Newspaper of True American, 15 Mart 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 15 Mart 1839 Page 1
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Pniuc 12ý CINrs. NEW ORLEANS FRUIDAY MORNING, MAIrII .15 1839. Vor,-VI. No 1904 STer Tc' opidn -xeoplaaper Press of New Or/eaa . " unanimooua!v nagrcdt) at an allforuned mneeting of' le Proprietors hetld on th 13th of March, 1837. nsouloarrirows.-''welru lDollars for theldaily na per annual, payable reit-nraunnlly in advance: ten dollareftr the tri-weekly country paper, payable one yearin advailrcg, where nio city reference is given. No s tbt.alription will lae discontinued until arrearages are settled. In case of di coatiuanoace, one week's notice in. riftnf tnmtet uat invariably given, previous to lit atlbaription. Aovngrrrslxo.-One dollar pernouare for the first neertion, and half that price fIr each sllbseq unect one: any material altteraion raoin the original advertilenanlt will le charged as a new one. YVAwRL. AvrnarIsantsEa,-Merchantsaand 'rra'ern., arty dollara fol English alone, and sixty for both lan gagei s ihaabks, anstratano Ottines, and other nilliari public nstitatitns, fifty dollaro in Eantlish only, and tighty for both languages ; Shiill cnd lenlmbo.t Fac ora, or tiomnlission merchants sixty dollars in English no, and eciglhty for botlh languages. n alatrItsatO, OnTnaIKIr NOTICEst and nrtieles call ing the attentina of the pullic to sales en property, cards of passengers acnefitri, do&. &c. ill bethar? lO one dollar iper sqare aa r the ' hrt t inscrtin in each nlan Cot eMUNICATeloa , or Advertisementt, of any acorsn al nature, whoa adtlaisiblae, sallt ba chargea doabne, uod in nadnanre. A deduetion af twenatyfiv e percent, will ane omad to Auctioiersa, SecrlTn, Itagislers ar \Villa, anel Marshalc o saales of real astate, publiashed in bothal Itganges, nutd 511 per cent. in Enghtet alone: 10 percent. on saltos of oathllr property. Aovanlsoa.srs out 'of tho direct line of Irusin.+a of the advertiser, sucl an legal, alletionl, and pantl ion sales, runaary slaves stray ltiltals, a T&e. e. will b ciuarged Ur sepa.atetly ando at the ordinary rates. AnVanrTISIInTSo nuat npeiftied aln to tine, will ibe pualishel atwoe nmonth, and charged aeetordiacly No advertisea acts of Iankrupci a will be pdbllatshed .n any c.e, anleas paid ftir previous to inaerlaion or pMyrent grlnteecrle ly it resapoal e person in trown. l'Itatrrcs anl other ptace oTf atatremcot, adverlisilg daily or tho seaian.n to aet charged $10tl fir lr.Eglit a lolae, adar $150 n hotl l ancguataer . All anuctaementas of caonliriatoas fr p.litical oflrafei will be charged double the price of other otaverltia t rrentdi, Owing to the i itaeni. ns su slenatad b y nrwn.pna , paroptain tor they v avce talC aoa thn taalel..itlll n that fte' maa 'nc o f ltre 'naSn w hllrasea a l'rralan ' lanarn taot Irta ll aill witilat t r tontla afer arent illoa c lhr ull ir o llutia knowa (so fatr ras') Ita encra: other--lhey aolri gatiani helmaotiamr noat to rtise o ri print fror tuch dteli .ae.nt, atnles in eie el adancre paaracnls. (lrigsned) J.a . IaI Sr\r. IrtilES .. IRAYON, .I. . (l'ItENlrat.lGASTl', JtaIIN GIIBSO N, l rSt tUIEN. iWrbeekl Presn-We, th' aalery . lld, agre ton aTbide by ithe abre rconditi.ll, as ar an they are applieatl tao Pwes aly )m It rs. acrn. eittcres ia st, in All casee te Posal pan d. QTEEI. paVNS-Felt's tdat-, .2:3.ailo' - -. -_ Ir anieterrol lVeAt ntr I l, ole's Itrge hnarrt tan aaogr, so large is n u'erry's Ifne nprag l.i W t i hn n d tatdo d an ,lit rdo WYeS I.l ahoies do d atan atrtle poaltent dr i eriao tinral ohe p trra t dt And rGit'I OINone rc ClB n for malet tite I IIAVII) FELlT & Cao, SI Chiratires al, fedi N w 'ioraintic rs Imna uni al h of theAgests-iOLat ON $tgar YS aity t'ra clale ly ADAMS & rea b ilCllTO at Go IL Y--101 tires in store for Salh' bi r fet n i ns ll llh, a ItlRta nas, i1 aa iner os R \llt i'- rl lirn ra ace to r the arra, tnn lototr, o IIa't i Ittv -Aesrn. Kellae, liS & la. l'asteaian giv e oni I ae, 1 t ll aalt , l a a tr a lplta ra iaa A G \Vt lh itlT 'nlllly. J) I r I I A'; \ 111 I I l lI Is. i AY'. L IN1,lc\';NT,-No Fiction.--T'h, x aar rl traordmary chemical rtpition, tte reault of saioen er, aitd t arhe l lvntian tr t r a lc ,d rt i cal u ao, tho iotrodan' 1i orwlhich to the imhllc was ianveted wiith r th i tletaalrta y tr a deattrtaet Irquest, htas miner {ratind a reoleatin unparaltl lelerh'd, frllty aultaitnng tar eorrectutarsa of n ilt l.U Oettr d lr (ridl.t" ia't loerlnr.alrn, that tr ho darl notr die without givinaS ta.r oriftlrly tha lturit 'l-' It.t aqanr ttallced to his lc . l ti i e aia att d lr r t, tin llaltra llats, tile , atartal e ir darlratary. it is Arow ,aod ia lira herraial hraspitalt, ttd lre plrivat r ptrit:tcl ll to ir ctta llrat ty, trot atlada cerocitatl, far the rttanr ar' ttr, i'ai,, aind so arx-na sivatly a atd olli ttaai am t Ira t ahitt rted lity, tan-a,. .her its tllfets ra a- itoa-ld Ecxtocrnallty in tit 1,,1io, \v t compla l t : For l)ro1,y-Crootiag xltraardiitary abtaraLeti ': Alt Stw .llings--Rdacini:athem it a few hrarr lhruaaetim-Alacute rrr C(ruraAia, givrrg quick Sara 'hrrata-Ily ('-ratrrs. Ulcrs or ('rtIn.' Croup and n hatl ruaog ('auagi-- xt rolt,, andr aver the Cheat. All Bruaser, Sprains, anrt itrnst-Curing ira a few hours. ,Soros Un t Uleer--Whether fresh or loag standing, and atversores. Its op)erattions upon ndults ne chilren in redue in r rht euimatrit , wullina t, t a ia d hrtt ast nig.r oar hs ai d ligltotesa of tire. coest by rtataaxatarra of thi parts, Itas been surariscanag beyonid coontattlar . ''hta cont1n1aT remark of thre wraio have nusod it in lhe TfljF] PIL ES--itae price, 41 is retlndedaIt tatv perso wht will usne a batrIo of ilay's Lairitotarrt Itr tha Piles, and return the atamrty bottle withot t being cured. Those are the positiive raers oat tar proprietor to the Agent'; and out of many tho. matmde sold, ont oae hrarbeen uonaaceasruiat. Waa might insert ertifinatts Ir any langth, brt prefer that thosa who nell the article, should er labit the origiatl to pernhasars. CAUTION-Nonte cat be genuine withott a splendid engraved wrapper, oa which is my name, and also that of t'ie Agunts. Sold wholesaleo and retail, by CO.MST''OCK & Co, New York, and by onu Druggist ita avrry town in trie Union. For sale by tals Wholeaale Agents, corner of Common & 'i'choupitoulao street, and by thl Apothecaries generalle. je30 (L.lJkNSO, t l I ti , il, elI, I lillue: hl, ptClioo It the lrt inselnt r,, VeIntd Dir a hsc n, ito d | I'Ir of i .,earsin lios .itu ls in Europt, duvot, d to tih t Irin at nali If Venrlll'd iseasionud frt hsm Ii IreIsnt sxtellsive prl.icile ill thlonpartictlar trantllh li tile protession, guarnllteh at satL, slleedv and rll.atl .rlle to sllch perasos a are tlobled with anlly of the fihllwint diseases, vi:- - Setminal 1etakneso, AlltioGn nef thle Il ea, t idle ly,, Lo , Uretlhra P ralt trIohIlnllld, Ca d w I esticIes, Eruptieon anl tile Skin, Sore Thront, Pains ill tile Ju 11 the nmuerous symptoms t hich genlerally folltw i his ~liseasee Ieert caes curel in two or ithrc dllys witlhout tile use o Mlercury, interrlpltio Iron llluitlines, or altero tirolni ttIe uttle oflititng. A itdiexine It, prevet tVenereal l)iease can he ol tooted o"' Itr.Jnhlonon. It is lei-ttl tile teCilte tf Ike BlaronaLrry, na clbrated lreeltl Surgtnt, ,tntttn wi oted y hliut dlriulgl e arvertl taniltaititn ill whtihellte uar edoas urgettooiu tuernt in lls I0Pr WtiItAry. j Sold by Dr. Johesont, at his lOlice. 'I hoilet Iwrsollls haning any afel.tion of Venlrerl Disiease, elnd phoItllt taking seltl vroy ge or r ellltl' itll I t he co ttln , Wlllltott t I g dI arlt by geilig D)r. Jttttohnso a Call, nS peter tIetrit iaues ltr their re ill tile slrtet tlinte can be pit 1 Ip with written-direetittts fit, tleir on, . ORiceopen front 7 in tihe turuing until 10 o'clock at night. AllERNTI[Y'S 1)YePP PIC I .LfL:. Dr. bcrueathy thn grecatest nfC l'ng!i~li sdrg,.mlla wa [ aopinion lhat nli-tcllths of tile diesness IrOt olt et mnakind originatein thIe stonlch. 'lih Is:lixir was used by Ilim with the m0ost tjprecedented sucness itn Iris priviate llnd llpubli practice ttr upoards of forty yores letfhr ire enlval of the flllotiotg tlhsenrs: t .Loss nfalqtmttite+ FlatlUr~elr,~ Ihinte,,ti,ttu of the S.tou, acnllPin inll, Ilelvilesslf tll e Ilead anrd incli- I natil a.lteepl, Lrrgularity 01 tile lttloel ill ,11O coaes whore Lndigeation or a custlive boit in tIund tI a T is medicinlle llust not Be nolulbeed among tile hlaost ofqclakltelOtrolrnllnnow hefore thle olliie, asit ilhe slle il ventie o the arled esdtl d most rcirnetific sureon, 1l)yrepu ever Inrdlced, and the serev t ofur l trprion it . r peullrased ly tite aOget ,ftr avry large stnt. h in agreeoole en1 itteolallt t l tile 1tt-10 , s at 8. nlilh ater ient.alwalyo kele ilO lhoowels free, imlpaorto vigor anld etreulgtlo tItto th ystell, 01nd1 eheerfnltantoS to th11 iniilld, hlllt tfew bot~lenreulltleve tie inllst clnltirled cses of Iiyostelsia Iet lndigentlio, and preventsa reture at ally future periodl. Now Yotaa,17111 Aulgulst, 18381. :15 Madison.streetl. Stn:--In cauquleltnceofletding a eedentary life, I Iavoe Iheen troubledl, Inra or less, with I.digestio llfnr teI years; lor tile last three yeals Imy sulferings have t b1,en ilnsuptprtnble. I hvoe tried Irvetrol Ipltysciianl, amltallll o tnberfqllaek tletidcincs, wriltlhot derieing any bertfit. I despasired of ever oblnuiling ay peranenol rat ef,anda tresigned oyolfl t tle ftlit.t hlopellntt tesdespair a won perunlaled hr molny frienads to Ire Aberttelhly' I)t s enoptiO Itliair. I tlov e nowt llis hte d tIhe tu hlrll hot. . n lknolw noalt how to exn rees nInt oliration uf its wondlertl virtues anl d thile ntnrcle it rIl performedl in restoring ii. Ilit that hollthl wlliaeh 1 t ulull In~t fir er. ttt I d a half a dtoen htolltt a ea slid encepl uy tllanoks ibrtl reblessings youl hav0 t cerredbly re seor;ng me toell0e1bet IhehartI. I reaitll youlrs, JCOB II)NIIOE. rile agent has in Ilir possession seve hundred tes ti onlea si:lilnar tu the alnlre, of tIe extraordi ary vir Sllten otf rlthis nmetiteine. Soltd Ity allpoittuletl, al t'Dr. i ,obson'a. l1 i Uitelvile Stlrct. Inov. :,,.... . . PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. ¶ lIE ntbseriberhaneig purchasend tle lwone and fur titureuof this well known anstabiaslnnt, lon IMr 'TIylor, hill Iat prteritar, will be ready to remaire vit term by lha Incf April next. Nnerolts o ld costly itlllrovetlal ta will b fiuld il tile aerroogctentrlS of atl tMc.aniot, Ilouse. New atot lmnrc etUaaooldino. btathilug hIaseo will be huilt, and wlarl, ball.o will hbe iroviled st Il hoars. A stable will le nttlched to thl house, with gool acnmntmada tions foa horses and carrilges. Ia'iet ratl hornos and clarrlleaes will also oe kept fr hire at moleratu rices, aldl il and row bhin with perttntiot IIan ge Ite for t I uae of riatrs. lli eill tln e her ler lnella osually Cuo ld atn wuteritg laceso, will Oa the [rishedl ard pu eondlete wois not to iterfiare wirthtlto fieoltlir and tuitato'thea boarders. 'l'h wi adatotoa liqunors will Tc of hu tlest qutlitr atloe, r i ult1ll nu rply of it, curc , has o lred b,,tu urca dered, w ich will arri e i),bot I1 St rl Mhayg. RI Ir'nederi:k lirnl, who foeanerly kept so0 ornot In ia hltcl at Vnltshilootn rit,aill ctnduct ts ho el fi r tile tetoprietor, , owilh suah Il ohtdlfidetltly ttssures thet ticitlrs of nltt Iyearl mUl ia frilud tog enally,I tat lthey will rl:eive every msile attontirotn; and thterety exi wtts o give en t itral s titttlatnr. Thie ,Ila IllaVlllatll,. O iht J bonne. are too we.ll kollw to Ileed ia l.cgt.o aedl dltoeriph;n nrer. oue Ists tlat Penan cola is the leargest lavail fttt, a of then (;Ovwcrllle r l tie generill rlendev.zv. ofl'41 (iufsqund r.r; " file da[..ily of'its climater ret'reshed c:..atfl tl v do tillg tti sulllier siC ths No th cooelest I ree. nro rile (;huli [l ro.tautv of the ail y n tlle aneigbalring illant lad oriver; lte aountedale and tlllieucby Of the lih wit th phicthe waters te O rnd; antd iian trtximty tot tat ten: naotherll tnarketo, civoe I'eaaeola the pre lelhrnce over a al other ptaces it these latitudes, as a heanlty maol deliglltlihl nenuletr rtetrnllt. Ie.rst rate bats toill rul, hetolwoet I'ens l end Mo hle, all will at all times Ie nlle ta take Its passtetugar I'roum the Noe Orlhona I ours. N It AIRNOLD. I'nle.itolo, Peb. 1 5ah, It:n. . ('' (elhtlethe u awiohing to engage tto s for thei r llllilie', hn cel bhln ,.s tile Ilrlrii-or, l( t P'e nlllael or hr Sowell'' 'T'aylor, ile orlller lprupri(,fr, it e, Or.r 1a I .1 1 l\ 1 'I' acfred,h I.;RltrC (,.lltt to MtcAlpio, fq., It. 1ihhy, it. Mo.le; S '' Taylor, i ', I esq, in Na. I' S-A lettel tag, to receive lo,tlllllltielltiont lir olfie ,di, a t S.hanloe lcaxa ngttttte. FI.OIl0111 IOA f Il il ll 'It NIalW YOIlK. rI.h-Travelleors desirtus ft tftkin/ tihe I:ltlidt I(dlare, viai I',llllcolttto- Ie N irtlr,oer ilftl£nted that firatt ralt - abrlil will etllll rlllv r nfI `arlll, ,"lbll h , In e slatcoa, hlhvtt lloe il, ' itatn ct le .:t !ll. (le t V totillr the lot if Itit. (tond ta.tts o ill ..ltavl be provided I, Stile , u Tllerl Il b ill Ic lilileki a i l 111ia liassengpr e srom Mlbtilte, ill case u'atih failtroe ofthe t itst,. N It AkNOIt.I. The stleolan t Chain l oa IO n b rlile ttr Iensa cttt Iweeot Ifitt week b 2:1 Iv NolltIZ C; (& , N-'. 313 I,(:hc;r;rt;;tt,- nt ,;:,t ra . NcivitlA dAay lrnn theilr hos;; in ayilhadollio t on e, r,'int a, e, tcn plte Li st rtt: ,, lt A ioo tu taetltiol tlld Il';shlltlllhh+ I,' l hllnln . Thlelly iln iIte ahenlle n liintl Ia thie pl;l clc ns -.h y ott., t warrallten in sa- ino' ithat strangers atnd ru1i nousLt t C nll t -llll llrn h lIt-e SelvrS more. advntageuuuely it atiy city in the iN. 13 A few d izer ehepnet ivory handlle mtn ibrrlls. II, : (m lllehe$. A so, il re a ltut S 'I't ll: 1.,\ 1)Il t - - .\t i tki...,'* t I ,t illt.l,,r f r. -. I t Ins, w it n e Laal ·af,-t11 tall certn y ,. leav In .11, sk1 1 uppI'fl'yI . 1) til-l (; +h' flh'. tiiII ILt tilar Iio a c ,ly I t. I L+ l :Mll o JS I I ,X: +, l " i.\ ' 1 f1]+nn s i}O) t T 1'(HI.,lls ,, t .ll.n~htl P--n ltln1,r . ll hl " mean ,,llrh \\'ri . It)tII' l 0-i. , l ot tt11 tt- . ,at, iI ,-lat,'tirl-, , ,r t ,,h 1 LY jt N.",. \ ,rlk .t. l,, ln, ~' l , I+l.Ji i('I,:iiir.", , '1'b," 1 tin,,r11 \V()] ,._i" +1',/: 1 l." \\ III \ \I" ,I,11, ,,+',1 'll n eLI I liIe IhI.' -N o++II \I.,I,'. (iiih,,' Illn ,l ·i lhnr ,I dh:."Iiiii+ 1 I Ma o I ,' '1111. I,'l It co=t1 coIt11 tI ci, lc a I'I:II) , 1NII.,1t t--t,,'lI I,ý,t \, "Italooo lIlil cel l:,n- \1. 1, ": ,raft tt one, ,, let t nil, o rely. I "Ill `"_ ". 1. 11n ,,,r S th , l, , 1i1 y. -I.., F1! , Ainl , ill el t, m, -7; L lll ,l+ I ll· ll( l.* lllll eet I ,am en ,lr in lhls re til.,l \1 hll.h' (hi t 'Ili upa,,i.ý \\'ii,, l , nl'=r- 1 r , lgm lity ( p',ipl'r, illn s ihedl, t`Ir I! "I h . Il rIIIbs Ilhacl.I,+:,I l.lo ,u,11hd ,i/+, f il e hy I'I:It. l I.-I 1 i- - llks ~ inhr . ll 'hlellP Slerl Oil 1 jl.; J 'l'llA V + It L t_,,' I 7. 'uvdr.+stI I ' \ I ,I '":( 7 : \IA T IS III,( ( ' I '. -- l "i/ i lirr o e / te ll I f . Uh a r lAN TIY t.IllCIII' ES-tiill healtil paintings,L.fl Ilei laing 1front slhip Alehxandrl from B7 rel , foril l s:ale hy A TRIE., Ie Ic_" "I-I Ma.n gzine at [ its ti¶ Ii lka ltati ('np'lt, Janrtlittiri), 189. T Irlll l I lSs* k of P ollke beihng il eh reduced lli . (ti Oll - ay m'rlll iia IshPitbthIurg Coal, in sIIll quaLn. tl h, , o I i te ir C IIu IoIIIeI's. StallIIII Iii IdtlIT.\.T lh 11.; lus. (lo-'Aihe L / nw edition. The ub~lleliers toi this wiork Iid l e1.tlllirelm I I)f mihe Isar in celmeralll otrle illfemlmPd I hatlll h utd retly fit ieth litrrv at the stole of the isubscribers. TI'I 0" /ode of i'Pre i lice i unnllil telld with skill, exe.- I tell whith elenune, nmlld plhhsheCd in I"2lihalllt Fr t ll. i The dlillfe'rent c'ut?.I IRnlcs Ur cc Ltlluill·.d ih it, . tihe sllillop of all eildix. I; JO II Nl & I'll liilblslihrs, New Orlen tllll, i ll - I' { 'Cr aliunin tul antd Ct hiles t :)J' itrtI ll.-'Wliay,ie i tdtitr I j I l E L ll I II & tWN, iti elllaslie ist i ['rS-- 0 c ses alm'si Ibllck Iln.iu, mlen's and i liIIy'a I ack l ilk tI lt , ftor salm tb tflB ISAAC lttII)IG' & Ce,'131 Magaziae st "IUIINIIAM'S DI)ilt.S.--Thisa miedicine was dicovereed bIy the proplrietor ilnd has been sub ected to hIis carleul obs~rvation for rtinnytiyars in every variety ol plactlco, nod iall Ihe diaseae of ll l diversified Anlliricl climate; and it is not given to thle pliblic with thIe utmntt ctatlidte.rlcea ld believe that it is, as mIlost clearly set ftrlh in tih pIanphlul naeecomplnying thie satlt, the be st edi. eiie ovlr thrown wilthin the rnea f all aelnses aiof aitcitty. I is with tle arealest irot,rieay givc in all lit nlallladies whvlic nlllicl te hluman rice, e'run the established lact, that, wheln talkn Intille sto. much it actsaccoorling to the state of the stom aclh and the nature otl Ilit dliseisi, a tliller as an rIo lIC, diurctie, sudordfii , explectorvna, ar rperiel medicine. Thati it is realy whtitait purports to be, I cdl only a trial to saltisfy the lmostl ilcredulous. The fact isdaily cominlinl the knowledge of Iihe prlipri l irs o its benelicial and savilng ellects in cases ol the aguen and fcver,billious, iyphus, nere vouls anld scarlet frvers, iitlmel.zs, violent colds, dystnierry or flux, ilyspepasia or imeasles, satisfy Ilthem that tllhy are ut only warranted in warmly recommnendina it, ut tIhey ire tulled upllo frm a sense aL dllty whtich ihey owe it thie hIumaina Ially to say to all, try it, anid you will hbnr ample lesadi oaiy to all we have said on the subject. IlThe cholera itself, Ithe worsit scoure which lie over visited our couhliry, has heenl successfula con quered the proprietor il thirleen cases with the use of this medicine only, ewithout tile Liss of a single patienlt. The imedicine is pre..ared only by doctors BUUIiNHIAM k DAVIS, St. Louis Missauri; and is iput u it phiials each aecompanied witll a plain and distinct direction, anlld eontaining about sixty deises, to be had for seventy live cents, which ialteas it rlrhel thie cheapest nedicine ever olffertd to the public. The above medibine is sold wholesale and retail by our Agents, IHenry lonnsahel, D.urtitst ind Alolthlecry Tehoupitoulan stiretl. New irleans. . lll halfl llls fuanilv F'luolr, I15 hull bbls Phhiadelphhi iiuckwheil mieal, 10I1 ilaurlcer d, da do 100 Eighrhli do dir do 30l Ilaiper extr sized s latre i otltoas, it maii11 (iloIeesaeralleete, 5!1 calisteri- s,=rra rved aillmll. u t bohxars Philsdelhlta assorted Ipreserves, Jst reeeii edlludl for uala hv G 1W PilTCtIHA HA - JO 'AAG i Ja jaWl ear Ptydrtsp aasj Ipp [ .OMBARI) & CO'S Boston and New Orleans .IA Lie of Packet ti.ips.--Thi, new line of ships bas been expressly built to run between the above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accomlmodations for passengers, and every eflbrt will be made to give general satisfaction, The r line is composed of the fi lowing ships: Clherokee, 415 tons Capt. J loarding, Carolina, 4001 do S Lmnist, Charleston, 374 do 1) Eldridge, (:'l Coumbiana, 625 do C Barker, le Seaman, 240 de J IIlowes, l- lomalay, 625 do 1) lumplroey. d TIh above ships are all now, of the first lass, copper fastened and coppered, commanded by men of great experience, have large accominodations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be a paid to passenogera, and the very Lest of stores pro I vided for tthe. af The packets will be towed up and down the Mia sissippi, and the strictest punctuality observed in t tihe time of sailing, and should the reg'lar vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in l cases be substituted. A share of patron. age is solicited, and tile agents pledge thelselves to y acomlmodatea as nouch as practicable, to receive and frward goods by lid line at the most mooder ate charges, and to advance all expeuses on goods shipped, if required. f E The ships will leave the let and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MEIIITI'T, 82 Comlsoun st. S PN. B. Advancements made on consignments to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. y nov27 a IMEICAN IIIANDY Goshan Butter,&e. . St3I boarrels Amlnerican brandy, 'lil kegs Gshasen Buaier, t :1 baxes stlarch, i0 ke's Backwhlat mea!, '1 boxes t Illia lrlttl ita,la i), do, do canisters do., it :'l) halr barrels me's shod, r Lnding tiom ship Adrldaeh(:,i\ for sale by r. fef5 1' Ill r t) & Ji)O SMN I L::11. IC--i,, Nativ; ilsie-; The IConvent Itasi l'Ju ralin,. i r'::: Blila 'e; aNev lr l0'ealir, Obhl 1:hcllla)ll rcllealmb r thI:e Pllallall chia: in the l)relllaoa otewane;l The While ilhrse of the lPeppers; Thea I ce ait Lovte ihou a rl nlear eta, sa'og by lies aSlte ri I ill tlh grunal I lunantie Oper,' Amilhe; (;hed Nig it T, 'tkl'emi:etl:lg and c Iltligi; 1eare ia I tr spri:g cian : fivklb wingayl I tu II I~ussll; COllie, cane, thln art in sr.o rIow A lite oilat I nl, t tea blc)l', I' Ilutta' i; ta Ihe watched Ir him; Fo iiale tle l a tl"or; I 'o e o i a ta ning'lilg )'r the watler blaoonli h; The're'., o u llnse t v,,l".,. byi'a:.+: yA hli t,; te cca'a Vi'roiei,'. Coort (,ltu'drilles. Ju-t recivcd and lir .ral by d119 Ct.\t1:Y, 19 ('aatp t I 11t115 i ta-iua & Allcn have js received N splendid c serlaa ent of line fanlcy (ol.ids, suilau lile for fe ri'ts. rs, comP. rising ladire' writing desks, lthesing ca:Ise, work boxes, musical LbxesI, porfelion, t needle llllke I)ll rl, shell aie d ivor, crll i C I II.r. a oullvlir inlaid wilh p arl a d o. d; p ki ilail l .i fur. n s, opera ghtsrys, c tldaal sih'r u ry tr A 'l I Til IA I . nr011 K LL 'O 111T'll: LA IOlTill fir I etKIINS'oNS Il'II.LAIl'IltY, fier remallvint Rs:n 'r I Itr l lluiou r tIir tw i i Ithe facel, ck and arte n l with i will a enly and crltaint leaving the akill filler ald talher than before thre t linatio:. A faresh w suply just received al nemIJI N' , c1 EI xelhmiiage Illoel, corl l StC ' iad Cotlllmor Ire -. i i. ltl Ii T l'1tltlritbr & lll,.eaa lflogaarct' aeiretr' a til" a tilitNi EIR I, yIi'IIINi; a .c I t'. II'at M N & C1. i l IIa, .e . , i 11ii ine si ret, ":1. are ri in~g their allwr f.l ies of Faldl l aM. Witter (. lhla , mi a i ll t l to i till l i l i i, -l l i 1111i11 1 - ' , - llc :ark, IhrlllnllY lll lhl ill,- .en Illl 'T'heir I·sar \cnI L i., r lor e n ill en lh , tl u lt a rcap l r , drchr s le: i afrt y L. rIt I Iin Olltholll i bl l 'I III. , l h e I I" t I.1I. I'.\ ItII ; er I" I'eu h-l' ' i , :L . llh 1 I:x hllll. II,(It I d1. l al.,' 'S . C ie t Ir C se I l oi d i , t , p. , rolH't h . l I Ill. ol the+ I l y, , I:tnhll il l i iih Il )I l l 111 .1, , r 1 v l ,! ,. .:\V ( ll . lt lI lhe Id l I; y Ihe tlllhlllth t r I e11 - 1 , Itll lSlls u l, S h ,irL l L I' i'l. i N ll n .n t· er l , r Ulla llet, '1 ~iislyh ll D1 t1111.1., ft' lo:p-, tel Ira t li ": il 1. 13 1, c eine't S Sr lll,: 1,1i IIIr It.:lli C, trl oi; l ta e a olf al whtte, tr l l.i -Stbgr.l ,Exha.hi, e< -lh (lll Wlllll i :, Ul i LE ll - AI ill Il'ri,.r e n (.II S ll, ',rl,+,, A l 'all lr' ie I)l l. , .,v I t i ll ,\jilc:s ee. e eld, 're ,hle b 1'00 f I ('ANIN, lTe laza ra T'I' \\'l; IlltltIhr, 3C i a i. m TheI I Nl shl Sta"'ier al,4 thartea I(~I 11IIII1"1f' Ii,+Villllll, I: hdh Ilahllnia ryifo' ry, :y cyie:'cyae.Icl oTs, Sl.l Ite clri pee wad e batiae l aeedat tme cla tell, . l ti A ".''(.E & .II ',pont S.c ' l Tlll'I -l' it r-ltes s a la1relt ah olorthin li I ii,' t ilu '1 I wu . ship Countl fry merc ha ae r It I. e 1i . i IT llt tl-iiT u e. c1; Lie': s tu -Ii ' l rae+ , I I tal: iiier's tira "'it I cioer;l -: ri' a zi.ti,:el : t I "t INl:( .\ltie-i' Ills reter(res, te very otnver l ar e l i r .-d e by I In.Ai IAr , l e k i:j IY iti~e a la limt I l f llltkel ast i a an itn al ireeic ad ie liin S llilar e, Vi ilig h rdIs, &ucribr, o bl . hrollr Io anly lok re a oint 'led h L' li. 1" I r & A ..N. f ,il9 Sa- l i- an a y ttla nuth, i:,a g lhotel s \ N(;I.III WIill I'T iEAD--11 561a; I enchl 1 -, 11lu d1. !I Lts; 1511 ,ie. 1.1 lls just received i nlld '11- ll riNl ; I'it q rl,., lS-- us-t-r(,ce ived -1 oz.l; by I DAVII I EIT. IEN Ca 6i"l N 'I Sttlioaer.; Ilall, 24 Chartres st 1 Il llid st l ol ppier we're talk etaliteitll i red at the short SI--( hnd at all lllimes it hrsneasorlltment lll ofTiu fe Sedlsllln illnd I.,anll[.Ctarers:, Ballhumore i.)8 l'-173 Ioas 10. 1 and e".: ea llnli, I.. lds Jln Ciaaoll.JJalissoI t.'I'rowbridgeGCeutgo ltobbio sid J If .artonl; for Iale by jlt; ISAAC IitlII)GE & &o, 131 )Iangnian at 7;'XCIIA..il2 an New YoNrk. lit r ale by I ANDRI:IE S & 1hi'lf)' I'el l 50 C(u11lp stree ,7UUiA 1-23110 ;ihds anle a ation.oral S by III2RDIUO E IIBitOIWN & Co, loll eJConti at a N EW )ietinnlrv , file lI a lish an'guage, by Na. ;,al N\icaluaL Nickleby. just receivaad, atel If, ule by \1'I il.I'EN fall yyCnalrCap nu l Common rui( EMPTY 'lY hhlas. and tierces,r sale by iISHALL & IIRIONV, jal18 '.1 Ilaeaaine at CASHS Pon gee silk II i Hl,dkio relliaf, ol handsomelel 3 payn,,saur miuleIy (iyi4iP A& LCa, tit Canales at :lchay. iIie J AIIilNIIEIb.I I SIberln la,'t, nairy bcnaaiiuii article, new I) ilc,jsit received oar nteaIllpeuanad fresal,, by D)AhlIa iF1:1.' & La, 1e13 N Y Sitiionera Ilull, 94 Charireas t tI1 lL-' Iacrelsc in tore.a na fr nabl by ju17 AIIltAIIAM TI llyER, 14Iydra at ( OAI --6 tons oaflae biat Engliu ranl, well saited C l ir s~trlataboataI u, n baari bit qnct .Ab laan, frao New Ca'sle, for snle by ii IL3IIMIS & MILLS, Bank Pilace 8ALMON-23 jIr Lnlsaaiejcbiglhth and 21011 kega salmon, .nndli l train ship Charleston, for sale by ca & J P 1 III'I'N~Y, 73 Camap i ST I III I :Li 1-511 ennec, _8 to 3d in. nluntu 'tiItbaain n nnIbrellas for sal, by u feb ISAAC ItI)IUE &Ca, 13-I higaainaeia I) AEON SIIlb.S-50,,,alticnmEin alor I) and forcale by STEITiSON 4 AVEIRY, j'l lld eranier.i have just jn'-eivr a Inlarigye -aaianlrat a Gbn, Tu.blers, I)eepIac ra, Sugar Howls and silver iieac Ladles and ltoddy aponsa, wllhi lthy alier far eenly low ja24 B aROhWllf & Ca, 17 Cnulln. S Al1iN Letter l'aper-Hlilt eicc, an.,r., leli sicls,' ci cunry 'rno, qnality and niacx. Alsa Ilaek edged letter a ld billct blepe, fie sae )A VII) FELT &. Ca, fal° N Y ca.ln 11,2 illli,?l(`( Irrrra aa l'lIIE POIIllSH ,lall'l!AN. orny YiioitanIca-, lale by thy anthor of tihe Swissaacijas, just reeied slid faaleby A. '1( \\I, jan I11 4 41 Campl. IN1V VOl Siaiiiuaer'n 11Hall, '4 Mini lees a treec 1ýby DAVII) IEL.T & CO. ." Evecry a i,, in .ioni,,,,,rv ready lade or to icd der pa ll.ii, at shrt naiun'. Whi'iaaleciaf ur tiiJ1 cel or aapperaed aucdii..1e t- -t BALDNESS. A REAUTIFUI. head oflhair is the grandect ornn e mnt belonging to the human frame. How stralea ly thie los of it cbhanes the countennnce, and proem tnrelyv brings on the appearance of old age, twhitf i U ses moon to recoil nt beia ileotvered, iand sntretitnes even tto -;t, lietv to nvoildtb tie rtis and snecrs of thtir teqatit.ttane: the re tnder of their elves are iet sequently tprtd itt retilem etII short, not even thet Intsof pi"opertv fills tihtI eerots thinkilg ttnth withi tit necrvy sinking gelooiomadoee Ite Inns of I:id haire T't avert ell tesie titIieoant cirt'mstnncee Ohc'ild.e' nlatl of (Ctinbia stopo the lheir from fiallin. ofton the filrst nplication, nd ad few Inttlee res res it oacin,. It likenwer prolNces eyebrows anLd wilkers; prevntl the ir Irotm hturnin gray, makes it etArl bnautifilly, end frees it fnrom neef. Ntreeros eertiffieiteS'e l thie first caclaililv rin s tpport of the vthe irtes of Oldridgel: Itanl, are sliown by the proprietors. fUC Read tro e fodlltwinge - I Robert Wharton, Esq. late Maieor of Plfilad.Iph has eertifreas at ey tIc seen bhelow, to tltelgl cllari ter of lie follnwinae enlmtleneo. Te uandersigned tho herely eertifv tlot wehnvoe used tihe Bitlm of nColumlia diicovered by . Oldrilce. edll lave fiond it highly serviceaeile not oily aes preventive Oaainst the felling f fof hair, obt also acertain reator WILILIAM T]Ii ATCIEIt, Senior, Mlethoirlint lifoister n lt O iCte hreieet, No Off Norteh Itnftfl st. tOIIN P INI..IS,3I, f Aiteh sreet. JfIIN It 'ilItMAtrS, M1l), t163 RIiest JOiiN S FI'lI"VY,ftl Sprtrec trenlot. I 7 ,IItai P11 cti Ite O1'.ii. I ithld st. JOIiN (dARI), tr, 123 Arec elret. t it knowto nlt three of the o ohine- are tunr tthat f yecaro eif ed an thie others not less tietn 311. S From the Mlaveor.] ColllloweultlI ;if Pe'nr,osvlfniea, { City if l'iladelfldin.¶ l, nnRobert rton. rMayor oirnil cityv of l'lilsdtm. slbin, do' herinev certify tllt o 'lo well cqaintl wilwillt IMecrse J P aInlis, Jolm c Fotre , aed eI ughi -oInrdy, ,silkhos namen ure siCnedi to tile aheove Ietrliicalt,lfiit II(,V are gentiemmn of c flarnte. r at d tl I'es ct fility,i nil lnd each fill crecit sioaldf I eivcen o lthe saidl cItifieate. In withers; wh'rolf I niove hereunto set Imysho and ctonclshote Il of lthe citi t, bheAeff , tliin 61h day of l)eceIIIndit , Ac. [ll. S.1 - RIIiE'1I' WVItAi ThON, Meayer. OISEKItiE IlEt iccl bottle of ie of tehtinee Blft hs a splendi elngraved wrapil er. ot which is reproeented the Eoll JfNiagara, &c, rice. o2 Fletcboer slrel, neir cailul d. Lnne, tlle eot bIl .s Tenarlnlet,an tiy ionst deruggiolsand perftlners t' o gll he counlre. JAIIVIS & ANIIIcEWS, r9 \Wholesale Aeents, New Orleans. N ORRIS & Co. N",. 38 Chnttmras street, No now receiving snd openlng Iihe nmosi sple nid, st stannial and fashionahle stoeek f Clothing Ihey have ever cthiit-dhi it l bif onnrkc' eosistiner it ptrt oflhe feiowitng arrtiecs: flite, ile ina Ick, jie black, fondon brown, citron, elive, london smaok. and geldren olive frck and dress coals: beaver, stabl andl harriaettn frock coalso, elegantly firnis:t ed: fancy anod plain black cassinere and cloth ,antaloons; enalish andi firene h fancy anod Ieai silk an' sanitin est; real new market c mforts; english anid frrnreh fancy and plain sfarfm andt h klldk ; chanell S, silks-web anild clllIns'ic suse laet si lhadlin is, n Ito.hir) fanmb's wotol, we'sn flan ntl, silks anl utlletl lt sheets and drawneas; line linin and c olot shirts, wit h li n i gi plin andi rltfi'd; iverv pearl and Ii aiie htandle silk kn. hrellas 1 n'(:raf's" prrtniuno (nish:e.--ale. a beautilel ,,rtirl lf r while kid, fUr wc eddintse bflu .. ft1urt d and emAmeroied Canbr. do. ; ,i[1: tan b n f ionls, dlldrint, frloii'dflietllc, ncfe.;ttnIfbll - iteh cnalt l) m al, f h ,t; all of whlch tlhey ,dlt r low fr cash. or to ptuncual ctlstomet c its Iusul . Nov. I twith unifirn sill hcel. for clhnnsinfr ind whiic nititi tlhe fI.h h s, ft and jrve nli n. the lo lac he; pres,irviitl o'it s teeifiii oetccf -eIiccelb iS htdhlc hith cuir it adalt or laol - ), tTa gl (ltll Ia u lined idn a tll lm .do--lul oI elte W.vtr r. nod s,)ap;t d to tdo herL i iDn usual mana , wiLhn a dro.,, v'l e,.,'etuly per vrn l e Survy, ald c nr d oil' Ihal t icesua! in fediln, t I toolht fttlch . tsreplared nlo Blf T. F. W\neclgr, Surgteon )itn.e list tiJsoeirrsoe ll(e 'e, an i soled wholesalte and retisl by CAoaIc-[I'()N & Co,. 31 Canal lo.r f iI se'h' anil s I l. r \'i' 'no er's te dieie i C ADwI.I.:RY \WARl--l The subscribters, mn ara fairh rers oeid,in'eleeale dealers ia saddlery goids, are ow' recivio h by Ile arrivals frofe tlie iorth, ie adihti, i to their firtmer stocek, an exten live assorlncitt of articlte in their line, cniong wvhich urntle lhe ll'iin let v : aedires and eit les lalin all d qliled saoddllfa's ; dcnleacn'S do Spanish do do ido Mexicon do do do Creole do C" do do AmPer. do) k do do aiglish do Yoauth's dIo l fiitnll dnih td do do Creole do AiAmer. and Eng. brdles ad bridle mnountinge, I do dil o orrtinetoles, d Plated, brasse, aed jopaiNed Yoch harnesh s - do do do g'g and co lkeo do do do do Iaruuebce do Dray, carl and wnago do Saddle bogs, idbhle ancdsingle; valices; onlcdcal t saddle obags, itlest Is enrpet bags; best iron lrame lealher ollo trun tc brass nailedt; leaither boor top do, assorted sizes and vartios ityles; ltosters and pistol belis; coaec, gig, sulhey, twig oand plntier , etrol whlipst nool, worettd, cotto nd lealcher girlfh otnd scrsiglers; sltrrup leoaels; trutnkt strnps y nJ ,rsdlod rein wieb; chain and thok namen's; liftd lirilf s f it l filnes; Setil' cflt ars, nerd fIecrse a d ti fit i tfl)art,.e'f aIll qti.tli,'.s; I .i. i" ree,,butk, h;f ar.shfe li tnd t it1afti1ffit lls ; n litIod brass nod -efIel brfflhe Ihts f ev, ry d'escription t plated, bras n ei l lr sefiturs Il ovtere decriptee,'; - llated,i brass and ieel sttrrupls f every deseril i lion'. S'I'otelletr wiltlh n lnllelte assortlne l tf everytc article iae lc'ic litceel business-ealf Ol tr itelt Ility oilefr oor sal t otn ,ccolntllodlllnt llet : lie They will alsfo euaiaue ho r, eis iruagb the earc, by ptockets front New YirI, Irtsb sutpplics to keep their Stcck onti,' snild i emplti e. ( I)UIES, DA'VIDON e& cp, 18 15 Caned et. ... . . . . .. . . ... ... ... .. .. . .. . . . . . ..lll llelP FRESIl GARDEN SHEED.-The subsrieerti begs iu express his grtelni tlthanks to thie pubh lie, for the liberal support he haslraeceied since he commenced business in this city. Ieing sIe plrn prietrof thie seed store, 17 CommonI street, heli. not and never was age'nt ler any northern seed vender; neiler is hlie connteed with any lhouse i this country--but he assures the public that his connectins ill every department of tle seed busia ness, in the dllfleent colurier s lf Europe are equal to that of any louse in the United States. Ile im. ports seeds, plants, &c. frlom the imost extenlsive and respectable nurseries and seedslllen in France, lullarnd, England, Stoaland, nnd the no there states-and it will at all times be Iris inrterestr, as it is his study, to reteive, in addilion to ts present stock, large artivals of every description, really the growth of 1838; also, engrafted fruit Irees, of all kinds. The pubhie a y rely on finding a full as sortnment of every article in the seed line, of goertu ine quality, antd inmported direct by n \Vm. I)INN. EDUCATIuN-IIRENCII and ENGLISH. Mr. Jamts, recenlty arrivd in this city, begsleave to inform the eillZell of New Orleans Ihat lie will open an academy on Monday, 14, January, at No. 19 Toulouse reerre, for tie instrlucton ol louth of bnth sexes, in French and English, in which he will be ably assisted by Mrs. Jeemres and Mrs. Mlecher, who speak both tholse languages with great fluency and purity, and who will t.ake charge of the departmnt ofl the young ladies. Mr. J.Altes will give his whole attention to tile various branches of education, and flatters hlirsetll that ie will give entire satislacti, n to those who tay holler hill with their coneidence. nry I NOTICE.-The co-partnership lurmed on the 28th July last, between John Y. Bl.yliss, Joseph A. Heard and Charles II. (Iloren, to be conducted un der the sti le and tille of la) liss, Blenrd & Blnrern, is hereby diesad,ve d l: td his dissolution is t take effect as Irors the Itt let Deembher inst. The udetr.igied will prem vtl discharge all the obligatioun ol the late tirnt, and in future contillnue in their own nastes, anld for their own account, the same busihes,, as Factors and General Cmln mtission tierch.tnts, under the style vand title UI Beard & Bioren, and solicit a share of the patrptr age of their triends and the public. JOSEI'P A. UIEARD, nov I CIIAI. ES I. ItREN. _ UN!, S--Mi. i ipspi taken at 7, Flrt.nt .LeC S vte , lor .roteeri . "*0 I),lN'rS,OlLS, (;W ASs, IIRUSII 1., ,0.--.,u Ilanding Imroul dhp Counvltntlioe, and lir salc--vx li.(01)0 feot rfgliss, best squalhitY, firom I 1 .O t Xl.XI)tt 31111 kegb white loed pure"; 3351 ) .reen 1Jaiul, in go "i libr. keos; t hdois ;,panedroins itio fitrsigt.o;i)b) lih, ' 211 d(oz sprendid O0lillli groulnd brushrl , also of )00) sntdr 11110 do; canes crome green it powder, sllerittr article (o lo In cnus; alargor assortmentl of sash it ols of eriy size a tnd latr ittt; sble tencils for rtilti; flat rIllllrktl brusesfrmerchants; artist's color in oil ready pre pa :,inu boxes, titled :-p fith all ncessLsry brushes; artist's tiools, &c. Flake and i rolityl white; 60 sacks gold lear; white and yellow wax; gauln arbie; anll a largs I adchlioics as sortment ol' tioto, dry colohs, il, turpentine, varnish, &o., for sale,rwhulesat todd retail, at the lowest prices, by MONI)EL LI, sa2 51U10 Ip st. 'It.LU'EGLTUo. .NEW EDITION OF TIlE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISI.LAu.. IT has been Fr some time Imade known It tihe publ) that the subscribers are e.naged ill preparing for the press a new edition of Ithe Louisiana Civil tod. Theyll were, Ira te lirst, aware of the great dilieulty and resp.ousiilitatrterndinglhe liopulictl'n of tihe worlk, and it was not without great hesitation tihat they orl t sented tio te undertaking. But the present chiliion, P amounting to ,bomt three thousand copies, and which d hoicost tie State mlore thanl thirty Itonmad dollairs, t wasentirely outof print. For Ioore thI u two, rea-s past, tile sasl price of the work has been flolm thirty to ifty dollars. It is a system of written rules whicl anso ilmediatly operates upon elvery individual of the stite, inlers.led either in agriculture or couilmerce .land lwhichrcht oerns thedisposition of so ulcllh prelrty Lonll lt lllllr d tler states, that-u-tlke alionso ally other treatise upnto l law-it is as much the text-hnok and manual of the ner nt and te aer, as it is of the priate gn.t " The lawyers oftheadjolinig sltates, and in fat ofl Illose states uton the )Ohio and M ississippi rivers , hich lied a mnart for their produce in Louisiana, have aI fio alent necessity of refirence to the code, and make i ant indis peuntble re(ulisie to their libraries; and iln Itih city of Neo* Orll eans the hook is nts sure to1: !hd lll in the merellntas counting rulllU, s opn tIhe dusk of the judge, or thle iahle of the niomrnv. It is not ulrpniliu ly disposed of; nid although a. mere reprinlt it wolhi illo sll,e Ineasure supply tho t ublic ntces<ity. 'et it woll lie illoprert land un°stltsitei r tlyIoea. Ull+nlhld withll relcrences to tli Reports amd Silllthu, in ordr tol emnrace the numerous anenld nents which hove b.,en made by the ILCgisltture, and thle impl"rint deei-tuns and costrtius which Ite ee girn upon manl orits articles br lie Sirhllro 1 (otil rtl. The publishers have secured, fir the general super intendlence and editorial diepartment of the work, the r ofsionlr U on, wrioe io lo \rl elk S Utle ork, Eot o tirtwtroirr t t' Nai Orteans into r. 't't mi.ilo o hfl blrd, Juid_-i llor iiUde Is alid Ilo Gotlle IoiEtt hinve eavc kindly assited r UI ton with Ihle vnhibdle o Ilos dirc:io l. ldve cofilled Ill thers. TcU'S pl!i tlir work wi)oill 64o 'r'tollht in(tr ad laour, Eussiirqd b sItl l rie ill r th llr Icnn to olr N I..llll liillt the pIrt tiher of vrr U ton, who is atlso eagicd il the work, Ge( oStrawbridle I)r.t. llat presenteddtegetcaso ttie ofoI i reoe h rontainel in hIis ofiilci coof the code, rand uooin rDhI pelrr rnto rtoh clhar ottptnr ill nu r opone or cre tioiooi (aredrib to~r ritlroo to)nIr n ica wit ill pnave blley riade iy hi, duilivgth iwohe wi e mritod 0l ir di:irul oshed iod'rrlll siiltlr l Inlb rt. ) T iet pnl";tsh ors toty ttertf~oo vruio trot loat tis tUooittiotts of the leintllllarn in d lit l d I U mlud p rine n rii r lll. In lilpting flu" bthis prs o at soliciting genic Ille su lbscribrs to tlit okr e t l sed, tlbie store price in ithe fact thatit otle, Legislature f'Louisiana Irs tulhri'ed h oill e toVlor to rdr one ltht Std t oies t o f it for Ilie fture use ,fe IMa tte. ht c rediess wilh whiich ths Imrs attained tile , herst retation; evind lhas eir lu lle of the very olthler oerdicine hor tihle Agle, exten-v ecr it hos beene iuno n ail. d illl ocithed. Alrldrs ad elltosr it bn carriioedll is rlrction t roglly ud hotrvd. The orkUnited Sts, an d still realize I tiore i tUd Iol posan goods of personsd with clear tonly orn rlit d, I exeuti restored itor:lliotl it ior i tru its reat n. ht will probibly he rdiylt titr Itoe otrt in the month o rcy;pntt r itly now ii llcerlioly t(eioh, toilt sveril or fiflteen dlllry - to its cid ars t I supi tre te tilce ol. i scrihing. is conposed of sll icinoae losed the sciltore a are i hculoe t o ren ew ttyy action of te to _ac, liver, and oIr iJ01NS rtt& C. Iestive org . te loss OWAND'S ONC is 11XTUREc of tle disears have not it yo elapsed s it warod a first regularly submitted to tho puolic; hot it Shas attained th e n igthest rpcotadition; ofd has sue antse e o vf tey other mcion. Veo the Ague iws tOcrd Sit has bany otkown and apprlai te eaeployd. Aof thlready hToasic Mixture willnoineveroy tretion thoe tret f tle United Staters, a but will realizesn aor t sn could Sane bee anticipated by its rost angud vine gor tieo ths. STihousands of persons havice not only be arelid evdt lbt restored t, heo:lth and vigor thronugh its age,. Sy;re and theyis now rsnic rk, terti'y, or ant vey o p-r portice in its toposidioll tr sienoly to ttle laoy. 1 cois uios; beid o suh medicinal principles el s are alculaten d to renew they ay italty action ofile oin t aech, liter, and otlther importaoot digestive organs, tue h.serof, which haroptyreivs tihe i t lnm i tie oase of tho disease. It is apparent alto, that it pruld. feet of a gentirlo laxative about tie tie f a bsyotem, Sand certa is nlyo departroys the native liaefility to rellap es of the cure of taction. ItWhen the Ague is ttbeended usedwith asonser compreventive, tby employ werent sof Tonio Mixture wis) not interfero wtilt fie troat. et of tha per io dical reurre, nct ill even ill afd its stantly aten by fded a puncg stualrength and rd igor use of tIhe e nly driurg , in allurse of tratnot. Thoseand Aguo reols warranted his eding ingo rmay be re drice tlot l therose is nho. Arsenic, Barks, erdicury,or in strict ' cordtiancle in its te prescitriobed irecdly to t withoutn constk avitutig bon; eing entirelyly a begly curedxtract; and they masubscriby are dditionhe al one do for the use theroof, whso toey perceive that it has the lf feet of a gentle laxative about Lite time half a bht tie full has been taken--in consuquoor of whliclho, there is to part of the medicine left to linger in SSouthe bowels to stern es, and trios, now otn her evils, arising frols the use of marry of the remedies now otylred for Ftib cuo of th e whicf iswon It has bens used also asoa preventive, by msny who oere sub. jt to a periodicr al e re trrteno of alur Chills, and it has invariably warded ofi'thb appreiosded attack,.i Obsere! The ProprietorI, fully satislied wiithl tfi Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Agrue, Rools warranted in engaging ti rofund thr price to all those thorhave to. 5. e lzite medicine in strict sa. cordaoeo with tfio prescribed directions, without IThaving be n perfectly and lastingly cured. a soubsle ibers are sthe whols esale agents for the South Wester Stbates, d. at i es snow or hand six and goeuia. F1or tale st the lanurfal ired iries iJI \)S & ,ANli)ItI'V\'S, VhS esi l towrhegistt 0 va7rwto.o40 ia Cson o r ar inTcloupitrla strt. ORD(tItI) ItCU(EIV,:l) blOR Jf OfE' -1 J 'O.V I' CO l !'O.1 (, l\ I staIhd, Ititte, \o. 05.; saga orlt Sitts'tt, w ()rlr 0 1'U 116 !AN -')FACTUI.Il:Il IN NEW VioI.K BY" ciROBElT'l IIOE & CO. SC.OLE OF IPll-,ICIS--Dtsble Girst with ebdcdu bariols, &c. at `1 1150eltw, e0 1ti6000 For a tionble i tol' 60 sto is "i i cr. Ioher, 0 or 1O0 saws in the standtfirAerrs, &e. a 0$6 Per sw, or 7", SFor dlo. of dt saws on do. or 8 saws in a stoad, lit $6i.5 t per slw, or 500l 00 SINGLE GINS. For a single 0in of SO saws or more, with one set ofliceders, bnmds, &c. nt 46 per Fordo. of 60 saws, with lceders, &r t .t(1 50 per saw, 39o 00 For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &c. $6 75 ietr saw, 300 0 orl do. of '0 saws, with ifeeders,'&c. at 7 50 per saw, 150 4I0 Extra tleertvll whel. desired, for I'ellers, supp4lied 41 10 cents each; thle umll.r oflceth oCin. :;l.It 4 0:4 o lthe numbllller ol aws:. l4 set of fcers, it is ci4n sideredl howevler, will llwear ol two or three sets il sows. Exltra sws s1pplild aIl 0 4hl0e(s s4a4h. lThe Gins ordCered, will be delivered to thle agIIets of plantetls in any of the sea port lows ol thle c.)ien plan 4l449 St4tes, 44444h4 shott 44r4448, Il444444)n44s 1444 og 44;4 fuI;r-hl )i the ;al4 4irom N,4w Yo1rk, 4u4 b4c444 ilng 4 '4 - sl...sible for tlue alUllt of the 4 ;in. A 4.;ill wri!ll4 willbe sent with the Gills to pit them nll where it, sired;ll the charges for whllose sericer s will be 0xt:, butl moderate. Ioonrunn0ingg ean alsobe oraTered where desired oil reasountble 100 4, but will 4be c4harged 4 e4 , . 41r4 4 power,ofan4 y descrilption, caill e llrnlish4lll o like lterms. Small stlrlln enils cn4 also be olrdell if e sired. It isdeslable, when planters give orders for (Gis, they should a lcomlpllny them with their -icws in rengard tothllearl.0n4lemltl saws, I,lreasts, brushes, &c. It isf un4 l they 4dilet i, opinion. Some4 desire: saw4s of lar. ir diameter than.ll othersl. iThle 4I4o4st comlllon size4 is or 10 incllhlles; lt, . asole wish them 1 illnches. SoLii wish 5 'or rows r I b'rushes on : llaxle, wllile othelrs lo not wanlll moe tlha.t4 .it 4most. Sollme wish saws wil4 h 3 or9l lteethllo o le inchl, while othelrs wantlll. r 1I. WV ulchl41di'4600·0()a4c%, we prefei r thl shoutl, :at the time ol'f giving orders, liurnish a stlatllllellt of their wishes, alll the nianullturlrs la ftiulfl them ill evenI llake them oo the most modern and apprtncdl plan. An,. order cn be exectettd, tiom the time it is re'eiu'd, in the so.:e of 4 ight or nine weeks, 4and the G4in i4 4 lu4ll time placed in the hands of the factor. To be 4in ime Ior the next crop, all orders ought to be in thie hands ot thi lnutlllll4ll4etulrer'y the first or middle of M:ay; exc u.t or pilant:ionswhlere the, arelate in communcing to ik or0' gilln cotton. N. BI. The Pl':at e Right, for av4 one of the cetlou 44 '2in4g S4ates, willbe sold on rasc.uablectrms. : t J 6imo dANUNTIONIAD tYi'tl FAULTY OF AIlt) CIN E. T llIlliN'S Complnlmd Extract of Copauiba sald Sarsa Ipal'illa-A certain, safe, anllmoat eltcetilal reme y ever discovered ir tihe cure of to.Iorrhea, Grleets, Strictureas, Vlhites, ains in tilhe back and oins, semlati weakness, atiil:tions kidlier, gravel, scorbttit eruptions, Uc. In the introduction of a medicine posssssing thile tsfti and active virtue of tile one now oill red to the Iblic tie proprietor has but to referto to te numerous recol Ietll.l: ltiOll reeivettd fltoll tile mustlt eat lt i' tile Il dractl l hy hi IEato pe, believiaig that it wtil ie duly lappreciated whe i ia l merits .are mre tlll kllo ti. Th'l Ils:llam ofl' Coplliba, setensire|l) nsedlhas lllst mulch of its credit frollt tile dislike .hitch patients I'tllnll) ea"'ess I regaalltlllg its disagteeable taste, Iistuiaalttca Illodle ill tilhe bowels allld stolallit, aIIll its itteretoaiet inefiirienle when used int the illuammht latoy stage. The l'loprietor hals lade an :lalysis of the Italsaml, cole.v mg tb:td the mroLte ai\ve lqualitCeswtould therehy bte ittutit morie cotcelttahtd a(Ii IIo(te usefully adltliistlered tIlalln in the preset state. Thsineaboue ued.cile cotnbilesill lgredients which are in thle highest repute lmot' tile ltost scienltific anal learlned in thle lprot'iesiO h. FE llll ill tile COllllpo O it of tillis pi i ri tion increases tile efficlly olthe otlherl, iproducing a opertion truly etu IpOesstilltg tatilte Sat ttillle tilte adVlnttttge of its beilln admnistcd wtiti pelraiet success ill tiiie diii'eltt steus of the ablove The mlost eminent plltsicitlas ad sll'oge~ll'l" tile preselll day express their decided tip r aII ritti l S sll apr rll ll tll t ilt lla, tilst i ttlse ill tie ,t'incitle hospitals anl public medical inst itotionu has veneitritl altictions, and int'bstimrte cutaneouusrtlionus, Arsi t 'l i n: t a disorderted state ol'tllediges:ite funtiot ls. I a i tg betn subntitted to te test andi experieltce of the oll!t celebr'atsdI amlllOllg tile ftellclty, tile ilate expressed. their satisal:ction of its extrat rdinary eiiicacy ian ever se nailter their thartge, hby lopiting it both in their li 'tmit tivtte Itltcttite. " Thuai oa, erattiao1t will bh inset ell li e h e:, ter. Iel. 'r p d by I B T hor n, Chenlist I Loull li. Price $1 511 per put. TESTIIMENIALS. IFrm A l Salmoni , Ea, F' It l ,Surgeonl to thei St 'Thais IUspital, and urrer on Anatomiy. "'le ltrial ,r hich I have made of yolir petp larIatio n "i varit of cvers, broth rade andultaale, in itsresulta tlte proeil so hi ly II oull lllll, thatt l I ldo ot hesitate inl I 'itarn ig it onle of thell st laible lltll elliacitlls renmdies ever nollred to the public, ald one in w hich, Stit ttirtiett ati rant ilaceit every Ittitllllll whiiltt it eclieuioc-1 Iro.lll eol)ai n. Flo'oU G II Illwal'di .\L It C S, PhI sician to tile Sti I utare g.l' plt d . t in llting my testimony to the animlh e prop . tlies of your prepamrtiol wlshing you tihe success y on so fUll desetrve, in an ppell i e reaar lor the ILal. ll expenselll litU ilnl Ol riiag it tIo lsuch ci-ll t.tltl \i" U .ooper, F It S, Surgeon to Gay's llts i the h niftlat success which haits atenidedl the adminis you so well dewlve, amlply and speedily repayI you I'or your Yaituble prep·lr1 S1atihn. jrittilr h A 1Itootir, F It S I' II C S, &'e. la. (lavinhll betll iuducoli to try )-oollr FIlN-.ct ill sevelli c:lsesl'l" virhlrt (-:ooirihttit, wltich had hcitherto Iattledt evelry prescription l lladlll stee(ld by me, having lundl curLeianilld Slpeedy culres cfifecLt(e by tI lit t n fiew l'alYs I ifeel nItrheai'hi tlu aolt 1ai to statestilat I now iltay ipraa t ice both plublic luitl private recommend and use niOl Ilatom GW Bhair, NI I), Physician to Guy's Ico pit:d. The strite test which I ha:ve given your nedlicit uII I t patients, a in its il'nvariatble success tiths fl., u1 t ,oa of"lllit--'ice ",1U fd)t' 0 to add mlly feeble leslie ifi, ,liari ilc 'o-Ittti tIittit i'svtrtts. .I'lront I {; Thoni iso(ll .%1 i) F lt L . Il(tenollrs \y ratl an siliCerle nri tl for t e yvluabhe. prle splt oll ' I*]Xtl'. t't |'o I'te clie of fl'l'lloornl .a, kc. I i cel ;r o telll lltlt ye ult tat It last briought a lllldicie ilto use w hich utill pro. ve it ti] uid tq'l in longll sougl ht for in t edid I lh -a tisure, spel.dy aumi eliectual cure ill eae:l f the al e cllll i lass. It atitrd;l e greai t pit i sule Si puilishtitg to the world tthe r aluable alrliiest y ot ur Sotrel it i Irisslll', thie lrooprietor could herIe Ifrnish a IIt Illmoe\ilel u oloItiallSa equallly as co ellltory as theli s titrlltl' a tutt Ists that itagreat .suicess hitheto thle cal i e tixpst t inah it ihas ee i ip ted. wiilrecaits . -gr t tieslt tiiale t aoll en g taii a dise'acr.itily public. l rclll dallltion lthis prelaltlittin enjioys aotell all others is its teat, porta e itoi' -put up in pots-tlh nate in which it nslt h te ttke, being aibothu easy atil p lea :it- -is t:stel : atture, wi ath no restriction in diet a . bll l t usine Travellers elpeCO.llh u nild l this lledicie highly usefulto , ouia t (eve In tie unptro ed l'with lia pparation peossessing the all tslhtagestS whilch thw' ptresellt one c hlll nI l . ttawll tt inoa yilng theIl Medicine is s pamphlet explata tr oite I ill.t, lrt sltaiges of tihe tdiseaise, without atnl eli:t l ' II.o.t, uuiaining full a. mitte, a ihe thin. iFor sale is SIKLSt et ctct aa ti ltt cO.te ull 1 i aitamSn 40 Clieni street. TIlll'I nl IN -'IVE A.nD A IIALF DAY/S. From Mobile (At lab i ) to Augusta (Gelit SEAa ES Mobile every other dall, imnst -iseely altel "Ia the arrival of the nmail front New Orlans, per tti is anllat ~iiL tiiNE, to llakely, ' coaches to aPestulllola stleianbouls (lper Pelscolae l Iiay, t Ios sound and Choii taahuhie itrCr and liay) to iCeda'r shlu coasches thesa 'ia .allatrliia, illattali, uthter, ( isaneilia Mount aie. nin,) lhninbildge, lihilerttou;l llawkhnlsyile and leui; ille to Agti sitttl. A passeingiertkintiit his a seat at atill hile is in ao Sdatger of heig therown uet or Iosing hi, lareiience by other conftict N g ittere ia as the FLORI. 1)A IINE is but ouit concern, ind under one co-lfro throughout, and may rIl" wITH rEl(ftAgITY upon hiti arital tat Atugnlta ittie spleciiel, through all wteath Se tt at ailly seson, unless sone o lost u 'nforeseen ta tas tr ophe should occur. The Great New Orlans lai is carried y thils route. The Agents for acconliodI tion, '.ails, Coaches and Drivels are lot surpassed the soithern attittry. S Then sloothn haird, natural roalls, the sle and inter esting water ilavigatiouthe time and aecotmmodation, afford the traveler speed, certainty, col'iort, ntinl a pleas in, variety; coninected :is it were with the liail Roaitd Charleston, S. C. and tihe steam packets to i ew York traileis can reach New York liom New Orleans LESS TA..N I iAsi-Wasinlgton city in 12.Id lFrom Chaltaoochee, Florida, we have a Iiranel L iine hiunysilt ise ITattltatat eto S Marks, I it( p i ost eoches, also two Branches iron Ilawkiusyill one tI Milledgeille, anid one o l itcon, ilight two ihor oauhes. STOCK'I'Os & co. S()slcet lr l Iotl hlilouse Mobtile 'l)iiitanc., tew iOrleans to Mo'ile, 15lt milst r i hat ile to AIagcsiall , l 411it 1l AtUngutn to Charleston, 1.16 , i CharlIston to New fork, ROSl- lIII Tite, w(t Orlet a to it'tilt, is hoursut Mobile to An.asta,- lt i Augusta to Charleston, 1 e*i Charleston to New York, Rd- .58 Slaking Irg ailies per day. or 7 miles per hour, inslr itie tf:ail stop ages. n tt it Iit it ticti N. i. I i u.ta e t e to itformt the a public that teli bridgesrloer the Chatahooneeswanip atl hard Itbo urtek have just been comlplleted ly the general govern entt (theI i lytt obstacles operati ngtagaitt tbid sal h ai Sllcltotle atrlil tUes ihapp ily remled;ll and I have tit I pleaslre ife I.Ig froh trellers that the coaches hotr. S s, drivetrsaut Dads are of the first uider; unll as to tit wader route filim Ienslcola to Celar illul; it is admit. tell by ail who haye passed through it to be unsturpasse, itu n incities hbuiny and sal'ety. The hi'idgees tIhlug(t Geori.ia have also betrepaireld. J SIC IIAKEIR 1..ARIILE CHIMNEY PIE:CE: Wa\..Elo E, * Customnhouse street, opposite the post-otliee. The subscribers are now receiving frorm their the. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general Marble Mantle Pieces ofsoperoir workmanolship, lnd of the latest patterns, made of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Aloerica;n imarble. Also, Monuments, Toellbs and Grave Stones, ioulded and plain sills and lintels, marble thcings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster o lParis, Roman & Hlydraulo Cemaant and Plaster. ing (lair, together with a splendid assormnlent oel brass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron UGrates of Uth newest and arost approved patterns. Let.tering lone in the neaeust manner and at the shorte.t notice. They have first rate workmen to set the above work. ji5 IAMES KAIN & STROUD PARKER S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. SOURINAI of an Exploring Tour beyond tile RIky Mountains, under the dlrelirna of tile A II C F M1, perforlmed in the years 1835, '36 anld 73; containing a descripion of the geography, ge. ology, clilalot and productions. and the numa!,eg, mn nunrs and (us(toms of the lratives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by lRev. Samnel Parker, A M. Ir he River and he Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and tit,. 'hartreuse; by Miss Pardono, author of the l ily of a " Sr tan, &c. inl vols. The Robber, a Tale, '. tIle author of Richelieu, Tilte Gypsy, Attila; in 2' .: Thel Two Flirts; or Ad..ture in a Country House, and other Tales, by Lady Bloasington, E L Hlllwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Cap.tain Medo in, and others; in 2 vols. 'L'Th Lire anld Adventures'of Nicholae Nick!eby, ed:ited by Bon, with llluhtratioans by Phis, No. 1 Just ret eived and for sale by (LENJ ( aOMIASSES, llTHE RMOalE1 , MIt S SCOP'ES, &c.--Just rceived and for sale by \'gm. Mclieanll, orer of Camlnp and Comunllo slreets, la gfnerl assuotllllnt of Sulrraveo's t' auprsea SSpling l)ivlends, Spnng Biov lens, Ivory Pro Ivory Scales, Gunter's Scales. Glass Triaaglas, I'.rtllrl Rulire.slicrosope. Irhelrmuturto e, t'erraiaaldrnos,eSurves i Clai, r alia.uaui "raper, ,e. dl . "t York da Baltimnore E'ack. PACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-Nevw Line. -To sail punctually every second Monday during the season, full or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sars, . Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C.Berr1y Ship Arkansas; 627 do - E S Denna! Ship S ratuga, 542 do' W Hathaway.. Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jackson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker, The' abovo ships are of the first class, coppers and cpper fastened, end having been built in New York exiressly for this trade, they are of light dralt of water and almost invariably crowe th bar without any detention. The comman are men of great experience, and the ships WiliC lwyz be towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats They have handsome furnished accommodations, and stores of tlhe beat description will always be furnishd. The cabin passage is $90. witLhet wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the officers or crew. For freight or panesgeepply.1 an board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camp et. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading i os executed the offliceo of the ento. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF. PACKETS. This line will consast of the following veete, which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, via: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, " Irad Ferry, now " Stevens, " Solomon SOltus, " Latham, Brig Arelhitect, i' Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some turnished eccommodations, and-are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and divlhargiog their cargoes in Baltimore; at the city. I Freight will be taken for parts on the Chesapeake or Jaoes' River, and forwatrded by tie agents, rMeasrs. CLARKE & KELL IGG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shippea will be advancted when required. The price of passage Is fixed at $10, ample stores of the I, st qualhty will be provided. Steam up and down the Misiassippi will be taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply To GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienville slt FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] I'l 'l: Ships composing this line will sail front New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day-commiencing on the 20th November-and ito insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, the line will hereafter consist of five ships, via: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Loui:ville, Captain Palmer, to leave en the 4thi December. Ship tHuntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 181th Decerlber. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the 1st January. Ship Mtissiaelppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. Tihe above are all new, of the first class, copper id and copper fastened, arid upwards of 590 tons Iurthen, are of light draughlt of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are titted up in the most imllproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style. Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire uatislaction of passengers, who will please take no. tice that no berth can be secured until paid for at the offee of the consignees. These versels are commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at. tettion and exert themselves to acomnmodate. They will at all times be towed tip and down the Missi. sippi by steamboats, ond tle strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing. 'The owners of those ships will not be responsi. Sble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D REIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common st FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and lNew York Line of Packets.] finite ships colpusing tis Licew sail iom Now _Jouleauesaud New Eorek oni every otlere Monday cimiunoelloiug o tliOh 20iltl november, and to iasure the striltast pmluetuality ill tihe r time of saniling, lie line will hereafter eonsist of five Sldpys viz ; S.hip .kzro, Captain orask to leave o, thle 0th nov. Ship Louisaille, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 41th Ir ceullbrer. Shilt IIaoosrille. Captain Eldridger to leave on the Ship 'icksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave aol te ast Jm.iare. p Ship Mlisvrseppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 1Sth January. [l+ The above slilps re all new, of the first eonm copi emlrrl and copper fastened, and upwards of 00 tosa burthen, ore of light draught of water, being built it New York expressly for lthe trade. Tihe prie of ptal rage is fixed at ore lrndred dollars. Their cabins am fitated lmpon tie wiosl iimpived and convenient plan, and iliPlsed ll a neat and eleganl syles. Ampe sators of thIe first quality will be provided, and every regard bol to tle eomfairt Ild entire soatisaction of paasengers, wie will please take notice that lo berth can be secured n . til paid for ut the office of the eotslgnees. 'Three pakehts ore coiuaoiided by Captasils well e" perieeces in tile trade, who will give everv attention irod exert tuemselve to aceeonmmodae. lhey will at all timea be towedl up alld down the Missiesippi iy stltllloats, aund the strictest lpuiomuality observed in the I me', of aoiliner. ''lle s owera uf these hipos will not be responsible for n.t let er, plleol or p'ekage sellt bh or put oil ioar lofl him, une. ocs a regular hill of ladi,'lbe signed tlherefore it tle coirntillrig Ioule of tile agents or oeners. Fcr ilrther particulars, apply to I) REIN & A COHEN; nov 13 90 Common sIt. NEW ORLEANS & CIIARLESTON PACKETS This line consists oflourveseels,all of tile first clas, ep'red and copper fet. eed, nd of nblu 200 tons burthen, with handsome accommodationls Ifr passengers. These vessels a re oemmanded by captains welt experienced in the trade, who will give every as tretiin, and exert themselves to accomnmodatn the shippers, They will he towed uIp and down the Mlississippi, and leave New Orleans on or before the 10th and 15th of every month. The following vessels crotllltp e the line, via : ulrit Arnbianl,Chlnrles G. rJon, master, lBrig Catopruan, J. B. Thomlpson, master. tIrig Aloienn. J D.onne, nmaster,. Birk R oger Willinas, J. Allihers, master, Fn,r Ireihtr olrpassage, atply In J. A, BARELLI & Cor, I Commnn st. New Osleans, or M. C M.trdconi, Chaelrston. Oct I d - IlIE undlreigned having recom.nenced business I as a I)rutnytt and Apothecary, in the store owneld by Mr. J cb Oilt, at the corner of Tivoli aircle ald Triton Walk, respectfully solicite share of the puollic paltrudge anda renewal olthe favors ho his flrtmer customers. The entire atcrk of' i)rl ns, metlicines and laoner articles Is fresh and arreu!lly sl<cted. The lullowing only are par. tculatizel, viz : Pre Soud, Seidli'z and Saratoga Powders. Y.' st Pwlderra, being a wholesome and elegant sulstitlte for yeUst, in raising bread, buckwheat a erk es, &<' Bulllt's E rvrvoelsent Mlagnesian Apperilbt-.a pleasnrtl and genie purgalive in dyespepla or inli. gestin,l nervous debilirty, giddtleor, heideebe, ucdity of the stomach, habituial coatro!leso, sol, nletou eruptions, &c. Corpealer'o Fluid Extract of earsparills a purirt Ino the bloue, &c dido anid cubehs,&c. fSwantsl'd Panacrea and Vermifuge British am. lH:trletlt ile, Opodoldne, -&e, Refined Liqotrncee, jejaube ned Guamnvure paste Tooth bunnaos, N S iPrentice's earbonic dentris fire, chlorill ooulh waseh, powder ptuffs and behpu, Prentice's earbonic, chloer le tooth weaI, powder puffs and baxes, Prenair's scented i.l4d plain toilet powder, pnmatutln eemlt de P 'ree orange flower; roas lavender and il'ornda._Ierim rtt,.h'ebest q,,lirtes, towlnatpdl's .ap lioltQU4l ' ridge's bnhlr of Columnia, be.asr% oilr4l4no.Oa C lucifer and other match "indelible allbg x411; supenrir tlack it.k, &eo. Spenran d red refied whale' o.-l. jelhis iii)ei., e A Irsh tisoortieeao of Thkurbel,nCile n alSeedla; , et.2 " . GEORG.O JN; "S ýiN ItNb--! c Coxes Claret aud Snagtlma Wise i. e tme. and for satl by " • " " ' r " ' ja.s CIANmt.INtU COOP ItI2 l*." IALE L -IFI'l;l+. erll I..te' ptL4A,1 -, .loll " nSAAtC tL W 4,J - ..1 -9 t.. K- g,,;i

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