Newspaper of True American, March 7, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 7, 1839 Page 4
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Svole 8ma * t 1 ao i l p l a tn e Atur. ) +al " L" " arc ur amtvigation rit hi'Ect . o , Laonsdont c, ft.rf,,td·e Cxa-rtrv t l acil c t ae nle S+ 9CeiatsC EpLtLi AN ti-. le el S mAe the t .. m t w r,.,'At5sa ,..Covtt.It i ltis of Iaiteratlure, L * y, a T y, dI Vethitke e af tnlter c.t, vole : P l3tbtl!!, ey oPreont. 3 vRts .alret ta tr lent of l , M tedical Scion iitb Man ra r. Englie h and .;; arm and ereak L· -- '+ E JOHNS & co. i. .i r .i eo Cnrlc e tnd Common rta. d lt = re ceant iv ' of eke FeeccceeelAe table Ext.act, ant free fmi , aty itePIterio ot aot tto'isn Yen teender i fbta, r ae lnoald. It n ht rpefll dibe ttreasthe hon e ly ties orntthe on on rcgalmh ton , to t 1 . tt eh., e-nd of totdln, ii t'c1n o neitli y t e3 tac . aMmjiminxte J . htid p.frmirln iteeje b n Iti ratie l hec a Ieopoh a nd Ic.r t 7 ' " i - ._. _ 7 t .enpr e hsh nolheen ofoI M Vm tof. le, i oni i. c iyi. .ete Ct'm. r oll rdl n lld • ,ol l l.yc lean e tvhe'e al r intahxoeeeal o toy ar l o1imr thu eneia ts tllide s it PFer Pqsett a uroe i e, ,s c f c. e te hd ooec irou o flic isu erio r, eoihe e ih t fo" thea i ireWscd ol oif.l l• ia o . t p re. tiat1e': are ng r lieniatd aitli nn iitakteni withitilet ealiittsiag vl qents eo e a e i di i . • tl deoii Ito t the vrsl l he lerr ,.q,, e-olr l P I y av the ( 1I i. .1111 gr I lit 8e alnte toea d nln tlel v irstatllo so tebe bleta anet. . aeri, eluedish o, nthe e~jyendily of t nct ItI i pelal e itlce xm prvDJo lve RR aTfln 1 t rehien oothi eacher c e .tte, and ill y ie ron, at the Phinitetltiy r icrt. n sli he th, il a soit av he al posd -tn ale l the whic ti a uI Ii di ni nd quou n s ltn es' of this ,thl ete Iitr i tgdilt o, -r the item .i Ca iiie0 I &n mu foho rit tohe c1rnoloon 'cotjea "Misssi'pp a'nd Louisiana Hotel, OVItN'rO. re M RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an Snounces to her friends and the public gene ally that she is prepared to accommodate them a: he above eetablilshonct, and hopes frnin het ixertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of former favors. She feels confi. dent that pereons visithIg Covi-egton during the ummer months, cannot find better rccoumodaltiorh than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Hler house is pleasontly situated, and well supplied withll every onvetience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liqaors, &c. in sholrt, she promies '"at nothing shall ba wantving on her part to give • stire salisfaetion to all whvlO may latronizu t e .liuisuilpi and Luisiana Ilotel. je3 E '-O- EL -ii-PRffLC-TiS uivdlignnd. having 3 studied under Dr. Slmidt of Charlestorn, Soath Carolina, and for sonme years is assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the hlonor to offer Ihis preeessional services in this city. He asures the ladies and geetllmen that the maost prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his serviceso to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the dseases commone to them, having attended them in lthe sugar hlouse in Charleston. The famous anti-hilious pills alter thlecomposition of Professur Smnollette, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. Tie doflct which tley have produced in this and otlher cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 116 Maga. qline street. JNO. M'LORING. IIOLLO-V W AW.1--Tj--o-D s1. W K - D-s SIRONS, t&e. THe HO,.ELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near haeeckman street, New York, have received tie past season, end are corstantly reseiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, whlich now consists of tlre ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western mearkets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots ofao different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, .Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallos, Kettles, 15 sizes, frota 3:8 to 18 gallons, lakepans or Ovens, 7 dcffcrenct sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skilitet, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs', - i do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 incihes. Cart do. 5 to 7 ioclnes. Wood Screwa, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 ilnch, No. 3 te 3:9 inlch, No, 24 of a superior quality and iuish, and loss than Jamce's icmported prices. - Sad Irons, assorlsd,.in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and lhatteor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, asseorted from 1 44 to lOlbs. Bells for Plnatatious, steoCbeoats, lcurches, &c. made to order, Also stealenheats and other machinery mnade to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to tihe attention of Sutlhern and Westeree merchlants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal termns ; it is be. lioved to he thie largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any onee establisltcseent in tice United States. Merchants, by forwardicg a request by nail, can have a prin'e:-ireular, wilth description of goods, prices and terms, fomU whvice no deviation is ever i made, frnmished by return of monil. All orlers will receive immediate attention. l Now York, 1$30. ,e3 Raew Yorlk, 138. l_3 MO 11 U8RY NOR Coo iIt' votrw urlteus, Nov.l1, 1817. AIQOLT ix nonties .oE I Ihad inn lmisfortune to got A a atret diaeanl,, fr whichL 1 have aiplitxl to ev,. rail deoorfora cure, and the tl did not ntlie Ioc, sno e. on the .bore date 1 lout ttysefl under thi cute of IDtloto Huet, anti I peatlt hudto Itire. lie. Since that time the diaene got worse, so ats threhk uottiu largo ulcrro to.thae number qf six or eight on et 1 lIeg, nld nIl over my cooe aodl usore thrlott, and not ible to work at Ih preeent timle. ol tnconnt of tlhe disease; tlarge l.:t r oil the rlght ldsi. of llt tnroot. l am Im o Waguttil .ylrl confidently uoderthe core of Ur. I-i~cl p Piyir, to ha.perftectly cured JOHN DeEN. toddl ly" " fe:"141y T 'O CER|rIFY that the above nllttoned ilsenee is I quit.well Ctrod to nmv owan oltisfbcthi,, Ior wiil- I ilta.k Dr. liuit; annlmnnurever I .oa re tlhati tite mltdi -ci.ue I have taken anles mle ht, and did nltt itlrjte n0 nelith at all ; thllerolore I advl.e y f Ilow ulrrers to loe no tin h tua atply to I)r A. iost, 124 Caual tr1eeLbltweean Dauplnoreaned tot rLIho streets. Dr. Hoet is at hutoet fIntn I9 no'lok, A A, until 4 P AI. They will'- - tr.n tdoltoir hi'; thit colmploint. Jt)liN I)EAN.,40 irnvier street. laLtnyone wulnt to e ate, call'ft No. 4U Orlavie, N - Or ie 4- . . . JOH N DEAN. NewOrientau. Frh1d18t, feh 14lv nj'I Genuine lundia lola tulu of .iterwrtattd Heee. ,JL hound, i u intl' p in bottles at thea low price of50 centl echdelogilhdti thotraltloiglt of three omnces oif -Liv e,r-theel Ie the tirt oien .d I ltov otlher root0 and . ih il, hnieitil ae |tiiiause ln riiohinus in curing .,-PudlUinry ml'l, iglle I. "" "l]a[l.alledctteelswlhilh has attetled line tie of a1.a. aloteaetola l.nleta' 'wherever it lat hene Ihttan detil, ho ohltinnllte. onufdenre and reeomttndn-u tie of rleeet.~lde phycicinA ftor tie ture of crughs, "pa1in mtlio tide, wapt of rost, epittit.g f bloud, tplaihn, &e. hu'ti irt n a'enllern. This is to Iertily tlht we it oa praatgnetqotnutlyv presribed lirs (ard. aeralnd btplm f'l.tiverwor a d l Iuorlthotd, with a detlidetigill.font;'.w.eia therelbr,,fmm thel khiow lodgeofth naltarhlii tol c lend frmn, and .bsernvaton -.ade e- aot,2a etnta 1t' tjataatie,, -or -- " eiAr whiht ie e o -I * l I IAS t. D.' a JIS' A. ). Jun 4Iteittul gaantio 1#.# *ANDREgWS, - -eyeird:uill at~s-~lb AOotl teeltn I *ýt{º Btaaaiwei # la me ailhws sta utte autabe efS auoI, s td ic.aseu (1trenelj -.ny hat~ ge·,.,.r lplopsne at Ct dind~ ie atheerotetg ru(1 *iar to (tee otleturtan Ore doua -w . 3Ta1 3i T ~ucg *L I 1 0 r ,t 1.tOd. RAfA-RTT Cr ek o e n'n w redoimagleo ' on board ship Orleasn,'Egle, Iutnhlna]er, ['aaht ' terry Andrbei d Fr.nceh adj Gernmn play crirds; Rack Snaa"paaan Sonnti; Chermesi, 2 1- esel 2 32 inchl lil - arel Hlls gl . 9.1 npi 12 ilrlablab4n .l3ia tKnives; SLeathler andl oaibr travaelling Des.inlg s.en; Belt, Pnocket, Horeman'a, ani Dunolling Pistols; adoble and -siagle barrelled Goun'Gap.p I ags; lolat Batas; Powder .tad rPitarol Flskis ; mtn. tte and Drinklng Caps; Perenntion Cape and CUap Hls ilert ClraO Hair, Toth; and Nail Bnshares Oe as ani Chloran+n Tooth Waslrt Tooth Powder'1'oilar nod Shavlng Sotap, in great an. rieta; lnrg Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frinetrte; Pear: aud Toi'lr Poanwder; E lmery Ilrsg; Ivorv 'ah Caslarios: Patent Shles or Garters; Gan E.natic Saspenders; Powder Patti and nBoxes; hril lnnins, Snala and Keys; fNar-irops; \Waai.t'Btakln;: Rranelets; Bead Necknaeas a.alhn:aira; Gilt and Sliveretd Benls; Indian. Betila, Sat I and Pltnmes: Shell Twist; Side anal Dreasing Ctana.; which,in addition la their forer stock orn hand. makes their nasort.enei very complete, and will he soli ow and an liberal terms, at the ig' nor tale Gollen 2 . C tomb. i2r-tf 70 Chlrtres street. Niro Slobriltmr, Agents far tla entensei; laoaa, oa 1 V. & S, utcher, Sheffield, Ens'lnnd, lrve jas eceiveed a very extenie set of pal ' rlr , conseistine of and Dessert crives of a' de"lalptlon, Pert, Packet, tDirk, nd Spear pointr nirets; Rator, Seia eorn, Edge Taols, &e. &cn dc. whiel they are preparedl o exhibit to the tradele oroner. Terms and conditions will he nade knrown oat the time. I1l "J. ID. EIN & A COHEN.90 Common at. llIMI N'S, HARTT A CO.-Ave now reeteivig taer ishlp I lunatville, Egle, Me erry Aihsew. Hilh inder re, P n lcaid Ge(rann daltble lenal Idplvin' aatrls: lil t rnbel;rlt a rd p tket pIntolsn idain, rilled nald split euarine caps; Ea) h hllers; eeiss"rs., Itzanrs., ten. nes; Gilloalt's cnmmereil anind tler steel hlens a'in esn Violin striigs;a shell, ivnly and lao;c ncoanls; walers;a o kit, head and leather lan.ea; hlair barnids, front al l ak ringlets; negro pti'faa German anda Flrelch eolognte ewater, Rowlnds mnaensser oil. imnitation doa aariiue oad hears oil; porntale lesks aad daewing eases: last iblrcklig; staiannl toilet glanses; eolvex nillnrs; op ein l glasesandl views; Inlian lanls, bellsandl dplanes; er cmaleoe; whbit- tlwine toailet nd slaving snaps; toilet son- owder, cesmelie wash aImlls; .oeniedl stl elsltions: ate,,'pool stiands: ;lrew .ahires; fancy bendl chins atll ý.ý neeklaces; billiard boll,; Ioket books and wnlletts; Geran hotnes; razor fillne anl eomno gallel ota- tlastie arlaenoaeans, knatters do; Bells lncilfur matches; sil ting vet penils; Creyals, &e. &ae. ante. The above in addlitintl to ar former stnck of flancy talcanrtatles, nkesolnr ,anssoltnent VClV a mti' . Poa sale rate wholemnale or etail; as lne iga of ilte Galdeo Combl., 70. or.lanletl.e street. an8. tent NOTI'fCE--ite ptrtnrcrltip of aicle', itnasn &Ca sea. I at SNewr Orenas ; ascnon, larris ACn., f Nat Nabc ; v tad Nlarria, Kalliev Co.. of Rotcae, was di.asnaactI cn ta'lheglast of, I, thedetath oSamul etA Masoan, et l ae tint panrintcrs aat ite firce. 'Pi Tle onoersi~gned, lurvivilln partnlers, wl he charged with the seitlia'g .ol closing asid husiness as flhlw-: I for tLeviC lHarris will at end tothee se tling of'te husi..s e 0|" of t'nns, llr.~rri~ Co., tit Notchls; ond utnr, Kl o I Co.n .lnara atd tantrv te na wila atte itend o hi hr'eeltliag afthe bntaess ola 'Kae'cy, 1taon &. Co., at Netw Orleutea. Tire aianes of ihe aseverl iream wilbe anl usedin li aidnatiaoo lny. atg 'J'h'ose idebhted to said firmns are ernestly requested ocomee forward and atoke ecrly settlemaents an Ilt those thaving clnims t ili please jreCenet tiem withat delay., red ý,E'I C IIARRIS, IIENRY KELLEY. his New Orleans, Juna 27,1837. tle cases mnare e tof this snperior Cologne watee, just at r s,,ived s , f.r tal ,y the bed.en or it.gla battl. an Also Alericar ni ial Itennl e idet pawdars, powder turl andl boxes shaving and toilet aeaps, eosntleae wath balls, mailk tof rses, cosmetic cold crean, extrnc o a, mansk, kephabnlt, Wardals vegetable talir oil, pon atainj s a ecneido perse Fl'oridn. laenttr, rosae and bay waters, Preat 's salts, Milarseilles perfoery in trunks. verestnt dle r td liqlid roe.e, Chlarine and'Orris tooth wash, clothl, hair, toatl, nail anl flesh brt shoe; tonetherl wital n l at additional ttallly of fnalsionable Inort anad shlell e. ombs and jjwelry,mtorsale low at wholesale or retail at by SI0MMONS, IIARTIT A&CO, her iun yfi 70 Chnrtter treet.. are COAL -'iTe albseerararre haVn 'r tatanaty an ihoand a larae supply ofl Cannel and IL .iverpnoi calct, tain al'. f rir quulity, wtich Ihey offelTr It ann nal, in loate o suit purCaannrt . A s Aln c txpetel by the first arrivals fratm Enu led'Cnd and the ,,riha,Connl', Lehigh andl Peachl ith Monuntai Coal, hrnken antl creneene, put up c es Ila..hendcs caxaresly (ar almaiya us.--1.1 a f thicet iv ithey will dispolse a lf t l tile ltaSt tadern' e erlns in Orlders ella laheir len, Na. 53 ilvillaec st. up alnirs, wiat ce promptly natendel ao. lg nr 3 I A SOULIt. an, ---· --- in Coaittna \eater, Ytrlutcrve, &e.-A apiltaiaia or nrlialo tat neltage, lput up expre'ssly for the r acli Irade; also tile purest Frellh Perflnlery, elabno t cin every variety aor the tllei, flor sale by nit aCef2 REES & D'I,AN[. '1't, Counttrv n1lclantaes talld Planlers., eIt j Nero cloths, blnnketr f noatnle, itnse)ys, owea an lsirlisac, checks, linens, calicoes, hIalndkerchiei, &nc &enrecenved and for sale low by bhe snbscri. nalbes. ROTTA & Co. ad net,. . corner Cnnal and Chartreas a ad 1, IV Glenans i'erfutneries. of' ndian Dye, Ior eolorntg tle lair ; lBear's Oil, 'a. lRtSa'innsl bcal's lrerese, I)llitattn, 1ciea Factrel cle Wallinh, snperior pearl ptiwder, hip whie, crocane ) af roeate, regelnble rouge, otto of ris, lip s.lver, kre sole aoolh wasnh, clllta lllict dtnllrilit', c ran llc a .'wer water, powder puffs and bixaa, A t.e riva "/ chrarconl, neoary put uip in four Iunc valnls, PrCs. itsgll i tsan e ,lalle c kr ao a aaatal a ntia drt p1Is, lIa r ' brushese, Ella ahb ahdresiata cnaaa Ic, lian alair on, ta - 'ith acvarieny ul oteterlancerar riei n:tc l'ar cai' n y C. J. 'I'ILiNCIJAt iI, Id l nI3 corner ol Canal and Briaa oan tsct a ,f , - -°.."_- - '--- -'-----'-- I 1 IlOtN IROOFS-Trhe rutscribers have procure lons, at a great exrnse, Ithe right of puling aon iron ri-Is i In th is ci . They are udupird ao publt Gulldings, wirerliuser, and private dwellins, aniii combine at once cheapness and durahtlity, and urn pere ctly lire and watnerl pral. T'ermrs ratai e killvan,ll ar d ; a illldl seen ,rt tor rletblislllllnen, plpusite Sr. lry'a Innarhk e, Tcahapinnlns s,. ioet2 E I CO(:;aiELL& Co UPHOLSTERY & PAPEIR IIANi;ING( SToIRE. Ilenry Siebrelht, (formerly J. C. Wicks & It.) woold Ineat reslpect lly in lornm hi friends anil from the publlic in general, Ihit lie has and is consant, Jrir c ' rereniil.' a anertal ssI .orlinenl t olf uphuilery atd an'l 'Ia pa-er uina ina. Trmhe fIltwtig ntal price, a part ol his tuclk, which he offers for sile t whollt afor lu or retail on lthe intosit nccrun aIIllldti lln iuU iii, Frent h ilia vet and aaiam paeer, Ilnlsr )ale al de 4r l hlla l l~Io n and olirnn l lnilad ip rhin a l, La d II glatina ,o d ll J,,t d la.I relltl Itlaldsuaie . lire acohn·nls , hl:lnl,, dc. Ihu v , Yvel uIntoI wtlrelld do d.l, Is to a r-idl ii l r r-et, aii r sctanil p aillt , iai rtl ii1g a - Sglhl· as ntw l nllclaarllllt d cirrtF Illd Il-ls ci . nlalita sty)lI II- n d rilinel a ttio d nwa-la, an r nlle.linal uinl and tu- Iltdl , n-oleur corl, r-a n-. low styleof needcle w.trk for s l Uifa shlonsr (l,h nl)s. oa Y, Ir &c neaw Iarte)lnle of llplers, rwiand ainures ar oind tllf gll tWiarltata rtlialaaa t aIte t all aittran ver (ahind , giltcols l onag al and as fearle oathet, ods, oels, i Mse-ral nasaor trent of" Iyphlatloero aid paper t-t i- th inge, cn n i nt d ton l- f--ao snle at alas Iwest pricen at Nou 41 RI).l uand ld4 Cu tam Ilase as. Na -'-- cersaiis in falir city or Ioll he icU nltr-y, are respectlully ilvitdc l Iatll anli d el x tranllae t' I leotselves. Carpe's and eurtnits at lie in the ga latist a dslic rn sla'l, rooIaIs prpoa ared Ir l the su i rti . , t I du.oe with neatsess and drepalch. ,,c 3 ue !..- ..................... 'a.I he S-lIl' , N Y Nra I Ctman dacure, fr s .in' on an c, n rn oi h o l se, wibch he wsll d.'[ "c ,l es at llia a oi n ift ai q.P i lLa n re l t ld ; r! I Iii wir hI v deair wita hs attenr hd i o L "a-.ta 'nia Rn in hIEAFSESa. atil t .NeiiVi nrtia"le frla r s Ioubled will dea.als (at n a mJ. l r:tlll, h nsrttIllts l Ii ua l reRzlr I l n i atlia raull c, Ih tca ell a l . ai ais ,rs . s .n l a t- 1lan voiIe Is hi lllll i" ta;uve)y'rl to ihe rer. Ally at i e a ill ra-1 an m i slit-i wal t' la I rI iiI i ' " 1. un tc' , l ic fully sca tible of ,tie ,ifrieulay olndr . ... , i * ellt-lstaa-lsl boil-l- a yi leas sna h 'oa lUd lho ina tlklitllsdalro tirlute'lh italla:i da Ily tre uae .. Ill,, In it r lI'rs rsat ahis , olarje iun it eanirelylatian f. tI hes Ir ra t ina r fa I n % l t s ra t a lasI t all l slt y tr ian[l , rt en l i t' so Falncyiloran attitianr ofai n r atnd St Cltls atrce Il a aulr haJ ittil t talla) Iiutel. t isl 13 1 IIEt OIL--I.30 . bL 'd rs aERM OIL-1) t alit- pII n a-Iintdri iF ynJ Slerm cil, in caaks aid Ibl oor aSlene L a les, ]JAIIvs & AN iltEWSp , i SWhlealsl Drugg ste, cuarer C nasrman adJ rlehtp ula arreee, mr 13- Il Ill T LEA WU--bblsWIi t; - ant I' 40 Insc Ine . ' 2itt1 du .15 a s-It E glleh Il-- 1-4 bils. 46 1 ',t a I Pill lPlut rueltrlr, vari,,ul sizes.; Icote sVermiliata all, 5 bills Cltoal Vurnieh; s Npacks Ghld Leaf; pIn 5,0 do Silverd; ra~ti - 10a do l)6tcl MlItal. . Md .INOW a GLASS, Aoaercan. 1En0liolr and Fiitroh Bin t100 bones, varts.oo ailt 0nd qualities. tl, - r EnaLnat na diu--Sn bitits, cimtnigearitm, osll her tare wlt low. - -i. . Als, generolss esrmstint pf( nacst' . lousn and Iles t las, (tr slit hr A W SeAl Ed, cam No 41 Cnan al sisset. and lOIVB' . Albano ttes toksa it pr, and Missiaoipti boxi *4tswsithIne rtceived at 10 per icost diacountocor goti, Ettt WUJL-.--ll i ,la -s a 0200 m h lps . pea l en, di ttsritarstMiq r fretoi-aaTtas C-.-`f- MiaUs gitainart nicriot joeri-cs-aatsd or - a clno as- 3. fp'(- & R'lANt',, Ill Coarp tt wd! Na=asri Roa. -;0tteats Ia ouia snli rope-; I de all saf-hip, ain ,i-rr, scd ier eels by ,a4. IhOUEXR'r & Ml TH1ORN, 63 eat-vir tl o rierta fici OOK BINI ElY. aknh tUderar.he P yoaune O., e8, T7 "al yCo)' V.EHIA ' flt)WSONhe, leaven i f.rm a gives; D h atr ctos ttr ,r, n I thl thlic t.ner.let1 , . Unlt. ''llt heae aremnved ltler 'strhlbilrllnem to Nn'. 72 and C rnmy treetl, iorneliateiv ut.'er tht ulirue of rhe twler Pica'cntoc-1here lohey are prepared to exeute all I Cpap; trif.-ra in tlae litte. h)th; I ting received from Ihe North a supply of pI. oasl perand snalerials of a rsperirtr qua'lltt, for the Pear: ý t anuinctre of BI lk Boorks. hey offer their ser hiotns: vices to " ertihants and other., who tiny wish nders; work of that kind ; and having the alvnadvatge of o Kevs several y''s exlpericnre in that lilne, they ore clnces ernoidentof r ivine saltafactllol to thiose lwho to) ledlas, flv rl theml with thelir custlo. oaoin For totaries, orcliteets and other, tmaps and d hand, plans i!l Ihe pasted on linn. varnoished andll Ssoldt mtounted in the noatest Ianner, & at the eilriest oldlon natin Wit Plin and fancyv indint in nill i. vr' iiriosir r. .t ne of a Ijust CHIIN\A LLaoL I rAllo , i.ti, A.: ,.i Ine of 36 (thnrrls streel, New Orleans. Pen, ITM) SERGEANT & Co. importers of French Sea- W and Enialsh China and Earthen ware. are c p redn ope,.ninr new a nd rich pastorns of bre ofal, I, i l ninit nod tea errviees, toill ane , pitchers, ela 1 it. " clff'e cups, terpots, sugr.o, creanr., bhowles, plates, dishes, tureens, wasol bh-sins anJ t cwr,., l.r, ere., r ioe. lieah- Rich cut cind piain French and Amerienn glaes. earls: Ooorrttitleltchrmpaigntro, lerinondes, teIese, split "cla res, ~ ice, cnrialnl, oentr Oo r wle, doeliter t. treh I rllllerte, preoseredishescel.:ies, picttlerSi ttlll)ps, Vio- lp shade and glasses, candle salldos, sot el- s flrsn lert, ato. t tait Stive.rplatrd,' rnnzed and br;ltaia War ,--ac t In.or Ittr liQor etnnrl, cake 'asrets, e t e nr!rlltalre), aast' clalll l0 tlmps, jllaronotd trays, astrall sanodsata t 1 u o r)- n:i_'h esn2 la, Li ne I rt e ry, le or etnot slverts,. r s tois anod Iorls, to0_etlher with la reat variety tf-.rrelens lons: i lr fmilly lue. .ler.hanl ts, Iplanters, ho ,t Is, ant t onoi .tt... 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Lr tbridge, s -',)delfrto, . n, 11 w €nsville.S 'tu,,tiersville& L, ie. o re ri e )illeAA car , cla, ,. ru Ii i K s - I k ,,+.ets No ,w " Yu fork, N uaiik, P,ilade o, in) et l In The st r. l arr, r te'rh iest l or , servi, t Ie at ' t to., raI tre erinvat~ ol lil prens loe atv.a ta Irt ae t tillbe et faound uon. aiy rloabot route in the soiuth. it etam regirt.. cted The great improvements in the route have beren 0 thly ia yroduedby the conrtrureion of lif n miles of, a el ira rand, by the pr...p.ictor , viz : from L Gr'ncl onl LFavrttaie l-ou,an u ar of Santa Rlieno Biy,- o a tryant'a Forty, oat the Chlt.-toichee r iver, pent se oiltsabovetheC w, fCrd, ar 14 ubove Cedar biif, j rt que t detentions, and more recently the norne der' vemient crossing tat the Cowfurl, ore entire wah avoidd, oand a lino road from Marianna direcr -eo to Bainlbridle, instead o the rocndabolut rod vmn at atc,, Cito ttah)totlchre, lesenringy'r itaertnce abot t feny it oters, Itiles, sand increosing lia facilities more thla gr. o.once a da y. w toih, Aleo, a branch lice of ttro horse tageseeery a ll. ell oilther d ylnft ot H ltki ,ntl dtt via P s-rry to Mlao,', It retail Ga. oacteiog wila tie lie to Sae of lna ond 0' I, Darien, Gahr. a tif. A mail steamboar liies regularyv be wel e I. itinhridge anrd Apalchiti.rin. 'itra s c wi'hocr r- i ..... ia I .hi g ,P ot, reoae any point on ClTNnhooc.e or Au!rath: S coain, ern takeseaeoin oal at dteroonvrlle. it Mllobile to IPensaculea-L. aind Ri 0,--lttr tIe re: . .n t Itt to r ePa bri ll r.el I .ri of b'''an, the pror ltrr e p o t c t er e v e ry o a te r d ay b e t re r ; l1." ' rm Pa rsserne rs w ill leave 71,u ile at 3 o' rI. cl , p v ' so ieit', where a r our horse oaclt will to u it waleitng o at convey thenm to the excellent house of Mfir. Charles in Nll, itrmile di tart, I ,vrtl tt'r y ill" fid ] o odi t 'loasarn tirAc rlit'c, otrt on & t. gi, tt -ier ir r I uuil next morningt g they will arrive in Penacoer riraly bro- in 'he evcnl, tious uvuiditg toie discomforti t In tniglh trletolilc. L·· ,Ofrice at ftie iansirn ll ruse, oil , r atl C.. i lin' -lae:c!, Pensarenla, where sears musr r be e, t as ed il'O IKON & i:. v i: ,vell" lers, Piano rlte Ilnsrurlion. I, Wcri. William Sltrihi. lerrs i s crvices It nth v eona oe Nou OrOlent llos t teaher lf' rhe illum ~e SPbt eorte. Mrr S haviyng b ieen employed a vrale lil ns a ineh er lti l music in private fdru ists ind 1 hutn, t lii and also h nt evel s a l o f ie femalle seminar t) o it l Oil, vicini , ll ort brt lhope to ne I t heirco tlile ner e, XI te rIle i perminited ton I er it Rev Dr Clt.Ipp, Alss nl rn, Sterson & Avery, Ileadrerson& Ga. iole. vr, tr tlellr. i, & plene nplyv t Ioo boukstare,rl I w i o Aln cxaade'i'.riere,4{itll Jtot 'tatt wl On. Drugs ard .ledirineo. r jr B 'rrvotrlas .r cl edl orhrselrul thih cly br r n ot Druu husi nes,. Ile is now re ce:vin,, n ull sula "i ll f Ireshrand gtnuior nllt leI, which hre will sil °n-r S Fratln Ierclhant of tc i city, reciving anuclh urdo ,,e e t w i e p r u tplly U re h hr to. nra CI fttr been 'lred i cy l Carp st I em, C---- -at PIROSPEC'TUS. IOE. TlHE subscriber p-olnses to publish, in the be. D1, ginning of teo eosning winlter, a Coodenlsation , i , the twenty voluaone of tho Old and Now Sorijws ol Sa,', L.ouisiana Reports, to be comprise.d in .t.. ver r volureo. oOl., according to tbi model of Peters' ;re dlonucasu d Reports. i lol.,l This work is now in prepnration by J. Burteon Harrison, Easq, ofthin ily, oassited by Will, i, F Braod, Thr e Editor is also perlntteo Ivy ; d, distiaguihcd retired Judge of thle S preme CaGnrt, lod ald.bon.fdtie if t ie i Jtidolis, to tIlSet Ima k lire their porsoid uiopr IjOud ill tbI advaYorie whiut. le di oteraely be r. peo l romn t;,jir xeoii . la .Suech Ao w lrk is breoming :rtery .mtl l nil i eerCnery, ail te ori ginllal tIs phlennes,rl ,:x eil 1i , ,hII(, ndsu.licor . Ao ir.r(a.sing cnrio:iry ton: ..Maj. t,.") lbstt, in Ihe other Stats of lt( Uaie , o Inn (0(.rc:1 h to the pcl.iar jlurisprudeia c ofi Luu.nsiunn; and the a11,) cireutlolnlete of tIe Iooctoroe prlilil(CilcS (e(1 d11 ore cideod it tlhe illj(iet((le(t of eollitflis o laOf , Io il((e urne tile knowlodgo of our adjudged c0s0s ol tri(e uti. t r r, lily ta thojriststof tim wotolUe U ,~ion. Itoroevo, iad the risiog epub!ie of Tl'exas lar fadopld our It,; and 1tis Ilihore i grreatdomnad for tlie Looisiaoa (05. deeosioos front a fresh quarter. opr ConveCient niotes, indicating the parail l eure tItre decided in Louisiana, and occasionally thlos to the tll more autholritativeo orumls of thle other Slatest, wi. on adlded to oeach case. try, 'The work will foru four volumes, royal octavo. ,r I and will hoe deliverd, bound, to ubhser.bcrs at .b tlle per vol.; in case it shool.l be fobud practicable to 11t comlpress it into three volumaore, the p-i.o to 0a0. o k icribro will e o$7 pr rol. t3 Sbseripliona received by W- W MclKAN, 1e l IJ cor CaiIm and CnOll.toll ltn, e . llOj(tr EAl(Al1 AND RET((AILCO1i} AND VA ern Y W Ill'Ty STORE -t the ni-m o," c ul cnol!,,i Nh70 (.'hrlmrtrr. . o ' . lril, ,. h v - tairdll , il 'dlioiu ltlr II olo r vi I Nl , k ;l0 h111 l i, !!. and oos Iatolllloett urol'ric|rr r in l air -% . z: C" ( `, 01, Ilýl, , 'lonerv ' Jewrellrv, t rt es( lokil, gi1 a d i fuR V article s, 4, . icting ini lar its tia l,'.iI bv l C(Jli --lll'eise sbell, wro uab tnd tl; iltack. 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[FANCY ANI) VARIETY Ai, RTCLS-1'-lrcnch " Ianld Aerricla porlidl e€.,.ls a d dress ing canes, So No cvery rloo anrd tlony o iriayed ladieo work eoxes It diero- h s : tlig cases willlh ld w iitoltroll o,, iouie, s roia 0o ( '111a •onlluus oovarodio, , violins and =ultars, h iuver 1 th ,o plated pencils and leadlwlood pcwrils er erloronters 0 nd a ', pcrayuueutiiatle l ogkll a selved pistols with an ovid tvlii. t easers, pemrussio clps, pcru ati S cl co arers, , ipple o ibI h sbrws drivers, shot t Itsegame bags, paste blackn, toy sioe tea .lttt, Indian 0eads of okvry likid ,rells sadtl sr, on a f Glleand eolm;ll knives, ragors and scisiSan, mIuilllte, oeedles, lof s, siler ipla , ste el t lld nco lili e llm o,.tuI r10 t soe, pocket books aned waolett ol various klndls viin Pe; eardeand card cass, playlng cards of Freach, l Uermaa cll and AaUriean lae'senre, dell.s, ilitutioa frui, ait th Ibxe. , pnlit of various kind:, Saundr'I l+llooq the Elurrersaln'q Hilhnan'a aud Hawkiiln's razor strapsanti alto metallic amina, dirks, fuucy haIadl n.klaces, do wll.r IaTb drops,toy watches, l'marl buttons, Ipwelr lasks, eut and tent plaa "eed beads, gi t ,al silver de, guml elastic s·uai. of a dcar, and garters, plbin and wonrd .ones, rabogaqan the' boards, dice, optiaul I-ieuaa, jewsbarpsh hIO$. matCh du std drinkiuFC cults with a great variety qLt ll rati 41 arht all ofwhlt h will It eold far cash 6. 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Durilio 'eIlls! wihteroaodr dltii tealirh i elnt. with he. itt-ul- sevvere tn diulilint enllg ihII lttalisntt I, oce:luilned tl. .lt ... iI . tllus t xe i, n bi tii wet, ie'. I nIo ii tac , " llea lotp toe ii, nit teoin I lenient o he.athh iaiid I c uli~i vlly rrwrt-.m eid ll ii to :rs' ail simlilarly aliietid. fill JOIlN idIiiiiSON, Kingst. lithe on Ceal..Es'Ioe, uihaoch 27, t3S.. o L wasseized l liett three eornoisiee, tullt a ldisles.iog alm i'hlltlllatist calell tII) tkinlg isere.I i co , whil uild e ° the hi(; tt'lllell tr"t nlerelrIy ,nllw ih asil %C ! a lSI r r, at l nihae htel in l tat ii(titin ( 1 1 L::(l ea r e r -hI) " I in tills i it hli, ! ...... ....hnl it it nei l n insi tin f lit i in i tll ' i tli nltlnii'' I i ;a il l 'e III .t'iinit I intci. tIri in r:sti. 1d , wll. litle ,tin:int. I the 1 ihh L .u: i i"enon last, atihat i-n-n:seni ,l! ahii t oini t lt ' Ii i h' I it i It. es, f nt.Ol!n' ,, i )I llia l - i-itlllaL. l iI (int run u, I te hiih I lited I, +,''t i . ni in I I CASES OAl' SCIII"' US i:t C-IIIS" 'an s i.ew Aona, Se :i Iii) soi i ''lhisni tlv eertiif umti thell atl , c, 11.5. t!i t t- sit ii 'wlt, wv illi a sn wellingvill IIItek niil lie, \ t ic t l:iih. a if it n, eIt ..i .Ii nll oI...elme.i. t .... .i Inv, d s ie l- t nt . o"il ltotle ttfintlnrittelllr . fsih i eo iu.titlitio a itiu i i dell i Ilelllhhe o fieh , lt d et nttoilhd vill tl oler the arteti In 1e ni- t hle.os. ...thie i..ll n..r ..he tl oie . .lt hn c teori lee. I tlreec Ihiisv l;rt'oet i l w3ih J s c snerniltiiitl.,sstlpiiivinolt ile iiitttllle oItIhtt "ey veii .io' i -i t ill- t.iiil l neltllui'ltl-s n ~ - vii.. tlt h e n L . - e ,::r:, \VMiI.ll \ I IIAi l~ullyc1,kL bll. cisJuly taccs31 .'i~t ! I ti to IMi tit, t Fa"l rclll J iiltl sil uic l the lu;;, bt w it oI)Xnt and excessive 1;ai a le t e Ia 9 amt " li,e jeiut. Sevun l.,Iiar' 'aluer made a-I di'egioore tlee- . 1li ate by H IRY IIONNAIIEL, drggist, age, nie' NEV OrtLI:ASS R" A'SiiVILLl RI1L IULIi ned COMIPANY. p'o- rallIE ·rooLlkllllces of this uullljlnr l arc Irmrlby nu ustt tiiiid iia,-,y a resolution of the haced lcrelier. tion pased lel n th 1ilind. lihecilliaile iiizheia no li e 1311) Filrna e Io ier Itlrhe playnlorhl ive duaallnr0 x a sharewas resciiidnd, and tke said stocklhaldera are . ly uriksruntifiid thint lea, WI!. tRLi.IS, bh a veselutin el'rki, hioard prasedil )Ii the6 the L9~11 lust a call Ilan knell -:'nde meths e tllleklolldrr I r' ioeftheNe Orleans cull Nuale aile Rtail (tIed C IIplety L and,1 1, Ile follI iii pyineats ol thie tie I to a hwik rlc spI e. rilely by tllll ilat-tw tlies a Ialir s e, Ilaynlil wil 01l file irst day of S0liietlkner Ostl, lao dellira pee share ls Itieahle ou ltl fiiit die of l)eoealhr iiext; aind liwo dsllaiuIeII.liSe plyalalo ih lint dayailUi.l -f 1 ih :text. Ciitllitalucdlhe, it irrulfyil, a'. 1 file secretor tie of' thisr rollllpt l a shall n ctify Itwl4,iltkidder thletiinl ,a_ thrmt;; Ilr ptblie iratel of' the oity tlhot in cunlll'rniit '11il,-~ aitak,,faaidt i~ ertnpuny fi~r the term nt sixty IN,. S, from l~id a~live thel it, lit 11 oil'a aw'iirla itiv ,cde pilay;ablewithi idll iptsa can. IIe ditiou now-ever that ilfcir n Iu tl lnlty pail deithlini. * aidlI'rloailiaa of sixty}t ddcysV lrtigand aftInr lit- day to ,s on whielh it sholdinave bleeu laihl, that IIi) the BtU( i on whicrS pn~l hnleelals should hliie hlra,'a,, ie aiohi a e m": afiai,'itl ii the cltttally, file slaherliothat l poinlt Is~ing imperael~rrtive. fit euuftait c threrefo, tnaidl enlIl, all si l lk of Ilic ltiochliler ill said compan, Is i thilkiprter to ),pt onlt pl et I ol n hirrlla ck to thf le aldnoflrladdilitional sityiiayn, a hick thie elharier il allows tlhen,ai sjntified tlht Ike lIaneutior f to dil. I r IZra per slhire callehd Wttrld duie n the tiros &f Sepe Ie t emhenlextr, mtaybe pnattetned under firesixth section~n of naid cllrter, until 1115311 dry o' Octolber nrl, tlao r the payinet o01 Iwo dIlloro per alres culled nor, on doe ono io, fert day of Decemibar oale, nlay in posed ontil ltne 30th day of JanaUiy 105010d the braut of nwo 'ullart per share called far and hoe Spi desedny of Matchnrxro msal, e msyhosp. d , an il day of April nnex. h - EIxtaclof toi mionur of, thel heard. null juoe '21 A It lcNAIRt, ti `[OCilr8/ll( H'9 ocar-25 daren no pr -- - - - -Jtaaie tOsa H II ,e RoyIal College of Physielltu, Loudtila. PT oittnal ViegitlIe Iltge ia UaivetI-i .Mvdi--t .at ele.m ispare by W ,%islkdo, Eta u. .\ellonfI oy tile e lodatl -ollege of Sotltelil. i.itLllil Of i Aiipollite t al eory'ahompany, FelloS oUBolt Court Society, Surgeon iro- to the ltoy).al Unio Pcllsion AsOeiatit. Lanotater el. Place, Watelerloo Bidge, nd lorpetll! Papil of cGuy' ed andl St. 'hlooas's I[ospitala, Laalon. - "ys- This nlua'thle medicine, the result of twelty y rsm' oet', experience and unaraleleil stleeesa in tile cxtlcusice acaand ilghlv respectoble itloei c of tile trellriety, ltrott nt aised by ihe eoltoy anot noblitiy, otId inow liott odloc-d lions tohe notiee of tlie America ilubllic, at the earliest so et, liciltatioo ef a oumber ol'gentleme of toog atd high ,- standling in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelimi ies ary istep, to cheek tile evils ald fatal eousetalelcs erelr risilgfrom tihe use of the iotnoerma ll an leteritlt nosllltrlms loalsted piont the pobll byi the naidl of fabricated ri. plroofsof miraeulous cures, and other fiaudlsl bya net of the meesnary, unpriilncipled preteltlera no totally igaaor'lt altr ol eitllcal science, that it impoansible the monstllous will delushm cal y longer ;o lown with tile oltelligelt ieollle ofthilscooultry. These pills, mit atal agl.elble in their tature, should be kept in every fomila- in case am- of itdeni illnels, for, by thlleir prompt adlministrtion, d cholera, tamp., spasms, fevers, andi other alarming re complaiits, which too loften prove fatal, may be apeeldi the I corad or Irevented. In foot, all tltole who value goni hnd iealth, shnoll never be without theot. They are sol on in .lteketn at 5S1 celnts, $1 anl $2 each, ty every retpee Ito table dltglialt, bookseller, and venldorof medicile ia toi eh United Statest tI. he Canadas, witll cenlous itraltions, olks tge.ter with estuoniao al of profess onai l ability liftn and tle tllewing emifient gentlenlen: Si,' Asle, Coolper, J t Abernehy, Inles B ll, M. I., W. lntctk, .. ., his J. Aston Key, A. Framltloni, 1. Ii., atild numerous uil, othera. The originlls may lto seenit of tllt e re eneral Atgent, by wholl the Ol l t meto e is itmportd illtto vit this eilttlly, anil to whotlta l nqtlicttiolnt lor ibrgeleoi lihe mosl aoble e. JNO. IllllIEIN, 121 Waoerly Place, N. York, ore Sole Genelial Aent for the United States, Lic. ex- For sale by allpoitlttlnent of ae rigiinal tralo rietor. tar. y SWAIi & Itatrltar l)ta, tg~i>t, No It Camell treet, itg ('tnIer Atenit lor StattlIee o .Loiiana. jut IS lao ------ ------.---- II ENMIY It LEE & co, Noe S lagzlac street, are ta- cow reeeiving froma saip Nasltille, oiisnille, st- Kentlliek, EIgle, ald oiler late arrivals tream .te ii L :lthern cities, a large andll ew seleoted assortment ltI- a ii Boota, m Shoee and Beogenaa, ice, eacaitig oflgeitleiolttl'lo ne calf and Morooea hoils eill do 2dlqu.lityt do bolfl, and mtoot wax peggedl booes lf larilsia lgalitiei meolr' fioe calf seal soid mloaoe Pill howila ,is and brogan, obukskihe hoel, br1ogon aim the tlipets: a el's fine t calf slit kipped peggt'I slloeeatltl I rgmiton do boits; do solat kip iatl wax tegge aslhoes 4 a ll bribsilti gcentletien's belt quality calf sewed shoes, i- lagillt anlld Jack ID tllilla tlie calf and i Meorolo te aetle alelle and brogana; To calf, ataltuill o Morloc' t'd ldiall sltar ant slil-.a, do calf, buff atl eal wtlllofs; by syw arlticle do lione cale , rei.l aonl taorticot tlseto Cj itaS; hoys', misiea'tid tllildleit'I ILeggetll alt smwed L.te t'Iotls, atnil loes oate7 eryqouait tllll lantd. tt Also genelti nassttment otf o'a't stlo wa and It .. h a tstt lai abet, I ttgelther lith l itlll oair. I gr bust qalaet il, rushset hiotmties, naillt tn it Ire l.lksl, IoalI eprsslly for platltioli uItei a goll its. L', tllotit of soal's finle tldl atout kit russeat rg-ans, a iw at uni.l t Silage quatlily of ttl ifi.orll quality r- set antid wat btcogeti i Larlis' finare calt ; seal, manrco acd glain welts, ani t- pmli soloe t1oes;ld fete Flelech Muroeo Iatll kbh to oat ttC Salippersa; do roan ll oes, with ntit withtie heels; ' I. c:llf, seal lid 0ou0 leather hooat.:s do l'rlaella sltoe. it I fll iiis lind qualities; do lahting bhogtats; nlo goiter otI fand lb ed Itooeetl. Misses' altigspritig hoestiI t e g ollrs. C.ildrerl'olored Mloicco adl lutilgbi ro h, tall nlit bois, &c. he encleotell's fiiefasltioable black ailk tlats do Idlak itin I dlll l betver ito f a ullerior qlialityttle imitaionl lIc ram tdo;i bilad lail nlrrow hril. nlent'saiti ie l tba I it, 41I t rrl llhort satIledI Lists a lieW artiele. Vonllll" SIia -e size hall l different ilualities; do ohildlretl'.. el- tn'al nd bl.) a blaokalld drab wool hats ob f various Ihla tpe, with general assottnett of boys' atd one's to stu caps. S'Ill s assolttlent will be rpletialelh by the arrtival of af cl t tatketslrin tihle aoole nalledl cties, all of whlel - il I bt sold li aoeeonitlOltlioia lerm onl, a -1f tt MIN'TAG 'UI :s y B1.L. I-'Oit TIlE TI: 'TFI. tt f\I+ :ecutlil+aliedrelollationaaa[cwIlt at. '/ nerellll~ I. deIIIInwd tfI li elll t lhs shatto lltlcidv ui,'p , wind pIr seladlive of's t eintieht, hae itduet dto ii sui . ilcri oit tier it to tiot Ameaic-n tuIilc:. Anirrntgcnoit ih too iee1 lt n dti' tO satIp iltiecis i till Ito i e ;m i lia dd 1an1 towic ) it the tYll ,st Sttles, nl 'it pitolt- it lh lhe te llal ci tllhost e aalilng lSni likd I IUt t lo'r c lli- losi llno iltPlCt int of all tclth,litt Ttlilhlitc - a"ltti 'n uilii alit oietrdittgti ilh'cire tions given. Ol bit oittle, i f has aever Ii ile rte .i.l i ,, sisad it iiiuill relhef. Itt Ialls t lrta- IsIII t Ih rev gt i defct liv lellh. lrid retlieves ttilrll l .tor*aiiRi c i ,t o rce-l Ilit s.n ri dlll-es m itictl, i l lllO.t) 11ht lj I I 11i I t ,pilesl ii it 1the log+. te mlltllilb r of'p erro n i' . ill .I;.I] ; i on, s+.c : il, tl, y] t lllu l'+that[litne it, lytx ,per ' ,l i ih li delitc h-lft . I to hear clia l lte palrlic go ) th ir t) n its n sieglllyl llyall. Y1 IIr llxe sl nd ti t lie rCe lll-t.! ,t i t td c i'i!izied w ,. Id 1te tie ii].i b le-I C lisctlvry " 'd T etmlllil of tll he widll . Piice $ l et togtlde.etlnt.i c hv.n c" .I.%1{,I.itt All{ \t-E . I. .licl c ... l.. t' 1 Ctilillt - LA lltE ls I. .rdis it p otto aInd i eni . ytnrs, o us d teie hr-iled ao brg toLdt Ml l o.fsr or r esti e begi fori io !o il on r ' ro flia t l iled -I i t nl or votilit trdef io i , of iti, grow , rnd im-ar S:ai.O O1 ltCvtiI beete most trdiltiIntii fsrit.lhto e y f ef J. r finteri .d partes, t sl ithsrtlar, r togs tifo arbn . hif iniy tr plite s irally, olid part lo Sl,trboitri, e Iras ra. l".,1 still conti-lnes ilthin IW.} deer, of h,. rt ru iPt !lrorilll utred, ito he. o l rr Ens,!gsl t w , ta l osea "ot ob, o b I r bofiyo f al fle .l oro uld tii i tfoi 5 I' its Sne th e rly pare rat Septemiber, lie iti ri . i pa, Iiss agos, direct from. Nw Yorki Biy fithe Mlissis.i t oR , evi e e alr:iody received invt es ti arcolle l,_ The subscriber begs further to assure thise pblie withl at largoe, that le is at present its well 'natbled to l tI titlttet and oxecute orders ir aoll the kinds of Garden e i.I Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as le ever was Ssine his-A first establislnent in Jauary, 18"oii. fillod at tile Idwesst ar mbost reaso bl i rates, by S the pounL ed ig, d gallon or buel measur Cata logues, ither in French or English, may orag always he obtained oni pet rso t l applire tio as tilde' usual, to 1V'i, S11T'I ' G Iden Seed StLor 85 Ciu stosioseot strr : olt ver s l' --'e Co si talt. ul',rly of Bird Sl-t t, ille ri Ittl spcoblr inl hrrl,i,--tith a citt ofl'pets aid Itao . y I ai tiPoct iooI-tfuelerilt ll toed will. LI I. i) kit botit, nt,, andt . ned e and thredi cases t. ncy tiotuis, :of pr:foavo t , At .-Of ilte il test i ni eftligorpud otente Iosi lag gro. evdet nd roClo I tIfi'rliei, 'ieorn beicS plas f. aliest obrjy wito af d I of cnthet doer.tom, shirt eoullfars tUo eblders c led irk i W it]Iig Pin sins.nders, also, gut u elastic worstl . g. id and crtlenett do, with uslld iot rollers yn pantlinn straps n with wir( sl)rings;Iad a great vs. e of gentlelolea's, hd exp rcssly for lhe , re:.nil itrad, b i A. L., Ven.orn and tnf of Pinju . toi L'mblc--A gentera! od comnplhto pr sorlon A s orefulds tl-pio c tflir manuactory.A;io, English or Ditrienct Agenciesompl, pe. t dcp lt Ike I RUSIHToN & ASPINALL'S SjO T.POUND ONIC MI'I'f E-, 48 Co pedv n and ceain lcur,, for t .le ever and fAguei, y "remittent ilnd intrllitttltllt lfdivtrs; opreprod fol tef) f origgal recipe. Used w:*h aen.eJt and u oi suveral success r 1832, hy p oerns t hiest gl I' respectability in thi city .s stateil i th, aII e ili.tIX afalr j rtiia tes. "" oi "an ' tois tdisi nus s e it tih rrti iirf. i e r and are t e e i ds , t lre s fswrJ on It te r.1uh ditinriset . noccwrtfse tllhtt toi proprietr of l, n f e .t its protent faor. t oe h ble hat it may be a tile means hf rlhevine tany o thelse who arei i suflfering under ct scoudrge of ous' conetiry. Iot is Iea medicine possessing great viru is, and when used t according to ts e diroetioll s neever faled of SeffWecti.g a mire, oven in tIe oast obstinate stao oft ti disorder. It is not st all diaagreagble, rand personsi of t.l . .ase, wllst sromis. ad c.f.dr, Ie s, ', . lake it with impunity. II streogtlens the digestive organs, creats all aappUtitel, and seldom reluirea t oIllnmre than one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottle to effect a cure. There is the sj r mercury nor i Uarsenli in tle nedicine, nor any thing intjurilos to tle humlan constitution. The proprietors are n, so well convinced of its eeieacy, thaLt they agree a8 re to refund the price ofevery bottle which has been take ill accordanslt, with the directions and hIsuo it not effneted a a perfect cure of tiLe lever & rag, s A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleas, at Y Ilise wholle and relail drug a Od medLcine store, ol e(Icorner of Ilienvdlo and Chartres streets. goo, For District Agencies appl to st!." -j5. . T. W, .,i;T1'. 48 Cu nti stl. i ".l)llrclll~e ry ,aulIII.V, .t Inl all:a. fin THR'IIEE A }'S JOUR.¥E E" FlgO.| I:'E IV Se Fl'lE propriet,. r hIbis establs].ment has te p )la- .vory i. Surr of aum uinmcl to is h i' ,Fienlduad t puI nblic ra in eneall, tl'at hie will be in re dile..sbv Ihe first Jac of sfck :Nov to receive v•hen, lie w ill tabo rie fnr the-br- India aelht eftllllun at ditanllce, tha there hlave been large ter ImnlloVelments alude, nnd ulbers now going, Oil Ind IllJiato rapid pr, lg-ss for cumplelion, which wi enan sr Ith ad , subseor~r to aecoennodlate It lunch lurger 'ulmber thn and r leretofore, and at the .mlel time malll etter. anent Familit -can be aeommodated a itl goof rooms or Fldri there wbu prflar caa have large eabil Cctaelled fr'ont and the mrin buelding. boedu fur uf the chars s ..... cry, amuselnato s thal are' eeallalyl rest Wat . 4Pll aeea. will be .fuord at |fiit, Tl'headsl plusic that -his c i i } cp-€nrytCI. kl, l ihts and r ols R.od, wlll bsi h1!}n.a at. 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" Closes Errv dbaa at 19n A. it it . Dl)ue every unl.dy, Wednesday me W e sea Mail, lFri ay, by,, P. 't . , y r. by o.o of thi d(lasn5 P.erv ilolanv, TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPA R'I'UF tIJSrTANCI. etrr ss"f theaExprtss Mail, b ttt^.a nlooie and Now to- York -leavingMobile delia- at S P. 01. Norlltwar ito- Now York daly at or.P A houthwerd. a- Arrives Arrive S gAlNorthwared. Dlatande. Ti te. Iieso'g e i agomr y Aa. lp in. 198 si's 23 I 1lu. r Coluti: ,wt. 1y1Y i d- Slat t1,- 62. umlpeS C.ii. talnt Ewrsaon. Va. 1A m. 3ea u iTA de- orbheter vag V 10 pm. 83 10 mi . Na ill fonhmldm, Ala. iam. 1Is .h 1 . ir t era osie lo lt er 67 7 ipi. 1f- 1oluuinglA, 1 pm. 01 T1as .re Pbilodolpiis, 4 aet. 100 11 it lt r No . Ya r "l 9ie 0 t) sil 1u05 140 bs. ar a 13 tA Northwardn. Aon asing Sottwrrd, use tioe is sialo atly B EN m O.l.AllS IIE WAI.ID. khe 1ANArAY Fr:,m 119 Isrnladelot corner of Ilevio ins ma tsletse, on lhe night at 0th t ofT A gr st, sist ase i:t- seen the next morning it Plydrot street, a n'gro by nal t mtoed CtIHAlh.y, abort 17 Dorn of age, onat .ife e lor tlieba os i e he-ht, ver black oa Idtaslial, ;.pti lg y a recenat tblrt ln ltad an Wl er Io wontll aw a thilt ei a to tir shirt eli d wthile atton ltll llS. i r oton o' linen hir d i l la sters of rvesselrs and c re s r csatie Sit gaisnt Ireceivllg or he rboHing said negro , Ino awll noi all ti otlher perrnis, aI tile ltnhta t rigr of tlhe law will ht si enforced against tiean. The albveo rewsard will ae ptio OY fotrdeliveting hias inrt ate of tiy e jail of either oi'lhl s- Inlanieitnlitiea, or at 169 Carat ode nt, c ner of Irevi. tse street. st --h NOTUIC--'l'h copimilso;lli Ioia ro asistiting Sndert of I)bais &er Gartson, slts inbee dissolved. T'ltl su Pribn r will liq date the afirs u tIi, le concernlill this ecty d rqire all s le . ed to make ialoueotto hilo only, andi il tltoseh1,v p cllau lto rciras tthters se tl sla s't. iat (ili l t.--7t tA isO WW.SWA N.. Eg No. llTCsasal Bret A-,.r Or/anr. aH- TTAS aslwavrs sn hasd cost tstisly o rst-ei illa trs. .L tiyerss,tlsaianlotatd PIi:sarss taitn l as- t SAnilnt.ny, at-lse, Argols, red, Isa o Am ela-sl, .tatttes i tIr Arsel ictlde, Alton, ro Ide puwdrrd, Ilrrazillctte woo,, Ulalsa, copnvi;n, CocindLh l, loa laeilllstc t a,;. 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