Newspaper of True American, 9 Mart 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated 9 Mart 1839 Page 3
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SACON. . a h vhd a rv .aseod halio on I 40 lbld. sides lafor at by I. BRIDGEb & Co. figs 1:14 Mngnzine at. .PERIM'IL--a uotko winter" nd fall1 strained ~ apermobil, warratord ptre, for sale by te19 ISA rC ItLI1I Co, 131 Magazine at '1LO 1'Iit.N - cEaes Cloinglb, comritiag an ex. ) teansive assortnaent, vnrioul qait ies, lauling, idr sanle by • ISAAC B1111)01K & Co, 'febl9 131 Magazine at UTBS-3I i i Bnzil Nlltd. jlst received for sale _ . iv f18 READ& It lIlAiT3W. RBaakPlace tAMIS' I,LAs . NOVIEL, &e.-The liugenot, a tale of the Prateh Proteoltant, by Jalmes. Tales orllf thebains, by James. Bogotn Ill 6,byv J tewrt. Alex.l otI ii). l. I)el nstltration of the truth ofatte lOhtt5tu religion. P'rstt' e a1n of thl British poets, Ivol. Aikin'o Btitsh poit, And n variety otlow itandard and vnaluble booka. EB JOIINS A Co, mn 2w coreer St Charles & Cornmon ata SKNT 1 iAtiINU & BALEK R -For K etle by READ& IAIiSTOW, on2 7 Bank place " X-c-ANOU I 1i TsOlN-i~For sale by m2 it . 1NDI)i 4k Co, 134 Mngnzine st GI.UNNY IAU~I-or sale iv 2 ' H & J. P WI IITNEY, 73 Camp at Sl IANNAI4 RS 0 -t-i0 -mrres, for nalo by Sm2 WiITRIiri, .nt Co,7i Magnazine Pt F'I lorAS--,l) boxen imperial gundtwper, ly Senallge, PetOs and aouoiaoig ices, fior sale by m2 WHl I RIIlt 1 t &1'o, 7i Magazine at SNI VIl-2 asaes fancy bowie oad dish knives, for - sl nlety SHAlL. BIROWN, nl2_ 96 Mouitnaie at SIRi'1.. o4 t.e-s rod --.-t i -hirt.. for -alne y ' ms StlALI BRtO.WN, H46 MAlgazine J1ST received .at the Looauiiana Furntr Ware SRoomns, 53 Bienvill treat, 201ila Mple aml Clherry iaedeteldse a flrst rlate arlicle. Also, a Bood asotrt wtnl of lidple, Walhut, nold Pointed Claire, which will be sold fat the lowest cashl prtes. i . ' It CAttNES jy? 53 Blanville street R )WAfl''d TONIC MIXIXTlitE-Just received 4 20 cen.e of this inUlunble renedy 'fr the Fever and Ague werrelnld etline, ldirect from the manulne ry in Vhiladelph a, r ale by JAIVIS. & ANI)REWS, jetS cor 'rcellitulan &. Cummon et G UNN-Y lAet SABf01 in ateio and bundles, as . sorted sAns, for sae by fel6 ISAAb : : ,. 134 ,Itgazrie s - ANIILES-500 hoxes New HIedftrd, Boeton and J Nantu'ket Sperm Candlae, fi te e ni by feall ISAAC PlIDiGli2 . Co, 1:14 ,llgnite a .. ---- AHIONAIRE 1A',1-1t1 Milli.tY~it ' Ih.ii.hi[.- IlE subsctiber hitm the ionir of ilnforming the la dies, that hlee lin reetivid per tlltps I.nbfryete ani Mareeo, It spply of fell ted weiter telili:terv, oi the latest and richest materinls ii Pari h l. * . Mirs. eanhian exocts to hiave :Ipelned tdrIt r yIY t or e n m "ation on Muoday and i'uesday oheat. D I' I.C.NI,AN, Cornert of ~. Charlesr t Cosmea street, e l 0tr * ANU E IIOT El. B Utr! & ALlAN woult reeperctfelly call the at tertioIt of citizens anti etraener tlo their colnplete anpettllllun; ul (ientltetni' line thirets, do ctllltlrie, nitl Iten tronts. fahlhionable lien froottct liten cal Iarn: silk, citton and mleriato leder sirtsi anil drawers: eamric aud silk aIdikerbiefo: black lnd fatcey cr vats in great eriety: neoks ef every dtscriiitt:t gUIt elaslic ain cotton laupendelrs: dilk, cotton antd lthread gloves: geatskoskin gloves: umtbreligs and canes gold tmteraed. Alas,---plendid assortment of ladies and gents wri sing desks, dressing cates, port folioe, perfumlerey, cut lery,and rich fany goods. CARD T'1O 'TIE LADIES. TILLIAM h BEI.,, No.10 Cihrltree street. contin- { VT uetto purchasle old broken Jeweirr , ohl ghilI .r silver in any form whatever, sidl pay the highest I ptrice in -Lalies tll tay have old fashioned gold jewelry, vin: ear ornaments ehalins, u.eklneva, Icleklr, Irger rings, or in (act ny aiticlesn of the line, wliirt is lying die and ofnoe teeo them, an exchallnge tite lama to , good advantage, Iy calling as ahone. N BI-Watcht , Jewtlry ied S pentalels repaired in the bea menner-leargesoeederate. jns28, 1809 -IRLF-ANS' ill'IT(OGRAPIIIC PRINT'IN-G OF J FICE, 53 Magazine street, opposite Bal:ks' Ar cnds. W GREENE takes pleeutre in attnoue ing to hic Iriends and the eltizens of New Orleani , titlahe lils at length brohght lIklographl on a laer il coppeil r plate Jcinting, an frotm the falities iicIe rt has aver coplper l:ate euglavinge he canl execute all ordetre rt.truslct (I, hini at one halfthe epelnse ofengraving-and nearly as heaep an type platilo. Merchna 'twilhing tircul rs ent out in thitir own Ind wreiting, cal have oaly quantity at a few ittIture o ice; or they 'tille eleeeltetl ftr them in a tttutihd mtyle .ut eh as hat ken, eore givto genera lti.lcintti on tanlltl,e ilult respectabl, e onico ltmitn holuseies ill his ite. Geatlenltmle l.ric tt hne villng Vihiting Ol Itttllttse atnt.l erdll flinhed ciil,t l it t llltlltlllar, will to I telll1b crlli%. t lllit'ice anid rc t.ellcimehnls. Fell I, 111:19 N Il--ank ls neltlly ee.m.ted, ead circularI s ,rined at lne houlr's lnliO. iJIISSI,\ A ILI.,''IY \ .i_.-L, loir *Illefr. r jol l it.L,r n.tle ay IStAAC 11t.lltl"t &t C, Ih 15 1:11 ttle toziti Ct V chart islOT Chdrt fri l Sthe tlret - io t I , tu !d, ?tq., mtatlehy rnter ot'ihe Ilrittidh Atitirthy, , Ue 1 tti.."itt up.n n l it ltett itre,';t it is Iratte,lil : Isrz. W i-o, tadi ai dowa th( Illllllille( , rPeeo 'Ire l [.ll 11let gl r rlentm 'Inretate l ctah r t, Ical g W e t. teut ahlliPhltd by OieSnjRIttlt lering, llIInvtii lld flr elt tit tCtatt atli ntee ettet, lee l.AVIII FEIEl. I Co., N Y S.tatintrt a Itall, ,,;."^7 ^ 'h ' (ahurlreg* St24 ltituatrateeisnt v:1iAtg- w kil eeintwlt ebeingttlI feirele by S iT I It liE &a IldliTII., felE 39 (tltnetim aoe Mltganr tnee t 1-lKW ii -tiK.--igi e, li i Pe "2 eon: Louie ailln Codet lloltmees Course ofLegaIl ;tlludl,2 lilts: lugitee on lnsuorutiC. Lewe's Chariter Prties: Itorru Ilook, Kevee' oln i)ecetale: tl deee'sn Crimltnal Evidecte: (Civil do-, IRussell on Crilmee 2 vein: Norris' Jenakhc te igEidence: lutherfort'e Itlstitutes: N,:w flirk Acalytical Digest, 2 vel.c Powelil el Mrtgagcs: Jtudge Peckr's tthrial: M'httosh' stttly of the I.a: Olattlitwe on Preeumpetive Evilelce: Mitfiedt on Itlend ing: Mitaitgue on eait' T'illinghi ast il Lititntiouns: 'Tieonld ct. Principal ttd Sarely: Thoma'a Coke, 3 ols. I'ollrtol Eaceltten l'onmlin'e Law I)iecittinry, 3 euli Treatie on the if Fixtures: Starkie ion Evideence: I . on l.ltnder Sttgdlen O Vendors: Snun ders oil tPleadlng and Evidence: Smnit'i Clancery -raetice, 2 vuls Stevens and Beneckle ot Average: .tory's Cetometareeen the Cmtestitutiom Laws of U. stat~e : ti Equity: On Btilhnent oIn he econllict of Law:Setltll't Irlll in Equity: Weatwetth on Enc eutora: Walker's Americte Law: Williamt on Eweee. nore, 2nvole: forsale at49 Carmpsteet, lell AI.LX TOWAR. R-EC 'IPT ROOKS--J..t received at Itavil Felt l " e.Co', a neow tld extensive a.enrtmec t tel Re ceipt Bolt ,lfur aele lowe, et febi9 24 Clartres eln -TANDARI PEROlDIlCALS--Lhtle'a Museunm and "Our Globe illustrated." Air IIAUSMAAN, the ag-tet fr tltee publinhirein, is now in New Orleans, tnll will ble Ihappy toe reit e suberilptiont to either workeT. m'lit un pnMe r see ea Sreplltation infr iortlr tei onn. In faci it lnns beolil et.llinrl publichiion. linur (Gke Illislrleted" is cellieiiiee tni weekly nIeemibert, 5. of which wltill ftrcr.t ptleadlid vllaue. Eaeli nelhcer cotitainh two Ileti. l steleln engraviigt. nltd illtClot eiglht pagec of desreli eden. It is in quarto sie, aend is lte clteacaestet illieii n ol'lhe kit it llte wlnrld. Saubscriptlion price. 22 S tIien rie hor $;t Ire lln $0,i1111 illi has hee exelided i-Ithe work adit c is cotidently ceonllltended an lully SNehctrtptieets received at No 44 Ceaep at, aed at the Pos t Iltice. frl9 ,IJdtK-t ll9 hhIe reoas aEriie P. O., ftore el by en6 G I)I)ISI ,'Y, 44 INew Levee •i LFFFI & llitAIltS--6 doi. pitoe grelen ll. vons Utiee, ' x 0,0011 O ollana Cigars, Ileingl fro itt rqite Roegge .iVillialns, for sale by JOSEI'II CIiK INE., jn4 25 lrnvieraet 1.A eKIN~i-5 bl, culltlaing Ii J1 ,,. . )uulo ) nlln 12 cacsrs, contsinicg it dcc ecth I)ialp's poete ,ackbig, llndig lrom bltp Nnolhvill, for (ale byi , I-. t1 AAC BRII)DGE &C(t, 135 Illoezi 21111 I.2 boocs do do I00 1-4 boxes do do do Jn store and for sale Iv f .b9 CIIAMIPLIN & COOPER,82 Julia at XCAN GO-5 1 snuko ow lookdiog, and fb sole by 2 jnt26 CIIyAMPLIN &CO)PLER, O Julia ast I -tUNY iY A--OS i3,i1 io:unn Iln gs in atore for - asib by CIIA t , OPER, t9 0 u2 Jolia sl L OE--I13I eogks'rhdomnslon Lime for sale is lots J to suit purchasers. Apply to log I'T.411)LAW, fi6 Camp es iYPEIL OIL-W 100 goils. winter sirained sperm oil, just received and for rsle by jaWl n LoOCKE &Co, 8 Front Levee ¶ lX~i tANdl-On Neo York ontl Pldiadetpltio, for J saoleby Feb2l AIIANIS &VWIIITTlI.I.l.6 Graverst JI ICE-4, cooasks rice on lonrd brig aScoblrd, oad ir ti ole by FeO1 J. 11 (AIALE, 93 Commoti st 9 400 bales toy, 75 thlousl.d lathes, landing and or ente by Feb2 LI,1I GAL.E, 91 Colm mon st .'hLOItA'S DICTIOJNAIRY, with 503 colored plates~ " further updply this day opened, and for sole by eh 21 ALEX. TOWVAI, 49 CotoP st. R- "T0 t IiRITIMi PO.T1'S-Beiag select works Softb Britishl Poets in a elhronlo:calsaeries,frm oloner to Sir Waller .cott, with bitprapltieal and tin iotibee; dtsign.d d as n ottinuattnn of Dr. At a British poets,justo scived aod Ibfor sol by Sb b1 A.EX. 'POWA It, 49 Camp at. ARSJALLS WVASHIINGTON, abidgetdfor 'he use of sthools, rsativsedasd f o sale hr at. ht - AlEX. TOWA , 49 Camp SIS TOOTH . PAiSTE-AA eleganat and lighly apperoved dentlfrie, the bert preparlation ever put r thebs teth, just receise at tile tl1aaar. 1081 &k ALLEN, 2d9 eco St' C s.munt als.. Exchnne, X)FINO ZINC---.. easbwbest ItRooing Zin be. I adlnc Irotharuil e.ltshahw, for sale by ,. e..t1 JI)SIElPl LOCIKAYN V, 91.5 GramVier. r4.1.IJl 'lne-5ll, 2 tdand 3 gallb4m drielttceus, laiding I;ronUtihip (:bernkeet, for sole'bv JARVIS & ANIIIiEW$, ertter norCoji.os. l& Tc!!elitlo!,!m ~j, 12000 6J00 bushela do ift bulk ml WHITRIIDflE & P(n,r76 Mangazine at LOU.K--44- birs land urg from Atlantic, F for ola, by U DORSEY, m 44 New levee L.LOUIt;-31k bhia lootlig fron steame Printeos, ' nnd fur sale hly ni r; I)ORN Y,44 New l.eae I.Lil Nwioo to, i d b UFFL" E-3000 bags Ilio coffee. for sale by t1 G DOIRSEY. 44 Now .evee r1I0 STNIEAAM RTEAM BOAI' captains and owners, S250 balrrels bitumnled pent, an excellent article to burn on board of steam boats when good wodl is not to Ibe obtainedl. ('eptaino ol steamers will do well by pnrehsing n few borrelo, no they will linI it to be the Ies Iliubntinote everofferel Cfr woo., for tole by ml S LOCK E & Co, 8 Frolti Levee PIANO FOUIiTEi -2 more splendid instrumente, with rose colored easea,jst onpened And for sale biy lell A 'I'OWAII, 49 Camp at G LAS--Specie, tinctnre nd n a ll outi ar, rottsl oi ll sqere white bottles otl .ie, v i fr:llln I- drachl , to 8 oz., fo w ioO)s everyt by 11 lio sale and retail, feb18 corner Nntelhe NNABEI., G UM IA'lPIC BALLS for anle wholee and retail, nt ii II ONNABEI':S fel8 Store, cor Natchez & Telapitoulnt at iARI{I)--I0 ksgeg Lel Lord, in store ftr astle'by I mar 5 (I II()ILEY, 44 New IIRANIY, RUM, A.ND lIN. 1.0 BIII.S Amerionn Ilrandly; 50 dol N.I) Runm n10 io Amerrict Gin; 20luo Wliskey tes ... . ad for sale by CIIAMI'L , OCPFR iUNNY IBAGS-I10 bales, bushlels (Gnny Hflags . in store and for sale by J T'IIAYYER v&r pa a ar l7I lyr.dras at O RIANGES, L.EMONS,&c.-I1110 nLoxes Sicily Or aoges n nll g nranna in fine urder. Ill bags Fillbera and Wnlnola landing from ship Carislanatc, fir sale by J II LEVERICII & eo mar 4 10 Ol Irveat ft l NEW IOOKS-The Hugsen ts by Jlames, in vol*. Keitlhs deenonatecrall fhe teth of the Chrils tiar religion witll rlinrros engravi llgs. "Tlhe Dialv cfa lateI Londorl ilnysicilan ill 3 vols. Also a new nupply ol Maria Edaewortlh's worksa S llannl Molaro's Memoirs onearn " ca the ereed--Burntt an Ihe 39 ticlea Enfieal's hinatory o lahiloaalhy - Tuckern's light f nlatlre, ic.a &. RIceivcd and fur sale by A "'t WAtR. rn2 orr 49CancpSt - II AIA(iA 1 INE-Sweeti Malaga wine in qlr casksa for cale by REAl &. IARSY'tAW, al ti 2 7 Ilanlk oIallac l ORTuEIn & BROWN ST'tlirT-.andalinag frlis - I- sip \an.ringtlo Itral Lollndoll, for slad by o2l IREAl) & BARIjh'l'JW. Banlk laIn'a I lllEPi la tie Ilugearo, to llla ll aItl t'realie N i testanlts lay the author of Rllcaliea, thea gylna', the railabhr, Atcila, &Aci 2 tiln . I tnlonR, atitl of the Iraat h oftie C rirstial rli gin ly by Al xander Keith, I). ). alor of Lthe cvidealla Ce fl ih p lop ecy, rc. Carl Wlatner aia iaagiaacian story, with other tales ,of ilaasgnilatia , ly the anlltor af the jce aIllaae, n y IRivers Millichopmpe. &c, in v2ls.t Soclltllen-i atlltas ad litlure, by tile autor ofAtalnalcs, Carl WVerarel, le, Juat teceiverd and for sale by W McKEAN, N2 corner Canmp Lo (almOa ito A Card. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC ESTA BI..l) AME T, 53 MAGAZINE NSTREET, OPOSaTE nBAsNKS' ACADE. Sa W (REENc rstrnar bihis sincure thank I to his I e ids and the pilliac clf New Orlenan. for ihe lnltrlansae eatowed onlainla for te lasct two yealrn s t(Ii leoave tr asSaure lhcila thut all olrders coi.amiacnll to his chirge aclll bie npaluc all aureaad t ol; lie; will is uLanl, keep the oflMce onln ldarig tile lheiinrI UId shall ile alwnvs esdlly h strike lff Inerhllt'a carca Ilra, Ihriaess and address cards faneral noticesa, napis pla, alnldl drawings ta every deaacriltion, at thec rhiaram notice . nai on the lait re aaonallo terls. Ileing naciaste lIv artilste snlerisr to asy othler estanblias- - Ineal in the citY, and fas Ing experience in the ilhltraphi laea , feels conilldelt olf giving cliire N II Apothcanoies and druggisas' lahels exena uted in Os gad style as copperplale engraving, and at oae third of the expense. jy94 mari sull lJti, Lar- d s .d ttc rr-llll lblas Floar, 3t8 1 kegs Larl; kegsof al' lter, feRO i I) OISEa,4-I New .lsvee l.b1-A inieo a toall al wnioter, warranted, for sale - FIiy IALL. tRIIOW N, D96i Mlagaine atr a GEOHGE C. CHILDS, SAnTaoiv Ar LAW, Ij Ila attend lt Shln lprela Court, and thie I)istric a Coaurtr, of Harrislhrg,anld s lomne of the adjcelll ai cllaiea--luliae at the City oof lH soa tn. t(ihias on thle governo'at, eilher bar Biounitn aland1 Sornllllevrc, will lie inelertlla r aaln Il rolnptly lttcealendl rcaeatohlr far ron rensidentc or residenaS ofrTexnas. Addraac a roa thie Uiciedl Sates-Cily cf Ihluasto. ia Iahie eCara (if . IRicker, jr. ( I'reaso dat Oltice Ageala a New Orhla-no.a 3m moce 2 IMEI)I(:iNES, iAIN'IS ANtI tll.s. aA ,ARI. ;:E anal general asenortasent of feoh A inties anl Ille Chellical preplarnions, togfelhe wihh ilarge oupplv orf rlerl, lioaeed, allalcaar anad ail- c tir'o Oil. AlIa, 'lhiladellpall nauil Nw Yark \VWhilO Lcal, ccataantly oallllall andl flr anl' byI JAIIVIS & ANIIRIPVS, Wlacaes ale I)rlggisals - acedr 4 car Caonon, & 'I'clhpico,,las ta F(0. il111I--A il'graGirl, first nrale C'ok. Apply UL t It CLAND(ON, marI 4 I(nlllal st A l.a-d loanes Ale in qiart ancil tilltIottles, i aT.ure A andl for sale ay J. 'IIBAYER 4' co anr 4 74 I'oydnras at 'r l:Aei--llchecsls P(noucnig and 40 ,henst Sonchoog 'reas, in store and for sale by J THlAYERt & co 2 oar 4 74 Ploaydrsa t tl `I OLI.AND GIN--U10 pipes crown, WeespGina a u rperior article in rlore and fur sale by S marn 4 J 'I'HAYER & co, 74 Poydrat t - SINSEED OIL--24 barrel of raw and boiled Lin a seed Oil, just receiving dinerect frn England and for sale hy R. CLANNON, noear 4 12 Csop t 3 SCHOOL BO OKE. a iA OOlIiRIDGE'S Geography and Atlas a V Smiley's Geogralilly and Atlas - Cohb's Iteadels,Noa I & r; porter's Rhetoraeal do y Andlrews' and Stopdardl's Latin Gratnlar Andrews' Latin Leasons: just received a new sup . ply of the above valuasbl school Books, at 49 Camp st. f whre a large and choice naortarent of School Books cay always be lhad on as good lenns as in the Southern . couantryc. ar 4 ALEX. T'OWAR. N0oI`CE-Morriaun's Hgcun Vegetable Univerntl t . l Meldieine, tormerly sald Iby ft. B. Sykes, at 27 Chartres street, is removed to the Book Store of Dal •id Felt . cod24 Carltrs street (directly opposite,) who is duly upphinted s:tb-Aget, fuor tihe sale of Ithese invaluable lMedicinaes Sold in packets of $1, $2, and $3 with ample directions in French, Spanibh and Engliah. A few conpes of the Malsioerin, or Family Adviser onf tihe Ilritich Colleage of Ilealh. Price $2.75; also the Praetical Proofs, tll edition-37 1-2. Take notice-the genuine are never sold in a drugc snte., andcan ondy be hnd in this eite at 24 Clnrtres tl.I A freshl supply ju.t rceived at New York Statllioners illl. nmar 4 IACON SIL)ES-- 1tl casks Cincillnnt elat d iu I store, fur sale by G. IOIISEY, mar 4 44 New Levee. TO ,7IERCIBI.7."TS. ' 1 ANNEL COAL, forsale at S rfeo20 No. 25 (;raver street. B OU1TS & BItO4ANS--II cases, counsistlng of Smll'st' cll usewed face bouts, calfsad kip pegg'd do., and men's kip brogmstso ladinog from ship Cannor. di, for saule by ISAAC IltlI)G S7 Co, li18 1341 Muglline LOOKING GLASSES-The sulscribrrs are now opeuing a larne and well selected ansortluent of inahougany and gillt lraed mirror.., of vurilus sire 1e ldescrlptiuns, for sal at No. 17 Cap an1d 84 Cuonanut streets. fe22-t--l II BItO Eilt & CO. 1OT1ATOES-400 bids In fine order, in flooir bar- I P rels.ini store, for sale by G DORISEY. fedL 44 New Lvera ORl' WINE--30 do very sunperior oll ort S Wian, Ibrsaln e by WM PORTEIR, fe2I 95 Common at I ADIES 2STQCKING --10t: pairs of auperior r LAqu elty, land:ng fruo. slnp Alexander from lemnen, aor sale by A 'TRIER, febs 34 Gravter at ` UPERIOR Madeira and Port Wine.just received Sdirect from Madeira, (ter brig Samunel and John. Sfromnt London, France and iermeany. Madeirs, in half qarter caks, old London Particu lar, and choice Reserve. do. in cases, choicest Social, Reserve and London Particular. Genauin.Port wine, old,ln cans, bottled in Oporto. And their well known asumtment of Bordeaux, Bur. gundy, Champaigu. and Rhenishl Wines, lMarasinolM, finest Martinique cordial, Lundon Porter and Ale, all first qualit)l... E JOHNS & Ce, Ie 201 earner Common & St Charles asis ENG.ISH LINSEED 011,--500 galls, Englis SLinseed Oil,just receNved, and fur sial by fCoO M CANNON, II Tehopita SURTIS' Admallthy Digest-A Diiget of eases in the courts oAdnniralty in Eagl-nd, in I vul. S8vo, inust receiveand for seae by f24 ALEX TOWAR, 49 Campst TARVIS on the Passions, a new and intersnting d. work, by .this uery popular autlor, just reeiverd t. and for sale by ALEX TOWAR, feb15 49 Camp at SGGIN and Roap sI0 pl eees bagging S 3 110 coils rope ifor sale hy fell' ' HERM BROWN & Co, 9 Coni, B ROWN SUGAR-I- barrels, for sale by - SlHALL & BROWN, t feh2 , 96 Magazine st IAY-000 balsa Northern Hay in store and for sale Ia by CIHAMPLILN & C(OPER, rmar 5 79 and 82 Julia it A - CY SOAP-2110 boxes; for saleby- 7 Sm'l IIHALI..& IBROWN,9i lag s~t tr. LONDON BROWN S1COUT& I& ' Rji casksc landing front ship Washin.. ,fulanl Lnon don, for sale .by fe"5 READ dr BARS'.'O' Bank place bHIPPING. For Europe. aO L HAVIIE. The A I anl regular parcket srip PIA 'IINA, Cnpt Wor II liatansa, will ii as asbov r,andl car take 150I ales elltnsa. Aplel to mr 8 L II HGAI., '93 Caittaaa at FUK LIVK'RPOUL. SliThe A 1 and very fast sailing shipl ELIZ AIIETII, Capt''bhayer, will receive iamredi ate despatch, for the above par, knhaving the greater part of her cargo engaged mld going on Ihoara. For hIeight of I2 hales cotton, or pasrage apply to mar 6 LEVI H GAIR. 93 Caraasa et FOVI IIVEIRPOt l.. The A I fast railing Britfih harque WII. LIAM, Clark, master, wanlR 611 halles colton to complete hIr carrgo. For freigilt, or pas. age, apply to IIOI.EEi· r MII.I..L, lltar an't Phcr e. ItOR- IIAV-R, raratrr sonly. tihe A I and fatr samilrlg tship PALEH 'TINE,ca1t I.ittlefiehl, will have in:nedi ate derpalch. For passage only, htving eu laerio acctramluutisls, apply ta tit I. II GAIL.E, T Comtmolen at till IIAVIIK. = 'lTi fine rhilt RICIIIIND. Cap Vinahip, wiml ake two passengers if immediate appli calion be nadetol 7 L HI l.E,93 Commoner FOR ILVE I.POOL. 'rite A I fast sailing ship St. LEON, J Wceaoltt mastser, havin part of her cargo eangaged, will meet wielh deeptalelh. For i .tiglt orhpassa ge aprply It fet5 r & J P WIIITNEY, 73Camp at FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I and l st sailing barque Nill1ODI), Capt. Chlandl rne, ill receive immediate dispaltch. Fr freight of 125 'ales cotton ot Pa5ssge ailly ao s It G AIE, feabi 93 Common ast 1. t11 LIVER.POOC-L The, A Iel hl MARY IIOWI.ANO, Sam ietl aenr mnster. laing nlat of hre cargl I engaged, will have depaslclh, for Ilancee of frrieht or paRsage, apply to fe1125 2w ADAMS & WHITAI.L. FO IIAVKE. . 'ThI A I aid fast sailing ship PROPON '1.15, capt. Nelson, will receive i tnediale I.repalr.h for tie. albrwe aort, hiaig tihe grucer part oftir cnrgn eng.gedl. For freight of I;1 bales cotton, or Ipssage, allly to fihl Il. A CGAI.E,93 Comni n tit. FOR LIVERPOOL, J The At and fast salinig lhip rlIGA, UCaplt Smith, havintg the great-r part of her .c:acrgoengngeil will mee Willi irenerlia, de.o, ilth. Fr flight rof 011 eile, a r Ic10 al rml c lour, t Cuapt Millsn, htvig 1bker grell, e r pcrtiv ou f nee h cargo e hvngaed .witll hae deI patch. h oror ,agl. n e ,,f "ig t orl e oa rei Iapply , l tto at2 S & J P WiIIITNKY 73Cmap ..t [ FOR NEW YOIIIK. e a fast ilin e le hi EMITIRE, Capt Baker v ill reeNv, innapIn •t~S~ e' {)r )llr l I',I(IN I cthos aitca IctVIajeel mtigll he r i ,rnrh gag Ie. rlap oeoffre ig t pa . g r le t t .. log, . . Lt " ,l, It GALE, 93Conoon tit I FOR NEW YORtK. SThe spe snprio,, oel ctptl ctper fact en bied M Ak t s I Z EO C TMU I ,I JF, Iro, nW IT e ha S h af l uitckt Icpach a of he r er will sail ac alove. Flor freight or pas asage, havig teoIant cc eol lnratiols, ti lIv to the map uin on oard, opposite the Vegetable Ilar,-et, or to mnn A COdEph i tlIrNacc, Comlm 'n atl FOR NEW YORK. Pecket of ft he 9th CL st. New York and New Orleans Line. The packet cI ship AUBi UURN, Capt. I)ar e, will suit al aCove. For freight of 1511 t, ilea cotion, or passage, haviga spldI tY I . corin o rat ac, apply to the bcaptain o oard, or to mAr4 P. HE N, LAII Cotcifa ct FOR HII.AEI.IIIOA. 'l'he fast siling brig SYREN, Captain i. ewil h ave despatch For alance of Iight or pcaage, apply to & J P WHal at I'atlY, r1 r 43 PI Li C iup nist FOR CIHARI.ESTIONPII. 'The fact sailine A I coper fastIcned PAri MARY KI.%1BnPtl, Brown maister, will have quick dehsatch, a hertion of her cargo llbeing llag ed. For reaa intllr Frol teigt or ll get egers, applya op boarI at PisV& tier or to , nil w IOi+l.IR,95 ,C, on iat - FOlR NCEW YORK. -.. . The A lFand fai. t sailig harle IaiO iE MIA, RCa rt. Ianial Nae n. will receive im maed.iate teach. For balan e ofight fInegor ssagec capply to UliatNion on board, pt I' , 2d mar i 93 (o llllll N. . Cush will I l advac 1d I,,rcharges on allt aotloadhipled by this vessel if required. + FOIL NEW Y.IIK. .25- TheAial dt ailing toigpr la-rewl. hbrig iof atr rtra egalNged ,wi wi eth deipatch coll ,nda ians, apply e t loail r oal+ itse tihe illgtrki or to i &iiJ PI II (4AITLE, nrl 73 CamIp st .-t ThA I fstiling lhip CAI-UI.UIEI',c .. N 1. C.hrrli, il lIve detal icli fr pascg g+.' .alply to & J P' WIII'I'NEY, Iu I7 :3 t ump at FOR NEW YORK. e'-l A'elitark I tmi Nece Orleans Lisa. Th e elegant antill i ship AUBURN, Capt.I e Dlrfe, will have inllediate dispttcllh, two the remainder, apply ol board opposite It Philip a feb27 6I Cmvtp It FOR HARLTFORDI. The fat silin brig A tMUEI. c JOIpN, cnapt., wGrilflth, will meet with desrlteh. Foraie FOR NEW YORK. , The faeat sailicg ship FLAVIIUS, Jones, matertwillhare immediate despatch. For t freight or passage, apply to fehl ADAMS &. WHITAI.lfi7 Graviera FOR CHARLESTON. Th The fine brig FREDERICK PEARL, tions, will take 5 or i plasengeri , and a deck e nna of about 50 hhdat if immediate apdeinatclt Ie made at n fe2 ih L H GALp , 93 Common at FOR NEW YORK. The eclhr MARION, Capt Torrey, will have despatch. For freight or assnne, ap plyto 8 &JP WHII'NEY, ilb "73 Campr at COTITS' COMPLETE WORKS in 83 vols. Lon 1. don editihm. Ward's Mexicr, second edition, elarged, with nn ae eourt of thle Miuirg Companis, ohad of tie Political Events in that Republic re the present day; in two ;'lulme. Stewart', Stable Economt a Treatise on tle nman agieletl rl" Iloorse, in relatuon ti tile nlablillg, gaIOn)I. itlg, Feediog, Watering, and working, second Lolrdon Stewnrt's Bogota, in 1836-7, or an expedition to New Grenada. Ilall's Rambles in Eoro;pe, ora Tour lhrougll Ftrace, Italy, Switzrerlrd, Great Iliitni., Iand Irairnrd, in i183i, ill vols. For eoles by WMt. tKEAN, mar 6 [cor Camp anld ('ommon o l i W I RAPI'ING PAPER--Just receiveda full aesort V ternt of tile above, of every sir, colnour, and quality, and fur sale low to suit purcrlhaoser. Alro, biders'a boardon, t DAVID FELT' & co New Yrork Stationers' Hall, 4 Clartrer at. nmar OAP--llO0 borxes No I Salr in store for sale by 1ar5r CIIAl'I.IIN & CIIOPEK,79Jrniia st C :1"'S lATENT itREPEATINi FIRtE EAHii S. T iE PIblic are resicrfullly iairl rllrl.(r that loe aboIve articles can be seen and are liar sale at GOSSIP 4, Co. Exchange Hotel, St Clharles st. mar 5 If CITY BANK, New Orleans, 5th February. 1839. 1YXCIIANGE on England, Ior sln ot this Insititu .E tution. ROB1T J PALFIREY, fe6 Cashier ILOUR-2590 bblts oulrfire, and 5u1 do., fine, in fine sbipping order, afloat, folr sale by febU G DORSEY, 44New Levee 1 UN AY BAGSIU bhalee 2 bushelGunny lBea, Sin fore, and for sales by fe, J THAYER& Co,74 I'ovdrsn at OL-AND GI-I0 pip e rown wceap gin, a silt 1.l palior article in store anrd fr sale by fey J THAYER & Cu, 74 Poydmis t NEW ORLEANS & CAIROL.LTON RAIL ROAD COMPANY. ARRlANGOEMNT FOR THE WHEK DAYS. From Crrolltoa. . Frm New Orl eais. Hone Car at 4 o'eloe.k, A.M.os Carat 5 o'clok, A. pLoomr til lTaueopr.C 7 LAenra M seetialoek t.n.and 4u2 hrorly. At 8 ndIt t 0 l If th rad o n test Ait T0o'ioct a Car mon be obhtaied by payinl 10 do faice tle o ori o JACKSON AND LACOU IE S1REET ARSAN oLteat Cal oitreett ojeloch, . M. n od ul horcly. At! selfptetI7 o'aeI.athiscr Gill 1a3n0ncie rOainrg every ha;IC hrs,nodntduoatnut thlrrghour the day uatill8 o'vio P. . fromr the head afJanl.on atteat. Perrot gnoicg by the Locomrnotvemusnt provide thrneulcec rilh Tiuket, as no money will hei ain by trhe road eirera. Olr 8iNer Orlaous and Carrollton Ril Rod rolalery, Peydcnaolrtot. JOlT JIASPSON, naovt Chief Eug. NO. 1C.R. R W IN. OW iLASS, LINASEED OIL- ll h n.l en rlf inadnw Glsnos, 1300 galone Oil; Id liar rein of Var6i.heb; 65 doe of Paint Brushst, rereived per thip St Louias and arqne Vouche, and for .blr by 1.OuT. CLANNON, Il eg GinS lepsuperior leri4NeIbLr STETSON nAVERY, 88 Ctieneiurtoe. " ANTAM &oe-20bhales3.4n and 4-I brown nn tic tiheetirtg and nhiriingn; 3l balens cntin dril tang I 6 cnset blenetod nheetinrg, ad 250 haler Runsia ej oheetinr, for nalehy aI .- I BRIIDGE & Co. 184 Magnataisirn . 12i PUBS EV, 4i Nero Levee FOR NEW YORK. ||OLIS ' LINI O IPACKErTiS. /O ail pI nuallyaI ar idvertised, fir each prt--lhe i ill , :3ilcsist of hlle fiflowing ships--. i: jip Nashlillr, Cuapnin WolJ. Arkansas, captain E 8 Irbenie, Alabham, Captain C C Berry, Orlens, Captalin N Oear , Vicksburg, Coaptuin J Eunker, Panfhea, Captain Aehl y. "tire nole eliasps are ill of the first cunla, oppurell, ollad coper lSxellOll and were built in New York ex ireerly eor thin rnii othe- I ret lid'l dIraughtil of wo .r, ald UehlIol inllriebly crosn Ihe bar withlout diell tion. 'Ihese rpekets are iclmmanred iy Captais well rn )rireeil in fle trIle, lnod will alwayn eert tlIPIIItlIVP T ho o sllldte. 'airley willn aconal e torwed ulr nl a down the river. ntd iil ioil o)nlplly sRil an odveriiled. ''hey lae hadlllyolel V filrnieloed lilllilllndotilltinnd sloresofilIhe flrst nulity will ulwve Ihe furnisrhil, old every illletion paid la.lie eollforlt ad satisfuclill of paRePngerr T'Ihe pricy of ,e cabiit is ixed at $811, without wine or liqllor. Flr urlner pjrticulars Iaply to A COIIEN. Jab " 90 9llmmon slreet IflT'he ehips are olt ncoollnttlle filr breakoge clanss, hollo,w wore, marle ir gruuite, coopernge. ,if liI or rust oilon or sleel: tur reponsile for nv packageer or parcel tO eln hlnnrdl, iinlse a reouler hill o|flditg be signed therefor, at lle office ofllle agents. ..1 oL VADV FOR NEW YORK. eero York 'ewt Orleans Line. n A NEW LINE of pockets bat been eslabli.hed in at run between New )Orl/ne and Newn Yurk, to ei onlst ofve fiirst rate ships, viiz: ie Sllip St. Malurv, It V Foster, nnter, - RIepulblieun, J G Russeill Aulburii, IIP hIurley, - Tnew I building, Thbee ships wcle built in New tI/ork'expresruly for this trade; ur ne liglh droughl of ater,'and will t benl subject todetelllln 4 tie liar. 't'heir aucomlnodations frl assengers caun rise uall hillua r y be renuired for ctrilrnn andrneclvlielce;i anti tilir oylllthr lldnrs ore C men ou exr. lielnue.Untiul elit sh) u rn ar C co:lplelcd, teo tirst class l/ipa will rupply t:eir Places. time If sailinu, and eveiry rleasonble, auctununnodatit 1 extenderd ht slhiwr* aid piil .ingersng.' For l urler luruiclurn apipl i to M-usrs. Jiii.snii nlld I/,adellud No. 8t6 Wull streeI, Now I rk, or to jul PlEILT I.AI II). %V, lid ti;Ciup At For the Interior. . FOR MOBillE. - - 'I he fine low presaure steamer iIR.AF FE, Capnt. Swiler, will leave tie Ike end of thile Rail Rlud ir - Sindto !y utter tas: it, arrival of'the 4 o'eilck eu r, p. ol on tinri/dau, Mul rc th. Ior freight or uilllg', appely tillborml, it Io liEYNOI.A$,, Ill/INE &u C-. Ii' I'uPasegers per Giraffe will arrive inl iln linor lhe IFOR IIAYtIJU.AllA eYu/lner Pac,'t. S 'Ill T ie -luiu rueng'r rulanllu tfl J.. IIIll.III .I lure, ,s .t huiieu.olrr, .endruil wiill ve Newu Orleans etevery Wel- nesldalv at itl ;clck A. M. tor IlavoI Sara &every I aturdav at Il el' , cek A. 1 In llinlle Ilnicst dow on 1i Sundly' Fr fru iglht or pnassage pply to Capt. ulart on bordl or to ofeir5 ADAMS & WIlTAI.L EXCIIANGE( READING ROOM. Hllriitirrietr lius re-itlied lis Rieading Ruom, in t le St. Churles Enxelunge, Cirler ol (raviler and St. Challrles street, in the neatest nulter lesides all the nrincipul papers of Il Unilod Stnate, of every city and state thle iCnudndan,''exas unl Mexi o uuani liuauonsn, tile rom ii regulrly nndl extensive.. Iv suppllied will the laresl Eirlpcan 'papers, Luod's B l.ii.u, enoi Pieu's Priet Cunrrent. Al/r wilih netly C all thel ILterury Pertulicals of tl e day, and lhas Ihe re- a publicationsi of ithe London, Edinliurg, I'estniinster Melrropilitlall Ieviews slind lilackwoods Magazine. ''The Nhlrl Aiuoricau Ileview; iilt Souihern Litel .rii Knick. !lnker,' Tle Allrieun Junrnal af Scieluce anu d Arts, w Calinet Mii(:culln y ienuencratic Review, rentlemen'si' i a ga.ine,Aericn molthlyv lenlltiv's Miscelleny, tle Mexico Chirlrgicl Review, and a valriely of ulhere. All these works ure regularly snuncrioed lirr and recei. red. Thile rotn is also sUplied wItu a large VnlleyI oflorps and atlases, Nile, fegister I..evys Price Cur- al rent frnom it. commencelment, Gazaters, and u variety of works of referenoe. T'Ime tunt activr & inltelligentl e'ws collectors tire el loved to give tilt eaurliest arrivals, id lio panilns inorx pellne will be IIiIaredi to Irender tills Ieading Ron le frs thlle United States. SuIikrerilll onss re respectfully receive l. octl --11' A LI.A ILL 1IEEN MAIOll11II'S 'I'urkilh live, la r lchsnginggreiy or red hit irn tihe ield, or whiikers, or eye iirws, by i single application, into a Ierlllniliel bro.wn, Vllrvil Ingu cniipilete Ilack, with out stallihig ieitg Pr Iltl llfo n r lirBClre, jlst received at the lruunr, corner t. Charles & Io I ni stireets. BlUllH & .',.I.IAN, fell Ex:llllge IlHtel '10"rTTONS-I90 hn'es 7- ll adil 4-Lths twilled I.lw Sellloliuue for sille y feR I S C At IIlllIlsiiE & Co,u 131 Magtznen l IE :lIM CANIl.ES- iit blixes New ltedlird, Ilis C tiii oiu Ninea'kel iperei i. '/len fr rule by feu ISAAC BR{IDII: Au Co, 134 (11.41. CuIables ani ,h/r-I' chdin cubles 11 ll al nelers, landite lian brig nirn lizubeuh. I'icaytnu ll-Terandnfor salel W11 Inn'drI, h .1 9EAS--60 S ric (eman Peas in e for ae b' fellI CII IIAI.IN & COOPER 82 Jr/lin st fell CoIIA MPl' IN & COOPER.82 Julia st 1)OTA'IoES-'300 bbls northern pnto., ill store I and r iale by J T2IIAYER k Co, 1iO IlN'I'-lPnsesioa camn le givenr imllediiratel. SThat desrable/ and well finished dwelling huIei now in ouinplete order, at the corner of Camp anid ulia streets. Apply on he, or in U W PRITCHARD & JO IAGEIT'r Jr. fi5 Piydras & Mngazinre at S't0OIL CIIAINS--Li casks coil chains just received U and for sale by S LOCKE &. Co fell ii Front I.evee LOUR--I100 brlh eulterfie finlr, for smle Iby 1' e28 STETSON & AVERY 88CommPr SOAP--I1h0 boxes Boston soa no I and extra no ,i Sfor ule bIy SGIII.ANCHARDI) C HINESE TRUNK-- Just received an nssort men, of the above article, preventatives agninst molts, with peculiar brass lucksr, well idapted for la dies dresses or for alding papler d&c, living extremely lig/t and handsomel for sale at GOSSIP & Cu, fe26 Exchange hotel St Charles st AADEN (CORN--10 lfand 3 barrels, in store and U flor sal by SIIALL & BROiWN, fel26 96 Magavine st LOUR-4'll2 bhbls,lanlding fromu steam bout North Sltur, fur sale by feR26 C G DORSEY, 4I New .evee PINE APPLE CIIEESE jut received nid fur P INle be READ & BAI{i.- OW, iaul 7 a ik l'll. (ASH IIOXES-50 Cash ll Itoxe of our own nliulU Sfactiure, far superr r to t he i ngliul, for sale by jul11 S ICKEr &Co, 8 Front Levee TIIITE LEAD-500 kegs, No I in store, for sale bIv S LOCKE y Cro, janl8 8 Front Levee sat I' S. PARII.Y, Deanlit, respectfully gives no I* lice, tlhat e Imay be conrulted annually in New Orleans, during the iintis llos f Februnry, Marhel and 1 April. Iis nasmsin/tu in i/e lraclice, Ir Luui, wllose p/rofsinntull skill anl experinie, itit in tile isurieal and miechanicml delparuilentl, is unsurpassed inl this eounlr,i will relmain ierlmnenlUlliV. A .felu O"icet,59 I'nanl nstnl. OSIIEN BIUT I'El--A fuw firki,s for iale by Ial READ IIARSTI II, th 21· No 7 lank Place ( IEM EN'I-Ilydraulie eld iltnanjusl received and ) fursale by I:EAD & IIARIS'IOW, fre21 7 Iank lare. SICILY MA)EIRA WINE-Inghnmta L. P;Col, Zizza brands, in pipes, half pipes, quarrtr casks and uoitves, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, fel5 134 Magazine st e EXAS LANI) SCRIP FOR SAI.E-The suhnbseri S bern offeorforsalo twenty Floats of nix hundred tidflr tu' es 43 land, atc. '"y /the net of ite Legis itre is it 1ip an . lIt Id uId lIcatled lyloStgimer Sdhrlrl'iu /Ilea / ilrr. t nov29 'T"ll/S B I..E & CO. AINTED BUCKE'S-2-0 ,ll /u ore ana for febI5 74 Poydras st WHISKEY--50 blns in suri aud for anle by febr J THAYER & Co, 64 Poydran et CHA IIPLIN Au COOPER baving lnrsed i/e lIree ki brk sture Nr.79Julia an, lppositn dleir ohl stand, it rbn thp purpo rnrt farryiug IlUgn engcerynnd pris. to put up ordern fur groceries and prvisiouns either for plantationlu shnni or faoiln ue, on iheir usual terms. All rders will h puntlainly ateni/d i. I IAR--I00 hbds, on /l/lauin inn e i ei nu city, U i.r aru hy ID A BA/STOWY, feb 5 7 Iank place FOR SALE. A MULATTO WOMAN aged d22 ear, ancluiate and she in a roml d asrnntress wnsber, iruner, and house servnnt, with her child 12 lon/nths s rl, warrunted Apply ar 531/nen st bewwenil iieuile d Cueton r oue fts. Cub./l5 d O IL--15cankaJudd winter strained teinsed oil, " b US r superior arulee for rn/a By - AVANA COFFEE-I22 Iiugr, Iunditg Iroau buig cerloar /nnid 401/ bgu a intrtek lr e r by t/GIiMKIN-S50 gions G/rngns fpar bb eeiag, in2 . 96 Miganine at - ACON . ES-SO cunkc, landi/g from srelmie, !Inl-owa -.. a . sal DORetY, 4I New Leven BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. 0F EVERY DEuCRIPTION. IrEEoILY, IIANDrNMELY AND CIIElPLY4XlE(lITEl? AT THU OFFICE OF TIE True Jrnerierna, ST. CIIAIRLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 CIHAMPLIN & COOPEIR, GROCEIRS ANDI HEALERSI IN PIROVISIONS ANI) FEET), No. 79 r, 81 Jlulia sheet, New Orlens. Qj Ship and Fnulilyutore.. puL up. r III 5 LIIUIPIIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS Noi~. 53, Biienvlle street.. 'II.I.IAºl R. CAIINES, wouldl respelctfully in. Llrlln Inln friauddan lia pu lbliC taint lie in 1on rinutly rueiving fruo.nNuw Tlurk uu.d Ilk.;... u n.! aunurt,,umut ofuriluru, such ul inurnyug..uuychairs, rofun, lRedzteun,, utinlll ianal poined cuairs, Insidd e Rai uhen..v lednteads, muinguny usd clhery tuirle. ,,full demuriptiun., ,ureauu, ujilux., uuuteurovU, uritiug deusk, 'anlrd.l u-nof nnrugany uud ulierry, nwuh weunds, lokirng glnun..,Iuublaur;, bcdding.ake. Au. Nit. Furnltur pncked fur turInsportation witlh great care. uulv13 FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur tUUISIANA, iiFFEI.S his services to the public i; thel depart n ents of Surveying anti Civil Engineering, both in rown aml country. Frol o,iniderable ex erience in his professiot. and Iby romp5te05 and fidelits is the eereton of lbusiness entrusted to. Ilill hie ]topes to nlerlt and eeeive a share ofpuhllie futrooae. Ilewilt also measure and eualtIte the ontelts ilo wuli anti excavtionsa. Olice No (lCharn esstreet, seRond stoly hack. je BAZAA R. BUSH & ALLEN. NO. 1, EIXCHANGE HIOTEL, .'oruer of St. Ch. rles nnl Common sis,. NEV IORl.EANS. TMsIPORTERS and Dealers in French anid Eneti-h rerforu6y; MlanssiiIg CLIe. nitid Portable Itklt. Cutlery, IIoehr", (sloves Shirts, Stockli, Utlirtlis, Cnes,.and Fancy Articles. 15 McCOLUMYI & DOSSY, Factors & General Commission ller/tants, tloB1ILIE. Refellrnes in New KirkAnen, A.bernathy & lannso, ) Casldwell A Ilhky, I'uop, PIwers & C'o. JOHN STTEWARiT, ANo. 5, Plat Siret, .5e , O ,l'k, CO.IMMISSION MEI CIIANT'. IMIORT'I'EI and dealer it Ilatters PIushes aid I trilllilngs. Ampl l sl age may Ie had onI lud. erate terIs, alid every atttion pid to goodIs for ward. ¢t I r ils crare. Itefberencr:- rle.ore. I.rue & Provost, N O. ( or 2 I l I iusi _l C o. nov°?. 183,- h' A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, IWholesale Grocers and Cononissron llerrhants, No. 17 ('omo.on Sotreet. N Otrleans. T]'Partieularattentiin paid to th ,tuttiug up of Stount bet and Ship stores. nov2 BANK NOTE ENGRAVING, RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON l AVEl opened n officeu ill New Orleansi. ossrssing eltAl adovaarir s jitl their hluse in New Tork, fur tie Ipurpose uof egraving 1ll, printig Bluak Notes, Btlond, , Ihls of Egchlange, Cersltlates of I)puositeO, Cheks and otllher imiorlltst paper, requiring security aguinlst Fiorgelies; lod halv v ade u lnolp pluovision Ior the ai*e kelilg of Illliie {lplatald ill aressiOUU enllltst edo o their care; their specs i ens eln rance he notes of over fiie hundred halkihln institutions, and all orders will be executed with proi tipi de,o and on thie usual terms. Office, corner oll Royld & Clnol streoi. 1n7--tf SAMUEL TORY, Jllerchandise Broker t Commission Merchant, d13 Office, 36, Comp st.-For the present. O. II. BLISS. SIIIPBROKER & COMMISSION ME RCHANT, No. 63, Poydras Street, NEw'-oR LEANS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO.. IPkilesle Clothing E.ltblihshmest; No. 3, Manazine street, 7 AVE oonstnItl' on ihand a lrge sioply sof Cloth l ins, calul;latd foIr tihe unumitrt trad e. lTheir ats. I sorlltlelt being large, inerchnts frouin tile couitry can be supplied at the shortsot notice. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)DEN, No. 14 Charlrers ltreel IIAVE aoonointlaltnllllllV f er" arti a el' utasliiii to getttleItt+a'ii dress, of the latest style, atiNew Yiork tprier's ,tee 20 J. . Ross SURGEON DENTIST SNo. 33, ltRoyal trept. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA ILISI [IM EN'r, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Ilanks' Arcade. t IVILLIA. GREENE, PROPRIIETOR * H. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New O :lans, Felb. "25 s JARVIS & ANDREWS, SWIIOLESAI.E ANID RETAIl. I)rAIL.ERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE ST'ULFS AND IYI.DOW GLASS, e Corner ofl Conmnlon and Tahoupitoulst streets, NEW ORL.EANS. NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANI)REWS. A large upply o Garden Sueeds. warranted the growth of 18537. It DOWL.E& AT, I)EAI.ERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CAROnnDLErT STREET. O FIREM EN'S d INSURANE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. I This Company aror now pretpared to take RISKS AGAINStT FIRE. UVFICE, or No.24 Musson's Building, Casal E I. r'IRA.\cY, New Orleans, May 15.18 31. Secretary. ROBERT CLIANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER e No. 12 Camp street. ii Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, VarniLsel Brushles, m,30 Window andi Picture Glass &o. Ac. T. W. COLLINS A TTORNEY & 0 STLLOR 3T 9UO ISI: NOW pretising in tIhe Stole acd City Cnurtse. Cli d oeats wIN find him at theClerk's office,U S Circuit e Court, in the Custo IHouse building. jell is T HE subscriber, Isving reciverd a commission as IT Deutoy Surveyor of United States Lands. for tlli a. State, oNliro his services to the public to survey and - Icute Lsllls in any part .il I.ouiitna. As heretofore. all oposratias, eitlher of Srurveo iln or I Civil Eogiuering, snph as alignments surveyus plasr - drewtigs, levclitgs, irofileseElcIIlotiUois of excavation, id mbenkmneat, icontent of walls, c.. either in t swn or count'vy will'be ipromptlly rnd faithfully attended Ito. Chargeres r lohable and teroms cash. Oitlee 55 Ma Sgaz ine street, in Banks' Arc t les. I, docl-Ie aw5,o FRED). WILKINSON. S r THE Suascrillers offer at wholesale the following goods. At IIATS--100 cases moleskF silks, as Srsorted sizes at blrimss. iri l0 do best No I di do eel I=00 do dol Nod ds do is 100 eases hest No 3, assortd sizes anld brims. •r dlo Ievarer, a suplrior article; [51 slo Fine Nutria; 50 de Extra do 2r90 do Blaekhnni Whi:e Russia; or 50 do Extra BSllso Itissias; S 10 do MI skrat t&Cuey ltrroad and narrow S d bnms, for4osense and eunntsry trade; " do All ranks ofniilitarv& inavulI Ulshamsis; " do Childdres silk and loussia Hats,oll sises. SCaps--Fur. Otter, fur ieal, N.ira, Muskrat, and ue h/rts Seatl, istro dozesn cases. id, Senlette. d Clt Ceapns--Pickwlick, Pulish Avril'[ hat ,rt Fr ommt,ForagOe to. Military ondreos, iI, Lesther hitngsng. hildren's Fancy I urbans, Plaid and Vulvet Caps, Y] tSto tot-Snt,.Sitk and Ilonhbasine, ol the nestest ] tyles. Imbthuella--silk and oil tton. - bilitary Ploutirs, oiled sill. ndi kiadkershies--Pongee and Spitsldatl5.s.s / Bamulboxes for hatters, wood eases, duble for dry gnod" T 'h ansove eoods cootproe na lase stock, and all "d athelalteet pltterss, anil will he tdd at s smsall ad. vtllte, with cost end choree sti New York 'ricen. "I'ss i hscoriibers willtekhe orders for snstthose, Tesa.osute rkets, htr tle huIsos erA |1 Gossip & Cn.HSa lasonufseturers. New Vl\'rk, el at tho slhortest poshibh notice. (ermnan and Freuch Plnuses hitnght. IGOtSSIP 0,r0 CO. Naval, Military, and Fnshitnahle Haterss, i sss " Exchal ge Hot.l, L "JUT-ULItEEII & Sih sVonrts--A Tloreeliss sot I, L Ull Meerrm sed Silk Wotrlut. trinoulseted fosm tsi rClt e, I vul,8vo, junst received attld lor oale t th SI ptothokss Issf A 'I)W A.\R, lel 49 t:ainps mer .----- - --- ...... .. - SINNY ISAGS--is hsss s aald bldutllrs, ftr usle 1, " -li IAAC BSI P ISI:E& o, 131 llosgz:tl SPECIFIC SOLUTION. A LL whoare suffering from UIItE''IIRAL DISEASElI S A npb as h ONOItII I.EA, GLEEI''8, SKItlC'I'U ItI, IKIII'IATIIN O1''ITIE KIDNEYS, IIIBADDEI, UIE'I 'II; NA, PILOSTRA'jE GI.AND), ol. all DISEASES of th.e U MINAKY PASSAGEIIS, PAINS IN TIIE LOINS, GRILAVI, Lumbago, or from GeneralI Veaklalde, or DAeility, tre natured thlat this valu.lblb Il , cdeIIe nt all times c rres:uld perl'.cIy.aeTdicalao lhe uabe caaa ,aenaa.iuch .Oaer hailll .lly tlllhr nd iuVlnlrlsly ilmproves tlhe ouutItiItioll l"ll~| d eueIrl health, allal restores Lo v'igor lcll S pat r ll Ils ell lll llr ed lb diyeu.e or iprapl:r Irallneallnt. Iu l, nIII.c. IIcld c cal ., colllmtred to itilad it lllne llptively cured ianlly IlIIIur lh. lIdllAvidl.| aftier all other ,adicines .,,e , ilul, i I+,. ally l.dperiedill the ua o1' tdl,, e JljUrlll. taalJ lntuuueul Illaliciars-alalvIUaP,, , lellleat.I .bl u..r-Ury, A c. ill Il adilll tlI the aluerustlllllllsltb,,dI rkeiatje l'rsm nl. Slola·ofalltwrlilll:tlllllll haetrs .alll.aatl Illae,,A ar irat,s nIh lldll d s4 d al taIIIe oI tlhej lghE t S talldl ll I thae pro Ifealaan,,,ll Aeri.g itstilllalgy a lns llrarIl,-aj asutee.ip fve IhulldreJ polls1 rIwlrllh- blslclrerern l e lvr .I tII. IY red N IIllR WJIOCII1l I~rudllli. ll." rlrllr~lly .II"I tld ~'lo .I'i n' peEIil Oululiull. After tlllh nol'urther r l culllelt LUsl Im iccc.tary' III tlakllhig a few lIl th d'llaafiicate1. "1 Nava Ipreslrllhed llJ ldi S Pe'lic SolUlllO t., everal pa liyittaa hlyboia unader Urahaarl Ii.alli.hlrg., ta hy am Ih. aiut, Ihey weretaa ll Luatled agpaMul t' r nlla e aIln'pa aa.l near Imefre wttllln+bl'd, .ad lhelr elncrt. Ileultll wax Ilucli Ilitprov ell II. 1.1"i', M . l). "Lecturer aon Mllwifery, alt larthllalallla'I Sl.alall.a' Dr Clarke .hats poe-rileed 1'ularld'n TI"'' lie. Slllutiol, to st'u. sty patLllt I blylurlla ullJer lethral I)l.cllr es, ula d Ilavr, a lly lfoiand they wereaa cured in mtuch ell ltilllta lau hr al.d lr. ¥iuu+ly ubl~rvedL, Wlll w llniug prep)slll lu+ oa (of Coalyv Ult ii' ofr "llllioa it i. a relnldy ulluqUl rd, alld ullu thi.t hle ,llatld, inl tutlro tu pro~crtbe fur his palieun. I.ONDO., Do...ber2, lrfd7. Dr Green hereby certfese Yuluuld's .p:cilic Solutiull t is mIt emealtu,, remedy.,ia, anlly allta rollaas a UrIllIa. Di, itsesotw r thS......t y PreDaPk ,ioa Uf.ol lr he l . ... hle ibove Call be tlbtaillcd only at No. 93Cuatuui hlouse et, inl New Orleurll. MEDICAL CARD. AND IMPORTANT TO TilE AFFLICTED \Til!I DIS LANIES. A T'REATISE osl Veners l tlteses, titoorrhtt;, tile,,t.tld btsiksure, , lt ludiug prrtiul byrlvtllollt oil Stl..t itea.eby aitly sg Ut.1 tdrly pbuest, te tyt. all ,r.tllt cau, obtltlll rll imlllvd~lae cure, with cnre. .erecv uad bUtfe y· It is a dNeblaldhly i1tt, thiat Ituuilld, ttis vltilus t tile Iil lle tyl ' tMll ntll g LU title N sultllfltlet; it" er I file. wI yl lllletl fU s Lhllltle~l l vpUII( II b:-'.elel rU i IIie leul'lr bttlt,,sitbt1t,ssll tlueuye,ylst,t wlsthily,,tlrslestllh hu, .e ultbt (ly, dllllltlbt IIbillst. gl,.oit e IdiIs.h Pisrst destil',lle - ·llllela gleelp, nud Ilolod or lllu *Ii hl~lllblll ,r tI1 ill e .llth a i.l rl lll delblllty slld dcclY of' the eoullrllULll ii rer . e 81 a Ile sllellhUly st ellth I utg Iterild to Ilelr dre.Jll .ller I StIloliY' l'Uit FYI lO CPECII t] PII. LLS, A L'erfaiu, haln, pll lld h IiiO.I . }ePady rellletv c. l:r tIll.verled I~llrll~ll'l {.leelJ, rtle.llrrI L(l~lllllldl ii Cekllti·l |lall'l. in tile I1. IIi ulftee~lllullr olthe kl~llue),CiF, gu I~lbil~b lOIuruldllPli hl irr - lutt ltotlt "ls y hl ttr o r o ralt t t , s. d tlI t lltr dites t d 1 s l he u rl Lltry llalgelfcqe.llytY 1( ICll~rlrlllig ail 1II(.i fucle lnre i[I IIe . iI tsre, y tbsss,,,tfly tbhst~rahlvv ltsdl whlt.., h t,,t'tty, ttrl~ tot ally .cldlniuirtl~rtd, I le il~llt);ll~ler(d ll llly lhlqlaud. TheIIUI~· 1·I rjpeclllL lllllruoot (lal ci,.i. 411111*h. i"11 Ill~lcll)uu !(lsnl31 I)ur . j'ylllg IiI thlr llrlll·rl:a l 1I(II 0 llldc lllllS. 111" lhlll1· l' Py t ~III ly' rellluve lhe li-~.'~lleitut rullt,,ilt by sllcir selitll tlhe dltyisr ellafullelltll. odttti"e glho o.sltll ttetlllhl t.rL tstlr hIunlr, ti sllelr ,llbttltlei y) lllihl i sslllltl'tr(.los stlde its Io ctbly i tslt tsb1s. std l sll ,tl tl s " llllr ;lItd llllthlllt ;t llhlllltellllb, l, I plNwe . y .Tll lelIthl~r .l~llllIll lllerrury Illlr arlly urlhlr Illlll~rlill, andI Ully y I tIlll·lll tlilllU'.t tlll. .lllll~lltl* C1.llllllCII .r lit.~ llV.PrV TJy rey tyuire Ils rettrullll o s` syel, ,, ot tIstIsI 01 hill Irblle O tf Illlsi Ile tt, uI, el1`e~t s lstlllsl., ,,lri ilhllulsll iy.t t PItsUtlt t llst tlle ipaliellL. At oily. ItcrlodWlell theCI MLgh.811:L~ 1191.l i e it ), erlsl, t wl l wI e wel tu Iile reelullr~l: Iii Ihll .llrel~lctilt PittA tbuus ytsl ifnrh Ills, fseNby UtlOllt bbll. rtl.le, itl'llt 'Itg rlbsntittll I ttIru tslll y lsltid ot TIlsllY h l tll iisiuslli~lslly I'leJ~rcn I'ler., itldi,iul' I 'liel olu IIII~J~jlll dlr.[t [ e r 8 e Irlllll- dre~aduli, liollrle. irlcrlllp ful I1|*. IFII Itlfleeah inlh..IT·(I 1ICIllllllllllelCrIII IIIll 'lle~lli) UIllll'IICII tile ).1ill. llchIlltiiiI"i~lU. of drl~l .I iun!rlu tlle lll el Irlltllb· u~lleslliU aud 1Ihlal OII)IIUI lllP sblls s ti y sllll~l, l Illllt tslt.e- lll hl a..c, ll1)1elI, Ui illss d ill. atdtsdll llt * il.sltts sI oe shltllliy tilu ,.It. b Ilelleao jul~lllU~tle Illelleltl-- d)DIllPC~ll· PCLIF llld li,1r. LI rl~ o lie I if llllg wlie I .lll deri~U l. l. t I'l~~~.i.le r:ll llllllUI elrl Ie1 liusg stsiitysgid st ijs1, i bt, e ~f I)EI" lrrYLll life IUbhe Llltlltllrlre cllell. i1" ll for l, W eti Rltld~ lellwytn l Ien d hiiT e Ill d ealy y lloltllr, IltlcrLill crallul~ll 1're' lll bllle huifdes, hl UCrI· ore dclllrlly wh~eud Iort e ' =eh Ilue hlslall.e~ relulellll. raetice..I cxce.Nv drIIIl k r uBciul y oslet Nt. 96 Cstty wie t i s itwcrstl I:Ullli. tl IiNut lllO t Illteblc, tereiole" of llr flrlllI .11' ud apell diasre orllltl~l~r a Ilolldur Illdt O t.ilouu hllh~. 'I'berye tgtbe Pills are wellll klOl 1"ore lh eill Ill llie illrrssld el]'etat Ul irlnedvr IIf· .ellnr ,aly IylptlllI niellerl Ler I~o ul all A)Clll Eill the , ule u t oe tbs roul Csstdis'ei'ti itero Ils5 ,lllulllllyssl srsos lla Crltds sssun , lglb t r atI. el uN.ts D IOllSSt sd Sudlit,,s.,,5 tlisrsi., Islllll lih list.old, It I Ihtesbs ..ttdlill ".sllill.,s, sn tt ilpdsltNes utlrttllf ftulu Oi Illll)Ul Llale Ylill1" lh~e I~C UldIh h l'he tie PIII. ale wurtlly tpl ac ilIh llil· o" i c~ltisssssbt iliss si th itiotssstbs is. Lsic s sytst.,e stoo~d.,1 l bIilly ls s.llb lg ll ,tsts, t tlllb, s s Us tlit litst .stotey hA~,d t io sttts.blt, ull b ibi(itsIItsUettst ld.,I sst" Nrlet.I s D YIIIEItOFESSWORI1 S¢"DU R'Sl IIyGFl~B IAN11 lEI1 PILLSDI l s er t seis clie,. rIlu U of evely . )eeelll , Aplyl 5-it yllcs llC dbt1st I lslsd Ilhe tllltulls s.or e arl froll ier illrII~ ·Olle tl I e: tlllelll. lild r~llllilU I1IU peac fill e.lho I.hnlr aive. IUt IUllle olileuriolla a luldyll Io Iri ielle, wf Ilhrua oervliollS Olin alslllo we~lllll .l'C i.¢c, futll-lII Ihull'elrsall to Ibis reafltc ofll del.Stlna. Ill iiI itlranldy. al I~dr DllieSly l enlltlll~e. IOlllretlet II Ulltll to llume i t~ orders ia rlCClllg frl~ll i. Ioo're ul)ll iullrlllllral I) llllll.luu lrllills of ilereollS lxltetiool birllll lllio:ledljI, lie Iullar~irl Il, Illeen eller!atll ilnestraii tl of oUldte.I uli FI h.t rllU re~lll. lI t et ludllclily cldul dla[et lleyI whel~lhcr th tlll Yiiiuellee ii1 Il lll uerelll disease. owillg to tile ullskllfuhlelus el IIllotrate mlellI who, by the use o1` Ilhl deltdly iiil.ltll, llleruiiiy, l Ull tile I.DII S·ltullulltI; n1id whell Ihe greatl Iteter rwedcllrr bee:lmlle Plo~ Llessr at L.eydeu UIIIVerilyI lie cou l, rreld 11 irllul'll Ule belle lIt Iupoll Ulltnlkllld Ily· tiLle iScoVery. u1` hli· grlllllll |lllllUeeUlt thea cure of thll depl~lrulde colllphlhltl. Never~l l d, I a dsovery excite aI creater *Celllatlo.;l I ith w OLIFI ough Ct aftrllh) uv~ildty. Uld used w~ith llde.IU intillg: rUCI:r.. lUII Ihilltllb Illinllllte .ld hiul lea I C:lleS o1" tile delicate culll lilldnt, for tile ellre Of whlieh ttlly havelbeeu s, ll~ll ee e I~ratcll. Tke: falil o1` these PIJ ills tr.' out (il:rnallllly causred thelir ·lerrdy Iillrod iIctlonl ille abllosat el' PrY eOUliltry. TheI (CertalintLy wlllh Whlieh LheUy weLrei t.lltillUttlly ullunllaireerld, e.lll be ;ltlfrlrd hly irllrly tl ou~ll d.; ill I~letI duro lug "1h1e lo~llg outiulelltasa, l .urte were tile iul~e )urbld ecll1| uli "'os ll pu .at'eraurdl o ther soldic!r, iu all cuses whvrre tile allglller~l.uul sricu o illfl'ello l vas elterlailledo \\lrl'llutllth pl~ll crd ,e IrnlrI1ol+. a Tlrllrle JIPIIIIh', ll 1wichs ol~ilb ll'lI ucl i'arti·lle of iiIltldlOtl16 JHiOlOlll I1urllj~illg ii1 Ihe~lr proaters thle ithole 1Ila. of tlhlid.; Ih~eY uot (I1uly rellllOe tile illrru~e }u( rollol'llte by Ihesir nll~tlllll,'l dbolnnl.'nel flllltlllll*l~l ulh (I.r- el lellillb' 1Ihe bro~arcr tl~unlrll-, ruld iiI Ii mlUMilcr .1 il nld .lld Illll)eree )tile L·UhIIIIILR e IIle I1O. eepln )11. O1"lhir uslo l l511lll lld ItIUtliuqUalled l)tlwCr.; 111) uieilhereonunlauIItrllr·- iir .Iuy ethel iltillcrtd, anld 1113y lie rilkeUl uli lhuul th~e sI. pletcl rll$ )icioll o1` di..overy--thecy reqllilre IiOl re~rlrtlllt of dllet, Io-i of \mel or hislllrlllll of bl(l~llletsI but PI]ec[ ii Eonlplete CUI re9 ilhI oat file IeUIl exposure to thle puliellt. At ullv lPer iod iv~ra tile sliglllest Eurlell.~olllml~elr.Vel II will heo wvlll lu Ilve rel'our~e Io tlhe Ilygclan Ilerb~llls, for wheu tu~lZll Ilerors file dicease hl~l nIlrid.t11 lip I~lran lllle ts til s d ieerllllll llrF\.elliYe. rllnU ring tlhe cllnllplullllt ellielruul y sii~d secretly. '|'11o dcltorulhle slate ill whrichllly ni~legrrlll. h~llve becll, wlhlcl lltillp till. pro prietor, from tile iIlse of Micrrury, r~·iidars it hlllperarirely .e cesllry tu cnslutil Lhe pullh¢ against that daugerou, Iliuerit| wheu illjudllciou~ly admiinisered. T'hose pil. sIhould 1"Orlll It portion or all nledlicille clcrts Iby sea and laudl, Illd ough~t uever tLiI,eii onlitltd by auy Iler.,ln Fn in~g II long voyage or Journey; Iheolr pn~~roleurti:s ae lllh ihlt Ilcit erheat uor1 cold w~lll lujUre their quaity, or Prevell| their due etffcl. on thea I onrtitulion. Yold at No. 96 Customl house sl, New Olrleals. TtII. MOST IMUPORTANT BUUMAN DISCO VEIIY. A _CLERGnYDlAN, lute o1" the Camblridge IUuivercity. hav ingrdircoverod ,I inlolbod of eurillg himself' o1` • Neryvll or Malltal Compllllilt, o1" foultree~l years' duratlOU, alld u four years havlllg had abLBve 9,000 patients, sll of whllol he hasr cur I~ed wuho 1"ollowed hIs allvice, except twelve, offers 1"rulu bcllevo lenee ratller thllu gaill, to eure others. Low, alllrlts, tllellllll de bility iIid erllmlelltoll, dterllill iliUll of" blood to file hlead, ver tigo, grOUlldlel. lear, 1`aihlre o1` melulory, illculmaeity for hullo iles·. Iludy, dc., rertlerslles,, irrurolutiull, wreclehedness, Inde ci~ioa, delurillm, mlelauleholy, thouughts o1` sell dertruetiol, li~l asC~t. i! e urable 5ry t is i mI ....... discovery° .1 ...... Apply to No 96O Curium house st. Newa Orleanl. HEALTH AND BEAUTY. STONACII PILLS -An emiuen t maedical writer has remark tied, and experience has plroved the. fact, that those wieo are nttentive te keeping tbe tlom en and bowel., i proper order, preserve health, prevent disease, and generally alt ou ruburt, cheerful ,nJ healthy old agn; for tlhat dell'able 1pUroseI-hewc pills arc dU.,ptedbeut: preplred with tihe sullphale i" lel~llne, exblltct of U l 1olle flower-, Rod thi IIIstl. cholce ,tomuach e andaIlolaerielt drugs+ of thre yllerl t ,1Pdihea. They hote iii .1k1 cases, proved superior to every otlher lledlcllle |lIIthe cure of ttloaelh Loid liver comlllaints, Ios of aplpetlne, ludigel+ll, ellsatigob of fllne.s and1 opple+tlol after 11meals, hlwi turhe of breath, and nl n exellelzt restoraive after anyr exscs It tlhe to. ble, as thley'gently puerse aid clealn- tie 6hxcl, ltrolgthell lhostonliah, and illnvigorto the oolnstitutioll. Fulllaes whlo value good health should never be without Ihem, as they purl fy the blood, remove obstructions, ned give the skan a bmautl ful, clear, lealthy allnd loolnillg aplpleratllprn, 1'11rsoli of a plelhuosi habit, xleo at.eulbjct 1o he,·l :aitll{, hildlntes-. ,dlm I,11eof sight, drewsiuo+n, or have ton grealt a -hlw of l1. od wo the head 8htonld lnke them fre, uely, Ihddr,,la and persons of all ages, illma take them lat any time, at ailey dt met colltaln any mercury or any ingredient thai rcrmresculr,IIfiaIIII' or restriction of diet. Thley slnuld ,e keplt ihevery ~lllly asa remedy in canes nf sudden illness; for,by their 'eropt ardlllilu istratioll, cholora mariun. 'ralmp, splasms. fevers and olher a harming complainlt, may be Spoallilv curdl1 or pret uuted. Sold at No. 9I Custom house st, New Orleans. SARSAPARILIA PILL OF HEALTH; OR, BLOOD PILL. r1.!11S excellent family pill is a medicine of Iong tried offi . eacy for colrectiug all disorders of the stolallarh untd how els, the omamon aymptotlo of whlclh are eotitveness, liuculel ey, t.psnms, sseof appetite, tic. headnhea, glddilnes, selse ul fulllln1 after imels, dizsiones of the eyes, drowsiness and pains it. thle sltomch and bowels. Itldi on'+liol prorluting a tar bid slate of the liver. and n consequent I~ctltVily of tile ow. lN, mausing a disorganization of every funlctiol o1 Ihe frallc, will in tbll mtit excellent preplratlinI, boa1 little perrever nte, be effeltually removed. Two or three doses will con vinee the aflicted of its salutary dffects. Tle stomach will slweedlly regain its strength; a healthy action of the liver, low II al ndkidnevs will rai dly lake place; sad inateat of li+Ilera .,lrsb heat pain and jaundiced n ppearance, etrengthrllltlvty, aud renewed healtb will be the qu ick oreIt of takinr thills Ule dlcilne, accordlng to thedirections acromlpauvyig esc1 box. TLhee pillsare particularly ellicacioos for stomach coughs, colds, agues, shortlfls oi breath, ild, all nbstructions ill the urinary passages; Rnd if taken after talrf eaubndulgercelt table, they quickly restore the system to its natural stale of arso°e nsn+ of • full h hldt who are subfject In headache, giddi nots, drowuvhale and lllgil g il the ears, arising from I oo great a dow of blood to the head, should never be without Ibeul, as imany dangerous symptoms will be enltirely carried offby their imlllediale use, For fema esthele pills are most truly excellent, removing all olbtruotio ll, the diatressing hea laLeh so very ýrevNI.Illt with the sex; depr ision of spirits. dullue. of ighbt, nervous alffctie' botche plmplea and salolWlnesd" tile skin, and give abealiky and juvenile bloom to the ,lulnplexiou. I r mothers they are cmlgdenttly recominendod as 't best medicine that can he taken during pregnancy; and fot hildran of allages they are unelualled. |As a pleasant, safe, easy apetianLt tliey unite the I t .ommen dation of a mild operatio, with the moat suceeesri1 "I·Ces, and require nl reatratlltof diet o.: cO emaenm during ,heir uon.- By regulating the dose according to tile age and et eogth ofthe rpalient, they biome suitable tour every case, in ei her sex, that can be requiedd; and (or elderly peoplle Ithey w l he found to [e tile moateatmfortable iedicillne hltertq profited. Sold It No. 96 Cuotons hooLt at, New Orleans. + &- 3 111 im i11111 NtNMIl C~HAMPAIGiN-Heir >iaG' ,r{ a tc,3ib a~k ' ~/ in quart;, 25 do in itilual r-FPPiecd ail Bale (3 UW PRITCHARD J 'I'AGEI.R r'Jr, { 1e6L cor PaedeMs & Mlagazirsett( C OFFEE-tlovemncent Java eollee, just reee:ved C ad f l,r by U W rRITCIIAD & J TAUE RT Jr, (e"1 cor Poydrao .k M& aeznow r» o3ZUAN= KJTfbGR*PUIC OFFICE Nqo. 63. Mtagainel 4(reel, oppoo lo 'lmostk- 'Altade, CISTABIISREIElfr the execution of idipotpoeoIa 1 1FA and drwings, gIohalIUts' circlularc hlroit aUs{ aildrees oerds cf coarc deerijiuh, fuuernolol uiro bnchecks, dlinv rceeipls, &c. ptipl'J audrxscattt~ J~u acp and, editiol tIyc I.- ItII IUE E NB ~ CI Br le* ~aoly cccul ifENE1 ,B Rnkote t tty,:aeutc1I..,1 u24 STEAM IBDA'jjrr...,Lbi pWNEIt4. A(IENTS,.t CAPTAINM.jiSb$Ah, onA'1$ anae thleir- Eilia atnwk' f.j d or wor, Coblred Inks, an IPnin or Coloawd Paper, leg depldtrb, and on f/aaorale '/kr,nn, by tensig ItWhr JHInE ns iTRUE AMERICAN OFFICE, cprer of I'oydrn.. and -m. Charles streets. Nnpss' -Ii "' COTTON CIRCUILAUS 03l PRINTED veilth Ihe. realest Pl pd lion, nnd in a sylre unsourpsoaad in, New Ovr.OEANS, or else where. Ooooss left .1 ( ooo'rvoaa Ra"ns it S.·. ('b es Es ."l en o,, ((;Dente of G(harier SI) or at 'I' It U E A )I EtRICAN PtI N'TINi( IY IC EI, corner of I'ov'tr..v and St- Chasla Sve, t., tril hi. pronnply olalbd.d to. DorA· --Il. CARDS t IPRIN'rEI) at the lsharlest Notice, is the most ekgaat snsoer, in nlack or Colored, aosEnamel led, White Flake, or I'tin S rfited CAnes, antl Pri,.e very reasosable ast 'I'ItE AIE:ItICAN OF FDICE, corner of l'.oyssha ad St. Charles eis. Several New andl ellanitiftl Founts of 'Trs have just been ad led to the Estab(tdnt eut. Orders received at Comiltitt Rooml, At. Cerl es Exchange, 3rd daor from Griavier al.,or .a) the Printing Offic. eons., of coydr.ts & St. Charles streetls uoal-(f NEW MIEDICINE. Dr. G. R. Phetp'as Cpposld TOMA TO PILLt. '.tltirelo Vegettalln A ner and isoltoble tl lc1tihe firt alls Diseaola, a.s a ubsliihte'for ('aloatl, as a 'atltatlic in F.osts raid all BilliotI s Afferliout. ItINFE rttpultr Ptllt eoilo.,scotlttsima oe s stewly Its eeldloll Alktline sllllFiet, eCxtrctetd ftttt the n'' Plant ; wit. otFher Ve.gnLahlesuhI u,+tlllCr which haive41 a foeti-nd ,to iddiry d afflr . it, eIfeors.t J e Ielieved tu bethe Alutter, ctean nedt Calshurtil Miedl oo eort disseore. Thloy tuty. Ilte t ablundantly sld .sueeslfully tlied, a.d hltve nrtslnn sptn.tllatioll foe Screfuls, ilogtepsia, Jsalnlsce, Bi. Iluua daIOeUtMt. Griveyl,. IBkre'l:n.ti(Lj( dneollle COdbla Infiltrate :at.,lrll , Norvotl dieso.,e, Acid sltmnecht.,Gilldutlr Iwel. lings asll konlh+,tCostioeoe-e, (Cob.h Ile.dseh,&ec. Ato Attidotv to Cttslotou solld E, ivlestie disrs.,es to per. eVPIII tlls fornllt li rof ,ls l ad Tliver tfltotlta., '.ve.r sid Agse, Sc. Ihs th o, wlln ritode itt s Iet dimates. ms low R tllhllriy cllltriut , ltld tIe htt c.tlihlrlic hatit ll s ee used tt l those locdlte., teamm sill filld tfolot iF lltllhn retdiy for tile Stt' : ntd T'raveolltersti e Ihott mtdici:e tly COan u- to cotlller ilrct i! ,F ospou o is ulnhtllhyell I.tasP. Porrllhlttry F;nldlt 'hI:c, thlyoure unilertlllya'n lroslt l . tte Isb.t tver oftietol. Tf, pr, cilalan, rirlu tuf lt 'I',,tl'toPln th. o erl- rnr a irol time notrttet tlet Ittttiltilllo of the ) oledli' l ptofls.sion Odtht ve~lupemnet el" itts letdt ilol tlltol:tioe, whitch the proprietor is hap sy in I ow tile to grolif'-anil proty ett hi. pillt to th tllllic, with tile fu I onlildtnc of thter tt itid tle MOST ( . o. ItIlcl Vat'AIcLe n IIoMeDY I:Vo DltCOVLnes. NtIItIettU trlltol t ,lr I,.,rs f(I' l too osE who ltoe sheLnl them, slid tcstinallOiy of trral.+. plc) l+rlp b wllu iole Ilrer rlln d therm,nll tostr otof reortorlt tit.lto. s ilql. The t attpeitly ltcti .tlg dt.,,llld ILt, tnllo ldte tivrretolt u ilrlltt iotu Itossltwed MIln Sbdoonl o a os i addl oma evidolas O o illtir sell s uld e. to proest t trtIit trlirtle Io tllhe pustl,, tile proprietr Wvs sll tUltlllttd ly itli hopl t thal O tettI., CItlitttlsed wittsh mu. cut,,, cnd c a ih l , Isricl tgd to) eh i Ch, lnltme I .lld 'l'toernpva tic 1 oprnll.Sa of ,te e'rrl l g mIllgelrIFl,"1 shouhl ~Lkethe" |edse, ol'I tie isllltolltlblt t lls dlelol .i l f ti of day. with wnhilh tho otullry taolluodt-asd rom It e favlr tlrtely tlanwed sptn it Iby tptycie.a and otoher, Ie feel, justifted iusepectistgthis reul t. For A ftll aro o t cf Iolli illtotsille diseserey. 4+liti oi ne,, lltolo o1 olerttino. he. 00e tampltlts,5h hllt w kl gtatis eottll s hO ,Its llteri pills. Ncmse lr, glctio willbu tile o iEnatumeo'. qt . . 1i. IL D, ole ruptrletur, etllrtitrd, Ctoll. FOR SALE BY, E A F.olllstle, Generall Age. No. I:. Exchnnge Placeit Do, Ito l'ttOtfce. Also, by A A Peyshaus, No I+J BUe lRneya J. taker & Co, No 7 N7Nw tonoe, Dr. A Murthall, Corner St J.ates alld Tthllsploulas t. J. Rost, Lafayttte City. G N Morrisos.sNo II1, Canllal street, G Jone., orller Tivoli Circle nnd T ltor1V'l.k. UJThoste that will to nct lt ,.pg.t., address E A FOL. ,ANo'EI', wotolesalo Aatell,; tar 4 I rT i E pbllic are rert eetfully mfirned that les intll Sttillo is erected onr tile Iost improved plan, and in an ao.yv and Imost adt irtrahle ollllalioll, in the falbour rF!ekliu, upon tihe rmiht rd, one ie irole tl die Adinii T'Ihe Ibilding is large asn I ostl eommtlioslnv divided int a tlrinetjllt fr kepnT separate ditterent elasesl, The institution is suppli i I with tne most skilful and ittentive otle and femlna nuase, and speaking tihva riouls itlmi lalnguges. Private rooms may be aid byh gentlemen at five dol latrs pal day, intcludin attelldallee, &c. Terms inl the or inarv wards, two dollars per day. Slaves also two dollarl . Stmall Poa in the ordinary wards, fivt diollrs. All capital tourgial nperatlona extra. The r.ittient phritcial is Dr Weddeman,to whOem thaplllntion fir tdnlnitston must be Inade. or to DrC A Illzetltberg, No ti tltampart strevt. apt91v S AT I INtI 'S--4 cases tlcdiain oad fiae tattinetl l drk undll mixed fir sale lv IIIr ISAAC tIRII)GE & co,131 Magatzne is N MIltElt tOl-1 it- rust Mantoua Umbrellas, for Ssale bIy iSAAC Ililt)Gi+I & co. ___li__ __1,34 Magazine at C tAii A II.,t--t Iboxetale Itt l intl Ii0 botes tallow Scandles, tor-ale by ISAAC RItIDGE & ca malr t 134 Magazine at 1)FI SI.-20-i ht oxes f ir aole hv I (ISAAC !ilIDtOf & ro la i 134 Mu gazine at ]B I.LIAR ll IIAI.I ", & I'l EC K ",- Jus received a large i.s.ortiiell of llillitrd ihll ttand I'hteka. IbUSII & ALLEN, irnri Exelhange Ilolel,cor lF Chlurles &Common at A(GS--Lilseed Oil arnid '.lers, ihi itore for ahl Shy (1 DotIL4EY, 44 New .Leve (H" --Ot intitiu froll slhipi Arot, 12 caoes of ciall aewlluollts, for sale ly j1t7 I BRIDGE &co, l Magazine ; A DDEIt--2 caose oladder, for iale by ý 31' R HYtlE &i BRO., fel19 39 Colloln cor Moeagazine stlaw FLitllII-l-IlOl barrels etoice bralld, in good ship S ping order at the landing, nor sale by ft9 tt D11t(iSEY, 44 New leas. FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! JUST received at ti-e .ouisiiana Furniture Ware house, a large suipply fioml New York and Boa ton. Persons in the waoti of furntiture wonolddo well to call, and telect 'eir articles from one one the best and iargest stucka now in the city. W It CARNES. di5 53 Bienville a iN --Partircular attentitn paid to packing tad ratp ing Froniture, freep of expense. d6--2w LARD-450 kegUssuprfina leaf Lard, in atore for aoSle by e. l l DORSEi, feb 7 44 Naw Leeae A lIEIICAN ilA,\DUY-3U barrels Atlorieor brn. i1dy, for ;ale by fe20 GO W PRITCtHARD A JO TAGERT Jr. AIN'T'ED IU lCK TS-- 0 doz. painted hucket, landing frull bhilt .'-\-t,:Iltll, nild tint sale by ftll J 'IIATAVEI & Cu, 74I Ptt)drtal It AGGING end luntc Irpe, itr .de by Sfel b Itit.I) & IAtSTU\OW, 7 Bank I'laoe OFF.E-t-IF Lobags tlavnna Coffee, landitU fromi CJ brig Chleftain, lot saFe by fel5 S J 1P \'lfIt'NI:Y,7o Camp t lOPPEtt tlltt;SS anu Kentlcdlge- - It; tons cop,lp .er dross, tit tltllt kentledgt, apjlyv to ldAl6 A t.tIHEN, 90 Colnmon . SIHANClt1RY tFIOlT'TS-A n.w edition of Ball J & ttotltvcli..latetrv tlnrte; itt rerceivrd, Ifor -ale ir tit.l At E '.TIVAIi, 44 Colllp at OIOLt\ANI) GIN--II pies, Crutwn WVeetp Gia, a 1 ulperiolr article, i stillre and flr sae by fult 'I'HAYEt & t'o, 74 PoyJdrae at AAuGS-5,tI ullauny Blags, of sulperior quality iE antd foir sale Iw oa fb . SHAI.L& tROWlN,'96 iM.agai.lle it . lovdoas nnd Magnaine am., hnre jaIs rrceirvd caid olfi"r fitr sale. 211 barrels Aow~rikan brandy, 1.i firkions btiter, 51 gross rrorks, 10I barrelslN ElRamir, 111 boxers srobc. 1 chess,) Srusesr, prrucLorng, irrrerisl &arvow er e 411 hoxes.) :14 Ilnlfburrels No. 1, Moikerrl, 20 ° o 2, do. 10t do hull, ulrrndo, 50 Ibrrels Maldreira otie, 5jr. sks r Ka.rtaine, 5 qr. do,. T'nnnrifdnda. 5 olrdo srpre spirirs, extra preof, I 111d old fine oudon ~Dock Cagniac. 'trjr. caks werret aine. (blt FASHIONABLE CLOTHING:. , RORDI.SO7'tD& GOOD WuIJ; V, No. "y, Chuese.. UImeeq One L)aor belorw Bisnille. HIVE constantly on hand everpy artil ceappnern, hIrog to gntlrnret' dress, s ade tith. best sas ,.er nitot mo0 fanshinablds style, wbihli they oear ots cash, at rerdued price. dsnl4-18338 Mir. GEORGE !.IhIRICK bhying resigied tha line oachiof Engineer of the New Orleans and (ru'ei ton Rsil god; Mr. Jahe Heospone ban beai tjia4gb. ad, is hi. place, to wbam. nit pearae ;ao'sss beeises -'wsth, or wiohing sabrrinaisatrinpzaiga yt ooad will pt rist Int leu Rhtail Reiad i}a djesr... lO YAACfligtiewdg y rnaOU el. ls alat arift ytis , .5' ntr&.sreil tahhi H~ow; ·Cws .ºttý I4 i Ins 44 New Lamen U) OM aN (0I?.lE.N1'-L..a1sgaa as angti SL Sings losailoer Pss .ale te - lab kl.- d- B. TUW,7 Baskrai

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