Newspaper of True American, February 20, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 20, 1839 Page 4
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A-I NANII BA NDARD! ,PT yann, I volti. m s ,,t lie with a lto -·eld plntae S:l tl Paris 171 arce ,, . eillaut 1 ,ct hebeee J4'ii ee NFe MEDICAt. W ttn t *a F tst*- Pl"'ivrtid Irt lA ' V diedll Jurienrllee ol I~a~ndity ! S it'tl. cery.-Listone sugerv WIry llu t rasOet oltt poptualr Medicine tj Diet; cary of riheeistry ýmee'mAnalyteil (Chemi try A OttMMRCIAL. AND NAUTICAL. Ae., Canlnn nld r lepository,fol 1839 DI.O"Ieh. eln o yr c Lo )i.tinnaryt London Ioa Alrloate ·fr 1839 W iteol'a Navigition · RCUInIo svCR ArNd MECHANIC-:. S"rcl tie norf Alrhitrretet, Londol v. * • U~ Af- I-re tittt, tols. Lodoct C anJ e s .. a .aStntro '*l rody ild'es 'ncpEatry x enU l - • mate Jc l T rables u:" ._, HtSeELh NEnUS. ndiviual r or onlir 1 be al~'' o ireellaTni farn om the t h a.d ~e atte tou-oy and I. Conetan I;eol Ban' wor, 12 els, ,.o,,d no --- -eli'. Cu"ro.;tie of Literatnro, .+ tloi i'. EetIOtlly. by llot, do Veiheto LkLwn. ' Lire of nWalter t-tt, 2 vtls aHIZ" and r ndel a, by Praecott, 3 eotn So rie, s plrndd edition, 7 vola, Rnio a enrnl rortment of, M.edlical Scot'ifie .a.ica., lljcednn.o... IHol, Nov ieionare,,ee Gramar. English and Ir'man, Latin and Greek. S E JOHNS &. co. oear. Chtrles nd Comtnon sta. * For treament end eore of the Feer anrd Anue. 1 T will ie rnmlild v dio.oveitde. herein tthe 'ronic Mx ture is superion In the oniiurv mole of truntin Im Fever sn u. In the first ptlance Io ng lVe telbla Ixtraet, ond free flor nov deleterious noI prisen ena ingreldimts, it anov Ice'taken with the .rttm safe. S7 eon hm the tenter alon,, onr aed invalid. It pre eenti rqeogot.e" nI t disaSenrqtltetllerllv the conatt-fl ieo .oon rgains its wonted oan atnd tCt city. It .tnhb. lioes a eotn.l and ePrlnt.itnt petlit, by inviotraetine ,the stoach,and gives a relish to the enjo ymento of tno- to. Being peculiar io heving a tIroontr i alittv irvtuin nI nutin ilia Iowels ,to increase this disiordler, or to create ether dieeane,, billt ttltlhlott V cOlenses thie everal or cans of d..oeiotn, to ,l ttti ae bo l elt , ie with wllaleverr eti,". amol;o a it too be optprc. ed. Individtnls, afer tht nv. oftiuc Toio- Mixtturt, hmve benrexpoed to aell tle d.lul canaa of tile daRoets, ad have eaeuped any ave ,ton . ,,f rCten •'eas, hc the use tte con.,O renl,:mdie, thiler ri lt a. rena ted n libiity, to rertire ce. 'T dit. a foa r of erqetrlt of tfhe Agoe, is verv evid,.n, forj tle evtnte will t aon ib.'coe too mote pr tt ote to be l te - tch i t rt.e l d eto icine. ed 'nl idy fitv n vit i tfered nat such n I.Vtol,d!io Irice, or to ilor. it Wi iont I Itthe rech t oayn.........soI. t theo lportttl ... .rtitule tre Id.o e,v foltteisted o itll o'sistItiIer t tLetiotooRl iitiiig I the rid'a a ctle ndiiiWh;ch as ri'erqueinty dcnied to tliem, or glae veryreluctautly bestowed. l'thl e i uhne lht are in rectlv cf [li din Itigont.t th o yit, .Or ranl. ...... o , o thls I,,editiot ou.o.I.. doily offered It lsprepactd anly b) Dr. Join R. Rowand, at hi, 0itrtorry, r,, ila, i. ITtthelaebrihro a tirn hae itholetnla aer.:Sa for tie eou el "\Veateru -tote,, and will ell by the cr sg, at the It'iladelpbria pirices. T't be had .tt otail ul. , a "-toftile ,olht carit i illrh cilV. JA}VINs ' ANDREWVS, • .... :.T\, , ", ''. ittio. _ :111 tl .,~) 1n'1; :iN I, a ",l o .Pi !id Loads r IRS. MARY IIIKLAND respecitb,, ., . ounces It I r friends and the public gene. ally that she it prepared to acconmodate theta at he above eaonlleishiatc, anrd hopes frnim her laertoins to roendr viCitora cumfortable, to receive t Continanice of frmner favord . Sihe ls tle confi. dent that pieroonis vrioitni tduring the imer mont.s, clllnot find btlt r accolntnoda timos than she can afford them, on lonre lilleral rmtinc. Her house is pleasantly siluated, and well sopplied with every oonveni nce;i the bar is furnilhed with the mnost choice liquors, &c. ill lort, ashe prolliesa east nothina shll bh: wanting on her part to givo tirt saotisf.titn to all iii, may patronize ila .dilssiaippi and L aiisealin f!Itel. je3 o Paln:~Purigl-L;C.-The udcriw-ic d.i havng L tudiod uinder Dr. Sot.h i It of Chlarleatoin, lothl Carolina, nol fbr soiln voers bli assistant in the proatice oaln dirinco and tLog: ry, has the hinator to o W.Fr hia proliecsicnl servi.ea in this city. Hie raseroe the ladies and geatlulen that the nosnt primipt attentionewil be paid to the calls which may be mode; and also ofhra is iservices to the holders eo slaves, being wll acquai toed withl the diseases conmon to themn, Ihvinglll attended tlLho in shon . he n..,.,:... *. dLIl, ,... - The famous anti Iilioun pil. a lter llt composition of Prefiess,r Si iolluetta, aitli directiaon, can be hail of the tnderilgned. Thrt e flet which they tIvai produced in tins and other citinr, has boen ttollnled with thle greatest eeotesst to whichl tile heat of referanees can be given. Appli4 at N3 o li6 Mago. aine street. JNO.. t'LORINc. W WLO w WARE, rWOOD Sn1 d rWas, rADm IRONS, &c. SHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No, 9L 3 Water, near Bachkman street, Now Yorkh, have received the past nlessn, and are constaintly receiving large and extensive atdditions to thie slo:,a of the above goods, wnlichk now eoutoista of tlre allowing aseortmcnt, suitable for the southern ind wretaerl narkets. Hollow ware if soperior quality, conesisting o hbaut 1500 tons viz, Pete ol2 ' tlifirent sizas, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 311 gullons, Kettles, 16 sizes, fret,. 3:8 to 18 gallons, Blkrpons or Ovens, 7 dilferont sizes, Tea IKettles, 6 do Skillets, . do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spidere, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Doge, - 6 de Wagoe boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inchtes. Cart do. 5 to 7 inchesl. Wood Screw., 20.000 gros, iron and brase, from :8 nohl, Ne. 3 tu 3:9 inth, No, 24 of a suplerior ulality and fiislr, and less than Jate's imported Bed Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. aTailor'e and Ihattor's atens, assorted. uel weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Bells for Pnloatationm, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also staoalbats atd other machinery made to -rder. Thie above assortment of goods is particularly reconmended to the attoetin of Southernt aind Western merchants, end are offered for sale at low, and upon the most liberal terms ;it is be. teved to be the largeat and beet assortment ever offred for sale by any oae estabblinhiment in thile United States. Mlerehunts, by forwarding a requesa t by mail, c have a prinaed circular, withll debcriptit, of ag'oodsa, priees ntd tertlls, froml which no deviation is over made, tf.rnilshed by return ofl ail, All orders will raeceive immediate attention. New York, 1838. Ica nNO MERCURY NOR aoPAiv4a tNew Ure.ius, NY.v. 18, i '7. fOLCT six mnoniths ago il had the misfiortnoe to get A a ne-ret diceuao, fir a hicl I have applited lto sere ral doctors for a cure, alnd they did not eare iee, o inow an the aboce dale I lit MIyself anItler tie care of I)etIot Iluet, and I expo:t him to cure ime. Since that time tie diseaeo got worse, so as to break out in largo ulcers ito the ncumber of nix or eigh on ea II leg, and all over ay face, aid ure throeat, and not able to work at i. prsaenat lilc oil arecount of the dioeas; ltrCt on thv right aidea of thre throat. I al nn.o itttin mtiy.ulf eonfilentlv under thl care of Dr. Iluet, dt. P ,ri, t be perfetly cured JOHlN DEAN. feus 14 1, I DO CRTIF V that tile abtrve i.tllonel, dlisee Squite well cund to mtty wc aatiflctit,, for whlit h 1 thank )r. lrisa; aud toreover I aes irs tslr trl medi nine I hace taken utlnLes a fat, and di olt inijire iat I -ealth at all; therefore I advise cti f aw sulltrers t a Ioee c tlme and applc y to Dr A. iluol, 1.a I Canlt treet b ietween Dan ulpis.o d Io'.roo st re rs Ire. Ilust isat homs from 9 o'clock, A a, until P N W. They will fi truel do*:tor for tlRia cootp!aiai. JOIIt IDEAN. It Gravier ratrcrt. I If any one wants to oae ,e0, call at No. Il (ilravi. J)iIN !AN. 'New Orleoanso. Fhb 1,1838. feb 14 I v lH Genluine Iladia, Ililanm tf l.r,.t and lit ,." , huead, is patt tip in bottld tl hto lav prat 1.,f 511 ects eacl, cohtactitig tie trengri o u three uoncea fr Lieetwrt, hrsi Iton tle .irtuts tt atllly oi.lhi r cito t snd lasft known ameng the InIlalcs as elcacioua in curig I pulmdary ecmpleints. Thea u rivalled success which ha tto tlenled the .],e t' this inestlmable Blarom wherever it heas brn i*ln dael, bla hutianed the confidence and recommenda. cioe of respectable ilhysiciansc, for the cure of cougan, colds, pal in the aide, want of rest, spitting or blood, liver eompleinl, & c. To whLi it ilnmy cincern. This is to certify that we have in our practice freqiuentl, pracariled Mrs eard .aeei Indian Balsam of l.tverwort a d tlarhaood, with a ecilded good effleet: .e can therefore, from the h.tnw ladj a of the caterials it is made from, oidl r.eebeercua -£-aio elt tsr s c e ita o as i s nperil preparation oral [mae mslllatba af the luicg fir which it is re tlmtmtded. AhBhR I' WIL.LI AM, M..D. - CALVIN ELLIS A. D, ll iie eberS 0ft Boston Medical Association. s4aiy JAR'IS & ANDREWS', "l l nooa ut.l i*.l.stitlitt Ins l .]IJ,,BEAR'S Se:i~fae of Pecahaophi reaeivetItod I '*'I' r e pltheir PMaent Wei riny Academies Wa ine a sDltaupn ar{ t. , f dbi orce t i t. t it pcla pcfuirias ti ecnie o rive a latirners, rend echoaM; Ilctaecrellwua aleai orS fall arcs. na tea nan at ar/ cli balsh s as ihe y tottho. t and to elasels loaned llnany part r 1111MONS HARTT & C-).' ar.nOw rIerinee mIM 'rd .allo: , 'l10 msl 11 inch holad BIowi- Knlives' Loather ant otlier tmrellile i )relotng Cme.a Belt. nhket, Hor.tmr n'., nod luislling F'i'tals; donble nod in'le hnrrollol (lons; runio Be-'l Shot Belt.; Poeler I lnd Pi4rnl l'lasks; Iln Il-ittles anl !)rinking Culps: PYre r-ý:onn Capr an:l Poll Tan , lcr.: ('l:nth, 'llil, Toothll: and Nail ohousheS: OrrisZ ml(Chlorine' Toth Wasl, Tooth Powder: 'l'nolet nd Shavins 'osna, in oreat va. riety; long e air Braids. l land irizetlea; Poor, sod Toilet Powder; moerv Iagt;i Ivoro Tub Cishions' Potent Slides or GSrters; (Stlno F'sic "otuspn;lers; Powder Puffo ndIl BoXne; (Gilt tlmints, Seniil and Kevs; Ear-drops; Wni0 t BIorkllec: Bnlrnlets; Benad Necklaces and Chains; (ilt and Siiilerred Bladl; Indian Breds, Iells adnl Plumes; Shell Twist: Side and Dressing CLulhs; addition to their formor stock on handl. makes their assortent ver eomplete, andil will he snll nw and on liberal ternm, st sts oei, of the Golden mL'otb. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. (JIHE Sobsrihero. Agents for tile externsive hloes of t W. & S. BtchIer, Sheffield, Enland, lnhave just ecreived a very eensive sse of n' eit.s,.onsristins of Table and Desert Knives of e' -." deeriplltion, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, ond Spear poine Ieolves; Razors, Seis tore. Edge Tools &c. &c. .e. which they onre preparedl o exhlbit to the trade for orderslc. Terms and conditions will be made known ot tile time. m16 J. I. BEIN& A COHEN.ii Common t. NTEW GIOODS. QIMNIMONS, H ARTT & CO.-Are now receiving p'Jer oltip Flssvrillo, Eagle, Merry Andlew,. High emder, ,rnlEki anr German ilnt'le healst playin calos: rter,helt Roid ptcket pIisols; ilain, rilbd and spillt clssinu s.psi call hllelrls; seis -en.e Riorrn, Hen. ves (Gillols's ea mmresial and olher steel neon, Vie. so: Violin strlings; shell, ivere and Ihen orenmss; nafers , hel andil leatiher arses; lhair hidsla, front snd ack rillnlets; neglo ienp'so: Germano hoa Fr.l.ns cenleste sater, Roetlanllo meier.lse oil, imittion dot antiigue icl kines nil: liroldle desk and ceiolllog eanes: past blacking; statiand toilet glnsest; convex tinirts; ol p nd glassesu n lviea tews; lninn heindl hellsad putomes;i et cuordeon; whit.l-twite:rttilet anodsii-ttg seapt toilet souder, esmotiee wash hall; enlccrei d sostl ellhinosi pool stttlsd: screw nhlitost; tfanev uad ehsins titll seeklcees: hilliard talll; ocket hoI;nks and wallelts: German hees; nizn r stelli; tie iend comme grn. last aslsuspendes, eartersld.': Bells lcifter matcheso sil. S:c pencils; CrevrnNc, &a. &o. The above in addition to olr tirmer stock of fancy art ilehs, nlnkeson nasloltlnment vers C tllldetr. PanY sale e wholesale onr .tntil; as the sign olf the Golden Comb, i. . thattr n street. nsl2O. NlfflCn'---The tlrtaership of (eiler, Mat.on &Co 1" oF New rlCeIn ; Ma lon, tIrria &Cis., of Natehez; ')ise of the partners ol thle fIr'ns. Th'lle utndersigned, srvivilg prrtler, will be eharged Swith lhe sestlin anti dcleing said business as fallows: or Levi C Herris will attend to site settlino of the business t of Maleot, Harris& Co.. it Naltlhez; asd Hreri', Kel ev & Co.,at Rltdnev; and lfenry Kelley will attend to hiehaeltis;hg of the buhiness of Kelley, MB one & Co., at ii New Oti eans. ''riie nimes oflie several firmnns will be e used ill li atiinil i eionly. 'Ilhtse iindebted ito esitd firlnms arte earnestly requeated to oooa Iborwoard ld ion:e early settlemuents; and thlose having cluicms will please I)roellt hlle witnout delay. HENIY KELLEY. New Orleans, June 27, 18:17. j 1tN Al 1iTl FlftivN'Y e NEWLt, ATER reo cnerts ntoo e on this RIperiLIr Coli.,e water, jtlut 1received nd for sale h II' le dozen or singcll bottle, a Also Amlterilcan anid "'reneh trilet piwdeet, powder 'tl fr andhotxes.klhinir auiitoiletlsonps,cosmetic wort lle, ililk of ro.,sr, coeloetie iold cralt, extr. o. tlllak, kepliahll \1 ad's veetulhle hllr oil, pIolrtiln c'rr -ti de i:rrso, Ilorlly I;a Cvellr, rose in lbas walers, eore,." all . sl . lo rejillee lerilulloi'r ini truikt.l veorsI d e i q alliuiid rotl e, Choinnml h' frris toonh wash loth,lltlrtnlllliatll and llh hIrunlhes; together wcith s :st. addiionsl opIvY of fitoilimlt Iolduill. and shell v -th.s -i iewelr if al loe towt wholesale or r,-Lil at iby 'i - I.IIONS, II ARI'T &CO. o . ......o ubhnrtres streel. cuc Ci OIAI - tIreol , ,,t ui ...P y..rl r o d ls e .p I ee f ve an t. fnerps co, Il, in halk -of u operior tijtliy,y which htek er, Is oil' ill 10'8 to oil pnrllls rs, . AIe exle)pieted hr the lirast rrivals from :It ed land i nd e lh Nlrslh, Cnnn., Lbhigh and Pech ihi lolntin Cooll, hrokln ned sreened, put np in c I 'hels rxro,,r'esl for Innwirly us-il. . ,f wicdre VU lltwe will rltepo.- i tille Iisl loO lerate tersnl. to (ledrrs tel ti htla l rfi,'e e, N 53 dienville l 0p staioe. till lie plOlptly ate.irded to. , ori 3 II. N A SOTT,1E. iti1'0,Iu,,, ,m,-A ., ko rift 0,f 'ol0,.1re. IUr tnil rxl.r C l 11r s l Iat h retoli i-ol-,d; lso tilre purer IF eneh Perillletry, rnhilru et eln evre vsriatiy hr tile Ioilo-, Itr t ile hV e :Ifoc,2UiiNE & D',LANG. N , IoltootllllrO .t11|canll s lIte sI',llltiterl. SNetroI clamhs, hlnek^_Lc, ntt;nnl" I.neevsy lowetll in hirt:r.,- erloF. li, hoes. e i.i.(.e handlkerc lielf. .1' t'e reetvedo at:d iuc salo "- y hItslls .. In br . Ri'I'TA & Cu. ol t',"II., co rn.e C',nl ln .I us' o itttdl1a DUro l's tC, .1t1 0 i lr, ; Rlnar's ('iI' a, Rue.t**ns Latl'a ,ret'q, IJ'iil, m, l hllt ':lu.. 'd 1°.::I ole W'ash', iulnoll, p[..trl i;,wder, II wtOhi'e, er, . ,o 'Ins:s, ei-orlnbl r.e inog, Olti, oI r"-,' lip salve. I 're .le roel i wash delirilic, lrall, Iltwer waner, povclder puos anld ioos, A isert.ltl cliereonl, nal) [ul p it III lo r e u lor ,ce caio, Preo. Isn soly, .'lle-loe, krllalle iltooth ahlle drops, Ih, k iubl.lle, E llslth dresl,0 cobsl, ln.dia u tslrtol, ,ilhll a vultatc of olhel per'ult, ric-, &o. For salt ity C. J. TIRiNCiAIID, a e orn er or (102 ,l and B "11 o I oatsi 0 t . . . . .. . . .. .. .. . . . . . . .... . . . .. . . . II IUN ItUO"F--''ilT n ',rlohes lin pl o,.1ur* na, at U yrBll ex i Nrp Ihe IIrh Td urI oll uli irl n rotJm i u IIllir .in.-. 'J'hle tr e d rle o ru l guldtio, wa1reOlluse.O Id plIllte dwelllll es' , 110 , Icollllblne lnri on e cheslplies ~ alnd durabhliy, nellwl are po.rolel lire urid V1 1 .'r proof T lrms Ilia,, Iell [.lt)w4'll Id a mo del Aee l 1 ,'ur catalllishlllmelll, I'Io she St. i y. B lnu ' - u p i r. l, ~: Ilpllullllt , aR, It ' E Ciii;. E: l, i Co UPI'ill.s I EltY & f'AV.lR liA d< IN; s'TURE; llenry Siouioecht, (tIorrlh J. C. WViks & Co. ,Vubl l t erlt respectlyll v Illurm his ifrend; a,,d om h oe Iulose in ., nerI, ihut line Its and is cu elda 1, rior l receivi0 a ,tOneral a0o1 ment 01 f uphlslerl) t.ed 'nil paper lioulin'. 'ihe f Ihiiiogoe~ otpnoi . ofr Lie.. o1Ut.lo, wohichl ho of'ra for sole at whol-o for 'zl or relail otl tih 1os0t acotlllnumdalin8 lellrmle, Frinoh velvet nnd eatin papor, latet slyle ; do to loll eioiiiiomt aod conito., Pohniladleliihia olacod o ,zd unglaz-d do dli, French landacapes, fir. Stlnards, bhnde, &c. o vrlv/et unld worsted du d ' no oreanze do 1.11,rs, silk h10ne 1o and galloons aa 'll I o qulliie, platotrnms ld plric-el, worcled Iritgs. as ohrIa 1 e fii p:itlCtro. pil nord colrd. Swis inulii, latet sryl0 'ilain lnid tol 0u1ed cottn1 drp'rs rly druslhneplain and twilled', os-erred cll,rfonaol "nd slvleoI neredle v,'ork for sllia cu hions, t.oreinal W j ovr,& oew I)o le Elo 10 ell pullersa, roisd fifureo al. nlid lulln, o lil vlndow nrnloolts ofi all pnittiriie i0er iid 010.-, gill lngl., bot;1l nlld l spearsa, featleo. he0 &c, gloae kholw, casllos, liir cl fh, figured a01 'I n, at la ro r alz )rr hl lnllt o f rtoyo f r o lillrln : on I lo.r silk ciord iod tosls, waitu d cord alnd Ias a,f 'r i'saosi , Oeneral ii- llloii n l o o uholstero otid pIper I+,hgiln.P+conltdlllly til ha.'I aind If ,o eals al th, lwes 1 prices at rNoe l1 Royal a0u 64 Cutoliio N B-p-loer ls in tl0e city or front the eounltry. arept reopiciully invired It nalland esxrllmlntle lr lhllle-llvos. Ctprtelos nrd curolnoltS tfe in lth ? l iit olllder soia, roar0m prolparei ar lie 8qor4 - ee none, all all Ilinds of upholdetnery woik 00V Illloe with ll0eltess ond drIiIich. oCt3 nle I -~~--- --- Li - FE iiL,'f Nd 54 CeuidO aritloiee1 r I Dulainl and S0 Philp, kea cinotantlliF on lold 1 . ot i xtehoivt 0 00rt0n11 it 0loolts allt d brogandna, toi oihooi, II New York olanli'otllllref nrmen. woelo11. Ifillold cildrefl r of Ail 1e0, illlcl he if ll disolse o at very ln,OJeratle p[lilrl'. Fannilnll ofhi's nOlqinoanooneendino n nnorder will hv0 lheir w1alhe tiroteded io L S SEIGOURI DI,/A i,':l E ,, . 1 h 110 ife for r laer lllo troui bled with dealines, t" I . o.l(e: ol iudlt oilliJrlIrlIu.t hr u.t beull rf eeived, o by lhe 011e 11 \ icllvh, th-l ell o t Il t tiuetil lo of tl e iltlu au i 1a voce d1 tir mesm v c.n :'eye to l'e +or. Alln' Olln Ear ''rumpet thi. objetion iJ ellirely, n ewi.un . Thu * lisoinetftc have a0l ll aliili lll thllrl ll l llt oubo utte I havi .g e.1Id ith( Jru nllI . o f uorSale aI Farv <re. urr o0n11. n 1 n0 1C. lto I Ifo'11iol oOI.--Iorot D II0 ilooltCOpure Welr l d Evilisf'Ll'ff f1 4 bbll . filllt11001 mto d i. oIti l il, i ll n Io. a iolud ttl , l ot inlf fy i JAi\'Ii O ANDIIE\, lr \Whle1looo Do:, -g 10s Ioue t"tln nmou d Tolta 1' lll eilt' l+.._ toot l Io I.C chheIgjjj;1---F 4 Jlkkeg, ll10 a d 2011 do 22l Io on -tait: 1 aolhe t vari ouf lestc; f It Llti adCoil Vrnof fl; a d 2 0L J11p00 0 I " Coalhl '0 °f pck GNold Leaf; e n50 do, Silerode; 10{! do Dutcht etal. WIND)O\V GLAS., Anerieal, Erplinll oud Preouo l( 0 be t varlo a la noi nd qitalitiea. Bilo .rra d-u-MOi be.,sooaoignmeai, will beo ehi a~l low lna, a lateral assort, o s.)ne " oarttiste eolole Bud t olo, aoo' fnsl Yy A \V SCA'l eS, dl Rn fa6Cl01 otrete. a IN I. Aflbana notie r..kti at ti ri ofd htliofasippi enoten will be reoood ol iU Ffe sooe diaeoant for goUda or iu paylenot o.del.t1. . a In' FLJU. I 1-111 aoding ft it eoteoa. I.depoad- teose, -I j DORSI.y, ___:_ 44 New I.otoo _ ' ' oPro,,.'.o RoZoor ..drtli--'llrtoe 011s50a of Lh I j enuin+' artilejlr treovea Ra fS ' & D';.,6P0, 18 olo, rpt Itl +m ,ri ,q.,ri, I,*-,j e. , .I'sr ll., ·l ,.l u I~ mad- l Iff hltitep, iIl stlo,o ad alr inlf by 0n U00)1R01 R& IIAITfIC)RN., 63 CorIct., noi in Under the P *ovun 0 Ti, r7tdt i. p s'. . 1 RONSH VA '& IHOWHON het leave' nitlrm sr i J their cuetomeru nd tile piaic + g.erair ,t vr It. ty have remot'..d their e, l ihhshmn t- ti N ". + it nI C imt strIef. illmerlirtrlv ucIter the elllr of ile a Cr tVi'a- rnor-where they are p epared to execute all i nters ei ,I e H tine rretived friom the N",rth in niiilv of pl.. i p'Pr arind m teritit' of a -upcrior alit' i', for it nanetaituore of If i;k irt.Ks. ihey , tff-.r th ir 'er r vices tr merchants and other, who tInry wisch ; work of that kind ; and having the cdvtngrrne oftIf a svernl va-ire's experienllce in that litner,he) art ea confident of ivin at aelaction to thoae who may s, fovr theml with their rustomr Il For ,iotllee, ereilect and elthers, maps atnd ad. plans r'ill he pasted on linen. varnicihed arit l eamolunted in the nas.ltst manner, & at Lite ahorlteer e inroce, or Plain and fanev hindiing+ in all i,. v'rirti+s el. act CHINA l, lt. he, E tlt ItiEd n -atu; o utu.ti of 36 Cl.arrea street, New Orlensa. en, TM SERGEANT & Co. importers of Frenelt ted- { and Enrishl ClIina and Earthen ware. art I no, opening new neid rich patternlt of breakfeas, ot dining anid tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea -n! c-ffte cups, tcapots, sugars, creallls, bowrle, plates, dishes, tureens, wash basins and ewere, IKfot baths, etc. etc. SRch cut and plain French and American glass. I:waere-.eOhlets, champeignes. lemonades, jelilte, -ir -lareis, rinte, crdials, centre howlers doatiteres. ,ta umtble., preserve d'lhesce,leries, piichlere, Ilitps. I, n I. ip shade anld glasses, candle ehadlos, salt eel 'er lers, etc. Ind SI vtr latedti, bronlzed and britatia wnrr'e-- asa pie ,ra., tiqlrr stands, eake heokets, eilncllresirck, te hranhrh, e, a oan, I-tdieslr,rclenad treallltat,sitgar, t rtoillea Inmpe, j:;arlrned traya, nrtral asand,annl alt hanuginre lm ietin. cunlery,oGerman silver spoin -ltt and mirte., tonther with a ereal varte v of ariclesr et r fltl(taly nie. Merehants, planterrs,rhl e, anr 1seallel llh ,lle furnished sith gids at tlhe m sat rea ts: onle prices, and parked eu as Io Ie convey, d wa. h i seyi tt inY parl of lhe odia ry. ail. 'r . r cr c rl t .'l 'i.LI elsa-s ..a , nso 2 'I'HC FLORIDA LINE le e From Maooile to fugusta, Ge . fit, -- leaves Mobhle t very day at ohree ,. o lhck. pm ;per U S ri holl1o ICo or 11nll' L n-dt v, above llakely.,-te-rce t our rc; ilet ,raches toi Pe:tearola--hlneanl a'pnmltlllat toe on ,gr lice, whlere hie land rltoe is resumed-rht rie Ion, via Marianna ltnd l Brwvialle FItI. I;nt:bidirlge, Pialnertor ni, Il wkniasville. Sanoidersvalie & Lueic. ged vill tot A uguala, , Go, cnncting regtularly with t: llhe rail road carse to Charlerson, and the steam esoe mackets to Now York, Norfolk, Poiladelphia, etc. to 'lie streaetbhte are the hbest for the service, find ,t the navieation presents tmore advantages than canl ie o fotund upon anly steamboat route ill thle south. ern regionl. ted The great imnprvor entsa in the route have Il ,en -ue produced by the contruction ol fifry miles of new av, road, by tile priprietoio, viz : tfrot LaGrnlge ocl LFlay.-rle Iuoavoin, as er:n of Snnla Rot. BRly, to Bryanlt'e Ferry, on the Chatttlnhlochee river, Ien 'ER ilsb e above the Cowlrd, or 14 chbove Ceilr lelt, ujt wleteby the navisatlin of the river, and the con se"tts s lle detentiols, and mrer recently the inuc, ler veriaett erossing at the Cowt l r.ri, are entirety a i vtlldl.d, andi a fine rlad frol Mlarinar dilreil SIto Biinbridgil , initend oe the rloundhla.ut rod vin n t 'hattahc, I h]ocl es, eneoing the distance abut forty tern, ;!il., and incrvasintg thle facilites cmore than 'ol e, a 'ltay. s, Ah...l .h oran-h line of two horse rstage every orthi , r dn." f. ,in Hlwkinavilpe,vin P rry to uMcirn tuil Gai. conne, :Ithl thle linet to SaVOna an Driehl, Geoi. I. A mInil utea.ntrat lirhe regularly o e wlo en Bailbrilidge agd Apal.,hiciuln. 'Trav,ll rs wishi p to rea,:hi any point on r;ilaliahoichee or Atolur I. - SIt, cals, etn tolr slrotro.loa al at rownllvllo e. Mobile to Penescula--L*'dI IGou o--During the "tI e ie occupired hyrhe repairs of baruns, thei proIrte. i rch tile tIr nFlrida line will t In a line ol lnir hlrrrse pero elaors every other d;' between M11-i hlail, I 4 mile ditstant, wher' tie will cni pleastant accommnodotnions for Ih nighlt-.leraving inext nmorning, they will arrive ini Pesacol i cearh ,ru- n t:he evenilg, thus avoiding ilie discomfurt ui uitIh Itrnvelling. O;SeCe atl ele Mansion Hoiuse, Mohile, and C.. . Ioea' Iourel, Penscaele, where ersla troalt be asoel re ST.OCt'I'ON & f(.!. nv I S Pito,, Norte In..fauriion. . illiam Smb'h tenlars hie servics too he citi, a refs of New Olueans as a itulterol of the pian, torl. S iuvrg been mnplntoi d a- vernl yeara -. l oeacher rtf music illn privlt ItaOliea in l,astn, iocd -ta tc'. r rvnrll nolh I' oe feia ,l o liot r ?1 S svicitltliy, ca iiul but haope oi mn rit :h it conlid nree. -, R. I., et tlltied i-" retfer to el v LD C; pp. M'lles , , .Aieisl & Av. rs, fle..dlerP l & sLt ;. Ivc. F r lelrls. .e rrefae ,oply at tre buUoka re i ar. Drugs arid M.ediciner. oil J 8 Prevost Iln. Iloted ittmselt in this city to. oit, rie puointse of Irannaretie a nenoeral Whtolcsile alt Drull business. lie is now rcetving a full su;"plt -o Ircshl ld penuirre srtlI.tles, wh' ch hII will s'Il i n litcrn! r'e'ni To city drueniste, and thosa... the interior, ti ctlymicians, tver lharelll and planlt r Sle will eft r i,docen:enels such as have never lbe rin rt b ren iffered iii his t ity. llis illrnltilo i. to I t n sarictly p te itin ice businessl . icti stock will n, soorn be ivloplete, nod.ill a folw wet-ekhr will he reu-. SI v fot" buctSiiesi. .Allorilers Iromll-: c l nt. ry, no.: from c lerit anlle ol t i0 ily, receiving Such order, i t iltl be prompily attended to. I't '2 N-, 39Camp at PROSPECTUS. THE subscrilber p-opose to pulblis, in the he. ginning of the onoatmg wirter, it Coodensation I the twenty volumes of the Old anid New Series of Marttl'. Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in volume., bo., aceording to the model of Peters' Conie,,sed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Rurton Harrison, Esq, 'l this city, anosited by William F Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect frem their personal supervision all tllt advantage which may naturally be raiped fron their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more no cessory. as the original is volnttinous, expensive. and scarea. An increasing curioslly too is mani. taet, in the other States of the Union, tu refarenc,. to the peculiar jurisprudence of Loo.,iana; and the circumstance of tihe numerous pronciples here dc. eided in tile adjustment of confliet of laws, il nte, the knowledge of our adjudged oases of primee uttl lity to the jurieteof the whole Union. Moreovel, thlle rising republic of Texas Ihas adoptMi our codes. andl thus there is an great demand for tile Louisiana doeisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient i otes, indicating the parallel cO,,ac decideod in Louiiasna, and occasionally thlose in Lte mnore authoritative forums of the ether baates, wit no added to each ease. Tie work will form four volumes, royal ocrtvo. and will In delivered, bound, to subser.bors at $6 per vol.; in case it shoullI be found practicable to cmnpress it ilnt, three volumes, the price to sue scribers will be 37 per vol. tubecriptions received by WM MecKEAN, ei5 cor Camp and Common aits. SOLESAI.E AND RETAILCOMB AND VA Vm, RIE< Y SORE--nt rie sign of the golden Iettl,, iMe 70 Chiartres steet. T'e tubscribers have re ceivetd, in addition to their previous tlock Ott hatd, a full and colnplete assortment of articles in their line; vis: combs, perfumery, Jewellr, cbrushes, locking glsses, fancy artiele, &.c.cotvivting in part as follows: COOIG- -tortoiAe shell, wrnught sad plait tt nk,twist, qailled back, long round, drePsine, side puff, curland neck, Brnzili ancombs of every description am ngst which arc ttllta Mexican patters, Ivory coihbe of every dascription, hitt, dr. eniltg atd packet, togeteor with gteneral ntortnlnt ofFretahad American. E ILFUiMERtY-olngne, Laveslder, Florido, honey, lnv, rose, atd orange flower wafers of every size and det criptAion, cmiapluorated Cologne, extract of ltergaoto, cauy soapls o ell kinds, ehaving do in cakes and pots, :reatm son do, Ward's vectable htair oil, bears and at. titludo. lPreston's ameiliiig eate, plain and peritsed tod et powder, pearl powder, pon lerlth.a and btxes po otatut in pots and rolls,aorn antd chlorinte tooth wink nl.d itowedci, with o general aeertent of JE\VELLIlY-ootne ofthelatest aod most fnslionao. lIc selts, consisting of whlite and red corneliat, tope .. let reardrop, set in filagrcee, breast poin t cfa greo" te.. ty of pat;erno, watch frinlminte, gilt and silte anckles, silver tlhit.bes, silver t-,dlgod pt scils und guard chains I.LUSHES-Cloth, hair, dustl g,crualib,tearth,flor, hat, flesl, toothl plate, comb, Nail, slalsvig, shoe and whlitewaueh hnsles. LOOKING GLASSES-Cermnn statia and toilet usatss, magnifying and Frenth dressing glasses, lonom ao, with a vaneiv of other kinlds not enumerated. 'FANCY AND) VARIETY ARTICLES-Frech and Aomerica portable desks and dressing cases, sumlne very rich cod itely ineshed ladiee work boxas mi dras ning eases with and without music, musicael boxes, A.e cordians o avarious kinds, violins and gtitars, silver atd plated pencils and lesds,wood petacila for carpentere and crayos, mantle eeksgae nod instntols with ande without roses, pereumion cnps. percusesion cap chargers, nipple srcrw dvors, shot belts, game hog, paste blakittg,toy tea eetts, ltdiau bedIs of avery kind, hels and pltloeas, .llte.d ectmm.on, .rt.. . I't .lcissors, u;,.tttle, needles, pins, silver plated, oteel and comon ejtecta-. Cle, pocket books and waulct.le o various kinds, visiting cardnl card cases, jlayving cards of Frenech, GCertao and American mtnttacture, dIllste. ilitation fruir,enu boxec, prnts of various kinde, Saundert4' Poneray's Ecmlagraoun'e, Hiliman's nd ltvwkin's razor strapaennd nettllic hone,dilrke,'fantay bead .ecktacee, do wsth ,.r drops,roy l.'atches, pearl bitttos, powtder flask, eu. and .lin seed beads, gilt rand silver tie, guoa ele.tnc suspemn. de'eand gartare pleinaand sword canes, backgnaumum hoards, dies, optical vieones, jewnsharyt, lotieen mantch asand tdrtkinpe cops, with a grenat variety ofol t:r arti celo, all o.fwlhl I aill he mld :;.r eash or city . ci.:e,eat ceos ou i; ooattm credit. FB 1 SIMMI.SCd, & no. d4 70 Chartreslt. Ui t;I' tfiical Btolks--Louin ro Phdtriis, do. en IA blulletlltlg, a oe snopply, ree'd by tel A TOW at, ,47 Ct Tiah lI'IANS PA 1A5tJ5 . S IOhItheangedlhieummild;s uosIaarkIauseeiagoct, '- ciaidn or hilt.gola ,'eieriOnte .ane.eurall rhon. , rsliphilitic ns l mernis~tdisenlieet. Imiriularly ulcers nil .aili;t ilTcltions ofthe hb.ains, olerstsI.istst , ,i. t riin.ieelrsf eIrel deslespliton, feersores, anlldi erswl ea liaslesela, situlas, lesples, shll heal, seurry, bile!, hri- s sil more eyes, ers n ieny, iai hloiluli ilil eeri " va'iete rnl' fe. taucous affection, shr-nile (,talorllt, hemad ache pres'a-l ing front any acrid humo r, pain in the stomachl sl dys iptl1si irno-e,-lillll fngtolvraslon, tlfeltiolnssfthe liver, t clissois icnlisnmatissinofsthekilneysrsulli genri dehiil- nI ty anuse I hyatorpid action of thel esslelIof e skin. I " is silng :hrlryeflic iouslhn novatlini tlhoe coinlittilOnsl whi'l have been lbroken down I ilsudicious irentmeln, li Sjuveiile ilsregulrities. In generai l tsrms, it is re nl S s-antdedl in all thosnliseasles whicharisa from inlpuissie of the blood, or initiation of die humorl, of wlsatesre e d name or kind. - Some of the ablove enmllaintsmay require some tri. P Sflingasisuilnt applicatinns, which hlleciruna sandes of the ease will diestl-; ut for a general semenl or Purificasso .toremveatlheemnsre,the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found sulfiaient. P TO THE PUBLIC. How te it thats, ta mnolr Physiolmns, in their am Shition oi exetl in their plrofession;explore the vast fieldsi is- of lsence hv the aid ofohemistry, and seek ollt new re medial agentisi in short, to arrive at perfection in the Spraeties by means of art alone,-entirely overlook and , negleet, as beneilat their notce, the rich and bounteous stdreseofmedicine, which the Almightl knhs causel to spring out of the earth In every clime! Andl how much more tree isltthat whilethe Amerien Physiciual looks to foreign eouotrliesfor many of his most comnmon sad t e', aeesley srticlel s perpetuolly ehlnging s sthey re at t. the dictates olfashion or folly, lie is srr.udislrl it hish s. own country with., londles profusin of ealical platss, l- ldficiltt to answersay in shicatiat ill disase or to cure aliy clllrllhl dlisrder ayet he is i gnlrant nof leir vi u toes, and they are all ersd to 'wastetheir healing on the r , desellt air.' S Theeffects of vegetable medicines upon the system are nil temloery-tlhlse of minerals lsoting. The former ex ert thelirectssand Irsa, iT-the latter, mersery itlls p I 0 a icil.dr, act chlemically ipon the sdlisl, decomposing es t, bones al unllderminilg tihe cnstnitution by slow awl siure desttruction. T- li.oon.gnisilityefRlleieny eidSAPET'Y ofvegrtai " ble remedlies oever mnineral, my iec stimatel by contuast in lt,, ancient psasrtice wilhthe tmodernl ; or, solring ii msre mnmedlialely nilileror iows olbservationll Ili, i ll tin plractice with that of the whites. Who, in Asose iens, as oot knownolr heard of reseateld instancea' whers-i glole dhtlreldd, Ilslsretemlino. fi-asle lilllionn, bi moanofl en her simple lewsliesalonse hos offetessd the most rlilsh t,,,, andstomilsiling coires, sfterthe MIstirais Mel;i:s' of the -er mmon poltite dlirectal il thle lOost kilfill manner,, Ir n ehs failed Aln who laos ot been lurlllsi'l atthe eon. lnt ra'ivecae and facility a ith which the lidiln fresl him. e sl'riin coany disease, ndl at the almost tota alstilience sr. ofolhonie dlsease among them Who has estl heard I e* olf a Indian with a constitution broken eald riined by ibh ll lretment? And can a doubt exist that this hapi ex e0m en stion of the savage firom most of lthe ills wlich the t. flecls of mea il irto, is chiefly owing to nloe genis an d ail afe remea es whiol he emIlonys This astosisls snn ing difference in success, is a fair exemplification of the h. ilnfinte superiority of the simple alld safe mesis of lcure which Gwl hba crested for the benefit of his chidhlln, et over thoe whichli thepride and the art of man have in rented. FOl lrom a long retidence among a postion of the shrigin l linhlsiianits of thimcountry, lndil a intimate acqluain. otance with llt methmls of cure of some of their mosot en sleCesslai liIHititlioIers, the Irllsrlietor o 'Thse lililllln's it, Paslacen,'aculi irell a knowlelge of some of the most or- powerfil slll favorite remelies. Fromn these heselected snuch as were most effltccious and apilpropiates, :fter sery variousreperimentlstl htest heirlprilnilplesall lndrenth, s he e hlseoambistd them in the rmn hiee presentleld, ils tilhe vin mollst pet rt ol oenefieiil ior the lpurpose loi whin;h it irty islicomlmelllded. 1han e proprietor ofelstihis prepl.ltion to tha puilie, with the consciolsnass that he is placilg withithlleir sea, r a remedy mipble olfrelievilng lany of his allintedl fel low beings, who alre sulliilng under lhe various chronic and obsiltnatte complaints to which at is appliicblle. To I 00 slul it will prove e of iielellabllle salie. ns thle miants, anil in IIoani caoses, tbeonly mIeans oft'lhelingi their lsl ei eringis a llrletoriig them onee more to hetllh al hllp 9 piness. This iis ot offeredi nan conolllleli ieneli that II - m!ay I'r chbie lie es(illy gool with manyil ohtlea ow in use, buill as o hilch Iscaiable of sasvisig ife issoy the extlenle cases whichaelll theu lussiu: lleie.etliosf.l. This it ,e. !a dsloie repeatedlls; and thisils the repeuttioni ithlsob. luor tailedwlherever it las been introducliel . 1ii- It is wolynlloos three yenar silnee ilsis prelartion was I'reaseuteil tolhe pIiblic: butiin tnot shost sinee of tller, n some hsinlrr!ls el tiersos might lhe ounll, who would til.solemnl)- declare that lhey believel that their lives were ae Imld by it, si motl is smei n tlNer they hall triedl inouy o snl Ierhl-ips ili the comnmon remedies in vaini. Wlhelr ri' -nver it is kniown it is rd colllilgll into llse, nd ll is d aiffsdrldthemost substnialanol cowlvincing proof of it lg merits. r "I a f'h ilue ,f the Panucea i most conspicuous in those

lf Ion? stani:llle amid svphilitic andl srofuilous afll:ettion whiel, lhalvr elelel , Id illter Ireedies, nllll lparicula'lym . . ill thsoe caseess i ,,re Isersllery :lss been so !"nisl !v unse ii votles ile mcss leiluiena, auI letnasehe pnafeirs osy snl- i In., well, Ilio rhslsml i ism anll in tieli'l.e! 51s e th.oal: , ill !int mlp:n' be-ts.r c iot lessl aparent, e'it"g lanst t .-." - iliate r .il-- - - 'i'a.,. hlo Propl doses, thehlllttio' p.7.ane]a IopI)erait is. , nltecrntitv. anil deterLgenLt; a diaph.rt'tic, dinl,'eti, siha d ilrax tisto. no n -ai, .. li, ic a d .0 o . ..etl; ; a d i propetr cases, assen LahLchte 'all ealellnlgge. enlse I lly exreset ll, it i~lsroses all tloe sia and -l -x c"I etils, givs tlos e te ls sto:. ,io, ad e ts XC ae tin, iln the ola sd t i tlua pe tis o ul.l.. r I i tnel. Firgo . Lese p rilll. PIes itotnlstieris nlay Ip e unlcderutod. " Thi. mc dcine has elur el Cou od highly unftr In arI amhiguoY" tlise e rotuser asp. iven o rl it h~ i s etl Ir usevidlswol'uleleosl IIccess as) a Spitg ian Ino tlu. irie ler, ythtle Jo uar lulo tlEteom hnUilOi tKles itenst, cas whose anisituliolsteluiTre iew vignor bieh per saas will ue we II to use vo orlltree bottles int sinll I. yen. \'IVivcer a diet thhik is coslidt .li tlee-sla, htils Patiace, taken, in a small lose; will alSawel all is upwosres, in mulch less time, at less exrlenoe, :nl it r more agreeabl e Ioi(lner than the ElaomenO diCl Inlll. Tih t followislg ceetificates, out o hndro ls sillar:, whicl mighot lie tiocat cil, are fiteto ge 1 ow ohI o e t eOi Sinietoti clsotlcataso tsoexiilit in the latooU idoti 01t0 mannel itssuarin.rily oree tile sylrps iio o ellllllllOlltlC CASES OF RIIElthlUMAI'S Ll. TCt m ri Orn, Noth. Iii, 10 .1. l}nri, gthlost s "iuter:kaol a'sisg, I r llit c a veory .evere u tlhlist'eoill I' illi U colila i ocl.ot.,ll l u'xlostre in beol b wethel.. i ntow lie great ln asure inl l talilg, tihlat six bottles uftle lacdialln's Piliceia, lesotol d me on ltpstielt health, soal I eLolnllitly rciculoneUlll it nto ill similarly allicted. JOI.N FEIICGUSON, Kigstl. CHIranB.OsNo , .larell li" , t18o. seeI was sre ed ahout thlreei-.trsince, t ltIa dinl ng rheituntism, ullsed i) tkinlg a sever colll, while llei seillteleieeef nlerclrly, alld whllich has disabled s L, iomn iusilietearoI ever sitne. IIinig this Ipriod I lae liel n ac t the iet i he Mai Ilspilatol, inl tlls ci ht dipwalls el lll.n moithtls, lad Iarly tlIO saine lengilh" lite ill the Balthimore Hespital lstlld tried Intoest evtr lemcledy, with little hbeStI ther sil t i oth It bteruiar last, ttllht tiraoensecely ati toe muovealout upotlt cteh. es,· comiecemd the ue ol hlitml' Panaiea. ur i uotl molth I Itli nal ysellentiely iheed Itonm lleti, nlod or low luppy 0to sate tha y I oalleinysel' lprlectly well it W\. TUCKIRl, 13 .arket at. CASES OF SCROIWULOUS U tLCERS. New tuolsI Sept. ta1 , 1830. Tlhs may certlfy that i r t ihe fal of ia S, I was reize Swith a swerllienin my ltk ia d hlate, whlih ied lelrWat . tl aed alid sclite large ghastly ullers i.s sty secl .Alleier inim several lphysilulass tone doelltge, I wel , Philaellphli, lm,. placed my self nder l '.a lie, liiD. PI a st and leat;,, when. adier reeald tsl litttol ie to ai.fitt., I wasm pioiiu cetl cltycrly ielotralole. Alfr. wards I look twenty bottles o'iwaim's Psslieslt andl nih atiles ofPoster' Cdaholirohut with llo nlel eaini betcht lkJulhlng of hle, whlic had low beome a .lrit hen a 6mel returllel to ly pallrcats i New I ok, in I i39, all rave mylellup to a lingeritg deth. Heaiiln ·" lt r..'c t slucccs of The listisan's Paeeea, thowver, ti int similar to my own, I wis Ierssled to trt it, a. a last i. sort. To my great srllrise, as well as satiliteioa.v uonifnlnid iutyelftitity reoelltag, awl utpwo ttlok seve bohllles, the ule-'losai~oed sil1 I lc .tlse etl'.ectl) well il tlhe nouse oftwo tlols, tlio d lihnve Ieol4lic.l o eero since. I mila this ltatetueI ualld wtis it pluliohed firthe tnlefeitoltle whoallue ulffetieg inde sioidar nces'fulus or syphilitie all'ectiosi, tIat they moay klow whait tie cueeso. one 'hoc has silfoiied eyeloiry thi u deatlih, Lid olto c lsiler Isis life saved ly ieI abtiue tv. sc WM\I. IIINIIA. ClalLoroun. hlsly 12, I 31. , I was afflictet, foeryears with as ulcer lo the leg, ot-, cesionully aseeomleiedl with crjsipelatous idloinaitllta it atld exerive tils i the leg ul uttle joitt. Sevlalt y eminetlt Ihyseioians exerted tersllk il uipOn it, but witll out iritint theul bhlefit. li this clise live bottle Iltlian'sa's.loes matte a .efeet eurs. MAIIGAIIEI" A WEIIT, 121 Market , Por sale by HENIOY BONN ABEL, dsitggists age 0, In ' tli o I, etellrs, nlcheuttittss street lg NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE SAIL I;A COMPAN 1. T HE stockhollers ol' this company are Iserely no tifiad latl byv a resoluthic of ithe oaurd of tdilc. tine pused on tlhe 19th iast. the call tiumd0 on tlheo 0l the 13th LFebrlarv ant, for the spayimenl of fioe dollirs u shore, wcs rescinded, and the said stothuldero er oe furtller totifled liht WH REAS, by a msolutlue of tbte hoael paised soo the 19th inat. a cull iaset en irade o the stockeholders of she New Orrisne tlid Neehblille Rail Rled Comlpalooy for the followingpayllooct a the theotook held respac. ulivell by thba, vli:--two douarts ir ahare, payable on the first day of Septemhernelt; two dollars per share payabhle on thie first day of Deelueher raxt; asd two dollarsper shure poyable on te day of blarh eelt. Now therefoer be it esolved, tht thle secrelury of this compauy shall atify the share ioldera, tlireiu, theruth the public pr.nlts of the city, that in confonnily with stne sixth sectlio of the charter, tltyare permitiod to liostpolie aly payment called in nt ltheo stuck of aid celipaey Air the trmiof sixly disys, from anid iter the day on which it is muds payable, with the exltess can- . dilion however, that if ot: regularly puid within the said preloneution of aity daysv, from and afni r thIe Is\ on which it shoul havo laieu paidl, that tlhen the utcki o0 whieicsaidtpaymetsshouldt have heenmade, ic and remi .: eorfitd tu the compally, the charter on ttat i plirt Ouctg imp_ .zive. too totfoltthiy titerefore, to said all, allatukof tlhse lockholcers in said compny, as t thcik proper to put off tie payments 0n their csato to the lnd of the additional sixty days,, which the chaiter al'on,, th-em, sa .escitjfd t0t, the pIm'yelt of twoi l- d lans puro iscn r0llld fsr,and due in th. flrsteof tSr-I tepser nextc , may itscl.tllOelld tlisder thi sixth scitis c i ot said cltartetr, untbls'th day 0f Octoher m.est~t I tue' Ipaym,,nt 't wab't dllats per liaore called for, d tc due in the first day uf tet thltoer etext it 'y lo to-t- I nsmonl s:l'il the 310th sloy of Jancln'oy s..l'wll Io. , 'Il hint diy ui 3larch next lthey' he po)Rlp oud uul Illht: 311th i• day of April elI lit. Elxtm . .1 t'I minutea ci tile himard. S._n : AIR McNAIR, Mc'rJ,.' (k)1.iol H:1'iN. hin east-Ob hoTteon tltits Ion 'p -V Hats, ault ts 3JHN II O1111M , all IG, Rlloyal College of Ptysiaenr, Lonldon. 'IpHe naiital Velerhble H ian Uiversa l.ed' jI ine, Irt'prti'lt: by IV 3 lttitr,. Re . +ielt,""',' t i in, liveal Uoilregr'rrf Srrrirerr, Iiaicr'rp,'e .;1" .,l carmes'.nmpa ty, F" low riiat olt fitrirt P ,rr l ! "r nt' mo the Royal t.'ie'r siio Asncthao," La tst ..r Plate. r reloo 13rlitg., marl I" rtycood In pitl i tire I. andSt. l'lhomas'. H i+l.rit; Is. I.ola. ha. 'rThis vall.nlere rteniciete, thel resul us s .ur,' i; o~lg ll.'l~ll' ,.lltl Illj~m~r l sueTI uclt' ah srtF ill Illtl. i·r ll'llsi~ l. ro ihrghih r'ertle'tebie itt'atritt'o tc:i £,' ,i'P [:l, ,IeI x bypr ibecIlt)"and moltrritv, iui d ivs rr ilinidt t t tiile rnrite t f relrihrrr rica llp llic, at t ae e;lcst so licitntioa r" a nulmler oi'gerilemen of Ioirrg ai llt is . aii:rll gi; the it rofessi',n. It is loiledi, as a prciilm e, Itry step, "t creek ltle evils and fi:tal enuucerncert t' Sr'isln olr'f' thrte rie of tirtenurrlll.tlal, atdrl deleteriru., rlttnllfrolsted upoin the plnklic by trie aid oI' abriernt.tll i I. (I4r Is o miraeulou el u nle s t a ell r l tl |, +bya set of h leraertrttlt. tintor'rrtperjir tr'et'rtrer's to totally igrl it 'er I thierre, tao in t itimrrasiire tie anoetrttttt i dillhsitn cn arlly Irlger go down withr tile intl'iligunl t po die ofnrtlis onstr'y. Thies pills, lmil aIrd rtgr'e'ile tI i 're r nature, sihtdd ie kept in every fHmir e i rearr e m ofsumd ten illness, for, Iby thelr pro R aderi;ritrlitti n Idm eholetr. elrllrrs, slair, fevers, and otherr talinllrhirg ' te aoulriltats, wlaicir to ftenr ive etaI, it1e Ir.e d hc y curieori orevienetedi. irft. fll tit,. wlcotvtlurice gotl ald Iealth, dmold never be wirtlort them. Tllty are so l' in rnekets at it cectc. $1 sar $5l iecr. iry every Io'C table dbrurist, brkellel, ail vetdrlnerof metirre ilr iIt lci United btatest I be Canadasa, witl colpiois lrr'etio'rre, k t tg er witilr estlaolnlinis Of profssional abil) Ity frula t, tire fonnrlilcl enrinert gtlteiellt: Sir ortler Urrrrelr.l at Aherlelbiy,Jarmem tlootrdell, M. ,, WV. lack. M, It., iis . Alton I , A. Framptot, M. Ii., anlli nulmalre'ur im, others. The'originals may ire seen at possesmiritr tlie ore General Agent, by whome the melcllilne is illsaroret irtll ir- this tounttry, lid to whom all alleticrtiors I'rrlgeteistr he multl he rld'. JN" IILII.EIl , IS9 Wor Iltv Place, N. Yorrk, se ole (Genetal Agent for th. Uliitatl States, .-. n For !e by approintmelrt of th. orcigilal proltrirtro ir Wmy i I rr" LUIerrvlllEllr Drg<,; IS, NOi I Car htrteet, irg tenere Agentstir' Statllltete l Ltruistir'. jell 8 ,lt it I IE t co, PN S ar+gtre r<tareet, r. itt- j .vew reteiving ahirr e ,stvle, ILr ,is'iit , el't- tte3, IE gle,t t l ,trler late :rr'ivlns rn :h .: "trerstih i .t .. rurgett tt etw veiatotel tsso ntrar ri .i i, BRotast, Nsocas Alad ltrOtllllms eo, otllsiegvo g..ltIe ett vll' e w df rlrrl NMor'tceo hIea.. it to .f.illllto i"u , .:,trrit't, t:tdt stLLO t twaS ptei ggref d ootIrs no t tar'i .r, qr: r.tivt'b; Irrllr'o fie call sel and lil.. .. I, 'I. t pttr.1's avti blrrlg:os, curksklre shoes, br'og;el. 'tr tre ttilla s: r tret'm lrltr cant ettt ki l etr rt'gged she es.e teI ,Ion s. dI boktstr do stollt ct' u} a ,ggelt sh c. in p- l rillransr; gellllrtren ' btst rautlitt) ...l's-wel' shoes, 'i'tottn+t atrrtndi trklnirtr a, t o ealft arg ll rilooeeu toel. Ill·ll anll lblr glns; rin cllf, sc~ll illrL unIl'liui',+ rdl mcin sbomsir r IrSlilr'ts, do rt 1,, bllt aenu seatt wnr'gtt Iy aew areticle; dio nlle call, i.erl rutl morocco qularte ei- ts; d Imos ,lmisses'andrciildren'e negted rid r auve the bItogans, anrd shioesol' er qrualit. anral kirt. rt Also a genend assotment l mllells untll wax ail h it r.t Irogrtls and khoeo, togetrller with It,(OO lair' the egra uest tirualit, russott bro~ms, i",iled ill tilt ore i.mtiis, oaole expretsly for tetltatricol ov; a groel ci· e irolerll Of mll'a lille erll stout kip tecsertt ItirOtfiIs.,tr tn w artile, ttr t, a artge (Iallrtity " tt.1 llln liOlr qllall r omet ravltct brlgmars. n Latlies' flne nolf, seal, ionrooee an. gr'ain welts, an pump rsoilr shiles; ro fille ire'hor lcrlOrco e:rtel kird nlei 1el and slippesl'; do roan shoet, witll anl. whillollt Ilevcl. sb ialf, seat:llnd stolt leattlera hootere s; Itr !)tIIeUllll tlne to t fll killn s rtir d tt latitier ; it Iritt ,,rir: l't.ctttv '; 'tt.rt1tt'i. andl .ilosed bI o O eei . Mile.,' I,,s'i ,gsprh., .il l t hl ,UlS ot r rt r l ol vr. lroLi'.' CStiored .oI.EI cOnlll I' t ltilllt I1. ta len lej irto ethional c. bl ee ek I trilk hini a; do hnle. tit , g lhr at beaver rIo at 1 :' SP. eror €i u.Ji r; do illlll tiol tire ie k Rtte l shor' tta otei litsI i iek o.tir cl.. letter Iat l'rt'e size hatt'tr ot itle'..t tiolitieso t It ctitnr 's. fe l- 1 'nbuaad Ic,:'s bl cknallt drndb wool I, ,s iof lulvie.i le' ienstt illrtit urr. i solnrleko el'r ' t of r tr ' ' r il' l . 'l | r.'.so I i ttl ttlltt r "e "t Ils airmC soeIrertn nt' r tI e l llllllriS e i t i11r . ltr..i. lliI i rf a m1 ieaket elt(rl r t ritte alole .in ed itnrtt l 't e, t whiti h -it 2seld enachon rttrnlmm ratitl'rtetltr .lrt. i--ti" ie 1 1Al iI F11.'O1 T'H: T I' ITII. " rsl. tl I. estlhl~slie r·Ollulllthm arid i.Oi.tlll I1+ I~l~l~i+:lt-ll-n Ih' de all~lld I1II' thli. e ittrittl nr t'lll ly .r n' I n r't' tiri0H U actret to. I o servatirap lf rirt teetr, ha-o inruord t;e HI-cri r ta ollir it to till: A .1. rir lln Illllir , Arrlllllllltlll s hllv rilti reetn lll crt' tlllllv ar I 1it I i d0 r'rr i hdl . ite I tttttll Oiiat alltl tIllbli ill 11he Llliltrd Nlalt,:,1 (1) 11.41 Io iilllCl+ It ilhll ere ila rearrh t Ilinoae rtni'rirlr altl likt.l t alltt r tt I us Icy Itoranatillr rg t'tlllel1t't, ' f Tllllll-l'iP . 'ret.- h irritnrl it l t etr rg iTo teiei.'t'tn'r tl bllllh, Itlll II~+ lever Illilel+.. l ,o lqllil'. illli!lllllillh IIIIi( it i nllalntlt re!ictL It altl Ilrretlc a t IIi.' llV defle ctiv e h I, a tlllll ar r.lievete Ih l mIrl, lPce "hich'.o frequnPlll ill'ev. 'r. i rll i nr r ellll e'h ! 1r e ·t iT i OIipP oliati'o t nti rom r lllltv rre - tlll l re, i tnrart'a 'nitt nip r t t li tttlllcl t lIthe I rIge '(n relr i.o . n ilrn t int 'l i' ii I. l'itrr etr rif l CI~ o lliilr l v tll~ e lllyli o ll)ll, itdv i T I lriPll'(ll . ll'h· dIllithi i; hi l ontetlll ' y , tha t . h 'ollr mlyl peiict ref I1,. wlall al Ii.1[ intlt r i tol' ' i t ll t t 11111 uilt I i t h let l r tu 11 Is l rIulllt t . .e . I i.r' c'h +.ill I i~irly I' ll.,..I,. ,,'h'dly ulll,. , b, , , i, ,r tiiiil tit' t it tti i t'ie', lh,' 1 e.I Ht.) ,< .1, ho w en ecr a rtttbenl rovtnrlytrr teliavrttrtted a n h-sbeter crobate'ttatyt'rauiertbceois nit, te er t (neitr , tolitl n atl t irooh ,t lll , "'t - tarl ctiartt a ithin two nitrr ati - " l tll.3 S I: d ,I to e ,lian(st'P ll hi't10 ! ' u n'r I xi,, , Cst' Lensive FL·I'Up lyo all( Lie stanldarld kstsi:5 ofhltChlenl or eogetar''lt r Ytt'te, .. h, o tin I port o r ;e ru r n.' tr" -rte "tr , b.' 1 Snc Ite h le : .r p /r Of, he .l't - it e. e r- coive nmli ltsa ilta . hV t 'lb ie+ ' tt., h . ik. i lurg ,· K i nllal'ic h, and i1' alllscls I ill, ah . II w ll .i lh+ b ih eblt, itarig., dieotoinet h\l to Yrk co1l t1l i spi nd Yr 11r 1 I.cCt, e iP(:LI int 11+1, tdlyle erS : ll l;. I el i ubvtrbll'tI etltrt to tol' e I11 i.I. s tLe iliell ri er e t t .'ti t ritti rs nta el ab s I a, rted, eait'herb wl'le'le or rt,' il, a 'l o t .ow ,t ti ir iltce i fir lit r talirme i L ll t llt'atr, oar t Ito tsuatry treals rend 'lahrkt' t ardery oUteri u.lll tI tile Itrt le adL ,iil t TL p,]l 11in a1.rm lt r er i tie poulld wt ir, I Jll Idg allaaa ialer I r..ha etll' rl J C.tLdoea t, illid i ' Irt.IS or E.. iht , mat tic mtfl alwa'ya ho abtaicaud no pr'ea..iil atrelicationcm c'a unal, to M SMH'r , I NoTrd, Secd Store, 85 Cousctr.aua e aler , NOlt d .-a A h orlealriit auptply t' thllel St ti. til or ji t ed or e laiL; plllvtrized soerrt; Ilres, ran n .l dk - a r ried terbs.-wiirt a uappi v olf ilreac tlrd a ,l:ans. Fancy Pocket Broke-Under th + heaod will be found a splendid variety ot ladies' i .d gi*tlren.,'s po ket books, note, oaid, needle an o thead cases. Fancy sltocks, -uspend ra, ce.-Of 11el lhlse pail "n and tof superior quality, cona.Stigii o Ip! Il anu ligured satin, boait, lace, velvet aid cloth S-ocs, linenl slllt pln ap. c nd fltcu y woll rind "tthlot ru:ll:e, t shirt c,,ilure, sunprc dcc eClled WVasliigton uetseildr , .lec, gUa eltreI wiccrs.i ed ad cotlonett dou, wit ad eithout rclccro I pantaloonl .'rps with wire epritrlc; n;ld l gro.,t va ratcy of getb .nelln'se wer., ildo ixcresal ' .aIn. .a trit dne, by A. L. Vanhuorl and san ot ' ihe. Cornmhs--A genera and completln reorlrtice ofcomlbs froml their munufacltory.Ano, Eriglih and French drrnae.g coalns, etc. dlec27 RUSIT'ON & 4SPINALL'S OMPi iUNDTONIr: .MIIXTUlR .-A enredv and cc tin curn fo, i." Fiever aicd Agarc, rcnitteon and ;.urmittent lvclcis; iprepur,i, c'rcni Ilthe oigriul °ee ip,. Used wil tllllin i llt and ulli Iveral ducceuie 1832, by persoc.n ol the hliglle,. rI 'uretabililrty t this cita. as aLated in tIre annexieI r:crtificates. This medicille is higllly recomminledd, a,.l has been extllively used in tile caiuv.e dicseses wnb suchl distinguished success, lihat tie proprictor of the recipe lies bnen iiiduecd to off1cr it to the pub. lie in its proeset fornm in tile ho. le hat it nmay Ib tihe means of relieving many of tll.oe who are suflering under tile scourge of cu coultry. It is I a me!dolen pesllelllg great virtue, and wl!n uscd according to the directionls hais never failed of effecting a nure, even ill thie Iimot culrtiur to stage of tile disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, aird i lsusn of the weakest stolnacl, and childrenoll ay ltak it with impunity. I strelgthens the digestive organs, creates an appcti , and scldoic renCuirue Smore than oule, or int obetinuat cases, two ccttilea to efflet ,r cure. Th e is lnCitl,.r ilercury ior arnelilC i i t:,o reediein, cur alny thing inljurious to tle hulllll constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its ec.facy, that they "ogrue I to refud the price of every botl wllicllh liehs bee takoen in accordalnce with the directions and hls not eff:cted a a perfect cure of tie foevr & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent fbr New Orlean., at iris whch slci and retail drug alid iren'cine snore, corllner of Ilienville anld Cii rtres streets. For District Agencies apply to .je5 T. W. SMITIH, 48 Conti it. HABRROWGATE SPRINGS Mlon'uieoaerc county, cl lucuca. THREE DAYS JO RNEY F ROSM NE Nt' ORLEANS. IIlE prorieto,irf ltilth s establishl bent hle tIle plea sure ol uaelolociig to hie friends and t ie tniblic in genrelatl,r t tie will Ie in reoadieseby tle tirst tov of Alay ta receive visiters. lie will alseo slate for liotti - hert of ltse at a di-lllcce, tillt i liCeie cire hbten largei improvemetsInrde, od others now echin Ol cud it. rapid progress for ormlletion, .utioh will cnahle the tubsrer ter o ecorllolnelote a nlcllct larger nulllber than Ilerelrofhe, oid at lIt saline time lclcli better. F'Uoitia can be urcccllllcldoined • ith geain ramu , or thiCe wor prefer can rnave large nabiuse acinored fruel tire minl buildinlg. It is deemed onesceotcry tc soy nt.iylgiet in iarficn lur of thel clrueter i'l It cshe icc.ii-s, lie it is gen g.lotrl I clir'cd I chal't l y r. no lr in rlu r i c u ilyr l tile Soiill-l i eru States. All IrLe anlcoli .e,llla Ihlit ace generhalltV fnloidel ntWaerinr IPlcc.r, wirillihe fccicl ni ictia. 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All veIn i ý ,'i nll inl I'l bnok i iilln neari the fatllnw iag wi.l s: 'hi ( Lighi i ntionl this woark ihas revi ived thloltgii .1the tenll ilaei tive acts prefix,' t tlihe viih. mage, is a r ncentlti dliol ill itself s a egiie. mnlmol., a Hin so enelll - sii e, lh t notlhl i g is fllo essairy more htii e llv iL t of iI ve¥el lsemi tl1 t given Ie cndene i in. nt its " n - ' "d ccllariirs:s. t'clinstance,, tI interest d 11 Ia beei ncltusit a of eli lom, neid cll mpn red illh, whalt is .equiv.lentl t(u Ilnu ut Kell Af"el'4 nielluAlinlle, exfnlit ed in tie press 'birst i fi;e tines, maod 1::1i led Iri m rc teliiile 1als | tlcl Il i tilii.lsiv'i' tilscS, fl',ar which itie l 1citi i I e +i'iiii I even c ti the i kelstic (neia cvci:l'c v tili t e vsoll hl ilf e 'le i..11 rfirioiif mi the pr' tlit ilhe w:rvk mi11ac i' r.l , n . nierictliy itallib, :ll i, c .l r etnli ~fitils belief.a 'g piemihne of i, llhunred cts 1fty'h dioll.r,. i, ewlw off" li- 'e ' ile lcetilf erro o a a cent ill the ibnrese i Sor fiith ellitio.. a.s cxpreascd in ti.e pirel'akc nmaking five it' laerl mlcmbm l , l fiia ' i he i snl. llerror sih eile k ire l i oldieinin in the reslc 1(2. Ii One of the mnos conspicuious fllures of the tables is I,, inthe :rveInngelnllct l' the lime Iand Amncunts, wlhie 'is elr faeieditions, roti'a.encendpersppieit , wihb thehelp fIofthegsidle mtiI iiil', ae notl he excelleil; iiid Ill. silly I, t nnal .eda s i'hciIi11 flhe ile:ei'eel can Ie found eiltih us extent of geL I'eal +vi ineiss, wilh'ot di lbliblel oefcl11.s ,q . he id "s i lllvenienll s $ sls tinal, tllhat in tla estlmn Stiol Ilon of lllet: i i*e l t omeenonlelll iald practm blati i , ie· nmell 1nllhp~liic .efit el. wbli hllue matleg'il.vt lse ol' iil a tork, it inch.. · hvlho homol1hlc Sppellation |fofa ** . -ster 1, re". A.di considerinK Ite il:eilillvliiv of i .oi ihi.I iic'iginially ndlep t.lilil " comll.,.v ii iiit worv e . u i,.. Il'e ll nilrill'mui lll n ierI il vi. arietyl oflhei xam'n ioilin, vmiltestsof'eveiryeiliill it hIapllss edinll heiei, lwiilhlltlgthii e wmle is inI sterloillye, cl i. ri'ng,l' in ,11g 1. le ipositive iecinrae Seri'es·l +1 ile I h e ll ( l.+e , L nllll O. 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C llrtil' siiv iv , u. ving ctill the mI ill's I I' i .n rl xl hibited satiicl ry1"ll - plro:'d, to wrt.:,,Ie persons pre I' sent i h i 111 lli it w . reAl:ly 1 .orth tilt money l lid i's o'Ire thl ough the slink of his t er, thabll.h timl *he ei1ng vi, rtr ' i . in Ivtil ivln lliivir e, I it is like,; ifar woru'It of a tt, iml inh.eed proper to lestI i tle , l, ta snot IIf , Il+ 11tni"e of e 'r worLk Ignrally II ti L:,. peili.vvI i wi n ofi the extel t i llvr lvan k iportalle jlI th In sis, that had di guook or its like h, on prept. cI. : in the usIIii v Itill . lvlone, I llke moslt lollll l ii'e Cell illloriu the ¥world, asl allerw . I |r i,,ll|bid most v'i ctiio l; llvy u ler hislvn correeltiln of prof shit'i , it rn would, i l ent' to R ctii rtlaint'v , haive Ii en 1n f l'r re in renl c, atilln t, i i l i , le ilce. A is t .e prlef i. d.i: - vIirlip eii plai. . livt vi pvevrli nit n' ll r Ii Ihliie vu e II el $t- 'tervetyp. pla,. eI thiI w'orklhb. rn li e' that 1h m rtcu1 t;. m .ngii lins1 i fir il, otheli. < "iiti1 hltil , ' hdey ti . (lh1 ;:-ht'ettinii en:r1) ' . "m h k' pt in a place of peleilI ill, CexCe.+ n hi~sll - i it v ilR iing. e'vt with 4,1 vvll follow lh. I 1e- e, wihl !, in this lll 1 1h as in the t08 pli la",ng ,di11ns, cn! tain muiuch ill. iTlOeti| rand ll to.,,'ll , I llawfuol i Lll- s if iicoIpiit flt fog; Itintr .t., awe o gt nee, her. i I lUtlll IIre ii ' illt, .no ilh luldl . hi ti "O1I h '.," xO , h ,t,, lihed helnle l ib"ic f ii i tuhel:rlcs re , s liil l Iv L .,e ix:, . it hI. ;..,oi et ' .i 'h :v in c v ill s hh i ,v t.' , . ," h,:; j . 1 . r , U a It, I m'l. t ,ll o ,l ' Lt. i,te si - -,I ivt. n I. 11 ' l l, , ti d ,~ 1 It a t. S i etl o (l .n iI ý..,r.., og whit fll Iv iitv , 1 h 11t r le ol of i tt + , ti e r, . : it i 1,1 ,1iv . I t s, ' a ci ii e S O f , 1 t cisd r vi,; ltye cv e+"i ' ti t ii n no " , . l t,. ' l l, , lr eh i n f r l i i t ., ,si U t i rv t , 4cl gym iv r ', rI iIv,. ,'.". t '. ,, P. ,,,/,lt'i a' I ! .- /'' . / , . . cv -.lIV ~i.i i '." l \I\g ' v iv ,:K~\r.--l'r +: ltivl ll i AI . ivnio.i, iviih , uthrol c earl:l invulcriin, in • . lr, , r. , P l' d 'ol:len, fy i vol., or V 1 J | ' UrY... . og "", fl. o,, it . 1,.n l o.. v ; r o Jo t T"oth u ,I Ib ,,. by I t'll. 5i'ce;.;%n, iv e,.' Ciatviu cv clii f5 nil cinour . saot.c hI' c lnti i trs p.C r ilgi, i ct . i.vine o' o miii ilvai e. pinsiS iife' eir ~nkiv; ' ,Enl 'ni 1'rol'c gCi'i t., r i; ilt e,+w ll 1 i Irao l . I l Imputy e t. it" ' r :'.o ne d; ' i iliv v l' i i l;-c ; c ii s li hl hiei ba -lie; vhro e 'a y iuc , t, i r; svc lir'I y r k ' e i; iI Y , I 1 , v CL I, .tN'S ' r File jti .lt . u u . IJ 'T.lrIN( Ak, Ctn iltl C]i ~I ad Iouo ,.t alcact ,s Corner ,J. Canal and Bourbun shots~t O O ...i.. 1 l, o-r, Sign, ant Ornnwrl. f 'aints. . s nec:: ,h(! le street, two d ,rs. ronm iultou 1 tis *'.lhtwing woods and msarblesvu ecumul it a u:rutt : Inmalcr. WoUDnS IA M aH LIR. Mlahoguy, Fg ptian b:,ck anal gold, Ouk, 1 intia and Anticu, ollard do, ' I , ll or vernt antique, ta'ledl Maple, l ootdl itUlo,, t , arby (.roile, flhilar %Ve d I, :)te or Ilurdelllo, C(o i o ll (t 1aclk Sin lled llta, :oll'dill., pcrminwh .te aedn at td shop. Paints, Ails, g lasl, io!,:,i l .iI.. , ..... I,: n.Jd ifter sale. ''' l , 'ITI V '.IIVt \ '- 0l-lot, 01,j01 1 , d I. , l i. o tn , n e tll u s s ,u I h. Ilu l, s n ll I lllllt i 1rm, nail aods :l p luoigh ml ou hl. ds ' C(st, {l'tiei, 'lhear, biis:eruc|, spring, sheet antl 11'11!O I cl te loitIw wrl., cut l ld wrought liialls And sikte es Zlob, bok tino soill o'l grind stones, ,olt kettles .li log l trItllle ' hnil, corn mills 5.-ol al ''lll l e1, llltlntr w. b ee' 0 li0 AIa 'l-l so i i) Ilo l-. llorj'lsoer.. , lll h lsla \Vhie, ,,tli, an nll Ir Inl'! lielots ,.,d, .nI n conkle, s slor s o Amn , i . lwlalnd's l ln other spade l ,osl nh11 els A lIllm , I tlhl . ll|lo l l Id he I-Os , ta t 514r a Ies l. Am.. ,, .1671,a ,, m c,- lint s |do twine llh ir ,,'. ihelhlllllll , f Il' .llllt ' ir.IIs l lllls s ii, l l lll l mIiC oil A i lll us-,ine t l ..'llt *1 IaL'ndll'a anr ll ship ch,'.,llie y. sas or l'cl. il,o lolpt th( Al, filvoslllllttlrml, II) mso LA 'tyON k 'Co. 53 Old Levee. EW GOO0sl)s lnons Ihi1rtt1 &e o are o le 'e Joevil oio tlf ca r o d i' ll, l,-ats anh o art s S lto 'edhsig r onl.unudiaiIt11 Ne Yfsok,o &l"I IRrieO t'y (.Ililo ill their tile, Wlicht tigelher with ttshh' folllei stIlik kn hid, , ill. t1 ir 1-1rt en very1-- plate. SIll il lls.iltgol nl.. estart, v la: e ltlwi, ,,pr. ;de, tllk a1nd i tgl o ~ c: utllsr Io o'll lesrrittit, In ui ru)ellhl, ilIllU'll worsted elaslis garlers, comollnlln fLloe elosto slupnders, loc fooo andt uoili'r mallehe &eihlioa poweders, o icoder puffs aoIld boxes, toilet powder, ocket hooks am.t/ wulhts, needle books1, shell, pserl, ivory adlt tllUllolo tcudo aeos, head ornlriulen0ts, Illies rol loeads, , klto-s sall soligecs, bead cbllils, head 'eekldsc-, sot cllss and pla.lseedsilvertsI gilt |Ieds, hndtln bends, bell sal in u p0111 pistol atid large plow. er flltks, Ishllot belts, heres, bolt. lpoket and dusilisg aistlul;dslloleoandsigle borrolled guns. IBowie kULL ell, lld dirks. s*i>ore, r.kleares, pocket .sirves, luarl ebsinls, sod ribhous,'waist buckles, lotSh, lair, tootit, 5uil,cotlhb, osrulab. isls, pitule, floor sod dsoling bruhells, Cologe,l Flor.ln, lIienIdr ulre U0nd bay-woterusso-rted essolaes, and extros tst tietassr, lsear, antique, 1ui1 Wsrd'o ve .elable hair tlls, slariO asit i ts ilett ur l ps o ll ldes rilpliihs, ldle,. uns- gestlesorno' desk, sod drossisgl Cools. ti, "glets,ftritts and hrdidn, p a unilael -ttsi esol w lork o booe, plulUad kiilllftio, r.uts anot Otlt-ttnlllnlo, peldll ad ivory s[Irel o, shiert ltdds, goldl amt Oilher lplll ;1 rls, losth.ulauianld twoeoez.sjtstll'le sons gilt lollk-to, l-iniotiecr do, siler, tloru. too st te ~'timlles, hook, - olal sos., !lair illi, Il rititllo li'itbtlk snd redhik,h slse blaokiig, i-diso su gluilar, ri'bslaJ nild plan pierII t 1 p5 0 5510, lttwi0, ceuesd ollash. len0,5old sti! sitter lae. td( lisrlllo telll r ptpr, gspgsa .itnd ott ,lt 'Irv. :lr &,l. s" o " Ic nulns-., te -t: er with abs reats,-iesto-,,I Oi.r,rt0i. MAIL ARRA1GIl riff.N " S glad 'DueEvery DaI a 12 M. Nm 'bl erit l C h nes E ve r~ y dlay a t 10 ; A . . .eL .a a D u e n ere rnv D e r u n d n , u ra l ey breloe Soif. Foirlv, bI ýi, P. 1I. by toy of I ^C'as every 3Monded, Wdnesdra , i,'etl, ltd Satlundd ,', l... i. r Du( e evere TuT o.-, Tlhu. d, u (l,, e'e A·ettriey, Woi. oree 1 Si , ' 4 (;Ies every tlllndy, \11'erlnrudnl EXIREHo S11tA11.. Il'IM1f (IF A RIIIiIVAI, I)EP.IllI'l IIF DIMt'NCEL ill e . of tie I, opreo Mail, ltet---r 'it oile aool New Yek--leoinoe Mobile doll'" at A1 P. I.. Nurothar New Iork daily at 5 P. M boothwrd. J¢ ,'rivoe "llrrive N rthlworta. lDistance. lime. keturn'g t'etontgoery.Ala. "ltn. ito 'a 23h I 1 nt. S(olu,1 e .bo (Ic. 114 819 94 "31... Milledgeville. Go. I 133 14 2 p. to -Coinbin. S. C. 74 am. 163 174 l0 I Itnleitn, NC. 51 2115 22 4 t Warrenoon, V. Is m. 55 a0 s - I'eturEt.ot, Va. 1t pn. 83 10 'I t. m - Itiehmnm., Vn. Ilog. 21 3 64 SFrel:,,.ssbhl(, 8 67 7 l p m. lVaehinetn eit, 2pinpm. il re hilsedelpltla, 6 am. 11 II f r INew York. 2 pa. 9t 84 i1305 143 It. ord 23 Northward. 'Coming Rotnhword,t thet l is eirlour les I t-o; dIoin ve5 days a? l 17 hours. "y TEN aO4fl.Aill IREWAilL. a iANAWAY fr it 169 C:rondeldet corner of levie Is i etE, on Ilse night of; 0 ofI August, r ldu us 1seen t next morning i Peydrea stret, a ntgre t.y named o'lIIAHL.lFS, albout 17 yeors ofage, en' s ee Noe I ihereahol h hra sltit, ver Ibeck. atd ere pscd intent i i hs cpeeoh, one of his loae io o rre, Ierlliongee b a reeeutl hllrl;ie hIaon l heol e he wbeIet coco a bhite n iccm t or lillen shirt atl while collo , otllh . ill vessels nocd- ' Iout.. ore eoo.noatI a * tntreeitecreeuetgor htrl.i,lg aodd negre, o wI te el Itl;nrt p oereoe, Ita th e Iolet r i gr t oi tholl- I, wt l i, in elrmed ogolith m. T'be lhve rewd wlme icitp pair e1) hllh inlt 'on' of Ihe Jolla of eihhet .p Ihb r- Illntleopol.ties, or at 16 Ciurriudelel, cornor of m livi he s laort. eI i ,t Slillolved, '|'Uo .lubcrll er wli l udhlale the lllir, o o't the coneern ill thr -'i trld reqlires all p..Iooti tl.eo ohled t tO clitkit tlegtllt to hbim dtv, aod ill thboeeftvlcp shn ., to en selln t Iem, foroettllPe let. nil . tA IIETiON Ir - ~----- ~ ~ ------ Ihe N , W. .SWA IN. MVo. 11'Caual S.reet AgIgr fArhlao. 1- T1" aiS, ayto hnitad eea.ntlttly k rogei it.- 'r. linerI), (.htemieale, aod Pollam ,ulo . . art i ....i S UGI")'.' A netii . , ..tllel, Arg.ta, rted, in do mnstic , A o i urio, ipn o be t Aroente, erot hI , h Atl nl. l to Ihw ieic'ud, Ilrarillette otea, I1lame eoplovia, o. hctoal, lioteox,creudale, Colnle iSe, American no refinndcl (Ziiaers. lenilloll er le, hulle 'ameo, dosl a rail, do (",inc, Io: n"utn, A , IEnTtine,, Ih, t 'Ilntilii, i o, lg rle ttgei, i tn I t ool-I l er, Ile hlgl eillr, it gll ltali.-l ,a In lc tleeitce. 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I tii ir I ill c ), en, Snilp I11e% Iio eassil, Siulll rlii1tlit. ill- Ilo bcl g 5la t, -larltar eats'i, , t d , b le a n , I'AP A IN ' I'S ll a n o + d iuper iht, Ii oili iI.) i tal), I . t l l 'lt '(enllqcae, Ie lt il ,niti I OlI I Iei-tt I' I ·ttaloi i l h ie. ' .o II gtt trI,d , . I. d t it 'Rggb , 1t:l Il I cgll FA e ll' i ... .,' ":: .n:. 68 ,,h;"l V....; : h...... ,III, 1l'1 ,i.i, do I* a , ,'i-,'. I,., .- .. .. 1 r.1 ilea . .. . . ' .... col , w :;r, ,i~oL rwu i,I, ..... ',, , h'llr . i c ,le,, i ,. ,lu'll. I ' +','rl. II.,. u i S "l inllsr, en. Ird i' J i sh ,icy .in fiie ".lrilsll, " Al.rlic , -ri-b 'In to Ith,.d~, 1 -r"P'I,1 t RI (,!" 1 ='tl rile /;,,tile, -' l I r n 'l ll" oll .'in thie teeter,l, ti, , iii i. Peterir *i , le, .t s in 2 vol,. TC fIrr ',, in -s, ·,r u 1inler .,t St heats Ifni'Giehl in I.,.. .'.. in 1 l~er4 Hin/urn, a ro nnnr."', l, Alh, r.nn.inghn +n, l, by lit;.tlti HSei ith.iayt Nty . "t i 'eperl iiec wrill Iatn | I, h '., lf itstt V iel . t. . 4. 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