Newspaper of True American, March 12, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 12, 1839 Page 3
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- A O.l .--UI0 id ealniersa d hllit aII I ailI itides 1 t fralde by I, iIJIIDF l. Co. 119 114 ll Magzine st. 'PiILM (ll.--el casks winter Ild fall slrain ed .permn oil, warranllnld lne far sale by Ibl9 ISAAC I Dtll)lGE & Co, 131 Magazine at jUl O.I'II1NG -60 caeu (Cllllliing, cinipriingI an ex. I enlive as.artlllnal, vnarioani qnlllics, landing Ilr asnl by ISAAC BillliDGE & Co, febl9 131 Magazine at U'TS--JO aibln Brazil Notl, just received for sale h i feb I KA)RA & IBt.AiST'l'OW, Hank Place JAMES' I.AST NOVELS, &c.-The longenol, a tale of thlie Frnc Protestants, by James. Tales oftile paliaio., by Jnlames. ootnta, iel Ili"ili,ih J Stewart. Aerx. Keitl, I). I). Demonstration of tie truth oItlno Chriti:ant religion. Fraet', edition of the British poet, 1 vol. Aikil'a Biltish poot, And a variety el new, staldard and valuable books. IS JOHNS . Co, m2 2w corner St Cltmrles & Cnmolno etc UST received at tile Louisiana Fnrlitura Ware SRtoolma,5Ii3 Bl eville stlrcet,2Oll Mapleanlid Cherry Iledatelts a firat rate article. Also, a good assort rment of Maple, Walllnt, and Painted Chnirs, which will be sold for tihe lowest cash prices. jy' 53 Ilienville street d-ANULES-50I boxes New Bedfird, Bouton and JN antaeket Sperm Candles, for sale by e23l IS.AAC lJltlDGiE & Co, 1i4 Magazine a FASIHIONAlIIt PAIII.t llI.lllNISILY. Ta HE snabscribr ias the honor of informing the Ia I dies, that lie hu received per ship Laufayette and Maellgo. a splply of fall ad wintelor Millinery, nl tlie lIena and riclheat materials in Parti, h:ehll Mrs. Scanllln expecrt to have opened tind ready Ior exam ]atioa oan Monday and Tuesaday lnet. D P I~SANI.AN, nv3 25 Chirtrae t BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charlea 4 CGmmon street, EXCIIHANGE HOTE.L. B UBEH & ALLAN would respectfully call the at witi nlnen fraota. lalhionahble linen I'frotii: inea col tars: silk, riitlln aillmd mImriio imimiittr.slr ir and drawers: allmbric and silk lrmmlILercbiefs Ildack nlld faicy cla rats irngrst vanriety: letakn ol'every dlmacriptiotl: glo lastic anlld cotton sutaacidcrs: silk, cotton alid tlhread glmveos: at bloskin glovesa: ulnlbrllas anld entice gold Also,-Splendid inssotrment of ladiml andll gents w-ri iing decks, dreailmg caaas, port folios, pealiiumery, cut Uery, and rich fail:y gomsma. . od . . . . CARD TO T eIE LADIES. W ILLIAM IILI,, No. 10 Clhartres street. contin ueeto plushone old broken Jewelry, old gyld rr silae ni any forln whatever, alnd Ily the .highest prica in Orlelana. radisl whoa onay bave ol il o hioined gold jewelry, -iT: oar ornaments, nh.ll, c a , nclai-inn, ibekles, finger rings, or in fct anlly artllea of the lineli, whilc i Ivlng die and ofan u tuse en t uo xde, cl ngl l thsm Iitnn to goIld advantnge, by cnalillng s lbiave N Ul-Watc ea, Jewealry and alusnectaclen repaired in tihe best tmonner--clharge moderlte. Ja23, 1839 .hRLAN' i.ll'Il.OIiRAl'lPII l'IRINTI'IN(lG OIF S FIACE, 5:1 Muagaine street, olpositn lBal:ka' Ar* S(IREl NE. takes lIendure iln announcing to his friends and the ciliuihin of New Orlnans, that hle hs iat length brogplt itlatagullhy onl a liar with Colllper dlate &nnllrniUb igd lrnol thIille lnt ilj h r IhIIVI t l. ovrop)iier plae engranvilng, hie anll exenute anl ordei itilraltel to hin, at one haltlie expolsl oflnglraving-and nearlylis cheep as typme printing. Merchants wihing .renhlr sent out iu triir own bnlld writing,can hlave aiy quantity at a k;w IhanIs l nliCe; or they dil Ite.ex-en.nend for Ithei in a Ibautiiul atvle, asuc ua ian be.namodre given gaenerlll satifaction illhllemost nu r a eellable commissionll hLoused inl this itiy. (ielnln at, dlrliu o fs tf Iluajvi Visitilg or Illni. inase anrdnsiiihed ill rs beeIt Ianaoii, will ,'u well by callingi at he iil . anud see pncimns. Fel. i, 1$311 N I--lik Inotes neatlyexecrated, i and circulars, printed at nli houllr', notice. IA-.W lUiiolK.-l. i-gilh Nisi 1'tiux, 2 vol,: Louis . n inanodna ILaifuini'n Caurse ofl.egal Sluldy nole: HlugheL on lt.uranle: Lawe' Cnhalter Patics: iorm Houk: Ileeve" .lt Iksccllt: .Ill:ose's C(riminAi Evilence: Civil do., Ru.ssll on CriuenT,' volW: Norris' "eake on Evidence Itutllerfbrdn s Illaiutes: LNew York Analytical I)geint, ial I'no Powell <l Mortgages: Judge Peck's Trial: lM'~Intosh's stludy f lt: Law: Matilhew on 'leuwlliae E:videlncei : iiiiillded on Plelad i gng: M lntague on Iar Tl'illinghistnI oi lnlitltilln 'I'heohud on Prilc:ipl lnd Surety:irl Thonls Coke, 3i vols uller no Executlnanr 'Tollian' I.nw l)ictionarv, :1 vol. T'reatinein tll h Inw of Fixllnres: narakie oil Elvidten: ildo. an Slandr: Si.gden on Vlendorl Saun d<er on jPiledliall and :vide ia Sii ite | l+ne'ry Prnctice, 2 vitl Stevens and linllecke In Aoera;ie: $;torv's CU'lllllH arlielr snnll tb" C:alsltitutiolh: olo.w i f1'.:. n:I Se nalloU FIi llln in I lity: \m t rilltllhi l ::1 t Ex nltir.,: Walkern, A I la: liiii:ilnla i nllnlXeu Sr.n. i vila. for al:l ;it :I iuw laiiau. fell AII l'. 'i'WAl. S aldl "ti Glote" illa;ri. L' Mr IIAUSMAN, thle nt r "li alnt b ^illta lll.e, is ll owall i ill e till|Ki o ot IwiIr ll Ii:i happyii, l r otl l,l,,rller al, k. 'i'i+ illaall ii ,s, u.iaina.l iuf-iiiir to im .in ko'eit limin.m aa, ia plublishtd in weeiLv rIIilr.i., 51 .f w ivhi iell a I irra a ple ddul dl vJlll . ii.ll llllllu er .i nlin two lg ulti i'tll steel'eur avr r il i n;lul .h,,l'uilh lugne Ai d-,np rllllll irt ,,r ea i.k',I t lr: s ir ;r, l:t i t 1hr lt i ptll, liPtll eital!irr; ter 'ýIli ; i t art thon 3",11 1111 Ihas nrern rxpI enl de in the woivrk.uld it i= cuiieully iaecoiiniaided a.s Ivlly or'tlly o f Irp rtra r . all,. 'ryni, rtvrw-iled at No 14Clani st, iad nu tbe | tl10f-1fh1 61< tar' Ivi Pt f ..c. I I. Ii IiIldSibY, 41 I.o'w'|,e*" I llti Britb is h f lo , i. Il miiroUiliicill llli Fllner tIo ir Walte"r conlt with i iogrllphiri ndi rricai,:,l unti.,,; des tri d as a i.ulitlntioll of Or. At kiln' Hnrai.h PoetsJlustl rAeivedl ItIF tlr sailll. i,'b 'H .%1.1'X. Tl\VAit, I 9 (I wll Ft. a I AI4 1.1 A \VAS'TIINGI'ON, ablidgledfor the Sv. ue of schoolsA rr-lvelle a lii t .ilaIlv it. Id, "_1 ALEX. 'rT)IV A, 411 inIi 3ILI(1S TO11 1'11i PAST.-'E-Aan elegaont ltl highly T approved denlifnrine tle best prli pnirrlion ever inut ip fir vi ilbi, justi receiled at Ile lHs. inlll. I1ll & A.I.EN. .llMllJOIINS--5li 1, 2 asi :1 gallon deuai L loading rmi augl Cherokee, Ior .nle by JAIgVIS & ANDRlIWS, fe25 cerner of Commion & IThoupitoulal st S0 l N BUTTR---15 firkius landing liifrom hip SVICKSBUIL(..,,d for sale by "Wrn9 SIALI.4L O BIVROWN,96I Magazine st 'iA'I',--Ill asn bi sb ilk Iub liHt, fr NPAILiy Isar 9 llIAL.L & IIROWN, 9l Mngnilne nl I ANILLA-OIIO A(-.E-A conlplletn usortmlnn l of ManilIa Cordlnga nndl Hlnwers, fnr sole by mar_8 . S &3 I_ W II'l'NEY, 73 CImp st c (OAP-3-00 boxes Goulds' and Iobbin's No. I Soap io in eref tr ale by J TIIAYEIdR&Cn, h l 74 Poydmn at P ItlKEY'n Ist t 2ild Books on Ilistory, Just pne reiivnd ll dllithuiial suplily fire allre veryt ioliliar lcool b.niukln, by A TOWAR, fy 49 Camnp i ` rlll'llTNK" (01i'T ION FACtiR Y--I 'esub neribor wnould inogrlii nleroniiiiio andi lalllers lbtl hii n-tlilinnialmt is now in lull oplleration and thatl he is plrduei'ig a lilrk ulnder the atele alnd delllniinn iion of Wllitiney's aegrn ioaLtiin. rTIose wi.liing io lllsu a sipllleriolr nrAli:le for pilllltlioill u.e, nill ilease call nul anaex iie ir themnelves lt Meesrs Peel SN.irlli, ngelnts 13 Clullnaas nt ir alt lie entalllillnment nfIthe msin inibar 417 Tlioulloioualla . . IENNJAIIIIN W'IIITNEY. fi27 New Orlnon, February 7, 11189 'I jo -. - c- onranened one un ildrell boxes a .F holulndrelld gonl nlaninalluo In . a le by UAVili FELT, N V Sltationers' Iloll, nars No 24 Chartres at CDE-40 casks prime ato lityl arala ay -le mar 8 S BLANCCIIARDI), TI' RENT. That desirable dwelling houset, also the alore underneath now iln complea ordla Possression given immediately. 'Tera.a vyru liberalr desirabla teantlt, apply o liae premnisea or to (I \VW PIITCIIAt& .J I'AGIIT', Jr ml curaer Paydras & l Magaine tal CLAYON ABOLITION. P'UBLISHIIED THIS DAY A NtI FOIL SAI.E at the Counting RoaM ofthei '.TRUE AMERICAN, the reeentaspeech ofl the tvIharable Henry (Clay, on thia vitally impoltant aub jtct. For stle by thle dazn or sin-gle copy. 4tfe28 I[1,11, lIIC ( ()01IS--50ht bales domestic godals Sviz: Lawrece anual CO 4-4 Iblowa slletinga, Jackans adal i: 311 inch dla shilring, ; 'lreamoat and coa, :1.4th ila do o I .Lwell 7-8 and 4.4 ciatllOs, and do hianseys rad bcdltirkieng, fir sale hly m wl Y STIIE1'SON & AV'ER, 88 Gravier at Ol)FI'bF.--l. bags greea luavana calfee, lading Son. i brig Tahooaa, for rale hly ml a J COCKAYNE, 25 Grvavier at jý'ERLM UANDL) S Sl1 boxes, It l)urfrey'a brand, i landitg fP.ut alih lielArkhl t ug, ftar sale by tutae 9 SIt IAI.L & Bi)WN,9i Magazivl at -Jo A''C II E'I.31l dior . l. sahingling hatchets, and Sfur sale by ShIALL & BROWN, na 96 iMgazine at --- VtiNNt; AItL)S-At 24 Cbhartres aa,a vary J .eu a aasorlnatajusat reeived frotam tlhe anufaetory, de a iuat vil .nay qanatiy at taeir rogalarp rline by LDAVID FEI.T &Co, Aal New Yoark rtatioeers hall, 24 Chartlrs st O l:--10,tN rnllaate wirar pressed Lerra oilaa nd it aleby WtHITRIDtI(i & Co, an 76 M3agaz:ne st Ai~W.lIii'FC'tiR'Ul. \VURKS. QYCLgtOJLSON'I Ar..titee tral Ditelioarv, 2 large /1 paa.iy ZoIla. with aumerous platas, a var) valuablle Nich.itelvd Print:jplela Arltitealre, 3 veol or. ltwo. nymreroas platas. Jlvskit's Priaijpllrsf rlclataectrr.e. Ltewart'a Aorlai.tavr ra Dictionary, 3 yvol 8 vo. LeaaLat'p n Lseloljcdiu ,f otaaage, fart, and village Aarlbitcrttle. (ilae~try v ArclltJlrre I sotl. ljd. a i'a lfne oarlrs in Arbilecture. RruiiL. a History O1[ Awhitec.ure. "|'jaejaltedl .ttlltluiliera of Attian, The 04iv'a are all Eaglick Ha'arks and vera saperiar. Alh* )Ieajumaniaa' Arrhicctrter. lhaw's Archlitaec Nircjlt|ti'a Carpeater'as .Guilde; Lrfavr'a Modern hArjeeltan re. ..ltvre pa altair wnyr, Ar. fr ale by fi.r 9 ALtL.. TO','..R, 49 Camp a I r¶LOUIt-446l brls laId :g fromsaeaeer Atiantie, 1 b IGOUREY, mi 44 New I.evee ILOI.-U LI luerlitig feoinaaieaieer Udvrilesl, J -' nn gs urale Ily ml G DIORSEY,441 New l.evee Gee mm xand Sm nuar 4 U 'vFFI"IbR--3liUl bags Sio e'irtfee, lir isle . y at Ul GIJUIISEY. 44 New levee -I2tla1r Iearrelabilulrvteid pear, anexeelleor nrlivle os horn oo Iloard oeteam boaLnts when glol woed is not ltoI Ie obtnined. ((ellltaniil nleailares will Io well Iy pirlhnsiog n fw bllraeel, iis trhey will lhil it (nloe tie botl snibsatlllt e everalfereil lilr itooll, for ellle by mil LOCKE &l J, 8 Frollt Leveee IANO FRT1'ES-2 Imore saplendidl inttrollrnlt, Swith rose colored cases,jua opeidnd for sale Iby lelf A 'TOWASI, 49 Coreyllll et -+"1LA.S--Slieie, orl ell tier" Jar"i eoo"rolud ari e q Iroe mbite metlee mouth Jeec, riile freom I-dranlll, to 8 oi., ior wloll ewiy aet by It Be05Me n5l letlibl febl8 erneer Nltehzl NNAIIEI., UM ELASTICI. ItALL.S ror aule wbolelslea -lnd G' retail, at II iIINNABRLIES fel8 'tore, cer Natchez & Tlehapitoulnn st I AlIl-lI kfi I.bee l ecltr, in esore fir erile by A mar L Iti loKgY. 44 New I.lvee lKANI)Y, RUMS, A.NI) UIN. 141 ShllS Aoericn Ihisorly; SiiL N I) Ruin 1J illd Arlo.riollfio n; 0ilu liVliakey nlestoreeand fr stle by UIIAMPIa I( OCPERl 9 Juliul iUNNY AGN;-lo-100 balesa, i bulnels Gulliy ltag d mar in msore and r saleby J TIlAYEK&ei mar I 74.l'rylruet t OIANGES, LEMONS,&e.-1000 boxesa Sicily Or. oeres id leieed loll t ii r iihe rier. tOlll rsig Iillerle o.d WauI R Ire endive from blip CReiealriiis, for salle by J II LTEVKRCII &. eo hior 4 Sl Oldl Ievee et NEW IIOO)K"--Tle Illlgearn bev I.lllev,ia .l. Keilln's ilr.ll rllile i l i t ie rut ih irf tile Chris rilll religirni wiKth llltlsrll i e ange uvi ogr. T'd tlilty lifi ies I.eolas rllhvaicia iia 3 vole. Af l it new e s tlllely o' t Mirel Erlirewierli's ewrki Iltnnnhb Mlta'a Melniraoi Peerara fill tire ereell--tlrllrlt rerstde 39 tielee Enalehl'rf hliuro lit ihiiloeolhy h'l'oker's libht ilf otnore, &oe &ar lreeived andl flr Lile bly A TMcW.AN. 4 C49 Ollllor - LTAA it rNE--Sweer Mnlelga eise iell iir i Mfor seslty iif AI . A AILS'rET, lIt 7 Ilnnk ehllec P 1ltl'52tt--& tliti(WN ei'rOIUT--I.aotilrg ferr... shipln Woebowiegin ririi h for hil st fo trite by d ia St+RAIt &1,. IIAIIS'I'GW. 7 tlanri einee N-ga Kleav Kl rtdue.-'l'le IlIg reiit, ai late rs thIe trereli PeriehiFrers i ll I e larulilriiif Stlenlliell tr;he Yillyh tile nrlll r, AA ilce, AL rill i i rlp. Ilte tii lr t Iflhe Iril ut l'life Clripvtirn r'.lh girsi tip bbyArti's iler Keit, II. I. uullur erfrlire evi hrenre ill ar O rgnilllit'v bl x m Iflrl Wersee i iliglaitn vslurv, miih trlner Inles of irisrgilllslli)l ll I lv . Rle a tlirey i rilIe Ce lilIIluvee, liir Ilivevr, AlliClIeIrrre &e.: int illi+ Saill~theell ille'115li , 111Slld l'llltuei Il y tlire l~l oifAt l''sliia(.llrr llel, Le, 1.avr.verived laild tsi e ll' Iey 'tV leKFAN, - _il_ An_ iler(ollee llnwrr tip irilii o1le 901 Ma'szanidat A G a l. C ORLEIAN#. LI.IIOGRAAtIIIC E.ITABLIII 1115 T,: 5:1 MA (/AZINE S'1TREE'I ', I. lnl'lsh r e'l: uNK our n. tAe. i r Wnte GRIEEN rillrllo r li riv icre tlioskh Iaj irt fin ' ilt rl Ilre ii llllli i of New (rlele.rro Iir lile r l ill lr ue Isiwed tkn hIir Ia ll hlrod T ovl rsllll ild hisb charge.hall Is ,lli eillll lll ll le will N 1 . eros,+ kbrll t llle e o191ed11 ri. IhI ri lOe I ler onll .hlll lie lw is relliy Illt lrikbe r of Ini rekse h ei rcl laesirsalsiiiesall iroite lrlyeserlerrls frreleslsir miir'ee,rrviu, )l :tilnreest ilaolr, I111 n I i0 t i Po relrl)lllle tetlherlll Ileilg iip lelo'is Irv Ctlilll alully rriiitr eieslllrisi ridrr iihr c iii-,t aof'I uth ou al e hveteerc. i I linlit lsgtearh'lilillrelr redol |rrlrit es eiel ill iialarriyr NltAI .r e ilie er h ritnste"' W irl lsesi eitir .I A5 5 l l em on lr llri t' lels e l& inrrr ye i r el if il -ly Il er Clrll' l i ste l rv ll e n o t le lli er g IIrif l, '. l .e.e . .It k ,eloititsrll 'I mrke rlel IlJliYr, v i e us.u 0 r; I 7OI. I, 4.1 New I.svee - lA ili h Willlrl. &vl'r hrifll, fir slde L I ory u Iv I Ir I. II IVN, . .. El itFi C. CI Si ... . at. ATTPOaINIY AT LAW+ 3 'Sl .t. irerr1,, u iid i 'e Srir "i'rr ,; llrril, 1IIIlll I)ir Irie l 51~uies--iai, r tlr th r'i erftl nerstrlll. e tlu ll ir 'l l th li' ..v Irll Ifll, h e ire |IOililV a1ll irei y a.5iGl a~l"llit l l*+i, h 111 ' alsr rtIi t111 rerll l l ie' l iit. rrl r '. irrlr·ie'' i11111 1111· h' Ilrlririllal ir'hlil--(ilV ill l,.to. i(tilrll c Sil . {'t 'l' i AltI '1111' - I'9tl . t' tra:;l ii I r, illty cil Il . I' I r" ,1111 iii i . I~l ( e el rl 91.1.'I l'l lll'ljill lll ite N'rllv llrrrk 'tro-. her .. iii.i.ll l+ ll I llll;r rrirrtarilrI IeII v ·.-, hv I ll .9.' 'r l, l hnh'i i ,Sl I'lr , trll r)l.l -"ll. 1·1 1.4)i '(lllll.. lls 111/ 1·1· l'chn ll~t lhi+; sl 1 L It etlc ccli he'n'Ill 1 prli -50 5 'slir'lrrji.ln~ .I .ll r 5l15 It &in hy J IIn P3 E li r vI i l -l - ' r I ;n i ai is rlld st iiii yee l71j'rirriir.rr-qer Ielealarart p freaieb ,~ ( .l Ai , ores-cI tr ~ is rlldoiah t Wtit it inttK.. .... ... I aihtv's ( tco play lan Atll Athas CoIb's Iceldan w, Nat I & 2; I'lrte r's lheata rle do Alndruws' td nl-parnl's Iatin Gramumaur Andrws' atin ti.etso. ,jIt: jtasrcived a nreww sup ply cf the hbovt tehnalaable haatol tcink, at 49 Citp sl. wllere a Inrge and choice atsortuent of Schoul l mks macy always be land onas good tern as in tile oU.tlern country. Ilear 4 ALEX. 'l'IWA R. lMedicine. lormaterly aoldn Itt I it. Sykes, at 17 Clartres street, i remonaved to thlle tok Store of Da id Felt 4t cu4 Cilartar. street,(direetlly olposite,) who is duly Cppaniaed s-It.Agetl, ior the sale of theset invatubl Mledicintea Sold in macketn of $1, $2, and $3, with ample dirAetions in Flarc, rpuanishl ntd Enlishe. A few copies of tlae Morrisnnin, or Falily Adviser of the Iltitish College of Ileaith. Price $2 75; also the Prantical Prottt, Itit editiona-37 1-2. Take noTlie-the genauint r e aever sold il a drug stole, and alll nnv rt had in tIbis city nt '24 Cbnrtrat it. A Gieasn suplyy'jut mreceived t Neatw York Statinaersa (lall. acr 4 ACON ll)ES--411( casks Cintinnaatui atredl in , store,, for sale ty G. DOItSt3AY, mer 4 444 New Ieve.s TO .iUERCII.LXrTh. ANNENl COAL, i.r salte lat f0e11 No. 25 Graviar street. Bl &-'I'ra iHIL)ri.ANS--1k cales consislting of r..u's call sewed h ce hoots, calfnnd kip Leg'd do., n td mel's kip hzoglu, caisnn frotll ship O o r dia, Ifr Pali by ISAAC Biil(iE r Co, Celt 134 M%1Stgaiate L-(I)KIN(; (I.A SSES--'I'ho sul, era aere now opAenilng au Inrla nd well .lenrdateaur i..eI of illa.nll.p y and gilt 'ialtaed alirrora,. of varilus si,. rend desnrtiunlle, riltle at ~Nio. 17 (Cttlpa ntili 8 CI.t)ttttntu Ctree... ic,2"--it B IIItUOWER & COt. I iI'ATOES-4IIa0 ills in lile nlder. in flllllr bar res, a.instrce liar sale by G S EII Y. fi2 A 44 T NOew Ln ato UORI' VINE--30 dos very auperior dii Pnort i Wi tnie, for stit by Wt POI('TEiR, L ADIES 75'< .T(:KINGS-II4: pairs of stperior q ualitr, laild:i (trot; .ali Atlexander froen Ilenmen, for sale by r A 'itRI iR, falb2 34 lamvle st SUl'RIOIL Madeira and Port Wise. just received direct fronta Madeira, per brig Samuel and Jtohn, froatm Lodon, France sand rian j slly. lMadelra, il hIalfqanrtcr casks, old Londolt I'articu lar, and ehoice Riescrve. do. in: cases, choicest Sui:icl, Reservy and London Particular. Ganuinei' Prt wine, old, in cants, bottled in Olparto. And thieir well kaown a asortna eat of Bordeaux. Bl.r ataualy, Cihanlpaiga. aad Iihenish Wines, Maraschino, fiatest Martiniquaca nls iaaln, Lonadon Porter and Ale, ail first quality. E JOHNS & Co, ae 211 corner Colnmon &Stt Clarles sita __ It.1a1 INISEEDI O.-5011 galls, Eaihak i Liseed Oil,justl received, and fnr sale by f.:I11 Ml CANN ON, Ii iTcholllt (I "URTIS' Adliralty Digesl--A lDigest a eares in C thie courn s li Admirnalty in Egiatnd, ie vol. 8r, inust received and for sale by bf4 ALE( TO\VARI, 49 at J A'SS oas the I' ttsian, aw at nl itat enstilg ework, byttits rany ptpuliar authior, just receivad and Sin stale by ALEX IOOWA R, ltbI5 49 Camtp st .OGGING aund 2010 piece bagging 2O1 cnilsr Rao sale by -11 HE te' Fr NBRiWNN & Cs, it Ctt,. I HROWN SUGAR-In barrels, for sale ly 3 SHlALL & ItROWN, fet2l 96 Mugasine at AY--600 Iabas Norlltern Ihlay in tnore and for anle H `by SItAMPLIN & CIiPEtR, L1ANCY t OA P-'-tt I boxes; alir sale by- I m n S JIIAIL& BlRLlWN,96Magnlsala st U .2l " N-O I-ROWN SToUtrr P O R° casks, hladiug from skip Vishington f d4-m, fir saleo by felt25 READt &. ARS. 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ItI LE.ii , nt lnnttn st OIL IIAVRI":. 'The fine ship lll.11 ONI), Cnp WVinship, wil lake Iwo Inassengenrs if innnedlte apli - a+pJo al iot tho to Ir,7 .II GALE, 93 Commonnot Coastwise. OR-tW189. FORI HAVANA. Packet Brig. .' The A I fitit sailin e nder l inlpp iu.tetodl pna:ktl org, GANNICLII,'F, pr totn Jmhn I)cleldurn master, will sail an?0l lIllttn.t I will t helnt 'ItntIrmpa B)aly Itilan pnnen gete, where she will be dlctnined one day. l'lhse wialsh ing io visit Cuba, hy Inking this convevaone will haven anopporltnity of visiting iorida--havlrng ele gait fIr. ninrel necornmodations for 30 person,. Apply It nner 9 WV POttTEI, Ir5 Crlaon nt Otlt NEW YORK. P'cket for Mondrla1 Ith inst. Holmes' Line of Peckete. . Ti'rll sie.riror lclpporedl ilil roippler lnst eneol packet hip A I.AtA tIA, ionrry, natiner, Inving Iprt ol' her largll engrged, will nril ts nbove. Flr lie talonnte of freiglt or lnalIge, having elegant ncolnmonrlottiie, ntpply to lIeP 1rtptnia ot hoard, io lerr below ine Le Vgotalle Im rke, lr Into A I(CoIIEN, inr 9 No I.0 coItoenll nt FORI l.EI.W YORtK. Pal:krlt lf Mtndaiyila louterr' Li.,r of 'ea 'I rT very Uinst soiling regrrie hliiip VICKS elegar rllto mai:O nlllln~l lrir a in rply t he cen till ur:l r lo r tir. lier below tile Vtrgeotbhr ir lrket,rr Itr entr ! A (: 1 E11L;, No 90 (erlnounsl I t'1 t Itrll. O -IfTO - ' .,.-E1_ ThrrSanuitin g coecrer biri A tD lAi crrpt ,irlc".". Cart as , havlinr.ilrtrgre'.t portion e f o. her .:rgo eno.gnrd .will have id l.eputch. For nlnire ncf heiglt or inae'iae, noply Il, tIL- t & J Ie WIIIT tNIEY i37 'nttpl r ti ItOilt N- IV N l 0tK. A Ithe A I anrt fent nriliri rnn erior .blii E flI l'II, r pt akerC p l ill reienlve i mttdi-i 'rrllr girl. "or bririnr Ce of frncic it or Itloun ,. ulllyl ae i IHinr i I. II (ciALE, r93'1Cn, , nt FOR-'I PIII.AI.EILPIIIA. The frsl eniling bri' SYIIEN, C(pn lli Nirrhnlon, hnrvi.g half h, r ri ro, _-+ wiill rive demirulch I"or batborrre of lrrightI or pntinger, naply to S & J P WII I'I'SEY, star i NI3 Cannp st A The flint cniling copper i aptrned brig CInngr Iel1,r1Nr, J erg-lo nror, tnirirrirg part of lier ncargr errgaed. Ii ee with desatcl :aiiitrnelll llliiS ppily oil blr d lrlln ollpoil e thI Ile IIrklt, or 9o &J 1' WIl''NtCY, t 73 (:aol arti S idon editinv,vivAiiiiil gdul Ward's rlenilcl,, ce·euld edition, ellnlarged, withl noa c collit of the Atllu Chi llrlluial, andi oi tlhe I'ilitical lie tv in lhat Repubulic to the prueev iay; in w iiewivvii Stble Eiiiveny : ii 'I'rri l n unte vgvvvvi of IIi arIe, ini tltaliaIt It thesivaling, gloiom. iii iPerldnig, \1'lltelieg, and w'vrking, secuolnd Lvvi cdll u·n. Slewart's Itagatn, in 1536.7, or na nvevpdiion to New Iiir(nip illvnlv. ll vi b'sambles in llE rope, Ior uI Tu thrgpi FrInIn Italy, Switzerland, GCreat llribilill, 111lIrelandl inl 18319, ill'.' vat. For mullle b \JI lyl.N neanr G [culr ('unip nd t nt nnn SII1IIILts `ý, snt o~f tile abovev, of' elegy air', eulullr, andII bide'sJene].. i D1VII) 1"'1".1,1' & ca~, Nefw Turk I rSalillnrrr IlI1ll, "-I (Inrtres ml. uolil `vv A 1'- uti hxe+l.~ No I Saul1 it, ator,· bur rule b y a. mid b11lA1I IN & Ci vii'1i'.1Ii ,4a lOi: ' S I' 'Iii : \I'i .Il"l! :'114(: I 11(1' A lt.ii I !J!!': --obits are nl~ape clllllly iallill·IeI t hat flat. 111111·1 I nrtielea coo be =ee and e Ott tle at (:()5511' \ NI' (" I Co iihog Iiool St C(Mliii at r U r:/ 11'4 NEW (iI~elll : \S t',1 1 111'U RIL OA ((i ).t '. N 1' ilt vnvvivg MiOyiii iol '1'11 F:tiv itva1, 1't 1'-iviaia vn,,..ivitinvi.Lvly. tiii ni. v1dtii-iarat 4 id Caavtnlla.1 Ivi lid Ciii . lak, 1. II I 1____ I'. in N1 Uti Ci, 1'11 Aftern~· IOW, lack it Cli,, (;,,, f in obulicllcl by payinilg 1U do 'flII J.\tliKaoS N AND LACIIUOIPI $'1'.I I:I:T l;.(I1S iv Iti tvl vvIe it i IlaCk, A. M. v IodI rue arllty.nAt nuif hoot "i n. luck thills ealr will CUtnntence ruunl, :very heITV )Ill( batlvt, and euv-,liiunviiithruu;;hnut the dy until Il :l u 'I. Al. 111111 &~l lv~ll Ill~k~ll NliCvinv A'rwl.U ngity ltve Ievia·llelll tnant lomi IhIenoclve (/lllil as i li( I. ll nyiiytn by Eifrival d llvva -ra Oder N- l·w Orllilll tad Carrolitaw It ttl Iton;d Cal~ Rita),I) N ii·d triii Jpviii humcs Ivvvv iir icf iuri. N. 0i 4 C. It. It %j duv'I'A i nl vIitravInva nfvvlnI browvv Janiai tlvliv l lnti nyu, ll Allirtiaga llae TO W rIib l4& 1 Caivy Li vnii nikiptvegala ,l, miii ytgg lniar stie kiiy~v 1.4 11n lip II UitSillil41 Ne& Lev ie~tiii a ll4lilngBunk, t FIVj tiC OCOlnd thirvl ind firluli Claii radera, vlsviit,iiiiiilagn third p irta r kilkatile Anld it general asdorluleat of schlool and classicali hIookifor lintle by ALEX CIitI) IC, 110,16 4 Campg )1O'124. ISRUGAIn'Y- 7 caspn olriating of fine liell'nesd kip, sercl anI pegV, boyt sivd kil, bro gan landing frliii, ll's Styu Iinvvi di Cheroklint'. fi aiite vvly I avniitvil& Ca, tArLU 134 A . inaHg7, n i t L ON vii '1nU1'i boeslt. viip b lvm a s Iuip its l JAMliS i v AN3lvnvVS, All linv It pit liillini AC IvvA .y -i vwvvtii 4ity. t aite ,l triYl qanit .1tftod ( dv. I\, lvfll ri /\I-IAgninni i iribivevnilvt, itt viiv I'hnriv 1<o a and anl d thluins, ot vri hu :,lailIll dld qlualitinevlv Ir sl fy ISyAAlC I711DJviuF CvI L OEiIfvI\ Svlllldtv4 seqlecu clt liu, veIu, v I li skethel l f Clarried(tile, by C li t, Ilusfoln, Th2e Idle and characte of the Rev. ',11111 II CllllrsN JuiI trKei-4d alldtfr tale Ily A vitOA ll fry lv (I D E 44 1t Lv t flTTR -lio olvn vii .lin, ivv`L;nrlvvvtvvervt~ P AriLiON, &3 figr htale ollly by Ronia vnU'l 7kgne, unititn b Pluli&J's lusITNui All thaI Pioralnaen cBievnii ofkvthe rpait andei did dpecimens ifortainlogy vrod t EIuiWivv invil, Sfrica, Btiletur ownva d un Ctvkv Allproied nbvvv aft 6ll1das i willhid v vien aI li Ji qua lily, Malnd a in rra kv pin, all dui.te liin vlvigshelys in pribeiori.r, fur sale by le VMItli1FRI~ntn 'Alvv,-Kiln l d ilms evcn anvil. thcrerlill b ttaken low inf .a fire 'ptiof sltre 7ai Julia t. Jte ft'1,5 ClrADII'I.IV &COOI'(:1. I tv m pI a i viaN I n. Lo na 1 Itbog s i nt nil aig 'pa It ly Iran IA I dlithlf dond 150 i oin erC I du, invtv ttliivii vn fersuie Iby Civi A ivit LI, & C(Itv PEiy feb25 79 Jaill ivat Pit- .Lnein h'lis favlni, bndiig-tvlaiiveitu uIII 11 A4 fai ns l i n,ah ovi ai l e bayltlv J V C ~ U e25 G D·rnle bY ORSR]',44 Newl.evre lII bKEY- iqs hurililin u iltill lt liv [)UTTER-It, JointJAnd krV, rvwetrnR reserve lAnd Bs ft8. vvmaten Cr Atanin liir saieiiy fe2 . H)ORSEY, 44 New I.evee 1 AIl.3ION, &c-25 Eighth bllIrlln no I S.1ln 7kp do; 1011 kergs Tongues slid Sound,,, Ialndiil and falr stile by_ S & J P WHIT,\EI' , NEWV ORLEANS Strain and PatentL Biscuit Boherg--iaiera and Hillnuln. Lh'n. 80, bloreau (near the puntchnbtrliu (tail nond.) Pilot -and Navy Broad, Soda anld Wine Riscuit, Sugar, rButter, Midford and Watler Crilckera, All the above articles are warranted to be of theu first quality, and to keep in anly climatte, being Scomnpletely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard anld Tagart, Jr. corner Magazrine and Poydras streetsl, will receive prompt attention. Small kegps put up expressly fcr famnily use. manyv A Reniad COD)E OF PRAC'l'ICE, new editionl of a he state of Louisiana, . uont being r ules of Pro-U redrt in Civil Aatiul!a, At., for male by. feb16 canor of~atS rvud Coalition s a, Reci~reived an elegant assormentdi silveegý] 0 dor pats whch ill be engnvnlla rd to oal it (b statfahnal style by J V Cllll.l'IS fe27 3 Camp at UNtPENI'L NE-44(1hhls Fpi~its inl landing Ir rI~oa barque Rentoln. and in storefr tate byI~ y f'2SJARVIS & ANDRE\VSs el T~ curter Cmtunou & L'lllluulilou~a a alt FORL NEW YORK. |L1OInMEX' LINE OF I'ACKETNS. a! jil illltlullllly aa aU lrtiaalCItt eaucti, lirt-Thit lia neasill eio~~iatitl i'theIibiauingahlaiji--aita Shill Nnabillei/r. I:lblaita Wllid. Alikaansait, (Rapia) iaE Iehnni., Ahabtalt,. Cnluin C'Cl Belrry, tOr.ra, :Captlluin S Fnar, t'irksbtarg, Ca{ittin J Eunkcr, JIaardkaa, tilailltti Anlalhy. Tile ablae ehiiis ate all it 'bahea els laaa, repItetreI, Iltlhl ·L(1II:t, llpaena.ilell tllll| werTl Ilillill NEW Yatk a X Iressly Ii Ili. tr.aa-ai-tlheI a ire It'ihihll Ir tahit f a ad tfr, ailld Ullnltst illvaurilblv I o e tht le liar wlithout dlaeiil 'Ishr ime nkes iare coninilladlldl Ily Cnatilills well ex prnanced illn he Irldl ,nId II ill ulw..s exert thenIIselves he Iiccllnlll,llil.t. l'll TrIl ilIa!w'.is lie towell u ianil da,wn tihe rliv.r ialli wilt l l'llllltly lnil nl Lvertlisei.a They Ih vu Ilntullz olely nltrlilnr ishle net llllillnlme bltltit snnliJ sterrea i r imr uli ty will a llw'va t n ihrnlishd, nniiii ev iry a llellntilg i lid l a t ie com il 'l nod satfioldhi o o " I'ae priee of tle enhil ii axel at $8l, witlhoilt wnine oF liqulor. orle fanner particullrs alpplly lto A COHEN, lp28 90 {.{noli i reet 'i.e Tilh ais are nolt IaIaI·IIatI ale fur breakage o ghina,, holaiw autinre, imarbla or grtaiiite, ioiefrnge. aftii or riist If ilon or steel: nior res pons.ible Ilbr any it kane( ar ptorerl ilt it hotrl, Inail rltlahar Iill flhhlng bea aigated IlslAeriir lt Iale t laatiifRhU ltlaglllana FOIL NEW YORK. .Yer lork 4 Yew· Oricans(1 I~ne. A NE IE If packers Ih .. leen enalilllld t rul t etrween New It)rlican ain Naarev York, to collllst o'tvf fivrta rate ships, rix: .llili ~ ~ ~ 1 5I. lFltfIt t . ,lllr, niCller " Itrpaliruhllant 1 Ituutell a Abllrin, I P iltrfely, ,, buiidng, 'aralaigatP inet elibtl t aNein, / tkexrs flit thinl+ Trllraslllr+: it| a I ilhl iilll*h {if WIllr~'elllltli will iO ? sntct todetentih a l ThIr u r cominellllddioullt forIuttaengear a coi ipriLe ill lait mialy lie reluhirel tiar canrllutir aill conveillence; talui thuir cinillnaatliertn are eagetlaan'""e. Latthi etaigau;:~~~i~ atel,ipleltal, two flist thiara laiit It nUpjil t air phi erca. 'l'he greute-t tarctuality till he olervrd ii tile lilmle of rliiling, alld ev ry rtasolullhe aclcltllointl IIon etlenlell II shi nari llll i:ss(,lle·irP , jar neIther liariic lllt aityir toi ClI-nro. tallaaaiiai uimil nta,s'lN.if itW:aia,NaiY:lrkr hint I jTU l'l'llER l.IAItII..lW, tii tnnp at - or the Znterior. FlOl IBAYUi. SALIA Iguilr I 'tieckt. . _-_ it , iLoll,\NT, ui',,rs,n llrt elater iledna il It 10 'cltrk A. Al. liltr hlvnIi Surin &eer Saturdlay at Io iicl tik A. AI mai Ie m1last down oil ,Sltiday r For Ireight or patage apply to Capt. Hart i oin anir.l Ir t flbh5 ADAMS & WHITAII.L IXC;FIANi;E II1l' 1I)ING( ROtli. 1r11l1 Eri iprtieltora ita re-linted his Mieiding lat,in Sthe St. Clt'hall,. x.llnec, Cotrller if Onruvier anid St. lharles street,l inl the neatest ani(r. Blesides all the ,i:inlpal I iperi of Ile Uitrod States, of everyv ciity nlland .le. l thell Canllalldl, 'l'exl anlld Alexi eo andt Iallna, IiIne roll is reguaarly and extensiv e SIv su p pll ell e ,it i, tle la test I t'tIIea U Ii ll a el s, I.o I'e Iait.lflld Prien's Pri:e Catnutet. Also witl nearly all ile Liternary Periodlieal o Ithe day, and Ils Ithe re publlications of the: London, Edinburg, Westminillster lMetropolitnlan eviewsi at IInluckwtatant ag e. gazi The North Anmerican Review; thie Southern liter at, Knick bocker,TheA'illlicaie Juirntl al Scienices and Artsa, Cabinet Miscellanyl Ilenaeratic Review, Genttlemen's a gazine, Antc iun lolthly, Iieutlv'a Miscellany, the Mexico Clirurgical Review, and a variely Ef other' . All these worksa ire regularly uiusErioed Ihr and reneiI weil. 'The rtoom is as a lruppledl mlltt a laie vnaiety itflllt.p lind etlases, Nils ilalgiiaer, i.evv's Price Cur eal r rt llllil. neO lllelllment,lll ateer, and it variety of works afref'renae. rThe nost active & ilntelligenl news colleetotrs arePel tloaed It.gite the elerlies oarivals, alid ln paill iar x pease will tie lared to reander tli. Readiing ulntm tile irst the Unite, S.lrlrt. SubecrplpnJ ore respectfully receive 1 oel - -tl' orhiat blitnga oin r red hnir o r e enine t e r thiskers, reeve Irowea, by It apIlliltilllo to It erlllWnPii lllbwi, varvaai Il a tpllll T ilnck, wllh Ollf atuintlig eiter tl t hiiitnds or linlleniut rcvive t lit tile .a ilr, corler t. Chlrles . (a llllm on reels. Itb lt & AILANt S1U0 IINT-l'-oes8ieliion h6oe ngive in.,ediatnl. SThatdsirabln al ell leafitlled telli hu e, iao ill I:llll t'le! ordehrilt I, i : ulrllpe r n e' (.111 in Lld Julia atreit-. Aplyiv on tile ient, ... G \av P1IL'l'TIIAjja.L.-q.--'I'AGIGI' t Jr.. (oi01l, wil/ilN-- 0 cask. rm cotil c, jlat received ri I; t IttI& Iievee t -L I /-ti I U T11 T i ii , l i i, l ir, for Ishle n iv '.i a1'1.;'I'I)tt .\ V1':, 1' Ui(R lmll'tno fire sal hy IL '( Ii AN( ia AIe I Ite n th lllm I )liulte ab lInIvrtilel i rv i N l lt il I a tl lii r ii ii.t i l llr r h l t a st wl ' ie ll I;bta .n.. ..o..and, o. Is.l, the it .GiO tie t"C Il.e V.PAI\ILY. I)eatie, re+perltflIv l ivea nit tiI:ie tr, f ln llhe ir' celnsltt ll allllli in New April. Il tinlt.lia, in lliae prich , Ilra int l i i)se ito rl taiol il skill and exceriene, boih it, thie it.rgife I11it I nrl i tatPII Il e lrtlliPll i t isn i llllll'tllPa stl in this co l lltrv a will l elll ill iPllllllliehll i, fel Ultlice,59 ('anal sreel. G OSIlEA N bUTI Elt-A l f(na in. fr ale by READ IIAL I V'rW, fh N 7 Dank ltae (I EIlENiT --Ilvd ilitc ud rtr.eietd nail l lfreale by 1l) IAR V, fo9 7 IDlllk IPla'e. SICILY MAltT I l LA WN: --lglban's L. P Cuto izza biranllds, it, piildfpipes,hi iis, eiarter mak end ltllaves, for sale lbi ISAAC I.IIIGIE &(:a, f15 " 131 alngazilne at r1CEXAS LANDI) SCRIP FOR SAtlE-Il'he alari berg oler for shle twenllty Fli.i of si Il ahndred d frt aieAlt.t I lud, it i n, . ' tile nut iol the logi ltre ibaiac nipl (.1tt il betnldttit iaUltai I nv otligler nI(il09 'TtHOS B .lEE & CO. AIN'T'ED IIUIKEI'I'S--ll dlie in store and Trr S tale by J I'IAYEIL & Ca, reb95 7.1 Pavlrsn st OIII0SiEY-50 bblbs iall tore and rar sale be frebU2 J'HAIYEIrL & C,r It IPaybtat at C IIAMPLIN & toOPI':I{ having leased thile large bhick store No.79 Jalia at, oipIite ileit old stand, ar e ethe ll ' r 111ofc arrvin1g l tilie lntirur tadn irotviione Illsi ll1, ale ireltaler l i ull le ilat nall alnt iteir Fiaed itu iness 1to ulit rll e ntn, op I ert r ll i rl.sions eiheir fnr All artlers will be poiuntllnl allrch". Ion. Sil25 .. l_,bruary 2:t, Ibl). `'( UGAIt-- i lthIs, tail tiaOn abave alb rit, I fi-r stile by I. 1) & i it5'111W, rfclrt l7lnnk plalo Foil!t /SAi .,: A MUIlATO. i WhlIAN atlI )! yei' ne.(.lintF iltle ahe is ' II ' nll f , rllnlll res ,' a.ll' haoIe r, illlllitl Ihou te servan t n w ath I tinor el' i tl'1 I tf nrim uh l, wa rrt a t eti rolllll tile vier; muda nit i lrtdies . ibed Ilv tw. A.llplv lit 53 I-sin ci ielatwt Rienville allu ('114a1lll iilt t' l t-n t. 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II 11r PII'I';IIAlIII R JO TAIGGIEl', Ja S OAP-500 boxes llcacha|llsll ilia, filr sole by leb2l 9(I Alngazine at SlAIIE SUB.IiCItll',.A tas jts received, iper ctii Allblro ironl New York, file following uricles Iwhh Ake otlt ('rar lk le:- r i 50 boxes N i spellr t lnles. 311 caasea pickles, astorirl 5 led '1 olato ciatsplll 10 blxes pataant tltlenuctles 1-101alea na I Polaad tiltrc inpnprra 4 gross anstae blartkinig 5 ease. ground ppel)llr ipl d nad t1f pld paprrs n tlllusanlldn eat ars 2$ firklin gasbeo boelter 311 dozena Laondatl MSlitald 31t boxnres .allell eeee 8 borxespale apple d-a-Ati ill ltore a general aaortllelll ol groneries. J CIIRIAT1IF, 27 COItinaon st S"l-l , f;ewu c asks,]re winter ,il foir mah;hlI SIIALI. & l liOii'N, flb21 9i Mnlagiaielt at ODI)WISII-- 50 boxes CodflB*h, finr ale by C ISAAC IDlIiGE & Co, fel9 tIlt IIlagziatne at 53 RVi WOIIKS--'taI. ilttiantenir.l ih I'nati.-.n. by i i p R JaialeSa anfahf ntarlylev, aile tiSpee., &e., &a. Tranvela in the Tbree lire-t Etapirnas of Aatnrin, Ruarini. and Turkay, by C I lhlt|.t, nulaanr of 'luttern iale NerlalbofrEIlale ' ina2 velai, jsl rarived and l) A d ,l-.- an : ha lanititg ali.-,r--tea--r Irl ' !)O) sli;';Y Nrew I.e.¢. BUSINESS CARDS. JOJB P'RINTING. O /OV E ER OrnI'OP1TI(N. ,'PEEDII.Y, IIANUOIMWII.Y AN!) CIIEAI'I.Y ECINI3:lEIO AT THE OFFICE OF THE Trice Iinerkien, S'I'. CIILkS STREET'I, NEAR P'OYDVR S. m23 CHAMPLIN & COOPEIR, (GIROCERIS A1N!) IDE,%R.ISR6 IN 1'ROViSIONS AMI) FEEIt, No,. 71) and nJ ·IllljFintied., IN (Orlea,.. DT.3jllil us it E'ninily stares pu't up. ,star 5 J,)III151ANA FURNITURE WARERCOMS N.. 5:, drseoo ll.os º. VIlI\1 11. FCArllJ IINES ril ouliI:il rropir f(:0yin tanlllv receivingr lints NewI:( York and 1 111*101n a goad a:,sornnennf t of Furniture, such as U IIILIII)YgllY chairs,* sot, -e-tal , staple .,.koII!1ouobi, tnpe....I :.livery h-dsteod+, o ahognuy andnlll chrtlr) tuhlelrr+ ofall Ossk., rnurrol,', of . aboean.f and cherry, ,o.zn sritndxl , loolking glll sSr* , IlI1()(?I.; , bedding,&r. .Sr.(· Nit. Furnitur e .p.ked lre trutjrlorlo, withl. grof crt m. aav Il B FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LUUISIANA, ntcute of~ Snrveviullý and C~ivil I.' iille ilill, both inl town s ll li uusltrv. 1 From Illwidernbll r experience in hspuixit m ho pro ..pines: an.rd lidklirli h uu1IIl rural t0lei sh n eroe of public outnr· (.o Ivil' also IICe-ure and calclulate she contents of1,I wa~lir mus exruoti,,n. Oificr No 8 Cilirtre..trert,uecundstot fank. je7 BAZ.AAR. SUSHI & ALLEN, NO. U, EXCIIA.c.i: nuu1'it, ":.'orar of'St. (.'/t its out CorurnaN si,. NL.W (fLI,! ANS. I l!'0RI'TER'Oa o)c! lclro in Fr-c~oI s.., Eu S~ I rerlitulllr.; Drrxsiugtl CnI~si and '(rtlllll ItcslrP. Culle*rclo,,,.',C Gori.niotCo~en,,tc, SIIcCOLLUYI[ &IOSV, 'actcors & C(-enucl6 C'onuojosion 3Jerclnts, oIlOlII.E. I:FrUIrII('PI in ;Ne Kirl'.urc, er & I1aun, Cndlo,' II & lik, Pope, J 'urrern & Co.. 118-1111 JOHN STE WART-, A'S. 5, Past. Slorrell ,1 e.. rk, CO)3151ISSIltN M1-I:IIANT, I nI!'(iZ6'!E!' ,.ad drhllr it 13 l1tc,. P1,01.. no iriannings. gd· Aol.!.. tuge my hr v hold ,it I.. Lnr& Pr&rovost,N 0. (i.,n~iI. V~Co. .0,r0 113. ly A CAIUD. CIhRISTIE I& SINNOTT, RI'Iolcole Cdnre.,s nd Comoii.,s.u,, -ý :V. 27 Ca111?1) 1 S~rrertY · - Orleans.a S UJ'bor nIic.od tr'Ship, stores.u Ilov'! BANK NOTE ENGRAVING. RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON HAVE uj.'.o'..l ats oflice in New Orlc..n. o...'.u.iog tlhlir ini.'Nrw Ytitk, for the par/IIoI) of engraving w t I prinltingC Ilnmlk Notir, Mask, Ollilla of Exchange, COertificats of poolt', Chei.k..!nd oI. her im;p.ortant Ipp'e'rs .equrl'n l secujority againstl Forgeeries; a nd hav e angle maplel Inlulyidllllor tIu.e tunll pIlatr n,,td i.srun'. entrust edl to their car~e; thecir Q veei,i ens ellllraelc the nlotes o over filel (hundred ll..oking, aod till tders will be executed wniih p'. t pit..!'., and othe usual ternor. O1fic', corner .fl6.ul . & Ca.o.l urr1e;. SAMUEL 'rIl(Y, .'Merhanrdld e Bokes, d Comnmission .erchant, IRS (Oh.., 36. Camnpl n si.-Fur ItI.'.rset -0. f . It!. 1 .S. SIIIPBROKEiR & W)MMIIISSION MERCHANT, No. 6, Poydrun Slroat, JT. P. FREEMIAN & JO.. 1Nhofen,`ll, CloB(*k l E lrlllrlrurcr . . . ý-rm;6;mfilrmul street, AlVE'.'.iott,,ttlsvon lion.! a lnrge o,,pl.y of Cloth iugI: culcnlnl for heII. c.o ITry tlaeo. 'Ieir or. '.otludmenrb'ing large, l ,,,,,is flom, ti,. enuldttr con he supplied i l (lie shlortest tnotice. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAD1)EN, No. 14 ChnrIr'.. Oslrert HAVE oon..o stot upply f trrrV nrticl p'.cnt'.in. 1o gtIleoioo'r Irroc. of thei.nfeto etylr, or ýe' Turl prier_______ der 21 J . BRoss SURGEON DENTIST Ri No.3!3, ~Rotnl treet. '.LEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTAILISIISIENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, (pposite lBanks' Areado. IVILLI.AJ GLREEN.VE, PROI'IE7'OR n rrl J H. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New Ol Itnns,Febl. _ _ _. TARVIS & ANDIREWS, WIIOLIESAI.lE AND Il) E'AI, It,:ALE.IS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D'" S'UI,'.S INVI) INDVI)OWI GI,,. 5", Cuarlter of Comamnl ala TlIeal)itouluo streets, NATIIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANIDI(EWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds, warrunted the growth of 1,337. 11oY0sE E IEAI, I)EAI.EILS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISII CROWN GLASS, N.,. 3 CARON)e,.LE SenRET. o[ INSURAN E COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. TI'his Comlanv are now p eM red to take RISKS AGAINST PIRE. No.24 Musson's Iudlling, Canal r.eet. New (blean,,, Sav t.1w. E. I. 'ritAY,, ROIEICT' CI.ANNO(N, IIOUSE AND SIGN PARTER No. 1T (:n)lp street. Whlteianle Dealer ie l'aints, Oil, Varnishes, Itrushls, il30 W\'illndotw anil Piet,;llre (ln s &c. hc. "T'. w, COLLINS TTOI\'E ~ ). U IS.LOR AT LA 11: NOW Iranetisia_ i the State a ttl City C.llrts. Cli. ents "ill f hiim t the. Clerk's ol"ie, U S Circait o'lllr, in the, Cinst I olllse bHuilliae. jien FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBDI S JO." A GOOD IIAY, No. ON, C'hnrlres tlrhcl, One Door below Bienvillo, HI AVe consaattlvyn hInd every oarieiale allnie. - ilg to gitli ntlen'a drI es, ale, i itt li maie lerlllnl llost fashiliable stleyii', hlich tlhey ofi.e tit -aih, at redtCed prices. dec I-1t35 "1lllE sublieniber, hVInIg nrIoetve ( it rmnmission a T Lielt Saneyor of UlniltPld States,. lr this State, tllitls his services to the publi to survey anld locate L.andsl in any part of l.oiiana. As heretnlfore all operations, itller of SIrve, in or Civil Engineering, such as aligno meninetoraevn', Ias, :;lawiser, leveliigs, profiles, elalatiosa olf ea.cavation, .,ilakmlti ie ltenti ile " i iwtll' .a"u. eiter in tefwn ir country will be tpromptly and faithfillly attended to. lChageo reonalule and rterms cash. Oflice 55 Ma glzite strelt, ill lhiaks' Araiei. del-.I-aw.'3lt I l). RE II.,tKINSON. 'I'IlE Sahl,erib,,s olto r i t t, Iio ea Sthe following goods. IIATS--101 cases nollesklF silks, as sorted nsizes oali brims. 100 do best No I do do 11NJ do dIi Not " td do 100 elases lbest No 3i aoned rlIrI aInd brimla. <l0 'do lteaver, a salperior article; 511 Io Fina Nutria; tll do Extra do 210 deI Black nnl VWhi:e Russll; 510 d Extra Black RItuma; 1llll do Muskrat & Coney lfr hrolad nd arrow hnrtan, for Leee end oultrv tlade; ' diO, A' .lranksoft ilit.rv. &na.e.; do Childre.s silk and tlunoit tln tn, ll si e." C(aps-Fur. Gotte, . nur `eal, JNuLta, idluskrat, and hair Seal, inl ltru dozen cases. realette. Cloth CnRal-Piicnick, Polish's hat rhlle, soft top. FutI l, Forage, Militanry uno.res, d. I.eatler felagitg. hitltoen's Fancy'l urbans, ' and Vlvert Cape, Fle.nlt ptatternls. Stocks-Saltinh,.ilk and Itoshbazie, ofl Ithe ealest S vlrhs. Ullrclh, s-silk nul cott'is. Mlilitary IPntllPe, oilld silk. Silk tsnllndkrie l'-aon_.m amn 1pinalliel 1s. Balnallllfoxelr hattero, woil relases, dollle f,tr de goeds.. Th1 alave goosr lomprite o l sllck, l lll il af the latlet lpatlltln. iand will lIe saold a a small nd a-nte, wilth Iclal nd chanree oni New York pricee. l'te anrbcriters willtnake orders for otttrlenl, witernnn anll 'l'etse. inrket,, fir t he ttotue ofA lit IO .ep &Ci.i., lnt Mntllallnttlrers. Nenw YIn, lk. at the slhrtnrlet 1..siblh, nllae. tirrematll and French Iusnltles blllghllt.t (:(15511' . CC., Natal, Mtilitatt, and Faohiable liatiens, l:xataenne In oel, notin I1 IChorle t SPECIFIC SOLUTION. ALI. nor. .uferihg URDI+I'IIiAl|'DICF.ASE, rue:I an 0ONO10tIIOI'L il.gK* XII'p'.+P'I'R|ITI(I'U)(B Illtltl1'A1'J'I(N UF" T'ill: K(IDSE.'., III.AI)I)E+IL, URETI1 NA, Pi'tls'rprAI Fl GI.ANt, a..dl all I)I.I'.'A. ill iliE thk. I IliNIAi A . A1111 i'A$MAni:% iNS IN 'lil.t laN, GItAltI Ilaa. lllllle~/oo +lu .llt Ylpl~lll~l .,paliell+, orliY leil~lly +l:ltl++'I be u llll~el | II 11 utllll liP bI.I)IIhl+In¢ lIdl ( l~lllPI· ( .ut, .111) IIII :iI· lldrfi~ttyllldlll.£1ttt+ tile al1uvt+, )ldima+yUih OllD. lr~ 1II:lall ;il ,ItllJr tllll J~r l JVi rllIlly ~ olll 'OV+ tlo.+ +ll~lrilllllll lllld .RI II]¥I, hl'tlhr·llT 1 llrllt, re ll'l+.rd llor lol l+,. pr t^ III J \ l.+'l bell jl-A ll.JlT e+JPI hvdOae rll rop~ tlallt,· llt.I· Ill fIJIt, ll lll. 'i+Ull I~l-lul J l:; lll IH,]+eI Io II, lll'll tit ;ls ruIl~lrlyrri ('I''Ielll ly lllr ll Ilall llnd l I) 1111I1 . rlWlltr all ,,hr ll LD) IT:illl:, Ilhale . 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AND l lll , i llIIii lh'ii ''tn U'IIIIt II lAF .Flhl , . I l(I t I t1111 li Idy isllld Illl+S"illl W~l. rl'llle Inll~ll,'+l t+ lll* ;li lr ll1lr II l:ha' 1,r, II+*~llll u~lr''l.tllF t, " UU II II II illre ll itllll+ I I i ll. illllnrlt .I lllll i lol, l ly uII ..r,, lll l..,lsIy l inll ,,ll , y.ld..l' , 11. u .n.I .ndy,Ai..,n II I .. .2,..CI 'lllrligl, ..nnsl .2.. 0111. n. ., : l·U( Il Il id~tl iltllre t li u I hliN.lll ' U Ill'l. l l ll |)II: II: BI~:elY, Illld .n..,bmin (.,.r l.n ll l l U lld'+ uIII . I lhO-. el~ll:l ,lll+t rll lll $t 41,*, ,+l' oLII IIII thut r, C. f tp Ij Uf lh i] e+ plIllitl( 1l ~ ('II(J DIllii'lt\CLI~~ 1III' iiB Pu11 11l. Wit'h, n l.h"m ...i.. i... . y Uri ... ..... . n'(T|...... hu I .... ..A .. 'I iEl l. OItbo%'t ,+; ll btl(\ L'l.·iue+ I llbIVlt +.,J. .J (]tl1 tll1ll J llrt I, MEIC. n.AiRD. AND' IMPl~le~rl·T.I,'.'Tll ''TIIE.l:IIlOhTllli~l IIlJbe Wu~·IIII DI·r-ll .)t"i. ~·lulrl:: hl~ lll l+19 I· *l~rclClll IIIIL+.vTl; l+ .I . .Plliitl ·II -: Lr."l! illlO~tlllil+y ·1I:Crfljllt eIrly ahll+.+ +11 th:,t( :iii)rl·Cllb ltltll Ollt .llll fi ll IIlII..'iJHII c ure, w~ltht.l , +l ,Lr, b . I llI) L; IIII l y 1I Illt~i lllm11·ilallchlrrl· c tile attllu+= ,,+ , V 11· 111. l 11) lll| tl V , '.. t y i,:els ulle o" that deadly rlluvli+,, ,. lltlcir. Il~ljlll tile. lt~lltl' +.tlt tlrul,,lnllr ld II tlttt+4, Ultl,rcll~ll ltl: I tl'e I +,r I the h ud '.l'l fingia Id..', i d il llmli.'I...'., illl.h 5''e i , I U th... 'll., till .l|gI.nl1lfll+Jel i llllllhl lln n Ii." ne,'n, . j + - ,,rM ,ll,.~~l v .l:llll l J+ III o 'r 11I il ,.t0111t l~h ll I, + e. tI· I lll) I) Itlhll ihi ,llhullll Iih Ltrltl.t*llJi~ll to tl,+ (rl~l(llll· 1(JII .r r, p. ci.r.. .l dit'l.hllnll -I,..y llll It F ' inqin.l.. . . i r .. ."i t Illl~i flr lhl. I .ral llt&L t * Illl+ellclbtC ,l C·) itllre l +ltlle~ I Pil.l l,,.4,11+( 1 rlla lrhi al.h. Ar ,lll. ter+ . llerl llls u ~l:?. l 1 .. .... ii Il I.+ Ii l 'tll : IIIII LIhlt(! Ii rl. ltl~ hlll~l., it 'J·Cl T~l +i i t Ph I y ( ill~ t Of ·rilllft: tlhv+,III) b. ly T ll l ~ll lfr~ II ,-, CLIIaI~ ith .. + +L* :.~ r. . . . .l ir"l'lnI ,i 'i'I+. bI. lll'l. Innm4. hnI+ j . ll' i'5,' +llltll$' i •n. d. L A.,...IIsnll~li. m l t'llllt l. r )al l iltih i + i + r .III n,'JOC,,ll h hI r]+rl++r''+lhtm,, h Icillll , N Im O I=, m. ly it. rly ll~ i'+ ll.Uel Ili ~ll'r:l..,l i hut I r I.ClluVle· by · th ir :l,:d( the d111.r ll*' d.·11,)~ 11tt 1|+.+ tlqlljllile cll··r·t,,. il~lt, ll t I-. e1.11+ ll,.ulltl llO "l,,ul C" )d i ll WllV IllrllUI)· lull ttelt UI + I. 111++ +U+II llll III, %+ h ll Llhl1 l |m ,,r 1·11 ++ jd lt ic~ htL (I T )lhl~ +I,+ api,+;trll~l llld~+ ~II t Ll'la =Il ,'*.rrul;£1 i ru'l+l~ 111J ll Il rrl~lll ll1.r·1 lht. 1111 t tllp lilt ulh:ljtlil.Il af'll, lClt16~t sr! 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It in rletomellllnded oil n emollient shallvin sop or comlpound fr rgentle. men,, oer beautilying, the complexion, removing freckles, and Inpartring Ireshness and delieaey to the complexion. The arist.eratic distinction of a soft and whte hinnd, is with many sn object of considerable Inlerest. Exposureof warml limales the neck face and hands beomen teanned or hnrdj ened, and lllhe inven lns of modern thenlrt terv have bee nt, rte lere.d ntrsrt,ter i.t.n r ret . it to the 11n e . sary evert day at r'st it, but evet Ito ill luaurios and ele2anees. Sold ioleeale and retail at No. P5 Custom. house r,. Price $1. of ANDIREW SMITTI & CO., respectfully infirm their friends and trhe public ino oter.l, that they occupy the new brick shopli, 219 Tclloupitoulas street, whire they kee.p constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Wiear', of every description, such as copper stills, kettles, and I)ptupse, till bath. ing to s, and oil canls, of all orts and sizes, autdall other brtas casting done at brurte.t notice. Grate Itbur of every descriplion, schll as steam. boat stirrups, hog chalnus, screw Lolel, aod other kind ul'teamnboat work, such as chinlneys, breech. er, stealll pipes. They will also do all kinds of out door work, suchl a. zite, colpper and tilt roolfintg r.ld guttering, &n. They haboe und all other hilds ao work mu their line fl' business, they will execute at the shortest notlie. dce27 H ONE-Ill lt'res fleshi Cubla Illlty, low land. iog ftron f r g Bluato r fillnl nlt var, Ior sale by J tILVIS & ANDR.IEWS jat C130 Clr r uOtno aI Tolehalirtou la Is L 11.A.\NEI..--i7 lalt-re per w ilre Atgola Flallst-la f or sile by IeA.tA ILIIDI;ItE P ce, mInr " , a1i4 Alngzinle at iONDION Editions of setmrrld works, eontisting o M!emoirs of Craoluck, literary anld ticollaneous, do Npoleln,r a de lienited to Ilomthola &lt Gnargrlttln, 7 "*el, do I'ilipr die Lllllltile., .yl ts drt tr.lrlt aie Gileltnlltunl 4 eols, do (ibillrrn, 4 .I,. do Cltlierit.e 2r,3 vol s, io tiuilfrdl, Sd .ir Indley Nartl, do t ir Jlthn N-rth, do Naleotn, hlv W It Ireland. 4 vols; dJ NPotrleonil. Iy Savery, Duke of Reiigo itt 4 vols. I n adlitoni 4 ties alove. a large supply of standard works, rost reeverl,l or sal!e Iv ja'6 \th1 lcKel'AN, c.r Coarnp & Common at O ATL-E-._.;-.-- lighb ;,,orecld nluiress, siouit 17 e' eare l age, nr exrellent washer unll ilrner, a gerrrllol huoe scerval and a first rate rhild't nrse- being cllealy ui ndoet i hler lieren, ond very rgntl ectered. iFully glaras teerl against all the vices and malaldies preenerihedby It. leb 2L Apply at 66 Campst. %V ItISK tY--9 bri h laldi s 1ZT steametr P.mE " or sale bly 1" 4 IPURSEY, mar 4 4 Now La-eev "u"r reciv, 0. nw thaet ofll dey Tortues. l dvrcingr ar l tihe aeutrdJintt. et.rc ie trulteslutss ltt ger trrm lTL.ttlt rtlln lrk tto Key-ne-t, warllann4 I lcuate. Alsothr fiolowing rcthat : tiit , Olesic-r\'e.t Lttlies. lt n hltr sh t-htrlll r -irrl lt. oast o 1r f l I r.t l i L ItBun's a.:mic tl ahtan,+es fur 13'":I & 41t i Lmac, pthis, and hi.wlttch.'a urvg Iur, Iir t slr to It t'IL.'T& o, . es, Vlk .L. i iwae hall, I 10 It \1". c -.I haT half t! 'hlatd 1, bin h , .Aad L ' lItill -t- pekteI ' l gtte , It r tle bo " . seal 7 iG WV PikilthI x ll itt It} ! Lar htokh.',

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