Newspaper of True American, March 8, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 8, 1839 Page 4
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ý 'a'ql N ind (,q 110hdeemeon it at*'v pnioad~t nanity - h' e', a '*clbI i acnIlry, London. oa. Aheittue~, Londot 2 B Atc Jhillahin, ivole. London Ite.~0OtOeI'rodgoid'n Ca rpootty o IC' s Enyclhedia, Londunf. 5 t'*~ltobmoti Tables 1k, !3d1 tCELLAlNEnyn. Miscelhaniese nem the t ý.-,x z1 + e~irno Japif ray and . Coactnn 'rJU'Mad'. C~O~larOi soF Litorturs, 4, ai t rdl E 'yO f ld&Say do Vethlke M Rahlin UIIJ/ d Li·J1 of W~lter S~cott, 2volt hake 1, t, reeaeott.3 volt A ei º aItai dition, 7 rolra,..n ` - ý't or LOW, MedicnJ Scienifilc i4111t30 Nlook,, Nov Graq o N nglinb and atn ndGrek. I'.JOHINS & Co. nor. Chirln and Common ate. RO one 8TNIC vit.X' ItU e sa .jnatttrcreof the Fever sad Ague. Trill lreit h readit disoevered wherein the Tonio Mix toare I.unpo :tIn tohe ordinary lode of treting S Agoe. In the fist place, bng a Veg , fre any deleterious and poison aens y Ie te with the utmost safe ty s y the tederi'font, or aged invalid. It prm-. edlsleao es e, on ouesndlf the donstitu tin son regans i wrnted tons und activity. It estab peroanent appetite, by invigorating h d red o relishe totDr enjoyments of asteo "a lonrg' putgative quality, it remains t e o wels tpfreoase this disorder, or to creati H e ess lpes lthoroughlty cleanuas thtte eever or p ttf ndaio nd thus benefits the system with whatevre other aletio,,s it moy be oppressed. lodiiiealdns, tier use oute fthe Tonie h ixture, have ithbXpdth.e r II4 the ussal causes of the disease, iththse ha oieo tny symptonms of return: whereas by ee te anmo remded. there is always orem SInreq seliabilisty to recurrence. The danger .th3, rWapsesr ftlle Ague, is very evident, for the hlie ti sut8n0 become too much pronatot to thae toreact hi th uedtesie, and reedily fall a vic ti to such lnessant violence . TleTot onic Mixture is Sth e ch o-resooole princ, soto place it within *oanre of very omn e!-so that tlhe por and destitute o lto @0 ned withassistane, citlmut solisitingo the olan atto danect wmuh is, fromquently denied to bkeKe.or venr7drluctnntly bestowed. Tlh pulicdm re.Oeetlv esutioned agoint thle spon S k ittis of this medieine, that are daily offered • It is prepared only by Dr. John 'R. Rowand, at his Laborao, Marketstret, Philadelphia. Theisueh ser anre. the wholesale a.ets for tite oaith Wastern iatei, and will sell by the gross, at S .t Philadelphia prices. Tl be had at retail also, at antofthe ,Apothecaries in thb city. ov JAtrVIs & ANo REWS, a wehvls Wholesale d rtiggisto, caor olmon ti Tehopitoulas s Misstissippi ad. Louisiana Hotel, " evtrnToo. Ls RBS. MARY KIRKLAND respeotfully an. nouncee to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at he above establishment, and hopes frim her I ertioes to render visitors comfortable, to receive t C Eontinuance of former favors. She fools confi. • dent that persons visiting Covington during the ummer months, cannot find better accommodations than she ean afford them, on more liberal terms. Hier house is pleosantly.situated, and well supplied Swith every convenience; the bar is furnished with ith'most choice liquors, &e. in short, she promises i'at.notling shall be wanting on her part to give . stire satisfaction to all who may patronize the maisidsippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 . v l _-. -Ct--e he-undersi ned, having S.- stqdied under Dr. Sclhmidt ol Charleston, aorth Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medieine and surgery, has the honor to offer his. professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which Smay be made; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the diseases commbou to them, having attended them in tIm sugar house in Charleston. The fanmous anti.bilious pills alter the composition of Prefoseur Smollette, with directions, can he had of the Undersigned. .The effect which they have produced in this and'other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. ,sOLO Wt ARE. JNO. M'LOImNG. .1 i0Lo W WA S--RE S, SAD IRONS, &c. TIHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. . L 38 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received tite past season, and ore constantly receiving large andextensive additions to the stock o f the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western .arkets. " Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of abheut 1500 tons, viz, Potsa'of'2 different sines, fom 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 lines, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do BSkillets, 5 -do lat Spiders 6. do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43-4 inches. Carl do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gram, iron and brass, from a8 inch, Ne. 31. 3:9 inch, No,. 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported price,. Sad Ironse, assorted, in casks ofabout 500 lbs for retailing. STailor's and hatter's Irone, assorted. Sobuh weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to tOlbs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, - Also steambeate and ether machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly reconmmended to the attettion of Southlern and Wnstern merelhants, and are offered Ifr sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal tens ; it is he. lieved to be the'largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, cas have' a prin'ed circular,. with description of goods, pricesihd terms, ftom which no deviation is ever Sade, Yarmished by return of mail. " All orders will reccive immediate attention. New York, 1830. je3 vnris -s ..w ..ý-ý no Ioinaoaavs - - co -OVAI. S ew urie~ms, Nn*.14, 1837. A ABOLl't mix moathe ago I had the msfiortune to get 'l. a aerel disease, for which I nate applied to sre ral detors for a cure, and.thee did not cure me, so now en the asbove daste I put myself under ti care of Doctor SHuet, and I epteot hit to cure me. pinee tht time thie disese got worse, so as to break out in large uleers tothe numberof six or eight ona ea h leg, al all ovter ~h rJ c eod sore tlhroat, and not able to work at ta Spreoot timoe Ott aaeeout of the disease; large leeOr on theiright bide of the throat. 'I am pullng myself eioidently uuderthte care of Dr. Huet, rf Paris, to b perfeetly cured JOHN DEAN. • • fei 14 1y . . teeh41v ! .11"0 (3RTIFY tlhat the abuve mentaoned disease is quit wll eurd to ty ewe enjifaetior, for whict 1 totkl.Dr. Ituet; and ooreover l sure that the medi eimel blre laken thaestnmeast, and did not injure ny lth at all a; therefore I advise toy f hlow suterers to te Io t.n e'aod aplty, or A.. Huet, 124 Canal ,st t, htset Dauphtne and Bourn streets. IDr. ir l.ois frot 9os'elock, A M, Until 4 P Mi, Y" e wJl 4d i tris doctor for this complaint. JOHN DlEAN, I.Gravierstreet. . -- o ew owie .ts to ,ee. me, call .at No. 40 tlavier . JOHN DEAN. Ne.w td leb Ii1838. febt 14 ly FW a . l islEhe Inndian LBatmof orverwrt nd Hum Sh, todL -e lttet iubhottla at'ihe low price of 50 viote ei.e 6ntaiaing-the streoogth of three ounces of Lerstwortjboi lee the virtuet e JTmsy other roots add gh" b sr'lmsulwstuontt e.ondicns u atta.iouuin curing P tarfla oltlatct which hoe atteded ithe net of th ette tbs.l.o l atm wheaore it a. bee. intr t.ued bibltieahned tbe eonfidette and reea.tmenda. amemehlebphyesiis or for the eun le oqghas. ode, wan et ro.ot,, pit: fb.od ITe~t. cosseom. TIlPS 'ito tertetihtarwe fiquptprsribed to (s .. &cqscjth iteorhd~pbu~rt d4'+ d.L adritha 'd lloar the tsnew ht I- o!d • . b.t -i.t =.-- -tca n- o. p e~a~,,t r., . Y r in dtdi- a we., cdadl l candd exite x- i:6~~~ "t e tee antep eit rim *: ilJ fornited ie ady pMet jae tit tssmcpersaFtnreirwtigJ s-' f a.o ner~ti QROT 8j. a lr.Andrew Freh saNd e .iiiSonfBtek. "b Ic s o ind Casts, >14 n t 9 d Istno i j howderon; 8 o th and 12 ainh abtm i Csirea; P-cknet H ireBmai, Ds lling t bs e and kndi Toilet Powder, Emery Bags; Lvory Tloh.Cnohiosnt Patent Saleds r Garters Gum Elastic Suspenders; i'owler P'1a and'Boxes; tIt tChine, Seaes antd Revri tEardrops; Waist Buckles,. Bracelets; Bend Nec.kaT.ts tBells.and Plumes Sihell Twot Side anrid Dreessitg Combo; whieh,in eddition to tler former stock-mso hand, niakes their assortment tery ncmplere, and will he iold ow end, an librial terma at the sic,, of the Golden Comnb. t 70 Chartres street. 'rf E ceari'fer;-, .ar the extensive beoue of e& . Butechr, Sheffield, Ene1and, Eave just reelved a very extentise ret oft nr" i .s, eonsistiig of Table and Detssao Knives orfe- i deleription, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear polotanelves; Razors, Sets sore. Edge Tals,&rc. &c. &c.lwhieh thev are prepared elxhibit t the tradelor Crdera. Termsn and coediioa tilt h made known at the time. m16 J. ). BEIN A COHEN..t Common t. - - EW GOOl)S. CtIMMONS, HARTT & CO.-Are taew receiving bZ peer ship R ontsville, Eagle, Meery Anhrw, High SOder, P'renlh ald German dmoubtle heat plavin.eartIs: ster,helt anid imeket pistols; plain, rilbei andl split eulila eaps; cap Ihlders; Razors, teen. Yes; Gillott's eommercial and other steel pens; Via Na; Violin sthngs; shell, ivoryasl horemnhs; walters; k, head and leather lpuies; hali braids, front anti ack ritngleta; negro ptors; Germa o.nd Frelch cologne rater, Rowlnnds mureaster oil, imitation do; antique alcd hearsoil; portable desks and dreanlg eases: past*. blecking; statisand toilet glasses; convex mirroe; op oul gItsses and views; Indian beads, bells mat l .omesO, Secorieon; whit- twine; toilet and shaving soaps; toilet swlder, cnsmetie wash halls; scented satin Cushionst pool tterls; screw ushions; fancy beatd chains and necklaees; Iillnlrd balls; pocket books atldwalletst; i Germn hlones; razor straps; fine anti eommon gum lastit suspenders, gartersdo; Bels lucifar matehea; mile g a ye nenilst Creyons, d&s. d&e. The aIove in addition to our roimer stock of fancey Sartsler~ mnakeour rsatme a t very emplete. Form sle Swmlemle or retail as the sign of the Golden Comb, 70, r- Chlrtre street. m2R. 1ýOTICE--Tlhe tartnership of Keller, E Itason nCo of New arleen-; Mason, Harris &ECo., of Natchez; ond Harris, Kelley &Co of Rodloe, was dissolved on heltr eof May last, by tile death ofSamnoel A Mason, y ne oftheiin anera of t e firms. The undersigned, surviving partners, will he elargeds Srit hesetoling an clsiog osaid tnerino sanes at ilowes: r LeviC tarris will attend to the sottlieg oaltice btsieest 0 of Mno;, lltrris& Co., a t Natchez; and laerris, Kel ey & Cn.,at Rodnev; and Heurv Lelley will attenl to 1o he settling of te biness of Kelle, ason & Co., at a' New Orleans. The names oflte several firms will be te used in li uidationonly. a Those inhbtedl to said firms are urnetlv roeqlested to core forware oa t lnake early pettleeor;t; alld thsre having claims hill cgleasc i ra t thleml without delay " ).EVI C IHARillS, HENRY KELLEY. i New Orleans, June 27, 1837. JEAN AR-IE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER ac 2 cases moreof this superior Cologne water, just at received and f tr sale by ite dozetn or single bottle. at Also American and Frenth toilet powders, powder uhohs and boxes shavling and toilet soaps, eosmeRc wash halls, milk of rose, os cmetic corl creanm, ex tr e o nusk, kephahua, Word's vegetable hair oil, pocoatnm, N:ree de perse, Florin t laveder rose an obay waters, Preseo's Baits, aorseilles perfun t ry in tnnks. vrgeta ble r id liquid rouse, Chlorine and Orris tooth want,, eloth, hair, touth, oual and flesh bruhtes- together witii . an addlitio'tal aspply of fashionable mfor oated sIlhell e.cotbs and jwelry,for tale low at wholesale or retail at by SIMIMONS, HARTT &CO, nr j!y6 i 70 Chartres street. t COAL-'lhe subscrihers have constantly on thand a large supply of Cannel and Liverpool coal, ie in bulk, of superior qualicy, which they offer for Soosale in lots to suit purchasers. a Also expected by the first arrivals from Encg id land and the North, Cannel, Lehigh and Peach Lh Mountain Cool, broken and screened, put up in as hoglheads expressly for family use-all of which rt they will cldispose of on the etost molerate terms. in Orders left at their office, No. 53 Bienville at. op stairs, will be promptly attended to. g ct3 B. & A SOULTE. n Cologne Water, Prfluncery, &c.-A splendil ti article of eologne, pot up expressly for the retail trade; also the purest French Perlumnery, embro st cing every variety for the toilee, for solte by c:h oc2 REES & D'ILANG. to To Country Merchants and Planters. S Negro cloths, blankets, flennels, henseys, lowell 0 shirtiago, checks, linens, colicoes, handkerchiefs, &c &c,received and tor sale low by tle subscri. Sbets. ROTTA & Co. od act. corner Canal and Chartres st ed I L IV Glcnn's Perftmteeries. of Indian Dye, for coloring the Lair ; Bear's Oil, a. Russians bear's reseos, poeocatnm, Miehaw's Free di Wash, superior pearl powder, tIp wlhite, cream D ef roste, vegetable rouge, otto of roso, lip salve, kreoaseoto tooth wash, carbonic dentrifice, oranor. aflower water, powder puffs and boxes, American Sclarecoal, neatly put up in tfour ontce vials, Pres. t(yt salts, cologne, kreosute totth aelhe drops, hair Sbrushes, English dressing comebs, Indian hItr oil, witlh a variety of other perfumeries, &e. For sale t by C. J. TRINCHARD, d oct 3 corner ol Canaol and elourbon sts IRON ROOFS--The subscribers havet procuree at a great expense, the right of putcticg on iron rooslo in this city. They are adopted to public buildngs, warehouses, and private dwellingsand roettlino at once cheapness and durability, and are perfectly fire and water proof. Terms mnay be known, and a model seen at our establishmentm , opposite St. Mary's monere, Tehapitoulas sr. oceti E B COGS"ELL&Co UPIIOLSTERY & PAPER HIANOING STORE. Henry Siebreclh, (lformerly J. C. Wicku & Co.) woull mest respectfellv inlorm his friends anti the tutlle in general, tihat he has and is constant, ly receiving a general assortment of upholstery and papter haoging. Tile fIllo ing comeprees a part of his stock, which Ie onilers fur sale at whole, sale or retail on the Inost accolneodetlnl toeryst viz : French velvet and satin paper, latest style ; do hall common ned conumon, Philadelphlia glazed and unglazed do do, French landscapes, fire boardls, blinds, &c. do velvet and worsted do de, tmeo rceatrze do ctlurs, silk fringe and goalloons of all qualities, patterns and prices, worsted iringes as sorted pattcr;. plain and coleerd. Swaslmuslin latest style plain attd cohluaedi, coteo drae'r elecslins plin and twilled, nas-ored culroor ne style of needle work for sofa cushions, fotustmtl covers,&c tnew style of bell pullets, raised figuree and plain, gilt window ornaments tf all pa terns and sizes, gilt eagles batal and spears, fealthers, c,, glass ktebs, casters, tair clotlc, figured and plain, a large assocrtmet of toys I r uleilJren lareg silk cord and tassels, worsted corld and tas. rels, a general assorteent of uphollstsro acd paper categinge, cocnstatly on hantl and fo stle at tbp lotwest prices at Nos d R,,yal add 64 Ca;teqtn N h--personns in trIe city or fonm tie country, are reoprctfully iccviced to anl and enotmtna iere tirheelselces. Carpets and curocins made in tie laleclcenedlrn sle%, roonwo prepared a, tIe nqnrt eat snorite, ar'd all kinds ol uplholdesiery wink dolle wcitth neatsess and delplceh. oct 3 L S b..;UL' , No 54 ~Conde, between Domain end St Philip, keepas conlaotlly oi hgod an I xtenive nrsa,rtternt of boots atind brogans, and,,of New York mnufeacture, fur dmen Women and cllildren of all ace,, which ho will dispose of at very moderate~ricrs. Famttlies ofhis oylintance on rending an order will have their wishes attended to L S SEGOUlR DEAFNESS. A NEW article forpersons troubled with deartess, (called the Ear Trumpet,) has Jat beeI receired, by the time of wlhich, the slightent ariculantino ol|te lu. ian voice is diatoUliv caoneyeid to tile nor. Anty ote who [Irs ever neat ebinged to converse with a very den tirron, tuaet be fuly seanible iof the difficulty ned ett barrasmanetlteperieneed both by thiemselves and ttle in dividuals so onlbrltottel aflticted. Ily the use of tha Far 'I'rmpet thi.t objeetion is eutirely obviated. Ilie most aceptlialhave always a. oduoed thelir doubts lter bhaving used thi 'ruatpet. Fr ale at 'T F GUION'S, Fancy store,corner ofCtlnlnoo and St Ckarleo streets Tlor .h o E-clntooo Hotel. feb ia SPEIft OIsL--15 galiota pure winter d SSpert Oil, i caks and bble, for sale by -JAItYS l& 4NI)rtEWS," Wholenal Drug` atea comrer emtuoa and ol'chap ias' Sreets. "ir 1i L EA J---ha, ldS I.o iIac t 40 kegso,100 0 a l00 dol ,25 Englioh tdo-,45.4 bblea 400 i a 100 Paiet Bruohels uinesad sizes I ea; Vermilliont S5bbleCopal Varanih; SJapes I" Coach 20 packs Gold Leaf: 5 Oe 1e til ner ; i00 'do Dutch Metal. SWINDOW GLAth , iAmerean, Elglish and French 10. boxa vCrnoooaatiee and qualities Doald o. o wa'- l•e.a... raeoninntro will be .aio, la ..ata el a. naeat- of.artci' "cloapr "nd tolsaitsTroay,. A... WAV'CAlE I, No 46 C.malastreer. laa&Pm4aaaoleehane at p OR a rd M ssitipp twltvllt~received at.l U p"r dt.cout rood ... DO ... rr., 44;Nwevr-av.' -:a E itrle',4 tb itye1 a-Ths, rcodar elfuhe. ,toiapiefh aiip* r-iret l-d yr'lr;ý': ; "aadl :h'...'tfluarast • , Oaajfo,, ral , ,e t . " CQ.O.. T &, ..d. . ; O 4-...' i..- . - a BOOk BJNDERY: Under'lih P Offiace, 72 COwmpjti SRONSEWA'ir& HOWSON beg leave to inform [ their euadinmers ant the pnblic geineylly, that 'hey have removed their establtshment tuNo.'72 I C'mp street, Inmediately under the office ofthe trie vo -w herethey are prepared to executh all ordera i. their line. "Hving received from the North a 'tpply of pa. ptr and materiala of a supertieo quality, for the mannlalsture of Blank Books, they offer their ser vices in tnererhnts and other', who may wish work of that kind ; antd having the advaegtge of pseveral yeare's experience in that. line, they are confident of giving satisfaction to those who may f Iu ,r them witl their custom. For F orarie., nrchitects and nthire, maps and plane will bhe pasted on linen. varnished and mounted in the neatost manner, & at the shortest nnoice. Plain andfancy bindine, in all i.e varieties nt. t 'CHINA UbLAoS &E Eit i4iCx Vf AlAteboa o 36 Charree slreet, New Orleans. TW M. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French and'Enalosh China and Earthen ware. are now opening new aild rich pattrlrns of breakfast, dining and tea services, toile se ., pitchers, tea coffee cups, teapots, sug;na, crearml, bowler, Splate., dishes, tureeons, wealh beains and ewers, loot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glass. waro---ohlets, chnmpaignes, lemonades, jellies, lit are', -inecoirdials, centre howlee, docatlters, tum blers, preserve dishee, celeries, pitchers,llamps, Laop shade and glasses. candle shados, salt eel Iers, etc. S Silver plated, bronzed and britania wares--car toars, lignoor stands, cake baskets, candlestlicks, branches, conoone, ladles, coffee ad teapotet,sugars, creamos. lamps, japanned trays, astrI asands, and hnnging lamps, fine cutlery, German silver puoons and forks, together with a great variety f articles tIce fiontly use. Merchants, planters, hot,,la, end steanoleat, furnied wlh goods at the nnlosettea sonable prices, and paoked so as to be conveyed with safety t,.ny part of the coun ry. Il Alan, nlrathlenries' glnasware. nn 2 THE FLORIDA LINE SFrom Moaila to Anug.n., GeO• Sleaves Moble every day at three u -- o',:clk, p mo per U S nmai boat for Ilall's Londini,. above Blnkely.-thence four p ost coaches to Pensacola--thloeo stsnlhnata to n Lgr 'nor, wliere the land roule is resumed-thence via Marianna and Brownsville, Fla. Bainbridge PFndertoo n, II wkinsville. Saoudereville & Louis. ville to Augusta, Ga, connecling regularly with ",e rail road cars to Charleston. and ihe steam packets to Now York, Norfolk, Poiladelphia, etc. o The stean.hbats are the best for the service, and at the navigation presents more advantages than cDn be be found upon anty steamboat route in the 'utlh. grn regiot.. od The great improvemnents in the rutlle have been e produced by the construction of ffty miles of new Y road, by the proprietors, viz : fromo LaGrane on Looavetl Ieaylu, an arm of Santa Rosa Bl.y, to Bryant's Fe'rry, on the Chatlthoochee river, ten miles above the Cowlerd, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, tnt whereby the navigation ol the river, and the con. sequtent detentions, and more recently the incon r venient crossing at the Cowford, are entirel ,l avoided, and a fine road from Marianna direct o to Bainbridge, instead ot the roundabout road via in, Chattahouchee, lessening thedistance about forty rs, miles, and increasing the facilities more than - once a day. S Alo, a branch line of two horse stages every elI other day fhiu iitowlinsville, via Perry to Macon, ail Ga. connecting with the line to Savannah and Darien, Gen. A mail steamboat elies regularly between Bainbridge and Apalachicola. Trravellers O to reach any point on Chatthoochee or Apalacht cola, can take steomonoat at Brownsville. or Mobile to Pensacola-Lnnd Rouae-Durino the tine occupied by the repairs of boats, the proprie. g tors of the Florida hone will run a line of four nh lorse post coaches every other day between M, tO bile and Pensacola. h Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clock p m, . in the U S mtna boat, and proceed to Hallc' Land. ing, where a lour horse coach will Ie In waiting to convey them to the excellent houseof Mr. Charles -Iall, I 1 4 mile distant, where thiey will find t pleasant accotonmodations for the night-leaving oil next morning, they will arrive in Pensacols early in the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort ol nioht travelling. Ofllee at Ihe Mansion Ilouse, Mobile, and Col. line' ilutel, Pensacola, where seats must be secu red. ST'OCKTON & Co. nov I il - --- - ----- -- --- a Pi'atno Forte Inslrucltion. William Smith tenders lis services to the ciii, zens of New Orleans as a teacher of tile piano forte. Mr S having been empoloyed several yeats asa teacher of music in private fauloies in Boston, and also at several of the female seoninarecs in its vicinity, cannot but hope to merit their confidence. v lie is permitted to refer to Rev I)r Cl.pp, Mbaesre Stetson & Avery, Henderson & Gaites. e, or terms, &e please apply at too bookstore of SAlexander Tl'ower, 49 Camp st oct 2 Drugs and jfledicenes. ir J B Prevost has located himself in this city for I, the purpose of transacting a general Wholesanl SDrug business., e is now receiving a full supply of Iresh and genuine articles, which he will sell on liberal term 0 To city druggists, and those of the interior, to, physicians, merchants and planters, he will ofllr inducements such as have never be. fore been ofiered in this city. Ils intention is to don strictly legitimate business. ilis stock will d oon be complete, and in a few weeks will be rea. dy for busiriess. All orders from the country, and from merchants of tl is ciy, receiving such orders will be promptly atiended to. oct 2 No30Campet PROSPECTUS. ..THE subscriber p-oposes to publish, in the be. ginning of the onsamng winter, a Condensation rf the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin'. Louisiana Reports, to be comprised sn four ' volumnes, bso., according to the model of Peters' ry Contieonsd Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq., of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a lo distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of tile sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all the advantage which may naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more no. . eessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani. feet, in the other States of the Union, in reference to the pessliar jurisprudence of Loussiana; and the circumstance of the numerous principles here de. cided in the adjustment of conflicts of laws, nakes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti. lity to thejuristsof tihe whole Union. Moreovel, tihe rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there ina greatdemaod for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those in the snore authoritative forums of the other States, will on added to each ease. The work will form four volumes, royal oectavo, and will be delivered, bound, to subscr.bers at $6 per vol.; in case it shoulil be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the pice to sun. reribers will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM McKEAN, e05 car Camp and Common sts. "IIOIESAIE AND RETAILCOMB AND VA RIETY STORE--at the sign of tie golden fcomnb, iMo70 Chartss steers. The sulsecrihers have re ceived, in dditionts to teir previous stcbk on handi a full and compilete assortment of articles in their line; vie: Scom es, erftuery, Jcwellry, brushes, locking glasses, faicuy articles, &c.eonsisting in part as follows: COtI BS--tortoise shell, wrought and plain tack,twist, quiilled hack, lon, round, dressing, side pul, curl and nek, Brazilian combs of every dencription amoncgst which ar some Mexican patters, Ivory cols of every. dascriltinlJiorn, dlreesslng and packet, togcaiter with a general asortnteet ofFrenanhand Amsericane. PERFUMERY--Cologne, Laventder, Floerido, Bonsey, htvs rose,nd orants flnwer wafers ofevereih.esand des erlt'ptlsl. conpbesnsted Colngnse, extract of lerguasuot, omosy sMaps ofall kinds, shaving do in cakes and pots, creazn soap do, Wrd's vegetable hair oil, beas and an tiouedu. 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B H.BalDD co f ' . " ' . . " " l..7 .l d OluiiAl Adirdeal ieaks-Lasdnoe Pkrtissl4 sits ". olosllettilg. Ite Wfl~'rehe'd b.. . -a' "T++.A~. • THE INDIAN' PIANAUA,. Rfthenereof oiaa.tiamscrofuataor'iingsevlgonti . tEiatiea or hip gcout, Snsientoanoersiaalrhu u, mercural lidseases, particularly ulcers end painfulatteetionia of the bonds, leeraoedtbheatrn naos trilsulers of evey dercitiptionaf versores and internal abseemes, fintuls, piles, scoald head, survy Wes, ehro nlm eeyea ryspelis,blotaies, and every.v ripyter.e taaeous a rofleeton,.ehrun Catarrh, he.qd Wa, poleed ing from any acrid humor, pain in the stomaeh end dyl. pepsia praceedingfromvriation, affectinrmsofthe Ivge, chronic inilonam tion of the kidneys il genem f debill ty eased by a torpid action of th verels of he skin. it tis singlrly efficheiousin rAeovatiNl tha e eonstlttilons whiel have been broken down by ijoudieibm treatment, juvenile irraulrities. In general terms, it is teom meaded in allithosedueare whiochi aris from impourties of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of wuatever I nameor kind. Some of the above eomplaints may reqire Aome tri ofling uistant applications whieh. theireabmtianees of the easo will;bu for a generol rmedy or Purifeatnr to remove the eause,the INLDAN'S PANACEA will generally be found suffiienet. " TO THE PUBIC. Ifow true it is, that modern Phycian s in their m Sbitieon loencel in their profemslon; explore the vast fields ofscience by the aid ofchemintry, and seek okt oew re medial ents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the Spractie by means of art almoe,--o-tirely overlook aml neglect, as heneaoth their notice, the rich and bounteous stoi'e of medieine, which the Almigitly bhas caused to ' aing out of the earth in everyeclinme And how mth more true is it that while the American. Plhysiian looks to foreign eountriesfor many of his most eonimos atid , Inesoary articles, perpetually changing as they are at a. the diotates offnshioa orfolly, lie is nrsmindleil in his a, own country with a endleseuprofusion of medical iloots, - mficient to Answer any indieotio in disease or to cure any eneable disorder; ant yet ihe igs rant of their vihe tues, andm they e inaulfered to waattheirhealitg on the , desert tir.' Sheel'ees of vegetable medicines upon the system are d tem1ery-those of ineramls lasting. The bormer en erttheireflects am pass off--the latter, merory it Ip Stieulor, act otemieally upon the solids, deaomposin) g sthe bones od mnoelrmining tile eoostitutioat bya aslow d nod sre destruction. v The congeniallity, effeitoney rad SAFETY of vegetoa ble remedies over diheral o lmoy be estimated by eontnast ing the aneieot pneotice with thie fiurlern or, to bring it moreimmediately un:ler onr oowiiSlnservatioi,hlr. h -li ni practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, nannot knownmorheard of- repeated instances wherein some drcrlepid, onpretending female Indlin, l.y measof Sher simple remedieaalone, ialues fltce the nmostontpid a nd astonihig onu'es, afterthe Iylatcira Mredico of the S emmon practice. directedl ill the most skilfot mannaer, hs foiled? And whot Is no t Iree sroirisrced at t com. e arativecase ndc.aeility ith which the cldia fie hima Saself fromany disease,; and t the aloost Itots absthlece ofebronic disease among them? Who has ever heallrd r oi an hlavian with a constitution brokue and ruined by b illtreattment? A:ld cas a ldoubtexist that this hepty ex m emnptionl ofthe saage from most of the illns waicl the . fle h ofman is eir to, is chiefly owing to more groin d ant safe remeaes whiet ho cmploys? l'hlis astoiish t ingdifferenee in nsecess, is a fair exemplification of timr inf. i te seperiority of the simple astil safe means of eure which fGod has ereated for the aenefit of ris ehillren, ,n over hose whieh tepride and the anrtof maoo have in vented. l From a long residenee among a portion of thee norigil t am ibu diitatsof thiseonnty, andmc iedtimate heas ah lance with the mcthols of cure of sonic of ther. most Ssunecessful iractitionlers, the paroapretr o 'Thle lnJiaa's if, Paeeaceaalthed a knowledge of some of the most Spoweefulaond favoriteremedlies. Fronatheseie selectedl t msch as were most effmcaiousand appropliates, nod after ly various exeriments to test their prioilnes and trength, ct hIe has combined them illt the form here laesented, as the is most oeract and beneficial for the ilrpose for which it op isrecommeadedl. an Tlle loprietor offersthia preparation to the public with the conseiousna!ss thalt he is plaeing wihitheir sa, ry a remedy capable ofrelievilg manyc of his afilicted fel low beings, who arelRlgrng undler tile various chronic Sand obstionte comlanints to whicla it is applicable. to soeh it will prove of incalculble valte, as the nmens, and in many eases, tile oay meano ofrelieving their san teirings and restoring them once enore to Iheoltl and hal n ? pineno. Thlsisiotoff'ered asa common raemedy, that may per cehance be equally goo with many others oow inll nuse, bot as one which is nclapale of saving life il many to extremeeaseswhch allca titetuosoottremiediesifail. Trhisit Shas donoe repeatedly; nald this is the lreltation itthasol 0r tailed wherever it has been introduterd. U It Is lilly aabout Itree years sitce tlhis preparation was Ireaeutedtt to lap ublit: butait that short space of tnme, some hltohetls ot personlsmight Iotaond, nho would cstlemnly declare that thley believed that thear• lives were 0 savoed by it, atd ill mosteasesaltler they had tried many e and perlhhps all die common renedies ion vain. Whlelr" ever it is known it ias pnltly conming into set, ad this ad 'ordstlie most sulbstantal and coonvrioig prloof of it og merits. 3 T'he value of the Panacea i most conspliclous it those ol long statding ntotl sn ,hilioic anl arrofulma s te .ctio8o lwhich have dlefied all olthel reedlies, ansl partieclulrtv a, ina thoseses where merecnry has oleen so lavis .tyo uise as to cause distressinng l:tis ill the hao let, ds, uc c riaol lcers, lderangenlentt of thle digestive or"asc, .c. tIhese it comptlctely removeso aoo in oll cseso it entire ly eradietes Itile dliseass aild l llertieeo of laerocr, cil votesthecotlstiottitol, ortd leavtorthe pt.tieltt soland aod o well. Ill ihetnmatilo anotl ill uleteldoet Sr tllhroat, its ts tatpty efli~cts are not less appparellnt, givitg almost ientoe n, dtiaterelief: ts Taken ill pr dOI) s, loses, tllelttiatt'n Panaces operaOte Sactln altetatlivo n.ll detergent; a titphretie, cdillluretic, as and laxatives, an nllti-s asmollie and alaodlyrce; anld ill tproper seses, as asonmachie laod enioenagoguc . Gener ofally exlpreseld, it ireasees all thle sereletalotns sIdl ex retiosela, gives one t to the onomnaclh, and excites actiol ilt tile glaonds illa paol'tioelar:ll nlarller. lro these plrillei. ies itsopelatiolls Inay lie unllerstoll. "'Thismedlelne ils been focal higlihy nsefl i In many or ambignot.s diseases not helre specified, ld it nls be It used with wondoerful success as a Slpbg an a Falol PLI y rifler, by'those whoarne subjelttolcomlpaintasft ecest, II cad whose eolstitutionsreoijoire new vigor. Stcll Iear of sons will do well to use t.vo or tiree oattlesio small do sen. Vlheever a diet th'ink is eonsidereld neressny, Stl:is Panacea, taken in a smlall dose; will answer all its tImrposes, ill mIch less time, at less exlpense, nIdt ilac t me g e moaoe greeible atner altat the conmn it iet htink. Thoe fllowltlng certificates, out of thundredts sinlilar, cawhich migtht Ie procurcced, are given to show htie eflct on ad the lndalo's Plan cea, ill thevnarios conlpaipt,s nere;n an meltioned;and also to exhiblt in the most satioslitctory maaaer its sopriority over tile oyraops in eommono use. CASES OF IOHEUMATISM. CuooItSoTOv, Nov 1, 1835 . Dunrilg the last winter oald spring, was afilicted withl .a very severe and dintressiln Irlthematism, oetsioinedl lby of exposure in bad weather. I noe lakegreaa pleasure ot of stating, that six bottles ofotte Inliaots Panacea, Irestored cc me to pertIet heahth, and I eofidetldlay recommend it to a ll sinmilatly afflicted.

JOHN FERGUSON, Kingst. CetArLESTONc , March 27, 1832. Swas seized shout three y-ears since, with a dlistressin rheumatism, caused by taking a severe eold, while unds theinfluenceef mercury, and which has disabled r from business nearly eversince. During tl is period have been a patient in the Marine Hospital, in this ci" upwardsot feur months, and nearly the same length.' time in the ltimoreHoslital, tllt tried almost ever remedy, with little benefhci. O thle 16th of ,hebruai. last, at that time rcacely able to move about upon crutch es, 1 omomenoed the use of Illllian's Panacea. In on, month I found myself eltirel ftreed fimn I ain, and ar now happy to state that I eonsdler mtyself perfrctly well. WM. T'UCKIOI, S13 .IMarket st. CA"FEfS OF SCIIOFULOUS ULUE.ltS NEw Y'ou, Sept I, 1830. This may certify that it the titl ol 1'25, 1 was seize with a swellinggi n my neck and Ihee, which "lerwart uIlcerterl and ecame large ghastly ulcers in my ack.n SAfertrying sevetl Ihysicians tot o o, I wen' to 'Philadelplhta, stll placedl myself under the eare, Drs. Ph'vse attd leach, lwhen, after tepeatedl salivattot tosno efftct, I was lpronosesed tterly itcunable. Alite. wards I took twenty bottlesoofSwaints I'Panacea atd eig l bottles of Potter's Catholieon, with no materitl h netit Desihiriag of lite, whidehll had ow becoltle a burthen t tme, I retured to y parentts ill New Yo k, itl 18t29, an gave mysellup to a in etlineg death. Helrittg of Ith great success of TInce ltitall'S panaeat hts ower, itll cO slltilar to my owl, I was persuaded tots2 it, asa last IT. sort. To my great surl.rlse; as well as satitsaltion,, soon fmounl Imyslf raltliidly recoverg, atd uplol taki1 seven bottles, thie tleorslheadleld d I became petlutlsI well in tile corse ol'two motllts, and Ihave reotiLed so ever since. l make this statemen otd wish it ublishded ertihe benefitoft'hose whoare suffering utder similar scerltoloos orsyltlphilitic atletiots, tlat ttey may know whinad tetreuone Iho has itutetle every thing but death, laid t ho noosiders his life saved hy the above rup. Cttutssros... July t2,l11131. I was afitel', four years withn a ulcer it the leg, on. casionally moomtpanield witlh erysitelatous itllanatimt and exeeaive ttunin tile lega al allel joint. Several emilnent llysicians exerted theirskill upont it, but witll ott 5,sAnlent benehtfit. In thlis cae five bottle hia'ts oPaaeanmsieade a perltet cure. MlAIGAR.ll~T A VES'I', ll2 Market 3For sale by HENRY BONNABEL, druggist, age. :or t.e iroplietors, 'clomulitolts.sStret Is NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL-IROAD COMPANY. T HE stockholer of this company are herehy no tified that by at resolution of te hIard of uiree lon passed oil tihe 1911t inst. tile call maldtle ot thelem oil the 13tl February last, for thie paytatnt of live dollars a thate, wits resocinded, and thesaid stockloldera are trtlhernotified tlhat WtII.REAS, by a resolution ofthis board pusned on te 19lth ist. a caull has been ntude oil ti. stockhlolders of the New Orleans and Nasilville lail Road Comllpay tor the followingpoynsuta o t lhe theblock held raspo.. Sively Iy thim, vls:--two doiiara imr share psyabhle oil the lrst day of Septemberneaxt; two dollars per share paeoble on tie first day of Diecentber next; ald two dollarsater shaore payfle on tile fi st day of larch text. Now thlerefore be it resolved, that the secretary of this comtpany shall notifythe slaere hollers therein, hroughl tile public pr.ts of Ithe eit, thatin timIdormity wi-h the sixth ,ectioa of the ehtrte,, thevare Ipernttslad to Ipotpone any lpaymet called is on'tlie stock stsaidl nmlpasy fir the tern of sixty days, from aid aftier the day on which it isttule payable, witlh the expless con dltimn however, that if not regularly within the said pmrlo.eatiot of aixty davys, rom and aftlerOreL day on whilch it slould luve heed poaid, thllat tlen the stek sn whlics d td paymestashould htve beettmnade, is tand im.s: lorfeited to tle company, the hlmrter- ot that lutinttming imperative. Int conformuity therefore, to said Stll,allstek of ithe stoekbholdes rain said coutpany, as nk Stprper to pet Offl the paymetlts on tlheir stock to he sind ou the additional sixty days, which tile tcharter slows thsm, sae'sotifedtliat I15 payintst or two dol .ar p"r cahes called for;'ad dfe on .lhe r firs of Sep- [ achar next, may be peatpioed'under tho esnh. beetibn sf mid charter, until thIbe 31sst tlayof Oelsher mlt, that o" two dollarsper shar caledor,.ands 6e o54hl irst dsy of Iee0, e'fi- ana, my' be post.r I aind until the flth" day aof tlunry'gt;&s and the.pav siost.f twodlluls per share called fur and'de at, tite st day of Meelti next,may he pýitpistd until. Ite S0tb :Lr of Aprl next," - ' "- • , " . ixtseit . "re Afit le eA tal __ l. e • ..LplP -: ... . +J.~..m._,= ,t·,h c.+. ;.-,+ :+. ,++ . _-. ------ " Ro'yal College of 1'hib aseas, London.-, lHE' sorilgilalVe ethle Hygpian Uhlvernad Mull-' Sealoe, Vropared by W Mlki ni Pa. Meembtnrro SRelsi College of Suraeoa, Lieetiate ofAlApothe. sary's(;omlany, Fellow f Bolt Coirt Solety, Surgeon o She. Roya.i Uniosi Pension Aaaciatihm, Lontanae r Place, WatVrloo Bridge, and Perpetial .Pupil of Guy' and St.Thomas'sllospitals, Loolon. This valuable medicine, tll.result.of twenty years' exie nae aml-un lmllelet suancess in the extensive iaid highly repsetable practiceof the proivrietv, paro nised by the itulty and nobility, and is now int'rodmed to the notice of tIe American puhlic, at the eantest so licitatias *f a nmnbel of getlemeis of long and high ii the professionl It is hoped, as a prelmi nary step, to oheck tIhe evils and fatal eousequenes arisimgfrom the use of tie numerous and deleterious nomtrums toisted upon the public by the aid of fabrieited proofs of miralous mures, anm other frauds, by a set of mePerenartunprincipled pretenders, so toaly'ignorant of o edie l scienee.,that it impossible the monstrous delusion can any, longer go down win the intell gnt peole t'thistountry. These iills, mihl andt greeabile in-their nature, sholdd be kept in every family iII caos ofsudden illness, for, by their prompt adlmiisrlatieon, cholera, cramps, spasms, fevers, and otter alarming complsints, which top often prove fatal, may le speedi ly oured or prevented. In fact, all those who v go Health, should never be withpnt-them. They are so' in packts at 5 cents, and $2 each, by every respeo 3table druggist, bookseller, and.vendorof medicine ie thl United States i .tI be Candaes, with copious dliretions, together with: estlnonials of professional abhility rLein the following emineot genllemea: Sir Astley Cooper, J SAberoethy, James Bloodell, M. D., W. Bak, MNI. I)., sJ. Aston Key, A. Fralpton, M. D., and toommtous others, The originals maynobe seeneso nponell of the CGeneral Agent, by whalo til: meldoine is inlmported ito .is eaountry, and to whom all applicatlons foragencies musl ie made. JNO. Hl)lUEIN, 19 WVarerly Place, N. York, e Sole General Agent for the United States, 0a. For sale by appointment of the erigilml prolrietor. by SWAiN & Buo'rneU. Drneliqes, No Il Camla street, tenea Ageontafar Strtthee ol Louisiana. jot v8 EMNIY It LEE & co, No 3 Mngazine street, are n-ow receiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, n- t eky, Eagle, and other late arrivals trem :he . lthero cities a .large and new seleated assortment IIHis, Boots, Shoes land Brogans, ansisting of gentlemeon's fine calf and Moroeeo waots fdo 4 qdality; do bufl.d, lnd stout wan pegged bontse arionsqlgdities; men's fine call seal antill orxce Ii e nt"n, tiaps anl brog:ns, bookkin shoes, rlogans an. 0I nloppet : meo'saine call adll kipped plegged alloesatld I rogans; do bbots; do stout kip and wax pegged shoes a al broganst gentlemen's best quality ealf sewed shoes, ,t'ogians and Jack I)owaing.s; do calf and Morocco Si tekie slums and brogans; o ell lf, seall and Morocco! 1I idioll shoeslamil slipl ..s, io calf, buff unit seat Wougs, Ssto ew alticle; do fine cuilf, se.l and morocco quarte mts; hoys', misses' and helildre's pegged sad sewed bt ogons, anId shoesof every qality alLd kLidt Also a generl. assoitmenet of men's stout wa anil lrogaons and shoes, togetllher with lo,ttKI pairs ugro I tst quality, russett Irogans, nailed in tlt Imonks, made expressly for laiatitiol. ui e0 gold an t itoell of mie's fine and stout kip rossett bltrgats, a t w article, anut a argo qulatity of a intferior quality rt seltoall was brogans. Ladies' fine callf, seal, moroceo and grain welts, atil pomp sole sloes; dio line Freticlh Mtrocco iand ki Id rt i' nitl slipper, ; do roanl shoes, witll andl without heels; SI calf, seal tland stout leather bootecs; do Prunella sloe. 0) I fall kinds ani qualities; do lasting brogams; no gnitter n'amnl fIbxed bootees. Misses' lastiagsllrirg soesang Mr l gs. Children's colored Moreoco and lasting bro b" Ors anI boots, Oo. ngentletmen'sfinefalhioinble black silk hats; ido black S. Itdrah heaver do of a suan elior quality; do iitation it ramdo; broad am l nartrow brim men's flne diab aln bthk Ruaasi short nappedl ats, a new article. Youthli usI:ue size hats of different qualities; do Echilren's. S.lon'sand bcy's black oad drab wool hats of various Sslupre, with general aasastmaent of boys' and menls 'lits assoltmlent will be replenishlld by tbl arrival of ealhpacketslrom the a0ove unmed cities, all of which Sillbe solhl oi aeeomnmodating terms. aug I-if1 MOIN TAGU E'S BR LJiM FOR THlE TEEITII. SUH E establlished reputat ittn a.t onstel.ltly tcrtt-inv deumnd oi r tlia eii thutl retmeilv etiftain, aind ite servative of theI teeth, haas itluceed tle aul ,riber Soffer it Ito tile Atllericlil tlllie. Arrallgenlts tia Sbeen mudse tosocupflv iIell te ill nil tile Ipo cipal Citit ianld towlsl in the Unllitied Stite., so as to plat it iti tis reach of those sufferig and allikely to sultfe this Ioe y lnarasing of all uaeher,'roitlllc:hIIe. lWVhen applied according to directions tiven on is bottle, it has never ft lilei to fltrd intllnti nte and Itltlellt relief. It also alrrests tile ditt lli t ,leftetie teelslind relieves tbll soreness n hcll 'sC freqe llltl e ralenders a trong toolth ll el+ss The 1ppientiion am d rellledy are simllle, illnnoct, an not uiplleasnt and tile large iull ober oflertlll ipe ll olileirIt st litiolll if it Seollltly, tlint have alr.adly exanriened sil I einiSh li Id saIlutary elehts inldu thrieuse of the Balh, nre ready l the cla ilized wrlld as tile 0l1iit viluable discoery id erednll if tie wtelds. ' t'lie $n F g er baltla. Stldl hyr J.\lAl:S & ANDIRICW\S, tlur i ('or t"i(tlnlll It I '1'e1 o.Inb llttns late, S 'INom t la, to e 'fil:-P UBith C .--u tl ,ndri-i mrllIsrP of theo utanderigned ainVlg orid out, e -or dicoaeotlued Isi old and lonf e lnotlishaed GARDEN SEED S.'I'ORIE, .oi, o i3 t ('trsrint ioaro Street, i- Having been tonst i ndustriilsly cielelted by selt interestcd troies, the suatlscrlter begs to assu re il Y friends glenerally, and the pblic at hirge that ie still cotti:ltucs witliln two doiirs lf his late, or lornei r stand, to he faurnished with a full act ex. Stonosia supply f all tile standard iends of kithel or vegetable ,crrettr Srtrds, of the growtil and itl. port of the present Oseson, 1837. Steen thile early part at Septembher, lie tao re. ea eived amtple eupplisa, by thile packet stips Viekh. burg, Ketl an d cytd Arltais f, all arriveda in short passages, direct froln New York. By tia Missis. s ippi and aiother packet, hlie is in daily expecta. o tien of a suppily of Fruit GIaraes and Asparagus Y Roots, having already received invoices thereof by mail. Thie subscriber begs filrther to assure tIlc pultlia at largeo,that he is at proesent as well rnabled to neet and axecute ordersn for all the kinds of Garden ySeeds, either wholesaale or retail, as he ever wan since his first establislnment in January, 1822. S Country Deoalers and Market Gardanero' orders filled at the lowest and most reasonablo rates, by the pound weight, and gallio or bushel measure. Catalogues, aith.r in Frtench or English, may g always be obtained on personal application as r usual, to Wll. SMITII, Garden Seed Store, 85 Custornlouse streel. NOTE.--A constant supply of Bird Sued, mired or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-with a supply of peas and beans. Fancy Pocket Books-Under this tead will be found a splendid variety of ladies' and gentlsemo's pocket books, note, c'ard, needle and thread cases. Fancy Stoeks, Suspenders, &c.-Of the latest pattern and of superior quality, consisting ofjrlain and figurod sattl,, velvet and clotlh toelkso lieo bustio m an, anli, fn raney will lind witlaut rufltee, shirt euallrs, suspelders called Waalhingto suspenders, ales, gut elastic wuorst. ed and cuttonoett do, withl and witehot rollers, pantalooa straps wit. wlr splrings; antl a great va. rioty of gentlemen's wear, made expreossly for tte retail trdeo, by A. L. Vanhaori and tno of Phtila. delplhia. Conbs--A goneral aad complete asnormeon ofeootbs friom their aanuafictory.A;ao, English a nd Freocn dressing cauttbs, erc. decO RUSIITON & ASI'INALL'S COMPOUND TONIC MIIXTUIE.-A speedy and certain curo for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from tihe original recipe. Used wLth enlinent and uni. versal success in 1832, by penrsons of tle hlighest respeetability i:l this city, as stated in l tile ononexed certificates. This nmedicine io highly reoommcnded, and hlas been extensively used in tile above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to tile pub. lie in its present form, in the hIoe that it may be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of our country. It is a medieine possessipg great virtue, and when used according to thie directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in thle most obstinate stage of tle disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens tile digestive organs, creates an appetite, anad seldomn requires more than one, or ia obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its emfeacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in aecordanc, with the directions and hias not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and modloine store, courner of Bienville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies applyp to je5 T. W. .S "TII, 48 Conti At. HARROWGATE SPRINGs nlorgomcrv county, Alalmlua. THREE DAl'S J&PUR11"EY FROM NE|F ORLE ANS. TILE pro *rietnir of" Ihis estabslishnent his the plea sure ol'u lmouacing to ] is friends a Id tile public in general, that he will lie in read aessby tie first day of lav ta receive visitorsa lie w ll also state fi r te l-e. iefl oftlhose at a aditance, thaat there Iane b eaen largo iarnperoveentsoade, and others now going on aalld an rapid progress for eoplcetio, Wfhiche will elabl t e mifr bubscr:her to awo-amnodate a much larger nnlier thanI earelfre, soand at tie aSlmn tine mnch better ; Janite saca he a aeeomnaadatd itll guod rots, or lIore-who preler cuen have large oeabis r etoanled .frol the maia building. It is drnnaed uauseesra.ry tI say anythig in parties. c r of tile chargeter nf thee wslers, for it Iagebtrltlu -c -rlinved 1hat they are pot-iitreor rori i a n Slates. All the. irl.# I Tla.d-fT. l oouds ltVaaeriaag I tuate uur, at t ins. r7'l aest nusic A id of. th a catrv aflfots, lies ree eg. r bwill e'ii econ t arteduae u l d die Iprr the whule seasoa. a 1..shWill .nvesi. haelfof this epsrtuti,,a iaqg: his alIrbieatd IfBalnki' fe aib .'av lilierl it ·bau" -im'Jast ,ý m'lwp liv'ilie exer tli.lveaint Iehs .ideoun iiufipro hasi extirdi g r hr ki.otstaddatfo.a, i v-arit" a l.liral'iatroaag , CRA '. JUST. . . a lki'.tOM lsitorrin PL. . S, ' c, 'AtFDAEditionof ot . OhichLie now an Averge Time {Cdeuls S to, or easy methods for fning.the averge time en Morange. noate ob hatd or bilt of gootl, when in;. behan! at tlifferent tdee, en different credits, and! tf variotsnmotllts esaidesna usefol tid comnplete Banking 'Tite nTatle, khe best Ihat can be 'eontrved. or that fit g rescan nrtne .within tie same coodesend compass, and tlzeoftvpe. . An ativerisement in the book is in nearly the follow 'rie high distinetit this work has received throbte the ten legislativeaets prefixetl to tim tide page, is e re eommendamtit in itself, so uncommon,,d an emnclu nive, th nuothing:i neeelery.more titan byway of adt vertisemeet, to give at bndenred view of tome of ei eiaritiea:se .rinstmiee, the Interest i te been ompbl f eoit f m,and eampared with, what is equivlelt to finur it ieen:se efealoneetinc, enamieediin the pemthtira five limes, hand pritted trom tetrenaope inlten tented it :irytyt-one tetnes, from all which it most be evident In even to the skeptic (epecially on d pe.nea l ofthe de s tail of titaf in thile prefele) that. th wortk mest lie nrith a, meiieally infallible, and in eotfirmtion of this beliefs. Spremil of' two httalned antl fifty dollars, is now ofler Sfore tla e ietetioe of ano error ofeta cent in the present aor fifth edition, ea ex Iessee its the preface, meakng five It' lare premions w f'eredI far the namenerror iine ittefirst pnhljicatin in tle )ear 1100. One or' ti most conspictuons feturese of the tablei is aiothe arrangement of the Time and Amounts, which in f eenxteitit, e, reference nd ierspieuity with the ihelp j atithe tide ntll intde, cannot be excelled anti the salty ".ty andi ease with which thle in:'aeal can b foulnd to the s extent ofat general biiness, witlhtt douili ng odi)mn a is Ibesde a convenience an essentinl, that in the eatlma t lion of tome oi the most competent antI practical buti e ss me ten pbli off have tfi.a w made great uce of the work, it hat been listitngusle di by tho thonoeable apItellation efofa "master plane". Anti onsiidering tke infallibility itf tihe melhod origitalty andoptel in r n eometting tlhe work, stiln te extramldiuay number anti , vatiety oa tte exitantltins, anti tenst of every edition it tnI piased in tht iret, eotwithetatding the whtole is in tereoltype, aeolsitertng, in strt1., the nmsitive ccuraey T en scured y the tipreeedcnted means emplo)e nl, the vei e, Imte hst een hlediltt anti emnetinicaliy styled " the most wonderf litok te the waslk;" maost ertainlny no maitean itame figure work of the same extent, which since the begining oe creation, Iae had tie same intm be ntan variety of tests in the ame nuiiber of editoen; a noe, r one half the number, an is clearly shown in the ei prefitee. S ietsidel, astest and ilanrodard, ithas heen tried ntll i reed in nearly tll the bank antI ptuliC ufioea in the em Statnens, and by the purlic gotneal ly, luring the , tong teriodl oltirtli fie mearsc, yet no error of the eal no colmtion hain ever ielin tund in ainot, a itiogh emtlitu atly challenged by the ontir of very large remimsin. i, 'Ilte 'h tact exparessly adopater l all o heoarte vi oflaw cr cevtral otite Siirlenfs tie "tate at caleultloait :d taroiite interest," as also y law fot r bintk interest, ancordingsi tile book ii used, aed ai ¢ny y e seen ill I ptunpt, by te iames of eo sti bseriber, ald a few of tihe Shlseiu ent pirich aserns, in thIe list at ihensat ofi iei book, it loi ointosesil of evernty losa ole'ciizc t i every qucnr a- teoft le Unit e i States. It is inlreover well taknown that, by it early cheek, i it has so often adereted ltarge er ort, otg ,nifter tiey were anodet, eve eeiy tie tliOst crefal atin. nost eomeletnt II arnlthmenieots Itt its usefulness, I I tle sInte De ia eatity for its usn , tiave hienr rearns elyil insisted ll or, a so enaient, iceed, have beent its oadvantlcget, aust its n savings, that, seernl yearoagoe whilst the first editioen wio tearee, ndl Pot of priltta great; eCmber of second I hand colies were ouglt fr, lt no e to a gre t distance. D- tacll pnrcrased it val'iots Ipices, as they eould tara o. oitl be ticked ap at from o10 to f5 per conpy, anod tk onme lersoas have declared, n d insatamnes Scoid be quoted tha that they wouldl psy$50l, 100, 8 $5t.) I for a Hopy, Inatot be Pit for less, an ano ind vidula ei thn latter instance iplnierlorly, ieaving at the same Slirme rxhibited satisctoary peloa; to se.vetl peosons pre ns settthat to hit llit was really wortht that money andt 's ore nIthtgh tile savitng of i very vatanblc time, tie being at very ch manand in pnlblic of i re. of It i likewise worthy oat notice, nod indeed protcr to I. itirie;,i tlat snhll isthe nautnre o ge l'ig work genrcoly anoti aspeially wihet of thetie retet ani iniportanme o Ithrse to lon, ith:t Iold this lhook orat like icon "reptr d ill the uII nliitnner v'ioie, by tihe unost oanpeieltt calculator il tile wohl, and afte'rwrr d pri'ted Ilost 'I enllimniy utindir lisowo correctiom of iroof sheets, it Solll, inost to a CeitalnlVy, have Ieen tIIli fsatI ' IC :'reline, and dear at ally prIfcc, ias the p)t'efae drliicul. alcv'ln expiilns. I lut stieplelet andi vailraite teitiith steireotype Ipitet of tlis wcnrkbteen taoe, tiet to seene silent tiltibeir nllmereus tll ela rooflinarv exailna tions, ngainst fire, fur ili Kgie nCal bemnmfil, key ire (iiy IeriitseI t)i'I) eontanmly kep t in a pie t f speeial o1di'i), 'xept wlilie uieI iin piiiiting. Alipleliui'ecliouni to lit Iitiii hi:lnks klllll statute i1llmu i e r't with useful notes, follow tie 1irf:ci, aitiicm, it this d fiit as it tie tIo preeelinig editicn, otiiiain much il cni' rn iti on ellutntiug the two laifiit iIioles FnoCtalct hl Inhter tes, tee no t f gl ae, Poe. it trernltsmU onaiy ti) remlltrk th:t, nottnilml:llnlinCg ihii I nCunilllCommniv coosl, work, witic wtsI blineI befl'e ii- ilitcrt tialries heir: i'urumincL t i hI(uii1.a siId e eets ecI A'i eliani iiinIa ,lhaheet solu'xtensi'uil, t lo, sv iithl ly paictrotie it has Iot 1 iii tiiinitio N aid ltith ldroit.vt six )cers.i Iiitie fionIt 1ifitiot tOii5 otmii, uirl s ii t eftisi edticion oii 7iiiaopiies,:oarising hiinttly v(rin itt putiliea liol at that time, at an ýundt.t' price,) to s0*) notrillng ,i" n c en1.cDation lt'oiilir alftmito t lili-tmme 'itl oie, tiii, d i t sIeruIlit . i% l'rl'frllre lie i tlllh, still ielies oil lle ii, i Iliselul'lllrli oll f g tll ' itii or the iUlt i t 1"'1" t| o nlill : oate i' preIerl- ele alnd Ip:ii iiouiii. i.vl sIe" by theI Pri nio ol lioks'toilrs in the I ".udu S/alec. I S .l .-'1 NFW lVlttl &u.--Tiur :ut'l eriiau iii t NIulatrliie I nl' autloru't ""A i Year in Spaie,"n in or The ' ooii Wi'i 's l' uoe linili, t aiuo mi rl rii o" Dils cal thmlnePil, duties. SJost receive-llind liirosnr. by W,'1i. 1M'l-:.IN, Q. V'i & SC(ilA"iFEiRS Cothloiouu , Fluitcld Ex tract f Sarisaparillt., tor tihe citre ofolalinate iitiols of tile skiln; pinples or Icstuils of the S ; hiles wllht oris t rtii ai iimnpuri alite oflae od; cily ceruvlions; pics in bhe booe; ClIteroie t- Iuniltlllai; to'L r; scrofula, or kinc'a evil; whlit. n. s, ithg; ayptilitie dlseases, aid all disorders I arising iron an inplure stato of thIe blood, by a long iy resildeie in a hot elimnate, or tihe injudicious use of mercury. Also,--Cavo & Sehaffiir's Worm Syrup, or It. Preservative: the best ireparation ltow extant. n Amiong wthich oare the following:--Indian Dye, t for eol ring tie halir; Bear's Oil; Rnssian Bear's reeona; P'otatun; ilelaw's Freckcle Wasit: sa. es perior l'Pearl Powdler; Lily Whlite; Cream of Roen; 7 Vegetable Ruge; Otte of ioRuse; Lip Salve; Kre. oaito Tooth Was.u; Ctrbonie Dontrlfiie; Orango IV Floawer Waicer; Powder PutTo and Box ,; Atorn. Is eati Charcoal, neatly put up in four .neo vials; Ptvaton Salts; Cologne; Kroosoto ooth.aclhe S[ Drops; lialir BIrushes; Englishi Dee ng Comibe ' Ioitaon tlair Oil;--with a variety of ftler PerFu ' meries, &c. For salo by L WV GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. C e J C TRIN( ..ARD, S Corner of Canal end Bourbon streeta itf ---- -- lI O)YLIP & MAY, lloesr, Sign, and (OrlamentEs I L'aite'll, o 3 Carnadele stlweet, two doors from Canal st ree. Ilmitatons ofl the following woods and marbles, ex ecoauted i a masterly manner. wouns I ARBLES. nahogany E. lgyptin Ilck and gold, Oak, (ialla alnd Antico, l'ollard do, Oriental or verd antique, Lurled do, Jasper, Curled Maple, Illood Stone, Birds Eye do, It-rby (itatilt , Satin ll d, Potomac, Ilhr Woodl, I)o, or Iuordello, Yew Tree, I Italian,, White, (:oromanlle or Black ASislnn andl Bretella, IRose Vood, i Amneri m Grey, Ash Vhhite Oak, ke. &b &e. Curledl Elm, Sipeimens to be seen at the shop. IPaints, eils, glass, copal vornish, &c. on huand ld or sale. ml ILXN,STEEL& HEIAVY (tOOD)S--lat, aquare a Io bundle iron, well assorted. Iloop, scroll and rod iron, nail rode and plough moulds Cast, Germnn, shear, blistered, spring, sheet and Crowley steel hIollow ware, ct and wrouglt nails nod stikes Zino, block tin, mill anldgrtd stones, salt kettles CIhain cables, aithlor,, aoes Ox, log at d trace chains, colrn mills Anvils, vices, Hammers and Ibllows Wire, aseetpig anl bar leadl ; shaot C( l, aitl cooking stores -Ames, Itowland's andl other spadesald shovels Ilook and plate hinges, door adl window hooks (Collilns, Huntt Shanp , ant oher axes 'ar'd and lllManilla cordage, lilies andt twine Bolt andl sheathling coppler; Nava stolres Paints, linseed aid sprnm oil A fell assortment of hardwar'e and stripi chandlery, aways Mol Ited, and whliEh are nOfRredl Ie ale at whLle sale oi retail, oil tile Imost fitvmlle tenrms, ly m4 LAYTON & Co. 53 Old Levee. golods thleir line, which together with their firmele stock on hlnd, makes their sonrtkrent very, di ete. The lollowting compnope a part, viz: I ell twist, . ,r:, ;de, Luck anddrenssiangeonms, lor aldo ofall deseriltion, ln. lia rubber, silknnd worited elastic garters, cmmlan &d line elastic suspenders, loco fiwt antd Luirer mntectea Seidlitz powders, poawaherjulia and o, xes, toilet powder, pecket books ant wallets, tneedle books, slell, pearl, tvry and iroearo ernd cases, lead orlltllatett, plat l eat ral beads,'neckles aal negligees, bead chlais, bead neeklaees, eot.glats alil plain,seed;silver and gilt bepds, Indiuan beral, bells andl plues pistol s d targe pow. lere laks, shot belts, hrse belt, pocket and baeiling iatols; double atlond single barrelled guns. Bowie knives, and ilirka. reisrar, shellarsl, poeketknive, guard lchains, and ribluns,- waist bucklaes, clothl, Ieir, tooth, nail,comb, trut.b, lshae, late, floor and duasting braldaso Cologae, Fliridelavender, rose and bay water,asgorlerd ene., adexlraeta,Atatsneaa, bear, attiqUoa, and Wpard'b ve gtable Iair oilsa,:sahviag satl tilet oapall des tstiosi, laldir:' atl gelttlemens' daeska'anddrasaing ecaes hair rieglets, fieatte ad rad pramd , fancy a mausiel work, plait, amul gsiltlfegxar cak aRll u astttta pearl attd ivory alre ,lit sattitddgets l s'ee d t raaes, tmtlltelbaaaml awlerrpala n, llsdgllt ,letet, naiiatilre iltt, .ibeei, hll a band steel Itltlles, lno k .ea es, lair piytttnalltacit frstiiktb ratusmhank, alms- kiug, 'viliaus- aul glltanrs,iblsdb tnl "lait cw tn, i"a,,- n le, eietl sai insageld atl r il i • e latter atflo.r ,i ape agsi t llg, l w'lps, .e i gauo,lhqnsi- aacr, a laoa itld, plat .d it gil Jwl hsabva bo etget blsA n nrnf be artI lesare' saetd at lwalqa alr laon i n anccutlinha sttiu ! SU. n a.1: MelAI IML.AN0.MLillM NT ' Northern ai Iun Ewry Day at 1 M. Weoseran Mai Cloe Ever day at 10. A. . . . Dud eery ad a , nday, W ednesday eiT ai. r y of the C.loses every MOlnday, "Wedneeds Coa. . and Baturday by9, P, M. Thei Mil -Diey every .is edaJ, Thursday, a i ClB ~es v.hi l Monday, Wiidnesday TIMES'OF ARRIVA LD9WPARTUia ' DrSTANCe &c. of the ExpreSi M.til,.kselwi.a Mooeil sand Now York--leagvig Mobilb il it 3 P. h. Norihwar New York daly at P M loiw. i. Arrivee Arrive Northward. Distanic. Time. Rlturn'j Montgmery, Aln. 2 pi. 198 tn'ah lOtm.. Columbuo, (a.. 111 .81 9" 31 k.m: Milledgeville. (a. " 133 14 2 p. lis Coiumie.C. 7 m. 183 17 t0 ianleigh, N C, 4 215 22 2 Warrntona, a.12 m. 515 ol I! Pretrsburo Va. 10 pm. 83 10 da. o l.lichmnm Va., 1 am. 21 3.t pn Frederckahure, 3 67 7 . i p m. Waohinglon city, 2 opm.. 1 l Baltimore, 6 38 ' 0i Philsdeipiii, . 61iam. 100 I. i New York, 2 "pi. 90 8 r ar 1305 143 h. or 5d Northward. Coming lnothward, tho time is six hour less;beinl5o days nil I7 houro. T`EN lOi1i(.ARK iW-ARD. diANAWAY frio 169 Crondelet corner of Hevir R t sreat, on tile night of MI1l of Augist, and we. seen the next norning in Pydr Strt, negro beo named CIARI.EI, nbont fi yeas olteeg, Ind r feei or threrboutile Ileiilltvery bleck, and luoasn imped ilnent in Iris opeech, one of ils lgoe is sore, ocsaeliieie by a recent lrelt lie had on when lie went aeway , wi oelton or liien slhrt Ind wllite olitn pantlalouns. Monters of vesnole and steam boats are eatiiid a gainets receiving or harhoriig said negro, s werll as elk other persone, as ithe nlmsriet rigolr of te Ii aw will ie enforced aganlo them. The above reward will be pale fordeliveing lil intl, any of the jails of nither of the mlmaiciplities, or i 6ll Carundelet corner ofll ri. ieeo.. Seopt sNc 'tce lhsner i tlreIig l elr, siope " T I ezC'E - T h e e 1 1r ene nh i t -under iti firm of iubhio & Oarretoon, has hooe diisolved The shubscriber wil liqtlidate tie aflbiro o ile coucern in this city, and leeqitee all peraoon indeh - id to ihake .aylenalt to hil oilly, and all titoeharing claillms, toperent thoie fFueetllaeill. canl 0--? H GiAR ETSON W. W. 8WAIN. No. 1CaEnal t.reetl Arm Ord aon 1IA i alwaoys onhand eeonltantly k raceiving lie I ,yeo, Chelmiclland Pate,allniollg .ti ie mre oilownl4: DII )UGS. DYESJ Anti ony, rule, Argois, red, lio irg~llait, Aarlilllto, Slie - Arsteoi, oeriole, Alum, ido imwlewredel. Ithllette woo,, nalaim colnvoi Coehienltl, tiorx, erude, UOprooi is, Ameriea do refined, C ili r lo roll, tin Culn, do lower, so Motir, Ilirmueih, Frenh t.eri'a, C astoroil, Indligo, ieoenl, Crioem tiArtar, tig Pifillle, an thalrides, dte i roeerSal, Cum aloes, do lalllaemlns, dto Anobie, L~wodrl, Caimlpeahy ido auoafmtida, S t I)omingo do amonula, o Jamaina, do benzoin, Camwoo1l, do eolld, regi, lMadder, ombon, do do ermpell, Nieaurvuno, ltonare, do do S Americ.,a do Cinro, do eamplhor, er. 'tc do tlaraeaib lo do r'fit.n do Hache, do guiaoon, CHIEMIICALS. do kino, Acid, nItrou, do mastic, lo rmarielic, o opiuom, do tslimjiliuii €1o sellneih Blhl vltrtol, i. Srenegal, oalomel, p. I o ipllrera, i iorroeii e stllelentiela =dllo Ieolgieaulh, Ch:lorhle of liime, (mhogie, ilsom IIIsals, Jullilur Lellies, AlllerieOldl.lulr ouitio, lio deI, 'oreign, led lprciliute , MI.gnesin, llglislh, oli.rlle all, ili AiioericaI icd iEhronulte ptsl In llanalke, Sul) iir, ii %r iko sarlim, Si m.l onL igrt'niee Will Suglai.lraln 1il cois, o. hull o zii... sui ca .uinhie. dI bergamot, Tarlar emetic, du lemon, PAINT'S l ilnel. h, l, Blue, ,I Bd gnlilisIu Ckroreleyellow, dry, o Ilpeesl.e il d in nil :l lalnp, tno green, dry, io lilquorice, dl do in oil it, Ihlmlili,'b, E1 i, b Lanbiok Eng llsh, l Se'Inec, io irroanoioew. hd snrl, virt, Liliorge,, o nIrsIopal. il laiia, aIn Ainerieua f ieo i ro ampicoi Paris while English, to muni, Roit least, Potlers. dil Oealln .in, ,o (il.cati.ker. o coiimr', rSpan brewn, ,t, , F,l-lihs, .i.ntele. ca ,l o Amaeri"ca ltier. rsiikh, ido grrlill i oil, biltee Sleomsio grluliii {lieni Notre,' Irodr, lbl nd liom, ClhLnese. 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A'ito'od'e Iluti.tIo' TonurintersperoedI wih elh eter islie necdotes, envying nnd (hings ofosjortiag beI, in clhding lltices of the priocipol crock rlneraofEugland whih analytical conterti and general inide of numel,2 FO ToH. cUaE or Scrofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rhetnotism, Chronic Cutauneous Dis- Pains i'the Ilonen, by frm eases, use of Memory the blood being in vitinted slatoe. llThis very eneentrated Syrt p in prepored with the greatest ilrmaeutiul care ,d acncraey, Ull colnntain the active pnrncile of Sarstaprilla in th tmost concee tenated degree, eonmbihtd with other vegetalle ettlrtona© of known efsicnt$. The great deoal>ratum with plviceinnn in being obl to exhibit a Inrge quantity of S;ranparilla in a asna doac, lus been ob .taned in Lhie pre lration--hev, beiul fully colvinced of it merits, confidently odminiaer tile course of their practice. Price $1 50 ppor bottle. Sold only at SWAIN BItO'IHER'Sdntg store, No. I Cannol street, wte" may be ltd, fresh ald genlloine, direct lt Iro the prfte tors, Swnin's Panacea and Venailitge, Potter's Ct..tollt con, Carpenter's Prelmtions, and a lorge and genera assortment of fresh dru gs, . 4 PINNOCK'S ROMIE, &e. TINNOCK'S IMPROVED EIDITION OF DR I Goldsmitihl's Abridgment of the Histy of Ratne to wlhic is preftixed an lntnru.d:tion to the itnldy o Ronaa istlory, atid n great variety of valuabla infer natollt aondded tlhrolhout the work ott thIe Mannern Institutions antd Atlqulities of tIle Ronmans; with nu merous biographieol and historical Notes; andl quea tions for exonomt tion at tile eid of each II. lastrated with tlhirty ena vingn on wool, by Atherton PtNnocr's Imlproved Edntion of Ur-Gtolldith' lltistory of England, font thle Invasion of Julius Cesar to the deatlh of George 2d, with a cnttin ntion to thoe ye 1832. With quntionn Jbr exomtnation at tte etld n - each section. Besides a variety of vulunblu infeana lion added tNroughott the work." Consisting of table of eutellntprrsy Sovereigtt and enilnlett perMotte Copious e-xp lattory notea. Rentorks ot titne poll tics manlners ad literatar of the age. An outline) the Constitttioe, &c.&-. hlltratetd by nnty eng. I rtgs. ,ynogri Gous' ELeEornrs or AR'ronoRvY, and n Aoridginee of Keitlh'a New l'reatise oh tin Use of Globea. Neo Anerirtcel edition, with additions and iltprovemeno oltu onl exptutiou of tlte dtronolouical port of the A. Siean Ahnanee. Jusat received mid for sale by WM MtKEAN nev 24 . cononr of Camp and Cp.mnop th HIARPER'$ CLASSICAL ,IBIRARY. "j.ORACE, PtiUip, D D, with .L an appendix, enutaioing tranltattots of-varieU. odes,o , by Ben Joto;., Cowley' Mtihto, Dryd. Pope Addion, Swill Cltottetoe,0 Woekofnpl Iooi" * Idayyý-6w. and dome oftpw enrettltntiennt poets of. till PReADRUS, wtilt thepeadipnndt tI ndlt try,].' ted by Cthristq net.e Sttt ip.t pi t fqnriilr.tutiitno " noud 1(!ofttldnnpcr a Cl~tnotidnet i chi ttoe The Expediuna of U ll+It, PRY .ijNIcR, 'by Snoolion l a n tcib tnott Qft(lti ton~t L~i; ~ otR.b .lSallett/Y'A D;wit'h a .ntemuir-.f dta'titr by Than " s iotLeo,, teq., new etlttout, with il.lotrnaio.. by aI "Cruilkha .nk + " . • . . . . . 'rTE -3PsY a 'rule, by thoe mhor of lRthtliau intry elf trgonldy,n de.; tcnw editnott, el ' Lon wl ll aone. • . .. . . U L [FPOl);W by the hrlimr `pl "lPlln .a anfb. L, onenan," aa I Win chva.m et lli oted . . t y . . . .. soPle ,J : l B ACtN SIDS tan'inn jnf fites "