Newspaper of True American, February 8, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 8, 1839 Page 4
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V t'Rnt.lH AND cARCE. iVr. (I'PT',-t, vols Brmo Lu PhL o ph, l 4o tIn atttur. • os t'livt leua Pari t 7t11 }'.C 1earce MIw" - laal. WIoRRs *nt tp t rn 0v-r--Phthi.ia mind liedl Le t t 1ldal Juriiatrldenoce on Insanilty n n Pever-Pi'tlinrd on lnsanity "I n 4M trorv--lt.ioton' 1 urgerr fury lnclltiratmeod--tes poputir Moedicin h'fl )it lnar cy of Chemlstry 1I a Ao ytlicol ChRemlistry COMMERCIAL AND NllOTl&AL. SAnC, Amanau ail Repository, o 1819 loýýN,, eon' meialDio tior3ry, Loondee ovditon's Navigatiop i;& Measurer t AD. , @D1'TF'r AND MECHANICS o f 1 tlbtllnl0 fArehitetorie., Londl 2Iv. AMW Arclbtecture, :l volo. Londnn 7 Y te Architectret. 'I'redgtld's Carrrnltry gai.'os, rtlehnnle's Encyclopedia, Luddun -.- o-athemautiecnl TSlesc l nh'A m e cnri c nl tO L o dnn. PIu~tlhienl t.iorellnniehou ttho ie r tr i Joyf und oen oI. Conoten IWd lo.cnn %y,. s, 2 vo,, I.o 1,,d. p'reii'.. Curionitics of l.itlrn, l.ntre, !ethical Ecnlom.y y Synv, do Vrtholeo SLockhart' lnire of Wlter Scott, o vol, 'drnanjand nd ioablln. hy Precott;3. robt ebake6pne10, Iplnrdid edliliot, 7 volt Illlm. A e nerlii aSportmnit of Ionw, M9edical clionfifc Classienl, ,Hisrolllototnu ho ni,, Not lletoilarioeo Grrnmlnr, English and llerf ca, Latin and Greek. E JOI NS & en. vt antor. Charlesi nnl ('llolno n ota. R1OWAN'1 t'3 r: O( I :IXTURE. PIor fteoen nod rcoare of lhe Feeor and .edfer. T will he rmdilv dirn".nvered olerrinlthe 'l'noic o.lx tre is onperior I1 tihe -rdiory mInCle of treating he Fo'or ard Agll'. In the firso Iplno, ho.ig n Voer .bin Exrnct,nnd fico firoee nv tlorilttrllnos nnd poilon eol inlrdieute, it May Io lakhen owih rthe Ironnetl sofe ly even by tho tenoler infnor or na~gl no olid. It lrc nnts reelpeeof ihre disrlrrnrt',r10P0TI0ily tle rnnstiinl litr soon regains its wontedl ,In and acoie'ivt. It Poillll. lishen a onln I on perl Inrer llntl up"litel, hy invisrorurino the totllnehl.nd iire it orelill ot te renjrrolneollr of to-It. Bleing peclinr in IhvIg a rrrtlrO quriityj it re tlillr Ut inll tle rowels t. inree ii ison r, or t cret 6t!er diocusoe, rut lhooru'h io clionolro tho reverol or fnns of ditestiou, inll thll'.s bI-efite the rnIstnt with whatever othl rtt th•trl it mtr he opprerored. Individuals, after ti e e flifth 'onic Mrixturer haIve been expon.l to ol tliruoalt cnuts.oof lthe derRenre, add have tcOnpo aly tlnlllrltorn Ilrtrwll h wielreas ov theanae oidtho cmnlllllllOn rerlllrlie.. tLher0 is 01wa0e c. fnd n inorertoI lir.hiiitv o rturrrrorrene. Tit d:ionrr *(frequent iPlirrlacrrrflier .Ire, i voery ehil. no, for thie slen l eo1t willoor ntrrrr ton murrnlcr ciunto ton b ile hiao tenelt with rl.inn, -i d muri r ilrr ly fil r tic tin. to tCh iO:co.tlsno violenr.o Thie l'o ic Mtixture i. efered at nucl a reanlsoalile prier 0 to pilneo it r.illin tle reach of everye olel--so that ho poor and ttettituto are hereby furnished toit.t nPistuce, ntilliort solicitilg the iht'aod ttenrdnnce which iis freqrortly tlenicd to lint. or else very reluctantly betlowenl. The pnlllic ot re.-lleltiv entio.t led .gniant tihe tili elous irnitaotion. ofr Iti ttediline, tltll are daily ofiered br sale. It is prepaled only hby Dr. John I. Raownri, at hin Ll.oratorr, tllrktretttrn.,r hillterlpirr. The susmnrriboro orsi tile Iholertllie n.ets for tie bootl W. nlest.1r, arrd wilsell by fIll', at Ie Philltrelphin pirices. To ie hadt at retail alo a01t amellftle A\pothecori ill ih, city. J.hltVir & ANDRF WS, nri1 \Vhtoletole ltrtgtgiorto, 10 -i tero Ctrroi tt irulth. itrrrlrr n Misarippi aind Louisirna Hlotel, M1RS. MARY KIIKLAND respectl'dly on. M notnces to her friende and the public gene. : ally than she is prepared to accommodate them ait he above establishmnct, and hopes frton her hsertiens to render visitors cumfertable, to receive a eontinnanca' o f lrmor favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covi~ngton during the ummer months, en llot find better accmmodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. HIer house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied h with every convenience; the bar is furnished with r the most choice liquors, &c. in short, she promises .'tat nothing shall br wanting on her part to give S Sstire satisfaction to -all who may patronize the P !dississippi and Louisinna Hotel. je3 1. T.1lE PUBLICiL Y --lj]e -uilde rsig nd. ravng studied under Dr. Sel.midt of Ciharleto, I lBoth Carolina, and for some years his assistant in .the practice of medicino and surgery, has the honor to offer his prolessionnl services in this city. a Ho assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which ally be made; and also offers Iris services to the holders of rlaves, being well acquainted with the g diseases common to them, having attended them in the sugar house in Cllharleston. The fan ous nnti.ilieus pills titer tthe compostion of Profeossor Smollette. with directions, can be haod ofthe undersigned. The effect which they have o produced in this and other cities, has been attended i with the greatest success, to which tile best of elfereneo carn be given. Apply at No. 166 IMag. t sine stroeet. JNO. HM'LORING. r IIOLLOW WARtE, WOOD SCR-EWS, SAD IRONS, &c. T IE HQWELL WORKS COMPANY, o. I 238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly rseeiving large ani extensive additions to tile stlck of the above goods, whlich now consists of tile allowing asesotment, suitable for tile southler and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, frorm 3:8 to 30 gallrlns, Kettles, 15 sizes, frore 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans orOvuns, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, - 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1-4 to 4 3.4 inelhes. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,00(1 gross, iron and brass, fronm :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's irmportod prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in easks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sah weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 10lbs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to eOrder. Thi above assortment of goods is particularly eseoismens ded to the attention ofl Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low risets, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is he. lieved to be tile largest and best assortment ever I offered for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'ed circular, witih description of goods, pricesanid terns, fromn which no deviation is over made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838., 1"3 NO MWERCURY NOK OOeio VA' \ui v ()ri lls, .ev. Ili, 18 7. SDOL T si montllhs ago I hadl tIe mifrirrtuue Iw get a secret diseasC , for whrichr I have al plid to seve al doetorsbr a eurse anr l ills, did not cre ll e o nowrIs I te s the abtove date lint odrrelc unterrnr cu o lu o atol Iusto, and I exprec:t bilo to culre in. Silce ltht tillle thdiso asen got worse, sr as to break out in large lcesss to the nnrmber of six or eiel. oan ea II le, and all over i y face, snr.l sure thrrut,r Ui not ahble to work at ih present tirrr or accurrrt of tile dlieerr; la.ere rlcer our ths right sirie ef tlhe tIrrrrt. I ael Ir plltlirng nyseoli oenfi.lontly sader the care of Dr. Iuet, ,l f Paris, Sbe peirlfetly cured JOIIHN DEAN. frh 14 ly SbO CEIITIFY' ht that ihroe l metined disease is S qite well rel-d to mr v ewn enlifi; crlio, for whi.h I thank I)r. Ilunr; airdl nlrereerr [ u: e .," loat ti,' m -'i ine I hay one wants ol, se m lit, rcll il not rirn re sr y ashelth atkn aull ibertfe I :dihes r r rfiirrcrI ilt curs Ieae en tineail niiry In Ier A. I liee, lt-i Crral ctraet, between I).up irriir-rnd r loii rl,rrr leveroe:. tr. Hast isn at hir uo tliors ilrJ 'clrel:, . r .1[, U :iil l E 11. The y will find a surtrcrs wnrt h r thi nlnrer thei. e of JOIihi iat lImlN. Ilr i ras n ie e strt.o JtOlHN II)L N. ,New-Orleans. i[ih t, 1r6t1i. hi. I I ev ltd has, iS, pa. l, ild ih colvn at the low price o :nawnd mteU en o , crnsai c ig e ehy trv gvh thr three ofunre ,o f e.ivswort, rret rsita ,a trn .irrrt r rehtl pini" roo t alld Th rs lltwerle inatro clthrern. This i n tll carri ht rrlg pnheorary ropllerr utrs. SThe u rvniellhd rnerecstvr whirh bise atnded lthe roe of ta hleidrd a rt ii.rlaum: ahen t.eer it reas be te ir dr.ed. has nhtoirerlrhe ertri"ienree cr.h rrcolr lrrrda. Clons of respectsale rbysiciarrs, lfr rhieeore of cougos, ,Idd,, pain in the side, want of reot, epittin-€ bloordi, Ilrer-rompiniurl e. To whaom it tiriy elitrern. 'rhish itro e r, et that wei hvse in ura lprartice freqrrently lireecrihed rlrs ard. sor's lldtiao Rlainirnr ot l.iverworr a d hlarliound, with Sdeleid'd coral eile":trrr can eltireroli., Isenrn the kiow. , lioe ef the sneterlite it ier niae flr, elni heest vnUol I s etll t prience, rmlnlrll-nlr it as a raleeri- prlerati, te ll tloe osfris orlfs Ite lr I;,r rssicr it is r I romnsode-l. AholiE.l' WIIfIr3d rr. D. j eCAI.VIN E.h .IS el. eI. le i Mi mh esr ofler Ris tone Mdica sesoeiation. r ie lsrm, s Itobsr t5. a saleby JA|LVIS & ANID'IW.GE +hb ]9 , i i ': itt lla il;. --- - \iTARD'S Vegetnhle Ilair t(ill, br the relarntin lf and growth of Hair, gi ilg heahltklld Ix a ut,. d al raeventhlsbldo s hll t. Itefse thin Hlair Oil was ~flareld to Ile Il lie, it rl aeealriedriuukss fceameuf I,'dnenle,'rliaiui* . nild [ Slllaoll ra'tlie air., and. I. .er lt,stae. its .-I,·nr. efel, ,na,.,s res irsi. It h~l n, pr fsi!Pd Iprodo,,dn: 4 misnl d bcutifsd.ewt of hIil on beads alrudv , held. |a e ,m where it I,..elten dry and , manes to Rr. I bis Oil .wi| ror iioa i .n'ler it lhalthy, and plluce ria'6t;'llllbln~Clil gl,'etsh of hair, lithoot tlls lent. i inialV=i0-/ Is,=d, l'li's Oi1 gives n. ,+grumble fr. i ý,m.Inr4 sql ja prl.r.sbh to aev sithr i! it Oil for iper Sitnl gl.ifited** tll hls.linlc the hair. The h or c .-t.,.!wnlHP .eP For rate 1 " S, aF :,= D'LANE. LM-O'I2B IARI'PT & CO, non noaw'rncoivdtgtro ai board ship Orleans. ERgle, llighlauledr, i',loe' lelry Alndrew. Pmareh and .Prllea O l 'aml' .natek ;namuon lloarl.; Cheosmen, '24 1-4 and l2 3.1 ileh Ili arl Bails; , 9. In gsd 12 inch hlad1na Rwin Kiv, e Lethelr andl nolr travelli' , Dmreeiat Care Melh I',wkt, liobllnal'n, a.l Dnn.llino Pistolo. doublo andl sintle harrelled Guns; Game Bags; Shot lelte; Powdea and PNitol Flasks Drnm Bottles and lrinkhn Cups: Per:n'sniu Cape and Cap Holdero; Cloth, ,lair, Tr'oth. so*d Nail Irushes; Omrr and Chlorine Tooth W\Vash 1Ltolh Powder: Toilet and Shaving ,Sone, in great vo riety; long Hnir Braids, Ringlets nod Frizetten; Pear. and Toilet Powrder, ERnery Jian ; Ilvar Tub Cuolshlon: Patent Slides or Garter- Gooun FRaeio Sltaoenders: Powder Puffo and Boxes, bilt Clhainr Senls and lKevy Ear-drups; WVnist Buckles; Bracelets; Bead Necklaces and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Reads; Indian Bonds. Bells and Plnaos; Shell Twist; Side and Drossin. Conh;whicell,in addition to tlelr former stock at hIad. makea their aasornment very cnmplete, and will oe sold ow end on libhenl terans, at the sign of the Go(inllden v. Lonah i25-tf 70 Chartrees treet. rrbHE Snbhcribers, Agrents for the extensive house of V W. & Sn Bnltcher, Sheffield, Enarlnnd, Iave !is0t seeived a very extensive set of pia' coni.i ini of Teble and Dlesert Knives of e' ' doscrilgtion, Pao, Pcert, Diok, and Selaur poinlt Inloes; RazOro, SI'os tors. Edge 'ToloPs,&. & c. &ce. which they are preparedl o exhibit to the trade tlear orles. Terms and conaditiona will be mad,- kanown a the til,. mlG J. I). BIIN & A COHIIN.90 Comnmon st. IM l)NS, tART'T &T CO.--Are now reeivilng NS' perbshp lhulsville, Ragle, nlerry Anltow, I-llh anter, French alld erman doubllle Iepr plavinie crds: ifnc ter,helt nadl.purket pistols; pilin, ribhbed and slit cussin capsa: ap hIolders; eeiss'rs, Iazonrs, pen. Yest (.illoll's commercial arid athrr steel pens; Vin ns: Violin stringsl shell, irory anit horne comnhs walrs: k, bead sIl leather arses; halir Ibrilds, font and nek ringlels; negro pnIfs; German arlod French colnggle water, Roalands mcenassJr oil, imitation do; aatiq~te sld henar oil; Imotlable desks anl dlesalug eases: last blocking; static anal toilel glasses; convex Ianirlnos; o ia a cal glasses anll views; Indian lands, tells atnl plane* coorleon; 'whita - wia; toilet and shaling soaps; toilel owder, ,cstnmtie wash halls; eleled satin culshions Ioea ] eol stands; crew ellnshionll; anmey Ibl chllnis andl necklces; hilard llard ; plocket bonks and walletts; i oGeorm:an hones ratzor stlape; filc anod common gum i elastic lns ndelrs, ago'tersdoln hells lncifr taolcltes; sil t oe ver pencils; Crea onl , &c. &c. The above inll aitioinOn to fuarler stnck of anoo, ' i tiles, noakesour very' c,lpll.l. or sIle rt wholesale o, retail; as the sign of tile (;lden Comb, 70, or. Carltr"e street, n S. iN' D1'TICE-.'The rtanroshi oiof K!llav, lnasan &(Ca e N o0 Nn (l ilenaa ; 3loso, Ilarra. C,,., of Naotlcez ave td Hllrris, Kelley &Co., of ItoRl.ev, was dissolved or ees he2st of May Iast, the thdeath of Samuel A Musun )ly le of the. pirnuers of tlhe furns. T- T'hoe alla l.leoaipaa'd. aroviviaa parter will be 'hlargc, igwr with tLhe setlliolp aid CP10010 said Ikushness as fBllows foer ICviC larris will saitlld to the setlling of tle lanhian Snof lasoo, tnrri& Co.,t Ntllla'la'e; and Harri', Kel - e & Co.,t ilt.dnev; anld HenryIll' Kelley will ntllted tI S0s liesettling of thle hlsintes ofKuolley, Mason &l C (., a hin New Orleaons The 'llles of thlae deveral firms will b luto unrd io l li'laati naoi l!a'. inr Those ialldhlid itn s'il firms are earneatly requatest o onae forword to ocaelake curly settlemeato; ald thua having claioms will please rres.nllt hein wlloutd elad - LEV' C IIARRIno, IIENRY KELLEY. New Oal'oaisl Juo,, "27, 1837. 'E'XaflAlN lMARI FiARl\NA'S COiOGNF; IWATRI thle ases Inro'o of this suIperior Culogoe water, I nE. r received all for ole by, the ldoen or einagla la tll. e,nt Also aerican and Frenchl tailet palwdlerls, powdl ru' oaltand lixrs, shlnhioag and aoiletl asonp, lolarelle wa0 allos, milk of roses, re.nnelic cohl crlUn, exitr nl no, kphlil ln, Wnrd'a vegcethhlo hair oil, pomatnu n o'..le rrte, Florida. lnvedar, rosu anti hay water PIres l,'s nsats, Mlarseilles peri l trv in trunlks; , veetl lle r at lqid, Chllrine nd (altris tootlh was' clotlt,hanir,tooth,aal and flesh brunshes; together wit an 0 a1l nlilional upiply of fit hlioabloe lorn and she one c abs and jewel r.,,f.o ale low :it whnlsale or r,4 at by S'11310ONS, IIAl''l'T &;O, hn nJIV 70 Chartres otreot. eiv " IE'V il)ODfS--Sionnllola I100tt & co urn ol' nnfi. e civini frolon la Iardnl ships Yazoo, ano' Snai'nga thn nd hrig Cnonacrdia, fol Nert' Yorl, a garena vnriely ins gnde ain their liur, whichl togethelr witan their fural atoclk no id, umakes tllheir ossorto entveryo r plot Trn. ' folr nlwing com pose a pnrt, riz: ell tlrost, ..r,r, ;;'l alied utolu d dlressinguldin, hirn do ofull descriptions, I ril din ruher, ilk antd worsted elastinc arters, collloll aits flort elastic sasvanalerr, loon foeno nd Lucifer onatolea give reidlitz powders, and ler m sa and olnx es oiln, t o owd i pocket boaoks and wallets, nreedle books, shallpe c ivory d aI lroeo card eses, a lheald ornalents pdlainu ral henlds, nekhlces anal negligees, rhead chainso, be neg nicklaces, cut nlassaaol pluin,rsed,silver n0nd ilti hnat , Inodia n hea, hell and luoon; pistol aod large pop at in or nolo, hot belts, hlorrse, belo, locket uond duelis .lor eiatus; d oLade oni sangle lornlrled .Lns, Bowie knhiv ily.a dinsl ni lhear, pocket knLoioves, nrd ca h eoasi nd rihlbons, wilst blackles clothlaa hair, toothl, nail,oaaa bl Eruma, rlioe, lnate, fluor and dusting brushla, Cologl Florida, Iavender, rose nld hay watoerasortyr esselre. 'he and exlroltet, noaeessar, henr, aniole, , allit Wrd'al v tIe etanable lnir oails, shaolvi al l toilet ronlp of all ir a in eri tilns, ltlle:,I and gentleoeii.a ilesks nd dressa t caes, hlair rleaglhts,frizeiaesn nal llnhido, plain, fancy o lion ausical niaatlrh boxea , pllah an1 gil, gfiaured, onot at had mos t I ttoun, pearl nd ivo ry shirt d o, shirt studds, bo av and silver aeoail cases, toothpicks ald tweezers,alnta 'a ond gilt lcket,, oriniatnre do, osiler, h.ass anal st d tid inlle, hlo, aks a11l eres, hair pill, ilmitation fruit lb at of and rediuk,lnhae blakblhg, violins andl gauiaorsrlilo age. nnd plaiu |)ercossionl cops, liumt twine, scented cus . lnso, gold andl silaer la enad fi'nge, laotter iaper, agn AD bags ridialn whio, dalking cans ;playnoag olads, i Sgaldi, plarel soad giltjinwellry &e, Thne abore. onaetler witl a greant variety of otler an hn. [I ns are ofiered at wlnleaale or rnliail amoonoainudati Ni..lI Shell onlaarbaanoioe'l. BIIl l'Y STORE-at the sign of trh golden eomdb,Mo70 Clrhrtres steert. 'The subscribers hove re ceived, in addition to their previoua strck on hand, a fll tnd conmplete asrortmentrt of articles in their line; viz: colmbl, perrlllero , Jcrwellre, blroshes, lockitng gloasea, foony artilesr &i . e,si-rr tinp i I prt as follows: COM) S-tortoise shell, wrouoht odl plain tuck,twist, quilled bark, long round, dressiur, side pttff, curl and neck, Brazilian combs of every descripti on amongst which are son AlMexican patters, Ivory combs of every dnscriptiln, horn, dressing and pocket, together with a grneron assorlnlefl ' oFrelltOallA rr.riceno. I'ERYFUM ERY--Colornr , I.aveolder, Florido, honey, has, rose,and oranllle tlowver wafers of every sizeanol le iri'tion, ctallhortf d Cl iolrlglloi extract of Iorgainort, latny smaps of all kinds, shoviag do in cakes and pots, ream Soul do, Ward's vetable harIir il, bors ann tidn tirquedlo. I resttor'a srelliig stilt', ptin antd pterfumed tnrlet powder lpearl powder, pon, lerpillt and Imxes po ltattmu in potls and rolle, orris anid chlorine tooth wash and nIlowlPra, with a gerneral aisortment of JEB IELLRY-.solte oftohlatest mnd aleot fashtiona ble setts, consisting o i'white anld red cornelian, topo.* . jet eardrops, seat in ilagree, breast inn of an l re gn ne ty ofl atteirns watch trimnliti:t, gilt and silvour' lcles, silvter thinmleo, silerRottd goldht ttCile sntl guarnl clhains BRIUSIIES-Clolth, hair, dustr i,tcruo,lhearth,floor, hat, flesh, tooth, lalte, colob, Nail, shaving, shoe and wltitewuos ierusohes. LOOKING GLASSES-Geoarnn statia and toilet glnasss, augifig nidi n F'rench iresoring glasosst, home tdo, with a vairiet of other kinds niiot t lllnlterlted. rFA.NCY AND VARIIELY ARllCLES-French and Auleriean portable de.-'k soni lresiiag (eases, olelo verlyrich onJ finely tininei ladies work boot saitollhIres sing cases with i and withlot lusic, munical boxes, Ae eordianllaa o |vari'ilu kinds, viol andills audI silarrt uiler anid plated pencils ani leads,wonld pmecils Itoar rllenter and crayolns,auntl e clocas,glnsant pistols with aud without eases, )lercusston caulpi, perenlAson call chargers, t11)pple screw h.ivers, snhot eltOollet hags, parste blickillg, toy lea oettr, iLdianlbeads iof every kind, bells and plhnmest, fine and ernllon knives, razoltrs and scissors, tiihllbes, needles, ties silier pltedl, steel tilallrrrtrtnt slpecta elirsi, ick,,t baoki and wallet tir various hillld, visiliatg curdslold canrd cases, playitlg cards of F.lre'lch, tiorllollu and .hArite'iOstL nuill etUre, dells, imitationl fruit, san boxes, Irints of v.tailus inds, Saunders' 'oolter.v's, inlttretsatrs, lilllan's nat ll: Ilwkin'a rlt.or straps all[ nmetallie lronea,dirks, frIr head necklatcts, ! witl '-.r dropn,rtoy watstctches, learl mtItm Iowder illskt etl,. nnd olate -sell beads, gill .ild diler edo, glort eOcolionststeO lerlo,.Und garters, plainllll sword clanle,, backlgaunno boards, dae, opticall vienneas, jeonrpl h u elolooo match e and drieilkinllt cIPs, witih tIret tvariety onlr ttrrli el's, all olfwhh, Ih will he soul filr cash Sr cit, accelts. I e.r oni 12 llnnth credit. B 11 1i131i;l s, no IdI 7iCr0 r trtroasnt. - lBIAIU'S of 1''e.r.....hipi reccivenl, nd for sale at tlheir peritalet t ritmo.. Aoacaieao No. B (~ lltrNel tr&tl lNe Trloant, 18t li: tadway No.t Yorke, m)nphi:ne ot., llhlile. It is particttl'ily desigcnc:l fitllvale learners and nthlol., tad is eilelolttt Ll fir persons of all ages. l;ulie anld r. ltllel.e oare invited Lo Cstll and e.aLtmihe tire nyaterlr fr flolhseh r C. I.essonls ure giveni al slcl Iotiu-es as ay solit til colP lie: ce of inll, ;tld to itrale.d in ' lly part of the eily. L.ndis who prefer it can raceive !s'sotn aRt their own ref Per't ta pang fPor to~e men, of lessn(s :ro desired o -,tend until ust.y ,.r t I, : "al ,is tii r wlh . to 0:1± omlt try \ ' 'i l. Ilati ll I arte nlia nt i lt," it Tr. "n -il:," t i i ll- - -; : :; I tit: rt \. T u p t r. l, al l, e o f ali' om rh'' oine t in it ierll t nc d f+i:ar "l'rum r +,this le,.-bithm i+ ,aIinjl; o , icted. The llllst eu tL".I'torI Ila Vd al,. it s Il at:, aua, " ir lr uuht h it" Laving used the T la.tpe. For sale at T F xI;tON'S, It ley store, corner of e l,ot:orn anld St Ckrales tlreets ul' it r Hotel, feb 1I; Pt tl,-Url11-1l00 gleoto pare winter Sperml' Oil, in casks uonr Ihlm, Ifr satle iby JAi VIS k. NIJItXEWS, Wihoetalt ID)roug ats, cseorr C' oui0or1 and irhita Ins sulresl , ur I4 %t Il itt LEAL bbrl, I nibs t ah English do-`" 1-4 bhds. 410 ,i 100 Paint lru i ar l utl,sria tizes 5 bhbl Copal Varnish; 2" oJuapn i "" 'On'i:h d 'if 20 packs Gold Leaf 51 du Silver do; t10 do, ,,utch Mletal. I VINiDOIV GILASS, Amerien, Erolish and French 1.t0 btollx, rlnrt'ois ies and qualities. BI,ttuo Lroomn .o.--btU boxei,soo.signaent, ill be lld, I, low. Ala s eeral asaortloenat of areistg cxlo rt and N l i Coat:l - r 1.1 SN P. Alabaltt n te takenr t1 ilr. and aliess rio.i es e ill le riat ill per cent discotnt f r goids, ot oi llnvlIIt of drt. ic I I rL[tLILt-l .ml anlding it, it ste.mer Inepeld su l,44 New LeeOR , t ý-ý 44 NIw Levee. BOOK ,BINDEafT. dfnder the P reyu.rn v e, 72 C rp st. 'P RONNE\IA "& HI\fVSON het IPlave to irlrm ) thePir eI muller' n I the po ,tie generally, I',! it y hven renmoved tilr estaiblshmentl u N,,.7N t C nip street, i nmerilbtely under the office of tie a P'i a' one-where they are prepared to execute all ,Ir !,;ts in their til.. 1l tin.g received from the Nrlth a enpl ly oef I n per olll nlulerinlo of a aupriour quainly, for ti e lannoileture of Blank Books, they offer lthir sr" vices to lerchannll and otlers, who may wish work of thai kind ; and haviLn tile advlagngo of several ya:rs's e xperiencn in that lite, Ihey are, ji confident of eiving satisfaction to those who may a favor themi with their custrm, a For notarier, architects and others, maps and plans will be pasted oil linen. varnished and mounted in the netaest manner, &, at the shortenl noeicr. 5 Pliin an I nner blinin, in all its varieties nl. ClINA tiLAS &i-sib.cE a is A .n tiuiudor 38 C(hnrres street, New Orlenns. W M SIIRGIC AN' & Co. Imlprters of French and n:ni . all Chinn and Earthen ware, are no.%' openins new n'Rd rich Ipatterlns of hreafnlfIe d nlinl. and lea services, Itilet sets, pitellchers, te n I cif'te cups, eapotat, sugars, revntlls, bowler, pIlate, di-hes, inreees, wasI basins and ese., ll, it aills, etc. iec. Rich cut and plain French and American glas,. war--Jhlers, chalipaiglte., lemonades, jellies, uilee , nines, ctrdielr, centre hiovlee, ldoaitlteri. tun bIere, preserve disiles, celeries, pit chrs, la nmps, I1,; p .lshade sd glasses, candle shadoe, salt cel leri, etc. Sitver plated, i rnzed and britao:ia wvrer-casr tore, lhqttttr 'tands, cake baskets, cnndleisticks, ibranchil s, e, olne, Idles, clloffo and tents,augors, oleilns. nlps, j.llpanned trLys, astral erands,and aoillng lampi tin' IUt iry, Gernllnl llver tpltenns anld Inrts, tgetther with a rent varrepy of articles itir flltily use. .l rchll nts, plnlllers, Iilr Is, alnd amb.llhotsl, furnishedl will goods at tihe mnot leu sonlblle prlet, anid pn'ked so ars to be convey, d with soalcly t ny i p t oli the co.on ry. ', no ne! enri tt ine ii , i". net' THE FLORIDA LINE _ t MFnio !o A ugui.ra, Ge. Iraves Mlob:l," every day at titre o'iltc'i. pm ieper U S mail hoi:, or II ll's Laindt fi, nbove [ll.kely.-t',cene fo:.r p ale i,.chus to Penns;.ola--thenen senamboats in Lr L r.ntoe, wihere tie land oinre is vl linltlllln lll Illtrwneville, Fla. Bl inbtidb e, plndlerltown II wIiinsville. nundereville & LLuis. vill tolAugusin, (.n, c-.nniettitn reinr tlrl y w hit !," rail tool cars ,o Ch rrlr I . t ned a d e aheo wml na .iet i i N iow Yok, N.,rihlk, P.iiladelphia, etc. The steor. borat are t est for tile service, and the llrivigatlOn presIetsl mtore advnntages than canll bs e round upon anlly slnboat route ill the soutlh. eril lh. 1 I o'ha i reat improvenents in t1i' route have heen nlprodticedr by the construction ol fifty niles of new rand, by the priptieire, viz : froit LaGrane on Iln"vlte iltnaven,u an arm of Santa Ross Bay, to I yanlt's Ferry, o0. the Cintahn.cheo .iver, ten 1 ilt e abive tirni CoLwlrrti. or 14 ahove Cedar Iluitn, iw lreby the nnvigntrln orl rite river, and ilh crni l SjllPts detlentiton.i anld mnlre riecently the incnle vei.ienut crislini ir te Cotl rt, l, are lentirely v'i .tdi, anll Fd a line reod frotl Nllanr lnn direct t t II In ridge, insenld ot the rInn ld hout road via ( i'hllttllotlllcht r, Ir l lilltn Ii ihedililllan e about .ltri y si rll ., eand inicrIastin hie facilities miore thanl Unce a in'. - Al:to, a Iranrth lino of twon her e eveary I tl, r day fn T 1ti ll lkinavillh', via P rry it, 7;,,n .,, I (a cn. ectin. waltl ito lietu to Savann.h and DI) ie n, Geo. A ntail stanlmi nat Iliis regulnarlv Fe wern , Baih~bidtze lnd An n!ac hi',oll. 'Irav Il' rs aishing rni rert h iany point on tChatnhoioche orit Apala.h. of rola, cln tilake strolt, oU it ial I tr l w nsvile. l Mobile to Pensacla--Land Rou e-During the etime nccutpieti bly the repairsa if blae's, the prolprie. tonrs if the Ftlorida rine will iun a line of four h I nrse post coaches every oiliher day between iM.u "Iale rnd Pensacoln. Passeneers will leave uMoile at 3 u',:lcllc, p m, ,n h U S mail banl and Iocneed to 11Ill'a Land i, where a tour holrset coach will I u II wa\rrig .o d convey thsl to thle exnec nt house of MIr. Chliar!, , Ilanl, I 14 male distant, whtere they s-ll find yi phn:aeatl iCornlinodatlllollun Ifor lho night--laving inocxt mornling, lhey will arrive in Penslacola early :to iho evcnitlii thus avoiding ithe discomfort of ns iht tr.velliun . Odice nit the ilanllion hlouse, l1lhile, and C'. Ilis' Io lel, P'ensaolor, where ieon's tnimsl be setu c- SOi'C'TON & (a. ntv I OCU.UIE NO PA. 1tR.JOtIINSOiN, tlti IlI) lltinville street, con IFine.i his practice to ti e treatment ifi Vecretl l Dieae', l io a ll ts dllr.nt f aas. I d r. Johilson,r frill a iresidence of mlny years in Hila u pilals ill ouroprr, dueotcd t ttlh Irentllllllf Venereal k Ii-ease., alnd fioil his ilre illt extenuive prlactice in that rparticulalr Iranlchlof the profession, glatrauiteeo a Iisuafe, open'dy aUd allectual cure to riuch t..rotIs s a re tinouuled with tlly of the lilloowiutn disiones, viz:- Cit uuurl'eeai tileoln, eirictlloe, Chllnlres, turlou, ne tilt \Verl l niio l rIoAitirliuan oftiin lIliddnr, Kidii.tyn, tiLein, Urehir, fProtrate tiland, Swelled I es!ieles, !rtig Eupions oun the Slkiin, ore 'Tihruat, Plains i the Aldl tle ntieroY sImntiomin wllieh generally follow his diana-e. R ecenit cases curedI in two or Iltresr drays without the ui n us o illel.reiun t, iro rr ritaiun iroinll isiness, or alter- " lic- ll r Ititi i mnOdi ii' in Il,. ill A tI, pllr. IeniVenereal iease cn i e r ih iZ o ed of Ilr.Jolltllau . I It i I lul the rcipe of the te, rou Larry, a .ilbrilteid Froe:h u iSurgeolluand was t, u ied .i" hullI llll g I'uin e tle rul ittlipll n F i ti which hie ar, 3vcd o4n1r'yin iioieruil nb ict Freuch Arnily. l Stl by ttjolnitir rl his office. 'Illoe opersoln st iain g l ay trall thtl of Vencrei l Itisease, and ilout pY tuaingo sea voyages. or removing to the couont.o , wouli ado uwell by gisving Dr. Johnson a call, II proper iuedli rits• for 'har cure ill the sotennis trttle llil be put lp iYwith wrhiten dirir-tii f ii their une. )i- Otuc open forlot 7 in the morning until 10 o'clock at ao, niglt. its, ABERNTiIY' ).Yspp r I,/Xli. lr. bhrettiy, tht greettest of inglitth nargeons wats opinion that ilte-letlhs of the diaeases that affect mankiutd originate in [he stomach. 'i'bhis .iixr was uscd by himnt with the most unpirecedented sutces ie ll privite cad tpublic practice tfor iiup iwards of forly yel's, foer ie removal of lie fillowing diecoaes: Los fo ltlite, Flatilcy, Di-tennij of the Stoll ach,Puin in Chu side, I.le vines+o el the Bend and incli nl:iln to sieel, Irreguulrity of thie wetllsl, eand i till .nit i where Ilidigestion or a. costive habit i, thund to This medicine must not be nuIlbeled rmoling this hesl of pcltci nostriioti now before the public, as it is the atil. invention of lthe ablest ttal iiSt scientific enrgeao. iEurope ever produced, and thel secret of preparingi it wait purlchased by the ael t ihl a very large sum. It is aigreenule it il etasiant t thie ta-te, atsi ni a mildl aper ieot.atiways keeps lhe bowels free, imparts vigor and s trengi to the csystem, and cheerfitlcese to tlhe tziil, nil It i.lw, biti'ic setuoives tihe iiiist ,nltrmed cases of y.ylepsiea or indigestion, and preventa. return it aty future period. New Yonx,17th Angust,1838. :3.5 MIIadison street Stm:-In conequenceoficadieg a sedentiry life, I lhave been troutled, it rte or lees, witih ltiiseslion fir S'renr; lfoir the laet three ears aiSily erilgs hlave been inoiipportable. I have ltried neveral phy-iciaos, oadl aitt lieirofqiine: ,sedicines, withiout deriving any be iltlit i i d'iipiltt of ec lr obilinill. lv peioiltely l acid r,siyiedu myself otile ii set lieiileo deopitir Swi peirsundli by ciniyI friecls Ito tery Arnecthy's It cpeptic clixir. I have tinow finiled the futlth ht II. acl know not how to express mve ' niratiln of its wonde'nli virtues ahd the miracle it 'l perthrmerl in r,.gtr'ihg i11.. Ill Cho t heallth w+hich I tight I loot for. eyver Send tile half a d,sez,o hottles+ it ` r fiand xcept! ms thallka frn" theblesnines you have a tirred by re. stoling ani to prI fect healll. I iehitcigicl'o Iremain Yo irs, JiCIji .MO)NlROE. rie aset in. in his polissesiont sevte hiudred tes tini nirto thei at .ve", of the exttaurdintiry via e of this tnodiciie. tsld by tppoioti.ent, at Dr. Jctchtsoc', h4ic clille| tcued, ccar. . P-- ROSP1ECTUlS. TIE sunbscriber p-optees to putlith, in thie be. gining of the ucstting witetr, a Condensation < t the twenty volimus of thi Old and New Series of Mrtati' L .u;siatia Reports, to be cmtirised In t'r voltc,,m S, s., according to the imodl of Peters' 'oet a,..d Repm 's. Thilis work in now it preparation by J. Burton II slson, Esq, of this city, asoitedl by William F IBrand, E-q. The Editor is also permitted by a disticguished retired Judge of tihe Supreme Clurt, andi by oe of thi sitt1g Juitlgo, to exipect-lion their peirson I d suptrvusio all the advttatugo which m.iy naitillrly let r"upedl from expcricns. nch n a work is bcomin' i.vrey day more no. saty., as t i he oirigdin tl c volhcmnos, espcus.ite, and scar.cet. Al1 irritcrsaiz criiity to is nieati test, is the olti:r Stitlss o tchm Uai', iall retirence to Ll,- petucb trjirisprudenil c of Lttisiatn; andila c li nlalntce of the nliiieroisi pritntiples herd dist eid. t in hie adjstmciett Of conflicts of laws, ,'akes the knowle"l.e of our a'lijudged e ses of prine Uti. lily Ito thijurists of the whole Uunion. AMoreove, the rising republic of Texas hli adotild our codes, 1ad thns there ism great demuuad for ithe Louisiana de.isi fs fromi a tisli quarter. Convenient ntes, indlicating the parallel enses decided il Ltui.siana, ilti occasionally those In the mr autlhoritative ftorumea of the othler Stiate, wit. ot added to eachl case. The work will foh four.-volumae, royal oet. no, and will be dcivercd, bound, tt, suhsecr.h.ers at .u per vol.; in case it shouhl be found practicable to ,ompress t i ito Ithree volum.n, the p-ico to inua. ,cr ihrs will ha ,; per vt al. $htbscripltiuns received by W.1 .McKEAN, 1jo cor Camip and Comntanen als. PER' 1 it II.- t.rels i st ore andi for isale by j9 7 AIl! 'T'liit, :14 tPoydrn et i is1 cAu.- tonu ,fithe he-u Lttgliehtcoiat,willscuitd cl it'ei b.nttmc h ic, :1 ..cula, frim Nrio t"otie, teer -ole by 1lt ti..tlEd & VII.IS, __j__'_ Botok Place N E';RO 1littil. aN-0-t ,sie i'ilttt brogatie, ca unl and extra .ize, for ale lcv jlt IS.11t litlll5;E .c Co, St 131naazineti S.1. t(I - ti- l ha Is c h mice brtuds, landtig fromu ai. i t tas, tiieh II saen hoe i:9 i I o citll:\.. " New I Levee t1 jfl\N (at.JRS6 I-INolecin .t :,, rlethv I' j.L.. 4 D.)R;EY, It Nvw lrevw r'LItE INI1AN'i i':1 1"+i 'Tq R thres ot'rheunsm lim.scr, ful or kingevil,gono, ariltiua or hip gout, ineiient eencers, sat rhllrn, 1 siphilitic and mercurial diseases, p1nqicularly ulcers coa paiefllolthctiolls of the hones, ulnerated throat I,.,: no, trils,ulersofervery desotrption, lever soies,andl internal abseltas, istulas, piles, seald head, scurvy, biles, crho nletareeyet, orysipelis,lintha, anid every vorietvoif ci t-.eous affection, chronic natarrh, head ache ,proceedl ing from any natld humor, pain in the stomachol, and dys jepja prooegding rom variatiotin, niffctinna of the lit:er, chrotnle infammatiou of the kidneyvs, aud genenrl debili- ' ty caused by a torpid action of the vessels of the skin. It is sigtlarly efcleious in renovating those conatitutions it which have been broken dtwn by injlulitina s treatent, Ii juenile irreularities. In general terms, it is remote mended In al those diseases whicllrise from imtrittnsu of the bloodml, or initiation of the humior., of whatever a name or kind. Some of the abshove complaints may require some tri. b fling asistant applications, which thctircumstances of the ease will dictat.; but for a tenerol remedy or Prifieator to remove the cause, the INlDIAN'S PANACEA will generally befouml suffieient. TO THE PUBLIC. How true it is, that modlern Physicians, in their am hition to excel in their professio explore thie vast fields of seieone h. the aid ofchemistry, and seek out new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the I ptIetice by means of art alone,--entirely overlook atd neglect, as beneath tlleir nuttce, thlerich anil bounlteous stores of medicine, which the Almightly :hs caused to spring out of the earth in evey clime!i And how mouh more true isitthat whilethe Ameriean Phlvsicia look' I to foreign countoies for nmany of his mtost common aid t necessary articles, perpetually changing as they art at the dictates offishlio or filly, he is surrniuled in Ilis own country with all endless prousion of medical planlts, sufficieit to answer any indiation in disease or to cute any Etumbli disordler; and yet he is ignorant of their vIr- o tnes, and tlteb are sufferedto 'wastethelir heialing oil the desert air.' The effectsof vegetable medicines upon the system are tempontry-tlose of minerals lasting. The iormer ex ert their el'ectsand lpass off-the latter, mer.try in par tieular, act chemically upon the solids, decomposing the bonles ual ullermiding the eonstitution by a slow ail sure destruction. The congeniSllity, eltfieoncy mil SAFETY ofvegela ble remedies over mineral, may be estimatedl byconitrast ingthe antcient ptaietice witll the moldern; or, to bring it more immediately ltnler olrur anir observatioln, IhI. tlli nai Iucttiee with that of the whties. Who, it Ameriee, ncs tot known orhealrd of r, tenicled Instances wherein some derepidt, ounpreteilitig fcnmdlelhlian, by measnof her simple remedies alone, ras nflected the nost apidli andlistonishing cotie, liter lthe Mateira Medica of tihe semmon practice. iilected ill the nost skillfl tlnliner, has foiled? And who has not tien surprsd at the com paratirvecase and 'eility withl which Ithe Indian frees hiim self irnm any dis'.se, :nil at thle llnoist Iota abstilece nfclironie dinise among thlem? Who htas i heard ol anlllindian witllh n costitoutiol brlokeln nd rI'illed by itlealmcl et Andt c a doubt exist that this tlt hoppy exs emotiou of the savage friom most of the ills whMit the Ilesh ofman il heir to, is chielly owingi to mnin getia and safe remedies which lie employs 'rhis aslonish Silg dilfference in success, is at fair exemplincation of the infinste superiority of the simple and safe means of cure which God has created for the benefit of his tchildren, over those which thtiie pride e the ait of matn have in vented. From a mlog residence among it portion of the aborigin alnilahitantsof thlisecontry, andan intimate aequiin. tancenwithbtle letlthols of cureof some of their most asuccessfil praeittioners, the prpricetor of 'The Indian's Painacea,'acquired a knowledge of some of the most powe" l iand favorite remedies. lromt these he selected nsuch as were most eflieaeiousaund :Piproriates, alld alter y various experimelrits to test their I)reiilples trl Istrlegthl, Ire hlas eonlrbited them ill tile fiorm hebre sented, as tihe most perf et anl beneficial for the purpose fotr which it i irecommended. bThe proprietor oferslthis preparation to tho e public, with the cotscinetlsltss that he is tlncing withitheLir sea, y e remedy capable oflrclieving maiy of his oalicted lil low beings, whor nl suierig nrlcr tihe various chllnic t and hbstinitae eomplainrts to which I iis applieable. ITo such it will prove of incalculable vat-te, as the mells, aid il miany cases, the oly meanls ol'elietiillgtheirsuf ' frillrgs aitnl restoring Ithem once more to health and i llp gl i ess. This is notollenred as a aomnion remedy, that may per chance ie ei eiallygood with mnly others now in one, butas one wlhih isncapable of savilglilfe in many i extreme cases whichl all tile unuIsuntl remediesf,.il. This it e. has done repeatedly' and this is the repotation ithas ob r tai ed wherever ithas been introduced. It is only about three years since this preparltin was presented to the Inblic: but i tllI:t short Spice of time, some humitelIs of persons might le Iom.!, who would Sisolemnly declare that Ihey believed that le le lives were saved by it,ialin mostrasesalier they had tried many a til peirhps all the common lellmedies ill vain. t'Wher ever it is knowl it islrolllty ctomig ilnto use, lln l Ihis affordstllemnostbstanltlalltd eonvinlcing proof of it g merits. 'i The vrlie , f the Plallneeo i nost conspicuousiln tilose o long standing rand syphilitio and scrol(lous dtlEtions which have defied all other reodies, all particularlv '" in those cases wheersre mercy has been o lariat !y tined Sas to enise ilistlessig aills ill the bornes, nodes, nerle rialiier, tlles,lgerangeuent ioftle digestive organse, ee. ThI 'llese it co eltely relemt e s, aild in lli eases i elltire ly erd.liltes tlle liseases :ie ?n 'rloets of merurly, rn-ll(l Svoles the colllitutiol, I leuiuae thle pa:ite t sound and atwell. Iln rheuinetistl 1url in ulcerteI d sore throit, its halp y efllctsu :r not less apilarent, giving aluoist ilnue= l 'Lnke inll pi'Otp doses, the Inlll'll. Pianacea operalte na altelrnaive nt detlcLgegtlll; a dipti ltllntiic' , diureticlll re and laxalives, an nllli-spannlltllll ic andl .llllallei i ii inll I'IPapr eases, as lastolmahlie illl e elllnlagoue Gell.l. , ligIv expressed, it inlcreases all thle secrellltls ns an ex , elltioull, ion s toileu to il tOmacneii all excites ritlloll ill h ie, the glandi, s a particular nan tucr. Fro E these tpriei I Ales itsoperaltions iay be underasllml. "l'hisledicine hlas twee found highly useflI in manly w umhignlotes diseases lnot helre spleeifiedi, adll it Ias beenl used with wontlerful.l'lll sucess as a Spring anl It Fall [ui le rifler, by those w ho are nblecl to emplllaints of thle chest, rn- d whllose collstitutionsreqtuire lnew vigor. SiIlh per sons Will do well to use t vo or three battles il sm:ll do ,- ses. WVlhelever a liert ultik is colnsiderled neccssary, Ire this I.rinenea, taken ill a small dose; will answer all its s purposes, ill much tless timte, at less expense, an ill a Ie lr Inolre agreea:le annlller thanll th commonll ilet drik. The followiitg tcertihntes, out of hundreds similar, its which miig t he plrcued, are given to show Ith efflet ol i the Illdaut's Panacea, ill the vairious complllailtelt ere.l li- mentionedlantl alslo exhibit inll the most satisI.ttory Imunner its sulrcrioiy over tle syullll iln coinlloll use. S CASES OF IIIIEUNIALSIS. at CHetaLsTon, Nov. 15, 1832. During theb st winter nr d spritg, I was aflicteld with a very severe anlll distressii n ii umroisrt, ocasioined iby exnosure inll ball watel. I low iake oltol ileaulte ill staiting, Ihatsix boetles oflie nitiairt' Paraooea, restored eel me to perlifet healthl, aed I .fidently recommeni d it to all stimilarlv aolicted. ail similarly alllicted. JOHN FERGUSON, King st. UCAttLESTON, .lMarch 7, 1832. l was seized about threet years since, with a ldisttessicg rhleotatism, caused by taking a severe cold, while llller lheinftlueceof mercury, and which has dlesledl r" tfrom business nearly ever sinlee. I).ritg thlis erniod have heit on jatient io the Marione Ilospitol,o linis e1i tupwardsol fnliir months, atoll nearly tile same length time in thie Ialntimre Hospital, and tried almost ever lremedy, with little betlefit. Oil the ltll of Iebntaryo last, at thaattlime sorcoely abhleto move albout upon cruth cs, comnlelled tlle use of luolinll's Panacea . In on' mooiltlh I found nlys eoltirel. ftreed from lano, and ao Iow haplpy to state QUO onllslcl myself prlfeltly well. V.M. "rUCK(KIR, 13 Market st. CAPES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS. NEw VYeK, Sept. tit, 1830. This mtoy certify that in the liil of 1825, I was seize witl a swellingin my neck aicd Ice, which ltierwarl. lcelratell and became large glastly ulcers in my neol. Aflerlr)tyingsevealp ihysiieinlstono adltatage, I wen' to Philadelphta, andl plaed in) self usnler the calmt i)rs. PhI'I e and Beachll, whell, llotcr lrepeated sliviatelOl to no ellct, I wasllo o ponounced utllterly incurable. Aet wards I tlk twently bottlesofSwaiio's Panacea oid eighl bottles of Potter's Catholicon, with no uaterid benll )espailring of lite, lwhieh had now become a blurhlen I lme, Ireturned to y pr i New York i l New elskn 1829, an - gave ysellfup to a lingeriog death, lcarieng of tIhs great success of Thie Indian's PaIncea, lowiever, ill cas simiilar to tiny own, l wias ecrsuaded to trn, it, as a last n. sort. To my grlenlt surprise, as well ais satielsatioe, soolll'llllol ll nIelll ioelly reCoioeegsllll iUpon tlklll seven bittles. teil uhelslhleled alnd 1 became licelflc) swell in tile eoure iftwo monotllells, aid lIve remltllledl so oecr since. I llalke this sta;temen and wlsh it pblish ficrtlh ellenefitolteilftihowoare solltring under sillilar scarlalou orl syplhilitic alfctiol, thallt tiley lmay know whlit . red one whoil has sullclred every thing but denthr,ild whleo coesider his life saved by tie ahbove v. WM. IIINIIA' CiOnLKatron. July 1, 1- 31. I was falliclt', foar years with an ulcer i. the leg, oc f essionally aecoc'ipanied with crjasilelatous inoll.nllts r tl excessive laill ill the leg and illlll i jiit. Sevcel::: eeilet physiciaes. s exertedl thleir skill uponi it, but willi lt )peIaeIeIIs eflllit. InI Ihis cas iee ebottle Indilen's I'aia icel cde e pet list esnre. M.LAIIlII't 1' A W~ViS, 121 MaIrket ,For saleb ,, IlletNlt IIONNAtILL, drlliggist, gen to"i I." lrlniellrs. "'chilluilitollat sill'-t lI NIEW Oltt.EANSe A% NAiMIVILLE RAIL RtOAD COM PAN \. /\l ll: aton:hlrlhul!a or thin cor upn ir re er~v-li no ti niteld eelt b i t t hacisutio of tilicy lime. otn pI ila l lo thlle I co II iL eit. ih oull Iaalle io thIe a~i, the :Ilt l't ibrnary atst, ir tiheipUoeetil live dolellOrs itre, wl rrldrled, . d ll tler said stoskholders are furthern olulcd lt that \wit, h bcn oIP, he iiconatf this Ibard perIed n tle 9!)th i yat . n ,all h all n on th* ei.okholderl n of tile ew Orleans uId sNoeloIVille. iil Iooili Cmpalsv lively fit t01t,1o, v l: l iloil dol's per· shllamrl, pyulile O ila first dltv dayof ."pelnmber lnle; two dolla.rsr per share Iupayle olr the eirct dalv of Decelr nlcr I andi tllhe tolltrslnr ilnlre p.itile o n tlle fiele d:il ofte ' Iare e itolet. t ow therelrc be it reoulved, thl. a t!i- setrc tarl oe' this coemeon. ste Vefil' tiy i'm sic hl I,, ereii, t rllu sh ll lriolic pr lte nf' ile1 cily lhdtt ill rllll|'Ol'lllitY With thle ·ixth al.cliOol of tile CLhartnl, theyItre perllliitt.d In pOstpone any payment culllPed ill o11 tilh stluck ofs aid lllsaid proulfor lleron of sixty dys, from and llt r In tiled on which it louhc l have ic c paid, lhato teat then the lto:k ol s.lid Ilymlentl chluld have been lmale, is and rm,ls'-. : '.rl;ie I lhe colllnllyv, the hllrltr (I, thlla poilt I.loI illlperltive. Il eollilsitlv lerefniore Io sil it all, all, lstk of tnle es:lkholdere ill said coill llty, as tlilk Ipober tieI 1e ar lho l ioVl ii ti o l llir tll.k to thll. lof tle . ite ,,ll .it.iylh s, t llslc tie cha. ler nloeh hunc , tee ioli d olitfnd JIant nyieuyst ofte w ol lars pelr .ll,+r calll dll lir.und llol .ill thle |irl uel S p, tellllcrllrxt, l tlllay ,e po-lllltsol UlldeF thl sixkh seCri of soiil cSllretr, uIni Ii lhl slt dlry sf ()ctoler iext, tlet (lie )u.ltlolll rh Iwo dolhllIrs pler sare culled hir, and due cofli dnv'of n I)eee ber extl , lus y he l put Imtedl unlil the :ltih day of Jannlry nexl;.nd Ithe Ipar mineot iof twoI, dollars Mr share c~llld fir uqdsl.he on tlhe erstdlay f lar.h next, i ati be lposopound until thle 30the I day of April next. xtritl"t of tiet minotes of tl he board. sjeene 21 l Ie etke 1oIi., Sc'r0. " ls-Ot I lr. ice e .. cet -le-ettn +er~. -iie s o le tlate:for dyle JOetl e 11 GiltoAc ec. Royal College of Physican', Lanua.onr. l\Ill original 'Veetnlhe iltgeian t'iieirs. Ml Wi eine, Iprepared Iby V .liskin, }s,.. elibet r iof Ile Ronal College: of Surlleoins Licentiate of Apllhe- i car e'ommltny, oellnw aen Bult ourtt Society, StIrgeeOa in to hlle Royal Union Peosin Aso.|c;tion, Laneacnl.I Place, Waterloo Bridge, nald Perpetual Pupil of Goy' va and St. 'lhomas's Hlospitls, I.ondon. This valuable medicine, thie result of twenty ,ears' t experience snd unpalnleled success in the exlensive o n anrl Ilighly respecnble practice of the proprietvy, pawl, iacd by tile fkeulty andll nnlbility, and is now itodilcled it to the notice of the American public, at the earnest so licitation of a number olgentlemen of long and hi-gh t statamlig in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelini nary step, to check the evils anl I ttal consequences si arising from the use of tile numerous anl deleterious v nestrtns foisted upon the public by the aid of tibriented e proof of miracnlouns eres, and other tiauds, by n set of e mercenary, unprincipled pretenders, so totally ignorant b ot medical selence, that it impossible the monstrous e i delusion can sny longer go idown with tile intelligelti people oftlhis et ntry. 'These pills, muli and agrrendilee in their tature, shonld be kept in every fatily il ensea ofasudden illes, , for, by their prompt administrion, r cholela, cramps, spansms, fevers, and othler .ainrming enmplaints, wliecl too oflen prove fatal, may be speedi lyv etured or prevented. In fact, all those who vailtue gonod lealt, shoulm nrever be without themn. They are soe' I eathin pckets at n1 centi, $1 wl $l each, by every InPspee Sitahle tlttggtBis bniknelle, anil vendcreof tedlicine i* tin Unitetd Stalesa t l Ie Catadas, with coidons dIeEtiotis, togeI er with. estnaonials of professional ability from Ithe follonini eninent gentlenetn: Sir Aslcy C.noper, J A t A eIlty, James Illltdell, 31. i)., V. lnek, c31. I)., J. Astono Key, A. Frailtonlon, An. I)., aoll nunieron s others. The original. may be seen n possession of the Ceneral Agent, by whom toe mtdicie is iitnolrted intol Stills eoutTry, and to whom all appliaetions lor agencites must be nmade. JNO. HU1LIIEIN, 12 Wcverly l'lce, N. York, Sole General Agent for the Unitedl Stlates, &e. For sle by applointiient of the erigital prt rinetoir. by Swans x& d OTn R, DltntgicFtl, Ne it (ual an c'eel, SI-enesl Agent sflr Statheet f LanlisintlA. jui v EIEiRY It LEE & co, No )agazline tlreet,tmar now receiving from ships Nashillte, Louisville, Ketartok), Egale, anl other late arrivals trm :b, I . "i tern cities, o large anti new aolected assortment IIrde, Boo, lo shoes and Brtognt.t, I, Innsisting fl'g.lltlenlln's tille enlf andl 1Morocto beonts do 24 qulalilvt do but.l', and stnllot wt,:t peggedl hools t , if nriolsqtlaii ti$ies; men's flint cnlft seal and11i loiroc, hd o r pll otbtps and broga.s, buckskiIn shorn, lbroglallo l atitllpets: meot'sline call' anid kipped peICgged o.loestett ,cI rodnleS; dt bllltsi; do stolit kip atid wax tgg.e0t shltIr ita llro ali; genttlellec'I behst finality ctdl sio i SIIIIoi's. o'l'g:ns and Jmck D)owningsi do calf sod ilroccn le r tcklet shoes ao larogeis; lie aif, senal nil .rnet.cri 1 oatia tiotesit slippn "s, mnt if, boil t mu tu ll vnlg', I a e a e article; io lille call;, seal.l alnd lolrloco qIlurit'ts S tsasin; oy', iises'anllt children's peattt l aled seact l e o bogans, and tiasesof lett'y tll.alit.:tlmll kind. A Also a genenrd assnrtlnenl of me.'s stoult wa and - r tet hroeans ttsd shoat, together with tt,l01t pair c gro Iswat qualiy, rllssett blrogans, l:nailedl illn i tilkt, mnatle expressly for pilantation usIt; a good ts ii tmenll of men's line and stoutll kip ru'lssett lg:ns, t iw article, and a turge quanlity of all inl'crlior deu1l r* sset tId wax brog:.s. - Latdies' fine calf, seal, moracee and grain welts, andc pl- pmp solel shoes; do fillne Frlel.h 3iorl·cco i killd runIIII st et'.inul slippers; do roan shoes, with and without hect ; 's I calf, selt laid stout tlnther hooteis; i frtnella shoe. st )Itall kinds and qualities; do ilsting brolqlris; ol galitlr l ~'aul foxedl bootees. Mlisses' lstiongspriog shvusain tr on gias. Children's colored Moceoco tald lasting bio i, bitit:tul boots, ke. i ;,deitlenenlt'slinetlistioinble black silk hats; do hlack i n idrnub beater do nt a sitterior quadity; mi iltatinim t rm do; brallid andl llnrrow brim men's line n lcllli O, .ltnk i nsi short : n.ted hats, a itew titiclc. Yonths a, i nle size hats of dillercet qualilies; ido childrhen '. 'I - Ln'a inoi bty's black uand drab wool hit s alt' mlion le tipes, with general assortmentof ellt boy tll' td illll I hls nsso tment will lie repleishbd bh the arrival el i rea h Icketsltrom the allone Ite cites, all IofI which n i' l be sold onl aceommotdating lerius. atg 1-tf t MIONT'AGUtiS ay .. L FOJl T'HE 7'IEETiI. ir H E established reputation andlconslatlylnrear-iln demaeld for this elfel tunal remedy of pan, and pre servative of the teeth, has ilducedotlae subscriter offer it to tie Americnn public. Arrangements hay Ie been nlade to tsupply taeents in all the prll.iial citie In and towlVs il the United States, so as it pInce it ithi e the reach oli those sufferile and likely to sulfer this ains " Ilharnlssillg of all ache,, I'Tuth-ache. r- 'lien applied ncordiing to directioin given oil is bttle, it has never failed to onilrd itlinelitle lud it tanlenl reli f. It also arrests Ihe decanv it deftctiv teent, and relieves lnt solreness hicll l frequli tllll se renllders a stronllg tolotlh usalller s Tl'he iaplicatlon nlll lls rellllyv lire niiltr,it inlllle, nn IIttt Uiln~lasl t o.lllun the Far-e llUtlatior ol'persa ns Ii ditielrll .lcl, alll l ul conllltrt, that hnve slit adly experlienceld -i h deli hlbu i uianlnar'e efni.ct Iom ilhe use tofitie Ill., are ready , to hear (l r tihe public glld) their ltestI unI to its alln re- rivalled qtlahtlle. It is all nudI relrne l, olltinled no- ulglllr rlv an) unexpI'eid v, a dilia be renTCE ,r.h.! by? irad lile the iizrd il vtiuable t iscery in relhu loegn ig le wnols.t, J.\I{VIY & .\NIN)E\V. 'S, es mr .5 (',rC ll(l'lD m nai l',.halno ta. -I'. ie, U'OTLCS TO 'T'Ill PUBIC.-- Unl;,u dld er- sr diacoatiurld his olt aid Oll g eosullislled ex GARDEN SEI D STORUIE, .i; ( , .li s!nt . ,ose na r r Y!evt, i- Having buel roust ialduslriourly c outiltiedi by sel iltereslted parties, the subslherber beg to assure Illn iny friends generally, and tihe public at large, tllat lhe i still contin:ues within two iloors of Ihas late, or t former stanllld, to Le lurnishet d with a f'us l and ex. er. Lensive supply rof all thie standard hinds of kitchen I.- or vegetable t;ardlen Studs, of tllh growth and iljU. ry, port o' the presEint Seoaon, 1837. its Slnce the early part SI Sleptelmber, he has re. in a ceived ample supphlis, by the packet ships Vlclks. nk. burg, heitucilky, and Arkansas, all arr;vcd inl short 11i, pI.agus, direct from Now York. By the Missia. t of si pp and anlther packet. he is In dtaly expects. 'e1 tlon of a supply of 'rltit Trues and Asparagusn y R(lool, Ihaving already received invoices thereof by mail. Th'l subscriber begs further to assure the pulblii ith at large, that he is at present as well enabled to I by meet and execute orders for all the kinds of Garden ic Seods, either wholesale or retail, as he ever wits adl sineo his first establislmnent in Janluary, 1822. icto Country Deaiera andl Market Gardancr' orders filled at the lowest and host reasonable rates, by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel mtassiure. Catalogtues, nithur in French or English, maty Ier always be obtained on personal alpplication Ai r. usual, to WV. SMITiI, , Garden Seed Store, 85 Custonlllouse str - . it NOTE'I.--A constat supplly of Bird SSeed, itll or . mixed or plain; pulverized coup; herbs, and' ecr dried herbs,--with a supply of peas and beans. Fancy Pocket Books-Under ti a head lwill be ar found a splendid variety ofa Indites' and gentlemen's ell. p ket books, note, nard, needle aitd thread cases. t. Fancy F toeks, :uspondIrs., &.-Of t1he latest pattern and of superior quality, consistitng of plain I. and figured satin, bombaz;nu, velvet and cloth le stocks, linen bosoms, plain, and fancy with and arl without ruffles, shirt collars, suspenlders called eo. Washington suspenders, also, guat elastic worst. enO ed and cottonett do, with and without rollers, I ptiantaloot straps with wire springls;and a groat iV. rity of gentl:meu's wear, nmadie expressly for the i lretail tratde, by A. L. Viuntiorn and son of Phill. o oOllmls--A genneraol lath colpltto nsorllunone aof lcombs from c.lheir manuoifctory.AAso, Einghlli do andd'rc dreiu. FeOdc o drieontb etc. du7 RUSIIION & ASPINALL'S IOM POUND IONIC MIXI'UIIE;.-A lpeedy and curn for the FEver and Ague, remittent and intermrittlnt lfevn"r; rlepared from tie original recipn. Used w:lh t.onunet and uli versal success ao 1832, by persnin or the highest respectability it this city, ns stated iiI tihe annexed tertficatlcs. 'This medicine is highly recoilnilnded, and has been exteu.ivoly used in the above disieae with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe Iies tobe it iduced to offer it to the pub. lic in its present form in the hope thiat it imay bu ite metanosr of reheving iman;y of thllu who aro sutRfering under the soulrgo of oIl :aconutly. It ie a Illlm'diee poessnslig greatv itue, anld illel used accioding to Ilie diructios has Inever Iilned of eiffcting a clre, even ill the clost obistinate, tailg of the disiorder. It is not at all disagreuablc, and persoils of the weaknet stomach, and ciltdien mnay take it with impunity. It strengthlls the digestive organs, creates all appetite, anid rvldlolt requires more than one, or in obstinate, two bottles to offect a cure. 'There is neither mercury nr arsonet itn the medicioe, nor any thing injuoious to tlhe hilliau constitutioni. ''oio propreltors aire lo well citvincud of its teiT;ecy, th.'t thy agree toi refund the price of every bottle which has Icen taken inll acordancu with the directioln anld has not aeff:cted o a perfiet cure of the fIuv r & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for NEw ()rlileans, at his wholesale and retail drug anod nl dcine t l ore, corner of [Iietnvlle and Chllartreo ,treets. For District Agencies alup!y to je5 'r'. W. S11'11, 48 Conti st. * ) E\WAIIE ()i" A SWIINDIiR-A ierso retre i seiing l ritelfa ni tle of I teiirele lir.l hall fur Illlnttl: , I'exnl, ,,11 lhe ".71i ,o| Ilce'fliter Iblaot, lleaviuei I ltsi mye houVse apajid. ''i i is tr war th ti llotedp iope ,)l'T'exns to bent.r,+ 4of tum iall.llrtor, tier sucl tile e tsoo daiht li is. W1t 1i,11bK f'ie3iiing 011n Itote coaptrluller's Ofce--..econd .liuniepaliy, SNovw Orhcuns, Fob.. 5, I ,3:tt PUBIII NOT"ICF+ i, herby cill, thu i wdI ard S jul 'tirs tltmy ailPles , I, l h~Itt i w J' l ii ler, ' (n ljI.c-dav 1th I iia lll tlt ihPit II I', rleL the r.' +Flrlt for mtieto'r. tuall tile taeid -tr et', uatl euhiuwntkt hurdertig ii to Omin.', ithiun tih, limits oi 'ihis .11uni lii,' '-c-.tra'tr to givne hlicd ,ilhl ine or more securities, inl ie im of $ i li tl lith fr llllll iierfrn uin"'l' l tt. e d e t ll t pille ii ia. (litu [ ill to ii' udth', im l eii sh c ilt ithe c. rii It c f .e -trven or tmt Lite wrk has been vx, cutid tnu lci, tio on to :td Comptroller StOP hlBt{KS lfer Letter iu.:, i"-tt r i v J Irml r t-w Y r.,. +tuc l willa b -XIII liow e;,r ea . o upiprie ld c i,.dit. ,nli,t I cile -nir i'eeii aitI ILL hi' .l l aaltlv ,, t VII) tf 1t . I . :.r i., jlt . liN tiiiinel Ilatil, :TI ITh:rn it Ti,, !rl olti', of (,JUSTPULInrs rSHE a 5 RO5YPE LJTES,. RO\VLETT' TABIESOF INtIEtfST:!' 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It is oreot.'voer oell khotwIn thalt, hIv its realy ehieck, ot it Ihes o totol'tcct'cted It'ge eror'ors, lIoog o'ter they wotr' madil,. eveli hy the mst nio ctelt soul most colmietentlt t arihllltii.ioo'o 't 1 ito setllltrlil, ald thoit lt e hsoloteo e Scessity fol its ti.", havel been h tllnii r ely irtsistell llOn so t evlent, ,iceeoll, tavote te its oiattolttogoi, oand ito I svitlgstgiitlt t soteri rlilsll g l, ihilst the fio rst ' e ii to- 1e sorclie, ad ottl off ult, ritrttKeot hmotoolnre of steoonlll itl lllhlt loies wr't'o scotll.l tor, sonell Ito iagre tiI otiototoeo. 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I ott t ois liktto viy wohc llo no' llt,,n ilhniee d rlleto tof oiontloI oc, ohlla ilth is t ile tillt.e loo t ilo e Olt ttk g, rtl' lly aiI apelially when of th. e.t',iit athell hlo n'olllrie io h thIse lIn los, lhot lut this llook or its like Ioll prelpr 0 ill th. ustt ll 000llllll er 1o0 lt' ., to hts o c 'kl to'00 tI l tl J lll Sillla tolll ll, i tllhie w#orhl'. aool 'ttllteolwarlls ' lioto i 'cot ii n ng eautlonly unIer' his own llolrlcion oll lif prloito|" sheets, il r llhlto , t lllt o sl to t l'o l\ h fo r ill, g llltHol b l.c llo lilolt' , lltl, l e felenll lllltl n dll(r t any prict, as the lprt-l. u e elarIiil ll v onrcl0 explains. oiot scootoi ottct ltoko v'hlOtt htl0e 0tot' A te o'e lo ttt i lc.ailto oI this t ol'oko lioltctt tto ok eo, thll t tlcioneo i" i hemt, wlitlhtheir lilnllercul andl xtrll';orditl.0r examinlill clt ons tgahihst o Itrt, lst o h. g tllttri l teot it Loo thie (Il dwl rtiselmit'll ) collln a dltly k pt'lv illts I lnce ol f spI ec.ial tiv te tti set l l i.h slgksI ll l d h l tl! tm i ig.t fitplo 0 0 Ilito 000 los ttol 000'' 't 0000000 OtitoiOkt 0~l Ottltltlh fiit" to'otet wi th s t'rl l olls, tilow th ' lo ' ee, hil, i i it Ith O +Is iIh l te oo tircott llholo I.oitImo, tonll umh hi t O linatinconli.tO lttlttoo g to e Itwe lawful i''I es oloil it ig ll iisl~l.r st, Itei. i|,lveoflg lia t, ki.. I 000t 'en.;I os tly 0 too i'eon k thot, ' ,to ilhcoso t lnh toho avilncomiiinloy taslyh work, which w;,.ubldislhd hel~h ,s. ilntel t' t bllh's We l illrouile.ll il ,holae'to t ti to, t It be liitlonilied, it hasl llot yet sol anil h Iis paid wllh linlt+. tot l it'oo b Int0 of o lo' ola thoolttt d1l00r0 , I stx cosotll 0i0 00' 1"790 to 180 15, 0 000 0i'l't to iol t h t liti on t f 7otot .ttittt , rio, itg ot h tttll Ii'roti its toio l , tihm at thai t ', : .t 00 i0r0 ttr iOettc, tIt s0 0 nihl 4 .......c.o....i . or. . 1rofitfoir o t .... . li'-t. t notootrovfle.11elr he lhhcotttoeodo llotooiottt cO is,0 er0m0ct t a0I0 'tnt0'l.Osily of Otto otdtlic "or totioiot u t iice of |prefl' nell. nodlpti merigelllC. I"i wo lit b\ ihte trotl /Iookstlotrs t'ic Itoe Itoloot N'ior' 90it'i-.M+I;W Wtltl.Rl,.''.-T'l'he Aoio'tio'ot :l" S0 I10t h tu t.ho otolaothorfr"Af Yt0r ia Opittn,'' Ot O . . Ioo', lredot.tfW', ooen, i, 'o ,i. i itro lttil il chak s a iaii l o niro l rel ao o'ooot el o c lto ''. SVE &. SCII.I'AFER'S Ctmrpuun Fltmd EI tract .fI' S.trsc palrilla, for il cure or oaornttnate ptions of the skin; pimples or puxtulh. of the I; hIilen wh ri irse fIroI t an impure I tIte ofiL t an ; scaly eri, Ilons; Ia in nI Inh brrni; chrlilc hclolllint ; to t r; scirufuin , or kie . ' evil; i, liltt sl rlig; syphilitic diseases, itd all it orders arising frlt la n iipuare shlati (tl' o th t bloI, ) I. t long reoadene in It ho climatc, or iter irjuiit u It.l use of a mercury. Also,-Cave & Schatff. r's Worm Syr p, or I. f.ant Preservative: tli. best prirptiratrati:o mw extalnt. Amorng whitch are tlhe f.llow ng:-li.rlr I)lye, far col ring tiho hair; loar's Oil; lIssian liuor's Grolse; Poltullll; l haw' Ia Firec .lo IWas: stl. perirr Pearl Powd'er; Lily Whirte; (crei Ia ' rr las.; Vegetable Rounge; Otte of IRor,; Lipl Silv,'; Kre. osite Tooth Waili; Carhonlc Dieatritice; Orange. Flower Waler; Powder Pull; at, i lo ,; AAr, -. cal Charcoal, ontlly put til in lfur .ce vialt; P eston Sallr; Colognelrlr; IKrer,,slt Irooth.uchoe Drops; lHair Ilr.shes; Englihsih ro nag (Co,, h Ir ian liair Oil;-with at variet'y of tlicr PcrfI nleries, &c. For sale by L IV GLEINN'S PICIIFUM RIEIS. J C T'IRIN( Atil, Corlner of Co.lnl and Bourboul streets O YL . A.\\', Illse, Signl, illlal IIotrianoiVlia SPainters, iNo. inrnllel street, two doors rlioll C;:mal street. limitatiolns of thie following woods lnld nrr'bles,ex ecuted isH mtasterl) lmalnnerl. WOODiS A IIIM.ES. .Mh.ligny, Egyptianl hick :muI gold, Oak, Gidllaiand Ainico, Pollard do, Oriental or ard atiilue, Culld do, Jasper. Cllrhled ?gle, (I odtonle, [airdsltye i h (.ioite, Saiii laod, It'luni I lai rVWood, ll )e or Irdello, YVw 'T',e, hlii:im .White.. C[..rorrt'trrithl. or Irlack Simnlla nil r Ih lctlla, Riose SAn, A.tri rtl a Grey, Ash lhlite Ilak, e t. t oc. Curled Elm, Slinrcimlns to hi seen at the shop. (rlints, il%, [Irs,, copal Irtish, or.. oil IIm'd Gil-ar sare. LL:olo lrollll and ro illll Illi, nil rods hind 1ph1 gh Cast, German, Sheaer, blister.ld, spring, sheet as.I lruwhri sterl Iollow ware, co.t and wrolghtl mils :il spikes Zinll, htl:o k ti, iill llangrindl torr nes, t ilt ktr llle. Chain it. io l chorst, .n h rrs h s (Iitt, lo m ,I trirce ri:.0-, cr mt l ills .111, ls,,ices,, Il. nm'ers anl I low s Wirel , hr e ,pi l :. . It air talr ll hut, .id o lkting t trai , A.i.s, Irtot hn. d', ad, i.thirr sl:ades aid ishmrls Iohrk r ul platn hi;u es, d r:nill: i iwooi i w lkl ,Alini . B hntst art",i.I a rrt iaras alints, I scuir l i llt d Il' ll vo ('oil A full :oiirml n ht nirdwu' 1nl ship chn nlilerv, aillwlllson htandli , I t no r c niirr e IIrI telli l ill_ sale or rc nl, on thelnost tho shle telorms,I1. i~l I. tir \ i.k t(oh . 53 h tl 't..r' ,,.. HFAtf l OWGATn SP INGS 1THREE D/A "S JI)OUR.ll I"Y I'tlO.l .1' II' 0LE.I.1.%S. I I. I . I'r i t, re f i thi i, tblihi llll .i the p~. llen Srllurle of iiUm in :I t hi. iris' ,uit I lite tlie i Igrilerln t',tl ie will Ie ti railini -ar'l l y l it h tli t e lay o if .lt+ to receh': vli-err. li+ wi8t ll a ls o . Is r lt he"h,' inmprovr litts Innlc, rand otherrs now gainl me, nnI i rapid , c pro_ ter. a Ihr reaoalrgio, w inil will enat le the. sublltr her to a.Ir' nunidllte i a eilll liargr in er Iha h rlulbre, ail a fit,- sl mle · imo. lincllh b l.etter ih minl uilding. It is dleemed mUnec..e..ry le say anything in partien. lar iof the cht:ttr'iter ol tihese w:ties, lut itn .n tenta'l telieved that hboy are not interior to mar in ihe South r al lllal i erin 'lc wll t bneoao t.I rilti otill Iii. T' iit' hesal music that this part ir ti coe trv f ot ,rds, has en 1 I . d. a t r wUIllt' be inllconlst ntoail nti.'',t at uhe 'I hli.aobselihbe will .vail himself of this , i.nnit t Itt t in retuningl hi . 'niln1i th.lks r th ae lih,,rl I i lal e vr ed -t il l. Otir hrpr ht I. oall r imO llh l havl 'ge H ,lol:mad iln im1 ll'c.i l e% vlil th e Ir Irit lilh cr . ; treitn. on"n.n i l J. ) '1. . r t. icr clr.n' itm l n. ia ,'i.i.i , n r cI. t ,i . ,.I hirll tl V 4;1 I t tc " "ltit. - Ia :.' .1r i, -k ll ('T ot i" .o $%a. I,. 1.* " IMAIl. AlItAS.5 ;.si. i:N'S Clairo Ivrrv Iny Iat 11) A. M Neorthern Mai, fo I'1ser rloiidov, al iirao. M SDuen t ery, itnlldn \Vadr leaiY Western Mlnil, Fr inby , ;I'. , esda e akt e al a tur hrday, t y . : l. o )s e every 'l'nira' v, ThurWdna, ad 'ile liti Mal t ( 8 tno ,e I n t'. l r. via Clolsl every Mlsonyli, WedeidIlluy TIMES OF AIRRIVAL, PDEIUPA RIUI DIS)I'ANCU &r. of the Express Malnil, I ultwaM, e anill Nsw Ylk--leaving Alohile d il ' on 31'. P . N.rlthwar New York daily at 5 P, .1 bonthward. Arrives .Arrive . Northward. Distance. Time. Ieturn'g ontgonmery, Ala. pm. 18 ll's 3 i 1211in. Ctoohlntn, (tn. 11 81 9111 32 .m Mlilledgeville. On. 2 133 14 2lnp. m ('oitill. S.C. jnnam. 163 171 II Itnteign+ N C. 51 215 22 12 oVarrenton, Va. 12 Im. 55 . 1crrlaitl'nr, Vn. 1l1 pin. 83 10 9n. m ltit.ho nd VIIV . l noin. 2L 3 6 ,Frcdericktoinrg, 8 67 7 11 p mn SWohientoginlc , 2y lpm. il (1 i Baltimore, 64 38 4 0 IiN ilit, t ii , I amin. 110 11 i l New York 2 in. 90 8i SNortlhwiirl. Co.llllliltg thwlnri the tin is smi hoi r Ioa; loingS li tiinoail17 honrs. T'EN il)iAICS IitEWAIl. ArNAWVaY frJilo, (;I9 Crilnlldeetl corner of Hevis isltrelt"lon Ilie night of 3111ih of Anguosl, untl a sen lls nell l arnilg in Pevrlls slrel, a nsegr boy nlooleid InS IoLn, naolm i years of anulle, n if re r tllerellb lll in thei rii lit, t rv Inek nd lnasn ithu at e ilnnt in his spech, one of his lo s is sorea oaliione by a ieenllnt hr lt le hd nil wohr!in hle wont away a wlile llottn r linen shrt i l rnl while cottoni e nlhooni . M .lnlan nfr vof .la nl and ll i nIalhnt,) i are nll mled a gli lll receivilng or hl oring salli negro, as well ss all ioitier p crI.tiOn,I t li nmtn stio rigoIr if The Iaw will he enlbrel ngoillint lhen. 'Tl'o iohmv rewnrd will he pani Sflrdteliio ing milo inl a ofny tlhn joilt of either nflths mi iillc inn lies or at 16 '. Cnrolndelet, corner of Ilevi.+ le Ntea . 1 Iiit iult' I7(: F- 'I'il - o lll'inershi j Iterm toulilre ulitllt iolter tin! firn of uo Garretnon, htis nsr dlisnoved. Ilm I lbscicitor wilt liq idnia tshe ntlairens tho baliern ini lii citv, Ohd require++ It |i pr iso lodew. e t i o o iray en n ril tinlit irllhtllllll H li l t ae ill hl am ,to i reel I h u Irnttilll, c ti l. x l n t SW. W. .SWAIN. t a N. IIC'anat N'recl Air mrl/a.ns i. ,1 i uitIum, nilllla (li llitl Y \ l Silill .:rl n, OD thiaen, tblhnriclihI tlld I'unln ,t. oo , thlli cllol , are ollownll:, Anttmtilllly, Elllle, Arg , 'd, t do rigolul, Amlmtto, Shis..o SArsenoic, lill.e, Atom, do iolwdrell, rllirzillet li w aoo, Ilals eo ravian., Chorhincol, l do srol, Citn t i lca, du flo er, in Cp aiie IoIli nmh, 'retlc h i.c'rrii, I(i.a to tort, to l otManilla, C i- l <Ih 'ideihi , d0 :mrlar eI s, Sitll in o (I ,1 iln llto, lt. do Allddeos AIT ll nes lo Itit rlac,l . 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