Newspaper of True American, March 13, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 13, 1839 Page 4
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ipCAtdy ,I c1+810" 1i yaajib f 'gerel1at Siba lo4 Vna Qatar,. ie`nd 911 . id ITc: htt'ihlldftlity paA rý r Mg iciu tol popiiir Mavdcliua ' - Aqil~ai ReHitnryvful 'lfi'' f Dictiicnnry, Lunldao 0 k ti't avition Ii,) A tiro: ,1 *rreilgnW's llCld'R' y. aticd &sEn oiotoedia , cindbn k MtRCELbAuccuS.. 011Il rv!!vole d A1" ecel eni~ebiirm the t Uffi'y sail 11. Con~iiii Liral of ltercldc, l. 3eý1a Ab a lidy VdlblicntSv .ý swaad Iam-a. l'rcc. 01o111 r... scellýeon Rook, Nn tlS'Ga 'matr Engliah amid I: 1011I9&Co. e ; P +''. ' a. ommn &cc car. Cliarlec dild Cccrlmnc aite. eantvin "otlUe a11XTh UI r n s!sad care of Ihe Frer and Atne. t is pepardiely disvered cherein the Ia to licx on tla ortdinry meinl or trentien sago.,,pIn the moi pine., hung oVeg eto a e f rn aend andy e hl and pnison * ' is n i, itn nnnsv Ie t.ken Writthne ,t,,mtlt anfe h. amtevn e iestrlir' smnta, or aend inraltmd. It pre S r toendeis oreaco mfoeqltenly t o renetite S tinutc woned lton and olrua ti. Ift estc ia nJ mme o s, clanent mnd ettriter, v ihviýnrtins l nMhenad a orelish to theenymonte of torte. n aw c lier inh laving purenate quality, it remeaine t bewe l te in i .nres-, tis dnorder, ,rte crem.e Seter diseaseo, bual tblgrnee nhtl .enes tlh severul or gaICt of digestion,, and tla benefita the r Szteal wit Wahateyrr MthErndaffin"-s it may he epprereed. "" t aldýrlin+a, ntr |seoftme T .ler hixttie, ain ve theu p 1.. 0t of h mtedhsne usual cturer of the dhenoeR, ta er~,~~~reay symptoms ofrreltrn: whereas bl i ' a.e ssu . .n th}cmnis remisnd, there is hlwns hremn rmptn aetFlteld iinbillly -to recl rreoe. 'I'll ltmnf t tmdrelapsnds of the Ague ,is ver evieel nt, for .thl Ivnneo will eon-.Lbecome teo muith pren inte th gli.etbl+toirhne: ieh , ednd unitrdily rfalla vic 0 bt l ncaimn ito thenme hllT e theel m. Cliatec:i+ e .ndersAned.ahe e price, ens to ilca it thihi w fhtenrev ete-ro thet tohe wae end rubst ,o -e temmInce whiet i freeC+afir denied to eSt MenR KIRuLctant ly r hesoe., L.mltonr CtnW ern stree s mi tl, Nl rkiet ... Iantnlnu e o erame tiaose ftealee ccre te ntie t thtb Weotern pste ,.still sell C vi te corint t hllnhiladlpie, tnesn. 'I'a he had tei reutail aler, a oisltltt i re Apothecariens i thneit. is otls, 1hoiee l ro3JArVIS & ANoREWps, " .a ttipns ohrllvns b w inoer patt zs g,9 e t Wholeseale I6tugeire, letor Copen & ' ll l ehepaitollne e lRiseraippi drL oiand isina Hoel, Or dd L ced nT nr. dt So . MARY o KIIrICLAND reope tf i ly ano W nounces to her friends and the publicas gene. all;y that e is prof ed to accmmod rc e ithos iat heab oe i abishmcnt, a nd e hnpens fr-tm her sastiensto tender visitors nofabetoh e, to receive a cemontinuanoe of former favoer. Site ferels onfi. ieit that peraons visiting Ctovigln daring tihe Umatir months, catnot find barter acnommodaions than he itusn afford them, an mere liberal ellms. aer hon is pleoasantly situated, and well nsuppliel witha every sneneenence.; the bar is furnihled whilh themosei ohoice liqaors, &e. inn ellort, nlhe premises -"sie iothiisg shall be wanting ni lIer penrt to give ntl satisfactien to all whoe may patrolize the S iLasippi and Leouisiana Flote. jel stnIdied under Dr. Sel.mlldt of CharenIon, '.uh Carlina, and for some years his assistant ill .S practie. of medicine and snrgery, ans the tuor 0i aFir his profen ionnal servicns in Chis city. -a a rnes the landies and gentleinen that the meot perompt attention will be paid to the calls wlthict may be made; and -also offers his services to ite * oldenor-ofslaves,. being well aequainted witi the Aimasses cemmon to them, having attended theotn ie thei sigar Inuse in Charleston. Theflnous enti. bilious pills alier tie compesition tPolrer Smolloette, witn direin, r can be hant ftha uondersigned. The effect whiieh thley Inuet prodeted in Chis and otner cities, tnas been antendun with the greatest osuccess, to whiei tie best o . efeences can be given. Apprly at No. 166 Ing -ainltreet . 5 d lLo LINd. Oridg w WARE, WOPD SC0EVWi, SA. FHIrte WELL WORKS COMPANYD Na Wao i Whter, near Beekman street, Nea York ,*aevo oeiied the past reason, and are constantil itaiivig large and eltensive additions to the niatc of t nhe above goods, winh new consists of tit allowing anssortment, snitnbla for tie southern an Western markets. Bellow Waro of superior quality, consisting o about 1500 tone, viz, Pola of22. different sizes, from 2:8 Ce 50 gallons Kettles, 15 sizes, From 3:8 Co 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sines, from 3:8 to 16 gallons, Bakcpnns or Ovens, 7 dilfurentsizes, Tea iettle, 6 tie Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spidern . 6 do Covered Spiulrs, 2 do Ociddln,- . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes From 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, fromit :8 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 ineh, Na, 24 oF a nuperie: qnidlIty and finish, and les than Jatune's importec lad Irons, assortnl;,in casks of about 500 Ibl fa: 't'ailoc's and etator'a Irons, assorted. * Sahb weights, 100 Cons, assorted from 1 4.4 Cl Sc1rim Bells or Plantaotions, steamboats, churches, &o. mss to order, eo abate. and other machinery made to The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended 'to the attention of Southern lad Western mercheants,'nd are offered for sale at low priesa, and upon tihe most liberal tormst; it is be. liserid to be the largest and best assortment ever iffered for sale iby any one establiehnecnt in the United Slates.' Merchants, by lorwarding-a request by mail, can lave a prin"od circultr, with description of goods, So.saand terms, f-ore which no deviation is over wmade, Ihtamihed by return of lmaIil. Allordere willre eive intmodiato attention. New York. 1838. j'3 'w 2OI NNOUo'R14 NOR OOPAIVA 1 SBOL T ail monthbr ago-h l hid thoab dtiiuolle to gel ai a eret.diseltn, otr which I liveo'kpliaed tu ooro- at doctor for t cure, told tlhov dl. lllt vlt e IlOw an l hon boe doteI lst isylil v lerllr lh.' I:l"o Ibfotolr -anlll [d I1 eoxp.lill Cm e icur , iivce IthlIl tint the dsieea got wllrtse, so af sr Inoeiak oleo in lui;_yuleere moslhe numIber of six or eight on co ih leg, 1ulln alIl our my face,and sure throt, no d not atble to w0rk 1 t I plreset tillta oal aceotlet of tile disease; lamne liler ells h f rillhcilde oitth throt h. 1 ill Il n. tll t lili igiiyeil I aslim l tildvrtlt crae of Der. Iluet, ,f Pario, tfe pewr.ytcired JOII.N .IEA N. L DO IylRT IFY tlt the oabotve aleuttued dieoe:i ; g qttite siele'ired to lly own satisfgitilll , for wllirlh I ohsceio Ir. Ity.t.; and tonurcver I nsstre thbet the medi ei khar.acli inetalke 1te filt, ul dd nc t Ilt eltkit at. etL aheroerer I adrian atn f Ihow souifeers i, aIb lu J ii apply to Dr A. Iuet, l.t DC.oL l weephphcn l) s olan,- l md Ilourbol strreelo. i1. fla althlm t frolm 9 o'clock, A M, until 4 P ill. iThPwUI a tee donit for tinc ca.plainm. JOHN I)EAN.4I, Grevier street. Seaiyooetr- loosne toe, aln at No. 41ila evie! -Z - JOHN I)EAN. ...ew .Oreaon,. Fel, 1,18- . fih 14I v uIiiE leattte Indc.a totcottt or Liarrw.,et ntd Itore. Sa d putu, ia bohenln at ton low price If o11 "-.-ts ech, cotnainiag the tre.rglh of three olocel rf . et eeowtc hooljeisLhe virtues tit muny othr rtltt and kow hwa islrti e Indb otitns as elIcClou io cliuritng cllco* 'eonploiittt. ' t.iveii d .aeos wllnlli Irets nlterled tile 1nae of qh'e istllstlsunelds Balsam wherarvr it hal been itiro - dse aea,-ohoeed thdie nofideire ond rottlelldo ian_"_ 4lluc ahe llltyliotiarcl, for tIe etre.of roubgs, - pl i ail g the aide, want of reat, ipittolg ai blood, To whewm inay norcoe. Tlls itil to rorlitv thlt we IasjIist nrptrlo.ptie .frqyg nti preneriblrl Mirs (irl e- 'lp ald f lbeltica f ui erwor a d Illrhonrbnd, withl e deideingsidfbe: w can tclbetrnr, frot til.e klwo *l t aifIe atoerials it t neadloe flls, ad c hberv.olon Se .Ispsnorinet, tcomtiean, it a a e(looeri'r reparkf tiot ,r III isose nelule.rt o4"/lle |uueegi, r wlhich-it is re S-caaisl.ddl. " ,AIJl/R 1' W1V.1.1 4AM41 , A. D). Me.sanhlre o o11h i oosltouMediieal Aseoietion" Bealso.,Oete 115arhl. .P $ .. ytleb,, , JtV si. do ANI)i1gt1w, - cc i tt . i 00l0l. 11 I 'O,'ltsi nitlan si;: Sl h' . eis.rt of Pql.tahe'tltbp r veer . anti •l lrT tt!10+r _nlslWIi..' i\ritlng Aciidmile, e t-'_i eaesr;W, Net t.rleasn, lIPi. llsoilway *3o ttelslIiccIa e anc learneos, s.t i maiveliP l oooi t.taý -off ., ls. 11Iani. to slunwe fanned i "ny part --"",pro-sr hOn r...e. 'emaonrt . .heiw ewt ref pnes toL o-lir' tr olesison ar d|to rrlr 4"' .3LY t t Xaltt 'lII"., :C~ ..ut SIM.Ml i P8 u rrn' ..&a nia n- rreaninaglpl igmsn 7Z2Thfl Cllemnnnpm-anyz23arin Peek ,i -airg ttli ,'1s0n and 13 ionh laile Bowie Knives: r L¶Pi'nlndzl n other trainllhg Drssnaip C;nes: B.'it i'ant"absaitmz'd ll i .an' tlani Du g olsla; dnnsila a , tl daTa harrelled Guns; Game Bags;" hart Belt.; Powder- P nad Pimtol Flaka; D(ram Itlttles and tiDrinkizg ,.Caup'; tr4 . e.'rasion Onip and Cap liohler" Cloth. Ihir, 'Tonh: I and Na il rmaihes: Orrins cd C.lorine To ioth Wash per 'onlh Powder: Toilet and Shonvinag op, itn glvra v iett; lone lanir Braids, Ringlets and Fzrietlte; Pear andmuToilet Powder Emery lIat wIrvat L f, iCh( m.: Patnaret Slider ne (anrtera; (htim ' anita; SaiusalderaIst; Powder Puli naud Boxes; (;ill Chains, Sr:llsa an Keys; s Far-droaps; Wiaitst BuItnkla.; tracilets: lanB l Neckhrldcs aind Cihtls; Gilt and Siivered Bands; Indian Heards. fi iltlln andl. Plues; Shell 'wist; Side and tireninel Cnnbt; 'which,in nlddiioin t their frnwlr nstck on han, pl mlltkest i no.ortlznmnt very eolplete, ind will hI so id n r.end na liberal Termna, at lthe in of tlhe (ahles na Clnmb. 25-tf 70 Chartres street. iVlH Sllubicrlber, Ag.iclllir fr the enxtelsnive holnae f &. & S. B ,Sieihr i .helitld, Enalnnd, Ihare jnust carierd i very extenslie k At of pa' ei I.R, ronsi;ling i i'oble sil ndessert Knives ofr e"" -- dhiril~lioni, lel. Pci'ket; Dhk, nod Spear ponilnltln lvers: |Rnzor , S'iý aor, FI.e 'toos, &e. &c. &e. which they are ,epn t o exhibin tor te tradelororder. Tprsan lll oludil.t ll on will l! mIar kr nown at thie tie,n In6 J. I).I BELN& A (C(iIN.'ln Ca,7 "t. .I 1\TMONS) . IARTT C(i-Are.nnow receiving i>er shi Ilhlntalville, Ea.ugle, Merry Azhrew, Flith nndet, Frenca a I Ct-('man ntoulle tze;zitntgnn cante !ter, lelt tndl poc:ket nislolt; plain, rihildcl and spliti aoition eaps; eap hnailes; rainss'ers, (lzbrs, in., t ves; Gilnlot's.cranmerial and other selee I Icnsa; Vio tic; Yiolin sttrina;" shell. N-b1." and horn emrnhc; wafu's: le "ack 'rilllesI negro ullfs; German ial. Fre:nclh cologne I' water, R.o.ilans ilnclasalser otilt, i.iltatinl ti; untiqulle aid itearsoil portablie desks and a dresag enases: past c blaeking; taili:l; .la toilt' gln'ss; conver x In'ilT l'are; nlt cal glasstes Nedlt viwsa; teieian htadsz 1a % ltzgsaia ilnie; c-rdon' ; whittwine; ltoilel and shaving snaps; tolilul owderl, eaatnetie wash halls; seeted lstin llshalols paloo taSlat screw llsliollsi; fanny ladll caaI11s :and; Ililliard h:e l t ; pocket loka annd walltts; German hoIllea; razor stlap'; fiOe anld colnlnn gun olastic suszlendelrs. gar'lltersdot Bells ucifer miatclhes sil ver pec'ils; Crea'nzs, &c. &e. The nsovein :ddiinn to our foirmer stack of fi'zy t'licles, makeson :ssortan.menlt very cotplet, . IFor sale wholesnie or retail; as the sign of lire Golden Comb, i70, Clhartre stixet., m:Y. NtL'I'ILCl:-.-- tl'h pnrltlrei p ,r i Iel tle, i llmol, n &C., :, o Nl'aiv (eOll'ss-;, illrrFia &C(ll."f Nnei ,lls 'z'r' all ilarris, Klihev &Co., of zlRonlev, wans di:z dyled oi lhe2iltl zfliv lhiis, by th, dealth ofl Sauel A M asos, Ine of e1h n partners l tlhe li*ns. " The undlr'igned, urviving partner, w ill be zhlarel wilh the etll linlg in clling saiz l , sininries. f. alowsz : l ievi( ilnlnrrzi will rzad Ilzztize artllisa of tllh bulhws I of Masoa, llrris& Co., a il Nntallr; and Ilnrii, Krl re & Coi, at irdnev; nud lHenri Kelev will atlee d Ir h iz.gllizg of the hzsizrsa orl'(eller, Mason &.Co., i is ised in zlizzz izi z 'oozlt. sari1 n t he sume of e everal zrzz's wzillzzz In Th rosel inde ted n saidr frnl, are Crru:ily requrstdll oclome fllrward ,nld llma .lnrlv re.tllcilr. ntsl, a ld ih1l. having enll i s will pleasae l irent lr1 is ti delay. I 11 ,;NRY K. EILLE'Y. N.,.ew inta.,., .I ..i 7,71837. I ;.N IMAlI FARIINA'S COLOGiNE W. TER I ir cases mi n re of hispillsP l errlll- Colol'11ol iaser.l- i j rec'iairq an for sole v thle zias ze oir Calsrrz bolst. Az'Al" American alld lnlenr h toilet z powders , powder sllun andbloxessallbina nditoilet sPomps, tnCllcsr wath lisls, milk of rose., cosmectic cold crnm, etr no o musk, kephalin, Ward's vegehible hair oil, poatatuln, Streele de parse, Florida ilvendar, rose and tihay waters, bler oild liq id roee Chlorine azd Olrrei tonoh wash, eloih,lhsir,tololhnail anzalltenell eor.s; together willh an additizisl supply of fl'salionablzi Ihzrn az d nhiil combs anld jewery,li.nltle low lt wholesale or retail it by SIitMMONS, IIAI1'1"1' &C(O, __ jll!v8 7.0 hinrires b rtrerl. ' CUAIL-The sbhnrl erils '.savi ronsa'sinllyon h and n lore supply of Caienl n ,ll Liverpusl coal, i i bulk, of sutperior quality, which Ihey offer for I sale inllo'ls to suit purlhllin rrs. . All expectled by the firstl arrivals from ln a ! land nnd lle North Csnn'l, Lrhigh indl Peach i I ,lonmlain Coal, lbroken and sereI ed, pt ,it ill as Ilrhlendis rxpresly, for lnnils y use-'ill of whizi' a thry will dilpose tit oil the most mei erale term '. o Ordcirs lef t their oflice, No. 53 Bienvill st. up Ftairs. will be proiiply alrended to. ag ne3 1.& A5O)'1,'. I o ;, 'flluzerl, "as.-A III COi.ul""I %t 1 01: tlll'l lllcrl 't,'& -- elllll d nr alicle of cologne, plIt uip expressly r Ihe retail llede; nlso lth pi;ret Flench P.erfulmer, r nlbra c ing ev'ery) variety for the toil e',for ae h rat 12 REIS &D'I 'ANG. lo '0 C untry L lal ch ltl s i11i Planters. h Nearo clnths, hlanket, hnlntls, . nsey), lwedll n sirtiza', checkis, linens, cnlicores, handkezrchiefs, e &crecteived and for atle low l the subseri. n be:s. ROT'A & Co. ad not, corner Canal and Czlartr.l R ad 1, IV Glcln's aPerfSuserires, of Indian Dye, for coloring lihe fluir ; Bear's Oil, 1o. Russianns beat'sureane, poomanlllm, llehas arita cle \Washt tsupezior peanrl powder, hip whaia,, Cre,' iDof roses.. vlgr.ablc rollge, olio o1 ros. , Ip salvel , krensoll tolll wo sh, Clllllll-m denlltritic, olrange flsower water, powder pufllf and hIoxA A nerinll charcoal, iin lly put upll in lur ounl o vial, Pres. l ,n s.ais, eloane, kresole i.otl ache drops, hair k brull es, El-ish dressi'.l coi .nr, Indian hair oilh with n va einty of olther lperfumrie n, . For solI d by C. J. TIINCIIARD, orb 3 corn r of Canal and Burbon sis liRON INOOFSI--'he subscribers have prncured at a great expensle, Il i ght of putltin, on irton rords in this city. Thep are idnpied to pu'La building,, warehluuse, and privnate dwellinesi. n eombhinhe nl ,once cheapness and durntblilty, tlt are pelicInty tire and wate:rllrf 'I'erms aIll ie klnolwn, and a modell ren at our establisilhmentl ppiti-le St. larya's mnirlet, 'rlhalpiloilas st. ,ulel2 E Il COGOS,\ ELL & Co UPIIOLS.'E.TY & PAPlER HlANGING; STORE. Henry SnIebrcht, (formerly I J. C. C\\.cks & (t.) wouldi ilet respectlulh' inform Isis friends n dt thle lu 1hh ill genernl, illa i he hais and is el istantl ly ree~alviaa a a t attrul Rstllllent Iof uhollster adl paper hanging. TheII fIllown.. c an1princs n palt nl hii stock, which lie olaniS for sale at whoil, sale or retail on thel mut acuollllldatill I ti ein , Frenrl velvet and satin paper, Intent stale ; do hallnimolllln ind i.! eontllin Pi, nihldIphian lazed and unglnzed ido do, French llaidsapells, ire boards, blnds, &c. do velvet and worsted Ido) d, mnoreaanze doeulors,ail k fringk and gallons of anil qunlitiee, paIterns and pricens, worsted Iringes ns sorled pattern. p!nin and colorld. Snwitsanmulin, latest style !loin and olhounred, rottol dmpell ( ui lll l Ii i lls gi a d , i tw ed,, as-orted colorll , l t stlol Ineedle ilwork for ola ellshions, ,mtoemol covers,& nfiev sltyle of hell pullrs, raiseLl d i.2urt.s and p ol , gilt h wtnd-tw ornamt . ll l f tll puttl, .i &c, irlas lnribsa ,len lrr, hnir clul , finll d tll l plain, ta hrg asort11e ht of Ioys I r larer silk niili nd lanl is, wOlted (or and lia. selis,a ..Ugeneral as-ortnL L Io Iu1phobSlero i11d plaper h nll gl.Pa , cnstan lly on hind and f.u +nio +t it+. I:wsl Iets at Nl os 41 .!,yal and (li . Cl t,.m N ..-J,,rsota in itI,. city or fin lie coantry, aret r -spe.euilll y hitvi:,+,ed ti .all1t i antt xaml lln tielrn ivSn+r . GCrpet Illn ld turti1aits made in II. It lllt mai d rl si ll)e, ll m prepared tl t e ll t onl esat attee, u,"if p kins of upholdcstcry wen onell wii h inentsess and .!hat chtr.. art 1I L-- EGUii, , Ny Conde a'.... be,,tt, i D lam nin and S l P ,uha l), k'eir n i i st iie i I R Il I i in lll tenl ive a rttllll nt t tfl .ots nui l irt unt , nd 1I1, , o '%f 'ew Yg r. ln uaIll.acure, f ir :e t, lllrmen and enild ren t al .e+, wich ht e t ill dlisp e at v.ry iotde natc lri h .+ Fl+na ilies o his at , q inlance in Cnndin1gl o ri a , w ill h.-ve heir w isles nttel n l ,d to I, 8 8 1'0 0 0 1UI NEW\ article ftr persons . rouied wtllh t la non "as, (malled ilao IiEar Tr34tl, haf &.illlt W reeeived, nun1 voice is sismitcuv nd to ilat vtr. Aa& ,ai. who IhaE t' etr en ain tg 4 tao cover' with li verlt d pl Iot, I tl .. e fuliv sen ,ibl of I1ra dillhi ti a d entl t alls.n llt ex netl ie/lu t lot lll . ie l l. s th i divden s a h 1ru l ulloniu teh t afl ."t{+d. l lvIh ite, e of thl. "ar Trmpeth the. objelfit- is entirely rbti ated. The m ist sktiCal hv al it, nidtoedtheir doubts alter haviag used . 'T'rumpet. Fur sale at - ' TF GUION'S, Fany store corner ofCc llt on aRitd St C. arern rllets u tl "h:,. o i t . t.t s lhtei . ".. fl iphir;in i liS atrm il, aain tiars nailfh r Wh glnral t aena1 t, rlnalr of muronda tatlttirnnalh - /i N art - . + . s L+ , i , ,;,I , .ii T - - ---- - 4 ke o d oo l 01i ( do . "u 5 M l nIIh. dn--t le , t .bAt ia, nit" tad nitt 11a Paient drueheu vrious mize; N I Tno lr VennillilS .lnaore antCpal Varnieh; n 2t 3. J EES&an D'LANGCap Ai -'.i. Itep -Oil cor is do liaoiri oal ar. N R. Alalflm noes .itakrent ta rr, and piisipi tes will I reiveI at & 0 per cent disount for ia ,l 3 1] 1OGEIUI'&' 1IA%!Td(.)N, 63 G;ravt'et -, S i oo: mii NtSitt1. t, fU'ndt the Plte'yne QOlife, i Cc1s.p st. RO)NSiMA '& IIOWSON bhe loetin infrttit d Stheir cpsioiert antd the public genettllv, tni pa. n y). holve removed their establlblehtotNI iON.7L ttils, icp strnlt, inimediately under tlhe offile of the abta i avnone-wehere they are prepared to execute all tiC r .'rs in lheirli n,. in II igiue receiveld from tlie Nirthl n supply ef t. ing er and nmteris!n of n superior avily, for the Innitlllctrloe of Ilank lnoo, Ihey ,ifer Iheir rer ors I tnerlatsean nd otilher, wli ll may wish ass va.crkl of thai liil; niead hvilng the ildvaiape of wit tver tll yal ts' s experion .e in thnt lint', they are jve iitlilnt oft iivinc 8te:enf.icltltii to thosee wooe may llt ivchr Ihenl wih tlheir custlo. of t For .minlarl, :IticiioCts nld ithers, mnlps and nan piann Hill he pasted 0o linen. vottitIhed and ulllte ill the neallost imanner, & at the slorlest in Vnin and flney hindindr. in nil its vtrieties nl. LOt CULtA it, tee & lt iie 11 nA icc, cit 36 (Chnrrts sreet, New Orlenls. W T11, BIoGIl4tANTI & Co. imporlers of French hit ill I':nllEsl Chliin and l'iardlen -watre. ire oft iov o neien new nod rich I)lptternCs f brelaklasli ae idienee and t11. services, toilet ctIS, pitlrlsli, tell P Oin I cte pls, rauOis, eugýTrs, ciIeIIIIIas, wles, I plates. dihles, tlrecels, wsnle bsits i anel cies, sl i leuet lah", ale. t e. . Il( ih clut a d llpinin Frencll h a'nd Arnricnn rlass,- to wetlr-ohletsl, icompai nee, lh.e adeso , jelli , no clare's, iiinei , o it. l , t'lnt. ti whisc i , do. i ters, ti tInp shado ad ,l asses. candl shiados, salt cel- sit letrsi, etc. e n - a1vr platerd, I'ranzd anld r Ieln ia waor,:-- n"- Ill' tcr., liq n,,r stands, anke buskC's, ·:nlll LestIcks. , I hranhll.h s, s nlolun , I lls ,, oilf u d [ ntall, ll slll.llrl, te creast lInmps, I panned trays, aetr' l stolr .,andl o' In:l in , l P I ll r n ells t 'l' r i t ry , G .e r 1in n si lv e l r h p oln,)IC 1 i liI ncd iorks, Iiether with n gireatl variety t ancles I ! hfor Reily n,'e. loreha +nta, plnn ters, h t Is, i nid .r stenllhunts, farnished wih gootls at the mlotst tea ..s-n bll price, aln; pht kIed so n, 1 e h convey, d hl with salety t' any part ol the conn ry. il Ales. npillhrnries.i9'leetnre. ont ni till': FLORIDA LINIS It -I c.-.l-tv s 1 Ie.iI, M Ie in iy t liree It lil-+'t"t : .o'hlck. p i ier U S imil It i., for I ll'. i. dl I,., iab ve ll ikIeyI,- thte nc four It ip t, col ches Ito P :.tneow lon- tbeelno St o IP hIIaII tI S II1 Ir 1e, t Ire theIe lialnd Ioc is ri tinesumd-thenceie. vI '.l: i't: i, nil Ia ricwevillc, LIli. taltietida l r ie PI'mnl ertuo n, I1H ,wkilnsvillh. Sno, tiersvlle & , Ltni . villetic A IIU Jsll ila, r'nnC.lin rei C llO arlv withll it thel rail rcl i enrs to Chrlfellltn and h .emllll aekets to Nutw YPrlk, Nortllh, PA.iladlphia, ete. I lThe a.en c ui i i el, , ir e s " h t h or ti siervii, ualfi te nil l vig Y i' l prese t-s more advntllagr. , thou ann l I he founlld Il ll ally stlna llmo route i the s,llth. 'Th'e rat illlrov le nts in te r, lto Ihave. !iein i eoieluieib t theenil i"c1 tie n i i li ft, mitccll onewely rI y i llr i .priteplllo rs, vtz : le roi m I lt rnl.n e oln I.layilel .r I;aen, ,I, ariii l eiSanl Il t. i iciy, It ts 'l tl iltti lllic.lions, i and Illn rt, rf it' ly ii he inct , r veIIient+ crllssing at lthe Co'wfort, mle entllirely avolltiO an1 1 fine, r:,nd fronllm aria na direct Ito Ba.rinbrid'..", instead o, lhe roundabout rood via , Chattiochtuhe, lesenin, tl he disannce abont forty miles, and inlcr.asing the facilites mIiore than - once a day. Alro, n branoh line of two hocrse stnes every other any fnm Ic ttwkinsville, via Perry to Maconn I ia. clcllll ling i il the lino e to Savannal and )Darien, (;eo. A mil stealll'hoar clis regularly be'wccn Bainbridbge and Apolachioln. 'I'ravll-rs wishing. 1o reah alicy point oil Ch tlti .cheti oi Apalach cola, eon lake steoamboat at lDrUwnlsville. r Mbile to Pensicittclc--Itld Roue--l)urint. the tlime occup:cd bi y the rilt"tirs t" hn s, tIhe proprie.I lrs f the Fllrili ea le will rlun a liell( of i ur horse pist rolches every olher day hetweeon il bileanl d Iuenllsaeoln. Passrtiersr wiill leave ,ilile it 3 o',lfock, p i I in rho U S mrsti b t,,a t atd i proceed to Jlall's li. de ilnIwhere on lar horse olc will t i tii nlllg ito conlvey tihem o the excellent house lf ,lr. Ciharlt Ill, II 14 mile dlstant, where tlhetv will find i pleiasat C.cloIlIeOdnatioans ftor lhfe ni ctli--leving i t cnext morning, they will strive in Pen ctacln early t-I the evenint, Ihus avoiding tilhe dlscomfuort ol ni ]llt tr,.vellin| . Olhee at lhe Mansion [House. ftfile, nnd CI.I lins' liotel, Pensaeol, where seaols mIst e scan . S'l'TiO T'IIN & Co. nt, 1 kiilao rle nlerrartion. 1\ illinm Srtn h ri ei deml s his sfervices t, thei ili, zens of New ()Orleans as a teacher of Ihe pian forIe. tir S having been employ,1 severll yeats e r l te cher of lnusic in priva t i niiii illli B .iston, and anlo- till evPral of lhi l'ainnie SPla1minnrIls in its I t, inuy, cannol but holl to mu ril theirronlidence. f11 is permitted t refe r l liev lr C .mplm, hol sts Swisoan & Avery, ,.Henderson &. I;nites. eior terlllsA. c le aeplye at ice nCooksIore of e AlcxanlerTclc twerr43C.I ( i ( ctic 2 Da.g. and .'dlliineoe. 3 J i t'rc lot ha loictedI himselt I in this city ior the putpnse of Iran-octln, genera l hiolesaele I iDrug buhlies,. IeI is nctw receivinp ae fIll supply o Iresh ,nod .el i ille n e titilos, which hi wi seIll oln ltral lri To ci' y t drt elI.t , . nld fho of (llt olir, ti pyio l y ic0Cl,l mel rt h rllcs and pllnlers h . will I.t1 r ir indthl et, l s such ai en ve ltver i .i 1 fore' b rnll ilb l'red In tl his ci:v. Hlis tort ltion is t) Id a stric lly I.icimane bhiiness. IIs stoick will soon he c mplete, and ini few we.e wiil ", re a. ii fior biuilmecs. All orders he cInll rlnn d froim nmerchacns ol I! i. city, rect iving such orders wil be promptly atended to. i.. n . No 3'iCamp, it PROS PEClTlS. T'lHE subscrier i-. .e to poblish, in the be. ginoing of the caising winter, a Conldensation I I the tweny volumnes of til Old and New Series of .nirtlor. Louisiana Rplorts, to ho comprised in four volumes, `"o., according to the modol of Peters' Conar,'cod Rleports. This work is now in preparation by J. attrton lHarrisol, Erl , of this city, assiteod by \Villiaml F. Braodl, iEq. T'he Editor is also pvmionttel y a distinguished retired Judge of the Sulprlleme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expeclt Iroml their personal supervision all the advanitage which miay nalitiurally Ie r.Oapd fromn tibir exprrienco. Sucih i work is IecrO ing every day IIro no cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and sa:rce. An incrfasing curiosity too is mani, in the other State. of the Union, in reference to the p'tnlinrjurispruldece of Louisialn; and the ircmllsta:lc ofi thll uilnrous prionciples here de idled in lih ijll tllt of confliliict of III 0 , onakes the Iknowvldge of our tadljlodId coes of prime uti. lily tio lh jlillst of the whole Union. mlorenvei, tin riinlg republic of ''exa has adopteld our Codes, and thus there is i groat dmnianli for the Louisiana doeisions from a fresh quiiarter. (Convcinint 0notes, indieatiing theo parallel dccided in Louisialn, nlod Im:elsioiilll tlhose i l.i t llro authoritative forums of the other States, wiln in, nidlil to each case. The work will form four volumer, royal octavo. nidn will he dl:iiverld, hoIoid, to sIulhcr.Ibers t 86 per vol.; in case it. ishotl lit fiilundl prlclitcbl to comiliress it iito tlhre voluints, t.e pI-ice to osu co itero will be t7 per vol. Sublnscriptions received by W'1 McKIAN, - cmi cor Camp and Commo litls. 1,F4lliltllS.11.l: AND ITAIL,'l)3.llll AND VA l III'1Y TORE-ai t'the Ailin lf lio golden mco te, o Cl l enll.ll ; sl Ioeil. Thee .bl li e r Ihave re. eriv ii izdliiiii ti lheir pci-ia nim-mk nt hand, i fill lnd -hl , ' h 'n - i, ,'im iit-l li i t ft' r ,'r'e i t', h" l " ii: Iolmb, prlutriill ,I, w lh'yi, brl.hei , Il' kii g glhssel wlli' ·lloncV rIel I II \ c....II sltfill Illg I\·I111 Ii a I II-:lo ; an itill i-tortoisi shmll, wrlim t cllain iok,twi-t, (iiilleo allk, loi rl ulud. drssiln I, sii ill, 'lrl lan nenlik, Im. milin om, l,.s of evrv des'ription mlOlngt which arc sill 1,xie ptlir, Ivory r (llrillR of orIbI ry nlilitl iaii'm -milmn. htSliii rll in iiln , tli nIil mher with ai neil,-art i- 'ot onfnn oem e neoe Inneio•o. I'31-:l:' II'.eY-mm-moloiie, Inowve, I, I ri in,.hliony, ll", ri,.en n rie dlliowr waii irs ofl evrr' sire aud des cription, net cullrtid'Colnmour, eitr pc t of Ipro'g'ao, lincne, s ons nlltll il , iudl,lll Nailg in likes and liots, cretl nmlde, i \urd's vegetable hair ,il, e,."r and ni tiqtuedo. -restlm's snelling salts, pain and parfluned Ioilinnwtvrpeilic - owdlr, loth ler iel in.xt~s im aIOl oIN' .as, wilh SSEa .renor asserunun n of Jl ,ll.I.RYi-simne mflhne ldest oniild oSitia fnUlilm - le, Sells, o reitingi olf hite and riel oniillirn, lonrd. ict enardro s, set in filhiree, h]mast pilln of a are," at.y t.%- 1" illlltrdll, Watlllch Ilrrkii ls, '-ill toid ill s aclk- tllles Silver thnlls sihrA a.d gilli Ict cils iud ullmd cltins I'cBRUSHES-Cln loth, hair, dust i l ,cruiniihearth,ilooir, li tll flesh, lotiyll lialnte, comib, Nail, shali ii slihoe and wnitigroare bliilnd inionimi, miuilo sA IOOKING i (orimosii.--,neriml an milguitmrs ned toiletnd pinned pnland Ijllo ,wood d iencils eor Inrinip'etnrs end laiss.n-ime lmini g ull oiie 'rncii illidrestiig glsid oitlOile cdo, wh a trih cil. oft'r kind. not ei lllnerated. ii ncnr A iiclaiien en l pbltegeks illno, ire sing gllCll, nahimt Ier nrih ianlinlel uil alisr l' a Inll.r work i l clll llllli ors .i ui n, oes with iriitll withoul ntplille ic llloes A oicir, rl o evurionlf aiuds, kvioli, amI luillrs' srey'r and ttriIvo liiitile i Io lic s itii gii ll n ii l pistols with ld witlout isnll i i' k filnntl cril e lt. ilsioI Nl c ch: nersl nioll e durmpiiu' crllin',rs t belte, sll initrl bllicLentI oy lra ud I oinou kli e11 n kdZOd r amiAd PICsoied, .li.ubl needles, I ulh i lvcrr p ltd, steel llllll a lld illel(o splt " | l lll'sll, pue llholklkl lllld a l Ullet. of l ser ou kinl.. .'ltilll Inrdlll llllc.d r.s,.k Illl'sg cards ofFrlelhnchnlc ll'i, G m a1ll A rltn l rienn lnull I urillf lltr. l I,.imitatll t oll l frllit, 1 b;oxles, rillllln l if variloull kink l Soul nderst' | llltlrt IE ili Ii'smlli' , IilluI mlin'l and latkiI'Iis razo r strais "n metallic rirsoi rks, fa ms, bead upklacee, do with -.r drn.,tlllv wlag "hel, ,earll lutoniplolwdr flasks, out and plain seed hleili ltaii i d, nili glu. claist sren i I 711 A (tlta rll l.Ca k"lA"' A 1 i ;i IH11.E IN·tlNA' N 'AA NAU&i . Ot )tlOee.'e wnfrheum.tismc rn fita kingselv.ill, F aieatiea or Ihip .gut, icete, lent noers, salt rlieum, ptilitie anti sterttrial tsenses, particuiarly ulcet"rsi nd e ainfildaffectionios'the hones, uleratedthmat,* *.o s- e •its, uleersof every description, fever sores, and internhal Ca) haesses isluits, piles, scalid head, sculny, liles, chro ii tsor eyes. e.i.. pr.its,htllt.., otld evei. v"rrietv ec'- Ii- . ncott a nfleetion, tilloncie Catarl, trlod aclhe ptoeed- tid tng from any n.rid humor, tln in the stomach lnd dyls petsia proeetdinlg i'romvariatiotfeetiiOcl of lthe liter, Cal hrotooic int'mmution of the kidtest, a! general dtihili- a ty e:usil ivn torpitld'tion of tietvesselsofthe ski. It its sttig'·larlvefli eooces iu renovatine those consitittons to wlhii:lha:ve been Ieloken ltown by inudttli rlts t :nttment, lii juveniile irelellarities. In generld terms, it is reunm- st:l mended In all those diseases wllichaise from imnpulrities ntn of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of swhatever c ris lameorkinIt. nos Some tf the siove complsintsmay require some tri- ar, fling osistant applications, which theiircumstanecs of the -t case will .ut for a generralremedy orPlif.eier or tot mnvethe enuse, the INDIIAN'S iPANACEA will ide generally he foud suffcienot. URm r TO TilE ItUBIC. lf Ilow true itis, that modern Physicians, mi their am- of hition to excel in their iproession; explore thf vtest fields cht of'slience by the lid oifchemistry, :rld seek olt new re- co medi:dl ageiti; in short, to arrive at perlitction in the Iv prlctice itv inmns of art alone,-e-ntirely omerlook Il lie neglect, as Ienteathlthetrlnotucethetrich ndtll blolterots stcer oflmouicice, wthich the AXliightly has caused to t! spring out of the 'a:llh in every elinie! Alnd how nlte U more true istittlii whilc the Acnlrienn Phvsicial looks to to fireign cmetlrieslfr lilyc. of hist most coilon nit ill! it Iecess:ti ry 'ticles, pleiettlliy cha:gicg as they are at A the ti(tlets oIfistiton orflellh, te is st' in his Jt own coeuntryl with lan endlless prlofusion of medlcal plits, ai snlliciiell to ntsweranov iillditetion d.lisese or to Clre ' any cur.hbl disorder; ndi yet ie is ign.t m of their sir tucs, and they are sulferedto 'wastetheir healing oni the desert air.' 'IThe effects of vegetnble medicines upon the system are temeporary--those of minerals lnsting. The fIoromer ex ert tileilr efleuts ani pnss of--the latter, mnrltLry in ptanr- I ticllr, bllheiildly Ilion thel solids, decom poslng i tile nes u(I Ill e'illillnng tile conllstitutionb I" t slow anto se edetrtuctio.t The congeniallity, cficiency and SAFET'Y' of vegeta Iie remedies over mllineral, mnits e estimatecld by cotrast- I ingthe ancient piretice with tl;e modern; or, io bring it ,noreimmedintely ne t o cwn ohbservi:tioi, It' hli an practice with that oSfthe whites. Who, in America, . Ilnas nt knowllnmheard of reientedl instllices whereinll some tielrepii, IlLtretentillo flemtle Ildiltl t o- meaii sof Iher simple renttelei alone, has iitctetl tihe tiest rttpit I i antlastonishing cures, after the .lteilm Medlts of tithe i -oemmn prcactice, directed ill tile most skilltit mnlllltot, has foiled? And who has not benll sIttprised at tie com- p iprmative ase nlmi Illi tyo ith which tile li nld ites lhim s sell'l'om anlly disease, :luul t the allnost tolla lbsllienllce Sof l'chlolnic dislnse imnng them? Who h:asl revel he:arld I of an Indian with it constilion Hrokin and ruined by illtreatment I Aad cnn a hdoht exist that this hIalpy ex I em tilo of the s:latge friom most of th, ills lwhic the i fleiei oftit is heir to, is chiefly ewiig to eoir Xenia tend safe rel edles which tiiit h s? 't' bis astolish - illg diflieince ill slrccss, is I:lilrexelmtpllhlinion of tile ililte soepeiolritv of tihe simple loll t lemittn of Curel thirlc Cto Iies elatedtctl lfe t Ietefimt of his clhillren,i over those which the pride and the art of man have in vented. IF.ol ar I lI.g resideni e among a portlion of tleaoriginn ill ilh:lilanltso tllhi5c ntry, n intiit ai e llti i lllil tewitie ttllie.irt thisof l'el"reof some of tlheir most otlrccsslinl prlctliolners, tthe ltiprietor it s'The Intri:I's IPaInlaceal,' •e iulilved :1 klfl le, lge of solme of the most IO' l'l'li ie lin.'or le rlemel ies. from thiree h sl i sUelr t' le such als were olslt efliediousnllll ipprolll'iicsii, and atli r hhe bas combiedl them in the fortle here presented. :is the a lost Ilel'ctl.t anll beelicial for the hpurlpose fir which it is rcoallnluctuled. 'Tle pro prietor offersthis pirelratiion to the public, with thie o1sciouslless that ihe is ilacing w ithintleir sea, n remedy cp:lble ofrelieving nmany of his aflllieted fel low berings, wo are stell'ing uinder the various chronic rnd obstinale complhihts to which lt is applicable. To I such it will prov l" incalculablic v'able, ias the means, nl ill Ill:mny cses, the only ls ret' ielieving their .esi l ringls ald iestorilg them once more to health Ialld hlltp igpiless. h'l'llss notollred lns a .olllonll rcmedy, thalt imay per Ichnie te ei utlly good with matiy others tnow in use, but ts eoe which is co:l ble of sar ilg life: in m1ný e extreme casestwhic all the ulusu:liremediestil. l'hisi e. Iles donere rlepeatedly; nld this is the reputtion ithesob Ir tined whetrver it lh i ieen illtroliIeri. It is olla boltethlee er:lls silce thisprep ,le:i tinl !s presented tlthe ilublic: blt inll Itat short space oIf tllue, sol le n!ihu e"Is of persons Ilighllt be IBlllld, who wouhl isolemnly Ilcl:are that itre believed that their lives ttr'e i i sated by it,, o ....tees lr they had tried ..nyy

ra :d e1ih'I1ps ill the comnmon rnmedies in vain. \her I Jeverl it is 1known it SI'upidlh" connnlb- into use, lni this S llr, d st eo Ilost substanuttall aindi convinci prour of it" ,_ nlitils. I i The vtalue rf the Panacon i conspllicuollllus in those t, long standing and syphilitic and scrofulnts t toietioms Swhiclih a\Ce delled all lhe remedies, andl partlicularly -ill Ithose cases where Imrtel'cllu hlals IlCbeen si lavisl !y used is to e:llose distressig pais ill tile Ionrs, nudes, IIIrel iial ullcers, delulogelllent of the digestive olrgen:s, ec. 'TLhese it compl ely relt mves, nal in all rass it entire il el ldlaellc he llseases. l l l e eCtli s ofllnerlll ry, ttno li. oteSll c 11stilulll ie l leln tlll( patienlt so.Indl.Id d to well. Itlrillmitisn :ten in tlerIated sure thrint( its hts tlt i eneetsa Ie not lles lipparel;.ivi.nilmost illne l 'Taken in p .op dones, thchnthl', Fannces o.rates I c ~ 1S n alternllll .liei Ii etIerlti'Igen; it dip el l t I toic, I t. ac I nId :Inltives, an il-lsll-s :l.llllliC )'ll d :n111 ol.inell :;iiii in lrll lpe cse, lis us!,a nl a niiu ln etdelilnem. og. . (gl·l1 o ily exp ess d, it increasesahe I iu cs t elicn Hteid ux n:ti lii , i ivc s I Olle to I t llll l:ll : t' ilt s aClinll ith the g:tais, ilni pl:.tic l;tr i in: ine:'. Fro t ,l th ese -rinci Iles itsoII el'tllions In:IV he ulnldel'stoodl. Thismedicine has b'en l.ound highly n"ellil in moat r ambiguo,.s disnses not llilere specifelI, ,Iand i1l Ies 1bon le usedll illh \ondI: rul [ llletr ees i :it llrilo lll m I ":111 all I' l rilVrlel", l lht t hose n l le Sbr e cltte: Inc.I11ndp li h .ix 'hf tluC, sr, l l llwhos l le e nlsll llllnns re il'e ire o \ir i. '. SnI:Ii . p r o sonls w ill ido w 11. to use t vlo v I I r ii i. - h lotl c11r i S ldl ld - sec. W Ilhlevel. diet ih.i llk is 0nlnsilll.·r(,ll 'eti,2L·S.l rV I ll'urposes, iln mU0ch less lime, ait tss expenlse, loot in : 'Il ll ll lorle ,lagre lble Ii:iLe erl th;nl the c mnllll e lll lie lt'illnk. The following eertific:tes, ouIt Iof hundreds sim ilm', wlhitch be prlcutlrd, are giCle to shIoit ll,: c'l]'ut fit -l the Inlll 's a)elll( yCeill in ll i\ llillllE Clllolopl: iltlt . nci·L'ei ets IneulltiOtll llu ne ISd(i L lt l ex ibl ill lht. l.l ost s.llisl'"tolr) Inlllller itsstut ll(Tiliy Overlile syrutsi III IIIInon usLLe. CHIIAnLE.'t."oN, NOV. 1|, IS g, c. a very severe and. istressing rllunllaltis, occurio1tned lby r i ne I pel'ect h l , ll I counlid nlly rF0e Iu eld it to ni, l simila" v :dtlicee. JOTIN FEIRGUSON, liingst. (0iAt.L'eeTr, March 27, 18. I was seized a lnut three l 't's since, ills a distres.ieg rhOuatism, eCused by\ lakieg a sev'ere cool, while un.-r th(' m clletry, .and which hI ts disablld r'^ 1"1om 11ll ,lc' ieiarly eveli silcl. OI)sl'; ths Ieoi II nhe I lt ;dr : lti'ltcii tilsce . ' sltisc l ill rhis remedy, wilht little beneet. On the flth i" 1,slru.:1 last, atitlll tile scaicc ly alde i to Iore Iab lllol, l tcrltch. es, I om n nlell hell h se I1 f Io d imi lln's ]I';I tlLa. In oil, rontllh I fonillld I sel en'titiiIir'i'el l bor Inlill, lln or tlow happy to s.ate tha l eonsider'nysel .lpretiecll' well. \1\I. I'UCKi , 13 lareli.ct t. CAFES OF SCIOFULOUS 'llICitt.1S INx. Y'oeII , SI t 1.), 183st. 'This nuay cerlily that in the I11s of 1ic2i I uIs seiz. with a swellingil say neck atd fhce, aliltch alierwim. nice' teld fi( iitg Icuae lrge gh:lsly -lcers is. di peck. AiteritryllgIllg s.e t".Illphysicians t o nn l hd'nt i , " 'I wenL In llhillellltua iad idlced rmyself u rll h fri e cIare)l 1)is. IhIvS Ie Iam Il21 I t, then, fi\lll l _er repetld salitatlllll to Ito lcct , I was plllonlloll.ell I ly incll ralll A tler. wa!'lt hok til entitLll eso S(l . ill's l ..I'anacea l eillr hottI l s of Potler's Cnlthlicoll, ilh no mIaltesl kd hr- I';it liestpairing lf lile, which lhal now IeI.,ncm a Ihrhte. t me, I returned to Iy prents ill New York, in 18I1, :ll Gav mysefllup n a" lingering dthbll. lieui'in. e of tilh ;llt sldUces s of" The Illia'lls n)lll enl, hollwC1r" inll ets sillllilr to ay Olu nt , was i Lpersuadied I o Ir1 iI, as i last c sort. 'o y ~lgreat surprise, ls well a: s sati..letio, nlll)lllll d IiI1 set lllill 'i'ic I.'su , lets lll ll , 1 :lk oll well ill thle cola-se oftwo eonthllsmald s1o\e I ds:lill nI l e\el ilce. I maIllke thlis s:lCatI' illll sh it pIlu lishel filtll l Ill llh lsol'.! s. \nhollee su!il l IIIg r simlilrll scilelli'ul i.o s r Cyphilitic lli tionis, thau I'he m. k t.e Ih:,Al cuoed one lt o has sutlered every ting het death, .r ws io consi. rs hiliN salced by lhtlito, se. E LAW.M. IIINIIA. CHitils .c...iIculy 12,tl 31. I vwas ltllicteli, Ios. earl with tin e1 il' 1' Ii: h' nc carsioni ly panied; willh crsipel atllls iicn.tii e liit aI excessive alil ill Ithe clg al IIIn II joint. Swe' ':ll elinet physihcins excrted'their skill upon it, t with out, pi tr its entie . In ti issi ase t ife bottle ldiaei's I'sinate maide ia perstiss c ltre. M AIGAIIImT A \WVI S'I', 121 Market . lor salte byt lINLY IIONNAIll , druggist, 'rm to i lle prI. ltritors, s Telcls thelas i sretit l Il NEW OiilSIANS l f NiAr IIViLIE I .\I1L RLOAl t EHi stoe kholl Ie iisit o ths rne it y n re ltl ehrv i - iilis Illlt by it resolultion of thesit tr l of iret i t;le lcc.d nI' th 1911 in st. lothe cth : ll ilo ,it ih'1es tfhe lhis h |eo an t s ll - notfllr lh,- iab orcl of llve dsoei l \Vis l.. REI:.i bit Irs ''ucti . hiitssl' r t ae , is nu tle lm : isil . Rt tl e Illse' e.h i ,.t he h1iiii o.11 t l t rh lof th New irlee as noilie Nahvile s uil e .I es s .itoa Ibr Ille rf hw . tlllo i c s lt e m tsii ttfite lheusihe Iheld i ".'.ie livrelyr hrins., lz-- oIt n d ucl iiais lie ilr, I Ihe no'st day of hl,ie llllp llr iluel hl, two (hll·n.i per share aoe nle til the etrfr dtay "of DIeeer si xt; and lie dmehursp cr shdre paed. on the fie d a fi l . i l, or 1 ilexh. ow rheleforo y i is Ieesolved, ltr I!te srseeists lllr of thi s o1 u1v sh ,mlle l ell if stpe IIi. l )ellr s thI r.. e lil, lehrs~gh lirat Iptlic ir ns o tlihe citorl, itin o'tin orvl wilh he slxl eti ll t of ise (it tee ti 111 cli pl.t tir seeiotf iospllo ly e teyll eanllle ieir Ci sie k"li eosii eas lsrly rlllof f ixlyr le ntr! fsroylll d ll, l rle. tad f ife he si e 3' llihll.hil t isies Ilnde ilviihl wi th it e exiiu s s z oi I nn wllh·: tlilt: ii'we otrlli rec.llllrly Avid within ti . said] prot· ll tilnn f sixty ysIllll lllll?.t fi d a l -iý r III,- div oj, which it shouhl h eve Levu paid, lll then the sloek o i which sid ivnmntshnnhl have I en made, is cd relet "lll-i": ifllie.dih to fle Iull iI I hnuy, (t halrter i to that pnlllhi llltthein: iupe n- ivr. |lllrleillnEl lilv I rlerli l IIa Ihillk pr'l. i1r It ptut Ioht IrIo Ilnlrlly e l I their slnK<k i lurs pcr shalre called fOrdlllld ille ii he lirsl ol. sel tmblllerne'xt, mlay se os..plolllnle Ilndler tlhe sixlh s Pelillll of said dlfirter, until llic;11.1 drl.y of October erl, Itlat lihe pavyte O: o w, dollars per share calllhed furo . I due uttlllhel irst day of Dece(ller next, tall. Ile I(ost pored nlltil the 3llth dlay of J nlltnrV next; n l fihe fll, o s ..... i.stl'ln day of Alare ll est, may be postplonllell l tilt t day of'April n-xt. F erllclt Of tits minutes otf- Ihe aboadl. ..I,'. eforele JOHN'I1 ti' d. ypr 10 Revoyl :College of Physlostnk, Lnsltris. "i, tI s. s4g,.lnl Vegsstld, e Ilogeiso Uneloaolm MotlH T eihe, rpllarepar la W liskins, Eel. lmenumoc ofnl IE tRooal College of Suligeohs, L.ioentiate of AIotldte- " cuasy'iUosmla., ollcow tof Itloht Cosrt Sdoiety, Surnqeoo 0o st to ithe ]loennl Union. Pensioni . Ageintthrt, nI ttrot l|I1 Place, Wairoo ld , t hli Peri I tue 1 Plupiril o' G ' i nld St. Tlhlonms'i [lslttals, I.ordol, r This valnihle nedline, tle roresult of trwenin o:rs' - exoPerilnee aotd pnsmdleolod stecess ill thle extns:vr tre t ond Ilrghtytrreslctnbre sorooetiee of tIe rorlretl', p"leo- A rited ry irhe fioeoltv nnod nobility, eld is now sehlteotlnrtcrl n to the ntice of tihe Anmerican pl blic, nt thie enluanest so tieitltion ,of uorlnber ofl'gentlemen of Io.rllo- high thie stnllding ir tle professiornt. Itis ped, as n preinsi- ee iroty siter, t Ito Iheck tile evils and faral coslelulltlrlcs i. nristngfiem tihe urse srf the nuleerous lrrd rIrleterious el nostrumns oisted ulotr the prIlic by thie id of rbrieatedr Ct irsoofsof mirseulorus cutes, surr Oher rime ds, hf y lt onl oeleeTOellsot slstricrettpel 5rettelters, so totally llttRornOllt tet a s medie: t oee, tltt it impossibl ie the strtotrors Pfr delussionon ar ry IOlter ego downi wtih the ittltligentgo tlli people ofthillseoutrly. Tirlrese pills, uiid lnd agilr Se:r l e r T es tlsir iantlr, shr.orid ire ket in every fitnily itn certr c ir I ofstudlen illess, for, Iby teir ]erote umlll ilistratln, Ile I Olirnr q otn, I ororsrs nir rrsl kte n t srrrrie trttrrr atn II rrtttrttg~ Iv eourtirolr rr , even e 1 triotr trt t , ft l tre osvelirtrrt, rrtoy tr nltotl g Io r ill thker, sho t ren elt- he tiro. tL eeh .yThy ' r I'rsl"' taireri dersggitl, htooiknrlleeroorltnodrtr fen f nleicine ile hItt Ullited Stltes tI I he u('ndus, with eolrous dlrcttii~ns, I togetiser wit s. t.le ninis orr tioi essnoci ahilitt fro b -th tim trlcttrr'in errttrtt tgertttielrrr Site Astir toototore' i A hiteo t nioes It ltot do l, ii. I)., W . It ottk, I' ., o J. Ason iKey, A. 1rop:lltll(n, P. I)., anrd utIoeraS en othes. Tle rorigtl:dls nmt y te suOten It t osStl:iol ofth i (;eneral Agent, whom telt: I cnllicille as imsi orted inte tic tis eountly, alld to wlolo1r hll r polientlollos ionrlllels eto enonste nlrnde. ni JmNO. litU lIiN, 129 Wooserlt Place, N. 'torlk, o ole (Cn lierol Agent ire tire Utlitel Stales, We. sh Foe sic hy IrIpttoialtltent of tile iriginal oroprietor. c0 hIr Swti*n a lltrllrnll, IrullRgi.ts, No0 II Crnr:d street, (Cener.r Agent, lirr Stlarthee oniLousenu . jul v t I ViliLY tR L&ol tc ttlio l t1iSaittntt - ar r.ow receivinlg ftom irtipr Nashr;ile, I.nutistilit, It KentItotkr , litgieo aI oilier Ilte nerrivais ter)r :It- n i :ieteerl Citiet, I llloge :tLnd Iew selested tssoltllmelt I-, Ilooso, Stoes ln niti lldtntlllis, a , nollsillin o 'g llof ge llltlo s nel's e ell r i llf Motroteo rools t i erori ralU rticy r do oull', uot'l stout w rtx oetitd hoots ro in star. orttotlterttottlttowtns, Ill ttlreliirlt r llt l JimRoIrr tortrr toI it ,orso i nell t's il tt n ot l' -rnril tk illlll t e Irjt- lo Iiito sooti ,ett I rrrirtino rorts; io stoit ki itr ooarxr itnggoi slhoens - i hl brtoignlls; gelltielen's blost hllliy eatll'se ied shoes, - Isonl-.os ed Jaoiick i)ownil-gsi leo t:elrf olid Molroenco c I mi '.e shoes and hrug!.ls; doh cull; senit ludl Atnront t ul :I adila shoes tliilsli ti ttces, do ol i h tit" sI l Ie t-tlot sl It , Saeow orticle; do line call; se:.I Ior ne ollrlirocro quolltelor o- ,s; tons', Iisrtn s'n llll childrnll's iteRt'ed rotd se rrl o i oe btooas, and sh toes ir' lerC) qralit (tiuld ktid. Also a genleal'l l aItsoi tmint f( menlltr 's s uttll waran :lll! to. t og i taors nnd nt.,r t tog rt'tller i 5ith i5t,0t 1-10 , r ie rs b or t qualho, touss ott b rorn, soloal in ri t e Inks, m eusicox . trsl - fior orloaltioii i 0e00 li good i s. meet of men's line :.. stoult kip russ1ett lir.gan, a w arwild,alnd i* aree quauntiiyo an" l infinciorqulu iti t e ct- ald wl o io.uns.o C" llIlii loe s i hoe 8 Ilt ie o l Iit~lle I.ei,'h:lliltiuos; IIt lilidkl irill' .l lllisn ' lite rali', ser hti rotoeco nolond wr, ithol rt iulot t i , crnp i seio r ell r tollll i s irlllll ot sl ot t l'll.rooo ll ii . ior ! ori khnds onro ruditinihhso I lastitog i or :use lo n ite' or and fooert Iroroo . Misser'ot l hs i.riio ohoo-to iio go ogins. Chihhrei'scolortd .\|ou aii latingbto to i ll e in llh boots, toe. h or riiI c l lrte n len l'sineftr shionale b el;. silk hnts; lo bliack ,itn hhrah benlver do oi a suiperior quialy; dee imnioan l, rm 1o; iroaul aill alTow hrin se : :I tbl:,k I{ussi:, lheot lunpped hat%, a ne, artich,. Youlthsis .lt.;e size loats to difkerent quarities; eno chiiroo .ro ,Men'snnd b 's bi htkllillak ll ib wool ltllts o[" \:wiloinll 0 sihttoes, with gonrral ussortinent of borrrsr muto Ul e'so gaoli catton. Tihi 5ils solnitent wtill tie i'eilenoishiiid viltlhe nrroval of srC hrtpacketsheotu the noose tittoei cities, l1 of whichc Ott s ill blt e sohol sre oli tor rolltllirio teclllo. ttllll t11 17qI., M ,ONT~li 7"1"7I"9'1 _11 , e'".'\ ll. ]or ' i si:' iltbtllal rvnlf , 11 '11 ,.'pllll·bivl, i~ll~ l ll no-~ NllC I III I OO·t. I o orvatiie of ith teeth, hos ihlh',d the sub-irther ns roieo it to ithe Aerican poloi,. ,oroangenwntt hov beel t ilC Illldl is IllI- til l It.• i i_111 ill a llll lhe u luil,,d l Ie toothe tre trh i tih t trion o: Onttil toely hu0lbr thi-nu0 e :' '1 ll.ll '11: 11 1) i1,11 lleo1 lll lldhecl1... vp ll i ,I o tttttte, it h os 11ever -i! tO,.' hll' I - I rI i o i ti oltolllrr totoli t, i s Itoo ttI-tooI Ii v il 1 : ,, I nlldi scl'. I.( Ii'111. I.,i* 1:11 i i IIIi'. Lr o l ( l· li('ll l tll ll(· oi'lll strongt-ilor-n to, - tlo(tl o ll Tl ii i colqlo llllt r it i''" oii cl~lr: Ie P l \ll. l.. l' ,"i'i iill \; l... l 'plll. ( l: IiS lil tl ·. (ii It'ot " 0 Ot r ttitrllll el r ilr hrnot'-t t I c ll gn tot iltllitt illl I --rotor, o ri not rotor rr - torti~'i 0 roto oti rot. tot' riot- ih lh .e.c d t I h le n bli. (toot l ,0r 0i to uir r al ed it in tl tt h 'Ul00 ro, t,.I --t oi hto ,,I Iin rn 1 o to-or to-. ,doiric to lile b II i, lll,..i~i. Otio &l lIl a fIc '.lli Il: ril it-lll " - rti hiii : 1 tot lioloil t, Ttq roit. i ci 0 Havr.n born 10000 inb rttont boot-' to, bys int loror ct i to , torn os brto r tor o'-thiri t to. Ih hi n ri n. \ds1 "llcrll yl , an I ,r l%."i \tI) I{r , th t i r, t Tlt- l 'itco tt bou s tl it-n I- oo-tio o llloon.- t, , o -- o ri nl " o -,r I to -ltol r ni h I d.riot- t a: 'orillt a0 0 h o lr- t i rstl;oiliiab ie "il hin o Irt, to ! , oi .t I l lort Iho r r oome ttii,], 1 t t O l 0-0 rotlh<, t;, oo trio ru't ott itt . "',l,"r ve,.<'al, , .to.,:,,,> h , w h n d ia p +rtl of the p lres l ti eiroii, rlrtt. So t e t too i r, 'l part oto Ott t tn, ilX r, l e tar re cetved tro ! it l itt o-o, byt o - he pi It is ViCton o ik. b-rg, Ke rltck r, .n.d Ark.,. it-, Irr-vt,, ijntct tI piassages, dirlect fron Newr York. lia Io , l. -ippi and nioiher packet, he is ini daily exp,'l'la. ci- ll .. itt.. o oto ,, ,ply of troit 'r s n. t rI Al10 Or 'r , Ioots, having alrbearly received ;uvoics therteof by The subscriber begs fo rther iton tslrl t llo o lli illi at large, that he is at orooet als wo I cnabl-od to coot nllllld :r eeIt orlVers f1 r n;ll the kills of Garhlen S-ords, either wholesale or rOtail, us he evwr w0 r,.id since ihis ih'st establishmniit hi .January, 1828P. l to Cuintry oloe o nioiiid ro arkt oor ardet'to .. oi0er0 to fild no oie lceto ond lMost reasotlGto rates, hv the iound Welglio , and gallon or 1too . iii0a0 ur0,. Ctattoguit, eithor in French or nol' sh, liy ine lwas b obtained on Ae so l apoilitio :; ttiusual, to Wt- . SMTiSo c to ar'dtln Seed Store, ot Ctisttltiolse stre t NO',L-A coistatt supply ioflord rtoot, eiti or m li.. ed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, anid shak,,rs' dried herbs,-t win h - .t ouorlrmiyn of -tos oind hornw.t [ I Fancy l'acket 1l,. A. -Urtuor th :l hea i will be I orund a tlendid varittety of tli.e otd tirltem n's po ,tket books, note, tonrd , totdc- aord dtt 'ad easeso ll Fancy .'-leks, ,.uspende rs, A\c.i-Or the, latest , 0000. -li. It tro totttr uu ottirt- rtorea oaltttr- oitortro too.rph anid figlur l S tlltin, La ot, vev t o a d olooth S sto ls, lil l hoti ls, p~qiln, lct t oOio-l o \ lll ont o cwitho oo r tlol e 0, . lt ct ,litlS t iltoii rotor eo leh- , 00t o"hilgtottii susrett dro , t lo ,, tot :o- to In i- wtore t th el andl cottionlel do, wilh anld wilsiti ltr , en pantatloots sh',:pl wilh wire springs;,tnd a r; t I',L va. rwtty o1" genth aeton's wea;r, iii W~e expressly fo lra t rt, t-alt oto hy A. L. Votnhorn asld or-n of' Phla. t' .--A general a t, t comln 01 os-ott'lie I of roirn. I'"n their toratetotratoory.A Otto, togitth cold Fretonth dressing enortbs, eto. dcci7i RUSTIITON & ASP'INALLt'S :.1 O1P'ilUN !) TON IC: all'TU RI'L:-A spered and ceiteiin cure for tir Fe"ver and Agne, remnittent and intermittent fevael; prepared Ifrom tihe origiian rcipe. Uedi \:'l i ellmllle t a. lt1li versal slaccntes I 1839, by 'perrnio of the higrhest respaetahility i't this city, ai stated ii the aniexcd ieartificates. This imdieine is highly rr''onlicr-ned, arind has been .xtensively lusad in the aIbve dlineases with uclh distinlguished nlcr:orn, that tie I roprietor of ue recipe has beenl: inmhnucd to oli:r it to tbhe p)uob lie i its prnensut form, in the lihope that it may Ie the aeans of relieving Ianlllly of a thne wo are suffering under the scourge of one country. It is a medicinie possessing gruat viilte, an( wi.hen uhed accenoring to tle directions has Inevr fliled iof ill.btieg ai cure, aeven in thie iool oilstiaiel stiae i of the dlsolrdr. It is not at all disa;rroeabl, ail persona of thie weakest stomach, anid chiladlen ray ltake it with illllilllty. It strerrgthle te dl stiive orgals, creates anl t, ate i li l ld n scidtrll rt I uir[ s more than onee, or in obstinate cases, two bo)ttles to elHeat a cure. Thiro is neithlr Itioury or arenr ini thie medicine, inor any thing injurious. to thie hitmlltian constitution. 'Tie proprrters are as well cuonvinced of its ucfiacy, thi tihe'y agree to refundl lthe pricei of every bouttle which has hen takan in aercoldancl witillh tile dirct;ens uld ihas iot etltleted a iaperfect cure of tile fv:r & ague. A. OLIVE:R, solo agent ICr New Orleans, at biis wholesaleu and retail drug and inin:r eie store, corner or It ihnivile and C'artre.s atrits. For Distriiti Agencies ulppy to j5 T. WV. 't11Ti'l. 4S ('antli Ft. HARROWGATE SPIRINGS .[IIaIrtg IIIro a 'v 'inet, , lnlt.llt . IITREE DA Y1e JOUitiE A'F I.O[b XE ii' O)RLEANS. HE proriietor of ilhi establihint lll at he t Iea YL Burr, ol' i nm(lcI ing t In I a i dsl, ntl tI .. jp lic: in general, thtt lie will ibe ii readinl's.yi thit tint dnv of ,[ev Ito raetrive viriler,. lhe will also asli fr l ltire' le nelri llirtt i of 11 l a .si te, i tl it Ihat there' I) iL )11 :t, la ie apid prl'ogress lir comPlei(tionll ll irh will enable Il lls r her ito lne llt l ie I I rilh larger no lIlllbr thanll hierrtutt'lh, amt at [lie sun, tli e Iuch bleter. jillliliU (:Iieant lie nlce'i'i l hillt I iei l n raild roetl e. or thIeoe wilei ircier :an tate large ct l)il , et ched frio It Illilill (1010 uling. It is di'neled IIlIuIaIeOSe .ry ti c:a' l tlhtin' in p rticI Iltr oa t'ie el neaeter ci thiee ie . li.. it in teetcallnl 'l b lieveI that they are nit if Fr itr nt, [tile SIouthi era $[tas. All tnlitInmuIentati tf- I.t alnod anl )Pa 6 .l PlajeP, nill Ie ,,unad at tiie. bteast tat' it this part of tIl- counltryv ntlrds.hai ir.h a g ae, ntllal will ba inarost lut attetidlrtle at t1In cl.a.s diring ile wtie,, ..... '. heatlbsaceiiiel will avail hiimself'i this opnnrtunity it Iretrning lilas tti'iurd thlllalnks fr It- irale eapport riven hinm lant sea.nn. nond hrpes hit t'he exer !tioa that havol Iell Ialr ce iipaprttliilnli ell\ exletldn he n enllllllda ti .to Ill Illmerit a liberal inlll llt.le I"he Pesert seasnt. - JNO l'IL DII. 'it' Junr uhxii tfijix O 0t·'i> PLilqvas' . lre IN'hl Nditionof . 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Alld considering col the inteltibiilty of' tnhe i1cl oil origi tt.ilt ly tt lo te i 31 o i cmposing the tort, tttlt the extrorldinary numboer and gn 't, nariety ofnlthe exntineltions, :nrd ltests 'of eery edilion it; i.s passedcin the press, eolithtandiing tlhe whioei is in en stlenlrpe, citiderllg. in sh5i n,. the positive eeulneyn fil ee scried ,l the, uprcll tdentlled mieanIs emplllo odl, tile vo- mi , tume rhas (heen held up etlnd emInnlJn ntcil slyltyled " tte St Snmost wondlerfill ook in the wn.slk;" most c(:rt'uoioly n't ' ian clln nllmen figure work of the sR:lle extent, whichi I since tile ginnting eo creation, Ins hllad tile eamle rm- lii e11 hIer nit valriety tll in ess i thie sameIol e nlbe of elieolrs ti S on, nr ne ll'ftle nlllllllbel, as is chleCal. SIhow\n in tile d le, l'ekrel, ell S (tcsilee, (otesrt ano stand:irl, it nhos etein tled and nt .roed in nearly nil the bonk old Ipollitc omofes in the iies 'oih l Stlates, tlld t the public goonlrlly, during ithe s, lng peIriod nlof lthrlirl*I reIells, yet o, elrror of tie cial on elatilns hIst ever hlve.n tl'otnmdl in Irint, nltnnghll ntinu- 1 con ily chllleged b tiihe .tirofvelrylargepre lniulm .t S iThe in nnnn ev'res.sly ndn.nned bn ill ihenmtrtno te l otl w el sevto r:li ol'lthe Stnout as the " tn e of elaelll lioll re ii1tutme ihnterr," ogs:.lo h"y law flnr bnk interesn, necrlllldis.s .Ite bkll is sed, nnilll s eot Ihe itse in A sublsequlel!ent purrhnsers, infth list :t.Ihecol of lbt, heenk, isill p1ne o"n ol'every doss of citizenls in every l ua: of Ilthse Uni eol SeI:. .. 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E-I GOODS--ininine uillrtll & cli rn niw 'lre ~nil hi ('mrll o'in fi 'l ill New min'k, it Gralll vnrill" ,. 2l.2 llh Iheirline, whic'h 2(,ether 2 ith Ihirl'2)i ci 2nl. i.2 22l, 2akes llhir ash" - irrentr. rv( i)Iete.I The fhllow i4,_i hlf i'~illni~ l lP llarI, vi ll: I i i .h , ( "li :d, flll tr a l llG rns lii, hurl ( tit a lI d ,-cdrilll ,s I n dih rlhller, silk amd worsted ehl.Ii, _arters, i11111 .\ line mih tin ' s.uspllhr , lo(' o lm o f i mill Iibe nmatcles, rl l shoeks and wallelo l, uerdle hbook, shell, learn, Iv r oilt I u r e Bnd to et ma P l fail dcs ral "h. k, arc kbcs til and li_ tu bed chi, head l )r 2l2s2s, shIt h.2s, lon'e, hvh. wnk2 o 2 nt.' ad ,ui oi.ti2l.;dm2l22 2n2d2,22le h,'rrc)h2d eunt, hMvie knive., amir,, le, pir fluoe aid nlhl r ,-tin r (.tlpes, Cohogne, 1riltio.s, h llh,' y ll gelll l pl u $' dusk, a ! €l ew ilng and r Ifni tlatflng, violl and gcia .r rihlwe 122l2I h &2.. "20) A ). lAt. AIItRASd)CMiikNrT VNo.rthern Mi. i)oe Every Diy.! 12 t.A. drm alll ,. -' .'uses Every day at 10} A. M Western Mali, Due overZmlay, We ohday w , .#, iday, b, 1'. M. by orCo l e every ello , Wednesda ric , tled Stlrday,bil y t9 , T.hursay Ihe .. D.every.Tely ,Thutr lay, a plhe vlia aElr)ll+. a ie.! A Closes ee.rt Mioioday, Wednelday TIMES OF ARRIVAL, IEPARTUIJF DISTANCE &o. of thel Expres Mill, oiiorlw Meroile and Now York--lenvio Mobile doily .t 3 P; IM. Northwar New York doily at 5 ', abo.oliaward. Arrive. Arrive Northwnnl, Dit. Nne. 7'Ine. Ieitrns'g blrntglomery.A. 2 pas. I9B m'o hli, 12n,. Chll'lrbs, Ga. 114 8lm 91 3 ma.i illedgeville. o.e 2 133 4 14 p.m Sceiuioieli . C. 7 an. 1t 174 Ii t "arrenton, Va. I mo. 55 ii; " Prlo'cbori Vi . i 1'i ill p. 82 I1 9a.Iet i iiTelorolt Vu. I los. 1 1 :i 1 i Frederick,,buri , 8 6 7 il p m. rehington i ey, 2 pso. 61 61 . Sit l nltiemo e, fit 33 4 0 rI Phiiedrlp ieo, 1 aon. 1011 Ii it iesw Yor; 2 pro. i r a is 13):5 .241 I. or "ld 2: Inrthrewnrd. 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