Newspaper of True American, January 24, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 24, 1839 Page 4
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C ARLM Aft IIARCFL raalawuslt's *tbatI' uIlnati 'a u ý^ .w 17..ý , 1R.I Lr M~w! " ;cr"r : ' trhis @I la ' ut u )) [rid Ii.H } F-:hearoti~,l~,· ~ do* ityit N 4 a a Jr' k ceon ameit fwtu.. a in .1 "'hea.i try fD ecMirc41uur. ACD trttrcICAL lileliee ,1 a aaac itn pniitory, iR IRS his, eiadi~t1 aidn Ikiarv, Landon M 1 .Wxytnri..~jli nliolp iriutim Ah"aftRe~ssR Alb t1RIO1IT11I ? "' .'' rrt nnn f Arhhit.'et wo, e. sits ý , ectIna tou. LnnJa,n 1*hI8rohiiclIaire, drda Ca-pa. ntrrrp++ Nnthanirs FriveluwJia , W MIS Yluttth arnatil T nurel. tA~i. 8.on., ,A by 9y. 9116 r4 ' A i'o at lin er S1 it, ' eele Phil tc"c: "1 niii ellRniie. tr 'oIe. t~nnsilo Jo'2teOl R. Con9tan Lord o's t,''orl·e 2 vol, 1 m nnd, M'Itindii', Curiou-ilrsu of Iitereture~t.., pt nleeeIc u,4 hr ray. ao Vtheke 4xkhatit, ive of W ·Itor Scott, 2val. ahlinandnnd rIlrhllk. h i JOHNS t. ,,I Pbirs4.l~rnre. *nlnodi Chariot ted t n, mCo urer z CUII wrtment of i n Iaw. Usoliel' . Iri'ifi atictk*,nricn, Gra ,.nor. Fngtial: mud ýeliitn, Latin mud Greek. ~as_ _, , F. n, OHK9,..dr Co. Fr freatsn eat and o fae iFeer ar ad Ar re. ST will toe meadilv din. .verst athereat the 'Trnic Mix aunrn is ulp,:'ri-, to tile nrdi.arr nnmde or trollieg *ee'ptlir and .tru'. tI tile fia-t r|te. be ag a Vea Sbl Enxtraect, and 'ree dralw any deleterious stnl p aian .su inaredielnt, it maty l.e taken with the atnlmoml tfe lt even hI al t ander.itfann, oa aeaIt ina slid. It pte- .ita reiLspelaf till. dain utoe'aq .anlyi. thle eoStaltlth. inn rgn naus in tars l ed atant, aaod actvita. Ih eatnb Sset s alna I and pernanent apt slita, bh invtairotlin th o tgivesr mrelis to th eejaayaents of tn te. I"ein. peen a" illa Ip aa ptrgEallVe qalitie, tmllatin alno the bowels Io inerear e this linmrale, or to reate dlotaees, ut btlance )aghilr v eletn es the earvram or. gaen of dieariun., anl thaus benefits he cisnem with whatever other atetio a it mtv he nppressed. Itliviluals, sfinre aa e of, the Ton~ mrl lielare, hsve Heen eapoUeI to all the uunatl eunta of the daleene, atnd hnaver caped any eaiVaptnOmt u retarn wlhereae by the use sfthe cnnrnen remelie. there is alwars errs ted on inarenecd liability to rrecirrener. Thn dnaater f frequent relp.ep s aef ihe Ague, is very eail, e, ftor the system will tnon tarome tcoe mch prasietale to be atble to reat with meldi:ie, and alnreriily fell vic. aim to -ch iaae-saentt viaalenae l'e Tla ic tl'iuren it roed at sUecl t reaon aller ) ri, as to ine it i hic, srsreteb of every Ote!.--So tlhat ah t plmnr and dpttiote ·imiereib fnrllirhed wilhb uriatsne, wilitout solicitilhl the sid'alnd alead aloe walfieh ae fraqueotli denied to themr. or lse veryr, eletna tty bntamved. tsees imaitaiont of tieia , that are daily the o ed far sale. T. is prepared Dlly b s Dr. Jultn I. Rowand, at his Lberretsora , Moarketrtce, Phitldelphta.i Tite sutlsCrlrn are thie holetl.e amnts for tile mloth Wyterl ,late., saed will sell by the er: sa, at l I's iladephinan pr . a he had at retail aIeo,at amsatrnthe Apotbcoeril a il tha city. JAIVIS & ANDREWR, IWhslesale IrleOr, 6o11O eCmaComm &n Teho itntta, s liessWEipLt ald LolusiiaOn M38W. MARY KIIrcLAND respeetNflly an. aenounce to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is preptred to aceommodatn theem at he above ssttablishment, and hopes tfrm her xoertions to render visitors canlfortanlc, tO receive a eontinticne of former favnr. SIte ftis notafi. dent tlhat persons visiling Covielgt n dulring the emmmet monthls, caannot find better accommondatlttl then she can afford themn , on amr liberal terms. IHer aoute is plo;asasatly situated, ant well appllied with every rntvetnienec; the bar is furnished with the ment choice liquore, &c. itn mort, alt promises Plat nothing bitll bha wenting on her part to give SCtire .aietactinn to all who may pttronize the 'diseinippi and Laisann. tlntel. jr.3 S I- I NTFir'e l 1I;he uDo derignnad. hovang a etndied under Dr. Se tnidt of C.arleslon, loatla Careline, anld for sono years ais assistan int the prectice of 3tnadicine and surgery has Ithe isnauor to offer his prnofesionaa services ill this ecity. He esatree tie ladtes and ge.tlemen that the amost prtompt attgtlion will be paid to tihe calls whicl may he mal'; and also offers his services to the holders of rlaveas, being aetol acqainted wiatl tihe diseases common to thema, having attlcndld them in ta:e ugar house in Ctarltratoal. The falous anti bilious pills a ster tile nmpoetion ei Praofcer Snollette, with directions, can he laatl ftthe tndterigned. ThIe eH.ifrt whieh they have prAdulrd in this and otlaer cities, has been attended with time greatest Success. to wlich the hert of retfrenacca ent be given. Apply at No. Ia6 Maeg. zme strtet. JNO. M'LORIING. Iuati.Utt h NAitI, WOUOD 5 FW87 SAD IRONS, &ca. T HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, :so. 238 Water, near Bucekmae street, New York, have reoeived the plst eeason, and e re eor.satntly ceceiving large and exatonive additions to the seock of tle abod e gooaa, lwhici now ennsists of tile ellowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western mtrkelt,. haolow ware of srlperior quality, consisting ol about 1500 tones, via, Potn oft2 ditlbrent sizes, from a:8 tC 50 gaollen, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:a to 30 galletnns, Kettles, 15 sizes, yrotn 3:8 to 18 gallals, Blkepanes or Oveen, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skilltes, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered StiAnre, 3 do Oraddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . I do Wagon boxes from 1 I 4 to 43.4 Inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 iaaches. VWpod Screws, 20.000 grons, iron and bras., from aS imnh, No. 3 Ite 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finiall, and leas than Jame's imported prices. Sad Irons, assortsed, in casks of aboutl 500 Ibs for rantiling. Taillr's and halttr'. Irons, assorted. Sash weighlt, 1100 tans, assorted froam 1 4.4 to lOllhs. B. I ft-r Plantntiola, etoahmboats, chrchloes, &e. mede to order, Also steambnats and other machinery made to order. Time ahove es.orteaent of goads is particularly rreommended to tsleattentton of Satlhtern slad Western merchlants. and are offered tfr nale at low priser, and upn tile smost liberal termt ; it is be tiered to be t largest and best anortnleant ever offered for sale by any oae eostablislament in the United States. Merohants, by forwnrding a request by mail, ean have a prin'cd circular, with dealeriptaon ofgonoda, prieesond terms, from which no deuvialina is ever made, furnished hy returt of mail. All orders wilt receive imtnediate attention. New York, 1838. . nvtew )rne ais Nor. Id, 1s 7 A BOLT air mellth ago I had the misforitune t. get a a.cret dimsease, for N hich I have ap plird to soe ral dtors for a cure, and they did eot cure file. 1ut Inoc on the aboe date I put myelf unradear thrn cale of I)ocuto Huet, ud [ erlpot hilt to, cure me. Since that tilln the dice ;e got worse, sot as to break out i lalrge ulcero to the number of rix or eight lo ea h leg, anti 1 iuver my lace, an s.rr rehroat, and rat able to wurk at bh ppront timo" on t ncolnt of the dirrVre; larie -leer on1 .te ri ht sidr t of the thrn,rt. I (am e u pntting mroeti nnfi lelltly naldarthl cate of Dr. Hui t, r.f Pnri, to be, porr.etly cored JolIIN DAN. le. I ly I DO Ci"IT'IVFY that the ab:,ve ne+rrt,.va 4i(ar is Sqits well lured to nv own sau.Tloction, for wlich I tllnk Itr. Huea; sl ol, tover I that the medi tiae I have tnken e n!.ae me fli t, and d'ltd iut injure my lenlth at all; rhneotiIre I advireu. f Mli s uferers tunn tirlme uad apply to I)r A. IlHut, 19.I CJeal etwt.ret, htatwen Dheuline and oarbehl erree;ts. lihle is at hom frot 9 n'el'bk, A M. until 4 P 31, ley wtill find s turl' slotir tar thi caomuplint. J(lh IN C lIAN. l (irevier etrert. If any one wans to ee eo . cull et N,. 41 holeraiah * JIDHN I)E.N New Orleans. Feb , 1&'R. febb 14 ly r ffil (Genuieaetndn'n ttlaorm of t.iurreren sd Hut - I bteIrl, it. tut upt in hbttles at tihe low price of il o.,ateuoeh conttaitir tit rettgth of three aouneee ot Liet.wl.t, I.ei lee the ites tn s i mnor other rets alrd i'oe kntown amtna tle. Indiana srelseaious in curieL pitlinmnary cmplainlre. The u i, allrd ucces.. htich ,eIt ettended dthe se nl this inetnlmehle ltlale whaerevtr it he been int..r dtteld. heas dt.iued the enfildnree andl recnmtnttd-. thetiu of eosntblle plyicianr, fur the cure of nergis emo, piiea la n sidc,e wat t'f reotrenittiuj af blood. T4 re lo4tnn pye" eern. Thin Is t Cetrlirv that wer kliai j in erriiefree ferqllrettly prlesribed .rle frldl tcef'e loii: dlema r l ofl.iverwe.' a Hi tensrltlud, willi a k diisid l+.l t[ w e can theel f ra e, f an the knn e ' , o( mi ll it is made frons, and o awilstlier. elne, lillllrt io it as a lcu uty n l lu retli, I sill tihee atlo.toi of the Ilance fr wljicb it is I mminuseded. At.DEit r %tII.I.lMNs, %I; D. CAIIVIN 9l..IS M. D. henbatef.of Un ioeta Medi eAe.eclslsoe. -Botet+e. Otohber 16. aeby JA.RVIBI & ANDJUWn'U. .el' "I C.nosamel Poriletsittl aSte S'AR'II Vegehtable Hair rl . ie eir tlet and niwlob at Halt, jiving be.Jtleh d besot .ed ,tefe . th .ltir Oileofetl to te lrublic, bt .. . I " ,dI.. hpinr.d tl off luest, noa thi, i , ei.n nld.let ' lto, .esd iteoery iostau itu elel ry qet sih on'bi asrelu. l. It It " o rfti:t liprdfeu e.'l etbii ipll e rrnhft g oetona 0eir. Si.e rtlley IS tle. heed. 'Phe cliit asL ;r so id a p. r" at0 S ttet .tne ,o a Mr H 'e t'ýI. ltu- & aaI .ic L6t ý4 l I bl&liS UlAfRTT & Co. nre now, oa board ship Orleons. Eagle. llighlal ier, ,'ncr : lery Andrew, Frenah and Ger'nan inlv e arde: Back gammon r;riln; tle.tnnmen, ^ 1.4 and 2 1-8 inch flRi ard iall. ; 8, 9.10 anm 1- inch blade lRo ie KIcive' eathelr and, other tnsvelliin l)ressiag Coaea; .alt. Packet, lnrotnn',,, and noslline Pistola; dobhle Fid siagle barrell.d unt; Game lis.a; Shlt Helt-: PawIce and Pistol PFlhaks; Dram Bottl- and 1)rinkin C (' : i Pre-nso:na Cape and Car Ilnller'" Cloth, nlir, 'loth:I itd Nail lenashes: Orris and Chlorine Tooth Tooth Powderl Toilet and hlavin .Soena, in .inat v' . evt; lann Hair Braids Ringletr and Frlzettei;: Pe r, tad Toilet Povder; cmerv htIn'; Ilvrv Tlh ' ahllc.hiln ' atemnt Shldes or .artera; Gum E'·lstic ..eependlera: owdler Pattl and Boxesn; rit Chinin, Saels and iKrn; ,ar-drapr; WVnict Bnekloh: q Ornenlte; Bead Neeklarrr and Chailnc Gilt and QiverRd Beads; Indian Reads. Ileall and +lamesa Shell Twist: Side and Dresine Combe; whieh,in addition to theirformer stee, tn hand. makes their assortmeat very cntplete, and will he noldt nw and on liberal terms, at ther aln of the Gnolden lolnb. i25-tf 7O C.nrtres street. statr b , Ageilnts fr the oexterive inont of W. &inss nII.. ehsr heinell Enoland, have itet eewived a verye eatex saie sat of a' it., of Tabhl and Des'rt Knivet a ofr' a- deeeri'tlcns, Pen, Packet, irk, tand Spear point tnlvrs: Reaors, Sot'e sen. Edge Toale, &e. e. &e. whihl her are prnnarel Sexhibit to the trade ararclers. Ternn and conditions till be madseknown at the tilne. aMlS J..i EIN;&A CORNile m mm' & . iMOkNq. HARTT C(,TT .-Are nnw receitil e ship Illldrrilt; he osn l th. e 1crry A iV-la meaer, Flrench sld Getnn dnsl ih lhean: tr ovhineCr!.:r ater,ehlt nd p,,ckrt piinlsa: id:in, rilbhl adl splitl ctsaiea cats; eels Ihalde','t miass rs,, ono.Il. Yest (;ifla's eonmmercial andt otlier el tens: Vinc f os, Violin atrilsng dell,. ivoryt alld hlr eo!nl w:;, rrn: to, heald r ll leather lamlero hair Iebhal, firmlst wll aek riellets; aegra itllat fterm:nl :a1d F.l.nieh l, niCe iater. Rnwlanhsa mnerascr nil. aimilainn dI: aiutlt aid htears oil; pvrolle lest,, ,*nl dresltat oese: l:ls blaelhingt stnl ann toilel gla"esi eonvexr miten,: op aol glasses il views;a .llin helold, Ilceas ,hl ploler K u.kleon; what-twine; voieet :rod shaving silap; let:e, t' nwder, eniatie wash halls ceeslled ntill "'slhioe: Psl stantls:; erw el:lhcnl .,, lnta b,,ad hllainnodl a necklers hilliard ImrI, lckhret Ionks awl w:dlelr: lGermanl lperid; razor atpli line and eonmoanc t t:i. oolehie allirnlr.te, gaellalnie rll lueifmr matolhes; sil. Per paeilis Creyna. &e. &ea The alve intinl ii s to o&ur fiormer aetek of faley sstiild.' Inaktsn l- Iasslnetnen orv c ta h . , 'l : , h, 1 e n colmble or retail; as the sa.l, of the olesan oCn., 741. ch artr. a 7 1h. 1,'2rt. SN 1TCO--TShe partnership of K olle,, l tlna:a &fC }" of New Orlean ; Mlan. llcrri &C:.., of Natelze; 'e d Harris, Kllev &to., of llodleav, woo dies rl no eheltr of May aInst, by tihe death of Sanuel A MaIlon, me of the Iariners o "the fir;se. h The undersiFgnled., rIVainc" partner., will be relnred 'r witlh ie settlinspe nd cloninr enid lu.ine'n as h fdlows: t Levi C Harri will ctlend In the sellin oftllhe hmlinio o of Mans., Hanrrisr& Co.. t Naltehe.; and Ionrrin, Kel. Ce &r Co.,at ralnnev; and enarv Kelley will attend to is he rhealine of the bnaieat oaf cllev, llnaon & Co., at New Orleatns. The names of he neveral firms will ie te used in ligeidntio-nnlv. S T'hnse iodlhtedl to said firma are rarnm:lv requested I t camme forward and makeenrlVy eettle.ilrt; anld thlne baving claims will p pleaso present them wilwlutdelay. S I.EV! C HARRIS, I IENRY IKELLEY. NewOrlaans, June 27,1837. ' EAN MARIEr, FARINA'S COT.OG.NI. WATER t a 2 aes nitre of this stperior Cololge wate,' juot it received sod for sale hy the dozen or siaghle betel:, at Also Alerican and F',enc toilet ,p lerta, pawder u il and lonxr, elhaving sanI tlilet n)apa,,plncelit es ati hallls, mnilk ,f rosies, oenletie roll ctram, oentr a o atuk, kepalla,Warld' vs egetahle hlir oil, po.lCatllln, Ire leda e perLe, Florid Invenalor, rope and amy watert , freeR' ill' latlo, h Mar eiller perlntnerv ill trlnks. aet't::. Ide I id liqlnid ren e, Chlti;ne anld Orris tlola wmave elntl,.hsir. tooth, toil atild fseoh rltee; together withll . an cddltionsl .napplv of fnahiocnable lrn, lid Shell e. combs alnd jreiery,orsale low atahaleeale or r lail Sby . SIIMONS, IIART' &CO, se NEWV GOODS-Siitenon Ilartt & o are--k-'ri I. ireivinen from on hcnrd lils Yazeo, ait' Sarnatoll dh relbri. Cnnordio, from New York, a greal varictr ol goods in their lille, whiel together with tltheir oitoIe, stenk otl w.nd, makes their asnrt enl very n. lete. T 'he Inll.,win compose s part, virz: ell tiit, .,,,r.. ;do, d tok and lndeariretmhl, heorl d1 ofll tdeeriptirni.o I n dh lia rubber, silk and warsted elnaln c enneuri, Cow on & as fine elastic susn lendere, Iac,, itno and Iucifer matches, ie Scllitz powders, powder pnr. f ani oxee, toilet powder, Srpocket hookt asad wallets, needle hooks, shell, pearl, ivorry and rnonco esrd cale, head oruaments, plain ea Ral Iheads, necklinea a rll neeligees, head chaoin, head 'C secklneel, cut eles cmnd ploin,eCedsiler and riltheando, n, Indistl healds, hells snid pluses" pistol and laree olw tlet flaOKI, slet helts, hrees, belt. Iaicke and dntilino r cionse;dloubleand single narrelled gains. Bowie knives, and dirks. .eismnrr, hnesr, rpnoket k ni es, ceord chains, at nsll ri,abons, waist buckles, clotl, hair, tollth, nail,ernah, t Arunh. eline, plate, floor and dlLstni hrutihsa, Colgne, Florida, lavendaer, rnse and ay water,ansortrd eseentes, and exrnacts, .Maocaasr, hear, neatiqals, land Ward': Vae se getable hair nils, shaving And toilet soaps of all des. n eriptionn, Indie' and gentleinens' deskhnnd reening eetes. hair rieglete, frinzttes andl raido, plain, fancy and musical work hxes, plain and gilt, filured, cat and tl ast bllttnas, pearl and ivory shirt do, shirt stnlds, eold and silver lleneil cases, toothptek adll tweezers,plated -and gilt loekete,, riniature do, silver, hrass and steel 'd ,imhlea, hookt ail e.esa, ltir. pin, ilnitation fruit,hlk of and redink, shoe blacking, violins and guitarn,rilbhed a. and plain perutsint caps, linla twine, scented culh aens,gold and ailter lace and frnge, latter pnaller, gans D hoa, riding w'lipst, walking cnaes,plnayg!n eads, lao gold, pletad and gilt jewellrv &e. 'IThe above,. together with a great variotv of other arli. o. lea are offered at wlholeale or roetail on aceomeodatilng k, termtl. ly e RB Shell eomhba repaired. HOEA.F ANI) R0 'I'A . AM N s RI ETY STORE--at he sign of the g]dent d coub,, Meo7 Clartres steepser. Tlhe sl,scriers hlave to eeived, ill addition s thleir previous stlek oin hand, a ftll and eomplete asseortlment of articles in their line; viz: Scombs, perfnmery, Juwellrv, hrnshes, locking glassee, fancy articles,&re. e,tnlsiting in part ao follows: a, COM RS-tartoise shell, wronuht and plain, tnck,tsist, qnilled back, lons round, dressitng, side.l pll carl and neck, Braziliats ctt hs of every daeseription aonnngl which r a snllae exicsan patters, Ivory combs of every daacription, horn, dresing and packet t,.gct'lar witl 15 gneral assnortlmlnlt ofFrenal and Americnn. PElIRFUMERY.Cologne, Ltvei.lelr, Florida, hona, lhay, roe, and orang flower wafers of every size and le.. erelplion, canlphorated Cologne, extract of B:rgamaot, ltamy Islpa tf all kinld, shaving do in coakes anail rot, reamln sonap do, Ward's vegetable lair oil, hears and al tiquedo. retOtll's altnellig salts, plain anl porfnlled toiletpowder, pearl powder, pa lerpnllts andbocxe po nlattim in pots andl rolls,creis and clhlrine toroth wash m and powdea, with a gleneral asortment of at~JEV¢LRY-- oame ofthe latost nd mlost faahionas l lle setls, etaisiting of white iid reld coraOlilul, toplit" "C 1et eardrops, ret ill lilagree, hmast pins of a gre"' 1.e. ar t, ofllpatterns, watlch rimmlnis, silt and ailit .ckles, thilihles, silver alnd Igel pt Icils and gardl chati. IIRUSH ES-Cloth, hair, dust. ierumlllleIorth,floor,It hat, nflesh, tooth, plate, comba , Nail, stavilg, shoe and w hitewash brIllshr. LOOKIN(i GL.ASSES-Gernoan etltia and toilet C. ilssl, tagllifylin and I'leneh dl(ecilig glassst, ho;e, lo, with a varieia of other hil::ln not enlirotald. o FANCY ANI) VAILIE'I'Y AI'l'ICLS.-Frenah and Amterican portalte dehko and llrenillg cane;, sulle Svery rith ansd fiely ihliailll ladies work bloxesand dres l ing cases, with all witlholit lmstiic, illmsical boxes, Ae o d htn t ofvarious kinll, violins alnd gnitars, silver and I platd pencils atd lelt,wood Ilplcilt Iur i:arpnn:era and Seravon, inaatlecloeo,gansan o tl Ilotlle willth ald :anlioit ar eans, lpertussion eon,c.;i cop lcarger, Illpple t screw diiver, shot behltganie htgs, paste blac ,ilot, la tea setts, Indian beads of every kindl, bells un itIillaes, Slitleaad comlon kllnive, azolrt and cissnoras, niiblee, eeelel pins, t slIver plled, steel Ftd ooinlona Fiecta. caurduatud cord eaoes, (llayilig ca'da of "reoci, tirnlalo and Amecrican nlitlilacturc, lolls. ilnitlIliCI frtlll, t·l bhaes, prsll;s of VariOos kindt, SallcliPtro' llolel v 'a, E£aaeront't, HillnusmaIIB arid llatWkita' rotor i trc O.ti Ll -i lteallic honei,llirkh, fanuy Iheal ireblelaee, I, with -or dropotoy alallea, pearl l;;ttolli, ptowmier tldake e.atld Plato seed beada,gilt tsidl tilver eoa, glais Otaei olI upui. dera,amd gartert, plainattl sword .noestehsakgaotluuot a' lardls,,lice, oltical vrienlea,jeawllhari, nloeciu Italthlt eaand drinking cuols, with a great varolety at titarari gins, all ofwhil h will he sold tihe coals or cIy teCllall,. Sceson 1'2 aontiso credit. II II .lidlIC: .1, St. S d4 7(ILG.irtsree1. *hOLl:AI('S aoirnce r I' etanrraltip rerrorred, and U ti.rooleoat their prrrrroart~r ll'r,a~ .rcwlalis No. R (:halreoa roart, .sow Ilrloaurr, 10iJ Bi orodawy Nrsw York, lrlaophitre at.. tllhbr,. It is parrticlarly derrigned irr" private learnrers. ard etlrcoir, aod is caarulateld fi Iore.lra ue oll aces Ladcte and gentleaen are invlted to colllrrrd nxoiiac tubs yeartn Ifr thellrtlvca. Il.lloa are gicen at s1Ca horcoiesa mace s·or tie culenie ce af it,,r, ad to clase firwcd m toy part ul' the city. Ladiro wroir prefer itcan reaeive 005005 at tlheir own rei sidecesa. Per.rel payioo lir 10e io rrao otrefinore are desired o attend uutl tlaey yrlos , a"ell as mley e-h,. ml I) )IdAEit ,t ti LtlfilFIL. 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Two iyeto f diesI, wti h had eahen lost the silghtlr one ' li ev-e, one Itr teln year, and tile othler fir lenlyV two al years, having both of them the oilier eye very owek; to ieet enclh of those Voitio Iltdiea Ibern to nre with htoth eves, which bienefitI tledge moweltf till continurs. ex i'Eptine tlte' alre itttder the inluei.o e or llrillttoti n of tle rMedlenl Doctor'. Another ie the dlog'lter of ai respettrhle merchnot, wl'ose name I ant touall never ton ieotion. (as lie paid me my fees),e who aid the hl Id lost tl.e ight of one eve from tile ore of ID minlnth, Sbut that ehe now teeinn to rend IUree l'tore wi h tlhe other evye crmpletel shuto. Thlli rthe detlor ebr t koo.on lthe eottellllii tld toome him'.efhe hidul ,lte ell lii lnohlur r', theolflier of the mierdi I editlor.. Cht' tlhv otirlil he iif r ed of lhe faiet. 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All the inhlthitants, f Nnohvill tl- Le I, 1 . of tilhe erect alce o i 1 heIl, .,-eept Ihe ", edi.ll I d ,oIUI., toMIl if them alon hoilld Ieeo infilrllei b lr o.tllu of It thle 'tirre ref otiurld in ie t'iitt bIt lindl eve s 9. The fn nou- o ainbh . oatbhi' town, pretend' that I have IeRl tie Int l reof 1 a ,inl'd in the Norni, eilie ,tlv Sarirvn in tile $,nllthweet. Tl'hi proves, h, wrver.[ Ilnd, to And tthat I kept them niOtil I arrived in tli' e.ti,,n. If y. Ieitined nle n the iirit, I oolt to harve .en ied n ir th er i ittcll mtlhittllh ' Io'l ellltll ietnll I :ill hope to we ri thiem on ,my very viithflI irorw onl thetlit Iy I 'Rve in shiie if the "otornliiof he eret i rf .,if I oe't r RI ilge fro the tilnn I re alt ady benefl.ed in tills i t i t it t ltre days, 'I. 'Thie iobjec t if t le pr.sent i t i"ftit tt e In di t nl ontliuh td entli ls f hlie irpeblirhl hl ii n t i. !ii S crilit. well ali lte ele ie l l r ,it l lit I', rs. 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Yt rk, I here Ilttere , ioll paid, altl 1dut, n will tee, retoul re uh e tIe t tim 0. , 'of. illl 'ino m the p llli l h t tle iit , oil tll ell, 'l+which lthe llien liot i erl' ii itlw r In tel i. tind wtl t iiwrttern tl hiutl to i'witten irell Ihn It wi e , i·t ii , S n. heo ial n r I itl Rev. i). t.11it, who ret i it i r. my preaeney l il tlltt tutmil'.-sthl. nnv ,libl.p .rb'oti m nr, onatfiocon ni'r t'n, i i t r, h a e'o+vtil nct Aen e i il, ie witi lie did, wree i il sil v l e i I nt ' Ihilt l thlati nn i- ltr r,,v nll l A tiinet it lifo re d are Illel II Il ti , caCi eilll rln en iite leaot'l ht i I tlt ro h I t hoe himtifs I t i r ittidlnl It . t r l tthl Illtl e to Iut o r hlat t lll o tI I '" or"Ito n'rlth, mm nt mney fin r i tt,ti n fi.ta 'T he lele,. t MIeSteinr'llvtletel is befor i e i i ,'ll e l h it ot ll, a. 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Ir. c. dr., we o" thie rlit rn. i"7. it tleo relq i u , of lic r. I e \',l| i i) r ., a r . Iui,. tie . .i)w. n 1r f, the Iee.. lr Il . , olf \a iooIll ,a tihe l ilsh I ;t l r ,,:1tit' \f.t teirn lh i, ia t i ,:e t, I it ptiar h11 eIxatiied t di.oll ae .iln n' o her ct, u ntai. vtllr iv til,' ItO8.llr'- el. ials to +,lub l l. sao lu clna-qu' c lcf ,aln accidlent, Dr. .A lll r. lin ilnili \4svlllh n .:te dv. llonger thanl e iat tiri t ilt idid--any the It Jtu+1y." tiev..\lr 'tringliil :--,i avin;t been 'eq tur etd by O!r W ililetin , the olli t, n w ll' ttlll l , to -'x l ie no Iia illm roulil di )IIIn II a d0ll othet dl ,,r ollTa li I.v.a or Ilila 'lnlll' llO t tiu oll .' t':l' , 1i) it ,t til his orol lRltl.l h iav , 1il colllu ilr l Wlilt I 1 0llllltlll f lt.,hl + n) 1 I Ill l +r .: "ie. alinog tlh+ m I tIowin i let rfoo. ;r I ' P li li .re gra isef lais of ttO diplloiat- ir I thie KAm'- of Iltwe, lielgi m, . 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With characteristic relliniece.n es, l'agnellts and opinions. By the author of rhus .Ia Ta'ar, &e. second 3series, uin 2 vols. l- 3i.3-oIU Re3ollectoll ,f ly0lt nse 300 Collns, 13311: flie rear h3 lesto lhe les eof h133, os :illodiOo oa.cs - . I.3 TE PUI3IICA'TIt\N1. (1 CI \, IVI., , n Ilistori nI Novel, b the author of S"''l Ilrother," h'e. in . 3v3 . lliilehs wheo regular phyv-ita.s canrlnt ho prnewrell: 3in 0 a e5 lln lnill and o uo i : o r i3inl3 ilie0nl pri, c alI ,i' l OnOlS..-lNoral, plnetaiois, loot b3.3,3o3 s,.eol , of laminls, m0 lsters of ves-cls, ii -ilneries, or £r 1lln4 3 -o it .it :iii n ll ketch for vu n to. iii o1cii ell n - 333e3r 0'3rs3y'3 Un1versal history oc thi e halse of l3r3rap hv. fo.r the usi of fa3ilies, illuistrut.d hy 3naps J 3e0 3ece3 3 aad far sale by WV 'hKE.A N. nill .,.r "'amp and Comenon its. Nt 'TI CE.-T'he e'uer 0f aeveral packages Imrehen S\di ' marked Madame V. 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