Newspaper of True American, March 8, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 8, 1839 Page 3
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1 ACON.-IU hldl ccavasaenln heasn snmI l hida sides II 1 fur sale by 1. BILI)tE & Ca. fig 1I14 Magazine at. rPF.I O11.-.i casks winter and fall stramied , Oepr.ii ci, warusnted pure, for sale by fel9 ISA 1C IIRIItI)i & Co, 131 Magn.aine at C L- C' IIN --GU c.a- Clthil!sig, compiri.i.g alnex tnnsiv aessortment, vnrius qtlailllae, landing for sela by ISAACO BII IDgi & Co, hlb9 131 Magazine sa t iOUT-io3 tiba [is Lal Nala. nust rr'evred for sale IS fell READ & ItKRi'TOW, Bank Place AMRES' .LA.T NJVEI.S &o.--Th Hugeno, a taleof the Frncah PIroteatatts, by James. Tales of Chl ptasio'sn, by Janmes. lobgns, in I8i6,by J Stewart. Alex. Kisth, D. i). lemonstration oe re truth o tha Chrlsinno r rsligion. Fretl's edition of the Blritish poaets, I vol. Aikin'a British poet, Asd i variety of new, tstadarSl and vaJHbNe osns. II JoIiNt3 81 Co, snta 2w corner St Charlea & Common atl SNTUCKY BAGC-tiiN &n BAL.E Ril'E--Far XCIANrteIA ( E 1 E i Ci.N134rMagazineab READ N )r BAsTOW ,an Ae7 ank place UNNY ofDS-Cler sale Ivora EXCHANG ITOTF k1-I Yaus nukh-- oa s.I. Iw a2 4 & Jp WHIIITNEY, 73 Camp ct I ý t-,4r OlTiL-Itsise asres , for anle by Sm2 VWIII'TRtIIIi;, 7. l t:o, 7i iMugn a n lAS--i1ti bxesa inlmperital gcundlwplr, hy a orange, Pes . and st clinoeg tens for sale Iy m1 WIll I'KIKlir : & t:o, 7i Magazine st tNIVES-" cases faecr y bwoevi and dis kniver, far ,I saeoby 1iALI. & BROWN, ee2 96 Magazingnat FiL -4 o anses ri.ed nanel ahirtse. for sale by m3 sL SIIALL& BRILOWN,INi Mgazinss at UST ree~iv.di rth-l.fle 1.nuiaineasurnmnr Ware . Rmons, 53 ienvilte stret,r t 20 Maple and Cherry Iledstoees; a first rate article. Also, a gead aensort Ient of Male, Walnut, usni Pninlted ihairs, wiiel will be sod for tle alowest canh pr;Ies. WIt CARLNES JyP 5i3 ilinvillr street - O)WANiD'S ONIC MIlX'I'UIkr-J ust rea' Jli a2o mes of thsiainveluatle renmedy for tie Fever and Agule, warranted geisilse, direct froth the masluac ory in PLhilaldellthia,, for eale l JAllVIS & AN )RE WS, jai ezeart''chatiitaulns &, C.nlnstassls At G U tiNNY BAC.S-inO i isn bales asld isnadltae, an sorted nines, fbor sale tb lalt ISAAC I11tt)Llli& & Cs. 114 legsaino n C ANDLES-50 i oxes New Ilerdford, lBoton and Nantucket Sperm Candless , fsr nato by 1622 IS CAC ItltiuE z C, li.t Maganise i'. sobacribler Iht,. tie hossor of infosrmings the ls lier, tlht isr hos rc:seiwvetr sleatp I.o s fyette ani Muresso. It asupIy of faslil ail whit'er Millinrvy, of . tlhe nlata nni richlU-t sl'teiislis allL ia, v elsh Alrn. tca lan exlc tas to heor,, opened :mnd rTosily tair exam - inotia on AoIisssay snssld L'i'la s Iat.. D P h'tANI.AN, Corncr of St. Charles & Cosmsan street, xttC ANUS IeITT 5 . ls . R UMIi & ALl AN would reaslecfslly esll tih, sst tentinof eiltilses and s st rsrnlssar o o hinesnspletl aeSrtlllltt a eltl linmen -Ihirints, do r, .ric wit I hesn'reats. ialissnnbhl lissen frssts: linen cl slaz silk, rottn and imerino usler hills end dlrawers: cambrin and silk hssslkerchiefs: black and fancy era vaM ingreat nerieta: stecks el'every deserilption: gngl elastic na. coutton sunape ssors: silk, cotton ndsl tihread gloves: ienteoakin gloves: umbsrella and cnses gold Aln,-Splendid aseortmenet of ladies and gsets wri tingdesks, drssning cases, port folios, pels'lsery, cut lery, ndi rich fanev goods. CARD IO'I 'IE LADIES. W ILLIAIMI IKI.I., No. I Clhartres street. contin aes Is, pslshoee old brlkean Jeselr', old gsold ori siler in nay f'sri wlatever, uslt lay tlhs iighest price in Orleans. Ladies who msav have odd fsthioned gold jawelry, iez: atr crIIsssIess., clsniR, neeCklare, Igor kles, finger ings, or in iast any articles of tIn lin, whish is lyinsg din ent of no use to Ihels, eran ,xclsunlg e tihe issna ti gooe ndvalnt ags, Ii)y callins i s a o sl t N l-Wauts.ehs, Jcneiy Isntd Sess.tlsles repaired in Ih0 beet mmnner--clmrges iluderae. ja'i. 184- 0 Fl'E, 53 llageriue street, apposllte i Il '"k.e as calde, ir W ( lEENE tilaen Itl ecce ill ntoet cill to Ic ti IrieleI andI thle citi.n of New Orleoll , that lie Ihast it leangt br ~gIlht I.itho+grl .h*.'on a par w ilh colpper plate priuting, an| Irum the I zh.cil i the art leIts ove.r CO )pper plate etlltnvilng he " III ,,ileeute all order. elllrstintCiI 1d to him, at tine halt lthe exllpoe oel'oagrxcvilg-and .airly ias elieni as ttle jtirllintti. Mere ltsl an l' tuirc s ent ont in thiir owe aindl writin, enon huae anly ijticlnite at . ftiw hlirt moti;t or they vill lot ic:."ht'lIr bI int it a qtiu style. eillta as ts lior.tliire given ceniral siltietetti t V tetli the alie[ rtsio-Mahl- commissho lollvs i thisi oily. (e hilien deiirit oif hliiig Visiting or l i m ors o'arl :t fi rish,, ,! : a st le llst am r, will t!. well b, oallinn at h- o ,lion J rll8 s v 1 C l ih. It 11213 N l--l:e tra n :ttily extcivtle asi irctlete tire pritil li nt oleIv illr'. lu:ieI' :r ce. ip o, foit dr s:ale, Iy IS A .A C ll! tw' 'Ch a r1 leb I D e I ICA -itll u m tl lt . l Ii' il ;lc no t, e lI, y 're ,ui . .o n'ii' s Achrt i s. le d,- I' ln nrvi " fri (coei ie h 4iuullhl, ,aq. ll e by Ir·ir ofllxt" ]''tti-ll .\dllily;l,/, iset an ni len rdi clI, inforits.t' .Ci .rei : it il , iw in Io a Ir , : l, unit slll ws ll Ae lllll a ialio. Irie .. t rlla ulel. - and ,] Irn'll i'all~na bIank.u Ky WIlt. Just Iublihedb lic' njnc r le (ll ll iii ti h til r i -iti f WIot eu0 c t i l (l. I t i sc IM-Flle en pecTronet onTetilin L far sale lyin I. i j Tr Ileld u f: & l1(5)ll tleT., ,n0 :3l ('olOlllae c,"r ,.lllnl. lllP a 1 tana Codlet loffinlell ourse of ' lnpl Stt+ d" volet on L ltr ne: l.awets allrter rkiec: en Frlorin ook: Ieeves' Oi IDescents: luscoe's Criminal Evldnce: Civil o., I sseler ot Crdll c Vc viole: Norris'I peaksn ol Evideca: riutherfiord'i r Institute' : New r York Analytica Digest, 9 v- s: Powell ol Mortngage: i JuigePLeck's T rial: ATM'losl o lm thy of the law: at o f Plreasultive Evid enre: Mtflld oil vlerd- out ing: Montgeso tn ,llr~o 'r'illinghest on l.imtittinns: " Tc.'heolh l Poriteipt atd SCrety: Tiomaet' s C hoke, 3c volse. Foler on Executors: Tclt lin's .aw I)ictilloary l Svltn: T'reatise on ite Ieiw tf Fixtures: lStrkic on Evidence: tae. on Slander: Sugdae oe Velldors: Smaits deats o P oeadig Aned. Evidenre: S ill's ilChancery lPrlec, 2 vra s: Stelvens ant4 IBenekell n Average: Story's Co t entnrienan thei Costitinioo': I.laws of I1. l i mtles: on 11 ilY: of 1tilh ants anI nd oe the collnllfl t 1, LaW:Seaton's ..... g i" .Equity: Wen t...hO Iu t l cator,: Walker's American Law: Williams on Fxeeu. n. tore, 2 vole: for sale at 49 Camp street. te13 AFXTx ToWAR. ' [ný HIPTlUOi)KS-Jtat received ut Rllaill Ielt Lb aCo's, a no i and extensive asortmnlltt l Itso- i eipt ooks, tar sale low, at Is fel9 24 Cltnartrns ht T.tNlhlAtlt) It'LtL:t) OIICAI.S--LitIc's d cusceal nI and "O)r Gl be illustrut : t." E lMr IAUSIA N, tie agiot tior thene piblications, in ow in New (Itrlan, and will be iaplil tl relve Ili lubse ripticnt t ither wokli i. till Ita litlll li)sceisree I a relptttlltoni ilererteto I.tle. li lllt it hls le(I I ei It ltatilartl publisiiln. "lOur (illhe Illlstralted" is ost plllihed In weekly niulmbrs, 5'2 of whiclh ill liIrt. it iplendid vailatet. Eacel ntlltl r ceoituiln two a euiti- II fulsteelengravingi , c nd acnutieight piaes of Ileserl p tLht. It is fi lltarto sizre, nd is the chena)Ft tIpbli,. lion tfthe kid in tile wrld. _Sthiripl price..i52 inulllbere lir $;tij Iore thainOi l II hl Ieee .nIxpeIIiiided on the work attd it .i etonfidenttly ieculuotitded c hilly worthy ofpetrunge. Sulerqeltioea received at No 44 Catip st, cndtil the4 Post Office. . P -R-101 bbl s nesa prince P. O., for sldte by G. I I)t)iIItSY, 44 New l.evne C OFPItt &. CIGARS-All dut. lrilie gren Ilai d vanas Cofee, bl),00.l It vcttii Cignrs, Itn llng fri hee tatil Roger WVillianns, for nolo by JOSEIPII COCK LYNE, jul4 2.i5dravoiernt B LACK tNh.-i bblsr tltlla tiuiuli ell , slhll) 12 ca iue tii liilli .l die ill:lt It)lllllo p'e iaeC i I Iaockiig, alndineg frot Ilp Nlashville, for rth& Ily y i tol ISAAC BKIII)E I,. _ U I..L 3 n iatair 210I-! boexes do do 1110 L-4 boxes do do do In store and for sale by feb9l CIIAIPI.IN & COOPER 12 Jtulia at R--1 0 -5leeh s 11ok w nolailln., cud fr sutle by C ja2I CHAMP'I.IN &CI)I)PEiR, ;2 Juilia at G UNNY DAtid-5,ll0l9 Gilut lags in stlore tie Ssalei by CI A Ct Ett)R, e9l 02 d Jua s -IME--S101 easboksTItomn ton Lime ftr sale it lola to suil t pur chser s. Apply to Is9 n P Lp1I ,AW, (fii Camp st ilERM O+L---YM0t anlls. winter strailed sperm oil, just reeiavednd fr. sal be jnl0 LO.CIK &Co, l Froet Levee -X-CANGE-On New Yoerk ne Philadellphia, Ier sale by Feo2| ADAMS &VWHITAL..6 Gravierst E"C-E--tlcells rtice i Iboard brig Seubird, and Ior t aleby for ale by FLORA'S DICTIONA RY wilh 52 colored plates, -u atfurtler tpply ths day toeited, tnd thr sale by feb(I . AL.EX .TOIVARI, 49 Cmp nt. iTilOpST'S iIRITISIIPOETII-Dsiag select worke F of bth British Poets it, a cLrolnoloeitl seriee,fromn ptaloesy to Sir Walter Scot, with biographicee aidt critical notieces; design'tl a . tontinatlon of Dr. At kia'l ritiah Puetsaiust received nod for snale by Xeb21. AIEX. TOWA I, 49 Camp st. ARSUIALI.:S WASHINGTON, ahridgeidfor the Suse of nohiolI, rneived and Itr calt Ih st. fb .l ALEX. TOWAI, 49 tamp --IS- TQl'rH PASTE-An elegant and highly 0.approved eutifrice; the best preparation ever put plp for the topth, just received at Ilie USaa Nr. UUSH & ALIEN, d9 eOr StChatlel&tCommon ses.,Exchsnga -O ,INGI ZNC--13 ca.ks lnst RItioflig Zin now Ilnding Imil bargue lhiihnw, for sale lv eol JLt1'el'll 25 r vie D EMIOHN- 5WI, 1 .2.. a 3 galhon demijohn., Slaodi:n g Irots hlip 'hterohee, for rale by -l n f hJARVIS &r ANDREWS, rlfew crner OfCOICIIIIIn & T oltoitniUtdL s at l0-II, U lAGS Cacdio cull,6J)U0 butlicis do in bulk, •mi - WllTIIDO'l0&. Ccn. 76 nf L)UI--446 brLa lading from leamer AtlafliI, manfor lui, by U I)ORSNe.Y, ml 44 New Levee 13 ZOUIL.-- .I)II h:lv ludaiag e:oueer Priareec., I• rnd flrsalnihy inl G taORi t+r l,4 New ILevee .ll Ibr cutle ly ml r AsllL. & BROWN, J6 Mengac SOFI, E-'l G DOIISFY 41 New levee --0 SB-rA I1 MR uII -]-A'l' ic-p e n.d - ovete, 251) lhuarrels Ibililltohtratle pt .tliI exuclknriclr io - be claiclcal . Calhlsaac el s'etoenva will do well Ity ecrctaaeicagla giw i'l.ra anclbcv wvill fivnit lobe the treal sulasl Illt c.¥rtuairfled fIr ilel"l, far hlie blv Inl c LOCKF& l CC,l t Fro.'Lelee -IANO F'irTE:4-2 mcre, splendid incriments, with roe colured il opeilnllid Idl r sale by leoN A I'roWAl. 49 Camp Is Gl lAS--Specie, liletir.' and ac I moulh Jarre, - ralild eoiteqionre we III)etiill . C every s l vils l' l ,In c, o 8 ., bir bwhol e oel + retoi?, by II Bo , fby Sl corner Noitbhec NNAIiEI., GIM ,l.AS'TIC BAI.S .ir v le " WleJoeI and reteil, nt IIBNONN.XiII..' fl-l Store, eot NctcheZ & lrcbupitoalac St fWl BI-dFied bgs tie I erl ~n,:n;ittr sore li eleliy -=tcic 51 ii Il)t(iltSt., I New I.Levee ii iANIY, t-11-, .11 t D GIN. 'ctlaveledl uIer olinby CIIhAII'LIN I tiiii'ElU SJaclie c.IJNNY I.) All.ln ( e llbM1, ) icile (OflGeey IBos mar I. 7 I Pyalras cs On ;..ur aodnlsucb .ll~~lsuno OILANG, I.In3lMONS,&.--Illo IeI)XCo Sicily Or e- n ,' annl I .ella e in fieee v her. 9 1T0 hI.yrs lilliaei.iatal Wentl Iere Iallac fro, hip Corie leh el, for anle by J LI.YV I1:1 I ac o I 111NE-S d 1l 1)14 leealk l allr ,I Ill Old in vt' st NIW IIOKIS--Tlhe llagee.. taie ly i..r. ili 2 ul.e. Kleilah's llil' iailr ijtiI tilI l i t- tice` r Ilat tl! (? eita +t i. l~ Ol w llhI llllllll'rllll+4 lll .l'I ·ill#.• "loce I)ianiv tlct thue l chlt h lyeictall in 3vols. o ltern pa an vet aiatpctual , y ci uto "f \lAu n l new , lyrlW e ol Maria Eil-eaaartl'i s wycLrk Inre, u nelll rllrlls l RI< Ill R ni r n Ine allrl(lll 1iii C a rli upc-I- orlltt OU lhC 3icr alishe Iai gokeryebancoiiiCatevien&cavig nao hIn lnocf ' t he xp s.+ JfiFhiqh Tl %6:ke 1.r' lill nd nla r lt, li l , Ux , e+Lt l ii e,_o,,5 It t jl s it lia f eti lalartil uvt l a I itec~l itit Itle aiiaIeaI t t IaP in \\ IS --ei II LnliL rti a w ein I r cilek N fI-r Nah'iIIIK' lIt llaeaa at aile I tAt1. IretV, sIteup Iaa' athl ii tatrlalii allll ii l Ih ivei at by i l. I I I ll s i fk p II [ aa lay%7 lay1 ii "-ThlceIaalarlaal, I ab i tatuate Priai~lia c1c 1 nai "Al pilt A v I' go [ ' hc,¥ ii' 4 oct NVcieee Ito ti laitiailCa stioC, ctvi oi alice lial a.Iaat aeY I I tatial l all, y li+ Ill t eIlll r tat (tic Ye el ma e,,r Iay 4lircc, lchailn t, (al I aha. Saillticen Ilalthlltlt Ullc otlailtliaa .L.cee a uy ite r iatAUltrollli J Tltrl Ca t r1IeC , fic t t Just erecieia d llrllole by V .MCKEAN, iitrlrll~er Camnp &. (:+tlllln llrll it+ A Cltrd. ORLEANS LITIIOGII.I)III C IRSTAIIIISII MlE T, 5:1 ,I/A GAZINI".AGAZIN STREET', OI~'I'/INTC I. AK I(:. bCdl.\I'. MTG IaeaaNI ti rlllrll a hici einere Ihailaakb to lilt Olllrhidtn iiie aaal a liihl tar Neaw a rla'a.lti.fite hi iV iin . be-lo se Itrtaaa ild ili r tht l .RtIw tlatr I)lld ;I~r nl..P I.lo hii tie ihell th-i 'aetllellli'ci i ieteaeco. Id 11; I c'lar l, hll he· Il~nct ~ l v I.t laeh.d t,); hel l ill t il~1·1i 1 1\i1( L II: t cl tile t at cieila alt aiiY Ih tllkaaItlll, a un alltll ile uIaoie s ee lllIevacI a r ikl d Ie f lllrCk lllll' P circt itrtl ! - + tvaeiiaa ,i Ilt're+.l a i lll(,rlll tatIICL, lllllli~1 , auril v l llpi h ru ai til tII att'ill l lillllellh lrlll lrlt+ lln lil'e, Illlli 1iiii 11111, :ll I~iq l Pllli i l ; lrlnR N I A iIhcl lrlaaa and lc, lll l ie ccl liailelt Pt t lat i h. in ncc l "I< stia h nt C lqatciril;ta.e alttaaialt. lllttal it le. alal~ litta hreytaaiiet'. .. . . . . jytlI t'lln il~ ll rll ll h , -- blai F ili 38 S kegs ~llrdl; 1?3 ke·gs Ii Illtltlr , fi,21 I; 1) I,(,.I'~: Y ,,IS..N, I.csrc. i -t-li--. l,*r, &raI ,'d, lilr Il Lt e (Il lgtitcc 9tJc ..lllLillo S| A'rToaceeta AT LOW, a .: I'ld icticad Ilti i, it'll|" |ill, it. lilnt Ile, j)ietreCe ai"ca a1' atl af ltlu'r t1 lur.+l. I it' il i I flhtI Illl l ia elllelll ia-- abeaI a) a tli ettll t'i eh 1ll l cliai, y aacd II, ( ll~ll'r l~itr IIIII l~ ll.. tllht'(llt, -lJ~ilh r al lity citalea at 11.1* Maldeca ceci l: I t llell aa i i~. --i ((a Itt 1· i a r i le.v, · II I e . , rul·, i i I rl llnpll lll ) , i il I r I~l i l( C iI,I "'l.rillt- s~ ir r+ilvll. CI!I" '|'l.. il I1II dil'ih . 1.1-f .1 Ii, r . ( lt l.: I ¶ 1) .- l 'l+Oit \ca ll il. (lv I i hal t illl 'alicI, lhl a -al la Il t ta i I a a- atajail'1' ai (lliJitt tt1a tai t -I aituettal lla la il (1i.1itat i aati"i N'lai , i t r i + If. l lnl ,i . Inaal ,I, tit,.ether 91 llpc'lior-tiljl·lV i)hll CII)Ii hAr-a ti, 91(rl .l\l. +,,.?/1 IV,' tVladtd'o lettclarttielv w lll Itt I I tn il) A 4I ' I a- laItata liea. l iltt nac l1 11n l eilh, .histr Cli AtI oillea'l ju i ceati; Iirlta e aca ,lla l a nletit . ln Ot fitr s ,-l 11 J1 . eacI.iYL, Neactae ni 2 .| 11 .1 61 +ri- sl Tltiad I ll dtaret l .ic call irn ba tte c I.lqilcritir ei~.h joetrca,, Ildayo salte Ieaylc fo asiced 1121{ edAN It rt St 'iUIL IIOOJ S. 1TOOIBRIIRI (u 'SiGeogr phy and Atlas SV Sniley's Geographiy mli Atlan Col,.'s rnadels, i No I 2; Porter's Rhetoricaldo Andrews' nud .Ntopdnlrd's Latin Gratamar Andlrews' Ltin Le.ssons: jst received a mnew up S niv 'tle above voitahla ecinol Books, at 49 Camp t(. wlnaea largo nal chni:e assortment of Stchool Itoks any aleays ha had on as ragod terms n in tl Soutllernn S rNI E 11 int'-14lgeas legetahin Univneral country, .Tr 4 F . Medicine, tormeAly sald by It. n. Sykes, at 27 SChrtres street, i rlnlaNove to tthe look tor ofn O) it OK Feit .el4 Cta"Tnrhsstareet, (direetlyopose r,) who is duly apnningd sall-Augent, for tilenn sale t e thes SinTvauae Mledicines Sold in packets of $1, $2, and $3, with amnple direntioas in FPanclh, Spani-h and A ·i . opies ,,, f ...e i orrinlai, .r Fm:,ilv Avit .r. of ith, I:ilihl: Cnlthge Ni Hei ltit. I'rice $2 71; ulhnao te 'talical ronlos, llt ediinn--7i 1-2. P'aCke, noice-tlhe genuine are n,.ver sold it a drug sa ntine, inId enlll Ie h in tlhls cityant 42 Chartres st. A Ifelnh snplrl'jui t reLeived on New York tntatmners llall. _mar 4 ACON hSI)S-l.I1t clnasksa Cincinwoatn intredt in .it sFtore, fbr sale by G. Irtltt!l4V, aint or 44 New Leive'Pe Y TO .?PiERCIII.IVTS C ANNL COAL, i ae at. rar atn at. I It's Ilttl:JtdANS--t0 easces, conasiting of tn .It'ls nilt sewed tfae btoots, Ctifl,ltl kip taga'd a ., at d et' a's lk rogtls, lhtlldtý rllro shaip aollcon din, fir ale iby ISAA hC B1lNtO C t Co, t fell 1. 1argzineiat LOOKING (;GL.\ASSES--'T'he sublscribers are now t opellillg a olr tllll adwll rselected n -sortmlenl of nIainlallnn y alll gilt itraltaIninlrrrn, of enrioa sites rudl tleo - zrlpliols, li. sole at No. 17 tntl)1) anmt 04 C.mmonralu I streets. iBt--it It IILtIWELR & CO. SO'T'A'TOES-- n btills in title order, ill Soar bar rain. tl staore, Inr sale by G I)O ntIY, POR'P WNINt-311 don very attert-ihr old Pant at Wise, lotsaln by t I I',l'Eit, r22 95 Conm mon st I ADItE T , ICKlNG --itt. Ifairs of superio nr L qualita, lintlinn, slap Alexander freni e IamonCt, for stle by A 'l'RltEt, st fa' 314 Granter ast S. UPEIIIOIt Mandeirn and Poit WVine. jest received At direct from Mdelnrnla, peir blrig Stnauel and Jothn, tmfront Lotndon, France tlid tetlnntty. m dad!!ira, it htaltqinarter caka, old London Particu lar, ad choitice IReserve. S do. it: cases, choicesit Social, IReserve and Lontdon tar IPariculnar. Genuine Port nin.a, old, in cans, bottled in Oporto. t And their weit kaowan atstartment of BUrdatlaa, Blar aor rnnd v, Chimnpaign, and lihanishI Wines, ilnraschino, finest flartiitnaijn andials, Lotndn Po'tir and ,ie, all t first lttltity. JOHINS & Ce, inrte nl corner Comtnnatt St Charlae stt l i Linseed Oil,jnst reneived, And fon r sai byi tfi "1 i M CA N NON, I 'Ti hopitntt as, CIUIITIS' Adiraltly Iligest-A lingat atof es in by J tle cnarts nl Adtniralty in Enlgland, inl I vol. EIa, ilust nrceivd anid far sale by 7k, fa AI.EX TOWAI I, 49 Camp nt in ARVIS aon tile Pasioas, a inew and interosain asI work, hy thlls , cry popular athore, itst received - andfitrsnlale by ALEX 'iOWAIt, febl5 49 Cannp at he I.AGGING and topa ~20 pieca bagging 2110 coils rope. for sale by $ fel l ItILMIOIENIE IIBROWN & Co, 9 Coni, I SUGRROWN YUAR--In barrals, for saia hv y SGR HALL & BIROi)WN, Inat feb2l 96 Miguzine at ng X H AY-GOhn bales Northern It iin stare aatr$sr i __ I Inby CIIAMPLIN 4.I-OPER, tsar _ 7 S.tI S Julia am FANCY SOAP-- 2lgkaanruce LqlcS sa • r | tn SHALL& BRI)IWN,liiMagsaiane st baa, TONDON IBROWN StOUT &. Iij r 'LtER-I1 Scasks, Inhding frona .pit Washington flot Lo-t ndon, fior raino byy at fcb25 RI.AD & ARSTOW, 7 Bank place bHIPPING. For Europe. FDIC LIVI:RPOl nL. S The A 1 and very fat .ailil.g ship ELIZ AIE'I'tI, Capt'lI'hver, will recerive iula t di s - - ntr lrsputc, for tie alcon ve purl, y. viag file gratr orartcofhedr rgornaget (II ro L Cagonon iard. P'r reight of 12i5 bales cation, or pVnsage apply to macr 6 LVI I G. (i.llC. I9I Cc1kmn at Tlme A I fat snailin" ihitrla cIe \VIli. LIA., ('Ciark, icacn:r, .'anls 6'0 batels cotltn a d t com plutl her carg'. Far freight, or ps- v tl,, " pl y to ItIJL IERS " 11lt1.5, alllri nnk PaLI e cr t FOIR IA 'I-.E, cIl;.cll 5 llit. hI' e i A i nid I tICst c ing "ip PA!Ei-h p ' l 'IN ke*:, It tlelielnd, will ihavm iat nedi- t . lte de7lcatcei. Faor j'asiag e only, llEalil i sat- 7 l lUhnr acacnUl dcalVli o, l I N Ic I17y Ip 1o I I 1. II Ai ,E, 93 C nllnlton at a Flil IIAVA\A. e a Icket Ilrita . The A 'i st sa.iiii conpered and rclper a .-ai packet ., GANNII.'', it s r, J lc .I d ll mIIt11 ert , will lllve illllate dict,.li-npl ct. F r iraegic or pIaIst," Cilvilla , very s on 'crSa rn cagra, apply to J IPHOIEIAi & lc, Co Ill:tle atl. r o 11R \ OW I' v ll 'lnll l5 llI-i Il*ll llV Pni. lle finit sll IpICIIMIitN, Ccap IVii ihip, 2t.,apptila n Ie ialnd l ,cccd I2I7 I I .1i .E1:,.1 Ct, .liclllt 1 -- -- -i .. . " llr It l l1 'tl . aIaTil A ! fast s i iti thlip S t. 1I ,O N , S engaged, will meet witviac t c ltIles, call I pui c I u"rapCssci apIV hcc 25 J J P WhIIIt'NElY, 73. a (Ctlll FPIR I VEIII(º,I,. This Al llod h trHt ncililng liarle NIMI(Ihtli (' o t. C(11 l dl l ir.tlr, w ill ar iel:! iil lllel l hi l ie di.lae . r frel i ig t ( f 1i2. Ilrl e,.ts; . oan r m r appily toa p 1.11 G 1( I f1,.95 3 Cam st FOIt ItIVtRPtHIt.-L The A I lalill MIAIRY IOWLIAND, Si n aIc.I W eaa r cilallr h..rillvig lstII oflh( r tcargo m-elrlccdil , will lave daespatch, for bailac.c of Pact" itt cc l°i° tgco IIlY t A ' f w ly AlAMS3 &\VI.WIIIIAL. FO ' ARLES.T I' T ch I tn ll fList sailing shiCp P RIOPON '. ',apt c l-oa, h cnwill ieeive irn daccmditr A 'riItecc tar thel above lort, camri, gtile gcnctlr a of ear crlgaee i ed. For tfi-eight of 5I bauls otltlo, or Ilissngc, cllilly, tO f,1ih1 I a, A G A E,93 l li ac cttc ca. . 1. F 1 IVRlEV, YORi . P1 Th A crl .iA list at:lih chiap RI lGA, pt minhl a h aviilc the great r purt or her p Ivlc. l lr i- c l ' l' I 0· IIlalc c o Itil 1 librrcrl lollr, - Coastwise. _ . S Th e l ai t siling lci'ere Ibrlg lMA, aipt. C pt l 7.I ,il, cn l rtvi t h grc ,'r rttor l n llo I,(. . I c....... . .g ,,,g I . ,will ....... Ii l ,.iach. For tiarlctie t cf li cict o ar Ic - as e, t pi ly to a i 1t art' J PI' Wl'l'NI.YV73' Canlp it P()L N7 V Va)l)It. Prickel' cflte. Ilth it elti. Lorsixia, tanrt N dew .o.rk Liae. ici Thlae supc rir, fast solilg, oppler t frt -tel picket ship OCMUIoGEI0, LFI:.WI[1' Irss tr . will sail s above. tFor freighlt lom"o I ,aage, hvilt e a leg lncct iccc nlnccccctaciot c anc y to icc Cglihi t cillc bonrd, Ollpl itA the h Vegetactble Mnrhet, or t Ia ilii A CO tII'. cc1i1 COlclti'c lt it -F0R NEW YOR K. Packet of tihe 9tlliiat. Nea York and ncllw Oleanccs Linc. __ The paketship AUIIUI(IN, Cpt('. Iclu f tr, wi cil sit aaiabote. FaTr f jeilllt oi 13O X_ .1.hs cottolt , or pa.sasgice, mvhilr spledid ec c atn cc cdatitans, apply to, ih en ltail an bard, or to inat4 1 ''1Ti E R I.A I I)I.A W , '! C a.l p F. . Pil P IIRI.AI1.I.PIIIA. -- h - tit-t niliccg caig SYIR .N, Captcin N' icholon, hnlvilt g halt" I llt r rargo clcr c'cied, . w.ill have desplatc: IFor I cnlaccc'r hi , Ilighti or I cn:g.',lcplll y to i & J P W ll' tIE u, iiar 7 3 C c111l) it IOR CIt I iAlt.'I'TN,S.C.' .. ' r "'h rft sailicg A I t er lcCc tend c c ric MARilY IA 1 1" . ZA'aI.Tl I, Ircctttcacca-ter, will l lte quick delpatcr , ita llcricn olf ier calr .o t cicg clccllcitge i. cFor rc'cccrtll nr t iei lh l or i snge, v i . ellegllt Itrlishw utt llllltfllhlllur 25 pIs surge s applyh ou icc n lr cc cc tcer c r rto iNIi'\V N 'f 'IK. - 'I.lT e A I lull ticc si sailiill icr(cie E lflltE , ldMl A (Unltic , Ilnllail Ncicllll l ttccid e hli 'A mtt atct-dtcic'tcsptatch. iFccr hlcainrac . c-f tcighit o jIctc-aee aplh' Io t.apt Ncaoi on toctlc, ptnt in, 2d t cccacici cclictyar ct It II il E, N. Ii. Cash wcill Ihe advnncaca i l'rcc'ttgs i aolcllt muIdIi pllp. h l l by hllisvi ssel if - l'Nlhi rd. - _. -... T hie h ccnctii n co h cil'lu trigc , ,--aJ.. ,, ti "'r, .: '.' c. c -ill l c'l'ln wlhi llh h It c i c . lir I ca ic,', l i' t"cc ,I.ll--c cc aIcc c I mn - 111nutuiulinn-. .pi~y o1 h. PV . J I' allt ' 'I r, llll -- - a I l It licclcac, " 'l'hlt ' I I'ltcta.cilin ch'I - )l l. I' E'',Chcict apply i-S' & J t' tip \l irr,\lt 1', c. ; ca l ./c c l acccNe Oceusc Line.,c, l. ' 'lIe ,[l alll c'l ccilikt sil ,\UIR IRN, Cnlct. _ )111; ·I I ;'", will Lvore humedimltlr dl.h nrhi, two tle rtema indcr, aclllylc on bicccll ctllcnil l Sti Phcilip at tab?7 (G6 Ccicccp at - FO( IIA Itl''olilD. SThe fia-t cnilinc briig SAMUELI & JOHN, capi. GitlltIli, cwiti cIceet with despatrh. Faor pasageo _ ctpplny aa [ R71. NEW YORK. ,"_ The ftt a ctiling ship FILAVIU., J.ones, tte acc.. r, will have inmnediate tdesiatch. For freialt or I i.aage, ',plyh to 1"21l AI)AMiS & l WHITAt.ii,67 irniera to FOR CIIAIRLESTON. ... The n chrig FREDERICK PEARL, Capt Sapolford, laving exeelleut bcclnmoldn o litns, will take 5 or t pus..engeln , cudll a deck land raOtl icocc 5it hhda, il' illnlhllOcccc ap liciticoll iha tacte ict f it) Lf II GALE, 93: ( 9o3ciccacct at - FOR NE.W YORK. t7 The asclr IAtRION, Catt Torre', will have despaitch. For i-'eight cr passaite, llt na ele " 73 Cap stt , COTI'TS' COMPLETE WORKS in 83 vols. Lon .. don edition. \Vrl's rlexire,, seelnd edlitioa, elargedl. ill ni ac- - alllt of tile 3inihg 'iUi lllUlatlile lltd of thie l'olitiLtl Evells in thatl Reulic it the pieenlt day; i tLwo 6Stelrt's Stable Econony : ia Treatise o, the man gemeaI t " llHorses, in relat on to the lablig gaoomlll ing, leeling, \Vteting, andl working, selcon Lttudou d nlli n. tewlartl's Bogtna, in 1830 7, or an expelition to New (iGrenald. SInll' I elle n Euroe, orea Tou;r, he rlar t rr n ce, talr, StWitZerlcad, Great lItitait, alt IrhlanI, ia 18d, iu auls. For soale bIy \V11I. .ilIE.\N, lllll r[ear tCamp n id Commn taS 1W API'IG P.\Pc I.-Just rrceived a full aesrt m llent of' tie iabove, uof' aeely siz , colour, land oality, and fur satle low to suit urchelrlter. Al1(, bilnde's bled,tl, at DAVID F ELT & ca, New Yetk Stticenere' Hall, :4 Ch'tartres r. allr h3O.\I'ltli10 bamesNa I Seep it, atre tierrairteby J 0ar5 tCIIAItPI.tN & (tJOUPlIt, 7) Jlla st C(LT'IS PAT ENT 1E'tTl'.AI'NG FltNi tl AtLItS. /I11E P'ablic are ,,leretfully ifra-Ied that the soave I tile .a call Ire re nallllare ftr sale it tGOSI ' Co. Etallau ge otel, St C.tarlras t. mar 5 If CITY IIANK, New Orleans, 5th Februa.ry. 1:t;3. tXClIAN(I E on Iagland,, rrael at this Institu 2Alutio. ROB I J PALFIREY, f+li Cuahi,.r I t) it--=5911 bidlau slprrie, and 5111 do, tine, in IJe slilplng ordetr, allolt, tifr atle bIy fetll I)ORSEY, -I1 New Levee U t al S-tIl balet 2 blulshel aGuny tSgs, in aore and olr sill. by h fe5 J THA i'ER & Co, P7 I'oydr a st -ji)LLA1lt TIa-lI0 pipes arowI I enajp gi, a eu 1 pertor article in alte and fir snle by re5 J 1'IIA'ERI & Ci, 74 Payhllast NEW ORLEANS & CARIROIILTON RAIL ROAD COMPANY. ARIRANGEMENTS FOR THE WEEK HAYS. From CarrAllto-. lolnew Orlcalts. tareCar at 4 o'clock, A. U.Itaio r ant 5 a'ik, A. LoconlLtita Locolllotiv ? S 12 " r " i ' . 4 " "i " " a a After slOa l'.'oak aCur aa a btained by paying 10 do lara fr lile Trip. 'ItlE JACKSON ANDI.ACO)URtI S'artEETCARS I.aveCallaul street ttal ojllc:k, A.M. Il| ull hourly. At canltrl ta o'rlock this rr a ill cotllle llet ae lllliUg evlery Iltl t hour, nod acotinauo tllealghu l the day ultil I u'elu I'. il. fro.oth lla,d otfJackln rllest. Peroaseoinge by the L,,alnlotlretllletpride thelllsanrlves w it l'Ticketi, as itt altay t ill bItaklln bylthle coadataort. Olihcu Necw ttrlalts sail Carrolltl Rail Road llDll," SPyirn streret. JOHN IAtPSON, p tlree1 ChieEng. N. O 4 C. itR 'V INDOW GLASS. LINSEED OIL--0111 box ea s o.Witledo (ilae, 1300 gallons Oil; lIt bar r relnoffVriabhes; t5 dt. of Paint lrlshes, received per ship St Louisa and Barqtte Voucher. antd lot sale by ROUT. CLANNiON, novt? ' ... 1l2 lCalrp lu TARD-000 keg Aup mio eafl;fllr Fale by II l ST S1E'PS)N - AVERY, '1i4tlavier st 1 ANPA &c--ll0 hialos-4 tand 4-1 lbr0 n tl tic sheetiilg and srirtingyi.tll bahs cottolln Ite i 6 eapts bleached elcettngs, elid 20 bales Rue. -bueting', lr sale Ily ml I BRIDGE & Co,. 181 IMta:itrr. tsin l ltl , keg n larl, it Rture nar ale by tti: G0 1iUSEY, 44 New Levee FOR NEW YORK. HOI.ES' LINE OF IP.CKEIS. il O til 1pnnclually a· nlavertised, for ellch port--The o ,lin ill ecnsie of tile f:lowing slila--iz: Nhilp rNabeille. Caplnin WVuiol. Arkansai, Cnplrin EN Iennis, Aliabaman, Captain C U Berry, COrlcao, ClRpnin a Na ers, Vircheburg, Caphile J Iunker, PaIthean Cuiptai Asdlllv. The bhove slilps nee all of the lics c'.es, rcppcredl, nndcIqpper ficllned, andl were I:ilt ii NIeW ork ex prenely ifr thin iril--iley i ire o'i lght drnugtll of w ti r, und ailllot invariably cross lia bliar without deea lie,. lhes.r pckeot* re encaino hlel lby Cap liitis x - I er nee ino the Irca iens wi hdl it 8exert wth mselves It, aclcon . .t o. 'ie}) iill ill"aa e tIe lowed up tilland olwn tle rive . uart wic l plas lll silly e mlv orti ed. They laen lalniln e celv fuiciueledlloulnnnltiall en od slirns of hle iirst qlailiy wiill Iway.s he fiIrnihiud, iind every lllenlio paIid tiCIlthe uinfurl' nd otiifceliUio at' pustiegelpgr The price of the cabin is fixed at $U0, willuolt ine - or liqonr., gFor furter larticullhrs a.plyc ti A COl EN,, t.18 Coioll o sYiroet d i.i The sLipes e otfIit n tatle i lr Irekge Fa u lanlrow wore, nble or griiniie, cooperage. i| tio or rust if iol n or teel: nor res ponsible folr tiny packace or Inrcel iiit on i oi rll t aeiell i re.icli lrbill fiiiii g lc e - siged thoerefr, at thie I ntC ofthe ageonts. FOR NEW YORK. n Yd w lock t A M.r oirleo oine. A N I. F r I. i flllleket t r as biea eslplil ll-hp to a ruill hDiwle New r lld N.'p V.Illt in cof Hist al'lrfinY r t ra ite sh nilps, cir: Ship St. thur', It W Fcster, lnalcr, I p'I bi liieun, J (; I(licell Aol'irni, 1iP liucrfy, S.- PENO uili uihngi ThIrs lla~t eil iilol t I New I orkexprimsl for this l e I; ar of illl I g t l d Ig f Iti ilr, n lllllwill hllo su e tnul llnt r rot seii r i llr. 'l'hir n lcOllllnuo< i Il I for pcicgi're co. prie ull Ihat r ay be required lar collire ti n i eei ll ulllt l t ili liri 11iiVir i l iliet nsret iciprlel elld, tlo fiers it cr l ie p Will sulpily sair , Ti"e grsetn, b..... .llt Will lie b eli tr. ed in tle tiiu of sailinli, unId every' reacoa.blle a.cmmooiidaitII For fourlr lorielliraI uplv it coress. Jlnonst ola Iieden, Ne. 16 WVall Istree, Noe Yurk, or to j-- --i Cor tho Interior. - lFOl IxilAYiU SARA. el Pr·lor Paedrl o c h "rl'r, ~ph.oli seger teamb nat wui ll Iravr Nc r Ieans tout OVi aterllr it lou10 ilu'ek A. \lerki yte So.on l t elti S uiIiy. For lcciiglil or pal.age nipply to Coih. liart febll ADMS &1 . WIII'I'AI.I. T XI'IIAesNIIG o RE-.ING l RIL@ m. r ill,, plrtprietor houc re-fillel hiis Ilueodhg Iti an, in L lle St. (Cllllllr ck rllullllot C rlltlr t lliieiI adi St . hales street, la the nlellatest innlunr. Blesidles a1 ll te orinrci: l Ialtarr , t'i Ihe tliioi Si t es. l "f r cite n sta. ia u 'y0 i'exis alld n llchxi io nill ill vi'lllle, tict rllioit i. ".ce hlrly nod extensive ly 1s11pp1lie d will! the laltes Enropjllenn pap lers, Lay t's Liles, edl I tuo* jl'rile CuIuient. AlIo with ilelply pill thl Ie ......... ~r; icorll le tldn , andll hlls there lelltrpitn I.c view loiill Iieik..i . iu lilec gi.ine. Tliei I Norlll Aillrio llIeiitow; llt..letiihern I.iter try. Knick hockerlThe ilcricani JOlernail ef Seielloee nlld Arlt, C(ialvnet 1Oicllillly Ielllio.ii . ReviewIr, bellnlell' g elline, Aiecitaii ilolill i', iillel it. llis ellcly.'ithl Mtcxiti Ckivergicul Review, and i vrelty iof uolher.. All tleie Inc ks ore reularlv socicriled fir nll re:ei. veil. 'Tihe ronlo is aloll sullpllied wvllli a hir-e viiiiely fl odlinp- i lcd ilese, Nillecilelster, LevI.' Price Cur rent Irllil it eitc enilnelmet, (lteztceeruliod c variety of works o'roferenece. 'le illt aclive. ilnlellirPnl news enllectors ere el plocdl,iioLive hlel cealieto rivlru , elcd co pailns oiir 00 enise will be eli.ed Uto reunder thicRitilnng Itloal ilhe i.t ilthe United Stte.t Subellrili.liiitcs ire rcsptectfully recie i. .IA I-L I.EF..N lIAItilI Ib i' irkili Dye, A ior hagihg grey crrl hlono tho i. lii held, or llskPerc, or et blie.i y l it b iy tigle nlliilieoiihi, lo iu perlllunPill bilOWi, vunrin.r tol co(mpIllllete IblIack, wulh atot slaihlhig eitheorc ale Luona or liniiii jl.o retePived att he Iluzal r, curo er .. S t.Charles & Co:u lllllln slreelt , ci~li Iellcor i A IlAN, I 10T'1'"O -m--9 ale11 d 7-.h dI-dlt.ths Iwilled Low (.'i ell. Ciu llt , ll e b I c i u L ii,3 I IA l'[ lliiii . tF . CIo, 131 i cliitz ie it r ir l' Il CANi . :S--lli b.o. New i edil iird, colt l I -, ton ollld Nintnlelr ket n'rnl tpero ll'lh.,s foir sale by SQ3 ISAAC IlllI)t1.. & C:o, 134 MHiglizl st ( iilV111:\l.\ a'.ld kecl e-let iloiletabie _ d] a lm, hiukeeio frlini rig \lrv I.liThlheoe, Picine T rillerl aanfornle by I .lV Pt'"llLi;t, . 9 i. i Coiniiiiin ci I eb1 IIb ( I N IN (lithlr1 t N11i)Piil .lie eit 1r[01-1 iC(--'.f "i5it Iboe li!ycnr') nlilallnlcureii el I . I[ac i, h l' s Ire tier t olei byI cill tH.~I.Ii'LIN & CO(JPE-.J 4 Juia & C oled lilrrin leb J TA\'. k C,, - r 1 0 I I ll " '- P o t o t ti,-h n i .o i i ul c d o cii t ll ei t ly . . "hul dccirable, and well finibivd Idorllililn libise, now ii com.ilt' iorder II ii lhe earluer of Cnnlp nlld

fi:5 I'livllrtli. I llae ilire st i COIL CHAINS-- 0 cllks coil to nin ...ic rrceiied aendi for ccle tky `LOCK.(: & Co fell ii Front Levee -- UI5LlIiU l(I 1b1r btslllcolec lutr, for inle by i fell iS'I'ITSON &SAV'IEik IComnluer -" eI 'in OAPl-lllleboslost lie nI o nnd extre iII 1i )for sale by S G lLANCiHAIl) C 'N:ESE ''TRUNKS- Just received an a.sort Snent, ol tite tbose article, irovstntiter ainits moths, wilhpectlar brass ,cks, well odaloted for In dies drersse or for hoolling pipers &r, hoins extreooely light said hsOdsue, lbr saln let GOSSIP . Co, fe26 Exchoge hotel St Ctarles ast 1 ADEN 'CORN-l0 hf nd 3 barrels, ia store and for sale by SII.LL & IBROW)N. fi26 96 Mngsvine st F LOUIR--402 bbls,landing from stoeam boat North S tar, for sale by f 26 G DORSEY, 41 New Levee 1 -IN APPLE CHEESE just received aln for S sale by READ & BAILS -2OW, ia'l 7 stk hle - C"ASH BiOXES-i50 Cash Ioxee ofourown moan . facture, f.r superior to tit Englih , for sale by .10 S I.OCKE & Co, l Front Levee IIITE LEAD--510 keg, s o I in store, for sale Y y o yLt)il CKI Cto, jcm r wrlellmt m.eveel stt S. pAI l LY Detlist respecfLlly gives no S lice, tll ale ;n t.v , cn uItCd aooallo in Now ellllYen. drig tte moIiths of lEi.rta' rv. Mlrch nodl, A ril. Ilis asroaat in t teraciier Ii" I.M, wlhe al hAl mbechatic l lp roiltP , is tlSutrloi-Teo l il this eountr ol wil o remain twernte ehl. fel) "ohffice, 59 (eanal strelet. (1GOI1EN U1UI I 'ER--A fw iro:i for olle bO SREAl) IAltsrTtOW, I 1. 21 No 7 ih-k incore (' EI I4NT--Ilydrauli nsod Itomen.jest received aod IJ frsde by nREAl) & IlAItST 3OW, fo2l 7 lInk Place. ICIL.Y MADIIRA WINE--lI;nham's I. P; Col, S Zizzn lanTs, te il ipe, half pipes, llenrtr casksh sdl l.tlaves, for sale by ISAAC Ili.II)(iE . '&Co, fI l5 134 lMagazir at 7 IlEXAS A TND SCRIP FOl STAI.E-Theo subcri L rrsoier for siOoI twe CltV Fllots of six hlanited dfr I, Iotol o h'tled, u, h. "I r tie eeloft Iti the 1isis ttore il.ieruttpt rt I.t I..hld nod hrotloiln I lo ror Ili ,' lIF LILT le l) t iSrill t ,1:1. lr thv.t "t iu ilt s B 1.1 e at CO. I AwNTErD BUCKE'I'-2-.0 d, z in store liid fou I sale bly J '1'11. I I & Io, feo I2 74 Plydra.s ast T 5 hISKEY 1 o rls io si toes lend for srle hlv .VfEb25 J 'TIIAYERI & Co, .l Podiras ot Cl II A)IILIN & COOPER Lavii leased tel h.. Ibook store N..!Julia at, ot their old stanld, .t for thle prpose of enrrviolg osi tile glocerv and provisiol bllhinessr, are prel'nred in addition to their leat lliness, St put o tp orders for gro-eories and preo.iionS either for tatio , s p: or flittilv ilt,, llot tllei ts al terms. All orders w il be puetatally attrtleld to. fil,.5 February 23, 1539. b Gt4iAE-l0- hhds,-on pln.s. ionb. e those l ciity, f fr so-le byh lI 1) & B 1,R1I'OW, feb25 7 htank place P51 Fil SALE. A MULATTO WO\IAN egd 2' years, arclilelod ned sie is s 0o tI sosnmotress, washer, ironer, al, hlouse servant, with Il her childl 12 inllti s Ild, warrantle frm tht. vtl, csl adI'nllea o ipresrilbed ollv law. Apply ait 53 llasila sIt betweetn ienville nsd Caltslo "ousost. fh.5 it I-1sssJudd wltoter straied refllted oil, a 4. O very superior article, for stle by fe2Gr y+GIILANCHARD S''AVANA COFFE.--.22 hags, landitg trrom bhlg ][Carluto, "nd 400 boags in store, for sale by fe6A Tl'RIEIL, 31i raviort 71'I'NFY'S COT'PTON 'ACTfOIRY--TIhe sub V seril.r would ianorm mrrhnalts .id phto ero r thaot lis e istlnistheme is now its t1ull oleratioo asod that /d he is prodlling a lfatrie tloder lbs slyle tell delloololoia. l tin of Whiltrey's negr, cottans. Thoe witillog lo trchaaa e elluperioroarticle for plantntiln uoe, will I' pleae call and exnmina for tthemselves tt Messr Pent S North, slents 13 Clhartres St or st tie estshllilhlltllet of lohe ott oscibor 457 Tel'ItOd10 Sft7 Netw Orlrlutt, Februarv 7. It9) ,LAtKI\G--) 60o g is lottos ots et tlooskiog, fsI r slo by SHALt. \ 11101-'NS, - CO tj1DE--5t casks, lattinng fuon t)steoamer zr endo tr sale by -G DRUISET , 41 Newr L ves BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Il'EEDILY, IIANDliSOMIEtY ANID CIIEAI'LY EXECUTED I AT THE OFFICE OF THE True .'naerican, AT. CIIAItLES STIREET', NEAR POYDRAS. CHAMI'LIN & COOPEIt GIROCEl. A1\I) IIEAI.FIRS IN l'UROUiIONS A D I"E) I',l, Ni,. 79 and 82 Julia rheel, New Orleans. [SShi ip, a ual I l'mil stores oIlt iup-. nl 5 , illI. I.ANA PURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, 1tenvrlle lrr'el. W LLI.1.IM I. (CALIES, would res0i r tifly in ill far in InIs lild+ lll ill the lIlbiie I!ltl le'is r.ulu" Istoiutv releivintlll h em Nll v · kll'l a Y lk Ihnd leou i t gao . -assoril" n of |rniltu.e, lluh as Imahogan choirs, e Olet lad-tel d, u siple am, Ihnte.d ichnis, iople and cherrv bedstreals, moahugny and chlwr) tables Dfall Snalmis, looking glassrsfe, frulll~ra beddinog, .. &e. NIt. I'urniture packed nl r ttrlnspll. olliii witll grent FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GEN.PAL .r LUUISIANA, il ,F 'll,:I his seirtit u th itiuiiIl ioi i l,{r. ill iiepart ._i I n t Sar} ving a<d Civil ,:bnghneerin_, both inltownli ri nUtrV. Frio olll s I Idera tle ll ille a his i, ield" bi i'oili lnll' iiluid lh h iI hou A execultin ofl" I,1,2i10-0 elitr~lln,',l t., hhnth, h [alieos to i~ern i i ( l ll, .. I i Shlnr uo I obth' ptionns e. II i A1 exravi lou(. Odice No t ( :hI lrtrcs street, secoid stlol y 1A ZIA Il. BsSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCII.AN(:I: IllrFEL, C'orner of SI. ('h rles and Cuoiuro,i lt., NEWLV tIlllANS. M I'ORi'ITERS iilnd Derlels in French a l alI .nSli-h *rt-l'tioiyr; I)'soouiiu Ca-es adl Portable l tesks, C utlery, Ilnsioty, G h ves Shirts, '1 c.. 0 l , i b 'll al, Cuesll ,nllll d Flancyv Articles. ,15 1ilcCOiLl1 I & lilO(il'S , Factort & GE'icral Commaitsion ~llc'h'/lants, References in New Kirkman, IAbelrathy & IIalnna, ) LaldwellI, & licky, Iope, PoI'urs & Co. .8-- 1 111 JOHN S'I"EWART, .,u. 5, Plait .Sitel., .new Yri , CO.tiSlIOiiN M'IlRitiANT, iM11'OR'rEi., and i ,ole. . . 1 ...ter. " lushes . .d.ll Strilllins. Amplde slowage may be h n noil I l rte terms, anld every ttnltion paid to good., Iforwa' i iled to his ai.ire. lute i!uees:- lurcs.rn. Larne & Provost, N O. Glos.ilu n Co. nov2d .;i3 - ly A CAR D. CIIRIIISTIE &l SINNOTT, Wlhtolesule Gr.ners and ]onnim0m.o Ilerchantls, No. l 7 ,Ildo lllou o Street. i n ' )lll'le su. F i'rtinhlnrnttention.i fr aid i tol ItIh tiillg ui o Sttluilll bIIat anlld Ship sto s. BANK NOTI' ENGIRAVINU:; RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON R ANE: op eie ad riu i Nan rleans iol ,,O..ans toig eqi- l lai .ihges n.ith their hloulse in Nuw euulk, ilr ih rserpo. ufengrgaing m irl pn'inrlilig BUank Noris, IRitol, tillh .f o o li.'io gu, Certiliuteis oi lilrresite, Checks and other t inlllorit papeors, ri'eiilring secu'uity na uiiet l'.trgeiesiIo hll;l uoo old i le i mple npovisionl lot tlur' sl ti: keepilg illPull l lats nili m ph u I ei r soe uii t eln rlOsl edi It heir rcae their speci,, Ien~s' t O es of over fielii h i el illskii t illsutitutionsrnr, d all nrdirs will ie executed with Iprol lmpitude, iallmt oi n the u lftlLI teirmlS. Ofich, lioerotlloyial & Canal sireet;. SAMUE, L TOB3Y,. 'J.lerchandire Broker o Conomission .Mlerchant, d13 (ffice, 3(l. C(amp rt.-For the present. o. Il. B1LISS. SHIPBROKER & COMMISSION MERCH IANT, No. 6:1, I'oadras Stre ot, J. PI. FIREEMAN & CO.. lr*oleoale Clothiug E.Itablihtchme SNo. 3, ,anunzlne street, j AVE constnyIv oin Ihld a large suiply of Cloth i-o iniootcialor o lior lhe eunoitl' trade. Their is. sOrune lll heig largtfe, lmler:h ts frOlll the countrll y aon1 be supllied lat ther hlortest notice. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, Y No. 14 tlhartres Nireet H IAVIE ao i)lloitllli111 sii f every oarticle pe'unini to ue lliilemeiu' droe. of tl il'atest L hic, at N ew lYork " 21) J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST s N i.33, Royal etreet. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA IISilI M EN T, No. 53, Magazine Street, (lOpposie IhBanks' Arandoa. IVILLIC.11l GRIEE.VE, PROPRIETOR 1 J H. PARKER e Comnmission and FIorwatlrdinlg lercbant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIR.S. 1, New O'Irans,,Frhl. 21. JARVIS & ANDREtWS, de \VIIOLlOA1lEE ANI) IIET'r.Ol. Di:l.ElRS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS T DII ST''UPS. .dNI WIJDOW (OGLASS, U.urner ol nd 'I ottOnpitoulsO otreeto, NA'rh1AN JAIlVIS. JOHN V.W. ANI1IIIEW\S. Y' A large upply o Garden etll d. w nrrantcd tlhe grottht I of 1137. t DOWI.ISE & hAll, °' I)IEALEIRS IN AMERICAN & LONGLISII CROWN GLASS, Ao. : Caaott .ont.0 SraltOOT. o I'It lR .41 E:N'S INSURAN E COMP ANY OF NEW ORLEANS. 11.1e Cum,no voaretnow~o oprootro tot take RISKS AGAINST FMiE. No.24 nlussoooo 1oilolidio, Cnlnl ooott eý E I. 'ftt:Y N (w Orleaons, AliuN. 2133. Iooto toy. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER .No. 11( luojootenet. WVholesle tItaoeo ito I'on oint (Ol, Varonishes, orutoses, tool (boooow and llPiooore (ilooo &oo. \c. T. W. COLLINS .II7IORM.VE & oUbASLhLJ OR .17' F .411: (71W\V o~rntlis itt. tillotnt oood City C ooooo? Cti ct sotso ill lietd bio letn illl;rrk' oItfice, U W (:intuit Coturt, to tIte Cuttn Iltonuc builllitg. jo rulit sulhno tintoto lavinr recerived arotmnt-ion no 1 Iloepjooo ,oo otort uol Unitledtootut 1.'ood, foor ttoo Slont, olo tot h ciolovicens to tihe pdolic to otrtray od As heretofotre. oll o,1oorntiooto,owitlo'tof Srio ngo Civil Eoiooootiog sunh a+ oligttnoootsnvypa onoltotwitoooootvlio ntooLno, t llntloO.O ofl et envntinlt, colottr, will he Itorttl jtl tool a lflliolly ottn111to. Cltoerr' raoannotoootdod terntto cnolo. Uist 33 Not ootooo -ttoettn Inl Raok' Areao. dololI-lnttt IFIlI). WILKINSON. 'I'-1I o totcriotnootlltttr atttolesale the folltottil "Ito' . hIAT.· l Itll rvtono oootkF silks.a 11111 tdn bet 'to 1 dt til - ' d41 o 4a. No ot do - 100 eases brtlNooot'o3,,,% oted A.oo..todlbrios. 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(Grttttattnttd Franlh I'lush Uenbntg\ l. iAtISSl' , CO., tot Nannl, Militart nand Faallohonobltln Hlnttorn. an Exolthngeo ltel, torvlt Sl' Clrlio pt 3 ULIERIkY & Silk Wnortnt-.t 'Treatiens tn tlone IV blotorrntoled Silk \Vontt. trtttnlutntood from It g, 1'tinr·to,l lt, oIjtttttttriootld ntdllt Icerntsalltt Ill ltonkstot onf A ltWIt, let 49 tottpst Ct (INNY Lto405-In boIt.= nd lG ltt loot oa ante too toil LSA.'OC BRo~IDG3E &k Co. 131 0lIa'ooiooot SPECIFIC SOLUTION. !1rKITllAT I N Ol lll):( (JJKKDI:YI.KIaDE, U'IRIC'U) 'rD IdA, PIICDT''KATE GLAND, ccd all I)IiEASES o( tic U KINY(ARY IASAAiWi, rAINN IN TilEI I.OhtIN$, GRAVEL, I.ullllgo, or .rilil (iinecIlVchcblccs, or Diihilily, cre ucallred tllcci thib Viillt lblC IbllldcL·ll , i i ll t lll lrtc...c c llcd 0 -cllcteliy .ccliclltcc tihiu ..icco hIICcclcl, :C.c lic...ctcy P ..tic-cc i .cllJ ca.rl.bly h.lljrcc.. tle. Itb l..cctitlcii, c md pllsrl hl~uhll, ulld rertorF+'s to vt¥.r ul ler} l"Iilr. 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Thel nlmvr can b~e .tl~lilled only at N~o. lci C.usturl lluuae st, MIEDICAI, CARDl. AND IMIPUICITNT 10' "rill: FF.hI''iI.D 0 ITli Dic AI 'l.I:ArIIE (iii hlclccr:cl ibc-c.cI', iOnclrrhllc', Ciol..t cL,,i Cl_ .riclur,,, h1(.hldlllll+ IIl'+CtLiUl I+,'+th)l,- tIn1 r+,lllilnll IVc c~klcli.: , ;I cclcl .-c ,lllll l-i cIc..ihll'l+, o lhIi i ll .11 r-sll l A cclltinill illlll c, th c I +. 'T-. cc,,, , ii cbl-l'l· II',. .illllc Zi c-iiY. hl i. ii 111141 .il~l'hlI I., t, that1 h¢I~iUI)IC ilditli % il(1. tl)ll IlI1 til .i lI~Iiii~'~i IDlrllsr+, o,.lllF to, tIl' IIIIll.. ll"hll+*+ tel" 11rlhtc 1t llleli# r wcl-.i) I.ic i·iy -,-i d of c clhll .lly cci ccll hr y,'lllC,,-.cI c,-.. 1cc 1i Con s!, lllllll~ l L.ud), I i 11l~dllllii,+ i the leti l~l I,.ll-lth + I I I:Hi~t lC~Jlli(·l? 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' " WII.LI.IIM'cKE'"E NB BankNutce .Latlv executed an24 MTEAM BOAT tL OWNERS, AGENTS, or CAPT, N$YfSTS BOATS tan shot their tBil lr i or more Colored Inks, on Plain or Colored Papbr, W f denspatch, and on fasoaraMe Termss, gby teeing firs ORDR. at TRUE AMERICAN OFFICE, dseM. 5 Poydra and .r. Charles treets. Nov29-st COTTON CIRCUILARI 7T PRINTED withA Pt Greatest slprdiuoti.l d" inao style unsurpassed in Naw Oa.nAur., or l8e c.. whetre. " On:Enas left at Courrtse Rooim in St. Chael , uE* chent e, (Corne f r er of Gr r t.) or at T"RU : AMERICAN PRINTING OFPFIqO, corner of PAydras and St Charles S t.etBoDtflt$ procntil, attended to. Dee. I-cif. CARDS 7 PRINTED atFthe shorteat Notice, i. 1te 1 ii e'egant rtuner, in Black or Colored INas, S Easl@' l!d, While FPake, or Plain i rfaced CAAno, dsd Prices eery reasoCmbletltt TRUE AMIIlLKICAN OF Fl'ICE, rcorner of I'oydraos ,nd Sr. Charles ose. S&cral Now and Bea:utifnl Founts of 'T'TPI hA just been adled to the Establlihment. Orders receired at Comptingl Room, Bt. Cores E.rclutage, 3rd door fron, Gravier st.,or ate Printing Ol1cc, cooea of Poydr., &d St. Charles ttret1s, nool- If NEW M1EDICINE. Dr. G. It. Pbhelps Compound TOMA TO PILa, (l.ntirely Vegetable.] A aer nod ivonl/.bl a Mediciate for ull Dineae, al. nr eobstilo fofr t'nlotoel, as a eolhart in ltreR end nil Aik/iotC s .ffedtioen. rItl:] pAoplalhr iill oering al cononation of a newly di L nvRco.l Ailhliot ouhltane., extracted loom the TotaMU lant with other, .ta lerulletancen which havtnbeen fouaI to Ieloo'v o dtl'u/er itl cfTccsto co hoinovedtotethe heotAltol 0tiu .clloo tntlohartic enur ditcovered. They hava Ghero , ridoNll o ntIIc uoeoeully triad, and have roEeiretv unmryrrl .Hqrontrtioa forYloofula, Dlyapepina, Janadioe, eil Iolue limee , cor nerl, hloatirum. Coughs, Ciolnds, W WaonlW S(iat rlh, h. Ne.olls diseas,, Acid stomachs, Glandlaur swe, li"so ma t ll klhdoCotivene e, C eltc. Headschee. 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FOR SALE BY, E A Follcohot o, General Agent, Na. ]:tEeheugePlsuesmre ihoPoOlltile.o Alto, by A A PeyotlaUu, No 191. Rae oyat J. Baker Co, No f7 Noew Leveoon. Dr. A Morn/ll. Cornor St Jamos and Tehapitonla eia. J. Roes, Ltafayette City. G N Morrion, No It, Canal u tret. SJonesc, corner Tivoli Circle and Toiton Walk. rThoone thalt wih to net as Agellt, address E A PtI I.NSTItE, woolesalel Areu. mars lV S111 onlo blic are rnepectfully informed tltat te ilull. uttilnll ii erected on tlhe tloat itproved plan, aad in an naiy and most admlirable sltualion, in the faultoe I'rnthklii, upon Ihe ruihncad, one mIle firoo tie Misnai 'lhe building i largoe en i mostecommmlnuoly drlidedd int.t /an'rt/elo, for Charplng mleprate differento clauses, colo dlfereo t dliseaes. lThe int-tulotlion is st/ppli;ol with toe most skilful ad nttentive lale anod fcnule noses, andspacking tlhe.s riunos nonot/ laegengne. 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BUS.I & ALLEN, marl Exchange Ilolel, cor St iChearles & Coommon I AGS--Linu.e Ol ndOi a ppes. in store for ai by iG DB.ISEY, 44 New Leve. O O'l'S-Laclling frot ship Arno, 12cases ofi is calfsew'd Boots, for sale by jal7 I BRIDGE & co,l Iagaaine as .IADDEK-2 cases gl.dder, forurl hby 3 T It IIYIDE & BRO., fell9 39 Commcon, cor Ma.seine stices F LOURI-1060 harrelsebici e brands, in good saiP" ping order at the lauding, forale by f)9 G 1IORS1EY, 44 New Leves FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! SUST received at the Loiisina Furniture Wats hlnise, a large supply frot New York and Bon tone. cersos in the want of frnciture woeld do weil toa call, nd serlert leir articles from one of the best and largest stock, now in the city. 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J PT Wi,'ITNI'IY, 772atnp a O Ol'PElt D)ROS nd Keutledge 16 tions cplCper dross b6 c tons koeatlcdg, apply to feiC A COHEN, 90 Colmmon as IHIANc.ItY REI'ORITS-A new edition of Ball SJ & llatty'c Chac(ery Reorlto, just reeirel forl sule by TaSi At.EXTOWAi, 44Camp at a OI.IANI) GIN-10 pipes,Crawn WeespGl, a . ii lpcrill article, illcc stre and Ibr sale by Sll6 J T'HAYER. & t'o, 74 PoydMeaI SAGiS--5,0UII Gunniy Bags, of superioc quality nnod flr saie low by f 6 SHALL& BROWN, 96 Magazinem s r. £ W. P'ITrCIITARD &JO.TAGERTJr.,maraev SPoytluae ancd Magazine eta., havejustrmeaclved l and olTrlir i sale. :1 2I hIrrels Am.erican brandy, I 15 firkins holter, i50 gross corks, c barrels N E Rum, I- boxes atarch. cc I cies, 16 cace., pouchong, imperial & gnapotder Ite 4ll oxes, :ill half barrels No. 1, Mackerel, S'll " i do ' 2, do. i0 " do Shad, 2 lbarrels nlmond, - S 50 barrels Madeira wine, t 5 qr. causks Port wine, of lqr. dk. Tecneril do. i- 5 lhds pure spiriti, extra prcof lt Ilidd old fine LoldonDc lDockue .tl ke, 5St qr. casks sweet wine. " •1 FASHIONABLE CLOTHINGG. n Nomso. ',Charts S osa e, ld One Door below Bi.ovIll t . i'AVE eonstantly on hand eoncy 'e ner nodi elloslt ubhiable styl)e, abicib diy ae .1 . cash, at redced pricers. d der:4--1838 r ` he NOTiCR. at Ir. GEORGE M..iRICK rav etg ad _, lfiee ofchiefEngiaoer of the New Orinan~ ton Rail Road, Mr, John HampeIs hao N ed in his place, to whba ai4poperma s k wilh, or wishing iio.a . ,tion regalding sai. l I lt 1will applr at the ull ti d iOCi,,Vd.t*il 4P ,,, rier of tbe -a.r. -, = -- sotll) ) I C . he. (i t c NlAcc IFrceel r no f-bns .TIIAVBIb I` 7# . sd pfvj.. u tii ribc le in ass ic Lf I; l i. -ucui i