Newspaper of True American, February 5, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 5, 1839 Page 4
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.,;.« t 1' Ua L: ae$l'.oNl)uADt I tnn i u W it !CARCEi Nn .. ,pr.-q',.m,.,,..., oln uI e.,o La 1x i ttthi e Ien i itu e ' l*m an-ael cicm do·.·J. a i Natue cer faer 104' 8 P ris 1 O7. K Kill on 1 il-r--|bthi+i ,lrl .I, ,,I l.. Fv'e AIdidtl Jutietlnldele on ts.enity .linenan Fvor--Prnilarn o", le.anily *19o Snttriegrv--|.iie, n e lorgerv - eIire -vlll.iMi e l--1 eotla joeopuer Medici. -+l sI~lft.ataeºry of (.Uhomitry .141i'lyticln (lhemi!Iry . )COfCIMtRrIA AND NAUICAL., `,d U ýmatfla and Repseitorv,ft 1930 h a Mlln er Dictionary, Lomd6a Otm AlMaeao for 1839 . wditlen' Navilgatioa i " OUallllcOri7 A MCANktIC. I .i a etliial'v f Aretitelutle, l.ondol U. !,l'O'he itrh tlre, 3 vole, London I $.. e ,'architMotlMre. 'l'redgold's Caepettry Iat Meehente'e Enclolodia Lotedn M o. Ualthlcmatial Tables ,, mer MIlSCELLAN EOUeti. molmU "cl Migseellanirea frm the t c s.nin JOfm~OrV ned i. Consten U'I mai*-' (.llriol~itiel of ~itematire, , )+ ,l~tiel £ .'nemy by Pnay do·Vetheke 'lhar'a Lit. f W Liter olr, vll e . nand and Leah.-lla, h tetcott 3 avol E·Pna~re a Iendid eeits 7 v Iln, Rain t ld ) aao.tme .Mediclnl. ..,.n!itie aseella, ti eelleneoaus rrti) "th o r ami., ar, Englie i and ,,1tn1a, Latin nad Greek; E JSOHNS & co. v26 ecar. Chnerle n Cnlttomlmn e te. ROWANIS TONIC lIX'll'U-i:, P1 r tr eooaentd enhre of Fever and ,AIe. l Twille rmntily ditloveeeret a herein the T'onic 3tix ' tllr in oUperino to the ordilnor, erltp of trusting di Pevor nod Agu,. In the fhlet hiece, hle . n Veee lbae Enxtraet,and free from aoiV delterucned aol poison sea ingpedieoee, it ioos le token with ilte Itemost sefe. ty eav he the tender itfnet, or aged invalid. It prd 1te 11anepuhif the, cn;seqlllttiy the conetitne tn oon eogon igellS ite wonted tont atd net wiv. it Ptelmb lhaits onn.t nend permanent aprtetis. by iievilreliile th. Stateeeh,.ad pire e relis lt to t!thjymentse of tst-r. Being ptettliar il Inhaving a.pturgatve qtalit, it tmela I oat iL the hoveh to te inreaso tie tdislrder, to nte ,ther dioiets, but tlhralg.hilv ttct nsea tie several or gins of digritzin,, and thus bhetefits tie t.strm lth whertever otlter efteartio a it mtv be ppresed. endividtale, after thl Ie t'e tllte .Pmile ,ixitee., have baloenee, t xpo e oll thoe uual eases or tle dlPeiS., and have ecapedel ant tlllltrtolnm tf retelrle h wheloeat ,y the tile iC etnmnen rett edie thanere i, nlwavh erea ailan inereaseed inhililv to rreeeirreice. 'e'h, (,tigner of frequent terrlpee c!ihle Agee, it vrrv e.wh nt, "sr the tetteet willelel etbrotne too mclh pr-mt ate to 6b.l tle oract tfvith aledllile, tid epedihly full t ve.C Mim to such iteeaaent violence T'he 'Tleic tlixtre t is O'9red at such n reanoliable prier, 0s to I)eac it -i hill nhe reach ofevery ole!-so ttrt ell prior and detituale are herely furnished with oasiltaot twilthulti tttiellte the aid'and atlcatlanoe which is ie'lt qe tln denied to thereor else very relectantlv bestowed. t Thl public arr ro.,peetly celitoneid ngaillet the nyu tioes isitationa of this medicine, thne: are dily offeretd for sale. Lt ipreparedntle lby Dr. Jlohn R. Renwnd, at his l.dl.atrmory, Alnrketetre , Phiiltelplli.a TIe snbeetherira are tie Wutlholrtle arents for the outh Wenteri Satern, end will sell Iy tie rtatt, at t..e Phileelpin prises. lTt' be had at retnell elto,a at (of the A potheearics iln th c ity. JARVIle & .NDREWS. mntWholesale I rutisls, cop CClltllelll & T'cllo itituetlce . Mistsssippi and Louasiana Hotel, clvtec.rON r.A flRS. MARY KIRKLAND reopectftlly on. nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to occommodate them at he above establishment, and hopes frnom her arertionsto render visitors comforttble, to rrecive a continuance of former favors. Site feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covi'tgtan during the ummee'months, cannot find better accommodatlionl than she can afford them, on moro liberal terms. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with she most choice liquors, &c. in short, she promises ettat nothing shall be wanting on her part to give t ,tire satisfaction to all who, may patronize the Mississippi and Lotisiana Hotel. je3 s "] 4t'P . - ý E P LI-. ]ie- u,,dersi,.d. bhving Sstdied under Dr. Scl.nlidt of tharleslon, South Carolina, and for some years hie assistant in the practice of medicinle tand surgery, has the hontor to offer his professional services in this city. He assures the latles and gentlomten that the toont prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be modreand also offlrse is services to the holders of olaves, beitg well acquainted with titshe diseases comnmon to them, having attended them in the sugar Inuse in Charlhston. Thefamous anti bilious pillsa oter theenmposition of Professor Smollette. with directions, can be had efthe underaigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attendted with the greatest snecess, to which the beat of Referenes can be given. Apply at Nt. 166 Maga. inle street. JNO. M'LORING. ULLOU W WAIm., WUOD) S~ -EWS, SAD IRONS, &e. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 38 Water, near Boekman street, Now York, have received the past season, slat are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods,. which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting ol "bout 1500 tons. viz, Pots of 12 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettlls, 15 sizes, frore 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakcpans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Te. Kottles, 6 do Skillete, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from I 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 90.000 gross, iron and brass, from S inah, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less titan Jamne's imported ,priees. Sad Irons, asserted, in casks of about 500 lb for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Bash weights, 100 tone, assorted from 1 4.4 to Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, *Also steambeata and other ma!chinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly reeommended to the attountion of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low rrlces; and utpon the most liberal terms ; it is e. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever -.zred for sale by any one eatablislimoat in the -.asted States. -tMerchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'ad circular, with detcriptton of goods, pricssand terms, from which no deviation is ever meaq, furnished by return of mail. All ordre will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. 1 3 NO MERCURIY NOR ourAuvA StiNew trte.,te, NYtv.14, 187. ABOUT six months ago I tId tie misfortune to get a ecret disease, for rwhil I lave olplied to sete nl doetorefor a ttrs, atd they did tat cure Now anatleabee date I tut tmyself unler Lth crte of tletot atlt, and I euptrt him to cure te. ',rince that tmelt -tdblolaaae ot wore, so as to hreak out it large ulcers ethe onumber of six or eight on ea h leg, antd all over hy" faae, and sore tlroat, and nt, able to work at he presetnt ir o acconrt ef the disease; large nlcer on the ight side of the throat. 1 am ttting myself s.tu-ently alder tlhte care of Dr. luetr, tPaeria, to be erfectly cured JOHN DEAN. T 9O CERTIFY that the above meat;uned disease is Site mwell euund to tty awn satistactioa, for wtich I flk' bi. ilnet; antoni orsever L ure.,re that the meladi s l havI takes makes me fit, oad did i wtr injure lmy s at all • therefire I advisn ito f Ittw ettfeetr to Imse'elae tnd apply to Dr A. flltet, 12 Catnl strvet,.baiwe,t Danplbttc nd ttllrtrttll stree;s. Itr. iuet in at Irtme tfrom o'elock, A M, until 4 P il. 'PMuey will find a true dottur for thite omplaina. - JOIIN IDEAN, -I0 Gravier street. If anyone wants to see ate, call at N,. 4t (Gravier JOHN DEAN. New Qrlboeaqb I, g118. "feb 14 lyI r A tS nBalenotof iverm rtnd Horo Jlottund, is pat up in hottln at the low price of 511 l eat ttch, cnttaldnog the strength of throe ounces of Liteewort, kesi leo,tha virttolo ol many othler roots and ere i kowon enl.mmi the idilmns ueartcaciou in curing Spr.oma.tlaainbo. rinu.. rlleuccss which ba attended the ta e of iso liaoator wherever it hhs been intro. hohtained the cnntiderne and reonumutdla t r. e ctlert pttyvicians for tle cure of coughs, lPat tin the side, want it rent, spittil of blood, Suercontplaint, &c. , T. l.tomtit tny lomeern. This Is to cart ir thatw tglutr prltettee freuentlty rescribed Mn (Gard. l i UIieallat/m of viverwortt ai Dloerhound, with Ia aod.efeett we can therefore, from the know. "t.[f. i. t is imade fron, and cbteratnlo artnpeefent recommteon it as .a steri prrparatio railt these aftectiono of the lunges f,r wItch it is re ummcnde. Ah.BMR r WVII.LI AMS, M. D. CALViN ELIIS Mbi D. 4e_ g o d BeBta nMedical AsUocintion., JA1rVI/ & ANIDREWS. Ita Jt. " n. l taii t'ull .aeitiLttaa ra. -v ARDWS Y.tnht st H .I oll , 0 tbr th reoraoti,,u ý" jk. *WCv, .tg CMCbU andubeanut,,and l losoab j H t2 wnj oerlaed to the public, it hod dey t nn n&e, f of haldnth p|nn, , and ._-qi.l'. is~beekt'rea~lidt lulneterfailed to pmdure - uful owt Oh on heeds already Ve s-I. oon r"aw it healthy, produe ..ttlll growtlh ohsir, "Wtt'ttOtte te newt r thapd. 'Io Oilt ie n",- agreesble fra-o rtref. ohhte f tot ny otier II ir Oil ior lpe imt anlt'slhhtitol the hoir. The h ir act b.w- dr-s ..r i' For oic at J I' jEns mt. EE.S & D'LA.NGG. YL _ ilMorIS t IOARTi' 6 CO. nre nnow reeivinalror pltmmonn lItoards; (Chesme oat, 1-4 al '23-l irell til a.,l Idtli; R.!). 10 and I' ic.h lnltoe ,Krnitrm L.Pnther and other travlrli., 'Iresoin" " .l, P'rnket,. Hotrnenan's, d Ilalline Pistols: r le aln single hIrell,,d nt~n*: Mine c Io;ne ue;) n Ileltr; Powder mind PierlI Flh*kr, Ilr'a rnti's and i.rinr'=i Ctrp: P'nr r-s'rn (',p and Cun lan Iars: Cloth. Inir, r.oth. anrod .,il )trlsher: Orris nrl Chlorine Totht \1'hlr .I'orrIh Podelr. o'Pller rnd Shrsivna r onriain er t vsn riRt,; Irne llnir rridrls nlnd rirtrttsn; Pelnr .1 'rrnil-t Ponvder: remerv Irae; Ivorty ,n C.rshinnr, Pi.nlt Sh,los or iarter-; Glnn srisr Sutlspenler.; Powder Pnai and RBoxe; Orltt Clarie., Soell and 'eve; Ear-.lrop; \Vnist Bueklos: Brrnelets; Bend Necklaces and Chairm; Gilt and SilveresC Benda; Indian Beads, Rells nbad Plumed: Shell Tait; Side and Dresning Cowbs; wrhich,in addiion to their fonrler stock n hand. makes their assortnent very cenotlete, nnd will he sol ow and on libeharnl terms, it the sirn of the Gollden I'olnb. i25iLf. 70 Chartres street. (T'E inhorrhere, Agentl for the extekeive betre of W V. & y; Btcher, Sheffield, Enlanrd, have jnit rerived a very extensive set of ni' r .rs, enrsieing of Table and Dessert Knives of ' - deaeriptin., Pen, Pocket, Dihk, Ind Spear point llnives; Razors, Soia ora. hdge Tonla,&c. &c. &c. whlich they ore prepared o exhihit to the trade fornrelrrn. Terms and conlditions will bhe madae known atr thntlnl. ml6 J. I).IEIN & A COIIEN.911ICnmmon st. 1F\4 GO(DMS. 1IMIMONS HARTT & CO.--Are now reesriing 'lper slip Ili.ntville, agle, Merrv Anhrew. Hith andler, Froenrlnald Germnn dlalrde henad Itvinir a iter, eltt asrtt ltrket ldstols; lai, ribbed satrr split casinea ropsl eal. Iholdersa; oseis rs, Re7,rs, pren. vest (ilnlt'ts commercirl snd olther steellpens: Vien ans Violin ntrilrgs; shell, ivoryn nd horn enohsi waftrs; k, Iesd and leather L~ersn.; air Iarids, fromn sal Ask rillets.r; trXr lrtax; Gersiat lait Frecll enoltnglne waster, Rnlllarrs manan.ser oil, mintatior dno; ntblne anrrhearsoil laortable deski .and dres1ing eraes: past bleckl.g; statinnml toilet gloresar; eonrex mirrnrs; o r cat glasses rird views; bnllion mladr, hellsand idtinner aonedleon; whit- lwineltoilet and shaving snaps; tnilet owdlcr, aesmetle wash balls; acented alin rl .shi-ns: pool asandsnr: screwr erlhinst; fanry hradl eias Inal oehklrees; billihlr bllI; 1tekert Imoks snd walllvtsl Geerman Ihores; ranor straps; fire and eommnnn grarm. ollstic esples derr , glr r ersdo; Bells matches; sil ver pencils; Creyontr, &c. &c. Thie above in addlition to our former stack rf fance Irticles, makesolr sllsorltent veryt o rllpllletr . tlrr as:lti wholRal or retail; as tihe linr of tihe .nlrln (ano.. 7i1. Chiatr. e street. Imr~R. N OTICrf-.riroi pnrtnersahi p rtt' Kellr'r, Masrn1t kCrr I. jya Nrew Orienrr lrsrnrn., altrrin &C.r orf Nantrellz; nrl Httrris, Kellev &Co., of ltturriev, wirs din Icerd at 1l2lst of 31ay v ot, by tire death n Salnrnel A Murolnr, " lme of the pnrtners or ith firlr. 'ýll uhenderclined..nrvvin- Ipllrtllner will ha chsr.7ct, Levi C Flnrri will attend tI the retrille of tiht bhrineie 0a' \lanroll, tlarris& Co.. it Natchez; rnd Ilnrri, Kerl e &L Co.,nt tll.rnev; nnl Henrv Kellev will lttrlend to he settling of the bisinesl of Kliley, Mason & Co., at Nrew Orleans. Tihe onmes of he several firmls will be ne ed in lihloidaioiionly. Tlhose inideabted to aid firms are earnestly requested o conre forwrd and make early settlement;; and those having claims will pleaase treslt theml wiRtho tdelay. " LEVI C ItARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27,1837. - -AN3 MARIF FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER J2 can res mre of this superior Cologle water. just ireceived ad fir sale by thIe dozen or single bottle. rr Also Americnn nnd i"ench toilet I wders, powder t 1I andb oxer, snving and toiler rnaps,racomeric r-a, Iulls, lilk if roses, csmetic cold cream, extr c: o timusk, kephalm, NVard's veretable Ihir oil, poliatrlllm, rece e depree., -Florildn lverlnr. rose ald hllv waler, 'res' o: altr,, ihlarsillen Irerlnrrrv ir trrnki. venettr Ile r d lirriilu ea. C(Ilorrine ntd' Orris tootah Walt, clrtithair,tolhar, nil aml filesh !rushes; together with a n aliiollal supply of fnrionfnlle hors sindi shleil combs land jewelry,.orsale low at wholesale or r. tail it by SI31.MONS, IIARTT &CO, ju!y i1 70 i'hnrtres street. SE-V G(Ol)S-Simaions Hlnt' & co are now 're i r creivinir from onil harllrhips Ynzoo, anor Siraoga Sndllbrig ConcOllrdlia, frlonl Newn York, in ren vnrier l goords in their line, whichi together witll their forilet stock on hiand, lmakes their nsnrt ent verytr nilete. tIrte hrlllwin g rrposelr n r nrtviz: 0elltwsel,, t .rn ;drre d tlk nrl rlsrsiilgt crrli., rr do na nil i leerriptiontr I o - h lia ribber, silk and worsted elastic rar-re, eornma n &r SOne elastic suspenders, Ioro rteo and Lueifer matchee, Seirllitz prowdrs, owder puffls atd oxe ,toilet owder, packet books aldi n llets, nreedle iooks, shell, pearl, tvory aRlnd Inerrieeo anrcases, lendernaulerto, plnineo. Seral eni,nr necklnres not neglig e. , read cainollr, ad C eekitsr, nrt glrrar srid plaineerl,silver nrl gilt iltends, Indiarnh earla, hella nod plrlner; pirstol anrd rlrgeprrw I ler foltkliotr hCelts, ino neirlt, pocket oadl dnaililr r strnlr; double and o inole lhnrrelletd lns, Bowire knris, rd dirks. seriltssr, ehllr pocket kntiive euard crahilrtn and rI ribon, pier bsl sin e lot, hlahr, toonh, nril,comb, : 1rllllb. I riroe, p rte, floor rd dirtirt Iruilshra, Coloorte, Flrrird lavender, rsle and iran wnter,la.rttrtr l resser,'s, e and rxlrnrt' , Isccccne, Iesl:, anltir e, lind] W\antrd'. w 5 ealible hlrir rir, rlir i vel dtod l toil t sann ps ni all Ilan. i'i olius <idi tt- a nd r elltlernPlS ' eik a ,;in ,i'esrirn reP, Ihair vie;; li.t., friz,. tt,!t mill Iraids, plain, fincV Duidl anmsicsl work bloxes, hlain and ll figllunrJ, coat" still rest illtIllts, pearl ndl ivory rhlirt dlr, shir stnildt, rtll nrrd silver olperil cannt, h ttritcks lnd twreezersp atei uld ill Itocketsl, nlhlfrirre In, silver, brass anl steel ';Arihles, lhonlkrrt n erae, rair piar, iritntion forrit, Ilk arid redink, Pllrr hmlnckhir, violinla ndr gitelnr-, rilti-l ld rplsir pereorision ersr, linln twine, srented nrllr rens,gold ntrlrrerr lace nlr d fer,rll tteer palrer, !oins hfnarililn w'is, wrlkillr rnlleplaying calIs, fins gohli, latj.d nd Bih jiwellrv &c. Tile above. togethier will a reat nvariety of other arti les are offered at wholesale or retail oat accommodating N Bt Shell conrhs repaired. n as 3e0011 COma-repOirea. I II)L: 1.AIE AND RE AILCOMII ANM iVA S RIETY ST'IORE--ot the sign of the golden comb, Mo70 Cihrtres street. The oisbscriers nve ren. ceined, in addition to their previous stIck on hond, a fill lnd complete nasorlnent of articles in their line; vie: combs, perflunery, Jcwellr, brunshe, locking glasses, hoonv nrieles,& c..nsisting inl poart ao follows: Cf)\t S--tnrltise shell, and plain liektwist, quilled huck, long round, dressing, sid. pu1,1; curl and neck, Brazilian enonls of every description aionngsi which aro sonmc Mexicoan patters, Ivory combs of every description, horn, dressing ail iocket, together with general as-ortnlcit of Frenal and A lericnon. PERFUMIERY-Cologne, Iovelder, Florid, honey, hiy, rose, and orane flolwer wafers of every size and des ril'tion, camplhorated Cologne, extract of BIrgonot, laney soiaps o ll kiindi, oshoving dn i ckes oanid tat, creoin soaoado, Wardl's veetable hair nil, bears and n, ittedo. tresolml's smealling Rslt, plain aid perfinmed oilet polwder, pearl powder, poo lerpufs and bxes po ntom in pots and rolls, orrns and chilorine tnth wash and olowdes, willh a general assortment olf JEWELLRY-om tle of te latest ond mst fosliona hIe setts, consisting of white and red cornelioM , tops . jet eardrops, set in flagree, brest pins eofa gre" sý.. ty of patterns, watch trimmiligs, gilt and silt .tackles, silver thimbles, silver and gul pt toils allnd guanl chains IIRUSHES-Cloth, hair, ntlus icrumbi,heartfloor, lintlesh, tooth, plte, combi Nail, shaving, shoe ond whitewas. hrushs, LOOKING GLASSES-German static and toilet glarss, iagnifling nd French dressing giassoa, homed do, with n vnareiv of otlher kinds not enunerated. FANCY ANI) VARIETY AR'TI'ICLES-French and Amnerican portable deskns and dessing cases some very rich and finily inished ladies work bxes and drea sing cases wilh end withot niltsie, musical boxesL , Ac corlian o tvirios kindsl, violins e nd guitars, silver and plated peciils and leads,wood poianis for carpenters T nod crayons, mantile clcos,gonsaod dtiaotle with ond withiot e-ncs, percussion clips. plrcuasioll cp ci:IgeiSo, IippIle screwdrivers, shot lIehiigiaie hogs, p)ote blnacking, toy tea seCts, Ildin Ieales of every kindil, hells and pilns 1ioeaid con,lln knives, razors and scissors, timbles needles,t phls, silver plhlel, steel aln cotnuoua opecta eles, pocket books and nwallet it various kinds, vl sitling cardsond cord cases, playing conrds ofi lren, Gormlla said American outuothctore, (lulls i iitotiou fiuit, stu boxes, pritil of vaorioLn kinds, ' Polo el y's, ELnulersoon's, Hilnlaln's lnd Hawkin's razor straap andi meotollic hone,dirks, fancy bend necklaces, do with .-r dros, toy watches, peBrl hnttona, ipwder flasks, e. , sd plain seed beails, gilt and silver 'O, gui ela-tie a in spe0 ders, ald gnrterls,pldanalod sword ianen, hlckgoollnoui boards, dice, optical vienneo, jewshorpn, locolbco matclh esnld drinking cups, with a gremt variety al other orti ele, all ofwlt h will be sold tibr cash or city acceptlan oes on I.2 months credit. B H lS1MMGC".., & in. d4 70 C.lartrsat. IbOLBEAR'S Science of Peomanshlip receired,and Sfor sale at thleir i)ernnnet \Vriticng Acondmaeius No. 8 (hatres aireet, New )rleans, 18a Ilro:tdway SNow York, IDaphineo st., lobiln. It is particularly designed fir livatne learners. ald schools, an id ctlcnlnted fior persos of all uneo. Ialies aid gentleomen are invited to call ord exaomlineo i tle systeln for tlieiae an. != folns are given at sJch hnOUsea as stay snit the eonvenienlce ofnals, nnd to classes furie d ll 'any part ici of tile city. Ladies wlio prefer it cant receive lessons at their own ref oidencxc. Il'ersei ,saving for one • r tree of lesIsons are lsircd o atlted auntil ihey wrtaoti iell ilts tho wtsh. inl l.... JEll. Il tl'llltR. I)EAFNESS. A NEW articlo forpersons trioubled with dea htens, (tolled the Ear 'I rmnpet,) lns juar bein received, by the mu of , hich, itIh aligl.htt arlieilutlilu of' lite Ali . ian i oeit is eixdiwIcIiYnct otinsptd to t.ii one. A v 1 who hse ever osen obliged til reolvere with a over); dea I.e-mn, maunt lie fully sean ilde of the dilliciili aod eta rmanent experienced botllt Iy tileoelcves and the inl dividuala so unoi,rtuae,v afllieted. By the use of the Iar 'lT'rumpet thi objeetioa in eirely avinated. The most sceptical have alosay a aandlnd'l ilteirdoubtn, atere havinbg ied ilo l'ruoipeir. For sale a T' F GUION'S, Fancy store,corner of Ctntnon and St Carlesa streetso arie Ie l EachtIi1 Hotel. feb 1.1 LPER.M (IL--15t) gnlions pire winter - SSperm Oil, in casks and lble, for sale by JAI.VIS & ANIItE\W4S Wholemale Drugg ats, crner C ,mla n anil Tchap Ins srreer,. nr l' h ' IýV Ir LEAl)-"--Sbls, I lf Ibi th ; 1• 40 kegs, Io0 'i a 811 do 5 t' a Englieh do---5 I-4 hble. ;10 I - 10` Paint Brusnls, variolu suies;e I oa.e Vermillin; Sbhla Copal IVarnish; 2 Japan a I " Cratlo 20 packs Gold Lea, so do SiJver do; 11 do Dutch letal. WINI)OaV GL's.'S, Anrienrleo. Erglish and Freotali it:0 hlters, vanroiLt i i',no ant qualilies. "loston .Crowu do.---50U boxes, coisig isher.t, will be sol low. . Alse, a general asaortlnent of atiate' onlaors and t.olk, for sale by A W SCAI ES, No 16 (:Canl street. N I1. Alahebama nltes takes at p r. and blissiseipi notes will Ie receni.d at IU percenti di.ciiunt for gt..,,. or in aimvment ofdelt,. in I It I LO)UR--'U-O aising fn it areanie,-ldpcnd. " g, ale . D eFoY,. 44? 211. -NWIi:flW1'iA O CtaoIjPW s0aw A? Taa J rF.rtY.n.ot nesttt.jtFtL otrptlaRt , Trhe slslir ioft i/iei Qdd,,iptert .... di IT --I t piimrs bye the.slhervntinn i of the Ediltor . rl ,,sof tih Nalville 'Proshvtelnn, Inion and Tras- lt eript, .+ well as ite editorsl of th tlte Mlnleli-Rnquilrer, *l iht It it" Ni S le'n tlo" is aone. l the Doetmr I'h o lie is proved hv Ihis kinllv rape, knwi.g that hietihise is tle a ilt hoert, ln'l ltint Ih itdllenmnoentl Aue.riaon neaotle tng Ire,a lo to jullde r thlle relves what are puffs sill in it impon.tioon. ''lte w h thy elitors who ntoe Iloteor, ilr, the prperletoer, editors or sub-editorsls of thle holve ty nlttle jlorloln, all every letter frtio persone l have i si rre'oresl to tigtT tslt nibs v l. iou"' I. 'rThe act is, t at I tv er ha.l it 'h grert succesis iuv within so liiited a period ans torn or twelve day.. Oneo who was aed oiiot ten rears, who ,l nd odly seen the ofitl light from tli hirth, lbeoan to ee tI follonw .,is metllr t to imy hotel, instead of beoin obliged to be led tby hien. Two yonig Iodies, who hod eachlnost the sight of one finl eve, one for tn vyears. and the other for nearly two tal years, Ilvinlg Ioth of them the other qye very weak; to t ret each of those oung Iladies began to see with both i, eyes, which benetli' pledge mvlel fetill eontinueso ex SePptiso tlhey re Ilnder thle influence or dominati ,n of the Medlical Doctors. ianothier is the daughter of a itil respectble merclhalet, whose name I am oound never of to mention, (aI he paid tme my fees), who saidl she had lost the eight of one eve from the age of o18 monthb, i hnilt that she now leitola to read large letters with tile other eve completels rhut. This ithe dioctor editors knew, at the getsliman told se hin.oelfhe tod noo-.' oile et his duoleter to the office of the msit editoliors. N sI t. they igh:mi lllt ilifr .ed of he feot. 'The lasto n shall mn io ion is an elderly gentleman lhv the name of to Yootl, Peal'y voerrov roaroof a age, whib;loelrad pub- Itl_ ieilv hy Iletter, wtelich he took to all ilia diffe oren lil thie in Naoliville but ine, ndl himself thlil m lhe. haid nil ow folr' h insertion wharever they d'eraoded, who d 'clar- ail SI ils tbnt letter that lie hoe ntallv deprived of and the islht 'f one os e from f ks litlr his oirh,u tuil whlicl his mothers tnt.d to he. .. occasioned ir the do measles or onlll pot: tlht nc'v I eltuld not ollsly e the lilifthe soi, for ile first tlme tlat Is reoleetsslt teu bet the slars also, and was h"gtinnine to distinuish era mnnv ofljeeso nnd ilid, before I leois tlas ri;t, give mo - tiet tv ;r ro thlt he otoull see to walk abuts the esirt et il wsitli t ile oler eye coin lrtelv el,,srd. Heo said le hhid nt bhon n llCsilier o the Rlethodlsil E:l iopol Cisroes lor no'lrl forty erreoa, l I tlhat hist wnrrl i l never doult- hin ea throulh l stbn "- le C eeoons ofhin life. i1e 2. 1 rep.ast .r.t 'told never grenitr onerres sthnn at Nulsvill, erri tll'' .o .'t Iediialeail "Ileria doclort tsu had neveroh.rh.e 'lt ell rnlaone s to he enra..ll. T'le piuoili lintit o l th e tier. leriral l it ltniibllrnvers, te whl t osatedti .,ot that holllt ex veeris pet, hoe wtol ie eiinverted fronn htiil n perfect.mtlil, l is believe in tile iuctrine of hIs Bill, that he mlost have imadit atrillin errorilthle lso rt ost hvelellOtS toter, th shefore the -l tenl of mle vcart so tline, hie lldu i e eonverleidfr n hiro lii.iifirlsliiv, o s the i Ilt of lhe tore stineit fn tofhie t .nci hlie bieliU doctrhie of the rlsristiti reltigiin ih t does Itiit hreali, liuti dCestilulionf role, enlls'ltv nlod of fi.orhn.atl thn IPlese his medical frlieeds, nohilst th ill lilatn wllolll kiew Ilnll dille lo i ch foot l)d, nd n ill- i of lthe grett lloete I in.o, t'cept the inedinl d.l cltore, t lI Mosl t oftbem lino h hdec bi illurnled by lir Yoult of I ithe cure pefrtilesd no hie totally blinid eve. lta I . T Ie f itau h:o'inh . ofthis tewn, lretendi thant i I tave tosltlte Inorels I geined i thd e Norlti, since to wt Saritvnl in the Stiutbwert. This provets, Is.iwverl tii t I ov eald tlltl I kept Ihiml ontill I artrirvcd in tlis secii. if vI I gnuined one in tle norlll, orsull too have eilned nanth or inutlit slulb land tlolhwest,onolI still hope to ieari I thems on my very Vouthfisl brow aotth day I leave it 't Sspints of ie vritllenlati of the glant DrI;.,if instve Sjndulge fr the iotl tI are already hefiuled in thiis I o ldv ithllin three dlays t 4. Tile oliret oif Ite lret is t iltnf rhit the medi ral (eonltIs and editors of the Ilepibliorn indl Trte ls i acript, as well as the clericlrll s he .i raii - l t Rie e ilcrinut i'n of the Untilli of Naslvillte as well s the it editor aind stb iediaesl editor oflle MIemthis Eunirer, I. m ws eall e I'roiiei't, lite edlitr of tlio Lhelitsille Jouirlll, aindl al e ! l ical t llisie ediiisr of this eIe, thie treat Di h., tlst I slllh Irioto actioei aeaist rit .i int ail., ft r v sti oeruti.n , sl tn l rer or calu y, , ilnt d- i a I ntelv a.lterlnv rrival in NIw 'olk, as well a' aainst ttIns t lt'i'ri nniill Ie l re irtll Itiellsicnl Goliihli olte r Itrti. s li. i IItw Iinud ite self hv piotlise, never io quit tIlie hllpy Iei Ilod of itbhe ev, toutlp have -bollht ilie no .s ot ellsl al la Inedicul Gblieals of the toer b h as well I thettltutb 't old tilt wesrt, to lit grindstlein! 'lthe alllictell, itere Iio filre, tv cakleullae to, finllilg tle A i'rillt ihe litll luof n lixc ietisll kNoNw York, alere ltiersta, Ist paid, u nd itn otirn sters, will toe nlyre to reach ltie. to .5. 'To inforl Ihe lllllicihat thlie it r, so eal'ed, lil, .oich thle IRev. "c lictly tlentriti ifidel iretend wais til writle t fist' hi, iws wilicit sire thl ii week ioir, I ili isttailied for sle iRev. D. Hlowshll, who readl il in i ity iresetnct o ilholl mnniirtieg tily ilys apiurhioiuin aS n1 e ontrnrv o i to i s ioly atlu cawden-elil it o no i wa he i, which beli d te tt I ihoht woiu On I a ir tIv purnoose oly erle delivered d thetm litith t r tiie, witllou prosnt iitug that I winted t- I, is e liil frol olls e duy, as I never o rc celll irsllll e to ofnrl ithat .ernleln, al it lno atili'r, any met aooy for siiitiol f.lis 'lthe toev I)otirllla'suwn .iltltit! ll i' belfo .llte tltlilie: al lie ti o el i'xaulfnl tl all I.c flip ontee, Ye. l.o' ii It geitu lllcnlll, 1 ' o si illiniltc f'rilild if his, it well it ie lwhole if upy li at it, is c a nyie i' thIlll uoiU i'ie lehu)tIyua, lad i il l Ftlllld Ilhem ili to be atillntlstuic, aidtall iy iatients tI le iliore or less btli redt. he levtr rould haveu besen inLuced b totail Uiiiiieicl to hoat u SUCh all a!ticlet t ian a ,vro Ie hi i el I ur ll rlulic, .i tom,,inI addlrested it to 1 Mir atritafiel, editor of'hie S \Y C Advitilate. I, Nos-tin elr l thein retiri.lltslel uitmial (;otlilalsof t tsiVt lle tol k h tlh lula.l ;ii;l Ierelhre ius.ed their et- t hl lal nt d inlellc-lual force of hie said It-bet-co rlnrld tai: 1 lerill inlfidel. We'p renal in hll Ilile i thlal in kiown by its fiuits'' I Itlle isay tile converled infidel an Itl l.realhell frithtb poseate. tilt 7. [lo evidenltly sa outa toetatllil t his mnoral ehr ti .or as a .. ...i by lhewing il/lt lie Iat . bovue u eing l iilibed. I.ftl s siec wlethier Ihe c"uint of thhlltpittes ifa silver will aplly to tlil 's ell s a il wis well ae litied ih Io asltiller con,rerleIe infilel, whoi, ill lte lilvs sf tile in jIl carcattio of hlic Divine Mister, bholaitely sol hilsflor tiot nlhclur of pioce, of silver Mhy llawe ii, tbhlait lo was ilever inlenld" I a t t tille, nir eoiutll Il teroiiiditler- i el so Iny any Ione, as ii was lOo eseu eqrti o to the leitll ,il pirt ofall ihe retolir prils'r'rs fee, of $1 per qullore. al lulutnimus two or teihre' u moiluui f cltselv pninoleJ s ,itlicer, whicl e wet to bh repeated tlhree of Ittr ituuestt i tlhe PrePb'tsilurtn, Guin, .ds uiliuiitorjunrislst httl I t ,,evr i.tendet ' blrilbe hlim, I solittd IIl . ofIfrte hi at Iai leoits Fi111, Iis realiir fie, isletiil of" 0, wllilih, it all n ISialbhli lit .e ouhld hlise glhlv ly reclved not hi, fe.e illlan not isa xbribe. ()u Ihte conllt'aVif i all been ca lgllle ofIlhLttii a fhr-tle, I slihld icrlutly have doie t it i i way ton have inluien Ilis ae..e"llluc . 8. tuel ite RIte. DIoctor Ileel retlls c'nielird to ai thle Itliefaftlhe tlulctrines of tille Tavi~iiil.. lie woud nt not larae iromisedl to elui anti exllmlilne UII atieniits ri-thl. 'eih .eopiLig ilat wold, os I haoe olwotys foe.d evory iniisler' of Itce cospl l zealouiss ttl In. i9. Ild he bItel reollty cooltersed, we wnul, noetl. nub hove spistsll ilgoints tl.e Anleri,,l iit.oiittiio, s. which, it is well known, oret lore nuilerooeiand ieioh tfi, are tuperior to moov in e Is lotis of Eurollpe. Ili.t. Iondliiuct soisitiic Ii t rittoii'ri ii'soie iiiioug literary char- till acteraS Its to be csl'lv resti:lhled from p iisb.iig hint ii tie lioSt,hby lvoingcitohlent t hindsi on hint. flit Riev. oieutlemn,sthlloghll it eeltohunnn, is without excise, (unle.s he is ealihnniated), otthito h he tnot e I tlhink Ie ia. is rilght to abi-e ile Asmoricu' insituistiitns, si I 'eet soe Iets is c eilvorlell infidel I say lre has not--as fri ill ousht to speak well of thehriilges hle goes tfly in liver. I fancy thie galunt Cata.i Gruitndy, od reveral other aomiuble voung e entlc,'oen of Nashvil e, recol eet tls twell the couduci of Iltis pious expounder of the Holy ,. 10. 1 never saiw wch adetlon i houmsn shapets e h the Rev. I)Doctor wase theo lday I cl to reason witlh iPim, whe," Ie ioenaeed nly gorey hIirs with n s pitied tIl geig itit eoriuc, a if be wolld hive Fkll.te ie ot ti e te a.l'Oll. f0 r dtrihlg -o draw a Iuioo· uliliner :,w tv front hio dety, by bribe eif S pieces of.i 'ver I 'reallv rd eollbleld nuiuo tshon if ti "t.,id (Genoletao"t' had ol; t paarad in hlia owl shlape! II. soleuuly diclarebefiore osle id nolm not nfraid wi to call Hium t wihseas thoat I nevlr, iu filet whole Ic o i of 42 years praotite as all otehit, iut i 'eut lBritiio, 'I i" rtnce ,ielllllllut nd Itluetrica, it, a single isetance iof is fered as a i Iillt anly i ooi unt to the edilor of ill viouiri . Ii)i srsulutOs ae uluictiiunsus,'iuioilllrsbulaco ['iiihiCehl .Iitlile to Irsllnblew'lli'li I etultceil'liin thleln;sltnd hlo iwsrwu'i s to l ii so'.e lsi'terts lill' which is p etioeieu 5 lrt't hst I itad Io iio ute oiiu ts ll 't.'i he, ouoe 1rt. tiest 0.-iTou iteulpbis Eu rerForfwoeorhloee gu' stweeks eotuttins a tioshle o foaertnt l. stehoide, whicb gi lie soesliosl (iloliub editllrs Ienr,.e ' frots their bretiseres sil iftthe !iI. Gtitieibts Of tise Nortli otid I shtell treat toU witli silest tonilini I until tile plolher tism rrivces:-- Ot Ulni t is it trioe waisth I ave io eli iufuiufed--"oi~ u ii O lieggiur, olid you will citch a I.- i" 'bloughs I iotd hilo tor f ly itvulrtlsolneuttsf tr swo or Ihroe wehket ltlIe oily inserted boos toe. lot will plense to itsert ttlii leoerlin your teotp. hi's eseiallldli obtis-u sotil.. .In lianto, JOIN WILLIAMS, othe English Oculist. SI.ooieille, Jely 1837. Colied feou the S. W. C. Advocate of tIL 2411t Jlte, IB3. ,t the request of Dr. Willium.i,+ we fuser: the fIlIw. ill n.te fromn the Rev. Mir Howell, of :Na .illt, to tlh eliiorof t i Su.uth .l.:stern I Ihrinoirn. Al ctro, t h, i a itlpeere, lu iltuxi llne u d ILL. iinl. lltt$ wlld . her d;cu I 'l[lt,ýCe thc xiVe €l' the otolW's |'Itlillna L(t public paL r nl+ I nt i t1 cllou qunt i ofn o ccilelll, )r. I will r. mainiin iltNhvle It iiiw days looser thtan he t lenrt inthded--say the lst Jolh. l(ev. Mr Strin·frl I:--llnving been requested by Dr. lllllmerous di|pilul. itllnl, other dlocumIentsI evitiCi of hlisi cl.illls to blllthc rlonfdel t , il his prlorlfs . o 1 Il hve, iln c lonn wilth i valueI/,iend,hmeso , ilh pleasure. teut Charge d'Afuiree al the Kin, ofa the French, at WlVshiegto.,addlressedI to Dr. Wiliiams, to-tlifving the genuiueness of the diplmualna from ih Kiot e of France, SBelgium, &e. as well on tlhtou from tlte itodioel Sacie-. ties of France. He has numerous vouchers fromn mien EnoWn to be if igh reputation in thiteouitry, received since his arrival in the United 0tnteo, dettilloe i+tun. ces of great success in t e restoration of tight t the a..ond. I have seen no rlv all his pour patient. in this c:y. I knew non-, of liem previous to titei coming u.c.r itia care; but aoil have saen say they are un qitectiuoibly beonfitted. Ritt'T. B. C IIOWELL, Nasltville, June 21, 1837. '. S. Since writing the auove,ntr of Dr. Willialms' paliente has collei uon tile, 1anll sa. he hbid actualiv nnd totally itot tite ihtt of one eye :or sevntv vosra, hut how deeltre hiiaimelf beter.; fit lin t zhi, tfir the firn tiiie i hihi , lift tni t-ilert reccllci, lir cnOldiin. tingtieh, With liut rye, if the ilTleit il rw.t learn that this old geln.ntaln has lived mltny youar in tit rdgion, and says he aos been a Mlethodist during forty yeacs. Yours, truly, aulO L. B. C. H. CIIECKn u\ 1I'MLlDELPHIA-For altc hy .YOlK.. IROTHERS. 81 KSifn mi sirel. TlNNK'K. S M A1.P F L)ISJIAN itlt. . doe SNate Mne or Luurnenit, ailt) its cnaloe, matde Sanil tlistltcuee,froi pllnce to phl o, along thit stage itm stealibost routes, by L. S. "'leinor. iltctiltLIt.' MAP Oie Tnc UNITaD SeTAe Ctt.WiBztlin, ithe principal TPurlpike ald eommonlo readron wjc ic aie itun the attesites in miles tunm ote phtce to another. inm tleo eootrs of the cAttaln ind rail roatds tnhrougli ,itt the eotltrv, carefldly coilp1ietnd fr(n tie bet au.' ltoritlae-puuflsltted li S..titeltls Mitchell. Mi,. .' ia,. ts l',tAtV1, .tt'a tit(;Utli tto Hm Trtt I sETi Srel Sr ai may of the romi, dlitaneces stle 'et endeanel routrc, &r. jusit reeid aM for mal WM K KEA:v, S '- -IIE- AN'S - ' . O.r the ei e menftdeasmstim.ter futWl kingsevl,gous,, Sciation or hl goto, ihsi olthiaesl:ri, tilt rhleum siphilitic aol meior ialt diseases, ims.ltal rlr nilers a4n Iwinflil.fiietiolns ofthe bones, ul.entellltiohit a-"d ws oils, Oltes nof everty descrplltitol fever sores,l'mi ilternal •sse s,, s fniths, piles, .chl h1a!, sttSiy, bitles, chro sie more eyes, crs sail lit llmlhs gllshdery, oarietvssten Sto.-ms atl.+ ctiso. chronic C:oia'sli, head atie proceeed Ing frian oy rsiid hlnor, palin ill tihe tomeh n al Isn psiapnoCe .nlinlg t rf 'ai:ltion , affenctine of tile Ii're, ihr.aensic ion:tommatitom id the kises, sold gen.e(dl dlebili ty eousn l iaryasorpillaglistonofthesoessels.nofithe ski. It is sing l"lrlyjaofiaiouls in renovatiing those onllstitltionl lhi tshave beenl broken douwll by injliciossss Is.ltmenlt, jimenile irreglvrttlties. Ingeneerl terms, it is recom =i-ndel all tlthoseiisoases which arise from impaurilie of the blood, or initiation 'of the humors, of whatever nameor kiwd. Some of the alove complaintamay require some tri Siingasistant applications, which tClioniroumstaneea of the case will dietaret int for a general remedy or Ptrifieator to remove the cause, tile IN DIAN'S. PANACEA will generally be found dflcielrt. TO TIHE PUBLIC. How true it i, that modern Physicians, in their am hition to exwel in their professio; explore tihe vast fields of science hI Ihe aid orfhemistry, and seek not new re. medial agents; in short, to arrive tat perfection in the practice by means of art alone,--entirely overlosok andl neglecg , as beneath their notlehs the rich and boInlteous stores ol'medicine, which the Almightly his caused to sitge. lt of the ealIh ie evert clime! Al how moele more true isit that ahile the Ameriean Physician looks to foIreig enlltlrieilir omalnly of his ooalst enmmn and aeesnlry articles, perpetually changing as they are at tile dittate Enlfasliimt or fhill, lie is lsosanclles in Ihil town country withaIl elndless.s.fmsion of nmedical plants eslltli-int to anlswer lny itdietion in disease or .lto ere any eoarhble dlisltier; analyet lie is ignor.ant oftheir vih toes, alit they are sufferelto twastetheir'healiag on the deserl air.' The elfectsof vegeltale medicines upon the system are temporay-those of nainerls lasting. The Iromer ex ert their effects aml pss off--the aIntter, mere.y ill par ti lorl act chemlnically lon tlhe: solids, dlecompnllosiig the bosles nisl undlrmlniog tile ceonsatitutiao by a slow and sore destrectilon The colgeoiallity, efficiency mod SA PI'IY ofvegeta hle remedlies ver mnlieral, m:sw oe estinalelelventlrast. ia the anclenat Ipmetice witll tlle oern; or, io bring it t tre immedliately teor .wsll I)bserlYtion tIei r Illti stll pactice with tihat of the whites. Who, in Amerien, as oll known olr lherd of reieated ilsltaaces wllereinl somlse decrepll, sinspretelins female Ilainl by me oasssf her sint le resliest aone lois ffieecl the most rapid I neai illllllso ils r ctllres, sifterl tle .lateilult 3edirca of tie -nsmmrn sspractice dlirectesl in the most' skilflsl imllllner, Sliae fiiled? Asd who hoas not eI istin rprirstd at thr com parativeNse sandfiaility ithhi clI tle sltelli tI.eshirlt setlf il-m anydisease,and llt thealnmost Ioms a.lestieee sd otchtniedseliisemsatlcg them? Whto has tel It.entl o anl Illnlila wilhat eollstitutios btsroken il nd rned by ill treatmntlst A:li cnll a doubt exist that this hapipy ex tellltloti of the saayge fifrom most of the ills whisl tlhe fltcsl ofomao, i heiito, is chiefly qwing to nmoe geali f asil stles remedintles whica he I emlloys? m'les atonlls ing diifereee in succees, is a fair exientlsifentioan ofithe t ialfolle ntgtlioril oIf tle sinlltle ant tsaftb measa of ccre whirch God has Orasted fsr tsle Ihbeft of s his chilren Sover those which tle pride and the art of mal hiave inll tvented. From a long res.ilence among a oiortion oftllebhorigin. al inhsnll ll taoef thisconlllry alldaln illlill tece tllulill

lnteeewihoththe methmlo of lureof some of their most successfull Ipaseteitioser', the pl.oprietor of 'Thle In(lisas's SPoaumeea,'aeqoireld a knusl l le of sotme of the most Imowerflttald fnvoriteresmedies. Fromlsthseheseletell such as were most esfficlous antd ippolpriates, stalt after varl'ils exlperillets to test dtbilt ir prilcps aulii strength, he hs eomlined them in thie fllen here presentedl, as she molt lpert et and ,eefieial or thie ptlpose for which it is n s+eolme m ied. The i'proprietor offerslthis prepalration to Ihw public, wills thle cnslliosllss that he isplncing wilhitlltir sea, StIemedttly caplabl ofl'reli-evsig mnllls of his afilicted lil low beisgs, tI fie sn- sulfe-rillcg d1h r tlhe t ariis chronic l s hsltill:nne sompnniits to which t is applllicaule. To ilsu ch it will prove of inlealenlale sal le, as tile ileais, andll ill Imany aieW, tIhe Blly olealss sll etllci.g hleirsstl - h lerigs all Irestorling denm one .umae to heslts h :tle ha p plless. This is not olfflell s ta s mlol l'emeily, thatst If maI per lshalce be e llllllsy good with l.utlly others now I i use, ht as ne ahbch is caiabhli of .cing life in mots extreme cases. hils alltheu itnusual esmediiesimi. This it I, hasslone repoatedly; ati this is the resIul+tioit ithatsohs I' tailled nhltercvei ls heel illtrtlsodiced. It is olll'aboultts IIhlste en- rs. sintcet llsis rei :lltio wa0ns preseaoted i rlls he llsilehut in tltll sl rt slpatce tlr tllle i solme hltldrel s ill lpersonts mllight he Ioll wlinttt wouhl solenitly declare ihtst they Ieliesid that thes lises s er' saived hy it,s ats inll stu. sesale l hey Ilad trioed :slss .I ad .ea.4s ill the remnion remedies in vain. Wher" everi isos knIiwoi it is rt stillly colning it st l', anl this .affiflsthe mlst substantlalald tlconvincill plroof of it t The value fslhe Pl'naea i ilmost enlsitnlusll Inthose Slong stailldillg s ei d f te hcilitic :Ian s.e-:rfilous :I laceltionsl S Y Which Isae 81[ other ed .,. dh+es, and larticullarl ill tlhosecaseswho elemc IuL has bee o v tistly use~ as to lse listressilg sis aillns the, lodes, o, erces rial ulcerst, dlerlantgemlelt ofl se dige.sile organs, c.e. 'lThese it cellOtllcely Ielloves, andn il ill Ull sts it entire )ly cl.ilicae lse t liseln' s tIll sile;Cls ltaf terlll eCItt, Issi-e. ,f olesllhe eonsitutill , aublll o h s :al. he th llielllt s'oillld ld well. Itn stlh inalisnt all tl i sttll erall tes srll e lthrows, is all gpy eil::cts arte sot les lp ssllIt.l -s givig- alcmost iitta e= s ltstereltitf "'s ik-,i i rttttlt,|, nose t, the tttiisttl'stlttsss-s-sse t-oe c'lt asd Iss atit e,' Inst nos a tits-stssn le s ss s tt ndiss ma t h-i sr toper ciss -.tstotathic t atd tisnotiagoouel. e ler.l slly expressed, it illclase- s si.t the secletltitotls salld ex f oletills, givesto lel Ithe stocaclh tm a d seiesa:l aciss ll in I the glsds itl a lell p ilrt m.stter. lFro I these princi. Ides itsplenntionls 1raliy he undtirstxod. This dmcdivine lawsSeel f1ou0 highly u.eful in Ia.n) t atllsbigntl li,.. tlise Iseo there splee ind, stall it il1s belo n - lsed with wnlerfit succltess as an Spring gal i Fall Po I rilele, bIy those It hore a tsIre s ecl t cO llll aits of ttle cllesl, ali uiwhose colstlittisollsltellSi:lte inew vigor. Silch ler seI s will do well It usie rI vi or thrl' e lbottlleshi 5 l ts1t IIt 0ee. Wchellver adiettIlink is consilred nleersssi rr, this anace, taken i n a snal ltlistc; wlll answer all its t1"purposes, ill nlm leal time, at less exlpese, anll ill Ilta It(sl'me agreerallle ttllltssler thas the commonss diet drink.ill The lidlowing certifeictes, 0ut ou of hundreds sinilar, wih ist might be lprocuredt, are given to show tiho efls c iofi tlse Itstl:ilst It'tlta e5l ill slletetssitst lctst ctlsi Itlesltitl ltnts ls l -Itlnts exilisi it ill the tlllst salisifa ctery lit aaler itsasul-illslrty i onelitie sl-rlliso in emmt)IOn use. CASES lIF IIIIEUMATISM. CoIasLetTon , Nov. 15 R1832. I)orisg iteletsa winter slia spritlg,l as Ifilitei'd will a very evere td eliistress.ill Itt Itt.l smilll, occasisoned tby I-xoioSos is l11 ld wLeather. I lw tHakeltet Ileaseall.te its l otalitg, ltitt six buitles of the Itiian's Iistetsea, restorseal is tie tliterfeot hetalthas Ili cofitdently recommendie it to till similarly aflilcted. JOHSN FERILGUSON, Kisg at. CHARLESTONrn, MIaelh i7i, 1832. t was seized shaot three ye..t i since, with a iistresiill , rheulatism, caslel Ib lkBtakisg severe cold, while seek th. einfluesteef mercury, and which Ilts disablcli r i'lion Iusless earh ever sisne. Iilrse ihis gi eriasot Y eve ihet :t plalientioi tihe MIrine ltslsita l, ill Ilis cii upwards nilt four monllths, anld c elarly ltrhe sale length," ttime ill tlhe Italtimore Ilospitll, ad tried almost scer Y remely, with little beefil Ott the lch of letbluar last, at that time seiteelyt ableto move anciut uplosi erutch. ea, I comlencestihe e of Ilsind 's I' Panlaeea. In1 on moltliIl lotlIntd s)ystelfentirelt l treed fim I)pai, alld lor iw hlappy to state that I constler myself per-fectly well, W I. TLUCKrI(t, 13 Market st. CAES SiOF SCIIOIFUILOUS ULCERiS lNw Y VoK, Sept. III, 1830. This may certilf" that in the fIll of 18213, I was seize dwih a swellingin mly leck altid lace, which :nlierwarl ioel-ertell atI lecanlet latle gghasll) ulcers is my iledL. ,AtietTlyistgostcelol ilth)-si'ia.sttsallto atatusgc, I wen it- I'lilatlelslslat alti Is;sled atsel f llllsr i -e t.1r-sl l)rca. I sll a sie lI Ileieli, whesn, l;'ier ioentsed salelivall. to iln elitel, I wans Ironoullaced ItUer~y inclleuble. Alter. wasltsl Itook twentyc betlcy esofthiwim's Paaicaea lstl eil Ioutles ls Poltte's Calsheilonsll, oith no snaleril benefol d lJetsplsittgof lite, whliei Iadi sow Itetoale a hlr:heell ci ole, I .lUtllell to iy illareits ia New Yorh, ill 1801J, an gaKuemoyselfloto a lilsscintg detllh. Ilcl.inso of atie I g ct stectess of The lldia's Po cesllltl, Ihow'vel ill case s alilir Ilo y owl. I was wersuaded i atr3 it, ass last . • sort. nTo sy gieat s etiseri, aa well as natislntutiol,. -eooblod loti sclot-If liclll- lreocartinanst sto no u Le kIi w ell i tile ourse oftwo molntlhsa, ald lave remailed so ever siole. LI makel this stltele nll sl wlIilshi pudishet I.,ltulluellefitefthtlo4lot whleao. slnrilog nailea-q aliilar soaisilseat osI j lshilitso ailoctiollst hot atiey mny hlssw wla lie eslredsle who hl:lc sulnered e\r,- thltilg btt ldeat n,. d who considers his life nared by theaboe .t WM. llNHA' . CHAoll.:paN. Jaly c O, [ 31. I cwas lilictc s s't asoese1rs with 111 u icLtl. r til leg, oC. nlltl :ItI(E*.v.i+ ll tel le; alld maly joitl. Se++t'rll l'nhllllt p skilnsiexclste Is 'hyirkislc ussa itil ut with it pTeoatie-l benefit, Ie his ritsi live bottle Ili sotll' i' 'altcea il atefl llios le h c sllsre. .MAIlGAItIE' A \U' I',' Il lMarkoet 4For MlerbI~ IRsI.Y iY ISINNAhlIL, drosg-;st, aoer i 5,i II, ielos, el h.n'l ittslas 5ser--st " i NEW ORLEANS * NASIIVILLE RAIL RiteD TuHE siockholers €f this tompianv are hcreb y Io Stilid tiat by it resolution of tile ioard of dire-. I rn piased on thle 19th ilst. tbo cull umade ,n them on SIle [lit ehbruaryv oaet, flr tlIe aieiit tf fie lollar t s tlre, tiwa rririndad, andi the .rid stockhoelders are Sfurtheritified tihat WH READ, by resonlution of ihi borard paseed on tie t9th inet. a cul has bee atie o the stockholdlers of tile New Or toan a d Nashville Ileil IRoad Cnmla l y Ior the Si lh,wii g paveucvtis ou rthletie slock held repJto rtiely by thoe, via:-two sttliere per ahl'r, Itycbie oi the first di o lSeloteotherlext; ttwo dllars per sarte Ivable,,onthe lirsti day of Decembrer net; slid twou th.llarspcr + ha'e payable of tile i at drly of Mlarch lierxt. eow therel le be it reusolved, tir tile secrretlr of tIlir coatlirlly all ll ify tile share holderse ti erein, tlhurii tie htlulic pr nitael tie ei: v tihat i1n confliro City rwith the -ixtr eetriu., of tle enharter, the ar e perrmitsti to iostuineoe aiy ipylnent eulhcd ii in tie stck ,if sail eCalltplly for tIie terlltof ixty den,froi red l after tile day IIn ih ehli ii ~i mde payable, witl tile expilees ceo. tI iI'. telrulveee, tllll If llot regularly tlid within the said proloneatrion of sixty days, frotm ilrd aftr tie dtay on which it shoul have heeau paid, that then the strk onr whir:l saili payments should have been aide, ie ed remu f. orfeitrd to te company, rhe clharter on that point being imperative. ili conformity therefore, to said call,alla rrtuk of tiLe stockholders in said compalny, as !ink proper to per off Ihe payments oni their stuck to aod or the additional sixtydaye, which the eharter Iowe thorm,ae notified that the payment of tro dtl Ims per share called f(r,ated due in the first o seif + elelnlerllext, iay he [)satisfied elnder the sixth seetlioll the ipavymeit o[ two It iLars icer hare culled fir, and doe Ocllltie firer dty if DetelhOmr lextl, tllay ire post poop I until thlet'ttill dity of January nexrt;atd ihe Ipa meert of twod dilarse tilr share enllhd F ,r and illte iri Itie ihtl day of Hl1ch nxt, may be postponrd until the 3irth day of April next. Extraets of tie* minutes of tie board. junoer A R McAIINAIR. Seo'rv. Hat.,foe sai JiOHN H GRIIIAA., sp IS S'r'A'II Il" ldtaiiA l-Parm,-IrlCsl.estsrale sI * Parish aisdl'its sl'Nrew Orsleoass. rFIIE ST'Ai'F tE ' If.OIJI~l NA, To ll whom - hsls , l l tuaa I Is s'-e. (,riellY:--WlVssss, fl Jllllles .lilllhe tllivlly JIII'C·lullstf t lt P+pet'. Ilihtde by ab the .sifl'a aibs paish afsssleasss lie lr~5i'rl' hae~illehrer du~eribed, .a ll~i e i dieI tntl~e e t'rk ef1 Iio · euurls is aiaa cea eeas tils e Iad, II s;i sa wsa ral:sk rde n l hIe eddrt of April, A. I). I18.8, ir . laonitisa asr aser- 'I liSelllstn in c:,onlorlitv to an aset'ltahe: e-islat'lrr 1of theg Ilte of .luai-inaa; eri.lepdl'Ana net alr the furlher alssu Ie o' titles I s 8luirr ee' ljutlicial sales;." a)rov d ito 10lhs sia: slf cInlr, 1834. N I\VI hItsreilresa kuw Ve,. nd all perlons inlereolel lherein, are herebly e'sd anid addnluish.hl d is tlhe 1nas1e sfIs the Stae of I:.aisirna, anl ofI thle al'ish l'ourt' , whlo can sel up a1v rigilt,lie or elalal ill nlll lus thle sprleala larei aliersledsribed is eonaequasa' ol onv iaairalalitj in Lhb rnlsderecree or aUdesesatnl a s1e1 lourt illder allleh ite sale wsla aalslle, tsr ass irreaularily sr' illegalit si the appsiments ad nalrerlisuaelnis, is riule, or manner sc tale, or fur lny alher 'efert whlsso ever to showaeeusse, wilthin thirty days from thelday tlia monilio, is ierst inaered in ha plbe a 1 pslea,, e hsy thea e eoadl e ai houlsd not be aeoarmed asld lomo virtue of a dere*eof this Court, rendPred on the 5lh dny CaIhlswoll vs. Jaessa' Hnsas, No I ,3fl of she doaest ft this Court, at which sale the said Jasseas lansab hcamne Iths paehaser for tlhe price of twenty one thluussanl dollars. Description of Proalrty as given in the Judicial Con seysasra, airs A certain lot sof arsudl sit ltesl in Ihe euhnrb An nuaaei'aisn alians Laernure of this square No s, and Irt hbsing I'rench seaslls , ia fetl l salslt Ia'n s'hou pitulas .sltr'te:e11 ,il f''l't lss '1s1 s rslasngera treel aend s fi0 feet on I uf+..ede dtt,ale~n~ Q pIre I, iu LU(:h It anlnirr that sails Ilotf 'romlnd is lin feet wisle lssnll o'e siide of thle sq are e the olter, tgethler withl a ldwelling toase frout nag o l'lthupiltonlsa stseel, the k:le'en nad dt' peasl!eetise, alas the dliailleey eslshliI sm aiss erestedat altreose at d other Isailnsliaasstt'it islssterssn~sless., tise maehisery,e utensi, implesense and fixltures beloning tso ail.i distillery, its dppeddteeiesa and alspurtenanaes,. anld lthe rights.aetions,anld irivileges Iherots belongisg a or ill any ise eiplesrt sinic. a C;er.'t Olfi(e, Ne Orleasine, Mny 7, 1838. ml4,24&j3 J.E.aaL. . Iaeputy Clerk.e E'r.\T InE I. LUIUl.IANE--.sou lie I' pour il p:lisse es ill del la N tlelle Orlste.,s. I,''TAT 1)E LA L.I)UISIANIAE.-A ntus reux que )pr6sslltesl cseaeellsll, illlls : Atte'Us a (qIe Jlamess smlse syallt a.hetie A tae vislle faitre Isa le SherIf dIslolp:s',sisac d'l')lel'assl slsosla'ibls'asls'e'rilc, aass . aI1S1ass ORt Gs'e'Ic de seres'aC11t' oil r sils vetslc f0it eos're'isslre It Selnjlllll' sar ,i i' de I'cl'llee 1838, plllr uavis ssenmsl'uentesr s uAn .sa. die iha L.6gisalH'u:e de P1 Estl sit' Ia Lasisiasse. istssuli' 'a Arop 5'oul' esslfi'Ies lel lilres st neule.lllret!s nllx enllies jsllllic'is resi ;" alipr.o1tla le it .Matls18,14. Q'il saitroenlll, t nlltes ersl.ollllseS illl5l'seeealslsst 'ar ear leseles sUms slsllllaiea sI nm lie I' Itat dtiueIn Loisiinse st seI Is Csour de Pltrnism., qusi ssss rn'e ienta as's,'it a l'is A Is is'a issite s'i-' rss'a uo et' e, ea olllr elslslele llns's l a ls lllt i li I:irllle ' lass. Ilat r, le lere a on le jllgelelt le la aSua., s's VeatU lquerl Ihs elate a le lie, oa sic tnutae irrbgnlinsrite on llf',saita dass I't~einmsio,t,'asis sas le tssmas et le mnulh aeiss'rssc 5 'e soein tit's.assars senss'qsslsssss oesss''ase i n 1e1 t llle, 3l 7 dllur l cl t de ll e rnteR-tql uIII ollqllC; A l ll f I 5'il', ias s nslt' jnlrssa la test d'la hlhliial'iou le sellsror assss'iaarqli J eitesasstcs'ss te l'sssrsrmsatsllssasas ctli'sssas,e lt Ilolulologude. I.a eropei(ae opit vendue par lesi ahR diui, le upe-' Iasit'sislle solls si'avri del sic I's· 18318 sn vsertu I'sitU dise ie eeta rsitse Itrs 5 de tri 'r aie Irl'aal e It8:n1 I, dsllla l'sfsie sl'. 'Alealllsler (Cuallwell, slsllre Jllasts' inh'e,o AIs il:l3i7 ds, sld.kel dee ellea (:or, I laqaelle +ellle o Idlnte t reIllvle ['esu re fer olniilll ]l |oi r It se als es jaceas lla recs'opisa u'sssa,1sossess paess li prit de ir21 a .'r. Uce~eripticlleu de h Plorolw|+t dll'aprs le traJ;..frI ulliciatr e n eriet 15 15 e to rindissale u r maiso ea falie aI'nnul ruei iuTeli I tnts,1nn. r cuesne selles ii ans Isles us 5, ;e lash det r le asns [are e fr lAis'l,] sianlt isrd.; ,h ftae blII riu 'Plsehsoisus'ls pns et .ies aie. o.n la Is r .e l tea ss:l.r' rts i tasaas1e pidal s'ssl'a,'e I t..ddedlslss hlslal(sfl ssssss i-(sses]s@,seasses'rtss Is rit Il t ( e Irrl'e 11 rlli~iqflle l~llt'ql. 1 d,, rleur 'Ul ) 1. 1111 l' c l'i!el l'sl'naslr e eansc lllllle 55ts Islsasllll l' 'ass1 late* I rue 'Peho'+ isa ll111slss eisscssiaias'esala spisslssscra. +ill" sqtsesa iasail srea eo~resssessur ssls'slissss'ssssetesurP hlA Isa ca5,e et ise sih'.'',, l ea sasorhi''a', ash's~ipss.a' stioass, d '.. spp r's'ssss I ' , il rir,- as dl lss nl:rnlpnrpr ll..n ces (tI les droits. aclions. t is vilis es, y al' ) It iiiii . 7 llurseau du greffierNonvelle Orkls'as IP7 Al, i. 1036 sst.isl&j3 J. ,tl.II. l16;ssstI rclcer Itayti (aollee of Phy.lctnllas, I.ntna , I . ltIIE 1 r s' Vegetallblr thgeis. Uiv.s'l11 \Iledi ci e, pr.lm,'.Lt IsyV Mis kin, Es'I. Ilseser ,I I( val Colleg' sf st' sgeans, icessiate of Alsothe cal''soompeany, Fellow l" Isnlt lCoult Society, Surgeas to thie Ilsval Uion iPension Asocitinis I.:llA l .ss r P'lace, Wa\erllo Hlidre, a:ll Perl etual Pupil of (;uy' asd St. 'l'hosms's Ihsalisals, Iod. 'This valuahle Isnlldisc ile, Ihe Iresult of Iswenl tyears' texpel'ivene Ilasd iii slelea' s' lcsess in e he e'aessive slel Isighsls s'- es' ss is csit'es of s11ei ro llrie's s , Ilrl'' uislls v hels flenty aUnl lohiliss5 l o , tol he notice of lte Americasn "llli, at tile eIrellest ss licistalt io *f Iltmlber ofl geleen of long ar:111 high s hmllsi-g is ic si'lO'sss. I ie hIssed1 n It as tlii-. assle;, t' 'lhe'k Ihe evsils all ll 51 .'oIe uelics. ;'isiss i' II' I Ih. se of'a thi e mllls' elrs us s s 1 I tlelel'iaal nlosittslnl 'stess ul tis he sllS.lic ay tis aIe s'li5tl s gaI lrooli' Ilil slllls) ts(. 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York, Ssle (lieseals Agelt iss' Ihe Usited Slalsc. Uc. For sale hs. s isoisstssselst of slse ssigissndl 'sejsis1s'. i) awssit IIassels e, ])'ggi.ts, No II CaUls tsee1, Iseses Aselllls al Sts'lller tIl llsissesa jIl val E 'iltY It LEEI' & ctE N 1'a atlgazle street, a', r tw reerieilg ftmm ships Nashieldle, I..uisill, Senllnck, EiHgle, el! otlier late arrlivals tralll : -.thernl cilIes . ialge alti new seleaied assolrea.tll hrlts, Boots, Shoes aIId Brogans, annsitling ofg.lleln'sll tinlle call aIII Morocco hnols 1ldo l o 2d quHliy; ih i fl'd, seal sot was pegged hools i l'iosll slaitiesi menll's f..s calf ses sl l .laceite. l. I elmlllsl andll bilroies, Istkskin shoes, brogagss asn lipperls: men's fine call'ei a killqedl pegged slhoese.I Irens1; tIo lolts; io stonlt kit null wax pegged slhoe S .l riegas; getlereu's bcest quality ellf sewedi shoes, l,'* IItes and .lack lieowenigs; isdo elle and lo'ocen ScklI shoes aidl hrog.uls; is alf, seal anl cearero. I alian al.ns and sliL.s s, do cull, bull uni seaI wnigs, Stew aeticle; do tille calf, see.l edlli moiso'go qaleel lots; ioys', misses'anld lhildrll's pleggedl and Ished btogans, and shoes of essey qualit andc Lind. Also a general assenllllllt of en's stoll wax and retll lI tans ll ad les, together wii h il il )111, 11 ia .grlO tlwa quality, russct lbrogelll, n:iled in Ill I. elks, itallsexpressly' for plaitalilon use; a getid s. elll.lll of Ie 's lille sai stout kip l IrussetI ll llus, i tw ar'iic", ul eg age qentlllily of a inferltior quality r tsal toni e wax i n's(cl:ls. - l'llles' f1u e sll;, sKlllt ileaeeo se(I gilile wits, ali'. cltue sI(lt. iloes; (et liln' IMLehh ll kidI .c1 Snali slilippel;ino elriot shiles, witll d wiihllt Ilecl, It rlmdo; isfiil tllnde i rllrl :te ' e rim lote l's lin iltrlnul. shoe cI. sk Knetic shed Iltnllpledl lais, e nel luiicle. VoSeis' liu; size ki nts iof elitties du lalstilc lOlesl Ilto airell'.. l 'e's ed becy's blak ei s rcil wool e eicts of ealiose 'lhss Ssstiett s wll elll reelenislicd t tle t rrival oi asod leItoxed I tll e Mise letiing s.ies, li el hosluhi l gais. Uite all el'scolored loseoom lasg. ro llIN.ld b"tls, I.S II.AI, FOR THE TEETH. efler it l tio s iefasricn pahle l Ak lesei black Isn h sdl , b eav llt to t i ll t sp erio ill y i s i ilatliltl ld tlllls id tle IUtld ill sates, brim |ns liei(ha ite itlll ti..'ek tihort llec led hats, a 51wll.iwtl icit e. c ol " Ia ; i ie i h I a t of li netle re " qualitie s; ' t e hilr'en '. Ileet re io:d, It ultste stca- tdilh woold III dof aeti. Inetl, wail reli~v en lea lslreites tich l I iareqlluentl s a i st. gtl cle etjlit'lt caps.e 'r crsedy arsscrtient wil i enlet n ish l h th Ile aiv aI1 ille large ttu.tle'r f petseleo in elitnelnl Isctillols cli II eailndlrcl elrke thll lhe lote vtlele Ites, lill de whict t Iea r (le r lolle ul llflic lor ) ltir e. s i lc ts11 il 1 -inf i lelnlll ile I tl .. In l rledII tl ' 11t dliC Iti l ite tile ciai led eofld o s tie s lrl tvaluabt le dimvs: er lien ll ld i.t ily el. Solid t nl I a ed lg to d tiDRI bottle, it boo nver fi.ll llsnl lit h1111.11i'',r Olll- t ml li ltl re i,+. It alo arie-t fihe dr'car Ije dahe tiv AlIth, and relhore. Witha t cureasct ri.tic reeln.feqc a e, flirn lle l lts llig lolh i l.'l es i the l liutlhr ol 'relledy ore '.l'eaceeedllc ienii It le.lslt nll h llrge iecllstei ll eauls e cillb Ililer l!.t ll none I,t - foltrl , tlhue aenr a1: r l e lxperi 1e5. ll'lllldliC lllu LATE PUBLICATIO'Sfl l RO Elly eifLs iustori he N1el, bte te aruthoer ra ib dis ear ( ofhwome ulicd cilrl) thel, us tlmayprovse Itsel it rivl!el qlcrlgtes.e It is la an h sdisu ra i bed, letlned ietcileariclecttiCsli ecte f lleala itl'i e bie relit csibtsl tltctlrttlahlc Felr theoite of fa"ltites, illustrted by' snnye ci c cei i eied wrd i he altet valuable di over 'lel 'llol tle wollds. Ap ia ln hlece $t stae btulee Sl',ietcd C e C irCs 5eor . n Co antcilen s .ia., All'lCtKlal ashore. With rcharaclseristic remrcisecs iaes oe c Tar, dedeeces.lAd seriesi1eece vols. slno.ketc es ce the lerisg iani'elr..--lt Olied eiat !tor LATE PUBLICATION S. ' C"The Blrothers," &.. in "' vots. JIUSTI'UBLISIHEDPROt. STEREOT' S'E PLJTES, The 1, th I'dilot. of SROWLETT'S TARLESOF IN'IEREST: A T "O lhieh isi nisw athntled n Avsrt .gl C'lne Calesla 5 tor0. ot esil neiithois ot-ittinig the IIVn(nge ine 1 ln Sorage, inote. ofl heIalaorl hill( nt gnuls, +Il int pur- h lsehtd nt dilfeirlsnt dotes, on dlifferent l edits, ldll I'"r vl'iulll amonlllts; Iheside a u arfnul andl complee hnllkilg Time Ta le, the best hlll eln be cotrivetd. or thi t fi gu'resn tnn r 'I,itee within the somne onlelsedl conl s, lntl size ot tl pse. _ An . verlisement in thehook is in nearly the follow ing wonrds: .- - 1 The hligh disinelion this work lats rsetied hlnlRgh thse tell legisnltive nets prefixe st tile title pnge, is ti le ontmmled..tion in itself. sit ultllt nlclmn,, nlln so eolelll sive, it I nlothing is nleces'orv more lhnn ,l y pwa on ael verlisemnent, to given costh.nld view of sonme ofn its Ine edlinritiest:s ferinstance, the Interest has teen Eonml) Is edl,tnld eomp:sttred witll, what is equivalent to nrati teen setsefeolollnltione, extlnituedlin tie inbesshirity 'ie titmes, anlt printed from tesentype plates lestesd ithniey y-one times, from all which it mst 'b' evident een to tihe sikepti (esesielly o thine jie.set.ll ofthe de Istll f. Fp in niie fin-eice) that the wvn k lllst I e trish metienlly infullih'e, land its enlnfrmat.ion oithlis belie' I y pemiln of two hundred nlal flfty dollurs. is lne offer eIt f.r the deteetlionll of an error of centl in lhe presentl or fifth edition, as exprlessedl in t.e prlelaoe, nolkin sfive Slal' ell;.e nimis tilreti fnr the same error sineee fie rst P nllleinion in ithe year 11102. SOne of Ithn motst consliollCus feitnres of tle tables is in the srrllttgensent ofn tile 'Time and Amountsss whliech fne ellediti.ns, ofetrenee onsltrlnpel.ilt , with lse ihelp ofthie sidte nlld itlex, eaoltlsl be exnelle n; s,d the Ulaty ty and sease wilth eHlsh the inteeslt casn I flonnd to the extentl of general Illssiness, wilthoutlll I ling of sums t heides ilsn onoventience I essential, that in llh estlmn sliono l'.oen oi itshe mntenl om.petent nll'lld prctlll tiems men llnd Ipnlll+ic im et' who IIhle itlllle glnalllt 1lMP of the work, it has bieesn iisthlglsisheil h lho hinln hln e alllellion, effa "mlmster pince". And consideringll ite infallibility of ithe metlhol originally nilntdetd in comstosinl Ihe wneok, and the extraordtinary .numnlher tnd variety oftlhe examinlltions, and tests of every edition it ins passed ini ie l ri itre, enowithlsttding thie t hole is in seeentl lle, enlsidernIg. in sh6 I. ihe pOsitive nettnoey seuc Iby tine ttlllltp-eelienlletd tltentls elllt ttin , t Ith vot Inmse his Iee el. I.'l nsits eslllh.Stieily syle'si " the most wondlelrlil book i n the wstslk;" losst cerainlyt nt mnln sn n t namea figure work oftlll slne extent, whichl since tile l'-ginllillg lf ceatimi , lltas hlt l the sillne lsnt - iher an.d varie.'v if lelst inll thile n lll olhelr of edlitors; rf leferre. Iesides, fit trot and salndaid, it los heen tried "itSi nrsi d in nelyts nnill thie onok and lllHic s ,iRers in the Ii te.11 s i lll, nUll by the pul, lic g enllem ly. during tile long peried ,l'h11iR-five yet mertrtui, of ihe nal ulllations ls ier bel. en i'n d ill ri.t , :lllth lh eolllilll oliiy ehnllelgt ll tih le .oielotf vel l.arge Ipr' minnls. Cihe bmik.i it, ittl expres-y ndtilted ll tn11 heout'ts ofleno c sevt'nr-l ofthIt: States oi the tl rate of e:,lculatoll for nltatute interest," nis also by law for bHe k interest, a ctentdiglllS the bolok is usell, and as way Ihe sell ill part, ) ..e netes.Of ltihe sInhsribers, .nlid at few onf the ,subse',.en n pu'chtsers, inthe hIt althecu o thei book, I kI Instessilt.l e'ener)- Clos of eitisets ist ever'y qter in of ihe Utlitl ed Stlnes. It is moreovero sell known that, Ih its renley check, it hits so tlilust'rnctllted large errors, ing Ielnr SeIey wlnere . Madlh, eveen by tile nmos. Enlill mIull mast comnleleint rlltilnlllet:i litn, l'til its tselinelPss, nl tlh ssolutlle tne. cessity ler its ins, have been xtnlltniviely inbistedtl O t., n C. ev'idInt, ileeed, hiave een its Ieii'ttllgesI. nlll its e, savings, ithat, setel onegltlll whilst lthe fire edition Wasllsr clnee, and llout of printl, a greI .ll be of scodlll hlutlll ni copies were sough ,lr. allle I :' g'e t distance. Sllln nte aStl I. ttt 'illE o s prices. itslhy cold ettiti oeni - tilTy ln ickeid stpit mlit $Itsto $.l 5 per otyent),stil somllle oeslons havle lrecen..), d itenl'itrl, ttdl instances ,uldl hequaled thalt the) woubd Ia') $51, jillt, aun, $51.01 for n copy, tf not to Ile had 'er lees, nd .in i,,di iJual ill the l ter irs nstn. I tllirvlrl, hving iat Ihe imeL' iine lrxhiitld salishetory lwoml+, t seies l lll sllnsp rr a wnllll that to hint il wtas leally woth hi t I ,n nht v ally 84 gore llsough iloe sning 1of hi iten vlb.hle time, Iii. sgn eetet iigite nmano eitnp ,olicoec oi It is likewioi w.orthy' of nou e, tnd ihded i'.lWpr to i im lne ,I h tha t sh l is ithe n'ture i' figule work gK tnrally ,.ni aspecially when of the exlent and impo-ancre of these la ls,te dtt had this hook tr its like It an p.ep'ir el in the .usual "nmolhel' vlonle, In hie imost conllmlenl e:i.lanll in lhe wtnt i l, Bt ll i ll, I r tIs twinyt i nl(ls ct1111siollL ulme hisown correclioln of proof sheet., ilt wnh l. allmnost ton eeel taily, have hlven lnst ln t re I e.ent.ocand dllear t Bey prico, as tI c Ill, fae lllwlile h ll lhe'ip uIIt si pe"rli"et ni d vnielchle hl ue tllh ell'e.:tl-e pitl s n telist wai ktIhensll ii .e thll t o orcu'e Seml, itilheir ner.lsts i oi exlt taordiis. ex:utilni tionse.gnnlst l.te, tir he geoeral ben tI, they - e (i.)' nihestisuen.t) consntly kept in In of special S'ish, excettt t hitt u) e t in pt s b ine . '' Amhly tio,,s to fil both . :ks null fo w too~"n e'st with usefll nles, follow the wthich, it 1ti i sllh ns i tthe itl preceding l diti.os, eotai ni much ill ll Ier tin llllllll c rni o the I lt. l t llll lt. les o leu pill: I lIt rlnlt o . ts o et t il t lltoe k tlln , l. sntw t. tl nol it i mn'en in antlmhIn 's ,. h m rk, h e 1.. wafs mbiet hes .1.r .I '- 'trmmiae 1, it has nut ytet so mulch is. pai with ion, i , ,I. te l h emlylllll. s " I Is .o , lltl '~ llor sll l l o l, 11 il Si i'io +of 7 ,f . ,,s,:;,rni.g chtllt It t isi it s ioti i o I,11~ ll lll IH Isoll* illl.lI . a l hing S nteIoe l l u rtttth o-r ptit f Iurie . S niI d s.trtilce. it hert'lire ll' e oth" r tll liosmt the Slisterlument ai tgtlmlenitl of the ultie. f" it conion ir I. ' Ill" itelleltcr u1,(I IVa'Id lll'. t I 'I1III "1, sh ) I l he i 'ri e'; n l tlinok l i, s in tIf o l.d S r te ltt g.1ela nld, by lte authorol "ei, a a rll in S iln,lll" lNoble 1I)ellsof V eilll nl , in `- vols.. t he t lt in i ifto s lkoikl , itlnie m m tal a i m oral in Just receiveI s1ill forsnle by 1.... M'KIE.1N, i tL V ot & S-IIAFFEl ' .. (;t ite l eoi .-odl tEs trlact f ýairsllp rill.n, hir mhe cur ofo· l stintll. A tolln of the ikin; papllhs or pstllutno of tLhe Ie I; Illus whi it arisr.tre miltl ia purTI e state o thile to io; s 5fy elo I ions; p is i :tblllton I b hroiic e llctnltim; t trl scr;tlula, or king'n evil; who t s oitng; yplhihltc dhiseases, a it all disorder: arising ir lllan impure staeitti. the bwetli, Ib it long reuIdee in it he climatl , or i he injudicious t tlea of tttercuy. Al..-C-Ge. & Schtt r's otre Syr, p, or il - ftat Preneorvative.: th1. Itl preparatiotn to et extant. AiAmong which urne ti"e f .llow i n-Indian Dye, Sfor Olu r trog lh ri h al erI 0,1; Runsoia Iale+,r ' l .reas'; Posilntu; iclimw's Free to Washl: sl perior Pe'rl Powdter; Lily Whitei; Cremn of Rl..o; Vegetable R.nge;' Ott iof Roell.; Lip ,live; Kre. iosito Tonoth; C.rtonit ttoiltritice; O rantgo SFiexer VWa'erl Ptwder PiPs an , llt o ,; Amer . e cnt Charloel,, teitly put till in four .nee vole; i P eston tills; Ctlegne; Kreosete ti Drops; Hair ilrusinihne; Eeigos Dro og Co .hi , iin ute lair Oii;-with l variety of lther Perfu igeries, &ce. For sale by L IV GLENN'S PERFU[M IlES. J C TIIIN( ARD, Corner of Canall and ourbln streets -I_______________ .. II OLIII k IAYV, hlouse, Sign, :oi lOrnaomvonii I Iltnlters, Noi3 Ci.iatiiCle slltreet, two doors aior Ihitutiols ll' tile fldlowing woods :rnd tlrbles, e-S ecutlled is a inastel' Ialller. Wolonl M It a Lr.. .t:n lgmy, I gyptlin hlack aini gold, ,k, (.iolla iai Aoico, lt,, tin lent, rlt til:lel urled Maple, IllOe Sne, lair Wood, love or Ilurdello, Y'ew Tree, Italian while. C('Ioromndlll;llle oi llck Si: llnil aIi IIrhlctlells, Iose Wool., Am.ri an (.'re, Ashl 11 hire Oak, kc. k'I€e. Cui tlld Elm, SlIeilmsita to lie seen at tilt shel. Painits; oils, glass, t (cpl varnish, ket. oni had uli for se. andll ndle irol, well assel tel. llItps, rltdl aill rod ireo, unil rods hod pion.ih (;eln , lshear, blisterll, prillg, sheet and Ci tt let sLtel IIllolh wre, cut almid wroulght lnlills ndI I sikes Ziie. hIt,.k tin, iltl ao tid soes. sIlt keltles )lls Ing at It Ir ie I n:lllls, c(rIII milll Airtil, 'lees, l cl t l~lSiotutim Ai, it, sih es, I:; :,l llc lus r l I sH O Am a, Itwlt n t'. ll d o ott rl uo li l oii I1lnk l lll p lat, Ir 1e++, ,o:,I m I i kll . hlnks I ul u I"Ii, lo s I r lll:r a .es l'5 r'd ait i l l ,,ill: u r .ico . o, l ie • ,.,t lois hut lliuul eutii ,ii i; . il'ot siitl HAIIRROWGATE SPRINGS THREE DAIS Jrt)(RfE Y F lROM NE ll' ORLEA1'SN. rII e, propriet ,r of this ltblishmtint lies the plea. t cstlle ni u lllltllllt to his ilrig . dtcuI Ill'piiii licu in g,'neal, tr .t he will b in readlie-a hv the lirst sv " of sllv tu licceive vslilcr. ll e i ill also Ilne Irll tlhe C'. nelit fthtnse ut a di tunce, i tht tiere linve been laird. itlprovl ments nll le, ii Itihiers low oing on and iit rIllid irolres flpor |a plelio, wi lillt lli etiluile Il. sullsr her to aceuillllllelll n much lrger nuII i l br tllln hIleritflhne, andlit Ithe ine tuille url h btlllhr. li"nulilie uln elli a.lluitllllllllu'ld ti l)l rolltllm, or lll toe whio Irelfr rnll h l lllgrs ciluis la s'iltculed lrm It is deemled unllsseatry ts satoy nilliiig in plrticnl laPr tile chsaraeter e thles* wiels,tlbi it is gelucutl'ly belleted that lthey are nt ilnerehr It) no ill the s.,ulh enl States. All tile anluiellhtie that sre gigelt ile ititllld at Watering Places, will he fuind at il i. c best music that this part of tit- eolllutrv natuotils, has bseo engoged,antd will be inscostunt attendatcliuent tlle Stlrioec daring the whole s.lason. 'li Iosunbsclib, will avatil himnsel.l f this op allr , it reteurnini his snftlained lthnk, Pr i.11 vceti libere I tulpport iivel hIlll la-t see.soll. il h,.Ipe t hi tile eer Illln- thlll have e i :la ill inlljlim lost !:toll] C 1t++,dClr hl ne-In mloltlhumios, to merit a libural pt onhte III plrsom season. J i Ct.lill. TO 'Iil ; ES. STKINSON'S I)!1'.1. I')l.Y, lI r ri moviung p .I p [wreluius air eirli the antl arto, willtil eual esafety .old soaritain.', leavig the akin iner alds I whliter thllu bselar nale pplicttion A frech alply I ust reseived at (tUION'S er.1 Exehauge Hotel, ecnie· It r.arr, and Cemm,e : fl b. y4 r, i SMAIL At4Antl. EllI"NT Northern, tuoer Every day at I11 A. Al Wtna Mn ) c. I everl y Slntly, Waneatsday y Wttyl o' h' C. ,llancr ~lnnaay Wednesdd ato,!., t minl Satlnrednn,tty !it I'. SI. The lae M I overv U lPS~Ie hyI'In r Idayl I a Shtntanllattr n I 5 P. "1. S vi Closes eoery Montly, Wednesdray -l EXIRI-F.s MS All-. -. 'I'IMES OF A RIlIIVAL, I)EPAII'I'UII? DlISTACI'AC i..n, o[' ilie !'XProm+ Malill )lOlW-.r. llloilo tilt+ lNew la'k--lebiog Mobile deill, at PP, M. Notltwa New York nily at 5P. 31 aoutnward. .' +. . ta Arrivlsr e No Nrtlwarl. Disatance. Time. Heumn'l s ntonmery. Ala.' pri I n' 3h i12 m. 'ColhtltIou, Co. 114 81 91 31ani tilledneville. Ga. 13 141 p. I~Ltttnuiina 9.C. 7jiam. 183 171 10 J~tltnlretji % . 54 2.18 2 , 12 ] rt alrenron, Va. It m. 55 lIt A e lerbrg. Vn. I p. 83 10 a.m R: 1ieh 1amlira im. 2 a3 64a. F eerl klerni atn , pm. 67 .7 Ip mo . at-Waestiagtnonlciy, "24 pmo. Al 8 5 t Blaltimore, 6 38 0 no IPtilnnielpltio, 04am. 109 II 2 eat New Yurk 2 pm.9 84 1305 143Ih. or M 113 i Northwnard. 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Traits oflnnlern chararter, ras enertll napplicable to the Alb,rigiuier of North America, by V. '1t rer. Eer .vols. The Politicrl Grammar, of tha IUnited States, or a roI lllrr t iewr ol'thl theory Andl Ipnn-lic. u of tihe guaurn Iii i n gnlll-e rgnhIrl tsr, wilti Ite relati snn n tiemn -Irdiltlnell Id leII Ie pte i tolllg illelngt of tie U tted Staee, by E It .:anslield, Enq." rimrnod's Iluuationo Tlxrs ilterspersed with character islicanccllul cip ulv tlian d inis f sirpurtig men, in hlinbig noties. Iofithe prIiilpal erick riderstu fngannd with nll) tical content., and general index of names,2 olR Tti CII.Ri o, .'rniula or King'n Evil, Chrunic It heumatism, Chlniic Cutaneous Din- Pains in the Bones, by free eases, sn uofMercury the blood being in vitiiated sat ei T'his very concenttuttei Syrup is prepared with th. greutest pIhlntrelaeu tiul cure und ucnlnrny, ud tnicoai thie actie prucipll of Sarsuaparila in the must connen Irated diegree, coutbind with ubhoer vegetable substance iof known ll liacv. The deideralitn with phvsieians in being abl Sexhit ita lnrge n uuntit of .uarsaulrillu in a ut done, ars beesn itained in'this prepar ationthey, beinl fully convinced ofitn mnerit, cou fidenv adminnister llte cutne ul'tl teir practice. Prirce Si 511 pr bottle. Soil only at SWVAIN n1111 'ill EIR'S rua store, Nr. 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