Newspaper of True American, February 7, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated February 7, 1839 Page 2
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T'euedy. Feb. 5, 183:9. The C -noel1 'nt Iureoan tI. adIljournmenr, prr. sent r h.. J.,lshun Bald in, Rr.,rdr:" Alldermern, Ols, IIh. l. il, '.,, t.,whrkr:, \leux, Nixon, Peters, lewell, Y,,rk. and Whitney, S. motion the reading f the Journal of the pro. ding meeting was di-ponoed with. 'Tis followig Me.s go was received fr m the .Mayor. Moynralty of New Orleans, February 5th, 1839. To the Prenident and Members of the Council of the Second Municipality: Gentlemen :-I return to this Council a Resolu lion passed at your s·esion of the 27th January, concerning my last communieation to your body. The nature of the Resolution prevents me, consist. ently with the respect which I owe myself and my seastittents, from making any remark on this de tment. I also return to the Council a Rosolution passed at the same session, which authorizes tihe an;s.ion of a note of the Second Municipahlty for $3,434 90 in favor of Mr Robe t Aiken, without specilying through whom its emission is authorised. If it were intended to give it to toe, it is necessary, in order that I accept it, that the Council should re. peal a previous tesolution, by which they thought proper to take from me the right to sign the notes of which they authurised the emission. If it be the Treasurer and Compltroller who are thus authorised, I cannot sanction the measure, because I still re.. tain the opinlion that it is contrary to law. In support of that opinion I refer the Council to my message of the 12th Jnto last. 1 remain, respectfully, Gentlemaen, Your ohd't servant, C. GENOIS, Mayor. On the second a:iicl, on, motion, it as Resonlrve, That the Council do persist, not. withstanding the objections of the Mayor, in its resolutipn of the l29th. January last, nulthrising the emission of a note for $3,434 90,eto Raber Aiken. A communic lion front the ComtFir lier, inform. ing the Council of certain notes diaco.nted, was on motion ordered td be deposited in the archives oftho Council. The weekly statement of thel Treasurer was sub mittod, shewing the receipt. of the past week to have amonnted to x18,503 S9; balence this date $11,195 G6; "balane last report $2,618 02. Ex pended since 827,019 24; n,otes redeemed a65 00. A letter waa received from Patrick Ward, ree gn. dng his siteation a- Com.iessary iof the batture. On motion of Mr. Yorke, the rules being die. pensed with, it was Resolved, That it slall be and it is hereby dio. clared to be the duty of the Deputy Wharfinger, to attend to and porlbrn all sulch duties e. pertaitned to and were performed by the Commissary of the Batture, or Lveao, and that his compensation be xzed at the rate of otte hundred and twenty dollars per month. A petition from J. Lollando and others, in r'el. lion to certain encumbrances on .tho Levee, was referred -to the Committee on Streets and Land. -ing. A pet.tion from Pilster in relation to the Poydros Market, and one irom E. I,. Tracy anod others, praying to be permitted to erect a flag s aff on 'the public square, were referred to tie same Com. 1 -mittee. A letter from J. C. O. Grdy, asking certain e-mpenpsations, was refl red to tilhe Committee oi -Climns. Of Fire Compoany, No. 2, pplying for hIose, .referred to Ihe Fire t ommittue. OfCapt. C. F. Hiozey, praying the use of the public square on the 22nd inst., which on mot.on was granted. A letter from Colonel M. White, praying the ,use of the square, was laid on the tab'e. Mr. Peters as Chairman of the Pfnanee Comn mittee, reported the four following resolutions, which the rales bejng dispensed with, were taken nip and severally adopted. Reselved, l'That the sum of higtty dollars per I annum, payable semi-annually, be paid to the Gas Light and Banking Company, for each privrate lamp within this Municipality; which price shall include the lighting and extinguishing of the same, i and the keeping of themo in good order anrd repair, agreeably to the terms contained in a letter from the Secretary of said company, dated 31st Decem. her 1838. Be it further resolved, That by the term "private lamps" is understood only such as ame lighted all night in tie hmarkets and other public buildings, by resolution of this Council. Be it further resolved, That the fixtures and atl terastions of all private lamps, as above designated. be paid for by this Municipality; and that all lamps burning by meter be paid for at the rate paid by private consumers. Resolved. That any butcher or other person vending in the St Mary Market who shall be absent therefrom three days, leaving his stall or table un. occupied, shall be deemed to have abandoned the -ame, and the farmer may hire it to aiother. Resolved, That the farmer be and is hereby au thorised to charge for eaecl stand for the sale of groceries within said itarket the sum of seventy fve cents per day. Resolved, that the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund of this Municipality and the Treasurer be and they are hereby authorised to have any notes receivable, belonging to said Fund or Troeastry, discounted by the General Sinking Fund of tile City of New Orleans. Resolved, that notes payable in six months, in anms not exceeding five thousand dollars each, bo issued to John Minturn, for tihe amount due him for paving done under the ordinance of 12th July, 1836, say twentynseven thousand six hundred and twentyotwo dollarsand eight cents, ($27,622 08,) epon his surrender ofthe certifiates of the Surveyor that the work has been done. The same Chairman reported the quarterly ac. counts referred to that Committee at the last meet. lag correct. Mr. Gloyd, Chairman of the Committee on Streets and Landings, reported the following reso.. loution, which the rules being dispensed with, was adopted. Resolved, that the Comptroller be authorized to sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, after ten days notice, in French and English, in The True American, and 'rhe Bulletin, all the fire wood eut and corded within the prolongation of the streets hereafter described, viz: lst, Canal street from Claiborne street to the principal branch of the Bayou St John. lSd, Jackson street from Claiborne to Galves at. 3d, Common.street from do do. 4th, Galvez street fromt Canal to Common street. Resolved, that the Surveyor or his Deputy fur mi.h to the Comptroller a detailed statement of the number of cords of wood which he may find in each of the said streets, and that lie shall mention the names of the reapeoivo owneds of property upon which said wood shall have been cut, and also the number of cords cut upon eaclalot of ground. Resolved, that the wood shall re delivered to purchaers at the place whore it ihas been corded, and that the price of adjudication shall be paid inm. nmediately after delivery. Mr. Lonkett, Chairman of the Police Commit tee, made the subjoined report which was adopted. The Police C.ommittee to whom was referred the petition of Samuel Wreford, asking permission to keep a stand upon the Levee to sell wares, report, that they cannot report in favor of the potitioner's demand, because it is in direct violation of an or dinance of this Municipality, and tilerefore recom. mend the prayer of thie petition be not granted. H LOCKEI"T, Ch'n. JOHN NIXON. A commonication was received from the Sur weyor, whereupon, on motion of Mr. i aldwell, the rules being dipenned with, the following preamble and weas adopted. Wlereas, 'fr John Ilagan, prieripal proprie. for of the laut:, through a hich pas-es Galver street has ounsented to thli direct cntiunation of said street to the canal of the Canal aonk, Resolved, Tha'lt the sulveyor or hits deputy be authorised to give to the suad street the direction alove mentioned, and to extend tile pre:ant a.,unal to ttie mit:dle of acid street. Mr. Peterr introtduced the following, which was read and made the order of thu day for tile nust meeting. ./A ORDLX,.VcRF ArL'proprioting annuuhulyq a rrsrn s. mr of money In thre riafrm rornpr:nis otincrhtd ios ite Jiaurlh tegi. aetrt ef Louisiana s tl tia. 1. B it ordaindl..3'hat the sum ift one thousand dollars be and is heresy annually appropriated to the use of the uniftirm companlse attached to the fourth regiment of Laeniesina Inthtia; whlte sum slia I be paid qurterlly t the Co onal comurmand. ing said regimotnt--to be employed as follows; First. '1To be ditributed i y olnid Colonel among the different comnpal.ies aloresaid, according to tile number of men actually present at each inspection review, in thae months of February, May, August, snd November of each year, preceding the distri. bution ; or at any other inspoectiln review tile Leg. ihinkrea may think proper to designate; the seale to be paid to waid companies mn tIhe months of larchl, June, Septembhr and December succeeding the monthly reviews above mentioned. Second, The sum tius distributed shall be eam. played to defray the expenes of music, and for equipping those desirous of juinina said companies -ehore circumstanmce may not perma thei neces. sary expense,as required by the rules and-regula. ainso of the colparies. 2. n. It fnrlltr reiotved, That thesum allowed an. I Salty totela Louisiana it gian by the ordlanaee of 2W Nvl It.6, be and the same is hereby fixed at uhe rIltmnsald d.llar prr annum. O, mloto,rn, tI.e eltctiaa fa Commisaries was a.a j,raeti to t an tsoeetilg. On motion of ,bIr, Lickcht, the enrts being disn pansona, it was RIlolvot , hott a EoomlLtteo of theree memersn of thin Couonrl ho oplrareted b, tine Reorderor to exClmine into tite rolallLer Ot the cool for fnot.'nya, ntrnots &¢ in tleI third wardwart nor tI report 00 0 on ti oircalIfeLbl, ohethor tim ntllt o liouhil prlcood an Sp rit Pronollt cr oci)t. Thle lt.norndr oppoilltod of noid Lolooilttoc Moenra. Locokot. WVhitony and YTrkb. On motion, thea Cooncit naourjrnol to Tuesday C next lhs 19th Fobroory inotant, at 5 o'clock, o. 1. i JOHN GIBSON, Snaretary. -- - COMMERCIAL IIllel. Dimtell. kLkrotn on. ............a n It hVnhioognr.Ain.. 13.. .I. I*nn lorok, dn..............t tlllnolltaraA ...........ii thlldnlphlr dn............ 04 I.tniovilln, do ......a.....n6 RBldltllre do ............... 2. St1, I~uuil, an .. ........ IR snoanlnoh, Jan....... 2.... I Ilverpoul, Dre ........t. Ith Houston ('loaml) do...... t6 i. l olto.ado.....d......... 1 i .lll...... IS. Nahor, ,An............e1( Ilavre do in 1 n at PO1T' )jP Nt\V ORIjEANS. ' CtEA ItANCE;. -. !oebrrnry tt. IFtp. I hlSar nonra, ltoihnoay. fnr Non York, A IB itullan ShFip tinitldianl, Wih.'iroro.l* foe Ilnler, U neeroirri BIrn Ety, Wall. far Non York. Kiririr * Iead Pchr Marie, Psolatply. fPr Non York, Ahrblidge ,n Jenkllro 1ohr Ililfo, Iltle, for Sahiun Itver, J A Zaiedrn tckr r lorn Clray. I lhn rshlr, for Tampiro, oW A YVioro n Fo 0 Irlmor Br ollophoarrh Clnetnrkolol Orrion lnlolP. I, rleiamnr (t7riornlr, irlld~reood, frearl tnynrr Lfntreha. nIarrllltllli Ilo'lllobir tlihilrlllilrlr, frolll Vickburp. S1ealonr l;hl,. Ejdarde , fro. Ralou lraroltn lew, ki lsaeanrrMrrri arrrk, Baird et CirCern.ii. p Seananor DBvy Crockett, OhemirOt foni ohroveporl. EXPOIroS. NElY 1O1K..porehip nlroaL..l1l hin rnio non,.nOlni horn perok. 177Thib ialr. 19 hillrs. 81 han, nad (I hhdrn aub!che, it. h3oanegs&1 IOrll lard, .i Itlr lkian, 3 hiro aunrd iruan o IolhirLl. hrigEloyy..313 htird, 23 nra rolnonons? a his norlll nod t16 hin nm~s. llAVRL..pseohip Mteridrorr.. l1tO bln oitrno, 775 not hides. I. SAIUNE ItI.tR. .nr rchr llerlo..ualrdryl raIrIenir, raullr, .0 proviiollJrO, rlrcerina, heriower, neihieg, nir, T.isrrit, aurirlnrirr. I:lorlbrirdrry urtllnleild Iroino lb T pemPCO..e~rn.Ir HeOnry tilelr..lrllrdry I'ro riullt quil men. jiIeonari, crllell'ri' pl.alitima. nrl ins. . llErllh drll!oll, hirdolha reoo. ena. p dlroe. cork iorrbbol reauqi:lrlellaolnio .ell, nirllirr, glinn L.moil. llh+lO+[ll, q ruik silver, sllhdur Itnll, ghla, rarilllmlonnre. rrlrroy rad hdlldf. nhyopn rr'rlllrrnorao.. rr at Echo• .3.n hl* cetntn A I.onur Aen.Sron.dn .ylLanse~ o. ea. ' do rAinldllutena o, .a 1rh .0 rualldor, lirt·torlra .a trlrhi. Ni drr eilr. co irorrrrrrrrlrt ifnr t i3dr Lnmilro h Thonrrsn, 6, Stilr.ll Ancn. 15 dr nurkoa. Wilnrrhrc.3n ri)dr Tiynr.s oIerler a Co 8 hlo deer Iklaro. ItI d rklaera hiro eIidrr, Olr orr o .rrrod. It t'inreirroni. lelr at SorlillncrrIr..4OlJrlrrtrio lirrr,l I nidoe tdl hntOnplrlr, irorrli ttla. t44 Ls pork Ahrlori n laariinel 1OO brt, slark, l'..,11 6 & ~lllnr~llorn I hllr lloJus ~lelldil A ' on, 511hiiln whiskoey J calialnlo 9O isls htlrellooio nri li:treila 9 00Frr o. iocarri t eaoelr.7 Alrol Sear.J It~rninii~arrn a r oenknlloeo,0 I . ha IZrofrrr. 7:la hrtal [llr.ka hill h lhr ,lrr Th.l fa IW (etlry Ithtlr rhlrkry Ilanur.ay i- Iur tinollr rohe n, o"clltt,n ..w Onkoy 3( dis \\` n··c,€II 511 dn t; lItdollx *c1. eo' 1 t do |.rlriall, ilaeon ar n. i7 ito tst nCNolr. Rid rdr ri•. I Ulirr. S ratdo G it Ket~rna,C8rietGlr,elr.enk iinrorastetir(rrool. VoLklhllrt. poreni ihiti Coilrlrbir. Otir iaalrltrl i Merriheld Pisoull * co,.59 lae i; Ileiorri. 02 dC Nuanta, Tllrrrkln a Ion W;ill, ti htraolra 9rillo noelnen. Frarllav tr. e 7 I7o on OW Oakay. 51 do Itmrlnrhr Themlrrnlrr tC do tiu k(rlr. (iaanlln,&rae.' iiri .tl~innre~r.P r ettI Oietcrr.15ade Jiisrr rict, 4 no, Ifoin F Iiol.l t ao, 15 dril 'urkr, \Voatr a ie. I4 R-du [,,s.ll Fllllt~lillt) S• ell+ o0 do Btlwe +.' Crslllllnar., 53n doay noalda Birlrn n on (Cao Iorarier, ele.iotran S \eri;il t.S rd. Talor, "iarrirror 0 ma. oi Itrderelt. Jennirrn a co. 7 han mile,. \ Dt I1 Jlhsrlra. I h r dnd t J I)tnor. re Io ondll Conriairnan. A T~amrl. ci nanka circar marCl .1 lliarrr, a in1 an Ihecr oirlll I lnjer. tr Dee v n 'rocknelt..e r brls cattn .iCN th Je Tllrmpllnr, I:lI do A11aoin A• 'Prcmlnulll. 21 do K~irr,,nmn " AbaraLhyll .i lilanl,, Rfi 1I,+ Conllor ,. 4;,idley, 6')do N ,. J DickS e n, l1rrio A ttionrrlin r ao. i ,Iri A iinurool a at, l0 do PlioyeyrroAnrci. r u. 5O pckga ohina, lVrrnCd & ireranr Si1 broo irrinolurr RillOne iteo~..peer a Sromlclerr..4tllnr nlil.n A i.rlrrre 0 & ncon. 39 tIt Fnliuin. llolhq er.lna. 16(1ro ft taalldlllllhripr (( Cio i \Vhilt r ra r I Ca Alrairr An TreParerri. Oado (iOllrrllno r++llon 'lnalellt+ ! do B,.lnl~al \· l.:n~lr?·, i" du llnd a tel lllolul·l lea,. F.liwan. ] elrl rlolalrojpsJ F acoan. * Rlynll iLaflurahe..per nt taolaorili. h1i hhda rllrar Win 00 Floero. 16 Ilhds Ine Tfire Or reor: I 1h1 oUg arrnd 7 inn Bin ilsneor A II frrrer. 1 I ihrllla ir rcllerrrid lrI tlnoalaer Laonr fan lh . T2n:pnll;t lrhdrt arllrar It 'rate; iS hhdl rllgar (03 Winblannd .Jlercrl nolasael W eg. n m nan ROnano..par ot Slrrrnirinore..E F. Wanri, E F Plirlipo. an, IV N tlelhroat. E A El:io, J .iltadartr,Nhlc. Aelnlh Sllortlnoa, A I.artiquc. t Itirilehlllell (ilnh, Bnlillrlleo. .erurt. .fBlyou I.flllrlrehe..plrr l Colorina..ColTi Prirtei OSoun,J F rlark. Greolo. Ianrkl Plrrheoirry, J AI Wirran, EdroC Pirilrllp, or V Johnstll oaI D., A Ml Tolurcr Anolid. Louiavill..poer it Edwrrond tilrrpell..Thonts Rowlano, iany & tirmt. tir i hatrhOnkt, Tilr. taylna, tlenry FoleonhAJohn La Austin. JorserriStrsnau, aft Tilor..F P Ilrriden & aldy. Ilhtirbtrd, an, W 0IVOtind I. Itild., Joa menltre, Jan ticlieon. Jnc IItrloern Jir J .!~l..Io D ........... IIE,l ... Comrtun ,. r·.............. th Streoepnrt..poret Dac. Croneklt..lor, p Koiichall & ist¥1 m rlr Mrre e A Imty, Brewur B ladyr CrrOto*ke. rlirjor D Ilut nry, R oonpetll. L alrnllten nnd oorvtr I' Ittlln elril, J 1 amore, II orron, F Noln T'ylorr Irrlray oll. i r eialrri Elroi II Eorari+d. H Sluuighitr. r \e (Sthnne It lnllr.A (.lorray, a Ilrndall, AN Drao,. V I IlcndernollelFneleleO Snilli.J by Anhnlnrl Rlcohrda. W.Voklns, N Boraer, I. Btoil,rG UlBalil, i LawI., 1' O'dloore, K SnIth.II Leocinnti..per i t rrrrin:nik. .Mirs no1rI, ,ir s Tom.soll a. Oleonon taird, Otayro, Aalrrllrt titin, Iladdle, \Varrea, tllan od. inlsoiarrp. Gorlaln nrret. yoaynrctholslrr. r.e. per or . tirn., . J L rcwoI Iflt Iaoerornwn, .I Kry, JAcos J Do3n i. lti BlaanrgA C looiii , by Dr O neCail lady A eairvt, (rrlir,,r, tirreel. m t I oltrirrr nrliha. .+tillri InllyaS nhildern n no n lrot, A Wliller.I, \V Rife J W Ahdarda. Mnt EMORA NDN . I, Sit: OtoerInnlak f.rom finciilarli..t (tohirrioivllle ?th Jon. ho Ohio Direr folling Oft fart nater at Flilrt nltoad, nratlhr ery eophl. II ~ ~ 1 II I• II I:lllklll _ FOR NORFOLK AND BA.TIMORE. Tlmgood Fclhr AI.IION, A FIrn:am, nt er. Ianving oorst fit r c0:!oard will meet iwit l isatch. orl Ialne I ofIlright t paoaoga. oplpl) to S &. J1 PF II'IINEY feb 7 73 Caop of FOLBSO.Tha A I fast F oliling shinl FERA\X, lien-Il ,, 0010r. b3:tlo In.g00 0 f her cargo sago. gad, Mill hlove imedioatoleioo:. dio;:orch. Fu freight or paoage, hlaoing good cco:Ponuloaai oapply to S &J P 1111 Feb? 73 C1ampl FOR ADIRllL AND) I ICHIIIIND. Thla A I fast Failing h .ahaI £10 N, Capt. !loohbritdo, gillaol in aw (Ica Faor passge only, bhvingbolg d *oodoa llnn tion, a~pply to I l. P01 O'IHEI feb5 Common at '1 'lta Pocket Shipl AIlKA;NSASC~ Imd, in Ilarrer, is now discbarging Ihre ca o :oppoosit f:il a tpoblo Mlarket. Consigaeea will pleaoe oat10nd1 t Ilse Ipl"eiv af., ba1(0rgood.. A. (0111 'n Ag:. feb7 No 90a CooI1mlm1oo C1ORDAGE, In`-10l coils taid. 0 I 111:., siaaa, fraot 1 I 6 ioabloa; pan yar aa nd ol ohoae Ftnffs; also, IDary aela and lao boo joine.; PIgging hl.allhaa, &no. lor: ..le by jnll RI:Ab ) BA\RS1'OV,7 Boank I'Plco B Al : R11FF'tLl _ i cils Boal Ilope, of aujpaaonr quality, foar sanla joSI [S .10 Il1tIDrE R &Co. I~ll 3)onazlr to CI'lY II I~t,. NowOrlena:o, 51h I&. lab rorlrl.l9. E XCHANGE on Englunad, or Plar at t0:1: Inotitu rotun. lROB P . PAILFIREY, Pal _______ Ca__ie_ jLOUll.-91b hhlo landing fro::: samoeraa Danube., E and for sale by u DOIt +.IlY, fe 14 Naw 'evera dUNNY RlAliGS-L.I1,0(0 instore for wale ay G 1r6 C. l)O~tllSF, 4 1 \,,w Lyrea .OKK--LOo bo* 10(11,b 0 prune1'. 0., f rl. sala- by 1e6 G 1):)115';', 41 .Aon' floar V .1LUAll. B: I: tS-Ju:o: :aaoiol o:: i:,.:oiac of V tniodlaad nd oolu.bbo boloos, chiCay Lordon ellaaions, Ialaoico -f 113 ron, oar o dolome do Raroo, slpandid Byr::: lllaot ate, do do. 91(1, o0alandconloo illlowtaotion , oIlates. Ilo.ackbolaas Alp:, 11001111'0s \Vole'. Fiollarofs Tll:,tl, e a Lot' of John All ito::, With1 aol0.oad nylottinap nio1; Loti:, and )reek tI,..a:ie . Ibiralrya, in Eiopgial, Live, l::oitu::,Xrao;:Ioo &c. Byrorn work-, ILodonoOIa pock,, boal14n, o SIoakopeoa. Lanon d:o mol ndo oditon,:a Hogg'sp Ig:lrick Slo. Pitroo , falloa , 'ho S1,r10aor, 6 vo::, in ofl::n, ( orioso ", o:: 1+e II .r "{ 1+ei Ilaloollol' L of 10:0. ..0:o^_o1o,: tool. lon, Witlh voricv of o: I':ld l.;ooooloo, and :o-'.kobof Alt, in llooolao,:,o hidi:Sgn. E' Jntl'6 & Co0, Pa6 ro: St aleo anao~d C~n u S ilaokIroioi.1( ' i Ilo Inmll do (o 3: slit d \Vme a iesd dt:::o dul ptn do imprial holhl pall1. d CGilhOa to: do do oi do And Oollolt'o Co:::neraool or role 1(t DALVI FE0 l' & Cot , 21 C& . rrrs it, Pa6 ar ltnlioner Hall U.;11 \ ,l't t.ASaa n-I S) lo5ol: ugnl,: I. 11011 galu: polo Ilaenor- tp"tui :baeto ciay P.:: s.le by D111o & 11 11 SS4I01O bone- in 00+00 fir toor B tab 1r11 & IiO1.1, !" l ' \\, 9 XI )ng:.azio a MGR-5,000 00 (iunll Bag,,, of sperio~r llllull slid f r safe I w\r b; IL-.ºn i::: cie loll aod a111· T w nrriull a, 0:0 r :0, 0 by t1ALI. t 1t11011 A. TTIIRII·:L.(.\J -10 eareaJ28 to 311 in. Mantua antiln tinghlla I toirllao Inar tale i o fel 51)' ISI tG S C1100 oat, 131 AI..aoma,:: `PIEtM OIL-I": cnoka wintaer 0auLaoa:l Spi a:DOil, PERM Ipure far sale Oby fa6 NI sAC tl lt&)O, ,, 111 MaaIngo:: at L Ui.&l on toln::to.: ab tlo heiloaaily, lfor sale ha 1K3 REbAI): IIAR-T~lO~, 16 No 7 lolk Place. ( iII,.nT--Ityda.:ola on), 1l::aonjo:t roaioodaonod Par ola bo ..LII) & 11.11t51', L' rIjIINLII CAl I-HI IttlL-Jon: acrooriv~ II: tn:l L Fell Co., 04 Cl:otaim.N I1, : ohewr contllains over 50 stel ograooipao. II.Lu-Irslnls o 'NnaI)tD:me e P'nla tIn,, Aiillo:.'M`*(IPdral, (:aIc," do, leaomtir t.l, lurns do I du. Ilro' 6. 16 TKUtE AISERiIC(AN OF1oi( t . 'Io Ina connection with this OItiee is n SPLEND13 AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE me rey Tilt PllNTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checlks 1'l Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, ai Legal Notices Auction Bills tt Bill Porms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars l And every'drecriptien of Job WVork thet ti ulny boreqrlired. Rl'The proprietor respectfully calls tie attention of the pIilic to the above Card, and asrerea them that a all work intrusted to his caren shll be done at the short. e rat tntice, in an style unsurpnsed in thlis city, and at the lowest rates. Tr11 IRUE AlReIin I: n. Inl'I..D sy . ver GIfcrulo.N. 11 FAITflrUL AND SOLD. , N 'I 41 ORt A t :.,A R THURSI)D Y, FEBRUARY 7, is39. GENERAI. BANKING At a Inrge and r.ciectnble preliminary mnteeing of the friendtof a sonlderedi sysaent under a GENERAL IIBANKING I.AW,connected with Internal Improve. menet, held yesterdny evening, it wna ReIolved. Thnt a pblie meelting be called to enrry 17 out tle iljects proposed, anda comnnittee tsn asppoin" ted to n akte onecessary call and preparations. The friends of'ho ImPeasure ore therefor" invited to annPin I bie, at iollek's Arcade, on atlnrday next, at 6 o'clock P'. I. preci=ely. Ar. lIsn's Bill.-It is likely lth, Mr. Iea'. hill, to roncentratullhe different powers of the three munici - palirir~ in the hnali of the mannyor, will colne p to da. In onr paper we have .haiwn, ,nm ii has been show.n, thalt tile poneer anlld iiilees drea'd by, te mheenaor, will bha n' dan leros ll an i'nce I, le repoed l in ine man It Ian been inconclu.iva Iy exhitit.l liht n the mayor, in his in.livinidul eanr its, nmay hl iniltcl. red more rendily hy persnnal reeling-th-I hIe hat not it thle extendad and celnred view ,f,--and Illht he nmay exeltaltnder the privileges he clnims, an unwholesomene s andl itinous influence on tl' naction of the difBarent Smu ieaipalities. \1e are perlectly willing-inee Ihey wi'l it no-that. the morlvtr nitia cntrolr the First ail Tlhird manicipal a itie., for they have nbknowe:ed.ed thiir unfitness and imnbecility. I heir fiancialeconlditr will prove it so. But not iso lhe l %1 Mlninipcilaty. With one united wire the whnlI municipnlit, clanim a relief :rtm any change tnin the law under which sihe lms rtcpeed, andi under wbhich, throligh her fiullrfil agt.lll, shc look, foirward to a cntinllnne e efher dvlannccment. S ifthis slubiject come s p t-alay, let our legisainlnOrs lIntlo to it. T"'he Seinte hts been i adned toeallow thei bill--the obnoxious htill iI be sontcl. td through it-let not our represn a tivs nlloi+ anuI l rn relutlgnant to thle tiiprinciples of freedom And thie prolapietm of the city It a peas their ladly. Tihe ties denaIMl thlI they do ne nought to check tie onward narch of New Orl ans.. 'the exerions of otlher sections of tlhe Solthern Union, -il" poiit out them the neI a-it of sIlpporti evera Ihing ewhich will tend to the pri.perity n.d enwaird mnarch of our city. T'he expellenle of the past three ears., (unprecdenitdt in the anniill of New ()rleans, pe and not to be matched in the condition of thole inonili polities which have ii hient ite pregnant hinges of the e. hknee" to 11r. Mayor Genois & hi fActmium,) Ina' show nt let that the SECOND MULNICItAIlITY at least in ceapn i b of a dmi i'teritng its own affairs, by its council, and hineteds no inlllterpostin from a manor avanirieuam of pow r, or which does not legitimntely belong to him. n. If this bill deoni" ,, we hope Iha represantatives of the people will veto it--to pass it is an acknowledg at ment Ihtl the people have niot the eapacity to rule ethem. selves. e, lIsiisippi.--The \ ig Contentilon silling nt .tick son, (\lli.s I) hav elected delegates t'' the ihig Nnliumnal CollvePltion, to be Ilehl at Ilriehag, ill Itlec.:lihlr nt next, and int.treted them to asnpporlt IIENR' C'l'AY, lir Presiident, and JI IuN 'TYILli, of' Viri in, f., n Vice President of tlie :uited States. It Ihe so I en cnvention has also nomtinntedi the ilon. rnn EDWAILI) T'r NEll, now Chancelor r Ilthe Stitc I of 1Misiesippi, to be run an the hig a ndlidlate fbrgov IR. ernor at thOt ellnina election ill November nlext. \We ir learn that Jludge Turner is one of Ihe moil entinlnlle eand poIpular imen ill Ih State, and hiii election is cun sidered aertain. at. Appoinitenlt by the Gocernor and Senate. TIe Ilon ill iHENIIY A BUILLAikD,lnlt otei of the Judges of th nee SSupPem Corat, to be Secretary of Staie. ' II'IENNE MAZilREAU, re~appointed ATTOnEYt Grsanir.. en-.I PERCIFOR FRA\SER a rSMITl,re-appointed Ad-l or jutant and Inspector general ily lDirectors of the Lotisiana Sate Batik. JI B ira Pantl elery at J Materre G'erge Legenier6 A lMnrin V Vignuad. Epicurian.-W 'e invite genrmands to pay n ris ;n e it to Ilti N. W. end of the coIIer I)f the Si. Charles lintel, where they will he gratified wilth the siclt la box of the finsct and i titent Corn Berf, ever seen in Loeuis a ira, nn, nnd prepared by that marer virtluiler, Wtlheler, hl of Cincinnati. Jo-eph Ianilin, in IPodrn street, is the ag; ent of \heeler's fine erltalem. The Conrier neauso s ons of sensihi'ity.-well, in that we, have, tle adtvntage ,of Ito, nod we never b- d the oca-ioln of oac:-ing hi n of el her being sennible, or possessed of sensiiility. Aronatics. IIt C lyton, th ho ha dioitingished him sell as an aeronnnt, and who hap been untirin- in hie endeavors to extemd the science of eronnnties, is now in our City. We und rrstend that hIt may be in duced to taeke no atnention here. [For the Troe Atmerican.] IIOUSE OF RE'PRESENTATIVEA. WlIednesdayo , Februhry 6, 1839. Leave of absence wan granted to Mle.ts. Bourg and Estevan. 1Mr Ptydtras introlneed a reolotion directing the board of Illhl:e i norovemrnl to onrltnire ite the pr ti cahility of eree'ing a hrilg at thIto upper month of Fanusse I ivier in tiet pa:rioht of Point Coulpe. 31r I'rston introdnced ai hill to incorport lte Il.o Phr nix Fire C mtpanoy No t, in thei l ily of I.afonoele. Mir ttielcrry introduced it bill to revoke ,n aot in. corporn in;:' the Catholic Ctogregati t in i the pari-h of gt Inlom. Mr Poaloran introolured a hill granting further power, to tile dlice jury of theo ptilh of Pointl 'tuper. Mr (onionnie iceodluced a bill to expedite tll c on struction of the Ntow ()rlean- ano d Nashtille Rnilroad : aild bill on motlion nof lr P1telpt wos molerod to Ie printe I. Mr Laforet introdneted a bill fr an ddllitional n.e tioneer in t parisll of Ltafourche Interior. )n me tio n of \r Gtti noie thb roles were di- lensel l - ith, ntld tlho hill wet rted ithrve Irm ns land patcned. On mtui.oi of I!r %.'ad.v.-erth tit.. rules were t'sp.nsed with and a bill crealil. ton j:;tie.s of Ih. o raco l itho tt piower: of Notnry Ptublic, in the poronth of 'lequoe mnli,rt was passtd. On moti'i ot f Mlr rTtliff the hill leo.1:ie0 brahnchs ( f tihe ('itizeon' IBuk cv dPitornt parts of the Sater:, ,ns fixed fir the'l orl. r or the d iy next. On mtio o-f 11r tP.ton the hill for Ithe relief of hln Morri-on nd Ih' hirs of TIros. S.,ithi, wal taken op ald panetSd. ()n motion , (f Ir I1ndswortlt the hill renunnraiin, :he parishllof PtIn'htalli ftll exentnses incurred in or reoti g n criminal wats tl.n illp nt;d r ned. t)n motion otf \lr Clhathbrne the bill increoasi.g thli pension of J C Alh-ro an inlfir veteran of 1381 1-13 wns tatl.n tp nnd !panaedl 'I' bill itlroluiced by \r. Ira+thar providing for a Genelnl Syt-t.m of Internal I-l-prtovetn-ent, came up il tie st.ectil order o-f thlelo: Afte a few Inlnendllollnt prtoptaell by iltssrs. (Gair, nic andI Lewi-, the 1st. 2nd, 31 ind 4-h slections were adoptell dii, and e tb t c:ioi t I:plml t fi o Cllnoidelin-' l, This iec tiott propo ed to give. io tih IlltHod if internal Illrovemellnt, (conlmposed of the Gilverlnor and Io memnb rs elected, I Ithn L.giillntl e,) tile power of grnlltinthe bhlrt b i oftlto tnte i1t such omltbinllltlln of inlihilualnis a, shall form dtemselves into assoention., forohj-ctsofinternal improvemet,l provided hait said uatsoat-iiotIn florniI, mortgaged lseculity to tile sta,.- ''The hon e resolvedl itslft iant llotlmittee oftie t hole. iMr. ClaiIborne ftoared that hIe would attack a viil parlt of he bill int tljtltinl to the l actliol hefore tIe house; bill he felt it Ins duty to urge n courlitutlioal objecion to it. lie di n t boli. v" rhnt the Ie. '.larnre had the power of dlvb r ing the indohnite lpowr of grenting the bonds tI tllte state. lIn leoll Ot, t lttit," for t.e bill Iloles it was "o wiltttet d asI to obltttLcL ob j":ion. Me. 1u nfr r l.vri f pt p -c s..fre, ausig tie ubjlcti= 'v,. ! jprrosrinola nniendmenrt p:sov'-ini :trt the aopproprin lion of tihe bhouskibuou lh. first iauntioneid by the le cislature. Ilebi li ved Ih , bill to co tloin ninny just and eorrect vriew; alnd he wished to see them carried into offect. Without the adolption of suh an amensd me.t hetonnoidered the eosnstilrtional objection as val" id.- Thp eiigrihtne could not delee.'t its poer.-- No Tihe peoplt would see with jealousy rnd fear the transfer ofso important a power an flhat of plncing the i faith of lthe state at thdisp.,sal of a body unknown to at the consltitution. iMr. BruLhear did not expect that Ihr bill would be found perfect; he expected tlhe ashintance of members in amending and inproving it. He, however, would rive hi views for intlroducing the hill. It was eonreded that southern-r.o were always behind hand in internal improvement; they were reluctnt to nhbstract from their me p ivat meainsl or pay taxes fur suecl purposes. The $0 olIjert of rth bill was to give an impulse and a help- of ing handtoslnchenterprising individuals as were de. sirons of embarking in works of internal iinprmrnenii; the bill seoght to procure a prompt action on such orjecls,and to uvoid the delays and he jrnlousies and B olli.,io. of l.egislative action. The bill did not pro pose to pree itb FUNDS oflthe Seatou t thle disposal of tihe ;oari, but only to eranlt tihie ctecredir, in ctorrin st deft its case, at to'e sIe tmlle, presc.ribing such p guards, guaraltees and rest.ictiona, na would secure ce tihe stet ' iso urtch so that tile power IftIhe board would d' be merely mirnisterial. i fllrobjecltion urged beagood $ one, our state government is impraclicablr; for the P I.egis'nture is conusuntly obliged to pass similar pro. It viionls to tIhose contauied in the bill. Bonds if the state for 94 millionu had beel grned to rrhonking insti SIntions, and tile is.rill of tile bond.i hald been. entrs ted to thngovernor and secretary of the state. If the ohjeeion wasn gOiod one, the hIonds issuel for the Hbank were uncontilllsinnal. If tie objrection wiias a good one. all the state hondsia mut he sisned by all lie members ofo Ihelgis!ature. Mir. It. thought ithat t inisterial ae se tion must ie collfided to some oan, aud sueh linmits were SInid down b Iihe bill h i lefr only a miuisetiiu action to I itbotrrd. Mr. I . believed Ithat Iln Iuns nurt eould ihe Iproposed that woulllll ;r more safety nld be of more seleral b net to trihe stale. t Mr. Phelps u.kked of the ' nr-luherifrnm Si. Maly, (Mr. IP i.) Io point or trhi section llisiing the action it1 the a h oarrd a stated? Mr. P. qlnted thie article of the con. n atitrution declaring Irhat no money sihoul he aid out i i of thie treasary uII !(res pr)rieioted by thie I.eislature. rd H thought ihe (erlion before the Ihouse conferred ulpoln t Si peresons tlhe power e d discretion ofr inkin nappr. I irintione. lie oulrldraw. as regards the true meaning ot of the ennstitution, no distinteion between the credit v andrther properrty of the state ; if the bolnds were for " feited They must hr e paid in money. 'The tnember from t qt. Manry h'd prepared nmiendmento whichperhaps ob-h. vieted the diffi'ulty. rnt Ilr. Brnshoarcied tili 101h section ohich limited the it- nmlount of iondosln be pIried it the ipnealn of the Id board. No nppropinilt was inow made--an nppro . prirnion wsould only it necessary in orse tile state, 30 io or 40 years Ience, should intd horself forcerd to pay the gor hands. ler Mr. use insisaled ueon tile ennulitutional obt rd jr tieon which had her n iorge. s ,rS osoE lhe Iretise In ro w ire naIkeI to pinr ', ih for ds of rhe St.,(, o instend f rundel, at thie d'p, sit of thie hoard, et w uld n + , r 1 cons1 C ,1 ui on ,l .' jPtrl i nl he pallable Ini every ue i e. Peen ss onll il-os 1he t the neostss lr soi to p'art, at the ds e sis t1 of the hoard sal- i hr litirs do r'.? T'lh crne ,of fh'n!-s rnn u r- I- i hianlks was nnt parallel to Ithe pre selt on . I1n those eases, on, thr hlJoet and nsin nt i ere sp it ilienlly nnd die err trciy diferred. In this case nn .Inerit unlimited or h discretion uo nranteds r th abin rd-it was left to ree decideopsn swhasr pblic iilspovi ielllntst were I r. 0e--ius rve r- eirnraeentsnl. The reprrsentarives of il- the people were haeter able to indol., and should the hrr a ncontroll ov r he Iboard. As lre vote stood, 0 nn ronlrnling "onwer was- reserved to trhe eiris-la uc" rre' The hard mishlrn ,rant hbnds where the o. eisrilure wasd o ,piPion they should not , peiven. l l the i holld alirs i submit thesPe rxe tntnlionr . yes plans, tet., and Ihen the levis'nllri' NOllld bPe pre dg- purd i, act, anrd the evid. nee Ili.u nrrnrged nnd em- s.luhmittrd by the honld woshs Ib primaf irie in fao vrrolf granting i' ihs.,id!sr, and rWubld expediteand k 1- f 1e ts-a hr, r lec i-snn ~s -Ih hI- - la0nre. iai Vir. or. inst. . 1s ri-ot the . e.o biefore rhe hr 'to hts Is- i r - nrna t- t" ,ii o r Lr r ases lf bos nd 1A., ' If th ............ ...... t . . . . . I t= insennes fl it tis s 0-0i . II , h 0! ',0, .. I d - on t- a sollm srla - s i ts If . -.s's IITrlr-ed na eurity on. to he s tati e 0i n I- r s insa . Ar r ia . illstra eld his into p Titin; and held fi nrs, i- r Iho t i relnie the action ri of the hpislalisureio1n ins h lan olrhe hosl si.w Iul Ible Il entirely to Trlslrtr the 0 .111TI, ii fr Ii Ill. whllch s-iri aimoed al avoidne tshe di'nvr sc sirirond by wailing f.r the or inn 1 the h I, Lis.arist.. MrIe. (' -,,rne aureed I ir Ise dute imposed tups Srn h( l GhrOvertr and St ricr ry oi f r Pe to sign t h nds issued in i nvo.i osf the b[a t, was s special erecutivo e ase inviovine nu" 'iscrreionary power: nid e,,Is id no, hv consmpa d s r ls tihe proposition Ad now I, lore Iie house, 'ir. G lisensse prIp -sed no nina ndmePnt, o hich in ullb.lnelle provided ihait lie Ioard should receive prop e sintins ofI nnsr oriai ns formed for purposes of inltrnnl Imprvrtmrel,, examiealions, and report their inv .etll gstions to the legislature. Sis l Mr. r.,shernrs 'comn.idered this as tantamount to ics a rejection of tle I ill; for it frursr ,ed the very box 0lie it a-icht ton h obtained. IIf did not see te ' y s for ,d f-r an iulmpir tal internal ins. prr-l1nen', a ye r, and pelbhap0 l more, would he i t in o.tilig t.lhe stsiun of rhe 5e05i- tyre. He Ihat iisei, t' eI. ve n ir Inpulse and facility to public impruv:meruts . Ie, iMr. Brasheareenoqui:A if the or leisntirre had not tihe power to appropriate any sumn inthe treasury to the boald to be disposed of m in pubhe i iprove.rmenrs; and he argued thnl this iu bill offered ivrn less ohjections rthen would be i .s esent.d !Iv a bill makin e sich appropriations. - Mr rntliff sauppolrled the amendment offered by Mr Gaiennie, sard mainiloned that it avoided the constitu lionnl barriers whllich the ill had presenled, and would occasion none but nneesrory delays. 1 :After some remarks fi on Mestrs Gaiennie, Guion and nr d sure, the to last in orpposiion to Mr G'a amer.d ilent, thie qerision wus uiia , and s lu e ni llurienllnIt was e carriedl. lThe coinnloittrree if the owhile tlle rose and ' ep'rted ; and a mlin In·ig muilde bIy Mlr IBrashear in if reject lrlr relort ,f the Iomsmintee I aving hlrn loat, thie bill on moution of Mr Pheilps was Inid ol tihe table, eub i "- jecrl t call of thi he lle. (r muotiln of r MPreston the hoUle took into consi in* deratiou th." hill to inrorp, rnte tllh Jefiberson and Lake ioef Po'lnlrrrais Inil iound Cempanlr , aus d tilen the Idouse s'nidjiournvd. .rilr l'Ol ISAI.E:. g.lii 'din a, .k, acdh-ty ulfo [ý lilir\·-FiX n. f n'ly vanes.~ Sheiv. ikv, ndInp d..=irallll l le,"rvlll gl~l l ra k, ll 1·rlll:) or English; rirll It"'uir r T t. Se is said bemuse she hais eep Ip~l o h Edio I'he True Amrcn fih.7 3t I, . 1las t1 (,it it h;lln ; lle.) Ibrlr et, I· it I,"nrl / Jlllad Clllllill"· Il tile late.-t asI 1 11111+t nelllnn atlle sty~le, 1 17 ' 111' IUttl.llrI & Inn,, girl I "tilll.( , '2 liar (·Tcvll 2 valel~; Alapsn-ll I.:·F s, I vole in i; Ell-li..It (, mc~ )l tIe: Eng. it Ietl EMitiuttI-a tkl :,:.:\.kitt!;II u. 3 alfl; Ill'.t rili"''l I: III.!. ·), l i; ,,,I nl 1.11' r (.11 roam m l-' :. 11 vole; JJl lll- c c- 1 h aw,- r,,1( 7 1n1 '` l·Ire11IIPR 'e \Iltill-, 9 villa I'te ~fI oe ['it \'Ittt., 3ol; .lla00's 1 'ha~re-, 5r vlll; Samael'-l' dr, ! ·nI·; Saunderss 3 vale: n'al~hing tll to U cln ll~s, I v~Iis, fin' x de b. y AI.l \ T'O VAR. Ieh fi ii)ma p A.i l'WN A h6ief11Ig swet! (('iolr, forced by REEL) A) II IRSI ()w, (tI7No 7 inok ['lace j l IIL' 13AIil I'ER-Af (+'fir:,iet fo tleby G lAl ) 1i LAIROriIR', 1 1. 7 \a_7 HIotnk Pitee PINoE Al'PLC ClEliLEk-4 fe' bl,"o for ttle hy eI ID Itu IIRS'rt)w, ý1k lI 7 No 7 A t c I'tt t ! )Ii -'u rn 'r+ r~ Irrtllll n and all F'rus tntu of 1 rariuc· uulitl - , f ", -,ic byv fiAl 7 I1 \(I ; Il . IItt. 0 C 1:11 Iog.,cziot LI' cdl' I It(. U- )it l tfrs or operiotqul. ete, 7 Itte t ehncti.e cs ' rtJl l 0 I for t'lt'\I I." 1 tI l t,- Ii :1 ', 1 . l' Ii ,otcllt, tn et. jtt rntt3I I~r II c, I c S!1 tt.l HtI I lIttg\t.tei t I'\ S ý5 I;Iis la, ui udrs s ja 0 I .( I lt;: .(n 7 n lier THIS DAY. 13,000 Canpital Prize, T'I"k k. ,.. 4 "01 hI' GRAND STAT I LOTT'im.mY.* Drawing of the Grand State Lorttery (Clsa 10, 44, 19, 4[1, 56, 37, 4;3, 140, 6 5, 65, 59 , 1,5. Noan 4, 29, 37, thie Cipirtl Prie of' S 11,)1n11, was sold to 11r J N Cardozo, i oa lt.rIhantothis city. C LASS G Aulhormsed y the I.rgislote oft tihe Sih S vate. To he drawn ''his Day, Feb. 7,183, o at 6 o'clock, P. 31. at Bihaltop's ) IHtel.l. Ga a DAVIS & CO, IMtnagers. 75 Drawn nmblers--12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Shene. A. 27 814 Prizes, lamountin. to $192 3:12:13 G Tickets $4 00-Ilalves 2 00-Quarters 1 00. PaPeckaes oi25 Ticketsi ,o $(100, warrantll to lraw at leant $18, and anyt draw tahe ri It girenl crpill, a . mounting ts 2t1,0011 ! ! Palckges of '5 l InFl 'tIickets ll $6 .50, war-ranted to draw at Ijnal $24 10. i'akagc Ie t of 25 Qtarter Tickets $25 00 wurrantrd to dlaw at $ 3mnl $It. For packagesof usingle tick es,rpply at the MANCAGERS' OFFICE~ Feb6 16 Chartres at Bureau du Comptroller de la Necande .Municipolite, Nlle.OrlBtan. In 5th F., rier. 18:9. A VID eat dannai phr le plbrtar, que je diis tr tr - S n i rahi., A Ino n B rtina ,ll .1"lfd 1i.,I dI e u, not A mirli, to I parations pour ull no, dL Coates lt., rite" platnr et lle piel:tgiea den niltnr s lllnas la U liio tndea celat Mutriepnrgilhi. LaContracteur fburnira an enutionnllllen pn r inoven d'ane l i plit.ieulr peraroanes Inns It 1 solu e1 de t $311o0 pouer Iln fdele execution a, de ea da vohirs. I.e PIlemn lt eill t a f.n it i aar nit iOel t cm tlln t llnovr nulll l Ic celrifaicnt ri c aoVertto |'o. £tv.g It (i+, (,"lnf.:tlitlll. + conarti'eao n.l au nom llor . J. cAlt I ttiN, a fethl 417., CORN Bl(tO3IS-40I Ido in store, ,ir .ale l b a" feb 7 ; IRtt SE. Y, 44 New l.,ee I A D--,l10 keg a sauperfinae leat lard, in .trre. for ItJ h le by 1 i. O1, l"\ fah. 7 'e i t eo v a t j I. rr SACKINi;--5 bhls, C nlllltinIill Il d-z. elh, nni ) - en ~as , rant ui mlnl " In r a. c d h hitlal ,l's Ia-t,, hlackig , andinig In rattih Nat lvll'', lit -l. Ih fel ISr tt lt; . ( 135 itnh ozin s I"V.ANA SI';Alta3--1 it prin+'l." Ilvo"ir I. ') r I for alehyik A I I.A Ittlih: Co Sfatl: 1a z .t. incall. r1 f h ae5 i rch., .d 36 by t i illnc ; -I. l, ll , r ortiel. 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T''IE\D Dl)onthlly llh. tilse THISW DAI', Ies 4 'hI itlq! , at 7 ,o rlwk, P 31 tt the Amnory. B lllr " I;, ( ,r la t pl. Iluz 'Er r --- 111Li:.l X ,. III , ........... ta .. ill Urhrellas, IU lo e size:, e--o~l III it ship Mersey, and 10 S,, , si I rlogoke at II t3'-1111 ' 1 "'1 ole 1aa%, l1."'--1uf Ill I 1I.I-h p ,hb, iL Aiii i I.<-r , hl t i " fand for -:le h ·y P.I.:VI II IIl.(l k d s1,a',, 1'1\ VA ll:<'l'(W , i,.'9 1 flan k I'ln(=

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