Newspaper of True American, March 11, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 11, 1839 Page 4
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l * a Nator ) d ii . .1 t . m ha r f Are t )Lo ', , l•" ne rnis "r Inele a . -r - ,' - i i tegaES u ir dici. , ~ r~Ji... fllEtmm.oi n diiti .ih ·*iB6'n-n II beolhP COMiE~dt~r, -o tquiTICA . m0Aumnaona4. lleptttfieiorvfit 8'3 ".nt4 n: raa 'ii tlni tivi, Ltllot o itn i ii avigatiot oC - 91'~aitt'et Au-tm. ,rn :. v ale.; .nd. fr- a.$. fmrmen of l.kratureictS~ ini , ani~ i~hto nlrs . by Pay, de Vethakey r *nli h edIa Scies ir ".m.] a.%Gm,,nr,~ Eng]Jcloadi an ld~ • nltp~ja~htitnl Table. - -~~Aci~ tetSrELianjiuitne tl' . M nm nand Gree nrk n + + .." : + 1..WE JOHNSB & co. 0th C • . i;.x.'~~~~r!~Ulpre~nt a, nh. " llr. ie tMt etrno .ien oriar y l OW i b1jo SOltentilnc ; r~i~~~r~oa r ih nIpad w "dip leem l aa,. eu, n te frt oT laee, ~he;ia n n Ye eat'. Chb in lt" and lCm -.. " R JA~sRe otTIS AxDRuiW,. FUk bun*oh. . end rure ofte Ferint nnpdAne. * 'p e.l gll ln dliveYeaed witherel the 'iutml' sif i nell . .ettprin , th e e iini a ItCII. ii teepire tbPseiat aid Ala.. In the Irlt p1 io* e tip i Veon? tUna iuneirnlitnll, It may tie taken with the iltintiut eafi. ty eveih·t~hetlintnuriptnr narn. innalid. Itpie ·tmlla rnmln~oltrhr dJseaar.conseqlenlly the enntritul do"n egun regainwita wonted tum oiid ncilvinv. It estah. |irha a *,ltmJ and pcnlrmsntsntiapte re h inrielroret e · t ..'__fn"n .-h't . Cir- .. . r.i~lh ,o ,! e eni ,vmelt ,s n+1 ,-,e. .ing peCuliar iti .aviln a lIlirenalvlu nlitvm i reetmi - litin the Itawel e. eq'.ease this dlsr ler ". to e ilser dine., btt thltigIjihl clennsIes he sever'a or gnsa of' digeeiioii, nil thii lienefitl ihe lst'iiii nnitli-whitaier . mii", afl'ti 'tint it mitV he (IilprenIO .il andividunhl, aIarn tih. ioai Ftlie To'iei iXtllolr, have i'nt l, O ealoed ti, all tbim ,,:ettl eau'a of the dulin.e,, et lhnoveeaaaped nni eymlitimia "fretira" whieiea hli' t'e ita, Ol'Lt'icna.nln,. ..etieo. hetor in abtn,.. cre. t II itt ttetan eoa d laHulili" t o roefllnlr e. 'rPho dinager ft frequent relalies nf ilhe Agnel is vtry avit, at, for rh'e evsteni wrill sonr) bl'eome ton mlleh pmri at .n . be alde to r.not with Ilmdlititihre nth 'fal e iflltn vic. a t " o nLt a reIsonralo troi" as Il i piece t -ielili .. renth ofever0 ale'--i thut the pi .r anail dtettile -· " +. a lrehygfiimis'hed .+iths.isa eewth rol eoilc . " the aid' and ihich in frnqu nliv .dunaid to 'ft irben.tor el ~t relinlnitly bemsowed." • The r;:lrut aren netlivn e aile ii oignulinat Iho cpu * ~ if.ptotrUlta lhin toedinuia., hint are daily offered It on prepaied anlv h. Dr Jldm R. Rowolt d, I t his ..Labpj~Ur k~nuorv M Ireltehilallelphia, -Tb snltarjtie rare the bhOlenalo aLctt ,nl rt the . tilo',Wntetn .-tale., and will sell liy the erase, at " l tPhilatlel hanbpicea. 'p'. he had at retoil alt, at 'no'aL~tcftb e Apothecarit anj it, eitl. SA•.VIui. & ANDREWS, " - ." Wholeale Irtngpitas, eonr nnnumm,. &0 'ho itloh it sar t;aonorO & I7o hcito haw Mis*l sippi sand Lsousiausa HLotel, - aetxtao ret ~ RS.'MARY KIIRKLAND respectfully an. * ounces to her friends and the public gene. afly that.l ib prepared to accommodlate then, at he ebov, estadisltmenct, and hopes fr nn her sxertionsto render visitors comfortable, to receive a Continuance of formner favors. She fuelas coarl. dent that peroota visiting Covi'tgttb during the -lamer months, e-llnoot find better accolnoadutiohs than she can afford them, on nmore liberal terms. Her house is plaasantly situated, and well supplied with every eonveniencn; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in short, she promises S'rat nothing shall b.h wanting ono her part to give "t afire oatieftctjoo to ail whoi may patronize the i4imsiasppi and Loisaiuna lHotel. * je3 " I IblIE PUfiilC.'riiciutdsiaod hbang s etudied under Dr. Scl.midt of Cltarleston, ,South Carolina, and for soone years his assistant in .the practios of mr:dicine and surgery, has the lhonor to offer his professional services in this city. He assures -the Iidles and gettlemnen thlat tie itttil prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to tihe hol4ers of slaves, being well acquainted with tite distases common to themt, having attended theltct in the ugagr house in Ctharlalston. The fhnlous anti bilious pills a ter the composition of Profcansr Smollette, with directions, can be had of the sundcignled. The eff:ct which they have "; produced in this and other cities, has been attended S with tihe groatest srccess, to which the best of t.efilrencas can be given. Apply at No. Ili6 sagoa. tm.eo street. JNO. AI'LUIOING. 0 Lo-Uw wAR woOWb-KEWSf-, SAD IRONS, &c. TllE HOWELL WORKS COMiPANY, No. 238 Water, near BeekmanOstreet, New York, . ave received thie npast season, and are constantly fa receiving lIrge and sxtensive additions to the stolk of the above goods, whlich now consists of tihe allowing assrnittent, suitablo for the southern and western markets. b Hollo00 war otf superior quality, consisting of Sl bout 1500 tons, viz, . Poats of 29 different astes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, . Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallone, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18. gallone, t Bkep tns or Ovens, 7 dlfferent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orddles, . .- 4 do . fire Doge, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 43.4 inches. 'Crt do. 5 to 7 itlches. Woouud Screw, 29.0101 gross, iron and brass, from :8 istclh, No. 3 to 3:9 Ihch, No, 24 of a superior uality and ftinish, and less than Jamle's imported p'icds. Sad Irons, assorted, inllcasks of about 500 lbs for retaili.lg. Tadlor's and Ilattolr's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tuns, assorted from 1 4-4 to li01bs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Alo' steambeats and other naoclhinery made to order. Tie al.ove assorttment of goods is particularly Tecotntendrd to the attention of Soutlhrn asnd Western mourllnita. and are offered lir sale at low price., and upon the most lilmral terms ; it is Ire. Tieved to be the largest and best assortmenut ever aflered for sale by aly onto establishment in the United States, Morclants, by forwarding a request by nail, car have a.pran''d etrcular, with deccriptttit of go.ods, prices eadl tern, it=om which no doviation is ever pnadc, furnislhd by return of taiil. All orders will rk:eivt immediate attcntion. New York. 1838. J, 3 NO BMERURY NOR COPAI VA - tew Otto tis, ,a.v.14,18,7. ABOL T sim'ntntht ago I had the mieot rtute to -o Sa cretl disease, for a oiali I Il:ae allpli.d to sae ral ldoctors or a cure, andl thet dild nt ntie tttt. on aaW it thle ,ho e date i Itt miyselfulder ti casre ofl )ucs, Iluet, sad I expet lalt t, cure ata. Sitnce It:tt the dise.:mo got orse. , as lto break out ill large ulcers to tie numnber of ia or eiglht on ea h leg, otil all over ty face, at l sore throat, and nlo able to wurk at hl prenrat ttr il o'c aotnntal of the dieear; Itorte tleer on the riglht side of lthe otrot. I anlt tao thrttiog Ityselt eonfidetialy unlder tihe cure of Dr. Unet, .t i Paris, to he perietly cured. JOHIN DEAN. IBo lily DO' CERTIFY that thte tO,.ve moenttuar, is noita wetll urtdto too ottn oatiott~elimt,foor wlitjtI deal itr. Iloot;natil toreeceer I tonero thttt th' tonedi 1inc I tave taknt atkeoe me itt, tnd diid nott inte toy nealth at all; tierefore I advito tot f Itow ,tfoorers ot lone no limer andaapply to Ir A. Iaer, 121 Catnal sitret, between Dnultitto - anl ltotiott otreejo. Itr .Hiet is -oittttte lm roth 9to'tek, A M, ntttil I4 P Ml. They will ttad a true doctor ot titi comtplaiat. S Jlli I JilAN.tU Uiravier rtreet. Ir acy poe aoWtn to son mtt, catt at ,'o,. 1it t~tfvie JOItIN 1)1,-N. New Orleans. FI, 1,838. HftbI tIt. LCIn E abui, ttItwtar Hattn of I.ivtrwtt rt t attt Of tt 1tmt hutedL: It-a tt ipbotutlc at oth lott prir e of Ot. nets eplls h, cnbtabbinl the strength of three ollreu of theknotwn ontotlrn d thdiatttnns ttfflroiuuoan uring pullmonary complaetts. Thet u' oaryroit sn t esaR as tattended the ate at njis iuestttnldt Bflaam tltrteeor it hos been itt', d+,cef. ts tnniald the contljlqer aod rrtotttrnds. alras of re.eLrtaitbi ttynirioor, for the cure of eougno, calds, pain o rite aide, want of rest, arittinj of blood, liner coetptoinl,&.kc To whto It cray enorem. Tbis is to ouruly that we hapeoot ep pracuior fre.tortily prescribed Mes Card swrt IodiaoaBieatwl'iearwot a di loa~dwttqd,oaith a lehdtdfai: o11' gwt t teanreore, tram tho ktnw i AnMrir Wint is aqtada.(m; oao t.d etretton * e usetOOa aniwterio prrparotioo IC Ai"Juueeluuet inth ti jot-. tALVIE L1$.1t11 f. it. Mbsatl ofjthe flOs~tUVMa~iJaI Agwipenj. JAlitvi os ANDRflEW 8,-, rte . ool" .'' ?oe*t" OyMe.npoi , iptyp hiitaf t pr5atseoh los r iteenAjtoivacc Jaeen. $ate b, anns ret pggnqoeofw te a A vgcttp~sphi pnt.Mubiar" &qoleaa 00ers. buai 06o &dtelM wAhaunwoa intony panete of Ilia virtr . v' ' "i rS Ladle S b1' lculC1e.~~ajarw .ideaca. . kr*Srdpri 'S ' t e qo ilarotwu ksitprtleghj i ..Mt $HUTNS:R. : %thxons IJARTI' = imm mO .w m P .oi bonr' 'shipn nri.m.l e, HItghl.aler.raloker feriy Andro,. Fench and'ermlin Play ennols; IBaks sIetean Ioarni Clleenain, .4 and 23-Sainch lil adls; n, 9,10 and 12 iah bladBe BInwi KniResi leathr an aother traveltind 'Dressing Caones Bel, necket, flor.eatien'e, and Duelinp Pistol:douable and single harrellel OGns; Game eags; Shot-lslets; Powder 1 and Pistol Fla.ks; Denm Btlesi and Drinking Ctapnj a Ptes-aieon Cape and CaPl Hotder; Cloth, Hair, arse:I end Nail lirashema Omrri ad hlorine Teath Wash: Iaolhi Powdter; 'nilet and Shaving Soanps, in grea t va kheer; Iang Hair Braids, Rin.gletfanid Frisettes; Pear, and 'leilet Pnowder; ,mer.llnesa; Ivory Ttah'eishlons: Palert Slrles or Gnarera; Gami Elastic .$aspendere; PIorde' r P ia i al Bnoxes; Gilt Charin, Seals and Keys; Ear-dreps; Waist Baruklas; Rmeleta; Bead Necklaces and Chails; Gilt and Siivered Beads; indian RBeads., Bella ard Plumes; Shell Twist; Side and Dressine. CTvnh; which,in adldition o t leir faner stokee on land. lakes their assortment very complete, and will be sold OW and on liberal etarms, at the s is l of the Golden onhab. i25-tf 70 Charres street. ' e- &l aeTrihere, Agent fi.a the etenleive of hI W.& S. Bolther, Sheffield. EMeland, have just esrived a verr tlenive set orl'a .tls, :oansitine of aldle and Deanrt Knives " 'er ^-' deecritiiini Pen, Pocket, Dits, and Spear point nalves: Reszar, Sles. los. EdGe Tl'als, &c. &c. &c. which they are prenreel o exhibit to the trade l no nlerie. Terms and conditions will be made knawn nt the time. S1l6 J. I). REIN & A COHEN.91 CL ommn et. -NE --' r-otms. a-per ship Iaitaville, Eagle, Melnrrv An.ltew. atder, PresetJ and Germin'c ael.lo ie u I ,l:lvi entlM: 'nter, beolt ad poiart isteila;, diop rihnb,en tl a d Is .caSins sapsi; ca, t mlders; lsi esln, Iaizirs, twn. vns: (;illml's emmercial andl teter Lveil twn; Vin is. Violin strinlaf shell, iomy allnd.oi ea.nha; wlfers; , eln lal leather purses; hair lenida, fiiat and ok ringllets; negro puals; German eli FeL-neh Mnlng ater. Rowlanis maCenrlser oil, Imnitstione d,; antiqie tlnl uheas nil: portale desks.sod dilte"eslt lases: wltoi 'liheklill sttinllllll toilet glasles; emlvex milrlres; o tal lasses nti viewsa loinlan I-ad, -I hllsaill dlan.ce: e rooler; whitle tine toilet nd'tlalileg snlap; tailet oieIer, s -anetie wash halll; seeated slltin minliaill; pool anlst sreow eeaalliontl fanc Itead chaoins id leaklaePes; lilltiai bll.; tiosket Iatkl anil walletls; Germtn hites; rnar sttlii; Aiie soit COmmnen giti ilanise eunpenllers, gnrratln; Bells Ioaifer matches; il per pencils; t(JryOPlls Lie. irc. The above iii lldition to oar flnmer stask of ainv tIeielis, lnakestlre 'satinimeit ses a nIteate. ulr sale e oIlesnale or eltail; as tle sign oftiht Goliell Ullti,, 711. rCiarnt'r-sre ele, e lr . l N ' .TIE---le parrntr.erhip l' Kellrey, Manon &l:, L i of Neuw r laen ; lternnsflarrin &Ci.., ofNatehelz; nd nirsis, Killlev &Co., of Rndile. wina dies lived on he llst f Mlav list, by tihe death at Samuel A Mlasan, n line of I;I, artners l tie le rns. The inderaigned, aurvicing partners, will be eliarged .with the settlinge anlt elising naid businress as filtws: t levi C Ilarris will ,liced ao tle settlillng of lhi buainal i al' Mtlllesot, I Harries Can.. it Netchen; and Ilnrr'.. Kel Sev & Co.,at llidnev;nnd lecnrvy Kellev will atteeduit e besetling'ol'the bhlsiven oafKellev, MiRon & Co., at New Orleans. The nilne onf the 'everal feins willie a uased in liqlaildatitoltnlv. Those iondbhtbed in said firma are ealsevtly reqaetedr o eafeasorwnnd iasrnkeenrlv ettlelrrns antl loe hIaving elnlaat ill 'lease pre " n tlela witrs ntdehin ltEVIC IIARHIe. rd IENRY KELLE". is Newrtlarsa, June e y7, 183r. f1AN WlkTFI FARI'A'S COO GNE , a'Er rus2 caoeslnn+re nf this asuperior Cologie water, just at rectse a ive llir t le ley the dozen or sillgl batnl:. at Also Americaran ed P Cena toilet pi wler, prowder Sais and boxes, sharinend htitl enasp. trnlletie wash Iil.s, Iilk if re*ie, eneosetie cold cream, exstr e o task, kephllia, 'anlt's vegetaile hair oil, pniatinti, rele line peve, Floride. lavender, rol e anoe ay waters, 'reep r:t's salts, lurseiller perl"iprry in trunks. veseta Ie I id lininil rlo's, Chlorine anil'Orir toith bwash, hitlhi. htir. tnotl, nil w il feshl arllshea; Itiogether witl a- n il hliiol sppllllllV of failionaile lair" anld shell eii comls anlld jPiealrv,lorsatle low ait winholeale or r tail at by S SIMMONS, IIAR'PTIL &CO, or in' 7 "hnrtt street. 0 0 CUo-n --lo eiil-n'riu '.i.e,,- --..t:t..eio.-,, yin , Shand a Inrle spplv if Cannel anall Liverpel coal. Sin nlk in ' ,, f anperitr qunlity, which they flfar rlo iS silt, in Il' to sllil purhl learr s . 'n. Al expelrctedr hvb tile first arrivals from Ens d Inndl and Ihe Nrth, Cnnnal. Lehigh ansd Peach bIh %lutaio Cain, hrihken and escreenede put ap in es h",headsla expressly ftr llnily ot--ill if whit'i 0 Ihey will illpniie la on tilhe misl ml rale e rails lp Ordcrs lelt at ilIrllrflice, NI 53 Dienllville at up stairs. will he pronptlly aiendcl in. ,g ir' 3 I. . A 4rfllTlei in ii ii au C einiIII.. .- ek att -,I or -riieftthti.gae,put up a xpraii-ly r i r thle rli I1-ile; elai Ihe ipurlst F ench Plerllllllrvt, enlru at eine rvr" variely lur tlie hlloe-, for t I by net ' 1.42 & )D'l.AN;. I J i. t tLtllr l . irel t aLnlltll e lll .i nillllrin. e Necro t .l-i l lalili ltele, Inlt llttl, Ituie , s i w, tn'I in sliiiuctt, chuckP,, Iinens. Ie'tter, hatlki.rchiels, &t' i&e reculved and lur anle low th I1, FInserl. r bes. ROI.'lA & Co. ad rt. eorner Cllial ini C.'ilters~t t ed 1. IV (Girnu's Inratfe,ie.. of In'int Dye, iiir ciloring iht. lillr; lenr's Oil, a. lleata , lesFuie; sl'nr , es ", Ip, ,aren t, 'l.iln,\'s ,'r-i le W asllst, lllir ritr pesrl ittwtler, IIIl ii'vhle. ire, ne ft rlacst, veectlable rlourge, atto, ll ruls', lip salve. Irellsllm tua iel wi als, calhtalnltt illlrilfiC. ttrtno Slltwr walter, po;wdr pufEs all bn,xe-, A.I, rsnll. icharciel, neatiy put alp in liar oInte n.nta Pres. i.e.a saltA , euipte, krrens utat1iuih atSne drop', nut, y bruheli, Kttlvlilh dressing" comenbi, hhatian ittr i11, clh, a enrI e var nl o'other perrtillt. irie, &e.. I".r salt h I ty C. J. 'I'Ri CIIAiRD lt Oc.t 3 corner ol Caoli, nrld 8 -,Ur , o,,l a IlRON IlOOF'SI-The snbcerltels . p ,a :are at a grit expt n-e, the right i, I ting aN irne rinds ill lst city. They are edapt-d it ptI II. buildings, warehuuseP , and privane dwellines,nll Io bllll e at i lllc che pnlllless and dllrnhl llliv. ndl are perfetlly tire and water preef T. rens me a ,.e knlhlw, and a model seen nt nur est hlishiIene, -Pllaslue Si. Mallar)' nar, 'l' Tehanplta l sl . n1i2 E It Ctttsnt EN.I, &' Ce Ul'tIPtlLIl EItY & P'APIER IIA 'At Nil S'l'OtitE llenry Slebreeht, (Irimerly J. C. Whiks & CU. wonl(d mtel respect(fully ln)orn his friends nid hm e In u l Itc It gealrr l, tl hlie has t i nd is coasina1h r ly reC(elvlll a it. neral ansorlntentt .I uinlnhalenerr ad nl paper harn ing. The f IIn. lg comprices r n rt of hisa slokotwhich he orn rs fresnlr IrtI whol. irsle or retall un the moat acconllnlodaine tients, Fit nreh velvet and satin paper, Inatet style ; IIo hall aom,ueon and etonlteir, Pnilallehiia hlazedn ntld Ingilnzed din do, French landscape,. fire ,iirds, it ndl &c. .i vt Ivlet atndt do d ,. n loreallze do ul,,re,silk Iringe and ,allodih s iollaI qo Innlll, ptiitns antd prilce, nrel.led Irallgt a as a ,rtd pttr'tieni. plain and crlrnd. Swielatunslil, lntet n' yl pla 110n and el(llalnard, cottonln I'rapite P ioiahanaplain and iwilled, nartretd relli't.ern d styl lar eedle wonrk for safa cushions, I, alsitel over-, t &c new ral letirof h'l pllllea, ra.lted fi. iuren n11111d lain, nll w nllld'W orn enlts.nlf ill Ialll rn tr nd size:, gilt rngins banal lnd i lspears, feaithels. a &C, glare knhbe, cimenas, heir m c"th, ligured an pi , In rrge tsinrtmt nt lof taps Ir e tlJren; lare silk cnided and asrl, oatrd turl anid las. .'1ss, a general nai-lrtlment of uptilerto enld paper Iiahatie', cttntlatliy an hand andil fin) site at Ih. Iwe st prices at N-a 41 Rlyal anud 64 CO tenm II'oe "tes. . N P--p3,nsans in the city or fltm Ithe e country, are rerpie iully invited oi snill antt exrentee Ihr Semlnelves. Ca;rpets anrl eurtiuns made in ihi ailti st imnnde rn etyl', rromns plepared at tile saierl Setl nit re., td" all kinda of uphold. tr'ry wnik dilLoeiwiin ilenlsess and dlellalet. tet :jL "eEULRt. Nc l4 Conde strein, ai ee~ [r Dutnan and Si Philitp, lIee, a constaatly tin head an , xtensiva ne.allrti'lnl (lof ots aritd hrOaene, :,lu t-hiere,fl fNew Yi rk manufalc lnret r men. ' Ilnlmn na.rnd children of il nier, which hlo will diapse u at ver)y eodellntepti., e. FaInnlies 1l his q lilllnane on enPdlin, n ,gn r r will Ihve their wa"sheateanded In L SEi OUR I)EAFNEldn . t(calted tnle Enr'l'rtulatei baa ejnst bee receiverd, by the s ut of hlih. the alightest aarteralatittn of the hi Il.n vicel is dislIeIuv caneyed to tie ear. A v ol whll hlals eve"r otern a.ligre IIt rtollve.rpe aitt eery daa Iean.llt, nulls Ie fuliy senl.i.tle f tlls ditleticltv naullm tlnlrtenaleal rxpetiened blthlla y tileeltes and the il-. nividtnnl. so tunl;rtnlltlalev tlliclted. ly I ne Use Wf tnie rae 'teiinpet thit ntlbpl'iun t' ein irelv s iated. 'l' 11114 srrprllit uIlht e ll\ eva t. ttdttel a d t t.tecirettba amter Ilnvllg und tiu''ruleepre. FE'ou sale at 'I' F GUION'S, Fancy atore.erneir of Cllltfuan and St Ckarles streeta in I r h tio ,n-5' .c a lintel. fe 3 ltI'EI'll Olt d.--I;.lal alint pure winter d st l ert Oil, in teaks atd hils, fur sale by l JAIVIhS ANDItEWs', Vtideala lrugga .ta, oraeer C nmtno and "Tehap s ic ý s . mnlr Id 4t l kege, 100 - - it 0 do 5 a Eneliaht da.-.5 1-4 bbla. 4110 e a aIt PCaint Blruhes, variita siaes; n en . Vrrttilline; 5 bie Coeal Varnish; I " relm a SO packa-Gold IeraP 50 do Silver d-; 1011 -dlll DantLMeal. a WINDIOW I.ASt`T. Abltencmn, Erglialn anad lreu.h 1 M)0 btna., varaas aizee and aquaitieng. SsfaLte e.. --aa. i lbasemonsatgnmtgaa",.willn ben sold lowne La|isO geoaral aUaMtmbnell of antiaa naUler and ca aoo'-n flr satil' y A W S.Al'I i .; Noe4Jdenal.amen; . N l. AMlaamaaboaes takenl-t p r. ad alMiuiaiip l ioatwill Ih rae.mvad'a+ 10 per.meant.dicouna for goods I E anai , . .tale - D" ; "tda -'Ht` , .4O; Ja;an lcie r',p, Cananna' Inane bacon att P-lacesr-t ea. aA nyna 'tsmnaaiti'i-ittarniie..aa :Iret.a lla adn'i; l5:FThemp, iln .rli;'d fin ,nie 'by . " 3" II" E''jITk :.ltlI .:T OYt . rlinvin, i BOOK BINI'ERY. r Under the oEncvune OIRle, 7t Camp aeI. 1 DRONISElA'e& FliWSON be leI nvs ifirm rn i D 1heir clllrloners nnltlhe pahltic ieneallyl , tnhe l hey havn renmoved their etabthhalmcnt ts No.'7t I IC tomp Street,'.i nntediatelyundeer he reoie ofthv l SPe' artnne-where they are prepared to execute all or !er in theirline. iH tiing received from the North a enpply of p. per and materials of a superior quatsy, fir the lslan thaeldre of Blank Books, they offer their err e vier tao merchants and other', who mnay wit sh work of Illnt kind n and having the adevapn ge of several yatlrs'a experienle in that lile, they are Srollident of eaiin enatisfacuon to those Who may a a, fv.r them with their uealtm. - 0 For aotnries, architects and others, maps and as plans sill he pasted on linen. valniahed and Id nmoutted ill the neatest manner, & at the hlerltees, nlr iel.o Plain and finry hinrin.e, ic nit ;,l ..v.4,,;. -t I t CHINA tit, .At( . .u .a.,.n, ...... . .., of 36 C'trrle street, New Orleans. T{1. SERGEANT & t.o. initrters of French I fi end E:n.Ash Chinta and Erlthei ware. are ' n a opllin new. a ld rich patterns of breakfas, is lnit and tlR servires,t lleit seo , piches, tea I n I fcff, e tips, ep'tntpl, ctgy toa, 'realnll, howled, ptlater, di-her, luronrse, wash bleinc anJ erleo, net hahit, etc. et. Rth uenl ahd pllain French and.Amrrican glaacs. lwe wre-ttblets, chnmlpaignes. leintonadtea, jelites, , lores, wiait-, elrdntlhs, centre tmtwhee, docanters . e. amhltbleproeerve d'shes,celertes, pttterrs, antps. -. shade and glasses, cattalo shados, salt cel Mtern, .te. td St verlplated, bronmed and br;latia ware--as. t le 'r., liqalr stands, cake hluske,, canllllteacks, re ran'he,a unec, lll]lae, rofeand It.spls. i,, ctealtlll llnps, .jl,anned trave, anral alnds, anid Is Inh ing I.mItt'etin, eoI'le)', ryGerlman alnver and forks tgetther wi'th a rent variety if artitle, etor fmeI'tlty lee. Merlants, plllanters, hre. Is, and ;tLernllllhlnts, furnllhed w:h goodl at lhe Ill.rl ea ,seanbhlle priers, onn pa, ked sa as Io be callrey.'d w llt saltly t, nnvt pnr t, Ioh t e clctn ry. , TI'HE FLORIDI LINE etFrn Mo.nile Ito Augorta, Ge . I......nves Mo..l,.. .lnrv day nr thret S'.thek. p in per UtS olni hlll for flall'. L roidel, i, nbove Blnhakly.-t' erre. Tonr I 'et hetc'nuches to Pe:stanaela-t entn, 'nanmhont ito on L",le wheret Itellnd Itliue illremlnedthence on, via Maiannat and BIrwnsville, Fla. B'lnbhidlge Pinderiu n,a itwkinaville. Snaudersvillh& Lotir. ed vlle to A ugsain, GO, tctnnecting regularly with tlie rill oad ears I"t Charleshn, and the s!team e- :ackets to Now York, Nlorfolk, P iledelphin, etc. o iThe etc.nblh.lts are the I bes lor tile service, anti at the IlviglllOn presellls ntmore advnntages than ran l le Ihe fond up)ttI. anly amoaroute ill the sauth. ern regll,,h. ted InThie great improvements in tIte rmt to have been area protlueed by nthe constlrluln ol fifty miles of new Y' rond, by the priprietor., viz : from L.Grnnne on Llfa elte ltavou, aln tr:l Iof Snnla Ro,n I i., to Syilllvt Fer, on:l the Chlnl'nh.rocce river, en t itl. .b'rv, th, Crwteord. or 14 ahnove Cedar UIlff, aIet w.Weleby the navigaltln at the river, and the ca- I SI loentll detentilns, and m',re recently the incon Iler venient crosslin at the Cntwl.,rel, lre entirely ,Sh tveidttd, ond a line road from Mariaonn direct c o ,o leinbridoe., inlltenad the roundahbue reud via tim, Chtnllahomchce, lesselain Ithedistance about f rly era, miles, anid incrrasittg the facilities more than te,- otce oa loy. as1h, AI,, ahranrh line of two hItnroe st" eevery aD, n, . A mtall stelh nmoat rlirs reguanlrl he wren B'ttebhidge and Ap.lachiolal . 'ITravel rs wishi gP 'esati reah ally fpoo oe Chatrinht chee er Apala.h - "fl. iola, con take nstirrotoat at Betwtrvill'e. l Mobile tt Pensecnla-Lund Roo e-)During the tiace rc, -cotoy'dbythert'pairae.f e, the prpron. SeL' tltra their Ftelit,talinv naelle %iiltunna lio e of I It hrse ps enoachesll every othller day between Mi.. in dolead Pensacla. Passnerrs will leave Mdlili at 3 o'"clc., p m, ec in the U Slmall bItt, e iet d proceed .t il.lI's a Lnd. eIt in,, where a Iour horse coach will I a in waiting 'o convlley t.lenl ttilhe erexellent heoe f Mr. Charles Ilall, I 1 4 mile dstnnt, where tlhey will filtd ipleasantl uce nolllod tlllllnl the night--lrc lv.ig 'ini morning, they will terive in. Pen.acot earls Ira- tI Ihe ,evenlllt, thus anoUiding the discomlfort o riebl Itrvellin_. O,Ice at llhe Mansion olhouse, MIhilh,. nd C..'. liln' lltret, Pensa:leir, w .he' ernea most be enev c",r. S'I'ilt,'K ION & "('.. nv I rtrll -----------"------------- ---' - Jal 'iaeao t"rie Inslrucion. 1W illiam SI1,1l1 tenders his Services to the[rii. anna ol PNew Orlleans as a teaclher i Iof e penn' , tore. MrS hvitlo be.en em.pllltyd ', ver:el venl, s lea c ic er oi mlsic It private mdI no inies i - B.ston, ,nd alms,, t several tI thle female stemina n'e In int 1)il, ',,ilt I , catn t hb t hopeIt to tn tlit tllth irc nfid.nceP re i le t s per ttied to rrfer tolltr, Dr Cl. plt e. a.. tans Srl alert & Autry, IiHttdl .snrsne&'. G aor-n. Ivt,. F"',r ierti . -e tltc se apeply tl t tlre buokslt re It eat Alvnender T' we .49 C ten, st irt 2 ens. Drol.S atnd .?lediriner. Ieltr .1 Prevart .- L le iinet ll t In thii city ltor ' ti, Illtll p rpo.e of ,,cll.nrl ll ,r eaerl ItW holeiale tel I)rto bl.ainesc. Hr is now rceciving n full sopplt of Irish ned genuine rti. les, which It. cill anll a on libral term To 'ri'y druenist, and thote t. the interir, it, p eysicitns, mrer hantn and plonn i r, hie will f.l' r itndtlcrn'ents such no have never be. on r. ben l feredt in till s city. His intention I tr . i lin asrictl I iiitninn te businesls. 11.s stock will snoon be nmotilete, intd in a few weeks will lie ren. ,Iv I r hltitnesat . All orders Irln lthe countrv, nnI . r, llon mmerchnlts nl t i eiiy, receiving such ordert nwill he promptily attended to. n.t 2 No 39Camp at PROSPEC'TUS. THiLE subscriber p-opese to pylhlinh. in the he. l innlngi of tlIO Onnling winter, a Condeonation I tihtlwenty volumes of tlho Old and New Serien oi d .rtn ', L.3nuisiln Rqne rts, to be comiorised in ftlr vohllllu , ~.., ,,ccording to the modul of Peters' Cs)oy C 'eras R.eports. "lThis work is new in preparation Iy J. Burton felarrison, E.q . of this city. ansirted by William F e' Branld, Esq, Tl'he Editor is also perntttcd l hv tdistliguisheod retired Judge of the Supremte Court, rl ball L one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personnat ll sipcrvltionl all tie. advantage whiicho d iay nUturally be r'ped roln thelir experience. S Such a work is becoming every day more no at. Eesary, as the original in voluminous, expensive, and llcareo. An incrasin ceuriosity too is ianni enr lot, in the other Statos f the Uniofl, In reference to tin pecrllar jtrisnrudnce of Lou.siana; alld the net eiaunmstunce of the ulmerous prlnciples here de. ,elider in the adjustment of conaihets of tlawe, makes n. the knowledv e of our adjIudged c.elns of prine utl. . lity to tlleju-ists of tI, whole Uninn. MAoreove., the rising republic of Toxaa hIos adoptod olur nodes, and thus tihere ison greot dneand for the Louisiana an. decisions from a fresh quarter. er Convenioent notes, indtieating the parallel eanse Sdecided ill Louilana, and oceanaitnally those In t Ie "In tore anthoritative foruatis of the other States, wia no eaded d o sch cilse. y, Tho work will I'orm four volumes, royal octavo. 5r mnd will be deihvered, bohtnd, to vlabscr.ltnre at ib Sper vl.; in case it slolut I bhe found practicoble to . ttlnpross it into Ihree volumelnos, the p-ioe to suu k crlhers will th a7 per vol. I ublecripliolt received by IWNI McKEAN, I l. anr Camnp.and Colnmn nas. ...t . `7 T1fOLSAI.E ANDI RETAII.COMB AND VA ' IETY STORI--at te sign of the golden comb,, Mo 70 Chllrtres eteet. The uslcribers have Ire eived, i. addition to tlhiirpreviotn steek on Ihl, to full and olmnplete nasortment ofarticles in their line; viz: colnhs, Wrfumery, Jyellry, brushes, locking glasses, fincy ,rti.les, &a. r.rtitint in part a fdlows.: Ut)l InI-tortoise i htll, wrou .t andI paij tuck,twist, quilled lack, lonu round, dressing, side puff, curl and nek, Ilrzilinn emhns of every deor ipttion nlootgst Il ihrcl nooe Mexican potters, Ivory coonhoofevery Sdnecri,,tilo, horn, drresini: and pocket, togcther with I rgeteral nasortlllellt of Frtooh and A mnre n. IVEIRFUEILY-Cologne, I.nvelder, Florido, honerv Ihv, ruose, nnd ora~ne lower wafers ofeveryrsize and des eription, cnamphrated Cologne, extrn:t of B:ramnot, Slsancy snaps nof'll kindsla, salving dn in cakes nat pot, cream sn p do Wnrdt's veroetable heir oil, bears nna an dtioedo. IPrestol:'a stelling salt, plain and perfumned tdotapowder, pearl powder, ptr. lerplffTa end hXesO po astu in petPs nd rolla,orrts and chlorine tooth wash t nd nodlrea. wtll a gnerl nss.:rtmrentof J Fi.,Whl.l.RV-osome ofthe latest und tmost faslliona -Ile setts, consisting of white and red cornelisa, topi- ' jet eardrosa, set in filagree, hrenRs pins iof af gre' -e. Iv of anltters, watch trimonints, dilt and silv- ackles, oil ter'tlihblee , siler nd tloull po toils and guard chains I(ItUSIIES--Cloth, hair, dust. .g,eruntb,hearthfloor ! hst, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitowash bruohes. LOOKING GLASSES-German statin and toilet gloass, magnifying and French dressdng glasseo, slate il, with a vnriiv of tther kinds not enuuerated. FANCY APDI VAIETIY At'TICLESN-French and American portale dlesks and dressing ases, smone very rich and finely Gtished ladies work o esaoad dres sg cases will nd withlont ntsit , rtusisal boxes, A-. eordians o loVarious kitdl. violi.s and guitars, silver and plated pencils andlelodwssd pencils tor carpenter antd -crayoe,nsmantle cloang:aunssl pistotls willth amd witlhout eles, iwcuesieon cnps. perceusiotn cap hargers, tpple berew driverssltot belt,gamto hlgs,i Itndt blahkitg, toy tea settes, Ilndian beads of every kidd, hello and lilunes Laeatd nomcon knives, raMzors altd issor., tilutdes, needhls, pins,nsilver pluted, steel and commont sp sta eles, Ipiket books and wallets qI various kiMls, vieiting cunlrdon.nd cnrd cabes, playing cards of Frenlc, tGorman and American manufacture, dolls, i. tati:n frniit,stu boxe., punts of various kisdo, dasdeos' Poantey's IEmnsm*'s, Hillohan'sand ldtwki's razor saraps nldu haesttntbss, direls - Tm..y head ueclasceo, do with .r. stoy '. s="ab p..r ,laslcs, r at.nd lOst'P'rnd gl5le,,caqd t wo-;.ntta.r.. istic " '..d4 :. 1 S{ IJ Tdmetl Jntw-dLsun" ls V ttsisa " d. . sa -' "il " ". "g a' .ew q.- "l. "red:t- th 1 't'tIeiNtI)AN'J HANAact. thtesu0reafaumentmainsetfalasorbinsvil-at, riaslatleaM r hip gnat, ilcaircant c ta , alicrie sijalititand mnatrial aliscas, lpaiaqulerly alecra ana panifi alffecii nnl.of the hones, nlcellrth'roact c. n rils, uilesarl.efevry idearption, fever swrs, and internal lheieses, Saiin, piles, sald head, scurvy, biles, chrn aici ore eyea, cryaielielahllnia, anrl eeray vnrieay ca.e - tncnas atlftiona, clarnie Ctarrlh, head ache panpcea ig from ally aerild hlanor, pmin i the somlnach nl'tdys ienia proceedigl fromvalinto, affettionf the litmt', chrmlic infiammntion ofthe kiidney, anal general alebili ty cnused h ly atorpidao tion of the sene the skin. 1I j mmnlgarly efonfious in renovating tlnoe constiotllaions thaih have beel brloken cloan hay isjalicinus Iaetmenl, -jameiruleg tiie In lenerl terms, it is recnm aaaennal nawll thoa eliseasea wlio arise from imlearilias ofthe hlonl, or initiation of the haumors, of whlaLteer lameor kiml. Some ofthe adtae e0otalictanmay reqlire mlae tal. iling alalnat qplaztioina whiei thcaeeirommancea of the ease will atienet-atIat; for a torn!l remel or Peritioana toremnvtthecause, the INLIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found tuaeinlt. TO TI'HE IURLIO. How trite it is, that molenl Phlysioiansel, in their am hition to excel in their proteassioa explore tile vasta fierlds ofscienlce h the aid otehemfistry, ana seek olt new mr meaIal aogelrta, to arive at irf~etion ill the Iprctice Iy mreans of art alone,--ootirely overltok ani neglect, as rtlleath tlheir lautler, tile rilh cnol bolotreous atllel ofalnclahiter, nrtiot the Atlmtiglaty itas catuseti to im laig not If lhe el? hv i every Celim! Andl how muci m slte lthueatt while the American- PhsieiavCna looks to allreigil cmltries.or inally of his llat aonlmon aad amcarn'-articleb tarriellatally chamgatg as they- are at tile atictces ol'ffshicla or fdlala he is ilrtillcd in 10is owlc coteaalry withoan eadalesslrnfausio of mredical hlllan, mtfein·imt to Hlllweraly itllieltiona ill disease or In llre lany ea'+lblv disnrter; andItyet he is igstllro oftIteir vlr tl5a nitlhmy are mallrited to 'weateathir healbg oni the 'lb air.' Thlereeetsof vegetble medienesiapon the systerm arnl Stem"c '-ry-t heo ' of a.etibar In ting. T. he finr er er - ertheh~effpets alll lass oft'---he latter, metcyil ir tieader, nt chemicaaly ulmu'the solidsc decrmaimsarg tile I nlal alecllalerma.idg tile eonstiiution hly is a aasatnllrncl-elaaetima. Tle mcoingiallity,e iniciy ene t RAIdB 1'T ofveaetae ble renmelies ever nineroal, mny ue estinatell bvnemltni-an ingthe ancient pracltice with tile modarn; or, to irngll it itlmor imlnediatcly ll. lertcalr owll obsar.atiol, a la' ih itt itractice with that ,f the whites. Who, it America, 1a notl knowneor hardt of realateld Iostonen wherein nme dee~lsii~ onuaretendilna hemralealuiiaml, hii mieoasof tier nIalntlpe remetindleatle lllstalfn alteeet alto cas i1.iapia andoniial aigcuiaes, taferthe Alotelra Medieai I' ath -emmoat aetice. dialreotedI in tlhe most skiltfill nmaler, has hilebl ? Aal who haiis not Ieen urlr'iM1.1 atthe elom. ttar'tiveen lsen atlliity witt wicllthe IiI 'tffe lia - IIself Im"m a isease, aiiYat the t.hllot t11a atlrliloca.e olfehroenic liserae amnng them \Vho hane met lhenrl oelan Ialian with a Cnlitaulton kot n tul i rid riaitl l lay illenatameit? Aed call a itioitttexirt that this haytt en e ln ofthe a.vge fr om mot ofthe illea whi-la tae fleh ofomel itheirto, is ehtietty ewiug n nioce gerin a lHl safe rontelels whliellh e einllln.ys "'llrhi nslmlisl, Il adiffereone ill suess, is Ia fair exemlt intiya of tile ifilnaateulneioriayn e+ the l iollale ait sant means of elo whice (;cml iia creoteil fir the beartfi of tis €lathlae, over liosel whichl tile priie and the art of nleallI l;lve ill *etellel. FIrom a long rehlence amnllg a imortion of the aihmrigin oaliahnhilaintsof thiaeolunts. aodon httimate +iequnin tallee wilhthe nlethodllsor elueof menr iof tlleir moil eressntul it.ctitilOers, the woli-ietor ol nlThe leainl'a o alleit ,'eal+lllguiredta knlllllleg of aon of tile most lpowerillllati fe'vorilerimealiea Fn.r theof sheseleecteda scah s werei nlot eoffieacitloutin ilal .rapriatites, tald +ifter y valonisa exllerimenlls t tiest tlleilr rineilteiosi a1d sreuagth, ale Iai omeonltitl them it thie fort herie presealteal, as the a most aerf 't atd aeefifial lur the purpose for which it y irrlmonmellaied. a The 'prol'ietm olferslthis pretaration to the pualic, willa the conseaiolsaness thi:t he is ,latitag wilhiltheiri seon,. ia remeily ciaul le of reclievitg niHoy of hlis afilicted fel; low beings, who ic sufterihg outler tilhe sni'osa ehroltnic anatalaitanaeiaIrcolaiats to whhcit at ii aptlitahle. To aludh it will plarne of intlcitlllahle rale, as tile meialn, aend ill maniy a.res, tue llty meallsoflellceillg almeilrf l " eritillgs a11si reiLOLrieig ItheiiI OICe malrie tl ieitii t:1t i Hap I pillers. Thisis illotltlreli nsa elmlln llllellv thal - myper hcl e ii ce telalely good with miny otlhers low illnctle, bltaio tieri whlch iltah tle iif no.itig lilac illltllllly Sextreme toases n hichI all lte util t ellitesfita. tll iasf a. has doie reliitedly; Illll lhit is thi e repaltaltitii ithasol. troaiott w tiahevl it hat teiu itatntciietmi. I Iis olhllItH~ltlt 11hree' yearsBIIF fIlletlis wllr:ll-.inll wasi plress~edn iol)he puhlliu: but ill ol:it shllri't s ,ee lOf tllnle 11m1ehllllllr lso el'mlmnll lt hIRI1e liellllll+ Slll wn~llhl IlemIlnlg dleclare II1 thlle? lhel holered lhlt thIeh. lives w+ .e taved hy it, matl in most aeesalrer they ht a tried mt a y e ani perht s IIte a-l lihe mtllltlo il-leleie" ill aie il vain erlll' evr ait is kiowl it isrtiileily inoriug ilrto tutu ti arnd tnaii alrisllstllellllos t subllstanlltlla llll colnill nlllg. lpoof of it ehlih htuie diired all iaher rt.tmediest mul piatihtu.ri S id lltlnse crri s- llala e IIIaIeIIi)Ioo lil ieei l isl iv t Iset l n Is to elm1se dlistr-esSill sl i l thie bolnes, Ilells, in! ercI rial nllclers, leaenletngnitlll oftilhe ditislivi e oianef ciCa. These it coo, letely Ienaell'ts, m+1+ in£111 case'. it entire I} critdicates the d1hse+nse mul thelts olrmer1.wt*iei( i 'Sllesi e lsr illt llat e f le lllo t .l he I tie t sII n[.l i S well. 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Fo :t in, ThII s i lliw t1e I so or t bllsi u sefu lln h, Ia t ii igo. it!u s.(le se l t II I I ,,sc tnifam rI Ial . r i ti llI l c n L'| e e i alli llt.e l .c.ic esias t cu ts eb e .I a n i ll ii. iTh kie ' w ai iiesumie tuinsita. ntitof titaums s t hi d i llll dow ll t uea v or ee I jlWr Ii n llllt i lrsall lllei iitit hiia , l cll a the ll il swtt r til.lll r iI iiii~ ltalcll erci$ tllt~llqicyiauer ith-i S.l~ll iiii iii ii tse cuito isiia mch CII Ieaai-', ia a ta ni ,. 1 ta3t. t Thllell lhel~swint ertiice,I su olf~ Iu dras stlimlc a a ier a etii e £Ia I - tii ua dllleaaic lla nieiiim a an e llllcc l ) C i.tL' ]lao lr.eCe Ic7. I 1832. I wah s1'ed st.lut h tlhh e Yila r cc illceaiyj , to ilteutil tiet a Il ml blusn lr ner, b rtinct . th, ing th is iod arcehacyave es aptemaciuiieeMaeieg i oi tliithsc h wrdsl i sth, aIInd Fely IthS KIIm eth st. ati ietiWanImell lieul otaim tee eoeak.S sil ac tie alos esr irheImll, with li tettll inics h ii t'i el' ill of eei uar ,hila thuemcaef oaamtirm', .ttilhc whmiuii, '.roi+ctc;tt i "lenrtlllctll Itsl+slletll'l ¢: er I)UILP II s e. e mslllWrlls I, l mIei. lllllelh eti e' llelvl t r m t ain, tme itr r oiettiace , ii n itrlec hanunte- ti uler h ll Iin rle.t 'A r t lo ll " .tt ietutcai it i tlltte] ' Ihetioir lo es lllutit iii tit n i . at, t li o k t wl-lal hi e iilin of, atlau l'se Pattnll ae. lt e ighL' ii l iac ti ottcire ii u tanol tic at, w ath in et itint iatr at-alif n-Illsirla ai tiaciteia Otliar whith iiit-tcat- Ather' t uthe, I ie rarnletot u y Ietliretl liSiew Ytiok, ii ct-ta, aci lc- sm lYr to any otat I iaalcmperaidenerlyl ir..caulsy e i sor t. T'o tl ygrntruet , as " KI'l 18 M:trisket io. U.AaIt2S air ShCIIOItUIOUS UI.t2EulS. Cnoit Nol(.w 'oon, S acilyl tIII tO .. Thell i te colutfse t u ato moitls, hltd cl tile Iat neic A fcltlr lllcyioJ. s,.vel ullllr 1,h) si~iml Io oahlllla rllle0i we nsillrlllaoun rslcieilitc afe lonlt ;ice llt ieyl Iy ketow ,etatwacae he curbeeoemacio ag umgtcnuh itc-tainry hinch.m II lleat, ;nd hoe onsell.t ir his life iie kly timle rbove nef. a: 111P* 1V~Lriu. .1. · I. lrlAT .l., I l r to reyre wi tl all ..ew eork il l . I .o t andtelleiet up tin taiie la l ueig ullaIhI. c Il jt S t" tlre y eill t lla ciaa iciatae e xetiti t eril skii lll tlu) o ita la 1 el-wit a ell Itpe lleoir eaIatah e rit. IllllthiseI ct 1tle butl eci evbin lll e malllae i'r m iteela 'ii w iriet cuI.r taifd~s~sl fli ii'iieaig ectit.s lhltiley it y Lkii gt-eatha.tdc en consierthli feeiiitietliau y tc'ei e sh oe . - ,acor sale I A oLl ItII lliikaest fer taca Iapreerieor , lt rCiSnlacaatenel'1rneatre ertiilin~ly ateonylutlaneilha atfrcaitin tr ita b]ite - a-tal iel e utarti t, litle cllue lien taltac-t cat--alu- jl il iht g bitt i 11 I'itectt I ~lyeiirccnittlenrtidlhircsif-nll l.titcl it- tctwt a i, I nitoitictna'ime fnoce pre 'laul. ot~tluler ctmlg t MtAItc;AItI;I A W\'E.i'I', tIt Mierket -.'e~r lantebr IlK+NttY I|I)NNAiIEI+I,, oe, ',Ic-lia ta_,rtt,,-teieatt.ra,i'cltia.ttio.,teenrac.a tO+ 'NEW ORILEANS NAS.IIVII.LE RAIL .IOAf d COMPAN I'V. d .|jfl stockhlrr,'era of tlis comlny are hereby nn h tifred that by a resolutita of the bhard of direc. ten pasted on the 19th inet. thecaliaadie nn thew on tle I:Ith Elrbruarv a-t, tir tahe iaymvat nll live dollars a shaine, wa re-cinalded, anll theaaid tlockhlders are furltler ratilied that e WI REAtEi baa ,eaalutio ofathis b.ard traeedin is tile 19th int. a eaIl has hen ade oa th aoetckholders of thr New Orleans aIJd Nashville Rail IRoad Conp.aj.y t ore hie tollowiog paverita ola the the atack Irhhl realln . tively by thrla , ia.:--twa orilarr per sluare, Ipavahle on tile flirs;t day of Septeatberext; tra dllars er sarha re e pavarhle oi the lirat day of Deembe, r neat; and t. , dollaraier share payaloe oil the f st daiy of March h next. Now tlietererbe. it resolved, that the secretare of this rr naarany hal:a l rnatify the share ialhoer tlerein, through tile arublic pr eta at' the eaiy, that in itttori oit, with the -ixtlil ectila of the charter, thevare lernilt:d dto palor ne ally rlayrient called in in tlhe stock nfsaii d aorpatny far the termof sixty days, frotr til after tihe t day on wheelh it is inoaade payable, rwith the eaxprea ea.o adiaiorn awever, thast if not regalarl paili within th ysaid proloatioa of sixty dara, frotnl nd aft, r th ada ea whicll it haouhl Imve i4eet pail, that then the stork on whie:l said yaytnenaalliould have balniradre, is an ran a ·lareitad th tie eripalry, thle aiharter oil tlart pafintrttarg iulatepive. lit eonfareity therefore, tosaiI aonll atlleek l tre teakaiikholera ia said elanrmaty, as ilbik aper o pat all the payvnrata rill thir stuck to thetad o the adliinaal sixtydays, whiech the lirarter h ahlow, *Jmr,ar notiledtLhat the paytart of twlo dul. ae pr hliare calleda firaad duae n the firat af'Se. nralilrneaa. may aeliutpotned under the saxtli section atlaid .anrr. ntilthe 3l day tof Ooeolar neit, that NLY.Gin t aa :.e.rn d4 m pera -ahaarelied lr, arl inti (iu9t.,,. . c . bet+...,.,,.mfy. e.Wp .,tonrd ot U a ali flaryIa eal anaae.r _ lie payi ,rrntaerailrni tolkk .ar eaJlla a iarayreea ee a the iretdae " (Men.. t, maayte patpaiad'tatil the 'es rfApnil mr . . bracla'.f trn'rhtitt e oattena itdli.n te a elt : , 1 '. - A, Mlti.., ." See' mil/ nhfl g 'º r~~ch Royal College of Phlsysleans, Los.uann. TlE' original Vegetsble Hlipisl Univerad'lMadi jI sine, prellqreWl hyW Mikin, EII. hewmior" of he Ilnvl College of SYngeOls, Lirentimte of Apolthe- , eoey'slompoly, Faellnw of Bolt Couont lociety, Surgeon wo so. th e.lovyl Uoinh tPensons.Aooeietim, Luollscorer Place, Waierioo Bridlge, tdl I'erpetual Pupil of Guy' so 0e1l St. Tihoaus's Ilospitals, Iommon. -i This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' R eswlterlne andl ltulusllelet stucess in the extensive aln olsl liglhl reolteet.ulle Itietee of the lrolrietey, leiro lioed Ity ihe lolslltv oaLo nhiitih, stilt islow iltrohuhl iore in the notice of 'lt American pil lic, at tIle earnest so tIiitotion *f a nulmber oflgetlglmel of lonlgsullhigh I usimlistg in tIe rofession. It is Ihoped, aI u prelimi. o nary step, to cheek tde evils ail fatal eollequtrenesIt r arisisgirfom the use of the numerous and deleterious Iv oollttons inisoed tl on the lohlie by the lid of iihrtietled et prooli of miraculous eures, and aohier frauds, h) u set of ei e loersoy, mnprilelpled ireeseleron sit otlly ignlorll te ol modrliool seulete..lhlit imlnOsoile she nlstliosm Itl II lullsilo cn any lonlger go down wi th Ie ilollillenlt t teotle ofthl lolltutry. 'Flhemn lolls mild owl oglieolhle e in.their nature, shiotd ie kepI in every fLlily n caseta tit of souhlen illness, for, by their prompt sd miilitrtion, nl Ih ololelr, clalmp, stoisIs fevflrr, onl olter.lhremig 1l holehoaintl, whhirlol to oiften plrove fntsl, lsay hbe slt,tli v I cred or pirvenlted. In fael, all those who vl glold. no Sllirlthl, should never be without tlhem. They are sole i i ilo pokets St 5 centl, l$ soad $02 each, IV every reslee i to tail ede lnriogist, wo*kller, n eodr VeotIIlr'f onedilliee it. ti onlt tite l l S I hIe (anlal, , with copiolos d.lai ions, is tilgetler with. esulonialo ofi professionlll ability lilu f, Sthie oBlli ini elilelil geotnlle : Sis ASir . lev LUlei J at AhIertlay,.leh les Ilhlndell, M. D., W. Ilick, %1. D.. 1 is .. Aston Key, A. IFampleton, hI. I)., nsd iullerous imhers. The origila lsmay le .een e possession of the it (lGenetril Agent, by whom thoe dllie i i rted i niloorlt ito ts hr this euiosr, and to whoom all applications loragencies I omust lhe lllle. e JNO. IiHO IIIN, 99 WaYerly Place, N. York, t, ow Sole (;eearl Agent for the Ulnitel States, U.e. s. For sole hllohoiltltllote of tIe origioltl, n r- t.y itril ltiurnrlls, Iklssgiims, No II C.lltl slreet, tg (-erie* Aelltl slir Sitllthee f lliois6oto. jul vR I K1 ItIIY II LERE & e c, No Mt1agiluoe street, ia - reeeiviang fni ships Nltshvile, .lloisvill, I enoitoek, Eagle, olll other late arrivalos tr-sn :Its i ".-t erlN citires :.lrge ani l Inew selelted assortment l, Bools, Shoes nlld lBrognls, s e, annsintilo ofg'ntlelell's line calf lll Mloroece o boets h In Io O24 qulity; do blltt'l, llot until waxs plgetl hltes i of esrin$sllllalities; men's flie calf seal mld .iloros p id1 .i"w . ipompIs atl toogtso, hInkskin shoes, tbrogms aml w ttilleit: menli'tie cilf tinll kipted lleggeld shoestnel 1, Irogens1; ilo bnoots; o soolllt kip suti was lgged shoes S0il Ldhnt$ot gertlelmen's tert qutalily eoll ewed shoes, It - .. s ll llld JIek l)owoligs;l do clf' llud .Mlorocco eI lekle lboes luld broglls; ido ell;, se lll nd Imloron a I I .dlio shoes mll stliplp -s, do calf, bullt oIo seaI w.gsg, ) a ew article; do fine calf, setl. andl moroeeo qlrtel i *ots; Ioys', misses'llod hildrln's pegged and osewed f .e oungans, aid shohesot eery oquliit rot? kintd. Also a genetl assorment of menOr 's to wa nlll dl II I- tor I.iro tgo.s toll shoes, together wilh ltt,0t) plt" lI 0e :gro tquality, russeltt Itogouts, nilen in i it re I nks, lidet expressly for ilnation us alll goo lli os tI II llelmet of mneln's line andl lstout kip russett I-r rans,. r w artiol llttil ia ilrge quanltity of all inlerior quia lilt it r sset molo Wla brlogallS. Loaiies' fine oif, senta, molrocco nsli grltni welts, an' a I p P"ll't sole Isholes; il fie Fi'tehth lurllco welo kid riun ot vtand slippets; doroton shoes, with ocl withtout heels; I b calf, seal lad stout letther hootets; to Il'orunlla shoeo ot I l l kitl s tott1 i litett tiiro hoishtitgittt otts; toat ltitret. eol n dIooenl tootteos. Miwoes' lottittgusloritg siItvitoo . or g . Clillllllreos colored Mlotrooti ot ll ihg-lO bro- i. 1, tlo luro0 holots, he, e ientlene' lillefausionaole black silk hats; tio black it in tldro bearer lo nl a us1erilor qualityt d iotillto llio i te ram*lo; balow ill tloeeos briny meen's line dlh and td I*, It rk ossin short tl0P1t- hlts, a new article. Yooltts i SIlu e size lhats ol diitetent iqualities; do chilhhen'st , l- 't nalnsl bt)'s black alld droolb wol htlls of lvariio . iluo aes, with genteal assol.rtmet o boys' anl men's l I hlles aMiorltmlent will he relllenishd llh the arrivl lof t eas, .icketstrlotln tle nestr nted cities, all oft whlich SI h w be Isol ell aCooll iunotlal i ler ts, el. ugl - I-II 1 a ltli NT A GUIL 'Si - t . B-A4 L FOR T'lHE TFETII. e ril 1eehlsllsmt reputntioll esdolleotal ily hlcre-il t i demrml d or tlhis elit', tolI notrtlo-v ot' tttn, Ltnol Ire servtlive of th temeth, has induedll Ilhe sb, -riber te o offer it It tile Aolniricll lllilp . AIrrtIigeo t ent s ih iar , ee h made tou rlllv alienel in ail the entncl'Il chie tIl dtonwost in the. tntjhd Satter, so root, I t itli r the reacth i Ihoe surfferit.t andllikely to suei'r this mots y lnrtssLLig of Allo ochel., Tiooth.nhll e. When applied nl.cordint g to directions giten on Is Mile, it has never faised to tliftrd immelliate and it Inanle t reilef. It als illtrrtLsts tIhe decal v im delfetiv 'eth,and ralitrves that soroeness v hich'l fret. lrtlo re render a tto'iIg t!ooth ooIilJILs Thetio Itpolilutlt old li s remty are eimlpe, ionnloe.t. 1on eot tot npletont; .,I l. II rge ulli ,b r oto plersritrt i n1lia o t tc tints ?li t I aril ll II~\·· hat hae air slyl eI xprtielt.Ced -liu'l deii(i.hll'll co 1 .lliuhlly e'Tec!, Is 'o! ill he .,-.' If tol 11*1 II ore readl ii II-b a (looItt,. r ill u lcl.,) t t h i oi o lt t it. to t.t Irb lled mi hl I e . It is to. lllhuo rot ,ill t, tl iilid ittigltli ,itnil liropjtt i .lli nd rot? oto ittrI- .lth Ino h~ I illll elll wrl(.l , t ii. . . t " " I'i.c. S1 ter bultl.. ,I 'i fir-=- ; -r, |,0 - li i '-llllsi ;.- Il, rlao,;> d + in 1 rumors ui teto umir-l t I!. h.It avlol o l nilt, r ol r dieoo.ttl ledI hie"o r i nd It...o estl .losilcd S ( IARII N sEJID STORE, i i-. I laving been inooin 'rio llly i-irtr l tiroi by ..lf tlltrel'U stld pIarll , lth oIlltbsorlh . I ie s to ilassure: hlit .l o felrld t gl.t, a lnd the pIblice at Ilrgl, that o i ' ooI still r itiiles t? ithin It.O o ot ls of hi in i hle, or Ilihri lllr, It io ltillrml llh d with a lll!l und ex. S te .isie o supply of all tt' straslar.d kind... l ltktchell r- vrergetablo .ordeol, Soul., of thlo growth ald illo s, port of tle opresoent easoln, 1837. Is Slnce tileo orly part tt Setptlebinlr, he has ro. I coivedlll llllle .supiplwis, by tile llckl t shlilpsl VIcks. ak. burg, Koencklty, and Ark., all arrivel in short ", ilipaage, doirott from Now York. BIy th.l Mlssit. oI ippi ttanld another pocketr. Io io ion daily expcrte. he0 loton of a supplyl of Ftruit T'rees tand Asparags I, toy ltoots, havintg lready received invotices tlereof bvy mail. T'he subscriber bopg further to aoruire tlit, puloie h at |lorge, that he is at re.enlt as well t e,thled to ieeL alnd exectoIl orders lor all the kinlds of taredeni i Steds, either wiholesaIle or retalil, ns lie ever was i II tnc0 hlio first estahl:lsrloont in January, 1822. to Country Dealers alond Malrket Ga.rdnersl' orders iilld at thie lowest land Illost reolnltlble rtesr. by tile pound weight, and gilil or bushel mosullre. Citallogoue, eithor itn French or Eigllis i, iayv l aIlwaysl be obtoinerd on plrsonll lpplllcltiol Suual, to W'.1 S111 I I, Sha*rden Seed Store, 85 CustLiihotltluO stroe I N6"lT..-A constLant supply of ihrd Sed, ti er mriled or pluio; pulverized sOllu; hlerlbs, ntId Sak rs' or. lrd Iorbs,-wttll a t supply o1e0 s Vof d beauts. Fancy Pocket Books-Under th s hail will bhe iound a -plendid variety of andles' und gentleumen' pl, kt bhowks, note, nard. needle nlld lhrlcud aces. Fancy 'torks. .uspend, rs, &e.--Of the latest pattern and of superior quality, connilsting of plain and figured lintl, bo:ib.z.le, vlelvct und cloth ntiltki , ille lie l uinsli. phl, and fancy willth nd "d and cttloletti do, with and wichout rolleri, ,lltntalouu sitralp with wire priuge;ita a great vu. rlaly uof ellthlllilN wIar llnadlo uxpressly ftr thi retail trade, by A. L. Vaulirn and oan ui Pllilb. dolphin. t olhmn--A generas' od complete aneortmen of rcothi e.Un tinheir ntnnfueltory.A:so, Eunglhsh ald FreInch dressing ellme, etc. rieor7 RUSII'TON & ASPINALL'S COM POUND 'IONIC MI X'T'U.EI.-A speedy and CUet.ine cure fbr tau FoLver and Ague, remittent auid inlermiitlent fe.trs; prepareud trm the oreinlal recipe. Ued w:tlh nlell ilt nde uni veralt success o 1832. hy persoe oi tile highest respectlbilit in thils city, as steted i I thle annexed nuertifinces. r Th'I'l dicdinro is highly rerommndrd, and Iluas eno extcoleivoiy useo d ir the auvh da n ,lers with ruch ilitiigualhed sunccs, thatI thie propurietor l tlhe recip lia bewen induced to ofler itlt tthei pllh lie inn its pirent form no tilhe hop, Iohat it iay lie a ueowdln0o pssewsinag great virtus, and wheln umed lccordtilng to lie direetionle Ihan never tlld tef !fitctlll a core, even ill tihe erlt ohstieure ntgog of tile disorder. It is not i all dinigrceublc, nud Ioreuol of tile weakee stoarule , and ehildreen iay luake it with inpoullity It srenigtlieins die digestive organs, creusa ae oppetCLitl., anld seldoil rciuires mIure than one, er ill ostinate caseos, two bottles to efleet a cure. Thelre is leither llercury nuor arselnce in the medicine, nor ay thing injurious to tile human constipitioe. The proprietrs ar ar so well convinced of its ei-cacy, thrnt they egree to refuid the price of avery btile which haslin Iwen takan ill aceordance with thie directions and Inn not efftcted a a perfiet cure of tile fevr & agoi". A. OLIVER, sole anlent for Now Orleansr, at his whlruhale anid retail drag and cedlnectm neore, orller of I iirninllowid Cllartres ctreet. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. 8IIT1Ii. 48 Conli en. .linlgiiiier ci. .n.y, So . 11.11td . THREE DAY'S JOURA'EY FiPROt NE IV ORLEAA'S. 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Ian of the cliaraieer'ol tlese.watern, to i i.geiirralry. helievnel hat lhei are not inferiur to any in Ihe otslhn-. ero Stel.s, Alt tne nc.em c ells tlhat a ote-allye thulatantesring P haesonusicthab t " ttth 0 wilt-ryplijnnt li f thligarcpn c lit acplicgcd cirtsdk: iEr" the very-Ilhrili .srt+eeaoni t anid p h ipeq hIthe ern-1 ttifit I nihMe ir pairtpu'ig and alnstindig 1 (t!4 ++tl. ttlauta. r llt aii Itkera palrulng," i | j. m nan.. i - nyt ,c : ihe' JOtlrnIc ni ' he Fi.l."Eiltiooe' - - JRO.WLETT TAIZ OP IN'il'ltFAEt; N, 10 whll i niot.Mlled at.Avermage 'imie Oleta . t-,or' or'ey mehodlllot findingl the average tllme on tAntge, notes of haed or bills of goods. then Plese t d nttiffll dates, en dIilbtreut credits, wldl "r saiotnlsamoa't+s; asitlelssaerfl spi ctomplete tlanking T lTime ';s'.le, tile hst that al be emtlrivedl. or timt I gturl es. petr tusee within the mime mo.leased complsa, anillt e aio tlpe. • . 1A a ve'riisment in the book is in nearlye follow. ieg worth: 'lhehigh distinction this wrk hs work ha reeeived thrt the tea Iegislative sets prefixed to tle title page, is a re, enmmest dotio in itself, so unlemmon., aml so eonelt live, th Itnllthing is neceslsry morle tihai by ws) of ad vertisement, to gives cotndensed view of some of itsll pI' enlinrities:tt fer Instance, hre Interest Ihas been comps.. edl from, e ld compared with, what is equivalent to otlar tien sletsattemleulatione, examilned li4the press thirnr. fire timlles, tll prioteld from trrerype plates tested I thitlytiv-ooe times, frolm a'l which it mtsl be evident even to the skeltice (elt rei lly tcet o e the r de- I lotl of t htemoftl Ie piefee) tte tie tweurk oas liae arith- I .etiealn iatel'lible, ethd it Eorfrlanttioe ofthids tl le I pxte:nt m tl two Ihalured stel fifty dollurs, id nlw offer- m tl tIat ihe deoeetioll ec' ea error ofl ent illn e Iresment or fifth enitio,, tr expressed in tore I rfaeur. mktangfive atorei premi s tnferrl 1e fir the nae errort sile the first nlthliealitn tn thle iea ct 1810. 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Corner ool Ctl by a:l:a ourbo streell Corner otf tana] anad Bourbon streets IOl.l hk MA'1 , Ilaoue, Sig.,, ad (l3l3.3mvlll i I a'sinlelr', Ni Co.ntallle slleei, two dan.,s liron (.lil street. Iitations of ,the fldlowing woods luod mbles, el, tcadted i. a masnl.lmy millller. M.c lcbgy, Egypitin hl~ k ndil gold, U k, m(;.llo Indll Alltilco, P ollardll o, Orintal or ve.d antique, C.ulld lMaple. llo..l 0tone, irdl e.e,. i i'lll3y (ll.rallilt, (Coonllllle or Illack 0faila tonld Ilroctella, 3tlx. Walo) Aoli in G" y, Ash W1 hie Oak, , hC. k kon. l'cins In to be seen at the shop. laints, oils, glass, copal on3is3h, k.. o han.d nui or sale. iiaid ttun h s iron, w 0ell Otto t )l. Ih(3,11 ,11roll an1d rIod iron, n dil rod alld )plogh Cual. (nllnln, shear, blistelrd, splllinlg, lshee ld llilolllw lre, cut 0 ntll ll rouglh Iails and spikes Zin, hik l 3i mill and grind stotis, cal kettlles OxN log e I lce hllills, corn mills Au its, 'ices, II.lwtnmrsiand ellows W'ilru, cllet''i S i lgll ledli ; llot Coi .ood c. llll kilng 3loles A- olt.s,Hll owinnd3 ldsn) tilther3 sldes a1 l shovels hIlooik a033 plloe higlleo, door, .)d window hooks Colhl.s, 1103303, Slo p , anti oieir "xes Ioll avid slitelllhhllcop lli .I. Na'ial ilolls '3int3s, liseel3d 3sOl3333l sp3n oil A fulll assortment oT Iardlware and ship chandllery alwHa oll lhand, ind whicllh are lfferod fr ille ut whole sale or retlail, o03 tlhe mollst favorable terms, by It LAY'TON k . Co. 53 Old I.evee. NEW GOOI)S--Sinnnons Ilortl &, ell are now Le oeivitg from oln lalrd loipal zoo, anl Sratll I nll g rig Coonorlir, filll New York, a grenal viriol3-y goodllo in the3ir lilo, wlidI toollgIeer wilh he1i CFori3e3, alrok on Il.lnd, Ill3kes their assort entvery: nltple. lie i)hl wil" 33333p3300e a purl, vz0 ell twiot, or.. ;de tuc3.k 033303)303033333<3333313a,)30033 ofull deo3rip33ion,, I1n. 1ia rllubber, silk nlld worsted elastic artiers, cu3llllllOll & fi3e elastic 0u3l3nds3o0I, loco ieo 0antd3 Lrsitnr ial(heas, hid3li3z powd3ero, l3wdler l3ff aond 133e0,, tloilel l3wdelr, pauckeo booka 3a3d wnlltsl , inoldle bookshe, shell, pear ivory anld loroc3 o 3 ard cases, head l ornaetllll, plain on-. 03) hends, neklll.s nol. negligeeCb 31eal chll3is, 0eckhces, cat olrois ond plain,Raad,oeilver uani gillhunds, Indion bdlla s, 3ells u0 d lllues; pisol and folurgle w ler flsks,shllo .beltl, oslill, .rell. pcket and dluelin-g uibOlo;loulllealoh30il3le bnrrelle3 d gu3 , Bowie koiveb, unsl dlirks. 01is0srr, 0hears3 , plockel kniveso, uard clailos, noll rlbhuoon, woisl bucklles, clolll, Ilnir l3lll naileonob, . ornl3nl, ollio.o, i1a1€, 1our 3 lin lu0)in30 brulos, C olognee Ilorida, lavendll)r, r0o3 aolu bay Water,5saorsed esoelles, anld exolmcrs, llnaen0solr, hear, oolinqno, and3-Ward's ro getable Ilair (ils, s)lhvi3n and hlil05 oaps ol all den .¢riisll3os," lodiro' tuol geotlemers' deak id dusiig 3sa0, hair rieglrso,frizeloes ano Iool loi, plain, masical work biox., plai anld gilt, figod, coot ltd' reol Io,0o3o, p.0arl and iv.r iliirflo,.lilti, etddrlls ld" and sillver lail cIso. too1lhtnkai d'twela erpnlr , 'til ill) kerl,ouiinootoro do, oiler., hres mondtiil Igo, hooko anal ues, hair piso, isilolba f(si;,blk , Ibe .blaeqkio ili .a i .0,let f ) rUike tead sloto csp, boos tkas opepm. 4uts t' nlr iaeit a.dl Iniagtillb.a liper, uain. . ,-,.ti'i we..kyý -0,,0.plfla ., goads, Bon ] .fl.-bi 'tb albs grmeshlqcP pttao r arti l. , " '' .ll tnook. .. ShAILt ARIRAING40IMNT N •rts ..nSa Due Ev.,5O Day as I2,. Weters Mail, (Due eery ndyv a Wedesdan w~s.,oT't.! V~ey ndxcc, .l." t! y wyo "la ulses every Monday, Wednessla - Saosa.d nlnvby 9.3'. 3. TeIlakedatilf Deeest iT Isedla, Thursday, a vk~k~ir' 9aun'de} t5 P.M.' Cla am severy- Morlity, Wednesday EXPRIEIs MAII.. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPAR'rUKtF DISTANCEi &e. of the Epress Mal, hctsren Moaila ssd "New York--leaving Mobile" dell., at 8 p. M. Rortbwer New York daily st a P. M "IoNliwacd. Arrives Arrive S NnrhwnrJ'. Ditannee. Time. return' Montsguery.Ala. 2pm. 198 11's23 1 mn. lColtnlab, i.s IJ 9a91mm Miillelgeville. Os; 33 .,1 2 p'.ma fnlit C. 7j as. 163 171 II) R~leign, C. 5 215 2 lt Warrenon, Va. 12 m. 55 . ( Peoerbulag Vi 's p0m. 83 '10 9s.m Itchnlab V, 1 am. 21 63 6 Fredlerlckshnrg, 8i 67 7 Ip sn. Wehbilugh.n easy, pm. 6 L . Itntimor., i" 38 4 Phildrelpicla, Ol am. 1110 • New York, 2 pi. 90 "Ci 1105 143 Ia. or Ad 23 Northward. Coming outhward , the tne Is six boor lero; lolntc5dnys anit 17 boses. 'trlN itOI.I.ASIS REWAIID. mANAWAY fr om 169 tProndeletl corner of Itecir itrerets,onitenighl oflA a of Augst, asd osr seen hlre next hioomlg in Peydreqs tree a negro i y natoed Ct(AIt.SE9, tablct IT yearn of age, son *5 fee or tbereonhals ill hcichtb, vere hohek, anod tan on einlra in Il k peeh, ans of ha le ire allre oesioenoe by a recentl Iltrt; lIe. had .n1 irhen IN wellt Rawa a whir, Soaton of linen eirla-lld white rtten tlt.nlhlnll.. tA s lw rafvestelonnd cateln Intl* are cainntDA a geojot reeeviig or ilstoriag eid negro, It weol ao ell .tier merrono, athe ta e rgolglr c, tle taw will ha enforced ogsioTetttoo.. '1heshooc c :wed n-ill taer eia r folrlloiveri e hi rn t .aly of she jailta of oiclar ofthe nulltripieato ne o at t69 Cnre detc, coiner of Ilev ciro? selptCua o ltweet. o ll a 1Ntt'l'ssIta.-''o occacuatacorehaf hcarreacairec iccaticag Ilatlrallu firm ol louhlae & tGerrolenn, hlno her ins r il, T s nlc ril nr w ill lili ai t aln l uli r a Ihe tarncr, in tios ilt, atal reocit's all plronen in l Ie. td in cacke aVnlyacaa io him tatcly, e1lotll tbnit savoelaa alas ic,lt, Icreaent Salrn forselllenlaatl., nnc tl--t1 " t (_atAItETNON, . W.SW\VAIN. No. IlCnra ,loe i.erltc Ornects, ITd alwawnysenhad ocal:tnlt itnc ri lai.g )e. lIllys, Clemicanl,and I'om:ollalictllc cla' .' tltl3"rUt, .S " lIVE~S4 Antioctlny, erne. Argnls, rod, Aoli cca orcnlee, o.Alole,, edo iwolreld. Bhozillete woo tn, licaciom ctclmavie. Coo'lilltal, Ionlaruc tollll, iOlala ts, AnErralnas lto orf.icud, C:llcjlc.Ica Stllilnta , nll e ci, liule, , oIn roll, do tiali,. Ilo nnor, In N alllalle, ilirelllbt r"l'elc h l.I:ri iles. t I :sIHt ail , I aci , Io algeal, (,lcoll noal I ta r s .n llntatall-,, lIli l acc leis, ade I... taltnoll, do .antnhi, Lorwondi Ca,, liwati SIdo slot, d Iming. Io nmaonie, tlo .nmaleis, alou twc'iah. Canlwaoll. I lo resla, rlh Mallle', ocbin, a. ido tc, acrutt Nlxagito tcnse, Io dle SAtnerie-. ito Callo, lo conlllllo, cla 0\ do nlalsaansai Iln Io rflA.s dcm I lolae. oxi camt PIIIEMICAtS.. Sico , AsI, ailoaai, ln . do n mlorintio, Itca cicicai, t-o c'ant, Vcdci nal,.i, tinle eloae, r si n K sail no f ii p. 1senega l ih, 11 I tl, , p, at i'a aac.cnclath. tlct-ireoswi' mac "lo llaccg nlllle 'D aeaict,lel"li~ne, ICo ti, Foreign, 3cc-all- a'ellcll lc Iageslin, bfalith, thelanclloe unlt. tlo Aatericasc lel chomatl I cnaelas Slacann Stlake, Smc1, col aenI m lA n wmiee ball, Saaga IC lon. I crloaece, Snic r ince, ni cIIaIcUaioe. tnt-laaaonac'tio . l~on, 'AINST. Olslen. 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I., . 1.I lord Rhudna, . rnmnne++, bv Anllnl Cunnilg lnmn I ro a hojncsari Icce acatten Icy Ician~eif, at, cci~h aa CimpancdinH Iliseoaq ;tlnl!, ocroao, te l' rro tics riinaln Ittnlan,hy Nnahnoael lccr.ceclo I ccoi fnr rlilc N a. 7ta cftllarprcl'p Ecesly I.jlHarc a Vole.: h:1 4 Ilf llnlw new clnplelet nndl unffu~rln edi iol c,,j ofr 5t'chaal~hicicateca'atto/,ls. i Aog'r'e I'tracah nod Ea,/ish DiAli.nrg. ino l n ol, Je. copen oflts Colncens' I'hrenctogv "i lce,. 5c"rc'nrne.rteaccrc..'n~ccecaaeoofsoiacr,,,ci,, aiace, cwtih olain/c Ilill Illr tlaaloa-4. end i I-l iaaa-laea I nciclcoproc•-c nlelali0 Salcntljacalled paneros,n wighla J:.rl ..... ted, a.ld for .... by tacIt BENJ. s EVY. I PAIN 5EVISITF")f,&e . 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'his veory concentrited Syrl t is prepIared with the gratenLth lrlledionnnarrii tl cre a tcracyn ai, contain tlhe ctive pnoilll e nl Sarsopailla. il ltl Illlt cottei rated dgree comnbined witll other vergetblo substtnce of kllomWn slricacv. 'l'b great desiderntum with phvicians ins beine abl to exhbit it large qnantity of .sa nillt in a i It :ta dsc, aoe beeln obtainred inl this Ire raltion--tIey, bejtt ifully convincedl olf its nmerits, conflllentlv admliniter totilee orse of their practice. Piice $1 50 Iar bottlel. Sidl onvy at SWAIN IlItOTllIEIK'S drug store, Nio. I IC;oii stretI, whle iloy be ldl, fresh antd genuine, direct Ifron the IPrr rei thre, t-IiIm'S Pantacieen and Vernit.ttee latter's Cit tOll .tn, Carlpenters Pretaratins, atld a large and genera asuIrtILent of fresh drugs, -m4 LINNOCK'S ROMIE, &e. P INNOCK'S IMPROVEI E)ITI'ION OF DR G tiolldsulith's Abridlgoent of tile Ilistor of Rometl to twhict is prelixed t nr Intr ldulrtiot toI, tie Stltly o Rlolntu Ilistory, ard a great varelty ofv vuane infer Illtion added llhru.fl"itt tl ttwork, oi ntle ,litiier titintittions atd Antiquities of the li n withon u o lliertus biogrpbitcol and historical Nites; and qlles lions for exmniutittlin at Ile and ' ef rch sctlin. II. listrated lwillt ltinteeiganiits nn woodi by Athrertoa PICni.oct's Ihnroe'ed Editio of l) r (Isltliijt's HItistory olt Englandc till tile Invasion tf J lbiusCinrartouttb dealh of George 2il, with a eOltiltoIllee to the yea 1132. Willth qeatiouas tir exollnatint o at thle etll a euelh section. nestleo a aority of ' viltlloa inforita tiot addled tltroughul,, tite work. Colsistiog of table of conteemtociraay Severeigti nitd emilienrt imaerot Copinus erxllutatury notes,. Iteemarks ot tie pnt ties, tanntners and of ltile aoge. All autliel the Cuonstitutiona, &c. . lulnstraed by natty engr i tilgo. Guvo ELEMErrs oF Atrraono.oty, n ann Anridgmee of Keith's Newr reatise ot ttte Use of Giltben. New Amlerecan udititn, with addiioiueo and ulimrovement nltl al expltiont n'tln t asLrrmtiuipal part of tle Am riean Almuonae. Just reonived andfor sale by. WM M'IKEAN nav 24 cornoer of eCatUp andol Colnttmtn sae IIAtRPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. I1ORACE,translutad by Plhillip Francis, D 1), with U.L an appendix, euntmualnog tr.nsltlutna ot variueo odes, d&o. by eon ýJeatoo, .towlvy, Mil[t,t, Driydol lotte Addlieon, Swift Chattnrtaeo, Gs Wobietiild, piiireta BIryan, Sc. anad eoae Of the tooreeotiioutti of tl dalt.'EI ~ll lh Unonillen pouts of lh ay-anod tIIt.iZDRUS, with Ihne appeaJix J'i·':dius tratnsi 'ted hy Christaopher t:liut, i L v,1 l fur muto vuoultes; an.l ,1 uftllarler's butitiail Li6rnrv Til Eiapewtltut t tU.fbN(JI Ey CIIIINKER, by ".lltroo l, "M [J,.witlh. tqntuioicoftha Atuthor, by Tltlnt us wuetn., sq. new iteioh; wlat'ilttstrutitmha, hy.CtE "erltahftuon ' t ittt, wat. .. dl t .ret o Is (. - Crelkebgnb P *K TIPSY; it Trye,.bayisrgnautrir of tifl,.tjnalta .Mryuf!l .rgaund.V Sec., t .wleditiu.. t,.ý s.n. r.~l.. PAUL. LIFpORao;bi thb. u.nt,or . -1',lht. •The Duite •dt" d engbt vbe alait al tel t w n of" 1b t ai rs Cooltleo Yh'eti. 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