Newspaper of True American, February 1, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 1, 1839 Page 4
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1; , LA1ILI: ANIJ SI'ANl)ARD' VAIUABLR ANS SCARCE. . It W. Ullt'oil'ompevvnnt,2 vnls 81110 leI tIrh ir'sems, with ISEIFC0 coloemO latesgSaV Ureabych La Ih iloenpheooltrylf . I tur M~resa's Au lyticl~ Ciati t~lery I·nr 11:I' and LojttttItneyars fn Into 5NY'I rlOwL( mi~eiO l IDio nnnty, Londo REn I-swig e~.n For r-1'hfhitL+ E for 1 * ni!!mvr = Predh o tt otill N o vtg n tt all HIt Rp t~ AN SaSSE. inl' ulCOAyATCS Midwifer y I t'*RECC ftrtti C tOEaRnpul, Lndirina v ie Urw'o r)iet ttlary . lre, d Caist, MC Uata'sa lyaicthe oali try Pre SOMMERCIALLCCC . P, bgilno ooAlniny and .ictionary, LondotREn m~a Almananc for (8't) It, a wditen'ss Navigation UI' enel CriEUlTMTU9R AND 'TECrtANTl. Paltca EcoaFntosBC ' Sos bdo Velnkesar . ackhar,'nn fi Arhitecture, 2nndot 2v. Cl do Archdtewure d os, L onld Et rt tOrrIArchitcture:l 'n'redonu d'o Cark Notv y thiOrlanoeia, Groottor. EngiJoit ood o rlattans aijthe atanl Grees MISCEELL JO TIOS & P Bpark ' Amrican Riogrsph~r , 3 vale et Pltiloopphicnl iacelldnitep (root Ilia t C025in, Joufarory anCh B Coonta n IIad Bacon's Work s, 2 vale, I.ohll·,n ROWANrleli''w7Cjriix of fLiterature, L it' .1 Econdlomy, by Say do Vethnke LocTart' Li e oidjF o\tc tltrt, tool· s ERli aatrd end eritllt, Crtby Sott o, ve to O Peiern aod A .landid thition, 7 voia, Rot V gpt a · I ee aort menlt OF Law, megdical scientifi laboicalrot, and f oo,, 0 vlrrio Bd :a aationaeets, Grat tmar, English tnd an in aib nd (creek. E~ JOHNS & co. c26 cacr. Charle~s and -t-.II1:I11' Frratrerhaent ndr ure o f te Foerittti d. I t J T will 1'e redily discolvered c lercil, thle T !1 ix- )i tore inlnt, n io, to the ordinary rule of trtit iis la Fnaer tnd AgaC. In the fit t plcact, he."ttro Veit lable Extract, and free from nay Ieleterimt ad oion ete ingredienots, ht mitr ttakt n ith the toltoto t IIfo ty even by the tenderinfnnt, or need ir,,alid. It prle got areIof' ia digestiEtt, r onllln 1 onh i'tt.Ih l wiihsoon regains its wontedttot;, nl ito tppovaoo leala ednalo, ndt' prtito tnt opl'riri, by?· itteratitl eleiaenpaetlhad fives a relish to rRte eoilntltellt oftl ta" t. ding peeeulier in htving a ptotorgt f thty, it rloains Outin the beowel h tot in m,'dw thitdtor oloto etherdiseasos, but tfl orootgetl cleltohtltttht, veal oor ofdigestion, and thftt hegog, a tt Itttt lotvnl lith whatever other torectio"w it tooaye mt pprolt tvl Individuals, atoer tht a nle tte l'i'nl'to .lloiti, hIato Reen enpoeerd to a tl thoe usual canwa of the dlscns aend hre escaped may (ytnlttoots ofrertra.. who r aot b the lide oftaeomtlnca hmeitiet ihntre is ttroti s tiflo tC ted an increloeei tliatelEtEt rl r hoototnd. of frequent relaps~es of ilia Ague, is very I'vidt on, thel the POstm wit aren tltcmll ton mtitted CoIetiot to Ie auslt to oe t ithedijine, nityt rim to such incessant vioolence '1'lla'l'otlic Rlirtorzi s *tired at el a reasonable pritn, its ItIpie it Ro ol,'hh the ranchRevery onrhtt, tahe t h iathrl anti dostit.te o helrby loilreroed with asiaittneero ithntt holi itiln the eid trtd atoledaec, wnich is frequietly ho OCd to there, o else very reluctantly beslowvrd. The public era respectly cautionled ngntnst flip, .91,11 riots imitations of this medicine, thant are dapily otlhrcd for sale. It is prepated only by Dr. Johln R. Rnwand, it his LLlberatoy Market etroet, Philadelphia.a The oultscribera are the w~hob'snle nirots for thee Booth Western States, and will sell by alto erne,, it tae Philadelithia prices. '1'a he hod at retail ui-o, tit tnotuf the Apotltocari.a itt tit: city. JAItVIS , A'N)Rl\V$, MIhoiroolt, itroo~iolo eonS car Cntomotn & 'loioo,itto (00 0 Miseassippi and Lounisiuntia otel eN. r;a M RS. MARY KIRILAND respectfully an. snounoes to her friends and the public gCnee. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at he above establishment, and hopes fr ei heri nxertionsto rende isitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of; nmer favors. She feels confi. dent that persotn' visiting Covington dricng the ummer months, dknnot find better acommodlat ios than she can afford them, on more hbbral eIrm.n. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in short, she promises a'at nothing shall be wanting on her part to give i ti5re satisfaction to all who may patronize the .dississippi and Louisiania Hotel. je3 ,V'-l TiE PUt~BLIC..- 'ho undersigned. hiavnrg studied under Dr. Selmidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgeryn, has tie honiior to offer his professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and genitlomen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of laves, being well acquainted with the diseases common to them, having attended them in the sugar house in Charleston. The famous anti.lilieus pills a fter the composition of Professor Smollette, with directions, can be had ofthe undersigned. The effect which they have I produced in this and other cities, has beeoon attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. If6 Magn. sine street. JNO. BI'LORING. HOLLuw WANl, WUO1)J SCiEV'S, SADi IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have received the past season, and are rcorstantly receiving large and extensive additions tohe stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitabl for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisflng of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 2 different sizes, friom 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:R to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 ditferent sizes, Tea Kettles, G do Skihets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 dl. Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3-. inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, froimi :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jano's imported prices. t Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sashweights, 100 tons, atrolted fromn 1 4.4 it 2lb.. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, clhurches, &c. made to order, Also stoenibeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularlyr I recommended to the attention of' Southernoc and Western merchants, and are offered ibr sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal torms; it is be. licsed to be the largest and best asnortment ever oetersd for sale by any one establishlment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a requret by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, pricesand terms, fronm which no dcviation is ever made, famrnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. Now York, 1838. Je3 O9 MERCURY NOR CUPlAIVa A BOL Taix months ago I had the Illl risttnsc i n a secret disease, for which l have ap:Llid to a, te rnldactors for a cure, and the diad tnt lle Ille.o now on the Lovre date I put myself raler tth c're of I )lta on Huet, and I expll t him to cure ine. ice that thlle t.te dirharr ot worse, e as to break ont ill lura ulcer. [ Aga lin. eo et ir-e oigrl ot eat it leg, and all overt my face, and sore throat, and unt able to work at Ih. p.sent tinln oil acounat of the dita, e; arge. ulcer an he rigllt sidte of the tlhrot. eI a et n rn r rllie mybolf ronfieaally .dertihe cute ol Dr. IhIart,, ' P tri:, to be perlectly cured Jo llN I11EAN. feyL4ly I BO CERTIFY that the mentroned ,icre is quite well cured to my own sati aciijon, for f f hioh I cthank Dr. Iaet; anld moreover I u-sure thatt t., r', cite I harve talen makes lie at, and did nlot injlurll' oealth at dll; therefure I advis. my f How sufl r,"r, t,, loseno time and a pply to trA. IlInt, 12J atnl otraret, bet weea Iauphtnrvt .l nor 'h.a a h .;., Ih' Huet is at home frotI 9 o 'riel:. A M, Iluntil I ' 1,a rhey will ifind a trae drol:ourtr, l ,0t p1ih If ay onr wauts to see tao , all ,r , IU ,t i, New Orleans. Fell I, 1833. f i. I lya //\HI tiauiereltrndmltrrtal:,t',rr" a.,rw.t ardr1,rtd tln, Stthoutdi l i hotti1s pao t]li loo. e :w prim ' :H .eots cacueh, ce imuingu the' trelltI of tte ... r ,t ne e LiveCwort, besi le, the tirineI of many o lr o to lil.t- tII helrbs klnown nllag tlla Itdiaus as rllicjcious inll I:nrr. n pulmoarv erripltaints. 'ata u ,{icnlled success wllhh Iat as attenled ahe ,1t". It this iaestuaable Balldem wlhervr it hle s bePu ilol duced, hleas obtained the nmaidenrre and reen n timl ofrtltapeetade Ilthyticiuusr. for the Iurte lf cOI _n, eold', pant In the aide, warot ul re-t, r.piilltg or bla,' lier ,cotopluintr &e. 'Io auho it may cnernr . Th'lisi to, erli'r tlhat have inourpracticce frelerlrlt ptreecrbed A.l a (tart' ncr'e Itdica Boltnai otf I.ivcetrnlt ur'd Iarrirrmntd, wl, a decided gold effect: we can theerfoa",tfilur thie know. ledge of the materials it is made froll, ind cbherr , ttit, reolatloent it as a stilleltrr. prtr-jrellrtl ertll t¢ae allcatiou s of the luage frr whihla it is r·' tanuotldd. AI,.BEItT WlII.Ita t. , 1. I). CAVINN ELLIS 1. 1, Matlete l of the Bgsoh Mledical Aseciatiota . Iloton. Ortolher 92. sale by JARVIS & ANI)RI\ \S, tIh I19 (1 t nnon an.l I'¶t:'trtnilan laslsi q!,7ARnt't Vegetahle nirr Oit, tor i.e ,o.,i,, Send o.r ah of l{uie, ,ivilng heatlh aud br:utn , t rerrttirg lbrtlr lraea." Hcere dlis Iflir Oil wes offered to thie tpblic, in hIt rau rired in autdrels fc ensesof hahkltuess, thirressa, ,' sllinia A'uf the hrir, ond irreve'y irnalure it, arl.,'ur effrdc tl htoer.een rethteli.h It hoattelhiured al, )rrr!,'ar a tne and .beeltida erowtlh of hrait n r h ateads nlr hald.Ln Jeoi whcro it,ra dte v or teer to oa ,a, thil Oil will very *t trarnlr it hiatlthy, ond r nl Irer e idi.hlhr.utful gnowthl of hair. witirat the i,:t i a tuy to the ataIl. 'lhr a)il giversn a,,t .: . 1.l t-, Sgetar.e nod i, pt -ar.ble toenv rther rt it ( , I.-i, wUto g,.irtanr, el.,-si. the Lir. In aa. hI r b tt hete s a t, tv : 1't, e fat * sq ie : s lA1Gi i on boFard hi rlTl&s eati ihladr ridnrer, ok r Tooth Powder; t t),oort uu hvn own r roeaotrgloa oory Aodro eW. o Ird UI k Ierl s oeyad ac 5ialll.l( i Ito)(il·;F (.l'hillcssnn i? !-4 mul 9 3-: in"~l I lil and Chlls Gilt !and 1Sivr0 u ehirlls; Indino e ol5 es, S lelathe and lluners Shell tr .lH Shle nd i gh Imakel thir n 7i zV,0t 0us c[ple tkloo o lllo e il ll C lh d i"5-tf 70 Chalcsrcrtre stree rl . uhw'rldih~n~bers, ;Agnet rhrc to roebtn v oonto ero looPltorottlrFolko. Oroo l,.lloot .oodtl')rork l C p. 0 . 00 81 IlCtp hdrl p soiolt , EIollrlah, Ilet jTlh: lall nel Itarrrh,. Ih'lslrrn,]~· I'll~caine Tb,m h '·, Wash 'lOTmlh |oootro, r- ooo T mRI tillo Neoo ooholl Rfat w li mP. ad P ew, e" I. k Ii rv e .'" 6 Ivry T mh a.l o Patnxlbt lhTo r til ar terb: 10 ou.iS ·I':]a'.ll nud peoder;1I) 1 l Id I u IIh0 tot I110 Keys; F~IMM-d O;S, ITAPk )r. A.el thw receiving. th ship Ps li nu tllrvrille, Engle, ielrry Andrew, H~igh- Eh. tdo inFr. nclt and Grmnl role Bead tlainrarle: s, iell tia d ' Ph ke.l hnoc o ls lai0 , riTbSdo anndriot t l t lic cusn11i wllhl CaIP; myIt hola ; t eir s orls` Itnzo rs, I . |l nd vll ; l illOr 'r rolmmerioo l o n other steelhorn' s;, Vi for t o; Vi oli o otlrns; .hell, iv't nn't ho foo r ob waltrr l : o k, heroo P.oro ltlllltvo ' lorles: hai S ld, o n ollr leoo thl w antrion;r lert: 'olro atllo tierno o Ioroel k ofrtncole ( '' orrolatrrllrOl-ot Iooo ChartrlIorof tlrOolt.o 00 Tabhul he il: pOe -frtl t an l- o deSrllo so'E: psl.te tl Vt. &ln h1iltltokoo 0,h·CWrll oetdll 1Vto'tort moo~ ~lllS:l~ I Pocket. liork ano t Sooer ooiot Sonrver; mtt oro, -ol,_is 0r1. Eon 'lh tw'i oe. &c. wothih theIn re soop rod orere o 0x100bt1 Iotoo t oletrad oroooe,-n. toori.lro;aodrorollurtono wilt a toolllllIlll lal lll llr ol the e bo ' on l lot16 t. It. IEIN& A tntilt'N.tI iaoooono or. tekrtI',i o noir tl orhll; dor o llo r t lt o rtt' I G itershone lhmo toille Eane anelv cAmhmn ][iu nanstler Fr ench es, at~er's adn bh. fieals lu rmte s;.' sl-h N C t uI llo o' eooo'imiotlld notl' o sotook of ' flle o a', lrticles, m~a es o ur, :IS(aII·L:ant very·\ C· mle/lts.Fo sl woiVttl; Io foa' il, p ro re o lt n ofther steelen s Vdomt ,. Chartrull~ e Str·eet ·% nt s Violin ---Tl[l.ishe ll, rsiV[. ot id h l'l , \h)O]. Wln &'i( , h,.dlot t toI lot rl po lll'r loat i Iif lllll Ao soot rIIl t leok 'io.I, llolor1'gio' o roITol. o n I inrt t'ro1 o rl t olle i e, ol-·l :n It hol. nrltl llF Hadv er nual nr lll eil ·· dill lathtie t lU' e0r ui s oolh lol.the IiOl il'0e0 ' oot olllorlohl ono lr o.' t tle t I 'i ) ,·Is(lkill ; lrl]l:ll lollrr t a11 Ilt llS; Pil~ll w'. ill '.IIIII; 11 - h tOo l, oo; oo o Io'lnlie nmiiS ha lls; st'' ell t lir vill e Tot o'orll o . 'tolllollo lt'ewt eld ol ilotmo . are o r"netlat to rllo l ote1 d to o lco'oIll ' lotrwlnr nuT.o e r'llo 'ol o ohe .loy o iettlo lllllon 'onl 10lln l 000 .I 100 Iloor L h Y.l ,. r.. tl I, '[rr'he t Ibt ' hlt bol(h it t0 1I0l00 1 Ioo' illlk O so (t1ootte : ol New~r000001J00000,1837. . 0 rl'o Amterican tt trech milro oof'wdorn, powro o II1h,, n I jl .lk a b ox e ., lh'vig I and tfil't" ( oupsy1 t' ll t r wlar h hlsi<, dilk o r ovetl , a si a th' ir 'h lre m, Gulde r o 7 , L {:ltar lk" Fdiat r d v hI cn(ir 'il , tol n tiP n Y( · i- , tor ,, tvI ,loo l lr lo noIof llf orooil o2 "n ,.v e iloth ilt toll h- 00h Ies · lil h 1ne a O1 b t Id( I c lea in jC h l.Vrr ,'t1 sl E lo w o t o io eto ll~o r ro "lbo l ilo at b~y iJLOS IIIT&O or o! ls o t I.. ftlh h artr i- oIo ot. o i s i toll re nb r t0rIleol tool'Ki rlho 'v , I.I- n tll.wi it tl nu . di rhks. Tisrheuaure.;o'her senverEalnlirm wihai Srredinli , Ioohololol ' u l o. 1 i 0 l o ] :li lh e Io sooor l Otl looo ar1oe -.tIolooooo o 0o cl l o ro ia 01 10ll tt orllloo oor ll,1o IIloll l ly l el l e lll ll llol e 0,0.100 Fll'i; 0011(·l ll·.1 00 0 o 11ooltoI oot lotII''O loi.t 00010'loIIool lIoo Iooooflo'looo '100''o((loo~jII00('Il0~'0, o)(oooE 1,.Ioooor)PL 000 5 Ill lbolooor ' 0 i o lro t 01 li e wl pleao =e ut Irso 0 thloo Ilhont0deayti00 Il Iroolor ojiblP (11·llli 10010. toeo-I·Irro· I 1100011l 01 l~il 00001 .·- do to It I. I'n t. ItA tIt 3, " N f ilil : 11o \ilt.iltii lll Y. ti o Netlus, er~fumnr, Jun, l 97 ,187 brse, okngga .1001 00000ll~ 'llOrIll( ll~lilL 0 10001 10100 0001001 01' 11 IS o olo~ tocolo I~ii'~l~%t U 1II lli(i· Iooool.lill: 100000 -1 k,10 o l 0r10l00 : oooo r' o 0 ery ri, 1-0 ,bo on niloooI tI PERVI oloEl ol-rol o ouhaedeFor id0Oo, ouolyl I]I u Iost. ]mlarane flof eh wii}crers Cioffu wvrsien d el' , 0r00101 1e ooll booloit C 00000lo, Ix Il ( li-.i.ot. Adol'oo o .oIo ei n 111o w ,tre ioo'loeot ll'l', tl]otr Enlll ~M nd oit til.H Y-um l llloetl wsioll n N t lei n, ll roh il' Iio- lloi:o o o oo edoo relk lion, t ur Ill. o nuls, ,,hah W rd' vg~lhI hniro o iloo , 0 l oooteot ooo' ooloo "onoSouoooo geo no r1' l'l orlll i r 100."o 0' I I' I r.ll po 'ol, oorto010 0V1 , ll tl- r, I o a 1 I j'erl' r lll's t 'I eilvs c rlll llub ' il>l lt llll'g , .ht: lll-e ~e. Insed luit l i r and, tFhriep drotin gIn s~o h ownse cot toloooIt o' m lea-w od e Ito to[ r oo htlro h 11, oh l 00 000.00 I Ito',rl0 1 )10 1 1 I0. ell tt ollltloollslIo t o l -.o0 10 on l0 L llllll t illo l :h t r .ilo .o o. oo ol o har' - Io tooo -ll t r . 110100 o 1(()c.01s--i, I[l rt l o I1sof Flo nrh l IIitlo , rt illooto fro ll, IO l lo olhot 00000001i j l'ohlotooltl Soo ; l it rrr .torlo eicok n otlo noo' fhot re ooo o'l, Ioo' t. tioo or rotoot'ovwtoootoo'ooo lol arlo 1.00.'Io otorr, 11000100'l I, 00010'' 101101 d htrI, 0000jl i ll I00l000il000 -I0'o , t gil re0,l l tOol Io t (Io o ce 000 o 1 1 monr [111rtIo'. ' to ro olo 111oio 10000 O 4 7 IIII r, lIlll.lid, l.l ti. e .Ihl'h III.II*/ II .'Pt\ . I l'h ·tc. ttlbol lolo ~ -too i I I~ I ~~l~lill li l1,·~(ri 1 to'oo llllo Irllo.ooooI o.ol'lllll., Illoo 'iloo, ll o io e.orIo oltorolooll ' i' I t. t II ri[io lrOloo 0k ollll0l0 1 oIIo'oIoO toooo oi' tol ,'1" 00'1 0 lllllo t )ll0000 . .000hl0 0 0hll0,r l;. Iololtlro('o lto oooot ollll ,I olollolo rllll h oe 'ol:lr' II 1rs Ioi'o -( o i'boo'ooor tiol, l boo I toihq lulvl-, . erllltor~n. I"+l hll(rlld .l i]boom.1 pineeoo olfoo' oellp 0e00l0l00 , ivlr a~nd~ 'l~l l'" l`ll'l' eilld ,':S' ~l eailfi d lrl.l](lt I1 hill.lr111 )1. IIII·t'kh rtce, )lll S!.. lia. find p -aio , ledilve IIIId (I1Till I., d, Jer Iltgks.llot I.,h. i'm, hiJ1 )rl~li jit el Ii111llpll lEBPO J .000 1 111 ito i o llll t iooo lroo s n IIIrI'[ ('1000i011,0 1 U l '. ll L1( (lld irs..'q'\ISSl'.l~l l 'I1II. I ilStklI ~llf~ . .llldrhtl. 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L 11 ll~lll·T 1l r \ nt tiI' ) n ti t I , i rL r I"i n Ift tl i In ~ . . I'I ,t . I , t ý t t t l ý . I ti t a Iu.i u~ r~t. _ I :. - 1 ýIhi l, ia )'U If If I, . . THE INDIAN'S PANACEA, lT " R the cure of rheumatistoasst.fuls or kingsevil,gout, aeciatica or hip gout, incipient cancers, alt rheum, ilitie and mercurial disenses, particulnrly ulcers and palnfullaeetilns ofthe bones, uleerated thromt" noes- 1ot' trils, ulcers of every desrtlption, fever sores, lnd internal by lbsesses, filtulns, piles, seili head, scurvy, biles, chro her' tie soreeyes, crysiptclis,lttlies, otlln every varietvol'eln ,:ornlis afifttion. chronie Catoreb,- head orl ing from any oerild humor, pain in the stomnoch oll lys- .'u pepsi preeingfre mvnrintion, nlli:tionot of the liver, chroni inltltmmati.onofthe kidneys, ntd glemol lebili iv eaused iy a tooeid acetin of the vessels tfthe skin. Iti is sing'ilarly eliaeious in renovating those eonstitdtions Ilre which have been iroken down by injudicious tretnent, the juvenile irregutlarities. In gener: terms, it is leom- ho mended tn all thosetdiseases whicharisefiom implritias i of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever name qr'kind. Some of the shove complaints may require some tri- lle flingasistant sppliation, whlich thumtanes of tleirenmtn of he ti case will dictate;bat for a eneral remedy or Purifieator eve to remove the cause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will moe generally be found sllieient. the TO T'HRE PUILIC. log tlow true it is, that modern Physicians, no their am kition to excel in their profession: explore the vast fields I ofscietee bv the aid ofehemistiyT, and seek out new re- vir medial geltas; ill short, to arrive at peefection in the of praeiDe by ml eans of art alone,-entirely overlook and to neglect, es blllnth therll notce, the rich and otunteous th stores ofmedicine, which tltt Almiglhtly lhas eaoused to th spring out of the earth in eveiry liim! And how muici i l more trte isltthtlt ewhilethe Amterical Physicino looks f to foreign enotries for many of his most eommon and ilrcesco'tv olries, plerlletonually ehanllgillg as thley at vet the dictates olfashioni or folly, te is 10llrunttltlI in hist own 'ountlr with all elndless lprl'oliln of meolieol iphit it o sulcient to nswer avY iedicatlnO ill dise or to cure (I' tiny lrable disorder: and yet lie is igno.:lnt of their vir- to, and they are setl'eredto 'wastetlhirhealiglo on the Ihe e desicr air.' fro S''he lttetsof vegeiable medicines upon the system orrei e, trempllry-those of miner:ls hrltilhg. The niirler ex- Illy h ei theit et'eets and pass ol'--te latter, 0o100!i' ill pti - aIi - tic Ir, act chlienically 1o the! solids, de.imposing to a tie loreas ndi llnd ininl tile contiltuti n by'l sl ani Sanl sullre dlr lletilllon, hr 'Ihe Ioleoneialio ty, iiieiM'ocy Mi. ii \ FTi V of vegI, a- H ]le remedy- evel mineral, iiri 0 estimilted bVeonttlliS i illrtfle allciellt pIut~ice afill hllilot it n; or, toi bring il i ltmollre imredilkely un~rl or I IoIi bser ition, tll hall-i r i an prlctiec with that of the whites. \V\ho, in Ai mric a, "has foiled ? Atl who has iinot been slupl"tliSedIit the con- i 111 p, mullheliuUcalve aise :lcilityn ith whichrthe ndian fries him- !E 1 silli i dii isiease: IdI t i ' oosi ai hstinence Ili ofihriedsesenn theli l ho hi s i he:ii I an h Indllian with a Lonistitlntioll inld ri"ined lV by iln f. ill tlreatlente? And can a donltexisl that thIis lIaiply ex- Ilt ke eol tiofn of the sav;goe lin inst of the ills lhi di the Ii uf and safe rrlnemedns which Ilhe cmhltsI This astonish- 1 I, ing lliflereno e in sllcces, is a Io aiL' eXuplilictltint of thle i I lit 'illlillte s el'riorlity of ilt( simple illlkl :lf iIa 0l10:l1 e11 of 1luC i iI iv which God has created fir the Ibenlci of his children, I i ol, overthoseewhich thepriee andtheartof man have in If ventede ii- Froem a loni residencenmoenga lportin onftheahntrigin- el olr alinhabitantsof thiscomntroy, rllaain intimate naeqiilu in anllece witch te methods of cure of sonie of their iost to iv sacicessnful pl.etitioners, the proprietor of 'The i I na'sa ii Pan:oa,'ilureiItd a knoleledge of solint of the nost i pnowerfuilild favoriteretoeoito. From les' heols elected I i- uch as were mosotetenriousand llllnprol iltes, and aftlic v s variols experiments to test Iheir ll'illilllo ld Stt 'ellty, 1 ' ihe hbts combined ithem in the blunl Ilere prcseted, itas the I It most per'cet and benelicial lor the purpose for which it ris recommenlllld.. 1 T1 'Ilie proprietor offerslhis prIepratior to tlli plublic, i with the consciousnless tIn t Ih' in iincit g withiihtlir lo: ii o1 remedy olnplble of relieving many of his alllicrted 1lfl Slow bleings, siholll are sllferlng i llner the trII.iims chronic l oIt :I bds1inat1 D i n com~plants tin whl l h ii i appi eub1:'l,. 'I'o slch it will prove of ine alclaI le vulI :ai t1he l llt'lll " Inil in s na llll'lCSlo tlo ilc r 1lh(: llly' n s . 0 II 11 t, h,:lth : ,l n h:i ' r. pines'i. ,his isnot offered nsi l o " i nlllll1iill lio, lt:i and inuse; butas oa, 1 1i s hlh. . "c '.b i :.~a l '' , \in oo exlreme cases whicha ell Iherunmln ,I redo nlr.Idm. 'l'hi, it ld, las dol e iil repei;te i yi ; ii d tchii iS thi l ir , i.nLtlil: illl nsui vos taintd whelevole it has been intr.1duCed. or, It is ollyh olll tihree -ea.Ssi ore ithis pretp:o.:ion nos Sin presreted Io the lulie: hbut it fn lt sho 1t ,ace -I lne, I in soe llil. i h e s .l p iiolte lllrsons iit h lltolll , i old Sin' solemnllyl decla:re that the blleiewed lhlll tlhe'i live' erel nn .lued l hl if, lmld ill UmOSle Il nll':iler IIv' halld tried nliny 11 IIl, acnd lpe'hbps :Il the cotenonm reordih in ain. WheCr Ilin everit is kn,own co ing nto, use. :and this i ar i nllvi.dstnllliost substantiall Cuvionviioing proidi of it ev unils. I not ! The v lile l'the I':ur ce i illist Collspii n;ll 11n llhose lo, I lll' tanl illg ld s\plhiiltic llldl l llS n a s 111 l fch1 I b e Il eli l alll her ree.di. 0, o. d l tiCull ia, h l ill those elhss t cllle Ilrrr l y ll as hl een so la.isl !y .arl I ",11as to c i dis.esig ins i the bon's,, t em t f e .ialoleo's, t . t.en n e.:lt oti ,lo ti l e.., reno- a ' to ;[ sc.'Itl se it and ,%1· l l,, : "d 111 all ;.,', itl a lllh'l- s I l" ltli'o '. r: l ilt Il.te : l' :IIsln l011i''cl ifII 'ICi II.( ", ''l!- 1. nf' \oleslh al l'lerk illtlic llon Hll Itllean, , l t lr ite l p ''alil li( I 1. I well . tIll Ill I" :lli oll :0 " ,I ilel 1 u .nl ! ..l ore ' . IIi ltII, ilt i l - happ ; ts:ire 1 lt es .0, 'lew.;; °ln al m st inil oe-1' itml l i ii ill Idi li I . *l'ak"-1 in p1O w dohes, Ilh lolý.,- 'n',en l ,oper.ate s i l a il a:ili \l.F :Iit :il lli-.i)ll II ergen t; :ta .llliew .,l :Iul ii - i.oi l oxu'li'' i", Sino :nili- ! i i l lll tllBal.l '... i ( .nd il in, nuly expres , It iit ea initon ilt, ",,,i to n o of Iinnl:! i n11" 11· :" . I, liiii,: I 0 0ioiiIii lilr 'i'hIsllldieiC hi s o b F:ilt 1 l J1 hlt hfulll ill 0In t I it Inlbig.olo.,"I ds e:Isut iii: hllo c I inilied, o.ld it Ihas hur I II'r- u"' ll1r1i0ll 1 Olll.ll '0ul 0I 0 L 0 1 0I 0:I n0 111 1 F11:I l l -I'll 111 rifer a, l l1Il hs. h ro: re Stulectt c I m l pllllhl'intl oft h'l.I , o. :ni 1 stllle cnstiutliiiins i ew llon lo o r. n hi pll I i Iml ! sots will do w11. to :1se I vo o1' (hree bholles ifn soill h* l Sse,. \'heneve.r ai diet Ihink is Cohsidtred neceson rv lhis 1, eenI:m hlnken n Ia snoll ,se; v ill nmswer atil its n l l ip r oses, it o .ch les's timeu, it liss exi pense, uo tdi iin ai I e .tI " rtoII'e aglqluabli'e lll: C elio ; n li h O i lrilk. The Iolhowin- witlli[.lltes, .i of hldreds 01i0101:001' lion "'lbighl hI. prce 1.d, are giiven In '1ho. t, ellt I.t tiIle Ii hhila ' I ll a llen in hell h various II, l i i ll't l ; ,menetioled;alll i lsot exhibit in the 1 10 s:ot i s '.'fi Inont n-e o its slplleliorit) y r i II IS ill lllsyru 1psinco e n ls ih CASES O1i F i l:1.\-li I IS1. i .r. |( lAllI.l4rot , Nov. 15, 10.03. )ou'ingl'the]sl u oinleruolstlog, t was aolllitted 111 ,1- n very Sev ler .illndl o is sli '. illll tilll , i Oceii o i1 1l 4i lii A sutili, tI:i t six bi u tteu s u l'lhe Iu liiini (l i llos c u le , USioo,)l0 I lef i e iitul, erl ct I hillr, llo ol I conldentlyll rto llellllld it to CAii~eionos, iAit r0 i , 1i1,ei i ut l .w ll seegist'liloul thueei. a's sioie, hi ii adiirising i ih).pO.i'is, r el'orioid, th Xtit e0 n1 o-u gliot iiurf llentlit.l' I 1( 1 )', .Ini l whih. has Itdi l ti d i -ItI+ from busfosil Ilear 'iu rI sini e.i I lu ll. !s periodI l h ii:ie h i i : , i in th: e lariinl hoII pll ' , itll h I is . 'i tro . u p l dsl lo mllll nllllths, cd nearly (ll le solo le'h1 l" t l li n in t te llhlt oolle llospirll, :,llib ir e lo hlyt nudl ih, t littlle blnel On tlhe I illlh tIf i.o.i oa I las. atbIll hil i es'ri.tvli : ly al Ie to noa a o 0ll 1( , 111.1" u Po 'I h. i.\' 1. 'U(KIR,iý II,13 : tarlet tit. y CASF.S O)1, SL'IaIl"I' .LII. fLI.C :l!i tii- NEW Vona, Soil 111,1.11. This ma) certlilfy that il ihe I1ill o1115, I 11:h seize l 1 wilb l swellh li "gin v n'eck and I01ce, , ticl nilllli'rw 1 lrs ih u llv lter IJ:old tl be lairge ghisIl1) nWetlers iln li) klill.I ,,"u, Al';,ov l ph".io,1'Oostoo 01 bmst,: .a, I I.'o li·, llls ololklltwey Iotleso l'wlian l s PIanaceniun cllll eigh sort. T'|o i reoIsitri.e, a.s well:1 .dtt io, I W.\M. IlINIsIA I was afFlicetedf, L )m F'wi in ul I the Fcg, n. ct'sionlrlly Imes pl anied wih wi ll sipelttu s inlinunati, an and xo.'ssive unin in the leg :,15 :ncle joint. Set 'ral enmi net |lhysicians exertltd th irskill uiio(l it, but with out Itel'rFm, lt bmelit. IFn FhisF csFe Lule bottle ltli'u l's I'n e.ncen mal t, n et l+et lure. +I\I,.- I1IFIV A 1 I"TI', I121 M1ak,.t .t'm',;aldF, Ii ' 8 11115 . NN.l5 l.,l.Krr, g ist, ,,,F lo: talF rn rl l'F to' l s,'F F." l l str'. I , NIt\ V O111 l l.1', 5 . 1 1..Ii iI .I. 1 1. Ii I) 'J 1'.11111' \ \ 1. T l i / I r: stto kl ,'y'. :; o l t t'r 1 flit+'+" I el+ l t y lo j lilerd hult b l l b,' oarl ,f ,l it,,' th I IF IN I glh ill , FF l ILLI l'tL iL-l, FFFlF l FlFl lF ' Io l ll,', i+ 111" I :tIe I II th m iz+ n-twF, Fr iF,, I I d: n ,i . it h1 l', I Iv . -F ,n, . ' I.1 and ILL ."s . in,FF uil, I .+ \VIrIh n lil i " ,d Hurt ,l~ m +l h -h,.. '.-,d,: Ith tL9 h i 'lt, r ' ,1 t I ! I d. F aF Ih , FIIf 11: T e I n F.i -.. ,,l .\::-F ht illF, Fll lFo, , ', :rJ J , ix lir lh.'f,,ll,,+ ." i,'+ , ,,,t- ,. ithe :hie .i, i. Ithl £,'- , .,-. tilt i.+ I,? th: , +iz;-- t',v, dnh3.u+-t i . .".'r + I~ ' y ).:,tl,' , 't e I' l .I .. F n1 j FýI;" ,h " ." ;t~ 1" ., e I il l itth ti' t t I n, F F F I thIe ". h, FFF F .F l ,+ , tllyh , p ,:h,-,ne ahn,, We o- n h.v, n ," d ay <o l 11 h Il 1 1th hmn v i ýh i F Fit i b lhe F lFF , F hFlF r lFlF F ' t onu I f- i ite, . +,l l ,u l i tile 'i .al h , hi, llln t ill , rlh o t ori , , sixty d"i t, thfr t e un l ah,'t lln r r a I to ilh l~lt; -i l P''l++ l JJ' t het' ca hll. d n o, lOt' ;l+l,'rli~ lt .niI it Fi.nF FF FiFr. F i i-FF F:f rFy lFF e h ,, I- I dli s h ltkve, d rt if" F l, rt, l lnrF hl Ft1 F illFul , t stid I 'I FFF.l"iot Ff sixtyFF " FFiFt n, FFF d . iFIF L 1FL ,IF , n lohi'llib t, in e !hh ve tF , pnal , F LI IF-lo t .h o n~l h+i`:#.l .+mid ,}ll'l+l l '+.=h ,Id flaw,' In +' l:" u h'id i. anl, - rrn v i l, l In te l ', l ie trh m', o~ thus lo~ilul noelll ~ ,il ntv tolll+P tI nl'l.lllllls% lht'rlefior t, nni ,I F.l i .FAý o i. 'l.+ Fe,, . !1hF Fi ,Fl : n " id ',nd r u60 s~ tllill++ lrn+wl toi I{) of ( Il i, .ht vnuoi.ll on+ the+ir stt<.k hn Ihfl,d ,l' IiFl r \t ',l ' F ,it L l he, 'haothr S . F F IF. Fk Fl lt ..t+'+< ILL' 2l i, l l 5' t F TIF' ItIl l of t,;, Col IT. , l~"r .I t l'd lF.,2 ,: id u oI, II J l l' , T. ,-p ,'l~ l,,,rnt l. r nt. , llot-if, , o H I rut dcr4 ll Ii," h: + i ret . t' li. : (i. ,.d.1,ik~ te. aI l t ~i ti~l 51':11 dlll+y t h)tol{ill "Al,. tha tit,. +Ivl,a s ,,.l ,,: two+ oll ar" i ~ r' ,a'" ll,1 , l.:t],d fin + , mot Curil nu lh,' t;+ ,-r ,,%" of I ",,,.' " ," ,." . I x , l:ay I,"" II,+.t. III. ." i ,l,ill tl,,' ::'':h 41, n ,[I.IIn lilFv l t ,ýoll d r~te 111%' ,erl "+ l 15t5x.,, dý,+'l~ -I ,,r 4~ h ' i , 'r ,'l:d t,') ", ,I ;t hl,' 5155 Iil,' !ir'-td,l,, ,,".,,t ' 1 .n ~,". , I;n ,x l,..p tl,u ,llo ~ ~.. t lll [1:,":11,11 Ca xt o ' ! ,rat r- ,~I 1n,t wnt 'rtl - ,"t tI+ ' I)IHII1. t;:"+ iX + . i . 1 I; \" ` 111. St 'p, ' + rv' .X ..! ii .I;,i~ :.:t: J~i,;lt II t~l\+;+ il. 'l. r, l,, STAT'E 01 LOUISIANA.-Parish Court for tihe JSl Pnrish and ,ita I 'New Orlenns. iE t 'I'ATE OIF LOUISIANA, ''o Ial who re tIy rho ttiti tti to " hIne nrnh ot"I lent'aa tht In'tltrtyi a n I t h lty,,'dtnr d a nrieiln Int nipli" I a ilet' Ink "In tis la Iroan, ii ,vhoel,"lloller tile ded .l nnl e w Ila reotrded on ·iii thell, 'd y 1 o i l, IA fillt, f or a o lil ir nd er- Tim bIeme rt in i br n " I 'filllil a tes ,A' i1'h "lt'etialrltlt il-l t it' t tll titl i to , .i.... i' t r j udicial sales;" apprv. l I he I h d t o ll I d irehyt a, il 1 in ,;. NOW, iaeretlre, know van nd all persons interested herein, are hereby cited InId 'dn oinin hod in tll , laie of the liae Stat le of Inisinlna, and of the Palish It n'rt, who eonr , t iu nmv 'ieht teitle er hilat in ald thdo oi t alepr 'll t, herehn nafer escridtt,i leu lllan n eit i l n \ .yd iulotmalty" in the prtalr,decree or iudg.enty oflte tousanr uder whicttion ort e wal n wrt s rien ir ta Jitraulictyon r I ilegalit' in tha appruinements and ntia'lisrti entn , ' l en tA c, rinn otn ' of n or for at e in t'l e suft l'lrb All- e ter, to ita w elonne, within toierty dayt fro i iliadany thin nmon illon first intortdil 1i ithe muthblic pn ar nw tint the nale so Ianle should not h alre n e t diled " it ll hmtt Ietl Iotated. T'ier onsaid p herrty we .oldt by the Shnrifnf tholhe pa- o io lttaforoanid on the 14th day of Apri, A. D. ti118, by jt vlrue f it decree of tls Court, rendllre n tIlhe 5ti day ml of ebnary, A. D. 18311, in a nilt ontitled Alexander or ('idnh oll vs. Jameo Ihlnse, No 109367 of the dohket of tatp thin Court, it whicih isae the sriilgnames ltrnns beelongig a ore in irchaer fr lhe piae, of twenty on dhousant ht I slirs. I),cription of Pruperty as glet in the Judiciautl Cont fa eyjance, riz:ot A cerlttin latni arolnd sittuateti in h tn tiutb An- ty nunEi'tiotl t ia/ LanurseA of this city, in rqu ure No 5, xl antd lt having French ott eitia'tn.n 'rf etf tront fr, Tehiol,'as' piloulr trtotla :,i t t i it'et la N'1 Orellligea s street, llar 'i : Ae 1i ) L Is I A ree, in .-uA h lons r eh n r the ni'nnre oi t ne other, lngeih r with n idweltiin g hattoie If'nt t . tntt Teaou it (rolas nteett, tilne kitehen el a e h petnrt itn entn I o ttme j ,titllervy ent:tltiinl t tn ceee d i ni vre l fint ailller IIIlnItIA a t ol i tm rovt\olnt t ge il t Si ,bi s Ofee ls , Now Oc reann, Mnlay 7. 1til m l ' t11 t '4',',,i3 .J. 1 )1..LI , I)ttitty Ito t- I or Ie la p onivsce e tilh de la NCevelle O rlenis. al Ft 'I,.r oAlT DE I.i tIoUIIN' 1 -A .--tal, etx fe I in! tt a,'s t'mtctes no tevre, ahit: Atte n Io ,tu c' sFsti I'.u lota In tlltt lini e olte .ol.ln tola t in laralle en t 'it ei'tclngistre Irt t etinottt 't d t iS l le aittetjt i e lo i pour 'r it ir it l Olait rele lte nit ni atn te le ulio t a io d e 1' lt 1- blt Ali n h n lonuitan. e ins ltitun, "nttt.n poo olnn onner Im i O it, bu tir a le t in lelell I ftlt l vet nttesl)' 11 'ri' e t" itn t n iIntt 1 linns' l e 1.% lr 7 I o k .,.- c tIn lo iti, ' e r e l lllllttotntllet ' l i v st le I tt J l nt oa s tllst e h in e st dIe n CIIIIII r d ou r I1ttn ,I t 1,li lpourrlie nt matedr drol 0i cropt il'me e'1-:i's u4, Ie lh'eripti l acl Propril i Il.pnels letIltlsl fer llluie ire, - I S ihl lidce tLit l e ln l (e tl'r r l l I t G dO e fdeir nnniL- t, i nt f r ide I tn r, den it I ret e villtnit,, d I'n iln n1 5fin is i h Iltg rttl In nntni nten ni ln t ' itn it', tn on u itt',an i nt f non a r l t ill tni t ielle I tl i ii'atlr n lllt n nnI'tI cli1' t'rtllina'ile.ln li Iolhe '- In tenitn o pour a c mnutet de fair al- 1roil., cl iren lll llu iin - .lllltlt t lltl a publicaionll All.ll ain l tis, i 'unull i t 1 1tlldnt M te lnie ti ran l ' s linlllll ,l eII iiiotoue f ttn l tir I?&t ni fatfnr t tta lp r I e . 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Ito p ,di, ll . . l, li ll ,ti Ii ttle , tatl ' obe i e t i tI' i t'nl'i , rnnt.llt' , i Itleo t lt l I, ' t idi; " ', i-4-ly Ic l!" el o: il1re ntldilI . , . .", ohI - . , ll.-It ' . t ' r f .lll l i"ý l rl ,i 4, I t,., 1 1 , r o nei I -·1)1· I ,l l ie '. I : 1 "1t In llt - lll il ierNnll velle Infn,, s o7 % 1aih 1,:, o4,, ! l vi I ke l l ( al t -, i 1 I'hnO ttllltn , l ill.l " rIh l t igtill r: It nliv(nt l lttd:- i, SoIell.r-. o niilllhl, lhow tit IIat Cmn nll.Snt tlni y, ollrn t' o I rThin s vahb l ith inm.·.t i , Ibc i 'tult of 1iii -l lli.S- . f it,. G hh hl t, A e, by m 1r Iti tc the pilll -"t tl l r - It tn std ra sed ,i ' "'tn l in , alit ttnt tll tn , in n i i ls o ein c ie-! tI I [lhe a yii t, 'tofh! . , th ftci' p h111 b I M c , : t .: t so tn l ncitn ol n .f a int tr n ge nt t at, , . of It ,. an d h lh I, . f- s: din- il the intttltsiOn. t ois i.erii : tl 'lio i ' I ' I' i it 4i i aal a hrus n agill a , Ni I lll l t.ll'l its i ll iir A'l il, lrth Stad llltoI nl . lloi itn . Jl' ,l hcr-lt.1il,( ,i, ti-, I ii 11, t, ,,, are i, Geier '"'"7''A b ....... eo" " Lo' ... ..'..... + .. _"" ". E1 ' Y 1, t It 1I°l: vý C, 3 I:. aga:zine 110.:tree 11' 1 g " owv receivhing from ships Naih',!., I.ouis, 1-1 KI.eniekv, !1 lh'11 ,a0 otller late a:10rl s . o. .I :t. S :tli(l10 ci. er , Ilb'rge an: IneW .selec l1d 1assorl.lnhlll 1!;.I, I.oas, olboes and tItI:IIIns, ieu isi iii'g of g : I It1''iS litne calflii l a111 mioo1 0 boot Io n, t q oitll ; do bull', amlo s iat a, t'11 011 hoal earoolll I tOs( :diis; molen lil, -all ,I al ' :M ana \1,.1.'t0E1 hI-,,<o pu ,ps andl brl o g:th:, u) t ks l0 II ho).es, llllbr s n00 , v 1pe s: menl'3 lll e nLlf ancd- kl ,.ip . I ,wg;l d shI oes a nd I ro.'gns; do boots; ii stno t kitp :a. .i'i t c eI . d san il p oi bro;gl uIl :l gelltllleme ', besul . wdilh call 11 1;s b ie t ; I I .h, tlll es 1 ud h 'ali' r is; do a .I11, sIIad al D. a i, 'roun I li , shoes ; a I lip i , i o lt , bhull' '' i l sloa a lll y . A llio cIlcl l(ll ' 1! 0 li lte c iS 1 il:.1 0 i, on llo .v.X t1 1 r,. gall lol s i anlld shosl,li Io iub, o itlh I 0,Ktl hl 'i I ,:g'o host quality, russett 0b:.n, 1, anld in l 1 nks, nel-e xc-p)resl for 1pl,'laiiio it j ; a good t s i Aeitll of IaI n's I iln anl d sitoul kU i ltllta' tl II" g:is I-' aria;L., tutl ki argt goant) of iu01 i is .rioar . u i lil u r ssel 11g11 wax brltogan s. laulies' lne callf, seal, moroco anod lgriin wyelts, :1l r. dnl sli qlens; d0 t~lOlll shus, with an .. 1 1ithnLt 1111; am cd'l, s hill o I lllnll lh,.r bin.lo i ; do. I) ell lli lu a Idll ki1Is it l ullalitie ; !o l lastiln brg:osll ; i o gailJ-. ;1 .11 ti led boIotees. \lissets' lastingspring shousana ot gpst. Children's 1Iuro.o auld l;sting bro 6 -1,:.- l boots, ' e. . uit.lth n'slih l'eshionalhh bhack silk hats; do black in id":ab ,e ietr do of1 a su eio qulll li ; Ido iniati n b/ r0' : 1!; broad. us1d w1 row brim IIini-..'s tin, drbub :rIa +1l. -k Ii .Issi l l.o IIIt 1n ipedi hats, a new 1111e101. YoItlhs' I.I ;1 size has of dilletreI qu:dities; do chi rhen's. l -'1i; l bI,: 'I black dralwool k Ias Iiof variou l i", ;r ~ liih .Chulral :se r ' tll.ll of bopl s' l tl . ni l .. 'i ils "iass lle l -lill be replneiht i d ib he a roi rival of" ea.. lipocketsalvr tho a-..e .momd cities, all of which Si1 1 b 10- I aol I oi) di in ter;ilil s I . ng 1-A i l Al ( INTAGU ilt EIS ,I I _1. lr FORl TiHEl TE.'l T['l. r i I t 'sta I-ihlh I ropuntiol nl t nl 11v ln~rea-;ns " ldhll ld Or \ idsI o 1thd , I':l,',iiiMal 1 d, I lof III nn prll ir e.lrv ivell of bIh, 11ethl, lii1, i ldue ld the nul-t11lblr Selt0 r it to Ithe Ame t"ri nll plblilc. Arran " Cl:naws h:1, hi t, i l i iO'll ,.h II'lII5 ill all ui ill.l-t1 1 li. S11 I . il I'iI ti d ita' i ii l 11. rll. it I1h i'ii'. iii Ih , t'lll t lz io-r11 ' Ii.Il) IoIII- 111.i l hi,.ti l ,. ihl ill d itai t ll i 1 u1' : ::1 '1 " t:laI i lr ' :t , : il, .. I 11i Ii l i I T r, aii'ii 11 1.i t '-AuT hiNh., li U' 1 11 1+ t .I ,l. =, -, - '1el, b11. hi, Ih r ol Ii .uli aa 1 .c"I, iDlat r' 'tt l' 'l1 tI !.v l+rlon : n I 1 1 1.11 1 .0 Ill r l. a r p i.. 11; 1'11 -, lionn t 1 '1 ,.i b 1 lj,iolf t . 1i:,11- 1*111 t 0 of ui1i -!; dm,,+ 1,ho l ,1 1.. " r h i"1. ' lhley ,ll nl,..ýe.+l 11r III r.: lor . r, t 1h i1 ii - i r, pIh, . . I l 11 b l :, c .t h t - li 1 , 011t : 1 , 1 t i., i. . ! 1''ld 1 i 'ti i . it 1 .,l t1bit i x i . 1'1I1a" 1 .D al V,1: Iv t t . Tie /i'lh dilin ;o,f ILOWIrI TT'S 'TALES OF IN'fIEt.U"'T F"O which is now alldec an Avrget te Time Calrla lor, el. easy methodsl o fit ftnldnf tlhe overtt ie biy t, Io stort ge, otes of 1a:l or bills of goods, ' hen pae- - itha.toed oatlditfle're t da'tes, on Iifll'tr'e t cl'eflits a,:tl for oi ' m:mnts; bhevdelen uItellfll tilld cople'tO lifiklnt g The Time Ta'ac, the hthatun c le coatrie1. o. tha' fi Lrl.retolll prIntme withit the snlt rie colllsenll colas, : eI t t size ol' t tl'I. An aI~'cltisment in the book is in ntearly the ifollow- .TI IfThe hiigh distinetiion tl is work hos rrc'livetd through he It.l legislative nets pt'relfixr to the title lge, is n re-. I cotllellndationl in itself , so Incoinllon1 and s colollrl sire, Ill t nothingl is ,cesslr Imore lllshlllln by wiay of dI vertisement, to g1ive:l condensed view of snomP of it' pe- i culiatilells:s ferinstlllnce, the Iltrsrt ls beeln cotnlps. (l ell l'om,and comlpared withll, wlhat is equivolent litno - Mil Ieon setsf ealoeulatiloe, extntlled in the press thirty- (Iri five times, ttll printed iromtn tereotype plaes tested I thirtyty-one times, fifom all which it mnet Il evident \ie even toI the skepltic (esFtlriallyon tito te. ocnal lofthe dte- Pet tal of prof in tile prelhce)l that the wiCerk most he ril)h- il metienly infallible, ndo in ofirmeotion ofl'lhis Ibllteft Fn t premimt of two huitondred antd filv dollars, is now ofalt- W, y ell fi the detection of tint enlor of a cent ill the presenlt lB or ofifth etdition, a expr essed il tile pret li, nlkingfivt Phi if largepre It'lltioll i lred fcl thie s:loot. rrror siocetile list No Spnhliceation in the vear 18.02. lOne of the molt cons Itfeous features of fIthe Inhls is inthe :,rrangemrnl of tilo T'ime ald Alollnts, which N for exspediions, rofirrenre andl perspie'ity, with the hel le of the side and index, alllnot he excelled; oId tih slfly) ty and nPse with which tihe in:reoel can b, l.ld to tlei o textlnt of geneeal business, without tnftf!lin of sonts I isbesiitds a convenience sno essential, that in the estnlln- e )tion of' .olse ti tIe most competentl nulll pltlctal btsllsil S 0lass mo0l aldt public oeflt ers who have maole gitc l I'se r of the twork, it has been distinguisheld hn tlhe honotablet tnppellation ftfa "tnlmaster pifce". A.d CotnsidPteringl Sthe inftdllibility lo the method originofly ndlpted iti eomosi th Worl.k, d the t xtlonnrdiinry tllllllllhelr all Hlvarietly l t tihe tL x ollllltilon, nd tests ofl' Cery elriliioe it ol hosplallssetrlin the prIeso, 'otwiitstatding the t llole is inll g te rently , cttotsidert'tg., in ll. . , lie positive lecuracyllll se tllel by tit, l tllllrll.tltll i tItI Is etlntlt lt d tile vo ]llme1138s "ltl'n edIt'I III HIII Slland ,nIpticalh' stlylCd " Il s molt wollllrftll hk oI the walk;" mlost ct'laly n) mancll:lt nlmel figllre woork of the slole t, r0 tot t, ouhich sila e till. eginnlllling of eale llio , has had lthe sl IIIe Uml Selr Hll llety of tels n the samll 1 e lllllhTr 10 li itorsll ; I' n i o lllllto ' hall h the ln ber, 1 . s" I is clealt INan .uIX It illn the l I strl ids, , as t t t lt siitandard, :l ith s been tried uit l provecd in neat ly all the hnnk stl pohlic IliCes in the S UTlitIe l St ites, saol by the public genera ly, d0uin1 the' i e ling p t otttld tlh l'tive r:ls, y1t 1 'ror ofIr t ile t - I ls ol, tions has levelr Ibee. A tl l il prit ,lltho ngh f ol o ltillll I t altly c: lllenged byt the tolflr f vrery ltr ge r rrtllilS tf The ltbool t il t ' rx pl'tso lf ndttltfter by all theoutrts t 1, of t'iw lf soex l or fthf Sitl0 '11: t tihe 'l'ott f: ttfAlt llt o lbr' o tla lel ilterest,"' : 1s a 1o by law fir lhnk itIII'sI, S Cllrllo'ding the boot : it s lsed', all :lls s y he seen .it 1'it s t1:' .IUl p l'rh? sr'L':, in ill(, h ht ti Iht..d of1"la h ek, t s i , p o . e s i r , t o f ett v eo y lt o s s ot l c i t zt Il i s io n e ttro ) t u ft'r - r ct o ie Unitedl States. It It is Cmoreover w ell klnown that, by its retqtly check, I tt it has so ofteClcctI :.o- errorsl'L), Ionllitert toleyv .ote ad,, evenll y tile most a::l'eflnl atdl ttrtot ltloptetlt U'ithmletichilms, t)at its useulnlless, and lthe absotltt nte C. sstit (lr its tus, hiu Ibeen cxlteniyVtly insistled u ollllll nso evident, ineced, have been its ad,:lltages, and its Ssavinlgs, that, se.e'rel ras.go, hllilst the le st editirng 7 Swas fetohe, and ouft of prit, to great ttunber of acctnd t le hand copies weret't igt lto, .o t 'I ito a .'.1 t distace. 1ll nd 1nl ll'rsed Lt II"0nr tl111 01rie , nv th c(uhr 1 onllll.. 11 tirll' ho pricked up nat fItnt f lto Ito f 25 pl' op, andI I, some persons ha.e r..c. ., c hy hid 'ter, alt1 hillanrc could he qua1t td that tIhl ~cold ,:t ,51, _is 1)ll, ntil j5101) i . fo r i . -p < 1 I g t b a'll t I1 e le h:s, , :li 1 -all i l iv id u all .ir 1 i l~l Ithe l i.,.l a p:,l'e tn ar|,, hti g t the ~o t 11oelll, re iillle irxhi itb-d s:til.llll ,.I,+11, tos 1'.,ral I 'personslft', i/ ot Ill to hl c t ot txoa dl 0 th dht t t Ii l) and i` D irei thlotl11h lher sallillo hi, t. 8 t. \en ll, ntlh , lill e·Ie h h l.ilog :a tlil'll rie tIh ait 111 g 111 m: i ' , i d l e. loftd prpr to i -ot I t i. I tii t, i litlt 1II1 1, I1 ItI t.oI tot t oolttt k toott:fl . l'til %Iooo 1 hg ofoo the exontt ofi hI, l lhb.. I, f1',h:,l 1h:oIthis book 1orl 0 like b lf, pipttair "a ' e t Ill.i lli1r Ir.':ti \lul ro1 ,10 ,li(l bl'I mirol', otp, lllil)t t :littt t, ilt - Ih r tI' ortllt i ttlotd illo , le,at io` pr, h it " f tltott,,l ritt ott h ison . o1trretlio 1 plool'f 'h lit ) 'oll ft- pl ,ons. o, o o . rl tt t'IICll t tio.: .i ,le Iate dt t' ,11. l"c,..t e plat1 t, o il ,:.s uor.klloib , bhtt in se. l' 0 teo li thell withibhcir ll1em1 ecs:ll :ll ol exro +tl. IC' n,'o xI Si:l1 - S. , t ,tl gll inslt fire, 11iot oIttfog, oo 1 I :1 , t, Iat tttt' ' t titootott) ,1ootota0lly kept e in a place o'f petti1110 ,1I0 lt., exvt' 111 I x1,1110 olh I tI il. | il ins. ,.,i. A m pie ".11't'llt+ t ' I , bt' k I t f notd .ltfI 'f1 . lot in - u)' I"t wv0,ilth nctll antes, lfollow the prrthee, ~r w ich, ill th11I ti t is in the twof n prelt''t, llt g , cdi'ti o l lot lilt Ithllf ilo •1s' l i rIII { . rcon' g the txwo1 + tal fl 01.1". 1 i t 'alp. it 1tg gtieet , ttf oo oo')ftf ;otw se, to t o ro- It ren o fl' to -t' :f k thftt , ntt r th.:to lio , thi ' "tcei- P lt.rionlll it v ith x t tt 1tllt tlf.I l I t,, o'<111 . i s to- oIrtl' t 'lfoo s \oo tot o11 "too lo tIt ,h I :tio o ' ts h -, ;ioi- I1 1.:t 1. 6b d :, itL ha t lot loot, ' l ihh :r liv l p lwa a l too;i'. t', ie heat loss 'of t. It h l, o tr ,: l f i t1.r btt', i 1 , +1 iiii iltt 1f 1 ot tie It tiff lg ¼ '.,l , l,1 1, i+ 1,, SI edilion ol 7;1100 iri,":, o, rhg 11, I Ih It l i .1 .'l'l '':ot o . tct . I i trt ' to , 111ot - o .f I ,,,,s , h, , ; te. th' ,1 1, ,,,,. ,i ih, ' r ,f No let o 1o i o. - ,t , , 1Inr, ' i" I .t o, von,' 'loh l I) o,', ' t.I \VOt., ol, i I t t• t t,, t i T e the eoun ' \\ il tolt loktl., tatllll t'o ot t t . ,1 0 ,t 111od i rli " dune, . Ju l n'.re'+i r l i all a l;t 1, by \1 11 'I I. 'I!< IN, I, VI O& o oI t \ t' . t',on oo lt I elf I t, iCto 1/; d sc'ly' Btl t ion:; I.ins in h-10h 0t ; 0'1-,11ot o i : h ullllltio; to i I; sti.rot ,li or klI.t ' evil;,; hot i sl Ilifn ; s0 yphtlllllt Io ., oI ,' t, t Ito ill 11torotri 'k, ari.-iii IronsI :L1 i prllllrl T '1.1 ' (,1"t thof't 0 I, i ht ; Iot ! ' -llt!l. , irii ho CIIIII.II , i thI e l lltltl Iuse of o .-", l1- (' & ' C hadl' t r' r . . I, or I . t tt h tll P'es rvattivt : tlbe best pIl"o tr lt' lt t tt lll V ,xt tllt . Anullg which are t il' e o,llflw ng:-hulia: I)yf, 1 for col rLi, thellu hair; lnear's IlO,; Rossian Biea ., Greas',; iomtntum; irhaw't lree o Wash: st t perior Pearl fPowder; Lily White; 1'ream ,:f Ito ,,;e Vcegetabtole Ilot:t; )to, of' Ros,'ol; Lip S00v1; lin.1 n sit(. 'I'oT thl \V;ash; (,rllboll1c I) nllTllio; ()Or1nll' I Fl.a.ver l r\\ ',r; Powder oIlt ,tn 01 ; ot .; \.:: r tol 0'0 l'o t(rootal, rnelly put tp I tur ie vaI; ',, t -.t in .alls; (:Iologn ; K tret stol o I' lolll.ach salnt Drops; IIfir llBruhfs; :ngltsh lifre mtff to h> ito ela (fit;-eath a varil'y of t,,r I'Perf f" stees, &,. "or sale by • I L \V G(;L]ENN's PERFIfIt RII ES. (001 C TRIN( AIJJ, Core, t<'r Co' oCo, etfl oturio ,..Irts I)IO I": & \1 \1 It rnlsr, til.;l, and On,..oclII . f'IIIC Lk In Ioo Iland n."nuIIa , x (w\IkgII:S I~ta Es. h".;.,.o), Fg, l~lll~ek :: hluuk :mrl goldrll n Tk, lii.llul : all Asle co CII~lII ,1,ik I do retl(" rr ay e 'i0,0 ai Io I l l i I ia II. .;a ie Soria WGAod, Poto ING 7IIJ' I WdII , ut V/Ite I'1iJIJe Mill' Yso 'tree, Iali I, Wh ie Ah 111i ak & I tll's} '1'I:EL 5.. III: I\'1' ;()()1)11'-- Ilot, n ante~ll IIII''. rclll :1 11I i.(lll li 1I\II id 11152ISI 11 I 111 1 w l Iloo. ~um:I, scroll ·. l rod iron, so il :,ml ploughI1I Crowley steel 4illo ,IN''. IIware e Irn o l 'rolllh silS I'' sl' Ox, I og at d trace t I.: Is. erI' lls 1:···:1, ees, 1 .000" I,: I arl,\ls 1 I'ire, shee Illlle i., :,I'll h ·1·:1o" bails sisal ~ r~a A t., ,, I m la!olllii·! d ., t~o ." l' · "'.o:! 1 oe ls !·l! lookI~t~ ~ ~~l Illoi Io I ....ll "ý, .1....r 11a: 1 n 11.1;. " ,, Iimok '. I :li'vel ollnl \le. tilI. toy .. I ior,:il u 11 I "..\ iur11.~ 1111 Itolt and 'Is:' :lsio", .'l .1,t"", \:i, ..I:1III st ore's ··I(' .\ 1 : 1 1 ... I.i t : " . ,i l ...l : (I s 1 sot shit. 0 , i Tnl rl l _7 ..' . i aoi· ll.,cl, ull ,i i7 1. · ill l "r ofl : -0 1` - IIIl1: a l wit B e s, 00 , t n a -, o :.. 1 ?1~:1:;~ 1 "1'. 111. t 1'n. 5:, I II .I I-· Titit 11111· 115I(: I: l/.1 I)ý ·?j; i I' 1.15 031 X EI l~(lll : \iii 1 /\(./I1III.(· ..1 P JlCll :':·1 1 'l( -1-11! 1: · 1110 51."0U '"I ý_ lei r ti o r . Il i; l- Iu o .lAiL AIltIIAN2EMENTI' I, te In.rv Dlay at 1.' 1. NorIhern. Mainl, )le I trr v tiy t It 1i) A. 21 Wetern Mail, t v Iy at nly, dtanedttay (aniby nl' /he 1" i' l, by , 1'. I/. l IL ' t'y l 1 :" ;++... ..w1rv 1111h1, Wednesnl I UiSlttllSl lrhni hv 9, I'. AI. : The L ,r l Iail ) , 1 ~ 'l i na1 ,' l 'hurisdav a Via t (.ltit' e"rv :Monday, Wednesday 4X PI,','ES M,\IL. 'T'IMIJ'.S )t+ ARI8IVAL, I'iU L.U lt'lIIt, DISTANCE. Norlhward. Distance. 'ime. Illelnn'g Maont,ta nr,. Ala. . n 1a.· m'i/11/r 23 It I2m. SColaanltt, I(a. l 11 . .L 94 3a.m Mill rt evilh'. i n. 2 1ri .144 2I p...n It / i , .'..C. 74 att. (1 174 ali N C. 57 m 215 22 12 Warr eon, Vna. 1 an. 5 ita a -Petaratur', Vn. Ifl pm. 83 10 91. mn Itilllmon, Vn. I at. 21 3 61 Fvlrderickl/nag, " i (67 7 11 p m. Wahinghm lt , aat pt. (61 61 5 lajtimonre, i4 38 4 04 a Plailndlphin, 14 am. 100 II 2 i Nvw York, 2 pja. 00 ,4 13(15 I13 :t. or i 923 Northward. ('ot min /t nttt hwl/ rd, the ' ime is six hour I res.; bein .l d s and 17 hoars. S P'EN I/lj.IAjS REWARD. cI ANAWAY tliom ll I (:ltellllPIIt 'or:r of Ilevia Is s. lets,a ln the n hll ilt of 3llth olf August,llll un ll he next rllllrnillg in Povrlhlls sretnr I, 11 ro bo y n/./m Ct ARIE 11S1/ l'/ont t i7 ceants o' Pttn , ind 2 fe i, r thereoal'llOIN ill hl'i htv ry l G I kilo , [ In sanlll a imlll I aby In t l nl n t ll t /l/t ill nll ftwO/li ell/ i Pltl lttaW llyit wthit' 9 IroI111 orI lilllell sbii nI c nll ml oon pl11111 i lo nll. i lasltltrs of / ails alld ltt':loll /inb t aire nlltionlll a gi nint trev aivill or Ihrlrving s tid negrn, a. well ns nal oth11r pePrSlns, 11as the n oP ri tvtlr of le10 Iaw will Ib l nvticipalilits, or ut 1)t j n i ( n a alert, cornier of llevia le eopt lnllll.r tIIni irn of j)y/iin &. nvvrrettnn, ha. boar di.solvei. The sllbhcriber will liqufidlate the aflhirso e l tilt ne'rll ill thil r ity, nod reP( ires lh' II.p'l sons indeb - / rd to I y1III e ll lt io him innlyl , nlld all Itloaohafvin SI r/II IT111 -7 I i I AI SON, \. W. SWAIN. At. 11NE'anal Nrevt Anr, ()rlann. S11 1 A 0'ai si on inndn cnlan tly k ra'ei'in It)r . lI)ys, (It c llh lic lsn llld Pat ,lllllllotlng Hitel nr,. a /III1i ( . D/YESJ Anthyi11 1, crade, Argols , red, tn 1 ' reglsttt , An tttto, Sjpil A Ak n ii p wdtred, l e zillwll• woo", I._ I a txlnc palv , Co la/ i ll.l, S ini, er naa (a:oli s, American, kl do r.t edt , Cuptalr, an tl'imltne, crude, Fustic, 'Tampico, at o roll, do Cluba, S do flower, do MaIoine, Ilirmnlh, Frinch Lerries, its Castoroil, Indigo, lengal, o Cream tn'r, dlo Mlanilla, I (+ C llauIllides+, do (lrraceas, t. ( 1in (i alh e , do U ,tanimala, dn Ahaic, Lownood, S anlmeahy ado usmal'ti a, to / i Domingo 11 1 oniI c, Ira J amaieu, ti to ini, Cmwood, n e dO dC H I sca.'li I.ll. nC tI . . 1, SlOI,, (lolh ,, Corllh , t in d ttt1 t ,11 1,t a lta, /io ltllrenib 'I K'nt:'tag t, CI(IIm ICAIAIS. to ld |ifl} , l e ien , , i stl,' *, I do dT o Fir. d, I ntlJppitale, 1) opiuml, d io llplub it i d_ d l: l ll., t /r l i ttai01n, cot 'd.. ,:,10'(',"oll 'I ',i , r ht ' I < l l, tnt d,4l t/lltn tinittiac , v l./niaO lle I:,.. i I". llo-iht e o lh·at. sh I I. ..,... o*f+'I mo+I I r llll' ts |, lt tiit h a/tillii \il:. 0ll0Go ,, SlIp carp Sol'-, l.ill,:nricl, hall, S g:ii. h ,llc atr- tiint11,0rtnaSl 1s , t.i , 1, i ot ii ll o i. in lh al h1r nlllll-'lt ilhry, ait ,, Ito .llt , h , dtin l .I, . , i iii :if I ,. It , Ni.ti / a it It ith/t t,, i '.'t h, I It ' r, l'.' i> ' iif l ,, ,:o ] , , ,,, i ,l .1'1. , . '..1l. ,, I to : dl 1 ,, do .i n l "l 0 lll 0, fi , it , Iii , \1,il , .dl 1o ( + llAst'. S : II" i "h , ,I,, ' 'II ,,'I, J o o,, i l o, if, Ih, d,, .\tio l,,.w Ira " tllrli% f'h'l ( t l ::,., % t R 1 b : . ', ill hlht ,I n ... . • n \PI'1\, tliti.AlVI"S 11:"" .Nnt1fE|:l /.." ~, - 11 . I, 1,4r b 11l,,: tilt , ,I fI'.t,,r S.i ple, &d t'tl n.ll.+»rg , or in \ tier tI S h Illi Ilni"fillI in ll 7,n. W it, . i ,L a'uptuin lasil Ilnll, It-y tl tvy, F.L I.,l Rotltlt,n, a r.mnui. Ivl Allta (liuinning ha,l 1 n thttppttd Lt'e at itn ito hitt o-ef, in 2volt. (I (f otmpetullit Ili(tor'.q of ittly, translated from thei li hlnl hl:lll , Natltalllliel nreneM , in vol .f O or e.,in a N t 711 oif I, ts tr' lEntity Litt0ar. V',I-.: . I .f ithe 1,n4 I.w n' t etI u;aid unifon. edition :rrI,' I t,tt'fh ,ttr It:,t.i'' a ) l itta .lonry. 1 h. . n----. I;' Ii. pr I evll i r"ill' ( lnllltlo.e's p hr eno gy a;,H,,u'- i nos .tedlI ne tlicl'eul pa eidn s | ltlpersw hi11: c. , ,' t . \ , Jl .t .c. iv l, a. r- le lfby »,3I 11EN.1. LEV.. IN :( I1 '1IT':I, ,e, 1,1 the author o Ayearn %'ro" r,/.tlllll . rlh n"tl , rl el rnll pl ilabt e t o "'Ir l 'oliti -cl rtl:lnell r, of tll Ull nited States, or a {m. ,I),st, , t' I . i ,lt lllo t l.r s llldloni a t ll th i ll ft e .,llc.rr -o, I l,,llt .d ;l :it . lt , lilv. it 1. OF tlem nl al be i 0x 1a (ret -.D lv ;" 1 dl-l I"" .youngtono ho"nned 1r* / ;11" t Tours i lern.,lsed withll character lill i e antler, ofills priL cipul mark rl der.s f ltln.,hlun with l ,.llill cl colltn tt anllll general index of lamls, Fors 'i L t .t . ' oiti S. \'rfll.r ling'. EvKil, Chr.iic Ikae.Unli , lrNocliKt Iutanous Ili- PEina in the IoNet by free Iea~et Isl IIu e of vlecan tt i or ttItiat ti itlncll'nt ilcentntd -ntl, i preparet w.thl n.i Sltinve, ctfldt'. ollof rtn irlh inll, th eat conocen. Ilt'il Ilaugetrl'l h ined with ltler v tgeanf tabl subtlace o" knon elniAnc v. 1!n. o tl,-hilh t tltl l I C i ttaiy o cf in a tnts tile : .lll'se ,, their protlice, PJurie i d nd f) r l ttll, aol only at SIVKEAN l11ov [itt idil, sttre, No, I tiCannl strdet, whrn ttalty e htl,,I f:-tn tth ctttrlll:l ,ltieattnh a citete lhoreia cn,, e.r i an soe repartie ionsandaallllne Lan geer th i tllillrt f'm t-fte tls rrln4 I'I NN(CI.K:t IO.talll, di O lc. a)NNO 'S 1ll'7OV:l) 7'It'ION OFr DRi m (;jddt ith't AbrXtdgent of tht llistory of Rants nili Ili-trt, Ml nd grt et' i a't ,) ty of valuttleieinfo 711nlltuill of ,oti lXtttt tit- ,-thate lt oz; wittih llamts lbio , eopl' ofat ,l hiato rica l Notes; and qaena I imo1.. f H ,-x~ atill tll :o end of eitch at etia. Il ]'at1, l''i- ' tition of r lintohantitlt'a llitoery tit a. lll o, ua tit lv "-ji11i n l t JLulius Cn lsn to thn t,-nit ll ta t rren "d, twith at ',-, intt itioan to Ite y'a titti, .tt liti ttllt-,'iatr i -f-tlltl a tita t t-e t th I lintel a 110,l s a v ett t . lof vatl iahhe nt -rntan tin,, neul thrnonLl,[,o, the wl)ik. Cosistikago cite ati lIlcr, lll r llI lltcr' tttt'* of thle .ge. An outlittei tlu" t',,lstit~iiuu, Sc. S&c. & llhtnttted by ntanna elgrt (1-I\t.t:to".. OF .AUaana,.tn, nationll Anridriten aIt a:li',n -aw ol'tt'aeaia n Ihae tse of Ihilihei. Now Aliii-iti "lttatt, with nadt iti ito and imptaar vementel a ttli to' ol:ltioti tf t i rato tttticntparn of the Am Jatt received and for nale' h W\M M'KEAN • , Urler ot'e .ttjatnt and Cotlton otll IAIltI'tIIt'- CIASSIt:.IL. LIIIRARY. I nit t.\Cltrae,.httt-d i l'ihilli Frnaie, I) D, witd iii att t -Itahx, Lttintting tta nelnhlttt of various 'i toe ttodtn, .awigt tit'nttr (i W tIakaiielnl, Pornoa l In, t tii' , . ltrits it iillr l t ' ilrt vuCN lu, oa ttt:i, , Al 0, i .iti a '',itlltir tat tl' tltnr, by Thto, ,t Itoi.l"l., E- I.,l a ' 1~ott , wital, narutio11, by Go 'i i, at I t'. tta itatal e In tlttittrolf .anti .li. ' I hi I i t - . 1 , I; , t ', I - v t, t t : lt I V "l'l . n e w t o uni ")i , x.1 J Ln,,plqettti- 1a. i.. Jntn t nirn-c4 S\I M ,Kk.AN "F t t)o-S- i,6 , t"'tucanti sutl l ) il'tu ill. f~o -t. n tn' i,,otil tti'c tn, ,nnul r S ot $ihUt~l: il' ,t. !1144 f1

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