Newspaper of True American, January 21, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 21, 1839 Page 4
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M NAND MW. . if nJPi mpcyana 2 ol 8ramo •{ I. w r". enlclted plar's . ean i a l INatur: er e d d , eat a s th L 'r W M IDIt.AIC. WORetS S t-rPiadt'i.i ..n.ti Rh, ,d Le g .lurialsprulence on gltaaty r - ! er-Pr;telard o1 levauity nery achtaI n lrgere tlit4trca --oe p=n utac p dipini le6ary- htmoe Irn l. ,d'l cyhev i try" r aMgt.tor. AND NAUTICAL. :,,l; ,'A·tmm.and Repsnitorvfo 1139 . Oid *arttin:al iicttiolary, Leande l" ' Ablavac fcr 18:19 m wditcil's Navipgatin Iennnree - AeOMTURC~n AND MVCHANDICS. RS. MA Y I LOOTW,3 N D 1reCt ectI. n S r' na ti nar ri Arrhiteetande, Ieonduli2 v. ,y do Arrhit.terlr , t vaio, London m ei"· Art.hiieetore. I reo.detld' Caoppctrv mm erm nethse PEnofivlnodb in, Lomdan h nel athe atn~iao T oable H. Ameriean Bin t alhl v,a, vol teh he hotic e licrllanie freian the t SA. - Jo' R or, n'd . . Con.atrn -id sn WQr¶.2 vela,' o:dim' }! er•i' ' . "r iositces of" Ioitnrcture,l, ".. ,. l :l conomy. o by S hy, de rethakc . n. a Lip e of a 'alter uSa lta , 2 ol, a . OSaknthli end I orb Iler. yt Preeantt.S3 vol - ao he land: d ehtiolnc, 7 vule, mn.a m rattn s tmeat of Law, oledical, Sion'the m" 1 9ie. na.Ue alanos Rofle, SNov hldrtisrfe ,,re nmar, b nglish and in~Olea, Latin and OGrek. f KRJOHNlS "keo. e ecnr. C'bahn'l end Commnnno c. 'eamousncet anld ears of r Feever and 4ptoe. * Twill r e readily dnl,nvecd it herein the Tcnic Mixe torn in Suptrinpe to he ordihcrv Incde of' teencin taae neer ad A.nei. In the first tplae. nag e Ve. -o-bn Extratet, and free from any deleter,oua andl pison wuh ingredients, it itan Ie taken with the attl,-l slfe. t oven hby the tender icfant, ol aged ir Slid. It Ire inals n.ipseoIf tihe disaPn, anensPqllely tIho acstitll ion otn regains its ot tolltl tlnc e alnd acrO'vi. It slab. Nhaena teontl and per vealat appetlte, by invia 1 rarial the,.nd irves a relils tn the enjo, nmetL oftI -te. fldg.peu a in Ihaving" preenteL qclit.iv.. i, amnii antis the towelas I increase lhis disarder. 'r to cr'ntt etlnr diseane., bat alteurclcghla aletasea the several or gne of digestioa, 1a-Il Ithn Ionefire the v)nenl withwhatever other anlctios it mavy I oppreedel. Inlividuanl, aefr the Ile othc 'l'cla .lin tljintae, hlave hean exposed to all the untatl eausa of the disease, anlhave eseaped any symnptomta ofretirn: wlcreas eIv Ithe ue ufltbeaonlmnn remedie-, there is alcov erea ted an increased liabhilitv te rtc-rrencae. I'lwh danger ni tmuent relalpes of ihe Ague is very tvidn, for the voteln will Son become taoo mnli prostrate to h aIdle to react with mediine, and speedily fill a vica tImo M nch incessant violence The Totic Mixture is fdbred at such a renaotnable price, as to plae it aiitho the rech o every one!--co that the poor and lestitute re hereby furnished withnrssistanee, withnll olicitinl the a'ldand attdeedanc which is freequenly decied to them, or elan very reluctantly hetaowed. The thublie are re.petlv ;luticoned against Ih seti Via. imitatiohn of this tnedieoe, that are daily offered It inprepared onlv by Dr. .plan R. Rowcnd, othin rlehoenrtoro, ttarkt.rret, Philadelpnhia. The snhnanhors are thle wholecal er.atls for the eau . Weetern '-tante., . will sell by the e..r. at te Philndeilphia prices. . ' he had at retail ls,ut anmatefthe Apothecari's in th, city. JAItVIS & ANDREWS, WVlholeesle Illraeiela, • fO l Ieat' Colccetcn &. 'l'ehut ilouai a Mlessailpi oaondI Loulsiaua Hotel, CattN.r'tIIN v. M RS. MARY KIIIKLAND respectlally on. ouneces to hber frionds and the public gene. ally that slt it prepared to aeommod-nte them at h aborve estalblishment, and hopes frtm her oxertiono to render visitors coafvlrtable, to receive a nontinuance of'former favors. She fuels confi. dent that pernons visiting Coviengtan daring the tlmmer months, cannot fied better accommodaltiol, than she can afford them, on mora liberal terse. Her houso is pleasantly siltuatad, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liqccor, &c. in short, shte proaines `'tat nothing shall bc wacting on her part to give Sdtire satiafaction to all wlh may pateronize the .Adiaiwippi and Lnouniaina Iatel. je3 • THE _-O R c---T---l, undersiugonad. lawnceg . studied undnr Dr. Scl.midt of Charlaston, Sotuth Carolina, and for sone years hia assistant in the practice of medicine and attrgcry, has Cite htator to offer his pralesnional services i thlis nity. lHe assures tlhe ladies and gettlemen thatI the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may he made; and also iffers Ihs services to Ithe bolders oflnves, being rwell ocluainted willth tlle dleeun comnmon to thes, having atlcelded theml in tie msgar house in Charl sotal. The famnou ntti.bilious pills alter the cncpoeitinc "c Prafessur Scllette, a lth directicon, can be had i efthe undersigned. TIhe eflict which they have produneed in cthis and other cities, has bhee attendedl with the greatest success, to whiclh tile best clf references can he given. Apply at Na. 1;6 Mlaga. simn street. JNO. M'LORINGI HOt LULO WAt.E, WOOU i StEWS, SAD IRONS, &e. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekmlan street, New York, have rrceived the past senion, and are coustantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, em.sisting of about 1500 tons, vis, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromo 3:8 to 18 gallons, flbkepans or Ovens, 7 ditforent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles. . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 do Wagon boxes from 11 4 to 34 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Vood Screws, 20,001) gross, iron and brass, from :S inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported priees. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for ietailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irone, assorted. S Bash weights, 100 tons, assorted from t 4.4 to 30the. Belel for Plintatione, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order. Also steambeats and ether machinery made to order. The arove ase rtnent .of goods is particularly .reommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low rises, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lieaed to be-the largest and best assortnrtot ever *asred for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Merchants, by torwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'nd circular, with descriptonn of goods, ,rieesand terms, from which no doviation is ever isade, farnished by return of mnil. All orders will receive immediate attention. Now York, 1838. j3 NO UH1nOURY NO CGOPALVA New IOrle ns, Nnve. 14, 18 07. A 8qC six o ant ago I etd Ihe nisfortone t, get Sa sores dieas, for uwhich I hloa oarplird to sevs saI dotors for a cure, and they did not clurs le, so n ow ep site above date 1 Iaut nysell under the ecae of DI)octo Net, d I expect him t, care tIn. Since thlt time thediauae got worse, mo as to Ireak out io large ulcers m iba lumbher of six or eight on ea is leg, and all ant mey fasand sore thraat, and not able to work at he present tlme no account of tile disease; large nicer on ohe right side of the tlmrat. 1 am no.v ptlling tnyntll acSlle ntlya uderthe care of Dr. tluet, cfT Puris, to ke perfectly cored JOrIN bEAN. le, 14 ly T DO CERTIFY th tae oth n .:r man:.ernsn ,C.rner is S oquite well corcd to tiv nOwI sei:-t.cte:i., int whi:ht I to.k te. D ltoer; ad enlorewer I ha- re rlit: I the medi eltom I have takt: al. IC mae fiat nm.d a: d not iJure lIVti mealth at all ; tM:rei.rc I advise m: f llw aolol'eel-+ it leenotimoandl apply to l 0r. A lhtr, 121 Canal r'et, between atphin'- ailletd Irlnll elm ntre . :)e Huet is at haoe frnt sn'cl.ek., A, iuntil 4 P SI. .hsy will 6ind a true doettr anr titi complaint. J)tIIN I)E 1tN.Il (Itrawer re~t. If any ons watns toI see ticd, call at No. 411 travio, JOLN !tlrl N. New Orlelos. F-b 1. 1823. feb 14 Iv Fes` famotinelsdtn rcnsr O m:nft.iortrronodsa lnot h sound,i ptr til.its buhltti at the Inw price ,fi 5) u aatesntll,conrai.,ieg tle tIretotiLh Il three ounces ol Liaswsrt, si Ialea t ir illstlt tellY otlthr root,tio tll ;NsHe known amtlt tolhe Inldi.ns as efficacious in euriau pitlntlmar enmldilntn. The ta rivilled atccces which esattenlded the ,s ent this ftasemal,lu Balttl an ltetser it hie been iettt doaad.lhan lhtlined the cc:tflleltce ulldt licU:lllttrds ias of .resedtahler lIyasicrits, for thle cure of congns. olds pIM so the side, asit ilt ret, spiltting or blood, liver oomp.lienl, &e. To t.hom it mnlv coueru. 'rhis in to certify that w,. bqse ion our proretI'e frlre:ttlty Itre.rihbed Idra -;ardl see's Itdien ].tInls of I.toverrwor u d lnrltlnarhtd, with a deededgeood effect: Ore cn therefort ftinut the know ledge elJhbe materials it is made fromt. cnl cbrer;t,tlon * aae4 luiensee, reootoent it a a s loperia pftpantin, wall these atetiu.oas of the lanms fr rwhichi it is r lstslsodpml. Ao.Bttt'I' WIt.LI .Il, M. D. CALVIN ELI.IS 11. ). M.abes of tl Boston Medical Association. omma.Oetober 5. misby J.fljfVld &ANItRElS, .l, lt tI; llnoi as I' oae sittotlan elc I _ .'a egstlah f;ir nilt, for the rertorotiot t n l glmleth ol leir, givi,ngheatshandobuut, sad I'dietbit.s tlsir Oil was offeretd 'I the ti'htie, it had : iE.aom1sti bhnds Its fca.terof IsdueHss, e thihteaanu' lllllo affoft' e hair, aod ittevery itetone.' it' Neu ary 4lsA hvr btar rrnlird. It hsne or fai'ed to r,,d,,-, toawed hnlaatifut groitwth of Imjt ont hend alrrcad bta-. Ic wober' il ehm..- ce dy ant e..ayee to gcot e lo'iw ill wry Meen eodera it h.,lihvr. mad Iroduce in id slnemis.atiol ; tr.t:. th hal boir, W.'i tiI file jean tijrew io the hrad. I'lsm Oil tiver a, a h11.. tn ,g ..'anad l loc..t r.,lo' to aut 'oher I. ir 'til tb i er .st ., or'i'.. -'l l- Il,,llhetr the hair. T". h ir Met bassos des atermeise it For sale at t I emil reart. NES. D'LA'.G. HRTTa CO aA reeevtos tron hIuprd ship Orle lls Eagle, tighlmloer, ot ker letlry Aalew, PreL and Gatnnaonlay nnar l; Back gammon Boteards, Choamn, 2 l -nld 21,8 iach 'aI. ard Bohlls 8,9 9, 0. nd 2 inch blade Bowie Knives: Lerather a ther t toelling T)reslng Canal r Belt, Pocket, Hornnema,'s, and IDuellig Piatola;doublse and tingle hbrrelled (nl.o Gaoe Bage; Shot Belt, Powdeir tad Pistol Fltoks; Dram nottlan and Drinking Clps: Peer senion Caps ad Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; ad Nail Irthnnh' Or s daW'Chlorine Tooth Wael' Pooth Powder;, 'oi'et and Shlaoig Stnps, in great vs. 0et0; long Hair Braids, ,uglaeta and Flriolttn; Peara ntid irilet Powder, Emery Bags; ;vory Tuot Cttshions! Patent Shdes or Garters; Gum Elastic Stspendedts; 'owlor Pag. and Boxes; (ilt Clhians, Seals and Keys; tar-dmpe \VWaist Btekl"; Rraoereto; Beau Nerklaaes and Chaiers; (lilt and Silvrered Beads; Indian Beads, Halls and Pitmes. Shell Twiot; Side atnd Dresring Ctenls; whih, in addition to their formeor stock on hand, makes thelir assortment very complete, and will he sold ow and on liberal terms, at the pine of the Golden onmb. i258.f 70 Chartres street. r HF, etbeeribers, Agoents fir the exatensrive boure of - W.& ,0. Boteher, Sheffield. Enaland, hnove junt .geived a very etelnrrve set of na nae .., onsietina or Table and tDen.rt Knives of e'. ' delrilotion, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear point Knlvee; Rnzors, Seol sonre, Edge Tnls, &e. &c. &c. wlileh they are pannr. d o exhibit to the traie tor norder. Terto and condtionas nill be mad known at the 'lc. m6 J. I). BREIN& A Ct)HFY..ioCmnm-n Pt. K?-.1 GOODS. SIMM)NMQ. IIARTT & CO.-Are now rtsciingl _ers ehip Htittitille, Eagle, Merry Antl ew, Hilh ater, Fenelh andi GeOrmnn double heed plavini crnis: sterre,ltt and pocket pidsols; plain, rihhid anol split cussinm caps; cap holders; seiss'r, Rlazors, lien. yes; Gillott's eommereial and other steel ipens; Vio ns::Viol, in tcae.agsi seltl, ivory end horn eonlho ; nwl;ers; , hed slind learther pnarss; hair litds, front anI oek riogletsa negol piffs; Gecrman n.dI Frrolth Oelogne' eater. Rowlandls eonmooear oil. Iitlatioo dlo; altbtqe oul hcarsoil; portable di.ks and dressing esne: plts blockilng; statis nll toilet glasses; conivel' minlros; ot etl glasses and views; Inalllin hteall., hel0sni60i dlt.eo; continole, whirt-wine; toilet and shavingsnaps; toilet owder, e snmtie wash halls: aeelcd alinl c;shiins; pool staOlll; naow ellidons: nnery hilte eholins nid eoklacen; hilliard balli lpoeket ilooks and walletts; Germlnl hones; aIlor silmp,; fine and comlnon gunt itastiaspllndelrs, gartersdP ; Bells lucifer matches; sil eer pencils; Creynns, &c. &o. The shabove n lii in alition to o for'mer stack of fniey srtielr"s, tkakesrIe 'Inosl neoyt veor nleOn. FI orOlc wlhl,+ede or irtail; s Ie'e sigil nfthe Gnlden Comio, 70, ICharti - e street. lrlnip ft K'v ll in &C of N"w (itrlillto ; luaal, Ittrri. :Co,., of Natchez; id;l tlarri, I(Kllrv &(l,., oif Roldne, . als di.o.lvrd on heflpt lof allan tist, lt thie ileth of .amleol A ltason, mie of the periners of the firlts. "Tahe unlelerigned, surviving pairtner..; will be hroellr with Il r nettling noad closin said hnslesPe ats fllows: Levi C Harrns will attend to the settlillg of the busineso of Mason, Harris& Co., at Natchez; and Hnrri;, Ketl er & Co.,at Rodney; andHienry Kelley will attend to he ettliag ofthe husiness ofKelley, Moon & Co., at New Orleans. Thie names of the several firlms willbe inedl in liqtidttioo only. T'hose iludbted to said firms are earnestlv requlested oconto forward and slake early settleIentt; and those having claims will please p iretent them wiNlut delay. - LEVI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orlrans, Jun 27,1837. J EAN MARIE FARIN.\'S COLOGNE WATER 2I cases of this superior Colognle wate'. just receiveld and fir sale Iby tik dozen or single Ilttis. Al-o American and i'eneeh toilet pIwders, powder r tlls and boxes, shaving and toilet soaps, cosinetie wash Iulls, milk tf rosesr, cosmetic coldicrn tea, ctri o nlhsk, ki'lhllstn, OVrdito vregetable htir oil, polnltint , r(.nne de paSer, Florhin Ihlvedarn rose olnd bay wltiers, l're, t:,'s sails, Marseilles ierltiiery it trunks.vegolta ile ;d liquid itln r e., Chiolrine and'Orris tooth wash, lotihl, hir. tooth, nail and flesh hrul;eln together with an addlitionnl euppllv of fashionable o hirl and shell cnlbs and jewelry,f.r Rate low at wholesnle or re tail by SIMSMONS, IIART'II' &CO, ju!y i 7T0 Chanetl retrt. 1NEW .\V GOOS-Silrons Hortt & co Iar nalry' e rceiving frot, on heardtships Yazoo, a .ara St otngn andl'rig Co.nordi, frnn Now York a great variety of goods in thleir line, whnichl together with tlheir fotmoet stock on ll.nd, tmakes their atsort , enl t verv , plete. lThe folllwing conlpose a part, viz: , ell tt. ct, .,r;.:Ide, tlick slid dreeaitgro;,lhs, horn do ofoll ;desripttion, In dia rubber, silk and worsted elastic rarters, common & fine elastic susplendrs, loconftco and Lucifir maothes, .eidltz powders, plowder pdff nti n boxes, toileron p de, pocket books avnd wtlltrs, oredlel ltoks, shell, pearl, ivoery and , srn ease, arl ornamenitse plehi co ral beido, necklaes ottl ineligres, Ibed rchins, tead ieekltces, cut ilass and plain,seed,silver lind ilti beads, Indian heas, bells and pitmesn pistol anld iarne pwan lerflsll-st belt,, hoo rse, belt. rocrket and doaitn istuls; doubnle and single biarrelled nrs Bowie kniveso and dirks. scissors, o.ears, pocket knives, eintd chains, and Iribbons, waist bucnkls, clotlh, Ihair, tooth, nail,conb, ertnnb, asnie, plate, floor and dustingl Irttesia Cologne, Florida,wtaendlr, osmr nfld hay watr,asorntrd enstines, and extracts, Moereaar, bear, antiqeo. and iVard'n ve getale hair oil, shlavinle and ttailre soaps aoall dce eriptions, lli.' and gelltleolneoI' deskt; ad Iemssin cosrcs, hair rieglrts, fritett annd ibrt. d lain, hae raen nuosicld work aitonr, plain and p leilt, figtred, ca land ivest litltos, pearl untd ivory sllirt doi hirtl tudds, Gold and silver ,lprnil case, toottititak. and tweezers, /elted d gilt ck,,, n lninnre do, silver hrut; antl steel thimibles, Ilhooka nod eyes, Ilhir 'int' iiniiltli t frulit, ilk andl redink,ishto lblacking, violino and glita:or ,ribbed tletls,ttod alid eriler lace antd frtiCge l.ttetr paper, anme kags, ridilne. w'tii e, walkin.g oetllo.pluyltg ca.ld, idna .ld,: .loeatld mol filt jt'wellry &c. IThe olnove, nether with a grent vairtv of otlicr artl eWs are offered at whlesale or retail ini ameolntodalioina iteronis. N it Shell acont mrepired. SORINITY 1.AStaE G tl. tile ligan of thie golllent eoaN,, Mo70 Clartres steotr. T'le suslcriltrs iav reo aeived, i.addition to tlheir lreviou s sitnk m tin hnd, i feill land complete nosortltilnt of articles in their line; vi.z: cinonbs, oerfmerry, mawcllrv, brles , ilocking glasses, ftnt' varticles, &e. ,.;nisting it tort ti follows: COMBS--tlrtoise itoell, wrouiclt and plain ntok,tnist, qnilled back, long round, dressing, sinlo curl and nek, lBrazilian combe,u of every desncription amtongst elwhich are nIteanleoitea patters, Ivory comb; of every daseription, horn, dreesol;g and packet, together with a general aanortnietl ofFrenah and 7meri;an. iPERFUMERY-Cologne, Lnaveller, Florido, ioney, I,,n, rose, tad orange flower wafera of every size and des crileiotn, calnplhorated Cologne, extract of BIergelaot, lanle suoas of all kinds, shaving do in cakes nad pots, sream soap do, \Vard'a vegetabler air oil, bears and and tiqnedo. Prestot't amellitg salts, plain and plerfutled tolet powder, pearl powder, pwt ler ,llffs and boxes po nlatn; in pots and rolls, orr and chlorine toot r wash and powdecs, with a general assortmett of JEWElV.I.RY--oma ofthea latest aild Iniot faalliona Ide setts, conesiring of white and red cornelist, tope- r. let eanrdrots, set in filagree, breast pins ofa gree,' in ty ufpatterns, waltch trimnigs, gilt and silvs .ackles, silver thiibles, ailrernd goll pn eoils and gso rd clauins Bt UJSHES-Clothl, air, dust l.,otlreni;,lerth,floor, hat. flesh, tooti, iloe, comb, Nail, o laving, shoe and whitenashi brushes. LOOKING GLASSES--German esttia and toilet Erlnee, magnifying and Fretci tlaseintg glaossas, lohe do, with a arirety of other kidsa In at enl atoted. !FANCY AND VARIETI' ARTICLES-French and Aerican portab le desks and dressing cnases, nto very rich nll finely finished a ladls workhtexs andreds in ases, with and withot minsic, ninsal boxes, Ac corlian f various kinds, violins and guitars, silver andl plated pencils and leads,wood pencils for carpenters and ernyonms,lnntle nlonK,gtlne and pistolas with lk d rwithout eases,percuaslton calps, lerell asioa capl ch:trFer, nipple ascrew rivers, shot belts, game hags, paste blackitig,toy tea setts, Indian beads of every kind, bells and phtllds, fitneand comon knives, razors and scissors, thitbles, needles, pisa, silver plsted, steel and coalelno specta cles, pocket books nid walleto of araious kinds, visiting artldsad card cases, playing cards oft Fre'clh, GCrinltt cnd Aniterlcan a slfaecture, dtolls, initution fruit, snll boxes, pnrlts of various kinds, Saundera' Ponlteray's, Eltanerstn's, Hillnan's and Hawkin's razor strjaps and tmnetallic lhonesa,dirks, fancy bead necklaces, do with -ar roI~latoy watcles, pearl blttoes, powder flasks, eu, onind dats,,and garters, tlaia and sword Lanes, balckgeatnat ioardn, dice, optical vienes, jewsblarpn, locietet ;natclh eseand drinking cups, witi a gnreat variety el other arti slse, all bfwli;hk will Inc sold titr cash r city aceleptat;. nea on 12 suoastla credit. B 1i SiliC7;'S, & to. d4 70 Giartraset. D OL1EAR'S Sience of Penmanship received, and Sfor sale at their peeromnent Writing Acadelmies No. 8 Clhatraee s!reet, New Orlealnsa, :ll taroldtvway. New York, htnaphite Oi., Mobih . It isiarticularly desigtoel fi,, ,rivante lar:vers. aad aclolo, and is clcanlatld tFaro erio, - ofell .,t. Ladies antdlgenlc;elene are invitld tocal tl alla. anii;e tle elsOel, for tlhemtselv... I.sEtstne art given at o 11 itellthor; i nslv ,o t tllth cltnvoniee ofl'all, and to olasot foresed iia 'ily part i.,ulioo skho preler it an receive :essons at tiheir awn ret sldenees. h'rs on pavsting fir one t trseeflonn.esonsrs daesired o ntteld until tiey wrtnlt nell as li.e watlla. Oil D')l. JEAIt & fl(U1i'·l htlt. DEAIFNESS. A NEW narticle forpersos tIraohrd with deniP ~e I (railed thi EaroTruloaictd has .al bn rIcnn it i bh thte ,lo. .,f ,ihih'h! tia' oqlightsntl gnltellitol oftt tthoI tltan voice i' ,}isliectote cilt'ei.r, to rite erm .It;' olsa, who ha.s eveo soIc, Utailigd t,, icusVCe ston ii a vt T o cylc pcsOea, nltast Ile fully soot.itle .if tlii dii~iolhltto nltl eil. Ear T'rnmeitt this ad..e'tittt; sisinln nittisaed. 'thb,, mnst tecoitsl olute ,l.krtitai s a;.tlt,,:i'tlihay'r lnt;lt alter i taieing nesed iltt i'i; , lor loale.lo Faeee store.osnrer orfCln'lnn ani St Ckarele 'Irreet alsaell.. ,.5 it i ; tlotel . hi. i kJ I.trrii t1t, in s.lasis l andtids, Itin stile bk WhtIInesiaaDraosn nllt,.aoirtr Ci a;;;f e n od loIp is, orteontl. i7 I1I keg;, tCt "i " Foglioh ,to-'5 1-4 Ithbr. ItIII "i,, Ira.,o Ver;tiltiiin; 11i do ttlih \ilttI. wOtNDOW G I. uiO, Aner;,'rn. Erglich sd Iree,;i -1) II loixe. st ,:l;rtiio'i .ca sno. qtanlher. 'tinttoi ttrnn dt.tsi -0.v 1 bllro, ettnl,;llhetlt tt ill hr Ann, Feeneral nesertleent of artitto° nlo.,rs sl.l tos , olo ky . \V C.s' ES, Ne tiCanlrl rr,'n. N .i. AI.ihs.a nctes rnont!" at p ri, sd Mioaiooiltt notiswill'e e It'tileld Uo Inll p en ldiioaitot;tregtI)d>. tr ill iutta eat if del'n'.. je Is' F eec, ole i rlI(LSE.y ID.3 t Nesw Liven. now. AT ThOg JaVFK to loOmS t.glt tOertirs SLOUI5ILLL. To the Ed:irf the v di.Woe rit-lalt taojede borthe ~sberrvtione of the Et..t a Sof the Nehvlle .eBrerbio en, Unien anll i' ript, isn wellt aeth edito t of rte Memphis Eequlter, that the "Old Gentlemut" is among the Doetors. i'his is p-vsed by his isnlye rage, konwing that o alelime ist but short, adl tat the ille ndeot Amerie:s people ore aele to judge itr themselves what aeS p5.1kannd impouitions. The worthly editors who elo -Doctors, the proprietors, edhitor or suboslitors ofdte ab.hve ntamed jurenas, ell every letter from peros I hve retlored to night in the above plane, puRf. 1. The fact is, lint I never hod sulh groat suecmeo within so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One who was nadl about ten vearn; who had uoly seen the light from his birth, tegan to see td odllow his mater to my hotel, ijutead of heing obliged to beled by him. Two vounh indies, who hall eaeh int the ight of oear eye, one for ten Vears. and the oLhei for nearlv two veinr, having both oa them the other eye very weak; vet etch of those yoUl g Indies begnn to see with bth eyes, whieh benefit I pledge mvself till continues, exn ceptineg they are tsndrr the infsluene or domitati m of the Medical Doctors. Another is the daughter of a respectablle merchant, whose same I am bound never to mention, (as he paid me my fees), who aid she had lost the igisht of one eve from thie age of months, hilt that slie tow begins to read large letters with the other eve esmpletsl) shut. This the detor editors knew, as tie gentlemen told me hiimself he h:id con. dute'et hin dsnuhter to the olffice of stie medical edlitore. that they migit he intermeed of the fact. The last I siall mruaion is an elderly gentleman by the name of Youdt, nearly seveRit vears of age, who delared plu . ioelv by letter, which .ie took to nail s differet nflfice im Nashville but one, end Ihimelf told me he heod paid for the inseriol whatever they detreonded, who, decter eI iu that lotter hllat ie ha nteallv deprived of the rieht of otn aye from f be tiler his birth, mulich his mother mtatd to I,... .. oeeasioned by the measoles or smell posx; that now ne cluld not otly see the light of ile cune for the first time ttot he reetllecs., hilt thretalrs olse slld was htrginning to distinguish oan objiects; nand did, hefore I left that ertv, cive msn. nyv prof that he could see to walk aboutithe tor, er with thie olher eye comnilettely closed. He said he had toel b a m olber of ti le Episcopnal Chutel for neotly.forty vever. alI that hls lword wao never Idoubt ed thromgh the rewh.t meo l re ofhisi life. 2. 1 relnat tihtI 'tad never greater sneess than at Naishville, and tcl h te ,tmedical and clerical doctor had never befr.rc mtretlh eaorea to lie eslarnl. Tile piolia ndinlnatic of5t s Rev. clerical )r Smith Proves, ahet, l.t ated to tw that orthtL six years past. l was cotverted from eioLt a iterfect iTfidel, to believe in tie doctrin a of'he Bible, thelu hre sttt have madr' trifling error-that I e most have menllt to say, i t before tile end of six years to come, lie wshuld ;t bconverted from this infieliy, as tile pilt of tile true minister of the pr"eeftl and benign dotritnem of the Christian r nligion does nt breathe Oult delstsnetion, rage, mclumnv and falsehood to please his enedical feiendo, ogainst the man whom he knew had done so much good, and no in jlrv to any one. All the inlhaitants of Nashville spoke of the greet ruecsc I hadl, hoeept the medical dtetorn. Most of them else hell been informed by Mr Yount of the etre performed on his totally blind eve. ,. Tihe fanoies Gt'ih S. ofthi toawn,pretends that I have list the laurels I gained in the North, sinee my arsival in the Southwest. This proven, however,l hant, eod that I kept them until I arrived in this section. If I gained one in the north, I ought to have gained anoth er in the south and southwest, an I still hope to wear thel on my very youthfui brow on the day I leave, in spite of the vituperation of the grert DrS.,if I nay judlge from the man. I ave already benefited in this citv within three dvays. 4. Thie object of the present is to inform the medi. cal Golials and elitors of e thre Rejlicrn and Trais script, as well as the clerical D)r o mitlt of the C. Pres nvterian and of the Union, of Nashville, as well as tlie editor and sub. medical etitor of the Memp siis Enqtirer, as welt es Mr Prentice, the editb o of the Lotusvile ourettal, and uloe the medieal Goliet ediior of tlisi esty, the great Dr S., t sht I shall ibrin actions against them allt, or vituperation, slandler or calumny, imedi. ately after my arrival i New York,a well as against their aolialtle he hren the medical Goliahs of the north. 1 now hind myselfhy promnise, never to qouit tlis ilapv Ilnd of liberty, until I have br*oght file noses oft all my mediocal Golihs of the oorth, as well as ite sounth and thie west, to the grindstole! Tile allieted, there., fore, may cyluleat ti finding mse dring the wcule of text yetr in New York, onere letteri, post paid, and no other, will lie slre to reach tle. 5. To inform tile plbli thalint the ptff, so cal'ed, which the Rev. clerically converted ilfidel piretend was written flr him, was written tore than a week prior, ansd intended for tile Rev. I). Howell, who readnt it i sly presence witlout maoifrstsng tny ditspsrnobatinti ott tile cootrry, took it to his ittdy anil etndeneted it itt thie way he dad, whlich le said Ie thought would an wer my purpose better; lie delivered them both to ate, withot pretending that I wanted to bribe lintl frm, e:s duty, as laver coull prerume to oler that gfentleson or any other, any money filr stating facts 'be Re Doctor's ownt statement is before tile pullic: Ibd he not examined all ly diptotnta, &c. &c. with a genitlemttn, atn intimate friend of lli, am well oas tle whrole of my patients, in company with anotlher clergyman, and found them alnil to be anluestic, and all my pdtientst t be more or less beefitted, hlie sever eold have keen induced by a total stranger to draw up such all aettiole an to wrote IlitelIffor puhlicatiln, unl addessed it to Mr Stringfield, editor of hv S W C Advocate. 6. No wonder tie clear sighted smedical Giolilahs of Nashvsile took the alt. . and Ilsherefotre used their el fors to join with them the ail-powerfll, athletic, ps.e iettl lid intellectual fitrce of tie acid to-bo-eolverted clerical infidel. We rend in the Bible that 'n tree is known by its fruits." I dare say tile converted infidel has preached from tihat psttcne. 7. Ho evidently wanted to establialsh Ihis Inmral el' afer as a nlan, by shewlig that hlie was shove ein. brihed. Let ts see wirlher the surs of thity itpieceo of silver will apply to hlim as well as it was weli nillied to antlthler conserted inflidel, who, in tire sitys f tli ins Sscarnation of ili Divine lltster, aboolutely eol him filr tatot numter of pieces of silver. My anstwer is, tist itI was never intended as a hi ilhe, nor could ii be coanidele-. ell st y any one, as it was not even cequal to tle tenth, ptrt of il the regtular trilter's fee, of $1 per squs-re. Continiang two or thiree couiIins of closely prioted ilatter, wlmici wmee to be repented three or four tiles in thle Presbyterian. Union olsd Molnltorjnrnols, ildt I ever ntene i oet bribt e titm, should have offered him, at least $300, ihia regtthr fee, instsead of$ 0, which, ill ill probtblility, he wouldt have gladly received as tii fee, and not aea bribe. On the contrary,if I ad been ca t igble ofnfferi"r a bribe, I should certainty have done it in a way to have insurted hia acceptance. 8. Had the Rev. Doctor been really converted to the Ieliefof the doctrines of the iarvour, he would not have promised to come and examine my patients r iti eout keepiag his word, as I have always foetid every mnistei of the gospel nealous toit o. 9. Had he bee really converted, he wouldi not sosb liirclv have spoiken against the Anmerican institutionr, which, it is well known, re more numerous, end which are superior to many in sane parts of Europe. I-lit conduct so tnuch, disgusted some young literary chlar ncters, no nhe scolcelv restrained from him on tle osl,hby lavine violent hlnds o s him. The lirev. gentlemaln, though a Scotcheon, is without cxetse, (unless he is calmniatedl), all ough he :iry think ihe teo a right to abuse tile Anmericun institutions, becaute he is a converlsed infidel I say lie has not--s all ought to speak well of the bridges he goes safer over. 1 fancy the gallant Captain (irundy, nnd several other aisiable young gentlemen of Nashville, recollect well the condutel of this pious exlmunder of the Holy Seiptures! 10. I never saw setclh a demon in human shape os the Rev. Doctor was the day I eol ed to reason witl him, whet he menaced my grey hairs with sn uplifted gignantie arm, ao if he would'htve fiAld nM tt the tround, for daring to draw as pious minister away from his duty, by a hrie of 30 pieces of silver! 'really trembled metre tlmn if the "old Gentleman" had ap peared ill his own sohape! I1. I solemnly declore before God, andl am not afraid to call Him to witness that I never, in the whole course of 42 years practice as on ocualist, in Great Britain, e'ratce, ilelgism and America, is a siagle instance of fered as a bribe aunv aouot o thie editor of any joaunr lutt as a :mnpensatiol fir tlhe space l'occupied and the irouthletwhirs I olcasioned them; and that easfs always moat incelinied to reduce, insher than add any snosey to the printer's bill; whlicl is a nuhhciseet proof that I had aoitleltieno to brihe. 12. Laoft:y.--Tehe Memphis Enaqtirer fortwo or three weneks onttaion a tissee of langrant fansehoodo, wheils the smsetlical Goliah dredinu lenarnete frman their bretirern of thse .I. tiolials of the North, nod I shall trent theta witisl ilrtlt sonlelsrt ulstil the proaisr time arrives:- Ueress it is trose what I have keen infi~rtneol--Se a begger, and you will catch a L--!" l'hougi, I paid hi t fer my odorttactenato for two or three weeks, hs oul' inserted tIteoaniee. Yont will piease to insert tilis letter in your neat pa per, atid ohlige yonrar, &e. In tests, JOHN WILLIAMS, the English Oculist. I. oiavillr, 1837. Cuoptrrlrf thL S. W". '. -Ideneate of the Juane, IfP37. -\i ihe rtvqLue-t f D lr. iVlliam-, we inlert tilt follow. .hrn to frtl Ithe Rev. Mr Howell, of Nashville, to the l e bdor of ti, South Western cthrietian Adtclle te, who, it Ineurs, ht a exntllitlte the dliyloulta and otlter dctal tllo-ltsevilicive el'the I)ocltor's elails to public pntrtn age In coelllenrel of an necident, Dr. W will r n ain in lNahtvlle a tw dlays lunger than he at first illeatdet--atny the lot July. Iev. Mr Stringliel;:--FlnH ng been requested by lier. Williams, thee oeuli~t, hiow ill itin city to "leln' e hlis nllnerolna dipaolnl anI d other ldocuments evincivc of I his claitlls to lnlblitc ttlfiideitt in his proeteiul ha1 ae, I iincollmlpi) witl a valuted friendanlte no a ilt I lelllre. aititlIlethem 1 filh cL letter frt Mr IPageot, at Ipre elt ('lr.ace Il'Aftiajre nf tlte Kitllt f the Frlteh, at I WaVtliSgltll, illdireled to Ir. Williams, teatifving the gownlillilie uf tite. dilitlrtns liral Ihe Kings ol'France, eli:lul, c. as well as thloe fromt the Medical Socie ties of France. He has nmlaerrtou vouchers from ment known lte af hieg repat;llion it this country, received s ice his arrival iln the Utlited ltate,, deanilinre instan ceg .f great suoccess i.t e restoration of sight to the ,mnd. I have ieet te rly all his pIIr patlient in tlisi V.r. I Iknew on' of tiem previous to their coning ia eor hia care; la all 1 Ihave seen any they are un. qiteetionably betefitadl. iI011'T. B. C IIOWELL, Na.lville,Junte 21,1 817. P. S. Siliae writing the ao.e, lne of Dr. WVillialms' patients lie called upln ile,a nld sava he hatd a.tlaliv inId lulllv lust the sight af otne ya Jtrr cevetyv rvars, ibat luw dteclart liimneelf bette tial lat nilghllt, (or Ithe first time in his life thalt e can recollect, he could dis tiog.ltill, with th t eye, sollte fttlte promninentr tare. I ltarn that ttit oll gelcn.eltalna has lived nanyv yaar in this rdgion,nid says he ias been a lMethodiseduring irtt) year-. Yours, truly, u,-.10 R. B.C. I. CHECKS U1\ I IIL.ADELI'III.t-For halt, y YORKe. ItROTHERS, at illna arment. TENNER'S MAP OF LOUISIAN4,&c. &e / Nrw Malr ir Ln.U nlNla, witit ita canals, matls Satid dintance. o"l place it pltacee, along tihe astage stoamtbuat route., b v Ifi. S. 'renuer. MITaRLLL's MA]P OF riHE ITTeoD STATE, ahawing IhP nrincipal Trltlllike lld eam'non rnadl. on hienh na. eivr. the utslneea ill tlilne Iren one place to manother nlio the eaouras of thie canals and rail mrad. throigh out the eolntr, carefully co:npiled frmt the bet a.u rittrli.-..--p'aitanhent ha' S. Augrtntet Mitchell. aIITCIIELLe 'InRAVe ILER' (;aUIDE THROUGH Tae LToatflcb.SlaTmu a rmtars f the rlld, lietm.aue tena botrdetnal-rot...a. justne receirved anl for eals WM M'KE.tA., T7' FilE lbl)ANi'b I1ANAcK&. theoesfsrheonsn tiamset fulaorkingsevll,gosts Ciatico or hip gout, nlci lent ean:ers, sit rheulm, l.tle and mermurial diseases, mprtieularly leren and nl laffeetions ofthe sbpne, unlerated throat a- nos la, ueer of every des.uption, fever mrasr, atol ihtrnrll absesses, iitulas, piles, saldl head, scurvy, biles, oroe iesaore eye ery.Mstlilotlhe, anil every varietyofct tlaemts l.fetion, chronic Catlarrh, head ache lproeed iog from ity acrid humor, pain ill the stoomoh oml Illy pepsia proceediing fromevariution, afectionnof the liver, chrolie inflammation ofthe kidneys, and generl debili tyaued bya torpid action of the vessels of the ikin. It is ast.trly effieaious ln rtnovating those anoltintions whioh have been broken down Iby il.tdieiuts treatment, juvgnile irrgularite In general terms, it is iveaom tnmled in all thaf e dieases which aris from ios ritiel of the blood, or initiation of the humlors, of wlatover nameor kind. - Some of the above eomplaintsmay reqire some tri ling asisunt appllcatlons, which Ihheeimsaeltances of the ease will diteot'; but for a general remedy oPutrilicator to removethe euse, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found stelient. TO 'IHE PUBLIC. low tare it is, that modern Physicians, sn their nm hition to ecel in their profesion; explore the wast fi:lds ofseienee hv the aid ofehemit'ry, and seek out new re medial ageutas in short, to arrive at perfeetion in the practiee by means of art alone,--etirely overlook and neglect, as heneatlltheir notice, therielh and hounteous stores ofmedicine, which the Almightly Iena eased to pringoutof the earth ineveryelime! Amlihow solch more true isit tht while the American Physician looks to foreign countries for many of his most enmmon and noessary articles, perpetually ehanging as they are cI the lictates of fluios or fully, he is saonacillc l ill his own country with an endlessllmfusioi of medical il hnts, smficient to answer any itdition in disease or to cute ally osrable diisorders ant yet he i ignsirant of their vir tues, aml they are suffered to 'wostctheir healing on tile dlese'rt ail.' The effeets of vegetable medicines upo,, the system are tem olaey-those of minerals tanting. The iormer ex er theirelectacnd pans off-thle latter, mercnry ill par tieol.r, t ekhemieally nponn the solids, dleeimposiig the Iomes andi undormiilltg tile ellstitutiti by a slow anwl sure destruiction. lThe coMgeniallity, effiiency and lSAiEfTY of vegeta ble remedies ever mineral, may te estimated lv eontrast ingthle anient lprctice with tihe modern; ol', in iring it nmore imnediately unlerer our own obhrvartion, th. Iti an practice with that of the whites. Whol, in America, cos not knownorlheard of rpeatedl some decrepid, Inpretendint femalellludian, by mtansof lir simle remedies alone. Ires sfllted listhe ie mottpidl aldaatoialing cures, oftr the Mtietetir- Melliten of tihe -emmon praetice. diretedl in the most skitfll mannler, has foiled? And who has not been surprlsedti at the com Imrativeeose mslfacility with which tile Indlllian fesmhim self irom any disease, ani at the almost tota abstinence ofelronie disease among them Who hat ves bheartd ol n Indian witha emastisution bnoken nal rillnedl by ill treatment? Adl ant ad olont exist that this happy ex emltion of the savage from most of the ills which the flesh of man is heirto, is chiefly owing to more genia atul safe remecdes which he employs ho 'lis astnish lag difference in success, is a fair exemplification of the infinite superiority of the simple andtl safe means of elue which Gml has ereated for the bleneit of his children, over those which the prile and the art of man have in vented. From a long residence among a portion oftlleaborigin aliuhnhitantsof thisconntry, undall intimate acquain sance with the methmls of culreof some of their most successful praotitioners, the proprietor ofl 'lhe nlaint's Panacea.'aequiired a knowledge of some of the most powerfliuand favoriteremelies. Fron these he selected such as were most effiotaious and alqvrowiates, and after various exnlriments to test their iriweiltes andi strengtl, he has combined them in the form he ireresentedl, as the most Ierf" et anil beeofieial for the purplose for which it is rconmmenlded. The proprietor offersthis prepmration to the pblitie, with the consciousless thlat he is plncing withitvtlheir sea, a reperly capl le ofrcelieving many of his afilieted fel low beings, who al suffenl'tig nulter the various chronic ani ohstinateeonlplaitn to whichIt is appliieahle. To such it will prove of inoelaliable valhie, as the means, aeid in mny cases, tile only meranseof tehlvig theilr all terings and restoring them once mo e to health aild hap-1 . pilnesS. 'lisis notoLered as a common remedy, that Smay ler chalice be eqully good with mmy otherls now I in lse, but as one whiclh is aipable of saving life in many extreme eases which ail the tInusnI iveltedliesti t. This it Iladone repeatedly; and this is the rettuttion ith:soh tained wherever it las been intrleluced. It is olyaeoiut tlree yearssinecthlispreplalaoio was Spresentel tolthe mublic:biutin tenot short site of time, some hlvivire"ls ol iersons nttihitt tie ietu, who WOuld salrmnly declarle thatltelr belitiedl ti:ltthei r lives wnro saved Ity it, anll in mosn.sesailetr they ilad tried laly anld erllaps all thle collmmnl rmledies iln vain. \' her ever it is known it isrluplllv coming intoe uee, tai this a.ift'lselb os sustantulltand co s iieing eeoof of it Inrils. 'l T le vole f the Paveeen i most eonspinuots in those hltg standing and s llphilitie lnied scrotidons niltettions which hIave defied all other re.nedllies, and p:tricularly ill those ases where nmrcry lIes been so hI: itl !v uwal as to callse istressing a:l ill the Ihones, nods, nlel'el rial ulcers, ietangetment of the digestlive Iorgans, .ide. Th'lese it coimpletevly retmre, tall ilsiel a:seI it entire ly etalieates the lilenses ioa tlli·tcts at'e nllerluey, reio votesle eth llesctiutin1, :ll ie y, thle s!iil l nulll! well. I. cicl ln o t s :ui lI in lu l lell sor di retl ull: its hIn pyel lets are not ies appelln l: , iving :lt it illnllUr 'ake,, inll litop diis, o dt'li llllthm I): ,:ie olllt bSanl allenatile.ta l di tergenl; a i:ph lltic, dhi etir, and laxatives, ea atli-sp:sstnnoHiie at1111 .llnlear; :nld iln proper eiase, as vtiomtllie anti ttuateag.t.e. Ge.i t ally expressed, it inlelases all the secr.ta;itis llvi xi f cretitll, gives tonll tn the tomach, atlla excites :eli.i ii Idle it.nlperatiollsrll)n hly be unlerPst. Tl'lismedieinle haIs breen fount highly .lelt l il m:an ntthigti.ll . ditisenes not hlre spsecillel, atll it has bveil lused witi wonderful a a S.ringimii ii all u tiller, h1 tlhose who le sre c Ito comllllaintie tle chesl, aid wlhoe constitutinnmisuhire wi tllie vior. SIlh elr sonls will do well to use t vo r' three thoItl in sitialli , sen. Wihenever uadiet th'ink is conlsidered lecesll) lthis Prnacea,taken in a smvall dnse; will answer al its i"rpose' , in mlch less timen at esi lesxes, awl ill lier 1otr ageeablle r :lllnoer thun the c1to 1on tliel nliik. 'The following certilicates, out of hundrtlds, which mighlt he proceured, are gicen to show lli elrldest eo ivelnttiedtl and also lo exhiibit ill the toits saliscileot'y mainner itsasupriorily overelie syrtlls in eotunvon use. CASES iF IIIIUIIUMA'lISM.I CHILnTnuroN, Nov. 15, Ih,. During the last winter anll spring, I was afilitedl will a very severe ll dilistressvie. rIIh umllislm, ocetilnlell t) espostlre in llsl weather. I slow etke egctat ileslvie il slating, thut six bhltlles of he Inldeial'n Pancea, Irestoe me ton erflect healtlh, ald eollillently ree4I1ntivivtil it t0 all siivilvale allicted. JOHN FERttUSON, King st. C AsLESTON., .lah '27, 183'2. I was seized ahnlltthreyll ear .since, witlih rheumatism, eaused bs taking a severe cotl, whlile t nder theoinflueneer f mercury, allnd which has disabled c' from bhsiheas nearly" ever sltce. I)lhisg this period have Iea n as patient el the .Miarile Iospital, i Ithis sit iupwardlsol flour mocths, anil nearly the same lenglh. tilme ill the allimore Hospital, and tried almnst vcr remedy, with little benefit. O t et 16lh of Ilcbruar: last, atthlat time scarcely able to move about upol cltch. es,lIcommllenedtlleuse of indlaln's Panacea. In olt, month I Iltld myselfestirely rseeld from paian, atl aor now happy to state that I consodermyself perfectly well. V.M. TUCKI.I, 13 Market st. CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULIERIIS NoW Yoaw, Seplt. to, 18. 0. This may certify that i thea fall of 182'5, 1 was wsize with swellingin amy neck and tace, which alierware ulceratedl and became large ghastly ulcers is my newl. Afierrryinagwverall hysieiasa stonl adlvanttge, I wen' to Philallelphla, and placed myself ulnder the eares I)rs. Physe and Beach, when. alter res(rtatedl salivatItat to n effect, I was pronouneed llttely incurable. After. wamrs Itook twenty h.otlesofSwaim's Paoacea andl igh' Iottles of Potter's Ctalmlicon, with no materitl benesi Desillrilsgof tle, whlich hal now becoose a bor.Ihen o me, I returned to tny parents it New orkh, in 18u29, an gave mysellup to a lingeling death. Hearing of tin g eat success of The Imlian's Pattnacea, however, ill cae similar to my ow0 , I was perstmu ed lotry it, asa Inst n. sort. To may great surptise, as well as satisfaction,, soonlomlaud mysrlfrapidly recovering, otll opon takinl seven bottles, the ultershesleds osni 1 Ibeame Ierlseftli well inl the course oftwo months, and have remained so ever sisnee. I make tis statentme ald wadshitpullblishedI forthebenefit ofthosewhor ae suffering uInder similar searflou or ayphilitic lafLetious, that they may knowt what he curedone who has suffered every thing hut' death, ntsd who considers his life naved by tine above av. rltp. WR1M1. IIINIIA CsAslt.:s'r.To July 1i2, 1431. Swals aftlicter , fear years with in nicer in tihe lo, ( casionalllly areomplie willl crasipeeltatsS itlltti ii stld excessive t:in in the leg noll anele joint. emlinent physicians exerted thei l skill upontt it, but wsills out pra'alnent benefit. I, his case five bottle lindi:l's l'lmaeea mandle a perflet cure. MAIIGAItE ' A WlE.'l, 121 Market PFor saley IIENIIY iONNAIIEL, drulggnst, alcre to:- ti v proprlietors,l TIchstltiln as 16 NEW ORLEANS A4 NASIIVILLE RAIL .UOAI) COMPANY. HE atockhhllers of this rompsny asre Ihrsh no tiflod that hby a reslution of thie hosrd of dsrnm tian paosed on ths 19th inst. the etll mad, on, tlhem in thie 13Ih February Iat, ftr thel s avyment of five dssllarus a share, wna resoinded, anil the said stockhllulder are further notiied tioat WH..REAS, by a resolttion of thin board pacstll I, the 19th iat. a iall hots bhen 'ode on the stoctholhdr I of the New Orlseans mid Nashville Itil Rliad Conapai. v Ibr the follsnwilg parymtents o the the stok held retspc. tivelsy hi thum, vior:-two doilart per s tttr., oovatle tile tirot d.. of Seposnber nexst; two d.llar per sho re pavruhls olthe first dtv of I)eselber next; odll twcc dollareyPer chare paya6ile o thile fret dsy olf turch ont. ~cow theolrl're he it renolved, that tile sel:rllrs of this companly shllst otif the esoren Ishlders asrs n througi l the puillic pr nits o' thie city, that in tIloiFormIt with the ixth aortiot of the charter, they tie Ierollill ; to postpone any aynlsnt atlledl in nth;e stock nf siid e.lpany f.r til tine a f sixty days, from end ofter the day on whichl it in soade pvyathle, with tile exslss cenn dieion oweover, tllat if not regularly paid wilhin t le said troleacation of sixty days, froso and nteir the tdic on *Ilich it shoulII have hle pauid, that lisen tihe stock on whirs caidtpavmstsashould Isve hoeen nlit, is lld rents 's: erfsited to the elospany, the eltarterr II tlhait pilitt Icog iolmperative. Its otllltlnuity therefore, to sntilt iall, alleatle of the sockholderst in said Eclssunv, ast think proser to pat off the pantorte on tlsonr tsok to the and of the adtlitisnal sixtydays, whicih i les cl er allows thane, sea notified that Ilth puvent of p so dsll sears per Marc celloed lidue ,n tie first of Stis. tnsiper leea, nsovi be Is.ontisled under the sixth 5leti,0 of said chaterr, tllil the:latl dsr of J.'tslsser ,ext, thit the ilonaent n.' twon hllare s lci llsars culled ilr, lnd due a lsltthlo lstia of isoleember llxt, iilcc Ioc pl'ost psoe-l ustil tise :3 ih sissy ti" J.alts rs tis s;t,I ,ho l,., mealst s Lhtwoslsllar isr p sso cslild fsr s ,si slsfto sn sli, s'tslu day f shlowlexti , tssinse'd Ul IIIs sitsi"iI, { do oiAlArilt next, Extras attl tu minutes If ithe blred. jlne '1 A I it rNAlit, Sc'rv. i_-"ib- I 'I'S. in ,ss-'2r drtell Wile s Io t Hats, fcor salea JOHN I1 GI4 A114,. 05 l6 fi STATE OF LO UISI ANA.-arih CTonfr the m THE SPll no IC:itlT o Nw O~r enani 1w - ee resnt shall oe, Greetrti:--Whlcrens, V Jamed Horme hIvinllsg urchn* ed at ' sole Imule by tile Sheriff of "is le poslls of| OttironnP hie iroisa.rty hcrelnottee dolJrirlosd, .. oloole'J 11o tile clerk ol' this codur in wheots oLffice the sled of nle wao l rtcorded on Ithesd ldlo of April, A. D). 18.18, sfr a ionisliosll or ader- 1 tidsmentin coistfornlidttonnetosoftheLegislattre oftie g ale of n' Louisionn, enitiled 'A n nact for the frlher aIot rane of titles In ilcrcne.ore atjudici.alsales;' aspprowd the 10th dos o'Mnrclh, 18:14, NOW, jerefitre, know ye nd al prsona intereaated Ierein, are hirsemycited atIlnod adsoaehosisin the came of tle State of Loisinna, anld of thie Pi'ariPh C.ourt, who can top any right, title or cloim in ani ton thle prol.otohei e in eonmrrtieoeoe'oa ny obttal in the sitdr,dcrse or iudglod of tis court tnoler hbtol die sale wain made, or ansy irregulritly tr illegality in the appraisements and adversnisPment, in tinme, or manner of sale, or for any o'her le'Feet whllspO "errto show auaso, witlin shirts doysfrom the day thi mnition is first insertesi in site pohlic tnsperst, lby the.snle so made should not be eonlrmold od homo, logo ted. Tmesauid prroprtv sar isold hy sll s .hri ii ofihe ptr ish afoensoi on thh l'4ti 'day of April, A. Ii. ll:LB Isy vialtte ofta decree of thie 'ourt, rtoedeeeol o the 51h d:sy ofFlBonrvcA. I). I118 inn colt entstlh'd Aleoanodre Caldwell vs. Juloes Itanoe, No 101,3fi7 of ithe docket stf this Court,stal which lslo tle ill James IIesE bcaCellllll ' tile pslarelcer fIor the pice ilof twellly Ile tlhousnll1 dolloroe. I)escription of ruiPrterts o. civen it the Jldicial Con A certinh lot of rlo d iollled ill thle suOhllrb Au ilunolithion alian orourcse sl" thlio silv. is sqllre No ., pad Iot h.ving Iireci tolletl e!,c s loe:t s ront' ntll ''ello Ittifee 0010f"sd s iss loc i1 cselt,ss lt nrssts iae otatll st rof rlttlld is Io loet wise sfsol t'e rside oll the sqsare Io lile otlher, httselhr ls sitsl R dwelli.g homes front ng o011 'I'eosopitoulao atset., tilhe kitchell aind de pesdescies, aloo the disslille v ostl'lisl m otrs el'rrcted sieereos and otlItr hbuildsingss ontl it spsslsrsoaeetss tse llsessillstdvt tllt lils, illl s lell a11'.11111 o issl! P a (.[O1.il1. and tile righlts,.rtsons, sand s rivileges thlcrt, I.lontgisg or ie any wile apptrt.*inile7. Clerls''o ()thl:e, Nsew Orlensso, clhy 7hs 180. ml4,,24&j:3 J. t t Ii' isstpttv Ph'rk. "fbTAT DELA Ul'lss snsr'sssn pnttr ito 1soroisoct es sll dti to N, tsstllse O(lshtrss. I 'C''TA' tIE 1;:A LOUISIANIE.-A Itstt relox qjet 1Es Ac elsehites EOlesrlss'lstt, Snalt: Attensil IIjs S.lameafso o sose savltt lreti o uloe ovesn'trflio..ssasqit'if dIelapaoroisse sl'l)ctleos la psroprissi ci-nprslr 'solrsite, s'enl aldres- ait GreI' (rlis d e Ctr(tt tl' oet hlits ( ells stI tot ctlregistrae I' 2 resstjs(sll de .Nt1 t: dIs l'stssce 183S, s)11 un avis eollnfollseslnelll I it tn :l s' I te Isl I. stti~lalrst ile I' Iss ti e Ia Lostisihse. ilstiits sl Aesa to1s ' etsIfl s'ssti.e ier titllers tes tsqllecl, a et ll e t ll tes jlltclisilses ;" sllllcotltl, le tclntoar 183t. Qssilaitnosotttt, ct tottelos prsoosen rsottoetsiessoosl soer eescsooteasto s rossc o as om se 1' lustt de la Louisiale st ste la Coour de Paroiasse, tit poul'rieot nvoir dIoit Ais hi ptosliLe ci-alOr0sl eisoite, ell coseqoenoe dtuIn sftitut sie hlrnle dac . I'Olnllr.t le decret on le jllgement tie la coor, eo terit s isiel la veste a hte hiite, onit Ie toute irr6gsllliite o. I" lit@ nlns I'estimation,l'ais on ie toemps et le mode se i vente, oil our llltueoastrtlCeose tclleleollqlle; sIr this doir, dane trente Jollrs a aI tdl lter In phliention ie celle Ms.pontrqooi lasentelisi tfite lie sCriit pa Csolfi.rmie ethoosologaisc, l.t prol"tij16 iot r.dsoe tto le olleril 'tieisti ler toerziioe iosls d'vril doe PIoIt0.+o |8n. ro ovetrlo dlo dcslct cse eetre ePot It ,5 sic fIrt'is sle t'loooia IU1tB. 5 dnsssR Iltlblsiir Id',\leXaoodtssr CoItldwoli, eststrti JaossRo ltnsllrte, N. 1tl,3si7 dll doIlcelrt dio etle Cour, tA Io.qellea vell le elt Janls alosoe 'est relldon acqnureur ipouor it pests sce $s.,05s. SDesriptiot de lo Ptosipisti' d'loprs letrlnsfer Judlicire, t OSoitvis"· I ~n qerrnin Ir t re'e oiluooc ll't oshcrg ie I'noono I in ioln allia+* Im(·( l it trl (h ttt'e Vil aso do is l',let Nt 5 le dit lot +1 ctre nyaost [sllrnssre fr sonlis,] soixlotlle pd llsI foco e its Ial 'Ite 'l'ouol.ioln'Csh toistent PledId slo ace s lts o rtltsl t'Is ' s11 sscstss t.ll.'tsts si' lt'ossrtt'tjtt' - di hs t d' terr' s t s tt ixts net pi, t o o h. trs. dii hout dr I'ilet i I'talllrel: snws1s1t e itslP l aisns i l I,.Ilt rlute a Ilt IIre til'liseS t sdr ll POdl ls Ilac? .linki'' sioe la d &sti3 erie cHnlrfell .1 r lt S it h.est s ctre.l r - tisses e Ctst r a 5sflr lionP;s'ss s'onoine+ nilis, Lsnstsi ni oens, t ic. ipp r onl 4 lh diOh dflt illh . i ]s'1 +1p . n'h' laspsrtenl ce8 t o l dro|a . t oNtiouS trviosgsr. tio t' ,ret' sth No n i Is'rto soasco SHovhe Ctllt of hi an, llocfst'sIo'y lw s'ft ' o' ol''tss S'lti'tl Sltopslotr t slotlrS.l'lts.l iht or Ait r siotsi' Ori a , h ,1 1 aexopseriss'ce onsis sosnsattrllsls'l sstestss is oue cribessive o IEl oigsls t l .'es et" la hhi I heitn l'pri' l.i n inel y, t , th nit i hvnobi, V 3slits '. et, ' ,m to the nic,' Uoll· (i e: ef r : I cl' pllII i c\ , atH i t heI1) ohrl l, - lical'tiso111F usihnls'hew ofI g tleh .m11n Sof lony mtl'. ( h ih stl he tlion "..rllh ll ) 'lnlb l tll A s op I:i, as a prli- l' tart Sti.rle , I 's' c I h l ils, ss I s il l c,.h sI Trising from tIuhle ledI. 1of th;e n ereusut of" ns en l:all d 'r ea str , nll ttlI id ttt th1 i is 1 stbh Ic s, c les s ti tht· I e. ll5ie. 1 of hset l Il~enines , fotr~h b'iui(+ (h)f pthes - i" , d +)" t'''l5I 5''s'ts ItI ' ++. il st I ''t:lis to Int ,)h~, d I ,Lh c llo llste so|" I 'h'; 'tllt. l. 's't l h's, l i, l l ls l s lieoI shoubr~ l n.I" blll es' (sii sthlelall s11 ol t h / ll l l··l·1,... hj 11,' .Ilroll'.'ir +H. 11I isIc(~ · I1,~ l1 (t1d (·, "i iit I1 = i S p kL et aI t lt l-t·,i Sti al,, its11 ld l's l lh st's llill.l i 1It 1 [ble1r 1 1ist t , kllsil t ," i+.s s1ssosis i llss sisnsi. It'aIs.t istl h ss't'o',II' tlhla il til l . 'Is , ii s i o t tsi i its I iil p'.(IH S h l ;Ill|H t11·,,h ., I it... :,ld tl',ev l'l:lt . h\( I ·: / I, I AIton'l't v K +e +s,A '. s' It' 5 Isttit"l "t's i ti ,&O a , st i, h 1ts m11ts o l;hI nu H t 1- ,l ) lls ,tlstihisit J'O. IIO.1U'It , I'Xo I 9, WarlyI, IP xl.e, +. Y1o. k, Its' ll ss Is s r I I, ' thl l e 'r nera Ag. ent l,' .;;+ b r% | thv+1' U11 ithdSlt.1 i;, I+ l.z ,h r als,1 o he 'ostso, t r, oi , e r it:,t' So' h eNl hy i ' s'sl s il )lt ss1s r n. 1itl N Iiist t,. . Ito h Nl i I. r t,-i hI es s ta s A ,et .ss Its , heI l- tush hn . j,. I oothooil,! II It ; od*, wtjc+ i i 11 el, (+Plrl4-l'| A.,41.14 ri+,+ h4l· S I + ,llll <Z( l, h IIII i i o .j llltP JfO. IIU|.|F.dIN, I'. '.. i'lst,'e ', Plaee, N. r I Sole doots,"Aiis's t+itrtlhse Utsits' l4tiiss."t' testes 1Asiasssth )I.111sss is,' isoto sots. m i~et rI row receivi,",g from ships Naslis ie, I oiss I1. Iin lekck , EI ~;le,:',awl other I:te rrivi:ls 110' 1, :'I ' rtclier. eitis,, :. oll nIew s.elel ell assolr 'lil I!;.su, Ioolts, sIhoes nud l Isoinsssi, snllsistingll o0.fg :l i e 's i le nll f tind IIl all co IaoI oa 211 iuldity; (i hunli',, midl stool wain pegge.ld Iootis .u erion lls ll:lliliies: men's ti c:cll .rl It n al Mor.l 'I.e -lol* pms tll llri.og I., hockskill shoes, hlrogislls ul s pllllllel s: ml n's tite cul l :ll and killpped peggell siloes: . I rogollln; do oofll ; 1do spookul kii l :I it ~ i'gel shl l oass; gentleuen' hest quality soes ls o"ans aed llllack lido ilngs dllo nll" anlllorolel I klel slales a llllag. s; do calf, seln and .n'roi'l.u I lin ll siolsS aiil slipil "s, Io calll, bull' mt seat w r a .iew lartic.Ic; do line cll, seld and mormco Ioi rots; Iuo's', missesand childlrei's pegged and01 I lmelll of m''s lillandil stous kip ralssett II'sIlgs,ul * w rticllIII a il lsngeo quantity of anI illlfrior 'qiluli) r arilllo anl wa~x rogantls. Ladies' file e.lif, seal, morneco and grain welts, an' psumnp sole shoes; dI. tinle I'reunh Murocco I Iii kill 'su n.lllil sit llelrs; Io roini shoes, witll slid willo t hIela s 1, c lf, seal alrd slolll hbother boote,:s; do I'runllella slhore ilIll kinds aml iuinalities; td n lasilg Ilaglis; law t itesr. .s sml foted iloolies. isseIs'Itsiitigsp'illng sll5o.ani as 'gass. Ciihlren's colored Morcoco ani, lasting brs l. a i . l 11 oos, k0. ;elntlemln'snii'il thionable bllok silk h:lts; In bieal. n Idal .in oneilr do lof a su.perior qulity; iido imiiatior 'to ramido; lbrald cotinorrow brin men's line drab and Il. sk tsssni ishort inpll.e,. hal, a news article. Yoatlls lt ae sizie hals of iltte''rent qualities;l do children's, Il n's liai bic)) i nlack iii liihb wool hilts ol vairrioi s li es, will genera. l assolrtment ol'f bo s'ill nlen's 'I hsi asslltnlellt will he relplelnished ivlthe arrival ol nFmnn nlacketasi n tile nose named cities, all of wicll % isll si Ol anicllminotilnsliiin lll tems. soII 1-11 ll i)N I'x(i lp' I/1.1 l lF 1'OIL TiI E TER!:THl. r'IIis d' rel oilniill 'ln n ll Irrren i ;n h mlP. llll lieIt nn lly l sa.l. n di lelli llllln inon illllint lnt re i lf. It i's inrEts i lil Ii o I I IthI i Ptill ne olll' i v t.e i i h,; . i ll·lln0, hiIc snI r lir eri ree ders to i nin met s ni ali 1'ii ip al o nit nli baldl.n nl q iole o el, l'sllo l- ii -lit o pt it ti fl hed n pp a ied ha oiladl \l'ino $1 an .bo.ll ,hl ol mbotleo, it hns lllne.r Cofnto gill l'd . . m iui lldllll I Elll lllll l. It sil, aI ll l dhli Lo IIIok In 'lil'tvi teelAlth, and irlio. O ii iclalts ri. ick xei iienl rendfer a t.llg oiioth ns.sal, ''ihe olliri uhin arledy 11"ar , . ll onl'i r iirlI. ll lle IIn mv thl kli ha e nif i.heri' li p ersoi I Ii d ifl io ' iii r- li fo aa gul,'nlirn I h oa ' n a Ol he lilill t ire itollI soble ar (ur lthe public i 1, or ) Ih'ir id lil; en thoi 1 l rivnlled qi.lies. It is on li l, r tiie,, hp niocp l gailnhr snbann.'sla na'ig io'adlm. na.ii ms I r.sgalr is tin til h civilized wu Id i1. tll. iloll vuluahle diecovPrv 'eih hlldt ll 0l ile Wllldi l'CIr e $1 L.e o blhle. Sil h hV J.\an\'I e \ I)Drn\ "Ir S llr 5 ('lor (Cml(llll avid Ni',e ' I.aIIOUla "t+. E * t ':-c-N l ssketcls llk' , ml lhe srvc, AhIli lanld AIshoIre, W iihI Cel .tlili lis rlie iicell -es, nfragmel'nis al anl'lons Ili the n'nhlir tfit 't'uhl o i 'I'ar, &.l . lecon)lll serilleain ' ulls. inualh'l i.ctllclionl or 111 1 (1.1 ' lluse IICmmons, r ,lllli the vear 171 111 to ille qlo0-.e of 1815. Ill:hiding Ils al sketl'hes oftlle leadin'l illullers-lby one of no llar C1 IiO0\i El ..... liolrii al Nn vel, bI, tle ......I .. lThe Bnrisherd-" ' C o. In AVi , &C.. P)im1lr Mllicinei. oor 'i, ignAevir c.tsiedn- as Ollllines of A.iatl,l,ouy, PIhvsio'r. n l,,n Ih.vSiene, with dirrit-ts . l'i5 i 11a nod c,.lllrr., us may IIIL .e n.sel'u in lleilff a I..i li I 0llil d l i. lll()llt. pIIIl I.III ri'.LI cii l.. trvyelle1 ; and 11 (I1'. 1. 0I, Iill1 It "f.; l" .,0(1,_ l'1". colon co::' h _ )L(I l l. I .iii.iii1 ll i.;.i , , -, itilr lllllll ll " l imD , m'1 , h , 1 ._ I ,'np :old C.' , l 1l"0(" i II. ( rolton. f'oro Nows lF',,, is hlerby lnot lied th at tile. haive hleeul scred h).5 t i'oO'. V.ElHY& Ct(). 13 L !'-onl"ignr i "'.1(10,0i,' JraWP#tiLfmbfROM sREnTI'orl E PLJTES, The Fith Ediliot tf ltOWLETIrTARLEo OF IN'TREiST: rTO lhicht is nt adnled all Av(nge' Time Caleldn ncL toe, o ensv methodls ir fititing the average 'ime on Msorge, notes of hbat or bills of gotodis, when plm I bl chased at diflIrent Idates en ditferent credits, and F;ir vliloulimoulnts;h esidesalusefwul uteotnpleteltankilng Time 'Ta' le, lthe bestt Ihnt enite Contrived. oI that fi gnres en it r Itle within the aime eontleslend companss, and size of tL pe. An a*vernisement in the book Is in nearly the follow oF, worda: I 'lei h dislltinetinn this work hqs received through f the ten legislative acts prefixed to the title page. is a re eommendatian in itself, nll nummon,, and so elonll sive, th t nothing Is necesstary stnne thi by waj of ad 've-tisement, to given a condensd view of sROmn of its pi oliaritlies: as fernstance, the Interest tles teen comip.a ed lironl,ntll compared with, what ii equivalentto ftim teen setsere:detlniaione, exmninted in tile pr'easthirty flee tin-es, nltl printeld from teentyype pla te testeli Ihirtvty-roe times, from all which it mnst Iea evident even to the ske tie (en- peilly on thu Ile stotl oflthe lie ttllnf tloofii the preeteIse) thai tile wlork tllltl Ie tntilh nmetieally infallihle, amd it confirmnaion Wllthis blliedf y Illllilte of two hundred anl o liftf dollars, is now oin ir y elf for lie detectino of ani, error of u rent ill the prerent r or fifth edition,ats exprvtsed in tme pIr'liter, i.aking file i lt tco ieo a fllfetred ftl r P ilee i ctTepnrorI stiethefirst thltlieoltitt iln the no r 1 11t12. Oi )le ofo ntlnsi consollieollus frittnlre oftl! t:llrs is inthe tr.:tngetlent of the i'mie titl Amooinls, which for exldlilit.ns, irolirenceo o ldprspie oi ilt , wi IIn n 'lt of the side td indlex, enottt te rtxcelel; niod til- saivl tv anil otte with ,ttlwtilstle it'tl.estl c ti e ound llll the extent of go-neI rallniness, withllllnt hilitng ofs8.11114 is tle tidles at co vien esi ittie u t e tntll , l iih in th, etilttl n'tioi elte oi the mont eonitlrllt aiIni practtiy: s htli ,r notenmen nlod pullllllic~e tl.| or llsll w le enHae o'lIt ll ne hke in:dllhiliv ef tihe Ilrllhlrll itriginotly adollptell it e comtsiln.g te worlk, Soll the ex+trannalliiarl.l. numbler ntll val.iety ol'the x.tllin:.tin , anlllld tests of wn l rry edilion it Ilhas passedlin Ilthe Il'es, eonwitllt:nltdilg the hltle is in g sterl'eltye, ettsit.etiritg, in sli 1, Ihe. tsitivne ooeCirtey sneei'd h iile ntnieeetin len ilne te ilooi.l Itie vl lltsle has hleri h ld u)p uill etmtistilnlly styled-I '' the mnest wnlflltfil ok nI tl e wrslk;" most certa.ilh nIa man ca nm en figure work oflthe snme extent, which since the legitginitoi elenatinni, I s lInd the slleinlll. Slto oir one hll . ill the number, as s lealiy shown ill te Ilesidsh,, at tert loot stnldarl:d, it has beet, tried wit Ipreed in nearlty ell the lik anti qu tpolia evlfi,"s is the tir t, ttnt Slttito, atil 1, the p blic govelly dl'i"g Ihe long i'period of thirtiitle revrs, ytet ni error "f tit al Ialy ehtilengetd by tIe olaelrg'very horgeletrmi:nls. CIt'le bokns is it f exe ptn.sln atophlt, elt ni l Ihelnerltn 1, oflaw i sevn'tl oftlhe Stoles as the i rIte ofn ei cntion fttr ltatlnte interest," itsllsto by law tlnr ltlk it-erest, a Recordingas tihe lbook is nsell, nti ais nray Ihe seenl in i prt, by ,,,e ntlales of Ithe so tl'riers, nod a few of Ilhe t sublse(quent ml:hlllsel, in the list Io theiI ofl thi book, ,Iisin plosessn llll elevery clos of citiz(nls in every suar le to of the Unit ed States. It ismoreover well known lthat, hy its rearly check, le it has so nlten detll tetdI largie eIrors, long afte~rltey were e alde, evenl y the mnoslt tireltit alit nt(tat omlpetent aritnhmelic'its, t'at its useftlness, ind the l)sohlte tie . eessity fll its tsi, have I en extenilsiy.ely insisted ioIn, nso evident, inetoit, have boen its adhntintges, ant its 8, savings, that, seoerrl yersang, whilst the first edliion n wasensaee lid outllt of print, greait inlber of secondn In hand copies were soglll foll, some to a gre t listnace. ir tad perasIn atl iotlsinll e prices, as thyV iCould itoclsiml ally bie icked It tat fltrom $1i1 tto .S lper cop y, andt eso me erso lllhave r-en. v delreotil'11, lld inslltance ceuldn beluted lc thlt itlley wohll pi 95t , $ lOi, nom $SiIit f,- fort n'01, II o11 to ble had for tls, I.d an ilndit'vidual ill the hilter ilitSalne plartiellrl, h:ivi1g .il the somltt toilie rxhtibit d satisfacntory ipit , tto sttlt prsonltpie- i I seit thatll tllo him it wos retII y worth lh1:t moll ell. Inld nore thl tgh tite in. tog of hins .erv tniahle tinc, he htItt is like.wist worthy ofl ot t le, lld iillhleit plroper) to inlpre i, th it s lch i lill' ntr'e ,of fig.e 1,0k g,.,'rally o1d p u'speially" wh(n ol th' exttnt ti lllllolnll tce of tl Iins, tih;t h: i this loP k or its like b I fill prep:l - ell ill tlle 1 tIi0sl sni t r ol e, ,1 l he o ot' l co In i ent Senllliclal ill .tlhe wornlid, anI alllew ' ' ls rhl h 0m most caultlonl godsr 1t l two p orr-ctio, of proof hei, it . woinhld, II1 1 to i cev1tl ai s ly, e hIeto iu-s-it'i, till, re cFreo"-esnd dear it 1ny prier, 0s tle h Il,, I h, ,ituia,, hrip e\phl is. Buit sp pioirt of tsilt e haot;' tohe " steie.llltpe plates of this wp Iklbl.- mlp 1:e I ithat it eere lhell ll, ithihrir all nertll llis 1 11 exitnnll' hnal Ih II ll llnIa S I onso , l lagainst fir;e, for IhI grot, rill len it, Ill rey t'e (by e- .l tll,.1 llltlll) consIi) k t to la ll k ll h l ce of special 1) rot withuseful ,llt itt. t1 t p lt e, which, ill phis afith s ill Olhw thl .lw l ioo li'og lihouns, ,1l i11 i h :l1 itlo o con "oing O11w.1'.. ne I:a hfl illn les o1f cllllll ti et , nte, o . , Al. ipoi C . '% ttSt ti pit ,li' : tf E l I vo 'lr It. It .tpn n o t- ltit-im k lt lti:t .it. . it i nrlllrn a1ll IV ly,' 0wotl k, W h li'llle h w.... ,lhli ,+, 11'I t'II itrei slll t l l s I , - l rl: in llroll lll. i ,lll s 'll d I ell I' e itr;4o P-r1110 t.110 tii, Ill y~ Io ,iy' , lt:it'.t t'ni li t, 1t1, :._ 1 )1 ' i1n-i n ! IW P-pti"01 ,-p 1 0,o ,It a.pI· n il I.'. ilp -i App-nl. tt t.:I'tlen- ll" t h:ll 'l;- it ii a Ia toi ,i; Iblto' . Poerlt, - , tIneewhi ,II & ..IFtt Ick by [ ltt 1 ] l, iu , - + I h N'1 :1 11':. Ih ,",.-I · , , I '1 K 1\ I I 11S .. :t , l o ) 11 Ir' low a i '.I iii I, It.. ·l o,'l" \ l. L,l" l A,,d I. ltlit'a,, i i,,t" , , tt ., ltt h l,,lt , 'r I Ii"i In: \1 n ; hAl Ic h n , t, ., I .1 . .. . ..r...11 I I1, i-' l i, t -11 tl ein, l 11111 c, il i o . , n IN V i": 'io wti c rll e 1 1: Wlr "t' ipo:-l . n li il! '.rl r,IlI0 te., 1,I1,. " I r ll"; il' ilrt+ l'lIedr , r Ia , se,'i -li' tut ' s l; pll o p) ', .I -I p'l. Ill s- ol tile ne hllt n .oi il Ir, Io n11 iii' ot til o of tild it lungint tennt-tiipiio e c, l t - l .l ; - rP ,,,' ,, ; .l _h'., 'u; latllr . tilitin ioe do, ntly ptI n t~byto i rs o a, rl I li t ion S ti,; C lip; o ' ..t.. Ip1lt II 1oIs l l' P+I lln e il r llv O ; llwi, , l ill aty lo ,tn L, I rI lP +I" iE. Irses.e Foriraini: by t Corner of Canal a--d Br urbs.V n. rrl. AVp ltn . whi'ch -ro Il. liott. ht ,i:--p ,lll llye, oI oiOLE t I A, Illeni s, Siran ,itt anti h Ole,; iela ' t ose ontei, 1011nn0'i F,-SIn ( We y, si Si , r P",itaiots PVltile Io - nolloWinolk wl .s . an, I m r ble.x 8i . e hute h. I a "mastry lait.f~e , ; , clnlll ,toel , orl, ly ltilL) up Ill . r ore vils.; I~ ,ion , lla i ; ; KrHt l'ot . he i[)rup Heir u red ; II i ong ', h h HI i,,air ()d;-wih a )orety o ,S Pr'u-llo, '1 Hlllies, Oe , F k.o k kby Cld Corner o Cn d Iurl teets Spelitl S tn be seen Iat he si.o . Paintls, ils,a a s inters, eo gi otoi. n.andeh streito thlotsei Maholglan, lEllglyptllanli llhck and n,)ld, Oak, I islla still AnliIn, I : IEIV)Y I;.I))S--llnt, astqare l im' iron, well Ueum trd. Il rp, r~r'oll and roll ironl, na;il rod, and cl Ilnlgh !:··sl, (;rin1I e eu n, hisir.., sin' sh(t til I 'nllwhv f lin lorvwnr, cut xrol n'r IIII rn I I(ýI mils and spiI BII)tee lioe, hl orlk tin, mIill nu, ll griul I stones, snit klulrL I Chain y~abveltit.ain tsa raý.. 11xet log. thU it 1101 gwIn Ivtels il Ii', ittnnns, Plta. atl It.. fia..d an helos v \Viru, sh.."I'vig :allll hm" lead; :dujll· I1 si l And ~ ~ ~ I tilkir Soe A meS linwlauil 'sell 1 . II I sluoI t S atlout I(.1 plteIthines, (·lo:inlolln ulk :IL\':l! 5 It )III , "I:I al WpIIII It 11.··I ut · i:er axe s IU A fu llllll uoan (o ,i f Inýrlw le arol il . eh ndlql 1,k-: Soul''iuo 'l oe T whi rhare 0111-llvd1*"r lar Ill Illr ll salc at' retail, uu li e most f ia itr clllb ;e t Il e Ill, by oh L\1"1 '11\' to (;n. 5:;1 ill IIIC ill.tllCelt: vluII g-,.ur I v nre ellellldurr · lal :o1-o. )(ml O 7IIREE DAYS ln·(!T OUR b 1ve ur1 e FROM AE IV iul n1 i1 prc priet or of s Ilri+ ttablkl linv nt hll ills Alen.I1 sore o1 1I·? I nlsruof n t o his friend, nn I I :, $ll-, pn li Ilcivrv I. reemvs viLT~iler.. lie wilil ales sane !i re the'hlltli meth o1'Ih ose at a di inurel that there hnokrn large improv lt \teeniZ imdec, and bl! L now at I oil and in rbpi ro refr Plleuapletll un, which wil II ltr llll l hle Ih al 'Lhe 911aru1 a hee e.tttemuhbelo shore who peele· Ilr can have large lncubiT~l - ·lalr h d train Ills In nill 1 building. ·IndR il It,~ in deemed l al~lillne ternI1Cy to env a· Til h 111 in p·1rtlen tar ul ll the haracter of II:.- I w: null,., Iu . it is ,,err \01Iv beirve dalthn reno i.f:rnrtoaa i te ouh er .taes llth naemn tht r gn aal MAIL ARRANGEMIONT .... tDa E~very Dlay at I'J -M.D Norlhern Sat, a very rliav lrt. M Western Mail, FriDo y, ll, P. .Wed ay by ray of (he e enrr Mhoday, Wedneetisr The Lnklila. Satiri l ly P , Thursy, SClosesa every Illaolnay, Wednesday RX-PilIS MAIL, 'rIMES OF ARRIVAL,. EPA'FUI{F DISTANCB &e.-oftias Express Mnilseln.or, Maiils aml New York--eavne. Sobile dw)~ st 3 P. 1. Northwu New York dadiy at 5 P.dM -oMbw Nid Arrives hervef NortIwarl. Distance. Tlime. ftetnran'g Montgomery. Ala. l2an. I9 m5ts 23t 12 m. Caluallus, Oa. llJ 1 94 34a.m fMiledgeville . Ong. 133 it. c:niamldin.. S.C. 7 sin. 163 17 IlaleigntN C. 4 2l5 II! VIVarrreaon,Va. I2 m. 55 5 51 S ertrr bur. Va. 10 min. 81 lI0 n. n I ltiehmod, -6V. 38 4 01 rEderICiekallU rF, 8 . 67 1 . \Va.tmOdlhine'tln CIty, OI .|pm. 8 lp m aPhilodelphia, 4 aim. 100 II 2 New York 2 pra. l0 l | S lt5 : II-" Ii.3 or ....d 2.3 Norlhwanrd. (Colninn stoulthridr, llln tie is nix Iour leo; laial5 days anla 17 lours. 'ii: l'li OlLIAIiS REWARD. ANAWAY fr'ns Ii9 C.rmlsllri enaer of Hevis I eereuelolllle niglll osf011 b of Angaas, aild was I eeen .le IenX tornirg n dilr tn srnrt a s ngra bay ia nad IIIA(:H AItI.KOO, nla,..; |7 years of ·el a age or tlerrniballrpiil hetitlt, vere Iack, nnd h*san faped Irilelnt in Ills sPeechl, inlo o| Ills lagsa is |lore, uoccasionsil by a rel~ellt hllrl; IIw had1I on ,,lal~n I1 went away a W~illi t. .ollon e~r lin~en pbllr( 11 *Vl wile el)tll)n llmnnllouns.· Slara of vesreli a ri seim isnllts are ealasioned a lie:::,1,: liiiil . aria o I baewlae gaoilll rceiving or litrboritt said negro, as well as nil oilier perason, a Ile allnisit rignur of the lsw will It enaorrcel agsialo tlh'm. 'lhs above mwanl will le psie f'r iildeliverintl him inat' nay of the Jails of either olll. mInieilipalilioes, or at 169 Ceronllet, corner of Heev 1stree., si: ts "Naxir L.'E--'l'lhe eoalsstsralhi1i Ilemetslbre eaisting Iliadolroil. firt oe ltihoi, &h Csirreteon, hne les' dissnlved. Th silierilier will liqiidatn the all tireo ttI eoliiertl ill tbis rity, iind rrqireo oil peteao s inleb . l' In Ilkr palInel ll| Ilia: ohllv and all thusebi in[ clin, tiokreient iie n foraetle laeens. IlllII )ItAILIIIeTNSON W . W. SWAIN. No. IIL'sCnMl leet' Aim Orleans Ti-I'AMJ always aniland l ei tairily l re'eiailag I)rl. UI Ityss, Cliemicals,and Pam:n,isa ong theta sre s lwl i UGn . DYES, A iAnlilly, enmle, Argols, lrl, Al regulus, ImattoI SIpaC.. Arsenic, ar~olr, Alnot, o lowlleresd, Irasilletty wea, . RalsmM COplavis, CoChlinerl, aon rx, eruds e, C 'pper ns, A mnerl assa lis refiard, Colpheer, , lrinlsatole, erte, Festi, Tlmpleo, i do roll, do Cuba, do faower, dn Maine, Rirmulh, French Ietries, raolrail hnligo, HenlI. n ream t ar, do d ,anills, Usnide dliloent (ia Ieeasnos (;slll sloea, do ltsmatls, so Aiablei , Lidgeenod, Canipeslty d( lo asmlmthln S doamnoniuc, do Jamaia,. .ldo beLiizeai, Camwood, tdo eopal, rotaigh, Mahler', ombiin, . do do scrapeld, Nisauragua, Itonalre, s lo do S Ameri-*n, do Cors. t) E~lll Ipl)ilr, emint da MuNIarsaib In do ltiiil.s dii Paelie. ito gn.sinum, CIIEMIICALS. to ido kito, Acul, niltros, I do onlanic, tdoe maristie, . olni ... do snlrlsrie ·. ltilellas. hle ar, it ieo genel, eslemil, pp,. l a o ,lll llle. Corrois lle lblinmate] it rdo Itroagneth, Chllorile of limie, - Galmboge, Epom Isalts, a I- Jlliliplel rtesAiei e tntele .nouar caustie, dl ito dio oireign, lielpreleipitre, Me Ngarnesia, igllglill, IIlelelle li,, nl Airetitaii lit elihromate Inlsisa MiyI a flnke, Sutlicarp Suc e ,h searis, Stip Itala iq ice hall, Sugar lean, ii I lthves, Slpa zine, tin Sia tolns quainiae. IllHrganlti, Tariar naltie, It almon, PAINTIS Illes. tl .e ltrnint llle. It I a., dhonmriic d yellow, dry. t ' I ee, ido . do in oil I~IllllliCe, <lno g n, d oil, rI i ittrh, I 1I, l-setioek Englis, h, ,.'t'n, t reemavytona to tirtlt ea , ti n groanil ai,, o o illlh, 1 t e nd ml n rl , d, Castie AhiI rIre rd Engli Ali,' a tt ., teI i AnnrirAn I e )t'u.e...l i 1 rlll l oll. a * oI i n h' or a W' n . at x ch| Hai . ld il e. Io i ,Ii Ini a, do dHy ol Nalnd hII' Vi 'tinr lrinl yll liV ie el, i , iv i to Aiti trati, e Fiirm e.lih, u s ill s, In etin grinllllll illo I(to Ainasrrhetl trIlllltmt i)n he lui//i to rle e'fer, by o atle h Peter ,ile & rs illlll( i. ' Vinier at Sibluse ei,.ela i is +1 h itnia las. IlsIt, Royal Navy, F. C i la I an,, ld ir nolllrllll:e. Ii Allan Cnnninagltln,l ro iL. Ihuippari let. writtall ry lillnelf, in h hl2. I I C1 tia npil,,io lislirmyofl/talp, IrtnonlnteI rot sI Is * riaiiiiltoliliy Ntltaanielireertm inlniilo ra tuitig Na.7; ?,' Ihllrtier'se Fiti y Liirsry. JSuit1, 4 lhenltw emtilil,.a snd uniforei edition ',r Ilir.olhailolra Irmiae's I'oeks. "" Rog't'r's t'ueni'i sno Engliah I wld, ire go Angola I'm eaeh nalAng '.~In Dielionitry. . AI.oa--A (.n lllre elmor ie .fa iu lalllfme's Phmnoal gy tahiti~l' iltutitia, lllhtric 'ril ltumilol''2l nIl2 Irs, widiets .lart rarciaril, xiii hoe esi,, by I"ill HEN. I.EYY. SalAIN IYEVISITErs,&. &o SPAIN REVISI'T''ED, &a by the suthor o Ayear a iS 7'rais of ladnes rrhietr, ailee nnemlly eppliealle to jibe Ahmriinhea of Nertli Anorica, by Tarner.Esq 'l,, 'hePolitisl Grammar, of the United States, sr a ohalle view oalhy hewlry sad peritlce of the genere ansdi *tale g.overiasles, with the relotiens Ilwnesn thsm -ohoileutid as d nadapted ta the jaung nlen ofthelUnled Stares, by E I) o:anefild, Esq. iiamsrod'a Henai.; Teram interspereed wilh chaneter isia sneedolee, sayingasd doings ofs orluis me, in eleldhlla nloties of Ie principal eraek rilers oEnglsand wilh otinlylieal aolltnlns, and general lnden of asinees,2 vnlulllne. ' FOR THE CUlRC or Sirofuia or King's Evil, Chronic Rheurnatnjsm, Chronic Cutaneous Din- Pails ill the Botes, by free eases, use of lercury the blood beiog in vitiated state. l'Thi very concentrated Syrup s prepared with the greatest lharmaceutiecal eare and accuracy, ad contai tile ative prnneile of Sarsaparilla in the mont concen trited degree, colhtined with other vegetable tubstance of known effticacy. The great deederatom with physicians in being abl to exhibit a large qoantity of Sesaparilla in a sina dno, has been lobtained in this preslrsion--they, being fully convinced of its nerita, confidently administer the course of their practice. IPrice $l 50 ipar lbottle. Sold only at S1VAI' ilt)'y'IIRlt'S drug store, No. I ICanal street, wk.e htay Ib bad, fresnotld geroine, direct from the Iprf rea lornt, Sw oai s Palcca d.lld Verlifnue, 'Potter's C.l.tdoli coll, Cartperter's Prepn:tions, anrd a large and getera neerlllleltl of fFrels drugs, ar4 PINNOCK'S IROME, &e. INNOCK'S ItP'ROVEI ErI)ITION OF DR's Abrhlgment of thle History of IlRne to nblicll is Iprefixed an Introdction to tihe Study o ROalnl Hiistory, and it great variety of aluatie infor muatint added tlrrilpa hit tim work,on thie Manners hrtitutions and Antrquitiees of the Rotnttsa; wit nu t.crmes biLographictl anl historical Notes; antd qte.e tinis tir exeailation at tilte eid tof eacii sectis,. II. lstrutedwith Ihirtyejncgravigs n n wood, IbyV Atherton I'rcot'a'S Ill'rrired Editiott of Dr Ouldsitl' tiLis istory of England, lioll tle ny siotn of Julius Cmeser tr tte IetIrh oIIf teortge d, witht a clttinunation to the yea I1:1i. \Vitlrt qestion is r eatlltntatioa attilae end rt eiih section. lePsties a varirty iof ulntalo iitremnta tfai aidded throioghn, l tile work. Consisting of tpible of tc'nterlrp.rsue Sovereignr otd eloinent prerotal C'piosa erxpIlanatory notes. Retarks oa ste nali tics, arnaolcrs arid lirtertrre of tile age. An oartliea thie Ca:olrtiiotioo, t.c. &c. illustrated by trolly eagr'r Hogs. ilt's' ELEME''TO iF A.rnoirOMsy, and an Aoridlgmen of Keith's New 'l'relatise on the Use of (ilobes. New Arrerican editoni, with addieioits aird itinet venent anU at expliatioi of the ,torieruliaacil part tf the A. ricir Alroanne. J.lcn received and for sale by W1l M'KEAN nov 24 carer of Camp and Common sb IIAItPEIR'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. iS OItACE,triasltted by Phillip Francis, I) D, with II L an apiteldrx, etillrrtaitig translatoata of variouri odos, Ac. by Ben J0114r, CaOwley, M itttn, Dryden I'ule ,Adirsonw, nwift Ctoitertnt, ii r'akehield, Pottrone dron, .c. and anie of the Iore eltnilelt peuse of th day--and 'llt.lU11RUS, withl the alpptndix tI "irdies transli ted by Christluher iJ, nart, it ! vS s itfoirlr ir vulullroeis otid . ot."llHarier's Cll.m.ical .ibrarv Il'h. Il:xiredittoitf 11n il l' k' CLINKER, by "irolielt, i.| ) ih rih a IiInotur I. tIre Aiu\itholr, It 'ltrie I RoI+ne, , lm", wti, m illrrtrtso.+ hy de 'ill: ilI'Sh i ai'rnl l]y the ittrtr of "ilti.helts i'.k1;l. ;1 FIli nt; hill; tr ori nner e oPelher )".!h+ :4 1 .,i",.t: 4,';1 .d'UOll', 1 v ol Ina new ail I l""i1:l a'rr 'ict.llllllj . alo.I , dutc rl'neived. \V,,XI .+II- I..' _. ACU,\ ..ltlt:ý-=:hi el.t-ks tiacni m~It s lna LIaeiht.r Cuw lh,', ert.lot Fcoln, allil tor eaten lirmntil~l 5,r IIAWrlI"

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