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January 23, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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BY RIWLBTr .I & OENA. 8YNDIC'S SALE. W ILLbo sold on Monday, 18th of February, at 12 o'cloek, at the City Exchange, St. Louis iestr, i anvirtue of an orde fro the PIrisllh Court, for the Parish and city of New ,erleaos,. raited the 7t111 iratnlllt, under the direction of the Syndie, the following drecrib. ed proprtry, surrendered by tihlriel George tilenry to his eredihtre, via: I. Four lois fi Ground, Nrs. 59, 60. I61 and 62, itnua tod int aurrmlton. Noos. 59 and ill meausilg ench 25 feet frontoan 1th strsert, by 1511 feet in drpth. Noe. 60 end 62, htving tthe omen front of 25 It. on fearebCe at, by a like depth. iloughl of C. I~Prehv onotariol Act panned herfre La Garrleur, Notary Public. the 11ith of May, 1837. 2. Lot No. 5,in aqtare No. 15, insubulr Washinrton, 3,t Munitpaliity, maenturing .i9 fert 2 ichles frolt on Morales treet, retweeo Pirlt aid dl. Perlirarml stl'elto, by 100 feat in depth. Bought of L.. . lHilleglbers , by act before T. Sedher, Notary PIub:i tihe 281111h o Febru ary, 1837. 3. Fire Lots of Ground, Nos. 8, 9, 10, It and 12. in r:'tero No.24. in surhb .renhirglron . 3d Municipality, Noe.8, 9 und 10, having each "1. L. 6. nnt . rt nnt ot, between Morales and Lrarnhart etreet, by t1l7 feet in depth. No. I bhaving S1. 9. 6i. feet on MInant etreet. Iy 107 feet on L rquhnrt street and No. i', having 31 feel en IUrqrrhart street ry 171. 3. b. feot in depth. Bourhlt of E. Burth bry act before L. Ferand, Notary Public, the 2Ilt Febrhrvy, 1837. 4. Eight lott1 Not. 18, 14, 15 Ifi, 17918, 9, 20, in fqunre No. 24, t suburb Wathilglon, 3d Munieipane ty. No. 13,forms the orner if French andi Urquhart r alretytlt i meaourine 31, 9. 6. feet on French lireet hy, 116, 11. eet on Urquhart etr er, ad Noe. 14 15, 16, I7, tIl, 19 and 2l, eachr measuring31, 1. 6. feet frent on Frenclt etreet iy 10i. I. fret in depth Ilughlt from .. Burthe and T'PIho I)upleti hry act passed before L. Feraud, Nri ntry Public, the rIl!s of FPhrunrv, 1837. n. 1tnelo in Vine stre.t, ner tiLe new Canal, booriht frtom GeOorge Andrews, by private net, ldated the 18th March. 1837 lie. Andrevs anat wife aeqrirwd lile from N Holires, to this lot which mettnara 25 fo.l front on Vite street, Iatween tihe Flmidrn lidling and the Imundrdrg helween Suburt, St. Mary and Delord, haioln 115 freet in depth. Trermn anl Condition--nflo third in cash; ndrl the remaining two thirds if the price of each pualr'chl.e, payabhle to 6 and 12 months. The purchaser givingr hit notes with inw eoo d endorser, and mirtgage retanted until complete payment. The acts of sale to Im pnassed befism . B. CENAS, Notary Public, tire purehhier paying tire Nirary': frn, •nn the enpelnse ofr takinr ptseeoiurn hy a rrveerr, if neeanotry. jalo PAR HEWLE'I" & doCENAS. VENTE PAR LE SYNDIC. Sm L rea le Iu t.ndij. 18 aevrier, I 12 heures, A I lour+e d ine, an verlt d'lulln decrn e de a essur de pnruirne pour I I.,aroinse el vile de la Nvelle ()Orle ano, en rdr dUl7 ell cone.nt, nti Is dlirectiin di syn dine,leo pr.preetre muivnnle, a.bnlldlimiue pan; Gabriel Gret lilcnny A es crsneierr: I. lamare In dl torte,t no 59, 60, 6 a 6, itilen Carronllt; ne. .le (lile.eniunalt 25 nd chlqu(llP fle A ca In rue Onze tiru 1511 pldn deln.lrdiu.lour, ncs 60 et 62, all chaqre , 25 pried d ie a. io Ia rue Ileervce, riar lirle umerns prn ludenr-lnctac c le(t I'eC r, p ,r u s :nte de. LegardEur, nut public, e 10 L ri 1037. n 2. I.ot no. 5, Ineilnl et rlS, llnuhclrg Washinli.n, 3 unitlia ilh, nntisrant S9u l 2 in a nr e nre lrales .Ulle len rues Iu risre et Feronidand, rle 1)IpiPIdu e ier proflandller--el er Ie 1. rillue here. par a.itle n e vnnt ' Segherr, nit. puli. re 20 fevrier 11437. di 3..5I.taL d lerre tinuies, 9, Ii.ers 1S, dlio I' filet( -,a nif ulwiunr% Waolington, Olllinliuiit ino3, ,iI 9 oa l01, nyint lnqule 3 I. (r In rle Mi ri zn celll ere Moala Urie i Ur etnr t ur 1 7 pie dod penolfneuelr, nn f II Iynsl 31 pmi9 C Pur lit rue11 11lln~tur 11i lII7 it e ur Id rile Irqhinrc; eonn 12, 21 pis d ute t la ruiUr qu3lrr rut 171 iiedn 3i Is ligieu en i tillroefler-ni m.i te de E llllee, r mieta e levant L h nraud, nilt Inbie le 21 fuerier 1887. 4 ulla Lnot, anre. 1314, 15 16,fi17 , I.n 19et0 amI I'ae lnn 24, nu fnulhlrgi 1 nshinglonu. 3, . I niniipnlite, ii nu413 lInlsa Ia'eclerignlre die rues d desFiuini.etl Ur- 'I qulhlarl, elluralt 31 pu9 pi 6 Ilg lr In rue doc Fruin- "i eais, rur IAt pdI I pu enr la rile U'rqhnrl; et le nos. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 et 241, ehque imeauuanl 31 p,1 I Il 6 i. de Iaee n In rue den Fran cai snlr ae6 Il de ri. fOnlll--nrllrte l e s IcE rthe t uhbreibnU oi, pi i mlr at adevvt L Fernud noi. pnIh, In 21 frier I 37. 5. UILo atrlli rue de In Vfe, Ieennlullllnllv e (:illi, a.l'lec prner ;elege Andrews, piernae ileaii,ren dtlnle ll 18 inrS .t 1837 l.ege Ailidrews etBl ai lllmi-s cq sicnl In titcels l r.Illlier , ceiii(e quisiri. rS S I,lcs Il. i la rile ie li Vi:ne. nentre Ie dhrc lulncrere lrilee Ie lign dk e i rrnil lrt n llun itoh.i fe ratl ner h Sin Marie er I .luIn, uyint 125 i rrfili. ir enl elc icr , COndliinoc-l.Jn siers io1ieii t, llo ent eo anln rt tier 6 sonic, l'niqellerallr n donnil ei bliliet nnve nI - dlenncr, t hlvpotheleqinJuln'i Iil.,ii paiiussle.l Le. adton Id ventce er itarIonre dvnalt II. II. iCenncut, not pIb. l'nequlSrerpnvaut let frain di 1'I.ce e enlin prd de p jaeasnisio,a I'nrpernre. l2 j e b d he o4)haeriairen lcave flir rle, 3011 bales aird menos uilenlcd Iaitiillown slsaniestcel mhirtlseig aind tsleelilnPee, ,w 60 do Luw,all rinl, 7.-11, 4-1I, nid willed, a 5 do Iowelelack inied i ,lltlltle I10 ol .nin Ilan ipslre di Ill-n. I5e do suer I Wilc \ng .lna I.lllnl m 3 dIu wtlte, green tll minixed rol ini and f'Iin, l 40 don rn ne,.n dtllhm, cnn+ii-innnll' ia('ied Forgerissie arcPU IIIinlilniture el l nln F rd ira k orkeyo,.l plain % ,k; nixed w . tlt er v, w llhi.llll nln d lrnn, ln k j,.nol: mixd.', plnun'~II t lhl tl r liodl-(. l, a-0 caiec relh andn sllAmerican irinra, v.eIintiU q'al chief., 5' itain,,. , ' I.. .,ulln. u Io,, in 'nll..t. ne, 9,i do .;luly lly lga, fell .in llnd.sU,' and lnra e vii zer .12 enen ,Iantnilll l 'al gill'In ill Is , ,lr .l:cn o hi :In i : it ncn in su' a or /nin.d 'p mern nil, :hl d s-oro" rner Cmp ad common o til, I ll 1 .i<nenn' iill-. e,liiunn ini+ a l 1 I ..i ii.. . ..n dwv lsu.... 1I . . M.n it o s .. aa i, vten sl ir , (.I anI dh oii Veal sIt .'s lls it ' , 11a i, l hc. n.i, , l I t~l ,,i R 110 Il t 1. III on ;1 5; rho -.m v l ^1nll . hi ..1111 l, i1. dicilv iin sl 'iraii. l III iillln., lnf irnlf IIIh IIIcl r err.i' ill.nnu c 1 n Icslr lnofhnnln, • ,i/., iiiii i 9'311 c.til hale rope-, f upi.ri.r qgelii,. I30 ca-kn ltt Il,s nlild, 75 caars e. kll,i. paai n setnlldihk watller w ennielood, 5,11 de sell nd Li. Imisg'ua, tfur In.e, boys sui ollIthn. 5011n " runIcnriedal ngnr ,llye, alllsnu nnd1 ex 20 do illel' llieas, Ipctllll and t lippers, 30 t d, Ina irt. mrunes and ssi+lJrec'u alip.iPerc a.dl 150 do chlstiag, aflrrica e.aainiic., eonritiig of i.lnkeln,l anlrln.ns, vacst, silirts aid froUkse, lnllad to Inlse .en~lnll, 50 oe.l ilpal hllihking , I n 2 crll eaci, 41011 olluny Mnlnes eu hllgnledtis iirder ur fillg, 6 came plaringcarde, 20 s taS tesiene patert hialaueea, warranled cmoer;i III Ialsnsuander iron elhct. 4nli ISAAC BII)(;1E A -3 Malazineies Fin.denI'a 'hlIesanx, Findn'u Galenrt f Graere Fiaher'a I)nwing Inn.rm Sirap Inmk; jleisllv t l.naictssaa; Ilusdl and IRlnluuiutei W) Kenp.uke, lac Imperial Oriellntal Annaual; FPor.t lir Nnil Crencature Annual; Fricsdrlhip'u lffering; Juvenile tketclh Bouk; Ylu g Lad'en' Annual; Youngi Aillanl. American A4nuaul. The'Pnke anti Atlantic Souvenir; The Vislet;'hIte Gift; T'he Jrvenil Fnrget.Mc-Not. Juat rreceived sl fr sale by W MKAN dec3 omar Calnp and Common art A(iU]-10,0II G(unny Bleg, onf sotnerior quality laBlin, from ship Arno, atl for saletbv jat0 8HALL& BRIOWN, 96 Magazine at B LUNTS. NEW PIILOTIN IRIIECTIONS-A ary useful bhook for Ship Captuins and the most popular work of the lund aslnt. ALO CHARTS, Gulf of Mexico, West Indiet, Jlahamna Banks, West Florida. Count of Brazil, Medilte oraen Sea-Coast of Africa--it. Georze. .Thanel-English Chanel, &c. N. R. 'Ihese charts oay Ih relied on as containing tho most cerrmet iruflrmiati, relative to the above tamed places ever published. for tale at DAVID FEIT & CO. Noew York Stationers Hall, No.24 Chart'ea at. JEInouMONS.--0 boe in isnre an' for -ole by NJ janl Atilt IItIt I TIlER, 31 lirvvier M ESs POitK.--13l bbls. Mlesas Pork or sale by O. H. BLISS .January 14,18"19. 63 Poydras at. 1 AIsINS.-3110 Whole and Ilalf Boxs tlI.. nRuin. R in. very fres I and of superior qualityH ftr tle by O. H. BLISO. f January 14, 63 Poydras at. EWe OKLEANS POftK.-50 bis. inspleted for Sale by U.H. BIIS. January 1I, 63 Poydras st, 1 ILtANBIERRIES, in lHalf or qr. bharrls of very su tperior quality in store, for sate by 0. Ii. BLISS. .an. 14, 63Poydrna st. Sacotnlllieilt Iltnnyr whosen pnrelnt reside in the city. Adlre-t boo, No. 2911t Post Olire. janlttl- 8.19 1 TANNEIIS OL--75 bbi lm brown 'anr'r oil, for sarle by L.VI H G A:,. jab 93 Conlton alo.t t T.IUItPEI'TINE andI Taner'o Oil-i, blls siirits Turpentiuo, 90 bblh ' uonner's 1il for soe Iby JI\KVIS & ANIIR.WSd diS enr Common & T'ehoupitouln ats LAVING CA KiS ofevervdrteri ,lini slid qunli StIv, far ale by IlA VIi) FELl' & CO, jal6 N Y Stationers Iloll, 91 Chartres st NT and utch linseed oil received per ship Enele Irom Bremen. 50 barrela RE.listh linseed oil received per "hip l I ntion 100 barrels brown r tner's oil, I) Iletr chialk, 1011 ha rel Spallnnih whiting, 110 Il keys Phitndelphi whitl lead. iO k., frnlln pill.t, 51) n ee red .llld blnh k dh,. Cllrnlllo, r.,en atll .llnnv, ,.. &de. Paint i lshe, anlld ifr ale byv .tiAIVIS & ANDREWi1VS, jtlltll cotrne'r ('lmn I on & Tl'ehllilnulne st+. jI.f'ttlll.1i I,nn rIa l' o. tt'- I.nmhrnttrv tnll Alcllholnou W lllllillF Ir hipt'ull h I not illln, :llt] for J IIlVI " .N lIlit 1 ., jetil c._'r Crtttnltnt & 'l't'tlittttlnt 'It h0(f E11i' r' ,1..-,. a,,'l Ieyr., f,-r lttle hv Jf) MI:h.I zI 0BROW N. joalt Di lagazine at tNEW BOOKS. The Only Doaghter. e domeetic etory, by the author ofbhe "Subcoltern," ha. in i ols. I Mary IIn imonl, and olher Talen by Mrs Gore anthor een cl 'Ms;tlitheranl I)otl ter.." .c. ill 2vcla I. TI,.e Ileir ofr.ilw.o, IV tihe ah- i.nos of .\ltherr I allnl lOnlghler,'l &l c ia m veli. Altlha Vei-n, one ir1 V ilranhi-i nred l nmdklk-r:hief, il winhl is alhll d H i lllriietl, Ila lri-ll I, r l.' lo ve I i to Um ireli, by 'li.s leslie, auil lht oLf "Plll il ckvili es," &e. IniIon vol. Oliver T'wict, complete in 2 vole. by Buz, cheap edi tion. Jout received d forsule h .. KE Wi. M'KEAN, jatil enrCnmp no n Ion.lnlmnn nat 4 rill11,l Aunlsl Meetin of tlte shbsc liern io thie 'e- 3 * nale Orphan Snietrv will be hehi at the Pay- r dras Asyluml, oe Wedllaesday the tlth itan., between r the hours of I' and 2 o'ltock, for the plrpose of elect idg imanngero It serve lhe ensuing year. jn5--Ilt sUItE 'U D'ASSUIRANiEE FK I.A o.iIAIA' % GNIE DES PO)MPIERS I)E I, N. ORLEANS I ES aectionuaires not pnr le present notifies que le I Ale aixieoneversemint et due, et devraetre pcye le Fevrier prchnia, au Bureanu de li Conmpageie, o l ; ruedu Campl. 4jann E L TACY. lee. "l FLFY of te Frrewuani lasiruoe o (Company of o ew Orleera--r'l' ilockholedra re iIlereb) no tified,l at the taXTA In roanTe heiomes due, ,nd o .lovabl on the Br eh oulllry nlexl lit the ollere olabhe C.lnl any, I camp slroel. E 1. TIIACIEY, ja4 Sen'y CITY BANK, ii. New Orlean, 26De. 18)'. rF 111E oard of Director of thllll Instutioan bave thii dI day declared a ) vi -ad of Tire/oe per acid. Ic theCapital tihmeof paablle to le Stec hlders, or F their legal reresentatives,on or ftr ltr ilnolv, ile 21st t Jaonorv, 1039. ItittT. J. P'ALrItAV, d2l Caehier NEW ORLEANS & NAIIVII.LI'E RAII. Iti il, Ihaeember 22.1, 1832,. S1TOTICE-To Contrantore-Sneald propoenal will l be, received Until the 22nd of Jallnury, 1839, for making thia silrprstrulctnre, ffrom ive tlo tlenl ile of Road: cnlomancing at PouemincIaie and extending to- a ward ilhin city. knp ifialtile mat he reen, and eondlitmna made knanw an alpplication 0t tliio am"ice. I) tOARD, d' -1lt CI1. Eng'r. andl ;en'. euolr'dt. ' PLENDID IANTEl. CGI14TE,at 111 MAlogazines. / l I5 uiaoin tanlel lirteo,lieh. 20 leroanml csnlironn :Mainel iti.. 43 Cccning hoce G(ratre, ctmlnlon, 100 Chomlner Ulrtn, 17 Ilrnes MnouteI (;ralte, 150 COO)KING STO)VES, Eonsisting of 511 cta-rly Ilolory, )r IProemiuil., cok, a 211 UnCon do. 25 Janoe do. 25 Imp. IRotlary, wiih ovent. TFogethler with on a.tortnlnt of coal Stoves. Fire carriers. Ash Pailo, steel pokers, ash pans, blowers and stave pipes, a hol-ale oand retail, 1by W I'A ILV & LCO, 60 Mogozion at jas5 ank, ArcadT SO I'ICE --The eoiaertoeriii hinntctlire onllig ihe twen the ounderielll d for a Job PJ riting (ilffie, c or hie agnl,is alone cnarged with comiection, of dethi doe to saidoff:lt i .W t AoI EK ,N January lt, 11139-j3 i-GEORiIC E I. SIICOLTT' T'I'TICE. 'h sllhlscier lViie pohucliond teilth Ii tnrost of Mr lid rgi .li hrtt, inl thel Jl Printing Omle ifo \VItt MlKeml &co, will Iroln Ili . e c,+llill lie tllc ltinlmo fif Joli Pillllllg ill hip own Mione loln fir Lin nwn ncnint. Woll ihvK,"iA V, Joincnry Ist, 183d--j3--enr ,f Caon,n ald Conlllon ts I Os'l or iUislaid a note of N. Gocodll, dlated i Ju l ly, 1831, pa nable six mnontnl after dalte and to hie own order.aoll by him i ndorne, for even hllllldred dollar,with inllterest la the rate often per ent Ie an wn. Pllylllet of said note laviog been anopied, all persons are firwarned from rnlding for ilihr sala. Jan3 A. McCAIITY. NOTICIE-Mr. Harlowe looker retired fnrl and vceaned ito Il a parlner of th .lnl of TJ Trhnv er & Co.' oil the finr day of Otoiber lat, byv ollllta J 'Thaer & T C 'rwitchell haIv continoeal, nld will StiN ipatinnae tie. I.,,einees ad Iun l, Unlder tite lan of J laoecr & Co,' anil aro ilosrie to oel.oe alil ile, husi, ,.ss of the Inlt firm. New l)r ln,,, JconoTry l4th, 1839. JUTI'T' CiiL VFIi ana fer salei by the iibicrikeo* , ITh Priv.te Jnlornal of laroi n Ilrr, illn 2 vola .o, by Malllhew I. I)ni, oilother of lcima irs of Aarvii llUri, llill), boinl. IThe Far W\et; or, A 'l'our heyonl the Mlelainc: in 0 vole. Alo a nwrr supply of ollnmeward Bound, a ud t lae ovels d C.op IInoens onvu-ntd, ier. M'Collichh's Commercial I)ii:ltioary, I vol, a very valuable work for the commercial woull. E IIIIINS & .l I ja7 earner St Charlae & C(onmon ot (N11 t 'fltl..A7IlE--0 cniias owell iiisilnnr , iiilitig fJ fion hilp ale hvo j 7 1 -AAC 1III lliniti .- l , 1:14 Mni o hine ctt LAW NOTICE. S AME-l S. 11AYl'.1l.1, I',uiiiellor and Allorney a1 cil .l . ait I nnt , hli n, ll c nI i ll rrnoie nlll will Jon'-ph ,I1 Wihite , sq., lbet i-leg to inl Ceronnive. Ito, I t "ll l atir a. ciii sellor tii L, Iw of lhe It Su rl le ( rrIaii i h, h. .utled "I1,I , to Live his d7vier. olIi,,noi on ,d .rll ctioln i i all .I i .u re in which i h is , t ead titi n I xns. I l . \ bit- e . ill in all lases give written.; ,ll rllt" , f plh i s oi in oflecl i l lrtn or .. ill attind il n - n t s,, , l ol II f. I1 i C . .. ? l-, ltl. ai llt; n l II . - ln 1hnl, ll l- l ll- r t ,di i v,- o ii llb ,it \.-v iolv ccPli4til. ivil Ja w nlllt r ;' i , I ol Jr n ll l f dn v lietion ary, food 'Viie. I lo a . o-i aut,. .ol d i a vonpl it lo. J.-t i i inr. .ai 7 J,.. 11 n- lll' F C( C I,-)I:EDItAS! DICTriONARIL SI! josit'ol, l3l .ot.. In'ui ii o lnlnl ri lal fr 11137; Grll-niuu. Ilihoraochh'l Ilijititlonnrv, :vlc; N\'l..r' Iictiuiory, i vcl. lii er's Dictionary, al We nv ln I vol. Johsono & Walkeon's Newman & Iinvrrvlt's llictiinarv. 2 vou. Julinino' Ilin tiuai rv, lvoluuueneboter'o Diciioiic v. 2 vo ; o Bov ar's Ili,-imunrv, c oln; Al oi i large uepply of English oencnnnie . &e, for of hy WI McKEAN, n aclcdii i-car (Comip sI"llnannncat I1ll, ti!l'[I ' ", .h,.-I1'i ihrls ltuner's Uil 7 to hils a.'ll e,'oaited Oil ,11 IoIeer Krrreys 11110 Scksk lruk Island Snit iHt Euipty Molasses lbls in store aned for sale De by jol2 L II GALE, 93i1'rnmmn at , r lIE (Irphnlc's Lyre: ai coll.'etio oi itee and catch- Sic S r,e slithle frr social musicai parties, Clubs, &c: selecled frountIhe llos t cele',toed conlrorP ers, andl ar rllagl witlt a l'Piano Forte accuilnlimnil.lent, a new edi tirll C Also a cond collection of glees, by rceehrnted com ioiers'., fr sal aliigely orlbytih qllanliltv together withi a esrity tof New Music for thr IPlanlo e.,re. fir raer at reduced prices, by ALEX T'O W A I iat 49 Cnnp st H AVANA CIGARltS-ltreeived roUb hie manufau - scr tory in Ilavnnanat lsrieninlt tll,tl011tO(10 Cigars, do oftbhe best qlulity-I'rabueus, Itegalias, Calons, for Cib sale b R FAIlIS, T, ja7 17 &. 58 Cutlor Ilm lner .t II ICE-Sll cark., like Initing frornt ship A.llenai, fiern Crharletlou, fir srue Ib) jal4 J 'rHAI't CIL& , 74 Poydrase SAI.IJAIiLE STA\DARI) WORKS: Wilsonl's Ornitholoey,9 volutiles, imperial Quar- the to, colored Plales, Ilnlnplarti's do 4 do do do do a lItgaid Staart's works, 7 wol,.a lo, Ilridel water eTrbaites, in 7 vols, I.vll' Geoloy,2 vols, tin 'l'rttler's Universal Hlistory, vols, of Sir Walter Scott'acilnpleete corks,7 rillt, do do do Waverly Noels, .7 vols, do do do Poetical Works, I vol, Eileylopedlia Amertcan., le vlle, Croler'o Novel's, t26 role, Irvineg's workr,12 olr, an Mlaeastt'o works, iu I & 2 vols, Byroll, in 1 ald 6 volt lllbe'lsl works, in o vell, c Drlyden's works, in 9 vols. Ilurke'e do 3 do, Shakspeare, in a great variety of editions, and i bindings, r Toeetter wiith a grea variety of .Law, Mtdic.l, Theolosgica and Mistehtineouus wrks, which the lub- , lie are respectfully invited to call and exomieer. b jal4 A 'i'.c, It,49 Caip at i'iliRTINGS(-Forty hales extra famnily sheetins; fileen bales extra heavy brow shlirtrnea , landing fur sale by ISAAC IItllittE & Co, a jan8 .131 Mlgazine at o F LANNEL-Landing, ten bles nnGol flunoels, for Ssal.e by ISAAC BILIGUE& Co, a 134 lnMagazines I'TERI..50 kegs GOahenflaeter. lsndloe nail for tode h p jj 8 ad J _1' WIIITNEY ':1 Camp st fORT FOLIOS..A spletdid assortment of Frenech Wri- at itieg Desko, various sizs rnd pt eras, fosar ls hy DAVID) PEI.T and. c, n j New York Sitltunrerr' IlttI. 24 Chartres at LONDON sanrndl liirary edilions, of iearne and vallealle works, for sale by the suboerierie: CONSISTING OF THE a SWourks of WiollIll Coinereve, ill : Volse, do Shirley, draulltic and poetical, 6 vole, do ShlrftrltrV. iri outs, tdo Iteauuoni & Ftrletcher, 14 vole, do Ut. y, it :vls do Holnr, 3 vale, with an necount of his lile, rs bv lenly Mlckenzir; do SirWillim 1ionlllrt in 4 volS, e Emlwror J ulian,2 voll, t do Fieldiig. Ill vl it. Itoseo, Leo Xth 4 vole, S dl I.rrzo lide Meidici" 3 elos, p do R-lhelrds n Cla-irlu iarlow, 6 volal do Sir I "ha,les Graisen.7 vole, iP In additioh to tile ohbove, e large colleetion of Lon don edition scarce workr . \V.l %iKEAN a1l e orCmr Ca nll ('e o i ol U_ U l_ ie Ric, landillg o oii brir Dohul,,olll si itern'e hy jati I FtIAYEIt & Co, 74 'ovdinae s OR 8 .1,.E--A laer eer, (tlice.) Auiip 17.1 Rt( mtt ,ct l ft. juf r8 o otiO' iS-I. n lal g t' , s l l, Art o, b U e f 6I Sc call' new'd Bolt, f r clle Mnine by j,o17 1 BlItItIGt: t co, 13k ,rel'anileet - IAl il 4L. i1' IPl ,EhV 1M)21 rl rlllE1i. et weri'h flour et'-dy ir $8 (11 erbarrel, o tt lr..lll la I the tariei; th1, lo k,.r' -118:1 ;re ,ec CI Io 'i-tt,, l fir a bit. llri'' of th - o'-''rll .lu1irrl Ii required to w,.igl "5 poer ealt. more, vir: 15 ollrceo Sa jantl9 C. ;lEN.ilri, Ils or. New Orns 2 Dec.,1828. NkOTER ofthe Municipality No. ,olf New orlean, S nl' tle denomination 'of One, 'Tw., anod 'Ihree I) llrlek wnill ker-eied ipyent nlin i ldtoniil I - Ihi- tniok. and On ond alier tlS' eret Itcodty itt Jtioa ry n.ot, will b.dtedeemodd in .perir. dii - - - (h0er r I.tE .-- lo- in Joli- 't. n0 r + ew i .. sin, sitablie lir n · auud, n lumber ya;d. AII'plyjn. at 9 Baunk Place. Jon SIL and CANODLI'n. 17 caskh blachied winter F trouined speia t)il; IGelcsk olienllochlid iedo dod, • O1 hone, liren qulite apen tino-it., a-tltttnd rLes., rceeired direct fro" Netrw IBt ford, aon iutn landing rom oloop Iinlfol, and to E ailet y d3i J CO{CKA{.SEF, 25 (;raor i t MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Remorved from 17 Cwtombonse S.t TO NEXT DOOR ToST GHAIRLES 'I'ITEATRE, CORNER OF OYDORAs &L ST. CIIARhES STREET. ao-9--1838. TO IIENI. in A LARGE nod coltllodiolll Ilollm over Levy's auction mnore, :53 Aluagnzi. treei. Aplly to hi UIlL~tAlt, Litiio~rnplhr, it tte I,renioe., N B-The arbcve wuuld n ileo a uod drill root. lit)v A - iSFi kltit cits- ut.iIE iii IREPARATY)It to JYi|eferon o('la e nncd to oth Ser~tc.lllctdtttl by Ii. Cranet, I. I, D Exchulle rcAllcy, hert.*en ntlud Ilicnville. Thli; tittntiotl wac lie motn eligihle thlt could bIe found c heinl entirely lice orciog ther oise of tIe streets .ud tile rattling o~f tlravll still Enr,' inle..l Ilte J rry'on Ach.otiy i dIivided into tWo depllrt meets. The inuiior or eleoeitory ilepartine t ir r the nnrioun brniHallherofoltlsuon eduaeion ill French nod in I, iglioii--Ithe Sottior tlepurt~itett flute Iotliti, irecks Wlnthenllties, &c. L'tnictuloity , order an, discijline are strictly eojoined atnd oimer;etl. Terms.' Jutiu i)e .rtmettnt, per tloothl; $0 Sonior do I5 Spanidsh 6 ilL. nooln,l.ri sce, paper, &e. chorted sreprotely '2nd. A ilontnh eliogt+Ia |,tIlt tioid ill nUll; :rd. No, dedtctoti fotr uboeice nor fir hoiodats:e 4thI. Puvnli-llntl to III. illtir. re~l~lnlrl.' everv'nlotllh. :eholll hollrsr oml 8 I- ta 3 o'nlok, lxcePt"i Tlh Irs-I, days. sepI27 Edy XCHiAN(;il RItADINtd ote2. r.ll E jtrtcicisor ;inn re-Sited hilt Itending tItootm, in l tie Si. ('tritiy icxtllitneo, oruea d ht hrelr no SblietirinstofacriLiniliontnEinrg enitr and St. tollp a Isrves r ant IBlac w dtie ga l alnlllltr. Nesidoes all tKrnrinwipl l'oplT Orif uthei iJlitelo Staotic - o acver aTihe and telcate, thu nal d , tIexns and rexi tcoce Inctit l, tlno d rImiIlIs raCti y ol ', tieod Rxenti-' Iv sucnnied wil tile Infet JtItt ttrt t cgltlchy )er, tutu d's I:ioti. A Price'n Prilte (:IrenttI. AlaI cih lily Iei All thee Ltry I'nrer uliarls of tbcr iby.nd tIrnd IIe re itltiilnlions ici he I.toLnthit, Elinntirteg, W~iotltiiroter Mtctropttitln ieviawo ncic oilaekwoos lltcilMagaleo ir P g Nilrthl Aiortein Reieowc tii i uth ernS.ite r Knick. leokno'Fioh Antrtivntoloorool otl' n'iet'llect nod Arti, .'ulhlnet Bli~cc.4huly I)enIIII.rltllC lIt,,bv.ev (ie,,llenllln's~ a gaitho, Atlocicon IIItititlitloV lcoihya \, tlie euiciCitriptgirni Revirewct atid ttI.iPIY of other. All tIhee wootcrkoIcererIIIguhc cirlv 'crihetdlIt ttIotl rete- -i. tiltil i-' o oiW:t'lllllin thtsA IItIt s tlorle, e r I.t- 'vy'Or I'rico ('O it ent tt'rtin tio tiontitcltetlltll ntot (jltlttelottrlictd o VooiCyt of works ol'refltrence. 'hle tittilt oter &. intelhlien ntw o0lllcttrs are pio ploh. oitgioetlet'oreivell Iti linit nor i ioi 7 pellR e will be.I1· I slmre I ~ll T rede tis Il:iletling ll.OO1ll tl frot thle Uited Stowkons. SNlct rillttionus are reroetflly reroie I. NEW DIIttft I oN i IL tA Nuv-~I;.,%V~ -~`; OiiLEA,' ,. ;IIO.TOrN RAIL [ LOAD £1()\IPANY. ARRANOEMINTS FOR THE WEFEK D4TS. Fromnn Carroltolhn Fonl e' Oretano. tInrte Cakr t 4 o'tliko, A.M i ocFturin et lr'.cat A. Lomootitve i t. . i. ocetie 7 " " " "I " 9 " GO " " . " " o i ? i l" . .. Ater tO no'. nk a Creu to oltainrti by h tIyin 10 dot; into 1'or t re T r it. Ti': JAIKKtIN ANtI) I.t ACt)iItl- tro iE-T( tIto I~onlve(:,lol trteet nit t etltot:t. ,. i. ot1i co r tlll oillrly. At e~lT~llrf ma7 +llOCkI Ib~is cr will T'O(llHl eIII'( P rlil~llill e ry hallII11 hon0r. ,ttitl COlllilot ioor thrllhtltoot Liltc dtY UcttlI O u :Ith .-p hi1. CIrIIII th h<, l of Jack-on Silenh Fr'iot R.oIev Jy t tie I, 't ni oiuryt t yrt th.' tlltnoarlvet I ithl l'l'cketr, a~ n, ii41 oI(,y \I ~l~li htake. hvy Iht, eIIllthlIt¢.rC. . Olie. Nt t lteilr toll d Cher r IIotion I trtI noohd C rlllt; illn. PoytIrotv terect. Sillr iihi' Itl tN 1 iovlt, Clit'f ttt. N. ). (: It. R. CAII . dle P~rincripall .fT tIle I:ngli-h, i,'ren.h aml Sllmnirlh Artidell t Ni. II,. |inrChole' ullel·t. iIot lltet, l:' -ill~titll is lltl , h i-titulinentitit 1sgilo, a. lilthi wiII lie. toniled Io fftyo. I ts tor otito oltp..tlttell? i Ft Iti' .loctritnt rrlte tlm nodrliii% FJIhn I ll u wnlllilT,.ll ch \II·)II IV (·olllrlhutC toJ Ihle C SIoe i cIl oo ItrlVeoleCttot not Iht:iI.t IIt -- -s i OII o i.tit e1N-c'fir.ll - - - Xoit, fttrro'ti ~.Ott't',' opruoilt t)he/,pooleU'eone l li t'(: h iii i l ) lie t It" l lllll*l 'N wCr IJ l nll:. 1lII1 hi'· 1lll. I i'1·llllll hi1 ,,.'ll'lit • [ iJhhoctloootttoote/,l pr'uop+it Ite ttto'tttltlitti'tty : uhere lIpI will be· hllllV1.llll!. In U I OIY n0LIv! pr~lll'e..itulul IhI, : ItelOPll rR " t; "%,,mth u !mlnoit pr,.itot .ilt itr tht. eiy I llktl* Ihr 1l'1-l I rlr xll¢X Itllnrr rIIII Hi .llll ril·(·1lllll PII( li illil Iellc.-r. l, I ih ii ll* I,ir . t'lt* f,,ll,,wm.l~ 1C-thimnllll it + i ,kl, ' i11t- lr Il on tiii.-. h Ionll o f IttI It't.ll ltro uIl,t*' (lrIIlll l lll~l L' . l.ll .] Ill l 1 '1111 r· I)F1. I EOll'i'V tl Iu IhnI hui,.ssofinlllrllf... t,...I YI.II DI Iil r* I c..hlerIt i,, i cI, n'otcot to it0 no' Itol of ithe' tnt t,.ne n, l+ ho tie oA a o Iltetlt I tlol ' tle fe'" I+ll lt i luot r ull· h lll I oe iIoo. .ldlp+,1. c lnd li.ot .outsfi- 'll'lw vsr t O llfi hli,,+ will IIm w,.ll re ltltl~ [II hI sihIIh·lrCe (ll'IIUtlPS lIqlI uste(I to him, C I, . t llllc h o. sIiott l r ltlo ii( in II ti )lc-n(t eahlle eXaOIlt "or n'a itpofltOcllt iltty Irtillt.lll l ori, o'll I to holnol t~'l·'i>I011F 14 TYNC. ProFm Itev. J J J.l~il~llllry it Pyra, inl (inrct. • "1 wlit.l InI I'illl·IId.ilhtI toI .ivt D. 1)_ i~ilitli a .I n bu r lqru nil-ty ilptIt t 'Y t dll Ic grlr c nIII. I n o h dr d-P illt tIc-Ir d t-tiitttoo-,n ito o1,n,.ittoo, t n id tllyd 'p ilto ph which ll t I~o mhlle t 0 hi i oler.tonntc ot r Soll'lloll tolly niy ioo pl. 1I1!Ii lerslvXrI.·IIe ill jIIivL' every Illil lllll h i,,heltl fililh. I I*h'.. Illfotore t,eo.v.,d oit UnlY nIoltlohtiriog.ko bitll.Io, nluth eulu bhtichn. c. 5-. Ilefeciter. IIi Slen Orleano:.. J.oot WVlcnlto. Eti. 1 Tho,. AOllcIn. Itoke & Co.,, Itiohstrin & to, N'Ow Orltnitl. - i iotlluooitIo'] kl oo. E IIII . . Cuattheri t iItIlit ESt. I I.P tIl.tI ANS & t(:ARI(ttll.Tt'tih t1All. .ItAD ictt.--'N iTICEs--On titi nofer the tot D0-c., 1838, uotil further ntlice, an E.tct night (Ctor W ill lv c the ear huIIset I'.Vrtu .streett nt haIlft pIsL Ii o'cloek, P. NI. Sir t~ofovo-te and intertlediote plcoes. Si Niogle'riokets7 I- t hlloo , or tt15peruirtlhonrdi it JOCHN HA.I"tI..O, Ir ottoN-if Clif. tu:lg. N. O.&L C. It. It. KRitiS I't iTll PAS I'I;-An elegant and highly I Spproved dentilrice; tIe he es pre aration ever put a p for tile teeth, just received at ite Banaar. wit BUt.I ti ALLEN, ar d2 ca(r St Charles & C tlllllnn t ., Exchange cat LfUSICAL INS'IR tliNTS '1)K AIll.T'AIY vat .1 BAN IS-- ust received IInd fir sale by the sub- ein scriber on modernlte termsll, Clarilets in C and I flat gl do in Fnnd E nt : Pirlelo and t)etaav Flutes; Opht- [Ri eliades 'I'riantles, Field and IBas liruet; Catalry I Trumnpets. plain; Harlaonv do aith eoaksn; Tron till bones, tenor; French florns; :rdateltse ; t.:vnbala. let E. JI INSt co, nov 30 corner St Charls and e tmllllln rsts il ANIPF)LD WtI'R.S--Wilsoa's Improved Ti Manilold Writ.ers in every stye,j ja t receiv d at tihe BAZAAR, coraer oftSt Charles and Common ats. 1i BUSJ & ALLAN, s nov'0 Esellho el Hotel. 1.''OVE ,! Sloves'! S Lt(.;KE& CIo. No.8 1 runf Lovee, ane receiving per shill Jahn Hall, an addi iolnal suj)lly of Stoves; thei, assortment consists now I of Splors I aletlt Cual Stotves, If all sizs; i'lbildel- i phia Radliator Coal StIove; Clinical Cuokin Stlove; at (iuan's ship nnlld steam boat Cook's Sit ,es; also stove de pipe tl ulp t order. 12i pi SIIEXA I.i ANI) SCIIP FOIl S P.E-i.The sIlleicrl . bere offer for sale twenty Fluts of six Ihnndred and Irtt acres f lladll, each. 'I1y tile net illt Lergise V latsre this script can be held and located by foreigners, and is tranaseralde by assignmenlt. at n-v9 9 TIHOS BLEE.E CO. - t OttiK--le .1e. Pilaer, at lta nspeprlitn. for sale by S Jal (I li)t) 14\1-, New leve iel N \EW BOiiK --'lhea PrIvate Journal of Aaron at Burr dlring his residenise ofteur earsll itoE. iroe, with selections fronl his clrresondtlene. Edited by latt lew L Davis, author of memoirs of Aaron Burr &te. ill vole. The Far eat,; or, a Tour beyond the mountains, g emllracing , ulies of Western life and scene's; sketch .of thei prairies, rivers, ancient tmound, etnlrv settle- - Sment of t, e Freoel, &c., 2 vle, iust received by r ja7 WM aI'K.AN, cur Caltp 4 Common at b V ALUALE BOOKS-For Presents, &ce.-D-rawiang Rooml Scrap Rlnk, in 2 parts, containing 72 su i perbsteerl enonntlga. tSagse D'Atntit, 73 fioe engravings, printed in French i- and English. Italy, France and Switzerland, in 2 parts, witll 92 sptelelidsteel engervinge. Syria, the Ily iaud, A.Asia Mini.r, &c., illustrated witl, 37 Inlgelti-ravilgs idle abovre eof re al qnarto size, and are hound in embss,e d leather, aitd haudlsonlt ly gilt, withll gill edges &c. ,c. LanldonChristian i Keepenke for 183; and 183f, r,,vi ocrtvo, emtbossed cover,.silt edg , ac. &e. Tile ~.Itte are tnt consiinment, and will be sold very Cheapa tile New York Stlltioetr'sa hell I, l )al DAVID FELT & C.I 21 Cnhartrets t II ILLIARDI l LSAI.I ANDI CIEt:Ks.-\ lnre as 1 mtnment of Billiard Balls of superior quality at thll Bzaar, corner at. Charles and Colllllan--t. IIJ1SII & A.I.I.AN. nov 30 ExangeI i Iloti l. d"1UNNY ll.\GS-l1 Italic 2 bnIlItIsl hls itsartrtt I Rnod tor saleby i DOIISEY,-44 Nal- Levee. i. d17 %INI La\ tiRD1-.E-511 d;il a tetad anes eta , ! lunding fil sh*ip St 1lnrv, nled ftr tle by is j3 P IAIl ,AIAV, i; Camtp at vi II ISKEY Ilih bi rels rpeililed, fttlr sale y sal iv jill G. Ii)R.E.\', 44i New Levee 173 i(VEUNNY Bcl(E S- 3u ___________fel__ / :U ttte - "I:'lattY, ~G e Jal 44 Niw ei-vee S'tORlI)AGE- n invoice .f t-rred" o t, essdrted st e siren,lureul, Iby RE.iDL &ItIAISI'51W, jal0 7 tBank Place e O.AF lUG. R I-And gpr IlHtarse Molneser in i i,i e r Iecy SHAIL.5 RRiVWN, y- s )'ltNlE \I''I. cHEE N A- It't Tthe RIllllth, htr itsl READ & BAR kITO)W, I, nial9 T Bank Placi for Europe. FOR LIVEIR1'OOL. The A I fant ,ading ship UNITED , STA'I':+, ('lpt. Iarr, havlin. Io t of her i, Il, will hwve delpuch, l or tiult; t, o I . in;.dr d tLie, or ustagv, tqp '," t, .JL~Z i·J JL k 1) Wrd IIi ato jiiii2 - &J 1' WU1'N'NE , 7:i 'i .p t 1 FOR I IVERPOOL - r A I ship tan take 200 bales .,tton, and will positively Rail on aturdav next. 19th innsl. jal L H IUALE,9.ICaolianls - IOR l IVRC The' A I and fast ailing shipr JOHN HOi LAND, Caph. ourdln will leasa h t ultlv hin hgle later part olf hear ear goetagetcd aad goina on hbo d. ItFor I'ighl of 'l20 tiner cotton, or iT.sagr apply it 03IltGl1. IIhlF.RRO)T, Royal t C ja12 or t II . GAI.F, 93 .Ollmmon at 1OR LIVERI'otlL - - The fine ship DENMARK. Iovertt, ma . tIr, will have inriedlle .despalih. For - freight of 2U1 baler c.ttm Ir panraee, apply t t jaR LII il.E.,93Ctmmnsattet FOR LIVERPOOL. The Cne fait sailing ship S'P. JAMES, Capt. I) lcwe, mItlier, Nill have ;medliate t despalet. 0Fu hoallt cil helh or . PIpassagea apply m jal S &J I' Wi IrI'NF.Y,73I'lmp at FOR LIVERPOOL The file new A Farq ueIYRON, C( pt. Ranr.On, will hove ilnlediate despatch. For frighltl ,ofl0 talee caltf, or Issage hoavi g godl uccotmudalions, aIlll Ito tl29 I It GALF, 93 Cmmon et Coastwase. w FOR BOSTON. The A I sit Itt:.UVI N. W.W Smi'h ma=ter, will have iiCntIdiute despatch. For filfy atns lilavy lieiglh, nClpl tC h J.Cm 4 S ti J P H\AI'IrNY,73 Camp at FORNh V YJORK The New York and a eer Orleans Line. T'he pocket shil; It .PU B LICAN, Cap tail J C lRussel. will e reandvl to ake ill IIo the 24tIl Janusry, aid will hive imnmediate enllpII. FI r freihI or natssege, apply on ba rd. op.-l Iocite St Phil p srtet, o" InP I jis2 Ii;''liER LAIDLAW, 65 Cap ct FOR NEW YORK. The A I packert hilp WARSAW, Wm P Mlienll, aiootn, tart of her largo engnged, Iltl Ilal uCefr.otir t or IaisCI e, nlllly on hlailr, or to jor21 READ & BIARST'OW, 7 tank Plare - FOtN EW .YORIf. ' The A I fasi' siliCn brie ALICE Jor dln, lMaoter, having all her freilhti engrged will Iwhve depatcl. For passage, lavinet gouda c munmOdatinTs, npltly to .)a19 l VWI PORTFR, 95 CIommn at lF 11 IIt i)lITON. 1The lew l anld fIst sailing ship PIIARSA I 0, I i h. IVivllu r, II oter, will h g te ha nlehtte drp;ll ch. For freiast of l21 baLles cAotlll or lllSngret hllllil Fep edlid mlitCOtllllI lnS, l ny oil boa r, .ppmte the r Nlelw Cotrn tor.ess, or SSallnd J P u1' WII'NEY, FOR NŽRI YORlKl(. . rThI new ol chrI WI.lI.1,I t11 R'T, Copt.

CL ,Im.I, willl hlve dllrnlcl. For freigkt of bO hl._ do. oni d. te II, pplI to jal S N. J r WIIITI'NEY, 73 Camp at FOR NEW YT ORK. eW Yurk ,e' . -l, Orleans Line. A LINE ,f paneketsh bei established to run he iween New :,rlato I.l New York, to consaitof Sfne first rale ahlipli, r ii:u Shilp St i iry, R VW Fo·ter, mnnster, elllplflielAl, J (i Rusiell Aul-urI , II ' Durfey, " . eF w Ihuildmg, The hlips wVe buIlilt i L New York expresly for this trade: tcr of a ItIch: IrlltolfllI taulter, nad will nol be ,tllui,'vt t,,dltenllt ; a! thll te llar Their ;l(O m tultll Oel s fo}r pa-snlgerso ulprise all that ma111 V Ie reqireud for elnbirt UlI roellv ellellli atle thn lri +alnln nderlll ae men nl exi riellre, UresI thbP slil 0 now Iildin aren co:ilplelel, tIn lirst alois .hips will soplpiy heir places. The g1ntCe t pcttlItlllhii will hIe OlCIerved in the tilne f Rllilng, and evtry reasonablel alllcotC odtioni exthnded to p , ellmotr. lFor htrthrr ilarl eulare nplt'v to Msnnrs. Jolhnson alid Silllidell, No. 8l WVall stree., Nw oark, or to iat )'I".TEIl I.AllllrAW, 66 C_1111 -t FOIR FREIGIIT OR CHARTER. S The PpeIri rs^ahr JUilIA ANN, Web s'er. lnOater, clrrVing I211 lIhds. is reIdy Co A rylyuve fInilhtl fori ohilrlllern plrt; will go tip ju18 StAI. G, & 1i10 ,\VN, 46 \ ngaszne sa WAN''E I) _ A e.nail Ibrig, capruble of earrving 900 lihda. hsuar, sad load for at nornhcrn[lnlot. Aplly o . IIA GAlE, jill " 9. a n t FOR SALI. FilIC|III' OR C0IIAR'I'ER, ,I'l'hebt I- II:LI'N--no excellent ves el in ever,' reCpetll IOb ll0 Il iOiins hiurthen, ...... ill ...... 151 hilli. Aplll "1io Iili- lrd CIl. 111- I ul"- ( I -_._____ .___.. _ -_-___ _ 6-__ _ . or the Interior. a .. MY . .I. L. - L- . FO1R Bl\YOUl n.\i: \ AhNI Pi AQUrE\IINE. . 'f- e splenldid plasengrr snlealoat fi ll.I.; N'l', Hnrl, M sl tr, (nill .. r1..11 lan 11 of ol, ,at tisl a llm I hour tier PhlI i ' ine, and will colllillle im n run re elllla• hel baha!lce ai the aeru,, I II lC le olll, tll y t the harr ah dern lisrIl.r Arn lrl(ervlte cli i, all in state rllla, ,fi. and Iro pn- d Fle. ,r o Ircght r piassaage,,apily qva 1T d, or WI o ER - dpI ALit t11S & WVITALI.. dill t~llorel prrr r r"ieI oreh r I1 o tealmer (ilPsI- FE, rmpt. Swdelrr, tdlleave thle lake end of the hail S THURSDAYS & MINI)AYS, 11 afer tIenrrinar ofltfbe Id o'clmk car, and on Iher re turn, leave Mobile, curny ia Taesdnysannd Fridoac. Far passage applll larnt u to CAP'P. S\WII ER.I P S--Wlersvn.r a sorlimeent ollllle of I saen:ers offertie.Irirntffl r ll touch It IuV of tile itlrmei, tle launlings, upon previous notice being giver to alt .Swder. nov 7-tf BAZA nR. Corner of St,. Charles Coanamon street, ECU A NU nOTEL. I . TtSi & ALLAN world rfspecf ully cll the at. leationrfeitroe epnd olsregtt etuteirr:rmplite asnslelnauitr teollelllu,-'e linPan tit, dJlr.ltthbric, with elu rtots. tlialhonablle linllen frortrs: line ll-c lare: silk, o.tln and Ierillo aldor lillirs anl drawer.s: eanbrir and silk handkrrchiefs: black and ilrlne a vare in greal lriet: stocks of every descriptionee gnl r elastic and ceottn suslenders: silk, cottol Slid thread glares: gent Ihskin gloves: umbrelleas ed canes gold by ilmunted. Alo,-Splendid assortment of ladies and genen wri- - tingdeske, dressing eases, purl folios, Ierfumery, cut lery, and rich fancy goods. nnvl4 novhr he manufwtory of the a'iisceriher, Hoisting W 'heels, I.tnd Pile, of all sizes; Sesh, Plaster. Hair, &c. Turning, Snwing and Griiling done as usual by J. OT P. nanl3hy 83 traie AVA 711)i LET. f L. ONE two story doellin house, No. 6, Tri. l teon street, near Tivoli C,rcle, standing hack front the street, Ih vine feir romas, well fin ib hed, wustery itnhel, with four rom& n,eisaeruwell Iand everv cbnlvenience to aeit a Olllfrtkle reei. dence fir'a lall family desirons of living retired. Ad ply t e J. OTT. FAS.IIt)NABI.E PARIS ylLI.INIERY. in HE subscriber hbo the honur if infarmaing the Ia. dies, tlha lie has receivrdl per slips I.airyetle and Mnneon. a supply of fall rld winter fiNill'urry. at tie latet andrl riclenst mterials in Paris . e 'bh Mrs. eclalr exipects to have o tpened anild sre e tab exam ,inatio on uildsay and Tuesdav nent. D P'.ct.\NI.AN, nnv3 _ d IIl .--l100 kei ioucinrnai leaf lrd, of superior E Q uality, for snnle by SITETSON &i AVERY, d31 8 raviertat it r ANVAIrSI) H lb--l6 hblls very fine, for sale nhby ja6 S'_i'1'Srl\ & AVIIIYV, 88 liravier a ) l L--39 canks non rmrr trained spermn oil, warranted et plier, landing from ship Caroliln, and finr sale by jai E I lltiE l s eld . 131 Mtegzine st ig ARAi-1 kegaml-l II brls first rate article, for L saleby 0. H. BLISS, d12 I'lydras a a lb OLAS.kt.--10,041llllitUll.. or planralirn, 18 i1 m iles Ihelort the city, lfe sale by d19 AItAMS & CVHII'I.rI, 67 Grarier st ed Ij iINCliECIli-Rei-.i fi inririlrc Cigura, o· i teriri flavors, nob for stile by in I IIRtE P, t1.l:14 Maganine at es INI"- 6 lllnp, for atlc low., tr clo-. r -nign. S len by ir SIIALL& IRIIOWN, jU jui 96 Ml..zineor r ICI:--4a0 t .ere I r L bv ry jul AtIi lItAId TRIER,4 I leruvier et ci ii Ut(i TR--ltlb kbet gsiuGen rIBoltecr hint poolity D lanoling fr slrn poi, Itrlroire, fr s ale by a- _jai.) a & JP tII INE', 71 Cnamn ct It ('t HiiISTIAA ned Ne Y}ear's f fts. iThe Lon Sr11rrindl Arerirel Anltur-l, f.r 18t9. Englilsh Editiorrs If varinous valuble Works, with asplnlil rercivines tl Tile rr gli-kh Prl-tn Librairy Edlilirlt, wilh othbl ac. tI airdard wlr mko, ii Turkey uorecc binding, ud gilt edLed. te Pruver Ilooks, Bible, ,~e. dlilfferent siazs, and in S vati ,t ea hildllltn t A g ,i assonrt rlet ofJ lvrielr lBlrtlksl . &e. Ftr sao S| ltlhel Bu,,k Slore4 i:aultr srrerrr.t. d.4 At. ;X. 'itOWAR. N t--A tinvolre oc Eiily lMadeiral, r k 1 plitre, ', ll5ilrnf pipetlesortOfqiticrcneb, ait dti tilnitr e, erntiler to detenlttire, brardn Irv lrmrnr, Colli & Zizza r roeall by jan3 ISAAC IItRleGE & t'O ted AL I -iiF.-i roils intKj k- balte rop-. in aee Dlno and for sale by J TIAYrR & t't 1 jot4 74 'ovdrn at iinl *A ILNS.- borres NR liairst. Lirie.' brahnd, I in sltur' ld fr ralel v It. ial t JiTH ll i:r A & 'O,71 Pr,,r tdre t r I AIDIE .' Vielrl Ilidill Hats, rf the nctert siyles I tr sale by GOSSIP & Co, t C:lrlesa at, lace | 1I Exchange Hotel BUSINESSg GHUS. FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENlcPl .r LUUISIAIA, O IF .I 1Is ervwes to t- p i. ithe depart ie ntc nl Survey'ing and Civil Enginrering. ioth in tcll a endcoltry. From I nriderabe eex or.ncen I hlots lot les lm, and y pion acid ro,. di ll eihh, its ill slhe erpt.Htlnn rt biltnne.n ealtllsoed to IllI, he hoila to oitl.l and eceive a lhreeIIof ihIie pstrilR e. Fie weiI' also iioe~lnre an cl ne ulnte the ,.oaIIteac oi wacll and exaeoatiolns. Oflice No 8 Clhartre streetr, secondstory back. je7 BANK NOTE ENGfKAV1NU. RAWDON WRIGHT, HATCH & EDSON .I AVI: o pe.ned an of+ice in New )rleal4.. isaeneg 1 equal adIvantage waith their hlue i New York, ur the prlineee cd'engravig cal paining Bank Notes, Bwnlls, Bllo i Eehngnl",, Certld'ainer of I)erpiter, Cheeks anld other illmpariant pa ere, requ rng cueitv against I rgesiee; i.d eanole umple p1nviciuniio th. Pare krreeing o nil I ea cldsll iulprraa.illn entrunt d io theiir ilae; their lspei raens ellhrnl th notes of over fie ihunlded hlllkin institutions, and all orders will be executed with promptitude, an n the l usual terms. Olfice, curner ol Royl & Canal saert. jan--tf SAMUEL TORY, .'Merrhndise Broker 4 Cn,nmiss,on .Verchant, d13 I )Ilte, 36, Camp at.p-For the present. 0. l. ItLISS. SHIPBROKER & COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 63, Puydra. Street, NEW -nORLPX . J. P. FREEMAN & CO., 15lesle& CI.ngr BRstlltsiuam#r Not. 3, Matgazne street, [l AVeonstantl on hand a large Sllply of Cloth inU , alalll.~ ni d c lir illr i llulnry lrae. l'ller ion. iorllllPent iilg lare. mrelliantl from tnihle contrn call be mnul liedt tin te shortest notice. ct,4 FASHIONABLE CLOTIkING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartres Sgreel IIAVI aconetanlt unicply f everv article perralting to (tlellltn' dress, of tile latest style, at New York prie.r" dee 920 J. D. Rn I SURGEON DENTIST np N...3. 3, IRoyal ctreet. ORIEANSI LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING IEHTA HLISII M EN'r,, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite lianks' Arcade. I'ILLt..'I IGREEN.E, PROPRIE7OR or1 . H. PARKER Commi.adion and Forwarding Merchant, No 6, FRONT LEVEE, rP STAInS. New ) leanst Feb. 2 :. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIio)IE'EALE AND EITl'II, IN)EAI.,lS IN WEDICINES, PAINTS OILS I)YE SITUFF'S A.,VI) WINDOW GILASS, Curner of Common andl :hllnpitonlas streets. NATHAN JARVIS. JOHlN W. ANIIIEWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds. warranted tile growth of 1837. DOYVaII & 83AX, I)EAI.F.It IN AMERICAN & ENGLISIi CROWN GLASS, N,,. 3 CARONI)ELEr R'FIer.T. of i I i i; I,:N'S INSURAN ¶E COMPANY OF NE. ORLEANS. This Campanv are now preitred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 Musson's Usllding, CarnlI atert. E L 'ITRACY, New ()rleents, May a10.18 I . Secretary. HtilBEi.''I iCLNNIi)N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 b:amp street. Wholesnle Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnislles, Brushes, ith0 Window and Pic are GilPs lc. Ae. AT7TOR EYi U ..L OR AT LA IV. N"()W irmrtisin in the State and City Courts. Cli C elts will find hitm at the bCldnk's ofie, U S Ciruit P Coull,ill tile Cllstoln itlla e building. ;e. T II - su scriber , h aving received a colnmml ino as . Deuty llul irvailr of UnitPd Stite Lld, Ilr thlis I 'a -t ut., fera hiias sertvice to the public to survey land lthi Ilatne I.alila i1 ally lart l I.ouisiana. l Iherertlbri all ttertiina, ilher of Snrveving or Civil Fllgit-en., se'l A aFliDcnte, a*rvDev, pall.., drtlw"g-, lreli g kroles, eul :lolaon ulxcuvatito P ihll. t l, illotlt, llltlmit of wIlla, .* . eilher ill town ,.r CuLn irv, will be promptly and faihfulnly tatended li. hbarges rge tmabie nnd t Irns cashl. Ot:e 55 Ma tnret, in BuaKs' Arcade. Sl-Il-t2aw-3 FREDKI). WILKINSON. SIIIL %li .PIlii Iithnikat MioI.ael, Yeai ptndtr Sih"ll Beel.rlc kledl 'Tgul'Oes, Curraltnt, Citron A l.lnldig i 'r:l hilp .1el aev, dv. ir,,ct Ir lu Philudel dlhl , nl. L1 haill'barrels Ilucl l at 1ill. It 1OIl qilurur harrela Buckwhleat meal, iquo .5 halfbarrels N,. I Shad, C 25 half barrels fimily Beef, COI I10 h llbhtarelas ickled Tongnes, 2 hnrrels simokad Ig'lllues, i hhc-tiara tntw Currnlat, I groat tliver's Yeast Powders, for call by d'0 Rt %V'I'HITCII *.lliN, It TiAGF lIT. rels II l U t --- 2 s b r i S F F l ,ur , ( I k lun ) l 'lr s tnl I lb p e r I j3 PI.AIDILA W,(6 CnRII sat L IVEIIIPOOL S. LT-750 sacks fine, lld 75 a -sacks SOarse I.iverpl Sahlt. rrceiveld tIer shipsa (qlueen Alldelaide aStll lJaunilla tfton If.iiverlpol, iia fIr stlltl by wly 21 ilMlI S & . IILLS, linmk Place tea LEACHEII tIL--I tierces bleached Faull oil- 'rii, I landling flIin sie St. Mariv. ' 32l. x a a perm CasdiPs, Naew Bedford hrands- Alt Iatding frttm tlIr iMaria, flr by Ivi janms J IESPII C, ICKA YN . '25 Graeer At Iv , SPERM CANDI.E-- 30I boxes New Redford Vo tsperm Candle,, asorted size, ofapp tetd brands, gti IdPr .laes mouldc lndleo, Jc soln brad are Io hoxer freshl Sap ri 70 bills refined Ka hale Oil en hnlierialI gunpowder, young hymn & souchong of Teos Coper, in sheets, fromln 12 toa 1801 be Black Lead Pliot,asorted sired, fir sale hby jantl4 JOSE'PH tOCOIAY'N ,, f'nravier t I LL "NILEStt MIAIAiA R.ISINS--10i0 wotle and 1i half taxes, fr soleo by ABRAHAM lIRIER, jan14 34 t;arvierst D MESPTIC IRANiilY--Il I lis Brandllv-Atr and fourth ploul'l ledin Iroa l shi l t lrolie, for sale by IAtwNlrNCE & LE(;EI N Il , jan3 2Oll ad 29 Nw Levee. th THE Subscribers offer at wholesale - the following goods. HATS-100 cases moleskin silks, as rorld size- an hirilns. to IhI do best No l do do W 1llO do do No 2 do do 100 t.aes best No 3, assorted rises and brims. ili 20 do ltaver, a superior article; 50 do Finel Nutriai 50 do Extra doi k200 di Blik ni Whi:e Russia; 50 do Extra Black Ila.ti; tai It.b do Muskrat . Cuner lir broad and narrow at( bullls, fior Lrvee anid cnnltrv trade; Sdoi All raiks ofmiltary & inav Chapeans; In do Chlildrers silk sad RKusia His, alsia es. iee Cape-F.r. Oiler, fur Seal, atlra, Mlaskrld, and hasr Seal, in twoadozen coLaes. bSealette. iii Clotli Calps-Pickwick, Polish Avril's hli ti shale, oll top. F t ls.ralt ii'Ltra , 411 MlMilitary undress, hi ndo Leather flltging. hildren's Fancy urbtas, Plaid and Vtlvet Caps, Fretlh pllterna. SStocksa-Satn, Silk and Bombanilne, of the neatest ll or styles. in Umbrellas-silk end cottonl. i at Military Plunmes, oiled ailk. e ilk Handklerchiels--Pagee and Spiralfields. SBatulhoaea for hatters, wood eases,double fur dry goods. T 'e above gioodl anoiprise a large stock, and all ad the la'st pltteino, and will be snill at na small ad e vnce, itbh colt and ehar-eas in New York pries The' b it aslberibers will take orders fir sUithernl, ,eserna and r Texas inarkets, for the olize efA H tioaip & Co., Hat ,lanleiifactrers. New york, al at tha shiatest iosiblea a notice. German and French Pluelhr bought. (iOtISSIP & CO., Naval. Military, and Fashionnhle Hatlers, Exchnee Hotel, t novl4 St CLiurle t NO i .iL. t Mr. GEORGE MERRICK hiavig resigned the of In- fice ofrhief Engineer of the New Orleans and Carroll. st ton Rail Road, Mr. John Ilfanpsen has been pplint ed in his pllale, ll wh ,i n all pera.aons having butilness I t with, or wishing inftornuation rearding said Rail Hload ity will allly all the Rail Road Office, I'oydras street, Ily orlmr of the lto.trll. t st oiroll l) r JOHN NICIIOLION, -' na7-t Cahller ih -- f C K. 75 IIRE price onfCoke f.oi and afer tIt let day of ht I, will be tifte cents per Inarrl in thie Gs WId rkl' yardI all if taken in qiuntitii ol onl haun dred barilc, m ill be lt ad free of drayage. in The advantae thatt i . article of fuel possaaeseo ver lthe athracte l a .t niliuas coaMa, igliting nure s:l rlidilvthlln tile fiirtllPi and frern frnit the Unpleasalit slsO, oef thile latter,sllhuld induceevery 1ll ily to make eus oif t. Orders retived at the Gas Office in Bank Alley. e, V W EVILLS," tea, ept9 Sec'y i INIiSE S-SI bales l.owell I.indseyt, 'aindiei for in L sale v S2'E'I.'SOidN & iVEitY, i, j 8 ;raitiear t i., I--UR- -tiu I Itilschoicelratidai.a tire amd laor ale j , t " 31 i I i rt Ira, rt a hi AI e l --29 jiill , swlsu I5'i hIltlt. Nolt. t I - 1,2, 3 lakrr.. iii tlate and fur sale by 'tal jall J THAYERK Co. 74 Poeydras s JOB PIUNT0TING.r - o'I £VErKY UES.CIITr,'N, ri •PEEDIIY, HANDSIMEI.Y AND CIIEA PLY EXCE'ITEI ' AT THUW OFFICE OP TIY: Tra.e dJmerican, dT. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 It McCOLLUM & DOSVY, Factors & Geasral Commission Mereants, MOBILE. References in New Orles Kirkman, Abernathlry Hlanas, p Cnldw elli . Hiey, n Pope. Pine & Co. ). d8-lhw Ii, BAZAAR. i, BVaI & ALL.EN, ~ NO. 1, EXCHANGE IHOTEL, `/ L'orner of SL 8 rrnies and Common sts,. NEW OIL.ElANS. SMPI'OR'IERS and Dealers in "'relch lnd Engli-h 1 erfnrv; )l'essilg Canese nlld Purtnlle. I lssk. utlery, Hoeiy, Glovesa, b liirte, tiocks, Urlenllaf , A CaLneh, lna I eIt n ti Ari les. 15 FASHIUNABLE CLOTHINAG.O .ROBIISOA A # o ODU V IP/ li,l Ni. Re, ChrreIls le.el., OnW Door below Bi,,nvicie, 1lAVC con.nnlaly on hand every rtile npperttin- J S inlg y genilelnnon .- dces, nmade inl lah" hetmA aerand most Ia ninnble slyle, A icmh they olair er C Ceasi, at ,leredl e pricea. cl nc4--lrN I LIlH I T EN A FURNITURE WARUROOMS & N.. 53, Hltenvlr et ir Yr SIVI.IAM R. CAILNES.. would respctlfully in frln ll fielllde and the i)blle thlIt he is oIn ltastly receivihepglrt Neoew York Ecand li ,m a Eci l rMertnnentofFnrniltre, such as elnl.gyllv eln-irn. ,if,ns, i ed neads, maple andlanted lhairs. hlplea anld cherry bedstead., manhoganv and cherrv tables orarll dec.rillin., biureaue, ''ts, secletirve, writinc dfhks, wardr, ep of meieeny IanId cherry, IIwash I atanlds,, In.ktg glanes, I enllhiel', lbedding, &c. &rc. NItl. Furnlture pckedl for tranollrationl with great core. hOV. l1 JOHN S'TEWART,. No. 5, PItN Street. rt.New York, COIMISI IIIN MERIIIANT. I MPOR'ER and dealer in Hatters Plshel alnd trilnillnp . Alllple stanpe ny be lad on ies d erate ICIe, and everyi tItteutc paid to goods forward edi to his rare. Itelaeence: - Mensrs. Larun & Proevont, N O. /:us-i7 55 Cu. nov92 1113! ly A CARD. CHRESTMIr &, SINNOTT, /'l/oesalie Groers ,ard CGommssion .0hMrrl,'.,ts. No. 27 Colmmnn Strett. Neiw Orlants. IgJPurtihlaraIttenelin paid to thlte lc.ting ulp Io S teanI uud lchlip Alet a . nair No.. a yye~n,,n , ir. e,,t, op,,1 .e nit'.ks' Aicnile, I E STABI.IAHEI for the exeentioln f me ps, plans Ji and drawings. nierehletn' circulars, businees and aldress ecards ofev description funeral circular- on I d Nep eourn Ihi n.erd, porthenary and druggiste'llteln; `ne checks, dtav receipts, &e. printed id dexecute d in ach epand .leditinos style, by the proprietor. WItI.I.IAM GtEENE NB. Bank Notes .aatly exeelted. nl24 JUnT eceited,eat the Louisiana Furniture \are SRoonm, 53 Bienville etreetn',2ill Mipde and Cherry Bedsteads; e first rate article. Ale, a g snnd aRndc nerit of Maple, Wulnet, nosd Pani.ted Chairs, wliiih will be sold for tlne lowest Ecah price . W IR CARKNES jn7 51 Bihnitille street A Card. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLIS. -ME t , 53 MIAGAZIIE . 'REEt ', noirOSn'E BANKe s ARCA 'E. V GRElNE returns Ili-lei,'cere thanks to his Sfrie ide alnd thb pulic of New Orlean. for the patrennsee bestowed u hi., Ir tile losnt two years alld egs leave to asulne tb.e hlltht ell orders centinPd to s Icharge shal Ile punceuall Tlhended to; le will as slual kep, tile oflice open dnril' rthe ummera nnd shall i.e lwivs r,,dcv to strike lff tn mereckals circu Irsen, ninese. and address cards funeral noticee, mnpE , elals, and drawings, o every description, a tie shotest noti'e, and on the moat reasonable terns. Ileine anlsised liy nrtii e.nlereir to any other et.libli*h nlect ia tile and I rotl hloe xperieice in the litll.raphic line, hie eels conflident of giving entire ratinseation. N I1 Apothcareles and drageiets' labheles exectedl in an good style as coppe.rlate engraving, and ,iit oe third of tln exIpense. jni24 'O, lnS--'lhe sllscribers Ihlve jut olened sever / al case, of C(.lh. Illln TP TORToInie Tiitii. Qill tlop 'I'oranine Tuck, In do 'ITwist, u In eeong, uon do Side. BRASILIA.. C-MB9 In all the above variety of Englih, Freeleh; ac d Anleriecan llufnfclltre. Ivory fine tooth Coub, in all ile variety of nite and quality. Pokiet, Rack, Horse. coarse and fine, and all ither Cnonbs, for sale by RES & LANE, nov13 18 (ianii st .,, 1NIlhlW il..AS5. I.NNE-It Cr, 1 IL-711 110t n es nI'Wi do la ike , 1300 pallons t il; lilliae rele ofVarneeies"e 65 lldz of Palt Blrtlushe, received er a p ip St Louis e td BuIIi ie VonIchiie tld t taIle by Ri it'I. CLANNi 'N, AIEW Mt E--'o i R e-l- dion't tent ti tell ylt her nwlee--'rllou hai, learnt to love Another Y tweet At Irn WVate, The Kniight's Farewerl; HIr pass e . n lier in sorrow; Ilindn's Lnamlt; They haei given - Thee to Anotlher; Lovely I.ady -lIne; 'l'he IBridal, 'Thie Broken Heart; ly Ileart in all - Alone; Oh! Men what eilly thlings on are; Oh I coul I ,love hm; ih! LPatrick, Flt frlm tie; Tha Itl1tl art love iIv who'll deny; T'lhink SIly Love, Oh! Think of lMe - l.'iu thlink h I linea lierry Heart; The Vintape Song; TI he ship is rendy; The. cilver lieon; No care ever; grieves me; Nat for Me; I've ' en v here Iresh Flower are Sprgln. I dearly love Thee'le free; Woodman siear that Tree; '1lhe Wild Allnairnss; Iliae F.riee, Rise RIoseofJesey;Thle Minstrel woo'd a hbetuteoue Maid; 'The Guests were hidden; Aly Iatlher Land; The laold o "the Muntlain MIn native I.ove; My hearl'es est tren ire; My Wtt,dant l Bride; Mine It e be La silent Te ;el Mly chi[ IhnoId' honrs FareweI; lhie (ireeulnwol Tree; Sliomni Loh, n comie -ong; S.le wore a wreath of SLuene; .-e ierelty Jane, d Just rec. ived end lt stale atI R C'SEY'S et Piano Forte and Mlluslic iorn, nov1219 mnlmp et iUI.l.S OF U n COiIt IK . rITHE Iu es of the Circuit td District Coulrltf lthe U S tor this I)itiliet, tfr Sale .t the office of the Marhul of said Court. Apply to ile nol9 J P "'AI.DEN. NOTICE. " iHE Oflr nf the New Irleans and lMoile Mai ert SLine is rmnoved, frota under the Exchange Hotel tt. No.78 Pioydras street, at which pluace It letter bg will be kept o pen until I-4 to 12 A M1. Fer way letters ( &c. Those for Mohile and further East, will he put in the Post Olfiee at Mobile. noel GEO. WHITMAN, F:C'I and iroth stnply of ttry Colors ofev erv desrcrilpton, for Scene pinlil~; Oil and Wa ter colors; Irusheso and alirti tools, wd at l|xtent stock ,l'suletor VARNISHF. . Irom thle manuofctory of P It Sioith & Co.,e'cprising ill Noe. I & 2 lilodre; Nee. . h Varuill, l I & 2ordnlintv dolestic Blck Jo;,la, alll itrowl dI. Also, 211 k sers Croee green it 25 Ih-. each, ground in bil ald 15 r ealmnislera or erinr Frlc n t b grel|, also r IIIn oil. i2 4 rrrs Spiri ts of Ttlrlo ute"' and tiled hlo. Artist's Colors, Orc. (lleeves ' s~ot Londco,I ,lnd 411 hoees Frenlc Lake, for sate at tle P'liot Store t he subscriber. " t. ttF.t.I.t t Ritethc.,,s Writig 'lui I; o superior Ila.1. 1 A writing iCk; do ulth tnrerbler lirg t bhlue; l do. Iork o; P j1 JAri od's o achi e Iopvig iulk, 'lrrvy' dcc SdoRdo; lnynard & Nayes Iblack writin ilk; Perrvoul ok or serel pens; Perie, Guyot & co' black uclirilc ink; E J L iu ot'o red ilk; ctutotoia . l N handl, arid oirto lety W eItbyAN, de 10n corner of Camp & C ommon tst HHuoh.ribhir hsljust received .nd for sale h Th life of Chlist, with engravings Evrnlgs at Homel, by Dr Aikin, and tirs Bar: Sbauld, with engrnvins Velaoco, a I'rrgedy in 5 acts,by Epea Sargent S L.ord Chesrtrfield's orks, I velt 8 vlo Manual of CXldollolgt. by Thom l. 'yatt, I f o S vo with tluotrationa ofimoro thlan 200 tl. Is It JOIINS& to, cor St Clhres aid Colmmon st AL 'PE'.'RIE- 28 I gos uit r r i'et--. -i- trr od j for sule ty L WIt;Nt'EK& LF;(iFNI)I{F:, jaoc:t 20 aih d 29 New I evee. A dLERATt-iUP roke Airrato; loling frul I Sship :oromanda, fir ole by . . JAItVIS & ANDREWS, e t. jl.2 rcr ('omtmon & Tchlupitoulaa Ots s I Ioxe" V\'lrgita Tl'olbcco. assorted, n i landing frolt shit I.i-tlvile, ltr tale by jalj5 .ltAI.I \M 'I'KIEi, 34tiGlavierst f1b aV.7CN S lUlA: 4 I n ill rbli, std frer ote llby J*l5 ABRAHtA1'rRIELK,34 Gravieret ruIURNI PS--14 lihtle htt Bitt 'Turnipc; I do. So l gur BeetrS, ltodi. lrotan s!,ilc ilritt ud licr suole of bhy d15 JtI.EI'il t'tiCKA YNI"F, l25 (rudier t 's l1Oi.B-SE- HtI -'S-lll o.ert trew Slolois . t caska iinstore auold for milote by i re t(ASKS Londodnt boinoWII StuIt, and tin eark t Scorh Ale, tr sale lv ke ion3 HlI.lMES and MIL.rS, Bank Alloy XE f I NUta Bostioni licd Baiti. are for rniP hy 1 d31 W HITtl{IItGE & O,76 M ngl'ipor".. . Tt!NtW G|I.A, . 411, h..r C:ellmsf-rd. for I " aute hy SHlI.L i" BIIROWN. 91 Magaiue a00 hir j.n3 . 1s11K LEAD & LLN it:.LD ill. tt 1 k1sl ic... No. I. Fihil,,lptit,! 1, Whr0I a1te I.eft, o1f Lewis' manofactulre receiving per shop W,,! aud llcg Chcctrnl. A lsoill kegs Now YV.rl SW,.ehit roal, itt f m uutUre biy ihe Uniloi White I.-d - omi,Irny. Alt,, 16 hIrohealt English and D.tclh pos. Linseed Oi .in store uid tir sale byh JAIVI8 do. ANDtKEWS, Vholeosale lI)rugioto S-gi d9l sorCotunou & Trchopi;Luls o dut vol relnted.r thel,n Iautilul glade 1in tllelli'lnati (, e; Tl'hi Wler llr l,, l,of thie I'Pepers; lThou art ceui.e ani I. Lv Ihu ort atlnear Ita, -nng by tiito hlr ri i llt grand ., oIlllrltiac Oer Anutle;li)UWod Night; '*lhi,' IIrrr*-it L nl ri p rtpiir; Ii cr ntrt fprtspr.lnr en iti "rhr , watit .r,lr I lirnhr,'r i'nrt, ct e,l.(h' art iarer" run; 1 Idle t~ Ill, i Pera,, wayt., by II iluiail; diIn. watchedlli e fr lutll ai t t:ear; Come t t e atn ni rrnirlgfi 'cetlrr the waterI, r rlrnitnlt; hji'lirrc' lnn be like m, iwn, anrraleged fr the harp r hv T p Irbnree. Ihuyel i,.ni..h by A Il'erlhr; Qeen "l.irclnr'n Court Quacrille.. Ju-i renevedand ynl r mr.lelny 119 B ('-lA;I', 19 ampr . (lfliPrin1l'tr)n NAIJl.A-ij arnl 14 nms sizes, ir d.22 lENin yt. a.Airi, ,x :...IerrpeirI IlLe Iuellnue dll r lurII.n, llrlrlll rtrh ,ilr l dpvreat nt n+l);,,te n N o ,,o" ,top. .I*. ii a . trl fli,-lli)bt S'. Allen'. inrnnt re rnceld N • pllndd Iaolrtlnlentl of ti.e Fancy ids,1.nilte ale for tlarrtdrs, comprisin I.alieh Iwrltillg deska, cOerT, wlk boxtm, rlllldaRtal krXPr parrlfiOe, nreedle lrnks ul prrl, shell aedl tar, ienrd canna nid rnfveiirh inlaidc with pearl and golrl; lt.:kel bln a,llnr e. ipr.t glin-es, roeld in n I rnelleil. pellmeryti t all kind.a, riiecr. o mu.t 3llm B nt A It, 129 rti St harhrle & CreInlU ttn at, Elaciange Ai.I' 'A OI1't-:- J i.t rrieireed anl ifr sHl-t tn. t ihboktrre of Alex. ilower, 49 rnilti ettti, anit arrrnlrher r lt' Bth rstr,n inlde 'iaro,1t. reir, aserltedi by a prrfeanir of nll nnie, alnd warranlted to .rllli tile ,lltierm :litmlrn. Thi above illlrlterntiis are of seLperior insa and, FAii.t. Al,, th variecv of ,naiP ad entr. 'rie pulr lie arr ~red ctffui+. inviltd to rll Itn.l examine then. - -X-i--- -iN'R CLl.rliHIN. J PI' FIt.iII AN & cO., Pin , Miig. j inetre er, wreing their "npplies f1 Fell a.d Winter 1nlthinbe, tnd ill lnnlntien trl rciitn e irlipilellt renu large will unbl itrl hem ito sIunpl tn lIrcans Fmul [l, ,llfltrvr att h the be ortrrinriei fornr siln wholealeI W retail, on naloltlllltiolg termr. F,,1I. FA:lhli -M. I ulE nnbhrrrler tnkre in inlorra their patrons, tnlld tile plblin: erllrily, that they are noe Prlr tnirad In exitllr their Iall tuaeh ionn. F.inrhloable Hlutterre, I xelrang Holtel, novl2 t. Chrllens Pl AAY--'8 inis [in landing inin nil, l Jodn Mr inl7 Canmp --ONItd)n PICKli.i .-, n.ennn ne. juat received by the eltperilc eri . 12 LRxrn nlN.eltneh I' nenekle. eDrtrd, 111i Extrc qllulT I. llldd i . n u trd, IU0L Ainrhvnnsn in Cn.l.s j nar, I ll a .lrhev I)btein u. 3 ,IIr. , la,'king, Iay & l.,rtin, SIn ,,,. -nr. la inronen gl gine. Jore. S" Ind la, l r. lnovq4 1ru It1dra- " ll4 Ow lCo mpua, aL-.\ntlr, _w rt u.,l arl ,it uud 1 a:r s Sberd in hts t, Alil tBrrrn-erir r irnrri Irin at the a. I l) \tr .1 and hllt.t..q Banik PIclA o'I ii rrrr .I.Xt iir\ro, c l!-e ll. hni inlitien r T rhird r'rnrd-- h ('er rer"r th, an re ' n e wii m rlel he pen+lenn itreerin , rr , ri rr e ,hreIn frtal thisr dote, ilfr xr u i lia irrin dte' irr, t r ..'rw : to haeIrt th. sidewllkbi frrntinn lilier rnt pt..ti e pitnrpties cull rtrunted irrretnbly yto idl ordinance, willr cnrn and gut. the tones and a threr feet Ialv-d sepUnrt, i llad to Iiave the dame paved witlh gud qnuality lanke hrickm. SAI'LI KIIlIUUL', (, 3rd Waar I .IIa1 ri'rrrtlrr. I) Dn.., :iS pilnorietnaens dire trre Srilllee nurlu rue de la Levee dr Frollrt 8nlun plrt Ipr, .enPlllld lettiienc'u vuir a Re c)nfur - er n Po donllla3h,,' tic Iionveanbre d luin oui ieillre des ntnlrrln= y annntern. dllrn le ti0 jnnr ql aic.nrnnit crle dull, cn PXtrnlrnt I odre rlle ,ritt- de itire onrlfeetioner IPc biltlltrrUttr.' fnl-lln. t, , Jrr ur itlopriete retrpe ine en Ibttull r rin l rr s du in irr . I r. - loinlenleolt a ladIte ,lrdoalalrncr , hurdenp or daleeasll gir rre avie sulqrts rrenrierre rde troi r ide. (curl and dulfter slalloe. and tlrrt f. et Inind ruldplrit. d20 C..1. biIBl)UIGil, .out . Ic iistric le aNaPKIt'I CANDII. N--+2(I irnnr nlrrrIll Candlen+ l_ brnd ii' teo. iluw and. lanldinrl Inrln ship Cann ton, for eide by LS. At: 1Ill).;ili & r'. jail2 ;i4 IMagazinu t AnIRD-- 50 kegs iun tore afidr r-. hnl by -Iy 1 juln t. 1tn Ir/1Si , 44 irw L 11. (.'i VOI'TRII.-Fr r ,'rrra Water lManulaleturern 0 5rnerlr.,rn oil of Vitrul Iro i hn u NwIunn Cltrnu icnl 'nrlnirtn.ya fliret rate art,ile, fnmirlt i JARVI.& &A.\DJ{ Ws, eo12 car Cl4mtni n & Acln'uDitoula t.,. .U(i .APil1Ed--,,dorn rih'e iui itrnlrr 1 Ininu veollnre; Mftlr Brunnn do.n in 6 .lnuinrP; inlblr' w h Allsr; orrdlhrirlge A WVillarid's Un nrierrI, nib A tinn; Onlney', \Voodrririrge', Smith'-, l!'. Niulie I;ren'.Abridc munts. Parlrr . Ihee ro't dot. for be gitrr nirr. ALnlr, Bre llettrr (ri et,i-ihrl n ;of' tie Ile'lvec,l wilh the Atlas. A lihberal rh t.nla nllnowed t turilern and otherspll, nhahninll llur i llln:ntiir. _j _ AlI.X it Ni.49 C.llri.r AIiR(AII311I TRIE.R, 115 B3 0.raooerrt. [ 'I. ll Nll~iot IIN tiipipoa'roiolo Wooosp~i ia a..o 'hA's Ribe boy I'1'..: ~, 74Prdaor L(~~~~~ ~~~ 'AF~R (-IllIil l *oeli'l1.ii &I Co.L iijiB 2 'fH All-I; t cld.. Po)iidoar at 'j YIMIK~.ItI I i~rR 2. to 'iu, 3,1in 7olaitto tail too. for role by ISAAC 1117113(il. A. 0,. _________ 134· Olro.,ojlr 01. -'buts JlI-r t, bti.O-.3A I; I rlotooooio jit ' tAt, HIlIlG E & c. 3I 3iaooooz~rt· to. AI·\*.LL i UK)hl' 100111 FIII·liTO II (~ll . ______ N iak,bOooi,'t'llolslI BI.I CIPtFo Iliii,'o ,iiid llIIyrr. otonl~ltioIoII bIY yoool ofC haI oirr- loi.\a tiolyoi,0*, 00l iodtojel,,iuonl,' ootklay1L oil l jofor..o goollotttyo. RLtiNEt' & Cou s j) ait, oilL)Cl, 13 ~~uier (IN N's'~troil~lid-45 bolt.I' ·(ti( IX.o \rlllaers, 01 jottlir _____ Inl attii.,3 ltiira Citiot,e itind·rooloty i Is,.At's btllttir lln &o Cit. sS11iti atd Outr Holy L.~r,iIa3il rlili'iidltl plates, A.~r .tl ta1tt.i·.iilolt.. LUtIJLoo A~1ti1.iioe Ita l8·:9, ott 5 Osr 12f jttlll'oS 6. C a;llols INN'sY l,.At,0-.ii b,,iar (:1 bitlirl bogo) 0 l~ Ii 011,1 for oorheIy (2 I;(ltr~lo', jut:. 4Nya I.pcnr L-*\ At abA Ci( bt-.l-.-l..a i~ogo 1rioor grorti (lot 11 oiii b'atfoo, Il...i~iilig fRotti oelit. Log~lo. al(I t~nllt ioger ~'s's tlttottto, too I ot 3 I ooi- P1 Ci ICKAYNES, 25 fioi.o-rr at O Vb:Il 'rili->-2* 00000 I,,dioe' vati folio~s Iyni,, jitll I t~itlltfE & Cot, -I 'l~loathnisr l.A I l.'--Jooot tr,-ot'Oe 300oee tt ·roy o1,y,iali~l IIAIID) FELL'I &r Co,,2i Ubaotirr 01 Sjatft hrw Yo~rk lrtotloafst Huhl il b.W (liJOKrt-I:oI.1 ot itil Boal; by lie a~lro tHa)tL '1IIto jot.ilO 1 0 Staoboi 1 or thle Rtoalleotiiioia ofattioto oh' Ito 4 N'srlod, HI(,iio, bolt' Pareroror~* I~. h NoltolottaM 'slemoit I, aooooit~ti o s ori:I Pri.ra ('ott, bltyrprr, Airoaioolrr's Iiiooaysri itt .'ftii-o, 3 rota, TIli Ciiy oftit tie osr. Tbo liyitiliOroi rlt,', Iloolo, Ihottotstt~o oilVi.rtil,t iluto- atid Iti~i~ltiioi,,ttty Mire Il~ttlas,7l vol., ,, jit AI.EX ~TQWAII, 4 Carep j ' 11 DlAU LO' Cl's \1I-NoT`, t;u0 rtl Id' II, jitt irlnl Isll-AOd ~rd l· l~liti't c,lir 7 o.elorc -t molt..p andiaootti'o ldr k,,~ out1,., uolttuatittioo ftdcl too rluroltl,ttia ttdtood sot'atoo'ttloa, ~np tlonei ot jaltl i; 'sa oLL(OTT. hr *j1LSIiiSHERTT\GS-i4 belts Rusoa* brort' Iloaoet, Groole ity ,'l VtITKiIiGE do Fe, o-ji~ll .76 iolag~saio st "Ir V P IEbi All..t -Jbttotoprro1tttotte0l5 7 Coz JI ____ Camp 51 ~I iti At. ilOOio-Ju~~aor,-ooortl apott foliate ci _ Ill it l,,otb Stbro, -i' Cattt1yrt t-e cl 6 ark l'oaotitIr utI P'ltloeio-tlt 1ho toodlloo~l Jaonal. 12 oola, koatld-t .iottrttol ittytltt l dlkrtttogt'ti Wiir'a Anatottoy. Isu Ulll Pdi lit.l l'tioot brotto oaIIUl lsaC I ear~l tt;ril'~' l~a Rl~r Tai.'O-i, ott ,\istotrmoy;Tao t.. ti~nr'oar rsri:~\ a Pl~lttoo.Itt gl~oC; Brrcosr4al atg·?nlmv, i fo .00nrl' t jout? ln Iib.; [ulot 's Aoasom~biDatart I ia.\tsb 0 4ill..;O~ I on'. frioroael tsaiaiootae pat. SIP toil.lnf te ooaf g·.- siik ho dk rrl.iefsiartttoeaso iCk ti It toted.- eosos sper 00 tocl I.: ,RoI.3ttirOm\h Ial - s-ta Fltr'alrky WiI1TRID OP.&CO,, as jail 76Mapsiaeu

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