Newspaper of True American, March 12, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 12, 1839 Page 4
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V~1LAR N. AND SCARCE. iIE SP Ihmt.yan , 2 volD 8mo p. B - lkl erh: tcolored .1lsow 1DhiWloNrylh; ils l Natui; hart r vie lea, Paris 1791 '. Rolupeio du Jo, cat. Eshoch 3 W 0110 uIWlAI. wIONhSI k Rv-r-Pilllhidi soil RI t ul Legg o$lrttI(4 J ulisprudence on kosanity i~ioNLoopl ltmn ityg I^ w . -L oton'srurgcrv y olehad d poag r Medicin i -rich'dofChemistry· Clhgllri try w : eot mIIROIOD. AND #,tAVIoA. Jý.'AJ16n12-bkid Ropooftory, f n 11.19t ~h' >A tlarti l itii8.ry, Lindon 1ýwlin:.t'a N~avig.ationl SAR'Iro.rownE AND NECIIi 81CS. +ý A r cLitect rr,: onto,*e", Lonil 2Yv.. !o" rlecfnre. N 'redNONld's Ca" ull~ntl i lllthwnatical T('edb, aos l - is ml'A IN ANOT.,' * s g cfOf Wri I 2i on IoS ",, vole S Lkh cellaniy 'from thie "'sie and r1. Conrtant ao I 1Yoakcor r Drbh-lI, 2 Prer.ooti Nd ý;" efie ' . C'lrio~iriea of Literature, 1, t I I~eal Fconomy. y Soy, do 1'elhak La ar's il of lt'alter Scot, 2 vole Aenlinanda sd Ienbrlta, by PYr~reott.3 ylil And a re' PPloodid sition, liss RJ rhlI11.. tl1 f Law, rOWInlilicat Svion'iae 0 h3stDnl, i flflrs.l Ieo lodiDo 5u, Nov 1liciulaie ar G ra~lslts, English and Node~an, Lath, k anOd Gre&ck. v28 1, JOIINS & co. vti :nr. rln. ..........i t+...............,. ndivid r. Chxrles ae I (i mien sio. l()rVA tiT t r TcI-,liX'l'ljtlli:,-. For trerltnet Roil Otle orfhe Fr ere dr o ried, I.bln ' will ilv n n dimveie % rein tih e 'I'liha cl1x 1 +il'0 is mellnrinl In IlP blelslhlrv Iaryme of booting'h hblen xt anct,ll anod frie roi l i derletoroE n ool pon- 01 n.a ingrndiells, it n,,Iy Ie tokien wi.h t11h.... l .It tlsd-0 P ty oeten ir the tleler intlrn or, a .d invali i nt I c r este Irelnareof lhl d sersj , o O ISel e ) ly tle cnnlSiin- ( lioo lon r001rtgn isa wont a tons tlycivitv. 0 l0lP0i- lo lilheeoall, nlld ;rllllnent I l onrni, e IIbI stonuncb,eed ,ives etlolit r tihe enool tle.ts of lt nlot . lletihtlg eolar i riavinr o IracotlvP ualirt, it aioi not in tibe owelsn It',inolnse itors disortneroc .to reate other diseanse-, batl InnglrOhly eh s IasIbC.tevPra or- Ch g oi n O digce lonll olal 1t0tvs or oeft ls opl llrnr individuals, nferthe v.n'oflte Tri i1 xtor, i thev .I llle ' .rrl I . o1 t1 1.1. oI n. . r till .trs, and honevr elped atlly slllll d s ofltetll d v lheres li theile th e ole one llllnll rclie. themr i. laver elori ted on int reoti liahililyov ti ron "ror, he ier ofrfrrgnellt 1 lelllnrs oJfie Anlel f rr i otivo kdit, for Ir lia novlttiol will no wa blrcone ion Inollr plr late tio o l.l aile o g latit willlo to m llr j;h o ifly faoll n0ir1 e tio to -ilnl l i aen osll te . je i oL'ere n sllch n r:tanlol0ile lkl'c, 0s pkleso it till110 Nc dllellel d ud D o veltr iol orCclmrlo ewed, i, Ther °urhl i c nrr re. lp etlv twe ag:g l m n st m rlisu hniftalin'li o" Ilthisnedhlhle Ill-it are daily ofnfred for sole. o I II i preplnil l nnly Ih? 1)"r Jill.. I C. PI w tlld et his ro , +lork.'atrrlr I'iloolod lplioh othlll. etrr, .anto,,in . will w ll e b I lthe clros, at rc thl nsPIlrrl anlll riolsri. 'I'I liae had i retail e lsoe ,a A most itllle Apol liecaris hi llt city. it JARLVIS &' ANI)REWR', lo of1 Pr e S oat 'le,, it 1irc iois, Icrn br Missssippi 01 Lauistoi t Motel, , l iS. MARY KIIIIhLAND reopoclhtlly ,all. 0 r K I:ounees to hler iellds and the public gone t ally lthat sle is lrtlrated to aconlodate tlhem att o ohe 0borv calnblislroot, alnd hoplies ftN li oer lxortiono to iolder visitors cotolfortlblc, to receive a continuance of foitrnr favors. Slo fools confi. I dent. thlat eorons visiting CoviOgtnol during the o ullmllr nlollthl , tonneoal fill betllr accolnlnodatioon thlon she eai aflbrd them, on more liberal ternls. liar house oi pleasantly situated, aod well stopplje In with overy.conveoionce; lthe bar is frurnihed wi thI the lost clhoiet liquors, A. ill short, soite promises I t nothlling allall bo wontilog o lier part to give I " Potiro salisliilcion to all who ,ilmy latro lioz tlhe Kiisisaail,pi aold Louisiana io tel. je3 u .fO TIlE PUIiLIC.-'lThe undersitnotd. 'havig studied under Dr. Sel rnidt of Charleston, - Souitl Carolina, ord bfor saoin years his assistant ill tho practice of mrnldicio elnd lurgilertlnt. IlaiJ.Jlr.henri Te d ..ta ...o . l ... .,.0 . u,0 I000 , and 31i1 k1,1 hira, StSs, bi . llls . Vi+ "'° " . 0l0- ,ob!r'-'. irt'i" prtiblsiiouohl soreotios irolhij ilt1. le atsuros tile lasloes and goitlomnre tlhat ille inol promnlit ateiiteion will lie l0aid to tale calls wloicli riay bli tlade; and aloo offors his seovicos to tin holders of Slaves, being , ell acquainted will tile iseoases colnmon to tlotr, hlaving alttended thec in line sugar lhous ill Cliarleslon. Thlo liiouoiaoooiti bilioua pills I tet the composition ol Proltssur Soullttlr \o ir.t diretiono, ean be hado of the unoderigoed. Th cllhoet which tiuy haseio produced in this and othlr cities, lian been attoelded wilo tile greatest snccessc, to whliol tle best or Imlhrunloo can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mage. aine street. JNO. M'LORING. iOLLb- 1v Alu V.]--oebD+ C.CREWe8, SAD IlIONS, &c. .Tallt. s IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, o No. S38 oWater, lnear loeklmn starmet, Now York, have received tile 1)ant stLsona, and are constaLntly recAiving large and xtlensive additions to the sltoe of lhe above goods, \nolrlil nlow consists of til allowving asaortlantl, suitnablu olr lto soutlhern and wotterll lusarket. lollow woare of leuperior qualily, consisting of about 1500 ltoes, iz, Pots of2a difllcrenl sizae, fronto 2:8 nto 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, froon 3:8 to 30 gallonis, Kcltllo, 15 sizes, froon 3:8 to 18 gallons, l.tkerpns or Ovens, 7 diffoteroatsizor Toe Keottlos, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6i do Covered Spi.lera; 2 do Oroddlna, . - 4 do Firoe Dogs, . do Wagoo boxes front 1.4 to 413.4 ilnches. CLrt do. 5 to 7 lut.he. Wood Sorews, 210,001 gross, iron ialnd brass, lfonl :8 incl, No. 3 to 3:9 inlcl, No, 24 of a superior qiuality andl flisalh, anid less tloau Jaorle' iorlolcOld p.ieoa. Sad Irons, asortolad, ir casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. T'ailor's and hlattor's Irono, asoorted. Sashl weoights, 1110 toas, assorted from 1 4.1 to lOlbs. Belle fur PIlitations, steamntboats, churlhe, &e. nlado to order, Also steoaonboat ald otlier rlliaclinery madd to arder. Tlie alove iasortblltcn of goods iv lpiartillarly recoionltioenl to t!ln atltentlion ofi Southll ro ald Westorll miorelhanls, anld are of0reod fir sale at low prices, and uan ihe I o ost liberal terms ; it i0 be. .jiovnoldo bh tile largest and he0t a..,ortauonit ever0 alieredl or slle by aooy U:oI e alnllliloient ill tiO Unoied Stati.s. MlorchallOil, by lorwan! ollrd g1 a r0e10t by roail, cln • nhave a pririrlo circular, with i'l rih.trlt l,0 n oil'lo ls, priceaaldr teris,,l 0 I10c i 0' loe liIn t:iatlonao is ever crladen furonilohd by rturn of notil. All orders will reneiwo ioioolidiatC attentOion. Now York, 1838. .1' NO MERCURY N`T roR COPAIVA n~·w )l~l ~II, Nn.l 18 117. A BOl'1' uia cant ll.. 11,0 111 ha 1?il te isfortune to ;vi~i ~i n a··':ret dicGI:IIEt for x 164-11 1 have !tllplied to neve-YO rald·,cctor for it cure, and they did nut i n Lto one, so nowIIO en the chutie dote I flaltt I I codll rr the cute ul' )or:te. Mll, otod Ir tttrr,: tuom th. Lure ,tan 1tnc dualtim th'e dkeneiu gell ri~l!m, a,, sit re LanPtk nutl inl lill.EL· llclll to the uun teer of ac oor eight I t t-,tb and ell tt verjtt 0y .aco, an0 I tttttr ltttItl ll nto nIi otot wo; k +t I tIt phresent tid0Itflt ac ttdt o f the I tt targtitulct r rIn thle ri l~t wiida of the threat. I nut. ;III lt. t, u 11 roufi eutly IndertheJc Fr( ut"Dr. lllu1 ((` I'+isil to be terlI ttly cured JONll DEAN. fe't 14 t y T 93cK~llll lv I DO CF: R'I'II" 1' that th aoovr i II1n11;III1 d isease~l i, qiewll cur,.tlt. I t +u t't ow titot .ortt, fu itho' tliutk m.,r.;ontd uttttC:vrr I u,-ter, !Ili d.." Iledli nine I halve talu~l, IllllI t' . (· Il f at, a nd d d I)1i future ),\ stealth at III; thrrefeFu I adIi-e il I' ? (.ll W Cllerrlrs to loan0 boo tuc lu to lir A. lt~tet iii Catot srhetl, betorro Ito ll ti lb ttlntt I(Uirltct *iit. . 11 li-foo is ot btottots IIl', Itt bco, A 51, otnil -I 1' Al. i rey will fi..l ttrrll( docttr ft r tirtlecomplains JOIN IllEAN, 1(1 (;ruo r tret. If ooy one wolan It See tire, c.ll tt Nio. II (ruvilo JOHN I)EkN. New Orleanis. Fel. 1, 1038. fl. I yIV P E tE;e.uiuwt mdlotl .lotsaw oft I ,enrvo.,tutlld Iloie. ctne eoch, Coutaitjin o hIotrettgltl of thlrtt ountee el kiveworl, ltol leo Ito +,irttt tII ottany tlts- ronlt. an Ierbo kboom.motttglf tIe ltudouo ao.IIo.miuttl inm cUrinf pmllnoomory complolainlts. Tile u rvlatlled success llielt to otildetl lhe i`se o tlis isootiotlt Ilolt tulo ,t-hereersr it, sna beet ilitlrou Slted.tebl Ittas. itrined'llle ionflitoe and renlltotioril twoes of re5l$tslltle plrtwaitnol , for tire rote of cougos, mt.ed, palesiOn tlhe.i ;siewantitt rrot, orilting or blood, -firr compilalnt,&e. Tu Mreo it aIlly ooooern. T'his is lt.i.rtiry tlat we Ithav io.ourltroo-sicr fre.8oeitly prItstribedt ftle (iord per's olloo IBaloont., tf t.werwri ad £ liorlttolund, wil, a s eidrild gold effect: we c bts therefore, l rlleh ktow lodge of twe materials it is made fits., anld cloet sosctos "d'i + 1mor2eriue, reroistroot it 30 a sufteriwb pjreparaiot or tIt thsise ottctlioos of tlik I ega ftor folel, It is me 15iutfltld* Am.Ii Il' WtLIt.f 4M ý.M. 1). CALVIN ELL.IS 11.1). Mlistiotes of tim Ilolou IledicJ Asso iaijo. Fosson. Orltbel 19 saIoy JA ftVIS &. A;I(UIenfg1V u I !1 -1t o au I Peii oirtallaa atr TWLIEA ft'&SrIs'sor of fstsoiUaosbil receiVedo,.d - J.J ysir ile (heir lIenotohcIt 'Vritlm Aoar elo*.d tlo. P clntlm+ srreet;luc.Orlenso, 11 lrimisif ray louwYrk. AisfImtouek s.. iluloIlc. It is pertienlorli tI98mgqro for ltrf.(trc iforoors. find sm.fmoo, and io olectlomf jlboer iaroos oftll crek, lWslie aiodl gepslesUCs atiro inot' d tottll sod ssooiur Iw.qYsmU.ofor themosm'lvrs. ,tdtjtO s are gives n t smWtm tmoooef ssmaso uit the S.unrsmijmos ofol, sowl I I siaosfc lonced iso'jty tort of tits. tity. Irrditu ulL prolar it cant rcusirC .cyspua at theoir Ow n Ice oait ttwat falle. s": ' " .C 1"sstif sera hey wsalt - yc I BLUPrllmt.t I _MuIMoN8 IIARTT& Co ai. ass rccoietglro.r 1i on board ship OrameB. EB.LI~BgIS hlander,t oker leity Andrews , PF neh and Germlanslny cards; Back T owlamoen "Boand; Chessmen, 2 1-4 and 0 3- inch KBit se and Bals; , 9.10 and 12 inch bhde Bowie Knives: Lelr and other trnaelling Dressing Cases; Belt, thy Pocake, Horneaon's, and Duelling Pistols; doudle and Clit single barrelled Gnns; Gamn Bag; Shot unlts; Powder Pirt and Pistol Flasks; Drms Battles and Drinking. Cups; rrln. Peslarson Coaps and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, 'IToth; H and Nail hruh.e; Orris and Chlorine Toot Wash: e Tooth Powder; Toilet and Shaving Soaps, ia grentva reti; Ian l Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frizeles; Pear; and Toilei Pownder; Emery pBgs; Ivory 'Car Cuahioan: orce Patent Slides or Garters; Giam Elastie .ospendersi; ,aO Pownder Pulfs and Boxes; Gilt CIhains, Seals ad Keys; Ste bar-drope; \aist Ruieklen ; Bracelets; Bead Necklaces con snd Chains; Gilt and 'Silveredl eads; Indian Bleuds, fiv, otells nil P lumes- Shell 'Twist: Side and Dresino F Ca',nd;whliehin additionto in tlir former stock on hand, plt makes their assortment veyv en rplete, anti will o saol l Sw enad an liberal terms, at the sign of thle Golden b ,i Uorlh. i25-tf 70 Chartret street. p r l'H Suo e'ibers, Agens ie the extensive ibne oi. S \'. i S. Bulltcher, Sheoffield, Elanl, lnave iust Cth eceived n very extensive set of Irn' er rs, onsistinrn of Tahloe mil lreseirt Knlies of " -ll descriptiioni & , Pen, Pocket, D)irk, nald Spear point laivesn Rnzlrss, Seis aors. Edge TPaula,&. &c. &&c. whilb tbhey nre.prepared sfa o exibit ton tilhetrll toe onlorde. Ter srand conditos will hoe tadr known at thie milna. r oe roll J. I).BEIN&l A COlIIEN.90ConrmmaN rt. SAIM. lS )NS, llARTT' t CO.-Are now receorilg Sor shidp Ilthodsille, Etgl, le rry Allrerw, millgh mnerla, Frnrrcli aId Germnn ldoabe hir:e k drvingards: r va cater, hel ol ro ket ristols; lain, ribbed anI splic el cuai, pon cala, han ienlhale a s cissrrs, Il:lzors, n. c ren: (illllal's cnnrrcial ail ardlbler stelellces; V Ia ts; Violinr stringsn; shell, ivory ad hlia,' .,nhs; wafers er k, bea and ileather ,lrses; hair Iahids, frionrt andnl rick r e llgl'lt;gro plltfS; German aell F·rench eclogue t,,r: ae'ter, Io.larlls maccanser oil, laimitaio dor; aatique bra ard beursoil; pnl-ahle delek and dresa.rl c:ses: paste ere I blsarkillg; n tia lar i l tilel gl ses; conl rex in ilrrlls; oal- In cal glrsre ard iews; llian leadll hells anld plmes; an c CAIoI; whi-rtwine;b toiletd irshaving soaps; taolet aI `'-o wder, e·'smetie wash halhs; sccuied satino e1shions ;l 1pnool sn l.rrls; I re re a c i s; lev l Ia ch ains ania snil necklances; illirdl ballr; nmckeat I;oksran nd alletts; i f emnolll elle; razre slapr; file asl oall o gun - alastie suspendlerl , gairtersdn; BUlls lucifer mratches; sil Sttiiles, n lakenoal :snsoltme llr t veey c rill ,let. Iar sale to wlholesale or retail; as the sigrn of the GnkleAn lomb 7T, r- CIharlr:"ert le" " meR.- " " N U l)r l al l--c-eol r n, part rs p oxf r, e ll y f, Ia n. of New Iro()Al n; c :.scn Ierric &CK., of Natlhxez I"r e rill ln'isi Kelley &Ca. of I(ndla v, was di:ssi vlo rl L"r ' .clilt flilrv ist,y ,vir thile lrill trcln A Miasora v ' Ie t hr I L uiar tners el 'the firPr s. i 'I'lliderRiignced. rvi vinie partner ',nill -be harelled il Swih l.-.egtling and elosing said sinnelsmss rs followes: SI.eviC llarric will a nelld to hile settlin of the basi.,.a I 1 Maso,, Irris& C o. at Narhez; cand Ilarri, Kel I eV &k Col.,at Ilodnev;nr lrienr lrKellery will arterrlnd I Iresl ling i oftile ru'sioass or e"yM. - , I lr o& at & II SNew Orleian. aThe rnalles tlf he several firnla will be Is ia used is lirairlraidbi*omlv. l r Tg cse indebted ;o said firm.r reare poned!r requ ested r t o onle fir IIward - l k I rllir rly se l elllei s; lind thse'l having chls will pleashe ero.ll Ihenl witihon dCelay I Sd IltEVI C IARLIS, Ni, f," rl 'atle, a ulell? 7r , a 53:7. .. . i I i.\N I:StIll0": I111II4 N (fIt T00, 1 1 F It Ia lii la `! rases enure of this s-nprier Coldnae -acer. jI ot rcrcivel l t oirl sley iItI iI izen or iie tll rule.-- s SAlso Allcria olal nerencl loihl pwderi, powder vi trll.s ad Illrra xesshairig aun toilel sorapsi ccnirelir washli balls, milk ll roses, Ie.slnlierici-nI ehra exr ti of nam.k, kdhnn, la Ward's vegegka omble h air il poan C ii'rlheldel rroe,.ilorida, lvemieiirrse and r rillyr wafers, in Pirestr:'s silts, Marseilles prlfere r ill tlrllks, vegera - o, Id r id lil nud 'o, IIrer rie and nrr li tooth wa sh ecc~ ar lth, hirl nt rrlal ull d le h b -r i ghe- togelher ilhIrl a- uin ldlilionnl Spplri ofl fai shinnable Ilor ar l shell P no- dlr s iuad jeweil rj,-ei r sile rlw ai t wIIholeale II r retail nt Iy SIMMONS, I IA TTn..' r i CO, ror inr!v T 70 T :linriro alled i. as CtAL-'lIn carbsrlier, in an. rrnelnnrarlyr I ii ha. nd a large supply o Cannel and iivaerll coaln , Io in bulk, if su rrner .cr alityn wahih they ehlr for re sa la in laots a1 suit purclhasers.o A A'lso expecned Iry lre lirst arrivals fromn nig il iand and lIe Niorth, iCannel. Lehigh o nd Tenchn I ill I untai brn I al Irl arrnd screened, put up ii hn lnshn Sea xl,rresi l far Inmily ae--all of whichr IO hey will dilspos o on 111n linh mon lerate teens. l Ia ()rd l lr i t thlleir offices Nii. 53 lienville st. rup s a i nrs. will be prom n lyn nv - ulirded io. n ,g erl I ".I & A olUrlsl. "I ColI ar.. lhiire., l'a.lceic ri-e.-A l i,,iow ere rriceof cogre, .nit up eI,;rs-oly for thie r.eail ppi s) f," tt,, l t Flineh Pefer rv, er t snlbre Sa. I sLnla.i o- at ..o r...rr Ilard. by, ai; ay pn every' variety or the i"ii gnu. to w"hih mo arct 2 RE Ceas ai t'I.ANer thdad 'I' L 'utIilry Rl r let neh llP nd rn 'loonlers. atie Negro, s blanletura Ira nncR, InseS luowell Sin shiriuo, checks, li riens, calicoe handlc ercihiesl &ec &certccrvcd otld for estile ,ro hy thie subscric ,ition IbaEs. Roll'TA & C, eIe,. oca. ornee Canal antl Chartrr s st 'ided a . IV Glen's Ieaier. -infearl At of Inldin Dyc, tur oloring rtlla l ir ; Ieanr's oil, ago. Rasslans beanr's rese, p Illn ,lllll lltchra.'o |"el G. ie \nih, seperior pearl pewdr I iip wihite, renm SAD ",I ruses rl v uelablte rouge, otni o i ralse , li) i a ll\ve, krusute luuth wasl, c..allon l dll ribr e, a rar No. Ilowur er ater, p ader pus llna d lxc, Ar litanll ,aro charcoal, rlcall) P LIe ) ip n otIair nooCse .ias, !res. aor, tun suits, cohlogne. kre >su le loII,, I ache dlrops, h ir ntly brushles, Egs dresing cu ibs Ind in air oI i Ruc i u ait a va rli tyofl ro pIrlnumerles, . ForIt stile tho by C. J. '1 IfhldIIAI DU uand nct 3 nenrl oln Crtal and llcl u rbot stn S IR()tN IOOF:' --Th'l e sualscribers have rn urerd lone, at i great exp)ease, ihe rigllt of iptlllilng vil iron ! rorul i tlihts city. 'Iley are adaipted ino pubhr buildltigsr ,ain rel iuises, iand perivate dw r llin s and oImbn l in reen nehnen oieiaas and dtirabllitr, nud are perftctly fire' ;ad rwatrer lirf. 'lierloa marI ie I.n1i I rnl d a mad el seenll at i ur csthblish nlleni pusri'ilne St. Mary's ninrkeie 'li'chpimon sr. er 2 E L' C:i.)yc ,ELL& Co UPIIOIS.TEERIY & PAPEI-: IIANGING( $ S'I'{IIC lHenry SLucbrecht, (Iormeily J. C. \Wielks & Ci.) w.ul lil rlest nr ctflly ll ineorln his friendir rl no i iru thlie plhlle III grtneru l, lIhat he hai lld is OnilSlllit erin I r- Ce illir n ,,riiierl aenerlllle l f u hliolstier) y .ten l a r g .grt I ri g sak, which he ojtet s fur sale t hole si f r h ua e or r ated .n le mIost a icuOln ioda n f tierm s, urviz : .rlOlrPI velaet aid satiin paper, laiest syale ; do atahull rrllnrlun a d ro llllracn , I) llal tphia glazed c-dto nild Iglzcd (d dia, Frienech l-ndscanes tlire bo rrdsn blllled, lc. d) v alnet nulld .v nirterd du dl,, I e. iO r iaellz ducolohrs, silk flllLs n llld Igallouns f rall da lihlcS) I a rLeLs aid pricn.s, w(r-I und Irillnoes s de to arred pattern. plain aad erlord. rcleso einuslia, IFerroI l. p lyh iii s llll ln lll nd ()l iiaed ) rOllu l ai )l.I lrly r nlin i ie and tw. ill ,Ie as-oltd gulr s, ne i ard sall-ol incllle Indier f er ofl ela cuslii iies , ts-l'lu Ltaw yuvcir-'., &be ew style el hI pl lvrc, raised liFruills be. -'i -n ;ll, gil \ ll olw 1i111i1 111i111, + ,i illll p tii teln.r i ever nld !I, es,, f+;rIt tNlts hatn aI d seril ) .,l Idleatrer-, Lo Nthe . II -inaner, aslca ,, a.fir l.t I r, lighed Molt I I eII I - t oltlrl' il. S tIIII e t1I altl Ii $ 1 cII ll lI ; ever h~ihll.ll11. , C'I l IY lll , n hl~aid ile llll flIl *illl, al the lN ri--l'.Ikiltlltri the t ilya Or fllelll her rinellrIe " a rih ri h lllrChii irl ihi r I lIrl d I ll- clterlrr ler ill iht I. e errlltrlll rirrir ll l i e, n d rirri F.h lrri r;rr l u IreiU llrlld hiii ireeic Illlh, Irr1icil dinIr "]ire ii l lll Fllen ri; Id .1 Jilllllc s t; ie sI r ll a ln , IIie rn 11 hnlln r r i-ri' ll. t II' 1 il~ l(·tltilll 1[ l)( OrS ritl<Jlrllre11i1Iaeltr L..n I hnl;brvile i.Ne Yor e ll-bIgIueri-ner - eIia nenaden Ot, I- r, Ial rlnlnric lie h i rlrlilllra)lr l eIrrStIir.UIIacd 'll ire1 Ilnin lo ioe e.(,," Iitinecfoiilge h) ' rl'eiC~r itln:ee'aln d i r. iui O i ii t u rre llrirel d i. l i 1 - S l. har owll~l i - pl.-,e l~tlI3 lln-lP+aldI1.i III 't ":11 0 14111 glisiuus pur: nrriier d b'17 lSpe t)i Ill in ,sake adll ( lJs, I or sale Iby I4JAIlVII & ANI)DREWS, 1V1l,,!s;si Urugn stls, rornr C ,sn and'rs l'chrp I-r streets.tir :13 1[ 4'" . . 11- bhog,, 1110 ec4 2001 du 25 english do--d: 1-4 bblr. 4 1"O ~ 1111 Paint 5,111 11 h, Orjriuu sizes, I co..e VeVoillidl; b5 65.1101pa Varnish; °_ "' Japan "` :+0 1pcka (old LrPa; 50 In Silver do; 200 do DIutrh Mltal. WINIDOW GLASS, Amerian , Ebgiah an d bracIh 1900 hooi', varoa o su aud qsuilies. luloe L.rol u du.-SOU booc ,1 coigome l, will he WI4 low. Also, a gereral assgorl*eCt orartof s'lo , ioero and gaols, fr sale by A W SCAIES, No 4b Canal slrct.' N 1. Alobana ,oteaolab at 1t r, anld Iiseiasippi notao will lie reoeirrd 01 10 per cent discount tar goads, orb in payent of-debls.- _ _ i hr I(ý1LOU- 3o aningf it stamer Iidpedc.cJ FLOU"IV*OO a a icdt,1l,4 3 RSIiY, ..y1... __ _ 44 Now lav. ,Edneri;iu,' RIzer Strillu--'Thrle b rec a d the i o,,uic orairilo. jsit reirrivodly oat 3. RERS. &Dll'LA OG, 18 Camp sa FiIre,nr IRoll,. -;W n) od lioour,, hua Ispre, n,,adooall r.r helup;ii oliie, lald for al.e by u u::I 1rT& IIA'l1 dIORN, 63 .l tiSoer sI BOOB BINDERY. Under the Picayune Office, 72 Camp sat. aBRONSE1A;'& HIOWSON beg leave to inform siphil Sheir customers and the public generallythnl pein they have removed their estabhlshment It N..72 trils, Ctmp street, immediately under the ofice of the ahe Picavune--where they -are prepared to execute all et riers in their line. ta HNaing received from Ihio North a supply of pa- iegft per and materials of a superior quality, for the Pl manufacture of Blantk Books, they offer their ser vices to merchants and other', who may wish work of that kind ; and having the adviagage of whi several ya'ts's experience in that line, they are conlident of iving satisfacltion to those who may in fitver ther with their custrn. ofth For aotnries, nrchi ects alld others, maps and ernm plans will be pasted on linen. varnished and Si nmoanted in tile neatost manner, & at the shortest fling Plain and fancy hindina, in nil i.e vvrietir nl. to r _ _ _ . gen CHINA Ib toe Es itetII'rmy iestieeraeIUer f 36 Char,.s stretr, New Orleans. II W T.M SEI RGI ANT & Co. importers of French bitt I and En-lish China anid Earthen ware, are Ofni now openin. iew rich palterne of braltfalt, mel dllninl anld ea services, itilet sc s, pitchers, tea ra an Ie lfe cups, teanpots, saugatr, creans, borwles', eto plates, dishes, ture .s, waoosh basins tor cn ewls ers, i IIti baths, etc. etc. Rich cut iand plain French and American glaos.- t f war--2lels, cham paignes, lemonandes, jellic., i ec clarces, iiires, erdiala, centr, towils, ldoaaners. the tumblers, preserve dshes, celer;es, pitchers, lanlps, own Inp shade anid glasses, candle shade.o salt cal- ufil ier, etc. ally ih 8irverr plated, bronzed and br;nltia wares--cae tifes Strs, liquor stands, cake bIuskets, c:indlesticks, del hra nchee, s,:a oe, I dlles, cufle ind teapots, sugars, I creans, lamlnp, j-ipnnd trays, astral slands,or and te han:oing faun ips, filnl, cutlery, G]ermnan sdver spoons e and forks, orthc r wicth a treat varietyt i'larticles tha lor fim ly use. Merchants, planters, hilt s, nIe an tl steamboats, a Iruished will goods at tilt mtist lea stlatble prices, and pa ked so as to be conveyed ble with safety tI ny part of le c etn ry. ing Alan, o tthernr' i'loernwar,. not o n T.h' FILORII)A LINE ca3 'rroanr Ilatil ito A.ugusten, (Ge . so leaves Mobile every day at three r S'clohck. p in per IT S .mail bot and for flll's I. ndl, aboveo Blnlakely.,-t',ence four I' 0,pst. conches Ito Pensaola-theco altalnboats to has Lagrinie, it here the lad toute is resutned-thelco ya via Mlarranon- and tirnrsvaille, Fla. BUiolindger ofl Padletn. o , ho wkinrsviilc. ntuiadersvllle & hluiR.i vili o,, An gust, , tc*nner ingre r'nul..rly witll i lthe rai rroad ers n (Charlestoll. and lhe Stear eml S ,a ketcs I No,, Yor it, N.rltltk, P .iladelrplir , etc. Iles ' Tlhe stlearlboas are the best for ile service, land an t the lenavigtiotl preseni a a11ore advanages tIhan call int r Ie he found upon any staillltut route i thii suth. i eSrn regiul. wl ed h'le great inprovements in ibne route have !reen ai Ise produced by ithe oo'stI riiiun l lifty miles of0 n, w et }." road, by the lr,,prieturs, v : from l i(Grn,,ce nll Lal-avltte lacoi, al arm oe Santa Rosa ly, to Ia Bliynnl's FerryI , on .1i Char'ahteolhee iver, en fiat it "cilsabivthleCotwl - rd, ar14aboveCedar iol et, I t t w ereby I!e ti tnavila 1 nt IIo t liver, allh ti e Cot n- Po s 'i qui lct detntions, and , l rt lta I eenly tie incon s r venient crossing at the ('nt' tord, e re entirely ta/ .11 avoided, and a fine rrad from Malrianna directi he Sto I , I.nbridil, instead orl the rroundabout rodl via me I Chattahooehrr e, lessenini tlhedistnce abonlut ftrty isl miles, and increasing tlle facilities more than o- once a day. -w l Alr, a branch line of two Itorse.stages every "o i other day frtn II rwkinsville, via P1', cry to 31acn, l il Ga. connecting withl Ite line Io Savannah and att Darien, Gea. all A mtail steambtoa lirs regularlay Ie iween itr , iBainbridge and Apalachicola. Tira tlht rs bishitg to reach anyll point o Chaltahoochee or Apolaxch.- I i cola, can take stcor Inloat at lirotwnsvlre. in fr lMobile to l'ensacula-l-Lad Rou ea--Durin; II r ex tine occupiedI by the lre airs of l' ot. , ithe pr.p.ire. IiIh 7 tors of the Florida liae will run a line of lour tat pan hrse post coaches every other day beltween rMo l t blleand Pen.sao la., I , ' t Passengers will Icave Mlolile at 3 o'ilck.p nn so i 'lin the U.S mall boat, and pIuceed to Hall's Land- so 0. tne,r where a lour horse coach will cI , waiting to& convey thII to thIe excellent lhouseuaf ir. Charles S, I I 4 mile distanr , Iwhere they will find ll I pleasant accommodations fur Ihie night-leaving ilnext aor eting, they wtill arrive in eiersacola carl) ri_ I1 tihe evcelnn, thus avoiding i thi disco fortI o l.I a t l i orllittrii'g dtin. - I t ddY- nIi&An ftc-ree pero firI' ie i t .ri linb+ hotel, Pensacola, where +|,als m ust be scan red. STICI'I'ON & Co. ntuv I ttiano /'lut' da tru"'ion. - r W' , W illiam Smith tCndels Ii s seirv ies to thle citi, i ozns Ul Nev, Orlcans as a itecher lof the pamn ur lorlc. Mr S having been iemployed sevecral yerls s ieacher lof In sic in trivtate f.etit ies ill i as t, rand also It several ot the femniale selmtinatr i in its it, vicinii , Caortur but hllo to merit it thi n ehircu id rnc . le i 11e I s per itlled to rtfer to tler l)i CI I'p, lntssrs -Iam eteoll & Avery, Henderson &. (tinls. Ile, Fir tcrlls, c phlease apply at ril e buukstorI oft ags Alexandcer Twer,49CI C l, t ct res ugs antd .lledicrne. hair .1 I Pr- vost I hat loc- ied iin sLi o ll in this city IrI SIa l, th I sel p ie i Irane toitC 1o .il 'rner'i l \\hilersaleI sle )rl D n bIusiness. l1e Is lnow recctill: n hll supple a i fresh and it inet a irtlrs, rl ich It, will cell sis onit liberrl lrnt=e T'1' ci'y drl ggite 'l a III se c u the intr rin r, to pll\siclaint i, m n t h: ts arid ipanter, Ihe wrill ill'~r induce t : :rr e s such as havi nevr r be. hue lure bena fit, td It lhis cite'. h I tntion is to du a strictly Ice illnrta ce bllinele ss. Ilas stock will n soono be eromplete, and in a few y'e lees will ie rea. dy for business. All orders Irom the counllry and frtlom mierchants of II i- city, receiving such crdear may will bre promply attended to.a. ret, act 2 No 39Camp st Co PROSIPECTUS. - TIHE sulscriber p-oposes to publish, in tihe he gIp ginning of the osang winter, a Condensatiln fl Co.) the tweaty volumes of thae Old and New Series of rntl h earune. Louisiatd Reiports, to be comtrised in fobr nti volumnes,, ;o., according to tite mrodol of lPeters' Cery Conue,rud Reports. es a This workn is now in preparation by .1. rrlrteon Ioli Ilarrison, Esq, of this city, assisted by William i , I. " Branrd, Esq. The Editor is also permittcdl by a distinguishelUd retired Judge of the Supreme (Caurt, andla by ine of the sitting Judges, to expect fronm fir their personal supaervisipn all the advaetagr which i do, may naturally Ie realed lroma their experience. full Such a work is becoming ever diy day more ne as- cessary, as tre original is voluminous, expensiv;, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani. Sfeat, in the oller States of tihe Union, in reference e to the ptacuhar jorisprud:tcor of Lusiana; and the cireuistance oi the afidoe numerous p)rinciples here de. u cided 'in the adjustment ouf onflicts of labtus, makes lity to thejuristsof the whole Union. Slna'ovtc, ntd lltU rirsing iepubhi of Tcxals ha. t lldtod n our i co ti . e i anid thus there tsa great derma: id 'lr the louisiaina decisions from a fresh quarter. Corveriant notes, ithcatLinlhg irrarrllrh] ases i, llore aulthoritatilve larltls of tie othlir Stlatels, wi. oe addedi to each case. li- The work wirl tilren four voluree, rrpyal rntavo. lrr eand will Ir delivered, Ioauurl, to sublrr.lbcrs at 8(i rr rOlnires it illto thlree voluames, th pi"ie to attuo. I M bsr:rintits IreceivCdI by R'\1 MhlIAN lIIOIE r CaXI l 1, ll (X'I Isalt t1 XI $ Y 1: E1: '1' \ 'I'()Itl':- ;tt (IN' alga o ~f 111· 11111.1 Iccivodl, n-, Witiolilll tol Ilel~irpreviuulll stook 1) 1 111111 n falll II, 111 111 - 'I111·115aste'1 I II\I II'i( ll i ill t~lll lirkl·; A ·r lll, Il·.wisll ll II\1 IIIIC I Il-Fl lllI/(id lllil- lll:~ ('lllisl wjllldmI li ,~uillii .ClaIsill.AI'Bll', earl aiLI tae 1 11k1, I AiliiS IIu jl iI, LIIJI Si fil l, +A ppu le file iiiidc lll ala kllieAl isi. iPai ii·P Il l ag. iAII illl(.)with genellrl IIcAtll iiiidf t:llll I AflwicmlkjiidIiL·('l w 'I.:Iit llui u1: i a luh uGre, Ii. ,, iii, 1 lll dli boglyA Iiiiliainpiiiill ki , lllnii kiI,, Fiaiidrl' In (-Likesill anyt, rai m ,wia de,i i':i, liII ilaiigetb It d IIkils ha-li' ai alt iiiIiliu. Petoln'shrA fallngsy a-itis-,plinan,,dl witrfume dsonie idpaideri~prtl u\ln, aidw lraI~alahdikgwiliae tI ItIIl lire, po 1isitid nieilliX(lwi Il, anidhliloine toothmardi nll II t' WII( I willIia 1,Id g iriuIbIn -dilvl lleptan le 1etIs, cosisil itdii.'\ll iii IdI AeliMCN$, &t Ai. di 711a~ea, La.1111"I. Ari J lil:s) ill a II iivv. Iackles, silver thimblessilver an gold toils and gnXX arl .-tI(iajs lint, :Ich-btlothl , plate, combl, Nail, shaving, ,title a nd wllitew ash brushes.t·~ L()()K IIN(1 (: I.1 ilSll S-Gerlaau atatin and toie, I~lllr ve·ry rich anld fnai~y finished ] allies wort: loxes and dres- singi cases with anld withoult taus,:, musical~l bast's, Ac cordiabs o Nationsll kt11du, Fialit~s and pllililT, silver and plated pencils and leads,~waad pencils for earpetner, andj .Il crayons, aaatlc clack srRtgansaltd pistols withl and w itluut eases, Ireruusano caps, percussion rep chargers, nipplllpl e screwdr divers, shutl belts, gaam baeS, purl.- blw:king, toy tona sellq Ilili~nlhllds f evrrc kinlll, bellsa anrd pinnies,8 fiaeanld common kn eesre razors and scissl~lors, thimbllles, ncecdlesi, tins, silver plzted, steel and colnllllln -specta cles, packtc· Ioolkw and wallets of vurielcs kinds, visitingi e rdrrnn rand euasea, iinlaying cilvlj of I irnch, German =cm,-pints na-ricli waufaetre, dnlla. imitatioiln fruit, sit laman,-pnotst of various kinds, Snowiler,' Ponteray's,~ Gnllnmersan~'s, llillmlan s and llalwkiln razour straps andd Metadllic honBFY~l Irks, fancny lod nrcklaces do with nor alhajtaloy watchs, cuu brl httia, powdler flasks, eat gad 'plait seed head~s, gilt and silver ato, giant elastic suspen der,, anld garters, plain and .-wont LPOan· , hackgaatmon so und dlrinking. cups, writh a grealt .varijety of oth~er andi el", 411 ur'wltir It will lie sold for cast ·dr city nceepta ces as 1'2 months credi t. U III LIIJIDIC"I8, da r. 'iTHE INDIAN'S PANACEA. . lglOR the cre of rheumtismsernful orkin.sevll,go, Roy Ssoaintic7 or hip gout, inteiieno cancer, altrheum,.i iphilitic andl mere'rial disencae, iarticult'ly ulcers ad11I le ' pain(flaff'etions ioftle bones, utlce.iteld thrIoat ," nos trils, ulers of every desorcption, fever sores, ond iciternal c ya7 absese falstulas, piles, seiald head, seurvv, blles, chro- So tle naloore eyos, rc'sitel·s,bloltles, nod eercy corietyofan- Place, saoeoos affctioo, chronie Cetnalrt, bead aele prooeed- awl St ing from any nerid humor, prin io the stomach nd elys- l'hi pepsia procedingfrom variation, aflfectionsof the liver, Iexer chronic inltommation of the kidnerys, and genrln dlebili- sad Id ty ecelId by atorpidaectionof thelveCsselsol f theskin. It lsed is sisngdrly eml.ious ie renovating dtose constier titonsi to tlie while have been broken down hv iynjudlcios reatmelt, leii jiveoiile irregularities. enel terns, t tis i im- sonrl mendced to all llco.esislesss wbiehlso rsrloc imlcriciesI ar)." ofthe blood, or iniliation of tile humiors, of wosterer aristlr nameor kind. n r Some of the slove eomplaintamny reqtire some tri- proof fliigesistant applications, whieh Illecireomtalees of tfie "mere ease will dlictt.tvbut for a generalremedy orParificatlo' .o s to removerthe ceouse, tice IN.DIAN'S PANCACEA will delues geeneally be found sullicient. peopl 1'TO THIE PUBICLIC. e In the 'low true r iis, dthat moern Physeiian, n their am- of sot bition to excel in their ciol'essio;i eXtlore tile vast fields cehole ofscience bIv the aidt of hemistr'y, nd seek out lew re-. comi medial agents; in sho't, to arrive at Icrfection in the Ily e pracetice by means of art elone,-entirely overlook ndl !leal ineglect, as beneath th, t e the ricc h l ale boetlteous t tiii:t storse oflcmedicine, whdich the Almightly Ihas caused to tale Sslring out of tle eflr' ill eve 'vclilee! Am llow cucei Unitc motre tre isittliat wlilethe Anlerlinn Phvsician looks cogell to tfireign coulntrieslill mny ofeli his most conlnon and the i iiecess:l- i a'tiiclcs, jierietually clanigiig ats thely nl at Aber the dictates of Ifshlion otriilly, lie is 1'iroulnle i Itis .1. A! oen counltry withlau ncllessprofuisinii of medict pictnts, other - tficiutt to aunswer any iilioeion in dlisease or ito cure Glle ael bi crl dlisoreder; :nd yect Iie is ignorlct of Itheir viI- this i ttcs d tleh aee setc el'edto iwastethcilrheclilng oil the must cire.rticir.' / J ''The efects of lvegetable uediiices upn the system are temlol"t'-rr-thoslce "of inierals lasting. 'IThe I'orler ex- Fe Icrt , tir ci tieics tul pass off--tile latIter, merlCry ii liar- / ticular, act chImiedly 11 u thb solids, dec(ocposing IJelu Scthe boucs ad utlerlluiilg the colstitutiall byi a slow - anuld sueCei dstructiioi . wIt T'Ihe coegeniality, cicititlcy .ruld SiI'''ueY o'cregcia d bl iecccisoi eritlcii , ia ic y stimt y contrcast- IKe.lnt inlgtlle acietlt erctice vith tile i oiici rni ; or, tio Iriig il : nmorehnediatl i nlttt u i'iouow ohsirvsthi c hi , Ini.. l Il ctlicu with that lo thle wlltes. ~W'ho, in Amelica, cOls nes lnot kniown othlried of relented instan'ces wellcreil eo , hler Jinl +nl r·em)cdic~ ~lle, ablnchs :dut~ctd thle lueost Ilepid i eb.-` Salndasto ishing cull, al'ter the 1auita Sledica tf ctie alipj r rcmtnono eiactice, diiccted ill tile most skill nmlunnrci, roc rlis 1"itledi? And who iilu not ii'i iin n'iprisd ai theicom- cc lii Sparativ'iecase ad tliltit tl ith whidcl the lIdhii i'es hue- lie sell irnlllly diultse, tnll lit the abnlost I ota abstience ' iXe oc'i ,,o,,ic' umo,,i i iII.I.. \\h,,c ii . ..I. I.. n. heai'd ie 'aic oitet 1nitun witis coutititiioii biiikn id ciiiied by aeA iill rc" tmentcitr Aui ca, a dobut exist that this hai iiy ex- gcti ei tmlicio ofthle sclc:ile fiom Imoast c th'e ills wchirh thle bio. iliesnlllcci iii o, iec e sticlueg:lchiclc l illd l uec a CcigiC ci cii t eutu eitci c iii ciitiitiy clii ,itist hiiiiiit ttiitccitis - winll dfir.'ence+ Inii Csuiess, is a Cli tir cxenl llrli i'ctiiiTuie I i.g'. Sinfini'te suleliotrit i of theisimli duud sue imens o1" clie Is In whlich (; h a :s eettd [ibr tt e ce ti cfdscha1 st!iS - et Iioel'lloaicl i cl tl iicioiti c tiide ancdtlccatof niI IIc haeill i w Sclv tc iili , 'ss to elcl1n ia I1liig eidemeinc illmol a ioictio e ortllecallorigihl- r. l ii tccii u ci t eisco ntry, cianlll i'c tii 1:te :I c iie tilt - I IIl such as wnere miust eficiaiciiousnllld liraiie iates, itilld after ,g ci ticcrollseX c iient tuiystitheiriiniciidesend slrenith, i , t cuIe isbeoebit c i thecm gtl tile Iir here presented, as cihei i in most perhcl and ibeici aIIi Ior ti le PUipiOSi li or whcll it i n I I~is rvlconlllnrl~ended. I~lI+ iT i e ioin c 'itlr ictersthis 'b c uacu tioi l to the ublic, iui w~ithl thle eollsciotslllt.s th:d hle is llacingR rithlillthcir· seal, I" ' , i.) a remledy) eallable ol'r~cleiugilf I1nmly OF his a~ltictedl l'el- .l.' low beillgs, who are n Siiiliiuil1.ldr lihIe vaicliO'us ccn ic s I Sanlld ostinae empil" t to whic. it is applicale. . Tno a c il h 1 I *I i titi( i llLc 0 % 11(, IIS Si_ l ohll J u. t such iit will Uioie of inilcdcuhllie .llle, Iiis i the t i is ,i alnd in manli cas(es the on alerll S m eansot elleving theIrsf-lliS it r . ,' 'lices .... r,.... iii tt. i uc,.,. . .. .. . h<tltuad . . - " idess. This is ot otlevrcl nsn commonl remt<dy, that - ii my per iiiicc ctc'ce ie itth" gitit with mn l iy otes i ow in uscliiie us ot t.iiitictucsu aIclc'iading lituiit iiiu be e xtrentecaseswlhichldllthemuluakeren~ediesfthIl. Thlshitl i. h is done irle tletll; i ll Illnis is the gellluitiol itlusoli - Ir tailled wherl't\'eT it has jlle inltldllucld, sCr .. I It is el|i allhlullt du're ) c:urs since this pI rpll atill~l lion was oIll' I u.SClted ui the Ilublic: ut in thit shtrt s 'lce .L ;itlne, bee somem Iunnt'e ls of persons Plight he fhtutd, a ho \wotuhl amd onllm) y dedlurle thltt thtwv hteliclted thatiI thell lives wer1 c e the' i sic' d 1ci it :md ic me , ce tier iCIheICP h:iiu I riel cay h SllI eI h i s idl ic C llllllllll c t. 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U\ Il tke..~l: II; ·l'tl |+lll':lli '..lI 'I. n I CItI IIn l L' f t h i , ind II coue lidtii ll - reI:i l iCce it ie tolt Iqcll c''iniciiic)iiiii`riigutl, iiiiicii ii ,I()IIN I"IltG(USON. C..!Antugro.., Marhl'i 27,18,1.I I I wrs seie.r e I h u tLl . - t .e y rsi e, 1 iL h adistres .ing 1nV rheuouatiosn, causaz lb sscl:lcohl,I, iile uilder by a thheintneiced" inercni'y, .and which liis dlsalded we urt. )a r. Iknanli busintess li!curlly (,tel. since. I) iiinlg this peried 'onl hite been i latient ii El M.lrile hllohitl, i tlhi. chi vbicl a tiwa lsd.o l'ttinrmonlths, nl uend Iey thel samne ]eligthi" tiiL the tli.laltilmor lhlos ital,mand tried almol+t e\'tT ci.). Si ne. r tu l-, with littlle bellt, . (+)11 thi 16lh ofl" rl u ay' S iv e l a s t l t' d t t hi l u I I r c 'l y dl e t o m n al t u C rI' l l i n :l l l l lt c h - Han, i1s y i' c l ....... Ies,1 on e tlte'.i" I.ltians aI·:teu.'+ In ...... e o t h I tindo m lysellf elit ll' freel foIImIn inl , d . I nl now hap tI'o stat. th I otr vsId s :lll I'ltf Iirl'l:l .cl , s )\.,1 "I'UI'.,i'H{ I~l~ll ((!IS· ll~leSll..i ll: III1 bli'l..:bt cde CAFI"S t)]. SCIOFI U,(LOCH LI.CFIts. ake N+:w You,It Sptl, tI, Is o. :II t!" I "r 1inu clll elr(ll \ that ill i he i tdl el 1 ..+ I of 182 , ll b I st Im ' w ithll a sweilcllin . ,y ncIi l ak a1(ln Ithee, uhl illl ~I india, lltI':ttlee a ne d n ittl becam behu" .ilstly sIlver'Is in Iiii fleek. Mlia A h,.ri.\iu s,.wralp|hysiciantl+,olle clthanti:ge, " wotn t,, hi'h dlphoulctih t! al lihncd m slf.'l iundtel Ilthe carlei ase, 1)I,.Plhl. ic unikidI u~ch, wlhull, lilt|, eict i ail l s, itai onllii t ino uo, I waus plenoOlilccll utiterlv incuiralde. Ahei. i botthesofl'altlhr's.jintholicot,n 'ihio uanat 'rkd Ib,,u.lii 1)Uspaiiriiilof lihe, wh~ich~ haid liow hccoiil ii Inlllrlhei tl uy e ,n I itlr~e d to mY palreits inl Nelw Yor',ll ill | )18 , nii gam enI t seII lS to •1 I) lilnte'ing di th. I, earling tit"th do to grea':t se m .....f Tlie hIndiani's I n:ecn ....... I .... . i" n ...... .uI- simmi],'tilr to y Wn, I waspeslui•taded to tlry it, ua IsiIlt i'+.[ soil. T1o liny 12.1eat[ sull' i'se, Il well :is satisfileiiou I s.onlIbuid inys.'li'l'aphilyv i'ec,.lrllg, and tupo1 takemI scesen hbotlts, .thu ul~cirshe;aled iaui I btec ue perlfctly .l av]inulhecouriseof twlo IUluhsmid~n himle l'utlnet EU u ow 'Xt .i~te. I ltanketlins Mtatemen~l and \ivilit Itblished Ithel'lu.bell i te ofthosewhll<l rvliiiit ',lltl'iving uiiihr .himilar' +. scarf!u ll~l i's ) lr lhilitit nill-:ctionslih t '.th y I Iy klnoV, , wh. ati~ Iwl enlredl ile who has !.uif'ere.d t-,tl' thing Ii. ti I dealth ..... lwho ......itders his life ...... i I, thie abow .... . inltlala.s.roa . July I, I 1 8 1. I was afllhidhe,, ftr years with llan uhlt"r u lhie leg, oe c nimmlly ecomepanied with cr)sipdlatous inlannitint ail excessive u:. in the leg aId :aIt!e joint. SuteI:l ennatu t physicians exerted theirskill upIon it, bull with lout pet"ra ne.t iat. Inthiscuse .e IIottle I[rd ill's Ihnaonu 1ale it pet feet cI ., MAG&;AILI'it A W.\'I', i1: Market Z:or sale t b, HiiENLRY IONNAIEL.,rnthggist, agcn t.o tl prnoprtietrs, l'chttpiltntas sttett 11 iNEW ORLEANS - NASdIVILLE 1i1 L itUAD COMI'.iN 1t. Jl'lll, stnlklhlOhiet (t' this conIIany Iore hernlv lo . liliv hll Ityl It resllhltillll (If i " Ih lfll.o If diriec t.on eat ed oi Ihli 19th in-t. Ulsteelil n11lte1, ,it them on the t;Jlh I tllle llrrv last, folr the IIIpay t oii live dollar ut nsloe, tas r itnld, and lth staid stoukohlers arc f tllrtll'rtltli i ied lhat \VWih.Ilt.AS, ih a I.sohltionllll )fhi Il ore ipadn'el In Ilhe I!ltll iull. u call Illg "l k acln hilhl h stotk'Lhohhdrd o|" the ,New (Ihilll..l IdIVL Nashville Illlil Ilo.tI Coplll anliliny lilr the Illowi ng ayoilllu.e on ie the t ptolk hhl rlespe tilitl, y h tit.,,tai:-Iw doiiu' ter sha., tm nl h n lh, lirs Ialv of tttiinn lrnj , nxt; twn a lla t t pin u ,r sll Lc', lnt'bl tlu itie first i ly tll Del Ilt 'IIr tno; taod two halll' dlllate tIrnltealnan Iar lisl Iny o; ?llula:h of Ihis coInl any shall notifv lie. share Ihlla tlheewil tIlou hll the ublic pr.ntso the it ,thati ll illoi lty willh lhe six LthI setion of the chlarter., h e ipi r Illrlllilttd to postpone any paymenl clledl in n tile stlock olf'said cIpIIInI for the Iterinl stixty i tlo , fin nlll d ale tile on wt ici it slhould have een paid, that lthe I te s oc i oti twinetmt aid alp e'tsisho ve been tnade i aniid relltla n :oraited to cllr m l aylll thl e chlI ter i ne thaty1 point being imlxralive, IhI conformity fllerefore, to saidI call, allstock of the slocklhollers in said tmntplv as hlliuk Iroler to IIl off the paymtents on their stuck to the eUd ol the adldilional sixtldnys, whi;h llhe charter allows tnln, are notified that the payment of'two dol lars loir share culld for,naId due on tite first of Sep tctlnier4ext, roay Itl.podtpntltd under the tllth t!. linn of nlaid cllnater, unlltil tllt slt dy oef'Oetollterl ntlt thail thel anmoue o: twe dollars ller share cullPed for, due olllion first day of lleettabei r next, may Ito popes unltil tie 30th day of Januer nlext; and nmet of two dollars per share raed am lt fiitr diy otf lurct nent, ma. y be posllptned ui 30 day of Ait.ailitn i t na tt "t tjune a t tin Inilenan itad , aII e 'rt. I t i in, nT in cases- nn at on Royal College of rhysieno, Lolldon.J l FliE otigiou Vegetable llneein, Unloednal Modli' olne, il.rolpate byW hi',].I. 3lemtor or en ho Ileval College of SnuregeoM , Liteotiate of Aitoihe ctny'sUomltpny, Felw low loli Coon't Soencny, Surgeono 'it to the Royal Union PNosion Auoiutiou, chow Plaue, Waerloo.Bridlge, and Perpectual Pupil of Guy' vare anti St. TInlas'st Hospital, London. im Tllis valuale ,nmedinine, the result of twenty vyears' guret exnpercoe antd.unlralrleled suteees in tile ext.nsivx t d and iighlx'r~cp~erlsble practice of the propriety, pmltro- A, olsed by iho foolly olmd nubilitv, and is now iultroid ing to the notice of te Ameriean public, at the earnest so- I lieiatioa of a number o'f gentlemen of long and high the stantling in the rofesnsion. It is hopeld, as a prelimi- como utry step, to check thie evils and fatal consequenoes ie, arising frtom the tse of the iumeroeus anti dlehterious verti nOStrnums toisteld upon the public by the laid of l.brieatedl ctli ploofsofmiraculonus cures, and other frauds, bya se ofI ed i mereenarny, tlttirtlcttpled pretentiers, so totally ignornit teen .o mtdicnal sniulote, that it impossible tite tlOnstrouitfsloe dehluiont cn any longer go down with thie intulligent til peole ofl'ttisenotry. 'lihese pills, mild and a gelttel Stheiruature, shoultd b kept in eveory fatmil i cuses til ofsudlden illness, for, by thIeirl p'omln:pt nltminisnltrniton, t ol'a, cramps, slntts, feversr, ad otler nt alamiug I eornldailms, wtiieh too often p~rove fatal, mayJ be speedli- e ly cuired ori preveted. Il f'ct, all tlhose who value gd or f I;ealth, should never be without tlhen. lThey 'are sohil' t in palikets at t5c eltettt, ,1 tudn $, eth, by evoery- lenpce table d'uggiat, bonkseller', ttld tvetntoliof metlinitte in tilt Uniatsiltt et I e CIanadast witih Fnpious dlrections, intl together wit: estltuooltinis of pirofessionan l tility eliv for he ftlli i etineit gettlittett Sir. Astle' Ctotier, J f Aberretity,litunen tlthotikl], V. I)., WV. Thick, V. I., t .1. Aston Key, A. in'inttont, . It., ntt .tuieros ext otlhers. The origills mnay be seen enpossessil of lthe is General Agect, by whoni tile mudiihe is itlorled into tion thlis ttouittryi ttld to whoa aill iapplicatiotts it'orageicicles musl le Ild. of JNO. IIOI.IIELN, 121 Wanerly Plhe, N. Yortk, nl Sole (iciet:rl Agent ee thle United States, .4c. For isale hy lppointmtent of the original proprietor. con ty Swexti En1Jorttu, Druggists, No 11 CaNl slreet, r (.eree,' Agentlfor Stallte of Iouisilantn. iullS s I IlRY It LE, I co, No M oagoiono street, are see io;,.w rieceiving frotm thipls Nasllhille, Loistillt, IIt Ketlti.aik , 1 gle, lll othler late arrivals trlil :hI to :thierll cltie, o lrge and elw selected assot'llcllent, Eoott , shores antlil Brogsttln, i, consiltlinig fgeotlemlo n's'fitle calf andl Morocco boots bet to fld tuali. t do bultlld, ai stout wax pegged hoots it o, strarius qidlities; melt's lille enltf se antti ~tIOticc lie Irl tpr tUntt in bmugnagas, buckskin soes, brogans ant I ,ltpel s: me's linle caldf ni kippeld peggetd nshoetandl r [ rogan; dio boots; dlo stout kip andi wax piegged shoes Un a i lrogalls; gelltle tlell' s best quality cal' stowei sioes, Ion b'olnlus anlt.I ncik I)oWnllillgs do c olf tutd iotio ctl Sickl le dEIotis nd liriogans; tin cll', seall antd j.tot'(icc: a I liani shoeCs iltd slitifc-s, ido c:lf, iiifl 'nu sati wnms. a e art ticle; dlo inle n llti set.I ailnll l roeco hulll'tlcr o ItsI ; to)it it'es, miis'es'i lo cildtrl en's Ieged aiiId s'i to ll i togats k nS d stifoes of ever' I qnalit and kind . e Also a ,eeral asslrllnt of miell's stut wIa'(r and pm | I nn lo ilII :1t1ax ioeg o e c oo. ( e ith\ 1/i i ) pir. I lO Ioieg tf t ia lli , nt' Ilselt n l'ro gL s, xc iled il t i si htlikslIi mte'exitOP ssi for tilcincti c usen a goct :it S'tlltlllt ll lel s Iilr ln. llllli so t kil l n llr SSeti t i l'oi l s I i a rtih l and It . rl e ttIea itnl on r lt in'lrior iico ioi 11ilo re sse' lllll I Will a a brogns. adites' fine call; ston , mnrolco and grain web% and p IImpnl soled sioes; d,) line Foc/ehh Mot'oc:o nanl kid rlince I ieotle,en.'as lintiointllallnble lrlc silk its; do blatinik sni t Ian idral bverl'o oi n si peollrllllr lullily; dio nititioll cl lb ramtts ido;boa n nrol bi en's cooe oc~oadlahin drbro- t k ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 111 lilllibot, e tntl emeu'sli~.ailltisoialenllfone iexllcta citis, doiicic \iii. ib jill' Sqa Idra b llEaver do nfaulmro laiy oiiati on'(llns I tc'tonltt.otoittdx'd hl'tliieirimirinich'iluex dric olItlt lt k Russiashort UlnJ its, a new artick. 'i iths i 'it i ..... size i h ti . dilterit.... i Ui litit x ...hx chii lre' ' i iir ] A s pl l le s , w il h g e ell.r a l tll m el~l n :t211t o f ! )o ps ' n n d l l m l 'n s - b I , ....... a1 i n ent ,i .l be releished,,, ,I .t.... ariv,,l ,, l earh 1,:lcketshrom hcale)ove named cities, all o .f wl" inh i Sil Ilbe~ sold o ln neelloundt:llling terms. Imtll.[ I --1f SMO)NT'I a'. I 8'' .. . . . . I'.9.V I.OIR "111" T'I ENTII. Ii ItItI I illihiei' iiiii Ul.l ti llt'a. "iui,'ii llll , ilt'i IIr I'i-n 1 delllund( i I orI thisU filtt, illtnl t111 lqll l~lllv 1 ti~ll- Ulind i'll servilI ve of theilu, teth, hll n ilnt ellt., tht, u lbllmbltlir ,s otlbr it in the Amn,,ic.anu b,!li,.. Arr~tllmansetlls halv ty b' I i th Itli rt u p l i l lini ii el i'lta l litic (1 lnI ItwIs il the I litl d tat·s, so us Io plat, it iihi he . 10 entth tof Iho)st mlli~l'ir lg IInh lik,'ly to) sullkbr thi:. iiii) Uin o l heTohah.t hll'ill. i ~l+',dl I'lhii' lxllllh- tt'ht% \ 'ht'n "111 died l' ri ng'O il I dhr't'l'lionsgi"v itII ( i 1is b t le, it I:h s ilev r th il t ol bad inunelti t-1 a d sllt i l re i,. Itt llt i t :' l lilt IIill IIt ih . Ii'lt 1s II\ ll ll r l i t.t.s tiit e I II, tlll.ll n 111111,/1 Ind l al~'. t 01rllll. fronti i1th 11e Tn e Ii ip i(illi, 1111 a to her"f~l (br · the '''"" publi 'ol '; (In l"' ' : a n 'II u la n l II" l l Iii' I I 'l i i *t l i t Iht I 'il:.t li ndlc'r I )1 " )('l~ll l ilt 111111 II' Il I i li lrtee ihiu Ihav te tdr uyit'il'eii.'t ixd ul'h it'itt hitn t I ti 'l tt'e ' l tir etl ih. 1 ic i l. i ilW ''+].'l " .... : I (ii. tht' ul lti: lxltl l, ·1cii 'III i li.t t Ih ('.i iinmetni TiI,,m a'i it. rlll llt or o f t o11it ut tnl' Xn' ,d1ii. n l ilt Id 1it tu , Ileilp i;ti- nvilan bettn tiii'st iady ereiclt 'cc ctItoaero nitere a Ito teersedp riteg t'asusrtiaer estooeaen urii h rI' tiereii tulthrae orbhicuv it lie rthe tlr el t I (i iih oi iiaiiiii ilh in llillltt llllt y 1 , ' inn noIuoItr Itaee halthl xIIid hllt ken ,iaeibt lil' ceex I ilnl· .\;ti~r d l.LC I 'l.(1I ,tl S l ol( l i· I).tl . \l!:T¢[, []ar u LIeel i lll ot illllll nl lrlltll. ]Vrle,!e I I eh l~lly itd vsl,lrlll :intel'es~t~d il~illb'hl Lh(: blld)l T:l'lll;" bIYiTIE L(ECIo .,t- hi?., ;m tia l U d,~e g,!nurt lla~ i h ~ hi i tstI~e` I ; l ar ge, Ihattielll ,,,,t i tl ln r\ltlletlles w otit I rvt) do,;lrs I il i re , c r in l o rileili'tir etlancd to a ll t o n ir lrl w li ait Ill n ex.i eslto nsi : U hlutly of all thl statdird ktieIl of kiOt, liet t'inor've'tabeo<iatardcoprelorcuthappiictcnort titte no the Iredent i etood 1e3o . / l lllcl l thi lly p;art Illof S Ept mlhlb])tr, h! has re P11kived al- c ct su tlihs, Iy thi calket l hips Vetwkic niik i burg, K ion.cky, i l d Aricl . a r ll lr inti ..i . ii . It td."asa. g ties, dir ict from N e ,a' Y ork. ItI the ltu si t l ipiii and aenothoer packet, he i in tUd'til naeo ( - tri liou of a- Mlu)Ily tol ]'tl T Jreets alld A'spalralgls 'Iy Roots, "a'iung ielrdy received inviecs t' litlaol by mail. titeultiee ot 2', tihe ul ,criii er begs liai rther to ilt-s ttl te , le)'t iat lare, i alt o is alt lreaant as welll IITil ed lto tieet ard exeto orders I r all the kincoo of Gardtil Nre i eeds, eitthey r \holeale or retail, as he ever was ,inee his girst establishU ent t in c iiilit iery, 182l.i ito Coutltry tlaiders sLid .Mlalket nrdehera' orderiI ill aed at the lowest iind oa st retsonleIt rtteA . iby tl c hi pound weight, aid glll'ititnr ue. el las retll. Ca:talogues, eithter 111 lrencli or IE:'ilish, miav sigalwa\'s be obtaiued on lper.,nal alpllientlon as. ndruual, to W31, S.11Til, Id r Urd nll'l' Store, 85 A ustIl iAilluse struIT lt NOtItil-A constae t supply of Bird e ett ed, eitter rntll i Iittelatl: Itc ii1:11 Ohm11 it1', to cllilojil~ll ii hutPI actiuxe titian ced or plaian pul-ertidoup; herb., and Shakr' I dried herbs,-I w ith a h igly iu t peaIs aiInd btaid.l1n SI tnlceiy uoceltt iioks-Untder tli ,, head i tl i ud-found a .lplentdid variety of lathe.' andl gentleueil's t" oncket bookt , note, tard, ieedilt n thread caser, we l il. lt I i treocn fSui entirs, Cie .-Of thi latesta C it )attOrn i thill t o ellog cali't, itl'Iistillng ofrel n ni d tflrrigadretlon, booebaarg.c , velven t alnd lithi omit aroil g toI.~L I IltaI dicouiti )3 ]S 'tanIS 1 teolile Iipl cf i ll sitcks, lig ii d ,n oo il, ailtn ito nc y c o ith nlll d niz f It dtll ne l elr:, srt Ini lalrn , cc oi l "I duta e alldI, a d irn tinshillgul .ollodouncint, tlxt, ainl itiid rntil ls. t in ed siacillt llnet t dlo e, wi h itid til otlee neyrti we ,llntalcLon ..trapls wuhb w\irel s-]riug,,; ,ulll a great vs ntoly ic getlllon 's et eadn Ieellle o xiy "ber ey cgr he Oneotail tird er, iy A. L. Va inl l trcit a nd o o i. dclldiia, s sollclsd cli~r l Il) I ' todls--.Al gelneral iad eomlullete alsor linm oftblons fronuldonc il thir he ditry.Aelon Engd ls .... ,Froen hdr,++,,g ...... 1 ...... d,0,27 RUSlITON &, ASPINAIL'S (t ! t031I'OUNlI) TON IC MllXTUtRE'.--A speedy caoal eucd a a poefet cure of thIe lfoever &d Ague., I re ittent a LI iter ole igent vre; prepared o rlll iicy origtioal ud re tail dU eotd w th o inmet ald unic sover~sa Mitcens, i 1832, by iper..ons of the highest ildrtespectability int this city, as stated i the annexed ilrce rtificiattes." k o recThis lediinltde is ighly rCronended, and haseo. c h Iren extensiin ly Agsen ir the atov, diseass wilh e *such distintguished suceeu.s, that the proprietor tof the ruecip. las heen induced Io offitr it to the pub. I,. H iits lpresent I'orm. in the holm that it may lie the-Ue ilealts i)[ rldlovinlg inany of thiose who are uto ullbrri'ng under the scourge of our counitry, It is tIur Inamdicine ptossesing greatvittue, and whenl used l ecording to the directions hIas never l iled of effecting ti cure, riven iu Ithe miost obstin~ate stage of the disorder. It is not ait till disa .reoable, and t persolis of tise weakest stoumacli and childreu muay agntake it with iuipunity. It sltrengthiens the digt'stive organs, rerasts an appetite, and sreldonm req uires UMu orn than o1e|oI r inl obstinate eases, two bottle. to either a cure, Thero is tcutiter mnercury nor no artsonic in the umdiciun, nor any thing injurious " to the human constitution. 'FTs proprictors aru BOlr o wall convincetd of its efficacy, thlt t hey agree Sreto retired the price of every bottle which has beeu takanl inl aecordanes withl tihe dirnectons anud has e nnot efkt'aed a a porfiect cure of thn fever & ague, MoeA. OLI'VIER, sole agent for New Orleans, at Pls his whulesaln and retail drug and mnedicinastaore, secorner of Bieiulle and Chartres sres aFor District Agencies appiy to I t o jo T. W_. SMI'/I'II 48 Coati st. IIARROWGATE SPRINGS . uglllll eerll r t s tlllty, Anlnbia. THIREE Di l'I JovUJil E' PRO.II NEl ' ORLEANS. r? L I" proprietur of this establishment has the plea SIure ofe anouncine to his friends and ie public in gelcial,that he will Ie in, the first day of ,Ilex to receive visitde. He will alw o elate for the ob nelit of hlone at t di-lance, hait there aivo been large improvementl ,de, and o(ther, ow going .l and ild rapid prgress for completiotimn, hich will enable the stbscrber to allmallnodtlte a much larger number tha hereltolfc, and at the tillll time much better. Fuailie - can he act mtdated with good roomR,.or those a.,o ireor can have large cailns tLa ached from the anail building. It ist lthled uanea.eea tc r ay anahis in pnarticl. tar of the chary%,_l e ltqid dn s urai41CT rlly hrtteea4 that mm iotafeaa t ttev in eti ern 1... I1 .the amusemlntle that are genrinttU. titJtlthWa.taring Place,.will tIe found at this. The .ianic that this pan of. th. country atffrds, hase aae ged and awllte Iint.aao'trat alttdantc at the I jtprasd irtiag thewhole i seaseon. -. l Ilththtlclbe willl avail Ifimelf of this opi.nrtanlty in returnittg- Id unteignart thatks fr - the very liheral atitart gitei i inla hint Ip"ee I|v the eror nibst ttlat have ihRn inde ia imaprovig ind ex~tctMlig ithe *.'.tmnnliatiolnl, to teri a liberaj ailreting the Itrnent a.altnl. Jf)O UiL.IM. JUSTPUBLISHEL FR M3ToREOlTIT PeLJTES, t e le EdilimEno, :l RQWLETT'S TABLE8 I INT'ERh. STs9 o: r po which is now added no Average Time Calesua Staor, or eas methods for finding te avenge time oaslcagea otesofhse'td or bills of goods, when our b chased at different dates on different credits, and for various amounts; hesidessa useful and complete Banking Thel Time T.'de, the best thatsaen be contrived, or that fi gures can I.riduoce within the same condeased compass, and size of t plc. An advertisement in thie book is in nearly the follow- Til ingwords: M The high dlistinction this work has reeeived throtghb o the ten legislative acts prefixed to the titlepage, is a re- N commcndction in itself, so uncommon,, and so eonclu sile, tit t nothing is necesslry tomore shn Iy way of ad vertisement, to give a condensed view of some of itspe- Mot celiarities: as fer Instance, the Interest has been eomprs Colu ed tifrom,and compared with, what is equivolent to our- Mille teen setseflealcslatione, examined in the press thitty- Col five times, aned printed fromt stereotype plates lested lRole thilrtyty-one times, freom all whieh it mnst he evident Wer evel to thle skeptin (especially o0 tIlu p.sonsl lfthe de- Psi tsttail or rnno ill tse lreface) tIlts tie wecrk mstble r itli- 1(ik nmeticely infallilde, and in conflrmation ot'this belirfea reds prem'ilsl ol'two 'lslssred and tlty dolltars is now onrle- f Ve Sed for the detection at' lt error ofa eeot ill the 1eresenl Ilsi or fifth edition, as expressed ill the preface, naksing fie Phil lasloe Ileensions e.Lied for the samle error since tlhe first No pnlliecatios in tle year'l Stis. One f theo most ceonspieonous features of the tallies is inthle artsnigeelent of the Time Pad Amlounts, which Nes for expeditio.ns, roli're.ce and perspielilsi , with the helpsois of lthe side sell index, cannot be excellet ; alnd tile asaly ty and a'se withl whiclh thle interest can be hfostsndltotse extent of general bushliess, wihonte doubling o0 sums ishesiides s convenience soi essentlial, thatl ill tile estima tion of some oi the lmost cosmpetent and practical bust- ' sass men andl pubeli otlltels' nls hI iade gret u tse e of thie woih, it hls hle. is isitgsistslsl Ihs Iso Isonllotabie appemllation i l'til' ln a "mterIlaoce'". Asnd cossihloelieg bui the infallibility i sit' mietdl o'igisll'y adois ed ncil t compollsil Ilse n. lrk, ln tile extaOrdiluarly ullllmber anda n variety osift, lexasiations li nd tests of'every edition it te hasl assed inl t pre ilss, e(lwilhstnin the whoile is lin stlereotype, cotlidlcrilg, ini shitt, 'lie I )otsiive Iteen'lllslcy lie Ssecsredl I) tile silltp'eccdl'tel r lI Imcas 'slll)lo)odl, tile s mo-n otlele])all:ls )l.o I : c'd ls) em dmtilcll) st yl'ed ' shetil e most ondellllril'ul look nl the was k;" lmoist s ertainlv no iman can names figure work ofthe s ane extent, whicll N since theibeginingol c'reation, has hai the ssine sin- dois, her antd vanicy nf tcsti in the sele umsbfer of editors; tse no, nitr olse llflthe nunmber, as is cleaisly shlowni il Ie ,ed prelhee. clhli ]lesisle, n tesst fold stonlal'rd, it has lsccn tried astdl ni Ireeed cin earl'y all thle lank and Ilpubllic aenes ill the s Uni:ted Stat's, and by tIle public gonerally, during tile ,long period''d of tlirts-'i e s'ts, yet no errore of ili cal ctlamtions Ilhas ever bhev folund inl rint, aloiglsh conltisnu ally challsenged by tile ' ill' of velc' liar'ge' lp'rmims. 'tihe iii flcl express,'l ndiptel hI) i all thee ourts o.finw cl servu:d ofte. States os thu " ratle of cdcnlation I l'fioatlute interesl," .'s also by In. w l'' bank inerest, l aecordllilnglls the bIlk is used, and s 419 5U5 ihe ernll AiA S p.rt, b} .,e anes ol' l the 9uhiscril.r ' ,'d is few of the s bI )se lllent Inllnllh:IS lrs, i lln the s t :ltllheClll of the i k,~lllk SIl nl spes sl snl se l terv clo is ol itzt ns ill everl i I ai I-s I l of thile ni ll Slii S'l F It is lnol'trover well ktnotwt thrat, I) its Lrearl. check," li it lhas sov ftendlletected I:llrge eTrrols, lIoIg aller liet we Lh' t mladh, elven Ihr thIe most caltlld Inlt a lconl le t 1 arilthmloieiaan, flnl it, usClulness, nel tIe ubsohnle au- ir acessity tolr. its us~?, have beenll extensively insisted rtl lILs s; o evitent, imcedt, have beel its silnta.iges, ltsc its c sittings, that, st reli" y l rlsugol , whilst tlell first edillltilln I'wa-as tnl'oe, anll out of prif, a great lhnumber of secol knit hanld copies w.ere soughIlt forii ssomse toi a gCle t dishtance. - and iprcrused at variotS prices, as they could o leasion 1ly beI picked up at lfromll $. to 25 pcr copy, and I somne persolls iave Irceiciv dcllared, lln illslallces icould be quoted tlhat thiley woubll p) .50, tIIth, and e$5lI or d coio, Pi Mnotto Ie hls for less, and .n, indiidusl ill e lhe :tllr inlstallce parlttic rly, having it the so: . timne rxhibitsl atistlatlory o lso, tio saerI P- i s sel that to hintII it was really w'ot that mon and s mor tluungh the saoing of 'iis eerv taeable fink, he 4l heing a very rich umann iii +hlic rflie". II is likwi:se worthy of s note,iml rilled proper sto Seimpre'n, the such is ithe satue of ligi e aulk generallyi alld als eiall t when or the extent and imporloce oi l dii inl the 1suail s :tnt(i"tr \llse., bi the sis)t1 cimpele l e:dllc lal l'r il lthe world, :IdII tilell'ds pristlll d os lcautionly nadllllt hisown cUIreltion of 1is iof Isheets, it ' lwould' idlslsi ti :Ia c :lilll hate .been I1s l · or re-( f'lelllt, d den. ti s any ped ic\ , ais i iI r p llt c dallie- s Iv .Ip tix' lls. s sIIi s;is s.ll ct s nal :ai bllci hl e tli he s! sluorc l isellini . Ies i is C rkl' e n i ' ma , that II I see i re i 1 then, witlhtheii.r n .m sl . Ic l exiitrairdin exasins- si' tii s,ng:li'lst fir' i e Ii' e gefii il ne Iral beni it, hell y ar:e (by 5 vertisecnt) cosslsutsh kept in is a ,tlu.c s I special e saal.dly, exccpt whilus'ne fi inntiu . Lit Ail"Iehdir'ections to find mlth bhanks sal stattr int. r (i' liist ni sseli ' fatess, falow th preliteo., which, in this th i llth as in Ih, t o I ne ding lilti on, l mllo, tmllllt l ll C iln- il I fe'llantlinn t ll.tlilg dil t iwo l itul mscks of conp t-l i m iantelr :h, t'. .1"N c , s i e. Ii i It rI"I 111:111 old to tenksIITIhat, n,.ls t iih ilas l ing this niconll iv ate t r unok, which wlaspublllbe hl el're' i t- 'illl l t rl:s llbles wcl l illtllw'ifla l il dollo:ls all ! lS Iicent e ca ll }eel: alhl ' h . br l so t'x lt,11i''l~, a iiv it l ,''ilr yi 4 i pal ''eid, s ii t 1s is pai til Ih iiie ti-". Il iee Ihe a iI ,s oI f m :i I lhtI. h lUsal ,l d l "lar,, ideslll isirs t 1 I.*"* . llnel , f l' 171I) ui) 1805, s si l nl ilb ' nc ils' l s !s i l I cll c iL - " ,.. . ill 'v it s.'s li' n- 11, ic issi' ll 761(1 (c~le"... n iii,,, ·,1 isislicc s"ilss II)Iia :It 1 t: 1 ,111111. ;I1 :n e11 n Iterp I eeil·( ( J tiii S , " rrx:,+"'7, , mlelloll I tI iieIis cus i l, anlsllJ l i)li -lit ,l i t % t llh ' al ,sli ss t ih icc' d :slis 'i:1' I.llcl's: ' 'i. l IIL'I' scI.H I l llllslle 'ccl i'su, ii.% 111' - .. F :Inci i lclif c I,' ll' p e L, , Il li',s lls n I Is'ii c ;csi I I lllb h sl"ll: ~S l·:~11)·lI,h? Ir, , illll~ ll(; lit,., i~ I.:ir Ii o ,il., l ll ,t ill l: hi . litl I -I 'i s It he \;;j , It ,h ).1 ,,l-.f \V ',rr ils tI -<. , I' ' I, '",I c ,' \c' lli' ' I1.o.I, , sii i..nui sl , . orml. rI ll II"ex. " " e 11 l Otr : t'; f1 t, r. Tarlll 1, ,, r t"Ihe c rLn fi 't u llalt : ' l- ptionl i 0 ' tim alA l I; l plS 1,l "u' It .ll]'s (t' tlllh wk"r . ;. i lll ' hh l l. l thens i i t(lon orll llpl lll, il ,I -, o l l hIull d; Cali c-1"i,,hllcc' '' ' ii'' i I' l hc141c i bis's ' ; I :ii llil '. hl s lllllsnl itl .; it, 1 ;I Ic:r Ii\, or kIns'i evil; ti\ lt, II c a- s , ullnei yphIl t .I ne l's, id all dl iurlrs tf by lelidl ll ln a .t c.Ci t ell , ll the l ill jsis to I i eremy. , i. Also,-Car, & Sehl' r's Ws orm Syr p, or In tit to fret P'reservaltive: tht b,:nt iprepara,,n nw,\ exislt. (ll Among which are the fi llw g:--Ihnl ly, was for colarag theu(air; lhear's Oil; IRn-.itn lhear's icGreai,: oa taslcu; ichaw'i a 'reclo Wash: srei nlcra periur ]'arl Powdei; Lily \Whlte; Crean, oif Ro-es; . by Vg"netdble Rouge; of Ifor,,; ltp S,'ly ; Kre Sle 'T'thi \V i h; Ctsrl lic ])e'rnt ice; rlc'c .ngo . "aV 'la.ocr Water; lPowdur Pul, :n I ltux .; Amerl. on as call (h.larol, i enlly pt up) in ocIIs viali; P.eston Sl; Cologue; sKrsci'to fot'h-ache re t DropI ; Hlir IlrutJde; Enghlih 1re ng Cool,h 'tler Ih.a llair Oil;--wtthl. a ariely of ,thor Perfu trc' Ii ste, c. lr se by L W GLENN'S 'IcitsFU l RIES. I Ill be J C 'TRIN( ..AtRI), \i'' 1ill) \ l'lissIA, iilse' , Sig", :c' d tcil'; tleua Cloth i, No 3 Cua-odele streit, Iwo doors m flom aCcdii : salstsrs. tsI ,e iitlis o I 'se ai s cll ,inl lods and ls'isiess U istlld l . :I lolst ' Csil liesiss' l. is ist l' t c e wc ', is S , 1 HilII1c nll leetge.sie l 1es, .M , , 1";; .ptian 1:black anal gold, ot Vr, O.&k, (.ll:. m Aico Shi!1. C( 'lrhl, ,S li, I' il'h t ili, Ite i olln e .i'd S,sslt tCIIs iforo. cc l sh or IB 'lack .':e eti clll ' ise l'tella, issd s \\Clas c cc d, Atil si 'l'i isiI e'slLi '%'n l C sal's"'ss) slush soil ge I ON T Ah \hitl a, . Il:.I Asd-c.Ls 'o I crli, I is i ilissi 1I' ci'mI. 7 lollw e, ctad Icc sednitscs k C": I lue i i i, ,i .. ..... ..... ! th! sl . t ..... .. lll uIse 1 O , oil t sihe t secs s c ass mils ItessIn lisve i ic scig, oiaO and wiii hookstle uisss p'lcseh,Hsnslh, S'in,,, i.1 aessd cles,. , dtlh I c af u 1unil o112 ''liti tnd-twt i success yIs , hw lruse s s wrse si n a-e l (lso u .... ni, cet' . hic, .'e .... r 'i ssrg, ue a ssl d u I Aort'ls' cices tcierst tics the ssI TEW G(OO)I)S-i lnnons lllurt & o tre nolw re l ceivinl fro. ain I...rd shipn Yazoo, ani d Sentlor, al brig (nIi'-. r '-rl.iiii Nine rka greanlvie ( goods in thlir line, which together with their thfrmel :sck on I.ld, makes laser.ternPil very plete. Tlhe, foll.o.i lln cii inn-ne n nril, vin: I ell tdt,.r,;;ic, t uln . n ui d tl r +lllre n n ln lllli i , h rn l hi fl0 i dil - n:i: ri i )fin n <, I n - dlia rulbber, nilk and elraed ln l ntl 'I rIlPer, a.linen & line elastic nlspenders, lolllnlleo Iand lifir matches, Seidlitz eow'lt'crs, luwdt'rpufn a.nd n xestl~iht Iewder, pocket lhiook+ mdl Iulilel, needle l Iooks, shell, penrl, irory a ut IalrUccU card rages, hl eadl lrn-etll plum co ral "l.,ll+ nllu:k lav+s till| nlle ligec+, bead rtt'nl lrall beadll nklekliee., gcut lnds n lllillrieil.ilV r ld andngilllinlldn , lndiani heihi, bells IIIl lilumlen; piis.l InId pnw Jer lleaksshot belts, horse, belt. pcket and duleiling .istolus;double indsiigle barrelled runn. Bowie knivesa, lndl dirks. n Iislirie, shear, Ipocket knives, guard chains, tln r ibbnlns, woninn bn.kleei lo, cltir, lin ooth, ie ilolib, rnh. shull, phille, flonr unlnd dusting brusheso,' oII)gne, Florida,lavender, rose and bay watnelr,aortel edseenees, nel exlrncn., Mlnacnsner, Ibear, nntique, nd Wnel'n ve getnle ilir oils, shaing IIndI toilel soaps of all des criptionl,nai' and ggaileinin' . ik.s andt dressing cases, hIai rieglets,frizottes and braiils, plalt, fancy and musical work boxes, plain and gilt, igured, coat, a.d a.est blutteas, pearl and ivory shirt do, shint ltudds, gold a.d. kilver penil ases, totllpnckn and,plated .strd-gl"akets, rinlattlre de, siver, hbrass ad abteel mdrn~ ts amnl eyes, air Ipil5s,Oiluoion frullblk and 4ti un Iduanking, viulinrus and guimao,ribbedl -And plin inn pa, li imn ,twine, scented cush te.eold anld fringe, lorler fpaner, gtms bag,.riling wi'r -,iilk ,aeIi ,plalur g earled, liot oldplnta .-.l . ellr n, . 'Ybr sove, etogs. air wit, great variety of other trlsi rle are ullinare at r l ton accounnodating MAILn ARRAN(iOaIMENT Norlern Mal ) Due Every Day at I4 M. M i Cltod Evory day at 10j A. 8l Wetar Mail. f every Sunday, Wednesday b v o, f /r F. id y, by ., 1'. •. SFy lh Clones every Maniay, Wednevda (.eaa -5 and Satumrday y by 9, P. 1. The ake Doe every T da, Thursday, a ThrrLa.tMall ltlurda y 5 P PM. via Cloeae every Monday, Wednesday TIMEB OF ARRIVAL,DEPARTIUlif DISTANCIE &ce.,of the Express Mail, betwwlr. Menile and Newa York--leavin Mobile daily at 3 P. 1. Northwar New York ditly at P. M alhcttwrtl. S Ariroe Arrive eNorthward. Distanee. Time, Iteurn'g Mo.agmery, Ala. lpra, 19m. o's 23 l 12m. . Celtmbus, CiO. 11 h' 91 3tm Milledgeville. Ga. ' 1323 |144 8W.l ColeiltbiR S.C. 71am. b16 17 1. * nleig ,N C. 51 215 22 12 t arrenronnV, 12 mi. 51r ~ . 'Peklrsburg, Vta. 210 pm. 1f 10 9na. u l{icheoml, Ve. loam. 21 3 64 Fredericksbur, 69 7 11 p s, Woelhiingt .vi., I psn. 61 14 i iIlnltito r, 6 Philadelphia, i1 am. r15 11 New York, 2 pma. IS Ij 5 iti . 1305 ft13 he or 5d d Northward. Coming loenlthwrrdthao te to asix hoi les; being-5 days snid'17 hours. 'I ANAWAY roin 169 Onrondetle corern of llevil S1 Alrelets,o tIhe lilght of 30th of A.0liet, atnd was sentaie rext mnorning ill Peaydra etre, e'vgro boy ionnd fI CIIAIttIES, abolot [7 years of ego, nail 2 fee' Sor thierenbouts in hiihlvi r hlck, anr hl n nil he lmdt isri in his eprcehi, oilsa of bin 1lts it sore, orean.onod by u rou.t ll -t; he haed on when lie wmle awny a mwhis . llull er linen shirt and white celotton pItalooIe. llnrsters of vessels and steam boats are onaltiolnd as ghinst receiving or harboring sold negro, as well a atal it Itteir persolnt, nIs Ite Iltnios rigoour of Ith law will hlI tnlirtrrtl naintt It~Ihi. 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Illti clnl lnts, nd grmral index of eille,ll FOR TIlE CUREI OF Scrfulhi or King's Evil, (Chronic Ithuntnintsm, lChronic: (Cutlint Itin- Puins in the Itlten, by froe .es,' uise i of Mercury the Iloil teing in vitiatetd stnlte. Ilhit very conenlltrted SyrIi i ipiprepared with tie gitreuiitt ph;rlanll l tiehnl are atlu lmltlnrnalld contain the alulirve pricipi of Sarsapallrillta in ihin inont con:ee !rllu7l log'le, lnlubitd wititih r vegiltabl llbstlltbon of known elhieny. Thei geat desid,rnttum with plhysirinns in being abl tc exhibit in 1hrgo qlnilty of .atlrapnrilla in a nitn hs, lies Iitol obtainlhed in this pre inrntion--they, bill fnlv cnvinrell of its merits, cooadethetieadmininster the'nr,nrae otithlir piractie. Price 1 501 par battle. ohld only at SWAIN BltOrtlH EIt's Ln g store, No. 1 I(tlltl streat, wihe inily Ila InU, frehl and geninl, dire i frola the lba trie tlrn, wniln'sa I'nanaten and Vertiifige, aotlers Cl.tLaoll col, Cirr tener's Prepurations, and a large and glletra asorthleat o" fre.h drl g, lwL PINNOCI('S ROMEll, &e. P INNOCK'S IMPIIOVED EDITION OF )DR I aoldntiiith's Alridgmiaett of the Ilitorv of Ilotan to awhich is lreixd ln Introdtl:tiinl to ite Slitv o Ilolanll isilltry, and a great varietv of valuabe iler Illiol adlledl "throlrgOholt hIeI1 work, 1 n tihe MIItnlIlll iltnitations and Antiquitien of tihe Rattins' with ne nusirn biograaphlcle and hiistrical Notet; anli qell tiota for exanmlnatitn at thie ill or eachnt etia... II. lstrateDt witl thirty engravings on wlll, by Atherlon Itinonc.t'a Ita troven Etthiitin al llir Golislttlita IHiltory of EillalB1, ionlll the lanasion of Jutlius CtIean t the drettlih tf Geourge id, with a rotinothinllt to the yeai I3N. 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