Newspaper of True American, January 29, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated January 29, 1839 Page 3
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I 0 SPANISH Mill lollars, fr rale at 10w- (ORE(GORY'S, jan2. , Exchanlue (ffic. 75 ('aal stt N ORTIIERN EXC:FHAN(il:-"il-I:s of Ilxhangr, on New York, at short eight, mil nt 31 anid G!) days. Apply to ANDREWS& lIltO'4, Jat6-2t 50 Cornm st L OAF SUGAR-100 Ibbl in store, and for alo byI j26 J 'l'IAYEIt & C,, 74 I'oydlrant 3A-DGItNG and Bale Iope for sale by .I ja26 READ &. BAR.'I'OW, 7Bank Place A 1T--15 cases sweet Chocolate, landing from ship Coslantice, for sale by JaI2 ISAAC BRIDGE CO, 134 Magazine sat W AT'ER BOOT8--0 ctes thick water buts, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, .a26 134 Magazine at U AVANA SBEIARS-35 M. Priacipe Havana .et n 5r5lt ia quarter boxes, for alet by ja26 ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine MAY3RALTY OF NEW ORLEANS. HEprice o Iredh flour today is $8 00 per harrel accordIng in to Ihe tarliff, the bakers shall give do. ring the ensuing week (from Monday 8th ilst.) 36 aoon. see of bread for a blt. Bread ofl the ecomnd quality is o asired to weigh 25 per cent. more, via: 45 ounces. JeUS6 C. OENOIS, Mayor. R OMAN CEMENT, landing from ship Eliahbeth from London, tot sale by jaa26 READ & BARSTOW,7 BnkPlace. Ron plantation above the city, for sale by, J 2n96 READ & BARSTOW,7 Bank Plaoe OlSTON 8OAP--201 boxes in store for sale by S ABR.A IM tRIER,34llravier t PERM CANDLES-10 boxes iI, stom, torsole bh 9 JnO6 ABR" i ri 'lltR. -4t str. • k"aA)TA IOES--2. 0 hampers-lli0 baroe,o n,..... K'rotatoes, ata superior qoality, landing for sale by ae6 L H GALE, 93 Common at CORDAGE-An iavoice of tarred roRep as.orted siaes, for sale by READ &BA RSI'OW, jal0 7 Bank Place LINDSEYS-50 bales Lowell Lindseys, landing for sale by STETSON & AVERY, ja7 88 Grader at M ACKER3EL-~- 9 bbls, and 150 hlf bli. No. 1,2, &3 Mackrel, in etore and for aale by jatS J TIHAYER & Co. 74 Poylraest ANTED-A partner wil a napital oefrlO,if0 In a general Commislsin & Brokerage bosiness about to he eenbliashd in tRl.titv . A line, address.d te A. B., Boa 69, Post Or ee;otating when an ltnarview miy hehad wish real omanme will o considered strir.t.y coanidtiarel aIn eoot ilt nuttentiq, jal6--3tead ' ADlES' Velvet RidingHat, of he latest styles In sale by GOSSIP & Co, St Charles at, 18 Excloange luiel I ANIFOI,l) W IITERr--Wileoas tinp,.rel Mnnllold WVritors in every style., jurt recelvrd at the BAZAAR, corner of Str Charle, and Common sis. BUSH & AI.I.AN, nov30 Exchange Hotel. txcrxanega HOtel. :4 TEXAR LANI) SC(IIP FOIL() A I..--Te salhseri"0 Shers offer for salo twenty Flouts of tai Ilundred Pe and forty scres t' land, each. By tihe aeti'of the Legis tO Iature this script can be teld nd located by foreigners, 24 and is ransferable by nesignnenma. nov29 'TIlletS B LlE &CO. -~ - ---- -SZ..z Mt p UO K--lMess & Primel, at tile inepeeliaon, for sale by II js4 (1 IOIllEY1, New Levee ot G UNNY iBAGS-:lt bkic l nt tr., for sale by qa It DOISPY, let Jalb 44 New Levee lo..' tw,tr ' mI i, ;hlrrt rlrne, No, 6 Tri- no S ml sorlt, Rzau. 1.'11,.,I; +.rclo, standing b.ack qu tnfro the slre, e, I.milr £ faur roars, well t l . e istted, o two story kithrlor witd lintlr rornarr,casiter, wtll I land everyrr all.rllr. to lnla it a eomfortakle reeil Jlena for'a enroll tamily deet.itoes of livilog loeirt., AIt tan p'l to J. inT. lASHmit .,itIT PAR t ' Lo T IlE aubao enrhr ha trle ho)or of infl eri . tL e In- dot dese, that lie has received per shtila fr. yeut not and Mareeo.r o supply of fallcl a rilllt Millinery.ot fjn the latenrt d rcllestr materials in Prs, lina · Isir er,. Scanlan expets Io lasve olened tiln rendy Ibr exnl s iantio on uMondaoy uand Tadasy next D P SCANI.AN, tiSe nov3 25 Ctltrrra dt BAI.E lt'.:--O81 ce; is Ko;tll, ibui rep.c'. r n L lotnre sad lfr sale by MJ T'r AYItli , t not Jail 7li 1n !v ii.or de .AZA-a . Fj Coreer of S,. Chlrlecsr Comoa lstreet, EXCI ANO;E nl i)JTohEn,. P ItO B US I & A.l.ANr oaltd itpenaflly calla tl . l eninl o Olcitinone an strengrrr tst teir :rcnpletllei alsllOlltntat (Gentlelel'a line .lirts do enmnrie, frt with linen trlltrUt. fulthirarlo liton trratus: lin .oel- At Inra silk, tllll and nerill llllr shlo andh drawerst camlrtlei and silk rhndklerehltielf: black n d fa'rcvo erc al vlar in great variety: l-ltrkq or eerept rt 'ltcritlptior gu nrt elstic ntlll cotton aUlle.rleers sik, rtrtal tlread gloves: do~elll llkin glove's: UlA la s antas, l d lrdtkirte glr reen llrra amrr ro ttend mnd gotldv lountueed. Alo-Splrentdid dssarnln(, f snhd,. and Ie warwc - thlngesk, tietrlnrc ..nd rt l flicn petr i vero al- l. I dery, ornd icel fiartiy odla. SvII l4r e. ruts I' Ipitea 4 ntte arrlrnd eern a r SblanLrs heatorv I ,frof tal us crioi r l cpe; \lie ll e It~ l ipe, m'.. slot; tnal, Iratar a , 5 d i,.,l n .mll.. vi maed' u iti J'ngsd arg ei T 0 a n l eJ, r inl r m ,l , l aP al i llla ,d, 'eN , s ,lad.; ill lno lllCIm l witIl Joseph .11 i hilet I ll.. Iari lie aeh t, i lltics, .. " "oar.l u'lll t l 'rrrdllltSll l it r ' I OIle ' his at rrelrlr, Is C r ' . oplli triad t SrtrtSic r c r l.atlta,a i , Ia t a ie raro'rod'htiaTexast. t'r\l. in'ite will iilt str'trrer wrl u iuIrmtl ,ni, nod ill ten-s r o f greaat . ifrontt tttlt ,, 'r ( willratteud il ptrr. ailte oaprente ('tala f weon. I o, iU rtrotstetti orln of llle"ral rre -Ul l o lrXi'Lca'lr - i. a'lr-,allll llos at New (kilrelloa, la lor.l civil lae library ia A rica. e ,r Lead 7'Wet, In all cases in whic Janro S. c MaaIlehl is rcriesled na o an attorney and Land Agent i ialexa, noe r I t cire Iv llly eistanrce, and udraiced a d ItUnr ca ellr Jso J t6a l will rrI CYCLOP.A DIAS! DICTIONARIES!! : ' 2vh~lopaetlim; Z 47 vtl.; EI' di tburg I"rcycla Psnny Cyclnpoedia, vol 11th. E.eyElnladia Anrer ianne, 13 volt. Penny Mracrnin for l837; Gorton'u Iliographical Iliatinnay, 3 vole; \VWalker' )itlitutary, I vol. Brryer's Dictionary, 1 rol, Webahtr'a do I vol. Jollrson & Walko'ea l)ictiontry, I vol; Newmnn & Erretrt'eDictin orvorta vols. Jothnson's Diaiaoury,, lvolumeo ebtreehe'a Diction es, 2 voer Bover's Dietioasuy, i2 vale; Also a largesupply olEnglih oEnnvenirs. Ac, for by hV.hI McKlXrN, ' sale d6 tar Ce mp and Conmmon at Rp ' GOODS, (:I.O'I'ItING, Ar. j The subscrirs Ihve Ill store for atle, 300 bales and caser blenclled suk brow dotmentic sllirtillga atnd hrealirgs, 60 do Lowell crttons, 7I.8, 4-I, and twilled, Sdo Lowell black nmixed eatornude, 10 do Union llampshtre drilling, in do super whie Angola otlaiel. 7 de white, green and mixed rchbing and feltine, 40 do and nanes negro clatrh, orllsi'ring of Illxedll eordora kernsey,snd plkitr, blahria xedl wa teertwlst kereys, warlliaactn and warweer jeans, miued, plaid srd trller linldeys, e 20 casues French and American printa, various qual ilies, 4 do eutticets, drabl, blnck mixod, and lilac maix ed, 4 . do super printed pongee and sarsnc hoankar chilefs, 50 balen heavy brown Russia sheet ngs, 150 do Gunny Ege, talll, mediem aid large si zee, 50 cases enantuaandginghanm umrbrcllas, 2d to 36 incb, 30 casks winter strained sperm oil, 30 do summer strained sperm ui,i 700 boxes alterm adles. various qualiteos, 2110 do talowecandles, 8011 do eoap, vneios brhndsand qualities, 310 do while slid dry codash, 50 cases sweet Sllanisnht Jloolath, 1INI boxes tobacco, 811h, 12 Ib slind pound lurps, 80 do Hyson TPen; 5 chests Vouoo, hymeno tre, Sicily tnadaire wineli in ipe;, tolf pipee s and rtrar er caks, brands ofl' Inrahal, 'i'izzu, and Colli, 200 coils bale rope, of eupnrior quality. 150 casks Boston nails, 75 Fesea calt kip, seal and thlick wnter water holte 150 do nnlfona.l kip brogaus, for neon, boys and youths, 50 do russet negro brogans, boys, mcs., ald ex tra sizes, 20 do lren' shoes, pun ps nd slippers, 30 do ladies', misses and hildron's olippers oal boots, 150 do clothing, of various rloualitiee. consislingof jackets, pantllllunlls, vests, ashirte and frocks, adapted to tile seasonl, 50 boxes paste blnacking, I & 2 gross each, 400 empty NMolnase horgehtada, in order for filling, 6 cases playingrarda, `0 rels Stevens patent balaollcnces, warranted correct; 10 salamander iron chelts. jell ISAAC BRIDGE. &S3o, 3 Moagaines MnNGLISH ANNUALS FOR 1830-The Book of y Royally, superb eol'd plates. Fimden's 'I'ableaux, Fiden's Gallery of Graces; Fiher's Drawing Room Scrap Book; Be.auty'a Co.slnlms; Bud and Blosaoms; WVaerly Keepsake; The imperial Oriental Annual; Forget 31 Not; Canrieature Annual; SFrinldslhip'a Offering; Juvenile Sketch Bloak; Young Lad'es' Annual; Youmg Gentlltnan's Annual. Anerican Amunals. The' Takes and Atlantic Souvenir; The V'iulet; ''h Gift; The Juvenilt Forget.Me.Not. Just received and for sale by Wdim McKEAN, dec3 corner Camlp andl C.llleom rsti IL, ReItSE'tS, &c.-l.l bids 'lanoer's Oil 30 bbls Fall snrained Oil ,ll Itales Kerlevs 1100 Sacks 'rm;ks Island Salt 300 Empty Molassres bbl in store and for sale by jal2. L H GALE, 93 Co.moa st RICE-.o casksm, atid 0 hIalfcasks prlila Cardlina Rice, knding iumoi hbrie Debhatah, allnd iranle by jal8 J T'IIAtER & Co, 74 Poydrnns t fOfR BALE--A tauie Dcrt, (aliyve,) 175 Sleaeamltt M. 1j18 BY HEWLETT & CENAS. SYNDIC't SALE. W ILLbe sold on Monday, 18th of Febrhary, at 12 o'cluetk, at the City Exellaoge, t81. Lcit stren, in virtue of on ouor fronm tLe Plrish I', t, for the P'r'ish noil citv of New (.ren.a, uialed the 7th instant under the direction of the Syndic, the fotllwinoi describ. ed property, aurvndered by Gabriel George Glenny to Iie creditors, vi.: 1. Four lots of Ground, Noe. 59, 60, 61 and 6?, litun ted in LCarrollton. Nsn. 59 and 6t mneasuring elch 25 feet fronst on 1th street, by 15 feet in depth. Not. 60 and 62, saving the same bront of 15 t. on RemeatCe at, by a like depth. Bought of C. Poreeby Notarial Act passed before lea Gardeur, Notary Phbli6. the lhth of 2. lot No. 5, in squore No. 15, in ollbulh Washington, 31 Munaictpality, neasuriag 29 root 2 inches froat on lorles astreet, tetween Port oand St. Ferdtinand tr6etsa, by t00 feet in dopth. Bought ofr L. S. Hilletgabrg, by act before T. Segher, Notary Public, the 28th ol Febru ary, 1837. i. Five Lots of Ground Non. 8, 9,10, 1.1 and 12. in quare No. 244.ia suburb Washington. 3d Muniteality, Ne. 8, 9 and 10, baving each 31.1 I. 6.on Meianst et, between Morales and lnruhart streets, by 107 feet in depth. ' No. 1 Ihaving 31. 9. 6. feet on Maranta street, by 107 feet on L'rquhart street and No. 12, having 31 feat on Urquhart street by 171. 3. b. feet in depth. Bought of E. Blrths by art before L. Ferand, Notary Public, the 21st February, 1837. 4. Eighl to Nos. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 1 9. 19, 20 in square No. 4, in snburb Washington, 3d Munlcipnlity No. 13, form. the corner ofFreneh and Urqulhrt streets; meesuring 31, 9. 6. feet on French street by 1(.l, I I. et on Urqnhart street, ald Non. 14 15, 16, i 18, 19 and I, each measuring 81, 1. 6. feet fnnt an French street by 106. Ie. it in depth. Bought from E. BDrtha and Ths Dauplesla by sat ,atsed before L. Feraud, Noa tar Public, the 'ti of Fbrasry, 1837.. 5. One lot an Vme street, nesr tie new nal, boaugtht from George Andrews by privats act, dated the It1 March, 1837 (oo. Andmew and wife acquired titl from N. Huolem, to this' tot whict mesasures 5 fnet (rent on Vile street, etweten the Florida landing and the boundary between Subnrb, St. Mary and selord, hnrviag 15 feel in depth. Terms and Condltluona-On third in cash; and the remaining Iwo thirds of the price of each purchase, payable in 6 and 12 months.h The putlmaer givinil his toteo with ons geod endoraer, and morngage retained until complete payment. The acts of slae to be passed before H. H. CENAS,. Notary Public, tslt purchaser payin; the Notnry'e fees,' anti the expenses Of taking posaseston by a 8nrveyor, if neceossary. jta Se Itt; & CENAS. VENIt P itt L g1 NDl4c. IL mrs vendu t Itandi, 18 fabrier, I12 hearen, t I s Rourseda e t'ji. tn o erartm o ,".. - ir .. , de iarlulst, pour nl paroses at ville de In Nouvelle Orle ans, an date dia 7 on eoruot, aoun Ia direutlao do ayn. die, lee pr*prietem suivanree, abandonnbes pat Gabriel Gre rg a Glenny I seea cr.ncienr: ,_. I. Qnare lots do terre, ns 59, 61,1 61 it niltrea i Csrroltna; aon. 59es 6 mesmreunt i5 ads ch aqe face as rue Onae tur 15t1 prods do prfonpdeua nos 60 el 62, chequer, 25 piedt de fac s In rue Reerv6ue, sur ant. mentt 1 fotrndear--aebetre doe C Poruer, pr an aetýrd Legardeor, nst. public, le 10 tni 1837.. 2. Lot no.5 dams Pilet 15, ano flubola Waahinmton, 3 mnaniipalitL, mauurar t P9 pa s2 pa sitld ro Moraler tears lee rues do Port et Ferdinand, Ier 100lpleds en profsndaur-aehetl de I. S Hillegsbere, per note de. rvantT egthere, bht. pib. le "28 earrisr 1837. 3. 5 Lots de terr, non 8, 9, 0, et 12, dnm I'iler no 24, otu fanbolarg Washington, M toieipaliet no 3, ati i 9 et 10, ayantcomque 31 I. 6 otr Is rue Mnvan, entre Moridlea e Urqu oert, eur 11 7 pield de proftnettr, nir, I 1 oynt 31 pils 9 6 str rInu e elP dt nur alt107 piedni otur a rue Urquartl et ino 12, 21 pieds ar rla rue Ure qulmarr fur 171e pieds 3 p 6 ligue ean prof iodeur--nche. te de E Hlurtle, ar acts adoont L FN'rud, not public to 21 fevrier 1887. 4. Iluit Lots, non. 13,14, 15,1 ,17. 1t,19tet 20 dins I'ilel no 24, an ftubnourg W natingrotn, Se Municilplite, no 13 formont I'Pnlnligntro de rue des 1ennoatl et Ur qnhtart, meurrant 31 pit9 p a lie our In rue des Fran cit, stir IOfll d I I pt ur la rte Urqdhart; et lote osn. 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 et 20, chbque mt'snaat 31 pd It I 6 lin dtie 6ce Ia I rte iens Francis stir 106 11 dI pr. funodeu--nhlielte di E Iturth aet i) urlltotnuie. par act rlevavt I. Fernud ,nt. npitb, In r21 fet rir 37. 5. Un L.t sur to ror de In Vfgne, pt'es dIu nveB Canal, ceheat par ClGeorge Andrews, prsacte priv. en date do 18 tmors 18l37 George Andrews eo soen pouse ncquirent le titre do N Holmes, n ce Int. qt sees tno 25 ,ie le de faco a ht rue de Is ViFnn, entre In dt'hrrcodere Firidset In ligne de demrcaltion des fub.turge Ste Marie et tDlor, ayunt 125 piedsi de Tntfondeur Conditine--Un lises compeitt it lee deonx attreea tirs a 6 main, I'atquercur donunnt erE billets aoes en disour,,I t hlvpotheque jinqu'a preftit pmietment. Le ntoas de vente Perut plseees devoit H. It. Cones, not ipub. 'ncqubreonr paynt lea frais d d'te utoo tl price de poenseein purl l'orpenlteur. 12 StI. UNTs. NEW P'tIITt'l'IN ItI tECTl'It)Nr -A Sveriy usefl book for Ship Captains and the most popular work of te klnd e,'xtut. AI.SO CIrAR'P.-, totlf of Mexico, Weet tItiev, hlluhnmt Ilnuot, West Florida, Cuat of Brazil, v leteit ranesn Se--Colst of frita---it. (inllauullet-Elnginsa Cohatlll, &C. N. It. h'lhe.. hlarts Imta ICe relied t as containing tihe 1,it tcnrre',t itftrmntiti retltive to tile above nnted placesir eer pi lised, for aitle nt DAVIDN PELT & CO). SNea York Stationers Ilml, No. 24 ('haprtrens t. " tllP(tN Y.--It0 xes in toran ItL O't'a.le by * j.olt AI It II tI lk 'I'hIIL, 31 t avin ne .'S 1I itSlI- t I Ib. a.teso fuilt tEr haue lety It <. IIn. 1tANS r, It1, ]t I i8 . 63 Poydrns st. It '.IIit',u -:1 0t l titt\bI.trnd Ilf l nxeos it. It. Ios;. lb us vary ifre i aind of esperior ,lotlity f(r ule by O. II. BLIS'. .1 Iol.n l'.,11,.611Polen t. t (11....N:i l'(tttK.--0 t1lt. insopeotrd fat tl:I \ as, s or qr or of ver' d oo S , ti r , it i:tn ait store, for antl by 0. II. BI.";S. i;lt lVat i t, i a. S119 lllllllmnll t anit Iit. I'utoo1' nln.ret' reeeide iii t'. t (t.. Ad,,nr, bix, Nao. 311l, l'ant Office. .N. II tILtS )11.--75 lbtl brorwn. 't'tlner's oil, for -a" e bIy I.I'VI I! (; 1.1F.. !,t4 9, Cutal9t un n tlert S 'l'tfpentnill, 90 bbhTl,lli'tnr'o oil for ule Ibv J \IV[S & ANI)ILtEWd, ,Ito cor Ct,omlon o& Thtnotpitolltns et ? \1.'1 cad u . tile. 1i, I)teht linseed oil received per Phlip Eagle Irlut I)relere, 50 oirrel Englishul linseed oil received per ehip Eliulizbelt frnol I uinden, 100 hnrrels brtwn lanllerirs ni, 20 hanr I- chalk. I 100 Ibarrels ,.psisi whiliog, 1100 kegs Phitldelphia wolite lead, Ot0 kegl goeen point. 50 kegs oed and lnack do, Cllmnr e, reen uttitl yellow, &c. &c. ulont tllt uses,and or sale hy JARVIS & ANI)RF.WS, jaest5 conher Cotuoon & 'llsttitouleo etr. 00 EIIMPTIY ihhdl. nd tierces, for nlote by .+Ft SIIAI.L&t HROWIVN, ja8 . 96 Magazine at a stItitit int en itolksundkercltieto, nf handsume , pttertu,for sale by a;tOSIP & (:o, jnl8 _ t (tatlen at Exchange Itotel v' sale by SIHALL & BROW., j24 96 Mtagazine at. NE\V BOOKS. The Only illughter, a domestic story, by the author gl) of le "Su ba:ltern," a¢. iu 2 volr. o Mlury II onirOlnl, ttd other Tales by Mrs Gore author- or es oat IMothere and Dau itarse," Ao. in 2 vols. h ig rThe Ieir of aelwnod. y the authoreos of "Sothers an-I Daugrhters,"&Ae. in2vols. Alihta Vernon, or the Embraidered Handkerchief, in Oliver'lwist, complete in 2 vole, by Boz, cheap di tion. Just received and for sale byh WM. M'KEAN, fi" jan18 eorCamp and Common ats NEW RlOOK.--Rob of the Howl, a Iegend of St. Iottegres. by the author of'.wallnw Barn,' Horse shoe Robinson,' Se. &c. fa 2 vols. Just received and or sale by Wil M'KEAN, jall ear Csnp & Conr on -ONDON PilRTlEI-Arind Burton Ale Ianding Sfrom shaip Orwell, from Liverpool, and for sale by n the tunder: ged: to 30 caeks, (i doz, each) soperior London Porter, CO 20 do I)r. Buroto Ale; AlsO-Chester chece. of the very beat quality, put I in tin eoxes, atd from 35 to 46 to each. PI ja25 E JOHNS & Co, St Charles at S EbAS--75 baoes Hysoo rTea, foir sale C ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, jaJ 134 Magazine at at CITY BANK, _ New Orleans, 26 Dee. 1838. Fl tHE Board of Directors of this Instution have this I day declared a Ividrnd of taee/ee per eenl on ithe Coapital thetreof payable t tthe Stoc holders, or their legal representatives,on or after Molldav the 21sat a January, 11139. ROBT. J. PALFRiAY, d28 Cashier A DRUG STORE FOR SALE-Situated on Tchapitoulas street. Inquire of H BONNABEL, ja25 cor Natchez & Tchopitoulas ata S TO RENT, Posasesion given tammelintelv'two corn. fortoble dwelling houses, in the neighborhood f ana street. To good tenants they will Ie rented ow. They are well adapted to nsmll families. Ap.. t Ily to DOYLE & MAY, ja23 3 Carondelet at LIVERPOOL SALT--1500 sacks coarse and fine, landing and in store for sale by jal9 IIOLMES & MILLS, Bank Place JOSEPH i WHITE, Counoellor at L-; eofic Exchaee looe, a few doorsfrom the PostOfllce. Jan18---I G UN Y dBAG.-2 b-les assorted sizes, just re ceived, and for aale by jalu8 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Magazine at GEKEEN AP'I.ES--lOIt bl in lile order at the L landigrg, for asale by G I)OIKRSY, jnl8 44 New Levee CIDEt-10 bile rectified, at lir landing for sale by .al ti I)ORrSEY,44 New I A BOOK Kelepr, wh hhe at prearat, only hisvre nin r occ-upied, would wish to nake an evngage I meta flr theo BemeaR der of his time. Cal give arty eat st iacti or a ton iilily ao, character. A line ddlesui, I A B C_,Jx 950, Poet Office, will be attended to. a jtli--If Y LANK BIL.LS EXCHANGE, Noeso, Bills lading, sJB Foreign Entries, Costal Hlouse rater ofeverry 75 dr.c:rilriun, foa e.l ry Dv FEI.T & Co, jel8 N V biationera hlll,.C2 rtharre at SHIPPING. For Europe. FIR LI V IPOUUI. S Thel Al new and fast sailing eilipCtIIV-. ALIER, Capt knight, laving Illst of aler car g argo engaged, and going on nrd, will iaet with il ttedite ,lespatch. For lfreight'l tai ll ,den colt lont or passage, harlng aupetir aeo ldatall, apply to ja98 L t GALE, 9.1 Contane st FOR LIVERPOOL. t5. The Al Britisa brig LADY MARY POX, l'ontbey, mater, having Ihe greater Spart of hereargo engaged and goingnn board, wml meat with immediate deepatch. For balanee of freight or pasage, apply to the Captain on bhard, or to ja.i L H GALE, 93 Commlon t FOR LIVERPOOL. The A fast sailing ship UNITED STATES, Capt. Barr, having most of her -.Ic argo engaged, will ihave deFpteh. For freight two hundred ale, or passoge, apply to ja2 S & J P W lTNEY, 73 Camp t' FOR LIVERPOOL. A n At ship can take 1200 bales cotton. and will positively sail on Saturday neat, 19th inst. Ja5 L H GALE, 93 Common a FOR HAVRE The A I and fast tailing ship JOHN HO.LAND, Capt. Jourdan will receive dlepatch haring the greater part of her iar eoengaged and going on board. Fer freight of 2111 bale cottun, or paelage apply to (GEOflE BIhRRUEROT, Royal at jal or to LH GALE, 93 Common at FOR LIVERPOOL. Tha ie ship DENMA RK. Lovett, ma tor2 will hare imuediote despatch. For - ight aof 211 bales cotton, or pai.age, apply to L H GALE, 93 Common st . FOR LV RPOOL. S.The Ina that saeling ship ST. JAMES, Capt. D Howe, master, will hbave immediatl deapatch. FAr balace of frelght or pOantage appt a ja S&J t' WHITNEY,73 P mp ate FOR LIVERPOOL. The lr new Al rIq aBYRON, Capt. I TmwAC Bnraon, will have immediate despatch. For Iilght of 200 haler cotton, or pasaagc hNvi g . thoainmodationr, a Rpply, to :" ca a1; aP(iC LE,93Cnmmon at 7 FOR HAVAN 'I / 'rialie rfast satiling coppered A brig LNA, Captain Hallett, will meeat with i .Ifitw, 41. a'pý.ul . '.l- ir. gt arl It o barre or - ha balk tereof or passago, having aplendid ftar hhlied aeoomaodetione, apply or boarl, opposite the Trlp[[| sor taree, 2d lniczpality., or to in05 Wil PORTER, 95 Common it ..... . -- Iam- e.--t FOR NEW YORK. Passage Only. S The A I fhat sailing hip CIJARLOp TE, Capt. Rice, will meet with immediate de.. . eath. Fr passaige nly, havinlg ra.rie r aCcOmatedetala., apply to 1. H GAI.l, ja,8 97 Coammon at FOR NEot YORK. ,-_ The Al fast sailing bcrqut VIrlGINIA, WmrSinelnir, malter, having tart of her car - go er.gagld, will have despatch. For balanice if lrligt hor passage, apply to Captaie n an board, pllpo. siteapost 14, 2nd u tici diltly, or to ja' S kJ P WHIT leFYi.7 (n r, SFOR NEW YORK. The A I pnrkbt shifL WARSAW, W'm It P Mendello , aretr, wantsra 00 bales to fill up. For fIrielht r r picasage, apply on boa Ard, or to ja2B READ &A Ill l'I'IJW, 7 UankiI ltl'e. I - Thi Al brig McOXY nt, for passage, apply to - & J P \IIIITNiEV, JasA s3 Con b, pti FOR BOSTON The Al bRIqo. tllAV"lP., J EtlnondI, s. Feightppl to S & J P' WIIITNEY, SFOR BOSTON. . The A I alth IEItUVI \N, cW lmnilt master, will have iniamediutua dsltatch. Inor fitlly tans Itavy freight, bpnl, to jait " &a J P WAI'I'NEY,73 Camp at FOR NEW YORK. The Net' York and iNer Orleans Liner. SPi'aPaket of the 3nth in·t. .. The clrgtat lship REPU BLICAN, Cap mtainJ(C Rnuel, will nail punctually. For freight or pnassage, apply on board, opposite ja`5 PI.;'PER I IDLAW, 60 Camp at 1- FOR NEW YORK. n.. The A I Ios gailiug brig ALICE. Jor . _ dn, Master, having tll her freight engaged I .1will have despatch. For passage, lhavin good a. cinntodaions, iet )ly to jali9 WtI P)ORTI.R, 95 Commotati FOR PIIILADOLI'IIIA.IA '"I'll," tiei~ l.l aIiing bnirqte CHAN ' I.7 I,' , '?h l tlr, wantl the go. F rc'i, hl,,~i ',,,, .u, + "e, having goodae t'nlnlll,.."", :"'lll a 1 to % Ja P WHIIITNEY,7Ca . r ill ';': l -;-.. . . . ' c m and nist iling ship PIIARSA 1.1 1I, I I\\ (l,.ot 11 itr, will ha imn .j.t.-j 'd i,,i h. FIor rcight of 211 ata hae ctetlon, : p ltnu-q, hlavi,, splendid nt-lcon modal ions, a tply ol io:vl ,i+Hiot,, the Orl.eann Cottonl Press, or - .... adml J WII 'lINEY, BOLt FREIGHT OR CHARI El. lte sler iMARIONll, J Tarorrey, mastar, 000 bariels li, then, apply , I " ,& P WHIllNEY. ' . Foll NI'IV YORK. '- 'iTe n, lit str \VIIL.IIAM II.\'IT, C.,pt, FOR NEW YORK. IIOLMES' L.INE OF PACKETS. 1') Hnil pnctually as advertised, for arncl port--The jj lile will consist t tl lte ,o lowing ships--aiz: S Ehip Nusollel, [l'uptr Wood. iArkansae, Palilain ES DIenais, Alabnnamt, (Capilain.C C Berry, Orlena,. Ciptuill S nearr, Vicksburg, Caibtain J Eunker, PantJrea, Uaptuia Ahl'y. ThIe ahnt shisi are all of ItheI first clans, peoplred, andil copper fbstelned, ead were built in New York ex. lercely for this Iride--thley are o .ieltit draught of wa. itr, and almosat invariablv cross the bar withnlout daeten lion ''lihsP paclkets art commandetld Iy Captains well ex pcrenled iln ihe tradl,and will ulw a naiert tllltnaelvca It aceittllaoda e. TIllc will aln av be tim ed ut atnl dwn thle river. and will Ip.iroptly sail as advertised. ithev have ltnndomiely fi'niasbed nccoinatndatiina, and tartelsftae first quality will always e Ifurnished, atd every cllttlitin paid t-llate comfort aid atisfactlion of pasneagrsa. rThe price oflie enbin is fixed at $80, wilhout wine or liqror. For firther particalars aplply to A COHEN, Jt8 90 Coulmon straet IS'l'le ships are anot accountahle for breaktige of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage. of ti, or rut iflitan or rsteel: no.r responsible for any package or parcel pat ate board, utnliss a regular bill ofladiuig be a ieedteerefir, thl e i otifloalhe aeouete. FOR NEW YORK. Newto York ' *'etw Orleans Line. A LINE of packetsl been established to run be tween New Orient. and New York, to conest of 3 fiv first rate ships, vim: Shilp St. Mare, R W Foster, master, t " Republican, J (; Russell " Aubur t II P durfey, C ne Iv building, The slhips wevae built il New ork expressly for the trade; ar:of a light draught ofr taer, and will not tn subjeet to detalotime at the Batr t'heir aoconitodetr Inr orpaoengersr cotprise all that may be required o Ocuoltfrt and eonveleaece; and their commnanders are e oel o epi rietce. Until the ehips now building are ~co:pleted, two first class shipsn ill supply t:eir places. t le greatest ipuntuility will be observed in tile time of sailing, and every reasonable accromnodtiton extended to p'smengers. For further partieulars apply to Mlossrs. Johnson lnd SnIowden, No. 86 Wall street, New York, or to Sa PI'I'EIt I.AtI)LAWV, il Conmp et FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER. The auperriErsl.r JULIA ANN, Web nier, master, carryinrg 12 hthds, is ready to reeive fright for a northern port; will go up he river to load. For terms.ap o ly to jais SHALL. & BRt .WN, 46t 1ogoine st ,,_ A small brig, capable of carrying 200 hhblda sugar, and lod for a northern port. Apply to L H GALE, sa ja 93 Crommon at FOR SALE, FREIGHIT OR CHARTER, I Tho brig EIELINE-an eaeellentevns d eel in every repect, about 100 tlls burtbett, e or will carry 150 hhds. Apply on I oard,o ptitoe 92 Old L[vee. jal6-- t ot u or the Znterior. U" S. MAL.l FOR BAYOU SARA AND PLAQUEMINE. tr tse,. The splendid passenAger sIeaboat S'. BRILLIANT, Hart, Master, (all a" i state roosta) commenced Ih-r to a gai tarpe on -t-ednesday, Ihe 19th last at 10 o'clock, A. M1., and on Sulday, ut the sanm hour for Plequemite, and will reulitae to roun recular tilI balance ol the Season, Bnd leave punctually at tile uree advertised. t A separate euhin, all in stite rooms, foa coloreld pero pIle. iFor lieight or passage, tpplv on board, -r to ' ie Dtt AtAiIS & WIIITALI.. hFOR MO1BILE. - The regoUar paicet leow pissuret by stnaer GIRAFFE, Capti. Siiler, r will leave the lake end of the Rail g.oat, every 'THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS, u after the arrival of th Ir t'cohk ears, and onil her re t- tun, leave ,lobile, every Taeeddaysnnd Fridays. For passage apply ou boare CAPI'T. SWILER. ng, 1' S--Whendesr uaulticient onlme, of passengers cry offer the ;irafb will touch at any of the intermediate latdiiigs, upon previous notice being given to t'apt at Smiicr.. nuoi-tt fL. RENT.-A lot i Julia street, near the newBa . sin, suitable fur a wooden lumber yvad. Apply ut 9 Bank Plate. " jun MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Renwored froun I Clutanltouse St. fO NhEXT D)ORK o T . GIAHiLES TlHEATRE, CoanlR OF rPuVRAS & ST. CIARLnES STREET. aug9--1838. TO RENT. A LARGE and edmmodious Room over Levy's auction store, 53 Magazian street. Apply to W GREENE, Lithobrapher, on the prenises. N B--The above would rake a good drif Joonm. rm*3 JEFFERS(iN AUADEMY. IJREPARATl'KY to Jefferson Col,ogoandto oth ere conducted by I. Girunte, LL LI,. C Ebcheuge Alley, between toni and lienville. Thl; situation was the most eligible that could be found bebne entirely free from the toise of the streets and the Iettlng of drays and eariages; Tite Jeferson Academy is divided into two depart ,menra. The Junior or elementary department for the various branches of common education in French and in Eteglih--'he Senior department for Latin, Greek, Ietbmcelec, tee. Punectuality, order an t dineipline are strictly enjoined mnd observed. Terms. Juninl Deparment,per month; $10 Senior do 15 Spanish 6 lt. Boos, slates, paper, e. charged aeparately ond. A month oee begun, to be paid in full; 3rd. No dednetion, for absene nor for holidays: 4th. Payments to be made regularly every month. School hosa rom 8 1-'2 te 3 o'celock, encept Thers duay. sep27 EXCHANGE READING ROOM. r.HE proprietor has refitted his Reeding Room, in I the St. Charles Exchange, Coraner uf Grvier and St. Charles treet an the neatest manner. S Resides alnil the nrinepal Iapere of the United dtntes, of everv city and state, the Canadan,Texas and Mexi eo and Havanna, tie rmom is regularly and extenaive. Iv sepplied with the latest European papers, L.oyd's - ists, and Price's Price Current. Also with nearly all the Ltterry Perindicals of the day, and ls the re publications of the London, Edinburg, Westminster Metropolitan ltesiews and Blackwoode Magnzine. The. North Amrican Review; tile Soulhern iterar Kn ick- t bocker, TheAlneric un Jornal af Sciect and Arts, Clbinet Miscellny Democratic Reviewv, t(entleet''s Ie a gazine,Ameiecan mtonthly, Bently'a Mliscelleny, the Menico Chirurgical Roriew, cnd a variety ef Alt .h.. ..-ht tear's.etrly ,ltueitbeed lir slid rces, red. The room is also sopplied with a hnlee valget) nfmnpe and Etllaoser, Nile RI iser, I.evy's Price Cur rentifom its commencemort, Gaateers, and a varie y of works of reference. The mot active & intelligent news collectors are an ploved, to give the earliest arrivals, and ao pails nlor ax pense will be spared to render this Ileudilg RoOm the firs the United States. Subocriptions are respectfully receive l. oetl l-tf NEW ORLEAN.S & LCARRI.I.LTO IA'L ROA COMPIIANY. ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE WEEK DATn. From Crrolton. I FromNew Orleans. Honge Carst 4 o'clock, A M. Horne Car t 5 o'cllck, A. Locom otion D Locrot iv 7 - e - -rr-l.on - - 10 " ": I ' " I " " " P. Mt, S" P.MI 3 , o 4 - ,, After l o'relock Car an be olltahod by paying 10 do arn hr thee Trip. TINE JAICKSON AND LACOURitE STREETCARS LenveCaolll streenitr at .elock A. M. and run otlhoy. At elf laStt o'clock this car will elnomellce runil. cver hall f hur, nald eontilltle ntroau h lt thlo day ttil d o'rlo I'. t. ream the head ofeack-on utreot. Persons oillg by tie .colnotlov mut provide tlloemseen - nith Tickets, as nu motey will Ie takler Il thie ctllduatoc. Ollese New Orloans oiud Carrcllton Rtlt Rod enaonllly Poydmrattreet. JO1Nr II rAMI'ON, itov29t Chif EO. N. o C It. R. I ttlE. Principal of tlhe Elglidt Frrnrh and S.1 nisl Academllly, No. 11 St. Clharltes trele(t, nenaounloa to his frieeds add the puhlic with aiui lultjillt, that Ilia institutlOn is Inow inn aut:cend I oiulierul lln, Ithat lie hop oon to have his coatn intent of pupil,, which will I., IHemtes thlis opport itt of asattincpalrents nolthiug sltall Ie wtatlin, wlmticht ,atr cortribute r , ouctltot ned improvt,,r,- , i of their iota tt7: 1838 GEOII i: W. SMITH . SuOtreon Dentst,from Philadeiphta, B EGS to t itr, the ilades antd gentle.e oflNew Ofr leol t at It ll has at tel hltt .l elfu! No. 166, Canal iSteetl, opposite tihe Stle rlouee, where lie will be haplly tllo attend to any prafesior alt cttwgemenlts. ; W Smhih not having previeosly vicled thibs city takes the liberty ofextractig Irotlll otle t recoulen ds toty letters, Ihalt he behar., tihe fillin git estimonial from those woitltokvetkttn khitm long r nil hntitattly. eronl the Rev. S II Tyng, of Plttadclphtia. "i thake great leaoure in ayino that I have had conoriec. hie aequailtance with tr. -leitlh bt Itersollta'ly allld ill the buailrns of his trofaesi,. It both reopecto I cnerider hitll oe eullllum.llo hihly worthy or the prtlootllee clhlie re re-nes. Asa I)ulltltut I tve eo rroer foultd ait oerator whom I cotsido red a l't pr iOl't t t llt l .it ttt ilit that wIli l tei rt e ollfi dellce eal! l be r,., ,o ,I ill l lam to those Ilos natuailltetl with hit xtil be well reyUid by he dichetgoo oelduties Pealtruoted to hint. Dlr. Stnith alts teratt .t n.a o ideratlo extent for wo peltonally ad for Isnombere of iniv , llily. i''Ie:PtEN 1 TYNG. From Rev. 0 J RtserLteo. Olieiococey ct Cyrie, in O -ces. ' wanited ill Philadltlllpa to give Dr. tmtilt, fair opportu Ilty o'tpy tting iny toL.h ill order T fl loe hlse dune in a Ill y mell y i nrllnller l td hi (.lltl tl'ts-a. e .o. elld skil with nlhich hlcot ie peeonlc h l elrllglu o are eqllliled only by hie pa Ilentl perseovrulloOc in Ogivo cvert Ihlllte ch.Lghest fiin. I nhnll it f hut.l. Ic sclved rot UIly olauch uIaTrilltg btt hniIai amueh valutble lime. t, . ,c. Rofrfcellnes l N.e Orlealua.. JeRob Wilcox Esq. I el'hoe. Atllel. tJrko a Co.n locuul he, Rellards & (o. } ew OAleaae . Wdlino, Clarke Jeun. Etq. Cuthllert llullitt Esq. NEW- ORI.REAN - &3' , i;.3l IOAD (tle.-NTltI(ll,.-On aud after tihe lot Itoc.,l1138,ouil furllther ellltte, nit I':tlru thlegt Cur ill Illave the car lllleo, Itydra streeto, ct hllo ' puot It o'clock, i'. Mt. for t.nfayetto and interoltdiatt places. Single ltiekete37 1-2 coeott, or ýt $35 per hundred. neaif-If Chf. lng. N. O&C. R. It. L 'iotS TOt-tH P 'AS'E--an elsag.tand ighly 1 Sapproved dentifrice; thle ies, preparation ever put p for the teeth, just received at ite Bazaar. hUShII & ALL.EN, tan d29 coar St Charles & a Iotnmon sat., Exchange l)INE APPLE CHEESE & Goshen Ilatter, for ` sale READ & BARSTOVW, ial9 7 Bank Place IN, Sicily Madeira in half pipes and qasrteer Scasks, for sale by SHALL & BROWN, I j24 9i Mareazille by 2PEiRM Oi--30 casks winter staid sptanler , o for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE Co, jns25 31 Malaziinaet1 I OM .'.g'IJS--1.3) Iles 3-4 attd 4-4 hoary brown slahitins atd theeTlite , fur sale by ja.5 ISAAC I(t I)t; F. & C, 131 Mlagazioe at APSBREtLLAS-2.l cae-, 28 tu 3i n Mianta eatnl GtutgItat utabrellas lutdlitg irtrn Itarque Joseph. ine, for sale by ISAA.: BIRIDGEt & Co. jV5 134 Magaitte at. IUNNY BAlS-t- o biales Gu0 y Badg, a cltse alti prime texture, suitable fir Salt, by ja25 I tLII)GE. 134 Mligaise ast 3tJiNE--An iedtoiae of Sicily Mnadeira, in pes, 2 p italf piple, Il)ll0 qt tercasks, t nd u0I octaves, entitled to dlebenture, bratds ty Ilvcao, Clli & Zizzo, fn, eale by jan:5 ISAAC Itlltll(E & CO, C j UNNY flGs-tOr balstl he. hags) ito store and tbr sale by G DOPsbEY, ja2I 44 NawLeve O'1'ICK.--T'lthe casignee (John Law) of a lot a. 1 caen ent and plaiae, of Parisa, by the shlip Arab. i stored at No. 19 N(otre tIttte astree, athere he is requas. tead to call and receive the sate. hjPlTle ouEieiatn Advertiser will pullish the above o3 tines, and send their bills th Pic m the office, j23 3taS T O L.ET.--Psscatsian given thle I st February next. I The dweellitg hacus anow occupiedl by Air Wam.U, C pntier & Girardl. No ti Thatitoula s ltr et. For particulars apply to II. Banntubll corner Natchez and Tchapitatul as tatss, jd3 INDIAN'S Pattaaea, Saieit' dot. together with k at l Irve aatrtultat of patent m.adiacitta. Received vs lately and for sale by 11 i ONNABELL, su j2J ear Natebhez & Te apitoulas is T SI-DER VINEGAR--31 t lse a in rre, tinr sale Iy ri jd4 0G DORSEY.44 New 4 Lelee.w n, I ORK--Mess, lsUpt and abhulders, lor nale by S ae22 S'tPE fION & A\'Ei Y,868 Grayin r at ")ACON SIDES-59 hlds. Cincitnati Cured, l- .t Speror quality, fLr sale by jad S'ETS.ON &- AVERT, 88 Glravlest B ACON SltES--15 cak sidaa.t, -od 1 a tbs c it rvassed Iams, fir stale by jenl ISAAC: B_1(IDt; & Co, 134 Magazinae s t aOLLANID GIN--5 pipes, entitled to drbranta S for sale by '1' It YI)E & Bro, jaIl2 39 Commontttt, cor Magasine it t., ISItEY--36 barrels rectifield, ia store ftr sale by 1' It tYDtI & itro, 0jahI 39 Cttommo, eotr lagealzine sts M 3. COfII EN has removed his Law a 8e t--to.No. ic 0 Exchange Place, nearly aopataite the Pott It Office. jau2, t;39-It I T O TIiE LAl)IES-Alkinstaa's t)epillatory, far rc Smovitg superfluous hair from the fale, teck andd t+arms, with ecual ta'ety aad certainty, leaving the skin finer and whnter thn balbre the apjliantino. A telesh Saupplyjust received at the iBazar. aul BUSH & ALLEN, I, Exchanae Hotel, tre St Charles & Commton t , ~e Orleans & ..ashrlille Rail Road Co. at ANNUAL IM EE''IN(; OF T IIE STOCKIIOLDERS SJanunary 21st, 1t39. P AT an annual nmeetint ofthe Storkholdler, Iheld in i, pursaune ofthe 811t section of the Charter, a m tjrity aflhe atockbolder noi t t emar present, the elec Is lun was postponed until \W\'ee'ocdlay, thle 23.1 iln.t., at a'clack, P AI. JAMES tI CAL.DWELi., je22 I'Presidet Ut1EIIN A CtJULISSI'.S tia: I.A NOUVELLE ORLEANS 1E7T NASIIVII.LE. Aasemblte ,nttutlle des Actitnmlires. re A iN E . set lnabtn't at l tUl lle d es ntiilla a iresa to n o - d natt pa latI section a de t chtle, tae IntaUlltrite ji de:s aetoulalres i,'ttalle pa r pl'esent, I'election sal ren. voyee au tertcredi -3tt t oranlr , a G (ttstes P. i1. JAMESr H. CALIDWEI.L, 2.2' jay--2 Presidct. p EASo, ha ...rold tis ultt o ptptete tht St. Cihidrs' Arcade. on Callmp street. ia sold a priz of $lO0 the first dasy, besides saoallea pries. at-..- I Gunny Bags, of stuerior qtaltty t lanling fiaom shit irno, and for sale by l jailt SH.LL& BIOWN, 96 Mlagazine st BUSINESS CARDS. FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GEeP;l' 'r LOUISIANA, O bfl fl his verv'es to l I ublic it the depnrl ments of Surveying and Cidi IEngineeriat, both in tnwnl and country. o nla , explnritneo l his profresion. end by proalnuexa, atnl flidelil. it ,ha exection of business truasleal t, Iim, hbe tapes to merat and receive a ahare ofpullic ptatronaue. te wil' also measure and calculate the contents of walls and exeavalios. Olfice No 8 Chartresatrcat,seeuodstory teak. jet BANK NOTE ENGRAVING. RAWDON WRIGEr,,aATOU & UDSON SAVE opened an office in New Orleans, poassaessing n equaarndvautagen with their bhouse in New Yolk, for the purpose on'ongravig eild printing Bank Notes, Bends, Bills of Exchange, Certiicates of Deposeits, Clhecks and otlor important paiaera,.aeqaring security agaitstt lorgeries; and have made ample lnoviioan lor e nsate keeping of all plates anid impressions entrust ed to their care; their ep.eitaaa embrace tlhe notes of over five hundrel bnking institutions, and all orders will be exrecued with pronptitale, and on the usual Icrans. tloice, corner of Royal & Canal atreet. jS-atf SAMUEL TOBY, *.Verrhad.lise Broker 4. Comamision .Merehanl, dl:i t tffle, 36, Camp st.-For the present. O. H. BLISS. 8HIP BROKER & COMMISSION MERCHANT, aNo. 63, Poydru Street, ! . 1 - NSW-ORL¢ANS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., S IPhhLesleste CIesksr BaL .alsssess S No. 3, Magazinie street, S AVE :constantly on hand a large supply of Cloth inll, calculated for the country trade. Their as. sorttrent being large, merchants fron tile country can be supplied at the shortest notice. eoct4 FPASEIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartree srreet HAVE aeunstantsuptly of teery article partatniog to gentlemen'a dress, of the latest style, at New York prices. der 211 J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST nor 8 No. 33, Royal street. ORLEANS LITIIOGRAPRIO PRINTING ESTA BLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLI.U.I GREE.NE, PROPRIETOR nrl J H. PARKER Comisasion acid Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New 0 :leans, Feb. 2 i JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLEetALE AND RE'TAIl. DEALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D 'E STUFFIS. J.,VD WLYDOW GLASS, turner of Common anld Te'loupitoulas streets, NEW oRLtatcs NATHA'I1N JARVIS. JOHN VW. ANDIREWS. A large uttpply a Garde Seeds. warranted tihe growth lf l337. DOYaI, I & liATY, a I)EAI.EKRS IN AMERICAN & L":NILISII CROWN GLASS, Nu". 3 CAHNa.tttrtn' STR FT. oa l l It ' N iEN'S INSULRA"NE COMIPANY OF NEW LtIILEANS. lthis Company aren now prepared fIt take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 M1usson''sinldtdig, Cannl ti eer. E I1. TRACY, New ()rleans, May 15t.1831. Secretary. ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 2 Camp stlreet. Wholesale Dtealer in Paints,, il, Varnishes, Brushes, Im30 Wi'dow and Picture Gleasi & c.e. T. W. COLLINS AT7ORN,'EY & OCUOUavS.L OR AT LA. P NOW praatiin int tile State atd City Courts. Cli ents till find hint ut the Clerk's oflice, U S Circuit Court, in thie Custom llouse building. jte8 T H suhscribr, having recei.ver d a cornuassiun as l)Deltuty Surveyor of Uhited Statas Lauds, for this State, oIlfers his services to thle lblie to survey and locate aIds il any part aI I ouiaol yig . ,As hereloforos a I Ol eraclinsitLilher of Surveying or CCivil Engiunering, suth its alignments,teuveysa , Ilan, drwiaitgm, leveli, go, profliles, ealca:latiuea of excavation, embankment, clutent of aullu, tc. either it trawn tar country, will be promptly tad faithfully attenttded to. Chirges reastitnble ntd t 'rms cash. Ofliec 55 Ma gazite street, in BIanks' Aros Ic. FRED. WILKINSON. it 1HIL41)E'I.PilA Ililckweat teald, Yea.atpowders a lthad, Beea, irkled 'Tongues, t',rrautit, Citron I I.tlitg froam e lip .lers'lly, dlirec't li'nm I'hiladelphia, '1 ( lai halfburreglsc IUkrnlhent Inal. 11;0 Iiurtr bIrelitts Buwheat meal, r5 halfbarll:t No. I ehud, 25 halfbuairels uhil' Heef, I1 Ih'dfbarels pickle'd Tongues, 2 barrels smnusol Tngues, I gloss )liver'sa attt Powders, for anle by d:28 ( WIPRITCHARI) & JO) TAGF 'LT. "1 aUlt--t S l 'rls . SF FlIur, (baking) far sale by j3 P1' I.AIDLI.A W.66 Caimp st . IV EIRPOOL SALT-750 sacks line,and 7511 sacks L coarsalteiverpol Sanl, reeivpd pier ships Queen Adelaide and Dauntless, foma LiverapoIl, and fir sale byIy t. !3 10)l,9l':S & MILLS, lnk Pliance SI - LEAI -IEl- OIL-1i tiercan bleached Fall oil It lading from shi Sit. Mary. 32 a h oxes aperL Candles, New Betdford hrands landing afrom schr Maria, for sali by jl . JtESPHIC Ct CI.(A NE, 25 Gtaeier at o't "LRItSII MALAGA tR I SINS--I100Ii whole and L belf boxes, for sale by ABIIRAHA T RIER, janu14 I Ji (;rvierst ar ' OMtI''I.iC IIRANIY-I I Ibla lrandy-f-rst and frttlh proo, lanIdiang Ilt,t ship l'urol.e, for sale it by 1.A \WRI'NCE & LEGENIRE, jan3 23 and 29 New Levee. S '1'1tE S.ubscrirbers olier at wholesale the following goods. HAiTS--100 cases moleskin silks, as sorted size ant! brims. ll,0 do bestNo l do do 1lO do do No ! do do 00 cotes best No 3, nssorted sizes and brisma. 20 do Ileaver, a superior article; 50 do Finlt Nutria; 50 do Extra do 2110 do Black and \'hi:a Russia; 50 do Extra Black itasma; 100 do Muskot & Coney lirbroad and narrow blroms, for Levee and country trade; Sdo All onks ofmilitory & naval Chapeaus; do Childrers silk and Russia hats.,il sizes. Caps-Fur, Oiler, fur Seal, Nultr, Muskral, and t haor Seal, in tro dozen cases. Sealotte. Cloth, Polish Avril's hat lhlpe, oft top. Forest, Forage, Military undress, do Leoather fotoghg. hiliden's Fancy 1 orbana, Plaid and Velvet Caps, Fre.olt putterno. Stocks-Snto, Silk and Bouabazine, ofl the neatest styles. laUmbrellas-silk and cotton. Military Plumes, oiled silk. silk Hantlkerenies-I'ooge.o and Spitalfields. Bandboxes for hatters, woood enos, doubl fior dry goods. 'lth above goods colprise a large stcak, and all af ile latstr pattelis, and will be saol at a small ad. vunce, with cost and ChltRes oil NaW York prices. 'the subscribers will take ordera fIor boultern, western and Texas markets, for the holas ofA Iht Gossip & Co., Hat Manuofacturors. New Y'ork, and at ths shiortest ,ossiblo notice. rerlona and Freuch t'lusloes bughlt. tGoSSIP' a CO., Naval, diiliarv, antd FPalhin,obl Ill tera, lExchange Hotel, tvlrt4 St Charles st NO'i CL. alr. GEORGE MI,.RRICK having resignpd the of. oei ofeltief Engineer of the Newr Orleals and Carroll. Ston Rail Road, Mr. Johltn Ilumposon tis been ppoint ed in his place, to wl3am all persons hlaving business with, or wiahing inlo.rnation regarding said Rail Rload will pidyl, at the Rail Road Oltlee, Poydras street, IBy order of the toard. (Spined) JOIIN NICHOLSON, a novl7-tl Cashier COKE. S t11E price otf Coke float and after the lt dayo of . Ocltobler, willbo fifty coats ler sbarel in the Ga(is - \Work's vrd, and if token iGn o iontitiea of one hun. d dred oIrels, , ill he loli ed firee of dlrayage. Tha advantage hanr't e article lf fiful possesseso ver the anthracite and ,t'-, mlnous coals, igniting mlore reaIdily titan the fiortoe and Ire, frot tile unpleasant smooke of the latter, nlshould induce every family to osake ase otf it Orders renoived at the Gas Office it Bank Alley. K \V WELLS. 0;sp09 Sec'y NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIl. ROAD, in Ieteoeber 22o, 1838. N.OTICE--To Contraetors'-ealed Irolrsina l SI e received euntl the 2t2nd of January, 1839, for at ooking lthe superstroucture,loftfronl live to iten miles of thoodl: c, iomllmi cinllg atl IT'osiatIIice anlld exttniding to ipL, ifit(tidoul+aul, bIe een, ald colditlon made kolloW, n 0i ,lllion ti0at this oifoce. I) H0.A {D, to? - th Ch. Etng'r t and etinol. Sair'dt liti.'RE \tU 'I)D AOSIIRANCE DI LA CO1i)XlPA GNII Il SO lIMPIERS. E L-\ N. ORLEANS n' E t0aionoailoeo u olt por l presenlt notifies iuue lc Lit sixinnversenoloet est dilloe, Ct dovln etre poure . Fearer prolchain,aU llu ar I:.a Comnlogaio,i,o21; rueldu Caoll. t. 4jan er I. TRACY. Sem. l:-. FoC o af -o Firemeu Insouranes.Comp-.ny o Ne, Of.oteaobo,- It,' ituckbollrro are Iherelby n - Ilerlid, at tiOe tT IlratLUET hle.ollmes dlur, n ' s patab onil tlhe 8thl February nlextoit the office of the Cn, an', 1 Camo e treot. EL TI.ACY, jI jal Sec' BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRIINTING. OF EVERY cF.IITI'IN, i#-EEIHLYIT,ANDrOMIELY AND CHEAPLY EXt'LUTI'rI AT THE OFFICE OP THE True Jlmerican, d'T. CHA(.LES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 McCOLLUM & DOSSY, Factors & General Commission Merchants, MOBILE. References in New Orlea Kirkmam, Abernathy IlHanna, ) Pope, Proers &. o. d8--lm BAZAAR. zri8 &a AsEoN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE HOTEL, C'r ere of St. Charles and Common its,. NEW ORLEANS. I MPORTERS and Dealers in French and English I rrftumnry; Dressing Cases anm Portable Dtesks, Cutlery, Hnosiery, Gloves, Shirts, Stockes, Umbrulltas, Cauese.and Fancy Articles. d5 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROB IM O.~Jt B0 IOD WIAN, No. 6s, Chartres ItreeS, One Door below Bienville, HAVE constn ly on handevery article appertain log to gentlemen's dress, made in the best tian ner and most fashionable style, ahich they offer for calsht, at redlced prices. decd--I838 LOIIISIANA FURNITURE WARBROOMU No. 53, Bienville street. W ILLIAM R. CARNES, would respectfully in V form hs friemls and the p'tblic that he is con. stantly receiving from Now York and Boston a good assortment ofFurnitu'e, such ae mahogany chairs. softs, Iedstends maple astll painted chain, staple and cherrvy bedsteads, mahogany and cherry thles of all descrilptions, bureaus, silet., secreterye, writing desks, wardirobes of imntoeneh nied- .hnerys wat, seands, looking glasses, feathers, beddling, &r. &c. NB. Furniture packed for transportnlton with great care. .uovl JOHN STEWART, No. 5, Platt Streel, New York, COMMISSION MERCHANT, IMPORTER and dealer in Hatters Plushes and trimmings. Ample storage may be had on mod erate terms, andevery attention paid to goods forward ed to his care. letet'ereces: Mesasrs. Larue & Provost, N O. nov22 1838-ly _Gossi p Co.. A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, WItholesale Grocers and Commission .Lferchants, No. 27 Common Stret,New Orleans. [.YParticularattention paid to the putting op of Steamo boat and Ship stores. nov2 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE No. 53 .iotnauneo treet, oppuoite btanks' Arcade, t E STABLISHED for the execution of maps, plans E and drawings, merchants' circulars, business and address cards of very description, funeral circulars on deep maourning tiprr, apothecary and druggists'labels; bauk checks, dray receipts, &c. priattd and raxcult d iu acheapand '.editioon styleayly thelpropritNr. NB. Bank Notes .tallv executed. m24 USi' received tat the Louisiana Furniture \Vare sJ Rooms, 53 Bienville street,_000 Mlaple and Cherry iedsteads- a first rote article. Also, a good anortl Itrnt of tlatple, WValout, and Painted Chairs, wiicht will be sold fr the lowest calsh prices. V R CARNES jy7 5_3 Bieville street A Card. ORLEA'NS LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLIlH ME T, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OPPOSITR.v A nNK'S AnCAIE. T GREENE returrs his siccere thanks to his oicids and tlhe public of New Orleans. bfar th patrogoa bestowed on him for the last two years, and bogs rnleavet to asaure tlrtr that all orders commnilted to his charge slhall be punctually attended to; he will as unual, keep thie ofl.te open dorin tite summer, and sall b.e always ready to strike nff merchant's circu lars, business and address cards funeral notices, maps, plans, and drawings, o every description, at the shortest notice, andl on the most reasonable terms. Being assisted by artiots superior to any other establish nint in tite city. and from lon exrperience in the lithographtic lie,' ihe teals confident of giving entire f satisfaetion. N 1; Apothecaries and druggists' labels exct.urtd in as good style an copperplate engraving, and at one thlird of t. expense. jy24 SItO S-creb sbscri utbers have just opened sever. Sal case., of Combs. HIIGI1 TOP TORTOISE TUCK. Quill top 'l'Tortoise Tuoek, do do "'wist, do to laong, tdo do Poo, dcl do Sidle. BRAZILIAN Cl1nS In all the above variety of Englilsh, French: and Attrerican tanaufcture. Ivory fine tooth Combs, in all the variety of size and quality. Pocket, Rack, lorse, coarse and fine, and all other Concbs, tbr sale bI C REES & D'LANGE, novl3 18 Camptr at INIDUI V GlASS, lINSEED OIL--70O bhx V es of Vi dewl (iln a,1300 gallons Oil; It) bar rels of Vartnshes; 65 doe of Paint Brushes, received per ship St Louis and Barque Voucher, and or sale by ROBT. CLANNON, nov27 12 Camp 1EW MtijSC--LPo' Kosalie-- don't mean to tell rlyoe hr naoe--Thou halt learnt to love Another Sweet Afton Water; 'iThe a(nght's Farewell; He pass es her in sorrow; Linda's Lanmnt; They have given Thee to Another; Lovely Ladly Mine; The Bridul, The Broken Heart; My Heart is all Alone; Oh! Men what silly things you arc; Oh I cool I love him; Old Pntriek, Fly from me; That thou art lov. Iv who'll deny; Think vy Love, Ohl Think of fle 5'ou think 1 hitr a meary H-eart Tite Vintage Song; The ship is ready; The Silver Moon; No care ever, grieves eir Not for Me; I've ben he fresh Flowers ore Sprigigl ; I dearly love Thee free; Woodmnan spare that I'me.; 'Ilie Wild Albatross' Rise Faries, Rise: Rose of Jet sey; Thl Minstrel wood a beauteouts aid 'IThe Guestr wcre bidden; My Father Land; Tihe Maid ofltlo Mountitin; Mi native Love; My heart's beat tree sure; Mv Wotodlaed Bride; Mine mustal be asilent Tear; My childhllood's hours Farewell; 'lThe Greenwood Tree; Solomon L.oh, a comic song; Site wore a wreath of Roses; Mi pretty Jane, Just ;recived and for sale at B CASEY'S PianoForte and Music store, novL2 19 Camp at AVtW.t. OF U S COUbRI'. - H.lE Rules of tie Circuit and District Court of the J. U S lor this District, for Sale at the office of Ne the Marshal of said Court. Apply to nodS .1 P WALDEN. NO'TICE. TrlHE Office of the New Orleans and Mobile Mail 1 Line iseremoved, fror under tle Exchange Hotel tL No.78 Poydrns street, at which lloce, a letter bag will be kept open until 1-4 to 12 A M5. Frr way letters &c. Those for Mobile eno d further East, will be pt in the Post Office at Mobile. novl GEO. WHITMAN, SELEC'I and fresh supply of Dry Colors of e Serr description, for Scene peinting; Oil and Wa ter colors; Brushes and artists tools, ld anl eatous stock of superior VARNISHIES. from the manurfactory ofP IB Smith & Co.,coteeprising in Nos. 1 &2 luroiture Nos. &. 2couuch Varnish, ond I & 2 ordinary domestic Black Japan, and Brown do. Also, 210 kecs Croite green, in 25 bs. each, ground in oil, ad d50 llanistors unpeerior French green, also to oil. 12 bhrrels Spirits of Turperltin and Bailed Oil. Artist's Colors, r. (Reeves Y on, t.ondon,j and 411 boaes French Lake, for sale at the Paint Store of he subscriber. MO NI)ELI.I NK-- tephncrc's W riting Floid; do superior black - writing iok; to unchangeable light blue; do do dark do; P ~" J Arnoldo'a oachits eopyilec iuk; Terry's do doude; Maynard o Nnyes black writting ink; Perryao u ink c or steel pens; Peerne, Gtuyot &- eo'a blek writiig ink; E J L Guot's red ink; eonstoatly on ihand, and for sale by W o lteKEAN, i de 10 corner of Camlp & Common see c eF ItEE subscribr has just received ,and for sale d I The bolih of Chlist, with engravitngs s Evwnings at ll Ioe, by l)r Aikit, aend Mirs Ban bnuld, with eogravitce' Vdasco, a Tragedy in 5 acts,by Epes Sargent Lord Chlesterfield's Worbs,I vci; 8 vn Mantal of Conchlogey. by Tihomao Wyatt, I vo 8 vo with illustrations oflnore tlan 200 shells . JOtNS & eco, j3 cur St Charles an;:d Commnon sat .t' PETRE- 218 bngs uit Peer, io store nand lJ trsaleby LWRISENCE& LRIGFNDRIE, f jan3 28 ani 29 New I eve. ' l\OBACCO.-2U boxes Virginia Tobacco, assurted, Slanding from cip Louisville, for sale byL jao5 ABRAIt2A M TRlIER, 34 iravier st 3AVANA SUGARi-24 btoxes in stnre, and for sale 1 by jal5 ABRAHAM TRIER, 34 Uluvier at I rI T UIrNIPS--4 hhuds Rutn Bulga 'uripi ; I-do. Su 1 ga Berts, leuding: Irom shilp O(rient. and for sale by d15 JOE PI Ct(CKAYNE, 25 (Gravier st rI OL.BSES ItHDS--100 nests new Molasses LI casks in store and ftr sale b jain3 W\ PURKI'ER, 95 Comaton s 50 CASKS L~otdon brown Stout, and 60 cask `. Scotch Ale, Ibr sale hy 5 _ Einn3_ bOLMES and MILSe, Bank Alley S1 XCtHANGE e on estLon and tatlitanre for sae by LA d31 WItITtI DGE&O,78o6 M ag o.n.e. INtNlioWV (cl.Sa.;. 40 hocrO t:helmme ord, fur a sale cty SIIAl, S BIOo\VN, 96 Magazine at S OFPFI" -5ch brN. Rio, superior article, landing 8 ' ter buort o kli U , leeriut sale bV _ jt3 _SAt.L &J BllI)WN, 9t Mlgnzine et IO Lb IL--tU imo ce all osld Winter, oeract.'lel gorasle j--I'IM l'A.t I.\tbLER--5'l boxes Now led;ccid . e croorun llle, fr or.ale byhr jet ISAAC ItItlIDfE & t'n. 134 Mgatgslio rt g A Il, \0b C tIlt l.:rS--.otlc onxr, tir nale bc I ISAAC BlItDGEIR & Ce. J j.n it: 134 31cltiiinr c 1 EWMuLIC-OarNatealfts » Bn I1 'm a ,nating, nrving Blade; orBh*Ir94h3 dont you reamember the benltittl glad. in l.uaamre; flhe Wihiae Hoaae of the Pp.ope hle art aoUllne and 4), Love ti n alrt not)r IIen "ag by aISeeUi.tV ,i i il Illa. gl Ia lauantian: ([pear. Al milie; 4ted 'atNh'j 'I e r £e - j: ., a J w p a .tin g le c a re la t fi? ti s p r ln g a ill it lickble ni a , -b Ii tIussenrll; Com e, c e, thou artaL oT ' row; A Ltib on tite Ocean wave, by H Ru.anell' l. watched for him; lo me let fail a te.rntoa tw .a aereineg;O'er the waters by molaight; hllee -ae me like my own, arranged for the harp bIyj T al4W' Royal Waltzes, by A Flbche; Qauee rn % t Qiuarilles, Just neceived nod for l.a " 0-H-POmI ION NAILS--ti and 1inch ta i sale by d22 IIENRYO., AMES,48.mag .l N EW GOODS--Buh & Alen have juat teed l a splendid assortment of filma Fey Goods, l hie for PRrsnnets, compriesing ladle' e ritl " dreaaina cases, work beones, nmusiceal boens, p nreedle books at pearl, ehell and lery Cardea l aouvneiro inlaid with pearl andgold; poceket bM pi l aea, apera glaneier, old and siver penEil et at all kinds, ettulery, &e, at THE call hge d29 Fer t Charles & CommOa P IANOi I TES-i jat reeived aldfr a a bookstore oa Alaxn, l'nwar 49 Camp etr,+la tasMrtmpnt of Batton made Plano Frtese, a l climart. The eabove hretruaents ate of apeto wl , l and filnish. Aleo, a variety of nmilc aedmuaie senrty 'OThpli lie are respeetfualy inviad no call and eauina es.p W ALL, & WiNT I.i CLOThlNG , - P. FREEMAN & CO., Po. 9 MaIr i entdem. . are receisng their aupplies ojfFa~ e WUI la Clothing, and will caatiutta orer aehive t tiette larny througlout the seasonl, 'rheir ansertnieftlilig large will enatle them to aupjnly m.rehntata he theacountry, at the shortest nolite;'for sale *helahri & retail, an a acommooutnliog terems. ep29 FALL rANSH INP. lPUn lE aubseribers take lreae te inform their patronta and tile public generally, tmil they aem na ie pared to rexhibit their fall feehios, GOSSIP oCft10 Fashionable latarers, Eanteegeli Hol, uovl2 St. (NtlaSarl AY-75 A ln le Ilay landina ren m hip o ha e Ni. H shall, for Ial J P WHITNE , jalt _ t Cela s G ONItAN PICKLES, SancE's, &Lc. jua! rlcevle by thie Astbseribes. 12 ltners English PiekreA, ansrted, H 12 " Satces, dol 19 L Extra quality London Mlustard s 10 Anchvhis i gluea j nra, 10 Anehevy paste, 3 balol. Illckibng, e)a & .l arl in, 5 boxesasuper. Olives ia glass jars, 5 Salad Oil, 5 " Aearrlted Fruits. G \V PRITCIARD & .O10 TAGERT Jr, nova24 ear aPodraa In Mac*zine ad C OAI.--Atlhraucte CLol in lrlk ead in casdel C errd in ltse to auit purelaaers, ordera left at the coal yard, in Canal street, or to jat3 HOI.LMES and M11.1.3. Bank Plae SITY O1 NIEW URI.EANS-Secoaal Mlnicipality, Third Wertl-Deeember ittO, 1838. The own rra of Itrolperty n Freet Levae ettret, arer hereby noti fled o canp ly with tile t rdinaanr of November last, under the peanllies preseribedl, A ninxty days from this dale, inexecanaig tlef.fliowig older, to w1i: to ihave the nidee alka Grntiag their renpective ploperties cna rtrurtedagreeabhly to said ardinance,ai cth rb andgt th tones anl a tlaree Lfeetpal ed spport, ad to heav the sarae pavedl witlhgoead quality lake bricks. SAM'L KIBOURG, Commi~eirv, 3rd1 Wardl NLLE-OILEANS,-- ide Mnniripalite, 20 Dec. SES putaprietallea des terres eitees lar aIn rua de Is Leven du F'ronente t r lasa prtareaatee letaflerel' voir a se cnanfer '.er a Ill dLonnuce dC oovembre d rle. naouspline des natt,laee p unolaeeae dans lea 60 Jour qni eaivrant crte dale, el exaeatnnt I'ordre suivana de faira cofcctlioner lea banqueetes fei'unt te.:e a leer ploprieta respec ire enl hraaes brique tin la lia. cnaa Iaamenaeot n Indite orduna.nac, bolerae at daoee an ae, rra uvrc supplrts on pient de roia pliede (curb and dultter stone' andl a three f, et plavd stlpport. dl0 cAM. IE10OU IG, coma. I. district. `' PERI CANI)I.ES--200 lroxes Sperm Candle., IJ brena of toe. Hlew anal, nlndine trom abip Can. tan, far sale by ISAAC BRIIDGE & C, ja1l 134 MagaZines A DI-Id5 lregs in ael[ antfraa eJ atsy -J jal (i lI)tIS.RY. 44Newl. O IL OFI VITIROL-For Soda Water Man daietromre 50 earbhes oil of Vitrol from the INewt ai Che, ieel Compana,'a first rate article, for sale by JARVIS & ANIatHEWS. jal r ear Common & Tehoanpitnlas aeta ( EOGIRAPHIES-G-oodrich' Universal, I larg volume; MaIrte Brun't do., in 6 volumes; Balbia' wath Atlas; Woodlridge & Willard's Unirversal with Atilasl Oalntey'e, Woodbridge'n, Smithl'e, Huntington'a, Malte IGrun'a Abridg-.mnts. Parley &Beaeehe', do. for beginners. Also, Beratelt'e Geography bf Ihe He.vears, with the Atlas. A liberal discount allowed to ateachers and others, pur,:hasina by the quantity. js5 ALEX 10A'O AR, 49 Camp. .AVANNA COFFEE--133 bags prime, landing .3. from schoacner Eagle, for aele by ABRAHAMi TRIER, 115 34 Grarier at. H ULL NL) (ilN- paipesa Crwn Weeanp (in, a. perior article in store, and for sele by jIs J 'THAYER &Co 74 I'lydret. d" UN NY Bl 0d-'O9 banlee gunny bansa is satar, and G for satle by J TIIAYER & Co, j15 74 P,,ydria u, AVANA SEGAILtS--'M Havana P'riacipo .-a gars, just reived, fr sale brt j15 BSAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magauine is. ALSIAOACL 1tOA 169, hbr sale wholelsle and Retail by . DAVID) FEITS and eo, jal N 'tYork Sntatiunearl' Hall. 24 Camp SUI.ES and Orders just rev rred, and publilshed by i the asubcribers in pnamphlet lbarmt. lRules and Orderes. ethabhsned by several nf the. Courteait New Orleans, all india rentable aork for all proferaioaal gentlamren. E JOHNS & Co jal5 cor St Charlea 4. Ceomonat C E"IENT---0 a barae lslydraulic Cemtnt, landing fioml shi,'l'arquin, Ior ale by ja4 SE & J P WHITNEY, 74 Camp at S OAP, &e--500 boxare sperm Candlea,:ariou brand t. 20 baxes tallow Caadles; 300 box a extla No. 1 and imitation No. I Sonp, 4UO boxes wlmte ned dry Cuodfishll, Ibr sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. ijalt 134 Magaine at L INDEED O l L-Aupperaa and Red Bon, is store jal5 44 New Levee I ATEST lplendid London Annuals. The Diadem; edited by MiiA Sheridan. One of the mneet splendid Anntals, hyria and the Ioly Iand, with apltendid plates, Aled a few more superb Londun anualt, for 1839, lei at I JOHNS 4. Ca; ja5 coar of St Charles & Common at H AVANA C( FFEE-138 bags prime green Ba vans CrAeb, landing front ache. Eagle m.d barquo Roger Williams, for agae by a lr 5 JoSe PH COCK YNE, 25 Graier at O VER SHOES-2 oases ladies' and gent's India rubber water proofover shoes, landing from ship Newberrypurt, for sale by mal5 I B1lIDGE & Co, 1:4 Magazine a - iLA'lE-Juast received Ir ases of very splnedid 13 Velulr slates, ihard wood falllms, far sale by DAVID FELT & Co,24 Chartree at jal0 New York Stationers Hall E W ROOKS-Rob: of tlhe Bowl;by the author of IHleese shoe. Bobinaon, Oliver Twios. in2 volumer, complete, 'lite onlt IDaughter, 2 vuls, 'lith ,Her of Semwoid, do, Sittler : or the Recullections of a man of th, World, Rollbertartia' Pareaguay, 2 vole, Na oleon lemias,or evenringu aith Pri.e*Cram. Ellen ila sville, 2 vols, Alexander's I)iscovery in Africa, 2 vul4, The City of the Czar, ThVe Wiltuoter, e vics, Tlhe British Senate, U vols, S Rotane e oif Vienna, d Duty and Incllnation, by Miss I.asdon, 3 vole, I.ately eecuivrd and for etile by ina _ AtElXTOWVAR, 49 Cam 1 k H YDRAULICCE'MENT, for sale by S jnnl l REAl) & BAKSTOW, 7Bank Plas P Ilia: subrncler having taken a co odious - L proofaaehoueo, respectfully offesl his re to the euerechalna and tradniners ol New Olealrn Foath chase and salesof hides, turs and peltries and lt pack the same, aawell as wool, too, hemp, lons dry ods, &ea. &c. He iii elrn receive ny kin mereaodize on st&rage, .t 155 T"b laleehtl a t . t jat5 R W ELLIOTT. 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Witerpme d sperm (Ill ."k x)00 3000 ,1 Fall attained do 10 000 Relined Whale Oil uy 150 lbls Tanner' Oil SFeer ale by WHITAIDGE & CO, jall .76 Nsgawien Fur 7 p Ni ' Edition of uir Walter Sotsa"-aelau1 n 1 works, i li vol, nl'eIt, " Ale., auedeediin nofIeL Wacerlve [Ntwehe ina5ve just received t id for feia y ATP WAR, jell 49 t.W95t Ct I \K-Just canciadfircd leck, ftw*rs tiee and l I prlvate n.,. P.dira will find it Ert oa--l-t pailting, visiting coed,, hee.. to heteapoitar a. lsy Ik t eret introdurt'd ta the pialdi. Pbal & AU,,AN - sjacl ene, Eaeb.ags e tel !! rHGS-Laennet olh at enI p tw soap~ Sby DURSEY, 44 New Levee I,0°lF "tiCOR-Acid Suger , Mole.. . II 4 e.-rr, faaln SI!AI I.&lIII.W , - jcl 9C Magatia:

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