Newspaper of True American, January 18, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 18, 1839 Page 1
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PnIcE 12; CENTS. N1W ORLEANS FRIDAY 1IOWNING, JANUARY 18 189 V.- o 860 Ir., n of !re .'et ~. ' na P re f Nrrr Orl n- - . --"-- "..-- --J . loa T'rros of t/e Nereep'rtr P Iress of New Orleans uasll linl n lulast agre-d ti lit ll a 's ov 0 rll .tii ltlneettn g il tie Proprietrr ,r hd on tihe 138ll of March, 1837. Ruescateritas.--fwalvc I1,lltri for thbdtily p'R peor annon, pitable a o'li u-t.tally id alvant.cce: tae dollars for tIle ri-weekly enuntry paper, pdyablle one year in advance, wrhere no itv relerenee it given. Noi nhilriIptior will lie dilrontinsed Irntil arrearnges nre settled. In case of di continuoance, one week's notice is writing must o invaroabl:ygiven, previous to thi 1iratliotll of .helerilption. ADVEY.RISINOo-lDRe dollar per equare for thl firof nsertion, and half that prieo for eachl subeequert one: ena material alteration from ite original advertisement will be charged ai a new one. owal.r AnrVasaTleeSn.-Merchantst and 'Pa ere, ofty dollars foi English alone, and sixty for both Inn ligati anllks, insrunetr Oficea, nnsd otlr simiar publici iinstitutions, fifty dollare n n Englikh only, ned eighty for both nlangungee; Ship and FPc tnrn, or Comlnission merchants sixty dollers in English no, and eighllty lr both Ianguioces. MAnxRavxs, )r iTerrax NoTIrES, and nrtirele enll ing the arttentiol onf t pibllo toir intes a property, eords of paneringer, benetas, &ec. &c. will o i elnt.e.l one dollar per nlsare for thle firrt insertion inl eacr lan and in adlance. A deduutioa of twentylfive perenAt. will iee mnde to Auctioneera, Shlislotr,Xogioeiersof Wille, narl lanrhals on sales of real estate puodishled in both lagoungee, and 50 per eoat. int Engiosh alone: 10l percent. on sales f otrtar property. AzDVRTISotnrirTS iott of rit direct line of hbusiness bf the advertieer,'sueh as legal, auctilo, a il a plants wt il an tel rusnray slavea, stray uniaennl, e&a. d. will b e harged for sepaately, and at the ordinllry rates. ADVlRTISEMEa T-s not epecified ato ttite, will be purlished one ioonth, and charged aecordingily No of hanlkruplciae will Ie pnblilhed n-iany eare, oles. paid fir previous to instertioo, or payment gitlranteedi by a re.pornllerle persens in town. Tlrohnta anid other places of nmniicment, aIvertihrii daily or tho na0on, to he chnorged $100 for Lneglish a. lostr si $15)11 in Iuoth lanngilis al Allnoune su ment o f ti carliiat' fn r politicnled oien will bei charged dorble the price of other advertiee menl, L r ()wing to itha irlnrsteire ces outtined by newtpapet prorpitor the have colme t the e tencltln theit tir nnnasts ofpreon llllr nw o ccontlhtct anct liarn s id within one nlont nofir preoanrttions, llll e n i de knuwa. (so ar uroas rmtiablel to eric othtr-they clli. gtisng hltenelvre not ti allivertise or print ftr euch dalinqudetls, ttlella n ease o adianre paysolnlre. isigied) J. C. it De St . IOMllS J. IIAYON, P. IP. REA, J. C. PItI/NDElIIGAST, JOl . GIlilSON, I.L MSIE N. IVek!y Pres,-\We, te utilerllg.or ed, agree to nsll by Ith ahrve ertllilitll, as Irr sei they are appliclibli to weekly Ipapers. idioriodi A. IB. LAWlASVILE', Sr Ns austcriptiont are taken fir le- thalln nlonlths. l.etter lunat, in Ill cases, be prir pid. N" OTICE 'ITO TIE PUBLIC.-Unfituoded ll rlor of tle ilndersignedll lhavillng soldi out, "r diacrrllnrllrl tic old anti luntg elstahla/hed (AIll)'/N SEEII) sTrllE, llhavincgllri Inrtlitltt lnUatrilltly irctllttl teiliy sel/. inattresiu'd parries, tStl ali/sberilbr lIgs tL o hou re ins filidi gruil,,irailly, nIId thle Illllic at large, thl;t ie still cittrlc:liee wlill/t tWo doors ri Ifrlls latr., or lurii'r, to ire lrti.hlid wilh a fI'll anteilax. i tsiritit suppnly if i/i Stiro otantdard kindr of kitehbl/ or vefelbhl.! h,ear, I Stradt, of il growth alnd illl. pofrt of tile iresernl -Irellona, lt37. lttner th/ic early pitr l a it.1r, t l.tIthirh lihas ri . .:eiwvesd iilllli!e Pull l 's0 by tIm p~rIck t s111,) 4 V cl:((- burg, itrcolit y. ani Ark iarlit, cll r rr,vl cn icc/crt -aenolit., ,rert from Ntiw York. hIv the Mli.. I aippt aor s ito /lcr p lltk , hiei i cl to ,tl l xrk a ,i-rt ' rnlil. rc.tvrtli alrleady rtci lv,i d : ivllc, r tlltIUeteci by aiutl.. t ' riii ctiel htrr "g iifrther Ina c- ilrtll t t i/ i r I llr l ul' S e tnr, tt it t. t ri, ol /tt ,.t.c i l ,a I well r a il ,lI i tint l tn ,t i t t t/-tttli"t - l eir ite 1 il ir ,1t ,i /cG trdrtl ,lttldt, ,titith s / tir rtl, il, no lit "si c tiel l iaie iti,ri t .sitria1./c iii it .I ,n.itty 1 .":2 . tlllaini , Il lt e ran illl \ I k t (iltti t ll- /l r itr.i . rde 'r. if titn l- ornitn r -it )"r,'ri:te le;'tit-hs' . cr,-i c-a. I'. it - I . . il, tI}- ,1 Hrd So/ l d, Cii i el iit, I r i t i,,- , t .it i i. i .r itt p . I iira t a /d ib /rin . dit ii-- iiratiril i /i~~iri Iita... \i ( t1 I' t,1 :I t .1111't j )' .5 lll si ,, ..,h .s 11, ,lls.,,. , 'it .r,'C;, s,- .. i / lU;, ·. ' .; l , 1, , 1'r IhC Ir, .,l = ..'Zl of|" 1)I, crll r FIl .. s. ,.. ..,' is. .. .. . e stis c U, is~a is 1nis si sf As Iir . lr+:l ': I ll,.l1l" II .l 1h,' ;ll" · lll.ll , s oil rall aul't a d . ,tf', " " d', itill 11,:"lul l ' .1 :i~ l , lee sls s ale` lrlon d m :,, : iun 111e : s i lr. ,r llrat,1 , l'ti (Hr ll l tll \V I .l~l ":, ; 'iII -I'l ,'s, l llllll·t rn , lhLhos, ,arlsis sssn ,.iin.lnI I' I · 11Il' I,1 ,n l r'l, l(,idf ys, |",ilr". " ll. l SllllSll sr slll, 'sli It. iit lleitli Jnult s; Alini tle nuirU. mssya lltls .hicl , llerally folllW hi s sass a-e. (le l i Ia·I rI ,l illn two olr 1t l ., daysl without lthe tme oa erusrn, iaterrllpli.n frowt busirets, ur alleta A lledlelll it prl I tn Venereal D)iseia e can be oh t. nell oI lll·.Jf 1 lll.'i1ll 1 ii L Irl)lll t 1e he rlecipe of the Ilaron Larrv,. tl thihrtlled "rel-h drse n, aiid fw-l p u edvhllne by d llrl d ng Elea tel ' I 'll (1 ll ' Tll ll which he Llervedll usl; uigO,. . . .o ri.l nI th" (Ii rll .ll n r l·h t L. Sold lih I . Joislan ll . f lt i rs 1) l . I o- Ierson hling allny aif ts of Ve ,'rl al I¥li..,osi, tn h u rl ll t.inas g ti hei allre in thllse sl es I ur. can be list up atiilsws h ltll s lulrs iss slh tIllrltllt . IFi l l. O at di Olliut i so alii u rmlisi.g until to o'clock t at night.* ABIIEINIIIY'M I)YIPPtl L (. R.[ . iDr. burltnthy, lh greate.t OIf Ilsnlid surgeonas was opinionlll llll i -tenths of thil e aiaselsei ait afect I' mankiand origilaIte i f tlle tollch. T'his.. i.lixir uwas used hly IhnlI witih i1 t most unprecedenllted F-ea:s. ilI las private and publis prnlice filr upwards ofufrty I' yeara, ir then resnlnval of he .ulllWltlseg dlenree i Loas ifl lstrlsno, Flb.llla eLe Dai'elsllion ofnI aSf lto sela, Paitio in lis ,ll,', levina htef Ilel d iald ais sii- d nan;ioa t sloee Irlrregulritv of twle Bowels, ade ill oal craas witl,''rt llr ,sgsioas ur a ita u ivs habli. it olualnd l Ip rhis olediil, Illast nt Ilo elnnamheetl uamna thae huRt ofqanuk in.strllls sow hftore lirot biic, as it ias t els invetitlot o l it sanltlelt anod rliotl r.ciltilC SuriieIn Eurosan eva,'"r isoducld, Itld stle 'crtse orl f lns trigit a was tpurchaser.d bsy tIhe nelain for ia iry large tall. Ii i a greaallle ailp l lea slln i ti h Ila - I-de , it.ll lse a alih lfer t ieat.alwgns Ires tlae boinwles liua imllnl l VgIr elnd ratrell lll itthlnya Lls , sld clherrtullllu is ta i f llillll, i anld a Iu lwt'le·; reclllvles the iiiiii e nllllirllmed tact.o of l)ySlp1i iur Ildigestioa, Uld tirvenitSa rtlarlal aLt ally t'°luro p:eriod. a i i.w aYoRl7th \atigst, 1838. :15 ltlliw ai Sils:-It lraoneanqrienfleadilg a aelentarv ite, I hann beea truleld IL re nio r heat, with ldigesslisn fir teIs years; i'r Iho Ilar tihle. arla Inlv aslliTllntIa have bera i sllutli rtioble. h s ive rito llt'el llltaicila, land nlllllllrof qallsek telitilrls, wiin iah denr: aiS t llny atoelnls. I dlosuisria OF to t.liiolo mll. rIlsedllInaf.ur reliuef, nil rnsig.ed mInyself to the mi o et hopilts1 dt'y rirs I wa sprsaaed by l n.ta, frlellnld to r.m Aberlrllel).l Dysll ptic r.lixir. I have tiw fins I tll.sie aiuth Iuts ti., anld klnlw t Iow s e txprlstl nla i 5 alierlillll oft its wnrullefol virtues and lte. lrneity, l siIst erilrutnlla its retlorihg llll lltlthat heahlth which 1. I ntiglulssaot fir ever. i1sl ine hllf a lto.ealn IIbtles t t e sl.d excn.llt l' Ihllnks ir Ill blTesinga s you have a n erred by re storing lu iro pfIlact healtlh. I relaain vorar, Jnot ui MONROcE. r'he a.tnt Ial in hit maians neve hndred tee - tilncials sar ilar is the albve, ef the extrnordiuasry vir" asta of thin iedieiae. stind byup aositto t in an Dr. Jollnsolnlt's, ltheni ll taitl streetn sonv. ., PROSI'EC'TU. TIlE uahsnrihor p-opases to plblisha. in tli be gisning ol' lIa onralns winter, a Corldaonsation t f thI tweity avolumes of the Old ald New SerieR of Martin's Louisiaana Reports, to Ih casnlrisead in sfior veluaear, u ,.; aaccordlng to ths model of Peters' Condoeaatd Rtpnrrts. Titas work is now i' preparation by .. aurton Ilarrison, Est , of lthis city. a rsitd by William F. Brand, Esq. The Esitor is also, permtllld by a distingaisloed retired Judge of the Sllprems Caurt, and Iby no rif the sittiag Judges, to expect froml their parsoanl supervinioat all th' advantage which nay naturally lta raapid feora th;ir expsrianee. Such a work is hatcoming everyy day mor ne cessary, as lth original u vtolumeliltous, expensiv., and scarce. An inaraisin cllriosity too is amnal faot, it til otlher Statan of the Usion, in refereanc to ithe pteseliarjetrisprudtnco of Loussiana; and the eir.cllmasntnc of thit onullerolta princilplis haere de cidoa, in tle adjustnlott o eorlnlires of Is-ta, makes the kaowledgeg of at r t mlasjt~ed etss o'f prises uti. i-ty to thejuaints of Ihs whlole U ioia. aortovat, the rising nipslli of Tex' as has adotlled our codes, anil thus !haro is a gresathlaadnl for the Louisiana decitsisla rolu a fruslh quarter. Conve.ient notes, ilsdcating ltas paralleI eases decided in Louisiasa, ansad oc:ast.oally those in tihe mare authoritativea larams af the other States, will n added to each catsne. 'The wark will forsn four volumes, royal octavor. and will he delianrasl, bsundai to naubacr.bars at $6 per vol.; in ann it shotll be found pratliahlo to cmapreat it islta threea volens, the p-ite to sub critbers will be a$7 Ipr vol. Subscriptions aoeisivd by WII MIa E:CN, rOJ car 'ampt and (.amntoI asas, NEW OIiLEANS Sleam and Patent Biicuit It.kery-Waters and Hillman. No. 09, loreea (lear lile Pte.iehrtrai RItell Road.) Pilot and Navy Broad, S.dis and Winle Risnuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlord and Water Crackers. All the uabcve artiele oere warranted to be of the fires quality, ad . keeLp In any ilirnate, being cumpletely kiln dried. Alo,--Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left lt G. W. Ilri chard and Tage t, Jr. corner MagRaine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt atotention. Selall liege put up expresely for flmily use. 15nov FLOUR--100 barrels landing in store, ani fir l' sale by i )IIKS.Y, dl3 44 New ILevet AIi.S-700 kegs Nail, ssarterd ries., for sale iby d15 ADAMS c Wll |TAI.L. 67 Gravim r I'tU qDB)- - Ilisissippi Fundt taken at 7, Fronta - vre, for (iroceries. dl5 [ ERSEYc--76 heirs Kerseyl, OIL--55 iarrols'l'aners Oil, t11 cask winter Oil, 40 casks afll strained do, f CANIDLES--811 bioxes Sperm Cendlso. for sale by I. !| AI.E, d7 91 Common " NEW PoRIK I B& g F--l) bla me.s, acd 4ll bbl. prime Perk l21 bble prime lreel far rule lyv 44 Nrwl.ovre A CAlAI. EaRq. JONES, Professor of singing, the Gni ar nl elPiano-forte, heie ta etnllcalce lir arrival Iton filarsgcw and fen, ,everal years praci'r in Edlin hierghand Goleow. sele Balterro hriell t itI ler svya lie I olin'triuelin ill rive ceiaflneatiln to n y i le. 'l''"etieao iale es In er. lnthilio, t ie. can be eiowna, on opp 'alinei to lMr. Mlillard's 'li Royal treect. S)thiX CIIAIR '- -lli0 dr ,z c i Be n Clinri,, iinlt rh S coived alld neil eihablo for shlipig rfe" sanleat lie I.nOl i cla L ruralture 1 ar.: Ito Inc. novl __l 0VI Iltecllrn, . 'gW BOf)mtQ--NNpelne la'. M oi'o rti ,---e ei irng c aill Prind I almhceresn, hy 1 rIItr !,c n, ilc o vnl; 'Ili he lidlll, or ecoll coe fre ,tlee l ifeo i f Ilo rd I i.c le, in t2vo l; P rlecv'l l r lietri n' e 'ila for 1811i Paintley' i nlltlioio Iuft le 1:lf:); j'aig receveil loo d for ale iry WP MelKIAN, d'- ill torneroraf CIalil & Cololnon ri LOUISIANA INS'l'ITI'UTI:. TiIIIS Ilaeillion lr hle ilhei hai,,n of in,-le oi'e m.en, c Hll o re . ito operoioll ic tlieroil lOie()te - lir. in Ihe li ctal t t elel' v if Ii, ·l o ii t ('hllrcl , :llll.r f C: rolell e i P ldernu, Illller the d ireciion f 1h Ih idrsigne wlic ei oars pce il re . ir of iifhemliee in e',erail l('ll,.e.,. if ltl Ir i d Whri I l iv agradanle ulcore f lla mst etIicreIIi unlilvesltlies Tli c'iee n'rotaeiuico lehe plera,+,l in toliseniinnry .ill ie c ilireietlr el io e uf ilii e iiitliii . I " I i..Ih I,.,hetl lhji, rti,-II , eiii'cTr: ,r( ' ll lie Iioiteellih ra fhllronigh IIlnd i .idalleieimiili. 'lngli-lh id-c .. The e ris l l e delralnrtcee , co:llcllre endilg ile i nl r P cIl lc, 1k lan lila.e1 Lati T w ull n r I llr w c iiki i 'y iioi li.ur, 4. Tr tlie etil iri l I oiland phi' in anhi al i,'er d,,n c i.ieprehrl eledie.ll'rla, I r T, i r Ifc o 'i'r li :1 NIierc wiith iT leeir pra i. al i app i li n I fn i 4 ',f.l iiii, , vllVintlll , 0,.ftlmi)I ,, l'. .,It lril l'h ,l ne"Phay ItIm d Ch ,lei+trv id llin rI-t, I liy a0p prn lirlai,' x ler ,c tI e w 1 ,ec il[ ('hi leosse itl the htilern I.citiin e , ,ill I e I n' coid n anl tc o frli ln the I t i ic.r' un edr. c '.1 11.011c 11:1 ; l i t all.N , l . Ii , - I ll-iN I Re II. I) l .. A,% . I. 1. Seeel-ieto'. rt I.; i; l. ~I: · f ·N b I"q, I, iie I I,' ! - \ cll l coI. , It- 1,11i ' I.S1·jN It , I li l'l ll l I i , , . I , ,r i ',, tl , . ll l ,' r i , I. , r ",I, . I, ,- , I. , h i , 1.'rl hId . l I h. ,Ii" In , lI. . iI- ll ill ll , ,il ' ll - 1- Ii. pee- I ,i. u l iii ed SFIII t 1: h, a d ~; " , ";t 1 clc. : 1 li ,, i,. c .i l et· v,"' S ? 'i 6 "-t li. h pf i dlil .illl· I. ' e:. I. : ; l'r .k-:- , ,Itrc .'', l .ecalei icr ii l- -- ,-'l. i ,I,-, 'h cbllV,, i IIl+n . . ., I ' o t'.. I II a ,I , ,I , ei a.h ,lii ~ ;, i I',, i eles. li er, ., o e.. l " P t i., im.. ci-K.:l' ll ee-k',+ I \ AI.e FT . ! nIPa pt"l "f"T hlets l'Illhill', n r, l. " Ia il' i .. i i cel I0II I sa d ltlio , ah c i.d Il ctl;e;I o, II In ', )1n, t .old I lurito 'd gol d,l loey coillued cil gld,1 8;r.' w Ill au PFIN l)I,11IF1. Slearl elei Gol l PenIllolere; 'citll 1e11 SilLerdo. etl I13 o',T' TF OF LIlUISIAN\A. l.'eril Joi irelD IAi' 0 Present. ilhe lion A ,lll, Itnllo ,Jicic, dlor. No. lie . ll Joll-ic li .Otc ii. is Cr, ll it l lin (-l-l - inllllo ic Iti 1 Icc cert I-e.q of tcoel.,, !ice .1 I~ifeirgue, e n'ie ci ii el,'h icre~d' i.,ra l iit'e iei. lincei and c inil . ecilic eial ,Il~t, . i,n eIelic a,'c: heitlordrcedhi illcc. a.ur t he trelil e.a' . hil . xM i t lIa lllll, i-o.ln hee lol!icaee.eII i'1h ll 'I iireieI uclto dle n to llv nmd the iaeti iiited in ic-el de,'7 -:tlthd I I.,,lll,. N(', (lek. .Ic 1)il.rirel J hllciaire. Jean,, fat Ilr(.*,lldhre : P)rrPSI l I'lllonrabla l A n lnll-i n ln jll". JJIIh Malissy vs. sascrullciers-n Ili3li-,33i-u, imotlnIde ii KIOnl.vPi Es(q, avocl dei A tllr.glle, syndl deg creanriern de tIl I'hlnslIvale, et npres aviir enlro r utlubltral de distri bution en cete illi. eil e1st ordonine qu'unel assenublel v dearrreancilrande i'iarolvable it outreinterrr, es alill hie lire voir danll s hx jiurs de la pIbtlirtioa de celt e vis. Icn raison por Ilsqirllles ledii lai lean e srani pea hvlrologue ut contirlll iel.l lin loi eit ls fUl(.1 h dirlbles en eonlsequilTne. lIlr aii d lI niICteirea ;do P .-A 1.1.11,1 INC, Ihp l._lrTer a l'ATE OF L.OUISIANA-First Judlilial I)i- li i, trict Co.rl. John ,.1iy 119 lllr vg llis Credilors aldl the leditolirs o Itlettlx foouter. Thlin credit ors l' John May Fnster anlld f lIelVenll i Fo<ter, are herenrv nuoilled ito appear in opnit crt ell nSaurdy, a the 9tIh istarllt, at Ill 'clrcik It. Ir. In slhew ei IR , ifilly a thiy Iave, wllhy aid JLhni ,ay FIleer shlluld not hase rhoe htri ol ifhel laws a de foar f ithe relief or isllvent o debtors il neiinln custody; C(lswell nrid lland Etqrs. I are apilpinled o rlaresemnt the albent creditorrs i.n thia lIv orieroflllhe court hlis 3d Decelllbeer. 188. i e i -- 3 t1 2lh l M - I ' I.: e l l l. D v t ' l k " -l'AlN'l' Di F l O IUISIANI--C-.r du Praclier a J llisrrnlJulcacllre, Iiar, sl'..F, se ir(nlllieri r t Urle anciere IF. I)iveax FFostr. L.1s creanciers ill Jotn Alay .'-ter er de IDevaltsa nFoa ter .int par If, pre.lnt rolqii11 de s'av~se ,iter eft pieine cour, enuitdi, '9 du courantl, n I l hlr-ee dil itin t cinll do ililtrer a usil ·lll r 'il Ien a xistla , irnnrtlhl ledit Johi iilayl nia1ri n'olarltdriaii pa ialn rtuefiie den Ini. asecs ipour le soulngemelnt des debiturs inlsolvableb elemis. Caswell & Brand Esqr. sent loanlllls lpole representer les creal:. aihien. isa, ds Ietie itlare.- Pair ordre d lia courI 3 der,18. 8. ,'e?7 P LiEl.. \NC, I)e.. C;Gr.mlr S TATE. OF L.(lJ$IA\NA,-1 lnIn U.inua I thei H lPliah ald Cityl of New Ohrlrnaa-Preseet, the Hiln Charley Alallrrial, Jldge. Nra. 112113 Newnai Ilirr:rls vs hi creditlors and thI crediltirs oif J hin I Bovd & co lThe cessionll ol propiertylv bythe pltitioner is anccrllted hby iaecourt lr the iallierii of hia crellilors nno Ile icredliorae of Jhollh Ilov. II is rnlererl tlna said cre.itors do meet in ihe olfice olf II B Clcaa, Esgr 1nlatrY publiv, on eFrilay the thll dta of.lan: air. 18:18, then aind there to deliberate iupoln tI e nlnrs a ii n solvent, and i, the mean time all pIoaeedling anailstl tih erson aild proIIrI oId staid a Newton iclrds are otrvei.--lt is flrlieir ordara t lilit lessar. EiImI rei and King he appointed to r epresent thel e al.aenat creditors in this case. By order of tile clon .l. A It I I N D PITOT, clerk. Clerk's ()11eai, )Decemlbr Lit. b138. dec 3--3,hae I-'irlltINGD-li casesr, nnolariseing u general ero - Yi) nraInlfll lr o(If Riinlirlalnl PalitnlllOilrIr Vols, S.lrlt, Ac. now lldlll nlld dfinr mnle by IX AtOR- ll kagis andiniianii air onoer ontisr allr Sfier sle by (s DliSil.L, 44 Naw Levee. a lid Ior sale by lORlY, jali 41 N ew reare P r'EI nI ltdielC--llll lobxei Nean Bedfelri, jist re irivld 1liG d lor sale il.y Sl1181. 5 BIIrIW .. 110 96 Gllagazine rt SI'A STATE IiF .IUISiANA, RI11I Catnrt lor lhe Parish and City of New Or leans, Pri-'oae tha InllnoraileO Chalies Mlorian, No. I I.IL Jinir It. G(irshimi, i 1 ietal acuto hi C'reditor-; 1Upni reading ad ilfhing thepr nd Schednle, . in m 1hi c -,, Iit, iis o.d'red by tihe ait aI metl in of tIa n r l ,athe n.,inli In tlvent nce. ti op. n' Cor, in tlraitny1 the 17t1 dnv lof her tnort. then ad morli to. d bi,1iel- on the a inholvent adl in the mturti,.nall proceed gsii, io- hli p-rs,,ll. xn111 iuro[lY IlIR m1,yred. ht i" d It re -re-ll Ih. rentl creldiUorý. Icrk's le, N w , N r ,1,leri .,`lv. .2 1: 13, nf:3. A lM.t UVOL, hoe';l Clerk 'r . i, BALDNESS. B nEAUTIFUL heed ofrhinr ie the .nr lest onre . nt Ielonaging ta the hrmain ame. Hoew treanei Iv the Ine o it ehnntgee the enctln'renne, and proma ttrelv I,riees on tcle plenranc(e feold nge whii it u sen to recil ant lnine lrn.verdl. tInd m,ti nes ever to ehill~'e .oeietv to voirl th-. ete e and nciere of their nequnhr.tneet the renneindelrof teir irivs re con elq hontt lynpent in rattlert. In hicitrt neot ewn the Inso f property Iills tie eennertNo Ihinking Voth r wth thate neavv nsinkinig lnom aa do the ltn t oCf I:i hnir. To Rert nil these nInldcen1ant eirtte ntnnete, lrdidrl e' Inlm loe (nln irein topi the hemr nfrt fillen off en the. first enpliertinn, ocl a fetw ioter re cirern it relenin It likecwise peoclce. e..nhrc. r nedl ihinkers; prevents the hnlr frome teninrn gree' maen m . rit rl lanetifnlle, ind ferees it romnentrf. Nr tere cic tertinicnes'on the firte reepcetantilitr in lctpperrto e virtes ofti Oldridge Banlm, are l;own hv ithe proprietorec. i9r Rend the folloWinge: Robert Whurton, Eq. late Mayor of Irlead lpt Inl re tirir. n e may he seen hbelov, tothnl ilgilh 6ner tr nf he foIllowing entlemen. 'The tnllnderioed rlo herebiy l, tor thIe t waecnve eleed the .ihte f (tniolnhin dlie'cvered rl i.l. O(ldrideie. ed have fillllld it highl serrviernh e not onlv ir a prepnt ve agninle the falling iffeof hair, iln alno i certain reater tive. WIIti, 1i 'iTl ATCITI:R, Senier, Methodiet MIinister ie t t (.cre erhrrcre. No rl6 North Fifth st. JOIN P.INl.lIsa· It Adlc street. JOt N D 'rIII)ttI S, A 1), 16: IRaele t JON.1 S FI'Ii: Y,l,6l iprlerr trert. Il l U ilehl.ll lof.fiI i3$uthc d st. JOIIN ;AIRI)Ji, 1t3 Arnh trneet. It is known that three n tile ihr ie ignerre morn thain t yrenrs ofier, and the ltlers not eCns than 3r0. [Fr.,.. tic , cor.)] Cecuccwlcnwenlt if Pnrerle ntn, C5r chi fi'lPhilad iephi., i, Robnert Whernn. Mater f e-nidl .iy of I'lciled. phi, dne herebhv ertify Ihit Ine ac tl eqiciieclcdtr with ,ie.eie J I' lnglie, JSnnS Ien.,e noe Icile 1h 'urcive v hise nar erir si-nedd to the illlvee eiet iicnte, ot ntrey ten' c nctle, c cdi tnccl tr nm' rr: ,, o:v a its clleh lull ereilie l hlou lid e nive tl Ihe rsail crc'i' li le. In witnes wicrleeol' I have Ihe' t iuni eth on bIn aedl tfc ve l of thre cit tIo bbe fixed, lhi icth div ef D)r'emnier. he. [1.. S.] " IR)H:llt'I' WVIIlTIN, Mlnyner. OIIBSI:IVE iit III. i)Ic tle ofthe i ic(; llllill Im halnin n siltenlid eclccveud nlwrapcr', oit wlichI in reprenter t ile " i . \f inn .rn , .1 e I.e . l,+ Ale vn'i. aic ellc ilicn i thse i nic nti fIr A.notn rt o.1. € . c , e C . street, IIt "t \littLC l I ole, one hloo t W:gi. e olu f llrlr. ii A e. i ei t jtO119'BAR li(l'l) & ( ccs.l|.J an New Orlrns L4 i e of Packcc t cip.--hn ne'i'l wL , lilt.le o ships hts been iu.tilt t rin between hie ahove. port, andI wll lLI ,|t'cllrl feeittble draftel of Wricrc eceIcIdnlctidalell r i uc'llno p cnnll.riny., eand evrn efInortI will ' ie lutidt gcii c ivgini gfiirlwr yslic ccc' y ticilc,, I 1 e11 Ie incct eitomposed c dftho lie Iwccg ships:' Chr Iel,,, 41li tons Ci:pt. .l Ilardeing, tctarolina, t 41111 do ii Len .int, Cltarlc.ston, '7-1 do I) IIdridgie, (',dumb,ar , 6".13 dI, 1 Iljlrker, i'iua tle ii, _ td .1 cllow . I)'n ,I,,, i n'. c' I) I'i nphirey. chit .' sh'i re ll ew, I' f tiIIc rtI lIces, I,,C cIr fn ith l . Iui' llp111 1.,d, c, i c.. ti, c. ll bi ii llcIII ci" r'cc t -tx e.inrc' Ll, It. c, f uilr n tic li. ntt Imic i , \l II h n ec'1,.le l ic~ eec.iiicc hll rc y ctlenti in wil he ,1iI In poi rcc i, ac idi tic.. Vieiey , cc et of et.ters pro '1c1,, dilclit ,.vA . cowrJ op ald ,,l Mil vi"<ipp,, s iil Ith ' a aic.icit ctclci i ii " ' .-crvc d iil it' I. in ;II '" ' i . , 1',, a ec p t ru -, n-' cl . c l h ',c c l l cl' 'hc..rilI" i p,',y.Oc t 'lice.' I ci e to, s'y ', ', " , Cc rt'lltc'ir. 'l',cu slop;ciclic htvt fhle lt 'ne! l nil o i-veryi nion lic. Fh,,nri'','ict ;,r cct c ccci'ccic i t, lth! mi.icic. ' J A e. I 1 I 1 1' Nc .i , a, '. so. ,cnt27 c FRAtNdLid;eI INTEIVRIARY rý"ll ; !.:l it, ,.t Une ' . ." ,. ., i..I tm q inHum 1 ," llll r ts I . : , tl 1I* "t1 o I-t 1 iota1 ' I ' at t eel,st idre dponk gi l r l uh. lli: , upon athe ru i ll , 1ot e l hC Irtnla thie 'ldal ' 1' i hibl , lilll _l t:l urte a I II )ltl t iulV div idl ] it i , ltlt ll"ll. . sill l ll s+P l lrT l tI t 4c Ll.S Al - 'i'h" tlil- a it I ti tl, apli 1 wi l e a ml t skiltll an . rifllttlsilaktt aitaeulNita," l lo' da ilaa iaala i t itttia . I Or JI'ri ltl ur llNl &IrI, A PI AlL'n te dow oi ' 'eim ei t Ihn a r IIaIry lsFwardasttr s·od r Agp . lavui tbetasdo I aths I r stall et)x in thele Irdlllyi Id i. t re a p a sdliarstit te u ( rIe' rIm'eabi p~it tip sity, is sir tVellhed ntiaae W dIn api l t i lr t tllllt.alslll mIIusI hlet ItIand . or" tl) 1to Ar t . Us erlellslt s :s l lllllll Stl'et.. ll lt I Ti is ,ehldiraat A\ieriuau i l ninulyc e tilss l to e and has at thl t Bioek-lore of AI.EX s I'dOWAlt, Vehrt lre sti.otit.t .insenstlt of the iloeks suitable f r the seiron can be h ld. dt i -4t RUSHIITON & ASPINALL'S i e [OMP)UNDT'ONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy t Ls and cotiin curo Ibr tile Fever and Ague, remittent and interinittent fevers; prepared from tile original recipe. UedJ w;!}l einnent and uni ver;lal success in 1832, by persolen o tile highest resplctablllty i'l tpli city, as stated in tile annexed certitcates. a This lmedicine is highly reconmmendod, and has bnoh eatensively used in the above diseases with such distinguisheod success, that the proprietor of the recipe has heen induced to offer it to the pub. lie i its ptresent formn in the hope tihat it may be the means of relieving imany of those who are suffering undur the scourge of our country. It is a medicdsok possessing great virtue, and when used according to tshe directions has never failed of effelcting e cre, even in the smoht obstinlte stage of the disordr. It is not at all disngreeabla, and perasons f thie weakest stoietch, and children may take it with h tupdeity. It strengthens the digestive organLs, reates an appetite, and ai ldoni requires more than one, or il obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neitrher mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, tier any thIing injurious to tile huan constitution. Tdle proprietors are so well convinced of its effi acy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in naco:danci with the directions and Ihas t not effited a a perfct cure of thile fver & aguel - A. OLIVER, sole agnent foir New Orleans, at Iis wholesale and retail drug as d medicine store, i cornler of BieUlle andl Ctt artres streets. ior District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. S\IITII, 48 Conti at. SFancy Pocket Books--Under ti s head will be found a splendld variety of ladies' and gentlemen's pou ket bookas, niote, card, needle anld thread cases. r Fancy Stoeks, :uspendlrs, &c.--Of the latest pattern and of superior quality, consrsting of plain and figured satin, boub.z.ue, velvet and cloth r stoeks, linen bomns, plain, and panty with aind Swithout ruffles, shrt cllara, .suspenaders called ' Washingten suspenders, also, gu, elastic worat. lerd and cottonett do, with and without rollers, S d pantaloun straps with wire springs; uud a great va. ' risty of gentleuen's wear, made expressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vnlliurn and 'ant of Phila. delphia. t ombs--A general and complete ae.ortmcn of combs from their nltlufactory.Ajso, Enghsh t r and French dressing coalbs, etc. dee27 , A NDREW e-MITl &iCO., respectfully inforan street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every descript nt, r- sach as copper stills, kettles, and pgunpa, tn bath. t ing tuo. s, and oil calls, of all sorts and sizes, and allI e otuTer brass casting done at shortest notice. 0 Grate bara of' every de crlptlll, Ryici l as steaIm. e- boat stirrups, ling elitls, . wrFw holts, l I othel I kind o ebtteatmhot work, buch as cmo a,ttl, breech. e.e, sLteam pipes. 'Play walt also de all kinds of oat doer worlst Jr. such a- zinc, copper and tie roafi .g and gutterlny , In. &c. They above and all oulhtr kinds at work In Stheir line of hriIca sJ, they will execute at the dshortest notlie, d, :2 ITt AV s'it.l.-\ '. F18 ,.. icia t I, a,,tt '. tilk Ui ll-elh, aaa i I- riutfi Illit Mta, 11,l ,,, a d a i ob dil L,; t.ltsmine arst I" _ 1 AVA \A t:I F:, l,--tl h"g, prints ¢llr n IlaVilln Coentre, hllllius hu' is+ | u14, rs. IoT nort by J(12 (rAl T es, i ItAY.\ | d.| 25 ;latic [IAY'S LINIMENt'.-N Fction.--This ex. L traordil ary chemiclId conmpsition, tile resull Ii. of edieotr, and the inventioln *, a celebrated mnedil cat mano, the introdulr " n ofwllich to the publo l i was invested wit thlie solennlty of a dealbhed tori hequest, has since gained a reputationl unparalleledr , nt fully Sust.ioilg tlet correctness of tie lamrtrd sioe Dr Gridley'a last clirs.ion, that " 1he dared not hir die without giving to posterity the beuefit of his paio knowledge on tines esubject," and Ile thereflor., bequeathed to his friend and attendant, Solomoan ani lays, tihe secret of hia discovery. It is now used in tire prineipal hospitals, and e tihe private proetice in our country, first and most by certainly for the cure of the Pilus, and so exten aively ald effectually ss tio balflh credulity, unleio whereo its effects are witnessed Externdly inl the following complaints: XL For Dropsy-Creatinrg extraordinary absorptio'n at oner. i1 All Swellings-Reducing them in a frew hours Rheulmatism--Acurt or Chroelc, giving quick tc' ease. Sore Thront--ly Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. ano Croup and Whoopineg Caughl-Externally, and sonl over tlhe Cher t. ,,,,, All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a bend few hours. was Sores and Ulcors-Wlthther fresh or long poso standing, and fever sores. to Its operantions upon adults and childroen in redue I inK r .heumatici. swellings, and loous.ning coughs~ a d :, tightness of the chest oy relaxatiol of the parts, the lihs been se1rpriimg beyond conueptioi. The t olli conlrno remllrk of those who Ilhave used it in the ilrw Piles, is " It acts rhoe a charm." tle 'TilE I'L[ES-The pric:, ,t is rerned to any Inl person who will ueo a bottle of ll.y's Lnic u int fir tile Plies, andl returrn tie empty bottle without fiCii breing cured. 'l'hsre are tile plsir ve orders or f Il i prnpietor to tiloe Agents; and out. rof many ihou. illia sands sold, not one has bl:len ull tuccesl. i ' W' might inscrt ocrorlite.os Io any l.n.ttr, but tle prefer that those who sell tie articleo, ihoulld Ux i in hIlit tlie igriinal to pirchaso rs. I'I, CAUCTION-Ncar can be genoien witiout a I: sepleodid engraved wrapper, on which is lily namewt and also that of tlr Agents. ~eiY l bOLlt)MON IIAYS. Ie' Sold whrolesale and retail, by CO.\1SlTOClK & ios Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every sturd town inl tihe UIon. For sale by i.- WhVllnale Agents, corner of i,. Col.llon & Teloitouils sreut, alind by tie lot" Apotlhecrices gnerticll. JOe30r o rI fl o Il ndeoor-ioend have hIIIl day liolred a eo-part- not, h lers i!, lto Illhe tiir ei l ,ll of a r(eeneoii (n'11o ."- snilt -ioll at d FIIwal:lI nf Inlg -ill.:-", ill tt:,i-t un11 do ond ie I e r. firml it o Iraem t. ,r I. , cca l irve o nr hckin ilfe Sir; o tot,(N oitb r l', :o1 .01.o., Je. r r rA iiC R.jefo--e . : J tlIi 0 (I llW.i\. h i lior,,mor. hJ Tl. r & ,. \v n--, h ii coiroot Ii,-i 1 i IIIn vO., hilIade Iin Cohs P \,"h--ey & ,,. \lcrte lr c cin i Prtlrhurgh, Penn.i 1lh,,i'ertn ror r orocbs , ir lre .h:101 u ion Sllnrhpl4 , E,-,I. (' .llllniclh+', I. ,I j .i it Yed,,,o ,-,, - .roI , ;, ,,, 'lt,, 1Il, rJrN,-.o 'rout-) , & A rrte, St Lorll a. - _lio i'I. 1 - ( t I' , It .. 1, \ r, l " I .r i . . . ... . - 1',1' t I ,, I~ ii l'ct+.--e l,, i l,` dro In 11-Oi -- l e -lI -ilit 1'+1€+11,1Lllu IP hi't. (h llnm'iotll tl ,.- ,uli,:il"-- 6tl. r.i- 0 - o Ilih lbei~l dtern-c 11...01" - C,- sr'i e ta ! , l ,, n r'ei," ,d',iir'd ii rst or, l I:rune"""' will it l 1'b thIr l u Ja levi er i, n idix hb.tes oinla i it h dIl ht erer soeI 1,- ',, lP ol l thii ; 11 ac tt'd oi'l ! [o1t- Dotlr-uine- rt' s~p, ý1 li- ,,I l.trl..r-;,r I t , in Icr 1 o to- i I -I n. Pat. I' I I 'et hill 1 . 11 1. i7 pn n oI .-d1-r-illl i"i> a ! , h t: pt-~u so~ t, :it ad e t h oc',rr1 rol t ho owd" w irll 111 ,l dI.. to . i ", I ,+ h ', l,; Ib I cr',ro t. , .11 :111* Ii-.i , l c t'!, Im'" t. cOO S , , O . , , - tl1 C le . le .'l e ur-!fg i ~t i ti L I " I , , n h -: 11;e-r" .f lliti A er; tl t I'. ' n , . t n i'' T 1 1 .\ 0 Ia e r f o th l a L u ,' - ll '. )" h L -U o -er s i h'rti cioi aI d irt v In:lic l ' -ohe tlr ,i r 1eri',l i. , n ' o h . a i -eo ll i- -1 ic . P' , i:.. .' ii ,, , i~ ,o th ,ills t i ai p" o roc cov st r E1gl i1, -l I -t '10,1 i ,,' r .t il ill i ll - II I ,i ,-1 Ia: .i r r (i " ,.. 1 Jh," u, s ll rJ s)I I 'ed I& i ier ll 1 0 ,,sil P 'l- then. i 'qli'n, l" `le lnee - lion Ior ke, lll It y tll itllil.o llln l It; rea \5o '- c oa l l t ih, iciciti rrrc Ie. .."l: I i- err-r o h1- It ci r t rr , 0 can y b rh ike .1 tori A'ie1iecn b liree t aee h i ll ai er 0,"l . witil l I il tll n llll i c di e ' I ll l oll l o ro s e ann i iilll l oUII ,o t rtllt i i i. ' l l - i TiilIl Is. o o E Th.o oTcdon oi; E r s l m" , ahlli ,lhill J H l NS Ii1 if &I n i& o ia veil nod Il-int h' lr t heire. rNUAIS ANte-I· II ¼ NC>' bellm 0 toll· LoPn tII y iltllertdot 1i1ou-c--ir I rink oer toy . itriandu, r ier, F i nll n cth oI c , ol' roe.rt &t ba Lo he, "nr oing n t cb tc: .t t i. nllln l tDwlin0lll p iotp er v o al' r ,ll ir "I` nU te Ipaperpln aits, erboso d mol. cuIaU II· I elide, S erian rn, OIttir Ciroronl s ,non t S vp.l,t"n'PenI iall Ideswrlilptions $ed t, ie'fthcea Ihci-rlie.etl llls fgrpluo'r nd Iadh r ie to . i tyniot io-orle Itllereto ,etr sl rcnnh i ]f rýirk, lice beet desk koive-, in s mud ff 1 o Mglish araers ..l lpone ufllw axt, sunerior·lnali ty 'l'rvelo l dsstc a lo dor ,re ,l Aeklniibt-li's nd demyooirleoto l alhlttr tlt.. r, 0 .Drwing ludhoo',sh rll0d0;toldr c" et.h d:ctand At rannloeeiroaoro eto ni d roar. er ian 'Il ll ll IOllv, C t ,rr l ansIe wrli nrieh li, ior inn, aur Smolors n d I.ntis- h o. 'lle cti l .14111p I lt P k oNNt hll S -"L - "AL ,-t' -Jltii\ R". i l Pro o The1 Ttk*' P t~lOS .ItIlliCI .tavII? O?:II 1I FUIRINITURE! FlTJRNIl'TliE!! SUSrit' reeivrel d at ,' prLioisi na ll r ttlitnrt ar a,}' h a eitNN'h, u "'e s o V r 1 a a Iuck :l u - [ to trill, aIIi eltll-l ,heir xrl;'llqles frnlu (llO o['f tht l"l 1, - ad trl largez slocksnow i the oiy. \V It t.AIt\I'3, i dII 53 I n:'u Il,.. IL I N It- ParittI r 'tttt.,li paid to p tk it u1 _..i hy - r"nd, I'lliý s, Ho lt ;'r ýnl .h' di_7 I -. J P \\ r I ITl'NEY, 73 Cfmp at \ "I.N S on /:durt an/ ,n . ItH ,w s mnll I gove.r ay ho h o l, n d, h 'e s s ., I t o y g lna n n t I tt. |'. 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Flake and emnit.i whit'i (i 0 ,aek0 gold leaf; white anid yellow wax;gulni ulrbie; anll a large lna choie (:a a s arllntllt of rltilllt, tdry cdoe oil, tI o nitrll oiLlt, vt ia)i,+h, &t.,laor tale.whulesl h. and ,utuil, at tel) ,.t r I pices, by blU)NIIl.l, a2) 58 ('nnnp st. t £ K-SiliG pL a. NEWF EDITIO.N OP THE CH'II. CODE OF' LO UIS.'. 1,\I;!.. 'm I T has been fir a sme timll' aid,' known to the pallhc that the natb-artb',r a- re e'ga editl i pitrepanlag far g the press a rlw edidian trils .oiara nan :ivl (hade. Tlhey .wre. Irani tite li rst, awtarir thin greatl d.litaI lta i and respona iiiit ttdnalibng he piblihati, ul the wlalo, el lao i! nea tnt wito gireati hea intatn that il v e-- d a - l i eltrred e tl he ilndtllking lut tie pres.eall .hililn, p nillllounli to bout I thre~ thuallllnd copis, anlld whichh t hled cot the Stat-e mIre thlll thirty thatl-a.nd d dolar, I wasr entirely atll of print. For more thUn 'two yvrs at pastL, lthe usulal picer of Ithe work has been frilnm thirvty p to fifty dillllre. It is na sserln of writtn rules wnirlh a inlmetintely i (I n l·ltn liulp i every idhvildual oIf tit Stnte, inlteretel a, rithr in lln,+iultuh re ~r I ntlllllere land which governs t. the diplai tin oli f n l 111h lpr.perty l in g l ,I ultironl a ither stiates thllt- l ka e ahlln a ,v other tteatie on I nw-it i- ntl ni ~ ', ti'e i at-b.nk na d manati l Ln the metlrclat nalh th a l)elrI Ia h it i o the private gentle ian all f ai a ll prielt-i ll ai ndval t i.t' b " tl'he luwyI rs I i l'th'rall i nig Ita ,il-,Iia d inidh fati oI f al ;L se sltat'i ; -; -a he in liis umr+l lis i<eipp, riv!erst Ih"hh a ill nte '<itl , r'-a'l(e no llhecd eind', Il aln it In L iwllli IeI -abllle r ý"rt, nlntlhiel ih'ir lib: nrhr i slllll thell Ih tline tner Ih-nt' a l-iai i, rIInnI, Iia ul n lln ( desk ofi Ihe judo, an-l I -, l , ,hi. i ,,rh,' n i i-el ay. 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CUIl lta1w l n!l hlu alll· e t stre (t, o tle I the potIOt llce. t. tils it New Yo h Ii a* nd l will k c ns t i ll ontl a w ,I I rior w ,+dkin t' lip.hl an e~u..d ofth hlats patt n" |oi. IIIIl,lc.,'el~,d Iilhtl ii llt+llll+.titll il:IOlseshq pli(llt' , , b ia* oflll thll e b str E\l tiallt" s i:Ii| 111 h ¢"<iillarn I n! r | br. lltle lhingeHsll ha rlth e d bo lllvnar st , pitho stlt er t l..l i ll'.e U ler ll ill 1in thelll ii lrlnle l, .mialllS r and at ' honltllll+" + loltice. " i(A y havb l l6st rl te wIor'elsll to i .t a"lr htbov l wn oS KiiN &nS O thetl'l' 2I o 'lh Slil l'mlN w lklFtTarll,r h J 'ARKEI'S Rl. OCKY MOUNTAINS, &o. OUR.NAI, ft Exprlng Tour beyttd the RI:ckv Moultilns, uanl cr tihe dlraction f the AB C F 31, petrt "lrd it th- yar 1835, '36 and 73; containueg a descriptiton of' the geography. gs ology, climato IIItdI productiont s nd tit ti n'e o|t , manne0rs end , Itstimu ol the natives; wlith I Map ,f Oregon 'Ter'ttry,. by R-v. Sam-atl Parker, A M1. I ht River and 'i I)e sert; otr Reeollections of the Rhono and tht 'thiurtr ui ; bty AIlta Pardoo, ,tuthor oflthe t iy .| . Sa .tan, &b. i ll: vols. The Rlbber, a 'L'a, the tautlor of Rlchelieu, To'l Gypsy, Antil; in , 'hie Two Flhrl.; er Ad. --ur in a Country Ilose, and other Tailes, by Lady .icseinglon. E 1. liswer, Mrs Noton,. Ba.rry Tornwall, airs Gore, C,,ptain Mled"in, and oltier.-; in 2 vols. 'Ile L!th ao.l AdvctIures ol' Nicholas Nict 'chy, ,lital by l, with liitutrattttons by Pitz, No. 1. Just rteeived a.d fobr ale by BHENJ -'ltl'i'. s S, i'.- TIJtti etta:t'lEtis, treaieits StP'I,, t .--Just received onllI fr sale b. .\\'m. ltli~·ano, cnrrer tf CGultl and Colmmlnl street, , tl.i rn al i mý- u lll lll It i ll +:-v1 youv l C,,,m1 llava ,tr + utetithtlit'ell h e:rta I lett lera t, Prw', ] p"'I1 1),loldentl, '.lsrng !l,,v P'eus, Ivory Pro. I 'ar.hqe fuller', r 1e, o-cpse, Thermn i u , t i 11Icca. n l'.l- , -. , N1. York & Baltimore rackets )ACKETlS FOR NEW YOiK--New Lonu. -To sail punctually every seconed Monday during the seasun, full or not full. :-hip Orleans, 599 tons Capt. . Seare, Ship Alaamna, 474 do C. C. Berry. Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S I)enni;e Ship S rrtogn, 542 do W H4,' ,i way. Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jackroilr Ship Kentucky, 629 do HBuuker The above chips are of the first ines, coppered, and copper tasternd, aid baving been built'in Now York e noresrly lir this trauc, they are of light dreIl of waler and almost invariably crosa the bna wttlmlut any dretenton. T'le coninanders are lnuen of great experience. and tile llips wit als~ y ab i towed op end down tile Mississippi by steamboail . 'Tli'y have handsnme furnuthed aceetmnlodt'oral and storca of the best description will always be filrnuisid. Thie cabin passage is 9400 without wine or li4uor, and there is no liquor furnished to the offier- or crew. For freight or passage app'y on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camnp at. The srips are not accountable fobr branakag of giles, hollow waore, marble or graslitc, cooperage of tinr or rrsti o liron or steel, nor responsible for an! n package or parce!, unltes a regular bill ot lading is exncutrd therefor at the offieu of the ents. * nov27 NEW ORLEANS Ann BALTIMORE LINE O(P PACKET'S. This line will conusit of the following ve.rr!e, which have been built or purchased expressly iot the trade, viz: Shp uanman, n Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, 11 Nickereo ", Trail Fecrry, new i Stevens, SSolouron.Saltua, " Luthaml, B rig Architect, *' Gray. Theen versirls are of the first claoss, have hand. nltre turnrirhed ccmunlodatiuons, and are of a light draft of water, so an to adlit of their receiving nacl di.lcharcirg their cargoes in Baltirore, at tl e city,1, FErgigtit will Ie taken for ports on the Chesnprie;.lho or James' River, aitd forwarHidd by thle ilgts, Ml'sare. CLARKE & HELL) GG, iat BUltarore ixp.tiesLs o goigd shipped 'till ie arlvan.ed when rIq.r, d. l'e Irrice of passage is fixed at $(iO. ml!e stores of the h st qunahtye will ie previded. bI etn up and down tile .Misissippi will bu t Lken I on all occasions. For fregight or passage, a;rply to* CEO. BEDI'ORD, nov27 22 B:env:e st. I",R NFW YORK. fl,:uisinna and Niw York Lrme of Packets ] I IItI; Stips compolsing this line will sail from New Olleans and Now York on every other Mll daiy-comruncing on the 20th November-and to nic-re Ito puncltuaity in llre lime of s'ailing, the hin ,i w tl n I vlrealter coinFit of five slips, viz: Sil:p Y.,zoo, Captain 'Trask, to leave on the 9Oth tNovemlber. Ship Luirv,!t.', Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th lDecember. Slhip lluntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leate on the ]lih Deceutber. Ship Vckolulrtr. Captain W'oodhouse, toleave oia ten It JA luary. Ship Mistsierppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of Janouarnv. The re be re all new, of the first elavs, copper. d t and copper fiastened, anld upwards oft 51) tlne ] th!un, are of light drunght of water, being built io New York rlxpreasiy for the tradie. The price ,I passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabinsnre fittd upi in tire umost in proved and convenient plan, and finihIltd in a trout and elegant style Ampla stornes f the first qulaiity wil be provided, ail every reg ard pad to tre comllfort and entire rhltoctant olf passengers, wvi, will take no. tire tht no herth can he snoa u rntild paid for at t,e ori:c of the consigners. ''i:Thee vcoselsaro clommant;lded by captains well 'experienllcd Ill the trade, who will glve every at. tlllion and ttxer thelnselves ton aculndate. They will rI all nIesc be towed up nud down the nisissi. appl by steamboats, and rite strictest punctuality errr. eorvi:d in the time of aithilng. The oinlers of these eshls will not be responsif. ein for iay leter, parcel or package, sent Iry or irlt oi Ioard of theur, unless a regular bill of lading oir sig,,ned therelor, at the counting holuse of the agout or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COhEN, naov7 90 Common st FOR NI"W YORK. [Louisi.a and New York Line.of Packets.] sIt ois aiul,ehg fliasi.iUU ait ntoahli s fro e I lMZtr.,rlrar nt 1.olrk onl eery thnlir Modav- nllleicig onll tht !iih november, and to iansreo the - i'rLu t pllourtrulity in ite r time or sailing, tile line wi i t hel.calter cri stl o1' liie lhips vi : Corir Ierzur, i r,"itim "'litk ft leave onn the .tlh nov. Slhp Louarsvie, I'uliito Iltitr, to bave on the 411, Slrl ltoutsville. Captai:t Elddrirger to leave on the 'Sttip icksburg, Captain Wvoodhouie, to leave on the Si rill .istoejrippi, Captane Davsl, to leave on the 15th LL ile olhr oveships ore all new. of the first clara c,ptletd and coppterl tilsrned, and upwards of 500 tons i thrll n.llle lof light dinue tll of waler, being built ill krew i ark exllrreslv hIr lte traden. 'Ithl trie of peal slaie 0 tt.edl at one iretdr'nrdlelars. 'litcnor cabiss are fitted lp:urn Ire o lilllaprovd ald ronveniet plan, and fi Io, inll ta olnt Ianid ehean st)ylo. Ample stores at the frnf rirr tahr will b: prie ired, and evelr regard hadl oI, i rllr'rror rt ~,lrlr elitrrrl' ilncLjtlo rol paissenger,wiho ' ill '1plase t'a.r ' ,, i lir 1lo t n ot bIerth cut be secured un I1e plid tur at the olic ol the rolsiopleea. 'n'Te.l I.Ia i a' cllllallnno ded by Captilts well er. prr;lrltlc l il the tIrlde , mho will give evern atlention, t:eel exert ta' Intelvr s to accouniiiodnat. Iliey will tn all totl!ll be towed up al do on the Miasissippi by I. tl ulllbl ts, vit u lir t strictest pun1tttuility observed in file lilmet oif siulnnero I'h e Ml, eL toiese hips will notr I reesponsible for ti Ie\ t er' piuel ton ci rrktgC ent by o r iit ira boarded tIre, ilncr tilnco rogllitr till ci ladirie be signed Itherefore it the con.ntinr lhlll of thei agentt or ollners. Far Srthr particulars, apply) to io LEIN & A COInEN; ton 13i 9. Ctoitano _t PENSACOLA MANSION IIOUSE ~CIt CITY, PEiS.ACOLA. r' 1t1E stuballter I.eavig eurtheed thle lease and fur , r t urit thiste t it etswn eastablishttnet, tIrout Air Tyl,.r, the late lpropl.ietlr, will be ready to rereive vi. iteris li thle Ist ,.I .t ril Ilnext. Ntrlllllt antld conny ilproverients will be feund in the t:urtt.llt.lint ' : tltintltoslcet llone. New aGid tul.e IrtelUlttIo li bte hineab hcues will ,e built, and sormt b th- wnl te prtvIded alt all holfes4 A Ftahle Sit Ilte :attllchd rl ti hloise, wtll good a.Iccolnlmuda eti i, hoellws ald carriaegee. ilsl rate halrses and iacrlrlsr i ll a~lst Ic, kept itir hire. t odterate plrices, ntrl ltll and rlow ballts itll perl'fiOs to manage thent for tile utie of t-.lsits. liiiitrdts ttd eiothes ausements r.Iall telud at et al,"tg pllets, will aelsobe furnished, .iel~l i, lhdtlcl ", nIot to initetlitre' ith the tcomfort and qteit i thite lbotliers. 'Tih inte antd liquortes will St oi tlhe bet qlual, y, Ild to enll.sre a i11 pply of ic,, i .t .t has malIld Ibeeu ordered, t htts will arrive P +litlNut|tile I t of MIL . lis ir, dhriek ti eactrd, ivhio fnreierly kIrpt o popular it hutel it W\ ks iintttotl sts', will tonditts IhS i e el for tine prtselor, whot, wailt tellh Itnlcet o lidently anr trer Slilr sltr, f laftie rgenr, end his filetds ietlerallr, that they wiil ,i:Ise stey pesibie tllllention; and thereby lt'II ,,taul tdvtitgeps it th i touse are too well killlll nlit i nie It ilg. ened delcrtllici here. Tae iti tii Petsrilllel in the Inrgtl Ioural rtatimt of the ti c rrtll, lt; tie t lneral renldezt, of the (Guilf quad rnl; tite s:dttklt io it l tits cirente rei hiled constantly duo r tillg It,- lltllr tlllllls bhy the culest tlresree from th ieiuh; th I.+euti of tie buy and the neighbouriog tI.ild, ld lirter; their albuedance aud dliecaEy of the 'i-Ih ilih r'leh thtitee ttrs alehounde ; and ibe proximity to ile best Siuthern martkets, yIvt Pensacola the-pre frene fietr all outher places tithese latitudes, a a nleth aild detiihtittll tUtttilerrltrieat. l'stce rate eatnts ill tu betweenra Penseeola and io hitl, euel will ua t I tinlles It e rle to take the pasetngers fromlll tltu New UtillrIrllotts. N B ARNOLD. A'etnea!ae, Fel. 15th, 1'lIB. 1 (;ittleten wctihllt to engage racms for their liailie-, teais addr. e- tht proprioltr, at i'enuaeola, or Mr Sela 11'1' Tylc ',l,r, the ltnumcr proprietor, at Hew Or efrni. Rl,'reliefi, T', '.e, 1 VqCr C t'llittm, r. .ieAlpipn Faq.. Li. SKit!,v, Me th,1. h'; T1 Taylor, P i' tes, eq, i NL.r. PS-A !tter hag, to receive caomultriationa for prnra c t thte bore hotel, is t.laed at Geo WLitetlns uttice 51 St Charles Etxhiagre. FLORI. IDA ROU'TEr FOR NEW 0OR3. . 'nite . ellers t deiioure of takieg the Flldias _is. vie PeiLIrieetltt I te Noetisra irfirmted that leet ra.e lotll will 'eetalilt rao froa. Aobilhtslo Pe ersa leavioe Mehil. aeid Peta.tqoltitrcy titherder loi i s let of Alcy. Grind stue e will alceys he palarltd ,t1' the .Il ce'i 'ertll t' in rcllinelse to take paoee.ielie \lulilei, ia ca.s ot thle failurcf ofthe boats N B A&AHO!.3. '1^t .-'rcil:le Clhsliusll Ir lara Mobi.l r Iek-Pa eta cli' sacs.a

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