Newspaper of True American, March 14, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 14, 1839 Page 1
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NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 14 1839 .... Vo....V No Tenet .bf 'ie', kewttrlpeeeI Prem q/ Ne" OQvfean noeenisbnd oagre tfilit "on'indileornwl.iteeli, o1"i i etnpn'lorietrn t held i b ilie "lth of Marli, 1831, S t ufHorf. el. i.-.'iv Dollcrar fir thedaily in per aqltluo, playai l rl buiatnunlly in" ddvnn.:e toll 'doafars for.tltp CtriWeekly eountry paper, peyabll one. year illt dalnnetinetwileino citv referenee is.given: Ni e tnorlpoiliot will be di$'rninueot l until arreilngen are .nettledl .ln t Iae of dit otiatnccen, tio wee k'a notLde .n enerlitng eiA ie.rr ni nartaly given,aprevious to th , pirtoite o f .uti diruilp." b.r..ii. A"of$rstltnoa,,*Ot ocrpe' r uare for tithe firt S'nsernti, titd half:tital Priet ' if i c.lloah sahloiluert crp: , ,. sins 'mttpiial adoralmqun flouu the original adverti..emeut SfwiHbn hard hei ai aoervwrhea . n : Ytei.v Acyroncisn c:--Metc, hants' noil 'Trao lrs, oity dollars for gogitsll : alioe, and sixty for Ioth Ion . . ae Bclike, Innluioeo Offices, aln other mhior •e. hf Ittittioine,. fifty dillars i Ennglisl only, sril . tiliny for lot lcginnagen; Shitp nd. i teambonit Fit ore, or Comm(csielonaorcllaiis sixty dolmlar in Eegliln ne nlaa eighty tar with l Ianguages. "k l ilen c C)iWeitOchY NOTIC.ES, and arielels acll Iny the attention of cte p liec to sales of property, i cids Lpanseagere, benefits, i&c, d&e. ill bi erged one dollar per ilqtae fir tlie rat insertio in iaenlchtla gu0ng. C6uL'telidalpsc,sor Advertiemonts, of any perslcn Cil ntlire, wfoen admissible; shall b chliarged dcuble, We i iandbena . A deduction df twenty-five percenti will lie ln de I A ctioneeco, llerile, Regiscirs of Witll, aiul Nlurshilc l on saleu df real estic. piltrlithedl in buhlt lllog Iigiu, eid ll per clat. ic I.glish aoloie: Ill por eoot. onil n llOe of oilicr polperiy. UAervit'rEill tcs out( . (h1e direct line of buiinIIess of the acdvnrticr icl asc legal, luction, onll Iltel Wioe sal, riehawcy'nlaver, strvay anilnal .uc e. &e. will hlchiarlul for plp ntely, cl a. t ti orlisiry rates. " Aii'taI (tcc oirs not Specifiied u to lin, will be .Ituilihed o l monthl, acd lchargedl ucordi oly * Ndo aldvelriseletn of Iof ukrutclies Will be publishlll l any ase;C iauless Ilid fior prevolus to insertion, ior paymwent guaran eed iy ot reson slile ianirt in towa a Theainre n i ether plucees of ulumnIyoli advertiheilo dclay imtir.ha sennc. to be charged $ll0l Irlr lnrglinl a fll, and Lt5O in heth.tngorR All anoonceiaelts of enalions fir iolitical offires will be eharged double tle price of oilier ldyertise nwleutsi " ' r• Owing ti the immoense lose sustained bly newsplper piorpieytors, Iv tore vciiie to the. collelusioa itht tii ac-ons of persaau wihoe cec inIcIll io itlO be nlid within ine month after Iirociatieio l shll lie nmden * (ii nol fo r as r nluctinlu, ell to eacli ither--liey lili dhllinqerlctsc uleos ill cce o dniels eer n ally nv r. (Signed) JI . x i: ST. IIMES J. IlAtON, 'P. IlEA, SJ.1C. PltNlifI,)ItASl, Jhli1N I IItSOlN, I.IAMSIIIS:N. IlFtely Peers.--\Vue, I' liillstiellel, agree In aiile hy the iabove ionditousilue, ar irns Iiey lire lpliviable tu wesalvw upers. - ,iogledll A. it. L.AWIRENCE, SaNi, Uiboirilciocns aree ilkhe fii or los ollli111ilh. Le otters ,nst.u ill uonre:, lst ilirrd. 1. li omicl Weelu'ir ili, 'ii Iclfe g lighri en Cogresm s Iaurgc do erryc's litsv d o ili, L Siill do hi 1 slit do Wi ele's Iandes dl ru o Ihm ll lc wihlut r ior ime A nts !1111n hit poltnt dto ' ( l. is lnerl do dlt Ntllilllla l i And falllm's C(ollnllereill, ftr ale, nli 1).\V11 FEI.ll & Clo, I Challtires I, iet N I S altlrol ['i.i i thu i splendid dini§ravdmwralp i on iwhiic Sis n m 13 II.ihoillI Glls lalnres-i--,n luluiiMu STO. ie &he l 'ifi fir scle Iiy AAlel & \ll I n ni.1., ',li .!.w "i7 (;irvior at I 1Ie. eLi1 lllr, iIo toulliar stihle, I e : II f iA e S IIri e I, ii " Iy N ,!i i ii J oil li;I- . '1 l1 lIi-nvillI 1 1 E'N 1'-Al ollhrec on the s "tol 110el, ,- C iil Itro llei ry cll lKil Il colr'i & il llu, tas esil v : ..l nio, t Ch e It l o, . . i n o. l ..l.. il t mi- illy ii tenteid rli, ilec sililns wihy ol a dlenclllwcl iqII L, lic ' iil'rl 'lilull'i & JI( 'l'A(ill'il '.illilI I, ly ca uiiiiii g mu oiiir oCC s & ll lillllociiei oI Jtrilordulitrl inteun eirll tomllosiion, the resiult wa ll nllted with Ir o s.i n llletly cal l de uth ed iellUniocue mas Iiice ailed in r: ,Iitatu unparalheled, ir Gridley'e linr confessiou, that ', hie drare not die without. giviun toei mloriny the ber0tt or hlitiu n.Altwellug 0ig this clc jeet," ind he therc i o.I hliaoclthod ito Iif 'aicnd laid irolna tdan, il .lolli ellays, tlire -.l'lt of hice diseovery. I t is n o w u Ve d in t h e o y i i nciv a -l l o ofpit a l y, a n d Swhore its ellecti ai l wilu cd lxturnully iin iLcv tinhowicg cOUl o iots:g i co lFur ating exlrairdiuary absor.ti,: at once. All Swelli'gLs-reducinic tlel icl il few lourca Irll elm 1in,10 :Acc ut or ehironic, givillg quick cape. iCiroupi acrd Whuopinirg -hoiugh--.i.::itcrnolly, anld over the iiegtl. All eruisces, Spraitns, and Iluris-i Curting il a few hours. Sores and Uclers--Whelcthlri firesh or long stlnling, tand i'Civei sores. Its oleratlions iitil adults and Chilren il redlie ill rhlu lat-ic sw lllln gs, anllll loenolling iug ii it iii tigtllesna of the chest by 10laXaiu. of tile parts, Sas bween suirisll Iluyg d yeollCo lltiou. &le e, lon i relark of trhs6 o ld o.icn u oggd it iin tio, '1'TII PILES--'lTie price.owl is retlmdli to noy lperson whio will rise a [ittlo of Ilay's I.iniloellt For t eo Piles, hud return tlie alley bottle wiLnhout being culred. These are-she pllsilive orders ol the prorictor'to tleAim gelts; land eout of Illilly titu. sands sorie no one has beell jleltlltc eill. W,) might insert certifelts hi ally lungtl, but prefer tlat tholise who sell thie article, IshoCuld ex hil-it the rininll to iiureha crs. C lUT'ON--Nosn can-be genuine witnlhu a plendid engraved wrapper, nii whih is i i y i name, adld also that or the Agents. SOLOMON [LAYS. Sold wholesala and retail, by COMSTOCi. & Coi, Ne' Yorl , and by one Druggist in every town in tile ohiione For sale by t ie W eholesale Agents, corner of Iommni n &U r 'oihoui touias stlrelt, and by the rApotliciaries geeeral c hv. . j3 iIO C-'r.,. . PA 11 fllees , t ll ractie Il l s t lo h 'etillll.llu L•f \'leulurill I)isea se, I iall its ditereat farmlas. Ilr. J tnesoa, tit lll it lesiilllc o illlllu y yCI Ir n I , le Jtil s ill eurui pe, dUo v.IICL to r ilitrel. lUlut oif Veliu elcil c liie.. In d Toio ili lire all xiil.civcc rlci(: ili i (illlc i il l ot u ir o tlls l1'l,.sihn, icer.e It ea i n, sitedyic IlnId i lvrlollll c lar toS istipel'olll ie alls Ir uiubllhed ,fI.ofictll iif liic cclhlu t, oiz: vlln orrhly. IIlecls, a -u'rilt-vuL, helllll'rec, lhdl.C S, Sieii hloeakneds, fl.neeu'hi i oliu uhludiir, Ki hiciy, h ihs, Urethra, .ro.Irale lllulm, Swelled 'I eslichis, [a:rup yti ocla ithe akill, Sorg Ti'niniual, ioi in Ihe Jcocints i fe." Anlthe nuii.ros syhipllllolle lS whici genervallly t Iolh w Igs I seasc. Jt ce it cases cured i Iwo or llle,,? dlaiys wihltht thle I A iedicine to, preleni Venneeal Iiseuas clla Ibe l,e toil ed lf llr.-Jolulorl. It is firom llh tecie oi"f the AIlnr i lmrry, u calhbraled i.'rlllch SuI'ginitIl illl. i .:eld by hill dllrilng t'lear vl'lrlil campaignsi II h in w h i c h ho AIlN:'ItTIY' 4 t)YSPP PLc LU(L 1)r. I raetlty, the gre~ttela O .h~lugttth nrfs opinionl tllul ails -tenths of,. thle dine nond t~lult .nict uutnkindl urighunte in thle stotrneh. 'T'his EL·lixir ans ukhd bhim willt the must b raa, ce.edentad uccs Ih his private ttI tpublica pr1ttie.t r uplenads oI hrtl years, for tha' rettlarl at h Itahftllitig liteass Lads aft pauila, Flatulency, I)iDtittjenti oo tfile Stal aoh.L'oio inl the fi.le, IlerrviuessofII tlw Menld Inal iolcl oaiohlaktCseep Irregularity f tile IlltwleY.tanol mall '."aseS where litai',aUtati Ia ut alsye habit is fo)ud to exist. thrlis nuaclicinc. must net lie mmmbeleld mong thciwstlr o quack nostrumat Iwefare thltbiit , us a t isalh, sale invenlliou of. Weil ablesrt unit Illost scienltifi surgeonl I~urop ever pI rodced, wl a thei. secret r ple1ptrllng it waa pur.iJttasdhby the tgentt fr i1 very Inrt suallm. It is dgre alule IIou ,Ileitaait to the tastLeI oats asit md aitet itit.always kei tI1ti bowels h t etat imiiirtsa vigor uad. etriagtlt ttlat thie syste, utad hleelrulnaet, thte mid, antIt few bhtt Jes l'real ve thie mot CefirmtCd aties of It alsltaittor Illidigetiutt, uand pdlventt tretarn at lily tafuture ipritd. Noe i-attt,lttt August, 1838. :15tllaiaaotatreet Stt:-ln alei.1gtttlttldtflesdiai a sedelntitry life, I itene beei trIoublit, e lt Ice', aitit 1,llgatigett ll for ' n f the lutat thllree vyea mIly sntftnlltgs have beetl i't Ithpptabt I ha've trld bli ertl palyieia.111 unit it nwuberaC quack .iedivilles, wtbholt deriv'ing tiny brnrfi t. I despairedc of ever obtaininig Rely ler!114"e1 glieef tad resi'ned tttvactf to the tiust illulelea d1sppa1 I wastelttllllded byIlnllny CriRllda to rtr Abhernatlty' iho1l'cplti Elixir. I hlave towliished''ke ftllllI bol tabtturita th III? that hetlth ahhulh I. a t1ht ittg lile'" mutt. end me wla a dozeit hitlt it t e. aid 'ltkcopt thantks far Itot bletitlgle you htat a o erredtby. re ,rintg i a laloet'll'dd 1ttlt. Flt. ~ I teaittat ts pll. )COll' AION (OE. . " - e aent ha in loin possessioin true hlunllrld tey t'alllit atiitt to the uttattov', ,fl th edta mitai ttry-iri 'in this medicind. e Sttt d j y aptpointmel t at 'ar. t a. t' 1o11 Uieorvillr: sweet. " tuv. 5 PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. f, E lnlbirillerliavilg Ipurchased the leo.e nd-fur nitereiof this well known oetabllnlonet, from Mr Taylor, tle lute proprietor will be readv to rercive vib b ters by the let e. Aplril next. Nuomcrous mnd costly improvements will be found in 1tloe arrangelents of tihe Mnosion HIouse. New anl Inuoroe clnioioldnlis bti hosres will bie bui ltnn warh Ihlri will he provided at all tours. A stable .will he attoieil to the Irouse, with good a0omrnidna. tioso fir hersos. and carrinages. Firsnt rate ors and ecariages will also be kept f)r hire at mnolerate priero, nod'snil and row hots, rwith cpersons to mrnage Iltro, d for tIIh ue Nof riiltera. billiards nld otler amnsemetsl esonlly fnuud at wtering plaees, will nlso be furnished, and eoeAlcnetei us nt to iterfere with tile coleforl and ilietofthle boarderi. Thil whnes and liquors will I- of the best luelity, and to ealnsre a ull nlltnplv of ioe, ou cargo has already bcoanordered, wh icll wartirive n llout the lIstof lay." Me LFrederi(k Blroarl, who formerly kept so ppullar a hotel ot Wasington city, will condact tiio Iu el for the proprietor, wl , with sauch id,eonfide tly assuree tlhe visilrr of last year, oandl Ilia frienlds geereally, that they will reoive every possilble attentieon; d threiby ex ecats t give gesneral salirslacio. 'The loeal nodvantages of tlIIu horue r too well c known to need a leugil.rned description hlre. The lfeell1,nt Pensacola is tile largest iofnl station of tie S(ovrn7elnent; ilh general rendezvous aofthe Gllfaqalo d rnl; thile salurity ol'il elitarte refrelhed c.nstletly do tlilg Iin sninlner moinhltS by the coloest I recu., frsnt ril Giollf the bealitv of the bay nod the leig iboring islandl soi rivers; lie alaonldse antid Ililesy of tlhe fili witll wich tlie wanters .blind; an ilits tirein ityl .to lie hoAt Soelotlren i arkets, give Penacola dlle pro f rellee, over all otller places in tllese latitdles, as hi lthy alnl delightful soin ricr strelt. FI" oi rant hbuts wilrll oui tweoll I'enseol aSld lo Sblile, end will at Ill tiies beln ael to take tlheisellngasr froni tIc, New Orllenos bosts. N I A INOLD. Pellnllclil Feb. 15tlh, I:111. Siienol,'tlllee willing, to etlgaga rooms far the ir I'o,ilise, rin address tile propreltue, at I'ensuceln, or Mr e:iwell 'T Taylor, the fuer e piloprietur, at New Or:, I, Irns.s. - Ilreferenee. 'I' Suiordl, Esq, Mlr C Colhtic, hI MNlAlpin, r n sq., It. I(illy, iii Mlolle; S ' ''Taylor, P I' Rea, Esrl, in Net, Orelil'i. I' --A letel Isy, iln receive e.enlnlenicaltiios for persoa ut thie abore Jole,, is placel nt Gee Whitustn' eilice o 1 St ( Exollieoge. FI.ORI A. iOTIK Full r NEW YORK. UiT 'l'rovellers desiroiis Of iaking tihe Flrlda roste, vie Ihellscoln,to lthe Northl,,lrn illferlsed lla tlirsl rnot ilohts 'will conelio lllv raiI frul. llllile tii Pensacola lienalg Mobileii nd I'eniiocol e.ery ohibllr ody after tile lot of Mnay. Gioil sageel will llasrvs lie proviiled iy utlhe slyLcrnXer io i ill riadIPeoJS to lke pssengers frA o Mobile, is cAsu of Ite faillec of tile Imsat N B1 ARNOlD. The osleamloat Cllampion levlle Moblel for Penr oela twiwce ia reek litil WI NOslllS &Ca, No. 31i Clhorrlc s ited. nre re Seivinlg daily fromo Iler house in Philadellihiai, an elllleg t and conlplete asiiortmecn of subetannliol aod flselioo.l bl clothig. They invite the atien liill l the public, as ihey are warranted iu saying 1ihit etrn11ers and eliioiis cNllo firniroh li them. selves more aodv otageeusly ill ay city il the N. tl. A few id ten elr-ont ivory ihndle ni' i hrIllhos, roi 32 Io 3h inloheos. Also, a large lot Swhlllltie p packillg boxes, vlriou, sizes, very low Iit) 'TII' I: 1.A 1)11:0-- khiin,',l'a Iitiilhllirv, fo.r ri U I llllg s pllnloii hiaiIl li iir follll thI fil. IreCk aid IIIlll, witll e ,IIIl y anII d e rIIIlI tt'rtilllV leaving the skilln Slillll hull n" i r iliii l.(r l hll· I I Itlhllel illllu . A Irc h al b II11 &I AItlIEN, I, I,]xhaclie 34llfh , Iair St ('arlhe & G e aIl l st ' 1T1'T oil..5u i'i .,' h, ic er, I h lnd g Ill, Ii,, ,,de Ily ))d rl J I .nt ilOC ii. i , t11 ti I:IV lll , / m t e IIII Ihlk.l0, /ur aoun .al) e, i lllllnn n er,, tiff sai. ay & )A\ II) hilI"t:loI' d riin lii Vooogof'" \V hIIIKS,'--iroz iu e.o , u iT h l i' i ilii i , fV tllili . u Tle Y I ug MoeIKe'e)perlllll i nlil il se, IbV AI.FPXANIDLERt 'l'iiAWAlt, * ' l ..I IF:S- '.ii h us e In lldlli,,i S3 iplero, (Canldle. , nsxrled .ize;, 'auperovedl eri, b Ian ''I. ll l ',,ah llo'n l ew I ieidlrd wiii, oIeri oill el vcr) 111(1 he es ' , t 1 u .4(1) eII)xI'4 Sll.ri ir Ihllsl, i alilll , , 11) r~k, II! oz zOiu , it, 'I .l, `ýr os ,,. , II.,:1 t.i , 'tor , lU Ill h ,'I..r, l'a lig. i51li4, eoul pe ,Ii i'5 llfhlre lll l hllllor 1111oo , it (' "Cliu Illll i LtI f oIll i ilr ( ll goli oo' ll oI ali, y illlil( s oi u ll iy, L'c leulllo hi " y tlllh ,l o('pper, l. i lheelsi fro ''l-l , '11 III lls h '' i; J(}. "I';1 1 ( '1() -'.KA NI)N :, 7,i ; rl iera sl I u.nmrll l p..lIliire, fir slih, 'l e 0 66 ISA.\AC ' lhlloo)isro. NCi,1:31 s IIo elii 9 1f. l'Al e ll g'l'On\V ) 'f ' N il7 ihi'nik y le. dill . . . 96 .Alog.ine at S jii J TI'11 YIt & Ctl,74 l oydrca sc I,,1 .. Fr 0I -TtSCIi ES- tl'hlia,i lil/, 1 Chuar SI i trla ust., h hue dllvre'y rceived a sall assortlluenil l large o.u.ileilit ad ,iouih .rea...piio ...t ip in the ANC'tlY 'VioCIIIS-\Wh Itoontilul paietings, kBludhl-fros shlip Alexander from Rrellvi, for uale Iv A TRillE, y i, b"._ 34 aIiigozioe st . GAS I'EPAlt'l'IEN, ', G;s .toithL tazkin. ('anp'y, Janrmry 3, I C139. rr : Stuk lif,,oke-bio" much reduced this C(u0i 1 my will futrir.h Pittuburg Col, iin sella quan. ties, to their customers. Orders r'ceived ,t the Gas Ofl:e, ltank Alley. j:l E \t' \\'1_._1 IE " ES, Seo'y, / lie' Peditionl The euhbcribers to this work adll elutlemuen of thie htr in genueral, ure informed that tihe m!ul ready liOr delivarv at th store ol'sfi ubscribers. ''he lltode of lPretiee i naotated with skill, etxecr ltel witll elegacir, 't,-ell I ublisIed i t E1IliIuI ntd re et. TiPIe ddiellt 'lllCou1rt IRhes are cotailted i itll Ir th shaop, otul 'is. EI. Je)liNS .& Puiltisealrs, New O(rl'eaas Statilcer Ilall ri9 (:o1" o( onc and Si Chllarle st bn IItl it i ie sa -.. e ty F I'e 5111.1. & IROhVhN, '96 Alsgaoi.e nst i s-.t'h' cae ' ,lais luc ki Russia, mee's and i bei's blabk silk Iiettl tur sale Iv I'l ISAA(; IRIIi)E & Co,' 131 lagaezine stI l !RNil A'S 1)l(tPS.--'iThis medicie was discovered by the proprietor and has been aub jeered to his careful observation for many years In every vartey o1' pactice, and all the disease, of the diversilled Anerican cliimate; and it is not given to the public with the utmos.t conlidence und believe that it is, as most clearly set forlth in the pamphlel accompoanying the sanme, the best medi. ecie ever thrown witllhin the reach of all classes of socirty. It is with the greatesl propriety iveni in all the mtudieds siich cilict the human, froma the established fac hatthat, wheakn ak into tile stou luael it actsaccourding to the state of tihe stotl. acih and. the nature of the disease, tither as an enetlte, diuretic, sudeorfic, expeetoranl or erperiet eldicine. That it is reatly what it purports to be, y reeds only a trial to satety tile Ilmost incredulous. The hlct is daly coming to thile knowledge of the propril'ors of its beneficial and saving electls in It cases of the ague and fever, billious, typhus, ner. tvous and scarlet fevers, inflluenza violent cold's dyseCterry or flux, dyspepsia oer meiales, satisfy t theom that they are not only warranted in warmly recommending it, but they are called upon from a t sense ofduty which they owe to the human family i to say to all, try it, and you will bear ample teati. ony to nil we have said on the sublject. id The cholera itself, the b\orst scourge which he d, overvisited our couhltty, has been successfuly coon lutlered the proprietor in thtirlcen cases with the use y of this mtedicine only, without tile loses f a single patient. Tile medicine is prepared only by doctOar .IURNUIAM & DAVIS, S. Louis Mlssouri; and is put up in phials each acconlpaied with a plain r and distinct direction, and containing about sixty it doses, to be had lor seventy five cents, which tn, m cait much the cheapest medicilne ever offered Y to the public. The above medicine is sold wholesale and retail by our Agents, Ilenry Ionnabel, Diuggist and Apheeaary Tchoupitoula street, New Orleas.. n I 101 half bbls family i'lour, - 095- ialf bbhi Philadelphia buckwheat meal, pt 10 (uairter do. do . do - 10t0 Kighlth do dll do 300 Haalpers extra sized Havre poialoes, S.i smaull GCloieeslerchbese, 50 canisters reserved salonn; ua- 10 boxes Phliadelphii asseorted preserves, it- Jauc'reteeieedbrd Paor calich )i. V w PtIITCHARIs & JO TAGCýiEgu4; - jc1O . roe Poydras 4 lazines a 4 OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans SLiue of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships has been expressly built to run Ibetwoon tie above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accomtmodations for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general satisfaction, The lile is composed oftbo fu'lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt J Hlarding, Carolina, 4001 do S Lomist, Charleston, 374 do D) Eldridgo, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seanman, 240 de J towes, Bombay, 625 do D llumphrey. The above ships are all now, of the first lass, copper fastened and soppered, commanded by men of groat experience, have large accomotodatione, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to passengers, and the very Lest of stores pro vided for them. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis sissippi, and the strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron age is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to occooniledate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the most moder. ate charges, and to advance all expensea on goods slhilpped, if required. The ships will leave the lst and ]eth of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERIIRITT, 82 Common, pt. N. B. Advancements made on consignmoets to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 AfMERIrIJAN BHAND)Y, GhbenButellr,&c. 30 barrels Anmerican Branldy, 20) kegs Goshen Bulter, 0 bouxes starch, 50 keags Buckwheat men!!, 25 bolixes Imperial tea, 20 do do cenisters do., - 0 half barrels imere shad, Landing from ship Adriinducb, for sale by fc5 iG W PRITCIIAIRD &L J(a t N EWMISblC-O, Nastive Music; The Convmi lltfi I'm a reaning, rnving'ltlade; Never Iies cir Ohl dent you rememlser the benctilul glade in file ivaucl tominceo; The White Ilorse of the lepllcr.1 TIuu I collle and Ol.overthu art near ee, rungl by dissi te riI i the grand lomaniic Otpera Aihie; Good NiglI 'I'llllneeticg and parting; care nioti lir s pring ,n ee lfckle wing,by II Iassell; Cltne, lome, thollu art in Soo row; A Life oo tle (h:eel wave, Ivl II issell; She watched for himn Va i' e let Iidi[ a t, COlno to tiC e t mrningll; O'er tle waters n v inl onlig it; lIre's o hoI e like oliy own, nrmri, ed fur tle harpy v' Iaharre.- Iloyal Valuaes, by A Il]ehbi; (tleca Victoria',n Court Qutdrilles. Just received ad fIbraodah by dlI9 II CASEY, 19 Cnmp ast INEW -tODfLS-fel &--, A/leni Piaveji. reeived a splendid aesortcent cflhfle Fancyi coudo,istta ble for PRSEFsTs, comprising ladies' Hriting les*ks, dreseing case work boxes, liusieal baoxes portfllios, needle books o pearl, shell aed ivory, card cases an souvenirs inlaid willth pearl asd gold; pocket Ibooks, pir a, opera glases, gold sd silver peneil. ptrfl cery ol Itl kiclns, cltlery5e. 5,at TI K ItAZA t , :tie c:or it Charles & Cotmnon ti., ExcIlo ge TO Till. AI)IES. TKtNSON'S ISI'II.I.ATiItY, fur removing si!. A erllninnms hair froni tle face, llgck nod aisi with; ai jnal :lf ndy id crtaintv leeing the skin filler nl wht iter than btefon. the appli,'ati.n. A fresh sup ply ust received at GUIlI(ON No I Exc.annge Ilotel, cornei St Carles aod CImlmor sire ,s. alnfi F'ALl. & wINTEr R l ;iOCl.rllINc . 1 P" F'REEIMAN & CO., No. .., MOagzinestreet, a s nre receit ing their suppili of. Fali' and Winter I Clothinl, lid will o llt I to r e':eiv ll p el ts regu. l l Inrly triuglhot thile eason. Thelir assorimei t beingI Iarge will ,.eable IhcIalt Im sulqdy tnIhlw un1h s elnul trghe iulllln le, at llhe sIh rtI:et uotice; fu r sta Wlmiil lo & retail, Oil haccullmating loIins, FAI.I. FASIdlON . I1 IE. aulls crihers take l.v ti illllr tiheir l lrones, sltd thll e Illpblic ee I jroll o. Iali they ale liu, pre tsihniounable Iller xclC ani I Iltcl, lv12 St. Cl arles st ( 0, o.-Ainthnracite C.ul in bulk tnd in nsks deilit l erec i l ts ii ts i p ir c r.e, oirders lefi nt ithe iloll ocl , in Ci Ill treet, r It joml lis Ill': n dUR I, 111115 Ianilk I'lee . W tlit KM-tlil th h ure.llhne Iby fa n oin )liver 'l wiit, in( v lu es ci llc , let , 'I'he in ly I laug er vol·s, TIih lle Ii.isr elwooi, d v, Sollt llny: r ie Iteci lle o ie l ml fII nlIn I ef Ithe World, IR nlinrts n's i'o,: y Mul ln vll , I lbl, ree, j l hru l. In i lll,,, 2 vi ls, , j .tlexaoiier' l)i. novev inn A'iira.' vioi, Ih le 'Ciy of ill: (' r," lThe llter, 2 i, 'f e l ri.ii h S lie o e vimitl, , llmnllcnce of Vieici, IeK-ely receivetd iclrd Ir k le r:ri U j_ j~i .3 - __ _ _A t.lXI) rIl AIt , 4!I 15e.l" /I 1ill)l IN - 5-I3 esleos se.Iniihle Clthiugni latiodio., 'j llll si t s i u ltal l l tir sole: bo fI ISAC llltII'li: &l'o, 1:31 iagoeinee ,t j3 !66 Ctunip as INK-tJiot received tuolbl Ink, fae tsc ls kind private une. Ladies wiill find it lier ornanmental painti, visiting crd.&c., in ie Sitirior to nn hIlk evri iitrodu.ced to time puild.c. ISUSII & Al.L,,IN. • !':t . .. . ',,,_._,o,,_ ____,___ Ilt. F.NtGI.ISII \VIII rE IEAID-S) kegs 6Siseach l.It d. 28 Its; 150 do., 14 Ibl just receivcd, and ohr sale by l200 M CANNON, Ii Tclhopito.las at 'i'PP(ING IILRESES--Just received I doz. Rtitches' Patent Leer Cn y ing Presses, forr sale by DA VIti FEI.T & Co, fc3 N Y Stalilnera Iall, 24 Chartres st iT IN WARE Manufactory-Every article of Tin and sheer copper ware llanfulcture at the short eat notice, anl in a superior style bl fe13 S LOCKE & Co, OFront st N It-On hand at all timest a large assortment of Tin and colpper wares. Country erchellants are particular ly invtled to call. Il) IjPLANTEIIS-The subsehers ifilr I1r mile, Mlullicr's Carn ,lills,chb cracker, rrin shellera, stralwa s lod bder cutters, anlld every other variety of farlming uld garden tools; grain, glan and gardenll seeds; I hlaks acl agriculture auld tialgeilient of stoCk; fruit Hud orlalllleltil trees ad lplanllts. (CiataiguOc eOllltill lg laellllr, price aid de-lriclion ai',:leh uriille fotr sle fulrilled Iv the subscribers or by shall & ilrowt, who are applointed agunta fri tlnhis esaly ish ent. ROBERLT SINCLAIR Jr &(0,.. fe9 Seedasten and Manlfit crers, Baltimore OIMP-li5 basesNcot. I cadd etrcciii, bircadajias (IZ Gald, Jacckso & Trrowbridge, (targe IRahbi, and J II lMortac; ior sale by jal6 ISAAC BIIIGE & &c, 131 Magazinest Ij XCIIANGE oa New Va k.fir salt, by ANI)lIE\WS & IIRO'S, Ilil 50 Camp street SUIGAR-25tl0 tAdl sugacr ao0 Ihlnatita , Iir sale Iy IIIEtIOGENE: IIltW)WN & Co, ell it Coullist A NRW Dictionary cf alt English aigla ngei, byr Charles iricltardon, ctpleuicte ia 2 vOle. Also, No. 8,Rof Nichlls Nicklehy, jaci received, cad for aUle ly WW M'KEAN, fel4 car Catmp jnd Ci natc streets 300 EM PTY hhds. cnd tierIes, iCr sale hr 3 T IIAI. & IIROWVN, jal8 96i Maeazine at 3 CASiS Pongee silk iHamdkerclicfsc, f lhadso.ue ti patteras,for sale by GhiOSSIP & (C, jel8 Sc Claitlire st Exaclinlcg Ilate F AHRENIIEIT'S Thermoureters,a carry baeatilful article, new style, just received frtm urepe, and for sale by DAVID FELl & Co, 1e13 N Y Stationers Ilall, 241 Chartres at I'PE'RM OIL-I't harrels in store, alnl ar sle by jal7 ABIHAII 1 TRIE, 34 Poydra at 1OAL-276 tonas ofthe best Englih tcoal, well suited or stelall boat cs, oa board clulque Abeousa, froul New Castle, for saIle bry .Iil)LM ES & MILlS, ja't hBak Place SAL.MON-23 qr biurrela, 50 eighths and 200 kleg l salmon, landin froma shivt Charleston, far sale by feI s & J P \ III'NEY, 73 Camp at WTilftELLAS-30i cares, *8 to 3li ill. Mon U Gingham umblrellas for sraile v fe6G ISAACBItlID)GE & (e, 131 NiMgazinoe st SACON SI[)ES-50hlhldiCiceiitnaicured ii stor J and fursaleby STE''TSON AVERlY, I OCO-FdEErOUSiF:S&ItAR '-' ubrir hIave just reeived a large assorament oG" las Tablere, I)eanters, Suagr owls aled silver pauch Ladles cad toddy spools. whichl tIhv offe'r for sale low jas2 B BROWVEIl & Co, 17 Cantp a d A'TIN Letter Paper--Gilt edged, a very splendid l article, l erery clor, quaitv and dize. Also black edged letter ad billet paper,'ter sale Iby DAVIDi FELT ý* Co, ftI2 N Y Stationers Hall,"I Cltartre ast IifitfE POLISH ORPHAN, or Vicissitudes-A tale d by the author of the Swiss Hireir just received dforsalealhy ". A. I'WAil, jan 30 49 Caurp at EW YORK Statiotner's lial,.24 t attres street hby DAVID FELT &, CO. Everyr aiticle in statioaary readlly ade, or to order put rup, at short notice. Wholesale r retail, Cash or a approved predif, fe5 'aI I 'Ii on BALDNESS. n, A BEAUTIFUL Iend of hlir is theigrandert ornn ment belonging t., the human tanme. liow nstrtane ro ly the loss of it changes the counternnce, and proenm taely lrings on the appearance of oli anee, whlih ciun I se many to recoil at being uncovered, and somelimes even to shun seiety to avoid the jests anid Rsers of en their acquaintoance: the remnindler of their lives are :on e rsequrently spent in reltireese. In sltoi. not even tie edloss of fproperty fills the generu thinkitgii t 'o Withw . that erneavv sinking gloom ase deos the loss of t:in hair. o To avert all these nedleannt eimlennsteePrc, Olilidtlge' nBalm of Columbia stops the heir from fellie cflAn tile firstapplieation, nd i few bottles restnres it neain. It . ilkewse in ruees eyebroweanod whiskers; ipreents trle id hair froe turningl gray, makes it crl Ienutifelly, end frees it from sterf. N.erous" ecertilctee 'ol tlhe firt iry speetaility in seplnrt of thie virtces of Oldridgoc . t ahts. m, are shownby the pioprietors. pt. [1J Read the fillnwing: Its Robert Wlorton, Esq. late Mayer of Pltiladelph laes ertifi.t as inav bt eett bellow, to theilgl eharl tar of the followingigentlemenr. The underdigned do hereby eretifv thet weeeave used the Betnt of Columlbia dieetvtered by J. Oldride,. and have found it highly servieenrle nor olnv us a preventive against the falling offof hair, ibut alseo certein reetor WIt.LJAll THIATCIIERtSenior, Methodist Minister in St (tenege r enere, No 811 Nortl Fihh st. JOIIN P INiIS:,3lI Atrhll street. JOHIN D 'THOMAS, M I), 1;3 RIaeest JOHN S Fl:RIEY, Ibl Sprae rtleet. tiUrll ilttCttll)Y.yl3 iSethiid et. all JOIHN (;AR,Jr, tll Arch street. ibl It i knowun th thllree of tihe abet signers re manr then 50years of age, and the oetleer tin less thin 311. I [Front the Myr. tee CtttCommonwealt h of 'iieyltin, It City el t'ltiilalltlinl ee I, Robert Whartont Mayot r of nid ity of 'hilnde. eo ephlin, do heey ncerlifJiet tleesrnwell ttgltnielyit hiMaeseers J I' luglis, Joel S Fanl re, a md l ruh81' ICurdy, it whose names are signed tio the above ceretiliente,thn they te are eletlemen of cltareter nmtl respctability, ntlil i - slch full credil shoaldi le givent to the said certiere. urt In witnees wllreofl have hereunto set my hanl and coused the senl of the city to be affixed, this 6th dlay oftDeemher, Ar. [L. S.] ROBEt't' WVIIARITON, Mnyor. tr OBSERVE thet each bottle fthre (enuine I:the lins Sa splendid en.nraved wrapper, on wlhic is represented os the Fell ifNiarpara, &c, Sob' .holesnle and retail by the sole acents for Anr rice. 02 Fletcher street, neir Maiden Lane, one door ry bet Pearl treet,and by most druggisteaud perlfuners it ough ltecountry. m JAILVIS & ANIDREWS, m9 Wholeanle Agents, New Orleans. N ORlrtiS & Co. No. 38 Chartres street, are now ith receiving nnd opening the most splendid, sn l stantial and fashionable sterk of Clothing they tly have ever exhibited in this nmrket, consisting ir r part of the foliowing articles: blue, lilde black, jet black, Ifndon brown, citron, oliver, london smok' - and golden olive frock and dress coats; beaver, stable and ltrrington frock coats, elegantly firniseh et, ed; fancy and plain hack cassinimee and cloth icr pantaloons. enlisll and french fancy and Ilain silk and satin vests; real new market comforts; g lenglisht and french fancy and plain scarfs and t hdkfs; chamois, silks-web and gun celastic sus penders; chamois, merino, Iamb's wool, welsh flan net, sill andl cotton net shorts and drawers; fine litnin and cotton shirts, with linin bosonts, plain and rullled; ivory pearl and plain handle silk uint. e' brellas ; " Grafli 's" preilium n (loves-alesn, a beautiful article of white kid, for weddings, balls. &e.; S;,rittlelield silk and randana hdkls; pin:a, hfiured nd embroidered Cambric do.; silk, lnt be at wools, mrnina, germantown, and brown and white i, cotton half hi se; all of which they fller low for lie cash,.or to ptntual customers as usuna. Nov. I W AGNER'S LIQUID ODENT'ICA.-IIas it V been hIng used. both here and in thle north with uniformn surcess, for cleansing and whitening the tenth, and preventing the ioothache; preserving the gums, purifying the' breath, and rehving most he diceses to which t'lie moult is liable in either the adult or infant --ile tea spoonlul, mixed in a wine glassful of pure water. land sot aplied to the teeth i in usunl manne wilth a brush, will effectually pre vent scurvy, and ward off that excrutiaiiing pain, thle tooth aclhe. Prepared only by T. F. Wanger, Siurecon D)cn. tist in Jecll'crson Collere, and sold wholesale and retail by CAR I.EI'l)ON & Co. 31 Canal s'. . il sole neents fir Wanuner's ldentica S ADI.I:IY W\ARII'.-'lThe subscribers, manu. . lecturers aod,wholesale dealers in saddlery goods, are now receiving by late arrivals from the b north, in additicn to their tormler stock, an exten- n sive assortment of articles inl their line, among tl which are the following, viz: Ladies and misses plain and quilted saddles, U entlemen's do Spanish do do do Mexican do do do Creole do O do do Amer. do do do English do Youth's do Spanish dt t do do Creole do Amer. and Eng. brdles and bridle mountings, do do mrtingales, Plated, brass, and japanned coach horness, do do do g'g and sulkeo do do do do laroucIhe do Dray, cart and wagon do Saddle bags, double andsingle; valices; nedical saddle bags, Brussels carpet bags; best iron frame leather folio trunks, brass noiled; leather boot top . do, assorted sizes and various styles; holsters and pistol bells; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and planters a crop whips: wool, worsted, cotton and leather girlths and sursingles; stirrup leathers; trnnk It straps and worsted rein web; chain and honk hinmes; blind bridles and lines; Scotch collars, and horse and miule collars,ol all qualhtis; io. a rncco, buck, leaor.sheep nnd tlbuffal skins; plated brass and steel bridle bits of evS ry description, plated. brass and steel spurs of every description; plated, brass and steel stirrups of every descrips tionj . ''ogetrler with a complete assortment of every nrtielein theirlineof business-a-all v which they offer for sale on accommlodating tcrnls. They will also continue to r, ceive Iltrough the year, by packets front New Yorlk, fresh supplies to keep their stuck ample atnd cnmplete. KiiUEIn, DAVIDSOt & co, 18 15 Canal st. i:4".1l .I GARDEN J1 ;I),-The subscriber J h'egs to express his grateful thanks to tlhe pub. he, for the liberal support he has received since he commenced business in this cely. Lkviug si,le pro prietr of the seed slore, 17 Colittion street, he is~ not and never was agent for anny northern seed vender; neither is he connected with any house in this country-hut hie ssures tile public that his connectionsin every department of tile seed busi~ nes, in the dlfferent countries of Europe are equal to that of any house in tie United States. loe im ports seeds, plants, &c. from the most extensive and respectable nurseries and seedJslne il France, Iloland, Englanld, Scotland, and tlh northern states-and it will at all times be his inrrert, as it is his study, to reeeive, in addition, to Its present stock, large ariivals of every description, really the growth of 1831:; also, engrafted fruit trees, of all kinds. The public omay rely on finding a full as sertsment of every article in tie seed linr of genus inen quality, and imported direct by n Win. DINN. EIDUCA'TIDUN-FI{IENCII and ENGIISII.- Mr. James, recenlty arnived In this city, begs leave to informn the citizens of New Orleans that he will open on academy on Monnday, 14, January, at No. 19 Toulouse street, for tine instruction of youth of both sexes, in French and English, in which he will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. Metlber, who speak both those languages with great fluency and purity, and who will lul.e charge of rhe depirrent of the young ladies. lr. Jamtes will give his whole attention to the various branches of education, and fl.lters himself that Ilt will give entire satisfaction to those who i inny hboor him with cthirconlidence. nov I NOT'ICE .- The eopartnership formed on the 28th July last, between John Y. it tyliso, Joseph A. Beard and Charles B. Bloren, to be conlducted un Sder the st)le and title of lBaylies, Beard & Bthren, p is hereby dissolved : ond this dissolution is to take effect as frot tihe Ist of Decemnber last. The undersigned will promptlv dscharge all the obligations ol tho late firmn, and in future continue in their own unmses, and for their own account, Sthile antre business, as Factors and General Cont d mission merchants, under tihe style and title ol Beard & Bitren, and solicit a share of the patron it age of their triends and the pubie. JOSEPH A. BEARD, nov I CIAIRLES B. BHI(IREN. r ;IL UNiDS-eMi. sioippli Funds taken at 7, Front Le e vee, for trtocer ivs. lndg Irum ltle p Conlitgutio, and li r sle-vil 16.00flf etl fglaic., hPst ptunlilY, lit oll II8 I ., o ll :Li 30kegr e it pn do greee intu, in ',n libu., kee,;s 21 diz Je jan i,) ilts fIcrito.s .t.!ilfi0 lifllrilv 6l d0oz splel did 1iff1)11ffi g crliu d bIrltsIh-, tilso li')1112ff at! liff1 do; 'last s ecronet green in powder su erior ariele dodo iiicllo s a b slrr ortlmelll.llntl o,,l' Jh Isas h e ls'f eery'V siaeclld qluailv: sbelie fenocil iter lrtist.; Iltllllltrckilr bre.hos letr mnercaenls artist's collotrs iall rct h Itrt puIe,sh llloxe, iltled : l withll all iecestL.ry bruslls; artist's trol, &e. Flake lundI Iluity white; l) iLacks gold leCa; wiite and yellow wacx; gnuin rabic; and a large and choice Uas stirllt, tiOflmit., dry tlorter oilt lur euh , vareish, &e., fIr sale, wholesale and r-etaii,tihea liows pries. by dtINIMi, a28 51(alllmp 1 t. I' U.i't;fI"1' .U NETV EDITIO. OF Triii" CIIIL, CODE OF LO Ulf .a q. T lhas been for sOIe lim Itnnldl known II) the public the press I new edilion of fill, iLouiiiallis iaiai (vLlludo They were. Ironl the first, aware of Ithe great ditficllty and respunsliiiity utlidig the pb Il.liti, of the work, and it was not ithoulll Lrl hehitheitnil halt they Call sentrd Io the Itncdertakinlg. e lut h prcllt t liion,, ateoulntin to Ibotlll three thII n t i ,and wh-ticll Itdcost tile Satleore I! tlla thilrty lllltUl, d dotitr,, wasentirely oul of rint. For llore Iin two Vilrs pas, tile usual price of ithe work ians beenl frou ilhirt to fifty dollars. It is a systern of written rules .which so inumdiatlly operates ulin revery individualo tflh snotsilntrrlr*n.; elterin artGicll ltl r or i ece in andmic ole rs lhe ditlposition of so iicii tll o tfl e' .ollli I us tll'n ether scttes, allt--unik tllllsa , allc ot threaticise I on IW-ite fs as itcc ltohe leitllgbok attid Iotu nlt of rde emrchaet aod thle lrou lrm, n it is f itIle rivave lle et maeu anl tihe prll si f tre ,tlln ldvli(:lc. it '1'l he hwvw ersol'lhelladjioi ll ides, ull(] in I],t "fi alos.ed tlilt lls u on the ll I )liio an 1 nlelld ls i ilp rivler whicl fithd mart ftr theiar toe llict ou si eI. hove fi Ie-i htd iteaneessity f fidrrtNlie nc toith ttei, cl cni ark t ni it sr )enOiiclt t l requisit i IhPir lie ni- e w a- il h. cif ~c n el' N h)re.ei thFe book i es et t 1., olom ion he ilerchayt's woifug ro , ua upon te, diendttk i of the jlld , ill te i. oile th ie ltrlllpv. It i nlot srlllisr i theirefror tt fthe firt editihottfl e work wecs e. qti -e i diszuosed of; Ih mlll Tll h e re' rpino.ll it woih tw is il 8ettle ,censure suply theIlI public l bres li l, Vyet t wTuld Ibe ino erketlt an iusntdil'ant( r nie 1 un 4lnistlll hl willt relcrelanes to tIIIe Illrepor to l l lllutl-, in ord.r to ccrace the U lrits ameni e Ii tt.l wellich thvt te h.i mallde hy twhe Lt i g httlla r, nd the h O .lri t P bPish rsu ts articles v the e Ct fete t ttitti'l. "'the peulihrs havr e securtted ftor the e'lentel sut pit. lnteldeueroyld editorial dtifrtmunt of the worE, the irfessiolil sievie oln \\ IlletLck S e t itel, E.l. a illett.erl f the New Oe hrleael liar. 'The IItan Jciil hvlleard Judb e ic tllerd- ys- mod lion (Gelre Eurids. Iave etho kildly a.ssi.tead vir UIton wilth r he vnla:tble notes whicd they hve cllecte ll thl (rtenew of lleir sotudies and iratilce;ited al r N It f iciIt .ltll- Iec rti-i ntir dF cr Ucpton, wlot is alsu o t etditiad ill tile wlrk, C ce ctrawbride, :Ulc q. ia presenited tile great iina of te te- i rPchelFe orleained iot hlls ofiaet cipy ge, the code, and whiell ivot bell Icll rl by liil IhrIi ig i te wioleP perld to Ilh dis:illueistl d preoes rillclll let es. 'ilt e itf p iblic ers lay therfI ' ell Irl tht11 thie illllllt iOlite il t ilthe wolrk will lie lII ihat ilhidu.rv auid blaboulr, il.isted by, learning tlld experielnlcev P erfo I rmrll'll , In pattiny forltb tis prtveictUi, ttn slolithtin t elp 'io shbscribere to tliP work, ftI' ethici rs talke ilde it tIhe fact tiot tthe Lect lihl, r' Io litll liei t ht s I uthorizdt I tlhe iOVellior o ni.inr t, i thelltll aid . os of it f ofi e fiiire use ofwht et t lte. Tiot dli ir w whh.ih thi.s montn blrwa take , I hv the Asemlu Pviinevd thel'ir lUst sesie bl f f r.nil tll il• 't or;.ilil i Ih ylloth rllleir'y xhtid ed lit confthi ie in c h ie l t ei a In. iTtltii-h rs aid telior c wliach h is let d is i trlllv tlcrr a ir lt Tbe work will ble prinlted in l,'relinI ulnl Ioio.llSb , iion er d ipir llind wcitl clPar IIe; lior will ai vx tellse orine it eI c pai t Illo l ikt i t le iICl dc itlh h a exPctillon lf cernrretdc with its AEgl u i wllllbllitrc. It will prhe y hci rrady i r deltivery ile litt mongt ot Scite r niJeP itccxt; ctttlli I.iirelh will Ilhr, tlo tcnhrlher i iliecten io rs--lie dativte io Itr time hill st g el scrildinge f The subslcription lists once Ecloed, the store price j wtill be tweonty dlarie per c epy. ee R{OWAND'S TIONIC MIXTURIE, tiEN nyears have not yet elapsed sine iit wasi terst regularly subcmitted to teie public; but it has attained thte higthest reptation; and has sop. plattoed every other retdicine for tie Ague, wlerev. er it lias been lirkown and appreeiated. Already hase it been carried iu every llretioi troitghout the United States, and still realizces miore than could have been actiiipated by its mest sanguine friends. Thousands of persons havo not only been relieved, cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portulnity, to its deidd an suprem the efficacy. It is composed of such c ledicinal principles as are calculated to renew thre eialtby action of the stom ah, liver, and other implortant digestive organs, the loss of wicih harmony is the ihllnedialte cause of thile disease. It is apprenolt also, tht it rodu. coues an etire ctaite i tihe conditiol of th syittel, andcertainly dotloys tile native liability to relap Ses of thle aletio ci. Wen thie Agie is attelded withe aney other eor lal t, the employment ol tile Tonic Mixture will oot interfere with the treat. . nmnt of the other disease, but Fvill even altfrd as. cistaetce by fIrniscing sitrength and vior to tihei ebody duriing tite coorse of trcatcneit. 'reteede irheo nlake use o this medicine miay be asIired thatI there is no Arsenic, Barks, lMercry, or any othcer , article in its composition unli'tendly to the nuiant constitutioe; beig entirely a velloituble extreat. rand they!y Ilave additiornal eontlitence in tihe use thereof, when they perceive that it has tle ef- I feetiofia gentl laxative about the itimle hale bet tie fll has bein tkell--in cose qucnce of whicAh, tlier is no part of tehe iedicind left to linger it the bowels to eausi ci strectiors, and other evils, arising fronl the use of itany of tihe reledie. now offired for tihe cure of this atwietionr . It has been used also as a preventive, by nitany who were sub. i jeet to a periodical recurrence of thle Chills, and it has invariably warded of'thhe apprehended attack. Obserct e The Proprietor, fully aatiefred with the unparalleled and universal success which has con. stonly attended a punctual and regular usA of the Tunic Mixture, in all cases of iFever and cAgue, ic7ls warranted in engaglg to rtefund theprice to all those who have tskea the medicine io strict ac. eordance with the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, aud hlave now on hand six ty cases of this mledicine, whlich is warranted fresh and genuine. For style at the imlialll'alcured priceI Wh\V oIlesaile I)r h..ggi.t, novO7 coo Collmlmo l) .'PchlliOupituulna street'. ! _ _ .. . _ i OIRDIS:I. ItECI:IESVIF) ktIR JON'ES' PY 1TIVT 1 COTTO.Y (;1I,, By the Platentrt, No. 53 Magazine street, New Orleans 'L'OBE MANI FhACTUIlIRIt IN NEW\' YORK BlY ROSIER' I Tllul & CO. I SCALE 01O' I'll.CES,-Dublea Gst. For a do.lle Gill of StO lws or more on eacrh cylillder, tlakingf I) saais in the sitand, I witll feeder, hands., c. at $i pjer saw, or $950 W0 sI For a louble ;ill u till si·t~slll I alilder,,l or 15o saws in thej stold, fli:ders, &.. a $i6 er saw, or 7 20 00 For do. of40sawsondo. or I saws ina stand, :t $s.25 pier saw, or 500 0 For do,. of 211 saws oal do. or 4o saws ill a Sstand, at 1$.50 per sad, otr N S60 00 SINGlE GINS. For a single gin of 0 saws it- more, with one set of teeders, Ihads &c. at l$11 per For o. of 60 saws, with leeders, &e at $I: 50 per saw, 390 (K) For do. of 40 saws, will feeders, &c. $65 75 per saw, 3(0 tK) For do. of t salws, wiit f'eders,'&e. at $7 I 50 pter saw' , 150 0 osExtl'ateeth where desired, for I·aders, spll,lied a it cents laslll; te ltnuIes of'teeth bteisrng ;about (ltal 1 o te numbtller of sws. Olle set of teedes, it is cons sidlered Iowevesr, will wear out two or three sets of sows. Extra saws supplied at 8o celts ech.ll. The Gins ordered, will be delivereds to the agents of planters its any of tile sea pI)rt towns o the cottol pl: tinr StoteS atlshestllse l ices, ttlelagets ly)-itlg thIe h lete e o'i the sale ltllll New Yolrok, sanSd SIeOllilage Ie sq..ssiblsle for the llaoult of the (lin. A inl wl'iht willbt sent wih the lins to pslt tilemt uIS SI.WIre di, silll; tls e~hgtes li'nr whose servics will be ci h trl, hut msnoder-te. * Iron lueitng gearl cal also Ie Iorered t here desihrd, 5 oil 'easonable terlts, but will bie charged extra. IlHrse t power, oftauy description, ca be furnishe'd ont like terms. Stull ste.lta egiles can also be oedcl'erl if dc- I sired. Ie t isdesir.ble, when ilaterlls give orders e Id (tins, C theu should Iaccolanllty them with their tiewi in rega'rd a to thearmlsgelnstni saws, 'brests, brulshds, &c. It is Ftuled they opinion. Stimie 'desire saws of lalrgetr diatleter than others. The most commln saize is 9 or l0 iinches; b, . some wish tihetm 1 inches. Some wish 5 or fiorwsolt rusals oil nsi axle, while others do slot want more tha, ialt Ietat. SIme wish saws with I ,orJteeth to tle inll, while others want I0 or II. o V lucth tlsesrepancy, ate petnftier thty shild, at the tinie ol'givitg orders, furnish t a stetllrtl of their e wishes, sad the uauls hletulers ealit 111i them int cel'y e ptartiular. Where it is left to ou discretios, we shall mlake thes on the most modern aelt approved pl:n. ' All orer lan he exesmted, tfrosn the time it is eeLvedI in the spe of eliglht or linc weekls, sllat tile Wie is tllt Stiil pialseiedhi the basll of the falter. To se. is tIltle a"' l the next rsop, all orders ollught to he in the lnllls of the nmanufacturers y ithe frst or middle of tslay cxelept or'planlttions wihetI they ilrelteI iltn eomnsisihg to piek or gin cotton. N. B. Thise Patell Ilighlt, atlr a tl ol'e the rcatou . s .iLg Siates; sillbc sold ou rteaos.ablt teri hs. r. 53 Eu - SAUNTIO.' NE IU BY I1 FAULTY OF M11bE (LINE. / IIOR)N' t Contpousd Etlraet ofCopoioba ans Srsai Sps'ill t-A eiot:lilt, s.alr, and inst efliectual relue dy ever discovleredl fli tile coue of .(ioorrhea, G(leuls, Strictures, VisliteIs, lPais i tillhe bek tIan oins, stemnllll weakness, oifiections kidnier, gravel, scoebiutio -l'lptions, i..c, Ill tr e illtrulnllltioll of:l n meiiine possessin. the osefl andl active ilttlle of theill o now otleeld to tlhe public, tihe proprictor has bilt to etl'ols to the tnurttou ous recool llendlations rueeil 'ronl tile mlost eminent of the me heal ftculty in Emnope, believing that it will be duly appreciated whenli ts mto ito are Ire fully knlown. The Balstm of Collilal, to extensively osed, has Iost muoch of its credtit froslm the disliki whsich patients lolsmerly exllse t ii t..tlilltg its distgl'ettable taste, dittlltllllce itosluced ill the bowels and stonoIich, and its ht.etofoire tnefticiellnety whenil s ill tile illnflalmm otry stage. The Sproptrietorltas ttnlt ani iolysis of tile fialsam, conceiv tig tiat tihe lorev active qualities would thereby be much more rloneenltrated atid molre usefully administiiered than ill the present state. The above med'tcie combilesin r erlients which are in tile highest repute amot. tthe nost scientific anld learned ill tie profession. Faelt drug ill the collmositiot of this preparl' tion inclelases the i elltiecy of the oter, producling an operation truly nish.illg, n tl 5srpassitgt thle mst sngnelil expcetotiott; possessilg a the samte time the alvn+tage ot its being admtinistred witll perloct success it tile stages of tite above disease. The most emintlent physicians andtl ultrpeons of the present day express thllei dlecided apl pdolalton in fils' -of S.tus;patiti , wleilst its uoe io tihe pincipsi: hospitals s nd public lellictl instltutionl l sst hbe II, alld sttl crltinues, elry extensive. It was a far orte remtedy with the celebrated fir Ableretlhy inl al venlreal atthctions, atlll il obstslllttcntaneotosrltltions, risig troml a disordered state ofthe'tdiestivetfunctiotns lastig been stslhnitted to tlhe test and experieloe of the mosts ceelebrated alltng tlthe fieculty, they hae expressed their satishietion of its extraorsdinary etficaey in every ease undllr their charg ) by adtptiog it bothi in their public and Istivat:e practie. 'Tlheilr ollh ervtionlls will bi inserd ll'erelIter.. 'Prepared by'J BS. Thorn, Chetist London. Priceo 'l 51) per pot. 'I'F:STIMONIAI.S. From A II Suoin , Es:, F It -, Ssrgeon to tilhe St T1'ih.nas I ,ospitl, tasi Lee.trer oit Anlatottsys. Th"e triol which I have made of your preIt a tion in maI 'varietyt ofci es, boh a ale and .;le in it resls ae pro-ed so highly f leto s.le, tiht I do itot hesitate in pronlloulncing it oen of the nost valuale and leflivmcious remedies eier offered to the public, and onle ill whichl, osst tlaot ee tht wtst.e Ulleasat eU'cclsusally +x l/elieut.ed flromII cotlailba. F,'"oil II Iliaws arllI 11 C S, Physiciau to tihe St ,tlyleblne Disp)ensiaroy. Stalke great pleasure in atddillg sny tesiistmonyt tohe vailable prop:ties of i yolr prelparaltion, wishing )iyo the st.ccess you so fully deserve, is an ample reward lior thile labor and expense incured in brhtinging it to suchi conm I letl eo i"ts' lFrom V i t(jooper, F It S, Surgeon to Guy's Ilos pltal. The unllliform suclcess which lhatS attPnded the allnillis telite yosnuos Itdi'illne atlnltillt IV platiellt ie teld wils tile tlsv' liseoses, has s fuilly sltisllid mle tiht it iits to be known to be truly appreclstetd. May tile success you so well deseat v, amlsty and speedily rtepay you for ,yt, tttttltri ,I' trepstsratiohs. From Sirl A Ctoperti 1It S I't C S, lc. Fe. Ilaillog btstl' indIicedi to try ytour EIsxtlset ill selesI Scasestof violelst (;onorlthmta, wiiih had hIitherto IslinedI verly prescription taministlsered by e, having toul surle and speedy Ioes ell'etied b i, itt i liw allvs I f'eel m stelf ill duty hound state that I now in my illRa tice boit public iad privatel recoimnmend and tse non IsFrom C V llitir, I I), Physician to Guy's Ilo pital. Th'lie strict test iwhich I lve given youlr medlicine among my patiCls, d its ts invariable success thulls tir, will dllllc nl e tio Ietl'!e\t' lel' in its rse, ttll I ldeeml it but a fact ol ' jusitic sIl of dit ti 1od m'sl eieble testi I nlonial in commendaIIllllitiOll (of ilts\irtues. Frol I. iC Thompson, e1 D F It S L. relturn you mIy slnere thianks oi tU e valluable pre seil ofls oit Extrit Itolr ithe n reu oef t tiorrlllltea, k. I feel glatitllt that tol halte at latst brouht a mledicine into use which will liove ai deside:itult long sought for i tile media Il l-n "l- sure, slpeeldy and ell'ectutal cure in eases of the tlore clhiss. It titbrds mae grelCat pleasure in publishingl to the world talo lalusble qualitieots your Extr;tet, Were it lnecessary, the prnlpr'itor coul Ilere finrnish imany mlolre leinllonials equally as cnollimendatory as the above; but trusts that its great successhitherto tihe care &+ expels.St at which it has beenp Iet lred, will prove its gratlest recommnellldatio lllons I iscerning public. One recommelndatlion this preparation etjoys bove all others is its eiat, lpoltbl e tol--put tilp in pots--th lltlde in whiclh it ittty ie; takel, beinlg both easy and pleasant-ittasttelv ature, with nlo restriction in diet or contillenet 'lfoit business. Tl'ravellers especialli iwouhl ti ttis ssme'ldicine higlily useful, anid ought nevet. to bIe utirovided with a pireparatrlion possessing the ad i viatitsg.os whichi ttint oCssnti one cotblit , Accopayi n sy een the Mediocne is Iti lphllet explana toryofthe dis i'rent stages of the disease, without any Sexta eharge, containling full anld aple directions. Foeosale iby SICKLES i CO. 0Ir 143tjdln 4U Canal street. TIIR(,'H IN TrIE ANDI A IIALFi DAYS, From IMobile (Atlbslsams) to AugulIst (Gee) EAVES Mobile eset y other day, immsriately aftel the arrial of l'the mil from New Orleans, per thi ste;amblloal t EtEIENts, to itlltkely, conaces to ' steamboats (per Pensacola llay, St losoo sound and Clhoe' toolachie Iiver and iay) to oellcr Blufil, coaches thenme via lIariannlla, Clhattashoocher, (lormneltly Mounlit Vert non,) lainillbltge, PIidertIlto I awtlfkinsaille andl ilouios ville, to Auglsti. A lpassetlertlkighi lls seat at Mr bile is in no illuager of Icing tlhrown out or losing ilt ise"trecene Iby other conflictitng interests, is s the FLOIII ])A LINE is but otl concern, and undller one contro throughout, and may rely Wsl TH CERTATAtltlr T Upon hot airrivalat Augusta in titie slpecifiedl, thlrough all weathi er and at anlly seasol, unless ole lost Uforeseen catis tiollie should occur. 'lit's (Great New Orleanlls Mai is carried by this .oute. The Agents for acomonlodl tion, Teams, Conches andl Drivers tire not sulrpasise the soithern country. The smnooths, Ilu:d, nIturalt roadsi the salie and inter estin water navigattion, the time and accommodation, afford the tl aeler speed, certaint f, comfort, and a pleas il variety; conneeted s it wel.e with the Rail itoad Chlarleston, S. C. and the steasn packets to New York, trelnelfs call retoh New York tholn New Ol'leana LEss THAN II n.os'-oVashingtot city in 1. Froem Chattahoochee, Florida, we have a Brane Line via Quiney inid Tildlihassee, to St Milarks, 4 hor post eolohes, also twe Ihsanohbes frost Htwkiasville one to Iilsilletille, and one Lto llaeon, li ght two horl caches. STOCKTONS F? co. AtlusTA, 20th Jan. 1835. Offictat Mansion House Mobile *Distancv, New )Orleans to lMoile, . 150 mile Mobile to Augustn, 540 "l Augusta to Charleston, 15r Chatilnston to New York, 980- 180 Time, Now Orlenll to Mobile, 28 hourL Mobile to Augusta, 132i A oguilla to Charleston, 12 ' (Charleston to New York, ti- 258 Making 168 miles per day. or 7 mriles per ehour, ineto sive of'll stlplilllages. tot' lit N. 11. 1 teg lease ton tnflrm the ipuliicehat tilt bridges over the- (iChatahotovkeswamis nd Hard Ltbo creek hvetlust been coll lelted by ithe geereal govenl mI elt, (thes s it obstacles olperating agtlillnst this safe nlll speedy route ate thus hall ,y removed; andi I have the ilelasulre ofe rlingl fro. t tvellers that the cooaches,hor ss, drivers andl roats re of the ti t t OtesPi er lll s as to the atler routle from Penslacol to Cedur BIluff; it is admit Gted iy all hto havle Ipassed Ii.rotg it to be lnsurslesse, illnovctities bitautlv lnd siealfet). 'iThe Irilges thsougll s cor.h hosave ails(o hte"enrihetd. J MIC BAKE.R .IARBLE CIIIMNRFY PIECE WVAneieusE, I, Customliouse street, opposite the post-office. The subscribers are now receiving from their foe. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on lhand a general assortmelnt of Marble Mantle Pieces ofsuperior workmanship, and of the latest patterns, made of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish an American mlarble. Also, Msonuments, Tombs arno Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lint: , marblc facings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & ltydraulie Cement and Plaster. ing Ilair, together with a splendid assortment of brass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the shortest notice. They have first rate workmen to set the above work. je5 'AMES KAIN & STROUD J PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. OURINAL of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A B C F AM, performied in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, go. ology, climate and productions, and the number, mannors and i ustoms ot the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A MI. The River and 'he Desert; or Recolleetions of the Rhone and th. ',hartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author oflthe City of , • . Satan, &c. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tale, `.; the author of Richelieu, The Gypsy, Attlla; in 2 va; SThe Tw' o Flirts: or. Ad,gmure in a - Country ltouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, E L Bulwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life anJ Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, edited by Boa, ivith Illlutrations by Phia, No. 1. 5Just received and for sole by BENJ (ntOPASSES, H'I'ERMOMEI'TERS, .MICROS ' COPES, &c.-Just received and for sale by \sm. McKean, cortwr of Camp and Commn. sreets, it a giterar aSstl intent o" Surve+yor's Compka.s, " Malheimatical Iosrtrniuts, Imsawing Pens. a "lieg l)iiaded , Cprlig Boe P eus, Ivery Pro Ivory Scales, (inOtletr Scale., Glass Trisn;les, Poar alle Rdera,Miersc.,pec, 'herptloictio , Si('ie.aObsceur ',,urvei Chaiins, r - N.tioiriiih 'l'ape, ', 17 'S YWork dr BZaltanore iJcklits jACKEI T FOR NEW YORK.-New Line, L -To sail punctually every second Monday during tie season, full or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons 'Capt. S, Seari,. Ship Alabama, 474 de C. C.Berry " Ship Arkansas, 627 do E Dol.eif. Ship Srutoga, 542 do .W)tIthaw*y, iSlip.Naishville, 540 do D Jack 0d", Ship Kentucky, 629 do . JBuinker The abovne iips are of the first class, copper. and copper rastened, and having been built.5n Isw. York expressly for this trade, they are of ligLt. draft of water and ulnost invariably eroioahi.buar without any detention. The commanders are mno of great experience, and the ships will alwaysbe towed up and down the Mississippi by steambneats They have handsome furnished accommodations, and stores of the best description will always be furnished. The cabin passage is $90, without wine or liquor, and there is noi liquor furnishledt the officers ortcrew. For freight or passage npptl on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camnp st. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust ofiron or steel, nor responsible for any I package or parel, unless a regular bill of lading is ececuted therefor at the offica of the el.t. nov27 NEW ORLEANS ANU BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line'will consist of the following vessols, 'vwhlich hve been built or purchased eapressly.fer the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, " Irad Ferry, new , Stevens, " Solomon Saltus, " Latham, Brig Architect, i" Gray. These vessels ate oftthe first class, have hand. some furuirthed rccommiuodations, and are ofa light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and disclharging their cargoes in Baltimonloe, of tlhis city. Freight will le taken for ports on the Chesepeake or James' River, anid forwarded by the agents, Messre; CLARKE & KELLIOGG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advanced when. requircedl. The irieu of passage is fixed at $60, ample stores of thie hi at qiulity will be provided. Steam up and down the .Mississippi will be taken. oli all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to .GEO. BEDFORD, nov97 22 Bienville at. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] 'l'IE Slhips composing this line will sail from New Orleans and Now York on every other Mon day-comniencing on the 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, the line will herenlter consist offive ships, via: Ship Yazoo, Cuptain Trask, to leave on the O20th November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship lluntsvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leavoeon the 181th December. Ship V~lksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the tst January. hipl Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. Thle above are all new, of the first clas, copper Sd and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tons burthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the most inmproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style.-' Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. lice that no berth can be seccured until paid for at the oHice of tihe consignees. These vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at. tention and exert themselves to acommodate. They will at all tunes be towed up and down the Missis. nsippi by stoiambots, ond the strictest punctuality observed in the tinme of sailing. The owners of these ships will not be responsi. blo for any letter, parcel or paekage, sent by or put on board of theme, unless a regular bill oflading be signed therefor, at the counting house of.tha agent or owners. For further particulars ipply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Commonst FOR NEW YORK. 1[Louisiana and New York Line of Packets. lLtI.":' hips ct ~ lt.t n.tlis Lioe wll sail ra em ' sleas anlld New 1rk orn every olher Monday, I toeneihg 0on thle 20thIl nvember, and to insureto e ttlitftost ptntuaolity in the r time of sailing, the'lia will hereutter eoosist of five SlipTS viz: Shi p . Coo Captain lrask to leave on the 20th shw. / irILOUisri/Je, Captain P hnoer, to leave on the .4t Ship l 7untsville. Captain Eldridger to leave o s th I It~t, I e,,intt. Shijp icksburo g l Ciptain WVoodhouse, to lea.i on gel 1st Jnl , ar,. Ship, Captaln Dovit, to OlTn'v Tilboe shipe ore aIl n.w, of the first C 5lna and i eope rnhted and upwards of 0 n esu iethen, are of light drduglnt of water, being .built.i New VYrk expressly fore thrde trd. The prie of pael sgne is litd dl toe hundred dollars. "Thoer eahis are fited upon thie moat improved and convenient plarand fiished tt n teat and elegrnyt style. Ample stores of the first quoality will he provided, hod .vety regard had to thle eomrart and n rtire satissaction of paetengerm,whe - will please take Iotlce that lo berth can be sectred m. ill naid for rt tile oifei of the conoigneen. 'hRese packets'ore rotttnulted by Captaint well en perieneed in tile trade, who will give every attetiao and exert tiheselves to aecommtodte. l hey will at allt t tespRwbe twwed gp and downw the Misoissippi by steambhoat, and tho.trlitI et puotttuality obsaervedtl the lime tf sailing. The o.neta of'these -h ipt willnnot e respoesibla far uyn let er, parcel or Psltktge sent by'mgiplt on boerdof l aunlrs u regonr hill of lading beai&ned ttorefo r eit yhe rating house of the ageIts or owners. "Fet r:'hor particulars, apply to S13 I) BEIN & A COHEN. !of ' 90 Comlnon st. NEW ORLEANS.&-CIIARLESTON PACKETg Tties line consiset of nour veaels,al of the lirst elan, eolpered and copper faste sl ened, and of about. 200 tone burtiia, witlh lhndsorine occommt datjhon for palsengee. T'lhese vessels are cpmmttndod by captainsa well experielced in the trade, who will givoe eery at lentiun. and exert themsnelves to accommordate the shtpperr. They will be towed up and dof:a the Mississippi, and lenve New Orleans on or bdf e. tile l0tt and 15tht of every month. The following vessels rootpore he line, vi : Brig Arabind, Charles Gordon, master. - Brig Clapntan;J. It. Thompson, moaster. IBrig A Inena, J. Donne, nmterr. BIron Roger-Willioamse, J. Allibhere, i.nster. For freight or panagep, apply to J. A. BAReLLI &'Co,61 Cmnoon pt. New Ofleons, or ,. O ,edct,-a . toOR.'t ot ,. or l:t, h ,., ra .t ,. . ". '. . , .., owned by MIr. J cob Ott,.at the eorner it 0 tveo circle and Triton Walk, respectfully solieitsa itare of the poublie patrontdge and a renewal of the favoro of hlis former customers. The entire slteaek e. Drogs, medicines and fonev articles is fresh'ind carefully selected. Thie following only are pat - tieulatized, vi : . Pre Sodu, Seillitz and SorstogaPowdera. Yeast Powders, being a wholesome and elegset eubatiitte for yesat, in raising bread, buckwheUt cakes, &j ' .. Butler's Effervescent Magnesiian 1 pleasant and gente purgative int dyspepaia or indi. - gestott, nervtua debhliry, giddinesu, headac.e.' sedity of the ptomaenh, habit ul cotivrenea..ut. neous eruptions, &c. Carpester'e Fluid Extract nf suroparills ( f purifyng t hO.htlood, &ec do do and cabebi,. &c.. enatto'a Panacea atd Vermifuge ; British an fIaeuclem oils, Opodeldo,&O. " Refitted Liqtorice, Jjuuhe and Gouamasve paet! Tooth bruehos,.N S Prentiee'a carboniedenteii flne, chlnrite totlh wash, powder puffl and hene. Pretitice'e cerberuone denlrtnfire, chlorine tooth wekL . powder puffs and b.xaes, Prenties' seenuted e$ - plain toilet powder, pomatumecreme do Pl.e, orange flower, rosr, aInvender and Florida werre, of the best qalities,"Rwland' AMag,.iel Ot.,lUld. ridge'S beln, of Columbia, bern's oil, a'vlei ci-.' Iteifer and lether natehes, idelible markilng Wl; sauperior black ink, &.e, Sperm and refinad whale oil.. Hay'sLiaioietl. 'A Iresh asoorulteat of Tbortbtra'sarden Sader,. e1Oct.2 . -GEORGE JONES. - ` lNE-150. heapsClaeel .sdSlanseeeWjie. i - 2 • atfem and f -r aale y j tpttlitrh ~m,.. fell J :AiiZ Dg DG~dr ~

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