Newspaper of True American, February 27, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated February 27, 1839 Page 3
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fASHIIOtNAltll PAlliS Mil 1.1 NERY. llilll subritmr iWr Itohen hb,.enr of i:lltbruing 11the I rdin, that lie Itns re.eivnrd Ier sttpom and Marengo, e supply of fLII and winter Mlillincyr l the latent and richeit inm.terils in Pallns, rhi. t Mrs. S-.alon expetS to have opened and ready ol exumat. lortion on MMaday and Tuaedan nent. nov3 -5 Cltrtra,. BAZAAR. Corner of St Charles Common treetl, XCtHANGE HOTEL. .USIt & ALLAN would rp.aectfully call ile at Stention of ciliens and straetogeri to tnlr eronplerto a-onrtntnt n Gentlemen' linmn hirts, do ca.tblric, withl litn lironte. fuashionable linen frollt: linen ocl lare: silk, cotton and tenino onder shlitrs and drewere: cambric ani nsilk hnndkrolhiefa: black na.ld feny nra vate in great variety: toeks o l'every dlscrilption: gain elastic anll cotton snpendonrs: silk. cotton alnd thread gloves: entahoskiogloves: umnbrellas ndonnes gold Alo,--Splendid assortment of ladies and gonts wvri ting desks, dressing canes, port folios, pOerfulery, cut lory, andrlich fancy goods. noel4 FOll SALE ATte manf.Trtori of the snbserier, Hoisting SWhnels Led ir l irie, of all eim Sh, Plaeter. Hair, &o. Turning, Sawing and Grinding lone as utnal by ~t'' CARD T' 'I'IItE LADIES. W~ILLIAM BEL., No. 1il Chartenlract,tt, eolin t ue to pnhuane uold broketn Jtwelry, eold old or silver in any ftorll whatever, and pay tlol. highest price in Orleans.. Ladies O.lo may have old fanhioned gold jewelry, ri: ear ornaIeltl ciaha1n, Iecklcao, bheckles, finer rings, or ill lact any articleso of te hline, whice is lying die and of no uco to tIleno, can exclungo t 11 aent Ito good advantage, by calling as above. N BI-Watchas, Jewelry and SYeoctacle repaired in the best manner-ctarges moderate. Jan8, 1899- O-'LF.ANS' .l''lTttK PAL IC I, PItIN'I'INI )L,' O FICE, 53 MagaEine street, opposite Banks' Ar cade. W GREENE takes pleattre in annoletcing to Ilin friends and tile citizens of New Orlles, that ti has lnat length brought Lith.iglmpt oil a per a itll olper plate priating, and frot tie It i ilitiol the art has ct ver copper Sto engravilng, hie can eoxeculle all o rne llentvruted to im, at one hlfl'lle exlpense of e'ngravinlg and lnearly as chenap on telte printing. Mer ants wioig tirculars sent out in tll ir own hand writing, can tave any uanlltitv at a fvw hilotro not.e or they will ie executaed for theol in a Ihenliiul style, uch as has hIreltofvre given generatl ,ntivlictino oall thke mostrenpctlable collnlmsslon hotlsev) in this city. (ieuoitretn Ir, u rl u ortt having Visitfitg or Itlsi nessn Cards finished ill tille hast mn lulnur, will do well by callitg at hl Olie and see lpenimodne. Feb. I 1839 N B--blnk notes neatly executed, and circulnrs, jirinLed at one ioiur'a noticel. STEAM SAW MILL. SQ" ITIIATED) mt tihe ay tf tiloxi, in tile stale of t- Mississipii, at ilte ootllllletce tf thu Chutekaubult, Rotchembolo and Pilne Plant titveor. The mill hoa en is large and substantially butilt of the best material--tlo engine first rae, and in good or der, with all necesary popelld:lges for sawing, plann and grooving, and to winIchl is attanloed ta grist ill, hlelkimith ialop anld toolsa, and houses for the actcom. molation ofworkmen; all the necessary tools for pttting the mill in operatioi. Potr yoke ooxen, 15 iro.ea of Iand,lormingilhe point on which the mill is built, all entry nof 8I acere of wtol latnd in differeltt sections oil the adjolilning rivers. thle natulral collvlllences of nccess fir vassela that naniai Ith lobe tks are tnnrivllled, open at all seasons ot the year to the mill and the sever al rivers from 511 to li0 mliles up. Im ediately ill front of the mill, and within 50 fiet ol the Rump is at natulal busillthat will conlltill 111,110tt loge, whilh ean cesily be secured againt tIll kinds of wenater. T'he facilities of prlocurit timto r, tire InIt surpassed any where. T'he sllres of tle illy anit water oi.rears being covered with ioe oak, tsll atndll Ilcklory, maid easy of acceas. Tlli valuable llropertly, e elntlig uousto lle city ol New iOrlealSt, .oils ndlvtalltlte*s to the enterprising, larely t Ihe met witl. It is not deem ad nececlary to enumerate theo. In tle immndiote vitiilly of tile aifortniol pr..perty, is S tAif oTtred n plnttloto1n l1 70{lt acle ofvalttoite lmlld, 20.( oif wtich is cleared and ullder ifence,with it ecolllflrtl aide dwelling house, tarnning UtnOt lts, t0 head of sheep, t oFlhorn cattle and to qllatity of g ls,. This tract 'ronto Ite bay about a itile, tind is a noota deolrinle nitnation for country sealr, the lullds Ieillg elevoted higl bluos witlla Ieltoull.dolttil ofo water fer anty of cte lake craft to anpproach its itaokr. Aiottlll(l 5l utcros ofts traeit is covered withl a thick growth oif tie, oak,a l and licko.ry, anid call be rllnrttted with great facility and little expense, to a inmarlit oillterig ad. vantages for n profitalle ittvetinlcent. l'heie two pretrtiet will be sold itogeiler ol' eeptn. rale, italoOw vrile, acd l(ttacU tttll-llln,,dahtig n tot ftrtlter taticulars, aply to it N Wt'I.otlAN, felti-7-t _Ixchane flaei: :_ J sJSAl l31F.TI(k.o-- S:atltet ,f Mluperioer ftl fit.r sale by ISAAC IllltltiE &C, C letl " 1 1 : lttlaga ite at 'E 1 1i.1)T1' 1222,r2 ,I 21 I Dr2 'lI'en i,221221 a 'l-l- 1 chert is cJlmpilhni ftr,).l the Ialtrv*,¥yi of (;:!rTe Goldd, 1sq., 2.deh 2 order b f thI Itlti2h 1,\dliruhy, and ayr le, anld .1lvhos 11the 2I lll2 2 .r +,' (22 1ieal.. 1 onfld dlag r'r ollnl .2 'J rlu-.llj lll. Itk to2Ielt 1 \2e4 t. sal t ho 12221122 ' K Co., N. Stationera llll, SU hllt-- h Ihodsllll in Ie riwl, 1 d ,o l lftlr sa fe r - ' , 'l K 1111: & 111t2 ll II, E iv i do .. Ku .t+i . ,f ' v l l vol.: Hlughes on tI,0 rI a : I twe'P t'h:l lr' Itrktie'ln 1I 1'02rlll l)2l: IUeveo' 222 1)2,- 2 'll 12: 2e2-2t r 'lllll2 i i Evilenc: t. 'ivil do.. 1 r.2 lI .o 'rn ., 2 l : Norin' I'rks on I n2vi lll2: IK lt1,.'rfrd'l I ,I*h1' -: h NY .Tlrk atllica, 0 v l ), t.ev le n I'ole kle vAIllvl.-r*alol e: Jullelle Aeck'so Tria . ul: ty: W222hll 112l2 ! Io he.N Jl llllgt2 W oilt I'' slill'ive II",ie l .Ifl: hiilf l oI I2h2i2d-2i i1 s a.: Waglers n I ieu: Tmrin2_cha2 l 1w I.i2i2t:2 iofe T1hU l4l Pr22 1 l l2s2 1lla l'l T in22 l'112212: ' e''2 :2 rule.I 'ulle 11r . .xat llr2 : '2I' 21 'm Inr lw lihti2O lrv, :1 voh: 'realise on ie Law oI itl.: Slllrlrkit ol I Evidlence: kn. on Slraller: lo e onIo V2)2 d rs: Ch ar - d T i'ila 2lle 2ig n Ad vhil.2.'t: S,2Lit2h's Muhacelry nPrdcticl, 9·2· Ol: 5o1eV ilSte IeIns Iand'e.k, n Aneo'ree: turyv's l('Al Alnell lrie , the 2 Co llt irltll ati of t'I. n ilowla. iln Eqwllily: anl Iillela ll llll 2 llh e etllrit il" Law: S2ellallion ' "2:r: ill Eq2 itV : \ ltllll3 or2 h on:I Exc. eoltor t: \Vonlker's Amlnr ll I.a w: i2 lll2al2s2 il I xe u ore, `2 vlu for eale lt 4 r Cllllnl streert. (i1e3 AI.EX 'r(iwAR. R ECEIPT n IIoKl--JuoI reteive'Iedt :at 2 IdFel iu ('o', a now lldll erxtenive 000aI1lrlenet o2 Blo ceipl Iloksa, for slollvow, at fell9 4 Chartre+t4 OI- A N IA R U iP I I O D I C AI . S - -Lit thi ' s M u s e v ei and "OC)r Globe illustratedo." Mr IIAUIIIAN, hIe nCgent ir IllhIe lulihtinn, is now in New Or len is, ullrl will Ie hal oll rut li slscriptlioons to either :wgrk. 'l, Mulsou ,.eses 2 repj 1 4ttio it2 l oor t dn o 22 1 In 2 t it has b :tO , anlallrdl public ti:a n. "t)ulr ;h.he IlhlO tr2Jtedl" is UNblinlbd on weklv nlllllher21, 5.1 ll2 which ill frli: It opledid 2vO2LM21. Ec ll lhtr wlltl il2i2 two i2Lclli2 ful steel engravigsr c lelld m1 1 'll e p)tes Ilf lroet ri Iioll I I is ii i lllrl o , ,iz IIa1nd iS t e l'helll tt r lira tiln ltflhe k r2 it: the w2orld. $2lbsri ti3a22 trice. f52 numblter 1r IIA'lY lr2eTH2 1th122 $(.,i0 111 e I eo be'e 'Xll0erldl2 on tle work anl it is cfide7tllly reeomudlde, land I1n2ly worthy ofur2a1ll2l2e. Suorlp1i2imlle recelived at No 44 Coall2 st, 022l nt2 the PoFst Ofice. 1em POR)1K-Ia bilo mI2 pIritlll I. () cb 2lallt'e hly flefr A(1 1 ',)21A125 a4 NNcv I.ever - lFF E &t C GA I S I -- 3 i d o z 2i n2 e g22 e2n2 l l 51,0100 Iavana. Cigars, Inoling fnonlm h2r2e Roger1 WVillio2s, for sale by JOSE.I'lI CO)CK hNINE, joe 25 tiiravicl a t fri-LACKINGe-5s l bhsi,.Tn,22 .: oiahio.,,nn' 12 caskes loituhi0 4! do2z 1each I)2nhli's paste blacking, landini fro:l: 2sill NhvOIIlllI, fi r 2le hy fee ISAAC BY.1D11)41: & Ct ,135 iI22'2222 3AISL%2S--IO) boxes Nit R2isioa, I20 I- 1.2boxes do It, I00 1-4 boxe4 do do do lanstre and for aole hev reb9 CIA1Iw'LIN & COOPER. 132 Jnmli st .f.ON-500 so.Lks iow hlllandilg aIl for .2le jo216 CIIAMPI.IN & C, I'R, J lin st -UNNY BAGS--UI I-;IIv 2 nlgo illn s-tore 1 or sale by CIIAMII'LIN &CO(II'EIK, (e9 121 Julo st L ME-13011 casks Thonlutonn Line for sale in lots Ston sit purrhosero. Applli , 1e9 1p LrIII)I, f6 Co'~p st SPErM ()IL- 4IIl, galls. winer strained 0sperm il, just received and for sale b v ja b . LOCKE &Co, 8 Front Levee 0 XCHPANGaE-Oo New York ood hi c lnde eiafo f L mle by Fgb2l ADAMS &WHITALI.,67 rvl vier t "-- IU.-l, casks rice o. board 4brig 0eblrd, uud tur 2lo sale by Feb21 L H G ALE, 93 Conollnin st " UMBE, IIAY, 1 -.AH1. ac-35:II lee lundr S410 bsleo hy, l7. IhoosaOd lotles, 1lilta inglid for sle by Feb21 1.1 GALE, 93 CO:nlmon ot LORA'S DICTIONARY, with 58 colored pl21tes, Sfurthe supllplly Ithis day opelied, aod fur sale by fe 21 ALEX.TOWAII, 49 CoanlUp lt. FKOSI"S IIRI'PIISII POTIIS-ileilg beonCt works S tlho lrilishl, Polets in a chronollogie l series,froln Falconer to Sir Welter Scott, witll bilgraphicol lnd prikicai noiens; designod as a I.ontinuotion of Dr. Al bis'I British Posts, just re2l22el2d nld for t",e 0 v feb2l AILEX. TOWAIt, 49 Cdospst. i RSiASILL:S WASING1i i IN-i. ,othilgedfor the Suse of sbchols,e received ad for sale by feb 21 ALEX. TOWAR, 49 Comp st. OT&DE 0. 1 PRACTICE in civil coses, fiiii.iouio, t wilb oonotatiols, by Wlheelbck S. Uptoo, euol s.ller at lw,jusat oreceived and fi sale by fob 21 ALEX. TOWA 11, 49 Uamp st. jROWN SUGAR-la barrels, for sale hly SHALL & BROWN, feb21 96 Mngoinoe st SOAP-'-0 boxes elalan.m e0x, four ale I-." (0 . SIIALL & BIROW\N, feb21 96 Mngaoine st L-L-A Iew c.s, pure winter oil, fo sole by SSIIALL & BROW\VN, feb21 MsnMgazine st FLOK BAIE-A ligbt col oreod Motlureso.2 2 ut17 years of ago, an excellent washer Ill ironer, o general hongo ssovnosl snd a flst rote chld's n02rse being cleasly and neat is her person, and 2ery good teonpered. Fully goerlnteed ag.inst all the viles and ltalodies poe. oridcld by low. feb 1 Ap:tly it 6 Canrip st. GAR-611 2hhd1. n I2 llblnli0lli, 02ov2 th:e oily, Sfe sale by READ & BARASTOW. feD! 9 Blnk Pl'lacs fEN(CILS-152n grossffbesj mnoalx2lnre, lindii.g ttfrm bhip Aleoander Ifrontlirol n, ,r sole by *bllll TRI1ER, 14 G(avicr st I iCIIUYLER'.i COUN'rTl'ti.t I' DI'I ECTa.IL AND PRICe CUtIRENT. SII.HE deaycaaael by tt e rEarcity o Ithe deecrill. !iot oft'pe reqtired for the Paper, compelled the subseribel to lostporne the publicatio nlr sto n.e days, to the Sery treat dimsppointment of the public. He is, however, happv to in.Lfrr the llllr'rras applieanto tlllthehlrhrtcelveld y Iterlut Placket froet lNew Ylrr, a fill aosortlent of the kind of type ne,:essar for himi tO usei in ti Dtetor oll conslaquently thIe first naU er will be purblished Oil l'Iursday teat. 'lls Paper will earlin a list rf all te counlerrfeit ank noatces in reulaoliun throueghout Ithe wholoul. iS. anil Canada, so neerately described that persons not neellollled to lhaldlillg haok norterB, cal ellsily delet a A list of al the broken bonko and fraudulent tbank' g tasliltituen, will also be fountl in tile letrector, together with the rates of discoulnts on all kinds of Miasisaippi, Atlalnum T'ennessee, Vlorida, Olhio and otoater In.ey generally. Texas Treasury notes willtlseo be carefully quoted. T'hePrico ('rrront will be got all at great expnseo, dad roy Ibe reliedl on an the earret rates of the mlrketr. Rale o'tolf k in Wall street, New Yurk, and moslevery description ofi infrmation useful to the merchant, mne chani, trader, steam bhot or ship caplain, will be Soand in tIle Ieteetnr. It will be published ever Sunday morning, at 25 cents for a singleo nutlber, or $8 aper eonnulau, payhle half yearly t rdvieae. Perseoa re-iding out of tile city can have them ently encltoad in wrappers, nld des nttiled byI tihe on oila Suvlay. 'To subscri'alsr in I-lorotlton lld Galveston, (GTexas,) they will he forwar. ded by the regrlar stentom p Hketn . AN'TrItINY IH SCIyI.tLER, Exhanlie Brokelr, 110 Camp st., N O 1 Third rtl;, Ctn - einnal;nlotr 2"2troanrdway, Neow erk. in15 N ".v I'iANt)S, tfrmn Puris--J st tcerivd Iper lllop N Saxon, from haIre, and tor sale by ilte eubserit; A new nsaeortmert splendl ld horizontal Pinnfortes vnttr Pirecrule, frotm tie celtbruled tlatotalurory rf tPly s & Co., of Ptriri. (7'1'heso e itstrmteallnt are rarietlatrly well finished, careoully selected and forrh tre Inst sittllfy Iutil Mlty nexlt l JOIINt & Co, fn9 St Chlrles 1OIl)AI. i:, Pe.-I.t0 coils tarred tlope, oe.,rte, Ssizes, from 7 to 6 inche-- Spunyarn aml atl lle staffs; also, Deep era and Ilanclead lines; Rigging bather, tc. creole by a i rn8 Ir ,Ai) & t ARSTO\V,7 Bank Pincl r I UIII.PI' IN I n I .inso.d til,just received and for tale, wholesale or rctail, I~v II "BONNA BFI., felt cor Tichapitonln & Natche +ts I ILAVrEI.S iLn lthe three gr.nft ola'rs ,,t Autno., L Russia ad'l urksy, by C I, M A F It S, Vicar fl t;odlunin, andl ,lthtlr of Letters from the North of Eouroptjust rccived, aol fir oalo by fe4l I'lAT)WAR, ,I Conp st A NEW Itlttotn of Ilothitr oo Obltsgions, jous re enited and for aole by A 'OWAR, feli, 49 Coaop st P INE APPILECHEESEe-A few boxes for.anlo by RILEAD & IIAILSTOW, febl14 No7 Bank Place SIIOCOI.A'ITE-16 casooa sweet Chocolate, put ip in slmlall boxes, landing fromn hrk Ilushnw, fop sale by ISAAC BRII)iDGiE & Co, bl4" 131 Moodi nest ASTOR OII.--ll barrels No. 1. Cnsttr Oil, at prima article, in store anid fIr ale by fel cor Common & Tehalpitoulas ati I L.UE INK-Joest received per shitp Arkaos.s, two . gross Jhllnao's very superior blue ink, warrent eda npurir arrtiole, by I)A VI I, I'IT l Ce, fld2 N Y Statiocrs Ilull, 21 Choartres n ICO COUNTRY MEIRCIIANTS & OTIFIRS I The' suhscribers ore now ret:civin tn additional suply of elrlhlle, chlin, ilao, silver, woll olad iron wne; astoOTrs, Iaops and table cutlery, which theby ofer for saile low, onl the m estaccommnlodaingt terlns,whole sale or retail. Country miercthalnts tan others would finl to their advantage to call aml exlnmine, revius to purchasing elsewllere. It BROW It A. Co, Itie rter of ltl alloyve wares, 17 Catllp tt 84 Comeon. N I. Also at few sets tatle knives with silver hauns, a n,.w tulI supetior article. fel I1; (lqI-tiOhI barrels int bat sillitg oarter, oulot, flr salolby Id IIIlItsEY. foI6 44 New Levee UNNY IIiAGS-12,00l in store ftr satlN v fOlt G i)OIL:SEY, 441 New .Lever IUNNY IA(;GS--10ll in bales and bunldles, as ft1lei ItdSAAC 1ItIlt.E & Co. 134 MIegazine st .Revited CO)IE OFI+ It'IACYI'CLP tnw cd;lion of the slrte if I.ouisian, ont itting rules of Pro Cedure in Civil Actions, h; ,Ifr cob." by VM MeKEAN, flbll corner ofCalmp Ind Il o(nne st MIItICAN Anlmnanc., ia very ustafl anrticle for i l.lmerchants utld otlher coutltIng illtrmliattion rel alive t: ile :!h. goveBrtnt tf tie ela veral tlUltr's on1 thell old tontillCtllt , b r rle by IIAVI) FEITI' . Co, fiWtl 21 Chartoes at IIt allt\ r I, i" W I, io tts.- oh tef Ih owl, A I.egd f l. jfoýh3ns, cy Ihr anther Nnf'Sh llw TehtrcuIlu lrso • r. l{hinsVn, &r, AcI fu 2 vols. JuSt rreeivd lied or. tln tiy Watet 1 f 'AN, )uIII It-or Camp &t. ('lll iII lliNNABIIt, I Ijl. cor Natchez, ''l lele ito e t n I at IVII'Tt litllI. S.\I.l--151 sacks u ae ou l t inulkl hL I uill d illn s o i for sal.:l hy , f j i i l i t)llll ' .) _ , it l a g mn k I ' t Nil 1 ,1N'S l retallll'l dWI lil i It) geiier with t ilt fil h tr_ l c.ur t ptei t I ltli llt fstt ltrlcti Sahav st fur'nsle by Itlt i)NAB3EI.I, 4t N)III:41 I 'ha Paper-lah t rv".ived I;.6-w li,'h'. ,ll+, "gr)mlrl.lia N .nrblufi,aule l 'kiog _r8 \VI'llll'Itll)t-E d Co, 76 Magazine. st. i A C I I ) N; i - i it e uC ,a c o esi si ni g s if s a si , s - ;a l f hr r i nand sid's, Ior sule by G IOIIyS:Y, irll 44 New I-evee IA4Al.I41V W CANI)LE.S--150 boxes, br-aid ofJack-' ooI S l & Trowbridge, for saile fil? ISAAC 1II(GE & Co, 134 Magazinee t 1iINTS-2"1lsafes French i nd American Print - I various glllities, Ifor saIle Ib cbi7 ISA IC lIlIlEID F: .iCo, 131 r'i' :I J AC IIN-l8 aCueks unvnsuissil bam'ne d saide;, tut mle ly ISAAC 11KI)GI & Co, CITY II. )NK, fiir ['1 44 Ncalhi'.r - IlVI' TI'-4 fw hundrel aTrels 'castern polo. fe"4 t 1) 1!t I I;I'Y, 4I New Levee 1i.i--1 0 l bis lnlding rolllm nloll 1)11 d1n, " fort sale by G. I)" )IISIY, ,1412 41 Ne.w Lvewe IIACKEIRSII lt- Ibarirels flresh lCl'icinnnai hlulrIt slind outenr rackers, lauding from .tenn Loa "|'rilili, for s'e by G I)ORSI'3Y, 2 44 Cnllllp -INS1F.:l, OIL--U bhts iu stle and for sal lby L_ cl'" tn Ii 1ItlC'.Y,41 New L"vee S '1113M1 0)114-40 ensks and 51 barrels winter ioil 1 lisadilg fioebrii g Elizabehll, l'icarsn 'T'ier, nsd for sale by lv I PIlTIll, f ll I5; aonllllo streeti I(11, I.rd an lll nlllr--100 bbls Flour, 3,:8 ~kegs Lnrld; 23 kegs ofBlltl. r, f21 i lit )ILSEV,44 New I.aeve ilKEY anod u 'hlnFr-10-)ll bids of rectilied whis. Skeiy; 59JI oidlls fllur and 3; blllis vin,.gar iitn g RToliat oiats, foru s yle by l).l 04Y, e210 44 New Levee \i 4,)UIt--'59) hhls Sil earirlirin, aid' 51) do., file, iii ilie shipping order, alloal, Sir sale lv fre!0 IItORSIY, 44 New Levee -UN Y IIAGiS--r1011 bies :4 bushel Gusnny agZ, in etora, a llr Ir sale by fe5 J I'H A YIR& Co, 74 I'vdra st H UlOLLAND ISt-0 lis crawu weesp gin, a si porter article in store andii fr sale by fbe J Th'IAYER & Co, 74 Poydras st TO .7IERCIIJ.TrS. CANNEI, COAL, for sale at fell No. S5 Gravier street. *)UU'I'J :S IAs ( rslAN l--ll earist, couisiri iigl mlala's cill a ewed face bootl,, calfndr kip pig¢'d do., and men's kip brog'as, l uillug froml ship Caocor iia, far seale bly ISAAC IIIIIGE 8& Co, fel8 134 Magnazille SIlOOKING GLASSES--The aubscribers are now L i opening I arge and ssell selected iasortment of lallhoganlly ad gilr framed iirroris , of varins sirii rs1ll descriptlionsf Ior snleas lNo. 17 CalSri nlllli4 Coaimon streets, flerI-t B BIIIOWER & CO. PUO''A'TOES.-4110 bills in uille order, in flour bar rels,,in store, fiir sale by G DORSEY, fe22 44 New li.evs. AItAD-600 kegs Lesl Lard, iu store for sale by A fu 22 Ii I)G01EY, 44 New Levee ' ISK IY--48 bbis Rectified, landing from tlh steame;r Susquehanns, for sale by fe22 i . I)OI1SEY. 41 New Levee Oi.e WINE--30 dog very saurior old Port asWinsfors.a by WM PORTEIR, fe22 95 Common at LADLIES' STCKINGS-00 pairsin of superior U- uailly, landing froms ship Alexander from Bemen, fr sie by A 'l'RIEII, feb22 34 Gravior st UPERIIOR Madeira and Pert Wine, juas reiivedl Sdirect froee Madeira, sIer brig Sna.lul and Johns. 7 fromr LollI, Firance and liorieany. a ladeira, in lnlf qlarter cslks, old Losdon Particu - lar, nd bhoice Reserve, d do. is cas, choicest Social, Reserve and London Par icilar. as Genuine Port wine, old, in cans, bottled in Oporto. Anld ltheir well known assortment of Bordeaux. IBur caundy, lhrsonpaign. arid Rhenish Wiae, Mlarsasehio, , finestl MrliniqUe cordialsa, Londn Porter and Ale, alli _first uaslilv. E JOHNS & C, i . f 211U corner Carnon &s St Charles isl i- CNGNI.III lINSEED 011.-50n galls, Euglish Linseed Oil,just recieived, and for sale by feLU M CANNON, II Tcbopisoulas et bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVER POOL. rTheo A I fast sailing ship St. I.EON, J Wesetll asterl having pirt of her c..rgo eongged, will meet witl dallnlch. For h'oigltn r l.0 0 tge apply Ito frp5 S & J P WIITNEY, 73 ('Cnpo t FOR I VEIRPOOL. Tihe A I and fast sailing lrqte NIMIIt)N, Ca1pt. Chlmlbornet will receive immeodiate dispatchl. Fur freighlt ofl 125 h aleen tlon o p eapply to" hH A AL g , follo25 pY93Commotn at FOIL LIVERPO()L. 'ile A 1 lship MARlY IIOWLAND, Sam oti ,oar mosltr Iloving most of lor cargon eraggod, will hov desopatch, for balalce of railht or passage, apply to feh25 2w ADAMS & WVIIITALL. FO IIAVRE. The A 1 oal fast sailing ship PROPON 'I'S, capt. Nelson, will receivo imredilte S depaltcl for tit above port, baingthe greater part ofhler arg. engrgeol. For freight of 151 boles cltlon, or Ipssage, iaplly to fll2 I_ A lAI,E,93 C...... .t. FOR IIAVIlE.-Regular Pdcket. I'le. 1 and fast sailing ship RIChI MaOND, Caet Winship, will receive imme. diate despatch for the hove. porr, havintg the ra-----'a t of her crg engaged and going on hoard. Fborhloice offreight or passage, having snoperrior ae cootdntlions, apply on imord opposite the Mint, or Ito fl5 l, H IIAItE. 931 Cmon att FOR LIVERPOOL, The AI and fast sailing ship rLIG'A, Copt omitDh having Ihe grent.r part oP ter oruCant io rgn will met will imetliate dlea tol, o Flo freight of 2'00 ,ales, or 10a10 horreI flnour, apply to I,2i 1.11 \ LE', !):l'omlPn ii FOR LIVERPOOL. FORi GlASGOW. The Al Clyde Ibilt and very foatsnad leg logtoqs MtAILAICA, Capt Jnolp, liha , narly c ll heIrcareo oringed It! will have dslupatchl The cnlhOi Inieg very superior, nosen geistan oe cotlonrahly c olnmodtednla, Ibfor freiglht or pa.sage, oapply on Ioalrd trnto fell IIOLMIES & MILL., fank 'lace - FOR .L IVERPOOL. . Time A I fi ist sai slipJIIN STiAL.E, Cop't Cr well,will reeive im2lameiale, dhespatch fir thit. nhlove port. Fir fright of 2II bales : ftloll t cotAllAt - her cargo ipply toIn fuo L GcALE, 93 Comi n st PFO LIVERPOOL. 'I' noew ,Ol fast sailing ship 1BOW I)TCII, Thompson, master, h oaving most of her cnrgo enigogahd, will litave dosap.teh. For b ulato of freight or A..s0e, apNply to b5 a s & J P W IITN Vi EY,73 Camp st . F R NAV EY.- OrK.A honer. 'Tie first rale fIso sailing packet aehr . lWARD PItl dhL i, Cpt Iatker, will pos Silt ly stil''llll EVENING. For fretight 01 111{ ktlr Ir, lIving elegant oateonlatntttlions, apply ol oinrdl, Picyune' Tier, W\VA POItJTER, oll 95. Common at Coastwise._ FOR NEW YORK Regular Packetl of the 2Gth instl. IIOIME'S I.INEOF PACIKETS. , '.'Ilie suplerior, oast eailiig .?neket shtl ARKANSAS, I)atoi', nlmaster, will poaatiiely lenav tie L.eeoc to morrow venilng. For Itassage only, iaving elegalt aneommotlatiomt. tlplc to Ihe Cauptaia tin boord, two tis belowv ile Vegethble mannrket, or to feb'5 A C --_EN,9) Common st - . FoRI-A RTFORI). The fait siling brig SAMUEl. & JOHIN, eapt. G(iilPh, will meet wiai delnitehl. For FOR-NEWY YORK. The fiat sailing ship FLAVI 8, Joeoons, maomster, will have ill]dit tei despatch. Far - freight or ponosagein tply to -f.21 AIDAMS & VI W IHAI.I..f_7 .Grviralt laIR NEW YoRK. New York 11 d New Orleans .ine. - IThe haarg*e N&VARINI), eCpt. Edwards, will sai on the 8thl inlstnnt. For freight or pDnssne, npply onl annrd or t. Feb2.i. LA IILAW. C Cntup at FORI NEW YOR(K. Packet of the t-t I'roxiean. Jstoisiana nnd rNea 'lek line. Tl 'ITIt nuleritir, Ibst sailing ancket ship . I.OUIS, 'orrnatall In'ster will tet l us iat', me i For feight or passnge, hlnaving rle gauett ttcottotttlotnott, ,na1,ly to the Caltai oil bounrd. o tho pos e tu Vecetahlu Mlurket, or to ,Il A Ci)IIttN, 1{ Caomnlnn stn T i' peeket ship Olconee will succeed the Louisa, alati .ill -nil with early dislilch. FO1 CIIARLESTON. -- The fine tric FREi)EItilCK PEARL, aCaopt Spoiltrde, having excellent necommtoda ti_. o. will tik,5 orrl passengers, and a deck Ior.,l .l1 nlafoo 5l 1 hhds, ifitanlurinte npptlicnti,.= hIe u ade tJ f. -' I. I I0.t, 1.1 t (ata3eommona St FOR NEW YORK. S The Al Itatl fast sailing shil IIIIOART Cnpt ,-hbln, will receive despatch, having 1At! greater tart of hler cargotel gngted. For Itih lttr ansstgn attlyl to I ! if (G.I.F, hi r s 9 CotlUmmln sr FOR NEW YORK. The chr MA RIt ON, Cattt Torrey, will I e despatlch. For freit llor pill aseC, p lav to S&J P WIll INKY, ~i,'73 Camp st FOR BOSTON. The At fast sailing ship COPIA, Capt Moore, will have despatch. For freight of 1...210 bales eoatnll, ap lyv to fel, _ S a J I' WýI'TNR, 7:3 Camp ei FOIl NORFOLK AND BALTIMORE. Th e good ehr AI.IiOJN, A Farnhal. ma-n er. Iingnaost f heer cargo ol lhoard, will imlt w t iatntltlilte disptelch. Foer lanlnne ofheitllttllr Lasige, palylto S & J P Wltl'l'NEY, pollo 7 3 m.iCn a t fOR NEW YORK. .- ' . e' p t.'Ol 'r, r t a ter ,wil h hav des!a ich. The fltt -.ling u oi p tenilr lati .e hr 0l11r haitlel Iy J 1t11 O011'1' VALE ()1)ILI:FF, maI'lI ster,' willT ve dur pllttt. .t r illlt lllam I t, II n)t ,IMII., 4 Clilt Fr t L A itn c- . - ttat atthttitli t t tr m ertan ter I" ntdie aet lir salo by t tE) C ', 24" Newt Levee. SPt 'l \'1' S--10 ahlrns eular erul, Intent., isn tolr dto and eaal by la l 'l.\i tI: lt l C,, FOR SALE, rFIIk(:ilc I OL C e eI(' I'eR. 'rith, ftlat nailita c rl'll et'n fotlet , IIan A prl. el". d brig hiAll I:lZJitI1ik'IIl, 170I . r. n t.llnsr, lt eull exprunly otr n Iailcker.t, eealhtgan ealin, tallle nOllas fltr Iae t cotninutnalta ul'at tI'lutssele geprs IFo ter al tt Cya t llluve, tn lbouati, Pticu ernl enTt or to W - Vn h o IL'lERl i+13 93 Commllonu st 11"0 .F.NT--IPItseasshi lan LIe ateiVenll iaaitlialaitel. I lhaa andsirnle, ntil well fllisd telt dtiliig Ihuuane, nolaWhian i t tnlclt eallir, at the ctruer oat' Cull ot l Juiio slreot l. Aillly oUn e Ihluenli~rs, or to f h I Iyi ti o n & Muga ine stn wtelt it lsa btl used.ntel C OIL CIIAINS--°U casks coil challlnl juist reteir oI ifi r sale Ili S. LOCKIE & Co Fr ; Ii Po ohll Iovee forch[angillg hgr oir aed hair oil the Ielladl y wl ikels, oureye lullrdll hy it single applicilionl, t a Ierltl.lalt browll, varviu to I coUalatele Ibuek wllt alut lo lasltaititg either Is hIaulen or lillen, just i eneived at the Bazar, corlier St. Charlesr a& Cot tian streets. tela elellage l'otel S10T'" 1O -590 iaites 7-th audl-4ths twilled Low. ' Sell Cottons, i, for sale bhll .el ISAAC lilllilE & Co, 131 Magazine t S P'IERM CANIDI.ES-6)100 boxes New Iledflord, Ioa Stonlland Nuanucket Sprm LCandles. for sale by fe8 ISAAC BRIDG;I & Co, 134 Magnalne st SII.As CGal;Ile aid A lthrs--f'two ehuilt cablea lt:d aneltllta, landing frome brig Mnry Elizabeth, Picavyue Tier, and for sale Iby l RPOI'TEIR, ii1 95 Cmullllle t I AIAY -O0 bles Northerl Ilar. in tore for stle by l fll CIIAMPLIN " ;0OOPERI, 862 lla at EAS--60 Scks Gerllal Peas in slort for Pale by P iblli CIHAMILIN& COOPERi,82 Julia ci TrOiibACCO-25b-- l-oxes I ler's) utnufaetured To I lacco, iu store fbr sale by fell CHAMPLIN & COIPER. 8' Julia at PIANO FORTES-The subscriber has constantly for ea'e, an extensive uasrtment of Piano Portes, of Chickering & Macku'a a nlllulfaetlre, which he oflhrs fur sale on reasonable lermst. I CASEY, ie20 1l Cutp iat C ANVASS FPRl HAMS-60t0 brown rolls, a fue Saricle, suitable for canvassed hebul, i store and fur sle by J THAYER & Co, fel2 76 Poydras cOAP-300 boxes Goulds' and HIIbbin's No. 1 Soap Sin stre lfr ale by J TIIAYER & Co, fel 74 Poydras at )AILLEY''' let & . lnd Books of Histury, Just I rceived I aldtlitiaaul supply oftBe bote very popllar iehool ookub, by A TOWAR, f,5 49 Camp . ICINAL H(IERBS--A conuplete assortment, lly salae by ItItNNAIIEI,, f car Tehapitctulas & Natchez , RESiT SMYR\A FIGe8-100 drums of smal! i size, 'talt reeivelI and for salhby r \V IWPITCIIAKD & JO 'TAGEIRT Jr., t fe?2 cor Magazine & Poydtas FOR NEW YORK. HOI.EMS' LINK OlF IAt.KET'S. TO s1il punctually a hertinis*:d, fir ouch p,,rt-The line will emtist of the Io lowing slhiips--is: Ship Nslioille, Clptlnn Wood. A|krkanase, Cnptaloi S I)oellil, Alalbrnm, Captain 1t C Berry, Orleans, Captain S Snoar, Vicksbhrg, Captain J Cunker, Pt nlhen , Captain Ashltv." The aohove hips are all of the firx t $cls, eoppcred, and orpper fattstcnaed, ad wee uilt i New York ex Ih Uh for this arr lhe-they are oeltight draught of wa re, nod almost invariably cross the bar wltllout deteat lion. 'I'hesn pekclrs are commandede by Captains well ex pertenced in tlhe tradeand will nlwys nxert thntselv,,o to ocetomodtule. They will anit's vhe towerd upl and down tie river. nd twill plltptlly 'ail a n lvortlsell. Thevylna hndsomelye d untishcdy l cmlo detihed, am stores f the first quality will always beo furtiIehd, nl every altentrion paid to thI comfort and solisfctio oof pnssongers iThe price of the cabin is fixed at $80, without wine or liqlor. For fether particalnar apply to A COHEN, ja2l 90 Common street 'l'h'e ships are not aecnuntnl-e for breakage ob elass, hollow wnore, nmrble or grniteo, cooperage. of tin or rust ,fihen orn steel: nor resomuible for env pockoage or pareel put on hoartl, Intileo it regutlr till of rlading be saiged therefor, at ie office of thte agents. FOR NEW YORK. JVetw l}ori 4 Acrerl (a DLine. A NEW LINE ofpockos lner, been estnhliIwd to run betrwene New (rldoes and Nen York, to conenmt noflfivr lest rate slips, vie: Ship St. l rrv, It W Foster, mluster, I'lepublicni, J tiIuetell AulIInr, I11 1)Inurfey, - new Ibuildng, i Thrse shie n wroe built ilo Now nork exprcealy for tixis tradr;nr.e of n light druoegt of ainiorandl nill nut be sluject to detontion iai tIe: lier. 'T'heir u,.Eouonotd:tii forpnonosgeornni o psio allhat tiI:ny be required fir ceilrtonl convoenence; and their ioemtnatimsoare men ol cxi1p rionce. Until the oblilp i sow ildin, fir eortpleted, two finst classe hipso~ill suppiy itoir plances. Ihoe grenatet peec~nloity eill ho n-pnoriI in the tires ef sailing, snt every reosonalitbi nontnailotiu n cxtendredtoshippers and pnsronegorr. ro For furtlor partirutlnr. npply to ooosrre. tithe sot antd I.,iwden, No. ii WVll streeo, New 'cork, or to jam tI'EtEI& I.AII)I.AW, 6ii Citp fit For the Znterior. FOR BAYOU SARA Regular Packet. 'The splcndid passenger steamnboat lBRILLIANT, Jesse Ilart master, will leave New Orleans every Wed nesday at 10 o'clock A. lI. for Bayou Sara &every Saturday at 10 o'chlck A. l. taking the coast down on Sanday. For freight or passage apply to Capt. Hart on board or to linbr25 ADAMS & WIHITAI.L FOR MOBIlI. hlie regular packet low prtasure steamer (IRAFLE, Capt. Swiler, willleave ite lake end of the Rail o THURSIAYS & SUNDAYS, after the arrival of the 12 o'lock uears, and on her re] turn, leave Mobile, every Tuesdaysand Fridaocys. For passage apply on board to CAPT. SWILER. P S-Whenever a umeliclent umberof passengers ofilr tile Giraffe will touch at any of the intermediate landiogs, upon previous notice being given to Capt Swiler.. nov7-tf MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed from 17 Customhoure St. TO NEXT DOOR TOST. UCARLES 'IIEATRE, CoRNER OF POYuRAs & ST. CHARLES STREET. at 9-,1838. TO RENT. A LARGE and commodious Room over Levy's auction store, 53 Magazina street. Atplty to W GREENE, Litho'raphar, on thle premises. N B-The above would itke a good drill romm. nova JEIFFERSON ACADEMY. IREPARATORY to Jeferson Col:oec and to oth ors coadtedtc by It. Grnact, L L It. Exclhalge Alley, between onti ond Iienville. Tlli; situation was tile most eligihle that could be found being entirely free from the voise of the streets and the rattlling of trtvs and calninges. 'h'lle Jerlirsono Academy is divided, into two depert llment. liThe Jlluior or elelneutary departmnent fin the various brnchees con educaon eductio in Frenpr h lnd in I.Eglish--lTh Senior department for Latin, (reek, latlrnlmaties, &c. Punctulitv, order atn diseipline are strictly enjoiaed and observed. I'eoita. Junint i l crtenot,pepr moath; $10 Scnior do 15 Spanish 6 Ist. Bonos, slnes, paper, &c, clatr'ed separately 2tdl. A Iontll ione teognt, to ibe paidl in ftll; 3rd. No dnedtctionl for l,sellcne nor for holidays; l4th. 'lalntts to n Illnlnod rorularln every llontllth. Schoou boulrnlrol 8 I-1 to 3o oulogk, aocept T'lhurs days. -s__p_ ' EXCIIANGE REAI)AING ROOM. I I I proprietor has re-filtted his Ieadieg Ronm, io 1 the St. l'barles ExchllnLe, CornIcr o tirovier and St. Charles street, In thie nealtestl mnlner. I esides all thei rincipal papers of Ihe United Statles, ofeverv city and state.t li Canudasl,Texas and Mexi o and Ilavannn, the room is regularly and extensive ly sutplied witbl the Intest lu:ilrlpaLsn Itairs LoVd'tl Lilts, illd Prica's P'rice Cutrlnt. Also with netrly all tie I.terary Perlodieals of tile day, slid hos titb re t Iulblicalioa of ~tie Loolln, Etdinbllrg, Weslinsoter Mtelnrolnlitan , .eviews and llackwooeds Magazine. The Northl Amtricea IReview; thle Southern I.iterrvKniek t bocker,'lh Amierican Journal of Scietcee and Ars, Cabilnet Miscellany Demiocratic Review, Gentlaimen's a gazine, Amerlicaln monthly, heetlv'i Miscelleny, the Mexico Chiturgical Review, anld variety of others. SAll these works tire regulrly sueoserioed lor aeod recei. red. 'IThe roo is also silllpliedI with a loge vatiety of mpo end atlases, Niles IRegister, Levy's Price Cur. t rfmreom it. eolntoecemelleto, Gaoateers, and a variety of works efrefrcnee. The most l :tive & intelligent news collectors are emt played, ut give the earliest olrivnll, anld oie aina nor ex i lense will be sparedl to iender tils Reading lRoUoi the first tile United States. Subscritillone ore respectfully receive 1. s ett I-tif BIAG(iS-5,00I Gunny lBigs, of' speriot quality B anod fr sale .low by f(6 SIAI.I.& BROWN, Cl fMagazine st UtirIltI'.I.Y & Silk Wufis--.t 'Tleatise oi the. MýL Mulberry and Silk Vlurrnli. translat'd firrm t e Chinese, I rol,ivo, just received and tor sale at the.I Bookstore of A TAtilVAR, lel 49 (l,,,ll) at T ONIIIN stanarnl iiro rledi ions, of trce nl . valuable work., for shin e.v bthe hrobclibr: Works of Willialr Conreve, illW ols. do Shirley, dramatioc aul poetical, 6 vull, do Sllftblrtry. in vela, do Ienaumoot & Fletcllr, 14 vole, do Otwav. in 2 vole, do hlome, 3 vIo , with n raccount t ofhis life, ry tearv Mlckeoziee; do Sir \Villiaie ''rmple', in 4 vOIs, do Emp.rot r J oliot, 2 vols, do Fielding, I, vole,, In IRorrcoI o Xth, 4 wvrl, do Iu, lzo ti,, e c , Ii ,! v t's,, do Itchrdo, n ChI t I Iltrtlo.,6 vote, do Sir ChIn lee icr Brt nt 7 r ioo , ola, In lldditiono to te aluve, a larg t ollectio f l.on don edition scare0 workl. n VlII .'KIAN, jaol cor Camp and Coummon sis C OI'ER ItlOtSS ant Kentledge li6 tons cuaper dross, 6(1 tols ketlerldg, apply to feI6 At)llIEN, t0 Commol st CIIANCIEKLY REPORTS--A new edition of loll & rBeally' Chancery Il.Uport,, list reeeived, for sale Ity otai AL E I''OWIIVAI, 44 tr'alp at SOtL.AND GIN-Il i ripc-r,Crawn \eer G(in, a p euperior article, in stre nil t for saoe hy tell J tIIAYBIO & I:o, 74 P.)ydrao st P AINTEI) IUCKETI'S-250 doz. painted hno.ketr, hnding font slip NrIsotnttr, and for sale ly goal J IIIAYER. & Co, 74 Py)drr;s st 11 CIHOOL ROOKS--Blank books, paper of all kinds Ak (lk, quills and a genoral assortment of books ositatle Ior country lmer'chants, call hre had It good terms at A TO 0I,1R'S fet Blookstore, 49 Ca nip BOf)TS-4 cases sout ncalf ewed Boots, landing frain bark Iasnorw, flr .aole ry o15 ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, 114 Magazine at B AGGING and Iaole Rape, ffir e e by fel READ & BAI(S'l'OW,7 Bank Place P RIESTON'S Treatise on B,ok.keeping, in two p arts, one for Imecllaonlic of all classes, tid Ollr nrnorechnts and hankers. Also, Ilennat'e, for mler chants exclusively: account books of every deseri ttilot for sanleby DAII) FEL'P & Co, felt N Y Stationers Hall, 24 Chartres st (OFFEE-100 hngs Hlavana Cofloe, landing fronm Strig Chieftain, for sale hy fol5 S A; J P WIIITNIE;Y, 72 Camp et MARTIN & MACLAY, Attorneys at Law, 14 SWall streettcity of New York. Collectioo artll Law businessattended to in any part of the state of Noew York. Referenca: Mark Woltoo Esq, lion Ogden Hotfnran, Walton & Kemthp, Mlessrs. Cripps & 'yeth, C Ilarrod Esq., Casir, Frrame & Kinlherlv, (obett SlarkEsq, .New York.' New Orleans, .blf6-9tp I OOFI"NG ZINC-13 casks hest Roofing Zin Snow lnding Irom barque Bashaw, for sale by fel6 JuSEPH COCKAYNE, 5 Gravi~r at t flENISII WINES FOR SALE 41 boxle Hockheirerr, -9 do Niersteiner, 28 do Markobromtnr. These wines are now landing from trig Altrxnade ftoum Bremenanad have bera velerted with Iorlicrla cure, by faclors at Frankf rrt, Mentz and CoIloglnte. da rl log extensively wilt this article fir this eonnnr,y. t reven hottle a Ilel tiqullette is affixed, showine quaahl t, yenr ofglotwth and bharitg Ismy noarl as impo ter. and guarantee the greuinoerrs. ja ad AliRAIHAM TRIER, 34 Gravier At BUSINESS CARDS. -FRD WILSKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Jr LOUISIANA, ) FIN IS'is servici to the pnotlic i:: the delnrrt heirsf Surttving afld tiril Engineering Ltoh in towo anod cootry. From ooideriIe experience, i his professioo. sod Lb prouttttuooso-atd tideliot in he oxcoti..o it' businessl otrtltt' I to hint, lieI hope to toeritood receive a slheor.of tllic pjtrlooo lisq Ici olso mcooureosaid clcultto tIt, ..,oototo of wllt, and excavoliont. Otice No 8 Chaortres oreet,soeond tolty book. je7 BANK NO'T'IE ENci{AVI . RAWDON WRIGHT. HATCH & RDSON ELI A VF:i',, opee uoffice o Nowe Orshm» pos. ei J equal oilvs'.stes' siih theor hotse in s!w Yunk, fibr the poepee ooi'ogtgtving and printinogIDrintk Nots. 1Itssos, hBill l to' iiothaes CeCrtiiunott st hirpooitt, CIheks e oithler iterUtot paprs, te .eq n s esig eitltto against Ilgetro; nod ha odimle t"s gs issiiC si r till sule kgitgsolJ al ol plazoo lii isssrsssmeooi tru ovsr lice hundoolsli sssokisto isbotitutionslO, atsd all osIstdo will be eo.e.tesld iw'tih ololsalitst. is, ,saI n fot, tisso l teram. Office, confor u1 Ioyol & Canal otrer-;. SAMUEIL 'fOllY, JlMerchondise 4. Commtniion As*rckosth, d1i3t I sle, 36i. Csssp pt.-lsr tile __________ 11. I I. li L I S 5 s - SIIIP BROKI & CO)MMISSIOV DIERCIIANT, No. G3, tosdros Street, 550W-O55.5I0',T . J. P. FIt.EMAIA N & Cu., IPholesale Closolng Eftanblihksmeft No. 3', MagaztC strec, No. AVE constatly lt hand lro a t Ia/lY of Cloth, inH , calculatd fir tihe utilto r tradel. 'lhr us.c sortlllent leig large, tmercthlnts fre Ithe country ca l be supplied at tie shortost notice. oct t FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & IIADI)DE N, No. 14 Chartret. Ntiree IIAVI: a econtant atplyly r f every ttra le irt alIn: i tlltet1ona drl.Ie, f the lateett sty le, at Now York J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST R No.33, Royal street. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA IIISIIMNTI', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite IBanks' Arcato. WILL.9JIl GREEVN', PROPRIETOR J H. PARKER Comnmision and Forwarding Merchnant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New O 'lenna, Feb. 2 JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLESAI.E ANI) RETAIl. DEA,ERS IN IMEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFIS .A'ND IVLVDOW GLASS, Corner uo Common and 'llhupitoulas streets, NEW ORLEANs. NA'I'IIAN JARVIN. JOHN VW. ANI)IIEWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 1137. DIEALER." IN AMERICAN IENGLISI CIROWN GLASS, No. 3 CAnaoNot.E'r STREET. 1l F' I1 l I EN'S INSURAN'CE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. Thin Company are now prerared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. VFtICE, No. 4 Musson'a Building, Canal stCerf. E L T'IRACY, New Orleans, May 15. I$ll. Secretary. ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER, No. 12 Camp street, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, m30 Window and Picture Glass &c. &c. T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY & COU VSLLLOR AT LAW. COW practising in the State and City Courts. Cli I et will ftind him at tho Clerk's office, U IS Circuit Court, in tile Custom House building. jeC lit I.JI 1E subseriber, Isving received a ComlnissiO n us I Deputy Surveyor of Ulited Stutes Lauds, Ibr thisk State, ofli:rs his services to thie public to survey and ts Iwate I.andea ill l y part fl .ouisiauna. As heretofore all operations, either of Surveyiug or Civil Eegineering, such us oligunents, surveype, inc., ldrwiigog leveli:gs, profiles, cnleculotions or exavation, embnnkonent, conltent of vualls, .X. either in town or counlrv. will bie promlplvy ad faithhully attendedl o. CUlrsges reasosntble anl erlns cash. Olfice 55 Mo glzille street, ill allkis' Arcale. dtel 1-Jw=3ni FRED. WILKINSON. IIILADIEI.'illIA Ilockwat SMeal, Yesst powders Sied Ileel psickled Tongues, Currelts Citrrn A dlig frnos shipu Mlhreey, direct firo Phliladelplhia, 20 hall barrels iuckwheat malul, ll 0 larler arrels Bloekwheart lecl,a b5 hallbarrels No. S thad, 25 half barrels ounilty Heef, 10 Ih slIlbarlels pickled l'Tongues, L barrels soked Tonl'lles. I olhd Sumltralcuew Currents, I gross Oliver's \'est Polwdrse, flor ole by d28 \V I'lITCIIAID &. J TAI GI'T. r TIVERP(OO)L SAL'-750 seacks fine, and 75 socks eoarso I.iverpool Sall, received pIer slilpS OQeen Adelaide and Iaulllslers, frou Liverpol, and fdr sill, hy !3 HOLMES &L MILLS, llauk Pluce THE Subscribers offer at wholesale the following goods. IIATS-I00 cases moleskin silks, s us srted sizes aned Ibrims. sellI do sest N I dt do 1110 do do No do do te 100 cases Ibe t No 3, i nssevd sizes and brimsa. I 20 'do t lsSaver, at supriur article; 50 it s it e Nutri; 1 1S de Extra do 200 do Black end \Wli:e Russia; 50 do Extra Illck Itsl-san; i 100 do Muskratl Conev alurbroadd nd lorrow i brllns, for l.eveald country lltrad d " ' do Allv roks of mililrey & ciavl Cha tllenl s vdo (iiilders.'silkolud osi hllts, all szes. Caps-'Fur, Otter, fur Seal, Nulta, Mouskrat, and 0 hall.r Sl, in two dozen eases. S Saeolle. Ii Cloth Ceaps-Pickewik, Polish Arril's hat lohaiR', sell oop, lMilioassss,,drtss, d e'atlhecr f goenie. hildhe's F kUlleye'I enro, Plaid and Valvet Caps, N I s".,h platlerno,. Stocks--stin,sSilk a lnd Ihoknbazine, of thle neatest svlr-s. llstdre!lls--ilk andl rctto'. I Mliliterv floumos, oiled silk. L Silk iisndkerhiels--l'oone-e all luilolloxes 5isr hlatte rs, , o.cI Ia s lt'- le for dry good s. 'I'h above nools compris; it lare sleck, ano all af thelatest lpaut.U eland will be sold to a small ad valnce,with coet hred s ton Newv York prices. 'TIhe llbscrilers wS ill teko orders fir southern, westrn nllld 'Tex.s iorkets, iel tho hooseC olfA II osaui) & Co., liao Sliltllol lUec els, Nwo \ollrk, od tlo thabordllll shorts sibl I notice. Nilerman anlld kIrenchl l'Lustlo bkought. (tsiD IP &s CO., Naval. Military, and I'aslhiomuble Iltlcrs, Excloages llotel, nov14 St Chrles st Nu\li oL. Mr. GEORGE MIl'.ILLICK osaving resignvd the of. e file ofchief EIgineer of the New Orleans and Curroll. ton Rail Road, Mr. Johkt ILIapson Ibas been plpoinl ed in his place, to whm alli persons having business with, or wishing kllermauiuu regarding said Rsil Road will aplly at the Rail Road Oflice, IP'ydras street, Ily order of ite loard. (Sigu.l) JOlIN NICIIOLION, _nvl--t _ Cetoiir "G W. 'RITCHI)ADI & JO. TAiiMILT Jr., e.rner Sl'soydrus and lagaozie sus., ihave just receied and offl r lie sale. l2l barrels American brandy, 15 frkins butter, 51) gross corks, 1) barrels N E lRurn, 1ll boxes starch. G eeses, )pouchong, inperial & gunpolwder tea 310 elf barrels No. 1, Mackerel, list do o 5, do. (I " dos Shod, Si barrsels uolmnds, 5 barrels Mladeiru wine, trc. reaks !Jrt wine, c5qr. do. 'J'eunerilf do. Sslids pure spiritsl extr pro of, SIshsd elol ine .London Duck Cognice, 51) qr. caks sweet wine. re1t - K&GIN(i ad l ope 210 pieceebagging, I 00 coilss rels. for sale by Cll HEi ILOSiiKNI:N BIto\VN & Co,!) Cmnli a I ONDON Editionsof standard works, consisting u S Metsoira of Cradoek, literary and miscellaneous, 4f 4volumles, do Nnapolen, ua dediented to lMonsuolo & Gourgaud, 7 vole, do Phillip de Csuliere, vole, dl, lt iib nUrsmmout, 4 sls, l dlo Catheriee 2d,3 vols, Sdo (Guilford, do Sir DIudley North, do Napoleont, i W IVl Ilreland. I vols; S do Naslleons.b' Savary, Duke of Ituoigo iu I vil,. In nddlitisonl tohe ablove. a large supply of standard work, illst received, for or st by joli.. \V1M McKEAN, cauoe l p & ('smnsleesl, is LutiTi' -.oudsicsliy bigest-A.-ige-t of caseig ee II the:olurtls o Adulirilty in England, in I vol. Er, oust received ,all tlr s Vlek by f.l AI.EX T" VARK, 43 Camp J vs hork l usPry popots notr, 4.iat rcullli d si sad ltr sale by ' LI.X Is lW.5I;, lbtb a4.5 Coop :t BUSINESS CARDS._ JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, VPEEDII.Y, IIANDVO.IEI.Y AND CHE APLY EXEC(UTED AT THE OFFIPC OF TUI True Jlmericrali, ST. CHARLES STREET, NEAR l'OYDRAS. m23 McCOLLUtI &l )O~SV, Factors & General Commission Dlercliants, MOBILE, rfhreoncoin Ne. C. Kirkmano, Aberthly. Il~awa, Cold, 'I Y Slirky. PtpC. /'vr 1. Co. IJAZAAJi - BUSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCIIANLC IIOTOL, fornrr ofSt. CA'&rlks nVIVA ('onVo 050,. '.LV ORL.EANS. morn I ,l'ER OV; I)Vel,'os i i.e~ I'~tll Cu:tlor, lookir y, Gcony?, Shirrn, Stwko, Uodolr,,l, COVVO,nmVA Coor A tiIIr FASH1ONAt3LE CLOT1HING. ROrI.YVOJf 6W £OODW'I.Y No. 0V, CI,0Vfrrr StrEic, 40,,,, Door 1VbVVV BiFlVi:le, CAVI: coniltnltly on hanld every- nrlirla nlpper-1-in ýT iue t" Rrutlrwral'a dolraRP, Du+ýlr im ,iC lri 't lou euslC, Vt redV'4'd lricC. decd-1831:4 FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, fi e v.llet sAret. 711.1.1:AM IR. CAtNE\IS, would I Ispr[l fullly iln Erm his frie.ds and the public that le is cal stantlv receivi.r fi-ro New York autl l'Is-ton a elnd aLsso(rt'ltl,'llt lll'];l rl illtl' ue, tlch I Itulclt la u u 'll t:,IrP6 ,m siu:,s 1'.d'lv'luI, Iulialide :ltd IL ilt'L]n I hlll'hairs, vi'ln and da.:ks, w Mrdr s. . o(f ibuLa1y i d hrV tl y, w.h s.' nal-, loh kih. ghtwes, a t,'aher, b',hei , Ac. ' c. NF. 5, Plalt Slriel, fn . 'lrk, COCMMISSION MFIllANT, 'I1OR"11,t pntI d,'alor n Iralnrn Pil, h... ibut rlllil nings. Amplle staeIno a II b hald on mod erate terml, Iand every uttentio paid to goods forward ed Io his cure. Itelcrence ,: M.hlesrs. Lar'e & Provost, N 0, jos'ip e . Co. tlo22 103:1 ly A CARD. CIIHRISTIE & I51117TT, Wholesale Grocers and CommnissIwn k.lrcints, No. 27 Cuomion Stlrlet"N" ' Orleans. SPlrticularuttention paid to the p ulting up of Steam boat uud Ship stoics. nuv2 ORLEANS LITHIOGRAPr11Z OFFICE N.. 53 .%1aIIIIIII1 trot, oppose er11 Iltlnkl' A.lccnle, ST'rAllSIIs lor the haxecutio .'. moai s, l po andl drawings, tevrehunL~li~s' circulurý, h (usin-ln. and adldres.s laurd ofenvetId . iption.., fuioeol eirc.1 lv oi deep, .oar. a papo..o.'r, .pothe....I y lIan Itog'Lg-Ia L~ 1 banachecks, dru receip.ta, &c.prioll^, o a xoat,diai aocheapanad '"cditii..a styl., b~y th' proprietor NILLI.L.dJ clt;Clr SE NB. flank N.otesin nits executed. m'?{ USTI'P recei~edit the L.uisal .0a I.,1.itude War esed;a fiors, arilt. Al.'., teoa-o n tof M0a1.le, \V,,lota, anod Poainted Chais hc will basold lir ith lowest cashl `vis.o 11% ' It CA Nd jY? 51 Ilitlaill. stree' A Cardl. ORLEANS LI'THIOGRAPHIIC ES7A'Alf.lVU MIE T, 53 MAlAGAZINE STREET, OPIWOaITF. BAN.s OA L':. GREENE retur,,o his aincere. thaonko ta fins fri. ids ani the poIh.i of New. O'ano.s. f.r.' patroare bhetowed oil hi nI ilt tlhaicit two mars, uand hegs leooave toaassre ti.m., fioot all orldrs committed to ils chargoe shal ln poatuncluall o al,,i.I to; he will a.' usuanl, keep thle of iiee often dmlli~t2ý theC summer, amtI)I shlall he llnuys readyl to strike off llrrcknll'' cireu Inrri, business and address cardsI fum",ul Ilntires, mapsP plans, and drawingys, u evert, des[ ri1, tion, al theJL shonrtest notice, stil on thre most ren-Unalble terms.13 Being ndsirlaed ni Inrti ls rueriarr 111 lly othe: c rt bl isl mealt in thle city, anl from, lonle experieic ee in thel Iithogruphic lino, e feels confident of firing entire N 1, Apothlecaries andl drtog~ipts' lablels Pxe,.uted inl as good sty·le asl copperplalite engraving, an1d at one-0 thirdl of thou expense. j v24 ( 10.1 118-Pito ol1cribers have just oponed sever. /I al caseo Combs. 111011 TOI' TORTOISE T.CKL. Quill top Torloise Tuck, do do Twist, do do, il do I'11, do do 8Side. BRAZILIAN colIans . In all the above, variety of English, French: and Amorieon Illloufltuoro. Ivory file tooth Co lbs, in all the variety of size and quality. Pocket, Rock, Horse, coarse and flue, and all other Comnbs, fur sale by REES & I)'LANGE, novl3 I l e p st I,, ])OW GI.AS L, NSI':III OIL--7I0I lox SAes of 0 VWiVlowl Gla-s, 1300 gallons Oil; 10 blr rels of Vrnltheso; 65 dlo of laint IIrusho,S received per ship St Louis and UBrque Vooce , an11d folr sai by ROUBT. CLANNOIN, nov27 12 Camnp 1E\ MEJaiSL-.--Por IRoslie--I don,'I mean to tell yotu her etle--'Thou ll.s learllnt to love AnllOther Sweet Afton Waoter; The KmIght' Iarewell; ile pass el hler 1n sorrow; Ilind1la'' 1 llo Tl ey havef given 1Thee to Another; Lovely ILdy Mino0 s: lThe Bridal, The Broken Iha1rt; My Heart is al ilone; Old Mien what silly things yIo l re; 1 )h I Coll I Ilove hll (Ih! Patll rick I ,1Iv frllll0 1; ThaIh'l h l lll art lvel. Iv 1ho'll denv; Thiik Lov0.e,1 O)h! 'lI hi l of 1e; ou lhink I hlne a eiorr" ell'arl' The Vintge .Sutlo The ship is read ; 'PThl kiltr llo0 ; No care ~1re1 grieveo Ilr; Nolt 'r 31e; I'v0 111 n vI00 '! er freo h Flowers tre tliltghlo ; L dearly love'l'hte 1i0ee; 1\'1l)dlll tll olin-e thatlreer The ild Albatross his tnriee, 1ix.:I Iztsedf Je -l',, 1 T Mi:steel wo.'d n bt, unteus liaid; of the o.ulntallinl; lie\ native Low, ; l hv'art'shI est trea-s 1 sure; .\1 y \\ odinud Bride; Mille Inst hb a silh"u Ten; II Miy chilhoodl's bou:s I,'rewe;l; The hrecowood Trt!; a Salomon Lob, a miatt song; Ct(e .n'e a wreath ol liRoses; Mh plretty Jun"1,I Just ieiravcd tlld fur sale at I II C \SEY'S l Piano Furte anll M uiic r sto e, nor 2 1v9 (:1111C st NEW ORLEANS CA lIt lt).L''ON RAIL ROAI) ('ll\IPANV. AIIRNGE011KNIS FOR TIE \Ei 1) LYS. Floro CaI'I°+olIL". I ollll Nl'w rrleans$ Ilorse Car at 4 o'chwk, A. l.I ors,. Cir : 5 o', . Lcolllun ive I .. .. Ib ounu.i 7 " " S" " " !i 1' " S 111 " " 10 G 7" ( 00 1 l " I "1 l; .o. .. u " "I 115 I , lars ,r t Tiil.-NtIf- 0 0 I 1 ',rll; JAI lol'KiIoN AIII.'o 0 lCII0 IOl: i.l0'll1 1' IOal "r;I¥oI.. IIIIII P t, le t , e t li 51jc c . A. .lllld IIH ly. At Dc11' Iko9 011 111 th11er "110, 00n11r,1r t ic 1r001 frnle th.e Iarh..d e oydra stirl ntreat. with Tickets, ai3. II tlllolr' til l a ld l hl" Iot I'o ldIt,1-Is. ffiglce Nic ketdl7 It- enarrolrtn IRl .I d C1u0ndy1 , s strt. J N IIAI'llON. novT-lf _ Chief I:'g. N. . _ CL . It 1\t.lE S lIt.'1.iN ,t l'-IA I.L0I'0tN 11AIl 1 ItO.u)d 1t.--Nd)TICI;t.-he anttud ftdohr evr I-t D fc.,o 1:0. l l l.,j u thlh. lliC.1 111 1 1i10 11UCII l- erNill elve t co;r h SIIII, h tldrls streer It hall' plat 11 J11N FURNIT FU N 1.1 N, [ti ISi'1'0c )'oll I' 00S'I'0:--A t'ehnoatond highly ton l. 'll eIlr o n illi ilt e l the l I rs' Il'lrtrn i oll en o r losll I fo-, the tetbl 1.jUst 1ecc1 velot Illo bII U111lll. lg29 cor St Charl es & Como i II ' I: C. NEg, a FUIRNITURE!! FLURNI.TURE!! JIU.S'T received at te .ouisia1,t Furnlllture \\'l re Ilhoue, hlarge sit pl\ nullo Netl Tork tllll lions a tol. TeraOll in tlhe owlllr I( lilof iltlrlr .i "id Io "Cell to call, llll select aLiclr I'tlltl ell of th." hest sllid largest ,tkcep not ia the city. \\' It C.\ RNES, dit; 53 l lloeIII 0 N I-P.articulair lottltioo paid to pc.king tind ship ilg Furniture, freep olfox p1ee. di--2w SARD--15 kegs superfineo leaf Lard, in store, for LA saleby 1; lIISEV, thl, 7 41 New I.crte COIRN IIROOIS--41III doz in store, for sale[ ,) feobt? It) lo .Y. 4,1 Now I.evee C.' UP1I' Ilt)0)IkS f(r Le1ttlr plresse1s l0t receivled Item Noew Yor. 1100d will oe .old l 1ow lr aLLsh or apltroved credit. Also, I 0 teer t pr e, and 11h last of jhe ;oiIrr I at I)AVIo ) ho I'ol " . Ca, ja30 N Y Stati,mers Htll, 2il Chartresst f IlNE--1P) b1oxe. Claret n0 d 1Sau1te0 o .Vino. in 0to0e o1d tOr u!e. by ja21 CIIAI I'I.IN & COOPER,8"2 Julia st ].tt it Rl I)E--111 1.S - irolpe, of superior Squalilt, fr sfle lir felt ISAAC IlttllI)E & Co, 134 Mlgazoine at SA'I'Nc Letter 0Paper--Gilt eidged, a very splenlid l'alilIeI oevry ootour, qIh11ty 0l001 siti. Also block edged lettert d billet Ilmelrl fl atle by S flai N StatInlaors itIll,1Chilarres I t T illE Pl)LISil ltiRPtI.N, or Vieissiltl+es-A tale rd by tle oauthor of the Swiss lciress, just reteived and fur sale by A. '1t WIIAR, jail i) _ 49 C(lllmp at .0 IltW oh.) iIll Stlaliollt', allt , r 4 i olel cuh' t'r pllep l l lrv O n tcl, 'lll ti. e u il, Ir1 or1 SsWtirt, osle by 11ALI, & BRKOW\, t tt: 96 311Tl.ailme 0t 1i'mn . anraultg,; Illadr; t.'lr ntal dourl yulI lememub",r tile bwnlrlil l gtlg i. . Inmlanra;'e The W hile Nluse oftlne I..t'. onile iand ) Iovethou rl unar Lme, u h.tri. I, ti, in the grand hlmantin uOpera Amihe; ilhn il 'ITh m.eliag and parling I Care not 0,r epripg .n liklba aiulg by II Ilttsael; Coulll, colne, thp1u f mln uowA .Ae on the.. ()eana Wawve,, V I I I Ut l; i ' watched or hlimi. .e tu llt fil a t,;r; C 1ntiu mIt ,nn I.r.' illg; O'er l,, wntatvv by IallaOlli tllt; 'hlrlt'll'tll ) hnn Ie. lmy Ownll, arraaePI fr t'h harp llv T L+.Wmre.-. |loyal )'oalh.s"., by A Fiw:bhe; (Q,aee Victoria " our! uadIirilles. Jast reoclvedal far r.n l a l d19 1 i t( l'nY, 19 Crann lv,, X7'1"\\ 1Uti l)·-lt k dc, A!llcan .avu j tan I u n Iplei'ondi assorln.c t f ie Fan ZAA Ltn ll + l14 fvar 'ctr..sxs, calprioitg ICl cA' ;iiting, chnj edNllSiNe hooks y arlE PILblA aIndilo rar o nd, ermaingi Ouvllirn, ln aid with peerl fe, neck p e:k p, b iuukip l il kind..y, oe ier,.it awing t "'kI-IE f1AZAAlt. IdJ tI_ _ 'u:r, Sint aCls aLt.,,A,,. ak., cEa n TO 'TN'il liESll. ,.i'PNSON'S I,)l·:PII.IA'T'(hl. fur r..mrving et,. . 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FALL FASHIIIN". fII I II I Iberi, takellve to itnfrm their pnlannab awll the pubullic eenelrallv, that thecy are non pro wctl'~ltu re'll.ll ,lode hill fashi~ons. tOS:SLP &' ('0, I 'aionabltb 11 tpre, ELctnenge Holni. n.12 bt,Uitneialsl4 e 0i.%I.- nth a.,te Col iniblutlkad ,rnil ctdfliv .1 / ,l i tec t ostsu prchasers, orders teft at tlbq col r,4 inCnl treell, or lul, 311k,1qI jut Il,:, l 'll:0 l .HILL.S, Book lltr Tile only I)angitolr, 2vols, i-Ini',IJeirot tel,( 1, uli n e :ilanleyLy tyr the Recllections ofa into of lbp I:,iert'oll'e Pur.giler,2 2ole Popei: on letnls, or lvcuio1. n i ItIPri..t Cani Ilncerea, . EIllen G(ailleRIc,2 viot,, Alreodtr'' I~iicoaroy in Africa; 2 volst l Ci'tlt Iy of tlie Coo r, li'e 01111liectootr,2 vols. l' ' le itish Sonter, 2vole, Romance (r ol'iennln , 1)IItil end In1lnutiotn, by Mliss I.elladtu, 2 vole, Ll 3tly rceived anad u itrneiby At4iX TOVAlt4lI9UanpM *l IV 01 )TltG-I3 caase trennnbip Oini:tg.,I audilng Cf rloom hlhp Noet turnt, for eile biy lot ISAAC. 1Itittilli & Coy 234 Mapnczjoe~a IN Itt -L'Oli Is ileosratcl as very fititt V t foe s0le11) P LAIDiLA W, j 66 Cempntp nK- rec neived oldd ,k Ink, forioetos, sahanl. .11 t private its,. Ibndies will fi,.d it ti aronametael ilInltlilleg, nIrIIIog corlle, Oie., to be l4larie lto any I!Il el et introduc to tilhl illllOe. 2U.-131 & ALLAN. jn:1 Fallcy tlrer, Exchanga Hotal U '1'11il IAilbllE-Atkiee,,,'s IOoptiatoryjaerre, .Y. moeio uperfiuous Illlir lfom thle bac, If,4,pand~ 11on1', wllitlh eIllsl elbICt, 1111 rlletaitty, tearing the skin 1111r ellnd whorr Ill lto bnlrce the oppilaltion. A IreB11 supplyjlu-t In loitI at the tInaxoar. to"1 IUall h& ALLEN, 1, iE'ei,,ee hIotel, t'orSt Clnrleo & Conmmonn n I. I:'''1:1(..50 kegs;Olniletltter, lnillzcnld for nale ,t B l I it J 'WItITNEI, , t3emp . 0011'1' 10(11'0, A ..AplrIIid nasortmntt af French Wr4 tiny Dv Urss, viuiou 'loon nd IInt·ERI·, for tutu by DAVID FELT aed co. ji Newr York Stntzoaers' lla1, 24 Cinartrec a A LI oil1' ',WORKt1(-viz: A ---'- 'Ti'. Yonog Wiire til'h Youlng nloueI Kteper, and Tile ,oung1 Mokher, fly Win A Alceti, llihorei qlen I lite In,' 'Yong Slto', ! iude;,' end Editor althe Library of Ilenltit, Fn yule b0 ALEXANI)ER TOWAR, j;1-J 49 Camp a S'Etll CAND).ES-30box bu Ne w N ew Bedford S eprin Ciandles, nannrteld size, of approved beanin 2001 gallons Nt.w Ledliid winter prelrm til, olvurYj nupeeior quality, 11111 broes No I, Beaten Snap, 11,11) dl , do 2101 bUtes superiocr tallow candies, Il cas~ks 12 on zine, in sheets, 5 culoea,1ll nllrelnenlhtO lb a prce.r 21111 elherta kaeinte's ta tpe asoeeted, 175 lsoo pelte gnren lnallna coffer, 511 Illnnoned Ilavana tetarn, I,,ln refiltrd Whatie Oil ChotljolltiIl Wine. ofaupetirnr qrality p111111erlal, gulnpoWder, young iqenu & anouohon Cope'r, in slelts,Cfroin 12 to 1£01 lbs Mluck lead t'olltn soleldntres, f'r ale Itby J1122 JO EIt'll CUCKAYNEOS Gravier wi 7 tarru IlC gurut, far mnleby, -. ___ ISAC ___DGE &_ C_,131 nl C'grine s L obeli Oil llUut14tj01 bbly'e 161 city, for sal by SUGAR~ al Plnat~ii0 f G No !ook Place. ý lEItI CL'andle-loil hlaoxe Now Bedford, Just re. Wati,'Od uud for salby S1HlL & I& iROWN, ti10 . 96 Mitgazino at I)El'I'IEI-100 bone in stare, and far sale. by L ja08 J 'IHA YER & Co, 74 Poydras aI J l ý LEGAN'T HIioclilSIE- Ili'lljotn Bell, 16 Char tees r~t., has* this day reeived a sinnll .8eolm ye lt.rge eoaalarlled and ttaattic breastpjoa, aet up m dc. -el 11 sit to. FiINC1 Ml.'1lCIIES---\\ ih beatitui pointinir., launiliug f'owl shipl Altriulnder fromn Bwmen, fv Palo h A TRIERI, 14 MagazIne at (;AS lt1l'AP:el'OIE;N'I', Goat I.ighl OBraaioe, (`amp: y, Jonoaory J0,1839..) T t 1.,+ to k okd Ltekrngta ,c reaoduced thae Corn Pauy will alauui.+ Itiotabrg OC n, ill at twllquar. Orldlaaas rectcod :.I the CGa Officer, ank Alley. _____ E N' \WEI,I,l S, Ioc'y, / , (1111'.: OF I'lfAC'I'ICI: I: Jol,,, ,, ,,', b,,,,,;,, lC ewo!c~ t, alettluos n tattlto ths ork ant golltlclulel Idfie f:I.ill, Th i geoenl, ,,c informed that Int amtl relady IoarI , ara Ia, lfrnt ac loftltea b,*bll era. 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Ak ' lr .il,lt bn or dolaIy fo0te I W llLlt I(.G & Cr,, *134 Mlagacina at FfNi/lI.IsH 0011 'll l.t;:AI-:0 kegs 56 lko eaci. p_ %() ) do. 28 Ills; !,io., 1-1It'a j lateceicd, kd filr ra:· by I utt Ott'A. o,\0\ 11 lcl.oaito'lnasat , ('lf'lt' Il' It lE S J. ast reeeivcd I doe, ) lBitchrs' I'utetli Ltort Copying Ltota-re, for otlo, re 13 N 0' Staoto ellr, IIlloIo0 Chat trenea /p\IlN W kId \tnnaafactlory-Every actic:e at Tin I-Lo t ho-", a olalo wtor otanonufaataraa u tlle lstort candttcetand,oto oa auo,triactyle by fall lLtLClE 45 Cr,8 Front at N 11.-011 blind +uall time a large asorntttent nC'1'it aold capperwarn's. Ca atty a"erkhaata are particulrr. 1 ', A\'l'FItSl:-~lla nabrbscribrn vifier Far sale, 1 t aullitat,'Cnn Olilla,knbcraater.. a, cort allerr otrw rlnd fIdder cutt,",, atod cnerv otlr vcrirto u1-' Io minaosad godoy tools gaoin, c'ua aeond Card,-. t0p tn,,.toava no 'Ilra ,tatv aoil~ tttoangeo n o,,ltcl, fruiIt ado neu t rttstanltt,.eoopolants. , lottaooaguc Coalata 0ot4.aoaoaa. tioo atal do -tril,iaonoeh a~rlcticta for ato (rish , ,l lo tIb,a"t, itera,,ertay Sall & Bianwa, yta~ n te aooo,,tt e, afar 1, ,1- . ,ct-al,liola,oen,t lOtIIEKt'l' SINCLAIRI c ,r Co., fet '1eeo l S ,,roa I tta,,ttatrapn, I9altimoce ht.4AI-17 boxesa No,. I nud l,'a:r, coaop, baand,, Jao . 0o,,ld, Jackau,, I 'tc,,v kbridge, Oiow-ga Rol,4lp, ad , 3110 lortatot; r anle Iav jul1l ISAAC UltltliGE & &, 131A Iagoainaa4 1F'XCLIA.E uXCII Aork-f;iE,,n!1-x tell oa5 Camp ,ttre IiGAR-2J:- ijl Ill sugar on plantation.E; tor Bala 1-J by IIElttU ENE IlIdIJWN & Co, \V Dictionary ofthe Eoglinh a tanaloga. by 1 Charles l a[ldurdson , cumyjular o ja 2 oats Almao Na. 8,01'l icholas Niktloby,juta received, andt rfor.i Ity Wil I'KEAN, foatd car Cantp Bm d Comman aweptq )tjif) i E1L'"' h ,l,. ,,l d tiaroes, tcr ante by sIALL &'BROVN, juot 96 Ipgarinea ml S3 CASBSa ltntgra ailk llandkereLiefo, of t3andoumg tanttertta, fnr solo bly GossIp & Ca, Sjanl St thalet at Karxekata Haea ' A( FAIIEE:I 3HE 'l''a Thiermometrs, rynuju t artcl, new stylojttlt Itreeived froot Euria9,and - foote by IDAVID buELl & tot tt trIO N 1" stati ocrn Halt, 24 Chute..a Ill it`'t'EtoIM O t- - arrels in storet anI forn mal by bt o tu c la BRA~HAM jtt1R 34toyd 1 µ u& J7; PWj~ tl'Nl CuYdti ('I OALL-2711 to otfti onhant EKglis im coastwell, piled ,t fel sea ot us4 , BttltJ boar.I,, 13 Al~tp siIu~t Now r'aaule, (lie sal by H)LM1:sMIU" `ANo, q1-r (arrelg ,5 ei hths andl~YL 1J Sabr iaina, targan f a. Lteg 1 if fad s&Js: IPuYH;r I -ETil; B,. rri7ls-iX tdI f .b,,on 1 atLLIoro twcagd sto 0as ia. tn - f Gillgbam aahrella.C f4 Mlle b Y ) aqd fu statoa.-SU Yt atr ai w TCaI7Crr. I tLr,. '' · S 1? tt 1t e I.:uh, . null -I." spoons. whrich Ili4. ny pr fa d 44 !S 11 OWt li Jl Coe 11

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