkh .ill l 0lthe oo .m l lie, lul. 'l'hls ii |. ta4 I wheirev:elrl it llte:l+ h n:ll ilitroldtleit. h ii itll tultllb t t e in ssin tllUittiihn s 1 llrll wtie

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IOl allle he ll stilmllio>+t, :or en1i.I h'lllla Ill:liell S, ll well. fht 'hi.lnlni.n, :,.oI il uhtwi.r oll. sor'e tlo'ot i. s ia al, :dlernutivr ,1,.d 1einl'lll', ll1: 8:+ diph lir, dlllýl " I ic, ol ldohlt;i; I"s, :IJ in n oi-nl nlln . ;',ld(i' 1 . ,:1 {.II nol ad ,h pttptlti caStS, :ls:notit o achno lti;. t.oti tIn otl to , l. t., io.r. lly expressed, it wntcrt.,t t :'t ' sttertg it ., cti olt 1 cre'lit. , girestml to t h ,It' s io(; 1 t l t t i i thhie g llllI5 iilnAs n olll t: ~I"1H ',tt,,i. il'ro : ,tl e pL rii n1il Id,'lilllrlls npetltons Iiuv Ie ollhl JloodInl. 'T'hismledicille hax bee., Iomnt higlhld nwg!l in su otll ig oo, , disetass Iinot Ilee sp.lcil'ld, :ld it haII: bh.l llsed with won1irfIlll su e(ss as a sp 1iIngan , n Fa'll I'l . ilnc,, It those twh tar ltto .e, to bentoplains t 'lith che. so tt will I1o well toI Ilw v11 II. hll'ee blolllte ill slholl dIo set. Whenelte r a di(t (1, ink in consllidered n"cessar_,y t *is Ptiun ce. t,tkek I in :1 stll i '.ws will fit Iwesl :Ill is llipurposes, in mnch less tliln e, at les Ixplellse. 111,1 IIn Il tlore lagree~llIe ent Itha the coim n tdiet ict nk. The Ifolowing eel'ifiot:l;t's, rlt of I .ndre d i inol" whilt Ill.hlt e Irocured, are gilllen to siiltov lh. eftt' , thle Indlltl's Pslomcen ill Io, cvari. s comllilliltM(a lltrt oteotioied; ndl isntoiexhibit it the moost s:titfielu.) manler iltssal riort oveltlhe syr .p in eonllon use. CASES UOF IllI'hUMAIJI' 'SM. tI.IloLGNTo, RNo. 15, 1932. Shltlingthela1s winter, ami .r., wso allithM 3 ill a very t'severenod lirirasitnllg I' u tllJsmI ocesicneillll I exlniotstt itllt tlllt athtt r. I lIoW tkegltat pleasore i settintg, tltit six bolllen iiilIht ln;Iint's Panocoa, rtett,','l me toltert'ti helthl, HtndI lotlidtnllly reto,,,rlulld tto :1i Siilalrly ,ll el ,ll d .1JOIN FEIIGUSON, l;ingst. CtAtrt.oeoN, .arch27,1832. I was se;zed ahoot tIhreey )ears since, wilth a tli'tr.SSinp riulltnntislt, auised Ib taIking severe cold, t lhile ill-r thelnflueoceof nmerc'nr, ahtd which has dlsubled rF frontm lusinltsso netll ever sni.lle. Dluing tlis p eritod hlae Iet n.t potiettni the Mtrine loslitalt in tlis c it upwardsof fi'neti notthn, anid nettrly the son'e lengillt timtt in thle lIltimore Ilosplitl, toI tried nlmost ever remedy, will little hteneft. On the 16th of keblh'tn aInn, at that time seatnely at le to mo e lnout upon crutct l es, I comenlloe thleoe se f Indlin's IlPanacea. In ion' ,:onollh I Ioul nt myelf eitirll ieed t','on pininl, tor ilowi hay to state iaimt leolt;lert ny elfl' ,rffcly well. AAM. 'L'UCKEII, I:Mtn lket at. CAPES OF SCROIUI.ILUS IJI.UIEIrS. NotE YKttt{t Seot. lo, 18.0. T'llis may certify that i1, the oll ol 1 R 1 ws so:iz ' with a swelling in l) n elLk ald( Ice, which ":lierwal iulcertell anl Ibecame Inltge llsntly tithers in my nev:. After'ryvil,'gstve'tl alhiystionii to I Adsoantage, l I 'Wel, to Philadelpia, and pticed mtself Inler the cailr lirs. P'hysne sld llkeach, a hell, itller repeated salivOtlO to no effect, I was ptroinoatnecl utterly inlocurable. Alier. Wnalts 1 took twenlty olltlesoftltim's PncllaCol ien eighb btollils otl'futtel's Crtltltlilo,, with no tonillet'ktl bnelitl lDesparoingoflite, which had nlow become a burte tob me, Ireturned to iy plllnt'et in New York, in 189, :ll gone myselloulpo a Ihi.rlriltg detilh, flrinl_ of t'l g" rt soess of'l'itlo Itlihtl's aniCeltot howete.,; i caw inmilar to ot own, I atls persuadeld n rI' it, Asa last n . sost. 'to my great suIpr'ise, as well as s.tttislhontl oonlfIontl miyselftrapi l)iy rcoverslt, 111d ttlton lakiIt bovtll buttles, the elcet'sIhe. ieiand lItneaIe Ilelrfet) twell in tile ouet oaftwo mmonths, and have remlaned so ever silnce. make hltis atiteen ald'wtsh litpublished -rit lleo itofnh'' e hiIfeot nUselhito undtoer to lllny r . erIollatl ,r olW ctio uheolotlon, that tire may kllot whlt hr e t rclaV' wbto has sutrered evelr tlhing hll leath, In io consieddo his life raved by theabove 9tv. WM. IIINIIA' Ctllnt.'ero. . Jily 12, I 431. I wns afilictet', foti, years with anl ulcer ilu tle leg, u. eatsiotlily ctnoltntoie'l with cr)'siillititus iollitnualioi anid excessive iil in the leg and enlIe joint. Several emilonlt physiciaitns e.nxrted tleirskill upon it, but itll out ittrmtnotentbenefit. Ilthis ese lfive bottle Indlian's Illceea made a pclect cure. MAIIGAIIET A WET'I", 121 Market .,Por sale by tllENItY UINNABIIEIL, druggisit, age to:' t. proprietor, Tehenllpitnleltslret 16 NEW ORLEANS S* NASHVILLE ItAIL ROAD COMPANY. I IIE tlnrickioldors of this compney ore hiereby no tifted lhat he a resolution of tIe board of direc tion posned on the 19th the call made no them on the 13th February lasi, lit the payment of flve dollars a share, wae rescinded, ant the said otockhulders are furtlhernotifted Ithot WHrr.REAS, by a resolution of this board pasted on the 19th int. a call has obeen ,ade on the etobkholdera of the New Orlenns an d Nasolville Rail Rood Coempany for the fillowing paymrstes on tie the arock held respe hively lhoteiviet:-two doiiare per share, pyahble on the first dtay of Sepiembner xt;,two dollars per share tayable on the firs doe of I)ecember o.ext; and tIo dollarpoter share pnyoa.e on the fiSet day of March next. Nouwtherefore be it resolved, that the seerllnar of this comlpnlmy alhllll notify tile shurn hbldera ltheTein, hlhlt h Ihe public pr nts oi' tlhe city, that in ionform,itl will the siaxth section of the charter, lthey ale perlitld to toOtpole cny payment called in n tlle stock of said esmponv for the term I' sixty dlle, from and fler tihe dos on t hichi it is made payblte wilth the eapleo cane dition however, that if not regttlarly paid willthin Ihe said prolnneatdon uf lixty days, fronm and ofter Iht duy on which it shouhl have been paid, that then tile stMok on whi:ch said paymetttehould have bheen made, is anid eal e , t d or itedt thel eompuy, the charter on that ttinttalinte inmleratives In confomiity therefore, to saii hell, all ntck of the d~i*hkolders ilr said eompony, us thick proper Io put of the payomelts yn their eltek to the ltd ot the sddithiaol ifitydnoro ,.which the charier llow Ihbrm, are notifiedbthtl theb lyieent of two dol ner per hlllre cllled f.r, atd dlue ,ll the enrst of Pelt etloernerx, e inty le pI.stponed Inllder lito sixrhll elill f aild charter, lotil the s31t dnv of Oetoher llXt, toll the pymenot o: Iw, dlollars per sltre called for, and duo ontb dl t dil ay lit' December lnext, oay lo pnost Inoedl Iuotil tle 3til doev of Jllllarv tilct;taod Ithe poy mett of twodnllae s olo ,r shpuT rnit lbt 1 fo r i1nod'hie lu ti fi,-tlltv tf .linnltltrto ittiay be poeotpett tntil the 311th Our of'April tent. Extracts of talillniutCleof to helrJd. jilneSi A It McNAIRo. Sec'rv. I/l)) i. Ilk ... inro .r. -5 I ,,ell . obe WI1, ' illntfftoit ilt JOIHN II (;Ri 1.1.M p' 16 r1ATE (TY'IouiANA,-Pnrash Court fot theb6 Parish andCity of New Orleans. IIE STATE OF" LOUISIANA. 'I' all whomn 1 thcM Peorentsa hall come, Greetint--Wlreeas, tomes 11ns0 Ihoing purcheoptd at o sale made by tlhe Sheriff of the pa ioch of Otlean thie property 0 heIrtnafter deocribed, ast oppliei to tihe clerk o' this i coetrt0 ittWhose office the d.ed of scle was recordted on rheme2ddae of April, A.. 18.38, fir a monition or otlvr ticetent |li conrorklaty to on set ftithe I.egislotutre of the g bete al' Lorlsiano oanitlied 'Aa nct for the furlher nssu canne oftillno to orchaner at judicilallies"' approved t th:lptih deY af MtoCh, 1i34, , rlt, NOW Irerefe rknow ye and all persons interested eeik , sire hereby cited Old admonished in the oname of oe State of Lotrislann, and t f the Parich-Court, who cit o set op any right, title ot eclaim in and to Sfhe prtpetiy hemifhgr rdetaadl i eonseqrtttece ony ay Sifortmality in he rder, dceree or tidg,,rent of the court odef.r"- e tale was maled, cc any irregoularity or S tii 'ie [a clr:aemelttsi nd odvertis.monte, in e ti o b, Pr fmano PTiale, or focir 'y other efet whaiteo-t I Vertoe 10s ihittoe, w thintrty days from ithoday this f Ii mont.tik liid 'tiorted in tihe pohblic papers, why t the 'tliio 1 odki hoold ntl be conlirmed aod lomo tno ted. . "e a icd ppirty ofas..Jlby the Sheriff of the par h eaflltildbn the 4th.y of April, A. D. 18:I8, by { hir.te of ridehree of-Othis CoUrt, rederled on th 5th day of Febuory, A. Dt. I.Sttb in a ell itithti Alexa.der i Caldweoll vs. Jamnes Haone, No 10,367 of the docket of 1 his Court, at which iale the said Jamoe Hon.e became e tie purchnaser for the ptic'e of twenty oue thousand h dollars. I)ceaription of Property as given in tihe Judicial Con d veyanceviz: t Aerrtain lot of croound rituoted in the suburb An nunciationa lias Laeturse of ti cii y.i square No 5, and lotI tinrg IFrench measure, do bet lfront en T'ehou S.ltoctlit "eet, fll feet frono on Orangery treet, and ' rs otf n . o iefado dol Maro' rotrert, in such o manner that .id lot of roand is 60 feet wide ftrnm one side of t ite sqlfro'len the other, together ritlh a dwelling hotue fronting on T'chounpitnoulas street, the kitchen and tic Spendencieo, also the dirtillery establiol m ntts erected Sthereon ,and other tuildings nol ilnprovements, the r- machiinry, utensils, implem.lta and fixtures belonging ig to saild dielillery, its drepedencis and oppourtenenres. nand the rights, aotions, Ani privileges thereto belonijng or in any wioe appertaittrg. I- Clerk' Office, New Oricoans, Moy 7, 1838. t. tnl4,itn4&j3 J. OLII 8, Dhopity Clerk. tit r.T i---- -- - -.--, . porr hl paroiase at till dte l N 'iulle Orle.ns T 'l1TAA' D)E LA IAtUISIANX.-A tcus teux q. jErrs praseltes conrer'ent, Sahttt: Attendhl qaw Ilelap roisse d'Oi'l tKea. la Iwol,.ti la Ei-.pli, h c eelt s'est tdres. l GRlpel'ffe de ecate COtlr o. hidi venlte filt etregislrle Ih Qlem ejot de Mta aIe I'tltee 1838, pour u't avis colatrmemen!t A tn mitd de la L6gislaur ae d Kict de It Louisliate, ittilul., Act. pouat coltfiraer les till.s des acqreueelt.R antx ventes j ielaeies s" epproun<6 yIc I1a's 134 u'i sujiteoliu, et toutes tersonttet tr6raseessont par resprelsentets sonmteh a noam lde I Etat de la Ltulsine ct de It Cour de Pcroisse u|i1 p raiteata ta ir dlt it Al It ptlopratia.t ei-ar.d . eerieten ,anceqtttence dtulatl l.tat alae rfiarne dan.t IO a rll~et ]det on le jllgreltlent de IL COi1,, Yl ¢(rl altaqatel la vetar a hase !ite, ata de tmate in'(gctilm'th eat illI'g:litt dims I'estimatiol,l'vlcs o le temIpr el le nolde le I aenate, oat lmur It aaLreecauequiaeleocle; ie faire vir, dana trnte jl tls al (al tet' dela Itlhlieatio n a eelte I\ l I 'lljcl' citta llt e ltc lbc faitela ae'clatli c,ccl oaI'aar hot ~llaieolagci'a, ta I pr it vlali enrdr e pnar le sltrail,' ilt, lIr q I tn l xiioc loltr· d'avril h: 1l'laie. 111 , ill vcrlatlt 'lttl al~ettr itP Cetta alter le 5 de t.riir date l'caaic lt838, dillaa 'ul'ahire' dA'.l\th'ctldcr h Ctlldwietl, rPicire Jcair. ltanse, No lll),37di dtocketlr dae rtlte C(ourl ti Itelle venl e alit Jatas tlase sr'est reciatl nlqii'ra'r pIolr Ia pria Ide 1ll (118. I)eserilptim l dela Propriti.i', ia, s letrlansfelt' liludiare, Itn trdnhi i, ter e at rre ac itd. lacnrnr da lt.tnalna le lit llt a le ti,"re a Vllllt plallr le Ir tltllit r ,'] tat ia x llr aii lraledasldra..ace ,,r ~llTl.a c u iclaciztla'cmist-a lir Ii~il d.rlie i Itill ri lle 'istir Ir r lt i t lt. r, iet x an tei isi. n|e fil ia qar i aan ' ald e iil ree dl lta tar eitcl . d rtl lrtt le dlt l de ic lrr a rlxicni'e pilti'lr frI r 791c1, ISIIIs, e prit ne 'i'])' ,ih ul, Ip rallghled sees 1 .[ "thll''. the e tensiv ut th ti e l ni 1h nwin t ubl i Il l i ' (rara'llsie q e In dlt, hlr bi o cr h ruit e how r h it h . el Illtr,8 hlv - vln]rt- Itat I( a tat I' an t ¶111 tg101 aaia'It Itt al lit leitt stlla neecleSt rat. toI ecllri, . e Suailt tc olc, itacclialr s if Apl -tt ,c lylar l Il lalatt lC ' tnic At: a'oltl i et ri hg e. y afolowI inllmin| ttticlc tta h' irlItit t'aatllt ctrlat. aa, p af. t i t, a nlt . t 't l la c fI llc, 1aala Iitlaali . -la . r]['lil; oig~hal egeahl lrtetalt taivrt~ cai e acc tlt ene cia'atti|ar ld av tlaa *V M c, l .iri ,i t oile l. e ,a lGe C ler* l eInt lbr t1ea Li le ItIar tof Aiohe. Kentarkys gll , Felow o r B her ( i Stalu e, Suragleo tothem nIesya "'ia lurge sioe As~elatio . I asor enas :,ivd* $1.Thmas an bogas hoit k nlh. , brondolt. Thpil s: mentdi l d e n cht ll kti e rtesIltll soe1 s ox wr hIlle :ro dns Ialcdshoes, succes with e1,t.lt0 sn r i etnlis iof Ih e' s I nnttll. "lltlt ll. kil i l llrlue O I'I 11l? 1;1~11 :I·t1II·P.11 It'' 1:11 l~l~l~~l r so t i e .. , ie , o,', a t iht r. e ua.e l st. alijl j l) I 1sat it. h . r o .. il. Igm . e M h e I t a ell. si ni enit' lem.Ioensi ekthsinlw e! ilk a sa dots. b'elac i' l hu r o Inlull'tr l e ' lsrt. aih ml, 'tl a'tlll ..ieII d cirb anl IuI llllik Ines .i' l o t l ola ltil t ilu llllu tl., a II l ar fIt hri. IYo ,t - reili. c t nh. a : ashlls' 1 m e. tl 't II o1' m n I' :l ,I I 11'2111·~il'l'll' tlll'll:·,u I,I,. 1·? i1lllt1t 11h·rh .i. h tlll;,l.% ;':h rlllll. I hI s ass. iM. C tll l' ih ll Ie 'ille i ilt, l hyi! he Ih a of.,. 1tI1( '" l,.lr i hh c-'.,k Iilh'.'." " II'G,, ,~i~lls l hl a.l .,. ;1111 . ,.1 1/ , I S la k la h ir rrn rll l a ..l il tI. r t, iti' 'i ll , f w. I hi ch" . ¼ ll't eh, cl, a e el f ,celi ati, t ' -ic ' .m., Sc I.r i It: , trathl tlhrla, hlu tl , ii in llu ll li'l iluuirld, i ilur b'liel jpdlient e nig to ld e I'(ll : n 1 I e,., inn . r 'il , mani n re01 lief.t n~".l il(lo arrel tslii~l the il doc h' {n derivi'': teeth~and elieves liar soenesllaict 'at lit r 'ed rl &i t Et t 'l Iltlcal 't '1sa Tlae ta t li tt a ohury i lta hav t " ay h pi e I sc di ht,.a a la l naskleii h lttaoe tel, attrae treay tr Iceal Ialaut , I.0 I V:,, 1 aallai cgl ital.N llta I alita slci attt'lU.Tqil 't.. ale alilt" t h ul l "L 1111h titit:,b a _teta . a "alr 'dt' ita ela tic lie itttIlla nc· If taai r ci llah ec ,.lalalIi, Il itYrl, Ai'tt u li l sit c hllh i IIar i ateel Inn' mi r 5 nh r 11 ommon iall, lt . l h hdaphohni -ra, thaaea' it a'ia iilllw s )lC Rl, l lld. ln llllt IA c lagiel lIo laccI atlchtS rill 1IIte' SI eel tLlleal ecs ,a i ',a l ' c111 !'ee aau gr c r mlli a lt lisllaC' eg-le o uci alilal t a 'Lld llaelt a stoe g :et ptiatll l a lit -l-arikt at tesli a hatilel l 'ai r itt a tiiicti'ea:ll ted a aci t at-" TI ,Iaiol alltlllla llllr al.n ,ll aia1i tek 1, so e it lIuritie it Iot?"::/,an. do ..)l.; I: 1otl ki" 1 I1 a ileg:e( slt, e 2i i/.an ; a in (cll dre;iis ot q lmlaly r vun nI e a' arll allslilllc " 'a a re1l ilow iiin a tall" sll al I .Itritti llia) a" tartlc ahl. a c I h'egucii lla ea ~dJ~lll.•. 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N'IhRYLCO. i1 Cooali t.gel Iinasa oalo ;JUST PUBLISHIED FROM STERREOlTP& PLJTES, The Fith IGditionof ROWI.ETT'8 TABLES OF INTEIREtT: hiO whil is nr adeled aol Average Time Calcula tor, or easv methods for fnding thIe average time on storage, notees'of stai or bills of goods, o hen ton chased at different dates en liferent credlita, sl for -rioous omsotsos Iheaiesides llta-fis l an solmlete flanking Time Ta"l le, ite best Ihat can he contrived. or that fi gttoea cn sr hlrcee within, the same enildesend compass, mnd size of type. Ans atveretisement in the book is in nearly the follow ing worls: 'Ihehigh dlistinction this work has received throung thecen legislative acts prefixod to the title page, is a re commendatiot in itself, so uncommon,, and so eoaclu sie, th t nothing is necetsary mete stlhan Iby oa ad vertisement, to Rive a eonohensed voew of saon cl' its pi eslioritiesos farionslone, the Interest has been comps. ed from, anod compared sith, what is quivolentto four teen setsmf elmeulatione, examined ill the press thirty five times, and printed froms trrenolype pisses tested thirthty-one times, from oll which it nmost bh evidet even to the skeptic (esercilly on Ilsa pie.soalt ofthe dle tail ef pofin thie Ilreeoe) that thle work m estae nrith metieolly Infallible, antd n eonfirmIetios of tils ltliefa premioum of two hundred astu fiftry ltlars, is now offer ed forn the detection nf n enorof oa et its the present or fifth edition, as exllressed in thte ieface, leakng five torrjstewonmies offered for the swoe et'or s cet ie filoat iolsieatinn in lthe year 1812. ()le af tho moat cossptieoos feaotres of the tahles is no the oairrmlgement of the lime sl Aeonts, which for exrllietit.tis, rofrence os slleropielth, withte hell. oftle side sant indexr catenot eo excelle;i, s.t ttiltr sly ty and ese wit rwhich tihe in:erenl cots ie found to tlhe extet of giteseral llsines, witlont doliling ofi's tns is besides It eonvenience s essaellti, tln that in thl e in tin of som e o the mot eomieternt e stod tpretwl e ol hsi hess mel.n .d punhlic ot' elrs who hla~e ewlre greL'at ,,me of sbie woe, it thas een distiuisgiat hedt o te to solle appellntiosu cffa "master pcice". A.til consideti g the infallibility of tile: mekhntd originallyt n opted i, eomtoshtri te de erk, d the extraosldiutlo tumhe l wer• vareley oi the examistions, and tests oF retry edition it Ies isssed intfir seasa eotwithotosllsg lite st hole in its stereotype, eonsidertsg, in si6ss,. tIe onsitive rerll:rnlte neoreitl by the unpsreedlented mea0ns elntlos tdi, tle '6 lumels been hn hel d itse a tt ically styled " ite anmol whonda reul horok in the wes k;" most eltuitin n, monean nsamrs figre work of the snme extent, ohiach since thle regnselg of eroution, Ias had tihe stle s Io.-i ier ahd Oicieti) ftest ill tthse smeo 1otoh.e of edlillto no, Ilt ole Isolf the ilsrcenr, as is clearly shown in tsie Resdlt.ts, e ote't cosdt ntttts ,s iit lha er t'ritsd ctq reeoed it searly oll tlse shak rssi, ti t oi flt-t. in Itln Uritet S, tte, ins irte pstslic gottrlerailyI. ttrig sle long period :l'tdti fie uoeerrso, )et , o e 'rol of ile rol ostisatls sas ever ibt es red in, althtoug antol lly olettllenged by the oifer of lover large plrrmiluis. Tlte i'fact exolressly ndolpsted by ilI shee. o to OiptW el sevstral otisthe Stoles i tl te torte ol e lllo fordatute ilitereos," oas ls Isp Ibty for hank intereeo, 5teo0itilgoa thie brooi is onoti o ti as tl ire orl illo pert, by ,o e ,ues of'tllr he sohseiher', asod few of Imte lnsrseqn et pituetascrores, ite last at tlshee of II bDook, is in potecsinou r cof erry uloas or citiozens its every sqtai te of Ile Ulilelst Stotes. it is rnlerovr, well known thi.t, its roarly check, it Ilhs so tOrelll t.Ptesd I ti errorsl Ieog ttI l tihy weacre otem, eveln li tel most earsrl'll a stdo mot coinp elr te srithmrtieiagns toat its teflleness, andt till ahsolutr e c•ssi.y fssr itsl tse, Ive tren exrensilo-t." inllissted Isp-t ov evrtnen t ico tnsl trtha te t its odtlo.uges, aosen itsa 0avieng, littt, cetrl :el s hilst tile first ldition WS osatree, wad out olf pitilnt, grl'oit ttnle-r of seolld h:ld copites were ustgl.l fotr. some to gr t o listlee. tld pitr rsed aot vrioiu w s p iesi s .ee, . .ith inl - elty bo picked ep at lisos $sI0 to $25 per ropIt, :sl tome t1eso.s have reeti.y - t dtitielaI, raid in vir tS tasultd Ilt thatsot o tl wro ld l u Ia, l5es , onlt RsI flora co er, Iffort t oIt t h tthad I'0 Ies it ,t'sot hodidal lime rhihit..d wtiy sohlrlem prot, ns , ino rtni d e lOnf S ti Iscnt Ord to hn ostc w sa r'tsrs w itsh itst nitl t e ltnd heintmr o tbry rich tom iairn .. in p lires It is likwi t woth of Itooer. efig iedeed S'opeo to itnl'ot .n, tl.t suChI is the nlltlle of figle work :ga'olle'lh nlr aspceiale l w1 hets at' the exten nt a iluhnl'le o1 li to lis, That h thisis tok st like i s pr:' elliin the t s tttt t orlettc sses It stosstetttlltn.set t i unlcl.,tot, iof the worelt id asl er nut ds te ic d f ost e:steoly ti Illier iisO..w n oerlbtio ms IeCn " lt het it I'er·l'.,al, flew' ct atst Ito et"t' 1s it'e C itele sltisci J:11' .\i:tl lq. ] lbI s p .l'; l ano 5 y aul.tde lel e l he saltel't') pr(' 1luie tost thiss workieen i ao-ei, ithst IsteeIre Ihell , \ithdtl ir ImI1 tI s molll ll ll exl or dul arill vI. ex:ultlilna tih)g, ageinlsl litre, for thlle genPrl' Ill, Ilfit h tley are (b)5, t-dveltis.el tlllt) e lotlal-h kept- is a ipst e o special satlf., exept iue Ith. "n le'inlhi, . Attpt'ei-st etiott s to s it h Isoe hl-s s n1d- statute- into, i'xt walla msel',l note.., follow fIh , I.l, prel te, hieh, in thsl f lllll.l the iw. I pellcellg, tlts t llss, csnts lsie llmu h I ntltt-s .t'rllost it ctt ..rt-ig the tso ss wfl modes of s csItt ius - hltler ots' 5itrll s at'gr ise, tle. It reOg:llosld Ion t rcmark lhat, notissiho i isi i5 l his miI11nI1nlo II coolhy wnrk, wh ich eu s,:bltbl I hLl'lo re .,la:tia llll lmlln , fiursbenllr [ ,II soexle . ilveh :a al , 1 lil ro11. . a troIllIsesdiI S is) h n t y. . o nmt h Its paid a, il iI Il'i*,.. tee hie lolse o" tisl" to111 " tot0 0 or , Irrsi h. sax year's lif e fr i .1'r I799 Ito I 5:15, ,I:.Ll U 1 1 I ho: ll rtli elllille l of 7 ot0 l ies, Shil.h I l itt fl.,li,.N - .,1"-I .'..',-,L./ and r ..].'l by \\'11, \I'KI'.AN, tr d I ' s - r.ipI rilxi , ft r Ih lltrl c o'o, le '+ li,.. +" t e .., ; pim ples: or piH- l ,.o" h citi to the 4 1 ; I, ly em t nl ; p: I rl.. :rII i hll ll. re l *t LII oi'th" n i1I; ++-t lh' rrI11 lit~lll. + iii i) 11 +1)1 iiI1· r PI !( ll Ill|++ I. U t11 11111;1; h'· : I; SItlllll'l· . fr kinf ndll.'P ! ; It Iit s, fl ipi; gl'iyp hlii i a',lhl, I d uI I llt iIt; l rs A 1 i tlloo r tlll li e-1 'h 1. L ot,, p! It II ti.t. I,3i Ityh,,, reli o: irt a hIo clie.t;te, r Ile Itjutdicltua Ilo Also.-Cave+ &..Schufr r',. W,+rne S.rup, or l.. I:I1Il P'reserv; ,tiv,: th. best I p par, r sl' i w extnl+ t. AmonIg which ar++ ih++ fdh' ,.llo g:--hldnlin l)ye f or col ring the hair; hlr'n 1)+; lRus.ion" Hear's (.fllns; PolIttUln; iPchiwIa FreCelu \Wah: su, polrior Pearl I'Powdir; lelv Wllt,; Cretm of Roies; Voegetable RIg'; Ott C1 Roet; Lip So.;,,, Kre. oslte Tooth Welh; tlthonit II'ntrttice; ()antog Fl',wer Water; Piolwdtr I'ilt" atn ilota l; ,er. eon Charcolal, it-l-t' p it tilp in t . ; P eston Salltn: CIolgti, ; Kirettoto Iolhiothalo Drops; IHair Ilrethtt; EI.glit i)rn t g (ee 1.s. I, touo Iltir OJl;-with a varicty of [ther P'rf, rtaries, &c. itr tlth by L IV GLENN'S I'I'ERFUM IlIES. J C T'IN( . AIfII, Corner lof Casal aild Ilturll loo strtet fl .( MA'Y, lhitl, Sipti, otid Ih'ttoti lto 'eittaiot N3If ,o tl'iilt oitto-i, tile in : -t ecuted in a ll susltlr. Iusionnr. wt(llll g'. ,' ~* I:I ES+. thligaiy, ip itiiatn blenk ett pi., lkb, Gih11 ando1 Anti.", furie do, ,his- r . Curlest Mapleh, HInhmd Stone, ir I 'ti Eye 'It, litn by , tacilte , Satin ot al, I),llI P l lllrle+ Vonw Tree, littlleit WVilte, (:oratnlilolL· oe Itook Sleiti aitl li',aetela, , oitt Wnoo, WatclAitti 'at Gory, Ash \White Oaki, kn. I kc.e Oun'led Elm. ptcianllso to hreFll sor Ib, shne. Pi, iln5. oils, glsas, copal varnllis, .c. oll kolld o li tuiti ate. rIC NTICII, ,itl VY tiililtd--lhIt, sqlelre aind Illindlh iron, well alwlrlte!. II h .it jtinill atlt rol iti i'o nitl ioleihttd loiil nlorulllr C1, Goerianl, hlleal, blitcr.l!, sl.ilg,tllhol III Cliwbblec, sucl tot a Hollow, HHI.C·*+ 01ut u11~ lld pllhl Iin* WIIs mId sikP.. iOx, lon tluit ll oit~ti l lll c I nllit.s all k l Cllit < lest, Ihtooric, toe Alilsa, icer, II'lilllttinoItlocetl llolhlwt WIil'e, bll(·t·l~llilili L11 liliP 1irl; I(JuItI C':ll, odel c+tkillog sloes (Amrs,, II ow1lari's alll olier spldes ard rllovels Hootko Iiiiii Icll 'lillges, doorlsllll nrilll luw tookl C:olilln% HlnnlP, +.h;'n' .. nill rlh.rl axe.+ l 'ar i od Mtillta cordage, lin,. nd twiue o lla tii htiIhiillt io opet, Naval stoeoi PIiltt lilltittic aid serm oli AI lllleo(lltlt,-lt o hlltlltt ll'tt nllel nhni'' eth t e ntlattatoiletnil,oiitiol wi iooe tttliroe1-' +lfeniionatawlo..' llt or rletlil, usll tle mineot tavoatnlile telona, y ni-h I YITOlN In (Ct. 531)1, lc LevP. ARSIOWGA'T- SPRINGS -Ittiilllttollerv illllltv, t lai;alllto. THnREE DA .S JOu)LRNEY FROM NEIV QRLfEANX. 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All ltie aIliuitllnlllta Ilhtllt ere go'niclov Ieutld nt Wileriol Plan,,, will ho fitilt t nIhit. l'hue best inuic thatl this Ipart ef thl CoUntry i lnlar, Ilaa blmll engafsd, ndl will be ill I.oIIS!· l I1 ;I(t ( It IIC s~t |III lprelit dntlnag lt le Iorlloenl. 't hinnchesiiblt will talttlhinielfll et bhi op.nraun ty in relurnllt ine 1 i neigned ihllnka fr tIh" vlerv liberal rluplpnrt given hli'n lastl.eal.ln.anl IttptO hl olld n.etI t loon l lhnhave 1I I l ill l in nd ex; I ih~e ac~lunllodatnm.%llr h, Int'rlt a iil~l~r~ll |mtl~lclnn Ill. 1 TIIiltSN'.i II lT.L ITI \, r re,,evi cj c'nhrilte ua I'otir tfo illt filltt, tlitt llalnd tp.r I.. - , llquu sl nd ctll..h. Iv, la ll, Ih,, ..l i iliPr a ,lt whier thanI hethl+re tliC Ulppli,.atii .1\ irish tupplv just ie eiveI at ".m,; I ru 113 ' slre ~ ~ I t+ - [ I MAIl, ARRANGEMENT Northern Miadl, oe Every Day at A.t. Closes Everyy d-y at 104 A. Al Wetern Mail, n Do every tmday, Wedesday Sw o iFraday by ., P. Mi. Cloes every ondlay, Wednesoda aa, and Satrdav, by 9, P.M. The lakeMail neever Tue y Thursday, a via Snaturdu) .y 5 P. L' -"Af Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRES MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPART''U DISTANCE &e. of the Expreas Moil, betwýon Mooilo and Now York-leaving Mobile daill, at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily st 5 P.M houthward. Arrives Arriva Northward. Distance. Time, Return'8 Montgomery.Ala. 2pam. 198m's 23h loinm. Columbus, Ga. 114 81 9q 3 M illedge ille. Co. 2 133 141 21p.m C aoiunina S.C. 7am. 163 17 10 Ratleigt, N C. 5 c 215 22 i2 etarrenton, Va. 12 m: 55 41i 1f - Petersburg. V. 10 pta. 8.3 0 9t. m ltichoannd, V. 1 am. 21 3 11 n Frederickbourj, 8 617 7 1 Washington eity, 11pm. 6 1 l p . Baltimore, 6" 38 4 05 Philadelphia, 6 eam. 10 II 2 it New York, 2 pm. 90 8g 1305 143 h. or 5d 23 SNortliwnrd. Coming StoulIward, the time is six hour Ie les; brings days and l7 hours. 'IRES DOILARS REWARiD. r) ANAW\AY from IBR Eiondelet corner of Ievil s it etrete,on Ilie night of 30th of Angntt, sad win open, ;hr ext moraning in Peydra irer., negro boy totnod 'CIIAIl,ES, shout 7I years i' age, sol 5 fee or Ieetiteironsai boipit, verv Ilock, uttl hnson imlped oilrt in his npeelh, on of hisn lags is aere ornasione4 lby o erent hn;lioe had on when be went away a white t lo or linen shirt nd while cotton inutaloona. lottnrs tie vessels and steam boats are cautionetd Ioinst reoeiving or hnrboring sold negro, ns well as all other Persons, as the utmost rigour of the law will be anforced agaies, them. The above rewe'd will bepaiol hi into any of te jails of elor of the mtniripalities, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of HeviS rtenet. pi a 1o'l'lClst--'c'he ct o. ,terai hemnticbre exialitg I lnider the firm of I)ubis & Goreton, has hae dissolved. 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V Vol.: 3 w..i of the new cunlplee a nd untiform edition Roy er's trench nnad I'',glsh nCriiamry. in 1 vol, 3ro i A'tgeal'# Fr'ench oad /inlish Dictionary. AtA .so--A few more Clpics bf ( lllle'a Phrenology Jllslt received, fr l..le bly . ... . .. .. . . .. .. IIENJ. I'EVY . SPAIN l:VI8I9IrEe,&0(. &e. l I'.IN RIEVISITEi'I, &c, by the nlthoro Ayear 1'7 in Spain;' iul2 vole 7'r,it I o'ld ai careter s grnenerlr n applicable tla the iAh.ri ;lies of North Aniericli ky ti Trer .rEsq i " ,olr. * • " /i'filr fnirtnnr, of t te United Stat., r o il,hqtmMee view ,,the theory and pacitice of tlIse geanra Iand IIane rt erllleII I will thile rtl, tile bitha eOCn tem --d"li.etd nil :an.Iipted to the vanng nen of tte Uited, h-:tr,., by EIt :V. afoeld, Enq. iarood'il Iluitinao. Trs iotereporred with eharacter i aie anecidotesa, evinga and doings ofpsortieg men, in ·ludilng" anth ,er ofthe princill erack riders of'Engllnd witll .lytieyl oin tents, anlld general iindex of naette,.l vol lllles. FOR THE CURE. Or ,rofuila or Kilg's Evil, (throeni Rhrunatisn, Chronic Culttneouo D is-Pains it the loner, by free eaks, ussfe of nercury thie blood brieg in vitilted state. hisi very concenttrated Sortii is prepared wilt'11t g rIei l lrlllarnlaButieUi care nnItli aceuracyI Isa Ceollain tle activre pnnplo or Sarrnaparill in the .mlnost concsn tiated odegreesC oneitd witl otler vegoetable alsbltance oI klown effieary.. lThe great daoril rtitIn withl lhyeicihs in being abi to exhibit ia .largqe tiittity of .airsaparilla in asina Iote, IliLe bee;l Iltainted it th is preo)retion--they, betija fiIll convinced of it mcerite, coofieutlv adliniiter tleeooe otllr their plraetice. I'ric.e $1 50 Ipor bottle. aold only at SWAIN BlrtOtlIlEIt'. ildrug- sore, No. I ]Canal trent, whs may be had, freh a~nll lgeoniue direct from tile pr,.tis tors, Swuilel' Pinac a ,ld VermiT'uge, Potter's (. t loll con, C'arpentaer' t P trmratirte, nd a large and genera aoonortnit oif efretl drrgs, sl PINNII'K'S ROME, &c. T INNOCKI.'s IMI'ROV'ED EDITIrON OF DR Golds-lilh'i Albrlgmeiit of tih Itlltoryl of Ro is 1o w hieh is prelixed ait Introductioo to tai. slldy o IlOlllaOt Ihistory, anI a igret variety of valunble lnfor iiitioll added "Ilthrolobottle r tie ann1, n tile Mnneers lIntitutlitas ond Antiquities of tle Ila oman; wil nl iesrois bigiogaphicol aid historieal Notes; and quelsl tionle fi, exllniitatiin a1 tihIR end of each sectiot. II. lultrntitlwitlt Ihirtyeenrnvisn an wood by Athertoa I'trsoc', ImprovIed Ediiioli of Dr Goldamithl's History iftEnglnii d, Iml tinthe Invasion of Julias COar toa the d natill' o1 erge 21I, with a emitiniaton to the yes 1832. \Wlith lustitiilas for exantrntation at tile eno elach ,it a fieltio. jiler a viriety of vuluablan informs tian sidncibthrogholi,ii the work. Consisting of table of coimllicipsrsy Sovereignt and eminent porsons Copioaus expeaimi~try notes. ltemlarks in tol polt ticeR, iltn tera aild literathre of tte age. An oautli ies the Coinsiututioun, &e. . . illatrolteod by tmany eugrl a Gurs' F.Lo]ttez r or Aei raoioi y and aon Aaridgmen oKe itlh's New 'l'reniai. On the Uae of Globtes. New Aimliciain ii ulll with itiiliona lid improvetiiea. ani i expiation oft, the rotoioiical part oftlie Am |iean -,lllmnneo Juast reclvedtsd for sale iy WM IlI'KEAN nov 21 carnr of Camp anld Common stss lAEIRpttiS CI.ANSICAL LIIBRARY. I] OKACE, traiieliatd by Phillip t'riuci, I) Fn with JI ao, appenlix, reoalniuiii trllialitaio of roDitoa tien, I:. by IBona Jououn, Cowley, blilttill DrnVdou Pope Addison, Swift t3hittertto,, t: \Vakelield, Polrset IBr)yati, o. and ooite of ie i erei alien t poets of th N1f.tDRUS, with ilte appendix I a ;lolius transit iid by Clthristoplier Silnnrt, in 2 voil, filnr is, vrolullnjOI -;nd l9of"ilrliaerap Ciliaieil l.iiarv 'l'hu Expedition of Hi llilPlbY CI.INKI(GR, by Samollat, 1 I). wlsht la mimoir nt the Atr y "l'ili iti Rocoe, Eatl., iiow edlltril, with illhttrltiao, by Gs stouikhaook 'l'HE djItSl'Y; a T',hy lthe aitholr of tRichslie .l ot ill! .isgallli' Vic 5., Iow ailithin, rt ula LotnpL.r IA u t l "t111 i hIy the atlllor oe "Palisi 'T'' it)i~ t l,," ,,, bit volusian 50 ollam new a oi"tl tit Rir ttiiijtn t hltnI,'. Jsl eireived s sle ,\VM ItoeKLAN L A(lleN SIlISS--:ti cn:-ike "Ciiseiuanti ainim L 'ae,' l,; i riio, i .iiciii,.i l Ii'i:ti. otti lor salt l I I t;N:F;Rtl' An IlA W l'