Newspaper of True American, March 13, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 13, 1839 Page 2
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e- ~ ý .. .ae" + , 1 t ýilll+IA7;,''···flicker beg I~eft i tlaeat l:oiltei a nd, Will polel. ,rW , t t 2 ·Fr'h l uptace freiht .3' liA.I3l~ . 9ib Commoni tt; t _ U i . a pt. Tba."l l i e call lk i211 : :. c":ttee .: i~irdfttl~_il. sll~ oe Sledysl hif. t wrta? ! TheOrknatrLiue. .,. T Et'Cn gitifl`::'HAH, Mglit1,Jin `WFll bic prter , d{Itl lthe e fy.oa ofrek ~i?-':~;S~IB( se an ottorp drnnag~dpply on boardl St iAIU. UAIIY'S , EVP", A andA".ysQ tnnip EA1 - l a u u' ; c apt ' a , e , a l fa k e ( P l i l ea blPkil.te n -ll·il on- Slurday next. A3 to~aa gc:.ppcu .,,r -..3 L I:(ii~f. I I i~uaI~.eelie. M , Pl in sr The whl to i titditailoiith the d (ratf Operatic toiglet to lmd loll#,whed ttapart. Apirieo L''Ir`LIIRNL.E.93 oomllo n i ' Ncming~i, Afarrk 12, By- Wi nle preeeaoeited by n e Ra oftil ' ' ·. ST~. MARY'S EVf:,' M· _Mj'r WentwrorthIe i Tw Intge, J S Browne lirer firhath frc o R it i l J $. prowneo )dick d-mmpo 9 Sam Ghwel I YianLianii . Mrs Planner -The whole to coaoludr, with the Qranvl Operatic Ballet Ihlled theR L'.RIROVUELI.R. By Mndlle Oalaete, an..te by Mallll.. Raone tan dI - ~~ A Grand Bllrt in prepnrnion.: [.t0*TE. BI.ACK'lf0-"12 car. Ilaslop's pasle I , L'['blscklng, Ianltpg' ionn ship -Irlesa.nlor sole bv S 1-A I BR IIG.b. & Co, 131 Magazine at AI. ROPR-Ioe roils hale rope ofsuperior qua m13i ' Isa l BRIDIF. & Co, l13 Malszne at : }DbERA ]VINE--Scilv-y hMldeira .vine, half ` * Wl.rpipes quarter n asacs, soamr.. brands of hog 'he I. r. Zirza. and -Calrr, hr sale by I BRIDGE &,C.a 134 Magazine at iLO R-800 bble four. allat for sale by . , n13: G DORSEY,41' New Levee - 1 tARD-6I kegs Leaf.Lard, in stre for sale ly " T l 1.13 C" DORSEY, 41 New Levee .. UNNY BAGS--330 alqs in store fir sale by Xm13 G DORSEY, 41 Neal Levee j ROGANS4, BOOTS, &e--150 caes boots, sheen, I sbrogans, slippe. &c; for sale by m13 I BRIDGE & Co. 134 Magezine at i OBACCO---4Z5l baxeso manufafcured tobacco, va elaon brands, fqrsale by -4s13. I BRIDGE &Co.131 Magazine st LIUNNY B"AGS-S., l tomeliu, and large vises, * -nrb*ales and bttlla. far sale tv mi3. ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 134 Manzsine st "'NLOTHIN G -60 cases Clothiog, coamprisiog as ex .,tesive" aasortment, of seasonable articles, Itor sale VI by - m13- I BRIDGE & Co, 1:3 lMagazine et SISSING-Frot' Ilarque Bneltow, from Baston, 1 sone bale domnesies marked F B Cincinnali, anv one having received the anme will confer a favor by msaking it known to - 13 S'I'ETSON & AVERY', OSGrnvierst W AFERS-- Received a splr;dild assotloent of ell N Ssizes anlnd the very first quality, lfor sale whale ssle or retail, by 1) FELT & Co, A 0 r3 • -' N'Y .tationers hall 21 ChInrtes st : l? AI & MOLA -ES-'150 h.oelseoda, sugar s. d 1t0, glloes anolassle, Io planoati an above Ihe l)y--alfso 80 hoganleads sugar on plantation below the " lhy for1crsle by S". " lot . ADAM.I & WIIlTAIL, LJLA ND1Y CilERIRIES--21 boxes in store andl or . sale bby SHALl.& BROWN, m13. . 96 Magazine at I-UaK HIEATS--In qr and eights bbl., in.eoror B and {repals by m SHALLI. & BRTOWN, 96 Magazine at ADEN CORN--t Ibbls aod hf bbls, constantly an n hand; nnd faorsole by mln3 SHALl & IBROWN, 95 Maglazine st rITEAM E h )AT BILSL-Owners, Ageots, or Cup ) 3 aiif stiamas boats,can tary theilr bills strllek S isn as o rone ormtr colored inkl on plain or colored ppie, wills neatnpsss and dsapatcl, and on favorable Sensby leaviring their ordlers t mI3 W b cKEAN'S,er CCamp & Comtmon at Drawing of thItGranr d State Lottery Class 23 67 72 71-4023 55420 111 31 14 40 t TllS DAY, ' n1 00t,Capital Prize,' Tlcketslonl, $250 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. a"!.SS 24. ex.. Alhlorised by tile ligisbtla re of . I.theSate. 'Ta be drawn Mlarcl 13,18.,alddtlto':l.ek P. Mh. at Bishltop' Hotel. S . ]AVIS &CO, Managers. 7.5 Drawn nu.Ibers-12 Drawn Ballots. Spleidid Scheme. 7,iT814.Ptizes, amounting to • ' .$119,688 Ticketn $ 5i--Halves I Ii-Quarlers fic. "eI'elkagesa of 25 Tickets fo. $6d.50 warrvnted Ito draw at .least $30, Peklagoa of 25 flailf l'ickets'$31 25 -wrranted to draw at least $15 00. Packages of 25 Quoater Tickets 915 63 warranted to draw at least Ftr packages ofsinglea tikrter,.npl at Ile MIANAGERIOFFIC+O ,'F ,. 16 Cltaire. at, andlat le corner oflt Lquis and" Char trenslts. marl3 'isafollowing ate itre t(rawin number iof' I s aui a souery, dinsa 12, extra, or 18-'9:. . 2"57 39 33 1 tl 40 7514'25 I 70 TO BE DRAWN THIS DAY. At i'oeloek, $12,01) !!! C.pital P.iz-. 75 Numlbrs--13 Drawn lallots. Tikatasonly .$1. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. "Authrielld bei Act of Legislature,. C;.ller XI,11, pasted Malchl tB 188, No.l:3rexiratr 1:19 I, lhe drwsn on ThrsPl.Ia .artl 14th. 119, it 6 o'ciock, P' NM.-atlll e Exbt.nar Itilt, S. Clhares st. 15. .'; E GR iORY & Co. S;cceissrs to I'A7T'ES (-RANDI SCIlEMI. "s"71 " I'iiesearmetini t' -t $189,070. S Tikelks $ l-llalvr L--Q(arters $ Peclaeors arf 25 tibketa fItr $10, rrvimnted to Idrw tiC least $6 P,'kntgea ol05 5Ialf t;a leotns 1 65 ar rceaed to draw a least $t'. I'ackaes ofa 25 ltitrttr ¶Tickts far $52 00,%yarrantld to thaw at least $13 o .F.Packag.a or alsgle'l Ticktrs.n.r. l at m lT. e C, a l an TrrsOffme, - "m1 35. Csnal strreet. Ia! to Caimpst aKAS---g teethe lierunety peuo. is l eur iaesi by M eieS CHtASIPLIN &o COOPERI, 79 lJlia of LWLtAISIX -3- m bula fob Heiia ins, s-nn iuuý+"ihr;;ndl ID rtitIesaond for u nle o ir n12 CIIAMPPLIN b COOPEtI, 82 Juliaot º .btie rentdrh Crsolins risa, in .ator for ealaeby "i l~i . C1UAMPV7tN & COl'EI., 79 Juli. at * 4A3+2101bbwl bbi~e k o e kep neeg rae~in A lir e iqouo~oseno.79 J ulia st, byy CHAMPI4IN& CoOl'ER ` ýlrtiAl3Ueh - iIy St amiih seguer, in -Iluro, tar A7~ Banieby M12 CHAMFLIN Y. CJOOPEI,.79 Julia at ' $5 REWARD. W I7tLL be pid for the drieier' of a snolmU ieen of V baneh, lerieIbile per steamser Giraffe, o.out a # ,eeh lreaeed slto A trewur 7lete Irleaem said haeis duppobd t have beenLe lakg ferrem tle rail reed mole .17 etiilnk, A r`OWAli, ml 49' (:slp op 1jSUX ' Dal a l-tti erise in store tur stoe by tmil (fIiYlItEY, 41 Note ,Levee * :'r-.g I heit euprrior arniceb for sale bry Inutl ainrS l i, & 1~FUttWN. 96 sine at MAY illALI1 OFP NEW O2ILEAPee.. OiJU. peerb at ol'tauar to-day is $7 25 pireboete M we rdipg to ttriti t1 e S *Jseee shalt give ou. f gie nbeudleri b (Irtl Mondaw It Id lobiet.) 38 uun.. .b for t.i. Brruil he sncnd quatity, i lequireel werigh 95 per rent. eter. vie: 47* oene. mel C t;ENOLSrMryar. -:APT7AT I idtDi. aUepeeq Kid, eC the Wiznrd at tihe J pn.e a newlw rnd m:ch ad mirede Novel, by Prosper i} llaaaptukor of it-,. htenes, alec. E JOHNS & Co, P g car SteChaerlesLnad Ceoemeserte EN'L,1 FANCY tisTATK'IONAY, Direct tulptteNtil. N J A I t3: shi Woeugsi.Igtnn , lm len, y tItp ji$rstiigere, lIt cases, 5 cvkt rn4yte l R . lael Pet,. ot preoe t1) , 4i. n-It9hk; Siteo do ?a otinted -Mitt lksreen's Iteenihld Wrieere srubelcbpelteeehrdo; dcepyingrdo fer fell ere w ap laperemd Me bretlertt it win, lpe ~ et den'e notab'eiearrltternn'ee a renItiner ?' r in tIp o·ntst& r ey s :. g.ý{lJIIN 8 C ý} h1 ', : ,a' Bttbter'' lia11 .- yt a ..p:t . Stom Bot ..i.n-s - .-iros 'i . o ramayy ".',oo i'.hiii . . - ". r, ,- ,hoL . - . . ,. . .. ',. ,.st :il . ' .-Cir #.,":...:. .. ' .. ItTlIT proprietor. r.pectPdlly puIts tI. ,ttentitit.o f Rlie. pjhli. to ths ,nohOo Ctrd, tod n.oors thorm that I il lvorbk.iotrostil jo his 'aie sall hbe done. an the hort: t .eat poce,.in a setve s uhnsurpassed in s:this city, sano t tihq lowetsit roiso COMMERCIAL. Clo t to .ntto Ito Of Wtslooo oo ridrlok 0Mool:.o..o.....t..'2 o1Vanhietnn.Felr...: .... e 'Yew" ICrk,'dn..;..;......8 rinclnn.ati, Afar ............ P ldcphi p 0...-........ II Louisville, Mar........... 4 fisltnr" Fo., .. . 2| St. |auid. 9th.......... O tt3 . Vaonu;Fo,.; V... . o...1 I.ivrpool, FCI......... : 7 loMston (rooxs) do ......2 Puri;.........:.... 14 .YIashvilo U fr 7.... ....... 7 Ilavro do .............1 PORT OF NEW OIRTFRANS. ' CLEAIOANCESO. March iS,1838. Ship Tyroneo. reoay,. for Tampa .& 1, 83. A& J P wVhlitso Ohip Otmullte. Lesnytt, fnrN York, A Choln Ship olnurn, Nirckent, for Cork, atolter trie Gitlnlell., Riol.odelier:o.r Tompa BaR, ltr ter BriTg ciinofoAo. aoro.. f N Yorko, x &'J r Whitney Chr Cern., Rioyoton, for'N york, s A Bridle r Frhr 'onrile. Ilitcoeo't. for (iloveston. J G Itnolaod Pollr Fox.Illidrrowo, fir Vnlon. *W Botya Scbr Ileory Ite, Norton, for St Jogo de Colo, itR Croinig & co ARRIVALS. A. l0.h tl12. 1209. 'L'no oat Pdoenix. Annble, from N E poFsir vig towed nto so hip -Clihotr, hriesA RoKsto amld'Cu'harioe, ad sp schr Porqtt,. rlturnd toI the rcity wilh ship Orlkls, nid ,rbrh Dtoskv wally, nud Vi,:toria; lis .tle on Ihe IRh, as 10 A od. Ntltubip river. TowI I.t 'ie,,r. PeC.4. frotm S W paos,'iltayl retornedl to te ily oilt sllit 1 Ieaobo. Iifrtllr Lor tIll., at I 5'olook; P I. Repetoo on.lo Ihip oi tlThllel.r,aeor.cral brig. aud Ilr Shoip elenn,'Bronlog, from to.iero.l.. 21 J03 .y, to lonroitt (Ctralu,.(il tow Iy stets.r' Columbi;O)eom CGrald le CoIl. Illipl,,o.oto.Sotrt, 15dot'tl Yorkto A Chtit. SVior Victoriu, Sitvns. fin Attakspus, to t.lster. 0,-tllr Dtlsk Stnlly, Eldldgo, Int Oot.V.hnoI. tFlemnor 'I'Tomielieli. lthrt, from Attklto.. Slteamer Aloerit,.,. Tolbert, frotm 1'il'ilanl' Lolldillg. S ttrmer Clnilotrne, arrlt. frotnl Viklblurg. f . teattlller Colulnlms. Ila'delrmaon, om Cincitlnnti. Ototlner I.-lod.y. ellnotto.. firoon I.mfourock. Stoamotor lnroon, Ptloy 'frtmttt Cincitltnlli. Steamer 'Wooltrll. cPrie forot Littleltook. Stooator Ilotiry Cloy.. Witltoll, froom Iouilolloe. Steamer Yazoo, Willlms, ftront William.' Laudtlig. EXPORTS. . TAMPA RAY..Per .hip Tyrone.. Carooo,57 s broad. 1t do. pe ork, do, vinegaro'I9 hxes arm.o and 376 U t Soldicro. .............. Porbrie Gannieflem..Cargo, U S Troops. NELW 101K..Per lshilp Oltuloee..Corgo, 80 hi It0lo ootr,1600t pig. Itad, 54 hds tobacco, 40 hixs norchlndize, 130 HBs flour, 425 dll pork aott 4: bhtloo rot ott,.6 casko bacon, 5 Ills shoulders, aod I box ..............Per rig0 Chioitrnin..CrLo 15 hlds tllboco.l.'i b:a 'pork. 40 do flour, 130 balles colloo. I hhdo h o.............. r'hrC, 2 hfde eugro 30bls dd, i otl ld oloasses, GALVESTON..ter sehr Coriao..Cargo, 100 flotr, 1110 hops corn, h5 boxes claret wie, 22 hogs pepper, tand sundry small lots nolasseos, sugr. Itatns smad corks, I VERLASCO..Per schir ox..Cargo, tIto.dry small tot, mr dctalize, boron, lard, ottoo seed, bronos, o.f-. f.oe,, dry goodls, lotter, luokorel, hord CORtK..,Per ship Mao:to..Coroo. 1230 Iltlo. cotton. 't ST JAGO ID CI1A..Per schr Henry I.ce..Cargo, 110 his flour. IlMIMORTS. NEW YORII..Por ship Orlonts..Carlo, assortled mercehao dizc. ATTAXAPAS.. Per socr Victorin..Cnrgo, 14 lids slalcg, 50 tbs molasses, to llll & Bien,l nd order. I SAVANNAII..Per serl Dusky Sully..C(,e.,. 186l tiercse rice Ind 413 lOU Oranges, to F Clarke. LIVERPOOL. .Pr ship llcleon,.Cureo, 2400, snit, IaS V sor,,ted ,lorelaIlite, to A & J1 Itloittoun & ,o Mndddx Pollard'l o,. J A lMoile .& co, (t Vlls. J II Caldwell, L. Gcardner, W eM Br geot & co,nnd Maslter. IRECIIPTS 01F' I'PROD)UCE. Atloknpns..per stltemeor 'Pomillrlti. .Cnro, 40 ld. sugar,, and 110 Ihalo cotton-, Gruy, lDurlnve 8 co, 3". hits suer, and 18 bales cotton, Folluin, BlloctIO & DeOoles, 40 kds, 10 tls des teu., 5 bales cottoun and t hdsbugcr, J IF Miller, sundries to sundries. Lnfourtck..par steamer Ittdney..Cereo, Ilo bes astuar, and 75ll tlts moln.5, Martin, Pleastlts & co, b0 hales cottoen, A & J Donnistoun S ao, 130 bnle. cotton nlld sick rotton saBd, lacbeth 4 T'Ittnnlpeott. 4 Ode, nldnl Ils indessces, lBradecr, IMcKeto kAiWrlghlt, 10 hds sugar, W\Ym Flower, 10 bl. perk, %wcern n cmlrod. Cinocionoli..por steamoor Mlnrminn..Carlo, 22 I.l flour, ('ometoelk, llyelle & o.500 do. Foretsont & leid, 490 hI, pork, Stetso, & Avery, 00 0bls whiskey, 05 kegs pickles end 5 jare olives Dorsey, '0 ls whibikey,. A 'Trier. Little lock..per steonntr WVeterno..CarCo, 78 ltcke pcel trlce sutl l do der skinn, A P (ilruy 1 Co, I:1 eales pltlrie, J Col!se co, 17 lbls rotlno,l J M l.ou,O 3 do, N 4 J Dlick, 13 bates pllriope and I box otter skitt, I.eLernoc.& Legendre, 31 Imlo, eolltno. l.cultin.Stctoevo otl 1 co, 36 do, M V'hitle A co. 10 do. t Lcdbonx & co, 143 do, Burke, Wooat & co. Louisville..per soteaecr Ilenry Clty..Cargol, S Idls cd I keg scustno sckin. clt llcochctd. 51 Ildes pork, M D W'alker, 804 bls potrk.ltol 1t7 tde Itcnt, C Bell. I.110 Ids flour cnlOd63 kegs lard.J Voirilo & co, 1ol piecoo tluggont, and :122 crils rope. Ogdollll S ,ntlllet, 1;0 Jid floer nl dl66 nnoltsocs 1ed. WcV t Re) nolde, I crriage andclthc runocs atctal'cd to it, W M I.mcotlh. WVilinms' I.cltdillt..pte .e[tmrcc YVeo.,CnrLe , 006 bolts ellton.N J Di ko do doF I) lt.ieedro & cOo, I do, WV SIto Bol, 70 do,'lticker, Utlley, Duavels co.. 51 do, Nlgent, l'urpit &-WVtc, ^6 do, I' I Goodl ill, 1i do, Mrrete, Jenlinle & co, 10, Sto, ckller, Sluuton . co, 8 do, J M Blail I" ca. 5 do Lawrecore & Ctlluoce,' 0 o, Asher, Alln 4" co, 36 do, Keys & RololtrlS, 17 do, \ 1 J (i.ltqrluot o. - " Thhlcdoux lte ..poer steooee r Colrctdo..Cnr,. Ik hd" ado 4 Itells uar, 080 ble mlosse, e holles end lol os nolrchndic, V tlocerl, 5 Iltlds sutgllr, P II Gonlryy, tt I,I loello-.., lenar tecrh & 'rltoutlpso, 30 d,.BralcEolr, lMcKelln, & WVright, 511 llale cottou, A loutal 4" co, il`hdi kglnr M u lston. 1k hds etttcr, Meartin IPlocecles 1 e.to8 hoe do, ll0!rico1, Clogg o co W lhIts molaseses. K.ox, Loyd & co. _hiietntllc..per stlamcr eoluloiollht..Coco, 100 hl l wtis. okey, Jas Ilotlens, 3:I isl l rootnd 5l ll tIls whiskey. Cllrlcese nd Ilutolorl; t2:) 211 t floe,, eodt 7 a lnd e lt,,,,aon, Of dee 4 Soutlnltet 11406 bls pork, 70 du lrd,. Jocseph Laclldite & co, P05 kegs but let, l) Noyes. '33l bps ork lndol2 ld btoocon, J A MorreIe. 153 ls olurk tInud 55 keoC, t-l l Ie. hIf , I t bls latrdt bll sIl ad 311 half do eot, Slnlnod & Selgoersun, 78t Ielf Ihidl bacon rd 4. bls otlltkoy, ( Itorey. "Villiotbe' I.atdin..peCr sttamer Amerian..Crco.C, 113 do, Ilolso 1 Goioclt, O do, Allen & Asher 4"'eo, 28 to J A tell. 10t do, Pickett & lltk., 00 IC. Alcrmnc, Almnrdy & Ieautt, 39 do N & J1 Dik, 4 do, Gee Blothallan..4 do Coneor & G ridley. Vtcksburg..per stelcaer Cilnilborne..lcarn, 4:13 I, nle enl loll. 1V Bgoert 0 l . 03 dto'lOeorn - 1lrtnllt, 17t8. do, Burke, \WVal 4 ct, 170 do, Ilulotlot & 10(ctty. 158 t,. N 1& J Dick. 174 do., tolknero Sllcono1 & ool135 do, Ntloc, 'turpcn p c .ctt I, l tdo. Glo flocerohotrc I lo. M0 II tol, do. I eysRc. 4" Rol .+t ,:3l, o ,,,rif0icl, P'otroe r r10 , ok,,t do. AN Nloltbll .t 9 do, Ilcncll+ l' orriladeo t ', o. d-... llroin Plreue t 4- to, I. doh; ,riseon, Dlho o co. 22 do, Lco s, Darcns & e.o, O deo, thlil ." 1Voo bloc, I dot M.ddue Pollard 10 .O2 deC Tru cott, I do,1 Fltwer, (iracl (iu-l-per Illllhtcon tie-O .CrtCgn, 03 Inloes cottOll.n, N d J DiOk, 112 orioe. Di all,' t nce1 tdo, Go orterot, ,55 dot. . Wd Oak,v A ot, lto doN M rrllosl, 46 do, lobtonl ,& Goochk. 41 d.o, ABlln, Ahller & ". o l)0u , & (i Tl'urtiol, 14 d., IaetraplS, Dosloece coK, c d do Iekec, letlty, 4. Divis. CONSIGNEIES. r NI+ York..eor hllip Orleollo..J LReid & co,V Allint. Kie. Ilo, Ilarris & c. A I'ulton A co.J P cree ll n so&e, J ltuleuI A IL lo. & co. Loll Il'eck, Lallv 4' MloCraik elhtll Flltjr, P Shaeee t4- ho,e V David, V'n Iyck & co, Godfrey, I.ouio t and Small, J iallocte, C lecane. I Bridge r to. L Doblkn, Brko nlt & co. N & J Dicklo, It II Wibe, I'pyro.x, Arei nee 4 to, itickardl,n Valterm at & otWod. WV!t Sleet, y Turner & co. Pcere & Dileard, 5l P Levy; W.ilcolg A Stork e Cernlallc Mc4 lalcon, E & W leKeoll. Norlllen. Steele & to, F Amaln atd re II Englsh, Layel nnd Auc'un,. liKeye Rorttc, Al,,ll Asho and to, Yealinell, & . II O AIeel. Ioe-ert & tlcwthorl. LConlor and (irldley. . Thayep r 0 c o, W ValVcee jr, 111, lcake & to, Branderd, il'Kenna aud Vright, ttll4 I Brown. Ltbcdi 10 Jalcqllteline, Moore oud Clrke. A Cuhen.'P.Tvlor ul lHlddo. PLollard ctd eee, A H Hlltlaeo & cc o, L Ietge G It MDonwell. Itull ..o ed tO Clhaee, 5 4,J P Wlhitoey, t lncceno Ilawltoorli Kowen aetd D.- vidsl; Itrawdnn. Wright 4- cJ allt \V Dwyer, D. i..ll, Ihrt, lleilc t lClelte ,Jlllollpon, J P Ducotlo. Lwreaeco oIl SChaller, S Pricget 10 cn. Ade. eti, Ilarlwell (GoodlllUc 1.eovy aed e. Odnl ade d Soutlllatel. Leoy. J k L Breewlor, Wood eod imelo., W'alton cud Klenip, Lwretecee .nll Hill. C enteck, llyde alld co, N O lid Crrellttl Ke It, mane r ad order. (It Olt . sALE-- lorteent iolccdred .cte. oflandlyitng id .ý in the paribh of Ibervilhe, nn boilh sides of Ifayoll 1I taringolc, oadjoin te lle.plautatius Igtely esabliesyed by Gee. Johtnstic ac l l)r llatcy--ttl. , Nioe letede-l ucrces Ivitc Ie tile poarihi of Pointe CoCpeont cte toe we sid:uf balyou EFuerdehe, adjuecelt to the nree oi'lito'Ato' pftlaya oill r obd, and adjuiihg landls eow owned Iy eine. Joelteoe. Y II eseo Iends extlend, lfomtlhe bayou nt whlich tlhey - Imnt,bn'k tti the dnelpIh o4i) aces.+ Ji'hetr dee covered will wild caue, cad the grovth of b slresltele. iee amply el eoltcieue to lfurlikh all Iee timlner needed Iebr a plalc-. tiult it';e uot- alRnci'*mtlybeby t o reqire atch labor to a. get thoe ready frcultivation, Exllcriee lpe n t nods sit itnlarly eituaood, ic tlhe.eane neigllboulthuc , has ittown t al a body of hbond, placed tdt any pIrllion el Ihnem, isele to clear land enouglh to tl i'a croep the - E1tryrecar, of ere atd colon larger Itoen dley. .Ol gt' ther. It sicy .be sulely aoerted thllat oat land il he Ier l45c Slte gtorOrI icleoelucecllnt Ito he colloll pl.ellc. -'Pertoos letircoc of pobrhecing, etey ainure lhem selveeoes tle cq.aiily aud charater uol luse lads~, by SCurf re.1 clto lhe lIne. lhnry Johnson, II 1' Williams, surnleyor gescneral ilf the U. S. n, for I.oýli na,s• la lIhe. T e Coule,,of lPoin Ctepcdee e rJ Ilalev,of'ecirrelmtce. Apply n myself ihs lci eity, or tso lessno Lambethll alhd mUnpul kul Nathemz at. icew tIrl.d.. Nelw Orlednse 91h. March, 1939, Id .ell -H I'HIdIIOUlIIX. SI A .K ri 1t cc & od llk.t-ofibstorley,-JuoL ,tL eceivco n o ditioidecl eoily osikthe elece ra opular schloul bauba, by A TOWAR, * 15 49 5aclpc p ltK1--IO bileereeg..trle P.O., fir mte by ' 1e , 1, . -" I)t)RY, 44 New Leree 1.. Oti7 3T cltrtlKTlcPOlt's-Being sCelet worke , L the Brilish Peels iua clr.niu.doienal ereceeferoe Foleotter tol lir Walter .toil, wtll blprphlieal iel! ey eric wetecctloigejl'no reeeiectelleofi Dr. At kiu'Wceb~,.dej, juel 'eeiicl'detlld lilt cate L , II laltS· MX. TUWAIIi 491 Ucc ol. +ra -life.-Pl Ledger; ". .. ltar Th. 'Pnviliqnk i goo !w & nyl memorialo ten- lhe oil ritrtnel ti pub na th iion.' Ailit ed- thi i! ithere.nre fheoliretes that were ,to industriousl, lik, bnfttd and scijti.d.on.t e railing which surmunded the and there in a mneatmagnificent view.of the country aro d, g PNiagaia river, rWreping down till it.assumes a snowy. at.I whitenase, 'as it brenks ever thb rapids, and' rushes on to liki the fall Like nmny of those who left them in eon thy .phnrge, they are peased away, to he seern fb more; WV forever! Well do we remimb hr the. doy we firsll saw i rite Pavilii4'. JI ;vlis the frvtlime our'footrever trod n w foreign land, fnd strange emotions jilled ni.. Nor were net Iwe lees iraioil silien the roar of Niagara' eternal thunee all deri brke ;s pon'lou Per, and driving along' itslevel W shore, we saw the broad nd pilacid river h ealr.onwnrd to tile precipie,, till we etooped at the Pavilion door. h s We were iahiered into the Bar-room, where we hich pa lnois dispmte Ibtwegen a Yankee gientlemn nd agnide a bNut the rvemuneretim, for dles itter's conduesing tahe e lfr mer fnsder thefll. The dispue rose frou tshe Yon- si kee refusinlg to pay him the accusomed fee, on the sto grounds tha.t hed lhad not lgon e whole distance, which in the guide combatted by urging hle willinveae to pro. ed, ut thatd, his ephyge rmo thouilght e had gone far or we loon aireeil t for teha we had all been infrsbed a now hfe, and we ii felt a delof hny ncy that we do not remember to hive experiver ne before ors r since. Everyithing wl s novt e el-but it wase dinner-time. We wed never seen whi t may be ter ed exclusives be- a fore. Here they were. A party of a gentlelnaf, ande lady, anrel daugtelr, and two prearu heroeaiera,who were diemcng artendance-upi n the girl, sat at one eand b of a long table. She was pretty, (but we have no room now for. descrliptione,)-nt the othlier end we were in- to sited to sit down. Some half dozen cockneys, wilh l their green huntndg costs, buff breaches, fiir top boots, and drab or red vests, were promenading np and down M the room, impudently staring tat those who wer either f engaged in eating, or were slaking preparations for the meal--bat we are growing particular. The pavilion a no an excellent house, and unless they build another just an good anid keep it well, we shall mis it when nl we do visit Ningar. me owever, if we have n war withr England, We ph 'not he in a hurry to visit the Canada - side. We shritll have ough to;- keep us ai home, and . very likely here we sallt may..e te GENrT.zEMEN's TEMptERHOcE. SOCIETY OF NEW ORt.aEs.-It m- y not be generally known that a club reemperance on gentlemanly andliberal principles, and according to the strict laws of good t reeding nd at thorough knowledge of that politesse which should i distinguish every gentlemen. It does not attach itself to the car of any of the snatianl awl dogmatical asc o ciarions, which havige been crawling upon our free iasti tutions, and have for their aim, not only to induce men reo throw aside a pernicinas c.stm, but the abridgement I of oar rational liberties. It does not place itsell along- c side of the cent societies, and Irate societies, and ohble t societies,and missionary societies, and the Simon lure temperance societies, but comes out on its own hook, i and expects to consuimmte a great good, without in- r [tiering a single evil. It dooa not pretend to be straight vested, or hide-hound in its theory or practice. It does not iprss i otaries it a s e th the vast Importance of ex necessitely of total abstinence, nd thll abomination of Oecesional excess, in a gentlemanly way. It does not endeav forto blind the judgment and misguide the reason by promising, that a strict obedience to its injuncions, will cauoie St. Peter to open he gates of eternal bliss, with oi t a qgueiion-r nt even the demand of io pass word. It mnaken no professiohn and promises, no're wards. True, it han penalties,and onforce8them rigidly. The rewards are left to tle conscinces of lmembers,o which cs, alpplaud theirigood deeds. Having stated what thie Gentlelnen'e Temperance So ciety of New Uilens ie not, let os now tell what it is, and lwht are the reqinsiteos hr niembership. In the Grut p'nc he must be a gentleman, and keep no low company. Ili must io e a connoiseur, and drink no bad liquor. le may drink when ho e is dry, and think it no crime if his friend to the ame. erl may dritink when he pleases, and allow the same liberty to others. Ile nust be frank and hospitabile-good humored and honet-i cod- every sense of the word, a gentleman. And the golden rule of the Association is " Never to urge frbynd or stranger, or ask him a second time to drijnk.s, The Club are willing to have their stucess in promoting temperinse, thn mncasure of their future reward. Who wiever infringes the "golden rule" of the Associt lar, is compelled to forfeit for its good, a hnndsome entertain imenl flanked with thle choicest viands, to be consi lcred no gentleman, and to treat the whole Club at the next meeting. 7oe"t-to. LATEST FROM WastHINr ON.-We werO agamin wilh out slips from Washington yesterday, bringing any'de. finito intelligence. We however learned through the lstter-wriit:r of the Balletin, under dato Marcl 4, [thatt the unportant i II in regard to te Bqrder War, had penned the Ilotse by a vot, of 101 ayes, fi noe--and the Oecate unanimously, 41 Senatorse (being til who were preseat) voting fIr it; and that tih Preshidctl ieeBl.Pjee;!.' t, and Speaker of the Hlouse, had signed it. The llill authonriae the President (insted of tl! 20,000 regolar troops, originally contemtplated) to call Out 50,000 volunteers, who are to be enlisted as the vonlunteers were under the Act of 18311, for tile Florida I war. The President has power to pllace armed steant hoats on the Northern Lakes, if necessary, and to raise $10,000,000 by loan, to carry out tile provisions of the bill,. The Act to continue in ftrce until two months after the meeting of thenoext Congress, and no longer. SnRIous AcctDxnTr.-Yesterday as the .etealnlinl Sulti;t was raising steam for tire puripose of goig out, thle asnsitant engineer, Godrge Fletcher, ta native of Enolalnd, ond a indckesmith by trade, Int with n serious accidleit nder the following circumotace:--lle was stnndlng on the lyowheel, fixing the cold-water pipe, Iued ftir coo(tllg tle piston, whenl thie engineer warned him thtll he'was abot to, let on stetam. lie did not ilunleditely regard the warnling, which tile en'iucer not ohserrineg, applied tilhe stenn to tlie engie ;-Cthe wheel lew rountd, anti crushed one of his armstand legs in a horrid mtnner. llis side was verr much totrn and I bruised. and Ihe was otlterwise seriously injured. Sur gicanl aid wa inunediately called in, and he wais con veyed to tlhe lospital. t is thtught that he will re cover, but will never be ablo to ptursue his occupation. 'CAosutntol' ToiiRn t cNCERT takes pince tihis even ing, atllth St. Louis Iall Ronlno. Her Concerts have breen mot nnumeroslny attended, anll her aullitors have a till been delighied. ihe sings witlh great precision and taste, and tlitows a sporttivene, intot sncen of her witch Sing ittlel airs. we have nat seen equalleil. Onrns'S' Co'ctrr.--At thie Concert gi.en Iy i1. I Jadot, and others, ftr tihe lenefit ot the Orplhanv, tile smon of $1t22 50 woa realized. This speake highly for the lhnritrblhf cling of lour comlmunity. It is not in every city that a Concert for a similar purpose would turp out so well. TlE 1RAHEACS. "Th.e Itaee nver thir Eclipse Cotrse commence thin day at e o'clock, ntd will ctati tie six days. Thlis day's race is fiH rhe Now Orleans Plate, a eer. vie ofsilver; valuet $700; two mile beats. The lollowing Ih nres are entered.. Wmlt.J Minor enters for Col. A. L. llingaonan, hIli nel Fatuny Wright, 6 years ol, by Bertrd, Iy Ilnrtd, daot by Sir Alfred-Rider's dress, yellow and red. " Theoms W. Chinn enteir b f Arbaces, by IBerrand' dam by Rteasieut, and 5 years-red and while. Fergus Duplantier enters gre Roderick Dhu, 4 years, by Merlin,ldaln by Bagdad--blue and white. M Minor Kennr--br h Richard of York, 5 years, by Star, cane by Shylock-red and red. SJanla S. Garrison eters c tit Glorvina, by Indusltry, dame by BIay RicLnmond, 6 years-red anid red. IE' The celebrated horse Wagner arrived yesterday, in tip-top order, and will contend for the four ntile purse. Fromalte foregoing, it will be seen lllt the race to Sday will be. ott of great interest. lnded, Col Oliver i ha mlads everyenstrtioniei renderinlg his course worthy of the spirited consolts which are expected to collle oalff. Tile track is ill ine order, and a Inutber of the Ieat bleeds are is readineas to" take tile field" against each e other. TThe Grand Jary of Om.go collty, N. Y. have found "a true hill of indictmeatnrt gains Jlames Wltson Webb, for a libel oti. Cooper, the noetiet. Well, Webb wasla lilttlrsavem 'it Cteater-that'oa Ilrct-but the Ilater do Lerald it eli and twenty time. macIlh. utalbalsb, lo$Ahe iareo u tDannd te llur d R ad lnltf ;wa y'chlneheitt lrte esothelnt-eohnoe to the Improl-nwpon =Hank,a dalbetee)aenrlte eiollilo of, State.Hoods thea to tlnhknyilrejtksihpatavtitgfletien to do hlkil Rdala to hoissh hta tihle #llq r isrgeng. The bllit kstr teinkto the, Ate Hene 4for~thsl lnteriaella ·!p6 tcomsdodaeet Oht itolth a lt Htrnalce tehl elitnleoena'e, I the altme n th.ent 00 lly prot 'i;e th iillht oma Inia :iitf Ihe l .lotigh-e ais 4sns sent, the SenaatloWilltniutleie rece itenod its amnatienlant ad lias the original lll. ln WASotnearN, MAR1CHO 18391. fO Tiher AciacrlResolntion.--We annex the vote tupon doe thie reiolteion ceproaing the Port Master tceneral' for onu his ineolefice ty, ise Senate, and the aoendulent to lit. tit -ahn-eadtlitufioierc Pithai lreiideiii Aontn Kuidall hans borne it with a high hland cineW, Co like an uiigratlful sritcreant he turned upon his frieni. anmdpaltvn, who would not bend a principle for the purtone of gratifying his avardce. If Mr. Clay had given hIim the paltry Office of Clerk in lhis Deprlmentl, at a salary of $1,5'10 per annum, he wounld doubtless, ad liken base. mercenary, have fiallnwed his fortuneis,o iil some inore munifleent patron could have been found. We khn~wAmos, thoroughly-we have.een ineias career er -We have.watched it narrowly, fo n the rtimae lie firet t" .went to Kentucky, a nieedy.adventurer, up to the pre- on sent. momennt. We hove wiinessed his manmuvres in do all the local dilfieullie in which Iae was there engaged. in We have alwayasknown him utterly devoid of principle oi -a black-hearted beilg, in whose soul a noble sentci. ment and mianly thought coold not exist for an moment. T STl'he orespitilent of the Baltimoren American says: "Seeveral commnniati'aos were received from tln Ex ecutive sial Execative I)cepure entsa . Atonceig thoe wan dl oneo fvro tia Poet Mloastur Geaeral. Several wteeks since he was called upon to fialnish certain i:formatiion D to ele Senule. No nswear aons rceived t, the call for i finformtrinae from the Eneeanive tp to Monday lest. L Mlr.' T'liadge then introduced a resolution which was Ndopted Ive a se il mejorit, dianendileg iec the Post WMeayc Genelanl, whly lh bad ott sent the linfirmatieo t cailed fer." tl d To day, howcer,n anoer wat reeceived, with an iasoete t answer, (soneueidered ty athe eontld.) itohecall tor reasons y wiy hnd lrmlnnatio lIad not beore'bmoen givee by Is nte Sente nMr Meatonll a.iwer tile rehsoltiol in a rorl, aid esys pllioly that lie was note reey. t D ir oer of Ark. ilteroduced to hoe Snat a rceolution cen suriillg tr Katlatl for il conduct, by dae lrillg the bioer r disraneeotlsl to theelenate. ii Mr Walkor of lis teoved to amead hby. direetilo that the re olutiono ensure ots e lid efite tile Praln heltoath Ir 8tatrlby orner of theSenate. The reolution waH adopted d by the tlwlowieag vlne: m Year.. eears ltnyaerl.i rown, haclhmnan. Calhoeen, Clay of Ala. Cley of Ky. :e ytlon, Criatie An, Culr ert lDaei, aon- s ter, altolt, Kning, iht, Linall, iKetean. Merrick, Morrie , I it loauta., Nicholan. t'rentie, I'reotn. liwos. Roan. Robbii.s,

Robinson Savior. molidl of Ind. Soultiarl, nwiirt Talmadge. I ec Walker, nnli, Webster, White, Wiilliame of Mo. WVilliams of Mn Mi...37 Nayt..Megrs Allan, Retloae, lubbnrdo Nils, Piere. emith ofConn. Wright, Y runp n r. .i ae Tim Nallodelnl, layiur the eonplalt before tie President, SCraytona, Critteldon, Cutitbert, oeis. Fnster, Fultoaana.l. iat SKight .MeKonn. Merrick,eoutoo Niaelne, Nibeoll, Itre ti, Prestos, livaos, Ir acnny bhingnyhing on. Shanter Smi., of etod. oothasrd, Owift, Talhnmlgo, Walker, WVelnter, White SNays..Meaers Allel. Itaen. tenirwn, Iuvhaeal. Illahard. Id tinn, Morris ierd,ri. Slithi otOea. WVilliama of aol. Villi vas ofMi. Wriglht, Young..13. Wce o. neIseties icagl at tile crudities of the C.aorier, It is an innocent anlusement, fry we really hove no Swisha to injure the nmen, or to dapreciate hislilerary rrp ed tlation in the least. t'rh follaowing is enough to move the risibles of the mostoa saturnine visago in Clristedomo Ior ont of it. If we were not aware hat in Frenchiren lo is not P Patlandrr, we migiht c.use the Bull, if it did o not also give evidncae egainst him as an English.taon. tin-But here in the poragrph : in " e undersntla that ilie S. Bent Gallenion was dIe strayed by fire on le e lIath irnlt. while on her wavy from ot PIecqUoeaiac to tir l'nccie. In consargeroenn f thi bac0 g- eident, oany gentlcimn have lrcae coaiacledc to dfer I ,le their !eparlure, andi tir Ilrade blctwePn thias city and tilea rieln counlry wutered by nr communicating whb tibe "al'eclr, willh lavai , Irlrupendrlld far oaaae time. Ilere , is ll noerument ill favor of tlhe poedly conetrnet'on of in- rail roatr iin Iaoi'a.tiao, rhiclirnone brat tire blind can see [t one glance." Ni- Nte-" Thte trnla will Ihoie been supended," pro uI bablly was itendei fIr.aillbe. As for n " blid oran scc c ing at one gilnee," thit's all in Ihe Conrier's aye, ea of ie cnI tle prlnrilea of sonaburlrrtirie undei r lie el'-ct o f anieral gti I o on l VoItIEts :MIIICAL IoSTIvUTEc--OII tile hId inst. ei th degree of M D nwa cooferred nn ." of lier aluni to ae, thio young bhlt vitrous noil aloriaeing intiltorion. to- rie New 'orko Mirrer is lhe best dresssd, most renllc nc' Manriy lorking lposer in Iae collrlty. Ite ralollel is ar ly.rangedd with cxecednig tatness and io gnoernally what Ire, iglt h termed pretty gCold--iratevecr [lley lie irirTre tensions, srldom raelcing uny thing riore than tire erodl trnoe. 'Tiersic c other pltodiliele in tihe Union of a natiuchl higher caste tlyno lia Mirror, not ihlf so well rrpaatr ieitld--lbt lhen thie lirror is so idv and evrery .o thing looks so well aooit it. That after ll is the e cret. It seems that in ndolillg nrlir:lrc so tine Mirror, writerec lave adopnleld rpeliair ntionls of tatr'e, anti as ithey ecidom fill barnw, Ihardlly ever rise ,bnvc alea si etandard. Thd e preaent nonee r is aci o god aiolhnla Mirror Uvlllly dad is andi is n lnlt o ll th'll with i haniiI oleiiC e llgr~ villa of Itei age" Soankivg Mounlain" n thie iupper Mlississippiri. C. P1. J.', Juntas, at ti Pvst (Rire, is lie Agentr in ais re-ily. ring ir A \Whig State tjaonvnnton is to Ire heId in IKenlucky, frilir ti nomination of candidates for Governor and Lt. air- Govrcanor. S Iecordaer t Caur, SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch, March t9, 1839. Joseph Weanle ws charged hy George A. Puddy with laring ftloniittsly taken tis pocket bo k contatintg $31. I'ddyv lives ti Iti Arctadn, andso de Weanms,--uidt that oi Sunday,.whilst Pcddv was sctedl ill his door, a persoet raeuested the tit.e of a ten tdllar bill, which he did, and efterwards hid hIis puekl book on tihe chair almost bencat iln. A few ainultes atearwnads, esome ne Lcml nianded his attention and he wont behind the counter, frgetttiti' hit pocket Iooak, atnd lwhile enacget, \WeaVc toak it uspand woalkat all' witl it. e.ast entered intoa bohds with Air. Taylor of tIhea ie 1 g.a.,a' Exchange; in the sean of $5010 fr hin ap p aarance at ith' rionl.pul Court, to answer to -the chnrg'e of larceny. F. Keanon, Pat Foied, F. be ing found drunk:-Discharged. " l.ewis iaitll--arretaled on sauspicions crcunaslanae s, asd not being able to prot:re sufficient evidence of Ihia honesty or occupation, was conunitted for 30 davys. E Lewis and Jas Lewis, foInd wandering about, rathler inttx:ecatd, at a htehatour. OnCXaaminaaiat were found to belong to thle ''ecumselih-discharged. E Colltoan and John Htarry, arrstt d hby rans, of the river olilt, tlt about 2 ,'clock. It uppeltd ont Slanllatltia, lll J Hlarrv wa a nilor nil hearl of St Swedish vessel, and Ihit himt and taolhttrn rtna. way romat her, a ranner of soaIta one of tia ilor boarding houswe, as is very comannv the Itcse aomletlong side oftle vesstl with a skiff and took CIlan gllstTt her wttll vritn.t nricales and were mooking olfna (atnts tilh.) runl.(, wlen IEvan.s arer hauled and brought them troo. CIllton, was r wog. nized by thea n ptin and detlined itn jail by his or ders. T.e other anot being engatged ia nay lawful ar hlnorntld emttplpltentt, weals remanded luto be vot;ihed fir. A A&M ISenrec, arrested at the rtqucesl of 3rs C Mlad dnla, fr an aas.snlt. J Lentham, arrested at tile request of J Ilalurd fotr a retaltcl of the peace--bound to ketPI Ithe ipeace ill $300 security. Ct:LESTE.-The St. Charles has Ieern fillted t over f. lowig each successive night of thiis pepularariste. a We never ialltttlber to have sacn t1n a former occasion a so much beauty and laslliun-tllhe oxes are nightly literally crowded with ladies. Celeste's Benefit On NlMonday twas a Itunper--lhe receipts aetiully amsotnled to $1,8552. Ilbr Nnrantattalt wias a hastifu.lly deline ated lersonationll-mlosl exquisite in anne of ire toucles, and rougllt with true pathos. Some idea inylae firn:ed Iof Celeslte's power, whent it is tol, tbuat in tie portion a of the audietnce.who could appreciate the feeling ash threw into the part of tihe white wife of the sell; there was scarcely a dry eye., that in dtama St. lary's Eve will lie presented togestit with I.'Harondelle inll oth of wlihel Celeste is SIli featsure, and in thi latter, is one of her mist finilhed and beautifull dances. We ider.tlnd that Mr. Claytrn lhas returned wih his allllon, st noehat injured. We have not yet seen hin. lie will dothtless make another ascension. liay he live to sake a Ihundred. DESTIRUC IIVE VIRIE--DTECTIED VILL INY, AND HORRIBLE TRAGEDY! From the Montrose Regislcr. Within the last week, seriea of etella have tratls Ipied-at Oswego, N Y, exlhibiting nate of the most re nltrkable and shnbdlagillttalnea of bthe speedy co s - metion so crime and its coinleque nes, that we have evr vknown.. A disastrous fire occurred at Osawego. abotut .. o'clock mn a 'uetday night thle l:th inst. in a torteiownd by MIrs Lanaiag, occnpied by Air John lisesett, (thoM tatotk ofgoods was atlltllsed to it eta - tirelI destroyed,l and coernlUllniateda t the store of Air David Beers. otata o who:se goods were saved. SAir alrsett was younl merchanlt, whose loss on his goods was supiposed to he $1t010, of which g$5000 was inasuled. laThe origin nftie fire, whi:h wat at first a mystery, at the circumstances 'ltlit le tto its dltteteio, add tile shocking resulh, aredetailed ill tie following extract y which we areipermitted tollake frmn a letter,ted l Since I last wrote yon, givingw nee, -It of ilae. f ire hereal iinon has been asfiot, with mtly coltje trs about tle mainaer in withl the fire could ltave origiatted. MrlJohn, Wille goodj were first hatsaS, ws. esapacted of aettang the fire Ilhmsetf. Ttis ledt ia , watth IIttIt tiattd time tttsaees wlsitlb hr lltrt "tb a lThre ad helle far n few nights pasa .. t1 ellik or same kind of goal. burmytq, oatcedrl Iy son r etLtitllas; astd.yetl y, (it latslv) mmhne ailea - elntlhaud .ts fpiulufiw1 waatfoueli n th i "la S rutk stor na ot' o ' . tntet A .o'i-ak ' out o th Pine p.ot--.m'n h gond k heh d tusicrnese. m ,w arprid It senimeft h lteo lidlm e.i K 1e olun0 0, lwen'l Ioe toe hdupo, rD~ir Phir 1a8 eo--r Mt d to Vn mtin rom. e d.dr'attdeu t 'osell too.ns-'p a. oi . doithe rhiet e waseo to whoo . .ton g tojhoo. onkeo .he itn hht y Brrr to-noleit. on'i t.rnentd tieor bi6t axreoi. 'Pindoatnofrnaid'h .on n h t son d sed to Ioft e-io 3d~lpe Ioiidiog togothintepto t n n elotwto lite n t lewocii k ne nt d t iote o irthtngyot conr.n It rent I tano to hit romto, rook thin r snrnt-waet ons ao anloti at ton hock doIr ottd cu his th neen ert ;00s found dentd t a few orntdnnt, t ulr ttyi 11s Inurettuon trhedy is tltedr Tira rer nI oe in l lutiheetIno to h t a to n n n akoe mney ot oftetO tthooruc . l ed the goodts ha tiod accreted in rwa married Itost sldniner or.ftllin ew llav·nd county, Cort. IOUSE OF REPREOESEN gATIVES $7 Sotnrday Mitlreh 9; Itt9. opr On' motion of Mr. Potten, tile Honie took p nlld adopiod the report of the conitter reoenimtinn tile I n kine tohent or removal bo y nddress of Jidge lirtxI nr Boworth r ofr llI pariht of Carroel. On niotion o Mr. hlure,'tile hoon Itofk into. con .id or cnation e ill to ealtbnto oaprisomnont for debt, exceptl t in ease of feanu. tthe tifir seetnir wa ddebated be twAeen Messrs.o M.eCno C M Conrand, wIoh conourter ns tn the propriety of relieving and protecting honest adebtors Itllt differend ts to ttle leao. Tilcdbaledwn s ol ni interri!pted by a lotion to re'ontbidor. the resolution granting leave of abmone tojlldge Euontro and Roste, which mnotion wasi delard bv tile chair to he iot of orderdarig tile peondeney of ainuselion belore the Honse. S dTlntdisttsionon otF Ispninoof order took up the time of thie Ilonse until 12 o'elutck, nd was finally i with drnawen-r. Conrnd thou proprtn-d reterafrettnns ann it substittte fori te Ist r.eeliootllti tile rlmaker deci lded to In als onlt of order, and a dilscussion followed on this point, wincrh wusinterrnltd by'a call friom llr .. naviodson for tie ipreviets qnition, whielm wt s car Srid, an.d tine at section f tine bill was adopted. Mr. . Le is, having eled anto Ie o'clock for tie orders of dile day. insisted trpon tIhe cull. IMetrs Brashear, LI.ckett, t nlld Clanborne nrgoed tian tile motion to reeonider hialt tihe preferenae toa all for tle orders of the day nnder the rilens of the nnuoe.. Mlessrs Lewi and I)aiviorslin t took tile rootrnry positihi, tnoughi the nater desired til no ilion' to reconsider to ble enterltliel if ill order. tlhe SSpeaneur deniaI thlnt tile norders of tine dany Ilad prece dencerr,nnd tiey were onnseqntniliyV tiken t i. On inotiol of iMr truiile'lte irt neeo took inln eonsiie or rntion the nIt to miodify .tile net Inllnkillng. t nloltrptnia tion.ofdltle ndsd to thie Red Inver tinil Rnnd tolnlpa- i t nv. Mlensrs'Dilnnbarornd Dovidaoi exltrinedn tlte utilitl ntatd propiriety of Ithe appropniotion, and tihe bill was Thte till to amennd thie Chnrter of tle Canal and ] :kilng Conmpony wais on miion of Air. irasltenr , taken into consideration. Tine object of this hill is to oa oppropriate -*.tI,IitO) of tile Siate, for. tile inlll ipronvelent of Ibe Call Itoo,0 nitsl Illnake It t0 feet wide of nl at'least 6 feet deeper;--the till ilio probpoed to Sextend tihe Cilter ri thie ttillk 2i5 yenro longer on cllndition of tie tnnen onsrllld e iioin ilt IllltllnlTrI by it thne ibnlk. Alerndlntenl.i i Mr. Lewis iixing tile i zten sill of the Charter to onl" 10i ventr beynl thie preselnt y. limlnit tholerrf, esoing the (tCnal Io vnrort to r theriStun - E. nly 5 yearns Ibeyond the timne spneified iin the originlal SCliarler, nnteill nie bnlfollf tler bon.nrt payrnbh Iiirthe i, Stite, ni linde otiher Iialf my th. BanIk, were ndlnpttdl. i A nmoriorn by Mr. Conrald to exntend thn Blak Cetinrrter *d 15 eoar, oa eonnditio Inf tie paymlennt of t wle wit, lll nr out of tile rbondlo by tile unk, wis l.nIIo A Ieltionll Iyv tr.'llRtlif to retduce tihe exlension ll of tile CInarter to'i vearillenring tire I tnent of the tbondnr r. to ibe eqlally di.ided !ietween thIe sotea ollt llnlrtk, nas n loot. A motion Iy )er. Guioln piroposini tlit thin Iklh P- stlnll pity line wtole arnoant of tein bondn., leavirg tine cextension of tile Cllnrter nl 10 years, was lost. tl 'ine till crronseqnently ono nti amennded us above stM trd. tn proniroed iy r.;Itowis. in An ntnnenrllrnent by Mr. I)treoton e(r iling tile Bank to lid pnoduee yearly voullnr, thant alln thel proeeds oof tie bonnIs are upprnpriatcd to tile enlargement of thie Ca. hal, wuas lesell. Ain dttlitiollnnl sretiron rrlnpomed ben tlr. IPreston, rc le. quriring tine Btnk ti esratblion n S"iniking uind, inn bornits tpand illnrlgngea to nmit tile nite! to.o, wrls Ipassed ; - and uter ine Illth. )tilli eIoll st dr oiter I alll ellllll nt for prrnned by ilres.ilre . (;ierllni, lltlitll, n S1 & 1 C Ciuii Ito eel, tine Bill wrnni tained. ir J lne Mtill it inbjlih hI nritHnMierenr r fire Debt t ni oe tken ilp--lln d hie ItouIre hArijnoriertd. of [Iole.-In in litrrner repeil we omiic innl stii te than an Mr. I.avergne hnad a ii)rInpir.plt" lilrIe r--er. i th ill to erertu lhe neru Irtieirl tt Inof )lan'rr., inii the groutIInii thIan i it was n lot w llllll Ilatediiy th tillllllla ti t 1: 1 a d llllilril it " fI le n Oarot resiectnlle Iil ulr1tnlrtn iii that Ililrtlnll.J 1101141 OF ItEIIRLSESNi'.3T13IVfi. e w3, ~ ~ ~ ~ Midy tit333, 3a',h (5393.13 13,3.33 .1 1 11.13t33prco le 33.33.3, t io for 33,, pont 3Ilea!j 43331 3. 13.3nite 43. 333333 33.3.3 33.33 h r fF fix3 3os ort, 11333333.3 th I3 bur 13f 3 3t33 3.33131311 3333331un S es io of th I3 eg~3 isl a u . - o n d 3o3e3r.1',c a t, C n r d L w s II t al n 31 n33 3.3. uuI g . ip questio1313 It v.ll333 en. 3.3 I3 whi331h 1333, s.3333i3,33s33 lN Its nnnuie 3313333..3 T I 333.,.333 31' fi3l ' 333 Q333 13.u. 3hills 333 3333 '3'.33333 333. 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" - redd1t featth, D89u~logsn l C asIi Fifith Dny. Prrprietor'a Purae $800); miilehealt lhtier n I n Ileltlo - • a'. N. OILl ViteI. Prol t ipr Ior meel METARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. - tel UlIIE Spiring Meetiun, for 1839, over the iMletrie N SCourse will clmenueuee the last i'tuetsyt, 2th Miechi. oat ionii,tmtetixtilayv. I'iiii doy, tswiepothiak 00 o o3ryenaon rl'se t inileetelroneh $Ml1o18 for. d foil. $85tt, Iliiieo nulheriherve: t - .I.'uisfeet Wl aue ch f leonwieg, by Lemi athon. JeIY irl A. Tolln i e, To ile hot i i Jof ke andb lia~~ly-Jlok Club urse $30 w ie8 5. Minor Keoer.- c Gredoc hendloman, hidti Gray uml n v, I) trr aniI- . . . . he cu hrdR liay-Joc y7HI· Club pu~rse$20,tre i Y - r l e olr i lloai,.o kei h lue, by Mre ; ao, Cherryi Elliot), ISby l ilter. t 7. J1 Surario,,e Atinrse f ir yFyd, dm i y he a ir by ir II. 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A BLUE , oron acsc Pocket Bhok, wilh steel clansp wis vrPstrdnv, eontlhlng ut draft of Tile Ihel Talt'l l , onil he N. A aericla 'Itruast lll Illua kilg ('Ol " i, S ix Ilundred and ixtylv six dollars, ($111,)l;i;I. Ih"no.:',.o ' . now payhle 'ti the order of 'Thk S. puer, a, " ,. & lt oaInIr df m bink, ea Ithe In At . ' h raa a a nay, for fif ty ala anald dollars, lN... 1" & I hia niaorder al lTb. T. W\illiamsn, ({5l,01 1.. pyat l , ,A R a" I ln tnol othler abligual ns, !'tea. Al a. I.nI ,.,.allea.leda-a ,nall a Ull-in lh armsnod Ialatio . ,l1r Tdollars ao llpre ial l aIh. ' ll lT N.i, and i "ollf n IN clldeln, s V tee far t.e rltlll'a a i a he a l. acarkad n iam ' InItanIby lice of Thus. It. ILee in Co. or for aea, io1nt wilaia Ike ii aa r mlay rega1 s asesa.aai O life" [.u ier., &c. ' -Il_ r )IIIN.'-- I casa s vanionas iaalel:a . Fraelllll nd SAIe .ricat prints,a flnr salal y fe mr5 r IITIIItI': &~ Co, 134 Magaril_ _t lIUS-I I IIHEETINGi--I9 bales lassia sheeting, HAfor U a !e by feob .. I BRID!E S1 o,1318lagavilelst U1 L!ItNI':Y M1ARIIEli, i sequerl o L" (;,llna" (.tr. 1E rna' IlaAe aauthr of a aayillgs and )DoiagE," " Jack lvm,"' &U &c irn 2 vlrs. I llulraited Edliion of )livr al'wint, completle in ole volumeaa a l va. As, , N.,f lNicllola Njcklely, j Wst reCeived and Alur ale, v - WVl. McIKEAN,. r . EE-;-ftol t--ag ko, lanling ani, lor male by 73s lI. IANCHAIIAI). AlRDt 11110 keen Isincn n,ati, Lard, far [ale by mar18 k Tl STETSN & AVEIRY,?, Grnvrnkr at IsAVAN1 UFI'E--0 gIaI in.a.ore of prlma qllalily', fr prule. lw Ilthcloln eonmigumenls. a ',TI'P:'SO & A VERY, 88 i.naner at (ItNCIN llN TI .Al;t N-30 Ilhda aides nud 201 Itlald "Ilbandlera, prinme gqlly, (br sale by Inar 8 S'.TEI'E'ON ,. 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Josa receirel nadf airsalle by Ti r A 'I'O\VAR,49 Cnaalp at ' ACKFInt:IL, &C--15 bbla No 1 lmaekerel, 4I bls 73 bi No 3dola ; 4G half lld Na I dlo 31l No I da; 58 kals No I ldo 1:2 Kaeg Tonguea Sounds, 1.56 bills I'olna u I? bals I'annaera' til, lnain i rag m ship RhIat Mar-a ris, far sale ly & J & 'l WVIHI'NEY, taar T73 Caalp at 1 Ware tl:maa,aaa3 laellvulllo street. 12 napeiar ain. gle all douhle lfr airona chesta, fai'al TiR factory f J I, Brown, New oark, Inr suli, lv faol" WhIR CARNES. I tlbsot 1l HkIRMAIaY-,h largoeattjarajuste a I1 ceived and far sala by tile gross r da.nea, or aiaa a le, ly •4 'owAI, mar 9l " 9C aalOlat m L . Iask inteueopd ItI.G.E. & tan. 131 Mlagainent LIf llekl ' la , latj aaa patr blaoking, IIýý orei~laI 41.1.81 o It ROWINa w. -e "to ;ipli. o # Cci. i. g.lo t drikitf." t; e ,; lu' a' l d a'." --'.le gooe~tif hal0erli-llt0C ii r tl ,'t il8 tri a of tEngll t t Silhdoaler;npl|.. k.t b.. .otntr . . ito k al o "brd l , . .ob o .do V ;y W mar 9 . 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