Newspaper of True American, March 7, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 7, 1839 Page 2
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Std fom Adanto W. Whigl t ork J Pro Footheoristo I at iýtoiltto", Prltttont Jooa & c t t a ,. at-orr r n r at osto " D Goidteitit itth h & Vortthhee A- ?t ". " t. . S+'.". , " . aT, k , . I led*it it, wts o ow Douglas sui SonshilpSanIhd a b tile off the pas-s. haitrn ýy ..e .. d S i de br eg Old Col oly end t r t ecar in M '~V A . r ·g td .cr- 11..... kto W. P Vigoe Iit&. . tt ,tdt dleen. ,. 1 roD totttt, to Ut r ie . S 7 nian, rom Meeeina. o A D Gose. S or. from It tdrtfhrd, to M atnr. d .o ell. frton, o J DDenegre. top , ClRo rk, f m tPaoton Roue tRtpk stt;titii. froot I~i, re I tok. (nargo ty to N J Dick 4 co. Poqlurgtert the 7th aeg p `Vbb. o, Buokhr, It days toom New York, to A T "ow .bo. Ie-.h| Anti,,lt,, fo. tV as s hviIgtowtt toot oM.liOttloot, lhrque Moth tio, and tooachor. inside eM aloip ULotia, returned thecitt with Itliptt Vicksburg SRott, britOritmrbo sod NOthr kotehort t rae. L9Ih the tr, t as5th. at p m; r"-ort,iarquer Allitnte ahore ot sebooshtp Z.iofftt A0 hor intlde,.toatt .Porpois.. com. I St *tIlkbAmertec ond btrqut KRoer Wtttlittms. T'otaolt ia oonio t up with oh'p St Mary and 3 britg. Nothing Io h tm river.t" Sltos Jorm gt loot from Havns.ton R .rnllitg & Cu. B D.vim eo , oth , fotot sttttun, to Master. Or- bet Rfts s, Cason,. ,ou At akapsa to Harter. N g Sskpaon~briggpgrld'n0d ther llahelia returns with Er rt t 7otMto a, t ,ndh rig rti met . Loft the her on o4,otOt.n t it attt ip t tutohto at the p.,, htrino dB I s, Foter, from NeowYork, In P Laidlaw; othoet Tiger. Rsis. FRmN E sn.. laving lowed ro te J. Dkha earoinbtttrk.apear, retorns with *hip 8t Mary, huVp Wiit st Ott4 Cttonv. Bagld Colony Nagle tfroo Itin Jncto io, to Masoter. rulotl, Utawtood, 1 days tll VoltroO.t Mustor. olimbue, Cumo; 2 d's hI " Itostonn. to !.ter e. Lt^ Lvt, Iartlett, i9 d's fit N Y, to Mstoet. title. tlonpop-to, Artlotrot. (mot Nntchitochell.. di pter BridIgewter, Wright, fironm 'l'help. :=b r o ltpr otAtoter. trom L.oisville. Iltallan,iLewrncen, Rom Clarkvillo.' im. oit dw'd bhippott Ptarnelt, rom I.n1 t vilto. a.ttabt m of tuouri. Finch. from St Louis. EXPORTS. UlO.TON..ter .htp COutdtoi..earto IWk ttle. cotot. Sa 82 botlOur, Ith ham,. Ot11Ltkgo lard, IlPbhalfIlt . • • ..... ....Per brig Pnndor.. eon rso66" [bli and 30 half do pork,-3,. kegt WeI, 720 b' flour, 45 hbi tIslow, 3 tiereatohdese k hanchord. ,' W YORK.;Perohip oavitUot...rgo +1945 a doour; "425 . boles tottot. ....,.......a Per brig.Hetry Hbllrook..targo 71 ihd. st-. tar, 30 hhds rum, 150 hhdit 95 tierce andt 90 blbl mtolases. MALWtAX P.PerSustohranl..caryo 156 kets, 50 half is 1 pork, 840 do llortt400 itckso tar. and I bate of ,. VANA..Per polo,^a Porque..trargon 0 hl flour. ' " ANllORA;. Per uhi Mobile..cargo sundry. sets of dry S goodst& merhatndieo. 4 KI T WEB. .por loop Citizens. In btllost. (OALVESTON--targo sutdry oroal ]to flour, rneu, lard, ba.hs, pork.- oaon seed. buttero rice nolasses ilar, sorap, chrroe. corn,n grdel seeds, viteo ga•nr, bran dy, gin, airs, apples, oil, cIothitg .. Iowder, hirdwtorepopiees. Uy, "IAVA&IA..Pqr brig Douglo...argo 15I 0 tacks rofeie, :00 KIIY titg Al 18 tons ice. to J Fure. St............. Perhi Coltuulbtr..altgo 250 ton0 ice, lot of -- yL - furlituret ond ossorted meotrchtdito. +t li 1w ORK..tHer thip Lorvent..oargo ssooted moethan. W.ALCO por ootlc Soloon..rttgo 1l2t rotootrotto, It hidto, S . o nd Ii tot oflEgot, lto W id Beal add otder. CONSIGNEES. CONSIGNEES. 1Po eblp ,;s.irs, R ILLriflegr, Goo Puelhaan l -ro Iwwrbeo f |.flI.o;'l'hln Dhrl|.glon 4-,co. Godfrey, Lou i · M Lmall J VYairn . co; Goendman v Levy. A G aot f co, Iva. CtlUlleml.R I! Molll, (: Ityrna, JosI andi. It co J A ShMeSdtt.8 HT; ssn, Pierce IShlnood & broa, Sionn & tire, w' "'hna &r O&ans. R Cronh rl - co, Com'tock, Iyde & co. &ome Hwthorn. J A ].rella i ica. i H Field f co, N B Isit.. l A Merle & co. Yetlmun 4"& cc, Ileac, & co. W B m- tMd., E Cr.... FEE, east ....Sutton. Jolla CU,'ton, "n..d R S.utmi.n.' PershipColumhn. ..esrsJ;ld+h' urpro J Veirln - reo A Willac 4" a, 4]llbtrt, tevant fr ce4 J Tiu3 sr & co, IDlihdnnn 4rJaeo ted.* oo, F M Wood, s co, Mr Clapp, l .k o Cl('app & co, J P Hllr.z Harris Lyaon, Gen 3.3i, rh CPlini Wm Iaywool, J'Loritg, (i W UIlke, Jur §`" PM y-Adraws J H Hilton anld mas~ter. RECEIPTS OF I'RODUCE. 'N"tchitoehes..peret.Inor Bonapal ta..913 1oalps cattlmu, J B llaoehte ye co. 77 doA Rlardle t co, 72 do, A Iedolx a co $,,Pcc &Ouxrinel 4 Ir. 1o, IlndoColmanr & Gridley, 10 do, A oie dJ.'° J3 d°, helh 6:m·l& To omo.... 52 do. J ... Ipe w ieYr rofile, 5 "do. Win Blowman, 92do, F rý B alleoqp Degoles, 24 do, W Flower, 2 do, Themos Hr ºapilcdh.Dolpho &,Annnnlt. *i'1 -a i temer Dridgowilcr..240 bales cotton, 4G Der pp 160 do, W M Bual. 60 do, A I MN~tllan. 5: do, Armour, Iake W.llor+ 32 dri, W 8 Dick:koll. L29 do, Merretl, Jon sing It coP ,o133do, Adam.. ., Whitull, 3:1 do, Thes Barrett, Jlm do. No{lllt, 'l'Trpin & WtV3tt, o ll) o Walkrlker. 34 do, ,i" Alen &.+Agler, l-co, Ifdo, J Collis, 70 do, Buckner, 8atolt Aop; 11 dto, G M Lee; !lddo S W O~key, V 1 ll.,,, Lyons, Harris 4 co, 4 do. Hubhsl 4f Gooch,-.3 do,. A Ledoux o. co. Lourvillo..per~leamcr Emprecs.. I04 coil rope, 9i pieces aigglng & 160 his flour, Stalrkey - WitthllLgam. 1.50 pieces blnpýlih, I55 coils re ai, Fortalll, ReLmiu o. co. 50 III flour, II-den & Hall, 143"ldo, to order, I2 bhds tolbcco, A if WVal . Ine & cOt 21 do, Cormnll J McMalhon, 5 b.. bncon & keg .find, W C eI VNllghlltg o .5 hales, caton, N ¢ J Dick 4f co, 1.- Y do, MWhitoe f,110do, Wm M lleal,41 do, Fors)th f limerick. 08 do, W IHo.ert, 25 do. S W Oakey a co, 45 do. It _.qqnt. Turpiln & WElL, 13 do. Taylo,, 4]ardeor & co, 69 do, .imbeth " Tllompso11. 10t do, BuIrke, Watt 4f co, 8 do, Allen lm? & co. 95dc,H alluy. 35 do. Lyons. Harri rf co, 147 - do, Bergerote 13 do. J S Curtess & roe. 62 de. Kirklnl S• ernalhy &.Hminn.4 do.P Dale , co. Acyroux, Arcinel & co. - 6'do.Jlnle9tForrlday 4 co, 369 do, to order, 100 kegs Mi. H O!Ame, 201 ag., 1:3 kornes, 39 bhs eggs, ·30 doe chick -es cad 39 de, tdrkies, ownoas on boalrd. Loellsnl'e..per steller Edw'd. Shippen..878 bt, flour, T GO+owland, I7e sk. beeo, WVlhitridge & r. il lhw whiskey a 9k do Sour, A 8 t.wearigell. 18l Ids flour, J V e ure & en, ,' bhalf f ebt wild l do llleal. S Hell. 150 bhs four & 94 do n :key 7 horses alnd 3 cerrieees owues on board. 300 keog bed.K I W Fetter, 4"1. hili-key. Cupt Parnell. J~Iat Lou..per .icemen Blla of Liislouri.. 1317 pigs lead, E5 WlsLh, 13.flB'pi. lead, ofneron board, 3100 pig. lead, John YtltW. 949 pipe lead. 131I1 . our, 8 s.acks bran. 43 hie h oi" rk sad kegsbutter, 20 bLilm kerr, I2 kegs lard, slid I Ilurs,. Abraham Trier. 6k kepllhot, R Croning +. co, 3 bxl mercllan. •dle, R H M.Oill, 15(I dra, wheel.; owuecr e bonrd. ' , MEMORANDA B rig.Bwtw on 281h ultimo, pserod thle wreck of a very " !mrleshlsRoff End'of C:rry Island. wlth 3 lower olllat tlles id. ly., nadlowsprit;a umuDer of wrnxkels alollud her. On Minorlt., p +od ihes wreck of u Portladll baig o~ Gem, Key Snorltk'd of the light I oner. • Tonw bIat Tigur uI lier Inws, hunud up. come ill ao.amie wish t rehr (+oilsl. beupld d+,w., nnder callso.ol the l night dblhe 5thinll, at 9 pl l. Thlle illr C was cont lown by a owigin tow Ofthe Tirer, and imme,+iatalv fided with water; . Mk pnmanlersnd crowI wit tbl air Ibripg., gat on board the tow et, wlich let Io her tow .nal towed up Uho Ichr " nto lomre, cud rsmmiued by her all nlght. MARKETTS. Corrompondence ofNew York Times. I.IVIRI'OOI. CO'|' OT N MAnIAR I'; Fell I. Thlclaslt'ofludo ill Manchester ben causoused lanuid do. -. nd for cottou in ollr market, which, rellmils Ioleredy flrln, ste especially as resold. Ise hiner quaili., they have fully elpll.aled prey ouspriroe. vIol middlinl deeeriftiomu, alith' tley were ip mine few instalgces old ht a depresiOll of id SN lb.h, wore not getmranlv lower. Specolators Ippler to have ,.id fatbh prerent befi ns buyers and sellon, sild ile. ReMare have ntsiey purehaobl ucnticenct to satisfy immediate Swealq 460 Cartbaloega ad I'' Peruvian, were thIs day oufered fe uK_ g. e ,idq bUtlie pulcltawI wgre to be loot. 5700 Ametsrle· m'werblkea on sioeulntio.,end tie satire treanus .+ io lenmprive 1fl,51btbafe. Extensive holders were noltprre -. 411z and tits opinion ' is moare igeerely eotertd..l that RImforth..oing crop in A erica wiit Dly prove a moderate C4]TTON ItARKET. Feb 5, - I.Fie.Trickl the ahove, mlt bhge hae hblaged hn.dl 4---- -pmrlertbesra!es'vryiug flom 20tk to.'UO per day, tali tal i market closesO idday etlher quietly lKai every mp ' jyhne of frmne. M0 blles Au.meric were tken on --+. .,MiIiftion lk morming. . " S ;, + • LiverPpool Tobacco Market, Fe6 6. . Takingl i c doo oidrution the exceedinc high pr es of ,. •'ýlio a tgad l4,cinre0 wl tLan uled ,ill that irtilcle thlbrooout I/ pas1t 4% oor sixrnLrs; ;dn •te ratio havs ralt + wth 9r slppert. ' 00 hhdu bad changed, heds last 'week, id4.Id l i takenll Fd r rlandid and 8 onpsculstmio, _m aisle. of the praredll m mhth mouunt to 840 hhd., l 0 -"s ollhrci rear w o, ell r oe, d, 50111far citporlltion, I m1 bild., fm 'r ''ed 4 U,, remaider ldosl wish I urchll $s iu the trade at Jam. . River'1,eal ou-d'. .:......*....-09 a. . d. - d u +d o d.o ItO-1 ............. I I n 15 -! -.e0 Alo ctmmdmaudw ........9i a. 1.3 Sele.mky Leaf ................... 9 • a do= d. * ·tommld..'.......4I r 15 .. Viri*iu mHNea da ............... S n, ,. - lli M 3RIT'? oF r W OPI A~AN. *J1IIF prtt cot c ~! ult 6s tv~duy iv *7 SI' peehann'l A w.o$L7 pblolog to 1t arid,) the bakers nihll give du. %t attidnig wek(frmnmtonday 25& iuo,.) 37 buu fora b.a Bretal of Thsecond quality i nigh 15 per. cent. more, vie: 46j tunce. C G2ENOItMavor. 'TI hSANK, New 0rlea. Marlrch 1, 1836. F411 Inryl.of Ditrectn aof thitliotitutiin, have this * lastf a Biialet4 of lair per. o[i on the dF, .Pyrabii ttfA, thtir txeo,epo, a lr'ludhy tht' lid. lont. i J ALPKiEY, Cshii r. Bt~ f o i favor tofin ýir X4 wsP!gJ - 'at r, *ý tid r~aiiitiot Ti.tfRSDAY' MARCH 7, 1839. • n eilowng eport, Survey and Exa mination were made in compliance with the 7th Section of the. Act of 13th. of March; 1837, which requires " That 'the Civil En gineer of the State shall cause, vith the least possible delay, surveys to be made of such houses as he may deem expedient'for the passage of the' Road from the City of a New Orleans to the town of Uncle Sam ; and shall report the comparative advantages and cost.of such routes to the Board of Di rectors of said Company. di Neow-Orleans, May, 1838. & Hon. JDoGE WooDRoor, President B. P. TV. of La. r Sir-I beg leave to submit to your cansi deration the following Report, upon the t survey of the Western Route of the New Orleans and.Nashville Rail Road. The survey was commenced at the South ern boundary of the town of Uncle Sam, A on' the New Orleans and Nashville Rail n Road, sixty-one miles from the city of New Ii Orleans. "From this point the route pursues the course of the ridge dividing the waters of the Ponchitoulas from those of the Nata bany, until it strikes the latter stream be low the town of Springfield. On this por tion of the route, the amount of work is about, equal to the similar portion of the located line---both lines passing through a very level country, with few elevations to break the general harmony of its surface. At Springfield, if we take the straight line as drawn upon the map,. we would be ob-ý liged to have.a drawbridge, which would cost as much to make and keep up, as the Ii draw at the Piss Manshac. Passing from Springfield, the country be comes more broken, particularly as you ap proach the Ticfah, requiring more than double the anmount of grading, that the same portion of the Eastern route would require. We would have an embankment over the valley of the Ticfah, about fifteen 'feet above the surface, and over half a mile in length, which can be found in no instance, on the location of the Easte"n route. The straight line would cross the Tigfah at Rotme, with a bridge about 600 feet long, If with ain average depth of 20 feet water. By'throwing the line one quarter of a mile west of Springfield, the drawbridge at Springfield would he avoided, leaving only one at the Ticfah, that is if Blood River, a branch of the Ticfth, should be declared not fit for navigatioa. The bridges, then, across the Ticfah and Blood Rivers would a each be about 300 feet long, with one of 125 feet at the Wallabout. Leaving Rome, we pass through an un broken country, gradually descending to wards the Lake, until we strike the Amite, ' over which we would have a bridge of 350 or 400 feet span, provided with a draw ' with an average draught of water from twenty-five to thirty feet. A Crossing the Amite, we enter upon the Great Lake Swamp, through which we pass to Blind river. I think that this portion of the Swamp, with the exception of about A one mile near the Amite, is decidedly the ,worst I have seen, and I have traversed a , great portion of the swamps in the region of the Lakes. The timber is small and un fit for use, and in many places we have no tn hing but gum, unless near the Lake, where o the timber is as fine as any I ever saw. We now cross Blind river, with a draw bridge four lundred feet long, with from twenty-five to thirty fret water, and after following the Lake shore for about four miles, we enter into.the great swamp, com prehended between the two Lakes and the ' Mississi1ppi river. luississnippi rivr. r This swamp, as regards the difficulties to be encountered, is about equal to that por tion passed by the eastern route, between Lake Ponchartrain and the Pass Manshac. The line would strike the line of the loca tion, after running through the swamp for a distance of fhurteen miles. The easternt route, from Basin street to .the intersection of the two lines at the south ern boundary of Uncle Sam, is 61 miles long. The western route, from the same to the same, is 66 miles, 1600 feet, making an increase of five miles, 1600 feet over the location; and this increase is Cypress Swamp, there being on the eastern route about 14 miles of swamp, and on the west ern 22 miles. The Western, route, then, without posses- 1 sing a single fiature of advantage that I can see, gives us the following result to shew its inferiority. 1st. Five miles, 1600 feet increase of line, and that increase had cypress swamp. 2d. Four bridges, each with a draw, that would cost as much as the draw at the Pass, with an average length of 400 feet and 22 1 to 25 feet water. 3d. On one half of the pine woods part of the line we would have almost double the grading that we have on the Eastern route. GEO. T. DUNBAR, Engineer B. P. Works, La. We do not often take the trouble to criticise the style and diction of our contemporaries, for we are not confi denlt that wando lnot sometimes lender ourself ohnox iouns to criticism. lut -yesterday's Adiertiser has n leadi." editoriil, which for Classie elegance, and unlln awerable argunleilt, for harmuonious flow as sell as biting seaire, has had no equal since the days of Ju nis. The sc.sring itht Brougham gave to Ityron e han he was but a fledgeling, and the hard knocks that Jef hrey received in returll, when the young I.ord's temper was tp were nothing to te 'tpelting" of this pitiless f reviewer. Hle shsolutely demolishes the Report ofithe S(Chairman of the Committee, to whlm was referred the SAlemorial of the Native Aimrican Associationl 'Trim asate rit:e, who himsielf seemts to know nos muoth of any other la~anage as of lthe Engli., nut only e objects to ile pirit. but the letter .f the Repist. And yet we have never seen Inguage "mor, lainely and un fashinnably" cttistirecrd. Frs- instance, hire is a iesatifal seusaner: S"We do hot view that report with the grnvatees or erbiusese, Ilita such tPrei miight siem toi require ftr se tilsik it onset Ihe seat singutlarl' defeitlive inn assu ,ing, that we have seen, of a public nature, for ansdtittle.i Ad yet tile learned critie squintt ant d sneers at the laaguage if the RIeport, which is, to e y lhe least, much e betterh tan hisown. He goes on to.sayofiliho Report: aItstaten is subject t be foreign naturalisatioin, or the ada of nutsuralieatil,.a r fireign ent, nries: yet giesa not one word of advice or instruetion nt that pIint -oir inedl, dais it give it eiy on domestic natreli isza tion: or its whole el, and tendency, are against ihe laws and sthe rights ,f aulffr..; in reah state, and cot ir fined ti.tem alone: y Iest a ditsretlly advises Conslgres t. t istmsfere wihth esrreignt of thef lis stae n sUeli case-wisely fiS'setirig that even if til'eneral Iltaintr liratltn laws of our eountry wees alisred..oraehlil..d, the aepera sartes have an undoubted ight to nasetiralise israip Isa ta e e aidaespsts o a aled etire lb tihe er ieesr aegiiylein eigaltb .lo, lan d."l Andtut e u sad Ipte s ..latl'ns arth sulr.eelorusntahes f~. p.Rvph o ibtdli ano to li . 0nte Isat alitdrlais ;arma the adelminn oti Us Ieegasrsr,-whos ta 0ast u .ba l'eaim th parr el LEnyu ,i a , eiti" l pr ivileta with - .... .ba wsl a...-e --th .,_ 1iweIau e1Ftý sa, i nsesatir-as eit.imate bI paI i tiliia irlO ti nay seek ian nahitrlent em-. and hteal-itlh in;.fujtrr, yet preventing iteir in:terl.r . ] qinlte.gnsattti given lbbven the 'Adver lemr writer tL inty ti. , rihibtiln a temnarnabtl ktdinwltd inI if atm relatiints existhtbetnwentl thie General inivelU- (2ot .mer.ttindJthe Qlate. Heforgt, thbwever, that no State ing can have laws antagonintic to the. constitution of'the con United Stintens,it l ch-in the great Chart by which the m whole Union must bedirected. If that be amended, no ape as to exelude foreigners frqm politiena privilqges, ano ma State law coan bestov the right upon them. eat Our intention was not to pursue the vagaries of tijs to "learned'l'hoann," but to enll his attention tack to thie au extreme rleganee ,d' his own anrite, and bid him examit e n it once mnor before hie again attacks the style of lnompo. anl nition of anaother. 'The exrcit we have given is so clear, so free from flaw, and of such. "xcelltent gram- ill latlict)l purity of language," ithat we find it impossible Int ,to withhold our adoiration! But if that is not satic- rel f factry,tlok nt athi seitentce. el "Te monament nuch doctrines are seriously and gene rally eratertnined, reputliienicmn slmall Ihave died in our i country, and the epoch of monarchy shall have omn- foi The writer had tiehter look over his' grammar fir tile cc disthletion which should be observed between shall and Pa trill. ta The Advertiser says: "The committee ngait dogntiteallnv Anert that the right of nlffrugo is fnunnded on miiitarj. daty." Ii Now this is a wil'ul perversion. The committee say re that foreigners lay claim to the light of suffrage he- pt Sacanue they are compelled to do military duty; and the) 1I ho'd it ip is one of their chief arguments. Ir We will motice another asrertion or two and leave the oi t Avertier's article to ito fate. The writer talks of the tl i natulralization lawesof Spain, France and Mexico, and v the special nets of natnralization of tireat Britain.- p Is the writer so learned in the law, that he is ipssessed w e of what others havee yet to learn, that foreigners are ad f mitted to political privileces in those countries? It Ist thee t irstime we ever heard that England, France, or 0 Spain are in the halbit of naturalizing foreigners. We Sshouhl not he saurpeied to hear next that some long SIheaded fellow fonom the land of notions has taken the chair of the Ilonse of Co, mons! I S Thechairman oif the irmmlit.ite, Mr. Brashear, who mande the repot. is n initelligent soiithern gnntlrmnn. o O who.throll h a lifi of expelnrier.le,hns srmn the disndvnn . tages of lie present lbws, and the necessity of amend 0 mnt. He has, in his replort. tnamed thle rauses whilhI p lhave indtued tihe formation of lthe NativAmterieon A-. i socintin, in n brief hl t fmirihlt manner. amdrl ve think to I tihey are amply sufficient ito warrant the )eporto and the d re=olutio. lie han wll tated thaint tie time iha tionsed c. by, when tiere was a necessity frr frceign aid, and that those who aided us then, have e'ther lft clhildren to en n joy the irestintabtlr privileges,or are themselves incor poerated witllourciizens. Every day altnostilluatratea v the f ct, that the worst part of outr population is of to reigtn origin, and that when our annals are stained with t has rarely been committed by a native Ateri. a can. We are willing to protect tllose foreiners whot le any seek our contry; blit, ignorant as for the most I p, part they are of our institntlons, we would abridge their oe political privileges. at FROM 1Illi: MAINE: FttONT'lIER. g, Currespoamdenev of the Iteton DtI ly Advertis er. ANcoR ME, 11K., Fetb. 19,1839. a Tihe exitemlent ccnsaiaed bl tile Arnostouk exaiedi- I at liu has Colltinltle c ti(,ghntint ilthe ide, ihugm aill pr-i per clines atind Ulllderaionl has prevaliledl. .n ehave ly been cootilouliv arriving from till parts iofthe counltry toi a enlist unler tlie'slleril"s in, or, aed ablout e5(1are l.tow t a hieh way letween ,tlhcity nand tie Aroostokh river. A cncompaly of vlmulltoers, cocnsilmting of aboutr Gi in nilm i e, lie, currieedl Iin totI-daiy PIonAuguctn, amtl passdt Id incediatr"lo-lc's t iolt teir way ul. i"rml hemi 1 letrn that tie grealioest enllthliuiasl levails i tilhe villige of lthle Kennlebme md inll ile nL ltrtntnrv tlmIIgh eilic tley ihave opassed on thelir Wll eir. NUillerlta individalas offered chmt selve ibr clli-tient as they paPssed, bat of clrse refused. to- The soldiers have behgn to arrive fromn rari us parts te, of t divisios under t; eneral Iodsn s IllilitaryV order and will trobably eaicily nil arrive doting the vtaucig or night. TIhcv are Inot expecte to ilarc ilunediaelyl I plrs ollle one a ltiees are )lstell labnIt town by the O lQurter hastc Ibr Irlplaus It) provide u urllrh~r for Stilhe troopst. The lillerl novicio lllrdet by our legis a talc io n eet ll emrellcg y, is received witll acclunla lie iol liere, nid aneets witl nliversal unil'lollitin naitini tile ipeple. Th'Ie itrating of the Ioldiers in the cty 1ss was completed shi mornilng. Amollng those drawI n nild of dtancled inr very aic y oour young men frot all pro lt essonls tnd em tir citr e wil be fully re restated at Aroostukekn n"i ro nop tull h Ithe 'eto tuit agellt ,lctl.nogllio tand i:r lelllw prisoaner SCapt. Tibhert, are clstill at Itoe tntncr Ilousn, enjoy cilg Ott tion etalll supplo c d teiltoi t; They neet aikl Ithe tIc- kindest talentiln, uail their torrille otaies aI alt tritisn 0 valh r altnd b a (uelle'a royal troe lt receve oll lhat er-t n delre which tneny are enltitled to n S Much Iartpeheesion is flo ly many v blsod ile11 le i i:e.d, nold tliit wIr ilt Idll it horiorset i- anlhul to visit ic, while athere, n very lorugI ct are, e fully of tie b'lief wC tlIut our troopa wilt :nn tbe merli taed to retrrn unllrm ci ed Io thleir rcipeii, e livllles. Mlty l eeiI tr tlvor hiin last otle.ititun. 'I he season of 1tirt o ar end Ith t eile Oct"f (i)intrltite trelder it warnI ,i, t" in ll tl at preact. wvl lie the hater cause operates ti m stlake ulh tin eveilt tit ny oilier reasunt et ceny out omt the e question. he 'le p'ac is a pracllablre from rn side brv t wher read only, trite the Iriti-h cide n I uhtas ltrn ii at up on the iice--ud ltit tile iresent till a I )ritoh t riha owayfnct army, in to say thie hlen, oury dillicult. If Dr- Ith o tile ullerai l lln o oirllV oare ct nilrld ,nalltrelv to en the derfence Tof ullr territory, it ics Ir lilylli ilt Il(Iet i i.nt they itill be biti fiebly i pip )-id ail d fird iittfe dillieultv 00. ictOedeing. If, hoo.oever, tiiey attapit it ri pnre, c in, 1 Ca- tnllch fornard In toiretlrrcllt , its it is conltenloaitttld l.y for eoe,tlben nctlniy cole tle ti of war. Since writing the atote, the arlly loas grcntly i ereased in tile eiy-- ci r city hall Ihas bieeot ilttoeni Iar to severaleollcinnls wio are at present qlrleretd there for the nilght. Plnt t an. A letter dated Autguitn, Feol. 20, says -Co. Igo-ers ule anltMr Mlotitiee. oir liducted I.aitl Agoent, hlave et to arrivedl. I Itndierstatlll tlcocars. tcltile, ullSllulhallndc I'illsbty halivebcn rtleased oiln their paile of honor an Cal. lingers tritgs a letter from Sir Johnt Iltriey. in he which lie reiterouts the demand made in his Ifrmer let ter. lThe asiect of tihe casne is let, as I learnt at all 8 changel by tite issllin of Col. iRogers. Sir Jottb ate latlvev bnc ent t force tf niuout 10tt men to the Arons t- ttk. "'fbey iwill sootl be followed bly an tllldonal force. lie saoys hi ordera are to delfend tihe disutedei territory and lht he lshall dlo it with nall thle free under es- icoant ol. I learn tlhat Gtv. FaiCrfiel will ordeir i t ho asn t ml trtomps frome this (K en nmebei ) i lic li ,,a u ' the W ad 0. ,-.. 70.t mt r AcinIat No. n 0 'i tie ,i Isoi,:n.l in of fiue apilcito. 'iltairitiltnrs were dmily inulrc 1 sig. LATER].' IOIM F:NGIf ANI). Thile Britislh Steamllr I.verpolnd, Cupt. Iyrer, arred It'.L t 7 o'citieSk thin nllal g. h Ilie llinenlle. frelt Iiverpllll to Ille 7th, inl LOndn ilto th illll"th l IIh rl.ry. We are abile to plublish little else than the slse of the mallrkets The (Queelln opelned the ses.illn of Parlinlnelnt in ncr anll on the l.5th f Iebruary. T''here was t n unill salO numlber f peer jio i tltllenld . 1cer Mlajesty does lot refer to tile snlej..l of heP corn iuom. 'lThe llellner IaelI 11illiam arrived at Iliterpnol on the 3d of Feirualry, making her plssnge fim thin s cit ill sevantllleen dlays--wleather v( rv Iloilsteroulls. Thie ti.kit hip Shel|.eld ichii tailed in cllpany wthtlotlie l Willianl iittrivted eflLiverool, and tieltt hItr tletr igtII a.Ihtire oni the 5th of Irebruarv. The PetInenylnini teae bnitged ler positiuuta~ld now liel With ler lead ntrtheast. PACKET SatP (XelI)Ini.--lThlilfilne vesel, the hull of which,t lholigh it lIly ftr at whole fortniight otl the iunll ef "inootlen Iwl, did Inor erllSrstain anv dlhlten, in it, in ile Grevil.g iDocth refiltite.- Shle will ntt, ho.evir, be tledy to re lite I e ler ltti u u ntil tle 7 t11 of tll rh when she will sail for New York. 'lhe piocket hit: N. America till eil eo'l' tursdav i xt in lier plnen . mWe bve alreadyv nloeiced the skill x|ld eournge which Cllnl. ticulibolle diplnoyed urieuing tte hIurritane in whicll ibs noble vteeel war iottendef. We hale. herorelre, nev plensure ill slntilg thatn thle IIlnger Ien thi vessnel, tfr New Icrk, hve presnein oll t (:pt. Ratih Se a ands oelllr vase tos a anrk of their etei·. 'The Vicltoria, clem Cithrleso Ite ie* port, o Aror noue I.enaowe, nf:er every preplttrllnn being leade Jfr getting her off, received so Imuch datultags te atie will Ie Ctoahlllerlu.b T'he tollouing in the spre:tl of ther .mleily froil tite ".llv Lordsl nlld (Gellllemnen- I re,ti . Ill eet t ovititgllill ill Parlinaet. I am penr. i iularelyil esirti i;f reeunr ig to your advise and assi iancte at a periould tln mur thttty natere olf greiat ItiperI inline d, mtltld ynir eriots nd IerliTberate tirtelltiut. Ifen tiie IIt reeiveron rofreigt enn ater notrratlle.s of ilthir desite to Iltaeiete witl tho IhnllOest friendly reletions. I lihave neniclllted with the Etinleror of Aultriel a treaty tf olll.neret wlich Ietrutl will exttlltd and im prtile iltnletuurale Iewen sty ulbcail and toeea of lite Etoite ror. SIilvn tllmi oanltided i treiaty f ithl sme kia il with the Sitttaln, ield"-luied ito pl.c tibn et-n ti reil relatilos bPtwenl liy d m. iiat anod filea T wrkidllh emlire rpin a beltter anid inlerF secure fitinlg. I liaer diltcted copllies of these treaties tole laid be. tfore yolh. I have tern cengged in co rerrte iii Atsria, France, - Irunsia uanl Ill'ina, itIegrieliteon wilth at iew to i li-,el selltnent f thei d:ff-reotes belween liolland and Belgeiulm. A rlefitive Ireatv orpence, fetndird upon ntllterior nr. rangeeinaew, ieltlien. betine-.led lilp ohv Ilh.llaiirties, hel, it eonsequenllee, :;t" pr1oilnd to it Ie utbh and elilli llgnrer ieentt. I hbve thesaltisfa'iin tiinfarm 'nou that the Dutch ovete r.tientt. .i already esignified tI tnt Coanfereie its rceelauce of lIhat trrlanend I -Irene tIhat imilar antnltenteent fir, l the Belgian go. rernlent will pitt an oeti tin that diquietudi wriich tie preeenl tin-ulted satee noftlee afftair bhe necer.enity 'thie untr miiy.d f tl Five Allied' Powere aff.irds a tifaetory neitritefe tine tlireretnmlnlt if pece... I. Imnntthie cntitintnee -of itt tiil .wair. in dSpain, whlich ellageen my anelnoe etuulltdinniilnd Itllentlin, I-. )Irenee . wtehr hare- erinc bpvep oenailined tie. rerhetinet if mi.tieter (rnt( the Cuurtaf Tneeean. h indulge, hi weerer in tme hpei ot flea.ming t e ae teie fectory adijutmett of. these d-iferephee will Allew of r 'thi-c· eentbliphmeint ni ra melatitte with'Pertte egrtt tl~ir ftieuner fttinte of freeibip. Eentt Kteonnetted wjih tmie jqea dibgetee bar, nitre Iii petole"t ieg tlttiem e sms-eatn glinat mpmgler-l' tbe n rlt ted me eutlt-riM 0ej e m3eats, the Ieltiecet iltnu Ital ' rso miliitire egeetmiane naceitry. me)L mIFangs is tIt eerpparee t'dta been nlam r. may Il ttiftiup to I n sfpj Wa'ay tltuter and to mahintain'oi integjmit~ fl.e; t.ito. 4odou i mn:, , Time eform oend att..idmtist of te Mlunicipal riCot porations of lrdand are esrntialto tdi iiterest of thai part of ty tlmunllmons. It in alon I.rgenf lnt you ialmnhl app' In Ihe pr.eetlliluo l nsel atemrlOiOU of Ilob tnniieauree whih Imove been recnmmended by hoiie'EelieoiasticalI (inmmislmere of Enitlend fur the iotrpot of.increas ieg the efficiency of ilia'e Eetahilihed Chhurch, lad of confirming its Iold. open tihe .ifocitomo nod iespect of ' I better eifnrcemint .of the la, ant the mine I speedy ndmhiis'ration ofjustice ale of the first import anoe to the welfare of thllecououmity,and.l tel nemlst e 01 that vyoun will h ixious to devote' yourselves to the exnamiinatiOo of he mensures which will be submitted to von for the ,iurpose of attaining tihese benefiial ri uf ..s. Gentlemeaof heIJ House of Comonnro I have directed the Antlnnl Entitates ti be prepared tlI l Ilid .hefore vou. 0 SAdhering to the plrinciples of economy, which it is my enoinre in every dlepartment of the s:ate, I feel il my duty to recneommed Iltat nadqmote provision ie inada ur the exigencies of the tii, tgp teeo . I fully re!y on 'yoer ovalty anci mntriotisn to maintain the I efliicienoy of thoen rstablisiomenets whichl are essential to the strength and security of tihe country. Mf Lords nod Gentlemen- Iit is with great satisfaction that I oam enabled to in that throughout the whlole if my West m Inian rossessions, the period fixed by law f,r the final anid p. tomple te b tmni rtionl of thle nlegroen has Ieoe untici. d poated hy acts of tie colonil legislatures; und that the trensitimn from tie toemporary sysetem if npprenticeship m entire freedom itas tuken place without nf.n disturb ance of public order and tranquility. Anymensuree Swhich may be eeesenamry in ordr to give full efect to I thisgret and be2efeial chnoge will, 1 have no doubt, your careful attelltion. 1Y I hoIpe to oequnint you with deep cofcern, that tie e- provinee of Lower Cannor da hsnggin Imbee dlisltued by C ., tlm-urrectionm and tll IIstieile inenrsions ha e Ieen mllae - into Upper Calein by certain lawless imlhniitunms of the Unlimd Stlles of Ni th America. 'Thbese violations m iaof tie public pene Imoe bern prompitly emtpiresned by he tie valeo of nmvforms il ie ihmlvflt i of e' Canumdiln ot subjects. ithe Lrie.ident of tli; United Stmties has ealle.I mupln the citizens of tile Union toI absltin frolm proceedlinlgs c inenluI atible with the frieodly ielations Swlhich subsist ellmeween Great Britain and ithe United S.ies. 1 I have directed fll infilrmatiolm uon all thole n tnl s ters to le laid befote yol, and I reeomnmelld tie present or state of these I'rovilme, tI youi serious consideration. IVe rely apon you to e 1ppoinrmt my frill deteret minatio to mnaintain tile iuhillrily otf emyC.Irown anll I trust tlht g- pour wism mli will adoim t nech imeulrlel its will rlecure lie tlO.e moril of emy Emliliire the benefit of internal iranquillity, atld the full advantages if their own greal lunlural resorcces. S I have Iobserved with pain the perseverine efilrts . which have been innde inl sme parts of thie counitry to e. xcite my slbjelse iI disldieoence aml resistance to ld- the iw, nllld Ito reCommmilelld dmiigerols aitnd illegal ram: rices. For tile momtlllmeetn in of all such design., I de h pend lpimn the elli .ell.v of tile low, whlich it will be myiv mi- lntlly eInflrce-- ponlll the gooll sense and ritii ditspoii tilmnf nrlv pleole-- loetlm thelr atllachlelt lthle pria ci les imf julticeom ad tlme:r anilirrenee lf miulence andl e disorder. ci lemlmmfiollllv Comlllmm llmm ItlIee gresot itresilts t your ot wisdn, a) d'l imple rAlmniglhty Gtid to assist end prosper yoer aouaeng ost. o- CELETre appeared loat evening a La nBaydeer, and ten was wormly greated by another filll hose. tlerdancing wo- and pantomime weac equlisite. Thi e aplmnb and .le ith g Lnce--tie varlety nd gecer-ithe vivacity ind pemres r. siao of lier dancing togetaler wite h lte mleqnalled dis ho tineltess ano Ilngumnge of her geticeultatioi, reder hier l tayodero e unenpproachielmle y nydany in.e e we ohve eir yet seet. 'lthere is mo distingoishilm g among so much excellence as she possesses. WVe Wdeire to see none worthir to wear tilh clhallet, if any canmi be foud. MnR. CLAYTON, lie ierllomUmllt, ilnde n moast I eautilfuI oasceonsion from tile Gas \iorkli last eveig. We re. di- gtted tI see so nnlly on thie outslmide, end cu few withini v tile ienclosume. After remelillilg im the oir nbout tian u ri hmmmr, lie denelided to terra lirlle, near tIhe Bridge over i imBayou St. Jolhn, Ilmree or four mlies frolm thle city, on mim place of Mr. I.omis Allard. We .ciil haver tihe roI fartieula s from miimmelf, to-morrow. \Vei rusl ilet lie I 1 will take nllll:lr I opportuniity of nmcen lillg in hlis aerial e eear, and tlat he will he patronizxd. t'octteriIn0 of Q oountcl. TUESDAY, 5th March, 1839. 3 The Council ren plursuant it adjournmen : pre. sean: hn JIahun 3alllwin, Recorder; Aldrmin 4 Gloyd, lHall, 11eis, N:xon, Sewell, Whitiey, and Yi'lt,. The proceedings of the preceding meeting hav ing been read and al proved, The Communication fromt the Recorder was sub. mitt.d in relation o a claim of iR T. Do ney. whereupon, on lmoition of Mr. Whitney, Ch.irlna n of U aims, it was Resolved, Tl'Illu tihe Treasurer pay to R. T.

Downey, upon the warrant ofthe Miyoar, seventy. five dollars, in fuill cornipenseltion lir a cart sanid to bel Jst, afler being seized by the Pol co. '1 e aveeklv statement.t of they Treasurer was sub. mitted, se'owilg the halalO.n at Ibst repot to htave been $3,10(6 58; received since $4.1 7 84; drawna from thie City Bank, ,27,2dl 6-.-Exp andd, $27,999 49; Noteo rlnetomred, $4,576 88; paid Ino City iBank, 487 72; Balance this date, $1,.. 741 95. Petition from L:on for a remission of a line, was laid on the tablle. Of Mr. Weston, referred to tihe R corder. Of Il. . McNair, whereupon, on motiam of Mr. Yi, ke, it was Reosolved, That a note due this Municipality -n the 9 Ihof March, inst, by R. II. McNair, h.; $785 85.100, be renewed ; he paying one hanf of the sum, and provided that lie firnish the sane aln. dorsers and securities as on the original note, and provided he pay on the same 10 per cent. interest per annum. Mr. \Vlit ney, as Chairman of Claim,, reported unfavorably upon ilie petition of Edward Farrelly, praying to be iermitted to erect a steatm engine on Poydrass treet; and upon lle petition of J. C. Pen. d. rgast, claiming certain componeatio I for publish. ing Police Repoars, recomniending thai it be re ferred tuatie Recorder, wrechll eports, upon motion, wore adoplted, and the Conmmittee disch irged from tile flirther consid:rati.n of the subjects. ORl)lER OF THE DAY. The Resolution introduced at a previous meeting by Mr. Nixon, in roltitan to the Treasurer furnis. ing a detailed statement of his accounts, being inl order, w taken into onsi deration, an I rj, clod. Mir. Nix n called fr tihe yea, an I nays. Messrs. Ginydl, Hlall, Maux, Sowell, Whitney and Yorke, v .ta. lbi the rjoection; and Mr. Nixon fr the adoption On motion of M1 . Yorke, the rules being dis pen.ed with, it was Resolved, that the Mayor be and he is hIerehy authorizcd to give publie notice,; accirdiing to l;aw, of te elecotion for Aldermten f this Munlicipality, to take place oin tni first Mondary of April next, at the following inmoui places, unider tite e sperin. teudanco of Ifsi ectors and Clerks hereinafter na fitedu: Ist Ward, ait the Exchange lHotel, Ins pectors-Joltrtn IrwIlett and Wit. McKean. Clerk, John Brainard. 2:1 Ward, nt the Municipality flail. Inspecteorr-Thos. Toby and Win. I'rcret. Clerk, Bonj. K(endig. 3.1 Ward, at Dan'l. McCturley's. Inspectors-1\ fm. T. Ilepp and Jan. W. Behan. Clerk, Goo. W. Hiarley. And in case any of the above named persons shall rel'use or neglect to act, the Mayor be, and re is hereby fu!ly authorized to appoint such other persons as hle may dteem proper to replace them. Mr. Whlitney introdue d Reno red, That the R solution of this Council, passed at the sitting of the 25th September, 1' 38, proe iding thatno Alderman or other O.ticer of thia Municipality, rhall be, directly or indirectly, inter ested to conntracts for works to ber doneo. or for sup. pli, s to be furnished to thins Municipality, &c., be, anul the s me is heroby repealet. WhVich, thei rut a being dispensed wi Ih, was adopted. lMr Nixoin called for tI:o eyes and n ys. Messrs. Gloyd, Hall, Mlitx, Sewell, Whitney, and Yorke voted in tire affirmative, Messrs. Cold. well and Nixon ill thie negative. Mr. Nixon introducnd the following, whichn was read and maade the order of tle day ftr thire ext meeting. Resolved, that it sliall be the duty of th0 officers ,f the Municipality to furnish copies of any public record or document in their reapective offices, for every person requiring tihe same; and for such copy or coptls furnished, the officer shall Ihave tile righlt to demand and seceive for his fee a enompensa. tion at the rate oftnolvo and a Ilalf cents per one Irmndred words, and no more ; Provided that the Aldermen and other officers of the Municipality be exempt from paying any fee for nsuch eopies. On iotion of Mr Seawell, the rules being dispens. ed with, it was Resolved, That n special Committe of three be appointed to carry into affect tihe resolution ol lth November last, ordering till p'bli a space birtweerl Camp, Pritanrne, Clio and CaliliDpe streets to be enclosed with a railing and.banqueting. T'Pe Recorder appointed -en said Committee, Messra. ewell, Yorko and Gloyd. Oa motinr, the Council adjourned to Tuesday next, the 12thr Mareli, 1839, at 5 o'clock, p rn. JOHN GIBSON. " " Secretary. iARTNERSIIP- jIlSlOLygli.DThe .partnership , betroween Hurrv Hunt ani Georg." Mayne. of lie Firemne's alall Cuafe HoirreSt. Cbirldee't ris dietde. ed: Iis day,. Wedinrsday( tl ritit, II, by muiuoil cenelei. " AId bdiainrds cenrrie(li wri. thi. e"lablsr. meant nwil be errial aed carried :o Irby thbe l8b.ari!b St'y, who reosmcftiUy aerliitsa a onrinoeaege eretnon. 113 Frand . E uyas aualob -ne ayemld ta ,nrlyEvrearlr.. '.r", ,r HA-ItRY "U.N: I. rory. j% St. ha.laes Thseatre. Fhebrdtalght of the Euagnmlttof CRLE$TE. This Everdar, March 7, Will be presented A uaor's Grand Opera of LA BAYADERE, . THE MAID OF CASIIMERE. TIi.Unknt.we, Mr. Page Olifour, Archer Fatima, Mad'lle Ravenot Zeli, - Mrs Bennie ZELICA, Mld'lle CELESTE In the course of the evetieg five Opera DANCES. by Mad'lle Celest. Overture by Orchestra To conclude with the Farce of MY SCHOOL FELLOW.. $7. Mr Cool, Mr. J S Browne we To-Morrow, fith night of Celeste. pri e--- o CLAY'S Speech on Abolition. Recently delivered in the Senate of the United States. For sale at the Counting Room' of the True American Office, St t Charles Exchange, by the dozen or single copy. A CARD. " CAMP-STEET THEATRE. MR. EATON'S BENEFIT. FRtnAu EVENUaR, March 8. Great Attraction ! ! ! Mr BAIRTON, as BRUTUS Sir J R SCOT 1', as MARK ANONY Who have kindly volunteered their services. t EATON, as CASSIUS, After which, Forrest, Keean, AddaEms, Vaadenlhof, Kem ble, Pelby, Mason, and Daddy Rice, The celebrated Jit .Crow, will be imated by Mr EA TON. To conclude with a Favorite Farce. nar 7 2t Ft CI LIVEIttPOeil.. . The A I fist sailing Britfsh harque WII., .IAM, Clark, meater, wants 6111) bales cotton to complete her cargo. For freigllr, ar pus age, apply to ItOLCIES 3. tIIt.IS, f e ar Rank Plee. FOR HAVRE. S lh.e floe shit PA.Ed'I'INA,C(apt Deneeae, t will Iave imendiate desir tch. Fur freight of 150 hales, or passnge, op ly to mar 7 I. 1i GAI.. , 93 Common at FOR PHILAI)ELPHIA. d The faet tailing brie SYREN, Captain g Nitchalson, having half Ier cargo engaged, will have despatch For bslance of teigle or pasege, apply to S & J P WHITNEY, mar 7 43 Camp et GRAND CONCERT. r VOCALAND INSTRUMENTAL, At the St. Louis Exchange Ball Romn, It For the Benefit of the ORPHAN, re 1I.L be given an the 9th Marc)h eat, ly M1-J J 'V On thleisceasion lrJ will he osslestd bty sereral.of the most distinguished Amnreurs of this 1City. ORDER OF THE CONCERT. tl PARr FIRST. I. A greanI patrioetic overture by the Orchestra of tihe en Orlan Tlheatre, E PreevosT. 2. Variatmisv on an" Air" for the valve trumepe, exeee itedhl II I)eucatel, J i) IBailv 3. Cvuatinn, from thle opera of" Chira di Rosemlterg,' e by Cira A Ilell. Ricci. to 4. Duou or the violin aend piano, by c\lsers A Mletois ul and A Nrra.s lerceiee t streee. 5. Cavatina del Podesta, Nella GOzzealndri, ey tir Snntina, I o burms ol the Italian 'lheutre at Ien S vans, eRssini. sECOND PART. I. THE ORFIAN'S PRAYER. for ftour futes, by Meaers Jinnlt, Morphr, Kehn enel Ore. 5. Solo on the bassoon, by Mr Sy, from a thbeta of MCayrelder. 3. Variatins, eore riii Mr Jnnulot, and aeeoenleei e- ed in e he hart l by virl'rest, Jnnelot n 4. Duo " II Toreeleo Italis," by Signora Stllin and A Signlora esnlil . 5. The lverteere of Ieeino Noir, Auber. Tle l'inee ly Mr Neres. N I--Tickets can he lhd on anplication to MSr Jan. .dot, No 9. Rampart s lree and at, ies-rs Jhtles and co, Ilrucnrrl & Nrons A., Cnyv. 7 Admittance $1 50c. tonceet to coantenne at sreen e"'clock. mor7 r. TO THE ARl'IS I AND)I ANVCY PtINTIf'. 'U Tt reerived ley tlie ltrest n;riutls from ie,t aee al spelend eeellrriecieu.n ,Arit's I'ernseLevie iur:n. a. e nls; palet ooives, l(re I taoe nd p'nstes; water co'tre nid. water Con ors prpeirld with hrlIllly l vnrniroh Iblr do: seleeell e el eelleelery Isellell.ion l sphmlide l Ieclt eee nle orevery uolor, plcils af elr very se ; vnrnll+l reh es, fll nil unnld, very Isrge siee'lllvSSeiel'eleed e plreaed hdtan ink e wirlle ;lame bexos, fola nOi vi wi td Scolors, ihntehe, ile erllotv, filted cn e, fe e e e e pleor id Aermeie , sulre bly le n ndet ie I; colour , f every' desc'r iption , h rke ; sighI ad orna mentla s to Nls .d lentils an dl 11 enrnt (e r Iuty o ieolllt . rIC s f etaste wi : are lon ell 'nern to let-61i 'Ile Irilt:ials Eif AcaOlrnies, Te 'I'ycher e I)fre in Ir. eeeainting, wenill d well o call at Ihe e sierne e I the slhelar ewhlll will eeokomledtele tie r eeitrrs nid SartistCe Ievorehly. MONIIELI.I, BS No 5,1 Csnllp street t)sDaler 11 l'oeet', il,e Varnishe s id Fancy Articlee for pniutters, wheoulese nmed RIetail. mnr 7 ihn URN-EY u: rRIeED, sequel e e Gillwr Ger. end re," hvte author of -Sayings and Doings," at s Jack frva,,' e e&e in 2 vs.l. Illustrated Edition of Oliver Twist, coetplete io one ed voluee, 8 vo. y Also, No.9, of Nircholas Nicklehty, just received and on r sale by WMi. McKEAN, marl cr 7Canlt ande t(mmneon at ARCIIITEC'I'URAL WittlRS. ICHOIILOSON'S Arhitec tral Dilctionary, 2 large irquarto vols. willth niumerous paltes, a very valable work. Nichoolao's Principles of Architecture, 3 tols oc tavo. nlilelrous dales, i liekia'. IPrincples ofArchitecture. Stewart'n Architoctunl I)ietionarv, 3 vole 8 o. Ito.doa's ('ychlpedia of coltage,fartm, and village Arlchlitecture. Gloarey iif Architecture, I vol. Niililaon's fie 8lrlers inii Architectur.. Itritien's Ilislorv of Arrchitecture. The nledited ,ntiiitieit of Ati .. rhoe olvie ivr*. li Eagliah IVorkrondaot trqoiirio r. Alao aeejmin's Archi\eciuiv. o,'h ArvhiiaC-lsC Itlre. Ni choloni'a Carpenltters Guide; LefevrOU' Mialern a rc h ic tre. Lelaetis ol rt,t+ir wIIw &c. for msle IIv • ,.+t :.___.._: ALX. TOWl\., 49 .oIIitItt Tt)N I{'T. A Ihrg Vare hIoue, 3 if el hov 6) ,ad lot iGiireatd street, Ine lotI Ii larournt. Apply Sto IDIjYLE &. MAY, near7 W II'PRICIR &I J) TA(IFERT, Jr. iIaIt1, &c--5 haitllflis IhiiliI il ii No It had 30 h21 fl s pickled T"ionglus, for snle hvl mar 7 GW PIlIrCIIARI) & J~Ti'AGiiERT, Jr. JHISKIEY--ti bbl, for sale hy mar 7 G. I)OIItSY. 41 New Levree I.ANNEI.S.-7 males siper whiie Atlmilit Vlanneils fr salice by ISA \C iltlll)EI & ci, lwlr Ii ]:r·4 Ilaanelzine st FIirI II \N'l INsUIIAN :1 OF'Flc E,t)f N. o. I I.El Stlokmlders tare herehv Iotilotld tiet the 70A I Inostament othlhir stlck is tlle nsl pa,.ale ol Ihr tilt if A pri, ut tat Oflice of the Citlmany, lit1 Citip street. - ll}Ur , BUREAU )'IINUKAUCAN 1tSt I'OP11II.IiS, Die la Nmollte )rtlenS. A VI ect donnti anli nuserivPItot qtte lea ?mae instal Ilnt sitrtir lrt sooucriplin. ldoit 6tire pay6 en avril 6, ln bhareau de la comlpglie 21 Camhii i 1t. nit -- Olnrvlt4, IlfO9. 'ime limllIoing ate tIh drwna nltmhiners of the Louis. ant Loutery, I:lmier Il, xtra, for 18I9: I0 33 33 31 45 3:7 II 51 3 48 30 52 T1'O lIE DR4WN THIs DAY. Ten CAPITAL PRIZES of $1000 each is $10,000! Tickets only $'. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Autlorized hv Act of Leginlattre. Chapter XIII, passed Mlach 2f,1808, Clast No. 11 extra, forll83J. tIn he drwn on "l'hrsds, Marli 7th. 1839, at 6'o'clock, P M\1. atlhe .xeltmnge }tloteI, St.Charles at. II. S. G(IRE(iIORlY & Co. Succenaors to YATES * clNTYRE 4 Co. 75 Nnmbre---2 IDrawor lallots. GRAND SCHEMlE. 278:4 Paila.e aemtttltitg to $189,070 'Tickets $4 Ol--inlea $20 O0I-.toarters $1 00 Pakantes of 25 ticketa fr 1(3. wremned ton draw at lesat 18. Prektav en of.5 half tikels $50101 war. ranted ito draw alt Ieast $24. of 23 Quarter liekmet or $25 00, warrented to draw at least $12. For Packages or single 'Tickels. Itly iat |5CiThe ianniers Ofies, m il 85, Cnlal street, taln to Camsnlt a JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER ANt) CGOiPER-PLATE PRINTER, I • .e. 3, Camp aW. / IrILL engrave and print to ardor, hank notes, hilla / V • ofeaehaog.a, bilt IfldIitdlitaigdiplioa, tmernna tile andl via:ing card.,alariel, otiaeular and coningag boune aeals, door Ilates silver warn. .4.e. -'lwatyaun hiand, an assartaant of uilver plated nd brnas door 8 Card pniadsted rom platen halreay engrrvid, • 1 - - o '1l " "- . i NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILLE RAiL ROA, -t raaa Lel~hm~idaac A.ite Depadit Itartatt 4 St.cai8naa aM.uq"aetur t4 • I l,1S %; I L--rLm .r- i •a . .-r-:-+ :+ ++-'.: .-,; +., .!t0 . .'.+i-+ j:e' doulcth.~ V~ast ',m d,,.+ .:.p·~mPloa;tt r-·. .•., '". ".-.+, ··')l+13W...' .. i+,lIsa'Lpeiri NEW.,ORI.ANS JOCKEY' CLB RACES!! ECLIPSE COUORSE. SPRING MEFTING, 1839, will catemence on Wed L nesdavy,l1th of March, 1839,and continne 5 days. First Day. TheNew Orlennas Plate, a service of silver, valou $1t0, two mile hests. In this race 5)r olds and op. wanlrds carry 110 Ibs. 4 yr oaids ad under, thelr appro prils weigts. gh Mecoed Race-Sname Day. A sweepstokes cr3 )ti of olds; subs.riptico $:l00; Ihlf f ffeit (2 mile heats) to nante: and close tile slot Macl, 1839. Jockey ClIub Purse $15100; three mile hliate. as Third Day. Jockey Club Purse, $0lllO, 4 mile lcats, Fourth' Day. Proprietor's Purse $7110; 2 mile heats. econd Race-Samue Day. Sweepstakes for 9 yr otlds; eulbserption $500, husf forfeit, (mile lheat;) close Ist of March. ' Fifl Dt.y. C Prnpreitor's Purse $501, mcil betts,l eet 3 in 5. O fel8 Y. N. t)LIVEII, 'Proprietor - Til'lUE ti r Rloms oo theEc lipse Race '. I Course are ftor rent, for the enuing Racesr, com mencing on WVedueedy the 1.3th of March, Applyt 1 mar6 Y N IILIVER.'-- RE POSTPONED FOR ONE WEEK. TIlE GIRAFFE!!! l th Pro e1i t, a to t,, their ralifi - pairtune they received during tIhe wiuter, and feel S py to kow ht the interest extitd ly th'ir nIlque aoilectioln ninon,. .II classes, cnd esterila thevt inhttei eft rod {ornt of (I s sexes, iý never 1be5 eqlla ed oueia t tti grea t city wltsettihltclit a lets becnso ongenl to Ihe hihtl" ertLic lahautip l, sht e ttly aill othe tielicee evetag I.ntet d! S Open roi,. l: t rIn ' Ie to ' uk ect h d ity. AdmitnCeC ' 50 tea . Cl hildren o a c m 5 recIc s, ln neer . I e. I nor4 Cy an ctlle cntul curi esities IPcird olst.r ý," malr 4 Ca~r bt Cha~r! es and Perrdido Pis. WASIINGITON BAl.L. ROOV' Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Philipstreet,l boween Royal & Iourbon. rIHl: io In)n-ve ]nnuind (all Irunnn,grnteo I'f ti o I 'nri nd ni lld tltn pld lic fll, tine Iollll ra . b Illled Ilsntronge bestoeed on n im t onrsevnral llasonsl, reospectfllly ilo)ntms IthnnI t ih t i ,i n etalli-hnlllme, l Ina p bheen enl,igel for tlh tl selllnl Iof vlitors, ut uin degollnli P tui) is trpllairs. "'flm bar wiill be st rpal-e iy Ilnn' ill qinalit n ol fliuni ,Ora.1 thellnlen Innilt ll, i l Ihi - k np)t I llllre llheni I-tlsn,,nonl r i-n n~l i CI. U' itl nitne. TI nrornwil l re-~nnn on Sntirday vvenng. :3rd of Noouv-nlir oln-xt. I,\ t (iRAN!) il.E.S & MASQ, IIiAi)E 11.) , I., - and will tI.k dInhn alos n,-ntt nInr\ 3Alodoli Wt, W\', n' nioe id Olnnnlndnv inv-nnon-nnh , i oin,l- tih hots onwl i:L will andl ti Inn- li,,t-1 llyot y l'y 1 n3o. N. It. The cr e.i ten tl 'llli ll l ,11 paid to k - (,g pelr ci order tounn. l. I. . . cai l.n-lo...ntas o ;. dlo.. last Inontno i n . Co.llechtcs ,,l1e, ?M, i iv. NTOTIIo- to anems of hI,-k, , n dri o, &t.--The frl lowing ord. nuttl - ill It e -t irlly enn lrnnr : Rlesolved, that wlhn..ever Il~e Maovr shanll give a li ; 11n ac n IrIn invs, ca, in, r other ir;;e-, said liceice lullh il;lll l·e IIndlll ' CnlI r-'d onIIII " lh ' |h:11ck |Iy tlh farmel r with hi i r lllip ,, 1anti eve.ry n ll IIp hl'liti 'n, obtuin lsidl,on- n- t Iantn I iti r n tip nl Inn ik of his liinc, sloill paro i lione nlt PXictnnliu," oInIIe inhudrtd dollarn h |,nnl n fr tIn cilyn, :aInd II nth. r hilf Il. the in forleer. AIIIII(IYI lo !,iml1· he ,n on,,,?, Also inn n.1 ing o rd nl,i,nfn- t I , unil of the m(onllld In l eillilllli , h i u" i lo in worgll.- towitl: lie it ordlin 'd, that Inll l ll l llPI this :ltr; anv per son wholl shallll rllun I l k, drly, or clat, wtl ithin ll h sncond mllninipinltv, nwitl ltt hnt illng ir illlloln In ob naimed a lin-cene thn-rn-lorfrOnn ho ts lylyr olnlnih city, shall be oilnbjec toIl 1file tof not leas tha!n Itwenty-fve doillirs, nor inore thanln one hundred dollars,nto be reco-d vered Ibefore Inv court Iof conletet jurisdliction; Provided that lny hack, drn, or cart do run withoutn licencenforesnid, eshall ibe slubjett to lie anizd ,by the collector of taxil il o lcks, dtrniys, carts, &c., or by nly I.liin.r n lof)oliell, dinn lneinn d until Ill nine r aforeaid alinll Ie poid. Sent to tihe h oyar nhe I41h I day oflJone 18:17. `inedn Signed JOSIUA ItiALDWIN, Re-.order. Wn II VtH nlTOn collector of acks .drays, and nhawkers and pedlnrs. 2111 r eli BUREAU IES COLILiECTKRlStl , S In Sn econle i'nnicinr-nlitl", Ltn Son/re-/e ornIans, IPernri'r 25, I839. A VIS nu. proprilihires ties tol ltes, drays, &c. Ius orldoullnlla es uivantol, sernllt tricteltenl ob servbes. Itrniln-qu, n llllnote ts fnlln n s n i n l Muhe donnera lnw li cnei,-n ponr den incha i tis, lnnns, \c, In dire li lencl ([evr s re loimu. dialmlent ed1s. ,ur le di parlle cillectelr il,+g s (.n recta 11q , e nrl Ic ninneneg l In 'olnnetni e In til e:ldnni n-,,lltnl t in-n to 1 o in r le - i is licence Bren loin I',nsi. lllpe Ide 10l lpi:.nIOtI, nine lnoiih p n i itb, rel it I'antre nitii pour l dblatour.--Amp prouvnie, o1 I)tnceullre, lii31. lDe mAhnllo I'ordonllnllce ulianlllnte du Conseil doe in.le hlutlieipalilt, otn les il ,als sunlinni . snvoiir : (-.'lnl silt ordtllun tIn'anprlm cette date, toute per Isonieo qui ferncourir des chrinots,ndmys, &o, daollo la 2de Municipnlil6, sanu avoir obtennu pIrbablnneur, une licence pour cetln dti Maire de .otte ville, seraonjet A lalne-l t die o5 Jullne IhtI, d'elro lcllsnal ldeoorvant au enne cocir de julrisection utflisllaute. PoalYU qne toutae voillritlrtt,, re. tiliennrenll t SAnoI in dite licenlce, seront .ljetl i iOr isi par le cllllrectr do taxes i .r len voiturea drlny, i-c, n 1 pill n mn ollitier de In pulice, et delennjlnqIn I sn idit nnlenlle soil panye. En-I vont. ao tmairce Ic jnin t:n:i7. iJi iSHit h B iI.)W[IN, Rilcorder WVH It Irr' cio oth, rlItelr ln hacks, dirayo, nolnor innra o iletilso to(n-n in io. 2111 tife2 Ci)MP I'Iit l iiII;S '- I-CIC., Seconnl h In\l icipnli'o. N-ne d' nlfarrh 1, 1839, P UBcLIC NOTICE] in hernd v givn-n imntnt eli \)Itni ili t illn noarch In miti, tl '.' lonltk, io ill adjtdieanitn at iydnlr, 1i-e It n ln towl-n bilr ,lnr, rlla oniig fon neon year, lculil in tlll sl in.~n-r r dl s lo of ailk, w t ll ti.l., an e Irev notd -ove tcnionuniention,,iin -nnnotie g. oPn yet to ie, 0 lhia ioh limin, f his mun hicipality tncluf diheg all rhe ide walks i bwork h bordered wixe h curh otonea, gonler otnicn-, nod1([ .levcd support, nw'nc ePccor li lgdewlki I w it il l hi itoenrtract. imiThe pron he said re lnir. l hall lnsit in bringdicg ed rheir forner line anl level, ano part of oaid streets and sidewalks, whichnn I,ny o tl nd or(tnL of order nod halli lie executd in ooilnh mn:t r 1- It o ro f '.,n al all , iles San ety and oo lv- iell lnor lllinlll-ior i t llcu. l P nll l lntn to tinn ii n t Itl llllnnthr l, i, cashon Io it celrll - crae of Ihe surveyr, that the work hos been execrnuted according toconron-t. 'lane tlerson cotract will te n lrdial I judicated, to giva anr wilh one i or tnontr snc ricties in ihe ti: ortf $3000 for tle f.tihftln loernrnnnate n f Int duinoes devonir ing upor hiir. Tl le trntn.s f tih sectritins lnmt oe handed in ao iho limne of nnle ,an ift iley aore not surti eatnory, te conntrae t will te innm-dniately raeaudjudi Iatni. JOIIN CALHOUN, e marll o II Conitroller, 1URUEAU IU C Ti'I'IrttLEUIt, I)o an Secoadoe linnicipalith lei .N onrelle Orleans, Mars 1,1839. A \ e9 rat doon( ioe I.ndll I I mar . 1839, nandi, au n bremr, iso mcttonii Andjudicatiln, is rontrat ptur lea repnrat oins necessnalre pllentnt nai an, de tllureso .as reUis nVi.cs Pt n ei Irotllis donnnele daller !.ineltims dn ceri MIorunei itnlil.--emnlprununt Ioni oia Ionicoi. en Ilril 1c entomnl Po Rl.oronus patr inioerres, qli se Irotntvnt dnoo I.n liminitn iteorimorbis. Lea diles reap rat iotns devrota cnlprentldlnn l tonnil nocessaire pou. mielto enn ordne ot faite Lontallloninitler inoao ligor Onl route dejna irole, fin ell netnnes penit les nppmeoinr dana ucun oisall l nenP: Incilite. - - . La paienant seran foiajrnr tois do I'oauvoge accompli, atr l: certifinatd9 I'ianpecteur. L'enolreproheur a era tenu do fonrnir oaution dans Ia swmma di tran a ille piastre pnnaur grantlr da ontmrat, lequoal dolt iroe prslntb le mm. lempnas. JOHN CALHOUN, n arltro ."" ont•roler. Oft( lAT Al"1 TAC.I'rINIi 4At0-N: El Magawneu sltO, onco S LewapAton,.ai :_ . o, op, posit, ak'r Arcade..".• R'.QILLK rtpectfully 'informs tau publit that • ala f LOEO • ". Q.. .n.o-. :p :, ashIpla extihlted" in most f.l oIte pribipao t li pon,, roin thie livel.j *dmitits ofnr nemE ahnnsu ald tll. sa., nfnivend in olinanrp, and iS now langn hda bdlld' antr ntiate anly, (roni 9. o'caock" .p n AilnitArina., H Enjr. n ' uosan, ,Lo-ts, $1 mo zicr ISV lotion 748, nann 4.4 and lbsD. Ii ISOA,4 I t ol l34 Ital agiao a Scqva a 'n. .. iTh1eare. First night of the Ronl BEI)OUIN AILA IS. liRff EVENING, MARCI7, 71836; •Will be preaehted the Graned Easternm Diom atf the SHdIK· OF THE DESEi$t , e' . teilkr ;, Mir Li elding. tazssan, EDOUIN ARABI Jfo 1e, •f-" Cowe.ll Anne Twitter, . Mr Ottene To conoc.ude.with the admired Petite Comedy of ttle WEDDING DAY. Sir Adam olett, Mlt. Jalinson Lord Rkoalutntd, ji leldetg Lady Contestl 4r 1 Birrett 1RON CIliTVS-..Jatl rereived at the tir tainna Witre Roome, t3 ienviltte street, I aenpeHbl si an gle and doable troeponfiron cheslt, from Ilia factory of iLlrot*on, New York, ar sate a -e felt .WM'IARN.ES. Ji. BRown'S Ps wfea t latfo,. ealrrco.--Oro eSarxea can fIcd at 53 tlienvitle street, Patent Pllt ftrm tlances, superior to anlly ver nere, I this city. fall W It CARNES. TO MIERCItANT'. IFlMERCHANTS can have a laEUTIrtut. CIRca LAR strack f atfour hour NorToa, by .*allang at .he Compuing Ioom of TRUE AMERICAN Paesrtne; OFFICe, St. Charles Exchange, adjinling the READ ice ROOa at Corner of Gravier street, orn the I'int ing Office, rorneref Paydraa and St. Charles streest. TEA'tlIIIIHS--By ship Aublnarnl rlegutleaaeor annt ofdrilrecit elmrtoried aplll ae received arid fotr lt byhi G0SS11' & Co, Exechange' lltel, e25 NI Cshnreies at IUST Received an etaefat acrlneailro eiliher deilect S teer platn, whtihl wi'll be engraved to ori r in the moat fashionable style by J V UtHILDS. fe27 3 Camp at V from brque R-Iman, ld in store f a l inb JARVIS & ANDRIWi, t a25 ee er Coimmcic & T& huopilnulns aIs T- ,ND)tN BIIIOWN a/'ort. & P°ell'tI-ffIs an raakp, landing from hdip Washingrton oten Lonu ton, fer salte by feb25 READ & fARct'OItV,7 Banfltplaea' ( taltAN CEIItEIN' '-T.icccdii ac;n* niti;Wcthiet Sfrom te!.ando, fr ele ihv ferh READ & It R'rSTOW.7 annk pince CARDS tEt PRINTEI at the shonreat Noeeie, in the most elgant mannaer, in Blrack or Colored Ista, on Enamel. Ied, White Flake, or Plain S rlheed Canrs, and Prices eery reasonable at TRUE AMERILCAN OF FIcE, corner of Peydrna and St. Charlas ate. S~Veral Now and Ileautiful Farinls of 'l'vra have just been added to the Establishment." Orders received at Comllting Room, St. Charles Exchange, 3rd door from Gravier st.,or at tihe Printing Office coner of /Poaydr & St. Charles streets. oael-lf __ _ SUINNY tBAOi"--ltil olates, 2 hlahel genny bags in store and fc r c .le hv ftb5h n J TI/AYER & Co, 74 Poydram at l teaM nld far an'e Iby f1b2i5 J 'I'II AER & Co, 74 Povdraa at COTTON CIIICULARIS i PRINTED with the rcieat tst Erpediltion, and I in a style unlurpared in New l(irL.EANs, or else Iwhio. S ORDERSnnsP le d Co ma.cIe Roe it. St. Charles Ex chnnrt, (Corner ocf Grarier St.) or at T R U E AMERICAN PRIN'TING OFFICE, corner of I'ce dlrt.R and St Charles SiceitI, w1ill be ri prorptly nttenldd to. Drc. I-if. a. cate by 3 IInIt l Ith & Co, lfe 5 74 novdclra st Sfiuh.5r Ji TIIA YERI c ('o, (if Pi d ars mt C IIA, wt.IN a& tiit'IO R hlauig loaetd tie lace cric'k store No. 7lJali at, ciplcllaila cheir old altnd. tfoier the Pirlecrlrcavrrieg en teir gl lrrv nlnd provisaon Sbumcaincor, re prel.nrld ill ndiliin ic tcheir fed buPim .i pl, peia le, order for g aleries and prccvihc tither fl A l lnteilallr ill ) i t fle a il lll ti I Ctheir ilun l erlns. All Pordras will he pnS t.all nl t llllll-rd I. r reb2.e cl 'ebreeory i2, 1b39. fr arle e Illt: 1) & it lt t1 T0V, fei, r l7llllk place 1 MI'I, 'VI'T) WtOII.\.N ignel . ,',rna, acilcrlirei Scn i shie l n e d. et, t. ni e w w-r lneii , ilieuer,,nn l c slllill, tii Irv , wilh lit cii, ^_ m1 l , ,cc l Ilied a l' i e v rll ci I Boa crie. i preet i. Inc h. teaw. - please calnamiciiiinecf r uc t ihendci areicri ,cc, a 0 . rc..u1e ) cs cr i e ac cr .l iur47 e e s lo hiy ui, Il l( Ii;\NCh 1alt1 % 1~.I r . 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