Newspaper of True American, 19 Ocak 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 19 Ocak 1839 Page 4
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*; - 'LY~ L y 2 ols8mu ~w nlp** colored peL te db ? I n c ·· aturi coc it -. hi 1181 ) arerc 1telipedle da a on pt Ieahowo N! M8DICAL WoCKS t9OY...-fU5smaad Rlotd Le g do"on nanity Indannnity 1 a 4urgery a -oo spopatar Mloicino 4UcsirClnln4~aa rer A COtRCALr. AND NAUTICAL. Q ', '8 e'? O Rl lpoitoryh O 1838 . ILondon qal Aoranac for 1839) AtawN at~a AND MZOOAXIOI. Y' ta* rtltary fr Avhitoators, London 2v. * ibm ,da Arcbm1,lyscygj vol., London r , h itrOJitseay redgold'. Ca 'p"'r ]ditbot hel 'ISC ia eso N~ELL*NytECUO A 1 Miscellana., loou the I $dn Work 8, 2vIls, Lnd-dol Wlevaall'o Curiovitis. of Literature,L, W Oomy, hi Pay, do Vetbaha ltkian' Lir of Welter Sibtt, 2 vole ýr.aut nd lsabella., Prescoitt.S vole And r7,h e dllp hdon. 7 vols. , a! iscarluneno BLaw, Madicl.5oieLaoBC Grammar, English and Lat and Gakreek d EJUOHOS & co.. an.. CharIvoand Common et,. Fhsevealdarea snd eras qsfe bever and Afrg.e twill a ereydil diecovered wherein the Tonk Mix. a ren perliot o the ordinary andse of treating o Fevrnd. Agrl . In the frst plac, ,beg a Vegae taaIn raet, and free from any deleterioun and poison *atlgredlebn, it many he taken with the aotoat seae. Seen br the tender hf.t, or aged invalid. It pre te e'samof the dieeate.consequentlyv the constitt ti aoonn repin ita wonted ton oad acetivity. it etab. iene a soud and permanenot appetite, by invigorneating the atoemnohad gire a relishto to h enjoymenta of taote. B eing; perl'ta it having a purgoative quality, it remaini outn the bowels to iorese thins disorder, or to reete oier digest, hut thorotglhly cleanea the taeveral or aOn of digestion, and thhne benefite the evtem wish uteLer othke afctlion, it mon be tppreseett. Individualn, after tile seorthc To it ltlixttre, have heen expooct to oil tie usual enaues of the dsenne, ad hreve escaped aty sylltums ofrentrn: werean by thMe aNftheeomno remedies, tlhre in always retn td an increnased liability to recurrcnce. The donger of frequent relapses of the Ague, is very avidt t, for ti eyetesm will soon become too much proeate nto be able to retd with medicine, and epeedily fll a vic -mm to arch isteesnnt violence' The Tonic ,lixtttre is elred st suchta resonahlo prite, n to pines it o ihi.t ,he reach ufeverv one--so that tis pcnr and l detitule are herehy funrished witit aseistanec,witholt solicitinsg the aid'nad attetlaneo which i frequently denied to t.hem. or else very rel whentty besnowed. Tihe tblie ra reepetetlv yautionesd agtnst the .idt Simitatir n of tre his medicine, that are daily offered Per sale." It s prepared enlv by Dr. Jlhn R. Rowand, at his Ibeortors, Merkesatreet,Philadellphia. ht. sattncnhrier are te wole*sle alents for thela Sauth \Vs"tero states, nod will sell by the croas, at lthe Philadelpbla prices. 'o bhe had at retail also,ot i.ntefthe Apotheceri. :inlthoit. JARVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale Itruggitet, - olO co Cemmttttn & 'choiitorlaoe itnsaeippI soad Louisian na otel, tc'vtN5¶o. TA 11R. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that lshe is prepared to accommodate them at be above establishmont, and Ihopes from her nxertiena to render visitors comfortahle, to receive a continuance of former favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the ummer months, cannot find better accommodations than shn can afford them, on more liberal terms. tIer house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, ae. in short,she promises 'tat nothing shall hie wanting on her part to give ,tire satisfaction to all who may ipatronizo tho .ihisssippi and Louisiana lintel. jc3 , studied, under Dr. Sclmidt of Charleston, Soith Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the hunor to offer his professional services in this city. le assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid t6 the calls which may be made; and also offers Iris services to the holders of laves, being well acquainted with the diseases common to them, having Attended them in the sugar house in Charleston. The famous anti.bilious pills af ter the composition of Professor Smtollette, aith directions, can be had of the undeorigned. The effoct which they have produned in this and other sities, has been attended witl, the greatest success, to which the best of referenes can be given. Apply at No. 16i6 Maga. ains street. JNO. M'LORING. HOLLUW WARE, WONOD S WCREIS, SAD IRONS, &c. TIP E HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the pant season, and are cor.stantly eaeiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting af about 1500 tons, vis, Pots of 22 difflrent sines, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, antils, 15 sizes, from'3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles,15 nines, f'tore 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizer, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets,. . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spilers, 9 do Oriddles. . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 led to 4 3-4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Sorews, 20,000 gross, iron and braes, from 4S inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and inish, and lows than Jame's imported pricee. ad Trans, asseorted, in casks of about 500 Ib. for -stailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irone, assorted. Bash weights, 100 teans, assorted from I 4-4 to Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &n. made to order, Also steamhbeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prines, and upon the lmost liberal terms; it is be. lieaed to be the largest and best assortment ever affered for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can haeve a prin'ed circular, with description of goods, prices and terms, from which no deviation is ever made, farnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. Now York, 1838. ya ' 1N0 U33OU3l 13O tOOAV4A S OL'T six moths ago i had the imisfortne to get :T a rael diwseae, for which I havn anplied to seve. ..stldclms for a enre, and they did nt cure ale,. e now -n the I put myself underthbc ese of Dactm Htant, awd I ealest him t, cure oe. Since that time the disease got wone, nl an tm bresk out in large ulcers. t i the number of six or eight on ea. h leg, and all ove my fiae, andl sore trlnoat, and not ahile to work at he presnt ons ni acceti of the disease; large Ilcer on right aide of the thoat. I am now. petisng myael" -S-ls-iuly Ruder Ts car of Dr. Hunt, r,f Paris, Sbe pserin rdy red JUIHN DEAtS, fsRt iJ 4 Ely T O CERTIFY that the menti,nerd disease is Squite well euead to my own saitiafntim, for lwhi:h I .oa.nh tr. Hoer, and moreover I that thle medi. e! have taken ,alne me fat, anid did not injure toy malth at all; therefore I advise s f lw anfsulferers to .ss no time and apply to Dr A. IHust, 124 Canal saee, between Dauphine and Bourboe elireea. Dr. a ts t home from 9 o'clock, A Il, until 4 P M. 'rlywil d a treae dnctor for thin complainlt. JOHN I)DEAN..10 Gravier street. -If any one wants to see ms, call at No. 4t Glraviel JOHN DEAN. New Oleans. Feb 1, 1838. feb 14 ly l.iiuuiim Isdian Balamof Liverwort and Hors h. ooo.d, i p up ie bottlw at tbh low price nf 50 ,es seah. ,ontai'mig the tereugtb of three ounces nf ,.hvesiwoetbe~s sa the virtues al nmny othlr ronts and l ohiuws a casow Is diana aneglacious in curing polm .m.. bomplssn,. Te u Hr'l lrd succss whicleh be attended the 't se nf ctBk iabatmabl Balesrm wherever It bins been intro. g eobalnsed the conodfiece and reomnmenda ies of rs.sectable pidysiclno, for the noes of coughs, glids, pain s t sIde, .want of re, epittitng of blood, u complaint, at. Towhoma it lmay conern. This is to cerlify that we have in oar practce frruaently prescribed Im Giard aer's rlpeu titsni of Lverwnrt s'd Iloarhtond, with Sdndciod erect: we can therefore, from the know odge othre utherals it is made from, and chservation a isx a e vesossnd it as asuieri- preparation .tatl thensae e of the lung fr which it is re metnded. At-s .7 JL 4MS, M. D. " CALt n0,8 M. D. osto ,e a Elet Beater leal Association. nshehv JRLVLIS & ANDREWS. 'ifs1 t1 .nnoeual l'hasitenlas ale V ' otbatRiikdivi beathadbsaut,and OE wa oued to the rimblk it had 4oasroofbo Ind iuewery ittatabclniL. ieIt and ,r . Icae'erureia dtoprodth 1W41Iat heir eo hneds elraedy ntm~utdry and ul roat to `row .oosr .aidr h halthy, ant produce .grwtl of hair, wittcuut the eeat fle Oilfate as yrable fm. tooth.osa ob H r OR farpe and fbrie the lair The hr bey re~ de aftera ds i For sale at s I 4u (wt. i ri 4me wt. seE'&,DALAxGZ IMMONSB IARTT CO, aee now rsecivgIron l" qbAe re e w Owrlean. agle, lifghlander, oter sITn Andrew, French end Germe· pie)' e.0A'De;.ok· gammon Boar.ns; Chemenm411.4 and inch 3tn il ard Bals. 8 ,10 2O dnl inchb Mute Bowie Knives; Leatlher nd 'Qtheor tWlin Dressing Came; Blt, Pocket, Horts.'ea, glnd Dualling Pistols; double and uintle hrrlelld Guns; Game Bags; Shot Belet; Powder and Pistol Flahks; Dram Btdles and Drieking Cups; Perc-tion Caps and Cap Holdeis; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; and Nail Drshees; Orris and Chloaine Tooth Waol. Tootht Powder; Toilet sad Shoving Rasp., in great em nel' t on lo air Braids, RInglets snld elFite, -Pealrl and ioilet Powder, Emery age; Ivory Tb Cushions' Patent Sldes or Gartera GOem Eltati* Suspeer.e Powder PuRo and oes; b ilt Clains, eal. sod Keys; ardnlrps; Waist Buockle; RBacelts; Bead Neckla;ee; ad Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian BSads, Ieil. and Plumesn Shell Twist Side and Draesino Comnbs;whch, in addition to theirformer rtock on hand, mtals their eseortmeot very complete, end will be sold ow and oan liberal terms, at the sign of the Golden Unbh. i5-ef . 70 Chartres street. T HE Suberitorv, Agente for the extensive honase of W. . Buve her Sheffeld, Enland, have jiel eelved a very extenuive eatt otra" cmn, e~esietine of able and Densert Knives of e- t- renriptlio, Pen, Pocket, Ditrk, atd Spear point Knives; Razoi, S.Is sore, Edge Toole,&e. c. &8e. whieh they are prepared Sehibit o the trade toronler. Terms snd conditloae will be made known st the time. i .ts J. ). .EIN A COHEN.l0 Cmomon at. Q IMMON0, HARTT & CO.-Are now reeeiving p ,per ahip Hmsville, Eg le, Merry Andiew, Hi nde, FPreneh and Geromn double heel lavlinceards: str, belt and pocket pistoles plain, ribldl and split esiao eaitr; asp holders; cin a, Razor, se. .en Gillt's onmmenm ial and other steel penn Vio .e Violin atring.t shell, ivory and hlorn eomo, ; wafer; ek, d and lathr pusses; hair baids, frnst lont Nak risletb ne.gramAnrs German and French cologne water, Rowlands macearer oil, imitation do; antique n ol aanoil; portable leaks and dren-lng ease: ast, blacking; etatiand toilet glan.s. convex mirrers; op al glaes amol views; nlanlth edy bIlhaMtl plumes;n aervlenai; whit- nllee toilet and leavin ast; Intoilet aewdler, nmetie wash balls scented satin noldionst pool stands asr ew shion7 fancy bead hains and neeblacen; billiard bell.; packet books erl wclletss; German hones; razor cert;c fine and c smmon gum olastie usp.nleren, garters do; Bella cinelfr ImacLeses il. ve tpeneils; Cretns, Acs Ac. The abovein lddition to our former stanek of fancy articles, nkesdcr oaur mtmelt very e,,mpletn. For ale wtoloesale or retail; as the nign ofi the Golden omL, ?0, Chaitre street. met. NOTICE--The partnershin of Kallev, Maon &Co of New Orlean ; .Mcn, Harris &Ctio., of Natchez; nd Harris, Kelley &Co., of lRodney, was dissotved on h2lnt of May last, by the delath of Samnel A Mason, rte of the pertnaes ol the fi.rls. TlThundersigned, vorviving pirtners, will he ehrpged with lthe Settling and closing said Ibusiness as follows: Levi C Harris will attend tothe setlling nf the businessn of Mason, llarris& Co., at Natchez; and Horrie, Kel er & Co.,at Ttldne; and Henry Kelley will atteed to laetetling of the bulinese of Kelley, Mason & Cot., at New Orleans. The names of the several firms willbe tused in liqtldationonlv. T'hose indtblted to noid firm are earnmesly requested ocome fitrwanrd and make early settlements; attd thte having clailms will please preent them without delay. LEVIC HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. NewOrlenns, June 2.7,1837. JEAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE ,WATER 2 cases m ore of tlis superior Cologne water. just received nd fir sale bl the dozen or single bottl. Also American Rad b'.ench toilet p-wders, powder r uff and boxes, sharing and toilet soaps, cosmelte wash balls, milk of roses, cosmetic cold cream, extrne o musk, kephala,'s vegetable air eil, pomatum, :.lle tido porse, Fluorida. lavendar, rose and bey waters, l'rrtstso't coltu, Marseilles perlanuery in truktlse. vegeta. bles sdliqtuid rout, Chlolrineiand Orris tooth wash, cloth, hair, tooth,nail and dlesh brushee together witl on additional supply of fshiunoable sorc and shell combs and jewelvy, forsale low at wnhoesale or retail by tSIMMONS, IIARTT &CO, ju!y 6 701 Chartres street. EW GOOD-Simmons Harts & co are now 're caiving from on board ships Ynoo, uanl Saratoga endl brig Concordlia, from New York a great carely tof goods it their line, which together with their formos stock on it.nd, oakes their assort,, ent very t ldeteo. The following compose a part, viz: elltwist,,';dl, tuck and dressiug conmb, hon do of all descriptions, Int dia rnbber, silk and worsted elnetie garters, common & fine elastic suspenders, loc eo an antd Lucifer matches, edlitz powders, powderpuffsn and lious, toilet Inwder, socket books and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, vnory and tiorucco card cses, lead ornaments, plain co il bends, necklaces anl negligees, head chains, bead peeklnces, cut lites and plaineed,ailver and giltbeads, Indian beads, bells and Itlumtee pistol and large pow Jer flncks, shot belts, horse, belt. pocket and doteiling ,sitols; double and single barrelled gnns, Bowie knives, anti dirks. scaissors, shears,pocket knives, unrd lchains, and ribbons, wnist'buckles, cloth, Inir, tooth, nail,comb, rombn; shoe, plate, floor and dusting brushos, Cologne, Florida, lavender, rose and bay water,sssorted enssenes, and extracte, MaceaaMr, hear, antique, ald Ward's vo. getable lair oils, shaving and toilet soaps of ll tles criptions, ladier' ani gentleme.s' desk. nnd dressing cases. hair rieglet, frizehtes and braids, plain, fancy a.l musical work aoxes 'plain oanod ilt, fioured, cot and vest bttaN, pearl and ivory shirt rdo, shirt studd, gold and silver peocil caies, toothltrcks and tweezers, tloted tid gilt locket, titliatnre do, silver, brasts and steel mhimblce, hooks and eyes, hair pins, imitation fruithlk and redink, hoe blacking, violins and guitars, ribbed nod plain perctssion caps, lisen twine, ceonted cash. ,eus, gold asid silver lace and frnge, latter paler, ganme ag, riduling w'rips, walking eanoe,playvtgcada, fina gold, plated anl giltjtwellry &c. Tie alshiove, togetlser with a great variety of other ani lee are oferedlat whoileae or rceidl on aeontmoradating terms. N B Shell combs repaired. HALE AND rA OM AND VA RIETY STORE--at the sign of the golden comb, Ml70 Chartres stenot. Thesubscrihers Ire re eeived, in addition to their prevrious stk on hand, a full and complete asoortment of articles in their line; viz: combs, perfumery, Jewellry, brushes, locking glasses, neucy ertileen,&c.cousistiln in part as follows: COMBS-tortoiae shell, wrouight and plain teck,twist, quilled back, IStg round, dressing, aids piui, curl andi neck, Brazilian combs of every deocripltin anmongst which are some Mexican patters, Ivorycombs of every description, horn, dressing and pnacket, togcther with a general asnsortmeot ofFrenahand American. PERFUIMERY-Cologne, Lavender, Florido, honey, buy, rose, nnd orange flower wafers of overy size end des cription, catmpherated Cologne, extract of Bergamot, lancy sape ofall kindsl shaving do in cakes and sts, cream soapdo, Ward's vegetable htair oil, bears and as. tiquedo. I reston's amslling slts, plain and peofumed toilet powder, pearl powder, pon ierpalls and boxes po. nmatumin pots snd rollsoms and chlorine tooth wash ansd owlese, with a genoral assortment of SJEWELLRY-aume of the latest ind nost fshiona ble etts, consisting of white nnd red cornelian, topea li jet eardnrps, set in filagree, breast pins ofa gren' .ice. ty of patternt, watch trimming, glt lland slice ackles, silver thihmbles, siler and glld p tcils and guard chtains BRUSHES-Cloth, hair, dust. g,erunml,lteartlfloor, hat, Seslh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, lshaving, shoe and whlitewash bruslhes. LOOKING GLASSES-Grman s tatia and toilet glass,, magnifying and French dressing glasses, (home do, with a varieliy f oother kinds not enumerated. FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-French asnd Asiseriean portable (leoek and dressing cats, sosse very rich and fi-mly finished ladies work boxcsanddres-. s.ig cases, with and without music, museical boxes, Ac coroidns of various kinds, violins and guitars, silver and plated pencils and leads,wood penilas for carpenters and crayons,ntantle clocks,gasand pistolse with and without eaees, Imtrousion caps. peruksion cap chargers, nippil screw drivers, shot boelo,game Iag. paste blackisg, toy tea setis, Indian beade of every kind, bells and pilumes, fineond comnmon knives, razonrs antd scissors, tsimnblie, needles, pina, silver plated, steel and common etsc-. les, paocket books anid wallets of various kinds, vsieitiing curdannd card asses, playing cards of French, Gormaun sid American tmanufaeture, dolls. imitation fruit, ne boxes, pnnts of various kinds, Saunders' Ponner.y's Enwmmesroo's, Hiilman's and Hawkin's razor straps and metallic honedirks, fancy head necklaces, do with '-r drope,toy watches, pearl buttons, powder fluka, eu. ad plain esai bead, gilt and silver to, gum elastic nuspen der, and garters, plainpand sword canes, backgammon board, dice, optical vjennese,jsewsarps, locnfoco match as atnd drinking cups, with a grant variety ol other art[ ols, all ofwbu.h will be siold for cnh or city acceptst. Son 1mol2 monthl credit. B H SIMMCOS, & eo. d4 70( Chmatre.ns. 1OLBEAR'S Science of Peoanosohip recsived,and J for sale at thsir pernvn ctt Writmg Acadluemies No. 8 Chatres s ereut, New Orloans, ICJ fhiiadway New Yosk, Dau hilne st., Mobile. It is particularly designed Ior private learners. asnid schools, and ie calculated for persona of all ages. Ladies and gentlmen are invited to call ana examine the systoem for themselves. I.esons are given st sacb houses as may sllt the convenience of all, and to clasOses formed it any pars olatbt city. L.adies wlo prefer it cat receive le.sons at theirown refl sidenccs. Porasna paving for otne : s ree of lessons sre desired o attend until they write It well as they wish. ml DOI. EAK & ROTHi..R. DEAFNESS. A NEW article forp rons troubled with den'npns, (ralled the Ear Trutpot,) lhen jut been received by dine se of hiuhl, thr slightst articeulation of the hu. man voice is diaemcolv coniveyed to tin ear. Any our who h is ever bonn ebligeu to rouverso with a very preou, must he fully seu,ible of Ihe ditfficulty and ni. rramunnat enpeieonred both by themselves and the in. d.vidnal no unfirtunateov afflicted. Hy the use Io thn Ear Trumpet. this obje.iuut is eulimrly obviated. Tlb munet spicl hIalave always a. andond their doubts after having used tlu Trumpet. For ale at T F GUION'S, Fancy ntlora.erer of Common and St Charle streets udor then Etctlenm Hiotel. feb 13 .PEAR OIL--500 galiona pure winter d 8 .,1rm Oil, in cuas and bblr for ale b JAltViS & ANDIE.RWV, Wholenale DrU a te, corner une nand Tchs p Isn ntreens. mr 13 S40 kegs, I "to - 2201 do 25 ' tenglisb do--5 1-4 bblo. 400ni 10')Pint Brsoheo, various sixso; I ce. Vermilliuln 5 bble Copal Varmnh; 1 " Cnach 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; iq, do Dutch Mnal. WINDO\" GLASS, American, Ert.glish uand Frenb -1. 40 boxeer, venous sieo and qualities. 8notn u.rown do.-00thUboxes connigltnemt, will be setl low. Also,-. ennl d.auortment ofa rtinte. e.onrn sid tool, r tale by A IVW 8CA B , No 46 Canal strept.' N B. Alabama notes tlako at p r. and Nliasjiipli noteu will be received at 10 pr oont diocount or ngood, or in paymento of debt. il iw FLOUfR.-.-30 atiihgfnt n. s e ~ r lndnpend. MR. WILLIAMSI, OCULlST, NOW AT TRE JrFFlOW eoUsE, JEXVaN I OTRESET, 1 LOUISVILLa. T the Edifor'of the Lodfile .derdier: ir IFt--it appears hv the .observations of the Editors P of the Nashvitle Presbyterila, Union and Trans ts eript, as well as the edrtora of the Memphis Enquirer, a that the "Old Gentleman" is amoeg the Doctoro. This is prowed by his kingely rage, knowie that his time is tr hbut short, and that th iandenrident Ameriean peoplet are able to judge lir Ilhemnlves what are puffs snld impositions. The wrtlby editors who are t.Ietorn, e the proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the above t named jnurnals, call every letter from persons I have I restored to sight in tha abave places, puffs. I. The fact is, that I nover hall sa:h great surcems within ao limited ai period as ten or twelve days. One who warn aced ahout ten year., who had only seen the light from his birth, beran to ee to follow his master to may hotel, instead of being obliged to he led by him. Two young tidies, who had eachlostn the sight of one f eye, one Tor ten yesrn. and the other for nearly two years, haeing both of them the other eye very weak; vet eteh of 'hose vounr Inadies hean to see with both eyes, which benefit [ledge mveelf still continues. ex eepting they nre tndar tils influence or dominati n of tlae Medical Doctors. Another is the daughter ofa respectable merchant, whose name I am bound never to mention, (an he paid me toy fees), who said.she had lost the sight of one eve from theage of 10 months, but that she now Iegina to read large letters with the other eye eompletel) shut. this the doctor edbtors kne, ras the gentleman Cold me himselfhe hed oone. due'ed his dtauhter to the oMes of the medioel editor thitt they might he tfineda of the fact. The last I shall wnenme Is an oderly gentleman by the name of Yaunt, nearly everity years of age. who declared pub litlv by letter, whieh he took to all the differett ofsie.s in Nashville but one, se himself told ma he had paid for 'he inertion whatever they deauded, who drclar el iu that letter that I ha lotally denreved of tim sl-ht of one eye from f Io slter his birth, I which his motherstated to he e occasioned Iy the measles or small poxe thait now I cofuld net oily see the light of the sun, Air the first time that he remdleetis but the stars also, ad wa hbeginning to distinguish many ohets; end did, before I left that ertv, give ma rny prNof tht he ehd ee to walk w absutmthe otntets with ille other eye ompleately elosed. He eoid Iw had been member of the MstLodiet Episcopal Church ior neirly forty cear. anl that his word we never doubt ed thromgh the shoteI courseO ofhis life. 2. I repeat t.f Ic 'tad never greatner s eeese than it Naohville, and lo, to'e nmedieel and tlerict doctors had neverheibtene mch reason to be enraged. The pious indignatins efibe Ree. clerical Dr Smith proves, abwhet, :e statadto m that ablott sis veers past, he was converted from being aperfect itnfidel, to believe in the dortrin l of he Bibrl, tltnt he I aslt have nad.l a trifling error-that I n must lave meat Illto ay, th it rfir the end ofesi venrs to come, h e ohltd he converted from hi infideliv, as tie ,pirat ,of tihe trot einiter of the peaceful and bheign doctrines of the Christian religiin deco nit breathe oat desletction. rage, calumnyv atnd Sfaosehod to please his medical fiiends, against tite man whom he knew hod done so much good, and no in. jury to atay one. All the inhabitants of Nashville spoke of the great uocn:ss I lad, y-cept the indieal dlrtors. Most of them also had been i foreid by Mi Yount of thet cure perfaomed oin his totally bliid eye. S3. The fa'nout Go'ieh S. ofthit town, pretends that I have lost the laerels I gained in the Nortil, since ty Sarivoel in the Suthlweat. This provee, itwver, i adl, aiid that i kept them untilt arrived in thi sectineon. If I gained one in the north, I ought to have gained anoth. er in the snnttl and oalhwest andi I still ealTM to wear them on my very Youthful branw on the day I leave, in spite of thile vituperation f the greet Dr S.if I may judge front the mann, I ave already benefitted in tillt Sitv within three daov. S4. l'e obfect of the present is to inarn tile oredi. eel Goliahs and edlitor if !Ihe Ileptblican tnd Traea Sscript, ans well as t te clerical ir Slith of the C. Pres. h vteri anetd of th, Unuo, of Nshvoille, as well ao the ed.itor n,d sub medical editor of the Memphli Eaquirer, as well es Mr Prentice, the editor of the Loitoville Journal, and alsoe ile Imedical Golial ediior of thi, city, the great Dir S. that I uhll Irti teations ageilst adtiem all for vltuperstinn, slander or calumnny, ihtniedi I ately sfterm y arrival in New York, as well as ageinsnt Stheir amtiable lee hren the ,llioanl Goliahs of the north; I relw bind nvelf by parniste, nerert quit this happl Iltid of liberty, nntil I have brought the nloses of nl my imeidical O liahs of the norilh, as well as the eouth and th west, to the grildstone! Tlbo aflicted, thler fore, may ealculate on finding tle during the aools of of next year in New York, a here letterso, post paid, and e nootherse, will ie itre to roach tile. 5I. To informt the pnolllia hotit jilT, so ct .led, . wilfch the Ihev. clerically converted infidel pretend was Swrittren fo hlim, was written n ore thait week prior, I and intedted for the Rev. U. Howell, who read it in Oi my presenee iitholt nunifestiug any disapplrobnttoa; . eo tlhec ttrart , teck it to Iis tttdy andc.oluldleode it itn 'I the way lie did, which lie said be thought would an are tay purpose better; lie delivered them blth t, mie, td without preten-ling tat luI wanted tt bribe him firomlt:s duty, aos I never could presume to offer thLt ,entlenn or oany othler, any money for slating flacts. ie IRev IF I)octr's own statement is berare tile pbllic: Ihad Ito not i texatmineld oil my dipto)ni, \c. &t,. with a gntlemaon, 1, aa ilntimate friend ofha wlf Ilta well tas ie wo! of mv fpaltiete, ill comInyv wan itll other clergyman, nll. Sfound tllhem all to be'authelletic, all lll tiyrutierts t Ni he more or less llerfiteil, le neverr could have Itetl s itduced by a total strtnger to driaw up snch n ar ticle s" o; wrote liuitelffrr lipblicatito, and tnddresacd it to t iiMr Siringfield, editor of lhe S W C Advoeotc. it i. No wolnder tle clear sighted medieal Golilihs of d Nashville took thle alla. ; and theriie ineed their elf fid lrt to join with them the all-powerful, nillctic, prhrles ical end inrellectul force of the said tlo-be'tonverted cclerical nfidel. We read ill the Ilile tilhat 'o tre is k kntown by its fruits." I dare cay the converted infidel d he preacheld frin that passage. h 7. tI evidlently wanted toestuidisl Ihis mnreal rIr SC:ser.r a uattan, bIy ohewing that ie wan n olye Imitng e bribed. us see woceltC the cui of tlhity pieces of silver will apply to him as well ait e was well applied to another eotitertedl infidel, who, in the ltays of tihe in fi cariation of his I)ivine NMaoter, absolutely sold him flr tlat numbler of pices of silver. y answer ie. taint it was never intendel c t h ietr norieoull it bie tnoildcr 'ed sot by iav nile,as it was iot even aqual to the tent in prt ofta lltle regular printer's fee, of-lt per equire. o. Contaiining two or three colnmts of clmooelv lilnteo II mutter, which wtere to behrpetced threeor folr t illc o thintite Presbyterian, Uniosanid Monitorijonrtmtisi Ialr!I i, ever intended to bribe himn, I thtld htove otlfred Hllii at least $:311, Ihi regular fee, instead of$ 0, wlich, in all t, probalnhility, he would have gladly re.:eived s fthio re, id ant not ssan brihe. On the contriry, i I t ad hee ca-. it itable if oTirfe.I a br:be, should certainly have done 'y it inoa vway to have insured his aceptanee. a 8. Had the Rev. Damttor been really converted to tile ibelilfo tihe dactrines of thie :aviour, Ie would not y, have promlised to comeantd examine any patiets w.ith. - out keeping his word, as I have always foaid every it, minilter of the gospel zealous tt tic. a, 9. tied he beei really converted, lie wouil ttl pllb - lir'Iv have spoke agt gint l te Atmerk'n itnlithitionm, d which, it is well known, are more numnerous, and whtlel o- are superior to malty ilnl some pants of Europe. liUa nh conduet sa iltach di*gusted soime young literary clar. actors, as to be c.stcely restraited from tuiasllung itim a- o tihe ,otby laying violent tanls on him. Thle ir. centleman,ithoulih a Seotcelano, is without e- exctsne, (unless Ihe is calumtlnlated), although Ile n: , think he Ias at righlt to ehtne the American illutitulito. in hecause ie is a coaverled infidel I say he hta not-an ir, all ought to speak well of the britdes ite goet safely ad over. I fancy the gallant Captaiu Grundv, nnd several other autiable young gentlemen of Nashville, recotlect ci well the conduct of this pious expounder of the Ionly i sScriptures! 10. I neversaw siah demonin in huanjn shape as h the Rcv. Doctor was tihe day I cal l to reason witt I him, when, he tenacneed tmyi grey Ihirs with an plifteRd gignntlc arin, .. if Ihe would have foiled Ite to tie Sgruonnd,for during to draw a pious ministeraway frount d tia duty, by t bribe of 30 piecesouf silver! I I' d trembled mre thtn if the "ttld Gentlemtn" had ep. rit oeared it his own eipte! 1 I. I saleuunly declare before Geod, land an nut efrid p to call ilet to witloes that 1 rnever, it thle whomneorse a, of 42 years practice as nn octlitt, in Gdiat lBritin o Faruine, IletcRntt and America, in a single instanuce of-i a- fered aitsa bribeho any nmont to the editor of anyjounrt. ig ttit no a :upoopnsotliunt air the space I occupied ntd the ta troublewhicht I tecnsioned themlniand that I was alwnsy stowre ittlied to reducethiber tCan add oryl mntey to tile paiuter'a bill; whtichl ia aulfloictit proofthat I had ac 1 . Lsatv.-'The Memphie Enqauirerorrtaiwonrute ad weeks coatituins a tissue of flagrant flsehoods, which it. lae nltelieal Goliaha editor learnd fromt tCieir brelthren t ofathe M. Giolilea of the North, and I shall trest themi a with sileot cnneotpt until tite proper time urriveet Uutleosoi is trte what I Iavte ltoeu iotfuredou.-tdae • betgar aulp yonowillcatchn L-.!" Tlaougl 1paid rlttt foruoyodoertierotestnfor two or three woess. he nlay inrertndeeieln ouese. T ou will please to inaert thls lettoe in your neat pa id per, aad oblige youro, es. as Inaste, p JOHIN WILLIAM.Ii, the Engliah Oculist. ld Ii,u,'ivillc, Joli l1l7. Copidtfrowt ule S. IF. C. 4deionr. ef t"o flash Jsa, 100. to At tlte request of cIr. Willitnms, we insert the follow. in. ule frmu the Iev, Mr Ilomdllt, tf Nattuville, to tle uelcot oa tlit" SL3th t .Ventern 1htriatinu Advacete, tilao at il nlflitrs, hett examined the dilptaimta mad otiler dne=a itants,evit.eioe olflhe lnovtor'n claims to CubIllic pitron g e ago Iooulttoviiitce utltll naccident, Ir. W' will ri main in Nethotlfo a few days longer than he ItI liret iC iutriudeud--sy tie Ist July. Ray. lir Otringfue:.h-llaving hcese rquested by ie. Williaots, tile oculi-t, now iull citlo y, to ueala itehis -nu aerous dildouutas utnd otiher dneuiments eviuciv 0of hois claims to pulblic ouafadeso. tin hie prrOfessitn, 1 Itev, ain coatpnay with r aoluetl friend,done so with itleanure. di Aamtg gthetn ' found a letter fro Mr lre PUetai pre :.senit Charge d'Affoirer of tile Kintu of thie reueh, 0t a Wasnhingtu , addresee d to itr. Wihhinlae, tetlvfyiog tbo g nuineaessa of the diplomas fem, the Kingv ofaF rece, a' lelginuk, & well as tltose from the Meahdical floeie lies of Franco. He has nuomerus rouchers from ulen , known to be iIhiph repintstion in thisaountry, receitod an sittee Ins a'rrvial aI thoe Ulled itates, detailing inton stea of groat ounees in t' e restoration of sight Cto the mmd. I have seea tm rlv all hin poor patietits in this cit,. I know tone of tloe previooe to their comig hbi caro; but all I hnve seen say they ao uno qoestionably benefitted. I-OB'T. B. C IIOWELL, Naldville, oune li 1807. r. o. Sinae writing the a,,ove, ,ne of Dr. lYilliumi' Itatients has cailed upout me, nuid aays ha had anetually wnd tftally lost the sightt of one eye for oeventy wcoon, hot now tsetlareo himself btton1i t last isInight, far tile -filt time in his lIfe th~at he can reeollect, he could din tinguiii, with th t eye,.oaIe of the premlineutt tare. [ learn that tOhi. old gent...nan has lived many yoarv in thin rdgion,end says te oan been a lethodist during flrry yercs. Yourtruly, auglO .. h. C. H. SIIE'KS O I'HILADELPHI1A-For aln ly YORK. ItIO''HE1R8, t 95 Campe 0trrt. TEANERK' MAP OF LOUISIANA,&c. &." A NEw MAP or LousWAetA, with its canals, roads Sand dmetanee, rron place to late, along tLhe stage an steamboat routs, by I. S. Tenner. MltHCLtL's Mar of THE UNrTED STATES .iowing tie principal Turun}ke ol ,cotmmon madV , on which are giren the diutencos in mile froin one |0lace to aiiother. anio the courres of tie canals and roil roadsl through et the eounete, carefully coupliled from the beat au. tburltion-pubGlhed by 8. Augtustu Mitchell. MITCHELL's TA.V) ILER'a (iGUIDE TIHROUGH TN) UoITeD SATt.r, a mar of the roads, dilairone. tee boheat andeenrl routes, &c. just ecreived for inrole 1V313'KLEA.Sl, T'HE INDIA I' PANACEA. ot the aurroftrheumat dllm aorkingsevr1,gout, - setiea or hip bout, ateal tenert, saltrheum, r Ihiiitie and mm-unra dilless p ticuw ryuleers and tllfutaffrctions of the boneos, hlented threlt cI ! Ji rls, ulcers of every dseraption, fever sores, and internal h sscars, fistulas, piles, srld head, saurvy, bites, hdim- l le asoreeyea, cr ailelis,biot.b, and every varietyc ot - ct soeoss affection, chronic Cata.rh, heaed ache psroeeed- i rg fronm any acrid humor, pain in the stomach utd dlys tepsia proe.dling from vriatlono, altectino.'tf the liatr, cInroic itflsamation of the kidneys, and generl tdebili- t .y canned byatenpidactinofntheveaels ofth skin. wIt a sinolao'y ef iasulh in renovntis those eonsattoittons h, haal beent brslken ,own by injudlemino treatmen , ti sventle ilrmm ritleas Is general terms, it is reemn Iendtd mal lho dias a whilearin from imluroiies tii ofthelood, oar iitatio eof the hmoes, of wtever i ae-or kind. Some ofthe abotve teoplalntsma r hquire some tlri. ii linga. unt applioation which theeireamstaoes of the t ma will dicta~un r t r a enel remedy or Pm ifieator tea.rmetheease, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will How truelt is, mt modern Phyiolans, m their am bition to enol in their profesioean edplre the st fheld i ofaclenee bhy he aid ofehemistry, and seek out new rce medial amst ilasdoe, to arrive at prfe.tlion in the atiee lay means Aofd a dote,-entirely overlook and neglet, an hoeneath thesrnesoe, therih and hbolteous arms ofmedicine, which the Almightly has easedl to spring oue ftheeath ievery elime! A holmw mnush mao te islt thet whilethe Amnerias Physician looks so foreign emtri efor nuany of his mast omnma adl .c"a ar tiles, perpetelly changing as they are as he ditates toffathion orfolly, he is snrritded ill his own cmnitry withen sndleosupreaon of medical iants, ufficint to nswer any itdiestia indisease or to nue any mcrable dimtrdersl yet he is ignwort of their vlr.i P.,iand they ae aleald to 'wuatefheir haling on the' csert air.' The efbes ta e hieg onstndlelnenpon um the system are eo mpn~ r -those a l mneiials lasting. The fo. er ex rtheir.fcetaansd pam off-the laster, mere.y in lan ies or, at ehemicallny paln thi: solids, dteomplngI tlhe ones ad umiermising the eonaitntion by a slow d an awre desrtition. Theo engeniallity,effieienny and SAFETY ofvegeta ble remedies over mineral, ma be estimated blcytenoU.. lngtheaneleit proatlse wihth e modermn or, tobring ii tore immediately, undler our own observation, th- lsll and pestiea with flmtaothe whites. Who, in America, as not known orhard of repeated instances wherein some derepid, unpretendini female Iodine, by meansof er simple remedtlies aalonee, has affeeted tele most rapid and ataishing curs, after the mMatei n Mteina of tim 'lmmon iprmete. direateold n the most shilfl anlllaer, ina foiled. And wio hanoo t n sorlonised at thecom-r iy.rveerae atd lfaeility with which the Indian frees him sel from y dilasse, and at the almost tots abstinenne ofe hrnie disaseamong them? Who has esa heard ot as Indlian with a onlstitution Ibreokun and retitnel by illt eatnent? Ad eatlm a dMatteist that this hapity ex. emnltim of the mage from most ofthe ills whiih the fesh of man is heir to, is ehiefly owing to more gnia anld saI fe remedies whichl he employs! "l'his astotish ing dif'neroue isl suane, i a fair exemplifieatio of the infinste luperiority of the aimple sd safe means of cure whichl God has ereate for the hbenefit of his elildren, over tho se which tie prie and the art of nao have it ventedl. romm a log re ddemene naol a oIestion of the atnheitltntsof thiasemotry, anisan intimate aarmluai laneewiththe methisdof enreof some of their mos asoeseuftl prMctitioners, the proprietor ol 'The Inotiau ' Pawlteen,'aqincuatl a knowledige of aome of thie most powe'Iul asd fanorite remedies. From theseheseleete meh as were most effieaelousandt aroriiates, oand after varions nerrriments to test tleir parincile a sla nsrength, lie has eotined them in the - form .hl e presernted, as the most ierflt es and atelleiecial tr the purplose for which it is recommetled. ihe Isroln, ietor offestlhi preparation to the putblic, willi tie neoseiousnesa that he irslaeiog wilhintheir sea, Srem iy eaaLtle of relieving maty of his afflicted fel low beings, who are sutfering ander the various ehronic alll obstitose comtlaints Ito whiclit is appliciable. 'Io stch it will prove of inoalctlable valre, as the meanls, and in malty ases, thie only means neftheving teilr su lerioga and restoring them once more to health and Ilap pisess. This is notolrered as a common remedy, thsa mty pia ehtance e equotlly good with many others low in use, but as ote which is cisisie of soatogt if nIstt extreme eases lwhich all the unusual restrlscls'i. Ibis It has dcne repleatedly; altd thisr is the repltatioe it hascl: tained whelrver it lan been intodna.ced. It is only lshlt three years sinee this lpreomption was presented oithe publie: butit that short space of tith, sonie ittdretls of ilersons might be Iotultt , whoi wolhl solernly declare that tisey lelieved thats their lives were raved by it, asi in mol rsesaltser they tatl tried many antd iperltps all the eommon remediens ill vaisn. Whier ever it is kniwn it isrlmrly comrg innto nc s and Inhis afflotienrdsost suhsta s ntsalald conalvincg sproof of it nlerilts. T'ie valne of tie Panacea i most eonspicuots in those Iong slmaslisg nd sts a lgitic soti serolitDins tfr.letinns mlhiclh hae lefied alil other re.ntslies, attl iplticnlarly ill tllos eltses wheere hnrrllc Jias been so lanisl !) used

as, to ase dtlistressig e sKlllsin tie hones, HImos, Irun rsi ulcers, deransgement el'tf digestive orginse , ce. These it moonnlliel relllles, and in all cls.s it entire ly erlicles the ll.ataes o.,T lllets o Il merciyr, tell. onteualle csllilunnti an lee, s ithle iltietll sl allllll lnd owell. In rhwtnaipn sao in ttcerales boile t Aroatl its happy eulcetl ateot ats a t ivinc altss ise dise elctio. Taken in l'cir doves, tiellsdions'a Pnae eeoa oltlrsine a Ints slllelsltative "till a diiaplltltstic, sliirtsie, and lalattives, a - a i-sas iaic llllnllleI itllll ill larole' oes nI aalse o acic lelooo ieslg oSitle. (elster. all. expressed, it illntses a:l the srcltlletilllS HIltti ox reltinn., gives lane to tile stomach, and exctes ! atine in the glalis it a lalrtlnntltsDatnner. ro a: thCese itnici. ils itbolseOtioan Ioty bie ualmerstooll. l'iihsledicine has been found hlighlty useful in sosn uatbgnoca dliseases not here splceiliedl, antl it has brIu nedo with woulaerfiflccess as a Spring aoIs r Fall Pa riller, by those Mtio ore stjllects Ioaltlsaitatssofthecshts, aitd loar oollsttuitiosssusesire new vigor. Snchl lpt.i. sonas will sit well to tte t otn or thlce int sllsl e nea. t\Vhaetoscs as ietsdiihn ic coskilsi re icceobtt7, s:is all.cEtakelin i llt a small iose; will answer all Is tiorploogst in m scllh less timse, at less eielnse, ll ill a lar solre agreeable inanler than tihe conlolon diet sinitk. T'lhe fsllowing eellifiates, ut of lhnsdreis simlilar,l which might he prooresl, are given tn show tllh effeet ol the Indian's P'anaeea, isn the vaioea eomplaitauit nesn tci mettioned;andl alsoto ehibit in te maost salidsioetny lnnesr it slspelrierity over tie syrnps in eonmmon uses CASES OF' IIUEtM1ATlISM. ttasLaTlow, Nov. 15, 183.R . tllril tilhelast winter astd sissitg, wan afliedl with It very severe land diOteli slg i .taisli nll, o erisitned bi) eatpost e in hasl weather. 1 now take great pleasuae itI tastilt, that six hobiles ofthie Ltliant's Panaea, ireshred me to perleot health, and I oafideostly reomluetdl it to all similarly afflicted. JOHN FEIIGUSON. KiSg est. CcasamonTl, MIarcll y7, Il3o. I was wsized eut Ihreoth ear since, with adistsassih.g Iessonastim, , caused by takstg s severe eoll, while slstr Ihelinfllleoeef mereurt, and which has itsailed r liom bosinesa neml4y ever salate. During this leritd have betsio a atieot m the Marine Hospital, it litsis sit lwrdsl sot fLair months, and nearly the tmoe lenglh," time in the llaltimore Heoital, and triedl olmost ever remedy, with little beneis. Oa the l1th of l',ltotar last, t that time seteely asle to more about uon crtch.l es. I eomnn.leed he nse of Indian's Panaea.c In erY ieOtllh I found myself entirely treedl free Isisn, toni ar now IMppy to state thatl eotdlermysrlf perfetcly well. WM. TUCKEII, 1 Market st. CASES OF SCROFUI.,US ULCEIIS N rw Yolns, Selpt. it), 81i. Thil may certify that ills the fail ot 1825, 1 was seize with a swellingin my neek and fate, which sflerwa.rc uleersted amni becme largle ghastly uiller in iny necL. Aferlr'ying acvelld Iplysliians to no adviactge, I wen' to PhLiladelphisa, sand placed caelfl' undsier tie care Dre. ll.'yslemad Beacs, whena.fter repeated alivtonc to noeret, ! was Ipoounscedi utterelb ineuoible. Aftee. wsards IooL ttwent bottlesorSwaim's l'aaaea and eight ilotttlmofleiters[usithelieno, with so materil besefis )easpliagil ofie, which hdl ssow hecome a iurs:hess i me, I retunsod to sty .olests its ew York, in ISil, an aomesyselfp to a hisngering death, ilr.litag of da gaeal of Tile Italin's Psllssera, Iloseever, in eas inltilor so sy own, l was ite~rsusdeic tr.c it, as a last s. sore. Ino my great meprse, as well 55 sotisfaetion., snoes fssuoel stysdfpidtiiy recoveerg,tlsid npions takitt1 seven bostia,.tihe ulneralealeti atni [ hane IerlecEl, well int tsi ontre ofntwo mosatls, atsl save emaineal so overtsimne. I meakesthit siatemet asti whbitliblishtd fs'rthl beseilt ttito e whwioare mffirfneg tisdcr aimilar rcl'fuhms or |.ldtiltiei ulfafcol'lr that they ntay kltow seath, tod who colniders his life toved hy the above ov. WVM. IlINIlt, Colltancrosrx. Joiy I .U1. I wso afIlliet.', foryers wich an ulcer in lthe leg, ose nsssionally naomiatiiesi with crysiltelocstus ilasloatisll andseasmsalvi nsin illsthtelerg actd atwi joit. Sevrarl omioents pltlayii ts excrted thseirakill tilltot it, hat with ottit p hrmaoentbenefit. In slliscase flve botile lnsiilstao l'aaaeea mate a itsesfet cure. MAIIGAIItET A wV1 'r, 121 .Morket I'oFr maieby HENltY UONNAIItJL, siroggias, ageo so: the itrolsrriesera l'sIohtlntlttiao erect Iso NEW ORLEANS NAHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPAN Y. T HE stockholder of this company are l vreby te titled that by a resolution of the Iboord of direc tion passed on the 19th inst. the call made ott them on the 13th February last, fur tbe payment of five dollars a share, was recindod, and the stockhlolders are further notified that WH,,.REA, by a resolution of hi board paneed on the 19th insta .acall hasbesn ade on the stockholders of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Coupany for the followingtaytmltss on the he stock bold respec tively by them, vin:-two dollars Iper allure, payable on thie first day of Septenmber next; two dtllara per share parable ott the first day of lecember next; .ld tan dolarper share payable on the frl-est day of March next. Nowthertefe be it resolved, ti:lt the secretary of this conmpanv shall notify tile share hold erein, tloough thse public prnnta of the city,that in coulbtmtit with the sixth saetion of the charter, they arOce permittid to iestpoce any payment called in onu the stock of said company for the tens of sixty days, from and after the day on which it is mads payable, with the explte can. ditton howeer, that it not reg larly paid within thet said ralontatios of Iixty days from and after the day on which it otould have late paid, that then the stcak on wltict aitist pdaymnt ehuuld have bent made, is and rema i trfnitd to the compJany, the charter Ot that point teing imperative. In confortait therefor, to said cull, all atoek of the atockloldier in said company, as think protter to ens off itse paytntttton thrir stock to thbotid of' the adlitional nixty dayn, which the charter allows te,,,, are notificd that the payrent of two dol nan per sthare callaed fer,and due n te frt of e. tem.leMr r next, tyye poatptsed under the sixth sectito of said chtrter, until th 31 at dry of October seal, tlhat the psymett si twa dollars per share called for, and due tt tthnfirstdsd of ljeotnber neat, otay Ste post poond until the S3i1 day of Janary tnext; laln the pay ,ent of tw t dollars per atare called Apr andi ltv ott thie firetdsy of Mach next,, mtybe postlttttd until the 30tht etractsof tie mriantes of the hoard. june 1SI A R McNAIR. Se'ry. SomSi.IIArS, in c.e.-." d..n.. white aho Hste,for sle JOHN I4 CRIHAM. p 16 BTATE. OF LOUISIANA.-Parih 'Court for the J Parib and City af New Orleans. TllE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom Sthei Presents shell aome, fereetilnt-Whereas, 1 James Hoase having purchaned at a Pale made by the Shariffof a timhe prms of Orlean thie property Ihereinaflter descrilted, ana applie, to thi clerk of t!us court, in whtosen office the deed of sale was recorded on the 2didav ofApril, A.D. 1838, for a monition or adier tisement in etonformity to nu act of thel.edisinlture of the htate of Loujoisna, entitled"*An act for the furtler asru rance of titles to purclhaera at judicial sales;" approved the 10th day ulo Mearcl, 1834. NOW, tlerefsrre,know yre, and all persons interested Ilersin, re hereby cited d admonished in the name of the State of Louisina, aend of the Parish Court, who can met up any right, title-or claim in and to the propeuy hersnaftler described, in consequno e ofany infarmality in the s.nlerd.rrees or iJudgment sf the court under which tite ale wa nadet, or any irregularity or ilklgaitv in the appraisements end adverrtisrments, in time, or manner uf ale, or for any othr er 'feet whato. ever to show cause, within thirty days from the day this monition is first inserted in the public papers, why the sale ra maue should not be conirmed and lame Tm staid srcpory was sold by she Sheriff of the par sih aflTeasid on othe 4th day of Apri, A. D. 1838, by virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered on timhe 5th day of Febuary, A. D1. suit entitled Alexander Cthalell vs. Jatomes Hae, No 1e,36r of the decket of this Cort, t whLice sale the sold James Ilane become the purehaser for the price of twenty olte thousand dollars. Deacription of Prolerty as given in the Judicial Con veysene, vl.l A certsin lot ol rronnd ritltted in the sublurh An nuoeintion alia Lacoarse of this city,iin squars No 5, end lot having French measure, 60t fejot trout Tehoun. pitoula etreet, :dlI feet froeer on Oratgers street, and 60 feet on l.afsgde du Mere' h streat, in such n manner that said lot of ground is 60 feet wide from oae sie of the sqare sto he lotter, together with s dwelling hoause frnatng on Tehoupitoulls street, the khitetet and de pendnecies, also the distillery etahlisl ma nts erected thereeo and other buildings and improvements, the machinery, utenailt, implements and fixtures helonging to said distillery, its depenldencies and appttenanaees, and the rights, ctiolrs, and privileges thereto belongnlg or in any wise appertainintg. C1erkin Office, New Orleans, May 7, 1838. m14,24j3 J. OLLIE. Depity Clerk, ETAT DE LA LtiULbANE-Court de Porornor o poor ( roise d ville de Is Noavelle Orlentna S'ETAT DE L-A LOUISIANE.--A tousren qu ae e enmtwes t e ement,. Saiut: Attendu qap n Jamn Itanae eylt ahetu 6 une vents faite par leBerifp 'elaparnit e dst llea.slttrlwopritt efi-tletr derioteI eotrogislteh't2emtjoul, tM sn tle l'tltrr 18e , por r on atntsb eoouGrmeoedt & tte Coni tie It Lagilotote tle t' Elat de i Liouisiatne, intlit, "AeteI pour etfIrtmer les liillPS Ie Irqlal.-qll allx veateljadlieisiter ;" enpl~mro "I Ie IO MaHots 134. Qo'i oaiirtoltll I toirllels ilprsola int8rlnrseetl llnt ltar aes prne lente ommlleS anl nom de I' o Elat de la Loulsiaom et de lI Cour de Paroiu., f jtti torr "roie ontir droit£ In ;ot"ib to - e-o ts ohe, 0 ctttrttjettre 't tlbul ~ftt tie furttto dots l'ttrlre,l in beret ott In jttgectttt tie It noor, ottvl·l tiuoel lI erte a 6te flite, ou ile tte irlatgciitt o illgalits dons I'estimatiol.lavis oule tempo et le rmide doe Il vents, ou pour ttooatlre tause qelettoqaet tie firire otr, dsaaIrentetjnora o .tet dier lttttiltltitlo tie rette it ois, puncttoi lovecte iti r aitfe lie tenltit pal eo.irmtn6e eo hottologuoS, I.a propriln foit vendeo par le shbtiuoedit, le qua tortieolte iollr dt'oril de I'onttne 1838, rn vertu dotm dAelet de eette cnur le 5 de vrier die I'ullne 1838, a dons I'affoire d'Alexander Caldwell eontre James a Hanse, No 10,367 du doceket de cctte oure, laquelle verlo le dit Jamens HIanne s'eost rendu acqitreur pour le prix de $2l,clto. Descriptioti deln Proprie1t d'ipti sletratferfJctdioisre, Savolr. Un oertail I:t dle terra situb at fanbomrg de I'Atlnon Ciation alial LaCIourse, de cette ville, r lon, Pilt No 5, i le dir lot Wis tertre ooot fotroco Fr loiltr,] etitttlltltt dt tie frce ltleItittte TcttotIpittouts, ititi rellt tierd dc tace II to ruo dett t rt.ltolret tt oitonlt pitdi tie facaei fototiedo it rot do l.h.eit,de noort t(it let dit lot tIe terre a roixamte piedt dA orgour ditnItrout de I'ilet I I'oattre ensedtble lne mailmo I ant ftt ae la i rue "ehicn.itolui, la clliiaoe el se dt i pendnneo..rinr i qtte la distillerie oennstrtite our le dit Itt e, utrre hA tnt ee t ne 61inraititlt; lte.o tolltltee. tlentil ineio l otiotto, &e. opp *r!olttItl I in tilt dietillitrie, .oo t(6llpdt tatelr, noptpartenances et les droits. oclioat tI priv ligesr lirtu dtii greier,orNovells eOrliac ,hle7 iM1rit1838. 11tt4,21&lj3 J. (011I.1: ItCptI'C C·rttlior Royal C.lleyge on f Ploysi arlls, , Lttltr. I 11.orliizm'l Vegelable tlI~ei.. nvrl u| alte, perleto l iy r V i iskiao, Ertl e uicltor if tIteIol Cllu.e of Stll.Cne lle, ioeotlalte of Altlie eroyi'olo.l alilty r"lltr iof llhtt Ceollt Set-iou, StttclloI itoI IlotIyol Uttina ritailt Anorittl, Lottllott.r PI'ee, ll'alel~ln n Illhi~ s. mIdII ll(,i•ICIH ached lill o1" Ilia)( atol SI. 'I'hoeat t Ithsldt. s, .tcli. "I'lds vaulaale I.ediei~e. lira i..Ettll id'Iwelll. ?('SI'I' exlwrPience .ulld-unlpmi'.lleld~ success IPl ihe eitllli~t to tlte i;tllie oft Iio Antieriti itilllllit, Ihr. ellle.. So lcilittiot i f a illtlllttltthr olgltltertt of IOftogl'Ih stittling in Ihe tltroessoin. It is holted, as o n lii Itrt step, to cherk Ihe evils m .I thal t at ille nitaogiteotr titsoor f |ht roatermas il e ollo ttlltia ti.trt oul ttblc nltilhe Ilht.v tllt U itl' t Ittt t tI illec ttll. , tlrlltltitlettl) ! IrIltr lttrs iSo I t tall i tthine , of metdical tctegie rre o h tttit ihlossible t ttutrlin. eltrtiorltt- rai lornett doiwin o it th httllig+n tpeolple ofthikscot h. TOhIn o ill hcurb, 1 it d rt eh iellei lal ' lhlud (ie l.ll Ill eL1l'V; Iilllllih +it c: st.1 tollrlghglealllmltuktr iirr, "inttitttti toutthllpl ntt.millti echlll'u,( , e lll) 1icll . Ie ,i . Ih r l' h I' t or .iet t,t. in hial, it.t ,hose hit vle gt I tealto, lhogle teter te without ithem. lit- het autt",i s, Sininlaektl~ at .5.1 cErl., 51 HUII &L) elEici hy· U\el." I·Us .'t t|.ile sil' eI lImnkellel, e iasrl withlor iicai~lin , in, Iht gll t rlnl,'l" iti mann.oll tlillls ' prlol Cl. llsoll abilll* tli llb lilt' fiilnw iag eielell illatll(-l CI:IPICI ,.il ,.l~li(. (:II)I)C~I• .)I Ahlel~lrl'lhv,,.~lnlet, lIh uhI J \1. I).. %V.· ll:.-k, %1. II., J. Astal Kepy, A. Foirattotl, I. I) , oit .In *r1hou otller The oragdi'ills liilY . e steenll in pOJSseioh ollf ite'I G. oenal Agot, toy hot tie iilstneeili ir itlplteil illln Ihlle suntrr,· dlt o wllo all applieationsl Ollpger iest6 I,|l bemr.'de. Jh'O. IIOIIIEIN, I."S (W,'evly Place, W. \"O.E I Sole Geneirol Agent til tlhe Ullited, M.i For l u ni t iy ottioilttt ento tt he Iotiigilii. jiut'itrrtr bI" Swtoa &t Illl toIItIIttI])IgIIjlgi-s, It II tt iii Ill t,,'_rto Agonutfor'_' Stot"Ler ol"_"._lioic.. - tot. n II ENIRY It LE- L -en, Nc t3 l:,gazine streel.n.,a SI rw receivieg from l.ips Nashv.:e, laniss ille, Kineelcka , Eagle, no.d other lnte arrivals - a tl 'bI St:ertll eltles, i s rge aI lnew sellleael assortlmenl I!.is, Boots, Shoes inld Broganla, ennsilling otfg lleellen's lcne calf and Morocco boItnn do 2d qutalitys; do butl.I, alll stout was pegged Ionua e narionsqllllhtiel; men's fali call setl mad Maorce.u lle. s p;,lps Iod bron. es, backskin shoes, brogans aml shlppea s: me.n'sline calln aelI Jipi peggoed sesnceet i Irognes; do bonots; do sloat Lip aul wax ggelsed sloes a td broelets; g-nntletnen ber st q.ality call seweni sIces, Ic..ogms scat Jack IWllnaiegs' do calf and Moroccon t akre sahoes nld bltrgtms; cl calf, seal mi Marmco. I idilo slios aml slii. ', Ido ucalf, boll n- rseai wigs, m .eeW lielea dolin Il.e call; e.i and cu ots Iloeys', misses'and children's seitaed mId anseeL b ogans, mll dslaes of elery qlmlity aeld kind. Also genenal assortmlent of Ille's stot a. e llsa r.ýs bIroalls ll shoels, ogether wicl 10,00e0 pair, egaro Iamst tquality, erussett Inoo sl, nailedl' in lI I.eklis, mInle explres.iy frollllmlcnt Ice aL; a goclt aS. I elenell of mnll's fnlle aall stouet kip Irluserillh"c-glsn,c Sw arlid lec a a:eoge quantity of a inll'eriur iquait r semet al wam blog.les. Ltlirs' fine cafII; seal, moroeeoa ad gric welts, and pemp sole slloe; doa file creeith Morceceo aml kill eeo ncond slipjperi do roan shoes, with sd without lieelsn c call; seal sed rstoo leaher bIotecs; do Peunella shioe I allkillds ncl qelities; dI Iestilli brogans; ino gliter e'alld Iboeld boltees. Mlise.' laslieg smpaillg slioesanue Sgukcs. Childtren's colored Moal.oc.n ald lasting brn Il .uod boots, kse. nintlenlene's linefashionalhle black silk tints; do block ui hciral beaver do ii a ecplelriCo tpudiiy; do imttioh Io ranfdo; ibaed a,, nasrc.ow briaa men's line idral and t1. .c IStesis short inplped hats, a new article. Yoethc:e l.u e size late of diilerent qualities; Io cthildren's. it n'aoaml baI c's black aul drab wool hats of various iIs tles, with general assaortmenilt of boe s' lld men's e I ratenps. 'l has assortmnent will be replenislt d ly the arrival of ec I tlmcketslnlll the manse nIlledl cities, all of whlich *.il lbe old on accommiodating terms. ag 1-if MtN'I'AGCUE'S I..d L FORl TlHE TEETH. TfllcsEestablilled cepatution and colratat.tly iacrenonl U detallnd or this etee etell recleediv of poin, and pro seriative of the teeati, has induced tho subscriber eoffer it to tile American puelic. Arraulelentn hab been mlade to asupply gents in all the prolnill ciati ncid townsie in the United Statles, o as to plaeo it ithi tila reach ft theoe suffering scd likely to suffer this moa Inareaseg of all nelee,'I'eoeetluohe. When applied according to directions given on bottle, it hai! never fuiled to efford immnediate and lasueln relicef. It also aresta thec decay cn etectiv tetl, atnd relieves that lcereanelss icll'eo frequetl)i menders a strong tooth lseiless The apllicationl and remledy are simnlee, innocent, an not unlpleasanl; and the large number of prseonl in different sections of tc eoucetry, tiates aiave l ady experienced such delightlfu andsntlutary elleta irom tim use of thle Blalm, amr redy to bear Ifor the public emol) tbeir testieeonv to its un. rivalled qIalitcs. It as an Indine remedy, obleinct minglellrly and ounetpectidly, said nlet be regarh-td lIe the civilimed world as te inat vasnluable discovevy redman of the woods. Piae $1 per bottle. Sold by JAIIVIS & ANDREWS, mr 5 Cler Commonlle and Tehaslitoulea .t.. I EW BOOKS-Naval Sketch Book, or, the Servlce I Atatet a sdahore. Wiotlcharacteristic renminicen ce, fragmoents and opinlona. by the auuthor of Tam_ ol a Tar, &c. second series, in '2 vols. icemdom Recollectiets of tihes House of Commons, fIunl the yeer 16t1 to the neloaseo1835S. Iwludang pelso mal sketches of the leading membera-ty one of no par y,just aeceived and for sale by W McKEAN, LATE PUBLICATIONS. CNOMWEIL, an Hisnrical Novel, by tle autlur ol C The Brothers," oc. in :Y vols. Popular Medicine, or, F 'ily Adviser, consicting lof Outlines of Aonetomy, Phyniaogv, nsed lI.yieno, with iateh hints 6uc the pnectica ef I'hjtic Surgery, und l the diseases of women nond clillleeei, s an iav prova useatl in fscmiliea whee regelar phyicianna caulcut be procaured being ta compsalion oSd guide fer inteelligent prinecipns of naonlactneoriem, tletmoteins, anld htardnleg sehool,. htends of fomeliea, nlsiters af vessecls, aliasulanries, or trvellorc; and s ueaful sketch Gfr yVlllc men eallcoenc. illg tlie study of lnoedicin . Iti RIevnell Gcimte, il. 1). Peter Prioey'a Uiliversel Ilitoiv on tie hlees of Gelagrsphy, for tie use of facilina, tlletstrited by caops ocd edgrnuiao,e in 2 vols Slust receiven ad fir sale by WY MaKEAN, m9 ,cir i' Ccoaoneo O at. TOTICE.--Tlgsa.erornf veer l e ackab oa , erehlsn i dioe narkedl Msdame V. Artiqucllea. . per hllip Grtons, fron Now Yotrk, is hereby not:fled that they haes lvern stored by STETSiN,AVIRY & CO. 003'I U'a cignee "Cfirunn,' 7r.PUpBLISBREdPON StEREOVPEl P LJTEE~ Tlhe At Edition of SROWLETT'B TABLE8 OF IN'ItEREST: N ·0 whih is now added all Average Time Caleult, tor, lor eny methods in' finding the average ime n Ssto.oge, notes of hIad or billt of goods, wben pur'- i hlmsed at llffertent dates, an dif.tereleti credits, mld f"r, oriovsonolnti besidIlrCucEful oil eoil tlet rc'ntkiig f'ime 'a lu'e, tie bct ihai canll b iontirive.ll or tit fi ilres canll pr unctie within tile 8sloe tollleselld ~ionllasse, Ida size ol tape. ' All nivetlisement in tile boo'4 is inl nerly the follow ig woets:t 'Thehigh distinction this work ha, reeeived thrtoigih the ten legislative nott prefieti to tile title lsge, iss acc sommelhatioo in itself, so nocnmOms,, snd so sire, th t nothing is nutesmery more tlan Isy woy of tad eriiosement, to give. ontdensed view onf some of its p dleriltieloas for instance, the Interet hlal boeen eomp. ed from,oad otmpared with, what is equivalent to four- 2 tentsslefenlclatlione, eltamiued in tile pselthirty fle times, antd prinlted tMmro trreMtyie plates t;eted thirltyty-one times, fonl all which it omnt te evident ' even to tlhe shepitio (evroislly ont tsie p.itlel otlthe de- t I tat! of proof io tbltr refnoe) slot the worik lllltt ihenrith- I otetienlly infallible, nillt ill eoltinroietn of this heliefa I pemim o" two hundoed anlld o lfty dotllar, is now Offer- I ed for the detection of at eteror o. cent in the Itresent or fifth edition, as exireslsed in tse Itrtince, nlkiog five Isne tremniot otferei for the mle ror si nethe firat I tmhliimtlnn in the yenr ls0. One of tho.most enmltieotoasl feattntl or the tIbles is inthe rrlangemollt of Ile Time anld Amnontst, whiell for espneditilnl, referene omltnrdieitv', willi the hielpi ofdheoille and inldeo, ollatnt be excelled;md tih soll~y ty and amse with whill tile intele e.'l be founll to tio etent nolgneranl hllinlless, withnt doubling of lalslms ilsesidre a eonvenience to esal.talt, that illn h esLtlma tien of some oi the most omlnptenlt aInld pect o l I.ntl tlls men sod 1tttblie oft' nera wltt itse he Alde greet ite of tie work, it Ito bent isittillstihecl hy tito ilonolnble tpplnllotint eflblo "moster". Atol onldelilH.; tke infn!liltility nr the cetlhbel olriinsll7 depitelt iei omposinlr tile wotk, and tlte extrenolinaiy uamller altt vsarietye oFlthe examinatinl., and teats of every eldition it hspl sledill thie peros, eotwilhstanding the whole is in tereotylpe, Elociderlotg. in sliti., toe politive locoeso meored by tice Itttprerc.lldlctet means empltycml, the vo lumeholls heent Ildt ulc nid emlnatiullty It, led " tile molt wontlelCfl obnok in tile weslk;" molt certainly no msnnoan nameas figre work oftme aone extent, which sine tite teginniegol ermtivon, it had the i nt er - bersad varitty of teats in the tome nsn,,on of etlitorsi no, nsrone halftite tntnber, ts is clearly showno i tile lttnlbee. Itesidel, astest anil sltlloodll , it haos en b'tredadlld red in nea'ly all tie btallk a tUd pnli li. ces ill tihe U oe t Sllltas, aI bthll puthlie gonerlily, dtlring the long lrictdl ofthirts:fire ', yet Ilo elror of it.e rIt olllotions htl e.vC r b.eetl 'otnlld i tri"n', I.totltglh eoontiilln allo clalleegesd by the oflt'e'of ver' lt'ge prmiultts. '1Te i fact expressly ndttptetl by Iail tt enouris oflaw ci tevroal of'thle States Ia tile "r llte of eDtleniati" forltatute interest." s:dtsO by ilw for tonk illtellst, oceorltillg s the knlk is iieti , eve! as , r - he .Pll ill liret, by .,,e lnltes cl' ite sdbsrill's, nold a few of the subseqletlt llrclctaserl, illtlle list Itltlellcd ofthiIt bo'Hk, isin Imaseasiir ef rw loss oteitizEnsI in every) qular' te of che United Stites. h is molveorer well known tinat, ihy its rearly lcheek, it hsa so ofteun deteted lhrge errors, lotg llter they were male, even ri the mnost e.,rul and most comsietell aritlmeticiane , tsat its u~seluless, and tile absolte d e lessityr ltr its II.5, havie bhrrtn exenliivrlY inhssltud tp1nc, so evllcnt, inecol, have bcenll its inllltnges, anll its savings, tlit, s.uerel jn'sngeo whilst the first edlition wstlen, alld out of ,t'il't, aI grenIl iuleW of eflllcod hanlld ceplies wele vttltght fillr, stntle io o ge t IlistIceC al porrarrd it vaionslll pic'es,l as Itlley clld t.elClsionl ally bn it ked t nit tt frt"' tit to $tt ier ci"' oepy.,oll olome lrsons Ilave lon 'cll. y dyclltci, end illnt.l oellt Ietlluoe tll thtlc) twrolhl pot) $5i, $i)tt anellt (5) Flor a eelito, Ifoot to be lhad titt' iis. eiv ntl iltdiidal in tile ltter istcit iwaC rltiiovtnrPtl Irttilg at llle satlet iime rxhibitcd c'tis'tl'ctry prtod', tIoi`.i ril pirsons pre till thlal to himh it was remnity wo~rltl ltht ,money and lolre tino~ghl Ithe uSl in; of hisi I er' vi=abulte timeI, he beig, very Hich man. .d ill ,blic oflh.. It ls likewile wllhl" of not Ce, Itl ilneed proper to imlprees, thltt sthi is thtrenature tl ligilr 'oik gettrdlly alnld slacilhly wieCd Of the extUel cud imltll0'ance ol these ta Ins, llht hi ithis l mt k or its like In o. tlrelr ell i o t tie tllllal ll'ltter l'tlloe , t. tle lllst eo llm etlt l enlcul ltor ill lhe WiashI , Islsul alli'll.r , rls urilltlled atll unllllilllly u e(l hi· s olwln tlion of pl'rof heetu, it wouhl, alhmosl to a cetrta:linly, hale ac tlhe,: IG r e felellse,.anll deaIr at lay ih.iec. as the pllfwlle dllarlelll I lr lp ea pni n l sla . h l l u t s R l l t a i hl. Ina le h a e l h e ` ilrel,. i ttlesi l tllis wnlk ll IIIIrI n llll t Ih os.le re lhelll, il jhlheIrU nlerclu:ls nllll extalloinlhlary exnlnilna. tiots,agoinst fire, for tht gtttt'tcrl ltent it, tiey arte (itb' dllsertiselmelll) ellEccttntit, kst iI t plhoe of spiecial ntiot ,etc ritncet e.i t lto!t h cit l ' leomit- hit ell~lllt wh sL.ll ) .,It.., il'lllo.lhl.)lp iUi'I l':(I. t% 1~ PO I hich, i hi uithlll.r l.,l ie l 4 ll.{, i di, ,l ,, lfli Ul J ill.n ll.hi iit' i;- 'lrrlll I'llar ol.Ollllil Ilh·,'· 1Iwl.(l 11i~ll. I',ii11·) Ji ,i.s {'ll ItI siU ilelll;l It., II'I) {Ij~ll. ;II" .I I,' yl. i lr(I% )C l 1 Ll . IIt o nu I' onl;.ii h i n I r) mII,. k lh ,t, a twhisstoalid q. th~is I l Ittlllll ll n i ollsl o u Ik ti l tlt. ws, ,,.hlithllheet c illte.lrlsl tahles. werIe inltl'odue..l hn stlh inlls .and c.entls bel lr o n i m ,l, it i lu I t I i s o t lttit 't 0 s p hit wt h i htetlt," it t Ni ll loll s oI t tVll IIII ItIu I t h o {) iiI t illC i fix elS oi tI n I .ll I' I i to 1I i't u ii( n. t nlll I tI tll A , Eit,,, of t i tt it' lit'' ., rll l lll (t 11 It t i , iti lllll it c I - Y(IlI ;lhIIIhIIP* ll l dl I "I'· , , II I I imP ntti o. o11( 1 Iu h[ . Go,' tail, e.d 00u ille \\ 't'trtte III Io It I . t' h11btit ' 5' ln Thl to otrttzct /to l lctoinit, cc ninoM toil; n' ltit i,llicE cyItl l tite l ollti toi ot'o o ol, ' itlolc trl l se : i I ' |, .lr.lC l-i ,I Iit~llllll...L.1 1 1·1.'i (11|i h'1 . it' •~lll I'r/ ; ./i /kl;..,. . ,. II .,.'~~· Or "11.1111· 0,' 1h.. LI..lll11.l.'M NI':1WO\RKI;. L,..-Trh, .\';eri :.0 id us ll hld hIy ilo attbrl , triOt ".(1 ii I t an.c i O f p II .Neld c li tteds 'n to ltn, trin 2 t n Ic.. Ahe 't gonn titifr ii 'i,, titti . t't rli fertie,4 l)ll 'lllh ill't'ctii. llnonIIeoc'o Jn-i r.,'t I an,.l ud lhr .,re hy \\Il. 11K IlN, itteol l'oIttIto' \' Fi'tnt itt Woolc an p trcitc Fi F."itr o Lprill.y, Wit h oitiiii, ' fl1cc, Vptlgll. ion og . i; Oi llon e s o r pit ollllll, Ue Itc '; bilo Whi hI urtin l' rnl llc filli lllllllo n oitt .Lh. io; sCIolyern liott;i pin iti h b"ne ; lccr nic; lloeunlt Hir l; tIt ro; Erfin, orkg'io evil; ( 'lt it, sonri. o.; yphile iaby , d ll dsrdr L IV GLENN'S PEIIFUMI tilES. JC TIIINi Attic, ri. r Co rner of Cotati oltd Bh ot b)I, tt cIeeon re~siderhe inl a ho climalte, ior e ip ,j.,.,ubmouuse ot' anr(.u ry. A' .,,--tav,, & Scl, fl" r'. WVrm Sy r I', or I.. far11 P, eserv,,tive: ULeh, h't pr, irallci hnow Iextanlt. A,.ong which are th,. Illow' ng:-lhadltn Dye. th~r colI ring, the hair; Hear so t); russian Beair'a Grenus,; Poinatlurll; ir.ha:w a Frlc e \o Wash: su p'rior Pearl Po vder; Lily \Vhft,; Crown, of Rlo a.; Vegetable Roug.; Oat,, of IRos, ; Ltp 8 dyve; Kre. owitu To'th~l Waslh; Carlbonic 1)ontlrallc,; Oran~ge F.las~er WVater; Powder Pd|Ts anI I Boll ,; .Amellr . canl Charcoall, nlently put ,up inl fosur ,nee v.iall ; P eaton Suites; Cologle ; Krtoosuto Inotfh.acho Dr)op*; Hair Ilrul.hem; E~nglilh lDrn lg Co , i, Imian ihair Oil;--wih a. variety of .t',er Perl a= mJeries, hlo. For sale by L W GLENN'S IPERFU>I tIER. J C TRIN(" Alm, Corner of Canal and Bourhon streeta l(I.F. V It MAY, loos, Sig., mi tll~tmmvnta fJ I'ag.i1es, No..3 C laroadlcle stcre:, ,two dolos litll C;:lml ltreet Imhilatilns l' ,he followin woolds and na-ables,ex ecuted in iaslterli mannler. Matogmai, Fgit tinl bllaek a ll gohld, Oak, (llil awl Aatico, Pollard do, Oriental or veldll lIique Curledl do, jIlapte, Ca-led Maple, llll Stlone, Birds 1)e .,, Iarby (hoine, latin %0e, otobvCim, Hlair Wood, n o. or Ilurdelln, Yew Tree, taliai White, Coromnmlllle or Illack Siallln end llrocIelsa, Iose Wiol, Amoai ain Grey, Aa ll, ilde O;k, Ica. & ba. arnIted Elm, Splcimnlms to he seen at the shllol. aints, tills, glams copal varnish, &o. on llbad dllor sala. mi 1I'ttIN, Sl'Et. & HEAVY (iOlI)tS-ilIt, aqnare ,I ballndle iron, wallol a..ied. Hloop, scrllll and lo ioi ll, il rols and ploughl moulds Cant, Germnn, slhear, Ilisterld, spring, lsheet and Comwle) sweel HIollow ware, aclt and wroglltllnlisll ald spikae Zilc, block til, m1ili ml g.lalidl stoc, ailt kettles Cllain €ableo, lanlehorsa, I.oe O, log at dI trlace chaills, colrn nmills Aivilso iees, IeIllmmersa ell rllowsn \Vilro. alleettpl;aal bar lead; ulot Coal, and cookoig satoes Amnles, Iolollllln's alnd other spadl.ela anl hovels Ilook and Idlate linges, door and windtow tookl I ollitns, hI iu% Sas,ltita eer, axnd I'tld anii Manila a lltage, lints andl twine llol all adllehlilp e rlroel;i Naval atlanL Paints, litnseerd ald slinm oil A I'ull assormenllt l aware al ship chandlery, alwa)aon laIl, and which are oTl'red .t rtaleat wh1l.C sale mo retail, on tIe most favoable terms, by na L.AY'I'ON r Co. 53011d Levee. HARROWGATE SPRINGS THREE hA1'S JOURNEY FROM NE IV ORLEANS. I nHE prolprieltr of this esteblishmnt ihas thle ple L tnro il anouncLinig to his 'riends aInI tile public in geuelal,lt.t lhe will Ile in readlineosl, the first day of lcav t. reeeive vinihers. lie will also state lier Ill I: ner' of thise at a i -tnare, tot thers lot bn ' I r lier improvements malde, slid othera 1now goig i d Iod r lid pr.tgres. fir co:apletia, whell will roelie thel io lmlellallmoatle a Ilortlll ognei r itI er tloan beretofore, atlll Imhe slllme time iiluah better. amilie cn acco odaellllllll d ith good roomn, or thore who lireor ean have large cabina I tlached from the mill. buildilg. It in deemed aineeee.nry to me aavmnylhhi par ica. lar of Ibl ehorneatr el Ithes. wloere, "Ifiit s generally believed that tley are not ih.freori tloa l it the SOlbh ern States. All the mnlutemetnts thrt sro e enelrly found at Watering Plaee, will be falol at Ini. T'f beat music that this iPart of th- coluntrv lforlls, lia beh eoggled, I n-lwl t te i i rot-ttl n tlltoilateet tbh Sprills during Ille v'[ile penll - 'I h Sheoetlieb will aical lhimif orfa thin oppo-t,auiio in returlning his unaleiged tllhaks fir Il I vtry liberil lulplmrteioell c him ls.t oteno. said [i.ltes by the ,xre tiolo ta Ilve hry ll oadn in illpraOie gEnd rxlr.hlio. te1 a.' merit a hlleral pIllltlll. Iht pteselt seusmla. J.0 CIt11. on3 A TI(NSON'. Im-IIlI..Il , I r rt oi -trl vnnal slaelty ad cerlaiti, t l.aingt tic -kin oiilar utlo witer Iln hieire toe t plaptili.i,.t A frr.b alllply joll received at CratltNs,% Nao I ollhrte Il.tlrl.r cnel .. ('n., Iant , o, P.llnler atte t.. 41 i3 MAIL ARRANG41GMMZU S .Nor.a Mail, lDIe Every Day t 111e. vorlkr m , loas Every &y at 0in A. M Wecrlleme , /li Friday, bty J, P. M. Iy b lt r Of .lli cl.ose every Mon5de Wedusda , aind Selarday, boy 9, P. M. TsLake il e every Teela , Thursday, a STheiLake P. s PilM Saytarrdit I, y . F. via closes every Monltay, Wednesday TIMES OF ARitVAL,I)EPARTURE DISTANCE &c. of the Express Mail, betwose Mooele and Now York--leaving Mlobile daily at P. M. Noethwar New York daily at 5 P. M blothward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Dlmnee, Time, Rntum' MImtgomery. Ala. 2 pm. se m' h. I ur ColnmhinieO. III 81 SI lje.. Milledgeville. On. 13 14 2p.m (coiuntise, S.C. yJ am. 1 I 1 SItalelgn, N C. 51 215 22 1 Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 5 at It PFeterburg, Va. 10 pe. 1 sa. st ticholnad, Va. I am. 21 3 S aIFrederickiburF, 8 or P If p m. Washington city, ojpm. 1 p1f ia Ilutimore, 6I 3 4 ePhiladelphia, It am. 100 II u New York, 2 pm. 90 81 1305 l4Bh. or 5d I Northward. Coming Rotthward,the Is i hour n less; being5 days al. 17 hours. 'TEN IOLL.AKS REWARD. R ANAWAY from 169 Carondelet corner of Hevin street, on the night of 301h of Auust, and was seen t;he next mornilng in Poadrnal treet, a negro boy named CHARILES, about 17 yearo of e, soil tno or therenautisin heighlt,verv black, and bsoan imped inent in his speech, one of hrio logs ins or, no.oaioned by a recent hurtelle liad on whrt he went away a whit eotton or linen shirt anrd white eotton paltalonnt. astlers of vessels end steam boats are autieonm d a gains, reeeiving or theroring said negro, os well as ll other persons, as the utmost rigour of the law will tha enforced against them. The above reward will be nai fordnlive-ing hir inti 0ny of the jails of either of th municipalities, or at 169 Carondlet, corner of Ilenk Itanet. S pt SOTItCE--'he r eolsrtnerhip heretotlre etiating .under the fiol of I)ubo il& Garretoon, has heo dissolved. Ttre nuhecriber will liqeidan t the saain o tim eonrcer in this city, and requires all persons indeb. ed to oake paynlent to him only, and all thee having eloimls, top ireent lmhe forsettlennti . nogl 8-? H IARRETSON W.W. SWAIN. No. llfCrasl &.reet Act Orioes iI~r lwaS on tnllt]onotily tk reeivinog t, dl I)v, hlonieulSr and J'ulnos,amnae im.,n.... iDRtUGS. DYKS. A.lilno , Crwinle, Argols, red, do n regllIU, Anflito, Slain , Arserie, eoinles, Alou,, do powdieredi, Drnillette woo, io lsarl eolavei, Conhinecl, lorax, cruder, Copler, Ameriaons rdo retincl, HCutoiber, Rinimstone, crude, Funtli, Tomlieo, do roll, do Cubar do flower, do Maine, iroimuth. Frencir Lerrieso C santoroil, Idiago, laengl uCrrn tartar, do Manillt, (C lthaerldes, de (broenesin, (;mli siloes, do k .hledoolte, do Amnle., Lgwnod, Uampesahy dlelassnl':tids, do St Domingo tdoe .ioniar, do Jinmia, do henzoini, CZnawIoo(l, rdo enl, rinini, Mladder, ombie, do o iwrslteined, NiecaunRgus, oollmmr do In S Amrio , do Coro, do cmpahlr, nril lee dlo lnaeeib do t 't ii. . n leertire. it ge.r Torn, CHEMICALS. i, kion, Aced, nitrounI ito lllstie, ido muritioe, do allourie, rIo sini ein, tlue vitriol, (h w rl:llil l lli tlll I l irs, , i ii . 1r ir s, A m erieti ,l.une r li sll ric , 'ihiii i 'ol'eigtni liel reipitte, in A m..ic.r liied hrreioalitiitanl tll. iltir laknp SocrpSa, do so-is, Still, IIuaM. ,ii,. M i toiler olen, ,l CIcl t riI Snull~plie , , r d 1 $t1111 , ·lp ninhte, ,I,;;,I(akntmt, Tsrt emetic, Ilo Italulit, PAIN'I'. Illness Ili, nit ,ho ,,.::,t doi n I.o in oil dhi n.lrj, di ireen, drr, i "hiotlt'ir, rio do in oil, Ii lllllilltI, I i l ir latck English, tl srna "IIo rnnrmnn.loL Ih, so r i, , t Irii r, r. l lrs!ih, lin Aiilll d , A irri,. . ,h, k ,,il,. , i tr hine. , rir, e ,i'i ,h, it..,e iter. s, do toniini i 1. .. Ne ....'ii , do g n s ir ,iii 'i id iiollllI "jill'l. lt diion, hI lii tro AIorrierla, Aiuý1tt ,., .i :,nilsh. r rml ioAile S\ to, ct'te .triullionl, ( Fkilrei*, ý" dlo d rl,"iltI \ r ligr rr I. n i, , k.ili,,, Am oaerm.e, pure. i ai It N 'I .1 it "VA'I'"1" NKW NOVELS IRml/i, for N'el'r, by thin authlor of Peter Simple, &e f'ommmynu s, or. \iimter It itimmee Ihti"field in I.t... tia I,ýl, ' l.tuim Basil Hui ll, IRoyl Navy, F. L. I.ard IyRmtlm, it romane, hmv Alltn Cuninghsm, 1 ro lopl,,,or i I.. wriftetn my I;himmelf, in 2 vas. l ('opreudi.or llistoryJ oliad, treanslated from trIe . m'ieimnl moN yI Natlhaniet (Grrenes in I vol. iom t eey No). 73 mf IInrrmr's Eunoilv Lilrarv. V'oh.:t1 & 4 tftlhe ow eompllete nod unifornn edition of I t'i:ltmm ,ot Iersin.'s Wohrks. lmmvr'.e IF'reh and English I vol, 3ro A mm'anl'e I"emdrrlh and Enlishk Dictiomary. o.s--A few momre cojmieouf Comboe'sPhentldog "lI{ielloi,'" Sllrvem r'eC t Cnlnnaeee ofllperior qta iitlomi illiemm(2.4 ond 2 1.2 molt,. Gllmmmtot islm mmmrove etmmlic Pene, jalmned pepere, weights Just receiuved, for sle by 11f BENJ. LEVY. SPA'IN IlEVISITE'),&c. & IPAIN lt VISI'I'TED.&.c, by time authoro Ayear tin Spmim, i m volsi T'rnis o'mft mln rtharatr, il generalll hpphlicable te tie Ahorite lm ies of North Atmerica, by ( Turner, Eeq T er Politenil arnmmtr, iof tits UL'nited States, or a amdllete view oflthe thIeory and lroleice of the geaera twilmate ememrnmmtrl-llmlml witlh tie relrtions imetoen them -dmdicml d nid rmtped toIn the yommg men of theUnmted .hlmtme, by I. I) .:Fa.tfelml, Esq. Stm mrod's lolmtminm 'ToerP iterrpersed with chaetler i ole tml'cmlotmt, envlvmge and doingt oflsporting men, in cludling mnoticee ofithe prineipal eack riders otEnglnnd wilth analytical contestn, and general inden of natmes,2L volumles. rOO THE CURE or Sro,.ult or Kimg's Evil, Chruolie Rhelmmatsm, Chromic Cutanemous Din- Paiuo it tile Bones, by fire. tmlr lei t inse olf Merury tie d being i vitiated late. This wm' ry conceltrater d Syrup is prepared with the greatet plhmrtmtceulicol care and accuracy, anmd eonttin tile mctive prmeimie of Sarnaparilla in the Iostt coneen tartemd magree, mmtttbintmd with other vegetable suhttantce of kltlow eicalm.y. 'lims ermat demideratum with pnysiciane in being abli to cxhibit a large quoumtity of Sarsaporilia in a le.t Iosm, bite een obtaitlned i thi. p repnration--they, being mullmy n. illcetl ,f itl mwriets, colfidlently admlinister the c oair.. of thlir mpractic. I'rime $ 511 mper bottle. Sold only at SWAINY IlK()TI'lEIt'S i drag store, Nm. I Itail t.reet, wife iiay to hIad, fresti amld genemin direc tfront thte prn rie ture, :twmamimn' Pnaceam and Vermifuge Potter's Cm.t.oull con, Carpenter's Preparations, and a harge and genera aossorlment of freush drugs, i4 ItINNOCIK'S ROME, he. )INNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR _u Goldnsmith's Abiridgment of the Hiitory of Romte to wh iei is prefixed on Intrnduetrion to the Study . rlumeton Hltryt, atnd a great variety of vtaluable infol, mortion added througut tile work, ton tihe Manner intlitutions mndl Anttquitioo of tire Romone. with tm nrerommm biogrampm cuI and historical Notes'; and qolee tiuloe fo exammlmllmtntim at the eod of each setlion. II lusomated with tlhirtvengravinge on wood, by Atherton IhImtrmtK's lmIp)roved Edition of Dr Goldemith's History l'Emmylaudflr tinlm rite Invasion of Julius Camer to Int. death of tienrge 2d, with a ecrninuation to the yea 1832. With luesatiouls for examtnatio at the end o each sectioun. lBsides a vrriety of valunable informnns imon added m otlrouglhmmt the work. Consliring of uble of coutlelmlrerany Sovereignn and eminent tereons Copious erxllanatory notes. Renmarks on Ithe tp ol tics, mmllnler aud literetlmre o tf ite age. An outtines ihe Coustitutiou, &c.m. & mllustrated by many engea Guns' ELEMmrmrs Or AnrtoUnou, and an Aoridgmen of Kcith's New N 'mTremtiom the ULr e of Glnbee. New Atmerielom edliion, with additiuos and improvmemsnt olm mtll elmtimlm of l amtllrololomical part oftime A. nier.m Ahlmanac. Just received and for sale by WM M'KEAN nuv 24 conter of Camp and Cmnmoan st HAllPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. Il O lACtl;,trtlmmteud y Phitllip rmnis, I) D), with L mLm aplmlloemdwx, tlulltmidoitg tri.nrnlatoe of varioms eden, &r. by iBe Jonson, Cowley, Miltnm, Drydon 'ope Addliso, Swift lCmttertelo, U Wirkfield, Pursue ljryuu, &c. lam t se 't of the Wlurewuiment pot o f it lily---nld" I*II(El)DRU, with the appandia i Jiudits tranitl ted lv ChriUtmpillcr Jmrtr, it 2 vmti foufrmsn volumnes, lm mmhi m"ultnrp-r's t'lammtieal ,ibrarv o 'T lm p IXmdiuoItt Iol U.tlluPLtY CLINKER, bi y Smallet, .l l S,r with it mlmorOir m utAutlour,l,' 'r Ton to ttmtcu,, lomt... now editimn. wimth itlustD:et Tby Oe I'm mthhltmlmuk 'l'E iP t'J ; a '1'll, by ithe authnr of "Rilmlis gary of I' t rgu: dv," &.:., & tw editimon, 2 troll um, nw uala. iAL I lI'i'tIRIt; by tire tauumr o "Plhs' lThe li'm t ml," 0m' ·imt, rclnauoo.Iof lti new ool StomIt 'i: e s L mtr m ClImlple i rke. nuetr remirel4 eyk , Watt IMRKtAN SlCON "titild-.-+ c ak.o Ciniunoti nsmte 1) tdplll fm. ''i ripeaoubotl erton. stai iel ates B 4.i.tI" , IIAWr