Newspaper of True American, March 15, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 15, 1839 Page 4
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nFi2 vob 8mt p . bdll a . Eal ir r scarce L Stevr- Phtltsis and IlioIl Leg S i'rnl Jurtpru tdeaee on Insanity P Pr tid oil Insanity i' Ostcrger v rj S uýI I s f l t L l t lat r Ma d ic i t' I ltt rvof~hemlUry p ' . S otioti al iar, Ay .a' a. . CoWd"C) oyI.IA ND 'NAUTiCAL. . cioojAO' r' tri Reporitory. Fr .IlL) E = ý-.l ii tN , liu7 Dhit onsrvi. Lotndour.. . a jteh Fr 1833 11 ". o.-C. itrmr Navigation C -"s N BTBCPOOrlIrAD 0MECHANICS. 9 h A r.tehiteetnre ,.": vols: London rea . 'Clre. , rld's C tri'niy n o r M ithe td eal T oblan rd' Americ"n n~SjELLNoOh9s t JMael et r c r r.nd eishlldhv lf'ree aSi. 3 wt Ral iltte"'! Worirei role. lonrindo F no. ry ny iso und Vetke eare splendid dion . 7 v ol. r ah el , N ... rcro, Nov tlnc t dr* i eCo , Etriiir nl -a " 'n , Lnhan d reJ . e r ene " * I: . JOIl.'S & co. cLr.Carles and Comnorin str. twill 'ae trirdrilv droorvlred iriroerein the Tonijc l ix .-'re in souperir h the ordinary meadr of treating the i.'eir and-Ague.' In tire first place brong it Vege table Exlrdc, and free flrnr any deleteVrious arld poirrn "'.tta tnediets;,' it may Ir.e trkenr witr the rutlost saLe ty .v.n C..the elrler ii,...t, or aerd invaid. I pCo , " rctro'l t tlrt. t ieeasecnsequerly the crnstitil iort eroot regains its wuoted itonrte ad actl vitv. It tstb lshelli a eitCrnlt rad pnrroorrent upreite, cby irvigoratig * e atmeach,nn givs n olishe to rthe eorjromenrs of trrriC. Rein peculiar in raving apurrgatlro trnrllity, it reains notin tile bowels to inerense this disorder or to crea. olhCerdieeaeeo, but bttlorogliy clireases thime ervernl r ganse of dieesionr, rd" tIhns benefits r he e sicine with whetever uoher ahe.tin., it -oni v be oppriessed. Iedivklenls, Afier tie aie olrthhr Tori". tjixture. have keen expod c ti all rIrhe orenal enuera of the disease, S ..ttrl eveicped a tny nvlrllrtor if rrtrll whclreas biy thebitt .tc e Ceomlnn r 'nilodier'tllore is always crea *ted'nn it Cre....d lialiility t.. r.rre.. . The darger f frqet relapses of ithe Agrle, i verrv evi r at, for thi syatemln wiI soon Ieconlt toLl mucIpn troptlate I . be ol;lertrtt writh ilehe ,l tliil fll a vic-r r tm toii~h~ illressnln'viulh;o' "T'hc I ink ' lioitr,, is it'.red at'suelh .........ble p .. ... . pi it i iliu the reach nfeverv otle:-!s tht Illt pm tan dlll stI tullte .are hereby furnir.hnd a ith lns.4Isuii 'e ?' i I , soli il ic the air'ntlid atensrollaue wlhh isR r.rini:utly dn.ied to them. or eloII ver vrueclOitly bestiL,. 'Cite pnIlti: art.roc.. rrtl r cIttt e Ia-In'.nr.t tie s riouso imitirui of this nrI icie tht fr sale. c • - .It is prepalted only Iy Dr. Jnri I. r.ow:rIn, or ii " Lnbrloeoryi rI.rike stren.,pr iinirini iill. . 'le Onllllr ribers lu tile willlllrlu Ir n reutn flir m l si S eifot r We t ..r ..rsir rre, ir rwill sell by ihe croer.. it tile Philodelphia prices. ' hid rt ret i nls0, at tnnstofiitr Aipotlenricos in th city. JAJI:VIS & ANilitE) WS, l WR holes le Itrug _ ris , tOvIf --r-. er Commnr o rrn &. 'I'chrrailrrur ,. . eeie ... Cm. _ er te.nlm & 'I'chrnltitelna e Mlinassippi and Louisinall lloteli c,'vtNOGioN. LA 1RS. MARY KIIII LAND respectfully an. a ounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepred to accommodate them at he aboves tnblislhment, and hopes frim ier Jxertionsto render visitors comfortablc, to receive a continuance of former favors. Site feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the ummer months, iannot find better accommodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &e. in short, she promises "'atnotuting shall be wanting on her part to give ' itire satisfaction to all witho may p.tronize the Mississippi and Louisiana HIotel. je3 ,1iO TIlE PvUfLIC.-liot un.der-aiid, vnlli g studied under Dr. Setotidtl of Clarleseton, Soutlh Carolina, and lbr'some years his assistant in the practice of medicino ald surgery, has the honor to offer his prol(esionat services in this city. iHe assures the ladies and gctlemeei that, the most Sprompt attenltion will be paid to the calls which may be mnade; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the diseases common to them, having attended them in the sugar house in Charleston. The faiious anti bilious pills a tter the coemposition olProfessur Smullette, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to whliclh the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 M3age sine street. JNO. ZMs'LORING. HO GWF--WA -lE, WOODi SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &e. T HE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. . 38 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have received the past scason, and are corstantly S"ieeiving large and extensive additions to the stock ef the above gbols, which snow consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and Swestern markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, * Pots of 2i2 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or.Ovuns, 7 different sizos, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 do Wagon boxes fromt 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Serows, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :S inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2. of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jamne's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Bash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to -01s.. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steambeate and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and * Westerns.merlhants, and are offered lbr sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. aHieved to be tile largest and bast assortment ever oeffered for sale by any otie establishment in the Unitnd- States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prinaed circular, with d.ecription otf guods, pricesand terms, fPom whilch no deviationa is ever made, furnished by return of lteil. All orders will receive immediate attention. New Yorkl, 1838. .1.3 now urn, .¸: ·. . -a NO MERCURY NOR CQPAir ABot OC'T eix monthle ago I alld Ith lisf[.rtae to got a s.cret dieaus., for whi:h I have applied to +ee. sal dociors for e cure, lnd they dlld not c:uile IImIe. sno now ow the above date L pul t tyeylf unonlcr thl cn e of Deflc'l Hel, a* t 1 expot hiln to cure t., aiiiice thatt tiunle thedisaeoe got worse, as an to break out in large ulcers to thle nnnlar of six or eight uo eL h leg, and all over nmy face, and sre throat, and not able to work at h present time oe account of the dlisease; large ulcer on iae hlh side of the threot. l.I a 0. n0o purllng nyell onf outly ucdelr tihe cure of Dr. Hl,et, t,L' Peri, t- Mbe perfeltly cured JOHN DEAN. feI,14 I SI DO CEITIF. Y that the aboee omcntioned disease ia I quits well eured to moy eown Catilhetlion, for whicl I Shank Dr. Illseot; and leoreovete .;as8re thato tih medi lle I have hakenll ,nalcI lme ftr, liol ,lid not illjlroe lly aualth at oll; therefore I advise tn, f [low s fl'rers to Iose no time and apply to l)r A. linet, ldi Canol stroet, between Dauphlllne: nd Blborbu strees. Dr. Htle intea huse fruln 9 o'clecl:, A 11, until 4 P M1. They wll=fnd a true doctor for this complaiel. S' JOIN iP,.AN,-I-I Gravier street. If any one wants to see me, call at No. 40 (;r vire New Orleans. Fell, 1,1838. JHfell 14 Il S1iB- Genuine iudian Ualsnlofl I.iverwa ,l ud Hore ,h bound, is pat up in bottles at tie low price of 51l sants each, imatniltng the ntreogth of thiee ounere of Liwotntr, heal lea th, tirtuOs e luny otlter roots and herbs ktnown among the.indietnb u efficaciouns in curing Spulmonare comndliats. The u aIcicnlled sueeess whicbh lhas attended the use of this inestsmable Balsam wherever it hlls been iotro duced, has obtained the confidelnce and rerllnleeda * tlinse ofr"Letable physicians for the cure of coughs, Selds, pain tno the sid, want o realst, spittinlg of blood, Uvei complaint, dre. To whne it may concern.. This is to certify that we have n'oururaettee frefluently prescribed fIrs Gard S ertia a.ahalslam of L.lvorort ad Iloarhound,tith S a teKeet:, we can therefore, from the klnow. •1i.1 t•he smatseriala it is made fromt, and bserv:ltlon ioil.-. eeae., renOmmend it as a llterion' l'reiaroiont . oal I IhdSietioin of the leags 6fr whlich it is ise ld t.I. - A.BES'.r VII.L I43 S, l.D. / CALVIN ELI.S M. I). ii." ). ube. osf hB Boaon bledioul Associatii. Dashteaa. O 5teher 8. Shby JARVIJS ANI)DREWS, t- 9 Clunoessee t rllu itaula atre REAR'S Sen..ce o..fPeeosnahip re ed,nde S Ie sle at their,- prmnoent WVritin Apaledomi No. a Chatree steean cew Orlean, I tiEtIroway New Yor.k, Daplinee at., Obile.. It idspartieuearly doignei foI. private learners., and -iachol, and is FaleUlated furpirsott of ail ones. leie and gemlntltee aroe invited toelill nned ei.mine tbe.e yam for tlfhnselateo. ,lnaaens are cieeneat sich ho es an otv ar it the tesnwrielece of all, el to clri so formed in any port at bllM city. ' . lndie whlo preferian receive fesonat theowl reeafi sdleueen. P rmt pa.vio, e o iase oflesaons anre esircd o atten" '[ '.. * ,ts oell slthey wcbTl. . .3ShJ* l BUOTIF.R. SIM-If0Q.1 & IIAlY" & a(fahow reeoannlgro "on "board. h Orrei l ilgehlaador,.okek lairyA$drew, tnc aa, play catnol Bask' d ; 10 d 12 inah kladao wine Knidds; Leaither' ani olliter radelling reaseng.aaIs a' .lad Plckaetloiresoao's, nhd Duslling Pistols; dootie ndt o oinle nbarrelled GDto; Cma lngo; Shot holtrs Pewder I mad Pistol Flasks; nam htotins ndt Drkinkg Cihpo; of Percussion Caps and Cap lolders; Cloth, loair, I'oh; and' Nail lrt'ohe; Orris rand Chklohinae Tooth WVosh l'Volh Powder;i Toilst and Shaving So. a, in grecat vrs rietv; long Hailn Braids, Ringlets anil Frinottdn; I'cr:t and eToil6t Powder; r oaley TIlge; Invryo ut Cushionss: lentOlit Sldc tr an ortor.o; (lim ElaStic onsopeod'er , Poowder PoEo nird Boxes; Gilt Clania shainls asl Keoo;e Enrvodop;, Woist llnekls; 'Branelets; Bead Nockleae Co and Chnils; (ilth ntll Silvered Beiad; lndiao Ilon B s, Bello ola o Pluens; Shell Twist; Side anli Dressitn tenb ; wliieh, in addition i their former stock- n hanu, p omakes their assortment very comoete, andt will he sold oy and on liberal terms, oat the igon of thle Oolden SCorb. • -til" .• 70 Chartres street. ii altofcl;lTricner ,Agono fuir tho; eteoanive hotse of a . & S. IlButr er, Slleffield, Celrtnd, lhave just C eeived a very eatrls(ive set eof 1p't rte., onslstoin of Tabe and Dlinsrt Kuives of .o" - desipo n, PCo, *n Polker, Dbk, and Spear ploit hnllver; Rtilorai, Sles Parr, '.dg(t T'ools &c. &e. &e. & h.lrth they are prepared o exhibtt to the trade flori order. Tertts lttd conlitiolns will I'e tlhodt known at the iiutr. lof .j. I REiIN & A C(IHEN.9O0 Comtono st. NE.W V600118. - IMMONS, IIA RTT& C0O.--Are now rceiving Nlper shlip Ilt.Ille, Engle , Metry A\thew, I10hih Asoier, Frlech alln Gelmnc o don totle Ioeddvini cardo: S ptte, oelt and ,toket poistosi pt riboo cied aold s lit cuaskO ctapsl: ea In oldeest; scissoars, Ilaolas, oten. atn:- (;illbtt's aommwrecitl :torolhar steel tpens; Vio ns; Violin strigos shell, ieoryantd hlore eoonbs;wafers kt, omeand jo leatheorl ss air oaiooilods, foront etndi atek inglels tlnegro tpus; German stio Frience colognet Swastn. Roowlands taceassee oil, iltilatine do; antlo ie al tllaooe oil; Iortoale olesks tanl diresing aoses: paost tl eal glasses and viewst Ilian beads, bellsandl iPumesa g aeoirleon; whitootwine;toilet ond sltaving snaps; toilet - oowder, esmetiCe wash balls; scented satin, usloa Se ool stontdls; serew nslhiols; failty heat illohains an necklaces; billiard loells; iooket hooks nil(t tlletts tel Crlalr latoes; iazor allio; fion ando common gam I- olastlid sllenldeo. , gaterscdo; hells luciUr mlatchesa sil gve pencoils; t(reolAs, &E. U&e. Tic. le above tl adoliotio to ott former stock of ftmer n aletieles, Ilolkes oito :assorotnlellt veat oot:lletL. PFoo snlu t lloleale o retail;s toilesigr of ihe Goldet Comb,70, o. Clhalte 1n11. o"t inOTIIE---To' parltolthi t of Keollov, Milson o &Co ..l I of N"'ev (rleao-; Mison, oIrrs &CO., of Nnaetoez; ne IeelnrriT. Kcllev &CO., of I(olc nei , was dI o~vIhed o. ieo lest r of.tloy istl by tlhe oenth of l nllso l A Nlliixol., bts' e t fo to rito torto of altoe ftrco. rihe intdet en lv, rin partners, will be chairge &cr will] the ielellivoe nd tooo o said Iesinleo b as ooo:os: For Levi ( l oiect to il e oeteti 1 to te ettlinl of lohet loooitoics of Iaon11 I rri.o Co. o, Nathe; oad lintlrio Kel ee oR o.usi& lll r. Iodnet'r nd H t oiiaoto ics F w el is lie settlilng oif 0 lino o'si -eos of ln-'llev, 'mont & - o., at tlt ea lrt os1, The (ir eilo llt of he t ieveral co li fo c tl llo e Dof nroslle I lnivltlaileI reetollnnh.. o of rose, a r re re0o f i t sh bo olorlitiootor llowier n.iol.trd load onli (onl'V seo toxatnt.o ied otols hillllghhlhd I r o, IV cI, 'ily I fN fbl' ' fi aS, hIIf Colo1ooo;o foo KEl.I 'Y. lt o ll o atils , . oollo tne tI o17. -ol tE1 , o trp tro Us - INil-, :11.\1;11"; FAIIIA COOIGINEIINI'. WAITEll , olo ol, lao'ols llot, rI oof ih ls u' lo" I'lloi o oi W allle r,' ll It , 0e 0oioetl nal oo I tr s ill oo it the dlrouo or i l ot . oralllo. alls iya mealllliIIn I . id Lnth toilet piCowder powder o cllllol nt n box co, r shl 'nll, t- oi ol leo t SnO lo tn e iPtl was onile 00 o.dO, silk of roooo cosmetle ,oilo eroeav, rocuri nlo mu a sk, kI I h elhii ; \l'(rl's v eta le hair ntill p rltillrn reon. e to tdooter1,ioa. ltivenoir roI e nonotd hatoy rterl r t)'su d i:als, w arseilles dpr vunl e in ll irnks, v aenta clomt, hair, tooth flail and flesh !an us.i l together with te. konbs and je a ell'vt.renle low at wholesale rte retail at by l IMMONS, IIAI'I'T &(3O, ecr o t, 70 llortro.'o teelt. e/ CUOAL-'inl'o subsorloerc 0ive onstlantly oil i. iaood a loare. Sappl o'f Canerl Tintl iverpol erola tIo in bulk, of superior qUality, whicOh lhey offer fur 0ie0 stle in lots 1to otlil puronlasers. no. Also epected by lthe first arrivals freot Rll icd Innd and the Northl, Clinnol, Llehigh andl Peaohl ilkh Mloontnain Coal, hrolcken anti screened, plo tp in S ItgIslCentls exolressh for l lctily ust--nll of WollCeo ive Itohe will olopnoSe of ot Ito t iie, llernle lerIIS. It io'ders leot at tlheir ollioi, No. 53 Rliieotiln at. Ip '0tairs, wtill be plot li tl l c tPto ldei l Io. ig ,oit II . & A S.fliIER. e lat :sln evrrt varioUly f0r the I Io , o, hr s oo o bIv otl RI. " It d:,. & D'I,ANG. he a TlutII l otry .\lelIhlnls aolll llaniters. CT I t' Netro l,.ol, lloanki et., 10 0n,0 l oo It-seys Ilo etll in 0shr1 chrt ,o idsso lioo' tcicers, hanookolth ls, ,\&e ooto'caved Sand r slot s Io , wI the subslri i oon. bets. ROT'l"lA & ot. fle 1 ' ifI.famcri<. I oitodioato Dye, tor cotoultg the ooit'' l;ent's ()it, .ga Rnlslsrols 'e'lr)'s ernes pumuilllllnlll t1Illrlhne. :Fr(eI go l roses, v;egegls too c, o^to ul rol,s, t sloo lvet tlkore,.rI ).0 oti: wash, Til0 hr; 0uo i e ot, nrli'e, lrnlot e do. lowev walcr, pow-der polfs andi boxes, A~nvrlnra r ', ch rcnnl, Illlly p till lo It oo I llr o ne vials, 000 s. llot sailats, eo)louolU kreosot.hootlh a5llt dropsoA hair ly bruetlsh, RFotllh tlressioi coo bs, oIndoln o lr Iol, oel w'ith a varielty of otloer ltollu'trinr s, &c. For all: the by C. J. TRINCIIAIID, and oet 3 corner ol Canal and Bonrboon slts 110ON Ill. l)S-T ll sucno- crti Ieave r rocured as at a gorloto exp t Ise, Ithe right 000 ullltillI. toi iron roots in tis cii.. They -ar0 ndaiopo ed o o i pShto O0llilln tl iiieu c illiolloo s and d trabillo y, ;llld 00e kl'lnow l' d it nodl seen0 l at ir est0lllisllltleto l olouSlte St. o ary's to irtorltt, Tehilplnas st. outoQ E [I CiGtiS\\ EIL, & Co UI'IiOLiTEIIL & PAPER IIANGING STORE. Hlenry Siebrecht, (formerly J. C. \Vicks & Co.) would mnst respectuliv inform his tfniends anti the puilte in generai, that he has and is olnstarat. ly receiving a general ansorlllleltlt of upholstery :alnd ppetr Illlging. The fll+hwing coal nrlels u part of his slnak, whicih ie offers far sale at wholes sale or retail tn theu stiOS accOnllndatinll terms, French velvet and satin paper, lat.rt style; do hall comtnmon and cotmmn, Pailadelphia glazed and ungiazed do de, irenlclh landscalpee, fire botards, linds, &e. do velvet and worsted do do, Inoreaulze doe cltrsa, silk fringe and gallotns ofall qualities, patterns and prices, woraled Iringges as srlted pattern. plain alnd colored. Swi.oamunalill, allr st stylie plill and eolouatdla( , cotttort dranpery n tllslinssplain and tweilled, as-orted colors, tanew lyileof needle work for st la cushions, Iorstnl cover', &e ne r style. of bll pi llels, raise d fil res anrd ;,aito, lilt itnd w rairt ts all pai rll tand ; .z+e, gIlt eagles obatl a d slpears, fearttls, tc, glans kno-tJ, casters, Itmr cl oh, fint, ed a ll piratt, i t lr. i S rtllln e rt of It t fI r chll il lrtl; h ir,_ sl crn aned tns, Is, t ee t d ord a itd tas. i -utral :s-trtltr .t u ithilrstero ald ipaper hllhilln.., c,"tI + altly on bl anal and i oo ll ille at the lwst pI'es at Nos 41 I Real and (.14 Cu-ti,,n 1 - .-tln.t in thP city or fioIt the country, are rTesp.ctaUi y it vilted it callillrtl land ., tal fr IlIrIsIIlve. Ca. r s annd curtains mIade ill the lalest m tll , r t sti t t, roiis Ilepared at thet sqit r ent notae, ,iiiii all kinds of uphaildeetery watk done with ieantaess and :hdpatch. oct : L.-dri.ECttl , No 54 Conde .treet, ietn eatn D.main and St Philip, keei a cetnalntly on hanlld an , xt·ent ive earmetttat Ilof tel n t o rid tIrOgtnrra, ltt hne,et New, . Yorkt lmantufacure, formen, women anlld lcildrln o all an er, wnllch he will dispost e o at Very tllodeie( at le. s. Faro :lies ,ofhis a, q ltan on sc.ldnina nn orllr will have their llwishes attended to L S rl.;Oi)'ll DEA PS EmS. SNEW artitle for persons troubled willi deafess, mai vaes is disin.lletttr teivt to itse le r. Any t , whll has crt ienlll abitig to converse ith a very diet piSPer eoln, mltlll he filly +ise ,hile of lhe diliculti al d et - tllrrlS tllle ttll t iaaltel t it ati. lll-t,+-rsita' acad the itl etar TI'ruLett this ohjeeio is esdt on intd. Tie mast septrcal h alit ulay t ahdo ntleil e ublet altet laing usled tl l I 'altpe. For natl at TI' I' GUION's, Fan.evstlre, crtnter of Ctmntt and ra t Cn.'rlel streets nldr+th Elti a :-, a Hotel. feb 13 I i 'lRM alit -I u -1 irtriite iurr winter I. 5ptrl til, in calks atd li, t eor tale Ith' JAiVIS & ANIiEWll;, Wholee arl Drugg sts, caorler C 'ncien and eh1) t p nsere.. tt-ta: h treet - td i ile, III 20ll a Y5 " " Eneli.hi do-`-5 1-4 blie. 400 " a 0 Pain In i.llu veritius l. I selt-oll Verenill Si F;l hkih ' Cat" t Vaa diat,; 'j$ I " Golmh ,, 0 packs (Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; Iial do Dultch Metal. StIND(IlO' GLASS, Amlierienn, Erglish and Freanch Itll0 bLoxes, various i.e aind qualitiea. llui t. ll,rolw do.-5-i boxes, consign.let,l ill be nelll aew. Also, a general assortment of artists' ceollrs and tools, for alc bIy A \V SC.Al Es, Na tli Cateal srteet. N II. Alaibama nolte takret at I r. rand lisesillpi notes will Ie received lit 10 per ernet discountt for goods, or il ai yient of debts. n I e i E r.LL-UI(-"fl nalilingi te 4 s lea er llldelle n Envrs,.'s RIz.r Stri; s-'Tlie cses s of the gentilea arlicle, jie' rerived the out 3. REES' : & D'L.NI(;, 18 Camp at Mitouli r.,,--. oil. s n liasslauri hsle rope, nade-all afel, p, i I olr're, nlll rnr sataI by a 3 UiOGIERiTl" &-iAVTiJO):N. 63 revire st S UaderJthes p dyue Office, ;2 ,anr e t. RONSENA;& HOWSON beq' lyal tow`c nfog alm 1 I+ eir cusrmnersand tlhe'publio generalliv,thn f, they havb rem'oved their e rtablrshnl.efi to.Ns pe. 1Cmp street, imnmediately titder olice of thel Pr inrayune-whole thdy are prepared tocexecueo all- e entd rs in leirlinr . rl'. litaing received from "the North ansupply of ipa n per and .nlteria!a of a superior qoualrty, fr I th e manruiacture of .Blak Booisa, tlhey offer their ser vices n incrrhants aand pther=, whol may' wish work of hlit krirnd ned hinvanr thes advgtapge of o several's erxprienre in thdt line, they are j Scualfidentof tiving.satsfacIton to those who mlay c , ver themn with their caslnr. ' . . a. For nnlcriec, architects 'hend thllers, maps and at plans will bIe parted ru linen. vatnirlred and rmoanted insthe neatost maneor, & at theil shortest f hnelce. al S Plaid and fancy binding, in all jis varieties ol. it C11IN A G;lIrE- EbAltJ'lIEN .VA@ILt.'Iultk if 36 Ci.hrrls.street, Now Orleans. * U.TM, SERGIEANT & Co. importers of French b 'V nud'IEn.lirh Crhina and Earthen ware, are o I nov opening new and rich patterns of brearkfast, n s drening and teaR services, toilet sets, pitchers, ten P ;In I cllfce cups, :capote, sugars, creams, bowler, n plate. dillhe, tureenes, wash basins an' coteas, fool balhs, etc. etc. nRch cut and plain French andl Amerieah glass. s: wnr-- oblets, ehanmpaignes, Ilenonades, jelliess, t lare's, wines, crdinals, cetr, hIowles, docallmers. it Stum blisrer l ve disl es, celeries, pitciherslam ps, a l. Ise ahnde and glasses, cn.r dlu shalos, salt cel- a ; lers, etc. SSnlver plated, branzed and britania wares-- ar' Stirer, liqurr rstands, cake busketr, candlesticksil en branches, as;olns, ladles, coffeend teapots, sagare, t creanms. lmps, aiplanned trays, astral sainds,and Ipa:taing lanrps,linu e cutlery, Gternman sliver sprounsa and l lrks, together with a greal variety rof articles lot frilully uIse. NerIrchants, plnntere, h it. Is, and Steamboaors, furnished with goods at thle mlcst lea sonable prices, anod parked as as to be conveyed Swith safety t r any part r f slie coun ry. i Also, llotherl ries'r elnrwwanre. na, 2 I TIE I'LI.IIRIDA LINt: i Front Moaile to A uusta, Go. S aInves Mobile evervr dey at three =+'cl= .k, p tm per U S mail boat a for Hall's L'ndlr'n, above l lakelyr--rhence four r poast coache to P.lnsaeola-rthlelln staeambloats to ni Lear int'ce, l here thelnnd lnioue is resnmeid-thence n, via lcnotartra and iBrwneville, Fla. Iainbridge, prmlera ,, lrlr wkiensville. Sarrdersvile & Laai. ed ville t A egusis, Ga, re."nereig regularly with thIe raii rad canrs to ChITrlesio, and the steam l ;,paeids i, Nuw York, Nrrlrlkr, P..iladelphia, etc. 'I T' straiiharl ers re ebest for the serlie, and at the ntavigatiou presenlts moru dvnnantagesthan can be Ie found upon any steamboat route ill the south. dt el ll e ret im provements in tr ' rmr.te have been as produced by 11 ecenstrrelion of lifte milr iof new aY, road, by the pr.p tietiors, viz : Ir'.mn IlaGrelrge on .al'nv, ire t;v*o, n;n armu it iani a Roa B ;n, to lryanl 'sa I"etr, on the Chatlr hal chcllll river, te . c1l s aob. .v hehe Ctwranrd, or 14 above Cedar lilIrr" 'lliweeby illt n aIivigaln of the rIver, anrd lhie con ra r'rert delrtentions, and nlmore rrecently the inon - ier venicnt crossillg at Ile Cowlcrd, are entirely ,,h avoidedd, and a fine road front Marianna direct r Ito .linblridge, instead ofl te roundabout rord via cn, Chattaho.chcle, lessening thedisraneo about forty rsr, miles, ancd increasing the facilities more than it I- once a da. rI r Alr', a branch line of twro horse stages every lls other day fEor Irawiiki.sville, via P:.rry to Macon, ail Ga. connecting with the line to Savannah and Do rien, cGerr. A trnal steamlboat lihs regularly he'ween Ulirtbridge and Apllachieoul. Travellers wishing on. to reach any point on Chatlrhoochee or Arpalachl al cola, can take stco,,hoat at Brownsville. or Mobile to Pensacola-Land RIou'e--During the rirme occupied iy thef rcpairs of boats, the proprie. r tors of th Florida line will run la lineo oi our Ihorse Ipest coaches every other day between Mao blil anlld Poensacola. l' 1asengers will leave M3bile at 3 'celockIr, p m, elin the U S imail boat, and proceed to Ilril's Land in, where n lour horse coach wrill ico in tll waiting ti convey them to the exceiltent htouse olf Mr. lCharles liHall, I 4 mile distant, whcere ti y ill find I r pleaslant acconmllodn;irl lur the nlrirt--leavilng ilnext morning, theti y will arrive in Pensacola earl) ri- 1 Ilhe evrnlng, thus avoiding the discoumfort of night ir.vellinc . Olive' at the Mansion (louse, llol ihe, and Cu!. ltis' lr ecl, i'csaeln, where siner s l usti be sed l. red. iSTOi''KT'IN & (Co. nv SPianto F,'rle Intslrucliun. cri. William Suith tenders his strvices to te cii, zcns of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano Sor e. allr e havirc been cmplouhvetd severnll years usa leit. .r ol muslnc in private fjlmilies in B ,sion, and also But several of the female se'lirirIres le its )il, vicil., canl ot but hope to merit their cunlidel nce. Ila as permitter d to refer to lite Lie 2 Clpp, 3lecsns r Strelsrn & Avery, IHendersaon & Gaiwes. I vee, Fr termisi, r.Lu please apply at ice buukstore of a SAlexanderTwr,49Giampst act res. D)ras and .ledicines. air .13 Prevost Iha. ellcted hini selC I this city hor oii, Ithe purpse of Iransactlrn a A generral r Vhillrsnle Dle Urug luainess, r le Is now recelvirn. a full supply of iresh and genui.e arttles, which I he will sell on liberaliernrs ''Tocitydrugzists, and dhoscof thle interl or, to physicianes, mr e rt hrents cnlld pIinters, he cwill oIl.r inducements suchi as have never be. t fore I'en e il lred. i has city. Hlis intecntion is In l doi strictly leeiilnale business. Ils stuck will i soon be elompllete, d ill a few weeks will be rea. iud fly har business. All orders Irom Ithe couutry, and trt from merchants of tL is cil)ty, receiving such orders will be promptly attended to. Oct 2 Na 39Camp st SPRIOSPECI' US. TIil suEbscriber p-oposes to publish, in the be. ginning of tire onasrng winter, a Condensation (f' "') the twenty volucmes of the Old and New Series of Md ltartin'a Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four I'. volumes, bao., aecording to thes model of Peters' ry Conicensed Reports. T This work is now in preparation by J. Burton 1 Hlarrison, Esq , of this city, assisted by William F. sa Brand, Esqrl. The Editor is also permitted by a io distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, ad and by non of the sitting Judges, to expect from 're their personal supervision all thi advantage which may naturally be reaped from their experience. l Such a work is becoming every day day more ne s- cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, i, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani hfet, in the other States of tho Union, in reference Sto the peculiarjurisprudeneo of Louisiana; and the Scircaustancu of the numerous principles here des res cided in tlhe adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes thle knowledge of our adjudged cases of prire uti. c lit, to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreove,e ad the rising republic of Toexs has adoptld our codes, ; and tllus there is a great doclrand for tile Louisiana s decisions from a fresh quarter. rr ('ronveient notes, indicating thIe parallel eases decilded ir L-uisiana, ulr. occasionally those tn tihe a inor authoritatiove forulsc ofl' thle othler States, wilc oi added to sellh case. ',, The wnrk will form four volumros, royal octavo. ,r and cwill ie deliv ered, bound, to at $66 le per vol.; in ease it lshouli be found practi:rable to Iaeorlprees it intn tllree volumes, the prico to sun. Ic sreberb will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WWM MeKEAN, rc les ear Cr mp and Comman ets. I OITESAII E AND RElAILCOUIB AND) VA Ill l·IYV StORE-nt the, Cign of theo goldent ctltln, Mo '1 Chartres stre-t. Toeo sulnriers lave re Iceived, iot:.liion o theoir prctiniostork t-onhood, Itfall and t nlet" -tnoo tutot ,tf atit~leojin their In;vz rotooho, Itf'tat rc, Jewellrt, Ibrushes, Plttkintg glcsses, fanev' iltillrs, 2.-·. e·llliitingin partlr no follows: qi )ll- ITS-tuto 1, e tttllc wroight ,unitl anl',o-o-toWitl q~illed hark, limit , round,~1 drrbssinc, side puff, tort and tneck, I-trocllioo moltoa of Cevry dtlCociption Umnoogot w"Itirl ore som .1xi,-ni patters, Icltoryeum otf eterc dasrription, horn, thanl sin I and o- her, togetler with a grnrl tto sotetttolI-cltootl A merican. 1L'4IIFIMl. CI l-CIIIII nlu V .g , Itootlet, Ftlorid, honey, bov ose~ttd rang floer wlicr ol'vre ojzeea d deo trilition , amphoraoted Cologoc, ectruenet n'Ierga.oot, tit;,,ld. Presto'ssto colicgsa, ptlain ottd pterfttmed tudelpowde, peal power, lon drpltttl atltnd toxs u ,Irsttnlll inpots ollsorrt and chl ehrine tottlh wcaolt onol toteos wit a It enPer neol octa t of Jli\1'lL.l.l:ltl'-soar ofthe latest and most f1 shionn-R ole setts, contisotin-gof whtitetoand rreld licotrtttogas.1. jet em-drops, set in fllilagree, breast pips of it reat " ,rt jto att tos, watch tellt nloog, tllt otl slIto' ,tCkleo, dILver thitblesd, oilcerotd old etilondgur hi 1IlRuSIIES-Cloh, hate, loot tg~ot tlolru-octltfloor, tont h !Ic-b, tooth, plltte, cak, Nail, tloooiogthoconi LIOOlKINGL (GLhSSSF.9-Gecrttn stotic ottd toilet gltooa, otogoft loog j d nol retlelt dIrCesol,, glonono, Iadc do, witht vari-iry of otlher kinds oot enumerated. IFhNCh' ANt) VAIEITYL' ARl'TICLES-French and Amoer-icat portlblc dests l a Irnd aittsgt cao, oonts ier riehotlid finelyiloioltttllotlies work bllxettn nt dres sini· cases withl uud withoult Ilmerie, mu~sicaal bIoxes, Ac cocljtiant u tvuriott kiondl, violins and gtitars, silver ood tilted pettilo otod leodenonttd potilt forlocarpentt- rsan erayoor,,tototle clooogunsoandopitoll witlh and withlout eoaves, ,e,cttosion ecaps, tercnasttointtet cltart-oe, nipple screWdrivr ot, ht telta gtiao tage, postoo hfolekicio,toc tea sotts, linoian bteolod of every Itold, Ittlaind ilumea , ocotteedleo, coatiottn plated, steel o nd ca tltnuin i ,tohle, .rce, pockiet bunksand wal tllets of voiousotto kitdlo, vioting curd alndolcalrd caseo , ptlaying reetdl otIctftenh,ticerm otod Attecriooo nmonufocturec, lolloimitation firitOtta bx tes, p o octf v nrious kionld, Soldeco' Pttomerv'e, Eotmoersot't, llota otol an tIltkitt'a r.tzr strttso and mettaellic hon,dirkt, foncy bead oecklatoceo, dot with tr( dvtpsrrtoynltches, llearlbuttons powder fl asks, eut and plod seee~d hands, g~ilt sid silverr rol, goal elastic snspen. It-to, end gerters, tlain and nwaool ottoco, Ibockgnamon Lontrd, dice, optical tietoueoojenolturpo, loaetloou maticlh etil and dlriking cups, itlh a groot variety of otlter-orti rtos, all otwllti It will Io toltl for cah ot city acepnjtan ces ott I2 mouthstortdiit t. II 1 StMitN:S, do io. S0111S' IletIjoal Bnooko-lttoisont ttlolhois; do. 'ott L bloldletting, a tnot' otl-ltr erct It let A1 g A OW1AI, 1C9Cto S. ;tII INDIN'S P.ANA(;CiA. ORtheoetreofrheumatisuim;b Aftdaorkings evll,got, • as. tica or hip gout, incitiet dancer, slIt rchnm, uphilitie mlnd mercorial liteasesyisartieularly ulcers amo Sinfnuloffkentins'o the. bonesud, a re ated throst ent Ino- 1 trlts, ulote of eery dtesernption, fevert sdres, an linterma l a "ise, 'flains, rilos, scald heal, scurvy, bites, tho- I ni S' e oeyes, eaypetlis,bldtinhe, and every variely ofteo. tnoanous nflyction, htaonice Coitarh, head Bcem tprooeal ing frori nyv acrid humor, pain in the snomnIel nod dy .liniaproaeedinogfaomvariation, affectionsofthe liver, e ehroltai tolmmniation of the kidndysi ann d genlt debili ty euaaeby a torpid action ofthe vosselsof the skin. It im sngarly.efiaeioushoinrenOtvatl.l thost efntitntioni s en wtlch have beenea broken down by injudicinus treatment, Djuvetaileil'regulailies. lh genend terms,.it is reorw- 5 S eeat in all those'diseases whieharism from imsatnuitiol of the blotn, or initiation of the umoran, of wahatever name or kindt. * Some of the above eomplaintsmay reqnire some Iri- P t fling aistant pplicationi, which tbeoireums hees of the case will 'dicte; but for a general remedy or Purifictor toemn heeaevts he INDIIAN'S PANACEA will e~teithall be foend uffrietsL Pi 2 TO THE PUBLIC. How true it is, the t modern Physeians, in their am h bition toexcel in their profession; explore the vast fies e ofsiene by the aid ofehemintry, and seek cnt new r- c mo mcimedial a l; ineshor, to arrive at perfection inthe practie liy means of at alone,-entirely overlook and neglect, as bneath their ntce the richan bounteous .storpofwedicien, which the Almightljy has eon~ed to t pring out of the earth in everyclime! And how m h snore true is tthat whilethe American Physician looks h Sto foreign countrieslfor many of his most common and t Sneesfalry articles, prpertully changing as they are atnn a theedictates offashion ortfolly, he is srodlest in hised a, own country with sa endlssupr.(sion of medical plants, - sullcint to answerany indiatlio in disease or to care I any euratable dirder; and yet he is ignorant of their vir- t toues, aid tlhey are sufferedto 'wastetheir hemlinng on the a desert air.' ' The rtS'ects of vegetable medienes upon tihesystem are Stemp orary-those of minerals lasting. The folrmer exn n er theirelfects nanl pass off--the latter, mercury in ar ticul.r, act ehleniesaly npon the solids, decomlomsingI S the bone aln undermninng the constictution by a slo al nd suare destrntetlo. o Thcotgetnialltty,efficieney sodAFETY ofvegeta 'd ileremedlies over mineral, may hbe estimated beontraest- I ingthe alcient practice with the modern; or, to bring it nore immediatel under owur own observation, the .ldi. alln Ineetice withl that ofthe whites. Who, in America, ss not known ortheard of reipateit Instances wherein ia. some decrepid, nnpreteidiongtmale Indian, by means of 0 er simlde lementiesalone, has afrfeted tihe most rapid I at end astoishinl cures, after the Mlrteinra Medics of the n - emmon practicee, irectedl in the most skilfhul anner, thasfo tiled And who has not been urprinsed aittlheeon antive ease allfa wit ic t mlty wiwh the Indian frces him elf from any diiease, and at the almost ota abstilnence uc. ofcltroniecdisase among them? Who has evet heard S fin d Indian withs eonsritation broken am rnsined by 'It illireatmehit? And call adoubtexist that this hppy e m erniipto of the savage from most of the ills wich the c. flea lofnan ilheir to, is ehiefly owin to more genie ad ld sfe remedies which lihe emldnys! Tries astunish in ig dlifferenee in success, is a friv exemnpildiean Lm of tile h- iinlte asuperliorioy of thie inle antd sato f means of elre twhich Goi iesa ceated for the benefit of hlis altilhlren, en over those wheic the pride and the art of nman have in i veanted. S From aiong reaidenee rmong aniortion ofhitenalnrigin alinlaittilnltso f thisemtmtry, anldat inltimste aeialin tanee wit the methla of eorenof somt e of tbelr most ntsoenl esstnlp itiaoners, the ploprietnor lt 'The Inalians's 11, aI b uly ' auiret d a knowledgsee of somle of tihe mnost a- poerralantl favoriteremenies. Frolntthese ieseleteed ii a tic s were most effiaciousand appropriate, and after :ly various exln'imeutantonesttheirprineipesand srength, act lehas conimbled them in the form here presented, as the tia most vperflct ail benleficial lor the orpnose ior which it ty inrecommenattl. l ''le irOplrietor offeorsthis preparation to the public, with thIe coasseioisemss that his ilacing withitheir isea, try remedy calsble ofsrelieving annoy of his anlicteds fel low heinlgs, who eane sentlri tinnder the various chronic and aa nbstlilnae conlainhts to wiclh nt is aplilceble. 't'o snel it will prove of incalculable valble, as the means, ald itn many cases, thie ouly means ofrelievig their sur i oerings anal Ionst'oring tiem once more to health anli nap "F piness. Thbs is notolluti ed as a commona remedy, that h- many per ohauneee eqsally goocd wilt many others now in use, ut as one which i s enlable of saving licfe in manyu tle e me eases wdnith all n e titual t renedies:l ail. t'Isn s t re. thas doae repeantdlly; an thls is the repttatiotn itlsuaob ,Or Laied wherever it has been itntroduceld. In- It Is only lnott three yeras lnce thits premiation was prese.ted to the pllllic: but in that sho1rt slpae of tlitte, m some hlndeises of perrsols migt bet' ndal, who would ad solemnly dclare tata tlhey believed tlnat thelir liven were Ql ved by it, ,n iln most ;sues after they in d tried mayl 1 antd er n'ha' s Ill the cnnmon reamediea ill vaitl. s ot'her al ever it iallnWta it is raikdly coitaai hoalmn ise, ncai this l:h'a.Isltlaaaast substaulatualaa | cctvileinig iroof of it ti Tlhe valr e of lle Iauneen i amost eaonspieous l those I Io na sanlld lln ind Sllhilitic aild scIofil s acti.ettllis ish bie mctied all ater reait.d les, i ana d articunlly '.o n ill toe Cear 'airee llrl'ellr t tails aeeo siat Iavitl !y Inse u l as to callse il' esrsinllg lans ill tie olllls, Indes, ilc ai 'hi nlmclaraI e dl r I rllt e, llett o' tIhsa e delt't i Ie tat .aIat'r c. Di"lnhe ilt itcclrcian g, le dv ;, s all l eictewirt I' ta l.tli llatys thvie vta lln aSe IitItln-ii l rtlr tl iia t iat .i-mc c i 1 li, o c tl tca's tact totil lll i al ra1, atol a Ih.. 'a", il:ti elllt si nllla l ;tll ar awell. l rt riatlua lalttaa ll ' 'and i alenatl salle ti'rec m .l its i as l laa+ttaaat'nttt tll' a l io l l aath allaatlt'ala gin ila;. inaedlU itlmtaIl "lS ':aCtsii ill Marar does, thelll ll tlll 27c;tar, opna1le c Ie lima alla''iaaT'anaa.narl det'lr gnt :l Iart 'illl n'' disrtirr :s thae hllt'aiaat:aclt aiti-slltlslnt llMa r Itine I dalMtanei tatn ill io'pr1'aol t Ssit monat.l l uanilllell:tl.UC. (iellcr tin dn gtealllsst ml, rilltleatnacs t Ii il e c sa n latio llnd ea e - r ' ' w'it l aiiv l aa'.aaa t ae Ieni. anatahe Ithieo ti anbtitan thetn,.tI shin tim carcul ..amuer. m oven : thense rutci. oil ts its i lemtl iis i tiir. n b ne n le a nal. ce T'hio hlnapllcitloe lhlulltUll fnuh highly fl(fll ioll mwlll) I* IITIIaIIOI S dise:ISef alol IlnClea It'e'ift'ltl, 1atal it bas leell le iser withl wnw elln'l stuacess as a Sa it'llg aitl ii Fall aII ' riiceria Iia t iose lo are sullaeol Io eOllllinlls oftie eest, aell aid atllose colnstietntsretUaire nuw vigor. Such pIer S af sons ill do well to s Iso tor hore botnles in snall do tse. hlhenever a diet l,'iank is eltnsider'ted necessaty, r this P iaaaacrn, akel ill a small dose; will atswew all its Inl IU seSt ill ntb less lime, at less expense, anl itl a ill n' iailnlle aglreable lnllllaner Ihlln the eonninon dliet drltk. Tlhe flottwieg crtl'ticoates, out of Inmdredas sitnila., S aihinh might be irouraed, hae given to alow the efr'rct o d the Irndlall'd tI'an.cea in thvall 't'iOa N Ollllailltat nrca n ers me.tinned;salil :asoto exribit in tIe miost satistlactory maualler its suewnari sty over tyle svyrps ir commonl use.i t CASES OF RItEUtMATISM. CHattaon.T , Norv. t, 11832. Durig toe laast wilter aud sp ring, I was alllicted winth be. avery severe antd disltresing rlnCnalism, occasioned by Sexsere in b.di weathiner. I now takegrnat pleasare in of slatlig, that si bottles ofllle Indlian's ianacea, stolared sIIe to terlfet Iealthh, and d 1 confidently reoommed it to laRll simniltarly afflicted. JOHN FERGUSON, Kingst. on CAdULaSTUr x, March il7r183.'L I was seized about threeyeears since, with adietressing rheumnaism, canused by takg a severe eaol, whiile anmi Sa theilnfluenceaof meleary, anil which nals disabled r nrt liront business nearly ever slnee. IDuring his IteriiM m have bean a patient in tIe IMarine Iospital, in this nit' icl upwards oa fur months, and nearly the same lenglh,. tieinn ithe Iltadimore ospita, anti tried almost ever ce- remetdy, with little benefit. hit the l16th of Februaen ye, last, atthet time scarcely abeto move about upon crutch ai" es, I conmeneed the use of Indian's Panacea. In on-i monlth I foanld mysaelfrentirely freed frotam ain, and atl to now Ilaplpy to slaty that I consider rtself Iterfectly well. h A l M. T'UCt.iES , 13 Market st. la CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS in Nol.w YoUNKA, Seprt. Iit, 180. ti. Tlis ntay ecrtify tlhat il tile ll l St25, I was seize ewith i a swellingin nly eckand lite, ulewhich alirwal'e s, ulelated ald beename lanrge glhastly ulcers in my nel-t. .n Alcl,'rTiitigsarerl-a Iahnysiclausn to tno adtlcaiiec, aI wea to IPhllbelellphia, and ilaced nm self' unler Ie artn, sea lirs. Inlstnc adul Beach, ahticnt ahter t-rpne ll alivatno, toloelrrct, ! twa pronocncen nlttrrly icceuMble. Alier. wrlls ]toob twenty bhctleaofbwailnn'n latnaeea and right b ftlies el'titter'a Caltolitcns, tits tao materil belelleis I)eslaiiriing oflite, wlticelnlad now become a bhltrten rt oa ne,llaeu rneton lcaypareataiti uewvYce, hi 18"J, an' g raeat saeess ofTbe dlelialal s l ll~n ea rgehowever f i eba. no. sianilar to sy own, t was i wrasuende torn it, s nalast est moet. Tao cay gerat senitnU'aE, as well as mtialfeionn, sooulifntd aysrlf rapinly recoverng, and Ulnost takeni seven bottles, tine uleerahebledl outd beceate prletlr well it tine course oftwo months ntdd inave trnwlned me ever sitter. I aketnin stantemnei atnt wsh itl tablished 'A frttav benerotoftlaoae whnare saufltin-g titler similar lo acorfiolcuanso' sytlltiitic latretilois, (lt they saoy hnow alnattI1 euaretrnnie who has suafraatl every tbinng ut diltileatin, ond who considers Inis life waved by tbeabovc ev. WM. IIINllA) Csoa~ SOc'a. Jualy 12,1 tst. i, I was netlicoett, fryrrearye withann olere In the leg, on tocl casionially mceompniewl wits erypsilnelatets inflannatini gatand ednessive nahn ini the leg anld anle joint Sevaerl etryvnlittont Inhysatians coerced litairshilt uapoin it, bat with Iso out Ipormnttent ettefit. Intaiicase five bottle hnldians's t'ltanea maite eltreeft cure. MVlAtRtAItE'T A WEP'I', 121 Morket 'a' Pcr sale by HENRY HONNAHEL, drl.tigist, ayes ant, ti' lat. ltrioprpto r, "tcbhoo titecn!!.s ,nt t il. ) NEW ORLLEANS .- NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD d CO.MPANY. T IlE steeekhohiera of this company are herchv no it i titd thait by i resolutiaol of the bloard of dlirre tilee ossed on the 19th ilast, tihe cull made ilc them on tihe 13th February last, tir the puvment of live dollars a ai , tre was rescided, and tile stockholders are further natiicd thatl Wi I.REAS, by a resolution of this Ioard passed on tihe Itle iarst, a call Ihas bena eade oa tie sletockhoilder of tihe New Orleta acd Nashville Rail lioad Compaay iler the fallotwigpvmIeoets ion the the stock held respe-. lively ibyt Ihlu, tz:-t-lwo dnollar per sharer, pavhabe , tite first day of September next; two dillars per share payable ontihe firlst ticy of )December next; aId twon ielletiper seeere payable ot the tiat daiy of lMarchn a icot. Now theeforfe be it resolved, that the secretnry of thisia companyv shall notify the share h tlde tereien, through the public prints of the city,tlhat in ecotforntity with tie sixth section of the charter, they are permitted to postpone anty payment called it on thle stock ofsaid cocmpany fler tihe ten[ of sixty days, from aned after tihe t day one which it is ieadle payable, with tile expaese can dlition Ihowever, thet if not regularly paid witlhin the eaid proloneautnonf sixty days, frotm and after thie tiv on wlhich it should hIave eet paid tat ithen tie atocik on whic:t sai paylents should have been made, is aatl rema .. orfeited to tihe company, ite charter oil that poiut bebing imperativeI, inoenf rmity therefore, teosai call, allisttck of tie stockholders in said cutl toany, as think proper to pat ofl thie payments ont their stack to tiheatd of tice additional sixty dav, which tihe charter allows thliarut notified that the payment of two ldl Iarc per share called for,and due on the first of Sep. tetlamtr next, may te postased under the sixlth section of said chariter, until te3l1st day of OCtoller next, that the payment oa two dollars pier share called tnr, and due Ollthe firstiday of December next, may lbe post poesed until the 3loth fi y of Jnnenry nexntl aid tile poy eatt of two dollars per share reiled ftnr a t due on ttfe Itiratida of March next, may be psotponed until the 30th day ofApril next. Extraets of tne minurtes of the board. junet 21 A I McNAIR. Sec'r W7OOL ATS, int ccaate- 2 dozene whtit SV Hats, fat ale JOllIN IitlIA sp1 i * - Roy.l Clollebe of Phaysetlns, Loufendn. I J ie original Ve. bleo Hlgienl Ulilvers*l anfetii Leine, pam-pere by W M iskinm Emj. Membler. ofel th Rtvnal oilt of Sumb geons, Licenmiate of Amothe ary'sComndlmmy, Pollowf Bolt CPuiaiSoeiety, Silgmon on to the Royal nion t Pesion Asooihtion, lanaster eb laee, Wm terloo h idgek , and Pelaetual Pupil of Guy' vi and St. Thoins'sl lospiils, Lolnlon. li TThis valummle I edleioe, Ihe'rejilt of twenly years' ku experience'anmd unparlleled. suees. in the entrasivem. n higrhly iespeeitslepraotice of the rorin etry, to l - nised by-the faoulty auti noltlity, ahd is now inroiduced i to the notice of tihe Ame-leam pIrshlier at the earnest so liitition. of a nummber ofgentlemen of log and higli tb statding in the profession. It is hioled, asma prelimi- o nonly step, to cheek tihe evils eed fatal oneseqOencem si, mrising frmm thie ose of tile numerouss noi- deleteri's vt meostrlms foisted upom the.lpblicoby the Adl e fafb'iwmled e proofs of miraeulous cures, and other frauds, by a set of ei ireenaery, unprincipled pretenders, so totally inorumt e ot mediEal science, that it impossible thoe moto iouei f dalerion can any longer go down owith the inlligelltm it peplde of this eounty. These pills, milm and iugreaie em in their nature, shotiihe keipt In every family ill ses ts of sudden illness, for, by tlleir prompt admiLsui ratio, m cholera, cramps, slmlEn, fever, icmid other alarsmilg complaints, which too often pimvd fatal, nmay ie spmedi- c ly cured or plrevented. In fact, all those who value god o health, should aever be without them. They are soih' in packets atis cents, $t amd $. each, lby eve.y esplrm p table druggist, bnokseller, and uienmlor of medicine im tI United States l I -e CUomisa, owilth epions itretiois, ia together with: estnaonials of pIrofessionml bility frome fi the forlasing eminent gentlemen: Sir AnsmIc Corpeme Jm IAheurmethy, James Bhnlm elml, M. ., WV. teck, 31. U-., t SJ. Astou Key, A. miampton, M. 1d., and nmlmerna others. Thie origintl s may be seen n possession if ttle Goeneral Agent, by whuom the metdeiae is imptorted into ti this qmuntry, aml to whom all appliestiomls forage iien I must be unite. o JNO. IIumlBEIN, 1r29 Waecrly Plaee, N. Yrtk, iti S Sole (Generil: Agelnt er the United Stlatels, . . iI For sale by aDolintmnt of thie origindl orociwieteor. iTy SnwINh E BUnOTUlmU, )lruggits, fo 1ul Cunsl sweeri Jenemr Agent sfor Stahimee of Lousiania. Jul v8 I E Iw.rlTY It LE E E co, No 3 Magazine street, are -I n ow reoeivlg from iships Nashville, I.oisville, II tKmiR,le m s Eagle, anml otlear late arrivals fram hem i A ':-. tlere milies.. iIrge anid new selsteal assortmenult - trism, Bootsa, Shoes teelld il Brog si, euonssiming ol'geulemmimmm fime malf anid Morocco meets do 2 -t qlibt; do b eal id, aied strit was pegged boots om i .erimmsqemiahties; men's lineo alf seal amndt Mlroaec . d lIp palllm and brmogans, buckskin shoes, imroglns am .e hpptlm mmsc mema imm maa.mlF kippcl l Ii t ge d m pIamna Il rnI iiroians e do boots; do soet kip mid wsx peggeld shes a adIbrognus; geotleen's best quality eilf nei shaem, li l-m'ogammis e alnd .aek Ilwninmogs; d calf ell Mo-occne im oilet shoes aild irognms; Teo ollf, seal amnl Morocco: I d I mdion shoes andl slillmt.-s, to calf, bl" amnu sea wings, Y Isew arllicle; do tline dcall se.l ainI mrocco guqater otsm; boys', misses' and children's pelged atnl iscoe d e banOgos, atl shibesof every qenlitsr aitd kild. a Also a genermlasnermm assortmen o 's stout wax smmi I renmt Illagims and tshie, mogetlter bwith lI,(ki piairs ae gro Itst mmtalitv, russct- btganms, mnieid ttil it hl.nks, amedeenxprissly for pidaomatin unse; gntd s- I s rtmenl of menl's fille a el e stnt kimp rumsset brg:ls, It Sw article, andt a trgoe quantitiy of all inferior p alit i r sset antl was irogatI. adies' file calf,; seal, moaneeon aned grmi. welt, anil a im sole shc oes; do tilIe Freainh lurlcnenllcll iI u riiie st nllil slilp rst; edo rom shioe, wuith ane withoiut heel I l e rcalf, tal nhaim stu lialtthlr bootees; do rltimlla shoei. 1 I I tll kimnds mad qinalities; dm lastii m blmm.iUS; ti g ai- iteirr lI a'aimi foxedl bootees. Mlitus' lastingsprillg sigIitealla r me gans. Children's colored Momiuom amid lasmiig bmm- a T rsinll bthoots.f kc. e ieutlmenn's fIinefaslionsable black silk hats; do i black it s I drab beaver t o of a superior lquality; da imitationiI ItIt namdo; bread anlo n-rrow brim men's iole dil.m atd 0, Imtlk RBssi short ealspie Imatsm a iew article. Yoelts' i Ia, lm-e size lhats of ilttereit matities; dio chii reu's. SMens and bty's blaekai d drabI wonl bats nfI va-iOlls i srln'pe, with gealet- assoetlent of oilms' an Imlen's i e ar al caps. m 'Ithas hssoaement will be rretleisl d bmtlhe arrival tof fcact paketslroem the move ramred ities, all lf whicht lIt IlN TI At; tEli' rt r eotalitiolh rheputltionaI meteilasllar.lyi mlerall;ui r deltleod ior tills e.llis tlul remedy o f pit, lnuld pr servativea of the r iu has illuedi the sillull, iel r as nir it to tele Anleriall Imu llnc. Armrllgeallleni ts illl em bellenide to uptiIly agents infill tilmte prheilt l cilit mnlil toT;m i i time United Sltatle, s ii It cn i itmilhi rI rhreac i It iltose e uneilr I. g ii d Ikliy hi uilln'r thli I IIio my hamtsimig of all achei T.emiih-aahlie. tr rlen aiptplied alhiordill nIn i ireltiln i en Iv bis I etile, it Im ever litil (m-tom i , iius , e Ite t ill, it lianel relier hIaia alr'mn th lhm Ihct Ulray ,thiftlllv S eethi ell c iiieves i thtm i it'." \o hiellr l Io mlrl e olll.rp e r llll t tora h ess 'J',, r w i 11mm- amim u n, t n xll s re lle i lv alle s ill :l f alll, l Ui l | st nl ] , l , 1 Ian c es H+ k III o+id om mlhe I.lrge I llmtllC r ofmm lle ma ,l l lh, mm-m li:t r tlli Ind im it ll I y thl ar v e ll C11 111 Ies t fr o ,, 1i 3 7, limt, I , i11 ar le mim, I t o r (li the i n rligo .ci ir I hf ' lllpllib r h ) its ol ' civnlhed gaIl11.,. ItI. i h ht plcklil, 1. . h'e , ,lulie ,.l i "e ril , i nt ucl k Io ll u nI dt, AIr V, 14 t, 114 . I, i.v ii i, ,hr I e- the i,'p i i'd irhl r~ it th llk t vh iS aln dhIoi eIvt N Roltsu iir"n l l the ill ive ivici m-eo ' DEtNrr, ti el ,er bottl. pest w l ,e- , , e tuie wholmal o im r mil, a e vrW,, miO''iil . '1'mmlm: i'UIm a a li it.-m i -Uut 1ma 1 i, o rlllUor o(l t'e nlllderks c l rd lalvingrsd orrul imor in cl:ummlmly helif mil oli lld iiil limhlte ihis hed tx GARDEN STORD .';' E, intercsled parlies, nd t all o 1erolhr bIl.s mato u re litss . afriulos generally, :air the orubii al large, that he e sill wynli:|ues ubthiu Lwo oers on ahlits, hl, ar - lorlner stland, Wo he fur Mhe llLhln.ilI full nItd ex. stLensivO .Apply of all the Stiallllr Ilrds nf klitelhe -or vegetablu .ln;rd i r ,.l d., II tie g rowlth and i.r port of the present easnal, 1837. m SioeO thle early partm Sp . mtiabmminer, hl Ieas rim. ma ceived mample aullmhes, by tilhe palcket lmhipsa Vick. ,k. burg, Kentuicky, and Arkansas, ill arrived in LIhort a, passaigei, direct fromi New York. liy tihe Mtissi. e hipipi and another packet, lie is aI daily expects. j mni ton of a supply if Fruit Trees adl Asplaragus ry ioots, havinlg already receivedl imvoieis thereol by gail. Tie subscriber begs farther ti ascmre thim Imilii ii t largo, thaL Iti is at present as well riu,tbled toi Ineetu amid execute orders all tile kiinds Uf Gardel SSeeds, either wholesale or retail, as lie evar was dl since Ile first establishment in Jainuary, 1822. to Country Dealers amd Market Gardanerr' orders filled at tihe lowest and most reasonablo rates, by tihe pound weiglht, amd gallon or bushel mmasurn. Catalogues, either in French or Euglislh, liav i always be obtained on perasonal application a. usual, to WM. SMITH, y Garden Seed Store, 85 strtl. NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, nltxed or plain; pulvaerized saoup; herbs, and Shaker' Sdried herbs,-with a supply of pea and beans. Fancy Pocket Books-Under this head will Ib found a splendid variety of ladies' and gentlemen's pocket books, note, ard, needle and thread cases. Fancy Stoeks, Suspenders, &c.--Of the latest pattern and of superior quality, consisting ofplain and figured satil, borbazrne, velvet and cloth stocks, linen bosoms, plain, anid fancy with and without rillee, shirt collars, suspen'ders called Washington suspenders, also, guam ilastic worst. ed and cettonett do, with and without rollers, pantalooo btraps with wire springs; and a groat va. rigty of gentlemen's wnar, nade expressly for lthe retail trade, by A. L. Vanhorn and Son of Plila. dolphia. 4 Conbls--A general and complete asnortmoen ofgcmahs from their rianufactory.Aiso, English and French dressing cuombs, etc. dec27 RUSIITON & ASPINALL'S COMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy and corttin cure for tihe Fever and Ague, remoittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni. versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest respectability in this city, as stated iin the annexed certificates. This mecdicine is highly recommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguislhed success, that tile proprietor of tile recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form,. in the hope that it may be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of our eountry. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and when used according to tile directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stormach, and children may take it with impunity. Itstrengtlhens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldomo requires more thtan olne, or isl obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors 830 so well convineced of its efficacy, that they iite to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordanes with the directions and has not effected a a perfect cure of thile fever & aguen. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine slore, corner of Bienville and Clhartres strcts. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMIITII, 48 Conti st. HAIRROWGATE SPRINGS MoegIomrrllcrv coIIlun, Alalellllla. TIIREE DA 'Y JOURN'fEYI OJI F .E NEWV ORLEANS. IlE proproietor orf his establialnent hiasttile plea sure of announcing to hIis friendsl an ilre pisubli r in general, that lie will he in readieess by the first ty a of tit Mav Ito receive visiterr. lie will also slate fir tlre b nefit of those at i dritnere, that there have meen large improvements InlldCe, andl(iothers now going oil nad n i rapid Iprgress for icompletlo, swhichl will enable lhe i enbacribre to aeoonmiuela a iucI larger numaber than a heretolirre, anl 1t il lthl ie lne ilme luceh belrrr. Fanriliae: can he acconnllldaeurd aithl good raoomt. or there whoi eolar can lhave large cabins lretacled freom the main buihliig. It ils deemeld riroscsorry I sav anvytllllg ii proicnre lar of tile clharacterol these wnaters, bt it is generally believrred that they are unot inferior I, nv in thIe South-n ern States. All tie amasemenls that are generally found at Watering Placcs, wilt he found at hlis. Th'e best nmusic that this part of thi counMtry affords, hasi bsea egeigceid will be in constnt attenldance L tih Spri at" flinhe wrhne reeaann. a ' l iilbaseiber will avail himself of this opsi nrmunity a.'p oriig Iss unfeigned thanks fir ile very liberalat 1rprt given him last season. and hopes Irv the rexr-t h ions that have been erode iin imprrsing an cxte.rhing Ite ancamandatdions,to rneril a liberal palllllleiar lie present season. JU JO CR.tM. ii3 u JUSPUBLISHEI) FROM STRliEOTiP'E eLiTES, The FYlh Rdiioniif' - ROWIETTam TAtLES OF iN'TERET: |e 7110 which ia pow tilded "an Averge Tinme' Calenia U to, or eamy'methodsl for finding the avwngeimme |V o ltoinage, notes of .iaod or bills oP goodi, -wihen Inar- by ebiaed at different dates, on different eredits, esid for various amounts; tbesmtle a usefol amd complete Banking .m Time Table, the best Ihat can be contrived. or thitt fi unres can produce withiti the same condesend compass, nri size oitypc. . - •An aldvertisment in the book is it, nearly the follow ingwoglds: T" 'The hig distinction this work has received throtgh the tel legislative nets prefixed to the title page,'is a re commendation in itcsllf so lmncommonl,, ail s. eonelu sine, th at nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vartinement, to given condensed 'viewof imne of its pe culiarities: 'a fin'r instance, the Interesot.ine been compfo. r ed fron,and compared with, what is equivalent to four- 1 teen setsefealeulatione, examined in tihe presn thirlty five tin!es, anl printed from stereotype plates ntest it tirttyty-one tiates, from all which it mnat be evident N even to the skeptic (especially on the pe.sonal ofthe dle- P talf of proof il the Ipreface) that the work mast le nritlh- I metically infallible, and in confirmation of this beliefs F Iremium of two Ihundred anl fifty dollars, is now offer- V ed for tihe ldetection of ain error of a cent in the present II or fiflth edition, as exlarsaed in tihe preface, making five P laforge premis ofatred for the same error sincette first pnilientino in the yamr 1802. One of the most conspicuoolfcauores of the tables is inthe arrangement of the Time and Amoants, which for expediti.ns, orference ond permpienity, wilh the help ofthe side andl index, cannot he excelled; and the snaly ty and ease with whirl the intereal can be foundlothe extent of general business, wilhlont.doubling ofaums is Ibesides a convenience so essential, that in tohe etlnma tionof somne oi the nmost competent and practinal busi noss men anil lablile mflictrs woo hame made (m'Amt one O tie wormk, it Ihas been distitguidled by vth honoatble appellation efofat "master picee". Ami consldering the inftilibiliy of the metlhod originally nadopted in composing the work, anl mite extraordinary unumber and variety oflthe examinations, and tests of every edition it Ins passed in athela' tana, eotwittstanding the whole is in sternetype, Ecnsidlersg, il sh6art, the positive accuracy secred Ibyi tile tnpreceldeated mealls employol, tile vo lune bams been held tlu an, I cntalla:ticaliy stylead a thel most wonderil abook m tlhe woask;" most certainlli no man an nimem figure work ofthe same extent, w ichl since time beginmitgiR oceaia, amat eio d tile sae nIIunnIm ber airi variety of tests in thie smme a'mmtaer of elditors;t no, half tce nuamber, as is clearly shown in the prelmee. Beside., as test and standard, it has been tried and ieprneed ill nealy all the bank and public eflices in the 1Unie Stales, aId by the public gonerally, dlring the long leriod of thirty-fir: rears, yect n error of thie al a cllations has ever been lIonmld in print, althoaghb ontlminu ally challenged by thie llf'r ol' very Iarge nminnims. Tmlhe bookis inm fact exlnessly adlopted by all taenaotll a oftlaw ci ealli ofithe States :ias tihe a1 aiae Oti 'eiailthtma mforoataate interest," asalso by law for bank interest, aceordlingps the hook is used, anld as any tie scan in epart, by names of the saubscribelrs, alal a few of Ihe ublsellenat llurchsers, inll lle lst st tlie lall of 'tll book, isil in pn~sessai clf ry cla.s of citizens in every (ltar teol ofie Unit ed Sledls. It is oreovr wll known t, by its 'early check, it h mas so ollten detected larl error, long ill er tlhey were Hadie, even by thie most enlellt and Inms ot comlelet arilllnntici:ll, altn its useflliness, nalll tlhe absnnlte ane Scesasi' fillc its tae, acs l hei" extesi'ely insistedl apoal, sit evmalelt, inte, ima' been its advanaiges, an itsta isavings, thait, S'terrl a'a'sagt, whilst ttie firsat edition wasl sclarce, nled out of print, ill great lI.tlllnber of second lhalln copies were s81gt 'il, smlle to Ii gle t disltance Salnd pulll'ersed ait various prll'ices, as they could occsionll lly Ito picked upn t fromn $10to t$25 per copy, and iame perlsonlls have recle.ay declared, nld inlSances could he acumtled that they woudt pay $511, hIaI, nail $5.0) for a cop, t'Iflntto lie hmad for less, asIan imlividual in the later instate pallicvtarely, having at the same iilne rx'libitcd s:ttimtae:lcly pa'oal, to seveltal 'l'personsp Ie a sent that to hinm it was recaliv worthl that ntaney andi more thlmm b1 the saviing of tlis very valable timg , he being a very rich man aa l in pablic oaliie. I It is likewise worthny of anoiee, atd ilneed proper to inre that tlll llell is Ile naturte of fige wrk Kenallcl'ity anll ipeci:lly whenl of the extellt and imlllllllene these li los, that h:ll this book or its like bOon pr'epar ell illn thle usu:ll nnerll lllllt O, Ill thile most complllletell calcultollrill thile world, aul allfl 'rnwrIt illintlll ld osa eullliot lv IIIIIIT lt" isow, c :lreclillll of proof sheets, it wouldl, aJllmost to a certl-alinllv y, have ell lnsnidl fo)r re f i.r 'relainl teIr it :aty priet, as thie preida'.tle dlriiaen hilp explains. lut so pr'tat't ala l vainable have ta e tert'l ptl'l i l. s of this wt I kblant mIgeit , that lnlre ll. Item, w itllllte ir i llllllnCllr s anlld eXt raorll. i n. nalllill:l tins, against lire, trod tIbe getw ld, they er (by tdllllise.e- t) colsta:nIll k et in :t place af slpecitlm . i tt, , pt hih de l in pI a i t ling Amlllhip I ti.ious eI) lit ll IohI h :tllbks antd a:lllde intlr at I aI IIIt 1f l lt' ow . faiiit Ipr lll, wl ith , 'it't Iis tit iinthe koplealin a !'iit utu litats iat' in i ill ll,~~I lltottllll tl ii the illllo latf l lleli'rl ni' i - i S!'lly I a t'l l '' r . , i t h t' I. ' .I.,ll l l la tlat llI It1111 ·l III+I" l: ) ll 't l l,, \' ll' 1~llt'VI i III hIt t em it r'l' i' h |i l k lFli, ll,, t l, lali h11 thi I itit I rllmilli !h iwo k 1 Stat,'l ll sli l(. I. l hw i ''t : l', It ii li, to : i\lllr, lll.- . Cld ll, s ; il ir.s h, I : - .' 11 11 l: ' I, l ii l sil . :I. 1 N, , m ll , 'i ll tlt'. Ih.1 ,t t 'i , I.I :,, lI ,,1" h ,, Ii'l, I'. I e'I tl l h t i ,l la-l t,;tl , l ii , l . l ,I l t t III ti ) ,il • (l1i.. . ,11 iii ' 1,i' l Il l i ll . lie t - tJir at l:t tlml rt at ill l , I ormt he r otim ,hln . e al i a)l C'i llll am l( h l i; I .lil a uota ntal 'iii l IthI a, Ii am \ . Irah ama, I on. I t aii m ait tilm.l s e li te . thet mtil, minll eeta t tlr; eIroF i a, or t l ' ev1i '" clllilite: t l o, ' l', , . i' n; , c' 1i. 'aI a m,1 1.mi t l tr ail' , I tlht, airi lg Ir i ion a i i :.,r e Itat fl' t 1 "i l 11,., 1,y a ' ling. Y rslmc:hL'l i a Iho, clihalth, ore time u use oi' c Al, , -Caveo & Sle*altl, ir' Worm Syrm. , or l. ee r I PImOrg clam, tI. -l' ' Itoi I t 'hlllll UII i t rl rtli-ear irea.e; .. ua1.ulm; a icldtha, ly irec\lo .VaKc: \N, eriltr itearl 'aer; aarily l, thi; Ca llre o a'f o ate V tisle o the k; pOtt of pRosu; pti h, Stllvt; Kthe si; sc'oolyth Wer\li; Cpir.onic Urheltric ; cOrliaog " lower Waner; sphilider Pufs, an lill s; orders. Satiing CIrtotat, iatilpy utt o tie blood, by it long resietoa,: In a hot climate, or tite ij -diciaus use o- l S Als; o,-HCave & Sells; Egir' W orm Syrup, or . Sltln Priair O;--tiv th a pariety of Ilow l Perfu ' onerie, wc. Far the to :- d y L rr GLEN'S PERFU; Crea ES. C ; Ott ; Lip SalvD; Kr. Flaer Corner of Canal and Borbon street Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets OlI\lVE k MA.\, Ihose, Siga, and ()lroamtlt a ýi faiinte'rs, S j (N:lrd lharu le street, two doorstlorom I lil:ntions mf the mlanlowing wolods :and rleables, tex Seilted i nl I stter!) mllt1 1.+'. wageS m Ann .IIl.Em. .Ikogan), I.gvp io.n blalck mol gold, Oak, (iiala nod Artico, loll(Id do, Oriental or verd arligue, CuirlrId dI, .:lhl-p, (11lo d \hqtdi,, lIIIh Ii atoel, Birds In've ,., I): b) GraCite, Satin \lWoodl, I'tomtac Ilair Wood, D)li or Ilurdello, Yirw Tree, Italian White, Cotromngl le or lilack bia:na and Ilroctella, blose Wood, Amerli an l;rey, Ash White IOak, &k. & . &. Curled Ela., Specinwns to he seen at the shop. P'aits, oils, glhas, copal varnish, &e. on ohad dllor sale. Iloop, scroll and rod iron, iail rols hold plough Cat, German, sllhear, blistervd, spring, sheet and CiTowle steel Hollow ware, cut and wrought nails and spikes Zian, lock tiall, ill noa grind stonles, slt kettles Challni callb, llellhlc les,thoes Ox, log anl ttrace hlains, coil mills Anvils, tices, I lanmtersaod bellows Wire, sheet, ig atd laar lead; shot Co, .anld Eoaoking stolneRs "Allls, Itowland'sa nl other sadesar e shovels Ilok and pilate htinges, door l and window hlooks (ollilo, Iltlllts p ill p) and tllltler uses rirdlonl 31o eilla.olordge, linersanol artitoe ]loll ald sheatlaig Icopper; ,laal store Pailnts, linseed :ildI sperm oil A full tssortmelt ol hlardlwaire ain ship lchandlery, altay)s in hndll, altln wlichlare ofileed 3r liale nt whole de or reitail, Oil tile irot flaolrable tertns, by rno4 IA I'ON iS Co. 53 Old Levee. N EW GOOI)S-Siammons Ilurtt & co are now 're ceivilg frot ol llaooid shipa Yazoo, and Saratalgt tdbrlig Cotoleino, frolllt N oew Yrk a great variety ol goods in their line, whinht together ot Ih their lbrmet stock oil tllnd, Imakes their issorlr( ent vryc I plee. 'bher lollatinog riPrlaroe lr port, vir: t ell hwist, ,,r+le, lllak allo dr..oiilgeiorls horii do ofiallI daeaCriptis, In diae rnhher, ilk tltnd a'otr"lo elastih grtitro, riatito& ltle erlstic suspenliders, Itco flco nld Lucifear latchelt, crillitz ptorriotrtdr, idrr rlls Aad fooxes, tailet oniwder, polket limoks and wolllets, inredle boooks, Illll, earl, loorv ald ieoro(rlo cnrda iaase, head ornaneto, ,ldarl o ral lialai, ilaklaci andtl negligees, IlaPd tbitRsi bead oeekhlaoes, cat gbteota tlnli,.eed,olilroitl. d giltlreads, hludlial heads belhand pihlueitr piltol and largepow ler ilasks, shot elt, r, lo belt. pIpcket ald ddeiling istol; double alld single barrelled igunll, owie knives, andl dirks, .rissurm, leatrs, Iocket knives, uard lchains, nad ribbnsr, waslt bubkles, clotl, hl air Inooh, aliliOlii, orlllml. iono, plate, floor und dllating trIIlullo, Cologne, Florida, lavender, rose anld biy twater,ussortted essenres, and extracts, aecenassar, lear, antiqte, and Wardl' ve retnble hair oils, shaIvilg nll toilet soaps ofall des crilptios, Itlid i eat' aul geatletoo' delsks anld curesi, hniir Tieglets, frio tits and Itroido, plain, fancy oual musical work boxes, pibin and gilt, o'uored, toan and rst llattoans, pearl and ivory shirt d, ollirit studds, gold and silver pencir l ci es, toioililth k and tweezers,plnted "tad gilt llirLrtl, oiniatooe Li, oilvre. , rrla alid lll "t iaiailhhr, lolltas mi d e, r s, hair a illtr iliaitil froillblk aild.rdikll,shoelu blaking, violins anad guitars,ribbed nod phl ierrussion ciallsl litn twine, centeld lslh. Iens,goltId ilherlare and fringe, latter paplr, gamine ntgatidinhw'is, wpalking anne, playing caids, atin grlld, lelttd n ill jw+.lh &lr. The abollv, is ar with l i leat variety of lher arli t are offered a lesal or retaill u ac......udutlig j N L Shell cr t t airl tI Ni dilaa~iria MAli AltiKANcMENT' N.'rhern Mail Due Every Day at IaM. tnit Mail, l(es Evry day at 10. .day Wby.r Ma I, he Du everSday Wednesdal be.- h P u, tv.r "Filn ,. by a n P , . Coa"'. CIOe.(I.vosry "i,,in1,i, WedtlOda. a tand ntlrday by 9. P, T. 'hel ke ai ( Dee everv Te'dttin tliursilnay, a CloIas every Monday, Wednesday . IeXPRE~s M~llt. TIMES OF AtRRIVAL, DEPAIIUIJ. I)IISTANCH .,&c. oflthe Expresa Mail, betw.a, Mnooile atid New " York-leaving Moile daily at 3 P. M. Northwar New'York daoly at 5 P, M Southward.. Arrivevn R " Arrive N " Nartwertl. Ditance. lTime. Itarn' MonhtgomeryAla. 2lrw. 198 fie'a 233f 1r2m. Columhus, Ga. 11 81 9 .m SMiledgevi ie. a. 13 14 2 m nliie. S.C. 71 am. 163 17 1m ii Italeigih, N C, 54 215 22 12 SWarrentono, Va. 12 it. 55 i4 i - I'eteelhurg..Vn. 10 pm. 83 l0 9i. mn tichmon, Vl,a. I am. 21 3 6j SPecderikabarg, 8 7 7 lp n. Wcashington city, 2j pt. C61 6 . a Philadelphia, 04 eam. 190 11 i ,i New York, 2 pm. 9i dL Nte Cia 1J05 143 I. or e 23 Nortlhward. Comingg S.othwerd, the time is six hour lerss; hing5 days nald7 hours. y TEN JeOlIIAIS IREWARD. I , e RANAWAY froat 169 Camadeliel corner of Hlevia e 1Ltreets,on tlie night of 30th of August, and was rceile t next morning in Psvdran street, a negro boy named CIARIl,ES, lrout 17 years of age, nd 5 fee o or taerelhaatsil height,verv ilnck, and acsan imped le wente in his sicel, ode of Irhis les is sore, eenasioned by a recent hart; d h onn whle he went away n white Scolttan r lillen shlirt trnd while ci tton ilpataloous. a Maslters of veassels ntl eteam iaos, are elationed a gainst iaeceiving or chalelrirg said cegr, ,a well na alt other persons, at tihe t moat riour of l law will bh enforced agaioat thel. T'lhe al;ve reward will he pala le sovet. S sept o ()'l'IC---' lht Ore lnlershaillp t eretofitre existing I rrldre tirhe 1Ilc al I' DuboiS & arretion, hes teem rljeaisolv ed. 'fire ecirererirer will liquidtiate thte alhitirna itrmathrcrnerti, iler eit, citrrdequires tilal aperao ino eb - te ed tto trakeeatte im onit dy, tatll ltlutaeaiing cieirtteo frloeert heat fcac tleneanl. An hnllyIrl-7nt A , IrAerrTSON, cr1 ri-it hllt Anuo IIAICIT Aoi, W W. WAl.mN _ o b ei alwrals onl h hnd lmetootl reiviwol, . Iln co illrcail, & ceInteib cl Icn, iiiiuf it. DYES; Altiltslliy, tltain, Arg als, r eil, t lo tIl rll t, Aticaur a, S r. Arrenmihrtue, crAe l ota , a tle ro r ll c rc, llr.ailletie whan, liletet owi e ct. Cd i Mira st, Ilocnt, cr11d, Cop'ra, Ameri , lkto rinedi , C tta', eia SriatoVle, aarlle, Acula, Ttamjrlo, indo nasil, do ullrtai, do a nower, Ini Manla, i rluat uh, lFre.ll oberire, Ioea dCerail e, tticaigt, Ilestg a, cta netwictma, tie Mateil , d do oa Aeticrire, de on Iauc as, lianrt aiket, do (IctataceH, I lo Aortii, LgnatI, CanetsLCalty l do alanfaliia, do StIlolaine. iedo tuttciau, tie Jaimaica, S o be~willn, cthwrull, aI tio eotl, gh, ill er, omrbiien, tic tio aertirci, Ni aagunrc, Iiwolure, tio do SAaie, do t lcCae, I le ocwplthr, cr 'te1 do tl uaeait ie tic riit. t clihe. t ic ki , Aetti, ttirrtm, ly do Trstie , ido ttriatic, tie1 opriiut, do etlititaric, t-In shellac, illee vitrial, io s.h'en. .nrro vea rrltaliael -t o II"c etru llc tlk, :di rite of lia et _ (;a tge, Et aLso m silrts, ,- Jlldnilterr leries, Ancticsllu.unr mausteic, Irdo do Foeign, lited iltcipilsler . t ig'si i, E Inglish, i clh, I lerII alt, ; ho A nelricnan. lied hllOIUotat1I, lall M. Arrrlake, Saa, mp St'ar , ia l si ls, Sit I rat al, p p O il clons, Ser llS zinc, ,1c d ossil, ISull qiii ioe. - hI hi Nnln o, I ,I " I'y l ilacs. VolI, [. .lq wCU <t, ll uI n r e ti, Ao ldo :i: ovedult, l m"h eisapaeg nthwery, weighto 1, d o rplllcc~l , do d i. l bil in j:lr N, . d y., liei t ` n s lr tilt i. ,,lý . ý i, I I: il Il , I.l, i%,t: l i, I, Ica d,+ coin crrrrrrk 'hr, '...,. r.ýn r ' l, i " ii , l' i'io h ,r ",l.,rr :Srati. , "to rAairirln ' It tlr'r ,' h ~rCl, i l 'il ' " Idt", (,l.; k rtllk l ,o I.. , , t .ltl ,t'., Sk, ((1 11 vlip day I:li I ,t ll do ilr wllllic dol., do tii A'll i tlsl dhrIt l r .i l l in I'il hi rItr , , h il, ,r ' A ,i' S ' ll' i ',,, Xi l tlli Aslllll',* M l iNunl, Si ,Io io r,.lt -,1, \ rrrrir i;r r r rr .tr r 'I rrt rnl rr a rII i r, hr ii I ll l. - rir tilr (rrtslih' 'rn grra ni i fa u rtlrtcksi rt e, rArrm WyiiT n r ue. I ie 'lr 'a-- r r ' a d it, efth.ciN'ia.CI-llc 1'ai'c'S NI.a V NOVEh S l t/r't'ill te Rtadlr, by rllatr dautlr ia e tc t'yS m le, &e act yriit, l (i ia ci c Ial.e IIry Il ,vM Navy F L en, of l#1 i..h~iu IrEinT. s llrk'. m,1 - ---- BENJ. LEVY. "PAIN ' iEVISI'I'I:i,&c. &c IAIN ItI:VISITI'I) &c, by tle aliur oi Ayee, itl Spnin l,' inL vols. Traits ol/ 'Iolde l ihnerter, ns g.erill y napplicable to tile Aboreiiiies tf Nirth America, y ( i urnerIEsr, - hl'le Political ? frmma.r, of h Uniicted State, or 'cmol te -,i ti oflt thu Iai'in pr alites vf thIe ettera lnod stabe go-vroo".n tel, w'ilh the rchitlintS Ilao et+.,e: lit:11 --hdit.ndtlt edI.' ian ii t lht! etll," meno of tile Uited :lui tes hi I) i)at.ii !i, I":q A'imrod's Ih:+iti.,., Tomrs tHelrspersed wit e arneter sisel na ~lehsl saVings t mdl dogll, tis ofstltrting tito, in elhJi++ nolil:ces oft'hl principll mrack tersl lufngland with aonlytical clericals, and ge neral index of oatmen,U VII llllleiS, FOil TIiE Clire OFl Sirfiila orli King's E il, Chrnic Rlleamatismr, ChIlrnic Cutulieous Dia- Pain'is in thle lanae, by free Buses, ulse of Mercory the blood being in vitiated stale i This verya eoncentrnted Siir $ is prepared withi the geeC tdoiittil ctre- c nr ent elltllelt i V t tlra ti ottilllOil the ailtlie plrhiiln oif nrecattrila in thels t u cnllcel truted dacei., emibited with tther vegetable substance of known eliecey. 'J creai ieii'cr'adrantiot with phvsleiant in being abl to exhibit u larsge uaalititvy f Sarisapa.ila it siet Idos.elt Ihas lio ltaile ini this p)re r i'matioia-lltey, beinl filly coviuced of it.s merits, conidently admiidiater the course l'thelir paetice. Priie $1 5I1 par hattle. Sold only at SWAI.Y lRiTl'IIEIt'S drtag store, No. I ]Catnal street, wben may Iet lale,ftesl and genuneiithree titroe the ri.rr_ tori, Swaiii's Panacea and Vermtoilge, I'ttter's .tiaol cill, Carpceter's 'Preparatios, anid a large nnd genera ssorllllellt ot fresh drugs, aid4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. _INNOI 'St IMtPR'OVED EI)IION OF DR -- Ghtlemiti's Abrldgament of the Ilistory of Roel to hich is pirefixed an Intreduetiont to the Stdy i RLaInon Ilistory, aais great variety ef valuable infe.r mution added threhultt tihe work, on tie iMelnnion Institutions aind Antiquities of tile I1omaisn; with tnu nneros bitigraplttal catd hiil.'raitil Naite-; sit ljteel tioin for i exiinationi at tlP end of eatch sectio)n. II lusitnteld wlith thlirelvEngra'i;gs on wooi, by Alherlon I'ttsoco's Ih tpreved Elditiotn of r Go uldoti' Htlistitry oflEmiglaiad, Ivnlm the Invasion of Jtulils Caesa to ti e lela of GeoUrge 3d, with a coutinnuatios to thie yea 1832. With quesions tir exsmintantii n t the end o ealch sectilon. Lsaidea n variety of vitabla infornna tioll added lthronaghot tile work. Comisting of table of eontet perasv Sovereigns lnld emiielt tirsonl Ceopiousa explalatiiry ilots. Remarka on thle pli tics, nimneri and liteeatetre of trh age. Ae oitlnes tile Constitutioum, &c. &c. illustrated by tnny engr'i jugs. Gut's' EtEmEreTa on ARtrONOMny, anti an Aoridgmee of leithl'a New 'lreatise oil the Use of Globnes. Noew Aiierican editis,iwith ndditioans and improvemenl land lia elation if the istromoniiaoc al part of tile Am rican Alillltae. Juet received and fr sale byI WM M'KEAN nov 2-4 coner ol'Camnp and Common etc HAILRPIEI'S CLASSICAL LIBlRARY. 1 O{ACE',transiated by Phtlip Pnllleis, D D with -I an appendix, elitatinini taaIIttinsb of vtriotc omen, &c. by Ben Janson, Cowley, iilitn, Drvden Pope Addison, Swift Chattrttnt, (G Wakilield, Ptrnne Bryan, &c. and some othe ft moreeeiiaeit poets of th day--acud PH(EI)IlUS, wilth the iappendix I "ludin transilt ned byl Christopher thiart, in 2 vsifa foruitig volitInel ndIi 1"9 of"l'amlper's Classical Lilrmar 'li Elpeditjon of IIUI'ILtlY CI.INKi( R, by S-imollett, Al I), willi a utenitir Iof the Anthor, by r.filti ,i Iliotcoe, Esqi., iew edititi, witi illuitrettioa,; by GO Cruikslauk 1'llE 3IPSY; a Tale, by lthe ttthlior of "Rictnli Mary olt! urgualy," ' c.,' 'w eiil ti, 2 sote sin P'AUL LIlFORL)D;ly tie t....... "i "+All 'The I)it r d," tl e, beimt; volumI e II ' el tie tctn ..f ,tof"lit acre' Complei V.itke. Juat r-cei,,d" sale ) WM NitKk .v ", (I)) CN SlIDES--36 t i: tin hiuiknaqi at Uli iut, froua IF(ei, tutu nrf " OUlL'r IHAW"

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