Newspaper of True American, February 9, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 9, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12y CENTS, NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 9 1839 Vorý.--VNo 1878 Tera. of the Xeeapnper Prenss of New Orleans nantle.,alv agreedl to at anl n.ljurned oetineg oft Slce the Proprinetor., ,held on the 1311h of March, 18.17. SeaIsntIPTIOYnS. !-- l 1, Itllhars for the dtIily pn liet lumon, Iuavayble smi-olllttnlly in adolnoe: ten Pi dollars for the ti-wneekly contry paper, payablhe one Sg year in adlvlnc: , wheor no city referenee is given. No Al a tIb;ription will be discontinued until nrrearnge nre t Settled. In cane of diicontinuanee, one week's notice in serihng muns oa nvariably given, previous to th cos l zniratloi of shbsceription. Al AnvarmatI o.-nOt dollar per notare for the. first O .nertionnd half thlt price f,r eaelao l bsequert e.: corn non mnar inl alteralion fronl the original advertlicaevt prt will be elhugedt an a now one. YOARLT AtIeVETSRo.--Merlchants and 'rr'e. , f erty dollars fia English ahnle, nld sixty for bothl lun g Ise naneks, lnnur ee Ofllie-t, nol other simninr lb'i.nstitutions, fifty dullars ill Englilsh only, nl dl:I eighty for both long igesp; Ship and "teanllsoat Fac torn, or Conoii.oinn mernlhxtl sixty dollars in Englilsh N .n and eighty lor botlh langlages. . a slRIsias , OniTABov Nrtcvrs, and artirlce call ing tile attention of the public to .-calee rt lproperty, gards of passengers, benefits, &c. e.c. will he eJlnrgol' noe dollar per square for the firat insertinn in each lan AComUanoIeATl$. , or Adverlicements, of nno persln-K Ill nntnre, whoet admissible, .hall be clatrgel double, and in adoaece. A deductioun of twenoty-flve percent. will Ie made to Auetloteers, Sherlse, Iegisters of Wills, anrd oMarhals ele at sales of real ottate. rollished in bothll Iangagei , aod 50 per ceot. in Engltsh alone: tL per cet. on sales Si other plttperty. AItVaTIaE.tnTS oat of tlte. direct ine of busio Ne ef the advertiser, sach asn legal, aoltion, and planto tnI sales, runaway slves, stray nloisle, &c. &e. will h nharged for se rp .telY, end .t the ordinary rates. A ADVERlt sMNTr i spe.cifed Is to tim.e, will lie published one mlonth, and charged nccordiogly Np advertisements of bnnkruplies will ht, phbliset ed trn in iny ease, omnless paid for previos t. itonertion, orlug payment guaranteed by a responsile person in town. rlmetres ndl othler places of aonemenot, advertising . daily or tle season. to Ie chlarged $100 for L.nglisa appl lone, and t150 in hbtl lengouges. All announcemnents of eandid(tas for politiesal ofices will be chtrged doble ilA e price of other advertin * ants. , r Owing to the in enose loss utniancd by newsnppaer lea. prorpletnoro tlev have comne to cnelelYon that twLe nans of penrion w hlOe accounts have uot Iheen paid V within one month after presenttion, shall he natde knw,. (o, far as prcticablel to eacl otlhcr-they obli gatiog tbhelnlvea not to ellvertise or print for sucb alr dliquntsE, unless in caese ol ndanoce pg.yment. te. (Signed) J.C. )ie ST. itOMISY 'arl J. RlAYON, ale i'. P. RI:A, d J. C. p IENDI)E RGAST, JOHN t11SO)N, LUMSI)EN. T WeeklY Press.-1We, tI er. t sdigl.nel agree to lbide , Ly the altove colitions, an far as they ore oplplicable to me nealltty papers.fd (.igld) A. B. LAWILENCe , 1 No nshtcripion nere tnk flrlesr tIo la6months. l a Leters oust, in tl canre, be plst poil d. o i IM.-- 0.l 0 casks firt. lr,,olt Tho..masto I.i, will J landing front teig Ah Ilnr, lir mll by I. jnn "11 S. & J. P" VI'IINI'YV.711 (enmp tb --IBANNEII'. (111.--.9 hlls. Itrwn ..Tanere' Oil, 1 'I londing and far vlcly . jan 3!1 8.. & J. P'. Wtt'NEY, 73 ('atmp t SKee'eval, Jeas, &c. ecitnilnll for ileeral .lolillag, C 'tor sale by ISAAC l1K l)tI': & o.1. jan 30 131 lnocozinet t to, LI OI Tl leu.ka enrta P'io';ns. . 4i 1 1001 halft h ble f oilv Ilott. No, 95 t l fl Ills P hilodelphia b n .kwhest nll l, Ch, I l00 tlQ arler d ,, do do u 100 Iie3ht h do d. ido b 3011) llnrttcn extra szodl lovre paotntes, 51l small ttileiteseertletesc, 51) canister, preserved .elnrln. '0 Iboes Ihiladelp llt soerted preserves, Just rcecived lld for sale ltv JJa G WV ptIITCI LIAIIt) , Jt 1 .rEIt r, Jr., ýa29 car l' .)drns &\ M n ~gncine n 10I 01 1 let l oler -- -l SjaO S.T'ET'rslN .lF 1'ItRV1' l (.raoier nt t I1: Splendid, in ,t nre fir .g le Iby jan 31 01. DtRi.'Y, 4 New Levee tre AI IUKNT' - III I UKT 111 doz in stre o(r fsiel hy I ja3l J TIIAYrII Kt8. I., 74 I'vlrts Ii 011 FIfI-:MCS -I00 I,) v1.1 c n I- 4 leuv, blown ell s hirtino and .Ie tie, ll, ,,r -c l e he joil lb13.11' ltllV.I li'' 4 'l-4l )taeo.ieat 't :.-i I rI'.3 ,.". T--I.0 tar;'l, ...... .. AIIIAit I.'I1K I) fed 3l -sl,.1" &IttI VN, 96 M.I 7.hle nh t l . l " fnrornl. ly J IrIIAYI:It I 'A , i fel 711 ',..leer i kt )t'AIltFS--)F mImi in ll fic mlt r, in0. v ,c r bar- r rels. in store, for salt- bt ( l )ISI': . S f.. 44 New I.Cvre l.l. nlA ll2 n I... It.l.. Irrels; sl.,, 7 o5 do. dot I lIegilteodt int prints tie.r r, tIts ale el l fey " - 1 rW I ll t'lEl, 9",' on,,,mon boat IDnulbe flor sale hv It re5 t,. I)()tIISi, 41 New Levee AR -: 01 k -egs Io.laic Irone teat ler Fttslier a ii J ir sale Iy G Ilttlltl', 44 New I.evee. II fe5 pOT\TES--3.10I bils norlhern IIttnltt",. in stare and for esaleh by J TA Elil & Co, fe5 74 I'4v1,lrn sl UINNY -iAGS-101 I nles '2 btseloe Gunny lngs, in store, and for solehv bI fe5 J TAYRF.R& C(, 74 P rve ro. et OI.Il.4ND (i1N- l0 ppip.n cruw, .tet.p gio., at al perior arliele in ctatr aeldfor snalc I feb J 'II.AVEI & (ao, 74 PInytrlte f RI.:.KY'S Lta & nd . lonk .lif llotorv, tJul Sreceivedan ndditic,,l supply oflthe nlo,, very poplar schlool books, by A TO)\VA et, feb . . .. . . . . ... . . .p_ t E, JOINS & C . e st.. STA rIONEI'S IhAl. , corer trf St.'en ndeil 'I Co.nmon . tre.t. Tle snl. hlcribers hanving reeiv- uch red and now in store thee snortlentont of goon from I Rn land, France and the N.rlth, offer for stile lte fol lostog articles: Iha i Einglih Drawing papers of all sizes, hlor ido wriling do s. pr royal, royalo medium and demvtn, folscnrp, tter paper, [ c. large thin relium,; to blue laid; do do copying paper,ot all sies, has I leondon aod lrstit noards; do rfncy letter and port note paper, plain, emtbossd and coral bro aceo code, will, letter slid writing papers fromn nh the teat nulls in ther Iulnion, Perryan Pens of all leertltiions; Best German and ,nelish quills; dtephein' and Petryan's writing Ollid, lMorrioo 's and Perryan's bet copyi inks; English and American flio and quarto paper, Rodgeres 4 San' he.-t eutleer, eonsioetini in dirk, poi and desk kulies, razors and sid s- n i sors, cop Pocket books and wallet's Russia anl Morocco cop leather, ofi English wafersont tonlingCw. wax tioerior qu wi ty; Travell ing ndenin n tl lteniiiin cnn-. p.i. Aekern en's an nma' hesl nature cr..n, vidt Rronkmni n and Ackermitt'n drae ing petiiilo, Drwringbooks, Alntmns tnd Iritilt andt Aiour. tine icon AnauIlls, for 183t1, ih Books--Englil. French, Stpnish, Italian, (4ir tan and I.atin, coniisting in classical, law, be medienl work, literrvy. te. nil Just receivcl adfttr sale by ag nonl0 It JOll\n & '0. Spit) T AYNTro lnAS'TERi t iel'utAI lt i SI anr 1 'rhe siiliserilters have in 'ire a few h:,rrel, of ate Iitoutinated P into iiw lliele lately itinvented iin New lii York. A few Itrrle of this Pent wvntlp" of hoard tll tGreait W tertn o Ir llso"trii,ih rtitrP cenr t en that the result of thle trial ha Snniilled ii lint 101i Ins. o tc Pent are gcin to 311114 l. tot Co ". and that in case hlere there is dilft liv in cca' sting or kceplido a gno.l herlef tw'ain, thIi fiurl .r .lispneibl.. 'Ilihe di to rectors ofthe Great We-tern - d.lre.l tlh purchtne o 200 brls ,cr the useof tell shi which was pit ua board - om her liast deprarture. For a triol,apily to S IlK & Co. SNo Front Leve st N I--tel bnrs at n time ran only lie delivered to os steam bnot, until we get a further supply which wll hI in a few days. dec6 S I. i Co I nKFI - Illhbarrels mes nild prime, at the inspec tion. in sttre, for stle by Gt IlRSIEY fed 44 New Levee AIcINS-4tii boxes Nit Ilaisiin, i.Lring's brand, in storer old fir stle hi jn25 J IIIYPER & CO, 74 PoutI ds st 1,1ANIIi Ci tltl)At.E--51i etoils trceit taid oen, I in store, anud hr soale iby J TII. YItR lIt Co, , juai 74 Prydratt t D I 4AFTl8 ou New Yrk, freiOt byh d_24 ANDIth.u\Vs & IBILOTIIERS, O Camp t -O.Ii-N-70ho rrels iln nire and to ii blebvi 1 ja3 J 'l TI Y I ltCt, 7o 1 7 tPoydras st UM i o R, &c.- 0 thdo feet lcar'lumicr, 8151 sprue spar, 150 bales htiy, 150 tlhds stean sawed whilte pine lathes, landing from lDip Platina, and ltlr rale b T:1I0 EVI t AI.E, 91 Cno"i,,on rt l"r"I-E I - - g o te i butter. in etore stil tir , . s tle 'Il l YEIt A Co,. 74 Potlydrn- aLI VIEtiANT .ir I ttl(, I - ES- |Iillioan Bell, 1C lbar E Ires t.., as thlis dy received a small itssorlnlcnl otltrge enamelled and mttosic breanlpias, set up in the modern stvlr. fer IF7I' at the suhbsriher's store, No I ('hartres st L aboho two weeks since, a small packtne, eon tailinOg a lbox otf irort, nern in numlter, 101 Inn. er per cussion aenps, one rst lock. T'lIh owner can have thenii by payitlg linr this oalvietriettint fe.--2t I.Sl'tW& . ), I Chartres 't NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Bicuit Bkery--Wlaters and Hillmen. No. .Mor Macn (near the Pontchcrtranl Rail Road.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Suda and Wine Risclit, Sugar, Butter, Milldford and Water Crackers. All thle above article, are warranted to be of tihe firm quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kilo dried. Alao,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Prieihard and Tagart. Jr. corner Mogazine and Poydras treet, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up exprecely for faqily use. 15nov F 1LUR-0d arrelr laedingin store, and for saleby G. iOt:Y. dl3 I44 New Ieve ,-Al.S--700 keog Nnile, acorrlerl cioea, Ccr eale by tor 11r15 A lDAS.& \WII'lTAl.L, 67 GCreeir or ret t luN!S--lli-ciscippi Funod token at7, Frol Ir- lli . vere, for (;roreries. dis ERSEY--76 bales Kersey, tise K OIL--5 !Mrrelb Trnlerr Oil, T 31 cask i willier Oil, Ial 40 cacts flll altrined do, fir CUANI)L.ES-310 bhoxea Sperm CIIde,,, For likr sale )t L. I GAAl.E, 1 d79.3 Cnolron e. rre NEW PO1K & I:EEF-20 bhlc ieen, and 40 bbl. a prime Pork 210 bbl priela Bee1f, ir sale by G I(IOtSIEY, di l4 dNol.wevee A CARl). ter M RIt. .ItNlE, Professor of nigirng, the lni:ar o onnd Pianol-ftlrle, rreg tor arnlrnroree her arrival tie Iroce alsgrow, cnd frl ll ervorral yearo yrreeitre in Erdir- ho irrrrghrrr ltilroRro.. stire lfltlerilrooeli Illrttlrer tyosrr ernt of isnltrnction ill iv r rlatisjl clioli l ir , pur ils. tie leotlirlrrmiatls Ic trr, rPyririitre, r·.e. Cclll Ire elrrrwn, o0 appllrolirrn to nlIr. Rlillnld','17 Ilrryal l coilrr, anol oiitnialo Ibr hirlliinrg fur rale at he nevltfl\ W NIS. N TW I OOKIi--oNclltnon 'o it 'rrrr-oor errrn gr ile r eci lr eh irinlet anr Poerrers, fer c rule Ithln illcio I4l.e.llr, iit"'r vr;li; P i hoos i n(hric'iler 'tried Ibr f3r) Paleyth Crirsnoiao .ll for 183'f ihe-i rrih i nd whr tIre hv \V .lrr.:AY. dreli e o ne___ erler of(cor llebrt o 1 n(CIernnitia LOUISIANA INSTIUTI H. Thellloticiireof ic liarn e eilrirnrrrr in torer remnrytie Irll nc.riloinr lrrle i llowien tollne rr ntl- iii trr r lI t'n.s Elinto oeprtllmln Ihemfirnet f)ell th r tire, i o orotie n otrer a tir hlell redioi.t ishnrehrr, .rreercf(arrionrlet enrt Poorien repritherdiretio oftre ieateto ulori-egedeoh ineenyiri, lbwhc iadIrll o fta rr frreoal o wh Iecnano aied tile rdncir e iulaglllemalictin vertal ('alnedes hiflh norhl i. nn( w in i Thrhndille rieer of netii tolire yo clerollred Uiinerieosl Tile e(ire lrqr IIriirrldrri l rr e rt i lrfnler ill e thii ei lnoReo rr er will Ith cnlwtchenddr p Irti fllowin claviiont rvi: " . riren i i:llroc r lr i lnr i rl lllelt, lNlltr l ill oril l l Cnrl lhe i otr a illhstratn l nd arlrolnllri shd EI'nlip h ent - o('ali~llsn I o. I . lirhe clasie.iCl dIrerlrenIe, rolemlArhNdiing A lre ikotil nnde Preek IMl Nolargee. S " Tllr erl ili ii-rre icrl rllrl e re rlrlll rr e hl rll rrlll . rirrirrl.llcll . tiri r fetll Iirllrrre elrrrr hir,1rrrrrriroh rlliirrrrorlllirnral fooee 191 A .q 4. ire rcilire ri Ei eo i rl hali o i.i r(oroyrvrerihocl. Mlerrir,l rrirrolliryirrc 100wl 'Iirreirrlo.n elrie. wlth till~it (nlrauliclu nllrlilalilln tIr Snirvo·vire ir e Ncvireltioon .illlnlllnVo , Ar,.: Nlnlllorlli liiihrrrily :cIii Cieritr iioep! rli3 lir Cheiyia l. tlalr~tl R yd nl pacrini, Columber, and n ule b n e ie-rrlieln (tlc.eal+l in tlli e loder Inll olllge will r ie e(rnl aid Irn llllnr ll tl firlllP tir e rI (r)llliror. o rk C J iIIt.IIEI)IA., ANN, A it. REPLIEitE.C E: Jn tllsIEN ehrs iro eer Ikev Prerisir nr deIIANNON, tionioona iiii ente I CA IINA AICN .01 J r Ir ; l()!..en; IFl .tnew Ole ane, n rr/ i-li Nrrrs it eles rwelrr, el oosiooreiiroei< se t --w181,'1 I i1 c I ri 9A'.EY r t . r lrirrirtrii r llrrir receive d ,oi rerir . Iir r. lirli S7 lnlofllrreorrnllllr cro p hill ioertcCyoerrl lllo llnr l h I~nvsl, nllp.r IItov.II Ill,.crMil, (:<dlllltderP , onr! dl ll,lu e h ' ierorrtr' eI.,, lrirlrrr. Ichr ~ ' ne lirnr i IIII Ilrltld b llatl le r !+le 'l' lm~ arill il I 'ir n p ller i (;11hl i11d livy er Iillltl~l; (jl.Id, \Vhite lld t:.lor I it r'eoed ii Gol' let Holder;. er ond eils; lre . IC (Il ltt ll+ed &. , di e.. Ac j IllI1 eve's 111*.1) 11 (tllll' % II() ~ lr IiIII~I l tX . e r f C hT(:l lnlk·, s ~i C 'li---li ? 1 11o 14ie I lilll-rlln I rlae;I~irrr.I tirIl .iIirad Oriorr irll Mr hl nlslle (. i iiii hlk l Iii1 ·. llh iiii dlllllll~r11 (1 l lle Tile- .t, lind. kedirirci h curev .lthnorlian I 'Jinlner u~le LI I'mmh ~lbr o-h,,; be-.t Ilnd.(.r f'.n111h 11r..hll~; P,,n111h .1 klliVeg; Mll~iC IIld SkFIlchillff lltljllil~i~; Pill1)letI I·.tlllh oilr d (i-rk irrie-1lrreolr +'Inrg IVrrior a d L'aml Wall lllll Ift'c i t,, I ::,::l& l; e h r roerror'd(·11YI'; Jeyooirellioldriiirot!)~I IIlll ID oilo 'lrl'llli"T IrOi I ro e. WAI.I, riro. C us~ill al~d leritllIOiA &I,(.e Vtlbks I(l.-jn IF.PI lc t onlh rirls I ru. riae.(r rir Ir.ciL Itrok- , H oc - 1 Iorilr ore aie W iLrlocatrro 'llldelo. wihl torilvri litCrIll(ciy Ir Ploioenod Rlrerird Iteaeaooie Bl~lrwrdo , Mot cohld liroihelrd gild, Fanecy caliced nod gudt Screw HaFl - PEN IlOI.I)ER.t. ore Perolnnod ohirPeir Iloidero; Ireorl aod Siliecrlr. ortiC XND RIEW ýPIIT nIC&CO, rreopecfully itform tent their friends and the public in ceneral, that 1 they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tehoupitoulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such as copper stills, kettles, and pumps, tin bath. uY' ing tu s, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all A other brass reating done at shortest notice. Ado Grate bars of every description, such as steain. do boat stirrups, hog chains, screw bolts, and other kind ofsteamhoat work, such as chimneys, breech. do es, steam pipes. Dec 'hey will also do all kinds of out door work, D such an zinc, copper and tin roofing and guttering, suld &c. They above and all other kinds of work in 1e.d their line of business, they will execute at the shlortest nooice. dec27 L OMBARtO & CO'S BIoston sod New Orleans cr·ip Lime of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships lrll has been expressly built to run between the above stra ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: cnrn accommlodations for passengers, and every eflbrt and will be riado to give general satisiaction, Thei roe line is composed of the fo lowing slhips: bras Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J larding, plot Carolina, 40011 do S Lemist, plat I Charleston, 374 do D Eldridgo, tun Columbians, 625 do G Diarker, ' Seaman, 240 de J flower, m Itombay, 625 do D Ilumphrey, olte The above ships are all now, ofte te irst ,lass, ' copper fastened d and oppered, co.nmanded by men yes of Ireat experience, have largo accommodations, kee with a separate lidles cabin; every attention will be paid to passengero, atnd the very .eot of stores pro II vided for them. The packeks will be towed up and down the Misa sissippl, and the strictest ponctualily o' served in the tune of sailing, and should the regular vessels I c, e, be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good coU will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron- PrI age is solicited, aotl tCie agents pledge themselves to Ceot accullnllodato as ucli as practicable, to receive ve0 Sanod forward goods by line at the most moder. lIe a1 te charges, and to advaco all uopeo-ea on goods cl shlptped,f ioruqlred. IC 'i" The slp will leave the lt and IGth of every ' Silmoth. For freight or p.lssacg, apply to the, agent. I" se J A 1t'RItlTT, 62 Commluo et. 00 a N. . Advals.lloents ti;ideo uo conlignm.ll.ts R di to Messrs. A. C. Lombard &C. C., nova27 Is rd / :t------------ ; r-1 ) I i.\tbei II ,VANA CII 'h.L ,gr si 31111 tlbotu ltnd ' Id. segre, hi 1011 boxes Virginia llbeing Iobnelo, cc to 1110 do. freleh Mainlga aisms1, cell SI) dlo do lnIce, 37 l'rils do ablll o ds, e 4I blrrels l perm l. lll whale oil, e tI il H.rees Ca llillln ric 0, V 175 bllld lo.l sellr, in sello o re Ar , :l v nd, ja'7 Ahlb R.\II to ''1 1 t, 3I : f ra er st i aI'hltl et ri.-21U0l gaollaI. Wits ie c'tlelt Ohern l A S Oil, or sale b SltALI. & tllttIWN. ialt 9 i ioacr zilne rI --O Iili boxes (iOlldlls' Aed :tohnill'a No. I Soap in sorle for sas leby JT1 'I.\Y'It &c Cii, fel 71 I'yalnos 0t 1 o Ip , o 8b Illaa tllllllr l silk U mrlla large sizes, rilllh clli1 Mersey, sitdl 1l; oala ty I BlltiDttL: ,N. co, io d13 1:1 .9l1as .ioe ot AY-s-111 406 Itu les llao, 21111 lbarrels polI e., IhOI 211 M loot litnber, laLtliIg crlml shilp lollver iag and for salet by LEVI II i 1.1i, j.ll boxe" ,ap. Seatam'sb hto, ts. I ae j clp to c U iship it',bianlr , e ale i_ jalvi 5t,1 I.& tlltuWN,96 iMagazine 't Iar (JI.Et APl'lLE CIIhhee bi i.tllbcll I1tiler, tfor 1It ` sale ASl & .tAltSIf'O\l , ItIe ial ' 7 llank I'laee pee. 511 ,ll. lhnt.lit: l LiltsO! d i t)t, bne Ill cobasks Dulch Linseed oil, fiCr ale hv J.\itVI & AND IRIEWS, Wltolecile DUrnggi Is, evet j2t ccr Ccmtt,'tl &hT' hC,,i..ul, 1Ist BRALDNERS. A IEAUTIIUI. hanrd oflnir is the ernnlstr orna a eant helonging to the human hrame. Ilow atranae ly the Ioalanl itn eg|lln'El io ati oulltance, and pronno rnrely I.ringa on tlee oppearane of old 01eg, whih e u sea nmany to reeoil at hPinle tt o , anrind somntimea even In shni aniiey to navoid tile lePta And sneer of their nequni.tannP tile tniiinlder or If tlr lives are cll sr.qne ntly spent in retilon ent. In short, l ino t evn tile oInoif rorlnpertv fills dthe enernmls ithnking vnthi withi flint nonvv sinkilnig inn as Ineo the; Inos of ;io hnir. To at ret ll these onplean #ii ticeitnstannen , Olrddilone' nal. of Coltmtlla olop the nhir fron fallin ofl',in the firtnapliention, and ofew hottles restoren it anain. It likrwate proaluces eyvhrowt and whiskers; prevents tile iair from lotnroine rivn, makea it earl hlnitifullv, and rrpee it frotam eenllrf. Niorntn cerrili'ntnao"l Inh filns emiaectn tifiitv in suplport of tile virtnes of Oldridgej. Iahul, nare liown hi tIhe proprietor. IIW Rend tihe fllowing: Iloaert 1lVhnrtotn, Esq. Into Alavor of P'til vlIolp haln eartlifei ntnny h see below, it thelhgh chlrn tar rt lie fitllnwine "'ntlemetn. TIe ndllrriened oIn boret v certifv lthat l have used the Iaiin of ultlmbhia dli-.cered i i J.fldridgae and have fenad it hi'hlV terviiCnlile not only an1 prnmventive aneninst the falling ff tofI hir, hut alm, a eertan rester Wv lln. 1, 'tIl TH 1IfIE.n .R, Senior, Moeliodist Minister in St (:eorCrg clnre. No ii6 North Fifth st. JOHN P INGLI.S,321. streel. JOHN D 'Il'HOI AS, Al D, 163 lInrest JOHN S FIIFV I i Slruceo strele. IIUl0 fle 'CUlII.r213 llntli.hI a t. JOHN, GAlRl, Jr, 153 Arch street. It in known that thlre of the a . ignen are nlor. thian 5 years onf ap, and tile others nnot les than 30. [Fron the i'avor.] CUnllllm welth of P n.tPvlrnnin, Ci'y if l'hilhldlllphil. ¶ 1, Rliobert Whairton. Ma or of aid ciity of I'hiliide. phi, lJI ligereiv Jeritv Ihti a I ilnt noell belalin elI wilth Aeh'srs J I' Ingli., Jll.,i Fuires, nnd Ilulh 11 Cidh, lihose nimes nre sianed In the nlove earliienite ,tllit they are grolltlen n itf charnter and reslpectnhility and as alnh full credit sholum be Igiven to tfie said certiiincte. In witnets whareof I haive hereunto set my Ilndl alI usel Ilhe sent oldlhe city to i aflxed, this (tilh day of lintntilmar, &e. L. S.7 F li't r WIIARIITiON, lvrr. OlF Ilti E that each Ilttle ofthe fliinlie Iollnm has a nsaihtlid enraved wra.iper, on whichl is s eprceentoe tile fall rfNoirlglt ae Soll' .holes"n andl rtlInil .v file sru anent, fir Anl rilr. o Flethet sltreet, i nit r 1lidei n inlane, onle ti n hel : Pearl Atrer+tnll by most drunihallnnd perfltnurs t' nghIl Icountry. JAIIVIS &. ANDIRIEWVS, ma9 Wlholenale Anents, 'ew i Orleano. N ORRIS & Co. NI. 311 inha-lrsa alteI, c e ra ow L n receiving alnd peltinig the ntal 'plgrtlld, so allatial and lashionalble stickl i' Cloth nl they have ever exhiloitd in tih inarke, eno,sisoinl in Plrlt of the followint articles: blue, blne llnck, j t blunlc, london lbrownl, ilt.ol, live, lillonn asnitnk and lilden. olive fr ek nlid d res contet heaver, stable find barrinr toln Iro k 'oat, el l igantly firn;as* edl; fancy and plain bliack mas-initiere and chth lpantalons.a.i enhll anid frenclh Iicy nalnd pdli sik aid salnon vests; real new market colforts; englisal anld Irelnch faioncy and plain s anrls and haklI; chnloilmn , silks-web and gllin-elien in sus penders; llchantir, nlatino, lamb's wool, we slh fnla nel, silk and cotton nii shlerrs and drawersn; line linin and ciln n ihirts, with li inh oim.r , plain ad nd ruWil d; vlary pearl and plain handle silk uim. hn relloas; "lGratf'"'' premiml Gloves--ilSin, a l hi-allifutl nnt lle of a hite kild, for weddin as, ball., &. &c.; Srilcftilld silk anid randnoa hdkfs; plain, d i lu and il emroolered Ca.rllt l ri doill ; si k, lumb'Il r: woolt sn i in, o ermanalnl, Ol d rwn and wthlite r c htall lhose; .all of whilh lhpv after ltiw for callh,or to pun iul co-illllrs a Ue ol Nov. I TAGINIIERS LIQl'I) ODI),:NTI A.--is S been 1 ,.1 g used. btl here and i the llnorlh x"' with uniform s. . f I o r clennaing nd wltlenin g I the teollh, iand prevenlttn the inu ltche; I)reservinga Ste gons, pr lyino. th brealh , nod reltV n o Inmo ,.d e l ii to h illh io ii omh in htable n e .thler the ni a is fr infanlt -Oi e tea ln ol'nf ., ni e in wine1. it' ghlte hll of por.. wavter. and e ,,p, le I to the Iit(ih s t llll llll manol . with a brs l wl l i lfectually pr. v .il scurvy, and warl off that . x. rut. uting poin, o Prepared only Iy T F. \Vng, , Sur on.e Den, t" tist tl J Iifferson l'ullre e, Ol d otli wholhstal, and retll by C It E. ON & ( o, 11 Cianla . fre l,.- no.. n . la for .lt, n ea t r' lllelntin. SADIERY ARAIE.-The subscribers, mc nu. I ecurers audpthoIleale de'aers il a'ddlery g, ds, are nol . receiving by lite arrivals from the n rilh Io additt IIt to their loriter it cek, an exnte - slve usrtllment of articles In their line, among which are the fiolowingi vie t Ladios and misseao pldin and quilted saddles, toeltle'i1en's do Spanish do do do Mexican do Mrs do do Creole do 0 no do Amer. do i Amer do do English do Y utlt's d Spicllsh dr do do reoole do . S Ametr. and Eng. brdlesa and bridle noluntllge, roadt do do nmrtingalce Plated, brass, and japanned coach harness, do do do g'g and sulkeo do 5' do do do Uarouchle do Dray, enrt and wagon do Saddle bags, double ands.ngle; valies; medi cal sadulo bags, Bruss. Is carpet bags; best iron frame inlan leather Iluo trunks, Ilass noiled; leather boot t'p Frao do, aoureard sizes nold vearios styles; Itsters and asiif pteel bellm; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and planters crp whrip: nouol, worsttd, cotton and leather ito girths and sursingles; stirrup Inleaers; tindak 'li straps and worsted rein web; chain and lok It' nnmers; blind bridles end lines; S otch colla's, s ter and burseiand mule collars,atl all qualitits;tiu. roeci, buck, bear.sheep alid bulflalo skiins; plated lore brass and steel bridle bits if ev ry description, 'I plated, brass and steel spurs al every descriptuiot; Slu plated, rass slid steel stirrups ul' every descrips wao 'l'ogetlger with a complele assortmenlt f everyof aticle rn their lieof businies-all of which they ao ofler for sale on accontmiouttlng terms. They will also continue to r' ceive llroulgh the 3' year, by pockets fromt New York, Ireh asupplt as to keep their stock ample nidl complete. stilt KOUIEs, DAl\ IDON & co, ter 1O 1S C.[tal at. liESll G;ARDEN JEED--T'he asu hcer,,r F begs to express his graleful thanks tu the putl. a st I c, lor the liberal support he has aeceived since hi and I l commenced busianes In tills city, Bnlllg sole pro, o 1. prietlr of the seed store, 17 Commllon tret1, lhe i o nt and never was agent or any nllortlern seed Svenlder; iteither is he collneced tills anv hlotue in I. tint couitrt- but ie assures tihe ptb. l l lIe tt Is Is c nI ctio ll ntllIi ei ery detptlitl o III II e seed i ' oal II i i.s UI hlle dllellut colluiles of Europe iare equal Ir to lho t li ally hletuse to ltoe lniter nlalte 1I. fI .I' l ,rdts a ' eds, planlt, &c. from the mlost fxt ie +tie it. and respecb.e nurscries and see le allOn n Feeru , is .IIlad, J Eiglani,l Sco land, nld tile oU there taiten"--alid it will at all Itines btie his iinrers , as it is his sludyt, to reteivel, to addi ito to bl prs alem - t k. large ar.ivall ol every de triptittI re ally tile grot utit f 1838; also, etngrafted tril ire , at o ll klod'. 'I'Tle publle may rely on finding a lull as sortment of every rticle in utie re i d 1111,ol genus ti" qtIlity, and ItIported dircLn by it WWin. DINN. [ RltiltttORNAt.tAiEN'IS -Rreand ileuttlul curltalleieS, hler s;l onuly b) Rees& t 'lIatlge, and t Ponh' .lsluseiiom. rt All ih it olrna" e:lllr s Ct nsist ."ft thle mlnt spflen did a; eilleus l orthinnlogy Ilollt Europe, .Isl , r- AricI, ,1 ,o ulr oan oll ullotry. i AIpp oit'd notes at Gl days will lie taken oI n Ip ) APt'ICI! PAI'PRR--.l.t recoited at .t CitIrtres at L ' ui nO. teills Ilanlldy illn letter lpaper, hiu &ter white a Itl " Illibb D 's do do do deo oil i IudlllSon do do do do 5110" " ine & sulpelfitle cup hlu'ti &i whit,., at I'art of lthe abl ve are plain anll d ;eUt rule 1, tg thler with a gold lasortel t of lrlge wrnlill papers, ullL as n oliotl post, idetly, medium, otal antld slter royal, blue ntd h 't', tor sale on aecommdaling teIrlr a, by ver I)DVI FIL'L'T Co, NN t' lntiouera 11l11, ja28 :4 Chl.trine- st I st PEti Candlles--itll) boxes iNe itor, j no, j re eeon. eive a.d nor sale by SI11.\L BRit)\N., d10 96 ~uingaznle t nr ,EP, It:lCl-01) bag in situe, ontl fur rsule . for _ jli8 J IIIt'AYEI & :o,7'I, I7,ylers ot 115O l 1 .'-Pione-niou tall be hgiven nu:oedtinal,. I That lesirahle, said ell llnislhd dnelling Ihtue, now ill emplet irder, at tilhe cornelr olf (.'iamii iud Julia arieth. 1t plv Ot thieee t i e, not I u \ PILlTCIIt ntd& Jt ItAGER' ItJr. 1.f.i l'uytleri: &.ioollczin'r t ativi,'.310 hones Bortsr No. I Cnajp toding ftnr bhip ai te .dait , and for lra, by 5rt' ; .r 3J P WttCT'i. : , s Coap at V ALUAIILE BInlKS-Junt receivedl all iouiLnciof 'Ji stalnodartl and vaulbtu Ilobuln., clnhefly London - edilions. 16.00 The Diadem, with superb plates, 30 k BIletie of Byron, or lo doales d IByron, splendid li. I plntoe, 2h do Byron lllustrate', do do )00 d Scott's landcaple illuetration', piItea. o do t oeckendloe's Alps, ize t, Roscoe's Wales. ru' 'T obleansx p.r Ginherv fltri tilt Aniaste, all sp'eoodidl engravingn artist Life of Johhn lvlytt, with 'cloredl poartng pllats; la Latin old l1rebk 'Cloasieul iibrary, in English, andy Liv-, Ticitus, X loophon &c.,. rln Bvroa's works, London pocket edition, nc., Sloakpelrr, L ,ondonl diaonnd edlition, by Ilngg'r, Ilh.a ttrick Slhcnerd'o, tale-, AikeIl' British IooCt, The Spetantor, 6 rods, in It1no, elcctoni tflro ol B oritiso d-ts l, .-Lt P Ct(,l¥ silieS of Ion O'IlT oaeli, Mlroll's aIife tof- kV.higtogu. I t ol. loan,, s With a vinietviiofotolndodl Annalo nd olooak of at Att, in handsolie bindigs.'.to JO,, F. JOINS & , I'oi foe aor St Chlrles Ind CllOlo to andil L3 I auel Weloster en, Felt's hrg o barrelpen cf Congraes large la P'erry's ilat pr g do non do In do II, 3d lit do hIdt Windel's lalis do Id ,luuile patent was o iiperill Double lailel do pLa (Gillo's hbr et do do Naliulai do to fi And (odlot's (o'olonlcr.inl, ltr sole at It A VID FEI'I T & C, r oi Chartrlesot, pen n Gfr)6 N I RltiN -o illsa Il ein e n 16 0 11 g at lls J le ln sae s- +n I liu "I A 1 1 O T A G . e I t e r " fi--i'w 67 U'ravler st lter, GL L\S--tl IbaerO in .oIoe far salt l, ' fl r r II \1.1. 4 Illl(l .fcom ,i in toi lresin t iat - rot0 tient to-nlf tnooiaeho ed ondloon nenied hioot Iol Msnrsi. Kelly, Ilierrin Co. P'ossssion gAl t l llt. an on tiels l -et Iebronon--alyo Io mIlli Pi \w t IPiout 'Civ AIto '. JO "rIty I.ITc J R, itri jknole6 .... anid hr e ,% er1 f & i ptrihu I IcE MORRIIOIDS. _IqAY'S LINIMENT-.No Fictin. Thtis er, ly :I a traeorltdary cl onical compollition, ther resalt of sciance, and the inveation i, l a clobattld ai n cul lan, the nt't . in l d t of tich to thil pub i t l itl I was icveostod li: 'lie eoloiinty of a doI atlnl d d blequnst, lhas inc- gIinid a repulattion nl u anralleled, nili flly a rstaiiing lhe curreLotess of tiles IOentld its n Dr rillcy's elart ornfesion, tihat " o dnard lot int 'I die without giving to posterily the benefit of hisi Int knoRledge oil this snbjAct,"r and lie tslerofol 1pil' bI Coqn earled to hlis ftind anl d attendatn Solomon n .; l Haye, lthe secret of hlis discovery. ts It is now used in the princilal hosliitls, and nteo ithe privat npractice in our country, first annor l slon o d oE eerlainlvy fLr tile cllrn at' tnhe Plis, and so 'de xlen ,aiarn sively and ectlltuallly ts to baItll credulity, bun!le.; Il whern its effects ;re nituooasod Eixterniloly in tits ol it following oinoplhlinttn oi e is For Dropsy--Crating extraorlionary absorpton ers at Oaone. All Swellings-reducilng too.n in a few iours. Ico Rlounmaotinsm-Aeute or Chronic, giving quick ile w ease. Ill, SorE TLroat--By Cancers, Ulcers or ColTns. the y Cronup lid WlloopIng CugBil-Exterally, and n fitl f over the ioCl, l. nlllon ot All Bruno.o., Sprains, and Baurns-Curing in a et, SI few hIours.oi tl , ores andl Ulcers-Wlelther fresh or long oto standtng, and flover ores. io Ita oier io.ions uoo n ats nldl e achildro .n in roduc I)00 Sing rtheuaaltole swellings, ni d llo enaioig col oIg l d e L 0 tightneas of the chest ty lelaxat.ion of the parts, I d bhas been sarprieng bIayond conoeption. Tihe ca eoaion renark of theisb wle have used it in thle 1 .ft Piles, is " It acts Lilke acbarmn." scr T IlE PILS EM--'flle Irico, j1 is rcounded to any 00 person who will use a bottle of Hay's Linilent Oil for the Piles, and return the empty bottle without o being curd. Thease are the positive orders of tle Is, prolietr to tile Agents; and out of many thou.1 S lsands sold, not one has b.en uAnuceesful. r i \V, aight linset aearttleatt Itoo any llngtll, but I teIprefer that Illosl who sell the article, shoulld ox- I on oir ihi lthe original to parchaaers. I pl CAUTION-- None can be genuine wihout a r a'sI splendidno, r Icd wralper, on ohichin in 007y naonno, hb and also ation of th e Agelnts. i ,lo Sl SOLOMON HAYS. it cg Sold wholesale and retail, by COlI'I'OCK A& 5T Og Coa, New York, and by one Druggist in everyb, t onla-in ath Uionll. I no SFor sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of S 'olaoon & 'tCilnotlllelal street, slid by ile is Apo ul ll ,oearicS generally I it. c t 00, ANNUIALS AND ALcMANACS , Fio ll3n. at. ``P.l'NItID lonolo,, Aio~olont-,-'tthe I.ook of litoy ntvaly llro loerb cnl itoimcs; Filllll'a ITableaux, Uad ad lltnllrv of l:i i~irs lnrawicoo lRioo Sktht itol k; licanuies IClolalllloO,- l di 000 ltll oono oom.oaS n Wa verlc Ket eiscke,--lhe loiperI no J~llllllls III'Hlrnai A 0000001: ; c`.Iritanlr.t \ llllal; ltmillllt Anu uall be Finli lsliilotOt Ilfertilng - Fishr 's J nllv nih. akrtel o lll nk; on r u nlgtll dll ir's ald vtllllp ,elllltlallen's Annual i a Alaric, A `Veit;i *throlonetl Taleo . ot American Atnuals.o . Tho Tokcn end Atlantic ouvenn r;c The' ViollPet Tho(ifl;i Mrs Gilnmao's.lnnual tei.oiar & lnusleaaile Alumnla. American Almanae & RepCsitoialy ofnUseol Knowledge Illlot' s Nanlical .\hl annc; .. EJAhiio & C a. lluioianll Alnonae; SCrockrlt t-Colmic--erlil n Allllllu , OStewart's lin;ry for 1831, colllaining al blanlk nlm0 raudaaa for every'doy ul Ii,. ,olr. P: IOiINS & Co., corner of St Charles anld COlllon sts. a 005w Cio it FRAN.LIN INFIRMARY.- a frlAI1, publi. are r,+pectfulv hf;tolnted lthat Itll "I, la 'n1| 1 atltt ,, o -i ereted on lto Iulnat il prllael plnll, Int t lin i ooIta'piry ii It oa tdth'latbie Shunltl itti tithe At iatit 'ut) Ftrullklin'; Upon ithe ritll + Idlimlle ile flt+Otl die Mdissis Te i lh ilding 11ar_"e a' I mo~te.nm odious1ivlivided al' tl ilto napartmenlllt , foir kioptnlt separatett ditl'enllt classes, cord ull : tf'Iere t disent,:s. Ils+, IThe insatilt itla in tu ptl i" wathl i a o t otle al t killat a nd attentive 11aile an11d (.etntle. anises.% fid speakillg tle va Sou ritos aaaerll aaal ates. a gta Sa Irivate rolms a .oyv be hlad i y entlemen lat five dol Ian Itar pe r dN y, inclitall atltella: lnt.i .c. 'iers in ter or iinry wtardhla,to doltara per day. Slatve alto itw dollTur. S.ill lPox a'the ordinary wars, fiver doullars. All claital iurartal olleratltiot extr. - T'Ie re-id'na phsitian is I)r \\'edde i an, o ,whom applicatioa for ndrlliaslmon ntst be modl, i or to lir t A Lueiahberg, No I Ionmpart street. alill) IV+ l (11001 ;l titttloMK-titik booti, paitr tifall kinds S illk, q(ll ; I mn all /I e' "l iso rtltllltf Illll b ok aiitatle for coullltry lertr o ts e n i the b1111 ol n i tatats itt A. TollILR'S 2 lohikslitcre, I.1 tiIaip at ( C '1tr i ll ab . Ihlli nll:t E ot- dat n a ti l it lie , a s piettitr aiiti . lettiei .oall aind eXalaittlltrtio aune. and Jewelry cirulllll y reuairedl, cad iararttlid; tcltaget a Sdl--a7-t. I nrl pr,,; i, ,Y + S I' hr W .+lh. ith ; l 'l e & 1 t ot I ja t) CII.3lttI.tN & :CI ttlti, ., Julia t I cal tl t slittn li aitrv edil.aoi s llta -ecat oL and j vattluall woirL k oru- -ale Ir Iihe sti ubitiel: F S i co1si to.(i IIdF '.Lts It l rkl oi" (Vii |Il fuller, vr, ill .I llF, S1 t h SllW dedv i hnlnal- att ltll,t 6 Vot, it, h ft.b iry. i - : a v l a, do, !.lhtlllllunlll &- lFlet, ht,-r,14 eI- els, do (tll.n' . Il - l'1 ,.. ". 0 Iltoln r a:, 3 v, Is. w ith , arc lt f hi. lifr m by Ve i. y \I. e I nd l andie; ii 1 a t 1 t. moiti. ' X th , I t , , ,lit Fir f wl.ti i. lira tistiult .,1| In allt tul, tm t h Iti nla v , t Itanrare cotllet i n of , tlli- si lut eliltini scurta worka. 11' NI ' ttlll AN Ia I U l - I, It tt il.IIIittI ,i"tii lia t It); Im , i b ItAtplIIN & Jttiit ? It, In t d tX t d t: e, bra .l attoi \h'lrti-' Ili:s IIo; cu5it slaiaJlldoaita in cortt. I a (1[" a t ,erst P ' raItOst lofcase ill tl upelll, ClteIit 1111 I \NI'ilstllll lltttOll, ittew a edt l, fecived by Po ll tr IIt rtrt haia idrI Mno-f :ROWN t Ie w at an t an surt ,ent at the ottt lrit ,l L n e fed cal a 5 I JIIIINS & Co.tll ja17 Pop Conllnltln , Yt ('h,,lr'cs -Is inl t 11 B ,I".S, 6.' Pol, tr mad ent plled Ino delb.........,,,rald- byv ,' [r.uo,,.'o\,Ilh &. on ,;r , 11\ &. I tlliO\1'\. "". .,+ga i r+ r SJAIN'I'SLULLS, itiASS, ItiUtIIIES, L& Sintling lIrln Ititlp i.ljtnsitutiont, atnd ftr s1thii-t'lt 16.000 I; t1fginc, Ibest ttulltlitt, Fruntlt OIlI tZI!Mi;; F 31t0 kegs Wit.t lend, p.tlie; ;d1 doi greetl Iillt, ill 2J liiir kesn 24 Ito c ttintt ind fmrsigti ei";tIIIIli.. itg( i eoi ly 26 noz tiri'tlii1 (0000) groutnd tnruste- nile f11o1iO tIn St 1)011 do; .cnL.nC erolne green in powdel3e, siterior articlet aus o it t i t.r; Ist large doortel6Jpt OFssash tools (if fevelry e brushes for hieeneCLnt ' artiles co lo rs in o t ready Iire- pr , pared, iu boxes, itled p".itlt all inecesi.ry bl·lr, itl; t, artist's tools, c. rt. l' ake and tlmnity whte;' GO rocks gold leaf; white tnd yellow watx; nlllsl nlrlti.:; oll a Il htre a.ld clloice a.. by ylJNIiEIfI.II t20 .0Cttnlp ti. t t U Ii--' r.t. 1'L ,'. in .EIW' EDITIO.V OP Till;' CIVIL CODE 01 "Il LO sl.."I.h. . 1. S1T hIltas been for soe tinll m:dl knowll Ito tile public Stllat tile salbcri.+rc are enlcu,,d in ire1ring forsn hd To'hlv wIr. Iton rilirt, nw rue1 thile are+t difficulty in lll re lltl i lun Ilttl dill uI l ll llil:llinOll tIe work, r1oitd ilt was not itt lltt greret esi ti, that they co enl =ted t t undertaki. But thi e l resent 14ition, nerhalllli to bou t the e thousand pic`f , niat which at ad clst thile StlallaI IRth tllthirety tllltid llill a tl Io f 1 was entirely out oh )hPint. uor mort.i Iiti.ti wo vears h past, the usual p ice. of o 111e work hs bean front tire p It in system ofn wiritten rules wnith r rn imltt b t ,v itp rllls pn t illll eve1ry iludiltll ,te Ir ltllite tilu illter-tcll I if hler in atiteuroll r lo ot llllr ul i , n o er llt ,me 0h, displlositioni oIf e ll tmcth pr)pti rly Olllilg t t in uttlr I oIler sates t the tIuit ke ll, an uv (1 lther tel i llis U lV, law--it is is iuc:h tihe it'xilo e In"d ua m1 o fle i th lnttrtchlt ni the it plter, n, it is of the pr ite pull, tIaen ublln i the)orfol.imil a tdvoteliR te l it'r e ltwi ern t , t he ljt iig ates, and iit rl d lrtiti i t' .hfu filld a imart r their h rodtll: 'e in I tollihian ll av hr . fl'e-i l llt Ite. .i ly I" reftl'ell re to the i:L Itte nd iiltke it tnt thil u intn.eule re(e;n1re to their libraries; tae in tlhet cit of Nett ()rlettt tlhe Is tk ith as ue o o. L a titi)intt il lie illerl'hnln's oulltillg room, is tII).p hle desk of the tju~dge', or the table othtto+rnley. Itis netoet slorprieg ilreli)re thlat ln e first ePlitionll o he work wIO sou qnliek ly disp Josed or; aId alhho tgh a t erte reprintl l f it wouli v o wr he h,+ itmper:ect and unl;lacstetrrv unlee a'nn;notated Pill' Ia:le t tle ' IIuIII',I on till lllloll trlts W i : Ic IItF Iho e l, mIa~lde Iby ills inhtutllr', Illd tIhe, illlpornllllt dPcisliolls its oi'lcles bv tile Suptlreuo CIoIIurt profe.ssiona: services of %\llet-lock S Upton, I':q. a I Ill. +heroi thle New . Orleitns Her. rile Ib(,,. JudeI . Baulhirll, Jud-e Ilernnllclet, nitd Iton (ieorgs Ell lrs,;, hove inch kindlyv a.-intedl 3Itr Uptn with the. valuable Itolte whlic·h they.• have colleeld ill the course el tleir i Stlldies4 allnd Irartice;.Itd to 3Ir N It .letlllrn llnu IthI rp p rt iu,.r iii Mr 1I ; ptoo whlu i-s also en-,zaged inl the wolrk, jro e S tl.;trawi fll·, h;,, |la. presented the great ilr aR (if 1Icf ro,,.I. outail:d In his copy of the erude, anal which naV" been lalde by hmltdnl lll'gilg lhe whole.2 Aerial el his dis:inmuished prmir ,ioulHlal hlab rs. h 'ldh{ hliSia w al e e rtll , f that indtctre and habour, uni-ted by i ' ar.tteri " a Pxp r i,o., w r an .+rl) In. Inl s r l. 'm io f lor th ths rp tllpr p tl ll lll i hit, mel.itV i 'athte t. th t[ l r I ll " piirtore iof U i-inol In ., h nth.orizt"ý t lt,- , u v e r o r to o r d . i ll line. ;r s t oi e s : o f l i f f it t ill I ( ten l . iii Ile Statllte. TJht r L h ecwills whil). this editors w hiv'h il is ho I'tl in not "vhl lV on. served l. The work will be p tllhl d in French stll I'nl;.mgh, fifteen dollars--fiv dollurs to he paid at the time of subL scrilbing •I' m stthqrriottlo lists once elosed, the store price i wil be tweu Ydollrs per cop y . I ... t ._ - --. MpIENS , CO. pul'_Lisher... ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, in cas Fion rEER. AnD i :E. 0n puo . rEr N years have not yet cllaped since it was Ea 1 irTt regularly submitted to the public; but it his attained the highest reputationt and has sup. tb :". planted every other Medicine for the Agne, whoerv. &ahxe or it has been known and appreciated. Already & ýex has it been carried inl every direction throughout nOU the United States, and still realizes more than could I all oth have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. mode Tllousands of persons hIvo not only been relieved, ple.n: but rectored to helttih and vigor through its agen. or nco cv; ann they now chlcerfully testify, at every op- i wtnt portunity, to its de. idet and supreme efficty. : to be is composed of such miodlltinal principles as are vatlta calculatel to renew the healthy action of the stom- IAto acll, liver, and other imporotanet dirgetive organs, 0.1tr the loss of whicil taonitry is the i tmmediate cause Fo of the disease. It is apparent also, that it protdu cos en rlltir ehtanrge ill Lthie co tlion of tile tystelll, and certainly destroys th nattive liability to relap* i soea of the artffction. WhVenl the Ague is attendled FPro with ally other ertttplaint tie empoynlent ol tire F 'L'ouie lixtu'o will not interlfere withll tie treat.1.4 rient of the other dli.eese, but wi:l .even .ffortBas. ttiteal ststance by furnishing strength and vigor to the tearl body during the course of treatment. These who titr e nke e us of this mredicine may. be sured Ithat i n,) there is no Arsieni, Barks, Mercury, or any other ille article in its colposition unfriendi'y to tihe hman bile conlslitution;ll teinig entirely a vegetable extlrct; p.tete and they may have addittonal confidence in the 'iA ) t'se thereuf, when they perecive tlat it nhas tile ef- tihro litet of a geont's lxative about the tine half a bhot.- rri ile fuoil has been taken-in consaqttuene of which, erean 'there is no part of the medicine left to linger in )rtrnpl tihe bowels to caurs obstrurctione, and other evils, t Ot rrising firom tie u-e of many of the remedies now no,0 ,fflired for the cure of this affection. It has been tiel used also as a preventive, by many who were sub. ein ject to a periodiical recurrence of the Chills, and it hiho tros tetarirably warded oit'the apprehendced anttic.. I Obserre! IThe Proprietor, fuilly satislied with the Ci ,ntparalleled and universal success which has con. crnve stantly attended it punctlual and regular use o'f the I.Es Tunic Mixture, in sll cases of Fever and Ague, FI ntels warranted in engaging to refund the price to 'Lio ali those who have taketn he medicine in strict ae. post cordance with tihe prescribed directions, without one atrong been perfectly anod lastingly cured, ca T e subscriber. are the whlesalo agents for the South Western States, and have now on haon six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the manufletored prices JAIlr\'IS & ANIItEW1VS, Wholesale l)riugilst, nove 7 enr Collollnt l Tiehontioulus street. ORDERS Rit::IVllt FtlOR Jo.YES' :.4 T:.'VT COTTO.,'1.Y,, ye Jytle Patentee, No. 53 Magazine street, N New rleat sivl ROERT HOt & GCU. d SCaLE OF PRICES--Double Grns. nc For n double Gin of Ot saws or mnoe o ti each noititderl, niaking 160ll wsin tile standt plt witl feeder; , btndls, &. at 6f piesanw, or $t9e 0 0 se For a ul le il of t isa ovs tto a eylinderte, tn ie or tnit saws inl th' st.d, feeders, &c. a tot *t pelr sa, or 70 tilt i7 cs Fior do. ofleratco en dn or I saws inc a ci staled, tetit r 27 p ter s eaw, or 5titl 0 i ui 1 ' r For' . lti ,, , of aatt t o lln 01o o li saws iln s , stand, ret G. S1tl lCs '9\1 (or • 6U 'ill " or a sinl.le yin of S'O saws or more, with wt of t'tedrs, t.itin, &c. at {.ti per i FI, f . of 6r saws, withleeders, & at $6 t A SFor do. nf o shws, with tfeders, c&e. $f I ri tibitst, 3tIl O t1 n F rt do. t aw{ bsw with tieders, &e. 6? 7 i pr sawi i t .in rlt t tl itolelt rf Isns. i )1er itt rio l" tcer- e n setrd howeltrT, will 'wear o11 two or thre sets o1l I Tl l in m', ereI , w il b: delivered in thle age nts ,i ptlters It titet sea port townt itt tihe cottot ll..t Son S as. orbit ite sit rt e pTriesI tingegrs pS Inthe " ...,lhie fo I lhe amou.o t o the (;in. A (in .right a Suill he sent witIt iltt. trilf In 1i~t thelritlll where de g i l i iri te. t on n r",'tlnnin geirt'rtn ealsohe orlerel eni e ilrd, ride , .t sreuln hll c tertu ', 1.111 tt ll It, c tuill hee u n :tl. Ilors, p ttwert r" L'r.stltl;til, caO te iturrulsred oli r hit is tern, Shall steal cogines cann also be ordered if de It si esirl:nlh, whern Ilaters .ive orders for Gins, 1i of t i sh-uld actkll eronpan thell wotith their views tL t.og rl i'- e til" "r. uttl neoloi soes, h.retlsr , ht httern,' &S. It reitenttdo is t It Ilibrih, optinion. Sonoutesire do witoo i:.:. r dit tel,n r thi-. others. The must cntniU n sin, i. 1r tI i cs es t, t so icI wI rtIheItnI ti11Che.. Soluor Prf l)ucI'ti W5 o• 6 rows i: in. s ll anll Hll, wIllile Ollls1'. do i rone tllt mUre tht;ui tr notlt. Satore wlsh sTrs ; itll "U teeth toe the in h , wltit others wait itor eit. n ull a n h dtcu e ieb th we -elrto er thley shouln , :,t o the ti ni e ol'glrillt ol'oteln, Itllteish a Saltenlr tt of thu irt Aa wishes aeldlh llhe 1ll.llltl l'llllt'l·' caII IliI thirln ill etol Sarto lu., \mtheti e it is t I tl' to oorti isere rior, ie dhli ks Them on the most inMdrt and api nedi pltn.| t.}, e 0111n Eldr un h t.nel,utld ,olllle o ot tilte it is rre itl, rI o hn ate pcini iht torinioe nook, innd tile .;in in trior i' oa n p t(iii r tu oi t hee i sctf IteftI r. .rTo eo ih l titnI i1 f hr th t c e, tirt:dl orders onht trie iii r ltoe hatns e t ,i . tAlima nin. i tilm the y ilt. haintt ill ct ntttiet iirg ii N IS. The itr'ot ihin tt. ftrint i o -of tihe a oee n it i 2t ' .r 1'.!., wi It h coldt rtr toe<.usrtt,lc utoltr. IfO-----tS'S --- Cos el IE - CINI. IIO\'SS Cnompnlnd I:tlta of Copbiho asd Sao T I ill -- A r ll, nis a ncstt lll rellle ly ever llbtn ootel fill n. thi l, 'e of (lllll lhll .lets, d weaknless, aiiectilons of the kidnies, gr.avel scorbhtic etqtion, &foe. l te ntlouetinl of a medicine possessing the usefu and active virtue of thinee now oil'ered to the public, tile proprietor has but to reClr to thfe numerous recou lelllations received iol the mnlost emlilnnt of Ite oie doil fsculty in Elope, beliitg lihat it twill be dlly appreciated when iis merits are icl'e flll) kowono.l. The flhLom, of CpaibIa. so \itsivlt h l rd, hioa lost leet h o its ctelit Ionm, trill- like hirl: p jlirllt, tololnr lol' expr'ciis itI ofo'o., its disgrec ll! tkstio oott') otog In lof illloltci i ltle te h fl rnl ] thi e llilnll Itol t stIlOage. oT f •I "o I.l hI IIm d1 1 ti iI th'ly +"l of l te ilau, enlll II1It' i to lg that thle ore iativequll itieswolttltherehy b.e imih '1 mOere rutillI llu t lt, ald mn oe u lle admllll iniste lt.l' ll al l',iistlet which rle ie t huces ighetn rIlte orent sr the of tie abovie dlis lat tl. The ost emi ot shsllllihn. 1ai lt d ruge tse cf c o I on of this plptaaliy tlriol il.ieSesl o Ih llnocy of the oileier, t1odulilng n tolitipetl tru t ltt-t ii m sAH S lmng th most FRo +itStie o poosot gIoiit the ame t.ine the l ll tllte o its Ii t'h oftl eao Veit s.e. fh m st n lrniue1 tphy1 iciamni ,, si urgeos t' tepresll epr si e t delllrol ked ahlil dtill u. I nl illd st ill 0 i i 4v r extot e. Inft was l ri-t Su roliedy to lithi, wolt ohe l aleul D A tr'lhy iti ofl Wisegfroi itl ifsot rdred syte ootol ry otoolhere ctiris. th ir lils atis etioni o1" its eXtl..lletillrlly etficacy- ill evt'l' . Sasot usnder thier hlorge, bhiy u1toI llg it bouht inl tiil plUllic ind privit.l 1lA.lI. Teir tiot, r'I 00 i 0,11 ill h ito1ered Iereoifer. wrthpartod rt1 n If shot, Jf llet li' t Lovudlos. Price $1 50 er lllt. n TESTIMIONIALS. F'om A H Salmo ll,, Est, Fit i', Si.ogeon to the S'u i m losws Hoiinl,, at I.eouler 'o A nlItol'y. t pi ivedI s highly t' llIIIC e F · that I do i tllt ll-lhi h It I I I iuotflsiig it o .e of toe mo, t valuable ,±n eic:lfiinus i re olli. rser offeredt lotpl, t ione C, liiel i, hlr - n e x p e ri t'he e , I cau l p lac . e v e ryv t~r li h n we , al l lst it ,ill,(h9 no li ttllh.e tile til1 lllaOttfolnlt lltillOls unlulllI ex pIrit'oeo llt "o eoofiibh. ornl GI IfI IsyIwaltll, 1 I C 5, Phisioias to thi St .-;,I t'llllll,,o D)ispensory. Ilrkco goret pllesure in alldliog Iny testlnotlvY toil ' h oiphole otty-.vits of yotur tpopaonl tio hilllnlyoul ttle lahba o expenosoe ineurfIed i on bining'i it to suci eoIn toFro.t \1 U Copoer, F It S, Suogeon to Gu)'s ff's T h e m oll f , su re r .s w h ic h 1 is as ele m le d thk e. a in ic t jl-ill- oIr idiein;ong my pfi tit uts anltl o wiolt . ; f,,,oove diSoto:o , hs i: f tlly atified lle tha1t it lilts oltly yoit; luabl prlat tilt,' iFrn Sir, A (;corer, F ItS P C.S, E./e. ke. c...II s iof vdioi'.nt I.Io,'i..o . Illici hall hisho rto b:tlllt , I ''"d every prc rip l ll coil i~tt'l't'd lh' me, having fOullll .+ su 'e and specldv curcs e tfected by it, in i cw days I ýt htier' irl publli mid plri.idte rt'olotel,, nd Io ll use liou SI Fronl G V Illaho, M lt, Physici.l to Guy's Ilo , iL test t.hicll t have given 1 yur mgo .licive O- i ialo s . y I oientt, aImt its ilovriahle blltce s thus filar Is wilt idlottetleto Ilel0sever0 in its lse, oii L deCti it , ,blltottoll' elofll ote i hllt of littt1n d l I'oofeble testi o., I nOial il,,:,,tleil uiotntt of iios ir'tttcs. S froo L C 'liolotpson, \ 1) F IS S L. i.ettlrn y.ol my tiocele thakslls' tt e va:lble pre tsen ofyour Extrlnt for the tculre of ti lnlllll'lota ko. I eo i Cgraitfil tlot l 0u hlte at Intl: bh nlolght o Inlitin + into use v, hich w illrlolVe a Ilesl'ltlllll lollg sought ibr - in the lediot: loolhl--a sure, sleo, lle tiIool fot, l tocurer s ' caie 1,fhe 1bove claos. It atl'oil' ,n g.elLt pleasure In puhlislillg to tfill: worl the valuable iilities o1't) our a' Ettroot. it W'rit necessory, tle prop intor emldl h1re fulrtidsh It lll tn mol'e testiin" iats ',fo'ly ls O1tnlllollnmln') a0 the ". Isoe; 'uI tulsts 1tht its great slleess hlthtl('tO IaIl care ;i"xlpne st lticll ithastbeen ' tollered,will prtovtis dy g, 'cltes eeoonlmtellotoiol,,f ih dliscrioolin ulblic. 0t Oe 1ve.ot lmlenolttiI thlis pllelrlotl ol tlt lln Iys aove Id I ll othe.s s its telot, portanlltflil--lltoli till i po0s-1-t 1 ds. tnal in otico it. ay hIe takel, lleing Ibolllye t ntw oid, plel .ll-- lts tstl.l i1llllt'0, withl l no rerniclton i0 Il tdt on. eoonilllemelt t ftm busin. rell ostller. ' ellle e ciall wn tiitl fiio this medicine highly uietlo , "tild oult utilve 00 ,to b e tln l hid e h w it lh a p l rll lllua t i l Io s slt lh th e ai o a hr1tag1ts w0ic0h tl, .esellltoille tonilliles. o Aco Aeomlyingllg t'e Mledicine is Ialtamphlet hh l xlanl I to ry of the stelt. of o lltth dii .eit, whithml mr exta charlg, o ntannlltltllln t dlic ti s tp ll . ,s For rulte by SICKiE.,S k Ot). 1ot. mr SfWl41 Canllil stlret. rtlirl'all IN FIVE .hno A IIL.r DAYS, From Mobile (Alnblttlma) to .tngusta ('.oiJ " 'AV'ES Miobiletel)" other da immll.itaelvlit iet Sithe arrival E f the 1 il from New OrIlens, per tih, steanollt E'.NtEs, to ilaktely, ,collhes to PIenstu ealF stuarelc by other Oenslleli llga, St lltoo tllde 0t l ill i r D LINE is b' an y e drn an d !?h)toC ldcfi, eoeotes lenc, vith . riotnut, (dan d tm u chee, ("w r merl'v M outER VTeA . canoT rrivill, to August. A tielll tl his seat tiel, th ll d1Wah- eh ll. 10el Ellit a o llst , illen11etinige 11ntl st lln1ol'sb e e tF L . h' 'll DA 'INE Is ( ll Ol IIotl cocrnn u.der one cot it r Dee Irtolie should n00. 't'h Glra't New Orluans 0 la Shp is c001ied 1y tils rloe.. Thle Agents for acco1lmodlllli Bill ion, l'eams, Cochlles nlld Drllivers are not surpassed tIle sotleltn cnnlltr'. rg The St llth , I d ntural roads, the slfe anod ilnlter ltllll estlng water Itavigatin(ll the i time andItl commodatinl1, t' ew dlb . the tlarelrer spd cd eerttintr, nomrolot, ,antl pllea. snae iuln variety; coutnectet ns it were watll the tail IRoad fitted (Ciial:'stoo, S. C. alin the ste:,ln packets to New YOlrk, tilhi1h trtavelers can lea i New York 'from New Orlcans tile LELS THANl It IArs1--\lashnlgtonll city ll 19. to 1l FromF1 Clhatthollochee, Florida, we have a Illl t willi ILioo via qillyly lllId 'l' SL Strks, ,4 beI I. i p1ost EIoathhis, also twl. 1011e1lies halt Hawkinvilt b one to •Milledgerille, udi oe 1 o .to.Mn, lighs twr hors I peri lo a c h le s. S ' IO (R ' I 'I) X J c o. a n d I AlrutrsT', SLth lan. 1835. i i *I)istluce, New Or()lleansi to Mobile, 19o ill l Ile , Augusta to ChlarleslloI1, IS36 '" Clbrlvston to New York, 980- 180 st t l'ime, Now ()rlean to Mobile, 28 hollr I rll MI-ile to Angustol, 3` Attllgst toCbarhlleatonI 12 o Charlestoi to New Yorkk, 8- 2.18 ni Making If8 nliles per lay. or l miles per hour, itclu siNe ot all stolllpaga. t nov ilti Ni II. 1 ieg leave to inform the pnlith t tlt; h : brid ges over the Chatahlloollesmlaml nllld Hlardt Labo' creek have ust been completed ,ty thie general governt nea, (the t hal obslaces @ elo:lftin asintstt his iafe fnra slieed) troute ale thus hapllyl Y remol havd; and I hae tilt leasultre tofletltulng from1 tratvellerilstbi the coaohes,hor. ' 10 ses, drivelrs and :oals are of tile irst order; and as o hll it watelr rolte fronm I'ensacola to Cedar Illl,; it is admit l. ted llby ll who Ihave passed tl.rougll 1 itll to be nlpIIlss tile ilnnivelties, beallly an sa.elil)'. Thell bridges Iil'ougl ot coirgia ,have also beeln repaired. 3 31 C l.AIIKE ,11 t I l ARILE CIlllMNl. PIECE Woltelus, hI ·.L tlsutoulwhouse trreel, opposito the pllost-rotlice. Ti,' uhlbscri.ers arle now r:eceiving frotl thleir ftb. LL"' tori~e inl New Yolrk, illd will klleep conelntly kli r1o hand it gmenral Iatsoilrtmet if Mathlte Mantle lPilees tI lo ofsullerir vrlm shrlllil, anld of th latet il latternl , Ilmade f thi lot Egyilptlln, Italian, Irish i ho a t American malll le. Also, ilonmllni , Tombs and ll1 S.rave Sto. es, ll ll. O ld.I alnd p1. sills and. lintels., 00 inlarble teings, hearlth alld boudary tonle, plaste r 1 eI of Paris, Roman & Ilydraulie oment and Platter. i I. I1 .r, togbether it spllendid tasso.ment it IF aI I bros Iimunted and plain (;rates and Rissia Iron the itd /lratles i rhot newest and meit approved pattorn,. I ,x lettering dJuo in the neatest mlnner and at the o lhorte t notace. 'lTle havea first rate workmllen to hre 1 set the above work. IK) l - i A ',\IES lIAN & S'flAJCIUD r' I PARKER ROCKY MOCUN'TAINS, &. i hit aI OULNAl, of ain Exploring T'l'our beyond the I! i. Ilky lntillatti, Illlnder tile dlraelionl of the g. bul A I C M, prliorlllld in th0e 1ars 1835, '3t8 and t 73; cOtIIlinglllll a idesrlptl illon of te gelography, go. to Trl. log- , clillte a olll productlons. nlt the nunlllo0, in '' Illllll and ustitlli otl the nutit.s; with a Map bk l of l)ren 'ITrritory, by R0v. Sanlllll Parker, A 1. [ !e- hel River andl 'le Dcsnrtl or l rcollectiona of th, Rllhone annl tih< ^ihartruse; by Miss Pardleno, auithor oft he 'ity f 1t tan, .11 . il vUols. 1i The Robbr, aTlo,. th~e aullthorot Richelieu, fu S 'F I'll. tGypsy, A tti ; I nI 21 :I iz, Thoe l'o P1hlts; or Ad. . I-ure in a Counltry 1 111e HII.oe, and lther Tales, by Lady BllRssington, E L i11 IdItlwer, Mors Norton,. Itry Cornwall, Mrs Gure, tih 8 Captain Medwili, and otherI; in 2 voles. I11. t'ie Llbt an. Advellturea of Nich Ni l is lleby. , 4, :t edited by Boz, with lluItrltiols by Phll, No. 1. te Jut re0 clved and Ioor d 'll by shall . 1i .. •j 1i031 l' .SV i ', I'llE.II1 Illt 'll.l i(S, illl'l lS I%,-, (C'tl' r -5'-J.t received nnl for sale i,o ithat m. .'mc.kela , llllurner1 of Clllp and Commollnl srrstt, 111t1 gp rllrall l llllll l o f tllfr ir's Im O "1 i fIl, Is ot ,ltlal-M i allt O l ItI t IDllrwilng I'Pol. t Spling Iltrldl'nd i, llr ig llo-* 'ells, Ivory Pro. ' Ill tIti .ri. "ettn Parallel RulvrsMlicrolcopes. T'hermnmeto s, tI Caola oos 'er s,Surve (Chatiu, r Measuriog Tapes, Jr,. d7 N. York & Baltimore racket' L)ACKEITS FOR NEW.YO).I -Neow Line. S--'I' sail punctu illy every eeco)ad blUo.ay during tire sason, fill or not full. Ship Orleans, 5)J Ions (upt. S. Seers, Ship Alahacma, 471 do C. C. Be:rrc. Ship Arkusas, f697 do E.S Donnie. Ship S r toga, 542 do W Ilathaway, Ship Nashville, 5411 do D Jackson, Ship Kenulcky, 629 d, J2 Bucker 'Th[e abhov, ohips are of the first class, coppered. end copper rsterned, at d having ben built in New York epNressly lir this trade, tlt y are of light dr:tol of water arll aiuret invariably cross the bar without anly deluotionr . Thle comlmanlder are more of great expericiocc, onl the ships will always be towed iup and dcwn the Mississippci by steamboatal They lhave handl.olne furnished acccmmcodl'iouns, and stores of the Iosot descrptiun will always be furcihe rd. The cabin paserego s 190 without wine, or liquor, and the1re is n iqu(or furniishd to tihre coflice: or crew. c I or ' r iceght r ppve gooeappIl oil oard, crto II C' AMES, 4d Camp tct. The ships are not acniuutable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, aitrble or graniite, cooperege of tin, or rust of tiron or sierI, cor responsibhr foir any prckiage or p.rce!, uniens a regular bill of lad.rng In executrd therelor at the ori.~ of the - ulll4. IW ORLEANS .u it.1,L I'flilLOE LINII OF 'A\t KIETS. [hic line will const't of the fallowing vessel. which ibavo beenre hll! or pulhaiicaso d cxpressly for the trade, viz: 6~1p, ý rnun-,u, (dp! [iuer, tt..k \l y, " Nirckeroo, Sliead furry, now " Stevens, Solomon Saltus, Latham, Itrig Architect, "' Gray. 'Phese wet.sis are of the first clas, have hand. some lurcihetd : rccuiucncationlo , and are of a light draft of water, so as to adlit of their receiving and c dlchargilng their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city, s Freight will be thken for ports ion the Chesapeake er J.nes' River, and lticrarded by the agents, 1eras.r. CLARKE & KELLI.IIGG, at Baltiaore; ex 'ervses on goods selujpcd will be advan.od where rcqlored. 'c'hu I,rice of passago ia fixed at $60, ample stores of.the b st quaqlity will be previdod. Steam up and :owa the isiostiopi will be tLuken on allI orasions. For freight or passage, iapply to UEe. BEDFORD, nnv 22 Iloieoril' ct_ I"()R NLEV.W YcIK. [ [Louisianc aand New York Line of Packets ] ' ll . Sicips ecolmposing this line wcll sail frio New Orleacs anid New York on every other 2lon day-colllUllelllg on the 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in thte lime efsailing, the li o, will her ftel r Uconsit Iofliv' shlips, viz: h1 p Y,:zo, c', ptain Trausk, to leave on thie o20it November. Ship Louisvile, Captain Palmer, to leave oen the 4th December. Ship Ilhrsville, Captain Sldridga, to leoave on the 19,h1 Dc c cicnrt r. c Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on tlie let January. Ship Mlissi-m)lri, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. Tie above ae all now, of tile first clane. copperc de and colper faitened, andr uriwardi oc r)u10 tons I hurthen, are of Ightt draught of water, being built fi in New York ecpresly for the trade. Tire price or 1f pcassag is fixed at 100 dollarsa their cabins are re fitted up in the most icoprored and convenilat re plan, and finished in a neat and elegant lsyle ur Amleo stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire sat islactieun of ipssengers, who will please take no. Lice that no berth can be secured until paid for at e the otFce of tie consignees. These vessel s are commanded by captains well ve experienced Ic thie trade, who wi l give every at 1, tention and i xert tllenlmelvr s to ncolendate. They i c will at all tlOes he towed up and down the Missi. et sippi by steaml.cats, sord the trictest )puncteality i observed in the tune of sailing. re Trhe owners of these shi, a will not be roeponsi. a ble for ally letter, parca'l or package, sent by or put on board of thiem, unless a regular hill orlading be signed thereror, at the couuting house of the Sagent or owcers. For furtl.i'r particulars apply to J 1) IEIN & A COHREN, ,ov27 90 Common et FOR NEW YORK. [Loui-ian anud New York Line of Packele. r itL shlips c.ipuurl. lis llU will mail bolUIo New I Inllne. rnd New ork ot eery otither lMonday eomunencillg on the 2tili norvember, and to inlsre thb alrielust pntrluality in the r tite eil sailing, the line Sill hcrealier consist of five S:hips vi :a ship }Yazoo, 'Captain Trask to leave on the 220th nov. Ship Louisville, Captain iPalmer, to leave on the 4th )eccember. Shtil Ilutrnfilre. Cuptlain lldiillgr o letnave on thLe 1tll, itiiciiib I. Ship t'irhsburg, Captlai Woodhobuse, to leave on Ihe Ship .lilsitas1ippi, Captaini Davis, tu leave on the likh lIa' The o'nie hllips tar all new, of the first class ellppnrd undn copper and upwalrds ot'500 tole bulrln, are of light draulght of waltr, being built in New 'orkt expitesl- for ithe trnie. 'Ilu prince of pig snae inietfti\ll one lundredt dollars. ITher caebins are fitted i i:n the Ilmost improved lad convenient plan,and finoh o iun u oat and elegant asle. Ample steare thei 6irst qtnality will be tprovided, and every regard had Stothe ncolort aln elntin n ttisltactinot puasengelr, whe will plse take otilieu thant to berth can be secured sa tit hrid ifr alt tile iflie ot thie coningnees. 'I here pIttlotos uar cinllntulnded by Captains well en SperietIIeil ill tie Irlule, who i lli give ever0 attention, antd exert timselvel to acommoattiniinte. Tley will ill timeI be b ite.d p anid idoi thle Miatissippi by ltraul u ts, and tile atictest punctuality observed In tie tillln l suilillg. ie towners ui thlese hips will not be responsible for oa, let er, rcel or tackhog saent by or put nu boardef thenl, unlen, a regular bIIl oi t lding be tlgned tlherifote at tlle cn.llting houes of the .gents or owners. Fer trlii'er ltartiUhiilat, llp l to her pr a li A COHEN; nov 13 91 Common st.f PENSACOLA LMANSION HOUSE NEW" CITY, PENSACOLA. IT lE subolcriber Ieving lpurlased the leoa end fure 1 itureotf lthis twell known astalliallent, from Ml IT':viur, ithe lute tloprietoir, will be ready to receivea ie iter by th el AprllI ntext. Niumtirlr s land ,otly iiiip:Velllnenit will be found in the alrnrllgelnts ofl te iiMaasion lHouse. New and mIore cotllllodill Inllilg Ilcuses will be built,and warlll hIMath will Ie providld at rill houre. A stable tl Il be atlaihd ll tlthe ILotle, with iloid acomI uda- . Et", iolls tiu reslt . aUd c tareTiages. it iti rae Iurtl - and rtiieiaiit'ges will ali.i be kilept ili ltre at moderate pricees c. lld iiln ud itt-aw b ,utsi, tlitli pitlt to IIminage thent Ifor tfI ' I. f t1 ters. b11 t lla r d i sa lllt llnili al usetll ·ell t' s ll i fmullallat terillg i ll ees, ,t ill aiso be frntishled, nod aHI n u-,eete n d nas .t to I terttte with thie eomlti, Y iue Z l HtiCL of the biitrder.. T I'l. w inLs ai d ilnU l-it will 1 t i thim bi t e uIenlv, nlfi to ensurie aall ailplv ef d i, , It canrs_ hIew anlrudy bpeu ord-red, whir will arrive Is, bout the I-t al 1May. Si, I'r ,drick luiulnlid, whofotrntenrly kept se populse ,f a ih t tit l l' oii; il i a cil i ll ctiulldact blls h el fl i il" rlr l lblhl+r, w nil, ochindeolidatln liil I llllel llvleeI t ,tihe vsi»'.i+ illast -ar, rehd liota friitado geoterelly, thee oln ther wilt wltetn, ,.ry puoribhi i.ttentoua; and therebyh lie x 'il c let al d ,lntii of tI it llus are too eell to iltknllow I d u algt. cited tdeerrtllltit Ioere. The Sftil tti-at I'n-etiuroln Is the inrgpil navel station of the I ;lu'mmll t; tihe gerlardl iendevlr s oftl tie Gulf squad-. _en; tie a:lit l utl iti cit iniute rellrheolidconstittly don ing the si mmnter mnmntl t-I, te coolest I rees.e hfome the Hullf; the be.iett of the bay and the ocighibouring e iiiandl, a.d ritcrs; the abundant o and dehlicey of tiLh he i-h wilth which tile at.ris be .hnd; and iti prexinlity rid to tle eet oulllthern norkets, give Penstacola lite tre 'e. feanere over all iother pl.ler in the-e latitudes, u a of, hItthvt amd delilhtul u rllll retrant. SF.i rate boats %ill ru Let ween Pennc. el and Slea :. hite, and iltl at all tioes h able to nse the passelngers of tiol thi New Orieleltt honts. at 'It ARNOLD. o 'r Ia'el;,nace, Feb. 15th, t.ti. 7i- tietilemen wething -to engage roeroe for their no Illluiliesn ia n addrno theI pnop.riutir, atr PeraLele . elr Mnr Sewell T 'l'eyltr. Ihe foertte prbprictor, at :iew Od try teons. R IC R , re e ' er Taford, F.q, iMr Ct llium, E MleAlpia, rlq., .th Kibiy, iu Mobl le; sT 'r Te lor, P P Ana, Esq, in New' by Orlan. P S-A lette , bae, eo rrreive eemmun atirn u for - petroae at tihe boe lotel, is laced at Gta Whitmeen's oice, eZ St Chalien Exh nage. rtt FL.OHlnr) I;OUTe FOR NEW YORK.. Ir J Iravellers dleirt.-s nf taking the Florida routes ets, via lPetioaleit,lt t ihe North, are It.iised that flelt nrt bhoata will elttilinln rtet Milhile t Paa. nltal Ieavinl Mloblt and Prenrteoltat'.,.y other day ell tb - Pro- let of Sla. Good stages will atlnaa be psioidae , lhe 'tthaor.her tin he in r-atlinroa to lakS pesseeenf-r.y M.\lbile, in oneoti the feilure ufte enia NRAtAfit,.. The ne.,enabt Chnmpion l.nel Mobill fat Pos. r eJ iwce a week. fob 2i Iv•

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