Newspaper of True American, March 14, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 14, 1839 Page 4
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re ~tDN1Virl. - ir: tvga~ion Crirrh . i l. 1ý "tAlthrt° f' Arrieltectrtntc Lohrlfl 2 v. w' A cclrttitrdture .1 volet: Lnan~l u~i' tcbn''n yodgo llda~ Atdnt aietculI b . .ot n ' io'rk; 2 volt, L.oeudo'. tt Curioxihe of.l.itenrure i. v bengy ISy; do Vithrrto aTphlter i'cott l ailo s~ '~cr y rrsol.'~ i " lngA ye 0 odlditiottryvuulsRno n fDlA~tl~O ftI npotor ot. .LW,, Nedlcn Srratt'vtI : ci Mipe.ii peoo UI Hok0, Nov. ,. t+ LatI a anti (creek. ; & Co. obr. Chur'ei~tnd. Coiotn otg. jI O AN 'R"I ,~ MI'UF, Ftfr went etil ttrjf a Fever naii Aaee: 'Twil rtsiy d Wherteroin the Tonic Mix ýIt.Iaroso Amadd Apq tihohe itrdioav mlade of trerting' lettFelpro Itroo,& in the6. triecog ,ht aVeat' "ttinle Exjmeoat, b b d a f e r erroon oad rprritrr "U'int phnth it mc IRS ettkcu willh the tnmostoalfc r.y Maettnaiuh l ; e:ten inrk t, or ogoed invalid.' It prc t~t e-fthe dietane cone.n l~~· Ire Ct).iOtltl tvof)r F lel to actlvitjt It estat. liiahna n aolii nd'Iwrlnallent appetite, by ,1,vigoratiitg he. gt ie *,e a srlishlto teenjoyragts oftcrte. Bein gtaeculiaiith 6ltin a plirgarie qualirty, it remains Out in the bInvel toe inr rcltt this disorder, or t. create ether diseases, but (Lqougllhy Elrallnns the Reverul or. C".8 of digestion, -anti tttet bentefits Ith systemt wtth wbrittter other aflbctinc-r it mttiy be oppresrsed: "' Iaomtio eje, cfter the toe ofttt Torric 5lixtttre, tave btttm to naflte cusosl esqe'o i the disease, and i 7u~itrdqty symoptot, oererrtturn wlterrtby the "w theo,ri rsiindriea, thereH is always crew= teduAitiereseetlitablity to recutrrence 'iToe danger of frtquentt rlppnee.of the Ague, is 'very evide'nt, for tlto syatE,0 hillrarin ntcomentoo mic trloflcte to be · aI;l' o n re act Ih mehdill, and suRedily fall a Vic. Stint torl, i1rceen00t ,,eoleoe ','ho, 'nic Mixtutt is altered at noel, a raxsonobloprhire nto pt e pie it withint .te rech tfvre e:-auc6nt th r poor end destitute tre Imrery lilmi ilad wit nmistunle, witllrlt Roticililg tIlt nit'rgnl, attteudnhn w is tto uictly denied to ,thisOi r lI very relutettty beestowed. d "l'lto pul~lic ore re.lly arutioned egaree tire ropa " nes trb ttattrn.; o this mnerrerie, that are daily offered ' aIt is preld nnly try I)r. Jihn It. cilnd, toehis Lntrrrrc a ttrrlrr t1, reatrt,, lilnrii, ath Fe "itsterihera rt - thle r-ltrriit-e coaee:r for tihe Stioutt Vtentert Ittlte,, and will Aell ly tite Grose, at titePhilnielilia pricob. 'Io be tad at rettil also, at -nntoftlt Apotrhecarire in lIr cily. JAUVIS & ANiDREWS, ctrrvJS Wtolesalo DIrugrgico, cor o cmonn & Tchnlroltlae s S cot. nr;ommnn & icbnltptoutas s Miassoespje ad Louisiana Hotel, c nVtNRTON. L4 IRS.: MARY .KIKLAND respeootflly an nounees to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodste them at ho above setablishmcnt, and hopes from her .xertienisto tender.visitors comfortablc, to receive : continuance of former favors. She' feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the Ummer months, cannot find better accommodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Ir.e ouse ai pleasantly iituated, and well supplied 'with every eonvenience; the bar is furnished with the most cdoice liquors, &c. it sabort, she promises .'tat no.hing wanting on her port to give "I5tir. salisfeaction to all who may potronizo the Mississipi arid Louisiana lotel. je3 -U studied undeo Dr. Stol.idt of Cbarleaton, Bouth Carolina, and for some. years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to soffer his professional services in this city. Ho assureZ the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid-to the calls which sway be made; and also offers hisi services to the holders of slaves, being well acquaiqted with the diseases common to them, having attended them in tho'ae gar house in Charleston. The famous aonti.bilious pills alter tlheeonposition of'Profowsr Smollette, with 'directions, can be had oftle undersigned.'. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest. success, to which the best of . frornce.s can be given.. Apply at No. 166 NMago. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. NIaLLOW WARE, WOOUD -.-.IEWS,ADi IRONS, &e. S H~ HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 3 i. 8 Water, year Beckman street, New York, hive reoeived the past season, and are constantly receiving large and enter(sive additipns to thaestoc .of the above goods, which now consists of the hllowing aeortineont, suitable for the asuthern and western.m iarlkets. S ollow wa.p oF superior quality, consisting of about 1500 bthen, vz, . Pots of.2 different'sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sized, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, 'Ketlles,.15 sizes, fro' 3:8 to 18 gallons, SBakepans or Ovons, 7 different sizes, STea Kettles, . 6 ' do Skillets, ', . 5. do Flat Spiders . 6 do Coverted piders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 . do Fire.Doge, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. CSait do. 5 to 7 iilches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, N6.'3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less tian Jime's imported prices. 'Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and liattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tone, assorted from 1-4.4 to" nOlns. Bells for Plaptations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also, steamheats and ether machinery made to order. The above assortment. of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of' Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon tlhe most liberal terms ; it its e. l~ieved to io the largest and best assortment ever -tiered for sale by any one establishment in the ntnded States. Merchants, by torwirdit. a.request by mail, can h.ave apriiirsd circular, with deaoriptioa of goods, 'priheaand.terms, fomn wlsch no deviation is ever miade, furnished by matil. All eoders Sill receive immediate atte.lidon. -New York, 1838. . je3 * i MEIUIUKT NOR OOPMaVA S "• ew Orleals, Nat'. 14, 1117. * A BOLT ailmonths ago I had the misfortlae to get a aclti dieasne, far aich I hlhve alplied to are * ral dcltors for a cure, and tliev did ilot core nc, ie .eow an tie abore date I[.ut myseif under tre.cale of Doctor Hest, aud ar eapeet hiim ty cure. me. Nince tlhat time tbhe diessse got worse, o as to break out in large ulcers to the natkaer of six or eight on ea 1i leg, ad all over my face, anl'dsore thrrout, and not able to work at ie peasent a irm a account of tbe dieease; large ulcer on , elas right side of lre tltruat. .! am nor putling myaelf 'ofiddently uader tie care of Dr. Iuet;r, fParie, to be perfectly eared JOHN DEAN: S t)D CERTIFY that the above Ineiitoaed disease is Squaoswell eurd to my.wea iastialoetin, for whicll I "tlhsak.r..lla stahud htoroaver.l a.sltre tliat the-ledi a ine.samve tuable .ale ho eat, attd did aot injure my. aumith it all.;'tertefure I advise min f low sutleeras to loae no ee stu apply, to Dr A. ltert, 124 Canal "alrebeltwean Datliuaue ard Boarl ta streets. Dr. a.nut i llUtt'hefrom 9 o'clock, A M util 4 P M. " Th.ey wil ald a truQ doretafor tlti econdllalit.. S- . JOH1N )EAN, L10 Gravier streetl. If any one o tts o e, all ai No. 40 lavieo 'Orle oe. 'e n, o d JOHN DEAiN. tis l r. . 14 ly ¶i i E.6iC ladto alsaim of Livererwo t ead Haem T hound, is pitiup in botltis at the low price of a0 ,eard eac, contaaeag.tha strangtrh of three aleee ofa Liverwort, bsal lee the virtueaal .mwan other roott ard Shehr* knawn.amnre the Indians aa el eaetioa in curing pulaonary caralllnat•. The uuorrallrd ea ftwsawhich has attendedd the utse of ise +ieammoaable Balsae wherever it his been itr- I duced, has btained.thle epnfidetiea and reomareuda ,g'aee e.reaupetalei playiciaansa fr he cEuret of coughs, asid, pan a she side, watl oef , spittiag of blood, • ier aegolatlnt, &.. STol. n 'Tem-Itmay cnaern. Thi, is to Terrify we rl . o r p use w r ae u .lyIpreerh iard .:It.! ib ,m, Balm ,•l irwort . Ilorhouad, witht , pl d gosdfettmoron w eseform, fronl tihs knuw . leoftle materel.+tk l d from, and chbsenatton aI555I suprorrreparation tputeddtid. A .aJ,]rI' W.luIMrs, 5. D. - E Ll& IM. D. .... be o Membera ofii.hos MedlAmmAoeoationa. lgenOby - JARVIS e, ANIDREWS, I . 19 . ,a noe ead tohta it ula' mra O I EAW' Seiage poffpn ipp ree.ived,aad fo le a their .j~ ra Writint Academies f o rk , Dlt aqsaehtl rlbeah l·t) Ilc9Beoadway itsisartic jr l Ieediler i rrlvate leaarner. and -la, al it tletatedeltaersoi oilaa -s. Ladles sad glitltnen are inited oaishlaan examine silswuyaert'fetshet.elvee - " "lea" are giaen at ashrb' a xaa may ,lit the aO.e , rand ito cla n*'mensd iun any panrt La Iae pio p aer isci, rettereshomp st theirown ref ? psu taernaf a ree of lessons are deeind . to ntsa "" R' -,e"s r.eli ib w sh. .1 .iX.i* BItaOII.R. te. ainadiBilidt, R telu stal riete Pearl' und+.lec Pnwder Emnry Bags; lt e ory Tub Cishion s:n Pialst:Slides sei (artorec.;fGume Elutie S.Stsepeidor;rs P'swdpr Pufs andnd Bons " iltClhuinm; tesatand Keys; Fmlr drpei Waist BuceN.; BrAecltse; Baed Neoklacd . aud Chains; hGit awln-'Siimle ad s;adr Mdinsn seads, t l Haels antd Ihme "Shtell Twist; Side aad Dressing Creibs whiceh in oadditotn t nhairfi former stock of tanty. p makes ler as~trhnedtivery iomiplte, sand iirl ire oldl ow And aen ibral te rnt tio h is t s oPig n the Golden el s an h -rBeis, Aigantfolet apsi extensive ('aes'oF [.it ' r.lide - Guhrmers u cam E shic Ihu od ,e jostr eeired u very tenosuive setof ias es r.e, esloitinu of Table anil DesErt Koivtis h f Ca- .. dehriplilo,D Pean, Pocket, Dirk, ad Spear taint alesrea; Raeore, S, iP ~, hre Tasehs&r&e. or. .. tahilt t osyark n prehaned ao emaib to the the ra r nrrde Ior o Terms and codltiose will toe manderka t an a t the'time. t Sml6. J. BE IN& A COH rt C Smon stP. CIMPMON$ , HAeRTT CO.--Are now rerieviog p .er al HsutcerillSEhle, lnMerry AdrtAew, jldgi .a.ri, Freneroh cl Gertn ila ousle held prlsviaigcartas: traberhlt ds a pcke pist ols; Idach erib.het ail apist Scuesio caps csap bolsels; seiarsnr, Hiazrsa, Sctn. ess; Gelotl's sommerat cand othier areal penr; Vie' n siti; Violh string s; shall, isolynn d leronicns, ; feris, wk, head ani le aticr puors; hair bnidst, frosit ad aelrigle tae negruo Ifst Germans sal Frnerr col ogtlste Water, Rowlands maAeearr oil, imitation do" ant;T e. ad Iears oil; potable desks and realeg en s: Clastes bla ekina alnsetl sd toile.tragls; eHirey lanl-ers; oilr eel gRssie ansl views; rlisan obeaml, bels aml -il mres; coorleon; wiitstwine;tiilet and shaving soaps; toilet owter, ensmetle t wash balls; seeaied sRiedi ed slion; pool stwnde s screw oashions; faony bead clains rial vneeklcas; billiorIt belli; imcket books astl walletts; olas i s U rslml rs, r atersds; i ells lucifor mntches; sil ver ticanils; Creyrs, "ce. "on. * The Obise inodditi eio to oar former stack of fancy srtielvl, mukesooe ains-trmesst very esmleptsa. For sate arwholellaste a tail; us the sligsaf ibe Gnhlcnu Comli, 70, NTTICE--Thuo portnershlis osf Kellev, lomnsa doCfi L. -.of NewOrleans-; Mason, arise &Cis., sfNaetiche; nd Ilarria, Kelley dCo., of Rdllcse', was dtiesnyle o00 hellst of iar last, by'the doath of (Susel A Maoon, ne ofthea iariners o the lpre i a. The undersignedg sersvi eima Iarere, wiilbe chnarged widh thi settling and in said bnsiess as dals oLeviC Harris will attend to the settlina of tle busiopss ofg -lase, Iadrrise; Co., ni Nitchee; and Ilnrris, Kel ev & Ce.,at RodneV; awnd Hterey Kullev wnill nts'sl eto he ertliog of the bisiness of aeller, Msason & i Cos., a oNew Orletoll. Tes naues of the a everal firos will e Sahsse idehts d to staid firin are ancslv reqgested ooetne forward as nakereorly Bertl ewntIe; mat I tbhe having clai s will slease rrernt the.n withnat delay •rIIENILY KELLEY. S oNewO rlean, lonn 7,1837. r AN IA- Eli: 1i't"-l1NA' (-.e NKE WArTER cses Ha roois f thisi sonlerior Clognle worate, onst ereceived ad for sale by the doatn or single boAtle. :Also Aseridn and French toilet ponwders, poowder pus adl Lxics, sl vivi angd toilet rosph, eoeiste wagd b iIllsilk Of rosesr e snietic ohIl ernass, oextra o mosk, ketilln ai, Wailr' vegetolse hair oil, poastsno, rontsl de prroeFlorids , C letiar, rose and iray srs er, Pratpv's saltso , loroeilles pcrllndery ll trny so. vrgetn Ie o t liqoid rothe, Cihlorine alld enr s tooth wasol, rlotll, hair, tioti, o~il ansi fesel !'rasles.o togetier wseis on nliiionassl eniplyv of fhshionoabla fin. rd o ll st ': counbs and ji elr,forsol loew at wholeale or nrtil it ty NIMGlONS, HARTT doCO, *r jn!vs i 71 Clartrerostreet. PCOAL -U .heo subscrihra huve conssnnly or uoand a large supply of Cannel and Liverhosl coal, in lalh., of superior quoliy, which they offer for A 0Also expected by tle first arrivals from Eng Sland and the North, Cannc , Lehigh and Peacn h Mlontain Coal, broken and screened, pus up in hIlgoheado expressly for fitoily use--all of whici' they will dlispom s of on the niost hmoderateteerns. Orders left at their o2isce, No. 53 ienville st. op stairs..o il be prosoptily atoteded to. S nct3 B. & A SOULITE. C~ologne Waetr, Perlusnery, &.--A so;:lcsdsa prticle t icolgne, sput u exprossly for the retail i trade;.also she puresot Fincch l'erfnotery, eshbra c ing every.variety for the loiloe, for sale by Ii it 2 RE ,e. & D'LANI. a t lso Couniry rleechntos and Plonotrs., S Negro elthsblnet, fl:nel nes, hlo til soa low ell lirtias, mtieolos, linoens, clicoer, Iondkerctliefos, do &d,erecevied and for sale low by tile subseri. a be:s. ROTTA & Ca. d oct. ' corner Coal anld Clsartres st d 1. IV Glein's J'crjqrerire. if Indian Dye, for coloring the ilair ; Bcr'a (Oil, i. Ilussionsoeasr'areesr, potnstumc, Michaels 'Free reo Walsh, sap erior pearl powdlerr int1 wrbste, cream ff ros's, veyciloble rougeu , oins ul rlois, lip salve, recososo ioonnth was , cratlssss scsrlls-nsice, oranesei Iower water, powdor aul]'s f sd bhxee, Ancrr can c ol oro i, triatly7 pisi of itv luone ousoo vial, trosea. tcon salns cjlogne, irsesoato IIo aincIse dropr henir brushes, Eadlihs dressing consbo, Indsan hatos ,e with a rariesy of or n iscerlut sorics, &.e. For sale i by .J . TIHINCIIAR CO, ont 3 e corner of Canal and Lianrbol sis " . .......... of s.. . ... qu liy whc th yof o IRON ROOFS--The subscribers have procured at a great expense, tile right of pullinge tie rto routs in Ilis city. 'Thecy are adipied io pibi buildings, warehouses, and private dwellinesand combine at once cheapness and durability, and are perfectly lire and- water proof. 'Tereis nlma ie knowIIIn, and a model seenl at our establishmineit, opposite SI. Mury'a mtorlcer, 'iohapilonis st. oet2 E I COGS.I ELL& Co UPIIOLS'TER.Y I &PAPEIR IIANGING STOR'E. Henry Siebrecht, (formerly J. C. Wicks & Co.) would mest respecifully inlorm his friends and the public ill general, that eie hts alnd is constint, ly receiving a general assorimcent o1 upholstery aInd paper hnnbgin. T'I.e tTllonineg eonillries a port of Iois stock, wtic, e offers fursale at whole, sanl or retail on thle most accolmmtodatinl8 terms, viz : French velvet and satin paper, latest style ; dO half ollloinioe anid common, Pniladtlllltiu glazed and unglozed do do, French landscapes, lire boards, blinds, &c. do velvet and worsted do do, Ioreanze do colors, silk fringe and galloons ofoll qualities, patterns and prices, worsted fringes as sorted pattern. plain and colortd. Swiss muslin, lntest style plain and rolouned, cotton drapery muslins plain and twilled, ns-orted coloro, new styleo at needle work for sofa cushions, thostool covere, &o new style of bell pullers, raised figures and plain, gilt windo w ornanientc s o fi all patterns and lizae, gilt eagles butal and spears, featheis, &c, glass k'nobs, casters, hair clitll, ligured and platn, a large assorltment of lots f r chilJren; Ilr-e silk corid and tassels, \vorsted cord ad s. rels, a generail aseortment of uphlolstro and paper ltalg hings, counstanily on lihand and fo sole at tohe liwest prices at Non 41 ilioyatl and i64 Cutitl Ilotuse sts. N 13--lrsons in the city or from the country, are repeetully invited to tall and examtne ur Ithemtselves. Carpets and curtains naode in the latest Otodern style, rooms prepared at tie soqort eat notice, and all kinds ofl upholdnotery wolk i done with neatsess and tepslpach. ct n3 LS EGtCII, No 54 Conde street, .between Dumanin and St Philip, kee.s conltnllly on hao anl o.tensive oseirtment of boots and broigansn, ind lsloepIo New York manufclture, for Il, ollen and chlildren of all ager, wvch he will disposeof at very mloderate pricrs. " Families of his na quinlsnce on sendine an olrder will have their wishes attended to L S SEGOUII DEAFNESS. A NEWarticle frl lersons trmobled rita deaflns,s I (called the Ear ''rnllpet) litaa jlst been received by tile usa of lihc . thie sligitet ar, t .ierulution of the hulot man voie is distnoeiiv cotione)yp to aibe car. Aouv lnUe ah his ever tsoeu obilgo to rn'olversP ait a very le person, muat lie fully saeoibla of Ihe diffiealty andd nta. brrmssnasna ...pearn...d both ,v nio.a.elera asnd hoe in- ' diHvdanls so uotiarlauitelv altlited. By Il e' use of tl.l Ear T'uotpet. this lobjetioun is ontiretv oo viatel, 'Ihet mlitst sceptical lans al ays o. andoned tlheir'doubtr after having used liato'reuipet. For sale at 'I' F GUION'S, Fany storecorner osf Cemmon and StaCkrles streets rtler bh- Excltanga Hotel. - fel 13 .PJERb OIL-150O galisao pare winter d S parta. Oilt, in casks and btls, for sale by S JAItVI d & ANDRtEW , Wholesala Drugg .a, .or. ner C .noans aid 'l'clhp m- a1E 3sr EA' t i s New - I ar L W an 'Ls ir kegs,e0 ,,a "- .t 2d 5 a t. English do--i51.4 tibl. 400 ' - n100 Pint Brnalsa,nariousa izes I ea..e Verlnilliire - S 5 bLL Colpl Varnish; 2 " " Japan 1 Cu ac - - C or 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do;r 1001 do Dutch lslepl. WINDOW GLASS, Amrircan, Ergallah nad Frren h I lO6isR'e, vanioua sizes and qtatlisiei. Boston rorwn do.--500 boxes,cdnnigmnest, will be sold taw. Also, a general nasorteasst of artists' rclours anld toons, for sale by A W SCAl Er SNo i46 Canal satreet.' N B. Alabamanntls tiakea at ia r, and Misanissippi notes ivill be receised at 10 per cent discoant for goodsal, orisps ysartoffdebt0 - j t It ." LOUR-'l00 talldillag fe at stleainae lIdend- - seas, sin - " DOISIY., -inntiS . - .I4Nr no - n re I Emearnma's Razor Norlo-'lThae cmse' of tabe' genainso article; jsrrrivi'ri ld y h - oct 3. REES ' & D'LANO;, I1 Canmp at i- _,- _-- . . . .,. .. '. . . . . . Mlim,,uri,--jo rUian tllioI a itI halt rope, mqade all ndt Imp, iti lorer,:ld.o-tr ;nt. by r3 D3OGERrT& hAWTh ORN, 0i3 nratsvtslt. p ~D ONe aiaiALielr of a OpWhi e infr r su . tl8 it merchants nd other, who lyfit w i fitiorkagfoi kip1d i ontd h avin the advsegiage, of severtil Jyaes'r .xlierienee in thatc line, hlley: ar j1 Sconfidentofl iving satisfaction to those who f'lay f lvir ilienn with their edstim. o For notarie, b.rohitects and others, maps and as plans will be 'pasted on linen, varnished and moanted ill the neatoest manner, & at the shortest flit Plain and fancy binding, in all its varieties nl; to -t CILNA (GLASS a EAR'I'IIEN WAtE 'IUlO ,E if 36 Charres street, New Orleans. UITM; SPRGEANT' & Co. importers of French br VV and English China and Earthen ware, are of now opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, a drning hnd tea services, toilet sets, pitehare; Ltea P cand coffee ebps, teapot, sugars, creaeims, bowles, u plates, dishes, tureens, -wash basins and eworer, foit baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glass. to wart--aoblets, champaignes, lenionades, jellies, as t clarets, wines, crdials, centre howles, docanterso th taimblers, preserpediahes, celeries, pitcherts, laops, o . Imp shade and-glasses, candle shades, salt eel- so Slern, etc. . a d Bilve.r plated, cronzed and britania waren-cas- tu e tlrs, liqur. stands, cake baskets, candlesticks, dt e branchtie, spoons, ladles,coffeeand teapots,sugare, Sreams, lumps, jn apnned trays, astral stands, and is I haning lamps, fine cutlery, German silver spoons and forks; together with a great variety of articles to Sfor fIaImly use. Merchants, planters, h ,Ilse, and as steambnloats, furnished wih goods at the most rea. snonable prices, and packed so as to be conveyed it' with salety t any part o the coun ry. it -_ A .o. nln iieenirief' altesnanre. nnv 2 n 'y FPlE FLORIDA LINE n Mobile to Augusta, GO'. I , leaves Mobile every day at tlhree It Soi'lehk. p in par U'S mail - boa ,, for Hall's i.tndincs, above -Blakely,--: ence our Z; pst coaches to Pensaola--thence steamboats to It on Lgr ngne, wbhere the land rnme is resumed-thence I n, via Marianne and Brownsville, Fla. Bainbtidge, e inalertow n, If iwkinsville. Saundersville & Louis! Sville t Augosta, Go connecting repularly with i !tile r; il road core to Clharleslon, and the steam a pakeis So Now Yorlk, Norfolk, Piiladelphia, etc. fI The srleolllboot are the best for the service, and a the navigation presents more advantages than can iI be e found upo anlly steamboat route in tile south. i ern regior... e The great improvements in tlt roe ute have been a oe produced-by tle construction of fifty miles of new n' ronld,.by tlieprioprietors, viz : fromln LaGranae nit L..l'oyelrre Bayill, nu arn of Santa Rosa Bry, to Bryant's Ferry, on tle Cliatlnhlochllee river, ien miols above ifthe Cwlhrd, or 14 above Cedar UIIaF, macwhereby the navigation ol the river, and tlde con s.qleant detentions, and more recently the incon- a fir venient crossing at the Cowfmrd, arc entirely v , vh oavided, and a fine road fromn Marianna direct - o to Bainbridge, instead of the roundabout road via an, Chattahoochee, lessening thedistance about forty rs, miles, and increasing the facilities more than to- once a day. S Alo, a branch line of two horse stoges every olther tinday ftitn llawkineville, via Perry to Macon, al . erconnecting with the line to Savannall and Darien, Geo. A muil steamboat dlies regularly be'wGpen a inlbridge and Apnalliachila. Travellers wishain en to reach any point on Chattahoochee or Apalachi coln, can take steombhoat at Brownsville. for llobile to Pensacola-Loand ouloe-During tile time occupied by the repairs of boa!s, the proprie. Stoars if the Florida Iune will run a line ol tour hCl orse iat conclies every other day between Mo to hile ond Pensacola. Pic assengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'chlck, p m, s' in the U S mail boar, oond proceed to HIll's Land st. ing, where a four horse coach will I, It- waitiing to convey tihen to ile excellent louseof llr. Charles lall, I I 4 mile distant, where they will find dia pleasant accommodations for the night-leaving iail dext morning, they will arrive in Pesitlcolul early r- in Ihe evcning, thus avoiding the discomlfort of niuhi travelling. Olico at tile Mansion [louse, Mobile, nnd Col. lins' hlotel, Pensacola, where seats must be secu rod. STOCKTON & Co. nuv I sPiano hbrte Instruclion. ri - William Smith tenders his services to the citi. zelrc of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano t lorne. Mr S having been employed several years I it-a neacher of music in private families, in BsI ton, and also at several of the female seminaries in its )il, vicinity, cannot but hope to merit their confidence. re, He is permitted to raler to Rev Dr Clapp, Messrs Sm Stetson & Avery, lIeudersun &. Gaeilee. vc, Fr terins, &e please apply at tile bookstore of Ae .lcxanderTowcr,404 Caitp st oct i2 Dirug and i.Medicine. r J B I'revos hna located himisel in this city Ior the purpose if transacting a general W\Vholesale trug business. lie is now receiving a full supply ofl resh and genuine articles, wlich Ihe will sell on liberal iterms To city druggiste, and Ihose of the inlrior, Ito physicanne, mcrchants and planters, he will Iifler inducemenets such as have never be, Ilre been ol.lbrd in this city. Ils intention is to do a strictly leitimate business. Ilis stock will soon be comnplce, and in a few weeks will be'rea. dy Ior busincss. All orders from the country, and from merchanle ofl t ie city, receiving such orders will be promptly attended to. eet 2 No 39Camp st PROSPECT'US. TIlE subscriber p-oposes to publish, in tle be. ginninog of tile ensuing winter, a Condensation c f the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martuita Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four volumes, b ao., according to the model of Poters' Conuecsnd Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton hlarrison, Esq, of tbis city, assisted by William F. Branid, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supremne Court, and by one of tile sitting Judges, to expect.from their personal supervision all the advantage which may naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more neo. cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani fest, in.tie otler States of the Union, in reference to the peculiar jurisprudence of Louisiana; and the circumstance of the numerous principles here des eided in thie adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged eases of primeno uti lity to the jurista of theim whole Union. Moroovnm, the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and tius there isa great domnad for the Louisiana i decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those ill the more authoritativo forums of the other States, will oe added to each case. l'bhe work will form four volumes, royal octavo. and will be delivered, bound, to subser.hers h at $6 per vol.; in ease it should be founl practicable to coempress it into three volumes, tihe price to sun. Icribers will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM McKEAN, les car Camp and Common sits. HOI.ESALE AND RETAILCOMB AND VA V RIET'Y STIORE--at .ie sign of tie golden comb, Mt70 Chartres seeer. 'fie sulscri ers rave re ceived, it'.lddition to their previous stock on hand, a full and complete assortment of articles in their line; viz: co tbbs, perfmlery, J.wellry, brushles, lockirng gtsseor, foncy artioles, &t. c~.srsting in part as folitws: COiIBIIS-tortoise Ishell, wrought andi plain tuck,twist, quilled bek, hlon, round, dressieg, side pullf curland neck, Brazilian ttltmbs of every deseriptiot amongst which are somle Meixien patters, Ivory combs of every doseription, hort, dlrssing and packet, together with a general irtrrtnleetr ofFretab aml Ainericnn. P.I'ERFI'UMEItY-Cologne, L.veeder, Florido, honey, av, rose,anid olratl flower wafers of everysieaend des eption, wcatphotuld Cologne, extract of liergutotr, larey soaps of:all kindso, tavingi d i catkes aid lote, croim sotpldo, Vard's vegeable hair till, bears and an tiLqudo. I reton's smelling saltn, and perfumed toletpowtler, earrl powder, pow der pufs and boxes po matuni in pots and rolle, trris and chlorite tooti wabs aimtl powdeas, with a general asnsrtmetltt of JEWIIY--stolete crtfrleiatret alurartl trItr "foliaena. tle stins, consaising of white etrd red comeill, tlopltr A let cordrops, cet it filogree, breast pills of a gree - .ne tp of pattie.r, wntelh trilmnins, gilt and oilver taoklese, oiloer tiimbles, silver and gol Ipt loils and guard elalihs IltUSIIlEGS-.Clotl , hair, dus. t sg,crmb,rearth,floor, rat, tesln,.tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and wlritewaslt brusbts. 1.OOKING GLASSES-German statia and toiler r!iolss, taigrifvbtg and Frecl dressing glasses, hrorte o, witl ait vureiv ofollter kinds not enmrerated. lIANCY A.l) VAIRIETY ARI'ICLES-French and iAmerita ort ptable leeks and dressing cases, some very rich nild finely fiisheid ladies work e ltxesae niires sinv cases nwitlr tid witheoit music, mttsic:al boxes, Ae cordliuns o ivarius kimls, violins and guitars, silver and plated pencils and leade,wood plencils for tcarpenters and crayon, iuontl cloeka,gurnsund pisto!s wit anti witrottct eases, pecn:ussioott caps, lUclosiO cap chargers, nipple screw trivers, sot bIelts, game hags, paste' blacking,n toy tea sttsi, Indiau boalds of every kind, bells and litses, fineand coneuon knives, razors adt scissors, tiiilmbles, teedles, pins, silver plioed, steel ua.d cotltono spectan vces, pocket books and wallets of various kinds, visiting eurds"ld rard eases, playing cardseofFreucbl Germa and Amriean -manufacture, dtlls, imaitation fruit, sun -boxes, prItsI of various kinds, Saunderas' P'nierayes, Eonsuerou'sr , lilliome's andl IIowkiu's razor straps and metallic hlanes,dirks, fancy bead trecklaces, do wrth str drJps, toy watctes, pearl hbtlltons, powdler flasks, cut and plaet seed bends, gilt ad silver cot, gtlit elastic susiaen aer, and gartera, plain and sword canes, baovkgamono boards, edie, olticeal vieneas, jewsharps, loeofoco mnatchl earl dilrinkig eupsI, withiaogrcat arniety n other art cles, all ofwhu.h will be sold for eaoh or nity aeeptan es pet lronlhs credit. B H. SIMMON vt, & co. dd4 70 (irtrsset * Ovn' Medical IL.,,kas-L-.,ni ... ml'ia,i-o do an Li bloodlettig;,t iraw te llv, rec'd y fle " A'TUWAVR ,49 Cre lieioodl ko f e i `eitr ollaama, it In ina!therimsh t ls.e - a .p leai roeaoolttdifromvaatwiehatic feetfonm ifthlelivsi .tc y ased yatorpidctlaidmeioat enemlsofthenkio. It is stiegaaIadyelfceioonisrenovacinsthole, ea naltutiocs tt aliiahlehta beenhbnrkeodown l Irenameol, Ijoyanile nsegnlarities. ingeneral terms, renom leaeled m all danmedlacsses whiehasaire from imliulýirtii Iet oftheblond, or initiation of the humors, of m aever a name.or kind. It Some of the above complaintsmay require some iri. fling n;stant applications, which thecireumatanees of the a ease will dlietata;ibmt for a general remedy or Pr'lncnatere to remove the cause, the INIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found suffieient. TO THE PUBLIC. Howtrueit is, thatmodern Physladias, in their iam hibkon to excel in their profession; explore the vast field a of eiehne by. the aid ofchemistry, aat seek ot new re-. melial agents; in short, to arrive at perfecties in the I practibeby means of art alone,=entirely overlook and nglast as Belnath lhesr note, tem irlel- and hoatteous a atarsofamedieincwhi.h the.'Almightly has eaused to lspringl atlo.the earth in every clile! Aml how much more true liltthat while the American Physician looks t to foreign eontriesfor nany of his most common and I necessary.rticles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates offashion orfolly, he is surrounndleal in his own country with an endleis lrofusion of medical plants, a sffiniaent to answer any indination in disease or to core any ceable dlisorera and yet he is ignorant of their vlr- I tues, aml they are sulreredto 'wastetheir healinag on the desert air.' Tlheeffects of vegetahle medicines upon the system are Stempotrry--those of ineals lasting. T'he former ex antaleireffectsatli pass off-the latter, mereury ill par titular, act chemieally upon the solids, deomposing the bahes na aunlerming tle constitution by a slow and sure ilestruction. The congeniallity, efflciency and SAFETY ofvegeta tile remedies ever anineratl, may be estimated Lnbontmrst ingthelancient practice withathemoderoa; o, tobaring it more immediately un:ler our own observatilon, tla lali an practice with lat of the whites. Who, it Anmerica, nasnotknown or heard of reileatel instances wlherein some ldeorepidl, unlretendling femaleIncllla, by means of e lher simple remedies alone, has afLbted Ihe moat rapid I andastonishing-cures, afterthe Muteira Memlie of the Ir cemmon pawetice, directed in the most skilful maslner, hae foiled? Andl who has not been surpri sedat.tle com Slarativeease and iaeility with which thi Indian frees himn self from any disease, and at the almost tota abhstoence ofelaroniediaseasemong them? Who has ever heard olf an Indianl with a constitution broken and ruined by Sill treatment And can a doubt exist that this happy ex Semtion of the savage from most of the ills which the flesh of man is heir to, is hlieflyn owilgto more getins d a safe remalies whiclh le empllnyas? This astlnish. n iog difference in success, is a fairexemplifcaatiom of the . infinite superiority of the simple atll satfe meatns of cure whlich God has Ereateil for the bealefit of his clhilreo, n over those which the pride and the art of man have in-e ventedl. From a long resilence among a poritin ofdthecaorigin o alinlhaitanltsof thiscolntry, nodan intimate ac(quaoin taoe with the. methoals of cure of some of their most stcteessful lpra;titioners, the proprietor of 'The aitian's talaneea ,'anequired a klnokw oledlge of fsoe of-the most powerflmulaafaivoriteremelies. Fromthleseheseleeted Ssuch as were mqst elficacious and appropriates, and after y various experiments to test their principles and strength, t lie hla eombined them in the form here presented, as the ia most perftict andl beneficial for the purpose for which it iy irecommenled. an The proprietor offers this preparation to the public, with the consciousness that le is placing withintheir sea, rya remedy capable of relieving many of his afflicted fel. low beings, whlo are sferiag under thle various chronic atal aobstinate eolnplaiats to whiach it is applicable. 'To such it will prove of incalculable value, as the means, and i mally cases, the only meansof relievingtheirusf in rings and restorilng them once more to health andi hap ' piness. This is notolftered as a common remedy, that may per chance he equallygood with many others iow in use, but ats one which iscapable of saviag life ill many te extreme cases which all the unusal remlneliesi ilt. 'Thist e. has dlon repeatedly; and this is the repntattion ithasob ur tained wherever it has been introduced. - It Is oily alout three years since tills preparntion was reseanted to the public: but in that shorlt space of time, Ssomeahdra:ls ofltersonsinightl bet'onld, who woutl d- solemnlya declnare that they believed that their lives were ato tred by it, altl in nosta.asesalter thley had tried mnany es and Iterips all the common remnedies in vain. iWhei ever it is kaorl it isiatily cotting into use, anml tis aoltrdsathlcillnosnt subsataltal nad clInvicitag rloof of it ' merits. y TIhe value of the Panacea i most conspicuous in those of long sta.ding and s yphilitic and scrofilous afftetions which have defied all other re.nedles, and particularalyu at. in those cases where mercury Ilas been so lavtis !y nsed u as to cause distressing pains in the bones, nodes, mnel rial ulcers, dleragement of the dligestive organs, die. 'TIhese it completely remnoves, andt in all cases it entire ly ealdieates the diseases anlll effects of mercury, reno-. ii votes tle constitution, ant leaves the patient sound aand ol well. Int rhteumatism andll in ulcerated sore thronat, its trs Ilapy elTects are not leas applatret, giving almost inomme. d, iatertelief as .taken it plropn closes, tle nllaniaa' Panacea operates aaan allera1ativ-. atl dletergent; a adilphnletie, ditatic, s tanit hllxatives, n ntai-s lanaoime atallodyne; Ital ill p'Opereases, asastomachie and emmenagoue. (Cinter t ally exlu'esse, it increases all tila telt-atioans aal ex a letilas gives tone to the stomach, Id excites acio in the glands in a Ialllctular m alanaer. Froa i these princi ples itsopemtionas may bie udlerstotod. 'Thias tedlicie has Sten found highly usefill in many or ambiguous diseases not here stpecifie, and it bas been le used with woderlfd success as as Springtand a Iall Ptu ly rifier, bythosew ahire ate suleetl tocomplaints oflthechest, atand whose cOllstitautions retuire lnew vigor. Suel Ie"r ao Sells will do well to use t'vo otrtltrce bottles in snmall do noes. Wlhenever a is consilered neeessu.y, lthis Paancea, taken inl a smalldose; will answer till It at'inmupes, ill nuch less tiatle, at aess expenltse, 11aI in at i thae olaOe agreealae atlllallelt tlhan the comtolin ldiet arliltk. The following certificates, out of hunldreds similar, - which mnighlt be iprocuredl, are give: to show the effect oI Sthte Ilhan's Pataaea, hi the varnious eomloailatat nle;nan n Itlenttioetl;t a alatlsotoexhiblit in the most satisflieatoy manller its superiority over the yrups in colanmmon use. CASES OF IItEUlMATLISM. CHanLanSTOn, Nov. 15, 132. During tlclast winter and sring, l was afflictelt withl e. a very severe ad iatltaSire atn umatism, occasioaned by en"' exLosiue in hail weather. " naow takegreat pleast rei of stating, tiat six bottles of the Inliak's Iacatea, restored tr e mt peIrlect lhealth, and 1 confidently reoommend it to at all sinmilarly afflicted. JOHN FERGUSON, King st. n C -liatasrox, March 27.183. I was seized alout three years since, with a distressilg rheumatism, caused by taking a severe cold, while undal a teinflulenceef mercury, and which has disabled ro t, frm business naearly ever since. I)ulnog rtis petionl a hlave beea a patient in the Marine lospital, in thia nit. h upwardsol four montths, and nearly the same length, time in the Ilaltimore Hospital, antil tried almost ever a. remedy, with little benefit. On the 16th of Februaj last, at that time searcely alleto move about upon crutch " es, I eonmmenneld the use of Indiaan's Paitaea; In on. e month hIbonld myselfentirely freed from pain, and at e now happiy to statl thatI consnler -yself pierfeetlc well. WVM. TUCKEIR, 13 Market st. S CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERSS - Now YORK, Selpt. lit, 1830. flThis may certify that in the ni ll of 1825, was seize t. with a swellingin iaiy ineck aintd fte, which afirwaa a, uleerated antd became latrge ghastly ulcers in iny nech. a After tyi1lai "vc'al "Ihysiiuant to ano alvaitaige, I wen' to Philadelplhia, atll iplaedl m self undllerl te sare, la rs. Plislte natl Iteatli, nwhenla:altin- repeatcd salinvanoa to lOeeffelct, I was luroiouleed utterl- ineuranhle. Alaer. w mars atoml nty o ottlesolISIwas ntaat o ttalir ttaeluea I ngh talinls of Potter's C:thmolnha, tadit no atatelrinl- etels laepar-illgnorflito, wnlicih hal altw aon , ne u a tathrtmen k ieate, t-renutnr-d to i~aotl)ternts i tNiew Yoek, itt t·a.di, at 0 gemyselfupt n liltaigelg tcitb. Ilearioug of tal 0 great sucecss oflThe hltdiat's aPatacae, hlnwe-el, int east i. laiaaoitan nto owtia I was aeaniku-tl to trj it, lean as. mrt. Tao itay grat surlulase, ats well as aeticlia'tioo,, anoaioulatl atayseIf InapI ty Itnoveltaladd Ultot taktint snveat tantles, aie ulia hasleald wad I becatne tpaei"ctl, sell itt tiae Eounre oftwo inuouths, atnd hlave nemahltitaa so ever sineo. I tanke tllis statoemeii nttd wastaitlaatit mlaesal tor tite iellfit ofnthose wtt o Un g illsncr siaulilar secrlfluhs or sy ltilitie atlletiott5, thtat ltoey aav kaow whlltnna t coredtlne Whto has Smlared evoloe tlittg halt aeotitha, ,lid win onatiaanr .lhis life ocveat by tltenatano av run. WM. IIINIA) CHuaLu'rtx. July I2, 131. I was Rlllictle, four yetes with an ulcer ia.the leg, on. casionally araoaplnoied willh erysi1elators inilltnitltt and excessive vnin il the leg atil uncle joint. Sevcrot eminenct physicians exerted thleirskill upon it, but with out ermanenltt ubeneft. Inl this case tiye bottle Indian's I'anacea made a lpernket cure. "M AIIGAIIK'' A VES'T, lt Al Markiet l..'ur sale by HENIIY. IONNA IEL, druggist, ales ;orIthe lproprletors, 'lchontlitonlas stret m i NEW ORLEANS .& NASHVILLE RAIL tROAD COMPANY. Tl HE stoMa:khlors of tis om spany areI hereby no L tifted that Ibv a resolutioln of he- blrd of direc tli o lsetld o 19 t. the 1 oil. hecall made tin thet . n tile L1I1 February last, ftir the payltenl t tf five dollara a share, was rescitlded, and thie said stocklholdrs are furlther notified thlat VIlf.IhEAS, by a resolution ofthis boardl pussedl oit the 19h Iist .i esal has lieen tohe i ilia oe st ckholdern of tie New Orleans and Nialshville rail IiRoad Cot.lmpa.y for the fidlowitng paymnets o tihe the stock beld res pc.l lively by tlthm;;vin:-two toiiar'peor ahare, payalle on die first day of Septembernext; two dtllars per share pavable on the first day of DJeceber next; ald two doillrs per sllar payable on the f. at. day of March Ilet. Now therefore be it resolved, tlhat the secretary of this compav shall inti fy the share Imlders therein, throughl the pullic~pr.ots of ihe city, that in conl.ormity with the sixth section of the charter, thevare permibtrd to postt.tte any payment culled in nii thle stock i fsuid cOttltnty forte tle totf sixty days, fro ant d after the dlay tu which it is ittaide payableo, with the exltess con ditiun iltowever, tlhat if not regularly paid within tie said proloneuaitiun of sixty dlays, frlltilliad after t1 day on whichll it should have 'eei paid, tht Itheu the slo.kI on "whie:, said paymzents should trove. loon lpide, is and relm-,: orfrited to tle citompny, thl charter .t that1 pjint taring imperatinve. it clabrmity therefore, to sati call, till stck of the stockholders ian said cetito uty, as thitink piroper to pt off the paymtcts ou their st ok to the ua dit' tle udditipnial sixty days, whlich the clarter allows thbm, are notifitd thlat hie p lyent at two Iul Iarsa pur saur ealled for,and tdue I,. thite first of Sep temblernext, may ie postponed under the sixlth section of said charter, until the 3at dsy'tf Octobehr teat, thlat the payteaat a: two dle llars per share called for, atnd due on the first day of IDecember next, ntay Ito post polled until thie 30tih day of Jantnry nextl; ad lie oay melt of two dlollars pe' share called for and.dine uan tihe firstday itf March iextal, may he pepalued uittil the 30tl day of April next. of tile ininues of ti boar.l. Ju-- ane AR Mc. NAII.k e', V Halufor sale JOIIN. II GRA IN. t. p l6 ' . ...r .irt e-eli eraio yAtpene>se ~ ,lt yth eLi:aLctso A snd. . lt- Amniatitigs .y stinding ish i.ueraonfemtlioii 'Inseit, ati abpreimt lmi "'Al ,ng minn is' groi'o , · M. Di : a `k, ' ý ; . ' ., " ' e Astep, to e tIm evils and M 'atli' eonsenuerea m Aate, 0, Ie m nn neuennimlithe this nog from the uan of tme ll nmeuls anti deleterios ntm-numsloisted upon the publih by the aid offsbricated proof of miraculous cures, and other raudsil, bya aet of merwenary, anpriooipled pretenmers, so totally ignorantt of medical science, that it impossible the monstrous dalu(ion aen any longer go down with the intalligent peolle ofths·Bount . h These aills, mil antd agreeatle in their nature, should be kept in every family in eases of sudden illnes, for, by tlenirprompt administration, hole ,am, crab is, pasmn, feverl and athoer alrmoing caapairt's which' toa ten prove rlal, may he apeedi lv onred or fit, all those who valsegimod ealth, should never be without them. They are e'. in aciees antt etll nd $2 each by every repee ' table ;ics bokeller, amd vemdorof medicmne is tie United States 14'. le'Csnaadas, with e opioui d ihrectin , togethler with: estmnonials of professional ability tfirs tile foilewing esmitent gentlement: Sir Atley Clomper J Abernethy, James Bhlndell, M. D., W. Back, M. U.., J. Aston Key, A. lrampton,. M. D., nil numerots others. The originals may be asee nn poiessio lof tle General Agent, by whom the medicine is imported ioto this ountry, osid to whom all applieatiohst forageneies must be made. JNO. IiOLIE.IN, 129 WnmerlyPlacee, N. York, * Sole Genleral Agent for the United States, Fle. For sale by appointment of the eriginil prorietor. by SWAIN tl Banensmn, Diroggist, No II Cansl.tretel is ere Agent aotr Satthee ot Lonuiiana. jtu vs 1 ItIlY It LEE & co, Ne 2 Maganln street, are row receiving from ships Nashvillel Louisville, SenlCke , Eagle, tse otiter late arrivals tram hn' ,tliein cites, n large and new selested assortment' ltl:is, Boots, Slhoes and Brogans, Sconsisting ofgetnlemn's fine'calf and Morocao boots do 2u qatli-tl, do bo(ll and etout wax pegged boots o various qualtties; men's fimo calfI seai adll . Moroct arho, plpls arid brogans ht ekskin shoes, brogans an slhppetui men'sline calf antl kippi.d peggedl sioesald I roeansi do hoots; do stolt kit nail wax plegged shoes I brogaeis; ge tlheme'is best quality calf sewed shoes, Inon arlit( J.ek Dorwiings; do calf RItI iMoroeco i' tckle time has lbrogaits; td calf, seal and MoUrocco I tdiin stoes and slilters, to calf, buff ahnu seat winlls, a mnew artlicle; do fill call, sel. mi silld morocco qartetl iota; Ilys', misses'anmd cbildree's pegged and stwed be oans, ad shtoes of every quhlitl alnd kind. Also a generl assortment oft ment's soat wax and rclt Inogatas mad shoes, together with 10,011ul0 pir mgro Iaut quality, russett bhgians, nailedl ill the Ilnks, naled expressly. for plnitatioii use; a good is. I rtmen! of men's line andl stout kip russett brvgains, t i w article,n a it urge quantity of an infeiror quality r, sset ant wax brogans. Ltali ine ealfc seal, istroteeo cid granill welts and pimp sole shloes; do fine imellh Ilorwcco ntilt kid Imun t nl relilptersr dto iuns shoes, with and witdmnut lreis; Ii calf, seal lltt stount Ilher lloteis do P'rmtella hatne SI lall kindtis nd qalitiel two lastiig brogalls; ti gaiter,. oranrd foaed bootees. lissns'hlastiong aie lltesanl, at Iga.ll Chillren's colored Mocoro antd lasting bo go iat omfl boots, s oe. ventleamen'sfinetn.lioesble hlaok silk hats; io black I son Idlab beaver dio of a superior quality; do'imiltatit It ran do; brenc and narsrow brim men's fine drib asm ,Ilamk nssad shoret natited lets a anew ailicle. Yoaths' la-ie size hats of dipferea t lualities; do childretn's. ltsen' and by'as blck titd drab wool mts of vtriouns aimotes, with genleral nssaeieiet of boys' ail mecll's 0 anl caps. '1lts assot tment will lie replenissd bytle arrival of erlh packetslrom time nooe naned lcities, all of wlicd a il be sol oin accommodanting ternms. aurg I-i v MON'rAG Ul IIS Bl.M/ITI FOiL THIE TFETIi. t 7tlEeoitbillohed roe nltnioi emsd restnai.tlyl delionld fior tils eatt, tual reniedv of aim,l mind pre servativec of the teeth, has indutcedithe soubcriber is offer it to tile Ame'rictn p)lic. ArrlnLgelet Iiyme been molad to sobtllv neigents ill all tile rincipal aitio md utslt towa s in the Uniited States eo its to placiT it it e tile resell o thse sflirilng and likely to sulier tlis Intlo y IlTrreAsitog of all oclltr, 'Iuth-achle. \Vmheitr plaiedl accordioeg to dilrectims given oai is bottle, it iras never failed io fl'd imtedlate. and mnaent relif. It also arreosts the tdeinv ie ditiv teethlanud relieves that sareleoss llieh'~o n e tllleitel rarenders ia etonag tootlh iisotmse The tphthiimlii uotim omretledy are shintle. inoent, ttnr, in lltn itrIplensImt; d tle large inelmber of Iperilolr ill liIItlt, ecltioenli oIf lai counlllr, that lhalve slriy ex cperieclli suclh deli.hllti anit salotary elliecs f'iln thi selrf tinfel nhn it ret ra to bert (for tile publie .egoodi) Ilt itr teClitlloov tio ili III; rivnlled qolntitles. It is ao Iililnl renleh, t llhlailllt si ngilulrlv ll:t a FtnexII-ec tt ly, . m ln m Ia ho rcenrh.: Ib the civili. ai world s tile millos valnable liscuvery drehieia o mf tile woodli, is puice Il I.r lbottle. Sold by ,AI %I & ANIDRI':IVs, tnr .. (g ('nrnlon nod "mrthnloulns suso i'rta :'O 1-111? .. P it itl.l _ Ut timid,.i rumori of tIe undersigned Imlaving sIld oatI Sor disoiattinmd lhis old and tlong estatlished GARDEN SEED STORElt, .lHaving been most itndusionimsly cItreulmted by ser. interested parties, tile sunseribicr begs to assure lio 7 friends generally, nmii tile iilbli alt large, tlat ho still contimnues witbi two loers olf lis late, or iornter stalmi, to be furnislted witl a full nll ex. ltensivo supply of all the standaird hinllds of kithel nl or vegetable tarden Sedes, of thIe growth and iii. port of thIe present season, 1837. SSinee the early part of Sepetiembr, he has re. ceived ample sutplieos, by the packet shlips Via ls. bIurg, Kentuckty, and Arkmansas, all arrived in short passages, direct fronl Now York. fly thl Missiio. i sippi ailt anotller packet, lie is in daily cxltoeta. ltton of a supply of Fruit ''recs andi Asparagus Ryoots, hIaving already received invoices thiereol by mail. Thie subscriber begs further to assure tlln pIm lblic at large, that lie is at preaient as well enabled to y neet and execute orders for all thie kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as hi ever was d since his first establishment in Jamnuary, 1822. o Country Dealers and Market Gardeners' orders filled at tihe lowest anid most reasonable rates, by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel measure. Catalogueoas, cither iq French or English, may always be obtained on personal application al Susual, to " WM. SMITII, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customhouse atreal. 'NOTE.--A constant supply of Bird Seed, either .mired or plain; pulverized solp;: lorbs, and Slhakers' dried herbs,-wilth a supply ofpeas and beans. Fancy Pocket IlBooks-Under this head will be faund a splendid variety of ladies' and gentlamen's pocket books, note, aturd, needle and tlread caesa. Fancy Sioaks, Suependers, &c.-Of tio latest pattern and of superior qualily, consisting ofplain and figured satin, bombaz:nc, velvet and cloth stocks; linen bosoms, plain. and fancy with rlnd witlout ruffles, allirt collars, suipemllers coalluel Waihinmgton suspenders, also, goul oelastic worsti el und cottomutt do, witlh and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire splrings; and a great va. rioty of gentlemen's wear, immads for tIme retail trade, by A. L. Vansmormi aaml So; of Plhila. dolphin. Cmnmbs--A general and eonmplete aseortmnen ofeoambs fromim tiheir tanmuffaetory.Aaso, Eimglinh almd Flrenel dresving couibs, edc. hclti7 RUSHTON & ASPINALL'S C OMPOUND TONIC IMIXTURE.-A speedy and certain curo for the Favor and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; proparo d from the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni a versal success in 183', by persons of the highest I respectability inl this city, as stated i i tile annexed eortificatcs. This medicine is highly recrommended, and has been extensively used in tile above diseases wilh such distinguished success, that thie proprietor of tile recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form, in the hope that it nmay be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of our country. It is Ia nmedicine possesming great virtue, and when used according to the directions Ilhas never failed of eflieting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires ) more than oine, of in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in tile medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its effieacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in acordanc3 with the directions and has not effected a a perfect cure of tihe fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine sltor, corner of Uienville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to joe5 T. W. SMITil, 48 Conti st. HARROWGATE SPRINGS nlulultonoro eolnollny, Aleabmn. TIIREE DA'S JOURNEY FRM NE IV ORLEANR. rniHE proprietr of this establishment has tie plea Ssure ol'aourmng to his iin nd te it d te public in geielal,that lie will ie ill readilne.smy the first dlav of yv to receive vieilers. lie will also slate for tlmbe. naelit of thmen at u distoece, tlai there lave beo large improvemeonts mulade, and thmiers now going on unl in rapid progress fir eumpiletiuil, which will eable tile sibserlhber to aaiciillnodlee a oauch ltrger numnber than heretofine, snd at time sme tilne IIIuEchII betllter. Familtie -call be accomodalued a ill good rooms, or tllohe who preler can have large cabies 'eitached fromi thie umat building. It is deemoed ulueeess.ry le say anyiig ii peormicii. Iar ol' iie chlaneter oe Ibhese waters, fufoit s gei rally bethlvved that they are not inferior to any in thIe Soutlh ern Stales: All tile amlesemilnt that are gielm'aily foaud at Watering Places, will be found at this. 'IThe best music that thie part of thl eoualrv affrdls, hbIs been emgago ,and will be inoeimlsnt umteiduanee t'the SprUigalulring the whole seasoon. *.3lioesbaeiibem will avail himself of this np,mnr unity is tureio hisj nunieigmed lIhaks for time very liberal suppoe givei hliu last eesomi. and Ihopes by the qger tion. that mave ibeeu miade ini ilmprOg ana sa extenling sthe aemmnetius. to mirit a lihiraml pairolmge Ime pie un scaoua. "" JNO CRM.\r "-d= site: d tsiparnmtss, hserins u ih labt re'a, .as haofnpan . An ain.rligaemlae i 'wtl-hohok'Ist t aliyrt5 thtlb4 t oL i ! t',en th niealuatio tnein i e ,hn es, thini. Iha iten aegist itive d et hd trl.s ilame i ient d rmmmentio toi in tsrd aeltt .M mldoni r, nn d o aMotri-'l lee ive,; th lat.cthinet i neesaroroy moei thsin bhYla nt n l. S nvrtin etaliet to to heanlensed viseror same f ilfsw af ed from,mla ebmpsredd with, what is eiivaletoan itt teen ei tsfeleula ti ne, examied o in t he 'pre ashirty-.i ti a times, and printe d tram trere lylem plates tested te rven t ho tnhestic (esnecillry otho td.sin elthe ht l in e il ftFprof inthe boreoe) th.e wa ks amoste tle it- a, tiineti y isfallible;, md in e dniirmtin'tao ftils helia I ag nitdum df two hnmdred and fityc dollars, is now oale le d fortihe detection of in etroof.s'et in thepien test' ad or fifth eiition;s expreuned in ati pi'efsne, making five 'Is. largepeminl lfl'eren l for the same'srnerorisioeddte first i ~t hluehtnn'inthe'year ite la. h ifOineo tho moai ennapiuonasfea len-sof ier tables is ts, inthe reringeiLte of the Time 'onid Amoints, *Vthel a 'for expedlitinm, rofereaote'ohdpen'ietily miithh c hetpe J ofthe ide'and index; cannot .be ninced ;anhd the nif , ty aet ease with which the' interesl an'ibe iaond tlo th r' extent of geherilt hitniness, ailhont doiblingg of ins ie is besides it convenience ac enioltial, titl ihi tle esmllm-' to ti of some oi the moslt emottelrmt Aod p.aetica ista-I ea Has men and puoblioof cei s who helar madeieleat oie of the work, it has been diitinwuistted by th' hoanohble appellatimn ef aff' "soimae r pmlees. And onaideiiegl the inofallibility ofthe. 'method oiiginally atopted in r. Iomlsinas thee wortk, and the' extraordioary unumber tld ct, variety o the examilatliac , and tests of every erditlon i hI lltossedii the pars, eotwitihsataiodtnghe whatl itin stereotype, consider'atg, in Infl6t, the poelitvelopesag. ie secured by the oneeetdetdct tateaos eaployod,.the'vo le, nmehas .hien elt unp aml emlihatitcltly styled 'i the hr most wmlderft'i book io Ihe woslk;" most eercaistly"cl manlnca namea' gllutr work oft ie sime extent, wthic slatince te beginnilg oft elteatinl, las lad the .same anm as beIad vantity' ofteats t inia le n at d naullr of eeditors; Sio,.narone halfthe nrimber, a it clearly shiae in tdie t pre~ie. a teasideb, a tent nd statamlard, it has beltried scit i ped :in nearly ali tht k. bank antd plbic teates in the ied Sla tes, and by the plobloic goieeltty,w during the , long period ot'hiirtv-fie rearI, yet o el'r'o of ie ralt:. c eCtationis. ever been facld in piiitin, nthlaiIugh el ion 'at ally Etcitlloeged Iby the ofler or velar Ine premi ums. n tie il filet ex1nassly ilopted by all theeourts e o tlaw i several oflthe Stales tis the "rate ol'ealilahtloci edl frstaitte intercst," a l alsno ,y law for bank interesl, ieordingena tile eook is oaed, anil as aroy Iearnt i ad plt, by ate namnel of the asbldrlihars, andi few of Ihec ircaobsetaril titcthaiers, ice the list ti the foin of the book; t stilln lioessiono eevfry cluts o eitizenr in every tna-' is. te of tile Unit ed States. S It is moreover well known that, y its reoaly cheek; ic t Itlt so often detsectr large errors, lang alter thiey were adt, riven by the monstn aril nol a'mat ole leo tet Id aritlhmetiecans, t its aaeflneesa, aniit tile absohtte e orci essily o;r its atle, have bren e lernsayet l ioistesll ncroI Iht o Maeviden itcertd, iave cien its adctitiges, ud its a e s eaing;stit, sVyPred incsetag, whilst the first edition war- wscnraree, and out oi prit, it gact blc her a lof seoni Icc elndtcopies were sought for, sone to a gre.t distance. o aid ptrerased at variats prices, as they could obaasione ally bhe plcked up at fronm $tc10 to $25 per copy, and ek some lersonC have declr'edW an iieeellai o lildt bresqoted trat they wohule pealy c i, lo0, alel t5oo tic for a coliv, tf notta be haIifor lalsilid ln inlividlal Is' ill tilhe titelr instalinee parlicvliIly, hliving at lhe autie lir iime lctltiletited aitlaclly ltrooft toaevcatl personas le is ernatlart rlin it was ireaply Woith eI it nloney e l' ore lliotgh the avilg nlfis. very valaable time, he beinFg r very rich I nan aell in Pil Box ;Affire. of it s likewise worthy of l atter, nid i aler propLer lto ic ilnlresan, ihlit su is tle nature oft figle work ogelanally S nitd alioecilly wllel ol' ie exlti c ntio l mlc l c cte or -- these to tos, thai hcla Itis cook ornits like hce'oan lirepr ed ill tie ulsal lnnite alle irilney otle ttile olctelt calcllltoloi il tie wiic lll d ll itcflelrllanils aiittl most Seaonlriotly alderl Ilisoll Colrectio of iroof sheets, it 'or woIld, alhmost to a reraict hlitte bt' iiiistife fr l. rce fretec,ad leailr at any it'ie, as thie 'fltee dfaiice ]trlaclt e jlatits. hlic t s ilt'r'i'c cicc i u ec iich itlirae the tsetei'eolie plurte e" this workl'icc' inaoe' icta tc ctil.e It IhelnI c'llhtheir wlllllncllst lllll cn tlt lli i -in ext tc tilcis,againalt tce, lita" the ge-lll l cIl ea it, hi''s Irce (lcy lltvetiseitenct) cllcnaiitly keipt in lae ic seil salii), excelt otilt cl i I in l riliciti . t l) eeesti w i ell ae.ret Icenti hiito intctl- itc e s w fiich intis 1141 :04lllllllill O lnc l'lig-the twt lawful h lwf ll lll of oen" I i c i l i llt ltl' ittas, ttie ihc 'i 'cite 'I hoel., Ii h11 l '(nu l l eA ti eld.) a o lI slie,Ok shut, noli~twilh ls llrndili this incoeiliei ccy costly work, ulci ttli cicsccis ie t lcire ta ucrotc aliies tif:llltl'iaicc l illi olltr-tdcs ll ll y iii lill illtct: , leia tlicle' iA Iol'xci' lt') It cl c Ii lli t'll ly lltldlll i b·l sll InOI t R l O t ty ll c Im h a. l w it h i C allllti . itee iea l I t rili I"liilc otsrtll aii iel asI lcc tsic lsi six I sll ll ll Iot fom . i o 551,,1811.5, Sllstaine ollell hell. i rs edilime of 7 0i 1 aolpies_,sl ii. i. clilly lrion its pollhcll ilineet i tlci oir, rat :. r clet Icei tic_. ayh ull'i. o, Io t sto ricicllce. ihe'lii'e i Iche illc lr s'ill.l olclltn ait ic 'ti i lllll I aitre iiic gIlctli'il te Itittli hit' c i'i nce tiofilteele'reee al l.eioiieto.e. Fti'c le lc tilh _ Prirrit el /i ,,ksrifh ,'s in tIlle f laed .S7a1e.+. !fr g t.ltlt'tl.L'S NEW W'Vt)il(, i' .--T'l" Al, ,ritni i* "hglandto, hy itlt lu tlherol'"A Yer in Spain," in I Nh -N llItirtldsoif WVeclict, iol Urb tl. ur l 'C I ll lll f ilrene tu e h iok, i l eceeillll o Iri ll i a cct, ei'oivo"It' tut ccinl br W.I. OI'itX:AN, I t l-i V &E&iit~ttthtk . . h- Cecijoile eic il Eo tractofSeiorsaIpileillc, li tirlia ete i feelt'o t ictc o O. ptlaon of'the skin; pice ioles or putule of tie ca. l; Liles which aris e Irai in ilnpl isate oI'tithe at ol; leoaly eruo tions, pain0 in til boonm; elr car Ci Iceoinatsi tolll; rl;ie rofia, or kio's evil; whitoildi i wi , etillhcig; ytliihci ilye itaco, 'ccicli -a liaiordern 'tie eiing rleon tn ianlure etote of the bleood, ilotng ic by reildece." i a lot elnate, or tice injodirious uice of mercury. ic Alsoo,-Cave & Seloir'lla Noranl Syruci, or l. I to folt Prcrevaie e;al the best preplaratio nol eltant.I Aeiioeg which are the felloaing:--Itdian Ilye, ra for eacliring tico l hair BRar'o Oil; Ititosian Boar's Greane; Ponaloml i i lchaw'a Freckle Weasi soll. er perior Pearn l Powder; Lily White; Croe n of if es ie by Vegetable Rouge; Otto of lanel; Lip Salve; tro. oaite 'Tooth Wash; Carbonic. Detrfiteee; Oraega aC Flower Waoter; Powder l'ulls ail Slot c; Action. I as ran Charcoal, neatly put Uai in for ,nee vilal; Pierton Salta; Cologne; Krooseta roath.aeli at. Dropt; fair lIruanle; Eaglish lire ag Coba' - cr Indian flair Oil;-cwith a variety of thcer Perof S nierie, &c. For sate by L WV GLENN'S PERIFUM RIES. be J C TIINC AARD, cc's Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets sal. .I1 OYLE & MAY, louse, Sign, and Ol)rna.mnw I J Painters, No 3 Carccdele street, two doors Front d lotal sieo. clIntitltioos ol' loe followoing. woods Iad m.arbles,ex ecated in a mastelr, Ilmnlter. Mahogany, . Egyptlian bleack :nil gold, Oak, iIi:lhl sn Action, Pollar1 lo, Orielal or yard nltique, Clrled dio, lJosplel, Curled Ma le, Ilood Store, H irds i':ye d:o, It uby (..tunile Saltin \Vwoosl, Poio:c, Hair Wood, i). so Il'rdello,, Yew 'Tree, I sclial White, Corommn.alle or Illack Sionou asll Ilroctella, i .IoxWood, Aluerisnn Garvy, AsIch hbite Oak, kc. k . ko. Curled olElsc, Sclecimnills to be seen at tshe shop. Paints, oils, ilass,lcopal ¥rlnlioh, k.. ol taod ioltr sale. mn 1 I(RONSTEE EhI. VY I IIY iOOD5-Hlc, s oare and bundle iron,, well asso'rlted. II loop, scroll asdl rod iron, noil rods tod p moulds Cast, German, shear, bliscelrd,, slheet and f Ox, log ard trace Chains, or,n timills Anvils, vices Hamnnierssnd bellows 0 Wire, sheet,l pips and ol lead; shiot d Cal, Slid cooknog stooes y ~Ames, Itowllold's andoth Ier spades and cSlo els Hook sld plate hinges, door od window heok Collins, Ilusts, Slhiop, asnd oller axesr l'sr'd aud Mtcilla soordsge, liles nd twine oltc and slceathig coplle; Naval storts Paints, linseed aild sperlnoil A I.ll assorltment of hbarware and ship chandllery, alwtys onl hsand, and which are oltired fo'r otal at whole sale or retail, one the lort favorable terms, by m4 LAYTON & Co. 53 011 Levee. EF.W GOODS-Simmons Htlrtt & co are In)V 'lre SII eelving from on Iard ships Yazoo, and Saratsugc snd briq Coneordia, fmlo New York, a great vriety ol goods in their line, which together with their firmel atock on hl.ld, malkes their assorcrentveryo , plto,. 'lice folloii g com s ltco part, vpz: I oil twist, t.,,r:!,ie, tuck ald dressingooeu.o,t hrcc do ofatll dceoeritticcsl In dia rubber, silk and worsted elnasti garters, commona & fine elastle to spenders, lto lIco aid .tlcifr mnail hes, sidliz powders, powderpufle and bocxes, itoilet Iwder plcket books alod wsIdlaties, edle oos, B slwll, pearl, ivoryv iand rpeero card ases, heoad ornatceot,s lat s co at beands, necklaces arl eg!,liges,.bead rciuo, bead reekloces, c iglsosand plain,seedoilver and giltb ,sadsi Isdia bealds, bells acst Iluomes pistol and lergrert-. ler fl.ks,shot belts, horse, beIc. pocket and dcedling isadtol; ldouble and singlo barrelled ginsm Bowie knives, and lirke. scissors, shears, locket knives, guard ehains; and riblons, waist buckles, cloth, Ihir, tooth, tail,rcomb, sruslb. aolc, plee, ,floor and dusting bruchas, Cohlgne, Fridsa; lavenrder, rose and tay woter,asooserted esrselrtes, I exoraets, laclassnr, bar, ltatiiue, sll Wti'r'c Vo getaloe Ihair oils, shalvicg ttlct ccitelotto p of ill tes crpcillcc; laIdie:;' accd gntlctatt'cs desks and dressing eases, hiir riegleto, frizellccs aol Iresicd, plain. foney sl3 imusial work boxes, iplati and gilt, figured, mct and rest Iutctas, pearl o an ivory shirt ol, shirt etucccdasgou l ant silver peocil cases, ooiiplcpck and tweertere, pltoed usat gilt lockets, n'iuincitre cdo, dller, lras ansd stcel itimbloos, hIooks and eyes, b]ir pins, imitation lifcit, blk and rodn hue blarkillg, viulioi alcd guitirs, ribbed anti plain o isncs locaps, lil.ccz twinc, ereoted ecnstc censgodh sndi . ss r toce sod fringe, ioitu saltcetor, getoe iohs ariding W walwing roCcacsa, pltyucg, rec.s, ficcs rh'itto alm loget lct great variests of other s eli Ics a't onffred 'l wc l, or retail osai acou nudatia NE •. Shell csumba, oihe ' - ...t -... hir ni raf • lofit .-- gel - Ah . ei r :<.- : SNek.::le-sorkdiii.. • ..rd .. New ,Yo...d t ' P.1 Mp n . ,. , Monlgomery Al. pi 't 18 i.. 23. - 12 ,Im . C ¶iolvmeCi. ih u . w g 1a n Mdilleldllgtil, n. . l, HGA oiumisil S.C; S. . " "W:in. " ' A I'. ' t " ,Raleigh,l ; -. SWarrenion, ia. 12, i. 55 • , .. rPetarabur, Va.10pl .83 1 ' ' : ' ., SRichmnro, V 'l' am. t' i 6' a I Freddrcksburi,. 8 ' 67 ." llp. Valhinglon eliy; 2L.lm,. I .. - " 'P hiladel hi a, "- .m." 1, I o" ; " " g. New.miYork, pm o6 "14i..' 3 g r . .o ~o ' "in 14.'b. orMah. i Norhward. 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The subeerilser'wtll liqhte i ules aairse oa ; the coneemrin hies i.- hll raeimtle ilel.perite iudeb - e oil tou mlkeho ymeit t hI1m o1y, andttll tthoeavinag clails, to ptresCeIt ite. fLrbitlsmaetn. it 8 --7t AG~ ARETSON, wC...w. -- . Ns re. INear'el Siree Arr lrba I-lAS helay.eon hoid teanJlaery ot reor eil, Ihi n S iyer, Cloin d alan tSd hlasa ,allog Ito. lroe le Rllewnio F S it i UGS. DYES' SAntliony, erlcul, Argeol, ried, llo regaiais, ' Aa.tallo, Sp Arsenic, erode, Altum, tino powdelrrl, ihtslnlletle wooea Blanmoo elvia., ' oli neawl, llmota, crude, . aOlpe. b a, Amerima, tle refinetd, Cpbe N, tRillatte, eludle, FUetie, Tampiet, Sdo roll, Uule .b do flouwer, ato ' Mila, IIhtulhlt, Frtench Leeries,.a Ceatornoil, ' dllligo, tengalt lCrenm tm-tr, i6 - "Manilli, SUntlhrtxodes," de t aierEas, Gum sloes, do Uiltlsmi·., to .Ataie, L,.rfl, Ctmpeaaty do anlllnbleIItn, IT Dming do tuoniua, do Jaiaotna, tlie belteia , Coatwatio, ti dolra, rf " Moil Mddr, ombio, tn doa seraed, Niemurglt,'llonare, tie do S Aterr.ta, tdo Coro, ld .o eamtholr, erule a do IMarnaib do do relic do lianhe. do olaeum, CSEMICALS. Adel,, nitrous, ie tomastic. do muieritic, tl o toturt, do ettlthorc, to thellae, Blue vitriol, ti Senegal, Caltmel, p pt t o stmti t re , Lo erro sive al blt e sti s]. 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S o lberg iotot, tl' rtlo, emelic, do -.lon, PAINT''S laMei to pepleprrnthit, Iplue, I ill lti tino, Chrtmieyellow, try, • do Ittit o i oil lo .l,, to glireteli, dry, t o tilritorire, do di' in til, I.d rhtubarbh, t' I, Iaibtlich E gltlth , co Iellnecla, d GIir)nlvr: ,t o serll v'ig, ltthunrge, e llr thstit, 1) tillS.tla ti.eU'ras Amer Ioael f do "rTnmpiao, - erit wt ihe te tagl'th, t em i, "t ta - AIlerinkia,, tie Rtiitetditl lite , Pote l ts. u: Ie d ttrdanOtlle i, do (;lnasillkers, t lo rllchle, doi to An leAria to 1 -k ttgregkl do ltmal ia oil Silliki', no:0use, Vet. red Engaltlllh r), I it filn1, etittt, at Atmieri lan, l , Sa nll iSlllhb, grmrllil hi, nil, N.tlte, t rde , t\' millioun, Ctkiir t., S~cltilr hlnes, Alt, en gro' e otltlI le, h "h hii., d lo .lo red ucetd it i Aliitloeel, tb - , tiglisll oe Liatitle oo r gtn iniitt 1 itt ckslil Am ialt'lialll ure. , C APTtfAIN 'ttUILt tU 1-Ttf NEW NOVEI.S t Rul/itt Ite hRejfer, by lto atlltlr i Poeter Silmlll &a g Cummitgs, or Winterl t'Schleps Haiifelhl in Lenoa of Styriu, by (Calpliiin basil lall, Royal Wauvy, F.L S.., ill 1 Vol o. I Iord't Il .ld , it rlolfiolt, li Allattl Cunninghltn , 1 wo l. . ipptrd Lie. twriteou Ity lilhnself, it 2 viols. e A Copeiidiie llisloryofIaely,, traInslateI rrom lt. uriginal IIJhllohy, by Nthani e.Greens, inl ool, for Imin No. 79 of HIrper's Easily LIbrary. r" Vols. : & 4 of the new complele pld unifonn ediliel si lof II tiahbialon'lrrine's WorPks. " io. Rogir'. Frougehmd Eiglih Dirltioaar, in I eol, ltO e A'tyent't Frerch untd EuFlisi Dictinuary. . A .su--A few mlore lltlen of CoutbetsPhbeogy "Rienzi" Ltrge Surveyor's CompeseaofT parlor quo Ite, with chaiul, Billiard l , ofl1- 4 nd 1-. inehei .Lttiollsprvedmellie PeeosjApaaed Ppes, aweigh &t;c. &le. h&e. .tn .... . BENJ. LEVY.. OiLNJ. LEVY. A SPAIN REVISITE7,&0c. &e S PAIN IIEVISITE., &e, by the atlor o. Ayeu, Iin Spain,' in vli. T'raie oflodum s earacter, as generelly applicabsb t the Asborigicie of Nerth Ameriea, by G T.iner, Esq Tie Political GCrarsnea, of the United Statles, or coreletsle view of the theory and prettice of tie geaer eledste govcrnmenets, with tec reletions betwanl then -dedicated anld adBpted t thle young teen oflhe United Slates, by E I) :ansfield, Esq. A iroeol'e lolti.g Teoers interspersed With chaerater itic nace:dolte, sayings aund doingsnofslorting men, is eluding notiees of dIe prineipel erack riders of England wieth uslyticell cuoltents, nod geiieral indei of.llmeae2 volumes. "FOR THE CORE OF" " Senvfolel or Klng's Evil, Cllronic Rheuintaism, .Clroelic Cutlueous is. Paiqns in the Boaee, by fTo. e;rses time lbfMercury the ldhed lbreig in, vitiled state. 'Thi very ooneentrlled e ySru is prepared with tit: grelestl iharenreeeutlt'l care nd sorracy,ied eonteaii Ihle a-'live prillciple fl' Sharseprills in tie iest iss.els traoeI degree, cIlllbined witbother vegetable sabahtanes of knuewn elfieacy. 'Thle ereat elcelemrture with phyacihse in being abl to exhibgit a 1ge fienletity or Srsnplarilla in a isna dselc,-lae teesn obtaineed in tis prerprotleo.-they, beial fully coleincdl of its illers, es'fideetly adlminiler tihe acorese of their practice.. Price $1 i50 per bottle. Sold rely at SWAIN , BRTO'TIER'S drug store, No. I ] asreet, who emay be had, fresllh and geealinec, dire ifrmn the e.rrtri. tors, Swaim's Pnaseea and VennifEge Peters C.teli cone, (,oepeneer' Peparstiese, andse lerge aso gena issorteeent of fsall'driugs, . • m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &e.. .. CDINNOCK'S IMPROVED) EDITION OF DR. 1 Goldsinilth's Abridgment of the Histsnly hf Roml to hleich is pretixed anlotreduetionl o the tltdy o Roman History, and a great variety of raoluble iefel mleltilon added throulhout the work on ilie Matnlrn Institutiesis and Atitiquitie of the Romac', with all serces biogrophicod end historicsl Notes; and qetasi tions for exaimnnationat the end of each neeties. IH. hiurated with tlhinyonlgraviuls on wood, by Athertol Ylnooctu·h Imuproed Edition el Dr ioldanitil'o Histm'y of England, from the luvasion of Julius Cenar to Ihi . death of George ld, With t estintiadtiet to the yea 182. With 12 estiione for exameotation at-lie enate . cli seetion.I..lirndes a rariety of valuablee ilbrtea tioae adelee tllro.gloei lfte works;: Consistinig of table of coateniperny S.uvereige and .enniost perrent Copieus explaalmtory notes. Remarks on the -poli ties, eaeulers and lit,llatare of tie.age. An' outinei the Conatitutlion, &e.&e. Illusrated by many eng, I ilUgs. GuYs' ELFas reTr or ARTROe Oy, ani an Aorietgmep of Keith's New Treatise on the Use of Globes. New Ainerican editilo; with addiionl asd ialproveoteat and ae expiation of the asie tnmuicl "tait of the Am rican Almoace. lust received eld-for soln by WM M'KEAN not 24 - coner of Caup and Coeomotn et . S HAR1'ER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. l ORACE,trasnalted by Phillip Fmrncis, D D0, with E1 as appenedix, centaioing tarncisas of varicesa odes, .. isy I.en Jouona, Cowley, Milte, Drydoe Pope Addison, Swil Chattlertowe, G Weikefed,. Peorne" Bryan, d&e. aud cone efthe tuoreeleiueut ioets of dih day-and PHI(EDRUSe, with tihe appendila.l tiinis -imrlaul ted by Christophelr Suartt in val forming vOi sed 1 of"Hareper'-Clalileal Library , T'be Enxpedtiua of HUMPRIEY CLINKER, by - Smollett, MI),, wilth a oeemoir of the AutBhor, by 'Thomta ut lroecse; esq., new elition, wills iltuatrutioa, by G. Creekslaluak . . - - 'THE IPSYi a Tale,bythes thoro icaR liS - Mary ohl!-urgeiedy;" de., raw edition, 2 .ca.atoap i e.p - PAUL 'eLIFFORD;,by the aeiher as "etit d The Dint it ad," &e, beiol voluet IV oa ima naw n ilofeelil a cc CoeUplep VseA. Jusl reorri -sale.,) "y MeKIel tests I-IACON SIOES--U t teste Cin a il-diot -la ti B sgretes teRieehat &i..I.wr e - saj

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