Newspaper of True American, February 26, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 26, 1839 Page 4
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V li? A itA A$1'NDlr6 A S 'RCF· +tk d~id Ila' yA .,A01 E rHxt,: uan l:;c t ujo' urec.7I iAPC i one kIVYý.{k1 14ý;.ý'nn" Imani= tyl:~ui to l )$' I to 1741 t) rc cR12D I(IAIa ;oC B +.ur ~ 1 N tt1'AranIAryhitotrorr, i '~0Q~ iootlR 'r. 'I I UNll.prltr Sv°411110$iEnod Irlnrdi jodu m31 NO SN Curl. a Nd In C it F tbI j j Fi Iennctj o , Insa nity NiXr}1114 red-C au pu tgrBludc n Ii lls 1\ NitvC o otr i o ft ki trnmy byaI1 T I ATr Ij$4 thfrA T -21) h~itnr*d r and t'p lelt. Iy, fo o OM *fi ..0 , roro ltr, fuI8 0 i e tignliioh clnor. I eovrloooodioon o ot'. u+ )Inleti..., Tablesr Pbost' mricnn Ili tio.noat``l. ` vnlr ., op >, lii~cellnni~e rom theo t ai, Inoffi~ny and .11. Conitnn $acon'x lyark , 2 vlols, London·, Nnli.Curio~itirsoffIitlrmtore,I., "tica Laihnrt alnr lof altr Scot, t ,ol nod i,,btll , yl'rcrcu tt, 3 v,,; x 6akopnr, , lnil Citioon, 7 volsr,l(, " Anagqnrnasortmnclt or Lowv, bludical Scic~ific Ca icl Ll iNenilpt lcnus honks, Nov(I Ifbiationn~ie, Grammar, English atnd Oernt"an, Latiu an~ld Greeck. 1" JOHNS & Co. V26 _ cr. Charles midr Common "t m.~t' itOlVANTih" TOdD' N ill U - - - For treateenet it l ecre of the Fever and A.,te. I T will be readily discnvered ii her'i te T'tl ic 1i x-t aire is superiotl i thle rdlicrv iIod " lo trcctitte ilae ever lid A.nt. n the fi rt Ilnce, beng a cghe' tsbi Extract, ted free froel ally deleterious and poits Ssm ingredicents, it tyt he tlake with the utmost selFG y mveit by the tecller 'hfint or neell invalld It pl'- it vents relbveioif he disease coIseqoenti the bonsitu lieu soon regals its waented tIltt and aciviiy. t esIile liles lt sonllO I nd )eI ae appellt l ei iae tilal.. tti the stomnleh,ald gives al relih tIo the 1i l teti llsoTf inig peeuliar it. having a pourantiv tnlt it ,t cins "aioy o tih sh rone i Ithis r disorder, orm o t cel'ate other diseaes, hit tlhoroll.,., i:l mees thle eerl er gnusr of dicestoio en, lio i t hll Ibeiefils the celsiet 'wdith whatev ero viil'e tin t Ctvine ri e I ndimeul ,ontIt,, r it e l it flhe 'l'ie i clirntme, h:l'o haee exposed tc all tIIhe USllLI COii .. of the rliase, end hoiue =clped lailly s'lltlnod. , ofrtetulrn wll (bPLI y wthl tae ry cllonvn ieudie; the re is aunyhe cu w; tadl uthasr'etl ltv, toe dbil t ecurree er offrle.l m t ch ice li.uole Alnce is vryt, rvzilrol, ir lihtie vatle wilson bot ille theo tolleli Itclrol to bh m.le to rPact uilnti ine, iet se reily fi l a vin tim to sueit ihtesdnlt ieil, re l fiT e "'flie 1 ict-rl is slierstl el such lin rca frl Prl, ice 'ieas ito lac. it.n inili .t.o rt acti icevrvewi0--so that tirle Ior l tea tihe e e r herelt funhcis eCd wRith n.stilselcci wiou etsoliiting the aid'and attendlcee wlllch s hie lceotly deicd to lhene. or elas very rel entartly besto edo. The lublie are .repectlv ct iltieed I0ihest thle stll rlous iPlitoatn. or tllis leiei e that are daily b nd fer stlq. - It is prepted only by Dr. Johe R. Rowald, et his L..oritora , IIurkcettroet, Plilndel lin. The unbserihenec.e the whllesnlo eaicaets for the Sioutth \Vether ,tateC ,, uau awilln oll h the eeesee he 'hilncdelplia pricesn. To helild at retail ulu,t eliofthefl Apothecories illti, citv. I AIIhutVIS & ..NI.\'LRI\\S, lltia j \VdolesLle I ritllgti-., I ev c ue r Conlnn , . T0chopl ouhdSl s !lisurSSrpill nullld Louisiaia hlotcl, ctv'rONs , ic. M RS. IMARY KIRIILANI) respeclflly Yn: nounccs to her friends and the public getone ally that sie is propared to acconlmodate tle at hol above establismcent, ald lhopes fron lier c ontions to render visitors coelclrtable, to receive Sncoantinuanc of fu'rnoer favors. Bile 'cels ciofi. dont that poerons vlsiting Covei"elto dutrig the Ptnlner uolluts, dcaenot lilld better acconin0odatollos ellan the can, flbrd thlem, on mitr, liberal terms. lier house is phlasantly situated, and well sp plied witl evrry convnilence; the bar is furnished with the mollt choice liquors, &e. ill short,se promise ti'at nothline shall be wanting oil her part to give nlbtire satisnlction to all wlhe imay patronizo the Siiliecissicpti cud Ltlisiant HIotel. je3 'iN '1l0 Tl PUIILI(C.-I'ho ueders.nt ;ed Iavle g ' l udieod under Dr. Schmlidt of Charlestol, ,..Oluth Carolsin, and for otIue years Iis assistant in tile practice of uledicelu and surgery, has the holor to olrer his prolessional servicrs in tills city. lio assures thle ldieCs and goetleanlI tlat thie most prompt arttnlionn will be laid to te calls which Tnay be ltadle; and also ol'ers tIis services to lthe holders of alces, being nell aoeuaiuetod witlh the diseases ctUnlltton to heum, laving uttenlded tlulcl in tlhe logar Ihllse ill Clharlestotn. 'Tle rfotieoUs ati.bilious pi ills ater tihe eoiposlition el tgmollcltt, with directionts, cuan ae lha Sofh the undersigned. 'l'bo effect whio tiley lave .producclt i thies and otlher, has bcne attenducl rilli thie gredatt seccess, to lich Ithe best of toeferences can be given. Apply at Ni.l fll laga. ltie trocln. JNt. i M'LOtRIN G. JjiOLrUWMi tli"1., UhiiiD ., ltEWSV, SAD IRONS, &Ec. 1I"E HOWELL WORKS CIOMPI'ANY, No. L 238 Water, near lllhckuliai trTeet, New York, have redceived tlhe pa ist Oaell, il aere el.lStlitly reeeiving large and xteollntie cadtlitioli to Iia sto of the above goods, whith iow ciunsisl of tlhe ollowing aset tlltetl, suitable lor the southern endi westertn ma hrkets. tlllowe ware of securior quality, cotensitiong o AIheti 1500 nthls, viz, .Pots of L2 size, frmic :e It 50 glllons, ;i-" Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:' Io i31 gillitin, u Ketilcs, 15s izes, frut' 3:8 Ic I giallonts, Iaklepans or tuens,, 7 dilltrcll sizeor Tlea Kettles, 6 do Slkillt.le, . - 5 do Flat Spiders . ii do Covered Spiders, 2 d, Oriddlcs, . - do Fire Dogs, - LI do Wagon boxes fromn 1 1.1 to 83.4 ilclues. Cart to. 5 ct 7 itiches. WVood crei.s, 2l,0illl gross, iron and brass, froml :8 inch, Nc. 3 to 3::) iln, No, 824 of a superior quality and finisha , and less thalt Jattc'n iultPrtcd *,lices. sad Irons, assorted, in caskit of about 5100 Ibs for retailia g. Tailor's and Ihattof' Irons, assorted. Baish weighlls, 100 tonts, assorted iromn 1 4.1 to 'Bells for Piinl:tiols, stlcemboatsle, churches, &e. , lulalo to order, SA!lso itcaiUlibeat tid other 'aciielieiiy ii! to order. The alpve assortmlent of goodsl i p:rticularly reccotoinutluedi:d t0 t tu c tiuu t t" fulithrr anid -"Westeru luereltcaUt, aud are ull'recd tfr sale it low prices, alld upoju b Itoatit hlhcral tIIl ; it is ic. Sierved to be lic largccst ild test s' ortelI nt cuere oisred iur sale Ly itoy oUe elet luulCuuent iu tIhe Utiled Stactes. lerchanlts, by lorwardliig ao reqnuest Iy n:lil, ceil havea cpriuttid circular, with tieriiliui of ;owls prices and tercnis, feirolt which niu dvia'iolui i ever iado, ftriiiolid by return rclutc:uil. All orders will ticecive initiiliCat attentlion. New York, 1838. 1,3 O1Y0 MElCURY NOII COPt1IVA .'t ii tlc .l,, cc ,,. 1-1, 1i .7. A BOT six Uioutih eir I iutllollli: 'till.rlu!c Ti, !ci "ý'a cereu drliees.,, Sut IhtliIk I hI:v :i-illi"i od lucl, ran dueter.t for aieiiei, und the: did I,,t ow. so I' oi.thie bore date I Ilut iti. i elf flit hr thi Irillo i f I te l ·ti lluet, nltl( 1 lr i Iipuic Li to llc Im.c. i ile tihit licll t le di.e:sio gc it eve.l, ll e to 0 i b.reak ol i il', lli[CI i ,.to te hnlluber ef eix or eighlt oi ea iI, Ie,,lllt' all uvt' .'tny tae, nind clote thlrost, atldioi tlthle io work fit I. "preeiit ti oie Itcculellt of the disctc; l:lrie ulller k ! tIl right side f ieoil throt. 1 n11 Iui v Illlhll . Ictliil clieedentiy utdeh, te o Dr. 1tdl, Iii, ' " to be prfsedy cured Jt) I . le, ,ej14 y I O'CV itTIF V tl00t tIr1i llTFY o, m·.llýurl".· I'ilarir 03quits welt nremi tom w C t-II uti liI ;bunk 1 ;r. I loot; an 0IdoI l00renver I ass-or th ti, medi. pilpe I have tak01roo.l. ot lot, m1. did not ijn i 'sealth at all; Ithreoric I ndvioon -f Ilow ntir 001031 .lose 31 liwo 01 ipiply to Dr It A. olint, 1I 3tr33, hbetween I)ooilliuo and Bourbon tre.1 1 e.. Ilnet inlLlnome frm lI'clonlk,.l'1, unil1 111\ They will find aI tfneId.n.r urlothc pli, - if any one wilnt io sac me, cull ot No,. 411 1:rni1,, JOHNS I)1 pN. ItNew Orleoan. Pel. 1, 1l."41 f"1. 14 v IIE GF. enuine I. adtan Itallilll at IiiL·'·IIIt and Ito:,:- ; ollund, iv pat ill) in boast: it tile low price CI :df cean eaclh, nnutinioiog lin 130110111gh If three ci oms of Liverwort,.l eilies tlto firttwI , I other t u,"te arl Tb.3,30keown liuion c j l t L..lillls a; IIiiIcal..dt i icurve;l pulmonary complaints. IIIl10tlt II ll10331 31 3 11Ls mesttimablr Bal;llam whtereer it bu~s beenilvu 'intro- tle e lfi8:l nle and rrco3331Cenl - obm. ofresee lhle phyVicianl, hfoe Iti le of ..tgoh(, edlde, pain 30 tile .ide, want oIf' re3t, :pittng or I ood, 11"i complaint, &e. `- o whn it limyI c~lncern This is to1 corttrv thaot we· Tr, owhetal{' uo o Io r. 0.ltr illiei;l rtiIheel .i'linCool lter a~sdsian Blrrrun of.lae"('1 tI1ul Intv l ,dd dead goo, et1ee3. we call tol flail th11e0 kn(3 , oLila mateorief l it is hu3,0:ld chserrumn tage ntiefincet rInn.tinlnel it as u .dlerii * " I~rvlna~llio l cidi etlhede niltiono of the looti for ehicl it is re titanmande. A3,BllL 1' 911. III .-1, 't1 1). CALVIN 11.1.01 dl. '-" M emhel4 oflln o Bostoln 1IrdicIII .Z ,,cir;!ioln. " 90stdn, Octatrer ''.:.. Ooeal~c itO.~ saev .1 llLViI- & A1NIIL£WiIt, EA.'Sei3e3ncc 33t Pnilooanmlhip r3o.ciso.el,,ol 5 or sale at thOei .303(l333330 AWrim Al-lemiCa mtIe et, NoW ()33.Ienn, IliUllmoAdway 3033 flle t iIvittfr trivate 011031I. andl I1CrRil li Cnruttd far p)rrsuua ofall corn.. gentlemen arre i11viw1n locall and examin. 03, Ii 11031100c AMeirrll lit s "rh bongos as lour ga-~ir it Ili ofall, naun It loi nlatntedill In 01p1rr raaa w re~jafen 330033 reoai0 3'c33on, at tleIornon ref inland until they writ no, ,,f aPto,3t 330 0.3 4a;- u OI-3 "311 `( rt 1 t1) is It "Iht en. o, t 1l d' Neckl4 e c l bur.y Ai lr t, I a,.htion:l ( hir Irtl·ul ' t.'k; i: ,i tI't rd n o ,o'., . I lw'h ' d it. rl o tt. jtu 1 o *l : I 1'lh1er xb d otlid tr~ldtiEr Itrer hesUlTng ( nI.i I" IVokl,l lprrlmlll's, taod i)o hlilNg I'ilyls; Iuoll0 l llo 0 1 1 Olt A.R, & Crt.Itl (it4 ;tb UU e 1l n; rholt lult*;tntwtr0 i IIl . t eri bisol laskl; po Dr am tls; pl i 'inr i uhie la tspl;i r ercl,.sion ct aps at ('loll Ilolders" (ciloth, Ilhir, 'l'nlllh; ld N iil ro•tts c Onrri cml IUt 0l lot L 'tlooth \\:Vi, Ipl 'to t'oh 'liri t t aIn1d sbh lnl, in 1 llol l io glreOla otel l ,r'etP lno ir nridrlanRio nltr l; l I triorottio' T'r:olrt t 1 c l"trlt Powdr. 1 mery'tl.0..'ot h"rvm ' ''d (I, inooi it t'otttrt dtowlas mGa stert o (iot, Emtaio0 10 asp".li I'enl ,g il',e nal . ,n oxs; (.ill Cnhlins, ...llsnd Ira+l e;F Iir-lropn; Wi t i il t kiw l; Bod ii rttol ;t ia0 Neckhus / c" old (ll hi Gihii olll an lil 0ih. d i utll it nll atn c sioi d11 f11 s Ilak 1, ind llPh o ,lln. ,Slg ell 'l'wii: Side |uill ]lr-es hi»' C olt s. als;hl ai e ldiition Io tl i cyl'n'i r slock Ii hain d,| a it nteknst, heir nc s wlr,,ut varyh tot ltete, iand will ets014 ; , It' milh, i. 12r-tf 71i C.ta tre~ s tlro et.. " uIr lte tSu11l', Agaitha fo1r l u0ller' n hiv e h~il ý verivrf ve r- oi l.iv- set f" 1.n' i.1 , i ni l ii e of Tnhle i tr -r Ir .olott oioof of r"' .. e.. sclil n i'th, l, e Pocketl. oh rioal ,. S e tr siiit tlhe o lenh~ ; Canko,'i'- 7 1' |ort. Edgl 'l'oolo, .te. &c. .r. wh1h ihll0 ' ,0 r p1 'lll.'1 I. , S exhibit to the trade Inr onher.. Tern|< 1 |l tndhiui , w ill Iilld , u mdllmion nl ti lle tiltle. mlt J. I). thItN & A Citltt N.¶91i ic '., lIt1()SO\ N IL\ERTT &( (10.-.\ie »0w re--lhl e it shillp i nltn tille, lh nlllh, o .ft'rv nll"a.w I lillh ind Ter u'nch atd t i'n' d oubllre 1~ar0otly r qin ut-rd' tir, helllund ilcket pistols; plih rill l iI td tllan R li ls N h. t rl n , shellt9l, ioVO.tid huniiri, il 'h %l tll|.s;0 kO lsllio i11i u I, : lll . iil'enL tiltl o |illtl frtllll lilw il IIa l 1111' I ha vih elIt p ;hir 1111 flok llt w1 ck rilg'h ll.k 1 1 lro tll l l 's; Gern I nal tl r lr t,,l,, W:lttler I.owltuvls n lllClss cl" Oil, itilnltiill llo; aullill'l" md1 etll' , oil; 'lla dle a.lllnd . '±10i.r 0 l. s: p1 .I l: . t ki 1 . stilillnd toil lve ml.lsslri roIt x nli i wa-101 L cll r tlsscs illlll Vi s lill tl 0 El t1 r h ll t'ils Iui0 d l ein .ll I'nn I .I whit,-1 1 .I. 1 t1 let1 1 1 1 1' . "ll1ilIO s ift t ol t I i aleId .lili anfidl 'ea Cblsint 70 .ilr'Il' atin toolh ;e 10e 01 IsOllls sl'llewllle ;lry llf i ti 11t e l1 i wh ll o al 11l 110 10i1' ll 0lliaird hal0ll.; lllt lclk l t| 11k nllad 1 1tts; 1 a teial 1loly e; ' Shil liOc and I)A l FmtI & 1nt tg ver p.ttilt; (trt3. . 3.e. Th'l t il llil ll_ di o t r nu folir, lr saibick oh f 1lllr , *s a , oflks r 1," : 01.,r 0l 1 V l't'i ' ol ltOl 1100 l l17 1c * tlnNhthl' .h'lll "ortll a1 0 0 l0 0 . 1.0 t''i i '.-1 -' 1111 o l 0 1111 II f'i -, ils'lll ,;l , 1 111 11-,1 IC 0, , t" 11 nl' \ wo( lrlt " Str aen ." ari' tn t, , l ih ' lo t l Inri'i, 'llv S . I 11 1.,01 was 1I , , Ivo ~1, 10i b h xll 1 si. lh tdil la i la la -li l .\ l|ialllt Slio e ol h I ll lll rits ofll Ii fr s. 'e 10r0 e lr t t h r lc N IIO11l1101 1 1' i I ll le. 1111t11111 ' hr u'0110 hdr1 i.g. i t I ne ll ,",- will Ile o ly h 1 -It ar or Ii "'; l1-t'ia w ill h a l . id o the .rt Itlinn .h " titer ,u-m r, il"g 10r1. i1. ', ot h . 11 ll, l I, I -I I¢ To ('Con tryt'a| iii\v Tall'y w, ill a lt 'lid h c Nr o o labL , Illl it', , eme l ey , lao lit: will1i T'h se hillebt nl I + lla l fiirmli lre en le.ow b ite jutetl - t 1o o0.1 III I'c l l 1 c r1 r i ll 1 0 llellt Cn I 1110-' tr lI1,vig to .ohi0s willll iletel.l pl'ittllll 1111.i1i ilho t d 11+. l N I'lbo 11' ILL.0 Y.Ill N+w I O lb'nu ,l , ,little f2i7, 12,:;7. I reeiveoI Iil frl l1r s1 i:llith il orlln1 ri ll li5 Iotll'. S Alo 1il W 1nh,1 u Ili l ir I l ilet L e1 , l hr 1. ; i a d111 ,x0 ;,In ! 11xr 1.hl R1 lu Iaiel 111111 II.l.l'. ll• t.t rill.., mlilk I mro e, r, i llhl i ll 1.h t'im , 10tr ni. r m sk, kt"i, 0d1\\'n 0' t oa'la l ohdr I l, pmuarlu , 11c 5 1-1 li1111d t1 '0,t' (.'hhn'ine 0100011s h10mp l-lh, fi ll n OliIh l nt -l ,nlpply I l f'dliliub ible hii'i Ra il shelld 'l ll/n lol 110uB'e orlfior slll aw h'Ila 1 1 whoa l or ret1,tl usby "t 1,31'%1 S HA 'IItTT 3('11, r _ l II .1 . 111 . . _ '. l l . e s Ir ' l l. eilve CU.+\L-Thl u stl r sse s aI ' Vllrvle 0 l y ,,1 aif h bnd t lare .i t cnp su, n1+. C 11 anIl ll(i I \,'I , >0 l r',.l. t le hi i f ' , ,,t seperiur dulit il e. lli t m l , i or otu , AI i .. . . ' mpt rcetell y' tile l . .llrt iv als f o.... I't, "' , lih he ual+. txplrisnly fur Ial 'loll' -- ll f u;. -tt hlr Iev e < \ till Ili,, )t l tp s ly: t Ih i 1»0 ,,ratet ilht ' tl il every variety tur thli e ,0lh1,, olr slltl ll1 in sit rliir l . l, srcl. ; l, lt' (.;IICI) ,., Il-llllrllciCb chlrt l, ion bc.s. Il. JTTA .: 01," dell I. II' (lIc ll', Il'f, mt. rII,.8, 0f e \\':IV 1, I lyia, iitl' ll, , Ill,r Wd,>r+ hip \1 i 1ile,, i'., fllt N~n II,,wt~l \wer, Io,,dur puf f:;llid w.,,`,% .'\ o,: ii blt1--hr , 1:l. !i r l i.i ,Ie', sl rin'r t' lil n ]'lldian halt (.11, ~i , iiiiti v',Jl v ,l i uther l, · U ll n i. -, . ll -~\'". 1' , I I''N ill l l'" -1-- '1,0slll ,sul C t els h1.l i i ll:cu ' ins, lit o Treat. csp.ljciiV Iht0 d t ill, <of 1.0:1 ;! li iipi i,,oter t I b lls t I, l:. T hc' u r i ·d . lll 1,.. ar pue1.'irhell lif Ul, t a , UI , wa fr |ru l+. 'l'erns Illai oeF If ('i)(;511 l 'l t'o Li'IIIt!U ,'I'I'Et[X I .I'Et lIHA ';tGIN ; G ''INlI'i' Ilenlty blcbrecht, (tort+I. rly J. (. \itks & Co.) vouU t III( .S L Iut 's eCll i li i i t if lh]rn+l I S I c dI, nali viz hLfII cIo]moi il g 11eril, hat he tI L dll l it lai n 1 LLLLL I.> Il :L!LA I h I l l I o: ltlr lld 1' ttl'i t alln, , t p r hIn1 l n"I .. 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