Newspaper of True American, February 27, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 27, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 124 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 27 1839 Vor..-VIo _____________Voj..-VIIl\o 89 Teras of the Ncooapepor Press of Nero Oileoo a 031onijlro ag3reed to I3a3 aall1333nr331 eoaring3 of3 tlrp Proprirtorheld on the 13th3 oftlMarch, 18.17. uascoaoPr303s.-iwe3 l )3Dollars for th3.0ily pa ofr 003333, 130703310 33i-ooUanlliy in advance: tot dollara for th3 trl-we0kly cotttiry palptr, payable10 on33 year in advane3 000re no city reference in ilgiten. No SItbsc.ription will Ito disjootinoed un0til 33ro33gos are nettled. In oooe of di3co0tinu30nce, 0333 woek's no3tice3 in wrilting mu00333 i3 nvriably given, previotus o at 3o p znimrtioaofotlhooaritiltltt AovaErToroo.-d3Oe olluar per for 113 first noortion, and lalf lthit 333330r 13a33h suo013.3033333 0ne0' not material olt00ra3tio rain 8h toriginal adoertinerctcL with bocharged Oi0 a new one. YaooLYt ARlV80RT3I30 -Merr hantl s anod ' 03ra'0s, 0rty dollars fat Englioll alon0e, 0d sixty lifr botlh lon 11033130anks, 10333r333033 03133300, 03331 other ni obba m3sli0jti030, fifty lollaro in Engli1h1 otnly, and jighoy for bothl lattgoagr3; S161013ail Strtlnboot Fee torn, or Commoio.ittn 33ttt3130tst sixty dollar0 it Eaglislh no atdooiglty for botlhtl angoagtf. 1Aa0RRIAO3, Ontor oan Noortoss, and rtinlcs call ing the att03tion03 of thoe p3oblic to saloes 33 property, carda of passengers, benefitt, &c. &3. will Io rltpr,.:l 0330 dlollar.per squtre f3or the 1.3t i333333ion i33000h tliio £0080. Coo. toooICAt0300, r Advertisomtort, of 000 13er333n al tature, wlhen admttistible, shoall be chargred double, and in adraooor. A deduction of twrtnty-rr repr cent. will be mnde to Aucliotoorn, Olortos, Rogis3rsn3f OVillt,otd illnrohnls o nsolrt of real oesotoate, 333313lel in I othtl ttl gILnge.n, and 50 per root. i13 Entglish1 olotno: 10 per onit.OtonIso of othor pro0103ty. AtvanTIS~rt33NT; out3 of 3330 direr.[ine mo ofsiness of Iteo advrrtinr, utcht no Irool, 3uction3, antl pI33333 loll oales, runaway nlraetrayOtn at33jI,3t t0&3. &o. will be cha3rged for 3 el3n.atoy, and at lthr ol3nary roate. Antvptaltta0TI I0 33333t 33003i0031d n30 t33 toue, will be ptobliohel one m3ntl, 33d clhrg~ed neoorr'ioo ly No advertisemernts of h303krutplcis will he3 pu3blished10 n any ca330, no33o33paid tlor pre0vio033 to insert3ion3, o0 payrtegnt guarantee33333ty Itro31uri3 perso' n in town3. Cltratrrs and othlr 130333 333 33a03330333, t3dvertising3 daily tlthe 3003o3. 30 lo b133harged3 $1033 fttr 138glia0 a IRaon, and $1511 in 01oth1 133ng3 0. All nnOunomietO 3 tn of can3f nmen ft o political ornoro will bIe chltrged d13tblletti 13rice o3f 0ee3 advortiao OwngI to the i33m3n33033o0.1s .33tnin3.3 l by33r3w31pa33o3 l33333iet330rh. 33300 c33303 3oll33 to 3 c33n3clusion33that31 3k13 unmaa oofporntoon wlhore areont,333 hav3e 3333t beren pa333d within 3333e montlt oftor proosontnti03, 0hrll b3e 03333313 known (33 far as practicable) to 00n31h othler-they obli fonlof ttolnsalvoo not to adIoortlis or print f,3r avolt a1oli0,Ioottd, unle in c33 e o0, d 0 an1 e p3 0 n30331. (Signed) J. C. Do. S'r. hOMES J. IIAYON, P. P. ILEA, J. C:. Pl~tf Nl)ERGAS''I, JOHN (ItllISON, l.1 MSDIIE:. lVtoltlp Press.-We, 31333 3333133if33333l, Of300 to albidle by t10bove c03300 itio0 s, as fa' as they are appli0able to tiiopersol A. 1. LAWRENCE, t o looriplona are 0 ake F3Cot3eIs33 1han 300m3nt130. Lanteron mst.i33 3ll 3ea3e lie 3333033333id. g IEE. PENS_-I n13 073033. 1,'2, :13,31 p 3 S Daniel Webster J ten, Fe lt's forge knurl penI (.333 sm3 0 do3f3 d3 1 1 3li 3 Wiudel'sladies d In of l paleto d''o Io pv'la,3 3ln l ar t i, Ad(iilloul's barrell·T~ill do do Noiiam i d CO OV1l 333333333302 Clu~re 1133 fall N 1' 1laliullll·I hold ý`ý1UCAK & Mlls 1oluaa.- 11 -t~ lllllillll ·,lI)\ 111 17 tl.0AI8 03l 1l3 l n3333.n pl.,3t in 'fo3I3 , 330,3 city Attr Anl by ADA 11 031 f3-10 -1 33 033330r 333 G333 3 G A Is iIIe .3n stair31',r 32 le 33 13333.3. 1 33n~a 33'3~3333 Irn& o.Paeia i 0330 33 1. ITIII3 \ 3 l '3333 3 13 J33 I:2i ,. ~8I'lA 'I ('. i r13 a,31' Ill avIll It IAY'S ININIMENT.-No lclin.-Thia ox; Stralordut ry cltemic l comrp .lition, thile result t u of scinea, and toll inventt,t ,t t c.tobrattnl menth n c, an, tlh iotrodn, 1t b of which to tle phle fc was invoted with the sotmuinty of a deathbed 1s Itquest, hba uinter gainett'd a r.putatLion unparalleled, , fully .ustaining ftl, . t.e.tns. of the lan.ted i I)r Gridlhy's lat efnoislnl, that " Ie dared tnot aie without gleivn1 to poater.rty the bou-it of his t' ttottvledlg om tins tuijet,''" ad lle t erttn lbr ttqucatlhed ultlttI his i",nd ian attedtant, Solotlmto tl Iltys, the secret of hit discoveryy. d It Is now used ill thIe prerlpol hospitals, and tIll' the private pratice i11 r r, first auld most I elrtolinlv I;tr ihe clre o. ' thIe P111', Iland son1aUXI OI x e x .r.. ly a;ld , lt.....ilv . b ille d.i lV, ,111..e..0 ki1 nhery ttt tlIcts tl e witlnsI ,d ItI xtl rna' ly inl1ntto For Dropsy-- moroting xtrtaordinary abanrptliortn tit at onle. tin All o awellitngs-R edn cntl thtor in a fet w houra Rhlonmatitsm-Acute or ('hrtolie, giving quittt S tro Throat-l-y (Canters, Ulert or t olls.l , Croutp nod I\VW)hoop) g Cmi glI-Externally, and il over lt"u Cltest. All rtuonet, Sprant, and lBurns-Curing in a Io bores anti Ulceors-Whether fresh or long' .tanllding, antI fever saoren. Its operations tlnlt adults anld children in roedue i tta ing rlouanmali awellings, and loosening coughs and i tightnesra of the chest bty illaxation of theo parts, leo Ilas been surtprising beyondl oncepltion. 'r'I common rmnlark of those Iho hlave used it in the Piles, is " IL acts ike a charm." THiE PIL ES-hLlti prion, il is rorunded to any person who will use a bottle of ll:oy's Lirenet for the Piles, and return the empty bottle without being cured. 'T'lose are the positive orders of the i of proprietoor t he Agents; and t ofut many Lthou. san.ds sold, not one has been unnuccessful. We. might insort nt'r;lltllus it, any length, but prefer that tlo. whVo o ell th article, should ex i Ih it tihe 0ri1alt to It uretat,1rt . CAUTIONL -NtnIo can be genutii without a npltndid ongraved wrappelr, oun t ttit! is otay alllleo, il and also that of' tll OL,)MJION II.\S. Sold wholesalo and retail, by CO\ISTlOCK &I Co, Now York, and by one D)ruggibt 11 every l atown in thale Uion. For ain by ti:to Wholesale Agents, corner of Caom:non & 'ITeiloupitoulas strcot, and by theo Apotheclloaries generallv. je30 t -I.Jr )IINSO .NS , Wicn I Il) Iliovt'ille strt1:, c' a 1 Yo fllur.t in practic e to the 'trcLtmut o. l V\elneral p D)iaese . In tll dfi s ,0' renlt u p110s. u) lL.0t0ons. 11, follIt i, ortl ti· p t' , llio ll lpa lilns inllo htti particular ta'o,.ttl'i' ote t.pst tlelrn guerallte os a atif, s ,'Ld t ee nd Ptlctual Ito) ht 0 lrTaltt'd aI are ot a11(i a1 d lt, ityll ta h r ti h t V titlr Il is oaePl ll, e I lzl: (olnorrbcnea+ \ ;]P'll <, SitC· l n .I· 0.1 ('hsllltres, I abos '., .tlilns, Uret'hrar Iu' in tl te r11tltt11, tSwelh.d 'l etlC es, erultool l I till the killn, t1rt tIhruo t, I its l' ill tie Joints; AOnd tilthe on from7us emnll i n,0E u.icll g 0neralll owt his deise 1 -e. I necent i,;e c.erd int tnwo or tlhe, da8s withllnllt te mis. of .ercglnat, iIr'n thiu hronu Inint'ss, or ulwela uion ill the Imtode oftt liSeiT A Illodlcilr tt lreo nt Vellerrul Dinease can n be o1, tlintl of ilr.Jti lmt. lt. It is t 0ll:l tie recipte of Ihe Barol Laorry, n celebrated Lret,.h ll Srg'eon, 'nd sron used hv fimb d rieng temo ,ver i c amtpaicnfs ir wlcieh he servedtas orgao Instaoeral ill t1Ie 'Irentaeh Arlny. snt11 by Inr. Jthll0on, alt 11O ellice. 'ls0t0 persoWns hI1tit atty atc' alioan of VenOretl D)isease', tls 1tt1111ot sitakn sea voge oer nrotlnillng t IlotIe nt' t,, woulId do well by giFi~r I)r. Jthltttit a cull, s prlCrin medi ein su for their Iure illh ta shortet tilllo en bel put uI with writte o diretions fn theit r tooi.i It Office upn efro 7111 ti hae ol:triag lltil 0 o'clock at AIIEIN'I'IIY'd DYSPI' F'[1, I([SIR. Dr. bt'frll.thy, t1irl greatest f lItng!ial s.g,0aells wvt opinio thrat ubil:'-elntis tof a at e lisnaseC tl11 t ranfc aankittd oringiatet it Inth soltellt. ''Ilin Elixir .,sn used by him witlh1f1l mostI ulnprecrelllted 0Sltt:e6; ill his privUte atnd llblla praetieot for upwards of firty years, fr ttle reltovtl of ttllolilltehwittg tltn.ntst' Loss ttaltltetit e, Flllrltletle, I)isteution tf tthe Stontl aeltl'tin in stlAide, Intevittss tlf thle Head ont incli Ilatlitll to slee , Lrregultrity of the llteo lo auld inll :a0ns wh,''re ltldige'otio or a ttoslve ballnit i littuld to exist. aTlls tnedalole ntneat not tt e nlnnbeleda ntlt e i h t nst of qune k IiOl ralll0 llIlW before tile plllllie, its it is lh1 solo invetUntin ,f the ablest anld 11o-1 ,lol tilie tutrgt l Eurlorpe ever prodoc,"d, lld tind nsere'.t of pr)let illilng it aola polrclased Iby the t enrllt lifr t very large auat. It is ngreenole aoind iIctadllt to tile. ta'te, 0).0ts I15 u wil iper ioit.nltways keeals the bowels free, iolpaata vigor and atreongtna ta the 01nynt, ond cheloneillltsn to tile llillld, nnd t few borlt leltoott't'a the inotn e,,nirld cIases oftt l)vspepsin or londigestioo, and pleventoa return at tily future period. nEw oonod. TIIi Atugustl, 18:]8. :l5 \Illdisonstreetl neoneot etn' of ieiditg n eledn'taorv iLle, I Ilnve beeo te tn telt, It tre Itolr In , iti .lltlige.tliot 1 r (tn years; hlr Ite lst ,linaal years ott tn Iltt 'lill'oi Iltve Iteent i ittttl tttabln. I Iaoe tried seventil tlysiciotas, aotda IIUllbIertfI tIlnek neditiu's, witllot tletiving anlly benefit. I dsnnoirred of ever e btoloiih'a1 It enollllllnt rotlief, atrol drosit't l ioysef tIto0 C lta.nt I ptlnlos t dosnlir a ws perslldodt lby tlone friedo t IoIre t.\hretlly'ns lynapeptito Elixir. bI Ia av now fttinhed ,te fottt It ttt. tie. aid kll ow not n owa Ia o exa ress llter, tliration d' itis worane dI' tevirtlea untaonthnIlatt:.e i1atta perrlnmed in nretoril.f aae Ia, al t health wtlaeh L. I,tlIl lltu t lilr ver. 'end iot l ill"l a dozea bottlaes e t. alld 'except myI tboanks for tile bleositgo ye have a t clredl ty en storing nla to aln'ect Ilctnolt. JCOII MONINOI:. The agef t thi iu hi, poepiaioll =eve I iId bd i - tilnoinls simila~r to, tha! .hve, of he retnaordillarr vir tue:! of thiII me IlirilP· Sold by illpoilutloellt, W t 'Dr. Johllion s. 110 Ui(envil le ulcert. nov. 5 g O11UI'OlANT To MAS'lA EILuS or STEAP I BOAT1' Thel suhcriblrs hlave inl store a few hIrrels of tiltuminnaled Petntl now arliclse lately invletod in New York. A few barrels ofihia etoolwasp. o hboard the Great Western oa her last trio;ileo lrap rer stales that toh rasllt ,,ftha trial nas saatiselld hi, italt I10 Ills. o Peat are oqua to t30l l . o, Coo ". anld tht in ense whrom tlhere is dificly illt gen olinlg or keepling goo.I llheadlrfteal, lis fiel i, .displlonable. T'lhe ldi rectors ofthl Great Westera Bo rel tile parchase o 00 brl for tIls. o tia - sl . which wa pill oil board on liar lust dlopartare. For a trinl,apply to S LOCK & Co. No , Frllt Iaevro st N B--ut 2 bris at a timln canly Iab lOlivered to oe nltam llat, until we gut a further rupply which wll be ia a tbw days. decr SI & Co I Ir -half barrel. mlr aund prim, at bte ilspec L i llao, il store, fiar oale by ( I)rtl!ni:Y fe4 41 New Levpe IAIINS--lll oxe Ni 1(aiis, Lorilg' brund, 1 in 8tor, oalld for soiln rby ja25 J'II.%AYEIR & CO, 7.1 Poydran at ii ANII..A UIJiiDA(.IR-.-.1- cils asonrtd tar, Ii i store, and fr alc by J il AVre Et & Cao, ja26' 7.1 Ipoydrs st DC\I1I onI NewY Yortk, trrit by D A.1' o ANUI6EtVS & IIWTHEIIRS, tt ()or t `,itioh t V starndrd ood tolutbl books, chiefly Lttdot editlions. lore nii, too, withl superbl plato. Bleo. ijo is tytron, or oo dalorie do tyeron, opleodd tyroo Illuotrated, do do kCoot't ' Itan e illushtrolation plates Itookendoto's Alps, Iton',, Woks. J"'iico's Tableaux, (ollerv ofllittist Artists, all spleodidt rorgvingo; Loft e Jobro Ottolv;to,with colored rportitot plotro; Loatin' o d ttolrek Claseiodl tilboary, in English, I.iv'ý, 'TnrI11+, xellollloe &,.; flvro,'oworotks, L.ondo . paket edition, Minkhllpnlur , London diamonl~lld editionI llelr's, tli+ t:ttril, Shorpord't, tale', Ariken' Itishl poots, Tlhe Spectator, 6 vols, inlMone, Selection- front t ritisho poet. Iloo'aciooo'o ecoooeron, in 2 volo, (ootrlosioir ofotttlteratur by lo'lrooeli, Morshtll'n lifo orttoolhington, I tol, 1tnto, Wiltl n vtriety of splredid Antnuolo and woo'rks of Ait, to Inothdaondom biodings. E JOHNS & Co, feS cor St ( rc si tdod Comonooo ot 1 Ml: Mt ttt,11t t sk t rtobtrnt 'Tlomonsoton Lisle, 1J Inodiogf bIrig Albulots, far rale toy joll i31 . & J. I'. Wtt'ITNEY.7t 73 amprAt [Altt-1000 kegs fro rote b L ja I SE'TSON b AIVERY, 08 (frotier st El t tUf-3011 tilIll oterfaO flnding Iromtoootoomoer Splendid, ioootore lor sole by jon 3 t U. DURSEY, d4 Neto Leveoo 1I N'TI" t 1o ttI<EthI'-t0ol dole iutore lt oor s o yy ju3 t J Itt A tEll &. t;u, 71I 'oo'loo D ONES'1'IS-3111tool, :t-trot I-4 ht v lo o wn jo2-5 _15.o11; hItltto".t tO to, t11t \toinr 0 0i gý PENSACOL. 1I-ANSION lHOUSE NWV CI'T.V, PENS.C\;L.A. r'l'lll: eulvii hcrllnving p ;rt,,,.td 11,,irae Soil an forr nitnrcl ol f he w "lII I'nowv ItI sit enllli llf Irlll , frI r T'ylor, tie lute propr-tor)T will be iclldy to rereive ti: heles b tV I sle lit nl Allri ll lext NuIlrwroohl nnl ewtly i prll erne' stPllt wrill be tlund il tile nlrrltllg+i[lle ltt 4 Of thell: MlllI fll lhIun.t. Ne'w and lnl+)J 01 1'OCllllll1l tt;ilst bllllhinla Jnll(l- s will ho Iblil;,ndllli warml l bathlls will Ie pri dlrld uir fill Ihour. A hla +e will ,be Shlla het IIt the iboo(r,, with good L('(untomodu Iioia lr hoto bo ."- St d lanl-ltl ,.. lo ils. l att hor s . d' * ti clarlrlllel' l will +Itk'+ he ke'pt i 11 ir," I+t lll ernIPnilt, Irl ie{, 1iiii(I sabilnla tow bo t I with elte,. o s Ih. wll u ntc1 IlhPl l-r h fi. le l l'ri It,'rn r Ilillih br+ tal y other n o lllloll asr' ea ' tlll ' ht ll int o n : t er y wpla, e.. ill m lbI hi furnlShlh d, a rI wh oll plll ' 1 1 a ino t ,, tl,, t n tih I e nlo il aied quielo ott lth , I hrv. 'l'h". fnl esd law hil gene ,ll". t , be; of hlilt e hc t htal Ilo 1,11111 ta nIl n.l d ii tll •erb y Th e Incul ndy I ,tIs tl oI . t ho re "o oll ie,,, t irro hltn r e ny be.P ,rdehred, wllh it il, ur i The idbo, lt Ihl.l o l l ay'. Air FrdlericHk Ihml..rd who l'rmnlerlv k rll so nlotlir n 1 i ill l|illilttllll .:t , wimy u "r Ibl ih( . fw l h lit r l the i prol ll r, w.hoil, with urd,'h e llhl,<l l ý",li v +++ill'l,+·* Itlthe b I,+ FI )les t year' fit~l Ili.; olllll.n I llrnll l, dial tlhl'y will re.eli . CPtr lvll-ibll Ppie lltl r llt; n1d tl.rl+v i I l ( 1.t.: t .ii, .'. ll lr l . k 1-tlll Iiooll. 'i'lean hW ndl II a ll llthl '1. t h.o I l I o e IIr se n to ell'I know en t m n i in to ned ,Io~, efd e-nn ig mint I fr" 'h'a" I s I ewll IIllt ' Tlo( i t he, II f or e rllollrl ilor , o v s 'ati r IO To," toMa thrd es, mSir Col- ol .. of I b e Gol f in, E .Lt hln; till i I lltlll l : -4I i (e i .'.l room, eA.. I t ll-l+.: lllhtll {d ' tit ;vrlI~llt. (it'T IZII(II IllFil +lllIII·,+ I)II+'- IrCI'll.' {;ul' ~l| I e -h llllll r h olI r ellllh ll ilv- t o mm(ul n I rctPIo,, ftiorl Ilh.. t l llr; th e itll u if I lll- lltliynd tIlhe V.l b)l ll' l\ ihland uncolnert the Nlo hdlete Slltd tlht icrsy f rite Stih wit ill h whl th h s . ll ~ on d: nrn 1r , M lllrllle h< I'olal t tot ine bl t o l h orl l n 'Iru ketf, ivery o llr the l'P h lrinler lor i th,,rII I e io f hll l -e tltitulllts it i 1 ll ll lt i sa l d l i- llll Illlrlllllllr' lrl ll. I",I.. rote. lmou,' \. ill rl i h.eI,%''''ll 1'l(ll· lll'l.iIa llndl Ale llle, an,, will at all to rs b,, ally [) lake the la..:., "' r, I+oI t iiei Nhz ew 1lrlta,ll boats+. N I AINOI.ID. PTell alt, Ferb. I15mo 18:llnI:R . Trl (;nt lne l we i,hllillg to erlnuo roluts for Iheir Sln die., d r'talllldres tile ropliohr, l. ll 1 'rc sU llhL, ort Slr Soewll T 'l'tvlure the Ifrmetr lroprietor, ot lux Or. leans. Rlfpreneess. T Sinn ford, Et:q, tn l r l : (?,lre, Iim a llon t+hie, I.,t. IKilbbv, in P n; S ' c Tayl or, 1' 1' ltu, 'sq, in N,' e, I' S-A letter hIne, thl rleeive omulllllllllrtions fion pwr ,ir i ttilt, r:lIve IItea l, i+ placed tt re c o \1"hi.dalls ' o the si, h5 v St o'hltc'les |,p'ounh.ll nl. FlOR"lIl} WEI)lIi-; FO|R NF\1 YOlK:r: me l ', fr llre -t i rlllls d sr o Ithle thle Fhio da rovItn via I)Pn t:U hin o h it e Nd uth, ri e ilh r m t hal t firs, rate ,oaT. c ill cootunny rnt. fro. E Mos blhe t, wr ' ;Ih hea,.in,_ s 1llhlll A, n l'ltlPll relll on every. ltllher dayv lfiller' tIle It of n lit'. (:.l ta gesh.,d h . ill lhnle.t be Im Vindo. d ,.r 11e,1 auI r-1r 1, t he i I I ne'Wi lens of take 1:n , c nii rst luaue ti r \ vlll e.ry ill lc l itl rile, ill lelle. t l t I lur s •1halobie, in ,ease ftf the failure of the boa." N IT AhN0I.Ie. Thet sltlllllloat C.hallpiorl la:mxes Mobhlhe hor l}lln~a ll l fel'wh l kh I vl burly!.l. Pritor$.,, ('.nn ;d+u ¢:hin;,e soup re O anlll.ellldrd I l Iho ladi ",, f 11 tdrhl :ulml CI!Irles i+ r,: indtled r+:alit',, lra' ihtv,, ,he rres.a, and ihe ij l h df c"o al1 t'- p bi pi on I s +,i_, .thi: hnl iln·+ al" al lhlll.%· p~lh:ic op:llnrl hsa ,.ll, ised it at n1d pia,'ed th,' .lillteary ol I.dv L. ,l ll .lnttlu C rllcompo ndllll Chll 'le • nllap bes ont" suls. pi'i'"in rlr lun r lor ringf wolll. 1 llla'tp on the ffec+ siln bullrnt Ian, er| ltion, prickly heel., :nl aldded. li,,ln. 1,1 thE l iillk , lhc heafling qunllll .. I)f this s anp .ill omu eralcllflit c. II is r( t'lu lll· (Pd d i ii ni f lmollelnl sllhvini .,o..I. or C0t11)iOulld flr Benth. llell, f111" bttillltl.lll the con llll)irxi.. ,l) freckle,, and Im )'irlilln f''l'lnllls. otlUll delicacPIy to the 1 nlnldl exlo.. h 'linLo tlrin'oeraltic dls,i !ciionll of1 n soft anlll w Ite llltand, i, h s llr l (v r m lll n llhject ol elolsidtrnhIln ilterest, E.x)pte lrl. lfwar, 'Ir l 'inl'iles tlhe nlectk face ainlllid hansdltl bl"l·nll lP allllnld or ;Ird, Prlle, allnd tIhe illnvt lnllon Of [oder l chtellistrl have bireen rllnderei su|scrviteot nIoti Inerll y ill lth nete-. snrv ever" dryla. al'tse of lif, btut evenllo its luxurls So'id ,1h1 stile andh relail at No. 95 Custonf ---is- _ s-. Prwe I.ol Sdcovre d by tile proprietor lalld an been sub jecled to his careful observotion tfr many yentas in e tvery vr et v of p.actico, and all the diecas,., of ti,o linelaified American climate; and it is not given to thle piu ic with the utioi t clonfidence and believe that it is, as most clearly seat frthl in the pnntphlll nccolp'tnyingthe sane, the stit nledli tine ever t trown withtin t, . reach iof nil clases rf society. It is will thl e grentest proptie.y eivtu in all the maladiea which tnne uiman rt cc, from t e esitlalashted fact, that, when taln n inUt, the sto mch it antsaccoouttin to tIhe state of rhe silot a, t and the ntur ofl thi dasease, ,ither as an 'ncetit, direisud;'ntiie, expectop anr t.r erp' rnet mt dicLne. That it is renally what it purptts to lie, i eds only a trial to nsitaty thie ttost incredulous. The llct is daily cottn;llg ti he knot wledgte of the propri I rs of its beneficial and saving effecls in cases of the ague nnd feve', billious, typhus, inet. yuJs anld sarlet fCvers, illlucnt ., vio:et colds, dyntuterry or flux, dyspepsia onr measles, sately thenlt that ihty are not only wanrranted in walmily tecmttlntendin, it,i but they a'e called upoin from a sense otIduty whiclt they owe to the hulman family to say to all, try it, and you will bot r arnple t eI si ony to all we have said on he subject. IThe cholera itself, tihe worst nscouo e Which he ever visited our coulitry,li h been tsuesssl i col t1quered the proprpetor inl thirlten cases Wilih the use of this medicine only, " ilth ut line I nss of n patient. The medicine is pe,.arcd tonly by doctits BUIltNIIA.\ & DAVIS, St. Louis Alhssurn; and is put up in phianis eath accompalnied wilth plain t and Utitinct direction, and ctln:t.1ntg about sxty I diss, ito be had lfor eeVnty five cents, which makes itt mlluch the cheapest mie dicine ever offered to the public. 'The above medicine is slid whnlesale and retail by our Aicnts, llenry lounnabel, D.uaonst 1not Apolt.-cery ''ehoupittinl asre et. New Orleans l05 halt bblls Plednthlphiabucekwhe:.t lmtal, t UL, gn:rtur do do do U00 I.ighih da dt do 300 Ilu mllers ePXtll sied Havle potiaoes, 511 situpll[ (tlloncestm'cheres.e, 511 cattisler. ros, reed sllallmln, 0- boles Phittidelpt ia assorted preserves, Just reeeacld edr tilt e i lva G r. W PIITCHiARlm Jan TAGEIR', Jr., ja :ca r Poydrna & lagadine a NEW ORLEANS .Stleam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No.9. 9, Moreonu (ear Lth Polltrhartrail IRail Road.) t Pilot and Navy Broad, Sodt and Wile IBiscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlbrd and Water Crgckers. All the ebove articles are warranted to be of the first quality, and io koop in alny climtate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kilu dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydrans trcct, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up exprerely for family use. 15nov L'I.)U -1000 barrrels ladingi n sjlre, ned fur l by . IN)OREY. dtt 44 Nraw tear NAl l.3-700 khegs Noil, assorteli, for aole by 1113ADA MS &W1'I'IIT.LL, hfGrooicr ot ' EIISEYSe-74 boles Kerseyo, 01I.--S9 1111re19 IlaLnleel Oil, :1II0 cn·it wioiter Oil, 40 rooekh fllostrineld do, CANIIIEeA-300 booxes .Spertt Connde-, fLr stie I. H (ALE, d7 9:3 Colonil.o I iW I'oltlt & TIEIOP- Oi bhl, Foete, ndl 40 bbl. I primo Porkl; 2 bbl: prime Ieel, ftor sloe Iv t10; 44 New Leveeo .ACARD.. I ý] JRINEFO, Proi'aor of sineging the. g ui!nr t(clo$nv goe, told from severed yomrI praetieo ir Ellitn. lbttlglt tood (ilootoo, she IIlltCece horse that her s1I' temot itolrettiot wdit of e 1Ooiritet II rto ef '1',-stiltonia lu iJ lo cu pull l l itr , Ae. coo h Ie show~n, `on OlpplttIi1010o Il to. Oildlr'e 1'7 Ioyal sltreet. IOOUX CHAII - 0 Al lf-llll do loo Mixo ( o- e-wrelod, tn silo lf or shippl or sle otit Ithe lotswmFritorou (t'tovo ltto+. tov13 211II CARNI2O, NEW ROOKOlS--Napoleon' s Memoirs,-eveningsg writh 1 'rilllc, .santbacerrs, by Baronn I.uneioa, in d rota; 191e Midd1. . r scenaes front the ife of Edwardl lesal:llee, in .' volt; Parloy't ChieP'tnnlasolaet for 1133; I'Prley's Clodisttoo Uiift for 139" jtoltreeriveod tIlrnd olfe by '4 MlllA2N, dere i0 eorner of Cnaltnt& Comomon ts LOUISIANA INSTITU'rTE. I \IIS Ioetitution lor the eduootiotn ofyotoig grotle. tomrn. will go into optertiono0 tite tirot of F'to her, io thoe batement story of th, Mlethlodlist Cburch, colrn of Coroondelet on! Poydron, oteelr te direeiooo of tt s Udreoigned w'ho lton oeupited the choir al lathelllluticsi n aente Collegres noflhe ire llnd who is RngratlttoteOone of lte oost coielruted universitien of Europer. oI' f course of otlie. to he pursoed in tht s seminary will be romprehended to tie followinog tljojoono, 0(0 1. The Eoglieit depOartmenlt, embFrocio4 Ill [lhe brottelu.I ro ofo torogh aod nooOmlO;Olrtd Englilh ed 2. 'Ite etloneijel dlotnartmtlentt, ootoptrehroditig the Luoto ondl tireek Ilotguagre. lTe depa(rtmentttotooneto Iogtregea, its whico willhe tought ttejlFretlt, SpjniIth find Germ00 lull 000000. 4. T'he m lhemnllcj i a d 111(ilon dtf, atdepartlent culoproltelotlin Algebrt lometr,(areI two'I'ri00(1 t Imirile+i withtheir I eul appl~lication. to Survovioe, NouoVitioo, ADottoooy, Ac. [Na111a Phldosophy n:d Cihem(istry (IItrnr b1101 y t1(rotl(01i((tcexl<m LtfEt rlitle ClaCorron it thle AlMderrt I.allogngte oilt be tottled atnd ottendedl to floutite lot (ti10100. C J llOl)EIiIAN.N, A 31. J (i111140 leott, llev P'reaihont iIIAANNON, Louiojnoi Collegr, Jackson.1 Itr CA LI:ZENIEIIRG, 1. C Ith;NI1N Eeq, 3 NltIItIelON L-q Newo (rletoto. ntjd25-183:t( .: •. I, ;, ,. .. , I . ; . I . "i,-, S1.,). R ,ll r a I II u J cri, 1 '+ ( llldier ;I, I du blr. In. nlll rnbll 'i _ n' I ,,lý;ourd . 1', 1 i I') , a d 'I'n ed I:: :, 1 blllbor n.t, i ll r n in-r; - I'I ·n=! rr n ll l into Gldh d rinver {: Imr (-W borders, \'.Into, and C'ul r rd tlhee paler. 1)1 \II \\(. I ; ' I IItC ", CI)I.(L It S. &c., & &c. IC-l,"te', , , iS'-\ W ui er Color-: N tan 'v (i; d o; x e II () 1 E III IIII5; T h ,,'- llt ' o , --:}lJ I and I I ily-rcti I l lli I t ul lttdo I' n bla 1 Itl i i ll. ('()l)n% h 'h r. SI'l' lard, l en'+ va"' Jnlli |III'd 'Pin, In so " , 1 , . d'r I' , Sý, 7 ,.. I '''I'-, I)ru "ver-, 5"*;. I'r:"palred t ounvut ;7 Ii'Ii8 I' IOOKS & WALLEITI . I1114-ii.n1d M,11mi., . |I'.,-ket Iokli ,km; Ihis-ii I.cnIe'1h W\'alh't-; lnl-i. tl tr3llll r IP!tP e llt+,++. 3 " +.1 I- ,Oly hc pat, ut Ta 'I let., with 'ivrr l2 ncil cas, s. PEN (c rE OL'ERS. Pc I rl anld Gold Pen lolder-; Peurl and Silver du. nitl£, NILDREW cMITII l" &CO., respectfully inform it their friends and the publie in coneral, that they occupy tle nioew hrick shop, 219 Tehoupitolas sririt, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tie anid Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, si.uch as copper tills, kettles, and, tin bath. ing iu s, and oil cans, of all sorts lid sizes, and all other bro-t casting done at shortest notice. Grateo lbars of every do cript:on, s'cll us steam. A hoat stitlr; s, hog chains, screw boltl, and other kind o.feteamb,rt worlk, such as chimneys, breech. e:, stiain pipes. They will also do ail kinds of out wo1k, stc:h a- zil:ne, copper and tin rooufi;: and gttering, I oe. They .above aln all other kinds oe work in their line of bubinesr, they will cxeceute at theo shor test notice. dre27 t)YIIIBARI) & CU'S Boston rand New Orleas I Li: cof Packet Ships.--Thle nw line of ships has bolen exprerly built tlo ru behtweien the aiovy ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: ct aclornluodationrs fer pascolgers, and ev'ery ellrt ' will be merlo to give general salis:'aeiol, 'The i rne is composed of the li llwing shlips: r Cherokee, 415 tons Capt J llarding, i b Carolina, 4110 do S Lcrnist, p Challeston, 374 do 1) Eldridlge, p Culiumb:ana, 625 do G Barker, Seoaman, 240 de J Ilowee, Ilormbay, 025 do D I!nliphrey. a, The above ships are all now, of the first .lass, ih e copper Ifstened and coppered, eoounandled by men [ of great experience, hove 'argo uccimnnlodadions, l' ith ii separate ladies cabinle; every attentin will be t paid, and thie very oet of stores pro eidedll for elo. The packe.ts will be towed up and down the li I sissippl, and the strictrist punactiali y o served in the time of sailing, and should tie regular vessels be deotined in arriving, other shils equally as good Swill in all cases be substituted. A share of patro. age is solicited, and the agents plelge themselves to P aoeleounlodato as miuchl as practicable, to receive and forward goods by so id line at tho most moder. ate charges, and to advance all eopenice on goods shipped, if required. S'l The ships will leave the Ist and 16th of every I n month. For freight or puaseuge, apply to the agent. ' f J A M ERIlIT'T, 82 Coeiiumnlo st. IP I N. B. Advancements made oe consignmentls I ni to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. novy7 - .I ItCI: I\IN II1ANI)V, tutter,& c. S- il.aroltaeo Amlerica Breoldyn, 20i kegs Goshein Buiter, 211 boxes sltlcll, 50 Lkees Bcklheat mneal, 25 ohxes lhusrriottan, 061du do e:nisters do., 0 batrll rrels Ines shad, Landing tirom ship Adrio.dueoh, fr sale by tc5 G W PItITCHtAID & JO 1' b i y ()'H) &I OI'Hd r cillr' elec r =oi cer iller, ' ketches ot Malrried Lile, by Mirse Fller, ol The Lii anld character of the Rev. Stool II " Stearns, . ust reoeived and for sale by A TOW.\ t, S1 9 Camp st fe RLOt OlURN A S11ENT'S.-R .re and beautiful l c ontosities, hr slle only by b ets & D'ialnge, is and llt Peiotl lls rluseutll. is All thcso~rncaments consist of the most splens n did sp)eciimees ofl tthiolugy train Eutope, Asia, y Afriel, and our own countr'. I App'ovod notes at 60 days will be taken 4I 'd I U -t trelre crlf llugieudr.d-d-il firest .I quoliiy Molasses barrels; also, 75 dor,. do .il Ilogsicudr ir prime orlder, fir sale by ,9 . _ 11 , tl',t'2EI, it5 Cteo . NURRIS & Co, Nu. 33 Chnrtri% st~ect, arn re. ceiving daily ftuiu, tlheir honuse in PYoilad.iplpin, an geotRUu nod conm;lete assortmnent ubl fer vuuul ti and Ibrallltnaeu uluiuug. T'hcy uvite ihe atten he1 it din pitmlie, as they nri wanrranted n raying Iat stratnmgerm and citinnmms canIot furtnishm thteem nelvas mu a advJuinatugnaaa in any city in the U1hIm. N. It. A few dnzen e!agamt ivry hmandle itIn brellasn, from 32 t 313 itches. Also, a lasso tut nIwttr'1nne nBcki.,a busee, vinaoie riaca, ate3y lam ,ý ý : Ai l1ý' 1 " ýIýýýIýII ý ci gp i :II ,I . RALDNESS. A REAUTIFUL hand ofl:nir i thr..nraiest rena Sment beilonitge t. tic i':,n etamp. How lcc'teInee ly the loss of it rln tnes thll elLtlnllcancean pron.a tlrely brincs on the t.pearnrlcer of old nee, which c u sea manye to trecoil nit i nie utcve' , ..i soimetimesC even to elluc ccciety to avoaid the iPet Riad tleoes of their neoruir.tnnee: the recnielir c lc their lve ron eetqlentlty pnllt in rctilel .c1ther. In short, not Pev' the loes of pnropert fills the rIenernlls thinkine yut'lh with that neavy sinking glenm as doe' the Ils of 1:i : hair. To avert ll there stnplea-nntl eircn ttneet thh'irlidee' Rnhn of Collullniha tenpa the hilr lfrot1 ficiiieleofn the firet application, ani afsews hottles rsres it eei.ih. It likewite pridces e.ebrowth e nlltd wllisker.; ptcevents the ihlir from tuernine gra.vy mkes it curl bacltiellh, nnd frees it fromnl a.urf. . Numrs crltifiatee 'ol the frst respeetabiility in lsupport of the ,;t:ire of OldridgeCl: Balm, are shlown by the proprirtor-e. IlP Read the following: Robert WVhsrton, E.q. Into Mayor of Ptli!le! l'll ias rertift' a' a r, he eseen beClow, to theittgL clara tee nf be f, llowiieeentlesen. T'Phe undoerigned di heireFby cetifcillt iFetlevei c .e the laltt of 'celccciJa di.seover'ed by I. Ohld'ide. and lhave fitc d it iehiilye 'i:rvhealbi tot (an ccly as preveCntive tainst tIhe ftllihg . 'of LPair, hbet also u etlam, rc lrt . VIf,I.T af' TTIAT'rITFn, Penier, M thlodist t Miister in ,t t(:er a e'til .e. No 86 North ifllt st. JOHN P INGl.Is.,3i Acllh street. JOHN i) 'ItII)MASi, Nt D, 1ct3 Racest JOHN S FI'RlEY.,il Spruce etreut. HIItHil McClURl)Y.243 Mouthid st. JOHN GARI),Jr, Ii-3 Arch etreet. It is known that three of te above sinern s are more: than 50 years of age, antd the not less thln 30. [From the Mluver.J SCommnonwanlth of Pep.envanin, City nllhiladelpllan. I, Robert Whertnn. Maynr of erid city lof Philade. phin,do hereby certify that I not well acquninted with Messre JP I nglirs, Juint S FPre e, and Hugh MCurdv, whose names are sited to the shove certificnte.that they stlc o dull credit should tls given to the maid cerlificate. in witness wthreof I have hereunto set my htle I and renserd the seal of the city t., beeffid, this lth dlay oflcrremchr, &e.. [L. S.1 R)IIE''RT WVIAIIT.ON., Mayor. ORSEItVE that reach bottle ofthe (enuine ieha ltas ta plenleid ellretd wrapper, on which is relepreselted the Fell f, Niniera, &n, Solht .ollnale and retail by the sole neeets for Aet. rica. eS Fletcec' treelt, ahlidn Lane, sae eotl Ibel .. IPeerl treer,and by nmst drueggistand peifunmlers t' .egh he country. JARVIS & ANI)DIREVS, m9 Wholesale Agents, New Orleans. N ORRIS & Co. No. 38 Chartras street, are Iow receiving and opening Ihe moet splendid, su stnntial antd fashinnable stock of Clothing they have ever exhibilted in Ibis marke, conscisting int part of the folinwine articles: blue , Ii lack,, je black, ltndon brown, citron, olivt, london seinIlt.' and gollden olive frck anti d.ress coats; heaver, s'able and harrintton frock coats, elegantly lirnis:; edl; fancy and plain black enesimre aend cloth; pantaloeeng. enlisth and french I.rlacy and iylci;I silk and satin vests; real new market comfortl.; english and frlnch fancy and plaii snarfs and hldkfc ; chuacoe, silks-web and unt"-elcr.e sus-. Penderse; tlchal ,is, mCrino, li ntl 's wool, ,'e sth lanC i ne,s silk anld cotton net sherts and drawree: ir inee linin and cotton shirts, with li ein bosomt , plnin and rnfl-edi ivory pearl and plin handle silk un. brellas t -.rf'fs' premniumn, a hi antiful anir ic, ofl white kid, Icer wneddins,, tIl , R'e.; S,r ltcltihlt silks1 d c rcI hnc tna htdkils; plain, ,l, inll nllo, ge.rmlntctn ll', old lbrowtn and t l itre i r lr too hall t se; all of , hi ,h i tey " ll. r low for ca.,.or to pt'Ual ulIcustomTers as usuall. Nov. I A l ,iNF.R LIQC1D.l ,DENT,,A.-Has I I, n lgor tee,. hlth here aniid in lihe ll l W it t f.,rm si ton c.s ior elcnnsin anttd whiteneing tic gums, I-rifyisr lb, |,ri at., and rbl~v, in ( t ihadeli wh ich e totmot It licicle to eCta er tlUt t ec Si nlt cr intc t --()i.e tcn pou itd, miicild ina w eltn I ,--lul ,i pure Wiater. andt so aplllie. to the I tthcc +Iiti l1suac l moune-c:" w-t:h a tbrasl, \\ ill pile ctictliy pce Slit cI ivl' e, and Iward iL t rllta execerulc ttn ic palt, i I, ' I che, Separcd l only L"' T. F. W'anstrS S.rceon ru e . ti's to Jictll'tcrun jCollc ', ecnd cl dl .tc w olce'ale nod r rcstil by CAI' LEkl')N & Co. 31 Canal s. S! s el ents or Wainer's 1)dentica ADL,.El:I WArI:.--'l e suIbcler, , m.nnt- . ,I.cturrto nod,whlesale dealers inll ddlery Lotds, aret not rectiving by late arrivals from the lllI', in aO ddt I to their former tit ti tlo l, o lln svye assortment of arl:tils Int lhelr line, uIongI bldch are the followUeg, viz: Ladies anld misttses plaon land quilted saddles,j tentltemen's do Spanish do do do Mexican :do do do Cr.lo do C do do Amer. do lo ,do ti i: ,lish d uout h's do ul,.osh do to 'iou it do tdo d o id.i utlet d, Plt ed, br i o, o ,ad j , a tlled coach h r tits=, ai d d " ell Id,, d, do ; b e do Driy, car, ni0!d tt a t:ttoo d SauIddle bl,, (Ilbe nds ttge; v 'ost ttled edIcalt sitd :len In_, iL, hus l:: earpc .tls ; h t I t Io It hle iec r bfuch i lirito i I ras l td;lLl er bo ot ti t t o pll do, assened s zes i ial nlvarious sty les; I,.ls'ers U and pistl behl ; coh Cl:, gi_, stlkey, twi,, a: d p!anters 'otp \hipst loo-,'' d, ot nttt' t and lowlher Sirlhs land srnll ln'ls ;s: m ilUl le "ht'+- tUnol strap=, BI~l-,,.reIP+J rtm w,',; e-bn- w;id-ue'd r palated, brass an: steel s:urru;s of every ds. rip. ion ttt ''To.etoir with a cn tpt-t assortment of every arici. ill theirli1 of bilusI t .e-- ll of w hich they ol'r f ti r sale on comtlll Ollduti termf . tThey will also contitue to r, )titve through thtoe viear, by packets faon New ]Yorkm, fresh supplie to keep their stock ample and tnU lll< etP. ' JU L'';, DA\'IDS tN & co, 18 13 C. mlal st. I 88l'1.'+ (;ARI.D);N ,':ID)--The u subsenhber .I L gs to rxprses 1i. graot flul thatnko s to Ino p, boi I Lc, for the libheral snpport he hals tceived since he i lllcommencell d bllihines in hits eity. lillt g in le pro priettrol the seed store, 17 t.'om mlt+ trl t, hi: i , i not and nlever twas a.eit lor nlly iiuni!tornll ed vender; nI ilher is hec COnIneced ' ill, atnv house in Ithis country- but hlie assursi t ,he putllic ilht his connections in etery deport am nt o the seed busts Iness, ill the d.llclet;l cotllllllles of Emoicpe art e a;ll to Lthat of any Ithouse in tire United tatles. le inis pots seeds, pti t, ke. frlll the mtou t ev.. r' o s and respect ride oursermts and seedJismen in -'lane, Holland, Eoglal EISltoIlatnd, tnd the no tlerm states- and it willat all rimfes be his increst, as it Sis his study, to receive, in adodi:on ,to h present stork, large arrivals of every description, really Ithe grot. h ol Ilia;; l!so, engrafted fruit ire, s, of all kinds. The pullic tmay rely on linldlng a lll as I sortilelllnt of eve article iI tinc seed llmut, gZnu inte quality, and Imnportled directl by . ý1Vm. TIN M1r Jml s, lecen!ty anrli.v. l t this :., htigs leave to inter the ciize'es of New Orlenna llhat he will open n academy on \Ionday, 14, January, at No. 19 'loulouse, or theo lslt'tu itenoll o ) toith oi both sexes, III Frencllh aind English, in ihich he will be ably asnite:rl by '.Irs. JIame and iMrs. .1e:lker, who speak bulth lhoac languag s witl, great Iluency and purity, an:d who i. charge of the depaltnlnlt a : !the ,oung ladies. Mt r.J.t e wat l gtive to. a hule att ntion t' o the various brnnches of elduatllnon, and itelrs himrtsell lthatlli will give entlre satiatuotiun to those who ltny honor hir m wita h thei i conilidenre. nov I NOT1ICE-Tto co r.nership frmed our the 28th July lan I, between Ioht Y. B rylrns, Joseph A. L'ard and Clharles ii. llotIre, to hb colnduoeid nll. der the str le and title of Itayliss, lleard & lhIr.,i is hereby dissolved : and lthis dtsnnsluton is Ito take ellect as Irotin tInhe , of I) enlbc er iast. Thie undersigned w,-l promptllll dlshotarge all the ou!igatlonol the late irim, and ill llltu continue in Iheir own names, and lor their own account, the salie busirlcs., as Factors and (lGeneral Clnl iitssioin mrerchalts, under Ithu as e anI.l tlille Beard & lBio;le, and sohicil a shale of Ihe putrun age of their friends and the publhe. JOSCEI'I A. IIEAiRD, nov I C M\IiLES B. Ilt3R "-N. UNDS--.31.iiiPi Fiundr take at 7, Fronut Le lne, f t or l.',... E AIN'LJ.OILS, (i l.A3, 133(US'311 , 6c .-.u funding u',uulnsluppCullritution, :Ildul GLN_-lli 11;.000 I~ut of'·lusr, custquolity, iutn J.\lu t, !:;\.'i lir.kes"'1 du; cile u ·ro lo a ,~ l ti,,,, tir sinus;:Hll) lllitT Ulll uu do o lcuu=·; it larg_ ussurlIII111 ent I1III S, it of every. size and g Illlllii : EIIJI pencil, for OT ttlsl , flat :n:Lrkill: panre:i.lir Iur-s,, Clld t+ itill all nccss,.ry bt ullu;i; urtiIt a tun~s, 4.. Fluke annld rtt alrlily - lirt; iO0l1eici s gol cil'; wh~lite S i,, r 1), 1 by Al t)\13 ,231t' 'o ps -YE'" EDITIO.V OP THIIE CIVIL CODE OF LOUJSLI.\.1. IT has been foir sane time made knowunt ti tle pubie Sthat the siubcribetr are en, ted in prp rang for t' e press a new edition o tihle Loisiauna Clivil C .oe - 'ev wtere. Iron the firstnawar of the ,r.a;t di'liceuhty and "respin-tiiitv at iudig the nublic1tio of trie work, and it wits not withoult Creut hntsituthn Ithat they ontl. sented to tie underltiaing. But tle Pre.e: editiln, ltuitl" ttito itinnt tllrn ,ellomttt' tnd colptitn noid wice I hod cul~t timt+ ".tote mle tbrat IIIIu thirty, thloo u:id tdollars I was entirely out upt , rinlt. I'or Moitre tllhn to i'q rs past, tile wel p:ice of tho work has beel lifoml thirty : to iiyv doullar. It is ua vitlmn of written rules wnih ,-to i:nmmdinatly nperates ution ever' inividunt fl' tihe late, inttrn.stedi, tother in ntt, eo'tnre or rti :erce .ni, which ean-, thet dinl msition of si Itl o.t propjerie moluffet toI 1en|'rrntl taw-it is as nmuch th ttx-t,, ook t' ld titny ittl of, te( ilerchin, t i ln l ti e pl.-i nter, t l it is of thie pivate ge:Ia t: man talmd the profe -iol udvoc e,'. 'li.'posed :t ; int e al' h iitdI mrlinn iipd i rvtn wichl findm iatc' tth tneir pradue n hi-:icn, hJve a fre l ta.d b t Lcc..v:ily of , t"-l'._e 2 ). u thl e i tio-, :lun Itlnet it no iodielpeniu le requisite It their librriui.:+; uud in tite cite of Ne, Orlens tile hook i: as sure to L.e fuoun in the n ierehant's eouultug room, os upn dihe desk of ther judge, or the table orf the attoltry. It is act sork)ri-ig thereflu r that tile first edition of the work was so tuick hIv disprsed o; and ailthough r men: reprilt f it wolul in some ineasurelsu ply tie public mlalces-itv yet it wnuld he imp}erfect andI unsttlslfctr ry fillies,,+ a'Buotatrd with e.releruea to the Rporte andt Statute+, in t lreor to em' ctice thle rttioerola| nldetlir Ndl Jeni nlinhl e p.ael Ir bay tbethIe L weislhtttre, Uld tha ithll )laht detisnlll ud ok llStrumiol whtich iuve Ieell glvI upon la lly its artinles by tile Surlremle court. Thpe f hlis hers Lveseclureod, flour tie eneral suller intelntence and edil'ihi deailrtient of the o0ul rk, the Irofessional setvices of \r heelock 1' Upt on, Esq. a ioetlerol the New Orunns Iar. re le ion.n Juho Iullard, Judl Be 1 dcs, nid lieu Ge, rg'e Eulstis, sotes which tie:" have 'lollectedt il thcourse of their studies andll pra(tiee;and to Mr N It Jenninzs, the part- ( ner of Mr Upton, wilh i- aln engwagld ie the work, i;eo 1 ·trenwbidge, Esll . h.s prelnted tile great ntshetm. of sure 'pns ooautaited in Iis o(nce colpsyl" the core, prid whiell uave been made by liml dainIg the wolPb i)eriod at his "ie:inoguished prole-siooal labors. The nublish era uay, "irlfoloro: wepll trust thlut te , nnotations of le o wurk will Ib all tllllt industry nodl houur, u.,si.ted by learnin' and experience, can perform. Ill ullttin forllth this pr,rspeetu. , and soli tlilng, gene rll subseribora to thle work, fieolitbli-+herr take pride ill thle fact hat hile Lef;isln lure. ot Irll .milll Iltih auth|ori ze tile t lovenllor to ord,.r one thousand copies 1" It for' tlhe future u Ce ofthe Slate. The readiness with which this I tlumnlier lts tllke tlhle Assemlnlyly, evinced their lrUSt sell.o i thie value ol the workiand they lhlrebly extend- i ell that onlfidrettee in the ubility el" he publishers and editors which it is hot rd is not h(witly undeserved. The work will hie printed in Freuch and Ehz el;sh, apoa gaod paper Ianld withl lelr typ,; Inr will 't11 00 ...... eao te spared to nmakthe tllIwhoIle oechrlBnieI It wilt prl hmblý' ..." reatyv flor de! very in tlhe molulh of fflteen dlllolurs--tiv doliars tit be paid at the litte of sub Tl'hu sullscrultion lislt once ecloed, the store price , 6 .... . .. .. 1,: JIl)E J H S &_CO. L',,lisrhr s. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, TI7 EN years have not yet elapsed minco it wasr f first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and Ias sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. er it hasl been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes more than could have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. ThIousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored t, heaolth and vigor through its agen. cy; and tley now cheerfully testify, at every op prtunity, to its ddeided and supreme effilacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculotted to renew the Iealthy action ofthte stom acet, liver, and other important digestive organs, ithe loss of which harmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, lthat it produ. c.c an ontiro change in the condititon of the systemn, and cerltainly destroys thie native liability to rela ses of tlhe affection. When the Ague is attended with atny other complaint, the employtment of the Tonic Alixture will not interlfre with the treat. ment of the other di-ease, but will even atflird as. eastance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body during tihe course of treatment. Those who imako use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Ilurks, Mercury, or any other article in its composition unfriendly to the human constitution; being entirely a regetable extrael; and they may have additional confidence in the mIte theclaf; whelln they perreive that it has tio ct fact, of a; gett:n. laxative aboult t!to time half a hot. *i ttfl his bien t atit,---in ctsonstntee of which, ,here is to pat of thte tclleiet left tl linger t I the lbowel.l to cals. ohintructions, anti otllhr evicl; atrising froo the nte of tnt y ot f ile renedtles ttotw tl'redl for the cure of this allection. It has bei tepd alno o a Iprcvenltive, by any' ci were nab part, to a periodical retrr.e c of thil thids, a d i !ins invart.iby wardeii| off the appnehandhd attaca. Ohtse, rr! The t roopri,'tor, fully satisalitd t'pi t, tI mnparaileled and unsv"r: ! -n trcte wVhnch has can,. ctatlllv attet,'ed t pttctud land rettnl,,r use of thel "'nii' Mixtutre, i al t'ates of Force and Aun, el} att'r:lted in engging to trfad t,; price to aall t .i oe I heo have' toteltl thi ntedicite ill trict ac. with the ptre.cribed directiotns, wtitout havint batl perlictly ant It.ltingly cured. The sulbdcribn erse tie a whoiesttle agents for the Saoudt \e'stcrn Sltates, anid It:ve now ono hand six t c of this mudicitie, tthitch is warranted liaslt tand geui.te. For sale at the maltl'aetultd pricesn JA!t ttt & ANtiltI.o V, ot :'ov-27 lhtuu (+liotun ri '.+Tcto,pitoula. ýtrv+et. t)RI)''ii0 RdI:Cl;IVIt FOR ,10.iS'1 ; 1TE.V'TCUOTTO.V (;.f, % II. tle P:Ientee, N;e . 5.;3 Magazine street, New Orleans si 'I BRE1.i .NtI F,\"'lTIhJEI) IN XI.;V 1.B'(+l.Y RitL:ilT1' iiE & CO. h SC'LF' O'P I'RICES-D:uhle Gns. For a double (in of 80gt sax s lr more Ion n .ell cIhllltcel, Ilekisllg sIa) ss:as In the statud, vith If'ed;,·r i, b;umls, &,. it tiG prsatw, tor $0 0i I f",r a Dloble (lit of 0 saevs ,t c e) liUnde', o" I-'o0.saee in th, s+,'t:d, Ie:dcers, c. a $6I pr saw, or 79o0 t10 F I+'+ ro. ol'4 0s 'l]s ondo. oor S soox' illht Ft:=citl, Ia <6 d5 saer sa, or 500 00 For do. h sas o o.. o , 0 saws i t tO stuol, et9);. 5)tpetsaIt\, or 200 l0 SIN ; II: GIS S. For a sitngle diln of SO sas or moo, with ohe sCet aoileder"s, b:lands, t c, .t wf per -sw,o oo Fo t d. tof i6 stawso. itl leeders, & &rt ( i FIor .. f4 taws, with feledrs, &o. $6 3.0 00 tTo per saw, io 0 t hSS F Lor do. of 'l saws, with .leders, '&e. t $7 5o per saw~ 150 00 i Extr'atluth hlrede"l:ld, for fO'Lders, o!lppieod a It Scents ellh tIlt theliL'r olteeth b1eitt bout e u lal o thie tnIul:Cr of sws. O()e ast o'f fleds, it is cotI sidlocd tIltotver, will : ott.' llt two o1 three sets oft Ssox s,. ithra a s: sulpplied nt S!O eltit trL:s h. t'ihe G(ins tordered, will be delivered tilthe ige'nts o pl:tlters ill lny of tlhe sea port Itoos oill the cot.ttol plul til. Sttes, ut thIe ibo\e Iptri.s, the:totollth I il.g the I li l.t oil thlle a:olte oool New Yuiok, altn hectttllilg to - Ssl ..vibl.e or ithe namoun of the Gin. Al Gin 'ui t, Swillbe slt witll tle Gins to pt t tlmt. p herle ide Ssilre; the crl:l'gs tlir otls- sole\ itt will be cxtru, but Ion trunning genttt 0n also0 ol"erl where desired, oi tcatlsonlablc tentll, I.t till be chattc.l cl;.ta. Horse tidots. Slloll l tiom el toles cranr so be ordered if de It is', when pIlnters give ordelrs for Gins, titi shtm; l :iaconltpa them with their views inll Iegtll to( Ilearranll!elnintl l s , lIotLasts brushes, &c. It is l n tt el"y dlilf et I opinion. Somne ldesilre sawa of L:agetr diameter than others. Tice most conmon size is 9 or ti incths; ,. Is" o wisol tws ltlhem inlches. So'lne llhc l 5 Itor I voe tRi bru ies on an ae, whiletl others do ntt i"t;Itos c Ioellil h:ut molt. Sllole wis stai's wit t o1 10tc eth to the inch while others v.ant 10 o 111. \ IV, iuch discreplnc , er W n'efpr" they souhld, mt the time ofgiting ora T rsl, furnish ' eli m tenll t of thlieir e u ishe-, and the mananiwcturers can thlt's them in ever) In tacular. Where it is left to onil discretion, we shall Smake them on tics most modern and approved plan. ,t,~ ordnTr can be exeslted, from ntietitse it is ieceived, Sin the sia:lce ol'eight or nineit weeks, nud the Giln in that Stitle placdin Ihe hands of the factor. To be in tIlIe lor the next crop, all orders ought to be in the hands of io ninuiulctuirel';shy thle first or mniddlle of .11ay; exuept t-tplanlatios wlherethey arelate in comlllcingl to pick or gin cotton. eN. .l The Patent Right, iar aly one of the S'inng St:lt.e, Hill bc sold n re((ollabIl termns. S,; .lntmo , 'TIUNI:D1 BY IR FAUL'I'T Uk MAUL) CINP. rlpOIUI '7 Compound Extrnact of Copadi nad Srnsae L pmuilla --A cllJtain, saei:, andi most crletual relse AIv ever dis.ocreld l.r telt cure of Goorrtiea, (.lects, vtrictures, 'liates, T'ais in the back aln ois, senllnll weakness, allfctioms kldldu, gravel, scorbutic 1rutrions, &c. In tihe intltoduction o a medicii l possessing thle ttIIs and active irltue of tihe one now offeredll to ite public, tlUe il.pri' 't has but to Irefe to lthe Iumerous recol of its c;'c'lit from the distlike ,Ii pdaemrt , otutt ly ex .1e.s. r! t ue. dit " it a tt iseyrcablc taste, d.;Ulalne It'ea",n -d .it . e bowelsd amt tol a ll , nlld its- hof tll'etu t' illelriatnev .hea utsd i the itfll e la, ylltory st~it . The ýlroprie.ur h:ýs as:, le anoalv'is of the ti law", U-.c'i' det thtie lo I etivequi t lite sw,:ld thereby be :othl llllmore r l .nreLtrl't a d morlle tus :lllllmiistercd (Ilih ill tilhe present side. The above netl tile colbillesilln grlelets which are in tle highest repute lnt - Olh most scientliefc a learnld in hlile itl} sion. Irell drl. in the cImuosition of this p Iet1'ation i|creases th eltica:ev l l the otilier, produllcil an operation Io;0rly noto Ili' g,lill and surpassinglil the Imost snllglnllll xc etttions; possessiugnt tlhe snnlme time lthe o ln:ut one of its beiug ldmillistered witlhl success in the udiiClret sta:-es of the uove diseasl.. Th'l most eminenllt hvsiciaus anlld .|t"og1on l tfh o present day express their decided 1p InWrlhltion in tolll of Sarle·n a "ill, whlilst its atreill itie ilo n, alld .tiloion ey elxt.ivees . It was i Ill iolte remedy f with tile cellrated l 1) .llleretlhy in all ; vellneal I'fectionl, a/dl ill o.stintleutane e rueCtll ti* qo0i, arising, from a disordered state o iIhedtigte iltefunctions. I Ieeit n h. n submitted to tht test anll 1-xperielce of t1": most clebrhlll among tile I'lletity, ihey Lave expressed /ltheir sirsetLtion of is t. '"],ir .!bepe.t ill every inIlter ed cr"c::l ·t. P 'epa ed by lJ I i.lutl, Cil:n i SLon.n. Pricc ;l 0(per pot... TESTIMONIALS. From A II Salmon, Eotl, F ItS, Surgeon to the St 'T'll.mas Hospilt:l,:ad l o urer olt Aalltony. The trial lwhilch I have t.cae of our repareion i a ari.lty oftcases, bot! m111:le d teimale, i its reSlltlS httle o ,:.',l '.o highly IhvouraleI, thatt Ith, ot not sitote it | IlrolIOUntleilg it oe of the most valuablle and elicncimsl remediIes ever ollhred to the public, ant! me in o hch, Iron experience, I can place every rtlianle, whilst it does inot prlduce the same ulpleasollt ttlfets usually ex pel'ietcrle from eolmiba. pFroe m G It I taywt , MIl RC S, Phi sician to thl St Itar tltebotte Dlispensary. I take great pilaosure in adding my testimony to the valuable lpropert is, of voer preparation, wishing you tilhe success ou o Inllv dcterve, ill an lnmple reward for the ihboret"al expense ineurred in brilging it to such o t11 plc:" Ip'l'rl't on. From IV 1I CoUoper, F It 5, Surgeon to Guy's Ilos pittal ittie tuifitllt soecess whiclh hs aItentletlhe tll iis- i the a,.toe disetase alts tollysattlsfnldl te tlt t t has oly i .to be klowl to be truly lpplreclated. Mly the bltCtcss you so cell desotle, amply and speediiy re)pay you for your vamlble preplir:tiole. Frott Sir A Colleo F It S P It CS, c e. &e. iotitng beet, ittlteedl to u)try oi" •h.xtraet ill seeltll casesof violent (;(tIIttt too1 wlit h ltha hitihertll IbtlletI evter.y prescripltion aldllinittered by ttt, titg fo d 1suCe aldspeedy eres eflfected bI) it, it a lfe daits I ieul myself in duty bounld ta1Lnt e that I now ill iI) ,1.tl1 Lice both public ald private recommenlllelld and use non ethelr. I'From G IV Blair, M I), Phlysician to Guy' lito lle striot test which 1 havlre given your metdiieh y mtulT liey patients, and is' inali table Iucces, sLus toa, will induce mle to nerserere in its use, and I eem it but an ect ofjllstice wil of d't o:1111 I)" Id)feebletestli mIonial ill colmetndation of itstirltles. From L C Tlhompson, Al) F S L. I etl'll toll my sloelere thalks bfol t e ntlu:obl per seut or tout Exlrct for thelrecre F (oit torttnlte, e,. I I eel gretetitl that you have at last brought a medihune iotltr use hieh will lotvut."a deraidrtum long sought fir in the medical worl---a sure, sp.eedly aired eli.tCtllll cure io rases ,f tile abohe class. It tliotols elt gteat pdeasure ttInpblisltingg to tlhe world tilhe valuable qual;ties ol'fut Enxtaet. Vere t necessary, thile proprileto l colld here flnlitrl many more testinltlllials equallly ots on lll tendator as tie abeoe; but trusts thalt its great sareecssclithrto ohe ce & expenlse at whilch it has been t elaltred, will pIre'eits Sgreatest recomnelndatoln among a discernling public. One recommlendattion this plteptltrtitl enjoys above all others is its neat, Iportab e lotrm-put up in lIots--th mode inl which it may be takenl, tbetRg bth easl y at lteaitot-its tastel\ nature, witll no restrietiont in diet or elolltlintoelnt from business. Travellers especiallt woultd tfld this medicii e highily usefll, lind ought eve Sto be untprotided with a I)reptation pllOessing the at d valltges wlhich the present one eonmbin cF . Acoeompanving the Medicine isa opamphlet exptlnta tory of the dilfeelot stages of the dlisease, without aln ext tra elrge, conltainling full anid apll ditt etti flns. For sale by SICLl.'ES & CO. enr .14;ao' 40U Canal street. THSiGGn IN rIVE ANn A IIALF DAYS, Fronm Mobile (Alabama) to Augusta (Gee) I I EAVES Mobile evet y other dtit, imme..iately allet A the arrival of the mail from New Orleans, per the stetlllbOat EstELtNE, to Bdlakely, to 'ensalohi stemboalts (per Pensacola llay, St Itosit sound andtl llo tahallie liier and iBay) to Cedar lluf.t. coaches tlhet via Mlarilana, Chattahoochee, (lrllloerl Mounlt Vetr non,) Bcailbtllge, Pinderton; Itowkinstille :aid i ouis ville, to Augusta. A passengeeretakin; his seat ant .eta bile is in no danger of being thrownt out or losing. his ipreerrteee by other tonflicting iaterests, as the FLOIIl 1)A 1.IN7 is btt ane concern, and utltdr eie oen ier Siutlrilot, allnd may rely .'1TI IIICRTAINITY upooIto i halot .Augusta intlimeo seciied, tirnolgIt all etlh elr an at :ian seaSOln unlless sol e iionst nforeseo l n:tas tophe sl:llld occr. "'e G1reat Ntrw ()rhllts tMai is carri.d tLy this s'otes. The Agents Ibt accommotla. tirnll, "'eanls, Colachesn td Dr:it'rs are ..ot ertL pakd Itttlte ttftlllttt nelnttltnotoV. the onuth nt coutrI.I The smooth, hatd, natural ronds, tthn sati' nd inter testting ntt :lte nigain, ten td:, o c aco'oh odation, Ail.brd the tradeler speed, cet"tailt| , comfort, ani a pleas ilt. varlety ; rotnnectetl ats i* t't'r with the Ital HoAd (Charleston, S. C. an tle slt:tetn pcketstio new Ylrk. ttr.,l~l.. can rII',h Nw " York tlnstr New Orleans SFn-.t'i"'tt.i 11 eA fe -\tl'ahionetl clit" fo r... C' .....oltuohe, Florida, w. . lae ae II o SLille via Q.linc, olu al'o!lbas,< o, : 5t h.arks, -1. fr Spost cotaLhe, also two Ithanches tr.e Hiawkinsvillk oie to ,lilledgesille, n:td one Io .11laeal, !!bht two hLre oaches. STUCK l'O lS :, co. Ili,.'r , 40 aJ " Il 5. ......l o ..i .. .. luiia5aI lic .ia ltosi.- Mobile o "IDista,,iA Nea. ()l.e.a to lo:ile, 150 mil a 1 Mob;ie to Augato, 54. " Angusta to Charhslrtn, 1.t " i Charlton to New Vnrk, V0- 190 t limoe, Nw Orcleaq to Mobil,, bour AMolile to Augult, '2 "L (Charlestoo to .Nov 'rw rk, On- I, likiineI ii miles ptr t ky. ort teýs per hour, inclu si ii utf ,! stoppages. "lov' 10 s. ItL I en lc:.t e to ilfoi lO the Ipblicpluit tl . bridges over the C.hllalmotbeswa:n tell ,l ai:di Labs ceek have junsl bli ll coipleted 1) %II . ;neal o o't- l'-er i mnclt, (thie n ll : o ostaci ,els.iriia:ll hli. , insltlis usafe 'll spcedt" 'Oullt.e a[e thlu hllap ly r uovled: and I have ill, plela~isule olne m'.gl ] 'rlomll trufl-mi il4le.stl thle coaches,hor". Ss, riveirs ali . s are oi theL i ll t ordleri ad as t( the watelr iomle from t ens allsl to Itl., it is dllmlit t ted by all Oh, have passed through it to he unsurpnsse, h (Gorgia ha.e also beC..rc.upaie.ld. J N,1 C fIA\l;I.l SnARBLS CIIIE31N EY P'IECE iVnEreOaSn, 1L Custohnlouso street, opposite the poit.-oltie. The suhscribors are lnov receiving from their fhe. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortlllmellt . f arble Mantlle Pace-s ol'f"s erir wotkiuonship, and of the Illtet patterns, imdc of the bent Egyptian, Italian, Irirh and Amnerean marble. Also, M o tnmonts, T'oaba and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, marble facings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Rloapin & I&ydraulie iicument and Piorter. ing Hair, togetller with a splendid assorltment of brtss mounted and plain Grates and iussia Iron Grates of tihe newestn and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at theil shortest notice. They halo tirst rate ~orkmler. L set the above work. je5 TAMES KAIN & STROUD TPARKERS RIOCKY MOUINTAINS, &c. OURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, undlllr the diractioni of the A B C F 1, pcertrled in the years 1335, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, go. ology, climate and productions, and tile numn el, manllers and tlaatlS of the Iuatives; with a Mlap of Oregon Terrltory, by Rev. Satmel Parker, A M. The River and he Desert; or Recollections of the Rtlone and thle lhartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author ofthe City of, . ' da tai, &c. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, 'q; the author of Rilchlieu, Tile Gypsy, Attila; ill 2.;J 'The Two Flirte; or Ad. .mure in a Country IIoluse, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, E L Buleor, MrsNorto,. Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, CaptaLn Modwin, and others; ill 2 vols. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, edited by Boz, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1 Just received and for sale by _ LENJ t IO\ S, ',I'lISlAIO1,'ETEris, MICROS. , 1 COPES, kc -Just received and fop sale by it h su. l1cKean, corner tod Camp and Conimba streets, I 0 grneral taeolsuint of Surveivors Col'ip .siies, at l lthellluti tiail lslrnltuoellut., Ilruwine L Pne. at Sluing Dividends, bpreng Bow lend, Ivory Pro le tractors, Ilry ySrca el Gunter's Scales, Glass Triangles, n Parallel Rulers. Microcopes, Theilnlumeo s, Caeian Ob~curas,Su.sryi Chaine, r ltaouruum Taper, m'Sc. dl JACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-New bLmn -'I-o soul punctually every secnud Moouda during the season, foli or not full. Ship Orlrano, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Albnhma, 474 do Q. C. esary, Ship Arkaroses, 6>2 do E 8 Doanin Ship S .rtoga, 542 do W Hathaway. Ship N.'.lhvrll, 540 do D Jackson, shp Kcntuckiy, 629 do .I Bunkers l'ine albova ripn are of the first claae, coppIredc and copper flrcoed, and having been builtin Now "York exlresly i.r thij trade, they are of liglht draft of water and almost invariably cross the has without any dietlrotihi. The coomarlderos ate maot of great lxperic:ce, and the ships will alwayrbsh (toaod up end dkown the Mininssippi by steamhpbtu 'I hy have handsomno fhrnished accommodations, iod stors . of the best doscription will alwa., b9 1 lurnlirhd. The cabin in 5$90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnishld tq the o, fi,'rli or ccrew. For freigiht or passage app!y o; board, or to i1 C AMES, 48 Camnp st, The hIips are not accountablro lu braltage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cnoperalO o$ tin, or rlst of iron or steel, nor responsiblo fitr aiy packageR or parcl, unless a regular bill of ludinof s execut! d therulfor at the office of tlhe e1.a. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OIF PACKET'l'S. This line will consist of the following yessolpl, which have been built or purhlcaed ospreaglr fot th,1410,l., via Ship :emeno, Capt. Miner, Brl: Mary, " Nickersona " ILd Ferry, new l Mtevets, Solomon altus, ,t Latham, Brig Architect, 't Gray. These vereols are of the first class. have hand, some lIuriscdohddteomno odatioens, an e of a light draflt of water, to as to admlit of their receivingan4 di charging their oargoes in Baltimore, at the city. IFreight will be taken for ports on the Choespea.o,, or Jam1es' River, and forwarded by the agent'tl IMersrs. CLARKIE & KELLI GG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will bd adyauned when requirid. The price of passage is fixed at So0l, a:uple stores of the b, at quality will be provided. Steam up and down the Mississippi will Ie takeq on all occusi0ng. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bionvil!e st, FOR NElW YORK. [L.nuisiana and Now York Line of Packets] ' Ill, Sthips composing this line will sail fronq Nov Orleans and New York on every other Mon duy-cotmienoing on the 20th Novembei-and tq iinuro the punctuality in the time of tailing, the ylin will lhereafter consist of five ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 10th Nuvelmbr. Ship Liuiai hlri, Captain Palmer, to leave on the ,iih D.ecembir. Sliip flunl.ville, Cp.ptain Eldridge, to leave on the 16th Dccoiihcr. Ship Vic..burg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on thie st January. Ship Mlissi.ipli, Coaptain Davis, to leave on tie 151th of Jnnuary. The above are all new, of the first colss, popper d: and copper faotened, and upwards of 500 tonq burthen, are of light draught of water, being built in Now York expressly for the trade. Tho price of passage is fixed at 100 dollarsi their oabins are fitted up in the most inmproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no tice tlit no berth can be secured until paid for at the olPFee of the consignees. These vessels are commanded by captains well experiencied in the trade, who will give every at. tentio: sand exert themselves to acoimmodate. They will at all times be towed up and down the Missis. sippi by steabolats, ind the strictest punctuality obherved in ti.. iiman of osailing. The owners of these shiips will not be responli, blc for any letter, parcel or package, sent by oc put on board of thoeo, unless a regular bill of lading be signed thercolr, at the counting house of the .agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J ) REIN s& A COHEN, nov.7 90 Common aS FOR NEW YORK, S [.ouieiatna and New York Line of Pel.gest] S.l cs and Nei York ol every other Mondty-r cnennneainn on the 20th november, and to Jps re the -+l~il:tl' ' ct)l tllnlity io the r time of sailing, thl line1 u i! hereaftern I ae"l of fi e Shipi vie th" Sli 1i btoo, Captain 'rasik tto [ oe on the 20th nor. li p l oioiiai, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th ,hip lhtcLcrio1e. CUptaii Eldridger to leaye on tIh w13th Il3ccn ;m t. oi VicksTburh, Laptin Wcoidhouse, to lcpave on the lst Jolllr ovto 'Ehin Ali tastet(pi l Cnptaln tlotsi, to leavr on the 15th Jantary. lr hie above slhips are all new, of ihe itot nlsse ceqrpered d iOtliol Ittell,l aond upw ards oe 00 oer burthen, aren I t' iht tihlaht of, water, bicogblio t ie New iork cxlpr r fils be trade. The price of tpoa :te :;s li,.cd aI one ltindredl do/rm.. I'ir catbie are tilt.d tqou the lc st o loroc.ved otilc oun enOIrow s,.44 !i..ieId isn n t a illand elegant sty Ol Aon pe sters C f the r it y,:!ith will boe praol rd, aod every regard he.l to Ibe colnlurt alnd entite mtisket /iol massngere, w9 ill ' no hllct oliuLoL o that o belrth cot be sdcrsed 4u. tl paid trc at Ithe orfie eol the c anslignees. '1'h.,-e I tci.,tis are sttltnllltlelld by Cpl tainls well eg Erire'iil inl Ihe trde, whoe iil gie ever, atte tlior _':, xlrt Rtlmel-r to aiecolollloodote. 'iey yill e s ! trl.; ·eL towe l s t oIt:vf ,!Uo in the Atlicissippi bj ýt.alu].,.at. auid the strictst lioictlalitv observed i Tlc uwnlu s o l these hiips will not be resposeibl -or_ Fc" lt ir, I:el lotor fpalncen l vt by or Ptlt o BielRtlL St,*. uahes It re slulr elwtI el ildiog be oigrted tMhreoo.e t the (. n'tuillt_ lo;t,.e of i:n oLget ti or sters. Foe l!rth'r parIt.s..Iur, apply to II BEIN & A COHIEN; tl3v .3 90 Cilmnno st. NEW OiLEA N'i & CIIAR[,EST.O_ PACKR.TS This line consists of lourrvesoels, all of t i b-(as, co)pered end copper feet. r- Poed and c aboutt 200 tons barlhen, w itl ci:llhIsllme ocerncmodatinns for possengers 'liThree nre commnndod b' captains well esptr creened in the Irdle., who will give every at telle,,n, oil eixert lthielsilve to aocorllmodate the ski; ,er·. '1 her w-II r ltoiwed up and down the MI:hs~ci: p;, rid leave New Orleans on or before thlie ibh oand It5i of every month. The ollowing '" c.' t s t lno ,~ ty l iheh II . viz : urig Ar aniion,Clhtiet Glihloc, meerto. ' glC op naiat,J. l. ''lleomlson, rassItr. [legll Ahna, J Doneo, mt ster. lir;,. 6rgr \Willians, J. Alliber,, mester. it Ftr Ircg!,t cir poassona,tply to J. A. BARELL. So:Co, Glu C.tnllon bt. New Oleans, or M. OQ Mord cat,Chal stoie. oct L ....... .. .. .. -- - - - - - - - , l ] cE uendersigned IavIl recomr enced busines. 1 as a l)rugaist ald Apothecary, in the store owtned by Mr. J ctb 0.I, at the corner of Tivoli circne and T'rton Walk, respectlully solicitls share of the public patroudge atnda renewal of the favor. of his former customers. The entire stook ol D)rgs, medcitesand foncv articles is fresh sa. careully stlected. The lfollowing onl are pap t:iculutized, vii c Pre S,,do, Seidli:z and Saratoga Powders. Yenst Powders, bling a wholeso.te and a.n.d h sukstitute for yeast, in raising bread, bhckwhag cakes, &e. liuiutl's Effervescent Magnesian Appedeat-4 pleasnat and gente purgativein dyspepsia or indi. geston, nervlous debhlhry, giddinoes, headaely acdity of the stomach, habitual costivselpe, epga ucous eruptione, &c. Carpeater's Fluid Extract of urpsaparilla I puritnt t t1he blood, he do do and cubehs, &e, Swnaitt's Panacea and Vermiluge; Britis} a. thletletm oals, Opodeldue, &c. iefined L quatrice, jujube and Guameuve pults T''toth brtahos, N S Prentice's carboni dentril fice, chlorilne tootl wash, powder puffa and beas, Prentice's carbonle dentrliee, cbhtolae tooth wash powder pulfs and baxee, Prentice's acented std plain toilet powder, pomatum cremse de ire, orance flowerr,Ts, I lavender and Florida waters, of the est qulities., Rowland's MsaessarOiiOl d_ rilda's balm of Cotumbia, beaq's oil, a varit l tcter antd oater matches, indelibl olarkiLil superotttr black ink, &c. Spermt and refined -hale oil, Hay'. - A Iresh assortment of Thoeb'rne's(.rs' oct 2 GEORGIC q L ALl.- W egs lttditgtr saemae rl fe5; And turtale by [aw" La fitJ

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