Newspaper of True American, March 13, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 13, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 122l CENTS.-- ----- --- - ----- --- ---- ~ ;;~.~;~;;;~;~;;-__ ; _~__: NEV ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH I;1(:I 1139Ic~Z uaanilnuudr agreed to at an ndinurnmi Inceti.R at' O ( LO BARU d"CO'S Borctn ",.i~ Ne', Orlenldy i ( 1,? 1ýlY'J.(1ll Iq, UIlt ",, 1:I(Irl11.t, .ý-.oc.-,n~ \ llr~~;;;~;t' Tcerm of the .Pewsaper Press of New Orlean uaoilnoev agreed to at 00 adaournted mteting of thle Proprietoro, hold tn tilhe lth of Marcl, 1837. Svuoalnarlons.--Tw.lve Dollars for thedaily pa per anI:lt, payable etoei-aonutaly in advance: tol dollars fr lthie ieweakly country paper, payallo one rebr ill advance, Where ono city reference is given. No Stbsetriptlon will be dlibonntinued until arreragens or sottled. In case of di eontinuance, one week's notice isn seitng must or invariably given, previous to th xpiltion of subscrlption. AIIVtaaraTi .-OII dollar per sruare for the first nsertionn, and half that price folr eact sulsequert noc: na material alteratitn trot tile original advertilsement will be charged as a new one. YeoRtA ADltrnaRcann.-Merchants nlld 'Tra'er, arty dollars ft English alone, nd sixty for both Ian. ,ss i Ras ansurance Oces, and otler rimiar pull n stitution fifty dollars in English only, ani tighty for both tangla ges; Shlip aunt Stembanoa Fee are, or Ltmntlissiotn otrchaont sixty dollars ia Englitll tie, and leighty for ltth langttigOs. MRRIASIor e, OnarrTAe NoTrIcas, and ortirles enll ing the attention of the pubttlie to sales o pIroperty, tardae ofr passrengers, bnefitt,, c. &e. will be thalrgi Sonea dollar per square for the first insertion in eaell la Cota1sccanoens, or Advertiements, of any persoin a nnature, When admissible, shall hbe charged double, and in advance. A deduction of twenty.l1re poraent. will lie mtoad to Auctlonteers, lrera, Reaglstarr of Wills, annl lnrhaols a etsnes of cal state, pulnlllhed in botil lngSungaes nod 1S par cant. in Eaglish aloe : t0 per clcit. oin aulan Ho' other property. ADVstigteinse out of the direct line of Ibuasioess tnf ttIhaetssier,0 aell as lgca, auctio a , i an lilnta Son sales, eaawmaylaves, stray animal., &e. &.. will he charged for sopa.eately, and at the ordtinary rates. ADVomRTwaasalTa not specifieAd as to time, will Ie " iublilshed one month, aid charged aeeordinorly No adrsrtisemeuts of bankrue.caies will ten poblishe n any case, allless paid fer previous toiinsertlin, or payment ganranteed by n responsible parsee in townl rlntres and oeher places of alnosement, advertisinit daily trthe season, to he charged $100 for L.nglisa a loat, and $150 in both l aguanesa. All annonnem nt of candidates for politicl eft'tts wi'l be chaged dourble the price of otlhr adveisr, llltnts. Owing to the imlnlneee loss ststnitcd by nrwspapr ' prorletitors, tle liare cois to tile cntluiin that ttlh etatsn of persans whosi IoeenAta }liln Ihov t s ln id ithia one anoatli after Iprseotat I m, shall ie tt t nuowa (sn far as racticable) to el:ltt ottle--tlhey thli sting thelntaIves not it, advertise or plrint fur ot lI selillqnetent, aless ill case ol n dso.nee pnay.entl. ibigned) J., . I). v. RT' IMIIS I. IIAYt)N, I'. P. RIEA, J. C. PRENI)FIRGAST' JOHN 1;IlSON, LUMSJ tEN. IVoeeq Preee.-We, tic .iitdersiigdotl, igree to abitie ty ,tne iabsve t.tatltioa, an too Iot tey ae ojUJJlicaltle to 'eolV papers.. (itgaetll A N. I AWVFI:VCr., Letters nmeotew.i ell oae. be nost t it.d Et .I.PEE PE NS--Fa~ 'i Ni. I, . 3 - lt-trei s l Janiel,\Velnr Ti, Fell' ltalrge trrel ptu Coigreos lart dt 'erry's flat slpring it do Itall do di :1 slit do do iit Dule alntrt do d GillhltITs brel di do daiolll do And Gilhot's C,,omercial., for ole at DAVlII FE'I' l Clo 21 Clltnvtr. ste. felO . . . . . ..N _ _i lHllM ~JnUGAIt & MItLtAStE-IO h ltd-i) .tstu , I101.lO) gIlls Molrsern-- ,pla Iothit tiit , Ito e ."ity fir eile bly AlAMSt & WtlIrnAII 1 f,.ti--en G7 (;rarier st G LAS.0--. i. sttre for ahil lv et6 Sll Al. -Il. t)\V N,! !,; ,ntr ..inct IIv Messrs. Kelly, Ilurris & in'. Pos.+(+siua giv -n nll tllett Fel'rtlas ll ----e pl+IV to i; ml' P1T11t'CIAItlI iJO T)AtE)IIRJ, ,o21i rte l'+,vdrua \ . t it ..iit 't H! iEIOliiJii)S. SjAY'S LINIMEINT.-No Fiction.-Thin .a l traerdinary chemical ctlpllnsition, tllI rerslt of science, and the invention or a celebrated lnedi cal maon, the introdarll ,n of which to thIe pulihe was invested with the solmulaitty of a deatlhbed bequest, has since gainaled a reputatia auplarnlleled, fally antuailinlg the orrecrtalss o tdie latiment5d I)r Gridleny's lat acnfi'esioen, that " hle dared not die without gi.inr to posterity the belfit of his knowledge on this aulbject," and he therelir)a blqueathlld to his fiannd ad attendatt, SulmonUii Ilays, the sacret of his din.avery. It is new uted in the princillal hospitals, and tilhe p.irale pmratice ill ar eatltry, fat anld ille rnetainly feor the clure o the Piles, and so extenIi aivnly and elTecintlly as to bIrllftlr credulity, unilel. lwhor its effi!ets al witnsr.xd Externally in (haI dlnawint collmllallta. For Dropsy-Creatinrg aelrutrdilary alsorpti " -t once. All Swellingn-Redallaci thoIn it a firw hotlrw Rhellinatisi--Acute or Chronic, giring quick Sere Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Coills. Croup and Whoollpig sough-i-l'.atrnally, anld over the Cheat, All UBrNiis, Sprains, anl BurIns-Curing in a few lears. Soros and Ulcers--Wlrrther fesh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adullt and children in reduc ing rheumaltic nwellings, and loosening coughs and tightnern of the clienS by ielaxation of the parts, lhas baeen surprising beyold concleption. 'Ilie contlnon remarlk of those who have used it in the Piles, is " It acts like a clarl." THE PILES-T-l'le riec, $1 ir raietrnd to any person wife will use a bottle of Hay's Linillent for thle Piles, and return tIhe empllty bottle without being cured. These are the posllive orders of the proprietor'lt tohe Agents;i and out of manty thou. salds sold, not one has been unllrecessfil. Wt might inisert certifatela It any lenlgthl, but prefer that tlhose who sell the article, shlluld an slbit the original to purchalars. CAUTION--None can be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is iiy name, and also that o thle Agents. SOLOMON IIAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & Co, New York, anld by one Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale by thn Wholeslai Agents, corner of Commainan &. Tclloupitoulas street, anid by the Apothlecaries generally, ju30 - %O CUIlE NO I'A "D IR.JOIINSON, Olffc I 11( Ilienuville stre-et, cai Stitan lr piracice to thie Imrntuiitent of Vintrail Disease, in all its diltbrlitl irlair. I)r. Jolno, frolml a remidelace mI nlmany y'earsir Ilmi pilllls in Eisrloli, devrtrd to th tl rreatlrent of Venellreal liieamnr, nalld tm his re1a ant xte..ive practice ill hat plartlicllar uranch of lh Ia rlrllricil, guarailten a nafi, p leedy and stlecllal cumrtelll h rrri sl les s a re Ilorlled with lally of 'te aIlloihlCg cliserein, viz: (Goarrhera. 4ileuts, t.siliterrsr, 'lm,.rner, Iluhos, Sertineil %VecklesRi, .i. l.inlse ofthe lllalldderr, Kidlneys, I ias, Urethra, Prostrate tilaud, SwAllrd I esticles, E\:ruptions nall the Skii, Sorea Thrroa, Pains ini the i, iit ml rous evni Israrar a" I + pr I., U -- .5+, rtsi.rsrjluat.., * ,..m-..a,,mrgenmrallyflritw IRenllt ruse elltdm in two or three days withotll the lse of MercuIry, is!l trnrtillon roll business.,, or allten Iiml iar Ia ioiale oftliviig. A mlediicille to preretl Venereal Disiease rea lie oh tallied of I)r.Jiohanson. It is lfroll the recip of te Blarn Larry, a celebrated tFrernl:h Slirgerul, anld was saed ly Illi dllring tie rrnverlil ii rwhich lie served as Surg.iaan g rltr .l i[ll tIFrec L-IAaln'iri. Sold by Dr. IJlloson, at his oilice. 'I hoel: Ier~ols having anlly affelttion io Venereal liseasen, anI ll 'ollt tkintl r. a voyagn.. or rimovinlg to theo la unlltrr l wonr ll do well bhy ivilg I)e. Jolnson a call, as proiper Iledli rhses lorr ater airrs in the I lsrllrtr tilale ca be tUt iup wilh written dirrcliona fr their lral . Office openl froml 7 in tile Iornilg ntil 10 o'clock at night. ABEIRNTIIY'S )YSPPI'1C 11I[il. Ir. herllellhy, llr gretet ril I i!rlll+h asreslildr wRi opipillo tlhat nilP-leirlha of tile dlilu.ces thairt arlect meatlkiid originale in the rhistlach.l 'lsis Elixir ias used bl Ilsii with llae most lunprecedelnted succrie ini ris prihals nd pIuilielt iirnallct e flmr irurda of olirly years, fir Ihn rello val of le follwilig dienarar: Lor erlrltletiterFlntuIillrry, I)iunliiiill sh thn Stolin actl,Pail n the aside, Ionnviiiesrllf Ihso Head and incli lneiua n lanslseeplrregullhisy ol tile lhwels, anr d ill all .lansia where ladigestiron a i .iuvelialital i filund to exist. T:'Iie sndincine mrtst not be nllrlien rined ligr thre hriol fllack enatrri noa w before tr lhe uc wiit Ilil it, n is til sole ineartislo ol' thae lleat anrd llelarst sailifi. eurgr-li Europe evar iriduicedr lnd Ih sercret ilf irl.ilring it a Illrlchaled byIt tleaen frier t vry large Slhan. It in agreeaele am I lleanaan t t tohe ir-te, ney its is rihl aifer ietr.alwaya keeps tler I, owel fre, iiparls vigoar rend tartrengln the snastrrl, cand chelr o lir rrey to tie iid, onsd a few tlliRt Iarmetm hi nilst confrrliled cs l en aI Ilyslrepsia or irdiestionr, arid provensil a re urli at al.y future period. Ntw' YonR,17tlrh Aigils, 1838. :15 hllisOii.Ininial. SIR:--Irn Ollaaq.rlllnelilaflearirg it edenirary life, I lave beni tIroubledli irne or le, raitns I.tlligesAiiml lhr "sats yearas; lr tie last three years lily ist h iiirngn irave linen insuppnrnable. 1 have tried several lryaicinssl and a nuisbarof lUnck ii ndliieren, withunl dler'riig tiliy binelt., I delpalred of ntar olsainiinr lay prnrlallrelll reliaf, andn reeined lmvsolf rl th lJsl llnlpless despalir I waan Ipersundadd by nlnny frienirds la o tr Aboretlllhy' IDye laetin Eliair. I have noiw iiaheisrd aln . it th hot tle. ani knlw inot Irw t11 expraesiir¥ ri rairiri iC ite --oanderful virtues rnd lhea oihracleth tll i)s eririrned in llanri an ito rthat r heallh wlhich 1: I iilghi lnst for. aver. irndlln mehalf It dlros bottle a" e and a excer ay thlanks firr btelerssrigs youn larn C itrr red lly e sl0rili w IItU Io Iheallh. I re`iin vours, "iciOB MONIIOE. rile agen lila. in hit laosnenrin seh lhdred .li simnnonlas aimilar h, Ihi an.loiraP, Ith etiaIlrdhlirur vir lines n c lhin rirslediir . roldil y nlIplhil ilis, t Ll)r. Juhisall's. Il Bieosille astreeI. liv. PENSACOLAI MANSION HOUSEI NEW CITY, PENS ACOl.A. T HE subse : rihrhlavlg purchtaed the lease ncd fur I llure, Ir lis well ki,wn nstab lllnanta, frot lr, 'Taylar, tile lte iloprieor, will be ietady to erot ive ti:,. term by tlhe lot ,i' April next. Nlnerouls lotd cortly imperovemlents will be firand in tile arrngetntnt of thile anl o ioo Hlnet. Noew olll more cominodiogs hatllin; proere will toebilt, ,an warm Iball will be. prtoidel tt al Ioars. A stlable will he atlaclhed to the Inutoe, wil!! goat oacettnlltodt ioot l .r horses and carriages. Iriso rat. and carriages will also be klept ,o hlir, at odrs ies utid tsail and ow blotowitll persons to Ona Oge Ilei flr the Uo0 oflTisaitr. Jillirds and oinh I!lllr e lll(llla Vtelelly lotinal at watring ilnot,o, will alsot liettiolned, oalld so cotluced :is iot Ito ilnterre withl heloatir and quieteofthe bourdtre. 'The win and liqlors will be of tllhe etl quolilv ald to eoslrem a u0 l topilyv el iie, a cargo lihs alrady,lo htt odored, which willl anr. abol t the 1 4 t ,d ly . Mr Fred.rick lRt alrd, who formerly kept so popuain. a Iotelat WualVllgtonl c:itv, will co dact Ilia iht el Ilo thie proprietor o, tno, with oicII oil,cotldently assnre: Iho eltiler.n of lnt year, od Ilia frietns gteneral y, tlt Iltey will rteive every pooaible r.ttetiio; nd tl crlrby egpolts Ito give genertl satisaction. 'The lctIII ttdlttlgtagS of llta ltermt ere too well nowl t, It l eed ta lellgt.tend derl"tiplit l Ier,. 'Tire lioel'tdot Plensncollt ia.loe largotl tat l t ention of tihe ;ovprnlent Itohe geuertl rentdeevtto of l"t (tltl esuadi. rn tile .ltluottey otilt o lillte refahe o:l 1 y(11 d( illn the ullnter iottt hs tbty Ilt e coolest I tretllt, ti.i t hoo(;lllf thleiba ly t Of ttt blyte ol te Ieigtytrllg lallnd anld rivers illle ubunduucr nd I licuev of tile f1i1 will which the' waters ,.be Id; nod its proximity to th, Iheot Sotllern iatrkets, oive l'elntola tho Ito rletle e over t ll oil er pll' es in Itlltee lttiluhtlr , a lezlllthn ultid eligfltftmnl llUurro~retml|, .lrot rato healt -till trllt , helwtee l'rteaos l nlod Mf bie, ,otd will at ial liltes ie alo:l to take the itateugtrc rontl loa New Orleall bouts. N I ARNOLD. t'ranecol,, Feh. 15th, 1531,. g l7 (Ilttlelttt 'ihltitg to e.n:ce roomlllo for their flltiliea, Cat t lldllr.o itolhe, l w, optll ot, r, Iatll cola or er Sewll T Taylo', the ltrmtcr prulprhetor, at Ne,v Or. call 1. Kefý"r~rrnr.s 'I' Sanford, EI q, Tl:C t:lnltt, Pr 11..lhllit, I":q., It. Kitty, it tltoh.le; ,S '' Taylor, I' I.' R a, E'mt l, it Ne. , Otlertt.. pI' S-A lotte. l , Ito. tt( t iv'i ·e Plllllllllrn ti oetitt FIr ic'o ll lt ,lh l l e I t:+t l,t i. lorel . a l i eu(. t W hilllaI.P dll.e, ..l St t.:hnrlea Ex.hlu;:haae. FLtRIDAlli h)i~ll.: FII'I NEW' YORtE I" RI Truvl~l let levI w IIln+II I lI,\la the l lloI itl In moteI 'I homm will t e':ttrt, run trim. Blllile t~ I'e;sacOlm, I(llo siih Mrvlrrr lu he ll n rditu":Ir to tIt(' 1111 Ili--·1\u Ilirs Ir II: MloIle, is iiau of air: Ctinter of the Its, e N It Ai.Nf11ii i 'l~baoest~ssiIanis;,hn l,.s Thd steaoatll ('11111 un Iu. s 'y 11," 5lil fur I'r coht Jlx P. a eli i"II l I ecivimt; dadll y limi III I ,- s~ In H 1I I'illlnl'( lllllliil , an tle(nnI al l cempl rlId os's'y osr' 5lususbte sald faslooneble rllolill Thuy Invite uIle nlosn" Is li ss u1 th oh , it; :heyI sr, Alsrotf i, -u IIII . Ba Lralllrrs mid vi rllilr 119 I ltanll lorlr i them1(111 sett- movnee ndvaulaiicuuu41 ill anly CIty fit the I II SIt &' till N. \ 15'" S sti R A l'i( ew d x- l iINrydi 1)01(1fro 1-1 jIosd1 t sissl,+. Asoi n SI , o r 'iii 7IIM IIICI 11 1l ., 11111":N -.l 11kill-ou':+ 11elillal· i\ (rllrl '5 Nlt Y'l" llllo haIsr Hom'IIh., tu t r", tu11i end min with rll kl·lI eif Iv and rel. talln lly, le llmi,, he skinl I1 1S' ''1 .1I".1 ": N 1,.' ''tchun I ll (it . S t N11 I,""+ .\ 1"I·I·I(·I ·l S I J1'Il III 1'\1:1 13 4'..1111, rlllll )Ilt'I 1'1l IOý ..1 rll,"nilr I . .,i lll'll\ ..I' I'leerh Il l1 .ý. tleq l 'k+, I; o w· ý " r,.'- :11, 1 I,;,t elm I',.r .nlr1 - Il5\1111 I'1:l.711 (lle II l·I ýI.I *Ilii' I i r\1' 11 11111! ; d .-, I. ·1 '1'1w" 1'o I111e ~' I ·1 I 11(-r K ,"rltwrm l It 1.11 1 .1~ 1111 Illl, lll1 ,- l'1ou 1 iv II. .- 1i 1 I='y i " 1'1111 1,1 R11·()1 A 7 slo li a I ',.m~li '",II --~1 t ,1 -i '-, of o;,y ll lill ill. :Ililll rvle e \ivll· e ie ,I i 1 ?I II I,, (I!-l oil, of I.1 y 1! "IIII o·ev s1 ()l ri 11,,11,;..,. U-, )11 ea l.+ I. en rli , , it, 4". t-, h ru-ev,:Io .lI"el., f It, Il I:, i, ýII ,b . Ir r e . ,II : + , l'I S I(l;,if 3 333l333tla 33tion tib.3',' the rite, 13e 3 tr S/ 7 lAI . ll I i lt:'- l.\V, G . N,,7 I I nk I'IaeI.I mi ( 3ied 3n3l furs , 1' y I . 1 lTir t)\1tN, 111 '11 i .'. ill s11 I) l3'l ' . lt- I1133 ll3 1 illa 33 tl33,t 3,l l fur s1lI e Iy 11 T jill '33 .I331 3 (rl3A3'3 & (' ,,1 (.I3I',133 dr'3s313 !1 3Ilt1.N'I' I tlll 'llI ( h l il '(r _' ires s+t., ht lh, i l di lllk tay l irr I n ulr l l u Orl,la o llrt e Illf [rr e+ ,iuellln lldll ill mlic:l+ Iretlll ioI, alrl al p iii the H' 1h', '1 P I Ill 1 M 10 ilTkIII< .ilJ( & I i" i] i l UR A lAl \('\' DIr i'(lllIC .-\l ;Th hrllis ell pa teal w I t'ti1n' g fro3 t , chip Al3rx1el r front h rtI f3 3r 331 I'33 bI'" 33 '333 llll /:l.' -jlo 3 '3j' . 111111 <f- - - l:l.\t'+Sl..'-'---t Tc 1 :o his enr f yl obseing i~ ll 6rr ln thi yrnrz I .n wviir vr # ol j'iutnc i. e. fou.a l i In 7 r gun r b ieve Illl s, l C lu me i ht lu, a Io; r it n 331 rIle rsP r c lWihed fct, :-llI th Gari ( Alice I Itonk ih sI 11ii: I[ 44 3 V \ll1r I :u1101' e 1 313c3.i.13an , . 3, 3 r "-t t lll':+i-iii P! . I t:" = ' :i JTY, l d ]. ('7, . - -',-;T..' The isoI dailiy. iia " I the k t l I,' ortl s... 'I ,,l r f i s "1 l , 33 ly ' -A*3ir- ,11li3l3d w 'i3'h 3l ' I33 1 .c1ses i l e 1t 3,lll' lll;"lr 33r3bii s3 t3 3 33I lllll El I Ir. 0131 • 3333.13 3I "I3 I t33 t3 3 lll3 ' l3lll. l 'd ill 331 ih srcm meti i' s"'pi . 1 t e 11 ,1i l11131 3(-r1 a. I t1 3 a31 33 all, try i3 , 13133 3 1ou will 311 ar 0 Il. 13 1 13 • , 313" ' 13 33 3)blis )ieis, N 333 Ord,.tin. St333 33' 3 ,I ' 1313. rin 3 3ll we 13a 3313 333 ( n 3llhe suI '1 3 3 lverl vis ild our coul lr', Ill bel \,l s .;C slluii I I _llr - II S ' r3' es a33l3- t hir ck Illnc.3 m3l t' l a d o f1'Is i ul3 e I o \(l; l wit3llll Illl I . 13 I i. i b1llg iC "33i3133 Ii llil'S.31113 '1 -- 'tiIs nidl . I133' u t hp inetye d by ithe .roprito anir l s w I,th ln I . 3nled I , hisc i car hul leSr. . ei,,t a3,r llllm ' a3t Sill ill 33n ea 1 v o3 3c13c , i .ad all 3h1 3 33s3.:s, o te , i be rsilid Al I3 '.r sev n~lt liv'' ' lll3 , i l i m31 rl!kenii t l he lli ili with Ich e diltcin :l evetlr of r- d believe o edit in i,% s 3 m ole 1 why lertle nl rfnh tlil iy olleer :rlltw, llH' ll n t l reaclel, al tun is-c ,l , 10ciely. It is wlt h i 1 3re 'le 11 33 dol',, , I all th tal'dies which n li lt t l l a re h ca" , fr 'ut3 Istl d 3h 'lle fact,[lltl wh n t31 3l n ti o trer,, 1t,.1 ,each i3 a3311, P 3le 3inT ih ril e 31 333 33e 3 a 13h and he 1. ahure 33 thI .d se,-s, 3 i3331 " 313 11 I r 3 ed..ol il1'i 33l3ll to 1-3t3e 3 313311 33s lcr 33l33 13'he la3c3 is3 da1 ly 3' , 33 i ll 333the 13 133l10. d a o3 the 11, In, Iand .1il et IhAI rS, it 3 h3 e, zL , vi3 lel3 t cI ds [ibe ll) 3i13 1ilh y 13r331 i Dll)o3 l w3 1 rr31 ) ih3 d in33t' ,l3 1 r'3c1 1l 31nendin3 3 il, 1 I3ll 5he, w11,,3e r 33lled 3 ip ii fromiI 's33ol3 tit t which they 1 lo e to the I)lll313ti3f ll3 3 t Ill 1ay l 3t ll, 11 1ry it, anl1d 3 ou will h.ear amphl l t.ll' - 11y i 1. all we IhIa e I id lIn ihell si'3j3i0 . The ch.Ieia i l Il, t o 'lilislou l e thi,:h lhe IUI 3N1A14 I'.\1 ' \((AILS, 1: r.L' i 'Ahss..uri; $ i nd is a 3nd is1.3cthdirectio .. I 3 .....ini gln , z......... S Li, c of Packet Siips._-l'hl new line of shllips hla been expressly b'ilt to run between the ahovye ports, and will be found of nsuitable draft of water: accommlodations for passengers, and every effort will o mnide to give gooeral sattisaction, The ineo is composed of the fb'lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J llarding, Carolinn, 400 do S Lemist, Chalilerton, 374 do I) Ildridge, Coalinmiana, 625 do I Barker, Seatnman, 240 do J IIowes, Bombay, 625 do D tHumphrey. The above ships are all now, of the first t lass, copper lit.tlend and coppered, commanded by men of great expeerence, have largu accommodations, with a separato ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to pa sengers, and the very cestof stores pro vided for thrsm. Tihe packets will be towed up and down tihe Mis sissippi, and the strictest punctuality o'sesrved in the time of sailing, and siould the regliar vessels be detained in anrrivig, other ships equaliy as goad will in ill cases be substitalted. A shaire of fatrait agn is solicited, and tie agents pleldge tiemseolves to acconlmodato an InaUCt as )rUacticable, to receive and forward goods by said lineo at the most moder. ate llcharges and to advance all expenses on goods sllipped, if' required. fThe ships will leave the Ist and 16th of every mouth. For freight or passage, opply to the agents. J A MfERRITrIf', 82 Comla on at. N. B. Advancenomts nade on consignmo.:ts to Mrenrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. ;0 kegs lrlok en Imuller , 15 boxes Ilipurialtra, tki i h.ohoenntial do., i0 ]all'blhrl.s Iheail' .n.Dl, l( le ll l l l ( Ip A , f sue by f.5 i l ' I' l 'tl l'CII Ifl) & Ji'. , EbI 1l1 IC-;r , NII Niter Sltiti; Th: Conrat 1iar n ,ri I'm t r rul I'g , r l.vr Iviln u le tl;c l } ' ae p 'r , (I to \\m yillo'nllo i/ Ip iveur l Cl I Irliioll l]lr in llh ir)r um h li ple: n i) h l i E te lll e t of litre f t tit ierll. i ttrtill t I t o lgnd Itotu lie pe rt(i ll Atil l ; I i g i 'k'll,. Ill'ert l ah i U i'r I e ' ar o i r pr e I ; \ i , the al t ilv, I P. T IN N' h I l" e II : . I th l br r"i l" u' i l u i i r ll II rl vII, (cn h " CO "[(rvlll Ind ,, inor ftlr llr i.htnr by A I'leclue; tne:u i'. r'tri'.r (urti re olrille.. Jui r, ceivd and li y r le wol ) fi C. 1"Y" 19 ('atrp tr 10N 1 (i l u / j i I pltndid I .lla orl i oflll i llli .l ne (u d ] ,o 1 .p r l t f.ire 'i t'air.i ttctllljniari.. d lilns' tilag fPel, Iclres-l f (l.rlllee , box s, Itlll Ia bo es, ,xl I(' f. is tdlo I.budl d as I peatrl shell nad ivnItr 'v n cu.rld lamt s n.rlJly inl,·ila, I. ilh p(arl aend 1 ig i.:k/rti bo kle, pur 1e l u'a IIIt -l r tllh- , i l Itn ilell i'r tt , t e. , fi ller fl ell kinds, v' Itlerv, &,-,at ' li 1T : I.\Z A I[ d0 I r St" rCiare, & Cosmro, 4. il{ . ,l ,n ~llt T1'O TI ,l' 1A ,11)EAO L l .for n. icin s'_ j 1 ""Iue t 110 llhar from tIe faclie, mck ill t ]ld k a P ill; Av cTilllil I . Ill cerait , lea l f(; i sk t ermil e rirrthaki qr thanaefor i the cclial ir io ire." .. t1, , 1 I., . \I 'I i l 'l l' I.t I''IIIN(i . I '. Itr u i1N &i CO., ?N. :, g z e s r, (lolhin , anlind will +.<lin l" to r,,.iv, s- l ltvo I r Lf t t l tie ir esrru t britirgt I 'tt 1. 1 h l't TIst: l a pll ~lari. w.'ill tlhl. trhie t'. t uptIt: Iit , rcl hol e frimre I.i'a 1'll ll lll III1' . a lllllr" Ir lrn t :d; ft r r ilt i wholee alht Sr1 il il 11 :llllll lll ll l I o,11 . -. - - t r I. " ;n E bA IL 'rib ,r s t a e I nh . .rtriset I thl v irrratro -, "fdtci xhill thet l I itath itl tt ii i O' ' ().\ l '-. 'dlthr i: h i'ml n o rn, b r it "',.ke lt iv • (llll yllrd, '0: i t e lrett it r tI rf 4:t\' !ll)()KN--Itoh . llu-l; 4t, tle utitiirr o lit li '1 isl. in yolnume.,, <.olell , , '1'1" llel. II 'al' II d IhI i't l tll : lr fS i nert, 'sllhP(.l l oflt ''nit' f :l te l. faol l \ ll ili ll" & .m irtr ill m 'lg ein e i 'Tlhu'" (is'ylt-' tie I' za r, t l I Ie - I hf ill v1W,, ! l1( I, a to 1(,e. I "dir, w~ill Bull it 105 erlllll1Ial cl"l l intr llnee.d to th, puhlit. I U:4I l A I.I..:\N, - ! - . l-Fancy tre, E:xchange lc tel r+ NGI.III WIl I' I f': EAh)-- (1 k e ] a'ecl., i_'1 I t do. 28 lia; 15S0 do., I1I * j ust, Fcived, ,nd tfr stale by li,1" 31 C'ANNUN, l I T'ehopit las st 0(I'Pt ING I'1 l SSiS-Ju,.st r.eeivd i d-zr . httithes' Putent lever tCopving l'lo foe r sitde byI)AVIII ELI ' & Co feI3 N 1' Stalioyner- Iall,'.1 Chartrest t ''nl itS.ntII f Llllill otlte . llr\ · lrtlllonl l lJ ' O"h't Cto, ,l Ft.t o anI d K.;;, tt ware Co lltt ry IetA ellnul.: are paRTicular \ Ml.lli,.'? ('0orn 11ill ,,he t1 ,.oin sbhcl er, nsr n.. (il ti der (0l6l. , an el er va1*I' • IIII " rity v 1f lnlrllhlll_ I .° llld ".111l t , lie 1(,il( II* IIIIg s an lrg e .l',. 61 (: " blun ks tall llnrl'ilrlllllfll , ll tllilo l· ltl nh' 1(i 1· k; limi.t" llnld 0Irll:lll n0l1 h'tve ; anll ll all . l' i; ll ,, t. Ic ) ihl l( nOllllf*, ll-il ,. IIIii dP - ll. and d t rii (lhn ole Ii lli (mor 1 E( •6( me app0o ted agents Ilr thi .t esthhisbIrlt. ItOlil'IrT IN'cL.\ li Jr i . ... fit!) S.'iti. llen(i d i Ai 1 lllll tet ursll , lltallimdore `(1:11'-i 86; il mes- Io ut Ob 'Ig 'co' bhrd? JLt /ý (1:0h1,.lacl?, se 4' °l'ruwbrldg,", (eo· go Robbi andi .1 II hllhr(; Ior sale t v jtll IoA.\( I5tlll 1iGE.& .&n, I:I lnen:iio st I Ci:IIANGEI ol Nr 'w Io"rk. folr tleh t b t - A ANI).LWS & I3 ;u'.?, fell 5511| ('mt p siretP SUt;L\1t-';l I 1 l. tite. o o Ijalo tatir ,. l,'t sale Ittt IIItt 1tOtG.Y Iltil\\'R N & Co, fel f ! ('nllli st _ NIW l ictinary ov the EKglish Langu-ge, by JIo Utl ii , 'lrtlb lllo.,clllltulrle in i cltst . Al o, No.,i Nl N ' icklebijoti l t r It'tioll, 211 d flt r.t le 1e14 cal r t Calll nl Cunll tIt- reet 3 Ei-.l' Ih.I.... an tiet..., 14. s t' dro , t S- SIAl l. & IIIIIN, jill 0 0113 ,\taLnllzhe t'It ( At L S - ti oute tilK (l t ldktrclliolt'tot 1o, hetli toile N tllerns,for ,rale by it SI' i.Cup & j;'3 I a1 ,;h401 E hange Huinte - lliti,:. : N IIE .--'S lTrhermnn tm ter?,u a ;,y beautifulr S Ilrlltic le, ew style,ju-t received l r eti i l ur egand lBIS Ni 1 Slti mners Ilhll, 2 (':hllres st 1'Iu I I k tll--1': arrels I in &lr, aI fr mC 13 II l hv "l jttt AfBRAIIAM ToRIhi t,l t ',ydri o st O' t A -- to ns tt e st ign tt lish tt o l, wrt st ited C fr iN Y bt use, O( bunrd h hri i pi v, frent ndw 'mi.l'r , lo t ole by II.I.c &T W.IIALL, juhic 'tiBk l'iebiet rs, V8II li f e iltK ISAAC Iititot K. &)o, 131 'aoazine ot Ey CO i S'cl)e.i--50 htio Ciel.i- ti, clr .. r stOr -1 t hi (; r vier lr ýiU C()LE'lEE HIIUSI S +. I %-·11. . hlulil/i b ."i t I lle jtllc r') iPIttt' linroe nss ,o ,er tit i.of Gl.. r "i.Ittrc, uIc ert i Sugar Iwl1 and silver lunch I.tlles' tlnd (tdd, spoons. whion cin fil l, .oIler fir a! e low j0' I Bllll.OX'lit Co, 17Calhlln t A'I'IN Letter e r-P.... Gilt edged, ait ery silendo bload edged letter tulld billet pallelr, Ifor stlte by I)AVID) FI":I.7' . Co, - o 11: N Y Statilners 1lh(ll,:1 hISnu'trFs st 'l/[lt I')LI ,11 itP|..N, iRor\ 'inissi-ultbe--.ltale iv the author of the Swiss hlliress. jnlt retceived and for" sale hy A. 'l' \WA 1, ja :I . " 40 Ca,.lp st bIy DAVID IEL'P.& CO. Everv lleinl i on a tilitllrv i'enlv nmande, orto- order pat up, 1(t a urt hfnotice;. 5ulsid or retil, cash 9 nlpllloved trtdil. •I " A 1'EATJTIFifl, e.l i, thai grat.t aon. /a lmnt Ielnlln inel to the Imiu 11 nlernlrP. Hl)ow vll',l!lrl+ yIv the lo.s of it chllniit.eI r.ahe ll' 1 n, 4. 1n1,l Irnpr t tllrely Irinas on ithe nlpn:paral el of h db ale, 6whil" r1 !I ses many to recoil at hrIhl" nroveard. aid -,.n ,,l emvII ato ,hali "ieaty toap . ael i.. :lad ,,,anee of their cquaintanne; the. re niinder their Err= areoa s'qur nllv sprnt in reti.llllan. In -! -. nil av .II lln lIn l f prlopertl fills thile ie lllnrnns ;Ilt 061. llll t ' w11 ilh that neavv sinkilg el- l ol .n r dl.s. thn o--I . f I.if Iihr. 'I'n avert aaa tllhe lintlennlla l rI.iltlllllah'. a ,at)l lliL'P' Iahn1 ollt Cihlin.' a tloll the, hair frH- faa lal-la' lliiil t lh firl appliealtion, will llfew bottles ra a rslll ilt li. It liklcrw~e prnodc ebr ow. r ml . a whiskrr; prevent- tile nir from turnin g.rat, maken it ellrl lnulltifnlly, and Gres it from saugrf. N.laeroats earli.alne 'oal ile firla respe.hility in s"piport of Ihe virtuca of Oidlridlgel Iluhlm, are shown by the proprietors. C' Rend la filllaowine: Robert VWhnrton, Esq. Ie MaInva r If P!iltaLdlllpl har ernlii, vr a v il -.tll, blowll ehaIl Jthrl" Iallnwina nleInllela lll.a l - l a Il eofthe I l ln r inel d II ' I .T Pr o h by , I fy th at t , u v .I , again'a l tle filllh il i'of alir, ill nMiona cerlil restll live. W I.LIA 1A 'I'll Vn'rlly:'r. Slelnor, Meltlhodist Mlinitar ni St (leore l 'nre. N. tll North I'ifll at.l . 11T1 P INI7.15,3 I '1 Ar a' street JOllN I1) I'll11'IAS, l'I , 1).1 I.nrst 30(1N S E1liph, 1h. Spew1 JIIIN II :3 · P 'l'll "1 Sillli i il. I llr- I 3 lll .1a)l-l CI a,,ha I J i )II, ( A tl I, f Jr, 1.3 A h - irlstee . It iv. knll that lNhre of Ihe( ublov. ii-er, arre wlo. ian 5 )ears )ioa.,,, aul the other- int lea, tih u o :I . [Front the Mlhyvr.) ('iv ' of P'hiladel in, 1. Rlhbert iWhnrmn,. 1Mnvnr of said rite of " hill ," Idi all d h .r v Ilar i lf Eit I ul1 well ai, in+ lll 6l lllllafilla cdit solldllPI e I a-' I thll te si Irliillh. tI11 wditlvne4 r a allr'lv herulin.oI 1i.t InAh.; w2 iell hnad a v1lsI, of hl city to be fllxe'd, Ii OII.I'":;ItcF t·l' ti li l th, ofl(niiin h ibls; plhnn, n sp lld i nellldr¢i wrapper, ol which is relptrocant' [ the !i.11 , a J &1l.l t e Sole' .holesale nd rletail by the sole llats fir Am.lll riea. .2 Fletcher street, no ir Thnidln L.mne, oe ,hone 1e1 .1ar IIstlrireetind blly nmer druggis,, mIa Ip. to es mll9 WVhol.esale Aentsl, New Orala.s. L CR)RIi. & Co. No. 3i Ch..rns sret, ar now receivingr nd op ening the Imlrost sllndhd, s ll slantial and lash.iona le stock of Clothing Ihe¢ have ever exhlilled in this markerl , vosisioi n ir, part of l the foh wllin, article': Iblu , IIl'. I-lnck, jet hlanhk Ilndon browl, ndcn ron, liv,,a london in'k a,,1 and folden olive frack and dress coas helv1r, s!aIlenl hanrriiatin frock l oats, vlegnlaaly firnish ed; fancy and plain bilck enssimnre faa nd cloh panntalonse..ntlish and fieneh flryv and Iluni i silk anld sain v'esl; real nea w ! arket com.ots; enlish aind fr'nch fancy anvd plain sarfs and hdklfs; thenos, silks-wteh and _.n1.m las. IC sls penders; c oallta , merino, Jnh-,'s wool, we'sh Ilaa . nel, silk and 0n111 Iet shehris and drawers; fi ie hlnih nnd rotion shirls, wihh linin hnsnnl=,lain and irull-.d; ivarv pearl and plain handle silk in. hreaarl.ia at-lra.rCs pl'aiolCna (ahtuars--n b a &c.; S rittllefi.ld silk an-d randana hldksla; pin n, fiierd fnda el'broidored Ca r-aa,lC do.; alk, lua bie woils, tlrina, rlnl wn, 1.t ri; d bri w n and wli'c rllon half ihose; all f at bl b thei y olfer I,w tr cashr, nr to punta'll customers as Isual. Nov. I - T lbeen I I used. a1b+1 he1e a ll in the noah with i lulnifrll a .llI cc , ,for cleansinalg and twhit'lini Ivhe i ea th, lld prte.nllt. the In, t Iu: ch I (trn' r , , Ih, .I n s, 1 a I I, ti talla hr l,, and i el'l t m s dlsce-,s to which the minth is liable in either tik afhlt r nali t - () te t .l,, , milei i in in w e'n glas dlul it pure wvaler. nall so applied to the It, 1I1 1 in isail ,,nniie, with a bras':, w ll ilffelru yi venl sm.try'v, and wnrd oel that ixciutiaIO pat,, t'iepl rlrd n:,i v T. F. ',.ianger, i t ylr.' I). nI. ist 1n,ia ffci, ll n ('llI, ,, , nod shI Wtll e rlin rcinil by ('AIfi.El' D IN &1'.12,, 31 C nul I,. II, s+:,. i1~ I e tr , ngl.,,'s ULJth ,l i AI)DI.lit'Y WAIt:.--The subscrýber, mann. - fctureis andwhllesale ,(ealers in a'ddl rIr glods, are niwto relecivllla e i'ic ar rivrals front the Inorth, in ndditi i Iti their formers stck, an exlen live uns.l rinent iof articles in tllheir lhine, among I.ndies ainI miises plo i i and quiled snaddles, I l tellcotle ln'$ do Spanish do do do Alr exican do do do Liaate dio C io tl An ,r. do ii, tii I:nglii h do Yousllh's ra Spanish di do do Creosle do A int r. and nig. brles and lidle illloilla t s,

do ill inar(i nL. les, Ilnled. brass, and jalirtned coach harness, do do do g, anl salkeo do do do do JIiarulchu do Drny, enrr and wagon ri" Soddle ba.s, dnl' ai.oif iilre valicees; medical ndrllle i cb.nod rlit s s erlerrpt i si..; best iron I larne "r,:r e folio trunks, brins Iniled; leather boot top do, nssorted sizes and variousll Sltv s; iiils rs and pistol hel s; coachl, gin, sulkiev twig no d panter crop whipst nool, worstrd, colttlln and leather girlks and sursin.les; sllrru lll eather;: trunkII strops and worislc riiii web; chain aniid hoiik h, ,es; blind lbridlra and line; Scor ch collars, and ii rse r ii ld IoreI. co a l l 5 htll ilr ahr li s; mIl rcacobucktha r.shei apainl iinllo kini ; p! ed brass and steel bli 'rid bit of evi , r. des riptiol plated, brass arnd seer I spars oi evary description; platdi, brus atnd sitcl sllrrlups of every drscrip. ' i'orlt r wilh a complete assortment of every art ic lin ihiirline ar f ai ess-all of whichalrb y oll, fr fo uaile n CCor lllollld : t.lle e. ThePy will also crnrilln e i r cwive Iiroalhll thle year, bl p irckelt frorm N w i.'o ik, Iresh sucpplis to kIe ,p flIir t l ock alltll rll c l .lll' , . Jdi1'-;S, IAL\'lii)StiN & ci, II 15 Canal st. 011(25(1 ti ADEN rdil)-The snberlber Sblegs to express his Lgratl ul thnlllllks to the ptlh. I' , for Itel Isbernl suppo, l he hasilc rived since he trommlere' C birt iness in this City. i inrc et slr e pro prietlo rof tihe Sed store, 17 Coioi n sri r. h110 i+ not an1d never [was Selllt for an nv n rthliltil seld vender e n ihlllr is lie 7onncer l aliii " tir i L, ill this coant ry-but he +.slres the public halt les contll .lionllS ealt; '.ery dep rtin lent if the s.ehd l ll ;; ness, in the dlif]let t nunlleltt of E Iope are eywtl to lthat of aIII.y hI s, ill the Tllllted St a s Ie i. p rts seeds., planls, e. from the most exl ensive, snd respectable nurs er l and selJarl n illn iF rlan cllanda, England, Sro'land, and thie r t dther slates- ani it will at il tilimes hie his ilrlrce , ti i is hs study, to rteceivie, l addition I, i-, resair sto k. Ildrge rrivals lof every r'ver iptlnn I, atll t:l+ bro l h liI I83: alIo, en t ieised f i i tre s, oI ait ortmn Ient al "venry alttlýh elr He er r linez l nuvll t ill s q llrtyslas d siruirted tdh .t l by Wmi. DINN. ED)UEATIN-FRENCII and ENGlJSII. Mri Jllllles recenlltyan l)a n d l lthis city, begs leave tJ mlshtrl the ci'r zos of Ntw ()rllcae s thaIt he will aipe un acaldeny on |onday, ro14, Jrrnury, at No. 9l ulorusea sireet, for me istruiir n oelio s o r y th both sexes, in French and Englhsh, in which he will he ably assistcd by M11rs. James and Mrs. o Ir the idepartll ct of tie young ladies. v lsiou. bran ches c edleucation, a d fl ters hirsllti thati e will giv entire sai0lsinctioln to thlsr who may honor hint i, h | " ir coni"dence. no' I No l'lCrs-The coi.parlnrshilp f ord Inc llthe 28th July hsi, beitween John Y. iyliss, Joseph A. li crd and Chlarles i l. ren, toIl be condurted Uln sdir th te s i d title of liar lis, Beard & l rh ren, IS I,-lhy dicasslved : iiiand thi s dissolt io as to rlake elleet as roam the Iaet of ecember inst. Thei undelrsigoned will prompthi discharge all tle oblig.ltions aof iei late lirrm, a t ii liuture continue in heir own names, d htr n f tir own account, the rsame busines, as Fac'itiorsi and General Co ib sion merchants, ulder ho elsylei airnl lile al Beard & Hire, anlld suolicl a shlare oful le lltro age of ihelr triends and the lpubie. JOSEPH A. BIEARD, nnv I CIIARLES 11. ItIIt.Ir N. UN' 1-- li.i- ippi FIunds taken at 7, Front Le as., for trlocarlnes. :'a+ -" 1 i.'S,.UIL 1.A SL', I IAl'ii,.P .s .-,u l nwtdin" Iruwttt.p (Thwslirit iwate will,, ,acs "r !it)(. ld bll bi Ir'ad] {are: !1| ) r e . ll 351 i d ge !m n '. is 1l- r. k ..tsI; .I dnz IIIIIIIIIgt htrtIItt u ,Is ; t;II I)' r.. litlll ,.; !1i doe splendid 01)0( ;rund hr utt1ii " IttI it II) . r+.rolll(( ..rt.(.ll l l I~f).Il' IIlt' i ll r • .III o111 do,,; Yi ,a : lilt' gree in l oll t t " i I.l: t i lo Ii ran i L g -isu t' I '' l ash T i size and qyawh rlllrle l + . ll" i-t."; Il•t( n u'kiJ*. b" shus rfi,rn I ltlltllliis; miil,· a tors it: ,ir e'l,, lcrt rreli, I:e s, fl le I d o' ilhe , i ll ecl +s.- ry lj il e ; il-ltlI ' O -l, & . i Iit ' li ?t' li" -------I I----~~ --~ N."EllW I'D1TIO.V O 7'II: CIIIL CODE 01; " r i,,ns heen ro t e llo: ti:e ,, klllwnll Is thlle Ipl1 +' if ,hit I l , .o i -1.- , • i, , , lll; 1-1 ld iin Irrr:l. r , II-' lo; till plea, : ii litiv ol I' tll i I' I.uli-lll t'i'll ('i-,t it Tlhey t e',n. L n sM, ih st :iew-r . r f Iil3le...l..l dil i v t lIlml rii ! A 1141i- i ti nt l.-ll -n lf: Lhe pl(.: irullllltn +11 the1, wt rk-, o i t lll i t i t lll t h1' t::II l I' t l t h tilh l . a owl 'l h o tile, onrh oi' e , "11 i tll i', rotl , i, Illu oullihlt to : uf n Ihr!e 1 1 th l n tl ('i, -, " I 'h1 h "r Imdelrst it, Slt Innr 11m thirtY Vei ; , l ollla.l r'., in' wonrl u ill -e 'pr-it. Ii'- r 'lr h n ill vr pI sl, Ilhi l• u i po i ce u 'i " I n:l w ,k lhs. hr t.l lnll li' l 1 itf 'lV io il t ylv d lll url, Irilrl u JII lrlS -IvCO.. wllih vers. the its di:y1 i ] nti fli slll mlluil ch prpl. erty .i 1 tr I-,a *toP fr,,l" utlhlll tlint\La, lhl it--lll, ll.ku latl il(· . i l , t e i:I ,;~m law--l is s t l lit'iech the -lut.),Mv + I Dianllnolf] 11' l, lillelhl a -l a d ilh,· ,p l iater ,p it, It of ti, i " lis· gentle i II"·' "' I :113i . Itoh +' t l anti iull'l .:11 I I rive:,i sall , ' ,, i-pvn abhe, rr,, .l( ite I, the i, r Iill: s; :.t i, " thIeh r.ill 11" ,Neal ()rl. o." th,: ho k i :u , k le t' I r1. h'ndllc ill lthe cllhlmr'h . omlll ' i o + oilllll mili rll a, nl t'lq "il ,l,+ "h s 1 i, . l( the hvrelhl ° 1 :lll11 th f i lir til+,l lof ih, w r;+. s o a , I,+I dy· Iilo-,ed of; nml nltnhhrlhit l , II opr,, 01 irllll llill o l,,, hu""r w 1i trturenru- i to Ihr i :,"irl )a til, ; CIII . in or,' r to ,"·' i lr:tiet l ai.l ,ilml· - hIll { IdmIf s .i 1\1'1 ( h II- Ih h i itilll' , hr the, I. , I ' ' ill n I hl ^ it olZ t t1 Ill'( ial o.llS ftoil e nl m i boll til hich hit l. I , b n l l it t n l,++ tIIh it i 'il'l, tt lt Ill"h, 'll. It ' 't' , lw lll r t l t'lll :r l. n rra lll - hnltr. ,.e I.U tli ill tl,0 p r ltt eni i f tie, wort, Ile. prol e i ssmurh l s,. aich :- uf I\\ , +-l,,i I.Ir , , I:-y. :t m l heri. f te. \vv rI euol lTh '. 'lhitl hu(!l. ,tadl, , lite- w hh'h tb,"v - l'a','e rll "+led ill h+ " th,' I ./ t• 4' Ili,*I dI'llrl" at" h d lln h d 'l'll l ]- u].+ l t _nhlilprlll I 1 t II I:\.,r ,, . ; nrr st,,, 1..olll l iu 1 ed rt,, i. l ol. fuh e t.llv ' ' • n I stwhrill Itlglli" , iiIli (prt• ? ;l, h l Ill il. 1"Pra tea: \vh ' II• mrlll'k will hra all Ilha finh-r - ilra l ' m t u lbur, el.-i~lcd h tiri subserihers to he r, o k lc . Inc p .lslildlt= ".; 1 1 • futnI: nII nl'thr ýIt+ "li . 'It'! rrenlll, <, wil Ilirlt tI;hl IOWAND'S TONIC IIx'I'URE, r EN years have not yet clapsed since it was -Lfirst regularly subilcted to thie prblic; but it has attained tile hIigest reputation; and has sup. planted every other amedicine for the Ague, nwherev. or it has been known and apdpreciated. Already Ilas it been carrietd i every direction througlhont the United States, and still realizees ore than coulld have been arieticipatedby its anostsanaguine friends. Tihousands of persons hlave not only been rlievid, but retrrestored tol hleil and vigor tlhrough its agen. cy; ancd they now cherflully testil.y, at every op portunity, to its dezidld and supreme eclte icy. I is cempo>ed of such medicinal principle li s are er calculeated to ereeew tire healthy Ofrite L stL ach, liver, and other importanet digestive orgeans, tie I esr of rawhich harmnlerrryr is t ilrll!,dite cause. of the disease. It is artpprent talso, that it produ. cos an entire cilapeo in the conrldition of rth ssteiln, arOl certainly destroys tlhe native liability to relip sea of the arllection:. IWhenr the A,'e i attlended with any other eo.,p eint, tihe errtprornenlt of the l'Tnic Mixture will lut intuertre wihi tier treat. ent of the other di-reaser, but wa I vern Salbrd as. alsiance by fhrnishinig strength and vigtor to tlhe body during thile course of treatment. Those wilt make s o this medicine niay be assured that there is no Arsenic, Ilarks, Ilerrury, or any other article in its composition unl'ricd lv to tihe humana constitutiion; being entirely a r,.triable cxtract; andri the y may have additional colnidence in the aie thereof, whllen they pereive tlt it Ithas the ef fect rf a genta! laxateive about te time hall 'n bet. tie full hals been taken--in consurlt ncea of whlh, thllere is no part of the medicine lult to lingier int tihe bowels to eaus oibstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now oltard for the cure of this atlltetion. It Ihs been used also as t preventive, by many whoi were sib. ject to a periodical recurrence rfl'le Chill atrs aI has intiarhibly wareid dei' [li i;oln apprtlhelrdelt ataic. Ofseerve! 'T'he Proprietor, fully satisieid 'a ith the unparalleled ;aud universal lsuccess ahichll has caln. ltantly attended it punctual and rFgular use of tle Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fevrc and Ague, tibels warranted in engaging to reJ'nd the prtice to all those who have talaen tlhe medicine in strict ar. cordance with the prescribed dirctionts, without having been perlfetly ard lastingly cured,. The subscribers atre t whe traier agents far tile South Western States, and have now on hand six ty cases of thleis rncdicine, which is warranted Ifresh and gellgut e. 'For ab; at thie ll'.t:uaiic'ured prices -.11\ 1 & .11I "I';1V,4, Ivt\ ' co. em tie l)ra.esrteLa, ORDERS D i11;CFIVD FOIl J.!( 'LS' I)'1ITE.')' C') TTO.V' (l .\, 'tatE t 1t.tNI It'A(XI'tll'htl IN NI'tat' \'tth.t.(tIX' 'itiltjlT 1101 & CO. SCG.-LE O!' IalC'ad:-S-l)aot'r (tns. iFor a doable (;i t 111' SIo saws or tar i tall cylidetr , I a kinga 0 s II I 1 , s , o (1I s i la taw inr tlee' ) a d Ic. : , .. n $ti6 F.' taw, or 720 eta For lo'. of 1r saw't oil do. ot S saws in a sitaut, at ýf '2. a te a s ', c re trI' or da . of rll saws e, do. tr '11 saws ill a ci'snI . ti.itt per '.r, Ia t IN t l t1 NS, eFor' ar cilgicll ftain stws t lt Inlmlo, r tile l or,' sat )ofH0 s, w d,,&c al ;li pe i 'uet c. af aiat sawsitra ltctieders,. c at ii; tl per saw, 90 lut For 1o. 11"411 saws, with Itetiers, &e. rtl 5() oel' "Sw, 1511 (it liIl'.at ' ela e wherel... !a .il..ri, I tr r I.Llflers, salllllltll a ill cenis c:l ; the anr ber ft't ll't t h ' :1,n t oa ( equal: ,Ihe Inuber rofsaw s. (Jin set of (-ede s. it is Cn siderlcd hloweler, will Sdu"e oe11 iwo or tlLhree sebs of sea s. EIxtral sla s suptlllit at In reI l (.acll. T'lite (Giits anrdered, \t illt bltt .e tdlictred t the I gelilts of planters iln al lor the sea pr Lliowns ll thle lcottln pl'n c "h -lot nn lbw srat tire Now i torak a r si,- aibl e ur t a tlnl)lllltf tihe (iln. A\ (;ill tl'titt will he seat with tlhe (in tll I'a Iht (h ut)p here d'. sire)I; dle chargl. eir i' ~hose sel' ices w ill be extra, but amoaeII alte. ronl rnanliln,; gearcan i soe le ollcred where desired, o, r'easonable' tr'sr, but t ill bei ciharuged exae . Iors, o"er,e'ol'aany dIlscriltilon, canl e tun.ltshi oin like teracs. Small tena engines cau also be ordered if de sired, It in.desiaiblie, wllen, tantears gite orders for (;irs, tirv shoutld accoe nla y ltm wioth tlleirl view.s irn regaltd tn Illralneartalnellmtcl saws, Iltasts, brushes, &c. It is fi und lthry diltlI a opiniont'l. Somte icit saws of ne'grrr ltdiaeter thate, others. The(tar st t oat n, is o or , Ill inchesinto . some wish hen il, ihe. SllnLc wilsh 5 or 6 roust bruIlshes o an nxle, while olltrs doe I elot wallt more tha at illost. Soene wish rsaws ieth 8 or'J teeth to tihe inch, while others want tIa ra II. \7 nuch ltiscrtpance,. we pl'fera tive' shaltol, at the time of iving or€.ders, tinr tish a a I aIeiii t of their a islhes, .d tile llnie.ltureirs can ' Ii'll them in clver part' Where it is ft, to ourdisc.cli a , we shall lakec thoem na thre most lmodern ald ap.n'o\ell aplta. ., ordr can br e cxr uteld, ti'na tile time it is aectl.rl, in the spnceto'raciht or nie' weeks, and the (in ita that title plauccdiil thle llllls of the Irctorr. To e inll Ille IIr the next cropt , all ordscl ought to Ie in the hands of hl! u i nll l tl-lenrt,.'YR h I' the tirrst or middle a of i ln ; ca'-ltptl nct l'en:tons tllrIcethey aruelate in colmuwcinl to (, i lle g 'n l rcaue . N. It. 'The Patentit httl ra, 'rnaay oeof rie Catltron i i eig .ates, willhe sol Oar 'icaoualieterm is. a :t hate 1 .NCX1i'iONEii IN II i AUi iL UI i 1i1) CINE. lT lOl'<S IItttttt ,t I Ettt O OP 'l.d n-.l .ws p ev lurll.~ a -Accll J'tls ath cu : l+ I ri' ( llll'lhltual (rlells - weukl..s, uh:'cctiouls kidlier., gr·aeul, sco .butic Il l the intludllctimi ll , medicit Ilorst.t . . thile ulil ill acti ' ti it i. of It t li, . llo l llll lle To i II " iIL iioprlllietonl htim inil to r'e r eltol ille ilulle1ous I'teioll SIl atei iontll, i Irceive'll I'1ola tl ti ti e ll i lillli o" tie nI tI hellialllli ll thcu liOy n St Cll.,i'vh t hiat it w+Ill b d b11]! pprecia't ed: wilt hVett In ltra'tl, tre I ,,r*' illtl) knowl. s. 'ihe+ oi +f its I:l.'llit II'OU 11io ihe liSlike. wJhii; p:tliesll t yme. i ' rle") i whenniiem+ Ii u'stn d itn tie invcvanoni to:ryll. slinbE. The i , :'l hi','d hi ·~ 'l'hI vtlg luld"'"" ·'' .tm ' 'ii mid it """2'1t i't I int~ilc],:iiv ,,i ....... 'd'ii, !I tl :if~ In'il~ii" TJI u ' prop w*icrh: s,,suade ; nusudllyt t -tilo thel a Illllum Iconciri iI t tttht te tl t s et i iii totisiwdLhtrie+y libe uch: ; Ill lotei+Ollill' lIi· I 't uefi uh ll a :U rinistere0t d I h In " in tilhe lpir+ tl +t+t. Tl ,+e+ :dose nleel clle comblin+ l es ,<-s' t llie :( \+it' ie i'l! +l ~ l h t'd 1 <.+t Iti lllt' t Iioi ll. It Il iII. s,+i,:.ll~lll(lh Ilvlt 11'·ll'!lt' (I:IIll)e IJ ~ll. IC'..iI:C. l'+.',d , , hir Ibis illll p . itonl l ethipr+ 1)r ltAtl~i nlnlcrasathli eI , JtllI o t he othert Inl'l'llbinlj tln l o er'illsit It'tlk ttl i+J isinlgl] l, :till Illt ( ,irp i ng te m l st () , itu expetait iosl) l - itti ( inptt P ill ni It' t t llt lllilt l t III t he le \IIII tIl.++ Id' I llr j rlinistirl d with iper'l{'et .u1 C esl+t i lil+dilli 'e it ts . l\th ;,it(Ill, els:ll.y. The I (01 alllni. : i t p)'y+i-ian.s:md - u s if the pirs.t dhl- tSxpIes thti' dechied : i p I u tion in ti1Va l" 1 .SU sI · ill:, I hilt i it. n .E it t till iin tl brupit s ustt t p ,tbli t ttdical hnstittions ha Lit t tltt llltt itilt llilt t Ie1',e ve letenll . It was a the t'lit ' l iti tihe cel n-rated itt)r Abti ent th ill ll veamit'a' lile'tlions and sucill uihtiilll :l u1 still O llSttrll ' illl I··l'ci~i+ 1'. cnm I ,liar cl -, t- .e,! · ;lllll4*IlIiu,: 1 +el u + il~ l t ll4.Pl+$+I. li l ci +ln'lwatc 111ion lIor rd11 t11 1 o Ill wdig 17h1m ll l I t ll ' t .le Uihni bee~~clln d1. txhe etanudh~~i) elipeic)'ii+'~' r1%.le i dtl' Ii1I1\ Icli:hareil., b i dlilllllo tiii ih both inl lthet 1i: Ill• ili llcl l:l p- i·iFIrcLice. Ti'hethl l.lle otIlonIs I ill i ulei .d i+i:hr lI,, I r. Plltre ilposd hy J li Th li Ch(e+misi in lon, \ l. i '+ .i .11 i_ l lltll l 5 r t. F ll n . II .lalllrlm l, I-b i" I{ 8 ." . . Le o.' ti >.1 Tll~hiom ll l io pitd al, d [+s I e tl'T il 'ltiO i. 'iL!,t 110 iM Ln lhic h :;1 h'llvt" I ccriidt d)irlcll' il I t~lu l llli l ~ t i \r il~l3" nt't' . I ll ih lll l Lha e 'le o il i l t n't tl t Io lln ii Illt l .,o highhl iiblllt ll'ltlJ ll ll Iill1 lhl ill ill')l<,llncIl~l it one of the nm<',t I· u ahle and t l tl.: l le . i I i'nlt mll..elt r .Illbrc0 tU i hl , pl ubd ic, tendl nee+ it, w1,ie-I,, \i'oll ixlt,;,+ II ·Co.~· I lllr Il~lat:l[) ell.i) i'+lil~lwet, w!ilst it glra r l .< ht oll" l,',: e h +lli l -•l u110 1~ :liu ll~t l Ill'll + U..tlll ) t+.x I~till t'lldc· 9 is l' I'ithel td:l-t : l. Fl ,ll i si t i nl lt ', Mii . t (C S, Plh, ) it 'leS Io lithe si Mia' hl une" Illql eu n tr? Sl·: tk r ,lllg e ,i.', p lillas ill l ltl': 1IIng (lny tlltinllE to dhe \:h~!h.ub l l'e l 'ro I,++'lime II'i'parlatioin, +wishintgv il tiie seem'.t's ) ou so i'.ll\ sh:: wil , in plerewarilid "tri the hd. : l+d ;,+ t' .,, iltli'i~ lin tbringuag it II t lr .: It.l,, I.hi ,. II· l i i\(J tC.,perei", FR i , Cn t, G 's iL(' I h'e. unt'ihform . wert. whllinc i |l~itetl'l il y naturin" %iI to bet kltwO ii I b tru lyl) apprlt' atuiltl . it.Ma" the eliect'. ) ou so \wvll de stel.c, unalll! tuill s!.uedil-% rt'e',i 1 ~ .i .% 01(' i ne F .11S P 1{(:,'4, .'. .:e. ]nintgl. hbtl iulhaced to> tly yotll l']xhnlet il seweant en~t~ls (,f '\ iolelt GmsorirhainU:, l\ic I vtul lll hithertto kIllhd leid. nlI.sulli'i uty buinIm d to staite hat ! lnolw iln myl ip'ac Stiee both pitblitc u..1 pri'itat rc'oilinuit, andl usli i noniil Sother.. Fr~lomi (; 1" 11hlil, ..! D}, Ph).iclimi to Gutl's I11 .it:4 ... mtong .... ....ien ........ its invaurhble ........... Itus' lth,. Swil iindutel ilie Ito lit~'tl''•ilisutI~d I (~ u s it I:to (sl l n t i l" abt\ , a hl I.i) li:eble te'sti Prolll L bC Tliompson, .%1 1) 1: l It .. lectutrn'l yo€u myv sturlret'lt h:mlks forl t+ in ~~luiable plre s alt of .IColl. Fxtrnct I'or the cuilre of llUlnn irhlJ., . . I tto l 'el h gr 'lll thtus youl hnsel :+1 hit1 brJ'< ht a. t einl eli Sinto use w.hich w ii' p'ov. a h.h toauns ilIg writ . I+it" i illll ]il, o I l w iathi- Ihur s':lictllyt <1nd eli tri'l oui 1V1err it slios.+saryl', lhe prloln ii tor oubhl hlele l'uinish y mil rel tiellh.limlonlias et ullyli~ al. en'um endt ory t(' s the a llme;t' butt Ltitlh' that it. gr'at succ~ess hihht"to .lthe arle &. e'xiltelse :i which it has been iI pured',ll x+ ill prlove its Oneritcornin niaih1onl thi. pr, |l'lli'a nni tenti.ys ablo\e all others is h.. enet, poirtlil . ilo ill-- it up~ ill pots--th In+.lle in which it miay be2, be~iing hbth ea~sv nurl ilhea :rt--its tastch) unttuire~with Ino restricit ioni i rwotuhl li ld th if lls t itsnt i I~hV list i , I ' te .' to bt' untprovi led: withs a prl'nenm'tio~n possessing file ad v:ustatges whitch th' preselnt onr. ,onmshin . ActJompo mn'g h,.d. -Meicine, in+: pamiphhet erpina-., to' atlike di~lbeen~~lt stalges of th,+ di .,'ase withou oul.lti expath': uirl.,, i'ontahiiiig full :u.J mipll ;Idl~~~iit + " i. y Stl? C? + L.; E ll'kJ&CO. I milt 1 t alst m ,fll '.., t':nn sttreet. 1Itt" At:1 IN . .r' AN. , A IIAL, tAY'S, From t ioLile (tlutblne1u) to A t (eoIoj I:_t l |':. tset ci tt.tltt. c da oc h atet the :trriv: l of the mail h'ytt C New t t )l lt , pllt er t t steaulbo:at E:,lhLI\:l, to likkl:yv, e:;lhestt I'ensac.:el si·anl oa:lts (per Ill: ll,: . I:l , St Itos.lsl sOulldllll Chloc t:4mcNhie ti, cr aIlt Ith) t. to CL- Illt; ctaclhes the tct via s.kl:w.ia: , Chttu.tltol)chee, (flrmerly Mount Vet. ntn,) lhaiubtllge, PidCertou; l l:wkinsoilie aned Iotui Villc, to Augusta. A pas:lsel.ger takin his scnt at 11 bile is in no ofuf heit;G trotwn out or losing h- : pre tctw t by other onf.idtin d iterests, ats the Lt.oIte I)A ILINE is hiot otL cOnetcBIern, d .der onljt'le coOttto tinriugiutll, alnl imian rely WiTIH CEll'AlNTrlr ueyn lus torgi l att Atugusta in time speceithtlu, gh iall Iteath e·it sild at a ll, uason, dCSS _lnm most II uf' ) lloitlm-seen e:lcll' ilu'itle shouhi (ellth. 'lI-. .lell SNw Otrellltls cill is e:ar.ird ly this roule. 'The Agents 'or ieCColoi oel iOnll, I'e:tllu, C Ietsad Drivers lare not surpassed the stislher otol .iVOtitit uii' . ,i The sVuilahalnlld, ;itnt As'ro'ts, t, a.soli, and inter • i'kisatel Itnaigationthe time alnd lneeunnlOdtion, a l'ord the tratler speed, cerlaintit com i!'inrt l a i leas ig vtrivt. collecteld is it tc'e e ithi the htod Clhartlsttn, S. C. and the ste:tll I:ttckts Ito i cw Yrlk, Atoaelrs c:t ret il New YorLk 'o New Orle ans Lt..S THASN 11 51055'-.stllhllin oii. hi. IFrom Chatahlochee, Flortida, iwe hve a t It 4 e Lin via -uinc and Tallahalssee, to St Marks, 4l her post coaches, also two Br3hehs rlaost Ihinkinsvill one to 1tllg iilldgelle, :nd oe .\lairln, light two iLour oalches. S'OCl IONS E~. co. Ars'-rA, tothitt . ttttto18,o5. SOlicelt Mi nsion Ilolse dobile t "llislteeC, ew \ r( illans to 11Mile, 150) nillW . ,hil h to .I\!l;us t, 5-,1 '' Agusl.l: tot ittctlentI, "t htot- l llttO Ioto ll .to \llt.t uetsV nst "l;hlm Noe t relna:i t.. 11 5.15r, 4U hooe Moltilt to A:l gut! a I 1. n m a tI t t :r t.,tho per .lt. otir 7 mtt.le per htour, itntlu sivre f :I I stl (:. 11o"', Inor 1s N. I I t gt let- e Io t il to inform the pInllie that Irt ridet.' rl l.te It.totL iesa Ihtled l ttled Laio cr cok have1st ot n l cmtpleteid u the ;otheral overd Iltl (ill , (th f i t.1 i o sll-a.! l t s. l in : ,g insl this Sae t tsle sp iot, iol :t tthuh. pity tlii removed;t. t il hale tilte dteasl- ot ie to i ", Itle t, ell trs tha tle ltcoch itshor. is t, driltCtrs:utll odttlt th it order; io asc n to t waerl" nr I li 'nt' I' 'reasuate.. Ill C( dur Illhll, it is admit, Itled IV n:it wtho havoe hasst II.c lh it lo he uonsuir"passe. ett e st saf The rges toroug. (eori iaj. e dotel Eriterio le. 1 y C I dAKE te CI toly hinol e strtoe, opdcr osite tr e iot.olif e. Th, isricelttrs are now receivinlg trout their fte. tlorice i tn New Yortl, and will tkeep c nstantly on hand it goneral assortmint ,f Marble .Mantle Pieces ofstns ro r w -rorlml;ai shi , lland the lateI t patterns, ltditof the btt lin yl U titanl, itnlia, Irih ando Aier Iltlc lUtttlet. Al.Io, Mlontr meens; Toby lis alid Grllave ones, lLlle u I dil ed and plain sills and lintels. arlho tcihengs, heiorths tand boundary tone, plaster if Paris, Roman & lHydraulie (Cenent and Planter. ing [lur, to th, r with ia pludid assortu o f Itc i tu, ra-s mtounted tnd plain Grates and Russia Iron Gtten of thie newest and most approved patterns. inltlerin dol in the neAloret manner in a t Contle shorle.. notieo. Theyhave first rate workmen to set the above work. Ic5 'AMlES KAIN & STROUDi J-PAR.IyEiRS ROCKY ,MOUNTAINS, &e. OUIU.NAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, untder the dIraction of theiob Aied bC 1 , perr tliluet in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containintg a description the geography. ge. )logy, climate and productions. uan the numlbel, anniuers anld tislli of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by eicv. Sam el Parker, A 1. I he River and tt e )Deslert;l olr ecollectiou of theIl Rhne anlld ithUt hartreuse; by MisO s Pardoe, autllhor l'fthe .iil yoft SE , I nn, Atie. in 2 vols. The Rubber, a 'tale, - the author of Rictholieu, IQ twfbr, -rlr Norton. Barry (ttrnwall, Mrs Gore, Captatl Med(win, and others; in 2 vols. Tihe Lot ali Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, edited by Boz, with Ilhlstrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just ret eived and for sale by 1(1,. .lSES, 'T'HERM.O|ET.RS,, M'ICRO I CO'PES.S. &,'.-Just receeved andu for sale by W1. Mcerlun, corner "f Cullul and Coennnen streets, v tueral uvesotmtent of :urveyor's Compo Aa, hlialemantioni hlstrumeents, limrwine Pens. Spting 1)iY;dsdnd, ýpnug B1yv P. ens, laory Pro lvery Srah,., thenler's Scales, Whs.s Trriangl]s, NItel lii ht."rer lico-ropes.."[hrnolect s, ('n.nnctmh O]rtr"Irse ir Chain.i , r l1cnsui u,."Taee:, `r, d7 -AS York & Baltimore iPackto )IACKE1TS POr NEW YORK.--Ne' La. S-To a, il punctualiy every secUod M(oiday during the scoason, full or not flil. :,hill Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears,.. Ship Alab,.oma, 474 do C. C. Bern. Ship Arkansas, 6"27 do E S )onnisi " lIwp S r 'togs, 540 do W HUtlhaway. Sip No'.ns::vyle, 54lt db U Jacklon, Shiip Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker l'The above rhips are of tihe first class, coppere and copper lstelnd, and tnlviog been built in New \York ex ressly for Ihis trade, tlhy are of light drlft of watler ailn almnolt invariably cross tLte bar without lillny dtplfionl. 'ihI rOlllmnolllders t ar'men ot grealt O.xpOriloce, and nllhe ships wib always bel towed i eltnl lown the Mississippi by0st0amboatsl. They have ilndensome lurnished aiccrnnodlaions, nod stores of thl best descratp:mtn will always be flrlishlld. ''The cabinl piassage i $90 vithout ne or liquor, and there is no liquor furniohod to the oflfCelr or crew. For righilt or passago app'y ol hord, or to 1 1 C AMES,' 48 CI ep at. Thoe ships are not acnconllalt: for breakage of gla11, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of til, or rnrt o 'iron or (teell nor respoosible for any Ipackae or plocol uole:;s o regular hill of idingo n' o ro(,utod toere.oi t.lo e on. ir.o of tho er.ts. l ov27 NEW Oftlt ANS an itALAtIMORf -PE IT2 OF PALK FTI'S. This line will consit of tllhe following vessels. whichl have Itece built or purchased expressly lb r tile trade, viz: iii l >leainan, Gapt. ner, n '.rk Mary, ' Nickerson, " had fl'rry, new Stevens, " Solomn hallo, ", Lathumo, Iorig Architect, ' Gray. Thesel vopnel artne otothe first claso, have hnod. (0iol olt.h d :oocoolllldiliOllt, llnd are o" a light tl 'llrgiilg their Iailrg lllo: l 4 Baliitl Toe +it the city. J'lt.010ht will be talkell for polts ,i0 (ho ('hcvnpeako or J'.oe' liver, and lorwrded by thie agents, ,h.I.r.t. 'I1ARKE & /`i ELIIt GG, at ialt llnore: rxpn s's on goods s1ippld will bp alovanel d whent ,,qlnr+d. 'T'he ipri+e o1"f ia',-,e is fixed at $6iU, ; ! ble la" - of th i ll 1 nll iy (will I. prlvid0d0 o'tllal l.l ll o down the Aloi..ipli will be taken ui :ll occasio, ns. For fcLight or poasnge, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov:27 2 Bmenvil'e st. FOR NEW YORK. SLouisiana and New York Line of Packets j I'1 "N Slips coliooinc thio Ine woill sail torn Nov Orl:a.s and New York on every other Mon Iay--commnencirng on the llth November-and to insure Ihe punctuality in the time ofsailing, tile line will hereafter consist offive ships, viz: Slhip Yazoo, .lptain Trask, to leave on the 20th Ne on0lmer. Shipl' ouisvlle, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4Ih Deellober. iShipl Il1Psville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 19th Doeonlllir. Ship Vickl1urg, Captain Woodhouse, tdo'leave on the lot January. Ship lii-siosii n, Coaltnin Davis, to leave on the 15th of Jalllnlry. Th1e a00ove :ire all new, of the first class, copper do old copllr foltonerld and Olwa rds of 50 tons 00t0n, ne of lighlt drought of water, being bailt in New York exressly ter the trade. The prise of passago is fixed at 100 dollars; their cabins are litted up in the most iu'proved and convenient plin, and finished in a neat a0nd elegant style - AmpeI stores of the first quality will he provided, and Overy regard paid to the oomfort and entire atisfalction ot tlas.engers, lwho will please take no. idc that no berthl car be secured until paid for at dle nlcno of Lie consignoos. T'lhese veosels are commanded by captains well experilnred in the trade, who will give every at. teltion olld l'nrt tllomelvoo s to acolnnmodato They ll at l a ltimes be towed oi and down tie MisSd. nilmpi by trcolbonats, nd tleo striotesl punoltalitg olisrvod in tohe (im of sailing. The owners of these ships ill not bhe respomai. hbe for ny, letter, parcel or paoltage, sent by or put on board of them, unlots a regular bill oflading 110 signed thlerelor, at the conntiog houos of tim 1cnt or ownersr. For forther partigulaC s apply to J D IEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common ast FOR. NOE YORK. [Louieiana and New York Line of Packets.] S tl ".'::shlips c.... :np,,oi ... h is Lt,,o N'n1! " I w Stl. ins nlo Naew 1 or oil aevery uther Monday- m,)tanclugl on tire ,0th hove ber, und to insure$ "mlrs'ltst Iunnctuality in the r tints of sailing, the liat I ill hereafter consist of five Sohie viz : Ship Y'ao,, C(aptaion Tvalrik to leave on-the o0th nor. ship Louisvile, Captain I'. lhoer, to leave on the da Ship ilhneojtile. Captain Eldridger to leave en tie Ship I'ickbervg, Copioiu Woodhouse, toleave oa Wh Ship Tiie s'oppi, Captain I)nvis, to leave on the 15th S'l'le abe bovo shilft tee all new oif the fiat class' -'tppl ervl and copper tiptetned, and ulpwerds of~O00 tope bhnthcn, are oe light draulgtht of water, being built in New York exrpressly br lo ta'lde. The prioe-of las s ltcd, s linet one kuondred dolurs. Their sabins are uitoel olpun the nsat imtproved and convenient plan,and iu ished Illa neat nold elego t style. Ample stores of tile first quality will be itrvidte, and every regardi ,hd to thle comirt and entire sntisfactions o passengers, who nwill pireas take iotico tlat no berth eoau be securel n til Iaidl for at thle onlice o the eonsnguees. 'l hove auckets eo nc onoaded ey t vCaptains well oe . pericned r in the trade, who will .ive every p toenteae and exert themse les tho eomelld dnte. ihey will at . stsambustsn and til e strictest puuctuality observedl.i tie time nf shiling. Tl owIers ot thesnCe hip will not ae responesiblae . o ti r I Rt r arel ogr \I IILa ,ent by olr ib ir meer.llo hea, u:'e: at regular h IIe la li y be o Agned t tirei,re 1h tle ul lptiulrrose of tte argents or Oaners. Fe ou thtr pzrtn tlars, apply to nor 13 I REIN & A COHEN; .not 1.. 9OClulhnn st SrEW ioRi i ' N a CitAtit,ElBi ON PACKETS No:v lhi. line conssts of Ioutr verel. nll of ll the iust claln, croptpered and copper rfat. r. . eted, and of about 200 tone hurthei. ntlIll) thaldosulr accun moda atiote fr pnaseivge. 'i'tpe vessnl .re el E-trtnandod by aeptrain well vprrlillted i lhe lrade, who will a ive every at tellli,lll and exvnrt thlelrlnelves to ecovlm.imadto the iviivaro. 'i hey will I, v towePd up alnd down lit tlltsiseilipi, and lrnve New ()rlens on or hbefie lihe IOth and Iltli of evry nv,,tt. The follrwiag mrvesis vhlloll rae Im th hllye, viz : IBrei Arohian,Chterlires rrdon, master. lit C ,epnt.J. J. .'l'vontmpson, master. ilrip Ahlervs, .1 Dnate, itvnvtcer. inar i R,,,r Wtlllatr J. Allibere, maeter. - - Mtl d-resi,CI tlr stoe. rot I T E tundersignr d Iavlnet rltromrnened baineisr ns a I)r gei l alnd Alplohecar,, -in the smlnr vnvvvved by :vr. J reb Otv, at lte cornerof TivolU v-itrle ni I'ritTn Vtal k, resrovellully nolicits a share of ite a'drlic patrnodge nld a renewal of the foters i tis fraer cuSnoler. IThbe entire s clekl Drargs, medr'in'esandv lonetr erliles is flesh and carlefully slv-eteld. Tile loullving only npt por ticulaOized, viz: Pre Sovdn, Seciliz anti Srntnoo Puwdern.' Yt lst Pon IIre t, hfgl." a whldesonle end elbyll SUsntuivvv !or v-yvt,as ill raising broad, buckwhaht cake, &r' Bltt.t's Efferveseeevt Megeteion Apperient--a Ieasaal and verte putrgativie in dytpel.poe or ihot. tesfivn, nvrvvtosdehvility, giddiven,, hendichn escdilty vI ile tvulvl n.hlv, habit geal sctmvenese, seta. anols eruton, &c. Ct tealer'a FIidl Entralt of nrspeofll0t p purin I vo tht ilovad, &vc dIy d.i nld rvelot,&e. Ows: t.t I'altnavrva and Vrrtvifugr t Britilh Ie llavl,, v'tv, Oid, 0 -vidve, &r. Reftined L-q'vvrv-r , jvjobe vnd Gunmtauve paste lovItb aIn hoes. N S Prenti c,' cnrbtonir deintte flere, clalvrivn t-vth wash, lvon der Ittffs and belrs, Prentire'o ovlvv.vve lrnvrvliresr, blorte tooth wo, l powder pvllre nond ,.vxer, Prentice's ;ceaond med plain arlet pvowder, pomaetum errme do-Petr, - ,range flowervr.e rvtr, nlaveta Cr lad Florida WeOr7l vI the hest qa!itves. Renwland's MaeelatmnrilQtd. rIldea's hlaian ofv Cvlivtbin, beat's .l, a var.ilet of I,,oiler and otlher matches, indtlibl ir tnlaJatk, w, -uperlr itlhck inkl, &r.. Iperm tta nd rflied whale nil, ft e"Liedinget. A Iresh nt , eae rltua nt of T'u'l rttMarn'e t i - `,, INE--15t Maea-alntet rid d jrmrnsm r e storeend+ .,eb y h - , jaeO CtOAPI4ItN & Co.Xflt-."•I 1) LuEityf.t cithlla • "..O , 12 OA AC ttn%1)61 Co.e !4 t , , . ,,.