Newspaper of True American, 4 Mart 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 4 Mart 1839 Page 1
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0 0 PHIce 12, CENTS. NEW ORLEANS MONDAY MORNING, MARCH 4 1839. Teter of ite .Xevepf er Press of New Orlean unanidaunlv agreed to at an tadio'rnod meetin, of , "e Proprietors, held on the 13th or Marci, 18?. BuSeaunItrorn»,-Twelve IDollors for thedaily pa Ver uannn, payable semi-aunually in advance: tell daotar for the wl-wookly country paper, payable one year in advnceu , where no citv reference is given. No i thb;ription will be dihcontinucd until narrearnge are nettlel. In eaev o( dircontinuance, one week's notice tn wriing must oe invariably given, previous to tll Iplncion of subscliption. AoDvRltTISNO-One dollar per snuare for tile first asnrtion, anil htal that price for each HlIuhequert one: 1a) material alteration from tile original advertinement wlll be charged as t new one. YMAHLt AtVEIRTTIERs.-Merehants and Traers, arty dollars fo English alone, and sixty for hoth lan. gias Banks, Innurunce Offces, and other silniar be institutions, fifty dollars in Eglish only, and pighty for both languages; Ship and teambo,,t Fac tors, or Comminsion merchants sixty dollars in English ae and eighty for both languages. MIHn RIeOAe OnITrANWI NOTICES, and artiles eall Ing tile attention of the public to saloe of property, cards of passengers, henefita, &c. &c. will be lhargnd one dollar per square for the brst insertion in each Inn. lunge. COMMUNICATIONS, or Advertisemsnts, of any persaon al nature, when admissible, shall be charged double, and in advance. A deduction of twenty.lnve percent. will be made to Auctioneers, Shcrlfe, Registers of Wills, and Marshals ou sales of real estate, punlished in btllh languages, and 50 per cent. in Engltis alone: A10 per cent. on sais of other property. AuDVeRTIeisnE TS out of the direct line of business of the advertiser, suet as legal, auction, anrl planta ion sales, runaway slaves, stray aoninli, &ce. &c. will be charged for scpa ately, and at tile ordinary rtesp. ADvntTIStEMf.NTs not specilled an to time, will be published one month, and charged accordinly No advertisements of bankruptcies will be publilhed n any caser, oales paid for previoun to insertion, or payment guaranteed by a responsible pereson in town. rleatres and other places of amnneinertt, advertingie daily or the seaion. to be charged 100l for Lnolish a l one, and ltl in botlh latguagen. All antonncertnts of candidiates firn politicel offices will be charged double the price of lther advertise. nents, Owing to the inimentc loss satnilrcd by newspnper prorpietors, ther hare comne to the cocelusirn ttat the na-nes of person whose accounts have uot been paid within one onoth afner presentation, shall be made known (so far as practicable) to each other-they obli gating thenuolve not to advertise or print for such elinquents, unless in case ol adeane paymtents. (Signed) J.uC. DI) Sc. ROMES J. ItAYON, P. RI. IA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOIHN GIBSON, L.UMSI)EN. Weetly Prtss.-We, cth, undersigned, agree to abide by the above couditions, as far as they are applicable to wo•iy papers. (igoed) A. B. I.AWIIENCE, hr No suiscriptions are taken for less titan 6 months. Lettors ill cases, be post paid. STEEI. VPNS-Flts' Nea. 1,2.`"3 4 .1 tIn Dnaniel Welster Icrll, Fel't large barrel pie Congress large d. Pcrry' fla ir:g d Ssnycrlle d tro 3 adit do Wi llde's laolies do tin douible tloent do imnperial I)onble IUatrtr dot (Gillul's barrel do ddo rNtuiorlll do And Gillot's Cn U , inrreCial, fr sale at DAVII) FELT & CoCu' Chltra st, fe6 N Stal ioneri Ilall f.eUAw l hour .,SE.1 S egat O 10.000galls Molasut o--an 1pi,1hlatiun above Ile city for sale by AaAM1S &, WIIITAI,.,, fi:6li-w 67 Gravier st G LSS-100 bo.rri in atnrre fr milh. Iv fr6 SHii c. & IlltOW\N, 91i MnIngeine t ritiilNreN -An cifiectlle tie acion, hur, ocrjiieicr .l .y Messrs. Kelly, Holrrie & Co. Possession giv G W I'I0TC IAllli & JO TAF.I:'r JIt, .i-*6 errr I'olydraisr lezirne at II Me R&IIOIItiS. hJAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex Straordinary cheoic;il colhpusition, tets rcsult of cione, and the inventi, o at celubrated teinli cal man, the introduirt, n ofw ich to to le pubihe was invelted with tiIe seoleinity oe a deathlbod bequet, han sintce gained a reputation unparalleled, fully sustaining thie eorrecrtoes of flit lairrented I)r Oridley'e last confesrirn, tthat ir Ie dared not die witlhout giving to posterity ite benefit of Ilia knowledlge or this salrject," end lie tlhreofrrr b3ueathred to his friend and oattndant, Solomon lays, tite secret of his discovery. It is new oed ill tnt principl r ospitals, and tile private practice in our gountrye. irst and lo certaintly for t tn re ofe Pile. , an so eaen oively atd effectually an to bafli ecredulity, unl. Chreo its efeart are witonesed Externally int the following ctmplaints: For Drop,ny--Creating extraordinary aboorption at once. All Swellings-Rodueirg theie in a few hourw Illeurrartisnt-Acute or Chrotic, givitg quick ease. Sere Throat-by Cancers, Ulcers or Col s. Croup nard Wthooping Couglh-Eternally, and ever thie Clreat. All Bruiste , Sprainsl , and Burns--Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether fresot or long standing, and fever sores. Its olprations upop adults and children in redue itg rheumatic swelling, attd loootring cotglhn aend tightness of thie citeost by iolaxationr of thie parts, has been surprising beyond colrception. The common remark of those who have used it in the Piles, is It actsa likte a charm." THE PILES-The price, $1 is refrundd to any person wlo will ue a bottle of flay's Liniment for the Piles, and return thIe empty bottle withnout being cured. Thtse are the positive orders of the proprietor to the Agentol and out of tany thou. sands sold, not one has been ulueocessful. W-t miglht insert certificates ir aty lengtll, hut prefer that those who sell tihe article, should ea ltbit tile original to purehsnars. CAUTION-None can he genuine withort a splendid engraved wrapper, oa wlrich is my nalCe, cad also that of lthe Agents. SOLOMON IIAYS. Sold wholcsnle anrl retail, by COM1's'OCK & Co, Now York, and by one DIruggist in every town it tile Ution. For solo by tlhe Wholesale Agents, corner of Coitn:neon & Teltoupitoulas strnet, ad by tie Apthecleries generally. je30 Apothecaries generally. jouJ NO CUiLE NO PA D IR.JOHlNSON, Office 140 lienville etrect, con fines hs practice to tile treatment of Venereal Disease, i Itel its dilferent forms. SDr. JWhnson, fromn aresidence of o any yearsin HIns pilal n il Europe devoted to tile trelatlilnt of Venereal Diseases, and from his presant exten ive prIactie il that particular tbranch of thie professio, guarantees a safe, speedy and sefectual cure to rsuc persons as are tioubled with acry of the following diseases, viz: (Gnorrhoea, Cileeto, Strictliiel, Chubneres, andaos, Sentinel Weaknoes, Afretiuoan of the lcudder, Kidney Loins Uretllr, Prostrate (lJo onl, Swelled '1 esiclesi Eruptions oil the Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in the Joints; And the numerous symptooms which generally foillow his disenase. ILRecent ees cured in two or tllhree dtyns withot the use of Merecary, interreption terot busines, or alotera tion in thoe modoe olivitg. A medicine to prevesn Veereal Disease can Ie ob tained of lr.Johanso. It is frtoc the recipe of ithe Baron Larry, a celebrated Frelr:h Surgeon, and wsa used by him d ri the d sveral cnprecepaent i which line served a Siurgeos General i l tte Frencb Armny. So ld by r. Johnsoni, at his office. Thsde pe.rsons having any affretion of Venure l Iisease, nield hont takng sea voyages. or remosving to te eonitrh, would do well bygiving Dr. lJohnon el call, o t proel prin * .ines or tein etee in tile shirtest tittle can be put ip with written directions fon their ase. Officeopen front in tile morning untsil s t o'clock at nighlt. ABEIRNTIIY'S DYSPPrIC I0Xtl. l)r. bernetby, tile greatest of bencgliith surgoiea w opinion taat ntln-tenth o(f the diseause that affect esanhind originate in tle stotach. el'rhi Elixir was uead by himnt with the nlost unprecedented success in Il i private and pblic praclice for upwarnn of forty years, for tle removral of the followiong diseanes: Loss cfwappetite, Flatu leny, Distention of tile Stom ach,Pain in tle side, Heavinees of the Head and incli nation to sleep, lrregularity of the Bowels, and i s nil cases where Indigestion or a costive habit is found to This medicine must ut be nultbiled amotng the host ofqnack nostrums now before tile public, as it i tihe sole invention of the ablest and most scielstifin surgeon Europe ever produced, and ithe seret of preparing it was purchased by the agent for . very large sum. it is agreeaole and pleasant to thie taste, acts as a tnild apes ient.always keeps tie bowels free, imparts vigor and strengta to ite systelt, and cheerihlness to thie mind, mnd a few bottles removes tile ntost c.cfirnled eases of DysepPsia or Indigestion, and prevents return at any futue csrid. NEaw Yon,17th Angust, 1838. 35 Madliocn-street. Sit:--lnconsequnee ofleading a sedentary life, I have been troubled, mnore or lees, with ltdigeastion far ten years; Ior the leat three years my sufferings I!nve beeninsupportable. I havee tried several pbysiciiut, snd a uumtberof qtnek mledicines, without deriving any benefit. I despsaired of ever obtaining any permanent relief, and resigned myself to the ost hpeless despair I was persuaded by many friends to try Abenrethy'n Dyspeptic Elilir. I have now filnished the foumth bot tle. od know not how to express mvl Iniration of its wonderful virtues and the niracle it'hlltt performed in restorin me to that health which 1; a nighb lost for ever. Send me half a bottles o ý . and except my thanks ficmtnebleassgn you have n erred Iy re storing tae to prlsct health. I remainynure, JCOi MONROE. The agenthab in hiq pessession seve hundred tee timonials similar to the above, of the extreordinary vir tsit of this medicine. Sold Icy appointmlent, at Dr. JohmMb n's, 140 Bienrille etre , nov. 5 S. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. T HE subscribr taving purchaned tbe leaose nd frr niture of tills well known establishment, fron Mr Taylor, the late proprietor, will be ready to rereive vi. tern by the lIt of April next. Numerous and costly improVements will be found in the arrangemelts of the Mansion House. New and more commodious bathing houses will be built, and warn bathi will be provided at all hours. A stable will be attached to the house, with good accnomnuda tionsfor orores nd carriages. Filat rate Iorses and corrnaget will also be kept for hire at moderate prices, and eail and row boats, with persons to manage them usually found at watering places, will oalo be famished, and so conducted as not to iiaerfrd e with the omfenrt nd quiet ol thie boardera. The wines ond liquore will be of the beet quality, and to ensure a iul sppl of ice, a cargo has already been ordered, whicih will arrive about tile Ist ol May. Mr Frederick Uarnoard, who formerly kept so popuhlar a hotel at WBalsbilgtou city, will eondaet tli hlo el for the prolrietor, who, with sRuch aidconfidently nassulres tie visitrirs oflast year, and bii frienlds geerlly, that thay will receive very poible attcention; and thereby heeto to give general satielsfaction. The lecl advantaiges ot th:Ia house are too rell known to need a lengl. ened descripticn hlre. 'rile facts laIt Pensaeola is thle largst naval station of the Government; the general rendezvous ofthe Gulf squad. ran; tle salusrity of its climate refreshed cuntlantly du ting the smacler months by the coolest rees fro rhe G(ulf; tile beuity of the bay and the neighbouring islands d river" tIm atonndance and delienay of the fish wilh which the waters .bound; and ihs proximity to the beaot Souther markets, lgve Pnsaeola tie pre feremne over all other places in these latitudes, s a healthy alid delightula summer retreoat. Filerst rate boats willtrui between Poe seolnanod Me bile, and will t ail times he able to Itake e t assenger frol the New Orleans boats. N B ARNOLD. Pensacola, Feb. dth, 18:10. ~t Gentleman wiahing to enegage romun for their families, cal address the popriuetr, at Penaeola, or Mir Sewell T Taylor, the former proprietor, at Nee Or2 leans. References. T ianford, Eki, nrC CllOtm, r11 cAlpin, Esq., It. Kibby, in Mobile; S T Taylor, P P Rea, Esqr in Ne, Orleans. sp-A letter bag, to r eceive aommauniatitos for peesota at Ite aboie Iotel, is placed at Gee Whitman's offije, Yr51 St Cbarles Exchange. FI.O IDA ROUTE FIOR NEW YORK. [V Travellers desirous of taking le Florida route, via Penscola,to tlhe Norllth,ar inosrmed thlit firl rate boats will costatinlly rui fIron. Mnloile to P'ensacla, leaving Mobile and Peoserola every tither diy after the lit of May. Goel tages will halaye be provided uy tile eabser'erto he in readilore to take paseeners fro Mobile, ii case of the failure oflthe boofat N Bb AANOLA . The steaInllat CliAN lpiu leaves Mobile for Petlla eola twice a week fell , Vl v -N oRIxIS & C r,, N. 3~Ihrre steel ale re ceiving daily frot their ihoue in Philadellhia, on lion o tlie pblica, ns hey aor warranted ill sayieg tIit strangers and citiz en ca t furanial then. elves more advantage oly in any city il tile Union. N.Bl. A few dezne elegant ivory hsndle um brellos, froLn 32 ta 36 inches. Also, a large lot white'pine epuckiog boxes, variou- sizes, very low T O THE LADIES-Atkiltoin's Ilepillatore, r re j moving asurfluous Iheir frot the face, neck and ealis with eqtual safety and certainty, reaving tile skinl flier and whier thlln beflire the apolioatiit. A Iresal supply just r.ceivced at Ithe BazaIlnar. I, E.clhtnge Ilolie, _r Sc Cite ,,la &Cotlle, , at lTrT'Iit..50 Beg ;( llrllttictuuer. lalemel nod for Tale ly pORIT F0),IOS..A -l-lnllolid ltrtl-lltl of F-Cti, MtIt I lin 11 I ek, various. A la eli i lt I lerlt f flor fale 6y DAVItI FI.Tlad 00, j; New York tttaUlnorc' IIaL. 24 Chartrel t ti , L h o I g"'........ Wifie, The I'Vlilllg floei Keeper, and The 10lt00 Atotler, lIv \'IIn A Ali!it, allliirot 'tillec l live In,' TYollan allll' (aUidp,' old Editor ofIthe I.iblryt of Ileallth. Fo file Iv l L.EXiANEIt I'OWAIL, lPEILAtI CANI)I. ---:I00 bhxen New letdiirlld S erio (tlllldle ,uasorletl t izel olsilr rll 211i0 gallilo neto tcdliod esitwcepIrei oil, ol tvery "altierior pialilty 101i) lci.ui No 1, l B.htI Soul), ilat do 2, do 2111 bcxes l sitrir talollow cialldll, 11) cslkis It oI eillc, in s II etsl 51 c5 asI . ".ll hkc 1 eiel Ie ll, I I Ib c 1l.,tr,, n)ksheets brazier's Ppelll; assnrledd, 175 lIs Ia'rill gretýn Ilavlaon ecile-l, 510 Itomu.nid Itavavigiirs, ,1) ,hIt relitied hi olte (ilt ('litatipigI WinVIe ofsIIlerior qulor ity lmlterll, gunpowder, young hl [o & ou achogllll CupIer, i slielts, frolt It to IfOi Isih Illak Lead Pots,aseorted sizes, fcr sale by jnn25 JOSEIPII COCKAY'NE,'25 dravier at S'ELt 011i--4;1 casks wiltier-.trained Selllrn Oil Sk warrantedu pore, for saleh by fct ISAAC lIIIfItGE & Co,134 Magar.ine at SUtAR on planlatiuo above thecity, for sale by I EAD & IlARSTO', fG No7 Hank Place. S PERU Candlee--IO ibuxea New Bedlrtr, jul re ceived and for sale by SHALL & ItRO\ N,. dl0 96 M1niezine ) t P EPPI'I--I10 !)bag in lstore, ald for sale by a' jal J TIIAYEIt &Co,74 I'odral at I ETI.EGANNT I'ttRH)'ItHIE-- IIiniim ]ell, 1I C/hr Ires st., lu. this day received a iallt[ assormntio oa largo enamelled ad Imosaic bhreastpins, set up in tihe ern style. ANCY .MATCIHES-1ilbh binitiliil pailting., blauding from whip Alexander fron Bremen, for sale by A TI E' " -l'.^ 34 34 Ianr.ile st G(AS I'Ei'AltT.IENTI', Gas LigJiBankii4ri Cimp'y, Janaoroy O,. IS39. |lHE lt,k o Cuke Ic beinIg uch reduced tllbi Coni Tpany will funrisilil itnburg Coal, iln imall qua ties, to their customers. Orders received at the Gas Office, Bnk Alley. ja3I F. "' WEI.LES. See'y, IIODE OF I'RACTICE-E Jolns & C o'a beaiill new edition. l'he subscribers to this work and getlemen of the Bar il general, are infordntatd i ilho new edition ufthu Calde if Practice, I now fiB ished and ready for delivery at tho store ofthe subscribers. i The Code of P'ractice is annotated with skill.execu- f trd with elegance, aid published in English and French. a The dilfferent curt Rules are cuntained In it, ia tlia sliap of an /ippeidix. E JOH NS& r o, Publisliers, New Orleraa Siationers Hall elt9 nor Comrmo and St Charles s.t 11 UBARRELSWhiskeyii atroe fir snle by WI fcl SHLL & iBROWN. 96 Magaz.ine st H ATS-l~ 20 cases alei'a hlack Ruallin, men's and tiny's black silk hat, lor sals Ily fel8 ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine at B URNIAM'S DROPS.--This medicine was discovered by the proprietor and has been sub jected to his careful observation for many years in every variety of paeclice, and all the disease, of thle diversified American climate; and it is not I iven to the public with the utmiost conidence and I believe that it is, as most clearly set forth in the pamphlet accomnspnying the same, the beat medi. I cine ever thrown within the reach of all classes or society. It is with the greatest propriety given in all the maladies which altlict the human rtce, fron i the established fact, that, when taken into the stoi mach it actaaceoording to the state of the stom ach and the nature of the disease, tither as an emetic, diuretic, sudorific, expectorant, or erperiet tmedicine. That it is really what it purports to be, re:ed only a trial to satisly the most incrednlous. The fact is dlly comnig to the knowledge of the proprienrs ol its beneficial and saving eflecis in cases of thie ague and fever,billious, typhus, nerr vous and scarlet flvers, influenzi, violent colds, dysenterry or flux, dyspepsia or nmeasles, satisfy them that they are not only warranted in warmly recommending it, but they are called upon from a sense ofduly which they owe to the ilumnan family Sto say to all, try it, and you will bear ample tesli onyto all we have slid on the subject. The cholera itself, the worst acourgc which he ever visited our couh ry, has been successfuly con quered the proprietor in thirteen casne with the use of this medicine only, without the lass of a single patient. The medicine is prepared only by doctors BURNHAM & DAVIS, St.Louis Missauri; and is put up in phials each accompanied with a plain rand distinct direction, and containing about sixty I dosest to be had for seventy five cents, which makes it II uch the cheapest medicine ever offered to the public. S The above medicine is sold wholesale and retail Sby our Asenta, Henry Bonlabel, Druggist and Apothecary Tehoupitoulas stree. New Orleans. SLLOUi, Buckwheat, Potatuma. &e. I 100 half hbls family Flour, 95 half bble Philadelphia buckwheat meal, 0t I Quarter do do do 100 Eighth do do do 300 Hampers extra-izred Havre potaetoa, 50 small G loucecerchemas, 511 canisters presrved salmon. 20 boxes Phladelphia assorted preserve, Just received and for sale by . G W PKITCHARD I JlO TAGERT, Jr., jaj9 vor Poydras & Magazine a 1 OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans *J Li,, of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships has been expressly built to run between the above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accommodations for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general sntisfaction, The line is composed of tho btolowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Howes, lonlbay, 625 do D lumphrey. The above ships are all now, of the first ilass, copper fastened and eoppered, commanded by men of great experience, have large accommodations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to passengers, and the very fest of stores pro vided for them. The packets will be towed up and down the Mia eissippi, and the strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron. age is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to accommodate'as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the most moder. ate charges, andjo advance all expenses on goods hllipped, if required. Tlie ships will leave the lIt and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERRITT, 82 Common st. N. B. Advancements made on consignments to Mrsrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 A MERIAN BllANDY, Gohn Bulter,&c. 30 harirls American Brandy, 1O0 kegs Goalien Uulter, 0 boxes istarch, I Besiluckwh eat meal, 25 boes I[mparialtea, L1) do do canisters do., 20 half barrels mesa shad, Landing from allip Adriouducb, for sale by fe5 P W PRITCHAitD & JO it i N .EW VMUSIC-O, Native Music; Thl Convent BJ!i I'm a ranting, roving Itlade; Never Despair, Obh dontyou remember the bearnifal glade in the Drtan a Romanee; The White lorse ofthe Peppers; Thou I cmoe and O Love thou art near me, uneF by trlias Shme ril in tle graNl Lomantic Opera Aminie; Good Nig It Tl'enmeeting and parting; t care not for spring on ee fickle wing, by II si ssell; Come, come, tlnu art in eoo row; A Life on the Ocean wave, by H Iussell; ahe watched for him; Fot e let ral a tear; Conme to me at imorning; O'er thle waters by mnnlight; 'l'hrem'a ino home like my own, arranged for the harp liv T Labarre. Royal Waltzes, by A Fliclce; Queen Victuria's Court Qualrilles. Just received and for sale by d1N B CASEY, 19 Camp st N EW GtOODI)S-BI h & Al have jus received a splendid assortment of fine Fancy Gouod, suitn. le for I'PRSETS, comuriinag ladies' riting desksc ']TK[NSON'd I)EI'LLATONtYf.or rmoving «B; needle bkeus l iearl, iell and ivory, card cases and jut received aw tUION'S auarei eaiiliux eiitit lean onll; peckt baooks pIr. cea, oiiluaI glIIeeat;,glihnidg Isleer rIIcil.v pifiiery ol b i hda, c',lc al, Hte, ift IIE IIAZAAll, Nodl Ex e ltel, cornel St C& areisand Co., s Ecae 'o 'fIE LADIES. A -TKINSON'tS )Ei 'ILAN'I'Tl u r LO neling sa 11 pereluou lair farou the frae, o ac and frts, witl ilral afety anid certainly, leavin theg skin fiiietr and witaer tlln b Oefr thIe aupi l' .I.i . A frnet iopply justreceiveil at UION'S, No I Eactainge Ilotel, cornet St Caorles and Commoe reaim to. all 6 J P. FREENAN & CO., Na. 3, A ugaOines.teet, --p a nd te )eiein their aupllies af Fall and Winter Cletfillea, slid cvil uailln ta recrive ehipmientsnregu larey Ibrleg bt . len a,,. 'hleir aons being lrge will lablsh leoal to saupply arlchante flroel tile n.ooll vt, it tle sbort,,s notice . for Hale wholesale fALL. l'AStlMONe. IIIF. s eab, riben take leace a ifrsrie their lleatrn , tali ed tilfe plic ceneralle , trIII Iteyare no pea pailredto enlhibit tlcir fall fauaiiais. GOSSIP & CD, teutbionable Ilatters, L'aclhaige HIntel, ) ed in ilins to sait lrcliasers,c orders IAiatlif e coael var, iniCat al relect, irnno jU3 -HOiLMES atid AIIL..S, IlBank Piece E W tOOKIS-u:oI lire Bowl;by the author of Ilorve lme Itobinson, The oly Iaugter, 2 volse, I t The wr lish Snir, t volumer, complete, 'li' r id eir elrw od, do I Stunie: or the Recollections ofa mtan of tlhep d Worlrd, .a IRoberteotn's Parrtguat, 2vole, Napoleron Ilenlaoirs, or iveingll withi Pri..ce Cain i Ellen Ghanville, 2 vols, Alexactlldr' I)iseu'er y in Africa. vols, 1 TIhle City of tile C( r, Th'll Wife Hllter, Q vols, The Britlis Senate, 2 vol,r lolllar ce ol'Viet lllc, Irnty altd Inclinatloll, by Mips I.irdon, 3 vols, La fly received an ' LIfr Ual A W by jlI ALEX OWA, Camp a IN K-Juiat received (Gold Ilk, for artiast, schools and riva e. LadiH eswill e nd it our lornamenadil p r inl, vipil N cardn, he.. o be byparior t 1lny Ink ce4 IAAirodacl I publi & Co. 134H agazine t j'I Fancy Stut, Exchlange Huotel ENGLISH WHITE LEAD-50 kegs 56 Ibt each, 20 INEGARl. bri; repre do. t jut re vr d i forr sale by i' clAopiola p 66 Cursp it NK-l'Jut' U r IRESESod I-JUk, fro rtist, Iools ad pa ntig, ting cards,l L.. to be yill Ioru to r, y lo I Iy DAI li> FE1.T & Co, retvel NY St public. BUSH & AlLLANr j|IN WAE M anctory- Storey arclne of Tin t 20 e .e pl s 50 do, 14 man j usctreceied, andrt IN lOJPP Ia t I l iSES-Jus t l re iaord I ent 'in Ba litchreo s. CPountruterCopyiantr are particular 'yo I' r A ,'yIL-B- Tli 'si rigra ufr sale, l~y DA II FELT & Co, fel3 N Y Stationert IlatI, 24 Chartrcast strw N FodAIE cutters, atod every-ry oarticl of Tn and rn etal tcopperees waneplanus. uulgucat the shori .A nole, spilte ai.. e . EriR .... It l b o furllicl by e l uscrirr or by SLallE &. Cu II Front l Nf9 Senedsme and Mnu I ctIurers, allien ore T MI'-trtIracxcra Nll. I and eltraeoau, baecrr l cop.Jir wckares. Country ridgea are particulari anlyd Jinvited orton; r e by jal6 ISAAC BRIDGE & &n, 13> Matzne »t SEO PCHANTE on New York, folr file by Mul ANi illsberk & e lRO',e strfll 6ddr a d er Campyrity of lnnrring atd garder toolst grain, gaiss nti garden needs; oakts on agricutiourey aol agemli gemelh lnaie frit and 8,orlnclnla rees and plantsb . j reeive, an contai-e furiished by ilia subscribers or by SMhll & Brown, wtu re EppoiItd aglhts for I mi establ rsa me t. ROBERT SINCLAIR Jr 'ICu., fel Seerdsmenr and Manufacturers, altiore N OAL--175 boxes No. I and extraisa., hoaelds Jae. Neo r mr boboHALLK N.bOoV Goujal8 , o &Trowbridge, Gerge Baga ins It 3ASKS Pongee - ilk lrarirellieighta, or 200ndkume patld H tartns for sale by GO o jia6 ISAAC BRIDGE & &s , 131 Mganzine te oXCI ANGE on NeA YorI for Isle by lA ANDREWS & bRa'8 el N Y Sioner Carlmp reet UGA`R- T1)hL-1I harrelr in plreantation. r salle by II ERMOGENE BROWN & Co. fell 9 Conlti t NEW Dictionary nl tih e EngAlish oat ll uge, by A Clor es roat rdu onboardpete il 2 vlte. Aafr No. 8,CaNihola Nrale by jus received an for. e, by WM Ml'KEANk P EtlTnoY, lThdin . fromd hip Chrl, for le bv by 30 WHALL Camp tRON SGingpatterns for sale by GOSSIP Co, S____ AA S CIDG les at Exchange Inte AHIIRENHEIT'S Tberrrmorrrers,a veriy beautiful F article, new style ,jut received from Europeand e13 O N Y Stationerd s H lli24 Chartres sto ER I a Od L- l barrels in sorAe nd fr tE by, jaiEE7 ABRAHAM TRIER, 34 ydubcrier T IAL- ains ed h largt E agorli awent of Gsuited or steam bcante us, on boardol and Aboa, fr punchm NewLadsle, for saoe by HIOLMES & MILLS, jS TN Bankil Plandce ALriclON-25 r arrelo, .50eighlts and l200 kegs kosalmon, ladg from ship Charlestonr , for sBle by fe2S & J P W HITNEY, 73 Champ at 1B - SRtELL-Ai- cnases, 28 to 36 in Malntou inghamHE POLIS umbrelANs for ValAe bytal fe6 ISAAC BRI~DGE & Co, 134 Magazine at AON SIDES-50 autor ths Cincinati, cured in sted and for sale by .STETSON A AVERY, j9 8308 Gravler np 10'O Fby -HOSES BAVIDRU -Thesubocr CO. have jusvrrt rticleived tationargey rassortmade, of Gto order Tu. .era, Decanters, Sugar Bowls aird silver punch Ladles and toddy spoon, which they offer frr sale low j a Bed BRWER&crediCo, 17 Camp ATIN Letter Paper-Gilt edged, a very apleodid article, of every color, qua lity and mine. Also black edged letter and billet paper, for eale by DAVID FELT& Ce, Nl1I N Y Statuoem Hall, 24 Chartres ea fliHE POLISH ORP.AN, or Vioished.a-A ts a bY thre author of the Swits Heiress. juAt reesived cud for sote by A. TOWAR, join 30 49 Camp ft EW YORK Stationer's Hall, 24 dhartres street Every article in ltationary reh, made, or to order put upit short notice. Wtholesale or retail, csmh or atrtoied credhi. 165 BALDNESS. A BEAUTIFUL head oflhir in the gramLet orn, ment helonging no thlee heunn tme'ame. How strange ly the loa of it ehanges the c aomnmtnancee, and protmna turely Lrings on the appearance of ol age, which ca.1 sen many to recoil at being o.oenvered. nd sonltimes even to iltt aociety to avohi tie lests and sneers of their quai,.aonee:rlthe renminder mof their lives re con sequently spent in retitoment. In .hlrt, not even the Inosofprnpertv fills tile generous thinking vtenth with first pplieation, and afew Iottles restores it ain. It likewhse produces evebrows and whiskers; prevento the hair from turnine ny, makes it curl bnautifullyv, and frees it from scurf. Numnerous certificles tol llie first tresptentiliy in support of the vtynos of OldridgeL'g Balm, ar shown by the proprietors. I3' Read the following: Robert Wharton, Esq. lati Mayor of IPhiladelph has certoii as may he seen helow, to thehigh chars ter of he following gentlemen. The undereigned do hereby certifv that we hne used tihe BAlm of Cnolumbia diocnvered bv J. Oldridge. and have found it highly M ervieeable not only as a preventive agaimt the falling fflof hair, but alsoa certoain retor live. - WILIAM THATCHIER, Senior, Methodist Minister in St Genore c'nar;e, No 86 North Fifth at. JOHN P INGLIS,321 Aclh street. JOHN D THOMAS, M D, 1fi3 Racast JOHN S FU:REY, ill Spruce street. HUGH McCURDUY.43Soutlh2d st. JOHN GARD,Jr, 13 Arch street. It is known that three of tie alove Bignrrg are morne than S0 years of age, and tile others not les than 30. [From the Mayor.] Commonwealth of Pennsvltnnial City of Philadelphia. I, Robert Wharton. Mayor of naid city of Philade. phia,do hereby certify that I am well acquinted with Mesra J P Inglis, John S Fare v, and Hugh MliCurdy, whose names are signed to thelatove certificnte,that they are gentlemen of character and respectability, and an soch full credit should 1e given to thire said certificate. In witneFswh-reof have he ereunto set m hand and caused the eal of the city to be affixed, thie 6th day of December, &e. [L. S.] ROBERT WHAlTON, Mayor. OBSERVE that each bottle of the Genuine Balm ha a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is represented the Foil jfNiagara, &c, Sol .holesiae and retail bv the sole naents for Ame riea. oS Fletcher street, neir Maiden Lane, one lool bet s Pearl atreet, and by most druggistsand perfumers t' ough hecountry. JARVIS & ANDREWS, m9 Wholesale Agents, New Orleans. N ORRIS & Co. No. 38 Chartr a street, are now Sreceiving and opening the most splendid, sil stantial and fashionable stock of Clothing they have ever exhibited in this market, consisting part ofthe following articles: blue, blue black,jet black, london brown, citron, olive, london amok! and golden olive frock and dress coats: heaver, stableand harrington frock coats, elegantly firnish ed; fancy and plain black eassimere and cloth pantaloons: english and french fancy and plain silk and satin vests; real new market comforts; english and french fancy and plain scarf and hdkfs; chamois, silkesweb and gum-elanlti sus penders; rhamois, merino, lamb's wool, we!sh flan nel, silk and cotton net sherts and drawers; fine linin and notion shirts, with linin bosoms, plain and rufled; ivory pearl and pnlin handle silk um. brellas ; 6 Graff's" premium Glover-also, a beautiful article of white kid, for weddings, bal.. &c.; Sprittletield silk and randana hdkfs; plain, filured and embroidered Cambric do.; silk, lanotla wools, mnrino, germantown, and brown and white colton hlif hose; all of which they offer low for cash, or to puntual cusromers as usuol. Nov. I TAGNER'S LIQUID) OD)ENTICA.--Hae been long used. both here and in the north with uniform o e.cess. for cleansing and whitening tI e tenth, and preventing the moomllchle; preserving the gulns, periling, tih. brhath, anti reliving n.tos disceses to w-hielh ile Inotlll is liable in either the adult 4r infant --One tea sloontul, mixed in a wine glassful of pure water. nd so applmied to the teeth in osual manone with a brtsb, will effectually pre vent scurvy, and word off that excrutiating piain, tie tooth nche. Prepared only by T. F. Wanger, Snrueon Den.

list to Jetlfflrson Collree, and smldd wholesale and retail by CARLETON & Co. 31 Canalst. fh st,l agents for W\taner's Odentica AS DDLERY WARE.-The subscribers, manl. T facturers andiwhulesale dealers in saddlery m goods, are now receiving by late arrivals from the a" north, in addition to their former stock, an exten- bt sive assortment of articles in their line, among m which are tilhe following, z: th Ladies and mtirses plain and quilted saddles, I a Ientitlemenl's do Spanish do c( do do Mexican do al do do Creole do 0 Ut do do Amner. do fe do do English do I Youth's do Spanish do 1 do do Creole do tll Amer. and Eng. brdles and bridle mountings, i a do do martingales, 1 Plated, brass, and japatnned coach harneIs, r " do do do "ginnd. suilkedo je do do do urouuche do II Dray, cart and wagon do Saddle bags, double andsinele; valices; itned cal 1 saddle bags, Bruss, Is carpet bags; beet iron frame st leather folio trunks, hbass nailed; leoaleor boot top T do, assorted sizes and various styles; holsters and s pistol belts; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and planters al crop wlipst wool, worsted, cotton and leather et girlhs and suraingles; stlrrup leuthers: trnnk In straps and worsled rein web; chain and book S l ames; blind bridles and lines; Scotch collars, ty and horse and mule scollars,:ol all qualii es; ino. roeco, buckbear.sheep and buffalo skinrs; plated brass and steel bridle bits of every description, plated, brase and steel spurs of every description; tion' )lamed, brass an d steel stirrups of every descripgi Togetqer with a complete assortment of every article in their line of bdainess-all of which they i, offer for sale on accomnlrodating terms. They will also continue to r.ceive through the year, by pockets fro New York, fresh supplies to Iep their stuck am ple and cemplete. KOUES, DAVIDSON & co, F 18 15 Canal t. F.RESHi GARDEN SEED.-The subscriber begs to express his grateful thanks to the pube lie, for the liberal support he has aeceived since he p commenced business in this city. 'Puing sole proj prietorof tile seed store, 17 Colion street, he i. F not and never was agent for any northern seed vender; neither is he connected with any house in this country-but he assures tile public that his connectionas in every departmeut of the seed busi F ness, in the dilieretll countries of Europe are equal to that of any holuse in tile United States. lie tin ports seeds, plants, &c. from thie mIost xensvle oi and respectable nurseries and seedselen in France, Holland, England, Scotland, and the no thern states-and it will at all limes be his itnrrest, as it is his study, to receive, in addition to hs present stock, large arrivale of every description, really the growth no 1838; also, engrafted fruit trees, of all kinds. The public may rely on finding a full nsi sortment of every article in tile seed line,of genue , ins quality, and imported direct by n We. DINN. EDUCATION-FRENCII and ENGLISH.- Mr. James, recenlty anived in this city, begaleave Ii to inform the citizens of New Orleans that he will II open an academy on Monday, 14, January, at No. I 19 Toulouse street, for the instruction of youth of ci both sexes, in French and English, in which he will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. Meather, who speak both those languages with great fluency and purity, and who will take charge I of the departmntnt of the young ladies. P.r. will give his whole attention to the various branches of education, an flatters himself that he will give entire satisfaction to those who may honor him with theirconfidence. nov I NOTICE.-The co.partnership formed on the 28th July last, between John Y. Baylias, Joseph A. Beard and Charles B. Bioren, to be conducted un. der the st)le and title of Bayliss, Beard & Beoren, is hereby dissolved : and this dissolution is to take effect as front the let of December inst. The undersigned will promptly discharge all the obligations of the late firm, and in future continue F in their own names, and for their own account, tie same business, as Factors and General Com- s oission merchants, under the style and title of i Beard & Bioren, and solicit a share of the patron t ,age of their friends and the public. JOSEPH A. BEARD, Snow I CHARLES B. BIOREN. S UND--Miiesoippi Funds taken at 7, Front Le. s vt , It(stu ittn. PAINTS,OILS, UILASS, BLIVUHESi, &c.=-u landing Itrm hip Consttution, and for sale-cit 16O feet ofglas, beat qualiy, front 8X10 It 23X28 300 kae white lcead, pure; 350 do green pai, in 25 libr. esa; 24 loz Jipaned tins foraigns;6UT0lb. lithrngs 26 don splendid 00000 ground bruse, also ofL000 and 000 do; 2 cases crome green in powder, superior article dodo in cans; a large aaortnment o f sh tool of every slp and quality; nable pencils for aiste; flat marking brushes for merhants; artist's color in oil ready pre pl , haboxe, fittedd :-p with all necenary bruahes; artl n's tools, &c. Flake and, irmnity white, 60 pracsa gold leaf; white and yellow wax; gum arabic; and a large and choice as nortment ofpaints, dry oplors oil, turpentine, varnilh, &c,, for sale, wholesale and retail, at the lowest prices, by MONDELLI, nIa 58 Camp It. 'PRUO.PCTUS. NEIW EDITION OF TIE CIVIL CODE OF SLOUISIANAI. IT has been fur some time mnde known to the public I that the subscribers are engaged in preparing for the press t new edition of tie Louiiana Civil Co e. They were. rn tie first, aware of the great difficulty and repoumniiiit attending the publication of the worl, ad it was mno without great hesitation that they con mented to the undertaking. But the present ediltion, amnounting to =bout three thousand copies, and whicl Iladcost tne State more than thirty tholland dollars, was entirely ouat of print. For inore titan two yevcars past, the usual price of the work hlas been fro ilthirty to fifty dollarn. It i a system of written rules wnich so immediately operates upon every individual of the state, internals either in a iulture or commerce .and which governs the disposition of so much property ,onming to us froin other states, that-unlike aInio. Snlly other Ireatte upon law-t is asn much the taxlbook naod inanual of tlie merelhant ad the planter, as it is of the private gentlo man and tbe profeasional I 'Te lawyers oftheadjoining states, and in fact ofal thosestates pntip the Ohio and iVlisiesippi rivers which find a niarl for their produce in Louisiana, have a fre qunt neceosity of reference to the ode, and make it an indispeneahln requisite to their libraries; and in the ci(t of New Orleans the book is as sure to bh found in the merchant's counting room, as up,,n the desk of the judge, or the table of the attorney. It is not surprising therefore that the first edition of the work was so quick ly disposed of; and although a mere reprint of it would o some moeasure supply the public necessity, yet it would be imperlect and unsatisfactory unless annotated with references to the Reports and Statute-, in order to embrace the numerous aimendments which have been made by the Ltgislature and the important decation and constrtcliona which have been given upon manlry its articles by the Snpreme Court. The publishers have secured, for the general sIper. intendence and editorial department of the work, the professional services of Wheelock S Upton, Esq. a mebiherof the New Orleans liar. The lion. Judge Bullard, Judge Bermudes, and Hon George Eustis, have each kindly assisted Mr Upton with the valuable notes which theyr have collected in the course of their studies and practice; nnd to Mr N R Jennines, the part ner of Mr Upton, who is also engaged in the work, Geo Strawbrilge, Esq. has presented tite great mass of refc rencrrontained in his office copyof the code, and which nave been made by him duriiig the whili period at his disiinguished prolessional lnbors. The publish Sere may therefore well trust that the annotitions of tile work will be all tllat industry and labour, assnited by learning and experience, can perform,. In putting forth this prfispeCtms, and soliciting gene lal aubscribera to the work, tni puhlisheri take pride in the fact that the Legislature of Iouisiana has authorized the (iovernor to ordtr one tlousand copies of it for the rfuture use ofthe State. The readiness will which tis number was takeos by the Assembly, evinced their lust t sesee ofthe value e or;and they threb extend. ed that confidence in the ability of the publishers and editors which it is hol ed is not wholly uldeserved. The work will he printed in French and English, upon good paper and with clear type; nor will any ox pense oreare be.spared to make the whole mechanical execution of it correspond with its great imnortance. It will probably be ready for delivery in the month nl Septembher next; and thl. price will be, to subscribers, fifteen dollar«--iv dollars to be paid at thle time ofsub scrihing. iThe subscription lists once elosed, the store price will be twenty dollars per copo. p 6_ E JOtNS & CO. Puhmlrhor. - ! - - ill ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, i FOR FEVER AND AGUE. i rpEN years have not yet elapsed since it was E -first regularly submitted to the public; but it lias attained the highest reputation; and has sup. e planted every other medicine for the Ague, whorev. or it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every direction throughout 9 tie United States, and still realizes more than could al hlave been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. n Thousands of persons hlavo not only been relieved, p1 but restored to health and vigor through its agen. oe cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op- w portunity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. It to is composed of such medicinal principles as are v calculated to renew the healthy action of the stom ach, liver, and other important digestive organs, tie loss of which harmony is the immediate cause of tie disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. ces an entirn change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to rolap sos of the affection. When the Ague is attended P with any other complaint, the employment of thie i Tonic Mixture will not interfore with the treat. 1 ment of the other disease, but will even afford as. st' smstance by furnishing strength and vigor to the ist body during time course of treatment. These who tal make use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barke, Mercury, or any other article in its composition unfriendly to the human i constitution; being entirely a negetable extract; p and they may have additional confidence in the D use thereof, when they perceive llat it has the of- th feet of a gentle laxative about the time half a but. ai tie full lhas been taken-in consaquence of which, er thereis no part of time medicine left to linger in ti the bowals to cause obstructions, and other evils, as arising from the use of many of the remedies now ti offered for tie cure of this affection. It has been used also as a preventive, by many who were sub. jet to a periodical recurrence of tie Chills, and it al lias invariably warded off the approbended attack. Observe! The Proprietor, fully satislied aith tlle unparallcled and universal success which has con. tr stantly attended a punctual and regular use of the L Tonie Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, feels warranted in engaging to refund the price to L all those who have token tie medicine in strict ac. P cordance with the prescribed directions, without 01 having been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on hand six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the manafactured prices JARVIS & ANDREWS, \Vnl7hlesale D)rmggists, novd" cot Colmoo k sTclhmpitoulas saiec. ORDERS RECEIVED FOR JONES' PA TENT COTTONT V G , N By the Patentte, No. 53 Malazine street, New Orleans si 'TO BE MANUFACTURED IN NEW YORKBY ROBERT HOE & CO. b SCALE.OF PRICES-Double Gins. For a doubleGin of 80 saws ormore ol ea ch cylinder, making 160sawsin the stand, I with feederm bhands, &e. t $6 ipersaw, or $96u0 uO For a iouble Gin of 60 saws n a c)linder, or 1'20 saws in the stmeld, leeders, &. a t $6 per saw, or 70 00 i Fordo.of 4O aweondo.or 1 saws inn stand, at $6.-J5 per saw, or 500 00 For do. of .t saws on do. or 40 saws in a standl, at i6. 5 per saw, or 860 0( SINGLE GINS. For a single in of O saws or more, with one set offeeders, bbaids, &c. at $6 per Saw, $.i80 00 For il. of 60 saws, with leeders, Ar at $6 SO er saw, 390 00 For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &a. $6 75 per aw , 300 00 For do. oli'Osaws, with feeders, &c. at $7 50 per saw, 150 00 i Extrateeth where deired, for feudlers, sMppliel a 1 10 cents eash; the number ofteeth mbeing about Iqials o the number of taws. One s.t of feeders, it in con sidered however, will wear out two or three sets of sows. Extra saws supplied at 80 cents each. The Gins nrdered, will be delivered to the agents of pilanters imn ny of the sea pert towns of the cotton plan t- iu Slates, at tilhe aboue prices, theagents lpaying the e Ir'lt on time same from New York, anti becomming re I slkaible for the amount of the Gin. A Gin wriFlht Swillbe sent with the Gins to put them up where l.e f sired; the charges for whose services will be extra, but moderate. Iron running gearcan alsohe ordered where desired, on reasonable terms, but will be charged etra. Horse lpowerofany description, can be furnisilnl on like terms. Small steamn engines can also be ordered if de. sired. It is desirble, when planters give orders for Ginls, Sthey should accompany them with their views in regrant to t'hearrangementot saws, breasts, brushes, &c. It is frnd they differ i \ opinion. Some desire saws of larger diameter than others. The most comnion size is 9 or 10 inches; It . some wish them 12 indcls. Soele wish 5 or 6 rows ot brusles on an axle, while others do not want more thaa at most. Some wisl saws with I Sor teeth to the inch, while others want 0 or 1t. W l diserepancy, we prefer thty should, at ithe time f giving orders, furnish a statement of their wishes, and Ute manueacturers can fulfil them in eve"} Sparticular. Where it is left to our discre'ion, we sill emake them on the most modern and approved plan. An order can be exesuted, from the time it is received, in the see oeight or nine weeks, and the Gin in that tiame plaedin th hands of the factor. To be in time for the next erop, all orders ought to be in the hands of tid manufacturershy the first or middle of May; exsept or lantatimo wherethey arclate in commmneing to Spick or gin eottal. . N. B. TIe latent Rilt, forany one of the ctton g wiKg Statews wilbc sold on r'easoabkc ti .. r au3mo NUTIONED BY HE FAULTY UP M.U1 CINE. fHORN'S Compound Extract ofCoplibe and Snra parilla -A certain, safe, and iest elt'ectual reme dlyever discovere for tle cure of Gonorrhea, GiU Stricture White Pains in the bhck anl oins,i weaklies, affections kidnier, gravel, scorbutei erulioi, Uc. In the iltroduction ol a mediline posseling ilfe usefu and active virtue of the one now offered to the ubltic, tie proprietor as but to refer to the numerous recom mendations received romn the most eminent of then me dlcal faculty in Emaope, believing that it will ie duly apreciated when itll mrit are nilrt fidly known. The Bilsom of opaiba, soextensively Bsed,tas lost much of its credli from thie ililike witiich p.tients tornmerly exress dat regtlling ill disagreealle taste, dilsturbanc producel in tile bowels anti satonalth, tid its hcretofore Inelficienrv when used in the iinflaHinltmay stage. Tle proprietlr has made an analysis of the Balsam, conceiv ing tait the more activequalilies would thereby be much more eoncentrated aed more useaflly) adinilisteed thtan in the present siate. 'iThe above meed cine collbillesill gredients whiclih re in the highest relpute aumok the most asientifie and learned in the proolession. knelh drug in the nomposition of this prepal'tion increases the eilicacy ol tle other, producing an operation truly Qato nlisllng, and surpassing the most sangunite ex pcttions; posussing at tile same time tile udvatage of its being adintstired with perlfeetl sncess ii lie diflfleent staLges of the above lisease. T'he most eminei t physaiciians anl SurgeonM s of the present dlay exiaress their decided ap probatLion in ftavr of ShinIIiparilll, oitilst its use in the prinarlnil lhospitals and publin medical iastitutloin has Sbe n, and still continues, very extensivre. It wao a IAV aelne remedy with the celebrated Dr Abernethy in ail venereal Aofectiolls, aind in obstinate cutaoieouts erultions, arisiang from a disordered stale ofithedigeciief[tctioons. Having been submitted t tthe test and experience of the most celebrated among tile lifauly, they have expressed their satisaetion of its extraordinary l fficcacy in every ease under their oharge, by adoptiing it loth in their Iopublie unl private ipractice. "Their ob ervatiocas will be inserted hereafter. Prepared by J 1U Th'orn, Chemist London. Price $l 50 er pot. TESTIMONIALS. From A H Salmon, Esq, F R a, Strgeon to the St Thamna Hospital, and Lee'urer on Anatomy. The trial which I have made ofyour preparation in a Svariety ofeases, both mole and female, in its results have t proved so highly aourable, that I do not hesitate in pronouncing it one of the most valuable and enicacious remedies ever offred to tihe public, and one in which, Ifrom experieince, 1 can place every reliance, whilst it does not produce the same unpleasant effctil usually ex perienced from eopliba. From G II Hayward, AM R C S, Physician to tile St Marylebone Dispensary. I take great pleasure in adding my testimony to the valuable properties of your preparation, wishing you the success you so fully deserve, ill anl ample reward for the laboelid expense incurred in brilging it to such oml plete perfectioln. From eV l0 Cooper, F R S, Surgeon to Guy's Ilos pital The uniform success which has natended the adminis terilag your medicine among i)y patients afflicted with tile abtve diseases, has fully satisfied me that it has only to be known to he truly appreenated. May the success you so well deist re, amiply anid speedily repay you for Syour valuable preparation. From Sir A Cooper, F R S P RC S, &ec. ec. Hlaving been itiduceit to try you Extect ill seveaal iasesof violent (;l oiorlitot, i(lilch hall Itherti o bafflled dever)" 'wescrliion adlministcred by e, hnaviig ound sure And speedy cores efctcted by it, in a few dalys I feel myselin duty hound to state that I now ill ny liraC t ice botl publie and private recoumend and e ll i-l other. From G W Blair, M D, Physician to Guy's [lo pital. The strict test which I have given your medieille a moig my patients, ntill its iinvariable success thus fal', will iulce nme to ilerslvere in its use, andl deem it I but an act of jstice Anli of duty to nalhl mity feeble testi mollial in coimntendation of its virtues. SFrom L C Thompson, M D F H S L. Ireturn you my anlleere tllanks for t e valuable plan aent ofyour Extract for tile cure of Gonorrlhcea, hke. I feel grateful that you have at last brought a medicine into use which will prove a desidelatmllini hig sought for in the medie world--an sure, sleedl alnd etlectuall cure in cases iof the aboe class. It Iatforda nin glreat Itsaure ill piublishinlg to the world tile valuable qualities of your Extract. t Were it necessary, the proprietor could here forulish many more testimonials equally as conmmtenatorany as tile above; but trusts that its great success hitherto the care & expense at which it has been pi epared, will prove its g greatest recommendation among a discernilg public. it One recommendation this plreparation enjoys above d all olhers is its nileat, tportali e iormi-put upn in llpots-th 9* male in whieh it may be taken, beihg both easy aunl I pleasant--is tasately nature, with no restriction in diet or confinement from business. Travellers especiallm would find tils medicine highly useful, iand ought neve Ito be unlproviled with a preparation poaesseillg the all vantages which the present one coenbii e t. Accompanlying the Medicine is a pamphlet explant tory of the diferent stages of tihe disease, without any exa h charge, eontainlng full and ample directions. For sale by SICKLES & CO. mr l.3nawm 4u Canal street. TTHROUGH IN FIVE AND A IIAL; DAYS. From Mobile (Alabama) to Augusta (Goee I T EAVES Mobile every olter das, immou.itely afel Stie arrival of the mnail from New Orleans, per theI stemlboat EMELnm, to Itlakely, coaches to 'Peosaeol steamboats (per Pensacola Bay, St IRoa sound Can Cho tahachie River and Bay) to Cedar Bluff, coaches theoet I via Marians, Chattbouocher, (formlerly Mount Ver noon,) Bailbrlde, Pimlerton; Ilawkinsville and .oui s ville, to Augusa. A passemgeer takinb lis seat at Mo. bile is in no danger of beig thrown out or losing bli pireerence by other onflictingiaterest, as the ILORIl. 1)i LINE is but one concern, od under one coatro throughout, anid may rely wrITh CERTAINTIr upom hl I marriv at Anugmsta in time spmecified, Ibrough all weth-i er and at any seasOl, unless som(e most llnfortesee ctats trophe shlouldii occur. Thie Great New Orleans AMai is carriied y this roite. The Agents for accolmlodii e tioln, Teaoms, Coaches am l l Drivers are not Isurpasledt tihe southern conotry. 'The smooth, larln, natuiral roads, the saft and iller ectii water naviglatio, the time anTd acooimmu ati n, lTr'oir thle traveler splene, 1erltaint, comfort, and a pleas i variety; Monnected as it were withl the LRil Rtoo Charlstmon, S. C. ailnd tile sire packets to New York, travelers cla rreah New York flitoi New Orlea 1s LEtS THAN It O-T*-ll W-\A siisgioOm cit imn 12. Fromo Chauttaoochee, Florida, wi Ilave a llraone Line via Quincy amnd TallaIassee, to St .larks, 4 .lot post coaches, also two Branches frmmto Hawkinsvillt one to Mllgevidrille, uand one to Mlacon, li1gt two hors oaches. S'TOCLK I OXS & co. ACeMSTA, 20th nn. 1835. Oiceeat Mllasionm Ilouse Mlobile I)istanev, New Orlealls to Mobile, 150 mile MMobile to Augusta, 54t m Augusta to Chllarleston, IS6 Charleston to New York, 980- IS8 Timme, Nmw Orlean to Mobile, 28 I our Mobile to Augusta, m 32 Augusta to Chal'estiou, 12 , Charleston to New York, 80- 258 Makinlg 168 miles per day. or 7 miles per oour, inclu sive of all stolqpage,. nov 10 N. U. I beg leve to inform the public that tll bridges over the Clhatuahoorkesweamp and Hard Labom oreek have just been completedm I.y the generml govern ment, (tlle i mly obsticles 0mertling against tiis safe tani speedy route , ale thus hlappily relnoved; and I Imve the pleasure ofle.rstig frolm travellers thi the coaches,hor. I sýs, drivers mnd roads are of the filst order; and as to the water route ifrom Pensacola to Cedar liluff; it is admit. ted by all who have passed tl.roughl it to be unsurspaseu Siu novelties. beauty and safety. The bridges thmulg Georcia have also beenrelpired. J M C BAKEI 1/M ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE WAiuEHOUSE, SCustomhouse street, opposite the post-office. The asbscribers are now receiving from their fac. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Marble Mantle Pieces ofsuperior workmanship, and of the latest patterns, made of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American marble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, Smarble facings, heartlhs and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & Ilydraulie CemUit and Plaster. Sing IHair, together with a splendid assortment of brass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron SGrates of the newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the Sshortest notice. They have first rate workmen to set the above work. je5 IAMES KAIN & STROUD TPARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. OURNAL of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under tihe direction of the SA B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, go. ology, climate and productions, and the numbe,. Smanners and iustoms of the natives; with a Map I of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. 'The River and hin Desert; or Recollections of the Rlone and th,. liartreure; by Miss Pardoe, author ofthe City of s * Sj'tan, &c. il 2 volt. S The Robber, a Tale, '"y the author of Richelieu, SThe Gypsy, Attla; in 2v v. The Two Flirts: or Ad.qeriure in a Country House, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, EL SBulwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life and Adventures ofNicholas Nickleby, edited by Bos, with Illutrations by Phis, No. 1. Just received andfor ale by BENJ I(TOMPASSES, THERAIIO1ETERS, MICROS. 1 COPES, &c.--Just received and for sale by it Win. McKean, corner of Cup and Common streets, a general ussotiteu tof Surveyor's Coempusnes, if Malthematical lnstrumenuts, Drawing Pte,. 4 Spring Diidends, biprlng Buv Pellns, Ivory Pro. a tractors, Ivory Scales, uinter's Seales, Glass Triangles,' Parallel Rulers, Mlicroemeup, Thermomneto , CanliObscuras, fu.irvei Chains, r I MesuItiisi Tape., . d7 durlof t?>B- r*S lf l ;W1 Ship Orlesn, 00,9 CA Ship Aloabama, F do `Aransas, 15 FI do Ship Nasville, 540 d'4 ShipKentucky, W3Sdo Te above cship are ofl and copper rutuned, and Iiicg J PA No York expresoly for this trade. .they i draft of water and almost invariwiily without any detention. The osoms" of great experience, and theaships.w towed ip end down the Mississippbiyi They have handsome firnishesd aae toub. and stores of the best description will trsys be furnished. The cabin passage is 9 ithut wine or liquor, and there is no liquor " d to the officers or crew. For freight or I ly on board, or to H AM p,4 p t. The ships are not accouutabai for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marlil or granite, eaopelge of tin, or rust ofiron or steel, nor xeaponsible lIf any package or parcel, untens a regular bill f liding is exccuted thererlor at thli ois of the iht s nov27 NEW ORLEANS AnD BALTIMORE I t OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vatspls which have been built or purehased cxpMesly foe the trade, via: Ship S.anman, Capt. MinXs, Bask Mary, " Nickt d " Irad Ferry, new " ' Steevit " Solomon Saltu, Latham, Brig Archltect, Gray. These vessels are of tle first class, have haiL Ssome furnished econmmodations, and are of a lig Sdraft of water, so as to admit of their lreeiving sad Sdischarging their cargoes in Baltiumee,ttme,ci*t I Freight will be taken for ports on the Chie»na &19 or James' River, and forwarded by the tioht. Messrs. CLARKE & KELLIIGG, at Baili|ore; expenses on goods shipped will be advaneo.ies .i trequired. The price of passage is fiatd sLrt(i0, ample stores of the b at quality will be pro'ided.. S Stean up and down the Mississippi will be taken on all occasions. , For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienville St. FOR NEW YORK. S [Loaisinna and Now York Line of rackp ] r '1 TE Ships composing this line willAil froa New Orleans and New York on every other Mun Iday-comnmencing on the 201 NovembeJr-.g to I insure te puncltalily in the time of iiling, the Iline will hereafler consist uffive ships, via: SShip Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the Oth November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave oe the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to loavo On th " 18th December. Ship Vicksburg, Caplain Woodlouse, toleave n thie it January. Ship Missi.sippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, sapper de and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tone I burthon, are of light draught of water, being bailt i: in New York expressly ior the trade. Th Piei r of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their onbiiaarel D fitted up in the most imnproved and convenient Splan, and finished in a neat and elegant atyl- r Anipli stores of the first quality will be provided, Sand every regard paid to the comfort and entire e atisfactivii of passcogers, who will pleas take no. e te that no berth can be secured until paid the offee of the consignees. These vessels aro commanded by captanis well e experienced in the trade, who will give veery at. tention and (:xert themselves to acommtodaU. T:r Swill at all times be towed up and down the Missir* sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punetuality Sobserved in tie linme of sailing. The owners of these ships will not be respui. blo for any letter, parcel or package, seat by or . put on board of thllm, unless a regular bill oflading be signed therelor, at thie counting houseof the agent or owners. Fur lfrther particular apply to J 1 BEIN & A COIHEN nov27 90 Cummao at FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packet.1 1 |i AE ships cemas l truuhis U leu s ran New York oil every other Mtqnday com letcineg on tl'h tll november, and to inml r stirictest pucltuality ii tile r tir.e ol sailing, Uh line will herelitelr ounsiat of five Slips via: Ship oYazoo, Captlti l'lrak to leave on the 2fOUt nov. Slaip Louisville, Captaitn lPuloer, to leave on the 4th Deerntber. Ship Jlitsr/ille. Captain Eldrilger to leave oan se llth Deeemb a. Ship Vicksburg, Captuin Woodhouse, to leave on tlh I st Jan terv. Ship Misotssnppi, Captain Iavis, to leave on thIe lth Januars. 7"' Tle alove ships are all new, of the fir't aleas epier'd uund coplper ltslteled and Il)wurdt dfKOitoea burllihe, ire otf' li,-ht drfaull of water, being bulllitll iNew Y'rok expressly Hir Ile tradelu. The price ofpMe sage is fitel at oet hundred dollars. Their cabins are fitted up'on the mst improved d d convenient plan,and filisIhed i a int I and elegrnt style. Ample stre' oil the first quality will le prlrield, usad every regard had to tile colefbrt sld elinie tisflactioaol passengeewIle Sill leasc te tillCeie that to berth etat he secmrd an tl11 aid aor ut the office of tle conusgnees. i Those packts ure ciuttuntded by CaptalinsI well ex Speerifed int the rade, who will give every atteotion o and exert thletzselves to uccotnnttodate. '1ey rill at all tiome, be towed up uod doun the Miasiulippi by i steamboato, lid the strictest puctuuality obsmrved in thile timeof sailing,. Tlie owners of these hlips will not be responsible for aEy let cr, pmrcel or package sent by or put on linl ee .'.he. unlews a regular lill ol lading be ingned thelsfen at the cotintilg Ihotso of the agents or owerrn'ae. P turit'r particulard, apply ttl D BEIN & A COHEN; nov 13 90 Common at. NEW ORLEANS & CHARLESTON PACKETS This line consists of lour vestel, oal of the first class, coppered atd copper.fsa. ened, andhf labout 200 tons Irlrth.e, wilth halldsone accmlllno in atioins for passeong4em Tlhese vessels are commanded by captaina well experienced in Ilh traile, who will give every-t teltlon, and exer tihemselves to accemmodate the shippler. Thev wrill h towed up and down the Mississippi, and leave New Orleans on or beforo the 10th and 15tl of every nmorlth. The following vessels compete the line, via : Brig Arubinn,Charles G. rdon, master. Blig C:lapman,J. B. Thompson, master. BrigAlllealn,J Danen,nmaster. SBark Rger Willisnas, J. Alliberr, maiter. SFoir freight oar pasoce, apply tl J. A. BARE1L & Co,61 Common lt. New Olleans, or ot. If. Murdecoi, Clallstoun. Ocl o d --- ----------------- ----Pi , Y HE undersigned having recom.-menced bttsinre r I as a Druggist and Apothecary, in the etre Sowned by Mr. J..cob Ott, at the corner of Titli Scircleand Triton Walk, respectfully solicitlsi rir a of the public patrotdge attda renewal ofthe i eii o of his former customers. The entire itant, o eDrugs, medicines and lonev articles itref hi e carefully selected. The following only wo pv*, tieularized, vi : Pre Soda, Seitili: and Saratoge Puodeo • Yrost Powders, being a wholesome andi elegnti substitute for yeast, in raising bread, buckLwhet e ncake, &. S Burla's Effervescent Magnesian Appedint-41 d pleasant and'gente purgative in dyspepsia or idi. gestion, nervous debiliry, giddinese, headnoeo acdity of thelstomach,liabitual costiveue, lo neonu eruptions, &c. . Carpealer's Fluid Extract of sraparill~ a f f purilying the blood, &c do do and cubeh t, ., , Swainm's Panacea and Vernifuge ; Bilio:ni-* Ilaerlem oils, Opodeldoe, &c. , Refined L quorice, jujube and Guamnse~t " Tooth brushu. N S Prentice's crhono~A Sfice, chlorine tooth wash, powder pIuff aa Prentice's carbuone dentrtfic, ohleorl , powder puffs and bJsea, Prentice's '"elf plain toilet powder, pomatnum cret* orange flower, rose, Iaren,!er lad i ol the best qulittea, Rowlmn's Mae tr ridge's balm of Clumbmhia, bn il Itin luciferand other matches, intdtibe llS.iDlf, i- Spermn and refined whst oil. ott Y Altenim a«ietanuenofTrhbutrtthw 'INE nt and ,, INE-l50hoxes Cltr..~et ue ja.ft c.- a MP l m& - e I ALE ROEt-tiO note 1t11 B ie#e * -r 1 liC, f I, la , b i i. n ..... 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ · : re. ..,.= "t ++ .