Newspaper of True American, 12 Mart 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 12 Mart 1839 Page 2
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CMM a: ý i1 .:w:. 1'! WuIh)lnton FabI..: 47f Niew k do. Clgciniatl:eIN . '2 Pr. Ma . ..... .Lel 4 )d.....:nUdo i....... 1. 4ie hit ........ h . P NR IJtILRNS: r r ,S; CLE7AIANCEM. March 11, 1839. UIiiT ot t#."I..ft Ur.., o a fler *lo Waterman rU d ,tdo,, V 1oy.iht N+Yoark, Kidder .- Hoad r|rlstb ,, l o eahahComowoohy, Trie h . toh Aiot tdnliepo,(ot Tompico.. F lr.nott U iholob.iale I o. terNorlbdk. Muster *h&fWsohroe . U.rray for Rio Gtand,. Kon., .aron d to eop Bedford, Pope, fw Nl dford, t oee It.oo ARRIVALS. " HMulch II, IE, Tow beat Pilot, C-.larke, froml the l n .hIvingL towed to " ohlp Burmo h ardbriSusao. Cra.e, the city tF1Pi splhipsBani .Anonolo eoo.boh r oo.yron, hrk the touth s piletstlathrt:t IIo A MlN.. :n,;rts 4 ships on thel ,.hiha oot; a oing dewo in the river. . IWb+ll'op.if, Mertin, from the N E pan., heving lowed S-h IMtbLipt Heellepont and Flatloos. returned to Ihecity with boie. Ihuithto, Iulosmd .ad onergy; le1 the Ibao n the 10th t+ IýtIIo'aP lPM. NothilSnew ill tke river ' ;N. Olr dTo+wler l days from Iloevala to , Cro L arrlr l Brrln tl; oo ickeNioo, 1 day. troot Ttmpo nI,, tiff y, Sot aOhoon, 32 day.~froo Tohooo, to R D pRubicon, Rogers,39days from liabs, to M.ter. NIh. onn. PenhLblow, 39 days fno Ilare, to Metael, lle Byron, Pearsoll,Sth int,., tfrom Velocuo, Tooal, to SIat. too. tlotoor Brolliant. lari, ft Bayon Barn,. Steamer Romeo McKinnoty, f llonfimrch, Oeomer Peklin. Ja See. Cotn Ciecinaoti. Utetamero wllow, ASohuto. fo ininol lSteamer Ellen Doug:ln. Riley from Notrhez. StBmer Danubeh, Whittoo. from Portsmothk. o.mer Alubema. J M Orieo, from Viekhburg. EXPORTS. UOSTON..IPr .hlp Votorio..Crgo. 1t074 bli pork. 5609 oof hide., 100 tb lord, 1281 his flouor, alld d Itot coton. NEW TORK..Per hklig Crnd Turk..Corgo, 386 betf itde., 2 bales deer .kinl, Mfi hib pork, 510 kle ohooul ddctn. )0 lhs lour , It ieores. ho.., 3181 hale CAMIpEACHEY..Per hrio Rilngltder..Carlo, 161 flor, 47 do p.tltoes. TAMPFI ..Per .r.'hlabh Ann..Crlgo, snndry molU lott of dry goods. NORFODK..Peoshr Vioi..Corgo. 666 Ida fdour o d 28 hi. m mwes. RIO GRANDE..Per ehr %Vatchmon..Cargo, osudry small lo+ddj golt, lt,. o and brogom, crockery wore paper nod quills, ink, am o,cinnamon, potatoe Ibrimstone, potwdir, brooms, lice. ro. ai niont..l, olrdwrlo tiqlor., totocco, wine, oh, herrilns, lImp oi', cbese, Sperm .ano .et. oarh,b sun.ages, oemon juice, Ibeer ea, sberry wine, almondl, bams and oil. NEW BEDFORD..Par slop Ilotdford..(Cargn, 32 hi. dour, 37 do pork. I.-2. hoosondo hi. Iard, 37 blt mo lastee,7 ihlf his ceil meal. IMPORTS. HAVRE..FPer slip Rulitcou..rarot, t1810 poteoesl, 43 hBim bay, 34 tIm clleee,2 irnt lolt, W0n10 and ,rohllnlltizo. to Forgt. F IFrrerlt, '',dunu, I.abilio & J,'qualieit. II Ilorger & Bitarld. V llotor.Rt & lltorboot, Cuchrono, II irotn & o c, A llorhort, F Voli. Reitooke, I)tAlere t o., I.edlux el, J Durl, t Smithb, H Clltelnn.ot, oaloille 4 Bigney, J A Marla & co, T Courtlad. ...........loPr ship Anu..oorgo, If00.burr tones, 500 hampers ond 100 hit potatoes tod 13 cases li quors, to J Albert, ild older. 1t oeeralgo plllenmcre. HAVANA--Per brig Otrauto..Cargo. 1502 btgs coffee, .p..r nd fruit to t Cronino g co. A Fink. Ogden & touthgate, A Tlrier J o Gaddor. M Soun der, Coonelly & Eidet, A Castillo, Rohn, Do ran" co. TAMPA BAY..Peo bri llorrieot..Corgo, In hallnot. TOfASCO..Per brig Etorgy-Corgo, 140 too. lolwood, to RI D Blomao. VELASCO..Per..he Hyron..C.rgo, .7 hales cotton d Dtohl, .tro. RECEIPTS OF IPRODUCE. ]byou Sorn..Per steamer Brilliant..Cargo, 59 bhle cotton. O M l.e, 13 do, Goiy t Stewart, II do, Finlay t e, 4 do Loyal, CbL. .o,0,A do, LRamlth TlhompPon. 12 ddo. s V Ukloy & coUtdo, Reynold., Ilyrne & co. 14 do A Ledouo Seem40 do, M White & co, 12 do. Thoma.l arrell. t,48 do, Duorkb, Wattr o.l do.Taylor Gai do4" to II do Pros. colt, Ones o o.4o 5 do, Mlrn. Pit.mon frtt.33 do, A Rio.. dhe &tco, 08 dt, Coldwell &oiako, 7do, Fulltin, Blontq & Dogoto.. 15do ood 25b6.o sugtr, Foyreoo, Arrinol & to, 853 rtel oope,03 piecet hgnlo. 100 kg. olrd,5m hi whbiskeoy, be i I partot(lle cargo of B John Mill., to Fierce Shalnton and brro sundry ,Iall lote Corn t eoilI A e. to lundry cOItig,, e.o,150 bI. cotton seed, Coldwell I Hickey. steameo Romro..Cargo 37 bales mnos, F Jourdui,, t14 ales cotton. Lrambeth I, Thompon, 140 his. Mo. Is.e, IBrander. IMctennt & Wright, i0O ldo outar, 98 literes aod 8 htocontofoo, l.rri.on, Clegg &co, 211 bhi tolorn, HE Morton. Citneinoali..Pr stoamer Swolnrw..Cargo, I hx iook. No. inns. BStee Io, tIO Id. door, ltood,OI his. and 3146 khlg lard, Samuel Ilen t.h., 5 hbls whiskey, J Yairin & co, 11 hi bwhikey and 1t0 hdo bacon, Jolntool L co, 35 his eggl. an.d 4bo1.r mrchaoldie,. WVallotc, Siotrsou, 5i hod. Ibocon, 119 keg. 19 it. lird, Ogoden & outhgato, 6 bi flour, 2 do buot wheat and 6 has nlercllnndize, A Pope, 10 pumps aid hose and 6 bhres, WE lnarsh. Cinoitooti..per ostmer Pekin.. car.go 500 bi. lour, 40 do whiskely, Stetson & Avery, ,23 hbls flour, Ad.m. & lartwell, 12 bi lo our, Ma.hlrd & Sigeroon, 38 b, 41 Ihalf h lt, nod 12 keg lard. 8 W KWlog,.t Iluo tiller rope., C IV Gnzznm S bale. cotton, W Boeot., 2k bo. iUtter, Lawrenoc & Legendreo, 1 bales cotton, W Smith. 37 wuy cin lll.ossengers and 4g on deck. PortImooth..Per steamer Danute..Cnrgo.,75 kegsb and .l Idslnd.80 ook.l bi..oon,aud 10006 t. pork, 1200 torkies. and 72 do chickens, 4 Iiii behalll, oWller on board, 701 do mol.. se. 4 bhi pork, 446 kegs anod 13 blhs lrd, 50 aterces shouloder, J Vaisin & co..and otlbers. Vicksbohorg..per steamer North Alltomo..Cargo., 890 bales aottot, Bennett, Ferridoy & co. 320 do, Blrke, Walt & co, 044 do Wmo IBoert, 99 do, James Armour, 90 do Marlin, PIea note & o, 74 do, owner on h.ord, 73 do Kelly 4 Morris, 20 Korkman. Abernothy & Hielna..and otlers. Natchez..per steamer Eisle, Douglass..Cargo, 174 hales Coiteo Reynold., Byrne & oe; 8 do W IBogert, 37 do 4iia'jh Ni.k" 128 do Nugtot, Tlrpin & t.V2,; 02 do Brander & Mo Reans Wrighl; 31 do John Goodin; 00 do. A Fulton and 4 cog R Strilnger; 55 do Peyrox Arcinel d& co; 37 do F G(illr dol, 13 do Burke, Wott - co. 4 do, Comstock, IIydo4e oo. 100 do, Beonnettl. Ferriday co. 07 do,.la Amour, 33 do, V W Ooley, 36do, Toylor. GOrdenor, & co. 58 do. Lambeth 4h Tbotpont ttddo, At Wllieo Ao.,22do, Culdoell 4. Itlikey, 49 do, Adams t Whitll, 25 do, Buckner, tntono 4 eo, fido Weoe. HatsL. co. Ciiooinuoti..per flat hool.ts..1700 lis flour and 50his befl toordrr. nlod ihoard &1,eroon. ..........p .. 21r fl boat...tO ttId our, to G Dorsey. ............ pr 2 fat hboat. I000 td pork and 82 ilhds en.. to d Vairiu & co and M Makher. ............per 1 flat boat..t79 do. turlie., ower o board. ............per 2 flat boats..1490t bts lrd and pork, owner on board. dOio..per 1 flat hont..120 his flour, .nd 10 do apple., owner on board. rlorene..per I flatt ol 0100,000 ibS bhlk pork, m.ter on board. Rsutncky..per 1 lat hont.. .01 hh1 flour; 80 1i1 apples, and 25 keg. loard, owner on ard. Mbysvillo, Ken..84 plolughs, 51K IbhS hulk pork; 140 hi. pork;L 4t bl lour, and 0 kegs labrd. owners on hoard. MEMORANDA UhipRohieon, on the nd int, spoke ship Charles, 30 miles eot of the Land Key fro . ie cily of N Orlm.., ..d bound to Havre. Ste.mer Swallow eft Cineinnati on the 4th tnt. Ohio river hLgh, but falling. _ . I m sm m m unm ``TATE OF LU!IlISANA-[Firt Judieial District ICourt, the stateo of Loulsinna, o ail whlos tlheseac plesents shall come, gleeting: Wlhreas--1amnel C. Oaden, George B. Ogde., ani. Edwaerd Ynrke, having purn'hled at a rule made by the Syndic of thle credisur ol Egertou & OVibray, tle piroper ty hereinafer deaeilied,has atppliad to tihe clerk I flthi ourt, fora noslliiaon or aldvetioilneet ia conlformity to asn act oftile Legidlsre uof lhe state of Loui.oal, enti. tied "An act fur hile further a*ssurane oftiles Into pur ehasare at judicial salis;" apprured lthe 1Uth day of Mareh, 18.14. Now, therefore, bno ye. and sil per.cont isterestedl hetreion, are lhereby eiled aud adon shled in the ilsalne of the state of Louiiasa.., dl of tlhe lirt judieial district court, who cats set any rilht, lille or closon it and to tle propety"er doecribed, in. e0.sllsoqseo of any lefiialetly in tlte order. decree or judlgment of tle cu t under whch tlh sale was m8`sde, or any irretlarisy or Illegality in tile npllprieislestu slid uder iselUls.t, ill tins.e oernlanner of salo, or fer ally othler defect lshatso. vers.' U show cause w this tlhirty dlost fron Ith day this onitiun is first ilsertled ill tile pusllie lapers, ai v tle ale so made should inot hbe eolirled andl hosd Igted. L esaidsl prlopertty want d by tlhe Svndil t.rfesald on the 24th lay oflJnuarv. A. 1l. l'i,. Iby virtue oft a oder ofthn court, renalderr.l oiln time tt, day u f Febru try, A.1t, 18138, ill tie tltller of Johnt E eroalt sid James 1W ibruy vs ileir erlitors rnd tile eredimnrs of Egertos ano Wiireay--No. 1 131J of tilte locket of tisi oourt,atsitlsis. stalessoid toSnlar C. Orden, ceorege I. Ogd*1% l Yorke becaose Ithe purlchasersts i the trleibalieminsaertnentihtsoed. Diueription of tile Iproperty as gives ill the judicial onveyaeCe. viz: Lot no.l I. I.ot ofgmand it faluonltrg Sanlet is the squmre bousded Isy Clio, Pstolie. Csliope, and Nuvades etstet as pnor plan drawn Iy J Cslhount datsn.lo4th Jnnuary. 1lt, and deoi',,d ill ,lyp otiee ofl Joseplh B. Marks. Eeq. notary public for retter.e.os, me`asuring 29 f0et4 inehes front olt Pliotahre sleers, by 1311 feet hi depth, and feroit on Clio treet. To tlamues C. Ogden, iGeorge B. Ogsde, and Edwalnrd York$,70. Lot no. 21,sq tle saone square, meearurins ..9 feet front on Prytanese eree, Iby 1218 feel deep, ndj.tniig so. I uto Iasmane pnrrhaors. $3,0(0) Lot so. 3, istn snme oqntre adjoising no. s , hlvinsc tla same front aid depth, to theo isae purclhevri, )3,Sllla. Lot no. 4, in theptn square os djtisioig ot. 3, and h mvig front and depth, to te same po ao. 5, it the same sqnars adjoisiUng no. 4, an Baing the same front and depth, it tihe sat s, pur Oieitts, •$3,150 Lot so. , in tle saune square aldjoiniong oln. 5, and hawing the oauaptmoat aL.d ttlth, to the esme pur clwer, . 3,4m1. Lot go.7,, in ts ssms square adj.i, iinig noo.6,and havingao thnM frsnt and depth, to kthe msae pre. chaner, 3,35ps. 'op . it, in the qoare tdjoisiug no. i, and baig. thla ma front and setip, to te aue i chosen 3 Lot n. 9, is the sasMe equnre aldjoiring no 8. aid batring thBi tn lfront ald dupIh, to sin Bome par. ghosts., 1391x1. Lsetas tO, lotl.eaoueeqsre tt josnolg 00. 9,sttd lenaa e h JaAssa uos.n sod depitt ti tim enle puro. Los s. 11, is the ti eqnre B.tolings... IS, e. uin.g W eu d buelle si" rlyne itrann re iy12 lsa p ill p-lo andIn nlt Ol liope sieooeet, to, ,e 11ame 'par. olrsae, east, " $tt..v _'tas eleven kit are ,sold aitsh ate eilusivpe id I, u at.f. tIley IIr ' wlad itsle esraa itst1 iJld dbioi is, t}e llat refi0r ie. Tearar-.--:l'lo urhlsih-eeh inolonreas 6, !2 18 uadVf ns tls cretdl, ftr o ,ttcves itdoren n-totes wIlls wnstgnge sotil Baa liss Ina 5Its ps.ts o mi lf l have Itresoan set nssr Stood etilS 't ost.l tis .eel f raid couus, tlhe, ahth do..o at 1,th. A. D. 1839.. sit lli i30d .' )IIOlN I.EhdR,. 4 MIM AM3EEIBOAl oWfFIVE. It connection wi th ids Oeice is a SPLEND1D AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FIR THIE PRITtING OF Pamphlet I ulak Checlr Oataleges. Dills of Lalint Label, . Dray Receipt., Legal Nll.e.. Auction Dills, Bill Posrm, Show Bills Steam ealt Dills Circulars And every de.scripli of oSb Werk that may be reqaired. Io'rhe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the almve Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short. est notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lrwcst rates, TIHE TRUEI AMRIC N. BIaI'H'Igna nII" Jlal aI.I.SlN. FAITtIIUL AND BOLD. !EWV OR LEANS: TUESI)AY MAR CH 12, IP39. EiCHANOG BANK AND NASHViILLE RAIL ROID BILI. The PSeate has adopted sixteen sections of this bill, antd will probably pass the whole bill to-clday. "'Tie a consummation devoutly to be wisl'd." We do not know how any opposition can be raised. Somte allow their I-,enl prejudices to jnundice if not to blind their judgment, and would suff r this great State work to flll through, becaus it may not be found con vesielt to pass by their very door. In their selfishness, tlhey forget that they were sent here to legislate fier the whole Striate, anu tot for any particular sectionl in eon flietin with State interests. We shall keep " theim " of all srch, and their local legislation shall not be for f gotten. Let the bill be canvassned-it will he found that it provides for future surveys, and they are to be reported for sanction. No unconditional routeis aseumed. We , trust that tihe best and most desirable may be selected, wh.-ther it cross Manchlc or lend around the end of Lake Maurepas. W'e say, that much depends on the passage of this bifl. It is the entering wedge to a sys Setct of improvements that will redound to the wealth and glory of Louisiana. FREC NEGROES.--n oar paper to-day, we publish a law of Alabama, recently passed, which has flr itnob ject to restrict free negroes finac e tering and remninicg in that State. The law n .ins eite enforced, and lordes of free ilegroes will be compelled to leave Alabama. iThat they will swarmc in upon un, there can he no ques i tion. PThe contiguity of New Orleans to Mobile, and 0 the facility of passing from one city to another, will point this out to tlhem almost instinctively, as the locus is qno it will be to their advantage, to take tip a future residence, for the purpose of making either an lhonest 1 living or for committing depredations and practising their nefarious designs. Unless some provision is made to guard uis against such an incursion, we shall soon to be overrun by these Alabama exiles and outlaws. Al. e ready are they comilng in on us. We are informed that no less than five were landed frome one neat on Sunday last, at the Rail Road terminus. It is. impossible to j say, what number eally have arrived on other boats, or V how many will come, unless restrained. We publish the Alabama law, for the purpose of di reteling the attention of our Legislature to the subject, that they may adopt a similar oeasure, or take snuch is steps as will save us from this evil to which we are so , openly exposed- There is no reason for purring this n- off. It is of vast imlortance, and the benefits of suoech a t, law, if not the necessity, are so npparent, that we can- 0 not conceive of any opposition which can be brought e to bear against it. Let it be classed among thie "acts passed" of this ee-leoa. 55 FREE BANKING.-We see that our neighbors of the id Bee are still ollundering in the sea of error, into which they have fallen, on tbis subject. We have never seen id more forcibly illustrated than by them, the wisdom of le the remark, that it is better to say nothing upon a pro II, position which you do not understand, or whose melits 12 you cannot comprehend, than to write whole columns , of learned nonsense that will only have tle effect of bt hetraying your ignorance of ite measures upon which !o you wish to seem most intelligent. Now the dignified and supercilious manner in whicl the iBe treats thle n, subject of Free Banking, might induce the casual and as coreless reader, to suppose tihe editors really had in o, vestigated the mailer. But to the eye of intelligence, 7 and of him who strips the outsaide drapery from the mis shapen lkeleton they have dressed up, the deformed i atomy of thleir argument is plainly discernible. e- Tie Bee insists upon drawing a contrast between the 4 real estate banks that hlave already been established, by p special Legislative enactment, and tlose which may be Sestablished under a general law, when the principles 4 upon which they ate all based, are the same. It says: "o "The banks in qauestion issue tleir circulation upon rl spee baosis. For alhbongh the metals waee procured upon Imortgagee, the issues of those banks are predica ted iepon the metals andl not upon the mortgages.-T'be cetais were iobtained from ahroad, and it is perfectly competent for oay individual having property to mort engage that property for tmonny nld lake stocks licbnek Ing instltutios with the proceedls. In the case f the r banks altdled to, the state came in aid of individual credit, and issued her bonds paynale at a distaot period "of time, upon which bonds the specie or its equivalent was obtainted, acid upona which thebanks coeeneenced business." Have we not, "many a time, and oft" shown that the lo Banking Companies which may tIe established undera general law, will "issue their eirculation upon a specie basis?" Is it not a feature, that their circulation is a made dependent upon the amount of specie which they possess? Cannot they obtain the "metals upon mort H gages," as well as though they were incorporated by special act? Tie only difference that exists between i them is, that one i is icorporated tinder a special, and the other a general law. Specie must be obtained by both before they can commence banking operations. d They both have property as the basis of theircireula lion, in case they do not comply with the requisition of i+ Inw, which provides that they shall have a certain amount of specie, an I when they fail to keep on hand that amount, their operations shall cease, and their pro f perty be appropriated to the liquidation of their debts in specie. The typotlheis of the Bee is, that the Free Banking System does not eontemplate the retention of any spe cie, as a basis of circulation-that the sole basis of the :nrip which theim companies may nue as notes, is the property pledged. g Tehis is a false position as we have shown; for they are compelled by law to issue spont a specie b.usis, and when they fail to redecm their notes in spccie, their stfairs are at once wound up, and the speeie or its equivalent made out of their property, for the benefit of their creditors. Cannot the Bee under. stand the plain and simple fact tl.t rent estate is only the ultimate and not the immediate security? We do not know tho t is necessary to follow the shallow asrulmption of _ta$ee. The writer for that paper, has originated his pri nises in error, or wilfully assumed tlhem; and Iis course of reasoning we do not think will have the elfect of convincing any one of their eorreetnasa, unless his self complacencyy get the better of his judgment. We cannot, however forbear tmaking tihe following extract ofan argument onil which lie aeems fully to re'y, as unnaswerable it susoaining his posi tion: " Upon oatjn.enigatinan of tita omount of loss a pon bank notes thrlouglhut tie Unlited States since Ilia saul pen:iott, i n will be funnd tht it is so sanl as not to weiglh in tih anrgumentt in favor of free battk, eve:, did thev posseas greater security, which is desired, for the ultinate paumtent of their issues than tite present buhanks." The "thead and front" of hii creed is here set forth. He is oplosed to Free Ranking, because lie in satisfied with the pretett btanks; aand although a small loss may have hbeen experieenced upon their notes, that is no rea. son why a system should be estebli.rhed upon which there would be no loss! We munnst coofers this mode of reasoning do.s not satisfy us, let him he never so much convinced. He is evidently favorable to mono polies ant moapopodiat; although he takes a covert way of declaring his opposition to a law ahich shall remove the restrietions upon banking and make it free. We are in ihopes that this subject may not be neglect. ellby our Legislature. It is one to which their attea. lion cannot be too frequenutly directed. Their State needs the application of exttaordinary efalrts to advance it to the station she ought to hold, and to elect titla tante than ordinary ca,tital is neeled. Under a free banklin law, the latent eapi al of the country will be developed, and there will be no issues without ancorres. pondiing basis. Crnsequently, there need he no appre. Iwenein of another great rerulsion in tile monied affairs of the :counlry, a some eruakers wouli vaticinate. TldHleprpenmn which sill hangs like an incubus upon nll o.ncpatnues, would be removed, and our countn prfbg like a conurse, from i,, stand, to hig*et protsperity. nlair veR s hhave b reelected Printers to ths United ta Senate. AN AMERICAN CONiWL MUIIRSLtED IN MEirCO. We heard the rumor yesterday tlat our Minister, Mr. Ellie, had been murdered. The report was circulated on thie authority of aletter, the infimnation by which had beept nisapprehended. It was Mr. Lnngdon, the Consul for Larura de Terminttee, who died Iromt blows from a ne gro. The Courier says: "under sanction of one of their justices. He lild been most cruelly treated and sent to a dungeon, where'he renmined three nights with condemned eriminals, whence ihe succeeded in making his escape with his lady to a small village be. tween thatand Campeclhy,where he died of his wounds. Hiis lady had gone up to Compeachy, and an order from the old Judge haid followed her to bring her back to Lagtiro, to answer the charges against her hushand." This affair should be investigated without delay, and such retribtrivejustice be awarded to the Mexicans, as they merit. We feel no sympathy for them. They have a heavy deht to answer us, and dallying with them by our government will not satisfy the people of the United States, unless our fIreign oimeers be protected, what man of capacity can be found to accept a mis rion. STAMEIR BURNT.-Tlhe steamboat Galenian, we learn from the last Planters' Advocate, was burnt to the waters edge, on tile 7th inst. in lnayou Placque mine, opposite Mr. Baker's plantation. Vessel eatd .cargo a total loss-passengers all saved. We find it a useless gnme to bnldy words with tile wi t,, the I.ouisia:u Advertiser. He is an Iri-hman, anti we are a native American; so eonvincing him of the propriety of carrying out the principles upon which the Native Amorican Association was ftrmed, is not to be hoped, much lose expected. When it is convenient, we shall prepare some noumbers on th's subject. II is one which smmeir or nlater, will be taken up by the Amerienn people, and omne pila devised to prevent the smuggling tntd ,goeging at present carried on, by which the rights and privileges of legal voters are rampled tinder foot. We have no antipathy to tilhe people of any foreign nation, anld we are perfectly wil ling that they should reap the reward of honest indus try, under our laws. inut we are epposed to their en jtying rights which are not allowed to native citizens, (who are eompelled to live in the country twenty-one years,) when frequently they know as little or Iess of the institutions, than a child fiee years old, and do not nnderstand the lanu-tnge. CIncINrATI WHoi rOR sALC.- IThe Editor of time Cincinnati Whig otters his establishment ftr sale-one tentrh in cash, and tlhe remaining nine-tenths in quarter. ly installments. The Wlig is represented to have a large circultion, and oflfering every inducement to the investment of capital, energy and enterprise. We shall part with the editor of the Whig, Major Conover, with regret. He ha been faithful and active i his vuo. catiol, and one of those Northern editors who under stand and appreciate Southern feeling. AN ACT Tile more rf!ctnlliv to prohlibit free tegroes and per. sons of color, fiom rentcring into anld remaining in this Stote. S:c. I. lie it enacted by the Senate anid Hlouse of Representatives of tihe Stte of Alabama in General As I semhly convened, t'lnt tfrm and after tile passage of this Act,it shalnl not be lonwfl for nny free negro or peI soll ofcolor to come into the State, on Ihord lef ny ves Ssel as Econk, stee nrd, imriner, or ill aly other employ ment mo hoard of tcelh vessel, ntll in case any osuch vr eel shall arrive in any port or harbor of this State from Ssnyotter Slant or foreign port, having om board anyo free negro r person of color emeloyed ont hloard snell vessel, as a cook, steward, mlrinieror any otherertploy anet, it shell be the dost of ther Harbor Master oef thi port or harbor where suc vessel miay liae arrived, Inrthwith Ionotify tile sheriff of the ounty ill which v such port or rbor is situated, iinnteditiely on receirv iug notice frmn the harbor master,of the arrivalof such vessel or vessels, to npprehien snhc free negro or per. r on of color so arriving contrary to ibis sae, aid lto cou fine lim or them closely in jail, ultil such vessel be hauled fromtt the wharf, and oe ready to proeedl to sea, aid lwhen such vessel is ready to ail, tie captain or . other eonuo.aider of the said vessel shall he bound to t carry away te said free negr or person o f color, tind po thle etpense oif tIls or their arrest anld detetllon, & in coe shall refuse orneglect it Iney t he said exlenses, &aerrv away the said free negro or ier sheuofcolor, he shall e liae to in indictlneol, and on cunviectiion, e filed not exceelitng oie tlosand dollors. ndt imprisoned, not exci eeding six nlod-t, one{ or both, i t the dicrtetiot ol'thle jtry trying tile oflbnee. Sec. I. And be it furtherenacted, that olesever any free negro er person oecolor shallbe napprehended to~l cmnniitited to jail, nos having arrived in aty vessel an ccook, stewardl, imariner, or othelrwise, contriy t this cnt, it shall be tile doey i.f the sheriff, doring tile co fintement in jail ofselah free negro or person of color, ito call upon somt juitice of lie Iece. to warn such if f negro or persioni ofcolor nevOer enter othe State after ihe or shle shalln have deartedl tlherefronl, nid iech justice of tile ponce shall, at the timte of wLarning said Iree negro oir person ofcolor isert hIis or hier nale in a Sbook, to ie provided by the eheriltl for IthIt ulrpose, nld f shall also tilrrin spreily his or her agenoitOlutexionu lccupration, heiglht nnd dlttirngishlnng narks, which In. I try shalll to gold nldsutfficient evidence of such watrn dl sig and every free negro or pcrstl r of color who shal not depart tlhe State, in case ofthe cii il:io refu tsing or neglecting to carry hlm worlarr away, or hvlngi d departed, shalll ever agiin enter into the limits ofothe Sitate, by lad or watr,t after bIeing warned as tforesaid shall hte liahle otil eonvictiho helre any justice of thie peace, to receive for the first offence, or viotitot of the provisiots of this nct, thIirly-nine lashes on his or d lier Iare bck, and if tny uch lfree negro or person of colorslll naot deport tile State willthin twety iis af terlthe inflclion of thet punishleot lasnt Itoentioed, ie or sle shall be liable to bie nrrested iy aiy ierson, and taken before it justice of thei peae Ifor trial, sti nlcon vection by solch juastice, Ishall b ordered tt be sold as a slave. fit r y tiertm nit txcediig one vear, for ready rumony, ten days nolic hbeing giveln of thle little of snle, Swlicil saoe shall be rode by th. ilsilriff of tile cnvty where sclhfree negro or person of color inay have heer d aptreended, onelhalf lthe mnmiiy arising front suche sale, after paving all expenses anttending sneli aslpre hlension, ctnlviction and sale, shall be paid btp ltlte sheriCff to the lttlrianr, and thte tlher half to Ithe Treasurer of lie proper eontlty, for colnlty plurposas. See. 3 Ail ie it frtlher enacted, Tllli it sloll be thie diuty of thie SheriTff e lt trehenliot ally free negro or elirson of color under the plrovislios f tlis nc t,to -e. d laiiof the Capltain of eleh vessel, or other persmi bringing aclh free itngro or persmi of color int, this d State, nond with Rod andl sufficient scurityv in the suni of two tilonaullt doll.tre, payable to the jiulge of thle County Cort anld hlis rtccessors in oftice, ctilt - tianed that he will lnot depart this State, withount ntaking a with him such free inegro or pernu of coliriand paying all the expenses of npprehending, warning, ail col. finetmeant, dall prosecutions ntader tllis act tiry be °maintained withoot limitnilon of tille, and atl penalties or forleitnares i iosed therebly tmay b recovered in any Caourt of Record ill Ithis State, tiud the anounnt collert ed, olshall be maid lly thle Sherif collecting thi samne, to Slthe eounty Treasurer, for cotaty purposes. S Sec. 4. Anid be it tlurilthr enacted, That the fees to d be allowed and paid for the serviees required fy thir act, shall Le to the Harbor Master two dollars, far giv ing otiee of thie arrest of each and every (ee negro or person of co!nor, II the ShIeriff; three dollars fir anI preendling andi commnittilg, sad fly cents icr ily wlhile in cionfllelnl il, tilt l the i s;lllt foes for se lit g lthi are allwed by law in othler caseso anii to the jntitiu r f the perace for ile dluties requitied of lhim by h Ibi net, two Sdollars, and to thi e siolicitor tir chnelio evern recovery anler this att, the snti of tweluy dlllurs.. See. 5. Atd hie i furtlhe en.cted, 'lint it shall be the dnty of the Slerilff of the several nItitIties i1t tbiu State, to Ilpltreheoid any free iliegeitir r rellt tif cotilr, woIs titny conmeitleutolia clitiay coitrare to t e irlvi siolt of "llis net, :nd Catoee sait freee Itteg elitroUI iof color 'o be dealt nith as is lue.tin plroiorld. See. . Aid Is it firlher eunte dt,iThat it etinll .it awhit for aoy perei,, Io seie,mantld ,tke a alatve fit hlife to his own uoase, ally frue pcrson of co or wa mi iy hlve cnlr isle t tie dllSle of Alhhnaons, since le lin H day of February, 18372, lirovidetl this seetiin sltI tot ithe eflent nlltil titirsi day ef AItgUlt eixl. Seo. 7. A nd Im it fIrthtu.rotiatel,l Thnoite lI:l RtiIl tony be InWfil lIor any perso l tn osece triplel ittlisikb n slane for life any free pourtl if tolor, t o nIIIV i ie fonnd ioi lie Statestf Alittnirir ftier lie pimage of'thit act, aid W o iitthll hat e ease itlt t tie Sitte sitne ito plsnage. Apprn-d tch,. 2, 1839. t eerlily thud this i. n Irite copmy of thue nt. cnutlid ini this Stane. Secretory of State. Recorder's Court, SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Reports of Day Polico and Night Watch, March 9, 1839. TIhona a locktot, Iorace Shlluak, iJenrc laton, Phillip tmitlh, Joln, Edic. Eacns cf lhe Itiver P lice, mllde another drag nlast night, lnt cnlgllt a very line Penancalle Boat andl soe qurler casks of wille, and thle five inlal.s annexed. Evallti sai Ithat about t o'clock, I'. M., lie saw at a diltaunc a blact ascendiig the riser, wil several lperona ill it and approached and hailed it-oa one altaweriag, Evans hailed aeaij., at tile same time ordering hia !tatda t IItull lhad at tile o:ws, and soa, overlook theal, which Ivred ton e aa very film l'runti tBoat CUlter itll 7 quarter cak eof ole; wlianeeCC ale eaame, or eitherbound. was reluctrtlyv owned. lTle wine being without ally marks or evidene of ito paurhase. HIenryMcCana,arre.ted at a dangerCous and suspiious character. anid lhaving lea recogaized as lring previausly eotnnitted, a as a-hin committed for 15 mionts, as all incorrigible vdgabond. Edward Patterson, aline hass--Arrested and chalrged will oasaulltit and alaLbing Will. Neshit with a itirs knife. with intent to kilt.-t'oatmited to jail to await Ili tria l at tle Crimd ClU Itt. P. Edgworthl alias Casll. Arrested filr lorcing hia way into a .4.tlelnt'a apartmet ill Camp sctreet, about 2 'clock, andl when qcestioned as to his busileass, refcused to give a satislAactorv answer, and was de liveredoverltatlle Nigllt Watclh with a view of taking him to the Watch House, and on Ii s way save tile watchalna a severe blow which nearly knorkaei hin dwn cad atteptemp d li escape, aut wiet oon overtaken, and by tihe aid of others waa plaeed in duannce vile. When broglht befr.e tie Recorder, acknovledged his error; extenuated it by Ill being intoatiated, aavowed his real name as l'dgwotnl Vouched ot bylv avrryrespertblale citizen, wa released. Owacn iLytch, Felix Lambry Niel Mnni.on, David AUgey, Pat H tel, Wam Aaukwith. Arrested for tfring dhunk--l)isehuarged. leraO. etlci, lc IlMcCatnn. Arre.ted for iiueg found asleep on dithe aide walk, and ibeing old alufenaders .,eonleilted for thirty days. Wit F.-Alletned. Asa dittneret tfrotthe United states Aelay ; hleld subject to their orders. CELEOTE had a most-brillinat horal.aeveninl. It Was crowded in every part Many went away from the ilmpoui. bltity yo prouring even aook to jeep through. The Bt! Charles has not heen to graced this season. Celeste played with great splirlt. a4 ws called out at the close to speak her gratitudo. The pieces went ot with oclat..They are to be repeated tIuaeveuia, to gratity the numerous persons who could not enjoy the pleasure of witnessing them lat eve. ning. THE CAMP.-We had intended to bestow an oppro priate notice onil Major Stevens and his companians, and tihe delightful manner in which their play is pro duced. We have only time to say, that they can le seen to-night. Ml. CLAu ros.-We have heard nothing defilite from Mr. Clayton. Tile last intelligence was, that he had comec down some where in the Swamp, near the Rail Road, and was endeavoring to extricate himself and his balloon therefrom, in which we trust he las succeeded. Weare intdebted to Capt. Whitten, of the steamer l)anubo, for the latest Louisville and Cincinnati dates. The Journal of the 4th says: On Satuordav evenng, it sadloinly lew uip very cold and fell to the'lepth of 2or3 inches. 'Ihis will prhola bly secure us a good fruit season. At Pittabhrgh,nn Molnla, there was 9 feet int the channel of the river, and still rising. CtctxnATrr, Feb 28. Tile Evening Post says- Riser riing olowly at Pittburrr. Hero rising tndt now twelve feoatoveow water. Four ilohes ofounow f on the ground this morning in thile country, and nearly two in the city. Tile sane paper ofthe ot instt aye- 'Tle River at Wleeling, nn to B26th nit. had fifteen feet in the channel and rising-Here it is sixteen feet I above low water and still rising. Weather cloudy and cold. SALT AND Snow-- t is well known that tihe uiotres of these tWo articles, prmloducs the coldest rompound known. 'rhore who throw salt ot ice to make it break and coore up eaoily, thus adminiester shocking colds to those whit, pad alonug in such a mixture in thin loots or shtes. Tile ioltiolorecTrtoecript relates a praetinal "jeke" which Iltelv occurred in that city. It was like til practical joke, a ,ositive intjury to the person prac ticud tpon, auid adds anothler to tle env instlltanes of wOtulu'll lfortitude. A gentlemno tloughti to Itave a lit itle amuseenot t tie expense of bin lady, and set propou ted to give her an e:e.ant silk dress, if lu wohult holl Ile finger ten Oinutes in a mixture of salt awl snow. Tlhe offer was readily naccepted, and thle elpnrimnent comtmencd. "It is cold," taid the lady. "Take it out, tlhne," said the Ihusbad. " iBut the cdreas " "Alt yoe will lose it," said thle husl ud. " I must have it," atid e lady, and she perseverel most beroically till the ten uniuutes expired, wlhre on witludrawing ler finger it nigtt lhave leen as easily broken off os .ytv finger oo the Iandl of Lot's wife, heing couttpletelv feuocer•; nd tihe lusbland has the double oamuament of pnying u round bill to tlhis doctor.--N Y Sun. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I fset seiling ship MARY 110W LAND, We oir misnter, reqniren it110 hales cotton to complete her cargo. For freight or prentie apply to mp Teapy ADAMS & WHITAI.L YPnacketrlship ST MAtr, from New York, is dip clhrglne opposite Urlloine st. Consignoess of goods will plense attend totheir receipt. tnll P LAID)LAW, 66 Camp at (iThei ship SinNEr , Capt. Cowen, from Liverpool. is discharging opposite post 12, 3d monicipality. Conl signees are requested to take out their permits, and attend to the receipt of their goods, inl L H GALE, eneent I '-NOTICE-' he coneignee ot tle small bhr moarketd, Mine Mari Williramt, per harque tastuw, frot Bostoan will please call at thie office ol tihe sulitscriber and receive the Paine, mit STETSON& AVERY, 8 Gravier st TtI-E R-ACE over. tihe Eclipse Coneiiwill trnt Inlee" e on Wednsdati next. with the lineat enllee. tion el horeae we have evr had here. Tih ecourse isin tihe fiaesetorder, and tihre is ttno doubt but we wilt Iav racing of the most interesting kindl. mt^ Y N OLIVER. Proprietor MADAM.E CARADORI ALLAN'S 'Third Soiree Musicalle, AT THE ST. LOUIS HOTEL. IT is rspele f Iy as, ennaned to the alontneun of ntelc, Sthat Maldaome''arradri Allnir'n third toirse mnlli. calle will take plrace otu W.ednesdav, March 13th, andi that ipon ll this occasiotl site will ling tihe followilng pssees : t'avatino--Di iplacer. anroini Scored air--Aneals aver eirilht and fair. IlanrdIei rotli'ell itallrr-r-letk 'tlatrlerdean. Sir IrV .'tt (erlnan alir andl varin'ion-St-ih nor nllor. ixi Air Fraecai,--Va 'it-rlle. IRolert li, dille, M+overhrr. Arin-Il braeoio miro. Niri. To commence lt has past7 n'eloek. A SrI). Trattlrlntr fron tire French l r FJeen ti Ioie, It. I). Ive Willinm Greernfield. Part Ist. i)n thele nelesilv of Marriage ! Llrlt 2d. Inrstruct'ons incourlitg, with a erre for Lorte P'art 3t. * Part 4th,. * * %arr;amagr' 'ltvheihlltlv I)ilearn.ti is the no-i useful, alll dre -itlediv the Illi1it iater,.tinlln, work that we ever rend, It willt;reak 1:1 more rake rold epi nclers, and rnake more moret mnrried menr an womtre tIhar nlo, pulblication that hne oerirbeean snrctlrrne h Ite ollrt of Hyrvlle.-Lr pIetltntmerure. T'its is eoaccrt obunt, and will tIe prn lt'vr oft nttiirl good in the conllnlrllry, It is trite it rhtnit muct h strOAle langu,l, but then thie R eirjct in its oaXiln , ad ilf lhe Pope aled written on it, lie motllll int tI oe treatedr it lrore delialtely. %Ve eeltcirillv, ann, its " Instsletions in Cttlrtin," ti tihe attoetiiitre at youlnlti.rie nalld entlett,,n tihat mayv ht in quost ol pnracner.--e peti Coarier Dea Dowmers. Forleam tt no 65 'oy+dras at betBween Magazine adl Camtp street. T OAF SUGiCAR--Vnrions qtaliies loaf eSigar i astore snd flrale ty tll2 Sit ALL & BRTOWN, 96 Magazinle t EPIIl-3N0 - ha-s Sumatrar landinl from inr I Comoq rrid, fr ale ihy rl2 SHALL & IIROWNi, ft Magazirne rt .C IIISlKE--0 bhels ohl . nlom igahula whlirke;, Sin store for sale I, ml2 SHALI &BROIVN.ffle nnzillo sit I J Rat1WN S'l'tiUTl-Porter and browsll a tot dircecl l. frorLonadon,fir gale hy mti2 READ & BARSTOV,7 Bank place C EM ENT-Roman al y uia1rci i Jurt roer tre&d iui for saler h tinlt READ & BARSTOW,7 Bniok pilace M ALAGA WINEU- 0 .r cks Mh a ine IL forr sale by m2 READ & BA RSTOW,7 Bnkt place I)EACtl IIRANDY--A few Iarrnls of old pacar~ S orandy, fr sale by 11 12 READ & BARSTOW, 7 Iank place ATEST ITE-RY NOVEI.TIES-_ L aptai Kyd, the wizard of thie sea, by profeaso ii2grah'nl, 2 vole The hrgeonit,2 vels--Tales of trhe passions ty Jaldes arnry married, a reqael to (ilbtert G rntey, I tile antller of saylngo arid r itllgo "I'llhe ianihler itl Elloptr o v oler-Carl Verner 2 vola--Sourternl parseage unit P'itures, i) Sims Oliver Twist, eomplCte ill I vol aro illutrated r,, do part t . ne..5, 6 id r 7 Nichotna Nickleby, nts 9 mid 1O Stewort' BoLgota in 18i36i alld 18t7, role Elliott's Traels io Aust arri, Russia and Turkey, 2 voll Aikin's British t'noet, Frnt' n tain equel to Aikille Antd varietey freeret stadardr pnhlieatiotsl, a few tolllendid LoldIIr Aonnnles--Th Ilrindem-Biook oIi Rotalty anid others E JOHNS & Uon, I12 2 corner St Chanrle&. CComnion al I ItIE SILK ILAISER,S MANUAl-Or tie art ul - raeisiilng and fedilngsilkwormrsn and orf euhlatini tile Illlibery tree, by 11 Morin, nlelnher of severeal leari ed ircieties, reonshuted front tie F'rnchr. Jast rerievei lod forsale by A T'OWAR, milt 49 Camp str A - ofli.rdeaux, by tile IRev. J Buell Dondlhour;, en professor of Irheoloa v; tranlatedi frirln the French ibt Robert M1 Walsi. Just reeeived lltl flr stilr e try ntill A TOWA.,49 Camp st NIllHOIoAS NICKLilIY--t.'7, 8 ld ut,lleolht first six numbers ill one tract, with t variety o very iterersating book, just rrereived ait for safe bj m12 A TOWAR. 49 Crimp at DINE AP'iLE CHiiEESE nrl (lirshee butt.,, ii I .store and frlr sale hby mn2 REA) & BARTOWV, 7 Biaink Place Doering of tihe Grand State Lottery Claas 19 6'21024 37 15 63"S9 73864143 THIS DAY, 12,000i Capital Prize, ''ickets only ty 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. C'LASS 23. ex. Autihorlsed ir the Lrg'ittitirr i the Stare. To be drawn Manrch I.2 18J9,at 6 o'ehtr. P. M. at Bishop's Hotel. S DAVIS & CO, Manager. 75 Drann nitnmter---2 Dirawn IBallrot. Spleldid &/herme. 27,814 Prizes. amoiunting to $14i,79i Tickets $3 0ti-Halves 50-Qaartera 75e. Packagas of 25 T'ickets fitr $75 waranled to drn at least $3:, Packages if 5 allf Tiekelat $37 51 warranted Ito draw at least $16 5. Pa'knges of 25 Q(lnrler Tickelhs $18 75 warranted to draw at loane 8 $it. For packnges ofsingle tiekets,.rjtplte at the MAeAGEI;.S' OFFICE, If Chartres st, and t tihe corner ofSt Lottui and Ctar tres te. rlnerl2 VALUABLE ENGLISH WORKS. IEOIRS oif ICntt GTrammoilt, hy A IHamillonll, I transainted from thie French, will lotes and illtas. traiuosr, ill 3 vollumer. Metotirs of Philip De Cornnine : eOalltirniig tihe Ilis ior of Lonuis tihe I It, and Itllarleo the ;lt eof France, and of Charles the Iloldl, Itllh lif Bir gtondy, to which Prinrec ite Wao secretar : as also the hir-orv of Edward the 41h, nid Henry 7tth ofErghasr, in 2 vole. Meloirs lrf Lady Hamilton, wiil illuttraflons, lrie. dltiesa of marry oflher mst particular retdla and diaingrniahed crtetrnpnraries, emehrllished wilh a fie piortrail lifter itotmney. 'rhe IDkrenleron, or ten day entertainment, oif Boneccio, inrltttring tthe oarapreraeironvels tr nalntel frrotn thr Italiaon, to wmisti are prefixeld rtctarka on tire For ale hy W MrLa AN. trr'rrntr & ?, CLAY'S Speech on Abolition. Recently delivered in the Senate of the United States. For sale at the Counting Room of the True American Office, St Charles Exchange, by the dozen or single copy. ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Cour du prem. Jir district judiciaire. L'etat do la Louisiano, a tons soun que eeo presentes concernent, alut : Attend queo Samuel C. Ogden. George B. Ogden, and Edward Yorke nyantacheld a Ine vents fails I par Ie Syndio des erdaneiers de Egerton &. Wibray. Isa propridtd oi.apras decrite, so eont adressts an Greffe do sette cour, pour un avis conform6ment A on acts do Ia Legislature dol'elat de la l.ouisiane, intitul6d 'Acte pour confirmer leo titres des ac. quereurs aux ventes judiciairo ;" approud l 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il soil connu, et toutes personnes intdreasdes sont par cos presentos sommds as nom de I'etat de Ia Louisiane et do Ia cour du premier I district judiciars, que pourraient avoir droith Il propridt6 ei.aprts doerite, en consequence d'un dd. Iant do forme dans Pordre, Io docret on le jugement do aIs sour, en vero duquol Ia vente a did faite, on do touts irregularild on illgalald dans rPetimation. I'avil on le tempe t Ise mode de I ventso, ou pour ane antre cause quelconqno, do faire voir, dans trentm jour I dater de Is publication do cette avis, r pouuoi Is vente ainsi faito no sereit pas confirmde at Ismologudo. La dite propridid fut venduo par lo Syndic susdit ie 96aejour do Janvior, de I'andoe 1839, en verts d'utedderet do sette Conr, rondu lI disibme jour do Fdmii r do i'anndob 1838, dans I'affairo do John Egelton and James L. Wibray vs. leur erbanci.ra at Is erdanciers do Egerton and Wibray-No. 143.I d docket de cotte Cour, It laquelle vento I lmeais Samuel C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and Edward Yorke se sent rendus acqudrcurs pour leI prix do oi.aprbe mentionnd. Desription de la propridtd d'aprds lo transfer r jmdioairo, aavoir : No. 1. Un lot do terre situo dons le faoubourg SSault, nr Isa place borned par lea rues Clio, Pry. tande, Calliope, at Nayades, utr un plan fait par J Calhoun, datd 24 Janvier, 1839, et d6poed on bureau de Joseph Bellark, Esq. notaise public, mtd. surent 29 pied, 4 pouces de face dane la rue de t Prytaedo sur 120 pieds de profondeur ot de face our la rue de Clio, adjieu x S.,mnel C. Ogden, George 'B. Ogden, and Edward Yorkeo, pour le prix do $3,700 No. 2. Un Iot do terre situdo dans Is mime place, mesurant 29 pieds dane Ia rue de Prytando Sur 120 de profondcur, et t cold do no. 1, aux menes acqudreurs, $3,000 No. 3. Un lot do terre situde dan la mdme place, , cot6 do no. 2. et ayant leo milmess proper. lions, nux dit acqudreara, 83,000 No. 4. Un lot do terre situdo dons la mOme place, cold do no. 3, et ayant lea mtnces prepor tions, aux dit acqudureurs. $3,050 No. 5. tUn lot do terro siltud dens Ia mndme piare, S ootd do no. 4, et ayaot 'os mdmos propor tions, Aux dit acquorours, $3,150 N. 6. Un lot de terre situde dons la meme place, tcold do no. 5, at ayant leo memos proportions, aux dit acqudreurs, $81,400 No. 7. Un lot do terreo itude dansla Is ne d place, & cold do no. 6, at ayant los nemes proper. lions, anx memms acqudreour, $3,350 No. 8. Un lot do terre situ.o dons Ia memo place, a cold do no. 7, et ayat le miemos proper. n tions, aux dit acqtdreurs, $3,900 r No. 9. Un lot do to re situle dan las memo place, a cold do no.8, et nyant les memos proper tions, aux dit acqud ours, $3,900 No. 10. Un lot de tarro situdo dans la moIme place, t cold do no. 9, et ayant leas tmeoes prophr. lions, aux dit acqedreuro, $4,300 No. 11. Un lot de terro situdo dane la mnme place, it cotd de no. 10. mesurant 29 piede quatre pouceedans la rue de Prytande par 120 de profon deuretde face sur la rue Calliope, aux dlit aequd. rotirs, $5,300 los onze lots sent vendus aves le privilege exclu sir d'une alldo ayant 15 pieods do larger our ole der rihre' selon sle plan ci-mentionnd. Conditions-$1800 sur cllaque lot, argent eomp g tant, et le balanre t G. 12, I8, et 24 r.ois, en ere. dit pour leo billets end asd. et alpprouv6s avesc hypo. ii thgque jusque sle derniar pailnent. I En temoin de qui. Jo I'qni ign6, ct J'y i a appoS1 Ie scaneeltn d dit Cour, cc jour i5 Mars, A. 1) 1839. S ml2 it in 30d JOIIN LEMAR ` -III.IIL-- 80 -0 bIýs rtieti , lliln tl,re tor fsale by t" inlm2 1I)titltl'Y, .11 New IovIce t 1.- l11- i llt I SlIt in t., I ll lr l, bIr 1 ml12 I+II.AM IN,11 C10 't l'ClR,79itli. st .,, --\S-:fr 1 htlt · II ne IIv p el', U lla n .ll e Ior ail." bh 1.2 ClIA IO'IIN & e:(II'R, 7:1 Julia sit tl lSI ~-311- toe s pl .t til Iri-i i-,- Lorin;'t brantd tY in. store ned fotr islto1t.h1 9.. el,,tmro irtIb, atht i 1 sol).,; oTI ft'llft a l--tal ll bids s lill Iel taken onI rgle i theI o fire proIof store ti . 7!1 Jutilt l.t, l . C 0, 1111 - (:11A lit &i C1tOPltto tel l I(t, 1 titi ll .ai ;I. , in N itlor( , r I 1lsEli-e llll ta h .t ll il., try l u tll2 ClIAMFIN. & lIl &C NOOEI'I, 7ia Julia t $5 REWARD. i IL. be aid for ie dlir of i sa7 ll rix of N. Ilooks, rillll Mobile perr iltytr (;irll . akollt in t March, adressed to A TI'ower New e Irleansl, said box in suppar.d to have been taken fromn ite rail road cars by oistal:e, A ITO' IAft, l- ial' 41)td Camp at W, oi KblDE--IIIII casksl, ill .stlore lor aile by y te·ltlrl-t-3lt 0 br o a t l1erillr arliclet , or & lle by ,I 1 SHALm &.I. III\N1 ,9E NJO 6 &laazine et MAYJNLtAL'I'Y OF NEW OtII.ICANS. ll IIE price ml Ir.i flour to-day is (7 25 perbanel Id cs of btread for a hIt. Bread of ilte se,cond quality ill reqtlred to weiglh 2 per cent. illurc , sill 4oa ce, nlir9 C t1t;tlNt),.Mt'iltl. . \ TAI N lKIt ll-Clluptaill Kd, or cue Ilourd aI tle 3J0 Sen, noeran oli much leired Novel, by Prosper Ing raauthlor of Latle, r ltrlotll., lc. E JOHNS & Co, Smar 9 2.lw cor St C4harles ae d (Ctelllon titst INGLIYII FANCY S'TA.TIONAltY, o til t e ireto rlmporaion. 1" ANDING from ship Washlilngton frou! London, Ir end for sale by the Subscribers, il cases, 5 casks English dtaioalury, to wit : Y 411 reaes thiek laid Plost, ltot pressed 30 do yellow wove, hot pressed '0 do extra super tsa tntinted 8vo 5 do elllobasell post, 4to whlile; 5 ldo o dolitnled r hlie geml slid Ackerlmna'll. JOihNSd W .rite " di C(llrbonic: books for do; docopying do Drawing Pa tr ofallti clHllrs Nitwe InIetl W roos Iond lll iti!e puir ioloef Pcits Pro tared .Tiniure Ivories lo licy n, e ldera I'erri. I'ell , urallde, rilenntrl tttlte dU.ti e do T1o C ulealler eaPsosintorlued D Ikr: eJ liny, Illodt perrleill]Sil bills Unn red kC nA des a myserly oinlhl iery hles ill ile atltiionary lille. E. e Oli. t bo Co. fost oo AI.tit--s treepi Iat l uree. nt er r eoan lyi.g Marni oin, t djoinnseOihio tl aeltliolne IerqeIy et iditlilohed by (;or. lirte iread ictl D tr l tatepy--tand, eI tile route oitht Alelltr nfy rail r t itde Iild adjoinn rnlltetitok It Iir deflh tf4ts pares. Tltt07y are tovtre~l ltoe, n cahi to lorlest all the littglr 1eeded for a itrllpli toteot Ilielo reody oir t oalsivalon. thtttnil iv rllul ialldt slllar.y l ilttsiid, ine Liry aldle tlain ,tnliurhisl, hls 0.0.t lrecrs greotro illihsleenetirs to tlte roltle ptinter. I'erleeci desoirat of itrclinsrieg, lany mlmlllr titlat slvese of thle qltlllity tutd oiaruotier tiP Iiose lands, by refttr telo tie- Itltn. -Iterv Joelitt. II I Willittuo, surveyor genrsleral oflthe U.S. fur I.atsiuians, tP IirJ Iltory,otf'lrerihonoe. t Apply Ie niyselfitt Itit cito, or Ia eissers L.uletlhi and I t'lotllprol, Nateltos et, Neiv c)rleans. New Orleos, 9tis AlaitrclI, 1933. tttl It C 'iTlIIIII Asl. 73 blh No 3do ; 46 half bblo No I do 318 kegs No I do; 158 kids No I do 62 kegs Toogueo Sounds 156 bbls Polllo.o. 17 bhls r'noers' Oil, landiog frlon ship Ilob Mor ris, for sale by a & J P WILTNEY, nar9 73 Campst [RON CHEST~i-Joso re ivejd oa tile Looi.siu. SWare toomos,53 Ilienville street, I2 soperior..o gle and double fire proof iron chests, from tIhe factory ofJ IUrown.Rs New York, lor ale by fell WMR CARNFS. 1, 1NSOUVI IIAKRMIEN'--A urge oltpply,jl.t re eeived and for cola by the gross or doszr, or sir gle, by A TOWAII, mar 9 49 Coamp at SNGLISH Lter and Note Plapr.-Just reeived a Ismall ilvoice of IE.glish hbll, white, ti.led. gill edgod,plninletersl utots poper; IIoUrllillIry, letr ld billet, do, four aolo by IDAVID FEI.T & co. mar 9 N Y Stationers' Hall, 24 Chartres at O -70caks win I I s kmina atraia 1e )ll, for ael bvy mar 9 , IIBRIDGE & co. 131 Magazine st n L L-aptai a Ki l,or the I n iz f a Romance by the author of ~ Tir1 Sothl Lw u ' I~a n Boartot"hgit o vos lsjusot n'c'di ,wd fort leby j W91 i1cK EAN. ol9 ear c. t O llt aCooDw[Jo 8t CaUDmp St. Theatre. MR. J. R. SCOTT'S BENEFIT. THIS EVENIN(, MARCHII 12,1836, I Will Im presented the Comedy of P TOWN AND CO)INTRY which iBs eat. Roelben lenroy, Mr JR Scott Owen Glenroy, Mr Keppell Rosalie, IlrG Barrett lrs ulenroy, Mrs Greene After which Willbe presented Drama of the RENT DAY. Martin Heywood, Mr J R Seott Rachael IHeywood, Mrs G Barrett To morrow, the Kentucky giant and Dwarf will appear NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLIPSE COURSE. PRING MEETING, 1898, will eommence on Waed nesdy, 13th of Moech, 1B3l,nandrl cotiane l days First Day. The New Orleans Plate, a serviee of silver, value $7110, two mile heats. In this race 5 yr olds and up wards carrs 100 Ibs. 4 yr olds and under, their appro. prises weigh:s. e.d Rare--anme Dl) y. A sweepstakes for 3 yr alde; suhs':ription $5111HI; lhalf fiIfeit (2 mile heats) o name: and close the tot Mathh 1839. Second bDy. Jockey Club Purse $15011; three mile heats. Third Day. Jockey Club Purse, $)0011, 4 mile heats. FoseMl Day. Proprietor's Purse $7111; 2 mile heats. :econd Race-Sae Diay. Sweepstlakes for 9 y r olds; sulscription $500, half forfeit, (mile heats;) close iat ofManrh. Fifth Day. Prprietor's Purse $b0 ll; ilo heats, best 3 in 5. fel8 Y. N. OLIVER, Proprietor METARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. FilHt Spring Meeting, for 1839, over the Metarie Course, will cnumerrnce thle last Tuesday, 2ith 3 arch, an continc e six ilays. First day, wc'pjrtahvkes for 3 years old's, two mli.hloats : eltrance $10i110 ; for. frit, $25, rnine snrhseribers: 1. Moultfert Wells names ch f Ileaswing, by Leri otlhan. '°2. C C S Farrar. 3. D Steplrero., G C I)ublin, by Levilhan, ldanm by 4. 1t A TavlM. 5. Mlinor Klienerg e Grydoe, hb MEduic, dam Gray F nv, hv bIlrltraod. i. Ira Smihl, Maria tIlike, by tledor; dam Cherry Elliolt, by Surmpter. 7. J S Garrison, b e Altorf, by Fylrd, darl by Vir. 0 ginian. 8. We R larrow, elr f I'iiayaiie, Iby Medor. 9. Joames Shy, c f Cnrrrljlit, by edolac, drir Iby Sumpter. Sine lyv. r Ilmtusllhbetween the noted trotting horses SIlBird and In fidlence, two mile heits in harness for lerulond Daly-Jockee Club Plrse, $800, two mile Same I)nry--Sweepsinkes for gerntleman riders, two mile iesll, etran.i $5ll, tihe pruprielors to add a silver colp of Ire vale. orf $3(0I hrin la-Jlrckey Clulb purse $12011, lthree mile Fourth II)y--Jockey fIlub, lpurse $2011, four mile I tilfth Iay--Jockey Club purse $li.i0, mile heats, best amIeI id V-Sw.VIIIII'Iee ke l r yel s old, il-, hIma, ;lllrll l t u'.e I)l r i t .II0 , stvell " llhsrrile, ir. l ,r11mrub1 Vil-, 11 J 2 inr, A I . .lin ^a .i Ir, M i r .ri e . K r , r, Sitlrh leny---'ropprieur's Part,', It$111,, thee mile Nnm ne IInv--t lru' lh letweeell the relllibrledl trot Sli o- rllpir-l l I'. n r, i nai Rl l e I lln, h I l , hrecss lr li r11o" I.l5" 1 .1C , 'l'a)Till'; :\11l'1i'S I' AND) I,'AN''Y IL IN'I'I:!. Uf S T ,l' ,'isl d b y th e tl i t llri n lr l lrl lllllhlv r e a • ! s !cuelil coll,."l. i m ,f 1 A ',l t' llrllu hs, pail ll p :tI S; pll l n . I II r .. m l ate ; wntl r colrs tie ndi wetill .or. prep·,i r will honIIIV IIH varnlliI For lo aI iicip o, el iry des-riptivn. I. l riii ilnhl o,,y and wnh i . r illrai n , i.l ,:irIa l rn'll of verv ol.e , i lreila iirOil, ii ;arnis n ll Ir llrnc ii i s I r l tllllnrs, w l rrl evr ; I rllr ori , iol l mialr e, itl cohor., hroelh,-, elegd'ailhl~cd .i, &c &c. le l AllrIRAlS. i i ri l liiir. E rl lnd gil colillor of ,vcra rlrorl rrpr1, by rake; aign o or i t, ,of rrclsaid ili€'alr and n great quantity of articles orf iiThe ripvilrlsifAi'ailorie,'li'oevcher.a if lvrowloc eheriler which will ccourer one llr e ln ltears ally ai.t lir 3iorlly. MON I)tI..l, 'y ealelr in trinrr, Oil, Varnisols crd Fatny Articles for pinters, wholereale lnd Retoil. tnor 7 Ir A large lare lIore, 311 fer lv Ill anti lot Jf ljrr (tirid ltreet, otae lotl eri Inirolair it, AplylY Is I DOYIIK: &. MAI, elllr No :3 Cnnriledlet s1 iI i<1.,2t1N'" I.'lNUIiAN: C tOP'Fit t:,O N.n. 1'HIHE SIktiroldel are lohereyv notifi.ld tIt theii 7th - lanlee#l onl Ithlir otock is due and payable on Ihe 6ith o April,at the OfficetoftheCompany, 31 CUomp street mar5 BUREAU I)'lNSUlt. NCEI IE. POMI'PIEIfN, le In Noluvelle Orleans. I VIS est donlln sa soneriptenlr title le 7ne ienstal e. t lrnt ir lec!lr otscrittipn, doit tyre auyb en avil 6, n bureanu de la Ceomagnie I 2Cmnp pt;. m7 Aarh 4, 183:1. JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COPlI'FE-PIIATE PRINTER, No. 3, Camp St. Tll I.I. engrave and trint to order, hank notes. Iills ' oýxchangoh, l bi lls of'ludug, diVola, l 'lrean-t tile and evi:uý enrds. Iotllri.ll COllStlltar ,irnid . lnnling hOtnls eanle dIorsr p witenilver ttnr-w -c. -anlwav aol I;tnd, nn atssrtment of sailver plated and Ibrain door I t Cards printed from plates alrealy engraved. nov20 NEW ORLEANS AND NASIIVILLE BHAIl. ROAD COMPANY. NEW AIlRANGIE1IENT. r ,le Locomotive will leave the the Depo at e foot of Canla l street, very dy nt8 A. Al. tanll retunr at 4 PI. . oexcept Sunday's, when sike ill Ilrtnel Return 8A.M. 1 . WPM.. It A Car f private partieon, provlced the namber sufcient, will b snt down tloe rnadl on one days' eviouN notice. jlR , 18:i JAS NH CAI.l)WEI.I., Preidenr. 8100 IRE.AiID. S BLUEk Monrocco Pocket BInok, with steel eeasp, wits n lst yeterdany. cotaoining t draft ofthe teal Entatu lnek of the State of Arktansa., in fhuor ofnCas. Rophv, on the N. AIoerrican Trust hnd Banking Coin pany, New York, ftr the Luot of one hundrel and onn el.osanod, six Iaudred aid sixty-inx dollars, (SO101,6ii,) due 111th Aprti, now payable to the ordter of Th. N. Williamson, (Pres. (ne otlhr draft, same tank, on the N. A.T. & II. Comnpany, for lily thoesand dtllar., ($511,000.) payatble to te order of Th. T. Williamson, Pten. Am . a numtler of notes ntd odther olligation., the doates sd nntots not recolletedr--a rmall seu in cohl,. le'I, casl, and tone Illnred dollars will IH paid for thie return oltleo pelot look hnd papers to the of fiee ort'lThn. It. Lee & Co. or for any nformottiol by which te owner nay reguin possession of thle pý ptrs, &o. ter RINT'S-15 enases varioln patterns. FreIch and America on prints, futr ule ly lt-e25 I IIRIDGI. & Co, 134 Magazine at RUS IA SIIEETING-40 bales Russina leoetinlg, fitr rale bt lebh5 I BRIDGE & Co, 131 Magazinei t (IURNEY - IAIRRIED,a seltel to"Gilber Ga,. ne r,' by the author tf .Sayiagn and Doitlgs," J ack lray," &e &c in vols. Illustratod Edition of Oliver l'wine, complete in one volnlle, 8 vo. Aln, No. 9, of Nicholas Nikleby. just receinved and lorsale ly WM. McKEAN, nloar 7 ear Cimlp aud Cm.ntian iU lR' E-4.Jbgs ltKt, lendin and n Ir sale bye ___ fi BILANCHARD. L ARD--rotn kegs Cincemati, Lard, firtsale by mar 8 STETSON & AVERY, 88 tireavir t II AVANA COFFEE--501 bags in store of printme L qnality, for ele low to glass cotnsignmlents. mar 8 ri I'E''SON & AVERY, 88 (ravier st SINCI N-3 hhdn sides tdU eshoulders, prime qnalilty, fitr sale by oar 8 STE'' SON k. AVER', l8 Gretver st 1310 CGFFEE-3401 kbags Kio coflec, betrt tlte car IA geolthie bri Old Colony, for salte b tnar 8 S rET'iNON & AVERY,'08 Groilter st New Orloal. and Camrrllle Rail Rasd New Urleans March It, 1809. 1-'OTICEDaI).ng theI1cel the aEre will leave lOy. Odzas s.treetf;or arrotlto, er.ery hIalf hleor, ... gath l Jnocoek A AIl ntil7 o'clocek P S, retorn a tor, eournoetliur at 8l o'clomk A l tttil 8 .,'cipel_ ritl that regularly. N IB it ofcaro Ithat should nearn New Or e.les a l nttd nill leave at Ihlf pnet twelve, Ito Ula tln glttIII tlcnptnyilg tiem, so USn to bh Wtile fur Ita raine , Itall J'lP ,l ,hPON lef olitner. st. h'arles TIheatre. IJIn eoneqola of the numerous diusppoiltment. in aecuring seats for Mod'Ile CEIEST'E'S BENEFIT. Lest evenoing, and the ile enthlusiasm with whb'h the performances were received, they are respectfully an. noanced for repetition. This EvenHig, March 12, Will be presented the Grand liastorical Drama of the WEPT OF WISlvTONWI S8. Hlpe Gough, oMad'elle Cessta Major Gough, Mr etalon ti at.etiot Skunk, J N Brewno Faith, Mre De Bar In the course of the aeening five Grand DANCES by Mad'lln Celeste. The whole to conocide with Auber's Grand Opera of LA BAYADERE, ona THE MAID OF CASIIlERE. The Unkho.w, Mr. Page Olifouar, Archer Folifm, Mad'lie Ravenot Zetire, Mrs Rennie ZELICA, Mad'lte CELETE T OGWOOD--30 tons Campcnchy Logwood, landr J ing root brig Amin, for salnte by mar 8 S & J P WHITNEY, 73 Camp at ISSiOLUTION OF CU1tAt t ER'SP- The L tabrtmeretip tieretofore existinV between the aubsrrilers, in the style tofFrenei E Voae & Co is di.solved by mutual aueseet. FE Voa alone will li ouidate the thaffairs of the late eonAerno . FIRANCI IBE VUlE. mar 9 W P BERRY. WANTED Fromo 500 to 1000 Shares StoE I in Citizesn Bank. HIrItiSE wishing to sell, will do well to call and jteove their ,naroe and amount ofltoek, ut the atom ofEnglist & Silvetter.oppotite the Arodee. Contary stook alone tis deeiredl. S E CAMP. tmar 9 Sw LADIEd' & GENTLEMEN'S GOLD CHAINS W tII.t. AM BEL.L an tllis day received n gtod at. ttorment, wlhich will bhe offered remarkably cheap. No 18 Ohartlea at N B Old gold and silver taken in exchange. mar 8 A B100K BIND)ER WANTED AMpI1 mar 8 eor Camp and Common at CCK-1I ps h~avty ant light Itiaeno' tteb, .aad D iag and for elo by . & J P WHITNEgY, mar 8 73 Camp a CLOt;''HiNG-5 cr- a I.llanel an coteton striped S blrlts, for oale by SlALL & BRIOWN, mar 8 96 Magazine at IL-t1t gal winter itained sperm, for sale by marl SHA LI. & lRROl N. 7 .I SOAP--hl0 boxes Meacham & llobbins' brands is store, and or sale by SHALL & BROWN, marl ]wi Magainel s S."iTICE- the Roamsa on the Elipese onee . Coorre are fir rent, for tte ennttiog nerae, eoam taoelng on Wedneedty the 13lth of Stnrh, Applh to mar "I Y N I)l.IVR R. WASHINGTON BALL R!OO, SDress & Masquerade Ball St. Philipstreet, between Royal & Hllnrltn. '112E Manmtneer ofho Iabeoe ltoned ollt Iloteo grota ful to es frierlods onl the pblic for the Inparel illctl patronage besltoed on hn im oreverl easons. respectfilly informst lteth that the esltblieesbetl hba bheen enlarged for the amusement of vieitors, and unt dergotte itmmenseo repairs. The nbr will be narlpassed by none in qoality of liquors antd the Resltaurrt ill be Skept by the ablest Itestlurnteulr lith ite United States. The r mnlwill re-open on Sturdlny evening, 3rd of November next, by a S(;RANI) DRESS & MASQUERAIDE BALL., sad will take placens nuual every Monday, Weollns I daly ltl tlltrdlav veonig, dtri.g the eteson,whichte will nod int tlhe tot of Stay, 1039. N. It. 'The erenteot attention will he paid to keep ing perfect order Ihrougllout the eslta;lishtntt, as oul donel lIst season. y:1W N tWi.RANS, February 25, 18l39.E Colle.toms omfee,2d Mtniepalitv. "O'I'I(T E to owners of tecks, tro, dry&c.--The fol I lowing ordinaincs w,, ill be h tiely enforcedl r - Resolvod , Ithat whelever thle or erhelll give a Ii. CaleCe fr drayse n rlcor olr te rr; orrr nges sacd licence lltsh tcl illlmetdioltely eldorle r ll t ila ek bcby fle ftnne tllr l Iip receipt, anll every preonoe nlorglttlig Io obh, in maid endoisenten anddSl Ui rcttpit l ba., k of hi. lirelminer, .hlloa.[ )R a line net exceding one ttttorCd dtdlarh , hIa lftfr Ili city, atd the tllor Ih lf eor Ilt irn former. Aptroved lict'tmbh ... Ie . it Also tile f~ll ,++iig ordillnUce oif te ('houncil of Illh s le it ordeailned, .ht lrot sl t n antl' tlli dlre ally e.r srv(rr~ll~ Ic n n ances sollllf)( lteI t tereetni ttens Ith tr rn wl it slll rtalll n ntt 11111 t, irl. otr mar ty e hn I ti'ted pInit';tehty, t vlhtrl tnlt b'tttith g ,orotth-Itt,tt ttd a it (llto h Palre fn nl)lllt r le S l liater llr.t Pl ll h, e elibjct t- I i o n t Ilas elth n ettlt fIt Sdollars, Itt ertna e u hintre det ari l le t'ro Providd nhle ony hrl k drai. fr tart hl slll wihou 1 o -liy 't.mceretf poItcee fnd detitttd untl th Ie bine v" tnl lremahIll sha ll be ail. SenllIto the ,llay.,r tie 141h Otlll o f',h r, I C:.17. t iglnld, a Signed JOSHIUA BAL.DWIN, Rteorder. VII V t t E n,.Etto collectr of hk ks draytsry Stll tel lwkere oiad pedllar. ''41 lt|1L11' CU DIt-S COt . 71t . It RS, It ) In Secotndi C pnililolitb,. t. .oe/c rte'll I-tte, Frrricer t25, 1839. lI tp.x t lti-ttele.fteo ttietteeo, dray,.,&c.- 1 t Ics cu eonlllllLs +tnir tc+t1o , -routi ntrie' ent ob .erv'"es. Rlvel.lll--qllue I fllle. ail qtr le ra re ni n era une sli cae, pour 'Ir, r~tlrlote, tltet, A&c, e dire liceenn devra Olre itdllllllelti;lte ll-te , t lnt t to oltr o lo l ar lte clllecol~ur av . srlon rsele, el g lileuno |e on tteggerlntl i o on lir e It e'tdno+l-lent ci In rena or lte tos dae-la Slicttente, scrten ti I'Ltmeoellelt 1111 llitptlreo, ttIe moiil I npur In ril(., tt I'ottre itoili(t p)oIr In dl'lateur.-Ap. perovi, le2ll I)('emtre, ItlI. . De lnllets l'urdomnuee suivante titl Conseil do Ia `i enllltruiePelite, en I Ille tt *IliPuint'll mavlnr : (ttll'tll ordtilln, q'lllpre. cetle dlate, eoute per sOnlle tit ftree cttir il cltartiltt,tleye, &c, dlenan In llte Iuticileli/, tullt. ionir ollte tu pI'ilemrat, an. l licnce t)tltr ceIt do Staire Ie cette ville, seraettjeli ly luendle de 5 Jttetll 111, dl'etrt, deltntaellievato all. ellf c ltr dIe jltrildiction nisanlltte. PIolllvn qtlo rettnlie vtiltlre,dirn, lc. quinollotlta elnl In lite licence, seront aujrt A iIr, ,isi liar le cdlectreir de laxes sir l Ia voitee dlre dey, &, o& par netcut ottieicr do la poliee. to t detlenjasqee I snusdilte nmenlde tlt paye. En p voyeB aS aore le 14 jtin 1.37. JOSIUA BALDWIN, Recorder W 11 \VWtnETo, colleetour de hitcko, druyn, eolpor tettcrs et petilts meri ra., lot01 re8 CARDS [iY PRINTED at the shortest Notice, in th moast elegant manner, in Black or Colored I.os, on Enamel. led, White Flake, or Plain 8 rfaced CARos, and Prices very reasonable a TRUE AMERICAN OF FIlE, corner of Poydras and St. Charles isa. Several Now sad Beautiful Founts of TreI have just been adled to the Establishment. Orders received at Coeptring Room, St. Charlee Exchange, 3rd domr front Gravier st.,or at the Printing Office con ret of Poydran & St. Charles streets. noel- tf GRE\AT ATTR''IACTII.!! At No. 53 MAagazone street, over S. Lrey's Auction Room, opposite Bank'e Arcade. R GII.LE respectfully informs the public that 3ltir celebrated Statue of CLEOPA TRA, Quer of Egypt, Which 1,h ben eLhititod in most of lhme principal cities of the Union, to the lively admit atius of many thlmosand visiters,hw. arrived in this city, and in now being exhibited flt n short ltime only, from 9 o'clock A h, to 9 o'cloek. P1 M. llj'Admittance, 50 cents; Season tickets, $1. febl b-itf. COTTON CIRCULARS 57 PRIN TED with the Greatest Expedition, and in a style unsurpassed in NEw ORIt.ANs, or aele where. ORDo s left atCoItIc'rto Room in S. Charles Ex change, (Corner of Gracier St.) or at T R U E AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, corner of Poydras and St. Chailes Streets, willbea promptly attlended to. Dec. 1-tf. S8OWELL COT'TONS-O balra .8 nd 4-4 and 1l. Twilled lowell Cottoos, for oile by n,;l I SAAC BlIlI.GE & eo,134 Mngnzrinest J L.BR OWN'S Patent Plattorn o rea.qls7.rrs..r "i' cars n n lllad at 53 Bienvill stre et, Pateont Plat fornn m lances, superior to any ever offered in thlis cty. letl IW It CARNES. TO MERCHANTS. [MAIERCHANT'. can hlame a lEAUTIFUo t CIRCU. I.AR struCk of~atfor hours NOTICo, by aUsag at the Compting Room of TRUE AIIERICAN PRlNrTNG; Orn'ICs , St. Charles Exchange. adljiniag the REA-. Ina Room at Corner of Grvier street, oraLt te Pilot ing Office, co.rnrof Poydras and St. Charles streets. F EAT'lERS-By ship Auburn n elegan usor meon of dil,,rent odored received and for '-lsoe by GUS:IIP S; Co, Exchalge hotel, fe2.5 _S t Charles at STEA BOAT BLLg O WNERS, AGENTS, or CAPTAINS ofSTEIA BOATS can hoam their Bills struck of, in one or more Colored Inks, on Plain or Colored Paper, neibt despatch, and on faeorable Terms, by leaving sris ORDERSnatTRUE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner of Poydras and St. Charles streets. Nv.?9-.f rI EN I)OLLAtiol t.c ARD-Aty servant woman .Cnufurts ll;helitrl hnerelf about ten days silrce, oid is on b Id ht bthking lout in lhe Seroal Mulniei. palht. This shore reward witt Ie paid ior her bring ladgld in any of tlie Joa of the city. =onar G, 4 J ' BIREEDLOVE. W HISKEY--142 bbl landintg frmnu otenmer Gan Shelly, for stile by et. DOIISEY, ttar I 44 New Lesee IjLIttUR-2h broi Lllndint tuomstnlenr toeetterrs SSllbhy, for sale by " DORSEy, mar 8 44 Newlr ee _f U'ITI'E-I-4.I kegs-rll rol .neso jusit res'd ea tt r mrle by G lIo.teSY, moar I I 4 New Le.el

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