Newspaper of True American, January 16, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated January 16, 1839 Page 3
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BY IEWLETT I CENAd. SYNDIO'8 SALE. W ITLLbe sold on Monday, 18tl of February, at 12 WV o'clock, at the City Exchange, St. Louie streel, in virtn of an order from the P'arioht it'noI, for the Parish and city of Now Orleona, atrd the 7th instlllt, under the direction of the Syndic, the following detcrib. ad propertyl, aurrendered by Gabriel George (ilenny to hin craditors, vi,: 1. Four lots oftlroundo Nos. 51), 60, fi6 nd 63, situa ted itt Corroliton. Neo. 59 and 611 mltanuring erch 25 feet front on Ilt atreetby 1511 feet in depth. Nos. 60 nd 6"2, hoving tie smae roub t of 5 ft. on IItesereve t, by a like deplt IBougilt of C. foreebv hNotnaril Act passd before La araeur, Notary Public, the 1lith of 2. Lot No. 5, in square No. 15, in aubebh Waohington, t11 Municipality, measurinllg 29 feet 2 inches front on Morales street, between Port and St. Ferdlanllld atr6etl, y 100dfeet in depth. Bought of L. S. llillPgberg, by act heftre T. Seeher, Notary Pubic lhe 628th ot FeBru art, 1837. .Fiir Lots of Ground, Noa. 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, in 1mare No.24. in osuburb Vnaslington, 3d Municittlity, Ns.8, 9 end t10o. having each 31. I. 6. on Maront at, between Morales and L rquhart street., by 107 feet in depth. No. II hatting :t1. 9. 6. Inet on Marlnt street, Ly 107 feet on Urqluhart street atn No 12, having 31 feet otn rqthart Itret bty 171. 3. b. foet in depth. Boughtn of E. lunlrth by act before L. Ecrrnd, Notary Public, the 21st February, 1837. 4. E ight iot, Nuo. 13, 1, 15, , 17. 18, 19, 20, in qsare No. 4,; i suburb Washingtotn, 3 Munieipality. Io. 13, fornnlll the corner of French and Urqthnrt elrerie; meOnuring 31, 9. 6. let on French street by, 1116, II. eot on Urquharl ttr.eft,llod Nor. 14 15, 16, I, t18 19 od 2J, eNcll enouring 31, 1. 6. feet front us French street by 106. II1. fo.t in depth. tBought from E. BIurihe and Thoe Vuplesia by nct taseed before I.. Fernud, No tary Pablie, the 1't of Ptvbrnuurv, 1837. 5. One lot on Vne street, near tile now C,,anl, bought fronm Oeore Andrews, by privaie nact, dated the 18tth March, 1837. Gioe. Andrews and wife acquired titl. from N. Iulloloe, to this lot whiclh menasres 5 f10 front on Vine street, between the ,hnida landing and the boundary between Suburb, St. Mary and Uelord, having 1'5 liet in depth. Terh s attd Condition--Ono third in cash; and the remainin h two thirdi of the price of each pltohllte, payable in 6 and I' monthn. The purehaser givi,ng hit antes with one teod endorser, and Inorgn e retaituned ontil complete paytntent. The acta of sale to Im tpaned before IH. B. CENAR, Notary Public, the purchaser paying the Notary's fia, and hte arpenseo of taking pnssession by a 8lrveyor, if wecesar,. jai2 PAR HEWLE'rT & CENAS. VRNTS PAlt LE SYNDIC. 1 L sera red la I.undi, 18 tevrier, t 1I hcures, A Is Ho.ureda 'il6,e n veertu d'ur decrt de Ia rour dr puroiuce, pour IA .1roi4se eat villa do IA Nuttvelle (rle ane en dle du 7 cu uourant, sue. Ia direcuitn du syn die, Is prepr.tele suivsnat, abadonn6toes pa; Gabriel George (fluennv 4 re4 brunciere: I. Qnalre IArt do terre, .m(s 59, 611, 61 el 6f, niluen ai Curroltkn; tns. 59et lilutestturant 25 rids cheque faee A As rue Olze stur 15t piielu dte pro0iunJeur; ul. 60 ,t 62, hglriet 25 iedi da face. & Ia rue lie.err.e, sur cue mulee profundernri-- cete tieC 'Purse, p r te. ac.e de L.egrdeur, n -i public, le A0 mei 1831. 2. IAre no. 5, dans 'ilet 15, nao F.uhourg Washinnion, 3 municipnlity, ntIuerurt 21 pItd42 pe our Ia mne Mralen eulrt le lroo du4 Pour re Furdinand, cur 100piede on ruedeour-arew6 de . S Ilillrgiber. prar actse do.n utant r egkcrre., i, pub. le 28 flvrier 1A37. 3. 5Ieu do erre,e n tre , 9, 11, e 1t, dir "s I'filel no 2ilttu auloleurg W luhingeun, mnieipaliltc no3, nr.. 9 e0 J.t lyau y .eIque 31 l. 6 ur la rile Ma.let, uelrr Murales at Urqulare, cur I 7 pieds de pruofndelrur, no r-`y ot 31 ld.s 9 6 sur is rue Mi"neleu ur 107 piedie lur L ene Uquharl; at no 12,21 pii de cur lu rue l|r quharr orr I71 pledu 3Sp 6 ligures rn prtufndeur--mthe. re de E laurtle, lar acre der'S.t I. FIi'rund, nt publ.ic Fee 2i errier 1887. 'L Hail Loe, ont. 13, II,A5, 16,17. 1I, l9 te 20 tims I'ijclmou ,a u caubvaurg WV ashinugtot, 3. Municipvliti, S13 formanl Perc.iguredes ruesden Faancai ter Ur quhartu mcroe31 p.29 ppt li o eur lrue ds Prc.n vcit. sur AIi p tI p. cur Ic rue Urquhkrt; et Ie tloue. '14, 15, 16, 17, I8, !rt Itr!eque mecuuanc 3I 3pi I pu 6 ig des 6me s I rue ies Franttea our de l dre prn rntdeua.-cacht de a I Bortle l. Thoa I)updesesis, inr ct tdevlvLo rrnudntt. plub, le 1 e eurier 1 37. .5. CIuLe our Ia uet de ril faie-, & m.eduilntaul C.elal, arleie per hGeorg Alstrewc, prente prile .eel .date dt J8aursa 183.7" Gerge Aelrews eta sfn eeuum .tuquirecieitruie S ildoloem, e ce lotr, qi mesr.r. 25 jei0lie drhia a l arue de in Vi.r.n, eitre Ic dlturcualere Foridael a ligae de dlpIarcontic d ie niubmrge Bae Marie. ct Dlor, nyst 11S piedde d4o up ndewr Couditinas--Ue liars C.mnulrtt,e ae leu Ieu raucres tiera a 6 anie, i'soqa erelr doalacr at e lln, tlaec ea ildmer, r'k vpothe.ter.ncllu'a½ptefiit puiemenL. L.eo aute deoene Ipaem. Uarat H. It Crcnnc 5u pub. al'seAeurrr p iyeant ie.Irnia dr nao- a e is pate drpossession parr Iaerpeleun. Ij fl 6t 'GO0)4S, ce.(1'1( Nl,& . I 'rhe re.larilern Iher rin e ore for sale, 300 bailes d c.see blicanherd acid brnwtaI deutneic *hiriags ancd eol ecngc, 60 du Il.Awel etone,7- , 4-I.neIrd cwillrd, 5 do I.owellnrlaik eluxed ellounelout, tin i. (ietiu,: illetnpt hre Irilling 12 do ett peo.ite Angrih uncrnal. 35 . httcle, greel and tied rnwrin"snil trilhol, 10 do l cad enr e"gro eiti'lrm,cruc boin. ottirdeI tnrdtora keraev~, sanld ipoio .itlck .klixed e-. 'er.ciot ker<r,'cvt. vaoeietu , eutc w.ritnc jensm, mlirel.llan id e,tltJ ttlhr litI.+ ke, Sclemi Frenrtch and AIttlceac. IpIt t .uo euq gllnl .I 4 Ho t alinlet, drah,'t lauck ,ee.,.e and tilac tx ed, 4 da andurprietyd poogewr aorleanet tenether irickieeuricteeJ h .1e 3I males hlotv Ilrown RIlu.ina .'Int nlt, 151 do ( itoy liengh. se.Jli mediuto a.l erge cei .r.e , 50 cruclv tvontua and gmienluti allpredlan 4cai 36S. i 6.s , nom'r .tNradTne IPrla uno 71t.x-,x. etiu.ecerul4u. . variiul s queta i, M e. ti. uthitwt o lilt" ine rttctretriuoe icrotcIctcd q uliu'a, 30. *ieitre etA tie, tAttticieI SI corte e-wet pin.lnilll .ivtt n,iu.. 111t b tan. rcbiccr er. l, I, Ia mipn p lnael lump. '61) d", Ily.snt Tfe; 5 ches yllourl hvrlutl Ie, jic.i'ly ,tedeutl winroeic ipe p.rci.efcpipc aea quor. ter cvake, br.itdet rf tnrlahlm, Tl'ii., ad Cfllt 930 ruile le rope, if supoiuor quulity. 3151 caack Iltra ,n nailc, 7. clca ealtkip, trial cnc thick watrt wnler loerte 15s do cnlc cud kip brogan, (or men, .oys and S3 do ruieet negro Arugne, lhseny leoe ed Ira hire,, n4 do e.'. shoe., pumpe cad aliplere, Sdo Ildir'., missesn and ehildreua nlilpers and s enot LS do eluthing, o.variottoqltnlitiel ernnaeitinguof j rlrtc.,t plnlololnsl vestu, ciillo aild Iruckr, adapted on lo .eSeen, 50 b-ieo ntall. Isli 'ittg. I Ic. e rtee echl. 4It11 et.tly Atltoi:e'a t,,I.,lendi , In order for filling, g cne, plti.,ing card-, :II cudu teen' i .Lnr halancers, wnrrantled corret I t snlatmnnder irnn ,cheetc,. 1.1 IAC UIIi(It)IF. ,c , 1.1 Magtaties S8TATE of L.)UISIA'.dlPeviec Couort her tel SPerilh and Cihy of New Orleana: Precene the Iljcaurnie.Ct rlem Mlurican. Judgr. Jan. 9th. 1839. No. 114109, Ilcit. Ingrhanlte cc. hi:Crediture. 'I he cea cion li'prolmrte by Ille I'eti i ner is aretepld by the SCutrl 6or tie brtefie ofhlie crrdilnrn. it ie nrderrd thae caid redJi!ert do meit in tuhe ltoCe of Heratio Davis F.s. N.ot. P it. u so IuudaY, ihiea 2d daty of JIaunusy, 18.1.1, them eaid rtie.. t, delihberate on tile ntfuira of lmi iarlvent. aneed in eite merntime ali proceedig againstl lita Iecrconund prole.rly iu twead. Eetrscl front he i.tuee.--tl.rli'srOlrce Jan 9,tIB-6 jttll AIIAN!I I'l'o'r, <tierk 1 lTA'I' DL Li. LoUI IA.'L.-.amur de ,aroisas pour In paroinse ealille de In Nile. )rl.asn--|rF mnt I'Haao fhll t:harler Maurian, juge-Janvier cau r 1838-No. IlI8-itolenr Igrlm 1inr r . n es crrenciers. .La ce.*i des hien petitiJns re eat acreptla I.r l .our,au htenefic do ses it eet I ql'une as .smblee de. crea.icer. sit liet en I'erude de d lllu atu Dvi, nui. rei publi:c, mardi Ii Jannvier 183:18, pour loliirer or en saiiire id dii insolv hble, ,en attendant tultes purauites contre an s Irsonne et Ielea thicanIit onit rreteers. -i'nr ordradn In etorr-luresul di (GfReier, 9 Jan. 1838. AIRMANI) PITOT,g.riter. SNGLI.Il ANNUALi FOR 183J-The BionL o Royally,h superb cl'd Ilates. F~uden'* 'I'able aa, Findrn ' Gallery of Oraeo; Fisher's I)rawing lla.Inl Scrp Ilook; l.lautv'u C.otantrlnl Buds and lluuome; %Vave'rly KoeIakm; Forget tes Nol; (Curncaiur Annual) FrimltnhiP ' f)tering; Jicouilse Sketch Book; You ,K I.d'rs' Anullial; Geulllneun's Alnlusl. .Imerican Annanla. Thl' Tken and Atlantic duvenir; 'b.. Violet; T'lh Gift; Ti". Juvenile Far et-M-iNot. .. ust received and for alsn by WIm MKEAN, leWl 3 corner Camp atnd Coananoun s B kL. LO0oii Gunny Bags, of s.per|,or quality B I-eadhingtrom shil, Amr, nod f r sal .v j.10 $I.LI.nL BIOWN. 96 iMagzine Lt )LUNTS NEIV FI.OTI.G I)IlEC'I'IORNS-A . eryv usefI l i'nt fior Ship ('p.ipino aid the mont popular work of the kind nxtnll. AL.SO CII RTS, ,€iflf of lticio, WV.ut lndien, Bahanma flake, W.'st 'lnrjda. .onea of IBrazil, Mediteo",nesu iea--('oast of Aiica-Jit. eCUrae* Channiel-Engliah Chninel, &c. N. B. These chirts may he relied n an containinin the ilnst orri'i luiforltilU relative to the above npmed placesr ever published, fr asle at DAVID FELT & CO. New York Stationer lHall, No. 24 Chartres at. January I I. _ LJ.j n I AIiltltIAM TRIER, 31 tirniver a IMESS POllK.-1I3 bblc. Mnso . lai lam ;se R - ,•, 0. ,. RaiL Jinalarv 11,.199. 63 Piydr.. at. r AISINS.-.3I0 Mblr. d half B'.ai'n ii. It. Res.;. ime in ry frea.i and of superior quality fir ,,le by 0. H. lLISJ. Jananry 14, 6. Puydr. (tl. ItEW OIlLE.hAS POILK.--50abba. ia.tctud for January'II. 1 3 Pyivdrae at, B I nERRro inrr qualit f i aetbrr, f ar soro sv SO,. II. BLISS. Jan. 14, 61 Poydrur at. MAY % 2I.rL Y OF NEW Oi'LEANS. V.IIF'p.iu' im Irrto h flour to-day is $8 0 piarhmarel. Sscounting to thr tariff; the hbaker .hall gire du ling titiaoniaiC week (frlm Mondnay 14tih iiet•) ,6 nuul. Fen .r.flirnid ft r a Itl. Breado ia of :l ciad qusliy is rea.jrcI to weiigh 2 per morn. vria; ounces. IA ANTEII-A Ind about 19 or 14 years of -e, in S ascinmCIaSim I i.our whose purenl reside in dire a.Iv. Addr..e s z. Na. o3-, Po.1 Olie,. NEW BOOKS. The dl .laugcl1ter, a domestic try, by the luthor of he ".u.laletee,; he. iniotlai Mary Rai moed, and oter Tdledby Mra Gofe altiltur emoot 'M'tilerenaet Dau.tores', A.c. In 2n,le. 'The Heir of Selwnod, by the iautlss ulof "ailthere -nl Daughters," dc. ine volt. AInhla Vernon, or i2 Emlhridered HItidkerclie.f, it which is added IlenIrietta Harriaoi. or Ihw Blue t'ottol Umtrellua, by lias Leslie, auitor of "Pencil Sketch es," J'. ,tt one Vol: Oliver 'l'wiat complete id 2 vial, by Buz, cheap edi tion. Just received ud ha r sole b WM. eh'KE.lNh2 janl8 ot Camllp asd cUmnmn Sti I.iHE Aunntl Meeting of the subscribern to t-r. Fe I male Orphan Sorietr, will he held at the Poy dran Asylum, on Wednesday the Ititlh ilnt., between the hours of 12 and 2 o'elck, fur thie purpose of elect. idg imandsgers tO serve the eneuing year. ja:-101 bUItEU D'ASSURANCR DF; LA aOMPA GNIE DESPOMPIERS DE LA N.ORLE.ANS LES R cetionalire seont par le present notiafies ql It -Jle itieneA versranet eat due, et deem ezre payt Ie .Ferrier piachfin, an Bureau de Is Cempagnle, ho 211 rue du Cnlp.I. jon E I. TRACY. e,. ()FPFICK oflkte firrea'n Iiarace Company of J New Orleans-- l'he ilockhloidra re lhereby no. tified, tat tile IdaTH In TLealT belmenCs due, nl is ayahble o the fi h Feb. ucry next. at te l e l of tht Cm,.c say, 21 Camp .tet. El . ItAC eYV --------- ---------- New Orlenns, 2 Dec. 18313. tFItIIP Baard of Directors of this Instutlion have this . day declared a Itlvi.t nd of Twelre per entl. on theCapital thetenf payable to ,ile Stom. hlders, or their legal representatiles,on or alier Modayr, the 21st Juauarv, 1831. ROtUT. J. I'AI.f'ItAY, d2b Cashier NEW ORLEANS A. NAAStiVILL. RiAll. BAD, aelueialtb, Q, 1822d . 1 NOTICE-To Contractore-sealed proponlts will he received until thIe 22nd of Jantary, 1839, for making the seperstruelllre of frma five to ten miles of taiud: commencing at. Posalnehle and extending to, wardn thi city. spa ificatione ma, be ersn, and eonditlmno made knowa on aapplliatio at thi offalce. 1) IIOAID, d2 --in Ch. Eng'r alid iGeul. Sulmr'dt. SPLENDID MDANTELI.ORATES,at ft Mgazinest i50 Rusnia Mantel -rate,. rich, 20 fronund cient ri Mantell do., 43 Counlling Ilihouse Bratae. ecommon/ 101 Chamber trntes, 17 Bras MaoInted (rlaes. 150 COOKIN( ST)OVES, consisting of 5(I Stanley Rotary, 30 Premium, co,.k, 20 Union do. 25 James do. 25 Imp. Rotary, with ovens. Togethtlr with an assortment of coal Steves. Firr carriers. Arh Pails, teel pokers. ash pans, blowers and steve pipes, c hoeol al ind retail, by W PjAlay' &CO, 6 ill oegoine tI ja5 Banks Arcada in tllini day isjntaed by limitat ion. Williln MKean, tlr hin agent, in alone clarged witll clallctlau, of debts T dua te anid .itee. WM lMcK liaN January lit 1839-j3 GEORGE L SIIORTT 'ItlCE 'The subleriler hlaving purchalsed the in'. I terpst of Mr Geisrge I. horlt, in the Jt.b Printing Office of Wem MecKe a i &c.e, will train thin day tlentinl ote the buineas of Juba Printing ill his own ntame and for his own necunra. Wami McKEAN, January lat, 18:38-j3-cor of Camp and Comimon at I oN'or %isaid a naetr of N. (Goodnall, dated an Ju y Iv, 111, pI r h bl ix months after date and to his own order, and by hmn enduraed,ot for even hundred dollars, with interest at th rate of ten per cent en an nunm. Payment of said note having been stopred, all person are fatrwarned from tranding fr the Ieiate jal3 A. MacCARTY. NOTICE--Mr. Harel.w looker retired from and. ceasead to be an partner f thie firma of 'J T'llay er & Co.,' on the first day of Octuber last, hy mutua eon-ptlt . I J ''lhaer & TO Twitchell hav econtinued, and will .ill continasethe busines. an usual, under the firan of J 'layer & Co,' and are authorized to close all the buhiaasa of iae Inte firm. New Orleans, January 4th, 1839. ST LEIE tilýIanti far ante by la iable crihe, 'Ther Jaurnal ,f Arorn Burr, in I vols. 8vo, by MHathew L Davis, author of llemuirs of Aarouu Burr, nvally b yundd. The Par tWet; or, A Tour beyond tle Mountain': in rr es. Also i new suppy oi f ilomeward rIound, and I lateat aovels of Coop Iltureaa "I'ound, er. i'Cultoluch' C'natmercial tliclionarr, I vol, a very aaluable workh or thie cm nercial woa;l. E JoHINS & CO, jc7 ' ertr St Charlhn &A Comnmon at iC Iltla t; at.'I'E-'. waaa sweet Chucolute, lauding 1 vanarhit rrp arntantire,fr rraate by J7 l"AA( BItlDGE f. Ca, 13ta gnazine at 'TO REN'T'. W..t7 ) 9 tweo atory houo'es anad kirt hells on St. yi r JIul s t. ear Ithe Iavntri Nlr.kel Atp JsIJ. ply to ROUT. CLANNtaN, no nv 12 (t mat rF.1ritRE UII IRt'PES af a square of I grond wil 4 wo hoLuses tthereon iear the new rarkwte no Pcydman .. A ly tN( N - LA~W NOTItTEY" I AMESI . MAYI'It..D), ('tiotnelor and Attorney at Law, nf 'T'esa, hae m, de nll nrrangellent with Joseph . White Eeq.. lhto Itelegate i Congress Irule Florida, anld a'Colanllru at Law of tie Suprenll Courtef tke United intrlle, In give his. adlice, legal opinions 'ad inmtraelimar in all n'auaM in waich Is is retalinad in'l'exan. Ct. White till in tll at na gine wriaaten ineructins, anml in lane of gelat ilmortance, will attend itl person the Supreme e'urt of Texas. He ia in lposa.eion of all the Spnnieh and Mexican Ordit ance., and ine at New Orleans, the largest civil law library in Amnerica. Lend Tides, In all eases in which James S. Ilayfeold is retained as an attrey ttl Ihad I.a Agent in Texas, he will receive my aisnitauce, and adviceas a caounsell.r. ja7 JO3 M WHITE. CYCLOP~DIAS! DICTIONARIES!! 6EE9' yclnopanedi, 47 vols., Edinburg F acyclo. pnedin, 18 vole.. P-nnyr vcclnpanedia, vdl lth. Encyclopadia Amtar f iann, 13 vole. i',,r y M,.ariun f r I|1:7; Gornntoa' Bigral lirnial irlctionary, 3 vol,; Walker's Dictionary, I vol. livyer' Dictionary, We.ster's do I vol. Johnton & Walker's iaiaonaary, I voal; Newman c Ilnrrett'n tietinnarv.2 vo i. Juhanaelt'a I)ietionary, rvuluate\webstcr'A Dictiona rv, 2 vo a; Bover., t voeal; Also a large sntipl Uf Eaglish .Pnueltire. A, for aby r WM McKmiEAN, lal i mbar Ctanmp and C(nomtl I t (II., KtIIS 4AitS, A.-B1t tb), In,,,cr'a Uti 50 Ilbls Fallratined 411) Baole Krroev 11110 Sechks '1llihn tetan,) Sol 300 Empty Molas.,s hhln in noner and for sale by jai! L M GA1.I; 93o3oeooi. t, Is -IE Orp m1 oa Lyrel it e~tchline II lee nt catciT' dl or,eu.Ltnble folrneiol muaie pontien. t'ihed &o: lIt seletedl rom thIennmit tscob·ated4),tmptCorru; i,,:t arl roagrd with a Pi~t,, Forts deea..eunhljt,,ent nosodi- b, tiull,. Also R oodgoldtlection ofglee,; by cetotrrted coin. pnrior, fr mal otigly orby the qtltriitl. togther alith a rarictv of Nw Mtusic IrthrtPlanpo ,Fnse, for satest rednuedprices,hy ALEX t'OWAIR, tl. ja4 49dilCnp t II AVA\N.A CI(A lJ1It-Keceiind trem nt ,,o,,oUtac-. l t ryt in Narn, an. a"nnrtett d 30341,41 Cigars. ol'ha bree queily-Trahucon, Ile~getln, Bolleone, fe k aotchb RFAIR, t. jay 17 & 3L9Cutotm loe t RI1CE-S0n rn-hs Ric31 landing frotit ship Alnenna, , trod Colr eaton, e satol by jalet J J HAVBIAK t&(., 74 rPoyny . V ALUABILE STANDARD WVOIIKs: WVilon's Ornithot1gytvulunto, , iljlpario Quiro ar D nop"nrt de'e t 4 do do din do R! tIegald Stlnat's wnorks. 7rot., 8.d, Ilid eawerr ,retn,'a., it an),,. I.Yp-lls Geolegyit nole, 'I rter'n Unirernot Ilinotr, b rtdn, itr Wetter Scott'e ,.,pleeI %orkenct ineas th do de WYaerly Nobte., 27 pales to do do do IPoeticalrW'.ren, I t, y, Etteyrto1"rdln AlItorrtrnn, 1)4 reln, Ceejlnr'o Noael'., '-'6 vlet, Irring'o onrkr, l2 tflto, Alurlrrult'l worko, in I x vole, yon, tn I atnd 6 volt, I.arlbo'etn trkh, i1 2 rods, iyden's eworks, I T rolnt Burke'o do 3 do, Mttabapearet in a gres d nevioty of Edilionit. ind Togethertti groat aerinty of Law, Medid.aI, 'I'Ileolugitrnlnd Mlisreliteenomtonrk, whieth ho pub' tic ore respcettully iavited to cll tand examinae. j%14 A 't'WAH,49 Cnnp at df tttI.K'ttNGtt-Fnrly bates ecxol aiinity rhotirga; SfitOre bhate extre tIeavy buwo wntirtihro,tnnding for naos by ISAAC BIR1tilDlE & Ce, jno8 134 t ifEd blro ange lrge, ia nema by ISIAAC DIUIDGE& Co, nal 134 Matgainer BUTTER..5O kegs G.,stfeButter.,lntntal eelt for ntedoby 3 6Sit J dJPW IiTNEY.13 (innpl t DO1tI FOLOF..A rplaetid dsieranno of Fronob Wri DAVID FELTends o. 6 Nesa York Strhncra' Hel. 24 Cttnrres tt N orl r'.-Fursrle a COFFEE HOUSE, itth , alt l its fixturrs, in Cotttp tlreet, in the centrel port of ntnirna,Gd dnoinga nor a rnetty mnrt busiltes, fr fur. thee portautlato attlyr et Ihia tie fic of tt pnatpe, 10 it-TS net o. -- P ttnugntltsa Dutch linaeed oil r'ciaed 'perr tip Eaoge rom [reten, t- i0 bhretre Etglislh linocd nil recemaed ter chip Eltinbteth frUt, I nodasn. 100 bnrrele brownttaller'talil, 2.0 ther In chak,. on h1errole ti~ttoth whiling, t100 IsEr Philadelphtia lhistenlrt. wi 0 4 ge tgreoentint, U. 50 lirgs red er4 block~l dn.. C(:hroot, ceel,, mtd yetlotw, &rc. JAt is I'aiut bluahe.,and fr salre byp ,IAHgYIS be ANDtK WS, jotll ptrcr (-onqn, n.Ln- 'lcln ,l'nnlat-I. in `' UNPt Wfi% O t l kugo Itpenopr Uolta Powder in V 'Nitrre Hallt ill; .t,0 htr osporting Ponder, Cfitrle by d?,5 .ttAOS &- WItT.hLt, 63' Bitmainy " I'OTEI. ufthe Municiptlity Nc. 2,of Ne, Orleauni, I ufl the denotnatinmticn ou Olne, 't'w-, atid 'litter i)aatllirc, wll be rateivcd in payaaent and by Itils Eaiik. and tan and nlucr thi first latndaty It Juanun ry uant, Will be redpemed i t specie. J. LFREY, twit!)''. J. PALI'REY, dt Catchier 1 0O REl T.--A Iltin Jiuliat cteetieal ear lth new ln I sias suitable fora woodat tuatltberyatad. Apply at 9 Banlk Plate. Jan"t ()IL and CANDILm~eS 17 easchl blelacahed witer s trraineld ldrla Oil tlcausks unlbleaclted I do di do, 331 bones first qdality s ,irm indlelsc, assaorted sizea, maelied direct fron, Nnw Deadlord. aatt maui lantding ram selp ltedfori, and Ito sale by diL J COCKA.YNE 25 ir'hvler et MiRs ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Rentaced from 17 Cuumbllnfre S1. TO NEXT tUOk boH T CUARLIDS THEATRE, CdfIER Ol PoYDRAnS &. 11. CIuA1BEs STRnEzt. au:9--1838. TO RENI. A LAROE and calalaiaiotdlun tomm over Levy's auction store, 53 iMagazine street. At ly to W UIL.[.N EI B Lithoairtr, ccl, on th resridsesm N Rl--l't tltcre wusid tusks a gaood drill eastan. JEVflh.Icaasp AaAijiMY. pREPARIA'lul Y to J.aelTertl d(ul cre iad to oth ers emidueted by B. Granet, l. |. . fEclltiage Alley, between t'lnlti and Itieaville. Thli; situatlion wans tie most eligile thati could be found beia eallirely friee Itro tile roise of the streets and the rallht uftdraya stat norlaligees; 'ria Jetcrayrs Aeatletny in divided into two depart leprts. Tl .lueiair tar eleaiseantry departinenet ir tile eariusa brnetctes nreonstton educatlutt in Frnel sand it Etagliith--l bie teaiur alepart.eltt fur Latin, Greek, Ilttlhematles, &c. . Punctaiity, order an disciJiline are strietly eiauiai e ad anbd aberved. Terms. Juninl )reprttmeitper montll; Sl0 coniur do Is Sipatish fi lot. Btonas,, paper, &ea charred separately nad. A aotlh ones begun, be pui! in ull; 3rd. Nau deilactiso far ubabseae nor fPr iholidays: 4th. Pnymstits to a mande regularly! verny snlt. icthoul ]mumrrurtt 1 1-2 to 3 o'ulatkc, ecept rbtura. ds. p'7 T HE proprtr ha re-fitted hi Reading Rom,in the St. Charl:e Exelhngen, Uorller ut Oruvier and St. Charles street, io the neatest manner. lesides all t.e rincipal Ipers fthe United Staten, ofevery city and slate. the Canadans,'lexa andl Mlei .o anmd Ila;alsni, ill, rte m ia regularly and eitensivn Iv supplied with the latest Eltirotean papere, I.oyd't Liste, P aicvtl Price Coutrent. Alnoe with IteC.Iy nil tile Ilerary Peruodieal etl'the dly, and has uthdre uihlichililtsn " ,hie Lndon, Edinlurg, Weyniillater Metropolital eneviewn anlllnd HckwootlMsgttazite. Ther North Alnmlican Ieview; the Suthlern l.ilierrr Kniek toiiker'l'he Aerelan, J.ournl af Seieneei and Arts, lallintel Mincstlsny DUmsrltiel Review, i;eltlemesl's T .azine, American itllilhly, lenily's Miectllr.y. the Melieo Clhirrgicil Ileview, sid a varinety l' ulther. All these workn are regularly absucribeed ier nsd eceSi ned. tishe isms is o sn-ti e wiih a tiiety eT:lnaps and cslases, Nile Ilegi.ler, I.evy'a Price Cur Ineit rom itt colllleletnllt Gzterall sd veariety of works Ofrefref ss,, Tlllse moat alive & iltdlligenl neils coullectirs aere er played, to give tia earliest at rival, tand no pailn liOr Il Ielse will te pmisrd to reader lthlsn leuding Resel the rlest he United States. Suhxhrilrtionss are relpIrefully leceive t. NRWlted UtILt.AS AILItO N tsAltAD COMPANY. ARltA.saesmlms . FOR tAl WErngK DAYI. Froma Cirrollton. I Fiom .en Olles. Ilore. Car at 4 telork, A.M.IlHom Car at 5 o'clsvki A. G 1 0 ' Ir d o w 2 P.M . 3 4. . . 1.. .. Aften IOo' ,'lock iCr atn be blraided by paylng JO dolt Ies lo n the iTeip. THE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREETCARs Cil stree at sintojlck, A. M. and run hoalry. At elfr plet o'.ilslk this hea will commensce runnign every hual hon. alld costii a thnrounhou thei day usail uls]O " P. M. flam the ofJicknon isreet. Peesron oins by the Lcimolra ein mrt pronide themin lles with Ttckete as lc money will be akesll y the senduatlor. Oficen New Orieans and Canrrol Olt RIIl'Roud Ci)ipaiy, Poydras tlrest. JOtIN IIAMI'SON, uov2t Chief Enlg. N. 0 C R.R. CARD. I I tHE Prieiynl of tle Eugliht, Fretlsl nsd Spnishl SAcademy, No. 14, i. Chbarles -lnetit unno.uee sto hi ienids ansd the public with eatlisfalioi, that his ilstitllloll isl now in snneseftl opertios, luat he liopen inio to lhly hiis clllilllelt of plupils, wihliuh will he limited to fifty. I:e itkei llis opportIlllaIi i iftl uriin. iirents tille nlohinll shall be wullli.iitiui h s uv colllnribuiLe toi ih oalllll"l lhi illlmplroventllt l' heir onlld d;: 18JU . GEOILE W. SMITII. Surgeii De.t.tlfrom Piildelphlirt, I B E.i i to Itn'o ti t lelidls sld gentleml.l o'iNew Or. e Iceus tIlhat hle lus lIu'ated tiuiellft SVo. it, sial SLreetl, opposile the .tlte Ilolse, whlero Ire will be haippy .to ytled to any rufearieiolll twi i tuenlp l h v eviiui y viuiid this eity akeua tile lilb.rty ofesxtreling from c tlllte rrcit. aienild iirv lettesi thste lie bear., ile following testisOnial frilt lhose illlav linkl:,iwn hiil lung e nil intilllitely. From th Ia te. n II fiyll. s. i'lltdelphi. "l t.,e gre.l plasurs it eiin tbha I hlve bhad colnltiller blcr qquiiiihll io wllh Mr. -nith hthi peronaull y nlll in hs builssiesoflins Imrnetsiin. In both renInets I uonsider hit a ilgeusi.t lll sti2hly worthy of the slltlOllnLsu which he r rn.' l. As la i.tit i hasue never fontlld an operatr whom I co.saidered .pertnr, and feel natisfied that wh.,tever conil drvne huall be rpolsed in biim h thote le acqluinlted willh hiii will belln repaid by hisdichlrgel of dutisln eutrusted t hnim. Mr. Smih hs oiperated toe i euliderables tut ftur me psllonally and for member of utm family. STE'HEN U TYNO. From Rn. J J soberthn. Missionary at Syrc, iu Greece. "I waitead in Philadelplia to sins Dr. inSmith a fuir opp-riu ally of plutting my teeth ia order Thil he isl della is a astesrly annnr, stlld the sgellsutlees., sis, nd skil with which he ondutl his upieatiols are equalled oilly by hii ps Iielltptrnemerallcein giingneveryithillg the iighsit iaihlt. I ihalltin futuree aewevd uot only itch tuslriusg, but eslu much aaiul:le timen. u . ls. Relfderene Iun New Orleans:.. Jacob Wilisi, F.n. Thbs. Allen. i'lsi ke & '., Silucsvl,. Iliuairds e l'o, Nii Nninr ills. hitllall Clarke Jnll. Esq. Cuthbert Rllitn uE.q. !W E IR.ElN.NS , CAR.til.:l'tON IlAll, g RO).\D C .--Y' rTIC .--qII and after the Ist Dec., 18:1r, until furlher .notie, an EIxtra nigh Car will Ihave the car house, I'oydlra streer, at hulf past II it o'clock, I'. M. for l.afaytte and intermediate places. It ilngle Ticketa 37 1 2 lenlt, or .lt .15 r hundreed. ,14)71N AM P,.l i.I no'?e-tf Chf. Eng. N. O.& C. R. It. O)RI(ls TOT Hrlfl PAS'I'E-An elegant and highly I aV proved dentifrice; the bet prcparation ever ipul p for te eellth, just reweived at tile Blazar. . IIUII & ALIEN, - d29 cor St Charles &Common estc, Exchange h UilCAI. INSf'rIUl.NTI i'$ FOIL lIll.ITAll.Y LIl ANld- .nat receivend d for sale by the sub. heriben on moderate terms, Clarionets in C and 1 II ll it d irl Fand E let : Piccolo and llcave Flultes; Opn- a cl{tides; l'Triangles, Field and Ilaos Druine; Cavalry T'rumnllets; lita; Harm.nv d itlh ecrooks ; 'rm- p bunemi o.aor; French HIurul; Croernte; Cy thalll; E; JOHNS & co, no cornedr St Chrl and Cmnlo n t. r A-NIF 1an WLtITERb--V ilsall' Impniroed ,Iu M shlhpd Writell in eerV style, just rceveld st tile BAZ IAl, earner raSI Chnrles nid Cil .llluete; tl BUSH & AI.l.AN, A nne'O " EshlliBgeH hotel. . ' TIJrr! a.ld ~af-,ik-,E 1N .. &. CO.R ,rent ti e, siire cetvinmg Ite ship JIhn Ilaill an dddi ainnol su.ply of lStlover; llel aldsotathl.i jibidils 11i or Spelar Pateltl Coal Sitoe.,-f silt riz.nsi Pliildoel. phis Radiater Coal Stove; Collical rCokinkg Sieer; pipmtepl il it norder., d2o1 er IIXAS I-ANI) SC:It P FOr SAL--te othaeri .m Ilacet olfr fr sal .sentrv Floant of six hundred and forty acraes f Ined, each. "By ltle tl 1d the Legil nl~r8 a 'IHOS BIE & CO. nOrBB &Co.ýK-- eP a Iriint0 th1 inopectilou. fir ale bv ji G IIIJRSEY, eNo Levee N EW BtIKS-- lhe Private Journal of Alar Burr during his relidee e ofttilr yerar il InU Clme, with selectinlse from his errearludsnee. Edited by Mdiafbew L Dau7e, autlluruf temiorai utl Aron Burr IS .. in l l , s. The Fatr eat; ldr ai Tour hevond the mounltaie, enihracitg thtlies of WTeaLsrii life slad seeae-i sketeh in of lte pirietn, rivers, ncirent inound', ernel settle ment if the Frandl, Sc., 2wtlr, ouat receivedl by ja7 . WM itt .KAN, aur Ctamp i ChinmOnst ThOlJJ LY MaERCHANTS are incited to call end ealmmne lthe asllllant olel rlthe War, Ilass, China L. injus reeeited ti felr sale IN It Bt1rt): R & ..I, t dlltw 17 Caminp & 81 ('nennnmn nALUAL. BOOIKS-- er Pre0elalh, &c.-Drawing HV oomll Scranp look, in 2 pert., eontoiuing 72 anu U perbsteel eagrevigns. lu e D'Ar 0iis 73 6il engravlngsl priuied in French Ithly, Franoeeand Switetlltnd, in 2 parts, willh 9D opl e.Jdsteel e grevinre. Syril, tith Ioly Land, Asia Minir. &c., illunlroted with 37 large epgrnings TIhe abovae are of roll qitlart side, and re hiound in ehmbesed leather, and halndasiome ly gilt, wilth gilt edges &c. &e. LondunClristian Keepsake for 187 nidlt 1038, il)a e.nvn, etmboeed eorver, .ilt edg ., e. &e. The J lhUre e e on ensigttrent. and will be sold very II tle Newn York St.ltliotter' atll if I101 DA\'ID) FELi' & Co. 21 Charltes sat 1OllWle K BEF-Prime Pirk aneil steela, thta in _ i eplotiuit, in store ald f- sels hby j .'fl tO I i ;. , N av I.wee . eartinentt of Bitliorl Bails of onltrihlr qualiy .I P the Bnazar, coriner 0t. Charlce anl Cintitaiti-al. BIIUII & ALI.AN. noe 30 ilot. C tINNY IIA S-3ll Iteles 2 hectic! e here i tor 'T cad fer aleby G I)ORSFY, 14 Now Ievce. d17 ]l ANhi.LA ICItRIhDlEl-- c,,ilda eaxoetrled ozr.r I landing from ship St Mner, aid fir rtle hb j3 P I. II)I.AW. rio Camp ct I". `;Il LYKEY-- t blatrrel rectiie., for sale hb 0ll G. IDIRSi\', 41 New l.eve.. i. L)U|.1-8010 hrls ecloice rhnds.i stm reand lor salc L by DORSEY. 112 44 Now Le.nt bHIPPING. For Zurope. FOR I IVERPOOL P n Al hip can take 200 hales c.attion, and will poitvecly sil on ucturday next, 19th iist. _ jsl. L H UALE, 9. Conunl n at O- O H VRE T'rhe A I and chst ailing ship JONll HOILANI), C'api Jourllci will receiave dlesatlch haviig n lile prleotr palt of her car gdcclloeand ari goeing il boled. For lieighIt of 9011 rbale ii t o r ilUtsi.ralcg c llp llv tO UEOIIGO III.IIt.t- O°I Ri vll si jalO or to I. H dAlIl:, 93 Caminnon at FOIl LIVEI{P.UiLI liise tine slit I)lKfD.ENMARK. lltmi m o teir, f ill Ihave imt edlite deiplilloi. For t"i;lfreight ci 11 bhoo caott. ct precage, apliV tI jail I. H (ALlE. 93 1c:llormn l It FOR LIVERPOOL. The l sne lhat saililg ship ST. JAMIES, SCapt. II Hwoce, inc-lr, will hIave t iin diate dieolletch. Far alnal:te of frelllhl or pallsale appia joal u &J P WHtrNCli 73 tlltl si FOil !.IVERPOOL S The fiRne new A I Ilarque III RON, Capl. Herrnson, will Ihave imliedilte despatch. For frcight ofutlL0 tulh ciorrun or passage havi g tlil accomtmodatiuis, apply to 9Co o t 19 I. Il (JAIOE.93Con,.on at FOR HAVANA. STIhe fait sling, cappored packet hrie GANNICLEFFI',10 tni e,Cacptalin Walker, will posilively sail on I ridalv, Ilh inst. naaager will please call board this iiorainr, nd ariarge for thlir bceithla lld poarltarl. 2d tier a ow tile Ferry. crto eu Ptl, ji1t 9;, Cltlliaon li ;:. -- ,. - ._. ,- , . ...... . . - _ Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK. New York and New Orleans Line-Packet of the 16th 'tThe elegant packet ship l T. MARY Capt. Foter, will sail punctually as ad rvertised. For freight of a few ton heavy goeld,and about 150 bales c.4tton, or or Iprrage,appl) on board, or to PETER LAIII.AW, 16 Camp at FlR B,6i'UN. The new and fast eniling ship PHIARu A Li, IT. WindTor, M. star, will ha ie in nmediatle d.rpatch. For freight of 2.0 hates cotton or passage, havrilng pendid acemamodatlonn , apply on board, oppoaste the Orllan. Cottol Pr.ns, or to Sand J P WIIII'NEY, FOi6 NEW YORK. Th" e T new eehr WILLIAM biARTF, Cept. Coreon, will have despatch. For freight er ll G hlacd. c ddl. e, lnd cl,lr v to jal u r J I' WHIINEY 73 Canp at FOR BAL' Iit I RE. New Lire. _jc td The A I and fast hsiling hcaro e I.A FAYI'IT''I'E, Ca: t. Landis, will re,'rr, desa pmoaa rtcr, having part o her earoenegaged, for l of freight r pcoaage, having lhasomte aeco m tmodatlios, a ply to L II (GALE, 93 Cuomm l at d:ll Iew York f Nat Orlears Line. A LINE of packets hasbeen establi~hed Ito run be tween New )Irleans and New York, to consost of five first rate ships, vi.t Ship St. Mtarv, l W Foster, nlmttert SKelpblican, . 1 G Ruasell " Aulour I ot' P Urfeyc, e, hobuildog, The shipa wete built in New York expresroly for tbis trade; or, oef Ihght drought of rater, and ill not be rouijeel tndetenti', a, the liar Their aococtcndutions forp asengera cocprise all that ,ay, he required for eomfirt arlnd eonvcatellncel ad threir uruuarcderr are len ol ep rioence. Until the elhipa now Ibildig arte nu:nrpleted, two first clrs chip wall supply tt:air places, 'l'he gratc't punCtlnclity will be observed in tile time of sniling, and every reasonable aecomltdlntion extended to p.rsengers. For lurtler lparticulars tpply to I-esarn. Jolhnson and Snowdae, No. 86 Wall street, New York, or to ja PE'I'PER IA Il)l...W, hi Ccamp at WANTED A smanll trig, cpoable of carrying 200 1hhds. sugar, and load for a northern pcct. Apply tI L If GALE, jal 9.1 C:monaI stt U. N. MAIL. FOR BAYOU SARA AND PI.AQUE.INE. t r l l'h slendid prnsengr slello /a BI : .:IrANTp, tirt,t f Mls:i ,tr, (,al, ..sla,: rou.a..) c........d relnt :n : e Igu.d triltr ftin , eleS ll, he 9lthn illst at I, o'clock, :". A.a, atl ol Sunda:l t th atSa ite hour for PilqHeninile, and will cuolltinle Ito run re.l|tr lthe balttce il the benan, anlld lewe )I(punctually at tilhe houraderlised. A seplrate. ahli, all ith tut.l roouL, ftl :olored peo ple. FoIr freight r passage, applv a lad, or io din A IL t1S & WVItI 'T'AI.I.. fut .i{ttBItr , The regular paucknt low prtessure -- L;IIIAFF, :alpt. Satiler, wllleavce the aItke cad of the .Itil TItHUlSDAYS & UNI)DAYS, after the:arrval of ti: 12i d'clck curs, and on Iher re turu, leave lubile, ;very Tu'asdaysa.d Fridays. For passage apply an boura to CAPT. SWILER; P S--Whlenever a snficiont ian llClea of pusienager off'r tile *;irlUo .rill lunllh tt ually of tlne iaterlllediatle landings, upon previous notice being glell to 'Hlln .SwJdir. e 7-tt t13WILLIAM I'i t 1ST in na.mhnlted nan Ipartner ith the firm of Whllridgre & Uno., An. 76 lagazina Wleet, for the transaction of general colnmiasinn Isi rea. - dI0-lra BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles S Common street, I.XCH AN .o HOTaEL. I1USH & ALLAN would respecfully call the at I ention rofcitrelznst and slratgngre ILtlire:,lrnlttat .aortmaurat nl i;etlletrlet' linern hirts, do ca.abric, wit: tlnc"n runtsl. litnhi alln le linen "rols: linenc: lart: silk, 'lltllli and illerinla llllanr slicns and drlwerr: cntlltbrieled eilk handlkerchicfsr Itlinak nad fciry etlam vate in great veniely: stacks of every descriptioni g ,a elastic atld coltun alspenders: silk, couon anll thread gloven+:gents Iuskin glover: ulnbr.llaa and canes gold Iointeled. Also,-rSplendid assortmnent of ladies and gents wri ,hg desks, dretamg cases, port folia. perfu.erir , cut lery,and rich lilacy gouda. novl ittt eALl -_ . . . ar- of the subscriber, lhiasting S Wheela, l.,eat I'tie, of all sized; asllh, Plater Itair, e. ' aurnal, dawing anti rinding done as usual hy J. ttT. o'l) LET. ONE twio aslry daellint hoean, No. fi, Tri' tf t . on street, near Tivoli C,tcle, standing hack J . from the streer, having four roome, well id intred, a tw estory kitchen with fout ruoma,eiatern, well and every convenience to make it a comfurlatle real tnee for'a smatll family desirous of living etired. Ad ply to J. UTT. FASHIONABIE PARIS MILI.INERY. and Mareae. a sapply of fall and : irer ill:nery. atol the tailat and ri.leanf manterial i P'sarias, ra,.t Mrs. Scal:lya eapeers to lave :lielled and reedy tfr exani-. iaalion ol Motday and Tuscaday cent. SD P h.ANI.AN, inmv3 25 CIte teret SARtl.-O00 keg iea.inlnnti lenf lard, of shperior i lqualilty., fr sale by S'TE'TrSON & AVERY, ' Bi8 (irayiet at (NANVASSIEI) IAMS-t- I hhdi ver, fine, fitr sole' J by jaG S 'I'''ETSN & AVI;Y, 8 ,littvier a SILL-39 casks s.l Ilaerr straied speiar oilt, warrnntrd " lay e; y landing, 1fji)fji l~y flip ;1 t lit lhYi. IANNERS J.L--75 bblu brenw Tanner's il, for Selo by LEVI H .-ALF., j34 93: Cuiiiton setreet \U(!týJiEYI lNEsandt Tnan er'a Oil-IS bbls stirits Turpentine, 90 htla Tanner's Oil for male by JARVIS & ANI)IDEIVW, diB ear Coamin:o & T. eliotpitoelyo stf t ARi--12 and II bril firat rate aticle, for isale by OH. BLISS, d12 I t'cidrn a flOLASnrri'-.l-0,0L0 linllua a:: plitiaatl:l, 18 I i miles betlo Ihe city. fir gnla hby S di9 AtlAMn & WIll I'A ,L, 67f CGtnvier at fl RINCI'PECIGP RS--S I I Princlpe Cigars, an' pernr flavorsar. and rfr sole by ,f 1'7 I BRIDGE 4' ('O.tS) Maegzine et IN-tl Illaei for sale low. tR cla-e n nanig S ilel, y SHAl.LS I IR(atWI N jar, 96I faaniine at II ICE-4 0ier-.,m fCr o re by I ja AlllLAflal(rltll,44f 1ravirral 1 lTPT' lg-lll hit k 'mournh Batter, Iest quality landing from nIlili Egienr, fir Kole by jtt S& J 1' WHITNEY,7R t8 oo n rt C HRISTIIASan.dee Year's G'fu. The Lon d I,.mrd Anmerican Annlul, fo.r lS. English Editionm of varionmm aluable Wo'rk, willt siledlidl ensravinr 'rho Engli-h P.2. I.ihirry Fditiou, with crme, ac.cndlrd wet mn ijloTurkey motroee. hibiding, nod gilt eldgeo. Prayer Ilooka, libtes, re. different sies, and Ih artcmil Rill iid bindingo A itac · rtrventofiurfrile Books, &c. for sal at1he Bookl Store, 40 Camop alwrrt. .124 ALE. TOI'OWAIt. `j TNi--Ao invoice of Slicily 'Madneiri. p iper. iV `5a f pit ee, It1U glllqt ter eammh, aod 2nt.rt.rrr entitled to dellentore, bernd. by lv e, n,,Clli do Zizz. moaulr by joc3 ISAAC 1'RIIIE & CO 1)AEI. R0I1:-9)l ciona emtcm olac rope, to )atore nod for Ale by J Ill &Y"P & 10, jolt 74 Perdrr. at I)AISINS-5AI bocro N'it aiolce, Luting'. brond LR in intare and fr wilelc b jno4 JTlttl'FR&('O 7lPor~mro =1 A CItilOl.-1'! barrerm Hleel'', loaleomory Inea Aleohol, mowlcedior rnt Pli1, Cc? eul~iemo, nod for rolelty JAIOVI.b & A\rnRIV., jollt, car Co(e,,.,, A, 'to -OWEI.l.Ct'M1iNS iv ive a boleeg78 Lo% L. r1l cotte.un htdirc for olar by jag ISAAC BIRIDGC &Cm, 131 Maangine BusTN ss CAR S7. SANIlFiI 1TORY, .Tthehrndidie Broker I Commietn on .Tllrrleonl, 113 (tttlno, 36. Camtolp m.-F'or thetrreoset_ SHhIPIlI kER & CO tfjff ION MERCHANT, No. 63, Poydr., Street, NEW *CtrtvT.E J. PI FREEMAN & 'JO)., No. 3, Mnjaoroite street, 3AVEL constantl.yon hand a large .otptly of Cloth io.e, calcul.,eJd tfr the .otttry trade. 'Itetor ,,o. tartatenat toIoe large. nterelta,,to rena the aountry can be suppliedi ottiatoehuttat notice. aet4 VASIIIOHADLU CLOTZING5T TAYLOR & HAI)DDEN, Me. 1 I Chaetre. Miree HIAVE ikuo-tan aupply t r every aotatle partutning to grlllletnr ooa Jret, ti the lateit style, at Nte York J. .eRom SU2GUON DINTIST net b No. 33, ItKtynl Ioreet. RLEx A TIOITOGRhPWIO PRINTING ESTA ILISl M ENT, No. 53. Magazine Street, Opposite tanka' Aroade. WILLI.2.jt GIlEEEA, PROPRII!TOR to r J N PARKER - Comominoina avid Forwarding MuerchaLnt, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, Ur -SAIRS. Nerw-Irans,Feh. 2;. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WHIOI.ESA LE AND RETAIL. DEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILE DYE SPUb.S A~VL) WIVDOIV (GLA SS, Corner of Cuomun and T..houpituuola stcrets, NEW UIILLELIY NATHIAN JARVIX. JOHN W. ANDRIEWS. A large uppdly oGarden Sees. warranated the grroth oh1`1837. UOVI.,E &t MAIL" I)EAI.EItS IN AMERICAN 1 E'NOLISII CROWN GLASS, N..~. a *Hnul.ulI.Rr STReET. Of H IltENEN'S ILVSURAN M COMPANY OF NEY, OUR.EANS3. Tlis Company aro now preoarelI to take RISKS AGAINST FIZZ. No.24 Mus.ogt'o tiddlong, Canoal or.eet. E L 'lT 1CY, Nrw OIeauns, nv IU,. 1833. Soerltory. ROtIERIt CANNON, ROUISE AND SIGN PAINTER No, I: i'.omp street, lholoeale healer lnloilons, Oil, Varololtec, IrolrUsle, ,1130 Wi d,,ra,.d Pio'ue D1- &c. Ac. ?.'o~.UW W.OLLINS~ .2 T7'ORINEYT &UoUjLLOR .ART L.4 K; NOW practleing in the State and City Courte. Cli eN sall finrld himonatlth Clerk'soie Uol US Cirooit Court. in the Cultom Hoaue bu:idijtg j. tIt US 'I'(A)'H PASTI'I ,-.Aanlegoat and htgleli a) proved I entifde. T' give at pearly whitenese to the teeth, To eeh.acee the charnens end beauty of tie Inuth, And add a fragrirat sweteness t to e breath, Is a, alttillnellel loang devently wisledl, 'l'h.uagh tleYr till nwne effectively anlieved. Tl'i llll a lesird mre.ul, as will its ute. With pmromer tnen tacl iglh lteisuc-tian prevee. .he Oreria Toot Pstet, while it ieuautiflca the teeth, remnnvig and preventing every allterantce of tartar. andgiving to them a clear sad pearly whlitetsoe, it Neproves h e er ul'the lip and suse, and gives nddl ,nasl s.u ti to tier tset e.seable of the mtnuth-tly its di-inteetig te"roperltie It greatly teends it) preserve tie teetlh from decy, and it also itilrts intlhtt culiar and frerent rsweete.sna the breath, fnr nwhich the eoris IRual is so jutly altd extenasvely celebtated. Just received by BIJSll & AIlLAN'S Farncv Store, ltxthanee Hotel, dl2 acur tSClnrlee aned Contematl ta S t1INli:NG II AT''CII.'I'S-i-4 caset. I_ duz. eacl, Sill stfue, tlo ale .y 1SHALL e BItO\)N. dis 96 Mangkineat etA I.. A N'I'Ht.CI'I'E andl Orriel Coal iu casks hdia dl ill lots to suit pulrchasers.s rdln-r Il, tnt IIt. hoal yard ill Canal street, belawten Carudelolet auld BllJUa rat .eth.le cUolf3lur iloue of IlOi.M:IE & alu l 8, nov22 9 Btnk Ple'e. T HlK n auhscrire il eaing rceiv eircolltssion rs Deputy Surveyor cof United Statesl l.a',ids. l tlhi State, offerl his selvicesa ta the peeblie to sarvey neat Ioeate L.anllsa It, ery paet Irt Irouim.l l. Aalerelutoran allllleratiationtailtner of Surveylng or (ivil Eegieellleillt, asuch as aligalleaeeet ,eseys, plat, drawintg-, levei,f1ielet calUln laeltioneeofexeavatiee, ,ltne kllnellelt, lt llllnt of etll,, be. eitlen ill ftawet or unlrv, ill bpe prompllv andI litilhfllly attenlell to. Chargee and trnes cash, Office 55 Ma gaite strrelt, ill Bnlles' Arn Ie. d8cl I-eaw-im FtI"Ul. WILKINSON, bIGAP-tttee leena. vanritttuh.,l saome-mew . as S6 pei ptoun, obr ale at ne. Front Levee. 1NG. on wYork. far stile by I , Ul, t-2n AIhi.M & tWIIIrtINC ,,7 Grnvier at E)IIIL ELPtIlA ItLlcken t MIeal, neakt lo'ade-rt S SletI, Dee0 pickled |'letguam, Iurrenalt, Cilrte Laenlinge tften thlt le.ect', dirnlet frtm -ltiledelpltta, 'l Ibalfbear eleBalwhat mneal, 1110 qullerer ahlrrels Burakclahat tselt "15 illfbareels No. 1 lShad, 25 half hbarrels fnily iBeer, I0 h! fIbarteln pickled TelogueC, 2 barrels sltloked TongUes, I hid Suatrta new Currnnt, graoss ltiver's Yeast Powderel, for rnle by' di (t WIPRIITCIIARt & iI 'oo.Fintcr. YINIsIe. I.--ll brela tteJeretd ae Very flte ftur sale by I'i.ltl,AW, j3 6f (lalip nt I. iIti eul 1l:. b letI..u, (Iain.e)for saah by j3 P I.l.A I ,IA ,6 Lttni st I(OtlP Ih JlA I.T-70 saecks lae, uttdl75tnsacks 1 eancar I.ierpnntl Salt, rtceived tter tn iis se eesn Adt elade ad Ilatmltlss, ftoee Livereo,.l, and fer set.e by _! IIOIhMIM-S & MlLI.S, Bteank 'lace SUTIBER-10.000 feet clear wltita pine Boar Is, I .J It.tiiga from sltip North Hampton, appositea is- it alcippi Press, ad lltr sate hby I S&J I' WtI'NEY,7S:tCtep S. jEA-I- `11- l.- -l--t tie --as letcheed Fall .,ill-Zl _ landing from ahie St. Marv. 32: boxsa aperm Catdl.s, Now Bedford brands landing fril selhr Maria, sie l y jtal JOJSPIi CiCII.A aNt, 25 Grar irt j )APER--8 0 trenms Wrapling Paper, assorted;' _ aes Letter do., for ale by jan3 SHIAL. & . IRtOWN P9 Mlegazil. at t t .NU)LW LA.AS. 401 Iatt's (hnelmasfItrd ftr sale by tLlALL r BIliWV, 96 laga.iae at jan3 º nMEP'I'IC BRANIY-Il bbis Branjd-fir'stand Ibourth proof'; landing lIra,. ip ttalolae . r sa le by a - LAWRE1I.NCE &Il..EN(IEA RE, jan3 2.; and 29 New Leves. - THE Slubscrihbers oler at wholeeale - the fllowing goods. HATS-l100 cases mnblesekil siksi as sorted sizet ar1i i binl. f n l 0 dno bast NI do do . lI do dao. No N ,o do dt I00 eases beat Nil.3 Sesatiad aires and brimsa i :>o do IeuteI, a superior article; 50 dd Fin. Nutria; A 11 do Extra do . 100 id, Black narl Whitie Russlia hs it f1 l tiMTrn' &' Co;ney lurhroad and harrow 41 bratns, fur Leree and cdtlUtrv trade; ' do All ranks ofnsstitSry& ndv.tllta.ramape ;; " d L Childreac silk aod Rssia Hetmt.ll sniea. Caps-Fur, Otter, fur Seal, Jutrra, Mlukrat, and hair eal, in (tro dozes cases. Sealette; Cloth tUarpa-Pickalek, Polish Avtil's hat shape, so tolp. F(rest, I~orual'i Military tidlresae dt I.esatler ftltginah, hillrea's FdnC.'I urbane, j'lal id d Vlvet Caps, Stoks--Satin, Slk utlad ltlombasine, of the neatest b sevlrI. l.tahrelln--silk and cottre. OMilitary k lPluite n, oiled dilk: Silk Htudkrechiels-Puutgee anI Spitdlflrldt: Utlandbxes for hattersr,woonl rase, dtthle falt rliv goodse. Tle* above go4ds comtpriase a laie st!ok, alnt all ao the istest patterns, anstl will he all, at a stmall ad uan.e, with cosrtan ecr.reas t N sew York Ihrices. The acboriliers will take orders for southern, weasrn al.d TexaR tsR rket, far the houats of H Goaaip & Co.. Hot latlufaeturere, New York, ad at the ahort*sct possiblee noliee. (trma .and Frelch Plualse bought. (COtS.P x CO., i:Nasal, Militaryk and hltshieahle Hatteran, Exelhntge Hotel, nnvl4 SI Cltarles t Mr, GhEOhRGE It1rItO Cl hiat ings resignel the or rice eorlirl Engiteer of the New Orleaans aI t Carroll. tan Rail Road, r. John Ifanpsoa has beehn plpotiat ed in htis lacr, tt whnc all persoei Iu.ainesn s with, at tiabbing ilnormatuot regardisg said Rail leadi will apet at t|e Rail Rtad Office, Pydras streret Bt urda r of the ut oni rad) JO H IN C IC II oL .OO a , h Sal e .~-lfl Cashi erg for COKE. t1i" price o lCoke foam and atle trhe l.t dav of; (l. ctaldr, will he fifty ettla lter Iarrel in the Gas Wrk's yard, uad if taken in qanstllities tI oue. eItal dred barrsult', t e I elli sd free of drtaytgle. 'Tbta advantage tlant . artictel offuel pfsaesee o-" aor the anthrbaite tl, .t. tn;tus ratles, igihittg atre rrealy Ithtla thle ftrtta antd fret trtol the aaptreaat t atmot"e l' the latter, slmald itdua erhsry fami:y to make UOrders rec.ived at tilh Gas Ollt.e i Blnk h Alley. tF: .W W ELLS,. sepS9l .. ..... . .' 1 IN)S 8--\ j iis bales Ltt.trll Il.tateeye, tallng for LJ sale by S l'TriON d& AVERY, a JO? 86 ieastrr JOB PRINTING, ov EVERY rarief SPEEDILY, FIANDOOMELY AND CREAPLt EXLCE'IgiI AT THU E11FICC 01 taa True J.Inerdeun, A't. CIIA'L OTHP TEET, NEAR POIDRAS. m23 YIeCOLLUIM & DOSSY, Factors & General Commnission Aier.1nants, nIOBILR.E Re're tncer in New Orlea A'ockmoon, Abernathy & Hanna, ) Caldwe,'fl A Hicky,, 3 e Pope. Pounsa C o d68-In11 BIAZAAR. 3VSS di ALLE~N, P40. 1, P.ICHANFG HOtTII, Comner of St. Cevarlc sal fCnonon ala,. NLC.W ORLEANS. 1 MPOHITgIES and De~ Ireo in Fencl, aid Engtlio nrnln'.ry;lkr.ainllg Con allnd Prtnable IDroks, Cutleri, Hoii-m , 4, Guo'es, :iiine, b4,ocks, Uwibrllina, Cnneen,,, I'ooYv Articles. 'u FYAHLONABLE CLOTHING. 1IODL'VSO049?N GOOD WLJV, No. 0%, Uharnwea Mlreel, 044e Dour below Bi, no.2le, [jAVFV conetnntlyon hanod ervy urli00442 npilOin i4 g t. g4.44lecmnn's idres, Imade in th Leer man oar44d mnet fohinnoble style, wh1ich4 tiny ofir uor conk,. ot 'ednnd pricer. dnr,4-t 434 1,W] 1.4 IAN A FURNITURE WAREROoBS N.,. 53, i1,enoille tretnt. W 1I.I.A31 K. CAONES, ,ould repecntfullyi in frIrfltislfrO.dna and thoe ptibic rtiatl ei c1,04 ,tantly reeiiing fromt.Now York nod IBostn a good  anorooent oFFrniture, ton, as mutlognoy choirs, toRn, 4 edO'odt, tInale 044 panintcd chairs, mnpldo and cherrrv bedntoads, mahuogoany and chor40? tableo ,foll dneoripprino. bureau-, ?ninict, scc tourvo, writia0 daoko, wornIr,ron t1 of 44n44n4ly synd oheirry, Wanl ..and1, inoki.g glossenlnnfherO. bedding, &c. lc. Nmt. Furntnure pookedl Ifor trdotnpr40tiun4 With great care. iwv l3 JOHN STIEWARTT JNo. 5, Halt1 Sircei. Newi Yrk-, COMMISIO4 N SIERCIIANT. MPRI0IlOEtR olid delenr in HatterfO tlu44i40 uni04 trimm44ing420. Amp4ltlne ningtf4oy lie had on ,. .d erd.dn nIinuio goods ro.a Id 1 3ioonr. Lorn & Provostf, NO, 04t22 1,034* lv A CARD. CHRISTIE & SL OT 'r, IV/wlcnoie Grocers and Gmmnis0on .'1?rcn44,llr No. 27 Cu.44on S0reet. Ne. Orleons. itI'Portcn4lanro m4004i't4e paid to the 14u.ti40 up of Stole4, bu4t old Ship sn444'4. norG -OLEANS LITIU OGRAtIIU OFPICE No. tat, lie r to el, oIp up le ut italks' A l:nile, -' T'AIILISIHE lifor the executaonof tmrnps p, lan IA and drawings, lllt.rchntllslB' dircularsbsies, Uand alddless cards of ever descriptlllion, fulleral cirelnar- on deep irtourlnitg palter, ap;l h'It:ary ani dttcgita'lsIbelh ; ballk cheeks, drav receipts, sic. prihlt d alid exrculll i ill acllt:ap anid expeditions style', by tlle ptipTrietlIr. W'I.l.IAM (iltl-:EN E NiB Batnk Notest aatllv executed. 24 Booths, 53 Ieen ills st"eet, :01i Maplr a.ln Cherrv Iledattenlis; a first rate article. Al-, a guod asst-i Inent , f Maph. Walnuit, and Painted Chaers, whieb will bI sold far the lowest taslh pices. Wi II CALtNIS jy7 5; Ili,,vll'_e streel t A Caral. ORLEA NS LITITOGRA PHIC ESTA ILISIl MIE T, 53 AIGIAZVIg STREET, OPPOSITUt BAINK' ARCA E. 'V GRIREENE t rattur s his tilcet-e tihaks tI hid ! V ltiei atd tle Ih d ,llc of NeW ()rIlNawO . tat lnt. It i.ntnlralne bestowed on a i ii llI r the t lltwo Y.etl vll. ulid I begs leave IIto allr tItnII that all ulders colllited to ie charge . y ell be lnc:ullllly allted d to; he will ie usalln, keepl thie offi.e olpe duri 'iT lhe sumlllllr, llnd shall be alwacs r,-adl to strike lill ,rkleaalt t's carcu lors, bu.ines tlld I lldre;s cards IIfuneIl noliCesil, mlp1, plaln. and drnwiags, o every descritil, at the I sllorlesl lotlic, and Oin tile th 1o1e rs:aonable tentlls. Beinag nssicted Iy artiste supl r I r to anlly othler etalblishl Ina t- is ita ti.. atd ft-eta Iot-tu e rirucc in the N I: A pthecuries and drg-ilets' I-brels eintelld le as good style as cpparlllate etngraving,t a tld aII - Ithird of thealexpeaae. jv"4 - 1,O .-I \ h. c e'/re t ac e ust Ulel dete G all i.u|Combs. HItII TOP 'pnRTOIsE TUCK. Quill top'l'or LTise 'l'uck, u. d, Stidle ln all the tabovea trily t lllit, FleItch anti Amllerlicn Illa ufaetrlli. Ivoray file t-oltI Coatlba, in all tile variety of size and quality. Po-iket, [lack, Ilorse, coarse and fine, and all other COllibllar sale by Ssal EES & 'LANE, nlAv13 ILtti CItt-a -.`'"..t t\ - GI.Adle, i.INSI [It.I) t-llt--n tl Itlit `f es of \Vi dom Gla e, 13110 gallons ( iil; 11 tit rela oflVarlthes; lk diaz o1f Pail lnlnrushe, reeived per a.ip St Louis and aiurlque alt ehelt, ntd tilt ile by v27 U1t Camp E\W M1idlC-P10uto t Kosnlre-1 dee't g an to sell 1 yen IletatmC--l'rTa has. learnt to lve ).iollte.r Swpet At'in waterT li her ' ghll Fareweell; gii. i ua - e er in orrow; fliJa L's .antelt 'Theay have give Theu to Anotherl Lately I.ady .Mine; T'lr The Broketl Heart; My Blenet it a'l Allt,; Old Men what silly things yonu ae; Oh I coli vh Iao'e ; bl(rh! Patrick, lyv frmnt to Tiroatl thu art ]ov- hv dhue deav; Th itk M6v trlvey. Oh! Think at Me s'rl tmirnk I ltave a merry" Ilnr; ;Thu ilntae Snp n; l'lte shii is rendy; 'l'ih, Siver Mlloan; Nre care reer; griaveo me; Nut br Me; I'vt een tIher re fresh Flolerr iatplratetln,; I dearly I[ve The'lir freert \Oud aoicd that free; 1 he Wild Ailatreas; lnte Ftriee, )li i l(rt. of Je.t see;'Th' Mintrel wo'di a baluteeth AMaid; 'I'he tlt'eile were biddeni Iiv 'l',tllvl' L.a.tad; The 5Moat Sl'the Mauintain; li Iative ialv; 4Mv hear's et tree. sure; lyv Wtodltad B|ride; Alin mo.t h. a silent Te.,; 1Iv a.hit :head't hetrs Farewed; 'T1he lGrjeoatd Tree - S.iomOla Loll, a curlie sollg; Silea wore a iattlll o Runaes; M, p'retlv Jane, J ust rec. ivel and for aoe ati r Piano Forte tad Mas ar ete, noarl 19 Canlp ats itUI.Ul. o- OI' U cc bK t'II'. / IlER, ua'es ofthe Ctircuit and District 'nurt of th;e I U S 'or this D)istrict, for Sale at tie alici ui 1 tie Marital of Uaid CUn'(. Apply to A Ilaovl9 J P \'"ALDEN. rcll Office of rthe New Orleuns and ,tlbilte Mai .1 ilute is reovlred, frir under tmd .e 'chahngo [totlo a. No. 70 Pyriras stret at .*aeth piane a letter hag 1ill be kept optt a until I-I Ito A .I . Frr wat it n i e &c. Thiter lie Motile nud further i..avit wi iLe p at int the oust l()fice at Mit.ile. novl :Eil. WIIIT''MAN, A SELECT and fresh amrply of IDry Coluor of ev - ern desriptioll, flr Scene paintinig; Oi and Wa trr clorrs; Brushes aind tittits touls,.l. an c alt tet l stock lf superior V.ARNISiI(S. from tile manisfactorv of I' It Smtil & Co., eomprisin i inl Non. I & 2 fulrniuritir Ns; I . +cooach tlrci~lh , li+d I &o '2rditay dtneatte ilack Japan, anulitowat do. Also, ,i kegs Crome green, in h5 lbt. sactI, rouUd in oil, alnt 150 cannisters at: riotr Frenhl green, also iit 40 )tuxr', French Lake, for salra the t Paint tte ol lie sauscriber. N4O'ittI l.i. 1 writing itk; le uichr.hable liht iblute; do do dark ,,I; P&J Arrnoid'.t malhii copying itk; Tlrryls dti dl dc; lavenard N & Nnve.a black write iihk;i PerryUtn ink tr ateel pers; PerineGduvot & ca's black writing ink) E J L Uiutt'e red ink; conust ,l tan hand, uud for sale hy '\V N4eKEAN. dec In . terner of Catn,, & C(tnmtan a f.ItK suh.irib,.er hua Jfst recerei " nd liter sale S Thie Life of Clhtl-t, with eeravinga Evlnings at Huloae, by Dr Aiklmi, and MIrs iar: beaod, with etgroiiaen b'+ltatc+i a'l'ragedy iln 5 tta,4Itv Elras Sargent I.lrd Ch,.sterfi ,:hl'a \vnrl.s,1 T' g vn MlInoal of Cn'chalitdv, r i. 'litiI . Wyatt, I to I I vo ith lll tratiolst otai'u 1 c l l a 1)t. 1 u lt 11H . IE iJOHNS & ce, I. rut ~t Chll l atild Commonln ti , l .IA( EIlN ) A & al l IO\V, 7 Bank Place , k t V... - wey-t awd dtry, i qr cask and I11 Indian bb s for Pale hv S jal a REb114) .( BAItSTI ,V 7 Bank Place P alI by READ & L sARri'ow, jal'2 7 Rank Place SA.lI' P1t'IRE- E9d Isaa Stiat P'etrr, in store and L flr aleby L iWtSN('EL& I.1.FNil)lIC, jents .21 alnd 9 .New I ever. t All lATt I-5 eitth Sa Irraetue Ilaindi rrfat v eiCp (ommrnoadst, for teleI byv JARVIS & ANDREWS, jal! e c to Comern & Teholuptilasl sate "~.IARBLE Chit ,ny Piece Wareolouse. u'ostn. Il nuse street, opposite the Puot Office.-''lth subscribers are stow receiving Iromn ther factories in New nYrk, a .d will keep conatantiy on hIand a gener I *saortueat ol Marble Mantile Pieces of lu. f penor workmanship, and of the Inmest patterns made of the beot Egyptian, Italian, Irish, and do. mesitc grlle. Also, Monuments. Totmbs and Grave Stontes. t. tmtuldendItd plain sil a td linttels, ianhbl fteitngo, re hearth., plhtecr of Pores, Roman and hydraulic ce. at mtent and pljstering hair, together witll a splenhdid So aeortment of brahss Ioualled land plain GerateC Ind IRuersi iron (rates of the nowe.t and mcest allro. ed patoterts. ICLtering done In the neatest an d at the rshrtest natice. l'ltey hao first slas wwikutma to O e at the abovr work. .t t .ldcci7 JAMES (~$IN V STROUI' oor you real VWh~ thle 6au oguii h )iYW, wllo ftlnce The White Horse ofhe Peppenr: l can et! romc nd t)Loge hou at nea ma, ung b ýt w tur A he Ilium anicOera AmaIrI ;ftenI lil Thn meeting end parting; I ae not for apriepng ' n n leklr wing, by 11 Ilussml;ctme, eoln4 Illlelr rl il oIlr row Lite uu 11w Gran hrri, be tI Itusetli; 89tý mlorning; e O'er I ewarershI, init hnht'111ccne ih like my I Ien , arranged for thQ L hrp bv a Irhn'r-t Royal WIrzee, by A I° y che; Queen Victl'rla'r Go-rt (4uadrille nJu t r, emeed and or raele by d19 It C~tEY, 1!t h'n,"' (1lMlPirpt'lION N\h,IS-h3 andI t-. iiah es sir 1:2 1IRNHY (). AMIKSl,41t (2 nmp s n'r' i`t, IIEDhI 11t bimi,,iarnad Naw Yee.',' tijIt. Jagt receiedaiiindfr male by Ilhe aubh'nibur, a rai'rl did anaatnment if l(eatlhl Loandon aInnlAmaerico ti nu-l-, cniel'sg snloidllowat laondon Annial.. 'fth Mink of tneyaiiy. Lad ald Rlaesonw, Finlen's 'rah'raaua lFisher's I) awuing Se-a, fauok, llretlia Piehiireaque Annual, Tlh. POrtioih Annual ofith e 14th eenrtoy, Jcmaete'e Cerfatir, 'IThr Gialltrr if the inrace l' Ie ii Kltean; The I hrienlat Annualt Jr ednag'e Lanacapa Annawl, l l tnrtim ioa oif Scotland an th t%'m o Wnrly N r 'li he Inrtipnn.n, a neganitierit illu.atrn r n1 Ilw nxcanatitae of Pontiel and Herculneeuem, Thle Impelrial, il',inma 'fatable,' 1 rrndnhihal; ()H;,ring. The, Caricature Allnal, N:,penen Glallery, l'ieheh'eJuaroile, liar Yl'ringtaeaalemen'eeaed Yoting Lady'e As f'orget hre Not, 'ITe Conie Anoatl, Aairiaian ,Ieaon/e. 'ItirTnukhi·,'lre Gift, The latluh, 'The Pigrima'si'rotracric, The, t tiriatian Knehina ei 'lii,,lute r' I'.mna il'e'a : nolm l Spii'ididl hiinuaiii rctlntion, aiiiaibl far Charianie aind Ne'w Yinr'a iithe, oii Erglint, k'rnalieltnc cad Grnia *Illndalld a uthors, Nlagiiianrtly tinrd Itihlre. Proteaionrt ind Cathrika liaeou, iii Ergli h aind Fn-nl,, lnai liprupa.1 editirana. A iup'erior assortmrent ofn m.ot spletdid Engliltiblha k malt'htnaknnnd Albiunia,',,innriatseeirae. Mleaiel1 Albumr, by Loui(;aa 'uleah, ad other,8rlir, authnr. E JOHNS & CO, (121 cn t Charlers and Coi,inaoo eha SNIVEW BOOKS. LAND OF SH.ItK$ & SEA GULI.S., in2 v,. i'/eI Wie I llc'tr. illu 1 vle. The Naitlger in ('hina, ia 2 vile Murders and (Olurages comiitteil in this couintr *iihellic/ied eilh llllll, u .r ellgrav iigs, rclioee. /i;.ll Ihe scenlles r blood, aed correct lke enn* ofu thle crtaw (Curri/oities of I.iterAture anti literrve cllracter iliua FIreed by J t'lsraeli Esq, ) C 1., teith edi/ion, cot. ilete in one vollle. .Nicholast iekMliy part I/rst. compllete. teljpti, o( a rsiir. tceCd alnd ndjudgdEd ii the So prriiie (.curt of Irli fleift.d State., lanuary terem, 1838, bi I/ielard l't',eer: 1a hi Jutrrieceive and Ifor Pal, tiv l\t! ,i'/IEAN. nov20 ror Camp r aI d r Ci mmone t ITl.e lureau di. la Conmpgnie d'4nuranee e lde Si'll eri not tranaporicalU No I, rue du Canimp. 7d (T -1 TE LADIES4. S-Atkisnon's Dlepillntnry,f irir 1 .lrvilg ulperfltuous halir froLm the ft A, twek and ante, withl, tlll al.ft anod certatinty, leaviIIng the skin finer lnd whtler thn before the appliaitiion. A Irteh supply jut rn:uived at ilbe annaar. IIUSi ,& ALLEN, 1, Exrllhen Itotll, icr St Charles / Con t. on Al/,--'rkit h i) r, ior chaelging rhe Whiskers id Ilai. to a bhenutiul brown tir blnlc d5 BUSll & AI.I.EN. SLt'l r. c, ivted at tie Ne I 'rentis htationer's |Hall, 1 Ilt, Mllaidt l.narieindurpt, a play in > acts, by J. %.' r/ J.trdder f Lnre, a mu'skital dresia in anot by T. liuityi+c .U8.8 E Jtil-vee i t+it, i;l coar St ICh rle, & (:un n ellllllli 1k\\ tlti OUtS--Ieush & .11lc/ have ji r,'ceived a plendld u.aumlllenll it lille Fealy i,,ude, sitiae ilte for iuirstnrs, compriti ing it/tei' nIs ting decks, ltnttle n/uvie,;.kurl boxes, itiisical il,xre, plrtfulioe, oet dle taltltks1 upI )erl, shell uIdtI iv'ory, card cuaes and iuut.ellir.i iiiud w ilhi pearl utld gotld pa:cket buokis,pur' Fes, cpt- alai ei , gei/d ated dIivte ert elnc, pei funlei ut a ll kdii c Itlnre, ',', it TlE IBAZAARI d:WJ l eir et Chluries & otunt.n st., Elxchanige Il~ 1t ' I' ULTI'E,;S-J u. treceived andi r alte .t thi bookst,,reof .Alex.'l'owar, 49 Clli street, a, a nsrtll lall ifll lsItin ImaIte nI U Frts, i SleCted by i prte-lisoitr ol nlusic, anlld warrantllld to salld the toutlern clinllte. The abuse inl:runllillt eti ite aupeiior iute iiud liu/ih. Al init, a ariety uof tmuiit nd music seuts. The pubt lic tre respecll tfull, invited to all a0 id e allinlle tllrelu S 'AIll & eIi NTEI :I t 1,'111N;. P. P RII:MAN &Sr, C'O., No 3, Magazine street, J al I ' gei log thltir slllli/e if I'tnl aud Wiuter lethillnt/ , and itaI tatiull ci - Iali l lt.t ie leiliaetilntllt regu larly iloghiout tihe seatioI. 'l'heir unertmelni Iming Ilrge will elbns i llblnt tl o I supply rellllate lirac be llllrlt t t ho. rteit tnlltol ; ll ve 'u al/l wl:u/lileade r:L l, 11 , lt J l lll ll tl il i . F .LL PAN(1(iON?. S11111 )ub-ri'beri ti.i leave o infIrm their ilutruct 1 1lld ti'e ubhlie e lurall., thllia y u ale 110o per luted toI nlitillt theilr nl ac li, s. (GOSSIP .C 'O, tI+ ' otLl LblIn llat'Iie, 1 xcl/il..e ( ltell, _ _ - 12 . . . . . ..... . . t/. Ch/ elee st 1 A1'-%;h th lit, fludidg rinn iiJohn Mar l 11h01, for" tl!e b~y S 4-,d P V'II'p.\I,%Y• Njal c _i , C' mp / L .i/N In I'tCKI./ES, .CLtii, &v. jnlt ruecired L It the subscribel'S. It bcxt:. Encli-h Iinkles,/et.erutcd, ::" "' SaUces, dl 1U v' E+lr, quulity t/ Lndiu Muslard,. 111 c;lh. tas in glusvjtl, k LI -l'luckig. lg lier & Matrht, r L1.Arao*upr i. li/e3 iii (Fe/el Jut,, Sa .' d Oil, " Aca,,tl'd Fruite. (i \t i'I'l'l CItAIlj & JO TAG;i 'ti' Jr, 1cc24 I, I drnle ic. tta~i;el. at N~l rlid. I.)L NIN; the .ripealr ab.yelce ot tile slubjriber I |..e the oni t., CaUrlCS 1Brtge-, I,:sq. -ill act as liieleii-rld ign, a.dd to hih uti ha,.iag bunainae aailh(II.. and reigrt:i, ",,ill pleali apply. lv|4 tRll.R-til tied C Ia l dlkaEIl iaebaS,1 , LL.L.-.,,I t~,,l',U[ Lo., il bhlL. urll ill¢:tpLsks dl~r SPIed in 1o tsl suit p.rchanet, uderra left at tlhe oul Id, in 1) . I d MIL.S. Batk Place, a l .. Si.-- ah o . la idian I ui seinainsa t.d' ld Sh ild ,ij fi,e sale I·v LA\ IEACE & I.EGENDI)R F, __ ___ __n'_ 08 avdd il9 Nit. Levea (Ill \ L Lt# Itl \LLa, d iu jrl diri lll Ul ,l I IF j ,llld eul d lol. ,ltUll du relid whal til /iU I llelller'a I a .nu tS 'a I I.U41 Lii-' .ras I ltOstli1a o Sap St) do tllperial cud.e+ 311 di, hl),+ritd Ia IPrt) do taaunpowder do lOa du Young tlss n& Ilysendo l5It do ),lathalag ad Pesa.o dd f lo iLLby 200 gtay bag. O1lilta enduge, a&. far ali, WLIdt'IuIIG1E en LIrt ridI 711 Ol~alaa Ia 3Tt(AYEt awray at,-altl' ari a ot ,J t'i cua r-li ilt~lt.he9ith ali,at Nait herlitltijadla ('aa., a, lbit and red in largre spas.t, Ih of Itr Iurals bored, and a u. saia It t a crll it is Ihalt ahle in ly lIavr srayed I alut o1,* ltabhl or lut, Aryll illfiir tion if her willbe iatunlulaly iact-.,rd,allll Illt fiillder libelaliv rtaaaded by ulli.itg at tire ,uic at Uf Ij (t tKll _) 44 Naw L.ernae C" I'dI' N\V t;ILEANj-Sen a un e pai. 'tnl bi 'rd Watl--lh,~u e~llar bth, 1838. Ab aI own ratpriijiePraaal't l triiart Lease atieea, ate lrceteiy -ia, Rild to et)+.l,l]v urilh theu ordi,,an~ e of- rNuvelller ta=t. i lc er alt Iirit l l d, tilhreib ,d, in sixtaa - la,, fraom ta.i. dtat,ill raeacll ilia tll a liig ills tld ria a it: toi hac this sldraallna frlllleilla tlir intlia|cOtiae lolaartir euii - atrue ta ua r-eablt Ii i;,id ordiaaace, withr cull atdAg - Ili toieas uaiid lia re feet paved alpaortand to la.e SgMd L KIaUft, _'omissa_ rv, 3rd Wtarl +NLLE-O .ILEANS.--de Municiaalhite, .2 l),tr. S- Epaluiretaltes dea terre, situese sur la rtua de la I l.veaada 'rurt seon par Iea praraio Irat.rifis 'ac ailr a ue cah -llia r a Ilo dlallnlce de noatellbrr d.rnit couus Ipinte des rmlenlles y utsoncera d nus ise O jour Squi lauvront crie da.e, en exsultant I'ordre a ui vnra - dle faira co:ltreioner les ballUttaras fainat faae a Iaur pwiprice reapre ire en blulaer bliqlles du la Inac. eU liluellillita laIdite ordounance, burnleeg daleesaat.l g,-rae av a e ;su;ili at ea pieare da arois pLeda (curb .ad dJuter tII aones a thrla frt pavrd a atieprs. 11201_ 8A. Ktlttlt, arian.: : diatlet. .ltiIt~a CANAILO7lO-liA' hitra Iarnlle a dlca,, rktrbrI if taet liatlaw gidl, landit. (ram ship. CUa. tln, foir aale by ISAC DIhTtDGE E t',. jal.t " __ _ 1:4 Magatine gi .t+irkitlJsa ,t .taare an, ai~r sareba'- -- I jald _ _ IEIRICI •. 44 Nec l t Ei l I'IiNG,n ,lhtiktO CLTU'Iit, an.--Fua gale by 1i cEasaes heavr Wrwchr anil Wa-hiIagon Jeam,. a aau eriar iajiuht fir naeru clotainag t,.,el iaheave Leawail lliaa)a i tales ar(adova klersei, a et article for naegro clothilar manufaI, ltured strictly of wool tt balcs 7-8 and 4-4 .Lowell colttolun 1711 balca Ihav, 3.4 and 4-4 blown shirtingi and 8 rheetirre HI Iis a Ir avy Ilamilhilre bmRa n drillinl 3 casae saltineal, f, and ulrediua quallrairt hil rat Ca Aitiericaga prinita, ataiiua qatalilin. aeaaiaa*uierane Frenah ptiurtt, eaaafifld i.dltM 440 bdea Kia heeinl RIDG. O. ,Ir It IA AC RRItGII, Ak CO. llL 1)F VITI'ROL-Fr Mda t Water thilnaeiaureran a1 I anbtoyag oarl nf Vitara farm atiY Newtaular-. a iral CoLpanl, a first rate oart fr al. by , ". .IA R¥IJ S ANYDR.FWI. .a n_ ear ct'nnrm n & T"ehnrpimulthagt UGAR and Mauloos.a n lalantaian at a the lil i ,r ,l.cby ltAaDi,1ARS'OW 'at . ? 11n I E a . a. ,' Ital.trsa Cuplpe, lnadig framn alip CeagnImgtigg etn four sa' h JC dYOGANI*, a etXi APt, --G,.ri1h' 'L vOCKAYNK, vd valste Malie Brun ' d*. in cv alume, ffafil*" .• v'·'h Atlnl; W,,o,ll,ridex. &· Willard'r UniMP._ rwlth Anlnt.; Ollivct'aa Woodhrlgdgaer. amilth' Huralh·utlris Malte 'ri'ta Abhridt rnerr. Plrk.ay &Ili,',a,do. r t;ar aretlr. Algad , laranrrt'r Ueo a . e1C l II ann,.a. tbir ht atr-Alt. A lit&arl di. I awdnt to ttlnta ra m rherld a 1attr.ulnirai hr a~lrcqUrtil,.. - 1"!B~nl

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