Newspaper of True American, March 16, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 16, 1839 Page 1
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' h1NEW ORLLEANS SALTURDAY IORNING, MARCH 16 8. Vo .....~~~~~vo,.v N, ...": .. . Trit a Ince of lh i Net incper tne of New w Oeiekget * nntni.iii v.Wlti.grull ' to RatI a d'o ruttmo oeeting or tile l'rd1loietrnneelhtllhn Iltn 1t ll of Mlarclh 1837. Sutiooitkiitahi.O.- lw.ale I)1llalo for. the 'rily pa per sattina0,'I. ~e~nl" e ioitntinally iol dvonce: teo, dallarfint rhite ri-weekly cntfttrv piptr, Iivnallo oane year in dlvulletnti Lnere o thy rl'nerenco igiven. Nao S.hsnprltilet will be dihcolntillned until arrenages ore nettledl. In case of di catinllannce, ole week's notice fto oiilttog miut wo invarilb;y given, previous to tht xa itltion of sttlcription. * tovttNttstto-l.IOe lollor per entlren for the first nstrtiotn, otd half that peie ft. eeoh sltlhRii:t ollle: ann miaterat ltertifon firol the original udvcrtioeeltnt will he chlared as a tw one. YA..II.r AVRtTacasKRns.-4erclt(hat a il Tral'err, nrty dollars rp t E.n:ishlolnee, nnd rixt fior Ioth aln ragons Itoits, Iituorutie (Pliers, toill otltee simia lic instithieans, fifty ollrlnr il E.linlt oly, noe tighav for both laegnggs ; Ship nd HSenlnlolnt Fne *rt, "r CoactiooiitiotIeohaiita Sixty dollre itl IEoglioh tle, noldt(lnihtV forelt IIlag t noaesR MloaotanoS, f.(ie'cRY Ni'rnIes, nd articles call iog tim attenttion f-thlte ptihlic tto alties e' property, eaeds of o nr se lgero, "hen elit. &e. &., will eW r eCargrll ono dollar per ieuarti fr tle l erst it acrtin a each Inn gu i-e. . CeuMMNICATrtlt, or Adrventiemits, ofl any person *l ntnlre" wllt adtlllisihlen, shatll be lharged doiuble, nl idl in ade. eto. A dedtittilln of twenty-rtfe perceot. waill lie innd to Anctioneaser, Shere's, Itgiserstof \Vills,atld onarshla o ais:llern of real ostat. o.mlidled in bth Inngnages, ,atd 5(1 per cenIt. in Engli ao n eo: 0) til cent. on ales rin' tlltr property. AIttyaERTIS ENToS cllt -1o thi direct line of Iasillear or tle .vertiaert , i lenich as leg , acmlion, nll lalt hol clnrged for seprinately, nl at otr lodinary t rtes. AtinY.eterISMli:Nsts 1 t specified l., lttilne, wnll be .ublished one I antl, ILa elltargedl acrorenillely No advcertiseint ts t toankruptcies will lie pbliashed Io any eane eo lIes tid fi previnR s to inserl)on, or jlient n uat rllwteedh y It resolsilhle pIeron in town. r'lneatrtald onlthtr pnlaesutlf ailt"ment, udvcertisintp daily n nthe Reaonn, to hi olllorged $11111 ofr '.llglilsh a JOnLe, Sill 1. (1 in liott n litogll-r s. AIl Inontncclnoentt i el wldiiinte fwe poll t r lithicel officis -will be charged dioebl tho price of other ailvertisc l)w.Sl no itelmse lots 1wou mied ,iy nrwpapoer Srly ilors, thleV y a sve I noa to theO ( rllnle nl<ll tll tllt e, withln tIt mont ater it ,reallt-tm shtall, II.I ltae khwI (to f.r as r ratliinhli) toi etoi r oth cr-they obli ic li tutse-u loss ill o lae o rlnr iance pagpoeng . (Sighsntl J. IXC. tr. Sr. ltt11rlS J. IAYtI)N, hy ii,! ,li, ve iilo r i lili , a. itr tlh y tre iil clil le ha lE, Nu o e'lHnlcc ilnlantenc relkll ticicio IrI ll ll. 6mnths. I'EEPI. Pt.NS--Fh''s Nal. ., '.t. I,-s uv Danitel WIF I "'ti, Fel+',.h ge lrarr1 pron lroe n t. lagi o Perry's laet prnllt; Ia dl,, tmll to d+i :i I lit Pt W ivlt le t'+ In d ir. d o ed ,ur ,, h le p ra te ng tdw im prial te.r d. so.t doi fillo,' hrel do tn Nllilnui du Alndl G cllol' ( c',oler.itll, rU .ale "t l) .\V111) l1'r L.T i:htrec st. QI(. t Nt l ll lsll-e:10 ll i l ,itv fir .ue Io| ADIAMS & \\IlITt lI. "fl"i _LI w " 67 {'+PI'D+' A Srlit t.t r--.c . l.h,, in rtte fee nail I.1 v r lid 1 Il Itonre. KclIly ltrrit & to. l'+Palsocsan glv . i itli .e I't n enr I \ --ll.cIv t 1,W I'lI'hlt.IIA It .10 T.t "I.ll liL I AY'S IINIMI:N''.-No Fictinli--'!'hit ex trcorditor tyelcioal toilitioln, ctserslrnt of clnie-c, andl tile inrctlt,l el t cIlleeratni. I Ittti ctl llxn, the iolrodil',' n of rhck to ithe pblitc invr-tedl ith llhe OeIler.ILt.y ol a onatbld ill.(tlest, Jh o ilner. gailed a rlepalttiol ttlltnaralleted, lally eataltaitlt (ln ,arrel.tlie or the lanlentedl Itr (;rille.l'a last cn'iinlo",n. ch.. " hk dz.ed not cil whlmtotL givilits to pts'rit. ,kr s-bucIft oaf his oibll]r., ii.ta . ( islt .jllje.l." old le thefor,t fl e.. o relrlc Iinah dcnsPcrPn'y. It is .1tw ilt+d ill thl prltlal hlnn;na't, and thie tirolt, Jrilie it i ito r otllltry, irot aidtl ost rclruw llv er Ihe ,ntcan ol 1im Ilh-, and t 1 eIiten bitvly xaid eihieiitlly ao; tit hadu Ctellalicy, note'eo tI hlerl it c on'i<:l i ,4irt otlltord ueunr.uallly ia th" For I)rtlcy--CreatiLng extlruaordillnry utorptior All hiccll''ni-Iiindueitirleiit iLt ol/,w hatirc;--.Acute otr C;oritot, gvinlg quick Thruat--By C'aet-rn, Ulcers er Caolls. Cnlltb end Wtthi.tyog Coaglt--ztctrnttlly. and over the hPl.t. All Irllltuoc, il.traios, and Bont-t-Curing ia a 15w hours. Slores and liceir-Wlietwir (reek or long t;llollp.., nd iiver i aireu. Its ino'ertiol. oll idultse taChildlen in redue ing i rliouuatic swelling, land lonse t Og l oughoI nd tighi esa of ithle lchestby clraltion of the parte, t las been surprlnisig Ibelond conception. The lonlllll reark of those who halve used it in the I'les, i 1' It acts "le a ceharm." TI'il PILEtS--' ie plrice, $1 is recianded to any Ierson who will use a bhttlo of Llay's LIniment tfr the Piles, lnd return the enllpty bottlevithout tieing cured. These are the Iposiive orders of the pro tienor to ihe Agents; and out of Illnny thou. oldno sold. not one ine beenll unlllnecesfil. W' might insert certiicnates 1t any lentgth, but preflr that those wlIt sell the article, should ne Ithit the nriginalt to purcliars. CAUTIO'N-- Non e can be genuine without as splecdid ongraved wrapper, oil whic! is lily name, .ad also thatf thlll Agentms. SOL)OMoIN IAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK &. Co, New York, and by one l)ruggist in every tooll it the Ulnion. For tale by tili \VWolesale Agents. rorner of Coilono & L'ieloupitoulas street, and by the Apotlhc ries genIrally. jc30 .........) I i ite U ii I'A 1 .Rt .J)IINSO tOflne IIl1 itiemilln. stret, can lie. iasll Iactini to the trseat t llellt it Vellrel LIiio:s, i iI all ilts ddlrlu f.ruli. Iireasesmld from hii: plesitt extlalivle Pnn ctia i thaI particular Irranl of Ithr 1proieuionz, guarantillle a nat, speelly sad eflntatual ro1e to iich ileriool at are tloubled wich of the ltilllowig diseases, viz: (1l lnlrlmlne . iltcln Snllln.IilR, (CInlionImre, Ilho., 1, Se,.illil \VnhakiOes, Aifolieioll ofiln IIhadder, Kidniysln t.iiiu., Urethra. Prnlnlrale tilOllll, Swell.d l esticles, Enruptions ou tile Skin, Sor1e Ti'hroat, Pains in the And thile alaerqul syplltll s which 1enerally follow ItReelln eases cured ill two or tlille days wilhllt tilhe rse ofl Ml rclni , iultnrr li onll Ol Iloiu iiurio.e, o nr t jhera ,iotll iitie iod of hIine. A midollchitl, pirellt Venereal Disease can he oil tinel of' Ir.Johiaso. It il filml ItheI relie "i the1 IlMlr lliLrry, c ielrlIied Frenl.h Surgeill, and w as ueli Iv ihlilnl dilng ilitiverl eol mpitns in which lie I e:.venl'asrg.r letll Uluer.l illi tihe ciFe nlll lv. y Sold by Dr. Jhn cou, at his olflce. 'Tlhoset: i.resone bhling gay diltionii of Veoureal Idisease, anli hoult. nrkiIIInl sea voyovge, or rnmoluvillg oi lhe icoulltry, W.uld t, well by ginino I)r. Johiiano a call, as prller imni ines for (heir cre in the slhortestl tie cailn bhe put lip wilh wriltell dlireeiito luo. their lone. Ofice open from 7 in the amorning until 10 o'clock at night. AIIE:IINTIIf' I)YSPP PIC I.II' L. I)r. iorlletliv, tith greatest ollf Enl!idti ireon ta w: opinlion blutninellc-tenths If tihe dislease. that affel t nankind originate i. the stomerch. 'Thi< Elixir was adI by hilm with the Ulsllt lunprecedented ucc ill its irivale allld pullic IrilllieL til illlWIIrds of florni years, lir Ihe renllovlll of ilhiflllwinLog diseises: Loss fi fllPlite, Flstullo y, i )ifDiitentio, h uicimi Slaoi - a:,l' iio in oli.,Ie, Ilen viimeuunfl tile Ile aln d m ill n i io 'iii. oleetiIhiigulirityeli the ihiwel , and in all i.ns wllre Indligeiitione r a custive hlabit ii found to Tlli oiedicine mnusot Io 0ll amilmedil iloning lhe Ioat of miack illhsnilnl I1I11W lhefor te ic iubl, Il it is tlhe solt invention of the ablest and Imnst sciennific sorgeon Eourile ever iprodlucedl, nd Ilia secret illi prepalilug ii .is Iopirihased by tihe .ate lifr a very large sum. it i. ogreeoale uall pleaslullt o tile la-teI ncts a a mluild oper irl italways keeps then bowels fre, il iparts vigor and nrelgllt th lte iysteml, u lcll honerillnehl to th millilld, and a few hottle removnles the ilmot eonlymined cases of I)vsopepsuia r indigestion, alid prevenlita return at anly future Ileriod. Naw Yoatb,l7th August, 18338. :15 Maldisoelstreet. SIn:-- n eo i.queneeilflelilg lo saelednlinry life, I hinvn been trouled, nollre or aless, with jlaligestioi for tel yearn; lir thie lai three yars lily sufferings Ihve. icihn ilsulpOrtnhle. I have triedn everal pbiysoins, a lnd a n(ll lberof lk ak.lle el ieilld h e w ilhoul t deriv hlg anly oenfit. I ilespniilred if nver onnliiliuitilly perilonellln relief, and resig nedl mI yself to thle llbet Ihopel eIsn d esp ai r I was perusnmlelnby ialiy frienda.loo ryhAberiietliy's IDyisleitiec Eliir. Il have nnOw linihed Ile'folllhl Ihl-' 'ano;ll lknow ln1 how Io .xpreno mlly; i i rliil of its olnderfl viratlen ti Io elllnonm le iti i n pernllrlled in rellormlig i lt alht hellllh which .ll, I illghl lst ftr encr. nell ilne half a duina hoitlen ao '. all exaept ny ihlnk finr liohleluinill you have a Il erredlhy re .torigl liie t' poill3et hehllh. I reunoifynoir, .1 COB MONROE. lite lent ll h i -l him ipoanoieln trev huIllred tea / ,ii als simniliar I tlhe lhllve, lf Ihe extlaordilary vir rI iof liis ltediceie. Sold by oppii.iitieut, at 'Dr. i om i lii- l 1; III liernvill stlreet. luov. 5' Iiimj M III. ts I PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE . NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. a THIE aabscriler hnving purchased thie sae and fir a Snitarcof Ill well.kuwn astsblislnhent frot, aiI it Taylor, the late priprietor will he ready to rer cive vi - ters bv tile Ist a' April next. Nu.e'rouas and cosily inmprnveents will be found in tle orralglnnelnsa of ilse hlassiotll Ilauson. New ldl mole oaidloainin batr I iaCg hose will bie bullstl, and wlrm btll-. will bie Irovided at all hOllrs. A table wtill be ttahel d to tele hual e, with gnsoid a:eto nwillda ions fir heores and carriages. 'irnraite ud ctrriges will also ie kept fit hire at nmlderate prices, nnd sail and rw bntI is ith l rsons to inag oe tilesn for it tiuse uf ristlerns. bIilliatrds o. iler liI R nisually liellld ait whatri llg1lae. , will alsohe 'rnisid, i and so Cenolllleed las nt to aniltrferet wIhI tie etllirt P and lquiet orthe boarders. T'hm ines atd liqIors will be f tile ibest quliiy, and ti eitaure a ull siiiyv ul ice, a icargo haI already eien ordered, which willt aeri e about the Isll fInaly rt. rllt Fredrick Ihnsaal, wiho formeurly kept nitptilar it na betel at ts Vnahii rt il.s, will ci ildar th i I or't l e 'r tle irolpritlor, whoI, wiit l tch aill, orefiiislalti enllras the visilrs of losIyear, a ld hia feii.ais getieallty, IvinttI they will re:oive aovery posils Iunttlltitll; indi thllrt.Ihy ex l:tas to give gesmranl atisactioni a 'I'hn local Illantallels. aof tsita huise, are too well keown to seed its hlegt.elled deseripltstllt re. Ithe, faicts tat leanasl:ol is tie largent llrura station of.lth (ovnentrlsll' the genleral reindegivosi of lhe i(;llfsg uatI eon; tlhe sala'y of itn climaite rereslhed i:aints iily dcu ing thlre strlaer aloUiils y tile colest reie. lrolll ritieull; d ll.the b,,.lty of tile lbay illnd tle wighbolring islnnd nail rivers; il llabondallce anyd deliaety if til. fish withl wlhich tile waters .abound; ans ire prsxilnity ts he lhtl .Oautlern tarkhets, ivA I'eIa:ala the pre renrrce over all other places it Ithese latituden, an a hIealthy std deliglhtfil summer rorenrt. .rmt rate bams waill re between Penanaola slid Mo bile, unti will at iill tis able tio take lie pna.Arigeras frolut Isi New'Orlians boats. N B ARNOIL.D., FPel. 15tsl, 18:1n. ' I Gletlemiten wishing to nnggea roos for their fallilie, ul addrless ltie Irite riotor, lenll i nsaeoi l al. rlIeeweill T Iayl tor, tie il'csL llir ieriOur at Ni.e Or. n e R frneer . I ' tI' iafird, il q, Mrl r t ullumi, 1 MlI'Al ., q.,l .t . Kicbbo, in tolt ; " S 'I' laylo r, 1' I' lia, Eat, in N'i. nP t--A hklll lnd ,Ill lolre eive rutnllllUlitrlien fort i I"rss at I :lnve holltel, in lilo it Ge l(;o h ihitsa i .lie, .1 Sth li"les EI'xchange. U I ('r515ve llr s dr ;i l : Ins In ill' i lkg he Florida noisle, v l Ellt till railn iicr l t I orii i ltlt h. ,I itr . fiit t i a c Iot will tacutitile ran lion. llctI.nllbilill: ((T 1i ls l Irei . andt.l stles wily i1eu1 he provided Ny i" the slll r r il e isi c l l i |ts t l u ltelv frutii . rr ru rMon le, in cse ofthe l'ofti 'lrit tcic ,NN A e Alt i NOlc)c Thl sil aisnhlc (P :pha lli v :Mo b11 Moile. h, r In P.lnns NrrI{RL+ R, (:,INo,, 31 n 'Iitnrtr s t, ee t e - Ito ' e ie viir ( alti In ll their hlint' in hlladel ll , al l 'e lr,;an t f Lnd Compl e I al sorr, ,' nr l oi stlb tanlnlala fnld fash onllbsthl" clotllul. They invlte Inle atun Slin.r o1 tho aubc, s ltheI tirl vilartanii td i't sa l. that araainger , aniL s 'llltI l ll ii llll(' tllll, l he l. elves sure odv untgcncBly in : ny clt:ly t IItie N. It A Iew d +z¢+ci clot ivenry hin-dle ine i brellSs aroml 3 I. 3f luches. A' i , aIre latt ot Wite, pi Ie toli',giil cadnoralo' l iz',c' very low' tint/)TII E-..\ I)"--Alk..x..'N I 'e l.llor Ior Ir llovingti4 1rll.. 'll- hair fllall, fi t te'€, i' k it an d & OttiP wi il e I.l tl oal'ely ftl trnis ti a'i tiiiir tiht; tki,! hI l I . a+Imjy.JI M l n l d}S. tit Ihl it ul, ' r lii .t ,lI. . i 1 i i r 1i i IILi tae i (tlsrt.' Pan, , r , I ls' t irir"'. \ tititi'. s a i-- n t I Ihe ap i ci, ,, tc p.r . ly 1, ' ,l ii i ,n I al. ru thlih, Ot' tiltl. .I i h i 'I',t " i bso ilIIli 1 a t The Iouug Ilan'" e Keei cithhtitd 1h n sti 'ii,.,' tad E'lls,, tiI 1I ilai v i1" Ih hh. F. a -o,.., ,i t.u\,It.\N IcI';t 'l't \ c.I(, 3) t'1 e ll' l, t1 .w II lt s tint tulsi ir ill Io lie ly SSll ,l ll IInI'l& Ii h il I mosl.ll ii. n 'r F r ll ' rno ll ,"=, ('.,,,lb I " i ,".".. i": ,oz vit . t ,, t .he ,, - a ; It'lll.lig ,ull ' i ll \fn" m rf s llu r q llualit v =ti •  Ju"-+H J 'I+II.11' E I '. &.',t,74 l'ar drns st FlEt \NT tRIl N(1lE'-I Ill/i. i;: !/ / ( limChar 1 ires 'tr.. il this diii riireeerIa:l u au iliccuceiiir " Wl l. r-e entnelht and IlU*taie Itiert pins, +.t u p in thne e-- ii I, 1 O.h\ i( i iri C. I'cII. . I-\\ idlh I il, 1 . i ti",it , sale iyi I TI E Ien ii iF R Ii ei i ire iiiir icd i l fied Lihle ili t'inTe l('rmci, Irreri : r ance,, 19 lH E t of l l c i , Nek b ig M h rOrle c t nlsi. i pany ill tn i L Pittburg CWal, in sallt q tr-I ties, tt thlleir ol1rrcin lrm.e Orln reer reld ;t tile Gas Oafmil. B hlek Ahlley.. "( O111E Ol I'IA I'L&--E-Ju m t'e; i--1--l, -tii.i I e t liti e wllh. T , tliPrinl'lS t thils i (ek an11 gentleellltn h. l, lur i1 gelleell, m rs illl elllld thh at i1 he new edition ol'thtr C dw I"i ll'tle lc e, I.- allOW latsld l ia i rc v for dliaa I. Iral tlo slltle l t Ill shirihe s.t 'm'he, Cede oTlhrart'he i alr lnty at with u-killexeitsn. t d wito legantre, and o thliy+hed in Eoglish nad French. The cll'rnt Ni ort I lX s are Ol nlelii il it hi theI sh pri fe• are iix. Ee Ji IIia and an eI i ' t lishree , New Orleans i lljalteri nllr Ilu lr ie e (A ieieclr i ilird it r t Cnlllli ,ic d boy's r ln k srilk hate , lie r sale Irv ar felhs ISAAC P.I lI)GF & (& ,'13.1 Naignxhn. st iiNeim 'S DRan PS.--hnis carl medicine war decovered by tile pronrl etr and has been sba b jleled to his carelful obse.rvatinl llr many, yenas Ito aeey irrin n rirl nclleri in clnill tle dieanse, of yho diverltried Americn rlimate; and it is not niven to ihle ar ic with the w ileret conlilene aiand believe that it is, as mrieo clerly aset frarth e llnse panplllul oaconlpnnyiag the sanme, the best nledi. tine ever trolnre within tlhe truck f all elas+es fn sntelet. II is wi the gi preanest pr(p niey iven in all th 2ln is phee whiach afflict o ie human rw e, froul tie eslanbldlded lct, that. lien ctaikt n Int, tle sto mash it aclSae ehaollin ho tle stanie ol the atoni ael nail ile ncture c tile dnseaste, either as an enre, dicr-et,sier direlic, exliecioranio rejrpiretin nmediie.l That it is really what it purpori s pi be, i .reds only a trial o satilsly tile iiost incrdetnlns. prpeiri I ra o iin benlieiol and lisai elC ClIeta in ieases l tle ci.ce ncd lever, billiusan typhusi ner ris ond Iscarlet fIvers, illluneliiZn, iVlenit Clindse dyscnlerry tr flux, dl)slpia i.r eearslesr seany them Ihal llry are notI ,ly walrranted il warmlll reclllinredinrf il, hal tlhea-e called upc n from a sense lduy whlil they rowe to he ihun an frinily to say t ail, try iit nand yon will bear amnpli tcsnl n' toi all we lave s;id on lhe sblljetr. Thie cihlera itsel, tihe warsa scourrnu which he ever visited our ohlry, has bleen asccesslivl con ittered the prpiricir in itirten easena rawllh tile inse o Ils intedlicllle nly, ril iut lie ,Lss of a single pc ient. 'TIPe Iheldienre is pin-ared iRly by doctors BURNiIA.M & DAVIS, Si. Louis lisscuri; and is put UpI in phials enel nceomlcaiied rwith a plain and distinct direction, and ccntcniiicg anbkaut sixty dlses to bhe ihad Ior seventy five crnts , whichr inakrs it mauch tihe cilueapet ndicirre ever offered to the public. The above imedicine is snld wholesale and ret:ail by our Aentr, Hlenry Bannahel, Daugistr and a ApcIrecnry Tnlnuciitnuais are-etr. New nrleans. L 1O Ihall' lbblslamilv F'lonur, i5 ihall blrls Philadelplia buekwbeat nlnaal, 10 .Qnnarter dr do do 110 Eihlth tdo a I h do 3011I .llnrnlnrs extrnarirl ileavre potatoes, 5 11 small G(iloncreslreesen, - 511 canister.. nprerved salhon. "l11 boans Philadelplia assorted preserves, Jlnst recieeienal for sale Ibv G W PItI'I'CHARD , Jlr TAGUERr Ji.,. j&9 cuer Poydres & .l0lainnr - OMBARI) & CO'S loaston and New Orleans • Lire of Packet Ships.-T'lie new line ofl ships has been expressly built to run between tie above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accommodations for passengers, and every offort will le made to give general satisfaction, The line is composed of the fo'lowing shlips: Cherokee, 415 torls Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 4011 do S Lenf ist, Charleston, 374 do -1) Eldridge, Co(lumnbirai, (125 do qi Barker, Seaiman, 240 de J Hlowes, llomrlay, 625 do . D Ilumphrey. The above ships are all new, of the first 'lass, copper fatened and coppered, commanded by men of great experience, have largo iaccoiimmoldations, with a separate ladie cabilr; every attention will be paid to paisengcrs, and the very test of stores pro t viderd for thenr. 'rTlo packets will be Lowed up and dlown the Mis vissippt, and the strictest punctuality observed in a the time of railing, and sbould the reglanr vessels Ibe detained in arriving, other ships equally ais good w;ll in all cases be substitutedr. A share of patron age is solieited, ranl the agents pledge tllellselves to aeolrnnodate as intucI as practicabie, to receive and forward goods by s id line at thle mst render. ate charges, and to advance all expenses on goods , shipped, if' required. I The ships will leave the let and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERILtITT, 82 Commaron st. N. B. Advancements made on eunsignmra..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 A IIIICAN ItltANl)Y,Gth.rn bt utter,& . : 3i Ibarre.. Americanr Ilrandy, 20 kegs Goshen Blutler, l21 boxes starch, 51 kegs luckktl heat inar!, 25 braxes Ilipecni Irao, SIdo dIo canisters do., L ll. iglin lld IIg le iip A rtil u huih, i(br Iae lby til5 lil I ' ll'CIIAIlI) & JO ' i ] Et I ll MII C-(l, Native ,Itrsic.; "lT' li'. en t li i I'ieo o rrir lillg, rvilr Iiliade; i er,+l. I)c li llrrir, t)le due)t youl lellrtah."r thl. lealtiloll elmoh- i ll the. Iir/llln i(trnloei; The Whime Ilorse of the I'r ppr ; Tho l I 'o''ie rnd r Loveiithou art near r re, rung ry eirs Sh rio in IIIt' gi l o nllllllilclli ()OIprra Alllihe; ;Good ig It Tlec mrr tiilrlii il lirrilihig; i ear, e. t Ior .pring tel ee lirkl. w le l I 11 hllttslll; ]lour 'l, ,.lllll, litu rll ir l sIIo rote; A Lilo on. the I ccu Wnu wove, by IIt1 usell; slhc wilrh. d for hilll ) io m le' Ir Pilll tlr Ir;ii.'. , tI ii' l morning;( o)lr 'er I II water' s bI mooiighi ; lhere' s or Iuner ) like toy l n., o ll rl e'l flc It ho hr li'r ' I)Y T n .lhilr'. - Itl viii Ifol.'lhzts, It' s Illeclfie; (llrcvll Vir ia'.r ,+ o rtillrl rlliNdIrillue. J rl. rueeiv. d i d fir -ahl by 119 II C1As.i:Y, 1) Camp stI NI:\- (ii)1Il)rS-lnxh & Ak.let tave n.- r.ved . isrlmrihdbo .rtr e t of liLu, "ncy ;.udsui . ile IGr I'ic rs' Nrs, c mipriei t lldies' I wri g dtlli ks ouveCirr i1r1li with wmarl and ulel; pockr' book<rp r s.11s, i oi sla s- 1h4-1c , co<,hll ii+,l Ilv,.r Is l s. il. tl liu orvy ei all d ll ,i' r .ie , l\ l " .ot ll' l.' i It 1 "r 1_!I C r rr St C 'rlrllrl l rrr ll rriro rl. 1 I1 i, i " THlE I.1 ll.; . T' l 'tINSOiN'S II 'I AT i.l't ', IY, for rmooini I t sellII rll. tt uiIir oi fll e llll h oli , e1 k I nd n. ' lio vith u!llhl nt. i,, 'nld 1i' lertahilty, bliting the s-kin lit r sll whller thlln ir n Ir e i lrppli.ntionI . A rel-e h sriupply jIlt reerlve(. d ait GI r11 NI'S, No I Exloric ,g lirtel, cornet St ('ourls stl loil , a o1 - P. t'ItEI'' ihN &. 6 iCr., ' ,r , e e.ziC . Ir." I . Or , -t re c illg thr ir s.upplivs if InlI nld ur n oer n'lrhill, anm will r iiimr r t lrr llt r hir r s'itrrrrrr ii er r lre. w ill e llllbll IhII I, r llir i ImIIe r 'lllel Irtemsc the tll'ry, it the lho trtst i o, -: I ilt ,lnl & ' rltail, o ti .. ant e, l ll l I1111 F. III. . IINlrr' - r/ llll " 1 . irr I. irk' ' ivre' ii h l lr t I irr lr, I l t'(I)I 'I Jh0 ('i" t ill· )\l I~i'.hl o ll . "'i Fihu l li.: tl. e IIfmill I xs lixe in..thi lir, S1 i1 t. ll thrlile 1'1,li i ti hl ik ol irl i'rc rki dtie iv 'i l n t, III 'c i I l. II vI ,llf+ i 1 II j ',,'' tut 11I1.1.i Iirlak Flo " " I '\l 9II )i S - -li :4 tIh e 1 . i. ; 6 y th e i·t i h r i ' i h i, It, leuI i 'ii1,i slil. I i, ll wit l P ,7+,.. Sl ll lh ll ] ll. I. . ii .il ilri I illl, t I i, i rlr'' S, 0 i 'I v Iha I'I lrrci'h.r, " 2 tols, 'T1, 1 tI'lt I loic cl, " o . 1. The I ti th e C lle,'. 2v i,,lo l Ili' elhl-' 00 Iil'hinrilt l i ll"o b liss l . ol' h vi li ' I r eeivt ' tid tlr thl t I,, 1AI .1 j Iro n dos hit N rii tu o r 1, f cr jlh h l, I'el I )\AC II I·lil E & t II ' 13,1 3i2tiazhii a1 1 t I 11- S lrl,-- ,; 7 I"-... , i ttl l i l elfr·1t c Itr 1 1,1 Th 1''I e re zo.' ' I 'h,"' t 000 . I liar il link itr Ir t ri ml ch 'llian hI ivit h ul se. Ia d i .l.l tl ite h I I I N I NI ill.hi ItI Ih111. TillleAt-. llr0tt II h'- I'I i'n , ( 'i t l l ih. "'' cl i; 51 0 i I., 14 ltIs jciest r ceisie. , imi.:" itr tl. ! ih l .1 0C0' N, hIIp T'hlitla& fist S fet N ' Slationert i l; l , l It Cilalrirnse sr ree -IlN WI'E l'anirtlrI..r -le' r if ' cl ofrr i e i te, a lll in al ll sleri ' ll nie I ircr ,rlirire tN I C-- n hilld all riiies n tires r irhl e .t ' i tic g t .itr ilr . C ords try oier ttl" m lrti part iic l t. a t si' o.rvvrcd Irorll. rT, r rbi. r s oline lr A . er Msr lio r icr'o a r ,r i nrn' , " Lrirro n h lle i , s l (r lS and li \ihhr cuEtlrs,..Al eve5 y olher .a t'l,, - Ia~nk 21n0d.lhtl2 re lb, II0It.,ll4gltH j t 3e'd ek; ani 1o ti"erle er by I"nell 31 marl ,or Iy hall .' Brow. who all (( Sc' td lm en ind llaell(n lr-o r rs, lee i tinlorz. 'C ! l ) It i c h r ] la e nt L o v r ( o p t to e r -t . , ou r s al (;Iou11I, Jaccklh .Co 'roIw obidge, Oolugl tI~i I I, oand J 11 II lo;ll for role ly jalli 100 IC IIIIGE & &o, 131 3l.eoroiaoo0I i ~ \ClI \lAN oil No' York. fbr lille by ANDIIEWIdS & 1lW'-O, Iel l 511 Camp slITer ýýt Uti %lt-'i5n l biid llsoglr o1n plantatlioln So Isle ' N FIy Ito 0l1,l3' ob h Ko lhto'lo'N&o, h tell Id Coi lstI N1;1' 11 I'i'LLary of the fillglicit i.allnlngge, by Chanrles Riehllrdsool. Itttplet io - vols. Also,, No. Idol Nichbolao Nic1lbby,jIno1 roeeived, alot foroob by OV1l I'KI N, fo14 rorComop oooill4lltlollll 110010 300T 1110 111Cll 11 di:lL&111~11(100 NTCI MOl) Y Idt"Ia. and ti .lot or, llr lrrle b t jail 1 lla cnzaine att 3 3 CASIiS Plolone ail Iiodlkerniht, ofo I handsome, p1 lollrnl, for sale by ti~lSI1 & C1,. 4 1RF110 NI lII 0 ThIrlonrlellI1r, ,a 'lv boeooilbtl Jý artil,rbrlowo 013kli joltreee'lorl from~ lnr11111, owo llr oobe by 1)1V01 I::l I & Co, ltll N Y Slatlonero_111111, I Charlres at Stll UIII bI1.- 1 _'s r iIlli srl , oIll llfr oolt by IJ jai7 ABRAH1AM 'l'IILEII, 14 loydro a1 (I OAL-ii7b tons of t1e lrot EnFgish ronl, rell suitld J Ifor Iotoot I boat oo oIlf boardl bIll Ob Ahcoo, frol New I oobr, for 0,a1 by IIt)LLMI, & MILLS, jnal Iln ook l'looe ilAI.MU.\-25 tr bunells, 5tl eiththls and Q00 kegsPC S salmonl loading from shiftil Chlarlestonl, fr sale by 01 1(4- J P 1o l10blYllI, 7 Coaot p 1 r u l Igblltl0 ol'r rellao b1r arle Iy fe - ISAAC IlIltlbF & (1o, 134 logaooloe 01 13ACON Sl)ES oJ-50 hbdo Cinrlinnii 0,1 c d in soe and foraale by STETSON o AVERrY, ºý\()CUF'FN O II Edjs & S1lC5-'1'luesubvcriber halve justl re-eived u large ? IIPslrtllrnt of Was 7oooublersIhooenlntcro, ugar Bowlo and silver puncr Ludler lnd toddy Slpoonl, wlhilt Ill y 1111 or for oole low j) 11 IIIOVEII & C0,, 17 Colun a SAnN Le.rtlrr 0opIer-(Gilt edrld, a very spleldid ornate, rtrvrrvlir, qIlol'loy a1nd11 Siz. Asoo blaok edged l110er awl, billet paper, Tor sale b DM11l) FELT J. Co. fold NY V StnnlIIrs 1a,111IIa Chalrros 00 1\IIKPIO)LISHI IPI·'1!AN, or Vioijsituleo-A lale by the author of the Swiss 1eiress, jutlrererivrd and for sale by A VAIt, j,1113 I 48 CaOmrprI *W YObuK Siaiollerr's h1u1ll, 24 Ilorer 0treet N by DAVID FELI & CO. IEvry arlicle in voloiuonrv ready 011nd1, or to orldr 111 lip, at rlart otic. 1hotoooo 01r retail, c0001 or Siprrouved credit. toO. III rA itala I ran. tatat ' laa1aa alae' a a ala a a' t , wa'l pa r al TT. IIa, ,a d a. 1 ofhair iE s re-"trlr no n' tr an tl t'al' .h 'qall a t t. th.' h I. nI lornme 11a : ' - a.' a Ia' qha!o,, a o f il-a t thalý':at.m.n a t'at randl pron Rl.ara brfnaes, ltille lppl.,atae Iaaornaah a m anlw h 'as t M inis at ar i l t ine a l.le ' ta hei , .. a d F llllb ln ave II 1 t-h a.I alll ailv tO III.a ' Iie Iatl a n d allli l el ofrfil their til Il l' a th aa rea all i a lar t .a I vl a n llra lloll laqa ty a .pIa't ' in itra' a |in (hol.l l'tIII at evl' f. la.N af'ils aa r inl a, the orMIa a' thr ltaI vao ll wh n dith Sn vv s ki 1 o .rs tin e= the 1v r "lI hair.r . 'l'n Unvr t ei r 10 1 i 0"0ad 1 a . ito illna Sll' id lalt o ('rlna.rin Fl to t hd' r troa adt'I e tha t lothe firal app'a'ta lh'a' a.' 111aa f le.- fle rlala olal, - it iagti l. It Iik'war' prnlt e e'eal ba rn v and wrl0katrs Ia'avalt a the ie .itn et I hl ato f in . .' rIanVt lte r it ()ldtrid a ll.lta II'lh l t1 n alh s aln a oth t ty o papra eriaortia l'E Reanrd 'i.ltl A'cIlwin. :- . hafs verfi~ ~JO I0 '-tlh M eenhehl . IIIIt eltehIg r tll a sp II: Ilid int i at Fa'IaI, Ia.1 whi is rep nt tel of t le. l re iv o ill'nll 'lallen. The In bila i elr dto re b l n r l t ' llif La nelit w ne se he1r .M (rif Cohlllm a dietJ nvn F eb e r d byd J.i driI e, ntIr ha e 01ugh I' h e rutI I r hi h R.Vlr I Seel e not A i)y Us n reVW S vllt a t'ti a'l anll f.tlling ' l, fl altir Clt als o a tI cerainu rest ert h I aLI a aaM TII al a '(III3, Senior, ta l ethod t Minister in aat (: aer, atl Ilalni. ' Nota a a na la ial a fia NIrth Fifth c., .k OIIN P I\fnLtSi t ; I , Maklt c.lreet. Jda ' IlNa 1 '. I l ASlk .b 1an l .), 1 ':1 alle t. JrIs N S FI, '111i':" l n l . s twl, e's.-hr fet. II s filk a attll 3nh- , al l l aa l,'na i r Irll i. IIN (Aai t Iti , .arl 1:a 3 An'h siln.. h rlliatsa n Aunt three of the above F nr- ale mo rll lhan :il years of ac, nd the ok hors ii lel thr.w hn : l30. [.-Fronr tll e s .lkn -r,] "e nm o eII Il lld1e1dall nl Cta 'nrva ,nlklnab , al on hal'rt harton. n'il 'r o f .lil cit'y of Ia'alawa.r t in do a 'lt lv a' rtif' l,.a a nil well t ai a iiinha d wil' shsors J P In, uli. Joiins o Flr0,, aid IIus l. N'vutrd , bIl e 1 1 are .i _ned be, b teh eerin.( inte, nlo lh'v a' full edt ba l r give to ale sai d 'rtiin.v. S eta'rriani a adenfaptn'a thea mnaa et nl v 1P0ids ttandi an l lli aaafal l ith l ( olltai be tixd, chi (IIa a1aa a' .htllal itch h aoti l lnalae, aa in in aia r a' alal', llaaoa 'tnataa, aiaan a nlit', la laa an aaao Ia n inelnail l .revel wratek i d lrtsll whi tn r he r tel t the l 'l d anc i. a cl ta, l l lii tlr 1 h.n leh.aih and rel all b an d stielle n nll w for Anlle enI r oa, F atal( r S l alt'ae n k"ir .dai .u' l Lane , tad h"ldah tel I a.l" a'aon rl.h'e nnd by anil arl'.ail Ca. id analaai r t'll i aila a.l . rtart l a. a ' I a l aa JAall. VIal &aaa a' ANla a lll.a l S\\, M9 a nholesaile Agent, New Orlens.i ISd I: RY & ARo.-llll. & C , N,. 3 Chentras ren, rnln now Ia..s, atriratv in aa nd bt e nt lan l ialhe m lspl did, si sn atii a and aithinn taair a sick of ti lotllina theyn h ave aever exhibta' in tils manrke t e ilsistin, ia ulica of rtile nflinwe arti cles: blue, v lt: e blae ka let .\ilk, h Idon 1r 1n, cIj InI oliaa, a Iona h 'A-flka nnd glu llld olive frock nnd dress colnls; heaver, sa n nnd h rrin:tonr frock cents, elegantly lirnis't e ; fancy and I pl ain black cassitre adi cloth ahntnloa n.s; anaisat and french fanicy and ' lain ll: I and sa 'n vests; rea l new m nrllt oll lfOrt.; tl i0i ni id aI aarnch f a Inal l I . any scarls and tdkf ' c a'aarnds, silks-web and aa lasla aa'al oi d rlld s; clnlois, lerill, Il nlh's wool, welIsflnn nl, si and eotan nt shorts ann l drowers; ine h rinh and c llhll n sha, with lidin ul soi ,nala lin aiid rulll l; iv ar ' p ar' l and phai 'n 'a aa ags ilk aall. h rI aell' , ' ' ( lr l a s'a pre iull (:lou s-- lsno . hidhurful 0rii.I of whinle kill, for weddinI, bnl Ie.; b r l ali Il ld silk a , ad andana hla dkls; plal Ilar. d nd e Ir dered C l r c slk, aal ao ' S!0 , xi lan, a anlw t anIrr a whitea d t a lo If ha,,se; aule n lf wh leah al a ites low f.r a11, llor to i U al I llaionler s tls lll. Nov. an W_ [TA(''II.S LIlUIl i)T 'A.--lt, bis l b llael l r a usei iolh here a nd n loan r wil hl i , wni ollu ,cess. fort cll nsl ln anll d whiteahl i tie fuil l, and prnveninl the toir llrup preservi:nnk r ie | 2uro , isn rl lillg ilh, r111'w , eb nd relhvin g n ost I . ,irn s tl hils the nodh t Inheh lIn either c laII , niduho r infa d -- l),e tcnoala n lt anaa ial,, i a wine r ,. .a.ul .o l purr ' ,' ar. aaand h allai l t Ilo the iet il i'aaa al ni lntla atji al t braall , w ll f r ,c luslly ltie, ,It l e u n al II'aa at ala. ven- la ed rvas, and worsted osurshut i lf: r y pcip, il a sa le a a ants t lr ''aanaerh's Ia l taa i Sa u, atrcras alawaolesale dealers ihl saddlerya gt odsp are now receiving a y aa le arrivals from the nort, I nddii, n to their ormner lhack, an exlan 'l''a'l and mla's' s pla' n lind qulled saddlesa a a; lulltlaaa talo Spa' nish da . du do .M c,,Dica n dio Sdo dao reloa Caal dI to l ill Am r. i y aoah aa's a ipalnaiatall h a t , -.l "I do of,, Creole dot ' hian t ' , r. n I' ln a. a llj, , ai a n ad b aid.le ni lllana a st g tla a i a yated "t brass at l and J aipnied a.'lonch iiaprnesa a do do do . ,,lio and sulkeo d0 " l du do) d0 "[ aruucllo d( ' a'aDrat, cart atna atann do Sdlab-s, do abe nds n.iae' ; ) a liceIS ; oIN ed C it iIsadl ll bags IBrussi Is carpet lI gs; blel iron framne do, nssorur d sizes a l vartols sty'les; holsters nd strap. and worstlol rein bi;h clnhan andc hlnh k , n ti n o es e a n d I mliiie c o .)lla r,"s " tl nl lp i a h liti, s I m .. 'f ro cl, buck, he;,r shie e anl d n utl lnd, ski ; ia, i 'ed I; brash and 0l bridle ,.ts "t r v, rv descUllpion, plated br s o nwod steel stirrups tl every duscrip i. lEII GAIDI)EN SEEl).--'he subscriber i ngs to express hIs grateful tanthaks to the pub. Ict, for the liberal support he has ,capived since he commenced businles in this city. Buing sle pro priet,,rof the seed store, 17 Comumon street, hie i' not and never was agent llor any northern seed vender: neither is he connesed awtih any house in this country-but he assures the pubc l that his conneclions in etery departmnt of thie seed bnusi nIess, ini te dlferelnt countries I Europe atre equal to that of any house in the United Stats. lie Intl. prts seeds, plants, &c. ifrao the most extensive nd respectbnhle nurseries lnd see Isenln in France, HoIlland, EIngland, So, landn and itle no theri states-and it will at all tiues be his interest, as it is his study, ts rereive, in addition to hs present stock, large ariivals of every description, really the tri. r llh of It3li" also, engrafted fruit tree, of all hinds. The public many rely on finding a lull as sorttent of every article in tle seed itis, oI genun ins quality, and imported direct by. INN. n Wri'. DINN. EDUCATluN-FIRENCII and ENGLISHI. Mr. Jamis, recenlty araived in tlis city, begs leave to inform the citlzens of New Orleans that he will open an ocadnemy ,n Monday, I4, Jannary, at No. 19 T''ouluse s nreet, folr tea instrutelon el youth of both sexes, in French and English, in which he will he ably assisted by Mrs. Jamnes and Mrs. Mlelcher, who speak both those languages with great fluency and purity, and who will Isae charge of the department of tlie young ladies. Mir. J tmes will give has whole attention to the various branches of educatlon, and Illtters himself thathe will give entire s;tislaction to those who may honllr him with their conlidence. iov I NOTICE.--'ie ce.partnsrship lorinled on tlhe 28th July Ie;a, between John Y. I.yliss, Jseeph A. Beard and Charles B. Uloren, to be conducted un. der the style and title of la) liss, Beard & Hlaores, is hereby dissolved : and this dissolution is to take effect as terom the Ist lof December inst. The undersigned will praomptly discharge all the obligaions oat thle late lirm, and in future continue an their own nnanes, and or their -own account, athe sanse businese, as Factors and General Com Smission mlerehants, under the style ntl title lo Beard & Bioren, and solicit a share of the patrot age ol their Iriends and the publie. JOSEPII.A. |IEARD), nov I - CHARLES B. BIOREN. U SUNDS--Missi;sippi FundEs taken at7. Front 1.e. Swe , 'lo(;r rocetes. AINTSb,OILS, tiLASS, ISIILUSIIf., &e.-.Ju . lading Iroml shlp Constitution, snld ftr sole-viz Ilii.000 fI.t ol'glass, best gunlily, fronm 8X 1II t 211X2 8 3430 kegs ,thire lend, r're; 33l0 tlo green y iut, in "' r libr. ke s; '21 doz "jil uedi lies ir;ilillliO ll ithrl ' ; :1; doz spiiellndid 114000 g4ll l)llllllIId hrusle-, is. 0'11113 n lllI ' i001 do; 2 as. :roeule green i pllwder; llsu rior ilrlicle i dodo, in 0rt1a; a large assortment of sIh tools fll 'every size and qtuit . niable wneil er artist!:; I lit malrknll - brushes ftrruerclunts; trtist's colors in ail ronad pre p ire:i in box-, fli' ed ' p with all lecesla ry b-lrushe I :l alrlist's ftets, ec. It Flhke bnd, tineity wlhite; (l1 tfelks gold le'. ; whilte 0 and yellow wax; gan arntbii nii a large mid 1111 'lli - e 1 rta1rln te (if piait,, dre c elers oil, h1r.peUtil, varliS l & f., r ', b ,olesa'lead rote,,a , atll ovsl prier+, I by MbNDI:1J.1I, seR 51;(]iip t. e: I.ti!2hq .N..q . i VEIV E)ITIO.X OF 01''i CI:II. CODE OP I has bieenlit fr ,m ille tind le known to the pblheI i Sthat tile sbserl ,er s are enllierl in preplrlin for h i Ilte press :a new editonlll I11t ' .(lllisilll i v, l t' ,I Co +e.- n They werv l ro. n r el first, awnlr oe the greent diit tlllly land i"rls inlsiii n ttl.n lId g Ille publilali io i tihe worl.,I an!d it was no without reatl hositation that they con sel t odv ttoi del taki ;t i . IlBu e i l es t editionI. allnoling to aboul tleree thousaud lopii :,lld which lnld cost tine Sitte mIlrP thI thirty lthouIaid dollars, was entirely out of print. For ollllre thalln two r yearI ast, thle usual pice of thle work haIs l,.eeri Blro tili'. . It is a system of written rules wni.ll so immediately operates upon every individual of the sahe. interes-edt eitler illnagicture ltr eolll'neren .nl which gvernslll le diplsirlion ll f so Illh propeI) rty i , nlllill tIl lrntll o tller slilt.te, t tll--i lnllke almls. tllllr trvte II uponI law-it is as muclllh tile text-oolllk nd ullllllunal Iof th1, mervlhunt alnd the planter, as it is of the private genthle rnean ans thie profesSiola nIrvo4e 11 , " nh 'tle lawyers oftheadjtining slll s, and inllll f of al lhlse.stltes uln the Ohio and "is-iseippi rivers lwhich : lin i linrt for hlleir ipr h nlee itn Lo si: un, have a frir (guelt necessity f r 'renererC to i1code, sollP make itlk. as n mitI .f' New t.Ilrleit i s tile hook i llr Iissoe , f l tl p in Ite rllle rha's cunting room, its upln he desk if ll e judge, lit 11e. table of tht attnrllv. It is noe s rs g g ly disrased of; alld ilthouhII It liltm re reprint ofll it woull iln sOme mleasure supply the pullli llnees-it., ye it wotld he ite per:ect nad Illlltisei ll:t llr\ ti le i tl; batled willth references I the II Repolrts an l lStallllle, in ornr t Ir i' ralce tile nulerou inee i nlllelllrni whii h leanr h.e tinde by the ILe.gislatit re, t ndll fIe illlorlllt dIler eil s trd i(t nllstl'eellnis wlanw il:t e deen glatII AlreaIdyl) o t1s nlrticles bly r the 0 llol' ' I •t I t. The publiters have ecurend, fr tirhe eeneral uper intendence and editorial depnlreant of tihe work, the niepl .er d thl e Nvw (ril ) r s rIl nl . T ihe Ill• . Itl( e' 1. Ilullu rd, .Ihden lIrn~ n de,, anld 110n11 ;(rit-e EIustis, i have each kindliv alsited iir I pton wnillg tithe vin ble notes which thei lave eollnlcted in the e ure ob heiir i sllde lld pralties ; ll d I ir Nr J lland ie nnini the i 1ent- I ter of ir Uptol, whov i lso ellnglld iIn the wtorki, ie lietrawbridge, Es. IBt pree tled tie griant maeS. <an l1.r rPen,,+m,,otained ill his oIllive' co)pV oIf the (end', hc a eniid ilI his dis:inguished prolessioial labore. 'Thie puhlish ers tny therfe ta wr elln trust that le atnnlll tion al f tile work wmill be all that ihndustr and labour, as inted by learning and experience, can pcrtlrrn. In ptluting ftrl i thlis pr IsllIeets, u.,ll l solic.iting 10eP the fact that the I~Lgislatur Iof r.ouisiana ihas ntillltoriaz 1ho (;Governor to orhd•r o~ne Ilhouaned rop lies of it for th e futlUre le ou's ftlip ta.tIe. The readiness wi wh ll lIII thi num,'er was take byv the Assemn i v, evinced thleir nt selne of the vallle of rle work;anll they illerllCy exltend ed that enlfidlence in tle abilityv of the I)uhlishll s and i edilors wlhill il is hta ed is Ilot wholllv ,nrh serv lhd. 'The work will aie rivt, diy, iler Alt and t.te.nd;ds, pon good pa per and with clear type; Inor will Ian ex penseoreare Ie spared to make tle whotle nehneical I ttIne probyably h ready ftir deaivery ia the muoth il September next; and the ' prie will be,, t. '.snriber, liftoen dollars-biv idollars t e paid at tel tlllne or1d stl seriblrlg. SThe subscription lists I ne closed, the store price will be twentv d llars per rI.t l', , ", 1 _ _ _ ":. J) II NS _ CO. Plli,., ' S ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, F,,n FEVE.R .xll AGiUE:. r EN years have not yet elapsed since it was Sfirst regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for .the Ague, wheirev. er it Ias been known attd appreciated. Already has it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes mlore than could have been anticipated by its most sanguino friends. a Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its agen. ucy; and they now cheerfitlly testify, at every op I portunity, to its decided aid supreme etficacy. It r is colmposed of such medieinal principles aits are I b calculated to renew the healthy actiol of the stoil i acl, liver, and other important digestive organs, Stie loss of which harmonly is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. i ecs an entire change in the condition of the systlel, and certainly destroys the native liabidly to relap ses of the atfeetion. When the Agne is attended with aty otier cumplaint, the employment of tlte Tonic Mixtre will ntot intertroe with the treat. m ' ent of the other diteasi , ibut will even afford as. Sr.-stance by furnishing strength and vigor to the e body during the course of treatment. l'hose wlho m- ake use of this nmedicine may be assured tlhat gthere is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other article in its composition unfriendly to the lhuman constiution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have additional confidence in thi use thereof, when they pereilve that it has the el lectofa gentln laxative about the timee half a bot. : tie full has been taken--in consequence of which, .there is no part of tho nlmedicine luit to linger in the bowols to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from tihe use of many of tihe remedies now oliered for the cure of this alffection. It has been c' used also as a preventive, by many who were sub. ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it ° has invariably warded otf the apprehended attack. Observe! The Proprietor, fully satistied ".ith the ' u nparalleled and universal success which Ihas cou. Sstantly attended a punctual and regular use of the 'I'onie Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, , fuels warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who Iave takent tie nmdicine in strict ac. eordance with tihe prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. 'rhe subscribers are the wholesale agents for the , South Western States, and Iihave Inow on haund six- I ty cases of this miedicine, which is warranted fresh ianld genlluine. For sale at the millaul'ictLured priceso ORDEI . IIFCEIVIEI) FOIlt IlvIthe Patenlltee, Nol. 5:. Ml:azine str'eet, New Orlleants ''OUBE .IANI-FACTUItEI) IN NiE\ YIlORIK IBY RUBERT I' uE & CU. SCtILE OF PRICES-Double Gins. For a Idolllle Gill of 80 saws t. lorle on ach cylindlerl, mllking l160t oas In the stlll, with feeder, sr bands, kc. at $6, lllssaw, or $9550 tt) F'or a liouble Gin of 60 sa vs on a c0 liderlt, or 121 saws inll tll stallnd, lfiedois, Lc. a $6 lper saw, orI 7"20) l0o Fordo. of 40 awson dol.or saws ill a stand, at $6..25 per saw, or 500) 65.t For dlo. of l saws onil o, lor l0 saws in a standi, $lIti.50t per saIw, or 26 Go ttl SING 1.1 G(INS. For a single gin of 0S saws or molr, with one set ofleedlers, bhads, &c. at $ti perot saw', $48) 005' Fol do. of 60 saws, with leedlers, &er t $6 50 lI" saws 390 )lx Fslr ilo. of l saws, with feederts, &e. $il 5 pier saw, 300 011 For do. o "l' saws, with fteeders, &e. at $7 50 per saw, 15)0 00l Extra teethl whlere desired, for flildersl, supplieod a 10 cents clsh; thle numlober ol'teeth being l.out eal o Itle numbetr of saws. lole set of Iceders, it is cn sidered however, will wesar olt two or lthree sets of ' sos. .Extsla saws suplplied at 810 ells uacll. The (inls ordelred, will be ileliveredl o tlle agelnls of planters ill ally of the sea Iport tIownis of the cotton plan Isii States, ti ihe 0 alios lsrlces, thletgenls s Ins illg the li'e ht oil tile samne fron lNew Yoik, ansi beeoolillog 'e sl .,sible for the amnot of thle Ginl. A Gin ario l t willhbe slt with the Gilnso piut thet allll w o 're de sirel;lth charges for whose sbe ices will be extal, but modleiate. tIrntrunninggeare an also he ordered hoeredesitrl, on reaUsonable ter:a., but willbe eihargedlexrlr: . Horse power, ofunosy descriptioln, call be fiurnislell oil like teomsn . Small steallm engines cansallso be ordereld if de sired. It isdesirnble, when planters give ordlrs for Gills, they shouldl asccompanysl themo with thleir views in regl.l to lthearl-angesmenoi lt saws, Ireasts, brushes, &e. It is fnlll they ditel s olpinioin. Somne desire ews of lo-ge~ t diameter than others. T' e lost common size is 9 or 10 inches; b, .sonte wish Ihemll 1 inches. Sonie wish 5 nl o6 rowset brushes oil anl axle, while others do not want more than iat most. Some wish saws with 8 or9 teeth to the inhls, while others wlant lt or 11. S, ech dliscrelamny, we prefer lshos' should, nt the tie of giving orloers, fllnisll a slateslnllt of tllcilr wishes, and the anullo aclorers can f'ulfil them in evelry listicular. Wllere it is left to ollr discretioln, we slh:ll make them on the nmot modern slid pl opproved plbn. An onller can be exeellted, from the time it is receivedl, in the space of eight or nine weeks, land tihe Gin in that tilae placedin the hands of the factor. To be in time Iur the next crol, all orders ouglht to e in the landslll of lst !iasnutilcturershy the first or milddle of May; esreptl or pl:iutations wlelre they arelate in commnlalosung to pick or gin cotton. N. B. The Pntent Right, for any one of the cetoln " F ·2illg )States, willbe sold on reasouable terms. rr9 li Y4 SANiU.1TlUNI l) 1Y II FAUlTI)0 UY \1rI> "ý CIN E.. IIIIOtN'S Colk. pmpoI EIlxlte t oflolCpib.l and Sr'sa I parilla --. .tn ýiu , rslt, :uul cort tt ental Iremt t- , fly eter dise vlevrrcd rnl Ibtw rniie l f ( Illl(lllll't'e , ;IeC- t ills Str'ictures, WVhitls, P.aios il te Iack t d oils,, seu all ueaknllFs, tiecitionl k her, gra;el, scrbutic eruptilllus, izi. In tIh in t'dluctionI ol r me icin g i h Ii( th iIsI at d active virtu I l tih tIIs"sl' ow I il e, d to itt, publicII i utllll tull tlll ,lpuoits ll h rm lll lhl- b lllu l .lllill(lll II Idal .i elc y in Emopr, . h. it witll hte dullc aI tprI l te(ld wh i's msl l tt ii l'ilNS:r or" I iIll) kn.nt . TI'he SaIllu sla l o ll Coa i ,b slr t xt 'leusiwl .elll, s:I i l llll l I th mostsiclio t f ales05.5, "l o ari,,NI l fi, i icit t ic dcc's Iti o of t it's Ih n h, ii ist l t i lttnt f IIs - Isr ll ' r lllS t l lll'. l Il. t titc t'tesi uu rtlll iiit: r 11 t irsitlll l i a l Ititi tic I c itittnt isin glua e i ast m st .. Ing te in use s...n... I;p. etI'" svtlt iccllnt t +i lllar il till ll Illd nitage tI iItll S moml Ibtils ( sliet twintt) iothe .taiisiut. Itiaesji rugin the cm' T mIss t (pont phy"rid r tb. httt,)tai oitu ilti. cPi· t;icc' ' ;liof t . ....Il 'l'toi(ii ttti\ i ........ II ir t c( IIc tll :t 05 l sing h m1" sc -i he. ll t ' latttoil;, p o lses Ing t tIl l e I l(· lil. I ALd, t' l 't- olib' ilts :lI \ IlriellOri w lt l sl l p efls 't InU itSk it itt r 4insit l uiut "s i t ittnis b f i tll I u t T.Is N5I-d sIe oitlllli l c eitt the i y tt l i on ish l in:eTllll of I t lt. Ito llllli ll.e ix ier iltnSl Utl I. lofelibhrcia tat u bthi c t eth, Sialis i s 5 a d the iI slt . jiltl Icion I i er' lllil ltna r t i I lt w is I. Flm irl II S lltliu lt Esll, It l t .'' , rgeon to tile atllf til a slism l tl-sou Thm ,II oICic cl n ic totAlll?,l. I . 1l li nk be Ie ' t Lilpi t' It t io la e s tle p ir lx it.l" s to- ll te : tpro; i n ( lai] , ,io cf -hi ; t - s, "llttt ts Iu i i d s i csit it p.o ouIic lnd s it le tIlll ' e ml') et vulll ' ll t. it WLli.ill I" llem n IL edist e il l re I te tIh Ill llie flyJ 1'll 'hlllorn , i lllln l i -Il --l k Its'c sll lltll. F m l IA IC Salnnlr 8s L , It , Ph sigiona to tile S [.I t:ti rx' lutsmso IiI lilel v ullrle' Il Alll .t" t +v., l ll Ti irii i tiuttiic ittu t rt s o it, t nc tirtt it It I take r ndgr tha eib hr mah e, In sa l h i. n tstimo oi th.e t4 I u b l punl llit :t l i of t itnest taI llcr ti c itnl i tin ttuit i suecssit sIt cA llleu sl r etcrultii j 51 d I ri K ieaIs I ned mu p ns lute tIne in 9(:I(ea Iling Ing it uo suallc cm pr , e l bo lln I'pl'i aI1 a 50 l r, I , S }' rl1 1 II la) 1, F it S, PI .) e o ll t to St' Ilo. t ,i'll1bs 11i: e Ito se r l, i It prel.t.a l.n M. lli lll%. l the Tuhess ti .lls u h lldt, am , i and s.pdii' rep'a o. o tlh lablmi I i ll \ll in fringing it tosuSh ItS, e Hvint ( elllce i h lc 'lll lo t tovlulr r xt its s'eve lu 1 le tal p.iety s oel hi.llo ,\,m d.h' lilllsl I t il aomsUeso ,f , ile €,,t t Sno Suhe rg eioos had G hil hi:Illise te i ab ev oiseasesrhed t1 lhu11 sal hliedte dl t t it has onli ' m it o ti ns, h k t.d i lh e it plrtu l· p ri A lla)nthle successnIt tr oulital In e peparation. Frmn S I T (o'pllpl, F It lS I ,l h SI.I, I.t)r til, f lavingthl b hat iyou e :t to Inst- o Eino h nme i ctine· 1Weel" nIl cl lo e ,tllho tluli t coh thll rllr h itet i( o h It"ny p rer ieption amsin i deq liby ns c eslavng t o d tie nhlne il'li'r lslpe haityls IIe aetd Ics l:it, i lll o t hes cay e l&exdg t which iox t hs bmee hat rlenow ill prtoueh t F roth \s iU ,nleo, FIt I), Phtwein l ti Ci 's llts-t The tlrl tsi t w hll h tl Im. ve stl h in tl hlll tmLeIIdI h nn illv indunetm- toils t perls re, ith r it s t tatmld i dea -t b . tht lit" ne lll Ii t bii(Isas. 1 uy I" ' let s f esi alle lh tF un ~bil w c ap.riuotrl prlllt- osts, s t he Stl adu y Ans) wShc tl" he FpeCr sn ' ,h l\tl 1)1 soli lv S o F i cllavs f sill' e lltlse Icls Io ter n lr Filt'geiat plle S sue ir e arbl rs is l flto t lhe w lo d Ilthe ; t al a rl e s per al iI ti Eix a c , to Weri e ith nec sr i 9th pl'i n el r cole d th ise s atunls "t11 m: oats more l PeslmnuCnol` Ilnay St as cons soundntoo')' ass fhoe .abve;i Iutte sr thha t itsn get tCe lu ches the ar From) l n r Id llhr, M )lerton, l wkinsl toe G Lyus -II Thel stor eAotae Ae t w assi eng h akc ig ps o ur l lic].e Ihr I hllol llt, - lS a ay itrely wrirn (uIo esl.i.iu u lon hdie - roil.ilt Afin llst i thmd li ' sllrlh etl, llthr I ll tough nl evetl r' lmullllat ay sITshonC , unes I I"oemst I{ rleseen . ata to he sitolldll oil .llt. TIlt Gr(ea .t pew llO lesns i eli II tien, T iett C c es d D iv s :I are n et su p nas thev o| thll' couxtlr githut, nt. slmoitl hi' ard,) vt' na dturiat'r=unl ln , h s olhi nl i Oter et cill h t artge l a, igti n , the n tii f llt :..I m elomadire ati on., i oll r ll tie taSelel spllI cl . e tli rll+ nlESl l &tC o llCll a lpo n Ci tal esthn, S. t l. n orh the dtam bclkets to iew Yo r kui thrreleal cofe the s New Iork n New Orleans, per t lt I.ess u it n t Ie rsv-, th a hlla oi., coit i er 1 n. s le rom. Cat t (plellllo~lilhe Flolrvd, tl s a.l e Bo the ustICs il' st ,"o Augusta. Al ll ite tAll0llKs I lsiu .rll ltst i lsite . pre' treneI Ao other i si s tIita l' tl. t l' ests-- au tl he LOt- ie)kiA 1wi mits bu r Iae t.. C, tr i l er tilour es nclu siv a d-ils tA g stall i en lt o p cifi ] throug l il " atll t bridgI' ovelsoe lt lason u'l' shosm weltl 'nd eHrs es atbr i.s c aride uthis oe.i in e Ai g elnt ( . hl rl got t ern" il I lito , (the C lr o bdtacless Diers ins g co hs s tr e and ptleoste "ollth e t t rn I ls oft hl thmu t. e cochshorl.v. wt r rouislg te ta tiom thein se amyl tC cI nuita mit Srea elle is l eart llllil ll N r - llyr Nlln dreSw l rons Fn o Cori sale ls l F Ionrip , wir e . S ae n lAKc . L i lu i dalll ei lSt.Mawrks 4 ho(t " postCllo h e llsi lsol (tIo Bran c hsliL· . 'lswk or illi. =It n. ollll edgetir l-, told oI e to l k y tight t wo l hontgl ac. nh. STOCK l .llmll n lll , l~m S lll~lil Ihlo. li llrnm~l~e is lll no gla.g+,,ol"s tie 3 h low, outbm 1o25rsl, h;. M) ak IN, ms tiul ol r llls : r mll esl l pehlu·lrll, in l o1 uoI NI" lll I·Ollt. l I b g tScll e to inform, tlehps IIII' that i se . .lit - sesl i rl.ore ale tIhlull, h lly rar l t o ;to ldl IAsR.I( ll, 1ARBLE, CHIMNEY I'IECE W.r earrse, lE Customhouse street, opposite the pot.-ollice. Tile subscribers are now receiving from their fac. furies ir, New York, and will keep constantly on t hand a general assortmentt.rf Marble Mantle Pieces ofsuperior wrrktnanship, and of the latest patterns, made of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American imarble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and brave Stones, rmoulded and plain sills and lintels, mi arble !licings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Rtman & Hlydraulie Cement and Plaster. ing hlair, together with a splendid assortment of braess mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the newest and no.t approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at tihe shortest notice. They have first rate workmenl to set the above work. je5 'AMES KAIN & S'I'rOUD J PARtKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. aJOURNAI of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A B CF M, performred in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, go. ology, climate and productons, anid the numll et, mrannurs and r rstrrmsr of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M: I he River and teo Desert; or Recollections of the Rlhonc,,.': trl, "iartreuse; by Miss Pardooe, author of the City of a Sc. tan, &c. in 2 vols. Tire Robber, a Tale, '" the author of Richelieu, Tihe Gypsy, Atiga; in 2t The Two Flirts; or Ad.-lure in a Country Hlouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, E L Builwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life anJ Adventures of Nicholas Niekleby, edited by Boz, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1 Just retceived and for sale by BENJ (OtNI'ASSES, TIHER-t OME1EITEhst, htIGtCS I COPES, &e.-Just received aond for sale by Win. McKean, corner o.f Campll and Colnrn streets, - general asnoriirllent of uorveyor s aConilljrS, hdpriing Dividends, Sprnag Bf v It' e Ps, Ivory Pro Ivory Scslel, tlrter's SIales.,Glass TrinnaSs,-. Parallel Rulers, AlieiRsecolw. Il'herinureit, , Camera Obsenlrrs, ,srver i Chain. r hMeasuring Tapes, r. -· d +..E N' York & Baltimore lackets 1ACI(ETS FORl NEW YOIK -New Lsns. 1-To sall pnretLially every seUcosd Monday dsring the ueasn, a fli or not full. thips Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Slhip Alah ma. 474 do C. C. Berry. Ship Arkansas, 127 do E S Dennin' Sthip l r.logo, 512 do W Hathaway. hiIp Nn'vile, 5410 do 1) Jacksowr, .aip, lirontchv, 629 !do J B bker 'I'Th abhoy.'h ts ares oft the first class, coplper and ss',p.'r 'l.erald, and halving beon built in New York ex, ressly liar tins trade, tlhey are of light draft of' wan r and ahb.,ost invariably cross the bar wio'llot any dslt-ntiso. lre cora tlndaers are men 11 great experience, and llthe l ilpl w.ill always be t.\ed au e l lsdowsn the MisiJsseppi by steamboats 'T'l'hy hava. haldsolll IlrnLowh.d accos nonnsda*ions, nd s~toa l II l(, *ost desrsplitu will always be uribh 'i'Ts cabin paosago is $90 without Sire or liquor, and there is no liquor ifurniushd to the offi.eor' or cr,,w. For freight or passage apply aosI oard, or to If C AMES, 48 anllil t. 'ThIs slhips are not acroliintablc for breakage of glass, hollow ware, mlarloe or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust ol'iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or piarcel, lnle',s a regular bill of lading Ias s'lltd tuerefot r at tile llih' of tlhe ells. NEW ORIEANS AnD IiAI.I'IMORE LINTE OF PA'KEI'S. This line will consst of tile fillowing vessels, whicll have Ibee built or purcllased expressly for the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Minor, B.ark Mary, " Nickterso, 1 Ilrd ferry, new , Stevens, SSoluaon s altus, " Lathams, Ilrig Arclhtect, " Gray. . These verselt are of tlhe first clanr, have hand. snsoe turnished :ecoounodations, and are rif light i rat o(' water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging tlleir cargose in Baltilorn , at the city. F.reight wll he takno lifr ports oni tlhe Chesapakeo or James' River, and filrwarded by tile agents, lsosre. CLAIRKf & KEliLOGG, at Baltsuore: expeseas on good hipllped will Ibe advanrsed when reqirld. 'TIhe prie os f passage is fixed at $60i, i apl5e stores of tlle b st qtlaly will Int provided. Steam aal and own the Ls lltsioistppi will be taken For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BFDFORD, nov97 22 Bienvil e t.. FlR NEW YORK. [s Loisianna and New York Line of Packets ] T10le Ships eolnposing this line will sail tfrom New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day--comnnencing on the 20th Novemnber-and to insure the punctlluality in the time ofsailing, the line will hereafter consist of five ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captai T'l'rask, to leave on tile 20th Novemllber. Ship Louiasvlle, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4tll I)ecember. Ship llsnstsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the Slts lDeceamber. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the lst Janutary. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper do and copper ilasteOned, and upwards of 510 tons I Iburthe, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. Theo.price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their oabins are olfitted up in tilhe most inmproved and convenient aplan, and tinished in a neat and elegant style s Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to tle comfort and entire satislactisn of pas sengers, who will please take no. lice that no berth can be secured until paid for at th e slif of the consignees. These vessels ars comnmanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at. tentlioan nd xecrt themselves to acommnndate. They will at all times be towed up and down the Missis sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality . nlserved in thll time of sailing. The owners of tlese shipla will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or pat on board of thesls, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therelor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 0O Common at FOR NEW YORK. S [Loisiana and New York Line of Packets.] 0 leattsstmisa Nw aRsn rk ors every ssther Monudny cormnuencugg o the Otlll november, and to insure the sssessst r stt tayit i tsr tisssr sssailing, the line t ill t so'oslts'r oonsiss t of live Slsip viz'i s-;hi ) irYoo, ('aptaill Trrask It, leave at the 20tll nove Sdlip Lourisille, Captain Palmer, to leave on til 4th Shi sIl ulssille. Captain Eldtidger to leave on lhe h- ti Vieksbhrg, Captain WVoodhouse, to leave on the tot J.s so 'v. SIlp lliss ssrppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th Itr 'l''oe aove shile are all new. of the first class e klrcd adlld opItsr faselened, and ipwards ofai0 los Imtrthsn, are uf lighst rasrelst lof water, being built is. Ne i'w sork exprcsslh. lir Il:e trsade. 'Tile price of-lpsn sag' is liSeti al one 5)todred dollars. Their cabins are tnlld liO thme liluv imlllp r)r d and convenient plan, and iillld In a ieto't lnd eleganst ustle. Amplte stsreo at the lisnt qalilv will be lrvisdeds u ntd.very regantb had to tie lUlllirl 'all elltir .satisactiorof p)lssengers, who will el:rse taks ntb e sola i at no berth can be secured un Itl laid losslrt tls' sfice sl tlhe consasgees. '(fboae ,'ss'kbts tare soslslnded bh Captailos well ex perooi'ss'sd in tle trsade, who will giver every ntetrtios an,] 'exrl l tlltemlves o aCCommssodste. Tlhey will i all tillle.; Ie towe l all aid dealsob the Mlisnissippi hb sttlebnal ss I lsl In h strictest islllsus tullity obervedeC i' '1Thoat Ioa ] ut a Iss' llkis swill not se tresposible for slyv let IeIF, gll'crm pI Ir ' iao, ssall'nt sy tr psll s in nsssrds " 'S,,·lss ·l', s IsssslscIsIlo urh l .sslin' lie sigrned threfor' 1it ii· t'lllllitl Iltls- Os f t ,e ae'llst ora'o hers. Por It IIEIN & A COIEN; 000y 13 O9 Coninou st. NEVW ORLEANS & CIIARLESTON PACKETS f This line consists of lror ve l.sel,all of the lirst clons, coppered and Copper fan. ene od, and of lhrut 200 tone hurthel, with Iindsome netollmodotions for passengers. Thte oessels re comlnmandid by captains well exprienced in the trade, who will jive every at tenliton, and xerrt themselves to acormmtdatn the shipperrs. .They wdII h." towed op and dorwn the Misior ilppi, ain leave New Orleans on or before the IOth and 15th of every moth. The following vesscls compare IIth line, viz : Bri, Arnhinn.Chnrles G rdon, master. Illit C ,npnton..1. RI. Thdmpson, master. lrint Ainenlin,J Doane, nnsrer. lIark R,,g r Williams, J. Allibers, manter. For Ireightlor parsose, pply to J. A. BARELT . & Cr, 61 Common st. New Orleans, or M. O Mordecol, Chaoleoston. oct I T IIE undersigned h.nvno recom enered hnrinerss as a ltrurrrist an11 Apothecary, in the store rlrowned by Mr. J c.r Ott, at ete crrnerr of Tilvli cirele td 'I'ritontV Walk, respectfully solicits share if the pllie pntr,.,dgl and renewal of the favors of his former custorners. The entire stoctk 'I Drlgs, tedicines and flonelc articles is fresh and carefully slected. Tile lullowing only are par. ticulnrized, vie: Pre Soda, Seidli'z and Sara'toga Powders. Yr ast Pot dters, being a wholesonle and elegant supsiitlre for yeast, inl raising bread, buckwheat cnke*, &t" BDultie's Effervercent Ma.nesian Apperient-a pleasant and gene puarpnrivein dyepepsia or indi. gestin, nervous delhiliry. giddinessr, headache, acdily of the storiach, habitual cosltveness, sata. neous eruptiones, &eo. Cnrpeater'a Fluid Extract of sarsaparilla fn purift ne the blood, &c do tIdt and cubhehs, &e. Sownoml's Panacea asld Vermifuge ; British am lirerlem oils, Opodeldoc, &c. lefined Lrqrwrece, jujibe and paste. Totrh brrsuos, N S Prentice's cerbonic dentiri fice, chlorine tooth wash, powder puffs end behae, Prenrice's cnibome dentrel5ce, chlur se troth wash pooeder puffs and broxee, Prentice'a scented eid " plain tollet powder, .pomattum creme de Perew, orane flower, troar, IhoetCter and Florida wartlcs rli the best qitlitres, Rowland's nM acseer Oil, Ol1 ridae's halmr ol' Crolumbhia, beht's oil, s variety aft" Itolche n cd otlhernrtches,indrlible marktlg ask, superior black it k, &etr Sperml aid refined whale oil. e Rf raainimsmens A fresh assortment ofS oT'bharhtri'a(.rden ePeds. ie, ,L GEORGE 'JONES.' SIN E--150. lte Clareet and Sauterne Wine. ie store end Inr tce's by . CHAi.PI. N& COOPER,I2Julia L ALE ROPE---1th "Bale Role, of lupeta ) Al ; IteDGE . r Orele , I •g G -2 ii.AAU Ithi DGE. & fe, 0,4 l'egesisar

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