Newspaper of True American, March 9, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 9, 1839 Page 2
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td 311. , ..:..i.0.eW t`w a d . 16. ".''. 'CLIRANCES.' j~~J; ii! i·W (ItIACAl8 ,arch , 1031. 1 ýp s,. Ltg~ppp. SAJ Whitney 67 lmd f.iNYai . Kiddrs r P ti (lealk, ihre fo nr ee 8* A J Whitoe ;tssifil~a~itgN, fteku Marhs, Muteel Il~lr G~~d, ~r NYork Mater Ateý efrMble. Aehbrlje & Jeekins cc bl,, Khhl, f New York. '- - AIRIVAL& , aMachO. 1030. 1,: b on Li,. ha as, laoed to era .shp 0Amedraoe retdtled it 't'er city wilk chip. Note htBi Iqed O8eayy. At N h9reA olh h tin. at4 p m; rs; Lptlh elar. ttpqaeJob, Walker, hcig 90thd.Ber .,.so Iktke rivet, Sytyieay.Coetee, heLimrerpoel. sel %i. to A I _ yee rkld ,fit eft9nd Janaury. krae Lierpeool, el-i. Llmbert1 krom the 'ruse, harIt towed ,M eri4'jeh lliartl, ret.rned to the city with Jake 4Mhu h. and echo. M ey Adams le N h Kb.... ahI, Ist.,at o'lock. A 90; .e nd Iip ou the her; eerveltkeeeoers ia hertee WeIker, Geeien Teela Littrlleel, lid January,' ' ·unston, Romn., 42 day. from CounrQ to A Lan. to. Sehr leecl. om Fblorida wlth uperide2 Indians, et the °:SIt Kery Ademej, Pi'ekhh heip TIheere, 23,1 Peh. at A VeorLhee. SIdeieroiNlCeathat. tem [Ieaierille. Useeme EKeo.- Edwalrd, tee 0H1 Lo.uis Geer, Fint. SIemer Neeolll. Iledeith. tte. Thita"louteille. i~ oamer Jake Linton. Kimball, froem Nalehiturbh.. tsr ekm. r oel. CharlavJree N-.tchiecbhe. Slmmer CelemhblatLleaa, fam Fetenn. beenee Wmt-la goc, Litdaltou, free St LatcI.. EXPOIAT11. eh.Pr hip Eqeeter..Carge 1723 bale. oe ;Wl..Ppr ship Aubuee neCer eo 1811 ples loed, 1013 balncotnon '811 cases wine, 0 Else 9.1..,.. 20 hds htloe.. 2we9nsemeeha die. e eqee...Cir l trq iwehnle. 110 ltd. ealerd It. t1 hides, 'd02 N mee pork,'aod 743 beilacetteolr ............. Per 1e11 eo Ihenr .;Ceaa 198i-7 baler e lott. ....e.. Pe s..ehAeeriae. Trded.r. CargtOOl kqc.34 hI. latrd eel S:1 kis teeu., TFORD.hPhbrig SamuelA Jeohe..Cergo e bela. o ?WEST IiDAt'..Per ehcO~aterio..Cergo Ott lee. and 36 hi IOrd, S'O ble lea,. £2 blaperk, 3 hdls bIcon, meet 5I l bef. M$ARKS. P hr Teeceaellle..Cerga 409 bIg perk. Il1) letleet. tide ethiekey. at do e,.eeeee, 10 b ee Iao, 16 do beete. 16 bags ofele. LE. FerIh Atlcei...Cereo 7200cella, .partn pirees je l g. 191 hI sOu, 950 ble tpack, aid 8tcasee IMPOIRT. VEMPOOL.Per ahij Sydtey..ettg4..Otte eeksll. 15 ISO earia E ware, a.d assrted ereaerch,,i.e .............Re Re Nort Bitla. tgeo 20 tech. pell. 4730 hera rcel redliron. Ito tone sluea. eld ac. "ad mereheeltlce, to sa.dry ensglneees. . .Peer huque J Wathrt..Cereb 20t catek teln, eed loaiet Ied poraer, to Mcter. rIe Loy Jhn Johetae..·Crge 9217 ro Lato A 1 AUCOte arcr Mt.ry Adame..Cacgo 400 piteeo Log. cod. CONSIGNEES. Phalip North Rreto..tI 4 W Antorson; Goateotior & IR.! JDaoaistouo & co, Fanklin & H& ooedron, and sh"lp Sydn~o,.A k A Dootnoeiun 4 co, Kennody. Du. 01111 : Kohn, ron t co, W S lt,tHudeodnno a Giujn. Werer 4. co. C omsork. Hyde 4 ro, ,J Vales a co seh Bro.V Wiltz, A Kirktman 4 or, E'Sniol, Whiting is Is R J ur*l, HC Conmmack 4c. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. tslntehi.cho..pnr Warnor John Liiotn..C.,go 50 packt ' hine, Iagio 4 Steens, 2 h.ler cotton. W M Itieal, 1.33 %,A Rioo0dle O co, 49 do, A Mouton A co. 6ndo. AiGrant, 43 d., W.l01. 4 ad, 13 do, J BI Munhij.,70 do ond 5 bume, Mima pyron,, Arcni)l uk o, ,4E dot Lamieth EThomopog, Ada.J, 50 do. ThonsR Le, 74 do. TIo. Iltrrntr, 42 d.A dowels, 185 do, York Bllroher.. 30 e)I'HInry. Foot SidaKirkibnuo, Ao.,nsihy 4 Iuano01, 2 do, Wilcox, & an0d. oC To. wTer Ihdu,T D Stark, 2 toll, .Cegsrg 370 hb.m J It Im iE. IIdo,A Hitidi. & co. 27 do, A Mouren & gib CT4lodauo . I o, A L Idou. 0, 27 do; La. hmpuon 2dodLLoecrpw.ror. doom. Columhloo..Cargno 27 bles cotton,. *.e, 29 do. Pilrhn h Peuk.. I do Tho. liarrae, 120 'bader, MIeonn. A Wright, 70 do, RIhok. Watt & Co; deTaTylor,Gurdoer o, °u do. Nuanol. Turpin & Watl Lembrth & Thomnpon,4 do, Sewwrt. tute o co. 38 1.43,.. BllIerq 4 DbOol.., 37 do, A Lrdoux A ro, 47 Uldeereki.eoud 3hboxes woo hwdmo, McEoery 4 Liur..pemne,.ow. Wm CI.r.og..C..Igt 344 pig. trd, l8052k. rorn. 10 lor. rord, Mahard A Ligargon. (Isrnn. 6 ibndle. deer skin. 3 hIl. and 5 kegs tort, m roa, 52jtt led. A ll Woallace coh 3 baots cotot,, .Piraon & Eco, 3 do, ToybOr Grdener 4 co, 27 o 4. 'hbtfOuoellt,..p., .nr.or N.hville..Corgo 20 bid. * .0100.1m oaiwoo..WIBogrt, 26 hod. augor, Menlin, hlo4.SU0,o, hdd I I.s'supor. Tory AtI rynrd. "&0hvla.,er stea20mr Mogpul,. .c o 118 Ills~~l pork and ,05 bar... Nerto, 0 hi. pork, A Ii W 0ll5ce i to 23 NR Barker 4 Lync, 70 bales cotior. N Dick r o, ,hm Un s .Gch. er Hopkir.. Iado, Olrti., {E no, 16 do.G (iwdotin. 17 do, Bnatio, Watt A co. Saoadhbruruo.,rhbadioe. Krokernot Eco, 17tehnomo..r I a*AFolios& co, 87 m and bloodle.. merchaodise, her. adrattl, ownew hoord U''Siyoi.LoaI. Gr.n Pint;-.caro 250 balte onton, A Lo. ma&e.. do.0I'Eoery 4 Field.906 ,do, Omowit & Ferri *r.Udo, Brder. Moen.,, 4 Wright, 213 Bark., sett .. o.ld Robdnsonlo& Serwll. 8O7do, York Brothe,.. 101. fhldoa,3`50, Walton &, 14 beeh, ownes, o PASSE0NGERS b Loe.i..perrn .o.r W.. Gtelgor...W Byer.; Crubon. Dyer: Barrow. Stewart, J Wright, T A Crothetr, Uocbm.perstamer Jhn Lnton.D 5 Rogers, T d.PNGlow. Go reOle .I.Cho,,end ONormon. HP Joa H (i 0.rd. A P Il.lio, A S Dhleire,. E It,... Mrfib .Wury, W Robtrt., P Dirty. Col Waddol, .hltbooh.. partamero Tech..Cot T D, D ieBlgour. Z 00h. C DaLvs, W St John. W Smitl, M A Moore, Fuller ,whkno. por sts..m, Columbia,..M .ra V.mror. RS... Pny.r.Maddol , F 01,017, I Knlly, Capt tSpl.. ;,T~tuuy. * MEMORANDA M1ltlr a so~ke hip Dummnolfrom Javra..barrd to Lou &% lt. in Pat 0. 14. 45 west the N n in the gala of .3., uat top. oir main h JWalkrr..poke on the 3rd io. thb U 8 U pfo.F Santuut. Tholey muaiedin ompany tkrlq . ..tb oficrs and cr. all. ll. AP-SO0 boor. Gould.' and Bobbin'. No. I Soap inaoere far alo by J TH A Y E R& Ca, 74 Poydrasu a XL IN l & 2d Rook, of Himlory, uA s y*rirved tn additional sopply of0( 1 above o rry 4801)003 booko, by A TOWAR, * Coamp .JrNEY!M COTTON FACTORY--Tier sub Ecribro would inl orins toetout. and' lma iter hiqe tnbatietmenrt i.oo it, loll operation nut] thit laproduoi-ta buonid untlor the atyle andl of Whilunoey's ogr cuetau. Tbore wibhitg to robe.. a rtlerinr artile Ir pl.anaiou. tre, will 0e seIl and exanmtie fo tlhterloruo at Mdemoro Pool North, agollo 13 Cht. re. ot or at theo eotoibliatlteat isba .tsanr~tpr 457 Toltoupitutln. 0t. BENJ bMIN WIHITNEY. R7 New Ortoottt; February 7.1889 * t 'rltENl7, Thie louse o nd Intruntd iornttly kn wn al Krohon', Hotel. ·at'Ie-i. ly to John NioU, .1t2" Exrchang I'Ioro. MARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. Spring Meetine, for 1839, over thie Mbleris Courr, will commence she last Tuedlav, 2tlrh , an oanlnue six.days. Fi, t day-, eweenpatkre o'd'e, two milebaests: eatruanc $1000; for. aJ. u suscribers : etf.t Walls names clh f l.csiwing, by Levi e C SFaraesr. Sppahebro, G C Dublin, by Lavialhn, dam by raeau.r, g c Gradoe, b3 ledoc, dnm Gray , MaW Duke, by Medoc; damn Cherry G rla., be Altortf, bLy Fylde, dam by Vir rw ar Pi iune, bly Me das.o thhbtween irh noted rotting hbrpnee , two mild be to int haruae tar .D.--Jckey lub C ParE , s.., two mile. "h" i "or gentl."a . rid'er.a pth preeeurloro add a ailver poae $100, theean mile !e.>; r Club, pis. $2300,.q qun, btni : i.4 'n Shiae lahroed trot heM ;8'l0. , In hbiltn Ch ch ppi.s - `.^ tl cnnatian withthit t le i i. SPLEtNDIDANDiEXTEN$IVE AISSBTMENT OF TYPE YFa TtiI Chtttlt or :Pamphlets Saak Check. Ladf, Da esa Legal Netae.. L mlon ., ill Perms, UIhow DmI.s Stan Deat Di. Circular. And everty desciptlmt of Job Work stha mar breaeqlred. ItTThe proprietor reapcctfully-oalls the attention of the public to the above Curd, anlI a-mlres them that all work intrasted to his care shall be done at the short est notice, in a style 'unurpassod in this city, and lt the Ilest rates. TIHI TRUE AMERIIC 1N. EDITED tRV JOam dagi"As . FTATRfUL AND BOLD. NEVw OR LEANM: SATURI)AY MARCH 9, 1S39.. CONCEIT TronUrH BENEFIT or TUE ORPHANS. This einoing, t thle St. Louis Exchange Ball RomH. a Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert will be ivesn, tile proceeds to be devoted to the Benefit of the Or phans. Chli:ies are always ,naiseworth y,but lhow mnich the more so, wh ol they clothe, and shelter, and protect tlosae who have no father-who have no mater nal rare to provide for their nereaeities-who are felI and warmed at the bounty of strangers. We.lrupt ihat the Concert will be fully attended. Several artisti of celebrity will sing; and tile instrumental mulic will Ie played by masters. The names of Stella Santini, Marquis, Jandot, Nores, Trust, &c. are sullicient to I guaramdy a delightiul Concert. F aE BAlltao- The Bre.--Our conteporary, the Bee is still Ilind'y urging the impro:priety and iane pediencyofadopting the Fiee Banking Systemn. it now occupies the position that Banks should alone be founded oncomnmercial credir, and noti upo real esta*te for, says sht set speech which was published yesterday ia the Bee: " When ilte real e totc ofoB country iecones ilmpli catedl ia eommiercialoperaellslt the disasters wllicl oe. cor upol tlhe brheakitg ol of trade, are oat olly more wile sppesd, hut at of Ireater duration. The State in eoalpar lively happly whose commnerce alone is em hbarrcad." The slperlinial knowledge of the sulj et evinced by tha writer of tse lBee, it the only apology he hi:s for his crude npeculations. He seems to look through a me dium, that, (like tihe telescope, between whose lenses, some wegs had introduced a fly,and which discovered to tihe pnzzled anil perturbed philoposher, a hIuge monster in thie stot) only permits him to see in the systeom, unnatural and extraordinary features; threaten ing nothing bit ruin and devastotion. He has conjured up from a distorted ilmagination. unreal images thatatre frightful to hlimaelf,and witl wIich he expects to alarm others. Now the fact is, tilhe Free Banking System is tile most simple and least complex mode of Banking. It is an improvemaent upon the old system of monopolies based chiefly on credit, and which has been proved by exlp rience to be instable and insecure. In the language of the Report of the Committee appointed by a meeting at Cincinnati, held to take into conoideration the subjec. of Banking: "That reform oif oar preerent Booanking system is called fHr, there can lie no duut. At prelsnt tile Iloank have tot the capital, ncr meano, tol do ne all of what is needled. to ineet tite wants of the comlmulnit. We winl isfilitels more Itanking capital thlna e now have, ano that cotital capasble ol expansion, commetsurate with thle growing wnts of co:uaterce ansd manoaftlctures." Here is the SoUIth, agriculturt is in fact a portion of our commeree-for tite productions of the soil are so necessary toourcommercial relations,and form ro large a pert of our capital-in fact, its very basis, that every etiort should be made to keep up, if not greatly increase the supply. The Cinoinnati Coulnittee says: Slanks, as t prreseult costitoued, are moneyed mono. polies. inder ie control of a few wealtlhy ist vidsule, who I!ave it ill their power at ally time to create icleilty, or pressure, in alercarliie saters; ors a r so or laep es i.ll ill produce or tInnauhfactns, jtit as their pea.rsoal interests may, frota tutte ao titse, diti tre. They select (ntutsallv) for dliasctt te laer of lte wealthiest and ablest tlt lho pt'il, ) to Iorrow. while rite former, Itmeclanie, or ntsll doealer, tnut sie petd on his oaun rsources, without Ballk aucteollod-a lion. they never can he reduced ans e te o t tsoentirely soe ticey tie tpulic miidki--ehouamdte secut"riti ar lheir circulation reail ill lthe hande of the Boalk, while their business is managed by gre.nt of, not by the owTners lhemselves of the seversa Int llituiions. ikanks now elong t those alone, who own gold or silver-Btank slruk leing at present batod silernon alllei. As it were iiocorct to restract te suffraoes of any clae of mer il ta Republic, so it is aelivesc it is wrong to deny Ihe loTud-holder ilnatkig privileces on the basis of Iheal Estate. One elemento f canvertible weallh, it is thoit ght, rhouhl he eqally represented in our finoaeiol syastslt, wit thie othler." These trutl taoated by the Report of tihe Cincinnati Cotmittee, are appilicale here, and all over tile coun try. We think with that Commlitlee, that, "Were Bainks so cansituted as to extL rld their faeili ties to the farmters, lhe ma Iollallics, tnuaurer, a sddn tile less wealthy ibut etlullyoiale and Ihotest pa t of te comtoluoty, they soltll doB itailoely more real good. tlan at iresent. 'They wold thIea aid the bI,me and sinew oE cotl tlOtrv' energy Bnd give all ial etus to hbtli country, asd ci-y, which would richly repay tilhe belleftl hestawel." The Bee assumes a false position, and wades on in error, in order to ttailtain it. It is impossible .iro msan to discover trutl, who will suly Iok at its oppo site. We wouldask what has enabled the south, to reo cover from the shock which filr tmore thlan a s ear pal ied ald crippled tilhe eergiea ot the whole union? The balance of trade was sgaitst her--her moneyed in Ctitutlena "ere below tlloor of the north, east sid west. Bankruptcy atid ruin were proplleoied for tier in all di rctlioll. But yet lte was as sound as ally ,tllher see sion. Her vast prodactos, her ogricultural resources liave relilred her. 'These Iave been proved to form sound basis. T'hey ale convertible into specie. And are e to I toldl that banking Colapnaies which secure their circulatiou Iby ile pledge if lsroductive rel rs.e. estats, are insecurel 'I'leefee says. "in teme views we omay hav been mistaken; there nmay have been a In telt princtlild it theonsture ofsach baketk as lislie this derscripion o f psper, which tlav preserve thlen in a con. diion ofliealtlh, and enale them to do u tchl goI. , Bul we cafoee tlhat if there be suech, it has escaped thte it Ia becitaeo you kn.e looked upon the aros; sile of tle picttre, and ilvesigatedl, ifiitcsrigetion you have lliad', with thIe eye ofprojudiee. --I TL. Av.nirlser, has rejoined t. our article in which. we exposed its shallowness on the subject of the aus taurlization law, and affects to consider us "deplornbly ignorant" that several Americ n-horn citizens have been, or hall a rirht to be English Peers, hoeause in controverting the position he onslumed that foreigners were admi ted to political privileges in England, we said "'we should not be surprised to hear Ilnxt, that some long-lhaded follow from the land of notions, has token the Chair of the Howue of Comlmons." Upon this, the Advertier olnmments, in the following self gratulitury and triumphant strain : "Then, we enupploe Mr. Anmtrian, you "will ant be tarpie,.id oh-n we iofIirm you thalt cole hliog t.nded fellow Irlrn ilie latld of notional had ltaken the chair of te IH use o'"-Lonae!a! and we had ttahught, thlla aloi yor mtellas of ii rmnotila were mafi.od to yonur own each ing list, you could aIt-hatnteeen ignorant of the fact. Surely the True Americea Ilna nott "yet mt leart"-the irelensl, i not "the irst tine he ever heard" of one Joalt CotaLa, a native of lBostalon, or of the land of nrtion., an lie, in the exuberance at his a iark ling wit, calls New lgoglanl: lie calniot t hu tave ieard -ithlo' it escnped hill menolry-lhow the said John Cujely. eiglated ton a foreign csintry, called ELgland -how he wan.dubbed SirJoh: Coliely by tihe moanare of that eontrty--ht w -h nfterwrde had "'taken the Chilr of the-Hfoq eif-C-omlsa--no-of tile Helt e of Peers, an Lrd Higl Cbanoellnr of Englarnd! keeper of the (iret Seal ! ! and of the kLing' conscbiene i / ! Aat yon ahnllhed of youusell Mr. Anericanl to display auch a want on f knwledge,.arler being, born and edu eeteil nder uur Republiout Inatitutioas " It's ion tied!'' Iy dear sir. you hilve atempted to saddle the j.orng bore. The charge of ignoence will "hack from me to thee" in les than an tiilll. Lod .-yndlnsre awas Lor a Biit'ist tlect. although ihe had his nativity ia Boton!. so your "John Copelyr" or a we would itoe it; John Singleton loplthy, rloens at aids yt a ltpitdeel in.yoeur fol sep io_. Younijllpana t reaember hnst in 17M t o mafr tat aloha Cepsel al l igntd (arito*j "lane to. "e ig n eanyc Satir r., 4dir.eJilnn..p.;jrwlt yon Inaiat that the Lie oParitinut ClndetpssJiLe wea puidmlied oaie world, teirhinshibitheth i j il.1776 . -lli T5Oln eopP eea 1m Injarwt on tlteir way to lds! the U '."tiat'Alrtiy it Pieridei nt I no' in ihie J 'eac int ldAply iseintef'by -lr.'8ta-a iut visri the : Steeni t ei , a 1tatodajr evewning.. . .ny wrerwaeljlweeosea n n u w- o t Weps Onion tldteem 'allro eadns fc:togp t i}n ;: satin. 'pd *.L 111, (elleattlmltknr lenim eiet , Alnd will hee;themselves Irdavely Run.te ham l iocma ea eo d a verrit ; maid i. the wily i le i Sik diven from his ietrrga, this d jmelint silith bbe (iWeiid to have negleeted its diy, t snihotilnit be froiwgditelht the 7,tltR9 ien-ttf4 festry has been statiioedl at Cantoament.-GiHbo'' nearly twenty years. In gi"ing a list.of the ea yesterday, the names of the following gentlemen wr'e either omitted or spelt incorrectly:-Captain ceawell, Lieut. Gatdin, Adjutant; and Lieut. Paul, A. C. B.'iad A. A. Q. M. THE LEOISLATURE.-nut one week of the setoesn re mais, during which, we desire to ee much of the important bulineso , yet uilsinshd, disposed of in pronper manner. As a measure which I greatly to advanee the ntrestsi of the commullity. ia the proposed extension of the capital of the Exrhange lsnking Company, whikh hae psaed the Noae. and now wants the sanction of the Senate. The want of rapial is severely felt at this time, and any masare to noex tend it, haIed on o.od and prper securit!e, will meet our approstion, and will readily receive the naetion of the po pie. Such a measure. we thik that which the ousea ap proved, and whih we traust the Senote will aiopl without ueleass delay. The Nashville Ral Read Bill hea passed the House with great unanimity. tDo not e It itb smotherd i the iSnate. Of its vast importance, one can seteataln a deaks. Like the other bill, alluded to, it extends the ative capital, of which the comanmity at present standls in sas need. The interaests of Now Orleans aim of the(8ltes detand that the melansl be seurd for tit progress of the road sad for ita ultiS mane Ecmpnleton. Jt ilso Utopina aoehemt or specllatin of Vain viionalrie.bat i retictahn and lating pilia wkra, which will, when ani·hed, anrm an ea in the eommteriil re latiobl of thi aecdon of the Southern bostry, sand whose enetsi will be experionceoa in the remotest corners of Lou Another impnrtant hill awaltethe nal action of theLsegi. latuire---lhe han of State -crip to the City Muniipalitie. Thereis bat one voice that we have heard in this community on thissulijet. It will he lgrents id tothe ciy. It will in craes our active capital; and its influsm will befelt throulh - ea the Ste. ad nothe confned to the limoib of the city The agricrlturalist. an well a the mrehent. m.eanic and shlaborer, is intaeesl .its passage. We hope that nlloanne remeery oabtaclen my be thrro in the way of this measlre. It illdemniles the State, by aaple city aecurities; and if the city cannot obtin credit from the Stele, with whl.e interels she is Identifid, slid of which shes n pert, how can it be lsuppoaed that she will hbe able to etablirh or exlend ter cre dit abroad ! We see no cam why the bil sbould n be lsl ed lat onee. The Direct Trade Bill should not be neolected.--T.he re snk why it sholtd peas, arn obviosn. The have behoenen arged upon, time and t asin. We look upon it as npening a way to a new mine of wealth to he poured into the great heart of our State, and a relief from an oneros ax, whikh for yeoars made us tributary to other pin'as. This comniog week should be one of hbusines. it not h trifled away in useless wrangling or disputations on pointsof order. Let each of these great and all-important meapsre letaken up and pmssed in their proper order. The Statewil then have reawon to te proud of the public spirit of is Leg i lature, and the members will be abl to meet theireoastitneat with firm hearts, prolud of having performeo their dulty CAPTAINS or VesEs.Ls.-n tine Louisiana Advertiser, of yesterday, we find thei following paragraph : " We believe themr are free negrsnm in tile lower part of the city, aeting under tile insnlruclion of northern anoli tioniots, and receiving pecuniary remuneration for their services, who prowl obout among our servile popula tion, frequent cabarets in eomnmon with them, and on every availableoceasion, poison the minlsl of slaves, with principles the mtnost pernicious, and rpirin them away from their owners on every befitting opportunity. Olfcoure they must always have captains or masters t.fvessels privy to their plotting, and eo-operalin" in Iheir nehemes, for writhout the aid of suchb men, they would be unable to carry on or co:nsutmate their dta bolicul purposes." Whether there are free negroes in the lower part of the city, acting under the instruction of northern aboli lionists or not, it is certain, that a vigilant eye should be kept on our colored populatlion. We.have more to apprehend fromn the profmigacy and villany of this law less net, than front every other source, that might sow dissension among the slaves. But we cannot agree with the Advertiser that they must always have cap trains ormasters ofrossels privy to their plotting, ord co-operating in their schemes. As a class of the eom musnty, we do not Iknow a more lighly respectable, honorable and patriotie body, than masters of vessels. 'lThe very nature of their calling awakens thle noblst iiluptlses and strengthens the finer feelings. 'iThey would scorn the mean, and contemplible, and huse con nexion, which is attributed to them by tile Advertiser Among the mass, there may be found individual exam pies of degeneracy, but as a class, we have the highest respecl fitr the honor and integrity of "captains and mastersofvesaelo." ite must be a base minded wretch who could lend hiimselfto the matchiltions of a negro, and we have too exalted an opinion of the daring and generous tar, to believe him capable ofnn t tion so meoan. The free negroes may scheme dntd plot, but we will venture to say, it is n rarscase, that they ever obtain tile eoolperation of te master of a vessel; nor is his co operation so absolutely necessary, an tile Advertiser suggests. They carry on their infernal deSigns, and oftener have countenance fr:lU land sharks, than from the lords of the sea. CELESTE, ST. M.lir's Ev.--We like to hear Ce leste's English. It is delightfully, as the London Dispatch says," tinted rather than tainted by a most agreeable accent." She never appeared to greater advantage than in her new trolo drama of St. Mary's Eve-a story of the Solway, possessed of exciting and intense interest, and sparkling with genuine humor. Thet incidents are o hese: Mladeline is the sister of a ma jor Wentwortlh,a follower ofChevalierCharle Edward, who had ufleredl with him at Culloden 1746, and ne companied him in his flight. He returns to England on St. Mary's Eve, tite day prior to his sister's intended marriage, and is introduced as having been cued from tihe Solway by some fisheriren, when he is disco vered by his sister to be her brother. A royal procla. mation has been issued, offering the reward of one hun dred pounds toany one who shall make known the person of a follower of the Pretender, and Wentworth Is recognised as a Papist, bhy Buty, a discarded lover of Mladeline, a kind of outlaw, who is feared, hated and despised by the neighborhood. Itarty resolves to give him up, and claim the reward. The sister and brother have a meeting, but are interrupted by the entrance of the officer of the guard and Barty. Madeline dexter onnly conceals her brother, and aide him to escape, prior to w hich however, her lover seesoon the shadow of a man in the chamber of his betrothed, an I all Ils jealous fears are aroused. 'fiThe situatin of Madeline, is critical. Thle brother is pusued, overtaken and con'emned to dieath. She confesses that it is her brother. 'Tlte lover is atisfied of her innocence, and delermines to aid her in obtain ing a respite. Si, sets forth on horseback, to the Ilead Quarters of the (teneral, and succeeds,but . intercept ed by Batry, who shools ther horse, takes from her the retprieve, a d dbtaina hei ultil she consents to be his. With a great deal of entreaty site persuades hitt togire her tbe paper, whiie he does on coindition tlat she will bestow on him a kiss. She seemingly eomnplis, hnt in the net, draws a pistol from his Let, and as he attempts to pursue iher, shots him down. She reaehes tihe place of execution just as her brother's netck in bared to the fatal nouse, in time to save hitm, and all ends happily. The piece in relieved by tile postnnn, T'ortn lsag, who has a gond deal of humnor, and is placed in several laughable predicnments. This is a faint outline of the dlamoa. Celeste's iMadeline is inimitable. She makes herself complete mistress over hr he aodin'e. 'The part is well adaptad to ier. The Loudon Times well on serves: "'sl navoid aoy absurdity il her .oun.ia tion, tie ou tlltr very ,prottly cuntivdl tit the part she had, tt play, shoold be thoat of a female, a native of F.tnnoe, but domesticated and resident on this side of h e honl nel. l'h's was n aexcellent pirece of tet, and rendeed her perfolltsnee fronm fi'st to lst, a treat. We cannot conclude this arlitcl better than by quot ing tle annexed paragraph from the I.iverpool (ihroni cle, its expressive of our opinion of Celeste as Madelinc. S'f Tile malnner in which Celeste Ilavs Madeline, in almost beyond the reach of prami. Her handsome countenance, graceful aetio, alld tile witoherv of the Ibroken Englilsh, with occasional ouotreakstf eloq uen.. in Iterpoare totire latetenge, render her performance one of .ntratldionry bltauty--sie tcte hearts of her audience go with her througlhout-there i no atrointtg for efecl--na clap-trapptte, to 'tegging for tppluae--all is east', natural, ard Iplusib!e- and from first to lidt clto it eisleUniuent. St. Alary'o Eve will be repeated.this evening, and will he tite firet piece presented. We anticipate a full house, for nothing call fill house like Celeste's aetling "The Vicksburg Whig nays, a gang of incendinries are trying to burl down that city." And if they catch them, the Vicksburg people will kang op the inmuodi. aries. Tie Cincinnati Post uthe 611h ult. says:--Tim river continues to rise, and in now te~n and a half feet above low water mark. Weather, a dristing rain. Mita.ascun,e tl)losaeiw.--Ths PlaitstergL Roplh. lHtan g( the 2d instant, slys:-°.OhteI m . +g Of the 25th lta otn o the most Istan ,ia jl lmart-rensdta aceidents ocentrerd in dte s . i lMuanac, ia hisl cnunty, 'huh it has ever leti lg gg lotu to record. Mr. Andrew oOtis,ir tseas {. m }tintlothht tows, andhis wjfe, left tlelr:tlt ig in. arir paur'ol thi :veeni, sg ntteol naeiu gisj eiwnntg, rbohuen naieond d a half dtloant-lesnittg utid .L.hfl4wn fuor mn tutuaer. (the eduldt bheton 2 net 13, n. d tho y0noogont hibou yonosOf ah.f} l Ilwost-"Drie. tin apae,'en f oe s I torosnto.. mednlee tim chitilr. Iltd eiisil, the Lonest stanrksLa-end hetr',. 0 dmawmeo.rud' hy 1he unigh hteslseid,+ra. iedl nssh progmeo as'.na srender pit at, t.,.t.i. srwpt k. s,.or a nve shir. rte,.c.hrild It 111fe beaen 1ta Mr. Caytoin is t nmake a asecondal iedffiloa frotittl usegas Woik oan Sunday AfAernoon. J pot ndt en'aotragement hiq intrepidity merits, be itWde him ? S~oloDn DEATH- riM Caddo Freb Press of theith MaY-A laboring man reeentlyarrived from Natche.. M.ldown in ohrmain street, and expitid sitantly from a disease of the heart. MURDnoR -A communicatih in the Thibodeauxville latelligencer, dated " Brush Island, Feb 9," states that a man named Samuel Magree murdered a black we man ofCapt J H Allen's a. few days previous, and af terwards niode him escape in a skiff painted black out a side and red inside, with the word' Oppositioa' on her r stern. Said Magree is represented as being of a dark a complexion, with his nose rather on one side, and in I about 45 years of age. The last Natchitolhes Herald notices an affray which oenurredin dtat place;in which one of theparties was wounded, but not seriously, by a pistol siot. The .t names are not given. Recorder's Court, SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch, March 7, 1839. M Finlay, arrested as a deserter from the army-sent to the barracks,' John Be.1t H Caopley, G Roger,, arrerted for being found n e onef the caraofthe Naahvilie rail road company-discharged. Mr Fitzimtnout arrested for disturbing the peace hound to keep the peace in $300. Fanny Smith, fw c, arrested for ianallinga white lady, hounl to criminal eourt in $3110. John Stephesoan, L,trenzo TThorpe, JI Mays, arreste I aS dangeroande slspiceinus pcer.ans, end ctent, ed t"y the IRecrder fr 15 molths, as -incorrigible offenderst-lThe RIecorder lately hearing of anya latonies upon the steaoatnbas,iandships in front of this Munleipality, trganined a police, and manncd a bkat that plya nightly on the riher. 'The line fruita of their eertions, was to eaptrw e a few do sa - ao, a boat witt taue.d a r, d rtwlaekr.. he second s uccess war lat night :--hb fit eapthric, about It o'clock. Stephensan having tolen aaslkif: habout an hour thereater, anothter bat was mner. snetkingh fron the nide of a vessel, ror ahll the police twat male-rhagennd eomlug witlhin hailing distance, ordered lae to hasee too-not aknhamw ledging the olter, the police onan cried ait ie would shoot, ifthey did not heatve tar, to which 'nwar return d "shootan and a dnd,'"-- het Iplie. an tobe yed the latter, hilt dischargl his gun in the air-thet failtn g,he reloaded, crnd diselharged at the heat and parsed the hbll throuigh her ide, near to the wraiers ulea, Ipoa which tihe Fiee-ooter deemed disaretitn the better part ofvl.ntr,and hove too, when the policeman arrested Mays, 'T'horp. ant James Gtltlt, not htwevet, tttlil they hati thrown every thin over which the skiffcennnineil. a part of wnich, ttsing saddles, r~temained oIi the top of tire water, and were alanearwnd found fluating in the eddy, Uton exammtinaio Mays and Thirp acere rogtninedx an ol ofnfenders, of the very worst. ktind, and especially waree Mays reclleeted, as heing ca o tne of9h e Ithat wrent ah the tltll retl on the tl of Aogtt last, to assault ahd rd, the Itet corder, buh was most necidently ptevetted. Thtis bracth of poliee, tids fiir, to te of grett serni.e : and it is hopad and belier 'd that tile men hnvltg cherge of it, will be able to give n good account of all such parsons found lurking on the river aster night. David Houstonn alias J Hendson, arrested for having in his possession, wr'h intent to titter anl pass as trite, knowing thetn to he false, notes ofhe Mleretant's Bank, altered or raised fromtt a lower denomtnination to one Ihulndred dtllart--seit to prison to awnit his trial at tim crimtitnal contt. HOUSE OF REPRESESENTATIVYES Friday March 8, 1639. On motion of Mr l)avidsnan en act relative to tihe .Sprig Ctreek academy, was taken tip andi I.tned. On motion of Mr Ilrcsn. an. acnet realnltive to tihe im provements of tinyon It,iftur;tte, Biyoml Vermillion aneil othr itnprovemntn.n was taken lhp and pn'aed. A mation tmtde by Me tatlif, to reconsider tite vote token yesterday, on the hill reltive to the Nashvlrille rail road antd Exechange bank, was lost bray.lie of 28 to 12, Ot montion oflr Pt ugh, the bill Itakhig an epproprT ation for n mroad frm, Grand Ilayou andi natiler iayonu to Lnfotircee, was taket up and pnssed, witll an opper. ntion proposed by Air Trepagnier, to clear Bnyou Petit Gouege, nd with another appropriation,. protioed by Mr F D Conra., for tile inlprcvea.natt of tha road fron. nBatol Rouge tothe Comate. A nmotion by Mr Locket t, reccenseier the vole on the resaolution grtntina leave oeiabserce to Judges Enstin and tieoe, witas carried ana the revolntien was aidoptd. An additiednl resolution from Mrr pntlif, ipropoing a. reduction ofthe salnaryof the JIlgee in tropeortito to the time they teianin nbset, wasn, after consideribllte collateral discussion on points of order, but on the tatle. Tl'he House coretrred in tie tmrnhnma nts oa the Senate, tO hetiel creting a (:o.atlercial coutrtail Ihe city of Near Orleans. Te saltry if ithe Jtudgei of i the criminal court is increased to $i')d10 A prefereace tt die given to crlporation suit oni tlhe dockets of our several courts. The Iill nutitriztitn the enltnIttat of state bonds in favor of thie city of .'ew Orleei. was passetd. The Speaker siubmitted a letter elce:lieillt dlotilneotie froln tihe Governote in the stjhietl of tile uttnetion of certain lands by tr WVillitts far the stnte. air I.wis spoke in relation to the namte subjeet. (it, minton of Mr llrser, tie documentlae wee ortrredt to be rintedl. On motion tof Me Pattet, the bill to annex a portion of tllh IParjsh of Carol to tihe Parist Itf Madirm, .esa passed. On nntion of r Dvnridnso,. a bill relnatve t the Wa shits Female Acadensly, was taken tip and pene.l. On ttnltion of Mr C D Contrad, lie bill to create tlhe office oft)istrict Attorney for the. First Judicial District, 'wan takeit iltto considerotion, and daring the ditatsion, the House adjrurned. A Nice Dietinetion.-Stome Etngliih ladies bathing at tile (`ape of Goold elope, set one of thel tart to wateth in order to guard agqainst intrusion. Tihe sentinel giving the alarn of unsecluhne fimtotepr, one of the fair bnthere raised her head, but calmsed the apprehensions of her atmpaaions, by excliaming, "Its only a Dutrhman." Extraordinary Case.--The Red Lake Gazette men. tions that an extraordinary cave has lately been din. covered near an upper branch of the Chippeway River, district of Huron, which constantly emits a current of gaseoots air of suchetaremely offensive anell as to res. der it impoassible fo any one to nter. WVhat i still imore remarkable dogs will rnsh in with great aridity ' but as soun as they have entered they set ups frightlu howling and yelping, which gradually dies away till all is quiet. No dog i aver said to return. IMPORTANT CAsE Ic n THE ScraM (OURT.--.WeV understand that in tihe case from the Maryland Cirenit, of Cook vs Mofatl and others, involving the queatiaa Sheretofore before the Supreme Court, of the constitau. tionality of the State Insolvent Law a, tha name urlation is again to he argued at this termr by Measrs Clay and Johnson in support nf the econirtuttonl question, and, as itis believed, by vlr. Webster and another, on the other side. 'lre ,revious disc ssioa of the qluetion lave left tihe Court se far in doubt that they ere willing In hear a re argument. The deision of ime preuent cnurl is looked for with great olicittllde by the nldhi lude of parties whose happireso, as they thick, depends on nIRe mairelnanee of tile state laws, anrd by lie iuhbic generally, s certain to put filssle to rest itis much vexed quetiono. Ib'e emirnece oftie council etn ayv ed is n stfficieat gurinrance ib ttrte uestion will le tlhoroughly uo.kniolend.-.alt. Cllrl. DiansLters Scu, in 1838 -iThe slubijnined we find in tibe "Sailor's Magazine," ana it Igive a record whirlh Ira been aenrefully kpt during the year 18a8, ror nrire dita.ter, wlich have been Ipublishlle in vriortll news Ipa"er in the cunnlrv, of which prhubleation ils been made in the Sailor's Mgn.ince frormn montrr to rront. 'lrore only have bern selected whiehl realltn ed a ttanl los of the vessel. 'The greater inrl of tc i vee rl were American, aI l a large proportion of tire di.aerea look place near the Allericn coset. 'lThe total inuriher.of vessels wrecked inli are veer, 42I7. Ships ani Buarks, Ii( Slonrsr, It trige, 147 Sitenrntmln. 17 Ir iserot 169 Classes on veerels on. kenwn, 13 Of these vessels there were lost towards thi', cloere of tie last yenr, bat reported in this, 45. January, 37 July, 6 Febrdar'y, 31 Angust, 4 alnrclh, 17 Septemlder, 108 April, 36 October, 32 May, 14 November, 17 June, 25 December, 3 Precise timre unknown, 29 In addition to these knowr. losses, lthere hove bee reported 27 nareela misisig, conterning which, there is very little doubt but they nre lhst, with all on hoard. In the above nonmed re*eill thero ve reported the loasn rf '53lives. This does not probably ienluda all the lives lost by tse edisOasters. but orly thwese Inettinnd with eertrluty. Many rf tle wrecks acre fallen in witll at sea, and the fain of tie crews were wlmolly un known. Undoubtedly the lrno, f life has been great, and mnr.y crew Ire been whonlly wllowed up, and no orn spared to tell the nrelanelrly tale. ourely "there is sorrw o trile sea,' sorrow that never wil he flrlv dlianclnsedl, untill the sen shall give up its dead, anl the myriads twho repose in tie caverns of the great deep shall rice to judgment. An Ildustrious H4onmaou.--lre. (ionse, of Re dftld, durjrg tile last flter months, hnas woven 343 jards of plain cloth, spun 18:1 keius of yarnt besides weaving 8 HollanJ shlnowl 3.4, and six 1u-4, and has taken care of a farrily of frr small crildren. Tie avertlge price of wervins the clothl was I cents ier yardr 8 orf tle haiwls $l,ti ulreli, and six of them .l,511: Iotal 451 73 nr wenavlng. lMrs. h nirsporta heIr family, n;l clotlhs them neatly and eumrtpernbly, hy her ownl unaided itl duetry, Ihving been le't a widow a year or two since. In he year 1837, fro I urnst 20 to lDee. 4, she wova 475 yardc, spun 5itl-skemn, did sewing to tb amount of $f1 76. Ibesiret inking wi.ter clotahilng f her family. Mrm. Goss took the prremtiun for Highland Shawls,oit the Winthrop Fair.-Kenaebec (Me.)J'oswral. It is eatilneted ithathere have ben nlaughtered an tbheWsbanh, the pyuast season, fir the Southern mar' lketrUlwaaln of 839,10 hgts: which, including coc.,.r age freigh, &c., wilt bring at least a mtillion of dollars at thie pioiiilof deuitinaton. Of thlins basber, upwards of oee-fmrrd bhn hben packed and slaughtered ia Tl'ern Haut:. Ilei'idno this, 6 or 71i heef cots lbave lieen packed here fr the e.tre market. Thm qUnatiljr oftcuri which is annually ahipped from the Wabasb toi the South, i is italmnaihibe to etimate,; hut it -is tinini to he iinmmane. Them thingas.peah well foe thesfneality rf the W.hslt t.alley., and the induatry un enierpria f its eltla.u'--2eeir. . ,A VaStULa Cosa l.--Hrs Hall, .Nihr n' ll-t . bI- in orn" ° (a yme. interrninia wrli liy the to .) tal . I wliil, a"e:t- Lý wa. , ntiid'., y th . a baws ;pW. If sill tiring, he is doubtless the only man in exintcn ho cn exhibit the air atot of the irmmrtal faltlerot hi n eConiryno the edal of Is offic. In U8l, ncetonling to Mins Iloll, hit form was erect, mel lil face but slightly wrinkled. "18'i would," hi e savn, "poss eaOlily for fifty or nixry, end yet ie mhust e verging upon nlaney. It ie nto then halfr taeturv since he hae lokedm upon hi native hid" " On eatllrdiy leet, at hoet Lohalf past eieht o'elock, IMr.. W. C. Prtehnard wih reidemi nt No. 177 tiermia; town road . ppaoe tthe Globe Mill, found 1ying at his door, el.osey wrapted tup in a blanket, a male chill, whn, in the opinion ofthe physician, woo about three yearn old. Attnhstl to the hild was a note requerting iMr. anad Mr.. I'ritehid..who. by the way amre nt blesned With any litt lO mponsibilitiea oftheir wn. for G(l'a sake tot to hand It eer to thle uerdlans if the poor. She deelared that they were trangers to her, ond that iltey ohould hear frrmn hler again &e. Mr. non Mre. P. we are rejiieed Ito learn, hley resolved to grant thie reqillst of the mother, whenavwi indigence no her only crime, nrl hare adopted the litlle fellow as their own, givtng hin the name of W.C. Pritehard. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. Celeste's Benefit. BOX BOOK NOW OPEN. (E'.I.ESTE reapetfully informn her friends and the C Public, tht iher Ramnrfit i fixed for MODA Y, March 11th,. When will tie, first time then.l three rearn, the celebrated and highly popular Pronton of 'lTHE WEPT OF WISfH-TON-WISI The Wept by CE.LEFTE Performed by her in Eurpbe end america 500 nilhts! In the course of the Evening, FIVE OPERA DANCES BY CELESTE. The whole to'co'eolde, by eenerl desire, with A uber's Grand Opera.ti Ballet of the MAID OF CASHMERE. LA BAYIADERE, by CELESTE mar 9 2t CLAY'S Speech on Abolition. Recently delivered in the Senate of the United 'States. For sale at the Counting Room of the True American Office, St Charles Exchange, by the dozen or single copy. FOR HAVANA. Packet Brig. The A I fstniling coppered and enoper fastened pocket brig GANNICLIFF, :00 tens, Jo n Delesdurn atsr, will sil note 2tit insl; will touch at Tt pa llliv tlo iand passen oern, where she will he detained one day. T'lhose wiab rng to visit Cuba, ly taking shin conveyancc will have anopporeunity of airitin Florida-having elrgart fur nislbed ccrommodmtion fr 30 personsn. Apply to .mar 9 W PORTER,95 Cnmnona at FOR NEW YORK. Packet for ,ndat . 18i inst. Holmes' Line of Packets. S Ther srperinr roppored and copper fait Im ned packet ship ALABA M A, Berry, Inaster, having part of her cargo engaged, will sail as above. For the balance of fright or plssage, raving elegant accommodaltion, apply to the Captain on board, two tiers below the Vegetable Market, or to A COHEN, nar 9 No 90 common at FIOR NEW YORK.7- Poacket if alMtdny, 25th inst. Iloalme' Line of Pcekets. 'the very fact sailing regulrslhip VICKS EBURG, Biloar, mrnaster, will promptly sril n udverti ed. For reight or psrsage, having elegant ncrgonminodtion 'apppl t ile the apan in board, one tier below the Ve'getalle Market, ir to mar 9 A COHEN, No 90 Coummon st -'It- -NOTiCE-Thil brig COMtM Aqr rrgb&in, Sears, from New Ylrk, is row dicclar cig. o apoire Post 9, 3d Maiciipality. Cannigrnee are particularly requested to attend to the receipt of tlreir eolds on Ihe Levee. S & J I' WITTNEY, mar9 TN3Camp as NOTICE-TIre rlip ZOTtpp', Capt iMerr fro Havre, is diichbreing below the lower Fres'. Corir'n noes are particularly reqnested to take out their pcrmite wihnut,r delay. LEVI II GALE, nar 9r 91 Coemnn st 'P o TYPOGRAPA'[.-, ASvitCIATIONF fT IE regulnr monthly meeting lf Ithi Acnnaciricl D will be heil at rthe Planter's ltocr, Cnnal yr. 'his Evening, ht 7 o'cloe. JAS O'DOWI), GrA. ST ecrYtary. f rISSatr wnuyON t1F CrtPAR'RNER S Ifll -Io E cpanreriehp hIerertnor eirtinr herwoen he i tile style n ran&iF E oVo &, C it dlierled hv III r1ntal ocnDnr. F E Voar alte will Ii quid;Le the affire of tile l"at eonrer.. FRANCIt E r VrSiE, rsar V p P C IEIRRY' MAY i.A T VTh-W5, s A' 'Til r P T fl R.,A fLOO \ .q ,S"I:.VSgO.t TII k, trak il:te oon, rllt i Ci.v G+ V\Vrrks, i i e . Y~ dry, lMrch '!hlihithe w, terr ; eI.e ie, t at pteI 4 o'h, P '. mPK. r o t Ic NEW )r l ."--irC--tite ,ro. :V Ii, -- r I'CIAPSfE Coyeaa'. CARRI.rITO.N I If.l, mee't at the oxilmnacee otrl. e t (Chnrles .,r S erlt Mondayi Eveningr at honltlnosfi n'iel,,k. mar9 ' JAS R STERCItETr'. Seer'v. SA NTE I).O- - IFrieON 0o ro000 fiorr e Sfork in jCifioe' s Monk. Tg -O rE wishing to sell. wi'l le well to till t and leave thleir names nand naloa :lnl otf ltork, "it it ri, of Englill & Silveterrrl, opposite rIte ArctlP. 'ootllllry atock alone is de ircd. S E CAMi'. mar 9 . .3w, Drawing of the Grand State I.orller Clans 21 27 65 43 38 52 57 30 45 72 74 8 75 THIs DIAY, 20,0001 Capital Prize, Tick er oinly b5.00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. LASS "0. Alhnoriled by the L'gilarlnre at tlwtraate. 'rTo be drawn March 9, IlJ 9,at 6 o'dreak P. M. at Bishop's Hotel. S DAVIS &CO, Manageras. 75 Drawn e mbers--12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Seltfete. 27,814 Prizes. amonntinc to $935,590 Tickets 15 01L-Hnlvcs 2 S0--Qarera $1 25. Packageas nf25 Tickets for $195 50 warrared to draw at leant $160, Packages of 25 Ilolf Tickets $62,50 warranted in draw at leost $311 00. Panekages of 25 Quarter Tickets $31 25 warraned to draw at least $15 00. For packages ofaingle tlketsspply arl the MANAGERS' OFFICE, 18 Chartres st, anldat tiem coramer ofS Lonim and Char tres as. mar9 I3 USSIA SHEETNIGS-.2 baleeasaruperiar qeal NL i, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE& co, SmarJ 131 Magazine at D RILLINIs and SHiuRTINGS--liatler30 inchl brown sheetiaga ; 1O cases Irnerhrd Shining, and iltesings ; hSbales CdItan Drilling, Ifor sale ly niar I BiHRIDGE & Ca, 134 hi ensinear SOAP--i6 loraes number s ad extra no I snap, for solehy Ie I BRIDGE 4co nmlar 9 134 Magazlsine t Ol I,--0i casks winter aroiuednnd 30 caska anmmer U strained sperm Oil, for sate Io mar 9 I IIIDGnE I co. 134 Maganaiaees NEW NrtVEI,-Coittoia Kid, oritWe izand 1ie S\t Ya n Romanee by the author of " TIe Sonth rest, I. Lafiltte," " Barton," &c in 2 vole just ne'd and fir sale Iby Will IceKEAN, tIar 9. nr Crlnp and Cntlrn 1ate MAY3RAITV'Y OF NEW ObI.EANS. T IE pirke at Irish floir to-day is $7'25 pre barlel according to tle tariff, the inkers ehall give du. iug tim arueing wreek (fron Moondr I lII inst.) 38 ann fea lltread fior a int. Bread of ie aecond quality ill required to weigh 25 per cent. iore, viz: 471 ounces. mar9 C (IENOItirlravr. *n- 1i-A . N i\V NEW VEL--C._t Kidd, or ihE 1 Wizard of thile Seans, ill o2 vilS. A few rueie of Hlrper'ns Foamily l.i.rary, in 7 vole ompldete,just received and fir alel Iv mar 9 ALEX 'TYIlWA, 49 Camp rt ',n ISSOU3s ilAItMO)N --A large nluply, ju.t-re -S1 eivcd and for uole by the gross or dlozEn, or sile gle, by A °1'OWAIR, mar 9 - 49 olala)t I tAP'T'AIN KlL--mlalntain Kid, or sile Wizard Mte Se, noew and inuch adnlired Novelr, by I'rorper Ingranm,nuthor nf Lafilte, Biurtll &e. E JOHNS & C., ar u v2w car St Clharles and Cauolnlnon sa ENGLISH bANCY STPA'I'IONXY, Direct llmportion. I ANDING front arip Walshirgtrn froro Illon, I e nnd for alto by thie Sbeibs ero, I cases, 5 casks Einglish Stationary, Into wit : 401 reamsn thlick laid Post, hot prassed 30 do yellow wave, ht presaed 10 dIo etra super aintia, itel 8vo 5 do emtboed rpost, 4mo white; 5 do doAo rinted Mlidgawrreod and Ackertan'a Mlsihdd Writera do Carbonic hlooks for do; doaopying do Drawing Paper ofnl colors Water Coulors, assorted, ill cakes Drawilng Baooks and Ildrlele suilrb!e tir oendeuniea Prepared moiniture Ivories; anlcv I'eanhodera Perrian Peli,, erm line, file nemlius, &c &c Drawing Pencils; Ackermnan' und BrookIlaat's Sdo do leather cases,assorted Folio and quarto a tenlt copying machlioes Inks: copaing, fluid, permanent blul ant red Besides a rarilty frolher ariclals in the astliornary line. "E. JOHNS o Ca. mar Statinnera' Hall E NGLISH Letter and Note Paper.=Just received a Ssmall invoice of English blue, white, tinted, gilt add plainlsiterand note paper mourning, letterend hilleL' oale by A/ID FELT & ci. mar 9 ' N 8Y Stasulors' Hall, 24 Chartres lst . l_ T. MAC - 73 bis No do ; 4half bbhla No I do 318 kegs Nol do; lS kids No I do 02 ege Tongnei Sounds; 15 hibln Potatoes , 17 bhLs raFnnra' il, landing ftm-rm slitiRnRbtl Moe. is, for sale bhy S & J P WHITNEY ..q¶AoiUON, &e-e Eighth ..,.-.,-.. |~~~!i ~ · St. Charles Theatre. Siltth night ofthe Enggment ofCELESTE. T is Eening, March 9, Will be prerented the Grand Historical Drama of the FRENCH SPY. Marshal P.ourmont, . Mr Blrke Col de Courcy, Harrison Tony, S Cowell Mlathild de Ml ,"-ric, Henri St Alms, ELESTE I Hersiao Carlanly, J In the cours orthe teening two Grand DANCES by Mad'lie Celest.. After which, a Farce called A NABOB FOR AN HOUR. Sam Stibe, Mr J S Browne Nick I)ntmpey, S Cowell nally, Mrs Harrison Emily, Plauiner G OSHEN BUT'ER-15 firkins landing from ship VICKSBUR(;,nd for sale by mnr9 SHALl. & BROWN,96 Maganine at HATS--It casesblk silk pllrnsh H1t, for sole by Smar 9 StlALL. & ROWNt 96 Mansazie at T'he following ae the drawn numbers of the Louis ans Lottery, Claes I , extra, for 1839: 15 10 47 58 02 3 70 67 31 0 63 72 TO BE DRAWN THIS DAY. $2500) !!! C.pitnl Priar. 20 CAPITAL PRIZES of $10n0 each is $20,000! Tickets only $8. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authorized by Act ofrLgislature. Chapter XLIII, ps.ored Maeh 21,1821. Class No. I exntrfor 1839. n he drawn on Saturdty, Mlarh 9th. 1839, at 6 o'eloek,'P M. atLthe erhntoeKr. Iotel, St.Charles at. D. S. GREGORY & Co. Successors to YATES .AfINTYRE 4" Co. 78 Numbern--15 I)rawn Ballots. GRIANIt SCHEME. 30365 Plizes, nmtunotinc to $448,848 Tickets $800--Inlves $4 UhI---(lrters$i2 00 Packaees of 26 tickets for $208, warranted to draw at least $120. P', ekage of'26 half tlieket$104 00 war. ranted to drawat least $(10. Packages of ts6 Quarter Tickets Icr $52 00, warranted to draw at least $30. For Packages or single ''ickets. apply at Tihe Mnnoers Oli,:., 1n8 35, Canal street, net to CaOtoat M ANILLA CORDAGE--A comploe asenrrlent ofAlanilla Coralug and lawserrm, fitr sale ly lar 8. S & JP WillT''NEY,73 Cnmp at GRAND CONCERT. VOCALAND INSTRUMENTAL, At the St. Louis Exchalnge lll Room, Forthe Benefit of thoORPHANS, [ 7.I.I bie gives on lthe 9th Marchl next, I*M- J J I Jandot. On tehisoceaion Air J will be assistel by several of the most disti;nguised Artists and Ama teurs of Ihlis City. ORDER OF TIIE CONCERT. PART FIRST. I. A gronl ltpritic overture by the Orchestra of the Orl,'as Theatre, E Prevost. Var intonll on n" Air" for the valve trumpet, eaecu ted by II I)ucnlcl, J I) Bnillh 3. Caotlina, from the opera of" Chinra di Rossederg," by Mrs A S.ella, iieci. 4. Duo Ior the violin andt piano, by Measrn A Maqunis and A Noses, Ilerriot & (shorn. 5. Cavatina del I'Pcesta, Nells Gnzsalinlra, by Mr Santina, I a bass of the Italian Theatre at Ha vana? Rossini. sncoNI PAaT. I. THE ORFHAN'S PIIAYER, for four flutes, by Meesrs Jandot, Morphy, Keohn and Ory. 5. Solo on the bassoon, by Mr Sy, from a theme of Mayer. 3. Variations. composed by Mr Jandlo, and aecomplons ed on the hlarp by Mrtraut, Janlot 4. Due " I Tureo in Italin," by Signora Stella and Signoro Santioi. 5. The overture of Domino Noir, Aeber. The P'iuano by Mr Norec. N B--'Ticketls can be ihad on application to Mr Jan dot, No 2l Rampart street, and at Meosra Johns and eo, Broeard & Nores & Casev. Adlmiltance $1 50. Contcert to commence at seven o'cloek. iotr 7 TO THE ARTIST AND FANCY PAINTER. [UST received hy the latest a: risle from Havre, a Splendlid collection of Artim's lBruhese, paitts. pal eta; pialet knives, cravons and pastels ; water colors tnd water colors prepared with honey and varnish fordo: sltnmps of every descriplion. eplendid nalhogany ani owalntI sunelf fror torrait pointers; pastrl 'rayos of every color, pencils ofevery size ; varnish hruase, llat asl rotnd,ecarv large sie'eatovass, already prepared India iek, ulprfioe ; larse loxes, fully moumllle witlh colors, brushes, legantly filtted rip, &c &e spleidid Alb s, eupllapeddy bound ad ilt; colouree rievery desrription, by cake; sign aned ornollella tola ld peIIncils; and il great quntilty of ariles of taste whiWh aore ti e nalneras to dertil. The pl incilal. of Aeald-oires, 'tenchers of I)riswing and It'alnt!ng, .ill tl well In call al ila Sollir, of tir. ulitriaer' whlir, will aecoelotr.)le then nlteirs and ari in ;itvorl ely. , kr IInrIn sI. ,ply I to 19 I.1 t aMADl, NImr7 2'o Crtllelet' oIer iAN'S Inn()AiN V rlhe; aid O IEov Articles.. lie l6t priol,rs, wle OesFol, ed letCil. mp l 7 l . . . It.. I' i N lT . . . .. ... A lare' Ware Iouse, :IIn NeIellft hrl Ints. asr in (ici,'d srteet, oaner lt I,' tlern 'i. Apply n , it.YI.iE & MAY, Ale7 Not 3 Curoud l e ill FtItIEMAN'.2 ItNSUIANc:E 4.Pi'ItEIOF N. O. U )IE Stinkhoiilers ere herely notlfied tInt Ihe 7/v + /slieale on their shiCk e indc iitoe nl palilec o the f1ll A'Alprilait th, Ohf.eltflbaeConopany, 21 Comp BUREAU -'lIN$UIRANC/ LIES POMtI-a;S, tDe Is Norvelle itrlerno. f . oet tor Irar aeo leriltiee Plillsre iaYf . oo"ril 6, an bureau de Is eompagme 21 Ceaip st. _ _7 Maorel 4, 1819. JOHN V. CHIL.DS, ENGRAVER AND Cl'EtR-PI.A'rTE PRINTER, No. 3, Camop S'. l.TI.L engrave and print to order, bank notes. .ills V ofeachlanog., lills of ludiug, diplo.nis, creor - tile satidvis:ing cards. notarisl, consular. ad counling houoe Ma.le, dlr pilates., silver want, 4.e.-olway no hand,an assortment of silver plated and brass door I 0 Coards printed from plates alrIady nMgmred. novi20 NEW ORLEANS ANI)D NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT. I lHE Locomotive will leave the Dpot at the foot of P Canal street,every day at 8 A. M. and retura at 4 P. M. except Sunday's, when she will It3A Car for privalte pfties,. provided the numher sufficient will be seati down the road on one days' evionea mtlie. j12, 1839 JAS H CAI.DWEI.L, Presaider. TI'Y IIANK, New Orleans. March 1, 1838. ti IHE innrd of Ilireior,rs of his inlitultion, lave this tlay declared a iliviilrdrd ofetnr pier cent on tle capital tllreof, pavyable to the loekllrlcdder, or tieir ealerepretenaltivce ,o o r after Moda ha ie 1th inst. m_" IR J PIAI.FI(EY, Caehii.r. $100 REWARD. A BI.UE Morocco Pocket Book, with stal clan, was Ioe st esterdny, cootining a drfiet oftleo lel Estate Bnuk of the Statei of Arkeinluas, ill Iver ofChae. Rapllv, on the N. America 'ITrustl ,.ld Ilanking Coe-. panyNew YUork, for lih eLn of one hllslldrld nld ell thocsend, six huilldlrd and -.9ty.ix ilollare,($lO1 66,) dua 10th April. now ipayablle toi thile order of 'I',. S. Williasnon,I'res. Oa,n otulr draft, same bank, on tihe N. A. T. B. tCompany, for fifty Ihnkuanid dollres, (.50,000.) payaulr to i i order of 'II'. 'T'. Williamaon, ton. Also a number of notes oal other slligainoos, thd dale and amounlts not recollelted-- smeall sum in eush. The cEsh and one hLndred dollars will be peid far the rerturn of thes Iiocket bCok and papers to tsle of. fire ofrThos. IL Lee & Co. or or any information lby which tIh owner may regain plosseasion ol the aa pers, &0. mar i inI , _Is ..... .....:.... ........ v ....s . ... P lRINTS-5 ns patterns. French and American prints, for sale by let 25 1 BRIIDGE, & Co, 134 Magazine at R USSIA SHIEETING-40 bales Russia sheeling, for sale by feb5 I BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine at ([URNEY MARRIED, a nequanl to" Gilbe Gur neg,"' by tihe author tof " Sayings and Doings," " Jack iray,r' &c &c in 2 vols. Illusarated Edition of Oliver Twist, comnplete in one volallle, 8 o. Also, No.9, ofNicholas Nicklebv, just received and larsaleby 4M9. McKEAN, lanr7' car Caslp atd r;acn tmn "OFFEE-400 bags Rio, landing and nor sle by S It !LANCHARD. TARD-NgI- 0 kerasT inct3a0ti, lard, fir rale by mar8 ST'ETSON & AVERY, 80 Gravier st RAVANA COFFEE-50h1 bags in store of princr quality, for alelonw ta class cosniglmenats. mar8 STETSON & AVERY, 88 Gravier st 1ADIE'NNAT' BACE LEZN-30 bds sides and 20 h Ids slaoulders, prime qualitv, lir sale rby" mar41 S'I'E'SO &. AVIR?, 81 Grnvier st RIOC(FFEE-341t0 bags Rio coffee, being tbh car g Old the brig Old Colver ny, for sae by mur 8 STETSON C AVERY,ad Corer st LADIEO' & gIdNT'ILEME S GOhdl) CHAIN W IL ILIAM BELL tna thin day received a go as.rl , nrtaenl., which will be offered remarnkably chenp. No 18 Cltnrtea st N l Old gorl and silver lakoL in iceng. nrare 8 nar 8 co 96 C lagap and Comm at TbUCK-140 pa heavy aud' light Ravens' lirurr,land. atari .___ 73 Camnp a (' YI'HI-NG-..51aia-es -8nnatrn a8t1 cotton striped t) shirtl, for sale by "S.HALL & BROWN, tear a _ 96 Mlagazine at 0 lL--.10 gal s winter almined spern- for sale y" O mar rSHALL & BROWN.7 " et OAP-.00 boxes Mescham & Ilobbins' brands ia and lur sale by SHALL & BROWN, SrM a-gazine at i Csnpnaeby L1gwsid, land. UST4"R-I~eai a rarat inlb qatt IIratgsbasana,. ýý :' Caup. SIt; aevtre. '11110 EV9NIN(l, MARICH 9, IB&30, Wilibo prmentoto the dvood Enotern Dmmo of the SHIEIK OF 1lUE DESERT. Shelik, Mr iett All,. iloozon, BEDOUIN MAnIS ieon )hst~et Anneiteier, Mr nOWno Previoue to which time Faret of. FO1TUNiE'S FROLIc. Robin Roegheod, MMol lrn Morgory, lfnt AtmqgII NEW ORLEANS" JOCKEY CLUB RACESI! ECLIPSE COURSE. SPRcING MEh TING, 18. will olmnstes on Wed eayday, 13th of'sh fl3l,lnLoallttmlhe dors. S e First D l. The New Orleans Plate, oh soerel;:' 1tert volue $70, two miles heals. Is th rhes 8 dl l oed u" wardanls carry Il10 Ies. 4 yr aide end entlot this aplpoa prieao waellgcs. Heead.i R ,Samnle flay.l A meeAIpeLi or s yr aide; aubsarlfwan $Mil.; half ft t (Il Imle heats) )to ame: ond lac the lMae I t " "oSe Jockey Club I'ra-eltdluree e mil healol. Jockey Ulub Pursne, $2000, bailes bea., Propriotbr's Purse $71111; mile halts. Seroand Race-Same Day. Sweelltakes f*r 9 yr oaids; sultecription $500, half forfeit, (nile Isesta;) cloase let oft arch. Fifth Day, Proprietor'a Purse $500; mile 3 in 5. felt Y. N. OLIV It, Proprietor O1% tIC FIl--"he a o leasr the'p o Ec --ipse Rse 1Coorac ore for rent, for tile enslong Reraces, eom mencio ou Werdneadaty he 13th of Msar Appl to mnnr 6 .N (LVER, WASHINGTON BALL ROOF Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Philipterel, tlwoeen Royal & loerbop. 'ilEH Manager of the almvo naned Iall RoOm;grate a ful tolio frields and thle pnalio ft the plnorel Illled palronoge bestolrd on b iml or seeral seasons. respectfully ilforms tlhe, thalt mla eltabllhlhmsnlt ha been etlogej for thle Omulsemea t of visitors; and un dergone iuonease repaira. The bar will be aorpasoed by ootau in qnoliy ol liquors, andl thie lestiumsl ill be kept by the eblest Iestleeturlur is the jlated Staoles. Nlorh romom will re-olme on Sulturday eveaglrn 3rd of Novmlher eatl. hby o GRAND DRESSk& MASQUERADE BALL. end will take place asn seal eversy Monday, Wellan day and Saturdaly oveuilog, doerigthe eason, whleh will ond on thle let of May, 1039. N. B.. 'e greatest altention will bo pisd 0t keep ing perfect order througiout the elstblhimasnt, Os wae done last aeaaon. F ybruary 2b, 189. Collectors office id Mraiectplity. "VOTICE to owners of hacks, drays, &e.-The fol a1 lowing ordinances sill be ntrictly enfonrced - Resolved, that whenoever the Mayor shall give e li cence for drayo, carts or other esirlages, ald licence should be iamediately endorsed on tile back by hbe finCer with Iils receipt, and evary prsoa negleetiir te obotio said eodosement and receilpt in tile back f hIe licence, shall pay a fine not exceeding one hundred dollare, haoffar tle city, anl the othter half for the in former. Appiroved Iteceuemlr21,1821. Also thle foidl witg ordinaeee of the Council of the san ad alunici.plity, i. tha falloiig wIord towilt: Ble it ordaloined, thit lon a.nd arilr ilei dote; any per son iwho shall run a hbak, dray, or earl, withintIs , second noicipllity, wilth,ut hainog previously ob tained a licentce Iltherelor.from the Mayor ofthlA city. shalll be subject Io n fine of not leas than tIer ty-fiv dollars, nar mroi tian one hunored dollars, to ha reo vered befsore tny court of aomtelent juriditeion ; Provided thai lay ack, dray, or cart do run wthout licenceaforesoid, lhall be saujet to hb seinzed by the cvllecrlor ofrlsxesa on ha.e, drays, earle, &.- or by anOy Smicer of polite, and deliired until the fle aforesaid lhall he paide Sent to Ilse Miayr tes 14th dayu of Jui, Ilnn7. Sigall, igned JOSHUA BIIALDWIN, Re-order. Wf II W .:rerol rolletaer of haak .deara., aositawkems aasd pdclacr. 20it fes BUREAU DES COJ.LEI;TIURi, I)' In Sllone 'nd nitiltalith. La tourelle Orleaeus,''erier 25,18319. A oIS sa- sroplii.'taires des Voitntrer, dyt, A:e. SIeI.a e dtr llltatce sltivOht..,L creot aritenlment oto ' oI o l lt,-- ,,' ,tit, hr le fi1is 1 q to In lite oln.,t,'ronntiO stra i'rc ImrIr lleltt, O|5 o udi.s. stir fs t otespar le co ellr*·. tllr -1( .,B e'll lll,l sge ellln ell I1 .Eall| ltPahtaIII I kteoaIov oI) aet d t I a rrLa cur le dos idtf r in lit . tt: e tere ot is A il'o .,oti.P Is l e ot ,irtse . , s o air ti Ilor In ctl., et I'nltrtr Illloi isk: o ht Ar l lntar.aAls pIrouv, loll Iib'rnnbre, 1 1{I. lie ban1llll I'ortLonllltlleue ,,iollle du Comeil de In 2,10 ullaniei roll, enl Ica rIII·I sIlirlnIira. enroir : (O'Ltil oin nrollo(, gol'o¢'spri· "ete dale. louts per 41e MAuitallil(. eitO alvoir obtllenu 6abltemat, uns llceoce por eli. loMuire dte celte ville, seranojet k JamemiaSe 25 ' I-ji(u, Il)", id'eltr delnacdo dssantt as cllol a ,Olr de jielrndicito Ralf.lnare. Potron qua lolile yoilore, drav,&c. qli colllreot can, la lille licence, sereat tejel d Ptlr ,aisi panr sle collieullr de taes as'r Ire voitlreo draya, &cr, oo par cucao tfirier delo police, etct oktejaejuqte in , llile asmenle soil payhe. En saybo u Mltire le 14 join 1837. JOSIIUA BALDWIN, Recorder WV I Wacac'ro, collecteur de hacks, droys, eolpor tellr el peOits merCier. 201 feQ g CO.tPTIOLi..lEIlS OFFICE, leecond Municipulilty. New Orleans, .hMarrk 1,1839. p UBLIC NOTICE is hereby giaven thit on Mon.r, the 11tb Illarch I 9 t ., t'e:k Iill i meudiesto at my office, to the lonmet bhlder, the rspirling for en yeuar, ofaull athelpnvredrct anti side wnalks hordering r on the same, uiltin the limits of this mluncipality iclueding all the side walks in hricks bordered with curb atolll, gotllr setoes, and paved u apport, wiles e ver eleh stdew tlkt illy exist wul~h the U corplreted 4 limits. lThe sid reaiers shall on.eist in bnglinlg t their former line and level, any part olesnoil triets an sidewhlks, whlich may heitutle oa on rder, itnd , ihal he executed in such io.ttaer lu to cfitrd, at all time ll easy Cla cince si-n l tollluaiction. I' yoenlt tire Imde mu nthly, in aech, as tit eaetil. ci te it the wurceyr, tHut the work a bheenememnUd eccordlng o ceontract. The person towhom tile eonlraet hell be eLdudielld. togi.e bceu , with tone or more securities in the sma-( .imtf fir the fdithfutl itoftttnntmce cI the dutiae dcls. ing ulp, )lThim. The t llll,. of the seeeEritieraeUmlag tdllcad in lt tlu tic of osle, when if Ihey sare nofr t-A etory, the oeltral:t ill i iR metlRCAtely rerlia.d..i ct,:d. JOIc N Ca LI hOUN; t arl R o I I GC o, a dl lar , " eDo In Se'onde Iliuilcpulilt, Let Ntourele Orleau, Mo+rs I,2.[=. VI eat ldonnel itte Lundi It tlre, 183i, A I a . VA o Iutlrenu, i]e n.ttrii l'adjudc.tlion, t ae mla Iour lea re Ir . cltor. )ueilre i peodait tiut an, de .oss "a res pivt'e t lee troloi t d- msllm.e·el I..e. ie eetlo hlunieiipalilit--eo anienia tolln lea Itrotltoa t_ briques ellntorrs et enutroatI par leesrr., quo am -trouevrll duog It l ietrptrht. 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R ittLEIL re'spe'tiully informs then pobrte tShit M1 Ili ceehrated clatue of CLEOPA TRA, Queeu of Egypt, Which has been exhihited it most of tie prieip.e l cities ofl lit Ilnion, to the lively adcni,utohn o4 tnny Ihcu.stId reilne. cir,, elrived in Ihis city, and ia now heiug exlhitdlfa at sualst time oly, Frome 9 o'co.eO A L, h.oarclock, PM. iiPAdmillcnee, 50 cents; Season [ktl[, #I. 14OWELt. COT 0 iS..4i halts 7.8t acd 4.4 ton L Wtlr ieusc,53 Ilietlville strleet, 1i2 Cperior sic. gle and double fire profltfietiewa , tfroa theim huCtory of J I. Browun, New York, tor ale, ty felt '"W61 RCARNFS. t ers caln i lt e c .u 53 Ilienvirie ateet, Piatent Pilt, frm Blances, superior t any ever offeredT ih thiirity. felI V It CARNES. TO MIERCHANTS. [ sIMERiwAN'rI! can hauena BcaTte.ur. Ctmcl. 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