Newspaper of True American, March 5, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 5, 1839 Page 4
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A,1T i IIIY.lAtf. Nli itlU ' V' ACM-A I. AND SCAtC. l l 'Fwit. Ut T'-IT i -v' 7anti2' onl 810n le nw l iti 'l s r cil plntos _it oh aPliulohittldo Id . ,S-ttur.: "1 it'll.ab ri., 171W Le ccarce Le w d dtiJent t hllec ) Pa NitW W.DIWAL WlRX sin dm r Aiai D i al Brld Leg an al ~ ON'e ton liity P t i ut.haln oalauity n W r n a RenpoRitonryfm I E w* wlit er'oa Niavig:tion Ct ar? - innrer Nt Sl CIITlllCTIh t AND MECBAIANIs. i4ti,.-nnr ,' f Arehitecttl.e, Lo itlot 2T. U. An I h,1jetllatire, votI, i.ondnn tirO"eiO. Tredgitld's CatI-tnda t ui n I'is, volMe qw ce t o ath r'adrciE T iabhe. Tnd 7 hatt Miseellnies'frem the tI, Jouffroy ain B. .Con tall . aWorkl, 2 votl I,ondin IeClrioeities or Liten turetL . n my.,by. Sy, do Vethaka i of.Wlter cntt, . vol2 and b Il.a. by Prescott,3 velt l n p"lfiea lidl edition, 7 voll, Ro n "n ifi I - i rnl asortnmc t of Law, Medical Seint i-il ithell neouiNnnOlO, Nov ms, GOraonmar. English and rnot Latin and Greek. ' - E JOHNS & cao S er. Charles and Connmon sip. ILOWAND T AO l IellBRE, S Ir frea itm ad euloe of the Fever and A.Eue. S1T will 1e redhlilv adioveredl herein thi Tnonic lix tolure in superi o t the ordinary inoad of trenting .lte-;.Poe. and Aeue. In the firat plac, hbeng a Vege table EBtraet, and free from any deleterious ani poison *mN ingredientn, it may lIe taken with the utmnost snfe Sy venit bt the tender tIfianr or aged invalid. It pre nctst t'elapeof the diseaoe consequently the constitil lion slon regains its wonted eInll and actiiitv. It estlh a. utrhn a sonnJ and parlnnannt appetite, by invigorating i' Nl» eitosneah,nagliivesare lil to lmeenjoymentooftaste. S inal peculiar in having a purgative quality, it remains , *: I -iwrela In increase this disorder, or to create I few-i .r , nbt thornlylul cqinne- ho -_rl ul SCaM of digeslion, anil titus benefits the system W jtirlrtver other affeelios it noty tie oppressed. lildliduals, after the seB ofthe Tonic Mitaure, have , h n expooen ti all tile usual cauose of the. disease, Ud have ec:aped any nynlljitomn ofreturn; whereas by the uue oftheotmtlnon remwdie, tllore is always crea -'* ted annlncreeaed linldlilv to recurrence. The danger . mffreque Crelapesof ihei Ague, in very evioknt, for h AI :" witl eoonni bwecome too mnch pros"tnte It e 9m l t react with oned:cine, cand sledily fall a vic tim rto S inceauant violence The Tounic lixlro in , e lred at suchla reasovnable price, ns to pinco it Iillill , t reach of ev.ry one--no tlat the ptiir and deatitute e heIreby furnmihed with aosietanee,witiholt soliciting the aid'and attendance which frequeuntly denied to m.ore iNe very relucta.lly bestowed. ' Tile puhblic arerepectlv ctlulioned againt tlhe ipu oenu imitations of llis tuedicine, that are daily offered SIWiale. It iaprepared only by Dr. John R. Rowand, at his Ibetor-, Markeittr.t, Philadelphia. ",i( Th o scribera are the wholesane agents for the ' Booth Westertn .tates, and will sell by the gross, at the Philadelphia pricea. To be had at retnil also, at a dofthle Arothecaries in thi city. .* JARVIS & ANDREWS, lWholesale Druggistl, novle cor Common & Tchopitoulaa s M l: ssssippi and Ltiisiana Hotel, CeOVltTON. L4 MRS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. 11 nounces to, her friends and the public gone. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at he above establishment, and hopes from her siertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive r'continuance of former favors. Site feels confi. dint that persons visiting Covington during the unmmer months, cannot find better accommodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. fHer house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in short, she promises rtsat nothing shall be wanting on her part to give *1 tire salisfaction to all who may patronizo the M issiippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 * . iE PIii LICjlc-Tiie undersigned. havin" Sestudied under Dr. Scl.midt of Charleston, Botdth Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holdern of sloves, being well acquainted with the diiseans common to them, having attended them in the gsogr hoose in Charleston. The famous anti.bilious pills a Iter the composition eF.Professor Snmolette, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of rmfrreeces can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mag.a line street. JNO. M'LORING. HOLLOW WARE, WOOD ScREWSSAD IRONS, &c. T HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekman street, Now York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving largo and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ellowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1503 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillet, - . 5 do -Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from 18 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and lens than Jase's imported prices. Bad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. ash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Olbs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order:. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern lid Western merehants, and are offered for sale at low pries, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lievd to be the largest and best assortment ever slered for sale by any one establishment in the United States. SMerchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, pries and terms, from whieh no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. jr3 SWO MERCURI NOR OOPAIVA New Urie:ts, Nov. 14, 10:17. A 1BSOT six months ago I had the tnisfortonc to got La scret disease, tbr which I have aptplied to aere* ed doctors for a cure, anli tbov did nut cure te. so now on the above date I put myelf undoler the cae of Doctor iuese, ad I expect him ,to cure anm. Since lnbt time She disease got worse, si as to break out in large ulcers Sfalc, an sore throat, and not able to work at hei S , sen tims ot acoott of the disease; large ulcer on ielSrght side of the throat. I am nor putting mnyself . .~*enatily under th cure of Dr. Huet, of Paris, 0 be rfeetly aured JOHN DEAN. SDO CERTIFY tllat the above ment;oned disease is Squien well cured to mly own sattiafctioin, for wlilh I thant T r. lehot; anoe moreover I acssore tlat tlhe edi oine I have taken makes me fat, and did tnot injore my nallh at all; therefore I advise my f Ilow suferers to .loe no lime and apply to Dr A. Huet, J24 Canal street, betweon Daupltnom and Bourlou streets. fIr. lHut is at hute from 9 o'clock, A 1, until 4 P 114 k They will fnd a teru dnotor for this complaint. JOHN D)EAN.40 Grsvier street. If any one wants to as me, call at No. 4U Gravie JOIHN DEAN. jlew Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. feb 14 lv T.H. Genuietmaenian Balsum of Livrerwirt and Hroe J Ilotnd, is put up in boltles at the low price of) 5 csas each, connailoin. the strength of three ounces of Livemwort, besi leas tie virtues tl many otlier roaaots and heibsknown among tint ludian as elticacious in curing puluonary comptlaints. The uorivalled snccess which has attended the oae of Ith iMnestmable Balsam wheleser it has been intro duced, has obtained the conafidene and recommendn ioens o.. poestable physicians, for the cure of coughs, 1eulds .t . in the side, want of rest, spitting of blood, ~hlkelh ttpr practice frequently prescribed ;,Irv inard. SMIr' duit Baleina of l.iverwort ad Hloarhouod, with a lcidd dgood effect: we can therefore, from the know Wtdg ofthe materialt it is made from, and cbsernvtion iels x perenoce, recoammenoi it as a superi-' preparation lortil these ala.ctiono or tile lease for lwhich it is re uinmadel. ABIt I' WILLI 4&IS, M. D. ofth's Bost MAledical Assoeation. Boston, Ocltber 25. saleo by JARVIS & ANI)REWIS, el- - 1 9. C no 1 u0al:m I'i rll.tHit'eils s g OL IEA Ri'S Ae ien of Penmauship received,and l4 eor ale I1 their pannooane. Writing Agacleuihe if. 8 LEa.e iwet, New Orleanse, IS19 Beeeelway Zone, Iamuphiv at, Mobile. l partieulaslt-deeiguod for 'pivae learners. aod %uhlaoeisoad is calculated forperoeom ofall ag.e. Lollies dadgeoelmeoo are invitel t call and eamneino ikeayown efierthemselesvl. l.asos s gam goon at A o h lolexes Won ma-litl. aoneaence ofall, ad to cluseo formed en *ay part of the citV naellem who eoCr itbcau roe, on ons at, their own rge Rnjjj~ ZijjljjNGr S are desired IMS.MONS HARTT CO, are now reeivmOmO', on board ship Orleans. Eagle, Highlnuat'klle trw leir Aindrew, Frenh and Geran pTilr ,ronri; Back - .itnmon Board,: CltiaBnene, 21.4 and 2 3.' ich tl Bil ard Balls; 8, 9, 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives;; L Leather and other travelling Dressing Cases; Belt, Itr: Pockl, Horseman's, and Dialling Pistols; double andl C' single barrelled Guns; Game Bags; Shot Beltir, Powder Pi'e and Pistol Flasks; Dram Bottles anil Drinking Cuap; or,' Pereision Caps and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Toothl; anod Nail lrushesk Orrin and Chlorina Tooth Wash: pr T'ooth Powiler, Toilet andl Shaving Soaps, in great va. ,t a etst; long Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frizettes; Pear, and Toilet Powder, Emery BaIs; Ivory TlaI Cushions: v'i Patent Slides or Garters' Gitn Elastic Snuspenders; w Powder Pnuts and Boxne; Hilt Chains, Seals and Keys; sav Ear-dlrop; Waist Buckls; Braceletsn Bead Necklaces 'co and Chains; Gilt and Silvered, Beads; indian Beads, fIv Bells and Plinmoes; Shell Twist; Side and rresine I Combs; whiich,in addition to theirformer stock on lhad, pli makes their assortmn nt very complete, antl will lie sold ow and on liberal terms, at tie sign or the Golden nl Comb. i5.-tf 70 Chartres street. T HE Sub.ariters, Agenls for the extensirve bue of - W. t& . B. teher, Sheffield, Enrlad, ,ave just C ecelved a very extensive set of on' eir.s, eonsistine of Table and )esertn Knives of o- - deocrilption, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear point hnives; Razors, Sein- V sor. E, ge Tonls,&c. &e. &e. which they are prepared no o exhibit to tin trade tor onle. Termsn and eonditions hi will he rmado known at the time. ml6 J. I). BEIN & A COHEN.M9 Commrm st. "i lie NEW GOODS. I.hMMONS, HARTT& CO.--Arenow receiving k per ship Ilhldtville, Eagle, Merry Andtrw, High. alder, Frendilh eld Germnan dlmltle head dplain esardl: eter, beltu pocke puhpistolls plain, ribbed sd lisplt eo.mito calls; cap chldeir; Rci»u:,, Iaizors, )ten. u ves; Gillt'a ecmmereial ind other tec lena; Vieo noa Violin strings; shell, ivoryand horn eomhlis ; . if le k, easd aid leather purses; hair birids, front and ack ringleot; negro puflf; German and it water, Rowlands maeosserr oil, imitation do; antique hr ild hearsoil; portable desks and tdlesasing eas: past, c blackiig; statieas d toilet gleases; convex mirrors; op- li eal glasses aind views; Ihillian ,ead. ellltBsul Iplnmes; ar Scronleon; whit twine; toilet and shaving soaps; toilet li owder, e,,samette wv;h Ial ,ell; s seeated satin lsioetls; pool strandel; screw etohiaors; faincy bead chains e nd neeklraes; billirnl halls; pleaket books man walletts; Giermn, hones; ilzor sthnils; fite antd commont gum olastie ues|cndlels. garters do; Bells lucifer matches; sil a er peneils; Creyons, &c. &te. The ablave ilstloition to our forner stoek of fancy a irtiole esmakesouritaslrtient very enipleto. For male Swhollesale or retsil; as the sign oftie Golden Comb, 70, , .uk.h..,. .., i. __, m__ 2n S. " S OTICE--The partlnership i Koll Kley, Mason &Co w ' S of New rln-; MasoN, Harria &Co., f NateheTz; P nd lHarris,l Kelley &Co., of Rodluey, was disslved lon L .* llelt of Mae lasl, by Ithe ilenol of Samnuel A Mason, v one oefrthe iriners ol thle firtn. P S Tie undrlsigneod, surviving partners, will Ie charged r vitlttlte settling an closing ,idl hstnsess aa follows: '' Levi C larris will attend to the settling of the hiisiness to of Moson, Harrise Co., iit Natcre; eand Harris, ~el ' er & Cio.,at Rodievl and Henry Kelley will attend to is e settling of the ofKelley, Mason & Co.,t at SNew Orlean. The names of the sveral firms willbe I , ue sed in liqaiibintioonlv. g 'Those indebted to said firms re earnestly reqnested to eomei forwtard an make early settlemen;ts; and tllhose having slalis will please psrent them without delay. S LF.VI C IIARRIS, I d HENRY KELLEY. is New Orleans, June 27,1837. j. Tj AN »IAUiK"FARINA'S COI.OGNE WATER S keaseso mreof this superior Cologne water, just at received an i foir sale i the dozeo or single bottle. SAlso Ameriyan and 'reneh toilet lpowers powder S ufs nd boxes, shabing and toilet soaps, esmete wash i balls, iolk of rosrs, coieirn ile clcream, extrae oI mn k, keplalln, Vardsl vegetable hir oil, polnttll n, .is eMie do prse, Florida,lavenuder, rose, ad bay watere, Prestao's salt, oMarseilles perfumery ilk trunks, vpegeta le o It liquid rlite, Chlorine aud Orris tooth wash, lothll, hairl, tolt, nail andl flesh briishes- together with in- aen ditionel supply of faherionable flarn and shell . co s a& d . eiveyd adfor sale low bat w hlesale or ucril at y SIMMONS, HARTT & CO, ed .y 6 Gn ChPrtrsueries reet. iv0 COAL -The subscribers have eonstanlly otin S!and a large supply of Coanel and Liverpors cool, l in bulk, u-f souperior quality, which they offer for tir sale in lots to suit purchasers. en. Also expected by tle first arrivals from Eng led land and the North, C annal, Lligh and Peach io Ordrs lel at their suloe, No. 53 Bietvill et. up stair.s will be promptly attended to. o ct3 R. & A SOUIIE. Cologne Watoer, lPrluniery, &a.-A spitleutdi oarticle of eolognea put up expressly for tIle retail trade; also the ,urest Felaenh PerfuAoery, mbra s cing every variety for the toilet, for isle by oo Lt E2 REEIS & D'LANG. he ''o Country Merchants and Plalntlers. Ls Negro cloths, blankets, flaonnels, linseys, lowell n shirtllings, chcks, linens, calicoes, handkerchiefs, &e &creceivred and lor sale low by the rubscri n bore. ROTy A & Co. d oct. corner Cautal and Chart r.est led L IV Glenn's Perfumeries. of nledin Dye, for coloring the llair - lear's Oil, g9. Rlssions boat'is ereeser, pltlatunt, Micaiw's Fret ele WVash, superior pearl powder, litp white, cream iaf rosus, veetelble rouge, otto o* rune lip salve, kresote tooth wash, t lblonic dentrilic, orratne fo lower water, powder puffs and boxen, A i,,ricine k clsrecol, neatly pnt up in lour ounce vials, Pres. ty n salts, csllo.ine, krecosote tooth ale drops, Ilir brushes, Eaglish dressing combs, Iandian hair oil, ck ithl a variety of other p lerlnmerse, &e. For sale theby C. J. 'I'NCIIAIRD, nd pct 3 corner ol Carnel and Bourllon tis of IRON ROaOFS--Thle subscribers have prucure l , at a great expense, tie right of putting on iron rooeels in this city. They are adapted to pulhe buildings, warehouses, and private dwellintg, and combine at once cheapniess and duorability, and are perfiatly fire and water proof. Terms may be known, eand a model seen at our estotlishment, opposite St. Mary's moirlir, Tclhapitonlas st. oct l E B COGStWEtL .e e Co UPIIOLSTERY & PAPER HANGING STORE. lenry Siebrechlt, (formerly J. C. Wicks & Co.) would mseet respectfltly inlorm htis friends antd ) the public in generat, that he has and is t onstant, io ly rtceivin a general assorlment if upholstery s nd toi paper heRging. Tiue Illtowing comprioes a part of his siock, which lie offers forsale at whole, for sale or retail on the most accommodalin8 ternis, French velvet and satin paper, latest style ;do hall common aeid eonlmoto, Pnd il.dltplloia gleord to anid unglazid to do, French laIdeectpes, lire biords, blinti, &c. il, VIelvet alntd irstled do do, iLo. trtuie dild tlure, silk frtlnue ited Lusiloeos ul all qualilies, petttrens end plrietrs, iworsted Irigs ats to ourted patternr. pail and colisrid. Swisetos lill latest ttyle plain and coloused, ellit, drenter rly , siipiinotii and twilled, as-orted uotors, ,lti style of ieedlle work fir sofa crlitiins, loilstool overs, &c new style of beIll pullers, raised lieuret ie. aiod plain, gilt intndw ornameots iif all ptterns er and sizes, git eagles bntal andII siears latlhers, Ie &e,glass kllnobs, csters, haiir cltith, figuredi iad t plain, a arlgrt aseolitnll.nt of Ity fIcr Clltldrin; are rsilk citrand leassols, worsted cord astl tas.c s, erls, e general asIuorittllli of uhi,bIitero e atd iter or hthoeingo, ctettstantly ,II, hAkt cnd fotle sale at the I uwarst prices at Nos 41 llyutl aud 6(4 Cittoin N --petrsona in tole city or frtm the eitotr)', sre reoopucotully inviled to oll tutld rzatmtle leu tihenlseives. Cilrpels and curtutns Ilteite in lie I a et ltert mltlderni style, roOtlts prelunredt at the siotrt tes ' ot tititte, aetl alt kitnds 0l eiplhildestery totk do itnttie with neetsess end dlt-spaleh. oct 3 L S nEt+ItOUI, No .54 Condo Otrirt, beiret, ire Duinain and St Philip, keeps cottlsllteu oun lid be xii ' teonsove aeltrtllll'liu of boots eullI broganes, end ot chlbreof lew York aonuafelrre, Iocr oleo. waoren elf ansd cltihtret ofatll ages, which he wnill dispise of at very rtoderale priirs. Famitilies ofiis , qiiillance on ededinec on crter will thve '.heir wishes oltenided ,o L S SEt;OIUJR DEAFNESS. A NEW Iarticle fer persns trobhled with tleariesa, by the as. of. h ich. tlh 9elihtest articulation of the Ih man voice is diallt~itiv cnveyed to tie tar. Any ole iaving used the Trumpe". Fur sale va who Ilrs ever ocn bilhge to converse with a very det perton, mrlt Ile fuliy saclliile oof tIhe diliectlty land eln trrssnltltlt exlperielteld botllh iy ilcelttolves ntid Ihe i-l. dividnals so unfcrtltatelv uaflictted. By ilhe usa of tles Ear 'Trumpet. this objectiou is entlirely orviated. The Hmst sceptical htve u e lys a, 1iolldl thdir doubt ater h Eving used ho Trulmptl. Fr sle t TI' F GUION'S, Fancy store,corner arCltmon oocd St Ckartle streets ftlr :hleO ,fAteCo Hotel. feJl 13 PEII OIL-l.L0 galions pre winter d SSpter (il, ill casks aid bllf, for Ptaloe h JAILVIS & ANIDAEWS, lhole. al, n rugg aor, tmernr C mionion and Tlehnp In" streets. io r 1:1 foles will t le receive vari es t dies; I fote Vertilliteq 5 bill Copal Varnihh; 2 Jalpatn or i payment f IdebILC * I Iw 20 pack,+ Gnld Leaf; 0L do Silver do; 11 do l)utch 3etel. *'INI)OW GLA, ;, Americn, Erglish and Frenoh genuine arls, ios scizres ane d qrunliiey . Ultton rown3 do.-500 boxes, consignme, , will be cold low. Also, a .eertl Ossortment of artists' eoloaters and c ole, for sale by A W SCAI E8, No 46 Cttoal street. N B. Alabahma ntes taketn at p r, nod Mississippi motes will he rereived at 10 per cent diaeoutt far goods, or is paoyent ofdrbts. jr I Iwe m.l )UtlR-- l oning fr ;i steamer Independ o' nce, .Is DOR)IIISEY, mw2: ,44 N- 1le. Eoteraolto . Ralr Strtpc-'Thlo e caes, .1 th, gienuine articles. jit received hy ore 3. REES & I)'LANG, Il Camp at Milisourt ttol.--.w rocs Ali.-t-t t hele cope. molollfceoc heotreaid Wroreciby EOOK I1IN! ERY. Undr'r 'lie Pceanfvne O.,.e, 7,2 Camp sft. B IONSE :A '& HOWSON bes leave to i ,fire AT t heir e s;iomt ers nd tilie public gener:lllv, : o , thev have reinoved their estabhlishment to No. 72 r41 C rop street, innediately atnder tile offiee of tie abs Picavune-where they are prepared to execute all n ortlrs in their line. tte H iving received from the North a supply of pa. t per and materials of a superior quea'ty, for the e manufacture of Blank Books, they offer their ser vices to merchants and other', who tlay wish in work of that kind ; and having the adveagage of wl several ysars's experience in that line, they are ju conlircnt of Riving entisfaction to those who may no fivnr them with their custitm. of For notaries, architects and others, maps and n plans will be pasted on linen, varnished and mounted in the neatost manner, & at the shortest f Plain and fancy binding, in nll its varieties nl. to CHINA (GLASSb & EA.ItIEN wV At - e ilultt 36 Ciihrres street, New Orleans. ,. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French hi nnd Enailsh China and Earthen ware. are Of nov o,'pnin, new and rich patterns of breakfast, io dinine and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea ;nl crffee cups, teapots, sugars, ereears, bowles, s plates, dishes, rureens, wash busins ana ewersr, foot baths, etc. etc. s Rieh cut and plain French and American glaos- t warr-2noblets, chaenpaignes, lemonades, jellies, at Clarecs, %ines, cordials, centre howlee, dlouaters, it I ur blers, preserve drsliesr,celeries, pitchers, latlps, a I tlrp shade and glasses, candle shados, salt eel- a lers, etc. a S Silver plated, bronzed and brihania wares--cas- t tors, liqluor stands, cake baskets, c.ndlesrickse branches, spotons, ladles, coffteeaad teapots,sugars, creams. lamps, jalanned triays, astral stands, and hanginglI lilmpsine culter)y, Germlan sll er spoons and forks, Irgetrler with a areat variety if arielcs 1 t or faminly use. Merchants, planters, he i ols and stealltoats, furnished wit goads at te most rea; sontable prices, anti packed so as t.- be conveyed with safelty to any part of tlhe edun ry. i A isoet ao the nrirls' lniscarbe, enn TIHE FLORIDA LINE t Fr o Mobile tro Augusta, Ge. a ihlaves Mobile v(avery day at three 0c-A-h. p, o p- r U 8 uil o ot., for liall's Lrndlltr, above lillakely.-ttrence four .; pst coaches to Pe:isatol-thelneo trrambonts I SL-.grlaei e,wlleretlie l;nd liote isresaumed-tbhence Sviea Marianne and lUrlwnsville, Fin. 13ainbridge, Ptnderto It, I liwktinsville. Sanedereville & Latiis. d illetonAgusta, Gt, crinnclcing regularly with 8r the rail road cars to Charleston, andr the steam ae ketn to Now York, Norfiik, Pniladelphia, etc. I alThe steamboats are the best for the service, and at the navigation presents more advantages than ca I be he found upone ally steamboat route in the south. i ern region. Td he great improvements in the roIte have been se produced by the construction of fifty miles of new 3' road, by the proprietors, viz : fromnLaGrange on LaFayette Bayou, en arl of Santa Rosa Bay, to Bryant's Ferry, on the Chntlahonclhee river, ten miles above the Crowlerd, or 14 above Cedar Bluff l whereby ta navigation ol the river, and tile con st ltuent de entions, and more recently the incon venient crossing at the Cowfirdti, !re entirely i aavoided, and a fine road from Muriaenn direct Sto Bainbridge, instead or the roundabout road via n, Chattahoochee, leseening the distance about forty e, miles, and increasing the facilities more than i- once a dlay. i, Alvo, a branch line of two horse stages every other day flam liawkinsville, via Pe.rry to Macon, ail Ga. connecting with the line to Savannah and Darien, Gen. A mail steamboat llies regularly be-ween Bainbridge and Apalachicola. Travtllhrs rishing to reach any point on Chattahoochee or Apalaclh: at, cola, can take steotmboat at Brownsville. fr Mlobile to Pensacola--Lrund Route-During thoe time occupied by the repairs of bhaos, the proeprie. rg tors of the Florida line will run a line of Iour h horse post conhebes every other day between .lu bn ile ntd Pensacola. i Passengers will leave Molilie at 3 o'clck, p nt, 0'in tie U 8 mail boat, and proceed to Ilull's Land t. inat, where a four horse coucll will I-o In waiting to convey rhem to the excellelnt houseof Mr. Charles Hall, II 4 mile distant, where they will find pleasatt ccomnmodations for thie Ilight-leaving ail next morning, they will arrive in Pensacole early - in the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort of niliht travelling. Oiliee at tire Mansion Hluse, Mobile, and Col. lins' Ilutel, Pensacola, where seats must be sevu redll. STOCKTON & Cio. nov I S Pianto hrte Instruction. r William Scuith tenders his services to the citi, zens of New Orleans as a teacher of the plan(, Iorte. ilr S bhavig been t employrd snveral years - s a leachler oi music in private families ill B,stlon, and ale out several of tile felmale ser ninarles in It il viciitt, cannot but hope to merit their confidence, e, Ics is irermitted to rt :or to Rev Dr Cl,,pp, Mleasrs am Stetson & Avery, Henderson & Gaiets. ve, For terlns, &c please apply at tire booksture of SP Al xarider Tu wed , 49 C ,Camp sit pact 2 en. Dtrugs and .Medicines. air J B Prlevost bs lcated Ililnsell ill this city lor oil, the purpose of transacting a ,ereral Wllolesale ale DI)ru business. le is now rcctciving a full supply el fresh and genuirne articles, which Irh will sell on liberal terns To city druggists, and those of the interior, to physicians, meercharts and plantirs, red he will fft.r inducenments such as have never lie, icn for#- beenl oI revd in this city. tis intentiorn is to e n do a strictly leiimai e business. lfts stock will Ssoon be complete, ndl in a few weteis will be ren. n dy fr busiess. All orders from the country, and Sfrom merchants ol it is city, receiving such Urders t" will be promptly attended to. out 2 No) 39Camp st PROSPECTUS. THE subscriber p-oposcs to publish, in the be. ginning of the enseing winter, a Condensation rf the twenty volumes of the Old and New Serioe of SMartinr Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four Svolumes, evo., according to the model of Peters' y Conenaed Reportv. SThis work is n-ew in pr, arat'on iy . lu.iurn Harrison, Ese., of this ciy, ussist.d b; V,'illam i'. Brand, Esq. 'hf;ie 1it3r i 0lso re -itt' 3 b i a distinguished retired jurda of t':o bup-rce:a Csurt, and by one of the hsteing Jutr:eh , tL o exo ,c ."roo, their personal sepervis.icn all ::.3 c %d.lln - . LI1h may naturally be reaped fromn t::re c :, rienc ý. Such a work is becoma;n u';y :. yeno. no. Scossary, as the ocriginal is volum.n.':lc, c. pon.:.: ., and scarce. An curiosty ':o I" manis Ifot, in thi other S.tacs of t:o Un , i.i ree c :.lI to the pecliarjuriýir udlno o ou Loui::.:.n; a:d tk circumstance ci the .numro's principles hi-e i.c cided in the arijustment of confiihts of -:w, ma!.ea the knowledge of our adjudged cab s of priro uti. lity to thejuristsof the whole Uior;. '.reooe, tie rising republicof Texas has cdoptod our coass, and thus there is a great dernand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those n tihe more authoritative loruins of the other States, wil. oe added to each case. lThe work will form four volumes, royal octavo. and will be delivered, buand, to subset at $6 per vol.; in ease it shoulle be found prncticable to compress it into three volumes, the price to sua. crribors will he I7 per vol. dubscriptions received by WM McKEAN, 10s ear Camp and Comnmon its. IIOLESAILE AND RETAII.COMB AND VA VRIET'Y 'l'OKE--at tie sign if thie golden comb, MI 70 Ciartrer sterp. 'he subscriber have ree ceived, in addition to their previous stock sn hand, a fill[ ald colmplete assortiment of artikles in their linle; viz: rolMos, I)erCfnlnerv, JCrweIlry, ItrthiRs, locRkirrg glasser, f uncyarticles, &j. esitinrg in ipart aso follows: (c)311ild--lrtoises iIell, wrorrrrl Itrnd Illainitrek,twist, quilled back, lonl, round, dresihnr, side puff, curland neclk, lrazilian icoibis of every description itonsgst which arre Rsoe Me.xienn potters, Ivory omnlbs of every dasertii n, hip rn, dressinlg andi p)aket, together with a gerrnll noeortrirrnt ofFreinallani Alrericrau., PERtFIII RY-Colorne, L.aveler, Fl rido, honey liiy, roRe, iidrril rr.rilowrii r wafers ofevery sizerlld des crlption, calllpsorrtrd Colrgnle extralt'of lrrgrn nnle , lallvyr soRiaiips ofIl kinds, shoving do iil cikcs r nl Iheoi, crenlsr serdo Word's vegetable lhair oil, bears and sn' tiqnedo. I restou'm smnelling malls, plaio and Iriruioed toilet iowder, ,earl powder, pjm'ler pluffs and boxes pro. nteioa in pots sand rolls orris and chl)orine tooth wash und p)owdeis, with it geoneml assdrtunent of JEWLE.IRY---soie ofthe latest unit monst fahionsa ibe setts, consisting of white and red cornelian, topa rlo jet cardrops, set in filagree, oreast piils ofa gre n. or i tv o' liatlinis welch trinuninilgs, gill and ilive tickles, lverr thirinires, silver aol srilper cils nnild gordls chanus BRU SHES-Cloth, btrr, dust. w, crumnbihcarthfloor, hat, flesh, tooth, plate, corab, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewash is rrsr rfs. LOOKING Cl.ASSES-German statia and toilet lnrass, inaoilif vilg telld Frerlnch dressings glossaso h eo do,, with it viirit'ey ,lfnother kindsel [etennunereted. lf'ANCY AND VA"IIVTY ARTICLES--French andmvericrio port'able ldeks and diressing ecases, RoleR very rich told finely linishld ho~lies work boxesaed dres sing eases witll and withot m, Illmusicial boxes, Ae cardiacs o ivarions kinds, violisr and guitars silver and plIIated pelcil nd leads,wood pencils ror Iarpenrs lnlod crayons, mantle clocksguis undl pistols with and without eases, percssion caps, percuesion cap chabrers, lupple screw ihivsrs, glamr belt.f gLune bags, paste blacking, toy tea sells, inian lIends ofevery kind, bells and luales fineanld eolnnon knives, razors and scissors, tfillbles, needles i piier plated, steel asld croieso specta cles, ilrket books and wallets of various kinds, visiting curds and card cases,ilayig cards of Firench, Germani and A4 eriem mnonactur, dolls, imitatrion fruist.u boxes, prints of various kinds, Saunders' Pomersy's, mmlervi l'a, Hillman's and Hawkin's razor straps and metallic hones, dirks, fncy bead uekllaceui, dou with *ro drops, toy watches, aperl uliton, powdler fIasks et adil plain seed beads, gilr and siler do, agln elastic suispen dersead garteri, plain ind sword canes, backgamollon boards, dice, optieul vicluesl,jewslharps, Iooalto match es sid dridkin ceps, Iwith i grelst variety l other arts hlrs, all ofwIH h will ie sold fir cash or city acceptanr rcesaln 2mouths credit. f Ha bd e13BIC, eo. cd4 7 1 iMairty rs.e L 118' ndien k-rais s ll'liursiado. on blaudlettiuig, a cew rppyi 1.01 the elr ntlemll ism.eruls or kll.. , ll, F Rciatiae or hid R Io t, ilncien canters, kialt. rdeInc, ln siphilitic atn niercuriial diseases, patieularly ulcers landl lsnfulaffections oftlhe bones, ulcerated throat r.-l es rils, ulcers of every description, fever sores, nnd internal aaeses, istulas, piles, scaldo head, scurvy, biles, chro- 0 nicl tre eyes, crysilplisblnthes, siud every variety ( - n tnnenus affeetinn, elhronic Catarrh, head ache proceeOl- o"i ing from soy acrld humor, pain inl tle stonmell somrl ys pepsia proceedingl roni vrition ar nletioof the liver, chronic inflammation ofthe kidneys, all general dehili ty caused by a torpid aetion of the vesselsofthe skie. It i is sungcarlyefficacious in renovating those constitutions tol Swhic hhve been broken down by injldicious treatment, tl juvenile iregolarities. In general terms, it is rehom- "l Smended n atl those diseases which aris from imiluritlis ofthe blood, or initiation of the humors, of vwhaterer d name or kind. tit SSome of the above complaintsmay require some tri- I" i ingasisaont applications, which thecireumrtanoee of the "' ase wi4l dicltet iut fofr a eneral remedy or Purileatnore to remove the ause, tle INDIAN'S PANACEA will 'dl generally he found m fficient. E TO THE PUBLIC. How true it is, that modern Pthysician, in their am- Of Sbition to excel in their inrfe.slon explore the vastfields el Sofscience b the aid ofehemistry, and seek out new re- c medial igets; in short, to arrive at iedreetion in the y a practice by means of art alone,--ntirely overlook and e neglect, as beneath their notme, the rich and bonoteous Sstores of medicele , which the Almightly has causec to tl s springout of tiearth in every clime! And how much l more true isit tht whilethe American Physician looks I- to foreign countries for nany of his most common andil 1, necesloy artices, perpetually changing s they are at A . the dictate offlshion or folly, he is solbmanled in his J is, own country withan endllesprofusion of medical ilants, ol1 I- smffiieit toanswerany indicatio ill disease or to curte I any curable disorder; and yet he is ignrrant of their vir sa tues, and they are aufferedto 'wasetheirhealing on the ms deselrt air.' 'he effects of vegetable medicine upon the system are d temporaryn-tlose of miner l lasting. The ifrmer ex ertt teir effects mnd aso off- the oitter, merery in r Sticulr, act chemically upon the solids, Ieceiop.npong len the bones and undermining the ceastitotion by a slo - nd end sore destrection. The congeniallity, efisciency mid SAFETY of vegean ed ble remedies ever minuerl, may be estimated by contrast ingthe aonient poentioewith the modem; or, tohering ii omore immediately under our own observation, til" lIHli an practice with that of the whites. Who, in Americn, In oS inMt nownorhelrd of repeated Instaloees wherein dc ., some deerep id, npretendine female Indite, by meansof sm res her simldce remtedl acuc , an afrected the most inpi A Sliell .tonishiniieuimret,.tc.Uhe Mtclvrir MOelien of the t -a .emmon perctice, diiretedlimi the most skilful mninner, I has foiledl A? d who lits not heenl surprised at the eom liaratliveelse and facility with whlli the Indian fires him- il i self irom any disease, lnd tt the almost tote abstinence Sofchmroni disease amhng them? Who has rvel heard es o an Indian with a conslitution brokeni and roineil by lb illtreatment? And can a dolohtexista t hlit i hapltpy ex 1 h emltion of thee oivge fom naost oftle Ills which the c. Hesl ofmannis heirto, is chieflyowiog to more genia id end sIae remedies which lie employs 'Thls nslonlish nII inl difTerence in success, is a fair exemplifieation of the i. infinite superiority of thesimpe and safe means of core I which God las created for the benelfi of his children, en over those which the pride and the art of man have in ev vented. ri From a long residence among a portion ofthenhorigin 0" inhabeitantsof this coantry, and an intimate ncquain tance withe e mthe me ads of cure of some of their most l successful praititnoers, the prorlietor eo 'The Ildlian's 1ff, Panacea,'aemUirdl a knowledge of some of the most n- powerful and favorite remedies. rom these ie selected n h ats were mosnt efficious aoid ipplroprlates, aid after a ely vaioos experimelts to test their Iprneinciles il srengith, eel he has ombied them ii the form hlere presented, as thie via most pertint and bLeleficial or the purpose for which it ly is reeommenlied. ,tun The proprietor offers this preparation to the public, with the cooseioosneass th:t he is laclng vwithinlltlheir sea, I ry a remedy capable ofrelieving many of his anflicted fel e ow bein gs who e .l sucu lliilsg snler the various lhrsonic ' ndobstitlleermplaints o whichit is alplieable. 'To such it willlUpove of inealculable valte, as tie menis anl in alct eases, the only means oflielevifegtheir sutn 'iigs itehd reostoriieg them ance more to healt l ent hill log pinesl. This is notll'ed as a eonlntio retnedy, that play per chIanee be e(uitoly good with emany others now n utse, bit at one while is capable of savinlg life' inl mly I l e elone eses wlicih ill the onusuahieleerdlesfail. 'Tliist I hue. s ille rlleatedly lid this is thn e replUttionl ichasob presented to the lublie: but el n iltat shu rltce or tnle, I rt some ioehnl reti el Inesos mioit lie ioumln, who woud ll a solemllly ieel nre tehat he be ieved tit their lives were I S to ed by it, alid inll liloanseo lfter they lhlol tried a nll I i al d erhaps all tlhe eOlnlon remnedie in vaio. Wliler i ever it is kieoni it is rlaldly eoUlig ito n e, sti lld this ail d ffodlllith;enel sobslltalelll caulnnvicilng leno foff it lyn meris.r, tll) The value 4oftie Pileea i most eonsiielltots il those t of l eghisanieng l syhilh ilt eet wofilouns ll sietis Wiellh aine udefied ll other rtemllies, llll ipetieculaly Ca1 ie those eises where mereory hIas bee"it le iml !y imsell v as to cause deistressin g plainin thie bones, Ivdes, erio n I ral lcears, dlerlangrelent ofthie igenstive lgilas, de. Th- ese it comlhetely roecles, ael i all nca.s, it entie ly eradicates tlne iseases ind omllallnlroOit Mnreli eii voteshe ncolstitotilei, l euvl-t lite latlent slololfil to i aol well. itn 'hruilnaisuimll inlouLemoiedl sore ml'ilonl, its rotaleqipy eff'ecun n ine tier 1elal h lialelirelm, b-iviiidll. mlsl ie liOit t dite r elicf . 'lmTakeu in le laolr (doses, Ihe ltdiol, I~a liCt olerates flue. asll era a nv!ii l org rlet te ilepi da illl,.ii iultric, h e | l a .... 1 xil te .i l a n d l -tis ls s i nr ,li I . l. i a ol c nli ol an d ill i'yIereesoneas"Itcmdedcll meCli lan elll]ioeorllue. (tilel'. a y exI p essei I it illt veases ll the sit l 't.llliolls mIoId (eX l'etit, gils tlle In te l.etomh. w, and xciseetl one iin 'I. , aulla milalyn Il tnslii ll r pinlllel. I I llillei - iles isoei ;ilotis ItaIly Ie utllel'lllol. Thisifnltedicioi he hasibeen l'oel hithlyhyocefoll in vitllcy our amliigi.os dlioisess .it helre re lcified, :ilI it has InII.i Se used with wouollleriill soicesse a R Sii'iiig aldil i iFa'lll.t ot f1)'p rifier, by thlse o lho are sulbect to colmlillmt ofhllt st oellI a whose conuslilcitluoreuire lew %vigor. Such ell oer f Sulis will Ieo well to useo tot ertlIne ottlecini snninl Ilo ses. IVll-euever a dleti d'hik is conlsidehl.r l ecesii'7, Ih tis Plluameai illken it a solll dol'; will answerm all its is nuILeo it, i e mlE less time, at less Lallelnsp-, en; iat i rr el're egreeallie mnoner th1l tie coimmon dleiel drik. f The folhwilio icudiflcdtes, ol of lUlidirel sinmilar, wOh. aliCI ight be plreoell, aore give.l to show tIme effetl of nd the lholl'sm Paotmcee, i thie vari ol conmpliaIst nere;n dert Iemiinedmll lln also to exhibit in tIe enlost satisictoury maoner itssuptaaorirly over the syropa in oulnlcole ae s1 CASES OF ILHEUIMATLISM. -CHoaRESTONa, Nov. 15, 1832. During iiellasi winter and sprilig I was afnllicted wiih be. very severe ciddistreising mil.mumilism, occoniolted Sty Sf exosure inll ad weather. I now takegreat plesc re in of talting, thatsix bottles of the Iitll'a l'sanameea, restored one me tole prlfet heahh,unll leolfidetlily reiolnudieid it to allsinmilarlv afflicted. JOHN FERGUSON, King at. CHALEaSTON, March 27, 1832. I was seized about three years since, %ith a listlressig orculnatirn, erused by taklg a severe cohl, while ulder theinflueniceeot aercury, and which has disabilI r, lroZm bu hý : z ne:arly ever siese. SIeing ilis leriod Tim,ý may enapticnt i the Mlrine Ilospiltl, i tis hit ualerslldso' I'ir months, and Inearly the sUlne lengtlh ihj!le Taltinolre lzstults, uIsi tried almoust ever rer..omuy, with itlebeitlii. t Ot the l yth of Febru.1; ltih, .ht otiie t:arcly atilen to move about upoU elctboel c i coI mletied the use of Ilialiai's IPluneea. III oil month I 6und myiiselfentirely freed fronl pain, lad ar now hiapl y to st:ite that I cotilil mycsntell pe fectly well. WVl TUCKIA EI, 13 iMarket st. CASES SOF SCIROFULOUS CLUE tS NEw Ye'OuN , Sept lii, 183). This ml y errtify that in the fall of 0185, I was seize w:th i a swelirinin ty tnek alid ilce, which afterwulo ItnLetrtlted taiilecale larlge ghlastly ulcers in may neli.. inr ltlyiig is.eratl Ivel.yslis cto tftriet Illotitingo, I wenllo to Philllelphlt , altod Iaced aye setllfUnder tihe cllte lDrs. I'Physcsand Ieat i, when, atiler repeated salivationt to no clfcct, 1 wu:s IinIIoulIcedn utterly ilnclunble. Alier. wards I took twenty bottles ofeSwaim's Paiace Hand eighl hotties of Potter's ulltllolicon, with no inaterkl bleefit Despairillg of lite, which hald ilow become a burtheli t0 me, Ilrcturned to iny ir'ents ill New York, ill 182I , aot gavle mysellup tot a linearing dellh,. le|a ingt oft til reat suIccesl ofThe llliiat'8 PA lee,, Ihowuvel, i eaei to - ailer to itny ownl, I was persuaed to try it, as a last n. sort. T'o Ily great sl.IIIILse, is well as satisitHtion,' sool lloid dinysf ali. ly oiecoVerlnllt, ait l Ulon lakiltj seven bottles, the tlcrshealeld anud Ib Iecame inelIroetld well in tie course oftwo months, and have remained so eversince. I nmakethlisst:ltemenll st wlsbitpublishedl for the bIeefit oflthius who are sulfering under similar sctrftlousaor syphilitic afetionsi, ltht they only kniow what hI cured ote whao has suffered every tlhing but death, und who considers his life aved by the above ,v rup. WVM. IIINHA) CHAInLENRTO. July 1' , i r31. Swas afflicted, foaryears with an ulcer ii, the leg, ou - ensiolnlly aecompanied with crysilpelatous infl:ulntion and excessive aill in tileg andl aiclt joint. Sevultll emilnent pltysitians exerted their skill u ponl it, but with out purnalnentt benefit. In this case five bottle Indi:an's Panacea made a perfect cure. MAIRGARIET A WEST, 1l'1 Mtarket 4For sale by HENRY BONNAB.EL, druggist, agen to. ti-e lroprictors, 'IThouiiitoulas street 16 NEW ORLEANS R¢ NASHVILLE RAIL ROALD COMI'AN Y. Tr . b stocktholders f this conuipny are Iherey no Stifaod tIst by a resolutiol of itie buIerd of diree tion passed on tlie 19th inst. tile call unule oill themnl on tle 13th February lat, for tile paylent of live dollars a s nare, was recindi d, and the saiid stocklholders are furtluer ntified thilat WHIO.EAS, I)y a resolution of this Ihrdl taised oIi tile i ast. ncial hIs baiel irode ott tilet strckllolder of the New Onrlents lid Nashville Rail Roald Comptllly for thefiollowing Iayments oil tile thI stock held resptc livel y h tltil, vin:-two doiiars per- nitre, pyable sil tile firet day itf 'ellteuhriernet; two dollars per sare piyale n titm first lay of t)ecelhaer Iltllv ; anll twoi dollaeirsr share piyaoble oni thile fi-t day oflt March Sext. Nowtthelrfitre be it resolved, Itilr the seeretary of this complany shall notify tin share holldrs therein, througI lhe public prints of tie citvthat in cotlltillilyy willlt tile sixth section nf tile crllllrt, tIllteyare peritiltd to postpone any paynlent called in on tihe stock flsaid companl) y for thile termeof sixty days, froli alld after tile iy n which it is nilade payalle; with tile exiessn coo ditlion however, that if not regularly paid witlill tile said prlenl.ition of sixty days, friin lll naftr tit-l day on whiich it should have been paid, that then the stallk on which said aymuenltsshould havene been inade isand nema : -brf, ited to tle colmpany, thle critlrtler it that psint beuing imperative. It confourmity therefore, to soit all, lllstokk of tile stokholders in said cornllaty, as ithink proer to nIut off the paylnmnts on tllir stock Ito ithe ond o tit additiuial sixty days, whicliltle charter allows themn, are notified that tie Ipaylent of two dul lars plir share called for,and due on thle first of Selt. telulmr next, may Ie pestpllned under tile sixth Section of said charter, until thes 31 t tlay of Octlber next, tlat the payment o! two dollars per share called for, and due on he first day of Deeelhber next, may I Ipast ponled until the 30th Slay of JaiIarV next; anid Ihi pay ment of two dollars per share called for anddnte ot tie first day of March next, may e lpostpoaneAd dwtil the 30dth day of Apri next. -xitracts of tis minutes oif Ihe board. june 21 A R AlcNAIR, Socry. )1o I HIATS, in cases-t don white Wo Royal Colle~ e of Physicaln, Londl n. l TlIIE. original VegetaIle llvgeiao Uuliverld Mdlli cine, prepared .v W MiAkin, Hl. ME mee ,1 h ,|oval College of Sirgeons, Licenltie of Apolhe eary'lICom liuy, Fellow of Iolt Court Society, SurgeoI on to the Iloyal Union Pension Asociaticn, Lancaster ill Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' vnt anl St. Thonns's lHospitals, London. Ti This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' ig experience andi unparalleltl sucoess in the extensive an, anil highlv respmctable practlice of the propriety, pairo nised by tile ftculty and nobility, atl is now introducedl in tothe notice of tile American public, at the earnest so ticitatioa f a number of gentlemen of long awl high th standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a relimi- cn nary step, to check the evils and fatal cousequenles ,l arising from the use of thile numerous and deleterious va stalroum loisted upoll the poblic by the aid of fabricated ai proofs of miraculous acres, anll ether frauds, by aset of e( mercenary, unprincipled pretenders. so totally ignorant to ol mndioal science, tliat it imnpossible the monstrous 6, delusian cn any longer qo down with the intelligellnt peolde oltllis counttr. hese pills, mildl an agrtealtle in their nature, iould be kept in every family incases I. ofsudden illness, for, by their prollpt administration, n cholera cramis, spass, fevers, anld other alarming complaints, which to often prove ftal, may be slpeedi ly cured or prevented. In fact, all those who value gnool o health, should never be without them. They are sole It in packetsat 5 cents, t1 adl$2 each, by every retpe Stable drulggist, bookseller, and vendorof medicnltin till h United Statel 1 r be Canadas, with copious dlIectionl, Stogeter with: esituonials of profenional ability from f the following eminent gentlleen: Sir Astley Cooper, J t Alrnethy, James Bludtell, M. U., W. Back, M. D., SJ. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. 1)., and numerous ollers. The originals may be seen n possesionof the i SGeneral Agent, by whom the meitcine is imported into tllis country, and to whom all applications foragenceis 0 must be made. JNO. IIOII.BEIN, 129 Waerly Place, N. York, SSole General Agent for the United States, Uc. t S For sale by alpointment of the eriginal prolrietor. I . by SwAiu & Li ine tar , Druggistt, No II Calln strelt, Ig Genm Agent for Sutilhee of Louisiona. julv8 V SENRtY It LEE & 0co, No 3 Mlggazile street, are R- I ow receiving froull hips Nashville, Louisville, I n- ,ttckb, Eagle, anl other late arrivals tIran :tr i ':t.dtern ities, a large and new selestedl assoul ment . Itisi, Boots, Shoes and Brogttni , , consisling of gectletcltl' liue calf aid Morocco hoots I II do 2d qualilty do blfltd, and stout wax pegged boots o f earious qilolities; men's film calf seal and0 Morocos I |a, Il i""l"li " a"d broga.ns, buckskin shoes brogana an Ie slippel : me's tilIe r.alf and kipped plegged .SIoesalnd I rogIsi ldo boots; do stolt kill nal wax peggedl hoe a- dbrog1nus g"etntletInen'ac best quality eulf'seed sioe, I - Ilogans ad a.Jak I)ownings; do call nd Miornoco ie oi kle ioes uald brogms; do calf, seal and Mnoccon SI ulall slhoes ild slipx:ns, do 0calf, bl, anu seat wings, by a.iew article; do line cuaf, setl. and morocco qualrter . iots; oys', misses'and childreln's pe1et alld swed I ie btogans, and shoes ofevery qlalil and klindll d l S Alon a generl-.l assortnent o nlen's slotul wanl all I .t- Iit larogans land shoes, togther with 10,Mt) pair I e 0go ilust qumlity, russeat bogans, nailed in tIlh Ie Lnsk, malde expressly for platatlion use a good as. , I rmeln of men's fine and stout kip russett brogoas, a n- w article, soand a arge quantity of an i.ferior quality rlsset all wax brogans. SLaies' fine calf, seal, morocco and grain welts, and I gf a and boots, ke. lolml sole suelo; dl 2110 Fretuil Mirocno atlt kidl run itt Olllli slip/rn; 1. 0 ron nlaos, with snd witlnollt ..eels1 )tn I allkilld. ind qualittih; o laustillg Irogll; doi jllitei ed r'amd fxed bootees. Misses' lrstingspring shoeisao, te Russiashort nlapped hats, a new article. Youths' or In.,e size hats of difoerent qoultlies; do children's. - Men' aind bo)'s blackEnd drab wool hats of V)ariIs ai slwpes, with general assortlent of boys' and men's ° s e caps. is '1 s assoltmient will be replenislutd bythe arrival of at- V.a licketisltom thile atoe ll nied cities, all of wlic I ail I b soldl oe aceommodating termis. nug I-If ow NMINTAGUIJ'S '1 BJILM IF'OR THE TEETH. t FIlE cstablllished repotlltion andclonlstntly Increasing b- dntlulnd filr thlis ellb tul renledy of plin, and pre serlative of thei tltoll, has induced the sllb.criber is ol'er it ito tle American public. Arralngements hav Ie, been oatle to il pllv agenls ill the l prineill citie Intll an i tie Unlh 1ed tates, l p itn s it phle0 it itpl cie il reach1 It thloe nsotulrig anl liklly Ii it Te sf an tis tros 1ny rootll arS, Iie.i I , l o11 c eivd, I n o l e n lilte. l Theer- rllrl li dilber o ordiln to direct ns1 given on1 i un t rle, ti t ha nveor lai eiaI ti trd sltecdilllf, and it nlent relief. It illst0 arrestil tile d ieca I def etiv l enh, adsl relilevs tllf sorces e thic 's I'l, re een tl o i beal r (i the pl i llc gll d) li r ei llllllr t ti I to its u" - rivlled q« c alities. It is 1 an li u rem l, 18 tui3 ed o il 'cigl , rl)y rn il ieciollly, and ] lii, bIe rn rii RIIt ie- tllliISi & ANDIIEWS, it ronors1 of tile undersigned llo ntilI aold out, Ie. ardisco u4t ille I Is llli lllln Illong enLablish ed ll usa GARlI)EN SED S M1TOI, , . nX , :;" S e tstor , h85s , cetlrt, 1. IlvingO b1een iost iodustriiusly 0cirtlltd, by cself. interst.ld parties, the 1ltscr1bur b0tts to Uas.,ire hi, oy frionds goicrally, and the publicl at larg.l , that ;te -o still continues within two doors of hbs lat, or Iornmer stand, to be furnished with a fll andi ex. Stensive sopply of all tqu standard kitnds of kitchen or uvgetaible r lld titts, f t1le groIwth and c ill. Sport ofl th present seaison 1837. S Smene the early part iA Srn leptember, lie lis o. n ceiva d ample supplies, by the packet ships Vicks. Ik. burg, Kentucky, and Ark ansas all arrived in short I, passages, direct from Nuw York. By the Missis. tof sippi and another packet, he is in daily expects. e1n tlion of a supply of 'Frit Trees and Asparagus ivy Roots, having already received invoices thereof by Smail. The subscriber begs further to assure thie public Sat large, that he is at present a wel eabled to I ty meet and execate orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholosile or retail, as lie ever was r since his first establishment in January, 1822. Into Country Dealofs and Market Gardoners' orders filled at the lowest and most reasonable rates, by the pound wcight, and gallon or bushol measure. Catalogues, oithur in French or English, may iag always be obtained on personal application as usual, to WM. SMITI, ' (arden Seed Store, 85 Custollmboul e strcet. NOTE.--A constant supply of Ilird Sued, itli er L nmixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-w-ith Ra vpplly of peos and beans. Fancy Pocket Books-Under this head will be til rfoound a splendid variety of ladies' and gentllmnell' n i pokot books, note, l ard, needle and thread cases. Fancy (toeks, Suspendtrl , &c.-Of tile latest pattern and of superior quality, consisting of plain and figolred iltill, bombazIl c, velvet and cloth Sttocks, lioen bosoms, plain, and fancy with and n trwithout rutlcs, shirt collars, suspenders called trc Washingon suspenders, also, gum elastic worst. cb. ed and cottonett do, with and without rollers, lefn pantaloon straps with wire aprings; Intl a groeat va. ! riety of gentlemen's wuear, made expressly for the m1 r(tail trade, by A. L. Vahllorn and hus of Phila. . dolphin. i totnbs-A general uad complete onsortmen t of combs lfom their manufactory.Also, English and Freneh dressing comtbs, ee,. de27 RIUSHTON & ASPINALL'S 0 gOMPOUND TONIC MNIXTURE.-A speedy t oaid eoritain cure for the Fever and Ague, I remitellnt and iutermiiltteot fevers; prepared from nl tihe original recipe. Used with entinent and uni. SOversal success In 1832, by persnns of the hIighent a respecetabilitv in this city, as statted in the annexed lIr certificates. This medicine is highly recommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form. in the hope that it may be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under tile scourge of our country. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of tile disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens lthe digestive organls, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. Tie proprietors are so well convinced of its effieacy, that Ihey agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions and has not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Bienville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMITil. 48 Conti st. HARROWGATB SPRINGS Maontgery eumnly, Aln.lroa. THREE DA I'S JO URNEY FROM 0 NE IV ORLEANS. nTI lE proprietar af Ibis establishment has tbe plea I t re ofaameoauncing to his frieands aml t!e patlic in genoeral,that lhe will be in readinesshy the first lay of Mav to receive visiter. lie will also slate for tile b nefit of ltlse at a listaCle, lthat there have been large imSmprovelaents malie, ad ollers now gointg and Ia raid lprogress falr cionpletionl, whaic l will ennall the scriber to aacoollallldaten a much Ilrger number than heretoflre, and at the asine time much better. Fanilie can he aecommndated adith good rooms. or thove who prefer casl have large cabins elachled from tile rat, building. t is decned uanecess-ry te say anything In pontice Car of tile clhAraeter l thease waters, for itis generally believed that they are not inferior it any in tile South ern Stans. Aill tlhen mcsementns that are generally found at Watering Places, will be froud at tli. The best music that lthis part of th- counctry affoHrds, has bees engasged.and will he in consat eslttendltnc al the Sprigs during the whole season. 1 Ib sabseiwo will avail himsaelf of this opmriarluitis in returling his unsiligsed thasks fir the very liberal supaort give.n i last season. and hopes lit tIl ex.r ienall that Ihave Iesl liainde in imlpreovigo and nxaending tile atmeroalmcCodalioan, to anerit a liberal .lrimsog the meast sqiw ýI JUSTPUBLI.SIIEID)bROM STREOTY'IE PL.ITES, Th'e illh Iodiliont.f ROWI. TT'I S TAtLES OF INTfftll rST: e NrI T o ich iis now sIltled ali Average Timte Caletils tor, or easy methods for fiding the average ime Wes on storage, notes of hald or bills of goods, wheln Pur- by elhsed at different dates diftilerent credits, and' for various amounts; hIesides a useful and complete BTaking The Time Tan'le, the lrst Ihat can he contriveil. or that fi giresn an pr.duce witlin tile stne cunesenld compass, Sant size of tetpe. Ail ravertiement ill the book is in nearly the follow T ingDowo TIs: Te highl distinction this work has received through the ten legislative acts prefied to lle title inge, i a M. - nommend:ttionin itself, so naommon,, and so eonclu. s le, th nothing is neesmury more than by way of ad A vertisement, to give conlensed view of some of its pe- Ao d caliarities: s fer instance, the Interest has been compla Coit >f ed from,lad compared with, what is eqivalenteto four- ill It leen setsl ealnculattione, examined in tile |res thirty- Coi ai five tines, and printed from stereotype ilates tested Itah t hirlyty-one times, friom all which it mnst be evident Wat Seven to the hketic (especially on tilea iemanl oflhe ti- t'c is tail eftlhrofill the preace) that the wcr st he aith- ticl n, metically infallible, and in confirmation of this beliefs Frei ig premium of two hundred and fiftv dollars, is now offer WI - el for the detection of an error ofa cent in the present Bil "I or fifth edition, as expressed in tie preltee, making live Phil l a' Irlte prmaions lfered for the same error since the first Neo Simhlieation in the year 1802. it One of tih most conspieuous features of the tables is , in the arrangement of the Time and Amounts, which Sfor expelditit-n, roference omtperpie ity, with the help J ofthe ide de ad index, cannot be exaelled; and the satfty , ty and ease with which the interesl can b foundto the as extent of general business, wilhont donuling of sums l is besides a convenience so essential, that in tle esthimn- se to tion of some oi tile most competent and Iractical busi- non Do ness men and public ofi ers who have made greut use re of the work, it has been distinguished by tho honolable e appellation efufa "master pilce". And considering byo theinfallitiliy of tile Ietlhod origilnlly adolpted i la sr. composig the work, and the extranlcoliuhly aumber Rnd it, variety ofthe examinationes, and tests of every edition it l has lissed illhe IrIss, eotwithltailcling the wlhole is il elf -ostereo e, eonsidering in shO6rt1. e positive aeultcy fo, ir seelllei the unprecedented meant s emplo)od, the Ivo- cc tl, lume Ihs heen heh ldl)) and emnphatically styled i" thte ste o most wonderful book in the wsalk;" mlost certai nl no anu tsall names figulre work ofthe same extent, ewhichi since thle eginnig ol crt eation, hans lhdl the saIme nu1m- l s ber anI vnriety of tests in tie same nlumbe of editors; the S no, nor one half the number, as is clearly shownl i tie e. ciprell e. ll a Iesides, as test and slandard, ilhas eesn tried alnd id eroee in nearly :ll the bank and Ilpuhlic lfices in tle e UitedStlates, and bY thel public goeurally, during the es, long period of thirtyi-five relrs, yet nto elrror of bie cal :eo aclations lls ever Ireten foand in print, although continu sot alsl challenged by the olter of very large Irlmilums oll hs, lhe in fact expsresvly adopted by all the lourts Let oflaw cl sevemld ofthe States as tile "' rte of calculation ed forstaltte interest," salso lty law ftr boank interest, A accortling as tie book is usted, astll as sny e seen in Ar ad part, by ue llltnes of tle subsreibers, and a few of thle ir subsequent Iulrelhasers, inthe list at tlte td of thit Ibook, isis possession efrevey class of citizens i every quar as- te of tile Unit etd States. , It is morcover well known that, by its rearly cheek, ity it has so ofte detected large errors, long after they were msade, even by the most earetul antd most competent ad srithlmeticitans, tat its usefllness, and the ahsolute ne un cessity for its use, have been extensiyely insisted uton, s 0 so evallent, ineecd, have beea its advantages, ad its Ce ex savings, that, severrl yearago, whilst the first edition el- was scarce, atll ot of prinilt, a great tnmbler of accald n hand copies welre sought frit, soine to a gre t distanee. ro- and puermsed tit various Irices, as they could occnsion ally be picked up at from $t0 to '$5 per colly, and sck fomepersons have recen.ay declared, and instances ion eeould be quoted that they would pay $511, $tl(l, nlli $50o td for a copy, tfulotto be hatd for less, and on individual hs in tle later illstalee partievirly, havilng at the same i'. iime rtxhibited natiseactory proaf, to seveld Ipersons pr On sent thtt to him it Weas reallv worth that toney and 01's more thtough the saoving of Iias verl, valPable time, he being a very rich manland in publhi olice. Iof It is likewise worth-, of notice, 1d11 itndeed proper to imleaos, thalt such is thle natult of fige f worlk generally Natld lspetecilly whell of tile extent anlld ilporanlle of these ta los, thathnd this blook orits like loion rell'a ed in the usual mainner ione, It) the most coulpetwt ealculator in the worldi, and asftelrsnlrls prlnitlld most in eanutiolly under hisown correction of proof sheets, it re woulld, almost to a certaihlv, have bIlaet nsatal- lr i r crenlc,uand dear a:t any pri~ce, as the prfirelce duriicu tavle exlains. iu soý perfect and vainable have the tmelet) e ptates of this worklhen male .e, that tos1eelre I theml, e ititherllllcr tlllcus an extlriordinarlt CXl111111Uill( Iionts, ngtlist fire, for t-he generar l beIlcfit, hley are (Iby e tlantly keptl ill pa pce tl" spleeital Al AlphditeCltitons to tIll ltl s II a lll statute intlor at witl usetltsl hloltes, fllfllow tile pr,-lc , hich, in this i I ll f a ills tle twi O'. preceding editiOllns, lltainl 1n10 il h in, iolulr Is, tet dys tilgace, kt .t. li tIs It lltil sonly to re lilak I hat, I notwihstanldlll ltit adI )unconunoIelto 0 tI l wtork, wIhih w:is putelie.tlo l h.'flr( il- interest twl4es wo.introdhe+tl in dolhs an :Nd ce.lts hI. ned )ll tetlllliltun1ane, iaet.i soextensiveh 1 ll n liherallly Il 11tlniE d, it hasl. not .t so n lu11 :h : % 1 l:nid with inte 'si. tu hleal;) ols 1 arly lvn .r thlousald hdlar, het side, six te:urset timo fum| 1'7991"to 180.1, sulstined on the fi. s, tdil inll" 7lll illlt aot ties "II i2g Ihi, ll'y fII n, its puhlia-I tioh.l atl h~I I l, Iot i nll Ill'islv 1 1 1 l11) Iunhig .1I" comnplenýiln oI I ,ofit i"r ihnos. N lile-ti : nu l s:,erilsce. N% hcrl ltr . lht,- w hlb till r'N I eli,· NIle ;aice of pll., ic el·fr "- aIl pattl'· it t o ",':+h ) ,ht+ - ta lPri/... il 0 ,,,t-O' lie's/ i/n + ._the l U-1;4 .e.. NEW1 '·1]1111 o it, h Ih lll illllt "\ t 'A Th r ill il ill Nobilk I sio WOIIIio. iin '111r col m II; tli] lmr;* l(c1tlkl it IOilllll;I K ,ln n near':li 'I 1, 11 'Ill 1 ti It k, t mnal mor l-llli JluL nr ivr l I br sale by Wi!. 31 . f IN, SV & SCIIAFFIILR' coml.ou Flul x, i l tract ,tf Sarsaparilla, for the nreo of oltltinatt ptiona of thie skin; pimptleo or ltUo.tuhlo of tie t; biles whih rie from n ioo i mprlre state of thl od; scaly eru tions; pI ion ill ati bonel; chroim uulnatiom; to t, r; scrofula, or king's evil; wllit swit ling; syphilitic diasases, adi all disorders arising Irotll an impure stte of the bhlod, by a long residenc in a he- climate, or the injudicious use of mercury. Also,-Cave & Schaffrr's ormn Syrop, or In. fant Presurvative: the best preparation now extant. Amtong which are thie following:-lIndian Dye, fior col ring tir hiair; esar's Oil; Rnasian Bear's Grease; Pomatum; ichaw's Freckla Wash: su. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of lRotes; Vogetablo Rouge; Otto of RIos; Lip Salve; Kre. osite Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dentrtice; Orange Flower Water; Powder Puffs and Box i; Atonlr. can Ciharonal, neatly put up irk four .non vials; PSeston Salts; Cologne ; tKreilloto l'outt.ache Drops; Hair Brotitlte; English Dire ng Co bs6 HIoman Ilair Oil;--witi a variety of Urto PIerfi lmerie, &e. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C TRIN- ARD, Corner of Canal and lourbong, streets O)YLE Hk AY, Ilrose, Silg, tuntd IOrnamlt H I.o:ll ,il s t Sr iNo3 loele stret, two doors ltium Calllal strtec%. 4Imit:tions of the . lflowing woods iad marbles, ex eoctuited io nlmastierli nllmaner. \iiInaIS MAIIII.ER , Mdttga'lty, IEyytiot k and gold, OAk, Gn(alla :,,, Aitico, Pollard io, Oriental or verd aniijue, Curh"I Miple, I Store, Ilirds Eve do, larby Gntntie, Satitn Wool, Potomac, Hiair W\\ood, iove or Ihrdelllo, Yew Tree, Italian White. Cotrontdtile or BIlack Sianiml nd llrectells, Hose W od, Aiucrian (Grey, Asnt \%ilte Oak, he. o, he. Cotaled aln, Specintns to be seen at the shop. Paints, oils, glass,t olpal varlisll, &e. ob hand Iri or sidle. IL 0rN,.' EE1 & IHEAVY ri.01)---llit, square and Ii bnh.l ironu, qell assorted. iHoop, scrol atil rod iront, hnil rodls lnd pllugl Colt, German, sllcsr, blisterlad, spring, shlet alitd Growley steel llollnw ware, ent nand wroulht nilsa ntd spikes Zinc, block tin, mill anilt grll stoles, salt kettles Chain cables, inchors, llOs Ox, iog tI.d tinece dthllils, conll mills An ils, ies, Iinllonler til all bellows Wire, slleet, pitr)cl bai luead;l allot Cml, dll oolkilg stolves -Anmels, Iownillt,'s ind alther sniadlel tnd shlovels tlook and pltt binige, ilnnre andI window bhoks Caollill, Ilnnls, Sli pt, , sntll (at i el t axes !" "dI slI Mianilla coi.rdage, linles and twnle Iolt ll a heatillg cliltelr Natval stiIo1 Pait tso liiis l and flictnlleti l oil A full assortment (ilt hiarlware and ll bi ip ihandlery, alway)s oil hanl, antd whticll are otlfrel for saue at wlolei sale or, retail, ail the ilnost flivorable terims, hy n14 LAYTON k Co. 53 01l1 Levee. N EW GOOl)S-Silmnnons Blart & co are now 're ceiving front oil board lhips Yuzoo, aln Saramg;I nibrig i (oneonrdiao ffolt Now York, a greot variey i goods in their line, wltich together willh their firmea stock on ht.11, makes their assolrtacnlveryo plete. ''llh ollnilltto'ittlgooi iriirteeii: groni etiltoi.or,:,,4il4e, ltaik ntldreessiigti!tioltt,lliorn do ofall tlescrilitioini, , i dils rubber, silk nod worlted eletie cartrrs, omiconlin & fine elastic suspenders, loco faico andi Lucifer mitIcliRes, Stilfliaz powders, lowdlr pllffs andl botlxes, toilet iowller, pocket books and 6nlllets, needle ibooks, sb l, peniarl, iavr ' v and iorlcn eardl Closl Ieatll 0Il'aI o101. pnlcllin CO ral ,ieadso necklaces iool negligeea , ei d iushiesn, lbead oeckhlboer, ulst lisat n sd lain,dileransrond giltbenda, Itan erads, bells endllumres; tiol anil and largeLow Jer flasks, shnt belts, iorse, tblle . iocket atil dueiling .risttols ilrledabllsdhgl barrelled rons, Boowie knives, and dirks. rissor, sbears, jpoket knives, llard clhuins atd ribbons, waainrs bu:klos, hlotil, hiir, tuootl, nl,o oldth, arcnb0 illinte, plate, lootr and dustlng brtshas, Coltigno, Flornida, lavender, rose and bay waterassorsed essen-eAe, and eolraets, Mncctsaur, bear, aniare antis Ward' v-el getoble hair oils, slaoving and toilet snaps olall des riptlions, lalies.' anrd gaintlei ' ile i n i (aksnd dreslng cases, huir riegliets,frizeltea and braidstt, plain, .alv Itla iousical work boxes, plain nnd gilt, figured, elln.lnild vest butoas, pearl and ivory seirrdn, shir stlhllds, old slid silver lenoil cases, toollbllka old tolseeers,pblitcl and gilt lnockets, n,'ilihrtore do, ailver, lra.s nd uitel 6,hibiles, books atill eyes, ltir piesi, Imitiltilloi frulit, blk and redtink,slhoe MIhcking, violins and guirars,oibited anId in a rllieusiOll callsa, linll twintltlo, teloil ittllsh lens,ohld tld silver lace and frillne, ilr ialper, alllle bog,-riillg w'lipo, wollking erlrta, m olatog oaids, titn gli, 0l0tJ1 ondl gill jbwnllv tc. ai SThe abolve, rtlrolter with a gl'relt varietay ofther arti S lI."l Ot i accounudoatian . IMAIL AIt Nt A MM 'r Northern Iail, I e Ai FE% v Ily at I l- A. 1 , Cos Ev'rrv ,fay at 11 A. iA fDue every suday, Wednesday wtelo Mal. Friday, by , 1. . by a.y rof ýi Closes every Mondaly, Wdneesd Coast, and Saturday, bly 9, P. I. Due everyv 'Tieidy, Thursday, a The Lake Mail Saturda), ly 5 P. I. via S Closes every Monday, Wedneeday - EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCR &e. of the Expreas Mail, betwkn MoNile and New Yolrk-leaving Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Norlhear New York daily at 5 P. M bouthward. Arrivea Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Ktetrn'g SMontgomery, Ala. 2 pm. 1911's 23 h I1m. Hilledgeville. Ga. 2 133, p. Cuiai'. ,S.C. 7 am. 163 171 d Raleigh, N C. 54 215 22 12 it Warrreoan.Vs. 12 m. 55 fil a P- terabur, Va. 10 pin. 83 10 9a. I- ichmoorVn. am. 21 3 61 a Frederickslurg, 8 67 7 1 p m. nr- VW hingtotn 21 pm. 61 ,it UBlltimtore, 61 3 4 0 , Phildclphia, 6l am. 100 11 at New York. 2 pm. 90 8i 1:1135 143 h. or 5d 23 Northward. Comina Sonothward,the time is six hour Sless; bItig5days iend 17 bloura. 1Y EN i1t.A RSEWAIRD. e rANAWAY from 169 Curandelet corner of ilevi as JL strets,onthe night of 30lh of Auglst, lad wea . een the nextl orning in Poylras street, a negro oy naoIed CHAItl.ES, about 17 ynrs of nip, on fe se or tere ill I t, vry ck, n i d 'l imel int i n hiseeoof his ls i sor, Iee aeioer by a recent Ilhrt; lie tad oil whln be weat away a white Soltloll or linen rhirt lld white cotton ipanaloon. Maslters of vessnls and stlen hon)t are enationed a gninst receiving or harboring aid negro, as well as alt it othrpersons, as the uttrst rigt.r .f the Iow will Igs a uenftreod gaiet them. 'IThe A.ovet rewnnrd will be Iale By frdeliveritlg himin itlt oy of tiet jaila of either of the - unicillities, or at 16. Cnrolla llet , crner of Hevi. teo t et, sept to N()OTICE--The c' I nl.llerthilti- heretorolilre exisling .I iln doer eile firn of Diibois & hGarronon, las heer n- dissllved. Ilhe stibscrilor will liquidlte the allairs the ctonernli this city, aid requires lill pt'rn onot tide. • I e ll t i tt ke t llylltv lllt to iti oittly, tnt t il tItholseltlil, l Slndle hit toresell Ilheul fora etlle nie'l. h W.W. SWAIN. i- No. IllCanal reet' Artr Orleans u I AS OtIlwnas on hainl c it Iton ly , raceiring Irt. o Antimnny, Crude, ALrgol, red, S do reguins, Annatto, SplaP. . e Arsenlie, crude, Alum, , do npowdered, IIrazillette woot, .- <alosam eolpavia, Coeuhile1el, iluorx, earulde, jnltera, AiAeriean, , o lrefined, C uiea', i r, tIilstmone, Cnatle, F'talic', 'Tamplo, dl o ronll, do Cubia, do flower, do Maine, e Biremth, French herriel, i Castor oil, Ilnigo, BIengal, In, C iream tartar, lo Alanilla, cl Ctharides, dto tlernceale, ) Ado Albil, La woeod, Campea hy dcio assalietida, I. St Domigll e do inamonia, ilo Janaisea, i do tio Ienzlin, Camwootl, ut lo eaolsl, rnugh, lll Miidder, ombio, ne do ( ltern edl Nitiurilngto, InllonIri , do do S Amerie-r, do Core, i d o e a lp h o r, e l 0l d di n lo e ib h e o d o r i h,(l) io ( lach e . lo inceum, CIIE.IICALS. to in l , nit ioso, i. 't ot iC. cl e "llil'Oic . I (o nstic, do ulllllrintic, d91-- A helhine, Ilhe vitiniol, iit A t setnegal, Caloeul, Itp t do NAnnhe t. %:orrosivestllltimatie. 4ni teo Iqteganttl, hlorideof lime, (anmiboge, ~~Ysonl sllits, ,- hilper lerries, Ae erientlltr r e lstie, l 'lise do It leign , Sltd in iptetillal e I ag nesia, n ia lit h , 1lo 0 i le t tlt, ido A .merinj lietid chromte l atashl uoanot flake, Ski AoCet. StI Lll- 'ice Inll S r So o 1r Cleanl, tie aoissiln , Sul t inine. i e 1 t, t tergamott, T .u r et eCtie, this lilnsg tlin lt, Clhl ie ll owi dry, it, tI.ccl , d t oh i il udo i e ie do in oidry, , i rhuhi i K 1uell , tia i n Itt I l lll , td-eAtit i.tnttl, otGtii iermllnint SMosertt Virg, i huge, r.n tas, I,.tt leAul, rA ie A tie iei Stt I tt ati l Tt l' .itit i e -rd: nihh , A l l in at , 'I.,, ..I A do tAtt i;,, l gri ll Tl iti iL (III A, ' I':)l . I in, \ 'I r' I re.mll dIls li h. rs I. l . EigtiisheIi , 1\ rI ? r l, o n h Cu mit, , c r'il W e at litte ad til i t.. tI.I o A.Iv ttih t R lon l itie A i rrt in t U ev"i vam, o.-rt, " 1 (tt taipnttti lhtiil IasI, l lly l llav, F. L S.. in I iV)o. ILt Iord olitdat, nt rmarnce, by AllItne Onrlinglitl, I To let iroparld Lee. Wrntitten ib t iinself, it i I vals Ay a oenadtio oros" ay, tnratnl nted from tIle riar' i n l h ht, hoy a'%l thnniel (Crereee, il I yee. fur Sring N. 79 of itl vir's Eanily Library. ti].onel . t n1 & llheoeuw collete P nilln uini ln editio Ths varyh Icon-f ,cutors ru Iis.'s wh thrks. l.,ae's matosh and Englisr h Diionarn .in I vet, 3te nue Aent's a IPr anee and ERaylih Ditertioars. t At lo--A fitw o re ..sllontslf (;n laor Ia eMane gy liativo.rnt t'lnur ter' s t t Sati f silt fpertrqla i lhe Wilh vl.hin tIl illiill B Bulls"l (2l 1-I HIM -'2 l'll-'.1 nche Lot. At I's imnltrnveiJd intrlic Plens nnjallltla tinpers, winglhis f- JIIn recripilP , Jnld fOr knlh by In1:ll I)ENJ. I.EVY. SIP IN -Iyts ISIteitl e. &c olaAIN IllloIlTsalaitse,y Itee outhoro Ayeu r i Sp t tltlgilf,' iei t uli.u tTrais tlattat ctearaedter, ts generall dlif tltte eo therttlnriaoirtiet t' North Ameriett, ty GtI 't urin r, Lin 'Iohe Politicnl niraimnr, of tet. Unied Stlaes, or l bi crnleoe view of the theory and prrldtilwc te ofe ln.r A AIndtii t p AletI etie'tlF, ilttt th e retlli ,i s ltltltlel tl am --deliscer tni :riHlapted toi te g a ett o"e tt lhe Ulited S ln, v I'. 'I) -nsfield, Erl. N'Alto eretat iliidr et Trs iiterlAorsud wilh elarnacer d, iic nnlecdloles, s cll ts H all dal ldnll .isfsliorlnm r m , in Chlllhide notictO ofille i rineillu l erw:k riderslnstiierd Slrrofuht or ~ile't Evilo te lronlN.i l~httal tisrn, eke aeldltie Cubltatfeons a is-andigsitntu he i lrltos,thy the _re, et s lsai .t l rtoibf3Itutry tt the olhltoahrrtgoin rilintrstedol.' gsagar atrntat dgrte, ctaffrbnd wath tlOr vegOthlr sllbstone· I'INNOCK'S ROME, d c. P INNOCK'S IMPROVEI) EDITION OF DR iGoldFlmitih's Abridemet of tie Hlistory of Romn ) liVlc is pretixd ait Intronduttilo to the Shtdy o Intitutiions and Atiquiliis of tile Romains; with na eiseroons iolgraphicol inld historical Notes; and qline li Cons f iotinu & tttll etd of lstey Setimn. It. tstrnmtd with tiirly eo.rviOngs on wood, lby Athertol I'AmNoc n titiomroed Edition of I)r Golnand i'spo Ilirto ofEd nulod, tiron f tile lnvasion of Jilius Cart r to the deth of eoge 2d, with a ncotinintio to the ye 18:2. \Vith questions tor examintation at the end o seltion. IBsitlc a variety of valuatina infonMB tion added thlrougnlot ite work. Consisting of table of colltelpnlroay Sonvereignl nod eminent pIrsona Copilols explanatolry lotes. Rtemarks on tole poll, ties, allaers Indw litlnratore of the age. An uotl lille. tin Constitution, &c.&w . tilonstrated by toany ongr GuYs' ELEMtnrT. OF AR'Ro.o.t, and an Anridgmnep oflKeitih' New t'reatisJ on the Uee of G;lobes. New American oditionl, with odditiost anld ial o vemenl Inot tit ipli na ill'l astronoical part of the Ai ricoall Alianac. JALt reLreived and for snle ay Wi I MKEAN nov 24 enroter of Cai p and Commullan sih HARILPEIR'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. 1i ORACE, ranslated Iy Phillili Francis, ItDi, with II an lapendix, rtootoltithg trnslatnlOIs ofI vndtnUI odes, dn iy lien Jonson, Cowley, Miltot, IDrldm l'Poi Aiddison, Swift Cioattertoa, Gt Wakeield, Pnrm Brylan, . & t.l on som of tie tnurreeln ient ptooti of th dav--oallo I'I(EI)RUS, with tie appenldllia At Jdijl tramlth ted !oy Clrisoliler Sollltrt, iW - Vlao fibrnilng volutnesl and tlof"Ilhirter's Clasiilal LibrarV T'len Exledititl, of IIUilI'ItE CLI.NI(KER, b Siloillott, M\ i, with illneilcdir oilF h Atltitr, by Thll" Io I(lHocoe, Sallw, itew edltion, with illtttrottnito. by QL& (criLks latlk 'I'lLE lI I'St'; a Toirtely tile ailtior of "RicblmIt Milary ot lloirgldy," &e., Itw aditiu;t, 2 Vole o lOnnpiS iI ollle. I.o L ;,LI"FO.D;by tile antalr of tPolltu "l' 1 IDil- i .',I" &e, wllil, voltalt1t ' Oltone w ton l-ole) rk. . j" rre"Ke:eh

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